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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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r 05, LENN QLMQ ! S 01' ZWOI' . . . I95O We have endeavored, in this yearbook, to represent the pro- gram of a play. We have the faculty as our "Directors", the seniors as the "Cast", the underclassmen are the "Understudies", and our clubs and activities are called "Off-Stage". That left us with sports and advertisements. We were stumped, and so you'll find "Sports" and "Advertisements" in a pure state, the last thing in our book. We hope you enjoy our production, and that in future years. as you leaf through its pages, you will recall happy memories of 1950. edicafimz . . The Penn Alma is dedicated to David Zimmerman by the class of 1950, for his wonderful work with us cmd for his sincere interest in us and our activities. l95O Gozzfemfsf I DIRECTORS . . Faculty T CAST .... . Seniors UNDERSTUDIES . . . Underclassmen OFF STAGE . . Activities f SPORTS . . . Sports ADVERTISERS .... Advertisers i950 61271 Sfufy First row-CLeft to right?-Kathleen Angstadt, Jules Levine, Alice Najarian, Louise Robertson, Nancy Phillips, Mr. Wentzel Cfaculty advisorb, Nancy Schneider, Irene McComas, Joann Schlegel, Louise Hauer, Donald Yeager, Mary Himmclberger. Second row-Nancy Rhoads, Doris Johnson, Renee Landy, Paul Hartline, Richard Matz, James Bachman, Donald DeTe1nple, Paul Jones, Sandford Youngerman, George Mack, Mary Jo Roberts, Rose Heim, Pat Brossman. Third row-Barbara Evans, Virginia Homan, Judy Kase, Jackie Kraft, Thomas Stults, Morton Sherman, Alan Schlegel, Mike Hawk, Shirley Steinmetz, Marvine Shaffer, Ruth Angstadt, Miriam Esslinger, Bette Townsend, Gloria Weaver, Corvita Pachuilo. FACULTY ADVISOR SPORTS EDITORS Mr- Jacob Wentzel Louise Hauer CGirls' Sports! 1 Donald Yeager CBoysl Sportsb U FUEDITORS I ART COMMITTEE Nancy Ph1111DS and NHHCY Sdlneldel' Irene McComas fChairmanJ, Pat Bross- TREASURER man, Bette Townsend, Dick Matz Joann Schlegel PERSONALS COMMITTEE Alice Najarian fChairmanJ, Doris Johnson, Renee Landy, Donald De Temple, Jackie Kraft, Corvita Pach- uilo, Ruth Angstadt, Ginny Homan, Meriam Esslinger. FEATURES COMMITTEE Louise Robertson CChairman7, Judy Kase, Duane Goldman, Alan Schlegel, Mike Hawk, Jim Babb. Mary Jo Rob- erts. PATRONS COMMITTEE Marilyn Ruth, Rose Heim, Jim Bachman ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Jules Levine CChairmanJ, Kathy Angstadt, Sandford Youngerman, Tom Stults, Barbara Evans, Nancy Rhoads, Paul Jones TYPISTS Gloria Weaver, Marvine Schaeffer, Mary Himmelberger, Shirley Steinmetz PHOTOGRAPHERS George Mack, Thomas Stults, Paul Hartlinc ,. 19x50 1950 60 ffm Gfms of ,jo The demand tor leaders is always great: but there has never been a time when they were needed so much in religion, government, and business as they are today. Earnestly strive to become a leader in your community, state and nation. Congratulations to the class ot l95O. ROSCCE H. WARD DIRRYQRS jig 1? L ,.v 5 - 1 E 7:5 -Q V Q ff, . ff AIS A omg of Schoof .pirecfors ERNEST L BARTH PI'6S1d611f, FRED A. HOWARD Vice President EDWIN F. PALM Secretary fNon-Memberj MRS. C. RAYMOND SMITH ELMER W. FRANKHOUSER GEORGE A. GROFF Treasurer 1950 - fyfiqlz Sckoof Gfssisfcuzfs MRS. SMITH Secretary to the Principal MRS. HILL School Nurse Temple University, R.N. MTSS LEININGER Assistant Secretary 5, 3345 ,V 4521 - Q 0 yi 'flfkk w' , A 'Wag - .Q 1 .5 N? tl , 52 J Q k 4 V W: ' 1,5 Q . 'Hill 1. 1 -fivmd llllun ,. In-rn. .,. 'shun ,QQ- l95O if 0 Qizculfy ELLEN ANDERSON Bookkeeping, Typing, Business English Bloomsburg Stale Teachers College Columbia University. B.S. LEE RICHARD BIERLY lunior High Mathematics, Science Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S. Bucknell University IOHN CARSON Law, lunior Business Training, Economic Geography, Office Practice, Business Arithmetic Temple University, B.S. RALPH DICKERSIN Printing Reading High School I. T. U., Indianapolis, Indiana gncuffy DODSON DREISBACH Geography, Civics Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S Columbia University, M.A. LOUISE E. DREISBACH Latin, French, English Albright College, B.A. University of Pennsylvania, MA. CLAUDE w. DUNDORE A '54 History, Senior High English, Music ' Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S. in Ed. ' LUCILLE L. HENDERSON Home Economics Albright College, B.S. .ui , Q. ,- 7 i ,. z',-1533, ...............i.. 'Q' ghculfy WILLIAM L. IAMES Advanced Mathematics Bloomsburg State Teachers College. B.S. Pennsylvania State College, M.Ed. Temple University WILLIAM H. LEVAN Instrumental Music Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia ARLENE B. LINDERMAN Health, Physical Education East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B.S Temple University SARA ROHRBACH MACK Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S. gp-gzgt, ,, JIIPEQL n-Ili! ITF' . gacuffy IOSEPH MILLER Social Studies Muhlenberg State Teachers College. Ph.B EDWIN F. PALM Guidance, Make-Up Mathematics, Math 9 Penn State. B.A. MARY KRAMER POLEY Arts and Crafts Kutztown State Teachers College. B.S. WILLIAM I. PURNELL Social Studies Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S. ggwufiy IOHN sm-nam Industrial Education Penn State, B.S. IOHN L. SHARADIN Biology. Chemistry, Senior Science, Physics Kutztown State Teachers College. B.S. Penn State. M.Ed. Lehigh University Massachusetts Institute ot Technology LEONARD WEARNE Typing, Shorthand Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.A. GERALDINE WENTZEL German, Junior High English Albright College. B.A. Cildllflly IACOB D. WENTZEL English Franklin and Mcxrshcxll College, B.A. Columbia University, M.A. HELEN B. WHITE Music Bethlehem Conservatory ol Music est Chester State Teachers College. B.S. Christensen Choral School DAVID S. ZIMMERMAN Health, Physical Edu:ation Stroudsburg Stale Teachers College, 13.3 Temple University, lVI.Ed. IQSO I9 OLD' ..M6HZOVy l 00 C After our Greenie and Half-baked years in the seventh and eighth grades. came the dawn of a bright new future for us as Freshmen. Basketball came to mean so much more to us . . . Cwe even remembered what the score was when we went home.j We sat far into the night com- pleting our Pennsylvania History notebooks and were losing our fresh bloom of youth worrying about Latin and Algebra. We all went on a bowling spree that winter. Frosh bowling was really something to behold! We were the biggest and best in the Iunior High: our parties were gay and our hopes for the years to come were shining. We really began to live as Sophomores. SENIOR HIGH . . . absolute magic! Our wonderful seats in assembly were ever a source of joy! We were in Service Club, Cheerleading, Basketball, Y-Teens . . . all things were possible. Our Soph Hop was our greatest occasion of the year 1948. We carried out a new idea, inviting Exeter and Pennside to join us for this gala affair. Those friends we made then seem so much a part of Mount Penn now, it's hard to believe they ever bade sad farewells to a previous Alma Mater. Our Raindrop programs and umbrella decorations carried out an April Showers theme, and we all became experts at making crepe paper flowers. After an afternoon of hard work, everyone agreed that the time had been well spent and that the results were simply wonderful. Our Iunior and Senior years have been the years of golden memories to be cherished forever. In 1949, we realized the proximity of 1950 and we rather reluctantly accepted the mantle of Seniors. As Iuniors we were the I. V. Squad . . . CHAMPS: cheerleaders, key band members: always at the athletic field . . . in fall for soccer, . . . in spring for track. The Iunior play "China Boy", shaved at least seven years off the lives of its cast members, who were in the throes of stage fright weeks in advance of opening night, but it couldn't have been better Cor funnier!j. The Iunior Prom was beautiful and gay with jolly little circus animals hanging on the walls and a whirl of pastel crepe streamers hung from the very top of the ceiling to make our Carousel. We went to commencement and saw even closer our own departure from Mount Penn High, but were not too saddened to enjoy a glorious summer vacation. 1950-Seniors-a Varsity squad of near champions with a heartbreaking defeat at the end of the season. Along with all the crazy fun we could cook up, were our serious problems of college application and the search for jobs. The Senior play, "Seventeenth Summer" brought the poignant realization of teenage problems to its audience and was soundly acclaimed one of Mt. Penn's best productions. Can we describe the twist it gave our hearts to see our last basketball game as students and march for the last time in orange and black? Nor can we do justice to the happy-go-lucky days with a "picture exchange" going on from morning till night: our dancing to dreamy music at our mid-winter prom and at last our banquet and dance at the Country Club. Now there are only days left before we too, misty-eyed and in caps and gowns, shall receive our diplomas and become members of the alumni. 50 qs X . W A A A 6 Q 'av l 17 , 5111---W elzior Gfms fjqcers SANIIFIJIID YOIINGHHIVIAN 1'rr.ridrul CLASS COLORS: Maroon and White CLASS MOTTO: The door is open and we are on the threshold of the future. May each step we take bring us closer to our goal. ALAN SCHLEGEI. Vire Prcsfdml CLASS FLOWERS: Maroon carnations and white roses M.xmI.YN LIEINIIACII 'l'rrI1.vIm'r i950 VIRGINIA HOMAN Svcrvfary 9 I KATHLEEN ANGSTADT 502 Friedensburg Rd. Pennside I Academic Kathy . . . little Miss Mischief in our class plays . . . knows all the latest songs . . . grand dancer . . . Bill exhibits her latest efforts in ar- gyles . . . R. B. I. will equip her lor a future in the business world . . . "Have a gum drop." Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 Penn Almag Serv- ice Club 11, 12: Co-ed Volleyball 11. 123 junior and Senior Playsg Class Committees 10, 11, 12: Assemblies 12. ' 1h-nl-i is I I- hai Hi RUTH ANGSTADT 20 Park Lane Pennside Academic Ruthie . . . give her "music, music, music" in any iorm . . . specialty piano . . . a Pennside gal . . . gave spark to our Senior Play . . . some chatter-box . . . will teach music iuture years with her ever present vitality to carry her along. County Orchestra 10. 11, 12: County and District Band 11, 12: junior and Senior plays: Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres. 125 Chorus 10, 11, 12: County 105 Class Committees: Con- cert, Marching, and Dance Bands 10. 11, 123 Pennside Parrot 10, Co-editor: Penn Alma: Co-ed Volleyball 12. IAMES BABB Exeter Road Stony Creek Mills Academic "Scooter" . . . "I don't understand" . . . known for his squeaky shoes and that giggle . . . idol oi the jr. high . . . summer finds him in there pitching for the Stony Creek Rabbits . . . determination shines in Babby's blue eyes. Hi-Y 10: Key Clubg Varsity Baskvt- ball 10, ll. l2i Co-ed Volleyball 11. 123 Penn Alma: N, H. S. 12. ""t'l95O IOYCE I. BABB C. IAMES BACHMAN JANE M. BEIVER Friedensburg Rd. Midland Avenue Fried'-9155019 Rd- Stony Creek Mills Stony Creek Mills S'0nY Cfeek Mills Commercial Academic Commefcicl "Dolly" . . . inseparable from Mary . . . will never iorget her 10B home- room at Pennside . . . intense weak- ness for hamburgers . . . lun to be with . . . can't quite see the sense oi homework . . . happiest around horses . . . always laughing. Y-Teens 10. ll, 12: Chorus 103 As- semhlies 10, ll, 12. "Gentlemen Iim" . . . those socks have been known to blind people . . . all-round sportsman . . . what o laugh! . . . one oi the Stony Creek gang . . . Glen Alsace is close to I. B. 's heart . . . credits his height to plenty of chewing gum . . . every one's buddy. Basketball tO, 11, 123 Baseball 10. ll. 12: Varsity Soccer 123 Swimming team ll: Co-ed Volleyball ll, 12. lane . . . those golden locks . . . a quiet member oi the senior class . . . loves French iries and Italian sand- wiches but turns thumbs down on homework . . . after graduation we will find lane capably doing secre- tarial work. Y-Teens 10: Assemblies I0. ll: Com- 'nittee 10. l95O'i"" " C" BERTHA BOONE HAROLD E. BOONE Lorane Stony Creek Mills Commercial GCUCIUI "Tootie" . . . holds an interest lor "BOO1'li6" - - - Small but miQhlY - - - skating . . . seldom seen without 6r1iOYS SOCCSI' and bdsebdll - - - Bob . . . her iuture will be centered "Boonie" plans to spend his iuture around a secretarial position . . . GS Cm 919CU'iCiU1'l Und Pl'-lmbef - - - Complete composure , l . spendg her likes to cruise around . . . this lively spare time in the movies. senior dislikes homework. Chorus 10, 11g Library Club 10. Scccef ll- 1 I ANICE BOWMAN Birdsboro H. D. No. 2 Commercial "Hutz" . . . dislikes Old Man Weather when he's in cr bad mood . . . have you ever seen her gigan- tic collection ol match books? . . . loves ice cream . . . interested in stock car racing . . . will always remember those P. O. D. classes . . . hale and hearty . . . known for her laugh . . . loves that carefree ap- pearance. Library Club 10: Chorus 10. J SHIRLEY BRICKER BOYD BRIGHT PATRICIA Y. BROSSMAN Stonersville 34 S. 4th Street Z0 Beechwood Drive Reiftton Commercial Commercial Academic Shirl . . . always has a pleasant smile . . . plans to join the gals in Navy blues . . . feels at home in all her commercial studies . . . indus- trious worker with much energy plus happy disposition. Homeroom Sec. 10, 11: Treasurer 125 Dramatic Club 10: Intramural Sports Il, 12. 1950 Bing . . . ct hater oi crowds and ci lover of the great outdoors . . . Nature Boy tendencies with an "open window" complex . . . excels lent artist with a vivid style . . . always at the playground in sum- mer . . . fishermen Bingie . . . curly hair with infrequent cuts . . . fond oi good music. Volleyballg Track. Pat . . . the "crew cut kid" . . . ' short and petite with the well- groomed look . . . flying and Ken- tucky have her admiration . . . well remembers those rare slumber par- ties and summers at Carsonia . . . future R. B. l. student. Student Council 11: Y-Teens 10, ll. 123 Service Club 10, 11, 12: Color Guard 12: Chorus 11, 123 Penn Alma Staff 12: Assemblies 10, ll: County Chorus. i NICHOLAS BYBEL ARDELL L. CLAY IOAN E. DAUTRICH R. D. No. 1 Montgomery Ave. 219 Woodland Ave. Stony Creek Mills Stony Creek Mills Stony Creek Mills Academic Commercial Commercial Nick . . . one oi Mr. Sharadin's hard workers . . . likes athletics in general . . . earnest in all things with great perseverance . . . hopes to attend college tor his M.D .... wiry lad . . . rather partial to blondes . . . best described as a "swell kid." Soccer 10, ll. 12: Swimming 11, 12: Baseball 11, 123 Volleyballg Sports- man Club. "Sis" . . . champion gum chewer . . . abhors homework and rainy weather . . . Billy . . . skating :inks would close down without her . . . those blue eyes . . . one of the girls from Stony Creek . . . sharp glasses . . . "Fairqround Skatelandf' Chorus 10, 113 Assemblies 10, 115 Gym Exhibition 105 Y-Teens 10: Class Committees 10, 11, 123 Business Eng- lish Club 12. Ioanie . . . is planning on an oitice career immediately after graduation . . . many girls are envious of that naturally curly hair . . . swimming holds a fascination for this quiet senior. Y-Teens 103 Assemblies 11, 125 Class Committees 10. ll: Business English Club 12. 1950 IOYCE A. DAUTRICH FREDRIC DE LONG CAROL DERSHWIN 219 Woodland Ave. Stony Creek Mills 2711 Filbert Ave. Stony Creek Mills Mt. Penn Academic Commercial Academic Joyce . . . the second half of that double ieature from Stony Creek . . . milk shakesand snow are likes ot this small senior . . . spends her leisure time in the movies, Y-Teens 10g Business English Club 125 Class Committees 10, ll: Assem- blies 10, ll. "Fred" . . . plans his future with the navy . . . his dark, wavy hair adds to his charm . . . dislikes to be involved in stupid arguments . . . to be remembered lor his por- trayal oi "Iack" in the senior play . . . easy going and likeable. with a smile for everyone . . . will always cherish his memories of Mt. Penn High. Varsity Basketball 10: intramural Vol- leyball 11, 12: Class Committees ll. 12: Homcroom Vice Pres. 12: Senior Play. "Cee Dee" . . . daily races with the tardy bell . . . cringes at the sight of a dog Ceven a Chihuahuaj . . . will play tennis at 12:00 noon on the hottest summer day . . . will go on to Cornell and journalism. Intermediate Chorus 103 lnterclass Sports 103 Service Club 10: Class Committees 10, ll, 123 Y-Teens 10, ll, 12. Il 17774 unnatu- l95o .. ..... DONALD T. DeTEMPLE DANIEL DIEFENDERI-'ER MARIAN ECK 1318 Union Street 111 West 35th Street 2250 Perkiomen Ave. Reading Reiliton, Pa. Mt. Penn Academic General Commercial "Tex" . . . those unique howls . . . Danny . . . tall, blond, blue-eyed lad "Marian" . . . quiet. petite lass oi can tell a bleached blonde every time . . . expert swimmer and diver . . . likes lootball. dancing and girls . . . one ol the varsity boys . . . has a mischievous gleam in his eye . . . hopes to play with the Texas U football team. Homcroom president 10: j. V. Football 10: Varsity Football ll: J. V. Basket- ball 103 Varsity Basketball l2g Track Team ll, l2: Soccer Team 123 Penn Alma Staff: Assemblies 12. irom Reiffton . . . Exeter holds his main interest . . . those art classes . . . plans to lollow in his 1ather's footsteps. excavating lor your future house. Baseball ll: Basketball 105 Class Play 10. the senior class . . . ever faithful member of the Service Club . . . is fascinated by mystery stories . . . has a special liking for horses . . . the chance to travel would please her greatly. Service Club ll, 125 Y-Teens 10, llg Class Com. 11, 12 g Business English Club Q Assembly ll. 1 .......-.-.195o PAUL EISENHOWER CALVIN ENGLEHART MIRIAM ESSLINGER Eslerly Taft Avenue 603 N. 25th Street Stony Creek Mills Pennside Commercial Commercial Academic "Dil" . . . asset to the chorus . . . future office worker . . . likes Italian sandwiches and ice cream . . . spends his pastime in the movies . . . bookkeeping whiz . . . abhors spinach. Senior Chorus ll, 125 Boys' Octette and Sextette: Business English Club i2: Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Buddy . . . an inclination for all sports . . . holds the record of 32 points . . . baseball ian first degree . . . would like to make sports his career with his eye on a rooky base- ball position. Baseball 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Soccer 11, 123 Hi-Y 10. "Mini" . . . loves to sing and play tennis . . . ardent canasta fan . . . walking dictionary . . . really makes her Plymouth hop . . . Mim's future plans include Bucknell and teaching . . . fond of slumber parties . . . detests the long walks to school in rainy weather. Y-Teens 10, ll, 12: Chorus 10, 11, 12: County Chorus 11, 125 Assemblies 10, ll, 125 Penn Alma Staff. 1950. BARBARA EVANS IBRA FANCHER RICHARD W. GECHTER 2200 perkiomen Ave. Birdsboxo, R. D. No. l Stony Creek M1115 Mt. Penn Academic General Commercial "EYebf0W" - - - lhe mm! with me "Ricky" . . . that "smooth" car . . . "Baby g l g one of ML Weumgs Cflckle - - - has U great 'JPPYGCWUOU likes sports and girls . . . he's driv- iyping whizzes! - U . Confused by for h01idUY5 Cwho d09SU'U - - - ing the home town folks wild with shorthand . . . always seen with Freddie . . . still collecting jr. class dues . . . vivacious and cheerful . . . a lady with initiative who's sure to succeed. Chorus 115 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Sec. 125 Penn Alma: N. H. S. 11: Class Treas. ll 3 Hnmerom Sec. 12: Color Guard 12 5 Service Club 10 3 Co-cd Volleyball ll, 125 Assemblies 11, 12. slow walk. and slow talk . . . al- ways at Eck's . . . looks forward to graduation. jazz bursting forth from his home . . . ardent ian ot any good dance band . . . handy with tools-a good sign for a future carpenter and cab- inet maker. Band 11, 12. I95O FLOYD GLASE DUANE GOLDMAN Stony Creek Mills Birdsboro, R. D. No. 2 General Academic "Tom" . . . plans to spend his iuture "Stogy" . . . dislikes snow, for then Years as G ,001 grinder . . . blue the school buses don't run Csilly eyes . . . likes sports. French fries. b0YD - - - his SPON is bfmebau Und and milk shakes . . . Pennside alum- 119.5 an asset to GUY 'emu - - - Pre' nus . . . has a collection of pennants fefs his girls Sensible and Q'-liel wonh seeing- . . . plans for pharmacy . . . shud- ders with memories of trig and basketball Manager 103 Hi-Y IU: physics. Track team 101 Baseball ll. Baseball 10, 11, 123 Library Club 105 Volleyball 11, 123 Key Club 123 Home Room Pres. 11, 12g Sportsman Clubg C1355 Pres. 105 Committees 12g N. H. S. 12. CLARENCE HAFER 3823 St. Lawrence Ave. Esterly. Pa. General "Scully" . . . known as the green flash . . . the old gym gets his vote for gym class . . . if you ever have car difficulty see Scally . . . St. Lawrence depends on him for the early morning news. Camera Club ll. l95o .--.- DONALD HAFER JAMES I-IARCAR IOAN E. HARTLINE 2805 Filbert Avenue BiTC1SbOf0 R- D- 2 2401 Fairview Ave.. Pennsirle Mt. Penn General Commercial Commercial "Donnie' '... keeps the movies in business . . . sharp dresser . . . lives on hamburgers and French lries . . . the man with the pipe . . . spends his summers playing goll . . . Those P.O.D. classes . . . plans to enter the business world. Basketball 10: Chorus ll. 123 Boys' Sextet ll, 12: Coecd Volleyball ll, 12. "Iim" . . . skilled auto mechanic . . . Palm Bros. Body Co .... likes to eat and sleep . . , motorcycle enthusiast . . . writing themes holds no fascination lor this peppy senior . . . the man with black boots . . . bowling pro. Athletic Club 10: Sports Club 10. Ioanie . . . always pleasant . . . fond ol ice cream and snowy days -ihe deeper the snow-the better she likes it . . . spends happy hours every summer swimming and ac- quiring one oi her famous tans . . . is sure to be an efficient and won' doriul stenographer. Intramural Basketball 10, ll, 12: Busi- ness English Club 12: Co-ed Volley- ball 11, 12: Varsity Volleyball 11, 12: Varsity Baskethall 12: Assembly 105 Y-Teens 10. l950 PAUL G. HARTLINE Aldine Avenue Stony Creek Mills Academic Paul . . . regular fiend lor airplanes . . . that slow, easy drawl . . . :food is a must lor Paul, especially pump- kin pie . . . has no place on his schedule lor had weather . . , looks for a iuture up in the clouds. Swimming Team 11: Camera Club ll: Service Club 11: Penn Alma Stall: Assemblies 10. l95O RICHARD HASSLER Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Dick" . . . one of the senior class' future office workers . . . likes sports and girls . . . spends his spare time in movies or watching television . . . loathes boiled cabbage and turnips. Class Committees 10, 11. 125 Business English Club 12. LOUISE HAUER 12 W. 34th St. Reiliton Academic "Weise" . . . loves to eat and still stays slim! . . . music is one ot her pet activities . . . captain of the girls' varsity squad . . . high schol- astic record . . . alter completion of a college career. Louise will be a laboratory technician. Varsity Basketball 10, 11, 123 Hockey 10, 11, 123 Cheerleading 103 County Chorus 10, 11, 129 Eastern District 12: County Band 11, 123 Band 10, 11, Sec. 125 Girls' Octette 11. 12: Y-Teens 11. Worship Chairman 125 Penn Almag N. H. S. 12. l 1 . ,eq ffpfq-44-4-vvgmgu, IOHN A. HAWK ROSE HEIM GRACE A. HERBEIN 573 Marshall Ave. Woodland Avenue Idcksonwdld Pennside Stony Creek Mills Commercial Academic Commercial "Mike" . . . that original hair-cut . . . nothing can take the place oi sports in this man's lite . . . let's have a cheer tor the Dodgers . . . where there's tood there's Mike . . . Mr. Iames will never forget that kiss alter the game at Northwest . . . you name your team-Mike was on it. Class Vice President 113 Homeroom Vice Pres. 12: Pennside Parrot 10: Hi-Y 103 Penn Alma: Basketball 10. 11, 123 Baseball 10. 11, 123 Soccer 11 123 Swimming team 11: Co-ed Volley- ball 11, 12: Class Commitees 10, 11 12. "Heimie" . . . takes an active part in the doings oi the Stony Creek A. A .... the latest activities oi her pet pig provide the topic for many spirited conversations . . . look lor her at the Pharmacy . . iuture orlice worker. Home Room Sec. 103 Penn Almag Y- Teens 10, 11, 125 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12: Intramural sports 10, 11, 12: As- sembly 10g Gym Exhibition 10: Class Committees 10. 11, 123 Vice Pres- G. A. A. "Gracie" . . . the roller skating world just wouldn't be the same without Grace . . . weakness tor blond wavy hair . , . never stays long in one place . . . mischievous gleam in her eye . . . hopes to make her future on skates. Assembly 10: Chorus 10: Y-Teens 10: Volleyball 10: Gym Exhibition 10: Class Committees 10, 11, 12. -1950 ROBERT HIGH ARTHUR R. HILL MARY L. HIMMELBERGER Stony Creek Mills. R. D. 1 Stony Creek Mills 24 501-Uh 23111 511903 Mt. Penn General Academic Commercial "Bob" . . . plans his iuture as an electrician . . . always seen with his favorite blonde . . . takes an interest in sports. motorbikes, and Pontiacs . . . asset to the band . . . basketball enthusiast. Band 10, 11. 12g Sports 10. "Artie" . . . serious minded, but always cheerful, with a smile for everyone . . . future radio and tele- vision engineer . . . dislikes women smokers and homework . . . one ot the boys from Stony Creek . . . al- ways willing to lend a helping hand. Baseball 10, 12: Key Club 123 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Mary . . . dark and vivacious . . possessor of the gift ol gab . . . spends hours playing the popular tunes on the piano . . . oh, how she hates to get up in the morning . . . plans on a secretarial career . . . watch her eys light up when Bob's name is mentioned. Homeroom Vice Pres. 10, Secretary- Treasurer 12: Chorus 10, 11. 123 Y- Teens 10, 11, 123 Usherette 11: Penn Alma Staff: Assemblies 10. VIRGINIA A. HOMAN DORIS L. IOHNSON PAUL E. JONES Ir. 11 Pgrk Lane Melrose Avenue 2816 Filbert Street Pennside Stony Creek Mills Pennside Academic Commercial General "Homer" . . . another one ol the "second row" gang . . . woman driver . . . takes her hamburgers without onions . . . Ginny loves people, and people in turn, all love Ginny . . . spends much of her time in the great outdoors . . . huge col- lection of memoirs . . . always busy. Interclass sports 10. ll, 123 Hockey team 11, 125 Co-ed Volleyball ll, 12: Volleyball team ll, 125 Y-Teens 10. ll, 123 lnterclub Representative ll: President 12: Class Secretary 10. 11, 12: Chorus 10, ll, 12: County Chorus 10: Penn Alma Staff: Class Committees Ill, ll, 12: N. ll. S. IZ. "Doris" . . . another firm advocate of rollerskating-the perfect sport! . . . can be found at Yorgey's in her spare time . . . plays a mean game of volleyball . . . spends her summers swimming at the Stony Creek A. A. Pool . . . tall and blonde. Y-Teens 10: Chorus 10: Assemblies 103 Class Committees 10: Co-ed Volleyball ll: Varsity Volleyball ll: Usherette ll: Interscholastic Sports 10, ll: Penn Alma. "Admiral" . . . will make a com- petent foreiqn advertiser . . . never seems to be able to find much spare time . . . has a sharp remark for any occasion . . . enjoys the combination of good food and ex- citement . . . unmistakeable voice . . . loves a lively discussion . . . keeps his nose buried in books. Pcnuside Parrot Editor 10: Penn Post ll, 12: Penn Alma: Hi-Y 10: Key Club 12: Junior, Senior Play: Basket- ball l0: Track ll, 12: Assembly Com- mittee l2: Debating 10, ll, 12: junior Town Meeting: Service Club IZ: Pros. N. ll. S. l2. I95O ,Fi . BERNR IOSEPH IUDITH ANN KASE MOLLIE KEAST 601 Brighton Ave. 119 North 24th Street 2535 Fairview AV9- Pennside Mt. Penn Ml- Penn Academic Academic Commercial "Bearrrna" . . . has frequent head- Judy . . . good looks and a sweet Mollie - - - never U dun moment aches from too much television . . . loathes being alone . . . alwcrys ready to laugh . . . lamous :lor her platter collection . . . loves to go places with her gang . . . plans for Penn State. Chorus 10: Pennside Parrot 10: Class Committees 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 10, 11. Sec. 10: Intramural Sports 109 Class Assemblies 10: Ushcrette 10. I95O disposition . . . the "Esther Wil- liams" of our senior :lass . . . aut- umn will find Iudy at Kutztown learning to teach the three R's . . . her smooth sun tan is the envy of all girls . . . we'll never iorget her as "Angie" in the senior play. Student Council 10: Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Service Club 10, 11, 12: Intramural Sports 10: Homeroom Secretary 119 Senior Playg N. H. S. 11, 125 Presi- dent 115 Class Committees 10, 11, 123 Penn Alma Staff: Co-ed Volleyball 12. . . . known by her horn-rimmed glasses . . . spinach hater . . . Ioanie's pal . . . dreams oi a cer- tain weekend in New York . . . cctn't stand feathers! . . . hopes to be a successful secretary. Chorus 10-12: County Chorus 12: Li- brary Club 10. ...I .aww-!n.,-.f. vu- , 1 IANICE KEEHN RICHARD KEISER RAYMOND KLEINSMITH Oak Lane 2140 Perkiomen Ave. Lorane V Stony Creek Mills Commercial General Commercial "Ianice" . . . can usually be iound near a radio . . . one oi the daily commuters from Stony Creek . . . invariably lound with the twins . . . loves movies, boating and Italian sandwiches . . . someone's secre- tary in future years . . . mashed potatoes and washing dishes get a negative vote. Assemblies 10: Y-Teens l0: Class Com- mittees 10. ll: Business English Club l2. Dick . . . enthusiastic member of the Marine Reserves . . . George is his best buddy . . . would never abide by a gal who couldn't cook . . . is just crazy about those lovely medical shots he receives at re- serve meetings. Basketball 10g Soccer 11. "Smitty" . . . entertains the girls in bookkeeping class . . . television addict . . . one of his few dislikes is writing themes . . . amiable :Zel- low . . . plans to become a Navy man and see the world. Class Committees 10, ll, 12: Baseball 103 Track llg Sportsman Club. 1950 FREDERICK KLINK GLORIA KOHL IACQUELINE KRAFT 2638 Perkiomen Ave. 32 Bingaman St. 110 Endlich Ave. Mt. Penn Esterly Academic Academic Commercial "Iackie" . . . had the seniors rock- "l-'rilz" . . . "Now listen here-!" . . all gals claim his afiections . . . loves to fish . . . on the quiet side . . . basketball addict . . . mix on homework! Basketball 10-12: Soccer 11, 121 CUSS Com. ll, 12: Key Club 12: Track 11: Pres. of I-lomeroom 10. 123 Co-ed Vol- leyball 11, 12: Assemblies ll. I95O "Dut" . . . possesses a winning smile . . . beautiful wavy hair . . . spaghetti lover . . . plans a secre- tarial career . . . still recalls ihe "downfall" of Margaret in short- hand class . . . lists eating as a hobby! Chorus 11, 123 Library Club 10, ing with laughter telling about "Sidney" . . . will burst into song at the drop of a solid note . . . one of the "golden girls". . . is consider- ing nursing for a career . . . her humor will be as good as a shot in the arm! Y-Teens 10. 11. 123 Service Club 10, ll. 121 Chorus 11. 12. Librarian 111 Eastern District 123 Penn Alma: As- semblies l0. 11. 123 Jr. Town Meeting 125 Usherette 10. 11. 12: Girls' Octcttc ll, 12g Maiorette 11. 123 Class Com- mittees: Dance Band 12. l I A PHILIP KUBOVSAK Birdsboro. R. D. 2 Academic "Whitey" . . . lanky lad . . . says he has no dislikes but he plans to remain a bachelor! . . . swimming and hunting are favorites with Whitey . . . Phillie booster without fail . . . cheerful grin. Basketball 10, llg Soccer 10. 11: Base- ball 10. RENEE LANDY 705 Endlich Ave. Mt. Penn Academic "Naisy" . . . known for her ability on the 88 keys . . . a dog lover . . . dreams of a convertible . . . appreciates Concertos and Billy Eck- stein records . . . blue De Soto . . . soon will be studying music. Penn Alma Staff: Assemblies 10-12: Chorus ll, 123 Y-Teens 10, ll, 12: County Chorus 10: Student Council 125 Class Com. 10, ll, 12. ROBERT LANDRY 1100 Friedensburg Road Stony Creek Commercial "Bob" . . . weakness for Model A Fords . . . plays a smooth Hawaiian guitar . . . that unmistakable walk . . . can't stand a wise guy . . . dry sense ol humor . . . often found with Fred . . . plans to spend his future with the F. W. Woolworth Company. Camera Club llp Dance Band 12. ' i950 BABBETTE LAWRENCE MARILYN H. LEINBACH ROBERT LEINBACH 2824 Filbert Avenue 3452 St. Lawrence Ave. 3508 St. Lawrence Ave. Pennside Esterly St. Lauwrence Commercial Commercial Academic "Bobbie" . . . cuts a mean figure on roller skates . . . adores dancing and good music . . . always hopes for a ride to school in the morning . . . her clever costume designs will help her along in her career as a commercial artist. Gym Exhibition 103 Y-Teens 10: Chorus 10: Class Committees 10, 11, 12. "Slim" . . . loves to take long invig- orating walks with a certain some- one . . . office work appeals to her . . . capable senior class treasurer . . . top ranking student . . . quiet until you get to know her . . . has a great appreciation for semi-classi- cal music . . . she'll never forget how to spell bookkeeper! Penn Post ll, 123 Senior Class Treas- urerg Chorus 10, 123 N. H. S. 12. Bob . . . placid disposition with a sense of humor to boot . . . has his head in the clouds as much as pos- sible-ilying is his hobby and also his plans ior the future . . . has fond memories of his days at Exe- ter. l95Oi E' ii'i " EMMA MAE LEVAN IULES LEVINE IANE LEWIS 101 North Bingaman St. 611 Carsorfia Ave. R. D. 2. Birdsboro Bsterly Academic Commercial "Honey" . . . follows the doings ol Lou . . . loyal to his "39" Stude- Janie . . . another book worm . . . the Reifion baseball team with great interest . . . do you know about the inconvenience typing class brings Emma? . . . one of the jr. class comedians gets his anecdotes from big sister. Library Club 10: Chorus 10, ll. dl--. , baker . . . idolizes Milton Berle . . . "P1ease, dear girl-the creases in my s1eeve" . . . plans iuture as Dr. Levine--optometrist . . . "Want to buy a pair ol shoes?" Basketball j. V. 11, Varsity 123 Hi-Y 103 Pennside Parrot 10: Gym Exhibi- tion i05 Intramural Volleyball 10. ll. 12: Class Assemblies 10. 11. 12: Senior Play: Penn Alma Staff: Class Com- mittees 10, 11. 12. can't stand split pea soup . . . en- joys playing piano . . . cheerful and full of fun . . . will take up work as a stenographer alter grad- uation. Chorus 10, 115 Music 10. I95O GENE LINE MARGARET LUDWIG GEORGE E. MACK Stony Creek Esfeflif 1950 Perkiomen Ave. General Commercial Commercial "Straight" Line . . . the young man with the voice . . . has always wanted to grow a goatee but things never came out . . . snappy new Chrysler . . . great discussions in P. O. D .... salesman lor Carpenter Steel alter graduation. Sr. Chorus ll, 12, President: Inter- mediate Chorus l0: Hi-Y 10 Presg As- semblies ll, 123 Class Committees 122 County Chorus 10, ll, 125 Eastern Dis- trirt ll: Hnmeroom President ll. "Peggy" . . . shorty . . . loathes cabbage Cthe vegetablej . . . could spend hours riding in a car, but not with "cowboy drivers" . . . success- iul iuture as an organist . . . that giggle . . . likes to curl up in a cozy corner and read a good book. Chorus Accompanist 10, 11, 123 County Chorus 10: Y-Teens 12. "Georgie" . . . an outdoor man . . . hunting and fishing expert . . . ior advice on camping ask George . . . senior class photographer . . . Cer- tified Public Accountant is his aim . . . George is 10096 for all sports . . absurd laugh. Camera Club 10, ll, 125 Varsity Swim- ming 10, ll. 12: Varsity Soccer ll: Safety Club 10: Varsity Track 10, ll. 12. I I r s RICHARD MATZ IRENE A. MCCOMAS THOMAS McGLINN 2539 Glen Terrace Iacksonwald Avenue 734 Carsonia Ave. Mt. Penn Esterly Pennside Academic Commercial Commercial "Dick" . . . iull oi fun . . . wonder- "Sandy" . . . blonde wavy hair Tom - - - his Pride and l0Y is his iul dancer . . . yellow "convertible" . . . well known lor those cute little lime green Convertible F0rd 1hat's always converted! . . . ahhh animals she draws . . . never with- Smooth dCH1CGf Und muster of all -steamed clams . . . plans a lu- ture with Penn State in view . . . "Three little words-" . . . Cin the senior playj. Service Club 10-125 Penn Alma 12: Class Com. 10, ll, 125 Senior Play, Homeroom Vice Pres. 10: Assemblies 10, ll. l2. out a smile . . . hates those visits to the dentist . . . iuture plans in- clude art school . . . spends much of her time watching television . . . tall. willowy gal with lots of grace. Hockey 10, 113 Chorus 11, 123 Y-Teens ll, 125 Program Chairman 123 May Queen 105 Penn Post 11, 123 Art Club 103 Homeroom Secretary 115 Class Committees 11, 12g Basketball Team 103 Athletic Club 10: Penn Alma Staffg N. H. S. 12. new steps Chard at work on the Charlestonj . . . has a laugh that became all the rage with the senior boys . . . gas station attendant. Soccer 11, 125 Baseball 11, 12g Penn Alma. 1950 ROBERT MCMULLEN CARL H. MELL EDGAR MILLER Sronersville Stony Creek Mills 2332 Grandview Ave. Mt. Penn Commercial Generdl Academic "Mac" . . . ever smiling lad with ever ready good humor . . . al- ways has a crew cut Cbut delin- itelylj . . . ask him about his long trips to Reiftton . . . future Navy lad . . . clothes conscious. Baseball 10: Basketball 10: Sport Club 103 Homeroom President 10: Class Play 10: Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12: Soc- cer 10. ll, 12. "Iiggs" . . . short. but dynamic . . . cars-good, bad. any kind . . . regu- lar card shark . . . his hobbies are hunting, fishing. and carpenter work . . . thinks there ought to be a law against women drivers . . . looks to carpentry ior the future. Hi-Y 10. "Edges" . . . one ol the gang . . . tall. lean. and lanky fthe Gary Cooper typeb . . . women and T. V. rate high score with Ed . . . never gets enough sleep . . . drives a ma- roon Studebaker . . . future college man. Basketball 10, ll, 123 Soccer 11, 12: Track ll, 12: Class Com. 12. 1 l95O " 1' if-f 13' . ' ROBERT MONROE LOUISE MOYER ALICE S. NAIARIAN Iacksonwald Stony Creek Mills 2516 Filbert Avenue Mt. Penn Commercial Commercial Academic "Bob" . . . usher at Loew's theater . . . also a Marine Reserve man . . . a ian oi I. P. Morgan . . . added spice to our P. O. D. discussions . . . will become -:either a projection man lor movies or a Marine . . . booming bass voice. Baseball 10: Soccer 10. "Liz" . . . small. dark, and quiet . . . always dependable . . . can't tolerate people who talk at the movies . . . avid television ian . . . likes anything that's eatable . . . Liz will never forget those days at Pennside. Y-Teens 105 Chorus 12. "Frenchy" . . . keeps the "S" in her name a secret . . . efficient sales lady . . . merchandising in the fu- ture ior Alice . . . gets along just fine without cats . . . despite the nickname, her accent will never iool anyone . . . lovely lady with be- witching eyes. Service Club 10. 11, 123 Y-Teens 10, ll, 12: Soc. Chairman 123 Class Sec. 105 Junior and Senior Playsg Penn Alma: Personals Chsirmang Penn Post 10, ll. 12g Assoc. Editor ll, 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 125 N. H. S. 12. -----f--e-e1e---l-- IQSO CECELIA NAGLE Birdsboro, R. D. 2 General "Celie" . . . cat lover with accent on black cats Cno superstition herelj . . . very talented artist . . . enter- taining books occupy her spare time. and basketball season is her favor- ite time oi the year . . . ieels most at home in her blue jeans and plaid shirt. Exeter "Blue and Whitc"g Exeter Echo: Art Club. l95O CORVITA PACHUILO 26 W. 35th Street Reiffton General "Puch" . . . partial to Irishmen . . loves to experiment with cooking . . . avid year-round sports fan . . . tail- oring attracts Corvita for the iuture . . . will never forget those walks from Mt. Penn to Reiffton alter hockey practice . . . ambitious and pleasant. Baseball 10, ll, 123 Hockey 10, 123 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 123 Homeroom Treas. 11: Chorus 10, 11, 123 Girls' Octette 11, 12: Y-Teens 11, 12: Treas. 12: N. H. S. 12. x ESTHER PETERSEN Burnetts Trailer Camp Birdsboro, R. D. No. 2 "Pete" . . . the latest addition to the class of '50 . . . well traveled and plans on more ol the same . . . talented swimmer and bowler . . . enjoys an interesting book or a nice long hike . . . thoughtful lady with grace and charm. Basketball 10. ll. 12: Swimming team 10, ll: Library Club 10, ll. 123 C0-ed Volleyball 12. 4 ,.' ,mr an-mf. 3, w NANCY I. PHILLIPS DOLORES PRIEBE PAY REICH 2410 Woodale Avenue Stgny Cfeek M1115 Vespa, Avenue Academic Commercial Stony creek Mans General Phil . . . a capable person with plenty of poise . . . her pet peeve is a faulty clarinet reed . . . iabu- lous knitter . . . faithful Henry Mor- gan fan . . . future teacher with town college in the immediate :Zuture . . . slumber party addict. Y-Teens 10. ll, 123 Concert Band, Marching Band, County Band 10, ll, 12: Chorus ll, 123 Penn Post 10, ll, Assoc. Editor 12: Penn Alma co-editor: Youth Council li. "Bu11y" . . . known for her ready smile and cute jokes . . . look for her at Eck's contentedly munching an Italian sandwich . . . she'll never forget those bookkeeping classes . . . plans spending her future as a :nec- retary. Library Club 10: Athletic Club 102 Chorus 10, 113 Class Committees 10, ll, 12. Faysie . . . loves the great outdoors . . . anyone want to go bike riding? . . . Pay is always ready to go roller skating with the gang . . . cherishes the memories of Pennside Iunior High . . . smile lor -everyone . . . handy with a needle and thread. Y-Teens 10. ll. 12: Program Chair- man 10. W 1 I95O ul f R it :gg . IANICE M. REIFSNYDER IUNE I. REIFSNYDER GERTRUDE RHEIN Marshall Avenue Birdsboro R. D. No. Z 314 Cemetery Lane Stony Creek Mills Commercial Commercial Commercial "Beit" . . . ace typist . . . you can Blondie . . . full of pep and vitality ulioopieu ' ' U those sparkling dark find this peppy miss -:heering Mt. . . . clever needlewoman . . . one eyes . U h HHOIY Crow!-f D l ' UML Penn on to victory . . . will lend her oi her favorite haunts is the "Mag- Penn live" was Hoopie's brain child . . . attracted by the word "life- guard" . . . Octette member . . . always ready lor a good time . . slim miss. Y-'l'een10, 11. 12: Chorus 10, 11, 12: Girls' Octette 11, 12: Eastern District Chorus 11, 12: County Chorus 10, 11, 12: Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12: Intra- mural Basketball llg Hockey Team 11, 12: Hcmeroom Treas. 11. skill to oiiice work after graduation . . . the girl with the dancing :Eeet . . . has a liking lor laughter and movies . . . plenty of vitality. Student Council Sec. 10: Cheerleader 10, 11. 12: Gym Exhibition 101 As- semblies 11, 12: County Chorus 12: Chorus 10, 11, 12: Homeroom Vice Pres. 12: Blue and White 10. gie" . . . happiest with Bob . . . enjoys chorus . . . will be seen in the future pounding out sixty words a minute. Interscholastic Basketball 10: Co-ed Volleyball 11: Y-Teens 10: Senior Chorus 11, 12. IQSO - 4 l NANCY IEAN RHOADS GERALDINE RISSMILLER KATHRYN RITTENHOUSE 2610 Filbert Avenue R. D. No. 2, Pa. 1-010116. PC!- Mt. Penn Birdsboro Commercial Academic Commercial Nan . . . slim blonde . . . extensive record collection . . . provides en- tertainment for the gang at her per- petual "open house" . . . enjoys a good party and long hours ol dunc- inq . . . hopes to be 1:1 model. Chorus 11, l25 Class Com. 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens 10, ll, 123 Service Club 10, ll, 121 Penn Alma Stali. Ierry . . . ct former Exeter lass with plans to spend her future as a sec- retcry . . . il you ever need a quick book report-see Ierry. she reads 'em all . . . a daily sight at MPHS is Iane. Ianice, and Ierry! Library Club 103 Chorus 10, ll. 12. Kate . . . a certain interest in .he alumni . . . her one aim for the ru ture is to be a successful housewife . . . keeps Ioanne company . she took up riding "Ye Old School Bus" at an early age. Gym Exhibition 10g Library Club 10 Chorus 10, 1 1. IL J I95O DAVID RITTER MARY IO ROBERTS E. LOU!SE ROBERTSON Birdsboro 2860 Filbert Street' 2421 Endlich Avenue R. D. No. 2 Pennside Academic General Academic Dave . . . one oi Mr. Wen!zel's ar- dent study hall ians . . . excels in woodwork . . . the little red and black Ford is his pride and joy . . . brown eyes and a snappy crew cut keep the girls dazzled. Sports Club 10: Baseball 10: Soccer 10, ll. I95O Io . . . personality, vim and vigor are Io's trademarks . . . seen be- hind the wheel ol a sharp yellow convert .... wicked sense oi humor wlicn it comes to gym class ouidoors . . . East Stroudsburg and phys. ed. lor Io. County Chorus 10g Band 10, ll, 12: County 10. 12: Dance Band ll, 12: Marching Band 11, 12: Penn Alma: Pennside Parrot: Assembly 10: Y- Tcens 10, ll. 12: Hockey ll, 12: Bas- ketball Mgr. ll, 12: Volleyball ll, 123 Co-ed ll. 12. 'Red" . . . our reclehaired. blue-eyed beauty . . . really makes that little Plymouth hop . . . always has a lull date book . . . weakness for swimming and slumber parties . . . "that Robertson giggle" . . . alter graduation from West Chester would lik: to teach in Mt. Penn . . . always busy. Cheezlcader 10, ll: Color Guard 10, ll, 12: Sec.-Treasurer 10: Penn Post 9-12: Y-Teens 10. ll. 12. Publicity chairman 12: Junior and Senior Plays: Co-ed Volleyball ll, 12: Assemblies: Usher- ctte 10, ll, 12: Penn Alma Feature Chairman: N. H. S. ll, 12. Vice Pres. II: Hockey Mgr. ll, l2: Jr. Town Meeting 12: Student Council ll, 12, Sec. ll, 12. MARILYN RUTH ALAN SCHLEGEL IOANNE SCHLEGEL Iacksonwald 814 Friedensburg Road 12 Marshall Avenue Stony Creek Mills Stony Creek Mills Academic Academic Commercial "Puss" . . . is fascinated by people in general . . . on the confidential side we hear she has a secret de- side to play a snare drum! . . . en- joys reading. classical music. and home ec class . . . plans one day to be teaching little girls how to boil water. Y-Teens ll: Chorus 10, ll, 12: County Chorus 10: Basketball 10: Hockey 10. v -nl "Al" . . . swimming is his middle name . . . a whiz at math with plans to teach that subject . . . makes his second home at the Glen . . . always with his gang . . . loyal Pennside alumnus . . . 1-ll will always re- member that I. V. championship . . . smooth dancer. Hi-Y 10: Sec. 105 Basketball 10, 11. 125 Soccer 123 Baseball 10. ll, 121 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12: Class Pres. ll: Vice Pres. 125 Key Club 12: Sec. 12: Class Committees 10, 11, 12- N. H. S. 12. v "Iosie" . . . in the future we will see her as a successful housewife . . . spends her spare time with Iim . . . a winning smile lor every- one . . . capable Penn Alma treas- urer . . . seen trudging to the Diner quite often. Y-Teens Treasurer 103 Penn Alma Treasurer 125 Class Committees 10. ll, 12. i""l95O 27 l' l l NANCY SCHNEIDER EMIL SCHULZE MARVINE O. SHAFFER 2244 Ochre Street Iacksonwald Limekiln Mt. Penn General Commercial Academic "Birdie" . . . special knack for read- ing in P. O. D. class . . . a woman driver with cl specialty in safety zones . . . letters to Iuniata . . . a iuture art teacher with K-town col- lege after graduation . . . Miss Ei- liciency with a sparkling sense oi humor. Y-Teens 10. ll, 12: Pub. Chairman 11: Service Club 10, ll, 12: Chorus 11. 123 Octette 125 Penn Post 10, 11, 12, Edi- tor ll-12: Penn Alma co-editorg Co-ed Volleyball ll, 123 jr. Town Meeting 12. l95O "Neem" . . . one of the ladies' ta- orite lads . . . wonderiul cralts- man . . . future plans include shop work . . . sharp new car . . . pre- fers a sunny day any old time . . . strong silent type but oh, what a smile. Soccer 10. 11: Basketball 10, 11: Vol- leyball ll, 12: Baseball 10: Sportsman Club. "Mo" . . . mischievous blue eyes . . . right wing on the hockey team . . . "My bookkeeping doesn't come out again" . . . loves any kind ol music . . . would-be tennis player . . . ever seen Mo struggling with her locker door? Hockey 10, ll. 123 Chorus 11, 125 Y- Teens 11, 125 Penn Alma: Homeroom Sec. ll, 12: Class Sec. 103 Basketball 101 Intramural 11, 12: Co-ed Volley- ball ll, 123 Gym Exhibition 10. MORTON G. SHERMAN DELBERT SHURR DELOHES E. SOWA 31 Nom, 25th Street Birdsboro, R. D. No. 2. Pa. 2434 Filbert street ML Penn General Commercial Academic "Rocky" . . . Saturday nights at the Hajah . . . spends his spare time thinking up witty remarks about everyone in homeroom 24 . . . his likes include redheads, blondes and brunettes . . . "Fill 'er up?" is the slogan while on the job . . . will tack an M.D. to his name in the future. Class Treasurer 10: Student Council 11, 12: Vice President 12: Jr. High Basketball 10: Track Team ll, 12: Key Club 12: Assemblies 10, 11, 125 Penn Alma StaEg Co-ed Volleyball ll, 12: Class Committees 10. 11, 12. "De1p" . . . is well known as a "lady killer" . . . another staunch M.P.H. basketball supporter . . . he's known by some as "The tree snatch er." Can Exeter escapadej . . . good competition for any short stop. Baseball 103 Basketball 10. 113 Soccer 12: Co-ed Volleyball. "Blondie" . . . can be found at all the basketball games . . . music and dancing get a yes vote . . . want to know what's on T. V. tonite?-ask Delores, she's sure to know . . . des- tined to join secretarial ranks after graduation. Y-Teens 10: Chorus 11, 12: Assem- blies 10: Intramural Sports 10. --s -W 1950 :zu I I - - 4 -- ,. . ,,,. 31 . SHIRLEY L. STEINMETZ 3208 Perkiomen Avenue Reifiton, Pa. Commercial Tootie . . . sweet memories of the jr. class doggy roast . . . an ardent basketball ian, she can always be seen in her second row seat . . . likes to see a crew cut . . . spends her spore time watching television next door. Basketball 103 Cheerleading 10: Gym Exhibition 10: Hockey 10, ll, 12: Chorus 10. 11, 12: Y-Teens 11, 12: Co-ed Volleyballg National Honor So- Ciety 12, Penn Post 11, 125 Penn Alma Typist 12. l950 NANCY I EAN STUMP 2715 Perkiomen Avenue Mt. Penn Academic Stumpy . . . reserved and demure . . . another oi Milton B's fans- spends hours by the T. V. set . . . fond of music . . . always has her homework done! . . . will prepare ior teaching at Kutztown State. Y-Teen 10, 11, 12: Assembly 103 Na- tional Honor Society 11, 12, Sec. 11: Class Committees. 1 1 THOMAS P. STULTS. IR. 109 Endlich Avenue Mt. Penn Academic Tom . . . always knows the score when it comes to baseball . . . "the friendly undertaken' . . . looks to a future in business administra- tion . . . we think of him as Provi- dence's contribution to the Republi- can party. Assemblies 10, 11, 12: Debating Team 10, 11, 12: Service 10, 11, 12g Junior Piayg Camera Club 10, 11, l2g Key Club 12, President: Mgr. Basketball, Track, Soccer and Baseball 125 Penn Post 10, 11, 125 Penn Alma Statf: Class Committees 10, ll, 123 National Honor Society 12. -f. , M. ELIZABETH TOWNSEND 455 Hill Avenue Ponnsiclc Academic Bette . . . loves that "Vogue-like" appearance . . . future "woman in white" . . . talented artist . . . you can always find her with Kathy . .. that snappy jitterbugging . . . loads of fun. Cheerleader 10: Y-Teens 10. ll. 12: Class Committees 10, ll. 123 Service Club 123 Penn Alma Staff: Gym Ex- hibition l0: C0-cd Volleyball 12. -.,':FK.f ,qi HENRIETTA TRUCKERMILLER GLORIA WEAVER 2232 Perkiomen Avenue Esterly. Pa. Commercial General "Henry" . . . her happy smile . . . Sis . . . usually quiet and serious keeps abreast of the best seller list . . . a Bing Crosby admirer . . . was colossal in the junior play . . . our bowling instructor . . . hopes to get out and see the world! intermediate Chorus 10: Senior Chorus ll, 123 Assemblies: Jr. Play: Y-Teens 10, ll. 12. but really lets go at basketball games . . . food rates high on her list oi likes . . . quite a wonderful athlete . . . always with her gang . . . will be "sailing, sailing" as a future Wave. Cheerleading 103 Chorus 10: Gym Ex- hibition l0: Hockey 10, 125 Basket- ball l0, ll, 125 Y-Teens ll, 12. v -1950 ROBERT WELLER Gibraltar, Pa. Academic "Whitey" . . . loves weekends . . . early band gets him down . . . slow to anger . . . ready to smile . . . ii he's not behind his clarinet. look for him behind home plate. Baseball 10: Band 10, ll, QIZQ Presi- dent 121 Dance Band ll, 121 All Coun- ty Band 10. ll, 123 Basketball 10. 1950 DONALD YEAGER 2440 Fairview Avenue Academic "Wess" . . . tall blond boy with a suave manner . . . keeps us mys- tiiied with his trick Cwithout benefit of baggy sleeveslj . . .likes a femin- ine lady for his date . . . future plans will possibly include meteor- ology . . . and ot course. honorable mention for his 1926 Whippet! Track 10, 11. 123 Basketball 10, 11. 12: Student Council Treas. 11, Pres. 121 Senior and Junior Playsg Key Clubg Penn Alma3 Class Committeesq Assemblies, RICHARD YODER 2230 Perkiomen Avenue Academic . Dick . . . Busy man on the Stage Crew . . . winner of the American Legion Award in 10th grade . . . has teamed up with Wess ior many an assembly ior magic that left us baffled . . . hamburgers are really heaven ior this boy . . . will make a future magician unexcelled. Stage Crew 10, ll, 12: Homerom Pres. 103 Class Committees. ---. L f-i SALLY ANN YOHN Stony Creek Mills Commercial Sally . . . petite blonde . . . viva- cious cheer-leader . . . loves basket- ball games . . . frequent movie pa- tron . . . quite handy with a thread and needle . . . the tuture will iind her as a capable secretary and housewife . . . thinks Herby is just tops. Chorus 10, 11. 12: County Chorus 10: Class Committees 10. 11, 123 Varsity Cheerleader 11, 12. SANFORD YOUNGERMAN 26 Filbert Avenue Mt. Penn Academic "Sy" . . . able class president . . . tall, lanky basketball star . . . "I was nerrrvous!" . . . grade-A "M. C." . . . music loverwl bop that isj . . . thinks "Honey" is pretty sweet . . . would like to spend his future on the stage. Basketball, J. V. 10: Varsity 11, 123 Penn Post 10, 113 Penn Alma Stafl 123 Junior and Senior Plays: Key Club 125 Class President 123 Assemblies 7-125 Soccer 12: Homeroom Pres. 11: Class Vice Pres. 10. 1950 7:00 7:20 7:45 8:00 8:20 8:32 8:40 9:30 10:20 11:15 round flze Gfock in mf. jaemz gffqlz Selma! 110 seniors shut off their alarm clocks and go back to sleep. 110 seniors are unceremoniously awakened once more and sleepily begin prepara- tion for another day at dear M. P. H. S. 109 seniors have breakfast fAlice Najarian is on a dietb. Last minute study, radio, morning paper-egad! Look at Dick Tracy! Sensible seniors leave for school. What's this sudden gust of wind? Just Pat Brossman and Nancy Schneider dash- ing down Filbert Avenue toward the front door, Jackie and Renee dashing up Filbertg Bette and Kathy doing a 50-yd. dash from the north corner of 25th street: and there comes Nancy Phillips approaching on the south end of 25th street. It happens every day! Just in time to greet the late bell. lst period-You can tell more or less who has what by the expression on his face. Here comes Dolores Priebe, Dolores Sowa, and Joan Hartlinc trying to look wide awake and energetic for gym class. Bertha and Bob-oh well, they always look happy. There goes Tom McGlinn looking very grim-must be chemistry. Joyce Babb and Mary Himmelberger look a little frantic-shorthand! Among the mad rush of students dashing to get a good typewriter we spot Cecelia, Floyd, Delbert, and that typing whiz, Mary Jo Roberts. It never fails-that fresh air fiend "Red" Robertson throws open a window which is promptly closed by Judy Kase. Bell rings for 2nd period-Here come Paul Eisenhower. Gene Line, and Don Hafer of the boys sextette fame happily tuning up their vocal cords. Berna and Carol are deen in conversation. Berna giggles as only Berna can. Dick Matz- for shame! Not down the up stairway. Doris Johnson, Louise Moyer, and Marian Eck are laughing-they must have a study hall. 3rd period-Bob Landry, Dick Gechter, and Dan Diefenderfer are headed for art Class-Danny, those cemetery scenes are really scrumptuous! Emil Shultz and Bing Bright, leisurely strolling after them, are ready to create their usual master- pieces. Sandy McComas tour Alma cover creatorl is also going in the direction of the art room, sketch pad in hand. Boom! What's dat? Those physic brains, Duane and Nick blowing up the boiler. 4th period-"What do you want for lunch?" Nancy Rhoads can be heard shout- ing to the gang who eats at Eck's. Here come some of our future secretaries, Shirley Bricker, Gloria Kohl, Gertie Rhein, and Henrietta Truckermiller hurrying to class. Mrs. Dreisbach is in for it again! Paul Jones has thought of more clever remarks for French class. Ah, that last bell-it has finally rung. 1950 . 12:10 12'15 l:l5 1:30 2:15 3:00 round LLAE fock af lf. Qjemz 3'b'qlz Sckoof To homeroom-to lockers-to lunch. Marilyn and Marvine rush to their locker, but due to the crowded conditions within, have extreme difficulty in locating their coats. -1:15 The boys, composed of such illustrious personalities as Ray Kleinsmith, Dick Kciser, Arthur Hill, and Bob Leinbach, to mention only a few, gather on the cor- ner for a confab. Dave Ritter putts by in his model "A", closely pursued by Harold Boone. Later "Rookie" Sherman puts in his appearance, announcing his arrival with "ahh ahh" Cthat sound-you name ith. A familiar sight is .lane Bievcr, Janice Keehn, and the Dautrich twins taking their daily constitutional. Another everyday occurance is the noon-time get-together of the Stony Creek gals. Gracie Herbine and Rose Heim keep things lively and everybody is happy -everybody. in this case, Jane Lewis, Molly Keast, Janice Bowman, Ardell Clay Cwhen she doesn't arrive on a motor scooterb, Fay Reich, Geraldine Rissmiller, and Emma Levan. Babs and Fred stroll along in complete oblivion! You'll also see George Mack, Tommy Stults, and Paul Hartline, cameras in hand, looking for victims. Kate Rittenhouse "sits" with Joanne while she collects money in the upper hall for the year book. Surrounded by a group of little admirers we see Babb, Bachman, Hawk, Schlegel, and Englehart clad in their familiar gray and maroon jackets, telling about their many basketball exploits. Hungry?-The girls to help you are Ginny, Janice, Corvita, Gloria Weaver, Shirley Steinmctz, and Louise Hauer. Their lunch bags are never empty! Among the crowd at Eck's we spot "Tex" DeTemp1e putting a nickel in the juke box. Sitting in a booth are Babette and Ibra chatting and sipping cokes. Buzz-Amid the rush and clamor of eager UD students at the portals of M.P.H.S. we hear a voice in the rear-it's Lou Levine announcing "Free beer for sale!" Afternoon classes begin-Marilyn Leinbach and Margaret Ludwig, heads close together, seem to be enjoying a private tete-a-tete. Nancy Stump, deeply en- grossed in her German book, bumps into Esther Peterson-German is soon for- gotten. In the commercial department we find Clarence Hafer, Jim Harcar, and Richard Hassler ably assisting Mr. Carson. Ah! that bell for assembly. Marching into the auditorium to the music of our great band, we spy Bob Weller, president, in the clarinet section. Naughty, naughty!-not in the front row boys. And that means you McMullen, Mell, Miller, Monroe, Klink, and Kubovsak! And now-on with the show! Here comes that super-colossal M. C., Sy Youngerman, loaded with jokes. Always a pleasant treat is a song from Miriam Esslinger, accompanied by Ruth Angstadt. Two "little boys" full of tricks, Wess Yeager and Dick Yoder fascinate us with their feats of magic. To complete this enjoyable assembly, Sally Yohn and June Reif- snyder do a dance specialty. Assembly is over and we file out of the auditorium and to our homerooms. A day at Mt. Penn is completed. For the seniors-12 years are completed. ...l95O Shlflej ,Q-ieam ' Belly Searle' .412 .JJEHZOIW Betty and Shirley are at rest Within the grave's embrace, While yet their lovely youth is unfultilledg Wherefore, we their classmates willed That in this place a consecrated memorial should be, To mark our undying thanks that they hav il e lived INBIRSTI DBS A Q - i L 1' MM ' WW A .L--" wk :iw 5 F3 A' CCIEVGIZIQZ QWIK E First row-Ruth Gaul, Elsie Diener, Helen Chilton, Emma Billington, Pat Bice, Harriet Brown, Sally Aicher, June Berg, Debbie Babbitt, Gretchen Dunkleberger, Jean Eiseman. Second row-Jack Ennis, Janice Focht, June Faber, Phyllis Cohen. Elaine Ennis, Emma Ganter, Jill Fink, Virginia Arters, Dorothy Carol Arnot, Joan Christman, June Bausher, Ronald Comely. Third row-Robert Clay, Ray Bortz, Harry Freidrick, John Esterly, John Gofus, Leonard Griesemer, Ronald Bause, Robert Beane, William Gehring, Larry Caplan, Albert Aron, Toni Di Blasi. l95O' Cgfevezzfh ra e First row-Anna Mae Hciser, Grace Haier, Shirley Herb, June Homan, Betty Lou Hafer, Phyllis Matz, Louisa Miller, Sylvia McCoy. Stella Harcaar, Phyllis Hornihg, Mary Jane Lash. Second row-Leonard LeVan, Joe Marino, Robert Hertzog, Christine Hartman, Barbara Hibshman, Barbara Haas, Sharon Hughes, Sherlyn Herbein, Shirley Mason, Richard Knabb, John Kline, Russell Hart. Third row-Jack McGrath, Donald Mock, Gerald Hcckman, Eddie Houp, Norman Kreider, Charles King, Bruce McLean, Donald Leinbach, Charles Hafer, Curtis Haier, Walter Kropp. l95O 8!6V6llfh QW!! 6 First row-Edward Pieree, Eugene Quinter, James Rohrbaeh, Glen Winter, Paul Seidel. Second row-Ronald Zeigler, Gloria Youse, Barbara Wagner, Becky Youse, Vivian Zeigler, Peggy Nein, Janet Nagle, Joyce Quaintence, Jean Wenger, Janice Rep- pert. Sally Sustcllo, Kenneth Wolf. Third row-Shirley Rice, Audrey Wolfinger, Marilyn Walters, Barbara Schlegel. Cynthia Rohn, Patsy Stiehler, Marlene Zeigler, Lucy Ruppert, Loraine Romieh, Audrey Shurr, Martha Roberts, Joy Ridell, Marjorie Schmoyer. Fourth row,-Paul Weller, Daniel Yoder, Charles Weaver, Robert Troxel, Robert Wool, Walter Zubvko, Ray Seiz, Norman Weiler, Dick Seiz, William Steiff, Jack Schaeffer, William Rittenhouse. I95O 6612 flz gm e First row-Jeanette Ramsey, Peter Hirst, Claire Yeager, Joan McGrath, Ronald Pisano. Pat Griffin, Ann Sherman, Bruce Young, Lillian Duchodni. Scccnfl row-Gloria Lawrence, Ann Fasic, Mary Lou Folk, Jackie Ganster, Jackie Aigcldinger, Joanne Bates, Betty Heiss, Joan Kennedy. Third row-Mr. Wentzel, Laurie Mervine, Alan Gibstein, David Shaner, David Rcinscl, Percival Richardson, William Lloyd, Thomas Eshelman. ,A 'rr ir 1950 manila ra e 4 l First rowHJaek Bussard, Clair Power, Mary Lou Klink, Noreen La Pearl, Jane Groff, Joyce Kneehtel, Connie Fcssler, Patty Johnston, Shirley Griffin, Mark Brumbaeh, Paul Feldman. Second row-Mr. Dreisbach, Shirley Homan, Marjorie Heller, Palsy Baer, Shirley llerflieker, Joan Eifert, Sylvia Krug, Shirley Fick. Joan Campfield. Third row-David Fehr, William Greenhalgh, William Lountzis, Ellis Edmunds, Bruce Hotzman. Leon Krammes, Phil Jacobs, James Keller. Uwufb Jrarjr: First row-Emmy Lou Post, Phillis Zilhart, Delores Wentzel, Yvonne Thunieh, Sandra Shaffer, Gayle Sands, Nancy Rapp, Jeanette Reitz, Shirley Staign, Peggy Shenk Shirley Smith. Second row-Miss Wentzel, David Nagle, Nancy Yoder, Dorothy Ruhf, Shirley Seidel, Francis Prichert, Marcia Stupp, David Weidner, Rodney Reeder. Third row-Charles Shaw, Mike Mascal, Robert Rachman, Heintz Newman, Jack Ziegler. Gene Yoder, Jack Risheill, Marvin Newfer, Floyd Shade, Leon Shaedler. IQSO Cgiqlz fb gm e First row-Claire Caulbach, Jane Dowd, Mary Ann Hollingsworth, Pat Keifcr, Sally Freed, Cynthia Barlinick, Barbara Hafer, Ann Hoff, Jane Kilpatrick. Second row-Clyde Kauffman, Sam Heiser, Barbara Hinkle, Doris Breidcgam, Mr. Wcarnc, Doris Butt, Nancy Boyer, Nelson Delp, Rommie Daughtry. Third row-Charles Gower, Donald Allison, Marshall Kerry, Donald Bauer, John Brobst, David Frymoyer, Edourd de Merlier, Robert Alt, 1950 WML mm First row-Calvin Trivel, Pat Keifer, Mary Ann Snyder, Joan Kilpatrick, Ray Simms, Jackie Winters, Stuart Severns, Marcia Stump, Shirley Miller, Mary Ann Nein Melvin Smith. v Second row--Robert Tobias, Wilma Reiser, Shirley Stettler, Patsy Stuber, Shirley Manwiller, Shirley Zcigler, Mr. Miller, Huberta Young, Auraela La Pearl, Fren Shade, Leith Saunders, Roxann Monoson, Elwood Rhein. Third row-Richard Sfingas, Gene Robbins, Neil Miller, Samuel Petsch, Clair Williams, David Romich, Ronald Young, Barry Landy, .lack Seidel, Kenneth Shockley, Barry Stass, Robert Reitz. l l95O evenfh ra e First row-Glen Lessig, Robert Rhcin, Marvin Quay, Georgia Rote, Patsy Behm, Lee Cohen, Terry Jacobs, Philip Heffilfinger, Mary Di Blasi, Sandra Eckman, Ray Winters, Stephen Tuck, John Moore. Second row-Gene Stuber, Carol Johnson, Georgine Ebbert, Doris Beane, Janice Heiss, Shirley Yoder, Joan Mock, Nancy Grube, Nancy Lee Ruth, Joan Young, Barbara Rcitz, .lack Stuber. Third row-Rudy Mervine, Rex Mervine, Joseph Zondlo, Ralph Ganter, Betty Griffin, Donna Hollingsworth, Mr. Bierly, Mary Kropp, Marlise Kropp, Robert Johnson, Rothwell Lutz, Jimmy Shoustal, Louis Andre, Rodger Herbein. I95O T ! H 5 Sfudenf Gowzci m" ' 'e l First row-Renee Landy, Morton Sherman, Louise Robertson, Donald Yeager, John Esterly, Peggy Nein, Nancy Grube. Second row-Lee Cohan, Bruce Young, Mary Lou Klink, Claire Yeager, Mr. James, Bruce McLean, Jack Bussard, Sam Heiser, Gretchen Dunkleberger. "Student Council"-heart of the school. That was the theme of the Wcst Reading conference held early in the school year and Mount Penn readily took up the ideas pre- sented there. The biggest project this year was the annual C.A.R.E. drive. The clothing cola lectcd this year far exceeded our quota of eighteen bags. This year's officers were: Donald Yeager, President, Morton Sherman, 'Vico- Presidentg Secretary, Louise Robertson, and Treasurer, John Esterly. I95O A -.-I albreffes an afar uar First row-Mary Lou Klink, Nancy Yoder, Jackie Kraft, Shirley, Janet I-leiss. Second row-Louise Robertson, Jean Eiseman, Barbara Evans, Pat Brossman. Appearing at every home basketball game, this active group with its colorful uniforms and excellent twirling, added to the attraction of the band's clever formations. These girls worked hard and diligently in their maneuvers at half-time, and all at Mount Penn should feel proud of them. 1 I95O 6111! First row-Marcia Stump. Mary Ann Nein, Mary llollingsworth. Sally Freed, Barbara Reitz, Nancy Ruth, Bobby Johnson. Ray Winters. Rothwell Lutz, Sam lleiser. Mark Brumbach. Second row4Ray Simms, Maria Stupp, Emmy Lou Post, Mary Kropp. Yvonne Thunick. Mr. Levan. lluberta Young. Phyllis Matz. June lloman, Peggy Nein. Ronald Ziegler. Third row-Mary .lo Roberts. Delores Wentzel, ltlarjorie lleller, Russell Hart. Bob Weller, Louise Ilauer, Winfield Lease, John Kline. Martha Roberts. Barbara llibshman. Shirley Ilcrflicker. Fourth row, Donald Allison, Bill Greenhalgh, Thomas lishclman, David Romich. Lowrie Mervine, Carol Arnot, .lack Risheill, Paul Feldman, Bob lligh, Richard Gechter, Iidourd deMerlicr. Fifth rowgllavid Frymoyer, David Reinsel, Percival Rieliardsogi. .lack Zeieler, Leonard Griesemer, David Shaner. Bill Simmon, David Fehr. Charles Weaver. John listerlv. Always one of the outstanding organizations in the school, the band has com- pleted another successful year under the direction of Mr, William Levan. Their appearance in their snappy new uniforms added much to the spiirt of basketball games, and their drills at half time were looked forward to by all. As always, the highlight of the season was the spring concert, The band showed us just how hard they worked by playing such difficult selections as Zampa Overture, and American Salute March. Even the members will admit it was worth getting up an houi earlier every Wednesday, if it meant playing such a fine concert. With the loss of only seven seniors this year, the band can look forward to another successful season next year. Band officers were: President, Robert Weller, Vice-President. .lohn Kline: Secre- tary, Louise Ilauerg and Treasurer. Winfield Lease. IQSO- KHIC8 fill! At piano, Louise llauer, with her Jackie Kraft, vocalist. First row-Robert Weller, ltflartha Roberts, Phyllis Matz, Mary .lo Roberts. Second row-Paul Feldman, David Shaner, Winfield Lease, Thomas ESl'l0lllll.lI'l, June lloman, John Klein. Third row-Robert Landry, Ronald Ziegler, Mr. Levan. Absent from picture, Ruth Angstadt. An indispensible musical organization is the Dance Band. Without them the dances after basketball games would never have been so gay. We'll never forget that inevitable call-"Whitey VV6llCl'H+Zlft0I' every intermission, and the trouble Jackie had with :lie microphone every time she charmed us with A'Temptation". The band also provided the music lor all our new basketball cheer songs. Q T IQ5 o jfaflozzaf gfoizor Soclefy I9 Seated-Barbara Evans, Judy Kase, Louise Robertson, Paul Jones, Louise Hauer Sandy lVlcComas, Nancy Stump. Standing-Duane Goldman, Ginny Homan, Marilyn Walters, John Esterly, Alice Najarian, Alan Schlegel, Marilyn Leinbach, Jim Babb, Shirley Steinmetz, Mrs. Mack Corvita Pachuilo, Thomas Stults. U The National Honor Society is composed of members cf the junior and senior classes who are chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character. and service. These people have met the requirements of the club and so carry out its duties and various activities. This year the Mount Penn group was host to the clubs of Berks County in the Oriental Fantasy, a dance held in our gymnasium. On the more serious side, the club also helped to elect someone to the hall of fame. Mt. Penn's nomination was Alexander Graham Bell. OFFICERS OF THE CLUB-President, Joan Christmang Vice-President, .lohn Estcrly, Secretary-Treasurer, Marilyn Walters. 50 amz Qnosf First row-fLcft to rightl-Louise Robertson, Nancy Phillips, associate editorg Nancy Schneider, editor, Mr. Miller Cfaculty advisorl, Marilyn Leinbach, Alice Najarian, Irene McComas, Patty Jo Johnston, Mary Ann Nein, Phyllis Cohan, Thomas Stults, Paul Jones, John Esterly, associate editorg Shirley Steinmetz, Peggy Nein, Vivian Ziegler. Pictured here we have the Penn Post staff of 1949. In January 1950, John Esterly became editor and a new staff was organized eliminating the seniors. The Post is published every two weeks. The job of getting the paper together is an interesting, Cand sometimes hecticb one, carried out by a staff of student members with the assistance of Mr. Miller, faculty advisor. Here is the outline of the typical cycle of an issue as it is prepared for printing. Monday articles are turned in and Monday evening the editoral staff Ccomprised of the editor and three associate editorsl, meets to compile the material on hand and dummy the paper-but a staff meeting is much more than just that! It is a mayhem of journal- istic talent in a state of 'efficient confusion'. On Tuesday articles go to the typists, and by Wednesday the paper is rechecked by Mr. Ward. Thursday it goes to the printer to be linotyped. The actual printing of the paper takes place right in the high school building the following Monday morning, and you receive them every other Tuesday. Then this whole cycle starts all over again. Much could be said about the trials and tribulations of a paper and its publica- tions, but we will end with our best wishes for the future success of the Penn Post in 1950. , ' 1 l95O f I f K' e ,zafuzq eanz First row- Mrs. Muck, Debby Babbitt, Sharon Hughes, Peggy Nein, Barbara Sehlegel. Second row-Larry Coplan, Bruce McLean, Paul Jones, John Esterly, Thomas Stults. Debating has long been a favorite activity among schools since it brings students together in a pro and con discussion in a democratic manner. The debates are not de- cided in favor of one side or the other but are carried on informally. This year's team was a very fine one and a credit to our school. Mrs. Mack may well be proud of the work she has done with them. If we can teach youth to discuss matters around a table, perhaps we have a better chance for world peace. l95O elzlor Ghorus First POW-'--luill'g2ll'Cl Ludwig, Emma Billington, Marilyn Walters, Audrey Wol- linger. Paul Eisenhower, Janice Rcifsnyder, Donald Hafcr, Peggy Nein, June Hoinan, Pill Brossman, Ruth Angstadt. Second row-Joy Ridell, Jackie Kraft, Delores Sowa. Gertrude Rhein, Sally Yohn. Mrs. White, Mary Himmelbcrger, Nancy Schneider, Nancy Phillips, Betty Lou llafer. Third rowwVirgina Iloman. Mary Jane Lash, Molly Keast, Sylvia McCoy, Ger- aldine Rissmiller. Nancy Rhoads, Christine Hartman, Phyllis Matz, Gloria Kohl, June Reifsnyder, Corvita Pachuilo. Fourth row-Marilyn Ruth, Marilyn Leinbach, Miriam Esslinger, Ruth Gaul, Renee Landy. .lean Eisman, Debby Babbitt, Shirley Steinmetz, Marvine Shaffer, Gretch- en Dunkleberger, Audrey Shurr. Fifth row--Marjorie Schmoyer, Joyce Focht, Irene McComas, Elaine Ennis, Carol Arnot. Marlene Ziegler, Joan Christman. Cynthia Rohn, Barbara Haas, June Faber. Sixth rovv-Paul Seidel, Bruce McLean. John Esterly. Paul Jones, Ronald Bausc Robert Troxel. Harry Fredericks. v After witnessing their excellent concert this spring, we all agree that the Senior Chorus is again one of which we can be proud. These songsters proved to us that they were not a group to sing one certain type of songs, for their repertoire consisted of any- thing from the Hallelujah Chorus to Country Style, all rendered with the same quality and perfection usually associated with professional singers. Naturally all this was brought about only by hours and hours of rehearsals, but Mrs. White injected just the right amount of humor, and the entire chorus reported for every practice very willingly. Something new was added to the chorus this year in the form of their attractive blue and gold robes. These add just the right note of uniformity, and are to be con- sidered a very wise investment. We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate this year's chorus for their fine work, and to wish next year's chorus the best of luck, and we hope they have an equally successful year. s l95O eurzior am? .qlZf6l'llI6f2l'!lll6 fboruiea I9 First row-Jane Groff, Glenn Lessig, Pat Baer, Jackie Winters, Connie Fessler, Mary Ann Nein, Barbara Hafer, Jeanette Reitz, Ray Winters, Joan McGrath. Second row-Patty Jo Johnston, Shirley Smith, Lois Dershwin, Carol Johnson, Georgia Rote, Mr. Dundore, Sandra Eckman, Patsy Behm, Ann Hoff, Pat Keiffcr, Barbara Reitz. Third row-Mary Kropp, Sandra Shaffer, Marjorie Heller, Shirley Stragn, Joyce Knechtel, Joan Kennedy, Gloria Lawrence, Lillian Duchodne, Doris Kercher, Nancy Yoder. Fourth row-Jackie Ganster, Jeanette Ramsey, Delores Wentzel, Mary Lou Klink, Shirley Griffin, Maria Stupp, Yvonne Thunick, Gayle Sands, Joan Eiffert, Sylvia Krug, Fifth row-Nancy Grube, Jackie Aigeldinger, Joanne Bates, Claire Yeager, Ann Fasic, Ann Sherman, Pat Griffin, Mary Lou Folk, Shirley Zcigler, Fern Shade. Mount Penn is fortunate enough to have three choruses. The Junior Chorus of seventh and eighth grades and the Intermediate Chorus, of ninth and tenth grades and the Senior Chorus of eleventh and twelfth grades. The Junior Chorus is directed by Mrs. White, while Mr. Dundore instructs the Intermediate griup. This is excellent training for the young people who eventually will become members of the Senior Chorus. 5 O c Sexfeffe and cfeffe lst row-Janice Reifsnyder, Louise Hauer, Corvita Pachuilo, Mrs. White, Nancy Schneider, Audrey Wolfinger, Jackie Kraft. 2nd row-Miriam Esslinger, Donald Hafer, Paul Eisenhower, Ronald Bausc. John Esterly, Paul Seidel, Joan Christman. Absent from the picture, Gene Line. The girls' Octette and boys' Sextette have become two widely acclaimed choral groups at Mt. Penn. We have enjoyed their music in many assemblies, and they have entertained several audiences at other engagements. Under the fine direction of Mrs. White, they have new skills in music. I95O enlor jjfaq I9 Left to right-Nancy Phillips, Alice Najarian, Donald Yeager, Richard Matz, Ruth Angstadt. Judith Kase, Fred DeLong, Janice Reifsnyder, Sandford Youngerman. Kath- leen Angstadt, Jules Levine, Paul Jones, Louise Robertson. Behind the story of every play there is another story--the story of the people in it-the cast-their trouble, their success and humor in the scenes backstage. Will Fred and Judy ever forget those tender scenes that were so hard to get just right? N0 one can say Dick Matz wasn't a versatile man on the set, filling in for every- one who was missing-and his "line" in the play-Dick you were a sensation! There's nothing quite like an exposed prompter to add to a play-Pete gave that curtain quite a tug at rehearsal and there in plain view was a prompter! Of course, there were the usual mixed up entrances and exits and missed cues that had to be ironed out. It's doubtful if anyone would have survived if it hadn't been for refreshments bought at Eck's. Pity the bell ringer-thank goodness the telephone and the door got straightened out before the final performance. And, of course, no one will forget Mrs. Henderson who was always therewpatient and competent when everything seemed in the worst kind of jumble. Thursday found thirteen mighty shaky seniors. Wednesday's rehearsal had gone pretty good but ohhh that opening night still to come! If they were shaky on Thursday, they were nervous wrecks on Friday. The pass word in the dressing rooms-"Oh, am I as could be with their complexions in various a basketball player say, "Is my makeup all on November eighteenth. But as always, no didn't cave in, no one fainted on stage. The nervous!" The fellows were just as cute shades of pink and orange. Ever hear right?" Well you would have backstage serious mistakes were made, the scenery audience didn't get up and walk out-none of the expected tragedies occurred and every one managed to live through that fateful SEVENTEENTH SUMMER. 50 mwrghq lst row-Debby Babbit, Larry Caplan, Cynthia Rohn, Albert Aron, Peggy Nein. 2nd row-Paul Seidel, .loan Christman, Sally Aicher, Sharon Hughes, John Esterly. Ilere is the picture of the cast of this year's junior play "Just Passing By." Can you tell by looking at the picture all the good times the cast had during the seven weeks they prepared the play? Probably notg but if you saw the final performance, you shared some of that fun with them. be expected, but upon looking back at the efforts, it is not those trifles that are recalled. Of course the cast had all the little arguments and disappointments that are to More pleasant memories crown past difficulties. We will remember the evening re- hearsals because they were the most exciting, and entirely enjoyable. In the darkened school, before an empty auditorium, there was practice, practice, practice! And we must not forget to mention the people behind the scenes. They are really the unseen heros of any production, who help to preserve sanity in time of stress. The prompters carried out cues and ran errands with an ever willing attitude. We shall never forget the experience, nor the person who helped us more than we can say. None other than the able director, Mr. Claude A. Dundore. As a last thought we say . . . if you ever see a member of the cast on the street, go up and say to him, "You'd better watch him Walt . . . he's slippery!" If you come out of that alive, then by all means come see the Senior Play next year. IQSO Eg AIA First row-Frederick Klink, Donald Yeager, Sandford Youngerman, Paul Jones, John Esterly, Alan Schlegel, James Babb. Second row-Mr. Wearne Cfaeulty advisorj, Duane Goldman, Thomas Stults, Ray Seiz, Robert Beane, John Klein, Richard Knabb, Peter llirsh. l95O 'Third row--Morton Sherman, Arthur Hill. clzior 5580125 First rowkliarbara Evans, Corvita Pachuilo, Ruth Angstadt, Louise llauer, Vir- ginia lloman, Irene McComas, Louise Robertson, Peggy Nein, Miriam Esslinger, Marilyn Walters. Second row-Gloria Weaver, Janice Reppert, Phyllis Matz, Vivian Ziegler, Mrs. Driesbach, Audrey Wolfinger, Joan McGrath, Joy Ridell, Barbara Schlegel. Third row-Janice Reifsnyder, Nancy Phillips, Nancy Schneider, Shirley Stein- metz, Marvine Shaffer, Silvia McCoy, Marjorie Schmoyer, Clair Yeager, Martha Roberts, Ann Sherman. Fourth row-Lucy Ruppert, Fay Reich, Nancy Stump, Cynthia Rohn, Marlene Ziegler, Mary Jo Roberts, Patsy Stickler, Nancy Rhoads, Bette Townsend. These girls have always been regarded as one of the most active organizations in the school, and their fine work this year has enabled them to keep that record. They got off on the right foot in the beginning of the year by staging a member- ship drive. Remember their little "I am one" badges that had everyone asking ques- tions twhieh was just what the girls wantedl? The president, Genny Homan, and her very capable cabinet, consisting of Ruth Angstadt, Miriam Esslinger, Louise Hauer, Alice Najarian, Peggy Nein, Louise Robert- son, Sandy MeComas, Barbara Evans, and Marilyn Walters, worked hard to present the girls with very interesting meetings. Just a few of these were: a White Elephant Sale, for which every member brought in some unwanted, but useful object and then auction- I95O ezzior -geerzs First rowiltlary Jane Lash, June lloman, Sally Aicher, Emma Billington, Patsy Bice, Betty Lou I-Iafer, Margaret Ludwig, Gloria Lawrence, Lillian Duchodni, Pat Brossmun. Second row-Joan Kennedy, Debby Babbitt, Jackie Kraft, Judy Kase, Renee Lundy. Kathleen Angstadt, Jean Eisman, Gretchen Dunkleberger, Mary Himmelberger. Third row-Joan Chrisman, Elaine Ennis, Rose Heim, Barbara Haas, Pat Griffin, Sharon Hughes, Ann Fasic, Jackie Aigeldinger, Mary Lou Folk. Fourth row-Joanne Bates, Janice Focht, Carol Arnot, Phyllis Cohen, June Faber, Barbara Ilibshman. ed it oflg Straight A-Head for Fellowship, when every girl had her head measured and and paid one cent to the World Fellowship Fund for every inch around her head: and the annual religious meeting, at which a girl of each of the three faiths spoke briefly on her religion and then answered the questions of the other girls to the best of her ability. All Y-Teens know the old story about all work and no play, and so to remedy this tsituation they held a Bubble Dance. This dance combined service with pleasure, for admission that night was one bar of soap to be sent to Europe. Perhaps the event the senior girls hold closest to their hearts was the Senior Farewell Party held at the end of the year. This was the last activity of the year, and with it they bid a fond farwell to a very happy year as Mount Penn High Y-Teens. 1950 , C 'UIZZOI' eem First row-Yvonne Thunich, Delores Wcntzcl, Mary Lou Klink, Jane Groff, Nancy Yoder. Patty Jo Johnston, Miss Wentzel, Mary Ann Nein, Terry Jacobs, Betty Griffon, Georgia Role, Joan Kilpatrick. Second row-Connie Fessler, Shirley Griffin, Jeanette Reitz. Joyce Knechtel, Barbara Reitz, Carol Johnson, Shirley Smith, Sally Freed, .lane Kilpatrick, Sandra Shaffer. Sandra Eckman. Third row-Shirley Homan, Maria Stupp, Pat Baer, Gayle Sands, Shirley Hel'- flieker. Shirley Zeiglcr, Mary Kropp, Nancy Grube, Marjorie Heller. ..... l95O onznzercbqf ffzbzb First 1'ow--flllai'ilyii llcinbucli. Boyd Briglll, Gloitu Kohl, Hose llk'lIll, George Muck. .lone Reilsnydcr, .lane Beivcr, Richard Hassler, Shirley Bricker. Second row-Corvita Paehuilo, Marion Eck, Delores Preibe, Barbara Iflvans Shirley Steinnictz, Sandy MeComas, Janice Reifsnyder, Sally Ann Yohn, Joyce Babb, Gloria Weaver, Margaret Ludwig. Third row-Babbett Lawrence, Joan Dautrich, Janie: Keehn, Joyce Dautrich Pnnl Iilsenliowcr, Miss Anderson Cfaeulty advisorb, Robert Landry, Donald Halen' ldnnnzi Mae Leven, Marvine Shaffer, Ardcll Clay. l95O - y v ervfce fab First row-Mr. Dreisbaeh, Audrey Wolfinger, Shirley Griffin, Paul Jones, Harriet lirawn. Marian Eck, Mr. James. Second row-Vivian Zeigler, Debby Babbitt, .lean Eisman, Nancy Schneider, Joy ltidell. Kathy Angstadt, Nancy Rhoads, Bette Townsend, Pat Brossman. Third I'0W+Tll0AllZl5 Stults, Marilyn Walters, Pat Bice, Alice Najarian, Judy liase. .Iackie Kraft, Phyllis Cohen, Sally Aieher, John Esterly. The Service Club of the school does just what its name implies-lends service to the school. The busiest time of the year for the club, is basketball season, at which time the two committees trefreshment and ticket? work at all home games. Though the two groups are both a part of one united Service Club, they work separately within them- selves. Mr. Drcisbaeh sponsors refreshments and their sale, while Mr. James takes charge of a ticket committee whose members sell tickets at the door and act as host. Money made by the club is put in the school's fund. I9-50 .Ei nary First rowkvivian Zeiglcr, .loan Christman, Audrey Wolfingcr, Mrs. Mack Cfaculty advisorl, Marilyn Walters, Helen Chilton, Sharon Huges, Joanne Bates. Second row-Marcia Stump, Yvonne Thunich, Debby Babbitt, Phyllis Cohan. Phyllis Ilorning, Sally Sustello, Janice Focht, Delores Wcntzel, Gayle Sands. Third row-'Shirley Smith, Lois Dershwin, Donna Hollingsworth, Pat Ilafer, Sally Aichcr, Iluberta Young, Emma Billington. Sally Freed, Mary Ann Hollingsworth. Once again this year the Senior and .lunior Library Clubs were combined and were directed by Mrs. Mack. Their work in the library kept it the pleasant place in the building it is. The bulletin boards have been interesting this year and the books have been efficiently kept, giving us a library to be proud of, and one where we could work at our best. I95O - HWZEIYI 6,116 First row-Thomas Stults, Mr. Shariclan, George Mack. Second row-Paul Seidel, John Esterly, Lary Coplan. "What a shot!"-"Hold that pose,"-"That one's a flash job"-"What size film?" -"What time exposure?"-That's the Camera Club talking, They're just daffy for a photo, and it's really what we call a great hobbyg so, most naturally, Mount Penn has a club for camera fanciers. The results are lasting proof of the skill they have acquired. You'll see these boys around school with cameras and flash bulbs in hand. track- ing down a good shot. Some of their efforts appear in this book, so you may judge for yourselves. We'd say pretty fine. IQSO Gfucjio- Mszlrlf raw Lcfi to rigllt-HLow1'ic Mcrvinc, Donald Allison, lVl1'. Palm ffaculty advisor! Robert Bonne, Norman Wcilcr, Rodger Herbein. 1950 SMW mw First row-Peter Hirsh, Robert Beane. Second row-Norman Weiler, Mr. Seifarth, Dick Yoder, Edward Houp. Our stage crew is an ever ready, ever busy group in the school. Keeping stage and auditorium equipment in order and attending to the lighting and sound during as- semblies and plays are a few of the duties they carry out. They are always on hand for play rehearsals to adjust props and go over cues with the cast. Mr. Seifarth. their sponsor, keeps them occupied with numerous jobs and all in all they prove to be an indespensible organization at Mount Penn. I95O .gefferwomen .Eeffermen JOAN HARTLINE LOUISE HAUER GINNY HOMAN CORVITA PACHUILO ESTHER PETERSON JANICE REIFSNYDER JUNE REIFSNYDER MARY JO ROBERTS LOUISE ROBERTSON MARVINE SHAFFER SHIRLEY STEINMETZ GLORIA WEAVER SALLY ANN YOHN l95O JIM BABB JIM BACHMAN HAROLD BOONE CALVIN ENGLEHART FLOYD GLASE DUANE GOLDMAN MIKE HAWK RAYMOND KLEINSMITH FRED KLINK PHILIP KUBVOSAK GEORGE MACK TOM MCGLINN BOB MCMULLEN AL SCHLEGEL EMIL SCHULZE DELBERT SHURR TOM STULTS WESS YEAGER SY YOUNGERMAN O 'uv I9 Gflbouf Our owzfailzeers Termed one of the best teams in the history of our school, the Mountaineers of 1950 ended a thrill packed season with a record of twenty wins and four losses. Every game found the boys in there fighting with the teamwork which makes for a really great team. Let's take a brief trip back through the season and try to capture the exciting moments and record them in this book to help us remember in future years. The season began with three practice games-Sinking Spring, Mohnton, and Wernersville, all taken by the Mounts with great ease. Our first league game was with Hamburg, a new-comer to the Central Division. This game set the team out on a five game winning spree, adding to their list of victims West Reading, Birdsboro, Boyertown, and Muhlenberg. Remember that Muhlenberg game? That was the night Mike set a new individual scoring record for the school by racking up 27 points. This brings us up to the Christmas vacation. Did I say vacation-what about the Alumni game? This was our first taste of defeat. The game was nip and tuck all the way, but in the waning minutes the alumni fought with all their might and pulled ahead to a 45-43 victory. During our first week back at school the team faced two real tests. The first was the home game with Kutztown, county champions, of the 48-49 season. The team went onto the floor minus the services of Jim Babb, who was sidelined with an ankle injury. Babby, you remember had chalked up 84 points in four games and was leading the league scorers. As it turned out, we had nothing to fear. Al capably stepped into J im's shoes, and the Mountaineers romped to a 53-35 victory before a jam-packed house. This put Mt. Penn in a tie for first place with Wilson. On Friday night we traveled to Wilson, and found our first league defeat in store. The Prexies' tricky court, plus a team definitely out to beat us, humbled the Mounts by a 55-50 score. The team must be commended for their spirit. They never cnce gave up, and, even in the last minutes of play, threatened to tie the score several times. Not discouraged by one loss, the team snapped right back into the winning column the next week by emerging victorious over both Wyomissing and Shillington. Meanwhile, much to our delight, Wilson traveled to Kutztown to be beaten by the Cougars. Now Wilson, Kutztown, and Mt. Penn were in a deadlock for first place at the end of the first half. It was decided that Wilson and Kutztown should battle it out on our floor, K-Town won the the game and we were scheduled to face them the fol- lowing Thursday on the Northwest court. The halls really rang. Remember how we would suddenly burst into a cheer as wc walked through the halls. the snappy new songs composed just for that game, and how the rafters shook at the special pep meeting? 'ii' so Loaf Our omzfaizzeers Even a bus strike couldn't keep the Mt. Penn rooters away from this game! The evening got off to a rousing start when the J. V.'s won their sweet revenge by coming up from behind and defeating the Baby Cougars, first half champs, and previously un- beaten. Then the varsity came on the floor. Their tricky passing, careful shooting, and excellent teamwork made it impossible for Kutztown to stop them and they ran up a 40-30 victory. For the next four games, including one with Mohnton, Western Division champs, the boys proved they were championship material, overpowering West Reading, Birds- boro, Mohnton and Muhlenberg . Then came that fateful trip to Kutztown. The Cougars were set. to avenge their two previous defeats, and once they got started there was no stopping them! We came home that night on the short end of a 67-34 count. After that, the boys got back on the winning list again, and we watched them chalk up victories over Wilson, Wyomissing, Shillington, and Hamburg. That. Shillington game! Our last home game, the last time the boys would play together on the home floor. Remember how we sat on the edge of our seats during that whole game watching the much improved speed boys give our team a real fight? We'll never forget Sy's set shot in the last minute-the shot that enabled us to squeeze by them 49-47! Buddy finished the regular season in real style by coming through with 32 points at Hamburg, breaking Mike's record set earlier in the year. This seemed to be a year for setting records. Not only two individual scoring records, but also the entire first string, Mike, Buddy, Babby, Jim, and Sy, all scored well over 100 points apiece, a very unusual feat. Now we had to get ready for the big game with Kutztown, the second half champs. This game was to decide who was to receive the league championship. Again we put our brains to work-composing songs, writing cheers, and making signs. That. big sign we hung in back of our cheering section left little to the imaginat.ion - WE WERE FROM MT. PENN!! How can we forget that sinking feeling, as Kutztown pulled farther and farther ahead! But anyone who saw the game will remember that although losing by a con- siderable margin the team never stopped fighting until the last gun sounded. Congratulations are in order for both Mr. Zimmerman and the entire squad. It took a truly excellent team to beat them, and although they have no banners to prove their success, the example they set in team and spirit will long be remembered by all who saw them play, and especially us, their classmates. They taught us the true mean- ing of "Sportsmanship . . . the will to win, the way to lose." l950 n N- ,ff . X I I If if -rg 'x , Y? ! Nw 4134...-4.4.... . . 7' Nr fy i fg 0 gd. X . 3+ Q 'Q 94' .iw-,X 'Q 4, H 2 All ,. YN. A ! k FH!! MM 3 Q. f KWH f-iw, .+ 'f :' , ll H Q h , X Y . ,Ak S, Q, A . NOUNTAINIQIZRS W ...,L... if ' ,vw- '1 QQW-X wx 2 1 v L wa'-gk A ft X ff 9 rj Q . 5 Q Ny xv '45-s...--f' ei JCR? . ig 5 Q. W 'N 'W' ! r X x WSI LlIZL'0l' ' cuwlfy jazskefbczff I9 First row-Jack Ennis, Wess Yeager, Jack Ziegler, Dicn Seiz, Donald Leinbach. Albert Aron. Second row--M1'. Bierly tcoachl, Bill Simmon, l.einard Griesemer, Joe Marino, 'I'ony Di Blasi, Ray Seiz managerb. Ronald Pisano, absent. from picture. Although the Junior Varsity Basketball team took no championships, and won no titles, they played a first class brand of basketball. In the first half of league competition they won all their games except the home game with Kutztown. They lost this game by only two points, and the game gave them the runner up spot in the first. half standing. Mount Penn and KLltZt0Wll'S Varsity teams ended in a deadlock for the first half of league competition. In a play-off game, on the Northwest Junior High court, the two J. V. teams met in a non-titular preliminary game. The Mount Penn team won by a de- cisive score. This game did give the team a moral victory, and proved that they still had the ability to win the second half, and perhaps even the county crown. They started off the second half at full stride, but due to injuries to many of the regulars, they lost a few close games. When there was no mathematical possibility ot' the team winning the second half Coach Bierley moved up some ninth and tenth grade players to the Varsity team. The prime purpose of Junior Varsity basketball is to build players for future Varsity teams. The ability that these young boys showed in the games in which they participated, gives us the promise of many good basketball teams in the near future. 50 es ulzior Slfiqlz .faskefbaff Ii'1cclii1gfl'ctci' llcrsh, John Cznnpficlcl, Bill Lountzis, Bruce Young. Slzznilingmilcnu Yoder, Ellis Edmonds, David Fehr, Mr. Sharidan, Phil Jacobs, Lil' rio Mcrvinc, Miko Masul. 1950 KHCLH!! 6651112 First row- lliek Seiz, Duane Goldman. Bob Weller, Delbert Shurr, Calvin Engle- harl, Mike llawk, Al Sehlegel, .lim Babb, .lim Bachman, Tom Mc Glinn. Second row-Mr. Purnell teoachl, Bruce Young, Dick Gechter, Russ Hart, Edgar Miller. Ronald Pisano, William Lloyd, Floyd Glase, Peter Hirst, Thomas Stults tmana ilerl. The baseball team this year showed plenty of ability and an abundance of good players. The team was in all ways "on the ball". Their coach Mr. Purnell gave them a preat deal of helpful advice which improved their game tremendously. The first game of the season with Shillington put them on a down hill start when they lost 8-2 but they came back fighting to beat West Reading 8-5, Wilson 10-1, Wyo- missing 6-1, Shillington again 8-4 and another repeat win over Wilson 6-4. Their spirit of cooperation and good sportsmanship carried them through a very :.zveeessfuI season. I95O- occer ' cam lfirst l'0W-A-R0l7f'1'l McMullen. Tom Mctllinn, Dick Seiz. Mike Hawk, llarold Boone. Delbert Shurr, Calvin Englehart. Second row-Mr. Zimmerman, Alan Schlegcl, .lim Baclnnan, Donald De'l'cn1plc, liruce Mcliean, Fred Klink, Mr. Bicrly. Third row-Albert Aron, Sanford Youngerman, Thomas Stults, Cmanagerl, Jules Levine. Russell Hart. The Mt. Penn soccer team finished an excellent season wit.h a league record of live wins and three losses, plus two ties. This gave them the Central Division Title. Sparkccl by many h0ld'overs from last year and a new group of players, the team came through with a victorious and very successful season. Both the boys and the coaches should be commended for their ability in winning the Central Division Title and therefore bringing Mt. another trophy. The scason's scores: Schedule They We Amity ..... . 0 2 Robesonia . . . . 1 0 Birdsboro . . . . 1 1 Mohnton . . . . 0 1 Amity ..... . 1 4 Robesonia .... . 1 0 Birdsboro .... . 1 1 Mohnton ..... . 3 1 Wernersville . . . 0 2 Wernersville . . . . 0 2 I95O Kclwfk 6651172 First rowfliuss Ilart, Wess Yeager, Paul Jones, Edgar Miller, George Mack, Lowrie Mervine. Second rowf-Mr. Wearne Ccoachl, Leonard Griesmer, Paul Hartline, Ronald Ziegler, Alan Gibstein, Robert Wool, Tony DiBlase Cmanagerb. The Mount Penn lligh School thin clads made an impressive showing in all the meets in which they participated. Although there was a lack of material, there was a great interest and many good individual showings were made. Coach Wearne's advice and tips W01'C of great value to the boys and they showed great improvements due to his skillful coaching. 1 9 5 o s- Q7z'rfs G'flfMefz'c ' ,SSOCZIKLHOIZ 1"u'st rownllune lloman. Martha Ilohcrts. Mary Jo Robcrts, Rose Ileim. Emmy Lou Post, Barbara Sehlcgcl. Second row-Patty Jo Johnston, .Ioan McGrath, Sarah Aichcr, Mrs. Linclcrman, 'ferry Jacobs. Barbara lIat'cr, Mary Ann Ncin. Among: the new organizations at Mount Penn wc have thc Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation. The purposc ot' this group is to promote thc athlctic activities. health and sportsmanship. among the girls in our high school. The officers elected for this ycar wcrc: Mary .lo Roberts, prcsiclcnt: Rose llcim. vicc prcsidcntg and June Iloman, secretary-trcasurcr. This year was spent mainly in thc organizing of thc group, and thcy havc high hopes ot' making it a big: success, 1950 Qsirfs M1i'sz'fy jgrlsknfbrlff First row--.lune llonmn, Mary l,ou Folk. .loan lllelirzith. Louise llziuer. l':it Grit'- lin. B:irh:irn Sehlegel, Marlene Zeigler. Seeonrl row--Gloria Weaver. Ann Ifasie. Mary .lo lloherts tinziiiuglerm. Mrs. l,in- flermnn, Flnire Yeager. Sylvia Mc-Voy. Thirrl i'ow-f-llni'lmi'zi llilmshmzm, .loan llnrtline, .lune Fzilner. Mfirtlm Ilolierts. This year the girls' varsity lnaisketbull team elosecl their season in thirtl plaiee. Although not always victorious. the girls, sparked hy the zissistanee of their eziptziin. Louise Hauer, :incl their Coach, Mrs. Linclcrman, never lost hope :incl kept up their fine enthusiasm and sportsmanship. l'onsiclerin1,1 the loss of inziny ol' lust years players. the girls put up some fine opposition for the other tezims in the league, Those girls lost through grafliiation are: Louise llziuer. .Ioan llzirtline. and Gloria Weaver. We think that Mt. Penn can look for a strong.: team next year with the younger girls that are now playing. We wish them the best of luek in the coming year. Schedule They We West Reading . , , , . . 36 39 Mohnton ..,,.,. . . , 42 38 Wilson ........ . , , 53 47 Shillington .... . . . 49 G0 West RC2lfllI15.I .. 27 30 Mohnton ...,.. . . . 47 36 Wilson .,... . . . 51 39 Shillington .. ... 43 45? 1950- I K ll't K gfoc my i emu lfir:-t rouw 'Corvita Pau-liiilio, Shirley Sleinnietz. Louise llauer. Marvine Shaeffer. .lainee lleifsnyder. Ginny lloinan, Gloria Weaver. Second row-Y-.lean liisinen tmanagerl, Barbara llilmslnnen, Ann Fasic, Mrs. Lind' erinan teoaehl. Pat Griffin, Ann Sherman. l.ouise Robertson. 'l'hird rotvf- Sylvia ltlet'oy, Barbara Sehlegel. Martha Roberts. Mary .Io Roberts, linnny l.ou Post. Clair Yeager The girls' hockey team. operating lor the seeond eonseeutive year in the sports history ot Mount llenn. started in the latter half of the season. to give quite a favorable impression. lCneouraged hy their captain, Marvine Shaffer, and their eoaeh. Mrs. Linderman. the girls were not diseouraged by their defeats, and never gave up trying to hold their opponents down to a loxv score. The improvement of the team was shown when they upset the ltlohnlon champs in an exhibition game, 2-tl. The girls who played their last season for Mt. Penn are: Marvine Shaffer. Ginny x llonian. .laniee lteitsnyder. Mary .lo Roberts. Shirley Steinmelz, Corvita l'aehuilo. Gloria Weaver. and l,ouise llaueit. 'l'hese girls are really to be congratulated tor their untiring efforts and good sportsmanship. We are all looking.: forward to the coming season when we hope to see many more victories and a very prosperous team. Schedule Shillington . Mohnton ... llluhlenberg Wilson .,... 'Reading High West Reading ffNon'league They .4 .ti .0 .2 .4 .3 WVC 1 tl 0 0 4 3 l95O f l QIVA j0!!6y6!l!! 600:11 First row-Doris Johnson. Shirley Steinmetz, Mary Jo Roberts, Ginny Homan, lilarvine Schaeffer, Rose Heim, Joan Hartline, Esther Petersen. Second row-Marline Ziegler, Ann Sherman, Sylvia Mc Coy, Emmy Lou Post. l'atty ,Io Johnston, Mrs. Linderman, Gloria Youse, June Homan, Clair Yeager, .Iune Faber, Ann Fasic. Giving the best performances of any of the other girls' varsity sports, the girls' volleyball team closed their nearly triumphant season in second place, with only two losses. They managed to tie the league standings by defeating Wyomissing in the first. ,of two games. In the second one. which was to decide the championship team, they were defeated by one heartbreaking point. The girls once again had as their captain, Ginny Hoinan, who was always there en- couraging them to victory. We all feel proud of these girls for their undying efforts and good sportsman- ship. and hope to have a fully victorious season next year. Those girls lost through graduation are: Ginny Homan, Marvine Shaffer. Mary .Io Roberts, Esther Peterson, .Ioan Hartlinc, Doris Johnson, Rose Helm, and Shirley Stcinmetz. Schedule They We Shillington .. .. 9 36 Muhlenberg .... . . . 19 20 Mohnton ...,.. . . . 28 22 West Reading ... ... 28 37 Wilson ....,.. .... 1 8 28 Mohnton ..... . . . 30 32 Wilson .... ... 21 35 Shillington ..,. ... 10 49 Muhlenberg ..., .. . 14 40 Sinking Spring . . . . . 6 50 Sinking Spring ... ... 5 58 West Reading ... ... 17 25 Wyomissing . . , . . . 19 24 Wyomissing . . . . . . 23 22 I95O 8666 I' ! 661 JK rs Varsity Squad'-flop rowif-Bzii'lJui':i Wagner, Juno R0ll'snytlvr. Audrey Shurr Sylvia Mt-Coy. Sully Ami Yohn, Betty Lou llulor. Jr. Varsity Squudwtliottom l'0WJf---Allll Slit-rm:ui. Clair YCLIQOF, Nancy Yotlviy Mary Lou Klink, Putty .Io Johustoii. Our clic-ci'leaiclc1's, this your took their job seriously and did more than just root for the home team. They were un1Luissudo1's of good will and carried out our plzm for hotter fellowship. Both toulns :irc to ho commondt-cl lor thoir oxcvllvnt sportsmamship and coopera- tion that they gguvo in the past season. -.-W..o -.-Qi o so I 9 5 O I00l'Z50l'5 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Dautrich Mr. and Mrs. Russell Esslinger Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hauer and Mrs. William Kreidler Mr. Mr. and Mrs. William Levan Mrs. George Mack Mr. and Mrs. Robert Najarian Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Roberts Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Schneider Qpafrom Miss Ellen Anderson and Mrs. Oren Angstadt and Mrs. James Babb Mr. Mr. Mr. E. L. Barth Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bierly and Mrs. Harold Boone and Mrs. Robert L. Boone Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Bright Mrs. Magdalene Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Matz Mrs. Sara Mack Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. McComas Mrs. Robert Mock Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller Albert C. Moyer Mr. Edwin F. Palm Mr. and Mrs. William I. Purnell Mrs. H. Oldknow Brossman Mr. and Mrs. John Carson Mr. and Mrs. Dodson Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dundore Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. James N. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. P. H. Dyatt James Eisenhower John Esterly Ibra S. Fancher Elmer Frankhouser Ward Giddings Charles Goldman George Groff Robert Hassler John A. Hawk William High Fred A. Howard Hunsberger William James George F. Johnson Paul E. Jones Julius Joseph J a'nes W. Kase Henry C. Keist Chester F. Kleinsmith Charles F. Klink John Kubovsak Alexander P. Landry Sydney Landy Adolph Lawrence Mr. Mr. MY. and Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Priebe and Mrs. Harry Reich Charles Reifsnyder Mr. and Mrs. D. Earl Reifsnyder Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rhoads and Mrs. Edward Rismiller Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Rittenhouse Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Robertson Miss Jeanne A. Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Lucy C. Mrs. Iona M. Miss Jean D. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Wahl A. LeRoy Schlegel Charles S. Schlegel John Seifarth Henry W. Shaffer John L. Sharidan Jack Sherman Leon H. Shurr C. Raymond Smith Smith Steinmetz Steinmetz Thomas P. Stults Roscoe H. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Edward Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Weaver Miss Geraldine Wentzel Mr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Wentzel Mrs. Helen White Mrs. Lela Leinbach Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leinbach Miss Doris Lelnenger Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Linderman l95O Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Irving A. Youngerman Mr. and Mrs. David Zimmerman it X avi? A M 'Rf I'l l0'l'0llliAPI IN by IDR I NCL Whether it's portraits, group pic- tures or action shots-you can de- pend on Loring for the finest in portraiture. 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Phone 3-5440 Fourth and Spruce Streets Reading, Pa. If-Tv M. 832 FHA NRI ,I N STN IQICT HICAIJINIL, PA. RALPH s. DICKERSIN, P1-opriet P RIN TIN G BI--XDGES - BUTTONS - RIBBONS PHONE '3 1170 When You Think of Furniture . . . Think of . . . HAROLD'S I 726-728 PENN STREET I READING, PA. Celebrating Our 39th Year J. W. LEINBACH HARDWARE 2239 PERKIOMEN AVENUE Congratulations to the Class of '50 1 HEBERLING'S I KEYSTONE STORE I 25th and GRANT STREETS HAFER'S C0NGRziiz2T52bf:.TO SERVICE STATION T, I-HT, J. C. WALTERS KTIKYTCSSIIFIZHSAA GENERAL INSURANCE HOWARD BOULEVARD MT. PENN , PA. 720 WASHINGTON ST. READING, PA. Compliments of Huy and Houligzlns PLEASANTVIEW HOTEL Featuring CHICKEN IN THE BASKET ST. LAWRENCE SERVICE STATION SUNOCO CAS - OILS and ACCESSORIES I ESTERLY, PENNA. Phone 3-9493 I gwllul Taste is lndividual What you like, some- one else might not care for. 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JOHN REED Roofing - Sheet Meinl Work MOBILOIL GAS Heating ELM AND REED STREETS READING, PA. 2200 HOWARD BOULEVARD PflI'fil'lllClf People Call 9 4f7LEAN5ERS AND UYERS 00 W. F. DREHS Lifr' - CIISIIIIIU' - .Alum - Fin' RALPH M. LIEBY 543 COURT STREET ffgvfll . S , S .. i' Spnq LAMEMS n PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 'E QUREA QA Color Sl'l'l'if'P I Phone 926 Penn Avenue 5-9376 Wyomissing, Pa. K A G E N ' S 641 PENN STREET For . . . YOUR SPORTS ICQUIPIVIENT Compliments of B A U M A N ' S C A N D Y KAHMELCORN SHOP 7 NORTH SIXTH STREET READING, PA. MT. PENN DINER PHONE 2-1209 Compliments of K O H L ' S Qzuzlily DRY CLEANING 307 PENN STREET For Smart Slyfes- FOR GOOD QUALITIES Visit . . . HEADINCYS WARREN P. RUTH LEADING Your Churrlz and Home CLOTHIERS Decorator CROLL 85 KECK 113 NORTH 23rd STREET MT. PENN Phone 4-1648 SCHLECHTER'S Hes! of l,1u'.l.' 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A'I'HI,E'I'IC SUPPLIES I , XT X cf n o 71:2 .ipofzisrnaak 81012 Corner 9th and Penn Streets Photo Finishing 1. Qgervi ' 'em y X 448 PENN STREET READING, PENNA. EVANS FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 2200 PERKIOMEN AVENUE READING, PENNA. Brmrn -II Sl"l'l7l' Rolls and CIIIIIIIIII U11 1511115 SERVE THEM IIO'I' -- YOUR FAIVIILY WII,I, ENJOY TIEIEINII PHONE 6291 .IlIIIl.I'l'I'SIIl'AN' mul Wffzlrlirzg Cf1L'f's Bl'lIIlfl-fllllj' lJf'f'o1'r1lr'1l SCHOFER'S QUALITY BAKERY, INC. S O W A ' S APPLIANCE CENTER AN APPLIANCE FUI-I EVEIIX' IIOIXIE 150 NORTH NINTH STREET PHONE 4-7461 MEN'S BOY'S WEAR WEAR LAN DY TOWEL I zmrI LINEN SERVICE I II-08-AIIO Penn Struct I I I I , Drink 9' com llif IV 7'A57i'.7'55f I INQEI J S'I'AUFEER'S CITIES SERVICE CITIES SERVICE OIL - GAS unction Phila. Pike-Boyertown Road PHONE 3-9476 I Compliments of C I T Y LAUNDRY Sz DRY CLEANING CO Mem ber AMERICAN INSTITUTE OFLAUNDERINC RUDY'S VARIETY SERVICE STATION R. J. Drexler, Prop. GAS - OIL - TIRES ACCESSORIES - COLD DRINKS Phone Reading 3-9593 Phila. Pike - Route 422 WENTZEIXS FLOWER SHOP Furzvrrzl Designs Werlfling Dcvoraliolzs 10 NORTH NINTH STREET -Only Location- DANIEI,'S 611 PENN STREET READING, PA. Compliments of "VIC" HOMAN 2726 PERKIOMEN AVENUE TYDOL DEALER Conzplinzenls of MT. PENN GRILLE PHONE 3-9452 2577 PERKIOMEN AVENUE W E I N E R ' S CALIFORNIA SPUHTSWIZAII .-Ilurays .41 Perfert Svnrf' 759 PENN STREET READING, PA. Compliments of G O L L ' S ESSO STATION 1200 CARSONIA AVENUE "An Alumnus" Congratulations to CLASS OF '50 A D D E S S O SI-IGE SERVICE I I Com plete I SHOE REBUILIJINC 25 NORTH 23rd STREET I FRANK YODER, Inc. I Plumbing and Sheet Metal A Shops - 2230 Perkiomen Ave. . Showrooms - 2234 Perkiomen Ave. . MT. PENN, READING, PA. ' Phone 2-1371 I I Norge Appliances Electric Clocks and Controls a Specialty I PAUL R. ESHELMAN ELECTRICAL Sales, Sarnia' and Wiring PHONE 4-7855 107 North 23rd Street Mt. Penn, Reading, Pa. GQ!! f0qlTI,llb5

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