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 - Class of 1951

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Y 1 Mt. Olive High School Mt. Olive, Illinois DEDICATION We,-l-he Sensor Class, Dedlcale The Ernohn ol: 1951 To The Memory oF l EVERETT Ml SLACK who helped make our School days ha ppler while Teaching al MT Gllve Communlly Uml l-hgh School Q96 ogy P5596 QS? Q2 wg 93, In Qi? X231 H.RA YMOND LOESCHER Annual Staff Top row: Second row: Third row: Bottom r ow: Cordelia Strien, Elda Niehaus, Allan Zippay, Clement Lyoch, Eugene Rosenthal, Bill Meyer. John Schultz. Bernadine Mihelcic, Elaine Eickmeyer, Marie Radanovich, Charles Heuchert, Gene Fricke, Miss Roberts. Clarice Kaduk, Dorothy Kaganich, Marye Fiscor, Stiehl, Mary Jane Woyles, Rosamond Joyce Kirkwood, Jane Hochmuth. Loescher, Marilyn Mindrup. Marilyn Voyles, Raymond 3 ADMINISTRATION V rr nfxfns WAFS MGC N LD 11 fffxmnyl COA 'ffl' VO N mx-'.wx 1iQ,,f?iJX 0 , 1 ' PHI AfpIC'15 SWA WTF J C Z- ! f U . ' C A f f 3 ? sa--R M j9N f I 1' - EVELYN OZANIC SECRETAFY 4 HAROLD SANDERS BAND ARTHUR OLSON ENGLISH-LATIN ASSISTANT COACH Faculty EILEEN ROBERTS ENGLISH-LIBRARY ARTHUR HINSON BIOLOGY-GENERAL SCIENCE WILBUR GREEN SOCIAL STUDIES-SPEECH WILMA WINTERS ENGLISH-GIRL'S P. E Facultg BETTY LOU KRIEGE VOCAL MUSIC THOMAS DOUGLASS INDUSTRIAL ARTS GWYNNETH CARMICHAEL HOME ECONOMICS DONALD BRAUER INDUSTRIAL ARTS CALLED TO SERVICE Faculty HOWARD CRENSHAW MATHEMATICS-PHYSICS x3 L4 i C. D. PEARSON COMMERCIAL Seniors Top Row: Raymond Loesoher-Treasurer' John Schultz-S.C. Representative B111 Meyer'-Vice-President Bottom Row: Marye Fiscor-Secretary LaVer'ne Miller-President Marilyn Mindrup-S.C. Representative Remember When 8 PSX HAHO N905 STON Seniors BOYD -X5 03950 wibbw ,A 0 1 4 9 u 1 'E ELI'-UM' FA VRE BER Seniors NARD R FE 91550 RGUS ON mb-FIB FR Seniors ICH CHAR SEK LE Lx 'x mga vii J GHPELLE' TH Seniors CLARI GP-me CE KAIUK DOROT-is KP- E 51315009 R4YMoND JOYC 'LOESCE Seniors CLE"EM:f- u WEB ,ggsncxc L4 V ERN E' BERNADUQ' MTLLER Seniors MARILYN rrmums MI NDHUP ELDA YVGHM L EPB 1. SCENE QSOHN EUGENE ROSENTHAL I F COR L RAYM STXEH GND ST NKQBXUIS ODDARD Seniors DEL lj -LEBWEG IA S,RI ,EN-E V EN -,gucf 'N- V"'i L 3 ,' '. , N P 5 TS mm JPN' qoiw KE NNETH WF RQSAMO ND VOYLES Sen lors magma A- 7'1'??NL Q 'X YL X . 5 1 k X . , L ,W ' :H-is - :si .Efi ' "ml .NS "Rfk .1 x fig:-r . 5-,S-'iQfl,g.Q.L-.5,g. . .. .f ' - A - if -7 fx A - ww -K' XM V L ,4 .1-ew ., S . - 5 - mg, 2 - -13sg,w?' in ,pw 'vtmmg 1, r' I f b gf, f+i:i, AX N. , K af' .-.3121 1 si, fX,v.1 Nui, ., Q , f ' '11 gaiis-fs. .mag f 1 . 'hi ,. ,.Nwf'.wfw - 4 -...LQ - 1 - "sm 1 bfi? K 11-Q. 11325 5 H k 'f , .- 5 we L as 3 ,f : .- ,r K , fx 2' " 'ily E A R , 1 K-vu ' F u n , .mn , , X ---2-L. Q ez mf v -we ef ' 7 C" f ' 4 - - .'..'- :g .iv L Q- Xxx. f If I0 - l S .A I '- 1 . '111 X .h -ls 1 X - uf fhfzllff, f Class Prophecy The Great Swami will now look into his crystal ball and foretell the future of the senior class. Julius Bollman---Jerry has now become Mayor of Litchfield, part owner in Herman's Night Club, and the King of the Rat Race. Harold Boston---Harold is find- ing time in between his trips to Mars for his running of Schoppies Alleys 9 James Boyd--Jim finally succeed- ed in owning the Metropolis of White City with his outside inter- ests being the Mount Olive Motor Sales and Jean. Bill Dragovich--Bill is now owner of Terro's with his part time job of crooning and giving jitter- bug lessons to the boys in Chaw Mank's band. Earl Favre---Earl is running his own bowling alley in Benld with his wife nBonesu. Elaine Eickmeyer---Elaine, due to her great athletic ability, is now coach of Notre Dame. If she keeps this fast pace, Coach Voyles will be looking for a job. Bernard Ferguson---Bernard just discovered uranium on his farm and is now loaded with money and girl- friends. Marye Fiscor---After several trips to Reno, Marye exclaims, NYou can't love them all, but I can sure tryin Remember, Marye, if at first you don't succeed, tr , tr a ain. Gene Fricke---Geri E1 playing third base for the Schieve All Stars and is batting .h61. Charles Gorsich---After fighting off all the Litchfield women, Char- lie is now settled down with his little nbarrel of fun,N Norma. Donald Gorsich---Donald is now Mount Olive's most prominent car- penter and banjo player. Ronald Grajek---Ronald is now building his latest automobile--the wheeled plastic job, Charles Heuchert---Charlie has become the most eligible bachelor and playboy of Hollywood. Jane Hochmuth---Jane and Johnny finally got married. They now live in Benld since it's closer to Ter- rofs. After all, they did use a lot of gas traveling from Mount Ol- ive to Terro's every Saturday night and they must plan for the future. Clarice Kaduk---At one of our annual band concerts during which Clarice played the solo tympanny, a Marine Band Talent Scout discovered her great rumbling ability. He im- her up, the only has to disguise mediately signed catch being she herself as a male Marine. Dorothy Kaganich---Dorothy is the world renound baritone, Mono- tone Babe.n She is offering a lot of competition to Margaret Truman. Joyce Kirkwood---Joyce is the new owner of Boggio's. Yes, poor was run into bankruptcy Mr. Boggio due to the big sundaes, thick malts etc. Joyce made for her friends. Raymond Loescher---Ray graduated school and was promptly the Hold age homen where from high rushed to he is now volleyball champion. Clement Lyoch---Lemons, after trying for years, became the hus- band of Marlene, and he owes it all to his sleek physique. William Meyer---Bill after beat- ing up all his Litchfield competi- tors has settled down with Pat. Bernadine Mihelcic---Bernadine has reached her goal in life, that of being highest paid commedian at Terro's. Keep the customers stag- gering, Bern, with laughter, that s. Lavern Miller---Coonie has fin- ally lived up to his name and is a great nCoonm hunter in the Yukon. Marilyn Mindrup---Curvacious Ma- rilyn entered the Miss America con- test this spring. A couple of winks at the judges and she had them rolling their eyeballs on the floor. I guess you know who won. Elda Niehaus---Elda has finally married uEarsW Prange, the lucky girl! Every day you can see them riding around in their Cadillac. 18 "' r ' H "" TW' ' """ "' Class Prophecy Earl Pluhm---Earl has just been voted uMr. American of l9S5 and he owes it all to the body building of his high school gym classes. Marie Radanovich---Marie has saved up her stray pennies and bought a crab factory. She can tell them her troubles and they have to listen. Eugene Rosenthal---Gene is play- ing his bass clarinet in Guy Lom- bardo's orchestra. John Schultz---John finally took Arf's tip and is trapping for nBea- vers in Cahokia Creek.n Marilyn Stiehl---Marilyn is big boss of the new school she has built for stray out of town boys. She puts her heart and soul in her work. Raymond Stoddard---Ray and his buddy, Bob Hinz, are winning race after race at Springfield from their ability to nReam their Har- leys.n Cordelia Strien---Cordelia is head nurse of Utopia and is getting Class The last will and testament of the class of 1951, of the city of Mount Olive, County of Macoupin, state of Illinois, made this on the second day of November in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hun- dred and fifty. We, the of the said being of so hereby make, this our last Senior class of 1951, city of Mount Olive, called sound mind, do publish and declare will and testament. First, to the faculty we leave our loving memories of happy times, thankfulness for their patience in and out of classes, and wish them more luck from the classes here- after. Second, to the Juniors, we leave. Now, they can run the school. Third, to the Sophomores, we leave order blanks for class rings, and Hinson for two years. Fourth, to the Freshmen, we leave forty five pounds of Vigoro and our weird sense of humor that rid of patients by scaring then to deathg she and those ten inch need- lesllll Eugene Viehweg---Eugene is work- ing in his secret laboratory to find a potion to secure eternal life. Mary Jane Vovles---Mary Jane and Johnny have,near Litchfield,settled down on a little farm. Mary Jane has her hands full minding their twelve kids, cheaper bv the dozens, along with feeding the chickens, pigs and milking the cows. Rosamond Vovles---Rosarond is the beautiful dancer in UMy Wild Irish Rose.n Her Irish temper is keeping her stepping. I bet Earl's really proud of you now, Ree. Kenneth Weidler--Kenny quickly joined the army to catch up with Company C, the Neasy beer money boys.n Allan Zippay---Zip is married to Hermanna and is employed at the Bell Telephone Co. with his part time job of running the HSports- men's Paradise.n Will Mr. Olson claims we have. I, Julius Bollman, leave my nose, my ability to always see the football, to never fumble a pass from center, and my good looks to nSharkyu Pollo. May he use them to all advantage. I, Harold Boston, first of all leave Schoppies Bowling Alleys to Gus Schoppman who has been my faith ful employee for many years. I also want to leave Mars to Arf Sch- eller since I have given up my in- terplanetary flights. I, James Boyd, leave all my muscles, my magnificent build and my charming personality to Andy Desgranges even though I know he can never become as handsome as I am. I, William Dragovich, leave my ability to sing with Chaw Mank to my brother Dundee. May he attain the same success as I have with Chaw Mank. I, Elaine Eickmeyer, leave my brilliant gym-class career to any 19 Class Will girl who thinks she is strong enough to handle lt. I, Earl Favre, leave a carton of nLuck1es,' my ability to jump from a freshman to a senior in one year and all my extra credits to Ray Hill. May he use them to his best advantage and share the cigar- ettes with Jerry Stierwalt. I, Bernard Ferguson, leave my way with women, my wonderful build and anything else that I may own to Bob Viehweg in the hope that he will put all of this to good use. I, Marye Fiscor, leave my good looks, my business-like attitude in Mr. Pearson's room and my many good times to Loralee Pickerill, may she have the popularity I did. I, Gene Fricke, leave my know- ledge of Bookkeeping to Hr. Pearson in the hope that he may someday ac- complish as much as I have in the wonderful subject. I, Charles Gorsich, leave my athletic ability to anyone that wants it. I know this isn't much but it's about all that I have got. I, Donald Gorsich, leave my curly hair and all of my handsome festures to all the boys of the Ju- nior Class. I, Ronald Grejak, leave my to- wering height to Ronald Boehme. with my height and his height put together, I hope he may someday be- come a great basketball player. I, Charles Heuchert, leave my wonderful personality and my way with the women to anyone who can discover my secret to popularity. I, Jane Hochmuth, leave. I don't think anyone else could use my abilities to the advantage I did. I, Clarice Kaduk, leave my e- normous height to Lucille Marburger my athletic ability to Joan Thomas and my accompanying chore to Bar- bara Lockhart. May they have the fun and hard work I did. I, Dorothy Kaganich, take all I have with me for I will need it. I, Joyce Kirkwood, leave my desire for Ford convertibles and Staunton men to Barbara Taylor. I'm sure she is capable of putting these qualities to considerable use I, Raymond Loescher, leave all of my numerous girl friends to any boy in the Junior Class who thinks he is big enough to take them away from me. I also want to leave my ability to live to a ripe old age to everyone in the Junior class. I, Clem Lyoch, leave, I only hope the school will find the cour- age to carry on without me. I know what a fine job I have done as Pre- sident of the Student Council and I only hope the Juniors can find a person who can run the school half as well as I have. I, Bill Meyer, leave all of the Litchfield girls to the boys of the Junior Class. However, on se- cond thought I think I will keep one or two for myself. I, Bernadine Mihelcic, leave my heroine worship for Dorothy Ka- sganich, and my many enjoyable trips to Peoria to any girl who cares to be burdened with them. I, LaVerne Miller, leave my successful career as president of the Senior Class to Bob Katchmar. I only hope that he can become as successful in politics as I was. I, Marilyn Mlndrup, leave my quietness to Shirley Bartels, my car-driving ability to Marian Byots and my reign as Queen of l9h9 to the lucky girl of 1950 Shirley Bar- tels. I, Elda Niehaus leave my many extra pounds to any Junior girl who can put it where it will do the most good. I, Earl Pluhm, leave to make a trip around the world in one of Eu- gene Viehweg Supersonic Rocket ships. I hope we are successful in the venture and can both find suit- able wives. I, Marie Radanovich, leave my gym-class arguments to Maryann Sch- wab. To the rest of the school I leave, aren't you happy??lll I, Eugene Rosenthal, leave my frequent trips to Litchfield and my many good tunes to anyone who wants to enjoy life as I have. I, John Schultz, leave El- frieda Marschner to Nelson Miller. I know he doesn't want her but I'm afraid he will have to take her, since nobody else will. U Class Will I, Marilyn Stiehl, leave my golden voice and my quiet reserved manner to Shirley Bartels, also I leave my Job at the Grand Theatre to any girl who likes to a-h-h-h-h- shall we say work?ll I, Raymond Stoddard, leave my fascination for all moving vehicles and a motor to with two wheels Shorty Hood. I also want to leave some advide as to the operation of his vehicle: 'Gas it boy.' I, Cordelia Strien, leave, my messy clothes, my loud booming voice, and my great dislike for studying to Gwendolyn Oelrichs, may she put them all to good use. I, Eugene Viehweg, leave my vast storehouse of knowledge about such things as endive and airplanes to anyone in the Junior Class who would like to acquire such knowled- ge. I, Mary Jane Voyles, leave my boisterous voice to Joan Thomas, and all the Litchfield men except one to Barbara Korunka. May she I, Roaamond Voyles, leave hop- ing to achieve greater heights than my sister, I am going to be a car- eer womanllli I, Kenneth Weidler, leave my excellent mind, my elephant memory to no one, why should I??? I, Allan Zippay, leave my athf letic ability, all my admiring girl friends Kexcept Hermannal, and my handsome smile to Bob. Viehweg. May he put these all to good use. 7 ' KSealJ Signed, sealed, pu lished, and declared as and for our last will and testament by the Senior Class of 1951 in the presence of the undersigned. All About The Seniors HAROLD GEORGE BOSTON--HAS GREAT BICEPS JAMES ROBERT BOYD--JUST REAL BIG WILLIAM MARKO DRAGOVICH--WAN'STA MAKE DOUGH ELAINE EMMARIE EICKMEYER--EARLY EVERY EVENING EARL LEE FAVRE--EATS LOTS OF FOOD BERNARD CARRY FERGUSON--BOOKS CAUSE FORTUNE MARYE THERESE FISCOR--MY TRUE FRIEND GENE ELMER FRICKE--GAINED EVERLASTING FAME DONALD GENE GORSICH--DARN GOOD GOOF CHARLES STEVEN GORSICH--CAN STEAL GIRLS RONALD JOHN GRAJEK--RONALDVS JUST GREAT CHARLES MELVIN HEUCHERT--CALL ME HANDSOME JANE MARIE HOCHMUTH--JOHN MARRIED HER All About The Seniors CLARICE DOROTHEA KADUK--CAN'T DODGE KIDS DOROTHY MAE KAGANICH--DOESN'T MIND KISSES JOYCE LUCILLE KIRKWOOD--JUST LOVES KATS RAYMOND EUGENE LOESCHER--A REAL EDUCATED LAD CLEMENT ALLAN LYOCH--CAN ACT LAZY EDWARD MEYER--WOMEN ENVY ME WILLIAM LAVERNE ALBERT MILLER--LADIES ADMIRE ME BERNADINE MARIE ANN KIHELCIC--BEN'S MONEY ALUAY MARILYN JOYCE MINDRUP--MARILYN JILTS MEN ELDA SOPHIA NIEHAUS--EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT EARL WILLIAM PLUHM--EARLY WORM PAYS MARIE ANN RADANOVICH--MADE ARGUMENTS REPEATEDLY EUGENE JOSEPH ROSENTHAL--ENJOYS JAZZ RYTHM JOHN LOUIS SCHULTZ--JUST LOVES SHOWS MARILYN ANN STIEHL--MADE A SUCCESS RAYMOND DAVID STODDARD--RAY'S DOUBTFULEY STRONG CORDELIA ELEANOR STRIEN--CAN EVEN SING ' EUGENE WALDAMARE VIEHWEG--EVERY WOMENS' VANITY MARY JANE VOYLES--MARY'S JUST VENTURESOME ROSAMOND MARIE VOYLES-RATES MY VOTE KENNETH WILLIAM WIEDLER-KEN WOO'S WOMEN MICHAEL ALLAN ZIPPAYF-MIRACLES AHEAD-ZIP S MULTIPLIES Juniors A , w Top Row: Robert Katchmar-President Dale Loeffler-S.C. Reoresentative John Monke-Vice-President Bottom Row: Pat Lubrant-S.C. Representative Marian Byots-Secretary Shirley Gerdes-Treasurer 1 ' ..,. -. ..., --Q -. ......- Ty K " -if ,rw--4-Q A sw, L W'-4 -1- '- v at 'X ' 'S' all I L I X ,..,-L., a if I A 7' 1 o ogg is ,Nw N Uk X 57112 K . P :M ,uif ?il"'-Zh-CID X5 TF-5 4 X'K,g, X X .CQ X XX X 6 X' X. xxx CD if '- YI U1 O . ., 'f" Sw 'Pr 2-1 'D may CJ CG Qr-4u-I- r-1 113 Jibflfftli 'U CL'-,-O .f-4 4-V 'TOIIC CD LIE S0725 3 N Q 6 ,C C ' 'viii C1 O 05145-'lr-I P5 Di wilt ,..4 L: -f-4 " CFO 'S F4 rn EDF-elif-4 ca av CBE-M-1 2 ,C Er-4 CJ 5:1 CTlr'lfD'P' A C MWC? GD 1 Fr, f-421,23 cn r-I C Q 1-4 -f-'!.1C'U S-Q f-4 ?:O"o.-1 ,Q 0.1 1 rn CU if Elf.. nr-I AC Q 5'QGJ+3iDF4O Q.-af-4z:cvQ qp EIHCJ C1 'U GJ? '-,C 'f I3 -,CMLGJ-D L Coanwcvti 4-v F4 4-VCC?-4 CD UUDCPL-O KN m.-4 cur-45: Q7CU0J3'r'4l-J '- -ihciii-1 on L,m+-:owen f-4 CBO UUE-8 B O 'wfibg'--1-4 F-4 L.-r-1, ,Ch c: -nuwoon gn wf'l:-4.701-ICU QC-+4 mal. :A f'f+-4 nh qp Gmc:-f-AO H r-4 U.,OCUbCJ,C1 S., Lu-JE-.-4 0 o-H bf? F-QF-4-I-1-f4!..,c1 VICDOTCPVICUUJ 4 01 SQZ BEE .Dag-.EDQIHQ . J-Tri CD -CI'-.a Gm.-I S-4,54-f-4 wiki.,-I 'Cor-I 0.314 L, Ccouz.,-4 ,Qqg cfL4S-fldobyoggf ,O-DCC?-4mm . G 532255 E 03 O ,CI SQEMWJUQ CD w-'GJ ' ij b.0!11U2f-lmbr-4 F-4203?-a'UC4I5 'OOFCUF-u-45'-4 Lo.:--+06,c:a:cuo El'JOi":OK3!lJ+-1 :T li Oo DO L- 'S B 3 C O O O CC CII L13 U1 D., 'O 'U ,C O C S-4 4-1 E-4 O -o S-4 O JL' 3 QD E-4 C UD Cu Q5 S-1 G5 ,O L4 Cd V57 'Q um 4.3 O bu FQ fi CJ I r-I L CJ 2 it CI O 9 .si O. FJ rt iw .-4 O 9+ oi CJ B ci cd E L1 CJ CI QD GJ r-I ,C I 4.3 cm! bil OA qs .511 CI O E S-4 C CZ G5 GJ r-I Fil CD 210 GJ -4-4 L Iii rn m we-4 IE Uh 'U O o in 'U f-4 Gi C o D1 I 43 L4 as ,CJ ,Sd o 0 +-1 l L. Sophomores Q.: Q 4: sz .. Q , YH Q. hum - Top Row: Marlene Meyer-Vice-President Bottom Row: David Yancik-S.C. Representative Dolores Lyoch-Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Korunka-S.C. Representative Jean Neumann-President ' fe' Q '54 Gif We K"T- ,222 -vu ff P C i fk rl. 'Z' wks? f-'W' E e www'-convey, cf:c:m:LH4::c:EEe::h-ance o S3 O VJ nh E3 OD-o P m H Q Us o F-' '1 S 5 :fn K S B O O U m E F1 B O C v F-1 .D O D 'U r-I if Don W2 Ro Top .54 ,ci-.-4 OE I-1 r-1 O D-4 mg P 'U -1 ob -aa! OD .-1 -.-4 EO 3 5 "1 m P1 m o F A m L1 L: 0 O U3 'U r-I C5 G O D'-1 O 'U F1 CD B KD 0 r4 Fa m Ei 7-4 B o m E li V1 .G O rr-1 F-1 1-I CD O Hi Ui S-4 m P: 0 Ei 0 CI 0 o v4 C1 S-4 o ,O o CI +1 La v ,O O DI 'U Second Row: VJ CD F-4 w-I m E O "1 GJ -r-I KD III G5 r-I 1-4 O Di 3 5 o Q J m v4 A 7- o Cl CD is cd gm E-4 7-1 GS 31 r-4 m DD m v4 43 SL' o E f4 U1 U1 Q4 EE nm 9-40 3 3 85 MP1 'CS O 'E P4 -f-4 ki S-4 +50 U14-1 -4-7 GJ rx CU 0 P1 In 5 .Q MO aa 'wr-I CIUJ 32 go -r-1r-I go Q gn 0 .CI-f-I -DO 2:-C 0 an HE- r-I VJ E32 Ci-P onal llen HY on in R E d Row: R D W Jean an r-lla E3 m 0 r-4 U1 Or-I E skohl, Ehl hard , Ric I S a Dra orgi gm his paso 353 mid ffl!-'12 2 Ou Q Dei .-foo GJ-v-if-4 mem O or, Theodore Tomso -I-3 'U F-1 W Q m QU Off 'rf SHJ Oi 'US 054 5 F-0 F-1 'U no l"'4Y""M -r-1:-I Edd PF-4 ai no F0 isc - 5 P+Q eine m P: 0 uiamn Qwoim Somoa f4cJ1 o Cl M m -1-I v-CDS-4 -:XG w c an o oil v B Ula-'ld o.4'U Q33 o'h 00-o 01:-I Pail s. QE 22 OBT1 D N J urthMBow: ttom Row: Fo Bo Freshmen N33 i Top Row: Bottom Row: of-'vw A5- Ronald Hicks-S.C. Representative Lucille Marburger-Treasurer John Keiser-President Roleen Ernst-Vice-President Mary Adden-S.C. Representative Dorothy Ramseier-Secretary ,- ff! 2 , . 3ffi?tf534'9,' emewg s?s,a25fi Qi E SSW! .,. "'u..,,. QF Q 'lr- if' " 'WY' w'a1A, -A . xt 'a. 4,' ,' V, . Atl, . . .'gQ' , P i.NvQQ,f,f4Q 'N f., . '-5, -'W ' ' -' 1. -1 ' ' "',v , - , ' VQ 'in 'il gif .'fk4 ,-x M mf- - ,Q A '-rf 'f:9'W1 - ' ' 'cf Q- az ' " xx Y .gf Mm? A 7 ' :fan . tg x 1 2,1 v -ad w 1' , qwf Wi 7:74 I .7- '-QAN 'Abi imigm :lf Q mf l..I-a..GJffJ.IEG.JZ ' + Gerald Schlomann, Glenn Hastings, shu, Jo I1 An Jo es bert Monk Ro iser, Ke Bill p row: To E O Q5 o Oi 'U F-f GS 3 'U F13 P: 'O N di m O V1 F-4 m m -4 m K E 4-W ai? .Go 4-Tw-I ob F-4 OA Cnrn ,E 'GO -f-4 .TCI 'U r-4 .-O55 H C GSO E01 F4 sv DD A Z3 QA HCI 1-IO Q40 O :E s-JO 'U lDr-I bv-i CD-v-I PLD Q CQA Pe GIQD r-155 1-IGS QDCQG5 +9 .C msqm PIJOCI 4-'OJ vu.-IL4 r-lv-iCD I-I2 KD 0 252 15113 0-ar-I 1-I 'Uni P431 Gi S21 O CJ UI P4 qjx 'U S1 if UJCD M EOTQIJZZ 3 O 3'-4 'U cr O O CD rn 5 3 S2 U1 En, 0 ME CD 'Hn mi 53 E -4 If V' N 4-v 110 o Ib ai -f-I o 'ri F-4 4-7 G1 D-1 CI CD 'U 'U 41 CI CD r-4 r-I t, Mary E al PW Stie PY Jer 5: hn Jo Lester POW! Third therine Q 254 ID en, Ka Weidl O ch S m E o M m V1 D Marilyn 99 E O U2 -2 QI P, if osowski Pley K hvil di E -Ho L10 as I-:F-1 HX! 'Huh Uo H-4 Q5 Nh ui 211 Q 41 '-Vi ge O N5 drum 'U'-I4-J Hon .mfg U1 arg an ai F-aihm burn of-4-.-4 CACHE 55 I-in F-4.54 01-4 So mi gf P1 an r-I 9-4 Q-4 CD O s-31 r-U E O Z A G1 '31 5 S-4 O M 4: GJ G m w is A 1D H H -v-I E m Q SI H Q A GJ m A 15 .Q E v4 on Romona W2 PO Bottom I U1 E 910 210 '-C1 S40 CD9-J CI C109 OG Dev 1-l 'CF-4 v-id! GUS Gro O QA C1 'WD CDO 0141 U10 5302 EO KD 509 H 32 '-'DJ -r-4 in VJ 'GJ .CIS 330 bil! O bbbw dd MCI Q WG 4D-H r-I5 F-nr-1 GSC-U ,Go O S '44-F UIQ! w-I ei Bibi! -DW 9' 1 aQco-- R CZ O rn CI f-1 ,ct f-4 COO -.-4 41391041111 r-0 F-4 F-lr"'flD'x cdr-4.2460 ,CI-.-io OCQCU L E-I Viehwe bert ik, Ro hang cu Him 'COL -.-+29 CD cd 3 S Jerome Robert ivi, hn Kr Jo Joe Ronald ! O CI 'slid EFH b0 F0 CCDGJ OOr-4 s-JLDS-4 CU I O Coach Harold Voyles, John Bires 'Q fu O KD -f-4 CD O an UJCD 552295 -HE UJ-D CDUJTJ 5221 W C .53 Cla: -1-ir-'I vw KPKIJVJ 1-I .M C6 0-O Og-E ,CI-f-I 4-7?"O 41301-4 C2006 cd!! F-40 C1 C CD MQDS Second Row: E O D'-I Q4 O E4 Y. LLOC-I-' . .Q TJ ff v ia' M S4 an UJ -f-4 an tr! C .SI o P-9 an ,id G o 2 G .CI o H 'Q ,N O o L4 ,O 43 U1 an 3 cu GO L o cu LD A 4-7 UO O IP rn GD 1-'I L4 C5 .Q O C O +7 U1 O II! coach. 't Olson, ass Arthur 9 r-I r-I an o P1 5 SL. 'C f-4 cu ct o CI A .ki -,-4 o C1 Cd IH 'U -f-1 P cd Q KD 1-4 cd Q 04 ffl O -1-I I-4 r-1 W-1 CQ A W 'r-'I 5 cd Q 4-3 it CD .-O O I3 Us P1 cd D4 D-4 -r-I N1 C cu f-4 1-1 dt N +1 .-4 cu 3 L4 an vu-4 -u ID an o +1 S o D21 E o +1 -so o D3 P O DD C6 S-4 Q A W KD -Q 7-4 O ff-4 r Richard Buskohl, manager. S O ci fr-4 S-4 'O O D 'U r-I cd ct O Q cn .Q ana lm ymond Bol O rn CD O nil CUP: mf: 'HKD 'CU1 P: On IILCZ O E-H -r-CUZ Ha?-4 3 P-4 CDU! r-409 9-or-I 'HF-1 82 I-JU l' 1 w M ff JQH1 Dave. Ihle Bob Thax Mount Olive Wildcats w B V 'gf' if J.. Ray - ' , 'I -at H i . tafwgl' '- , f- QP Bm Ckarhe .. ,f 1 rw, ,jf r .- - ..,, am f -,- 25p UQ T ,xy DTN 1 TX' BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM Top r-ow: Coach Olson, John Monke, Jim Boyd, George Wesbrook, Ray Loescher Jim Goodman, Coach Voyles. Bottom row: Bob Viehweg, Joe Stier-walt, Dale Loeffler-, Donald Dobrino Allan Zippay, Bill Boston. Manager'-Warren Thacker' coo vm 6-J: ,, "'J:-L74n ,-S-1 pl Ty 13 FW' BASKETBALL 4, SECOND TEAM f 1 -,,' '. 'C 5 illbx ed , . J 1511 . X L .Q EH 416 Top row: Coach Olson, Ronald Hicks, Donald Purcell, John Keiser, Ronald Boehme, David Yancik, Ronald Long, Donald Donner. Bottom row: William Johnson, Robert Monke, Charles Jascur, Charles ff , 54 ', R 1 N-r Vogt, Glenn Hastings, Edward Roach, Arthur Thimsen. :J is 5 , s T 'T A., Y' ACTION SHOTS 5 , CHE LEADERS MT. OLIVE VS. BLOOMINGTON In the first encounter of the 1950 season, Bloomington pushed over a third quarter touchdown. Considering the inexperience of the team, they played a good game. Bloomington-6 Mt. Olive-O MT. OLIVE VS. LITCHFIELD Mt. Olive scored a fourth period touchdown to beat Litchfield. Nei- ther team scored in the first half. In the second half Jim Boyd blocked a Litchfield punt and ran 20 yards for a touchdown. Then Jerry Boll- man plunged through for the second touchdown of the game. Then Litch- field drove across for a touchdown that ended the game. Mt. Olive-12 Litchfield-6 MT. OLIVE VS. EAST ST. LOUIS The Mt. Olive Wildcats put up a good fight the first half. In the first quarter, Zippay plunged over for the only touchdown, then Jim Boyd kicked the extra point, making the score 7 to 6 in Mt. Olive's fa- vor. The Wildcats held the Lincoln team to only 18 points in the first half. The score at the end of the game was: x East St. Louis-31 Mt. Olive-7 MT. OLIVE VS. CARLINVILLE Mt. Olive had a had night. The Wildcats just couldn't get going. Zippay made our only touchdown for the night when he went across on a quarterback'sneak. Carlinville-20 Mt. Olive-6 MT. OLIVE VS. BENLD Mt. Olive had a great comeback after losing to Carlinville. The Wildcats and Indians fought to a 13-13 deadlock. The first touch- down was made by Joe Stierwalt on a quick opener, for about 10 yards. Then Don Dobrino, on a quarterback sneak, scored, making the score 12 to 13 in Benld's favor. The extra point was made by Zippay on an end run. That ended the game. Mt. Olive-13 Benld-13 MT. OLIVE VS. MARQUETTE Mt. Olive journeyed to Alton to get beat by Marquette. Marquette had one of the best teams in that part of the state. Marquette-13 Mt. Olive-O MT. OLIVE VS. GILLESPIE The Wildcats had little trouble scoring all through the game, since Zippay had a great night. He passed three touchdown passes, to Joe Stierwalt, Ray Loescher, and Dale Loeffler. Then the Wildcats decid- Loeffler took the ed to run a few. fourth one over on a quick opener. Jerry Bollman took the ball for a great 50-yard run which counted up the last one of the evening. Then Loeffler plunged over for the extra point making the score: Mt. Olive-31 Gillespie-O Football It was a hard fought game. It went all the way to the third quar- ter before there was a score. It was then that Zippay recovered a Roxana fumble and ran 60 yards for a touchdown. The Wildcats failed to get the extra point. Mt. Olive-6 Roxana-O MT. OLIVE VS. STAUNTON From the start of the game, we pushed them all over the field but cou1dn't score. Staunton passed to get on the five yard line and then pushed over for a touchdown and the extra point. Then in the third quarter, Mt. Olive began to roll. A pass from Dobrino to Zippay was good for a touchdown. We failed to get the extra point. Then in the fourth quarter, Zippay ran 20 yards for our second and final score of the game. Mt. Olive-12 Staunton-7 This ended the High School foot- ball season for Allan Zippay, Ray Loescher, Jim Boyd, Jerry Bollman, Bill Meyer, and Charlie Gorsich. Mt. Olive finished second in the South Central Conference. Cathedral Worden Greenfield Carlyle Northwestern Granite City Waverly Roxana Carlinville Benld Gillespie Staunton Morrisonville Carlyle Worden Kincaid Northwestern Litchfield Benld Livingston Carlinville Raymond Gillespie Whitehall Staunton Gillespie Cathedral Worden Carlyle Northwestern Granite City Waverly Roxana Morrisonville Carlyle Worden Kincaid Benld Livingston Carlinville Raymond Gillespie White Hall Staunton Lamphier Alton Gillespie BASKETBALL SCORES FIRST TEAM 32 Mt . o 1 1 ve gg :: :: gg :: :: M-7 il ll ll Il gg li ll 1 li I! 6 ll II 53 :: 1: I L, 1: ,: 3: 1: :: 52 N N 22 ZZ IZ 32 II II 2 I9 ll gg :: 1: g :: : SECOND TEAM 73 Mt. Olive 58 n n 65 n n 3 n n 33 n n 55 ll it 79 n n 29 u n n n ig n n 5 n n 1 n n 21 n u n n ig n n 57 n n 63 n n 7 u u 7 n n n n 35 39 QE 5: al AZ 9 Ill LE6 0 55 60 LL3 9 l UWT ONxOxO NVL-P' -E7'lXJb-DDJ!-'I-'TUXA IDU-J OUIONCDXHONOO In In l 5 35 50 Sl 33 bl: Carnival 1950 X X if ff X B23 iggigw shlfxfiui 7' 51 .v:,fl', lzxrx fkfknibi '?fQWaLQ .Q Qfifiifiiil Curl x '2w2xfgE?ff" 'EMDYSU FW' 5 ,f f Q. . LW? A A few . X Km f'X QNNN rr N - 5 vii. ' X I WW BN! ,, Q , T . it g"XQ,3Z'?:" STUDENT COUNCIL Top r-ow: Mar-y Addon, Barbara Kor-unka, Pat Lubr-ant, Dale Loeffler, Dave Yanoik, Ronald Hicks. Bottom row: John Schultz, Marilyn Mindrup, Elaine Eickmeyer, Bill Drfagovich, Clement Lyoch, Allan Zippay, Mr. Hinson. NX' 1 BPL A , ' C xxqt-Y 1 1, mt R001 T- E ,. -X-UGS DIT wif 09 OH-BILL r g - ' E' ' rata LOHFYUBR SPONSOR MEYER am- R S 0 B 4 1? OBEPTS Snooper Top row: Second row: Third row: Bottom row: 1715 Bfmgjg I 'f W V Staff Jane Hochmuth, Cordelia Strien, Elda Niehaus, Marilyn Mindrup, Charles Heuchert, Bill Boston. Clarice Kaduk, Joyce Kirkwood, Marie Radanovich, Bernadine Mihelcic, Dorothy Kaganich. Barbara Lockhart, Marilyn Stiehl, Dorothy Ramseier, Marlene Meyer, Elaine Eickmeyer. Miss Roberts, Dale Loeffler, Eugene Rosenthal, Bill Meyer. 39 ""4o I UQ' .59 URERCO, 5 'I'-Nl ll. :fin ""'l Elm S. A, Q kv- U N my ll f A 7 6""la , A .-s-. ami W 13 W - - V1 L x 1 's-' in Lesh.,-M ' 1 A f"'l Wi 5 1' f' QP. I, S it I QQ L Qc x W pv vi' . p , ,- 1., qv A 19 , r,W,,g..f ,...- .-ff xv, nf 9 ,f 2 W, V ' l x, ,E ' X X! TRIO Lockhart, Bartels, Gehner GLEE CLUB ENSENIBLES OCTET Seated: Heuchert, Gerdes. Standing: Lockhart, Gehner, Duvall, Keune, Rosen- thal, Kirkwood. s 'YVKS S 'N 7 NEW Hffxiff 5535 , -' 9 ' QRZIQY va BARBER SHOP QUARTET Duvall, Rosenthal, Fricke, Keune Y 53X Q3 RTK il X if "'4 W K3 ,r 1.-l, gb arf zfiggqiigiza if W5 CLARINTT QUAWTET Loonhnrdt, Oelrichs, Gorsichf Halle? BRASS SEXTTT Keiser, Thomas, Johnson, Kirkwood, Duvall, Loeffler, Mr. Sanders. ,fp 'J .Chg . V BAND ENSEIVIBHES SAX QUARTET Marburger, Lubrant, Gehner, Lockha ' mf-1 ' ifmig Q- s EX s 5. CUSTODIANS CGOHS BUS DRIVERS ki ge K 14, ww- fm t w WZ, .,,s A 1? P... Q5 5 K Y f' x Q u , Q .M ' fi' f v. 1 r I r v- Q s 1. N W 4 i i 5 V . f-pf-K . , , ' 'n Q ,' ff? A' IF, aiqfsi' H hi 1 1 xi 's 1 ' TS' f I-, 'ix if ' - . Xi' - ff. N-M i-Eff? g ' '- ,.-W f L-M. , Q 1 1 . ..f . pi, 5 r 531 9 an K 2 Q + Q ff aw fi-1 , x,'- ,. 'a, u N ff. A I-41 v " JP ', - c E x. X as , .Q v . Q .4 46, my p Kr ng , J x i J L42 -, A , 1' -V Q ,, . 48 1-.,. -Q S-X M' uw? 115 fl' e it ' W XX QL 0 BOW SNAPSHOTS v 'Q HJ t , 1 6 1- 'r N" :V .- ,., ,w- ' xx hx Q Xxx K' QM . , SNAPSHOTS I,n' I F? ? gp, 4 Q A JAP' R '62 f Q,. X W ,dl rl .- A K 5 , 1 4 Ll -L," Y, - 'sk' P' L-' ...NK H ug W. f Rx vw ' .' i'x .0 5 l, A Y i f 1 iv f 'N ., 'f Y , f , .fb uf ig, X K K rf ., K abby- ,f Qqkk Q vKgK fri... ,,. :A . - K, 5, . Q 1 ff K 1' if- j- .. 3 ' K'-1QKK.K N 5 ti -' K - 5 :E ' - ' , 1521- ' K ,.e :Q , K+ K K vu' LI- KK K 1 K y .K PK 18. .fm KKK KK KKK 4 , K A X K :KTEKK-K I 1? " ' LL-' ' f Fi , ' K qi ' -' ggi: 1 w-fwfff' Qs? L-' 4 'E 1 A A S - . A' f X. K K f' - ' " A -' A , . ..,wJ"r K ff X 'K Aw , xx .334 ' 1 , g , A ' x f' Q N ' v K f Q 5 -xv KK , 4 T1 KKK K K' ., gf -, 2-2g'f,5KKK 1 K- 5 . . ' .1 4 I I A- ' K .tym K , ' K KKK' K X .iw 'N wx .M . KKK, ,' I ., -, Ea. f '45 -K K ' K , Q Y 5, X. , xxx .K KK r 1 K X -E ' , A ' A' I , xv y -' K. Q is KKKL fKK K KK K F fu- 1 f YN -W kv-,,n"'i,,pq Q W 1 ' , V x K 'K . . - ,J W, M , . A, S, K F I .4 ly x N QL' ,. I -ii Q ' D4 'A '. QR ,Q. I b.: I X. ' p If I 's4. "Ria Nj 1 xl ,?,', .fw- Folker-T8 BroThers f,GuiFu Service Schoppnes C aFe EaTs+D rmks Sovlsbffw Service Phone 3l'TI Zan-mc!er's 5Tyle Shop Vearlnj Apparef Major-Va rp eTy Sfor-e, ElAlhe+Bob Connor pr-op. tAClvanc.e Cleaner-5 f We Dye FOI' youu Phone 4151 Johnmis Mar-kd 9-Th Harrison 51 R. Bishop Wholesaier+D1sTrnbuTer Phone 1161 B phone 38-Zi ecker-+ Son Ewen! Home Complzmenfs oF Mt Olive Lanka- pl-an1' Cornfnllmc nTs oF Fred Pahala Comfrllme nTs Cohufllm enfs QP Ros e lyh's BeauTy Sh :P C0 hwfhm en1's OF E lmer D1-0 :Te Afforneyw-AT -L ay! if OF H0wQrJ3B8PbeP Shop Q h CornPllme,nT5 Q, 2 of: 3 Q EPYIHJNBIMQHH E Cornplrmerffs oF S-we7lrckTaver-n Whnfe Cgfy ILL, Eno:-'s Rabbfl' Farm MT. 0Llve. ILL. R.R.4rl Schlornahhf Sandner- Plumbing 1- Heafmg 111111 poST 5790 MT.OIlve lu CamPl1menTs OF p0povlcl'1 Grocery Sfore WkaTeClTy ILL. Comphmenk oF Znppay-fa ver-n WknTe CnTy HI.. L. Ha rla n ATTor-hey'AT'l..AVV Complzmerffs oF M8rco'5 Ta Vern Con-xfalnmenfs oF M CYCI' Beverage C 0. ComPl:rnenTs QF Hl'SPoT Tavern Hanlfs Place Phone 341A aroldk Super mat-keT C0mPleTe Foocf Service ' E W Simmer Grocerwes 1-MenTs Phone 5'76l DIC H.Boeker ComPllmerxTs irc. of 'Dr Boeker dhdner Dry Goocls STorg Cornphmenfs of STICHI STor'e WQST End Garage DesoTo' Plyrnodfh Comrllmenls XA!l1l'l'e'S Fvrnllur-e Slo of'S CITIES Ser-vice - fc Besl' IH Fvrnnlurev . Comrllrnenh R Comflamenfs 5 F " f H O 2 O 2 S'l'eve'S Tdverh R Harry Buescl-zen New Grancl -l-l1e3'l'r'e Complnrnen-:Ts I L of MH OSL?-op. awson STvel-ul and Schofpmarm Comfv?menTs Dr. Drag-re o ,, v Qllve lh1Plemch'l' Shop Den-l.'ST N.A.WoITman,',J-ewlenll Dr Warner Vlr Onwe, lu. l3'1yf'Cfm Complamenfs Cvmflrnenls of op lvlt OllVE lvlvnumerfl' WOPRS Collles Tavern CUmrllm2NT5 Krlege l'laTcl1er-y Co. of Edwardsville gcl1oFplCS B0WllNg Alley AlTon Bellvnlle JubelTl5 Bakery Complnmenh Y U IT B lf " 'P QU' 'Y ' "f Mr om m.,f.,.Hsa,.s 4-f . x NoThdur-FTS STanclard STlTlon Compllmenfs WesT End Main .S-TreeT Dams Biiberghop 'Mi Ohveo Hera! d Yhxjfog-zifolff. Home CaFe QGQQJ pl ace To E37 Cornpllm enfs OF Fo' ker-T5 M arke'I' Blnhey Pfwarmacey inc. mowers EH' AH Occasmns M12 Olave Hvrvsf 7"I10"v2"l- PM Comfahmerffs Ff'Arlzeh IV,C"Cl1drl'Fle +C0 of aTlonalBank oF mtollvefll. Phone 223' Comp,lmenTs Snyder Shoe STor6 oF ,, K nes Tavern xx ualafy Sl1oe5Fgr- MCH 1-Boys Bar B"Q.5PeC' llTr Complumerffs QF Glllespae Dairy CornphrnenTs 0? pffzwpeggy CourTesy of c. Lani, 803310 News STancl Kroger? Co. MT. Olive Ill. Fred? Red ST Phone 4-761 ForCF3fTUreS Wm. Lovlace Pierce STud:o Barber Shop Phone 1435-1 .V '4 ' ii, 3 v -i7- K sf? QB ,wx oo5Tersu gk QM Yxag amy 1 1 J W W by-11 YEARBQO KS MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS ,. Y Q Q

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