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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,Ax ..s 2 I f K J? .1 5 F 1 25 fi 35' iff X K. .El 33 . E . 1 5 . r' 5 E 1 .3 ff? fs 5. vw -X Y 42 gg: is-1 QQ: . 'F ' 1 1 'ia 'U 1. 1 44Z'f Af 4,-s..Z Vv xix Nx6 Q1 g,.r:f uw .Xwq , :T Nl ,il , c .4 1 S 1 XV YZ x X .X X5 xx! 1x ,gli ib A., 5 Xgx ,- if g g -9 PEN 14 XJf ZXX I,--15.1 Ast I E- ff?-6 -1-i 1, N Mt. Penn's Alma Mater Proudly waves old Mt. Penn's emblem: Black and Orange Fair Floats triumphant in the breezes, No dishonor there. Student days have fondest mem'ri es Comrades here we stand As our troth to Alma Mater Pledge we hand in hand. From thy halls, dear Alma Mater We, at length must part, But thy mem'ry shall not perish From a student's heart. Far away on life's broad highway All shall fortune try. Still our living hearts shall cherish Thoughts of Mount Penn Highl CONURATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Wrth every possmg year the responsubaluhes to your home your community your country and our God wull Increase Moy you have loud well the foundohons for your lufe whale you were nn Mt Penn Hugh School My thoughts my prayers and my best wnshes wull go wuth you wherever you go from here Roscoe H Word 4 ily , 5 A U 'Fil lllmmlll Rlhll Jlil-Y I3 202 1252i 27282 il lil 6' JL 1.16. Mrs Smith Office Staff From 8 30 untul 3 30 the offuce us a busy place wltw students wanting help from the able office staff Mrs Smuth and Mlss Lelnlnger When In need of help see us " That seems to be the motto of these two amnable women Our entnre sensor class says Thank you for all the help you ve glven us Mass Lennnnger l nf 1- Xvf Dedlcatlon We the Mountameers of 1952 wrsh to dedicate our Penn Alma to Mr Claude W Dundore for has smcere co operation rn producmg our Jumor and Sensor Plays and for hrs helpful gurdance through our years at Mt Penn W admire his many talents has humor and hrs patience wrth us To you Dundore we dedrcate our yearbook as a small part of our gratitude 6 Q C I 1 ,U . ' K I I ' , . . e , , . , Mr. . . I . I 5' - A ' ' . ' -'ig' . ff' Y li -3 ", 4' ' Wsifg A1 'iii-3 wo V252 5 4 ' X X . ' ' I ' I 9" J 4 X Q-X f' - 'r QM N, l ZW A 'ik-ii N ,A 5. x N ,I Fi, xx XJ!! 41 fgfp: f 1 xg I 9' f I lv, 7, 5 --- f ,xg 1, Q 'll X,-, ,fix idf -.iff ' 1 I 1 15' 1 1' '4 l -- i --f-" -- -T - -'1 ' - f-Y " Y - - Q -"-7:4 .-324411 -f :iT Anfi- ,4 A -,,-'i J f -1'-'-f-fs 1 a a fa N -' ir- - i V JL -2 W , i Teechurs Admumstratuon Dom what comes Naturally Sensors 'Hounguns Underclassmen Goins on Actlvltles AFeudm AFussen and Alflghten Sports I-Ieresaq Advertlsements Ag-L-!"" F. N :Half YL ,W 5' H . 4- 2 : 3 H X, 'MJ' ,H X-1 M' MH ........ .............. . ..... ' ' ' QM :li sag rl' - ........... ' ' q - , gal, fm . , .............................. . . . mm, M Um .. ...... ...... .... . . ....... . ....... . .. Ill' UM' HH . . - , , . :IM fill IM" ll if' ........... ......... ............. ' I "M M4 .V f in l "ng J 'fill M If mg MY, W3 J LMS ,EMM 5,1-ll? fi? fiiii f 'gf,'14-gifa, 4 mg-afi i a ff' is JANET YEAGE R Co edutor DAWN ADAMS Co edltor JAC OB WENTZEL Advisor ww ,CQ A A A N- A A if Qi. Q ' f A A if MR. Penn Alma Staff FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dolores Gross, Ann Fasic, Jane Dewald, Dawn Adams, Janet Yeager, Barbara Seelig, Barbara Rice, Fern Wurman, SECOND ROW: Shirley Ilare, Gayle Nonemacher, Geraldine Gerhanr, Mary Alice Lewis, Mary Ann Rothenberger, Lynne Angstadt, Gloria Lawrence, Joan McGrath, Mimi Keitz, Alice Christian, Anne Sherman, Elaine Derr, Barbara Rissmiller. THIRD ROW: Robert Seffing, Lyle Pelton, Jim Forsht, Peter Hirsch, Bruce Young. Co-editors . . . Janet Yeager, Dawn Adams Layout Chairman . ........ DOl0reS GFOSS Features Chairmen ....... Fern Wurman, Alice Christian Betty Jane Williams, Robert Setting Personals Chairmen .Jane Dewald, Gloria Lawrence, BerthaAngstadt Mimi Keitz, Marilyn Morrison, Anne Sherman Robert Donaghy, Jim Forsht Advertising Co-chairmen . . . Alan Gibstein, Ann Fasic Claire Yeager, LylePelton Robert Jackson, David Shaner Art Chairmen . . . Jackie Aigeldinger, Joan McGrath John Addison Sports Co-editors . . Barbara Rice, Peter Hirsch, Bruce Young Patrons Chairmen . . . . . . Barbara Seelig, Shirley Hare Geraldine Gerhart Typists . Mary Alice Lewis, Lynne Angstadt Elaine Derr, Gayle Nonnemacher Treasurer . . . . . . .Mary Ann Rothenberger Faculty Advisor. , Mr. Jacob D. Wentzel 9 1 1 11 15 ff' 1 1, 7111 ,11 1 ff ' 11, 1 11 1 'xx 1 1 6 -T., .. 1 1 , . ,. , .. i 41 11 wig 11 ei? ff Q' figs-11 1 4 1 -' 1 1' 1 if L56 1111 1 1 u. Q "' 1 5 lg ? 7 ft S ? 11 1, 1 ,1 1 7 11 1 If 1 ' -I 131 1 11 11 1 135 1 1 E E115 1' .11 1 '1 ' . 151514 if 1 1 F I 1 1 1 1 A, 11111 11 1 , f '1! 1 11 111 ff 1 4 XX 119111 1,11 111 1 Nm THQ ii' 4' 1 5 X Rb 3' ge" i X 4' Sf! Q1d.Z?3 Tl I G.. .3 11 . 1 11 1 1 1 , 115 1 1 ,1 1 1 1' ,ff I H 1 1 f W 1 11 J , 111 , ff 11 11 1 1 , 4,' f X , I 1 1 , 1' I , ,g 1 11 1 1 . 1 ' 11 111 ' X 111 1111111 1111 1 1 1 fO, 1111: ' X1 XX 1 Q IXX 1 W ' : l11 1- 11 '1x11 1 1 11 f 1 3 1! 1 1. 1xX' f11f 1" X 11 X 11111 X1X' 1 1 I 1 11 'XX 1, LI .ii 'if' A. xitglll 1:5 Ll L 1 1 7-1 1 1 1 1 111' 11' f1'1 lg? 1' X X 1 11- 11 11 1 41, - 111 1 1 -uffgfii' 1 "' - x 1, 21 ,f ,jx 111' - 1 X "0 X. 'siggiffr-.1 ' A .f X6 f l r ,1 1 '19 "Q B .73-f M Q '7 :"' 1 K - f .-4521, , 731, - L if-" ' K k J f X 5' i f"--Q 1 " '?i'3'5 15' 1 1, 1- Q-'Af' --ff, Board of School Directors MRS C RAYXIOIND SMITH Vlce Presldent CHARLES LONG FRED A HOWARD Presxdent EDWIN F PALM Secretary QNon Memberj 12 fur- GEORGE A GROFF Treasurer IUDSON V SEVERNS 3 EN C ANDERSON Bmomsbur g, E LL m ss EHQKSU B T n Busx YW Y, Umvusliy Bookkgcpwg X e C ohxmbla Teachers C01 Gil A 5 D F spage Smaxe nahq Sparkhng pUSO CARbON L EE RICHARD BLERLY Jllluor H1 gh Mathe T matlc eachers College B S SB Smefzce Kutztown State ucknc 11 Umvqsuy You gu YS get off agamp aw3Y wnh murdg 1 KNO R C III RA LPH D1CKERs1N Prmun S Read Indlana mg Hlgll Sghool I L Indl an3PO115 How abo ut Prmung the se ncke M today? XOHN Geo 'raphy Offxce Pract su nd fue ndly Good Natuted a i ,,J" Law Sumo: Busmcss r lce Business Anthmeuc Temple Unwu T ammg Ec onomxc 3, X I N - Q JODSOY DR.El5l3ACll l . . Geographi , Cn ics: liittuowti State 'lk-ai'ltcrsCollcgc, " ' - xi.,i. - M S -ilolnnxnia l tiixositt, . 'Wlirtt are the lf, riwts of Asia?" GERALDINE E. EDSALL Latin, French, Eng is ' S. in Ed. "Bon your mes elex'es." ., . ."Salute tliscip l' hg Ohio Northern University, ulae. .pf B. 1? CLAUDE W . DUNDORE Hi h English Musicg Kutztown State History, Senior ig , ' - Temple University. College B S in Ed., Teachers , . . "Meet Me ln St. Louis" ...... "Clementine," MARY LOU FOLK Nlusicg West Chester State Teachers College, B,S, "Do, Re, lxie, Ea, So, La, Ti, Do, 1 'Y kv 1 F WILLIA M H. LEVAN Instrumental Music' Cons , ervatoryof Music, Philadel- phia. "Basses" ARLENE B. LINDERMAN Health, Physical Education, East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B.S., Temple University. "'s goI". ..... " ' ' Get a good night s rest." cfs... tx .v U H 1 , 1-fn' , 9 - Q ' 'l t-lf" ' 5 i :t v kt-P X'- VIRGINIA J. KITZMILLER Home Econom' ics, Albright Calle e, B ..-Th . g .s. e foundation for good l iousekeeping is the R edge of th ' nowl e art of cooking ani sewing, " SARA ROHRBACH MACK Lib ' ' rar1an,Kutztown State Tea h c ers College, B.S Our ever helpful librarian. I! 'i aiu' - '4' JOSEPH MILLER inetal Stuciiesg Muhlenberg State Teachers College, Ph. B. Those assignment quizzes! EDWIN F. PALM Guidance, Make-Up Mathematics, Math.g Penn State, B.A. "It'5 water off a tluCk's back. " X ah 1. fx MARY KRAMER POLEY Arts and Craftsg Kutztown State Teachers College B S "The Primary Colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. " Humoro if Social Studies: Kun PURNELL WlLuAMn1 .Stare Te achefi College' row 1 . d p, O. D- . ' 15iOt an us 'discussions U1 h Y . 'A ,.1- LEONARD WEARNE Typing, Shorthandg Bloomsburg State Teachers Col- lege, B.A.g Temple University. Humorous wit makes his classes move fast. .Vx , I NNNLX4 JOHN SEIFARTH Industrial Educationg Penn Sta te. "This is how I would do it if I were making il. " JOHN L. SHARADIN Advanced Mathematicsg Penn State, M. Ed.g Lehigh Universityg Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Please child, be specific!" Biology, chemifrfuoyn SHARETTS B. S. . M. S, 'V' Physics? Gerfysbur "Ler' g College, S gel Our thinki Hg Slfaight .. xl Z N T XX , 'ie x 4 1 ' I CC UERA LDINE WENTZEL rman Jun1orHrglrEngl1sh A1brrglrtCol1ege B A C,orrrellUn1vers1ty bchones Gebrchte IAK UB D WENTZEL bnglreh lranklmand Nlarelralltolltbe B A Colum ma Umvcmty Nl A We learn to do by domg DAVID S ZIMMERMAN Health Physrcal Educatron East Stroudsburg State Teachers College B S Temple Unrversrty M Ed. One man volleyball team FRED STECH - GEORGE KRAIL J HARVEY MILLER WILLIAM GOODHART O 0 I RTI Q 'N twin E Q I X- ,R E? 95 E385 "fTj X ' -, 5,-Q2 . Aw: mls, M an uf.:-11 Q" VM54! ,HE-:ii ffAK ff? -f 575523 J I 1 I Q :N ' J' li- A Q, 1, : ,J M, vb n- 'N' ' Wifi F"5 P-, KQJAT E LLY X A- X S mfr ff is f I Q 91 lj, 1 W . 'plz- x ff ie, f ai pl .- ini N as fa . A M 1 l ,I 37 :FHA W M ff Q1 if J ' X nhl. .Vkf 7' Lfxlfv Y wb , tg: kk'N r K-. x -4 t X Z' 1 X 7117 Incl! T32 1' X! X. N-"1 ?" if 55 W V 4 "1 . xg. ' 'AA' 1' 'Y f' rs, .-.1 'iff' lv' -N, Futurograpluq... Tume 1962 Settung Ballroom of the Hotel Waldorf Astorua Occasuon Tenth reunuon of the class of 1952 lmagune all the excutement that fullsthe atmosphere on thus eagerly awauted day Ten years have passed sunce to the strauns of Pomp and Curcumstance we the class of 1952 receuved our duplomas We ve put on a few extra pounds here and there and some of us are thunnung out on top but we ve stull got that same old Mt Penn spurut Everyone s here no here comes the former Muruel Ropusku wuth her twuns Guess Muruel hasn t changed these past ten years always the slowpoke There s Bob Jackson overthere where all the gurls are congregated l suppose that hot rod fuend wull always remaun a bachelor Rose Buone the gurl wuth the most natuonally advertused eyebrows us remunuscung wuth the farmers Audrey Fusher June Howard and Janet Hohl Tommy Eshelman un plaud Iacket Bob Seffung Jack Lloyd, and Percuval Ruchardon are guvung us a rendutuon of theur latest release Thus us musuc? Competung wuth them us Skup Adduson udol of the bobby soxers who us cryung The farmers Gayle Nonnemacher Mary Lou Folk Marulyn Morruson and Mary Aluce Lewus are tellung each other they re glad they aren t career women Pat and Ron Pusano and DeDe and George Conrad are duscussung basketball what else? lt s a good thung the gals brought theur knuttung as they Il never get a word un edgewuse Janet Yeager Weusel and Judy Roller Duefenderfer are recallung the good old days when they were kept busy wrutung to servucemen whulefor formers CorruneWltterS Mlm RlSSrT1lllef Peggy Jarvus and Florence Hafer are howlung wuth laughter They never made that much nouse at schooll The Hummelburgers Kenny famed furst baseman for the Phullues and Don manager of the Roxy The1tre un New York are talkung to the Angstadts Lynne Bertue and Hops and hus fuve small ones Frank Fuck and Kate Weaver are holdung hands so sweetly un the corner Oh no here comes that famous sports announcer Bruce Young to tease Kate the way he dud un homeroom 724 As the strauns of Yeo let s go cause the chandeluers to come flyung down all notuce that Russ Buts Fuz Dawn and Claure the famous monologust have unvaded the premuses The New York traffuc system us all baffled Russ has the Plymouth Now the center of attentuon us turned to Jum Forsht who us playung a beautuful vuolun solo Hear that tremendous ovatuonl Poach Hursch has lust moved the muke 24 . . . . . O - ' uu ' uu ' I I I I ' u uu ' ' f uu u - - - , . - , . . . . . . -- I . u uu uu .... Q ' ' uu ll -- O . . . n . . .... . . . . I I Il ll, ' . I , I . . . . . . . . I I I . . . ,I . . . ,, . . . I, . N . I I ' ' uu ' uu .. I . uu un- - - - - ' I I I - u u v . . . I -- , . . . . , . . . . . . . ,I H. . . ,, . ,, . . I ' I I . . . - I - . . . . : I I I - - . un ' uu uu uu ' ' I ' I I - . . . ' I . . I I ' ' uu I uu ' ' ' uu ' lu ll ' ll u ' ll I ' ' ' I ' I YI I I I ' ' ' , uu ' uu I o . . . . . . . . C ' uu uu ' ' It ' uu . Futurographq... Don Collnns our class president rs campalgnlng for mayor of Readang and ns about tognve cigars to Dave Shaner and Robert Potts who are telllng each other why the Plymouth us the best car on the road Jack Dnbler Buddy Nenthammer and Ron Lnvmgood agree that they II take an old car anyday Our women In whlte the farmers Mlm Keltz Joan McGrath and Jackie Algeldmger are remlmscmg man hunting wuth Anne Sherman who funallymarrned her Doctor whllethe farmers Pat Pangle Joann Bates and Elalne Derr are descrubung their hubbles Jane Dewald who has lust returned from Parls us speakmg French to Pat Grlffun who rs answerlng In German Here comes Glorra Lawrence, lust back from Paris where she designed the gownless evemng strap last season Eleanor Kllnk Fees IS drscussmg the problems of her erght little ones wuth the former Fern Wurman chlld psycologust Fern always drd understand the problems of Iuttle brats Wnnme Lease and Lyle Pelton are paradung around wlth their two most preclous possessions thear trumpets not theur waves Rock Seldel who has gust traded hrs motor scooter un forthe newest model us chatting wlth Bull Maurer famed Dodger pitcher whsle Llppy Bachman Frltze Frederick George Kleln Lowrle Mervune and Charlie Hlnnershutz seems anxuous to glve someone a hot foot Those fellows were always full ofthe devnl Oh here comes Moe McComas General and Mrs Harry Stephan the former Dolores Gross are speakmg wuth Corporals Nora Schweltzer Betty Helss and Jeanette Ramsey Colonel Lewis Bollinger couldn t come today as he s making a non stop fllght to Indra but he sent has regards with LeRoy Boyer and Bob Donaghy Those boys are stlll trying to make people laught at their lokesl Glo Gibson of the Gibson Beautlcnan Enterprises IS glvung a lecture about poodle cuts to the farmers Bea Mell Jamce Ruppert Betty Jane Wullnams and Helen Lubas Olympna Gannkon as her model Speakung of models Frances Grebe now top Power smodel and Senator Betty Drlluplanne are dnscussmg Mary Joan Rupperts non fattemng fudge whsle the formers Gentaln Bauer Chrlstlne Bauper and June Brumbach are looking on wnth waterlng tongues Grbby Gnbstem IS trynng tc sell semethlng to Chuck Oxenford Ray Dautrnch Clarr Muller and Davnd Lorah Wonder what? Davnd Remsel, presadent of the Mt Penn Trust Co duscussnng automobule unsurance wlth the formers Barb Seelrg, Aluce Chrlstuan Gerry Gerhart and Jackue Ganster Tom Snyder John Swavely, Paul Toaldo and Gerry Elsenhower all sportung the Don Eagle haurcut are grvlng us a sample of barbershop quartet muslc ? Two of our celebrntles are approaching Joan Kennedy, of Roller Derby fame brought her skates and IS showing them to Dan Sharey, president of the Hulton Hotels Admnral Marty Cullms who has lust returned from Indra IS telling the formers Rosalie Bybel Shrrley Hare Ellen Reeser Evelyn Resh and Mary Ann Rothenberger how at rams and rams and rams over there Well luncheon us bemg served and I m starved See you all an 1972 25 1 1 . ,, ,, . . . , ' 1 1 . . . . . . . . . . 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . . . . ,, . ,, 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . 1 ' 1 . . . . . . ,, . ,, 1 1 1 ,, . ,, . . . . . . . . . 1 1 ' Il ll . . , . . . . , , . . . . . , 1 1 ' , . . . . . ' 1 . ,, ,, . . . . . . . . 1 1 . . . . . ' 1 1 1 ' . . . , ' 1 1 1 . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . 1 1 ' ,, . ,, . . . . . ,, . ,, . . 1 1 . . . . . . . . ., IS . . . . . . . . . . , , . . . . 1 1 . . . . , I J- . . . ' 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . - . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . . O . . , . , , . . F Class Officers Llilfli TO RIGHT: Marilyn Morrison, sccrcraryg Gloria Gibson, rrcasurerg Don Collins, presidentg Dawn Adams vice-prusrilcrir. CLASS FLOWERS: Blue carnations ond white roses. CLASS COLORS: Blue ond wl-wire. Forwgrd everj bcclcwofd nevef. Z6 DAWN LOUISE ADAMS Esterly Academic "Dawn" . . .Owner of a beautiful wardrobe.. .Jan's bosom pal.. .often seen northeastoflleading in her little gray Ford.. .can be seen jetting around school. ..class veep. . .eagerly awaits next September at Stephans. Basketball IO: Hockey IO, II, 125 Y-Teens IO, II, 123 President IOQ Service Club IZQ County Chorus IO, 1 1gChorus 10, 11, 123 Choralaires II, 123 Ititramural Sports 11, 125 Penn Alma Co-Editorg Junior Playg Senior Playg Class Committees IO, 11, 12 Class Officers, Secretary ro, Vice President 12g Cheerleading IO,llg Softball IOQ Yearbook Editor lOg May Queen Court 103 Gym Exhibition IO: National Honor Society I2. JOHN I. ADDISON IO Park Lane, Pennside General "Skip" . . . infectuous laugh. . . crooner of the class.. .lady killer. . . always ready for a good time.. .quite an artist, . . tinkering with cats fascinates him. Soccer IO: Basketball IO, IIQ Baseball IO, 11, I2g Hi-Y Club IO: Vol- leyball 1IgClass Comutittees IO, llg Class Vice-President IIQ Vice- President l-lomeroom11,12g Penn Alma Staff. IACQUELYN GLORIA AIGELDINGER 115 North 24th Street, Mt. Penn Academic "Iackie"...peaches and cream complexion...creator of our prom decorations. . .ever hear her Mario Lanza record collection.. . "Uncle Miltie" fan...will be taking temperatures in four years. . .supplied art work for Penn Alma. Y-Teens IO, 11, 12: Chorus IO, II, I23 Make-up Club IIQ Vice-Presi- dentg Make-up Committee 11, I2g Choralaires 125 Class Committee IO, 1 I, 12. ...appreciates icniinine pulchritnde. . .plans for a fu- r 1 iw: 1:1 key Club 11, 1:5 Penn Post IIQ Class Com- BERTHA M. ANGSTADT Esterly Academic "Bertie" . . .cute and petite. . .keeps her curls clipped short. . .con- stantly being pestered by a certain boy in room 30. . .brims over with giggles.. .unexpectedly became a member of the Iunior's classes this year to achieve her goal, nursing. . .Exeter's May Queen. Chorus IO, 12g Y-Teens IO, I lg Secretary IOQ Gym Exhibition IOQ May W Queen IOQ Music Club Ilg Class Committees II, IZQ Intramural bas- K ketbaii. .Q 5 -.1 , HOW.-XRD P. ANGSTADT ROI lirtedcnsbntg Rd. Pt-nnside Acadelnic Student. . . lllllC'kC6PCl' at the games. . . invinccable vt-nds many hours in the laboratory, . .has a tendancy ROSA LYNNE ANGS l'ADT Esterly Commercial "Lynne" . . . lefty. , .faithful to Grants. . . can always eat a Chinese or Italian dish. . .quiet Exeter Lass UD. . . Those blue eyes.. .a business career for Lynne. . .National Honor Society Member. Na1ionalHonor Society I2: Cheerleading IOQ Hockey IOQ Baseball 105 Basketball IOQ Chorus IO, II, I25 l-lomer00rn Treasurer llg Secretary rzg Yearbook Staff to, izg Athletic Club IOQ Class Committees io, 1 1, 12: May Queen Court lOg Gym Exhibition 109 Penn Post Ilg Assem- blies ll, IZQ County Chorus IOQ Y-Teens Ilg Color Guard 12. -J-3 l i , j a.,f?+ 'A XX !g' 3- X 9' XXX -Y Ax " " LH 'Tl' li za 2 Vt lik.. CHARLES I, BACHMAN Midland Avenue Stony Creek Mills General Lippy head car washer at Stout's. . .likes to swim. . .haunts Antietam Valley pool during the summer. . .quite the ladies' man.. . lefty all thc way La Bouche"...plans for the future--just plain CHRISTINE ESTHER BAUDER Stony Creek Mills R.D. I Commercial Christine domestically inclined. ..wi1l never forget those Home Ec classes at Exeter frequent visitor at Maurer's Diner, because of the food or the green Ford Christine?. . .her favorite food, spag- Commercial Club Il Home Economics Club Io. ICANN DOROTHY BATES 2252 Fairview Avenue Mt. Penn Commercial "Joann" . . .jovial. . . one of Whitner's "can't do withouts". . .reads all the latest novels. . .her constant attendence at basketball games shows her intense interest in the sport. . .soon she'll be saying "number please". Y-Teens IO, II, l2g LibraryClub IO, I I, l2g Vice-President ll: Chorus Io, II, I2g CountyChorus Iog Make-Up Committee II, 123 Intramural Sports. 6 'l vi F "Rose ' . . .darlt and attractive. . .spends her summer days at the Birds- horv Playgrttutid. , . dislikes he-ing rushed. . .this long lashed gal will inaltt sonie etnpluyer a very efficient secretary. Lihrary'Clnh IC, Newspal er Staff lOg Dramatic Club IO, Gym Exhibi- tion 13: Y-Teens tip Malte-up Committee 11. wsvkf GENTIAN ANN BAUER Birdshoro R.D. 2 Commercial "G611li-2111" . . . pretty blond hair. . . quiet. . . a special someone calls her Jennie. . .Italian Sandwiches rankhigli on her list of likes. . . one ofthe girl's from Exeter. Dancing Club IOQ Commercial Club II. ROSE Nl.-XRIE BIONE ljitdsboro R.D. 2 Commercial LEWIS H. BOLLINGER Birdsboro R.D. 2 General "Lewis" . . .small bitt mighty. . .when he isn't reading he's drawing, ftrains preferahlyj, . . longwalk to bus stop every morning. . . amazing knowledge of the outdoors. . ."Lewis P. ..doesn't approve of gov- ernment's war actions. . .plans to join signal corps. Yearbook Art Chairman IO: Class Committees IO, II, I2. LEROY L, BUYER Stony Creek Mills R, D, 1 Academic "LeRoy", . .tall and blue -eyed. . . envies people who have straight hair, , , spends his sninrners on the country eluh greens, , , brain, , , fond of nioney, who isn't?, , , Lerloyhopes toconlniue his work and beeonre an excellent greenskeeper, Science Club rog Field and Stream rig Yearbook Staff iog Assistant Editor, rl, " kids, , . future receptionist, ROSA LIE BYBEL Stony Creek Mills R. D. 1 Commercial "Rosie , , pretty blonde, , , twirls her baton to the beat of the march- ing band, , , high scorer for hockey champs. , , takes an active partici- pation in all sports, , , Rosie is making plans for a secretarial career, Gym Exhibition tog Queen Court io.. tigBaseball IOQ Basketball IO, Il: Cheerleader iog Chorus io, ii, rzq County Chorus ro. rr, rzg Hockey ro. ir, I2: Majorerre rr, r2gY-Teens ro, ir, l22 V0l1Cy- ball ii: Co-Ed Volleyball ii. JUNE ANNA BixUNlHAlll Stonersvrllt Cornrnercial "June", , , althoughshe's seldom heard her btantx attracts our attcn tion... adores that blue convertible o t n trcsscs on t rcmin her of the first time she tried to park a car one ol thc btonc rsvillc Chorus rog Exeter Echo rog Dramatic Club IO Yearbook statf to Homeroom Secretary Il: Junior Conimt rcral Club ri DUN HILL COLLINS I2 Brithton Avenue Academic Don tlass Prcxx likes to swirn,,,remember those days at Antit tam Hot lord? Donjuan oflunior and Senior-:lass plays, , , lileyuard at Hopewell future college man. ass si ni 0 cter IO, il. 12: Baseball IO: lntra- mural sports IO Baskttball Manager I2:1unior and SeniorClass Playg Class Assembly IO ll I2 Field and Stream Club II, ALICE LOUISE CHRISTIAN Stony Creek Mills R, D. t Commercial Alice", . ,her jovialand friendly personality make herwell liked by everyone ,,,' l'he Mills Brothers put her in a dither,,,ever see her 1iticrbng?, . , makes that little black Plymouth hop, , . frequents Amity with Betty, , , another secretarial position in view, Debating 1OgBasketbal1 IO: Baseball IOQJUIIIOI, Senior Plays, Promp- terg Hockey IO, II: Y-Teens IO, 11. GEORGE M, CONRAD Birdsboro R, D, 2 Academic "Big George . . stellar, all-round athlete, , ,tall and handsome, , , murder on a basketball court---watch those hips. . . Guinter's boy, . , Ford convertibles and D. D, Baseball ro, II. l2: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Soccer IO, ii, I2: Volleyball Il. l2: Intramural Sports ll. I2: Track II: Assemblies 11, 121 Gym Exhibition IO: YearbookStaff IO: ClassCommittees IO, Il, I2g Athletic Club lO. MARTIN THOMAS CULLEN Stony Creek Mills R, D. I Commercial "Marty", . . always late to class. . . usually has a question to ask which -C' he .promptly answers himself, . , how about his sailor pantsl. . .a cer- tain girl holds his heart, , , travels in Raymie's car, Band Il. I2: Music Club II. ELAINE PATRICIA DERR Stony Creek Mills Commercial RAYMOND C, DAUTRICH Stony Creek Mills R, D, 1 Commercial "Raymie", , , tall and lanky. . . quiet, but friendly, , , chauffers his gang in the green Chrysler,,,fiend for cowboy music.' of "Milton Berle's fans. ..Raymie will carry on his father's job as a Wholesale Fruit and Produce dealer, Science Club IO: Field and Stream AI I. "Elaine , . quiet and reserved, , , a whiz in Shorthand, , , pleasing personality, , , easy to get along with, . . a staunch Dodger rooter. . . Elaine will make somebody a fine secretary. Hockey IO, I Ig Commercial Club IIQ Athletic Club IOQ Y-Teens Il: Baseball IO: May Queen Court IO: Penn Post Typist' II: Penn Alma Typist 12. 33 DELORES ELAINE DETURK Butter Lane Commercial "D. DZ " . . .Boop boop de doo. . .pleasing personality. . . the big mo- ment in her life, George. . .that catching smile. . .faithful rooter at allbasketballgames. . . seenwith Gayle and Elaine. . .future telephone operator. Hockey IO, II, 125 Basketball IOQ Gym Exhibition, May Queen Court IOQ Co-Ed Volleyball I I 5 Y-Teens I Ig Class Comneittees II, 12g Cur- rent Events Club, F JANE ANN DEWA LD 8 W. 35th Street Reiffton Academic "Frenchie".. .beautiful black curls. . .frequent appearance on the honor roll. . . reads a ll the latest novels. . . Jane likes French and French likes Jane. . . busy gal around school, . . always smiling. . . that pretty face. . .she plans to teach French, naturally. Cheerleading IOL AthleticClub lOg Newspaper Staff 105 Gym Exhibi- tion top May Queen Court IOg Yearbook Staff lOg Y-Teens Ilg Penn Post rl, 123 Class Committees IO, Il, 125 Penn Alma Staff 125 Junior Town Meeting ofthe Air 123 Band II, 123 Vice-President 125 Marching Band rr, 123 National Honor Society IZ. JACK ALLAN DIBLER 620 Byram Pennside General "Jack", . .engineers boots. . .quite a hunter.. .going to pay Uncle Sam a visit. . . you name il--it's in Jack's trunk. . . "Oh, you're bitterl". .. just listen, you'll hear the Ford. Soccer Io, Ilg Hi-Y IOQ Hunting and Fishing Club tl. ll BETTY H. DILLIPLAINE Stonetown Commercial "Betty"...Nat "King" Cole rates high on this gal's list of likes... regular class play prompter. . .capable homeroom president for years and years.. .A-I student. . .woman driver. . .National Honor Society Prexy. Homeroom President IO, II, l2g Senior Chorus IO, II, I23 Newspaper Staff IO: Yearbook Staff IO: Athletic Club rog Hockey IO: Basketball I0g G.A,A. 11, I2g Vice-President 125 Debating IO: Gym Exhibition iog May Queen Court Io. ROBERT J. DONAGHY IR. Stony Creek Mills R.D.I. Academic "Bob". . .outdoor man. . . keen interest in science. . .his favorite pas- time, the movies.. .seen with LeRoy. . .hopes to fly a super-fast jet some day. Science Club IO: treasurer IO: Field and Stream Club II3 Class Com- mittees. GERALD D. EISENHOWER I240 Greenwich Street Reading General "Gerry"...jovial young man...a1ways has a cheery "hello"...ask him about those Saturday nights with the boys. . .feels lost without his pipe. . .beautiful bass voice. . .his plans for the future are being made by Uncle Sam. Baseball and Basketball Manager IO: Yearbook staff IO: Soccer IIQ Soccer Manager I2gChorus I2: Vice-President 123 Class Committees. f ' THOIAAS I. ESHELMAN 259 Friedensburg Road Mt. Penn Academic "'l'omrny"...high I.Q .... proud of his beautiful orange and green Willys sedan. . .thanks to "Duffy" for the delicious turkey dinner.. . loves all the joys of living . .modelairplanes. . .no use for women-- yet.. .plans to study law at Dickinson. Band lO,Il,I25 Dance Band I0,ll,I2g Marching Band I0,ll,l2p County Band 10, I I, I2gEasternDistrict Band Ilg Penn Post II: Orches- tra 103 Junior and Senior Plays. RUTH ANN FASIC 2532 Cumberland Street Mt. Penn Academic "Fiz" . . .great joker. . .with never forget those slumber parties at Riss's...Did you say "Z.elda7"...head for the hills, "Fiz" has the cltevie. . .height is an asset to her athletic ability. . . argyles. . . after college we'll see "Fiz" teaching the "Three R's." Basketball io, Ilg Volleyball Io, rig Hockey 10,115 G,A,A. ro, rig Vice President 11gY-Teens IO, II, I2g Service Club IO, II, I23 County Chorus IO: Chorus IO, 123 Intramural Sports IO, IIQ Penn Alma Staff l2g Junior, Senior Play, Prompterg Class Committees IO, II, 12. FRANKLIN W. FICK Stony Creek Mills Commercial x "Frank" . . .will always argue. . . those dainty steps. . .knows trucks foreward and backward. . .those wild races on Skyline Drive. . .hopes to be a truck jockey. Hunting and Fishing Club II. f' .ima AUDREY IOANN FISCHER Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Audrey". . . oh, that red hair. . .Iune's bosom pal. . .smart dresser... witty humor. . .Chinese food, her favorite. . . yearns to travel around the globe . Library Club IOQ Exeter Echo Staff 105 Dramatics IOg Gym Exhibition IOg Y-Teens II: Make-up Club Ilg Service Club I2. MARY LOU FOLK 2203 Fairview Avenue Mt. Penn Commercial "Mary Lou". . .spends her summers near the water. . . excellent guard for our basketball team. . . collects money in room "3O".. .can usually be seen in the "Maggie". . .pretty eyes. . .friendly. Basketball ro, ri, izg Hockey io, 1 t, I25 Y-Teens Io, rig Class Com- - mittees II,l23 Homeroom Treasurer 12g Junior Commercial Clubg Chorus IO: Co-ed Volleyball II, I2. 1' I Y K X JAMES LEWIS FORSHT Stony Creek Mills Academic "Jim". . . terrific M. C .... excellent German student. . . Letterman in the two B's. . ."Your name Al?". . .lady killer in the Senior Play-- and otherwise. . .Jerry Lewis prodigy. . .Dartmouth bound for his col- lege education. Soccer IO,II,I2g Basketball IO, II,I2 Baseball I0,lI,I2g Chorus IO: County Chorus IO: Hi-Y President IOQ Debating IOQ Gym Exhibi- tion I0, II: Key Club II, l2: Vice-President 12g Volleyball llg Co- ed Volleyball II5 Intramural Volleyball I03 Athletic Club II: Senior PlaygPenn Alma Staff: Homeroom Vice -President II: Class Commit- tees Il, I2, FREDERICK K. FREDERICK IR. Stony Creek Mills, R.D.I General f "Fritz" . . . Hot Rod. . . that pipe. . . polishing cars takes up most of his ' time. . .Ever see his handwriting?. . . one of the "Culvert Gang" . . . would like to be in the automobile business. Exeter Echo Editor IOQ Field and Stream Club 11. OLYMPIA GANIKON Q 206 Wilson Avenue Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Olympia . . raven black tresses. . .flashy sweaters. . .belle on the dance floor. . .one of Mrs. Mack's able assistants.. .always has a full date book. . .up and coming artist. Y-Teens IOQ Senior Library Club Il: Make-up Club llg Class Com mittee 11, 125 Senior Library Club, Vice -President JACQULYN MAY GANSTER 2953 Filbert Street Mt Penn Commercial "Jackie". . .slim and pleasant. . .remember "Sweet Ann" of the Junior Class Play. . .seen in a certain maroon convertible. . . ice-cream and dancing rate high. . .such a longwalk to school. . .look for Jackie be- hind a desk in a few years. Chorus IO, II, 121 Junior Playg Homeroom Treasurer II: Service Club II: Make-up Club 11. GERALDINE MARION GERHART Montgomery Avenue Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Gerry". . . loads of fun. . . long black hair, . .always wears a smile. .. letters to Jack. . .just give Gerry veal cutlets and she'll be satisfied. . . hopes to be a bookkeeper. Penn Altria Staffg Class Committee 11, 12. ,lb , 'X 'yn ., -,1-1,3529 3 J. 5. 1" 4 GLORIA MAE GIBSON 568 Marshall Avenue Pennside Commercial "Glo". . .Mt. Penn's gift to fashion board. . . class money keeper. .. known for her hair style. . . one of Mt. Penn's women drivers. . . crazy about Ted Williams. . .future hair stylist. Class Treasurer IO, 11, 129 Class Committees IO, 11, l2g Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Be-Teen Fashion Boardg Band IOQ Assemblies 1O, 11, l2g Y-Teens llp Dramatic Club llg Service Club l2g Marching Band 123 National Honor Society 12. ALAN GIBSTEIN 2606 Cumberland Avenue Mt. Penn Academic "Gibby". . . dark and handsome... who will ever forget his sneezes as "Tubby?" . . . the Pontiac, a regular taxi. . . witty remarks come fast. . . inclined toward food and parties. . .a future as a professional man. Soccer lOg Basketball IO: Projection Crew 10, 11. 125 Junior Playg Senior PlaygProjection Club llg Penn Post 12gPenn Alma Staffp Class Committees IO, 11, 12. .. . ,fl if - -I-.WB fs fiat PATRICIA ANNE GRIFFIN 211 Penn Terrace Mt Penn Commercial a still retains a light southern accent.. .talland well posed. . . htr et shots are dead malsesthe little Austin hop. . . a real "buddy" to exert one 1cl1lcmbel' the great times at Antietam. Bas etballio ll I2 l-locket io 115Y-Teensio, ll, 125Commer- cial Club ll Homeroorn Secretary lOg Intramural Sports. FRANCES T. C. GREBE 629 Carsonia Avenue Pennside Commercial "Fran", . .tall and slim. . . special interest in Penn State, 5 , will be remen.bered for her portrayal of Miss Pringle. . . no potatoes for this gal. . . perfect posture... a horse lover. Junior Play5 Dramatic Club Ilg Make-up Committeeg Chorus 11, I2g Class Committees 11, 12. DOLORES ANN GROSS Stony Creek Mills R. D. 1 Commercial "Dolores", . . friendly per son a li t y. . . can usually be found with Harry.. .one of our snappy colorguards. . . is always busy doing some- thing for the cIass...studious and precise...those Home Nursing tests. Basketball IOL Hockey io, I15 co-captain 103 Baseball Manager 105 Homeroom Secretary IO, 11, I23 Yearbook Layout Manager IO, 125 Athletic Club Secretary 1o5Chorus io, 11, IZQMBY QueenCourt IO: Gym Exhibition IO: Penn Post Typist II5 G.A.A. 115C1ass Commit tees ll, 123 Class Assembly II, 125 Color Guard 12. FLORENCE MARY HAFER Stony Creek Mills R. D. I Commercial "Flos". . . slim brunette. . . unusually quiet. . . believe it or not, this gal dislikesltalian sandwiches.. .Lubas and Reeser, her best friends... forthcoming years will find her filling a secretarial position. Chorus lOg Class Committees 11, 12. 10' lb' SHIRLEY E. HARE Stony Creek Mills R. D. I Commercial aff Club llg Gym Exhibition IO. ELIZABETH MARIE HEISS Jacksonwald Academic "Betty", . .curly brown hair. . . shy but friendly.. .rainy days and Betty clash. . . will never forget those German classes. . . those long talks she and Jeanette have in English class. . .Betty intends making ' the Waves her career. Usherette II, 12g Chorus IO, II. I2: Music Club II, County Chorus to. Intramural Sports to. Class Committees 10. R "Shirley", . .her favorite pastime, meeting the kids at the culvert.. . remember all the na mes she once acquired.. .pleasing personality. . . will miss school after graduation. . . office work for Shirley. Basketball 103 Y-Teens 11, 123 Intramural Basketball 11gCamera ire'-ffif Q11 DONALD ALLEN HIMMELBERGER y 24 South 23rd Street X, Mt. Penn ,J General "Don" . . . dark and striking. . . movies are better than ever at Loews.. . someday he'll kill that deer he's been hunting for. . .outdoor life gets his okay. . . after service in the armed forces, farming will claim him. Science Club IOQ Field and Stream Club II. KENNETH P. HIMMELBERGER Montgomery Avenue Stony Creek Mills General A "Kenny". . .this carrot-topped lad spends his Qummer days camping and fishing...keep your eye on those Phil1ies...hails from Stony Creek. . .reliable baseball player.. .join the Navy and see the world. Basketball IO, tlg Soccer IO: Baseball IO, Il, 123 Hi-Y I0g Volleyball CHARLES E. HINNERSHITZ, IR. Easterly, Pa. A Academic f "Charlie" . . .Good things come in small packages. . . the joker of the deck. . . "Fill your tank, Sin". . .would like a million dollars. . .per- haps someday he'll own that Sunoco station. Newspaper Staff IO: Chorus IO: Yearbook staff IOQ Field and Stream Club I I. 4. PETER l-IIRSCH 2429 Endlich Avenue Mt. Penn Academic "Petey"...smal1 of statue...big boss of stage crew...only male member of the French class...Dagmar...ask him how to knit... believe it or not Pete dislikes Cadillacs. . .Ye Olde Penn Alma Sports Chairman. Key Club 10, II, l2gBasketball lO, llgBaseball IOQ Soccer Il, 123 Volleyball Il, I2g Camera Club IOQ Class Committees ro, 11, 123 Stage Crew ro, ll, I21 Penn Alma Staff. JANET HOHL Birdsboro R. D. 2 Commercial "Janet". . . cute and peppy. . . continual smile. . .likes Chinese food and dill pickles--not together...always a ready remark...stylish dresser. ...after graduation secretarial employment will fill many of Janet's hours. Chorus IO, ll, 123 Exeter Echo IOQ Dramatics Club lOg Make-Up ' Club llg Y-Teens Ilg Class Committees 10, Il, 12. ,D XJ, i w f , 4 Xl JUNE D, HOWARD Stony Creek Mills R, D, 1 Commercial "June", . . her good taste is shown in her wardrobe, , , she and Audrey, inseparable...always has a stylish haircut,,,rainy weather gets under her skin., ,maybe someday she'll travel around the world, after ofcourse, she retired from her job as a police woman, Dramatic Club 103 Library Club IO: Y-Teens II: Make-Up Club itz Service Club I2. X i. L . N, , l . I 1- , X , 4 - .!Qr.AL?l'X N vm th:-'lQ 1,1 f,,0l1l Iln . ,,. -1-ei '15 f f ,lf Nah. as ROBERT KENNETH JACKSON 512 Brighton Avenue av- ' Pennside Academic "Bob". . . always a trick up his sleeve, , , weird -colored cars, , , ' varsity man, , , never forget those Physics classes, , , detailed plans on by the death of Joe Stalin, , , watch out wild blue yonder, Basketball ro, 11. 12: Soccer ro, 11, 12gBaseba1l ro, 11, 12: Class ffixj Committees IO, Il, I2Q Chorus rog Class Treasurer IO! Assemblies 1 I ' IO: Basketball Club II: Key Club Il, 123 Intramural Sports 11, 12, Sion C I MARGARET JARVIS Woodland Avenue Stony Creek Commercial "Peg", , , quiet and reserved, , , movie fan, , , always friendly, , , our Peg's auburn hair is natural in co1or,,,in the future will be seen taking dictation, Y-Teens 101 Class Committees IO, II, l2: Camera Club 11. MIRIAM KEITZ 508 Bryam Street Pennside Academic "Mimi", , ,heroine actress of class plays, , .we'11 never forget her as Clem. ..blonde, Qand not from a bottle either,j,,,enjoys a good football game. . . those days at Pennside, , ,dislikes Kutzrown and loquacious Q Pj people. . . a starched white hat on this pert head in a few years, Y-Teens IO, 11, IZ: Worship Chairman 123 Chorus 10, Il, I2: Secretary 12: County Chorus IO: Class Vice President 10: Class Sec- retary ioglunior and Senior P1aygBand II. 12: Treasurer 12: District Band II: Dramatic Club II: Home-Room Vice President 12: Penn Alma Staff. JOAN KENNEDY 2653 Perkiomen Avenue ' Mt. Penn General "Toughie . . Orange country, , , lrish lassle. . . jazz and Sarah Vaughan are herweaknesses. . .detests coldweather. . . "I'mgoing to move to Q Florida". . .wants to live, love, and be happy, Chorus rog Class Committees IO, rr, 123 Intramural Basketball rog , .. Y-Teens 10, ll, 12: Dramatic Club II: Penn Post rr, 12. .U . N f x Y Q , 9--. .Kg 3 70s gb.. X """"- F Q-'Q K4 1 GEORGE KLINE fa- Jacksonwald General Klmey freckles and more freckles the krd wrth the smrlrng eyes a good worker for homeroom 31 prrnts all the latest edrtrons Marge From The Halls of Montezeuma Scrence Club I0 Movre Club II ELEANOR KLINK 730 Carsoma Avenue Pennsrde General Eleanor lone female slrde horn player of the band enjoys a good basketball game norsy people head Eleanor s l1st of dlslrkes rs fond of a Readlng Hrgh Graduate her rnterest and abrlrty rn art wrll make up her future plans Y Teens I0 II I2 Band I0 ll I2 Marchmg Band I0 II I2 Chorus IO Il I2 Newspaper Staff 10 "Winnie", . .Band Prexie. . . quiet. . .easy to get along with. . .plays the sweetest trumpet this side of Harry James. . ,that yellow convert- ible. . .work and fun are to his liking. . .intends to stay with Rachlln's until the draft board changes his plans. Band IO, 11, 121 President I2g County Band IOQ Dance Band IO, 11, I25 Music Club Ilg Marching Band IO, II, 12. 'f 3.2 ' tit ? - r ' v. A GLORIA LAWRENCE I2 Endlich Avenue Mt. Penn Academic "Gloria", . . a petite miss with excellent taste for clothes. . .scholarly and serious... always asking questions. . . "I dropped a perpendicular" . . . ask her about her pen pals. . .heads for a career in fashions. Y-Teens IO, 11, 125 Service Club II, 125 Penn Post IO, II, l2g Asso- ciate Editor IIQ Penn Alma Staff 121 Homeroom Secretary II: Na- tionalltlonor Society 11, I25 Secretary-Treasurer II: Intramural Sports 10, 11, 125Chorus IO: County Chorus IOQ Class Com.. ittces IO, II, 12. A -gifs-ii.. .5537 J: 5 - V, -.v.-ww: ' . - WINFIELD LEASE 110 Center Street Mt. Penn General MARY ALICE LEWIS 702 Brighton Avenue Pennside Commercial "Mary Alice . . fond ofanimals. . .stylish dresser... always seen with Eleanor. .hall duty., ,future includes Silber Bloomsburg or asecre- tarial position Y-Teens IO,II, 125 Chorus lO,Il, I25 Class Committees IO,II, 12: Make -Up Club II5 Penn Alma Staff. RONALD LIVINGOOD 6oo Penndale Avenue Pennside General "Ronnie" . . .baseballenthusiasn . . can often be found at a roller skat- ing rink. . .Jean. . .loves to argue.. .always has an answer in P.O.D, class.. .hopes to be a printer. Soccer IO: Hi-Y IO: Movie Club II. WILLIAM I. LLOYD Gibralter General "Jackson", . . 'Happy Birthday Boy". . .possessor of many names Tommy. . . shy--atfirst. . . a member of the witty QD science class interest in Tennessee. Class Committees II, l2g Junior and Senior Assemblies. DAVID LORAH Stony Creek Mills R.D. I General "Davle" . . . tiny, teasing terror. . . makes his little blue car roar. . . spends the greater part of his time at the Five Points Store. . .dreams of owning his own farm. Science Club IOg Field and Stream Club II: Class Committees ro, Il, 12. WILLIAM MAURER 3368 Oley Turnpike Esterly General "Lefty". . . crew cut.. .joker. . .St. Lawrence Community Hall is his second of the boys...grab-bag of crazy remarks...a future upon the high seas for him. Baseball Io, 11, 123 Basketball 10,121 Soccer Io, I I, 12: Class Com- mittees IO, II, I2. HELEN LUBAS Stony Creek Mills R.D. I Commercial "Lubie . . tall, well-liked blonde, , , how could the basketball team do without her?. . . quiet but efficient. . .has an enmity for rude people ...look for her as a competent secretary. Hockey I0gCheerleading IOQ Chorus I0gCo-Ed Volleyball I lg Y-Teens tt, I2g Basketball to, II, 12. MORRISON MCCOMAS Esterly General "Mo". . .walking skyscraper. . .very reserved sense of humor. . . "How's the weather up there?" . . . everyone's friend. . . knows the price of eggs. Science Club log Basketball Club Ilg Class 'Committees II, I2. 4 8 l 6 'A 'ff' PXX IOAN E, MCGRATH I20 Center Street MI, Pcuu Academic "Joauie . . our srriiliuglrish lass, , , friendly. . . naturally curly blonde hair, , , llllSBlllglli1llllOll gal iscvery 1 11e's, , , a reliable worker aruuuu the school, , , gums her white map at U. of P, Basketball lo, Class Vice Prusuleui IOQ llimriiurourri President 11, 123 M.iku-Up Cluh Prusidclit llg Y- Itcus IO, ll, 121 Ilovkuy Manager llg Service Club IO, ll, IZQ LQ, A, A, IOg Chorus IOQ Cnuuty Chorus IO: Pr-nu Alma Siailfl1urauiuralSp1ms IO, llLCl3SSCt3llllllllIL'CS 10. Il, IZ. K FRANCES MELL Slillly Cicck il, IJ, 1 Comuiercial "Bea",,,ex1eusive wardr hu.,.witty,,,fascina1iu5 eyes,,,i11feQ ruous smile, , , future business gal, Service Club Il, 121 Iuuior Asscmhlyg Y-Teens IO, ll: Curze Evuuis Club Ili Class CUIllIlllllx'SS II, 12. LOWRIE R, MERVINE 2212 Woodvale Avenue Mt, Perm Academic "Lawrie", , , exeelleutportrayal ofliramlpa iu the Senior play. . . lady killer with rusty-colored hair, , , manly grin, , , easy guiug, , , will never forget the fuu at rehearsals, , ,Gene Krupa of the class of '52, Baud 10. II. I2: Senior Play: Audio-Visual 11. 4 3,1 -4 W' X if A ii CLAIR O. MILIER Stony Creek Mills General "Clair". . .ohl that haircut. . .seen with the Exeter crowd. . .Dodger rooter. . .did you see a red truck go by?. . .the navy is first on his list of likes. ..forthcoming years will find him as the leading florist of Reading. Science Club IOQ Baseball Io5Fie1d and Stream Club Ilg Gym Exhibi- tion IO. MARILYN E. MORRISON Angora Road Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Marilyn" . . . master of88 keys.. .capable captain of cheerleaders. . . class secretary. . .sends news to Be -Teen Jamboree. . .warbler with the Choralaires. . .speedy typist and dictation-taker. National Honor Society 125 Cheerleading ro, I 1, IZQCRPI. 125 County Chorus IO, II: Eastern DistrictChorus II5 Senior Play5 Class Secretary I25 Homeroom Treasurer II3 Chorus IO, 11,125 Choralaires II,I2: Junior and Senior Assemblies5Basketball105 Co-Captaing Dance Band 125 Y-Teens 105 Penn A1ma5Dramatic Ilg Softball IO: Majorette 103 Class Committees 10, II, 12. CHARLES P. NIETHAMMER IR. Montgomery Avenue Stony Creek Mills General "Buddy", . ."young man with 2 h0rn" . . . devoted Dodger fan who will never forgive those Giants.. .hunting and fishing. . . one of the boy's. . . future swabbie. Baseball ro, 11, 125 Band ro, II, I2g Dance Band 11, 125 Hi-Y ro. GAYLE NONNEMACHEK Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Gayle". . . always there cheering at basketball games, , , a whiz at typing, , ,never without a pleasant smile for you, , , has no special dislikes, , ,faithful maid in the class plays. . .hopes to do Civil Ser- vice work in Washington, Chorus lO, IAI, l2: County Chorus IO: Junior Playg Senior Playg Y-Teens Il: Penn Post Il:Penn Almag Gym Exhibition IO: Make -Up Committee 11, fl' CLARENCE OXENFORD Esterly Academic "Chick", , ,interested in all sports, . , manly shoulders... remember the first time "Chick" drove a cat to school?. . . at State he plans to be a top-notch mechanical engineer...staunchly admits P,O,D, dislike, Soccer Io. tt, 12gBasketba11 lo. 1IgBaseball 1ogAth1etic Club IOL ,, 1 Boys' Basketball Club 11, PATRICIA R, PANGLE Birdsboro R, D, 2 Commercial ' "Pat". . . what a wardrobe this gal has, , , mad woman driver. . . knows the latest in make-up trends, , ,that Ipana Smile, , , prospects show her in a secretarial position, Y-Teens ll: Class Committees II, 12, Sabi? l in another ten years, M Projection Crew 12, E . of '54 .1 RONALD J, PISANO 1968 Woodvale Avenue Mt, Penn Academic "Buzz", , , suave and handsome, . . Pat's man, , 1 sharp dresser, , , "Why don't girls ever getdetention?". . . that Pisano sense of humor. . . Don Juan of our class, , , good student, , , sure shot on the basketball court, Basketball 10, 11, 12gBaseball io. 11, IZQIHIIRIIIUIBISPOIISIO, 11. 12g Class President IOL Homeroom Vice-President ll: Athletic Club ll: Class Committees 10. ll. 12. LYLE PELTON 523 North 25th Street Pennside Academic "Lyle", , , very intelligent young man nice dresser enjoys mak ing and listening to music. . , works at the one and only Harvey s his pride and joy, the Bach trumpet we ll be calling him Doc i Soccer 10, 11, l2g Band 10. ll. 12 Dance Band I2 Senior Play ROBERT H POTTS Birdsboro General "Pottsy", , , friendly to everyone, , one of Mr Serfarth s best Ferris Fain is his man. . . a gentleman who doesn t prefer blondes "handyman", . , future's "undecided Band top Commencement Play ro, Junior Class Play JEANETTE FAY RAMSEY Alsace Manor Temple General "Tootie"...full of vim and vigor...avid reader...that giggle.. . "that's the end"...has a certain weakness for black, wavy hair... future Wave . Vi Chorus 10, I I, l2g Make -up Committee II: Junior Assembly. 1 F DAVID PAUL REINSEL 2425 Filbert Street Mt. Penn General "Dave". . . always busy cashing checks. . .bug for the books. . .tall and slim. . .devours large quantities of food. . .excells in bookkeeping. . . college and future C.P,A. after graduation. Band Io, Il,I2g Marching Band I0,II,I2g Dance Band 12: Key Club II,I2g Treasurer 125 Penn Post II, I2g Exchange Editor andBusiness Manager II, 123 Chorus I2. Q1 ' all 'wg gf jf ,X JM, SX .fvff I ,xx ELLEN LARUE REESER Iacksonwald Commercial "Ellen". . . typing whiz. . . conscientious and dependable worker likes basketball..."same difference" is not a part of this friendly lass's vocabulary. . .future secretary. Basketball IO, Il: Hockey IOQ Softball IOL Chorus rog Y-Teens Io, I Ig Jr. Commercial Club II: Co-Ed Volleyball II. ga Q EVELYN MAE RESH Stonersvillc Commercial nesi cutc blonde baseball enthusiast, , , known for her boyish bob shorthand whiz quiet on the surface, Baseball IO Athlttic Club IO Intramural Basketball IIQCIBSS Com- IANICE DARLINE REPPERT Esterly Commercial "Repp", , , smallsilent type, , , strappy dresser, , , likes ice cream any- time. . , corresponds with one of Uncle Sam's boys, , , plans to join the Waf's. Y-Teens 115 Music Club, .. , .J-, fb. , ,-gi :, 5: 1.14. 11,5 li 1 293-2.3195-f., 'B . 'k a 1 vc. it ' 1 52' .1 1 , Q 1: ta we t 5 .f S dn . ,, , Q, :.g.,J'qr5'.4.v A T' P-5055 'L' ' .Gi 1 si A me fs 1 'fuk ' BARBARA ANN RICE Stony Creek Mills Academic "Bitsy", , , green eyes... always has a ready remark, , , active in all sports. , . human dynamo, , , vivacious blonde, , ,loves "party, party", Y-Teens 10, 11, I25 President 105 Hockey 10, II, 125 Co-captain 121 Basketball 10, II, 12g Soft Ball IO: Volleyball 11: Chorus IO: Co-Ed Volleyball 115 G, A, A, 12: President 12: lntra-Mural Basket- ball 1I: Penn Alma 125 Girls' Sports Editor5Gym Exhibition 103 May Queen Court IO: Class Committees 10, 11, 12. "Percie". . .ever hear "On top of Old Smokey" in Germam. . .wrestling addict. . . mathematically inclined. . . top flight artist. . .one of the harmonizers. . . constantly seen with Tommy. Band IO, I I, l2g Senior Assembly5Dance Band l25 Projection Crew I2. get . I PERCIVAL C. RICHARDSON 304 North 25th Street Mt. Penn Academic in-f - 1 "Mim". . .always a ready giggle. . .ever true, ever faithful to Arthur Godfrey. . . adores Jeannette Davis. . .fond of traveling and reading. .. may soon be seen as a receptionist. Camera Club 11. BARBARA ANN RISSMILLER Stonersville . Academic "Riss". . .small bundle of dynamite.. .fond of all sports. . . "YoI Let's go! . .chauffers the gang in her "hopped up" Plymouth. . .Agnes with the high button shoes. . .prospects show her as a Physical Ed. teacher. Hockey IO, I I, I25 Co-captain I25 Basketball IO, ll, I25 Baseball lOg G.A.A, II5 Chorus 10,115 I25 Gym Exhibition to5 Yearbook staff IOL May Queen Court IOQ Y-Teens II, I25 Senior Play. MIRIA M BERNICE RISSMILLER Stonersville Commercial ,, r, Xu JUDITH MARIAN ROLLER 3400 Perkiomen Avenue Reiffton Commercial "Judy", . , our class beauty. . .faithful correspondent to Danny. . . see her at the Minuit Meal during the surnnier. . .never seen withtwutan infectious grin, . . sweet disposition. . .the future willseeher as a coin- petent secretary, Cheerleader IOg Hockey IO, Ilg Band IIQIZQ Y-Teens 11,125 Senior Class Play, Prompter. INIURIEL ROPISKI 2603 Cutnherland Avenue kit, Penn Commercial "Txluriel". . . always late to schoo1...YX1rs. Waughop. . .incessant gig- gler. . .Ohl That tiny waistline. . . hahysitting ncct ies nia'-' of Klt1ricl's hours, Y- leans Il, 125 Senior Playgllshercttc IIgChOl'k15 Ilg Male. -Llp C.i:.J MARY ANN ROTHENBERGER Hill Road Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Mary Ann"...enjoys sports...bleached hair and conceited people don't rate with this gal, but Pontiac's do. . .pals around with Kate... occupies Penn Alma Treasurer's seat in front hall.. .Kresge's. . .her sundaes are droolbait. Y-Teens IO, llg Commercial Club IIQ Penn Alma Treasurerg Chorus IO: Penn Post Staff, Typist 125 Usherette I2pIL1I1i0l' Play, Prompter. I -tial , K f 1- 5,0 gf' V- ,M ,f xy 637: MARY JOAN RUPPERT Stony Creek Mills R.D. I Commercial "Mary Ioan". . .sweet disposition. . .book browser. . .frequently seen at the movies. . . likes everything green but spinach. . . sports enthusiast . . .forthcoming years will find Mary Ioan as an efficient office -worker. Jr. Commercial Club Ilg Art Club IO: Exeter Echo IO: Y-Teens rr. BARBARA ANN SEELIG 3335 Perkiomeon Avenue Reiffton Commercial "Barbara". . .likeable gal who came to us from New Jersey. ..knits her own socks. . . part owner of the blue chevie. . .Y-Teens minutes taker. . . crazy about horses in any size, shape, or color. . :looks to a secretarial career. LibraryClub IO, I I, I2g Y-Teensll, l2gSecretary 123 Pem1 Post, Head Typist II, I2g Basketball IO5 Penn Almag Service Club IZ: Camera Club II. NORA RUTH SCHWEITZER Pricetown Road Lauraldale Commercial "Nora" . . . trademark ----- earrings. penetrating giggle fashion able hair style. . . fond of the Armed Forces pleasing soprano force Chorus II, 125 Iuuior Asscmblyg Class Committees Il I2 L- ROBERT C. SEFFING 265 Friensburg Road Mt. Penn 5 "Rock" . . . what a haircut. . .ever hear his laugh?. . .listen my children and you may hear the putt-putt of his motor scooter.. .strike-out pitcher. . .we won'tever forget his fuschia shirt. . .will carry his sum- mer job of surveying into a lifetime job. Baseball lO, II, I2g Basketball, baseball, and soccer manager IO: Class Committees IO, II, I fi Academic "Bob", , .jet driver.. .impressive rea der. . .Penn Alma Staff.. . thoughtful eyes. . .a rebel at heart.. .knows how a car runs. Band Il,I2g Marching Band 11,125 Camera Club rtg Penn Alma. RONALD E. SEIDEL 3553 Jacksonwald Avenue Esterly General DAVID D. SHANER 33 West 33rd Street Reiffton General "Dave . .his lanky body is usually slouching somewhere. . .proudly claims a shiny new Plymouth.. .very aptly played the blustering Mr. Dodge. . .this guy's a joker. . .every gal's boy friend. . .Miss Anderson's boy. Band to, II, 12gDance Band Io, r I, t2gOrchestra IOQ Senior Class Play. ANNE L. SHERMAN 31 North 25th Street Mt. Penn Academic "Anne". . . personality plus. . .checks and double checks assignments for Penn POSI. . . N.H.S .... yearns to be a doctor's wife. . .spare time is spent knitting a cashmere sweater.. .constantly improving her vo- cabulary. . .Martin and Lewis fan. Y-Teens IO, Il, 12g Service Chairman II, X25 Service Club 9, Io, 1 1, I2g Penn Post II,I2g Editor Il,I2g National Honor Society II,l2g 1 President II: Class Treasurer IOQ Homeroom Vice President II: Home- ' R roomSecretary125SeniorPlaygCheerleader1ogPennAlmag Chorus IO: 1 1 IntramuralSpo1tsgClassCommittees11, l2g Hockey IO, II: Volleyball 9, Io. s is DANIEL SHIREY 301 West 37th Street Reiffton General "Dan". . .big balloon man around town... sharp dresser. . .seen with Art in the blue chevie,, ,those typewrilten love notes. ..faithful to the Abe Lincoln.. .future fly-boy. Camera Club IO: Basketball II: Homeroom President II: Intramural Sports IIQ Class Committees II, I2. . kg? .s as-1 ' ' lt ' S . rg I Y THOMAS R. SNYDER Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Tommy" . . .ardent Dodger fan. . . "wa it till next year". . .everybody's friend. . .give him food. . . those long walks home. . .will soon be at war with the Army. Basketball IOQ Soccor IO: Hi-Y IOQ Class Assembly I0,II, IZ: Track llg Intramural Sports 11, I2Q Chorus 12. "John", , , the boy with the flashing smile, , , Tommy Dorsey prodigy, , , usually seen in a black chcvie, , , sharp dresser, , , school and John are inseparable, , , future man in blue, B l HARRY FRED STEPHAN Butter Lane Stony Creek Mills General "Steff", , ,the guy with a yen for the St. Louis Cards, , , "Dolores", ,, one of the gang from Heb's, , , quiet girls and the color yellow are his favorites. . . hot rods just don't rate with him, , ,he hears Uncle Sam calling, Soccer 10, ll: Basketball IO: Baseball IOQ Class Committees 12, JOHN D, SWAVELY Stony Creek Mills Commercial and 10. ll. 12pClass Committees 11. l2:Hi-Y 10:Dance Band 11, 2g Junior and Senior Assemblies, 9' i' PAUL F, TOALDO, JR. Birdsboro R, D, 2 General "Paul". . .winning smile, , ,lends his talent to the Penn Criers. ., interested in science, , , tumbling enthusiast, , , perhaps we'll see him in his own laboratory someday, Science Club 103 County Chorus IO: Chorus 11, 123 Penn Criers 11: Music Club II. KATHLEEN M. WEAVER Esterly Commercial "Kate" . . . keeper of the Y-Teen funds.. .those sumnxer camping trips inthe Poconos. . . "Frank". . . naturalcurly locks.. .incessant talker. . . live-wire. . .our gift to the Waves. Basketball IOQ Hockey lO,ll,I25 Baseball 105 Gym Exhibition IO5 May Queen Court 105 Athletic Club IO5 Usherette II, 125 Penn Post Typist ll, 125 Y-Teens IO,ll, 125 Program Chairman IO5 Treasurer l25 Class Committees IO, 11, 12. CORRINE RUTH WITTERS Taft Avenue Stony Creek Mills Commercial 'Corrine". . .easy to get along with.. .golden locks. . .full of fun. .. enjoys any discussion about of the gang from Stony Creek. . .future in the business world. Current Events Club II: Class Committees II. 's it "" ri' in i X .fl il ffswy. .rx , "Tr, N X X :ka -!l'! , VO!! ln' xx- .Q ,' ll!" NX Z f J 'lik' x Y 44,4 - S , n 5 -' L " -?.4w N f::"fi- BETTY JANE WILLIAMS Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Betty Jane" . . .our latest addition. . sports fiend secretarial ambr tions. . .hails from Reading High. . .those Juicy 3 inch steaks! Basketball 10, 115 Volleyball IO5 Penn Alma Staff FERN ELAINE WURMAN 527 North 25th Street Pennside Academic "Fernie", , , pretty and petite. . . willnever be forgotten for her Oscar winning performance as Tootie, , ,lovely soprano, , , those days at the "Farm", , , willing to do anything for anyone.. .Y-Teen worker. Basketball Manager IOL Y-Teens IO, ll, 12: Service Chairman 10, Social Chairman 12, County Chorus to, ll, I2gAssemblies IQ, II, 125 Chorus 10. ll, I2: Music Club ll: National Honor Society 123 Service Club I2g Penn Post ll, 12p Associate Editor: Penn Alma Feature Editor, District Chorus ll, 12: Junior Town Meeting 12, Junior and Senior Plays, Choralaires 11, 12, Y CLAIRE ANN YEAGER 2440 Fairview Avenue Mt, Penn General "C1aire"... blonde hair, blue eyes and dimples. . . sports, witty re- marks at the slightest notice, , , her fondness fo! men exceeds all, , , extensive vocabulary, , . this gal really rates the dates, , , forthcoming years will find her as a secretary for an import, export firm, Hockey ro. II. 12, Basketball ro. ll: Volleyball ro, ll: Cheer- leading 10, ll, 12: Co-Ed Volleyball ll, l25 Y-Teens IO, II, 12: Class Committees Il, l.2g Chorus IOQ County Chorus IO. Pennside Academic JANET ANN YEAGER 511 Friedensburg Rd. "Ian", , . lass with the argyles, , , Y-Teen Prexie, , ,majors in school activities, , , her manjohnny. . . "Locker Girl", , , popular with every- one. . .chief record provider for dances, Y-Teens 10, II, 124 Vice-President IO, Presidentg National Honor Society, Basketball IO. ll, 125 Co-Captain IO, Manager 11, 12: Service Club 12gSoftba1l IOQ Volleyball to, 11gAssemb1ies to, 11, I2g Chorus to, II, 123 Choralaires ll, 12: Cheerleader io, II: Hockey Manager l2: Class Officer IO: Penn Alma Co-Editor, Penn- side Parrot Co-Editor, Penn Post Girls'Sports Editor II, I2: Dr8rr1aIiC Club II: Senior Play, Majorette ro, Intra-Mural Sports ro, 11, 12: Class Committees ro, 11. 12: Debating to: Cvunty Chorus ro. ,heir BRUCE D YOUNC 2545 Perluome Il Avenue Nll PCHH Aeademle rduroy ehanezu teaser women 1usx don I play a s sleeps ard ta s Bruce co llS Imsl German 4 asses ea er f0l'LS6LIl 111 ilu futurl lmsehall eolle Q years IS ltwall IO L u U llLl'UOIll Pr Sldklll I2 L. b and acrnvmes And so now you ve seen us the semor class Our faces hob ues may daffer but There s one fhlng all the hundred and elghf of us have nn common -0 pleasantmemorywhachwe shall always cherush We shall never forget The precuous days we have spenfafMf Penn Hugh School To us they were days of hard work fun fnlled hours and endurnng friendships Our paths of llfe may be diverging buf we shall al ways remann the Same The sensor class 63 V V as . , R 1 'Y - s , 1 3 , -. ,Q , ' - sl . , ' 1 - , f partial l' life,,,l ' I tl ' ' 1' lke L K 4 ' 'lg' and Ll jlllll'll3llSIlC care- - -- ' z ' ' ,, if, Ill' c" 584 k'l ,11, 12gBasflall1o, 11, 12g iff f Clllzssfllvrlllllittwrs10, Il, I2. 9 i ,L , -- . . . . . ' I 1 . , . . . - I ' ' I 1 - ' I ' I - Through The Years June 1952 we can now be called the proudalumnae our days at Mt Penn are un the past but we re taking pleasant memories wu th us September 1946 luttle seventh graders we were confused but happy thrulled by the thought of saying hello to a mughty senuor thus was the begunnung of our school career Freshmen we were proud to bear that tutle the fun fulled basketball games be tween Mt Penn Pennsude and Exeter were the beginning of many long fruendshups w began to thunk of the courses we would take un the remaunung three years of hugh school Tenth grade bug sophomores Latun ll Algebra Biology snap courses? he furst bug dance our Soph Hop Pennsude Exeter and Mt Penn combined for a tre 'nendous time remember those balloons that excutung play-off game between Penn sude and Exeter Bertue Angstadt looked lovely as Exeter s May Queen the Pennsude students shed many tears at the Farewell Assembly and Exeter students did the same at theur graduation but we happuly looked forward to the comung two years at Mt Penn We all met at M P H S un September 1950 as proud lunuors and what a uunuor year ut was' ummeduately we chose our class offucers Don Collins president, Skip Addison vuce president, Mumu Keutz secretary, Glorua oubson treasurer we wasted no time un choosing our class colors blue and whute soon we received our class rungs and hats un March we produced Clementine ut was a smash hut Mumu Keutz was JackueAugeldunger s decorations were out of thus world our dance was saud to be one of the prettuest un the school shustory then ut happened June report cards we now be came SENIORS our last year at M P H S we agaunelected a cabinet Donwas agaun president, Dawn Adams vuce president, Marulyn Morrison secretary, and Glo agaun re ceuved her uob as treasurer M et Me un S Lo the cast dud a marvelous lob the play was claumed as one of the best and we were proud to have presented ut our soccer team won theur duvusuonal championship the gurlswon both hockey and basketball champuonshups our class placed George Conrad s and Ron Pusano s names un our sports hall of fame the boys basketball team played excellenfgames losung two heart breakung games to K Town our Mud Wunter funal exams the bug moment the thought of our funal departure from Mt Penn Hugh was un our munds our Senior Prom the fun during and after the Prom Commencement .we were goung out unto the world to seek our fortunes the excutement of receuvung our duplomas was checked by the thought of say ung good byes howoften wull we see each other after Graduation? thuswas ut don t forget one another our days un hugh school wu II never be forgotten because of our wonderful fruends and teachers St dent days havef nd t morue C d here we sta d we hung up our class hats and turned un our books Farewell Mt Penn . we ll always remember thee 64 , . . . 0 I all 000 I "9 . ,, ,, . . . . . lil -1 E ll! 1. I - , I ' I ' ' ' ' .N e , , ,-- ...f -1 ICI I ' I ' .- . . , . I . . . . , , ICO! DCC , D I - i I . I "' , . ,, . ,, . . . . . sensational in the title role...we ended the year with our magnificent Junior Prom... . . . , . . . . . , . . ill UCI ll. 1 .95 Q D C UIC . . CU. E . I - . I . - ..." e ' t. uus"... ... . I . Ill ICU ' . . . , . , . ' -' I U 9 0 I ' ..." u o es me ' s, omra es n "... - .ll I I O 9 ' , X x I I I 1 ' I ' -A -'I I , 1 I I my II l I-' A 7f'.I'g'ii 3 'I I I . Y 1 K I 33 i X 1 Le!! Q, - tra 'Q if 'rl my ,X III' III III 'I II' II x..f A wi IX: In XXX-XIXXIIX ,XI X? XII Xit I PSM +,,1s1i 'I F ',:fg Qu ' 'U 'W E iam. J f n WAI If E 5'- 7 ,,K1x?ILN,u 'EA Ar' I ,XI 1425-5:75 N. 7 asf,7F yn' IU .,,..g 'M3U?1K4Qs,,'i A y ,Ib ' 71'-332 , ,., 1' 4 M f 4' Z I . , I I I X I U 'Y . ' I' -9 XX I rl I X. u , A I I V + I I I f M -, IX ifwg I I l'.,,i 4, 4,55 I X"I , I I 'I I Y p I I '. - II ' If 'I I , I II l X I 5' 4' NX I I I-I X, , X II I IX Y'-'IIWII I . I' I I I I4-If A' I ,-uf. , ff -f- I I K Q-ffl 1, ' II II' I I X I JI"-.' I7 :rr f' I-' IX ' I X X hldflg 4 J :L 1152. , XX .X ..- X9 . f, ' "II '?mI" 7'pI"!I 4.- 4.1- ,.- ,IA use A 4,41 ,,' - - ' ' 4-.1 . ffm 'I I N ' X ,nf ,W X WWII e xx isekzbv 3 SXX : I.. , I 197- -' - , '. , 'LDL " fy", X ' ' L 'W II -Z 3 4" X Qfl' 'vb 11715315 X 4 iffevi 'f X I -bf - 4 5 19 5X I . Q- II, " :4 951 f-0' 917 25 2 - 'L' - ' Q-12 an , , Aoiii2:of2?.:5L,' ,,4, FV .5 'x E. X - X 'QP 5-N 1 J 'er Eleventh Grade ., ' 1 ' T. ' ' ' s- Q fs ,Wi FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: LynellBlankunbiller, Stephen Cliuran, Connie Fessler, Shirley Fick, Nancy Faust, Janice Burkhart, Martha Aichcr, Dorothy Bliesailr, Gayle Gunse-mer, Donald Baer, Grant Aulcribaclr. SECOND ROW: David Fchr, Roger Brown, Par Hafcr, Par Sc-iz, Barbara Ge-hrlw, P.irBaer, Janice For-in, Daisy. Craze, GaylcB1cber, Kenneth Fischer, Paul Feldman. THIRD ROW: Di-gk Gorslrall, George Boyer, Carrnie Graburt, Julin Carnpfruld, Miles Bossler, Robe-rt Garrcrr, Ronnie Frecd, Barry Bingarnan, David Diener. PRESIDENT, David lfehrq VICE-PRESIDENT, Ronald Srnileyg SECRETARY, Reba Reeserg TREASURER, Nancy Yoder. The Junior Class of '52 is a capable and active group of students, many of which, are out- standing in school activities and scholarship. We all feel that this Senior Class to be will do o great iob in l953. To this, the Class of '53, we wish the same good times and pleasant memories that we have been fortunate enough to know. 67 '1 Eleventh Grade 1q',' -' ' ,, e -Q - 11 FIRST ROW, LEFT 'IO RIGHT: Mgr r--. Brumb ch, Img' Gruff, Jrege Hefcr, Jruu Ixlycre, Mr1ryA.I1ge H.r1r1, Pdrry In JUIIIISILJII, Lrfrurm NL-5, Emmy Lou Pwsx. Iu5uc Knuchllc. Ilre-lure: SECOND ROW: Clrrirc Power, IXILIIIIIII Pu1ursor1,Sl11rIcy Hulr1.1r1,fxI.rrg,iu Prurr u, Mary Lorl Klmk, Shmrlg. Orizfm, Mdrgm Heller, Mae- Ozrrmrl, Krug, Gurdon HAIIIIIOIIIU. THIRD ROW: B111 LOUIIIZIS, Eldme Prunm, Henry Nauman. FOURTH ROW: Kem Boyer, George 101105. Marvm Newphmr, ShrrIcyHcrl1in:ker, Arlene Imus, Roger L.m1nur, Bruue HQIZITIJII, P.1II-Iagmayer, June Mock, KermetI1Kicbach, Phrijacobs, B111 Grace. 68 Q-g Eleventh Grade Ti ' ' if , , Q - gy o " g - ' , -A 5 -5 -- ',. - 5 f- , Av K ,,... Q' so - dr qg i ,- -1 5 - FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leon Schadlor, Richard Stadolniuycr, Jidllullu' Riiz, Shirlcy Snyc--r, Ioan Smith, Lucy May Trout, Reba Recser, Nancy Rapp, Phyllis Lillharr, John Rishoill, Floyd Shade. SECOND ROW: Ronnld Smiley, David Woidnur, Carol Snyder, Gnylc Sands, Vivian Stieff, Gcraldino Shaffor, Shirley Soidel, Dcloros WL'lllZC1 Nancy Yoder, Esihcr Slnmb, ArihnrSe-chrisi, William Rcmlcy, THIRD ROW: Charles Shaw, Clarih Shannon, Rodnu Reeder, Bruce Ruioh, Donald Weidner, Jack Lloglur, Donald Sciz, John Tlbbeis, Thomas Waliors. Allhlll'SCC1l2L Ronald Spnhler. MISSING ARE: Peggy Shank, Neil Singloy, Kay Urfpurniali. 69 l Tenth Grade FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Dcglcr, Cylde Kauffman, Barbara Hafer, Eleanorc Dawkins, Patti Kieffer, Sally Freed, Cynthia Barlnick, Sam Heiser, Ronnie Daughuy. SECOND ROW: Charles Gower, Gerald Keller. Jane Dowd, jane Kilpatrick, Mary Ann Hollingswnrlh, Joan Kilpatriek, Haro1ynLustig. RoberrAIt, Robert Fasshauer. THIRD ROW: David liryrnoycr, Barry Landy, Donald Bauer, Doris Breidegam, Nancy Diefenderfer, George Beissel, Edward dc Merlier, John Brrrusr. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Wemzcl. PRESIDENT. Sam Heiscr, VICE-PRESIDENT, Cynthia Barnickg SECRETARY-TREASURER, Marlene Pisano. 70 Tenth Grade FIRST ROW:PeLcr Wilkis, Marlene Pisano, Mary Allll Neiu, Mary Al'lllSlll'd1.'l', Mr. Drriirrorc, Juckir- Wiriicrs, Marci S1ur11p, Sally Parikoxnski, Barry Sioss. SECOND ROW:Cl11irWillif1ms, P.111lRccsQr. Fgr1iS11.1d1. -1111121 Nuricr, Grwrsid Mull, Shirley Miller, l-lubcrrli Young, Jack Sargeqrii, Kcllll-glllShLiCli1Cf,'. THIRD ROW: Daxiu Riumiuk, Audrey lily-rs Wilma ldceser, Ellen Pererson, Stuart Scverns, Shirley Lieglcr, Lcitl1SowdurS, R0x.1n11c M1a11.1sor1, Ro11.1ld Young. 71 Ninth Grade i-IRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Giivrgnie Eiwrz, Kimi Hngnw. Eiiiih Ang, Dunnn Hoilingsisoriii, Lynorii Fiin-:her NiJrvDiBiii5i.Do1orc5 Hi-n..i.ig, Pam BL-inn, Ninicx' lngiiiini, 5LL,OND ROW:EIhu1F1Ck,Rmnat. Bi-1idQr,ButtyGriffin, IQU51uI'Hgi'i'Dc1i1, Dori: BL-nie, fmioii. Balnigiri. Tirri Jacobs. Biiriiara Hirniiu, Niincl. Grub, THIRD ROW: Teddy fibiln, Lu- Cuiiin. Rvbert Johnson, Phillip Heffcifingcr, Louis Andre, 72 Ninth Grade SQQ Q XXNGX Q5 , . XR .. 380, f X' A -N X X' ' 'N ,vx"x frfi ' .Q Y I W' 'TY r:T.,.Hl y I "7 I.. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Winters, Roberr Reirz, Jiieqneline Rohrbneli, Barblra Rcirz, Bonnie Jo Keys, Patsy Siuber, Mary Sniirli, Barry Lindermnili, Calvin Triexel. SECOND ROW: Rex fxlerxine, Glenn Lessig, Lee Pfleger, Joan Young, lxlarlies Kropp, Shirley Manwiller, Liiwrence Wolfe,, Rudy Mervine. THIRD ROW: Roberi Rlieni, Joseph Zoridlo, Rothwell Lutz, Samuel Perscli, Gerald Noll, Jael. Srnber, Janies Shousral, Ray Keniinerer, Carl Stripe, William Ludwig. PRESIDENT, Robert Rheing VICE-PRESIDENT, Rodger I-lerbeing SECRET KRY- TREASURER, Bonnie Keys. 73 X i 'TL XN1? S , .Q 2 I f - fr ,-In ixj J 1 1. ' ,Q ,cv 4' ,,,, . Eagmn Grade FIRST RUW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Ann Hartcr, Robert Harris, Beth Holzwarth, Pauline Delp, Catherine Holling- worth, Raydel Hcpncr, Loretta Deppen, Joan Brown, Barbara Hawk, Rosann Miller, Stewart Bryant, Margery Clauser. SECOND ROW: Ray Miller, Rudolph Letsche, James Ennis, Jay Miller, Jean Frich, Joan Mock, JeanHinnershitz, Edmond Komlodi, Jesse Kieffer, Kenneth Barth, James Delvlerlier, Mr. Miller. THIRD ROW: Merril Marisseau, Alvin Binkley, Ernest Harland, Sonja Lease, Jean Brcidegani, Norman Hinnershitz. Judy Heller, DorisBrooks, Russel Hotzman, Richard Ecenrode, Donald Frymoyer, Paul Mock. 74 Eighth Grade FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert White, George Spracklin, Marvin Quay, Joanne Stuebner, Shirley Snyder. Carolyn Sweitzer, Gladys Schaeffer, Emma Noll, Barbara Schmeck, David Reeder, Melvin Smith. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Thomas, Shirley Yoder, Mary Ann Reinsel, Gerald Werner, Gene Stuber, lrvin Noll, Paula Williams, Allegra Yoder, Janet Sweitzer. THIRD ROW: Zara Powers, Louise Stump. Thelma Wood, Irvin Sandridge, Karl Oberhauser, Jacqueline Richard, Blanche Strause. Joyce Wood. PRESIDENT, Merrill Marisseaug VICE-PRESIDENT, Gene Stuberg SECRETARY-TREASURER, Barbara Hawk. 75 Seventh Grade 95' e- g '?' ,-1.--es! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Gelsinger, Dennis Fredriksen, Eddie Blekicki, Robert Echenberg, Joan Blum, Martha Evans, Margaret Abelrt, Miles Dechant, Richard DeLong, Thomas Johnston, David Frey. SECOND ROW: Ed- uraro Freese, Joanne Bearrrenderfer, June Delp, June Grim, Sheila Glasner, Beth Hunsberger, Joeyln Borelli, Shirley Hunsberger, Barbara Hill, Donald Erdrrran. THIRD ROW: Oscar Ficl-4, Kay Hfrrflicker, Vincent Baer, Charles Alliss. Dolores Blankcnbiller, Beverly Ebert, Barry Bates, David Fick. FOURTH ROW: Gene Frey, George Holzwarth, John Czarnecki, Anastasia Angelas, Carol Flanagan, Nancy Beck, Evelyn Eifert, Margaret Garber, Albert Haas, Warren Fick. 7th SECTION I: PRESIDENT. Nancy Beckg VICE-PRESIDENT, Richard DeLongg SECRETARY, Carol Flanagan. 7th SECTION 2: PRESIDENT, Albert Hassg VICE-PRESIDENT, Kay Herflickerg SECRETARY. Beth Hunsberger. Most of these eager, hard-working scholars met for the first time when they entered the strange halls last September. But after learning their way around, they shared many experiences which will add to pleasant memories in '57 when they say, "Farewell" to those friendly halls. 76 15 - t' rf 1 , ' , ' Q A :z . 5 W, rf? 1 C Ji: r :iii ' rg q x . L X 1 N 0 1 . - ,- he Seventh Grade ii'-2 af FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Tolland, Suzanne Lucas, Barbara Hunter, Barry Wotring, Brenda Ullman, Pearl Schwanbach, Carol Smith, Yvonne Sweitzer, Barry Yoder, Sandra Kunkle, Mary Lou Reinert, Richard Unger. SECOND ROW: Thomas Yetto, William Robertson, Mary Yetto, Carol Wilson, Barbara Moyer, Janelle Reed, Carole Peterson Susan Shoustal, Rodney Schockley, Donald Schildt. THIRD ROW: James Pfleger, Glenn Snyder. FOURTH ROW Michael Ruthowski, Larry Kline, Alfred Richard, Willington Richards, Gale Smith, Patsy Sauders, Patsy Ziegler James Thomas, Patsy Tolland, Richard Kline, Stephen Wiener. PRESIDENT, Rodney Schockleyg VICE-PRESIDENT Patsy Souders, SECRETARY-TREASURER, Brenda Ullman. ff C5 eyffvxfi L C fa yr MX . d X, ' X XXX .JN 7 7 Y' lux E? 9' L h Q 4 Lv? 595.131 6 ,A ' ,- f J" 155,23 ' ' X 1' , ' -, ...x '- f :frm ,,Q' fix if 'F Y' 'WXRT i' ' W 'Q !'7QK 'Tx5 H mf is ra mvl ""'l1 if H gk wifi " Xf 'f-I-T-db .ft-Eg-L,f H' 4 f 227 National Honor Societq FIRST ROW, LEFT TU RIGHT1Cyntl11a Barrnxcrr, Parry Jn Jonnsron, Jane Groff, Lynne Angszadl, Betty Drlla' plnne, Glorm Lawrence, Anne Sherman, Fern Wurrnan, janet Yeager, SECOND ROW: Dolores Gross, Wilma Rrcscr, Georgia Mull, jane Dcwald, David Rurnscl, Jack Lregler, james Forsht, Heinz Naurnan, Dawn Adams, lNl1l'i3IIlK6llL, Emmy Lou Post, Peter Hirsch, The National Honor Society is one oF the few groups in the school which tries to preserve the qualities of: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. lt is a society with high ideals and high morals. lt picks its members cautiously, and when one receives a notice of acceptance, it is a time for great rejoicing. All ofthe members feel proud to bear the symbol of -the flaming torch, and serious and solemn initiation takes place whenever new members are elected. 80 Penn Post FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Reinsel, Barbara Seelig, Gloria Lawreiiuu, Fern Wnrrnan, Anne Sliernian, Jane Graff, Janet Yeager, Nancy Grube, David Fehr. SECOND ROW: Claire Yeager, Jnarp Keiiiielly, Ieinielle Reed, lx1areiaStunip, Judy Heller, Janet Gibstein, Allan Gibslein, Jane Dewalrl, Margie Pearce, llnberta Yniing Peggy Harrer, Albert Haas, Kathleen Weaver, Mary Ann Rotlienberger, The outstanding literary publication of the school has been made possible by these able staff members. We wish to express our very deepest gratitude to those who gave up their time to enable this to have been an outstanding year for the Penn Post. Although many of our past editorials were not taken too seriously, they were meant in all sincerity. 81 'QV V-Teen Cabinet Kd wr- ,' 4. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Graff, Inter-Club Represenzativeg Fern Wurman, Social Chairmang Anne Sher- man, Service Chairmang Mimi Kciiz, Worship Chairman, Dawn Adams, Program Chairman. SECOND ROW: Connie Fessler, Music Chairman, Barbara Seelig, Sccreraryg Janet Yeager. President, Kate Weaver, Publicity Chairman. UPPER LEFT: Miss Kitzmrllerg UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Edsall. Every other Wednesday at 3:15 in Room '34, you will find these girls planning the Y-Teen meetings. With the help of Mrs. Edsall and Miss Kitzmiller, their advisors, they prepare the programs and service projects for the year. Gail Gensemer, Vice-President, is absent from the picture. 82 'f Senior V-Teens 3 L4 1.2 :J T? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hubie Young, Joan Meyers, Kate Weaver, Fern Wtirman, Lucy Trout, Loretta Ncy, Janet Yeager, Jean Stnith, Mary Ann Snyder, Jackie Winters, Barbara Rissmiller, Barbara Rice. SECOND ROW: Emmy Lou Post, Fern Shade, Margie Pearce, Evelyn Rush, Phyllis Zillhart, Gayle Sands, lady Roller, Reba Reeser, Jeanette Ritz, Nancy Yoder, Marcia Stump, Ellen Rceser, Elaine Picnta, Nancy Rapp, Barbara Scelig, THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Ncin, Georgia Mull, Marilyn Peterson, Joan McGrath, Anne Sherman, Muriel Ropiski, Shirley Liegler, Ellen Peterson, Pat Seiz, Wilnza Ricscr, Roxanne Monoson, Claire Yeager. .- ' ' . T - , 9' J V . gg ' It ' N 9 A I ' X Q lf S X 1. ' V I I -." Q .7 E? 4 , XZ 'gg :lf .. A .,, ,J M.. 4. " , 4. M. .L , I . of FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lou Klink, Mary Ann Hollingsworth, Sally Freed, Patty Jo Johnston, Mary Hain, Patti Kieffer, Joyce Knectle, Shirley Hare, Martha Aicher, Harolyn Lustig, Cynthia Bartnick. SECOND ROW: Shirley Griffin, Connie Fessler, Eleanor Klink, Mary Alice Lewis, Rosalie Byble, Gloria Lawrence, Dawn Adams,Gayle Genscmer, Mimi Keitz. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Folk, Pat Hafcr, Pat Hagrnayer, Shirley Jerflicker, Helen Lubas, Pat Griffin, Ann Fasic, Barbara Gehrke, Jackierligeldinger, Pat Baer, Nancy Diefenderfer, Jane Dowd, Joan Kennedy. neg club FIRST ROW: Mark Brumbacli, David Reinsel, Rodney Reeder, Howard Angstadt, James Forsht, Mr. Wearne, SECOND ROW: Pcrer Hirsch, Sammy Heiser, Barry Landy, David Felir, Jack Zeigler, PauiFe1dman, William Rernlcy, David Diener, Robert Jackson. This organization, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, is made up of a select group of boys, who are chosen by the faculty and club members. Their president, Rodney Reeder, works hand in hand with Mr. Wearne, the faculty advisor. The Key Club sponsors many ofthe school activities and organizations. 84 1 we r . YJ Z' , FIRST ROW, LEl 'I' TO RIGHT: Wilnia Reeser, Marlene Pisano, Jacqueline Winters, liern Wnrnian, Joan Nldirzitli, Jane Graff, Ellen Peterson, Mary Ann Snyder, Sl1irleyGriffcn, Janet Yeager, Gordon Hantliorn. SECQUND ROW: Dawn Adams, Patricia Baer, Anne Slierinan, Mr. Urcishacli, faculty advisor, Anne Fasif, lark Sergeant, tjliar- les Gower. MISSING FROM PIC'I'llRE ARE THE FOLLOWING: Barbara Scclig, HarolynLi1stig, Martlia Airlier, Service Club "Sorry the hot dogs are all sold." "No, you can't get in free yet!" These statements are often heard from members of the service club. The refreshment division proudly speaking from behind their new sales booth, or from the ticket division encamped at all available entrances to the school to collect money, tickets, and check the numbers of the free passes. These boysancl girls who give up spectator rights to partot each game can easily be iden- tified by their new orange and black arm bands decorated with the Mt. Penn Service Club Symbol. The Funds collected from the sale of refreshments are being put into a special account toward the purchase of an electric organ for the school. Many thanks to the hardworking members ofthe service club who will take their reward in a well-deserved trip this spring. Gayle Gense nier . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roxanne Monoson, Barbara Hafer, Jane Kilpatrick, Gloria Lawrence, Patricia Yerger, Mr, Sliaretts, faculty advisor, Kathleen Weaver, Gloria Gibson, Cyntliia Bartnick, Sliirley Hare, SEC- OND ROW: Sally Pankowski, Audrey Myers, Marilyn Peterson, June Howard, Audrey Flsclier, Geraldine Gcrliart, Gayle Sands, Sylvia Crug. .X Q. Senior Flag FIRST ROW, SEATED: Femwurman, janetYeager, MiriamKeitz, Barbara Rissmiller. SECOND ROW: Gayle Nonne- macher, Gloria Gibson, Marilyn Morrison, Dawn Adams, Anne Sherman, Muriel Ropiski, Don Collins. THIRD ROW: Allan Gibstein, Lowrie Mervine, Thomas Eshelman, David Shaner, Lyle Peltan, James Forsht. These are the people who presented "Meet Me in St. Louis". This wonderful play was directed by Mr. Claude W. Dundore. Fern Wurman will never be forgotten for biting Dave Shaner's leg. "l got the other one", "Don't come in Monday morning", "l hate, loathe, despise, abominate, and abhor John Shephard" are the lines which we shall never forget. After weeks of strenuous rehearsals and memorizing lines, the cast came through with flying colors. When it was all over the play wasa success, the cast still retained the wonderful memories of the good times enioyed at the rehearsals. fhey worked hard, and their work was not in vain. Orchids to them for their magnificent interpretation of "Meet Me in St. Louis". 86 Band l'lRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Quay, Barbara Reita, Donald Erdman, Ioelyn Borelli, Mary Ann Hol- lingsworth, Sally Freed, Marcia Stump, Ray Winters, Nancy Ruth, Ioan Seyfert. SECOND ROW: Lucy Trout, Barry Lindcrmuth, Mary Ann Nein, Huberta Young, Rothwell Lutz, Robert Johnson, Sammy Heiser, George Hallsworth, Rudolph Letchie, Richard Unger. THIRD ROW: Judy ROUEI. El92lF10l'Klif1li. N2lUCy Diefenderfer, Mary Ann Reinsel, Mary Kropp, Nancy Grube. Jane Dewald, Miriam Keitz, Jack Rishell, Carl Stripe, Mr. Levan. FOURTH ROW: Percival Richardson, Donald Allison, William Remley, Clair Powers, Marjorie Heller, Emmy Lou Post, Mark Brumbach, Robert Seffirig, Dolores Wentzel, Shirley Herflicker, Kay Herflicker, Edouard de Merlier. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Eshelman, Lyle Felton, David Reinsel, David Shaner, David Fehr, Jack Zeigler, Paul Feldman, David Frymoyer, David Deaner, Charles Niethammer, Winfield Lease. One of the largest and most loyal organizations in the school is the band. Besides play- ing for basketball games the band also performs for such organizations as the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs. ln the spring the band gives its own concert. Cur band is a valuable asset to the school . 88 8 55' " U T M 9 Colorguard And Majorettes ii .1 .ii "'- 9 gii a-1,4 6 i iii -.3 FIRST ROW Terryjacobs Betty Grlffln Dons Beane Nancy Joder Peggy Harter Rosalle Bybel Patrlcra Selz SECOND ROW Patrlcla Hagmayer Shirley Grlffm Dolores Gross Elaine Plenta THIRD ROW Jane Kilpatrick Joyce Knechtle Bonme Keys Gayle Sands Joan Kllpatrlck When the orange and black came out on the floor at the half time of our home basket ball games these girlswere the lucky ones to bear the school colors Wrth thenrbaton twrrllng ho d d b ht banners the made us proud to acknowledge our Alma Mater They were nore an rug y ' h'l th band la ed Congratu- to be able to carry the colors as we stood at attention w I e e p y lations girls for your good work 90 1213 Varsutq Cheerleaders I hw-4 '-5 ,. FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Marx Lou Khnk Conme Fessler Pamlo Johnston SECOIND ROW Margue Pearce Marilyn Morruson Claure Yeager Cheer cheer for old Mt Penn Hughl At every basketball game you ll hear these gurls leadung the team to vuctory In vuctory or defeat they keep cheerung and the crowd yells along th th m Theur smules and hugh spuruts kept our hopes hugh through all the games Theur cap wu e taun Marulyn Morruson dudafune 'ob un leadung the gurls Well done echoes the student body Jumor Varsutuu Cheerleaders KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT Georgua Mull Mary Ann Nem SECOND ROW Mary Ann Snyder Bonnue Keys Joa nne Stubne r 1lRm I4 ROW, 1,E1'T TU RIG11T:,1ac1111Q1111e Gambler,IvA11111ia1cs, fxIar1'11a111, N11r1a111kc11z, Gcra 111 E1sc111111wcr . 121.11 I111111111, F11113' 1711l1pl.11111g 5.1ar1 11111 Kl11111, 111111 1111 111t.,11111, Juyvu 1-4111-cllc. SELIUND ROW: P.1rf. Volk, .1111-1'111-1xgN.1111j. '1'11.:c:, 5111111-1 1?11ff111, Barbara Rlzxlfllllcf, Rwfaim Bybpl, Margie Pearce, E1a111e P11.1111a, Juan! 1-'11 R11.', 1111111111-111111, 111-111 111111, 111.1111-11p 1l.1111s1-1, 211.1 wlzxm-111511, 111111 NVUYITTSII. THIRD ROW: 131-1111.1 .1'113,w1.1Q1, 1.1111111111 11111111-111111.-'11g11111111u:, 6.1111 131':1w-11111, 114111 .Xlicy Luwii, Elealmrc kl111k, Gayle N111- 1.1-1::.111111, K.fJT11i..I X111r'1x1111, 15111111115 01.51, 11.111111 1-1111111112 1.1111-1 Yuagmr, 13111111 1111111111 VUURTH ROW P.11r111a 11.111, f11.11g111 1111111-1, 113511-111 11114111-, X111r1111R11:11N111, 111111111 D11-111-r, Dax1QRc1115u1, '11111111ax 511y11u1, .-11.1. 1111, 1f1Ti111.1N,1g11i,1.1-1, 1XL1I1'11'1.1H.1fCf, G,11.11' 3.111,:b. I1 1v1111111 P1 11.1131 1111- a 11111.11 1211111 L11 17111, 11 Y1 11111 1' 1 N. 1'111i,1 '111' .11111- .1111-11111111 15.111 1'nlk1111'1r 1p.1rr1111111 .11 111111- 11.11114 111-:1r..:111111.1r1I1u -1111.1 1 11111 1111111.11 wg YIIIQ 1111111111 11 A 1 11.1 ,1w.1111'.1 .1 111 11: T11 1 1111. P11-1. 1411: .1lw.114 by 1.11111 11111111 11111111 111,111 .11, .111151.1:1..1a1g Q1-11 11111111111 11131 111111 11114:1:1.11r1:111.11N111111.'.11-11111.111'1:1:111111. L1rc11111s1.1.'ur1t:11x1ta1u.111 .11p1. 11:1111:11 1111.11 111. 1111. C 11 a I a i r e s '11l1fT'- 11111: 11.11 1. 111:t1E1' W1 31.111 1i111ra1a1r1-X .11 1241 ' IEXUT1YVQ-L!cs11a1a11111'1'ic.1C1j'1"11'1l11u,11111u41 1111111 girlx :JBILTQ 111at. V:1lC1f IXVHCIICC 11115 11.11 Ill X,1lI1, f11r1111.-1 1-11111111011 111c1r 3111111-11cc5 W1111 1l11'1r rg-111111111115 111 151-gin 1f11 111131111111 , 11 Hur .1111. 511.11m 131111111 , '111111 1jT1'PfiYl1CgS-T"17C ahlu 111 purf1111111'1r1ar11111N c111Fs1111111' 1'1111:1i1,111111., 'Iog1'111cr111111 111611 dircctress, Mrk. 1' .11, 1111-1 1l31.1ZI131lygOOgl 1i111c5 ana, at ITLL' 1.111111 IIIITL' .1611-1111. 111.11111 11111 1-.'.1111. 1fI.'XYIST, 31.111111 1111111-r. SEKQOT-CID ROW, l.E1 T TUR1GI1'I':1'a'-11'1a B111-r, Jav:1,11Q1i11c .X1gc1d111gL-r, C,Z1'11I11Q1:Ur' flur, X-l.1r11,'11 F1wr11s1111, X1arg1uPc.11c11, 1J.1w11 A11:1111f, 14111111 Ynagcr, 1cr11W11r111a11. Junior Dramatic Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Winters, Miles Dcchanr, Sheila Glassner, Nancy Lou Grube, Bonnie Keyes, Mary Kropp, Suzanne Lucas, Richard DeLong, Dennis Frcderickson. SECOND ROW: Carol Wilson, Susan Shoustal, Janelle Reed, Martha Evans, Beth Hunberger. Barhara Hunter, JoeylnBore1li, Brenda Ullman, Barbara lxioyer. THIRD ROW: Marlies Kropp, Doris Beane, Mary Ann Rcinsel. FOURTH ROW: Lee Cohn, Georgia Ebert, Barbara Ritz, Bobby Rhcin, Louis Andre, Barry Bates, Ann Angelos, Pat Soudcrs, John Czarnecki. A new club has taken shape under the dramatical guidance of Miss Wentzel . This club includes seventh, eighth, and ninth grades who molded their talents into three plays which were given through out the year in assemblies. 93 Senior Library Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:Jackie Winters, Jane Kilpatrick. Marcia Stump, Marilyn Peterson, Olympia Ganikon, Sally Freed, Mary Ann Hollingsworth. SECOND ROW: Huberra Young, joan Kilpatrick, Jack Sargeant, Roxanne Monoson, Ellyn Peterson, Charles Gower, Barbara Hater, Barbara Seelig. PRESIDENT, Marilyn Peterson, VICE- PRESIDENT, Olympia Ganikon, SECRETARY-TREASURER, Marcia Stump. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mack, our Senior Library Club takes an active interest in the welfare ofthe school. The members give willingly of their time to carry on such activi- ties as arranging our bulletin boards and show cases, and acting as librarians in place of Mrs. Mack. The Senior Library Club is an active member in the Teen Age Library Club Association. This organizationismacle up ofall the library clubs in the country. Let us all wish the Senior Library Club the best of luck in their splendid work. 94 Junior library Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha Evans, Carole Peterson, Joan Blum, Sheila Glassner, Georgine Ebert, Bonnie Keys, Barbara Hunter, Suzanne Lucas, Beth Hunsberger, Shirley Snyder. SECOND ROW: Lenora Fancher, John Czar- necki, Joyce Wood, Edith Auge, Barbara Hawk, Barry Bates. Joanne Stuebner, Emma Noll, Janelle Reed, Cathy Hollingsworth, Barrie Lindermuth, Richard DeLong. THIRD ROW: Ruth Beissel, Kay Huges, Renate Bender, Marliez Kropp, Ethel Fick, Sonja Leese, Paula Williams, Joan Young, Zara Power, Mary DiBlasi. PRESIDENT, Bonnie Keysp VICE-PRESIDENT, Polly McMichael--absent from pictureg SECRETARY-TREASURER, Georgine Ebert. Our thanks to the club for their faithful service in the library at noon and after school. These seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, under the pleasant leadership of Mrs. Mack have given of their spare time to serve to the best of their ability, so as to satisfy our needs. 95 in Hx f ,X 1? W:. 1 'K tl xi 1 Pu ,ng 'Q'-. ,.. 9. Q QB Junior Chorus FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Beck, Martha Evans, Dolores Blankenbiller, Christine Swsyer, Sonia Lcese, Gayle Smith, Paula Williams, Janet Gibstein, Polly McMichael, Judith Heller, Jean Fricli, Barbara Moyer, Patricia Souders, Susan Shoustal. SECOND ROW: Rudolph Letchie, Marvin Quay, Patricia Zeigler, Beth Hollis- worth, Joan Seifert, AnnAngelos, Marge Yetto, Loretta Deppen, Kay Herflicker, Margaret Harter, Alegra Yoder, Yvonne Switzer, Marisseau. THIRD ROW: Jesse Kieffer, Edmund Kombodc, Mary AnnReir1sel, Carol Wilson, Joanne Stubner, Marcia Stump, Carol Smith, Joan Brown, Shirley Snyder, Barbara Hawk, Kathy Hollingsworth, Suzanne Lucas, Janelle Reed, Barbara Hunter, Beth Huntzberg, Wellington Richards. The Junior Chorus, under The capable direction of Mr. Claude W. Dundore, again gave the Senior Chorus much keen competition. They can be heard, regularly, hard af work in room l4. Applause to these young songbirdsl 97 vp I ,- fs le -,, I S Stage Crew llfi l lil Eilrllllz Xlr. John me-itnrrh, lllmrles Umm-r, lil-rliiei, Slmuklr-y, Ronald Yuzlng, Vcrur Hirsen, Charles we-r. These hard-working, behind-the-scene lads are always to be found when there is a job to be well done. "Good things always come in smal :Jackages." That is their motto, and how true it is! Their willingness to help at any time is greatly appreciated by anyone who is in dire need of their services. lf you are backstage :nd o human streak goes wizzing by you, you'll know it is one of the efficient stage crew members fulfilling his duties. To you boys the entire student body gives a vote of thanks. Projection Crew LEFI TO RIGHT: Mr. Edward Palm, AllanGibslein, Ronald Y-twig, Lyle Pelton, Steward Severns, Charles Shaw, Charles Gower, Percival Richardson, Kenneth Shockley, Rwnac Shackley, Lowrw Mervine. This group is small, but they give us a lot of aleasure in the form of slides and motion pictures. The members study cameras and motion picture equipment. We are all grateful to this organization for their fine work and well-spec' time. reg S . 0 wg-U" :J N1-f y' K+: . A , HH: ' seams 1 . ! . 3 4 2 3 1 ' Y 2 I , X . 'V ':'4gfl5'lfv'iJa'1f'qF: 5'm?"','1'g52'J K C' V L' 'A :wx ' 'UL-if N Q , I gy f 5 , f ' W' , if f .Q N 3 1 xg' if. 4, jgfff' f . K. f-.. 'fi ,vi .' ,, Ky, .'YfIf""T?f., Ld WA r Q Concert Orchestra FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dolores Wenlzel, Janet Cnbstein, Nancy Grube, Mr. Levan, Pat Souders, RobertEckenberg. SECOND ROW: Edward DeMerIier, Huberra Young, Sam Heiser, Marjorie Heller, Sally Freed, Lucy Trout. h t hestra lo ed for the Christmas Under the capable directorship of Mr. Levant e concer orc p y l ' th r future. We are all wishing the best of assembly and is planning to give recita s in e rea luck to this growing organization. 100 -i as 'gil' 1 1- '11 1 1 1 1: '17 1151311 1 ,7"'XN1 ,I 'iii'-5 I 115-3-za 'I I 1 ,1 Wx 1 1 I l ' ' 1 1 1 K 9 , 4 XX X1 I1 J XEQ3-4 Q ' ix I' lb? Til, 1 K Q x ' I 3? 2 1? if + f- - - , M ' WI! 'W' viii! rl 1 --I 1 If X 'Y If W 1' Mfl .., 'x , ' 1 ' ' X 1 f A 'A ' ff- X my Xu, .Lg A fiis-TJ JA 11 ' I W, H 1 'x'.'l"4' 339- 4555-Tfrgr ll YS I 1 A 32" fgfg: K. 19 . 'I 1 5 N "1 1 '11 'l' I 4 1 NX 0 V 1. C X in -Y, A, x 1F 1 If 2 I 11, Xxxl 9 41 .ii is Y , f, 1:1 I 1 A "ff N ' f y 1 11 w 1 - 4 .df 11. 5-J A-v, D X .4 " : ' -'81 X Q 1 cs-we dhc- 2 Vx I E a ..i.L ffl? , V K A' gx 1: b ,gf AA ' x ff r' 'W UT? t 1 bf K ' L , , 6 ' Nr A xl. M f ' 1: .., u. 13 N Q 1 , ty A . ax ., in 51. Ax '- I ' 'C 'L A x K -5 ' C' . iz, ' 5 Sports Round-up Here s a bruef round up to famuluanze you wuth the sport events throughout the year of 1951 1952 Termed as one of the best athletuc seasons un the hustory of the school the Mountauneers really gave us somethung to cheer about as they played a furst duvusuon funush un every sport Let's take o bruef trup back through the year and see how our Mountauneers fared un theur varuous campaugns Furst we all rushed down to the athletuc fueld to fund our boaters lunung up agarnstOley s Red Wungs on the home fueld We wereallanxuous to see lust what kund ofa team coaches Mr Zrmmerman and Mr Buerly had molded ond were happuly surprlsed when Mt Penn emerged vuctoruous on the long end ofa 1 O score The lune and backfueld put on a fune performance and the team really bore down un the last quarter to score our only goal Our second encounter wuth Mohnton was a luttle more than a practuce sessuon as we over powered the Panthers by a 5 0 score We all got out to Mohnton and showed the boys that we were really behund them Followung the Mohnton encounter we engaged Readung Hugh School un a practuce duel and showed the Ccustlemen what a real soccer team should look luke by bowlung them over by Mounts Then came our bug game wuth Amuty and we were all hopung for a wun but the Beavers showed us they meant busuness and we had to be satusfued wuth a scoreless tue The contest wuth Burdsboro was a rough and ready free for-all but after the team scored a goal un the muddle of the thurd stanza the Burds wereabeaten squad and lust for the fun of ut the boaters added one more to make the score 2 0 In the Oley game the Mounts due to over confudence or some other dusturbance emerged wuth theur second tue of the season We were all frughtfully dusappounted but none of us lost hope for our next game would mean the champuonshup On a perfect soccer Thursday Mt Penn s ance scored upon eleven squared off wuth Amuty s hughly regarded squad There was crusp tenseness un the aur and when uhe game started we all let off some steam Thus was the one we had to wun and the team showed grum determunatnon un theur faces The game was an excellent one and our heads were luke rotatung planets as we watched the ballsaul back and forth between the two goals Our backfueld and lune fought hard but by half tume there was stull no score The thurd quarter opened wuth a score as the Beavers 103 , . . . . . I a 1 1 Q U I 0 I I a 3-0 count. By now we were all hoping for asuccessful season qnd were reqlly pulling for the I I I ' I I T ' I , . u - - I , . I I I ' I Contaaaued receaved a penalty kack but they faaled to score as the ball scaled over the cross bar Follow ang thas threat the Mounts seemed lake a reauvenated team as they kept tryang to push the ball through the Beaver s goal The thard quarter ended wath stall no score As the kack-off marked the openang of the forth and fanal quarter everyone was wanderang as to who would wan the game Wath about tharty seconds remaanang to beplayed the team dad some fast thankang fast foot work and nace passangwhach resulted an a score Then there came a yell the lake ofwhach has never been heard as we all lumped wath loy We were Central Davasaon Champsl We had to beat Robesonaa before earnang a shot at Kutzown and so every oneput has shoulder to the task But alas the wand was blowang the other way for Robesonaa managed to suppress ourattack whale we couldn t quate suppress thears We lost to a good team by a one nothang score but we proved we knew the wall to wan the way to lose Now let s look over the results of our haghly successful basketball season The team pro duced at Mt Penn thas year was one of the strongest an the school s hastory Wanners of twenty of twenty three games the Mountaaneers fanashed an second place an the Central Davasaon standangs traalang only Kutztown the perennaal county leader We boast a scorang champaon an the person of George Conrad who broke our school season holders of all tame The other senaor member of the startang fave sparklang Ron Pasano hung up has Mountaaneer unaform for the last tame on February T5 after turnang an a performance that proved to be the more brallaant of has two year career Has well earned 23 markers that evenang gave ham possessaon of the league snumber three gunner s posataon Long and lanky Jack Zaegler one of the three outstandang aunaor members of the farst team dropped l78 dagats and along wath Donnae Seaz Ball Remley and Rod Reeder wall return to coach Dave Zammerman next wunter to form the nucleus of another top notch team Jam Forsht and Bob Jackson both two year men on the Varsaty loan Ball Maurer an round ang out the outstandang Orange and Black club The class of 1952 has reason to be proud of the Varsaty of nts senaor year as well as the fave of ats classmates who performed on at As a remander let s go through a short revaew of the season We opened on the road wath engagementsat Wernersvalle and Ontelaunee Both ended an vactoraes and gave coach Zammer man a chance to look over has materaal The home opener agaanst Sankang Sprang was lust as successful Color Day sent the Mounts to a flyang start an league play as they thumped arch raval Muhlenberg by a 4l 30 count In the followang game we suffered our farst setback of the cam paagn After holdang Kutztown s Cougars on even terms untal halftame hosts started to pull away and we went down 77 59 104 Q I l ' ' I . . . . . 0 I . I I '- , . ' I I I I . , . . - , . I 1 ' I ' - . . , . . - I I I ' . . . I scoring record by connecting for 293 points, a mark placing him third among the county tatle T ' . I I I . . , , . . . ' I I I I I I I I - , . . , . . , . O I 1 I ' ' I I I ' I I I - ' Contunued Then followed rather easy wuns over Hamburg Wyomussung Burdsboro and Boyertown all by comfortable marguns It tookour own Alumnu to stop the wun streak and they only accomplushed that after a spuruted hard fought battle The funal score there was 71 69 West Readung went down by thurty pounts before the Shullungton Speedboys gave us a fuve pount scare un a good game on theur floor The schedule reached fever putch when the Moun tauneers mauledWulson and Muhlenberg on foreugn courtswhule warmung up for the return battle wuth the Cougars Once agaun Kutztown reugned supreme but only after the Mounts tured un the funal quarter That vuctoryalmost assured the vusutors of the county play even at that early date That thurd defeat proved to be the Iastsuffered by Mt Penn The remaumng nune games were turned unto easy truumphs and brought to a futtung close one of the most successful of all our Alma Mater s basketball seasons The gurls of Mt Penn have had a very successful year un all sports they entered They were undefeated un hockey and basketball Both tumes theur champuonshups depended upon defeatung Hamburg and both tumes they proved the rught to be crowned champuons bug chance The rught to try for the County Champuonshup Thus game was played on the Albrught College Hockey Fueld It was a cold and butter day but thus had no affect on the gurls playung abuluty They played luke the champuons they were and went on to defeat Hamburg 2 0 to attaun the County Champuonshup But the gurls had no more tume to thunk of hockey They had a basketball tutle to defend Thus meant hard work and so once agaun the gurls went to work and by the tume the basketball season rolled around the gurls were rarung to go Once agaun they went on to won the duvusuonal tutle and gaun a rught to tue for the County Champuonshup The gurls even though they mussed the presence of theur coach Mrs Lunderman played the best game they knew how and defeated Hamburg 45 42 to claum the County Champuonshup for the second consecutuve year That lust about sums up the gurls sports actuvutues for the year The gurls showed wonderful sportsmanshup throughout the year and brought the Orange and Black through wuth flyung colors To you gurls we the students of Mt Penn say we are proud of the fune showung you have made for your school and may your years to follow be as full of success as the year 1951 1952 has been 105 . I . . ' . I I I O . 1 I . I . . . I . . I I . . . . First on the agenda was hockey. The girls were undefeated in their division, then came their . I I . I I l O 0 0 ' , ' - I . I . . I c . I - I . I . ' . . DONNIE BUZZ REM CO NRAD 106 BIG ZIG MOUNTAINEERS BOB ROD JM COACH DO N LEFTY 07 "Q.-Qg- so-mi W, Junior Varsity Basketball , t -ill is f i...s.- , 4 1 'N , T F 94 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Landy, Arthur Sechrisr, Phil Jacobs, John Campfield, William Grace. SEC- OND Rllwg Run Smiley, Sruari Severns, Neil Singley, Ronald Young, David Romich, Mr. Bierly, coach. The main purpose of any J. V. team is to train and develop material for the Varsity. On the J. V.'s, one first gains the intestinal fortitude necessary to control oneself from suc- cumbing to the taunts and catalls of the crowd. It is on the J. V. 's that one loses that last minute tension which loses games for so many teams. Coach Bierly has done a fine and highly commendable Iob in teaching these boys some of the finer points of the sport. The boys did quite well for themselves and when the battle was over, Mt. Penn was solidly entrenched in third place. The J. V. 's reallygave us some thrilling moments, by playing a good, hard, fast brand of basketball, and theirsportsmanshipwos outstanding . With this year of basketball under their belt, the boys should really go places next year. Good luck, fellows! 108 Ll... -'L Junior High Basketball F' ,, ff' l fl' F... 4 . i gd l 'T Jfflj ,vw l FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT:Louis Andre, Robert Johnson, Gene Stuber, Roger Herbein, Jack Stuber, Phillip Hefflefinger. SECOND ROW: Richard Gilsinger, Lee Cohen, manager, William Robertson, Michael Rutowski, Robert White, Albert Haas, Stuart Bryant, David Reeder, Dennis Fredickson, Edward Freeze, Mr. Sharadin, coach. The boys Junior High team finished their season with a record of 7wins and I defeat which gave them the County Junior High Championship. The boys played good basketball and made a fine name for Mount Penn in the younger class sports. These are the boys who in future years will be playing on our varsity and it is on this team that they first get a chance to exhibit their abilities. Mr. Sharadin has done a meritous iob in teaching these boys the fundamentals of basket- ball and has injected them with the ever-dwelling spirit of the will towin and the way to lose. 109 Soccer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Seiz, Barry Landy, William Grace, Ellis Edmonds, Robert Jackson, Rod- ney Reeder, Arthur Sechrist, Paul Batasrini. SECOND ROW: Mr. Zimmerman, coach, Lyle Pelton, Roger Her- bine, Jack Stuber, George Conrad, Don Collins, Clarence Oxenford, Perer Hirsch, Mr. Bierly, coach. THIRD ROW: Dick Gottshall, William Remley, James Forshr, William Maurer, Gerald Eisenhauer, Ron Smiley, Phil Jacobs, Miles Bossier, Charles Bachman. The soccer team that represented Mt. Penn in the Berks County Central Division Soccer League was one of the best in the short history of the sport at Mt. Penn High School. The Mountaineers compiled an excellent record of six victories and two ties, which was good enough to win the championship, taking nothing away from their hard fought victory over Reading High School . Led by their two able coaches, Mr., Zimmerman and Mr. Bierly, the squad improved with each game and by the end of the season they looked like a smooth working machine. The Mounts played a great game against Robesonia for the Berks County Soccer Champion- ship, only to lose a light decision, l-0. lt was a close contest all through the game and the outcome could have gone either way. Mt. Penn was further honored by having twoof their players named to the league's all-star team, these being George Conrad, the team's captain, and Bill Remley crack lineman of the squad. George Conrad was also voted the most valuable player in the league. Congratulations to a fine group of boys who with good ability and fine spirit went all out for the glory of the school. 110 Hoclseq 'N QW . 559, ,Cv I - 'I 1 Q .T , ,me GQ K -aes ,... Q -47 , lug? Q ,QR T 35 4' as QQ Iv- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delores DeTurk, Kathleen Weaver, Rosalie Bybel, Barbara Rissmiller, Barbara Rice, Claire Yeager, Dawn Adams, Mary Lou Folk. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Linderman, coach, Shirley Ziegler, Geraldine Shaffer, Patricia Seiz, Patricia Hagmayer, Gayle Sands, Nancy Yoder, Janet Yeager, manager, THIRD ROW: Patricia Hafer, assistant manager, Ellen Peterson, Loretta Ney, Patty Jo Johnston, I-luberta Young, Reba Reeser, Mary Lou Klink, Terry Jacobs, Marilyn Peterson, Shirley Griffin, manager. The year of T951 brought to Mount Penn its First hockey championship. The girls under the leadership of their coach, Mrs. Linderman, and co-captains, Barbara Rissmiller and Barbara Rice, were undefeated in their division. They then wenton to annex the county championship by defeating Hamburg 2-0. The game was played November l9th on the Albright College Hockey Field. ' Mrs. Linderman will lose seven starting seniors through graduation. To the teams in the future we seven graduates say the best of luck, and may you have many championships. 111 Girls' Varsity Basketball L.I 'I l 4 I I G-lim-L-W ,f ing FIRST ROW, LEFT TU RIGHT: Mary Lou Volk, Slrirlcy Zciglcr, Patricia Griffin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Rcitz, Terry Jacobs, Audrey Myers, Barbara Gehrkc, Janice Focht, Patricia Seiz, Helen Lubas, Marlies Kropp, Elaine Pienia, Ilarhara Rice, Barbara Rissrniller, THIRD ROW: Janet Yeager, manager, Mrs. Arlene M. Linderrnarr, coach, Shirley Griffin, assistant manager. For the second time this year Mrs. Linderman has produced a championship team. Under her fine coaching and under the leadership of co-captains Patricia Griffin and Mary Lou Folk Mt. Penn's basketball team has again been crowned county champions. The girls worked hard and long to attain this goal and we the students of Mt. Penn are proud of them. Mrs. Linderman will lose five senior girls, but she has a fine and capable squad of under classmen who, we hope, will bring her championships in the future. 112 A.. All ll! Ill I!! pu...- .XX Q? x Q , 'Yf1!lJlfil!-"I-'F!'31 ------Ns kk I., W4 S! S 'Q' J 'E f I W 6, W R pf 5 93, A 0,1 1' .',.s'f1it,l7' 151,31 ' .LJ A'--A,, ,,.. -f--'-"" D 114 Patrons Mrs Eva E Adams Mr and Mrs Thomas A Adams Mr and Mrs Harry J Angeldunger Dr and Mrs Leon J Altman Mass Ellen Anderson Mr and Mrs George Angstadt Mr and Mrs Clayton J Bachman Mr and Mrs Anthony Badanza Malor and Mrs Roger W Baker Mr and Mrs W John Balatt Mr Herman K Bates Mrs Herman K Bates Mrs Batt M and Mrs Paul H Bauder Mr and Mrs Lee R Brerly Mr and Mrs Loreto Blone Mlss Patrlcra Blce Mrs Elda O Brumbach Wayne G Brumbach and Mrs John Carson and Mrs George F Chrrstlan and Mrs John F Chrrstran A D Col ns and Mrs Martrn P Cullen and Mrs Herbert Dautrrck Mrs Raymond Dautnck and Mrs E Roberthan Davis Mrs Jack R Davies and Mrs Benlamrn Deeter and Mrs George K Derr and Mrs Lloyd Derr Mrs Helen DeTurk Henry DeTurk Commussuoner Raymond D DeTurk Mr and Mrs Dodson Drlesbach Mr and Mrs Robert Donaghy Robert Donaghy Jr Dotty and Dagger Mr and Mrs Joseph Dragan Mr and Mrs Howard E Edsall Mass Dolly Ersenhardt Mr and Mrs Jacob Erkes Mrs Esther Fasrc Mr and Mrs F Stuart Fehr Mr and Mrs C L Frsher Mr Wm F Flx Mrs Calvrn Folk Mrs Mary E Folk Mr DavrdC Forsht Mlss Wayne Forsht and Mrs F K Frederrck and Mrs Cyrus H Gerhart and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Howard Grresemer John C Gross Mahlon Hafer Hanthorn W G Hanthorn Miss Margaret A Hartley Mrs Cora Hartlane and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Robert F Heller Mark Henderson Charles Hlnnershntz Max H Hursch Harman C Hohl Wrlllam Hoyer Julrus Imber and Famlly Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mlss H Jean and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Constance Jackson George Jarvis Keutz John J Keltz Charles B Kulp John Larkrn lsaac Lewls Chester Meck and Mrs John A Mell and Mrs Joseph Maller Gene Nawrocku and Mrs Russell Mervnne and Mrs K A Messer Mrss Gqyle Nonnemacher Mr and Mrs Clarence J Oxenford Mr and Mrs Edwin F Palm Mrs Mary Palm and Mrs Leon Palm Mrs Elmer Pangle and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Paul E Richard Pawllng George E Potts Frank Rachman Paul E Resser Resser Jr and Mrs Paul S Remsel Harry Reh Mlss Mmam N Reh Mr and Mrs Leon Reppert . . . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . . . Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . . . . Mr. . ' . . Mr. . . Mr. . . r. . . Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . ' ' . . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' ' ' Mr. . . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ... ' ' . . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' . ' Mr. , , li Mr. . . ' Mrs. A. D. Collins Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kirk Mr. . ' . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. ' Mr. . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . Mr. ' , . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' ' . . . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . , . . . . Mr. . . ' . . . . ' Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Patrons Jonathan Ruppert Perclval Rnchardson Franklin Resh Jack Rutter E Ro Samuel Roplskv Commlssnoner Enoch Rothermal Mr and Mrs M H Rothermal Mr Claur Prnce Mr and Mrs JohnS Rudy Shernff Roy Schweltzer and Mrs Arthur F Seelug and Mrs Larry Wurman El: A Seidel Mrs El: Seldel and Mrs John H Selfarth and Mrs Judson B Severns The Sux Saddle Pals and Mrs Davud D Shaner and Mrs John L Sharadm J Lloyd Sharetts and Mrs Jack Sherman Mrs James H Smuth Charles Snyder and Mrs Wnllls P Snyder Mrs Dorothy Stephan Robert Stephan Mr and Mrs Roy Stuck Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . H. . ller Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' ' ' ' I Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Seffing Mr, , Mr. ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. ' ' Mr. . ' ' . ' Mr. . . . 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Suggestions in the Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

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