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: ■ffllSaw Wml, : .:;...■ fr ' Ka ' jfWSS i- ' M ,S%MiSR ' H:.i li»iii i m .. Smip lIKSil %? 4 :m pifl jppWfl jfj PP PE ■ ST Pr ?sew I LOOKING This journalistic pyramid of the yearbook staff of the 1958 Edition of the MOHI pictures a significant scene of " seeking the way” in their yearbook assign¬ ment. A victorious climax is only a few frivolous seconds away. Looking downward or upward, inward or outward, their one common goal is to the future. Meditatively they are seeking the way for other outstanding achieve¬ ments in the many unseen areas of endeavors ahead of them. In the center at the bottom is Joyce, their chief, FORWARD Consoled by Anne in this moment of grief. Just above is Rudy with his fist up-raised, And below is Ann B. with a more visionary gaze. To the right is Karen in solemn meditation, Surrounded by book-throwers in momentary consternation. Yes, mixed emotions are indeed on display, In this galaxy of students in pyramid array. But in their struggle to prepare their yearbook This determined staff of students will glorify the " Forward Look, " DEDICATION Many choice olives have grown in the " Garden of Mount Olive " -am¬ bition, hope, patience, fidelity, loyalty, love, devotion. But as we passed through we picked but one, for all these qualities we found in one choice olive MISS JEANNE OLIVE To whom we affectionately dedicate this volume. IN APPRECIATION As schools reflect society and society reflects the schools, so this expression of " In Apprecia¬ tion " reflects our deep and sincere appreciation to the merchants and businessmen of Mount Olive for their interest and help not only in the 1958 Edition of the MOHI but for all past and current projects of enriching the opportunities of their current and future citizens. Accordingly, the 1958 edition of the MOHI, the Mount Olive High School yearbook, proud¬ ly salutes and pays tribute to these merchants and business establishments which constitute the setting of the introduction of each major section of the 1958 MOHI. This tribute also concerns the advertisements given by our merchants which are so essential to the progress and success of the school yearbook. ' • : M-raduy m p %$i ffl”’?. v %m. r ■■ . f$. Principal MR. J. A . BATSON MRS. BLANCHE CASEY Atlantic Christian, A.B. Math, Social Sciences GOLDIE COLEY East Carolina, B.S. English, Social Studies FACULTY KATHLEEN DAIL English, French East Carolina, A.B. Graduate Work, U.N.C. Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada L. M. HART East Carolina College, B.S. Graduate Work, E.C.C., M.A. Natural Sciences V DAVID F. McCLENNY Elon College, B.S. Graduate Work, U.N.C. Coach, Social Science, Physical Education JEANNE OLIVE Meredith, A.B. Commercial FACULTY MRS. FRANCES ROBERTSON Meredith College, A.B. Graduate Work, E.C.C. English, Social Science MABEL ROBERTSON Guilford College, B.S. Home Economics J. B. THOMPSON Appalachian College, B.S. Graduate Work, U.N.C. Band FACULTY LOUISE WATKINS Elon College, A .B. Mathematics W. O. WOOD Alabama Polytechnic Institution, B.S. Graduate Work, N. C. State Agriculture MOHI STAFF Editor-in-Chief - - Associate Editor - - Business Manager - - Photography Editor - Circulation Manager Art Editor --- Assistant Art Editor - Sports Editor — — JOYCE GARNER Editor-in-Chief Club Editor-JOAN SHAW Snapshotj Editor - --- - -KAREN S. BEST Typists--- . EMMA POWELL CAROL A. HOWELL, KATHRYN BROWN JOYCE GOODSON, OLA BEST Proofreaders....JEWELL GRIFFEN EVELYN THIGPEN Sponsor.....MRS. BLANCHE CASEY -JOYCE GARNER -BLANCHE CASEY -ANNE BRACEY -ANNE WILSON JOHNNIE F. BROADHURST -ELIZABETH WILSON -AUDREY JONES .RUDY OATES ANNE BRACEY Business Manager ANNE WILSON Photography Editor Joyce Garner, Mrs. Casey, Anne Bracey, Blanche Anne Wilson, Rudy Oates. Casey. Everything is in a hubbub! You will hear Joyce and Advisor Casey muttering some¬ thing about the deadline. Anne Corrine: " Wait, there ' s a picture missing! Oh! those Sophomores, why do they all have to have faces? " Johnnie Faye: " Rush! Phone Kraft, tell him those pictures must be in by the fourth! " Anne, the business manager, " But do Joan Shaw, Karen Sue Best, Johnnie Faye Broadhurst. m . ' 3 Elizabeth Wilson, Audrey Jones Jewell Griffin, Evelyn Thigpen we have enough money for that extra page?” " Rudy, can you get your car? We must work this after¬ noon. " " Emma, get Ola, Joyce, Kathryn and Carol Ann on this typing immediately!” These are but a few people behind the yearbook. They have rushed, fussed, and fumed to bring you an unforgettable yearbook, and here it is: The MOH1. Joyce Goodson, Kathryn Brown, Ola Best, Emma Powell, Carol Ann Howell. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President - - - Vice President Secretary - - • Treasurer - - ■ - - RUDY OATES - ANNE BRACEY JOYCE GOODSON -KAREN BEST AUDREY ALPHIN " And out of mind as soon as out of sight. ” Kenansville 1,2; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Athletic As. 3, ' 4, All-Conferenc Basketball 3,4; Superlative 4; Poem in National Anthology 3. KAREN SUE BEST ' 1 know nothing about it; I am my own ancestor. " Class Officer 1,3.4; FTC 1,3; Beta Club Office 3; Marshal 2,3; FHA 1,2,3, 4, County President; Annual Staff 4; DAR Citizen Award 4; Girls ' State 3. OLA PEELE BEST ”1, too, was born in Siberia 1 " Music 1,2,3; Voice 1,2,3; FHA 1,2,3, Pianist 3; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 3,4; Student Librarian 1,2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4. ANNE BRACEY " I shall many in haste and repeat at leisure. " Cheerleader 1; FHA 1,2,3,4; Ath¬ letic As. 2,3,4; Class Officer 3,4; Teenage Reporter 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4. JOHNNIE FAYE BROADHURST " None but herself can be her parallel. " FHA 1,2, 3.4; Annual Staff 4; FTA 3; Gle%i Club 3; Basketball 1; Usher for Junior Play 3. CAROLE BROCK " I won ' t be reconstructed! ” Basketball 1,2, 3; Piano 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 3; FHA 1,2,3,4, Fashion Show Winner, County Fair Talent Winner 2,3; Young People ' s Re¬ porter 4; Miss American Legion 4. . KATHRYN RAYE BROWN " If I called the wrong number, why did you answer? " FHA 1,2; Future Teachers Club 1, 3; Class Officer 2; Annual Staff 4. BILL BURNETTE " An experienced, and often quite picturesque liar. " Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Class Officer 1,2; Waiter Junior-Senior 2; Beta Club 3,4; Superlative 4. " My appetite comes to me while eating. " Baseball 1, 2, 3; FFA 1, 2, 3; Bus Driver 4. BETTY LOU COOKE " Gentle in manners, strong in per¬ formance. " Football Cheerleader 1; Basketball 1,2,3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Waitress 2; Superlative 4; Athletic Association 3,4. LAQUITA DEATON " Gentlemen always seem to re¬ member blondes. " FHA 1,2; Basketball 2, 3,4; Junior Play 3; Poem Published in National Anthology 3; Senior Play 4; Ath¬ letic Association 4. WILLIE DRAUGHON " Thinking is but an idle waste of time. " Agriculture 1,2; Baseball 1,2. CAROL JEAN GARDNER " May she live all the days of her life. " Science Club 1; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 3; Senior Play Usher 4; Sales¬ manship Certificate 3; Poem in National Anthology 3. JOYCE GARNER " Hold the Fort! I’m coming! " FHA 1,2,3; FT A 1; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 1,2, Chief 3; Associate Editor Annual 3; Editor of Annual 4; Glee Club 3; Music 1,2,4; WOW History Award 3. JEAN ELLIS " Let thy words be few and slowly said. ” Piney Grove 1,2; Marshal 1,2,3; Beta Club; Senior Play 4; Scholar ship Awards 1,2; Music 1. JOYCE GOODSON ' 1 feel like a fugitive from the law of averages. " FHA 1,2; Class Officer 1,2,4; Junior Play 3; Superlative 4; Senior Play 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Historian 4; Beta Club 3,4; Winner Fashion KERMIT GOODSON " Laugh and be fat. ” Football 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4 JEWELL GRIFFIN " A Prisoner of Hope. " FHA 1,2; Class Officer 2; FTA 1, 2, 3; Junior Play Usher 3; Senior Play Usher 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Poet 4; School Bus Driver 4; Poem in National Anthology 3. Lmm ■ i m 5 CAROL ANN HOWELL " Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no fibs. ” Science Club 1; FHA 1,2; Poem Published in Anthology and Songs of Youth 3; Usher for Junior Play 3; Beta Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; MOHS Secretary 4. KAY HERRING " All I know is what ' s not in the papers. " FHA Officer 1,2, 3,4; Commence. Pianist 1,2,3; FTA 3; Piano 1,2,3 4; Chapel Pianist 1,2, 3,4; Poem Published in Anthology 3; Library Club 4; Librarian 4; Glee Club Pianist 3. FAYE HATCH " I believe in work, but I ' m not in favor of it. " FHA 1,2,3; Science Club 1; Basket ball 1,2, 3,4; Senior Play Prompter 4; Superlative 4. LYNWOOD KENNEDY ' Just a modem inconvenience, FFA 1,2. AUDREY JONES ”1 can resist everything except temptation. " FHA 1,2; Beta Club 3,4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Librarian 1 2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Librarian Club 1,2, 3,4. JIMMY LOFTIN " He has a complete vocabulary of everything a man does not need to know. " Football 1,2, 3,4; FFA 1,2; Waiter Junior-Senior 2; Junior Play 3; Basketball 1,4; Senior Play 4; Base¬ ball 4. SYBIL MALPASS " What can’t be cured must be en¬ dured. " FHA 1,2; Junior Play; Glee Club 3 Senior Play Usher. BERT MAY ' It is difference of opinion that makes horse races. ” Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Senior Play; Superlative 4; Junior Play; Basketball 1,2, ' 3,4; Science Club 1. BILLY MERRITT " Though well-behaved at best is only a monkey shaved! " FFA 1,2; Football 3. BETTY MILLARD ' 1 believe they talked of me, for they laughed consumedly. " FHA 1.2. RUDY OATES " O wearisome condition of Hu¬ manity! " Class Officer 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 3,4; Superlative 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Football 3,4, Marshal 2. EMMETT OUTLAW ' Gloomy as night, he stands EMMA POWELL " Why should the Devil have all the good times? " BILLY PATTERSON " Never such a fellow, - Nature made him and then broke the mold. NORMAN OUTLAW " He was very studious - Studious of ease. ” FFA 1,2; Senior Play Usher. Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Glee Club 3; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Superlative 4; Class Prophet 4; Sec¬ ond in Peace Contest. Cneerleader z,3,4, ctuet 4; fha 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 4; Junior Play 3; Senior Play 4; Annual Staff; Super¬ lative; 4-H Club 1. BETTY PRICE " Did you ever have the measles, if. so, how many? " FHA 1,2; Superlative 4; Varsity Queen 4; Miss Merry Christmas 4. BERNICE RIVENBARK " And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smokel " Superlative 4. EARL ROSE " When I wish I WAS rich, then I know I am ill! ” FFA 1,2; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Boys State Delegate 3; Senior Play 4; Superlative 4. SEBRON SASSER " I ' m here to add what I can to school not to get what I can from it. ” FFA 1,2; Boys’ State; Bus Driver 4; Senior Play 4. JEAN SAWYER " What an arm - what a waist for an arm! " FHA 1,2; Poem Published in Na¬ tional Anthology 3. JOAN SHAW " Every woman should marry and no man. " FHA 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 2; Glee Club 3; Junior Play Usher 3; Annual Staff 4. JEANETTE SUMMERLIN " You show good sense by control¬ ling your senses. ” 4-H 1; FHA 1,2,4; Usher for Senior Play 4. JANET STANLEY " A penny saved is a penny got! FHA 1,2. ROSA LEE SULLIVAN " Dynamite comes in small pack¬ ages. " Piney Grove; Class Officer 1; 4-H Club 1,2; Music 2. EVELYN THIGPEN " My opinion is that History is mere¬ ly gossip. " Music 1,2; Librarian 4; Cheerleader 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play 4. PEGGY WELLS " As innocent as a new laid egg, Senior Play 4; Glee Club 3. SYLVIA WIGGINS " Now the day is over, Night is drawing nigh... " WILMA THORNTON " Yes, an no, an mebbe, an mebbe not. " FHA 1,2,4; Junior Play Usher 3; Senior Play Usher 4. ANNE WILSON " You see, when I came to division there were things that wouldn ' t divide. " Annual Staff; Senior Play 4. ELIZABETH WILSON " I remember your name perfectly, but I just can ' t think of your face. Bus Driver 3,4; Annual Staff 4; FHA 1,2,3,4. BILL TILLMAN " A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus. " Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Senior Play 4. mm Blfe; jcvS: MASCOTS S Best All-Around JOYCE GOODSON and RUDY OATES L 1 ! ... ! | " j Most Attractive BETTY PRICE and BERNICE RIVENBARK Iv 3st Original Kit Vnm Neatest BETTY LOU COOK and BERNICE RIVENBARK Most Popular ANNE BRACEY and JIMMY LOFTIN ’ 0 ? i y M A I J M u4 - r Wittiest EMMA POWELL and BILL TILLMAN 1 p« Ia j r L 1 1 ' x ' i-. . • ' » - y.’ Ss . ' - " :v Best Personality AUDREY ALPHIN and BERT MAY .i mM pi tW0t Most. Athletic FAYE HATCH and BERT MAY sank of mount Most Likely to Suqceed CAROL ANN HOWELL and RUDY OATES 0 msm " AX CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose CLASS MOTTO " Drink the wine of wisdom. Refill ing the glass .as it is emptied. " FAREWELL To the sacred halls of M. O. H. S That we ' ve come to love so dear We say these words of sadness Since our parting day is near. We will always cherish our mem ' ries Of the years we ' ve spent with thee; And though we trod your halls no longer In our hearts you’ll live eternally. And as we leave, your halls are hushed; No footsteps do you hear Echo down the halls and disappear. And as we sadly leave. Our hearts will ever grieve To know that we no longer will be here To the sacred halls of M. O. H. S. Where we lived and learned so well With hearts of love and sorrow Every voice bids thee. Farewell. Jewel Griffin CLASS HISTORY ktytfi-irttfjfi ' yr ' ■};- ' ■ • ■ • ' HV ' 7 ’ £-’ " ' •{■ ■■ £ ' , • • ' ' Vr.‘. . , ; ' - • i • ' . vi When the school term of 1954 and 1955 began, eighty-nine freshmen, filled with excitement and enthusiasm, became a part of that wonderful institution. High School- Our first look at our responsibili¬ ties frightened us; but we learned to accept them and soon became adapted to our duties and surround¬ ings. One of our earliest duties was to elect our class officials. Those leaders were Bill Burnette, President; Karen Sue Best, Vice President; and Joyce Goodson, Secretary and Treasurer. Joyce Garner and Cecilia Crow, in receiving recognition for their scholarship, were our class mar¬ shals. Being well accustomed to High School now, we began our Sophomore year with an enrollment of fifty-nine and elected for our class officers: Bill Burnette, President; Jewell Griffin, Vice President; Joyce Goodson, Secretary; and Kathryn Brown, Treasurer. This year we began projects to promote our class funds. Our project was a talent show which added thirty dollars to our funds. We chose Karen Sue Best to compete with other contestants in our school for the Miss American Legion Contest. Our marshals for this year were Joyce Garner, Karen Best, Rudy Oates, and Bill Burnette. From our class were chosen six waiters and waitresses for the Junior-Senior. The waiters were Bill Tillman, Bert May, Billy Patterson, Rudy Oates, Jimmy Loftin, and Bill Burnette. The waitresses were Betty Lou Cooke, Anne Bracey, Carole Brock, Karen Sue Best, Anne Corrine Wilson, and Molly Dotson. Our Junior year began, bringing as much excitement and many new responsibilities. Our money - making problems increased with thoughts of the Junior-Senior Prom, which we had to give this year. Our projects for raising money included a barbecue supper, the annual Junior Play, and a Valentine dance, all of which, proved to be very successful and fun for all of us. On April 26, we gave our Junior- Senior, with " Fantasy Land " as our theme, which was very beautiful, and left us happy and proud. Betty Price was selected this year to compete with the other contestants of high school for the Miss American Legion Contest. Joyce Garner, Karen Best, Jean Ellis, and Molly Dotson were marshals from our class. We, now, had an enrollment of fifty-one students, who had selected as their leaders Anne Bracey, President; Rudy Oates, Vice President; Molly Dotson, Secretary; and Karen Best, Treasurer. f inally, we had almost reached the top of our high school ladder, for we were now SENIORS. Our still persistent forty-nine class members chose Rudy Oates, President; Anne Bracey, Vice President; Joyce Goodson, Secretary; and Karen Best, Treasurer; to lead us during this busy year. We had many things to look forward to, our class rings, the publication of the " MOHI, " the annual visit to Washington, the Junior-Senior, and most important of all our caps and gowns. On November 22, we successfully presented our Senior Play, " Cinderella Rose. " Carole Brock represented Mt. Olive in the Miss American Legion Contest and was second runner-up. Betty Price was Mt. Olive ' s representative in the " Miss Holiday Queen Contest. " During our four years of High School, we had much work to do and also, we enjoyed much fun. This May as we descend those familiar steps for the final time many wonderful and happy memories will go with us. Joyce Goodson 0 Karen Best . . . Historians ii; vA ' ' . ' 1 1 4$k PROPHECY safe Entry in the log of the space ship " Asternoid IV " for July 26, 2016 A . D. . . . Upon returning from Neptune, I, Captain Bill Patterson of the Inter-solar Space Patrol, was glancing into my navigator ' s insterstellar video screen when I saw a broadcast of what had been happening on earth way back in 1968. I saw that many of my classmates of M. O. H. S. days were in athletics: Norman Outlaw the manager of that terrific middleweight. Billy Merritt has his boy almost in shape for the championship bout with Bernice Rivenbark. Bert May, now assistant coach at N. C. State, is doing a fine job and is generally regarded as one of the finest athletic supporters to come out of the South in years. Earl Rose is still playing shortstop for the Yanks and is now having one of his best seasons as he is batting .072. Bill Tillman was also heading for a promising career in sports but unfortunately he went blind and had to become a referee. Anne Bracey who became a famous sports columnist for " her work in basketball, has moved to Montreal, Canada, and is fast becoming an expert on hockey. Although I could see that we had developed good athletes in our class, we also were very diversified in our interests, for instance: Jean Ellis has been sent to Russia as a secret weapon and has been most effective; to date she has run fourteen down with her automobile and talked nine others to death. Kermit Goodson divides his time about evenly between his string of fishing boats and being the " Fizzisist " at Albert’s. Bill Burnette made his million selling Amoco and has retired to his Texas ranch where he breeds sheep. Willie Draughon and Harry Cashwell make their living by doing odd jobs . . . like hauling 100 pound sacks of sugar through the woods. Jimmy Loftin is completing his training to be a missionary to Rumania. Lynwood Kennedy always good in bookkeeping, is now known as one of the slickest bookies at the tracks. Rupert Dail’s Dog Food Industry has grown by leaps and bounds and he is considering a merger that will give him control of General Mills. Johnnie Fay Broadhurst is a novelist and is traveling in Ethopia doing research for her book " The Life and Ancestry of Joyce Garner. " Kathryn Brown is a girl nobody has been able to find. We hear that she is following a Music Major she married. Betty Lou Cooke has been abroad for the last three years and is having herself a ball. Joan Shaw put her chemistry to good use and is now an assistant witch doctor in Brazil. Betty Price has realized her ambition and is now a model for the ACE Feed Sack Co. Faye Hatch has joined her sisters in the law firm of Hatch, Hatch, Hatch and Hatch. Sylvia Wiggins is an announcer at WPTF where she MCs the " Harmony Trio " starring Kay Herring on - the Organ, Emma Powell at the Base Horn, and Jewell Griffin at the Juice Harp. Evelyn Thigpen has just completed her book " How to Get Ahead with a Head that’s Red. " Joyce Goodson, advertising agent for the Pickle Company, has a problem since Ola Best arid Karen Best fell into a pickle vat. She doesn’t know whether to say " Our Pickles are Best " or " Best are our Pickles. " : Audrey Alphin has her accordion and monkey, and as soon as she can find a tin cup, she plans to go - into business for herself. Carol Ann Howell has become an obstetric because she thinks babies are cute. Anne Wilson is a demonstration driver for Chevrolet. . Jean Sawyer has finally-settled down and now has seven in the family - - four children arid three husbands. Sybil Malpass is the taste candy is making her losri her : tester " at Wilmer Thornton ' s Candy Kitchen but she may quit; - the appe,i,e. . ’ ; ; ■ ■ ■ ■ • ■ ■ : • ■! 1 ■ ' ■ l ' rJ • ' ' ■ S ' ' -j W;.( {til-i ' 9 LaQuita Deaton is a nurse for Trans-World Airlines and is kept very busy dispensing pills since Janet Stanley is the Cook. Emmett Outlaw practices his " farmicy” on his plantation and attributes his success to the fact he al¬ ways buys his mules from Elizabeth Wilson ' s stockyard. Peggy Wells, Audrey Jones, and Margaret Powell have joined the Waves and under their supervision, the submarine fleet has been classed as the most powerful in the world. Carole Brock, now a famous pianist, is head of music for the Metropolitan Opera. Rudy Oates, a promising young physicist has discovered a new method for getting blood out of a turnip. Rose Lee Sullivan had a narrow escape during the Dixie Classics. She had worn a brown dress and was mistaken for a basketball. Sebron Sasser, the editor of the " News and Observer " sent his star reporter, Carol Jean Gardner a large bonus for her expose of labor racketress Jeanette Summerlin. After this, a commercial appeared on the video screen and I returned to my post. We set our course toward Earth and hope to arrive at .0400 tomorrow. Yr. Ob ' t Sut. Capt. Bill Patterson ’jv; LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the 1958 Senior Class of Mount Olive High School, being of sound mind and realizing that our departure from this school is near at hand,, dp hereby declare and make this our last will and testament, on this, the thirtieth day of January. Article I To our school we leave our love and gratitude forever., Article II To our faculty we leave our deep, sincere appreciation for the many things that you have done for us and for your guidance during the past four years. Article III To our underclassmen we leave these talents and properties: Joyce Goodson who has only a brain to leave asks her forgiveness if this doesn ' t please. Kay Herring leaves her ability to cook, to any man who wants to be hooked. Emma Powell leaves her " loud speaker, " to the Center Theater for " double-length, double-features. " Jean Sawyer leaves her flaming red hair, to Morris Herring to go with his red spare. Jimmy Loftin leaves his funny jokes, to the Junior Class who needs them " the most. " Jewell Griffin leaves her " charm, " to Mr. Hatch and the crows on his farm. Betty Price leaves her ability to " catch a man " to Mig O’Berry for her diligent " Last Stand. " Carol Ann Howell leaves her love for " service men, " to herself so she may try, try, try again. Bernice Rivenbark leaves his neatness to Billy Bracey to add to his " sweetness. ” Karen Sue Best leaves her curly hair to Hedy Parker who has none to spare. Norman Outlaw leaves his quiet ways, for Bert, Ann, Van (I mean the Mays). Rupert Dail our " student professor” leaves his ingenious mind, to a person of his nature, which I doubt you will find. LaQuita Deaton leaves her curly hair along with her height, to help reconstruct Barbara Rainer ' s mite. Joyce Garner leaves her headaches and perspiration, to the next year ' s annual staff to add to their flustration. Rudy Oates leaves his fame as a " lover " to be kept in a safe place and passed on to his brother. Johnnie Faye Broadhurst " a cute little kid " leaves her " Flying Ford " to the highest bid. Billy Patterson leaves his silly ideas and crazy actions, to any tenth grader still struggling through fractions. Emmett Outlaw, an odd sort of boy leaves his " way around town " for someone else ' s joy. Peggy Wells leaves her ' . ' luck so fine, " to Mamie Lou Williams (the poor dear behind). Janet Stanley leaves her trim little figure to anyone who is two or three times bigger. Billy Merritt leaves his Plymouth " divine " to his little brother Jimmy who is just behind. A cute little smile is left by Ola Best to the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades ' happiness. Long legs is all I (Audrey Jones) have to leave but someday somehow, you may be in need. Carole Brock leaves her charm " I ' m sure, " to YOU if you think you can endure. Kathryn Brown leaves her quiet voice, to " Cleo " the talking dog on the " People ' s Choice. " Faye Hatch teaves her slogan " I hate school, " to anyone who wants to challenge it with " The Golden Rule. " Joan Shaw leaves bet " Little Nash " to the Department of Sanitation to clean up trash. Anne Bracey leaves her fame ' as a " basketball star, " to her sisters. (She hopes they will be up to par). Evelyn Thigpen leaves her fair red hair, to the newest thing in a zoo - a red grizzly bear. Nearness and clothes are left by Betty Lou Cooke, (She ' s hoping it will help get her a man to hook). Jeanette Summerlin leaves her " short curley bop " to a manufacturing company that produces a new kind of mop. ' Silvia Wiggins leaves her love for " bop " to all " jazz Bands " so they ' ll never stop, Audrey Alphin leaves her appetite and silly ways, for " Black " to think about in future days. Sebron Sasser leaves his short crew cut to " Alphonso, ” a long tailed, shaggy eared nut. Carole Jean Gardner leaves her pretty eyes to be used in a telescope that ' s just been devised.. W WW l vyyj ■•y. Oh " fcfbjtM, ;••! : • V.’Z ' f ... .... -v KtontMj-•stwM-My- Wwmm • ■-•Y ' , 1 V.- VaLAi • i f ■M ;■■■ • ' ■aYV ’ ' .. i ;•; t-,s ' yp£iy. , 1 WiV i to lcn roW ' wmm ■mm% Margaret Powell leaves her sweet little grin, to all bears so they will hibernate in the back of their dens Mathematics is left by (insane) Earl Rose, , he writes algebra problems all over his clothes. Anne Cortine Wilson leaves all her hard work to some smart somebody who doesn ' t shirk. Bert May leaves his big, strong shoulders to a construction company to use for boulders. Jean Ellis leaves her " Speaker of the House " manner, to the very latest book written by Tanner. Harry Lee Cashwell leaves his school bus to be sent to Alcatraz " in care of us. " Bill Tillman leaves his -’slow but sure way” to the rabbit (maybe HE ' LL slow down someday). A " special menu " is what Kermit Goodson leaves behind, a " conglomerated concoction " to drive you out of your mind. Linwood Kennedy leaves his " flapping tongue " behind; a longer, limberer tongue you ' ll never find. Willie Draughon lives his pet name " Sandy " for a never sweeter name like " Candy. " Sybil Malpass leaves her pleasing way, to make a " Big Hit” like Johnny Ray. Betty Millard leaves her extra height behind to shorten boy friends she might be able to find. Wilmer Thornton leaves her love for some " mister” and when her love grows dim, she has a sister. Rosa Lee Sullivan leaves her extra pounds till she gets out of school to " throw her weight around. " Elizabeth Wilson leaves her love for art. (Wonder if that will win a man ' s heart?). Bill Burnette leaves his basketball fame to Leslie Ipock(wonder if he can do the same?). Testator: Audrey Jones Witnesses: Joyce Goodson Carol Ann Howell Toan JoK» nie Rye Carol «Xcar Co-rale B S: m cu Jean •£ Mare n t Ui I rviCL Good$or Vormah J. • ' s ■ vt ' Jr Hf it m W f f - m " ’ . JH ■ J£ jL . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President------HAROLD COOK Vice President - - - - ------VAN MAY Secretary . - - - - -...LINDA SKIPPER Treasurer BLANCHE CASEY BETTY ANDERSON JIMMY BEST BOBBY ANDERSON BILLY BRACEY JAMES BARWICK DELORES BUTLER JIMMY BATSON REGINALD CARTER JUNIORS BLANCHE CASEY ALICE COOKE HAROLD COOKE NANCY DAIL BILLY DAUGHTRY CARL RAY DAVIS JANICE DEATON ANNIE R. DENNING J. H. DRAUGHON JACKIE FAUCETTE KAY FIELDS FRANKLIN HOLLOMAN JUNIORS JO ANN HOLLOWELL BLONNIE HOWELL BILLY RAY JOHNSON JANICE JONES GAIL KING JAY GOLA MILLER ELLEN KORNEGAY BILL OUTLAW PINKY LOFTEN HEDY PARKER VANN MAY DIANA PORTER JUNIORS BARBARA RAYNOR GERALD RIGSBEE LINDA SKIPPER MARGARET STRICKLAND w. I,. V ' Jlk • •••(. mm0i SOPHOMORE GLASS OFFICERS President....DE WITT GRADY Vice President--------- PHIL FAUCETTE Treasurer.WALTER T . CHERRY Secretary •- JANE CLIFTON SOPHOMORES Allen Adams Ray Baker C. W. Barber Harold Barwick Bobby Best Eddie Britt Jimmy Brock Jimmy Burnette George Burns Joseph Caveness Walter T. Cherry Travis Clarke Jane Clifton Neal Davis Judy Ellis SOPHOMORES Phil Faucette Baxton Flowers Stelle Flowers Barbara Gillis De Witt Grady George Hall Glenn Harrell Elaine Hatch Eddie Heath F. R. Hodges Mary Hontz Betty Jackson Annie Ruth Johnson Wanda Johnson David Jones SOPHOMORES Faye Jones Sue Jones Pete Joyner Nelson Kelly William Kelly Edna Faye Lane Nick Lee Carroll Lindsay Catherine Lister Sue Lowe Margaret Martin Billie Carole McPhail Joe Moses Mignonette O’Berry Council Oliver SOPHOMORES Delores Pipkin Sandra Powell Jerry Price Jimmy Rackley Jimmy Reaves Gary Sauls Patricia Starnes Billy Strickland Hattie Royal Sutton Kay Sutton Samuel Ernest Taylor Sybil Thornton TOO BUSY Jimmy Turner Wade Weeks Linda Kay Wells SOPHOMORES Judy Whitley Leslie Ray Whitted DeBrutz Warren SCOTT ' Oli ve 14 v v;uu f Dlnr w FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President.-....JOHNNIE WILLIAMS Vice President..BRYCE MORRISON Secretary-Treasurer GLENDA SASSER FRESHMEN Hayward Adams Woody Best L. B. Brewer Elizabeth Broadhurst Elaine Brock Mary Emma Brock Jo Anne Brogden Gwin Lee Cox Marie Davis Reid Eason Linda Cooke Gladys Cooke Kay Casey Barbara Carter Tommy Carroll Anne Byrd Becky Bryan Buddy Brov n FRESHMEN Bruce Emerson George Gardner Bobby Goodrich Bob Hines Katie Howell Linda Faye Hughes Leslie Ipock Jimmy Jackson Anne Jones Glinda Jones Cecille Kornegay Ervin Kornegay Mary Frances Louder Anne Carol May Jimmy Merritt Bryce Morrison Nettie Jo Newcomb Iris O ' Berry FRESHMEN Bob Kolbeck Douglas Outlaw J. L. Pate v Joyce Price Lois Price Peggy Price Ralph Pucket L. R. Rivenbark Joey Robertson Glenda Sasser Benny Smith Jimmy Smith Lynette Smith Ann Stevens Nyoka Strickland Aldon Summerlin Norma Carol Summerlin Roy Thompson FRESHMEN Bob Tillman Billy Troutman Millard Turnage Kenneth Waters Jimmy Weeks 1 Peggy Wellington Andy Wells Darby Whitman Johnny WTlliams Mamie Lou Williams Dorothy Wood ■R ACTIVITIES mm lip] ■8, . i 1957 JUNIOR-SENIOR " FANTASY LAND” One of the high-lights of every high school Junior and Senior is the Junior-Senior Prom. The Prom is a climax to every school year when spring and young love are in full bloom. Such was the Prom of ' 57. The Juniors chose for their theme " Fantasy Land " and with much work and aid from their ad¬ visor, Miss Jeanne Olive, made their prom a success. At the banquet, toasts and speeches were exchanged by the Juniors, Seniors, and their facul¬ ty members. From the sophomore class were the waiters: Allen Sutton, Billy Daughtry, Van ,May, Harold Cook, Billy Bracey, P. K. Sutton; and the waitresses: Linda Skipper, Delores Butler, Norma Carole Summerlin, Snow Miller, Bjanche Casey, and Gail King. The first dance of the Prom was given to the honored Seniors, and then everyone and his partner enjoyed the hours of dancing that followed. The music was presented by the Carolinians. 1957 KAREN BEST JOYCE GARNER, Chief JEAN ELLIS GAIL KING PINKY LOFTIN NORMA C. SUMMERLIN MARY HONTZ MARGARET MARTIN MARSHALS . ..V - . fyl c fjjr twi 3 ' -ib.iWm . ' 5 ? MAJORETTES Geraldine Whitfield, Betsy Flowers, Debra Kornegay, Norma Carole Summerlin, Head, Debbie Boyd, Hattie Sutton, Betsy Cox, Linda Wells. BUS DRIVERS Jewell Griffin, Elizabeth Wilson, Blanche Casey, Harry Cashwell, Jimmy Best, James Barwick, Sebron Sasser. MOUNT OLIVE SCHOOL BAND BAND MEMBERS S. ■ wj f ' 1 M m » f OFFICERS: Captain, Billie Carole McPhail; Co-Captain, Wade Weeks; 1st Lieutenant, Anne Sutton; 1st Lieutenant, Mary Hontz; 2nd Lieutenant, Jimmy Brock PERCUSSION: Baxton Flowers, F. R. Hodges, Jimmy Wood, Jimmy Rackley, Tommy Williams, A1 Geddie, Robert Clifton. Drum Majorette ANNE WILSON CORNETS Gray Geddie Bobby Farrior Jimmy Brock Leslie Whitted Eugene Bryan Jack Winstead Dan McPhail Bill Farmer Stevie Waller SAXOPHONES D, C. Summerlin Laura Wolfe TROMBONES Wade Weeks Ralph Puckette Darby Whittman Richard Hill BARITONE Reid Eason FLAGBEARERS: Norma C. Summerlin, Mamie Lou Williams, Sue Scott Lowe, Sue Jones. -cr m -ri |8| IT ' P’ Jj CLARINETS Billie C. McPhail Mike Carter Kay Sutton Glennwood Brodgen Gayle Williams Leviece Cox Corky Smith MELLOPHONES Mary Hontz BELLS Barbara Capfer Ann Stevens ACCORDION Susan Clifton BASS Bobby Martin Benny Smith FLUTE Ann Sutton BETTY PRICE f» CAROLE BROCK " Miss Mount Olive High GAIL KING F.F.A. Sweetheart W.,.. ®ss£r mBm Miss Merry Christmas BETA CLUB Rudy Oates, Miss Coley, Joyce Goodson, Karen Best, Ola Best, Gail King, Norma C. Summerlin, Blanche Casey, Jean Ellis, Joyce Garner, Janice Jones, Bill Burnette, Nancy Dail, Audrey Jones, Carol Ann Howell. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB Mary Hontz, Audrey Jones, Miss Coley, Barbara Gillis, Evelyn Thigpen, Kay Herring, Peggy Wells, Ola Best, Iris O ' Berry, Lynda Faye Hughes, Faye Jones, Annie R. Johnson, Quita Deaton, Hattie R. Sutton, Stelle Flowers, Carole Brock. J IflitUL.r Ull mmim W j | Y« W| Vw m f w 4 1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President - - - ■ Vice President - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Reporter- Pianist -- Historian-- Parliamentarian Song Leader — OFFICERS . KAY HERRING - BLANCHE CASEY .-.-.MARY HONTZ .-.GLENDA SASSER ..GAIL KING .-.DOROTHY WOOD ..ANNIE RUTH JOHNSON . EMMA POWELL •. LINDA SKIPPER First row: Annie R. Johnson, Emma Powell, Mary Hontz, Blanche Casey, Kay Herring, Gail King, Glenda Sasser, Linda Skipper, Karen Best. Second row: Miss Robertson, Marie Davis, Joyce Price, Wanda Johnson, Betty Jackson, Linda Wells, Sue Jones, Hattie Sutton, Jane Clifton, Barbara Gillis, Margaret Matin, Third row: Patricia Starnes, Faye Jones, MaryF. Lowder, Ann May, Ann Jones, Mamie Williams, Nettie Newcombe, Mary Emma Brock, Norma C. Summerlin, Elizabeth Wilson, Blonnie Howell. Fourth row: Betty Cooke, Ann Bracey, Ellen Kornegay, Audrey Alphin, Janice Deaton, Kathy Weatherly, Diana Porter, Alice Cook, Hedy Parker, Judy Wilson, Kay Fields. Fifth row: Lynette Smith, Becky Brian, Glenda Jones, Gladys Cook, Gwen Lee Cox, Linda Cook, Dorothy Wood, Kay Casey, Ann Byrd, Norma C. Summerlin, Anne Steven. Sixth row; Betty Broadhurst, Peggy Price, Barbara Carter, Elaine Brock, Nyoka Strickland, Judy Ellis, Carol Gardner, Jeanette Summerlin, Gaynelle Sutton, Carole Brock, Joan Shaw. Seventh row: Lois Price, Judy Whitley, Delores Pipkin, Mignonette O ' Berry, Sue Lowe, Stelle Flowers, Billie McPhail, Kay Sutton, Iris O’Berry, Linda Faye Hughes, Jo Ann Brogden. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President....DEWITT GRADY - - JIMMY SMITH -BOBBY BEST - JIMMY TURNER BILLY DAUGHTRY -JIMMY BEST - - W. O. WOOD Jimmy Merritt, L. R. Rivenbark, Bobby Best, Millard Turnage, Nelson Kelly, George Gardner, Erwin Kornegay, Jimmy Weeks, Douglas Outlaw, Mr. Wood, DeWitt Grady, Darby Whitman, Jimmy Jackson, Billy Ray Johnson, James Barwick, Jimmy Best, Franklin Hollowell, Bobby Anderson, Harry Lee Cashwell, Haywood Adams, Travis Clark, Alan Adams, L. B. Brewer, Gary Sauls, Billy Strictland, Billy Troutman, Leslie Ray Whittied, Jimmy Turner, Eddie Heath, Pete Joyner, Harold Barwick, J. L. Pate, Jimmy Smith. Vice President Secretary - - ■ Treasurer - - ■ Reporter - - - Sentry- Advisor - - - ■ reSe.hTecJ 6 S ' s.ftior C L fiSG MAID AND JANITOR Clara Dawson Amos Bell LUNCHROOM STAFF: Leana Faison, Mrs. Alma Brock, Mrs. John Manly. •Vv. v ’■S ? . ' • J Varsity Queen BETTY PRICE i . ' 73 $ RAY BAKER L. B. BREWER WOODY BEST JOSEPH CAV1NESS HAROLD BARWICK HAROLD COOK " Red " BRUCE EMERSON RUPERT DAIL " Boose " BILLY DAUGHTRY JACKIE FAUCETTE " Spiket " PHIL FAUCETTE JIMMY LOFTIN " Junky " KERMIT GOODSON " Fat Man " DAVID JONES BERT MAY " Deens " VAN MAY " Big May " RUDY OATES BRYCE MORRISON JOE MOSES COUNCIL OLIVER " Wooten " BILLY PATTERSON " Pusher " GARLAND STARNES " Atlas " JIMMY REAVES " Hoss " JOEY ROBERTSON ALLEN SUTTON BILL TILLMAN " Tick " BILLY TROUTMAN yl, JOHNNY WILLIAMS SAMUEL ERNEST TAYLOR " Sam " DEBRUTZ WARREN " Buzzy " T. NEILL DAVIS " Cannonball " COACH McCLENNY " (Mr.) Shoeball " Managers: BILLY BRACEY and CARL RAY DAVIS SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Bill Tillman, Bert May, Rupert Dail, Rudy Oates, Billy Patterson, Kermit Goodson, Jimmy Loftin. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Jane Clifton, Barbara Gillis, Jo Ann Hollowell, Kathy Weatherly, Gladis Cook, Emma Powell, Head, Lynette Smith, Diana Porter. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LaQuita Deaton, Linda Skipper, Audrey Alphin, Anne Bracey, Betty Lou Cooke. AWARD PICTURE Margaret Martin, Anne Ricks, Betsy Cox, ?, ?, Joyce Garner, Minnie May Britt, Ann Jones, Nell Hollowell. Standing: Dave Wilson, Molly Dotson, Joanne Hollowell, Karen Best, Billie C. McPhail, Virginia Martin, Loree Lane, Billy Patterson, Bobby Swinson, Joyce Hatch, Alton Summerlin. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL First row: Linda Skipper, Geraldine Whitfield, Audrey Alphin, Anne Bracey, Blanche Casey, Snow Miller, Quita Deaton. Second row: Nancy Dail, Stelle Flowers, Jo Anne Hollowell, Mary Hontz, Pat Starnes, Betty Lee Jackson, Faye Hatch. Third row: Jane Clifton, Barbara Gillis, Elaine Hatch, Billie C. McPhail, Sue Jones, Anne May, Norma Carole Summerlin, Coach McClenny. AUDREY ALPHIN.. .Senior ANNE BRACEY... Senior BLANCHE CASEY m LINDA SKIPPER NORMA CAROLE SUMMERLIN GERALDINE WHITFIELD 1 yp Ms BOYS’ BASKETBALL First row: Jimmy Reaves, Bill Tillman, Jimmy Loftin, Bert May, Jackie Faucette, Bill Burnette, Phil Faucette, Council Oliver. Second row: Leslie Ipock, Neill Davis, C. W. Barber, Joseph Caviness, " T " Cherry, Joe Moses, Johnny Williams. Third row: Joey Robertson, Kenneth Waters, Woody Best, Andy Wells, Bob Tillman, Jimmy Brock, Benny Smith, Coach McClenny. SEASON’S RESULTS GIRLS Nahunta 33 Mount Olive 48 Rosewood 50 Mount Olive 75 Brogden 48 Mount Olive 64 Eureka 20 Mount Olive 61 Pikeville 41 Mount Olive 61 Seven Springs 48 Mount Olive 64 New Hope 52 Mount Olive 59 Brodgen 26 Mount Olive 34 Grantham 63 Mount Olive 64 Nahunta 34 Mount Olive 64 Rosewood 53 Mount Olive 63 Grantham ? Mount Olive ? Pikeville ? Mount Olive ? Eureka ? Mount Olive ? Fremont ? Mount Olive ? Seven Springs ? Mount Olive ? New Hope ? Mount Olive ? Fremont ? Mount Olive ? BOYS Nahunta 49 Mount Olive 65 Rosewood 51 Mount Olive 70 Brodgen 41 Mount Olive 64 Eureka 30 Mount Olive 63 Pikeville 23 Mount Olive 55 Seven Springs 30 Mount Olive 64 New Hope 33 Mount Olive 40 Brodgen 33 Mount Olive 76 Grantham 47 Mount Olive 57 Nahunta 58 Mount Olive 77 Rosewood 50 Mount Olive 54 Grantham ? Mount Olive 9 Pikeville ? Mount Olive ? Eureka ? Mount Olive ? Fremont ? Mount Olive ? Seven Springs ? Mount Olive ? New Hope ? Mount Olive ? Fremont ? Mount Olive ? BILL BURNETTE... Senior JACKIE FAUCETTE PHIL FAUCETTE BERT MAY Senior COUNCIL OLIVER JIMMY REEVES BILL TILLMAN... Senior llfSS FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Hjji SWINDELL, RUSSELL, AND THEORN Better Construction Is Assured RETAIL LUMBER YARD Dial 2953 or 2542 ‘Large Enough to Serve You -- Not Too Large to Know You” FURNITURE COMPANY E. Main Dial 2322 Mount Olive, N. C, Compliments of MADE -RITE BAKERY Phone 2919 Mount Olive, N. C, SIMMONS HARDWARE Telephone 2251 Mount Olive, N. C 0 FURNITURE COMPANY Dial 3151 Produce - Fertilizers Cotton - Seeds - Cotton Ginner P. O, Box 328 208 N. Center Street Phones: Office 2111 - Gin 3201 - Residence 2657 You ' re money 1 Ahead! BANK OF MOUNT OLIVE, N. C. AND CALYPSO, N. C. MOUNT OLIVE TRIBUNE EXTRA ‘If You Don’t Take It You Should” Dial 2345 Compliments of Compliments of MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY ‘‘The South’s Largest Pickle Company” Compliments of M. C. S. CHERRY AND SON “Insurance That Insures” Dial 2329 or 2976 Mt. Olive, N. C. Day Phone 2200 Night Phone 4899 Sand - Gravel - Fill Crushed Stone and Top Soil Excavating P. O, Box 317 Goldsboro, N. C. FREEMAN AUTO SUPPLY Your Independent Auto Parts Dealer and Distributor FLOYD V. FREEMAN, JR., Owner Mount Olive, N. C. PART ME NT STORE Phone 3841 CAROLINA CLEANERS “Pick-Up and Delivery Service’ Phone Now! Dial 2441 BILL LEE, Proprietor GRIFFIN BARBECUE Goldsboro, N. C. Complete Line of Foods Compliments of CLIFTON TIRE SERVICE Mount Olive, N. C. y OU r gg DEPENDABLE 4Ls DRUGGIST LEWIS THE DRUG CO. Prescription Specialists Mount Olive, N. C. Corner of Breazeale Avenue and Station Street “The Old Reliable” Since 1916 Mount Olive, N. C. Delivery Service SEE US P AND liP Compliments of HEILIG- MEYER5 BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY in “The Safe Executor” Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 380 KENNEDVS COTTON AND COTTON SEED Mount Olive, N. C. Phone 2855 Route No. 3 BIRD OIL COMPANY Atlantic Heating, Oil and Petroleum Products All Grades of Coal Phone 2257 Mt. Olive, N. C. Fruit, Produce, and Merchandise Brokers Cotton and Cotton Fuel Oil and Kerosene Mount Olive, North Carolina M. S. PORTER, JR. RAY W. SCARBOURGH FURNITURE COMPANY u “Quality Furniture Since 1917 Mount Olive, North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION Providing a Means of Coordinating the Interest, Energies, and Leadership of a Community in an Inclusive Program for Child and Civic Welfare. STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY PEPSI-COLA MURRAY SUPPLY COMPANY Custom Grinding - Mixing Buyers of Corn, Small Grain and Soybeans BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 2529 Goldsboro, North Carolina Mount Olive, N. C. LOF T 1 NS GARAGE Congratulations, Seniors KADIS EDMUND D. LOFTIN, Owner Dealer in New and Used Auto Parts 105 East Main Street Mount Olive, N. C. Phones: 2621 and 2140 Phone 2047 Compliments of Compliments of JIMS BEAUTY SHOP jP ICES Phone 2218 TIRE SERVICE ELLIS MOTOR SALES, INC. Compliments of Mt. Olive, N. C. Phones 2005 - 2936 REAVES RESTAURANT Phone 9122 to CANNON’S CAFE Bar-Be-Cue Sandwiches Compliments of MOUN OLIVE F C X Feed, Seed, and Fertilizer SHOPPE The Ladies’ and Children’s Shop Mount Olive - 3118 Faison - 3501 Warsaw - 621 MICKEVS PASTRY SHOP Phone 909 212 North Center St, Goldsboro, North Carolina NEUSE Shop With Confidence at I TRACTOR COMPANY Mt, Olive Highway Goldsboro, N. C, Phone 3000 and Wear With Pride Goldsboro, N, C, MT. OLIVE DRY CLEANERS SHOE SHOP BEST POLICY AT ALL THOMPSON WITHERINGTON INSURANCE AGENCY 194 W. James St. Mt, Olive, N, C. Dial 3871 HKIOCf imhOKOD r savta .. Compliments of SYLVAMA TELEVISION J SUTTO N ELECTRIC CO c X W FR ® MARTIN STORE JORDAN AND SUTTON APPLIANCE J. S. JORDAN - R. E. SUTTON “ Groceries Hardware Mount Olive, N. C, Sherwin-Williams Paints Compliments of Compliments of WORLEY TAM LOR. TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE VENEER AND PLYWOOD Goldsboro, N. C. Mt. Olive, N. C. CLINIC DRUG CO. Compliments of SUMMERLIN “A Good Drug Store” ELECTRICAL SERVICE Phone 2239 Mt. Olive, N. C. Mt. Olive, N. C. -msm- X. mvict CASEY LAUNDRY CLEANERS Groceries - Meats Service Station and General Merchandise Mt. Olive, North Carolina Highway 117 Phone 3123 1149 N. William St. Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of FIFTY-FIVE DRIVE-IN EE. T. X SON Our Specialty Hot Dogs Hamburgers Mount Olive, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. S . E. WILSON THIGPEN- SERVICE STATION SICKEN Amoco Gasoline and Oils INSURANCE AGENCY Tires, Tubes, Batteries Washing and Greasing Complete Insurance Protection Phone 2088 North Center St. Mount Olive, N. C, Mount Olive, N. C. Compliments of JESSIE ' S FLOWER SHOP WESTERN MRS. A. N. MARTIN, JR. AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Owner Phone 2209 H. J. MORRIS, Proprietor MOUNT O LIVE WILSON GRAIN STORAGE CO., INC. Dealers in All Kinds of Grain Can Handle in Bulk or Bags Facilities for Grain Drying MOTOR COMPANY Phone 3850, Night 3837 Mount Olive, N. C. TTTfe Compliments of 1 1 FERGUSON SYSTMll WAYNE I FREDDIES TRACTOR AND DRIVE-IN GRILL IMPLEMENT COMPANY “A Clean Place “Better Farming Equipment” for Clean People” Goldsboro Highway Mount Olive, N. C. Mt. Olive, N. C. Where Shopping Is a Pleasure HASTY WE I L_ ' S PLUMBING HEATING CO. Heating Contractors Serving You and Yours for 93 Years Phone: 2584 or 2416 With Fashion and Quality Goldsboro Highway Mount Olive, N. C. Apparel MT. OLIVE LIVESTOCK MARKET For Free Hauling or for w o Daily Prices DC. 00. (mutU ' Dial 3134 COAL OIL J. H. DRAUGHON and Mount Olive, N. C. C. O. SYKES Phone 2561 Owners and Operators Goldsboro Highway MOUNT OLIVE CENTER STREET ESSO STATION 131 S. Center |fc s 1J Dial 2607 or 3842 Mount Olive, N. C. ROTARY CLUB SMITH BROTHERS GRAIN DEALERS AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE SMITHS ESSO SERVICE Phone 2238 Dudley, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of ROBINSONS DRUGSTORE GOOD SONS MOTEL Goldsboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA TRACTOR, INC. Mount Olive Highway Compliments of COZART PACKING COMPANY Goldsboro, N. C. Goldsboro, N. C. GLENN fcJIMiif MART 1N Compliments of D. T. McPHAIL SON 101 S. Center Street Mount Olive, N. C. Telephone 2165 Mount Olive, N. C. AUTRY’S UPHOLSTERY Mt. Olive, N. C. GIDDENS JEWELRY STORE Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of BURNETTE’S OIL CO. J. RODNEY SOUTHERLAND, SR. Mt. Olive, N. C. Compliments of CASH DRUG CO. Goldsboro, N. C. MOUNT OLIVE SHOE SHOP Shoes Soled While You Wait Compliments of CENTRAL RESTAURANT BILL WILLIAMS, Manager STYLE SHOP Mount Olive Phone 3205 Compliments of CREECH’S FURNITURE CO. Compliments of PEGGY ANN SHOP Compliments of D. F. ODOM, JR. Compliments of STANLEY SHOE CO. DUMAS-GIDDENS OIL COMPANY INC. Pure Petroleum Products Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 234 Compliments of THOMPSON AND FRANCIS ENTERPRISE FISH MEAL CO. Yellow Rose Feeds Dial 2281 Compliments of THOMPSON AND STEVENS LOU IS BLANTON SERVICE STATION GIN AND GRAINERY Cotton Seeds and Grains Phone 9117 Located: 6 Miles West of Mount Olive on Highway 55 Mount Olive, N. C. Telephone 2307 GARR1S JEWELERS Compliments of GEDDIE 142 N. Center Street ICE COMPANY Phone 4348 Breazeale Avenue Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 2668 DEWEY BROT HERS INC. PATE- D AW SON Founders and Machinists Structural Steel and Mill Supplies MOTOR CO. Telephone 808 and 360 North Center Street Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 1800 Goldsboro, N. C. PALACE BARBER SHOP GINN LUMBER COMPANY “We Need Your Head for Our Business” Rough and Dressed Lumber Contract Building Goldsboro, N. C. Mt. Olive, N. C. Phone 2159 THE TRADING ROST N. N. ELLIS General Merchandise - Fertilizers - Farm Hardware Route 2 Faison, N. C. Phone 3153 Congratulations, Seniors WAYNE ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION CO. “We Move the Earth” Compliments of AMERICAN PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. Goldsboro and Zebulon “It Pays to Play” 202 - 04 E. Walnut Street Goldsboro, N. C. DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY “Machinery - Mill Supplies” Goldsboro, N. C. Telephone 747 In Every Town There Is “One Best Place to Trade” In Mt. Olive It’s BELK: TYLER5 The Senior Class wishes to thank all who have helped in the publication of the 1958 MOHI. Especially we wish to ex¬ press our thanks to the fac¬ ulty, Charles Kraft, the stu¬ dents, and all those who have contributed so generously to the 1958 MOHI! The Annual Staff THE END And you say that you don ' t normally see these... er... students... around the school? Ridiculous! They’re merely normal, happy, and carefree young journalists rejoicing at the completion of another yearbook... your 1958 MOHI. You have a complaint to make? Due to circumstances beyond control, please address all complaints to Ye Olde Nut House, Salem 3, Oregon. Deceased members may be found under all tombstones with epitaphs saying, " WE HATE YEARBOOKS! " ' LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO DALLAS • TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR MADE s 7 CtxjUhL tyjuosrv fiffl 7 i 3 Iw f 4fip3 :9HiS «ra mmSm mm •■if: " - • :l4M f; " f , r- plMPtei ■ - ■ t% W ' IkMp isiilp MBS l Jfe III pWg S, ' f; jiWsXM® mmm iliw tsi SWiiaa rVi ' . T Z- xrnm. ■■■ WM •JfJ.u i .flktlf) M

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