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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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, 7. ,l Nki Q1 4 " M. A wr, s ' - X 6 kd A , f . 1'fl N ,L .. 11 Q XX' . J. - I ' AV ti:z,V.,xgJ,, i Gi' -. ljtsiwfif , , M ,, , . 4 1,:-. fi.. -my -' K ' ' Y, -- f. 11 'j' 'Z ' '-jg 'lg' -'N 'zll ,m - "5 -f ' 'Y' F -f Y" H' . V F-1.21"H.-.ff-23eA-' V' ' 'i rp'1-f-fi We-:-'Y '--.-1 iff "f it A N f g E F 'E U! 25 H '-2 Z1 x -1 -r i A S :N :neun nuns nu nmnnuqumimr ,-. THE PENN ALMA 1938 Fifth Annual Edition By the Senior Class Mt. Penn High School Mt. Penn, Pennsylvania MEMBER of the Pennsylvania School Press Association PRICE: ONE DOLLAR Foreword In the future the Penn Alma of 1.938 will unfold for its the memories of many incidents which made our years in Mt. Penn High School some of the happiest we shall ever know. May this yearbook preserve for all many, many pleasant associations. Dedication We, the Class of 1938, dedicate this, our yearlmolc, to Jacob D. lV67Lt,Z6i in grateful appre- ciation of his ahtirihg help in producing our school publications. Contents ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS MT. PENN HIGH SCHOOL Administration Supervising Principal B. S., Grove City College M. A., University of Pittsburgh ROSCOE H. WARD Sl "Time marches on! And with it the Class of 1938. Another milestone has been reached! Your tomorrow will demand service, service of you. No one can tell what will be the demand, but he who would strive for the loftiest aim of human endeavor must serve. My congratulations to youg and may the coming years find every member 0 f the Class of '38 playing his part nobly in life's great drama." A Board of Education Front row, left to right: Wm. H. Bernsau, Vice-President: Fred A. Howard President: George W. Dauth, Member Back row: Ernest L. Barth, Treasurer: W. Ralph High, Member: Edwin F. Palm Secretary: Thomas K. Leinbach, Member CARRIE C. BABB Social Studies, Geography B. S., Kutztown State Teachers College Teachers College, Columbia University JOSEPH EVANCHO Art B. S., Kutztown State Teachers College Penn State Faculty X 'U f' xJ' Q BERTHA F. BIER Social Studies B. A., George Washington University MIRIAM GRIESEMER Health, Physical Education, Mathematics B. S., West Chester State Teachers College Faculty CHARLES GEORGE General Science, Mathematics B. A., Ursinus College Duke University THURLOW A. HASLEY Health and Physical Education B. P. Ed., Springfield College ETHEL HEIDENREICH Home Economics B. S., Mansfield State Teachers Colle e 8' M. A., Columbia University JOSEPH J. LARSON Social Science B. S., Penn State Faculty MARIAN M. KREMER Typewriting, Shorthand B. S., Carnegie Institute of Technology fl X 1' f K ,f Faculty CATHARINE E. RAMSAY Music B. S., West Chester State Teachers College Albright College ELVA D. LUDWIG Librarian, English B. S., Millersville State Teachers College Duke University Pennsylvania State College fx ' 71 l X, .f if l ELIZABETH REIFSNYDER Secretary to the Principal Faculty JOHN H. SEIFARTH Industrial Arts B. S., Penn State LLOYD SHARETTS Chemistry, Physics, Biology B. S., M. S., Gettysburg College WILLIAM S. STERNER Mathematics, History B. S., University of Pennsylvania B. A., M. A., Gettysburg College l Faculty R. STUART STUMP Mathematics B. S., Juniata College 3 1 1 ,I fl! J, W N LLOYD L. STUTZMAN German, French ' Q, f l . xA,4,nJ.,xAfj , J. NORMAN TAYLOR Business English, Ojjice Practice Jnnior Business Training, Commercial Geography B. S., University of Pennsylvania Temple University, Penn State Faculty THOMAS J. TOOLE Business M oathematics, Salesmanship, Commercial Law, Bookkeeping B S Tem le Universit - -, D Y Penn State, University of Penna. JACOB D. WENTZEL English, Latin X ge B. A., Franklin 8z Marshall Colle M. A., Columbia University fxk' N . veggie-Qeubl M. ELIZ ETH TROSTEL English B. A., Gettysburg College Kx Q Seniors Senior Class Officers Left to right: William 0'C0nnell, presidentg Sydne Fischer, treasurer: Mildred Kline secretary: Grace Hill, vice-president. Class Flower: Gardenia. Class Motto: Where there is no path, make one. Class Colors: Brown and Gold Penn Alma Staff Seated: Margaret Ptlugfelder, literaryg Elizabeth Shields, Ieatureg Ruth Glassmoyer, music: Elva Goodhart, featureg Louise Mercer, advertisingg Jeanne Aicher, arty Margaret McDonough, personalsg Barbara Reed, personalsg Eleanor Joyce, personalsg Dorothy Fahnauer, sportsg Eleanor Steify, literaryg Austin Brown, circulationg Sydne Fischer, art. Standing: Jacob D. Wentzel, faculty advisorg Jerome Denner, editor-in-chiefg Joseph Evancho, faculty art advisory Leonard Eisenberg, advertisingg Eugene Batastini, featuresg James Holzman, photographyg Joe Miller, circulationg Stanley Alenier, literaryg Harold Rohrbach, advertising. ,Absent from picture: Olive McAdam. literaryg Donald Calm, sports. '31 Ni . L' F ,f Ik t, rl rd vj . ji r eo ,,, 4' vo , Q ,f- C 1 .ive L rg f. , . 'V U iz if f Yxe .' ' ,f '. M. of Z LK ,,. EDWARD A. ARMSTRONG 2202 Perkiomen Avenue K 4 y I i "A nickname lasts forever." Radio Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Track, 3. Typing Club, 4. Senior C L A S S JEANNE ELEANOR AICHER 126 West Thirty-sixth Street, Reiifton, Pa. "Shorty" "Ge2iiii9, thou gift of Heaven! thou light divinef' Penn Post. 3, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Cheer Leader, 4. Class Play, 4. Class Basketball, 4. Booster's Club, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. STANLEY J. ALENIER 8 Earle Gables KKStan7l H H Fond of fini, and foricl of dress. Track, 2. Dramatic Club, 2. Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Typing Club, 3. Band, 2, 3, 4. Male Chorus, 3. Interclass Soccer, 3. Penn Post, 3, 4. Penn Alma., 4. Senior Play Committee, 4. EUGENE A. BATASTINI 613 North Twenty-Iifth Street "Gene" "Though 'wovidhiing Senales hung on all he spoke, The club must hail him master of the joke." Gym Leaders Club, 2. Track, 2, 3, 4. Male Chorus, 3. Typing, 3. Penn Post, 3, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Mixed Chorus, 4. Interclass Athletics Varsity Soccer, 4. Senior Play Committee, 4. GRACE B. BIEBER Esterly, Pa. "Gracie" "Her smile like summery shine-' Library Club, 2. Penn Post Club, 3. Banking Club, 4. Class Play Usher, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. JOHN S. BINGAMAN Automobile Club, 3. "Wisely I say, I am cl bachelor." Commercial Club, 2. Esterly, Pa. "Bi1igie" Hunting and Fishing Club, 4 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma ALBERT BRINTZENHOFF 2560 Perkiomen Avenue "Junior" "I love my fellow creatures, I do all the good I carl." Dramatic Club, 2. Automobile Club, 3. Hi-Y Club, 4. Interclass Athletics, 4. Boys' Gym Leader's Club, 4. Senior C L A S S CLEMENT RICHARD BOLAND 2628 Perkiomen Avenue llclemi I "A man with eyes that look into the govlli' Lum-..4 L Bo, Band, 2, 3. ? ' ' Orchestra, 2. X . ,arf Qajn ' Q,qX2,C J v soccer 3 5 a f f Varsity Soccer' 4 C' if "'-1.f M4144 M.- Varsity Basketballfi . . . f V Track, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Clubf2, 3, 4. - Q, Q vice President, 3. Penn Post Club, 4. .JL WW Penn Post, 3. Class Play, 4. Dramatic Club, 3. Interclass Athletics National Honor Societv. 4. CLAIR BORTZ Esterly, Pa. Klgucki! "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." Track, 2, 3, 4. Gym Leader, 2, 4. Hi-Y Club, 4. Commercial Club, 3. AUSTIN BROWN Stony Creek Mills, Pa. Hsaxn "H e manned himself with clauntless air, Returned the Chief his haughty stare." Gym Club, 2. Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Soccer, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball, 4. Varsity Club, 3, 4. Photography Club, 4. Penn Alma, 4. DONALD J. CALM 2449 Fairview Avenue "Calmie" "For knowledge itself is power." Dramatic Club, 2. Automobile Club, 3. J. V. Basketball, 3. Varsity Basketball, 4. Track, 3, 4. Tennis, 3, 4. Penn Post, 3, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Penn Post, 3, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Penn Post Club, 3, 4. JEROME DENNER 120 Hollywood Avenue uJe,r7,yn "No task is too severe to be attempted, No goal seems too remote to be attainable." National Honor Society, 4. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma LEONARD EISENBERG 12 Endlich Avenue "Else" "Opinion is the great pillow that upholds the commouzoeulthf' Slide Rule, 3, 4. Penn Post, 3, 4. Class Play Committee, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Senior C L A S S ROBERT ECKENROTH 111 West Thirty-fifth Street, Reiffton, Pa. nE1Ckyn "This fellozU's wise enough to play the fool, And to do that well craves a lclufl of wit." Automobile Club, 3. Baseball, 3, 4. Photography Club, 4 HELEN JANE EDDY 111 North Twenty-fifth Street 4lEddyl7 "The joy of youth and health her eyes clisplayeol, Anal case of heart her every look couvey'd." President Library Club, 2, 3, 4. Club, 2. Post, 3, 4. Track, 2. Mixed Chorus, 4. ARLINGTON L. FABIAN Stony Creek Mills, R. D. 1, Pa. "Calmness is a great advantage." Gym club, 2, 4. Varsity Soccer, 2, 3, 4. Track, 2, 3, 4. Automobile Club, 3. Hi-Y Club, 4. DOROTHY MAE FAHNAUER "The reward o a thing well done , Mixed Chorus, 2. ff ' Knitting Club, 2. K Class Basketball, 2, 4. K X N Penn Post, 4. Penn Alma, 4. XQ3, Penn Post Club, 4. Y ' gfy IlTinny,7 , f . Zaffxfvafvx Y I ' Stony Creek Mills "Dottie" f is to have done it." Kp gf 8' . uf' ALFRED FEATHER Stony Creek Mills, Pa.. UAV! "Silence answers much." Hunting and Fishing Club, 2, 4. Commercial Club, 3. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma MARY ELIZABETH FOLEY 2521 Grant Street ::F0leyu "A quiet conscience makes one so serene." Dramatic Club, 2. Commercial Club Library Club, 4. Class Play Usher, Manager Girls' Basketball, 4. Senior Chorus, 2, 3, 4. ,3. 4. Senior C L A S S we Miner ji J W x Z l I fl 1 L, SYDNE L. FISCHER 31 Butter Lane ltsydi! "In gentle dreams I often will be by, , And sweep along before your closing eye." Dramatic Club, 3, 4. Cheer Leader, 4. Mixed Chorus, 4. Treasurer, 4. Class Play, 4. Penn Alma, 4. if RMIT E. FLICKER Esterly, Pa. "Jeffries" "E'arnestness and sincerity are synonymous." Chess and Checker Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Booster Club, 4. Office Practice Club. 4. BETTY RAE FOLK 2435 Cumberland Avenue 1 KB ettyn "He said mine eyes were black and my hair black - - -" Knitting Club, 2, Mixed Chorus, 3. Home Economics Club, 4. , Class Play Usher, 4. X 00 Class Play Committee, 4. 1 M .1 ,,,..f -I ' - X 4 ' 1 C WILLIAM MARTIN FRIEDMAN 340 Carsonia Avenue "Bill" "An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorror ." Track, 2. ' Slide Rule Club, 3, 4. Penn Post, 3. Interclass Soccer, 4. Z9 - . V. 'fl' ROBERT W. GABLE Esterly, Pa. "Bo bf? "He wears the rose of youth upon him." Commercial Club, 4. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma I RICHARD HARDMAN 605 North Twenty-fifth Street "Dick" "Intent he seemed, And pond'ring future things wondrous weight." Debating, 4. Hi-Y Club, 4. Class Play Committee, 4. Senior C L A S S 0 RUTH KATHRYN GLASSMOYER 2653 Perkiomen Avenue "Glassie" "O Music! sphere-descended maid, Friend of Pleasure, Wisdo1n's aid." Knitting Club, 2. Typing Club, 3. Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra., 3, 4. Penn Post, 4. Home Economics Club, 4. ELVA L. GOODHART 2419 Filbert Avenue "Goodie" "A fair exterior is ct silent recoininendationf' Knitting Club, 2. Typing Club, 3. Penn Post, 3, 4. Penn Post Club, 4. Penn Alma., 4. Debating, 4. Class Play Committee, 4. Girl'Reserves, 4. C. ROBERT HESS Esterly, Pa. HBOIJU "He seems so near and yet so far. Commercial Club, 2. Automobile Club, 3. Hunting and Fishing Club, 4. VIRGINIA LaRUE HEFFNER Stony Creek Mills, Pa. lKGinny!! "Small beginnings make great endings." Commercial Club, 3. Ofice Practice, 4. Knitting Club, 2. Interclass Basketball, 3. Baseball, 3. GRACE W. HILL Stony Creek Mills, Pa. "Grace" Self reverence, self knowledge, self control." Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. Track, 3. Vice President, 4. Mixed Chorus, 2. Girls' Gym Leader, 4. Penn Post, 3, 4. Baseball, 3. Commencement Usher, 3. National Honor Society, 3, 4. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma L MARY EVELYN HORNING 623 Friedensburg Road, Pennside MIRIAM W. HOCH Birdsboro, R. D. 2, Pa. tlMiml7 "I worked with patience which means almost power." Commercial Club, 2. Penn Post Club, 3. Home Economics Club, 4. Class Play Usher, 4. JAMES H. HOLZMAN 237 Oak Terrace KlJim77 ! "He'll find a way." 0' Interclass Soccer, 2. - M ly-0.12 Automobile Club, 3. db' ' If , Tennis, 3, 4. Typing Club, 4. M Photography Club, 4. ' Penn Alma, 4. I fIE,UfieYY "Pleasure of every kind quickly satisfies." Varsity Basketball, 4. Oilice Practice Club, 4. Senior C L A S S WILLIAM D. HOSTETTER 6 Penn Mawr Court "Hess" "One thing is forever good, That one thing ts success." President Collector Club, 2. Orchestra, 2. Penn Post, 3. Typing Club, 3, 4. Debating, 4. ELEANOR C. JOYCE 2419 Woodvale Avenue I llJug!f "Those eyes of deep, soft, lucid hne, WW Eyes too expressive to be blue, Too lovely to be grey." Typing Club, 3. ' ru! Knitting Club, 2. Penn Post, 3, 4. Class Basketball, 2, 3. Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Play Usher, 3. Class Play, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Debate, 4. President Dramatic Club, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. National Honor Society, 4. WILLIAM K. KASE 2338 Perkiomen Avenue h'BillY! "A finished gentleman from top to toe." Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. J. V. Basketball, 3. Automobile Club, 3. Typing Club, 4. Handy Andy Club, 2. Assistant Basketball Manager, 2. Interclass Athletics. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma I QOH' FLJL WARREN KERSHNER 2421 Woodvale Avenue KlJ0eH "Not simple conquest, triumph is his aim." J. V. Basketball, 2, 3. Orchestra, 2. Automobile Club, 3. Debate, 4. Singing Club, 4. Executive Committee, 4. Hi-Y Club, 4. Interclass Athletics. Senior C L A S S EDWARD W. KEMMERER 2220 Woodvale Avenue HEd!! "Handsome is that handsome does. Varsity Basketball, 2, 3. President, 3. J. V. Soccer, 3. Commercial Club, 3. Hi-Y Club, 4. Class Basketball, 2, 4. Booster Club, 4. Penn Post, 3. National Honor Society, 3, 4. LEONA KERCHER Stony Creek Mills, Pa. "Kercher" With dancing hair and laughing eyes, That seem to mock me as it flies." Track, 3. Varsity Basketball, 3. Cheer Leader, 4. Knitting Club, 2. Penn Post Club, 3. Girls' Gym Leader, 4. LAWRENCE S. KLEE Stony Creek Mills, Pa. Kimeeli "No one ever 'repented of holding his tongue." Chess and Checkers Club, 2. Typing Club, 3. Office Practice Club, 4. MILDRED JEAN KLINE Stony Creek Mills, Pa. "Klinie" "Wit is an unexpected explosion of thought." Class Basketball, 2. Track, 3. Chorus, 2, 3. Baseball, 3. Penn Post Club, 3. Executive Committee, 4. Cheerleader, 3, 4. Class Secretary, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. Class Play Usher, 4. Gym Leader, 4. Dance Orchestra, 4. lf' HEBER LeVAN 2218 Woodvale Avenue UN,igU "For no w he's free Over the hills and Gym Leaders Club, 2, J. V. Basketball, 3. Commercial Club, 3. to sing and play far away." 3. Oiice Practice Club, 4. 1 9 3 8 Penn. Alma C I WWWJM LY 'X L ' ell' av .1 jjwfe 51 Qljxjl j 1 X WARREN L. MARTIN 15 North Twenty-fifth Street "Pete" "I dare do all that may become a mang Who dares do more, is none." Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Soccer, 3, 4. Track, 3. Class Play, 4. Varsity Club, 3, 4. Commercial Club, 3. Hi-Y Club, 4. Gym Leaders Club, 2. FLORENCE V. MARTZ J acksonwald, Pa. "Martee' ' "Patience surpasses learning. Art Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Home Economics, 4. Class Play Usher, 4. Class Basketball, 2, 3. WILLIAM J. MASON 1028 North Tenth Street "Skeeter" "Ah! happy years! once more who would not be a boy!" Stamp Club, 2. Typing Club, 3. Penn Post Club, 4. Penn Post, 4. Senior C L AS S I OLIVE E. McADAM Stony Creek Mills, Pa. "Olive" "On all her days let health and peace attend,- May she ne'er want, nor ever lose a friend Typing Club, 3. MlXEd ChOI'l.lS, 4. Penn Post Club, 4. Penn POSt, 4. Penn Alma, 4, Class Play Committee, 4. ,Il MARGARET A. McDONOUGH 2302 Grandview Avenue "Marnie" "The king himself has followed her, When she has walked before." Class Basketball, 2, 3. Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Dramatic Club, 2. Faculty Play Usher, 3. Commencement Usher, 3. Commercial Club, 3. Banking Club, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Penn Post, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. Class Play Committee, 4. Debate, 4. National Honor Society, 4. ANNE LOUISE MERCER 2310 Fairview Avenue KI Lou" The only way to have a friend is to be one." Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Commercial Club, Penn Post, 4. Penn Alma, 4. 3. Class Play Prompter, 4. Penn Post Club Girl Reserves, 4. ,4. K,-.L L K. -fo K1-4 vfkk I ,f"l.,f4,sJ- JL! l. C ' xxx ff ff A 4 .KW 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma W ef LEONARD C. MOSSER Stony Creek Mills, Pa. "Lennie" "A nice unparticular fellow." Hunting and Fishing Club, 2, 4. Automobile Club, 3. Senior C L A S S HOWARD C. MILLER Esterly, Pa. Klpiggieh "Take time enough: all other graces Will soon fill their proper places." Vocational Club, 2. Automobile Club, 3. Ofllce Practice Club, 4. JOSEPH L. MILLER 2458 Grant Street llejoelf "His limbs were cast in manly mould, For hardy sports or contest bold." Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Soccer, 2, 3, 4. Gym Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Photo Club, 4. Penn Post, 3. Penn Alma, 4. Varsity Club, 3, 4. Band, 2. Booster Club, 4. ROBERT MURRAY 2304 Fairview Avenue lKBobU "He is not merely o, chip off the old Block, But the old Block itself." Dramatic Club, 2. J. V. Basketball, 2, 3. J. V. Soccer, 3. Automobile Club, 3. Penn Post Club, 4. LILLIAN V. NAGLE Loraine, Pa. "Lillian" "The shortest answer is doing." Sewing Club, 2. Typing Club, 3. Home Economics Club, 4. 4 WILLIAM J. 0'CONNELL 428 Friedensburg Road KIBud!! "My own thoughts are my companions." President Collectors' Club, 2. Interclass Athletics, 2, 4. Penn Post, 3, 4. Commencement Usher, 3. J. V. Basketball, 3. Slide Track, 3. Class Basketball Manager, 4. Assistant Soccer Manager, President, 4. Debate, 4. . Hi-Y Club, 4. National Honor Society, 3, Rule Club, 4. Play, 4. 4. 4. 1 9 5 8 Penn Alma MARGARET E. PFLUGFELDER Esterly, Pa. ftpluggyi! "Ambition has no rest." Commercial Club, 3. Library Club, 2. Banking Club, 4. Senior Chorus, 4. Play Usher, 4. Penn Post, 4. Penn Alma, 4. , National Honor Society, 4. BARBARA B. REED S 1-" f' 2416 Woodvale Avenue .1 1 cr ,nf scHenna1r Q w u b "A lovely girl is above all rank." 3' ,, --7 Typing Club, 3, 4. N ' sy, ,VI f. Mixed Chorus, 3, 4. sb Q N 2 Glee Club, 2. ty, Penn Post, 3, 4. ., 5. Class Play, 3, 4. 4' N Commencement Usher, 3. Penn Alma, 4. f S Q' Executive Committee, 4. rf 2' National Honor Society, 4. Q HAROLD ROHRBACH A A 27 North Twenty-fifth Street IIROUU "There is nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream." Varsity Soccer, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4. Band, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Club, 4. Track, 2, 4. Dramatic Club, 2, 3. Penn Alma, 4. Senior C L A S S MARIAN I. SANDS 2339 Perkiomen Avenue 4lMiCk!J "H er air, her manners, all who saw admired,- Courteous, tho' coy, and gentle tho' retired." Penn Post, 3. Basketball, 2, 3, 4. Commercial Club, 2, 3. Photographic Club, 4. Boosters, 4, Varsity Basketball Captain, 4. RICHARD G. SAILER 4 Penn Mawr Court "Claude" "Ther: Youth came forward: his bright-glancing eye Seem'd a reflection of the cloudless sky." Soccer, 3, 4. Tennis, 3, 4. Hi-Y Club, 4. Slide Rule Club, 4. Interclass Athletics, 2, 3, 4. Gym Leaders Club, 4. Ydwee Penn Post, 3. Soccer, 3, 4. Basketball, 4. Baseball, 2, 3, 4. Penn Post Club, 3. J. V. Basketball, 3. J. V. Soccer, 2. fffffiefitr , f J f , . r' K ""' f' . . ,fy-,f,f' ll 'gjgulb MELVIN G. 2419 Cumberland Avenue "Skillett" "Real worth requires no inter- preter: its everyday deeds form its blazonryf' Dramatic Club, 2, 4. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma MARGARET H. SCHRACK 207 Penn Terrace "Margie" "A maiden never boldg Of spirit so still and quiet, that her motion Blushed at herself." Knitting Club, 2. Mixed Chorus, 2, 4. ' Commencement Usher, 3. MARY E. SFINGAS 21 North Twenty-third Street "Spirikie" "H er eye's dark charm 'twere vain to tell." , - Knitting Club, 2. 2' a, Slide Rule Club, 3. ,, Varsity Basketball, 3. A 1 Penn Post, 3, 4. Gym Leaders Club, 4. Class Play Committee, 4. - K, 7 Girl Reserves, 4. I f J . J . w--, 11 S if 'if ' I . Qi L.- Senior -I CLASS ' ' x Typing Club, 3, 4. GEORGE L. SCHULER 2429 Fairview Avenue "Batch" "Nothing is so popular as kiiidiiessf' Band, 2. Orchestra., 2. Automobile Club, 2. Penn Post Club, 3, 4. M. ELIZABETH SHIELDS 2032 Fairview Avenue tllbbyii "Any color so long as it's red, Is the color that suits me best." Knitting Club, 2. Class Basketball, 2, 3. Typing Club, 3. Slide Rule Club, 4. Penn Post, 4. Penn Alma, 4. Class Play, 4. Debate, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. Executive Committee, 4. National Honor Society, 4. MICHAEL SHIELDS 2032 Fairview Avenue "Mme" "I do not think so fair an outward, and such stuff within, Endows a man but him." Soccer, 3. Typing Club, 3. Slide Rule Club, 4. Executive Committee, 4. I .P so ,M ,155 WILLIAM SHIFFER 2441 Perkiomen Avenue IIISIIL1:-HU! "Life's a pudding full of plums: Care's a canker that bennmbsf' Orchestra, 2, 3. Band, 2, 3, 4. Chess and Checker Club, 2. Varsity Club, 2. J. V. Soccer, 2. Penn Post, 3. Commercial Club, 3. Track, 3. Varsity Soccer, 3, 4. Oflice Practice Club, 4. 1 9 5 8 Penn Alma 5, ,J , Q. ELEANOR MARY STEFFY 2155 Highland Avenue HEZH "Exhaustiug thought, And hiviug wisdom with each stuclious year." Track, 2. Mixed Chorus, 2. Track Manager, 3. Penn Post, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball, 3. Penn Alma, 4. Cheerleader, 3. Slide Rule Club, 3. Gym Leaders Club, 4. Commencement Usher, 3. Play Usher, 4. Girl Reserves, 4. Executive Committee, 4. National Honor Society, 3, 4. . ef Senlor C L A S S DOROTHY M. SHINER 2547 Grant Street uD0tt,yn "Mine is a love which must perpetual be, If you eau be so just as I am true Knitting Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Photographic Club, 4. Booster Club, 4. Class Basketball, 4. DANIEL A. SPATZ J acksonwald, Pa. "Danny" "He calls a spade a spade." Treasurer, 3. Slide Rule Club, 4. ,fl ROBERT C. TYSON 2312 Perkiomen Avenue "Tubbie" "H e wears his 'wisdom lightly. J. V. Basketball, 2. Dramatic Club, 2. Automobile Club, 3. President Hi-Y Club, 4. Varsity Baseball, 2, 3. Executive Committee, 4. PAUL H. WALKER 20th and Fairview Streets "Paul" "Hunting he loved, but love he laughed to scorn." Baseball, 3. Automobile Club, 3. Hunting and Fishing Club, 2, 4. Basketball, 2. Track, 2. RUTH ALICE WALKER 20th and Fairview Streets "Ruth" "Those thousand deceiicies that daily flow, From all her words and actions." Class Basketball, 2. Home Economics Club, 3, 4. Penn Post Club, 3. Mixed Chorus, 2, 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma HAROLD WOLFE Reading, Pennsylvania "A dmiraln "I answer the call of the sea." Commercial Club, 3. Hunting and Fishing Club, 4. Senior C L A S S LEO WAY Stony Creek Mills, Pa. ttLe0U "It is not enough to do good,- One must do it the right way." Hunting and Fishing Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Ofllce Practice Club, 4. MARVIN S. WEIDNER Esterly, Pa. Ktpuggyil "I will sit clown now, but the time will come when you will hear me." Hunting and Fishing Club, 2. Commercial Club, 3. Oflice Practice Club, 4. Penn Post, 4. Executive Committee, 4. Au Revoir It was grand while it lasted: The joys, the sorrows, the triumphs we knew, The frowning, the downing, the clowning, the spurning, the yearningg Oh please, just for at short, prolonged view! Yes, it was no subdued Utopia: The kicking, the picking, the sarcasm. the critieismg But still in earnest we have developed nostalgia, And onward we trudge with a burdensome "1ongingism." No, we must not complain! To your teachings we must adhere, To make for each one, himself, a luminous name, One that'l1 conquer our persistent foe, fear! So we leave you: in body, not in soul, Remembering the Golden Rule for av clear mind, You have sent us, of '38, out into the world's folds, If only she will be as you have been, kind. To take all and give none would be a bad policy, So to be honest, sensible, and benevolent, we do vow, To say and do all that will not lead to fallacy. We're leaving you with fond hopes and real dreams-now! -Olive McAdam. 1 9 3 8 Penn Alma Class History We, the Class of 1938, are not true historians, but we offer you this, our humble history, with the hope that you may learn of the joys and sorrows that we have experienced. Let us take you back to the good old days of '34-'35, when eighty-one little angels entered the ninth grade. The class was divided into three homerooms, namely: Miss Gring's, Miss Trostel's, and Miss Snave1y's. The boys were still wearing knickers, and the girls had not yet heard the word sophistication. We are proud to say that three of our boys shone in sports that year. At Christmas time the three homerooms held parties, exchanging presents and the like. In March we all enjoyed a doggie roast at Klapperthal. The end of the freshman year found '38 to be a flourishing class, richer than any other, and as dignified as upperclassmen. After three months' vacation a class of ninety-one pupils reorganized in three homerooms under the eyes of male teachers, iwe wonder why?l, namely: Mr. Wentzel, Mr. Toole, and Mr. Sterner. The sophomore year saw many young romances blossoming. The boys became bolder in asking the small things "to be mine." The Soph Hop held in the library gave all of them the chance of showing the prize that they had captured, waltzing to the melodious strains of the "Blue Moon" Orchestra. An event that the biology class enjoyed was a hike to the Suburban Water Works. After an investigation of what makes it "tick", they were given a surprise of refreshments. With the advent of summer, the strain was again relieved, and the members of '38 enjoyed three months of freedom. When September rolled around, we again sensed the essence of school life. As time went on, we were considered intolerable in the eyes of the other classes, but we thought we had attained sublime heighths in M. P. H. S. As powerful juniors, we were under the supervision of four teachers, tit's getting worsell, Mr. Wentzel, Miss Kremer, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Stump. In all, we were a body of seventy-one. The junior organiza- tion was led by Ed Kemmerer with Clem Boland as vice president, Mildred Kline as secretary and Daniel Spatz as treasurer. The main activity that year came on the last day of school, when the class held a swimming party at Green Hills Lake. After a brief vacation, we embarked on a year full of fun. Dignified seniors would not quite describe the Class of '38. If there were any diabolic tricks and dry jokes to be sprung, ours was the class to do them. How well we remember the music box bursting forth with 'tMary Had a Little Lamb", and the day when "Skeeter" Mason came to school with his first pair of long pants! Forget? Never! Our class was divided into three homerooms: Mr. Sharetts's, Mr. Wentzel's and Mr. Stump's. William O'Conne1l was elected president, Grace Hill, vice president, Mildred Kline, secretary, and Sydne Fischer, treasurer. In our senior year we were very fortunate to have Mr. Ward as our new super- vising principal. He helped us willingly with the many problems that confront a senior class. The soccer team was well represented by seniors, nine out of the eleven, when they copped the title for the championship in the Central Division. The members were all rewarded with a banquet and a dance. On December 22 the seniors gave a dance in the gym. Another event that was enjoyed by all was a doggie roast at Egleman's Park. On February 25 the debating team, composed of seniors, won both the debates under the guidance of Miss Ludwig. With thanks to Miss Trostel, the senior play, "This Genius Class History---Continued Business", became a success, and talent scouts were thrusting contracts and pens into the hands of the cast at the drop of the curtain. This year the Hi-Y and Girl Reserves Clubs were organized. Their main activity of the year was a joint affair, the "Spring Swing" Dance held at the Y. W. C. A. on May 14. Dming the monthly class meetings we decided on the class colors, seal brown and goldg the class dower, white gardeniag and the class motto, "Where there is no path, make one." It would be an unpardonable sin to exclude the senior prom and banquet from the mass of activities. On the afternoon of May 24 we left the stately portals of M. P. H. S. for the last time and hurried home to prepare ourselves for the big affair. The dinner dance was held at the Reading Country Club and prove-d to be an unforgettable climax to a year of social events. On Sunday, May 29, we solemnly mounted the steps of the church for the baccalaureate services. Commencement was observed on June 1. Although it was the ending of the class as a whole, it was the beginning of a new life for the individual. Mischievous tricks were forgotten as a serious body of seventy-five students, the largest graduating class in the history of the school, walked up the aisle to end their spectacular high school career. New features this year were the transfer of a mantle to the president of t'he junior class, and the induction of those who were elected into the National Honor Society. Both of these exercises were very impressive. Another feature was a dramatization of an imaginary future given by the seniors entitled, "Makers of Destiny." The most important part of the program was the presenta- tion of the diplomas made by Mr. Howard. As the sun rose on the 2nd day of June, the Class of '38 awoke in a different world with only the fond memories of Mount Penn High School. -Eleanor Steffy. CANDID SHOTS CANDID SHOTS Class Will We, the Class of 1938, being of sound mind and body on this first day of June, do hereby make our last will and testament. To the school we bequeath a whole shipment of no-smoking signs. To Mr. Ward a quiet, more dignified student body. To Mr. Wentzel a class that will appreciate the merits of Hamlet. To Miss Ludwig an oflice that is her very own! We give to Mr. Larson a class that will know the meaning of the term "Civil Service Examination." For the peace of the school, we humbly bequeath Miss Kremer a batch of noiseless typewriters. To Mr. Sharetts we give the right to use the expression "friend." We also give Miss Ramsay a brand new band. To Mr. Toole we bequeath a new red sweater to wear under his coat. To Mr. Hasley we leave another championship soccer team. To Mr. Stutzman we give piles upon piles of European travel pamphlets. To Mr. Taylor we give a year's subscription to the Philadelphia Inquirer. To Mr. Sterner we leave a trafic whistle to use in directing the kiddies walking down the hall. To Mr. Stump We bequeath our excellent knowledge of logarithms to pass on to his next bunch of cherubs. To Miss Trostle we leave another class play to direct. "Lawd, please have mercy on her soul." To Miss Babb a new class of seventh graders to train to be perfect ladies and gentlemen. To Miss Bier a less secluded homeroom. We of the upper grades see very little of her these days. To Mr. Evancho a study hall that wants to remain in study. We give to Miss Griesemer a new set of basketball rules. To Mr. Seifarth we bequeath a shop class of underclassmen who don't want to use the machinery. We also give Mr. George a more athletically-inclined student body. To Mr. Murr and Mr. Neff we leave a large building to take excellent care of. We know then that it is in good hands. To Miss Reifsnyder we leave a pair of roller skates to use in delivering the morning bulletin. To Miss Heidenrich we give a class of boys taking home economics. We give to Emily Malsnee Jeanne Aicher's pep, vim, and vigor. We leave Ed. Armstrong's height to all the short people in the junior class. To Harold Wanamaker we bequeath Gene Batastini's sparkling white teeth. Now watch the girls! We leave Clem Boland's track and basketball ability to Bruce Fabian. It's very good for the waistline. Class Will---Continued To Nellie Dease we leave Helen Eddy's lipstick. To our future star basketball players we leave Joe Miller's good sportsmanship. To Louise Zipf we leave Harold Rohrbach. We bequeath William O'Connell's practicalness to Ray Teichman. We leave Bill Friedman's wit to anybody who has enough nerve to use it. We bequeath the re-d locks of Pete Martin to all the girls of the lower grades. Listen to the sighs! We leave Arlington Fabian's tremendous strength to Edgar Huggins. To Russ Roth we give Bill Hostetter's large map so that he will take care of the future current events. to walk to take We bequeath Jim Holzmarfs stuffed owls, etc., to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. We leave the excellent typing of Evelyn Horning to Jahe Miller. We bequeath Daniel Spatz's car to the Reiffton Kiddies so that they won't have all that distance. To Al Woerle we leave Leonard Mosser's bicycle so that he can ride to school. We leave Dick Sailer's shoes to the junior high school as the kiddies will love boating trips. Barbara Reed's henna rinse is left to Peggy Everhart. We leave Len Eisenberg's ability to find an argument in the most peaceful of situations to James Steinman. To Ken Robinson we give Bob Eckenroth's angelic attitude with the hope that he will stay out of trouble. We bequeath Jerome Denner's scholastic standing to Garvin Dechant We leave Eleanor Stef'Iy's pleasing personality as an inspiration to the girls of the junior class. We give Paul Walker's haircut to the Berks County Prison. To Liz Sands we bequeath Leona Kercher's marvelous dancing ability. We leave Bob Murray's laugh to Paul Eberle. We give to Emma Lou Armstrong Louise Mercer's willingness to sing in assembly. To Jean Dengler we leave Ed. Kemmerer's bass violin case to use as a bathing suit. We bequeath Grace Hill's charm to Ilse Proger. To next year's center on the girls' basketball team We leave Millie Kline's long legs. We leave William Mason's humor to Bob Richter. To the Lux Toilet Soap advertisements we leave Sydne Fischer's complexion. And to Herman Berstler we leave Bob Gab1e's charming blush. We bequeath the dependability of Grace Bieber to Bert Ruttenberg. Austin Brown's Wit is left to Ernie Weller. To all Stony Creek girls we leave a little bit of Dot Fahnauer's independence. We give our favorite story "Ferdinand" to the next senior shorthand class. To Pete Reed we give the good behavior of Mike Shields. Let him please try to make some use of it. We leave the loquacity of Marnie McDonough to next year's debating team. We give all Mary Foley's experience as manager to Jane Moyer. Class Will---Continued To Tommy Delbert we leave the industry and studiousness of Olive McAdam. We give to Amos Fick the athletic figure of Tubby Tyson. We leave Stan Alenier's headache to '39's will writer. Wow! To Bowman Eddy we leave the manly Walk of George Schuler. To all would-be blonds we give the golden locks of Margaret Schrack. We give John Bingaman's posture in English class to "Ducky" Leinbach. To James Boas we give the goodnaturedness of Kermit Flicker. To Charles Grubb we give Al Brintzenhoff s newspaper route. We leave Don Calm's tennis courts to Ralph Yerger. To Vince Aulenbach We leave the gymnastic ability of Clair Bortz. We bequeath Dick Hardman's willingness to work to Helen Mull. To Helen Weisman we leave Betty Rae Folks beautiful hands and finger nails. We leave Elva Goodhart's "sooner should I" to those who do not tire of that expression. Ruth Glassmoyer's classical pieces are left to Frank Hayesg maybe he will tone down a bit. To Richard Houck We leave Clarence Hess's shyness toward girls. We bequeath Miriam Hoch's ability to stay home nights to Eleanor Walkner. To Eugene O'Brien we leave Heber LeVan's coat of tan. To those who need it, we leave snow white paper. We bequeath William Kase's ability to stay in school on warm days to his baby brother, Jim. To next year's basketball captain we leave Mick Sands's agility and mesmeristic ability on the basketball floor. We bequeath William Shiffer's trumpet to the band. To Agnes Allen we leave Dottie Shiner's faithfulness. To June Dengler we bequeath Marye Sfingas's petiteness. We bequeath Elizabeth Shields's Saturday night dates at Sunnybrook to Mary Jane Koch. We leave Eleanor Joyce's flashing blue eyes to Jean Hendrickson. The versatility of Margaret Pflugfelder is left to Emily Wenrich. We bequeath Marvin Weidner's gumption to Fred Howard. We leave "Jinny" Heffner's boy friends to the Girl Reserves. To the Hi-Y Club we leave the remnants of Joe Kershner's package of bon bons. Ruth Walker's coiffure is left to Dot Steigerwalt. We give to Herman Renner Melvin Scarlett's shyness. To Haldane Seyler we leave Harold Wo1fe's unanswerable questions. We give Leo Way's manly shoulders to Paul Calm. The eternal silent devotion which "Piggy" Miller has for Mick Sands we leave to Tom McDonough and Dot Silhart. We bequeath the art of Florence Martz to Elaine Gilbert. The quietness of both Lillian Nagle and Lawrence Klee is left to next year's problems class. We leave to Shirley Ludwig the ability of Alfred Feather to avoid a certain someb0dy's glances. And last but not least to the school we leave a bouquet of lilies in memory of a progressive and loyal class, the Class of '38. In witness thereof we hereby appoint as executor of this last will and testament Mr. Jacob D. Wentzel, knowing that he will carry out the said provisions of this document. Having concluded our last material business as a class, we hereunto set our sign this first day of June, 1938. Witnessed by- CLASS OF 1938. Stanley J. Alenier. Class Prophecy We hate to start out this way, but Joe Kershner is collecting corpses for his thriving undertaker's establishment. Tubby Tyson is joy riding with that black roadster. Watch out girls! Billy Friedman is wearing out soap boxes at the rate of 10 a day at 5th 8a Penn. Fabian, Hess, Bingaman and Mosser are thru with women. They've joined the Foreign Legion. Eisenberg's in Washington advising the president. Butch Schuler is swinging a meat chopper. Dick Hardman has come back to demonstrate his new northern accent to Miss Ludwig. A We just got a list of the new Reading Hospital Staff and look who's on it: Mar- garet Schrack, Miriam Hoch, Louise Mercer, Ruth Walker and Olive McAdam. Donald Calm is still looking for the Blue Moon. Elva Goodhart has given up her "viccy". She now has an orthophonic. Barbara Reed is engineering the model home. Juggie Joyce has found true love at last. She's down in the South Sea Islands. Dr. Clem Boland is catering to his feminine patients. Hero Kase is now making "Chevvy" airplanes. Helen Eddy has just purchased Ed Armstrongs book, "I-Iow to Grow Tall Overnite," for'her library. Marye Sfingas is now attracting patients to Doc Sawbones's oifice. Bob Eckenroth is carrying on his own problems class. True, is it not? And by the way, Ibby Shields is drilling math into the heads of the new kiddies from Mason's. Paderewski is trying his best to keep up to Ruth Glassmoyer. Betty Folk is pounding a typewriter at DeWittle and Snodgrass, Inc. Flash! Eleanor Steffy! Now touring the continent teaching young hopefuls how to boil water. Skeeter Mason advocates the new calendar which has two Palm Sundays a month. Jerome Denner won last year's Pulitzer Prize. Gene Batistini is still running errands for Miss Ludwig. l Stan Alenier is now editing "Esquire", and you ought to see some of his latest creations. Wow! The inevitable has happened. Mike and Marney are happily married. Bill Hostetter's new airplane route runs from Stony Creek to Jacksonwald. Bortz is the proud inventor of a new mustache grower. Jazz Murray is the famous originator of Jazzcopation. Dick Sailer is boss at the Birdsboro Steel Mill. Jeanne Aicher is hurrying back from Paris to attend the new fall fashion opening. Grace Bieber and Margaret Ptlugfelder are eiliciently managing the ofllce of the Reading Railway Co. As Speaker of the House, William O'Connell is still letting them re-vote because they didn't understand the bill. Albert Brintzenhoff is holding up the job of Circulation Manager of the Reading Eagle. Now Brownie finally has his own baseball team to coach. Class Prophecy---Continued Tune your radio in on the Witches' Hour at 12:00 o'clock. That shriek!! Dottie Fahnauer. Harold Rohrbach still knows Louise Zipf as his inspiration. Mr. Tayor is pleased with the results of his "Vice-President" Office Practice Club. Kermit Flicker, Lawrence Klee, and Leo Way are first, second and third vice-president respectively, of the U- I'WIST-EM Pretzel Factory. "Ladies, these curlers did it all," says Sydne Fisher modeling the latest hair styles in the Five and Ten. Mildred Kline is now playing the piano for the setting up exercises over WOW at 7:00 A. M. Alfred Feather is modeling for Dopey in Coal Black and the Seven Clinkers. fOur apologies to Fred Allen.J Joe Miller has installed his own bus service between Mt. Penn and Shillington. Virginia Heffner is intently reading Ed, Armstrong's latest book, previously mentioned. Pete Martin is still seriously considering taking up the 'ce1lo. Dorothy Shiner finally tied the knot with the owner of that gray Ford. Paul Walker now takes the Wrecker along when he goes to Hamburg. Heber Levan, during his P. G. course, finally convinced Mr. Taylor to give him a C. Holzman, just back from Africa, is stuffing lions at the Smithsonian Institute. Leona Kercher, America's foremost dancer, is showing Europe what she has already shown America. Florence Martz is seen at Mason's mailing a large package containing her belated Business English outlines. Bob Gable's eyes are now as famous as Clark Gable's ears. The Olympic team just left America. Included was Grace Hill, America's hope for the Decathlon Championship. Ed Kemmerer is profiting by selling his "Stay-Awake" pills to all orchestra members. Flash! The biggest bets for the Indianapolis Speedway are Shields and Shiffer. Mary Foley is managing Mt. Penn's State Championship Basketball Team. Evelyn Horning is slowly wearing out the floor of Carsonia's Skating Rink. Lillian Nagle has astounded the world by making a world-famous speech. Surprise!! Piggy Miller and Marvin Weidner are working for a New York Escort Bureau. Mick Sands is now playing on the Sands' Alumni Team. Melvin Scarlett is hauling water for Brownie's baseball team. Harold Wolfe is busy swabbing decks. smfsggx ft ?"""5 C, QEQRXH ,ar C b XE GX 'lpfxqaii E 53 5 xl 'Saga vi gb 4, gmf U'-uw? U HN gg " WW-vf ,o ':?i"'gN- fifff' 'AO Air" TWYYX X U X' MT X E xx qii?qi,,f 541, QMSRDEVN ifff 2 E5 ti' E Qisf?bmffes'zv.P.f'f'.:+ffAMxw-5? 0 mfg NWMQEW VX wx Qs .vi 0 P 'rgsgppiys-,QP S5537 X ' f'7?far-J JN QR ff' ff 'D 9w"aiz"f if e. ' we emief! a Q52 L OX! Qyiffzfffgxx 19 -CO ' ,Q o E K P0 05 f X JQQEQSRWE X is mpfgb - AR 2 A7 my bl 0 p F "7 41 5 Z 67 1' I? UNM'-S X, X L S xl iffsfht I 2,33 'N' ' QNXS QX ,- Xqf n5.Clgggm,S Q1 991 'wyfffr are MaR'1'flT'fs 'iscovexxz-CIIGHEST gpg xg gin KBHSKETB fi Yk ,q I -QVEQ - W SS ,NQV h 13504 ' 0N5H'P Q HHAN -53.11 A I X HHMQY HI W -'Nails Ek I Nulxg K :fa gs QQ' Nl T 8 x 55125 QQSXEWYX GHS? H5DENlq ,mf 4 rt F I 95 'QA 1 ' ms' WX H+ af. :EX LUW 5 SQYSYRYXRQR Y :ES 12533 'szafgi-29 X ii 5 Conf! In Retrospect An Appreciation of the Activities of the P. T. A. The Mt. Penn Parent-Teacher Association was organized with the following objectives in mind: 1. To promote child Welfare in home, school, church and community. 2. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. 3. To develop between educators and the general public such united eiorts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, moral, and spiritual education. The association has always cooperated with the administrative head of the school in providing medical aid and assistance for pupils who were in need of such service. On numerous occasions the association has made life more cheerful for a few of our pupils who are less fortunate than ourselves in many ways. The welfare work of the community has constantly been in the minds of the association, particularly at the Christmas Season. It is at this time that the Christmas baskets are delivered to the needy. Our school and community are fortunate in having an association that has the interest and welfare of the pupils foremost in its purposes. It behooves us, as pupils, to express our sincere thanks to the officers of the association, who are as follows: Mrs. John Walker, presidentg Mr. Charles George, vice president, Mrs. Joseph J. Larson, secretary, Mr. Lloyd Sharetts, treasurer. Seniors' Alphabet A is for Armstrong who is very tall. B is for Brown who's a whiz at baseball. C is for Clem who thinks girls are a laugh. D is for Denner of Penn Alma Staff. E is for Eleanor who has a "bum" knee. F is for Friedman whose jokes are off key G is for Grace who's just like her name. H is for Hardman who leads a band. I is for Icher fwhich isn't spelled rightj. J is for Joyce of the senior play fight. K is for Kline of the basketball team. L is for Leona Whose smile doth beam. M is for Miller of soccer team grind. N is for Nagle, the quiet kind. 0 is for Olive, best in Latin by far. P is for Pete, our dramatic star. Q is for Quality owned by us all. R is for Rohrbachg for Zipf he does all. S is for Sfingas who is very slim. T is for Tyson 3 the girls like him. U is for Uselessnessg this thing has that. W is for William, in the debates he did chat The rest are too hard to be included, so X, Y, and Z will be excluded. VEC - Jwome 'Dinner Hvsic.-Rufh Glassonoyer 54 J iil:mll's- an Flu years wha been wlrh you owl CW'-ul-el sv-:Ry One, S ii 6 e I 1. :Fare WEE Mt 'Penh I- Rs we Qvrbgdfgdox -Fpnvva NI J J " ,,,, ou on now: ana a so as ff, aah. wQjwi5q5i?4V3 1 F 3 - 3 il el- 'B' .J A J Ev--ev lh .Ygw as we 6reqT. you. .2 O1 J J J J J ow ninJs7w'll be. we MVK fm' l-ave Ny- 4434, , Graff -- Fvl 13 5 J g i V1 T F4 - I ui J A 4 .VJ A J ... ar..-.nn and BIAGK Ye-mem-be fha dui 'fi' 32, wmv-www is The are 04 fne 4145504 3 i 9 ll - j 1 e ' C 'S' Classes Eleventh Grade First row, left to right: Agnes Allen, Gladys Cook, Nellie Dease, Helen Hafer, Ethel Dietrich, Geraldine Hilbert, Jean Hendrickson, Jane Diener. Second row: Peggy Everhart, Mary Dengler, Betty Brown, Sarah Bressler, Rose Galt, Loretta Halbeison, June Gehring, Jean Dengler. Third row: Paul I-limmelberger, Alton Bingamln, Vincent Aulenbach, Harry I-lander, John Briner, Carl I-leim, Philip DeTurk. Fourth row: Roswell Hill, James Boas, LeRoy Gerth, Frank Hayes, Amos Fick, Fred Christian, Philip Freshwater. Eleventh Grade First row. left to right: Lucille Kline, Anna Lease, Betty Ruth, Jane Miller, Helen Mull, llse Proger, Jane Killian, Kathryn Lesher, Jean Riffert. Second row: Mary Jane Koch, Jeanette Orth, Dorothy Moorshead, Marie Quinter, Polly Lerch, Janet Leinbach. Third row: Charles Loeb, Paul Line, Jane Moyer, Mary Louise Poetinger, Arlene Reuther. Herman Renner, Paul Lorah. Fourth row: Jacob Meyers, Harold Knechtle, Charles Nein, Arthur Knabb, George Kline, Kenneth Robinson, Bruce Malsnee. Fifth row: Russell Roth, Bert Ruttenberg, Robert Richter, Edwin Reed, Paul Leinbach, William Ritter, James Kase. I Eleventh Grade First row, left to right: Emily Margaret Wenrich, Betty Seiz, Louise Zipf, Ethel Swavely, Ina Zieher, Emily Malsnee, Ardell Sell. Second row: Haldane Seyler, Deborah Wentzel, Dorothy Shollenberger, Eleanore Walkner, Elsie Stump, Dorothy Steigerwalt. Robert Sweitzer. Third row: William Shellcnberger, Raymond Teichman, Norman Whitt, Daniel Van Pelt. George Scott. Fourth row: Lee Willman, Harold Wanamaker, James Steinman, Kenneth Sell. I Tenth Grade First row, left to right: Jane Eberle, Marie Angstadt, Viola Boydjieil, Mary Louise Calm, Mildred Glase, Elaine Gilbert, Jane Fabian. Second row: Virginia Boydjieff, Gretchen Bieher, Elsie Gehring, Nora DeTurk, Edith Kase, Julia Bowers, Dorothy Brintzenhotf, Barbara Deak. Third row: Paul Calm, Anna Mae Bechtel, Dorothy Fogle, Miriam Bechtel, Geraldine Bortz, Fritz Howard, Bruce Hinnershots, Bowman Eddy. Fourth row: Peter Goodhart, Robert Hill, John Fick, Fred Behm, Robert Brown, Edgar Huggins. Fifth Row: Willard Grubb, Bruce Fabian, Walter Gipprich, Tom Deibert, Richard Houck, John Cramp, Elmer Frankhauser. Tenth Grade First row, left to right: Vivian Yergey, Jane Simmons, Dorothy Wanger, Fay Willman, Helen Weisman, Anne Siingas, Cammille Wolf, Jane Sweitzer. Second row: Lucille Steffy, Doris Minnichbach, Ruth Martz, Elizabeth Sands, Genevieve Ziegler, Elsie Louise Schalck, Rose Tomlinson, M. Arline Quinter. Third row: Robert Steinman, Forrest Shoup, Ralph Yerger, James Miller, John Nagle, John Schrack, Lawrence Nagle. Fourth row: Donald Martin, Glenn Miller, Robert Miller, Joseph Zeock, Ernest Weller, Elmer Snyder, John Miller. Ninth Grade First row, left to right: Martha LeVan, Dorothy Herb, Kathleen Hardman, Margaret Kantner, Betty Weller, Betty Eschedor, Marian Teichman, Jerome McEntire, Shirley Ludwig. Second row: Rodman Fischer, George Green, Raymond Werts, Donald Dechant, Richard Geiger, Corson Hart, Robert Schmidt. Third row: Mary Miller, Enid Frankel, Ruth Eberle, Virginia Arnold, Dorothy Brown, Dorothy Eck, Ruth Nein, Virginia Manwiller. Fourth row: Vivian Price, Jane Adams, June Dengler, June Vogel, Nancy Stautfer, Jane Forester, June Bright, Dorothy Silhart. Fifth row: Donald Scarlett, Sherwyn Grosse, Arthur High, Emma Lou Armstrong, Erma Leinbach, Robert Boland, Leon Bower, Herman Berstler. ' Sixth row: Alvin Woerle, Ronald Stock, Hillard Cook, Sander Mazear, Ben Smith, Thomas McDonough, Philip Ziegler, David Hill. Eighth Grade First row, left to right: David Schrack, Edgar Martin, Lothar Lamm, George Sfingas, Marian Friedman, Martin Baskin, Herman Hassler, Frank Howard, Stuart Freedman, Charles Vallmer. Second row: Merrilees Barth, Nancy Austin, Betty Stick, Ruth Fern LeVan, Florence Boyer, Phoebe Craven. Third row: Robert Moyer, Lincoln Ramsay, Leonard Cook, William Fessler, William Fogle, Robert Rudy, Jack Foley. Fourth row: Jane Morris, William Woliinger, Edward Frasso, Robert Hartline, William Yoder, Jack Taylor. Fifth row: Jane Mahan, Dorothy Rissmiller, .loan Kase, Helen Kazmierszak, Bonne Mae Folk, Eva Koehler, Mildred Hinnershots, Eleanor Herb. ' Sixth row: June Severns, Gloria Miller, Josephine Lutz, Gertrude Frazer, Ruth LeVan. Seventh row: Ruth Karre, Phyllis Cunningham, June Roland, Dorothy Smith, Willa Mae Knight. Eighth row: Charles Grubb, Charles Alenier, Howard Beaver, Richard Shisslap, Allan Cohan, William Martin. Seventh Grade First row, left to right: Virginia Hinkel, Agnes Martin, Barbara Hill, Elizabeth Fahrenbach, Frances Baur, Marilyn Grube, Dorothy Dengler, Jean Joyce. Second row: Donald Rissmiller, Robert Mowry, Richard l-Ieberling, Douglas Reed, Mildred Zilles, Shirley Richter, Margaret Bernsau, Barbara Zellers, Josephine Bower. Third row: Carl Siegfried, Ira Custman, William Richter, John Zeock, Kenneth Hill, Richard Arnold, Frank Ziegler, Irvin Cohen, Frederick Brant. I Fourth row: Martin Weisman, John Leinbach, Alfred lschinger, Huston Killian, I-larry Schalck, Charles Keller, Jack Larkin, Richard fSchlegel. Fifth row: Fern Albright, Virginia Woerle, May Showalter, Robert Seidel, Donald Rhoads. Sixth rowf Jean Price, Donald Sailer, Wendell Ward. Richard Christman, Harold Weller. Mt. Penn Alma Mater fTune: "Far Above Cayuga's Waters"J Proudly Waves old Mount Penn's emblem Black and Orange Fair! Floats triumphant in the breezes, No dishonor there. Student days have fondest mem'ries: Comrades here We stand As our troth to Alma Mater Pledge We hand in hand. From thy halls, dear Alma Mater, We, at length, must part, But thy mem'ry shall not perish From a student's heart. Far away on life's broad highway All shall fortune try, Still our loving hearts shall cherish Thoughts of Mount Penn High! Activities Senior Play Left to right: Eleanor Joyce, William O'Connell, Jeanne Aicher, Clement Boland, Elizabeth Shields, Barbara Reed, Warren Martin, Sydne Fischer. Bud O'Connell and Eleanore Joyce were superb in the roles of Mr. and Mrs. George Blodgett, and Jean Aicher was unsurpassable as Aeida. 'The role of Beaumont, a genius at the 'cello, was carried out perfectly by Pete Martin. Clem Boland was "reel" romantic in his excellent portrayal of Dr, John Oliver, and Sidney Fisher, Elizabeth Shields and Barbara Reed were at their best in their respective parts. The play was lauded by everyone as "one of the best." Miss Trostel, as director, and those assisting in ushering, stage setting, and business managing, deserve much credit. We hope Mt. Penn High can present many more plays as good as "This Genius Business." unior Play First row, left to right: Norman Whitt. Louise Zipf, Margaret Everhart, Jeanette Orth, Helen Hafer, William Ritter. Standing: Janet Leinbach, Vincent Aulenbach, William Shellenberger, Russell Roth, Dorothy Moorshead, Roswell Hill fabsent from picturel. On Friday, May 6, the junior class presented a rollicking college comedy entitled "Campus Quarantine". The scene was laid in a sorority house on the campus of a Beverly, California, College. The plot centered about the confinement of the two waiters in the house after one of the girls contracted chicken pox. Miss Elva Ludwig was the coach of the play. National Honor Society First row, left to right: Eleanor Stetfy, Elizabeth Shields, Eleanor Joyce, Grace Hill. Second row: Margaret McDonough, Barbara Reed, Betty Brown, Sarah Bressler, Margaret Pflugfelder. Third row: Bud 0'Connell, Jerome Denner, Ed Kemmerer, Clem Boland, Raymond Teich- man, Russell Roth. On April 28, 1931, the nrst chapter of the Mt. Penn National Honor Society was formed, and every year since that time new members have been installed, The purpose of this organization is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of American secondary schools. The election of members is made by the faculty. Not more than fifteen per cent of the seniors may be elected to membership, and not more than iive per cent of the junior class. Grace Hill, Eleanor Steffy, Edward Kemmerer, and William O'Conne1l were elected last year. Miss Ludwig is the faculty advisor. Debating Teams Seated: left to right: Eleanor Joyce, Elizabeth Shields, Miss Ludwig, coachg Elva Goodhart, Margaret McDonough. Standing: Richard Hardman, Warren Kershner. William 0'C0nnell, William Hostetter. On Friday, February 25, Mt. Penn's negative team defeated the affirmative team from Fleetwood on the question: "Resolved, that the several states should adopt a uni- cameral system of legislation." Professor Galligan of Lehigh University acted as judge. Mt. Penn's ailirmative team won a decision over the Oley negative team on the same question, Professor Derrell Larson, of Franklin and Marshall College, judged the debate. Miss Elva Ludwig coached both teams. Hi-Y First row, left to right: William Shellenberger, Albert Brintzenhoff, Robert Tyson, Mr. Sharetts, Carl I-Ieim, Vincent Aulenbach, Richard Hardman. Second row: Richard Sailer, Norman Whitt, Arlington Fabian, Pete Martin. Third row: Clair Bortz, Warren Kershner, and James Steinman. The members consist of boys from the junior and senior classes only. The intro- duction of new members takes place in the fall and the last week of school. The advisory board is composed of Mr. Lloyd Sharetts and Mr. J. Bricker of the Y.M.C.A. The platform follows: clean speech, clean living, clean sports, and clean scholar- ship. The motto is: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity high standards of Christian character". Girl Reserves First row, left to right: Lucille Kline, Doris Minnichbach, Elaine Gilbert, Jeanne Aicher, Helen Eddy, Miss Kramer, Eleanor Steffy, Anna Sfingas, Ilse Proger, Jane Miller, Grace Bieber. Second row: Jean Riffert, Mary Jane Koch, Eleanor Joyce, Elva Goodhart, Margaret McDonough, Elizabeth Shields, Mary Siingas, Anna Mae Bechtel, Mildred Kline, Arlene Quinter. Third row: Ardele Sell, Marie Quinter, Dorothy Moorshead, Louise Mercer, Jean Hendrickson, Eleanor Walkner, Ina Zieber, Janet Leinbach, Peggy Everhart. The Girl Reserves Club was organized the second semester of this year for the senior high girls. The meetings, following a year's project, "Introducing Me to Myself", dealt with such topics as: "Fashion Trends", "Care of One's Personal Appearance". Speakers from prominent Reading shops handled these subjects capably. The social events for the second semester consisted of a supper hike to Eg1eman's, and the "Spring Swing" dance held at the Y. W. C. A. jointly by members of the G. R. and Hi-Y Clubs. The officers who presided were: Dorothy Moorshead, president, Agnes Allen, vice president, Jean Hendrickson, secretary, Peggy Everhart, treasurer, Eleanor Steffy, program chairman. Miss Kremer was the faculty advisor. Band and Cheerleaders First row, left to right: Sydney Fisher, Jeanne Aicher, Eleanor Steffy, Anna Lease. Second row: Joe Hendrickson, Douglass Reed, Richard Arnold, Miss Catherine Ramsay, director, William Clouser, James Lots, Mary Cramp. Third row: Nancy Austin, Lincoln Ramsay, Richard Geiger, Josephine Lutz, Elise Louise Shalk, Richard Christman, Wendell Ward. Fourth row: Robert Miller, John Cramp, Fred Howard, Harold Rohrbach, William Shifter, Richard Schlegel. Fifth row: Alvin Woerle, Elmer Frankhouser, Ronald Stock, Russell Roth, Philip De Turk. Sixth row: Herman Bursler, Eugene 0'Brien, Roswell Hill, Edwin Reed, Paul Leinbach. Orchestra First row, left to right: Douglas Reed, Miss Ramsay. Second row: Richard Geiger, Mary Cramp, Nancy Austin, Viola Boydjiefi, Virginia Boyd- jiefl, Ralph Yerger, William Clouser, Elsie Louise Schalk. Third row: Robert Reeser, Josephine Lutz, Ruth Glassmoyer, Richard Christman, Lincoln Ramsay, Wendall Ward, Fred Howard. Fourth row: John Cramp, Elmer Frankhouser, Paul Leinbach, Raymond Stock, Russell, Roth, Harold Rohrhach. Penn Post Staff First row: Elva Goodhart, Eleanor Steffy, Eleanor Joyce, Dorothy Fahnauer, Marye Sllngas, Jeanne Aicher, Sydne Fischer. Second row: Olive McAdam, Helen Eddy, Louise Mercer, Mildred Kline, Barbara Reed, Elizabeth Shields, Margaret McDonough, Margaret Pflugfelder, Grace Hill. Third row: Stanley Alenier, Eugene Batastini, Jerome Denner, Russel Roth, Raymond Teichman, Donald Calm, Robert Murray, William Mason. Fourth row: William 0'Connell, George Schuler. Hunting and Fishing Club First row, left to right: Jacob Meyers, Paul Himnielberger, Charles Nein, Mr. John Seifarth, sponsorg Harold Wolfe, Alton Bingaman, John Nagle. Second row: Daniel Van Pelt, Leonard Mosser, Paul Lorah, Garvin Dechunt, Kenneth Sell, Robert Sweitzer. Third row: Alfred Feather, LeRoy Gerth, Lee Willman, William Ritter, Haldane Seyler. Fourth row: Thomas Deibert, Paul Walker, Harold Wanamaker. The purpose of the Hunting and Fishing Club is to maintain a better relationship among the sportsmen in the senior high school and to introduce the importance of con- servation and the restocking of game. Through the school year its programs have followed a, definite procedure. A committee is appointed every meeting. Interesting articles on practical sporting knowledge are read and general discussions are held. Clubs and their Sponsors Club H1-Y ..... ,4,....,..,.... . .. Penn Post Singing ......,....s.... Slide Rule .i..... Coin and Stamp ....,.,i,.. A... Senior High Dramatics Photography i.........i ,.,,i........ Junior High Dramatics Know Your County ...i.i, Library ...i. ...............ii....,.i.i.... Nature ....,...........,. ......... School Bank .,...,i,i... Office Practice ,..,.....r. Typing ......,.,.......,....,.....,.i ,. Gym Club-Boys ...........i..... Hunting and Fishing ,... Art ....i...,......,.,i.. .,.ii,...,...,...,......... Band .i......i.......i....,...................... Home Economics ,.,........ Gym Club-Girls ....,...,.. Sponsors Mr. Sharetts Mr. Wentzel Mr. Larson Mr. Stump Mr. Stutzman Miss Trostel Mr. George Miss Bier Mr. Sterner Miss Ludwig Miss Babb Mr. Toole Mr. Taylor Miss Kremer Mr. Hasley Mr. Seifarth Mr. Evancho Miss Ramsay Miss Heidenreich Miss Griesemer Athletics i V f i . i .1 - ,, , W ,. ,, Soccer First row, left to right: Eugene Batastini, Harold Rohrbach, Paul Houck, Warren Martin, Captain Arlington Fabian, Austin Brown, Clement Boland, William Shellenberger, Joe Miller. Second row: Coach I-Iasley, Edgar Huggins, Ernest Weller, Melvin Scarlett, Richard Sailer, Harold Wanamaker, William Shiffer, Thomas McDonough, Donald Calm, manager. The soccer team enjoyed the best season ever witnessed by loyal team rooters. The members won the championship of the Western Division and received a beautiful trophy for this great accomplishment, It was the first championship soccer team since this sport was introduced in our school. Looking at the record of the "Mountainee-rsj' we find that the team won 7, tied 2, and lost 1. The only setback was at the hands of Mohnton. Coach Hasley and his boys really showed their prowess on the field and are to be congratulated for their cooperation and ability through the entire season. Outstanding for the "Mountaineers" were Captain Arlington Fabian, Richard Sailer, Warren Martin, Austin Brown, Harold Rohrbach, and Bill Shellenberger. Basketball Left to right: Manager William 0'Connell, Harold Wanamaker, Coach Jack Hasley, Melvin Scarlett, Warren Martin, Austin Brown, Joseph Zeock, Clement Boland, William Kase, William Shellenberger, Thomas McDonough, Vincent Aulenbach, Captain Joe Miller. The "Mountaineers" fought their way cleanly and excitingly through a season of thrilling and hard-fought basketball. It was a season which may be truthfully called the most successful campaign which Mt. Penn warriors have waged in the past ten years. One of the outstanding games was the fray in which the "Mounts" defeated Mohnton after the latter had won eight straight victories. Mount Penn is unfortunate this year in losing a large number of basketeers. Those graduating are Melvin Scarlett, Warren Martin, Austin Brown, Clement Boland, William Kase, and Captain Joe Miller. First Game Second Game Opp. Mt. Penn Opp. Mt. Penn Boyertown ,..... ....... 1 0 20 25 29 Mohnton ....... ...... 4 4 39 25 35 Oley ...................... ..,.,. 4 4 63 25 61 Shillington ........... ....., 2 8 47 33 25 West Reading ........ ...... 3 3 30 24 36 Birdsboro .............. ...... 2 3 28 23 18 Amity ....,................ ...... 1 o 50 19 36 Girls' Basketball First row: Lucky, mascotg Viola Boydjieff, Evelyn Horning, Vivian Yergey, Gretchen Bieber, Janet Leinbach, Marian Griesemer, coach. Second row: Marian Sands, captain, Grace Hill, Mildred Kline, Erma Leinbach, Betty Brown, Sarah Bressler, Virginia Boydjieff, Elizabeth Sands, Mary Foley, manager, Jane Moyer, assistant manager. Even though the girls' team won only four of the twelve games played, they gave their opponents hard battles. Seniors, whom the team loses by graduation, are Captain Marian Sands. Evelyn Horning, Grace Hill and Mildred Kline. The scores were? Home Away Opp. Mt. ,Penn Opp. Mt. Penn Boyertown ..... ......... 2 6 16 38 13 Mohnton ...... ......... 2 4 9 23 2 Oley ............................... .... 1 2 31 19 17 Shillington ............... .... 2 4 31 18 16 West Reading .......,... ......... 2 4 33 19 25 Amity .............,................ ......... 3 1 14 22 12 Track Teams First row, left to right: Helen Haier, Enid Frankel, Jo Lutz, Marilyn Gruber, Gloria Miller, Francis Baur, Elizabeth Fehrenbach, Mae Showalter. Second row: Mary Foley, Coach Miss Griesemer, Mildred Kline, Leona Kerscher, Evelyn Horning, Grace Hill, Helen Jane Eddy, Dorothy Shiner, Coach Hasley, Fritz Howard, manager. Third row: Vincent Aulenbach, Clem Boland, Jeanne Aicher, Emily Malsmee, Polly Lerch, Louise Zipf, Barbara Deak, Arthur Knabb, Gene Batastini, William Shellenberger. Fourth row: Bruce Malsnee, Mary Miller, Virginia Woerle, Betty Brown, Janet Leinbach, Doris Minichbach, Clair Bortz. Fifth row: Hillard Cook, Edgar Huggins, Jane Eberly, Fay Willman, Erma Leinbach, Dorothy Eck, Elizabeth Sands, Carl Heim, Arlington Fabian. Sixth row: Jack Taylor, Harold Wanamaker, Herman Berstler, Thomas Delbert, Richard Shisslak, William Martin, Edward Frasso, Donald Calm, Stewart Freedman. Seventh row: Richard Sailer, Thomas McDonough, Robert Boland, Edwin Reed, Joe Miller, Roswell Hill, Harold Rohrbach, Robert Tyson, Warren Martin. Baseball First row, left to right: Assistant Manager Norman Whitt, Carl l-Ieim, Harold Knechtle, Coach Jack Hasley, Harry Hauder. Robert Eckenroth, Manager Melvin Scarlett. Second row: Joseph Miller, Arlington Fabian, Harold Rohrhach, Austin Brown, Warren Martin, William Shellenberger. Third row: Peter Goodhart, Paul Leinbach, Richard Sailer, Philip Deturck, Vincent Aulenbach. The SCOTBS I Opponents Mt. Penn April 12-Boyertown ....... ......... 1 0 9 April 14-Wilson ..,.,.. .... 9 3 April 19-Mohnton ..... 4 0 April 21-Shillington April 26-Birdsboro .......... April 28 -Boyertown May 3-Wilson .....,. May 5- May 10- May 12- Mohnton ....,... Shillington Birdsboro ..... Advertisements fu'u'u'u"'u'iH'u'u'u'n'n'n'u'H'n'u'n'n'uhH'I'u'u'u'n'L'I'I'L'I'u'-'i'-'u'n'-'m'-'n'nh'n'uH'n'n"n5'h'u'n'n'n'-'l'n'i i5'nH'n'n'n'n'nH'-'g' u' a E f 5 LUTZ FUNERAL HOME 5 2100 PERKIOMEN AVENUE :-' If u' 5 J' J. ELMER LUTZ DIAL 7121 5 5 gl -' yr. :-' J' .- .- 5 E E E .- .- 5 E E 5 E :'- .- .- .- .' .- .- .- 5 .' .I .- .- E .- :-' .' .- .- 5 J J' 5 5 1.5 'h1u'n'L'du5H'nWnH'n'u'u'Hu'nH'.'n1nHHH'u'u'u5nHHWu'u5u'h'n'HH'u'u'lu'u'lu'M'M"n'n'n'n'n'i'u'n'-'u'h'u'u':'u'n 'u'-'MESH'-5'd'u'n'uf 'u'-H':H'-H'u'n'u'n I 'H'-5'h'n'u'n'n'n'n'n'n'-' E IMIIRY 0 E PHONE 9751 'I TRY OUR GUERNSEY "A" MILK E Ei IJ: Compliments of The Famous Eating Place in Reading 5 K Established 1911-On the Square The E General Agents 5 Adjusters Crystal Restaurant 5 I' 526 COURT STREET and Pastry Let Us Bond and Insure You 537-47 Penn Street I, DIAL 7225 READING, PA. Under New Management Bell Ph0I10 Repairing Heberlin 's Sweet Sho g P Norman B. Keeport 18 North 25th street "Our Business Is Your Convenience" mrhe Home of Good Watchesw Formerly Shaders Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry E DIAL 4-1644 132 North Ninth st. READING, PA. nin':'n'HHH'I'u'u5'M'A'n'n'u'h'n'n'h'L'u'u'h'-'n'-H5'n'-'uHHH'hHH'iH5'u555'u5HH'nH'uH'u'-'-'-'uH5'-H'u'-55'M'nH'u'h'k' 5'H'n"n'n"u'-'-'-'-'n'ln.'n'n'nl'n'nh'u'u'u'- '- TYPEWRITERS ALLMAKES SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED J. M. KASE 30-36 N. 8th Street Special Rates to Students O. H. BENNETT Art Material and Paints and Glass For Every Purpose Dial 2-7771 :: 50th Anniversary :: E 103 N. 6th st. READING, PA. u' 1' ? 1888 1938 'u"u'u'u'n Golden Anniversar .': E 50 Years of Quality and Service 'IILJWREN ' I L " Compliments of FOrCSt M. L. YERGEY Memorial Park "OLDSMOBILE" The Cemetery Without Tombstones Where Nature Reflects the Unending Life 105 N. 9th Street READING, PA. HH1 'u'u'u':'n'u'n'u "nH'ln'u'u'-'15 'Fn'n'n'n'n'n'ln5'uH 1 When You Are Married and Have Mac S Melo Cream Children of Your Own, Remember Us! 214 N. 9th Street Phone 3-9088 Front and Buttonwood Streets Wholesale and Retail READING, PA. 0 xl ..V.i:, A .ll, THE GAS REFRIGERATQR gig New Air-Cooled ELECTROLUX PHONE 4-1181 J. CALHOUN SMITH SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS FOR LADIES AND MEN Compliments of 52s WALNUT STREET Mt, PCIIH Fire Co, Mr. and Mrs. A. Woerle "u"i'n'- 'n'i'u'n'u'u'u5'n'u El, 2 2 5 5-'f.'.'.'h'h'-'-'MH'-'-H'u'-'-'h'h'-'L' I, -,l,5,lg5I,,l,5l5,,I,l,f,' The Peer of Them All 'HH 2 rn Q' sw Z E- 5335 B'- Ein pq? sm' O P P-s 5 ro 5.1 99 51 B E-4 sg H? as -ui ml-1 515 Urn za gr-1 ZQ 3,2 55501 5 be E l'u'u'.'- 5 2 "Not a Fad But a. Food" Compliments of Radio Stations 5 WEEU WRAW Teach Your Dollars to Have More Cents By Buying Your Musical Goods at the For Men Wh0 Want to Stay Young Suits, Trousers, and Furnishings Schuylkill AVC. MuS1C House EPSTEIN BROS. 425 Schuylkill Avenue READING, PA. 829 PENN ST- Dial 3-114 "!'u'-'nH5'n5'u'u'n'J'ln'u'n'n'u'u'n'i'i'u'n'n'i'u'iHH'Wn H':'u'u'n'n'll'n'n'u5'h'H-'u'n'u'ln'n'n'fi St. Lawrence Compliments of Community Hall E, M, SHIELDS "HARRY'S" AUTOCAR TRUCKS BOWLING -' BILLIARDS 133 Chestnut Street Ice Cream - Soft Drinks - Tobacco READING, PA. "JEWELRY OF THE BETTER SORT SINCE 18.93" J. P. APPLE COMPANY, Inc. LANCASTER, PA. E E Q' 1' 5 Manufacturers of the Standard Mt. Penn High School Class Rings and Pins. HIGH QUALITY SERVICE SATISFACTION OFFICE SERVICE CO. Walter E. Dietrich, Proprietor GEO. H. SCHULER Stationers Meat and Vegetables Market Underwood and Royal Portable Typewriters , . , I 16th 8a Forest Streets Dial 3-1743 Mimeographmg - Multigraphing READING, PA. 115 N. Sth St. READING, PA. iilll5555'l'l'l5'l'Ill'l-I'l-l'I'l-l'l'l'l 5'ln'u"n"u'ln'.'u'n'h'u'n'u'n'n'u'n'n'k J C W eller APPl12HCC Co 2433 Perkiomen Avenue u MT. PENN, READING, PA. Diamonds - Jewelry - Watches Beautiful Gifts of Sterling Silver General Eleetfie Equipment Refrigerators - Radios - Ranges 3 -Expert Repairing- Cleaners E 619 PENN STREET Dial 2-5049 5 n' J' J' J' u' J' u' :F 5 . 5 Our Dad Sure Thinks ' f E a Lot 0 Us J' J' lu: "Our yard is full of swings and slides and bikes-and when Dad comes home from gl work, he's always ready to romp and play. He tells us, too, that he has fixed things with 5 our Community Bank, the MT. PENN TRUST COMPANY, so that we'll still have fun -I: and be protected if anything happens to him. 5 "We heard him tell mother last night that she'd never have to worry-that his J' Trust would take care of all of us. We don't understand what a Trust ist but it must be something fine because Dad says it is." 5 We will be glad to discuss with you the way in which a Trust will help to give your family the things that you want them to have. Your Community Bank .5 E J DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 5 "De'ici""S'Y Diffefm' Chestnut Hill Garage B k C t St l . 5 er S mm y ye Chevrolet Sales and Service Meals Served Daily Repairs, Painting and Storage 555 ::'n'u'u'n'i-'L'i-'L -' :5 J' F n' 5 Supplies of All Kinds GOODYEAR TIRES L. 8: M. Luncheonette 23rd and Perkiomen Avenue MT. PENN Phone 3-9125 E s s E in il '-'uhm 'J v. 'Jn' '- "n'h'lu'n'L 5555555555 ' 'm'u'n'n 'L 'HH "ART SIMMONH FLEET-WING STATION Considerate Service Howard Blvd 85 Dengler St. MT. PENN, PA. Compliments of Northeastern Lumber Company North llth St. and City Line Largest Planing Mill in Berks County "Anything in Lumber" Reading Paper Box Company Folding Boxes and Cartons H. A. KISSINGER, Owner Third and Buttonwood Streets Dial 3-1771 You'll Be Sure to Like It. ZIEGLER'S cc 95 MILK It's So Much Richer! When Your Car Runs Dry- Stop at BIXLER'S LODGE STONY CREEK MILLS 5'n'H"ln5'nFu'u'n'n Suburban Water Co. MT. PENN 2227 Perkiomen Ave. Dial 4-1547 Carl Boas, 226 Friedensburg Road Dial 2-3969 Night Calls 2-9647 Pierce Bechtel 5"n5'n'n'n'i'h'. .'uH'n'n'u'-'-'n'-"-'J''-'u'u'n"u'-'n'u'u'u'u'n'u'u'nHHHHHHHH'-HHHHH'-HHH5'n'i'u'-HH'n'uHHH51hFnHHH'.H'-H5HWiW 5 -I COMPLIMENTS OF ii ea mg trect a1 way o. , 5 R d' S R '1 C E E 5 McCann School of Busmess IN THE HEART OF READING'S BUSINESS DISTRICT E OFFERS THESE ADVANTAGES: E You Save Time You Save Money Free EmpI0yment - Each student is encour- The courses which we Servlce . . 5 l Graduates are assisted m aged to complete has course offer here enable students Securing positions. Em- as rapidly as his ability to complete their business PIUYSTS Prefer our gradu' I - ates because they do not Permits- Careers earlier- have to train them on the job. 5 COURSES APPROVED BY COMMITTEE ON STANDARDS E for PENNSYLVANIA APPROVED BUSINESS SCHOOLS 5 546 COURT STREET DIAL 2-2301 FRA K YoDER, Inc. 2230 Perkiomen Avenue PLUMBING HEATING MT. PENN, READING, PENNA. SHEET METAL STOVES, RANGES DIAL 2-1371 HEATERS HHH'hHHHH?H 'n'n'i'- '-H'-'n'u'-"n"n'nH'nHn'i'i'r 'u':'i'uH'n'n'nH'n'u'u' 'n"n'n'h'-'u'-'Pu'uSH'nH"n'u'u'n'-'-'-'15'n'n'n5-'H'M'15'n'h'u5'u'n'uN'n'n'n5'h'n'n'.'u'i'u'L55'n"u'q'n'u'u'u' L. H. SASSAMAN Groceries and Green Goods 'fu'- 'H V. -4 5' fb I O S CD fb O Ph Q C C 'I PV' fb F11 .Q '-.'.'. Telephone 3-7562 'fu MARTIN'S Our Motto: "Service" 658 PENN ST. READING, PA. - The Quality Store - ma, 3-0101 WOMEN'S AND MISSES' MT- PENN, PA- WEARING APPAREL 5 .- Refreshment Time . . . after school ' 'n'u'n'n'u'n XJ A PURE DRINK 'i 5: , OF NATURAL FLAvoR E I V 5 n' n' 'u'i'n'u"n"n 5'- E ir' E :-' 5 E E .- 5 4' 5 F E .- 5 .I E Compliments of .P Compliments of The Mt. Penn Meat Market FOLK'S DAIRY DIAL 4-1276 o. C. STUMP 'n'u'u'h'- V6 'n'n 'n'-'n'u'n'i'n'n 'u5'm'n'u'n'n"n'u'u' E H'u'n'u'Hn 'h'n'n"n 'n'u'n 'n'- PHOTOGRAPHS FOR THIS BOOK MADE BY 'I STU DIO 7A NORTH SIXTH STREET READING, PENNSYLVANIA PHOTOGRAPHS OF INDIVIDUALITY PHONE 4-3021 '-:'- s s -' u' n' 1' E E n' n' u' n' E u' n' u' 1' n' n' s E n' u' s s s n' n' n' u' f- E r- 5 n' E s u' 5 5 'uf H5 'HH HHN E33 'n'n 2 :5 2 1-I E E a 5 E E 2 E E 'n'n 5'n'-5'BH'n'n'M'.H'.5'h'u'u'n'h5'nH'n'u'-'u'u'n'h1'u5'nH'u'n'!''dn'u'n'-'n'uHSH5H'n'u'n'n'nH'u'.'n'-H'n'ln'-55'n'u'ln'-'n'n'nfJ Compliments of ZIPFS CANDIES AND GIFTS l of 5 Compliments of DISTINCTION 929 PENN STREET Mount Penn ' P. T. A. BASEBALL pp T.,eS,,.,,.,m.,,,,g..,,,. S S !.Q!Tn!,!5rJZi TENNIS 8: GOLF SUPPLIES l r .- i l .- .- E 5 J .- 5 5 5 ': 5 .- .- .- 1: 2' I-' 5 F .- 5 E: 5 E I-' .- .- 5 '.'.'. The Staff wishes to express their sincerest appreciation to all those who have helped make this yearbook a success. 'l'lH'l5'n'n'u'u'u'l'n5'iH'i'n'n'l'I'n'IH'l55'l11H1'u'l'I'l'l''i':'l5H'n'lH Moore's Coal Makes Warm Friends Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Frankel Ph-me s-ms Third and Buttonwood Streets READING, PENNA. You Can Believe that you can-and you will not fail, though great be the task begun. Believe that you can-though hard the trail, and rugged the road you run. Have faith in yourself. Just know you can and you're simply bound to dog and never a barrier, bar or ban can keep you from carrying through. Believe in yourself and then go in and work with your heart and soul. Believe in yourself and you'll surely win, no matter how far your goal. There's a marvelous force in the faith that springs from this great and noble thought, by the magic spell of the strength it brings, the greatest of deeds are wrought! Believe in your soul that you will succeed. For as sure as you hold this thought, you will back your faith with the power of deed, till the last hard fight is fought! Aye, hold to that thought and you'll do your part in the Way that it should be done. Just start with a Winner's confident heart, and your battle is really Won! So go to it, boy, and hit your stride, at the crack of the starting gun, and never falter or turn aside 'til the whole long course is run. You may not be brilliant, or clever, or smart, you may not be fast of pace, but if you have grit and a confident heart you'll be there at the end of the race. -The Optimist. Pn'n'h'u'-'u'n'M 'n'n"n'u'n'u'n'u'n'n'n'u'n'n'ln'u'u'm'-'u'u'u'- 'u'u'hH'u'h5'n"u'- :-1'N1H'1'1'1H'51'1'h'1'1"1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'B'.-'1'1'BH'L'1'15'15'N1'151'1'1'1'1'1'1'H1'1'1'1'1'1H'151'1'1'N1'1"1'1'f E .1 E D IEE 5 .kno ucH1No . D5J1gN1Ng E LINE ETCHINGS 5 HALFTONES COLOR PLATES L ELECTROTYPES L 2 NICKELTYPES 2 5 6 LEAD Moms 6 ,- 1:04:- 5 5 ff ARK ff 5 ENGRAVING AND - ELECTROTYPIIIG Cv - 3' 654-656 COURT ST ,-: 11 n n nf- E . 1' F E This is one of Our 1' 1 5 Producuons ..... 1' E us51 'I - 1 lrbi T 'IM 1 1 E ,goymbzmllw .fazlimhbfuf G1 PUBLIII-IERI'-PRINTER! -I BOYERTOWN,PA. 1F .'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1 '1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1' .I 1'1'1'1 '1'1'1'1'1'1' '1'h'1'1 H'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1 '1'1'1'1'1' '1'1'1'1 E E E 5 E E 5 :-' 1' 1' 1' J' 1' :-' 1' ,I E 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1F 1' 1' 1' J' 1' 1' 1' 1' 5 1' E 1' :-' :-' :5 :-' 1' 1' 1' -F '1'1'1E'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'h'h'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'H1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1 'u'u"u'u'u'n'n'u'uH5'u'n'n'n'n'n'n'n'u'n'u'n'n'n'u'u'n'u'-'n'-'n'n'h'n''n'u'5'n'nH'n5n'n'u'n'n'n'u'n1n5'h"n'u'n'Hn'u'n Patron List Mrs. Catherine E. Foley Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Wayne Fischer Robert J. Heffner Martin L. Hill Noah G. Horning P. P. Sands LeRoy Shiner C. A. Scarlett Norman Shiffer Paul E. Walker Carroll A. Weidner Mrs. M. J. McDonough Mrs. Lucille Martin Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mosser Mr. and Mrs. A. LeVan Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rohrbach Mrs. Joseph Miller Mr. and Mrs. A. Kemmerer Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Gable Bertha F. Bier Dorothy Faust Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Lewis A. Mercer J. J. O'Connell John Schrack J. C. Murray Peter L. Goodhart Harry D. Whitner Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Glassmoyer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Larson William H. Bernsau Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Denner Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Stutzman Charles George Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Alenier Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe H. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Sailor Mrs. Helen B. Eddy William S. Sterner M. Elizabeth Trostel Fred A. Howard Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Stump George W. Dauth Mrs. Thomas N. Boland Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Benson Ernest L. Barth Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M. Folk W. Ralph High Mr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Wentzel Edwin F. Palm Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Eckenroth Thomas K. Leinbach Mr. and Mrs. Paul Batastini 'nHHHH'n5'u'uH5HHh5H'hHH55'n5555H'fn555H'M5'u5'u'n'aHHH5'nH555 u. L. 1 1Zi7AW'fJ wwwilwvff IKM.. f . J.,- .. 1. -. . , - -- - A 4 1. , f - W -I 55 fy V '1.V,,,P , X 1 V, 1 . -., . , D. . . 7. N. , ' ' f . . . U. .A .- 1 , , . ' ' ' , autogvaingg x 57-6.15 P u '. Kai-Q' . gQ6ML 1 . XX 58- 0. . X! Ovfb SWQWMQW K ? I 2.4 UMV6'WfEW . f'7 X Q y, . T Y T . Y ' , .4 , ' xr if f. V ' 7 , - , 5 5' 0-Mx E. ' - 651 VM ' .,,Q. . 152' .4 4... sum., Af Q .v ' A vw, ,..'.vgL'vmun.unnuu1 In -a F E 5 E ,I 56 5. Yi U A Z LQ 5 V4 s! U E W Q1 1 , , 9' 9 VS 5, w ll S f 4 Qi E if 'Q 3, :FV 34 ga H? ii? lil . if 1 fn ri 1 5, rs F! -4 E, F 1 :mann-mgmwnnnwu.-.u.f,ug-vp-n umm-.rz, 1 ..a- .Lv an-.urnvgv-:..n:1u.,-m an -mann: in-gr r' fl ' 'L e Ei ww. 1 A-mf, ' 5 Ri... Lf 'qw-,-'-: 'UE' JI Mx. . ,-r'.,?"i"'TA1sr2'V+" ""f" ' " A " L. an --rr. R Agia? "7 ,z .4 a V. . '1- .E 'fa . J fi -. ,., 71 "z:1?'4:'- A. 15

Suggestions in the Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

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