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2 l'x,?X,Wg'iI 1+ -+ if +"+"w+"w+ Y I 'x ' 'ff-y 446 :sv swf! Re ez Img ozu H QI lfflgQ N,-.5, 1 Q7' 7' ' ' -11, A P -... KN V, w.ZfY'i8 u L f -. -. -.f 7. qi S ., J . ' Elf, 'gaf B. , A ,GFK-v"" -R - 9- 'V' f ,Af ff f f. 4' iq J 'Q' 1 fi ' , ..,ig,.L5 :fi ,. , -. '- API I ,'-,fs , In 'I , 'FQ ,, .'.' ,. ..-,--7 ,. .' gf M, ,.1' 2 ,, r,a.'7f!:j,S'i S I 55- ,', - LEXS- . ,npauvi ..:,f79'-x.. -'s::: ""1-1 During the festivities and celebration of America's Bicentennial, Mount Olive College is observing its twenty-fifth birthday. In 1951, only six students were enrolled: today Mount Olive College is the proud educator of over 400 highly active students seeking intellectual, social, and physical development. Varied academic pursuits have included Bryan projects, independent study, field trips, concerts and lectures, and convocations. Students have also enjoyed typical college pranks: breaking college policiesg aiding and abetting because they believe in helping fellow students, water fights, dorm raids, midnight parties . . . In the meantime, these same students have found time to produce a golf team, ranking eleventh in the nation, a tennis team with a second-place conference title, a fair basketball squadg enthusiastic cheerleadersg an intramural program that serves 60 percent of the student body, "The New C reations," who portray their love for Christ and all people through gospel song and testimony, "The Mount Olive Singers," offering both classical and popular music, and a superb chorus. Active organizations designed to meet the varying interests of the student body include he BSU and FWB Fellowships, Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Chi, Phi Beta Lambda, Art Club, Henderson Science Club, Commuters, Club, International Club, Photography Club. Most important, the 1976 student body of Mount Olive College proudly joins the 4,000 alumni, a body that has made the College what it is today. Many intangibles of an institution and many facets of student life evade preservation in pictures and live only in the lives and minds of individuals. Nevertheless, the OLIVE LEAVES Staff proudly presents an obscure glimpse of life at Mount Olive College and a reflection of our heritage. iff ' haf' OLIVE LEAVES 1 976 XX? W T TUDE 7 LIFE QS f.'. fi S. ffflxl 'f 'fynl 44 , I Left: A glimpse of the past shows students enjoying an informal "Pepsi Party." Below: A group pictured at the Spring Dance, 1976. Styles may change, but the importance of fun and fellowship remains constant through the years. :.,. , I v 'C' 'U' C 'A U 'a SIUJCIN lifc ul NIOC ulxxuyx inxnlvcxnL1mcl'nL1x uctivilicx. but irldividllnlx dctcrminc Ihc divcrxity The happy the xcrioux. and thc goofy enjoy their xpcciul ruomcmx in thaw poscx. Nxw-Ni4d,,,..f 4. 1 ,X su .X iv 41 If I A i. fg, -V x 1, , " I ff X 6 I Q GLN -CK., 'imlj . I.. '.q .. H, ..:..:...i"a,Sf r . u-,' 'Y rg9fv'P":+-i uk -'tb A 3- 5,0 D , LQ54' ': 's in af-Mw . .mf V VH" Kidf..- Q - lr. I A , .,-. 'VUIZ' --- 1 44 Tinzefbr S9l'i0ll Sllf?SS .- 'L ' V 1 ,f,,,,,,,! r K we-r--'NG .l K 3 ill? ii' X,-ff" ,Ar , ., ,f. . hm I :ff I .J I 'vl Q ' -av . f, ii 4 TilllPLf0l' Fun . . . ,ffm Fu Riga ' '-- Q 4 .21 I H b-. .y 1.1. TQ " Cf'7ff1,' Tl I .s x - dig 1 . 4 -f 4-'s , 1"fr5.7E, '. I1 , Y I ri. , 1 Ns. rim filnvlg ffer Q5 .ms M , -Al Q , ,r I.-f. va. 5,'N' u . '-'- X 1: Q.,-YN -vi 'x 9:3 5' 4 Tinwfbr Seriousness and Fun . . . MEMQ H' dm LU , . 1 E Qs' I 4. OPH 310171 ories Are Memories are Voices in a haunted house, Music in the other room, Clouds disintegrating after rain, Smoky figures in descending gloom. Memories are Daggers bobbing in the heart, Flaming scars across the cheek, Broken bones that never mend, Humiliations for the meek. Memories are Unnamed floral fragrances, Lunar warmth from unseen suns. Images far out of space, Drinks from buried river runs. Memories Well up, submerge, Divide, unite - Give lights - Give might with darkest nights And height with unleashed soaring kites. - Helen Berryhill OMORES ' 1 fa 44' . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. left to right: Cathy Edwards. vice-president: James Evans. president: Lyn Parry. secretary .mi'f' e WT f a . KX X - "tif 2 I "- Bonnie Allxlwmnk Clark Andermn M ary Burwick Dianne Bnrwick if 2' fl 4 Joe Bell Sandra Bowden Wanda Boykin Johnnie Brock L- A-13 David Busby Albert Campen Tom Carr John Carrere J' 1'-' 1 f Ah L Ralph Casey Karen Coates Gail Daniels Robin Davis Ronnie Davis Cathy Edwards Harold Edwards Francine Elks fir ' ' DYTT l"7'Fi'Yf7?"f,'f 1 . , ,. . fm fy , ., .I , I I l ,I Clurenee Epps James Evans Debra Ferrill Terry Ferrell A l Qs 2' Dennis Frazier Bill Glover -Ve- T" 'i.. Eddie Gray Marsha Gray 1 W el Q., - ,- ' ,SAk'gvg-,' if J. ,.,' ' f' Iv? Us Tereur Gurgunux Ashley Hale Steve Hunchey David Hardy Ll Sumn Hardy CJIVIH Huulh Larry Higgins Dunk Hmm C. fg,.b fi, ' Mf5?Xm Terry Hinson .I 0 9 A, 3 '31 a 5 A" '- Carolyn Jackson Ov 5. , K, y N Sharon Johnson 52551.-',i ' 0 'fl"i A C. 4 X I 'ii '-E 1, f f ii 4 Denne Kugelmann Ricky Lambert Faith Langley Elwin Lee " 'i Pm "W I , W , ' L L at L 45 it WK. Lewis Connie MeCulIen Theretha McLamb Ernie Martin ' ' "' 'ff 5 an 'li 'X I Q, 'K' Q' QL v , ,, xr X L A Kim M axon Bobby Matthews '5- if ., -A. Q., ,f 1 h X ii .1 Xe Gary Mileski Wayne Owen Cf 'Sa f X CANDLES The days of our future stand before us like a row of little lighted candles - wt golden, warm, and lively little candles. Wi! A I lfv' 5 The days gone by remain behind us, 6 1'-l Xu ie" km 5 a mournful line of burnt-out candlesg Jeff Parker Lyn Parry the nearest ones are still smoking, cold candles, melted and bent. I do not want to look at themg their form saddens me, and it saddens me to recall their first light. I look ahead at my lighted candles. I do not want to turn back, lest I see and shudder - how quickly the somber line lengthens, how quickly the burnt-out candles multiply. - Constantine P. Cavafy Art Paschal Joe Pate if 40+ 51,4 tv? Vanessa Peterson Patty Pierce Deborah Pittman Betsy Pittman -1 C3- Burke Raper, Jr. Harper Shackelford Becky Sloan Susan Snipes i IX -'Tr -U-Q F I . X. x Todd Spear Diane Tart 12 Karen Thornton M urciu Tolcr Tommy Tripp Russell Turner GK l I hd. .' W - K' A M . I 'X x Jcnnic Wiill Shirley Wells Ann Whitfield Barry Whillcy M I 6fn'f1T'PA3'?51.f' Cv ' a P Anne Wiggs I DebraWilbourn l 'W T ' N TUV' Brenda Wilkes Jim Wilkins Mary F, Wilson Allen Winfield X- I Mike Winstead Bruce Withrow Philip Wood Horace Worrell RECOG ITIO MARSHALS - Left to right: Mike Winstead. Cathy Edwards. Derek Hines. Tommy Tripp. Teresa Pelt. and Jennie Wall. Chief. Marshals are selected on the basis of academic achievement during the freshman year. They serve at all major functions at the College. To be named a marshal is one of the highest honors bestowed on a student at Mount Olive College. ACADEMIC HONORS - Students winning academic awards for the 1975-76 term were. left to right. Becky Sloan. Math: Susan Manning. Faculty Scholarship: Colby Benton. Math: Burke Raper. Cora Lee Spivey Award for Music: Deborah Pittman. the Johnson Award for yo Business: Donald Coates. Free Will Baptist Ministerial Scholarship Award: Sue Cox. Presidents Award: Derek Hines and Penelope Allen. the Henderson Science Club Award: and Teresa Pelt. Distinguished Service Art Award ?3 C Z I Y fc Fred Baker Linda Baker Cathy Edwards John C arrere la fr"-s JL I Elizabeth Pittman Burkette Raper, Jr. P Tommy Tripp Jennie Wall WHO, J WHO Who's Who among Students in American Junior Colleges are sophomores recognized for their scholarship. participation and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities. citizenship and service to the Community and College. and promise of future usefulness. The students must have a 3.0 average and are selected by Student Affairs and Academic Affairs committees. in: . 23: fu Arthur Paschal Teresa Pelt Q' 9 Harper Shackelford Karen Thornton , Q' i 7 .R K Michael Winstead Philip Wood 23 fi Il I A coveted honor, Miss MOC is selected by the student body in secret ballot. Above: SGA President. Mike Winstead. crowns Miss Pam Prescott. Miss MOC, 1976. Right: Sue Cox presents members of the Court: Stephanie Wyman. Elaine Sasser. Pam Prescott Deborah Pittman. Dunne Kugelmann, and Cathy Edwards. i1976 PICKLE CLASSIC QUEE Q Miss Francine Elks J Above: Miss Francine Elks proudly wears her crown as Miss it Mount Olive Pickle Classic Queen, 1976. Pictured with her is ll Miss Terry Ferrell, sponsored by Phi Beta Lambda. Right: Miss Francine Elks is escorted by Mr. Robert Crumpler l of the Mount Olive Jaycees. l l ll l i l Each year the Mount Olive Jaycees sponsor a Pickle Classic Basketball Tournament. A highlight ofthe event is the crowning of Miss Mount Olive Pickle Classic Queen. The Queen is selected by a committee of Jaycees from a group of students who represent various clubs and organizations. She is chosen on the basis of beauty. poise, and personality. The Queen and her Court are presented during half-time festivities on the final night of the Tournament. L "I Hill .-tg PHI THETA KAPPA - A National .lunior College Scholustic Fraternity which recognizes outstanding academic uchieyemem - Right: Phi Theta Kuppu members :ire pictured with Mr. Barefoot. Sponsor. BRYAN SCHOLARS - Below: Bruce Withrow Lind Penny Allen are working on their Bryan Scholar project. Bottom: Bryan Scholurs whose appointments are based on high school records. need. character. personality. and leadership and made possible by at grant from the James E. and lXlLlfyZCL1ly Bryan Foundation. l ADMINISTRATIO Posvs Qftll 0 Past Charles Harrell, dancing in his youngcr days The Rapcrs and Miss Owens. enjoying a picnic Mr. Barefoot, partying with classmates .ix THE PAST THE PRESENT THE FUTURE OCR TTVEXTY-FIFTH ,4.Y.YIVERS-4RY: REFLECTIONS ON A VISION 1951-1976 The past is prologue." - Shakespeare The true historical image of Mount Olive College is not an abandoned elementary school building which became a college plant but a vision which became a miracle. Two hundred years ago. our Nation declared its right to be free: twenty-five years ago Mount Olive College declared its right to exist. Giving birth to both our Country and our College was a vision: - A vision that human life is endowed by its Creator with a promise that should be developed: - A vision to work and sacrifice to fulfill this promise: and - A vision of a future which transcends the restraints of the present. Our history is the unfolding of this vision. It was in 1951 that the vision of a Christian College was presented to the North Carolina State Convention of Free Will Baptists by the Reverend David W. Hansley. and it was in 1952 that the Reverend Lloyd Vernon with a student body of six at Black Mountain took the first step toward translating this vision into learning. Today. this vision has visibility in two hundred acres of God's good earth - a 1 10-acre campus and a 90-acre site - with a fully accredited educational program and fiscal assets of S5 million. Visibility of even greater significance. however. is reflected in the lives of 4.000 students whom a dedicated faculty has encouraged to "Stir up the gift of God" with which they were endowed. "The past is prologue." - prologue to what? A vision of a great destiny that transcends quantitative measurements and finds its fulfillment in equality - the quality of life that is "the equal right of every child bom on earth." The future of Mount Olive College is a commitment to serve those who have a vision to develop this promise with which they are endowed by their Creator. "Out of nothing comes nothing" - except what is created by a vision. W. Burkette Raper. President 'H' 144- mm ,....s..,nx.. .. :J ... ...f 1 lfuhnqffnuuhfvfhfa-vi.-11.1.- .,... Dr. Ray Swords, Academic Dean Dr. Hilda Owens, Dean of Students S 5 Q. ., 2 - ' 5 . f 2 ' 1 . .l 4.1 U 1 .Hh5"'--..,, "ri'lix' ' 'TS , ,s - f YS I AIDTK-,bif- -1 I . -S Mr. Charles Harrell, Business Manager Mr. Harold Herring, Director of Development, with Beverly Herring, his secretary and wife. 29 F - 1 E?-fr.. :mf Q1-A,Wf:'-f,'-'L-irq '-ir? ..f-- - :.i,v 1477: .. . ir - 'A-. ,!.", ' . "1' ,,g' , 2 5. 1 -bd. ,' .4 is 'fp' 7 .., ,- , 5 -. . -,.r.E ,I V4 :div , ff f Mr. Nate Reynolds, Assistant to thc President Mr. Gary Barefoot, Librarian f'aYu4w-3 S23 A, ,X ii Mfg, Demon FQUCQIIQN Mrs. Miranda Connor, Nurse, and Womcnk Dorm Director Mr. Frank Harrison, Chaplain 10 rx- x pn X Ju VI? ,X xA. - ,., A1-an J f" FN Mrs. Marie Glenn, Registrar Mrs. Dianne Riley and Mr. Russell Duncan, Admissions Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Andrews, Men's Dorm Directors ! 6 IF Mr. Andy Floyd, Counselor Right: Mrs. Jean Aekiss and Miss Eleanor Dickinson, Secretaries to the President Below: Miss Pam Wood. Assistant Librarian is 3 l , , qi " r A Fi . -"' 22 ' o V . ' A M- i x!-' b " 5h X ti Above: Mrs. Annie Bruce Albertson. Secretary to the Librarians Above right: Mrs. Norma Moore, Mrs. Karen Dilda, Mrs. Linda Outlaw and Mrs. Linda Sutton. Secretaries to Administrators and Faculty Right: Mrs. Fannie Rose and the Cafeteria Staff 32 ,,-, ,- ....... - -11 ...- .-- .-Q...-.- ,.. ..q ...qv-in --nsuvqvcv-Q1-a-an 'Q sit -irvvnrit ,lillfi guilt' 14--1-.Quin J-ss - 'ta 'gif' -- Q tnlhl -anim f -Q-in an ,l - .,, pu- ,wa ...v--a . ' ns I U Q y 1 - ,L 1. 1 .nr 1 -we- 1" .lil ' . xg si ,mv ll Vg, g . 1 .- un as 1. ' I -" ' ,,,,.,, imp- ,ish Dnru 11:0 'nc-1 v-ni Q sg -' - 1 1 , 11 4.- Q! B.i ,ik 1 . f ' 4 rtamfg. n"h-.H P 'fQ,1Qg4.1j. ff . N t t i V . 1 t t L 'J X , . 5 P- x OUR HERITAGE REFLECTED IN CONTINUOUS SERVICE The success of Mount Olive College has been and is dependent upon careful planning and successful implementation. Countless individuals have assumed these tasks since th'e Free Will Baptist Convention of North Carolina authorized the establishing of ajunior college in 1951. Olive Leaves gratefully recognizes all who have helped to transpose a dream into reality. Continuous service is one of many facets in the transposition. Representative of such dedication are five individuals who have served at the College for more than fifteen years: Leurah Reaves began her service in the cafeteria in 1954 and remained with the College until her retirement in December, 1975. W. Burkette Raper became President on September 9, 1954. His excellent administrative leadership is recognized on the local, state, and national levels. Mrs. Leurah Reaves "V, . 4 , , - . . 1 1 ' . - - , . r . - p Lorelle F. Martin joined the faculty as Chairman ofthe Science Department in 1957. Her excellent services have extended beyond the classroom because of her versatility and willingness to contribute wherever needed. Michael Pelt also joined the faculty in 1957 as Chairman ofthe Department of Religion. He has faithfully served as instructor. leader. and personal counselor for ministerial students. Kathleen Warren became a valuable addition to the faculty in 1958. A voice instructor, she has not only taught many outstanding students but also performed on many occasions. Unmeasurable personal contributions. an inherent part of our heritage. have made the twenty-fifth anniversary of our College possible. Dr. Burkette Raper alll Dr. Michael Pelt M rs. Kathleen Warren ff'-'Lg ' QA X. f on ,ft- ' 'A '- . ,' ' ' '47, Y-I, tfagmo 'f Jw ' 1 . . ki I 1- .i,,.,. .--.. ... ii' I 'NJ - ' E, 1 I-xg -s- 'F J. A. ,f - -tr. V 3" 3- vw ,, . If-5 . 1 x. i Q.- . .. .,-"fa , ,.. ,ps-. Q, 'fn - - - N4 . vm , - If A . K .- an - - . -' . 1,14 x g Q' 'E 1 la 15 ev 1- it ", iv- Q ,142-1 ri! Ah 5 -2.15 -57' -..gag A. 4-1- .I V7 ' ? 1, 1 . . W' - ' AA .- - . .. . " 2 fi g f.. -' . 4- ' ' 1 - .-....,,, -11 . 9- v 2 .I "' QM' ' mis. 'Ee Jag? 56,1 5 'ff-,1l"" ' " ' "'5""'?Q?-+-11 'F it at me - -I - f ' V "' -. ' . 'K f .n . a -V., w S - , ' V ,,v of , 1 f ' ' " ', .- -1 .. :xg ,. Tu- . -L tmllff k . -11' . ,Tv 311 'I - -J 5 41 VET .'71' fl' - . 1, .h , Y .- -,, - . . .4 .. .Y ,fi 1 1 V - I- X H,--4 . ... 1 my ,A . 5.9, E V ,-.,,- ' 1 V -ZQJJ 7. 46... 3:51,-J, 4. .-1 ,-l n e-, in .-I . . , Yang! --i' Alt. 5- .,- f,J . gh I . ,s,,'x,- 'F 4.-I . ', .9-X ef" '4 ' , . ' .- -+ -1,13 !',.... - 1 ' 51 af'-' ,Ile f'V.-5' ,xv g . " 3.35. I- F . .' -' H' I r -"1 m., 4 if- .-sq. f- -- A -g . :.- ' . Mit -T23l'i'13? -H.. 4 v.- dev? 2 3 , - .fv . -1, 'gg' - - 1 '55 w a, at 1 . . , ., H7 11" 'ft N ' ' . 1 if 'L fp VL ,I 1 L, 'S X 'r 45. . - . wi - - -pf A .Q 'f.,j"?,'f U. - 'A' .Qual f , D 7 f ,1 ..Q Mrs. Lorelle Martin IIISTURIIQ4 I. C4 l.END.4R September 12. 1951 - The State Convention authorized the evtablixhing of ajunior college. September 22. 1952 - Mount Allen Junior College opened at Black Mountain vvith six vtudentv. September 17. 1953 - The State Convention authorized relocation ot'College in Mount Olive. Auguxt 2. 195-1 - W. Burkette Raper became prev-ident. September 9. 19-15 - College opened in Mount Olive. September 1-1. 1955 - State Convention authorized that name be changed to Mount Olive College. Novem ber 6. 1958 - State accreditation attained. December 1. 1960 - Full accreditation granted by the Southern Awociation ot'Colleges and Schoolv. September 27. 1965 - Henderson Building and NN omenl Dormitory Complex occupied. Auguvt. 196S - Move Library occupied. September. 1970 - Menk Dormitory completed. December. 19'2 - Eaglev Nest Conference Center given by XNQP. Kemp Family. A-Xuguvt 3. 19'-1 - Rodgerv Chapel dedicated. "The future belongx to thoxe H110 prepare for it." -it SPORTS Trojan Sports through the years Olive Leaves proudly salutes the development of sports at Mount Olive College on the oc- casion of its twenty-fifth anniver- sary by presenting Trojan coaches and team members who are an important part of our heri- tage. Above right: Basketball Above left: Intramurals Middle right: Cheerleading Middle left: Coaching Bottom right: Tennis Bottom left: Golf A team consists of people working together toward a eommon goal. but leadership comes from the experience of a good coaching staff. The MOC Coaching Staff consists of: Above: Coach Jimmy Adams Basketball, Golf A bove right: Miss Sandy Robeson Intramural Director Cheerleader Advisor Bottom right: Coach Willis Brown Tennis Members ofthe MOC Coaching Staff promote sportsmanship. determination. loyalty and long lriendships through sports. Nw M N X 5 Q ek. L. ' ' 5' . in .-v BASKETBALL Top left: "Boxed In" - That is what the Mount Olive Trojan defense does to opponents. Art Paschal, Clarence Epps, and James Evans boxed in this UNC JV player. x1DJA,, 2 WVJMU 444 A ,au-lat M"J"'Qf 5 33 Billy., 0JAf, x s all M, ' si s l QBJAy I k4lEJJ BJAy0 xg0JA 12 BJAJX X10-1443 fill! T li ihi ,S+ fri MOC Trojans 1975-76 Squad, left-right, sitting: Wesley Taylor, Milton Warren, Ronnie Davis. Eddie Maroules. David Hardy, Clarence Epps. Standing: Coach Jimmy Adams, Gregg Hill, Art Paschal, Chuck Lucas, James Evans. Curuver ' A 9 lI"t'f': is l-1 u-r-I Burrus, Cy Alexander. Above right: Kneeling: Ronnie Davis, David Hardy. Clarence Epps. Standing: Gregg Hill. Chuck Lucas, James Evans, Art Paschal. 37 Above Coaeh Adams getx in the middle ofthe team to give his pep Right Cl irtnee vom up tot mother two. but what will he face I when he eomes down ind eontronts those two opponents? ' The MOC B islxttb ill Te im had some good games as well as bad I ones during the 1975 IQ76 se lson Coordination of individual pl ixtrs m IW h in been it muse oi disappointing losses. but lack of ,f f Top left: Art is ready to pass off the ball, Above: David puts in two on a lay- up. Top right: Clarence dunks two more with a twist. 95k f., Left: David Hardy blocks u puss- off with Li full-length spread. Below left: Ronnie Davis gives us un example of his expert dribbling. Below right: Gregg Hill has devised his own style of lay-up, 11 two- footed hop, that seems to work for him as well as his teammutesg that is, it works as long he makes the shot. l - JW fi if fir? 5 t ' .,. y tif f f A' it A NX,aQ,.,Q. 4 s X517 t 1 x J . 7 ' lm F .C -fe-Q - e M I A cheerleader is luelw it she can keep the spectators enthusi astie for ten minutes. Cheer leadine is work but Ll smile or at yell brings satisfaction Right: MOC Cheerleaders Below left: Teresa Harrison Freshman, Kinston. NC Below right: Marsha Gray Sophomore. Kinston, NC .vow-f .SQGSYUFY-9 '. G.-M 7 VUL I. 'il F? 51 9 ini' QA lil' ini I-QP: :fa fvtjljgxgfv fistfifi Above: Denne Kugelmunn, Sophomore, Belton, Mo. Right: "MOC Pyramid" Bottom row: Shelia, Vanessa, Denne Middle row: Marsha, Francine Top: Teresa Vanessa Peterson, Sophomore Pam Prescott, Freshman Chigf New Bern, NC Arapahoe, NC CHEERLEADERS n A ""--91:11 f, , - 4 ,4-, Q-f--1 , ... ww ,, aw. , r. .Q r , sy! I I - 1 .af-: 1 lv 1 ,fl XY'- x 1 A . 1 .,.i', Francine Elks, Sophomore Dawn Davis, Freshman Sheila Sasser, Freshman Greenville, NC Goldsboro, NC Grantham. NC The MOC Tennis Team is a devoted and sincere group. On almost every afternoon during the week. one can see them on the tennis courts or jogging. whether their coach is around or not. The players not only enjoy the game of tennis but also strive for the skills necessary to become good players. Right: Sophomore Players: Standing. left-right. Joe. Glenn. Jim. Ralph. Kneeling: Gary and John 2 I These Freshman players may have their arms crossed here. but they shovv ample skill when they start swinging those tennis rackets. Above: left to right. Kevin. Larry. Eddie -32 ,iii , Qfgkff-fs ' i . y .. , H, L. , 1,7 .Y 4 -.Z V Pri' i ' . 4 ri l l: ,Fil-JQI. 4-1-f fi '5"""f'1T" .. --feta. t ,JXKX 1 My A Above: Joe swings so fast that his racket disappears. ....----T 3 l e i The 1975-1976 Tennis Team Above: Kneeling: left-right, Gary Mileski, John Carrere, Kevin Rhodes, Eddie Maroules, Ralph Casey. Standing: Coach Willis Brown, Joe Bell, Glenn Gainey, Larry Mann, Jim Wilkins Left: Jim follows up his backhand stroke and shows his best view! 43 Right: Intramural Softball Cathy Edw ards. batter: .lov Nlanl-ter. catcher: Sandy Robeson. umpire Bottom left: X'olleyball's Finest! -uns, ,,,... -""f',f., ...,,. Q. efgtt 1. - Left: Pool Bruce McCallop trying to make a side pocket as John Carrere looks on Right: Faculty Vs Student Volleyball Faculty lost! Q, Ye.- Below: Ping-pong Dona Rowe is backed against the wall as she battles with her opponent. ITXK1 .11 I TRAMURAL Mount Olive offers an intramural program for those who wish to lend themselves to the game of sports and competition. Whether one likes indoor or outdoor sports, there is a skilled sport for everyone. v nh 1 4 ,L ff' X Y ' ' R . I ' 5 Above left: Joe Pate tries his luck at a tight shot of pool. 7:-11 if-1' ' ' ' 'Q 1 . Above right: Bobby Matthews and Jim rfrrf V f-.,:.,6 -A 'F .Q Lewis sharpen their wits at the game ot -1- --. ' F . .V f- -2.4 bw - - ping pong- , - A . Bottom right: Wanda's softball stance , . '- ",,,--'o ' 9-'f'-'ff 1- .' -L , - .- IU! A 44- Q . Above: Guy Wilkerson swings into action with the flashing club. Right: Bobby Matthews Concentrates on his "Nicklaus" stance. K K Above left: Ronnie and Bobby stand gazing as Buster tees off. Above right: Ronnie walks toward his tee. 46 At, 1 Below: Bobby tees oft' as Ronnie watches his form. Below righf: Ronnie lines up with the bull. J I . , 4 A ..:. AJ. was f I i A ,f ' Q.. , , Q If-,Q .nz 11. -if-I-' ,V -x-4i',1f,,'f 'mm-'f' 7" '1.:"1T.m-- -:,...:.'!'sgtQgea GOLF E ---s ,944-.. 5 g- . - . , ,V .. - -. 1, .- A5 ' ,5f7w1,, 'A ., "' tx-?'fWT?'i '1 N, ll., .'3il'.- LL, -' ' ' ' ' Q , fc The MOC Golf Team: left-right, Bobby Jewel, Ronnie Sloan, Buster Johnson, W.K. Lewis, Bobby Matthews, Guy Wilkerson, and Coach Jimmy Adams 4. G- Sf 1 X THE FACULTY On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mount Glive College. the students salute the faculty for long hours of service. They have not only been instructors. but also advisors and friends. With understanding. they have listened to problems. often pointing the way to solutions and boosting spirits. With tolerance. they have dealt with weaknesses. With guidance. they have promoted intellectual. emotional. and spiritual growth. Top: Mrs. Worrell. Mrs. Mooring. Mr. Harrison. and Sue are enjoying refreshments at the Phi Beta Lam hda Christmas Party. Bottom: Mrs. Martin guides Kim. Milton. Jan. and Calvin during a scientific experiment. Q -S61 f 1 5 'if' l 5. .a ' . J' li 5 l ig-4 fx-. - -Q4 Lf! JS? I 'wr-' ffl if-ll N! Top: Mr. Mercer tips his hut . .. during u May Day celebration of the past. Left: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Barefoot, Mr. Harrison, and Mr. Herring present u skit during Field Day activities. 49 5 0 , xl ' Z ,,,.v Above: Sir. Ken Dilcia. a social science teacher. prepares for a busy das. Belovx: Mrs. Lorelle Nlartin observes as Rebecca explains her science project to Nlike. Bruce. Debra. Diane. Donna. and Derek. Right: Nlr. Claude Nloore. also a social science teacher. poses with his wife in historical costume. THE FIENFE T ng! 415 v SOCIAL, NATURAL, PHYSICAL 'I l , Ol O-I 1 diff! S-L 'Z-'2 'a 's Far left: Jimmy Adams, eoaeh and PE teacher. eyes the team. Center: Sandy Robeson rests between PE Classes. Below: Caroline Castelloe, math instructor, pauses for a snack. Bottom left: Willis Brown explains chemistry fundamentals to Keith, Jeff, and Cathy. Bottom right: Gene Mercer explains a logical math solution to John Grantham. I . LN-T., li rg 1 .1-" BUY Sl Left: Nlr.CoL1ts. business instructor. chats with Debbie Stone. Belong Mrs. Warren explains "notes" to her music class. Bottom left: Nlrs. Worrell takes a moment betw een business classes to model her bieentennial costume. Bottom right: Nlrs. Wyniun demonstrates her tulent in musie. L, P- 0 I-IUMA ITIE l 5 . is .i 'i -44" Left: Mrs. Bennett is busily preparing for her art classes. Below: Mrs. Patten. a music instructor, observes as Burke Raper, a student. plays the piano. Bottom left: Mr. Howard. religion instructor, is reading in the library. Bottom right: Dr. Pell. Chairman ofthe Department of Religion, begins his Class with a smile. 3 lu V .X levi -i IODER I ANGUAGES Right: Mrs. Margaret Walker. a member ofthe English Department. takes time to talk with Debra Wilbourn. a student. Below: Mrs. Lucy Mooring. also an English instructor. climbs the stairs with a smile. Below right: Mrs. Olga Ruiz happily marks the papers of her Spanish students. 7 I fi Q1 Left: Miss Francoise Robert, a native ol' France, is both a French teacher and a l part-time student. l . 1 5 A I 'gif Below: Mrs. Mae Ellen Warwick, French 1 J . - . . ""' instructor. pertorms her tasks with a smile. Bottom: Sidney Johnson takes time to relax from his duties as an English teacher i and a department head. l l ia" L Q. if fx. ,612 ' -ig --f 'N ' ' I '- A 'F ,V li 7 i T4 'v' ,, t , 1 1 i t 'vf iii? . l m Sw ie 1 if -dvidi L A Y XF! ORGJNIZJTIO Organizations and clubs at Mount Olive College are designed to encourage both personal development and group participation. In addition to providing valuable leadership opportunities. various clubs strive to reach out into the community and beyond through various service projects. Below Lett: NYOMENS DORMITORY REPRESENTATIVES: Advisor. Mrs. Faucette: Sue Cox. Juda Long. Betsy Pittman. Lyn Parry and Deborah Cooke. Belovv Right: MENS DORNIITORY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: Advisor. Mr. Andrews: Front: Donald Coates. Bruce Hurst. Back: Charles Hardison and Todd Spear. Bottom: SGA COUNCIL: Seated. Left to Right: Betsy Pittman. Chairman of Womens Dorm Council: Terry Ferrell. Secretary of SGA: Mike Winstead. President of SGA: Susan Smith. Vice-president of SGA: John Carrere. Treasurer of SGA: Jennie Wall. Commuter Representative: Standing: Dr. Owens. Advisor to SGA: James Evans. President of Sophomore Class: Miss Castelloe. Advisor to SGA: and Sue Cox. President of Freshmen Class. Not pictured: Horace Worrell. Commuter Representativex and Charles Hardison. Chairman of Mens Dorm Council. .EEE PPS ,,,A, 1 l ..-, 1 CONCERT CHOIR - First Row: Selina Nicholson, Sharon Johnson, Maggi Rivera, Debra Wilbourn, Kim McKinney, Sherry Jones, Susan Snipes, Deborah Pittman, Jan Glenn, Valerie Wood and Carol Farmer. Second Row: Gail Johnson. Wanda Boykin, Patty Pierce, Larie Harper, Terry Ferrell, Deborah Cooke, Susan Smith, Rebecca Heath, Carolyn Jackson, Sylvia Morris, Karen Thornton, and Mrs. Irene Patten, Director. Third Row: Johnny Skinner, Bob Schoonover, Donald Coates, Bruce McCallop. Ricky Lambert, Robert Peele, Eddie Gray, Barry Whitley, Gary Wilson, Jeff Parker, Burke Raper and John Carson. MOC Singers - Left to Right: Jeff Parker. Burke Raper, David Pridgen, Carolyn Jackson, Karen Thornton, Sherry Jones, Eddie Gray, Donald Coates, Jan Glenn, Gary Wilson, Bob Schoonover and Cindy Maxwell. 59 NEW' CREAYYU T NEW CREATIONS - Left to Right: Kim McKinney. Sue Cox. Ruth Timmons. Terry Ferrell. Curtis Brock. Beth McCoy. Keith Wilson. Kay Parrish. Ricky Lambert. Connie Matthews. Harper Shackelford and Debbie Carter. .KAPPA CHI Kappi Chi promotes ministerial fellowship and exalts the Christian ministry. George Campbell served as president and Dr. Pelt as advisor. UTERT CL B The Commuters Club encourages participation in campus activities and a closer relationship between Commuting students and the entire campus. Ann Whitfield served as president and Mr. Floyd as advisor. so PBL The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to strengthen Confidence, to improve scholarship, and to develop qualities that will enable more effective participation in business. Karen Dilda served as president and Mrs. Worrell as advisor. BSU The Baptist Student Union stimulates interest in Christian growth and fellowship. Tommy Tripp served as president and Mrs. Martin and Mr. Coats as advisors. FWBF The Free Will Baptist Fellowship seeks to strengthen personal faith and character among FWB students. Harper Shackelford served as president and Miss Wood as advisor. 6l ?Ws. I The HENDERSON SCIENCE CLUB stimulates interest in natural science through research. local observation. and by study of current scientific events. Bruce Withrow served as president and Mrs. Martin as advisor. 'I l The ART CLUB promotes interest in the field of art through service to the College and community. Teresa Pelt served as president and Mrs. Bennett as advisor. . O Q V The YOUNG DEMOCRAT CLUB seeks to encourage interest in political affairs of the Democratic Party. Kate Smith served as president and Mr. Dilda as advisor. I.- dh" l' The PEP CLUB promotes school spirit and seeks to strengthen intercollegiate relationships among students. Elaine Sasser served as president and Mrs. Walker as advisor. 1 jr, . -Z I .' tb ,4 I tr , fl 1 . ' . X ,. ,- .,,v Kp 7 1 ,. t I- . 7-M 3 L9 ., , . ., Qi rx ...- Q 4 1 .. ' X vlf1?f i X!! f . ,, if The INTERNATIONAL CLUB seeks to promote understanding of other nations. Ruth Ann Timmons served as president and Mrs. Warwick as advisor. 96 Qv The YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB stimulates interest in political affairs of the Republican Party through sponsorship of speakers and mock-elections. Dennis Frazier served as president and Mrs. Herring as advisor. 63 OLIVE LEA VES Editor Gail Johnson Assistant Editor Debbie Stone Section Editors Francine Elks Carol Farmer P.J. Gibbs Sandra Humphrey Elaine Sasser Photographers Dennis Frazier Terry Gause Jeff Parker Kate Smith Artists Ernie Martin Elxxin Lee .-Xdviso Gene Mercer Lucy Mooring FRE HME The Book of lfvisdonz I met a seer. He held in his hands The book of wisdom. "Sir," I addressed him, "Let me read." "Child -" he began. "Sir," I said, "Think not that I am a child. For already I know much Of that which you hold. Ay, much." He smiled. Then he opened the book And held it before me. Strange that I should have grown so suddenly blind. - Stephen Crane ii' lv-44' 1 , ', . M! ,T 44 B ,J ... 1, - , A N Vernon Baker, Jr. Kem Burger Randy Beaman Buddy Bennett, Jr. Colby Benton LlIlLi21BlL1CkbLlI'Il Lynn Blackburn Hollis Blukclcy 66 ,.L,J..,.L...---1-. 'L J--r"'l' 'L L 65 -Ci Qzv """- .fi '- 4U'- an Bill Boykin Curtis Brock Terrie Brock Wanda Bryant Stanley Buck, Jr. Garry Bunn Gruver Burrus W.C. Cain George Campbell David Canady Keith Caroon Evelyn Carr John Carson Deborah Carter Bryan Caton, Jr. Donald Coates Deborah Cooke Sue Cox Annette Cunningham Diane Daughtry 67 Cindy Davis Dawn Davis Beth Elliot Carol Farmer Tim Garner Jennifer Gibbs Jan Giddenx .lan Glenn John Grantham Glen Griffin G arl and G uffey Melanie Haire Karen Diltia Daryl Hardee Teresa H arrimn L.: F 4 N tu- : fl! Diane Hill Harry Hill, Jr. Funnelte Hines Becky House Sandra Humphrey Bobby Jackson Bobby Jewell Sherry Jones Randy Keech Timmy Koonce, II Kim Kornegay Jan Lee Donna Lewis Jim Lewis Juda Long 69 Beth McCoy Kim McKinney Jeffery McPherson Joy M anker Larry Munn Susan Manning Eddie Maroules Connie Matthews Cindy lN1u.xwell Glenn Moore Pam Norris Charles Parker Charles Parker. Jr. Kay Parrish Robert Peele Wanda Peele Bobby Pennington Winfield Perry Kim Phelps Robbie Phelps 70 U Pam Pittman Pam Prescott Phil Prescott Mike Raper .. . 3. . 1 1 , 'ggi ly x ' x Rf Charles Renfrow Sue Reynolds Mike Reynolds Kevin Rhodes Gianantonio Ricci Maggi Rivera Dona Rowe Elaine Sasser Sheila Sasser Bob Schoonover Sharon Scott Carol Sexton 7l 1 College! September, roommates, classes, new faces, record shop, 8 o'clock's, Uck! Convocation, dorm meetings, those required assemblies, elections, tests, sleeping through classes, mass evacuation on week-ends, going home, sweet home, TV watching, the "Fonz," funtime, waterfights. October, all-nighters, sleepy, yes ma'm. Mrs. Walker! ping-pong and pool, Field Day, FRESHMEN VICTORY, pig-picking, getting familiar with Moye Library, really familiar dates, cheerleading tryouts, basketball, chapel, Indians at MOC, mail, November, campfire, singing, Oriental, intramural volleyball, "Purlie victorious," ice cream cones, High School Day, Thanksgiving, home, December, trip to the orphanage, papers due, Christmas tree, Prom, basketball games, exams, January, Happy New Year! registering, 8 o'clock, snow fights, Febmary, more basketball, tests, Valentine dance, fire drill, FWB Fellowship, grades, vacation, March, softball, intramurals, too warm to study, food, SGA meeting, no classes, tennis matches, car bash, dogwoods, Prom, new dresses, golf and tennis winners, Friday in the library, Singers on tour in Virginia, BSU mini- retreat, Art Club car wash, Happy Easter, May, Christian Musicial Festival, last minute papers, worry about exams, getting sun tans, new L I Clothes. more golf Connie Strickland and tennis matches, exams, more papers, "write me this summer and see you next year," packing up, good-bye, sophomores, good- bye MOC, until next September. Janice Smith Susan Smith Susan Still Denise Stocks Deborah Stone Juda Nina Suggs Clay Summerlin Mike Swindell Lynn Sexton Johnnie Sisson Johnny Skinner Barbara Smith 1:15 Q! x,'X Ray Swords Wcslcy Taylor Ruth Ann Timmons John Vinson Barbara Waring Milton Warren Gary Wilson Keith Wilson 73 vinyl. 74 FIELD DAY Field Day provides enjoyable competitive games and skits for Freshmen. Sophomores. and Faculty and Administration. The Freshmen won! Left: Mrs. Wyman. Mrs. Outlaw. and Dr. Owens prepare Mr. Barefoot for a contest. Below: Contestants engage in a pie-eating contest to the amusement of spectators. Bottom: The Freshmen Skit: Burial of Sophomores. a-I I , x l as W 3' V fx S . CW wr 5- jfaflf E -,wr-. , 'HC'- . ,..?? '1r'1 s,.4 A Q A I . A nf' H. u rv, 'W , X 225 1 Iwi -15. - , 4 ,-, YQ ..- ? V v- rf 'A ,R- V3 1932? li .A ,, , -4 .,,Q, '41, I . ' " 1 fc 'if "mf H,'??Zi1. ' 4 A,-, -. 2. S? Af- , CM. .. ,. , x .r , 1' Y 'Qld' ,- x ,- 'ii-'E lt '-Q xg 5' .r F7 3 ' bi .Y.L b . ' N l v I 1 lik.-- -145- ' X.. 5 ,bg 1 C X -.Q-: L-,-,pap g. A 'II y ,ff x. .N , QF E . 2'lz'a+- . P if ., ,f ,. ,Nw uf '12 x.-. "H ,s "Ls, - ffm QQQQQHQX I 'E 122423 esx- ! E .slab-xf'fP 1311555551 X .5 'Qui A Yeung: if.E1'fgg5??5i:f.EJ i :fff H ' " '92 1 -. 1 X: xi 5 X .L . 41 51:1 x! '11 'lwkf x - ,ggi 'ga V 1, ,1 ,N ...wa . , , N, X7 x L 1- fluff ,N ,, W A . fmfxx 1 I Q, Q 1, . N. l o 'PF Left: Mr. Ken Dilda and Mr. Claude Moore, Professors of History, and Tommy Tripp, a MOC student, host a group of visitors during High School Day activities. On display are replicas of former American flags. Left: As part of a unique Bicentennial program, Penny Allen reenacts Mary Slocumb in her ride from Mt. Olive to Moore's Creek on February 26, 1776. Above: Mr. Moore is pictured with a group of Coharie Indians who gave a special Bicentennial program 77 DA CES CHRISTMAS DANCE - A highlight of social activities at MOC is the Christmas party. Appropriate decorations, good music and food, and fellowship provide a delightful evening. SPRING DANCE - MOC students look forward to the Spring Dance and the crowning of Miss Mount Olive College. Right: As Denise Stocks looks on, Mike Winstead congratulates Pam Prescott, the happy queen. Bottom Right: Students reflect the joy and excitement of a special moment. -..- , 5' I HA thing ofbeauty is ujoyjbrever. .6495 - Keats Whcthcr it bc L1 short ride to Eagles Ncst, at long, longjourncy to thc Outer Banks for u Campmg Wtdx md or 1 bontlrt on tttmpus studtnts Qhtrlsh sptcn 11 tvtnts ot 1975 1976 moments whtn tht bt iuty ot God s world bttttnn 1 p art ot mtmory iff' V G WL 1 is-f H 'ZQEDL V V+ g Evv V Q' Q 1 u 1 V Q-fa V J J 5' I' V . l E I . 1" .ef 'E - 1-ff ft I fig ' .. ltr' T -ff -2 1, -me 4 Qlsi fl " Q of J. 5, ,gg gg'iwU' I,-L4 ' 'Y : A 1 '3 iv-gf ,. 5 V5 ia? 'S' fa -we avv 'v V V ff? w fy W 1 53 31 .. - ff A' C9 '3' V -'bd ISV V N' 59,4 N 'f 'A . v 'S C' e Q Q1 v w V v 9 V ki ' , ., 5 '- A'qg!mm'VvpmQ's9"" 'fn ls ' TQ: - ,,. J. iff 3OPHOMORE DIR EC TOR Y Penelope Susan Allen 106 S. Chestnut St. Mount Olive. N.C. Bonnie Jean Allsbrook 1003 South Best St. Goldsboro. N.C. Roger Clark Anderson Rt. 5 Box 365 Mount Olive. N.C. Fred Parker Baker P.O. Box 292 Mount Olive. N.C. Linda Baker P.O. Box 292 Mount Olive. N.C. John Thomas Ball 630 N. Church St. Mount Olive. N.C. Mary Hall Barvvick 311 Henderson St. Mount Olive. N.C. Norma Dianne Barvvick Rt. 2 Seven Springs. N.C. Joseph Ward Bell P.O. Box 162 Pollocksville. N.C. Danny Hal Blackman P.O. Box 28-1 Benson. N.C. Sandra Gail Bowden 103 Lockhaven Dr. Goldsboro. N.C. Wanda Jean Boykin 207 Pittman Drive Xkilson. N.C. 82 Kathy Ann Bridgers 317 E. Maple St. Mount Olive. N.C. Johnnie Lee Brock Rt. 2 Box 322 Warsaw. N.C. David Ellis Busby 3-12 Cherokee Trail Wilmington. N.C. Teresa Ann Campbell Rt. 2 Box 251 Mount Olive. N.C. Albert Lynn Campen Box 10-1 Lovvland. N.C. Thomas Edvvard Carr P.O. Box 223 Dudley. N.C. John Charles Carrere. Jr. Rt. -1 Box 9 Mount Olive. N.C. Alex Ralph Casey. Jr. Rt. 9 Box 5-17 Goldsboro. N.C. Karen Lynn Coates Rt. 2 Four Oaks. N.C. Colette Courchene 201 Smith Chapel Rd. Mount Olive. N.C. Susan Gail Daniels Rt. 1 Box 82 Mount Olive. N.C. Roberta Nell Davis 19 Phillips Dr. Svvansboro. N.C. William Ronald Davis 30-1 North 2nd St. Mayodan. N.C. Cathy Sue Edwards Rt. 1 Wendell. N.C. Gwendolyn Bass Edwards Rt. 5 Mount Olive. N.C. Harold Melvin Edwards Rt. 1 Goldsboro. N.C. Francine Elks 30-1 Prince Road Greenville. N.C. Clarence Reginald Epps Box 88 West Point. Va. James William Evans Rt. 1 Box 71 Watha. N.C. Debra Lynn Ferrill 203 Meadow Road Goldsboro. N.C. Terry Ruth Ferrell P.O. Box 265 Lucama. N.C. Dennis Allen Frazier Rt. 2 Box 2-1-1 Nashville. N.C. Glenn Morris Gainey P.O. Box 178 Leland. N.C. James Russell Galloway Rt. 3 Box 602 Wilson. N.C. William Edward Glover P.O. Box 1291 Zebulon, N.C. Stella Marie Godette Rt. 1 Box 62 Havelock, N.C. George Edward Gray, Jr Rt. 8 Box 271 Kinston, N.C. Marsha Anne Gray Rt. 8 Box 271 Kinston, N.C. Teresa Lynn Gurganus 105 Wilts Ave. Plymouth, N.C. Dennis Ray Guy Rt. 1 Box 88 Faison, N.C. Margaret Annette Haith Rt. 3 Box 563 Mebane, N.C. Ashley Hilliard Hale, Jr. 1106 Cypress St. Tarboro, N.C. Jesse McRae Hall 61 Raleigh Drive Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Henry Steven Hanchey Rt. 3 Wallace, N.C. Charles Montague Hardison Rt. 1 Box 288B New Bern, N.C. David Michael Hardy 128 South Caswell St. LaGrange, N.C. Margaret Susan Hardy Rt. 1 Box 270 LaGrange, N.C. Larie Harper Rt. 2 Box 281 Mount Olive, N.C. Ronnie Albert Harrison Rt. 2 Box 340 Grifton, N.C. Calvin Archer Heath Rt. 1 Box 65 Cove City, N.C. Lawrence Clayton Higgins 1807 Rhem Aven New Bern, N.C. Raymond Gregg Hill Box 188 Hookerton, N.C. Derek Gene Hines 317 Francis Place Kinston. N.C. Terry Wayne Hinson Rt. 1 Box 87 Clarendon, N.C. Rita Bradshaw Hobson 100 Allison Drive Dudley, N.C. Lloyd Harold Hontz 307 N. Southerland Mount Olive, N.C. Vernon Lee Hood 1609 Adams St. Wilson, N.C. Bruce Cornelius Hurst Rt. 1 Box 477A Raeford, N.C. David James Huss Rt. 10 Box 265 Goldsboro, N.C. Carolyn Louise Jackson Rt. 2 Box 271 New Bern, N.C. Debra Rachel Johnson 1002 S. Best Street Goldsboro, N.C. James Daniels Johnson Rt. 1 Turkey, N.C. Sandra Gail Johnson Rt. 1 Box 312 Smithfield, N.C. Sharon Rose Johnson Rt. 1 Box 236 Middlesex, N.C. Rivers Dunn Johnson 111 Country Club Drive Kenansville, N.C. Emmitt Earl Jones 409 West James Street Mount Olive. N.C. Willard Shelton Justice Box 26 Bowden. N.C. Sherril Ray Keen Rt. 3 Box 269 Mount Olive, N.C. Daniela Margarlina Kugelmann 103 Manor Drive Belton, MO 64012 Richard Ray Lambert Rt. 1 Benson, N.C. Alice Faith Langley Rt. 1 Box 382 Fountain, N.C. Elwin Moses Lee 314 Winslow Road Oxon Hill, MD Wilson Knowles Lewis, Jr 604 West Steele Street Mount Olive, N.C. Charles Garland Lucas 2612 H. Cashwell Drive Goldsboro, N.C. Robert Earl Marker Rt. 1 Box 53 Albertson, N.C. Ernest June Martin, III 601 West Main Street Mount Olive, N.C. Kim Yvette Mason 5-133 Andover Road Wilmington. N.C. Robert Dale Matthews 507 East Murray Wallace. N.C. Connie Sue McCullen Rt. 1 Newton Grove. N.C. Linda Arlene McGowan Rt. 2 Faison. N.C. Theretha Orbbie McLamb 509 Smithfield Rd. Clinton. N.C. Gary Blaine Mileski Rt. 2 Box 123-B Pikeville. N.C. Bass Michael Mitchell Box 55-1 Bridgeton. N.C. Sylvia Carol Morris P.O. Box 37 Falcon. N.C. Forest Wayne Owen 8002 Summit Drive Goldsboro. N.C. James Jeffrey Parker P.O. Box 204 Calypso. N.C. Lyn Faith Parry 1525 Lambeth Road Lancaster. Pa. Arthur Gordon Paschal 503 Washington Whiteville. N.C. Archie Joseph Pate Rt. 1 Box 239 Mount Olive. N.C. Felton Pearsall. Jr. 531 S. Chestnut St. Mount Olive. N.C. R-1 Teresa Lyn Pelt Rt. 4 Box 363 Mount Olive. N.C. Vanessa Dell Peterson Arapahoe. N.C. Mollie-Lou Ridgely Phillips 1510 E. Maple St. Goldsboro. N.C. Patricia Ann Pierce Rt. 2 Fremont. N.C. Dallas Eugene Pinkham P.O. Box 24 Mount Olive. N.C. Deborah Faye Pittman 1 16 Boswell Street Wilson, N.C. Vania Elizabeth Pittman -101 N. Avenue Wilson. N.C. William Burkette Raper. Jr. 619 West Main Street Mount Olive. N.C. Renea Faith Rippey 2617 Pinewood Drive Durham, N.C. Rafael Roman. 111 Rt. 2 Faison. N.C. Dorothy Stephenson Russell 312 Carolina Avenue Clinton. N.C. Harper Lee Shackelford. Jr. P.O. Box 157 Walstonburg. N.C. Becky Ann Sloan 20 Ramblewood Mount Olive. N.C. Ronald Gray Sloan Box 153 Calypso. N.C. Linwood Worth Smith 106 W. College Street Mount Olive, N.C. Susan Katherine Smith P.O. Box 14 Dudley. N.C. Susan Denise Snipes Rt. 2. Box 191 Princeton. N.C. Todd Worth Spear Rt. 2 Box 13 Creswell. N.C. Larry Thomas Strickland Rt. 2 Goldsboro. N.C. Louise Sibert Swords 212 Crest Drive Mount Olive. N.C. Sherry Diane Tart Rt. 1 Goldsboro. N.C. Linda Rivenbark Teachey 513 W. Main Street Mount Olive. N.C. Olive Karen Thornton Rt. 3 Mount Olive, N.C. Marcia Lane Toler Rt. 1. Box 301 Princeton. N.C. Tommy Cecil Tripp Rt. 2 Box 280 Grifton. N.C. Russell Bryan Turner Rt. 1 Pink Hill. N.C. Jennie Marie Wall Rt. 4 Box 413 Mount Olive. N.C. Shirley Cashwell Wells Rt. 2 Box 469 Mount Olive. N.C. Martha Ann Whitfield Rt. 1 Box 103 Mount Olive, N.C. Donald Barry Whitley 1637 Pinecrest Court Cocoa, Florida Anne Carol Wiggs 23 Cresent Drive Kinston. N.C. Debra Hobson Wilbourn 304 Benton Street, Apt. F. Goldsboro, N.C. Dewey Guy Wilkerson 645 Oaklawn Avenue Winton-Salem, N.C. Brenda Evonne Wilkes Rt. 1 Box 287A Greenville, N.C. Jimmie Cole Wilkins 816 North Main Burlington, N.C. Edna Sheryl Williams Rt. 2 Newton Grove, N.C. Mary Francis Wilson Rt. 5 Box 402 Mount Olive, N.C. Allen Levern Winfield General Delivery Burgaw, N.C. Michael Ernest Winstead 155 Angel Drive Winson-Salem, N.C. Bruce Albert Withrow 305 Ellington Street New Bern, N.C. Philip Ray Wood Box 196 Chinquapin, N.C. Horace Anthony Worrell Rt. 2 Box 243 Dudley, N.C. FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Cy Alexander Jack Bartield, III Edith Barefoot Willard Benson Gene Britt Janice Brock Rebecca Brogden Myra Carr Howard Carter Rose Chambers Craig Clark Yates Clifton Mike Corbett Debra Craddock James Cuddington Mitch Daniels Sheryl Davis David Denton Russell Elmore Ava Lee Eure Donald Fader Ray Gaskins Terry Gause Gary Giddeons Deborah Gonzalez Issac Hall, Jr. Pam Hamm Wyatt Harper Sandra Hennessee Diane Melton Janet Mercer Rose Moren berg Gayle Morgan Selina Nicholson George Omelia Susan Pinkham Bryce Poland, Jr. Dennis Pollock David Pridgen Deborah Quinn Elizabeth Raper Sally Rawls Peggy Roberts Marion Roden Vickie Singleton Dalton Stroud Daryll Thompson Jean VanHorn Johnnie Sisson Michael Whitfield Michael Wise Wanda Wise 85 .- ,! 'ar x K 1:-f' U-'J x C ' i J 4' s t X 'S n Q Y 1- 4 -4. - , 51 w 4, 1 ' A I .. .1 Y' 'h .. E.Dnlvvluqn',5f 1 v Q, - ix '5- .' 1 pnI'll'lll'ggq-e' . ' I '5 Q ' L - I i 7 3 ax L- ' JP: s, f . f . 8 F'7 ' If , W -V v' A ,Q .,s3IM!-- F- - vl""' . X-355 -ii! Q+f'l'i , .-"u QWY 1.-. .-1 -,ina .Q . 0. S z x " s I I L x if X x X fx N A .-4' f-C 4.,--f-"""' 5 t 1 HOMN 4 .U M l1J'5l .ff X MOC. youve come a long xx ay, But youve only just begun! ALMA MATER Hail Mount Olive. Alma Mater Endless years shall Crown thy head: Praise we then our great Creator. who through all the years shall lead. May thy torch of truth grow brighter Still supplied with light divine: Strong and clear and ever burning. On the path of wisdom shine. Alma Mater. our dear mother. Honored ever. honored now: Courage. faith. and love devoted. Be the laurels on thy brow. O. Mount Olive. hovv we love thee. Doxvered with thy fost'ring care:- Kindest heaven smile above thee: God exalt and keep thee fair. Daniel W. Fagg. Jr. .-9

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