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-...N v du? I HL H Q X V .fr 9 L 'L-fTf"f'1' SI Eii f IEQUXL ' TA :fi 1 f F v 5, ! . J 1, E T , I 'Af ! 4 I. , f-- . 1 ,, ,il F, ,fs 'EX L., I I lv, ,I TH . 2 :T-1 Iv ,IAQ ' X J gf 1 - gh f , 1 1 If Q ' 2 Q , X1 g, A U Ss 1 fx . H-1 A Q Q .,' . 1 X 355, ,Q 2 1 T I Q it 'Y t 1 5 H fin if 2 f 3? . Q 5 ,Q xx YQZAUQS C. . TWV' YW W ,V Tl'1'::3 b of 1-1' 9' ANNIIM SMH Dean Kenner Layout Editor Rolland Helen: Photo Editor Jean Neumann: Head Typist Ellen Miller: Lucille Dragovich: Editor Assistant Editor Miss Schwabe: Sponsor Warren Thacker! Business Manager Marlene Meyer: Ass't Bus. Manager We feel very honored to bind together the memories of our years t M 0 C H S and give them to you in the Emohi' we are trying to put into these pages the smiles and the tears, the hard work and the rewards that will now and in years to come, call to memory all the events of this year First Row Marlene Meyer, Dean Keune, Lucille Dragovich, Ellen Miller Rolland Heien, Jean Neumann Second Row warren Thacker, Elfrieda Marschner B rbara Korunka, Georgia Brown, Dolores Lyoch, Bermanna Bull, Shirley Meyer, Elynor Haller, Mildred Leonhardt Third Row Dave Yancik Bob Dobrinick, Ronald Boehme Gwen Oelrichs Fourth Row Roleen Erns Ted Tomso John Saxby, Dona d Dobrino, James Hughes Donald Donner ieanette Kirkwood As a means of thanking Mr. C. David Pearson for his years of hard work and unselfish devotion we wish to dedicate the Emohi of 1953 to him. He has helped to make our work enjoyable, and we trust that this volume will be a reminder of his four years as sponsor of our class at M. O. C. H. S. 3 1 K3 Glenn Hastings Superintendent A ISIR IIIN 1' '1 Evelyn Ozanie Secretary 4 Harold Voyles Principal Coach SJ DONALD BRAUER Industrial Arts FAIIIIHY Q,Q,MiA.W OLIVER McCAIN Mathematics Physics 43 EARL CHISM Assistant Coach English CARLTON GERECKE English German is OSCAR FERNHABER Vocal Music WILBER GREEN Social Studios Speech C. DAVID PEARSON Commercial Studies PAUL MEYERS General Science B10 gy CZ , ,QQ J f gk ALTA Noarnup XV f Home Economics HAROLD SANDERS Band 6 FAIIIIHY A A fi, LS I r Alu ij L DOLORES SCHWBBE Girl's P.E. Library gffgfwz MFZER - - Ron. 15 nooper 25 C0'3'd1l'01' 35 Baz tor 45 IQEQSS Vice-P1-es. 2.45 0 ' G 5 5 3-4:as4n'Iiua11?tQC319 1331, To 555,03 F'H'4' QJU QUQUII Candi,- - -gf' 2' 44 to 3: Football Queen At- so J' ' V rem-:ana 4 uc o I 1 ' Q 1,0352 3f":v gngowf Dospagalx' 3 X tg' 8-L 2035335 Qoe' Luna I R S 5 . - Y 0 'L xi-9 5 I I C 20 3' as f 0 I en-Lv Cx' f usp 55 ix' S 555 Q. 519618 B33 My 5 C . of ! 1 "EQ-.15 iBEf"'- TSW LYS 1' 1, nU56.5'g 596 A 3, 6,534 so Ye , on 992- vm 25,00 vnu ,. DOLORES L1-ocg 3 5 lsligs AT:-ees. See, 445 - - - 1-2' ree . - S. C. Rep. 35, Glee :Half 5-2' Qgzoaon AC'and1da te on an 5 nn 45 Snoqpe bell if ,N 1 Pj, ,2 1' 1 WL ' bison -'its ual Start 1' Sta-ff li' Queen 4. '09 , Foot- wi K-,,4.,f..fd,J ivcuflgfwbi L?1,,Z4V K 'Aff A-f Joan Brass cues Club 1 2 3 lf, Football RONALD BOEHME Track 1 2 3 N, Football 2, Bas ketball 1 2 M Glee Club 3 N Ensembles 3-N Class V Pres S C Pres M Annual Staff N GEORGIA BROWN Glee Club 1 2 3 N Ensembles 1 2 3 N, Cheerleader 1 2 3 N Snoo er Sta f 1 2 U Annual taff H A A A 1 Queen Candidate 3 RICHARD BUSKOHL Band 1 2 3 H DOLORES DEVRIES Glee Club 3-Ng F. . . 1- - ' Snooper Staff N. 9 1 I 225 of ,yu , N frf' If C - - - - 1- 2-3-Ng Track 1-2. 'L' 5 ' 3 3 - - 33 O O O 3 O u u o 3 - ez f - -su 5 3 F. . . 1-2- 3 G. . . 5 H A 2 M, 'ix ELLEN DEVRIES F H A 1 2 M, Glee Club 1, Snooper Staff 3 N ROBERT DOBRINICK Track 2 3 H, Basketball 1 2 Sports Writer for Football and Basketball, Glee Club N, Snoo per starr 1+, Annual staff 1+ LUCILLE DRAGOVICH Band 1 2 R Ensembles 1, Glee ub23 HA121+,G 1 2 3 M, Snooper Staff 3 N Ann- ual Staff Ng Student Counc 1 Sec CAROLYN DUVALL Band 1-2-Eg Ensembles 3, Glee Club 2-3- 3 F.H.A. 1-2-M. JACK FERRY Band 1-2-3-kg Custodian M. IO GNN' ,dub DONALD FISCAR Manager lg Snooper Staff 1-2-3-M. JAMES GOODMAN Football l-3-kg Basketball 2-kg Baseball 3- g Track 3-Ng Snooper Staff N. HOLLAND HEIEN Annual Staff M. RAY HILL Track 2-3-Ng Football 3-Ng Bas- ketball . JAMES HUGHES Football 2-3-kg Glee Club 1-2-E-Mg Annual Staff kg Snooper Staff . Il '77s Z3 'ISV' sv, C45 CHARLES JASCUR Football 2 3 H, Basketball 2 3 M, Track 1 M DEAN KEUNE Band 1 2 3, Ensembles 2 3, Glee Club 1 2 3 M, Ensembles 2 3 N Class Pres 3 Annual Staff M JEANETTE KIRKWUOD Glee Club 1 2 3 H, Ensembles l ' 'I+' n 0 0 1-2-l+, A S.C. 6.Pres. kg Snooper Staff Mg Annual Staff M. BARBARA KORUNKA Glee Club lg F.H.A. 1-23 Snooper Staff 3-Mg Annual Staff kg Stu- dent Council Rep. 23 Queen Candi- date Attendant 3. MILDRED LEONHARDT Band l-2-3-Mg Ensembles 1-2-3-Mg Glee Club 1-2-3-kg Ensembles l- 3-Ng F.H.A. 1-2-Mg Snooper Staff 3-kg Annual Staff N. 12 6 QLA. 4nd4S4f5WQ 171.41 ,f?fIf 1.154 Lfuf ELFRIEDA MARSCHNER Glee Club 1 2 , G A A F H A 1 2 M, Snooper Staff 1 2 3 M, Annual Staff N SHIRLEY MEYER A 1 2 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 3 M, Carnival Queen 3 Snoo er Staff 2 3 N Annual Staff , Band 1, Ensem bles 1 DONALD HIHILCIC Football 1 2, Glee Club l'2 3 U, Track 3, Snooper Staff N DARLENE MILLER Glee Club 1 2 3, F H A 1 2 M Snooper 2 JEAN NEUHANN Band 1 2 3 M, Ensembles 1 2 3-M A 1 2 N, V Pres N, G l 2 3 4, Sec N, Queen Attendant 3, Football Queen Attendant M Snooper Staff 3-kg Annual Staff kg Glee Club 1-2-3-My Ensembles 15 S.C. Rep. 2g Class Pres. 2. ilff 4121 IW f- 1-vun fllnxfffj GWEN OE LRICHS Glee Club 1 2 3 M, B nd 1 2 3 M Ensembles l 2 N, G A A 1 2 Snooper Staff M, Queen Candidate 3 LOIS QSBURN Class Sec lg Carnival Queen 2 Gorgazette Staff 2, Annual Staff Cheerleader 3 HERMANNA RULL G A A 1 2 3 Treas N, Glee Club 1 2 3 M, Ensembles 2 3 Class Sec S C reas H 1 Queen Candidate Attendant 3, Snoo per Staff 3 H Annual Staff N, Football Queen Attendant M WILMONT STRIEGEL Glee Club 1 2 3 I+, Band 2 3 V+ Track 2 3 JACQUELINE sr411'H GoAeAn 1'2, 1-2-3 25 Snooper Staff 1-3' 15'.H.A. 1-2. 14 6? 5 if f ' '3' ' 0 Q 0 " F.H.A. 1-2-Mg Annual scarf ng - 3 0 32 -0-0 T Q ' FQEQAQ . q 3 ' - Q u ' - u 3 7 44 WARREN THACKER Football 23 Manager 3-kg S. C. 'Q 1515? Rep. Mg Annual Staff kg Snooper Staff 4. 'N 4,7 S . 1.5, , ARTHUR THIMSEN JR. Class Pres. Ig Basketball I-25 Track I-25 Custodian 3-Hg Glee Club N. THEODORE TOMSO Football I-3-kg Glee Club I-2- 3-Ng Baseball 3-kg Basketball CHARLES VOGT Basketball I-25 Football 25 Track 3. DAVID YANCIK Football I-2-3-kg Basketball I 2-3-4- Track I-2-3-kg S. C. Rep. 55 Annual Staff 4. M. Q I5 lASl Wlll A IIIESIAME I -i The last will and testament of the class of 1953, of the city of Mt Olive, county of Macoupin, state of Illinois, made this day on the eighth of January in the year of our Lord, one thou sand nine hundred and fifty three we the senior class of 1953 of the said city of Mt. Olive being of so called sound mind, do hereby make public and declare this our last will and testament First To the faculty, we leave our glowing personalities our always ready answers and our good looks We hope that the will use these in influencing future classes which we won't be here to influence Second To the juniors, we leave our place as head of the student body May they keep this school in order as well as we did Third To the sophomores, we leave our talents in sports and music May they keep the honor of our school up and make us proud of our old Alma Mater as we have made past classes proud quiet ways Perhaps by the time they are seniors they too will be the ladies and gentlemen that we were I John Bires leave my way with women, my smooth complexion, and my nCupie Do ln figure to Victor Bolar, but I'll keep my ngritsu myself because what will I do without them? I, Ronald Boehme, leave my long legs, my charming smile, toni, and my booming bass voice to John Gretak, but I'll keep my woman for myself I, Georgia Brown, leave my temper, my job as cheerleader, and my beautiful singing voice to Yvonne Folkerts She probably doesn't want my temper, but I have to get rid of it somehow I, Richard Buskohl, leave my manly physique, my great drum ming ability, and my chewing gum to John Prange so he can chew away the years and become the hit I was I, Dolores DeVries, leave my gossip column to Carolyn Hartke May her beaus be as numerous as mine were I, Ellen DeVries leave my blonde hair, blue eyes, and a few extra pounds to Marilyn Schoen May she use them to their best advantage I, Robert Dobrinick, leave my Buick to Carole Worker to ream around Sorento and my handsome figure to Richard Salovich Ma he be the charming hero I was I Donald Dobrino, leave my athletic build, my secret to pop ularlty, and my size ll shoes to Skip Hastings May he use them in going to Gillespie when no other transportation is available - . 3 9 - Y Fourth: To the freshmen, we leave our good manners and our ' 1 DY - Y I, Lucille Dragovich, leave my jokes, my job at Boggio's and last of all my boyfriend, Donald Donner, to Dot Ramseier with that combination, how can she lose? I, Carolyn Duvall, leave my quiet ways, my Gillespie beaus, and my French horn to Beverly Ferry May her school days Cand nights? be as exciting as mine were I, Jack Ferry, gladly leave anything to anybody who wants anything I, Donald Fiscor, leave Jim to do his best in the James Goodman, leave Phillip Shreve and my girl my ability to set pins to my brother service of NGood Old Gusn my number four alley in Schoppies winning smile to Dundee Dragovich he can be as happy as I was I, Rolland Heien, leave my handsome figure to my brother, and all my A's to John Simburger because that's the only way ever make it Gene he'l I Ray Hill leave my 'Smoke no moren tablets to Jerry Stier walt and my qu et ways to Donald Donner Maybe omeday he'll learn to really be innocent, not only look it I, James Hughes, leave my Freshmen girls to all the boys who want them and all the Litchfield girls except Mary Jo to Jerome weidler I, Charles Jascur, leave my muscles to John Simburger and my rapt attention in Mr Green's classes to Jerry Stierwalt , Dean Keune leave my tenor voice to nButchn Scheller, my trombone to Mr anders, and my ability to fix typewriters to Mr Pearson May the future classes benefit by my generosity I Jeanette Kirkwood, leave all the girls except the freshmen my wolf whistle To the freshmen I leave the few bashful ways I have They need them more than I do I Barbara Korunka, leave my long hair, my way of looking inno cent, and my dancing technique to my sister, Janet May her last year bring all the enjoyment mine has I, Mildred Leonhardt, leave my diets to Mary Jane Boston and love for Ugood clean funn to Elynor Haller For the benefit I, Dolores Lyoch leave my athletic ability to Evelyn Saathoff, good humor to Sh rley Kosowski, and last of all my job at the drug store to Kathleen Miller May she meet all the exciting people I've met I, Elfrieda Marschner, leave my figure, my walk, and my way with men to Marlene Pahde with that combination she's sure to be the nbelle of M 0 C H S that I was I Marlene Meyer leave my good looks, my per nality, and many male admirers to Fr tzi Joshu May her popularity know no bounds I Shirley Meyer, leave my reign as queen of the carnival of '52 o the new queen of '53 I leave my glasses to whoever wants them I, Donald Mihelcic leave my hot rod ability to my brother ohn, and I, myself, eave to join my good old buddy, Joe I Darlene Miller, leave my good manners, my typing ability, and my friendly ways to Hazel Gill May she attain the high position in her class that I held in mine I, Ellen Miller, leave my argument with Mr Sanders my laugh and my love for out of town boys to Roleen Ernst I'd eave my innocent look to her but I need it myself I, Jean Neumann leave my flirtacious eyes, my way of dodging trouble and my intelligence to Mary Adden May she use these things In keeping her Jim the way I did mine . i i ' to - so i I ' -- - ' 1 . S I 0 V O .s , - my . of Miss Schwabe, I leave. my 1 ' i . ' S . E . J 1 - ll ll., 7 S '. 1 ' I, Gwendolyn Oelrichs, leave my sewing ability and my cute Smile to Stella Shreve. May she have all the nice nclothes and beausn I have had. I, Lois Osborne, leave my magnetic personality and my neat appearance to Winona wathern She can use these things in her effort to get NShotsn Scheller I, Hermanna Rull, leave my blue eyes and my love for all my teachers to Mary Adden I'll keep my bottle of peroxide though I may to go so he Dolor need it myself Wilmont Strlegel, leave my dark skin to anybody who wants to Harlem Town and my paper route to my brother, Larry, may earn the millions I have Jacqueline Smith, leave my everlasting love for one man to es Claytor But please, Dolores, I'll keep the man myself I, Warren Thacker leave my job as Manager of the Athletic Department to Fritz laytor May he do as good a job of washing clothes as I did I, Arthur Thimsen, leave my job as custodian to anyone who thinks he is capable of doing it , Ted Tomso, leave nothing as I will need everything that I have I, Charles Vogt, leave my goo goo eyes, my towering height, and my bulging muscles to my buddy, Lester Johns May he use these in being the perfect iceman' I David Yancik, leave the Model A to my brother, Bob, but to the unior boys I will not leave my Gillespie women as you may ha V6 expected me to 'CRW ,af 11 Vx I Fc, Q 4-7 CSeal7 igned, sealed published and declared as and or our las Class of 1953 in the presence Of the undersigned Z:a0'1--2-4.1 177- q 15' 17'-X1:.n':v 1 B 1, ' . 1, ' 5 . I . 5 . , ..... S7 1, 5 will and testament bg the Seniof' fig, 1152 5 ' "--.....f" Q we N ,TS -- 5 0 1 .F e f ' ,, f :gl X? , ,, 7 .' 9 QI 0 PRIIPHHIY JOHN BIRES--John now owns Bahn's Store and is very happy with his wife, Roleen, and seven kids. RONALD BOEHME--'Kingn has finally settled down with Gwen and is making a fortune with the Boehme Milk Route. GEORGIA BROWN--Georgia, who is now married to Kenny, lives in Edwardsville, so she can still keep tab on Bob Davis, but also comes down to Bogg1o's quite often so she can check up on Jim Goodman. RICHARD BUSKOHL--Richard now plays the drums in nChaw Manks' band. He says the secret to his success was keeping time with his gum. DOLORES DEVRIES--we see Dolores in the hospital suffering from a disease called ncrabitisU Before becoming quite ill, Dolores was at the head of the complaint department in the school cafe- teria ELLEN DEVRIES Ellen, the typical farm wife, has settled down with Gilbert on his two acre farm along with their many pigs chickens, and horses Says Ellen, WAh yes, this is where I belong'n ROBERT DOBRINICK Bob, after many screen tests, is finally in the movies and is also happily married to Carolyn Duvall DONALD DOBRINO After many years of roaming, nSatchN has finally settled down with Patty Gale When he is not busy playing in Sports Movies, he is the star in the Bowery Boys LUCILLE DRAGOVICH The date is now 1963 and we see Lu at the height of her career as a soda Jerk at the Ill State Fair She owns a very prosperous snow ball stand with quite a number of flavors CAROLYN DUVALL Carolyn, who has followed in her big brothers foot steps, has ended up at Blackburn College While there, Carolyn met a great big husky 6' 8' ping pong player and they are now raising ping pong players of their own JACK FERRY Jack, after turning down many offers from other schools has finally decided to stay and is now janitor of M O C H S DONALD FISCOR Gabe is now in Canada making millions on his trap ping expeditions, while his slim and trim wife, Lorraine, waits patiently at home JAMES GOODMAN Jim is now the head man at the Western even though he turned down many pro football offers Jim isn't married be cause he says that females just aren't his type ROLLAND HEIEN Rollie is now a great College Professor So he can afford to drive his big Buick, he me e weekend Job as fat mm at the circus RAY HILL After graduation, Ray decided it would be cheaper if he bought out the Lucky Strike Company and he is now producing more Luckies than ever before JAMES HUGHES 'Red' is now the nations top stock car driver How ever he still finds time for his many female admirers ' v Q O O O O O O O . , ' Q ' e "' e O Q 11 ' 3 . O '- . . TEFZS We 1' e- -P""7'T' " Q r . , asZ'ff"d vi A M ff 575185 6-5, fi " - 113773- . CHARLES JASCUR Charlie is now the all star punter for the Los Angeles Rams and says that he owes all his success to his experience a good old M 0 DEAN KEUNE 'Dizn now owns his own radio station and provides his own music by playing the piano, trombone, accordian, guitar and singing the newest songs JEANETTE EIRKWOOD Jeanette is now married to Arf and resides near the Omer Zummalt estate in back of White City However in their spare time, they go out chasing 'Butterflies BARBARA KORUNKA While dancing at Terro's with her sister Janet arb was noticed by one of Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts and is now seen on his show as the 0Lipton Tea BAg MILDRED LEONHARDT Milly has signed a life long contract with Joe Covert and his one man Know changed to two man! band Mi11y's job is to hold his fiddle and to change the record Milly sometimes plays her clarinet and really 'schmaltzis it up They are featured every Saturday night in Pitz and Pe gy s DOLOR S LYOCH It is now 1956 and we see Dolores in front of the Whitehouse with a sign on her back which reads 'Vote for Ike W lo one can quite figure it out but here is the story she gave to me One day when Ike was making a whistle stop in Mt Olive, he noticed me making those innocent eyes that I can make Ever since I've been in and Mamie's been ou ELFRIEDA MARSCHNER Elfrieda is now married to her 'Ban' and is raising a family of little 'mushes', thus fulfilling her life long ambition of being the boss MARLENE MEYER Due to her great ability as editor of the Snooper, appears a column in her paper written by Marlene, herself titled 'How to Get a Man in Ten Easy Lessons W Take it from Marlene she knows SHIRLEY MEQER Shirley is now a glamorous movie star in Hollywood noted for her slinky walk and slim figure She has a special guide called 'Slim' so she doesn't have to wear her glasses DONALD MIHELCIC 'Pouch' is now one of the biggest used car dealers in the state For his own use though, he has a big Cadillac, which is usually full of girls DARLENE MILLER Darlene is now the typical Mt Olive career girl and has a job du ping the ashes at Mt Olive New Grand Theatre In her spare time, she swoons over all the movie stars ELLEN MILLER Ellen and her twin Bev, have knocked the Toni Twins for a real loop Says len, 'It's now wonder we're so famous the Toni Twins just have hair alike, but Bev and I think, nik, walk, stand, ana dress anne We re just alike sisters ' JEAN IEUMAIN Jean is now in college, working very hard for her GM degree When asked what it means, she replied 'Get a Mam,' of course GWENDOLYI OELRICHS Gwen has now settled down with Boehme and is raising a family of little 'Kings In her spare time, Gwen is teaching her small flock to play the clarinet bl Q WWWEQWUE it " E ..c.H.s. 0.n Q " 9 .n Os. li 5" Marlene has-taken over the Mt. Olive herald. Every week there -- u. Q v 5 -I wif '27, 585 aQ? ""'g S W LOIS OSBURN--Time has passed and we see Lois roaming through the streets of Walshville, shouting, HOsburn for Mayor.n However John Simburger, also from near Walshville, beat her out of it. HERMANNA RULL--Hermanna is now owner of a beauty salon in Holly- wood. Noted for her pretty blonde hair, people come from miles around for her styling. WILMONT STRIEGEL--We see Monty taking UGoosen Tatum's place on the Globetrotters team. For pleasure, he is playing his bass horn in Louie Armstrongs band. JACQUELINE SMITH--Jackie is married to Leopand they are now part owners of the Mt. Olive Gymnasium association. They 0Wh.two spittoons and one wooden horse. They are looking forward to the day when they become sole owners of it. WARREN THACKER--nTexu after turning down many chances to be mana- ger of big teams has finally stopped roaming because he has married Milly L. and has a team of his own to manage. ARTHUR THIMSEN JR.--"Junior" is now custodian and the "Boss" of the clean up gang at Mt. Olive. On Halloween he gets paid by the hour to watch Metro's privey. THEODORE TOMSO--NTeddyn has at last reached his goal. He is the president of the United States. He says that he owes all his success to good old M. O. C. H. S. DAVID YANCIK-- oy this kid sure has changed! So far he has had 3 different wives but he has finally settled down with Delores Lyoch. He was turned down as coach at many schools, so he raised enough kids to have his own team. CHARLES VOGT--Let's take a quick trip to Springfield where we see Charlie working in his Icy Rootbeer Stand which he now owns. working next to him is his old Springfield girl--now his wife. They have 10 children who they raised for carhops at their stand. , :fd 3 47, L i Q: H-lff Rf 655 Wage' f A ,V 'Q Q' . 1-Q4 nv, I f' V wvvi REMEMBER WHEN ff nt X 'Q' 1 J 5 ,A Q , ,kg ln.. -' in ws., -of' 17 X Q 41 Va . wr' X, V! X X fa 1. . W' X f 3 :fn . 'l'f' ,w"'- gud Q N Q C , x 4 fi ,sf U L -M ,Z ' ,J f"Tff', ,A W A ni - 1 if Q 1 -as W4 ' ."'.'-"-. . ,fn 'tif' .. 2 H .9- FQ' vs- fv , M? X uw ,KJ lr A . . I ' x .U 5. ' zQ'.j,Q:5T' 3 'X' 'A,. .V 'S' P 5 NA f ,Q 0.93 1 , .- -sawn LV. 43 ,f ,Q 1 -l X. X P .Q EL. ja, MJ lk E 4 E 2 Q-2 r Lf' ii? if -+44 A FT aww- new W H4094 rf, L 1 uc 3 Q 1' fa 'A .rf ff X' J Q 'S 5--Qt., pw., 'Ul- .47--v N' 7 .-.rf ,-f-1h IW' lk 5' ,G .2-as .,.gs-ililf' FIRST ROW--Betty Jean Arzig, Albert Boston, Mary Jane Boston, Michael Breza Carol Canton Carl Claytorg SECOND ROW--Robert Dobrino M11- dred Favre, Fred Fellin, Jack Frike Alvin Fritzsche, Donna Frltzscheg THIRD RUvI-- Ruth Gehner, Johnny Goociman, Patricia Gorsich, Thomas Grejak, John Gretak, Nelson Grmang FOURTH ROW--Clifford Hallenan, Mary Beth Hoppe, Marlene Hovanec, Marian Jaeck, Edvard Jatcko, Marytena Johnson Sponsored by Dave's Barber Shop 8 Dr. Booker, Dentist 28 ,I hr, ' ' J 1-.' FIRST ROW--Sharon Jones, Irene Joshu Agnes Kilduff, Robert Kilduff Roger Kratochvil, Janes Kuennethg SECOND ROW--Gerald Lakin, Richara Meyer, Doris Monks, Alan Pehde, Marlene Pahde, Donna Kay Roehlg THIRD RCM--Gene Saatkamp Gary Scheller, Jerome Scheller, Eldon Schneck, Leverence Schneck Phillip Shreveg FOURTH BOW--.John Simburger, Larry su-iegel, noberz 'i-un, Donald Weidler, Richard :men Sponsored by Knee 8: Steve's Tavern 29 Q if Q .s X, 3:4 rm, , l,f,XEg,Q, 6 AN. r l """f A 149' E WI M .. .., Q, Q ,.4- v' ff "' 1x'L X 'f ! ' 'Dual K for A 4 5521 A . 4' : ' 'vfxs' f' '..,'A,, ' ,', , JV'-if ia, llli gg f K 1 gag, 5 I I . ,,,, W, "f'l iw I9 f'K ll V - ll 'j QM 'H N sjw ll ' 'Ni C 5 4 D wigs ann Q ., 1 I in r "-2: "' 3 - is 535' EM Spllnsored by Ht. Olive Laker W3 ei WWF A 5. X ' f 'Q' ' , 4. f mfx 4' 5 X ildcats Won Seventh Game last Night, 33-6 The Mt. Olive Wildcats re- turned to winning form last night Vrhursdayj as they coasted to a. 33 to 6 victory over Cahokia Commonfield at the local field. The win gave the Voyles' charges a record of seven victories and only one defeat for the season. There are two more games on the Wildcats schedule: Illinois School for the Deaf of Jackson- ville here Friday night, Nov. 7, and Staunton here on Thursday, November 11. W0 'lil 4 ititlto K9 tiff'-'xi - ' 1 lin-sofa FIRST ROW: Ted Tomso, Dave Yancik, John Dobrino, Glenn Hastings, Jim Goodman, J Made Fooll i Don D - all-around tthe honor 2 quarterback 1 football iwere an E The Cl iteam, sel 1 ' e ' r and wnt rs, ,the qua , All- Stat ,est annual ,and is r :as official. Q Dobrino ID. Voyles 'attend the 4 Tnaokor. SECOND RCM: John Biros, Donald , ald Hicks, Milburn Wesbrook, Ronald Yu 5 W Stierwalt, Ray Hill, Jim Thomas, Mr. C rp, N Jerome Sheller, Nolan 0'Nea1 Fred Fel a Saxby, James Kuonnotn Robert Kilduff, ,401 e wg, Richard Yancik, John creme. "' of s-fenl Q -. Kei: A A Q X . ' J J 1 ' tflff 'i 513i 'bo lf xex'i?',3kg !E5Pf if tg, mg ' o 'fo N- illa A xx, J, ixtrfos ,f X .V ffl ., I " ' Y ' rf : .bi 4.33, ,js-,nb lf',m,. f ' ,gig-Q?fx"f,V' J X ' . s Q 'F 'dig . . 'ie , Wwavo M ' oe Q ,fu 1 'Ll ,F . .t , N, 5 Li A 4. 'A R 1 Q' f Ax. 'viflmi J at ,, 'fight Y - 5LKFirQQ??,i,j2f 'w , ff , foe, .-Kaya' K,,' I hem! V V- ma 1 Go ma wt J J , t ,, I ca S ww 4 fe 5 1, t Q , fx - ,H si, I li , 5 to . i To 'Nhfy UYBI' 855521 , ' -rf jjilf-1,3- ,, ' " ' BenId,48To 7 Ht 1 Sponsored b Carl Lan! at Be k Fun n c er eral one l cnompug llllll k A 'f W' -rift f Q .J :Wi , 1 ' ' ,J f- . W- Y . A ,,: , . we . , L. ,,,. ., . Q A 1 A. m . ' - "" ,. . , - . ,, WJ.. , v' ' ft M s M -A f ak, A .1 V, W . t V, . vs . . -- . -, 'f- , , .. A ' - - ' f .,.t.u-f"'a.w.w , -..- , , ser, Bob Monke, Charles Jascur, Donald Saxby, Bob Yancik, Jim Hughes, Warren nner Bill Johnson, Kenneth Calvin, Ron ch, Jim Yancik Larry Sheller, Jerry Mr. voyles. 'fl-IIRD ROW: John Mihelcic, Edward Jatcko, Robert Dobrino Ronald rt Tun, Frank Thompson, John Goodman, I I s brmo -State , gam . . Mt. Olive's great e, this week had eing selected as two All-State . both of which f 1 Wednesday. ,ff - . . 2 ri News-Gazette's 'fig' Y xi 1 various coaches I 5 1 . 'S , N Q Q ed Don as one of X . on its 33-man This is the old- ion in thestate by sports' fans tis coach, Harold been invited to State banquet at aturday, Dec. 6. Wildcats Bumped llillsborog Roxana Here onight at 7 It's one down and nine more to go for the Mt. Olive Wildcats, who last Friday evening opened the 1952 football season with a 25 to 14 victory over Hillsboro on the Hilltoppers' field. The game was witnessed by a. very large crowd. The Wildcats got rolling at the first kick-off, when John Keiser covered an attempted on-side kick and Mt. Olive took over on the 48-yard line. Q2--its ek A z 'v5 I . V' ' Ar .,. 4 if ' x Q--wi. , " x s , A L . X il X ' 5- x1 P' ildoats Spoiled Collinsville lligh's Homecoming, 24-6 Sponsored by Ed St1eh1's Store Q Home , if Y. VARSIIYHllHBAll Mt. Olive 25 Hillsboro 1M H 31 Roxana 13 2M Collinsville 6 33 Carlinville 13 H8 Benld 7 H 20 Marquette 7 ' O Gillespie 6 H 32 Cahokia 6 28 I.S.D. 7 H H7 Staunton O mn, J' ITQQ TIP f-I, Offj fr snef yah ront to back. 1991-gi trunks ' , a Drounj 5?onne Folk Yfloy- Hallslhljs T. Sponsored by Whites Furniture Store A Mt. Olive Monument Works Sponsored by Binney Pharmacy, Inc. 5 Major V8Pi6tY Dime Store FIRST ROW: SECOND RUN THIRD ROW: l . Q V A I FIRSI TEAM SCURIS Seasons Record 23 5 Cathedral Mt Olive Greenfield Morrisonville Worden Central Catholic Roxana Staunton Notre Dame of Quincy Mt Carmel Bethalto Livingston Carlinville Gillespie Central Catholic Benld Northwestern Staunton Gillespie Hillsboro Carllnville Raymond Cahokia Commonfields Benld Staunton Staunton Litchfield Hillsboro SICU D IIAM SCURIS Seasons Record 10 ll Cathedral Mt Olive Greenfield Morrisonville Worden Central Catholic Roxana Staunton Bethalto Livingston Carlinville Gillespie Central Catholic Benld Hillsboro Carlinville Raymond Cahokia Commonfields Benld Gillespie Staunton Madison 53 Sponsored by West End Garage dz Soulsby Service Station 71 . M8 l+O n n 32 n n 67 66 n n LPS n n 69 58 n n V u n '70 62 n u 67 . n ll M6 38 Il ll 50 n u 70 377 H I1 38 n n 56 n n 37 u n 14,2 Il ll Q3 ll ll 55 " " 53 56 n n 60 ' ll n 32 vv ll 61 u u 60 ul 11 it Gillespie 39 N H 5M 58 lx n 50 n n 70 n 61+ H H ee 58 n M 56 51+ . M2 1,3 u n Lrg 37 n n 71 n u 78 n u 62 68 u n 51 37 n u 14,2 50 u n 52 E1 n n 30 8 n n 50 50 Il n 80 ll ll 36 ll n 14,2 56 n u 141+ 20 Il ll 8 4 ll ll 77 ll If 62 28 " " 77 tl 1: IZ 38 33 n n 'guflfcf' f'1 lim l Q- H 'I' Inu - x uuL.frrLfz1r'.rX mf Xqg M r SAK Q .H I N 9 A3 Sponsored by Schoppies Alleys fl 9 'f xo ef' 0, V FUIIIBAH llllll ' x 5 1 N. l Kass l gl 1 f 1 - X fin 'fi Y-f' Football Qu en of 1952 was Dol ores Lyoch Her attendants were Ellen Miller, Jean Neumann, Mar lene Meyer, and Hermanna Rull 'Fi n Q' A Bl lx 4 t 4, t X A n - SP0l1S01'0d by Ervin J Riemann Lumber Co et Hardware Store AIIO AllHlWM?SOCIlIY The selection of members for the National Honor Society is made by the Faculty mem- bers of the high school. This is a rather difficult task and some serious consider- ation is given to the qualifications of those students who are scholastically eli- gible for the honor to become members of this society. To be chosen for election to the society a student must rank in the upper fifteen per cent of his class scho- lastically. The student must also be out- standing in the qualities of Leadership, Character, and Service. The emblem of the society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The aim of the society is to hold before the school such motives as shall induce others to aspire to scholarly habits, enlisting in worthy service and leading forward in all things that shall advance the welfare of the school. SIUUITICUU Cll -1 The Student Council is an organization elected by the student body that is to represent the student body in all affairs. If someone has a problem, wants a party, or has some complaint they take it to the Student Council. To raise funds for various projects ve sell candY at noon and refreshments at athletic contests. L. 1...-.. IX..--A.- ll-LA-.angry if 1-I 0..--..---.n L- n m G-...1..-.. 1. B 'Q i ,i!1'f xifj s I , M. I l 4-4 FRONT ROW: Jean Neumann, Gwen Oelrichs, Hermanna Rull. BACK ROW: Dean Keune, Ronald Boehme FIRST ROW: Lucille Dragovich Sec'y. Jean Neumann, Sr. Rep. Hermanna Rull, Treas. Kathleen Miller, Soph. Rep. John Meyer, Soph. Rep. warren Thacker, Sr. Rep. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Folkerts, Fr. Rep. Jeanette Kirkwood Vice-Pres. Ronald Boehme, Pres. Jim Yancik, Jr. Rep. Roleen Ernst, Jr. Rep. Ronald Saxby, Fr. Rep. Classes at Mt. Olive high school this week elected their officers for the coming year, as follows: SENIOR CLASS: Donald Dobrino, president. Marlene Meyer, vice president. Dolores Lyoch, secretary. Ellen Miller, treasurer. Jean Neumann and Warren Tucker, Student Council repre- sentatives. Harold Voyles, C. D. Pearson and Carlton Gerecke, class spon- sors. -O . .-3 igh School onor Students re Announced Local Sohoolsiwill llbolnlnunhydnit '0bservc National Music Dept. Will Education eek Present Concert JUNIOR CLASS The honor mu for the third 6 On Thursday. November 13 The music deIE'afffI'SenItII0f ggm5 Ronald Hicks presldent x eeks period at Mt Olive high OPCH house wlll be observed as munity Lnxt Sc oo is c d Jamce Kmf t., I M. 1.,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,-,,.,,q fr-ha Dart nf National Fwinr-nfmn Week X ill present a concert Sun ay dent clock at the B111 Keise Pat Vogt Miss Dolo McCa1n and sponsors SOPHC Gene Heie Carol Ker Bob Sche Jim Tho John Mey ler Student tives Paul Mey up and Ea sors FRES Nolan Ol Sharon H Nyla Folk mer Yvonne F Saxby Stud: tatives Wilbur Gr an O E F sors SCHOOL LI Menus for program ne: Monday oleo peanut butter milk or chocolate mtl Tuesday Sept 16 in tomato sauce masl and gravy lettuce honey milk or chocolx Wednesday Sept 1'l ties mashed potatoes sauerkraut peach cot oleo peanut butter milk or chocolate mil Thursday Sept Juice beef stew apple sauce squares peanut butter with or chocolate milk Friday Sept 19 Sp ner cheese slices salad ice cream bread oleo pea nut butter with honey milk or chocolate milk On Wednesday Sept 17 the Curtiss magazine company repre- sentative was in the hlgh school to help the Student Council ar range for a magazme drive tn Mt I Ollve If students should appearl at your door you will understand why they are there Student Counctl revenues are and Harold and instruc the follow to he umann and ime Oliva P Buys Boy Arr anna Voyles th band ac ona Beeler Victory Blind Mice Jaeck Janet orsich h Militaire en Stoddard l Hicks and rp Minor The Waltz gl by M11 nor Haller n Oeluchs Arl Hill vt ith ator bun green beans with potato li:EZe2,,,TQm 'MW Vocal Quartette Selections by cubes pickled beets fruit bread Tuisday Feb 3 Hamburger SCHOOL LUNCH MENUS I Elynor Haller Jeanette Kirkwood rIRoT ROY B111 Johnson, Jlm Hughes, Ronald Hlcks Donald Donner, Donald MlH91ClC, arren Thacker, Bo DODGTHICK SLCOND POV Donald Dobrino, Lucllle Dravovich, Marlene Neyer, Elynor Haller Dolores Lyoch, Tim Goodman THIRD RO Roleen gtoddard Elfrieda Narfchner, Rena Slapak, Sandra Vanno l'ildred Favre, Donna Frltzsohe, Mildred Leonhardt Estella Shreve, Frances Rami FOURTH RGW Narian Jaeck, Jean Neumann, Barbara Korunka, Ellen Im Vrles, Dolores DeVries, bhirley Meyer, Ellen Ni Jer FI TH ROW Mary ann ochwab, georgia Brown Roleen Ernst, Dolores elaytor, Glen Delrichs, Jeannette Kirkwood, Hermanna Rull Community Unit Notes The board of education has de clded that there will be no schoo in Unit District No 5 on Monday October 13 The I E A South Central meeting will be held in Springfield on Thursday Oct 16 Instead of on October 23 as originally sched uled Thts meeting ls for all the teachers in Macoupin county and all teachers are expected to at On 'Duesday Noxember 11 Ar mistice Day there will be no school as this is a legal holiday Commumty Unit Notes The semester examinations will be given on Friday Jan 16 and report cards will be issued Wed nesday January 21 Leonhardt and Georgia ie Sax Solo Valse An rofe by Lucille Mar mth Roleen Ernst r You Belong To Me nard Paraphrase Gvpsy Ba rauss Walters ad oleo peanut butter y Jan 13 Hamburger green beans wxth potato pickles celery sticks obbler bread oleo pea er with honey milk or milk ay Jan 14 Meat sand wich with lettuce potato chips not vegetable molded salad cup akes bread oleo peanut butter vith honey mllk or chocolate nik Thursday Jan 15 Baked ham nashed brown potatoes apple sauce jello with bananas bread oleo peanut butter with honey 'mlk or chocolate milk Fridnv Jan 16 Oven fritd The third and 18 S onsored b Me er Bev : ' ' A ' ' . , . - - ' rxnhvil vinn nv-noi- cr' nn v A r 1 " I I , , . . - ' ce t , H , m... ,AI , I ' 5 nk I , - ' f I I .. . ,, , 1 I E ' - 1. ' .1 V , d . . 2 '- , - , V due '.by 1 - ' I ' M ' I ' L , :nun un - '. 1 - - 1 Y I I I I : ' I V . ' v1 fs XI 0 - - - v , . z " I ow a .H - ' , . ' b 1 , - ' "' v. . - .- as ' , 4- lr O bread, oleo, peanut ' rompanlst- I . ,I I III. ., I .. - I I L 1 s - ' K- , , , . - y, . . . I . I ' 'l . , -...., . . , . - . L O A ' 1 I - ey. , . C A L . . . N , - - , , ca ' - . 1- - , Q ,. 1 o P l - . 1 . - - - s t , v V , ft ,, . . , - . 'I I I ' ' I I I v 1 I I I I . v 1 1 1 ' ' ' W , ' u ' v' ' . , . - 7 ' ' , I '. . . ' I ' ' . . i ' ' 3 - f ' I I H..-.....,.. . I I , I I ' ' ' I I 0 0 I . . . . ' . - 5 n . - v l . . ' . - I . . -' I ' ' ' i t I v ' ' ' I I' ' - - '- n ' 1 ' n - ' . 1 . ' 1-1 ' ' . . . I I 1 - I " DQILUB IUILD llllflhll iQ will be given Wed P y ,L y srlgeat Secretary: Roleen Ernst President Shirley Meyer Trgagurgr Dorothy R,-seier Vice President Donna Roehl Adviser Miss Schwabe P' U Sponsored FIRST ROW Pat Gorsich, Linda Miller, Norma Loeffler, Janet Korunka, Yvonne Folkerts, Marlene Hovanec, Janice Kratochvil, Mary Ann Schwab SECOND ROW Carol Kertis, Sandra Vannoy, Sharon Hansen, Marytena Johnson, Roleen Ernst, Roleen Stoddard, Nyla Folkerts, Pat Vogt, Rena Slapak Frances Rami, Mary Beth Hoppe THIRD ROW Dorothy Ramsier, Shirley Meyer, Gwen Oelrichs, Elynor Halle Jane Desgranges, Wilma DeVries Dolores Claytor Mary Boston, nna seem Forma fzow Miss scnwabe, Mary Adden, Jean Neu ann, Hermanna Rull, Lucille Dragovich Q ., n-dll'-KG The object of the G A A is to stimulate interest and participation in girl's athletic activities. Its' goal is to promote good sportsman- ship as well as physical fitness. Any girl is eligible to Join the Go Ae Ae by Scheller Insurance Agency A Schuette Bus Service Be Ae Ae 3 2 in "' "- S 3, n .J ' - V "5 V if J J , X, ,n , . 9 if X I f' N ' .5 41 ' Y O dh' EI, 9 'I e sy : IN . 3 O 1: ig ..' ' n , e President Jeannette Kirkwood Secretary Ellen Miller Vice President Jean Neumann Treasurer Dolores Lyoch Adviser Miss Nortrup rx FIRST ROW: Mary Beth Hoppe Linda Miller, Janet Korunka Yvonne Folkerts, yla Folkerts, Sharon Jones, arol Niemann Donna Fritzsche, Mildred Favre, Betty Arzig, arol Canton, Marlene Hova nec, Elfreida Marschner, SECOND ROW Joanne Joshu, Norma Loeffler, Janice Kratochvil, Mary Ann Schwab, Mary Adden Sharon Hansen, Marytena Johnson Pat Gorsich, lores DeVries, Shirley Meyer, rene Joshu Sandra Vannoy, Jeanette Kirkwood THIRD Row Lucille Mm-burger, Rena Slapak, Deanna Drewel, Evelyn Saathoff, Lois Grosenheider, Doris Monke, Ruth Gehner, Carolyn Duvall, Agnes Kilduff, Mary Boston, Darlene Miller FOURTH ROW Marlene Meyer, Hermanna Bull, Lucille Dragovich, Georgia Brown, Emalee Shoen, Marilyn Schoen, Kathleen Miller, Grances Rami, Shirley Kosowski, Ellen Devries FIFTH ROW Dorothy Ramseier, Gwen Oelrichs, Pat Vogt Mildred Leonhardt, Ellen Miller, Elynor Haller, Jean Neumann Dolores Lyoch, Valera Schoen, Jane Desgranges, earol Kertis. The F. H. A. is a national organization of girls who study homemaking in High School. Any student enrolled or having completed one semester of Home Economics is eligible to join. Sponsored by Droste Merchantile Co. d Dave's Service F. H. A. sun- 11 "' "Q .f"J u . P -752.- li g -I b V .1 Y .. '5,7:l h 5 ' M - M154 " 1 ' - , 1.5 V f J-, I K1 A Z - V 41 Q Q- I J. I 7 J' , ' ' 2 I : Y i F 1 , qw , I X D A I 1 X X W gf' .- ,,,e X t Xt 6 A 6 .. Do i z . , The Glee Club is composed of a group of bOyS and girls rho vish to take par+ in the Shoral 8.CtiV1t1eS of the school The stu ents are very ca abl di t d b M O Firnhaber p y rec e Y T Scar Together the Girls and Boys Choruseg make un the Mixed Chorus This organization has done much to better the fm-151C PI'0gI'am of the community A f? XIX ff' emma 1 we Girls denk lfa Y 59 56 ner , 9 08:0-X-Yigixa 61, 9,13 3 81530 1 QT 1 B06 ,ga yxofm K1 C-La ,ma aff B V trrfl50g30,1 angogxoteslxe of sicxosgfxsf a 'SBSIY 599111 50.9 E-Q95 E, leis, Bk' gang so Geo! S' r 2 at r 0 via' H864 wixei'-'nxxar e 0-W5 0 5050 Qilckxg 01950 can SS Os 1193 S11 or 'FXS ,Wa ' Wfxvries' 'Lu Gwinn wuz 5' e anna? Y' TOY' argfette YA 1 e go we 335 gr. Qf:g,Q'2,r' ' 103, Ta on 9 H 5 of' 02155 er 1 Shggeiiwt-Leneare ofitotuy But egg:-tres n 51.066 9 K was . 2,1iY3.jg'?wG"Bo J 10 1 ' - "Y ' - - -. S X 11755-:Pk le Ii 1 -1 QQ: Sponsored by Jubelts' Bakel? df Fred Pahde Insurance 5' Jeff ' c ctw 1 5 1 ,, Q t A Q 2 S 4. x p gm 5 , lt A 'VO' :ax x A L5 998523: 5 B M YK L0 1,6 'ol T Y 6309 an xl X H Y 5 92820, mann Q E R ug W ew 5 Vat Y a svn 1? Hfmnnmlfi, 5 cv-1 0 K 69? 5.1 vw 1 T5 ' Y ra ' 1 f 1 4 'Y F 'L ' -lt vb Q vi 1 . Y 'dx do , 'Q 5 1 V D 389 A O e K - h x Q5 'A .K 'ir f x 1 U A " ' LJ E P' I-.'.L': rghgifai Eff-'M 'ble 55? S FIRS 0,78 CLQJQJ ROW N 1 I rl C1eyto1-,O It 1-053, ' Tom C HOV Ill J 0 Q d Hibelc Phbabe c 'R GI' 9 il Hlleek, J ic son, Jo Om 1' 731159 om t nic , ina' le Sh! s es Q S3 411 P8119 e Bikes: JIU Yiqc W Jo 'Pi 911 Donald Dollggp Ha t IJ eiseri HOURS, Isp QS, Ronald Bqebme Bob Dobl-1 if Us X X xkxx , x W x W if A 1-G' 14" mr' ods Star. A Go I. Dry ue' A1 Sm b7 or'd sm' ' 0 f , WN ., Q N 1 , E437 'L if 3, , 1 i:5l " 1-gf' g V m .-fs? P' A 4 Q 4' A .4-A viii' 4 A J 1 ' - , 1 B s 7' f olv Ca 1 Ja HW W H JQM ZKQW G V n st 110 " F S11 ' R : ff Kee "H" .Dix 'J G 'ln S111 J' J' If Den Kellqg, 9 S 9 S f VJ xx ' q . li' F 'ASW' in FASH Milyeikw Mlldre owen QS V, T 1 . X . lx f' lei' 1 dt, . OT vaa-x'LeOnYxar xws' X . 61951 1 311 355 yn 6 630 oxeeffvnlya FIRST ROW: Carol Desgranges, Ann Jo Gorsich, Marian Jaeck, Janice Tinett SECOND ROW: Lois Adden, Jimmy Lawson Hartke, Delores Grandidier, Roleen S Ellen Miller, Gwen Oelrichs, Dorothy Jane Desgranges. THIRD ROW: Jean N Fenwick, Carol Heller, Joanne Schuet Donner, Carl Claytor, Jack Fricke, qel, Marlene Pahde, Beverly Ferry, Janice Suyo, Jack Ferry, Bill John Jeane Mil 1 I R 2 l S xwex n-S ' Bbyee Sponsored by V. F. W. Club 5 Oltmann S Garage. pat G . Jbnetigfich, M I VI 6 an n ttv De'fer'f'f, Marytena Johnson, Patsv 0 iv 'toddaril Kyla Folkerts, Donna Poehl. f fatVory, narlene Hittmoier, Joarne fi, QlVnor Ealler, Mildrod L2onhardt, er, Sharon Hansen, Dicnard Toifsen, Doanrx Vovles, Donna Donner, ?atSy Wfklfy C' ' 4 X ks ofio Folkirts, Norma Loeffler, Dorald I firhurver. FCf?TY HOU: Yilvont Wtriv- 2 HZTSCVNQT, Hr. Tenders, Yirv XQQQH, 'n foune, nicnari Euskcnol, Jin Tnonas. Lrkwood nnhardt fs in -s: L ,, 3, -5- 7 Pller I' OWU Sha Nm POD Ha H wfssfs, Donna J 49 Sponsored by Hank's Place 9 Mt. Olive Horald H , ean NEJZZEQ . g Q 3:11 4 4 1... 'S I' . 2v',v7" I -' -"Q . A , N-, Dix.. 'IE .Q f YQ ' f ,S :sf vwmvflll' ' 'wa X if .v mm ,. x M Q 'mu Lug' XY-f f M Q 9 if 4 K S OTP Franyens .,,sNh5 3 vi - r-V-. -at d...f...Y.. .a aQIA"" ls 4' f ' Merchantile 4 Nortdurft Filling Station mW vi ' ecmex Sk 9 TSOOOQ. amleskfe' aEQQQm5ViwW e iijfiexsx Y S 900663 kiwi rx vxonge wig? H' 6 ' c 5232-va? Goxaikeg? 555 15 Fi wfio '90 Qobgl baldd Jolla hbId'a JSr'Zi lg 0 We wish to thank everyone who has O16 helped in making this annual a success, especially the local merchants who have helped us in sponsoring our yearbook. The Staff Sponsored by Boggio's News Stand 8 Krogers Sponsored by Johnny'S Market 8 Martha Blanchard M- D. .1 YEARBOOKS S C0 X ' i . , f- ff! o4.,df,:wLf- l, VII ND INC TOYIKA, KANSAS

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