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xv 1 . ,1 w. 1 f 41.1 Some men see thmgs cs they are and soy, why I dream things that never were and say, why not Robert F Kennedy I -ll- l1'-Qu, uw. vi-fs Hs PX. 3 Q v 'V 0 x' pn 4. 5 'N x :IW ' 3 Y Ll vs Ir' . L . li ,pq E1-1' rz- 2" :Y9 n-1 z 'rw .2 .4 4 -::'.::. .A " ..1.- Q- Y ' ,li WW' 1 I N R S . k , 1 - '11, .. N I--I 0 Vg, I .- A 'IAQ .-Q -I Happiness us as a bufferfly whlch when pursued IS always beyond our grasps buf whlch If you wull sl! down quleily may -f alight upon you Hawthorne Nik, 5 Y : i,,.' 5- A . . , . I V 1 I 1 1 1 ' , Q 1 . V 1' I .I 1 M. X 1 . J-'N . .f ' .L If .1 . , . 1 X' I' D , ' . g ... sq ' Xu, J Dedicated to his work and students . . . interested . . . striving for c new and better way in education . . . looking for the best in his students . . . open minded . . . possessing high ideals . . .smiIing. . . encouraging In only two short years, he has won the respect and admiration of the students of Mount Olive College. To Mr. Kenneth Dilda we dedicate the 1972 Olive Leaves Ula I ,WWE S V315 " Et mia. .A-A Rst HU uhm A-J L A ,mV ff 4 J. I ' Q, 1,.:'m':',5i R .n,... . ' ' .'.-gf.. 1 Ye ' a , I : 4" ,, N: K ,, ,iflvy 4 QI'-,m .W '..,J ' 1, ffcgtb-' I, fig: f I'-K 37' ' f ,'2W,'kv,'JN"q'. L. X df . if -ff -. ,a' 'W' .-nee. Q, You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the starsg You have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations. In the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. From Desiderata x S V I . QD 51 Q.-9 'sou 9 is Wi .. is S. ' L Y' ill V . 1 A " ' g . v. , .N W 9 1 " rn A X824 i 1 gn .X' :figs ., Cai -nf" S ,,.,-'FW --Q Ko! ,- X Ik A 1 I. 4 3 WA .-1,-x-. 1 , M - I . I . t xv' ngilb. H .. n .'- ' .1 -. - I ' , - ,f . , 'i t ' . ', A v ", 'Q 'u ,. ' ' f , 1 ' - f , 'Adi' xg X , ' " st. . 412i . 1 X , , , ' I 'X , , ,.,, u lv fn -w ' . - A- ,- , , U.. , , .ff zr'i?,f ' V '- , I4 1 N. -'sn fs Y l'X1 I ' "'QTr' f 'ly V311 . .153 ,Hifi 2:19, KX. r-...nv T 1 I ilxi' -' g2f.1-gf 1 - ' f 1, Y -I iflfxzl ,I f :ll-fl lYls'l7. , , 5 3.1 L n - .A X . sax 0 si' l. " fl,-l A"I. , P x D 'S ' ' ' 3 If 5. L -, I student life . v ' r 4 ,o f . , , , 1 Look well to this day! For it is life, the very life of life. ln its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence. The bliss of growth, the glory of action, The splendor of beauty, For yesterday is only a dream, Tomorrow only a vision, But today, well lived, makes of every yesterday A dream of happiness and of every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day. Anonymous 43 QW .AL 5' 'f 5 1, 1 ' 1 ' E , , it fi" fr r' F els. I' 1 .FU il' r If lsr .H ll ax A in 1. tl I' FJ' pr' ylqr yd' . is ai ff 5 M .ifefl Epi.: 13:5 f . :'. ,iii sr-31 lil? 1235 32115 uit: 151255 Lua Sig? ny: Legg rlhf f1i"2 .-H21 -.'Li'2 3355 -:-2 as iii? 1555? - -.-.r .Q ZKE: 71535 T-5555 i 11 , .illllf ,,, At., self 1 .4 1453 . A Rx . ii V Oy X W xx gxn "Ni B f -x IJ, , " ' ii .4 - I P ? L 1 Wu 165' l 1 l JV -' I . 1 i p l 0 V - 4 .l S, I , Y. 5 if l ' ' l l l' ' 4 Y u. Q. ---3 V is ' l i 'f' A , A ' - , . Q S :f ' - x H l rn Q, Q Q, 1 3 - 4 :AL K , ,A l 5- 'V .J 59 W fl . ' - ff-sl 9 ,ff A3 -'52 itll .M.A. .-,e..1'iL.... :ALB NIGHT Slors over snow, And in the west c plone! Swinging below o star - Look for c lovely lhing and you will find lt is not for - ll never will be. se, Sora Teasdale 4+ 4 P-'LDL-Q 5 -4 Y--V. 4, 1 W. L. .Gb 1 X ffl L CARRY YOUR LOAD Meet me on the hlghway Meet me on the road As long as you ve got to travel Don t you want someone to help you carry your load9 Flrst time out IS a heady feellng Whlte clouds under my feet Sanlln along luke a south wnnd Over fuelds of whispering wheat Thlnkln alone on a Thursday mornung Of peace and love and war l stlll don t have any answer But l don t get hugh anymore Some folks are forever movvn Some folks gotta be stlll Don t let It get you there s 'oy In elther So do what you wlll Everyone knows It s the same old feelrng Worlds below the sea Just you and me and easy ls where l want to be Meet me on the hlghway Meet me on the road As long as you ve got to travel Don t you want someone to help you carry your load? Carole Kung Ch-- '9 7' P. . H -Qi -Q. K Y! 'T 4.-f-"" .KK , MA f To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream not only plan but also believe. Anatole France ,.f- f, V .. I , f xv x K lx X 3, sf -. 4... Q R i r 1 1 I P u i W Y 6 w i 28 L.. 0 P 5i -54. F 'I' N, v r LHLIJL... MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC Nobody can tell ya There s only one song worth srngrng They may try and sell ya Because It hangs them up to see someone luke you But you gotta make your own kmd of musrc Sung your own specral song Make your own kmd of musrc even rf nobody else srngs along You re gonna be nowhere The lonellest kmd of lonely lt may be rough goin gust to do your thmg The hardest thrng to do So If you cannot take my hand And lf you must be goin I wrll understand you gotta Make your own kmd of music Sung your own speclal song Make your own kmd of muslc Even If nobody else smgs along Recorded by Mama Cass 4' ' A .hir f 41 Q- E I 1 I 1 ,x lx l u I V. 5 r 'I 1 l 3 O L. 9 0 31 I-5 ""' 'Zh'-4.1. ff' sf ,.. A, l ' x ., C Y v ' 1 ... M4 , ' 'Ax ' P12 fn" 'Ye K f , , Q ,. . 3 ffr., 1 14: A A 1- :C . . 'Q S v ' - IP by . - .w . , " ' ' K If 32 -sv B...- ...Q- .-.-1 vl , All an Y ' 1 rx' ' Y Q. - ,..-- ' "iu-- pb an .af u- ln, ' 4- - Q 46 f?ffF1 l"IFE-I FETIWBI 4 l rm FQ! -in 3 b-. an.: -1 Sli: r 1 s K . A "vw, 'lin ff' ...mel J' kit' 'ml ms- -31.13 f' "'T?f'f"' 4 YT vp' pr 'flvvu . "'l -,M 135. ' ' f"'2r. " If- ,I-Ywffrlggg' , . , as! .f .. ' -' ,M 5,90 1' -4 - ' 'Inu 5, on , it ' SAI " Ag.. fl 'M 4 '- Iv.. V --' " '. - ' I b d x ,-1.3 ., t M, ::,Q qr- ., . I s 1 tl, V'-1'.i.J f - - in 7...-11. . ', K-M.!..' ' "' ' ' G' sql . -Qi-qyw' f' ..-- -m-V 9 Ilia.. ' V -blixzn. , -:.,..lm-.nggx Wi -4-'L 'QQ , ' A bids..- 4 x X N I s ,.5 Xxm. 1 rs, L if 3: Wi ,. E.. at 40 And is not time even as love is, undivided and paceless? But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, Let each season encircle all the other seasons, And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet E - ' " '1.avJ.,4 -154 -'V . 5 -fag - ' L, ii XP L l yr A ' -2 ,, , hifi - Y -A- -La l I L 74 g , Life lsn't all you want, l bu? it's all you have. l So what I say is: Have it! Slick a geranium in your haf and be happy. From "Confentment Is" 1 compiled by I Gilberl Hay ' l l 1 1 l . l l I l 1 l A .. T za .ks--Q II vs a mnstuke to look too for aheod Only one hnk m the chazn of deshny can be handled at a hme Winston Churchull Avy. i. in-q 2 . - ? . uf..--1 --.-.9 W5 .ra- A -f'7E"fi ,ju -5 k", HY! """4' -.-"sg -, . qu is , ,i for-fd f s ' L .V ww-4. . f- .,, 14" 'v ""' f l 0 'x.,f sl AU- ,Q N' . . - Q -fxfkza. 4, U 7,311 W HY .J C 'gi UNT -i . 'Z WHAT A DIFFERENCE What a drfference a dream can make It can alter the whole way hfe may take lt can gave us the power and courage to do Whatever rs needed to see our way through It can color our thmkmg and brighten our days It can change our Ilves an a thousand ways A dream can lend credence and beauty and glory To every chapter of anyone s story A dream IS worth trying rf lust for the sake Of seeing the dlfference a great dream can make Helen Lowne Marshall . .,.. I I-' x ahh. X 1 u Am 'A 3 lx! fa gn- 1 11005 vv 4.-J QP ,H wt. iQ'7 'U' .aw 32" -fn . - ' 'Lx , is .ine -dh "W-'U-'lf-f P-can ,wr U a N.. lin. '1 I N w .. - 'g ' '... ... V 5 , -gg 'gy-- - I ' . . . , f '.', 'J - L-ff-1 ' ' M . gg' ' ' " . -Y , VC, Y xv Q f., , ,f ex 4 5..xi:s,.v-av - I 4. .-1 , ' ' ' . x , , Q..- .."' ll. 1 ,, - -f. -6- f . w X . ,-5-' ' . iw ' ' pl. ' -:.?':"' "'5"'. --15 ' Q11 v ... ,,, Q-. .,, .- -1' 3 - 'Q 5 . - .Nxt 1 ,. ,RA -W, V.,-. in W.- A S., -A . ' . , , ' . , 'va ,, . ' X, , A , . L . :ayhu - - I- Vw -1-,A F,-V., K-5-, ,x .3 . ' " E ' - Tx ' -- , 1s 1: - ', , . .w . , . -, 'lii"'T , A ,"sf"'El,-'- ,msn , ' - 'fr 3 ' ?S-',-'f5g..- , ' fr- .,'+-A ' 5 A A-and N' if '1- - 'Y4gi1,.:" ' 'Ja-"4 1" -'Q-,7a.w.w .. Q., ,. , : -11,0 - - . - vga- , " '-,ff " . . . .v' - " ' - 11" "V M 3 f jf., fy .f , "f" Y A .i s ., . 1 Y , 1 Y f 1 - 1 I E - Y l i W K I A INK I. P el. Enloy your Ilfe Without comparing at wnfh that of others Condorcei 'fx KR,-.ggi nilfuhbf shin, fl,,,Q ggi, S iwvwffaf ' W 4352? 3 Wx mi Kawai AA xaln Lu' w 'x 4:-, 1- 'N H V x N r if iQ '10 .' .v iii 'Dv' J. ,fylka NK "'f' 30+ as-.Y JS swf' W-'X A smile can never be kept: 4' '!J, It can only be given away. ,, A 4. . Unknown 1 I F' I Q. 'hu 0 ,.bz.s.Ami PZ' 1 . 1 - ' I -if . ' 1- . g,15'3i 1 ng' F 1 '."'e- . ' V sf' 4-f 0' - 7,24 r Q K 5 'I I - J , ' o "' I . .f AJ, 1 4. R ' . 1 I " . , hiv! I" , " I .,F- I' i " Y' ' 5, , -6: l A - Ydff ' ' ,.7k.f..L- "4 t Y -- r1j.ft....c .Z T 0 ,,, ,V . Au, W 54 L W'-s. 5' 1 i I I A 1 1 55 l l l 1 l l Q We worry as though we had a thousand years to livel Let us rather always strive after the gentle humor of the heart, Which knows how to smile at the world, at our fellow men and at itself And which can stand a little above things. Nico ,i--f-"- . V , 4 Q C 1 ' 1 TL?-is " K. ., H, ' .M , I Sooner or later, cz mon, if he is wise, Discovers that life is o mixture of good days ond bad, victory and defeat, give and take. Wilferd Peterson AL. I'll hold my candle high, and then Perhaps I'll see the hearts of men Above the sorclidness of life, Beyond misunderstandings, strife. Though many deeds that others do Seem foolish, rash and sinful too, Just who am I to criticize What I perceive with my dull eyes? I'll hold my candle high, and then, Perhaps l'll see the hearts of men. Author Unknown W 1 H .r X rf l is ,4 B 5 if' ,. -" ' xt ' I .- " 1 1 f 58 Iii X Xiu, -1--1 . Q' 'Q .f RY I ff 1 9. - 4.,,',g'-'I-"' 4- , "B-V 4' - 51.1" I ' - .fig - 1 . ' ' . ,--F' ,,,. .Q 1 A '..A,15g5.iff 5 .-,-.fy-. -- ., 24-- ll 'iq "' J nf . .1-41f'L.- -' . 1 . -1 S' . fiff ' I5 pit.. -5: W. . M.: ,.-1-1-,,,. 5521:-, "pi 43 -' -,Jr ,gf I ,W " '1-9.x . - - B' .' ' me .995 H' 'fl s-' :- -u-e-A'-. . .- '-g, ':' f-K, -,Af 4' , 5 P -33. L '.- :IF r ' -T-,ZS 'H - ' '.."5,li ' i - f2-lm-' vm 1 S - l 60 . , in n' 11" Q A A -. Wi v px. .fx f wg, ev L- x. -I jd' .iii vs55'l""' 1' I-'31-. 4'iCir' Out of the sad mistaken belief that as a man I must behave as all men do, I've turned my back a time too often. God, help me keep a resolution that make today: not to walk head high ven one more time past someone I can help Rod McKuen i 'Q 4.. A , 4 . .I , -41 E3 yy! Jug 'f . 7'9- LJ. Aim for a Star Aim for a starl Never be satisfied With a life that is less than the best, Failure lies only in not having tried - In keeping the soul suppressed. Aim for a star! Look up and away, And follow its beckoning beam. Make each Tomorrow a better Today - And don't be afraid to dream. Aim for a star, and keep your sights high! With a heartful of faith within, Your feet on the ground, and your eyes on the sky, Some day you are bound to win! Helen Lowrie Marshall aa i Nw' v ,mbsf Q N: F -Q6 .vi In 70 N 1,4 I 1 fo 'O sports I am not bound to win, But I am bound to be true. I om not bound to succeed, But I cm bound to live up to what Iight I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, Stand with him while he is right, And part with him when he goes wrong. A. Lincoln 65 'rrolan basketball CL -1.-b""b A-4,52 5-L iv-47' KNEELING Van Stocks Carlos Ebron managers Steven Benner! siafrshcuan STANDING Coach .llmmy Adams Dudley Etheridge Make Cherry Darrell Youna Calvm Wade Mnch McNabb Mike Galllard Lawrence Newsome Keith Roach Tommy Purvls Presron Parker Jlm Dunnmg Coach Tom Edwards if rf rr.-,,,,,s K?"-v"""' 66 xi shw- 'D '5'1hJ., as roach scores first Two pounts P QV! III Q X 5 7 sophomore cogers if fi? gi lecnd Trojan oftock v2'2-223: xqx 'Jag- Z-9 sniff H fag 'N x ii- 5 Trojans lose heo rtbreokers .K 9 QA' " in Z UQ 'fm' "-f C " ' .pf Q" -and A '4' XX- I N- T 'J ' 'N 7 . Q.. I ' Q but vlctory IS sweetll many exciting momenis Wa face moc fans X- ...41 l I 'M R' - 1 1. tk Y' N 'Co x ' Q-1 . , ,- f . v 0 iid . 3? W sifxf 74 '+L -' 1 ffzaafsiis A-H I Janet Brown 1? Debbie Thompson I d dn O kno boys wore lnhmafel ? F 9? 42 xX- frojcm golf i 'fl Ii 1 I-,"7f ?u Aw- I f A 1 : Coach Jummy Adams John Jermgan Buddy Brooks Dudley Ether dge Crcug Webb and Jamlson Rodberg f""l -'in' X-. mf! Coach Adams , L ,QX , h D - E! - ' , 3 '-. Pa - fi' "- 7 ff-, ' -Q A s 2' x at-N1 ll ,..,fas9 ,. ...-- .-Aw .Q x 331 ., I 1 - - . u - ' ., -.-- . . 'f - X -y '-6 "".". - - . I 31. ,:Z'- . , 1 5, ,, , 1' , I 14 . 1!! 'V , rl. xl '? lg.- . gg-4 1- . lf. 1-4""' A- ,J A K !1i7PS ., - U r x -uf -4. --1 ,2,,,,, -Id 'F' JF' .. ve. J A..- g -'pil'- ..,...e' 5 4. V , by V! ut' -4 r" 1 I Wh:- .nv-'55 'I' C QA -v.. df wg.. ,An w fe CK E fi fn- - "' -.-q- , . . I -g,j,'a.,' -5'- -5 4 l ' Y", 1 A -. f'-' 'Z 'ii P MTS' -J""-'-"1'-5 Q I ' ' x ' -l"i.1n1A.55'!3. B2 - 4 .' "4-H . ' 0 'nun . I Rl- ,Q . - s -. U.. ...n . ,I ' - ., ' s -' Nts. ., - ,' -S N ii-5. ..2'.-- Fifsbf P7-ai? J hx x .1, Z V x Lx, -. K ' -'fv'.n. ' 0 I i .,.,"h:'1.Q'B:pj' , 'fl Q " " X-.Q N J M Tennis -Arif' 'Q f 'MJ 1-tt.-1' Wi, I I 1, la!! nh pan aw frolon Rudy Edmundson Jimmy Collier Danny Mercer viii:-bg... Jeff Mercer .... f.ra,m.sQ.fL-ef? ' ' Qfnf' Bill Bousmon f , Eddie Blockwelder William Whitfield 1 V1 -no-ap. f 1 . w + X' Tff '1 - ' II: it ' .AQ EE 1 if , fl QQ,- . 'I ' i H -' 'U s,L ......,..n-sh'-1 .42 I '.?0aqi-.-.. ?E V,. gig . rf x r.. 4 .. . ro- I f 1 .js .l 5 III f , I 5.9 +W- I T I X ,.'. I... in P' ,.-::s---- L L... -.4 -. A 87 yyx' , W I , 1 y. M V, A fi U 'n IP w A f'wie:ffviI+f21f:ff -I .-wp! -. 4 I TI- Q x y-- , '91 Y 5 I I , W n I 1 Q YL' 1, M! 3.41 'I if , 4 ls- '91- 'P' girls' basketball 5 Debbie Cox, Ann Kearney, Dianne Ennis, Lexie Berwick, Carol Culler, Kathy Wilson, Connie Dick- ens, .Io Ann Galloway, Janie McCray, Coach Walter Thompson. 1 92 X K J intramural football '10 . 5- .' 2' . Lu .. nil -2 -, A il 4 ul' A 4 G! x r -L u 11 3 w - 96 r'N , x r . 1 . - , a Jfi N v .., - I ., So ' - f- Q .- ..--gym.. - , Q- -as-qt Af " "' 4' ' 1 57 '1 2' ' g,: 'Q-f. .-, 7 f 1- ,QW 215 - --1 -1 -,uw 1--X H -":-mf '-vrfZ'2Vl!9!'Ir I-2 .. - .. f7-- 1 I '1-.. ,Z gffllg-1 ' ' - X ' 'S Nj Lv. N Y .71 "' ' ' , L- ,ff Q, , .. H .qv ' " ""+-Q--4.. v. . ,, -41-r - - ' 1 ' .' , .4 - 1 - we-L' . ,.. ,I . , vs-' .,f .- N ,,-4.. v' .WA - v- :..,','.yw '. girl.. A Ur . '-vt' ' , 1 in A ' .. , , , i 37.5, ' f A -'S X 'S .i - 'I 'A I ' ' Q T 4 h .- A ' " x ,,ue,', I, , L, f 'lu 41' 5. 49.7 gf-.4 af if- R, if 'fy Tv. 5 U. J 1,4 P ...nm nw' K' i' "i Iifl .ri ' . 1 h . 5 wx! l- 1 Q I a A ' v Y.,-1 v I' . 'Q 55:0 'Q 4 F. -1 .RTW s fi U I 'ffa t ,- " "Yu'rS Q25 0 YH N , rv iii' V .4-.Anais Q-ll u . No mon is an island, entire of itself, every man is o piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, ' Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if o manor of thy friends' or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. John Donne 99 l l l l x ner- r r f Bela Lambda President: Beth Home A Q 2' Vice President: Judy Denny " Secretary: Peggy Raynor ' Treasurer: Eddie Dutton ' K V Q, 1-te ' 7 , 1, 5 V any ' . ',2f'f,E Qi 1 " ' Kari Historian: Denise Dail ml' 1 - Co-Historian: Aleta Wheeler ' A Advisor: Mrs. Teena Culp L' , in 'fl Q1 - V- I. A ,- 111 The Womanless Wedding participants Father and Daughter .1 1. 'Q SEATED, left to right: Cheryl Jones, Peggy R, Thompson, Darlene Bright, Debbie Cox, Coral Stocks, Becky Griffin. STANDING: Eddie Dutton, Mrs. Teena Culp, Aleta Wheeler, Beth Horne, Denise Dail, Glen Moore, Mike Scott, Berry Hayes. .., Bride and Groom i- "' - e - D .f...v 1- - lst Row: Joy Bundy, Nancy Kelly, Suzanne Hinson, Ann Miller, Wanda Pate, Sue Aman, James Lambert. 2nd Row: Dr. Leon Smith, Chris Johnson, Glenwood Moore, Sam Lane, Deborah Hart, Nyra Hill, Scott Sewers, Betty Ja Page, Steve Sheffield, Eddie Dutton. French Club President: Steve Sheffield Vice President: James Lambert Secretary: Brenda Davis Treasurer: Sue Aman Program Chairman: Eddie Dutton Spankh Club President: Mike McCaffity Secretary: Fran Hemby Advisor: Mr. Felix Ruiz 'll Vice President: Sallie McCaffity I"-"if if! Treasurer: Linda Tutor . - - J -- is - I t ' A ' , , Y ' x 4 L - J 1 f , 1 Q, 1 i , - X .1 -Y SEATED: Elias Griffin, Mike Scott, Betty Hudson, Joan Rackley, Allen O'NeaI, Tommy Evans. STANDING: Linda Tutor, Fran Hemby, Sallie McCaffity, Mike McCaf'fity, Mr. Felix Ruiz, advisor. it l0'l ui.. - Y -e 1 in l y 'NL l gifs - 4:55 .Jia 1 si l SE: l Eiga? l 'S 'Q Bryon X 1' f Scholars - " f , I V Z' 1 -I 5-9 '- , YJ' 4 W . 344 KNEELING: Bill Brih, Eddie Duhon, James Lambert, Larry Graham, Allen O'NeaI, Bren! Sumner, Mi- chael Davis, Presfon Parker. STANDING: Janet Brown, Davor Howard, Suzanne Hinscn, Cindy Everehe Julie Semaslce, Vick: Perkins, Susan Riley, Beth Jernigan, Joy Bundy, Wanda Pale, Penny Edwards. 1-V C' .... N 'vii 1 .. QCFQ L ll Dr. Swords, advisor Dr. Swords and some of Che Bryan Scholars. Y 102 I Nightingale Society President Carolyn Lee Vice President Regina Young Sec Treas Lexie Barwick Histonan Jo Ann Galloway Lawana Taylor Regina Young Judy Adler Lynn Griggs Mrs Miranda Connor Lexie Barwick Carolyn Lee l International C ub President Mike Scott Advisor Mr Kenneth Dildc Vice President Elias Griffin Secretary Janet Brown Treasurer Glassle Locklear Mr Kenneth Dllda advisor Steve Herring Bill Traylor Janet Brown Elias Griffin Mike Scott Glassre Locklear 0 I h 1 I I 1 ' . I A i I ' . -if ' . ' r . X . - , ,,,,. , . I3 Olive Leaves Staff 1971 1972 Editor: Penny Edwards Assistant Editor: Gilda Avery Business Manager: Glenwood Moore Advertising: Julie Semaske Diane Ennis Photographers: David Rose Steve Herring Bill Trcylor Faculty Editor: Cathy Goodrich Sports Editor: Bill Bousman Clubs Editor: Cathie Garris Special Features: Joy Bundy Classes: Lexie Barwick Advisors: Mrs. Carol Jackson Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett -iii! ' MfS- Jackson Gnd MVS- Bennett Bill and Glenwood work on the sports section Duane and Julle Bull and Steve Cathy and Cathne H Joy and Lexne I0 s.g.o. officers A , ur , I X' I5 1 Q fe -i 1 QL .lx -b F AQ' H: """' I "e,n':.'Q'- President - Eddie Duhon Vice President - Allen O'NecI !'a5ui 06 ' Secretary - Nyra Hill Treasurer - Scot? Sowers s. g. 0. representatives COMMUTERS Sollle McCafflty Mike MCCGHITY CLASS PRESIDENTS Brent Sumner Greg Stanley DORMS Von Siocks Judy Denny ADVISORS Dr Jamll Sham: Miss Carolme Casfelloe D Mnchoel Pelt 07 f. w. lo. fellowship President: John Williams Vice President: Scott Sowers Sec.-Treasurer: Sharon Allen Historian: Saborah Hill Song Leader: Gilda Avery Pianist: Deborah Hart Advertising: Glenwood Moore Advisor: Miss Jean Fillingame ,1- 1 108 A! H SEATED: Debbie Cox, Lexie Barwick, Kathy Mlson, Saborah Hill, Carol Cutler, Gilda Avery, Libby Davis, Fran Hemby, Wanda Jenkins, Scott Sowers, Douglas Skinner, Leigh Chamblee. STANDING: Miss Jean Hllingame, John VOIliams, Marvin Waters, Susan Creed, Minnie Dilday, Darlene Bright, Nyra Hill, Sharon Owens, Judy Denny, Arlindci Wilson, Chip Owens, Carol Stocks, Penny Edwards. -.,.,, QF. LT- I , sp ph: Theta kappa President Jackie T Arthur Vice President Rose Moore Secretary James Lambert Reporter Julle Semaske Advisor Mr Gene Mercer on 4 X-w SEATED Penny Edwards Elnzabeth Gnmes Julve Semoske Davor Howard James Lambert Larry Graham Vnclu Perkuns Allen O Neal Cnndy Everette Eddue Dutton Brent Sumner and Susan Ruley ROW ONE Gary Barley Joy Bundy Vlckle Rad tord Cathne Garns Amy Sellars Vnklu Best Cathy Smnth TWO Robbie Bnzzell Eddue Brught Preston Parker Sue Kung Lorraine Kornegay Muke Daws Cynthua Sryron THREE Wanda Pate .leanme Gas kms Tommy Evans and Chns Yeager ..1- J illg W dllsnwi! O 1- l L ll ,,, . . t ' . ' . . . l 1 I I . . ' I 4 . ' ", J 4 : . . Nl if . I f . A, if - I' . x , - ,. -1 -'ll g - A f 1' l fl 5 I ' . 1 . 1 r I I A' -I I I I l I I ' 1 .I I .. - 5 . . . . , , , , I I I - I I Al ' . : , ' - . President: Beth McPhail Vice President: Skipper Lunsford Secretary-Treasurer: Glassie Locklear Advisor: Mrs. Lorelle Martin Librarian: Marlene Aman kappa chi President: Gary Bailey Vice President: James Heath Secretary- Treasurer: Henry Herndon Advisor: Mr. Sheldon Howard baplisl sludenl union LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo Ann Galloway, Glassie Locklear, Carol Stocks, Betty Hayes, Mary Louise Harper, Mike Scott, Jimmy Riggsbee, Beth McPhaiI, Allen O'Neal, Marlene Aman. Tammy Evans, William Farmer, Gary Bailey, Doug Skinner, Harold Swinson, Jack Burnett, Mr. Sheldon Howard, and John Williams. henderson science c u President Duane Johnson Vice President George Edwards Secretary Treasurer Saborah Hull Advisor Mrs Lorelle Marhn Saborah Hull Eddle Dutton Mrs Lorelle Martm Jnmmy Hyatt Jeff Shupmg Lubby Davns Bull Bousmon George Ed wards Bob Coates Debbne Thompson Duane Johnson commuter resldent c u President Jlm Andrews Vice President Bob Coates Secretary Vnkkl Best Advisors Mrs Edith Vann and Mlss Carolme Castelloe TOP TO BOTTOM Judy Denny, Deborah Newton, Preston Parker, Nyra Hull, Gordon Bennett, Ken Benton, Sharon Owens, Lexle Bcrwuck, Cathy Goodnch, Rudy Edmundson, Jlm Andrews, Vlclu Perkms ffl: ' Ib i Ib men's dorm council Jim Andrews Rudy Edmundsorw Craig Dupree Sam Lane Danny Mercer women's dorm council Sue Aman Roxie Vines Mary Alice Ward Vickie Ward Deborah Hari 51,7 5:-'01 Rudy and Jim STANDING: Mary Alice Ward, Roxie Wnes. SEATED: Sue Aman, Deborah Har! 6 CU President Allen O Neal Vice President Connie Dickens Secretary Treasurer Janie McCroy Advisor LEFT TO RIGHT Regina Young Janet Brown Debbie Thompson Beryl Hodgm Lynn Griggs Sam Lane Joy Bundy Susan Butler James Andrews Cmdy Everette Diane Johnson Judy Denny Sue Aman Eddie Dutton Bob Coates Duane Ennis Eldridge Moore Mrs Beverly Blackwelder ON TOP Marlene Aman Connie Dickens Allen O Neal L... 5 v i Mrs. Lynn Dail, Mrs. Larelle Martin, Sharon Allen, Mr. Kenneth Dilda, Dr. Michael Pelt, Bob Coates, Mr. Bob l Black, and Doug Skinner. lUClIClOl commlilee Mrs Beverly Blackwelder 3 ocodemic committee and ,Nix Q X I H4 1, fi 'T ,QL ui I offojrs X QV' L . - f 5 X 5 . . 'Rf , -ee -A-' . lm - e- 'N S, '+ i' 42 - .... . Dr. Ray Swords, Beryl Hodgin, Dr. Charles SaPP, Mr. Sidney Johnson, Mrs. Teena Culp, Mr. Gene Mercer, Rose Moore Mr. Bob Black, Mr. Gary Barefoot, Duvaul Thigpen, religious life commiHee r t "' xt -,.,-....N.. gl- FIRST ROW1 Mrs. Viola Hillon, Susan Creed, Penny Edwards, Gilda Avery, Mrs, Beverly Blackwelder. SECOND ROW: Mr. Frank Harrison Mr. Claude Moore, John Williams, George Edwards. , student e commlttee TO Mr! yAd M Ed GryBolyBOTI'OMM WII B E BhOChY J H d M concert on lecture committee treshmon sophomore committee M edmv b d Gy B 6 1 m.o.c. chorus ' ,ff - Q' x'? K f ' r if e W , , -J 'J ' ix L Q V I fg- lm 2 2 Pam Hodge, Caral Stacks, Hiawatha Jones, Cheryl Jones, Lexre Berwick, Saborah Hill, Becky Grimm, Mrs. Viola Hilton, Linda DeHoog, Gilda Avery, Lawana Taylor, Nyra Hill, Susan Creed, Berry Whaley, Bob Yaylor, Wanda Jenkins, Jane? Brown, Cindy Evereh, JoAnn Galloway, Jesse Mayo, Jeff Jarvis, Derrick Croorne, Derle Fields, Eddie McDaris, Dennis Jones, Tammy Svancul, Clifton Godwin. x mount N olive singers l r -I Gilda Avery, Wanda Jenkins, Lawana Taylor, Nyra Hill, Derle Fields, Eddie McDcris, Mrs. Viola Hilton, Dennis ' Jones, and Jeff Jarvis. NOT PICTURED: Charlene Proctor. II6 THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN lf you think you are beaten, you areg If you think you dare not, you don'tp If you'd like to win, but think you can't, It's almost a cinch you won't. If you'think you'll lose, you're lost, For out in the world we find Success begins with a feIIow's willy lt's all in the state of mind. If you think you're outclassed, you ore: You've got to think high to rise. You've got to be sure of yourself before You can win a prize. Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster mang But soon or late the man who wins ls the man who thinks he can. Walter D. Wintle I l 7 Janie McCroy Marlene Aman, Queen L3 ' 'ff Q N gf 1,1 U , 11. 1 .io 4 F i . Christine Yeager Del C0"'0f O 0 .51 5 xg ,, 'in I l 'I af' "Q, 05 f:?"'f'!."i'g -ij' ' X A X 1' ' '-iri-!rf":' ' . K 1.,.x .T 'J' -,,. .' q 'V' - A Q,4.". , x. ' . . , , I - Darlene Bright Nyra Hill LQ- L74 I . J ill. . H ff. 'A Q-A . lg . 1 oi . ' nl C 1 , , A Deborah Hart Karen Davis .WJ ,ff 4 gf nc? in .Hr 1-ie' Za!! 'I' C 149: ltr F551 Jffi iff ng J. A , ,.-! fri-' 'Her . HE? I' fi xgaf .131 ,-L21 5:51 .gg-V IHA, Mgr: QUE rEgfi elif El"-1 .zuq 514 :ilw :EW ash? .. l, 5: ff! 'fb 2525 ZH Zi . .rg Jig., fin' 5,254 iii? 's. e' 2:2 :EH Z-'ri' 1555! al V lil lr rf M 'Q 'K :J51 EH? Luv- 'fig 5:14 wa wr. Hi iff WI! .rw H! -1.3 xiii ff! 51.1 :ff EH .fljg ffl! JW' mu iff I1 : ,ny . ,il .,:1. Pj.: 'u'. ' 21-- . . -I .,. z' F. VH rr. A .,,., 9 3.55 X ..A. ,iff .,,-- ,Y.-- .- , m C1 Y CI Y 20 fl' "1-'Q' ' 3 2' g'4 If if Mary Alnce Word, Queen 1? Winding the Moy Pole Sue Amon, Maid of Honor Queen Mary Aluce and escort Grady Mosley 1 1 . I , T -W 4 A x-9 D ff? 04. rf'N -'Z lr 'f ws Cpu Fl, no Q15 bu.: v -up 'Q 1, 'S ab' 9 glam "3 ix 0 Q.: 5 0 1 35' 5 "-1 .4 Arlinda Wilson 'X Darlene Bright 'fr '. VS. . Q. . ,- .. . E ,- ' 1, , 10 0 "I -- fi., Penny Edwards Nyra Hill 1 r 1. . -7 'dj 5 il' E -zu 1 -1 1:11, 116 1.. lr 1 '1 1 J ,1 4 7 1 1 :ii 1 ,:1:1. 1.1 .pw L. 'Gap mv: .1,1,,4 .1,.,r 151 ,114 QE11 71.11 -r 'r 5111: 11-11 ,g,1 ffgri 'iff ,rbi Fifi if . J, :iff 1 ,J 1 1', 1 Um' ,1 In 1 1 .WI i,1:: fi 1 1 1 3 . - 16 1 -.:1. 1 FW' .1 7', FSI' 11, '11, 1 r ,1 lr 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r r 1 1 1 1 ,1 5 ii aj ,1!,., ' 115 1417 1A1: H ,11 111 .-1 111: .315 M347 'Q-1' ,5 vfffl 3? - - A ' ' -34,4 'nf an 1-1-vlI7""', -. A E .ZW I .. ., , . 1. 7" ni ' -A ' 4i"A4'f 1 X ,x'5vs-.J,, 5E9v4C" '- ' -rx 'ffr , M 'f' 'E'ilQ'H , jx- 1' . A . -' " . 1.' . st' ' i ?x xg W ll 53 5' f l 'L L' is Nr xii, .li '. rg-P .HZ 1 ii 5324: me -:sag 145. 5:55 viii: Iliff 1.-'Ei fall" i'.1. 11-.5 14931 "':'lf? 'lug Him, ,I-I 1, Elm fail: e..,fs Y1! L' hi? , !'!::"! Z!!-uf Jem 51,4 5121 ,.5 1 ,nj Eizgs 411-E! is:-ia Em .s:'!'l mm liffl ,HH HN! 1-Er? Hi!! 55:53 run. 5562: 4.5154 51541 2515: V.: .an ,.. Ji.. 534, ini iii? iii? 1.5.1, :Sm -sua :ff-' liz!! Biff iii! Q-fx! .aid HH ii! FEI., 'FET Zigi if-'! Url fra.: if.: Hg! 4.5: me iff: ,fa r l- 4123 iii li? -pl, . L+? L,- Lag .211 ,LA 'V T -UI - Rose Moore K Eddie Dutton Brent Sumner Penny Edwards V ,!n,,,-. A 4 A ,,., ix . I A Mike Scott , , .Y 'x l. Deborah Hart I I 'r vb--4 5. Deborah Hart and Allen O'Neal - - Allen O'Neol Us 9l:' :Wi ILE v. -rn 1 .-1 'AQ 1-fag 5954 175: ".' 5. flgfl I! -ill ' ' fl was 1., Qgl: I: -T .51 :lrl ": '.3l'?f Tiff: -1,15 554 1l:1'El, lllll :llll .I MJ dar,- .-nl-. .W run? f-513: 2,5391 nie: ssfzel 2511 V3.-l mia -'5 , 51:4- 7l.iI' 2713 llllft W... .. F ll--in 'Hel elif flip 4552 :ml mi , .. Sllil lfizil 3251'- lin! Thi! maj Jllll iggq -iii: ii' y 1.1 -11:3 5535 mi! 11-5, ml' sua: -1 :nj flip :Elf Nfl? wifi. feln Tix? JV1' 'ri I, Il ,ggfiy M 5 . 1 , v nv 2.1 ,1 1 'A 1'Y I f ,sag .-,1,, .,y. "lg 1 .V- s .' ly: A,..,. if? W Ll 41 1:..1' rx 6 X. .r sg-LL. 'J qp ,ETAFM 127 ,., 45.0, ,,. : ...... ,.f- ' ,K ' ' ' queen of the ollve leaves penny edwards i ,011 m5,Pj4?,lm,- 1 '-.'u'!'ZCfdi..z2l-iIEP'!Li, " ' 1 I , . Y :f u I -1 ' I a , 3 , ,p F8 1.65 H .3 - Through this ioilsame world alasl Once and only once I pass: If a kindness l may show, lf a good deed I may do To o suffering fellow man, Lei me do it while I can. No delay, for il is plain I shall noi pass this way again. Unknown focyuliy, oclminisiroiion, ond staff I29 I , I iff iff? 5555 L . l :- .gap 55 Eli? Wilt I 5' ' :Egfr If-LZ: ,Huff . ag ' uf 1215 14:1 g I Li 1 rj! gl ,Q E515 ll llc? IFES? .lvl v .Wg- WUT F3313- 'i'1'5E'E ri-ml Tl ' ,14 'I adj-F IMI! ,,!. vi" .wi dir? 1 ' 'EJ lflif QM Til! irm H421 'gui F5552 - 1: 51 9 H11 I- ,-54 1:5-if I ng, ,fi I . 4: I TQ, 'IM 31175 ii,- I su, .r' ' Y ll r Ji? aiu H525 415.2 1 ,r'3 r+ gr: 1 1 lr!- 5-gf -I -in :A- ILE? if ,. ., ,. Hi ljljl .af - '. 'ITLH Q n ,411-"' ,X DR. W. BURKETTE RAPER, Presidenf .kxzxzza H I"2 "5Y'1'YX ZX . KN, XXII!!! 5 SEATED lr Lloyd Vernon C M Coais Arthur Kennedy Mrs Mary Wlnfleld L B Waodall Sr Harold Mac Wallace Mrs Allce Barrow Reber' Bynum STANDING lr Roberi Wharton Garland Fulcher James B Hunt Jr Ray Warwick Nafhan Garner B E Bryan Mlss Jean E Fllllngome N4 l Trustees and Admmlstralors engoymg refreshments 131 M M lil K 1 . Ill 1. ' 2' ,r 3, I I 6 .'r E ' ' , NW ' A A .3 . . , . I xg. 3 ..,,- , 'I ' S :Q afs Dr. I. R. Swords Deon f' . ' '5 r Mrs. Beverly S. Blockwelder Counselor Mr. Thomas Smith and Mr. Gerald Edwards, Admission Officers Gary Barefoot Librarian Miss Pamela Wood Assistant Librarian I r" Richard Ross Director of Co-operative Education BELOW: Left to Right Ty Dahl Public Relations Frank Harrison Chaplain S in -Q., lf.. nn., 1 .1 l re 11. l. , .4.n.. :m.'-4 in .NL Robert H, Black Registrar and Alumni Affairs Gene B. Mercer Educational Development X Y Qi an 4 L l::r x SECRETARIES: Miss Gloria Wallace, Mrs. Norma Moore, Mrs. Annie Alberison, Mrs. Marie Glenn, Mrs. Sharon Smith, Miss Sarah Willoughby, Miss Jean Fillingame, Mrs. Lynn Senger. YH K '. l. nn.. X fkxx NH XXXXXW' x X Dr Jamal Sham: Tom Edwards Dlrecfor of Afhleflcs Dean of5fuden1s Mrs Mnranda Connor Nurse .Q NH 7- f-x Nbf Mrs Ahrlle F M0fShb0Ufn Mrs Ruby Grady Mrs Eleanor K Chandler Dorm COUFISCIOV Dorm Counselor Dorm Counselor W I Charles H. Harrell Business Manager - Treasurer Frederick B, Mesler Director of Development BELOW: LVR: Mrs. Belly Harrison, Bookstorep Mrs. Linda R. Fowler, Secretary, Mrs. Nelda Smith, Book- keeper, Mrs. Ann Kennedy, Cash- ier. r.1..- f :- ua-lf' 'ir-'P L fr 4, fix ""'- xxvs. YJ' H as if SEATED Mrs Leurah Reclves Mrs Edna Kung Mrs Mariha Jackson Mrs Georgia Wells Mrs BessleArms1rong STANDING Mrs Mildred Sloan Mrs Margare1Paf Person Mrs Jessae Manley Mrs Ina Frederick Mrs Mane Brogden Mrs Fannie Mrs Fannie Rose, Food Service Manager Rose s'..pnP 4- l Mllfon A Goodman Superintendent of Burldrngs and Grounds X fr I .17 Maintenance Staff , : . , . A , . , . ' , . l . z . ' , . - ' e 1 K. 3 L , ,Av Y . X 1 1 - 3 vel 'Af 9 J ' I' - ' .4 r -I ' , .1- 1 s .il , ' I ,' , x 4, K -, s ' f' , . ' ' '---,M Q A . .-.V ,A . . . vu A, lm .f,., - I-5,7 Jimmy L. Adams Physical Education Mrs. Elizabeth S. Bennett Art Wallis A. Brown, Jr. HT Science Miss M. Caroline Castelloe Mathematics Mrs. Lynn C. Dail Physical Education Mrs. Teena B. Culp Business - -t... --.,-v inf X 1 'S I-Q 'Q SI: 51 iq ,nu-f' Kenneth W Dildo Social Science Thomas C Edwards Physical Education Mrs Viola O Hllton Music C Shelton Howard Religion Mrs Carol K Jackson English Sidney T Johnson English I39 Mrs. Lorelle F. Martin Science Gene B. Mercer Mathemalics Claude H. Moore History Mrs. Lucy B. Mooring English Michael R. Pelt Religion Felix W. Ruiz Spanish Charles L. Sapp Social Sciences Leon J. Smith French Mrs. Edith A. Vann English I I I I I .,I 1 THESE WE HAVE KNOWN These we have known together - Hundreds of happy hours, Beautiful, bright blue weather, Rainbows following showers. Comfortable silence, and laughter, So many shared memories - No matter what follows after, Nothing can take away these. Small private iokes and the stories Amusing to us alone, Life's little triumphs and glories, Marking each happy milestone. Dreams that we shared in the making And watching a few come true, Failures the easier taking Because we were always two. Love in its full completeness, Life its abundant best - Nothing can alter the sweetness We have been truly blest. Helen Lawrie Marshall 'l4l Advisor: Kenneth Dildo President: Brent Sumner Vice-Presidenh Jim Andrews -I Sophomores ,- ,- S V , crwgivi' 62 -M. 1 Q -5 fg 3:-:Q "'FP'H"?t'v ASX l i 1 xx XJ L... 5 l i Q-' hr Judy Adler Sharon Allen Marlene Aman James lFuzzyl Andrews Gary Bailey Wayne Baker Amy Barbour 143 l - - .N -4 I A if X ,' ' , I A f ,, , , I . I T ' 6 - Tl. ,,. A ' lit' 1 ' -l aff A 'A G in - aug VA.. rf, .Qffu 4-QQ aw-Vai' Tl ow' 4-I-' -fi Q' 'ATV U14 si iw Kenneth Boss Winky Bctson Robert A. Barwick Pct Bengel Steven Bennett Roy Beavers Vickie Best X' 'Q 'CIT' 1l 3 1 0 .fi 54.51 1 ui A-4 1"'17 Bill Bousmun Eddie Bright Bill Brill Venice Lee Brown Mary Jo Bundy Sl-'SUN Buflef Del Carter Leigh Chomhlee Mike Che""Y il 145 W 6 FP' Ll W M Eddie Dutton Rudy Edmondson George Ronald Edwards Penny Edwards Dianne Ennis Clndy Evereffe Wllllam Farmer 1 147 .J Af? sd -Q 3 'vw r 25+ i ,A-vw -.44 Isabelle Frye Sian Frye Jeannie Gaskins Larry H, Graham Rhonda Graham Olivia Griffin Elizabeth Grimes Y 148 alg- Y ' 1 i isa 50 1 - Q0 ii' "L ,AY '27 I1 'X T? -0 --ff fs' X Fred Howell David Hudson Wanda Jenkins Ch'ris Johnson Diane Johnson Anne Kearney Leslie Kennedy Rose King James Lambert l Q QQ I "' Ju ',,,v ,..av -1 A 'U' iv ' "" il 15, , .R . -gf1..f'.'.'. Carolyn Lee Glassie Locklear Sam Lane Mike McCaffity Sallie McCoffify Terrie Mascioli Janie McCroy r r N r l fi 4 if, rf..-3--U1 , ,. lu- 4, I . t5jf:Q'.1. fx , -- N AW, qt , . , ,. 1 ' ' , . -. 'I ,N -4 4-E-,.-.K-.-, vi' , ., ,. , 4. ' , J "sr: '. r?6b'murr' -f" "'rk-f' . Mm. , , , nl . a. I nd' ff' 5- ' Lynn McConnell Donny Mercer 152 -1- 1-7 pi 'Q 1"-ru ls. 7.1" ft' ff' Aer 'Tlx Y'-' 4 4.5. .V I 1 ,Ii r v w K .nf .""j . wrf.v' ,n owl.,-, -. v, 4 -v- Arlene McGowan Beth McPhuiI Ann Miller Eldridge Moore Glenwood Moore i' -,,,-. -4 il . ,. c. 1' ii'-'4 f'-1 .19 F43 1977 Rose Moore Michelle Moser l-OWFGHCG NGWSOFTIS Deborah Newton Allen O'Neol Chip OWSNS Befly Jo Page Vicki Perkins Chcrloffe Procfor 153 N 4- li IM ,4- il' fgzv I 51-an-i 4 N-'fn-n Vickie Radford Keith Roach Dove Rosconno x 4-1" 96 C9 -if 126- J 1 Gene Riggs Susan Riley Dovor Robbins June Roberts David Rose Mike Scot? 3 ff' Q. -.iff fi? .11 A 'T SRG "NS John Seale Steve Sheffield Doug Skinner Julie Semcske Cathy Smith Van Stocks Phyllis Sloan Q9 .Ei If-1 ,-ov """P 411 .nik pr-4? .g .J .- 6 Bren! Sumner John Tort Peggy Thomas Debbie Thompson Jackie Turner Lindo Tutor Mike Underwood 5 g. I i I 1 2 E if -x 1. E. if n. il il if i. -3 gi 1: -v 1? E3 II U V.. er '3 ,. KL -: . Ls .1 ,,, ,ii 2, Qi .P. ,1 - 77- Y fn?-T -D .. .f 'ull dis Q56 F x p ff' I ,"t.'-R? X' y . .vu - A - l SX? l 'lf' iN , kyhcgq' i SA M 4 I tj ii 'll ELK!! G, if , .H I '-N 1 M l I L., i : Millar l- , 'f ssfilf' 1,5- Q0 S., f'T Gray Wheeler Trudy Whitley Dwight Wiggs Jim Williams John Williams Nancy Williams Regenia Williams W'-an L4 is 1- 1 w 1 4 N wifi' Advisor: Sheldon Howard President: Greg Stanley Vice-President: Marvin Waters Freshmen v -Ta Na H1 ... :Zu 1 160 'A R , Qrrxfvf -I ,Z , A,,.-sp. X Mug, F .1 '3 49' 42. -4 'S- 's Susan Allred Sue Aman Debby Avery Gilda Avery Joan Boggett Sondra Boker Linda Ballcnce Ronnie Barnes Lexie Berwick Gordon Bennett Jack Burnett Kenneth Benton lb r I ,' fb' .- . 3' ff" " 6? 5. if -f l x 1 i . 'S' Cathy Best Steve Boswell Janet Brown Kathy Carlton X w'-f X u-hs, f r 7 W -C 11.- U ral! 'Ml s Robby Bizzell Fred Baumann Steve Bullock Larry Cleaves K I Q-av ' 1214. fs 10' V? TX 4? -i A Eddie Blackwelder Jean Blackwell Linda Boykin Darlene Bright Joy Bundy Richard Bundy Bob Coates Debbie Cox 'S LI ""'lP 5 ,115 If sp., 43? QQ., 15, v 1-4 2 lx...-, Derrlck Croom Carol Cutler Mnchael Davls Verlne Davls Carlos Ebron Dudley Etheridge Derle Fields David Francis Denuse Mlnme Sandue Jo Ann Dm Libby Davis Dllday Crcug Dupree Evans Tommy Evans Galloway Cafhle Garns I6 i i 1 i r l "'4.".- 'F' 'J . '74-4, i G "LH-5-Q'-i:""' G' 'W xy I64 Qui, Elias Griffin Debfaie Harrington rf" 6. 'lr' Mike Gaillard Cathy Goodrich Lynn Griggs Muriel Grubbs Betty Hayes David Hayes A -V James Gillikin Becky Griffin Mary Harper Marie Henderson s.wN Q ,Lx ,of Ti ,ov Q -O", 901 qu. J, haf' 14? -6. fi ig Henry Herndon Suzanne Hunson Brucle House Jeffrey Jarvis f"'P Franky Huggins Ray Hockaday Beffy Hudson Beth Jermgan Nyrc Hull Pam Hodge Nancy Hufham Helen Johnson Saborah Hull Ronald Holland Nancy Ireland Cheryl Jones la5 Y l i l r l l i i i l i I l F.: 1 lt' ,M-v '3' -I '7 QQ 'T I "3 1,--4? it - Li... ' I f L A-1 , if- igge , 1 x Dennis Jones Ronnie Joyner Lorraine Kornegay Chuck Lane 166 Barbara Ma ye Diane'McMal'ian Eddie McDaris Ray McMahon ,av I ,-al' I l f Nancy Kelly Sue King Mollie Lassiter Nell Lewis Janet McKoy Donna McKee Mitch McNabb Jeff Mercer '17 Y 4 gl ,fr ,-0 X-L 1 ii.. "'. fl if i 0-57 Sharon Owens Preston Parker John Peacock Huber? Prlce Marllyn Muller Ellzabeth Myers Wanda Pate Joan Rackley Allen Murphy Kalhy Myers Candy Paul Charlene Register lol -8 ,QT U, F , 1 4 Y m Y m Y nm 4 27 mu? M 5? r-vv -:ang -I a -fa- .l 'v w v lf Q- avr., 168 James Riggsbee Barbara Rowe John Shamblee Bob Shears L93 Bobby Rupert Amy Sellers Barbara Shaw Jeff Shuping .ad Worih Roberts Jamieson Rodberg Roy Smith Lee Snouffer H.. ,ao i' -6 ,,..-0. -1 fu 41 nv I-+ .ov ll 3 iv .4-1 Scoh Sowers Henry Stilley Herbert Summerlin Lawanna Taylor L ,-Q. --at Tommy Sfancil Greg Stanley Yvonne Slephenson Carol Sfocks Cynthia Sfyron James Suhrsfedt Brenda Suffon Harold Swinson Bob Taylor Eddie Thayer Duvaul Thigpen Alan Thornton 169 70 -Of f-5-i ,..-up ,' 1' J" ,,..-nl UIQ. Y", Bill Traylor William Whitfield Regina Young f""' 1 fi" '9 - 'N -J -4 :HQ Denise Tyndall Thomas Uzzell Marvin Walers Sandra Williams Kathy Wilson Darrell Young When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you till it seems as though you could not hold on o 9 minute longer, never give up then, for that is iust the place and time that the tide will turn. Harriett B. Stowe I7 'I Jolwn Paiierson Furniiure Co. Moderafe Prices . , . Easy Terms Pos? Office Box 27I Telephone 658-3I5l Souilw Ce-nier Sireei Mount Clive, Noril'1Carolina Specialize in all Types of floor covering, including carpelinq and qualify lurniiure and appliances Lovick's Cafe 320 N. Heritage St. Kinston, N.C. Sandwiches-Meals Come in and eat or we will deliver Dial 523-6854 m ag Q2 I Q , L-4-4.-Y-4. --f.-..,..-.-,..g,41f"Z2 .H 41.4 .......-o.. Ugnhall 71meral 4 mme, gillif. 1UU5 yan.-th Qlhurclq Street gHHmm1 Qmifw, gi- QI. zssss Telephone 658-2303 172 Smitty's Drive-In N. Breazeale Avenue "Good Food is our Business" "Service is our Pleasure" Mount Olive, North Carolina BIZZELL'S ALIGNMENT SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Norflw Breazeale Ave. - MI. Olive Garage 658-4603 Residence 658-2I75 TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE ZI4 Easf James SOUTHERN BANK AND TRUST CO COMPLIMENTS OE DUPLIN FACE VENEER COMPANY INC 3 WESTERN AUTO O d by I-I J MORRIS JR I MI 658 4I ALBRITTON S J EWELRY STORE I GARRIS COMPLIMENTS OF FUNERAL HOME INC SUMMERLIN ELECTRIC D I658 276 658 28I6 OH P IVIounI Olive. N. C. Mounf Olive, NC. wne . . , . 3 NorII'1Cenfer S . .OIive, N.C. Mmm Olive' NC' Phone -2 2 8IO Soufh Cenfer SI. Mounf OIive. N.C. Mounf Olive, N.C. ia -2 Telephone - Pos? ice Box IO7 "A sym aII1e+ic service giving personal affenfion To all deIaiIs" 5 is I'III'f f,3av'k1 I YouR FRIENDLY I I If Q11-IQ -1, PIGGLY WIGGLY .v S Via X A Q Q: "The Sfore TI1aI Says TI'1anIc Yo Mounf OIive. N.C TTZTTI :TT-:r-J Mount Olive Tribune Mount Olive, North Carolina U74 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Officers AIumni Associafion I97I-I972 Mrs. Diane D. RIIey. . . Presidenf The Rev. I-I. Adrian Grubbs. . . Vice-Presidenf Mrs. MeIissa M. Barneff. . . Secrefary Roberf I-I. Black. . .Treasurer out MOUNT OLIVE COLLEGE WEIL S Goldsboro North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE AUTO PARTS COMPANY ol " o lOl' e, No rh Ca ol' l48 E. Ma Sl e lPno e 658- 359 W R JENNETTE FURNITURE COMPANY T eand Floor o M C S CHERRY 81 SON General Insurance Since 1892 Mount Olive Goldsboro Edwards Electrnc Company Inc Electrucal Contracting P O Box 3755 Wllson N C 27896 Commercial Industnal Phone 291 0320 Instltutuonal Resldentnal I7 T Wh esale Dlslrnbulors M un lV r r :na ln r e n 2 Qualify Furnifure Since l9l7 - Furni ur C vering I , I r ORIEEINIS BARBECUE Ez- 057 'Seize STREET Is: :sC:T: IIC, TI-IE BU ROER I-IOUSE GOOD FOOD EAST SERVICE Norm BTeaZeaIe FN.efTUe MCUEI' OIIVE IIC. BOBBY DENNINO EURNITURE I-IUSSEYIS BAR-B-O FURNITURE TELEVISION STEAKS MEMS SEAFOOD APPLIANCES COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE SANDVVICHES JIMMY WARREN BOBBY DENNIN6 M5 OIIVS C553-ZSIB Oremfham 685-?'2I74 VVOOTEN OIL AND FUEI. CO. 723 SOUTH GEORGE STREET FURNITURE CCEIJSBCRO NC. TELEPHONE 734057 EURNITURE - CARRETINC- E DRARERIES ACCESSORIES E APPLIANCES FUEL CIE SRECIRUSTS zoo: CASI-IWELL DRIVE OOLDSBORO. NC CIE BURNER CEEANINC ANU REPAIR SERVICE it WQNE YQQYIBQ6 P. O. BOX lb? F Ich. f an Eu J. G. BLALOCK - Manager lg mmm Hggtluc on ABA' HATCH ER BODY QORTH CAROUN4 -ij' SERVICE 5, 4 . CUsTom ReTirTisI'Tinq - CoIIIsion Spe-CiaIisT 0727 ODY ASSO PSXO TeIepIIg.rIe QQIQI 658-2I7B - N. Bfeaze-5Ie Ave. M:-Un' OI .e NQTTII CSEDIITTG 2 176 8365 VV R JHNNETTE EURNHURE COMPANY QUALITY FURNITURE SINCE I9I7 Furnufure and EIoor Covermg BEST USED CARS PHONE 658 484I 202 PARK AVE MT OLIVE JAMES A BEST TOMMY OUTLAW Owner Res PI'I 658 29I7 ELLIS MOTOR SALES PONTIAC GMC 658 2005 S 81 W EGG SERVICE ROUTE 2 ANGIER N C Ies I 639 2269 W O UPCHURCH BARBER SHOP 132 CENTER STREET MOUNT O IVE N C EASTERN DRAFTING SERVICE RESIDENTIAL DESIGN SINCE IQ49 STOCK PLANS CUSTOM HOME DESIGN MACHINE DRAFTING HIGHWAY I3 SOUTH GOLDSBORO N C 177 ., . , N.C. Sales and Services Specializing in Hams and Eggs E Who a e and ReIaiI L . . . U - 1 GLAM-0 AMA YOUR PR ESTIGE CLEANER em NORTH BREAZEALI: Ave MT ouvz NORTH CAROLINA 25365 Hvxmg igrnihvra I Professional ., , ' Real Estate 4 er Auctioneers 0 0 sim, 1910 229 N, Poplar Street Charlotte. N. C. 28202 Tel. 704-376-2687 Complsments of Qlwfm - P P :.:---"-T.--ffefff' 'if' Mount Olive "Shop wnth confudence and wear wnth pndef' Home of Famous Name Brands In Clothtng and Shoes. Compluments of HASTY PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO., INC. 510 N. Breazeale Ave. Mt. Oleve, N.C. 28365 Phone 658-2584 M EM GLENN-MARTIN DRUG COMPANY 'tYou can save with safety at thus Rexall Store" Mount Olive, North Caroluna 178 ARMY SURPLUS STORE Army Fatigues Boots, Field Jackets 119 S. Center St. Mount Oluve, North Caroluna REALTY THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE CONVENTION ORIGINAL FREE WILL BAPTIST CHURCHES Commends Mount Olnve College o Its Achievements In the Faeld of Higher Chrlstnan Educatnon As the Conventnon that flrst gave Ilfe to Mount Olnve Cotlege we are proud of our fnne unststutlon OFFICERS Rev Cedrlc D Paerce Secretary Mrs Bull Futch Asslstant Secretary Mrs Frank Walston Treasurer Rev Lynwood Boyette Rev Norman Ard Rom Mallard Honorary 'I79 f r Rev. C.F. Bowen, Presidentg Rev, C.H. Overman, Vice-President: O NORTI-I CAROLINA WOMAN'S AUXILIARY 'CONVENTION of The ORIGINAL FREE WILL BAPTISTS GREETINGS MOUNT OLIVE COLLEGE A cenrer of Iearninq - Teaching The highesr ideaIs of man and Dedicared 'ro God OFFICERS OF TI-IE CONVENTION Mrs. N. Bruce Barrow, Presidenr Mrs. D. W. Hancock, Vice-Presidenr Mrs. C. F. Bowen, Secrerary Mrs. Raymond Sasser, Treasurer Mrs. CarI DudIey, Missions Chairman Mrs. D. W. I'IansIey. Yourh Chairman Mrs. Mafrhew Parker, Program-Prayer Chairman Mrs. James A. Evans, Sfudy Course Chairman Mrs. Woodrow McCoy. Benevolence Chairman Mrs. Harrie Adcox Bright Field Secrerary Mrs. H. L. Spivey, Liice Membership Pin Chairman Mrs. LiIlie Mae Sasser. Chairman, The Anna Phillips Loan Fund CommiH'ee Mrs. J. C. Griffin, Honorary Member The suresr way nor Io Tail is Io derermine 'ro succeed." - Sheridan Hlfm 1 'lll I I Ill Ill I -GF CIALO Q UH' Southern Belle Texaco Tl'l6SOfhe B 986 SMD fOl68l'ldf8 8 15,0 GA FOO D STO R ES hC A? Southern Belle Motel mtv' mm! Y 24 Hour Towing and Wrecker Service Ser'-Ang Goldsboro and Wayne Counfy Since I946 CARS s. TRUCKS Towzo '7' IW' ,LMS3 ' ci PM TO ANY AUTO OR TRUCK DEALER I T lg ,fb ' 'I 4 Ll A ' T X fd -4Qg--Aw, A 4 ' "- -L5 - '- c-'-" - F-4 f ' I - BODY Sn FENDER REPAIRING . AUTO PAINTING 1 0 GLASS INSTALLED NIGHTS 735-1631 or 735-1518 X wa' N w ,N X FJ' RTUNALD 53 SLSFRT 5 q.J.fI.,.J.f -.-1-I JJJJ Esflrnefes Given IOI3 Somh George S+ CONEKINS l2l 'Wes' Wafnc' S1 W D J S G: ashore NC. Radio Srarion 1430 on ,cor Raolo DaT Serfng We,ne DupI3r Jcnrsc' are Sampson Co.r"es Mex' Q le Norfr Caronna Cornplln-en+s of J. H. MAYO Phone 658-4l-45 Manager FARMS INC. Ca .pso N. C, 182 Compliments of the employees of Boling Chair Company Mount Olive North Carolina Reeves Brother s Incorporated Kenansville North Carolina BIRD OIL COMPANY Owner Shellon Taylor and Sam Taylor Mounf Olive N C Aflanlic Gas Hearing Oils Coa WALGREEN AGENCY SHELTON Boro Bos Boro Two Regisfered Pharmacisrs To Serve You Filling prescriphons is whar we do beef Save Daily af your Walgreen Agency Everyday Discounl pr ces MOUNT OLIVE GAS COMPANY Gas Hearing. Appliances and Tobacco Curers Phone 658-2455 I27 N. Cenler SI. MI. Olive, N.C. BILL PATTERSON FURNITURE "FurniTure for Befrer Living" Floor Covering and Appliances I I4 Easl Main Slreel 658-2322 MT. Olive. N.C. '83 Y WILLIAMS' LIMITED BOBBY FLOARS TOYOTA INC. Z -- 0 U, x I, Y - s -44. I IO SouII1 Cenfer Sfreef 402 BerIceIe BouIevard Y C5oIdsboro, N. C. GoIcIsboro, N. C. .ri f --.A -1 Ni -2:1-Q::fA' ',-'JJIS '.2f'T s' L-E ' - , rxw L E- ' , A2 Gu J-'nv-N ...l- - ' hL,.Q1J5lf3Q-L5 If ' gxxxxx it ' 1- Q. ,iw -ww - N'- -I-::: ll av " I I My ,. f, 5 .-iz?"-'Q 1' I-ra, 'Aw' " 'f' .- r' 7 ,." ' .QP Z FI .1 -. l f ' W w . 1-f ff' 2 7 I - wr ' A 11. 5 -mnihf "rfj"ifgv.',g- f ' 'f 2 vs - i ff, -'r ' Ogg:-ff I ,L SJ -if A S Q, . ' 9 qviffg- q""5 Wmwfmv MaEaws.,,,Em FOUNDERS, MACHINISTS, MILL SUPPLIES METAL UELDH Q SU?WL ES'STEEL EFAZJR CAFQRS TELEPHONE No. 734-3411 GOLDSBORO- N. C. 27530 ConIrl buIors LANE BROTHERS GARAGE KORNEGAYS GAS SERVICE W, P. MARTIN STORE Mounf OIive, N. C. Mounf Olive, Norfh Carolina BELL MOTORS INC. C'I1rysIer, PIymou+I'1 and Valiant Mounf OIIve, N. C. PERKINS MOTOR PARTS I IO9 S. George S+. GoIdsboro, N. C. CALYPSO AUCTION HOUSE Calypso, Norfh Carolina COC-SDELL CYCLE CENTER You meer flue nicesl people on a Honda Goldsboro Norll'1Caroluna BUDDY S JEWELRY lv1ounfOllve Norflw Caroluna MUSIC 84 SPORTS I+ pays fo play Pnanos Sporhng Goods Organs Color T V s Sheer Music Slereos Musncal lnsfrumenfs Tape Players Phone 734 287 I 202 E Walnuf Goldsboro N C IREM Your Happy Shopping Sfore Cloflnnq For All The Famnly lv1oun+Oluve N C P O Box Phone 658 4989 44? 7H0Mp5OV'x fuaaana 205 Wesl ounwooo KENNEDY CHARLES THOMPSON Jolnn Sf cunnss :Ares lv1ounTOlnve N C LEWIS DRUGS Mounf Olive Norfh Carolnna Conhnuous drug and prescrrpfuon service srnce l9l5 HANKTNG AND TRUST COMPANY ues Goldsboro N C H ,T ' . . ' ' ' 408 , 0, MEMBER KEDERAL DEPOSIY ANSUFANCE Convobunon , . . 1 Jr MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY 86 'Ulm pal- -' uw , ny . Amer The MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY takes pride in its products which ore distributed throughout the eostern half of the United States by its own fleet of delivery trucks. lt processes o wide voriety of cucumberrdelicci- cies, including sour, sweet, dill, sweet chips ond strips, kosher dills, Polish dills, and numerous other tciste-tempting delights. The pickle-packing porcidise of Mount Olive olwoys remembers its hometown college ond its role in higher education. HOOD EQUIPMENT PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY lO8 Wesf Clweslnuf S+. Goldsboro, N. C. IZO7 Soullm George Slreel Goldsboro N C . A giqw-..f.q+-W ----f 4- --- ,. l l SOUTHERN BELLE RESTAURANT SWINSON S CABINET Sl-IOP e c'a Resale Val Made fo O de Co plefely lnslalled Spec al g n Fo ca Wo Home - O ices - lndusfry "Experienced Craffsman To Serve Yo - E fi f Giv n - s ma es Phone 658-9554 M . Olive N. C. 2I3 Wes? John Sfreef A T . I Comm r I l I HI r r m " i izin I rmi rlc" ff u" e T . -.hy 'Wi F" A , I . 1 1 iii. e 'Sf-, .env U 73 1 6 ?'g 29 I ' A "' 'wfwsf 977ade Wife Sunbeam Erma' "It's Batter Whipped!" ,uarVxK7's N Fo ef 1'- Q x 6 . V' Je -- 'cp 4 1 P :Xxx m , x s X X ,va ,fa X Q , X N U1iPMo':, . , If .J . X 1 4 ,,5g,.95Q' K 1 w P , P , N , X xv I , l s ' iii- 5 N g ' I K A , u ,geek Avg .M f',l"1 N 5 A l ' 6" 'is W " J -J K Q V Q Zo o.'9 '- - ,-5" h . . , N x S.: -,, ' .Q I '15, 1 JI A' l w . LQ Q 'I 'Y I x xwx si J , M, xwtkxst egg!! FRANKLIN BAKING CO., fNC. Carolina and Granfham Sfreefs Telephone, REpublic 5-0344 Goldsboro. Norfh Carolina 27530 Isa Complimenfs of KRAFTS STUDIO MOUNT OLIVE SAVINGS 84 LOAN MMI' A Gifs-,,, ,,. ,P af E PNN -...i 'ff'-EL-Qfwk AT The T me a CI Tempera? Phone 658 4I 32 Mo +OI e No+hCaoIna GARRIS JEWELERS Goldsboro, Norfh Carolina I-I D ANDREWS CO GOLDSBORO COCA COLA BOTTLINO 'tvs COIVI PANY 103195 Cenfer Sffeef real thlng. Goldsbmo N C Mounf Olive, Nor+h Carolina Phone 658-4260 'I 89 1 i l l i l i l l l l 190 Judy Adler Clinton, N. C. Sharon Allen Pantego, N. C. Susan Allred High Point, N. c. Sue Aman Dunn, N. C. Marlene Aman Dunn, N. C. Jim Andrews Carrboro, N. C. Jackie Arthur Goldsboro, N. C. Debbie Avery Chocowinity, N. Gilda Avery LaGrange, N. C. Joan Baggatt Roseboro, N. C. Gary Bailey C. Williamston, N. C. Sandra Baker Calypso, N. C. Ronnie ,Barnes Lucama, N. C. Lexie Barwick Deep Run, N. C. Kenneth Bass Mount Olive, N. C. Fred Baumann . Greenville, N. C. Pat Bengel New Bern, N. C. Gordon Bennett Mount Olive, N. C. student directory Steve Bennett Goldsboro, N. C. Douglas Bennetts Mount Olive, N. C. Kenneth Benton LaGrange, N. C. Kathy Best Four Oaks, N. C. Robert Best Warsaw, N. C. Vikki Best Mount Olive, N. C. Robbie Bizzell Mount Olive, N. C. Eddie Blackwelder Morehead City, N Jean Blackwell Fayetteville, N. C. Pam Bone Rocky Mount, N. C. Steve Boswell Greenville, N. C. Bill Bousman New Bern, N. C. Patricia Bowden Mount Olive, N. C. Linda Boykin Goldsboro, N. C. Darlene Bright Chocowinity, N. C. Eddie Bright Vanceboro, N. C. Johnnie Bright Vanceboro, N. C, Gene Britt Smithfield, N. C. Bill Britt Newton Grove, N. C Paul Brooks Staley, N. C. Janet Brown Beulaville, N. C. Nicholas Brown Clinton, N. C. David Bryan Mount Olive, N. Steve Bullock Rocky Mount, N. Joy Bundy Farmville, N. C. Jack Burnett Mount Olive, N. Susan Butler C. C. C. Bladenboro, N. C. Betty Cantelli Mount Olive, N. C. Robert Cantelli Mount Olive, N. Kathy Carlton Warsaw, N. C. Del Carter C. Warrenton, N. C. Leigh Chamblee Winston Salem, N. Mike Cherry Ahoskie, N. C. Bob Coates Mount Olive, N. Jimmy Collier Wilson, N. C. Cindy Collins Pleasant Garden, C. N Debbie Cox Chocowinity, N. C Susan Creed Fayetteville, N. Derrick Croom Goldsboro, N. C Warren Crumpler Mount Olive, N. C Carol Cutler Plymouth, N. C. Denise Dail Kenansville, N. C Brenda Davis Bladenboro, N. C Elbert Davis Snow Hill, N. C Libby Davis Deep Run, N. James Davis Karen Davis Calypso, N. C. Verlie Davis Mount Olive, . Linda DeHoog Plymouth, N. C. Judy Denny Pilot Mountain, N. C. Connie Dickens Weldon, N. C. Minnie Dilday Newcarrollton, Md. Ronald Draughon Dunn, N. C. Jim Dunning Wilmington, De. Craig Dupree Raleigh, N. C. Eddie Dutton Peachland, N. C. Dwayne Eakes Lucama N C Carlos Ebron Greenville N C Rudy Edmundson Hamilton N C Rick Edwards Kmston N C George Edwards Clinton N C Penny Edwards Wilson N C Dianne Ennis Buses Creek N C Dudley Etheridge Macclesfield N C Sandy Evans Kenansville N C Tommy Evans Cindy Everette Klnston N C Joann Everton Mount Olive N William Farmer Mount Olive N Derle Fields Goldsboro N C Alvin Finch Bailey N C Nell Forbes Alexandria Va Stan Frye Sophia N C Mike Gaillard James Island S C Jo Ann Galloway Wnnnabow N C Cathie Garris Goldsboro N Jeannie Gasklns Newport N C Joe Gerald Pikeville N C Anthony Gilllkin Beaufort N C James Gllllkm Beaufort N C Clifton Godwin Selma N C Cathy Goodrich Mount Olive N C Larry Graham Mount Olive N Rhonda Graham Raleigh N C Elias Griffin Richmond Va Emma Griffin Susan Griffin Raleigh N C Lynn Griggs Hamlet N C Elizabeth Grimes Mount Olive N C Muriel Grubbs Princeton N C Sprunt Hall Bowden N C Mary Harper New Bern N C Debbie Harrington Goldsboro N C Deborah Hart Ayden N C Tommy Harwood Salisbury N C Betty Hayes Fayetteville N C C. ' , - - ' ' , - - C. ' , . . ' , . Mount Olive, N. C. New Bern, N. C. Dudley, N. C. N C. ' , . C. 1 - - ' , . C. ' , 3 . , . C. ' , . . 92 David Hayes Wilmington, N. C. James Heath Cove City, N. C. James Heath Mount Olive, N. C. Fran Hemby Richmond, Va. Henry Herndon Goldsboro, N. C. Steve Herring Mount Olive, N. C. Joe Hill Jacksonville, N. C. Mary Jane Hill Mount Olive, N. C. Nyra Hill Deep Run, N. C. Robert Hill Clinton, N. C. Saborah Hill Deep Run, N. C. Suzanne Hinson Mount Olive, N. C. Ray Hockaday Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Pam Hodge Charlotte, N. C. Beryl Hodgin Asheboro, N. C. Debra Horne Chapel Hill, N. C. Beth Horne Beulaville, N. C. Barbara B. House Hobgood, N. C. Fred Howell Pinetown, N. C. Ronald Hubbard Tarboro, N. C. Betty Hudson Turkey, N. C. David Hudson Turkey, N. C. Nancy Hufham Salt Lake City, Utah James Hyatt Ahoskie, N. C. Nancy Ireland Bayboro, N. C. Jeffrey Jarvis Ayden, N. C. Wanda Jenkins Wilson, N. C. Beth Jernigan Dudley, N. C. John Jernigan Goldsboro, N. C. Chris Johnson Warsaw, N. C. Helen Johnson Micro, N. C. Diane Johnson Benson, N. C. Cheryl Jones Dudley, N. C. Dennis Jones Goldsboro, N. C. Emmett Jones Mount Olive, N. C. Hiawatha Jones Mount Olive, N. C. Ronnie Joyner Tarboro, N. C. Ann Kearney Windsor, N. C. Nancy Kelly Mount Olive, N. C. Leslie Kennedy Lucomo, N. C. Sue King Mount Olive, N. C Rose King Mount Olive, N. C Lorraine Kornegay Mount Olive, N. C James Lambert Calypso, N. C. Reb Lancaster Kinston, N. C. Jeff Landen Chinquapin, N. C. Sam Lane New Bern, N. C. Dennis Lawson Winston Salem, N. Carolyn Lee Greenville, N. C. Nell Lewis Farmville, N. C. Rossi Lockerman Clinton, N. C. Glassie Locklear Red Springs, N. C. Warren Lunsford Chantilly, Va. James Marchelletta Clinton, N. C. Roy Mathis Warsaw, N. C. Barbara Maye Arlington, Va. Jesse Mayo Aurora, N. C. Mike McCaffity Mount Olive, N. C. Sallie McCaffity Mount Olive, N. C. Eddie McDaris Kenly, N. C. Arlene McGowan Fouson N C Donna McKee Lofts S C Ray McMahon Hugh Potnt N C Match McNabb Ashland Ky Beth McPhall New Bern N Jeff Mercer Lucama N C Danny Mercer Lucama N Ann Muller Turkey N C Martlyn Muller Kenansvtlle N C Eldndge Moore Rocky Mount N C Glenwood Moore Mtchelle Moser Winston Salem N C John A Murphy Albertson N C Ellzabeth Myers Turkey N C Lawrence Newsome Selma N C Deborah Newton Fremont N C Muckey Newton Middlesex N C Joe Nobles Cove Cnty N C Allen O Neal Wllson N C Chlp Owen Wllson N C Sharon Owens Kmston Betty Jo Page Warsaw N C Preston Parker Mount Ollve N Cundy Paul Belhaven N C John Peacock Goldsboro N C Vtckl Perkins Goldsboro N C Vlckle Pittman Pune Level N C Jeff Potter San Antonio Tx Dewey Powell Goldsboro N C Henry Prnce Selma N C Charlotte Proctor Tommy Purvts Hobgood N C Harruet Rackley Clmton N C Preston Radford Snow Hull N C Vlckte Radford Dudley N C Knstle Raper Mount Olrve N Lloyd Reaves Calypso N C Charlene Regnster New Bern N C Gene Rrggs Mount Oltve N C James Rtggsbee Durham N C Susan Rnley Goldsboro N Betty Robbins Goldsboro N Carlton Roberts Dudley N C June Roberts Wilmington N C John Robertson Kmghtdale N C Jamteson Rodberg Raleigh N C Barbara Rowe Bayboro N C Bobby Rupert Dunn N C Mtke Scott New Bern N C John Seale Fayettevrlle N C Amy Sellars Julte Semaske Mount Oltve N C John Shambley Durham N C Farouk Shaml Mount Olive N C Kamleh Sham: Mount Ollve N C Barbara Shaw Goldsboro N Bob Sheats Hope Mtlls N C Steve Sheffteld Warsaw N C Jefferson Shuplng Whltevllle N C Doug Sknnner Wtlson N C I9 ' , - - ' , N. C. , . C. ' , - - , . . , . C, ' ' , - - ' , . C. , . . , - C- , . . ' , . . 1 - ' I , . , . . J I ' ' , . . , . . 1 - r , . . A , . . Clinton, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Pine Level, N. C. , - - ' , . C. , . C. I I ' ' , . . l , . . J I ' ' , . . , . . U I ' - D , . . ' l , . . l 1 - ' , . . l , . . 94 Phyllis Sloan Mount Olive, N. C. Dianna Smith Donelson, Tn. Linda Smith Pink Hill, N. C. Cathy Smith Wilson, N. C. Randy Smith Blounts Creek, N. C. Raymond Smith New Bern, N. C. Lee Snouffer Wilson, N. C. Scott Sowers Snow Hill, N. C. Tommy Stancil Kenly, N. C. Greg Stanley Elgin, S. C. Harvey Sterken Burlington, N. C. Bud Stilley New Bern, N. C. Carol Stocks Ayden, N. C. William Van Stocks Greenville, N. C. Cynthia Styron Pine Level, N. C. Herbert Summerlin Warsaw, N. C. Brent Sumner Pink Hill, N. C. Brenda Sutton Faison, N. C. Harald Swinson Richlands, N. C. John Tart Goldsboro, N. C. Bob Taylor Greenville, N. C. Lawanna Taylor Deep Run, N. C. Eddie Thayer Wilmington, N. C. Duvaul Thigpen Beulaville, N. C. Peggy Thomas Beulaville, N. C. Debbie Thompson Bladenboro, N. C. Alan Thornton Havelock, N. C. James Tillman Mount Olive, N. C. Hansley Toler New Bern, N. C. Bill Traylor Hopewell, Va. Linda Tutor Warsaw, N. C. Denise Tyndall Clinton, N. C. Michael Underwood Clinton, N. C. Thomas Uzzell Goldsboro, N. C. Roxie Vines Greenville, N. C. Calvin Wade Mebane, N. C. Carolyn Walker Rocky Mount, N. C. Glenn Walker Wallace, N. C. Lucy Walker Wallace, N. C. Nerry T. Wall Pink Hill, N. C. Mary Alice Ward Dublin, N. C. Vickie Ward Burlington, N. C. Bennie Warren Dunn, N. C. Marvin Waters Williamston, N. C. Rick Watson Lucama, N. C. Beniie Watson Pine Level, N. C. John Webb Wilmington, N. C. Betty Whaley Jacksonville, N. C. Aleta Wheeler Fayetteville, N. C. Gray Wheeler New Bern, N. C. William Whitfield Plymouth, N. C. Trudy Whitley Kenly, N. C. Sue Williams Mount Olive, N. C Jim Williams Winston Salem, N. C Nancy Williams Merritt, N. C. Sandra Williams New Bern, N. C. John Williams Morehead City, N. Arlinda Wilson New Bern, N. C. Kathy Wilson Winterville, N. C. Jane Woodard Selma, N. C. Christine Yeager Darrell Young Regina Young Havelock, N. C. Ashland, Ky. Raleigh, N. C. Willa il' 1 - . I -97 I 131 H -R 9 Q ' ' 04' fi ' . l - - Q Li 1 .ul F:-ex 96 Judith R. Adler: Nightingale Society, Drama Club, Pep Club, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Powder Puff Football, Manager of Girls'Basketball Team. Sharon Allen: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Secretary, Pep Club, Judicial Committee, Spanish Club, Cho- rus. Marlene Aman: Pep Club, Baptist Student Union, Librar- ian, Henderson Science Club, S.G.A. Handbook Committee, Homecoming Queen. James Andrews: Pep Club, Commuter-Resident Service, President, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Sophomore Project Committee, Sophomore Vice President, Dorm Council, Football, Basketball, Softball. Jacquelyn T. Arthur: Phi Theta Kappa, President, Bryan Scholars, SGA, SGA Decoration Committee, Perrett Award, Math Award, Student Teacher's Aid at Car- ver Elementary School. Gary M. Bailey: Kappa Chi, President, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Life Commit- tee, Dean's List. Amy Barbour: Annual Staff, Assistant Editor, Henderson Science Club, Nightingale Society, Phi Beta Lambda, Baptist Student Union, Decorating Commit- tees, Phi Beta Lambda and Freshman-Sophomore. Edwina Waters Batson: Baptist Student Union, French Club, Dorm Council, Secretary, Dean's List. Pat Bengel: Yearbook Staff, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Dean's List, Chorus, Intra- mural Softball. Vikki Best: Commuters Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Johnston Scholarship. Mary Jo Bundy: Phi Theta Kappa, Summer School Coun- cil, Bryan Scholar, Dean's List, May Day Activities, Student Leadership Workshop. Susan Butler, French Club, Henderson Science Club, Bap- tist Student Union, Pep Club. Del Carter: Science Club, Secretary, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Pep Club, Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee, Dean's List, Homecoming Court. 1 Jane Leigh Chamblee: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Min- ister's Child Scholarship, Manager Girl's Basketball. Larry Cleaves: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Intramu- ral Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. Bob Coates: Henderson Science Club, Historian, Com- muter Resident Service Club, Spanish Club, Interna- tional Club, SGA Nominating Committee, Judicial Council, Dean's List, Manager of Basketball Team, Intramural Football and Basketball. Cindy Collins: International Club, Drama Club, French Club, Chorus, Freshman-Sophomore Fund Raising Committee, Bahama Mamas Football Team. Brenda Davis Cox: Pep Club, French Club, Secretary, Cheerleader, Prospective Teacher's Scholarship, Ed- ucational Opportunity Grant, 4-H Scholarship, ln- tramural Tennis, Softball, Volleyball. Susan Creed: Phi Beta Lambda, Pep Club, Year Book, Baptist Student Union, Fellowship, Chorus, Fresh- man-Sophomore, Chairman, Talent Show Commit- tee, Chairman, Election Committee, Handbook Committee, Representative from FWB, Music Schol- arship. Karen Davis: Commuters Club, Student Government As- sociation, Homecoming Court, Dean's List. Linda DeHoog: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Pep Club, Freshman-Sophomore Decorating Committee, Home- coming Court, May Day Court, Chorus. Judy Denny: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Pep Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President, Henderson Science Club, SGA Entertainment Committee, Leadership Workshop. Eddie Dutton: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Vice President, Henderson Science Club, Vice President, Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, French Club, Program Chairman, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Fresh- man-Sophomore Planning Committee, Student Life Ad- visory Council, Homecoming Committee, SGA, Trea- surer, I, President, 2, N. C. Co-ordinator of Jr. Col- lege Division of SUSGA, Chief Marshal, Bryan Scholar, Dean's List, Perret Award, National Leader- ship Workshop, Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges, Who's Who Among Ameri- can Student Leaders, lntramural Basketball and Soft- ball. Rudy Edmundson: Free Will Baptist Fellowship: Pep Club: Dorm Council: Letter in Tennis: Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball: Tennis: Assistant Coach Girls Bas- ketball. Penny Edwards: Free Will Baptist Fellowship: Phi Theta Kappa: Bryan Scholars: Leadership Workshop: Stu- dent-Life Retreat: Advertising Manager I97l Olive Leaves: Editor I972 Olive Leaves: Bryan Scholar: De- an's List: Marshall: Who's Who Among American Jun- ior Colleges. Dianne Ennis: Pep Club: Lettermen's Club: Henderson Sci: ence Club: Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Girls Bas- ketball: Intramural Softball and Basketball. Cindy Everett: Free Will Baptist Fellowslip, Program Prayer Chairman: French Club: Annual Staff: Homecoming Steering Committee: Freshman-Sophomore Steering Committee: Entertainment Committee: Freshman Or- ientation Committee: Leadership Workshop: Bryan Scholar: Dean's List: Phi Theta Kappa: Chorus. Don Garris: Letterman's Club: Golf Team. Jeannie Gaskins: Science Club: International Club: Recrea- tional Committee Science: International Club Publicity Committee: Dean's List: Girls Intramural Softball. Larry H. Graham: Phi Theta Kappa: Bryan Scholar. Rhonda Graham: Cheerleader: Homecoming Court: Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes: Lettermen's Club: Spanish Club: Drama Club: Pep Club. Olivia Griffin: French Club: Commuters Club: Dean's List. Deborah Hart: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Pianist: Frehch Club: Science Club: Phi Theta Kappa: Pep Club: May Day Committee Chairman: Dorm Council, President: Bryan Scholar: President's Council: Dean's List: Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges: Homecoming Court. James.E. Heath: Henderson Science Club: Kappa Chi Fra- ternity, Vice President: Pep Club: Honorable Mention: Chorus. Fran Hemby: Spanish Club, Secretary: Free Will Baptist Fel- lowship. Steven Herring: International Club: Phi Theta Kappa: Dean's List. Mary Jane Hill: French Club: Dean's List Beryl Hodgin: Pep Club: Homecoming Committee: Dorm Council Dean s List Girls Basketball Team Girls In tramural Football Beth Horne: Phi Beta Lambda, President: Pep Club: French Club Intramural Softball Volleyball Tennis Wanda Jenkins: Free Will Baptist Fellowship: Phi Beta Lambda Pep Club Freshman Sophomore Committee SGA Nominating Committee Chorus Secretary Trea surer Mount Olive Singers Diane Johnson: Henderson Science Club, President: Free Will Baptist Fellowship Pep Club French Club Lead ership Workshop Religious Life Committee James Royal Lambert: French Club, Vice President: Phi Theta Kappa Secretary Henderson Science Club Concerts Lectures Committee Bryan Scholar Deans List May Day Activities Student Leadership Work shop Carolyn Sue Lee: Nightingale Society, Vice President, l tional Club Dean s List Glassie Locklear, Jr.: Baptist Student Union, Secretary-Trea surer International Club Treasurer Music Scholarship Faculty Scholarship Lynn M. McConnell: Henderson Science Club: Dean's List Janie Juanita McCray: Lettermen's Club, Vice President Science Club Vice President Pep Club Secretary Concert and Lectures Committee SGA Women s Dorm Representative Intramural Tennis Inter collegi ate Basketball for Women Ann Miller: French Club Marilyn Miller: Phi Theta Kappa: Free Will Baptist Fellow ship French Club Bryan Scholar Religious Life Com mittee Eldridge Moore: Baptist Student Union: Pep Club Glenwood Moore: Phi Beta Lambda: Free Will Baptist Fel lowship French Club Freshman Sophomore Commit tee Publicity Chairman Annual Staff Business Man ager Publicity Manager FWB Fellowship '1 ' ' 1 ' 1 ' - 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 - ' 1 . . . 7 I - 5 . . . ' ' ' 1 1 1 - i . . . . . 1 1 ' 1 - ' 1 1 ' I . . . 7 . - I President, 2: Club for Presidents of Clubs: Interna- 1 ' ' - 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 . . , , 1 ' 1 - '- . I I I . . . l ' 1 1 - '- I . . . I . - I . . . n T97 Rose Moore: Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President, Academic Affairs Committee, Marshal, Dean's List, Bryan Scholar, Who's Who Among American Junior Col- leges, Oriental Retreat, Conference at Gatlinburg, Tenn. Michelle Moser: Phi Beta Lambda, Parliamentary Procedure Team, Free Will Baptist Fellowship. Michael Allen O'Neal: Pep Club, President, Spanish Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Baptist Student Union, Entertainment Committee Chairman, Handbook Committee Chair- man, Elections Committee Chairman, . Student Gov- ernment Association, Vice President, Bryan Scholar, Music Scholarship, Dean's List, Chorus. Chip Owen, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Oriental Religious Life Retreat, Turkey Race, Bike-o-than. Betty Jo Page, French Club, Henderson Science Club, Cho- rus. Vicki Perkins: Phi Theta Kappa, Commuter Resident Service Club, Secretary Treasurer, Homecoming Committee, Fair Exhibit Committee, Bryan Scholar, Dean's List, Oriental Religious Life Retreat. Charlotte Proctor: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, French Club, Dean's List, Chorus, Mount Olive Singers, COOP. Vickie Radford: Phi Theta Kappa. Susan Riley, Phi Theta Kappa, Commuter Club, Dean's List, Bryan Scholar. Davor Robbins: Phi Theta Kappa, SGA, Student lnvolve- ment Trip to Oriental, Freshman Orientation Commit- tee, Bryan Scholar, Dean's List. Mike Scott: International Club, President, Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President and Parliamentarian, Phi Theta Kappa, Spanish Club, Baptist Student Union, Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges. Julie Semaske: Commuters Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Histo- rian, Dean's List, Bryan Scholar, Advertising Mgr, Doug Skinner: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Kappa Chi, Pep 198 ' Club, Sophomore Class Proiect Committee, Judicial Committee, Dean's List, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball. Phyllis Garner Sloan: Baptist Student Union, Vice President, Honorable Mention List. Cathy Smith: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List. Van Stocks: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Freshman-Sophomore Steering Committee, Dorm Representative to SGA, lntramural Softball, Bas- ketball, Football, Basketball Manager. Brent Sumner: Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Song Leader, Phi Beta Lambda, French Club, Prom Fund Raising Committee, SGA Executive Council, Sophomore Class President, Bryan Scholar, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges. Linda Deborah Thompson: Baptist Student Union, Hender- son Science Club, Homecoming Committee, Cheer- leader. Mary Alice Ward: Pep Club, Baptist Student Union, Hen- derson Science Club, Women's Dorm Council, Dean's List. Victoria Ward: Student Leadership Workshop, Homecom- ing Committee Dorm Decoration llst Placel, Dorm Council, Dean's Council, Handbook Committee, Presi- dent: "Dirty Dozen", Dean's List, Captain Powder Puff Football - Bahama Mamas. Betty L. Whaley: Drama Club, Music Club, Pep Club, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Dorm Council, Music Scholar- ship, Represented Mount Olive in "Miss Goldsboro Pageant", Powder Puff Football. Trudy Whitley: Free Will Baptist Fellowship. Nancy Williams, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, Dean's List. Christine Yeager, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa, Inter- national Club, Pep Club, Student Affairs Committee, Dean's List, Homecoming Court, Cheerleader, Member of Bahama Mamas Football Team - Co-captain, Co- operative Education Student. L 'K -gf! i X 6 U r- ? L -r i I x' AJK 1 'N ' if i'Y:ywo'l'lyl-f.YYln1', ' Sf Q Q5 'Q-, l , ov 'I 2, 'I dt ' - Q ' . .4 I - " 5- ' . H' ' "LY we X. V+ 1' 7' ii . 4 f PX i. 7 ' "' ig ,"vf .1+v' I ur' ww f 1 : r Y r l I 7- f.r E f' ell n W NA Live each dcfyto F Q. u A ' K Get the mostdfgorf ' l l and each i "n. Dareta , ? Q,k.- Q - ftgiut C -'ln lear ng to ilusten to those con ' i uninteresti For what youlmav an rememberllrlh' No m matter how ' may see 4 , this is still a l and you at home l q Y a hild is at in his E ' mq hat V ' ion as l 1 ll X9'!'f those you to forgive yourself for - -n I K och irst ste '19 ' i All self, something Disragdfd what the world owes trate on what for world .4 folks cares at times, 54' 'P 'S F r l. j ,sl The mo ft of 4. ' 'ever M e all ' who -Q Act s if you, 5 ,Y and praylas if upon J l r I 200 Y f , I ,I I I I I I I I I 5

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