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-.u .ul .- 'u.,. 1.4 .- ,- 4 nu xl! sn qu EX Lmm ang A ,M .... .... - 1 ,,,,,. ,,,. x.... - -.... , N, Q..-. ,I U ........ ,I ,... ' ' 'Jw .--- gw..- .nv -1' ' "'--..,.-- . .V fs.- 1 .N ..A, ,... 1 ...W .x , . -.....---..-11-"W H-fi-' 7 - h I x 1 crux .1 ,....- ..-------H f--V-..:,. N l H ' Q 4,--vu-,U WM " 'n. ,qv .Au-1 ' -' ..,n-, U ' ' -..... ..-. .-1... . "1--.-.. J ,, ...... 'cf'- f -,..... ,,.,g..... .. , . ,, - H ..... 4.,.. ...... A , , ug " N n,...q.. 4 -.... --.. 1 H., ..... .- " 1. 'V r T H E E A G L E ' S C L A W Published by the Senior Class Mount Olive High School Whiteville, North Carolina sansssnssusasesasssa-:sunrise 44-44444444 YEARBOOK STAFF Editor Ina Jane Lennon Secretary Ida Virginia Stephens Business Manager James Wilson Class Reporter Romania George Special Reporters Lula A Jefferson an William Stafford -X9-V--X--5-K-K-4'.?-K-'SS-I5-!f'!? -11 -H'-I-'N'-l!-41--H--HHN-ll'-X' 'X' -75 -4- ADVISOR Mrs James lhomas Brown of X' A 5 g Social Reporter ---- ----- Jennie McQueen d A sa-assay ess as sa F1 O A X D DICATION ff! vw' lf' ' I W fffr ff ,fllffql 5 r'fff!'1 f LK' D E D I C A T I Mrs Theresa Spaulding Best is a native of Columbus County She completed her elementary and high school education in the county also, at the Farmers Union High School Her B S Degree was received at Bennett College in Greensboro, N C She is a candidate for her M A Degree in Rural Education at the Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro While at Bennett College, Mrs Best was an active member of the YWCA, Art Club, Future Teachers of America, Dramatics, At present, Mrs Best's educational affiliations are with th NEA, NCTA, and CCTA organizations She teaches first grade at the Mt Olive High School in Whiteville, N C Mrs Best's rellgous affiliations are with the Rehebath AMEZ Church in Clarkton, N C and St Mark AMEZ Church in Whltevllle, N C The church auxillaries with which she works are the Education Club, Choir, Crusaders Club, Usher Board and Church Improvement Club For civic and social activities, Mrs Best is a member of the Parmi Nous Hatrons Club and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority O N and Student Senate. 5 ADMINISTR ATION xNh"'mu- A MESSAGE TO THB SENIORS May I congratulate you on your achievement thus far and wish for all of you a continued success I would also like to express my deepest appreciation to you for your loyalty and devotion in helping to make this a bigger and better Mount Olive High School. May you ever remain loyal to your Alma Mater and may you ever strive to make this a better world in which to live. J. D. lomble, Principal Dear Seniors I wish to congratulate you on having come this far You still is important that you continue your education,to plan, shape and direct your destiny to the best advantage I beseech you to continue your education and perpetuate the ideals of Mt Olive High School Select a goal and work toward it with earnestness Never despair Never become discouraged Don't permit obstacles to deter you from your goals of achievements You have the opportunity to carve out for yourselves a great future, if you are determined and strong of heart Take advantage of the opportunity Again, I advise you to prepare yourselves to go forward and serve lith best wishes, I am Sincerely yours, Edythe J Spaulding Supervisor have farther to go. You have a destiny and a mission to fulfill. It ,f- K Nfllllllk mu, ig: X WH "' I A f gun- :wifi .5 ' 1 .X . I' I. f , - , X +2 f J, A' xx -ffffx-J ff K W ff ,ff X A ff " l ii :U , .---- - x - ll ff' I -Y 3. X X ff' ' WRX ' ' SENIORS fUi. QW, A V. , 1 Nz. , iglgq '2 M . n4'11 ,gin Pe tvs -,, gf 'X if gas 2 r U11 Benjamin Roosevelt Blanks James son Lula Armetrice Jefferson Ruby Wendell Lennon Ina Jane Lennon Doris Ilona Williams I g Preston Thedore Best Hattie Roe Jean Robinson Ida Virginia Stephens Edward Lamar Lennon e ee, , N V ,QL - . jg? , -frm, 'V 9 V at 3 Q ' ,T X 25 'FW 321 fx Xxx Solicitor Wizell Flowers Janie Mae McQueen v-,,,, 5--4" William Stafford Johnsie Mae Shipman o o a o K X E V1 V 1 , xxx, V X 4 L 1 1, f . wx Y " ' I J f o 2 f 1 1 ingkfg' -Q ot Carrie Louise Floyd -asc Ru m Hum hmmll Ralph Ladson 'K Queen Elizabeth Wooten ACTIVITIES August 29th September October 5rd October 9th October 15th October 26th SENIORS CALENDAR AND BUDGET November 1Oth November 22nd 25rd December 21st January 14th 15th February 19th March April April April 19th 17th 22nd 30th May 14th May 19th Nay 22 nd ,.. Q y" gf N i ,.,, Agn? I .Q I, School Began 1 Book Fees 393 60 Insurance Dues S52 50 School Fees S52 50 8 Annual Harvest Ball Kfor treasuryb "' Donation of a Band Uniform 50 Donation on Stage Curtains to PTA 66 Ring Deposits S125 OO Annual Senior Assembly Program United Nations' Week ,,. Seniors' Day at A RT College Thanksgiving Holiday M Annual donation of a as OO gift to a handi capped child of the School Com unity Christmas Seals 33 OO A nual Christmas Party Semester Examinations ,-At W Senior Class Play f Annual St Patr1ck's Social gl ,Q Seniors' Annual QThe Eag1e's Clamlc S150 OO Easter Monday Easter Seals 41 OO Invitations and Name Cards 595 56 Class Night Baccalaureate Service S50 OO Commencement Exercise Robes S96 25 Speaker S50 Gift to the School -Z Seniors' Picnic 0 oouo oo I 0 X .f can no ooths 000006 OOO sees 067 U OI Ol OOOIO 'OOO' I W Q I 0 f I I U Q I 3 X "' Q 0 Q .X 9 J A A QQMQA anuary 50th .... .. March of Dimes . ...... ...e5.oo fqmgx ix Q o o oo ' . If Q I' l O UQ Q EI XJ Q u Q s 3 oool Sf 0 ""ffffffffffffI, foo ,--,g ':-':::rF 3? 2' ,ff s ' gait' ""'5s-9 C L A S S H I S T 0 R Y It is really hard to believe that four years ago we were Freshmen. we had looked forward toward entering a high school for eight long years. In the year of nineteen hundred and fifty-three we enter- ed the portals of Mt. Olive High School with forty-five stud- dents enrolled. It was very hard for us to consider ourselves as high school students. We worked hard trying to become mem- bers of a few clubs and organizations with Mrs. E. E. Powell as our instructor. Many of us felt this was an exciting year. Finally, we were Sophomores. We found Mr. Yates at his desk with his roll book and pen Here we realized how little we knew and how great the task was before us We became more serious minded, and settled down to real work Many students were in the school closing play 'A ntie s Big Joke August, nineteen hundred and fifty five, we were Jun iors, how proudly we were looking forward to a Junior a Senior Prom Tried to make this the greatest event of the year Many of our students took part in the high school play nMeet The Husbandn Our advisor that year was Miss E A Taylor Yes, we are Seniors The first person we saw was Mrs Brown We only have twenty seven to graduate, but we took up on our shbulders the duties and carried out the task to win We know that there was still more to be done The class offi cers are as follows President John Stephens Vice President Ina Jane Lennon Secretary Ida Virginia Stephens Ass Secretary Johnsle Shipman Treasurer Queen E Wooten Queen Wooten has been our treasurer for two years We are now making preparation for our class play and graduation we want to thank all for the privilege of attending Mt Olive High School from first through twelfth grade To our parents and teachers, again we thank you ff? snr wg By Johnsie Shipman Romania George ' Ruby Lennon thx EP' gil 4 JW 0 o o , f I YI q I In - -s N ll o o 2 O I o 0 s o . - .. O , .- Q l . --..-..----.. ........---..----..-- . 0 0 0 0 o ,lx-X ,.r L-- H- N fbfZ :sn WV ,, i ' I' , 1+ MT .Q A ' A , ' 13, ,iv 4, r ,. . . I. ,, , - ttf' , 5' CLASS After ten years' stay in I would come back to A erica wondered about my classmates, I landed in lhiteville PROPHECY Africa as lhile I the class Airport a missionary, I decided was over there I often of 1957 September 26, 1967, and much to my surprise I couldn't even find myself I went over to get a cab, and great scotts' Joseph McDuff1e was driving the cab Joseph was looking fine for a man of 28 I asked him to take me out to Spring Hill, to my aunts' Whoopsl Can't ten years make a difference? The first person I saw was Iris, a young lady now, and very talkative Much to my surprise she told me to hurry up and finish eat ing, because in ten minutes an interview of Olive College will be over channel 2 The ten minutes soon passed by and I could hardly wait for the announcer It was Ralph Ladson, dressed as a millionaire, my he looked well He said nfirst we shall take you to the pres ident's officen 0 let m adjust this Crystal Ball Guess who is the President? It is Edward Lennon Yes, he is the President lo shall now journey into the Senior Class There sits Shirley Pridgen, trying to take the place of Mrs Brown Shirley has a few gray hairs, Kfrom worrying over a h sbandj She is busy trying to show her students the difference between the Democrat ic and Republican Parties Right across from Shirley is Jannie Wright The former Jennie Mae McQueen She is busy in the H E Department trying to teach the girls how to make an Up Side Down Pineapple Cake The next room we shall visit will be the Science Department In it is Benjamin Blanks, still short and has finally grown some siders He is engaged in disectlng a frog Next person we saw was the 910113 , if you can remember well, preaching was always who's ambition' Nathaniel Lennon's of course Stephens is Next we visited the Commercial Room, John Henry in charge John and his students are working on 'The Eagle Claw' to the next After the interview was over, I was listening program Taft Hill, as a comedian, is imitating what he did when he was in school He is also imitating Elvis Presley, in 'Hound Dog', which was popular in '57 Johnsie Shipman and Doris Williams as they were known to us in the class of '57, but now are Doris Haynes and Johnsie Monroe are singing, 'Away in the Moonlight', I am sure this number will be number one on the Hit Parade of Olive College, a 6'6N man now and handsome, oh my. g 0 U After they finished, the announcer said, 'You have been wond ering who are the Typing Champs of the State? Well here are the last two left in the contest, both can type 150 gms: words pe minute . . They are Ida Virginia Stephens and Queen Elizabeth Wooten I wonder who will, so let us pay strict attention U The program was soon over, so I turned the television off Right on the bookstand was a magazine ent1tled,'Who's Who America' W ll on the cover was Vote for Wilson for Presidentn, that is James Wilson I quess he has matured now since he is run ning for President of the U S I am wondering who is the editor of this magazine, Thadius Lennon, I am sure because the article from the editor is on the first page Let me look over this article, nThe Top Secretaries in Wash ington' Carrie Louise Floyd and Romania George have done great work in the secretary field I see here Atlas Williamson and Solicitor Flowers are play ing ball with the Globe Trotters, making 375,000 dollars a year I see right on the next page is Thedore Best He has won Golden Wings, for being one of the best pilots in the Air Force Right in the middle of the book I see a school entitled Lennon E Lewis I wonder which Lennon and Lewis own that Let me is a school for slow learners Over a little farther in the book, I see where Dr J D Bullock has produced a direct cure for cancer I see also where Ruby Wendell Lennon has won the 364,000 dollar question by working one of those history puzzles After finishing with that book, I looked at the 'Ebony' You know I have always enjoyed looking at the nEbony' The first per son I reconlzed was Lula Jefferson, as one of the ton actresses in Holly wood She won the Academy Award Her last role was Sally in Uno NOT In This was the academy picture In the fashion section, I see that Hattie Roe Roberson has been chosen as the best and prettiest model She is known for her hair styles and figure In the sport section, I see that William Stafford has been given the job as the short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers' team He has the best batting average on the team 57 th t duated from the Mt Olive High schooQThgaS1a1Zdgf Z? at pgogrgzg' was a statement I r68d in Ebony under the Achievement Topic I looked for more classmates, bug 5 dnmpt find them I don't remember closing the book, GGHHS fell asleep Ina Jane Lennon ' r in . e ' read a little farther.... Ina Jane Lennon and Barbara Lewis. That C L A S S W I L L We, the graduating class of nineteen hundred and fifty seven, being of sound mind and memory, realizing the un- certainty of our future, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and Testament, and hereby make known that any Will previously made by us is null and void sincere helping day, we our dear Alma Mater, we pledge our loyalty forever our beloved principal, Mr J D Womble, we leave our appreciation for his co operation and leadership 1 us to obtain a high school education our dear teachers, who have labored with us day after leave a pleasant nightfs rest, free of worries over our poorly rendered daily recitations and monthly examinations To our beloved parents who have struggled and sacrificed the best years of their lives for us, we express our indebtness and hereby declare that we shall try to make them equally as proud of us in their later years as we are of them PERSONAL WILLS Benjamin Blanks leaves his seat in the senior class t William Lennon He hopes, William T , that you will pro fit by his mistakes Lula Jefferson wills her mouth organ ability and appetite to Shelby Stephens Ina Jane Lennon wills her position on the basketball team to Lucille Powell James Wilson leaves his debating ability t Savannah Thompson Hattie Roe Robinson leaves her height to Lillie Marie Nance lheping Lillie will be tall enough to get a robe to fit her 9 John Henry Stephens and Doris Williams will their matri monial success to Malcom Floyd and Annie Ruth Foxxorth, so they will be able to matriculate in college Ida Virginia Stephens wills her typing ability to Charles George and her co operation to Gaythen McKenzie Queen Elizabeth Wooten wills her personality and courting techniques to Verline Haynes To . To . . . - n To o s 0 J D Floyd leaves his ability to have good tim s to Leon Owens, and his comb to Perlee Haynes Thadius Lennon bequeaths his ability to know something a bout everything to Lee Andrew Cobbs Janie McQueen wills her short feet to Gloria Lennon and her pleasant disposition to Pauline Haynes William Stafford leaves his ability t jive girls t Bobby Shipman Solicitor Flowers wills his bus and laziness to Levon George and his position on the basketball team to Alton Ham r Atlas Williamson wills his ability to copy t Willie Mahoney without getting caught Joseph McDuffie wills his quietness to Gloria Lennon and Verline Haynes Carrie Floyd wills her beautiful figure to Beatrice Williams and her 'pony tailn to Lucille Powell Ruby Lennon wills her legs to any high school girl who finds it hard to keep her stockings up Theodore Best wills his smiles to Betty Lou Chavis and Vance Powell Shirley Pridgen wills her absentees to Minnie Ruth Lennon Edward Lennon wills h1s tenor voice to Earnest Graham Taft Hill wills his 'Elvis Presly sidersn to the junior boys Ralph Ladson wills his ability to com to class late with out an excuse to James McDowell Johnsie Shipman wills her singing ability and her hair do and Theodore Monroe to Shelby Stephens Nathaniel Lennon wills his money to any high school boy who likes to brag Barbara Lewis wills her beautiful face to Deloris Nance WITNESSES Lula Jefferson LAWYERS Ida V Stephens Ina Lennon Queen E. Wooten Johnsie Shipman I? o o o Romania George wills her hair-do to Arlean Woods. IE il D 9 I -I 'G f 'i A was 'avg .QQ Z i.,s ,W www, W4 .4- bf ilg 'lit in mm., 'x ,X wsziwk-31 gear- nfwk M .-w-12,5-tu' wfm. ...Q as 40532 'E n ui-uni L hi N5 'X Einifik SN APSHOTS 'T' fi We We Sail On and 0 . 5, 223, ,,r- ,,Yf"'71 I,,.,'e : 'RNA' .1 u -1- 1... 1-, 4' 3 .. :pf-f QA - 12.1 'ximfj' a.,e,l 'E A' , J A , ' E .. - ,QESE ? 1 1 fb' Fx Wh St WV my 2 i I X 5 p ,Q X -M U t , , 2 , wmv L' nv ,M QL ', Iwi fy, - . A "iff - f' QV? 1 ,r T5 - Q 5, " - , ., 15, ,, 1. 5 5 A ,, RW is L ' .55- a- .' ' , ?,'gff g A gs , A nmgg g if T I, ls- I .. . ix... A ., .. - s,-"' -aw Q, 1 'ff A 1 if 3, ji - yy 1 pg. m,2,,, W, - if ' C ' .4- 'f" ' A 'N - 5, ,. g . W, ' Q j 52. .. ,3,"nz,, In -C if . -'. g'iNflu i 1615. 2 ' ELEMENTARY wma' n 9 aff 5- ,,, at 2, as li I .. l. n 9 3 , f ' I 1 Q A I 'X L -vl' Mali . - y x' YL ,,. 3? , -1 x g , .V I g A cpl, Q" R, L.. ' gi g J sl. gy ' ml v 7. x 5 . 'I , ,far 'v 1 f - o ' ,Nl . 'P ,L 1 A ' :A if Q 9 I mx Q P f' ,, ' , r ,g 1 M Q 'S Q I 1 bv. M F52 Q5b4t..v-' 14, ,,. ' in. '51 . I 5: ' ff' 2, ,L nf -4' A - B, gm. is ' ' 2 111 5 " 2 A Q. ,F ff? x 4 'QF' , ' fit? :' A ' - 1 4 ' i' 5 A - -4 ., A' "pf vu' . -3 'nv g xfb' ek ' A s F 1 .,.. iq 3 1 ' 1 -3 , Q L, 3 Q a f' :IA 4 K Q w- -i. 1: 24, v W j' J j i Hx 7' .XA 1 . 'ff X qi! 'KN 'Q Q ' .I x f,-f.---- - f I R x' TUIZX 1 XX ill" is ! ff .' ,. . ,xr I, x , MA A N T,-v cwg 2 PATRONS' LIST Bentley A Simon Co Lewis Bellamy Mr R Mrs Lewis Bradley R family The Campbells Mrs Bernard Carter R family 8 Mrs Sam Conyer k Jr Mrs A nie Crawford Mrs Marie Davis a Anthony The Economy Cap Works Rev k Mrs Wm Gibson Mr R Mrs Gaston Hussey R Shelia J 3 J Candy Co Miss Patty Laws Mrs Etta G Moore Modern Supply Co Mrs Alice Neal Printcraft Card Co The O C Ryals Mr k Mrs I W Riggins Wa1ter's Chaple Jr Church Mrs A B Walker Mrs D L Yoeman E son Patronize Your Advertisers Mr. . . Mrs. Marsella Lucas Zgafclwin .gjfuclio -J.. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WHITE VILLE, N. C. SEVENTEEN YEARS' SERVICE TO CCLUMBUS COUNTY CITIZENS 'Cnr Q Sxxlx W. Phone 3795 WHITEVILLE FLORIST Annie W. Schulken Martin H. Schulken Columbus County's Oldest F oral Business" Phone 2722 Whiteville N C 10" J mascot Iris Harte Sumnersett QGAIN BA HUNIING P H -.942 -I 1 1 . I I U I O C MMD Nc f X , ? A CX XX A 9 1 " Nb - 1 AVANT AND SHOLAR, Inc. 1 Ea-mammal Tnmspmtrhon Pm 53' and Smmm Aumm mu Phone 3857 WHI'I'EVlI.I.E N. C. Josten Class Rings Symbolize The Finest Traditions an Durable Satisfactions Fair Play Loyalty Friendship Scholarship -21-I--Xfl-if 1897 Our 60th Anniversary 1957 Representative E P Thompson Box 907 Lumberton, North Carolina d -N' - 41- J 0 S T E N ' S C O M P L I N E N T S of MOSKOW DEPARTMENT STORE WHITEVILLE, N c B E L K - H E N S D A L E ur nRevo1on Dealer' WHITEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA COLLIER'S JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS WHITEVIILE, NORTH CAROLINA 25 Years of Service DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER CHINA CRYSTAL EDWARDS' CLEANERS 8 AITERATIONS 'you clean with us we dye for you Dial 5924 WHITEVILLE, N C NORTH CAROLINA AUTONOBILE ASSOCIATION INC 9 P O Box 109l WATCH REPAIRING Charlotte, N C ENGRAYING Affiliated with the National Automobile Association Yo ' I n , 1952 ----------- 1957 NEWMAN'S GROCERIES AND TIRE SERVICE J. C. Newman, Owner at Oak Dale Groceries Meats Gas and Oil Tires, Tubes and Batteries Car Greasing and O11 Changes Flats Fixed and Batteries Charged For the Betterment of Your Rural Community, Trade With Your Rural Merchants HOME OFFICE N C PHONE 3247 c-As co , nic I E HAWES' BEAUTY NOOK BRANCH OFFICE 4oa south 14th street Mrs Florence Hawes PFONR Proprietor 4591 Miss Gwendolyn Hawes Receptionist PTOPBTG Gas c o L L R Whiteville Tabor, City Wilmington, N. C. ' ' N. C. RALPH T BEASQN M P L I M E N INSURANCE J S MANN'S DEPT STORE Courthouse Squapg Ladies' E Gents' Furnishings P O Box 66 S M P 1 t whiteville N C J ann, ropr e or Whiteville, N C '42 THE JEWEL SHOP N 8 T Peanut Butter Sandwiches Distributor and Candies NYour Friendly Credit Jewele 408 E Clay Street Phone 2805 WHITEVILLE, N C whiteville, North carolina C O T S of . . 6 1 - o ik N fl- A -A : 'Ti JAMES O. LEE rn SMITH'S FUNERAL HOME 24 Hours Ambulance Service Whiteville Chadbourn Phone 5206 Phone 3573 e are just as near you as our nearest telephonen Burial Insurance Straight Life 'Why not have our burial policy an funeral plan in your home' Owner R R Smith PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY Incorporated Manufacture America's Finest Graduation Stationery 1509 Maple Street Scranton, Pa JAMES O LEE, DISTRIBUTOR M E T Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Candies 408 East Clay Street Phone 2805 Whiteville, North Carolina E R B R O INCORPORATED SIXTEEN COMPLETE FODERN DEPARTMENT STORES 'Everything in Ready to wear" of 'W d . Apprentice Emha1nerlC. L. Mahoney L E D T H E R AUTO GRAPHS 'X 4 D '??.Lff2af WE HCZIQF 4 Gi X X4 -a A A ' f f mums CITYA sussoum 5

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