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1 3 'Inn -4-ff, I Q 'C-TMS' 21 ' ws-,W mfr: M041 at z? Wann: mwfdzwfnsz N Q W Nui 'NA K + WM fu- 'ifwa a vs. uw! A ' ww .a,.1 75 -1 em we wx.. . ,pew nur -11' mv' - s- uma mn sms A 3.14 fm- as nr-fu Mm ., 11 f' ,MA w 4 5.11 um- ww :A Naam ,nr ww .LM M.. .aa .4 U: .Msn Maia I-V111 'EW .' ,mga A X ,Q X ,. 4 , gnzrnufaa ,MwAuwNwf f, 01,15 if it 'L , -- -wr, any V+ WAN W M N 'N 'V A , fn, -Km' ,L mp, 2, mx was 41191 44 ' --40 A' , 4' . , M ,4 1 . wr an 441' me v 4 wr, ,, , E293 A9016 uw 4 1 -- ,, -vp-sua am-ww. A.-4 -4 xefgfv-J f ww rn :nf mal an ll ,ew fm ,W . ww. Q er 3 .ww al sf wha sa sv ma' - at mmf .su-PM sz ff , ,ww fw. K , , g , V' hm 45. fc X H., ,v-qw , ' 0 u , any 'Y 7. M qu ,... Ws. .Nr ,X - vw 1.4 4, f ww un 1 .ff - w ,Q --W M W y ws- 4 4 W.. 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J" I ' E .. 1 .M U: , D "--Q-.s....,, 1 v mo. -Q- ri'- W .W -1 My - Q .1 1-1 f " -mu V N :Q A K rl 2 m' ,, 4 .Q , m 1-K: . .mi Wi fw 3--P--. A--...N-...N N415 Www 14 an .JUN z Q, H2 W '51 -. -.4-LY B 'Biff' F9-E '55' 2 W? Q .,,, .-gg.J2'.rfoams J fv- naw... mu- -sq 11- my' 1. ,,x sm-.Msn wx V A Ji,-., . ' . .M ,,,, M' X , ' A ,,,,.,., , my , 5 . 5 A H.. . k ' W .Q ,ni j 4 I . .. WS ii ' - Y V ,N , ,A ,,, .J , Y 5 , V 2 1 -1. f f ,, r X Q vw- -v 4. ff 4-z M vm wwva wa an za ..-M,-. uunfw. 'wwf - w 1 ' ,mars 6 t , .m-iw A . ing, ' ' "' V , , W -am. -v lun, mx., PB' f ,j "1 'ww ,muh yur. 1 4 ll 4 fm. ' 'M ac ,M -KL, A , ,y 4 Qlyaavvn , 1 3,51-5 wwf -nt-f"K"' A, I V, " ffeifcnfz-, ,C'.f'l1f7'24 uf-ff , ,w,.,4.4., ,16"'NJ J' .7 f " P Ia, V' . . ,flfi 4 ff u:f1',"-3' 9""- L- -1 4., fffi vw:-,g'Ez f 1"7'N'-1 iff' '1,x,.' f'.'!"- bf A ' f f f , f , N , VLA, 111-4 f..-1'-f "". ' ,ff --f '-V'-'N 7 It I J ' y . V L 4.44-V ,- pf -.- f 1 I A l f 4 m: -W' X- W, ffg,,Q4.4J ' I . I ,... , 4' .V , V., ' 1 . -'Q G ff L P 'H - , 1 I ' "LA--. I M-R f ' ', , -.f f 1 , , ,ml f'f'41,f,j 7 5 Q f'- ff L' , I A ,. ff ,, W ,- J Q., W ,5 AV ' 1, - - 1 if fwfr :IYC fr: ,., 40,2 ,, ,, QWAW ffw fy J -f mf fwf , W7 pb- . Q' jff -Z LIBRIS QQ Q u 'Q' Q -fm nm A , ,X 5675 K X QW, 'Q ,, A, LW -31 l956 MOHl Volumo V Mount 0livo High ohool Mount 0livo. orth Carolina K . f ,Y 1' 4 -, z , ' , m , r 1 ' ' a ' 1 N' X' Q t ' X fa 'HA H5 , ef Aki! ,. QXW,'M. ff' if 0 Y ,A ' tis, g H ,Qi ,X x, r i.. J 'Q ,, ' 'Haiti' e f-,I it FOREWORD Pausing at this threshold of the future, we look back on our four years at Mount Olive High School. This annual is a symbol ofthe hard work and the good times we have had together. The Mohi staff hopes that you will receive as much pleasure in reading the annual as we shared in bring- ing it to you. DEDICATIO To those who guide our steps in the right way ---- Who encourage our ambitions and nurture our hopes--- Who sacrifice so we can have the best ---- Who possess overwhelming patience and understanding ---- What can we say of them that is not already known? Those who, to us, are ideals by whom we pattern our lives, To them, our Mothers and Fathers, with everlasting love and gratefulness, we dedicate the 1956 MOI-II. This is but a small tribute we pay to one who deserves higher praise. Although she was not a member of the faculty this year, she has given her time willingly and unselfishly to assist us in compiling our annual. With her leadership and interest this annual became a reality. So to Mrs. W. H. Potts the 1956 MOHI Staff gives its sincere appreciation and thanks. ADMlNlSTRA'I'l0N For loyal friendship, continuous patience, and unfaltering interest - for the time he has given to make our years at Mount Olive High School a ful- filling achievement and happy memory, we will always be Lruly appreciative to our principal, Mr, J. A, Batson. ,ffeffi X MRS. R. L. COX Woman's College U. N. C English, History SANDRA PETERSON Meredith, A. B. English, Library .. A. B. FAC LTY ' KATHLEEN DAIL East Carolina, A. B. Graduate Work, U. N. C English, French JEANNE OLIVE Meredith, A. B. Commercial flmhxx .y""' , mmf u 'Q T558 , 11' I Q 4 MRS, VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Wake Forest, B. S. Math, English MABEL BERTSON Guilford ollege, B. S. Graduate I ork, W. C. U. N Home Economics DAVID F. MC CLENNY W. O. WOOD Elon College, B.S. Alabama Polytechnic Institution, B.S Graduate Work, U.N.C. Graduate Work, N.C. State Coach, Social Science, Agriculture Physical Education F U L . J. B. THOMPSON MRS. JAMES LOFTIN Appalachian College, B.S. Chgwan Cgllege G1'8dLl3IC WOIR, U.N.C. Piano Band Nr REBECCA OLIVER Business Manager , , , If DANNY SUE OUTLAW Editor-in-Chief MARY HELEN BURGESS Photography Editor fM""" 1 r THE 1956 MOHl TAFF SEATED, Left to Right: Rebecca Oliver, Business Managerg Danny Sue Outlaw, Editor-in-Chief. STAND- ING: Shirley Lewis, Club Editorg David Gillis, Sports Editorg Mary Helen Burgess, Photography Editor Betty Ann Outlaw, Circulation Managerg Susan Abbott, Art Editorg Virginia Martin, Associate Editor ' N14 1, MOHl TYPISTS SEATED Eth IB STANDING, Left to Right: Tennys Warren, Jessie M dg Britt A ette Ca y Joy D ghuy ll i, SENl0RS Z fl Q I , x 3 r 'ff' ,MN SE l0R CLASS IDFFICER PRESIDENT . . . . DAVIS GILLIS VICE-PRESIDENT .... . . GRAHAM COOKE SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . .LAURENCE WILSON 11 x '- S3 V KENNETH ANDERSON "I'm not a surgeon but Ido a lot of cutting up." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. BLANEY Sl-IELTON BEST "If silence is gold, I'm broke. " F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 43 Officer 35 Band 1, 2,3,4g Officer 1,2, 3, Science Club 13 First place Dairy Judging Contest 3g Bus Driver 4, Junior Play Cast, Glee Club 1. THOMAS ED ARD AVENT "He's a favorite around the town, never lets worry get him down." Faison 1,2g Mount Olive Band 1,23 F.T.A. 35 Science Club 33 Baseball 4, Football 4: Senior Superlative. JORDAN BEST "A11 that I've learned, I've for- gotten, and all that I know, I've guessed." Basketball 1,3,4g F.F.A. lg Glee Club 1g Science Club 1, Second place winner of N. C. Forestry Contest 'Zg Senior Superlative. stag? www, 'W JOYCE DEAN BENNETT "She's at an awkward stage, too old for teddy bears, and too young for wolves." Piney Grove 1, 2. WILLIAM ALLEN BEST " All I want in life is a little woman and a big plantation." F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 43 Officer 2, 3, 4g School bus driver 4. ETHEL JANE BOONE "I don't know anything about any- thing, but I'll soon find out. " Faison l,2g Basketball 3,43 Annual Staff 4. IESSIE MADGE BRITT "She knows them all from out of town, she 's one Senior who gets a- round. " F. H. A. 1,2,3g Band 2,33 Glee Club 1, Music 1gVoice 3,4g Annual Staff 4. If BZNEST BRACEY "Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, lend me your girls." Raeford 1, 2, Football 3, 4g Junior Play Cast, Senior Superlative. BETTY IEAN BROWN "A girl's greatest asset is a boy's imagination. " Wallace 1, Wilmington 2, Rose Hill 3. gulf .gg Mfwwesnuwlivf CEDRIC BRITT "If I could only do some of the things I think of . " MARY HELEN BURGESS "Happy as a lark, enjoys herselfboth daytime and dark. " Glee Club 1, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Of- ficer 2,3g Third Place Fashion Show 2, F.T.A. 3, Officer, Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Library Club lg Waitress Iun- ior-Senior 25 Music 1,2gReporter for Young Peoples' Column 45 Athletic Association 4, Senior Superlative. .Adj 'Q' BETTY ANNETTE CASEY "Happiness is all I ask of life. " Music 1,2g Glee Club 1g F.H.A. 1, 2g Officer 2g Waitress Junior-Senior 2g Girls' State 3g School Bus Driver 3,4g Library Club 3g Senior Class Prophetg Senior Play. HARRY CASSIOUS COOKE, JR. "Just give me a chair by the fire, an apple, and an Esquire." Glee Club lg Science Club 1g Wait- er Junior-Senior 2g Baseball 1.2.3, 4g Basketball 2,3.4g Football 1.2.3. 4g F.T.A. 3. ff! lap", BETTY LILLIAN COBBS "Women of few words are the best after all. " Glee Club 1gMusic 2g Science Club 2g Band 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. 1.2.33 Junior Playg Senior Play. MABEL JOYCE DAUGHTRY "She gets her man. " Band 1,2g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g Officer 4g First Place Winner F.H.A. Fash- ion Show 2g Head Majorette 2,3,4g First Place County Fair Talent Con- test 3,4g Music l,2,3,4g First Place World Peace Speaking Contest fSchool, Countyj 3g Senior Superla- tiveg Senior Play Annual Staff 4. GRAHAM ELDRIDGE COOKE "For he's a jolly good fellow" Glee Club 1g F.F.A. 1,2g Officer 2g Baseball lg Science Club 2g Waiter Junior-Senior 2g F.T.A. 3g Beta Club 3g School Bus Driver 3,4g Second Place Wayne County F.F.A. Creed Contestg Music 4g Class Of- ficer 4g Boys' State 3g Senior Super- latlve: Junior Playg Senior Play. BRUNETTA ANN FLOWERS "The waytoa man's heart is through his stomach, so I've taken cooking lessons." Glee Club lg Science Club 1g F.H.A. 1.2, 3. DAVID BLACK GILLIS, IR. "I'm a smart guy, but I have a hard time convincing anyone. " Class Officer 1,45 Band Ig Music 1, 25 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1.2, 3,43 Glee Club lg Waiter Junior- Senior 25 Science Club, Officer 2, 3: Beta Club 3,45 Second Place World Peace Speaking Contest 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Superlative. MORRIS EDWARD HERRING "If you don't think women are ex- plosive, try dropping one. " F.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Officer 3,45Base- ball 1,45 School Bus Driver 1,2,3. 'II kj, 'U ALLISON CORDELL GRIMES "Proof there has never been a red- headed saint." F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Bus Driver 4. EDDIE QLOUIEJ HESTER "Never think. . . you may disturb your mind. " Basketball 1,2, 3,45 All Tournament 4g Football I,2,3g All Conference 35 Senior Superlatlve. IOSEPHINE HATCH "Roll on world and l'll roll with you." Band 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,23 Science Club 25 Stu- dent Librarian 3. WILLIS BOYCE HONEYCUTT, JR. "When there is mischief brewing, he is doing the stirring." Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2.3, Football 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Playg Senior Superlative. MARIE JACKSON JOHN CHARLES IOHNSON LOUIS EDWARD IONES "Like the wise old bird, often seen "He may not be a Ford, but he sure "The thing he wants most out of but never heard. " can rattle on. " school is himself. " GleeClub1,Music1,2,3,4,F.H.A. Baseball 1,2,3,4, Science Club 1, 1.2. Junior Play, Senior Play. DURWOOD GENE KENNEDY "It doesn't payto worry unless you're worrying for pay. " F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 1. CARSON LANE "The Farmer is the backbone of the nation. " Four H Club 1.2, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 3.4, Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4, Third place winner in County Corn Con- test, Athletic Bus Driver 3,4. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH LEWIS "Short and sweet and hard to beat. " Music 1, Glee Club 1, F.H.A. 1,2, 3.4, Officer 2,3,4, Cheerleader 1, 2.3, F.H.A. Fashion Show Winner 1, 2, Marshall 2, Waiuess Junior- Senior 2, F.T.A. 2.3, Beta Club 3, Class Officer 2.3, Annual Staff 4, Senior Superlative, Senior Class Testatrix, Senior Play. 'Finke . Q ' IOSEPH BRYANT ODOM "Don't let his silence fool you, he has his share of fun." F. F. A. 1, 2, 33 Reporter 3. DANNY SUE OUTLAW "An innocent face, but you never can tell. " Glee Club 13 Music 1,2,3,4: F.l-l. A. 1,2,31 Officer 2,33 F.T.A. 23 Waitress Iunior-Senior Banquet 23 Poems published National Poetry Anthologies 1,33 Beta Club 3,4Q Junior Class Officerg Girls' State 33 Associate Editor 33 Editor of 1956 MOHI. -"4Ji"I REBECCA CLARO OLIVER "When a task is once begun, she never leaves it till it's done." Class Officer 1,2, 33 F.H. A. 1,2, 33 County Officer 33 1st Place Fashion Show 13 Glee Club 13 Music 2, 3, 43 Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet '23 Student Librarian 23 Beta Club 3, 43 Marshall l, 2, 33 Chief33 UDC History Award 33 WOW History Award 33 Business Manager of 1956 MOHI3 Senior Superlatives. SHIRLEY BROWN PATTERSON " Never put off until to morrow, any' thing you can put off until day-after tomorrow." F.H.A, 1,2, 33 School Bus Driver 4. f , .3 , BETTY ANN OUTLAW "She's always willing and ready for a good time." Glee Club 13 Majorette 1,2,33 F. H, A. 1,2, 33 Basketball Cheerleader 23 2nd Place Strawberry Festival 23 Junior Play Cast3Circulation Manager of 1956 MOH13 Senior Superlative. PAUL SHERARD PEARSALL "Life is a long process of getting tired." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4: Sentinel 33 Vice- President 4. CULLEN BLACKMAN PRICE, IR. "His most exciting experience is going home at 3 o'clock." F. F.A. 1, 2: First place Tool-ldentifica- tion Contest: Basketball lg Senior Super- lative. TENNYS ELEANOR WARREN "Sugar and spice and everything nice." Band 1,2: F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4:Glee Club lg Music 1,2,3g Waitress Junior-Senior 2: Basketball 2,3, 4g Annual Staff 4, Varsity Queen 45 MOHS "Miss American Legion," Mis Merry Xmasg" Senior Superlative. WILLIAM IOHN WEATHERLY III "l often wonder who will run the world after Ileave it." Wallace 1, 2pFootball 3, 45 Officer Science Club 3. RAY TAYLOR "If there's nothing to do, let me do it. " Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 4. JOYCE ANN SMITH "Neat as a pin, and twice as sharp." Glee Club lg F.H.A. 1,2,3g Library Club 35 Junior Play, F.T.A. 2,35 Annual Staff 4, MOHS Secretary 4: Senior Superlative. LAURENCE GLENN WILSON "Each mind has its own method. " Marshall 1, 2, 3, Baseba1l2, 3, 4, Class Offi- cer 2, 3, 4, Class Historian 4, Senior Play. SHELBY JEAN WOLFE "l-lave a good time while you're living, you're dead a long time." Basketball cheerleader 23 Football cheer- leader 2,3,4g 3rd place Fashion show lg F. H.A. 1.2, 33 Senior Superlative. CLASS HI 'I'0IlY The dream of every boy and girl in the lower grades is to enter high school as a freshman. To join the parties, social fun, and festivities of a high school teen is the long awaited goal of a privileged few. The Freshman Class of 1952 was no exception. ln September, 1952, thirty-five excited "grown ups" entered Mt. Olive High School. There was confusion, class schedules, and hard work, but everyone was proud of his role. Our officers for that year were Rebecca Oliver, President: David Gillis, Vice-Presidentg and Shelby Jean Davis, Secretary-T reasurer. These proved to be very able leaders. Even with the loss of several students we gained enough new members to have thirty-five Sophomores. Our second year was much easier than the first. We had learned the rules of high school and knew what was expected of us. This year we could watch freshmen initiations and help to frighten them as they entered their new home. Though we were still "green and growing", we felt like know-it-alls beside the freshmen, Never would we admit we had been such lowly "things", The sophomore year brought the first glimpse of society. That year we had six waiters and six waitresses chosen to attend the J unior-Senior Prom. This was quite an honor! Making our first business ventures climaxed that second year. We were planning for the future. Our leaders that year were Rebecca Oliver, Presidentg Shirley Lewis, Vice-Presidentg and Laurence Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer. Beauty and popularity contests involved two of our members. Danny Sue Outlaw was nominated to compete with other highschool nominees for the title of Popularity Queen. Betty Ann Outlaw was sentto represent our school in the annual Wallace Strawberry Festival beauty contest, Our Junior year brought many changes, There was the J unior-Senior Prom, Halloween Carnival, Junior Play, and a means of raising money, which was our main interest. We had a booth during Farmer's Day Festival, sponsored dances after all home football games, promoted a bake sale, directed a Halloween Dance since there was no carnival, and engineered many money- raising campaigns, OnApril 1, 1955, we gave our annual Junior Play in the high school auditorium. This served as a great financial aid as well as amusement. April 29 witnessed our long awaited J unior-Senior Banquet and Dance! This was the climax of our hard work and plans for the privileg- ed Seniors. Our theme was "A Country Plantation," and it was staged in the exciting enclosures of the Country Club. That year Joyce Daughtry won top honors in the county in the Peace Speaking Contest and received a trip to New York City as a prize. President, Rebecca Oliver, Vice- President, Shirley Lewisg Secretary, Laurence Wilsong and Treasurer, Danny Sue Outlaw led our still persistent thirty-five members. Our fourth and final year! All our dreams coming true. We were now forty full fledged SENIORS! This was a busy year, annual staff, class rings, Senior Play, J unior-SeniorBanquet, and finally caps and gowns. We enjoyed that final year and really felt like privileged characters. Everyone enjoyed our Washington tripg for once we could be on the bus and not have to watch the others leave. That year Tennys Warren represented our school at Goldsboro in the Miss Merry Christmas beauty contest, We alsohad the privilege to publish our own high school annual. Though it was a lot of work, we accomplished it and rejoiced at its publication, But most important of all was our caps and gowns, the symbol of a Senior. Our officers for that final year were Presi- dent, David Gillisg Vice-President, Graham Cookeg and Secretary-Treasurer, Laurence Wilson, Many of our memoirs of our school years have been omitted, for there is not enough room to print them. Still we will remember and cherish our school years as the happiest and best years of our lives. PROPHECY Mount Olive High School may well be proud of those who left her presence May 1956 and gave to the world what small part they had to offer. Cast an eye my way for their achievements Boyce Honeycutt, the funniest of them all, Makes his debut on "Topper", beginning next fall. Rebecca Oliver has resigned teaching at Brogden High It seems one of the community boys has caught her watchful eye Danny Sue Outlaw has answered her call And is now making music in Carnegie Hall, Durwood Kennedy, who likes music so well, ls now a disc jockey on station WKL. David Gillis made a fortune with his well-trained voice But now he's a scientist, his second choice. Joyce Daughtry, a girl with such grace Is now a movie star with her pretty face. Morris Herring, now living in town, Finally got rich and settled down. Ernest Bracey, we admire his manly beauty, Mr. Eisenhower's job is now his duty. Mary Helen Burgess to college she wanted to go, But she wound up at Smith's Chapel with her Romeo. Charles Johnson has no reason to fret He's accomplished his mission to fly a jet. Betty Lillian Cobbs, whom we admire, ls now a nurse in her white attire, Shirley Lewis is still pretty small, But she's teaching in Texas where they're six Harry Cooke at Mount Olive won his fame, And is now playing football for Notre Dame. Shirley Patterson with her skillful hands Is using them to the advantage to catch a man. Carson Lane, a farmer by art, Is teaching this trade to his upstarts. Tennys and Jordan have become close kin, And now he is working at Mr. Warren's gin. Ethel Jane Boone, a nurse she wanted to be, But now she is better known as Mrs. M.D. John Weatherly, a real chemistry whiz, Has patented a permanent that has no frizz. Josephine Hatch, who was once sort of stout, Is now the size of her boss's lap. Laurence Wilson, the scholar of our crowd, Is rated a general, making Mount Olive proud. feet tall. Jessie Madge Britt, who wanted to take up voice, Now has "Beaver" as her main course. Brunetta Flowers is up in mid-air, She's a trapeze girl in the World Fair. Tommy Avent, a big sort of guy, Is now a detective for the FBI. Shelton Best, who has always liked driving, Is at Daytona Beach, for 130 he's striving. Betty Ann Outlaw, a model you can guess, , She's gone to gay Par-ee where she's considered the best Paul Pearsall surprised all of us For he is now driving a gray-hound bus. Joyce Bennett is now a success Teaching first grade and doing her best. Shelby Jean Wolfe is working at the Food Store She uses her earnings to feed her four. Cordell Grimes owns a farm of his own He keeps it in good shape, but not alone. From his customers Ray Taylor hears no complaint He's a mortician, and to talk they can't. Marie Jackson left Mount Olive to join the Wacs, She likes it so well, she may not come back. Cedric Britt is quite happy we know Now living the life of a "G, I. Joe." From Duke, Graham Cooke received his degree, And now he's the doctor he wanted to be. As an architect C. B. Price got his name, And now he is remembered in the Hall of Fame. Billy Best is now living out West Running a restaurant where his food's the best. Louie Hester is doing right well Down in Florida running a motel. Betty Brown surely took no loss When she became a nurse and joined the Red Cross. Kenneth Anderson has learned to work And now he's employed as a soda jerk. Louis Jones' future is looking bright, He's forecasting the weather both day and night. Annette Casey has completed her plan To be a secretary and catch herself a man. Joyce Smith who always dressed so neat, Is teaching this art to every young sweet. Joseph Odom, a real quiet fellow, Has written a book, now a best seller. Prophet Annette Casey Wimesses Mary Helen Burgess Tennys Warren LA T WILL and TE 'FAME T We, the Senior Class of 1956, have at last reached our goal. We feel that we have acquired many achievements during our years in Mount Olive High School. We wish to leave all our talents and abilities to the lower classmen who somedayhope to become seniors. We also leave our many thanks to the faculty for their guidance through these years. Therefore, we bequeath our posses- sions to the undersigned. 1. Ethel Boone who does French so well Leaves this ability to Miss Dail. 2. Shirley Patterson leaves her rambling around To Joyce Goodson so she can see the town. 3. Shelton Best leaves his ability to drive To Lawrence Hassell to keep him alive. 4. Ernest Bracey leaves his smile To Bobby Swinson to keep awhile. 5. Tommy Avent leaves his weight To Rex Whitfield to keep him straight. 6. Billy Best leaves his quiet way To Boose Dail in hopes it will stay, 7. Jordan Best, who loves Bop quite well, Leaves all his songs to Tinker Bell. 8. Jessie Madge Britt leaves her love for school For someone else to follow her rule. 9. Mary Helen Burgess leaves her love for ball To the team to help them all. 10. Annette Casey leaves her nice ways To Virginia Martin for her future days. 11. Rebecca Oliver leaves her boys ln hopes they'll bring Emma Kay joys. 12. Graham Cooke leaves his funny ways To cheer the Juniors in their weary days. 13. Harry Cooke leaves his love for sports For Dave Wilson to sail to all ports, 14. Joyce Daughtry leaves her good poise For Betty Lou Kennedy to catch the boys. 15. Shelby Wolfe leaves her loud yells ln hopes they'll ring some victory bells. 16. Joyce Smith leaves her neat clothes For Charlotte Hodges to catch the Brogden beaus. 17. Betty Ann Outlaw leaves her curly hair To help Nell Hollowell catch boys everywhere. 18. C. B. Price leaves his Chevrolet For Tommy Odom to ride around on some day, 19. Paul Pearsall leaves his height To help J immy Batson see the light, 20. Boyce Honeycutt leaves his wit ln hopes some Junior it will fit, 21. Danny Sue Outlaw leaves her brain To help left behind friends rise again, 22. John Weatherly leaves his glasses So Milton Gillis can see the lasses. 23. Marie Jackson leaves her sweetness of ways To help Carol Ann Howell the rest of her days. Tennys Warren, our Varsity Queen, Leaves this honor to some lucky teen. Betty Lillian Cobbs leaves her height To add to Miss Peterson's might, Brunetta Flowers leaves her ways so shy Hoping they will help Iris Best get by. David Gillis leaves his love for girls To Tommy Clifton who also likes curls. Josephine Hatch leaves her ways so kind Hoping some eligible Junior they will find. Eddie Hester leaves his spirit so strong To help Bill Tillman bounce along. Charles Johnson leaves his muscles and might So Billy Patterson can end the fights. Durwood Kennedy, who's quite a friendly guy, Leaves, hoping the Junior Class will get by. Joseph Odom leaves his typing speed To anyone who might be in need. Betty Brown leaves her French book For Sue Williams to take a look. Laurence Wilson leaves his bright mind To Bert May who is left behind. Joyce Bennett leaves her smile so true To help Kay Herring when she is blue. Cordell Grimes leaves his red hair For Ronald Lindsay to handle with care. Kenneth Anderson leaves his roaming desire To Jackie Coker who will never tire. Ray Taylor who is a very swift boy Leaves this for some slow person's joy, Carson Lane leaves his baseball technique To help the team find a winning streak, Morris Herring leaves his new school bus So the drivers next year can have a fuss. Louis Jones leaves his knowledge of a car To help Bobby Anderson be a mechanic star. Cedric Britt leaves all his ways In hopes they'll help someone in their Senior days. Shirley Lewis leaves her four feet eight To help Starkey Cherry catch a mate, Testatrix: Shirley Lewis Witnesses: Danny Sue Outlaw Rebecca Oliver CHALLENGE From Freshman to Senior is a long road Many companions were lost by the way, Diligently we have carried our load Awaiting this happy and joyful day. Four years of hard work and patience we've spent And today we have at last reached our goal, It's hard to realize where that time went But have we actually reached our goal? Graduation is but a stepping stone On this twisting bending stairway of life, Here we stand bewildered, on out own But we can't tum and run because of strife, If the highest peaks we are to find And meet our success some future day, We'1l have to put our misgivings behind And meet life with squared shoulders, come what may, Louis Jones MOS'I' INTELLECTUAL Q Ev-Xa 4 Q x xl , f f, is JR!! , EW X 59' 4 ' G-.Ai J' f .J fi V: .J i 3. 5 Q' Ax i x . z 5 .2 . S if W M527 X , g ,Q 7 9 W' 9? w-wg Nj W 2 P 17 was :5eQi 1j5: - M7 A vfkf QW f x SQA jf, f , M Yi f , , yi X, if ff f 'igf.,42Qs1 xy! , whwf, WMWMMWMMMWK W W,:ff.pM,,y.,, f W 1 4, 'fffgny f A , -vfffawffcxfm -4:1 :zu .U 1,2 M0 'I' ATHLETIC I anfwsmvwwwx :rw ,W Wm G, f, A ,X fa x 'E M yi, gglw. hwy Md M0 T 0RlGl AL WAYNE COUNTY PUEIGITC LIBRARY GULDSBORG, ff., SG 27550 K ff' fwiyf if QM? f ,f , :Wk A Q , i BE T ALL ARO I Mfwf 4 if .xl cl 3 s 3, 1 1 4 5 sf ? if W if k M0 'I' POP LAR .MQ X x SHELBY .TEAN WOLFE BOYCE HONEYCUTT f if' v of I 1 4 I y In ff :,,t vvvvvz E, E fr . A A ' f- 1 f 71 zz ,. H 'f iw ,, 7: , 'L l' . K 4 'I-Q4 QQ. is Q 4 f r W 1 , .w--A 1' E X D 5 V , . I 'f 1 1 Ag W 'A 5 is 3 , W h I f W L 4 Lim M? ,m.WW 4 .4 1 . f wr Q sf , f "' 3 -' " ,fx . X ,MM FRIE DLIE 'I' W lk ,N Q 4 , Xa X 3 ,:'L f I., 4' P4 - , W f We W ,w4- Y fL,p in 4 'M i Q 4 4 0 1, M' K ,wa A g My . fgwjlif aw' ' kw ggw V 'KWEPIW X ' ' f A19 Q . fn f:mf?g , N 4 7 my 'I' PER 0 ALITY EATEST JANE SHACKELFORD JOHN CLIFTON ETHEL w ,Q I' TA, V V 4 f . Nh 3 4 SHIRLEY 0 CE UPO A TIME IESSIE MADGE LAURENCE V sw f 1 1 y ., ' ,uw M ' 42 DURWOOD BETTY ANN CAROLYN BETTY BROWN JOYCE S, , , x f f A '14 5 . y me ""-f " a 54' 5 "'5SF I K I 44 2 S , A-Q X 3 , of X W 4 , f M W W I X f f 345 W A - , HY ,11 5 N. ! .7 Q X ,V M 2 af f L mmm f Q , Z, 'I' My .1-,Yami , -' Aw 0 If V ' f, 4 -:"'. , ..., , X 2 K H X , , . . I M f ,W N . - QV Qr' V .. K ' y A 42, ' TENNYS BETTY LILLIAN SHELBY J. C. B. ? CHARLES , JV , Jimi.. 4 4' ff- ." .. ' W' LI "I Ng J fg . .- A ,A 'U . i ww , f 3 v X X 5 , X' Q if? Cf if I vu I is A X 1' be 3 x is Q. . f 7 3,2 2? fa' ' , Z as 0 W? we " 55 1 . xx 5 ap ,Q 2 wi Q? , W, . 2 F 3 ,' SZ if f ' r 3 'iw f W Z i ya 4 IOSEPHINE ANNETTE SHELTON wit Wu, ak 5 J If as N fy .. K Rv Y 'QW' BRUNETTA f E Q 3 WS 7, af 5,1 M . .X Wg., XX vw 1 REBECCA W f , Q7 W -ff g f'--Z .1 ' Af ' X 1 'V . W ? ' 2 1-2 Q 4' 1 acids hw' 4 x xy, r f ' , mfg? 'W X an MPM. W W l" . 8 X 01 Q was: V -0 . V Q my ,W .W ML in ,am XX ff 1 :W ,A f . V . , , M, , 9 ,M T2 f 7 3' xg ' f, -' N a f f , . 1 f . X X , .ff Wm f 5 , ,gif . 4 ,,.X ,wwf - ig DANNY SUE Q 7, Q A 'Wu TOMMY """-ann...-..,,,. 1 yn. xi Q JOYCE D, Q' UNDERCLASSMEN JU IOR CLASS UFFICER PRESIDENT . . . . . VIRGINIA MARTIN VICE-PRESIDENT . . , DAVE WILSON SECRETARY. . . . . STUART PATTEN TREASURER . . . . ANNE RICKS fs 0 G X 1' .fi SUSAN ABBOTT MARY ANN BARWICK CHARLES BELL IRIS BEST MINNIE MAE BRITT STARKEY CHERRY TOMMY CLIFTON JACKIE COKER CLARK COUNCILL JU l0R ANN DENNING MILT ON GILLIS LAWRENCE HASSELL 'W , :Khum- , ww JOYCE HATCH EMMA KAY HINES CHARLOTTE HODGES AVICE HOLLOMON NELL HOLLOWELL BETTY L. JACKSON JOYCE JACKSON BJ. IENNETTE JU l0R MARGARET IERNIGAN PAT JOHNSON BETTY L. KENNEDY flwar "Nuff BQ' WJ '90 4 ilg, Milf DONALD LINDSAY RONALD LINDSAY VIRGINIA MARTIN JIMMY NORRIS MARLENE OVERMAN STUART PATTEN ANNE RICKS CAROLYN SOUTHERLAND E. H. SUTTON AN If . E LE ANOR MCCULLEN ELLENA PRICE EVELYN SUTTON ,,4-L...-..-,J ,-www, iff" -6 if am-m...,.a M 'Y """"'l'y OHV'--AM whwet f"'x A'Ql"5" Wm., BOBBY SWINSON CLETUS SWINSON JOHNNY THIGPEN REX WHITFIELD ORMOND WHITTED SUE WILLIAMS DAVE WILSON NANCY WILSON JUNl0R il K, fx 61 , - ag. .. Q , ,Q VW Q Y 1 5, 'X 1-' ZZ f A :ff Q 4 5 f 4 5 56 Q 1 QW Hz' AEN, A y f YW Q Q 6 6 its 4, 4 cy M 7 EW ,, M W u ,S , sv f QA f 1 3 ' fm M 0 f X X Q , Wy 4 0 , f. ,21 'fff'-N JF' 23!f31,,',.,:.--v Q 1 Q " XZ . f 4 1, ,of 1 2 4 , 5 1 4 1 Q fm 4 K .ff Q, P6 4' f www QQ bl X 4 Q' 44 f v Q32 v 1 7 fl' 'F f M 9 ', , 4 fgf ff 'Ghuarf-vf mf. A, if f ! ' xy 'Z' E ' ff' f N Q! . ,, X : K X A , , V Z .,,,. Aw A , .., ,,,, , -"' A V - ...-. P . g,,, ' ' 7"" l ', NL ' , ,, f Q QW ' " 4551 550512. . ' Q 'S X Q Y A 'ff 0 W , Q, ff, .0 ' , cvvfyf, . ,...-My V, x ' VP , V, ijglg 4.-za - , Q F A ' ffr ffl ff, f 'Q Q 1 fa' it I P .V v? 4 I 9 ' , f M, f ff ' 5 51 1.1 IZ gf' ? f 1, , ' 5' 1 l Q 41 'Vx , I .. Q 'ing Q :as '5 l '1 f?w',Lqg:3Ih0?V53Y . 7 z I ' 'N-Wg' if ,, gif V W ,V QQ. ' ZW ' Mrvffx , ' ' f' ,irfivf W ' ,,' 3, ,gyff ' . .,,, ey -1 ' l JL ' y- L 1 ,, ,- ff? Q X.. I WX' M ,, 1-?:,,:,: A? 4' W1 7, . .. , A , ,M QV, ...yy V-Q," . ,y 1 1' .A A J 'MK44 .M V .ww ,, 7, V, 1q7",,,, , - fy . ' ' 29' X fig ,,,a-,VV uf f. j ew, '55 -' A ' ' .,,A " , .. ,pw 'I-vw ,W 1 ' I , -, - ,. ,qu A M, W 4 . V 75' , .. up ,f fag- wa. A nl -4 7 Z ,W 1 X A A., 'ff x, 4 PM W :W f f my ,f if ff ww X f , 0PHOM0llE CLASS UFFICER PRESIDENT ...... .... B ILL BURNETTE VICE'PRESIDENT .... . . . IEWELL GRIFFHXI SECRETARY . . . .... JOYCE GOODSON TREASURER . . . ..... KATHRYN BROWN 0' -' ' V E any 2. CD 'JV - '. T1 -f T env ffjb I ff if K 5 'lf ,If ,Y '9""6', ,CTS 'W' JAMES BARWICK IOHNNIE BROADHURST HARRY CASHWELL ,dk KAREN SUE BEST CAROLE BROCK OLA BEST KATHRYN BROWN 0PHOMORE BET TY LOU COOKE fdiilllv CECELIA CROW V ANN BRACEY BILL BURNET TE DOROTHY DEAVER I 3 X f"""lL, 'gi- -. - i Q f MOLLY DOTSON KERMIT GOODSON CAROL ANN HOWELL WG '57 ,ffl Fm! JOYCE GOODSON KAY HERRI NG MAXINE KORNEGAY 'w N99- ,,,,QgQnnnA, 1 'Qu 4,1 f'4'flxq4f07f 1 ' X, A 1 JIMMY LOFTIN SYBIL MALPASS ANNIE LAURIE MARTIN BERT MAY GARLAND MCCULLEN BILLY MERRIT RUDY OATES 0PHOMORE CAROLYN OVERTON BILLY PATTERSON 199 BETTY PRICE ff NORMAN OUTLAW EMMA POWELL 22? 42 . : Wh f'l'fs- I., fw.'?:.Qf- , I .i 1,29 mv, -w,f-,L uw' 43 -5.15. - .:,,.. Wm . 2, r .W ' Ai "'Q.mni3" EARL ROSE I A NET STA NLEY PEGGY WELLS """!W SEBRON SASSER JEAN SAWYER IEANETTE SUMMERLIN EVELYN THIGPEN SYLVIA WIGGINS an if 1 f LE.A I A fl, ,--.,, I ,f .,, E, fix.: -gy f .1 ff' H iff if-f ' S,Ewf.,- iw- I ' Lg: T f 1' C' , iq, , up U-ww I -:.f-- -'sf 4 , ., fs? , aw-:Er N.L35W,.,Q.V , U .wiv ,V .2 47. 4, li'-j- , f',,ff If 'S " 2,12 'f gg an f' ,r lg , V . Z , . -f'.: . fsggvm 1 sf- ANNE WILSON M'1GI!l" IOAN SHAW BILL TILLMAN ELIZABETH WILSON -Q' W, Nah .,AM..i..m,..,...,.f,.-- Q 1 , . fr ,V ,Q My img: -7714, V S 4, X 'lag Q,354m:m vial Q' 1 . Y ! X7 gf 5 I ,, AJ , f My swf 'f '41 I ' Q ,gy ? ff f QM o f "'72. , ,ff WAV ,W ' A2 ,, , 1 M , 4 1' , W A 1 Wwx fd E I 1 ' I 5 ...:, , - , :wif gang, x . 3. ,, M, - , W3 'W '- , fw V. Q f I A f: - . fwbf iae . i wl- ' , . W Y -n 3 4 vi ? A W 1 -ng' I 9, l . 5 .1 , . 22 ilv 5, y . rf I, , , we mf ,, x - WH' ' -.M -. 'W w 9 figigf vf' .5 1,1 i ,y X Wfm ? l 5 A ff-4 iw... ff x g 4 ff 1 ' MP gf W Q 4 I ff , :mf h ,. Q V Q v WK41 far ,fjqziuy .,v- qaji. r i, ,QQ 0 K V m 43 . i. Q' V :ff M - :ll 1f'.,f1 .,...,.., ,j W ' yifi-V v1PK,..' ""' . z iight . ' W' f' , ,' . N X .IV ' N T 'M nw , W FRESHMAN CLASS 0FFlCERS T .......... . .... ...... . ......... LINDA SIDENT ........ .... - URER ....... V M f "' 'mv YY ,jdiwl :QA 1 WN -o"""" BETTY R, ANDERSON BILLY BRACEY BLANCHE CASEY ary 'Q27' JIMMY BATSON VIVIAN BRITT FRE ALICE COOKE JIMMY BEST DELORES BUTLER HME HAROLD COOK f 4 NT ry CAROLYN BOONE REGI NALD CARTER BILLY DAUGHTRY ,..,. mwaq QL- ,H wg., ' ws? 5, ' XJ I7 , W .Www TUX MDW f-Qc! 'vffwg JACKIE FAUCETTE KAY FIELDS PATTY FLOWERS BOBBY GRADY BLONNIE HOWELL GEORGE HALL LOVIE MAE HINSON FRANKLIN HOLLOMAN .TO ANN HOLLOWELL JANICE JONES " " GAIL KING ww? ELLEN KOR NEGAY MJ? V' gn - W- HQ ff W W . - fi! 4 Hmm.-sqm A iss v, HMV. A' , fx. . -5 '::.- x few a' , f . 'i In ww l 'iw , 7. N, .w MARY LOFTIN HEDY PARKER MAVI S SUMMERLIN Fi VANN MAY JAY GOLA MILLER JERRY NORRIS NORMA C, SUMMERLIN '?"""" DIANA PORTER LINDA SKIPPER HILDA SMITH FRE HME P, K, SUT TON QB. f LARRY SWINSON KATHY WEATHERLY GERALDINE WHITFIELD JUDY WILSON . 2 ACTIVITIE X .,,.....-"' J ,Z 'l ff- f eb CLARINETS Seated: Bernard Dotson Glenwood Brogden Dallas Sutton Kay Sutton Betty Lillian Cobb Nell Hollowell Billie Carol McPhail DRUM MAJOR Standing: Donald Lindsay DRUMS Standing: Lawrence Hassell Virginia Martin Ronald Lindsay CYMB ALS Standing: Nancy Warren BELL LYRE Standing: Ste lle Flowers BASS HORN Standing: Bobby Martin MOUNT OLIVE SCI SAXOPHONE Sea ted: Jo Ann Hollowe ll SCHOOL BAND FLUTE Seated: Ann Sutton FRENCH HORNS Seated: Josephine Hatch Mary Hontz CORNETS seared: Gray Geddie Jimmy Brock Shelton Best Stuart Patten Standing: Leslie Whitted BASS HORN Standing: Benny Smith BARITONES Standing: Reid Eason Bobby Swinson TROMBONES Standing: Darby Whitman Charles Grady Bruce Emerson Wade Weeks MAIORETTES Joyce Daughtry, Norma Carole Summerlin, Betsy Cox, Betsy Flowers, Emma Kay Hines, Geraldine Whitfield. X FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Weatherly, Ann Corine Wilson, Shelby Jean Wolfe, Chief, Linda Skipper, Emma Powell. BETA CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Minnie May Britt, Virginia Martin, David Gillis, Laurence Wilson, Graham Cooke Shirley Lewis, Jackie Coker. SEATED: Danny Sue Outlaw, Rebecca Oliver. it T7 fi W, STUDENT LIBRARIA NS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Gola Miller, Karen Sue Best, Susan Abbott, Ann Denning, Nell Hollowell, Mar- lene Overman, Ola Best, Betty L. Jackson, Audrey Jones, Jackie Coker. SEATEDg Miss Peterson, A dvisor . x,... . ,gm ,Q We , ,L ... lv -,,... 14956214 - F 'PURE IHIMEMAKER of AMERICA OFFICERS President . . .... . Shirley Lewis Vice-President . . . Virginia Martin Secretary . . . . . Kay Herring Treasurer . . . . . Diana Porter Reporter . . . Karen Sue Best Pianist . . . . . . Carole Brock Historian . . . . . . Mary Loftin Parliamentarian . . . . . . Anne Ricks Song Leaders ..... ............................... J oyce Daughtry, Linda Skipper FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Kay Fields, Hilda Smith, GailKing,Jo Ann Hollowell, Norma Carole Summer- lin, Geraldine Whitfield, Blanche Casey, Ellen Kornegay, Snow Miller, Joyce Smith, Kathy Weatherly, Shirley Lewis, SECOND ROW: Carolyn Boone, Molly Dotson, Carole Brock, Diana Porter, Cecelia Crow, Ola Best, Emma Powell, Betty Price, Joyce Garner, Alice Cooke, Kathryn Brown, Betty Ruth Anderson, Betty Lou Kennedy, THIRD ROW: Joan Shaw, Dorothy Deaver, Blonnie Howell, Jeanette Summerlin, Marlene Overman, Iris Best, Margaret Jernigan, Carol Jean Gardner, Carolyn Overton, Linda Skipper, Johnnie Faye Broadhurst. FOURTH ROW: Mary Helen Burgess, Tennys Warren, Sylvia Wiggins, Betty Lou Jackson, Joyce Jackson, Mary Anne Barwick, Nancy Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Evelyn Thigpen, Jewell Griffin. FIFTH ROW: Sybil Malpass, Audrey Jones, Janice Jones, Joyce Hatch, Delores Butler, Betty Millard, Faye J atch, Annie Laurie Martin, Sue Williams, Virginia Martin, Miss Robertson. SIXTH ROW: Betty Lou Cooke, Ann Corine Wilson, Anne Ricks, Avis Holloman, Karen Sue Best, Carole Anne Howell, Joyce Goodson, Joyce Daughtry, Susan Abbott, Maxine Kornegay. SEVENTH ROW: Ann Bracey, Kay Herring, Hedy Parker, Mary Loftin, Judy Wilson, Charlotte Hodges, Pat Johnson, Emmay Kay Hines, Starkey Cherry. FUTURE FARMER RF AMERICA OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... .......... C arson Lane VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . . Paul Sherard Pearsall SECRETARY . . . . . ......., Rex Whitfield TREASURER . . .... Jimmy Norris REPORTER . . ..... Billy Best SENTRY . . . . . Jimmy Jernigan ADVISOR . . .... W. O. Wood MEMBERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bobby Anderson, Norman Millard, Hubert King, Earl Rose, Harry Lee Cashwell, Sebron Sasser, Bobby Grady, Reginald Carter, George Hall. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Jernigan, Linwood Kennedy, Edgar Lee Walker, Billy Best, Rex Whitfield, J immy Loftin, James Hall, Jerry Norris, Garland Mc Cullen, Billy Merret. THIRD ROW: Milford Martin, Tommy Odom, Willie Draughan, Cordell Grimes, Ormond Whitted, Kenneth Anderson, J immy Best, Ronald Jernigan, Robert Flowers. FOURTH ROW: B. J . J ennette, Bill Outlaw, Vann May, Kenneth Davis, Billy Daughtry, Franklin Holloman, Eddie Britt. FIFTH ROW: W. O. Wood, Paul Sherard Pear- saJ1, James Barwick, Carson Lane, Shelton Best, Charles Loftin, Q15 fi 7 v 5 'WX X ,Z-, - .EP Q at Sf fy, ti' ,Zvi Aa 6 ,, r 5 L fr 0 cf!! L E ,J af' 1 1 W 2 f ., 1",sV' N , M ,, 12 Z AT HLETIC AS SOCIATION Mary Helen Burgess Ann Bracey Sue Williams BU SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW, . , ing, Cordell Grimes. SECOND ROW: Ormond Whitted, Annette Casey, Shirley Patterson, Graham Left to Right- Billy Best Morris Herr' Cooke LUNCHROOM STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. John Manly, Margaret Powell, Leana Faison, Mrs. Ruth Harrol MAID AND JANITOR Clara Dawson Amos Bell 'E 1 V x Y i w. '2 'X PORT fe' 4, wx xx 5 A Z yin. x QQ q i -WS' VARSITY QUEEN TENNYS WARREN LUMMY AYJENL' 'XJ ERNEST BRACEY "Ernie" TOMMY CLIFTON "Dynaflow" "Cassius" HAROLD COOK HARRY COOKE is g 4 O ,, , W I , 2 , RUPERT DAIL "Boose" BILLY DAUGHTRY DAVID GILLIS ,', 1 ,f ,,, M M MM M if? ' if? M wa -D MILTON GILLIS KERMIT GOODSON "George" BOYCE HONEYCUTT "jaybird" "Junky" "Deems" JIMMY LOFT I N BERT MAY VANN MAY .TERRY NORRIS JIMMY NORRIS "Pusher" "Brutus" BILLY PATTERSON CLETUS SWINSON BILL TILLMAN "The Toe" JOHN WEATHERLY "Weatherbee SEASO ' RE ULT Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive Mount Olive lst String: Harry Cooke, Jimmy Norris 0 Jones Central '7 Richlands 21 Wallace 14 Burgaw 19 Vanceboro 6 Smithfield 0 Erwin 12 Beaulaville 0 Warsaw 19 La Grange 2nd String: David Gillis, Tommy Avent, Boyce Honeycutt ncuzn REX WHITFIELD E X ,utr M0-wavy, COACH D. F. MCCLENNY Mr, "Shoeba11" MANAGERS: SAMUEL ERNEST TAYLOR and BILLY BRACEY . 5 ffp A .ww ,,,AL:,. , ii' i, BA EBALI. 1955 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Charles Johnson, Earl Rose, Carson Lane, Robert Tillman, Dave Wilson, Jimmy Norris, Laurence Wilson. SECOND ROW: C1etusSwinson, CoachMcC1enny, David Gillis, Morris Herring, Billy Patterson, Billy Byrd, Harry Cook, Rex Whitfield, Kermit Goodson. 2 MOLLY DOTSON MARY HELEN BURGESS BLANCHE CASEY L 1 1 2 I JEGSZ' z if X I f 39 4 ' 4 f 'Q f 1 4 1 'B Q-...,. GERA LDINE WHITFIELD 2? ANN BRACEY SNOW MILLER JOSEPHINE TENNY5 HA TCH WARREN CAROLE BROCK 9, x 'K 1 Xu A 'R , f f 4 f if J' S 1 X 5 o Q . I ., SENIOR PLAYERS CHARLOTTE HODGES 1 Av . A fy-ei? .E V 3 ':f': 4 ET HEL BOONE . vv L :J .lk 2 .'.: ,X A 5 . . ....: . I ? 5 'fi , .Q A 41 , I L a BETTY LOU COOKE I NORMA CAROL CECU-IA SUE SUMMERLIN CROW WILLIAMS I 'Q 'lf L 3 1,, J Z 'yi 'tl x B Z Q IOYCE 1 HATCH ,MQ f IANICE .TONES FA YE HATCH ,- YF f 431 TINKER ' BELL BILL TILLMAN JIMMY BATSON BEST ERNEST SHELTON BRACEY BEST 3. , J, E P. K. A- if SUTTON CLETUS SWINSON JIMMY SENIOR PLAYERS If ,J 3 I , 'A 'f .lf f J X , 51+ QAQE. ,z-H K 1 HARRY COOKE . i X 1 RODNEY fn . F L oy' ' glnfh' klae I ,fi in DAVE WILSON VV' X ,W X ffl JORDAN BEST X m 3 -fig CLARK COUNCILL 4 E 4' S4 , I 'f . -We ' , 1. -1 x 5' f , L, 5, 3 , f Z, , 1 Q f , M f BILLY BRAC EY COACH MC CLENNY iw 3 1, ., ,171 ,, BERT MAY 4. F' , ' Q ff ' " .U 4, 1 5 T .eu ,W -wx, -,K ,lf 2951- -, -I BOBBY SW INSON , xi! A If fx' E If ' , v 5' 2 K 9 1 1 .a , w ff 1' VANN MAY x -dl 'W n Q f v 5 3 , , 'KB Q I 9 - Vfpg-,lx I 5' I r A ll 2 3 i ' 1 I ff ' ,l Q 1 J, If f" ' ? E L QOH f,, ss f' 4 Adverti ing 'K- JQW, ,QE 3 W 'f 777 2 new-.,.., CASEYS LAU DRY CLEA ERS Goldsboro, North Carolina WITHERI GTO -THEM? 0N IN .AGE CY Dial 3871 Mount Olive, N. C. 104 W. James Street , Hats Shoe S Compgiiinents ISAACS-KAHN FURNITURE CO INC. - CONEKINS "The Big Furniture Store on Center Street" Goldsboro' N' C' Goldsboro, N. C. I Shop With Confidence B. E. WILSON I At Service Station I LEDER BROTHERS Amoco Gasoline 81 Oils And I Tires - Tubes - Batteries Wear With PI-ide Washing ISL Greasing Goldsboro, N. C. I I 14 . S5354 4, i.,f,'5!f"' ' Agent for gf':fL -.::. , y t Ln relm n , FARMERS L-'I '2. :LE A -H!!!-:sw 3 ELT 1 1 u Us , aim fu I x . ..,,:- : . -- .,wffff' - We sell "THAT FAMOUS CASEY TOBACCO FERTILIZER" C. W. 0l.lVER, JR. PRODUCE - FERTILIZERS - COTTON - SEEDS Cotton Ginner P. O. .Box 328 - 208 N. Center Street Phones: Office 21115 Gin 3201g Residence 2657 WILSON MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of CLEAR-VUE DRIVE-IN 19 6 'SNL qlcg is si" I I Mount Olive, N. C. MOUNT OLIVE MANUFACTURING CO., INC. The Best of Luck To The 1956 Senior Class Mount Olive, North Carolina SKIPPERS GROCERY Fresh Meats - Produce Fancy Groceries Mt. Olive, N. C. ft? AUTO SUPPLY 8. SERVICE STORES irestone LOWE'S FIRESTONE STORE Mount Olive, N. C. I- - PROGRESSIVE SUPER MARKET Serving Mt. Olive SL Its Surroundings Complete Line of Foods .Left-, ,5 -.y ,I .2564 u?'z?liy ' 1 'fri N L, i 9 bid Eg? P iw A Or .I In Every Town There Is "One Best Place To Trade" In Mount Olive All cgi 1? , Q, '-gufvfnq Telephone 2554 LUBY BELL MOTOR CO. Chrysler - Plymouth 119 West James Street Mount Olive, N. C. , aoq wucn t am sg It's DAUGI-ITRY'S IEWEL BOX 7 I Diamonds-Watches-Watch Accessories QM L A, ' 112 North Center Street A Mount Olive, N. C. I-.. I I .. , .T .. I .. Compliments I Compliments of of HASTY'S PLUMBING HATCH SERVICE STATION Compliments Compliments Of of SOUTHERLAND INSURANCE AGENCY' RAYMQNDAS FRUIT STAND Prescription Specialists LEWI DRUG C0. Mount Olive, North Carolina The Old Reliable Since 1916 Delivery Service I..- . E GLI Hand 0LlVER Fruit, Produce and Merchandise Brokers Cotton and Cotton Seed Mount Olive, North Carolina M. S. Porter, Jr. Ray W. Scarborough FRED A. M5 ALBROCK co. GROCERIES and MEATS 128 S Route 4, Mount Olive PRINTERS--STATIONERS Center St. Phone Mount Olive, N. C. 2193 W. P. MARTIN STORE - w y . 1 COVER THE Sherwin-Williams EARTH Paints 6 A?l Groceries Q if 1 ' Hardware A I Seniors 9 .1 , xxx, f'f,,.-'AX IN , x 3 . I I-,yfx Congratulations E il, ww "I ' 4 I M -, I CLIFTON TIRE SERVICE 'hw . , wwf? ,S ,,,.,, ww ,A if Q 2 5'--'t M s 3 E fwwwwmm Maw A S, My YL... K 4. BAR E -HARRELL- RAWLI G COMPA Y Goldsboro, N. C. KN S f RKET ,AV Corner of Breazeale Avenue and Station Street Mount Olive, N. C. Serving You and Yours For Years with. Fashion and Quality -parel Where Shopping is a Pleasure! MUSIC 81 SPORTS "It Pays To Play" 202-04 E. Walnut Street Goldsboro, N. C. SMITH BROTHERS Grain Dealers And General Merchandise Dudley, N. C. GINN LUMBER COMPANY Rough and Dressed Lumber Contract Building Mount Olive, N. C. MOUNT OLIVE PARE 'I'-TEACHER ASSUCIATIO Providing a Means of Coordinating the Interest, Energies, and Leadership of a Community in an Inclusive Program for Child and Civic Welfare. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 KADIS. l C. 105 East Main Street Mount Olive, N. C. I rn -1-I -I - Compliments L of :pst 4 MT. OLIVE AUTO PARTS co. """"' Phone 2359 East Main Street I PEPSI coLA BOTTLING COMPANY I t Mount Olive, N. C. Goldsboro, North Carolina I 1 I 1 KRAF'I"S STUDIO PHO'l'0GRAPHY PAT'l'ERSON BRWFHERS FURNITURE C0 'E "FURNITURE EoR BETTER L OF 4 , si ""'-'- . ,,-. " AR':' Mount Olive, N. C. I PETE'S CUT-RATE MARKET MT, oL1vE FCX Quality Meat SL Groceries Fresh Produce 42"-1 - -' -nf '5' I ' " " ' .5 -, Zigffffsir-sfsiiisk 2 K 'l'4,f55O5g.g OJ... , ' ' "-9599 ' ' 1 ri-in I I COMPLIMENTS of MT. 0LlVE PICKLE C0.. l C CALYP 0 VE EER C0. RETAIL LUMBER YARD ig., 1-P .':...--:--- gi Dial 2935 or 2542 5 1:52 "Large enough to serve you-- facial, Not too large to know youu. One Board oraTrainload f . 2 u JMW, 4 ,. .,,. . ., ..,A...y-5 .T .2 .4.,.ms--.?o- .. 3, 'N 2.1l'A'm" :uunuuamm nmnmnmqgg suslnnuldn nimnmunlu naman-una: 4 uumnunuum nmuunum W 5 1 WMM f W Ei tg Y I Ta 1 s WEQ !lX11 ' . Wi. ff. 1 wwf . A Jr? ff, www- f -1 4 G ll I Goldsboro, North Carolina '-'I .9 'Manure 3 LBSSQDESEIPJ BA K 0F MOUN'I' 0LlVE-CALYP 0 "Conservative enough to be absolutely safeg Liberal enough to satisfy all reasonable people, ! I EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE MOUNT OLIVE T RIBUNE Goldsboro, North Carolina If you don't take it Everything in Wearing Apparel You Should For The Entire Family Dial 2345 I .- . . WARRE GINNERY Gin Handpicked and Mechanical "We Haul Your Cotton" Located on Highway 55 Gin PhO1'1G1 3721 Sn'1i'lgh'5 Chapel Residence: 2867 Compliments GARNER BROTHERS of Frigidaire J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Sales and Service A swim S' i'x.5atL9"i -ofnuz I vu Goldsboro, N. C, Compliments CHAR LES O WHIT LEY 220 N. of BEST and WEST Building Materials Center St. Phone Compliments of ETHEL'S SHOPPE Compliments of THOMPSON and FRANCIS 2530 muon A ' w. 11. JENNETTE CLEA ER FURNITURE co. "Pick-Up and Delivery Service" ...- , .1,1.f fzf Q3i2rE11g:5:g,.: I Q ..:::?:::::35:E:E:::gij.1 - ...,IfZi2:Q:2:f I , . if ,,,,. , , my W? Ll .. Q , Dial 2441 "Quality Furniture Since 1917" Bill Lee, Proprietor Mount Olive, North Carolina I ------1-- THIGPEN-FICKEN INSURANCE AGENCY BEN ELLIS Complete Insurance Protection 0 The Right Clothes Phone 2088 North Center St. For High School Youth Mount Olive, N. C. MURRAY SU PPLY COM PANY l' t Comp lmen S Custom Grinding-Mixing f O Buyers of Corn, Small Grain and D. F. oDoM Soy Beans Phone 2529 General Merchandise Mount Olive, North Carolina 's O 9011 G0 335-5511 1n N o'RE TY DALL FU ERAL HOME. I C. Congratulations Seniors 24-Hour Ambulance Service Mount Olive, North Carolina Dial 2303 BIRD OIL COMPANY hi ll I? Atlantic Petroleum Products Phone 2257 Mount Olive, N. C. HATCHER-SMITH MOTOR CO., INC ...l L... I--,I Dial 2 3 9 8 Mount Olive, North Carolina ANDREWS SL KNOWLES PRODUCE CO. Buyers of Farm Produce Dealers in High Quality Seed Fertilizers Compliments of CAROLINA TRACTORS, INC. Your Friendly Ferguson Dealer Mt. Olive Highway Goldsboro, N. C. Phone 4250 E AT 1 S- fLg1X?J'x c ' ' " ' , l 9 Y X W Mount Olive North Carolina MZ MOUNT OLIVE QOTA 9 ' i v V ROTARY CLUB Compliments of CANNON'S CAFE X BAR- BE-CUF. SAQDWICHL-:S N :N ff' -6- 4 --.uh JY... MICKEY'S PASTRY SHOP Phone 909 V is M ill!- QC! 212 North Center St. Goldsboro, North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE STYLE SHOP Ladies' Wearing Apparel r1 ' A -1 Congratulations Seniors CROW FUNERAL HOME 111 E. College Street Mount Olive, North Carolina Dial 2265 FIFTY-FIVE DRIVE-IN . 5 ,4 4 6 , . " ' lzff Our Specialty Hot Dogs Hamburgers Mount Olive, North Carolina Compliments of OUTLAW'S FISH MARKET SEAFOOD Dial 2154 Mount Olive, North Carolina IESSIE 'S FLOWER SHOP X REUBEN BURGESS STORE "Buy with confidence V ' , Wear with Pride" 0 E 3, DRY GOODS-SHOES READY-To-WEAR r ' - IVHLLINE RY-NOTIONS Mrs. A. N. Martin, Jr., Owner Mount Olive, North Carolina Phone 2209 Compliments Compliments of of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE PEGGY ANN SHOP STORE Compliments H. J. Morris, Proprietor Of JENNE -WHITE FLORIST COMPLIMENTS OF M. C. S. CHERRY and 0 . Mount Olive, D181 2329 "Insurance That Insures" Nor-th Carolina Words cannot express the deep appreciation we feel toward all those who put forth efforts to make our annual a success. The Senior Class of Mount Olive High School wishes to express its thanks especially to the following: The Faculty The Students The Merchants Kraft's Studio . . and Everyone who contributed so generously to the 1956 Mohi! The Annual Staff .,.,,,,,, A-,., ..... -V l li I X 3' f Z' .4 mv' 4 1. FINIS We have come to the end of the trail, and now we part, turning our thoughts toward higher achievements. What road each of us takes is hidden in the future, and the quest for greater accomplishment is over the next hill. The path will be rough for some of us and smooth for others, but in either case success will come through our faith in the Great One who blazes the trail for us. Wherever our road leads LIS, we will remember Mount Olive High School as the beginning of our adventure with the world. Qffgwf Yfvzaxday ,, gag? gadjzaw. DMHQJW. A4ZE0 f2Jy6a1Qf 0K -Lg.,,,y-R-37' , X "f .f J. f ' 'I . ' fZf'?f'2"fM'jZZ'W ,ff-ff--f-a'W"""" " D pf: Txfaynff 6Mj,LJ,U,gjM7N,,,,a,, . LA! Qwv M f:f."'TJ::, yff' W Wfvifiiiff df my 65,6 f10QVxg .1 Q Q f52fg3Q?g?ff 1x ggi! WW MMFQEQQ 2231! ff vga ,N 5' TQ ivy,-'I imv Tffffp ,2f' W,,1ff'7' 445' N M' fffdywf X , W fm, AMQWQW W! N15 xmigplw 'K 49 ov fbpjtpyx ,iff MM M' JN M 'WWW MH, Q5W5'bg' -- Q , HM' . Egg MX 9 2 ' pf!" Egwggy aim? W my GJ f X' i Q X55 fif! r S 71 N W3 QU x A We Tw' ' . ' r f X if 7 N' Q' Q I ,T f 'ex wr! , ' r r . J W C 9 Q1 1' f , JNJ T, xr ' 'ly L 'ig' ,NL Ca!! P KD Cf r , W ar e C 5, J -J r ff ee KJ? . GAQYN' 1 515355 fa Q 1 ',1 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers Cover Manufacturers Book Bunders FACTORY - HOME OF Kunsus City FICE at Kimi' un-W kwa ! il M1 Q, .W 2313 y 4 iilmwkg Zfhwrf U WA "'B an env! .wx . an ww- fn Eva, FAW4 S1 warm' awww- V, w. wav new .AX . . ,X ,, , 9"4w -:Uv n vw-vfaw WN f' W " -ww nn- ww mm ,QQ 4 W -A , .1-vm . W5 , W MA naw me ,M Q- Q-. ' Q my ,Mgt -.., ,M .,.,, .wb .pf :- N KQQ-K f V, .N W. fm: ff .. , ,X M. .,..,,. 4 , X Q f , W ,,,,. .,-,Q -, X ff, XA-X 2 5. - 1, NN. ,MA , X M ,, ,,, 4 .,,,. M W XX . W , . M, W, was ,f .fm was uw 1 'WE , A xx M f W f X-W mf X ' ew , wma wi f W ,X np lf A-,A my , up 4, ummm - vm! ruff, ,Q an nw ff 'ff M if .w,- nm p ww Av U. 14 was .W -3 A uf' X J Q!! 9- wwf, Q 4351 aww- ,ff HHN r" W M1 'Lui CMI. .X -F-V. 'W awww WXX.-an ow. ' Pisa ' 'C w A-rv N " X 2X 788145 ""1u,, 'Qgfanx x V' ,gt 4 ua, 6 wa A . 4, V1 lm. U W ""'?s,N -ba.---f..,, '4 X , XXX. R SME 1 M , 'A """ Q ww Pi: 6 Wa M ' W we W, 'f ,-M ,ww xl, ' H7 pzw, , .y M vi , Wu K , ,M ,, 'W X' mm M ,, WVVE we f X 1 .Nm m,....,.X,,' 4-vfwyfimgxzn M x , ff- 59 M Q .W-. if 1 v 1 , lf. 4. o . X n ,A , ss N V W , , K , X - px L a A W . 'MX an-A . X .A ,. :A FX X sw. X ii' XX X L14-,. W mf ,X eww V X,-ma ,M 3 low. XM 1-1 vw, ' W, -asv.. rf Wm, ua :news gw5i'3 M Y , M .nm , ww Nw. X, J, ,V Wm , X 1-vw 4 "M: ' , k 4 ,Wm A U, ,N 1 f f me if ,B 5. ww ew' Q,,,,..,v Q ig aa pez i 1 t '14 .4 " """01f'umn-nw-sr.-an-,-f-... nie!! ,- fukin' M- as X. .X , ,I Q 'NwI"2:- 1 ' :. 111'-UH W' ' A 1f'if'Q?,: A-V"' W, 5.n".3f1 ' ' ' , W, .vw 4 ,,,44-19. ' .X 2 f A ,,,.- f- A .,....z.f.wxM4'fA S' 49 I Q 1 ' s u.,,,1 4 ,L :':,,,A.. ,, '- ff-L, . .p--,....- vnu, . , . ": ' r -- D : ms I ml Q I en Da nn, un "' x -au. -ani ef' QA' -w A ,t -Q n f Q . in - N- " a , n H 4 v 4 V nb,,. I un E 1 Nix L """r1 ,X- ' K 1 :ug ' 1- wg, v na ,""e I ' ,. 4 V., 1 .1-,W Q ,W . x .- .. awn-,-,, -I W, Lf in in 1 -D 1. S n v a W 1. - .4 A W. M 1 ,. r ' JA as 2. ,ww V.. ' 5344 ' Q " In L A. ' - I 5. J . -- -..W f , A f' 3 A . . ,, M .W ., 0- u. ,, . 2, ' , um. . ,AQ 5 N' 1' 'A ...f A, . 3- . , , Z "fi, Q 1- ff- Yf,.,?' " -W. , Q 1 Q 4 v , 5, M W Agua, f VW Y, W A . 1 Q fy ...MJ ,M 5 v V N 5 f S 1 5 'fz fy Q . N... gf' , r -af ' 1 1 4 1 f 1, 2 N .., . 1 ' w , g 1 .. -V f l ' ' p. 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