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 - Class of 1947

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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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--.qw - 1- -,. ..- .,.fa...-nt, ..:.. .5-1..Ng,,!q.., ,,.,,..,,--guy-,r , 1 49-Q-gq,5'-.-vqgm,-upggq., ug,--..,!,..,Vi-,.. ?,,.,': ' , , -, I '-'. '.... 'Q I FOURTIZENTH EDITION or ' ,If H II A VI NIV N NI ,D bl ,I If 717 y 1947 THE SENIOR CLASS 'Q Y V l f K 5 ii , I I , Ll is e a , by MT PENN HIGH SCHOOL MT.P PENNSYLVANIA 'feeJ Alma Mater Proudly waves old Mount Penne emblem Black and Orange Fa1r' Floats tnurnphant 1n the breez s No dr h there Student days have fondest mem nes Cornrades here we stand As our troth to Alma Mater Pledg We hand ln hand From thy halls dear Alma Mater W at length must part But thy mem ry shall not p nsh Frofn a student heart Far away on hte b oad lnghway All hall fortune try otrll our lov1na heart hall cherreh Thoughts ot Mount Penn I-hgh' ...alum J K f L XS, Foreword IQ 1 1, 11 1 V123 1 11111 1112111 1111131111 1 Q111p1L1A1l11119 111 1111'y 111N1 1191111 QQ111111 1S 111111113111 10d 1111 1f ass 11 1y II1QdIlN1 11115 111111 x11e11111 111 1311x101 1 11111111119 1 11631 1611 f-111OTw 11 1 11131 1 1 1 Il W111C1l was 11111 ,hy 1 1 11 11 11 11 1 11 1 E1 1 '1 1 1 , 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 As11V Lf:11'1C11111Q lE,11l1i'1'1111! 5 '1x11 A , 11 1' K1 1 ,1 if' 1 "1 111 'ss 1 1 , .' ' s 11 Q7 1 1 , ' 3 H11 11113Q31'.'.' 1 1Qf1Q1,1 1 11 1 1111s 9113111111111 wishes 111 E061 1'11s:s 1111111 II1HI11CDI'1Er1S 111 111yf 1 ' J 1 ."1, 13 15 .1 5 11111 713111 . 11111 11152 S,I Q 1 1111 '.1'O1'11 we 1111111111 11111 111111 111:'1f11gf1 1 ,' 1 1 11 1 11' 1 111 11 111 11 1 1iiTT71'A"' '1 1, ,ffiw 11 11g1ii11111 1 1 A If ljwf...-. 77--- .g,,,.g "7 Y'Qll,QQ ,, , Q'QfQA,'fii'f "fi ij all-x Decllcatlon We the da s of l947 are extremely grateful to Mr lohn H Se1farth Nho has w1ll1nqly d1recfed h1S efforts and tus ta ents toward the welfare of our class and school To hlrn we smcerely dedl cate th1s our Penn Alma HIS pleasant manner and fnendly co operat1on have endeared hun to all of us 5X J sf I 1 l ' C 1 U 1 . - Y , . . ' 1 ' ' 'I 1 I . Contents . . Administration Seniors Underclassmen A CfIV.'f'lES Sports A dvertlzlng X X 44 o a o Q o if Penn Afma Staff beated left to r1ght N IIICW Stump guls spo ts Glo 11 F1lIlIx1'10LlS61 11t dnectol V11' 11111 K1tzm1lle1 '1dVEllb1llg Nwntv Htnton IJL s11n1ls Heltn A1Che ed1to1 ln ch1ef hdlll Ex 111s 10115011 1ls Cx11tl1111 Lex an 13615011115 JoAnn Este1lx pat1ons Joan Lappen 'ldxutlslng Allce Golden p1t1ons becond rom Dons Cimpbell peraonwls J0111 Bnth fewtuxes Margilet A11ne S1111th p0lSOYldlS Betty Anne Wllll ms feattnts Phoebe Bertolet pe wndls N1ncv S lzmann IQIIUIES Balbll 1 Slmmon tvp1st J11111 FIX p1t1o11s Ba1b1r1 Slnlth fe1tures Alm1 Nxtmblut teatules Edn1 SCl'l'lCfTQl tVDlSI DIJICQII Schulze txplst Glo111 Goodvxln t1o1s111er Ele1no1e Bvbel tXDlSt Thlrd ww bnnuel C1110 p1t1onb Lawn Cohen pe SOIIIIS Samuel HllShlll1d boys 810115 Ruben Ullmfm IdXt.IllSlYlg Absent XNllLll the plillllf w lb t1l1111 11 cle C1101 AlldClS0ll xx ho helped 111th person 1lQ Hnbut P01 stu who helpc i vuth ldVClt1'slllf.f 1nd K11th1vn MOIIISUII who wcnked Wllll pdlIOllS 1 ' . , '. - ,. , -.', ., . . . . '. .. ' - 1 - . A , .1 c ,L , Q 1 '.1 1' ' 3 1 ' ' . 11: 1 3 .1 1. - - , - . ,Z ,.. , . , '. , ., .. . , . , . . 1 , l . 1 , I. . . vxv' ' -. ' . 1 1 . . 1 . i 1 . ' 1 1 1 1' . 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . .1 , ' .,.. , , ,. . . , . q , 1. , 1, . .1 , 1 A .1 . 1 2 '11 . 1 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 z . 1 3 1 I 1- . . 1 L . , . . V , 1 . 'z ' 1 1 ' , 1 . ' v if - vu , 1 1. '1 41 1 . 'v 4 7 1 1 n . c , X . 1 1 . 1 . 1 3: 'Z ' 1 .1 . 1 1 . .1 2. Z., , . Z. . . , , ily x ,. 1 1,5 , A , L .L K , !WVX!uVXVlET!'l ' A yj Mig Carlyle once salcl The race ot hte has become lntense, the runners are treaclmg upon each others heels, woe to h1m who stoops to he h1s shoe loce" Never before m the world's hlstory has th1s been more true Never chd success, even 1n a moderate degree, demond for 1ts attamment such a umon ot physlcal and mtellectual QL1Eil1l1SS, such keenness alertness, act1v1ty, perslstence, self rel1ance and cle c1s1on lt IS my earnest w1sh that success and happl ness may be yours throughout thls hte Congratula t1ons to the class ot l947' ROSCOE H WARD t jf J L' K , 2 U f4::Afif,ff,'4 Aw . Xl . r . . . . , Wnllnom H Hemsoo Uresndenf Fred H Howooi Iowan F Polm Voce Dresadenf Secrztorq Nu Mc bel Ernest L Dorm Treasurer Hooro of School Directors " V sg ,L i 1 x o"fo'o .ii Y ,. o ogS'Af'75':2 7 ,41 '-oo 5 oo1" V - . ' 'i o ,mx . x 55- gt 1 k3G' f n- m r in FACULTY Muhlenbug, College Albzl ht Cullcge BS ELLEN ANDERSON lx llll S1111 XHIAIHM Bloomsburg Teachers College Columbla Umverslty BS 11 XLPH S DILRFRSINI lim 1 Readmg Hlgh School I T U Indnanxpohs Indlana 3, l?w:fM'm'fw'llgf, -1. ,' .' VQVILLIANI l3EliNl1AH'l' F . V fllxlnry ' L' 0 A n .1 A 14 . V, 'V tiny FACULTY DODSOXI DRIIISB XCH lu 1 Kutztown State Teachers College B 9 Columbxa Un1ve1s1ty LILEEN I ll XLX EX S11 utlzumi 7 lfllll Bloomsbu St xte Teache s College B S MIHIAM C f'RlEbILlVIEh ulfffl x 11 Albrlght College BA West Chestel State Teachers College , - l 4 L, I ' Cn'vgn1f' C1:'n1v, Cffllvgv 1, rzrlmzm' R I' K A C -52 v- v 1 Y - 1 4 1 J. - -' ' ' , ' 1 rg 1 x' , . f- . , Y. 1 V ll' ,1'11,.l-fl-.11 liu'1r'1tim1 . K.. , . . f FACULTY 11 1111 ll h0BER F HART M MN 1 tl 111111 f 11111111111 K 11111r11 ll 1 1X 1 1 1 I. L X 1111111111111 Bloomsbuxg State Teachers College BS i gg Bloomsbux Stite Te 1che1s Colle e BS 1n-- Pennsylxdma State College M Ed -iz' :ff LOUISE E KELLER 1r1111 1 5150111911 11111 1 111111 Albmght College B S Umverslty of Pennsylvama M A K f 1 f 1 1 1 'AX , .1111 1111- 1f11x1'111',r.r Tr' 1 ' I1, ll' " I' 1 f'1k W A 1f11,v1111'.v.v 1iklI.l1'.'1, f7,ff'1'1' 1'r1'Ii'1', 1!11.'1'111'.vx ww11,1.1A1X1 JAMES 15:5 ,I11:'11111'1'1l .111 111' 1112 ' , f" , Z ck ,' ' 1, fk1i.v1, -l' ,Q 1' ? 1 5 X K FACULTY MARY KRAMER K t I g LUCILI E K LOII Al ght C ll g BS Phl d lph X Q W R Q Arlx und Cfruflx u z own State T achers Coll B.S. 1 Q' V ff ' 'R 'Q WILLIAM E. LEVAN K I ' l11.vtr11n1u11mI.Uzrxii C 1 ry of Music, ' ' ' Ilumr' Ifrnnnnzifs V bri R . . ' S xx x W EMMA J RIIINBOLD fllfl fun Lchmon Vallcv ollege B A Fe1m5ylvan1.1 State College K 404' FACULTY WILLIAM PURNEI L MII 1111! K tmjru ll Kutztown State Teachers College B S JOHN H SEIFARTH Induxlrml Arts Pennsylvamd State College B S 'x X. 5-1 S1151 I 14' K flv' 1 lfngll' , IU um X Q-pf I 4 4 52 he . Q L 4 FA CUL TY JOHN L SHARADIN limlngx Clnmrflrx Ilzyzcs Kutztown State Teachers College B S Pennsylvanla State College MEd Massachusetts Inst1tute Technology ROBERT WEIDENHAMMER 8111111 Jmzwr 1111111 ll11H111n11!11s Ursmus College BA MARION E STOCKFR UISIHUS College B S Dlcxel Inst1tute BS ln LS W 1 A I.ibv'11r1'1111, lfrzylixll L ' - ' . -K., ' 'A A , ' . t I FACULTY ll: ul Bethlehem Cohsexvdtory of MLlSlC West Cheste St ate Te lche s College BS Chustemen Chorll School ,M JACOB Vi LNTLEI I Ilfjlllllv F1 mklm and Mush Ill College B A Columbu Umverslty MA ws- YZ" D AVID S IIWIIVIELMAN I dm u Ent Stroudsbulg Teachers College B S Temple Umxerslty, MEd ,I F F 4 lx J J if b x 5 . 4 HELEN B. WHITE 4 . Q . 1:- N 1. , 'N t F2 . . ,. l llmlill, l'lry.viful f ' lim! 1 x Q J ah f 'WK S eck UITODI mm S 'ST HUT: 3 ffafglf X W5 f fff W Q gy -P' , ' ,jr ' ff' ,f 1: -V-Q Lx ,V ,1 , f I ' W uff ,J of lf! ff fy! r, , f ra Y A fiywvf , . ,f ff ff! 'f' xf - - 1 ,ff ,Wa , X ,' ff, , ll.. l I XXII? .CJ , plus, 1 J - gpg- ff f ,V I,' ' 1- , ' ' , ' , W 2' I 12: if ,, A .. V-iarir. A ll. f . ,Q l 5161: Y --- L' ' 4, - - -Q-f:F' f ,' , A-lay? p 92' ' . ,- N it T, , gf llalagfx Y , YJ f"'i Y f , 17. , 1 1 , - V A I 7 T , . N 4 4 I X X W X Q V A ' 7 X Rrj. A 5- I Ii I vu-1 , ' ' :X Tn, ' - 'F WI If Q Xs, . id 1. g F ,111 I 'V V ylff, L'1,V1.'t4f,l E 'Q ,V fi I J 'X 1 - 1 f ,A Class Qfflcers Seated left to rlght Phoebe Bertolet Secretary Nancy Stump Treasurer Standmg Robert Druckenmnler V1ce Presldent Rlchard Hammer, Presldent CLASS COLORS Cardxnal Red and Gray CLASS FLOWERS Red Carnatmns and Dustymlllers CLASS MOTTO "Act1ng, not wlshmg, brmgs success " L J f , N K Q, as A J HELEN ANN AILHER Come Frlday night basketball games one can always fmd Helen Hammer 1ng out the famlllar Mt Penn cheers If at any t1me you happen to overhear someone ex clalm Whatcha lookmg for rabb1ts'P lt w1ll undoubtr dly be Helen for thls seems to be the pet SXDICSSIOH of th1s peppy llttle semor H r excellent Wfltlflg abllxty d1s played bv her work on the Penn Post and ed1torsh1p of the Penn Alma certalnly fore tells her future success as a Journahst Penn Alma edltor Penn Post 10 11 12 Semor Chorus Usher Jumor Play Semor Play t10I1 Concert and Marchmg Band 10 ll 12 Eastern Dlstrlct Chorus ll 12 Couniv Crorus 11 Countv Band 12 Chorus 10 ll 12 Junior Plav Debatmg 11 YTeen 10 ll 12 Class Committees Usher Intcrclass Sports 10 11 12 Octette 11 12 JUYNOI As emblv Senlor Assembly Penn Alma Penn Post 10 11 12 HENRIEFFA N ARON The gxrl wlth the handsome wardrobe IS a term that well descrxbes Henny Her sweater and skxrt collectlon FCCCIVCS every one s admlratlon however her specxal prlde IS that new Olds convertlble Henny w1ll long be remembered for a un1que laugh Wh1Ch crops up at the most unexpected moments She has chosen Syracuse to fur ther her knowledge and IS eafferly awaltlflg campus lxfe YTeens11 12 Assemblles 10 11 12 Usher Class Officer 10 LAROL RUTHERFORD ANDERSON Carol known partlculaxly for her ab1l1ty to play the oboe and for her lovely alto volce IS only one 1n tms years crop of beautles Her naturally curly han' IS the envy of all the co eds Carol s love for the felme specles 1S amply p oved by her con stant talk of Bobby her pet cat Future years w1ll fmd Carol dressed 1n nurses whlte as she reallzes her chlldhood ambl J w ' I . ' af ' yy I ' u - - ,, . v T . . x , 'X s . ' ' sl n - . - G . . . . . - . V , , - - 1 - . 1 Q 1 - . y v 4 A . . , . . . 1 . . . , . , y x 1' "' u n . , ' . . . , . K , - . . , . . , 2 - - 1 . v . - . 1 , ' . .. 'S . 2 4 Q I . , . V r -v' ' - , u ' ' ya 2' , ' , ' ss n I - S , . 1 ' ' . ' . 1 v ' - ' al n K, I., D . - . g . . 1 , ' w fR PAUL ALLEN BAER Baer IS another of our quiet unassum mg seniors His ever present smile of con tentment signifies his likeable and friendly character If not engrossed in devouring a pint of ice cream Paul will probably be seen munching on an apple or doing Justice to an orange His plans for the future al though for the most part undecided in clude service in the armed forces Baseball 12 HARRY RICHARD BAKER JR Harry is a cheerful and easy going fellow who always reaches his destination even if he is a little late The music room is his favorite dwelling place an understandable fact for he intends to make concert work his career His ability to play the piano has been displayed in several school assem blies Harry s interest in church work has been made evident bv his attendance of summer conferences when he made many new friends Band 10 11 12 Marching Band 10 ll 12 Orches tra 10 11 12 Dance Band 11 12 Senior Chorus 12 Assembly Programs 10 12 Junior Assembly Senior Assembly JOAN BAR 1 h Our high-stepping twirler was responsi- ble for much of the praise heaped upon the marching band during the past two years. Joan an ardent Reading High fan thrives on lengthy phone conversations with her many friends. Her love of the beach particularly the Florida coastline accounts for her beautiful suntans. This vivacious lass will graduate from Syracuse as a full-fledged Florence Nightingale. Marching Band 10. 111, 123 Assembly Committee 10, ll. 125 Junior Playg Senior Playg Senior Chorus 10. 11, 123 County Chorus 123 National Honor Society ll. 123 Y-Teen 10, 11, 123 Junior Assemblyg Senior Assemblyg Junior Town Meeting of the Airg Usherg Class Committees. S HARRY E BAUKNECHT IR Well always remember Jack for hzs enormous appetlte and h1lar1ous Jokes Belng the only true Mountalneer 1n the school 1f we conslder Neversink a moun tam he put h1, wrrv bulld to good use on the basketball court Although h1S ach1evc ments are manv bv far the greatest 1S his famous way wlth women Varsltv Basketball 12 Junlor Vars1ty Basketball 12 Track ll 12 Class Offlcer 10 Basketball Manager 10 Hom room Pres1dent 11 H1 Y 11 12 Co'1n11t1ees10 11 12 Assemb11es10 11 12 Sports LA RENE KATHRYN BICE La Rene w1ll always be remembered for her 1rrep1ess1ble g1gg1e and love or a good tlme bhe can often be found w1tf1 a cer tam ex Navy man who dehghts 1n sendmg her purple hearts On of her most strlk 1ng character1st1cs IS her lovely han whlch she 1ns1sts IS not 1ed but w1ll remzun foreve1 amber Y Te n 10 11 12 Junior Assemblv Sen1or As sembly Class Commlttees PHOEBE LORAH BERTOLET 9 V U ,I . . , - , l , H - ,, "Anyone wanta talk about horses? 1S a 1 perpetual questlon asked by Phoebe Thxs comely equestrnnne 1S well known as a capable guard on th gl ls basketball team Beware! She s another woman drlver and can often be s en buzzmg around town ln 1 ' her jeep. Wh1le 1n hlgh school Phoebe has accomplished a flne scholastlc record whlch assures a successful college career National Hono1 SOCletV 12 Class Secretary 12 Y-Teens 10, 11 12 Secretary 12 Glrls Varslty Basketball 12 Sen1or Chorus 12 Marchlng Band - " - 2 - ' - 11 , . rv y J 11 12 Jumor Assemblv 11 Sen1or Assembly 12 Class Commntees 11 Usher 10 11 12 Interclass l OHRAINE MARGARE I' BHNGAMAN One has only to look at B1ng1es spar kllng eves to know that she IS full of fun and m1sch1ef However she does have a se r1ous Slde e peclally when wr1t1ng long letters to Bob On Sunday morn1ngs she can be found performmg her favoure- hobby horse back r1d1ng Everyone W111 rememb r Lo1ra1ne for her acrobatlc per formance rn the Jumor Assembly Heres to Vo ue s fash1on de srffner of 19521 Sen o Chorus 12 Jumor Assemblv Sen1or As semb'y Cl1ssC0mm1ttees 10 11 12 YTeens11 12 ELEAN ORE S BYBEL Although El11e seems to be readmg a dlfferent book every day she st1ll f1!1dS tlme to corlespond Wlth pen pals from many countrles and mamtam excellent grades She IS a very fr1end1y person but W111 debate for hours Wlth anyone who says a word aga1nst Russm Durmg conversm t1on she can frequently be heard to 1e mark Are you k1dd1ng'P Sub Deb Club 10 Basketball 10 Chorus 10 11 12 Interclass Sports 11 12 Penn Alma Class Commlttees Semor Assembly Cheerleader 10 DORIS M CXMPBELL Th1S small package IS far from 1nact1ve SOUDIE a successful member of the sen1or play cast keeps herself busy wrtlf her nu merous act1v1t1es An efliclent 11 tle m1 s Do11s finds t1me to be everyones fr1end She has a strong d1S11k6 for eggplant and IS qulte averse to bluffers College IS fore most m her mmd for the future Marchmg Band 10 11 12 Band 10 11 12 Orches tra 10 11 Y Teen 10 ll 12 Semor Llbrary Club 11 12 Semor Play Penn Post 11 12 Penn Alma Semor Chorus 11 12 Class Commlttees Junlor Assembly Usherll f X SALVATORE R CARRO Remembermg Sammys ready hand and qulck smlle should not be very hard This stocklly bullt witty lad has been an 1m portant cog in Mt Penn s ath1et1c setup for the last two years Baseball and gr11led cheese sandwxches rate hlgh on h1s 11st but when the weather man says Colder tomor row Coco givesashudder In the fu ture youll find him pushlng a draftsman s pencll but rlght now look for him at Mace s Baseball 11 12 Track 11 12 Jumor Varsity Basketball 11 Vars1ty Basketball 12 Penn Alma Assemblles Class Commlttees ll 12 BRLCE EDWARD CHRIS FIAN The distmctlon of belng the hrst p1lot of of our class and we don t mean h1s Jalopy belongs to th1s easy gomg blond halred lad Rod s peaceful nature rmbels at the thought of the proverblal tough guy and ge ttmg out of bed early He IS happlest w1th a plate of French fr1es May h1s mgenuxty and mechan1cal aptltude w1n success for hxm 1n h1s chosen professlon Dlesel en gmeermg Class Presxdent 10 Homeroom Vlce Presxdent 12 Basketball 10 ll H1 Y 12 Chorus x11 Class Com 'l'I1ltte6S10 11 12 Baseball 10 Assemblles ll 12 LEWIS M COHEN Lou the lad w1th the Smlllng face and mlghty personalxty IS another of Maces gang Long to be remembered IS h1s love of an argument An ardent basketball en thuslast Loule has played an lmportant part 1n our sports system for the past two years Yes he does have one d1s11ke to hear a baby cry during a tense moment at the Mag Although h1s immedlate future is vague Lou1e will probably study Journal 1sm at Penn State Class Vxce Presldent 111 Student COUHC11 10 Homeroom Presldent 12 Penn Alma Staff 12 Varslty Basketball 12 Jumor Varsxtv Basketball 11 Varsity Soccer 10 Jumor and Semor As sembhes Class Commlttees ll-I1 Y f DOLORES CLAIRE COOPER Versat1l1ty has made DC a colorful personallty Lelsure tlme flnds her horse back r1d1ng or playmg a sW1ft game of basketball Her spec1al1nterests however l1e ln muslc for she dotes on collecting classlcal records Dolores also eng oys fash 1on1ng costume Jewelry for every occaslon Her amb1t1on and ab1l1tv assure us that her deslre to be a tvplst w1ll be fulfilled Senlor Chorus 10 11 12 Class Committees ll YTeen 10 11 12 Interclass Sports Eastern DlStTlCt Chorus Senlor Assembly Usher 11 J RUSSELL CROSSLEY Russ IS a regular fella who loves to have a good tlme H1s second home IS the St Lawrence Commumty Hall where he en Joys playmg basketball The idea of own 1ng a car preferably a Bu1ck holds a Per tam fasc1nat1on for h1m Russ looks to the future w1th uncertamty Basketball 10 Band 10 11 12 Marchmg Band 11 12 lnterclass sports ll 12 Comm1ttees 11 12 Dance Band 12 Concert Band ll 12 Senlor and Junlor Assembly Dec mratxon Commlttees ll 12 FRANKLIN R De GEGRGE Frank the boy w1th the amiable grm mtends to trade h1s Job at the MRJLSCIC for a pos1t1on wlth Uncle Sam Army preferred And 1f the menu contams plenty of spa ghettl and meatballs Frank w1ll be satls fled H1s favorlte saylng knock lt off 1S usually d1rected to Rlngler, his bosom com pamon Class Commxttees 11, 12 S J Q s 3 MARX'1ANElMEFENDEHFEH "Janie likes to travrl with company and can usally be found with Lora ff- P ty and Dolores Her conver largr ly on Blrdsboro because he homl of many of her fru nd bhe 1ns1sts that Chlck IS a favorlte on her 11st although movles play a close second Consequently Jan1e 1S often found at the Mag Senlor Assemblv YTeen 10 ll 12 Intelc ass bports 10 11 12 Y Teen 12 h0BEhT E DRUCKENNHLLEh An excellent scholar a competent leader and a talented mus1c1an Drucky has done much for the succnss of our class H1s muslcal accomphshmtnts lnclude mastl ry of the plano organ and Frrnch horn Whllk his fine vo1ce has made h1m an asset to the chorus Bob plans to study nnglneerlng 1n college and wr are confident m prophr sy mg a brrght and successful futurr for h1m V1ce Presldent ofSen1o1 Class Band 10 11 2 Treasurer Marchmg Band ll 12 Dance Band 11 12 Senlor Chorus 10 11 12 Presldent Natxonal Honor Socxetv 12 V1ce Pres1dent H1Y Class Play 10 Semor Class Plavv12 Junlol Assembly Senior Ass mbly Male Quartet 12 Accompamst Male Quartet ll Accompamst County Chorus 19 12 Eastern D1StPlCI Chorus 11 12 Organlst Bac calaureate Servlce 11 12 JUAN SCATFERGOOD DOREMUS Oak Grovcs loss was our gam when Joan Lntmred the portals of Mt Penn Th1s blonde lassles sensl of humor and pretty smile have Won her many frlends who w1ll always remember her as ont of the chlef promoters of a good tlmr Her chosen occupatlon as an a1d 1n a chlldren s hospxtal w1ll undoubtrdly prow to be a prom1s1ng one J !,, l l I 9 Y . C' , 1 x D 1 . ,U U . X , . . .,. 16 ' 97 ' ' L ' . ' x ' 7 ' ' K4 77 ' 3 - . . 3 ' lg Q. ' A , ' w ' Cxgb 1 A x 1 , X, , .1 U x I 36 . . , L ' l . . I x . . . . , . . . I x V 1 4 j 4 1 j Y 7 l ' ' Al Y! Y 7 -uit 1' ' . . I , x . K . I ' 7 Y ! x ' 1 - ! . . X . ' ' Z I - Y 1 y ' , . , . 5 1 1 - - 1 C . - V ' 1 ' Z , 2 1 ' D . - I .. , . , . , , ' - 1 v ' Y. fa RUTH E. ENDERS A shy, reserved senior lass is "Ruthie" Her lovely green eyes and pretty curly hair are admxred by evervone When someone relates a story Ru can be heard to ex claxm And then at happenedf' She abhors marsh mellows and ralny Weathu but swlmmmg dancmg and 1ce cream b11ng a sm1le to her face Ruthle hopes to spend future years deeplng It up in the clouds as an axr stewardess Sub Deb Club 10 Presldent YTeen 11 12 Jumor Assembly Senlor Assembly SARA ESTHER ENOCH A good ole Pennsylvanla Dutchman from the Oley Valley Sarah possesses the friendly d1spos1t1on chalactl rxstlc of those people Her 1mp1sh grln and sparkllng eyes radxate good natured mxschuf Hel happlest school hours are spent 1n Home Economlcs classls and perhaps some day we w1ll and Sarah trachmg the k1dd1es how to bo1l Water Y Teen 10 11 12 Semor Chorus 12 Junlor and Senlor Assembly JO ANN NATALIE ESTERLY Wlth a twlnkle ln her eye and a ready sm1le Jo Ann always manages to keep her audlence 1n gales of laughter as she re lates her experlences on the N H S tr1p to Phlladelphla Although eager for a fflelld ly argument she IS ever slncere and xngen uous Her xntellect dependablllty and love for publlc speakmg are qualxtus which w1ll help to make her Readings outstand1ng lawyer of the 1950 s Chorus 12 Girls Octette 12 Glee Club 10 Usher ette ll 12 Chaxrman of Semor Play Tlcket C-om mlttees Band 10 11 12 March1ngB1nd10 11 12 L1brary Club Debatmg Team 10 11 12 Natlonal Honor Soc1ety 11 12 Penn Post 10 11 12 Penn Alma 12 Jumor Town Meetmg of the A1r 12 Serv 1ce Club 10 12 Junlor and Semor Assembly Y Teen 10 11 12 Tm Can Salvage K EDNA MAY EVANS Edna Wxth sparkl1ng eyes and lovely blonde han' has a d1spos1t1on as sweet as can be Her great mte-rest 1n the M P H S Band must have some-th1ng to do w1th the young man Wlth the horn Thls comely lass marched wlth the quartet that carrled the colors at our basketball games Her dulcet alto vo1ce brought flrst row honors to her 1n many choral productlons Cheerleader 10 Operetta 10 Marclnng Band 11 12 Jumor Plav Eastern D1str1ct Chorus 11 12 County Chorus 10 11 Octette ll 12 Penn Post 11 12 Tenn Alma 12 Chorus 11 12 Glrl Reserve Treasurer 12 Junlor and Senlol Assembly Intel class Sports 12 Usherette LOIS IRENE FABER Everyone responds to the contaglous laughter and v1tal1ty of Lo1s Faber the gul w1th the beautlful tresses Her 1n exhaustable supply of energy recelves an outlet on the dance floor whe re she per forms the most d1ff1cult steps wrth the ease and grace of a professlonal LOIS soon W1ll prove her typmg and shorthand sk1ll for she mtends to become a secretary 1n the very near future Llbrary Club 10 Presldent of Grade 10 Dance Commlttee 10 Senlor Assembly 12 LOIS JACQUELINE P ABIAN Shy and reserved Lo1sy IS one of the llvehest guards on our glrls basketball team Always ready to lend a helpmg hand 1S a term that well descr1bes her She has astrong yen for dogs and country people Lo1s IS destlned to JQ1 agua tarxal ranks after gr at1o Varsltv Basketball lub 2' y'vf"'b L1brary Club 10 J J ff RICHARD DAN ID FISHER Punctuality 1S D1ck s greatest accom pllshment Hrs love of long nature hlkes after eleven o clock 1n the morning test1f1es to his vlgorous hablts Dick IS hostlle to ferocious bull dogs and no park1ng slgns H1s imagxnatlve phys1cs solutlons rate wlth Leader s amazmg geometry proofs as math ematlcal marvels of the age Dick s mten txon IS to study law at a mid western un1 verslty KR H Sl JOAN MARIE FIX When not perched upon a ladder palnt mg a mural 1n the art room th1s pretty songblrd can be found performlng m the Readlng CIVIC Opera or 1n our own as sembl1es Although qu1et and reserved heaps of fun lurk behlnd those blue eyes and long lashes In add1t1on to her mus1 cal and art1st1c ab1l1ty Joan has a talent for dramatlcs whlch polnts to a p0SS1b1C future behmd the footllghts Chorus 12 Semor Chorus 10 ll 12 Glrls Octette 12 Eastern Dlstrlct Chorus 11 Junlor Assembly Semor Assembly Class Commlttees Penn Alma Basketball 10 Junlor v8FSlty Football 1 EUGENE W FLICKER Gather round all ye hepcats for t1s the young man wlth a horn Jeff earned this t1tle from h1S place in Wally Spotts Orchestra One of the crowd who spends ms le-lsure time at the Commumty Hall J ed plays on the St Lawrence basketball team HIS llttle Chevy can often be seen puttermg down to Stony Creek on a V1S1t to the Evans home We suspect that the blg name bands w1ll cla1m hum 1n vears fo come Basketball 10 Interclass Sports 11 12 Base ball 10 ll 12 Band 10 11 12 Marchmg Band 11 12 Band Vlce Presldent 12 Student Councll 11 12 Presldent 12 Dance Band 11 12 County Band 11 Asslstant Leader Dance Band 12 Class Actlvlty Commlttee 11 12 Jumor and Semor Assembly T ' ' 9 x - . . . l . Y , . x . ' 1 K4 ' I! ' , . . , . 7 7 ' r Y Y-Teen 10, 11, 12g Penn Post 11, 123 County : ' , . 1 ' 1 1 I I S - , K as n 1 ' ' r Al ' !! U PP . . I , . . . . . . 1 . . I s '- C , Z ' , I . 3 , . 1 . , 9 -, : - Q 2 I 5 . A 1 4: , , 3 - ,,4JU'dj-'f"",' Juavfw-4-"5 J """'f"" t'7"J"us' f7.r-ua-V..-R-lf'-3'-J7' J p0,,,,,.M,fW,g,L J-e.e.e.-.4,.x..... 3.-440 Ju U """"'u""L'd, 'Jo-v-lv ' 'Www QMARHIALKlIFOLK Marle s genteel a1r and pretty blush are qual1t1es that command adm1rat1on Her da1ly walk home from school accounts for her enjoyment of wmdy weather Mar1e has no t1me for thoughtless people mamly because she 11k9S efflclency She 11VCS and loves muslc but she ll take lt str1ctly long ha1r HaV1Hg applled her muslcal talents Mar1e w1ll enjoy a scho1arsh1p at Heldel berg College 1n Oh1O L1brarv 10 Accompanlst 12 Octette County MARVENE JOYLE FOLK Love lt love 1t' IS an express1on heard when Venie comes around It IS used when she IS partlcularly pleased w1th some th1ng such as veal cutle ts or perhaps the latest novel Veme IS consldered a con nolsseur of popular muslc by all of her frlends The 1cy blasts of wlnter g1Ve Mar vene her greatest dlspleasure She IS an other sen1or who w1ll enter the nursmg pro fesslon after graduatlon Cheerleadmg 10 Operetta 10 Gym Exh1b1t1on 10 YTeen Chorus 11 12 Class Commlttees Co ed Volleyball 12 ROBERT CHARLES FORESTER Small g1r1s and dancmg are Forr1es spec1alt1es He 1S one of the few people who enjoy commerc1als but l1ke most of us he has no tlme for conce1ted peopl HIS pet express1on H1 ya honey dream IS dlrected to anyone who its the part Forr1e who was act1ve on the buslness end of the Penn Post and Penn Alma w1ll enter a New York advert1s1ng agency IC P1es1dent 12 Penn Alma Penn H1Y 11 V e , , Post 111, 12, Sen1or Choxus 10 11, Interclass Sports 10 ll 12, Semor Assembly 9 0 ' ' 5 ' ' 1' I V' . M, y w . , .,s' v . 0 ,- f' Q 1' n 1 A ' 91' J V. 1 1 0 , . , 5' , w Q V. 'Q 0 . ' -- - e V , .-a , x, . . ,. ,- ,.. , , . -- V-... , 1 , . . X, , - - A . . . x - 1 . , . . H '. 9 ' ' . ,, . . . ' ' Y F Q . 4 1 Z Chorusg Chorus Ll, 12. ' ' ..... W ee ' x ' as ' ' 7 'Y x 61 I!! ' I ' D i l - ' l Y I 64 ' xi? ' ' - . K . . . - h 1 . I . - . . X . -I x . . 1 . I 1 I ' I , I ' ' 1 ' ' ' ee ' 1 vu Of' ' 1 ' sa - u ' - , f, 7 V' . l X. -H , , e . . . I . H . X ,, . - , . . ' x 1 . Li ' X !? ' l ' i . ! X l W 7 i . . I ! . , . . . n . . GLORIA A FRANKHOUSER Whether she xs swlshlng basktts for the home tc am or pt rformlng her dutles as art cdxtor of the Penn Alma Glorxa IS at her best However these are not the only re spons1b1l1t1es wh1ch she shoulders, for on Sundays the WyOm1SS1Hg Club claims her srrv1crs as telephone operator The near future w1ll find Glorla 1n Art school where she 1S bound to succeed Varsrtv Track 10 11 VHYSILV Basketball 11 12 Varsxty Volleyball 11 12 All Interclass Sports 10 11 12 Natlonal Honor SOClefV 12 Semor Chorus 12 P nn Alma 12 Penn Post 10 ll 12 Y Teens 10 11 12 DeCor'1t1on C0mm1ttee10 11 12 County Chorus Homeroom Secretary 11 Sen1or and Jumor As sembly ROBERT L OEHRINC A congrmal fellow w1th an unusual ph1 losophy of llfr thats Wheels He s a regular at the St Lawrence Commumty Hall wht rt ht takes advantage of the bowl mg alley Motorcycles vastly annoy hlm as do typlng m1stakes but sw1mm1ng IS h1s great weakness The Wldl field of avlatlon w11l have a ready place for hlm Basketball 10 Baseball 10 12 Semor Chorus 11 12 Interclass Sports 11 12 Class ACtlV1ty Com mlttee 11 12 Tumor Assembly Semor Assembly Baccalaureate Chorus 11 12 AIICL MARIE GOLDEN The buslness world would be at a loss w1thout Als capab1l1ty She d1v1des her tlme between the Prnnsxde Store and the Mag although DISSIC figures 1n her busy schedule As captaln of th1s years cheerleadmg squad Al d1d a grand Job Her future IS undcclded but we feel that Al1ce W111 put her busmess hke qualltles to good work Cheerle1d1nffl0 ll 12 Operetta 10 Gym EXh1b1 non 10 Class Play 10 Jun1or Assembly Semor Chorus ll 12' Y-Teen 11. 123 Track 11 Interclass Sports 113 Usher ll' Student Council 12' Penn Alma: Senior Assemblyg Girls' Octette 12' Class committees: Co-ed Volleyball 12. GLORIA F GGODWIN Every yearbook staff needs a capable treasurer and Gloria was the girl to take over the Job She has a habit of saying Holy Cow an expression which Geth sc mane would appra ciate Her pet pique 1S crowds which justifies her lovm of a picnic or hike Madame Goodwin s coiffeures will be setting the pace in time to come Class Committee 11 Assembly 12 Penn Alma Treasurer Sub Deb Club 10 Field Day HOWARD I GREEN Mole as he is generally called by h1s classmatns halls from Wyomissing Hills al though he spends a great deal of his time in M P Howard is known particularly for his tall tales and everlasting station wagon He is fond of baseball and girls but revellle 1S a word that Just isn t in his vocabulary Howard hopes to spend a life time teaching gymnastics to the young and w1ll1ng Ba eball10 11 12 Track 11 12 Band 10 11 12 Dance Band 12 Chorus 11 12 Committees 11 12 Interclass Sports 11 12 Junior Play 11 Marching Band 11 12 County Band 12 Jumor and Senior AS sembly Baccalauieate Chorus 11 FERN ELAINE HAAS Modesty is a much respected virtue and one that Fern has plenty of. A strong dis- like for cats makes her one more senior af- flicted with felinephobia. She is happi- est with an interesting novel although the idea of good food delights her. Fern s sin- cerity will take her far as a secretary or stenographer. Library Club 'l0g Class Committees. Q f SHIRLEY B HAAS Shirleys knack of kecpmg her hair so neatly curled 1S a trait much envied by all the girls She did a good Job on the Penn Post by displaymg her ambition on those articles One of her favorite after hours hobbies 1S dancing which provides an out let for her enthusiastic nature She wxll probably continue hc r services at Hans Bxck after graduatlon Library Club 10 11 Chorus 10 Homeroom Sec retary 10 Y Teen 11 12 Class Committees 10 11 12 Qervice Club 12 Penn Post 12 Hall Duty ll 12 RICH ARD R HAMMER Dick has been our able class pres1dent tor the past two Vears His unusual versa t1l1ty is exemplified by h1S mastery of the trombone captaincy of our two major ath lf t1c teams and important role 1n our Jun 1or and senior plays D1ck IS probably tht only baseball player in the history of 1n his freshman year D1ck s act1ve mind and equally active body speak well for a successful collegiate and professional ca rner Varsitv Basketball ll 12 Varsltv B'1seball9 10 ll 12 Band 10 ll 12 Dance Band 11 12 County Rwnd 10 11 12 Band qecrefarv ll H1 V National Honor Socletv Jumo V3FSltV Basketbvll 10 Cllss Presldent ll 12 Jumor Play Senior Play PAUI ALTUN HARTIINE Alton belongs to the crowd hailing from Exeter His interests center on sports namely track and baseball And speaking of baseball h1s fame as a player is far re nown Alton derived pleasure from typ 1ng class and 1ns1sts that it was one of the best parts of the year He Joins the ranks of the 1ndef1n1te as far as the future IS con cerned Baseball 10 Track 10 L . , . . l ' 1 K4 , 7, KA ' 77 V . . I . ' ' ry ' 14 ' n - - the school who gained a starting position r . V . . Q ' , c ' . . IA I ' . l 7' 4 4 , A - .A , - x . S 4 P USSEL B HASSON Russ whose sincerlty and congenlalxty an recognlzed by all of hxs class mates 1S another of the famous Exeterltes Th1S senlor who halls from St Lawrence enJoys drlvmg and hopes to travel through the wllds of Canada ln the near future Among h1S pet d1S11keS are cats and anv con celted member of the female species Chorus VICQ Pres1dent12 Baseball 10 11 12 Track 11 Homeroom Presxdent 11 Homeroom Treasurer 1? Semor Assembly Ccrlpt Commlttee Jumor As scmbly Semor Assembly CARI I IIIMMFI RIIRGER Hlmmlc buxlds h1s personallty around MIRIAM LOUISE HAWK Mlms favorxte hobbu-s of danclng and swlmmxng take care of most of her spare tlme Her amlcablr tralts of character af' count for the fact that shell nrvrr be seen alone sxpping a coke at the Pharmacy SOC1a1 chmbers get the nd hght from Mlm but 1ts a deiinlte yes at the thought of spaghettl Her 1ntent1ons mclude owmng a busmess of her own Y'T'e n 10 11 12 Chorus 10 11 12 Jumor As scmbly Semor Assembly the keystone of good nature His rangy bulld IS ldeal for his favorite sport track He takes prlde in bemg the best coke m1xer 1n the school, and lf you don't agree, Just drop ln at T1C6'S and see for yourself To own a motorcycle IS Carl's greatest de s1re H1 Y 10 11 12 Assemb11es10 11 12 Track 11 12 Class Commlttees 10 11, 12, Volleyball Tearn 12, Interclass Sports 11 W l 1436- t ' ' 'V ' 2.-F3251 as ry - - - QL' 1 W ' sr 17 ' - ' Basketball 105 fHi-Y 123 Senior Chorus 11. 123 . 4 7 F n 'J L ' js . .- V . .L J C 1 L- 1 E - ' I ' I ' ,as sr 4 Q HU FH MARIE HIMMELBERGER The comme rcxal field w1ll ICCCIVG a con sc1ent1ous worker when Rufus graduates Her pet expresslon Is everybody happy9 st111 has us baffled as to 1ts speclal mean mg Ruth s ever present smxle beams UWICG as brlghtly when the ground xs covered w1th snow for she s strictly a wmtlr tune gal And speakmg of winter even the snow couldn t keep Ruth from her falthful Saturdays at Martm s Llbrary Club 10 11 Senlor Chorus 11 12 Y Teen 11 12 Choral Concert 11 12 Class Com m1ttees11 12 Se-mor Assembly SAMUEL LEE HlhbHLAND Sams overs1zed feet and appetlte to match have rap1dly become a Mt Penn trade mark Presldency of the Nat1onal Honor Soclety and captamcy of the basket ball team are but two of h1s many ac comphshments H1s ever dependable per formance on the basketball court served as a steadylng 1nfluence to hxs teammates the ent1re season Sam w1l1 tack an M D to h1S name when h1s college tra1n1ng 13 completed V3YS1tV Basketball ll 12 Track 11 12 Penn Post ll 12 Penn Alma Assemblv Commlttee 11 12 Student COUHCII 11 12 Nat1onal Honor Society 12 Senior Chorus ll 12 Junior Plav Senlor Play Jumor Assembly Semor Assembly EARL R HOCH Commg up from Exeter 1n h1s jumor year Earls personallty soon made hlm a class favorlte H1s smooth danclng and excellent vo1ce were the envy of all the fel lows and h1s remarks 1n class were col lectors ltems If you want to know any thlng about Cal1forn1a Just ask Earl H wxll always be remembered for h1S wonder ful d1spos1t1on and frlendllness to everyone Class Commlttee 11 12 Semor Chorus ll 12 Junior Varsltv Basketball ll Varslty Basketball 12 Homeroom Pres1dent 12 Homeroom Treasurer 11 Bovs Sextette 12 HERBERT L HOIIRL Herbie one of the smallest seniors with one of the biggest smiles is admired especially by the twelfth grade German Class for his ability to speak the language so fluently If you ever want to look him up Herbie can generally be found with his main intl rest the St Lawrence Pastry Truck NANCY LOU HOR PON Nances wonderful personality and grand sense of humor will long be remem bered by her classmates A star forward on the basketball team she has always come through when countrd upon for a few extra points This versatile young ladv has distinguished herself as a fine actress as shown by her creditable per formances in both our class plays We pro dict a successful future for Nancy as she works with an appreciative group f kindergarten pupils Junior Play Basketball ll 12 Senior Play Volleyball Penn Alma YTeen Chorus Octet Eastern District Chorus Class Committees ROBERT RICHARD IBACH If youll listen closely sometime when the dance band is performing youll hear some sweet tones issuing from a certain tenor saxaphone. And if you ll look behind that sax youll find Bob for he is one of the mainstays of this musical group. Be- tween shooting baskets for St. Andrews team and playing with the Indianola Trio he s a pretty busy fellow. Bobs friendli- ness and personality have made him many friends and we re sure that for him suc- cess is inevitable. B'md 10. ll Secretary 12- Orchestra 10. ll. 12' Marching Band 10. ll, 12' County Band 10. 11' Hunting and Fishing Club 10' Dance Band ll 12' Hi-Y 11. Treasurer 12: Track llg Junior Assembly' Interclass Basketball 12. RICHARD DAVID KAUFMAN A fabulous record collection that has grown out of his love for jazz is Dick s speclal prlde The senlors regard him as quite an authority on popular muslc and as a result he can often be heard arguing on the merlts or faults of a renowned band D1ck asplres to be a radlo announcer so here IS luck to a future Don Wllson Band 10 11 Marchmg Band 10 11 12 Orchestra 10 11 County Band 10 11 H1 Y 11 12 Dance Band ll 12 Baseball 12 Interclass Basketball 12 Class Commlttees 11 12 Semor Assembly ROINALD J KAUFFMAN For speed on the clnder track look for Ronn1e for th1s rap1d runner has held h1s own 1n many a tough speed contest H1s sense of humor and ab1l1ty to tell a story Qplus a llttle exaggeratlonj are two of h1s well known characterlstics wh1ch are ad m1red by h1S classmates Just tell Ronn1e you 11ke Harrlsburg and you ll be h1S frlend for 11fe Jumor Vars1tv Basketball 10 11 Track 10 11 12 Class Commxttees 10 11 H1 Y 11 12 Varslty Basketball 12 Athletlc Club 10 Semor Chorus 11 Interclass Sports 10 11 12 ROY hVAN KEEHN Roy IS recognxzed by his tall sllmness that all of us pine for Have you ever not1ced that blg Buick outside of school? That s the car Roy dr1ves Goll s Gas Sta t1on claxms the better part of hxs tune and everyone cla1ms that he has made it a suc cess Say lf you long for some candy from the Pennslde Store ask Roy He has every klnd you want JANET MAY KEIIVI Walking home from school in the rain didnt hurt Janets tresses and as a re ward she has a healthy glow Arena Gardens has had some crafty skaters but never ont that enjoyed the sport more than th1s amiable missy Her genial drsposrtron and srnctrr integrity are sure to score in tomorrows busintss world Sub D b Club 10 Y Teen 11 12 Senior Chorus WII I IAM I KLNNI 111 Drop dt ad' is B111 s brotherly greeting, Hrs Irish Jovralrty and curly hair are his most noted trade marks As far as B111 is concn rned Brlly Holiday and Duke Ellrng ton are the onlv true musicians rn the world and don t argue with him he knows what he s talking about During the wuk Vou 11 find him at a record session or up at Jakr s but on Wednesday evtnrng he 11 be lrstenrng to tha Henry Morgan show Varsrtv Basketball 11 12 Junior VBFSIIV 10 Hr Y 11 12 Interclass Sports 10 11 12 Class Com mittee WRC INIA JANE KIIZMILLER Good looks sweet d1spos1t1on and prtttv blond hair all rolled up mto one make Grnny As capable manager of tht girls basketball team this active senior ptr formed her dutus faithfully while her spare time was devoted to her numtrous outslde activities She 1S ready any time to sootht a troubled mind wrth her favorlte rxpression Bless your l'tflt heart. Next year will find Ginny at Albright wha re she will major in Home Economics. Student ouncil 10' Girls Glee Club 103 Basket- ball ll, 12: Interclass Sports 11. 12' Penn Yost 10 11. 12' Senior horus 12' Penn Alma 12' Class Committee- 10, ll. 12' Y-Teen 10 11. 12' Assemblies. J IORETTA JANE KLEIN Th1S tall blonde IS best known for her lver present typ1ng class giggle SIS possesses the qual1t1es of an athlete Her foremost mterest 1n the field of sports are volleyball and basketball She is one of the Bxg FIVQ who usually are the last in and the Hrst out of school Lorettas abllity w1ll lead her to a career as a competent Offl worker S mor Chorus 10 12 Semor Hlgh Llbrary Club 10 11 SGTVICE Club 10 11 12 YTeen 10 11 12 Intcrclass Spots 10 11 12 Class Committees 11 V1 slty Volleyball Team 12 Co ed Volleyball 12 OLIVER M KNIGHT Jh Although Otts 1S a new add1t1on to our class he has wa trd l1ttle tlmf. 1n mak1ng hlmself at homr 1n Mt P1 nn H1s ma1n the latter accountlng for th fact that he can usually bt found at the statlon Is somethmg wrong w1th vour car'P Ask OIIVEY about lt lf he doesn t know what It IS no one does In the future look for h1m as a Navy College tralnee D nce Band 12 Concert Band 12 lvlarchmg B md 12 Co ed Vollevbwll JOHN KENNETH KOOKER .IR Latest add1t1on to Penns1de th1s year IS Jack and h1s llttle black Ford Aside from h1s 1ntense l1k1ng of V 8s he s ln seventh heaven when devourmg h1s favorite d1sh steak One can often flnd h1m in the v1c1n1ty of 626 Locust Street reasons un known Perhaps h1s greatest dlSl1ke lS that old bugbear detent1on Jack mtends to spend h1s future as a funeral dlrector the lucky stuff' Trac1110 11 12 Basketball 10 11 Baseball 10 Qemor Play 12 Homeroom Vlce Pres1dent 11 12 H1 Y 12 Class Commlttees 11 12 Semor Assembly ' 4 .A i Lt ' 11 46 ' YY . , - ii ' ' i!! V , . 'ce . z1'.' I . . . . I: ' - . f ' Y . , . Al YY ' I ' ' Q X . . I. . , .. lIll',l'l'8StS are IIlLlSlC and 8.11110 l'I10Cl'la.I1lCS, . 3 x . . . . I , I D - U ' ! , . . . Q f , ., . - 7 1 , - , . 12. ' ' ' JOAN LEE LAPPEN That smart 46 Nash dr1v1ng down the mlddle of the street happens to belong to Joame She has a record collectlon that s worth seexng partlcularly lf you 11ke Perry Como She enjoys typlng and food but slmply won t tolerate havmg her plctures taken Joames classmates w1ll remem ber her longest for her crazy Jargon wh1ch lncludes scootch drool face and gooky Senlor Chorus 11 12 YTeen 10 11 12 Jumor Play Prompter Penn Post 12 Penn Alma 12 Class ommlttee 11 12 Semor Assembly JAMES M LAUCKS Qulet and reserve 1n every respect are tht d1stingu1shing characterlstlcs of thls A 1 scholar Interested ln flymg he has hxgh hopes of becommg an atronautwal tngmeer For the past three years h1s ex ctllent work on the stage crew has made every productlon a success The world w1ll 1nto their deslred form Stage Crew 10 11 12 Jumor Varsltv Basketball 10 11 12 Varsxty Soccer 10 Vars1ty Track 11 Class Commlttees 10 11 12 Nat1ona1:Honor Soclety JOHN ALBERT LEADER JR Mus1c hath 1ts charms and Albert is handlng out plenty of Just that He has efliclently executed h1S dutles as presldent of the band and has played h1s mellow clarlnet at concerts and dance band per formances Proud of h1s handsome pro file Albert always sees to xt that he IS wtll groomed H1lar1ously humorous he IS very often the l1fe of the party or center of at tract1on Chorus 10 11 12 Orchestra 10 11 12 Band 10 11 Presldent 12 D1str1ct Chorus 11 12 Dlstrlct Orchestra 12 D1str1ct Band ll 12 County Band 10 11 12 County Orchestra 12 County Chorus 12 State Chorus 12 State Band 11 H1 Y ll 12 Sextet 12 Dance Band 11 12 4 , . . It ' I7 I ' I ! . . , . . ll ' 3 H ' - ' ll !! ll - !Y 7 ! H H C ' ,v 1 ' y e v 1 'Y - . . . y 1 I benefit when Jimmy's talents are molded , . as - - ,, I Y J . i ' . , 1 z : f EDWARD J LEINBACH JR Now we wouldnt go so far as to say Edd1e is prejudlced but have you ever heard h1s sales talks on the 34 Pont1ac9 To most people he seems rather consclen t1ous but to those who know h1m well he s a regular fellow Among h1s better known accomphshments are dr1v1ng sw1mm1nU and baseball This plano styhst plans to enter Uncle Sams Navy after graduatmn Baseball 10 ll 12 AthIet1c Club 10 Tumor As sembly Track ll Class Commlttees 11 H1 Y 12 GEORGE 5 LEM IER Lesher d1st111gu1shed by lus red ha1r and freckles IS one of the mountaln boys ha1l1ng from Neverslnk He 1S ln his glory when he IS behlnd the Wheel of a car and has h1gh hopes to fu1f1ll h1s ambl t1on to becom an automob1le racer Lesher 1S a firm d1sbe11ever ln homework and abhors the ldea of bemg detamed after school CYNTHIA MAY LEVAN As program chalrman of our Y Teen group Cyn1e fulfxlled her duties well Sw1mm1ng and 1ce skat1ng are two of her favorltes and no matter what the weather she takes advantage of that pond 1n St Lawrence Her lovely blonde hair IS one of her prettlest assets Cynthla will prob ably go to Penn State for her college edu catlon. Y Teen 11, 12, Program Cha1rman 12, Chorus 12, County Chorus 12, Junlor Assembly, Penn Alma Staff, Class Commxttees 11 12 s 4 I R . M . I ' a 9 u ,l , i Q 1 ca - an - f I v . , . , I ' l .l , . 1 1 . I . . . 1 ov . 1 , , . . . Z Z - - 2 I S' ' - 'Q f-1' 4 U ,, . . . . . Y 1 9 . . N . ,, . . . . G . V . H ,, . . . . ....., , as - n - . , . K 1 DONALD IEE LEVAN Levames ardent mterrst 1n model bu1ld1ng IS only one way 1n wh1ch he pro vides an outlet for h1S amb1t1on Study halls 1n the typmg room found Donnle pluggxng away on that mfernal machme but he llked It However he and Span1sh Just d1dnt agree Donnu s favor1te pas tune 1S gomg to tht Maggu w1th Eddle H1 Y 12 Class Commlttees 11 Athletlc Club 10 LU FHER Vi IEVAN If you ever want to see a. Mt Penn fash London Shop When he 1sn t taklng care of h1s gorgt ous Ford or ralslng dogs he s sun to bl found ln Pottstown It selms h1S mam intl rest llvas then Some years from now we shall probably find h1m emergmg from colllge as a full flcdged M D Class Comm1ttees10 11 12 H Y Chorus Senlor Assembly Athletlc Club 10 Jumov Assembly IOSTPII f XHI IUB XS Joe 1S one of the ftw peoplt who con tam those rare quahtles of qulet and calm Huntmg and trapping takl up the majorlty of h1s lexsurm t1mL Joe 1sn t sure as to what field of work ht w111 enttr but hls future plans center maxnly on electrlclty Clnss Commute s 10 Athletlc Club 10 It ' 7 Y! ' x ' - AA' ' !7 7 . , ' . - a n n I LK ' x!! ' ' I . ya gif l s his 4 ion plate, just ask for "Lute", our walking ' tl l . 1? ' ' 3 Q L If 1 . , 1 Q it 1? ' x l - ' ' i ' I At JY ' 7 x ' x , ' ' . . . ' DORCAS A IUDWIC' Thxs small blonde bombshell not only has a sparklmg personahty but also has what It takes to get along wlth peoplt Nutt s drc am of ra1s1ng horses on a ranch out west has a good chance of coming true now that her red head IS here to stay And say when you w1sh to flnd Dorcas look fo hel at the sandwxch shop YTeen 10 ll 12 Varsltv Volleyball 11 12 In terclass Sports 10 11 12 Servlce Club 12 Class 0I'l'llTllU.96S DOLORES MARIE MARQUES comer to our Alma Mater Her smooth dress1ng proves that she has that certaxn knack when It comes to clothes The Glen IS her mam haunt where she 1n dulges 1n her favorlte sport swlmmmg Dolores pet express1on Oh Joy can be found poppxng up everywhere ROBIIR I JAMES MAS'l How can you tell? 1S one of Bobs favorlte expressions when serving hls customers at Peoples Incldently Bob wants to become manager of that flrm someday He thlnks study halls are 1 great thlng One can tell that he is easy to please for he lakes everythlng and every body but s1lly gxrls Class Commlttee 10 11 Athletxc Club 10 Jumor Play ll, H Y 12, Semor Chorus 12 . J I Y . . . y 1. LL 3 71 I ' ' ' v- ! Y ' , It ' !Y "Dee", who hails from Central, is a new- ss rx ' ' ' - 9 ' H Y! 7 ' ' Q 46 77 ' 44 7 !l x 7 ' . . K ., I ' HAROLD J MATTHEWS If you ever want to find Harry travel to Stony Creek for he W111 probably be lo1ter1ng at B1x1er s whe re he can often be heard to say Oh your father s moustache He enyoys sports part1cularly baseball and der1ves much pleasure from dr1v1ng the car Harry has a frlendly nature and easy gomg manner that make h1m well thought of by all h1S assoc1ates Cl ss Comm1ttee 10 Athleuc f'lub 10 VBFSIIQ Baseball 12 V911 l IAM K MAYILRS Another future A1br1ght student IS th1s well known lad w1th the athlet1c mchna t1ons Noted for h1S all around basketball ab1l1ty B111 1mproved Wlth every game He became a scormg threat as well as our defens1ve ace For the next ten years look for B111 at Jakes Vars1ty Soccer 10 Jun1or Varsxty Basketball 10 Vars1ty Basketball ll 12 Varslty Baseball 12 Semor Cholus ll 12 Athletlc Club 10 Class Com m1ttees 10 ll 12 lnterclass Sports 10 ll 12 AUDRFY RU FH MeMICHAEI Ruth 1S the g1rl w1th the un1que laugh Yes there s never a dull moment when she IS present A semor who w1ll study ha1r styhng Audrey may go to Brylands At present her hapD18St moments are spent when hstenxng to Jan Plerce s recordmg of Blue b1rd of Happme ss It se ems she abhors two faced people but anyone who 1S on the square rates h1gh Wlth her Ilbrary Club 10 J JAMES lr C MICHAEI Has anybody sean the lost chord? Sounds lrke Jrmmy for who rlse would spend hours arrangmg ITIUSICQ By tht way he expects to make that hrs life work Trlps to West R1 adlng and rldlng takr up h1S spare tlme Perhaps Jlmmys greatest h1gh school accomphshment was h1s ac cord1on playlng ln the dance band and as semblres Band 10 11 12 Homeroom Presldent 11 HIY ll 12 Chapla1n12 Dance Band 11 12 Orchestla ll 12 Jun1or Assembly Class Commlttee 11 All County Band 12 SARAH ANN MOON Sally has an A 1 braln wrth personalrty plus and 1t s all topped by a head of pretty blond tresses Shes strlctly an out door glrl wlth swrmmmg and b1cycl1ng rankmg hxgh on her hst of hobbres The forthcom mg years W111 find Sally ln Pa.1I1CSV1116 Oh1o where she W111 attend college Class Comm1ttees 10 11 12 Pennslde Parrot Exchange Edltor 10 Gym Exh1b1t1on Tap Dance 10 Chorus ln Operetta 10 Senlor Chorus 11 12 Y Teens ll Vlce Presldent 12 Jumor Assembly KATHRYN EDNA MORRISON Have you ever turned on tht radxo and wondered what the speaker looked llkla Well here s one gal whom we won t havt to lmagxne Jane Moore ahas Kemmy has been mrstress of ct remonlcs on a tern txme radlo program th1S past year and hopts to contlnul har broadcastmg career Kemmy has also proved her muslcal ab1l1ty tlme and agaln 1n Senlor Chorus Octette and dance band Junior and Senlor 1'lav Gym Exhlbltlon 10 Operetta accompamst 10 Chorus 11 12 Octet accompanlst ll 12 Secretary rn Homeroom 11 Eastern D1Stf1CI Chorus ll 12 County Chorus 10 Y Teen Muslc Charrman 11 12 Dance Band 12 Comm1ttees 12 Ma Pa Me Banquet 12 Jun1or Assembly ALM A NATANBLU T Petite and popular Alma has won the admiration ot all her classmates with her cheerful personality Rlading High stu dents claim a large share of her time Alma derives immense pleasure from dr1v1ng the car has a strong weakness for straw berries and a great talent for playing the piano WL can sec Elmer as a V1V3.C1OllS college girl in the next few yr ars Girls Glee Club 10 lntelclass Sports 11 12 Penn Post 10 ll 12 Senlor Cholus 11 12 Penn Alma 12 Class Committees 10 11 12 Y Teens 10 ll 12 Junior and Semol Assembly 11101 N Pretty and vivacious Betty 1 always a very pleasant companion Whlnlvlr she 1S impussed by somr thing she can bl hr a1d to remark Holy Moley Bl tty says she loves dogs and hates cats whlle tha Navy and dancing both havl a clrtain fascina tion for her After graduation shl lxpects to work at tha Bell Tllephonl Company Service Club 10 Y Teen 10 11 12 Sub Deb Club ll Homeroom Secletarv 12 Semor Assembly Co ed Volleyball Team Captain 12 Y Teen P115 at Y W C A HILDA ADEIE PEIMONI Take llfe as it comes seems to be an expression which fits Hilda to a T as is shown by her happy go lucky manner and her ability to get a charge out of lift A lover of music she s ready at any timl to sit down and listen to the latlst blues or rhumba platter and whrn It comes to nlw fads and fashions Hilda knows them all She will long be rememblred for he ex cellent portrayal of Genevu ve in the senior play. Post-graduation days wi'l flnd her basking in the Florida sun, mnjoying the atmosphere of Miami Beach. Dramatic Club 103 Y-Teen 10, 11, 12g Class Com- mitteesg Junior Assembly: Senior Playg Senior As- sembly. J 6 BETTY JANE PINKERTON Lovely dark hair and lively dark eyes 1mmed1at ly call att nf1on to this very at tractlvt senxor Always full of life and 1eady tor a good t1me P1nky is often heard to excla1m You re gonna get h1t but we doubt wha tha r her sweet dlsposxtlon would enable hrr to carry out so drastlc a threat Betty possesses to a great degrre the many line quahtxes necessary for her chostn professlon nurslng YTeen 11 12 Jumor and Senlor Assembly Semor Chorus 11 12 Class Commxttee 12 Inter class Sports 10 Usher 12 IAW1 EI SIE PRICE Jan IS an old tlmrr on our gxrls basket ball team havlng played smce her frrsh man days Shr d1d a good Job of qulck chanemg trom guard to forward th1s yr ar When Nooku Marques came to Mt Prnn Janets schoolday W re refreshed Sha d1V1dC he1 txm betwun spolts and r1d1ng 1n '1 46 Ford oupl Aft r her colle ge tra1n lIl-O Janrt w1ll operatm a dress shop fratur mg all ot the latest styles rsxlv Blsc tball 10 11 12 Intelclass Sports 10 Asscmblx ll HIJIDEIOOTTI Tleasurer 11 l s C0lTlI'llltlCCS 11 Y Teen 10 ll 12 Vxrslty Volleyball ll 12 Senior As embly Txcket Com nntlu. 12 MAhbAl1Ll ANN I1AMB l Another of our semor lassles who may make themr future at Bell Telephone IS Margaret Hlr lovely halr and equally lovlly Smllt are never to be forgotten be auty marks Margaret hkes to draw and IS found domg Just that 1n her leisure She 1S defxnltrly a mystery woman for she Just wont rrveal har mtl rest ln Sunny Lrook Llbl'lI'N Club 10 ll Presldent 12 Class Com 1111119 s 12 Usher 10 YTeen 10 11 12 K EVA .IRENE REISINGEH Little Eve -this is the name that was glven to Eva when she was st1ll 1n Junior hlgh Eva checks ln at the Dolly Madlson where she enyoys m1x1ng cokes for every one Eva w1ll take her place 1n the world as a bookkeeper Cheerleader 10 Secletaxv Sub Deb Club Y Teen 11 12 Play Commxttee 11 12 Jumor and Semor Assembly ll JAMES IEE hHOADS The show must go on and Jlmmy IS the lad who sus that lt dots H1s falthful work on the stage crew has been largely responslble for our fine assembly produc t1ons Jxms sense of humor and good natured disposltlon make h1m a well hked classmatr A Wh1Z at math and SCIBHCC he should eas1ly reallze h1s ambxtlon of becommg an electncal englneer Band 10 Marchmg Band 10 Orchestra 10 QCIGHCG Club 10 Stage Crew 11 12 Natlonal Honor Socletv 12 Class Commlttee ll 12 RODNEY A RINGLER Although he 1S the shortest male m the class Rlngy possesses the three vs v1m vxgor and v1tal1ty When he 1S not wlth the gang he sptnds h1S txme eatmg Rodmys motto A good argumr nt never hurts any body explaxns h1s11k1ng for P O D class Uncle Sam and the Navy wlll help Rodney to declde for the future CCIVICG Club 10 11 N ABLDINE L ROMICH Known to most of har fr1ends as Dene th1s lass 1S an advocat of eatmg and enJoy mg hfe She 1 f1equ1ntly found at the Dolly Madlson when she dehghts in wh1p plng up sundaes for Johnnle Homework and conce1ted people annoy her but danc 1ng and movus prove the reverse Although at th1S wr1t1ng Ar1d1nes future is undt C1d8d she w111 take her place 1n the com mercxal world SGHIO Chorus 11 NANCY L SALZMANN Three cheers for a cheerleader whosl ardent sp1r1t and strong be11ef ln our t am s capabrllty has helped It on to vlctory Nance has a deiinlte Hare for Journahsm and has put th1S to good use ln her out standmg WOIK on the Penn Post and Penn Alma Though naturally full of enthus1 asm her eyes really llght up when Chest nut H111 IS mentroned A college educat1on at Western awalts Nance s Journa11st1c tendenc1es G1r1 Reserves 10 11 12 Che rleadmg 11 12 Penn Post Asslstant Edltor 11 12 Penn Alma Senlor Chorus Commencement Commlttec Class Com m1ttees Gxrls Glee Club 10 BEIFY LOU SCHAEPPER If you hear the unusual expression Gee Wh1z It s undoubtedly Schaf Betty Lou s xnterests center on danc1ng in wh1ch she excels and she has as a matter of fact won Jltterbug contests Her one d1S11ke stayxng home accounts for her steady patronage of the St Lawrence Communlty Hall Track 10 B sketball 10 Y Teen 11 12 EDNA MAE SFHAEFFER One of the qu1eter edltrons of our class Edna wxll go far w1th her secretarlal sklll Her long flngernalls and dr1vers hcense are two of her most prlzed possesslons Edna 1S seen ln constant compamonshlp wlth Doreen Edna w111 be remembered for har falthful work on the Penn Post and Penn Alma as a sptedy typlst Treasurer of Llbrarv Club Basketball Team 10 Homeroom Treasurer 10 Interclass Sports 10 11 Usher 11 Txcket Commlttee 11 Penn Post Staff 12 1' enn Alma Staff MARLYN Il QCHI APPIUI Marlyn our muscle bound boy puts h1s physical prowess to good use durlng summers at the Glen Next to swxm mmg h1s interests he ln huntlng and guns Marlyn isnt too partlcular about what pleases him but there 1S om thlng ht can t tolerate women that are hard to get along wrth Marlyn has om ambltlon to become a m1ll1onaire H1 Y 10 Volleyball Team 12 DONMIJ It bLllUlLL One of the more reserved members of our class Lefty IS well known for h1s basket ball abxlity as shown by h1s achlevement on the St Lawrence Team Accordmg to the grrls h1s only fault 1S that he just won t QIVB them a break but thls shy fellow has no tlme for them Lefty w1ll enter the upholstermg busmess after graduatlon Basketball 10 12 Interclass Volleyball 12 QM Q 1 5 ef ROBERT EARL SEIDEL Bup as he IS generally called by his closest fr1ends came to us from Pennsidc. ,S H1s demure smlle has a wmnmg way with everyone Bup hkes to travel or go to a f O show but h1s ma1n mterests he IH sports- Just any kmd of sports Here s Wishing him I luck 1n whatever he deC1d6S to do! f ' T ' ' '1 'w , 7 1 11 1 . 1 l 1 DOREEN MAE SCHULZE Another class m1n1ature Doreen has the knack of gettmg homework done wh1ch seems to elude the majorlty of us In her spare tlme she takes pr1de 1n perfectmg her dancmg and sw1mrn1ng tcchnlque Pets also rate Iirst on her 11st and she 1S espec1al1y proud of her dog We are con Iident that gn at thmgs are 1n store for her 1n the commnrmal world L1brary Club Presxdent 10 Homeroom Secretary Treasurer 12 Chorus 10 Junlor and Senlor As embly Inte1clasS Sports 10 11 Usher ll 12 Penn Post Stwff 12 Basketball Team 10 Nat1onal Honor Soclety 12 Class Commlttee 11 12 Perm Alma Staff V7 CARMEN UElOREb SHANNON How to w1n frlends and mfluence people IS Carmen s secret Her wmmng Smlle has brought her many fr1ends Durlng basket ball season you could find her 1D colors of orange and black proudly dlsplaylng our flag and afterwards trlppmg the llght fan tastlc wlth one of her admxrers Next to dancmg Carmens favor1te 1S food Y Teen 11 12 Marchlng Band ll 12 Volleyball 12 Interclass Sports 10 11 12 Senlor Chorus 12 Usherette ll 12 Junlor and Senlor Assembly Class Commlttees 11 12 Co ed Vollevball 12 Homeroom Secretary 11 ROBERT R. SHARETTS Bob has proved to be a capable leader of the Hi-Y and has kept himself busy with many other activities. Much of his spare time is spent in St. Lawrenceg but if there is any left over, he will be found skating at Carsonia Park. Ice hockey is a favorite sport of his, and if there's a game in the offing, he's all for it. Bob will study chemical engineering in college next year. Band 10. 11, 123 County Band 10. 11, 123 March- ing Band 10 11 12' Class President 10' Junior and Senior Play Countv Orchestra 11 12 Junior Assembly National Honor Societv 11 12 Class Committee 11 12 H1 Y 11 President 12 Baseball 10 BARBARA A SIMMON Th1s comely blonde with the consistent conversation has become one of the most popular and active members of our class Her election to the Be Teen Fashion Board testifies to her youthful attractive ness Barbara s mam aim in life IS to own a Cadillac convertible She dttests people being late for appointments Girls V3TS1tV Basketball 11 12 Interclass Sports 10 11 12 YTeen 10 11 12 Marching Band 11 12 Girls Volleyball 11 Captain 12 Track Penn Post 11 12 Penn Alma 12 Class Committee 12 Stu dent Council 11 Officer 12 Usher 10 11 12 Junior and Senior Assembly 'Co ed Volleyball C NEIL SHURR Shurr Shurr is famed in our school as an ace baseball player When spring rolls around he gets that old urge to play ball and then fireworks' Neil enjoys his spare time He is another of us who havent decided as to our future occupation S J si 1 BERNARD R SINGER You name xt I ll feed It IS the remark that greets Bernie ln his blg boy hat and flashy bow t1es A rabld shutterbug Berme has accurately recorded a p1ctor1al hlstory of our class Ask hxm to show you some of hrs prctures of the basketball team Bern1e can usually be found pursuxng hrs man ager1a1 dutres ln the gym ofllce Hell go 1nto buslness when he graduates from college H1 Y Jumor and Senlor Class Plavs Homeroom Pres1dent11 Penn Alma Chorus 10 ll Basketball Manager 11 12 Track Manager 11 12 Junlor and Sen1or Assembhes Class Comm1ttees 10 ll 12 Coached Pony Basketball Team 12 H1 Y Usher 12 BARBARA ANNE SMITH What would 47 have been wlthout Bobs excellent ltadtrshlp of the Penn Post and Y Tuns'P She st ems to have those rare qua11t1es of swertness and slncerlty wh1ch a,sure popular1ty anywhere A fine scholar Barbara plans to attend the Un1vers1ty of M1ch1gan where she w1ll studv Journahsm Her abrhty to carry rr spons1b1l1ty IS sure to make her future a successtul one Y Teen 10 11 12 Soc1alChaxrmm 11 Presldent 12 Penn Post 1C 11 Edrtor In Ch1ef12 Penn Alma 12 Intelclass Spo1ts10 11 Senlor Plav Senlor Cholus 10 11 Cl ss Secletxrv 10 ll Homeroom Presld nt 12 Junlor and Senlor Assembly Natlon 11 Honm Soclety 11 12 MARGARET ANNE SMITH Intell1gence plus makes thls lass an 1n terestlng conversatlonallst as well as a good hstener These qua11t1es w1ll prove an asset when she dons the unlform of a woman 1n whrte Margaret Anne's muslcal talents are well known m the commun1ty for she IS act1ve 1n both social and church work Much credlt goes to Henry" her lxttle Ford s1nce he makes sure that M A 1S always on tlme Band Orchestra, Chorus 10 ll 12, YTeen 10 11 12, Publlclty Charrman 10, Penn Alma 12, Class Comm1ttees 10, 11. 12, Jumor and Semor Assembly, Marchmg Band 10, ll, 12, All Countv Chorus 12, All County Orchestra 12, Eastern D1str1ct Orchestra 12, Youth CIOUHCII, Natlonal Honor SOC1Qty N ANCY CI AIRE STRAUSS Nancy 1S envled by all her classmates for her remarkable mtelllgence and over whelmmg command of the Engllsh lan guagt She recelves much pleasure from readxng and hates to be interrupted when she has started a good story Nancy IS especlally fond of Spanlsh and 1S look1ng forward to a tr1p to MEXICO Because of her great art1st1c talent Nancy plans to go to art school and study art as a professlon Won lst Prlze 1n Sen1or Hlgh Poetry Contest 10 Y Teen 11 12 Sen1or Hlgh Chorus 11 Class Commlttee 11 12 Junlor Town Meetlng of the Arr Scmor Assembly NANCY CRIPFITH STUMP Stumpy s sportsmanship and outstand 1ng athlr tic ab1l1ty have accounttd for her pa1t1c1pation rn all school sports She IS partlcularly adapt at swlmmlng and dlv 1ng and has won prlzes 1n several contests In her span tlml thxs llvrly lxttle lady turns out trlcky kn1tt1ng whlch brlngs S1ghS of delight from her frlends Stumpy w11l prepare for the study of medxcme at Albr1ght College next fall Varsxty Basketball 10 ll Captaln 12 Varslty Volleyball 11 12 Interclass Sports 10 ll 12 C0 ed Volleyball Penn Alma 12 Ienn Post 11 12 Junnor and Sen1or Class Treasurer Natlonal Honor Soclety 11 Secretary Treasurer 12 YTeen 10 11 12 Serv xce Chalrman 12 Homeroom Presldent 10 Student FOUDCII 9 Womens Club Award Ushers 10 11 Junlor and Sen1or Assembly Class C0mm1ttEeS M ROBERT U LUVIAN Bobs good nature and clothes have al ways bun h1S d1st1ngu1sh1ng character 1St1CS As buslness managtr of the Penn Post Bob has put h1s excellent business ab1l1ty to good use Ullm1e can usually be found worklng on the Plymouth Hes looklng forward to college l1fe at Franklm and Marshall Penn Post ll 12 Pennslde Parrot 10 Penn Alma 12 Class Pl1vs10 11 12 Basketball 10 11 12 I terclass Spolts 10 11 12 Junlor and Sen1or As cmbly Tr rck ll Baseball Manager 10 J 1 1 J ll YY' ' x 1 ' ' - , I . . . . ' v 1 C v 1 1. il 171 ,, ' A x .. i . I . . .- , . i . I . . X . ' ' Ll YY . l .. . . 3 1 I v - 1 ' . , n Y . V . , , - . , . - 3 - , , , - 1 Y I . ' - . . , . . , , . l , 1 .- 7 - H . . . . - . - , Y Q- x if ' lf . . . If v Q . . 1 2. - - 1 ' ' - -H' 1 N... 1 . . . V. 1 F ' 1 - ' . -Y - , , f C5 3 of WILI ARD RONALD WELLER W1l1ard possesses one of the rarest qual1t1es poss1ble the love of work H1s lelsure tlme IS always spent wo1k1ng 1f that sounds sens1b1e 1Ioweve1 he does enjoy gomg to the movles pa1t1cular1y the Mag W11lard would l1ke to Jom the Army or poss1bly the State Troopers Sc1ence Club 10 SHIRLEY J VAN PELT Another sen1or m1ss who w111 Jo1n the secretar1a1 bngade IS Red Guy Mad1son prov1des swoon matenal for her but one thmg she Won t tolerate IS nosey people Shlrley s sense of humor 1S a def1n1te asset but dld you ever see her temper flare? When someone walks by and says Now dont get me wrong' 1tS bound to be Sh1r1 Chorus 10 Sub D b Club Treasurer 10 Inter cla s Sports 10 11 Basketball Team 10 RAY W ENGER Seemmgly a rather qu1et person ln school Cheese IS far from that when he 1S Wlth the gang People that see h1m pass 1n the car wonder what keeps the rear end from saggmg clear down to the ground because of the load 1n the back Many of h1S after hours are spent roller skatmg dancmg or gomg to the mov1es all of Whlch he enjoys 1mmense1y Ray hopes to enter the m1111ng 1ndustry after graduamon ELIZABETH ANNE WILLIAMS W1l11e s stunnlng clothes are the h1gh l1ght of fashlon Her sweater and skxrt collectlon IS Worth much adm1rat1on Betty Anne s favor1te haunt IS Ocean C1ty where she generally spends her entxre summer and the tan that she comes back w1th IS a much envied th1ng Future years w1ll flnd Betty Anne as a lively colleglate at the college of her cholce Y Teen 10 11 12 Penn Post ll 12 Penn Alma Semor Chorus ll 12 Band ll 12 Junlor Assembly Semor Assembly Class Commxttee GIFIS Glee Club 10 Latm Award 10 ll Interclass Sports 10 11 12 Usher 10 11 12 Coed Volleyball NANCY IOU YORCFX Rude people and gym have no place 1n Nancys l1fe Shr does howrvrr l1ke to take ln a movn and her mterrst IH church work keeps us guessmg Her favor 1te say1ng Joyous IS character1st1c of a happy nature Nancy too may take her place w1th the Bell Telephone Company Semor Chorus Countv Chorus Y Teen 10 11 2 Llbrary Club 10 11 12 PFESld6!lt 11 Class Com mlttees PHYLLIS JEAN ZIEGLER Oh Ill Just d1e indicates that Phyl 1S 1n the near v1c1nity and more than l1ke ly she s dr1v1ng her Oakland w1th a load of DHDIIS 1n the back Her 1dol1z1ng Gladys Swarthout is well Just1f1ed when one hears her lovely voxce One of her favor1te pastlmes IS Journeymg out to the country to spend some t1me at her cottage She has declded upon nurs1ng as her future and w1ll take her trainmg at Readmg Hospltal Semor Chorus 10 11 12 Glee Club 10 Junlor and Semor Assembly YTeen ll 12 Dramatlc Club 10 Acappella Cholr 10 All County Chorus 12 J CAROLINE J ZIEIVIBA Carolme 1S one of the few people who are content to hsten to both classlcal and popular mus1c As a matter of fact she would someday 11ke to be a concert piamst Her hobby dancmg is enjoyed when the mus1c IS by Guy Lombardos orchestra Caroline s greatest displeasure stems from egotxsts yCb These three boys were enrolled durmg the 1un1or year Wllh the class of 1947 and left ln the tall of 1946 to serve 1n the armed forces 3 WILLIAM RICHARD STANLEY LYONS ROTHERMEL ZERKOWSKI Three ex servlce men who w1ll recelve therr d1plomas through the Armed Forces Instltute are GLENN D MILLER DONALD W AUMAN IAMES WILLIAM TREICHLER . . , ' V I Senior Assemblyg Lib :mr -I 10. A Q SEQ S Q Hllllll 0 0 Q 0 ,mgn m M WMA W, ,. .,,.. vm, .A x 'Y' . 53,5 2 4 wmiiazz 5 in Q., 4 .. .V 1, ,, ' -. , Qg , .1 vi nf. Ve- ., be A I BL N -3 3' H' it 1 'Q fi ft ' 5 .5 in x ,, ,ff 5 3 fif X f m J fi ,ig - V , , , -M A , lex nl 5 if f, 'fn J ya -V 'M at 9 ,pr 1, ' X- 'E ' 9 1 3 Q 4 S i l 2. ' '- 4' Memorial Gate Th1s sketch represents the arch1tect s conceptxon ot the proposed gate to be erected at the entrance to the athlet1cf1eld Memonal plaques w1ll be placed on both s1des ot the gate to honor the men and women who served thelr country IH World Wars I and Il The held w1ll be known as the Mt Penn School Dlstrlct Memor1al Fleld ix v A A N. 1 z,MA1:Hl.U 13 A 1 'Y 04:9 Q fr 01541, 8 ai :glib ,.!!,. we T X ' .ff l '51 ,ii 1 U g I - 1X f ff - 0 Jf' f 5 4? ' ' 4 5 V ' I 0' -f K gf 3 ff V ', lik ' Ag 1.---K V4 f f Q ix f V V4 ' ' V 1 fl-up 5 .' V "V . pf, x - V. .,f I . 'V ,A ,V V.: - JV I ' .V i C 'f --f- 1 .i ' f , . ur, .1 Q5 DI H. " N " f 1 ' 1 'WA 1 f- . 'Q . N A ' W ig, fx 15 'A xx u 55 'Inv' 1 I ,Mvzf f f ' 74,3 . ,Qvf 'w ' , V , ,ff if l 4451 Y., 11 ,V -,fl M4 If Y, if J. .1 x Q. ,-1, fl, jg, A H - ln, I ,G f is .. 4 W V f. , " 975 neg? -f' I Hx ' 'K P145 'ff' , ,-,f yi, V, ,- - ,- Ig, ,J ,svn 2. I f 14 - l , fi ' . , -, 3? ,Q , . X J wa, , f Vff li V , ffl? n :ff,'f f" 4 L 2 'I W L -us I V ' :g f j'--3 '1'.'Ll?17l 1 fag, an jrdyjl-V I 1 IZ., 'Wy ., 41, X ,rf Z , ' 7 5 P . Lis: L ' - C+- -I 3' -- ' 'T 'h+A , - ---T- f ELEVENTH GRADE Q 6,1 ...,,fi'-"4 l'1rst row lett to rlght Marlan Wenger Mae Wmtels June Ruppert Dawn Sensemg V1v1an Wlnters Sally Rally Helen Wentzel Joan Tomson P'1t11c1a Stmrr Mary Jane Weaver Fhylhs Weller Gertrude Swartz Second row Howard Remer Nathan Qumter Ralph Yengey Calvm Stump Marle blakoper Josephme Lrmmerman MarJor1e Zellers Paul Spohn Earl Seldel Rlchard 1-utter Eugene Selfert Th1rd row Robert Schaeffer Rob rt Weaver Walter Sevler John VanT1gglen Regmald Spatz Robert Ymger Robert Wacha Ronald Shupp Ronald Ronzone Robert Youse Dav1d Schmoyer Wllllam Scott Oftlcers 1n I-Iomeroom 31 are Presrdent Robert Wacha Vxce Presldent Calvm Stump Secretary Treasurer Mary Jane Weaver X J .. . .-,. Q, S 'S A A -TL - V- Y. ., .,.l ,ma-. . .. .,-,-....,. .. J --, -- .,......., -M ,,, -, ' . v ' . 4 s 'J F ! I - , v-as . 4 1 . xv - W n - I s ' v v v v - C 1 , v r ' 1 v A + 1 1 v v - y , . W . 1 D V . v v Q C , 1 - v v 1 r x ' 1 , - - y , 1 , - c , . FI EVENIH TRADE .ffm F1rst row left to 1ght D01 othy Angstadt Patrlcla Andrews Judlth Dondore Saxa Deysher Mr Paul Khnger June F1Ck Mlry Jane Faust Dorothy Dorman Ehzabeth Bossler Mary Ann Campfleld Second row Don Fmk Domothv Blchmwn Dorls Bobst Anna Mae Dunn Ruth Bortz Jack Davls Nancy Dovxns Almm Gaul Ch ulotte Dav1d Patty Bmkley Rlchard Buchanan '1h1rd row John BLlll1lSh Thom 1s DICII 1 Pmul Eberlv John Arndt Wlllxam Drushel Lester Lhllton W11111m Dlutllch Eugene Fnms Halold Be htel Harvey Dlce Otilcers ln Room 22 uc Presldent Pull Eberlv V1c Presldent W1Il1am Drushel Secretary Patty Blnklev T1L'lilllCI Huold Bechtel R J ELEVENTH FRADV Fxrst row left to rxght-4W1ll1am Grubb Robert Nagle Rlchard McCoy Donald Gerth Earl 'Haas Clalre Helm Wayne H1nnersh1tz W11l1am Mosser Herbert Hummel becond row MarJor1e Hertzog Ehzabeth Maxamllhan V1rg1n1a Johnson Nan y Manglolardo Annabelle Goodhart Nancv Hawk Mlldrcd Hartman Joanna Monroe Madelme Kllnk Rosemary Gr1ff1th V1v1an lVIc"'ahan Joyce Kleln Th1rd row Marv Jane Grabert LOUISE Penf1eld Ethel Johnson Betty Gehrmg Anme Kruss Mary Lou Manwlller Nelly Hoffman Betty Hampden Dorothy Harcar Barbara Kase Kathryn Plnkerton Sara Plefer kourth row .Samuel Koch W1ll1am Kerns Neal Lcvan John Heffelflnger Barry Mull Ph111p Prlntz Robert Gechter R1chard Haup Clarence Mock Robert Mock James M1ller Thomas Johnson Offlcers 1n Homeroom 37 are Presldent James M1ller V1ce Presldent Wxlham Scott becretary freasurer Sara Pelfer Oftlcers 1n Homeroom 30 are Pres1dent Don Fxnk V1ce Presldent Barbara Kase Secretary Treasurer Nancy Hawk Q 4 Y -J f N 'W' , , , . , Y 9 I Y A ' 7 Y 7 V ! , 3 31 1 f - , ,,.. , , . , , .. , , . , , l , , , , , , . . , , , , , . ' . , 5 , , ' . , . 1' ENTH GRADE E-.-. fu' t 1ow left to rlght Kltty Fessler Janet DeCarlo Jean Baker Cathenne G1rv1n Bexclly Boone Anne G1 nn Beulah Bertolet Agnes Barth Molly Hammer becond row June Buch Rodnev Anderson Paul Enoch Barbara Frederlcks T1c.1 Bulhenn Wl1118Il1 COI'blll Fredcuck Fldler Fred Campbell lhnd low P ll ke Boone Wuxen Feglev Ronald Cassel Donald Baer George Adams, Robert Folk ohn Fxankhousex Homeroom ottlccrs m 33 XKSIC Pres1dent Ronald Cassel Vlce Pres1dent John brankhous r Secretaxy Tre surer Palke Boone J f TENTH GRADE Flrst row left to rlght Marllyn Mlller Barbara Henkel Helen Sfmgas Nancy Klem Second row Dlana Koppelman Anne Kessl r Barbara Homan Shlrley Klem Nancy Homan Mary Betty Phllllps Mary Rlley Betty R6ltZ MarJor1e Hodgkms Thlrd row W1111am Knerr Robert Kooker Rlchard Strauss Charles Mock James Smith Elwood Hertzog Martm Wlener James Klem John Heckman Offxcers of Room 40 were Presldent W1l11am Knerr Vlce Presldent Nancy McCon nell Secretary Treasurer Nancy Klem . : ' ' 2 Marian Tomson, Alice Rhein, Sandra Post, Nancy McConnell. Q J NINTH GRADE Qmn v-4' Flrst row left to rlght Blalr Garmen Joseph Smlth Dale Clemens Rlchard Ke1ser Ib a I nchex Robert Holler Garv DlSSlIlg6f Second row Fern Batdorff Gert ude Rhem Dolores Sauer Nancy Schnelder Patr1c1a Brossman Nancy Rhoads Renee Landy Barbara Evans Ruth Enms Marxan Eck Allce Najauan lhnd low FlCdCI1Ck Kllnk Nancy Stump Mary Jane Bechtel Nancy Phllllps Jlldlth K asc Loulse Robcrtson Joan Hartlme Shlflcy Taylor Henraetta Truckermlller Jacquclmc Klart Carol Dcrshwm George Mack Foulth row Robelt Rxpson George Gerhart Earl Youse Edgar Mlller Boyd Brlght 511110 :i lounge man Thomas Stults Donald Yeager Rlchard Yoder Rlchard Matz Morton Sherman Home oom ofixcezs m 35 we e Presxdent Thomas Stults Vlce Prseldent Donald Yeager Secretarv Edgar Mxller Treasurer Joseph Smlth Homexoom off1cers 1h 12 were Presldent Patrlcla Brossman VICE Presldent George be ha t bccletarv Barbara Evans Treasurer Dale Clemens J ' 's, - -. - I - '. 1. ol , . L ' 15 ' W M ,, M A ' ' r W 4 - ', ,Q K u - ,f , 4, A DQ. .4 E B A - Y v ,Q .,.4 V' A ' Q32 S- 'h Q ' ea Q' ,' HL' , - . . y , v-. Wu 1 ' ' A 'ca , , l . - . A , . - v 4 1 1 I . ' ' ' y 1 , 1 v y' Y y vw '. . . .' ' . , ' ' . . y . ' . - ' y , 1 ' ' I ' ' - , v y s V ' ' ' ' V ' Y 9 1 7 'v ' 1- ' ' w 1 1 v ' ' 5 ' ' y Q 1 7 1 r 3 f , 3 , 1. 1 . 1 5 v 9 U ' ' I . 1 , ' ,. v,. . ' . . , ' ' v . s f- , w - f EIGHTH GRADE I'1r t row left to rlght Ronald Comley John Ennxs Robert Weller Walter Kropp Ronald Zlegler Robcrt W1ll1ams Wllbur Herb Wllllam Weber Second row Sh1rley Herb Kay KCISQI John Kllne Harr1et Brown Patrlcxa Stlchler l-tobert Beane Marga et Ne1n Nancy Peck Anthony D1blas1 Patrlcla Blce Marllyn Walters T'h1rd row-John Esterly Marlene Helms Emma Ganter Carol Arnot June Frank 0W13k Sherelvn Herblne Sharon Hughes Rebecca Youse J11l Fmk Audrey Wolfmger Jean Exseman Lorralne Romlg Leonard Grlesemer Bourth row V1v1an Zlegle fRob1n H1ester Florence Sychterz Anna Mae Helser A11ce Bohrer Nlcholas Lountzls Marlene Zl0U16I' Joan Chr1stman Ela1ne Ennls Joyce Oldt Phyllls Cohen LOUISE Miller Offxcers 1n Room 25 were Pres1dent John Kleln Vxce Presldent Nancy Peck Secre tary Margaret Ne1n Treasurer Patr1c1a Stlchler Offlcers 1n Room 14 were Presldent Anthony Dlblasl Vlce Pres1dent Harrlet Brown Secretary 'I easurer Robert Beane SEVENTH GRADE f5"!"if9!c:,' f' vfiuf 5-Mx 'Q Iflrst row left to rlght Ellzabeth Helss Ruth Fas1c Clalre Yeage Bruce Younff Ann Stump Barbara Davey Janet Helms Ann Sherman Patrxcm Gr1ff1n Gayle Sands Mary Ann Rothenberger Mur1e1 Rop1sk1 becond row Perc1va1 Rlchardson Sh1r1ey Homan Joan Kennedy Glorla Lawrence Joanne Bates Mr W1111am Bernhart L11l1an Duchodnx Mary Lou Folk Barbara Yoder Jacquelme Algeldmger Wxlllam Morrls Thlrd row Barry Landls Peter Stutzm ln John Rlshell Daxld Relnsel Alan G1bSlQ1I1 D8V1d Gomez Frederlck Hotzman MJIVIH 'Homan Ron 11d Pxsano Gene Yoder Lauue Mervlne John fmkerton Wmfleld Lease John Hoff Thom s Eshelman John Sw'1veIy Class oftlcers for the seventh g ade were Presxdent Ba1b'11 1 Davey V1ce Plesldent Janet Helms Secretary Ann Stump Treasurer Ann Sherman lXfTNvlTHf Y TEENS K""-"f Xebaab Ne UNCH, QA . ,-sX-i I X - X x .KX . N - K.- , 4 X XX X X .X, N - R 'X xx XX X -. x X x N X X, X N X X x xx ' N x X X X 'X 'X - X h xx -X X X 'i X x X xx X 'X A X xx N N 95. X xx xx X N X p X. ,fp -.R R X 'X Xxx xx X-X . X , X L V, ' X xxx XX xx 1 X X X - , -N X -. , 1, xx X Xxx XX I4 1 , A X XX 5 xx NX ff' ,-. ', ff 3 X X Q- i', - XX X x ' X , , v, ' Q X ' If . 4,-", , Y' A Y V k 2 'X ,Y ff fl, ' X ' - , Z, fa K X! z W My ' !f'f X ,- I or ' ni ,. f ' , f if V f 'Z-5 'id ' iff f DANCE BAND I+1rst row left to rlght Harry Baker Albert Leader Robe t Ibach Howard Green Robe t Sh xretts Second row Russell Crossley Eugene Flxcker Wllllam Scott Olxver Kmght Richard Hammer Don'1ld Fmk Campbell Mr W1ll11rn Levan Headmg our act1v1ty pages th1s year IS the 46 47 dance band It is one of the newest organ1zat1ons and has qulckly become one of the most popa lar The largest Job of these fellows was to play at the dances held after our home basketball games The way 1n Wh1Ch they handled th1s Job never ceased to attract a large crowd Earl Hoch d1d a. nlce Job as vocahst for the group Much of tht 1r succtss IS dum to tht capable dxrectmg of Mr Levan T Third row-Robert Druckenmiller, Earl Hoch, Rodney Anderson. James Michael, James . . . . . , , S 4 CONCERT BAND F1 st row left to lght Nancy Klem Albert Leader Jean Baker James Mlchael Na garet Ann bnfnth Donald Baer Bex erlv Boone Robert Wacnl Second row Marv Jane Grabert JoAnn Esterly Nancy Phllllps Robert Yxnger Agnes B rth Dorls Campbell Carol Anderson Thlrd row Betty Reltz Joseph Smlth V1v1an McCahan Robert Druckenmlller Robert khuetts Mollv Haxrmer W1ll1am Corbm Howard Green John Klem Harry Baker Betty Ann W1l1ldlTlS Robe1t Ibach bourth row Dale Clemens Wllllam Kne r Rodnev Anderson John Frankhouser Dawn Sensemg Laurle Me VINE Wmfleld Lease Clarence Mock Russell Crossley Fr d LllCk l'1dler Margorle Hodgkms Wllllam Scott Eugene Flicker Rlchard Hammer Ollver linxght Don Fmk Thomas Dlenel Thomas Esh lm ln John Swavely Eudene Enms Officers of the rand a e Presldent Alb rt Lende Vlce Presldem Eugene Fllcke kc 1etary Robe t Ibach T c su c' Robert D uckenmlller One O1 the most outsta dmff O1 ganl tlons 11 the school thls year was the conce1t band Wh1Ch was agam under the expert dlre tion of Mr Wllllam Levan The1r trad1t1ona1 corcert wmch was presented for the flrst tlme on two evenmgs, surpassed all othels prevlously glven A broadcast whxch prevued th concert, was glven over WHUM and WRAW on Frlday May 2nd Th marcblng band ably performed durmg half t1m at our home basketball games An add d attractxcn 1n whxch the band had a large part was Color Day .w w. 1 . I , . , - - , . . , a ar- --1-- ..- ,:,--- -. 74--u .Y L.--4 '-- 1 1-- - 1 9 . . ' , '. - . . , v , 11 , Y A - - , . . K' C 9 , L ! 1 V 1 Y 7 V . - . - . . . . Y . ' . ' .. ' ' ' . . 4 9 , K w A v y Y Y "' - . . V Y ' y ' . ' 1 1 0 1 4 ' u 1 1 " L Y Y Q ' ' ,. ' C Y V.. ' ' I W ' I.. - . .A , c - , , , .. 13 " . A 5 r a 1' J. ' . . D -W . . .Hn . .1 . -- L, .aw - 1 . V . . G . . . D . , . - , . n K , . V v . A , , , . c, - , . G . . . S - S, . .. ., OKCHESTR A Blrst row left to rlght James Campbell Mary Betty Plnlllps fwtty Bmklex M lr garet Anne Smlth Mollv Hammer W1ll1t1m Corbln Ca ol Andclson Donald Bler Rob rt Wacha becond row Nmcv Klem 1'lLcrtI.c1der Je m Blker J mmcs lVI1chael Rob rt Shruetts W1ll1arn Scott Eugene F11cke1 Don Fmlx Thomas D1ene1 H11 v Bak 1 Bettx Anne Wllllams Robert Ibach Tlnrd row Robert Druckenmlller Eugene Enms D110 Clemmens Wlll 'lm Kne Wlllllm L vm l " ' . ' ' , ' Y . , - - . . c ,. 1. ' . , . ' . 1' ' . z . e - z W . . f. ' z . z z . z . e . ' . ' ' 1 ' r 1 ' 1 . Q., . QQ . - . . 1 ' . lt rr. Mr. 1 e z . SENIOR CHORUS S F1rst row left to llght Jean lBake1 Mau I1ne G1abe1t Jean FIX Kltll Wll P111 erton Helen Alcher MarJor1e Hertzog Joan Bllth Bexerlw Boone Elc111o1 Bxbcl M s Helen Whlte Dorls Campbell Lorralne Blngamwn M 1rV Lee Wl111lfHS Jlldllh Dlllldfl c Sara Enoch Phoebe Bertolet Ma garet Anne Sm1th Jo A1111 Estc1ly Second row Sara Pc1fer M 50110 Zellcs Agnc Bnth KIllllXIl IVIOIIISHII I l Ke1m Patty Blnkley Ruth H1ITlITlClbCFgC1 Nmcs Ho ton Al e Goldtn IJ11111 llopp I man Betty Anne W111lamS Edna Ex 1ns C1 111e11 Sh11111o11 Alm1 Nutxnblut Nmcy balzmann Carol Anderson Bettv P1nke1to11 Anno Kess1c1 Z1egler Cynth1a Levan Beulah Bertolet Ba1b11a Fredeucks YVIIIIC Folk lXllIX Be tv Ph111lpS Loretta Klem Marjorle Se1del Sallv Moon Fourth row Harry Baker Russel HTSSUII E111 Ho h Luther Lex Ill Robt t G h Ill Wllllam COfb1H Robe1t D1uckem1lle1 Albelt Lc1de1 Samuel Hnshllnd Fu cm Enmx W1l11am Grubb Plul EDEIIV Th0Ill'lS Dlcncz Off1cers of the E oup WCIC Robe1t DlLlClxCllll1lllL P es1dc11t Russtl HISSIIII V1u Pres1de11t Nancy Horton Secretarv T1e1sur r The Mt Penn Sen1or Chorus boasts 64 talented members 'md a ve1v efliclenf d1ror't1'eQs Mrs I-Tplpn Whlfp The Qnmns Concert nroved once agznn that Mt Penn rates hleh 1n the mLlS1C3.l f1e1d or our v1c1n1tV J ' . " - '. .1 " '. - ' . t 1 ' la- , ' ' ' ' l . 2 . Q . V, Q L V . yy A A,-.. ' , ' , ' ' L . 2 , ' lk . 4 1' - - ' ' ' . az" " 11. - 5 2 K . z " . .um- ' , ' . ' '. 2 j 1' . ic ' . ' 1 Q - . ' . 'Q . z 1' 1 . 1 z z . L 1 , Q . V - 1 .V Third row-Gloria Frankhouser. Bettv Reitz. Nancv Yovgcy. Dolores Cooper. Fhyllis ' , ' . ,, 'z' "'.1z" '. in - . . . z ' C . 'L . 11' 3 1" g. ' ' . 1 ' , . . ' '. ' Y , . W . , . ' H.. Y .' Z 1, , Q ,C U - ,T ' I . Q - ' z e . 1 r . ,V I , L . . 1 . , l , , I V . IUNIOI1 CHORUS Flrst low left to ubht Flwabcth PCISS Balba '1 Davey Gayle Smds Jacquellne AlgC1dlHgC Jo n Kennedv Sha on Hughes M1 g'11et Ne1n Audrey Wolfmger Clalre YClg,C1 V1VllH Zleglel Meuv Ann Rothcnbelgc Second low lN'1ncs Rhoxds Renee Lmdv Mfuy Jane Bechtel Llllllll Dechodnl Lorralne Rormg M s Helen Whlte Nmcy Peck June Frankowmck Shexelyn Herb1ne C 1101 Alnot M lene Z egle Nancy Plulllps Thnd row Ma 1lyn Walters Henllettx T uckelmlller Nancy Schneldel P1tr1c1a Blossmln Cxlolm Laurence lVIu 1ClROp1Sk1 Anna M1 Helsel Joyce Oldt Marlene Helms Janet Helms P1t11c1a GFlff1H Ann Stump Bfub xr: Yoder The Jun1or Chorus a gxoup of talented Jumor Hlgh school g1r1s has had a very successful year under the able d11ect1on of Mrs Whxte Thelr ab1l1ty was well proven ln thelr part m the annual Choral Concert the main event of the year CHEEH LL XDERS Fnst rovx left to right Ntncx Hml- Ahce Golden M 1110119 Seldel Nancy Sll7lT1llll1 becond xovx Malgxret N0lll Nlclllllll T vm on Mus Jtne Bechtel Mollx H'1llllllQ1 T E A M RAH TEAM' All dressed up 1n thelr orange and black these two tnthusxastlc squads of cheel eadt rs ht ld a largt rtspons1b1hty IH cht 61 mg the basketball team on to VICTORY The n1ne peppy gnls had much to do wlth kuplng tht school spntt mah and through tht 11 songs ytlls and antlcs spurred thelr team onwald CO1lg,l'1f1l1lZ1tl0Ilf3 to A1lCt Golden who dxd a Hne Job mfxnagmg, the squad J N 1 4 l. '- 1, ' - 1 j g':. ' . " '.. g j 1.2 . ' ' 1- ' Z ' ' , 1 "' 't s , 1 1 ' 1. A' . '. 1-'atrlcia Starr was absent when the picture was taken, ' , , ' V , ' .' ' . . . Y K' , - 1 , l , - . , . . . I ,U 'I . I . i ' I L V. T L . CO1 OR 1 U ABU Flrst row left to rlght Nancy McConnell Patrxcla Brossman Standmg Ldna Lvans Barbara Slmmon Joan Barth Phoebe Bertolct Cwrmen hannon Wxth tw1rl1ng batons and brlght banners the above plctuled seven marched w1th the band addlng a touch of color to tha Mt Ptrm homt basketball games Entering mto the fest1v1t1es of Halloween the Color Guard led the school b nd 1n a commumty paradt Two sophomore addl tlons Nancy McConnLl1 and Patrlcxa Brossman wmrl 1n1t1ated mto the corps thlS season and wxll be the only veterans on next yn ar s squad Q 4 Y TEENS Inst row left to lght Marllyn M1lle1 Nancy Klem MarJor1e 'Hertzog Helen Alcher Dorothy Bachrnln N ncy Havxk Lor alne B ngam ID Shnley Haas Dlana Koppelman T ca Burhenn Joyce Kleln Second IOVK Annle Kruss Annabelle Goodhart Jean Baker Molly Hammer Janet Detfulo Ellzabeth M1x1m1ll1an Audrey Angstadt Alice Golden Edna Evans Cynthla Ievin L Rene B1c Do11s Clmobell JoAnn Esterly Cuallotte Davxd Dorcxs Ludwlg Glo111 F llllxhOL1SCl Nancy Ho ton KlthIyH Morrison Thl d IOVN Lolettn Klun Janet Kelm V11g.,1nla Johnson Mary Jane Faust Mary M n LI1lllilC d Vngm 1 Kltamllle Nelly Hoffmm Bilbdl 1 F ederlcks Agnes Barth Am e KLss1e1 Ruth Hlmm lbe Sala Moon Bnbna Kase Madelme Klmk Judlth Dundoxe Nancv McConnell Beulah Bertolet Phoebe Bertolet Joan FIX Dorothy Angstadt lsou th low bum Eno h Nancy Manglola do C xrol Anderson Marvene Folk Joan Do1emus Betty Hampden Catherme Guvm Beverly Boone Anne Gxrvln Ruth Bortz Dolo1 es Cooper Mary J me Dlefenderfer Ruth Enders Patty Blnkley Marjorle Hodgkms liltty I' s lex V1v1an lV'c ahan Joanna Mon oe Alma Gaul Mary Lou Manwlller .4 Y TEENS Fnst row left to rxght Marte Slakoper Sally Rally Hllda Pelmont Eva Relslnger Margaret Rambo Marian Tomson Sandra Post Phyllls Weller Mary Lee W1ll1ams Dawn Sensemg Nancy Stump Margaret Anne Smlth Second row Carmen Shannon Nancy Salzmann Betty Lou Sch teffer Betty Nem Phy111S Zlegler Nancy Yorgev Joan Tomson Patr1c1a Starr MarJor1e Seldel Sara Plefer Kathryn Plnkerton Thlrd row Alma Natanblut Janet PFICC Barbara Srmmon Betty P1nkerton Betty Anne W1ll1ams Josephme Zrmmerman Mary Jane Weaver Betty Reltz Mary Betty Ph11l1pS Mary Rrley MarJor1e Zellers Nancy Strauss Barbara Smlth The Y Teens comprlsed of 107 semor hlgh gxrls boast the largest club 1n the school Although newlv dubbed Y Teens the orgamzatxon 1S the amc as tht Grrl Reserves of former years Apart from the1r sem1 monthly mretlngs the members have carrxed on several service proycts and he ld a number of soclal affalrs The Mount Penn club also has partlclpated ln many Berks County Y Teen act1v1t1es through 1ts aiiihatxon Wlth the Y W C A Y Teen officers are Presldent, Barbara Smlth, V1ce Pres1dent, Sallv Moon, Seeretarv Phoebe Bartolet, Treasurer, Edna Evans MISQ Loulse E Keller and M1ss Ellen A Anderson are the club sponsors X J .... ...inn .. .W M... ' 'Q 7"""' K 'Y --- M -N 1- ,-- V A Y ,- .,,......, W V .. Wg W . 5 . ar., , K 1 A ' s U 1 v 5 ' 1 1 . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - '-' 1 1 C 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . I - ' X 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - ' 7 1 ' , u -. u ' ' ' - 1 ,. x u - 11 - '- - . 1 . . I l , , SENIOR PLAX beated lett to r1ght Kathryn Mormson H11da Pelmont Birbara Smlth Joan Barth Nancy Horton Standxng Robert Druckenmllle Jxck Kooker Robelt Shaletts Helen Alcher Samuel Hlrshland Dorxs Campbell Rlchard Hammel Bernard Slhgel Robert Ullman Spr1ng Green was a typlcal tt en age product1on portray1ng the prob lems of part1cular1y one soul who raxsed worms Newton Todd thought buedmg wolms a gle ful pastlme but Magor Todd h1s handsome fathtr cons1dt red the wholt affan' absurd Thus the story revolves around the hh of the Todds w1th then' tr1a1s and tr1bu1at1ons N1na Casstl was a sweet modern mother of two hvely g1r1s Tony and Scootle Mr Putnam Nmas 11 asc1b1e father and Mrs Rumblt tht fortylsh cook added much h11ar1ty to th1s fast movlng drama Never to be forgotten were the portrayals of B1ng and Eula as the twms and Pmku Amts the scatterbraln Dunk Doyle en t red 1nto thc spxrlt of the play as Klng of the Hlgh School wolf pack Last but not 11 ast of the characttrs was Gtnevuve a nelghborhood nulsance and Oiiicer Rvan tht town s only cop J JUNIOR CLASS PLAY heated left to ii h C,h'i1lotte David Joan Torrsoi Jack Davis tanding, Piul Ehcilv Louise Penfield Mndeline Klmk Mary Lee WIIIIHIHS Jack Hcifcltingu Anna Ma Dunn Don Fink lVIny Jin Giabcit Nancv Mwngiolardo Robert Wacha Pittv Binkley The evening of March 21st was a gala night for the Juniors They had an all star cast in their presentation of the three act comedy But Fair To morrow Much of their success goes to the very capable direction of Miss Lucille Lott The story cent rs around the various predicaments that Bar bara an energetic teenager seems to create Barbara s widowed and unsus p cting mother doesn t seem to suspect her daughter s infatuation with a certain movie star . However her brother who is the star of the varsity and the family maid Gethy are aware of Babs plotting and realize that she s up to no good . Of course we can t forget Louise the attractive twenty- two year old sister and her affair with the local history teacher Ralph Mason-nor the further complication of the plot when a young aviator turns out to be Barbara s movie hero Buddv Edmond. Uncle Walter isn t a bit bothered bv the confusion of the household, but the same can t be said about Violet, Myril, and the rest of Babs friends. This little story finally takes a turn for the better and Barbara finds that she is attending the bazaar with Buddy as her escort. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY heated lett to rxght Robert Sharetts Barbara Smlth James Rhoads James Laucks bamue1H1rshland Robert Druckenmxller Nancy Stump Richard Hammer btandlng Doreen Schulze Glorla Frankhouser Margaret Anne Smlth Joan Barth ROb81t Wacha JoAnn Esterlv Patty Bmkley MarJor1e Seldel MarJor1e Zellers Cand1dates for the Natlonal Honor Society are chosen three tlmes from each class with the maxlmum number set at Iifteen per cent from a class The students chosen by the faculty are evaluated on Scholarshlp Leader shxp Strvlce and Character Durlng the nrst semester the group sponsored a dance for Jumor Hxgh School puplls and xn May a fare well dance for the senlor class Act1v1t1es of the group mcluded a spaghettl party theatre party and a bowhng party as well as receptions for new members In J anuarv the Soclety accompamed by MISS Marlon Stocker and MISS E11een Falvev spent a day 1n Phxladelphla Where they vlsltmd places of hle torlcal mterest toured the Evenmg Bull t1n bumldmg attended a radlo broadcast and the muslcal comedy Sweet earts W are J Y u 7' y 0 v Y 1 y . - 1 - n , r , . . . . . . - . - , . - s 1 r " . x . , . 1 - ' 1 J , , , , 1 I . . . . . . x . - L 7 V A Y l ' A u 77 , . PENN POST STAFF 5 -V---p-5. Q........... Seated left to rlght Dorls Clmpbell Ca ol Ande son Betty Anne WlllllIllS Phoebe Bertolet Joan Barth N lncy H xwk Balbax 1 Snnth N xncv S nlfm mn Helcn Althel Almx Nat mblut Edna Sch leffe Doreen Schulze Second row Marxlyn Mlllel Nancy lVI'lI'lgl0llIdO Annl Mae Dunn Vlrglnla Kltz Ullman Robert Wacha Donald Baer W1ll1am Corbln Barbara Snnmon Joan Flx JoAnn Esterly Joan Lappen Mary Betty Phllllps Jean Bxker lhlrd row Thomas Stults Anne Kessler Sandra Post Mary Lee Wlllmms Nancx Peck Nancy Klem Edna Evans Glorm Frankhouser Allce Najarlln Beulxh Bertolet Nancy McConnell Loulse Robertson Barbara Davey Nancy Stump Sanford Youngerman Robert Forester was xbsent when the plctule xx ns txkcn Mount Penn s bl weekly publ1cat1on has found a new home th1s yea1 m Room 36 now otlicxally entxtled Tht Pt nn Post Room Durmg tht optn ing months of school the Post was 1ncreased from four to SIX pages, and rt cently has been transformed 1nto a wttkly pubhcatlon of two largt pages Wrxtten by an energetlc staff and a capable advlsor, Mr W1ll1am Bernhart the Pt nn Post has served as a rehable and mterestmg source of 1nformat1on , S K l ' . ' - ' z . 1' Y. . ' 'z , , ' W ' ' . i 1 . ' ' 'z ' . 2 z '. z . " '. L 2 , ' 1 r. ' . - l t U 1 1 ' i ' . 2 t . x ' ' ' - mlller, Marjorie Seidel. Barbara Kase, Rodney Anderson, Samuel Hirshland, Robert y ' . ' y l . h - ' . . c l , I' - 1 v - , L I -C , L VY , ' . , 'c 1 - I b rl . 2 , 1 D 3 4 L v Y' , . ' ' 1 ' ' ' 'Q 1 ' 1 . , .- . . . , I I A it x I ,Y I ' I l - , . I I l X l . . ' I 1 , ' Y i . . . 1 . . Q J SENIOR LIBRARY CLUB eated left to rlqht Nanc McConnell Shlrley Haas Marv Betty Ph1l1lpS Margaret Rambo Sandra Post Patty Blnkley Mary Lee Wllllams Dorls Campbell btmdmg left to r ght MHIJOFIB Zellers Nancy Yorgey JoAnn Esterly MISS Marlon Thls year the Semor Llbrary Club has greatly alded Mlss Stocker ln keepmg the llbrary functlonlng smoothlv Besldes takmg charge of the desk 1nd1v1dual members have been workmg on speclal proyects such as arrangmg the card catalog and vert1cal file The blg Job of the year has been the complete remountmg and reclass1f1cat1on of the plcture collectlon They have also had several soclal aCl11V1t1eS Stocker. JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB Frrst row left to llght June F lnkowlak Joan Chrrstman Elalne Ennls Mlrgalet Ne1n Miss MdYlOU Stocker Nancy Peck Jean Elseman Ruth Fasxc Marlene Zlegler Patrrcra Stlckler becond row Ann Stump Claue Yeager Bmrbara Davey Mary Ann Rothenbergcr John Ennls John Este ly Walter Kropp John Kllne V1Vl3n Z1egler Marllyn Walters Audrey Wolflngcr Th1rd row Muuel Ropxskl Rebecca Youse Pat 1c1a Brce Joan Kennedv Ann Sher man Robm Hl6St9T Phyllrs Cohen Sherelyn Herbeln Sharon Hughes C1rolArnot Gayle S nds John Kle1n leads the group as P esldent Patrrcla Stlchler as V1ce Presldent and Barbara Davey as Secretary Treasurer One of the bus1est and most progresswe groups 1n the J umor Hxgh the J un1or L1brary Club IS a credxt to the school The1r two most xmportant pro jects thxs year were handlmg the lxbrary bulletln boards and helpmg the Semor Club Wlth the p1cture file W J N S e J STUDENT COUNCIL beated lett to r1ght John K1e1r1 Mary Lee W1l11ams Rob1n HIGSKCI Eugene F110 L1 Molly Hammer Barbara Slmmon Bruce Young, Golden bamuel H1rsh1and Sanford YOLlllgC1llldll Credlt can be gwen to thr Studnnt Councll for th1 many 1xc111ent 1m provm ments lt has cor1tr1buted to the school Th1S organlzatlon IS sponsored by Mr James and the Prasldn nt s srat 15 ably filhd by Eug1 ne Fllcker The group serves as the leglslature and Jud1c1al branch and IS responslble for mjectmg a closer r11atz1onsh1p bmtwun DUDIIS and teachers Throughout the Vear lt has sponsorud varlous act1v1t1es J Z 8 xi 4, " 1 , Q Standing-William Scott, George Adams. Patricia Griffin. Mr. William Jantcs. Alice SERVICE CLUB F1FSt row left to rlght Sandra Post K1tty Fessler Mary Lee Wllllams Loretta Klem JoAnn Lsterly Marv Ann C xmpfleld Eleanor Bybel becond row lVI1 Wllllam James Patty Bmklev TICH Burhenn M'ny Rlley Bubam bxederxcks M ullyn M1lIe1 Mary Betty Phllllps LOIS Fabxan Mr Dodson DI1CSblCh lhxrd row bhulcy Hxas W1ll1am G1 ubb Paul Enoch James Smlth George Ad mms Mary Jane Gr1ff1ths Undu the leadlrsh1p of Mr Jamns and Mr Drelsbach thlS falthful and Lver ready club prrparms for all the home basketball games The1r dumps 1nclude selllng t1Ck8tS and keepmg order at the games Th1s group also makes ava1lable to the host of ragrr spectators a Vaflety of rr freshments Through thelr r1Torts our basketball season 1S made emoyable to all DEBATHNG TEAM hxrst 10W left to 115,111 JoAnn Eslcxlx Smdl 1 Poet Nancy Klem Joan Baker bccond IOVS P1115 Bml IQ Don :ld Bxu Jo um Buth Debating was unu ually g,ood thlg vein wxth tht t am mutmg YVYOIIIIS slng and Boyertown The mam top1c of d1scuQs1on was the pro and con of Soc1a11zed M6d1C1HC a problem perturbmg many oi us Mr W111am H Btrnhart madt an ex ctllent coach and he as well as tht mt mbers deeeufes much credlt for the way 1n Wh1Ch thcv made Mt Pt nn hold 1ts own The debates were not on a compotltxv b 1 but an lnformatlve one Therefort no dLC1SlOD was leachn d R Q ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Standmg W11l1am Corbm Barbara Kase Seated left to T1 ht Jo 11 Barth Mxss Marv Kramer Samuel Hrrshland Much of the Cfedlt for the success of our We kly assembhes should be g1ven to these tour students plus thelr adv1so1 Mrss Kramer The1r untn 1ng efforts for everyone s benef1t was appremated by the student body Barbara Kase and Wllllam Corbm were added to the commlttee thxs year The Work of the two semors Joan Barth nd Samuel H1rsh1and wrll be sorely mls cd after graduatlon HIY 4 A Fust low left to rlght 4Berna1d Slnger RlChlld Kauffmfm Jxrnes MlChlC1 Albelt Lelder Robe1t bhnetts Robert Folestel Robert Ibach E111 Hoch becond rovl Rlchard Hammer Donald Lex an Wllllam Kennedy Robelt Watha KODQII Ymger Edu nd Lembach Jack Kookex Don Fmk lhlrd row John Burnlsh Russel Hasson Luther Lev an John Heffelflnger Neal Levan Robert Mast The Mt Penn H1 Y Club known throughout the school for the1r hxgh standards and good school Splflt have successfully completed an actlve year 'Int H1 Y boys have eflficuntly carrled out that ever lmportant duty of ushtrlng the studtnts 1nto assemblus worked hard rn the Y M C A membershlp dr1ve and as soclal eve nts organlzc ci dances and a doggu roast The oiiicers are Presldent Robert Sharetts V1ce Presldent Robert For tster Secretary Albert Leader Trtasurtr Robert Ibach Chaphn James Mlchael Advlsor Mr Dodson Drelsbach 1773i "J Dm 'w A 4 Q .mga lo .4E2Ha5T'B f lg,P'l. wi' E1eIv'2Ein'4'b.E s v 1 X gh-"D 5 ' W' edgiyiirfiftf' gal, alwlgef :WH-1 .-"f 4045 en Qggwqghl ,115 2i'f43'?11'e-wr 1 2:E:'i'5?:'3"""o Z v 'lg V laabfa' i Y B f' f 3 '-r daaf ff HQTXREX 7 X Q 4-ibm 1' Q- -g x W f 'VW QF Yiwv aqib ff lv gx f aw Q 4 ,i' f vfggia , , f FQ 9- ,. X , fa, 'WL V gig ' ' Afffl' - "' VV. "UNM Alvfig v V I 7,71 ff' f' , f J, X W: " . f T ' Q . ,' ' Q :Ruin f .f 3 .J YN Q., ' f lb! .I A 4'??5V M E ff' 04 ' U kk il ll' E 5 :EQ n bf 3 J! L 44v'Wq QXLEQQ Hg! K Q3 ' 3 455' ' . - , Q, ."V V pi" 'Pj A 2 ffi 5-4' . lg. m"g'w..5"" -, 2 . 'fag - "" '- 'ea' . ' 2 34, w . :P-" ff 2 21: rf ' . BV 2, if -si v '- .' .- ,- , , i - ' - A 313,714 415' , TY YK' Q . W9?iZQEQv' ',Q . , gf 5, F57 " 1 Y vf,1 A V, v.'2.iff,- H3 tLY,k'.Xib.x A. ,Z-???j Q4 .wiv ' gk ,g'x":l Q' ,, ' If l hx . fiat-.Vf..tx I E ETL 4 w 'J ' - "4 -' r vii, ' . ,'-2: Wf fh .kg -f2ffff 1f j g N RJ' W x Y ." XX X X ' If q 4 4 R M5 X Q , f - IQ lv XXX HW! .W w5Qw hk,,w9' s f" 5, NQQ3: x"f,' !14,lQ 7 X Y 9 .- ' X' X .6 1 wfwvir f' ' ' X Y X NYFX ll X ,K . 0 fx f X .iv 1 95 Q X X f f NW5,,y1 gAha5X9, f f ea? Emi' i9 in ix tiff 4 , ,ff-fi l' ff' y ,gm X S QC ,fiyv V iff ,- f ' in: 3" W. .f,'.F.i yifiv , ff' v .Q I :J 'V ' --"' ' . V6 ,Z un' 1533? A 4:5 , ,,. ,' ' if A '--X"-'VM I MII! 1 - ' .91 l ' f :eff , u m I 1' 1 xii- X 'fu' affix 4' . gf ' ff ' Qafi- H if I lgxsg S2131 . '-,ff . ,.,, W.. L- 1 W ARSITY BASKETBALL Flrst ovx RlChlId Hlmmel c nptaln M DlV1d Zlmme man coach Samuel H1fSh 11nd co captam bt lndmg belly atole Carlo James Mlllel W1111 nm Kennedy Bernald Slnger managel .Hoglnald bpatz Wllll mm lvl nyers Hal ry Baukneeht LCWIS Cohen Mt Penn Hlgh s above plctelred varslty basketball squad wmmng e1gr Berxs County Central Dlvlslon and became the flrst Mountalneer squad to do so 1n four years Under tne able guldance O1 Coach D3V1d Zlmmerman the home town cagels ploved to be most pronclent on tnelr own spaclous Iloor wlnnlng IIVG out or seven or tnelr league engagements at home lne two most gratl lylng of tnese vlctolles were both QLCISIVC ones one over Shllllngton Hlgh s squad WHICH was runnerup Ior pennant nonors the other at tne expense or the Presldents Irom Wllson Hlgh School Playmg away from home seemed to be the Mount s reverses th1s year as they dropped tour out or seven sucn league contests only tne lowly Mohnton WyOm1SS1Dg and Blrdsboro Hlgh School comblnatlons fell prey to our boys on thelr own respectlve floors The records show that the Mt Penn lads posted vlctorles ln three pre league exh1b1t1on games but lost thelr only post season game to Palmyra Hlgh School 1n the flrst round of the D1str1ct 3 Class B P I A A playoffs All totaled the Mountameers won eleven games Whlle loslng seven and complled a total of 690 polnts to the opponents 737 ' e ' '- 'z ' ' . ' ', ' 'z , ' ' , 'S l ., , n . 1 . A W y , , . LL out or Iourteen league games, climbed lnto tne nrst divlsion of the tough 5 7 I X y K A l A ! 7 K K X e C s '92 MOI NT 0 2 P5 A Q x ' . 3 Y ., GX ' X 9 U 5 if I X 530. 1 x s rf Q xg L - f' fl 5? eff .3 as Qx 5 I" r K ii? JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL birst row left to right Paul Spohn manager Mr William Purnell coach James Campbell captain James Buch asslstant manager Second row James Laucks Elwood Hertzog John Frankhouser Robeit Ullman Robert 1'olk John Arndt W1ll1am Mosser Jack Heffelflnger This year s J unlor Varsity team comple ted the past season Wlth 10 wins ing a runnerup berth in the Central D1v1s1on J V League Also the victors in their three early season tune up contcsts the Baby Mounts played a classy brand of ball which never failed to satisfy their many loval fans Coach William Purnell not only kept his charges near the top of the league throughout the entire campaign but also groomed his lads long and carefully 1n preparation for their future varsity roles l and 3 losses in league competition ending their creditable showing by land- CIRLS VARSITY Kneelm left to 11 ht Ellzabeth Bossle1 M1rJo11e Hodgkms Anne Kessler Mae Wlnters Betty R91tZ A nes B.11th Ba1ba1 1 F1ede11cks btmdmg M1ss M111 1111 G1 ILSCITICI coach Nmcy Stump c1pta1n Nmcy Horton Lols habmn MHIJOIIE Zellezs Janet P1 me Phoebe Be1tolet Glo111 F1ankhouser Annq Mle Dunn B11 ba1a SIITIIHOD V11g1n11 K1tLm1lle1 ma111g.,f.1 MxrJo11e Seldel 8SSlSl 1nt ll18Il"lg01 Th1S years g1rls varslty basketball team closed the season 1n second place 1n the Suburban League Although not always v1ctor1ous the lassl s played outstandlng basketball los1ng 3 league games by a total of 7 polnts SCHEDULE MP OPP MP OPP B1rdsb0ro WIISOH Mohnton Sh1ll1ngt0n West Readmg Readlng Glen Nor 1 ' .,........... 41-i12 55-20 ' ................ 41-14 22-25 ..............16-17 30-33 ' ' ............ 37- 5 48-11 ' ........ 41-13 32- 8 ' ............... 25-26 23-15 23-35 TRACK F1rst row left to rxght LEWIS ohen Rxchard Ritter Rxchard McCoy Samuel Cerro J ck Kooke W1l11.1m COIDID Rodney Anderson Mr DdVld Z1mmerman becond row George Mack asslstant manager Carl Hxmmelberger James Campbell Ronald Kauffman Robert Folk Samuel Hnfshland Reglnald Spatz Bernard Slngel manager Mt Penn s 4ntr1es 1n the Berks County track and held wars thxs sprmg showed themstlvts as athlt tes eager to learn whlch was evldenced by their contmual 1nd1v1dua1 improvement Wlth Coach Z1mmerman devotng h1s full time to the development of h1s squad of mexperu nctd th1n clads and wlth a ne wly acqulred track on whlch to pract1ce the Mountalnt er clndermen made a commendable showing through the season Schedule Aprxl 19 Albnght Inv1tat1on Meet Apr11 21 At Wyom1ss1ng Aprxl 23 Blrdsboro Apr1125 West Readlng and Mohnton at West Readxng Aprll 30 At Wxlson May 3 West Readlng Interscholastics. May 10 Sh1111ngton Vlctorv Meet May 14 At Sh1111ngton 17 D1str1ct 3 Meet at Lancaster X .......J Q ' . . , ..., .N . W. . . - -W l - ' -- '-5' 1 ,r A ' 4 4 A 1-,,m,t, ,, ,,, M., ,eeee ,,,.,e,.e,,e . .M f A-fe. .A f W ' .ara A .a ., -.M tee, V. . K ' X ' ' .3 a.. . ,.,. , . V- N-W- .A I ' , A' of , , - 'L We - W 5" . A , V - .. we V T V 'M . r W - . at fr rf , A .. .1 I X , Q . . V1 ' ' . . . H . . . , r T K1 u n V Y - . , - N 1 ' T v V 9 I 1 4 V 1 Y .3 , I . . . . I ,I X 1 . D I . . x I . - . x . . . X . X . ! W BASEBALL Flrst row left to right Alton Hartlme Harold Matthews Donald Gerth Rlchard Hammer Second row Paul Spohn scorekeeper Rlchard Rltter Wllllaffl May ers James Mlller James Campbell bammy Carro John Ardnt Martm W1ener Thlrd row James Buch manager Howard Green Eugene Enms Eugene Fllcker Mx Wxlllam Purnell coach Edward Lelnbach Reglnald Spatz Paul Baer Wxlham Mosser Mt Penn Hlghs 1947 baseball ed1t1on fared qulte well Playlng under thelr new and capable coach Wllllam Purnell the d1amond asplrants kept their more experlenced rivals toelng the mark throughout most of Had the bat and ball artlsts usually playxng wlthout much practlce been able to svncromze their spurts of br1l11ant h1tt1ng and Iieldlng they mlght have established themselves as threats to the league txtle Schedulefc Aprll 8 Muhlenberg Aprll 24 Muhlenberg Apr11 10 Wy0mlSS1Dg Anr11 29 WyOm1SS1Hg Apr11 15 West Readlng M 1 West Readlng Aprll 17 Wilson Ma 6 W11SOr1 Aprll 22 Shllhngton M9-Y 3 Sh1111I1g130I1 All games were played away from home K their contests. . i .' i ay i : . ' - . y - . . as T . . i a E J GIRLS N OLLEYBALL N F1 st rovx left to ught L01ett'1 Klem Khllhljll IVIOIIISON Glo11'1 F1 illkhOUS9l Barbara b1mmon captun Annu N110 Dunn J mot P ICC lVI1ss lxllll lm G1 ICSGIHC becond rovt RQIIJOIIQ Ze1le1s Betty Ca1mes Shmnon Dolcus LlldXVlg Nancy btump One of tht most successful athlet1c teams 1n the school was the se cond annual ed1t1on of tht glrls volleyball team Although the tt am d1d not dn fend thelr champlonshlp they comp1led an adm1rable record of 6 Wms and 2 losses W1th tht two sc tbacks comlng at tht hands of the Wllson champs The loss of mm sen1ors W111 bt severly felt by next year s squad Penn vs Wcst Readmg Penn vs Mohnton Penn vs Shlllmgton Penn vs W1ls0n J Mt. . 1 ' ' .......... 42-31 33-22 Mt. . ....,.......... 42-23 39-17 Mt. . ' ' .......,.... 34-19 43-31 Mt. . ' .................. 41-35 38-26 y Q ix Wh ' 1 gf -faf HJ 9, ui L'-I I. I f f I f 1 sg I , If 1 f -, K 4, .3 1 0 5 x ' -' K, K '. . 44 I , . ,W Y 1 - . - , 'A --A. f Y, 1 I .l , I X ,, . .l .v . - , : -.I 2" 'A . ri . , - , I 1:1 Y! ,lb v 'Q vu ' n " : 11- wa- . ' , N v I .K X ,jsp , . - wk, Q., 4 - 'V .' - xr -A 'vw X ,, I ,U .. .,'.. , ,. , f' 1, A g, -E "' I f, ,V - f- 1 Q v' K'-gg. 1' 111' U 1 ig' E9 ' X. 11 x V , s ." , 3 , . ,f , 1 4. V . - f 1- 'Jah f T Yi' -3 ' Jia., , v' , fLg,lf+'J .d Ac- 'V ., W' by ,ng 1611. , Y T' .v . ' ff" ' Q A Q 'A " 5 - . - 1 V ,,-,' f Wie., -,, ,', , fx., ,- A 7--ti: -uf, ' , 1 :ff , 1- ily 1'-s V ' , A ,f r s x hw . 2 1 . ,' - 1": rf, -50 -, Jil? x ,,. - , , ,, - A . X , K, ' ,.,n Y , .,-: 1 ,, ,-5, -N- 7,7 .53 - , ' 1, U af. , ,f j. f ',. why. .V ... L diff., ,. i 'gr 'Mfg' -5 ,:, Y . , .X 5, .l , , -f' A 3 , I .X -. . I 1 . X 1 ,A , -. , f W. .I ,. n A' ,f , , J T fl-:. f f 'L ' " ' ' X .1 ' ' . H ' '-'Y -- -L.-YY -if ' ... ...W '-- 24- S5 .6 ty by 5 e.--- G14 -a '-Va 43" "" "oo . --v -f- - CI . . ,,- ,. HI e . u U fu .., v--M----, 0... . ..,. . ,, ' "' 'ff "" 'v' '1v90"'1.o ' ' " """ ' 1'-':'.15'v'.'v'4' 'H 0 Il"b'v'v ' ' 'Q " 's' s s' '-"' .f '-v " fn5ooc'0r,,1',"0 ., ' 4' ',,...4v ovnooa vu Q"' ," . s." J' f, ' u.'.',15fn.oog',Q'n....,, -,,,,'o14':annumfunn35'.","-o," 090 'm.','u','-.",',o,-nk 'J .Hg "J,o.'4'5'.'.1"'n".,p9' ,O l,'n'q5.1.',', , 'a..'51',', , ,gg sa .G : 1,365 'offs p'-251' .10'6.O:ns' ', .0'e'5'a',' otn:e.s',':s:,',':':v'+:,',',',v'v:. '.'.' ao fo ,H ooo nag 0 4 , 4 ,' 0 a a -1 , on noon, "0 0 04 . sgvus -no f ,. 4 , ,, a , ,, 4... no. o',u non oo , 4 Q. , su.. - '."', aaa? :.,"' ' is f' "'-'.','3"' 0' 3409, ' """o'o'o1 "fn ' ..0 'Q "5 005009. .' .""'o's. 'I .J-'.., ,.,, ,. ,a..5Q . 4 'J' , ,tsp ,, av: fox. ,v,,, o , .4 ,030 ,, ...ova ., QA... n,- v -H . -3 - f 0. o o .. - .-. - -- ... 0..,-... 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' I 1 A L Phone Rea in ' -3659 P 1 r 3 r 1 73 N 1 an A Plus N if Comphments of V L mx ersal Nlachmer and Equlpment C0 320 EAST BROAD STREET SHILLINGTON READING PA CITIES SERVICE GASOLINE MOTOR OIL BOB GRUBER Speclahzed MOTOR TUNING and LUBRICATION Dehvery Serv1ce Phone 3 9740 HOWARD BLVD MT PENN PA COMPLIMENTS OF GI OBE HOSIERY CO Inc READING PENNA DAN IL fllid N AXCX S T D BEST WISHES Juncuon Ph11a P1ke and Boyertown Road FRED A HOW ARD THE DINER WHERE CUSTOMERS ARE FRIENDS Phllgo Headquarters IH Xlt Penn GORDON B. RISHELL 2212 PERKIOMEN AVENUE MOUNT PENN SALES and SERVICE DIAL 2 6782 T.v I I . 1 ., . 71' T 1 V9 III .L 7 ' Y . . Y L, Q I J W S T U M P' S MT. PENN MEAT M MMMM ARKET 13 NORTH 23rd STREET Phone 7294 Complete Food Serx lee SHIFFER S OI' GIFTS NOVELTIES GREETING CARDS 2441 PERKIOMEN AVENUE Mt Penn Penna Comphments of G IL O R G E the Barber 23101 alld GRANT STREETS J W LEIN B ACH Hardware 2234 PERKIOMEN AVENUE MT PENN READING PA J OSILPH ADDESSO Shoe Rebulldmg IT IS OUR JOB TO KEEP OUR CUSTOMERS WELL SHOD 25 NORTH 23rd STREET MT PENN READING SAMUEL DeGEORGE FINANCING NIT PENN 5-Xl Eb AND SERN ICE General Automotlxe Dealers WE BUY AND SELL PASSENGER AND COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Fender Body Wo1k and Pamtmg 2518 PERKIOMLN AVENUE MT' PENN PENNA N X Q , ... f . 1 . . ' - N 1 I f . . I I ' ' f 'A' . , , . . , , PA. X , Y 1 Ny w 1 N ry L . I I A 4 I I f . ' f 4 . 4' A . - , -. , . f N www Taste ls lnduvldual What you like some- one else m ght not care for A Havov that satlsfies others mught have no appeal for you But when thousands find a cer but fine flavored tasty appetaz lh ns worth your whsle to try at THE IIS! OF TASTE l SYOCK S HON!! 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Q 4 EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Longratulfltlons 'md WELI ER APPLIANCE CO Best Wlshes to the 2433 PERKIOMEN AVENUE Class of 47 MT PIEZNIIGENNA RUSQEII G KI EIN REMEMBER X OUT GUM Deqlel' VISIT OUR CUSTOM BUILT STEEL KITCHEN DISPLAY VISIT LINCOLN S RESTAURANT O Clk W PHILADELPHIA PIKE COMPLIMENTS OF MT. PENN DIYER W Q y 0 I c .J I 7 . , . ia 0 I Y 'A A 1 1 . 4 I U . . . , y '11 always do well at We11e1"s" C I pen Around the oc - 7 Days a eek on the A 1 I I READING DIXER VARIETX GAS ST XFIOX PHILA PIKE d GI R LTAR ROAD STONY CREEK MILLS R AI FRED F BAILFX Nlen s W eflr 843 PENN STREET J A K E S SANDWICH SHOP 2600 PER OMEN AVENU OPEN11AMt 1PM Itilmn Sindu lches GROCERY ITEMS tt P COMPLIMENTS OF STANI EX HONIE PRODUCTS Inc 20 NORTH 23 d STREET DIAL 3 5394 MT PENN MOBIL GAS Xloblle Serxlce Qtfltlon 110 SOUTH 9th STREET 2200 HOWARD BLVD READING PENNA MT PENN READING PA Compllments of Comphments of l 7 J J. A Y A at A T A 9 7 6 9 7 N T Y A L I L I ' ' KI E 4 k L L A 1 . . 0 . . O -. an B A , , c c c v Large Varietv of , . 1 Mevers and Fe rolf, rop. T 7 I 4 I , , r T x , . Q J 0 . . V I c S Q If X ,,oWD 5 " W QQ fff f if if 21 7 540,44 J' Hmmm numums Complete Bzmkmg and Trust Facllltles Mt Penn Trust Company X our Commumtx Bank PERKIOMEN AVENUE AT 23rd STREET MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY K 9 N W f A 4 . X X ff .Mk " "',:z. ff.: . aff K: " f-1::-af -:Q ly I -1 f A .-A .. - , -.,-, rzf'-' fl' ."-.LA -1- Q o .i-,- GQ . L E I 2 ., fi . Q' 4, JI U 5 "fi:-'TSI' 6 ' 'MAA ' 7 ff is-,s,.-,...... 1 , I ff!! W f E"R 1.7 'R . - c s I ' , Y s 9 EST 1916 J XI SEASHOI TZ 81 SONS Inc FRONT AND SPRUCE STREETS READING PENNA Porcelfun En lmeled Met 11 Products THE FINEST IN D R I N K MEN S WEAR THE cl PENN STREET B t HEATH ER SPORTSW EAR SHOP 144 NORTH 5th STREET READING PENNA GALLMAN S Cleiners 'md Dx ers nc HOI NIAXT S ESSO SERX ICENTER 2100 HOWARD BOULEVARD READING PENNA XI AY KERN Grocerles G15 md O11 JACKSONWALD . . J 3 I 'A' c 2 H 2 F r .... Rea ing 5 549 P 'Cl otlin Co fR d' Morris Goodman p g " Compliments of Compliments of , J I I L K W Y A 7 T ' I Compliments of I I l 1 l V 0 C C . ' I ' C ' 2 , PA. NIARX EIO PROLCTS CO SDSCIHIISUS 1n TOILET SANITATION 1414 LINDEN STREET READING PENNA ENIILX HOPKINS NORTH 5th STREET JUNIOR MISS FASHIONS A B SAUSSER andSON GENERAL SHEETMETAL WORK WARM AIR FURNACES ROOFING ELM AND REED STREETS READING PENNA COMPLIMENTS TO G R A D U A T E S REBER and XIILLER NORGE APPLIANCES ELECTRIC CLOCKS AND CONTROLS A SPECIALTY PAUL B ESI-IELMAN Eleetmal SALES SERVICE and WIRING 107 NORTH 23rd STREET MT PENN READING PA PHONE 4 7855 FOR YOUR ATHLETIC SUPPLIES INSTITUTE N U E B L I N G S AN APPROVED SCHOOL THE SPORTSMAN'S STORE FOR BUSINESS TRAINING 10th AND PENN STREETS 859 PENN STREET READING PENNA Read1ng's Oldest Sportmg Goods Store X Q Q I I I 1 X , I Y I I ' 120 if t 1 E. J. FLEMING, Representative J U D Y N J I L L O . I J f' ' " Ii Y I I 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1947 I-IEBERLING S KEYSTONE STORE CHESTIN UT HILL LUBRICATING CAP XVASHINKJ BATTERIES POLISHING TIRES SIMON IZINV' 22 41' HOWARD BOULEVARD ALWAYS OPEN MI' PENN READING PA P 85 G Sales QCHEVROLETJ Serv1ce Auto Tomng Serx me DIAL 1 111 Esso Products PIKES ROTHERVIEL CITIES SERVICE GAS 41l1d H A F E R GENERAL REPAIPING HOWARD BLVD MT PENN Phone 4 0906 BE NOBLE AND THE NOBLENESS THAT LIES IN OTHER MEN SLEEPING BUT NEVER DEAD WILL RISE IN MAJESTY TO MEET THINE OWN Games Russell Lowdlj W N I I O , 7. 'I 1 , JUNCTION - PHILA.-BOYERTOWVN L Q A A 4 VX ILLIAXI H REESER 917 PENN STREET Trusses Supporters Surg1c1lHos1erx BEST SERVICE IN THE CITY MILKSHAKES OUR SPECIALTY JAX JAX DAIR1 BAR PHILADELPHIA PIKE 2 MILES BELOW MT PENN SUNOCO GAS OILS ST LAW RENCE SERX ILE STA TIOX Mt P d St L t 3 9493 Mex ers and Fetterolf CLEAN COLLIERY H Ci Wh 13 A h M R d A h COAI WOODLAND AVENUE STONY CREEK MILLS PA D 14 96 STICK S S11 EET SHOP S O D A F O U N T A DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 111 HOLLYWOOD AVENUE For Smart Stx les For Good QLld1ltlCS V I S I T READING S I EADING CI OTHIERS Croll Sz Keck J S I N s 9 f ,T Compliments of T- , N Y I I 7 ' 1 1 I N O , -Lending Libr y- O N Y T . I 1 f f w 1 y N w r Y ' 1 I l ' ' Hess and Mauer, Props. ir B tween . enn an . wrence , on Rou e 562 A ... Phone - 'Y ' J ar ie s or edium e s Q 1 ia -12 X A 4 PA TRONS Mr and Mrs Paul J Alcher Elleen Falvey and Mrs Max F'1she1 Mr and Mrs Bert R Anderson Ellen Anderson Mr and Mrs Ernest L Barth Mr and Mrs H E Bauknecht JackE Beadencup Seaman 2!c and Mrs John Beadencup r and Mrs W11l1am Bernhart and Mrs Charles B Bertolet and Mrs W11l1am H BICC and Mrs Edward W Bmgaman Mrs Gertrude Bowman and Mrs Emerson Campbell and Mrs James Calro and Mrs John F Chrlstlan and Mrs Sam Cohen Mrs E B Cummmgs and Mrs Samuel DeGeorge and Mrs Ralph S Dlckersln and Mrs Frank Dlefenderfer and Mrs John F Doremus Rev and Mrs D U Druckenm11ler and Mrs W11l1am Egelhof and Mrs J George EHHIS and Mrs Charles H Enoch and Mrs John E Esterly and Mrs George F Evans Raymond Faber Mrs Mr and Mrs LeRoy S FIX and Mrs Ralph L Folk and Mrs D3.Vld S FOI'9StB1' and Mrs Elmer W Frankhouser Edmund Gable and Mrs George S Gehrlng and Mrs J Green lVl1r1am G Gr1eseme1 Mr and Mrs Randolph Hammer Robert F Hartman Mr and Mrs Charles H Hasson Mr and Mrs JohnH Hawk Mrs Mary He1ser I' Lou1seE Mr and Mr and and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and M1s alld Mrs Roy P Hlrshland S1mon R Hoch Edward Huyett Robert W Ibach W11l1am L James W G Johnson James W Kase Fred Kauffman Keller Mrs S J Kennedy Mrs Robert Kltzmlller Mrs Grace D Kle1n Mr and Mrs Ol1ver Kmght Q Mr. . . ' . . . Mr. . . . , Mr. . . Mr. . . Dr. . . . . . Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . . L. . Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' M . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' , Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' Q J PA TRONS Mr and Mrs J Kenneth Kooker Mary H Kramer afld Mrs EI'1Ch P Kruss Clayton Lance and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George Lance MHUTICG Lappen Russell M Laucks Oscar Lernrnger Luther W Levan Rober t Levan and Mrs Wrllram H LeVan and Mrs Wrllram P Levan ilfld MIS I'I6I'IT13.I1 J LGVIHC Lacrlle K Lott IVI1 Mrs and Mrs Vernon L Rhoads Florence Rrley and Mrs Danrel Roberts and Mrs Clarence Romrch and Mrs Lester Salzmann and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Charles Schaeffer Wrllram Schulze Pobert H Serdel John H Selfarth John L Sharadrn Arthur L Srmmon Frederrck Srnger C Raymond Smrth MIS Jarres H Smlth and Mrs Russel B Smrth Vlace s Gang Na 'llj Mangrolardo M1 and Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and rJlrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs C W lV'cConnc1l Frank Mrchael J L Mrller Clarence A Moon Cam ron E Morrrson Edward Natanblut Paul M Perfer H W Penfreld George W Pr1ce Wrllram I Purnell Warren Rambo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Earle Stump Edward Spraesser Herman Ullman Roscoe H Ward Monroe N Wenger Jacob D Wentzel Phares B Whrte Paul A Wrllrams Alfred B Yorgey Merlrn D Zregler Samuel Zremba Imma J Rernbold Complrments of LOREN MARCHISON 8z CO Jewelers for Mt Penn Hrffh School Class Rrngs f S N Q Mr. . ' . Mr. . ' Mr. Mr. . ' Mr. . M1'. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. s. . MI 'T ' ' Mr, , ' ' M11 . t . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr, ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' . ' ' . Mr. . . ' Mr. ' ' . Mr. . ' ' Mr, ', , . ' M12 . . ' 1 ' - Mr. . . ' 1 2' " Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood J. Spatz '. . s. . . . MI'- . Mr. ' '. ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' M1'. . Mr'. ' . , , . Mr. . . Mr. '. e' . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. -. ' . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr, , . ' MF. . . ' Mr. - , - , Mr. . ' W-,vi--f,1'7:w-, lg. . . wx-1,r'vq',-.www-'n --npelf -'I 'E-"9 """"""""-r"'-"iw" " " """' f ' ...-. -V 1 f . . ' J

Suggestions in the Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

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