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 - Class of 1954

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I 1 H111-. .111-2.1:1nfs1..:L1-a-1211.5-541-ii11..11if:.3ifi:i:.fx:'19-i11i1fE:-.2E'f':1-1 1f..1111: -,..1:.,f -.Q-11:.:fg.gfE'f 511'-as15521:I-2'-11-2112214212155a12f:-1:z,1ae-:f:1- : 1 f 11' 1 1 ' 14.1-: 11 ,- -+1 ' 1 1' .,...,,I ...,. I -I.., 1.,I1..,1...,I.,:...1.- ...I..1.1-,.1,1.1.,. .,.,..,. .1,1..,,..I.,..:,. .,.f-. .,..I-. - 1. .mg ,.441-.::..LL,-.141.:..1..,,.,.-,.L1.:.:...1.:. .... 1. .1.a,.,..... .,.-.-1.1,,.'-1 f...,5. ..11.-. ..,1-4,..I.1,.. .... 1. ..,. .,.I.,,I.1.I,. ,II.I1I,I1,III,II11I, , -1 ,I LII.. . IN- L... u11.I1,1,:'. .,1,I.,I...TI.1.YI -VN LIII ,I 11 1 1.11. 11211 5113? 11, 1... 41.1 54 5:11 isa? gm mc' ..1.. agp! Jw' 1.1. RTF Ir.: 1.1 . T. sv nm ,111-1 1 1 Lim., WI ,I 1.-. ,W 1.. W.,-1.-1 .L-...M--1 --f-P-K---r we 'R L ' 'W' if HRZWW "-fm' 34211 ma lam. Y' "W" wuz: s1F245mz?C3',11..-2' -hmai.-1:.1zQr: YEL qi f nm 115: 411. ni? :iff -TQ? .ea Sis as fin: . .2111 JL" 31311. :A in -.Qi 253115 1:1'i.l ,G-:I 11 'UE' 11131 :iii . ml.-1 .511 . u 1-Ls 11 F' E'i 'Nil -in .sins 1 11' - Yszii' .-1 I , .. ., . 1 .,... , ., .- 1 W 1. . . ...1 1. ,. . 11 . 1 SWF' 2 ........ , . 1, ..,, . ,1, ., . , .. -.1-. .Q -.............,.-.,......... - .......-.- I . . ., . Y . .1., -.1 1 -- I II 1- FH-I, 1....:g.- 1.1 1. . .1 1. ' -apr, 1 .4-1--1-114-1-1' N-"-H M- -1--I' -' '-1.1 '....TT1,..1 IT" "?11r:7:1::.'FA.-.a:.L '- x:'x:.'1."r1'1.':. EF 1 STE.: 1-1. -Y',... .11-:1If'.'.,. Q , 105172 I .177-.-5-..-4 . 1 ' ,,Ew:35L-1..- wlJri'7. 1-""',,y""',.', 1 .71 .1 ..Tr'R-If---1,5-5. , ,,Q 1f--- 1--v-in +I-,153 Mm. -3- . -f - ' ' -rw---EJ. '1lQ'w'1:'.'qfv5'f"'1"- , x m 5755? "rL'3W " """"' r'-1"1::'-: " .:'Y':'::7r"z,....."-'1'fi',"1'Z: ':"uJ:."f'1'1""' '-'. 2,-1.::.:u:,':..Yi.iIG1 '- , ... . I I, AAI I I 1 - -H -1 'Vg- -, . 51: F -f'-1--1 -, I- I .a:"' ""' " ,. 1 mm.. ' 7: fu- , .' ,it--..f" :'2,..Y L 574 EMM' 'fe-2' 954 P : kk, WW E XX :xx WM We the Senlor Class o ' 4 wxsh to dedlcate our Annual to the memory of Harrxet Allce Buskohl a member of our class who was called by the angel of death October 19 1951 Her smllmg personahty helped make our school years very enjoyable Xl .A l'l'lU'LL5fI"CL GLENN HASTINGS HAROLD VOYLES Supermtendent Prmc1pa1 Coach EVELYN OZANIC Secretary 4 1 3. 4. 'Y Q' ,A-.. S. 428. EARL CHISM Assistant Coach English E, 3 in 4-5 5- . . L CARLTON GERECKE English German ,N WILBUR GREEN Social Studies Speech PAUL MEYERS General Science Biology 6 MELISSA CORDERA Girl's P. E. Library ALTA NORTRUP Home Economics OSCAR FERNHABER Vocal Music OLIVER MCCAIN Mathematics Chemistry 7 I C. DAVID PEARSON Commercial Studies F JV ' 1 lfsxx ff' ,,f GEORGE RAFFAELLE Band fl Uefif 006 LEFT TO RIGHT Olrver Grosenherder Carl Hamann Walter Frxesner Howard Kerser LEFT TO RIGHT Ronald Johns Mr Yancrk Alvrn Fmzche Cualoabana LEFT TO RIG HT Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Garrels Hrcks Scheller Donna gm ' Q W. Y If .I D C' L T P-. x K . ,R l 4, N. .a .- f. .q,A dl... '- n..g, . -v- f - A.. .. 'cf' ra --N'--44. an S ,1 " Ziff MARY ELLEN ADDEIN en l 0l"5 Student Counc1l Rep 1 G A A 1 2 3 4 F H A 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 Band 2 3 4 Drum Majorette 1 2 3 4 Snooper Staff 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Queen Candldate Attendant 3 Football Queen Cand1date 4 GERHARD BUSSMANN MILTON BAUER Panama H1gh School 1 2 3 Annual Staff 3 Baseball 3 Basketb ll 3 Glce Club 4 10 KENNETH CALVIN Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4 Snooper 4, Semor Play 4 . v . 1-..- 151:--. ,I ,, rl : ral 11,1 v ,gf 5 Q .uf fy: Q I ni -I Q11 l0l"5 DOLORES CLAYTOR Student Councll Vlce Pres1dent4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 F ll A 1 2 Queen Candxdate 3 Football Queen Candxdate 4 Pep Club 4 Snooper Staff 1 7 3 4 Senlor Play 4 Annual Staff4 WILMA DEVRIES A 1 2 3 4 Presldent 1 Student Counc1l4 Glee Club 1 7 3 4 Snooper Staff4 Annual Staff4 Pep Club 4 Football Queen Cand1date 4 Queen andldate Attendant 3 DONIALD DONNER Football 1 1 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Track 1 2 3 4 Band 1 Z 3 4 En semblem 3 Snooper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Senxor Play 4 CHARLES DRAGOVICH Football 1 4 Annual Stafl 4 Snooper Staff 4 11 0 , 1 G.A, ,1,z,3,4gF,H,A. ,, , :vice . V C 'I I .L..: .: .',.:' ww . en l, Off, ROLEEN ERNST Band 1 2 3 4 GleeClub 1 2,3 4 GleeClub Sec 2 G A A 1 2 3 4 G A A Sec 3 Class V1ce Pres 1 JunxorCarn1va1 Queen 3 Snooper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Counc11 Rep 3 Pep Club 4 Band En sembles 1 2 3 4 1 GLENN HASTINGS ELYNOR HALLER Band 1 2 3,4 Ensembles 1,2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Solo 2 3 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 G AA 1 2 34 C1assV1cePres 4 GAA V1cePres 23 FHA 1234 Stuent Counc1l 2 Queen Attendant 3 Ass t Ed1tor Snooper 3 Editor Snooper 4 Annual Staff 4 V106 Pres of Class 4 Football Queen 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Snooper l 2 3 4 Semor Play 4 Band 1 2 ' ' 12 JANICE HEINEMEIR Staunton Hlgh School 1 , , .H.A. , . Glee Club 1, 2 35 A Capella Choir 43 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 4. RON ALD HIC KS en iorfi Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Band 1 2,3 4 Ensembles 2 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Student Councll Rep 1 Class Pl'6S1d8l'lI 3 Semor Play 4 WILLIAM JOHNSON RAY HUGHES Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Snooper Edltor 4 Annual Staff 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Semor Play 4 Band Ensembles 2 13 IOANNJOSHU FHA 1234 GAA 4PepC1ub4 Chorus12 34 runs lynn v nl, 13 .,l -. - fur: env, 1 n nur' :urn opal v . .--lvon..., unr- min, eniom JOHN KEISER Football 1.2. 3,4: Baskerbau 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2,3,4g Pres of Class lg Band 1, 2' Glee Club 3, 4, Snooper Staff 3, 4, Senior Play 4 WILLIAM KEISER Sec of Class 3 MARY LOU KISH Annual Staff 4 Candldate lor Queen 3 4 Class Sec and Treas 3 4 JANET KORUNKA n 1 2 3 4 G A A 1 3 4 F 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Football Queen Cand1date 4 Snooper Staff 4 Student Coun cll Sec 4 14 'G SHIRLEY KOSOWSKI en ford oeeClub1234FHAl SnooerStaff4 NORMA LOEFFLER IANICE KRATOCHVIL .J eC1ub1234GAA 12341: 1 2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent ofClass 3 Senror Play 4 Snooper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 A1234FHA13Band1Z34GleeClub 34Que Candrdate Attendant 3 Pep Club 4 Snooper Staff 3 4 Bus Manager of Annual 4 Band Ensembles 1 2 Class Sec and Treas Z Senror Play 4 15 LUCILLE MARBURGER Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Band En sembles 1 2 3 4 Class Treas 1 Queen Candidate 3- F.H A 1 2, 3' Student Council Pres, 4- Annual 4- Snooper Staff 4- Pep Club 4 eniord LINDA MHJLER G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.H. A. 1, 2, 3,4g Pep Club 4: Pep Club President 4: Annual Staff 4. HAZEL GH.L PASTROVICH Class Secretary 4 F H A. 1 Glee Club 2 16 ROBERT MONKE Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2,3 4 Semor Play 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Snooper 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Presxdent 2 Class Treasurer 4 DOROTHY RAMSEIER G A A 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 President4 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Class Secretary 1 Queen Candidate 3 Pep Club 4 Snooper 2 3 4 AsstAnnua1Editor4 . . . , , , : : : F.H. A. 1, 2, 3,4g Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Ensembles 5 7 1: 8I'll0I':i JOHN sAxBY Football 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Student Councll Rep 3 Class Pres 4 Annual Staff 4 EMALEE SCHOEN PepC1ub4 F H A 3 4 17 GERALD SCHLOMANN Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1,2 3 4 Student Councll Rep 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 2 3 MARILYN SCHOEN F H A 1 2 34 PepC1ub4 Band2 3 ell L ora MARYANNSCHWAB A 1234 FHA 123 G1eeC1ub12 KATHERINESLAPAK GleeC1ub1234FHA 124GAA 23 BETTY SMITH C11ntonH1gh School 1 2 3 GleeClub 1 2 4 F H A 1 2 3 4 G A,A 1 4 Pep Club 4 TRI HI Y 1 2 Snooper 4 Annual Sta,ff4 Queen Candldate 1 Lxbrarxan 1 2 3 Jumor Play Cast 3 JERRY STIERWALT Football 2 3 4 Basketball 2 18 Q G-A--nun:---:ai 1r3u4- yppI...,,2.. 1,'.4' . . ro: n12..-aon:- 0 of 1" ni I I . '. . "S . I vp: - 0I'll0I'J JAMES SVOBODA Annual Staff 4 Snooper Staff 4 PATRICIA VOGT A 2 3 4 F H A 1 2 3 C Treas 3 JEROME WEILDER Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff4 JAMES YANCIK Football 1,2, 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Track 2 3,4 Student Councrl Rep 3 Student Councrl Treas 4 Chorus 1, 2 3 4 Edxtor of Annual 4 19 I G.A..1,,,:.....:1aSS 'x Q59 Q. f 'fe' K1-' We the graduatmg class of 19 54 of Mt Ol1ve Commun1ty I-hgh School belng consldered 1n all quarters to be regular fellows do hereby make declare and pubhsh th1s our last w1ll and testament on th1s twenty fourth day of No vember 1n the year of our Lord Nlneteen hundred and f1fty three model class as a set standard of behav1or to be used as an 1deal of ach1evement for future classes Future years w1ll undoubtly popular1ze the expresslons Why can't you people behave more l1ke the class of 549 ' To the .Tumors much to thelr chagr1n we leave Mr Gerecke and Sen1or Enghsh for a whole year may they reap the abundant rewards from lt that we d1d We also leave them the rule of the school whlch we had for the past four years May they have the success that we d1d 1n our struggle for supremacy To the Sophomores we leave nothlng as they seem to be of the op1n1on that they have all we ever had and more to boot To the Freshmen we leave all of our college catalog and bullent1ns that they can make a better stab at planmng the1r curr1culum than we d1d We also leave these words of good cheer Even though you may never be a b1g succe you w1ll always have the golden opportumty to be Semors What more could you ask9 I Mary Adden al1as L1ttle Audrey leave my qulet and bashful ways to Sharon Jones and my ab1l1ty to get 1nto all sorts of m1sch1ef to Mllly Favre I also leave a few extra pounds to Marlene Pahde as she can use them more than I I M11tOH Bauer leave my Jolly d1spos1t1on and calm outlook on l1fe to Carrol Worker May he now g1Ve the Jun1or class some peace my Nkg ff-Bun ll-Gigi? 1 , I A M , A Q X f , gf N 9 X k - r N 02' 73 Q3 o X G, ' Q ef LFirst of all, for the benefit of the faculty, we leave. May they use our , ' ' . S0 : rv ' ' SS, .J I Gerhard Bussmann leave my happy bo1sterous manner to Johnny Green Everyth1ng else I w1ll keep for I w1ll probably need lt some day I Kenneth Calv1n leave my gangl1ng walk and d1sarm1ng sm1le to Gerald Lak1n May he become the most romantrc f1gure the school has ever known I Dolores Claytor leave my f1ckle ways to Non1" Wathern but I w1ll cer ta1nly not g1ve up Drags B111 Hagen Cheap1e ROSIS Peewee B111 Leonhardt Genners or my fleet of Pont1ac cars and Harley Dav1dson motorcycles After a I w1ll need somethmg to pass the t1me when I am out of school I W1lma DeVr1es leave my ab1l1ty to charm men 1nto Jo1ng the Mar1nes Lo1s Grosenhelder May she get a certa1n colored boy to JOIN the ranks of those brave men l1ke Pouch I Donald Donner leave my qu1et and unassum1ng manner to Tommy Jacobs My ablllty to say No I d1dn't do lt " w1thout sm1l1ng to Gerald Gors1ch and my devot1on to one woman at a t1me goes to Larry Schellar I Charles Dragov1ch do hereby w1ll and bequeath my unfa1l1ng ab1l1ty to get 1n front of people to R1chard Bus smann My c1gar box of Forward w1th Stevenson buttons I leave to Mr Green to a1d h1m 1n h1s d1scuss1ons of Amer1can H1story I Roleen Ernst leave my r1cochet1ng walk to Mar1lyn Monroe and my ab1l1ty to charm men w1th my pass1onate klsses I leave to Nyla Folkerts I'll keep Howard for myself 1n case he should posslbly be of use to me 1n the future Also I leave my re1gn of queen to Roleen Stoddard our new queen I Hazel G1ll Pastrov1ch leave my qu1et ways and ready sense of humor to the Freshman g1rls May they use them 1n the1r efforts to become more lady l1ke I Elynor Haller leave my long brown ha1r to M1lly Favre so that people can tell she 1S a g1rl My ways w1th the Saxbys I leave to my slster Carol and who ever becomes 1nterested 1n Tommy My Job at the bakery I ll keep as Mr Jublet says he yust can't get along w1thout me I Glenn Hastlngs leave my ab1l1ty to fly and my pr1vate a1rport to Gary Schellar my perpetual l1mp to anyone who wants to be p1t1ed My c1garettes I w1ll keep so I can smoke them as soon as basketball season IS over I also leave my gunn1ng" ab1l1ty to Nelson Grman so that he can be the basketball star that I w I Jamce Helnemeler leave my Job at the Staunton show to Kathleen M1ller and my v1gorous walk and ab1l1ty to Slt 1n front of my house unt1l the wee hours of the mormng to Roberta Denny My cheerful outlook I w1ll keep as one always needs that I Ronald H1cks leave my raw talent for mathemat1cs and rough and tumble manner to Dean Drewel May he become as much an all around man that I was I Ray Hughes leave my b1g Bu1ck car to Mr and Mrs Pearson so that they can become a two Burck fam1ly I B111 Johnson leave my hardheaded loyalty to the Studebaker Corp t Butch Schellar My Staunton women I g1ve back to Staunton boys so that they can have all the fun they m1ssed wh1le I was charmmg the1r g1rls I JoAnn Joshu leave my ab1l1ty to charm men and dev1l may care att1tude to Carol Canton I hope she has as much roar1ng fun as I d1d I B111 Kelser leave my world famous collect1on of Jokes to Mllton Berle may he have more success Wlth the punch l1ne than I d1d 21 Y H I ' , . Y i ' ll ' ' - 1 1 I I I I Y Y 9 , - . ll, , , to . l I ' . . , H . . . . . . Y I I 7 9 ! ' ' ' ll ' YI , . , . 7 1 Y , . l ' ! , . I D . ' . 1 , . 1 , - . . . , Y I , . I, . . . , HS. ! I I . Y I , , . . 1 , , . O ' 7 n v - - I I 7 I John Ke1ser leave my way with women when I put my mind to it to Alvin Fntzche My athletic ab1l1ty I leave to anyone man enough to have lt but I will keep my Olymp1c medals as I may have to pawn them someday when the ducks aren't flying hke they should I Mary Lou Kish leave my mysterious charm slinky walk and beautiful light green Chrysler to Shirley Zupsich W1th all that the world will be her oyster I Janet Korunka leave my cheerlead1ng ab1l1ty to any g1rl who wants to be come the gust1est no1sest most r1p snorting and raring to go fireball of a cheer leader who ever cheered a Mt Olive team to victory I Shirley Kosowski leave my striking good looks ab1l1ty to be a good waitress knack for having fun in the study hall and love for motorcycles to any Junior girl who wants to have an interesting Senior year I Jan1ce Kratochvil leave my bound1ng energy sparkling eyes high sp1r1ts and hair that takes a good poodle cut to Dolores Grandidier I hope that she has as much good fun 1n her Sen1or year as I did 1n mine I Lucille Marburger leave anyth1ng I have to anyone who would want it How ever I w1ll keep my Billy Harm to myself I Linda Miller leave my calm outlook on life and my Sophomore admirers to Non1 Wathern May she be as happy in her last year as I was I Robert Monke leave my King Farouk profile to Ed Jatcko My athletic tation and frank factory I ll keep as I have to make a living somehow My pet Cheetah I'll keep for the long winter nights at the plantat1on I Norma Loeffler leave my News Stand to Frank Celi my Job as piano player for Mr Firnhaber to Mary Ann Mueller and my dr1ver's l1cense to any Fresh men girl who can be as good a lady driver as I was I won't need the l1cense now as I am applying for a permit to operate a Model A coupe I Dorothy Ramse1er leave my calorie chart to Agnes Kilduff She can also have my charming ways Now that I have my man I won't need them anyrnore I John Saxby leave my rippling muscles dusky complexion and unfailing way with women to Jack Fricke may he have all the fun that I have had By the way if anyone IS interested I am keeplng my faithful A Job myself I Gerald Schloman leave my booming VOICC frowsy crewcut and great men tality to anyone aspiring to the rank of Colonel whlch I held for so many years leave the New York Central Ra1lroad and my Job del1ver1ng groceries to Milton Zoesche so he may enjoy the unlimited prosper1ty that I did I Emalee Schoen leave my quiet ways and shy sm1le to Sharon Jones so that she can hold Kenny Calvin who says she 1S gett1ng too bold for him My petite figure and blonde hair I leave to any underclass girl who wants them but I w1ll keep my ab1l1ty to type 2.05 words per minute as I may need it someday I Marilyn Schoen leave my love for the great outdoor to Jacquehne Gill But I'll keep Charles Vogt for myself so that some day we will have our own l1ttle ICY ROOT BEER stand and will be very happy I Mary Ann Schwab leave my way with teachers and my Job as Mr Pearsons little helper to Roleen Stoddard My b1g sm1le I leave to Betty Artz1g and my walk goes to Carolyn Degler to use to the great advantage that I did ZZ ll 'II ' ability I leave to Harold Scheiter. May he use it to a great avail as I did. My plan- . , . . . . . , . I I I Katherlne Slapak leave my ab1l1ty to Walt on tables to any underclass g1rls who w1sh to become a huge success My n1ckname Rena I leave to the next Katherlne to come to hlgh school I Betty Lou Smlth leave Bob Monke to Janet Ernst now that he 15 marr1efl I haven't a chance anymore My Mercury I w1ll leaxe to the Junlor class so that they may become more fam1l1ar w1th the outs1de World than they were before I Jerry Stlerwalt leave my boundless energy and contlnual amb1t1on to do better 1n my stud1es to VIC Bolar to use to h1s best advantage My cont1nental wardrobe and extra long c1garettes I Wlll keep because I w1ll need them for pub l1c1ty p1ctures when I play fullback for the Cleveland Browns I James Svoboda leave my ab1l1ty to get along smoothly w1th the school s ad m1n1strat1on to J1m Lyoch D1ck Sanvl and Tommy Jacobs I th1nk there should be enough to go around I leave my pretty wave to Carrol Worker to add to h1s collect 1on and my trustworthy Ways I leave to Mlm Playboy' Zoesche I Pat Vogt leave my smooth manner easy laugh and love of study1ng to any one who Wants to have manners that are smooth a laugh that 1S easy or make a I Jerome We1dler leave my box of No Doze p1lls to Bob Yanc1k so that he can stay as w1de awake 1n h1s classes as I d1d My extra cred1ts 1 leave to Law renee Schnecht 1n case he needs them to pull through I J1m Yanc1k leave my executwe ab1l1ty my nose and my ab1l1ty to woo Women to Johnny Goodman These qual1t1es together W1th h1s personal1ty and h1s nose should make hlm the school's most 1mpos1ng character +64 S1gned sealed publ1shed and declared that the above stated 15 the Last W1l1 and Testament of N-N.,'f-NWT! the semor Class of 1954 and duly ig 4 1 authorlzed 1n the presence of the pf X X-7 1 underslgned ilgulll Slrlf Mal H57' 1 3 'V lllwf 0LVl..-7' 1X1'x.'s.N"' 2 3 Y Y 1 , Y ' , l ll- A's. Q5-C1 .G . ef R ' , H , , ev'-ff I I 1 x, ,kr P010 QC MARY ADDEN It 15 now 1966 and we f1nd 'Audrey" s1tt1ng by the f1replace f1n1sh1ng her qu1lt wh1ch she has been worklng on s1nce 1953 only now It 1S for her daughter's hope chest Meanwhlle Raymond 1S out f1ght1ng an attack of the M1ller bugs MILTON BAUER M1lton 15 now head of the Salvat1on Army due to h1s ex per1ence 1n H1gh School wh1le sellmg t1ckets for Lu Lu has become head of the l1ttle "Ch3.1'1ty' workers at home GERHARD BUSSMAN Gary has returned from h1S Job as m1n1ster of Walsh v1lle Chr1st1an Church and has turned to help Jamce run the Turner Hall They also have a l1ttle turnmg class to ra1se at home KENNETH CALVIN Because of Kenny s great ab1l1ty to Jump so h1gh he 1S now the off1cal basketball hoop duster at M O C H S When t1mes are bad he turns to h1s old bus1ness of steal1ng 1ron from back yards and sell 1ng lt to Ed St1ehl DOLORES CLAYTOR Peep1ng through the keyhole we see "Flatch s1tt1ng on Van Fleet's knee begg1ng for at least a n1ckle ra1se It IS hard for Dundee to make enough money now because of h1s old age WILMA DEVRIES We look upon W1lma and see that she has made a great career for herself She 5o1ned the Marmes and marrled Pouch and now they have the1r own reg1ment of l1ttle "Pouches " DONALD DONNER Because of h1s love for h1s great bandleader Don has accepted the pos1t1on of d1rector of the Mt Ol1ve Symphony w1th Roleen as h1s star solo1st tra1n1ng l1ttle symphonettes at home CHARLES DRAGOVICH Dundee 15 now marr1ed to Dolores and owns a cha1n of Double Serv1ce Stat1ons where he 1S tra1n1ng a few of the l1ttle male Duns" for the1r future vocat1on ROLEEN ERNST Roleen 15 now star basketball player for the "Cordera FIVE " On the s1del1nes she 1S dr1v1ng 1nstructor w1th Donald as her star pup1l HAZEL GILL PASTROVICH We see Hazel l1v1ng very happ1ly w1th her husband Jr on the1r cute l1ttle farm Wh1le Hazel teaches the l1ttle g1rls to cook and sew Jr 15 teach1ng the l1ttle boys farm work ELYNOR HALLER We now f1nd Elynor as a profess1onal smger and dancer Wlth the "DIXIE Land Jazzers" at the State Fa1r W1th Jack as her ass1stant they are domg very well teach1ng the1r l1ttle "Saxes ' to help Jazz It up GLENN HASTINGS Sk1p 15 now pres1dent of h1s llpalfl No More P1115 factory He sends free samples to the basketball team at Mt Ol1ve and hopes they w1ll use them to the1r great advantage JANICE HEINEMEIER Jamce IS now propr1etor of the Staunton show and she 15 do1ng a boomxng bus1ness Her h1gh school lovers are st1ll so 1nfat uated w1th her they just can't seem to res1st her charmmg personal1ty and her many m1ll1ons Z4 . . I . . . : a n Q . . I o -B . . . . .- o n --D ' . . . . 1 . - Q 0 4 , - . . H . . . n -... , . 1 o --D . . ll ' ' - - 1 . . . . , . s n . . . . ' . . a . . . . . . H -- a u . - . RONALD HICKS Ronme has become part owner of Beckers after all the tr1ps he made there del1ver1ng flowers H15 wxfe Jan1ce IS home tend1ng to all the l1ttle Zacks RAY HUGHES Ray 15 now a conf1rmed bachelor However he doesn regret It as he 1S very busy w1th all h1s stockcars BILL JOHNSON B1ll IS very busy bu1ld1n0 a new school as he blew up our old one 1D chem1stry h1s last year here In h1s spare t1me he 1S so busy runn1ng back and forth to Staunton that he has neglected h1s Wlfe the former Sharon Jones JOANN JOSHU FI1tZ has f1nally f1lled her l1fe lonv amb1t1on She has taken over Marxlyn Monroe s place 1n the mov1es Nlagra and How To Marry A M1ll1ona1re Th1s has encouraged Eddle very much and now they are happ1ly marr1ed and l1v1ng on Harlan s I-hll JOHN KEISER John 1S now marr1ed to Joanne and they have a basket ball team of f1ve healthy sons In h1s spare t1me he's teachmg them the art of hunt1ng BILL KEISER B111 has become a profess1onal p1ng pong player In h1s spare t1me he goes to the corner mov1e to see h1s old school flame Deanna Drewel starr1ng 1n "John's Other Wlfe MARY LOU KISH Mary Lou 15 now secretary for the Walshv1lle Elevator S1nce buslness 1S boom1ng she expects to have part share 1n the Elevator 1n the near future star yodeler for the Grand Old Opera wh1ch Butch' recently took over They are mak1ng qu1te a success of lt SHIRLEY KOSOWSKI Shlrley 15 now marr1ed to Dan They reslde 1n Chl cago where she 1S employed as ch1ef cook and bottle washer of n1ne JANICE KRATOCHVIL As we look 1nto the TV screen we see Jan1ce has taken the place of Martha Raye She has regamed the fame of be1ng one of the top comed1ennes of our t1me NORMA LOEFFLER Norm IS busy pract1c1ng for the contest between her and Llberace Of course Norm Wlll w1n' Between her tollsome pract1ces she IS ch1ef soda Jerk for Dave and the fam1ly LUCILLE MARBURGER Lu IS marrled to D12 She 1S the saxophone solo1st 1n the1r two p1ece band Bud has not g1ven up the Shlp however because now he 15 after her daughter who 15 the perfect 1mage of Lu LINDA MILLER Llnda has become the star forward for the Mt Ol1ve Sharp Shooters She has had offers to coach the Globe Trotters but due to managmg her own Fell1n F1ve she turned down the propos1t1on ROBERT MONKE Monk has become the coach of Yale Un1vers1ty H15 fam1ly l1fe 1ncludes h1s Wlfe Janet and the1r n1ne horses He st1ll owns the Monke Ranchers DOROTHY RAMSEIER Dot IS now marr1ed to J1m and they are the owners of a sh1ney new Cad1llac and an Oldsmob1le convert1ble wh1ch look very n1ce 1n front of the1r new ranch home Th1s IS all due to her pos1t1on as star dancer for Arthur Murray and J1m's excellent Job Z5 -H . . ' y ,t . -- '. D . D ' Q . . . ' I ' ' no ' vu . II . . . . . ' . JANET KORUNKA--Janet spent many years learning to yodel and is now the ll ll ' ll I JOHN SAXBY Jack 15 now I-Iollywood's number one playboy You w1ll f1nd h1m surrounded by numerous bath1ng beaut1es However he 15 st1ll true to h1s Wlfe Ell1e GERALD SCHLOMANN Gerry IS known the world over for provmg that the E1nste1n Theory" was wrong He IS now the most famed 5c1ent1st 1n the world due to h1s 5chola5t1c tra1n1ng at M O C I-I S Recently he marr1ed Pat Vogt and It IS Gerry 5 theory that the1r k1d5 w1ll have 100070 I Q MARILYN SCHOEN Mar1lyn 1S now marr1ed to Charl1e Vogt and they are runnmg Charl1e 5 Root Beer Stand Z4 hours a day w1th the l1ttle Vogts work1ng as carhops Due to her Home Ec tra1n1ng she makes the1r own umforms EMMALIE SCI-IOEN S1nce Emmalee 1sn't 1nterested 1n boys she has sent 1n her appl1cat1on for P E teacher at Mt Ol1ve That way they' never have to worry about the students runn1ng off w1th the1r teacher MARY ANN SCHWAB Mary Ann IS known the world over for her unusual ab1l1ty to get 1n good w1th all teachers Because of her great love for the chorus at Mt Ol1ve H1gh she IS star s1nger for Oscar and h1s Polka Dots KATHERINE SLAPAK Rena 1S now an Engl1sh teacher followlng 1n the tracks of her 1deal teacher Mr Gerecke On the s1del1ne she 15 part owner of the Sunset Restaurant and 15 work1ng on her second m1ll1on dollars that 1S BETTY LOU SMITH Betty Lou 15 now 1n college but we don't know whether she 1S magormg 1n boys or Home Ec 51nce she had such a love for both of them 1n her h1gh school days To get r1d of some of her many cars she has started her own Used Car Lot and 15 known the world over as Square Deal Betty JERRY STIERWALT Jerry IS now the greatest casanova 1n the world Due to h1s good looks he IS co starr1ng Wlth Bev Ferry 1n Fam1ly L1fe the newest p1cture out JAMES SVOBODA We now f1nd Ed as presldent of Omar 5 Magne51um Plant" 1n Wh1te C1ty Ill1no15 He 15 also lead1ng a very 1nterest1ng fam1ly l1fe Wlth h1s w1fe 'L1ll1e and the1r dozen k1dS PATRICIA VOGT Pat IS now a wa1tre5s at Tarro 5 but usually ends up 51tt1ng Wlth Gerry Schlomann There seems to be a magnetlc force be tween them wh1ch Pat can't seem to explam and to top 1t off she 5 not try1ng to expla1n lt JEROME WEIDLER Bo 1S now a great hunter In New York he has gallery of stuffed ducks and rabb1ts Although own1ng a Beverage" corporatlon 1n Wh1te C1ty he spends much t1me w1th h1S Wlfe Roleen and the1r four ch1ldren JIM YANCIK J1m 15 now one of the experts 1n the f1eld of eng1neer1ng and has made many great accompl1shments BeS1d6S th15 he 1S happ1ly marrled to Dorothy and helps her Wlth the1r l1ttle problems at home 26 , --T c I I , . II . . . . . . . . . . 5 . . I . . . . . ' II ' ! 11 ' ' . . , . -.. I . , . . ll . . , . D 0 0 I 1 -E , I 1 I ll ll -... I . . - . . . II . . II 7 ! -B . . II I . , . . , . . I . . II . . . -- . . I 9 . . . I l . ll ll ' -- . 3. ' ' ll . l ! 7 . l 3 ' ' ' vu ' Il . STUDEINT COUNCIL Lms Groser1he1dEr Q' PT Y' 'L PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Ronald Yurkouch Kathleen M1I1er lfU'll0I" RA!-ll S Q2 0 s J-2 D-s pf SECRETARY TREASURIZR Carol Memann 27 Gene HUGH .QQ STUDENT COUNCIL 'vixlton Zoschke z' Us 1. - I u 0 , u 75 X xv, If . ::,:-nw , ' K L.fv:'.:iD -' 'Y ' ' 414, Ag"-'Tuff-' "7 Q Q aw IQ h -- - . ..'Eu...-11, , E , S in 1 , .. ASX Q ., i 4' I f - 1 ,Z 'Uh Q 1 2 g ' I, . X 1 I , 7 GJ YQ? 'l"x ' ' s Jim Victor Adden Bolar ,, Q Enos Gerald 6111 Gorsrch as I ' e' N' Eleanor Desgranges C Sv Merle Gorsrch Gu Ronald Carol Gene Johns Kertrs Marburger Francrs Ramx Evelyn Saathoff if JoAnn Charles Schuette Srmmons Richard Salovrch Roleen Stoddard N L ff! Ns tiff P H .-, ff , .A X K? Dean Drewel 1 Q-ur Dolores Grandldrer John Meyer Larry Scheller X rm Thomas 181 2 1 2 ,Ar A if Deanna Drewel f -v A rs ., Carolyn Hartke v. ohn M1h81C1C L Robert Scheller any Frank Thompson a 9 W5 Wathern worker Ya-IICIR Beverly Ferry S? L. Lorrarne Henschen ohn Prange Valera Schoen Sandra Vannoy C' Q 'S,' 5 ' A a 4 6' . 1. 4 I - J if f X f v XX 'Ny I -5- 1 x ' ,, I 1' . l Q ' 2- Q A rm "9 qv-v -.. ' X f 1 ' , X '- t fn! I M N , ' A if 5 1 I . 5 ' 1 J I i X , - . , rl 1 ,- , 1 - '. I . V I qx Xl gf. - Q A' ' ' C X- , . J' ' ' I T"" 554 'ure J ' X . fl J. E n a. ' 6 ' s I r 1 KW. 1 . , .3-ia . , sa, W ., g FT . . I it Q, Winona Caroll B0b STUDENT COUNCIL Jerome Schelle 1' PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDEIN T John Goodman 0 Nelson Grman I9 0l'l'l0I"0 RAHI QQ QQJ 0 'T in 16 fra ii SECRETARY TREASURER Donna Fmsche S STUDENT COUNCIL M11dred Favre ax Q, I x 1 5 , 5 1' ' If I F6 xi' N QQ . , , If J , V - W- 1 uni - .I X K I n. I I P 5 X I , .s It Av' , l - 1 Q. xx -rw '..- ww .1 '44 , . x 1 1 i xRv?'EE Betty Mary Jane Michael Aflig Boston Breza 4' - .T v 1 . ii., If 0 Fred Nyla Yvonne Fellin Folkerts Folkerts 'U " 3 rib- is . - Q-- A L. 1: x I' s . . xv fx' X X 'V pg' .. 1 1 , at '. j 'Q 11' ' , i' ,. , gy, + N . John Thomas Sharon Grerak Grejak Hansen 'fo' 'f ' 2- jf Marytena Sharon Irene Johnson Jones Joshu rf so Lf .' fp ' x r g Q Doris Nolan Allan Monke O'Neal pahde ff . 4- " fb I .,- ly Gary Philip Eldon Scheller Shreve Schneck gi X ff Richard Bussniann -Q. I 1? 5' uf qv fiyu, lack Fricke S LY Mary Beth Hoppe .on av- L. kr IE Agnes Kilduff H 1 XT.-, D X Marlene Pahde G' X' Q: ' Y Larry Striegel Q 5' . Q7 X2 .: , .. I I Carol Carl Robert Canton Claytor Dobrino as A fl" . f .1 X 1 Alvin Ruth Pat Fritsche Gehner Gorsich 4 - W 'sr 4:-. 1.1 i Q - ,. rx, K Y Marlene Marian Edward 1-iovenec Jaeck 1319140 ls -L, - ,M . -J- 1 34 2 x K 'i v Robert Roger James Kilduff Kratochvil Kuenneth 1 .V J ,LQ . , , 4, 4 ax Q' ' Z Donna Gene Ronald Roehl Saatkamp Saxby ,A. '- G ds- M 11' ' -'31 1 ' 4 , li 1 .5 'Q .V ' 4 s Robert Donald Richard Tun Weidler Yancik STUDEINT COUNICIL Shlrl y K runka X1 Ty PREMDENT VICE PRESIDENT xx alter PHC ner Pal O 'wal F85 Fflelfl HAH! S 'lx' kv V N.-4 . 4 SECRETARY TREASURER Carol Halle: STUDENT COUNCIL Tom caxhy LIT. G' R Q . X gig , ' , , 5 7 1, 1 A- 1 ' ur V gf lv X TKT L, , x . A xlxl. .W 1 h 1 E. wr . A 4 v ,V T 5' S in QQN J- g, Q1 X 3 'X V LOIS Adden Patrrcra Fenwrck Marllyn Jones Mary Ann Mueller Harold Scherrer Q-J x -s Janet Tmette Dolores Brown Jacquelrne G1 41" Margaret Krlduff CW' Sharon Nremann Dxanna Shreve Deanna Vovles 'T 4' 6 6 Carolyn Degler Y. John Green ns, V1v1an Degler 'iff' udy Grosenherder Charles James Korunka Lyoch Gerald Pakovrch 9- Joanne Spurney -2 D Davxd Wathern 4 Ins Eugene Janet De Vrles Dobransky Ernst lerry H1CkS gl cv I f IN D arrell H1 J-4 in Marlene Paul Marschner Mlller Damel Jacobs Us Robert Mrller James P1cker111 L Rose Spumey hm wathem 5. Rosemond Rawaxllot NOT PICTURED Max Strerwalt any as I Judlth Werdler James Rawarllor F Judrth Stoddard Iola Wesbrook Rrchard Sanvl N- Q Richard Thrmsen 1 lf Shlrley Zupsrch Saorfa A x 3 .. 1' 54 'f, I X 1' ' Q ' 'fW:?'N vf W- 12- L. bl TL: C . v Wfdcafd of I9 3 2 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Donner, Jim Yancik, Bob Monke, John Saxby, Ed Jatcko, Jerome Weilder, John Keiser, Bob Dobrino, Glenn Hastings, Charles Dragovich, Ronald Yurkovich. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Chism, John Meyer, John Goodman, Nolan O'Nea1, Bill Johnson, Butch Scheller, Jim Thomas, Bob Yancik, Jerry Stierwalt, Ronald Hicks, Larry Scheller, Frank Thompson, Coach FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Srierwalt, John Saxby, Bob Monke, Don Donner, Jim Yancik. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerome Weilder, John Keiser, Ron Hicks, Bill Johnson, Glenn Hastings, Charles Dragovich. SMA Clnffa Clamps Harold Voyles. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Rawaillot, Richard Sanvi, Mike Breza, Richard Yancik, Terry Hicks, Roger Kratochvil, Richard Salovich, Ronnie Saxby, Robert Tun, Par O'Nea1, Jerry Pakovich, David Wathern, Junior Friesner, Tom Jacobs, Charles Korunka, Max Stierwalr, Paul Miller, Red Wathern, James Lyoch, Jack Green, and Robert Miller. 1953 FOOTBALL SCORES Mt. Olive 6 Mt. Olive O Mt. Olive 13 Mt. Olive 37 Mt. Olive 39 Mt. Olive IZ Mt. Olive l3 Mt. Olive ZO Mt. Olive Z7 Hillsboro Roxana Marquette Carlinville Benld Collinsville Gillespie I. S. D. Staunton Captain Bob Monke was honored by being placed on the LITTLE ALL-STATE TEAM. There is no doubt that he is de- serving of this award. Seven members ofthe Wildcats squad were chosen as members of the CON- FERENCE TEAM. They are as follows: Glenn Hastings and John Keiser--ends, Bob Monke and Don Donner--tackles, Jim Yancik--guard, Bob Yancik and Jerry Stierwalt--backs. g00l66J Queen ATTENDANTS: Mary Adden, Wilma DeVries, Delores Claytor, Janet Korunka. Elynor Haller, Queen Football Captain, Bob Monke YUOI- H azler Wfdfaf TOP TO BOTTOM: Pat Gorsich Elynor Halle: Yvonne Folkerrs Carol Halle: Deanna Voyles Janet Korunka C QQPLCICJQPJ Ctfrilfy Z?a.6Lef6a! jam LEFT TO RIGHT Coach Harold Voyles Bob Scheller Jxm Thomas Bob Monks MIIIOH Zoschke Gerald Schlomann Glenn Hasungs Bob Dobrmo John Kexser Bob Yanc1k Nelson Grman RECORD 38 I 15-11 econ eam .iw ef a FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Max Suerwalt Jumor Frxesner James Lyoch R1chard Y3f1C1k Butch RIGHT Coach Earl Chxsm Jerry Pakovrch Robert Tun Ed Jatcko Alan Pahde James Kuenneth Par O Neal Terry HICRS Donald Werdler RECORD 19 6 9 Scheller, Charles Korunka, David Wathern, Richard Thimsen, Paul Miller. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO 3 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Dragovich, Richard Buskhol, SECOND ROW: Kenny Calvin, Mil burn Wesbrook, Ronald Lackie, Glen Hastings, Donald Purcell. THIRD ROW: Jim Goodman, Don Do- brino, Oral Roach, Coach Jones, John Keiser, Elmer Melcic, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Jacobs, Glen Hastings, john Keiser, Don Purcell, Jerry Scholmann, Bill Johnson, SECOND ROW: Coach Jones, Charles Dragovich, Ronald Hicks, Milburn Wesbrook, Don Donner, Kenny Calvin, Jerry Stierwalt. 42 LLHLOI' , J 4 Y " JW .. V. in.,-Q1 V If ' D - s ' 'dhfwrff V H fa Qi T n ,, it Q 4 . ,Af f 1 4? is X 'x. RETIRING QUEEN Roleen Ernst ESCORT Glen Hastlngs Queen Candldates QUEEN ATTENDANT Deanna Drewel QUEEN ATTENDANT Kathleen Mxller ESCORT Bob Scheller 44 ESCORT Bob Yanc1l-Q arniua QUEEN Roleen Stoddard ESCORT John Meyer Queen's Court QUEEN ATTENDAINT Carol N1emann FLOWER GIRL. Patty M111er ESCORT Gene Marburger 45 CROWN BEARER B111y Grosenhe1der iz, I ' I., . U K . A - '-rf' . . x 1 ff d V X Y f Av' V f . Hilda! 5? Edltor Ass t Edrtor Bus Manager Head Typrst Layout Edrtor Photo Edrtor Ass t Bus Mgr Sponsor Jrrn Yanclk Dorothy Ramsexer Norma Loeffler Roleen Ernst Janxce Kratochvrl Charles Dragovrch John Saxby M155 Cordera FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Bob Monke Charles Dragovich John Saxby lim Yanc1k Dorothy Ramserer Norma Loeffler Roleen Ernst Janlce Kratochvil SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Miss Cordera hm Svoboda Gerald Schlomann Wilma DeVr1es Lucille Marburger Elynor Haller Ronald Hrcks Jerome Werdler B111 Johnson THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Betty Lou Smxth Llnda M1ller Mary Adden Dolores Claytor agluclenf Cpounci FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mrlton Zoschke Janet Korunka Luc1I1e Marburger Dolores Claytor J1rn Yancrk W11ma DCVIISS SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Meyers Tom Saxby Jerome Schellar Gerald Schlomann Lors Grosenherder Mrldred Favre Shulex Korunka Mrss Nortrup Presrdent Lucrlle Marburger V1ce Pres1dent Dolores Claytor Secretary Janet Korunka Treasurer .hm Yanc1k The Student Councrl 1S an orgamzatlon whose members are chosen by the Student body Each class havlng two re presentatrves whr h brrngs before the councrl problems and d1ff1cult1es subm1tted by the1r classmates In order to ob tam suff1c1ent funds to ex1st refreshments are sold at all home football and basketball games 47 9 3 I I r ' I ' ' l 7 - ' 1 'v 1 l I I I' 7 u . .F . . 1 I'l00l02I' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Ronald Hrcks Glenn Hastrngs John Kerser Elynor I-Ialler B111 Johnson Sandra Vannoy Bob Monke Jamce Kratochvxl SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Pearson Deanna Voyles Donna Roehl Mary Jane Boston Mary Adden Dolores Claytor Roleen Ernst Dorothy Ramserer Carole Kertrs Carl Claytor Janet Korunka Norma Loeffler THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT J1m Svoboda Kenneth Calvrn Charles . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 . . . I 1 . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - g 5 1 ' 1 1 1 . . . . 1 1 . Dragovrch Pat O Neal Bob Scheller Co Edrtors Ass't Edrtor Bus1ness Manager Faculty Sponsor STAFF B111 Johnson Sz Elynor Haller Sandra Vannoy John Kelser Mr C Davld Pearson 48 enior gioin and FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Betty Smlth Mary Adden Dolores Claytor Norma Loe ffler Dorothy Ramseler Roleen Ernst Luctlle Marburger Jamce Kratochvtl SECOIND Sh1rleyKosowsk1 Pat Vogt Elvnor Haller Mar11ynSchoen Kather1neSlapak Emllee Schoen Mr C Davtd Pearson The glrls 1n the above p1cture have contr1buted the1r servtces 1n typlng the mater1a1 for the Snooper and the Annual We W1Sh to thank these g1r1s for the1r efforts and cons1derate co operat1on 1n maklng thls Annual and Snooper pos s1b1e 49 ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Miller, Janet Korunka, Wilma DeVries, Hazel Gill, gpm FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Shuley Korunka Janet Trnette Rose Spurney Dol ores Brown Joanne Spurney Rosemond Rawarllot Margaret Krlduff Dranna Shreve Shlrley Zupslch SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Werdler Janet Ernst Lots Adden Janet Korunka Dorothy Ramserer Donna Roehl Mary Boston Deanna Voyles Carol Haller Sharon Hanson THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT M1ss Cordera Yvonne Dolores Claytor, Betty Smrth Elynor Haller Roleen Stoddard Ins DeVr1es FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Francts Ramr Pat Gorsrch Lrnda M11Ier Jamce Kratochvtl Rena Slapak Mrlly Favre Sandra Vannoy Roleen Ernst FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Irene Joshu Donna Frrtsche Kathleen M111er Carole Kerus Pat Vogt Jane Desgranges Mary Hoppe Mary Johnson Marlene Hovanac 50 Folkerts, Nyla Folkerts, Joanne Joshu, Mary Adden, Norma Loeffler, Wilma DeVries, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Fenwick, Evelyn Saathoff, Janet Ernst, Milly Favre, Ruth Gehner, Sandy Vannoy, Doris Monke, Wilma DeVries, Elynor Haller, Donna Fritzche, Mary Ann Mueller, Shirley Korunka. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Noruup, Carol Nie- mann, Pat Gorsich, Sharon Hansen, Nyla Folkerts, Linda Miller, Janet Korunka, Marilyn Shoen, Emalee Schoen, Judy Grosenheider, Janet Tinette, Betty Smith, Iris DeVries, Shirley Zupsich, Marlene Marschner, Marion Jaeck. THIRD ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Rose Spurney, JoAnn Spurney, Kathleen Miller, Carole Kertis, Deanna Drewel, Lois Grosenheider, Valera Schoen, Carolyn Hartke, Judy Weidler, Marlene Pahde, JoAnn Joshu, Lorene Henschen, Carol l-laller, Deanna Voyles, Mary Jane Boston, Yvonne Folkerts, Mary Beth Hoppe, Donna Roehl. 51 Z?CU'l6! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanore Desgranges, Donna Fritzche, Jimmy Ayres, Warren Ferry, Mary Adden, Donna Donner, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlene Marshner, Sharon Hansen, Nyla Folkerts, Yvonne Folkerrs, Judy Stoddard, Judy Grosenheider, Carol Haller, Marytena Johnson, Elynor Haller, Roleen Ernst, Deanna Voyles, Mr. Raf- faelle. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Dewerff, JoAnn Monke, JoAnn Hartke, Janice Suyo, Carol Desgranges, Beverly Ferry, Terry Hicks, Donna Roehl, Norma Loeffler, Dorothy Ramseier, Pat Gorsich, Sharon Niemann, Janer Tinerte, Jack Fricke. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Korunka, Janice DeWerff, Pat Fenwick, Roleen Stoddard, Marlene Pahde, Lucille Marburger, Ronnie Hicks, Bill Johnson, Donald Donner, Marian Jaeck, Dolores Granidier, JoAnn Schuette, Richard Thimson, 52 ee CLA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Loeffler, Donna Roehl, Janet Ernst, Ruth Gelmer, Doris Monke, JoAnn Joshu, Lucille Marburger, Marlene Pahde, Marian Jaeck, Mary Boston, Janice Heinemeier, Roleen Stoddard, Deanna Voyles, Carol I-laller, Judy Grosenheider, Pat Gorsich, Nyla Folkerts, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Adden, Carol Niemann, Sandy Varmoy, Dolores Claytor, Elynor Haller, Dorothy Ramseier, Donald Donner, Gary Scheller, Richard Bussman, Gerhardt Bussman, Carl Claytor, Shirley Kosowski, Wilma DeVries, Roleen Emst, Marlene Marshner, Janet Tinette, Mary Ann Mueller. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Smith, Harold Scheiter, Charles Korunka, Tom Brajak, Jim Yancik, Bill Johnson, Ronald Hicks, Bob Monke, Glenn Hastings, Gerald Schlomann, Alan Pahde, James Kuenneth, John Keiser, Pat O'Neal, Nolon O'Neal, Jim Rawiollot, Richard Thimson, Jack Fricke, Janice Kratochvil. 53 afwna! .Honor .Shady The select1on of members for the Nat1onal Honor Socnety 15 made by the Faculty members of the hxgh school Th1S 1S a rather d1ff1cult task and some ser1ous cons1derat1on IS g1ven to the quallflcatlons of those students who are scholast1cally ellglble for the honor to become members of th1s soclety To be chosen for elect1on to the socxety a student must rank 1n the upper flfteen per cent of h1s class scho lastlcally The student must also be outstand mg 1n the qual1t1es of L.eadersh1p Character and Serv1ce The emblem of the soc1ety 15 the keystone and the flammg torch The a1m of the soc1ety 1S to hold before the school such mot1ves as shall mduce others to asp1re to scholarly hab1ts enhstmg IH worthy servlce and leadmg forward 1n all thmgs that shall advance the welfare of the school 54 AIIII Al H0 Ill! SUIIIHY XX Z I if Xl' fl I :rv N TOP TO BOTTOM Bob Monke B111 Johnson Jamce Kratochvxl Maryann Schwab f X 1 Q . I a , , A O O I Y . 1Q.Lf?i '.. rerl ' ,N A V V, 1'?',' , ' 1. T' +-- if g l QHLOI' CALJJ g f""'3 56 il I , i I ,:9-1 7' - . .MJ s I - 'M' I f x Q 1 ff, 6 ,. F415- x SXJ. 'a M, -ij' - 2 u.ff-4 , . 1 I A I 4 1 K r Q' 1 V' ,- E 1 5 I' , 1,174 0 , Q Q4 -,4 e 6 -v. ,B ,Q 4 1 l ,M 1 his I.. -. 54,4 ' as . I . I 041' I r ' -af : . .v::.!f r,. 1-'F' fu - pe: I, . ' :annex 'Q v ,ss G if is -v sa uQ. 2 sro 39515 J I Ystaf. 4,41 ' 1 'Q F Y .. 1 . 2 .5 -it 0 1 PHE ve. ,iv-V' 5 -'-356. 4 CORDERA TRANSFER COMPANY STILEBOWER INSURANCE DR WARNER BERG'S DAIRY QUEEN SOUSLBY S SERVICE STATION VNEST END GARAGE NORTHDUFT S SERVICE STATION SCHOPPIES BOWLING ALLEY AND FOLKERTS GROCERY STORE DAVE S STATION .IUBELTS BAKFRY MT OLIVE MOTOR SALES FOLKERTS FILLING STATION SCHUETTE'S BUS SCHELLAR INSURANCE DR SHOEMAKER ED STIEHL'S STORE HANK'S PLACE WOLTMAN'S JEWELRY B F SANDNER PLUMBING .IACOBSON S DRY GOODS STORE COLLIE'S TAVERN FRANZEN MERCHANTILE STORE SNYDER SHOE STORE PITZ. S PLACE NORMAN KOEHLER MANAGER OF DR BOEKER DENTIST ADVANCE CLEANERS UNICE BEAUTY SHOP ELMER DROSTE ATTY VERNON BRUCH CHIROPRACTOR DAVES BARBER SHOP CLOVER FARM STORE IDROSTE' I DROSTE'S MERCHANTILE CO WHITE S FURNITURE STORE MAJOR VARIETY STORE I-IANSON S BARBER SHOP MT OLIVE HERALD OFFICE I-IOME CAFE BINNEY PHARMACY INC WALLY AND AL'S BARBER SHOP MEYER BEVERAGE COMPANY V F W CLUB SANDNER'S DRY GOODS CO STEVE'S TAVERN OLTMANN'S GARAGE CAFE KROGER STORE ERVIN J NIEMANN LUMBER COMPANY I I I I FRED J, PAHDE, INSURANCE S I I f 711-1 LQI YEARBOOKS IIS DCO INC OP! 'I f- A 'ff .4 1 f ' . , W, ' Q Y . ,uw .fu n'4,w... MY AN . 1' KA, KANSAS ---vm:-ww-+-1-w-'fe 1-W-uw-T,... M- 1 MQ- N, 1 1.-gut-are ydgwgm Q Wg , 3, lgvya-A me-.4 . emqqmq-,u..u11 5 K -at 'rw . - L .. ' 5,3 ' iii- ' K, .. .1 :ish . mg- -fi-1 :,- if ' 'rw 29:11- .. .X , M: .. ggi.. ,.. V . ,fir 1' , ., , ,, Si, if me - Jill A WF: 'fifrl . :ffl-Qi J 'Q'-we . .., .. an W. A .4-. .- L - , -5 :5- .1 .2 x1,. 1 -12.-, 1:.n..-,-4:-,,s,-if..-,.-H n ,, QQ,-,.,,.,..,.1,,5.1-----x.,.M,f.R., LF... --1,-,.---.,,--J: -. .Y , ,.,--,-q..,.X..L.,.,...,,.--.,.,.,.Q:-W.,-.F--rev..-.3.,.,1,.-. gg 1- .,w.,-Lg.-,:..-QM --uf, .fwgggf1--L,-L,-.3,:-.,5..,-q1q.:n'-f-f,1..,1:.Q,.f:F,,4:wq- Q::m ,q, . H.-,..:-, ,411 ., ' . -1 1111:-:L55.-11133.-'EH:'.:r::,:,,-2-e-'an-'mg-:mfr1'-'lvl-rg---Y f, -gg J -xi j 1 1- - -- - --11' .H -35:-,..1i:f"-v.2:.,:.z42111:-51?-9,1X' 1,-3-155-5-::m-rg---,V ,--L-1-.'-::.f 5.53.13L'-,g-gy-4-5-5.-,gf:a.-w- :-'fii'-'H " 1' --ff '- i-L-f.h5'SiE211ez , - dv 1:F '4's!rgfg-iwflafxwsmgylavgk- 593191355:5-:g:a::1eg.-1,-3-273517:-Q-251'-2.g-gsgcre. 5:-ati' fseaafsezmlaSzaagqawzf,gLzz:2ams?na::m::3s5an5gaggsigiig.g.g 'g..,I:,:1 yqLqEZI.,4m':r.I., 553, R k .qu ,.:g. 1: w""'ga::'1s"' ' :Mm 'f-.:kr:::?zf..v:mav,.u.',x.,.g5,q,g:g,1.:.::'Jw n::p:::.::.-an-:Aaafszfmm-xx-1:17:-mr.:r,:::m"1w.f'::::::::::f'q:ri",,.::1feaczama-,:.::a::f:v:n.::'.:.2vs2r:. -1.--.bffmgu55g,,ggmx3,.qg-'-my .-fr:s1:1Qf.z:i. :-::1..1::':rm.-Lg-.zxnm-: Q , ,,-31.717-zvv--1, v: -:J--5-my-.1 ---z-fy--gi.:---L, :U ,fn-,ji 1.9 ,- '1' a-.'1fi1fiQV- .1631--11' '- iggzia' e1gs.'2'--' .L -,.'., -- - 1. F.: 1,1 ' JIT 9, ' 1,:f12EZ -412132 fab?- H-Tl 55355 1-wg 1E5f5l,3' -1-fri, 22213,- .QC-E

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