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R .fs-rf! eff X,-I J 969 969 969 fx as Q. their ' .T I 7'-.JI 969 earth spins on its axis I t revolution a comp e e and the planet begins a nevv year yesterday is left for the historians today becomes that margin in time when civilizations flounder or progress and man has another 365 days to find himself 365 days is a brief span of time but a year reflects the impressions of many men many events many ideologies the times bob dylan said are a-changin' and that fact has never been move evident than in the images of 1968-69 the world is in a state of transition a strange kind of turmoil which at times seems vvithout reason and certainly without geographical boundaries czechoslovakian students before the russians announced via tanks they were coming staged campus rebellions not dissimilar to their american counterparts so too are political institutions experiencing change national political conventions and the electoral college are novv vievved by the majority as archaic and in need of reform youth's heroes are admired not so much for their political philosophy as for their ability to face situations with courage and calm resolution some of the most respected men in government are those vvho have matched action with their rhetoric mccarthy in those new hampshire snows kennedy in that california sun before the bullets struck john lindsay walking ghetto streets on summer ni hts Q and pleading before senate committees to allocate funds to rebuild the cities the year's events have also reflected a deepening concern for the black the poor the dispossessed that group of people who have been 21. W J ,, 1 1 , . ,Q 'X 46 i i " 'V mf' . if . A S " 'fi it ,-A5734 is- , fu. Af .HJ rj 1 qi i M3 student life organizations sports favorites academics sophomores freshmen advertising 14 40 68 90 104 125 139 153 iii 55: 0 - ' . fl '1 . ' "5,. .ifiz wg. f fl, left out of the center of society and have endured the emptiness and stigma of second class citizenship this concern has motivated governments to legislate programs which on the surface at least grant the disadvantaged the right to earn for themselves a full life change is not always welcomed one man's dream may be another's anathema some confuse personal pathology with the logic of history and consider social and political transition evils which must be halted the point they make is not invalid at times it seems there are no limits placed on the invasion and disruption of what was once thought sacred still there are so many institutions in american life which badly need reform and if approached with calm resolution and creative impetus may bring us to the moment when this 365 days will be that margin in time when men seek a newer world 1,-....-Q L ug j , g,'-a4"- 5"E-1: ,rf "KM" xl y A 7"-f-L. y if K W? -.1 5 X -,,,..v-1, .AL -A, ,-f" wx . 4 1 4 Vt. 15' ,ff 'Wu . 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"' .L if N? ,. -9 4 NH H pi...- srf ' y 1: "'W"" Q1 RX 1 0 I ,,'Q': say you wanna revolution well you know we all wanna change the world you tell me its evolution well you know we all wanna change the world but when you talk about destruction don't you know that you can count me out you say you got a real solution well you know we'd all love to see the plan you ask me for a contribution well you know we're all doing what we can but if you want money for people with minds that hate all i can tell you is brother you'll have to wait you say its in the constitution well you know we all wanna change the world you tell me its the institutions well you know you better free your mind instead but if you go carrying pictures of chairman mao you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow -the beatles from "revolution" 1968 5 ' 1 4 1 1 1 dedication the man isn't always everybody's favorite person he angers a lot of people because he doesn't mind saying what he thinks yet he never forgets to give the other fellow a chance to air his opinions too he listens intently to an opposing view and you somehow come away from the conversation feeling that although he may not agree he understands he demands a lot of students because he believes they're capable of giving more than they usually do his concern isn't superficial and his honesty attests to that he isn't a one dimensional man he doesn't look at a student's academic record and mentally compute someone into a certain nitch he cares about people its as simple as that so it is with pride and a great deal of respect that we dedicate the 1969 olive leaves to dr. raymon p. carson 4 s Q A student life may day and nickel beer even if the beer is coke with a shaving cream head o you kid and wasnt rudy Valentino great dead eye mercer and his gun moll ann duck the bullets neville stole the pickles and the show too the queen and her court were nice but since when does beauty compare with flappers look at those knees and swing music which made louis armstrong seem quiet may day really the cat's meow -J W ,135 .- AWK 'F'i"'. .J J' yr' r lr 4 gf' . :in '. L- 'ms a LM. .X- f"" Q ,J N .. Lf'4 :fig W W? Y X ."5 K uk .J I... 1 1 A '? s X. tn'-f' ini S5 , QQ. wc! sv- Vw i vb' - . do your own thing thats the phrase which rules the times the words may not mean much to those over 30 but if you're almost 20 or so they equal the socratic dictum know thyself knowing yourself is never easy but its especially hard not to compromise today the questions hammer at you each day what do you think about vietnam and how about the draft the black revolution the cities gun control anti-poverty legislation whats this about timothy Ieary and who is herman hesse do you really think nixon is the one the questions read like this morning's newspaper headlines the answers aren't so obvious rl .1 1 rl V mf f ll my f eb ,Jin ' le S M ' jk! .1-3.1 E? mt 4 it nk Y - - 1 " ' X Q .351 l , , . 5 it ,f VN X V f AQQN, ' 5, , .. '- A 1 '1-EFF: ' . , N , M U . i is ,, ' ' 44 ., ,,,-,- '+ A Y 3. 3 'id 1 .-fl ,-JI' -1.5 i, . 1 i Q- I. 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'QQ' Mount Olive College Auditorium DGWNTOWN CAMPUS lee evans trio - .ww xx W mv. aw Nw-N We MX 'xmmss the gomempov ar N4 QQYWQVETN QA wx Wxiwii 'WB -ie SSXVQB5 UW ci 533 HX KDYN , Sgirggn lecture packard 9"--" hey jude don't make it bad take a sad song and make it better remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better hey jude don't be afraid you were made to go out and get her the minute you let her under your skin then you begin to make it better and any time you feel the pain hey jude refrain don't carry the world upon your shoulder for well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder hey jude don't let me down you have found her now go and get her remember to let her into your heart then you start to make it better so let it out and let it in hey jude begin you're waiting for someone to perform with and don't you know that it's just you hey jude you'll do the movement you need is on your shoulder hey jude don't make it bad take a sad song and make it better remember to let her under your skin then you begin to make it better better better better better -lennon-mccartney "hey jude" 1968 gotta get off gonna get have to get off from this ride gotta get hold gonna get need to get hold of my pride when did i get where did i how was i caught in this game when did i know where will i how will i think of my name when did i stop feeling sure feeling safe and start wondering why wondering why is this a dream am i here where are you whats in back of the sky why do we cry gotta get on gonna get need to get on where i'm bound when did i get where did i why am i lost as a lamb when will i know where will i how will i learn who i am is this a dream am i here where are you tell me when will i know how will i know when will i know why -dory and andre previn "valley of the dolls" 1968 .i1 , ,iris - In ,. K! - iz' l -' lla 1' 'W ill ill , ' I ' , , Z . V ,. - b.i ,Z l . Y i l f"ljll:l,! rl l 1 all 'fl ,lllllx , ll , ll J -r il' ff fl f ll l X l il if , elf:-1--i -rg - '- A . ,, , 27 f., MT 1, X. W., X.. 5. .n- M --.Q .. :N . 4 f rvqrgn-,.T.,,,,,-Q ' WW'-:zmrvv-ww 28 -1' I' -' f- sv-wma - fa, ,,. .-41,-,Q " is 5 ' --'xr-'-.f-n - .- r .,-f-- ,Mn - - rn-m-nnv-,..,, my xi- -, , .-R' ,,,...,,.g "FEW -ggvew l.q...v A up-.-.ui i have a calculus test tomorrow and a british lit test and a botany lab practical but i'm still going to watch laugh-in sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me here come de judge here comes the hall proctor boys don't set that cherry bomb off now l little orphan annie call your local eye bank! i'm the only one on this floor who has an autographed pineup of raquel Welch of course that may be because i'm a girl lfackle onassis your ship finally came through! what did you say is under the bed i don't care if he is 6 feet 2 with dreamy eyes get him out you know the rules about pets lesther williams your transparent bathing suit is beautiful beautiful beautifull who in the name of dean tyndall is playing jimi hendrix at 4:00 am don't they know i'm trying to type a term paper lhugh hefner has a dirty mindl don't throw any more shaving cream at me and i won't put anymore rocks under your mattress dorm life ain't it grand 29 75? LJ la. Q I x ,bi . I-. Mx "-gb 30 '1- is , :sf 3 A ' P 5 X A 5 if x x 3 1 5 ' Vi' 1,4 , Y-Qfw, V L A 1 V :.- N: rr C 77 Q VF. -u .fx we rn U rr -pv- , vo. .-..,, r' - 33 NURIUIH ' V HH --I i ..,, AY ' X? "SX 'S 's -gfiu II,x' f mIY'l 2 1,4-P -:rr 41 H!-v f ' 'fr A QQ ' : ' 9k -' , 3. :.' , D 1 r V ! EZQQTQ .Q -. I 35 - .' "f fri? ':-- TTY", "-'sY?tff'f' ' 1 .2 X3 - 9 5 Ne i fa U T 1CH Norms D V ,V i ' war RC-IYVIQLV, , , XX.. NNN, 'X ,g.g -.-.. X ' -fx ,L- -. -swu- 38 l , gg-ag, if 1 54,13 if, 'W v Y v R.: X , ,. qi QV'-Vw-:. - 11 V -glyoliuzf. ' K iw A K .Xi .. w, "T :-A :,1.1'--- . W :pri -gf, Q A w ,va 39 Y A f Uv N.. 1 --v ,f w. .Y I ,, L -33.35 1 ' f,Y,f',.- ,J 9 it ,. A' A I f . .. f mf- A .-x Mr 7-,::,.-,lj -1, ' V, fy-'-V ., 1: gf, ,, , 5,11 .4 ,, I ,:: . ri".'Iz- X, J, 1 . . . . - .V 14,--, fo .. Q, 4 s.-JH fir- v:.v,'f2'f, ,5'f45'j:i'A15'fa'91.'' ,1..,,qy'x .f, -1 , A127 '.5f.,1:y, f ' ' ' ,.m,n,.qw , 2, ri-Q4 '5"5'i45J'Q1- Spur.-,4. I ' u --93-af f N., ,, R Q, " mf-J' T. ,Hnu V., ,,. v'- A 'im'- -4 1:44 L, - . f . , -' 'O ' 4 :Iv , , x. N A v L ,- , .' Af.,-.2 - -ww, gm f .3 .1 F A .I:' 1 ' ,,,,f.,..L.Q9, .1 . , uf' x -4 my .-'- ,, v J..-'34 5, g , ,l, organizations baptist student union lf fi Q., V s..,,, ,x f , - if metbodist student movement 7' in olub Sift nabil bassaniah gene cannon marnia blackmore mary lou vvindley X P353 . tt- ,Pam 1 president betty ann sloan jackie tillman joan jernigan brenda narrell linda rose lois edwards mary beth kelly Carroll turner larry harris vm, richard reeves Canterbury kappa chi CF' president vice president secretary program chairman reporter paul Weber garry taylor george elrnore william mitchell sylvia holloway richard hill rudy shepherd lynwood boyette lucy dry joe gerald tex barrovv fwb student fellowship ,,,f+ . .,., - ..A., N-. va Y, '-" -A ii 0 'nv- ,p "l -,wg-,QQ-5 -.,,,-by-'I '-1--A..- u-NNN'--ww "'N--Q-.,,, . c wwftx, 'F -. E- ,fi , spa fgflx 4' X fi .lu president vice president secretary song leader pianist historian recreation lea ders m .ggga chris singleton rudy shepherd lucy dry linda glenn gloria Wallace judy reynolds r. and mrs. james paul international club L president nabil hassaniah secretary betsy davis greg snow carroll turner harvey dublin eric hansteen harry pridged dottie lee larry stovvers mike sapp martha stokes S, Q in its second year of operation the club has less members and seemingly less enthusiasm too perhaps this is due to the decrease in foreign students on campus although membership has never been limited to foreign students their presence no doubt accounted for the many projects vvhich the club sponsored to underscore the need for international understanding still the club is young and given time to evaluate its avowed purposes could prove to be a significant factor in orienting mo students to an appreciation of other cultures as well as sharpening the perspective they have on their own olive leaves i' ll 'Q .- ' li . martha Stokes Qeorgifl Pafkef editor advertising manager 46 anne page chris singleton DENY GUN Sloan Copy editor sports editor CODY editor wr' buy some ads vvill you please vve love you vve love you vve love you we love you and your money money money ad head parker sold the space handed over the green to business head smith vvho informed editor stokes to stop worrying and start publishing stokes never has been a conservative sort and the book reflects that the staff after revievving all olive leaves for the past ten years decided the '69 edition would look at the school honestly and fairly hoping to tell it like it is the theme is a bit obscure first it was revolution then transition then vve stole bob kennedy's idea about seeking a newer vvorld finally vve decided the theme should be simply 1969 1969 being the catch-all idea the '68-'69 school year the times bob dylan said are a changin' so is moc X, for ol ive leaves A ff" -K A if , 'La harvey dublin assistant editor john pate Wanda williford sports editor typist jeannie smith business manager Cynthia typist mills linda stevenson greg snovv sheila martin layout editor copy editor copy editor w sf ,Qi phi theta kappa as 'V 3 -ur I l i , 1 S , xt., ' 1. x,,,j SQ, has-K . 5 ig: Q27 171 the creme ofthe academic crop the people with the brains and the grades too which when you think about it is pretty unusual a lot of people have the i.q. but not the grades phi theta kappa people have both the club doesn't have any specific project except maintaining those grades and hinting about attending the national convention if they can get the money president wayne joyner vice president joe weeks secretary kathy sutton donna dodson vickie davis linda rose mike sapp jackie tillman marina blackmore garland swain carroll turner bob black I -.J young republicans club i. president bobby thompson vice president cecil myers secretary mary ann thomas treasurer chris singleton historian betty cobb jerry greene wayne hegamyer carol lewis jimmy wooten dottie lee lm -A N lla llllAGNF" l 0N'STHE 0 babs barden larry stowers sheila martin wayne joyner beth boykin mary beth kelly greg snow linda glenn betty mcafee marnia blackmo NE 5 henderson science club president mike sapp vice president jackie tillman secreatry kathy sutton treasurer dottie lee parliamentarian prentice herring 52 greg snovv larry harris ben yarborough richard reeves hovvard cannon bobby grant babs barden garland swain joan jerningan john crawford WV' after apollo 8's borman anders and lovell dis- covered the moon is made of "american cheese" almost everyone vvho had watched the space shot on television had a nevv found respect for science and that respect caused more than one mo student to start attending the henderson science club happenings the club has tradionally been one ofthe more important and certainly more active groups on campus field trips to beaufort semour johnson local industries films speakers and the like were the club's concern most ofthe year Y W iff? was 2 565455 ir' Rl up -e - .ul.lll spanish president joe Weeks vice president fred ingram secretary joan jernigan treasurer martha gray Conrad Willis steve nobles clark gurganus betty ferrell rachel WarWick freddie styron paul Webber diane mcgee fren o h president marina blackmore vice president sam Clements secretary carroll turner treasurer rnartha Stokes georgia parker delores overman dottie lee charles degaulle bryan scholars I president bob blac jackie tillman kathy sutton vickie davis linda rose kaye goodman juanita brock lynn harris marina blackmore k donna potts darrell grubbs garland swain howard cannon wayne joyner mike sapp janet flowers albert enistein X4 pep club president belinda hull mary lou vvindley cathy clark gailya adams mike sapp kay bell kay stewart mary roller babs barden darlene pittman phi beta lambda if i-rf l 1. Z 5 and m phi beta lambda is probably the most active club on campus its a business organization embers reflect that determination and resourcefullness which is associated with american industry president larry harris leads the brood down to an aging empty business fills the place up with second hand stuff and auctions it off for a 81,000 anyone want to buy a ten year old dress cheap see the lambda people they've got the action linda rose beverly thigpen lois edwards greg snow larry harris james paul harvey dublin virginia hall vickie mills gailya adams cathy batten cathy clark mary roller cynthia mills 58 l drama .1 dottie lee larry stovvers bette ferrell greg snow darlene pittman babs barden fred ingram rachel Warwick r I9tt9l'I'T1GI'1 billy lee doyce barnes joe cox danny beamon al Warwick steve martin dennis pierce nick grubbs I I 111:4- vi . - wx" 1- N -91:-'-.s. 4-1--nr-H '. ' fff444" If Y 5 in -4 54565 ' R A' QE A I I '.. student government Ja. ' larry stowers president leg? 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'..: -, .wp -vm ," sxsqdr '..i..' k -1.5, ,x ,Y . . x-N larry harris randy parrish vice president treasurer :.. ea linda rose secretary 64 sga, student politics at moc are usually boring stuff popularity contests dis- guised inthe garb of elections but 1968 brought a new mood to this campus perhaps the inspiration to actually run candidates who questioned policies and priorities came from seeing gene mc carthy and bob kennedy face the issues with apologies to no one 1968 marked the first year that a student political party campaigned for offices at mo and not surprizingly they won three out of the four positions up for grabs president stowers secretary rose and treasurer parrish all won posts the student party was not especially popular with everyone but the ideas the party advanced struck a general chord and the counted ballots brought the election home despite the complaints voiced in the campaign the administration can't be entirely to blame for the apathy which surrounded prior student government operations the ability to start new programs and revise old ones is never given approval until that certain strength of student effort and willingness is shown faculty committees were already open to students in 1967 with voting privileges equal only two students took their positions seriously enough to attend committee meetings many student posts went unfilled this year sga prexy stowers personally supervised the appointment of students to faculty committees and most appointees attend the meetings and voice the students' views the judicials have been reorganized and the college council formed the adminstration offered the oriental retreat to discuss in an informal manner the many problems and ideas which moc students have been sounding off about in private for so long the sga the adminstration the board of directors and various student leaders spoke their minds at oriental whether this two sided give and take spirit will continue and produce results remains to be seen all in all though its been a very good year WVR rarrell grubbs warvin rains frentice herring udy shepherd 'ob black representatives 65 JW?" :' I.. k 0 wi sw M, 5 Q3 QE 5-55 ,xg x , I Z , I ? . 5 K ,,., A Sr-. 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Q v ..,- s , Ae, ' A A1 ,fkfj X x I " : 1 billy nevvsome joe cox danny beamon dick bryant butch daly billy lee rick Ie blanc archie parrish elmer dize doyce barnes nicky grubbs joe ferzell 4, -. Na j, Q, .RH sd- "J" Eu- - -' ' ' -- '-'f .. ,B ,7 .4 -A Q may , Q 1' pv' -7'11f'ii."'iTL--' 'ifffw-4 - -' fe'-. "' ' 5 ' fb' "Rl 'S' 7 V Vfvd.. za A 1 ff' '.. ,rqu . , , 4--.4 :NJ " " 1 , 'ii- 5 'WX X ., t- . 4- . --':---- ,. fa. , V 1 , ,.., :.v,, ' Hg ' In 41. 14,-. . .- V-V 1... .hy I x-v. -, , - x-. 1:.,.,.,..3 , X, x,,i-Q Y 1 p W.x, ,A -N Q -... Nix . . M, 72 ' 'ii' ,.: ,H 1 W' 5 I ,Zig--. - fe Q ' :ff-3' 1' 5 A X , ,Ns 4 Y southwood southvvood chovvan chovvan chovvan chovvan ferrum ferrum southvvood southvvood Iouisburg Iouhburg Iouhburg Iouisbu rg ferrum ferrum Wingate vvhwgate carolina freshmen moc O 1 O 1 1 8 1 O 2 2 4 1 3 3 3 8 O 1 O ', ' -1 r' .W - x .9-' N 'f"NNx 1' :NJ-,W ' f -..- - M ,,. 1 -. N . 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RAN. lla. f-eg x nl MSR? isxfg, P ,, in A. dennis pierce billy lee tom gWinn steve martin charles hegarty paul huehner boots Whitfield dan neighbors 'Wayne dudley Wayne dudley coach: mr. frank ls. SCO TGS m o c cape fear Chesapeake fort bragg 86 southeastern 81 louisburg southwood 109 choWan 104 college of albemarle 83 cape fear 87 sandhills 79 brevard 58 Wingate 75 southeastern 88 sandhills 85 Wingate 92 college of albemarle 84 ferrum 43 ferrum 56 Wingate 61 Chesapeake 83 choWan 85 southWood 71 east carolina frosh fort bragg louisburg m 0 c faycee invitational tournament sandhills 72 choWan m o c 103 southeastern choWan 96 southeastern m o c 96 sandhills opponent 65 85 98lotl 69 91 85 117 72 102 85 86 72 93 102 83 52 38 107 78 81 87 61 67 90 77 91lotl 83 cheerleaders 84 A-A 7' ig cheerleaders phil henderson h. o. williams vicki mills cathy schiaffo linda glenn sandy deuel linda stevenson martha gray lynn oliver george taylor advisor: miss castelloe U SMOI4 'Ai I I 1 1 5 V 7 I - - - I i Nw-v"" ixw f Sky? trojan golf toby faucette eddie hinshavv allan drake joe gerald tom king billy lee keith roberts :T .fi c I 88 r'- ' in k,4:,T.v.3 k,?.?G.Li.. 4 '4mw3mgxuw,qa4, L -, y VU :, wr . 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F 3-4 54, Af 1 1 I 1 ev 91 V Y Y w Y Y 1 w W lucie dry kay peebles vicky mills attendent attendent attendent kaye goodman debbie lee dottie lee attendent attendent attendent WW' bright and lively full of life poised and friendly and fun always caring always concerned unique special this is linda rose queen of the olive leaves queen of the olive leaves miss linda rose she comes in colors everywhere she combs her hair she's like a rainbow coming in colors in air everywhere have you seen her dressed in blue see the sky in front of you and her face is like a sail speck of white so fair and pale have you seen a lady fairer have you seen her all in gold like a queen in days of old she shoots colors all around like a sunset going down have you seen a lady fairer -the rolling stones "she's a rainbow" 1967 who's who among students in X larry harris wayne joyner rudv Shepard 'inda V059 american junior colleges "N fx bob black mike Sapp Iind Stevenson b Ily wx :ix wayne joyner outstanding linda stevenson bob black sophomores ' ' ' '- r at M r - -I "avr . '1 '- f fi: ' iif , ' r.. . A fr' ' 5 5 Y ' - E .V , M 1- 5' 1 1 V aa -Q59 "' , ?v . ' N ' . -'I linda rose rick marshall kathy Sutton outstanding sophomores F r P id , V 1 u V 4 Ly' larry harris mike Sapp ,R 3, X 100 . . . larry stovvers jackie tullman i -v e '35 it-.1 ,.l. 0- 5, .HT 8.1, S" 1 , '55, V,-. SXVL S A 3-S .., I V. , ,ii . 49.11- '.LN ., , 'xt ,. -1 at gr A.. 'iyfvzvr 'fi- H :ELF 'J' ik L , ij ' 1.1.65 "Q J' is . -,b may CIUSGH k ri P' V 3 :iii , fi: 225 Y ' f-- ,lt-1' iff ,A,: ,L f- 'ff' VX -'-' + N x,,, ...-,: -.A.. . ,. , :, P+' X -EF ij'x1:'g - X .K W N,Q,:..,Ax, A X V--ff -' '-sw .-Iwi-Ixfri, N i NON EN- ' iii?"- ?'1'E. ':. 4- X 56. 'Z' 'S , ' ' 1 -'-"5" ""'5f L ,, 31.1 .ff hum - delores overman reva oliver freshman attendant ' -1f4U,..5,, :-'.":- " Y ,. 1 'nik' 'ff' H U-w..:"4y1V if 19-. 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H ll l 106 dr. w. burkette raper president his job is not an easy one important roles seldom are he has been president of mount olive college for fourteen years the college has grown tre- mendously since those early years and the strength of dr. raper's commitment is reflec- ted in that growth but despite mount olive's progress he more than any other man is aware that there is much growing yet to be done structural change is essen- tially physical for it does not imply that broader facilities will somehow produce a broader student vision of his life and his world perhaps it isn't a college president's respon- sibility to encourage an atmosphere which demands intellectual honesty but schools never become great institutions until that quality is established and one of the more import- ant points proved during this academic year is that mount olive college has a president concerned with intellectual growth as well as physical expansion board of directors ralph a. morris b. e. bryan c. e. Worley f. b. cherry j. r. davenport I. b. Wilson james b. hunt e. I. jones arthur kennedy frances a. cassick e. h. holton mary j. Winfield r. I. moore jack j. dial r. r. WarWick david W. hansley I. b. Woodall, jr. Wilbur Shirley 107 dr. raymond p. Carson academic dean william tyndall dean of students josepnine ricks public relations -'IN 1 ...ff charles harrell business manager , .V .ls "'.'i' jilfv. 'Q 4 . f ' -- ' f +l.ll'i Q' lil H . V .1 W ,,f E, l A 1 A , I I iq! . , :"f.,.l , I Q 'f 'iii uf" -I cl "' ,, ' 'wt' ii ' fl' lil' A ' f- li., I V l . 1,9 . ,N fy ,l .5 ' I: ' 'l if! .., austin carter development 'Wifi' l .-xv -lqgxl WWW' administrative Mafia e Qf'f"t staff 2 b -1 . ws-4-X-'-""7, , ,.s,.V,.1,. -1 5 , , ,,-I,-,, hilda owens director of counseling is ,' ii - " '..i sandra marion ben utley assistant registrar admissions-registrar fit 951 nr--15 110 ,nu milton goodman buildings and grounds ,J peter ettesen food services ik w ' 9 4- W ...f " M--. 'XA us L., pearl howard ethel anglin complex main dorm .Y ll. verta lawhorn dale house 111 l secretarial staff I 5 xl .,, :-'Ll' ' Lx nelda smith l 129' glenda barwick hazel schoolfield janice cox H M l .. ll , 5 3 ---, P " X M S 14 .. W fe 1 his Q A ,. l """ , -A t 5' ' 1 3 Z' - " 4' 9 ' E . I M . .A W xx H , 4 Q Y: :X ,., V X. 1 fff'-4.w,:3 X sara Willoughby annie albertson 112 jean fillingame joanne paul rachel beamon ruth rowe ruth Carson j.c. moye library barbara bullarcl assistant librarian -i gary barefoot librarian art dorothy satterfield 114 Q andy vvharol's brillo boxes and elizabeth taylor prints are no longer considered just high camp or even a small appendage to the elusive avant garde vvharoI's pop is modern art or part of the genre thats what the art prof says anyway that and a lot of stuff about gogan rembrant renoir picasso mattisse Wyeth vvhatever you may think about those guys none of them painted by numbers except maybe andy vvyeth f. ff' 4 59. Fug music S f' 4 -an-' jeriel gilmer .511 i '., i A 9 1 i l 4--na,4W,1 4 l 'VO' PP-Dry iii! Fir 'T Fl-p 11. O the department leans toward bach and his crowd but as of yet hasn't completely ostra- cized lennonfmc cartney burt bacharach or paul simon gershwin and rogers and hammerstein are in good grace though so the choir's tours generally meet with warm approval the more seri- ous mo music students indulge in theory courses while the majority content themselves with music appreciation the latter course strips the mo student of whatever cultural deprivation he may suffer musically and allows him to believe that anyone who plays chopin well can't be all bad although moby grape hendrix cream and country joe and the fish are the only ones who psyche him out now janet gilmer Kathleen warren english lvlusn somewhere between Chaucer and updike all the worId's universal truths are reveal- ed just ask any would be english rnajor for verifica- tion of the fact other stu- dents less enthusiastic about the printed word find svvift's lilliputians a dreary lot and faulkner a disease worse than being 30 still the profs insist that camus shelley flannery o'connor et al have some- thing to say so you better stick it dovvn in the 956 spiral college ruled garden of truths friend and study .1 1 1- charles terrell IUCY mOOfif1Q 435 CARHR ln FYTOTECHNOLOGY -zz edith vann kenneth garrison 116 'T' 'Q modern language felix ruiz -, r'- . buenos dias or bonjour for 50 minutes students are cast into a new country with new customs ideas and lang- uage having to memorize countless lists of vocabu- lary words irregular verbs listening to hours of endless tapes not knowing how to translate questions or ans- wers yet still expected to do well though there is much to learn about their own native language george rnaloof social science some sage soul once defined history as being just one thing after another and everyone knows henry ford's terse definition bunk or not the subject re- mains and its facts are hardly high comedy the inquisition has its own frightening images as does buchenwald a lesson to be learned as they say sociology and psychology also deal with man but re- cordless of what he did than of what he is capable of doing and the more impor- tant aspect is lodged in those topics as well the why factor history only gets to arrange the action in ohronological order is ir claude moore 118 benard proctor charles Sapp x , , ,ii 'fx '-1 . I l V. X K A it ann neville ,K xg. f ., . . tk I ,X x 1 wr " " . ' ,, 3 N - sr r . . Y !. . 11. , I set' ' religion instructors Sheldon howard michael pelt QISVW1 hell charles Sapp physical education bobby frank robert sutton with limited facilities the p.e. program is fairly versatile tennis volleyball football basketball soccer golf and all that coach sutton's conditioning 101 class is a special favorite with the flab set he calls the work outs pre-basic training practice this school may not have many draft resisters but those conditioning classes are making more than one male wary of military training according to reliable sources coach frank is making health and hygiene a pre-med course all prospective medicine majors are requested to sign up before next fall's rush and remember at all times the p.e. dept's motto a healthy body makes a healthy mind so push up or shut up 4-, 5 the business department keeps students busy trying to have at least one accept- able timed vvriting to turn in wearing out typing eras- ers trying to transcribe letters from shorthand diC' tation which all looks alik e correcting mistakes made with adding machines and labs are all part of the vvork of the business stu- dents vvho are trying to make it big in this little business world teena barbee 'V' science ff f ' N?-fini - 1' I-Ria 'D- I... ip- 7 in that microscope test tube world where leaf keys hybrid crosses and sulfur reign one finds a bit of knowledge and the longest lab sessions known to western man most biology students are fully convinced that lab practicals were first invented by dr. jeckyll late one night while he systematically syringed for mr. hyde darwin may have known all about evolution but it was jeckyll-hyde who fathered the real revolution laboratoryly speaking and martin-brown carry on the great tradition search and identify draw and label plug in the gas and keep that beeker boiling still there is an odd sense of awe in a few who handle plants dissect animals and mix chemicals call it a new found respect for life even the flowers breathe and those funny shaped pieces of glass can house one element then another and when heated transforms them into something totally new . S ' d 1? li! -Z Pvhst. is 1 willis brown Iorelle martin 122 il relatively simple problems take hours and pages to work and still never turn out right mathematics app- ears to be a losing battle for many students strugg- ling to meet the require- ments sets proofs functions Iogarithus limits confuse students leaving some dis- gusted and completely lost joseph vann caroline cas- telloe and gene mercer try to help students see a little light in a dark subject G! i 'uf 1 ,...... ,I -l QSHG VUGVCGV caroline castelloe l V ,lx f xii'-5 If-+ 4 'rf' wo, K, J , . fl 1 SKY ,I X' -nf? 'R ' ,, :""? 4 ,wJ 'II K M. rj A V 1 4 4,1 V f ., . ,-4? I lu A-'Ji F T ff 45 Ein ii ' ,,:'f if . f. I -4,,,"'y V'j1. . Q. K " P 2-ff' I ' in : I . Ra V E ' ' ' - . ' W1 VV' h x ml, . 'r " . . , . u . . ', A 1 A ' 4' Xv-' ,,-. ,,, ' L ,f . LQ- ' ra ' H u 1 sophomores .4- rnlll.-' ' AEADA VI 3 5 s W3 ff , -r I rf , r 5 J 'J 'I if I .2 1 ffl! rw . ' 1 I gl . Y " W' r magnum .., I J 1 VET A Y r if nunruuuzs I I ,N vnhx I ' W--...W if . . wx as no L. xwlvx' ' 1 za I1 'N xwkyg. R A5 ww. lr ff fl V. '1 X sf was-,,1,rq g X ,A .s F I sophomore class president prentuce herrung confers vvsth advisor george maloof 126 yevvel k adams seven springs, n.c, Asia ees -iv douglas lee anderson barbara elaune barden mount olive, n.c. goldsboro, n.c, , -9.5 danny beamon robert h black stantonsburg, n.c. goldsboro, n,c. inx ii ss 4'-"'f' brenda faye bordeaux haze! gall boyette mount olive, n.c trenton, n.c. '05 H S-4' i?' . ,- I , -t 5,1 3.- ruby marma blackmore vvarsavv, n.c. :gi Iynvvood boyette mount olive, n.c. 1 -W J X. 1577? P 4' , ' i , ll DGIYICIH HHH CBSEV Cassandra e cashvvell betty catherrne cobb QOIUSDOYO, H C autryvnlle, n C Saratoga, n c X' 1"-dr 4--' ' richard ray cox greenville, n.c. TR john martin Crawford goldsboro, n.c. 'of Ng...- . K. tl! 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KA Y x's5xs if Q.-W. 1 52 ,pun-uf, f imw -1- f l 'bw Y advertising THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE CONVENTION OF ORIGINAL FREE WILL BAPTIST CHURCHES commends Mount Olive Junior College for Its Achievements in the Field of Higher Christian Education As the Convention that first gave life to Mount Olive Junior College, vve are proud of our fine institution OFFICERS R WII WI P d t D Michael Pelt, Vice-Presidentg Rev. CH O S t y IVI O Wbt A t tS t y M G h Frazell Treasurer JWE t Wll Fth RbtMy 5 R.. Victory Warehouse 5 B FOR THE SALE OF LEAF TOBACCO TELEPHONE 735-2075 GOLDSBORO, N.C. LEWIS DRUG COMPANY SCOTT MOTOR CO. VVouldn't You Rather Have A Buick? Goldsboro North Carol: a Mt. Olive, North Carolina PEN N EY'S Always First Quality Goldsboro North Carollna Glen n-Martin HOME FURNITURE You can save with ' 7 safety at thas Re all Drug Company Mt. Olive, North Carolina Store Mt. Olive, North Carolina 155 KRAFT'S STUDIO lVlt. Olive, No h C I RAINBOW CLEANERS SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolin TADLOCK'S BARBER SHOP WESTERN AU-I-O lVlt. Olive, North Carolina lVlt. Olive, North Carolina SllVllVlON'S HARDWARE MOUNT OLIVE AUTO PARTS lVlt. Olive, North Carolina lVlt. Olive, North Carolina Compliments of GRIFFINS BARBECUE '-EDERS Goldsboro, North Carolina G ld b VO NOYTIW Carolina CGGDELL CYCLE CENTER You meet me BRILL'S UPHOLSTERY SI-ICP My people on a Honda Experience since 1947 Goldsboro, North C I Goldsboro, North Carolina TURNER INSURANCE W. R. JENNETTE FURNITURE COMPANY AGENCY Q fy IVItOI N thC I IVItOI N thC I EVANS USED CARS HARRY KENNEDY'S STCDRE 52' IVII. OIive, North Carolina IVIT- Olive, North CHI'0IiFl3 9 THE HUB ' ' B A G Id boro North Carolina BELK-TYLERS IVIt. Olive, North C I 1 TAYLOR CHEVROLET, mc. 'V 4 N w .I :L N xxx 1 4 F 1 ? 1 f 1 t I I Snovv Hill, North Carolina WALKER'S SEED and HARDWARE Mt. Olive, North Carolina - SEABOARD FINANCE CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina . AYCOCK'S SUPERMARKET Mt. Olive, North Carolina WHlTE'S STORE Mt. Olive, North Carolina . MT. OLIVE TRACTOR CO. Home of David Brown Tractors Mt. Olive, North Carolina 1ll,1- CLYDE REAVES FERTILIZER and SEED Mt. Olive, North Carolina lllil- ln Appreciation to LONG and PITTARD Certified Public Accountants Colonial Square Goldsboro, North Carolina . EVANS ABATTOIR Custom Slaughtering and Whole- sale Meats Mt. Olive, North Carolina CLIFTON TIRE SERVICE Mt. Olive, North Carolina COBLE DAIRY First Choice4First Ouality Goldsboro, North Carolina ARMY SURPLUS STORE Mt, Olive, North Carolina WAYNE GLASS and TIRE CO. Mt. Olive, North Carolina TYNDALL FUNERAL HOME Mt. Olive, North Carolina MURRAY SUPPLY COMPANY Mt. Olive, North Carolina pliments of CREECH'S FURNITURE NEIL JOSEPH'S Goldsboro, North Carolina CAROLINA TRACTORS INC. Goldsboro, North Carolina 159 IVI , 22 I V' I ' A I -I W 3' I I'-K I 1411 Il 4. .V SIVIITTY'S DRIVE IN BROTHERS Dairy Prod t FountainD k S d h IVIOINhCI IVIOI LEDER BROTHERS IVIOINhCI IVICKEE OIL CGIVIPANY on N hc I W? FURNITURE CO. . . . Dedicated to The Art Of Gracious Living . Furniture of Distinctive Ouality . Fine Selective Carpeting . Budget Terms Goldsboro, North Carolina DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Goldsboro, North Carolina GINN BUILDERS SUPPLY lVlt. Olive, North Carolina HASTY PLU MBING and HEATING COMPANY IVIt. Olive, North Carolina COLLEGE DRIVE-IN Located Highway 117 North Breazeale Avenue Specializing In Good Food Inside Service And Take Out Orders Phone 65843768 Open Seven Days A Week lVlt. Olive, North Carolina WILBER'S BARBECUE KKSTNRIII if . . liiiiilli! , S- Q . ,,,,.g,"' - -w v " ' V- -- rl' ., "' -":T'1'?s-W", ,:. - Goldsboro, North Carolina 161 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLI NG COM PANY . , .I Ei if W IWII I IM A Pepsi Pepe ALU MNI ASSOCIATION The Rev. Edward W. Miles, President The Rev Melvin K Everington, Vice-Presidentg Miss Jean Fillingame, Secretaryg Mrs. John Turnage Treasurer of MOUNT OLIVE COLLEGE 'U 'J I THOMPSON St FRANCIS IGA I IE ' I N s , Mt. Olive, North Carolina BOLI NG CHAIR COMPANY BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES "Q-tl. M CAROLINA OFFICE EQUIPMENT ALBRlTON'S JEWELRY U Rocky Nlount, North Carolina ' x . Q C A I 0- ' wel us II , My Goldsboro, North Carolina . - , Crystal, Fine China, Jewelry, Watch Repairs, p l H E . W, PPLIANCE and "9'aV"'9 lVlt. Olive, North Carolina 123 N. Center Street il- lVlt. Olive, North Carolina 1 YOUNG IVIT. OLIVE DAIRY SQUIRE INC. Ray Giddings, Owner Nlt. Olive, North Carolina 1 CASEY'S LAUNDRY and CLEANERS, INC. Goldsboro, North Carolina lVlt. Olive, North Carolina AUTOMOTIVE WHOLESALE CO M PANY Goldsboro, North Carolina Qfyazz iff? Qjzbmyf, Qfrzc. MC,-ILO R CUSED AUTO PARTSJ 'VO M "Where Customers Send Their Friends" HWY. 117 SOUTH - GQLDSBORO, N. C. 1?-4: LEON A. BRYAN I F R D L E G -sa CAROLE'S Ftonist and GIFT snoe o 7 AX A 9 TE-it-FIORA Flowers For All Occasions 1 -Q3 1D1 lvlt, Olive, North Carolina lVlt. Olive, North Carolina W 165 ll su, 'Tim I -'G-ul : -Itani- llln. ' Ill::::::E FIRST FEDERAL F SAVINGS AND LoAN I I 1.:::-' - g lu" 3 '-F. VII., 3 : ,II , B ragg Courteous Service Efficient Personnel Long Term Loans Budget Saving Plan Goldsboro, North Carolina JOHNSONS STORES, INC. Furniture Of Distinctive Quality 132 South Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina V4 , ' 7 F az A F550 S. Center Sl., Ext Phone 658-4623 Goldsboro, North Carolina MT- OllV9f GOLDSBOFRO FLORAL CO. "The Home Of Flowers" Goldsboro, North Carolina sei' W 8. W FEED SERVICE' Purino Chows 8- Sonllolion Products North Carolina l 166 FIRST CITIZENS BANK and TRUST COMPANY A . 36 :.FQYsk,5'.n,Q..14 ,. " " A -1" 'I', ...H fp, 1 4 1 s. 4 uf, 555.41 .5 555,15 tim ' sp .I -x 4- 'xx .v ' uh., ' I 'vm I Q? 'I 'Q Y Iv- tw . f' , ' +1 JJ I- , X, 1 .av Hu Hi. 4 . 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Dudley, North Carolina 167 I I .lip f ' A MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY THE MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY takes pride in its products which are distributed throughout the eastern half of the United States by its own fleet of delivery trucks. It processes a wide variety of cucumber delicacies, including sour, sweet, dill, sweet chips and strips, kosher dills, Polish dills, and numerous other taste-tempting delights. The pickle- packing paradise of lVlount Olive always remembers its hometown college and its role in higher education. IVI SOUTHERN BELLE RESTAURANT i 'fs fi , 1165--:li t OI N th C I Elizabeth Walters, IVI nager, gives friendly and courteous ser SOUTHERN BELLE MOTEL .Alb IVlt. Olive, North Carolina SOUTHERN BELLE TEXACO Th S th B II IVI t Ol d t I th rt d d f It SCOTT and JONES, INC. MANUFACTURERS OF: Belt Conveyors - Bucket Elevators - Screw Feeders and Hoppers - Dust Collectors - Grain and Bulk Feed Valves - Flexible Spouting - Rigid Spouting - Blowers DISTRIBUTORS FOR Elect. Motors and Controls Air Valves and Cylinders Feed and Grain Machinery Hydraulic Truck Hoists Screw Conveyors Hydraulic Truck Dumpers Screens Overhead Truck Hoists Hammers Grain Tanks Mechanical Power Grain Driers Transmission Bulk Feed Tanks Grain and Feed Augers Steel Buildings lVlt. Olive, North Carolina ount Olive Sauingd and ,foan dfddocialion Q Phgne Ol'gC1I'1IZed ' "li: , ff 658-4129 ,QQ 3753 jlllgafa f '- ' 1919 1-A "l.ET'S BUILD" Post orrics Box in CENTER-MAIN smears Jlfounl Ofive, Jvorlft Carolina 170 Fl 81 H OIL COMPANY Conoco Motor Oils and Greases Full-o-Pep Gasoline Kerosene Fuel Oils Goldsboro, North Carolina FlOBlNSON'S DRUG CO. Get your Cosmetic and Drug needs from Robinson's. Enjoy their Fountain Service While You Shop. Goldsboro, North Carolina lVlICKEY'S PASTRY SHOP Your Home Town Bakery Goldsboro, North Carolina WR. ROSE SUPPLY CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. GIDDENS JEWELRY STORE . 111. fl 4: L QI ' J Z ' SHI If it Uk ,M I Rf Goldsboro, North Carolina BIRD OIL COMPANY Mt. Olive, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina W Author' ed Volkswagon w 1 ' 1 'I I I FREMA MOTORS, INC. Highway 70 By-pass East Phone 735-8221 W Goldsboro, North Carolina W WITHERINGTON THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY Representing Leading Insurance Companies of America 134 West Walnut Street Mt. Olive, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina 171 S X Xxx V X XX XXX K idx R MADE-RITE SUNBEAN BAKERY ii! 'Q Z, ,-Z, In order to obtain fresh baked bread, rolls, and cakes, one depends on IVIADE-RITE SUNBEAM quality bakery products. For bread with that home nlul ..,',,: T Him... ,.,-.....,-.,,,,..,., ...., baked taste, get IVIADE-RITE lbli 5 II, . H err . 'v S e f wi ,gf SUNBEAM. :vs ALWAYS ,sA'l be , 2' t - FRESH! 43? so 2' 4 Bauer Q "'2' Q- A ,A .l . N 1 Z Ev whlppe r N U . t 1 , c : if .Q ur we VAMAJM. V , . Goldsboro, 172 North Carolina "Uhr 444 PRINTING COMPANY -4-Q-4 Authorlzed Olivetti Underwood Agency . I ! , i sf?" I. 8: G s o N C 27530 "'ApP'eC'at'0"t0 THIGPEN FICKEN INSURANCE on AS CRUIVIPLEFI GAFWSJEWELERS MUSIC and SPORTS 108 N Center Street Goldsboro North Carolina BFIACK S AUTO SALES 8I SERVICE IVIt Olive North Carolina IVlt Olive North CarolIna WDJS RADIO STATION 1430 on your Radio Dial Serving Wayne, Duplin, Johnson, and Sampson Counties. Owners J.H. lVIayo Nlrs. Lottie S. Weldon IVIt Olive North Carolina Among the announcers of WDJS is George Taylor a student of IVlount Olive Junior College. SOUTH ERN BAN K and T H U ST CO M PA N Y V o..ldl3jiW g -V 11, lVlt. Olive, North Carolina H ATC H E F2 BO DY Aww SERVICE mms BODY SERVICE W .,,.,.1- North Oarolinafs' Oldest Bank Me b Fede ol Depost I e Co porol E BANKING ATRUST COMPANY m er r i nsuronc r ion Goldsboro North Carolina I X H' 33 l -X Q L-JW'P'm'V'k ' E r il. " ' "oE ii- 9 Z Sand, inc. ' ,, ,.- rl L. N 5 ...H E . 4 I A , - afvgusz 'fllndszaofd , E4 1 A 4 ,R B A -J E E. DIZ .Quaffj J i Goldsboro, North Carolina ll We i,,y,ft,W a.... ff .1oHN PATTERSON ,J ' 'A 'O -' , 'fl 'I A mn.-.. T A , E ' tasr tas.. i f FURN :Tu RE coiviPANY ' I ' ' ' I I ', I, . ,ii ,f f ' 'M in A 'lg-if 1.1 MOUNTOUVETWBUNE We would like to express our appreciation to the MOUNT OLIVE TRIBUNE for its out- standing coverage and promotion of news items and activities concerning Mount Olive College. Both the students and faculty recognize the in- valuable service rendered and commend the TRIBUNE for its support of our college. ANDERSON ROOFING and SHEET METAL Awnings beautify the home as well as protect it. Metal drainage gutters around the perimeter of the roof give lasting life to your roof. ANDERSON ROOFING AND SHEET METAL of Mount Olive will be happy to talk to you about whatever metal problems you have. Dial 658-3353 for expedient, prompt senfice. Olive, North Carolina M.C.S. CHERRY and SON General Insurance Mt Olive, North Carolina For Furniture You Can Be Proud Of Mt. Olive, North Carolina ROSES Mt. Olive, North Carolina GARNERBROTHERS Mt. Olive, North Carolina 175 LEWIS DRUG BILL PATTERSON COBLE DAIRY COMPANY FURNITURE CO. sr. s ' cnoics f 57- coau BILL PATTERSON Fuaiv- QUAUTY ITURE COMPANY serves the Mount Olive area with quality L furniture at a reasonable price. Q I Their motto "Furniture for x,f:w,ZQB"f?2. t ,:,.:.TTQ.'I.. Better Living" is their guide to I Dependable bring a wide variety of furn- Prgscnp Ion iture to meet the excellent TT erVICe IZEISIIB of their CIIBDLEIE. I 'V gun nggugn "Er9SI"I Milk PQODIGH Mt. Olive, North Carolina Mt. Olive, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina STOKES-PARKER-STEVENSON TALENT AGENCY 113. 1 sims -r-.1.' . for total annual creativity picture oroppers, lay-out artisans, john barth-like copywriters, oracles, mini- psychiatrists, mods gifts to journalism rates: cheap land of sgt. peppers NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOMAN'S AUXILIARY of Original Free Will Baptists Salutes MOUNT OLIVE JUNIOR COLLEGE and Christian Service OFFICERS OF THE CONVENTION IVIrs. Wilbert Everton President lVlrs. Bruce Barrow V P d t Nl Clarence Bowe R d gS t y IVI .Rayrn dS T IVI C ID dl y IVI Ch IVI D d H I y Y th Ch IVI G ld B P g P y Ch IVI E I GI St dy C Ch lvl EIB B I Ch lvl BllTyl Pads ty ANNA PHILLIPS EDUCATION LOAN FUND COMMITTEE lVlrs. Lillie lVlae Sasser, Chairman Gm 5 editor's notes yellow bellbottoms and fu manchu praying for rosemary's baby while listening to judy collins' "both sides now" waiting for the word from paris raising money for the people in biafra raising cain on a saturday night with four in the floor and bucket seats in that tangerine world of covairs cameros convertibles and censored coke sock it to 'em baby like the man said put on your high heel sneakers and knock 'em dead drive to raleigh and see lady aretha or fill up that gto and head for chapel hill and the doors everybody's trying to set the night on fire but blow out the fuse in time to make that monday morning 8:00 american history class samuel gompers and the american federation of labor ob-la-df. . . ob-la-di go to chapel and try to stay awake while the speaker rages on and on about immoral youth and what the world needs now is a return to the good ole days hand that signed chapel slip to the kappa chi man as you flash through the door check your mailbox two bills from the bookstore and a notice from the library that you now owe 812.00 and please turn in those books con mr. garrison into approving the ofive leaves theme decide that he's a nice guy after all calling all over the state looking for a fish-eye lense so sorry so what make do improvise and smile the book goes on think about how you won the election all the work wonder and wild friends ob-la-di. . . obflaedi forget people's names accidentally stutter more and more each day smoke more and more each day worry work worry work worry work be grateful for the people who kept you going and made it all worth while georgia parker linda stevenson jeannie smith mr. garrison ad whiz carroll turner joe weeks dean tyndall miss neville and a few hundred students at a place called moc -martha stokes editor-in-chief: favorites: photography: martha stokes greg snow charles kraft business manager: layout: john pate jeannie smith linda stevenson art: advertising manager: academics: martha stokes georgia parker advisor: kenneth garrison student life: betty sloan jeannie smith martha stokes linda stevenson freshmen and sophomores: harvey dublin copy writers: martha stokes betty sloan offset by hunter organizations: typing and sophomore credits: anne pace cynthia mills shelia martin wanda williford sports: chris singleton john pate ADAMS, JEWEL K. Route 1, Seven Springs, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Bas- ketball, 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1, Women's Judicial Council, 2. ANDERSON, DOUGLAS LEE Crest Drive, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. BARDEN, BARBARA ELAINE 108 Patetown Road, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2, Science Club, 2, Republican Club, 2, Basketball, 2. BEAMON, DANNY Route 1, Stantonsburg, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. BLACK, ROBERT H.. 302 New Hope Road, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1, Judicial, Commuter Representative, nom- inating committee, Chairman, Nigeria-Biafra Appeal, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 2, Bryan Scholar, President, 2, Dean's List, Outstanding Sopho- more, Who's Who in American Junior Colleges, Basketball, 2. BLACKMORE, R. MARINA Route 1, Box 68, Warsaw, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Dean's List, Bryan Scholar, Hall Proctor, Campus Queen, 2, French Club, President, 2, Canterbury Club, 1,2. BORDEAUX, BRENDA FAYE West Main Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. BOYETTE, HAZEL GAIL Route 1, Trenton, N. C., S.G.A., 1, Representa- tive, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, 1, Historian, 2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1,2. BOYETTE, LYNWOOD Route 4, Box 529A, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Kappa Chi, 1, Vice President, 2, Ministerial Scholarship. BRASWELL, MELVIN CLAYTON Route 4, Newton Park, Wilson, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Football, 1,2 CASEY, PATRICIA ANN Route 3, Box 411, Goldsboro, N C., S.G.A., 1,2. CASI-IWELL, CASSANDRA E. Box 52, Autryville, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. CLARK. ROBERT B. 110 East Williamson Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. COBB, BETTY CATHERINE Post Office Box 87, Saratoga, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1, Science Club, 1, Republican Club, 2. COX, RICHARD RAY 313 Longmeadow Road, Greenville, N. C, S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1, Dean's List, Football, 1,2, Softball, 1,2. COX, ROBERT JOSEPH 1101 Porter Street, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. CRAWFORD, JOHN MARTIN Route 1, Box 82, Goldsboro, N. C., Science Club, 2, Basketball, 1,2, Football, 1,2, Softball, 1,2. DAVIS, VICKY CAROLYN Box 73, Calypso, N C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1, Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2, Science Club, Librarian, 2, Bryan Scholar, 2, Dean's List. DAVIS, VIVIAN JANE Route 3, Mount Olive, N. C., S G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. 180 DODSON. DONNA MAE 1419 Centennial Trail, Kinston, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1, Pep Club, 1: Dean's List, Phi Theta Kappa, 2. DOSTER, AUDREY GAIL Route 1, Box 370, Trenton, N. C., S.G.A. 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1,2, Phi Beta Lambda, 1,2. DRY, LINDA LUCLLLE Route 1, Garner, N. C., S.G.A.1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 2, Kappa Chi, Secretary- Treasurer, 2, East Carolina University, 1. ENNIS, JOHN RICHARD Route 2, Faison, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. EVERTON, BEVERLY ANN 1100 Porter Street, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. GARRIS, EVELYN SHERLENE Route 3, Box 450, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. GIDDINGS, EDNA RAY 801 West Main, Mount Olive, N. C.,S.G.A. 1,2, Pep Club, 2. GERALD, JOE E. Route 1, Box 46A, Middlesex, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Kappi Chi, 2, Minister Scholarship. GILBERT, BARBARA ANN Route 1, Four Oaks, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1, Dean's List. ROSE, LINDA ANN Route 2, Box 221, Middlesex, N. C., S.G.A. 1, Secretary, 2, Judicial Council, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, Historian 1, Secretary, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2, Baptist Student Union, 1,2, Bryan Scholar, 2, Marshall, Who's Who in American Collegesg EOG Grant, Cox Scholarship, Out- standing Sophomore. ROSE, DAVID JOHN Route 1, Newton Grove, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. SANDERSON. FAYE D. Route 1, Faison, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. SAPP, CHARLES MICHAEL Crest Drive, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, College Council 2, Music Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Bryan Scholar, Outstanding Sophomore, Who's Who in Americas Junior Colleges, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1,2, Science Club, 1, President 2, Pep Club 1,2, French Club, Vice President 1, International Club 1, Phi Theta Kappa 2, Bryan Scholar 2, Softball 1, Basketball 1,2. SCHIAFFO, CATHERINE D. 4830 Chevy Chase Drive, Chevy Chase, Mary- land, S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2, Cheerleader, 2. SEWELL, JOHN R. 111 Jean Circle, Jacksonville, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1. SHEPARD, RUDY CRAYON Route 1, Box 281, Holly Ridge, N. C., Free Will Baptist Fellowship 1, Vice President 2, Kappa Chi 1, President, 2, Ministerial Scholarship, Faculty Scholarship, Who's Who in American Colleges. Off Campus Rep. GURGANUS, CLARK DALE Route 3, Box 450, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Dean's List, Football, 1,2,SoftbaIl, 1,2. GURLEY, JOYCE CRISP Route 4, Box 391H, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Phi Thet Kappa, 2, Dean's List. . , sophomore HALL, VIRGINIA 301 East College Street, Mount Olive, N. C., Phi Beta Lambda, 1,2. HARPER, CHARLES L. 609 River Road, Newport News, Virginia, S.G.A., 1,2. HARRELL, BRENDA LOU 409 North Breazeale Avenue, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Baptist Student Union, 1,2. HARRIS, LARRY BROOKS Southern Avenue, Henderson, N. C., Chowan College, King's Business College, Phi Beta Lambda, Reporter, 1, President, 2, Science Club 1,2, Methodist Student Movement, 1, Out- standing Sophomore, Vice President, S.G.A., 2, Who's Who in American Colleges: Dean's List. HAWES, BETTISUE Highway 41, Wallace, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. HEAD, P. NORWOOD Route 4, Box 99, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club 2. HEATH, EUNICE ELAINE 1505 Palm, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. HEGAMYER WAYNE MURRAY 1002 West Second Street, Roanoke Rapids, N. C.,S.G.A.,1,2. HERRING, BETTY SUE Route 2, Box 320, Mount Olive, N. C.,S.G.A., 1,2, Spanish Club, 1, Dean's List. HERRING, PRENTICE MORGAN Route 2, Box 279, Mount Olive, N. C.,S.G.A., 1,2, Judicial Council 2, Science Club 1, Parlia- mentarian, 2, Phi Beta Lambda 1, Vice Presi- dent 2, Class President, 2, Football, 1,2. HILL, CATHY BELINDA Box 132, Deep Run, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, President, 2, Basketball, 2. INGRAM, FRED RIGHT lllll Box 178, Rocky Mount, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. JERNIGAN, JOAN 406 North Martin Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Science Club, 1,2, Baptist Student Union, 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. JOYNER, CECIL WAYNE Route 3, Box 202, Mount Olive, N. C.,S.G.A., 1,2, Young Republican Club, 1,2, Phi Theta Kappa 1, President 2, Rotary Scholarship 2, Bryan Scholarship, 1,2, Prospective Teachers Scholarship, 1,2, Herman Leder Scholarship 1, Bryan Scholar, Chief Marshall, Who's Who in American Collegesp Outstanding Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, College Council 2, Elections Committee 1. KANNAN, JACK E. 1111 Edgerton Street, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. KING, THOMAS HARVEY 428 South Martin Street, Ext., Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A. 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. KING, THOMAS HARVEY 428 South Martin Street, Ext., Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A. 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2. KORNEGAY, GLENN EVERETTE 314 West Station Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. credits 408 Morgan Street, Durham, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, International Club 1,2, Republican Club 1,2, Science Club, Treasurer, 2, Chess Contest, Bas- ketball, Concert and Lecture Committee 2, Food and Service Committee, 2. LEE, WILLIAM RAYMOND 410 North Johnson Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Who's Who in American Colleges Q All Conference, 1,2, All Tournament, 1,2, Most Outstanding Athlete Award, Athletic Scholar- ship, Baseball, 1,2, Basketball, 1,2. LEWIS, CAROL Route 6, Box 209, Greenville, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Republican Club, 1,2. LONGACRE, STEWART D. 103 West Wood Street, Norristown, Pennsyl- vania,S.G.A.,1,2. McARTHUR, PATRICK HENRY lllll Post Office Box 359, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. MCGEE, DIANE Route 1, Angier, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 2, Rehabilitation Scholar- ship, McGOWAN, ROBERT EUGENE Evergreen Avenue, Edgewood Apartments, Apartment E-4, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. MARSHALL, RICHARD RAY Route 1, Maysville, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2, Outstanding Sophomore, Lit- erary Clubs of America Scholarship, Basketball, 1,2. MARTIN, HOLLAND STEPHEN 713 West Main Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Letterman's Club, 1,2, Athletic Scholarship, Basketball, 1,2, Softball, 1,2. MARTIN, SHEILA 308W East Broadway, Steeleville, Ill, S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1,2, Republi- cans Club, 2, Pep Club, 1,0live Leaves 2, Bryan Scholar. METZ, JOHN 204 North Lee Street, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A. 1,2. MILLS, VICKI LYNN Box 207, Aurora, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2, Cheerleader, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, 2. MINTZ, FRED, JR. Box 654, Shallotte, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. NICHOLS, KENNETH BRADLEY Route 1, Sims, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. NORRIS, GEORGE, JR. Route 2, Pink Hill, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. OLIVER, MARY LYNN Box 338, Pine Level, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. OVERMAN, HELEN DE LORES Route 1, Princeton, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2, Bryan Scholar, Phi Theta Kappa, Bas- ketball, Student Life Committee, Dorm Council 1. PACE, ANNE ELIZABETH 108 Kay Street, Carrboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. PARKER, GEORGIA LEE Route 1, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. PATE, JOHN D. Route 2, Box 361, Pikeville, N.C.,S.G.A.,1,2, Olive Leaves 1,2, Basketball, Pingpong. PAUL, JAMES H. Box 241, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. PEACOCK, NANCY KAY 309 North Avenue, Wilson, N, C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2, Homecoming Chairman, 1, Dorm Council, Secretary 1, Dorm Council Represent- ative 2, Representative of S.G.A. 1. PIERCE, DENNIS Route 1, Maple Hill, N. C.,S.G.A., 1,2, Varsity Basketball. PITTMAN, DARLENE FRANCES Route 3, Box 423, Wilson, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1,2, Pep Club, 1,2, Chess Club, 2, Basketball, Dormitory Council. RAINES, MARVIN LEE, JR. Route 3, Box 135, New Bern, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club 1, Softball, 1,2, Football, 2, S.G.A. Representative 2. REEKES, JOHN 300 South Jefferson, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. ROBERTS, JOHN KEITH Box 96, Pikeville, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. ROLLINS, GARY LEE 1200 South Andrews Avenue, Goldsboro, N. C.:S.G.A.,1,2. SINGLETON, MILTON CHRIS Route 1, La Grange, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1, President, 2, Olive Leaves, Sports Editor, 1, Twig 1, Layout Editor. SKIPPER, HINTON JAMES 208 West John Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. SLOAN, BETTY ANNE 409 North Chestnut Street, Mount Olive, N. C., Baptist Student Union, Vice President 1, Presi- dent 2, Spanish Club 1,2, Olive Leaves, Sopho- more Literary Editor. SMITH, JEANNIE ELIZABETH Route 1, Box 49, Deep Run, N. C., S.G.A., Business Manager, Olive Leaves, Phi Theta Kappa 2, Dean's List, Henderson Science Club, Co-Nut Award, Olive Leaves, Lab Assistant, Social Committee 1. STANLY, JACK THOMAS Box -215, Dudley, N. C., S.G.A., Chorus Scho- larship 1, Chorus 1,2, Spanish Club 1, Inter- national Club 1, Henderson Science 1. STEVENSON, LINDA GAIL 403 Hickory Road, Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1,2, Perrett Award 1, Outstanding Sophomore 2, Bryan Scholar 2, Who's Who in American College, Dean's List, College Council, Secretary, 2, Religious Life Committee 2, S.G.A., 1,2, Olive Leaves Layout editor 2, Cheerleader. STOKES, MARTHA JANE 206 West College Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, International Club, 1,2, Twig, Assistant editor, 1, Olive Leaves, Literary editor, 1, editor-in-chief, 2, Co-Nut Award, French Club 1, Trea. 2. STOWERS, LARRY CRAIG 111 202nd Street, North Miami Beach, Florida, S.G.A., 1, President 2, Young Republicans Club, 1,2, Drama Club, 2, Football, 2, Out- standing Sophomore. SUTTON, ANNA KATHRYN Box 174, Calypso, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Pep Club, 1, Phi Theta Kappa, 1, Secretary, 2, Science Club, Secretary 2, Bryan Scholar, Marshall, Dean's List, Outstanding Sophomore, SUTTON, JULIA FAYE Route 1, Box 171, Seven Springs, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. SWAIN, GARLAND LEE Route 1, Box 202, Columbia, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. TAYLOR, GEORGE LEWIS Greene Street, Hookerton, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. TAYLOR, NINA 1503 Snow Hill Road, Kinston, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. TESTON, JACK A. C.M.R. Box 4665, Seymour Johnson A,F.B. Goldsboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. THIGPEN, ELLEN E, Route 1, Box 225, Tubeville, South Carolina, S.G.A., 1,2. THOMAS, MARY ANN Route 2, Box 60, Snow Hill, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Republican Club, 1,2, Secretary 2. THOMPSON, JAMES ROBE RT 1410 Mack Street, Spring Lake, N. C., S.G.A. Representative 1,2, Republican Club, 1,2-President, Pep Club, 1,2, Concert and Lecture Committee, 1, French Club 2, Basket- ball 2, lnternational Club 1, President's Club 2, Presbyterian Youth Movement 1,2, Science Club 2, Drama Club 2. THORNTON, DOROTHY DALE Route 2, Newton Grove, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. TILLMAN, JACOUELYN 119 East Pollock Street, Mount Olive, N. C., Science Club, Vice President 2, French Club 1, Baptist Student Union 1,2, Pep Club 1,2, Phi Theta Kappa 1,2, Bryan Scholar, Secretary 2. TURNER, WILLIAM CARROLL 216 East James Street, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. WALLACE GLORIA FAYE Route 2, Mount Olive, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Chorus, 1, Free Will Baptist Fellowship, 1, Pianist, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, 1, President of Women's Dormitory, 2. WALLER, REBECCA S. Route 5, Box 253, Kinston, N. C.,S.G.A.,1,2. WARRICK, ALMOND REXFORD lJr.l Route 1, Clayton, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Basket- ball, 1,2, Softball, 1,2, Football, 2, Dorm Council President, 2, Hall Proctor, 2. WARWICK, RACHEL LYNN Route 5, Box 67, Clinton, N. C., French Club, 1, Spanish Club, 2, International Club, Secretary-Treasurer, 1, Drama Club, 1,2, Olive Leaves 1, Twig 1, Bryan Scholar, Dean's List. WEEKS, JOSEPH LLOYD 114 Midyette Avenue, Morehead, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2, Spanish Club, President 2, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President, 2, Bryan Scholar. WEEKS, RICHARD RAY 214 East John Street, Mount Olive, N. C.. S.G.A.,1,2. WILLIS, CONRAD ALAN 3208 South Hayden, Greensboro, N. C., S.G.A., 1,2. WINDLEY, MARY LOU Main Street, Aurora, N. C., S.G.A. 1,2. 181 X 3 I If ' x .I ,- x A 4 wh X, l 1. u. 1 ,fu--' . 182 . fx .Q ,Q GYXV 8 44 PEP! ...- .Z rf 1 XI 'F -114' -1 X.-'S-' 185 . 'A 'RY' ,I . sl '7 E! 4,5 E '??2.w,,l.,l 4 , Q - - .f. ., ,. Q A 4 .. J, .E .s ' 1 .j' 'sf - -fq v . 4, .- 53' T H . l Q. :N-13, ..--' Qi a , 'U .as r '. A , . ,,ldv.,5.- ' Avifi-'Riu' -' ' Fi'-i23Tf'Fifl1.s-'L' 1: + iv-347 al L 3' - AI i F w 1 Ill! fx .IE ':- w. X mm: .N .A 189 the mo student is changing his world is opening up to ideas which only a few years ago he never knew existed the mo student is not a radical and probably never will be he is however willing to participate in building a better society he feels that the millions spent today going to an analyst is too high a price to pay for the loss of human values he is profoundly disturbed about his inability to affect the quality of his own life he believes the ideals he was taught and feels cheated that those ideals have been turned into empty words he is aware too of the suffering of the black and the poor and he is slowly realizing that it is his generation which must bring these people back into society he rejects the over- emphasis of automation and cybernation viewing the computers and memory-bank machines as instruments of alienation depersonalizing human relations to a frightening degree he was born in the years after the bomb and so his history begins with the history of nuclear destruction he has seen the photographs of nagasaki's and hiroshima's children and he knows he has a lot to do there not far in the foreground the doomsday machine is ticking 5 3 .3 1 1 4 4 1 w w 4 ffl! f ,- Q, I ,gs 'W 91" Q19 vlvf, ewtr -S ..--.,,,v-..:.--r-"fV"" . Yi . K . .. F v 'QL '- 5VQ,,V ut -nv 1 - B --UVA -,butt 45.5,-,A W, wg - A 16 4' f .I'-N-,' . , 2,33 + an N vrA'45.4' "vo .. -' 192

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Mount Olive College - Olive Leaves Yearbook (Mount Olive, NC) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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