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IX 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I 7LII I A 'ff .'!4,z A, 61 x ,- ,J gc , 1-1, Q X -.1 nys 4 'u-. I p rf .W ,. . :JV r A,.:.,i:.t , A fb WV? AP K' A iv .4 I K' ,f , . f T 1 1 I X I. I X A P 41 , M 1 ,, .,, I 4 4 Y I f R lf I ' I I -x B A '4II ,vp . G.: Di' I-1'-1. J . H , 0 5 nl h--5 u. f fV?5f fr "' lv' u wiv fcpfvffw WA-., J- L GffUff f-4 f f H. PUQLLQ LE RAR! 5, C. 1 550 If ff f 2,1 Q i X, QV F 1 1 xx A XXX 4" 'X ,- fx" , m w Q., l", .r x -x ix ix . I fp szwh ,N f + 1 . 4 W viva 'V v ,nv v 4 ,L t ,stat 1 'f "YWr 16' 9 -lr-4 K '. mil ' N 1 X fn v 10 A 4 A Z Q . I S- i 'Q .5 , if lf f W g Y KX X K f ?l'4,5kz? vv 2 '1 U. ' Fi-M' '51, W? Yiwu ' ' ' W 1' Ajfg 31, 'nt wil ' F L W, r 1 1 ff: .,1?1.rf' 1 14" ,1. 1' M 1 ,,.,.1,J -P 53 , 1,1 11' ' 'i 1::1Q1r 1' 24.11 1.1 '11 1, . . , . 4. 4. 1,1 1 11- . "" ' M ' -Y .1 ., le.-. 4,94 1, 1-9, -'1l rf 4 " 1, 3 , f-' fi 1 r'1,r. , ' 'xvr-L .rf 1 1 , yi' ' 1 ,A HN" I Nl 1' 1 145,11 "W 1 V 3,4111 1,., .1 wt' 'PU .L 1 ,GY AQ , cw W1 1 .1 r 71.9, ., 31' ,MILL 1 .11 4 1 111, -:."1' .,-11 1,-1A. - 1 1 , . ' -111-M14 1,, .1 11. Sf- '41, 1' W 1. , 1- 1 111 . 1 -5- , 111 .11 -1,,1 .' 41 w,f1 . fiff' 1?1y.1 XL, 1 J, ,. .Nxt 1 -,111 1 fr 1 1 ,1.,. w 1 1. 1 1 1 1174 1 , .11,1 . 11 Y '11, ,- 41,4 1-f ,..V 1 1 1 's A- 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' f if- f 1 ,1 1 ,x.,, 1 ?.J., I 31 I 1 'i 1 11. .,..?" "" If .. f Xxx I ,,,,,f'f" 3 kb LIBRI X W! , X GQ 'Qu X 'dr""'F .vt-gt-.X "3:v1,,.x-"ff-. 'f s 1-f"". 1' M Q. D 'K J'-'J-f ,,. I954 MOHI volume Ill mount olive hlqh school mount olive, nonth canolma oeolcateo to- mlss Ruth qanonen ...Gifted with a capacity of understanding and patience far beyond that of the average person, she has become to her students a symbol of guidance and inspiration. Through her sincere personality she has carved a place in each of our hearts which time cannot erase. To one who has become an epitome of what we our- selves would like to be, we the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-four, proudly dedicate this annual, the 1954 MOI-Il, to Miss Ruth Gardner... MISS RUTH GARDNER t-Z-.+-,-sg ' -g,+.-:::1f.z.:r:- ' ' 5 2- y v 1 is .,,.. .,,. , , , 5 J we , -' .312 . f- - t wx Q -i '41,-,-. ' 'lk Ms x r V elementany school faoult SEATED: Miss Britt, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Garner, Miss Hamilton, Mrs. Kornegay, Miss Martin, Miss Lewter, Miss Jordan. STANDING: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Flowers, Mrs. Batson, Mrs. Broadhurst, Miss Byrd, Mr. Hardesty, Miss Moore, Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Whitley, Miss Herring. elementan school BUIIOIHG im, i -.z-"cz, . .ff ' 1 " B IIACLIVCY n mn. Batson pnmcupal For true understanding, for unfailing interest, for thought- ful guidance, for genuine friendship -- for all these things which have made our years at Mount Olive High School both fruitful and pleasant ones, we are deeply grateful to our principal, Mr. J. A. Batson. 1,1 ,f-. Q 2 ...ra vida ' f ,Mgt 13 '03 vt 1, P-. X ,l-, , .o av V 5 , .. X I S 1. ' ' 'f-'f 5 . ,wi vt, 1, . If -J.. " 'tl--A f ai '. '1 s , .. 4. ng, 1. M ,N N I -,A ..--3. 'W -1 , ' .1 x. 1 r V .H-A.,,, Q' , 'g vii 1 5 1fq ? , l E. ' Il ' " SOPHIA H. POTTS English, History facult RUTH GARDNER English, Library KATHLEEN DAIL French, English ALYCE MARSHBURNE Commercial Courses ,ww RAY ROBERTS LOUISE WATKINS Mathematics Science MABEL ROBERTSON DAVID F. MCCLENNY Home Economics Coach, Physical Education ,- ., . .ff f A a N A .,,,9,?ffjf:Iff?Wifc.23a.ilgT0N P' f , OTIS WOOD JOHN THOMPSON Agriculture Band I:ACLlllI ELIZABETH LOFTIN Music AOVISGI2 eolton-In-chief BUSINESS manaqen ZXN 'KU' Wi' the 1954 mohl tai! LEFT TO RIGHT: SEATED, BUSINESS MANAGER, Mary Stevenson Britt, EDITOR- IN-CHIEF, Kay Mitchell, ASSOCIATE EDITOR,Bil1y Byrd. STANDING, PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR, Lillian Barwickg ART EDITOR, Mark Cherry, CIRCULATION MANAGER, Boyd Wilson, ART EDITOR, Ausrin Anderson. ' 'Aff N - is K 9 M 1 ' ff' ef: Q. fn ' :Is 645- I Pig, gm? li Ia 4-A 1 :. 6 J the mohl 17 DI ts Ano pnoollneaoens LEFT TO RIGHT: SEATED, Helen Bland, Joyce Anderson, Gaynelle Lewis, Edna Norris, Ann Cook. STANDING, Nellie J o Outlaw, Anne Carol Broadhurst, Oscar J ones, Jane Andrews, Ann Cooke, and Helen Bazemore. WA 5 'L '.' X if A X MQW: X h 15 ' ' f ft-I,-Soi.:-' . N..s- "' 0-5. i .S H2 14 mb 9 by , ya? . . , N is x N Ln X Q , aww nm SM 5543 lg fr , Fan! Alvin larnrirk 120594 fvflflliflrh in it mi-hfurtnq manner the rrgulxr iimztu of Stung U' Ffffffiffd far High lriwal 'Brparhumk in mlilieh tn ffffibf this A 'ifliplnrma by as-in ul' IM laura of 'Eimmtian fda W""W"" 2. 7, fra! SGH IDR S611 IQI2 class O IIIIICGRS PRESIDENT.. ....... ......... . ...........IA-NEANDREWS VICE PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . MARK CHERRY SECRETARY - TREASURER . . . . . . . . . HELEN BAZEMORE QE 'itat Eff 42 'EXE 0 Nm 7 - -1 1. ' FK f: yl ri to ?1 il if t :I ll ri k tr 5 il 9 0 J , 1 1 vi I i! T! ! J 1 1 ii i fi ! 15 Ii U .1 if ll sl '! 4 3 I fa i 4 i I 1 Y 4 V N 4 i I 1 -1'1"-""" NORMAN AUSTIN ANDERSON, IR. "Humphrey" Band 1, 2,3, officer 33 Annual staff 3, Art Editor 45 Junior Play 3g Ath- letic Assoc. 4g Senior Superlatives. LILLIAN CATHERINE BARWICK Class President 2g Superlativesg F. H. A. 1, 2,3,4, officer 2,3g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, officer 3, 4g Glee Club l,2, 3, officerg Girls' State 3g Girls' Quintetg Annual Staff 4, Phot. Ed.: Beta Club 3,45 Junior Playg Class Historian 4g Marshall 3. DIORS JOYCE ANDERSON Junior Play 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 An- nual Staff 4g F. H. A.1, 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers Club 4g Pres., Rep. State F.H,A. Meeringg lst Place County F. H.A. Fashion Show 3. HELEN BA ZEMORE Scholarship Medal lg 2nd Place Fash- ion Show 25 Glee Club l,2g F.H.A. 1, 2,3,4g Annual Staff 45 Beta Club 3,4g Girls' State 3g Marshall 1, 2,3g Sec. 82 Treas. Sen. Class 4. in--, ,f g -,V,, JANE ANDREWS Junior Play 35 F,H.A. 1,2g Glee Club 1, 2,3g lst Place Winner World Peace Contest 3, 2nd, Place in Countyg President of Class 4g 3rd Place winner state Forestry Contestg Annual Staff 4, Science Club 4g Ath- letic Assoc. 43 Senior Superlatives. KENNETH BEST Senior Superlativesg Junior Playg Football 2, 3,4g F.F.A. officerg F. F.A. 1,2,3,4, 93' HELEN BLAND F.H,A. l,2g Annual Staff 4g Foot- ball Cheerleader 3,4g Junior Play 3: Supe rlative 4 . WILLIE RAY BORDEAUX "Jew Baby" Football 1, 2, 3,4g Glee Club 2,33 Superlatives. En l0l2S LORENA BRITT H ll Class Pres. lg F.H.A. 1,25 Glee Club 1,25 Beta Club 35 Basketball 1, 3,4g Senior Superlatives. ANNE CAROL BROADHURST Parliamentarian of Eng. Club lg F. H.A.: Play Cast, Science Club 4g Annual Staff 4g Glee Club l,2,3. MARY STEVENSON BRITT "Steve" Class Sec. 2g Class Pres. 3: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, officer 2,3, County of- ficer 4g Delegate to State F.H.A. Convention 1, 2g Band l,2,3,4, of- ficer 4g BetaClub 3,4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Business Manager of 1954 MO- Hlg Manager girls' basketball team 3,4g 2nd Place Winner State Omi- thology Essay Contest 2g Science Club 4g High School Popularity Queen 4, Senior Superlatives. MABEL CANNON F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, Superl ativesg Basket ball 1, 2, Glee Club, Future Teach ers' Club 4, SGH IORS 'fws DORIS BATCHELOR CASHWELL Future Homemakers of America 1, 25 Basketball 1,2. MATTIE ANN COOKE 2nd Place school Green Pastures Cont. 15 Annual staff 45 State F.H. A. Conv.5Future Teachers' Club 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Superlatives5 Beta Club 3, 45MaISha111, 25 Class Proph- et 45 F.H.A. 1,2, 35 3rd Place State Forestry Contest. MARK CHERRY fMarcus Cicero Stephen Cherryj I I I "Fireball" Basketball 3,45 Football 3,45 Band 1,25 Vice Pres. of Class 1,45 Boys' Quintet 25 Science Club 45 Junior Playg Athletic Association 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Senior Superlatives. CARL GINN F.F.A. 3,45 Superlatives5 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4. Xu WA ,,1f1"" , fix MARY ANN COOKE "Cookie" Glee Club 1,2,35 F.H.A. l,2,35 2nd Place Winner in Fashion Show 15 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Waitress Ir. -Sr. Banquet 35 Ath- letic Association 45 Superlatives. GLENN DOUGLAS DA UGHTRY "Bull" Football 1,2,3,45 Glee Club5 Boys' Double Quartet 25 BasketballCheer- leader 15 Green Pastures Speech 2, 3: F.F.A. 2,35 President 2. Www GOLDSBQE5 li 1- 'Sf TBR-4333 1 9 .Luci +53 I1 IORS Al"""'t WW ROSA LEE GOODSON Usher for Junior Playg Future Horne- makers of America 1, 2. OSCAR JONES "Albert" Officer of Science Clubg Beta Club 3, 45 Science Club 4, 2nd Place State French Cont., World Peace Contest 3g Marshall 2,3g Chief3g Class Treas, , Secretary 3, 4. RUTH HERRING Glee Club 3, Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3. FAYE KENNEDY 3rd Place Winner Essay, Contest on "Birds", Future Ho me m a ke rs of' America. ELLIS RAY HOWELL Senior Superlativesg Annual Staff 4. HILBERT LANE Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4. SEN IDRS BOBBIE LEE "Skirts" Cheerleader 25 Majorette 3, 45 Wait- ress Ir, -Sr. Banquet 25 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Junior Play Usher5 Superlative5 Student Librarian 1. EDNA SASSER NORRIS Annual Staff 45 Superlatives5 F.H. A. 1,25 Glee Club 35 Majorette 1, 2,35 Beta Club5 Poem Published in National Anthology H.S. Poetry. X GAYNELLE LEWIS F. H. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' Sextet 25 Basketball 1,2,35 Cheer- leader 1, 2, 35 Beta Club 3, 45 officer 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Superlatives5 Bus Driver 2,35 Poem published in 1953 National Anthology of I-I. S. Poetryg Favor Girl Jr. -Sr, Banquet 2. LOUISE MCCULLEN RH A. 1,25 Music Award 1,25 Usher Junior Play. Minn. KAY MITCHELL Vice Pres, of Class 2,35 Glee C1ubl,2, 35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, officer 2,3,45 Beta Club, V.P. 3, Pres. 45 VarsityQueen45 Athletic Association l,2,3,4g lst Place State Forestry Cont. 2gA1t6I'H3tSGi1'1S' State Delegate5 Annual Staff 2,3,45 Art Ed. 2, Assoc. Ed. 3, Ed.-in-Chief 45 Basketball 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Marshall 35 Favor Girl Jr.-Sr. Banquet 25 Fashion Show Winner 1,25 ScienceC1ub 45 Girls' Sextet 25 Poem published in National Anthology of H. S. Poetry. MILDRED PRICE MOCULLEN F.H.A. 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3. Wm? I NELLIE IO OUTLAW Future Homemakers of A merica 1, 2, 3g Goldsboro I-ligh School 1, 2g Gold- masquers 25 Glee Club 35 Fashion Show Winner 33 Annual Staffflg Jun- ior Play Usher 33 Srudent Librarian 4. BOBBY SUMMERLIN Oak Ridge Military School 2, Senior Superlativesg Cast of Junior Play. H IGIQS CARL RIVENBARK Senior Superlativesg Basketball 2,3. DONALD SUMMERLIN "Zeb" Cast of Junior Play 3g Senior Super- lativesg Band 3, 4. X SUDIE MAE SOUTHERLAND nsue.. F. H.A. 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 3g Senior Superlatives. MARY ANN TURNER "Donzie" Senior Superlativesg Office Secretary 45 Basketball 3, F.H.A. 1, 2. 'WW' S MARY JO WIGGINS F, H. A. 1, 2, 3, Fashion Show Winner 3g Student Librarian 1. SGH IGI? BOYD ELI WILSON "Con" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 43 Class Treasurer 3g Annual Staff 43 Glee Club 1, 2,3g Boys' Quintet 2g Athletic Association 43 Science Club 45 Superlatives. JUNE WOLFE Superlativesg F.F.A. officer 2,3g Glee Club lg Bus Driver 4g Science Club 4: F. F. A. 2,3,4g Alternate Boys' State. GENE WOLFE "Miser" F. F.A. '2,3,4, officer 2 Club 1g Bus Driver 4. if sf the CIASS hlSlTOl2 At the beginning of the 1950-51 school year, ninety-one frustrated, talkative freshmen entered the institution of learning in Mount Olive, North Carolina- namely, Mount Olive High School. This step meant more than just another grade in school. It meant working out schedules, deciding on subjects and learning to be in class on time. Our choice of officers for that year were Lorena Britt, President, Mark Cherry, Vice-President, and Joyce Kornegay, Secretary-Treasurer. We began our second year of high school with a little more civil attitude. The tasks of 0ffiC6rShip were placed upon Lillian Barwick, President, Kay Mitchell, Vice-President, Mary S. Britt, Secretary, and Oscar J ones, Treasurer. Other interests attracted some of our classmates for we had only sixty-nine of them enrolled in the tenth grade. One of our celebrities, Margaret Guy, was elected "Miss Chamber of Commerce" by the student body. She reigned over the Christmas Dance in 1951. Our junior year bulged at the seams with activities, but could one expect any better than have a fairy- god mother to protect theml Only fifty-eight classmates remained to tell the story. This fairy-god mother led us to share half of the receipts of the Halloween Carnival and later on to a successful production of "Come Out of Your Coma". We elected Mary S. Britt, President, Kay Mitchell, Vice-President, Oscar Jones, Secretary, and Boyd Wilson, Treasurer, to lead us by the light of the magic wand, It was during this year that Kay Mitchell was selected representative of our high school for Pickle Festival Queen. Jane Andrews won second place in the county in the World Peace speaking contest. Oscar Jones placed second in the state on a French examination. We now had reached the fourth milepost--Seniorville. Jane Andrews was elected President of our class, Mark Cherry, Vice-President, and Helen Bazernore, Secretary-Treasurer. With Kay Mitchell editor- in-chief of the annual, our fairy-god mother led us over mountains and through valleys toward a bigger edition of the "Mobi", Only forty-one members remained to carry the burden, It seemed that the institu- tion of marriage had captured quite a few sheep of the flock and for the first time, the superlative, "Mrs. Married Senior" appeared on the slate. As all seniors, we are grasping for that final straw--caps and gowns. Lillian Bar wick- - -Historian the class pnophecy As I gazed into the magic eightball, I saw the lives of my classmates, ten years since graduation, unfolding before my eyes. The first peer in the eightball revealed an ultra-modern Reducing Salon, run by Austin Anderson who is now a trim one-hundred and Efty pounder. My next glance showed that Gene Wolfe had transformed the Wayne Theater into a successful night club with Mabel Cannon as the featured entertainer. Gene had made so much money in the business that he hired Carl Ginn to keep his books. HE kept his money! Lo and behold, who do I see nowl Oscar J ones, the singing cowboy, and his sidekick, Ruth Herring, singing over station MOI-IS. 'I'he rising stars are accompanied by Boyd Wilson on his trusty guitar, His voice has not failed him either. Jane Andrews Smith's training as a nurse is put to good use, now that she has eight little Smiths. Mary Ann Cooke decided Tuffy wasn't coming home, so she moved to Georgia and opened a theater where Tuffy proudly wears his uniform as ar1 usher. Anne Carol Broadhurst, another roving girl, is now a part of the "Greatest Show on Earth". She is a barker for a "Fat Lady" side show. June Wolfe is now the country's leading jockey. He has ridden seven Kentucky Derby winners, which brought in quite a bit of money. The owner of the winning horses, who is none other than Kenneth Best, also made his fat bank accotmt even fatter. Then who to my eyes should appear but Glenn Daughtry, running with all his might toward the goal for a Washington Redskin touchdown. While on the sidelines the assistant coach, David "Sideburn" Taylor, jumped and shouted with joy! ln the grandstand I saw Rosa Lee Goodson and Helen Bland, Rosa Lee is a make-up artist for a movie studio, and Helen is now a famous model, having got her start as Beauty Queen of Mt. Olive High School. Doris Cashwell is very busy as manager of a chain of department stores, while her husband stays home and keeps house. Mary Jo Wiggins, who loves to crochet, now has her own business and employs Joyce Anderson who never quite made it to the altar or to Rex. She did not heed "Gather Ye Rosebuds while ye may". . . Faye Kennedy, who left a string of broken hearts behind her, now writes a column of advice to the lovelorn. Her column is found daily in the Mount Olive Tribune, whose editor is now Bobby Summerlin. Carl Rivenbark is Arthur Murray's partner in his dancing enterprise in New York City. Hilbert Lane, who developed a steer which was all steak, owns a thriving cattle ranch at Indian Springs. Mildred McCullen uses her spare time as a Fuller Brush girl to support her husband who is still in the army. After five years of hard work Gaynell Lewis bought Kate's Beauty Shop. Louise MoCullen is the best known lady farmer inthis section. Edna Norris took over Sis's secretarial job at Sutton's Electric Company. Lorena Britt, after two unsuccessful marriages, decided to call it quits. She now plays professional soft ball. Mary Stevenson Britt, who has tried her hand at being a medical technician, and a pharmacist, has finally decided to be a doctor. Her slogan--"Keep Fit With Britt." After a disappointed romance Willie Ray Bordeaux moved to a desert island, location unknown, tc write a great American Novel, "Women." Ellis Ray Howell is a well-known pilot. He buzzes around in his plane, "The Spirit of Mt. Olive." Bobbie Lee found her one and only and went to work on the railroad with him. Two of the girls, Nellie ,To Outlaw and Sudie Mae Southerland work for the Durham Life Insurance Company, where they have two of the best-looking bosses. Kay Mitchell, who wanted to go to all the colleges, spent a year at each one. She finally decided that Mt. Olive was the best, so she came home. Now she is following in her father's footsteps as a piclde executive. Helen Bazemore who went to State College to study textiles now has a Erm larger than Dupont. Mark Cherry is really a ball of fire as the iirm's business manager. Most surprising of all was Lillian Barwick as a public school music teacher. Donald Surnmerlin received an inheritance from a long-lost relative, and finally realized his ambition, to do nothing. With all their careers and fortunes I would not change with them, for I, Mattie Ann Cooke, am waiting to take Mrs. Potts' place as Senior English teacher in Mt. Olive High School. lASlI Ill AHC IGSIAIDGITTS We, the Senior Class of 1954, believe that we have achieved many things worthy of notice and acquired many desirable qualities during our years at Mount Olive High School. Believing this, we feel it only fitting and proper that we leave these personal treasures to the lowly underclassmen, who perhaps with luck, will someday reach the rank of Seniors. Therefore, we do hereby give and bequeath our most valued earthly possessions as follows: 1. MARK CHERRY, A "Fireball" who never runs down, Leaves this talent to Jimmy Carroll to help him around. 2. JANE ANDREWS, Most-in-love girl, Leaves her technique to Sylvia Martin, another girl of the world!! 3. AUSTIN ANDERSON, known as "Humphrey" far and near, Leaves his perfect disposition to Jackie Crumpler to match his smile from ear to ear. 4. Now we turn to ANNE CAROL BROADHURST, as friendly a girl as you'll ever find, She leaves this treasure to Sally Wolfe to help her along the line, 5. KENNETH BEST'S Love for football ls left to help Dave Wilson win next fall! 6. HELEN BLAND, who was chosen the Wallace Thanksgiving Queen, Leaves this honor to some other pretty Mount Olive teen. 7. HELEN BAZEMORE, our most intelligent girl, Leaves her brains to Peggy Waters so she can give those books a whirl!! 8. LILLIAN BARWICK who can really tear a piano apart, Leaves this talent to Rebecca Oliver who already has a start! 9. JOYCE ANDERSON, whose beaux really keep her occupied, Leaves this talent to Joyce Daughtry, but warns her not to be taken for a ride!! 10, LORENA BRITT, Who can really make a forward's life hard, Leaves her basketball ability to Tennys Warren, so she will be a crackerjack guard!! ll. WILLIE RAY BORDEAUX can make you laugh 'till you cry, He leaves his witty ways to Boyce Honeycutt so he can liven up Mt, Olive High! 12. MABEL CANNON, Who loves nothing better than a good-looking man, Leaves her well-trained eyes to Betty Ann Outlaw to give her a hand! 13. MATTIE ANN COOKE, "most-likely-to-succeed," Leaves her ambition to all failing Juniors who seem to be in need! 14. CARL GINN rightly voted our friendliest male, Leaves this special possession to Billy Byrd to use without fail. 15. MARY ANN TURNER has beautiful black hair, She leaves it to Mary Helen Burgess so now she'll have enough to spare! 16. Our most bashful girl is SUDIE MAY, To Jackie Johnson she wills her quiet way. 17. JUNE WOLFE'S dimples really attract the girls, He leaves them to Cecil Kornegay to give the girls a whirl! 18. BOYD WILSON is known for his mouth and his feet, To Tommy Clifton he leaves these gifts that are hard to beat! 19. JIMMIE WlLLIAMSON'S Big bass drum Is left to Lawrence Hassell so he can have some fun. 20. BOBBY SUMMERLIN, a lover known both near and far, Leaves his talents to Lloyd Warren to keep him up to par!! 21. We couldn't get DORIS CASHWELL to give away Murray, But she leaves an altar trip to all the Junior girls who want to marry! 22. ANN COOKE, when it comes to cards she always has a winning hand, She leaves this talent to her brother Harry so he can become a "Gamblin' Man"l 23. ELLIS RAY HOWELL, a really "Silent Sam", Hopes this gift will help Bobby Swinson calm down!! 24. GAYNELLE LEWIS gives a typewriter a fit, She leaves this talent to Gaynelle Puckett so she can help her grades a bit! 25. Pretty RUTH HERRING with all her might, To Starkey Cherry wills her height!! 26. LOUISE MCCULLEN leaves her ways so shy, To help Madeline Weeks get by. 27. We won't make OSCAR JONES leave his brains He 'Il need them when his is among the "big names"! I 28. "DOC" CRUMPLER, a basketball player who's better than the best, Leaves his talent to "Tinker" Bell to lead him to high-scoring success!! 29. JIMMY DEAVER leaves his muscles and might To Billy Byrd to help him fight! 30. To Danny Sue, MARY STEVENSON BRITT leaves the deed, Of a smile for everyone as her creed. 31. DONALD SUMMERLIN leaves his curly mop So Louie Hester can replace his Be-Bop! ! 32. KAY MITCHELL, our Varsity Queen of '54, Leaves to some girl this honor, with its fun galore! I 33. CARL RIVENBARK'S ability to dance, Is left to Ann Wilson to lead her to romance, 34. BOBBIE LEE, another Senior basketball star, Leaves her eye for the basket to Mary Wolfe to lead her far. 35. FAYE KENNEDY, whose sense of humor is the best, To Patricia Hines we find is left. 36. HILBERT LANE leaves his smile So Charles Johnson can follow the style! 37. GLENN DAUGHTRY, most athletic boy, Leaves his talents for David Gillis' joy!! 38. EDNA NORRIS leaves her blond curls To all the envious underclassman girls! 39. NEI.LIE JO OUTLAW leaves her smile and height To add to Betty Lou Kennedy's might. 40. MI.I..DRED MCCULLEN who's gained a little bit of weight, Leaves some of her pounds to give Miss Marshburne abreak! I 41. ROSA LEE GOODSON leaves her pretty brown eyes For Violet Goodson to try on for size! 42. MARY JO JOHNSON leaves her success in combining school and married life To Janet McCullen to help her in her duties as student and wife. 43, DAVID TAYLOR weighs about two hundred and one, He leaves some of his excess baggage to Junebug Thompson! ! 44, GENE WOLF E who loves money better than air, Leaves his miserly ways to Shelton Best so his cupboard will never be bare!! In all sincerity, we leave to the faculty and to the school our best wishes and sincere appreciation for all the many helpful things they have done for us during our years in Mount Olive High School. fSignedJ THE CLASS OF 1954 TESTATRIX: KAY MITCHELL WITNESSES: JANE ANDREWS SMITH MARY STEVENSON BRITT T TA DSOME M05 PRETTIEST GIRLBOY .7J,5Zmv.0 WM-Z.N,g supenlatlves NEATEST Mime H-M-an A M ,WM Jfggjyyw' J QMQ supenlatlves JW www ww W WOW M01 Q 'EMM SUD6l2lAIlVbS MOST ATHLETIC zQ4.u...l.,.Z,.J TVN Tmiill EWQ QQMMQ BEST SPORTS M ai wwf, UDGl2l.AtlVES V H S rf .f"f':gf2iVi L',:f A, ,T M! 2 g Zz MOST CONCEITED jig? 5: 1' ff nf? Mo LAZWST i ST POPULAR awff' MW 740 SLlDEl2lAIIVSS as SUNATO BIGGEST QROCRA FLIRT3 BXGGV-ST QQWW fy SILLIEST iiwfizfxw mmm up nlatlves 'M 4 km, YJ: 35,1 y L73 5, 'xxflwi may f' 'Wag Www ,pf WW BIGGEST BABIES CUTEST MMMJMQ 72-'!f,Z..aZ.,,.,4 9. ,f-""""w'w ff.. YV' MOST VERSATILE WW My l supenlatlves ,,-.1-f HQNWS. '81 SENYOR B Mas MARPMZD EST DRESSED ww WW fig supenlatlves MOST ORIGINAL Cfboffwcu 720444411 meet the semons of '54z ,.,',.-. , , ,. ,Q 41 , fl Oni' Bo 6 x vb he Le Marlf- Hag C N Mascots o'9 '3'f" Kiuderqamden Qian G N '1 Lee A u..e+iu MPX? Ill ' TM, b"' wh ,wmv ta tml 'K lu Q 'n,"+' ' 'J' '3.y.,a .. IR, www:- Y1 'M 5 -'SUN x M ,.,'-. A N"-"..".x!'H , x z., .i- 'a',"'f.L'f - , .-, , 'L A W 'Z K XS 4 3216! lie! If UZ: 4,39 5 ,lu i H . S 2 V i W Q + Hsamw . ,,S3'q,.4 X A QS mv 1 .v ,N 5 'B is D +5 A 1 15 34- F? . MM: as , 3. M f' ' xx x 'fb' f -"7 lily . . 6' 'S Faust, SX!-nU:I,'3 'Bit-4h4L,S push, N N i , I I i s : r Q ! Q K 4 fa l ? L , Q,a'S Q-Us X LH U an 1 HCLeN ,BL A Max-Ng S Mac-K E! X Svc' wx . aye VAGITH Q, AN N 3 7 ,gfyfg n f r-q he A. W 'Q , ff, ls 2 A W ,.,,.. - MX AAWYAJ .Z , M . A Z.: l M f iff' W, fu un Gen class aww' ,M QQ 1 ff , ZX ' I Junlon class offlcens PRESIDENT .... . . . BILLY BYRD VICE PRESIDENT . . . . SYLVIA MARTIN SECRETARY . . . . . ANN WILSON TREASURER. . . . . MADELINE WEEKS :off ' 'gl 'S' Tbaa-vitae wifi Dal! 4 Que! fe ,,,,. -fy. --ef f-,. Essuz Ross BARWICK .I HILDA BROGDEN 43' 494014. BILLY BYRD HMMY CARROLL ANGELINE COKER JACKIE PAUL CRUMPLER Junlons IU! PAUL C. CRUMPLER IIMMY DEAVER VIOLET GOODSON TEAN HEAD EDDIE HESTER PATRICIA HINES JANET MCCULLEN SYLVIA MARTIN SHIRLEY PATTERSON SALLY JANE POWELL GAYNELLE PUCKETT LIBBY JEAN ROSE DOROTHY HOLLOWMAN OYCE HOLLOWELL LUCILLE HOWELL NAOMI IENNETTE JACKIE JOHNSON CECIL KORNEG AY junlorzs I FANNIE RUTH WARD LLOYD WARREN PEGGY WATERS MADELINE WEEKS IIMMY WILLIAMSON ANN WILSON MARY WOLFE SALLY WOLFE SQDNOIHGIQE class O IZIIICERS PRESIDENT REBECCA OLIVER VICE PRESIDENT SHIRLEY LEWIS SECRETARY TREASURER LAWRENCE WILSON ,ai-g A S1-YZ,-f1e..p-nf? I 1 CSA A ,, S ,, MW R i BILLY BEST SHELTON BEST IESSIE M. BRITT ALICE A. BROCK MARY H. BURGESS ANNETTE CASEY BETTY L. COBB SARA COMBS GRAHAM COOKE HARRY COOKE IOYCE DAUGHTRY BRUNETTA FLOWERS an AJ I I 1 I , - 1 1, 5342515 A ' f f I , LL ,S ff 4 ,,yS1- ,Q lm- ,."".f'3+ V w!,.i':? ' I by , - my Wg y , -f' I 'ff Zu: I, 'VX unwv fx" ' ,555 ' " M W2 1 lf .y 42 ,Ill f :VG Mi.-f X ' Q. 5 '- ge 152 if -PPAFVH .334 ,pib 'Qui - f Q4- A J-X' glib' ' , fl ' JS' 1, f' "+L-1 'li' f f " I Ezfj rg.: x X 4 DAVID GILLIS JOSEPHINE HATCH BOYCE HONEYCUTT JAN HURST MARIE JACKSON CHARLES JOHNSON GENE JONES DURWOOD KENNEDY SODDOITIORES LOREE LANE SHIRLEY LEWIS JEWELL MATTHEWS JOSEPH ODOM APWZW ww ff' x I , i i v 2 f, s REBECCA OLIVER BETTY ANN OUTLAW DANNY SUE OUTLAW SHERWOOD PEARSALL C. B. PRICE JOYCE SMITH RAY TAYLOR TENNYS WARREN JOAN WIGGINS LAWRENCE WILSON SHELBY IEAN WOLFE '-"'-e-- I , 'V 6 1 " 'J I fI26Shl11A!1 class GHIICGRS PRESIDENT . . . . TOMMY CLIFTON VICE PRESIDENT . . . . . CHARLES BELL SECRETARY - TREASURER . . . JACKIE COKER r.4 ..-i'.3- ? IZQGSDTH D SUSAN ABBOTT D URWOOD ANDERSON GENE BAKER MARGARET BARNHART MARY ANN BARWICK TINKER BELL IRIS BEST MURIEL BRIGGS MINNIE MAE BRITT MARTHA JANE BROCK PRENTICE BROCK ST ARKEY C HERRY TOMMY CLIFTON JACKIE COKER EUGENE DAIL EDWARD DAVIDSON ANN DENNING MILTON GILLIS Dzeshm n BETTY LOU GRICE 'JAMES HALL EVA ANN HARGROVE LAWRENCE HASSELL JOYCE HATCH EMMA KAY HINES C HARLOTTE HODGES ELLA MAE HOLMES AVICE HOLLOMAN NELL HOLLOWELL RODNEY LEE DONALD LINDSAY RONALD LINDSAY BETTY LOU JACKSON JOYCE JACKSON B. J. .JENNETTE -JIMMIE JERNIG AN MARGARET JERNIGAN flzeshm n ELENA JONES IACQUE LINE JONES ROYCE JONES PATRICIA JOHNSON BETTY LOU KENNEDY SWINDELL KORNEGAY VIRGINIA MARTIN ELEANOR MCCULLEN JIMMY NORRIS EMMETT OUTLAW MARLENE OVERMAN RAY PATE ST UART PATTEN MARGARET POWELL INA PEARL QUINN ANN RICKS BERNICE RIVENBARK BILLY RIVENBARK 1' fi. ill M I "gy"n'i'4 fe? 'O -19' X x gn-N.. '71 lwu 40655 z """' W l MF HHH min" frzeshm n GLENDA RIVENBARK C AROLYN SOUTHERLAND E. H. SUTTON EVELYN SUTTON BOBBY SWINSON CLETUS SWINSON .TOHNNY THIGPEN EVERTTE WELLS REX WHITFIELD ORMOND WHITTED S UE WILLIAMS D AVE WILSON NANCY WILSON 4 'fy-Q gy Hr f L 11 'D K V N QNX . if, iff' 1 . ff' f Tx C' v Lv- X w...,,,,,- vw -,JV Q KJ: r'P ff' ,,. . f ,LQ f-W.. v--1., aw, vf-,mv 5 ACII IIIGS W! CLARINETS: SEATED: FIRST ROW: Nell Hollowell Billie C. McPhail Tennys Warren Mary Wolfe Charlotte Hodges SECOND ROW: Ormond Whitted Betty L. Cobb Jessie M. Britt INOUYUZ OUV6 FRE NC H HORN: SECOND ROW: Josephine Hatch BELL LYRE: SECOND ROW: Sally Wolfe DRUMS: THIRD ROW: Kay Mitchell Virginia Martin Lawrence Hassell Jimmy Williamson 7 school SAXOPHONE: FIRST ROW: JoAnn Hollowell FLUTE: FIRST ROW: Madeline Weeks Ban 0 BASS HORN: SECOND ROW: Billy Byrd BARITONE: SECOND ROW: Lillian Barwick TROMBONES: SECOND ROW: Wade Weeks Ray Taylor X X f , f' R f Z 4 5 ,X WWW 1 , ft fy X X CORNETS: FIRST ROW: Mary Stevenson Britt, Shelton Best, Bobby Swinson, Stuart Patten. SECOND ROW: Margaret Powell, ,Timmy Brock, Leslie Whitted, lnagonettes Ano oQun1lnaJoQ LEFT TO RIGHT Peggy Waters Betty Ann Outlaw Bobble Lee Donald Sl.11'l'lI'1'1GIl1ll Drum Major Joyce Daughtry Head Majorette Emma Kay H1nes Jewell Matthews footsall cheenleaoens SEATED Left to rlght Sheloy jean Wolfe V1oletGoodsou NHOHTIJCHHCIIS Shuley Lcwls STANDING Loree Lane Helen Bland CHIEF Gaynelle Puckett 9 - Va l q .' l Y I I I 1 8 7 i ' I I y 1 9 . Z Z ' I I ' school BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: SEATED,June Wolfe, Gene Wolfe, STANDING, Eugene Cook, Donald Parker, Morris Herring, Jimmy Williamson, and Kenneth Best. LEFT TO RIGHT: SEATED, Lillian Barwick, Mary Stevenson Britt, Mattie Ann Cooke Kay'Mitche1l, Gaynelle Lewis, Oscar Jones, Helen Bazemore, Edna Sasser. STANDING: Naomi Jennette, Cecil Kornegay, Billy Byrd, Sylvia Martin, Mary Wolfe, Sally Wolfe, w :gash 3w My 4 My A Yqyiwiimym +4 My as., 5 :P My views 468504 we-sw. in F 4 Q ' -SZ'-lf wfkgfmf ,S Q awgwwmrpv My f'gm gsm futun fanm ns of am mea OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . . Kenneth Best TREASURER . . . . I-hlben Lane V, PRESIDENT . . . . Graham Cook REPORTER . . . . Donald Parker SECRETARY . . . Eugene Cook SENTRY . . . . Morrrs Herrlng ADVISOR- W O. Wood MEMBERS Left to Right, FIRST ROW- 'fx711ll3ITl Lane, Rex Whltfreld, Jrmmy Jackson, Leon Prlce, Royce Jones, Mrlford Martln, B. J. Jennette, Lester Jernrgan, James I-lalls, Brlly Best, Jlmmylernrgan, Tommy Odom, Robert Jennette. SECOND ROW Eugene Cooke, Carson Lane, Carroll Jackson, Franklln Barwrck, Graham Cooke, Joseph Odom, Franklln Darden, Shelton Best, Hubert Thornton, Jrrnmy Norrls, Cordell Grrmes. THIRD ROW Donald Parker, James Combs, Clarance Potts, Durwood Kennedy, Morrrs Herrrng, C. B. Prrce, Shearard Pearsall, Kenneth Best, Brlly Deavers, Everett Wells, Ormond Whltted, Ray Pate, Advrsor W, O, Wood. 15 xx 3 , K . . ...wc , m,Nz,rrM atmw-Inv ff ,X . Q4 lx , '..24. .. 4 naw., .. 1'-"::,,,.' sf..,sw:f,srf,,,,,,. Vwaksamfawu-ag fwfr' ,,,,,,,, Wim W' Qpiunm.:U1's1..'ur1, , . .". 2..mZ-Liz: mn f -an - - fwlgu., . 3124-'7 as 'R P..-tv "Ja hr ,,. ,I , ., . bu,Bx'l 'I 'X WSE' 3 I Be 'I 413: 1 .1 f Q J ffm f ,W 5 ,Q tg V M M as .aw - ,I ,Q '24,-' ,f ,I " ' 4 'z . A ' Yi .J " , nf L"'i'-. KV 1 arg, Riff: .g A- liutune homemakens oli ametzlca OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Kay Mitchell SECRETARY: Ann Wilson REPORTER: Shirley Lewis VICE PRES.: Mary Wolfe TREASURER: Danny Sue Outlaw PIANIST: Rebecca Oliver PARLIAMENTARIAN: Margaret Barnhart SONGLEADER: Ann Ricks MEMBERS Anderson, Joyce Barnhart, Margaret Barwick, Mary Ann Barwick, Earlene Barwick, Lillian Bazemore, Helen Best, Iris Britt, Minnie Britt, Jessie Britt, Mary St. Broadhurst, Anne C . Brock, Martha Bullock, Susan Burgess, Mary H. Casey, Annette Cherry, Starkey Cobb, Betty L. Denning, Ann Daughtry, Joyce Flowers, Brunetta Grice, Betty Lou Hatch, Joyce Hatch, Josephine Hines, Emma Kay Hodges, Charlotte Holloman, Avice Holloman, Dorothy Hollowell, Nell Hollowell, Joyce Jackson, Joyce Jackson, Betty L. Jackson Marie Johnson Patricia Johnson J ac kie Jones, Ellena Jones, Jacqueline J ernigan, Margaret Kennedy, Betty Lou Lane, Loree Lewis, Shirley McCullen, Eleanor Martin, Virginia Mitchell, Kay Overman, Marlene Oliver, Rebecca Outlaw, Danny S, Outlaw, Betty A. Patterson, Shirley Powell, Margaret Quinn, Ina Pearl Ricks, Ann Rivenbark, Glenda Smith, Joyce Southerland, Carolyn Sutton, Evelyn Warren, Tennys Wilson, Ann Wilson, Nancy Williams, Sue Wolfe, Mary Wolfe, Shelby J, Cannon, Mabel Holmes, Ella May , lla - ur" 'gl -:':L,,','4 ff We stuoent llBl2Al2lAl1S LEFT TO RIGHT: SEATED, Jean Head, STANDING, Bobby Swinson, Ann Denning, Rebecca Oliver, J' anet McCul1a1, Nellie J. Outlaw, Jackie Johnson, Jackie Coker. fs' V BA! e E SERVICE A13hl61ZlC ASSOCIAIIOY1 TOP TO BOTTOM: BOYD WILSON KAY MITCHELL ANN COOKE JANE ANDREWS V 5 l I I I 4 4 4 4 4 W 1 i l TJ i i mms. loftm's music pupils lunchnoom staif H W' y , N, ,G f, f4"'W7 'WfW W5 SV ? 4 :fPv-Wi' ' A xv f"' P 1,5 : ,bv Y-,,:::: ,,,:+, " .X Jajzk ' Q, gg t , V ' fga t, X' .ff1,MgI5Z fffzffmfflv 5 2,535 X , M .f42 .2.J , f gt - " .V 'P - f ' y I " - ," . -zmzi,u,,,,-'z.1'-JQJVLLV7 f qw'7f"?"w'- . . .,. .f'8..L- - , ' 1 M SDORTZS l VARSITY queen ka mltchell ffm .L AI! N, N bw' -P . .. -fix Q Wm is E 4 14? is MARK CHERRY "Fireball" GLENN DAUGHTRY "Bu11" 4 f wiv ' ' W ff PAUL CRUMPLER "DOC" COACH MCCLENNY qMr.3 "Shoeba11" JIMMY DEAVER " Whenr1ie" f .,.. X 1 P '4"'W1 Q fl 1 al ' ar Sax f K 1' NIB! X ,, BOYD WILSON KENNETH BEST DAVID GILLIS 'Ny ah! WILLIE RAY BORDEAUX Jew Baby DAVE WILSON ff .,. J 1, I " gif -w. nf 4, , , 1 1 4 1 . 'N 3 u if , ., kv Mm nent JACKIE CRUMPLER "Smiley" MILTON GILLIS GARY TILLMAN "THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT! ! " BOYD WILSON and JIMMY DEAVER LINWOOD PARKER 5 , I f R Y ,,,,,1, w , f I ,, I 1 QW N w sm K JIMMY NORRIS LLOYD WARREN 1 ,3 y, ROBERT TILLMAN DONALD PARKER "F1abbo" EDDIE HESTER "Louie" ? Q , Y , ix, fy. ., f I I I J -.A f , . . h N1 y U h 'UYTU' xg . l If L :s lf! .PF 5 ,S s I M Y: 4 X X I f ?9???T"ZLV' 'I 3 .5 ww-If :wr E , 2 Q vnu. vevgw REX WHITFIELD CLETUS SWINSON season 'S I2 esults MOUNT OLIVE 19 ...... ..... 0 JONES CENTRAL MOUNT OLIVE 25 . . . . '7 BURGAW MOUNT OLIVE 12 . . . . 34 WALLACE MOUNT OLIVE 0 . . . . 25 La GRANGE MOUNT OLIVE 19 . . . . 7 BEAULAVILLE MOUNT OLIVE 15 . . . . . 13 WARSAW MOUNT OLIVE 14 ............ 6 SMITHFIELD MOUNT OLIVE . . Won on Forfeit . . . SELMA MOUNT OLIVE 32 ......... . . 18 RICHLANDS MOUNT OLIVE 13 ............ 13 ERWIN MOUNT OLIVE PLAYERS ON ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM FIRST TEAM: GLENN DAUGHTRY SECOND TEAM: EDDIE I-TESTER RODNEY LEE HMMIE DEAVER JIMMY ovsm-oN . M . :v J 'Us f 4 " 1 1 WAX X F" ,f 9 I .-f J J" y ff 41' r ,gg aa NM? , ' ,.,. sp, '. T, ' Boys Basketball quao FIRST ROW Left to Right Robert Jennette Cecil Kornegay Bobby Swinson Cletus Bell Mark Cherry Harry Cooke THIRD ROW Coach McC1enny Jimmy Deaver Rodney Lee Boyd W11SOH Eddie Louie Hester Paul Doc Crumpler SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD Jimmy Deaver Mark Cherry Boyd Wilson Paul Doc Crumpler J ! Swinson, .Timmy Norris. SECOND ROW: Boyce Honeycutt, Dave Wilson, "Tinker" qmls' Basketsall quao FLRST ROW, Left to Right: Minnie Mae Britt, Pat Johnson, Nancy Wilson, Charlotte Hodges, Emma Kay Hines, Carolyn Southerland, Nell Hollowell. SECOND ROW: Jo Hatch, Susan Abbott, Joyce Daughtry, Mary Stevenson Britt, Tennys Warren, Gaynelle Puckett, Virginia Martin. THIRD ROW: Coach MCCIGIDY, Sylvia Martin, Ann Cooke, Kay Mitchell, Bobbie Lee, Lorena Britt, Mary Wolfe, Joyce Hatch, Manager. Absent when picture was taken were: Ann Wilson, and Sue Williams. SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD Ann Cooke Lorena Britt Kay Mitchell Mary Stevenson Britt Bobbie Lee W AWv.4,Qa .,., , - f Y' . . ' Q -ggflg.-Q 4 S' ,... , . . . , ff - . - fc-v-V gd ' , x, iff! I ,Ei J 5:31 fl Q 5 , Q M 5 X V 32 .1 4 Og 'Wig 4 I Y 5 X 2 A 1 K 5 f X, Y 5? W 1 J f M 4' I X f R 9 W f W f 7 ,gf AMW W gf X 4 I I is , " 3 ,Z gf f 1 M V MW! A ,N xiiffa 'WW - Q ,VK X , M v , ht WL Q 4 A fb 9 I X' f if f A . .wg W Q V I 4 uf ' iz A Q, V " 55 4 f, , , Q , , gn 4 v K 4 f 'W 5' ' f 3 I U2-at ' iw 1 Eff: 'S ,. - A , 4 ,, .-, g. - my L gm iw wwf lxfz: " 1": "'Qif'-'f - - X 5, X 'ir ' J 4. ,V I QW' M, ., ffm X ,. j g, if A fl' 5 K ff 1 Y ,BH ' 116 31? 2 , Z v nj H M 1 4, M - , ff b x hi 1 , f p 'Marv - AOVGRIISEITI 671115 n HARRY KENNEDY' LHNN Route 3 Mount Olive, North Carolina ELLI MOTOR SALE ,L C. Dial 2005 Saws rorrrmc 6498 Service Mount Olive, North Carolina Compliments of ED LEWIS Groceries Sn Feed CLINIC DRUG CO. "A Good Drug Store" CTD Phone 2239 QSUZE y ROHM Mount Olive, .North Carolina Q SERVLCF. , Mount Olive, North Carolina. Compliments of Compliments of TAFF- OOKE, INC., PATE-DAWSON MOTOR CO., INC. C 223 North Center Street Goldsboro, N. C. Complete Office Supplies 139 N. Center St. Goldsboro, North Carolina f.'l.jlT.,H'- -E.rf+'Lj a 5 ,E EIR W' C Ywm Cel., Gm. RETAIL LUMBE R YARD " Dial 2935 or 2542 s asgi-ig: "Large Enough to Serve You--- C:Q1a Not Too Large to Know You" one Board 0"aT"ainl03d R. B. WARRE -PATTER 0 BIWTHER BROKER : DEALER Farrn Supplies Farm Products Kerosene Fuel Oil Coal YWM Mount Olive, North Carolina Dial 2561 FURNITURE C0. Dial 2322 Mount Olive, North Carolina C omplim ents Of W. R. JENNETTE F R ITURE C0. "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" Compliments of CANNON'S CAFE Fresh Bar-B-Que Daily C ompliments of CAROLINA POWER Sn LIGHT COMPANY Mount Olive, North Carolina A. L. BROCK COMPANY fed Manufacturers of Quality Printed Products Since 1926 Mount Olive, N. C. ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Dial 2206 Cars Called for and Delivered Congratulations, Seniors GINN LUMBER COMPANY Rough and Dressed Lumber GEM CLEANERS An Easy Number to Remember DIAL 2222 For Quality Work and Service You Won't Forget COMPLIMENTS OF HEILIG-MEYER In Goldsboro, North Carolina MUSIC Sn SPORTS Compliments "It Pays To Play" of 'fsx CAROLINA TRAcToRs, INC. Ferguson Dealer Dial 2898 'xi Goldsboro, N- C- 202-04 E. Walnut st. Goldsboro, North Carolina H H TCHER- MITH M0'I'0R C0. I C. SALES Mount Olive, North Carolina SERVICE Dial 23 9 8 I, yfwlgt LOWE'S FIRESTONE STORE Mount Olive, North Carolina COBB'S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES R C A Victor Hot Point Appliances Mount Olive North Carolina K. S. WARREN, GINNERY Cotton and Cotton Seed F. F. D. No. 3 Mount Olive, North Carolina xAfP.'MM+m Store r SHERWIN-WILLIAMS C?XE' PAINTS .9 API GROCERIES f mmuun HARD WAR E mln r'- EARTH 1 VF ""i y 1 : I,-'. MOUNT OLIVE MANUFACTURING CO. INC. The Best of Luck to The 1954 Senior Class WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE H. J. Morris, Proprietor KRAF'l"S STUDIO PHUTUGRAPHY Complirn ents Of JOHN 0N C0'l'T0 C0., I C. OF GOLDSBORO Furniture . Hardware Appliances . Fertilizer . John-Deere Sales and Service 132-34 East Walnut Street Phones 142-143 C. W. 0LlVER, JR. Buyer and Distributor Produce , Cotton Fertilizers , Seeds COTTON GINNER Mount Olive, N. C. , 1 . lg FL , X I ' N: s it 4, Q 8042 ,q,a . :'z 13. ' If-1 xx I'-I V . L:"f. ' 7 g Hr L! 9 f A' J Z ' MOUNT OLIVE MQ l , l 1 NORTH CAROLINA TILITY HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS COMPA Y AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS BUILDING MATERIALS PAINTS Sn TOOLS DIAL 2581 MOUNT OLIVE NORTH CAROLINA OF M. C. . HERRY and INSURANCE THAT INSURES' ' DIAL 2329 MOUNT OLIVE NORTH CAROLINA TOW and COUNTR GA C0. BOTTLED GAS 226 NORTH CENTER STREET GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Cook With Gas Heat With Gas Y COMPLIMENTS OF A. C. HATCH Compliments of MACS' SMART SHOP Mount Olive, North Carolina MURRAY SUPPLY COMPANY Custom Grinding - Mixing Corn Buyers Phone 2529 Mount Olive, North Carolina In Every Town There Is ufYNowvJI Ohm "One Best Place To Trade" In Mount Olive PR Gi A It's D I I I 12994- I VABEML - fb MOUN'l' OLIVE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIA'l'l0N J, J, WHITEHURST INSURANCE AGENCY MOUN'l' 0LlVE M0'l'0R SALES MOUNT oLlvE BUILDING and LQAN ASSOClA'l'l0N G ISI nlfllls ans " , 1 ' ':: ' rl' li' fr UI: lain! QL FI' LOANS 1 aigeggx MICKEY'S PASTRY SHOP Phone 909 212 North Center St. ::.:13',,'i33' L S' sf: Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of LJGOAOJ Q V MT, oL1vE AUTO PARTS Co. ff' Phone 2359 East Main St. DEG-A RT Cn? 3 one Mount Olive, N. C. Compliments Congratulations of tothe GIDDENS JEWELERS CLASS OF 1954 THOMAS EDWARDS T ,,'f"1,,- -ii Goldsboro, North Carolina "Meet Your Friends at WHITE'S STORE" THIGPEN-FICKEN INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Protection Phone 2088 North Center St Mount Olive, North Carolina MOUYYC Olive, N. C. Compliments of WITHERINGTON-THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Mount Olive, N. C. J. B. FLOWERS 8: Groceries of All Kinds Mount Olive, N. C SON . SWIM' f I f I Em I fZ1?7'U ' mga' Compliments Eat Mount Olive's Of Carolina Beauty ROSE FURNITURE CO. , Super Sweet Pickles Goldsboro, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. ROSE'S 5-10-25C STORES INC. LUBY BELL MOTOR CO, Headquarters for 'i Sales J Abi V and School Supplies ' J Service Plraljuxy, . Mount Olive Mount Ohve' N' C' E! North Carolina DEWEY BROS. , INC. Min Supplies CONGEIQTEIEETIONS Metal Building Supplies Steel Fabricators Telephone 1800 Goldsboro, N. C. Seniors of 1954 A, LEON BRITT WAYNE ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTNDN C0. ' em ' '- ' kumuwi . 0 N I E .31 A i 5 we! Nm- with-""3 -Elf--f G7 tk Q , ,' , one f ,,1' LQ! J, Ig ,K H Seng x 1 , , , We Move The Earth TYNDALL FUNERAL Homls, INC. 24 Hour Ambulance SGTVICG Mount OIIVC North Carohna GLENN 8a MARTIN DRUG CO Prescriptions-Cosmetics GY8 N 3" Q, 3 1, 4 'f Lv? Mount Olive, N C REAVES' RESTAURANT 9 Jnfroon Compliments of OL ISAACS-GEORGE CASTEE C0., I C. 118-122 N. Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina UPF!-'CH ' EAT wc, X A f Furniture of Distinction A Z 3 209 W. Wainut St. Phone 2143 f Goldsboro, North Carolina Made-Rite Bread 8: Rolls THE FOOD STORE Compliments Park---Shop---Save of Corner of Breazeale Ave. M and Station Street Mount Olive, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina E. J. PCPE PROGRESSIVE , SUPER MARKET The Very Best in . Complete Line of Groceries Coal and Oil and Meats M X9 sv .S - 4 .-3556753 ' ' mayb.-'f R 03 ,I V1 E.. . wafg, r Mifgffw - -w h W, J M Compliments of LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP "Service is our motto" Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1954 MOUNT oL1vE F, C, X, Highest Quaiify Feeds Seeds Fertilizers FREDDIE 'S DRIVE -IN 'AW Short orders as and . H Sandwiches .-1 'M I H DH' x'! ,,' Highway 117 I Q . Compliments of CENTER Sn WAYNE THEATRES at ' GV ' 1' Compliments of JOHN R. LANE Congratulations Seniors CLIFTON TIRE SERVICE C omplim ents of HATCHER'S BODY SHOP Mount Olive, North Carolina Compliments of KORNEGAY'S GARAGE Ennis Sc Dan Kornegay C omplim ents of SEARS ROEBUCK Sn CO. Goldsboro, N. C. C ompliment s of MCBRIDE 811 HERRING SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Goldsboro, N. C. E, T, FERRELL 8: SON Electric Appliances Radio Sn Television Sales and Service WILLIAMS' SHOE SHOP Compliments of NEIL JOSEPH'S SHOP One Of Goldsboro's Fine st Shop s Congratulations To The Class Of '54 J. Rodney Southerland Sr. General Agent SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST Phone 2287 Mount Olive, N. C. THOMPSON 8a FRANCIS 1 Q ffl- T1 77 . WW if 332162 fi fix . V v, 1 Q' 'I v 4 ff ' lr 56-7 Modern Super Market HASTY PLUMBING Sn HEATING CO. Contractors Lennox Warm Air Heating Phone 2584 N. Breazeale Ave Mount Olive, N. C. MOUNT OLIVE FLORAL COMPANY f .FQ ' ou 23797, gyfpgqffyoufzve Compliments of D, F, ODOM General Merchandise QQ' ETHEL'S SHOPPE fx ,T "The Ladies Shop" 3 nf Phone 3118 . ln gg ,W Mount Olive, N. C. Congratulations To the Graduating Class of 1954 JO AND PHIL LOWNES Compliments of E. A. SOUTHERLAND TAX ACCOUNTANT Mount Olive, North Carolina LMZZ '-.J f ik L N' 625144 ar., 95-1 lv X THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES BARNES-HARRELL -RAWLINGS COMPANY Goldsboro, N. C. LEWIS DRUG CO. Prescription Specialists Delivery Service . PUT Mount Olive, N. C.. URW 5 The Old Reliable Since 1916 do P-' Phone 2467 Of in o 9 ANDREWS Sn KNOWLES PRODUCE CO, Buyers of Farm Produce Dealers in High Quality Seed Fertilizer FIFTY -FIVE DRIVE -IN CLYDE REAVES f-j 5 , fe. fk- j Dealer in I I it E df! , N 3 V, C, Fertilizer ' - 1 and Highest Quality Seeds Sandwiches-Short Orders Phone 2548 Mount Olive, N. C Mount Olive, N. C. BA K of MOUNT OHV CALYP 0 MAKE GUR BANK Q MOU 4. YoUR BANK Q "' Low RAT:-Ss' Congratulatlons to the Class of 1954 105 East Ma1n Street Cornpllments B J DAUGHTRY Watches and Watch Repalrs Mt Ollve N C Compllments J Bernlce Wllllams R ep re sentatlve DURHAM LIFE INSURANCE D1a1 2308 Mount Ollve N C Cornpllrnents of Phone 2083 MOUNT OLIVE HATCHERY ! Mount Ollve, North Carohna Shop Wlth Confldence at LEDER BROTHERS and Wear With Prlde Goldsboro, North Carollna I o 47 ' ' E Q4 7' , . 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