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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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wfilf? 1 -,-uv' " ' . V , f , , W AI' x Dy EX f M' I W , ta WK AAL Q """ ,f Wir-7-M43 WM Wmfffffvw' w WM7 6. Wfyv-JWGHW WWW Gm? WWE, Q I fy'wr"'Qf'Ar KW Wypfj mf 'ik J 'M SX 'Eb As Sie. W W' ff L 1. , - T , i g A 5 ' 'V M A'i, , ., . 4 Y "1 ff A'A ".W A , . -' Q ' ' jg A " . ggi., ' 1 5 - 4 ' :gig 1 ' 2 1 if ,? l , W, 1 M ' f ,. Q , I 1A' " . ,q , 1 j , ' r . g,'YgFig, -Q D .A PM L q A V V ' ' A V I , 3- fr 113 ' V A .4 A .q4 l,,V. 1 A M ' b VV JA D V, b .4 U ' , A E3 3 rug 1K3 be Qui QWQQ, 3 QE, x 2 Egg T av WE 5 wg? Que? E 6, E W Lqqfin R2 mtg WTIJZWF giant' j 512 lb 3 W WW Yjybs2TL'W MMM? SJ? 62 fy CCP W v Mi RR XFQQA gif im W MW up, jg! W3 Q!! A93 -cg JM UWQ6. by if-'F' JW A me-4, 3, ,fa .7 J 755 00? Prod-Wag NIO? CL HLQW Sch wwsjhpm SE fl? P39111 9' fhvunl fe "Fond lllemories Shall fye Cherish Alma Mater Proudly waves old Mt. Penn's emblem Black and Orange Fair! Floats triumphant in the breezes, No dishonor there. Student days have tondest mem'ries: Comrades here we stand As our troth to Alma Mater, Pledge We hand in hand. From thy halls, dear Alma Mater, We at length must part, But thy mem'ry shall not perish From a students heart. Far away on lite's broad highway All shall fortune try, Still our loving hearts shall cherish Thoughts of Mount Penn High! 1 5-F-'ENN ALMA Foreword . ln this Penn Alma, we the Class of '45, strive to record the mony happy school ex- periences We enjoyed together. Should this book, in the future, recall old friendships and preserve fond memories, our goal Will then have been attained. R9 Dedloaflon In smcere appreclaflon of her confmual oooperaflon her profound guldance and her ur1f1r1ng efforts fo lmprove the class the semors ded1Cafe th1S onnuaf to MISS Carne E Babb a good teacher and a frlend to edu caf1on fe-3 N , n l fx I l l I I I . , ' E PENN ALMA Contents . . Hdministmtion Seniors Underclussmen Hthletics .Qctivities Hdvertisements F' E N N A L M A t PENN ALMA STAFF .i........- r. fyrgggg g Front Row, Left to Right: Betty Arters, typist, Mary Wentzel, personals, Marjory Hay, features, lack DeHart, features. Second Row, Left to Right: Francina Homan, personals, Doris Glassrnoyer, patrons, Claire Morris, features, William Gillis, co-editor, Dick Dickersin, co-editor, Gwendolyn Bachrnan, patrons, Louise Bickel, typist, Doris Beaver, personals, lean Fehr, advertise- ments, Madge Severris, advertisements. Last Row, Loft to Right: Marjorie Zerbe, art, Lucia Kessler, personals, lane Nein, treasurer, Mr. Wentzel, faculty advisor, Eugenia Nagle, features, Iean Keitz, patrons, Carl Boas, features, Karl Rutkowski, features, Elizabeth Dice, personals, Mary Lou Godshall, personals, Barbara Peck, personals, Susan Leinbach, personals, K 32.215 Q 1 ' 1.... , F . l"""' 'T f F-'ENN --ASL-P'IAFiQ .QP 'Ps BQARD OF EDUCATIQN Slcmdinq: Robert H. Seidel, Thomas K. Leinbach Ernest L. Barth, Treasurer, Seated: Fred A. Howard, Vice-President William H. Bernsau, Presidentg Edvvm F. Palm, Secretary PENN ALMA- xy bwt Remember that Plmerica and the world will always need trained leaders in all walks of lite. Men and women who know how to think and know that what they are thinking is based on truth will always be found amonq Hmerica's leaders. You are the men and women ot tomorrow. Hre you willing to accept the challenge? Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 1945. BQSCOE H WARD. PENN' ' CARRIE E. BABB Srlcizzl .S'i1m'iu.s' BS., Kutztown State Teachers College MA., Teachers College, Columbia University 1 fu, ,lf ALIVIA FACULTY ELLEN ANDERSON', lffml.'l.'u'l1i11!1, Ylyfzfzzy, Sll!L'.VIIItII1.YlIlff BS., Bloomsburg Teachers College, Columbia University N fu .f ,lf M, 1 DA. rx ' I. ,ff 4 J v x I CORTNEY BRYAN Ilistnry BS., Kutztown State Teachers College BS., Kutztown State Teachers Colle E F-'ENN ALMA FACULTY RALPH S. DICKERSIN llflllfllljl Reading High S l l crocg I. T. U., Indianapolis Indiana ' in if ,.. X' N' J - EVELYN M. I-IAAG .III ulnl C rflflv Q9 B.S., V..- .. ....... -..W ,.. ,1 I j'lVIIRIAM G. GRIESEMER lluulfll, l'!z.v.x'it'11l litlzrsuliuzz West Chester State Teachers Collcg Albright College I fy., lt nge PENN ANG FLA HOUSEAL mmf, Tlx i .1 BS Temple University A Lyn A- 2 FACULTY IEAN C. HEISEY Vocal Musii: t Chester State Teachers College ri WILLIAM L. IAMES . l'HllLfft'A', Scicuuc, .lL'1'UlltLI!ZiL'.S' BS. Bloomsburg State Teachers College M.Ed. Pennsylvania State College F5E,NN ALMA' I FACULTY LOUISE E. KELLER Lrziin, linglixlz BA, Albright College, M.A., University ol Pennsylvania JW ANNA E. LEVAN llrmn' lf4'n11m11ir.v BS., Albright College, Pennsylvania Slate College r , Ll 0JvfVJ" " IOSEPH L LARSON ,Sbuirzl Si1m'iC.v BS., Pennsylvania State College, Columbia University VV' A PENN Q E F . is-l 'Z if E E . REINBOLD lf1zgIi.s'IL BA., Lebanon Vcxlloy College, Pennsylvclnio Stclte College A L lvl A FACULTY WILLARD MUSSER 1IlSfl'Il1llI'7lfllI Mzrxiu B.S., lthcxccr College IOHN H. SEIFARTH I1llIIl.Yf7'l'tlI ,1rtx BS., Pennsylvania State College lllllljl-V, f4fl!'llI1'A'f7AV, l'l1xv.vir.x', l'11'-lwlflzzviiruz llu F-PENN ALMA FACULTY I. LLOYD SHARETTS BS., MS., Gettysburg College R. STUART STUMP .lfl':'rl11n'1l .llufl14'11111lif'.x' BS., luniotcm College, Temple University rlzianwv um! l'1'4'-ll11l1n'l1ru1 lflu'I1'ir'1l3' MARION E. STOCKER XJ Y! l.ilu'u1'ir1ll, BA, Ursinus College B.S, in LS., Drexel Institute PENN ALMA FACULTY I. NORMAN TAYLOR 1311.YiIIC.YJ Ifnylislz, Offivv 1'1'mftifc, '111.s'11111,1'1"s Ilfcllll, flnzinr I?1c.v1'11C.s'.s' T7'llI.1Li1l!j, lx,l'l1I!'IHfl1 M11I!1tf11zatif.v BS, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Pennsylvania State College LLOYD L. STUTZMAN K' 'mrm, Spanish, Suimzcc ,, M.A., Gettysburg College .Qt X4 IACOB D. WENTZEL Iiuglislz B.A., Franklin and Marshall College MA., Columbia University 5 PENN ALMA FACULTY llfrililr, Il,lj'.YfL'Ilf lffl11a'rlIin11 BS., East Stroudsburg Teachers College M.Ecl,, Temple Uniyersity lffffyvf , 1fiM?ffC5""M'V' DAVID S. ZIMMERMAN ,K Senioks PENN- Q' ALPJI-A 3 sEN1oR CLASS orrtcrfas Seated: Mary Wentzel, Secretoryg Damel Huggms, Presldent. Standing: George Batastini, Vice-President Margaret D. McComas, Treasurer Class Colors: Cherry and White Class Motto: "Never let Well enough aloneg make it better Class Flowers: Red and White Roses gf: PENN ALMA ROY ABRAMS "Brooklyn" ACADEMIC Brooklyn, as he is called because he orig- inated there, has his future plans built upon the hopes oi becoming a coach. He is, even in the shortage, consistently chewing gum. Enthusiastic listener of "jive" music. Pre- ters this any day to hi h brow o eras g p . When angry or annoyed, you'l1 hear him remark -"Quit the stuff, Will you!" Cheerleading 10 Pennside Parrot 10 Iunior Varsity 11 Hi-Y ll, 12 Senior Chorus ll Varsity Basketball IZ Varsity Soccer 12 fm'-Zi DORIS ARNDT "Snoodles" COMMERCIAL The U. S. O. always finds Snoodles there talking about swimming or reading and al- ways answering "That ain't the way I heared it." Since Snoodles dislikes work, she is going to see the sights in this world in the years to come. Glee Club 9 Operetta 9 Assembly 10 Library Club 11 si"Qfl MARIAN E. ADAMS HECK-SU ACADEMIC Marian leans definitely towards the outdoor life, with horses included in the greater part ot it. She rides horse-back as a hobby, and she says that horses will be a big part ot her future. Her other interests include swim ming, eating, and other sports. She is a valuable asset to both the Senior Chorus and the girls' basketball team Senior Chorus ll 12 Band 9, 10 Interclass Sports ll 12 Girls' Basketball 12 PENN GWENDOLYN GLORIA BACHMAN sl r ' . e' f Gwennie GENERAL Hello Baby how you do? is the way you'll probably be greeted by the girl with per- sonality plus Her good looks and versa- tility of expression will be assets lor her chosen career modeling Frequently found bchincl a coke at the Mt P nn Pharmacy, Gwennie s conversation centers mostly about Chuck She loves to dance and usually keep the stag line bu y H 1-EIS to the tu- ture cover qirl of Madamoisellel Glee Club 9 Operetta 9 Chorus 11 12 Girl Reserves 11 12 Choral Concert 11 12 Color Guard 12 Penn Alma 12 Interclass Sports 1U 11 Dance Committees 9 10 ll 12 ALVIAJ E15 BETTY I1-XNE ARTERS "Betty" COMMERCIAL When she is not found at the Birdslooro "Y" dancing, Betty can be found at home taking good care of her hobbies, which take in the playing of the piano, collecting pictures, :ind reading. She is one of our commercial students that expects to put her ability to use as a stenographer in 'Washington, D. C. When she starts a long homework assign- ment, she can be heard saying "Can you beat that?" Sub-Deb Club 10 Senior Dramatics 11 Ticket Committee 11, 12 Usherette 11 Home Room Play Committee 11 Penn Post 12 Penn Alma 12 Class Color Committee ll FRANCES BARTO "Frances" COMMERCIAL Every Thursday night finds Frances gaily dashing here and there on her skates at Arena Gardens. Her collection ol pictures and programs shows her interest in them, but homework is found on her black list. ln the years to come, Frances expects to be working in an office. ' Band 9, 1U, 11 Marching Band 11 Band Concert ll Library Club 11 Iunior Play Ticket Committee ll ii ENN I ALMA ALAN I. BASKIN HAI., ACADEMIC Many of the senior fellows will be joining the services alter graduation. Al will be one of them with hopes of entering the navy. Right now he is more interested in skating and dancing. Any Saturday night one can see him at the Y. M. C. A. dancing and jit- terbugging. When something amusing is said, he'll reply, "You cute kid." Interclass Basketball ll, 12 Hi-Y 12 Iunior Dance Refreshments 11 Senior Dance Decoration Committee 12 Interclass Soccer 11 DORIS BEAVER "Doris" ACADEMIC Although Doris plans to be a nurse by join- ing the Cadet Nurse Corps, one of her pet whims is to work math problems. Sports rank second, which accounts for her mem- bership on the basketball team. She likes tood of any variety, shape, or color. When she hears a joke or an unbelievable tact, she usually pipes up with a "No, not thatl" Varsity Basketball 11, 12 Girl Reserves 10, ll, 12 Penn Alma 12 lnterclass Sports 10, 11, 21 Committees ll, 12 GEORGE BATASTINI Batts ACADEMIC "Batts" is one of our varsity sports men on the track, soccer, and basketball teams When he is not playing a mean game of one of these he is to be found at Duke's Until recently "Batts" thought nothing about airls, but now his main like is blonde hair His greatest dislike is baby-talk, and when he hears it, he answers with a determined "1 hear you talkin Hi-Y 11, Varsity Track 9, 11, 12 Varsity Soccer 12 Varsity Basketball 12 Senior Class Vice-President 12 Iunior Hiah Basketball 9, IU I. V. Basketball ll lnterclass Sports 11, 12 Home Room Vice-President ll it if , . . ,H 12 ALIVIA II-INET LOUISE BEI-IM ttklnet, , ACADEMIC Eating a hot-fudge sundae or drinking a Coke, is Ianet's favorite diversion at the Pharmacy. Her hobbies are dancing and swimming, and usually she can be found writing letters to the navy. "What's the matter, you crazy or something?" is her bost- known saying. Alarm clocks, soft ice cream, and disappointments are her dislikes. Ianet plans to join quite a few other senior girls in the nursing profession. Girl Reserves ll, 12 Choral Concert 11, 12 lnterclass Basketball 9, 10, ll Chorus 9, 10, ll, 12 Student Council 9 Home Room Officer lU, 11, 12 RICHARD ERNST BIEBER "Dick" ACADEMIC if you hear the strains ot a Gershwin corn- position, it is probably Dick playing the pi- ano. He ioesn't play so often as we should like him to, but when he does, he plays ex- cellently. A serious thinker and good Lcholar, Dick is dependable and clever. He is iull ot fun and likes to give tatherly C?L Band 9, 10, 11, 12-President 12 Orchestra 9, 10, ll, 12 National Honor Society 11, 12 Student Council 9 I Iunior Play ll Senior Play 12 Girls' Octette 12 LOUISE BICKEL "Penny" COMMERCIAL 'Penny" is always clicking at a typewriter since that is her- hobby and since her future depends upon it. lt there's tickling to be done, count Penny out, she detests it. But sitting in tho lunch rcom eating potato chips and constantly reiterating "You must be kid- ding," she is completely satisfied. The sound of clanging bracelets on her arm pleases her. Hall Patrol 9, 10 Iunior Refi Cross 9 Insignia Club 9 Library Staff 9, ll Penn Post, ll, 12 Penn Alma 12 Glee Club Home Room Treasurer 12 Class Committees 11, 12 Jllvicc. Iunior Play ll Senior Play 12 Hi-Y ll, 12 day hopes to be a Great musician, Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Chorus 10, ll, 12 Hi-Y 11, 12 Senior Dance Committee 12 Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12 General Assemblies 10, ll, 12 Dance Band 10, ll Orchestra 9, 10, ll, 12 Hi-Y Dance Committee 12 Senior Assembl 12 Penn Alma Staff, 12 - of the gang. Track Team 10, ll, 12 Junior Play ll Senior Play 12 Class Vice-President 11 Hi-Y 11, 12-Otticer 12 CARL mmrsn BOAS , "Boasie" ACADEMIC Dynamite comes in this mighty package Strong man on the sheepskin, plus a jitter- iiff?g'ifQ,g bug a la Krupa. Carl's what we call a great gift to the music world. He spends his time ' fi, building up his solid record collection Boasie is usually calm and collected except , when the fenders fall off his car. He often goes to Sticks' or the Majestic, although , now he studies his music as hard as he - plays. A verbal kniie thrower, Carl so e- I 'V I ' , Alvin Kemp Night of Music 9, 10, 12 5 U' Ir, Dance Committee ll I !w,j til l w f - I ANNA CARRO ..Ann,, COMMERCIAL Voted the smallest girl in the senior class, Ann rises to the height of approximately 4 leet 10 inches. She came to our school in the beg'nning of her senior year and is preparing herself for secretarial work. Hel quiet manners and her dark brown eyes lend her an air of solernnity which is often quite deceiving. lf you can't find her at home, look for her at work. Executive Committee 11 Home Room Activity Ticket Representative ll ROBERT CONRAD "Big Stoopu ACADEMIC - Those two words "Strictly-Nowhere" will A identify Bob anywhere. He definitely dis- ' ' likes Monday "Mournings," and on the other , hand, he likes study halls. His hobbies are hunting and swimming, and his ambition is to be an engineer. Everyday, after school, will find Bob at the Pharmacy with the rest Aviation Club 10 Spanish-American Club 10 PENN ALMA DONALD I DeHART pl lackson I fd COMMERCIAL Q ack on 1 an or1'hu tasttc supporter of Frank bxnatra lle rs often found near the raclloff 11 tomna to news broadcasts Thrs leads to! M hrs favortte xpre sfon Theres good news X MIA from Germany tomght He can often be seen at Txces Soda Fountam HIS plans for ff the future are to become a D1str1ct Attorney and one of h1s hobbx 1 readmg about CIW Debatrng Team 12 Penn Post 11 12 Class Motto Comm1ttee 12 'Tm Can Salvage Comm1ttee 11 Semor Dance Refreshment Commlttee 1 RONALD DAGUE Dag1e GENERAL Dag1e hkes to rlcle motorcycles and fre- quently stops at the Commumty Hall Wait- or h1s Ford to start and gomq home before mldnrght 1rk htm We re wondermg why he 11k s to go to Molltown Dagle proves to be a very adept model atrplane butlcler He expects to be a future navy man Dag- wood tells us to take 1t easy and to 11ve long r He llkes pay day and gets ln a conslderable amount of sleep between the happy days Athletxc Club 9 Model Club 10 lnterclass Sports 11 I ELIZABETH DICE Betty ACADEM1C Lety and hor car are known throughout tlo chool he enloy drlvtna tremendously but cle pr e mon clrlvcrs Betty delight' in danctna and can u ually be found in the lunch room eatlng penny candy A college educat1on awalts her and bolng a certified publlc accountant IS hor atm Sub Deb Club 9 Red Cross Club 10 Sen or Dramatlcs Penn Post 11 12 Curl Reserves 11 1 Penn Alma 12 lnterclass Sports I 5 u u lylv' , 1 F .F p. . ' A ' 11, Q . Q . L, , ,A .S . 'Y ' . V I V. .b 3 S.. lu.. , 'V A ' V . , ' . . ' I .A l ' -s s f A KX! ng, ' ' A ,f . 1 ' 11 , V , ' I 2 Q I 12 bemor Play Usherette Senlor Play Txcket Cornnnttee 12 .F A' 4 I B ' ,Y yff, 4 i. ,, . 4 I ,.-A I hy... c' ,x l U "' r"':' if , ' P' I, MVA! .M t ' f.. .- . :H ' H , lifglpvr H ,J . -f ' I J ' . ,O " V, ,ff If 'I . "PQ .!".'. 5, v , ,, 1-un ru qrlnlwgl' I ENN ALIVIA , - I - G. RICHARD DICKERSIN "Dick" ACADEMIC This academic wizard truly needs no intro- cluction. Poised in any predicament, Dick can usually be depended upon for a solu- tion. Ile puts in his spare time posing with that car of his. Generosity and unsolfish- ness certainly are personified in this case. Partial to blondes, Dick has now stopped looking. His specialities are imitating Good' man on the clarinet and playing a good game of basketball. Distinguished by the words "Oh, brother," and a distinct dislike of mayonnaise, Dick has ambitions and hopes for a college education. Band 9, 10, ll, 12. Officer Orchestra 9, IU, ll, 12 Debating 10, ll Ir. Varsity Basketball 9, 1U Varsity Basketball ll, 12 Varsity Baseball 9, ll, 12 Varsity Soccer 12 Track lnterclass Sports 9, IU, ll, 12 Penn Post 10, ll, 12 National Honor Society ll, 12 Home Room President 12 Hi-Y ll, 12 Penn Alma-Editor Eastern District Band 10 County Night of Music l2 10, ll Iunior Play Senior Play MARCELLA R. DISSINGER iiMQrcYf I ACADEMIC Another one of the "third finger, left hand" girls, Marcy is petite and brown-eyed. Her hair is her crowning glory-long, silky, ra- ven black. A lively drum maiorette and a good dancer, Marcy talks mostly about George Mallin, her dark-haired, handsome finance. She likes to spend quiet evenings at home, but she hates to be alone. Majorette 9, 10, ll, 12 Girl Reserves 10, ll, 12 UDHHH ACADEMIC "Duff" is always being teased about one thing or another, and his usual comment is "Aw you jerks." A good sports fan Duff is a star player for the Mt. Penn Pharmacy I-le often joins in the navy discussions and he dislikes silly girls. He can be found at the "Y" almost any Saturday night and in the spring his fancy turns toward baseball Penn Post Printer l2 Soccer Team 12 Baseball ll 12 Interclass Sgorts 9, 10, ll, 12 Athletic Clu 9 Invitation Committee 12 I i l 1 - 1 l :An , ' U t 1' .Xi 1 ' Wy 1 1 f' . FU' 'w . ' 5 -7 4 ,4 wil fb , .-flRicHAnD ESTERLY 1' ' ' . .. . ,, A H ' .1 6 Charlie i 5 i X, V' i , + I f COMMERCIAL ' ,ks The movie fan of Mt. Penn. A catastrophe woul-:1 occur if Charlie missed even one. He doesn't have any hobbies, but he plans to visit California. Charlie likes ice cream and Bing Crosby. No Frankie, huh? One of his pet replies is "1 love that boy." Rich- ard is very enthusiastic about music but definitely dislikes sea food and raisins, Library Club 10 IEAN FEHR W y "Smokie" ACADEMIC "Smokie," whom you know by her blonde hair, often aims to be a physical therapuetist Shes found at the St. Lawrence indulging in one of her "special" cokes, Her likes run to the navy and Frank Sinatra, and her dislikes are eating liver and being alone, She en- joys swimming and movies, and her favorite expression is "Boy, oh boyl " Marching Band 9, IU, 11, 12 Senior Chorus 10, 11, 12 Choral Concert 11, 12 Senior Play 12 Penn Alma 12 Girl Reserves 11, 12 lnterclass Basketball 10, 11, 12 THOMAS FESSLER U88 Keys" GENERAL if you see a crowd gathered around a piano, you'1l probably find Tommy the center of attraction. Yes, his hobby is "tickling the ivories," and he plans to make music his future. He also likes girls, and dancing. His slogan is "real neat, ain't," and he par- ticularly dislikes eatina ice cream and spin- och. lust mention the Word "boogie-Woogie," and Tommy settles down for some really good fun. Band 10, 11, 12 Chorus 12 Class Committees ll, 12 Assembly Programs 12 Mgle Quartette 12 Ni J f. Penn Post 12 f . ,J ix., ir ,V J' if turf ' L '1 .1 eb , fix t 1 .5 I1 " 3 S I 1 . L ,. 9- t' VJ f Aj, 5-E N Ng. Atl. M A Ply -.fl -1.1! 1 fl'1Iafff"5 nf 4. f- C 1 Q M ARDELI-:Ns FIELD ,,j . ' f 'iw "Ardie" ' Ml' ' 1 laik COMMERCIAL , L' ' When not cheering for her Alma Mater at the games, Ardie can usually be foundn-Nith Danny, which fact gives a distinct reason for her always saying, "You'reVgite." Danc- ing and writing letters, as well as her plans tor being a housewife in the near future, take in her spare moments. Her pet dislike is conceited people. Library Club 10 Cheerleader 11, 12 lnterclass Sports 10, 11, 12 Senior Dramatics 11 Girl Reserve ll, 12 Homeroom Secretary 12 ILEAN FREEDMAN "Sissy" ACADEMIC Sissy is going to college to become a Com- mercial advertiser. She can be found at Gilman's or Cramp's, where she carries out her hobbies of listening to records and dancing. Although she likes popular music, she tends to sway toward classical more than jazz. "Love that man" is heard from her when something special irks her. Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12 State Band 10 Night of Music 10, 12 District Band 10 District Orchestra 9 Basketball Manager 12 Band Librarian 9, 10 Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12 Girl Reserves 10, 11, 12 Senior Play 12 Sub-Deb Club 10 P ,r ,' A RICHARD M. FRANKHOUSER "Dick COMMERCIAL .fw- 'Dick" and his big car are pretty well known in Mt. Penn. He usually joins the Crowd at Maces' to divulge in one of his favorite pastimes, eating. He also likes "girls" and driving, and his Chief dislike is a poor joke. A look into his future reveals a navy man, but at present he's interested in sports. Dick's usual greeting is "Hi-ya stuff." lnterclass Sports 11, 12 Band 9, 10, 11 Home Room President 12 Class Committee 11 12 Track Team 11 Soccer Team 12 Hi-Y 11, 12 1: 1 5ENN't BEVERLY GEISINGER .tBetSY,. COMMERCIAL A qui t blue-eyed blonde, Beverly wants tc be a secretary. She likes to dance, and like most of us, hates to get up in the morning She is Iriendly to everyone ana will always lend a helping hand. Beverly is very rarely disturbenl about anything, she always seems to take things in her stride Without complaint. Tri H1 Y Club Red Cross Chorus Costume Committee i ALMA MARIORIE A. GEHRING "Margie" COMMERCIAL In a class spattered with skaters, Margie ranks as one ot the best. When not skating, she can be found either riding buses oi writing letters. She thinks the navy is super and brown eyes and curly hair belong tc licr dream man, for whom she will be wait- ing in the future. Vice President Sub Deb Club 9 Dramatic Club IU, ll Class Hat Committee ll Class Committee 9, IU ALAN GERNERD NEZI I ACADEMIC "Chuckle, chuckle, you're right" can be heard coming from "Ez" during school hours. Even on the coldest wintry day, he can be seen riding his Iaithtul bicycle to Mt. Penn High. Pigeon raising is Ez's fa- vorite hobby. He loathes shaving but is always happy at the signs of spring. In the future Ez intends to become a chemist. Science Club 9 Basketball 9 Iunior Class Play Committee ll Aviation Math 1 S Pj-ENNC ATLMCCA 1 WILLIAM LOUIS GILLIS "Bill" ACADEMIC Wherever there's food, there's Bill, Any- thing satisfies him as long as it includes chocolates, chocolate cake, and blondes. An outdoor man, Bill is addicted to swimming, hunting and other sports. He loves to play jokes on people, and he has q good sense of humor. There is also a deeply serious streak in him which comes to the foreground once in a while. fi- . if 1, f f 1, . Iunior Varsity Basketball 10, 11 Varsity Soccer, 10, 12 Varsity Track 9, 10, ll, 12 Student Council, 10, 11, 12-President 12 National Honor Society 11, 12 Hi-Y 11, 12-Secretary 12 Iunior Pla ll Co-Editor Penn Alma 12 Dance Committees ll, 12 lnterclass Sports 9, 10, 11, 12 Penn Post 10, 11, 12-Editor 11, 12 DORIS MAE GLASSMOYER K "Chub COMMERCIAL Chocolate cake, basketball, and chewing gum are "Chub's" favorites. Talk to her, and somewhere in the course of conversation "Oh, 1 guess" will pop up. She plans to travel. Let's hope those short trips to the grill don't change her mind . Chub's hobby hiking, can be pursued at a minutes notice Getting up early, letter writing and con ceited people are taboo on Doris' list Knitting Club 9 President Iunior Red Cross 10 Library Club ll Penn Alma 12 Senior Play Ticket Committee 12 MARY LOU GODSHALL ..LOu,, GENERAL "Lou is another ardent Pharmacy fan and a lover of good records. Her great ambition in life is to grow curly hair. 1-1ere'S wishing you luck, Lou! Unlike so many others, she dislikes Van Iohnon, on the other hand, she craves Artie Shaw, chocolate sundaes and red hair. You'l1 recognize her pet expres- sion as "Big thrill," and you'11 see her olten walking her two English Setters, Penny and y X Popper. Senior Chorus 11, 12 N Girl Reserves 10, 11, 12-Secretary 12 ' Pcnn Post 11, 12 L- If Penn Alma 12 l Varsity Basketball 11 Interclass Sports 9, 10, 11, 12 ' ' National Honor Society ll, 12 ' ' ' f G A, A. 10 ,- Track 9 V" Choral Concert 11, 12 lnivitation Committee 12 5 18 IJ Girls' Glee Club, 11, 12 1 X my , , - X .NN 3 1 U' y ' 1 ' i- P' 1 l X " ,n I X i 'L RAYMOND V. GOMEZ HRGYH ACADEMIC Here we meet a future radio engineer. Birdsboro 1S his favorite stopping off place. He definitely likes short hair cuts, brown, and Stony Creek. We wonder why the lat- ter Ray also looks forward to saying "Bow- aaaang on his future travels. ln No- vember we find him hunting, other times he LS fooling with his ra-:lio or playing records. Dont ev r keep him waiting, or try to in- FENN LMA terest him in debating. Intramural Basketball IAMES GREEN x xlliml 1 ACADEMIC Iim's plans are to operate the switchboard at the Metropolitan Opera House. Anytime you want to find him, all you have to do is go backstage. He has been on the stage crew since tenth grade. During the school term he always has two thoughts-vacation and no homework. One of his most fre- quent and favorite utterings is "G-o-o-o-o-d." Stage Crew 10. 11, 12 Interclass Basketball 9, IU, II Interclass Soccer 9, IU LOWELL GROSSE "Grossie" ACADEMIC Lowell has the distinction of being Mt. Penns play boy deluxe. On the top of the list of class humorists, his motto is "Never do today what you can put off until to- morrow or even the next day." Lowell is yust another student who finds trigonornetry discouraging, and he has spent the last ten years trymg to find out why people use textbooks His likes run in the line of con- vertibles, pegged pants, and skiing. Grossie accents the positive on women and the navy. Cheerleading 11 Soccer 12 Track 11, 12 H1 Y 11, 12 Interclass Sports 11, 12 U 1 P 1 l:-'ENN ALMA HAROLD R. GUARD "l-loagie" ACADEMIC Harold is a boy of definite ideas, Reticence is not one of his virtues. Never a day goes by without his poor jokes and gems of wis- dom, which he springs on his elders and pupils alike. Planning to join the navy, Harold likes to swim and dislikes silly, con- coitod people, Ho collects popular records and usually has the newest ones. Hi-Y 9 Iunior High Basketball 9 Chorus 12 MARY ELLEN HAFER 'lMary" COMMERCIAL Arena Gardens affords Mary with quite a bit of skating. It seems to be "the thing" with her, as she would like to build the world's largest skating rink, Mary likes the navy's "Seabees," but to conceited people, war, and winter, Mary says, "Get off my ear, you're bending it." When she is not skating, she's collecting pictures or listening to "It Had to Be You." Sub-Deb Club 9, 10 Library Club ll Class Committee 12 SAMUEL H. HADLEY, IR. "Sam" ACADEMIC "Sharpies" are definitely taboo with him Engineering and the army are Sam's future thus we find him pondering over a drawing board in the shop. He really likes sport baseball being his favorite. Bob Tuckey's "Are you kiddin'?" he asks. No, We're not Sam, we know you're partial to small girls even though you reach the six-foot mark. Iunior Class President ll National Honor Society 12 Intramural Basketball ll, 12 motorcycle is quite the thing, so Sam says. PENN ALMA ERNST HARTLINE Ern1e ACADEMIC Catch up wtth the words You ez er Doc and youll meet thls boy Wllh that srntle of ach1evement Chocolat sundaes Carsoma and motorcycles are IIISI 1n Erntes estlma t1on plus the fact that one hould Wh1stle wh1le he works HIS three loves are stamp co11ect1on Merchant MGTIHGS and h1s well known motorcycle Sllent but never speech less unassumlng but not shy 1 th crnor Wllh the personal1ty plu Sen1or Chorus 12 WILLIAM I I-IALBEISEN l COMMERCIAL B111 and tus Clas hat are a well known twosome Hes at the Y almo t any mght or at th movle H1 future plan IS to b an exp rt SOTVICO man Ice cr am cake and port are emoyed by B111 whlle home work IH room 40 at 345 1 h1S great an noyance Wh n one hear someone say What the matter tor you'-1 one lfnows lt 1 Penn Post Pr1nter 11 12 Stamp and Bond Club ll Current Events Club 10 MARY HARTMAN Mary ACADEMIC Mary cla1ms she can be found at home' but 11 one looks for her on Saturdays the b-st place to 11nd her 1S at the Prmcess Blouse Shop We are sure her future olan to be a toacher of th second grade W1l1 be realized a her ma1n l1ke are readmg good music and playmg the plano Commencement Play 9 Vtctory Corus 11 Servtce Club 12 Stamp and Bond Club 12 Interclass Sports 12 .1 . "B'll" .. , .t ,. S - , .. ,, . - S e ' s. 's ' e . ,. o - . C , ,, S 3 V . I . Q I S ' . 3 3 " 's t . ' 'S Class Committees 11, 12 tt - H . .. ,. S z , , . . . . Q . - K- 1 , . . . . . , s 1 . , s is s 1. tt . -I . 9 . S S , , ENN ALMA EUGENE HASSLER ' ' Gene' ' ACADEMIC Gena: bow tics anll dark hair lot to the nickname ol Frankie. Since he is interested in afiation. he plans to make this his career. and in his spa.e time lic builds models and listens to records. He is always riding to Jcliool on a bicycle, which could be a reasor. tor his distaste for cold weather, When speaking or calling to him, he will turn upon you with an abrupt "Huh" Aviation Math Club ll Play 10 MARGERY IEAN HAY "Midge" GENERAL In a few years we shall see a small, slightly built, brown-haired, vivacious Cadet Nurse coming into the pharmacy to renew old ac- HICHARD C. HASSON "Dick" ACADEMIC D1ck's favorite hangout is the Si. Law eri o Community Hal, where he probably picked up hi: favorite exprwssori, "1 hear you talk ing, boy." His hobby is spo:ts, whici a counts for his position on the track an bazeball teams. lle a'fo helps the Pharmacy team to victory. Conceitecl cyirls have no place in D4ck's life, but ho welcomes a talk iest sesslon any time. Hit future plan i e en'ci' the Army Air Corps. Iunlor High Basketball 9, 10 Varsity Baseball ll, 12 Varsity Track 11, 12 Interclass Sports 9, IU, ll, 12 Athletic Club 9, 10 quaintances. That will be Midge. After a year at Ohio State, she plans to enter thc Cadet Nurse Corps. a certain attraction have the opposite danc'ng enthusiast, Red haired boys have for her, but fat sailors effect. A skating and Midge never wastes a minute. Penn Alma 12 Penn Post 10, ll, 12 Senior Play 12 Service Club 12 Senior Chorus 10 Library Statf 10, 11, 12 Girl Reserves 10, ll, 12 Choral Concert 10 Faculty Tea Chairman 12 PENN' - , ,ALM-Al -2 MARY IANE HENRY "Henry" COMMERCIAL Even with the shortage, gum always finds its Way to Mary lane. The cool waters ap- peal to her, and she thrills at Bing Crosby's crooning. "Know any more good jokes?" distinguishes Henry from the crowd, and Chinese food and conceited people don't agree with her. I-lenry's often found at the hospital but intends to find work in secre- BETTY IANE HILL "Hil1' ' GENERAL Betty's usually found at Black Bear deep in the heart of an argument. Her joviality can be seen while dancing or bowling or sip- ping a coke, and the expression, "That's my boy," will always identify her. Squeaky shoes are an unpleasant sound to Betty's ears. lt seems the word "travel" appeals to Betty for a future plan. Glee Club 10 Junior Play Committee 11 Senior Dramatics Club 11 Girl Reserves 11, 12 Decoration Committee 12 Vice-President Home Room 12 tarial work. Dance Committee 1U Senior Dramutics 10, 11 Iunior Play Usherettes 11 Girl Reserves 11, 12 FRI-XNCINA MORGAN HOMAN .tBGbY. 1 GENERAL "Baby" is a charter member of the St. Law fence Community Hall, Where she engages in one of her hobbies, dancing. When she is not there, she may be spending her time writing letters or attending a movie. Food is definitely a precious thing in her life, al- though she dislikes desserts. When she hears something she disiikes, one can hear her remark "Think nothing of it!" Cvirl Reserves 1U, 11, 12 Senior Play 12 Interclass Sports 10, ll, 12 Penn Alma 12 Ticket Committee Iunior Play 11 i PENN ALMA SHIRLEY HOMAN "Shirley" GENERAL Shirley is usually found in the music room preparing to carry out her future plan to be 1 musician. When she is not playing her trumpet, which happens to be her hobby, she can be found using some of her ath- letic ability. After music and sports comes food, which is definitely one of her likes, although string beans haven't a place in Shir1ey's life. Band 9, 10, 11, 12-Vice-President 12 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12 Night of Music 12 G. A. A. 11 Home Room Officer 12 Marching Band 11, 12 lnterclass Sports 11 Band Concert ll, 12 ff RITA HOWARD "B1Ondie" COMMERCIAL Blondie Works at Woolworths and can us- 1y be found there on Saturdays. After graduation she plans to become a nurse by joining the Cadet Nurse Corps. She dis tinctly loathes blonde hair and would have liked any other color but has preference for dark shades. Many a question asked her has been answered with a "Dya think so 1 DANIEL HUGGINS HDGHHYH COMMERCIAL Danny is our walking "jack in the box." When he is not on the basketball floor, he can be found attending to the affairs of the class as our faithful president. This girl's dream man is Ardie's dream alone. His fu- ture plan is to get married. He is going to be a sailor very shortly, so make way, navy! I, V. Basketball 9 Varsity Basketball 10, ll, 12 Varsity Soccer 10, ll, 12 Varsity Track 11, 12 Class President 12 Hi-Y 11, 12 Home Room President 11 Assembly ll, 12 her pet expression. Senior Dramatics ll Dramatics Club 10 Girl Reserves 11, 12 lnterclass Basketball and Track 11 12 Athletic Club 9 1-HW .M 'Qt 1 -3 PENN Y -1. lohnny ALIVIA EMILY LOUISE HUGHES "Emmy Lou" COMMERCIAL Emily Louise is one of our thircl finger, left hand, qirls. If you ask what her future plans are, she will tell you definitely that Fabian szmes before anythinq else. She spends much of her spare time writina letters, ana when not engaging in that, collecting song books. x v arv glub 10, 11 W gl irls' Bthletic Club 9 , nterclass Sports 12 ' 4 ,!, an , E 1oHN c JACKSON H .a 55- 3 '5 , T X Y it ACADENHC A 'e in e verti the price of admission aloie 1 nt he? This steady student thinks c ra 1 lane i' Il,-l plus the fact at ruu e p an He can quite often be found wavtna on the corner but not for the bus, a mean ba ketball and is boy with the evzlucated lungs ' and Concetsd people a.e :fe off his lit while the '1 se ond most important future Iehnme throw known a the t qqecl pcm n te Y c 13 plan sketb ll 9, 10, 11, Baseball 11, 12 Soccer 12 Chorus 11, 12 Nat onal Honor Society 12 Track 11 12 Intrcm lral Sports 11, 12 Alvin F Kemp Night of Music 12 N I t f- is Ye: Q- '11 i,'.1 1 ' 1 Q , 's ' e cf ,el F1 1 s , th slrrfs hir: favorite expression, hobbY, and Qi A A ' s s .1 , 3 76 . tits C r f'n'i i ,ln o' cl s s, A1 Cor s is the c .Ba fi 12 i CHARLES IOHNSON "Charlie" ACADEMIC Good-natured Charlie is easy to get along with since he dislikes no one or anything. On a peaceful sunny day Charlie can prob- ably be seen startina out on a bicycle trip with some of his pals. His pet expression is "You'rfz just jealous." In the future he in- tends to see the World in the navy. ' 'F3f'E,NN DONALD IOHNSON "Don" ACADEMIC "Don" spends much of his time at "Mace's" with the fellows discussing basketball and the navy. His future desire is to be a news- paper reporter. At present he enjoys danc ing, ice skating, and hockey. In the summer he turns his attention to Canada. His snappy clothes and pet saying, "I hear you talkin'," will identify him anywhere. I. V. Basketball 9, li Varsity Basketball 12 Track 10, ll Soccer IO, I2 HIVY ll, I2--President 12 Interctuss Sports 9, 10, ll, lZ Student Council ll, 12 LUCIA KLINE KESSLER "Lou" ACADEMIC Never cz dull moment around Lou. She has the gift of making the most impossible situ- :tions sound reasonable and authentic. Her sparkling eyes and contagious smile are just two of the elements of her winning per- sonality. Planning to be a journalist, Lou spends most of her spare time collecting records and talking. Did you know that she likes to cook? Student Council IO Cheerleading 10, ll, 12 Girl Reserves ll, 12-President 12 Girls' Varsity 12 Class Committees ll, 12 Senior Chorus 10, IZ Usher ll, 12 Penn Alma 12 Service Club 12 Girls' Glee Club 12 Interclass Sports 10, ll, I2 National I-lonor Society IZ ALMA HELEN IEAN KEITZ "Ieanie" ACADEMIC Ieanie is the prima donna of the class Al though she plans a career in nursing right now singing takes up most of her time It is her hobby and special like, Every Sunday she can be found singing in the choir at her church, and in school she is a real help to the chorus, When not singing, she can be found eating chocolate ice cream sodas at Sticks. Girls' Glee Club 9, 10, ll, 12 Home Ec. Club Band 9, IU Chorus 9, 10, ll, l2 Music Club PENN LMA-- ROBERT KLEIN Reverend ACADEMIC The Reverend as mo t olten the hte of the party Wllh h1s or1g1nal remarks and favorite cxpresslon Whlch IS Plutl Tut Bang' When not helpmg to humor the crowd he can be touncl Wllh Iuqhead He expects to go to the west coast m the tutur and weld in the shlpyards Interclass Sports 9 lU Serv1ce Club ll ROBERT L LABE Shck ACADEM1C Shcks tavor1te expressron Thats for orlglnuted IH the Sl Lawrence Commumty Hall Whe1e he p nds a great deal ot ht mme lt not ther he may be found tra hkes hor e and most sport The navy 1 mcluded ln Shck s future plan Boys Athletlc Club 9 10 Intercluss Sports 9 IU ll 12 ELLEN LANTZ Bessre ACADEMIC o ha rec ntly b com mterc ted in oancvna and as a result she soends a areal deal of her l11'l'1O at Brd boro xmprovmg hor h bby 'She al o find Mme to swlm and collect ptctures The held of nursmq has obtamei a tauhtul dlC1p19 m Bessle Athletlc Club 9 10 Llbrary Club ll .. H .. f A S . 4 . - 4 xx IM- H " . , . 5 1 ' Q . . .. . H . . . . .. . 5 G.. , , sure, . . F . I V . , ' s 3 - '5 'r . . Q, - versinq the courltrymde on horseback. He ' 5 3 s. 'S . 1 . . , .. - f, "Basal " 3 e .3 o ' 'us C . . S ' s ' ' . -M . .S . . 1. - PENN ALMA ELIZABETH IOSEPHINE LARSON "Betty Io" COMMERCIAL Betty Io can always be found on Tuesday nights at Southern Iunior High, where she is enrolled. as a member of the Civil Ai' Patrol. Her likes are many, but flying takes an A-1 position, which accounts for her fu- ture plan to get work in aviation. Until her expression of "Cree, I wish the war were avert" comes true her next best 'o is in . I , 1 Y receiving letters. Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12 Marching Band 9, 10, ll, 12 National Honor Society 11, 12 American Legion Award 9 News Hawks 10 Iunior Chorus 9 Penn Post 11 SUSAN LEINBACH "Sue" ACADEMIC Susan has many aptitudes. She's at home both in the class room and on the basket- ball floor. Sue's ambition is to be a gym teacher. Almost any place is quite correct when she tells where she spends most of her time. Sue finds herself saying "You soz'er" to many people. Cats and conceited people get the busy signal from Sue, but anything pertaining to airplanes gets a clear line. Sue is an excellent student. Student Council ll, 12 Senior Chorus ll, 12 Senior Play 12 Varsity Basketball ll, 12 National Honor Society 12 Penn Alma Staff 12 Track 11 BARRY E. LEINBACH "Stretch" ACADEMIC A Mt. Penn flash and half owner of Mace Stretch is the big man on our campus. A1 though his mind is full of mischief, he deli traveling. Strong and good looking, Barry just won't give the coeds a break. A champ in any man's school this excellent athlete gave the basketball team good support Good luck in the navy, Barry. Tunior Varsity Basketball 10 Varsity Basketball 12 Varsity Soccer 12 Varsity Track 11 Hi-Y 11, 12 Home Room Treasurer 12 nitely has a soft spot for swimming and r f- 14' f' . -:IJ ' x S 1 5 M ,. ,f ,V x ,ff .'V JI L, , V' W l I i 1 PENN ALMA THEODORE LEVAN ltfreddyl I ACADEMIC "Teddy" is a star player for Mt. Penn's base- ball team as Well as for several others, which proves his great love for this sport. He i relishes eating and sleeping, dancing and bowling. His favorite expression is "1 could say something, but I won't." His future plana: incline toward the navy or professional baseball. On his aversion list are conceited people, football, and snow. lay Vee Basketball 9, 10, ll Varsity Basketball 12 Baseball Team ll, 12 Captain Baseball Team 12 Class President 10 Program Committee 12 Penn Post Printer ll GLORIA LUDWIG "Glo" COMMERCIAL When "Glo" is not at Tice's Pharmacy, she is at home writing letters to a soldier over- seas, who is to be her husband as soon as the war is over. This puts her hobby, likes, and future plans all into one category. She dislikes turnips, and conceited people. Her favorite expression is "Cut that stuff out!" Interclass Sports 9, lO Service Club IU, ll, 12 Girl Reserves lU, ll, 12 Library Club IU, 11 I. ELMER LUTZ IR. ..Budd-YH ACADEMIC A Mt. Penn socialite and an attraction to women, Bud likes "anything that's fun." He devotes a great deal of his time to the aca- if demic course and the basketball team. A Rv - suave person, a fastidious dresser, smooth talker, joker deluxe, and golfer ideal, he has some interest in mathematics, Buddie's bass voice could make a fortune on Broadway, I' - although he has hopes of being either a 1' mirtician or golf professional. 5' 1 gNDl'arsityi'uBaskSball ll, 12 CHU H111 ,, ' Q' . Hi-Y ll, IZ ..,, Class igosidegt 1011 I -I unior ass ay I -I , Sprinv Choral Concert ll, l2 . E - Cheerleading 9, 10 , I M I 1, v. Basketball 10, ll it R Varsity Soccer 12 ' I I ' ' lntcrclass Sports IU, ll, 12 I Alvin F. Kemp Night of Music 12 K Senior Assembly 12 Dance Committee ll :Qu , ,tr ' Class Colors Committee ll is new ALMA BLAINE HENRY MARTIN "Fat Boy" GENERAL The boy with the horn, Blaine has been play- ing the trumpet since he were three-cornered trousers. He plays with the Skyliners now, crnd he wants to be a musician in the navy in the future. He is generally lound at a ga: station during his leisure time. Not an exception to the usual male viewpoint, he likes girls. Band 9, 10, 11 MARGARET DAVIDSON MCCOMAS Mpeg GENERAL CLAIRE ELIZABETH MORRIS "Claire" ACADEMIC Peg is one oi the most versatile members oi the c'a:s. While reading murder storic takes up much of her time she still find time to play guard on the girls' basketball team, wh'ch she co-captains. Besides read ing or engaging in some sport. she collect pictures and indulges in eating. To good Lcod, slim says, "l'lo.y cow" and shudders at animals. insects, and reptiles. She would like to be a gym or history teacher Basketball ll, 12 National Honor Society 12 Class Treasurer 12 library Club 9, 10, 11 Interclass Sports 11, 12 Always ready tor a good time, Claire is particularly distinguished by a laugh that :annot be suppressed. A great success in both of our class plays, she is now destined IC become a Broadway actress. Asparagus, winter, and rude people don't agree with "'l'ish," but classical compositions are read- ily dissolved by this music lover. Although usually troubled with Latin, she controls her temper fully. Claire occupies a prominent .pot in the band and is usually calm and reserved until she gets started. Good luck in the theatrical wor'd, Claire. We'll look for your nanie on the Playbill in the near luturn, Marching Band 10, ll, IQZ Concert Band 9, lU, ll, Iunror 'Class Play ll Senior Class P10112 lnterclass Basket all 9, lunior Chorus 9 Senior Chorus IU, 11, 12 Girl Reserves 11, 12 Library Club 12 Service Club 12 Dramatic Club 10 Track 9 10, ll, 12 Sewing Club 10 Crchestra 9, 10 Girls' Glee Club 12 Penn Post 10, ll, 12 Penn Alma Staff 12 PEI-fl-N ' '-ALMA EUGENIA NAGLE Ieame ACADEMIC One of th smaller members of the class, Ioanio makes up in brains what she lacks in e She is one of the best second year spanish students Ianie leans towards the 1ourr1a11st1C field which includes her hooby of reading be t e11ers and her future plan of being a novelist She is also an xrti t of no mean ability Girls Athletic Club 9 10 Library Club 11 Penn Alma 12 7,7 IANEHIZEIN W rf V COMMERCIAL lane 1 usually found where there is excitf M ment One can hear her say Oh fudge! 1' bhe IS one of our capable Penn Post typists and xpects to put this practice to use in the future as an employe of the Bell Tele- phone Company. Her outstanding pleasure is listening to good music which accounts for her hobby of dancing. Library Club 9, 10 Girl Reserves 10, 11 12 G R Service Chairman 12 lnterclass Sports 9 10 ll 12 Sub Deb Club ll Penn Post 12 Penn Alma 12 ROBERT E. ODUM "1 ugheC1C1" ACADEMIC "1uaheaC1," when not humorina the crowd with outstanding remarks, can be found at Birdsboro Steel. When I1Ot welding, he is with his "brother," Klein. He has a distinct claim in the qroup of men called "Women- hatersf' Although he likes the Marine Corps very much, his future plan is to serve in the army infantry. Service Club 9, 10, ll Current Events ll 'Vsiz-. ,' C' ' . "e .I I ' if 0 I J' A 4 . 'f ' 2 HI ., 01, I 1' , .F fu N. I I PENN LMA DANIEL OGDEN ' 'Danny' ' ACADEMIC This fellow who says he likes slick "chicks" and jitterbugging is looking forward to be- ing a Merchant Marino. "You slay me doc," often ensues from him as he goes "following" up the street. He also likes to hunt the real thing. Track is his favorite sport, and may- be he can use it because he's usually found following a certain brunette, lnterclzss Sports 9, lU, ll Varsity Track ll, 12 Hi-Y 12 Ki BARBARA PECK upecku ACADEMIC With a great deal of personality capped b blond hair, Peck is definitely afriend whether one is in need or not. Although she centers her interest on dancing and records, Phar mercy and the St. Lawrence are also he favorite diversions. Fiendishly friendly and consistently conversational, Barbara has de and freezing weather. Distinguished by th words, "Do you realize," Peck has been the mainstay of our cheerleading squad. llei future plans are to become a Cadet Nurse and return to Maine where she left her heart last summer. Iunior Play ll Senior Play 12 Cheerleading 10, ll, 12 Girl Reserves ll, 12 Interclass Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12 Sub Deb Club IU Penn Alma Staff 12 National Honor Society 12 EDNA MAY PETCH "Eddie" COMMERCIAL Quiet and reserved, Eddie is often found at home reviewing her picture collection or learning a new dance step. Eddie plays baseball as well as a boy and excels in other sports. If you chance to hear "Ohl You don't say," Eddie must be around some- where. Her thoughts will turn to traveling after this year. Home Room Treasurer 9 Senior Dramatics Club ll veloped a dist'nct dislike of two-faced people G PENN ALIVIA I ACQUES A. PRICE "Pricey" ACADEMIC Pricey, the heartbreaker, can always be founvl with Ronnie, or at the Arena Gardens. Four good tires and a brunette appeal to Pricey, but peroxide blondes and flat tires have the opposite effect. The navy awaits Pricey, but after the war he expects to be an automobile salesman "Who, me?"-Yes- Pricey. Band 9 Interclass Sports 10, ll, 12 Varsity Soccer 12 Iunior Play 11 Senior Chorus 12 Varsity Baseball and Track 12 JUNE REIFSNYDER .tl-unen COMMERCIAL Iune's commercial course paves a way for her future plans to become a secretary. During the week one can find hor at the movies, but she also likes to take part in sports, with basketball leadina. If you ever hear anyone exclairning "l'm going crazy," you can bet it will be Iune. Girl Reserves 11, 12 Tnterclass Basketball 12 Interclass Volleyball ll, 12 Senior Chorus ll, 12 Girls' Glee Club ll, 12 Girls' Octette 12 Choral Concert ll, 12 BETTY RAE REISIN GER ..BettY,. COMMERCIAL This little maid likes brown wavy hair and brown eyes. We wonder who has them! Swimming and dancing take her fancy. Co- coanut and triangles aet a cold shoulder from Betty. The HY" on Saturday niqht is at "mutt" on Betty's list. "That sends me" is often uttered as she dances by. Right now the in her life is away at college, and meanwhile we know she won't be lonely, Secretary Treasurer Sub'Deb Club 9 Cheerleadina 10 Athletic Club 10 Dramatic Club 11 Senior and Iunior Play Ticket Committees it -ENN -AL!-'IA KARL C. RUTKOWSKI "Rut" COMMERCIAL Here, believe it or not, is one fellow who actually likes Frank Sinatra! Rut, the fu- ture business executive, is a born leader. Also known as "The Chief," he is often heard arguing seriously about almost anything with anyone who will argue. He is not al- ways serious, however, he spends some of his lighter moments collecting records and fishing. "You're just saying that because it's true" is his usual modest reply to a compliment. Penn Post ll, 12 Editor Penn Post 12 Senior Play Debating 10, ll, 12 Penn Alma 12 Chorus ll, 12 Class Committees ll, 12 Service Club 10, ll RICHARD D. SCHULTZ ' ' Schlitz' ' ACADEMIC "How de doody" is the favorite expression of this six-foot pupil. We know it's his heart that makes his body so big. A lip- stick collecting enthusiast and aviation dreamer, women are Dick's main topic of discussion. Maple walnut sundaes and model building completely master him ex- cept when he is found at Stump's. While cigarettes, garlic and winter definitely dis- agree with him, selling refrigerators in Al- aska could be Schlitz's specialty. Watch out, Air Force, for this determined fellow. Hi-Y ll, 12 Home Room President 12 Stamp and Bond Club 12 Chorus ll, 12 Senior Play 12 Choral Concert ll, 12 ROBERT G. SCHAEFER "Bob" ACADEMIC Bob plans to join the Merchant Marine. Every day he comes to school on his motor scooter. He prefers this to street cars. The thought of working is one of his pct dis- likes, but in his spare time he tinkers with radios. Movies gain major possession of his likes. He is known to say persuasively "Oh! come on" when he is doubtful of the sincerity of the speaker. Aviation Club ll School Band 9, 10 Swimming 12 PENN- "' IANE SHIRK t t I-anew COMMERCIAL . Mail time always sends lane running to the post office for a letter from the army, Her pastime is spent listening to the radio and answering letters. lane has a liking for Chinese food, but her nose turns up at the sight of turnips. Vtfhile traveling, lane will K F' I Y probably be heard saying: "That tops the climax Dance Committee 9, 10, ll, 12 Home Room Treasurer 9, 12 Senior Dramatic Club ll Senior Chorus 1l Girl Reserves ll, 12 ALMA MADGE SEVERNS "Miggie" ACADHMIC Miggie is definitely a three-B girl with an A rating-brunette, blithe, and beautiful, Al- ways ready for a good time, she reacts very favorably to vanilla cokes, Perry Como, and men in general. With a contagious, friendly laugh, this brunette displays leadership and dependability. Madge is a lover of hilarity and fun but is strictly averse to boiled cab- bage and sleet. Her second home is Wit- tQch's, although she will soon devote her talent to being a Cadet Nurse. Sr. Play 12 jr. Play ll Girl Reserves ll, 12 lr. Class Treasurer 11 Chorus Concert ll, 12 lr. Chorus 9 Sr. Chorus 10, 11, 12 lnterclass Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Color Guard, Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Alvin Kemp Night of Music 12 Sr. Assembly 12 Chairman Decoration of Sr. Dance 12 BETTY SHOLLENBERGER t.BettY,, COMMERCIAL 'That's what l like to hear" are the words Betty uses when bowling or dancing are being mentioned. The navy finds a part of Bf:tty's time, and some day she aims to take a trip to Texas. A lover of animals? Not Bettyfat least, not cats! ln her leisure t'mo, chocolate ice cream takes part in the scene Glee Club 10 Operetta 10 Senior Dramatics ll Iunior Play Usherette ll Senior Play Ticket Committee 12 Decoration Committee 12 Girl Reserves 11, 12-Treasurer 12 PENN ALMA Y SHIRLEY MAE SHURR t ' "Shurr" COMMERCIAL Shirley claims she can usually be found at l'l0mf3, but during the winter she spends most. of her spare time iceskating, As this implies, she is athletically inclined, and ex- cels n a great many sports. ln line with many of us, conceited people don't rank at all with her. Shirley is good-natured and everybody's friend. Athletic Club 9, 1U Home Room President, 10 lnterclass Sports ll Senior Dramatic Club ll Usher at Baccalaureate ll l' - ESTHER SNYDER "Shorty" COMMERCIAL 'Shorty" is definitely a good name for Esther as she is one of our midgets. She is a small but mighty typist and expects to go on in that field in the future to become a secretary. She can be found here, there . and everywhere, but the best way to find her is to listen for her favorite expression 'Ol Heck! Cut it out!" lnterclass Sports 9, 10, ll Library Club 9, IU, ll Dance Committee 12 Usherette ll MARY I ANE SNYDER "Sis" ACADEMIC Albright basketball games keep Mary busy, but art and dancing also find a part of her time. Her liking to speak to intelligent peo- ple must be because of her own superior grades attained in school. Commercial art and traveling await Mary in the future. Girl Reserves ll, 12 Cheerleader 9 Track Team 9, 10, ll Girls' Glee Club 9, lO Senior Dramatics Club ll Sub Deb Club 9 IEAN STEINMETZ Steinny COMMERCIAL Quite mall but effective is a qood way to describe Steinny She s found almost any- where saying I love that boy Especially lohn h lean' On her trip around the world shell have quite a qoocl opportunity to furthe her Collection of clothes Men, in general and Clanctna interest lan Br-js anc ICE however have the opoo ite effect. VIRGINIA DIXIE STIEFF DIXIE COMMERCIAL Dixie dons her roller skates every week at the Arena Gardens in hopes cf becoming a more than any other but not like most pcc ple she dislikes dancing Partial to navy blue and to Chocolate Cake Dixie IS first in the line of r Ceivers While questioning the truth of a statement you will hear her say NO kidding? Athletic Club 9 1U Basketball Team 1U lnterclass Basketball 11 Senior Dramatic Club 11 Senior Dance Decoration Commlttee 12 Refreshment Committee for Dance 10 Athlettc Club 1U Cheerleader 1U Usherette ll 12 Senior Dr matic lnterclass Sports Girl Reserves 11 Club 11 1 1 DOROTHY CATHERINE STRAKA Dottie COMMERCIAL lf you see someone walking in the rain and she seems to b enloymg 1t that person is probably Dottie for that IS her hobby. She is an excellent typist which accounts for her pos1t1on On the Penn Post staff Smiling blue eyes se m to f1t IHIO her future plan of looking for that certain someone Athletic Club 9 President 10 Cheerleader 10 Interclass Sports 11 Home Room President 12 Penn Post 12 Assembly ll 12 tt . H , e, . ' , . . . D 1 , ' , . 3 . ' 'J I ' 1 .. . . H professional skater, She Cares for this sport I I A I . .. . H Q . . . V , i I G . . ' . .fluff A 2 I 1A 5 'PENN ALMA GEORGE SWARTZWELDER "George" ACADEMIC Georges second home is backstage at Mt. Penn High. You can iind him there any- time. The rest of his spare time he devotes to his stamp and coin collection. He enjoys good company but dislikes silly people. His ambition is to be an electrical engineer, and "I wouldn't say that now" is his pet ex- pression, Radio Club 9 Moflel Building Club IU Science Club ll, 12-President 12 Debating ll, 12 Stage Crow lU, ll, 12 National Honor Society ll, 12 PATRICIA H. UHLER UPG ,, ACADEMIC One of the crowd who frequents the "Phar- macy," blue-eyed Pat plans to make photog- raphy her career. This gal with many sweat- ers likes to dance, and she goes to the "Y" almost every Saturday night, Her temper is rather easily aroused, but she very seldom holds a grudge. Having eyes that sparkle with mischiet, Pat loves to tease. Glee Club 9, 10 Chorus 9, 10 Senior Chorus 12 Girl Reserves ll, 12 Iunior Play ll l I ROBERT I. TUCKEY "Tuck" ACADEMIC That roar you liear almost anytime in the day is Tuck racing by on his motorcycle When he finally stops, it is the center ot attraction. He is alto the "Daniel Boone of the class, being a first class hunter and iislierman, "Like fun!" says Tuck to any thing he disagrees with, which isn't much besides bad Weather. He plans a future in navy radar. Track ll, 12 Home Room Treasurer ll Aeronautics Club ll 1 1 I PENN LMA FERN VAN PELT Red COMMERCIAL The lone redhead of the senlor class. Fern qurte detmltely hkes rnovles Gl nn Miller, potato ch1ps and snow Red plans to be a secretary and everyone agrees that she wlll mak a good one Well tts hke this!" admtts Fern as she begtns one of her ex- planat1on or descrlptlons If one ever wants to ttnd her one may look for her at the best MARY WENTZEL Mary ACADEMIC May although small IS full of energy and always on the go Thts statement IS tully proved when she IS s en 1n actlon a a cheerleader A tavortte hobby of hers hat of collectlng pxctures and her future plan 1S to be a secretary H r greatest cle IHOV1 1n town Sub Deb Club 9 Athlet1c Club 10 Lxbrary Club ll Usherette Interclass Sports srres are to learn how to make and let her t1ngerna1ls grow pupxl of no mean aothtv Cheerleadmg 9 IU ll Pennslde Parrot 9 10 Glrl Reserves ll 12 Penn Post ll 12 Penn Alma 12 Iuntor Play 11 Senlor Chorus ll 12 A A lnterclass Sports 9 10 ll 12 Natxonal Honor Soctety Glee Club l 12 ette 9 10 11 Choral Concert ll I2 pm curl! ry IS a RUTH MARGARET WIEN IS ACADEMIC Another class mtnlature SIS has somewhere acqutred that knack of studymq that seems to elude the ma1or1ty of us ln her spare ttme she collects mlmatures and works the ou11a board Dogs also are one of her in- terests but she cant be bothered w1th cats. College IS next on the program for Sis. Gtrls Athletmc Club 9 Lxbrary Club lnterclass Basketball ll Glee Club 12 ll 11 . ' 4 ' is . 1 -- ' '- 1 :fl - ' 1 " ' , ' ' I fy 1 . I l '- V' Class Secretary 10, 11, l v ' 1 ff 1 Q! ' ' ' . fx f E ' 1 fl 5.1 .f' f 1 ' 1' G, . .ll A , ' , 1 ,,1iHl ,,n fl.. F g oct , ,' ,12 , X, ' , av! J . g J , US- u E PENN 1' - Al.g'1A A. RONALD YOUNGERMAN 1 tROnnY,, ACADEMIC has the title of being a smooth lover, despite his woman trouble. An expert on the dance floor, this boy is the backbone ot the bas- ketball team. He seldom studies and tries to get by on his brains. Inventor of the practical joke, Ronnie has a hearty laugh extending to the top of his head, where it takes on a slightly reddish color. His future plan: Uncle Sam and S50 a day, once a month. Ir. Varsity Basketball 9 Varsity Basketball 10, 11, 12 Varsity Soccer, 9, 10, 12 Hi-Y 11, 12 Track ll Baseball ll MAR1 ORIE ZERBE ' 'Margie' ' ACADEMIC There will be another member of the Cadet Nurse Corps when Margie graduates. To or lrom school she walks with Ioan or Ted. l A school art is one ot her major subjects 5 Books, especially murder mysteries that are hair raising and spine tingling, are her fa vorites. You will never see her eating eggs 5 spinach or pea soup. "You say you did?" is her quizzical reply to an indefinite question G. A, A. 10 Color Bearer 10, 11, 12 Girl Reserves 11, 12 Program Chairman 12 Program Chairman ot Senior Dance 12 lnterclass Basketball ll, 12 Service Club 12 Senior Assembly 12 Iunior Play Cast 11 Track 9, 10, ll Dramatic Club 10, 11 Senior Chorus 10 Girls' Glee Club 12 Penn Alma Art Editor l2 Assembly Programs 11, 12 Here comes the Mt. Penn casanova. Ronnie 7 n F' E N N A L. M A In Memoriam I UNE NEIN Remember me when I am gone away Gone tar away 1nto the s1le'1t land When you can no more hold me bfy the hand Nor l half turn to go yet turnxng stay Remember m when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you plann d Only remember me you understand It v11ll be late to councel th n or pray Yet xt you nould forget me for awhlle And afterwards remember do not qrleve A veetage ot the thoughts that once l had Better by tar you should forget anal smlle Than that you should remember and be sad Rossettr Although Iune has d parted lrom us tnto a world more beautlful more lovmg, and more harmonxou than that of Wh1ch we are a part We senlors shall ever rocall to our mcmorxes her magnlhcent per onahty and h r gayne s of Splfll A good student and an act1ve member ot many school functlons Iune captured the love of ev-ryone Wlth her falrness and clean sportsmamhlp. . , 1 A I , S.. . For it the darkness and corruption leave 3 . . I . f 1 , . H , oga, OOHHLQ THROUGH THE LENS D04113 throw. 'Af'f,6" 0' Lo ng Wlffk dw ?"'2' LC JI CZ C65 gan Navy Nateriak 6 l W'-ix MUST s'f'o6 ':'MARJonu5" , bong Do 7716 LORYIS' W W QQJS v s XA!-X 6 H VE BEER THE TEDQY3' or-F THE 5H0u wee Pose THE WA rss com: I-Area? E RQNICA BEFORE V A U O Duvqus' TR' P IOGE ALL DK ON ms 'CYCLE ESSED v2 BEAUTI N 621V AMEA ND BESTIW P56 fy!-.BA 1 B Y ONNIESH 1 .- 'W iTX2.6MN vm I W FRANCINAH Fug-,-,NG 'N HER HGDBY- House ,'s. af ' I 5 QPP g?3wg , A W '.H f Bug ANU THE ' 1' E-A B I 'I DANNY5 SARONG PENN ALMA T elk of the Town . . . Marjorie Zerbe, having left the United States on an extensive trip to Europe with her fiance, Theodore Levan, has willed her paintings to Barry Leinbach, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The famous chemist, Robert Conrad, has retired, leaving his magic formula for non-fizz pepsi-cola to Mary lane Snyder. The Bottled Blushes Corporation, formerly owned and operated by Barbara Peck and Patricia Uhler, has been sold to the three outstanding models of the country, Madge Severns, Gwennie Bachman and Rita Howard. Shirley Homan, President of the We-Teach-You-ln-Only-Five-Lessons Music School, just announced the addition of three new professors to the faculty-Carl Boas, the re- nowned drummer and man-about-town, Thomas Fessler, wizard of the keyboard, and Blaine Martin, sentimental king of swing. The Book of the Month Club has announced that this month's selection will be the new murder mystery, "The Four-Eyed Monster, or What Happened to That Meat Ball?" written by the famous writing team, Hay and Kessler. Today we saw the opening of the new show written by that success, Eugenia Nagle. Leading part has been given to Claire Morris, known as the second Sarah Bernhardt. Behind stage we caught a glimpse of Iames Green, the director of back-stage lighting and sets. The advertising for this show was ably done by Ilean Freedman, graduate of Cornell University, and Virginia Stieff, whose clever ideas are the talk of New York. Donald Iohnson, retired admiral, has been seen recently at the snazzy new night club built and owned by Ronald Youngerman, where the Odum and Kline act has been setting the town on its ear. Daniel Ogden, track star and part time radio comic, and Ray Gomez, radio tech- nician, intend to begin production on their own radio program soon, it is to be sponsored by Frankhouser's Square Pretzel Corporation. At a recent election, Richard Hasson and Robert Labe were elected to high positions on the St. Lawrence Borough Council. The Lutz, Lutz, QS Lutz Funeral Home is the new sponsor of the H564 Question" radio program. Appearing on this week's program will be Betty Larson, world renowned aviatrix, Elizabeth Dice, public accountant, lean Fehr, star of stage, screen and radio: Peg McComas, woman athlete of the century, and Mary Hafer, roller skating queen. William Gillis, known as the second Richard Halliburton, has published, in coopera- tion with Richard Esterly, arctic explorer, his book entitled "Around the World on a Shoestring." Published by the Diefenderfer Printing Concern, this book will soon be on the best seller lists. The Wall Street financier, Roy Abrams, has moved his place of business to 222 Park Avenue. His private secretary, Fern Van Pelt, is leaving for a position in Wash- ington as White House Secretary. Her place will be taken by Mary Lou Godshall and Shirley Shurr, first prize winners in the Speedy Fingers Contest, sponsored by three leading secretaries-Betty Reisinger, Doris Arndt and Francis Bqrto. T EIN-N Alger The Swartzwelder and Bieber engineering firm has just announced the completion of a magnificent new bridge spanning Niagara Falls. The construction of this bridge followed the daring exploit of a Pennside, Pa., man, Richard Schultz, who attempted to cross the falls in a barrel. Twin bundles of joy were delivered into the loving arms of the Iacksons yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Huggins were the honored godparents. Mrs. Huggins, the former Ardie Fields, and Mrs. Iackson are well known in social circles. Ronald Dague, Charles Iohnson and Eugene Hassler were guest speakers at the Business Men's Luncheon today in the dining room of the Lowell Grosse Hotel in Reading Pa. These men, all graduates of Mt. Penn, have risen high in the business world The Happy Housewives Club will hear a debate given by the former Marcella Dissinger, Gloria Ludwig and Emily Louise Hughes on the subject of "How to Keep Your Husband Happy." Hostess for this meeting will be Mrs. Iack Mallow, the former Ianet Behm. General Samuel Hadley, graduate of West Point, and Admirals Tuckey and Batastini were named by the President as the three outstanding military minds of the century Proud possessor of the "Super Sales Badge" awarded by the Fuller Brush Company Karl Rutkowski insists he owes his success to hard work and his great intelligence Rising young star of opera, lean Keitz will make her debut tonight at the Met. as on your list. The eminent lawyers Iacques Price and Alan Baskin, are to be opponents in the case of the Wentzel "Redeemed Flour Bags" Dress Firm versus the State. Notes of the trial will be taken by court reporters Doris Glassmoyer and lean Steinmetz. The new gym teacher ot Mt. Penn, Susan Leinbach, will take her team to play Marian Adam's team, championship winner of last year. We predict a tough game both girls will play to win. The No Hits, No Runs, lust Terrors" movie theatre managed by Alan Gernerd has hired William Halbeisen to install electric lights as an added attraction. Dr. Betty Hill, assisted by Mary lane Henry, will begin her experiments on foot care next week. Human guinea pigs for the experiments will be Betty Shollenberger and cousin lane Shirk, tap dancers at the Roxy Theatre. Roscoe H. Ward, principal of Mt. Penn Superior High School, has chosen three grad uates as his secretries-Betty Iane Arters, Anna Carro and Marjorie Gehring. Mary Hartman, also a graduate, has accepted a position as grade school teacher Richard Dickersin, eminent surgeon, has appointed Doris Beaver, Abington graduate as his assistant. His private secretary will be Francina Homan, former airline hostess Next week, socialites Louise Bickle, Iune Reifsnyderr and Edna Petsch, will leave for the Hawaiian Islands where they will spend a vacation. at the palatial estate of Dorothy Straka. An additional guest will be Esther Snyder, buyer for Pomeroy's. Harold Guard, after wrecking his streamlined racing car, gave the contract for building a new one to Ernest Hartline's Garage. If you've been wondering whose cheery voices you've been hearing when you lift your telephone receiver, they are none other than those of Iane Nein, Beverly Geisinger, and Margaret Wein, new operators of the Bell Telephone Company. Finally, we recall with fond memories Robert Schaeffer's little red scooter, and the good times we all had at our old Alma Mater. Madame Butterfly. lack DeHart, critic for the Baltimore Sun, states that this is a "must" , as rqulogaapfvi ffiief 1 .F Q. , P .X ff ,J 4 565, R -KA' ,P P E N N A L P'l A Q . Wai, 'jj' JMU' fl-f Qttigg of J. if y,,, ELEVENT GRADE 11 lint 3.1, V' L' ...W X. riff ii tlft I r i 4 t v' ' 1, ' r wi I 1 R S 5 1 Wt x N' I '1 -X . W x 'ew 'ii is-Xt xx t , - First Row tleft to rightb-Patricia High, Llia Hartman, Geraldine Glassmoyer, Ruth Haws, Sally Himmelreich, Betty Fisher, D-ilores Addison, Ruth Brumbach, and Ruth Binge- man. Second Row:-Miss Houseal, Virginia Anderson, Ruth Hamilton, Shirley Angstadt, Lydia Hoerl, Erma Dengler, Grace Adams, Jean Edmonds, Betty Englehart, Esther Hafer, Louise Hertzog, and Miss Keller. Third Row:-Grace Howard, Jane Griffith, Erma Angstadt, Shirley Hoffman, Larry Fessler Fourth Row:-Harry Dissinger, Eugene Friedman Fred Enoch, Calvin Greene, Harold Haas, Robert Bortz, Irving Dershewitz. Fifth Row:-Clifford Hodgkins. Richard Carvin, Albert Bione, Ben Bohrer, William Bernsau, Clarence Goode, Robert Fredericks, Richard Diener, Dana Hanford. Sixth Row:-James Griffiths, Robert Heilman, Jack Beadencup, Donald Behm, Lester Brumbach, Andrew Harcar. Harold Ash. Earl Hinnershitz, Calvin Booser, John Christian. Seventh Row: -Mr. Larson, Mr. Tyalor, Mr. Stump. Most of these stalwart Iuniors met for the first time when they entered Mt. Penn High last September. Now full fledged Mt. Penn High Students these fugitive book- worms from Exeter, Pennside cmd Mt. Penn are planning to have their class graduate next year "Cum Laude." Throughout the year they had many social events such as dances and a skating and theater party which proved to be great successes. Among the most outstanding was their play, "Nothing But the Truth," given in April, created only by the acting ingenuity of their own classmates. I .1 fyvblvv, 6' ., . - , ,hh . .V v" 1' . '-1-' 1 , D' V, ' . F. . . it . .. . I . f' .9 .sf ."'! ,Yi i --pl"" W A-1 I", ""i'O'L,1 4 J i' tty ,AW " A' ' "s '4 .u 1' ,,'. f-uiff' ffl ' fly M 5 . ,. U I , ' o "."" ssh- " 'Q i v5 7 ' ' ,I ,' o ,D , . . ,"' f",n ' f Y It I 1 1 ' ' P V rf i if 'Q is J ' '9 ' ' .U s I vw' ' ELEVENTI-I GRADE . - 1 0 X ., X N l I X , I t A x . X g ' 4 Y 1 X t First Row:-rleft to right?-Frances Johnson, Elizabeth Kropp, Joan Johnson, Jean Meek, Doris Law, Ann Liever, Abbie Townsend, Dolores Rochen, Melba Yeager. Second Row:-Miss Houseal. Sylvia Weisman, Berna Wolper, Faye Schearer, Marian Wentxel, Juno Mary Ritter. Marjorie Smith Mary Lorah, Bertha Seidel, Betty Lou Wentzel, Laurel Lino Erma Schlegel. Miss Keller. Third Row:-Betty Knoble, Peggy Scott, Carol Ransom, Joan Royals, Louise Koch, Helen Sauer, Grace Levan, Peggy Johnson, Elizabeth Winters, Helen Smith, Nancy Sausser, Margaret Zeock, Phylis Krciser, Jayne Swavoly. Fourth Row:-Donald Kiefer. Edward Snyder, Donald Reppert, Franklin Shuker, Clay- Aff' ton Lance. Roger Seidel, Robert Ludwig, Lester Knhns, Richard Mell, Paul Ward, Ralph M Leinbach. Fifth Row:-Harry Naumann. George Reitz, Daniel Knechtle, William Rutkowski. Richard Ludwig, Paul McPike. Martin Neff, Ravmond Quintcr. Sixth Row:-Mr. Larson. lVIr. Taylor, Mr. Stump. ' S These Seniors of Tomorrow have one ot the largest classes to aracluato from tho Halls of Mt. Penn High. They have contributed much in the tielcls of soorts and music that Will be seen next year as they take the spotlight on the basketball tlccr in thc winter and on the track field in the spring. For their class colors they chose the favorite ot the llrish-Green and White. During - the mid l f March they received their class bonnets, qreen trench hats with white -L lett ' g an on att Ward their class rings arrived bearing the great "46." ', A 'RX , , - .ir . ' , . It -r x 1 Q, N Q ry' ' Y ' X: Tx F f 1 1 . . . 1 xl '31 1 1 w, X 'K ' 1, -'F ' A ' -5 Z., as '1 . .of " 'W r: G 1' xf . . X I l I I 'JJ f I X fi .S ' I F' E N N A L M A TENTI-I GRADE First Row:-lleft to righti-Phyllis Ziegler, Nancy Yorgey, Gloria Frankhouser, Joan Fix. Joanne Esterly, Betty Pinkerton, LaRene Bice, Arldine Romich, Loretta Klein. Second Row:-Miss Griesemci, Joan Barth, Betty Ann Williams, Nancy Salzman, Margaret Rambo, Helen: Aicher. Alma Natanblut, Virginia Kitzmiller, Barbara Smifth, Doris Campbell, Mr. Wentzel. Third Row:-Betty Nein, Barbara Simmons, Janet Pritchard, Carol Anderson, Dorcas Ludwig, Nancy Stump, Anita Gouldin, Caryl. Lcinbach, Sarah Enoch. Fourth Row:-Rodney Ringler, James Michael, Nancy Strauss, Mary Jane Diefenderfel Janet Price, Phoebe Bertolet. Fifth Row:-James Laucks. William Mayers. Bernard Singer, Louis Cohen, David Stump, James Rhoads, Robert Forrester, Richard Hammer, John Gerhart, Harry Baker. Sixth Row:-Harry Baucknecht. Robert Sharetts Albert Leader, Richard Kauffman, Robert Ibach, Louis Starr, Franklin DcGeor,gc, Ronald Kauffman, These enthusiastic sophomores add to the many extra-curricular activities of the school including the band, chorus, and Girl Reserves, Under the class officers-Robert Sharetts, lack Bauknecht, cmd Barbara Smith-next year's juniors have had exciting times at dances and enjoyed a very successful doggie roast. The "pep" and vivacity of this group has been proven by the clever cheer which the girls composed. The tenth grade homeroom teachers are Miss Griesemer and Mr. Wentzel, I I 0 1 ' , f t . 1 l 'L' V . ,' 'V N-h ij e J 1' "" 'Y' "Fi I f' C' f., -v 'srl' .' 'Jw - . 4- , A' . . J ' X . fi Y ' is l i ' 5 Q. 'X I ' A 1 ' I Q I X if' ral' 'F , 5 X r- . up wif I ' P i f Q. '-ro" v 'rx W . . YV -ew-ara n fl' 'Ab I Ii - 5 . ,f-M ENN ALMA . V i Q ' A 5. F I i -n 3- , , , Q Kytpx xii, 'gd' ,- UJ, ,I Q - 4 ,gf W n vt 3 ' Q! -W f li'-Ap! -' INTL-l GRADE W, 'fi . Q F 'X ' X ix if ,W he i f , "I--Q I ii ' I ' .fl f - ' .l r . l I 'I n ' a . I 4 ' 1 I fl: W . C V ! I Q., I ,A L' J I f , ' J O . ' I I ' I f First Row:-fleft to rightl--Mary Leu Munmiller, Barbara Kase, Madaline Klink, B llzitricizi Starr, Miss Rheinbold. Grace Weller, Pauline Human, Gilda Kropp. Second Row:-Phyllis Weller. Viviun lVlcC:ihun, Mary Loc Willizinis, Sarah Dyslier I . ljO1'l:IRl1Clll. Patricia Binl-zley, Jean Ilg, Joyce Klein, Katherine Pinkcrtzxn. Third Moyer. lVlill'Q'Cl'y Sicclol, .lozen Temps-sn, lVlf'ry Ann Cumpfield, Mar- " yxerie Zellers, lVlzn'i0 Slziknner. . N 45 4 ff Fourth Row:-Donald Gerhzirt. Paul Spoon. Robert Wzxchzi, RObCl'l,SZlYY'l1JS0l'l, Jzimffs HP? ,,'f"' il" Cznnnbell, William Grubb, William Kerns, Calvin Stuiniz. S Fifth Row:-dRobert Yingor. Robert lvlnck, Czirvnce Muck. Hfirold Bechtel, Philip Prince, l, N9lllLCY21l1..l2lCli Hcffelfinger. ',fy,,,, . ,Q-,J ,,,,f,,,k,,.....-v,Q4' 1,39 LPLKIJ-I ' rt During the yearn a doggie roast and a dance were the chief highlights in the lives of the Freshman Class. ' ' L This "up and coming" class was led hy: President, Paul Kilheinerg Vice President, X iv X'-.f ' Phillip Printzg Secretary, Marjorie Seidelg and Treasurer, Gilda Kropp, ' xl As Student Councilrnen, Barbara Kose and lames Campbell capably represented the Freshmen. Robert Yinqer on the clarinet, Eugene Ennis on the bass horn, and Robert Wqchg on the flute add their talents to the band. We will be looking forward to welcoming thii class back next year as Sophomores. 'I ' , ' ' i 'i ,f , A AH v ik, O 4 I I b , ' xxx V K1 , I 'Y l V. " t L I ',J'. :fn Qi. .L ? A' 1 J' 1, ' YN ' AA ' 4 ' ff' Y-'V' x N 4 .1 Y' Y X cl r 0 ivg. O fi ' W S T 1 V, N- ' I . r , , I I JL ,- I I 17 " , fl If N' I PENN ALMA EIGHTI-I GRADE Flrgt Row tleft to rightl Miss Lex an Barba a Bohrcr Barbara Homan Shirley Klein Mary Phillip Jean Bal er Dorothv Bat lort Betty Rettz 'VIr James Qpcond Row Catherine Gnvm Sandri Post Helen Sfmsfas Molly Hammer Beverly Boone Agnes Barth Pat O Donnell Anne Girvm Alice Rheln Mai ian Tomson Third Row Nancy Klein Marilyn Miller Barbara Frederi ks Marjorie Hodgekins. Nancy Wagner Mary Riley Janet DeC'xrlo Nar 1, McConnell Anne Kessler Beulah Berto- let Diana Kappelman Irederick Fidlex Warien Feglev Dall Enoch Elwood T-Iertzog Geox ffe Fasic P rk Boone, James Buch Fifth Row Ronald Cassel Po'1tl'l Baer Earl Youse Martin Weiner Robert Folltz. James Smith George Adams Hans Wend'er John Wrankloousei Harvey Ritter There 1S nothing but Commendation and respect for the eighth grade which has displayed unusual leadership and particlpation in the schools social athletic and scholastlc life The1r student council representatives George Fasic and Nancy Klein, deserve special mention and honor Four members of the class were on the Iunio-r Track Team and proved to be of great help to the cinder dusters All titty one of this class were athletlcally minded Their interclass basketball teams played championship games Their willing and eager participation in extra curricular act1v1t1es give promise of a better more varied and colorful school life in the near future Their social sensitivity was excellent and they were ardent supporters of the Iunlor High dances There were eleven members ot this class in the band a I- ' ... ' fc , Z' . , ' , . ' - - S, K Y I - M V X 1 :I ' , i . . M' I-4 . - , p , , . . N, , U 1 , M ' , A y . . H . y A, . ' :i . y A' . .D , .V . -vc ,y ' ' y ' , . ,, , .c Y t , ', ! ' ' Fourth Row:-Rodney Anderson, Richard Strauss. Frederick Campfield, William Knerr, A ' 'A-, c' U.: ,' ,. . , eg ',a ' :- , , ., iz . ' . , , - ' ' , ' l , , , A , L. - ' . ,,, ', ' , ' 1 - , , . , . These honors were climaxed by the class' high scholastic achievement. PENN -ALMA SEVENTH GRADE First Row:-fleft to right!-Nancy Stump, Dolores Sowa, Gertrude Rhein, Mary Jane Bechtel, Miss Bryan, Louise Robcrtsno, Alice Najarinw Judy Kase, Nancy Jean Rhoads. Second Row:--Nancy Schneider, Henrietta Truckermiller, Fern Batdorff, Barabara Evans, Patricia Brossman, Nancy Phillips, Alice Gabriel, Jean Becker, Carol Dcrshwin, Joan Hartline. Third Row:--Gary Dissinger, Robert Becker, Thomas Stultz, Donald Yeager, Joseph Smith, George Mack, Frederick Klink, Robert Ripson, Norton Sherman, James Johnson, Dale Clemens. Fourth Row:--George Gerhart, Clement Johnson, Edgar Miller, Richard Yoder, Alan Schlegel, Boyd Bright, Charles Martin, Richard Matz. Sanford Youngerrnan, John Yost. LnMar Ritter. Our up-and-coming seventh-graders have had many interesting and successful cxlfairs. Their doggie roast, dance, and Christmas party were planned by Alice Najarin, the-ir class president, and were under the efficient supervision of Miss Bryan. This class of 1950 has proved itself talented in many things including music, basketball, and scholarship. A . qi 231, 5 S42 M ls- Jes if-i WS , Q 1 W ' gfwifvfggE7f'3EEf'??i i"",fi'V'QQ . f 4z,Qg,-- A r Q JSA! ai' XA. ' alwf K m.9s,,x. M kv 5- -, 1- QR f--5'-M. -1 'K .-.f,fg'g-xg-fy f. K 1 if? 1 ks4i,Q.S5fL T51 ff :M mg' pw lm 45 mf" ' X W ww--. "1 ff' :gig t A -.,.,.3' .2 K 5 Q fa ,fy fxnggf A, K 9 Q-i a.:5k.f5, K4. Sl K .Af-15, ' ' W .. rw tiff 1mff-1ff- -L ..,L ,. :5-7 3kiF4f.: . , . wwf L, .fl-. Wfb --.. xg, Ng.. -, ,,,fbf-- . 2 .in MEM S., , L. f f S- 1 , fs. 5' fx - sv' ,, Q f f jf -Q ., ,mf .. -9 'fi , JP ' M44 W . ig V5 , mmm ,ei 1 sink 1 SK v 'X -rf ff 'LZfQk?fi?fi:Qf5 252- ,l ,, -955 Q K Y KM,-K1 ,,, A A 4 xy? 1 . 1: :, fi f .f XM. ., V 'YZTXTZQQKL T' v , i ,, ,. .Q ,Ka My L-. ff: Q ' X55 W-Qgglg I , Q L M TE, s K 'rg ff' L 2555? gil l 1 I I VARSITY BASKETBALL F PENN ALMA Front rou left to r1Uht Donald Johnson Ronald Youngerman Dfmiel Huggiis cwptaln John Jack on Buddy I utz. Mr. Zimmermfn co'1c'h. Back row left to ribht Fugene Freidman. manager' George Batistini Roy Abrams, Dick Dickersin Ted Levan Barry Leinbfich. Basketbwll at lV't. Penn this ye'1r highlighted the se'1so:.s activities by ffir. The teim thopgh unwble to win he ch.mpio,1s11ip m de it quite uncomfortable for the iermininp' teams in the league. Probably the most outstanding home game was the one plfnyod 'igwinst lVI.1hlOnbe1-g. Althou. h the Mounts failed by one ooint to subdre the Berk County Cnfimpions they did turn back '1 . trong Shillinrfton tewm. SCORES MP. Op. MP. Op. Fleetwood. home lVIJh'enberg Home . Amity away ..... Pifdsbcpe, fnwwy . . . Fleetvx ood, Wwm, . Wilson, home .... Cent 'al Cath. home .. W. Reading. home . Wi! on away .. Mohrton. 'iweay .. Sinking Spg. home Wyomiseing home .. W. Rewclin, awwy .f - Shillin 'ton awfxy .. Mohnton, home . .. lvluhlenberg, 'iw y . . Wyomi sing, fiway. .48 Pirdeboro, home . . , . l L ny c c , ' C l t D I , a Sinking Spg., away 26 29 Shillington. home ..4O 39 39 31 i , f 33 34 , 36 18 , i r N . . 56 33 f . ' 29 28 27 54 1 i , 32 30 37 45 Q , 26 30 ., . 24 3h , 65 27 s , 38 31 . Q . FU 42 3 , . 42 44 41 35 f 9 19 5-1 S . 33 1 , 62 1A 1 P 39455 I. . Q, 30 6'-I' - PENN "' ALMA IUNIOB VARSITY BASKETBALL Front row-left to right:--Blake Miller, Bob Ludwig. Richard Carvin, William Meyers Dick Hammer, James Laucks. Standing:-left to right:-George Reitz, Calvin Bowser, Paul McPike, Ronald Kauffman Jack Bcadencup, William Rutkowski, Mr. James. coach. This year the I. V.'s got back into league competition in or big way. Although only sophomores and juniors were permitted to play on the team, it snared second place in Ceneral Division rivalry, with a .786 percentage. Out of a complete schedule of 25 games, they averaged a percentage of .76U. That's good basketball in any man's language. Bill Rutkowski led the scoring with 1'U4 Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt, Penn Mt, Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn Mt. Penn ...,. .. Sinking Spring Fleetwood , ............ .. Sinking Spring Fleetwood .......... ...... Wilson .............. Central .... . ..... ........ . West Reading ,......... Central . ..... .............. . Mohntonl ....,..... Wyomissing ....,,......,. Reading High .......... Pharmacy .. .. .. .. Shillington ...... ....... points in league competition. Penn. Penn. Penn Penn Penn Penn Penn Penn Penn Penn Penn. 31 54 24 31 29 33 52 32 34 48 32 40 Penn ,,...,.. Penn. .......86O Muhlenberg ..... Birdsboro ........... Wilson . ...... West Reading .... Northwest I. H. .. Mohnton .............. Wyomissing ..... Shillington ....... Muhlenberg ..... Birdsboro ....... Pennside ....... Pennside ................... . Opponents ............... . 19 41 31 24 22 13 22 26 23 21 16 31 539 BA L 1, nm ma K E GEORGE 11 'Y "DONNiE'x BUDDY D N.4N'f SARR Y OOK WHO PASSED IT r . M. I "RONNlE " 'nov' JO HNNY F' PF?-NN':.iAL'il1L'-,ii GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Bow: Margaret McComas, Margaret Zeock, Ruth Haws, Geraldine Glasmoyer, Melba Yeager, Susan Leinbach. Back Row: Miss Griesemer, Peggy lohnsonu Marian Adams, Lucia Kessler, Doris Beaver, Marian Wentzel, Nancy Stump, Nancy Cramp. The manager, llean Freedman, is missing from the picture, The girls started out strong at the beginning of the season and at no time during the twelve game schedule did they entirely lose their stride. They ended the season with a record of nine wins, two losses, and one tie. The two games were lost by a total ot only three points. The seniors Who will be lost through graduation are co-captains Peg McCornas and Susan Leinbach, Marian Adams, Doris Beaver, Lucia Kessler, and manager, llean Freedman, THE SCHEDULE MP Opp MP Opp Arnity , , W 31 20 West Reading , 34 l3 22 l0 Mohnton , , ,, 6 8 24 24 Shillington , 42 32 25 25 Hamburg 40 9 40 15 Albright Fresh , , 30 l3 Alb-right Fresh , 47 ll St. Iohn's .r.. ,.,, 38 30 PENN ALMA CHEERLEADERS First Row:-tleft to rightb--Barbara Peck, Mary Wentzel, Jane Griffith, Lucia Kessler. Second Row:-Molly Hammer, Calvin Stump, Marian Tompson. "Give a Yell!" This cheer could be heard resounding through the school at every basketball game as Mt. Penn High students shouted the favorite yell of the season to the cheerleaders' clever motions. These eight Hpeppyu figures spurred many a spectator to raise his voice for ci victory tor Mt, Penn High. Receiving letters for two years of service are Ardelene Field and Mary Wentzel with Barbara Peck and Lucia Kessler receiving a letter and certificate for three years. SCHEDULE OF GAMES FEI-SIN L-ALMA 2 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front Row:-fleft to rightl-Sam Hadley, Richard Hassan, John Jackson, Robert Dielenderfer, Ted Levan, Dick Dickersin, Paul lVIcPike. Back Row:-Eugene Friedman, managerg Jack Beaclcncup, Calvin Booser, Richard Carvin, Mr. Zimmerman, coachg Harry Dissinger, Albert Bione, Blake Miller, Paul Spohn, manager. The 1545 Baseball Team of Mt. Penn High xx as one of the best teams ever to be fielded by our school. Neither lacking hitting power nor fielding ability. the squad demonstrated a talented style of play throughout the season. The interest of the sport was so :xrouszd by the standards of the team this year that the number ot spectators and routers greatly exceeclefi that of other years, April April 10-Fleetwood . . , . . , . -lVluhlenberg Away Away May lA'lVluhlenberg . Moy 4-WVyomissing . Home Away April. -Wyomissing Home Www Sewilson . . Away April -Wilson .....,. ..,, H ome May l0vShi11ington . Home April. HShillingt-on .... Away May 15-West Reading Away April 26-West Reading Home - ENN ALMA VARSITY TRACK TEAM Front Row:-tlefi to righth-Ted Leven, John Jackson, Robert Tuckey, Daniel Hug gms, Robert, Conrad, Dick Hosson, Daniel Ogden, Lowell Grosse. Back Row:-Louis Cohen, manager, Buddy Lutz, George Batastini, Mr. Zimmerman coach: Calvin Green, William Rutkowski, Dick Dickersin, John Gehrhart, Harry Di singer, Ronald Youngerman, Roy Abrams, Hari y Bauknecht, manager. Coach Zimmerman, faced with a limited supply ot material, made a creditalcll showing in the 1945 track season. This team brought Mt. Penn into scoring positions in three dual meets, the Penn Relays, County Competition and the District meet at Lancaster TRACK SCHEDULE Friday April 13 ,,,,,..,...,....,,......,.,,,,,,,. Muhlenberg Wednesday, April 18 Saturday, April 2l,,,. Vlfednesday, April 25 ,,,,,,,, ,v,,..Y,., Saturday, April 28 Wednesday, May 2 Saturday, May 5 ,,,,,,,,,, Wednesday, May 9 , Saturday, May 12 Wednesday, May 16 Saturday, May 19 WyomissingaBirdsboro-Mt. Penn Albright Meet Shillington-Dual Meet Penn Relays Pending West Reading Meet Mt. Penn-Mohnton-We Shillington Meet Mt. Penn-Robesonia District 111 P',l.A.A. Meet st Reading bach, William F' E N N A L M A VARSITY SOCCER Front row -left to right:-Donald Johnson, George Batistioi, John Jackson, captain Dick Dickersin, Back row- coach. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Robert Diefenderfer, Jacques Price, left to right:-Eugene Friedman, managerg Ronald Yungerman, Barry Lein- Gillis, Dick Frankhouser. David Stump, Daniel Huggins, Mr. Zimmerman SOCCER SCHEDULE Penn ,....... 1 Wilson .... Penn . . . 2 Mohnton . . . . Penn ..., 2 Muhlenberg Penn 0 Wilson Penn . . . 2 Mohnton . . . Penn .... l Muhlenberg .... F'E-rg1N- ALMA TWIRLERS Reading from left to right:-Twirlersz-Joan Barth, Marcella Dissinger. Color Guard:-Gwennie Bachman, Jean Fehr, Madge Severns, Marjorie Zerbc forms and excellent twirling, added to the attraction of the band's clever formations Their spirited movements brought cr great populace to gaze on their feats and they made the students feel proud of Mt. Penn High School. Appearing at every home basketball game, this active group, with its colorful uni- F' E N N A L M A 'MARCHINGQBAND Color Guards-tleft to right:--Gwendolyn Bfzchman, Jean Fehr, Madge Severns, Mar- jorie Zerbe, Joan Barth. Marching Band:-tleft to rightt-Ralph Lcinbacli, Richard Biebcr, Irving Dershewitz, Robert Sharetts. Robert Ibach, Clifford Hodszkins, Dann Hanford, Carl Boas, John Gerhart, Robert Yinger. Barbara Corbin, Robert Wachfi, Carol Anderson, Doris Campbell. Caryl Lcinbach, Carolyn Boone, Molly Hammer, James Michael, William Corbin, Agnes Barth. Nancy Cramp. Nancy Sziusser, Donald Baer, Doris Law, Joanne Esterly, Nancy Phillips, Sanford Youngerman. John Frankhotiser, Marjory Hodgkins, Francis Johnson, Frederick Fidler, Frederick Enoch, Eugene Ennis, llean Freedman, Albert Leader, Edward Snyder, Richard Hammer, Shirley Homan, Joseph Smith. Donald Kiefer, Jean Baker, Nancy Klein. Richard Kaufman. Nancy Stump. James Rhoads. Harry Baker, Patsy Stichler, Calvin Green, Claire Morris, Betty Larson. Our Home Basketball games this year were tremendously enlivened by the color of hand music. From its position on the bleachers in the gym it urged the team on with such songs as "Victory March" and "Locomotive Song." Without the Marching Band a game would seem only half won. This year's band has the reputation of being the best in its entire history. A great part of the success of the Marching Band this year was due to the fine spirit of the members themselves. They rehearsed once a week and gave up much of their time to produce the effects which have been admired by all. We can Well note that this beneficial organization while providing the school with excellent entertainment and school spirit, is developing at the same time musical experience for its members. - ENN ALMA 1 CONCERT BAND First Row:-fleft to right!-Nancy Klein, Dick Dickersin, Albert Leader, Molly Hammer, Barbara Corbin, Beverly Boone. Robert Waeha. Nancy Sausser. Seiond Row:-Dana Hanford, Robert lbafg-h, James Rhoads, Jean Baker, Nancy Phillips Sanford Youngerlnan, Robert Sharetts, Claire Morris. Richard Bieber, Agnes Barth, Carol Anderson, Doris Campfield, Donald Baer, Caryl Leinbach. Third Row:-James Michael, William Corbin, Robert Yinger, Joanne Esterly, John Gerhart, Nancy Stump, Joseph Smith, Francis Johnson, Edward Snyder, Dale Clernmins Marjorie Hodglrins. Frederick Fidler, Calvin Green, Shirley Homan, Betty Larson, Richard Freedman, Donald Kiefer, Harry Baker, Irving Dershewitz. Back Row:-Carl Boas, Nancy Cramn, Clifford Hodgkins, John Frankhouser, Rodney Anderson, Doris Law, William Bernsau, Willard I. Musser. Every Monday and Friday at 8:00 a. m., a group of sixty students turn out in the music room to play band music as it should be played. Under tho direction oi Mr Musser, the band has showna deiinite increase in quality and interest. During the as semblies this year, the band played numerous selections, thus increasing the musical appreciation ot the students. Hammer, Ralph Leinbach, Frezlerick Enoch, Richard Kauffman, Eugene Ennis, Ilean iF'ENrsT"' ALMA- -3 ORCHESTRA Left First Row:-fleft to rightl--Nancy Klein, Richard Dickersin Albert Leader Robert Ib'1ch Second Row:-James Rhoads J an Baker James Michael William Corbin. Third Row:-Dana Hanford, Harry Baker Donfild Kiefer Ilean Freedman. Foul th Row:-Irvine Dershewitz Eugene Ennis Mr. Musser. Right First Row:--fleft and riffhtb-Barbara Corbin Robert Wficha Nancy Sausser Caryl Leinbach. Second Row:-Marjory Hodgkins, Fredericl' Fidler Shirley Homan Third Row:-Richard Kwufnian Ralph Leinbuch Richard Ham'nrr Betty Lars Jn. Fourth Row:-Fred Fnoch, Richard Biebcr. Fifth Row:-Carl Boas Clifford Hodgkins. The orchestra although not os loirge or os well known os the bond did excellent Work under the direction of Mr. Musser. lt performed Very ccipobly ot both the Iunior cmd Senior plorys cmol ot Commencement. ... ' y 1 C . C , C , '- y ' L C K 1 4 3 . O Q , , Center:-Robert Sharetts, Claire Morris, Molly Hammer. ' :- . C, , K , , 1 . 0 4 x ' y I c , c 1 , 1 " , ' J N , -l:'ENI:l ' ALMA SENIOR CHORUS Front Row-ileft to righth-Thomas Fessler, Paul Ward. Helen Smith, Susan Leinbach, Elmer Lutz, Mary Wentzel, Harold Guard, John Jackson. Second Row:-Miss Heisey, Joan Royals, June Reifsnydcr, Louise Koch, Patricia Uhler Jane Griffith, Jean Keitz. Third Row:-Phyllis Ziegler, Mary Lou Godshall, Jean Meek, Joan Johnson, Abbie Townsend, Lucia Kessler, Claire Morris, Nancy Crump. Fourth Row:--Patricia High, Lila Hartman, Marian Adams, Caryl Leinbach, Janei Behm, Gwendolyn Bachman, Madge Severns, Jean Fehr. Fifth Row?-Richard Esterly, Roy Abrams, Jacques Price. William Bernsau. John Beatl- encup, Robert Fredericks, Clarence Goode, Calvin Green, Ernst, Hartline. Sixth Row:-Calvin Booser, Richard Shultz,, Karl Rutkowski, Carl Boas. The Chorus spent a successful year under the direction of Miss Heisey. They per- formed at various assemblies and programs throughout the year. The annual concert, of course, was the high spot of the year. Several special groups were formed, among them the A Capella Choir and the Octette, both of which participated in a number of programs outside of school, Eleven members were chosen to represent Mt. Penn at the Choral Alvin F. Kemp Night of Music at Wyomissing. J Y I WTA' Q, I Front row: Helen Smith. Joanne Esteriy, Lila Hartman Second row: Jack DeHart. Dana Hanford, George Swartzwelder. Karl Rutkowski, Paul, Ward The Mt. Penn Debating Team, directed by Mr. Stutzman, this year participated in panel discussions on the subject, "Whether the Legal Voting Age Should Be Lowered to l8 Years." Included in the triangle with Mt. Penn were Fleetwood and Boyertown, who sent two representatives to take part in each discussion The discussions were informative, not- competitive, and took the place ol formal debates. PENN ALMA B PENN POST STAFF First Row:-fleft to righth-Helen Smith, Berna Wolper, Jane Nein, Dorothy St:-aka, Betty Arters, Sylvia Weisman, Margie Hay, Mary Wentzel. Second Row:-Jane Griffith, Marjorie Smith, Elizabeth Dice, Nancy Cramp, Barbara Corbin, Mr. Taylor, advisor: Mary Lou Godshall, Claire Morris, Patricia High, Nancy Sausser Third Row:-Dana Hanford, Louis Cohen, Jack DeHart, Richard Dickersin, William Gillis, Carl Rutkowski, Paul Ward, Irving Dershewitz, Thomas Fessler. The Penn Post, Mt. Penn High School's fortnightly publication, has ended another successful year of "news gathering." Although the newspaper was admitted as a member ol the National Scholastic Press Association during the l943-44 season, it was not until this year that it received a scroll in recognition of its achievements and membership. F' E N N A L M A SENIOR PLAY CAST Left to right:-Fraricina Homan, Susan Leinbach, Dick Dickersin, Madge Severns, Jane: Behm, Barbara Peck, Bob Conrad, Jean Fchr, Claire Morris, Richard Schultz, Karl Rutkow- ski, Marjory Hay, Richard Bieber. This year, as always, Miss Reinhold directed a very successful Senior Class Play, The play, the ever popular "Tish," was presented on November 17. Letitia Carberry, popularly known as "Tish," informs her two closest companions, Lizzie and Aggie, that she intends to lead the simpler life. So she buys a second-hand jalopy and they start out with Tish doing the driving, however, Lizzie has wired Tishfs young nephew, Charlie Sands, telling him of his aunt's latest escapade and advising him of their destination. Charlie flies to the Southwest and stops at the "Eagle Hotel." Shortly afterward Lizzie and Aggie corne limping in, Tish arrives in due time and trys to explain everything, but to no avail. There is great suspense and excitement right up until the final curtain, as Tish gets everybody around her into and out of more jams than you can shake a stick at. -FRENN ALMA IUNIOR PLAY CAST Front Row:-tleft to right!-Lila Hartman, Helen Smith, Melba Yeager, Barbara Corbin, Jean Meek, Jane Griffith. Back Row:-Calvin Green, Dana Hanford, Irving Dershewitz, William Bernsau. Clarence Goode. On April 6, under the capable direction ol Miss LeVan, the Iunior Class presented "Nothing But the Truth," a three-act comedy, Bob Bennett, the hero ot the play, is a self-confident business man, who believes he is capable ot telling the truth. E. M. Ralston, the senior partner ol the stock agency, is slightly underhancled. Dick Donnely, the third member, is not over-possessed with mental ability, while Van Dusen is a generally diliked cynic. Bishop Doran is a kind, mild gentleman, as you would expect. Attractive Gwen Ralston is engaged to Bob. Mable and Sable are two "gold-diggers" who are misunderstood by the very gulible Mrs. Ralston. Gwen, Bob's fiance, asks Bob to double Sl0,UUO which she has raised to donate to Bishop Doran's children. Bob bets the money against that ol Ralston, Dick and Van, that he will tell the truth for Z4 hours. These three, being unwilling to lose the sum, try many methods to force Bob to tell a lie, Alter various serious predicaments, Bob wins the bet and doubles the Sl0,U00. EENN ALMA -,N ,JZ STUDENT coUNc1Lf','l'Jg2" . Wm: ,4L'f5A'?? First Row:-Susan Leinbach, Barbara Kaso, Nancy Klein, George Fasic, Louise Second Row:-Donald Johnson. Irving Dc-rshewitz, Robert Sharetts, Mr, Stutzman Louis Cohen. Alan Schlegel, James Campbell, William Gillis The Student Council serves as a mediating body between our faculty and students. The council has definite powers and obligations to the school. Based on democratic ideas, the council has proven to be a help in Mt. Penn High School. This governing organization endeavors to promote school spirit, provide entertain- rnent for the student, and to be of scholastic service. The council strives to give each student a voice in school affairs. This year the council is under the leadership of William Gillis, president, Robert Snaretts, vice-president, and Virginia Anderson, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Stutzman is the advisor. Robertson, Virginia. Anderson, Virginia Kitzmiller NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PENN, ALMA- W Front Row:-tleft to rightb-eBct1y Larson, Mary Lou Godshall, Barbara Corbin, Ann Marie Homan, Barbara Peck. Second Row:-Shirley Homan, Mary Wentzel, Grace Adams, Lucia Kessler. Betity Arters, Margaret McComas, Susan Lcinbach, Paul Ward. Third Row:-Samuel Hadley, John Jackson, George Swartzwelder, Richard Bieber, Dick Dickersin, William Bernsau, William Gillis. Our local chapter of the National Honor Society was granted its charter in l93l. This year it has had charge of the Buddy Letter, a newsletter sent to all men and women in the service who formerly attended Mt. Penn High School. The members are chosen on lhe basis of scholarship, leadership, character and service and are inducted twice a year. Under the guidance of Miss Stocker, the or- ganization has become an active part of the school curriculum. PENN ALMA I-Il-Y First Row:--Cleft to right?-Donald Johnson, Harry Dissinger, J. Elmer Lutz,Jr., Irvin Dershewitz Eugene Friedman. Paul Ward, Daniel Huggins, Richard Frankhouser. Second Row:--Richard Dickersin, Daniel Ogden, George Rietz, Richard Carvin, Robert Ludwig Richard Bieber George Ratastini. Third Row:-Clifford Hodgknis, Dana Hanford. Lowell Grosse, Clarence Goode, Robert Fredericks, William Gillis, Alan Baskin. Barry Leinbach William Bernsau. Carl Boas. The Mt. Penn Hi-Y is an active service organization lor senior high boys. The club promotes among its members its four planksi clean speech, clean sports, clean scholar- ship and clean living. Its purpose is "to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards oi christian character." The members of the club are chosen on th., basis of character, leadership, and scholarship. The Hi-Y has sponsored many dances and social events for both the junior and senior high students. Various other activities were partaken in by the club and proved very successful. The members of the club are under the leadership oi Donald lohnson, president, Barry Leinbach vice-president, William Gillis, secretary, Elmer Lutz, treasurer, Robert Conrad chaplain- Mr. Sharetts, club advisor, Fourth Row:-Richard Ludwig, Robert Conrad, William Rutkowskiu Richard Schultz -PENN, ALMA GIRL RESERVES First Row:-tlett to right'-'Gloria Frankhouser. Fay Shearer, Dorcus Ludwig, Miriam Hawk, Joan Johnson, Jean Meek. Patricia Uhler, Margery Hay, Francina Homan, Doris Campbell. Second Row:-Advisor, Miss Houseal, Ruth Haws, Margaret Zeock, Barbara Peck Madge Severns, Jean Fehr, Loretta Klein, Mary Lou Godshall, Lucia Kessler: Advisor Miss Keller. Third Row:-Ilean Freedman, Grace Adams, Melba Yeager, Ann Liever, Albie Town send: Gwendolyn Bachman. Sylvia Weisman. Berna Wolper. Mary Wentzel, Jane Griffith Yorgey, Claire Morris, Betty Shollenberger. Mary Jane Henry, Betty Hill, Nancy Cramp Filth Row?-Barbara Smith, Alma Helen Aicher, Virginia Anderson, Betty Fisher, Joan Fix, Shirley Angstadt, Joan Royals, Mary Joan Snyder. Jane Shirk. Sixth Row:-Nancy Salzman, Virginia Kitzrnillcr, Nancy Stump, Dolores Rochen, June Reifsnyder, Jean Steinmetz, Marjorie Zerbe. Seventh Row:-Joan Barth, Margaret Rambo, Sarah Enoch, Janet Prichard, Mary Jane Diefenderfer. Eighth Row:-Gloria Lucuwig. Carol Anderson, Betty Anne Williams, Phoebe Bertolet Janet Price, Elizabeth Kropp, Barbara Corbin, Helen Smith, Nancy Sausser. Mar cell Dissinger. Ninth Row.-Barbara Simmons, LaRine Bice, Betty Dice, Mary Lorah. Jo Ann Esterly Doris Beaver, Betty Nein, Peggy Scott., Anita Goulden, Janet Behni, Caryl Leinbach, Jane Nein. The largest extraacurricular group in the school, the Mt. Penn Girl Reserves has an enrollment ol eighty-five girls. Under the guidance of Miss Keller and Miss Houseal the club has held several successful dances, a slumber party, and a rummage sale. They also held a combined meeting oi the Hi-Y and the Girl Reserves. As a part ol the Y. W. C. A, the Girl Reserves have participated in many activities such as parties, conferences, and lectures, Fourth Row:-Erma Angstadt, Grace Levan, Patricia High, Marjorie Smith, Nancy SERVICE CLUB First Row:-left to right?--Dorcas Ludwig, Marjorie Zerbe, Mary Hartman, Margery Hay, Marjorie Smith, Virginia Anderson, Grace Levan, Janet Pritchard. Second Row:-Betty Nein. Jane Nein, Gloria Ludwig, Margaret Zeock, Mr. Stump, Loretta Klein, Joanne Esterly, Patricia High, Lucia Kessler. Third Row:--Claire Morris, Irving Dershewitz, Clarence Goode, Rodney Ringler Geraldine Glassmoyer. The Service Club is composed of volunteers from senior high who take charge of selling tickets, refreshments, and checking coats at the athletic games. This club, under the able supervision of Mr. Iames and Mr. Stump, had Gloria Ludwig as its chairman. Without the efficiency rendered by this club the harmony ot the athletic programs would not have been possible. F-K-ENN ALj'fUi'fi, 5 P'-ENFST ALMA First Row: Anna Marie Homan, Mr. Stump, Joanne Estcrly Second row: Clayton Lance, Richard Diener Under the capable direction ot Mr. Stump, the tin can salvage committee ot our school has proved itself very valuable to the War effort. The secretarial Work is done by Ann Marie Homom cmd Io Anne Esterly, while-Richard Diener and Clayton Lance see that the tin cons cure turned over to the proper authorities. TIN CAN SALVAGE I 'qfffoqfwpffd bf Cffbafl, ..,,L!7?y gwf-waz? QMMDL QWWM yWM WW Qwgww -anwogfi-MJ. .. f7oN,. fwyjjfi-W 0 i i 3 Q LUTZ FUNERHL 1-1 CD M E 2100 Perkiomen .Qvenue I I. ELMER LUTZ Dial 7121 110101xiarioifrioicvisxixxirxicvicrioixsieniaricrjfrdLioicxiojoioicrirjojxrifxioiojcxiciiojojoifrioioioiojoc 0:0 oioxf I l ! ! u ,mv H' O , 0 pq, Cn 15 C: +I -I ra E .mul D101 nie nick: 1 111111 ii 1 11 121' -1 11111141-211.1 :xiii 111 iriuiuq' Nourishment and Enioymentl ln STOCK'S HOME MADE POTATO CHIPS you get more than a wholesome, savory food. lvfflWl'51v0'f.- By an exclusive formula of seasoning and cooking, we add to the nutriment of the potato a flavor that captivates the palate of an epicure. ln this flne, home made product, you have both nourishment and enioyment. The more discriminating your taste, the more you'll appreciate the distinctive, zestful flavor of STOCK'S HOME MADE POTATO CHIPS. Put that statemen' to test. Buy and try a bag today. :ii 1 1,111 11:1-1-11 11 11111 3 1 ii 3 1 21110103011 xioioicmioioiniiviojojoicvjxxjc ioicyjojfxixrioioiciiojcrioiioaa iicrioirxiuioioioicxioicjcrjc 92054 1 111 3 1 1 1 1 1:1-1 1 I ioiuiubli HEATHER SPORTWEAR SHOP 144 NORTH FIFTH STREET READING, PA. l Q Q0lOQlli0l0Q4IQill Pl' l Q lil COMPLIMENTS OF The TROPICAL PAINT OIL COMPANY 1323 CLEVELAND AVENUE WYOMISSING, PA. Manufacturers or QUALITY PAINTS FOR OVER 40 YEARS RALPH H LEHMAN, Distributor Men's Wear Boys' Wear Complzments of MT. PENN DINER 408-410 PENN STREET f'VVe Sell For Less . . . Always" HANGEN'S MUSIC HOUSE 47 SOUTH SIXTH STREET READING, PA. RAY HEINS Auto Service O 23rd and PERKIOMEN AVE. ENTERPRISE FURNITURE FACTORY 727 PENN STREET READING, PA. Custom-Built FURNITURE Costs No Morelll' GREETING CARDS FOUNTAIN PENS WM. G. HINTZ, Inc. Your STATIONER since l883 838-840 PENN STREET READING, PA. LEATHER GOODS DESKS CHAIRS 11111111:iuiuioioxoiaxxoi 1 11141ld'iuinininioitinnilxiniuicxioioioioicxif Q Q01 010 viaxjnisrioioiericricvjcrioioicxioi rioioioiuioioirioif via. xioiajojfricxiojoicricrioiwxicxioirxic Q14 103113111 1 111 1 1 i 11 :ri 3 1 1:3 1030101 1 1 3 1 1111105111: J. W. LEINBACH HEBERLINGS Hardware Keystone Store 2234 PERKIOMEN AVENUE ' MT. PENN- READING, PA- 25th and GRANT STREETS S T U M P' S MT. PENN MEQT MHRKET 13 NORTH 23rd STREET MT. PENN, PA. PHONE 7294 Compliments to The Class of '45 W. L. F EGLEY ' DEPENDABLE PRINTING SERVICE - 7 I ' QUALITY CLOTHES 2701 PERKIOMEN AVENUE Since MT. PENN, READING, PA. T T Dial Reading 3-0377 759 PENN S REE READING, PA. Compliments of MT. PENN TPIVERN ning" x11b1o11xj014xj0:oj010i010i4 1011 D101 21010 1101010101011 1 C11 11101010 101 1:1011 111111411111 1101010101011 10:11:10: For Smart Styles For Good Qualities visit READING LEADING CLOTHIERS CROLL 81 KECK uioixi 2:1 1 11111 11 1 1 1- 11 J. M. SEASHOLTZ 81 SONS, Inc. FRONT and SPRUCE STS. READING, PA. Porcelain Enameled Metal Products For BETTER FLAVGR Switch to ST. LAWRENCE Homogenized Vitamin D Milk 1111111111 1: 1 11: 1 1 3111111111: 1 .-1-U - .. - -. . x fi v:,i:':-:1'2'f3?1'.1 . "!:!-Jr:-1:-1.1.4 ,X-2"'7':37""f'1:ff:f'2:f1' Ny-:-NS?A5-'ii21l-:-w?I- -' 1' -A "':f-af ' f "" " . , ,,,,.,: . www, ,Q ,, -V . . V, . - rf, -f ' ' f -' ' '-" -' - ' 'Jvt'f"?'?i . -' ., 5:55I5:5:35:5:55r5:5i5rf555r5:55r5:5553IEIEEESEJESIEJEEIEf5:5:EzPxF5KW. . " 3:5 , .1 f 'L '- 35:ISIEES?f:Ifr5:f5Sf:f:if'f- 5 ''ff''J'f'frFFSf:Q35:fFIfrf:f33rf:fl ' :'ff-ff ' "Q .pm-..: ' ., E -"-'- w:ff:s:f: :Sv A -"- z . - " - 'A ' . . ' I-:ICE-" .'.-'f'I-IPP!-ff' 1 . z":..-:-ie"-'Q .r-we -'f .W .V 51 pylqll lfllflf A :-:f:-:.-,.I4:f-:-.-:--:--. - - . 4 . f-- . V fx Cllr, 0 l ,-ff' if 133.312 4?i,,,xlR -4::g55:f:Qft g.'. f' Us W- fu-M'v'4""' u ri 15515551 ff:-f-,.-f:s:s:f1"ff-fff - ' ' More people in Berks County eat lVIaier's Bread than any other kind. 0 9 IISEIBY 1011 o'o liilihiff' 0 xiojoioiriojojl vi: 1101: go nic vioioimxioioivricrifrisvioioi rtroioioioioim Dtvilrixviwxicxirrirlifriliiviwxi11011110103 READING BUSINESS INSTITUTE An Approved' School for Business Training N. W. CORNER 10th and PENN STS.-Phone 2-6771-READING, PA. Courtesy of CRYSTAL RESTAURANT and PASTRY SHOP 537-547 PENN STREET READING, PA. D'X GAsoL1NE MOTOR on. The Universal Remedy for ATHLETES FOOT ' Sold with a money-back guarantee D-X UARTQ' SIIVIIVION Will Stop Itch Specialized IWotor Tuning K111 Fungus Heal and Lubrication ' 0 Delivery Service CUT RATE DRUG Phone 3-9740 STORE ' 414 PENN STREET HOWARD BOULEVARD 2025, 4ozS. MT. PENN, READING, PA. SOC SSC FRANK YODER, Inc, Plumbing, Sheet Metal Work, Heating, Tin Roofs, Sewer Connections, New Kitchens and Bathrooms, Roofing and Spout Repairs 2230 PERKIOMEN AVENUE, MT. PENN, PA. Dial 2-1371--3-8007 rjojojarjcitljuiojtvioioilricri Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ! Q Q i Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I I Q Q Q Q Q Q CENTRHL LUMBER C0 YARD 2nd cmd Walnut Streets Phone 5295 PAINT STORE 809 Penn Street Phone 3-0704 yg 1.1: 1 1 19:1 -1 11317: 2-riuiui 3 3 2 1 1:1111 1 rio-'Q' v ',010io1o1o1o1o1o1111011sicrixioixrimnjirjcxiiriirjfrifnjarjerjcxifviazicxicxjcrzfvicrzriefini yxojenzozoiojojoioiazirio1o1o1o1o14 ,111-:ui 1 riiioioioinioioi 1 1 10101 1 :oi 111 3131 3:1 3 3 2 1 ish 1 xii 1:1 xiuioioioioioi ni io: ni NEIN BROS. Coal and Feed 2236 PERKIOIVIEN AVENUE STICK,S SWEET SHOP Soda Fountain 111 HOLLYWOOD AVE. "Every Visit a Pleasant Memory" Men's and Young Men's CLOTHING, HATS and FURNISHINGS ROSS SASSAM AN 824 PENN STREET READING, PA. Phone 5313 ESSO DEALERS ROTHERM EL and HAFER HOWARD BLVD., MT. PENN Tires 9 Atlas Batteries Accessories and Expert Lubrication Official Tire Inspection Station JOSEPH ADDESSO Shoe Rebuilding It is our job to keep our customers well shod. I 25 NORTH 23rd STREET MT. PENN, READING, PA. CHESTNUT HILL GARAGE 2242 HOWARD BOULEVARD MT. PENN, READING, PA. I Sales--CCHEVROLETJ-Service Phone-Reading 3-3659 ARTY 'n MARTY'S HoME and AUTO SUPPLIES plus SPORTING Gooos 431-33 PENN STREET READING, PA. READING STREET RAILWAY COMPANY 12 SOUTH FIFTH STREET READING, PA. 3111111113111111111110101 rj4n:o:c1o1o1n:4,io1o14v1cr1v:4r1qn14o'4 . .3001011114nit10:1rjczjxzicrjcricrioiarjxrjcrjtrjajcbitrilricbidbicrifbif lioioini 11 1:31 1 iiiuioi 3 in cb 1 1 it 1 2 1 1 111 121101011 COHL ST. LAWRENCE COMMUNITY BUILDING Of Good Quality SOCIAL ROOMS sms ' FRED W. Fountam OCYVICC Bowlmg Billiards WEST READING, PA. Dial 2-1479 and SERVICE . 0. Younger Set A.Llt0H1OtlVC Dealers n . Fashlons ?-516-26 PERKIOMEN AVENUE 0 MT. PENN, READING? PA' 120 NORTH 5th STREET Phone 5376 READING, PA. vi 3 1 1 cn an goczhirxrup up 42::zo4amm'vvzauamvxoiwsioi 1 1 :ui :in 1 ininioioiy-14 rioixlioifliirivitxiojoioiixioi gjqpoioic i i ! ! ! ! I l i i i i ! u n s ! ! ! Q ! ! ! ! n Q I ! ! l a E u ! r1::1.rjo1cr1o:o1ojo1u14x1o14s1fnjf rioioioioioioioi v i I Compliments of PRICE BATTERY CCDEPOEATION HAMBURG PPNN9YLVAN1A Compliments of I-ICLLYWOCDD APARTMENTS, Inc. 105 NORTH 27th STREET, MT. PENN, PA. Telephone 37312 Complimenis of Compliments of LONDON SHOP .IACKSONWALD 549 PENN STREET HOTEL MORRIS GOODMAN JACKSONWALD, PA y1o1u1o103oi1rirc9ui 2 111 q1iqv1v1n1o1n: imnigugqngnigniclitliiitivritria 'Z' 4 9 V SCI-IOFEIYS QUALITY BAKERY, INC. Bakery to Home Service S RES: 108 South 5th Street TELEPHONE 6291 TO 9 North 5th Street LEFKOES I SALES and SERVICE ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Formerly with O. W. Lindgren, Inc. COMPLETE T 9 REPAIR SERVICE S Specializing-in The Sportsmanfv Store DODGE and PLMOUTH REPAIRS Cor. 9th and PENN STREETS USED CARS BOUGHT and SOLD 4 H , 0 . I 0 Reading 3-3722 gt Photo Supphes F1l'1lSh1I1g CHURCH and GREENWICH STS!-W Compliments Of SAMUEL RUDOLPH and SON, Inc. 1830 NORTH nth STREET-615 BUTTONWOOD STREET The Compliments of PENNSIDE STORE HAY KERN 'KDUKEH and ELSIE 1' 1 1 CUMMINGS , "The Swffff PIM" GROCERIES, GAS and OIL '12 DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 0 CANDIES 0 O BEVERAGES O LIGHT GROCERIES, ETC. JACKSONWALD, PA. 25th and HIGH STREETS. -iuxuzuimif13111111riuioiutvutoi 11 C12 2 iuiuioqv CD11 11131 101 1:21:11 I Zuiuiuioinir110101021241101411 Q 1.311103 1:1113 143 ini xi 1 1 1 1 10101 GEORGE GOLIIS Esso Station CARSONIA AVENUE STONY CREEK MILLS, PA. Compliments of AUTOMATIC SALES COMPANY RON YOUNGERMAN, Mgr. Telephone 2-2341 "fin dlzmznusu SWEITZER'S Own Make ICE CREAM Soda Fountain Lunchconette 32 NORTH NINTH STREET Complimenfs of READING DIN ER PHILADELPHIA PIKE Complimenis Of REIFFTON DAIRY Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of '45 MAIESTIC THEATRE xzqpqucmi ini ini 1 Z 2311211141111 1 2101 ii 111141031 3011 r1o1crjo1o:4r:4n11n14r1o14x1cj4r:cr1o1ar1o:1r14v:4r1 niuioioiozoiozmrioicriozxrjoierjaiariav:4w14,14l11r:4x:4v:4lj4ricxz4o:c 1101014 1011 4:0 014 sq 'I' xqliuiojnjujoioi:ixmioiojoioirxjoioifxioiojdxifljcxirxjc 1101010101014 xiojfxitxjoiujnit xitrirviixicxjixitrixrjtrjdlioif 'Q Q Q Q Q ! Q u Q Q u Q Q Q Q n 131:ixri'111Q11rioimriuioiaininiui si 11 .rioininioi 11 xi 1 111 1 ri 1 ri 1014 EARL R. BRINER Druggist Drugs, Prescriptions SODA FOUNTAIN We Deliver-Phone 5564 1763 PERKIOMEN AVENUE READING, PA. Compliments of A FRIEND Complimentr of A FRIEND rio: Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND xit10101o3nQ1r1 I in 30113 lil 2 xii 11 110301014 9 .521 boioitritlioioicrinirrjoiojujcxiojarjcz:L1011xioiojoiojcbojoic110101011L14'101014b1oj014x74x1cxZfj0jcr1oj014b14bI11i1l1014r14b140.O rio-92" i0io1oj0joioi4x11r1r:1y1oj1n1cv:1m14vjcrjcrj014r14ri4 10301 Compliments of WI-IITMAN'S GRILL THE GREATEST SHOWS IN RADIO Presented over the great coast-to-coast network of the NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMPANY "The Network Most People Listen To Most" Are now heard best over your NBC Station in Reading, Penna. ...W R A W... 1340 ON YOUR DIAL Complete Banking and Trust Facilities MT. PENN TRUST COMPANY "Your Community Bank" PERKIOMEN AVENUE AT 23rd STREET MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURAINCE COMPANY 1014-101011-14 1011 io1u1u1o:o1o10i4 11021 101' 1 1201 1010101 '21 1031 I 1 oi 511rinriarioioioicbioioicvioisxioi' Doioioioioii 1011 Z bi ri 1311: 2 110301114 state - , 120103031 3 1 3 111 101 141 131 11110101 1111 2 1111 iii 1:1 1 1111010 1 1 311 1 1 1 11111 1 1 1 1 111 1:.Dr110i0i0101 2 1 1.21 101130101014 ' ESSO ESSO EXTRA Congrz1tL1lationS Cl f 1945 AERO 1 ass o . 1 O SILRVICE STATION HOVVARD D. GOODWIN, VIC HOMAN Burgeqs 28th and PERKIOMEN AVE. U i MT. PENN, READING, PA. Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success . . REDDY KILCDWATT A 'E M l 0 as Your Electric Servant nsnnv knownr Compliments of STICHTER HARDWARE CCD., Inc. FIFTH and PENN STREETS READING, PA. viiwzv' 11010111'11v1oj1xj1r11rio1ojo1011vj1r11r11xj1 xiuioioioioioi nic111r1ojo11xio101cr11xj4rj1ri1rZ0i4:1o11x11r11r11b:1 go 110111 1x1011xi1131m1oi1xi1mi121 1 11:2 3 1 1 11111 2 111 111 1 111 111 12 3 MARVELO PRODUCTS CO. Sanatation Specialists Compliments of HARTGENS Keystone Store E. J. FLEMMING, Hgenf 1505 NORTH 14th STREET READING, PA. 2447 PERKIOMEN AVENUE MT. PENN, READING, PA. Compliments of ,lo ,SZ 428-444 PENN SQUARE - READING, PA. A Locally Owned Department Store where Highest Standards of QUALITY and SERVICE are Consistently Maintained f GALLMANS Inc. JQYCE SHQP Cleaners and Dyers , O 10 NORTH FOURTH STREET STONY CREEK MILLS, PA. 'Dial 4-3035 READING, PA. VISIT . . . LINCOLNS RESTAURQNT onthe PHILADELPHIA PIKE 111111111111i1i1x1 111 11101 111 1 3111111111 311 1 1 1 111 211 1:1 iii rio 0:0 ' xjoioioioiv ujoiujoioioicrioioif 1101010 rjojcxjojoioioioioioic 1114 Quit 001011111111111024lioininioioiilioiuq 101014 201 1:1 2 3 11114111102010101034 boi m1n1o1u:o1o1u1o1n1 3 114141101 ,104 WILLIAM I-I. REESER 917 PENN STREET, READING, PA. STANDARD SURGICAL APPLIANCES SINCE 1900 TRUSSES, SUPPORTERS, ELASTIC ANKLETS, KNEE CAPS, STOCKINGS Lady Attendant! 9 Dial 2-0115 SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS ARNULF WOERLE 528 WALNUT STREET READING, PA. A FRIEND "FaVored folgfifty Years" INFORMEDMSSIFORMED ' W INGRADE CO. FRESH MEATS and Uniforms . . . Regalias ' . . GROCERIES Specialities 9 12th and Brown Sts., Phila.. Pa. 809 WALNUT STREET Represented by HAROLD WOLFF, Sales Ag t WE'SERVE-TO'SATISFY 146-1 Bellview Avenue, Camden, N. e.IT HI-FELLOWS! Here's the Place for . . . I toys D Castle home inovies 2 jfffs Q Qgfsfijgl ffggfgets "THE DIFFICULT THING CAN IO home playground equipment 'I nursery furniture and carriages When you're in need!! Breeze over RICHARDS' TOY CORNER FRONT 8z BUTTONWOOD STS. Open Wed. Fri. and Sat. Evenings BE DONE RIGHT AWAY-F THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A LITTLE LONGER." 10101010111101010101011lifjfljcicvitltlitlifxjclirifliciroxr :enjoin110101011110101011rjdrjoilxicnioirjfxjuioioierioi ,010-'1 1 1 ini 1 1-11 :ri 101114 311 10101103 1 1 ii 1:1111 1119110121 3 1 ixi F7 QEYSTONE BADGE c0MpAN Our New Location 832 FRANKLIN STREET READING, PENNA. Dial 3-Il79 PRIMI G af All fbucfzifzliand Manufacturers of Badges - Buttons - Ribbons Printers of the Penn Alma Dloioioioioinimliuioiai ri li li 101 ,D 71 110101 12014 3 xi bi xi MT. PENN PHARMACY 41 NORTH 23rd STREET WHI'1'MAN'S CANDIES BREYER'S ICE. CREAM Complete Line of YARDLEY'S COSMETICS Phone 4-8642 COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE the BARBER 23rd and GRANT STREETS 1 Zz The Finest in Portmitwre O 20 NORTH FIFTH STREET, READING, PENNA. Dial 4-3021 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '45 9 6LEAN5ERS AND DYER5 041 rjoioioioiuiojoc :ini rioiojojojoiuiw 1101014 xjeriziojoioioixvioioiixirviibinsiojnrif ri: rioici-21034 PATRONS Mrs. Eva Adams Miss Ellen Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs- Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Anderson John J. Arndt Edgar M. Arters Clayton J. Bachman Ernest Barth Wayne Barto Joseph Baskin Joseph Batastini Edwin S. Baugher Robert H. Bauer Howard Beaver, Sr. George H. Behm William Bernsau Ernst Bieber James P. Bixler Carl H. Boas John Brady Miss Cortney Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Brown Percy Brown Clem S. Coleman Kenneth R. Conrad James Carr Harry Dague Robethan Davis William DeGodt Claude DeHart Harvey E. Dice Ralph Dickersin Daniel B. Diefenderfer Frank Diefenderfer Harry E. Dissinger .Tohn Donaldson Howard W. Doty Robert W. Downs Mr. and Mrs. Luke Dunkelberger Rev. and Mrs. Paul J. Dundore Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs J. George Ennis Bryan Esterly ' . F. Stuart Fehr Mrs. Dorothy Field Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Frankhouser Cpl. Elmer H. Frankhouser U.S.M.C. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Freedman Mr. and Mrs. .g.... ! ! I I Q ! I I :E 'U li !l11 P+ ! I I 10:1 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Miriom Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Evelyn George Gehring H. Wayne Gernard C. W. Gillis Robert S. Girvin John A. Glassmoyer Robert D. Godshall Victor Gomez Howard D. Goodwin Albert Green G. Griesemer Sol Grosse Edgar F. Guard Samuel Hadley, Sr. Haag Mrs. Sarah Hafer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Halbeisen Reginald Hanford E. W. Hartline Ira Hartman Eugene C. Hassler Roy E. Hay Miss Jean Heisey Miss Edythe V. Henry Miss Flora V. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Irvin W. Henry Mrs. Olga Hollis High Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hill Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Hill Mr. and Mrs. Malvin P. Homan Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Homan Miss: Angela Houseal Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Howard Edgar A. Huggins U.S.N.R. Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Huggins Mrs. Emily H. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs.. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Jackson William James Hans Jensen Charles E. Johnson Walter J. Johnson W. C. A. Johnson Mrs. Leroy Keiser and Family Mr. and Mrs. Tohn J. Keith Miss Louise Keller Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Kershner Mrs. Fred H. Kessler Mrs. Grace Klein Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Klein Mr. VVilliam J. Kreidler 0 rjoiuioiojoitrixritvitrilrjoiliiricricviivitvilvjcrjcicriq 1011 901010 r1o:1rju1oi4.jojuiuj' ioiojojoioioic ijuiojoioioic 4,0011 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. PATRONS John Labe H. B. Lantz J. J. Larson Miss Deborah A. Leinbach Mr. Thomas K. Leinbach Mr. and Mrs. William B. Leinbach Miss Anna E. Levan Mrs. Kenneth B. Levan Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Levan Mr. Richard M. Linder Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herman G. Ludwig Walter H. Ludwig Mrs. Esther K. Lutz Miss Jane L. Lutz Miss R. Josephine Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Marrs Mr. Jeffery Mingel Lt. and Mrs. Jacob P. Meyers, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Morgan Mrs. Louisa Morris Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William A. Morris Willard I. Musser Henry B. McComas Edward McDonough William Nagle Harry A. Neff Theodore H. Neff David S. Nein William Nein William Odum L. Ogden R. B. O'Neal Harrison A. Peck Henry Petsch Frank K. Pinneo Mr. and Mrs. George T. Powers and Mrs. Warren A. Reber Mr. Dr. C. F. Reh Miss Miriam N. Reh Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Reifsnvder Miss Emma Reinbold Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reisinger Mr. and Mrs. J. William Reitz Mrs. Edna A. Rhoads Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Rhoads Mrs. Florence H. Riley Pvt. Robert F. Rudy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. K. Rutkowsky Peter J. Salino Michael Sands and Mrs. Leon Sassaman Levi H. Sassaman Miss Grace Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schock Mrs. Frank Schott Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Seifarth Clifford VV. Seyfert Judson B. Severns Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sharetts Mr. and Mrs. Miss Ruth Sholl Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr: Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Charles E. Shirk and Mrs. Howard A. Shollen berger and Mrs. Arthur A. Shultz and Mrs. Leon Shurr and M rs. C. Raymond Smith and Mrs. Bert L. Snyder and Mrs. Harold A. Snyder and Mrs. Harold T. Snyder and Mrs. Iaeger Snyder and Mrs. Fred P. Steck and Mrs. Vfilliam Steinmetz and Mrs. Galen Stieff and Mrs. Morris Straka and Mrs. R. Stuart Stump and Mrs. Lloyd Stutzman and Mrs. George M. Schwartz Welder PFC. and Mrs. Frank Siefer Mr. and Mrs. Norman Taylor Mr. Norman R. Taylor Mrs. Madaline F. Tomson Mr Mr and Mrs. joseph H. Tuckey Daniel W. VanPelt Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr J. C. Walters Roscoe H. Ward Jacob D. Wentzel Harold Wien George 'Wilkinson Alfred B. Yorgey, Jr. Leroy E. Zerbe Merlin D. Ziegler and Mrs. David S. Zimmerman Mrs Ruth E. Zoil ' A ' , 6 4 K A Z' ,A', 3 f J!!! W JM :egg . N PQ Lag M 52.9 EQ -4. 594: M75 5 viva ' ' , 25,5 E A 25" 'J iaiifzf V ' V Q, vi" S.: , ' KL Ty 3'f.,g35:'5 . 'i?'lS',.,,. V Vw: Jw -. f 4 4 4 ' ' -will ,,d9.Q5av5?f? v H.:-.11 'V y-:S 5' ,af 0? fi I 7' . , . mi. .' -I-A." mllvzliz' A " .. ,z iw N ' , ' 1. -F' ' . " 'wx A - ' JP-1 I , u Qi? -v' V X e -Q,-'Y ' Eg 13 Ve' 15954, F 52, 5 . ' :ff:q.qf,gQg ' .we ' giii3f'!' ,K wifi? -if P , , fl -y if If X 'A A 'ne . I g t , , , .iv Q-, WW? 5znffgf5". ' g et QV ' , V7 35 QW' 770,-l Wai-W ' ' ' " . ' V V . Q5 b X 'f 1 1553555 I 0 n . A ,,, I . f' ,V 12 QQ, X . Lf ,,1..ELQIg. " 0 it ' '52 . K V - 11 . QQ ' X --L- ivf'g?f2f'K-af , - 'Q -- "7-"f:5?,'L1?1-Sf, 513- ri " X 7 ' W e? - ' :Z , . . ., ,, 5 . , ,ix L iii www? asf? yn - 5 'KQE 2 ?f?'9 """72-Km Q W hEQE?D3 Wfqj, many fs 1 J ik.. gf Q xxx N7hQ9f:-DQ, 3 ww ? 5,Jff'WD?W?, Rig? 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Suggestions in the Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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