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Y X - Aff ff , C Q, ,5 , Q7 M "-X V f.: ' k -+' . . xl ' . 1 l MLK - LV- '--" L-gk-If LL X I . J if -"'1 lllllllll lu .. Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Six Edition Volume Xll Mount Olive Junior College Mount Olive, North Carolina Editor ......... .... L orena Moseley Assistant Editor ...... Wilma Futrell Business Manager ..... Faith Barber Advertising Manager ....... Susie Francis ' ,f ...5...' ..:: :L , , 1: . V. Y vu- 1,,,' 1Z"iL'vL'a , ca-g g' A -- - W, - ,:.,:,G,,,,:L. ' f: -H -o4iF,a.-vgfgwwgg "f" 4 ' " im.. 1.1: .l .,,, .ig -PE-'+i'5: 5. Q J?"-8 at A W -f Sir" 2. ' if- 7 ,-'gs'-"L , .' . .fy , CDNTENTS Academics ..... Highlights .......... Spotlight ....... Organizations .. Athletics ,................ Advertisements .......... I I NF +- X. I Qx xx .ahah . .....78 I4 I.. ,wavy pdl 'HTTP :IHA HIM. .P -f-'sa ' wfwr..-x N-4.42:-.fix .......- .... ., . wr - x "- 1-:-'1- ,,,..,....Tf f , .MA X fs is I mf' f ez Qil., -,lv A -J F-W! 1 .. fx . . I J .ff 4- A.. - .,, ic' i ,4 3, L Wx 1 ' I 1 AJ , .f 4 ,X v- Qs 4 I fq r N X1 ,'fg"1 z Ac! f X iw. M f? R-,. I "1 3, Mount Oli V9 College Builds for the Future September, 1965, welcomed not only a new and larger freshman class, but a new and larger campus. Mount Olive College was surely growing. With sturdy foundations laid the previous year, expansion was steady and exciting. The beautiful and modern Henderson Academic Building proved to be a source ot pride to all, and the new dormitories promised to be as com- fortable as they were attractive. The excitement of building resounded in the air, and the students found such an atmosphere of constant improvements inspiring. In their studies, as on the grounds ofthe new campus, increasingly higher goals were realized and the quality of work improved accordingly. Q., V,-s Z he M. A- as-so -'gl-gif" Through hours of class work and hours of strenuous study, the students of Mount Olive College strive for the highest academic standards. Si ----::5::55555 5245 gf i ' s 1 -..,, gf.: '- .H r ', , V , . H. U., ,, . -. ' .. ' :na-i". , ,IQ ' ' V ' A' i :313a-fl5v!.f93a'i'Q,g,'xe- , . - ' , - - :. N 7' ' ' , , A V :,f'5:i9i1.,,5,Ar,l,Z41' v . . . . A -.rn Y . nf " t Q. .Y - ,A X, '-N Physical building also becomes a vital part ot college life. . . . Better Facilities, Higher Goals and Keener Minds ' T I LI . , Il-T-Q., 1. 14? j'6.,F:fx ,. -- ,y gy. l There is something encouraging about l watching a school as it overcomes the shyness of relative youth and begins to confidently elbow its way into the realm of academic progress. Such a feeling of determination existed this year and showed no signs of end- ing or even slowing the pace. Mount 29x 4 Olive College was building-better ,gk facilities, a completely new image, I T and two classes of devoted, ambitious . students who were ready to show the ' - in school that they, too, were capable . "'li xa4 L of meeting all obstacles and of pl'O' Always available to assist the students at registration are the personnel of the college. Dean Raymond Carson aids Florence Perkins in her schedule. gressing just as soundly throughout the academic year! .s-..l.a tj. qcifm EL., ---.1--L" .sae In order for a college campus to be fully realized, grounds must be ment could be seen on the campus as the parking lots became landscaped as well as buildings constructed. Much landscaping equip- a reality. i H Derrell Horne confers with Mr. Sapp over a conflict in his schedule. l i Mr. Sapp enrolls Forrest Gore in his Religion lOl class on registra- tion day. .. X Following chapel services, Mr. Sapp and the Reverend .lim Wilson chat about the contemporary affairs of college students. Dedication . . . Mr. Charles L. Supp Judgment to distinguish right and wrong, vision to see the truth, courage to act, dedication to that which is good, and integrity to stand by his beliefs at any price are the virtues of the teacher to whom we offer our respect and appreciation. He personifies tolerance, rationality, integrity, independ- ence, honesty, iustice, productiveness, and pride. These tremendous qualities are seldom exemplified in any one person. The Olive Leaves staff, however, proudly presents a teacher who has combined excellence with understand- ing in every situation whether in the classroom, in chapel directing our religious activities, or in his office available to aid students with personal or religious problems. He gives his assistance with an air of friendliness and an open mind which is an inspiration to all who know hirn. He will always be remembered for his active interest in the students and activities of Mount Olive College. Hoping that it will serve as tangible evidence of'our gratitude, we proudly dedicate the 1966 Olive Leaves to Mr. Charles L. Sapp. U III IIII llll I Ill' iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii mlmlll ii- i i i i , ili'liiHltt'l llll llll. Iltlliltmi ACADEMICS The first two years of the life of a college student are undoubtedly the most formative. During these months of classwork the student decides upon social inclinations and personal opinions. Mount Olive College is fortunate in its selection of applicants. Drawing forth worthwhile talents and ideas from such unsure material as the freshman stu- dent is enough compensation for a college faculty and ad- ministration. The instillment of well-directed ambition is guarantee enough that the student will build foundations for higher and more valuable goals. U R W -,gi 4, PF-4..if-'u 4-3. --V -I 4 0- 1 . rg X2 4'-'Wa Q' 3 .. N., ,, 'If f, 17.-, f at pa J., Y J.. :cl 2 ..-n'S- A. '-.1 v. V V I ui 'I' px--Q Q 'Os 1.11 -Sis 'Q , x , 1 N iv ' Nos -D 1 Dr. W. Burkette Raper 'Nl' 'Q-gpQ Pri Y . . . President A man and his dream . . , down the de- manding, exhausting-road toward fulfillment, Dr. VV, Burkette Raper leads the way. Bent with purpose and unyielding faith, he changes the spacious modern buildings of concrete, glass, and steel into a firmly rooted citadel of education. The recent growth and achievement of Mount Olive College shall influence un- counted generations of students. Dr. Raper's dream began as a child in the Free Will Baptist Children's Home in Middle! sex. Realizing the importance of education to the fulfillment of his quest, he received his A.B. from Dulce University, his B.D. from Duke Divinity School, and his M.S. from Florida State University. In l96O, Atlantic Christian College bestowed upon Dr. Raper the Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. After being ordained as a Free Will Baptist clergyman in l9r16, he served as pastor of several churches. Placing their fullest confi- dence in this capable man, the Board of Directors elected him as the first president of Mount Olive Junior College. Their confidence proved well placed, for he surpassed all ex- pectations, The first steps are always the most impor- tant. President Raper has put his best foot forward and his dream is gradually being fulfilled. Mr. Ralph Morris, Chairman of the Board of Directors. and Dr. Raper discuss the future plans for developing the cam- pus. Board of Directors The eighteen members of the Board of Directors of Mount Olive Junior College are elected by the North Carolina State Convention of Free Will Bap- tists for six year terms with three terms expiring each year. It is responsible for the general admin- istration, organization, and operation of the college. First Row: Mr. Ralph Morris, Chairman: Mrs. Frances Cassick, Secretaryg Mr. E. L. Jones: Mr, R. N. Hin- nant. Second Row: Mr. L. B. Wilsong Mr. E. H. Holton. Third Row: Mr. C. E. Worleyg Mr. F. B. Cher- ry. Fourth Row: Mr. D. W. Hansleyg Mr. Jack Dail. , ,. .vi ,,.. I -. 'Q: .4.jx".j Administrative Council Serving on the Administrative Council are the top officials of the college. Each week, this coun- cil meets with the President to determine the policies and activ- ities of the college. At one of the weekly meetings are Mr. Charles Harrell, Mr. Larry Nance, Dr Ray- mond Carson, and Dr. W. Burlcette Raper. Administrative Officials -, DEAN of DR. RAYMOND P. CARSON, Dean, serves as the administrator of the academic program of the college. i Q i . MR. LARRY T. NANCE, Dean of Students, coordinates student activities of a non-academic nature. The financial affairs of the college are the responsibility of MR. CHARLES H, HARRELL, Business Manager. I rs- ,v X, lo? N if MRS. BERTIE ANN SANDERS, the Recorder, maintains all of- ficial records pertaining to the students. MISS HILDA OWENS, Women's Counselor, endorses the regulations for wornen students and acts as their personal counselor. THE REVEREND CHARLES L. SAPPI Dgyedm of Religious Acfgv. MR. AUSTIN CARTER, Director of Public Relations, distributes the public in- ities, supervises the religious affairs of the college. fofmallon to the 'WW5 media' MR. MILTON GOODMAN, Supervisor of Grounds and Buildings, coordinates the maintenance work at the college. Keeping the financial accounts in order is the responsibility of MRS, SHIRLEY W. WlLLlAMS, Bookkeeper. r- s P . 5 . . In D u- 5 lv P V V P P L L 40, S Under the auspices of MR. GARY F. BAREFOOT, Librarian, the library serves as the center of the academic community. To the new campus, each of the 352 students brought his own individual aptitudes, ambitions, and personality. The steadfast desire of the Mount Olive Junior College administration is to respect all three and serve them wisely, honestly, and successfully. Competent officials guide and direct the student toward his goal. In the capable hands of MISS JEAN FILLINGAME are the im- portant duties of the Secretary to the President. C: l' hs... MISS JENELL SANDERSON, office clerk, gives her assistance in handling the work in the business office. Administrative Secretaries ln order for a college to function efficiently, the administration must have capable aid. Five secretaries till this capacity for the administrators, Without their assistance, Mount Olive College would not be able to perform its duties in the building of higher educa- tion. l As Secretary to the Business Manager, MISS JO ANN WEEKS assists in the business transactions of the college. 'X . If Preparing news releases is one of the many duties of MRS KATHLEEN C. With a friendly smile, MRS ANNE W, HARRISON, per- HORTON, Secretary to the Public Relations Director. forms her work as Secretary to the Dean. NYJ MRS. RUTH ELEANOR ROWE, Assistant Librarian, works quietly, but efficiently at her iob. Su lying the students with books and other supplies needed for study is PP the iob of MISS BONNIE FARMER, Bookstore Manager. Personnel Not only must the college possess competent administrators and secretaries, but this institution could not operate without the assistant librarian, the bookstore manager, and the cafeteria staff. These employees perform vital duties to keep Mount Olive College striving in its quest tor growth. Because of the increased size of the student body, MRS. MARGARET PATTERSON, MRS. CORA BELL, MRS. LEE ALICE ROBINSON, and MR. HERMAN JONES have been employed in the cafeteria. :ppc an U-' Q15 J! ' . 'N A As Food Service Manager, MISS PATTIE DAVIS must plan and supervise the preparation of meals at the college. MRS. LEURAH REAVES and MRS. MILDRED SLOAN rely on past experience as they continue their work in the cafeteria. I :l'7'12I" 'i', ' I7 ' . 4' il , l 1,-: We-: - 4 4' KS I . .. si l Z , f 1 . , 1 Q, 'fi f I ar V W U l J I ' .gg ' If I L 'J ' . 5 I All ' l gil 5 ? V : K . i rg I M 5 lv : U - '.,h, " 1. ti - - fs y . Q . 8. 4, U , X .. I 5, is , , V . NU- ,Y ' vu- V .. . Y ..-- . V If dm- -21 9' 1 MRS. LOIS P. BOYETTE Instructor ll . ,V F.-..q - .I .HV V.: . A 4, E Zvi., TAJL: huh. . . ..:s:.-3-ff , - ' 5 Zas':.r.1j,igs? ,rf 5- .Z Q 4, 2 X 'X . x. '," I i I XX. ' I 4"-:Q ' -1'9N,1i4' -:iv i , f ag, ' L' l " I in sal 'K , i ' No- klx N XC' s P -.LA- v' 'T . '- -. 'xx 'ji i AHAQ ,V 1 ., A -f .. sf" Cx ,-'754 -'Y 25 5 5' , ' f 2 .' ' " .41 ... a!'i ' is 15.2 f-Y MRS. MARTHA KING Director of Evening Classes MR. LELAND L. SMITI-I Chairman 'I--Q-v""" Mr. Smith supervises the students in the Office Machines class. Business Department Enrolls 214. In the Business Department, students may receive instruction in Accounting, Typing, Shorthand, Introduc- tion to Business, Office Practices and Techniques, Fil- ing and Office Machines, and Business Mathematics. Under the direction of Mr. Leland L. Smith, students may work toward one of two courses of study: one leading to a one-year certificate in business, and the Other, a tvvo-year program, leading to a degree in business. Mrs. Boyette's Typing IO3 class takes their daily ten minute timed writing. English Staff Includes Three Full-Time Instructors. The Department of English at Mount Olive College strives to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge and concepts which are needed in order to communicate with the other members of this society effectively. Basic courses which are offered include English Grammar and Composition, English Literature, and American Literature. ln literature, the department seeks to aid the students in acquiring a literary heritage of the English speaking people. Class discussion, themes, and term papers are requirements for courses in this academic field. IO ' , -. - .' -:' -' .- u U. ',!:". lg .. ' 5. 1 , A A-1 ' . 7 . . . , . .i ' 2- K. I MISS LINDA CRAVEN Instructor . tv '55 MISS HARRIET BROOKS Instructor ft I Wx MR. WILLIAM HARRISON Instructor N xr Angie Sutton searches for sources to be used in her American Literature term paper. Miss Craven explains how to construct sentences properly in her English IOI class. Mathematics Department Enriches College Curriculum MR. DOUGLAS McINTYRE Chairman s L Mr. Mclntyre takes time to explain a difficult algebra problem to Beverly Pittard. I3 si MISS CAROLINE CASTELLOE Instructor Geometry, College Alegebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Foundations of Mathematics compose the courses offered by the Department of Mathematics. Directed by Mr. Douglas Mc- Intyre, this academic realm seeks to acquaint the students with the role this field plays in the development of society and to prepare them for the scientific world which lies ahead. Through an intense study of the mathematics courses offered at the college, the students are better prepared to meet their future careers. Axioms become the topic of discussion in Miss Castelloe's Math 101 class. K1 UN, 4 ,- NJ' -Q- ' - ,. MR. MICHAEL PERRET Chairman 3 it KP MR. JOSE INFANTE Instructor Foreign Professor Joins Modern language Department Mr. Michael Perret directs the work of the Department of Modern Language. Along with the aid of Mr. Jose Infante, this program is designed to meet the needs of the students in the areas of Spanish and French. Grammar and literature courses are offered in both languages. Through this medium, the de- partment broadens the cultural understanding of the students and develops their accuracy and precision in the future use of modern languages. f ' " Marti McDaniel and Geri Foy find a challenge in reading the foreign newspaper, Le Figaro, FUN 1 7 -!"' Duane Gwyn ponders over verb coniugations as he prepares for a 'forthcoming Spanish test. Q I i 'cg' 'ffl' 4..--. s six "c C Miss ROSE LINDSAY ,l 1-g' Zi,e Q- Chairman Mns. KATHLEEN WARREN Instructor Music Department Encourages Appreciation for the Arts With Miss Rose Lindsay as chairman of the Depart- ment of Music, this college program attempts to help students grow in their appreciation and understanding of the musical field. Through such courses as Chorus, Music Appreciation, Music Theory, and Private Piano and Voice, this department enlightens the pupils to a better awareness of the culture which surrounds them. The College Chorus, which is a direct product of this Q X department, contributes inspiring music for the chapel B services and twice each year goes to various corn- munities on a choral tour. While following the score of the Mass in B Minor, Carol Murphy listens Under the direction of Miss Rose Lindsay, the forty voice Mount Olive College attemively to the work of Bach, Chorus tours churches and schools as a public relations medium for the college. MR. LARRY NANCE Chairman QQ' MR. ROBERT FRANK Instructor Bobby Phillips and James Horton attempt a rebound during their basket- ball class. Physical Education Department Develops Body Skills Bd .N- Mr. lance demonstrates the correct grip on a tennis racket to four of his students-Judd McGee, Richard Lawson, R. W. King, and Bob Lane. Physical fitness, both mental and physical, skill development, and leisure activities for later use are taught by the Physical Education Department of Mount Olive College. Guided by Mr. Larry Nance and Mr. Robert Frank, teams and individual sports are stressed, not only for intramural competition, but also to develop sportsmanship and skills. Mr. Frank also instructs the students in a Health and Hygiene course. With the adding ot basketball as one of the major collegiate sports, this department has grown in depth and scope during the 1966 academic year. 1- N-1 MR. CHARLES SAPP In the religion section of the library, Sandra Freeman selects a book for Chairman her Old Testament book review. Religion Department Enriches Students' Spiritual Life Under the direction of Mr. Charles Sapp, the Department of Religion seeks to relate the life of students both to the historical roots of the Christian faith and to its contemporary expression in modern life. Another avenue through which the Department of Religion makes a contribution is in the chapel programs and the extra-curricular activities on campus. Religion courses such as Old Testament, New Testament, and the Life and Letters of Paul are designed to aid the students in becom- ing acquainted with the message and contents of the Bible. In this manner, the college develops and guides the students to a finer appreciation of their spiritual he'ritage. jfftskix -, "H Q ' , V ...xp-xx -T i r fi? . r. .1 rr 3 ' 1 Q zo: lg: Linda Lindholm knocks on Mr. Sapp's office door to give to him her last book review. Mr. Sapp lectures to the eighty-four stu- dents in his eight o'clock Old Testament class. Science Department Opens New Laboratories. ,pd I O' I 3 I . MRS. LORELLE MARTIN Chairman Susan Ivey measures each drop of sulfuric acid carefully in order to complete her chemistry experiment successfully. Mrs. Martin helps Patricia Muth prepare a wet mount in botany lab. Botany, Zoology, and chemistry constitute the curriculum of the Department of Science at Mount Olive College. Under the capable chairmanship of Mrs. Lorelle Martin, the natural sciences take on a special meaning to the students. Laboratory ses- sions and field trips aid this department in stressing the application of scientific methods and principles. I H ' ,I gg :QE F I Q gi ' - 2- :E Ii, N ff-" , - iff I 2 :ff . e 'fgv . B - K. .- -I F WI I 'ESE-Ii - HU' , . 15- 4. E .. 3,13 I 5 f -:-L' : ZA-ll 0 A , - W I i' I I MISS CAROLINE CASTELLOE Instructor .nf 'Lat 'snr X Social Studies Department Adds Two New Courses f Seeking to relate man to his past and present cultures is the primary objective of the Department of Social Studies. Under the direction of acting chairman, Mr. James Horton, this department plays an instrumental role in teaching the background for the religious atmosphere at the college. Courses offered within the scope of the Depart- ment of Social Studies are Western Civilization, American History, American Government, and North Carolina History. r W - - 919' N" . f. Y' , -2: MISS ELEANOR POOLE Instructor ii' J 5 1 V . fl fly' , X i 'L' ,jim . -igin " , uaQ'l'1 - l Q3 'fc .X All A, 2 , - l X il llll IIII IIII um in .mf lll--riiiiiillllli Illlilll urn lilly, l i ll'r'l lllliIiiililiiill-lil-i CLASSES Three hundred and fifty-two individuals comprise the student body of Mount Olive College for the l965'66 academic year. These persons are the building blocks of the college and without their appearance, the academic program of the school could not be sustained. Together with the adminis- tration and 'Faculty of this institution, the students help Mount Olive College build for the future. I 'E MACK RAY AMAN Dunn, N.C. JOHN BOYD CASTEEN Faison, N.C. FAITH LEIGH BARBER Mount Olive, N.C. SAMUEL HENRY COX Goldsboro, N.C. MARY RACHEL BEAMON Snow Hill, N.C. Enrollment Reaches Three d d 0. sfudyangp asses away many hours ofacollege students life WILLIAM H. FARMER Mount Olive, N.C. BARBARA SUE FRANCIS Mount Olive, N.C. FRANCES E. FUTRELL Goldsboro, N.C. Y? Sophomores l'?"1EI 2'13fiHf1 is ' ,Tig LUCIAN FORREST GORE, JR. Goldsboro, N.C. MARY GRACE GOULD Newport, N.C. CHRIS T. GRADY Kenly, N.C. ' R Mr. and Mrs. James Horton begin the line for one of Mnss Davus delicious buffet dinners. ini Ne- X., HARRY GRUBBS Kinston, N.C. BILLIE MARIE GRIFFIN New Bern, N.C. EDSIN SCOTT HALSO Chinquapin, N.C. I I 1 1 9' ,K 43" ai' lvo tn' E' ' LIMA KEYES HEDGEPETH Kinston, N,C. JAMES STEWART HUMPHREY Mount Olive, N.C. SUSAN LEE IVEY Goldsboro, N.C. ing- JOAN SHARON HOOPER Mebane, N,C. WALTER IVES, JR. Trenton, N.C. BETTY GAYE JOHNSON Greensboro, N.C. Convocation Inaugurates Academic Year. George Thigpen and Richard Scheicler grapple for the basket ball during intramural competition. BRENDA FAYE JONES Mount Olive, N,C. KITSIE ANDERSON JONES Mount Olive, N.C. MARY JO KELLY Mount Olive, N.C. RUTH LAVERGNE Mount Olive, N.C. BONNIE RABON MAREADY Hookerton, N.C. FLORENCE PERKINS Goldsboro, N.C. BEVERLY PITTARD Prospect Hill, N.C. MARY LORENA MOSELEY Winterville, N.C. PATRICIA MUTH Morehead City, N.C. LYNN ODOM Mount Olive, N.C. Sophomores I f 1 F.-Q.: I Rachel Beaman distributes chapel programs to Rose Moore and Judd McGee MARY LOU POTTER Warsaw, N.C. E. L. RACKLEY JR. Mount Olive, N,C. JANET ROSE North East, Pa. Sophomores WINIFRED JO SKINNER Newport, N.C. JAMES DAVID STEPHENSON Fuquay-Varina, N.C. ELEANOR SPEIGHT Kinston, N.C. GERALDINE STRICKLAND Seven Springs, N.C. ...V Orientation Initiutes Students to the College. X O ANGELINE SUTTON Grifton, N,C. BRENDA LOU TAYLOR Newport, N.C. ROBERT LOY TROUTMAN MOUNT Olive, N.C, The Mount Olive cheerleaders receive donations for the Heart Fund through the use of a sheet at the ChowanvMount Olive ballgame. JOHNNlE WHITMAN Mount Olive, N.C. MlCHAEL WITHERS Thomasville, N.C. JIMMY WOOTEN Goldsboro, N.C. PEGGY TYNDALL Mount Olive, N.C. 'L at X V . '- . :P We " Q l gn.. Ntvv 'sox Kumi.. r-'YT fr.--,. ,5tS.i.r,z5 -'f--fhF?T3 '-53 ,..i. . V : 41 , ,-L: SI. e. Y: - Qt. lg. x l ABBOTT, WILLIAM F. Goldsboro, N.C. ADAMS, NEVADA J. Bennettsville, S,C. ANDREWS, LINDA S. Trenton, N.C. BALDREE, WILLIAM New Bern, N.C. E, ' 'W N 'w"f..'1-, , 2' 53' .A .fn-un .I i i , J ,. f, , is Q X Y 1.1 . lil I 2 C , ,, , , f 'Ax DX l N- U' , - in Q 6 .1 A ABERNETHY, GEORGE E. Nashville, N.C. ADKINS, BERNARD, JR. New Bern, N.C. BAKER, MARY F. Greenville, N.C. BATCHELOR, JEAN H. Mount Olive, N.C. Freshmen I l ,- Judy Self and Alice Newell rush the Christmas season by decorating their door and doing some early Christmas shopping. BARNES, CHARLES L. BARNES, JERRY T. Wilson, N.C. Wilson, N.C. BARWICK, BRENDA C. BARWICK, GLENDA S. Goldsboro, N.C. Mount Olive, N.C. l l l I l t l 1 t l l I 'nl SX, v W ' W f Ure: S' se- Ni K x T f Isl' ', I I t Classes Begin on f October T. QS. L Q 43, ! , 'lx I N soon-i, WILLIAM F. Ayden, Nc. BOSTIC, BYTHAL H. Goldsboro, N.C. BOSWELL, A. BEVERLY Wilson, N.C. BRAUN, HELGA Lynchburg, Va. BARWICK, JUDITH Faison, N C. BEAMAN, JANIE M Snow Hill, N.C BEDDARD, SUSAN L, Ayden, N C. F BELL, A JANIS Mount Olive, N,C, BELL, JACOB C., JR. Nassawaclox, Va. BENNETT, MICHAEL G, Charleston, S.C. BIELBY, EARL Greenville, N.C. BLACKMORE, R. MARINA Warsaw, N,C. J David Parker and Duane Gwyn of the Mount Olive Trojans attempt a rebound from the College of Al- bemarle at the Mount Olive Invitational Tournament. w -4.-if 1' , -J BRIGHT, M. ELIZABETH Chocowiniry, N.C. BURCHAM, DIXIE Kinslon, N.C. BYRD, ANN G. Warsaw, N.C. Lx, ,, an av I . B if f' Alf'- L "VF" F- ? is ,x- gi, ir. r, ,Q 7 Y F , , V I . - -1 c- ., , - l 1 , ff , X Q f -. .. eg rn mx QL L, le 1 . ,lr BROWN, L. DIANNE BRYAN, EDGAR A. BRYAN, GROVER C. " Selma, N,C, Mount Olive, N.C, Bladenboro, N.C. ,tif '1 1 """' , . ,,.......4.,,, : 1 ,,.,.,., 3. Emily Thigpen and Sandra Everington complete the necessary sign out blanks to attend the movie uptown. Pep Rally BYRD, BILLY J. Warsaw, N.C. I. l. l' 98 r .771 , -rv I-gf if ,A A ,,'. .5 Wm Kindles School Spirit. BUNN, CONNIE MACK Sims, N.C. BYNUM, ROGER A. Stanlonsburg, N.C. BYRD, B. GAYLE CARLOUGH, RICHARD CAVENAUGH, BETSY L. Smithfield, N.C. Concord, N,C, Wallace, N.C. .4 r - 'Paz-,L , ' N v, ,gg - 'S , . . .N l f l ' ' A Q4 1 A, A ,-qn-- I 4. .' Lx ,J : " 1 - f , L tk X N i HL, f , Q. J X !".' L -' 4 1 ii 'l i x XX ' 1 C 15' K KC . 'ro , V' TS i ' 1' uf . A x ' x Fc' M ,Ax l lm X . . -L CHADWICK J DAVID CLARK DOUGLAS A COATES DANIEL T COBBS, JOHNNY LaGrange NC Beulavulle NC Smnthfleld NC Mount Olive, N.C. Mount Olnve students alvx ays race To form the never ending "chow line." CREECH, J, JEANENE Smithfield, N.C. '-.,J COKER, ALLEN Turberville, S.C COX, JANICE E. Mount Olive, N,C. CROWDER, WILLIAM R Warsaw, N,C. :Q- M 'f L h L 1515 CRUSE, LESTER L. Seven Springs, N.C. DANIELS, TIMOTHY Raleigh, N.C. DAVENPORT, ELIZABETH Creswell, N.C. DAVIS, JOHN T., JR. Mount Olive, N.C. DAVIS, LAVERNA L. Fremont, N.C. DUDDING, EDWARD T. Alexandria, Va, DUTTON, BARBARA A. Rockingham, N.C. EAKES, DeWAYNE Goldsboro, N.C. EDMUNDSON, MARCIA Pikeville, N.C. Freshmen R' Tbs- rq. -. A. Q!-. if I ll' I If - -V Y-Tr: , 3. 4 L. 50' X, if S-fx , .L 5: I NS L? . - i I X- VA S w A 5 Q . 4 gk 4 w l - ' 4 I Q. it Lia X. '-3,1 15 6? S' - x X154 I ,S-Iggfl. , .. I , ? , .- rp -' I ' in ' 5 C I' ENSLEY, DONNY D. Arapahoe, N.C, ESHLEMAN, W. LEE Goldsboro, N.C. EVERINGTON, SANDRA Deep Run, N.C. EAULK, SANDRA J. Mount Olive, N.C. . ' .el-1' f klo- Mrs. King's evening class enioys a Christmas pany before departing for home for the holidays. I I 1 AE' 1' Mr. Michael Peli RTE Lectures During ll ll eligious Emphasis Week. Sf ' FINK, ROBERT A. Kenmore, N.Y. ll L l K. xl .' -, 1 v A -df:-A . V 5. :gg-, 5- , f Cf V 1 ' r u.. l li . - 1 'Q M vw f --Q f Rv- . K L lx! lx :ff FLOWERS, M. CHARLES Mount Olive, N.C. FOY, GERI Maysville, N.C. I' li Tyrone Lucas refreshes himself at rhe vending machine in the svudent lounge at ihe Henderson Building. FRANCIS, M. ELIZABETH Mount Olive, N.C. FRANKLIN, WILLIAM Mount Olive, N.C. FREEMAN, SANDRA Mount Olive, N C. E Q , J' If E FULTON, VAUGHN R Klnsion, N.C. FUSSELL, DONALD R. Rose Hill, N.C. FUTRELL, WlLMA R. Pikeville, N,C. GAINEY, DON R Goldsboro, N C. 1. 715 X ,Q-. ' t 7 ,,,, Pl 5 A '. Q , ' 2 1 Mr 1 ,hal 2 f -3 ,5- AX s . K I L GARDNER, JUDY Macclesfield, N.C. GODWIN, LINDA Wilson, N.C. HANCHEY, BENNETT Wallace, N.C. HARRISON, GREGORY KX ll X I 'Q I Tw, . .. sn ' 1- 1 A '4 we ,I Q ff il. GASKILL, THADDEUS Goldsboro, N.C. GRANTHAM, JAMES Goldsboro, N.C. HANNA, MARSHALL Pamplico, S.C. H! Members of the Board of Directors inspect the Henderson Academic Building prior to one of its regular meetings. Freshmen HERRING, CAROLYN HERRING, CHARLES E. I"IlI.I., -IONAS N- Snow Hill, N,C, Albertson, N.C. Pink Hill, N.C. Dover, N.C- --.," g5TE'Yl7l'75lED If ,.-an ' fa- 'ES rp -A- lf , 1- sf- - ' N - 1- R I vw.j'Yv'l in 1 s,, if' Q A 'ii'-.L 4 x , 15.3 Q. I - .1,,.,e,.: ,, Tvs H , - J is s K Il HILL, R. KAY Deep Run, N.C. rv Q"" 'HI St. Andrews College Playhouse Visits Campus. " . "'X"',' A 'vs 52 A X L HINE, MARTHA Goldsboro, N.C. HlNNANT, KENAN Kenly, N.C. HOLLOMAN, BRENDA Mount Olive, N.C. HOLUNGSWORTH, GAYLE Faison, N.C. HOLMES, TIMOTHY Zebulon, N.C. HOOD, J. CRAIG Goldsboro, N.C. HORNE, DERRELL Goldsboro, N,C. HORTON, EDWARD Goldsboro, N.C. HORTON, JAMES Goldsboro, N.C. HOUSTON, WILLIE R Goldsboro, N.C. iv' 14..- ' ' 1 A x x Tv fr S: " 'l-' 5.:- F. - 'B-V ' 5 r - f - M HINES, GERALDINE Kinston, N.C. HOLLENSTEIN, KEN Havertown, Pa. 3 ms- A rs 3 Ls lf ae' , . . -e ,'v'LQ,,.:', ,A ' gy?" l ,fl ' We e i' 4 Q- , r' ,Mx ....-- 005 35, De-Wayne Eakes purchases his Yextbool-cs for Y bookstore manager, , sg : 'al I 1 v .,, .3 6 ... X " 1 M "'Pfi,s'fsF55"lfgnl GV 'Vll -G E'-lg, - A A flri- Q g, ' gl' M-if 9, U ,M . T"" , sf 'fl 5 f 4 f 1 r 7 ls K . x' --, . 3, l ll, V , L V' he semester from Mrs. Farmer, the A Q ,, LQ W . 'T' lv I S-'1 Cs ii' ar I L Christmas Party Highlights Yuletide Spirit. ""f Q Q. 5 ff it N 4. . A, X l -. E: a.,,, 1 ag ,il JONES, J. RICHARD Beulaville, N,C. JONES, SHELBY J. Nashville, N.C, 'L N 'all . 6 'f -T - " t s "Q -a: I - C x . -.. , JS. ' X. N' X, X L . .J . .-en x "J HOWARD, STEVE Winston-Salem, N.C. HOWELL, TIMOTHY Goldsboro, N.C. HUFFMAN, ROBERT L, Goldsboro, N.C. JACKSON, DWlGHT Mount Olive, N.C. JARMAN, RONNIE W. Beulaville, N.C. JENKINS, JANICE Farmville, N.C. JENKINS, LINDA FAYE Beulaville, N.C. JONES, LINDA GALE Kenly, N.C. JONES, JUDY M. Kenly, N.C. JONES, VANCE P, Kinston, N.C. qgg JOYCE, LINDA R. Chesapeake, Va, KANAVEL, GLENN T. Hubert, N.C. KELLY, R. DOUGLAS Mount Olive, N.C. KENAN, WILLA M. Kenansville, N.C. L 'IT' fi' ' L 5-f-f P T' 3. f ' S' 'ft A ?.gvr 1 Va fl x I . it Freshmen KILPATRICK, THOMAS C Mount Olive, N.C. KING, RICHARD W. Wilmington, N.C. KORNEGAY, FRANCES L, Mount Olive, N.C. KORNEGAY, JIMMY R. Mount Olive, N.C. KRON, WILLIAM J. Clinton, N.C. LANCASTER, DAVID E. Rocky Mount, N.C. LANGSTON, BARBARA A Kenly, N.C. LAWSON, RICHARD A. Kinston, N.C, LAYTON, JANE A. Goldsboro, N.C. LINDHOLM, LINDA L. Jacksonville, NC. LUCAS, W. TYRONE Lillington, N.C. LUPTON, LUCY Lowland, N.C, LYCZKOWSK I, TERRY Morelwead City, N.C. Fresh Brenda Taylor performs 5 that of iaking an examine? ' if fi 1 . , 'xx Z' ll :Q f K1 , ', MCDANIEL, MARTI Pollocksville, N.C. MEFATTER, JOHNNY C. Goldsboro, N.C, MALONE, R, MARSHALL Kinsfon, N.C. MALONE, WAYNE D. Kinsvon, N.C. men MALPASS, HANSON R. Mount Olive, N.C, required task of all Mount Olive siudenfs- ion. I ' ' ,. . 1, Trrfq ff-1F"f.,TV' -.A an x.'?'+3 1 -AMY53 'A . -.Q I fr- . w, : -Q 5' ' , I ffff. Q' I . -C,4-1 4- MARTIN, BILLIE G. Mount Olive, N.C. MATTHEWS, M. PATRICIA Kinston, N.C. , Q- ' Il, IQ' X. Lv MlLLARD, GWYN MILLER, BILLY Mount Olive, N.C. Bevlaville, NLC- Y' L. , -1 , 1- N3 ge., 5' ,!.. I ' l X L MOORE, ROSE M. Durham, N.C. MOZI NGO, RAND Ayden, N.C. MURPHY, CAROL LaGrange, N.C. x ,N l Q S X , . YQT' L, Y T MORRIS, ALLEN Scotland Neck, N.C MULLIN, EVE Chocowinity, N.C. NARRON, CAROLYN Middlesex, N.C. A , J NEWBERN, LINDLEY G. Powells Points, N.C. v-- " NEWELL, ALICE Dover, NC. x, .U x li.-.if NOBLE, C, SUSAN Trenton, N.C. U up i l 'FZ 4 Sw "" NOBLE, J. MARTIN ---' K Kinston, N.C. Z , A A .1 5 Valentine Party Features Student Entertainment. ' -K L if R - . , . .X Q ,,. EQ ,l . S X X I xnxx!" N A. Qf .Xi X " , Maintenance men work laboriously to move The new equipment to the new campus. NORMAN, GLENN N. Beaufort, N,C. 53 OATES, PATRICIA A. Faison, N.C. OGBURN, B. RUE ir Willow Springs, N.C. PARKER, DAVID A. Garner, N,C. PARKS, BETTY GAIL LaGrange, N.C. PARRISH, TOMMY G. Faison, N.C, I PEACOCK, JOSEPH F. Wilson, N.C. PENUEL, R. GLENN Goldsboro, N.C. '52 .X --xt J L in --. 1 JJ gl. J . sb bv 'Q David Chadwick studies for an all important Mathematics IO3 examination. T J PUCKETT, SANDRA K. Mount Airy, N,C. RAMSEY, TERRY Hubert, N.C. REAVES, RICHARD A. Mount Olive, N,C. RICHBURG, BOBBY Manning, S C. PHILLIPS, ROBERT H, JR Kinston, N C, PINER, SPERBY Sneads Ferry, N C. PlITMAN,J PHILLIP Pino Lcvel, NC. POWELL, K. DEAN Seven Springs, N.C. POWELL, JAMES B. Granville, N.C. PRICE, CONNIE Mount Olive, N.C. PRICE, JACKIE Seven Springs, N,C. PRICE, JEANNE Seven Springs, N.C, PRICE, TRUDY I. Seven Springs, N.C. Freshmen w 4 1 . W1 QL in li M 1 I r. f' 1 14 -, l tb Y A 5 x- ' , gf' I J X J I 3-, u V xx X . A ff Q X fi 4, - . Linda Godwin and Roger Bynum engage each other in one of 1he favorite i campus games-chess. ' Q- X I - "gi: H , Laughter for Students. , , o . T4 A ' f " L, X - RYAN, CAROLYN SANDERS, DURWOOD I A Greensboro, N.C Richlands, N.C. l ' - U 7 SELBY, JACK R. SELF, JUDY CA , Jacksonville, N.C. Winston-Salem, N.C. , ' if . D I V .7 lf, ' . . W 'NI Ya W QQ? f --an ' we A 4' 1: , RIGGS, JAMES E. Cove City, N.C. ROSS, JOSEPH Ayden, N.C. fi ' ' . ROWE, A. EARL - Lucama, N.C. ' A SANDLIN, JACKIE if ' " " xi Verona, N.C, :xi ff R' , .,- f ,rf X2 - u 2 ,I 7 Xl 1 1 I I K R . i tl x - fy., A " A lx, xl in 'EZ' Q Vi 1 Qvx ROSE, DARIUS E. Smhhfield, N,C. ROUSE, BRYCE Q. Seven Springs, N.C. RUSSELL, RODNEY Dover, N.C. SASSER, JEANNE B. Goldsboro, NC. TWA-. STEVENS, CHARLES H. Warsaw, N.C. STEWART, SALLY B. Alexandria, Va. STROUD, MARY C. Kinston, NC, SUGG, WILLIAM G. Snow Hill, N.C. SPELL, W, EARL Clinton, N.C. SPERONE, JOSEPH Rutherford, N.J. STANLEY, JOHN Goldsboro, N.C. f I I I 1 SERMONS, JOY R. Greenville, N.C SEYMOUR, BILLIE E. Goldsboro, N.C. SLAUGHTER, BLAIR Newport, N.C. SMITH, LINDA K. Deep Run, N,C. SMITH, RONALD L. Greensboro, N.C. SMYK, ELIZABETH A. Goldsboro, N.C. 'A ' A lg .Z 'Q ' l I I ,V in 'T' Carol Murphy spends many hours at the piano since her field of interest is music Freshmen -iv l'5' f I I .he l I "5 9-7. S3- . . ' 2 l I X X. ,Q K 'VW' Elf' .. --.Ass '. 'fly .f 7 "i K1 3 be 1313-'f:f,A T Q cv' . I f A ' ' .fi-f,'rI..uf lf- L - . , -- M -if f, aw r N 0 we A T T A ' P 5 H N ' N' . .F . 5 ' W ' X f' J. V. .kms , ,I K V ., A , N- y Xl r l hx . s I Lt. 2. f 5537 , I ' SUTER, JAMES A. SUTTON, DWIGHT SUTTON, HARRY E. . tk Havertown, Pa, Mount Olive, N.C, Mount Olive, N.C. . . .X i ax -A x ' i 5 T .S ' , ' 9 lift: '51 5 gl ' .. r' .xx X , R K rg. spirit from the college students. TAYLOR, JOSEPH B. TEW, O- BENNY SUMMERUN' E' ANN Mount Olive, NC, Sale-rnburg, N.C. Goldsboro, N,C. SUTTON, S. RUSSELL LaGrange, N.C. , I -X TALTON, CYRUS R. - Goldsboro, N.C. TAYLOR, DONNA F. Goldsboro, N,C. . 5 .L .,-:J W fly! A fl f X' ' . . E -if as R an SUTTON, JOYCE A. Albertson, N.C. Chief cheerleader Marcia Edmundson leads the newly formed cheering squad in stimulating school May Day 0ccurs on May 7. KT1- ------. 'Z if L ,. .T THIGPEN, EMILY K. Turberville, SC. -'ff-Q, - . .74 ,,. P - x THIGPEN, GEORGE D. THIGPEN, THOMAS THOMPSON, LINDA R. Mount Olive, N.C. Beulaville, N.C. Smithfield, N.C. --1. L1"'M J' '?"s..,x Q' x- ii 'L-H-. R RO QL.- Wu No NE g fr. 5 , THOMPSON, MEARL F7577 ' E. '11- Ayden, N.C. Linda Godwin places the final touches on a snow sculpture in front of the dormitory complex. Freshmen Goldsboro Roxboro NC New Bern ,, TURLINGTON, JACKIE UTLEY, NANCY VANDIFORD, GENE c. , N,C. , . . , N.C. ,' fn I... V- J. , .E-A T5 ' ' at Syl X x.- P' Kill A All I , X rf E 1 9 N 1' KX fi ' Q. l f' f .E r, ' 'A ' MEET xl L, THOMPSON, S. NELL Aurora, N,C. TILLETT, W. JAMES Arlington, Va. TILLMAN, DONALD L. Mount Olive, N.C. TRADER, KENT T. Angier, N.C. F? 5 1""p ' I VICKERS, LOU I. WADDELL, GERALD WADSWORTH, JOHNNIE R, WALTERS, DEAN WALTERS, JAMES L Hertford, N.C, Goldsboro, N.C. Batvleboro, N.C. Orrum, N,C. Saint Pauls, NC Mrs. Josephine Ricks relates some last minute details to the graduating seniors before they form the academic proces- sional. G d 1' Cl' A d ' Y J 5 WALTON, LELAND W. WATKINS, ALVIN A. WEBER, LARRY H. WEBSTER, RUTH E. WELLS, EVELYN Midlothian, Va. Goldsboro, N.C. Pink Hill, N.C. Pinelown, N.C, Mount Olive, NC P Yi-. 4, N, ff 0' .'-04,4 A, M fx 'W' 'K - an r-3 0' Af ,Q-s if 15? 'T f 1 A , A an- K ' 1 I5 ,V 0 R " i 'L 1 "" - Q, .. A ,,,,.4 QR 5 x l ' E X fl , l N-2. 'X L 1 ' E' x QQQ. if Y. YJ R' , X., .. 'n WHATLEY CHARLES C. Goldsboro N C. WILLIAMSON ARLENE Clinton NC WORRELL, CAROLYN D. Dudley, N.C. WHALEY, K. CYR US Richlands, N.C. WILKINS, CARMEL D. Princeton, N.C. WOODARD, SAN DRA Princeton, N.C. ZURKA. GREGOR Broomall, Pa. YG. lff' E , .1 - ,az 1 any , I, WIGGS, JENNY Fremont, N.C. WHITE, C. ANNETTE Cove City, N.C. WILLIAMS, PATRlClA K. Newton Grove, N.C. Freshmen Bill Farmer, Linda Godwin, Lynn Odom, and Linda Lindholm decorale the Christmas tree in the Henderson Academic Building. 139145 ,H 5 ll' 'll' 'ill ,'!',' min, if l't'll Jll!'t'l lllll llllllllllll.llllll HIGHLIGHTS As weeks passed, the students discovered many con- structive and enjoyable activities which were iust as im- portant in building character and confidence as their books were in the promotion of learning. Orientation, Religious Emphasis Week, and the occupation of the new buildings were all special highlights of the year. Participation was no problem. Everyone promoted each event with the en- thusiasm ot a proud student body. Their school was grow- ing, their horizons, broadening, and their futures, promis- ing. 'F' l ' 3 'LN' . 4 ,. .. x., Q.. ,pa .-'O ' .z u ' . P Q r -L 1 Q ..,. 'x ,Q , IWW' -'J S M! 4-wa. Q' . ,g-,N .- A.. , 5, fxf ,L-. H ' .ww , -v . X,., h.nx '. ,- .,v-gu'1f-- . -N., 'L , u , .-.- I, x fn W. x 'xi' '3 4 'W 53. Wk-3 sl., 354 if rimgi! N - 'js .NE It WWW' 1 if it it x . t ' AA' ' T If .- .l i ta 5 , - i ,Je 5 Students diligently labor on the English placement tests so they may be propeily placed in their English IOOR or lOl sections. -'Y 34 . Xf- ., . mi ifzl ly ka i i ' 5' , , sg.. Patricia Muth gives Martin Noble his room assignment in East Hall as Janet Rose, Rachel Seaman, J. F. Peacock, and Lester Cruse watch the proceedings. Orientation Provides Monday, September 27, l965, marked the ar- rival of approximately 300 new faces to the Mount Olive College campus. On this fall day, the eager freshmen received their room assign- ments, unpacked their clothes, and began their roles as students of the college. After being introduced to the campus, a night assembly took place in order for the students to meet the new administrative and faculty mem- bers. A reception followed. Tuesday brought to the freshmen a complete day of testing. They received placement tests in mathematics, modern language, business, and Eng- lish. The highlight was to see whether everyone passed the physical fitness test. This second day ended with a free movie for everyone at the local theater. S 1- ' T X X -wr Mr. Smith and Mrs. Boyette, both business teachers, relate instructions to typing students which are taking speed tests. I '1 the Awareness, the Information, and the Activity . . . to-eil 3, Tom Thigpen allows two of his friends, Ronnie Jarman and Billy Miller, to utilize his back as a temporary writing surface. Each student had to com- plete these forms for his physical fitness test. , s.- '-' On Thursday, September 30, the students were entertained by the Tridente singers from Goldsboro. Members of the trio included Bo Davis, Bill Wyatt, and Pat Nascerino. I 1 f. J V -v Spgczf-ff, fi.: -,M Dwight Sutton and Allen Morris observe Wayne Malone's attempts to pass his physical fitness test. If a student fails these tests, he must take a course in body conditioning. ,fr -i ' 'Afff l" " 'Ti 'E-V 1 . .sc ,gave ., , , I I EIP' . I ltr ' "ml L ki ----.QQ bong...-h -:ut V.. - -. Ar aim: '-fllikzfif Lf'?""' ii J, i - V nv -V -lrgllty ffl :ia-5": f-Q, -.A fl Lg ff? ' of-1-:iii-i' 't 'a -- H ' I iw-ant r, 1 ei: sk 2- uf. r tA"'l P -W i 't' -nfl. K-51 L, , V N. . ,. V A, , Y , X N-e-s 4 .niy -'- '44 s . t- - - 7552? "'-- , .g 1. V . . r M 'P' vgjav ' , , ' -. -.:,, 'f-.,, tl, '. 3 f A 4 - 1 ,.-N3 , -., -1. 4 ' 1 1 ' -'.'-run .' P' "' fp-f A 'Va' ' 1-1, - s eeffsfgs ,-4 fs iq, -axes- I ' J' vga, T- 'I' .4 -we MQ .th iff: i., ,5 1 ,4-lf .' .uf w ' .wx Eight o'clock on Thursday morning of Orientation Week found more than a hundred students waiting to be registered. Tim Daniels completes the necessary forms before entering the check- out line to receive the dean's approval and to pay his fees. . . . Which Makes the New Student Welcomed. Lib Francis seeks the permission of Miss Rose Lindsay, director of the College Cho- rus, to enroll in this particular extra curricular activity and class. Mount Olive College offers all of the basic liberal arts courses which are needed to transfer to any four year school in the state. u N . AM? I ri ,ipl fn 3 f lf The third day of orientation saw the sophomores returning to the campus. Meetings were held on this day to acquaint both the men and women with the rules which they must obey while at the college. In addition, each student met with his advisor to plan his schedule of courses for the first semester. On Thursday, all students flocked to Henderson Building to take their places in the never ending registration line. By twelve o'clock noon, this task neared completion. Friday and SaturdayAOctober l and 2-constituted the first full days of classes. The students had now taken their respective places in the life of Mount Olive College. The busy, but enioyable, week ended with a reception at Dr. Raper's house on Friday night and with the convocation exercises on Sunday after- noon. Dr. James Batten of the Department of Educa- tion at East Carolina College was the featured speaker. - .TM Mrs. Burkette Raper pours punch for Barbara Dutton, Ruth Webster, reception which followed the convocation exercises. Dr. Burkette Raper, President of the college, introduces Miss Gale Jones to Dr. James Batten, the convocation keynoter. ll Lwr -f , . l 'Eilfl' Student Government President Lynn Odom greets Dianne Brown, one of the new freshmen, at the President's Reception which occurred on October l. ii .I ' 45 .ts 5 0 e , 3- l F' and Walter Ives at the Linda Lindholm and Mr. Michael Pelt, the speaker for the week, engage in a pointed discussion on the life of a devoted Christian. ,sr X W, ll :li fe, yimsf lridividuals responsible for this week consist of the members of the Religious Life Committeeg fseatedl Mr. Charles Sapp, Miss Hilda Owens, Kstandingl Miss Rose Lindsay, Mr. Michael Pelt, the guest minister, and Mr. Austin Carter, Mr. Pelt closes his notes after lecturing to one of the religion classes. Students View Films During Religious Emphasis Week. Fall Religious Emphasis Week services were held on Monday through Wednesday, Novema ber 22 to 2-fi. During this three day period, Mr. Michael Pelt, a former dean and religion professor at Mount Olive College, revisited the campus to lead the events. Classes were excused for one hour each day to attend his lectures. This minister also led various student discussions and lectured to some of the re- ligion classes. In addition to these lectures, a film depict- ing the life of the leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, was shown. Divid- ed into three one-hour sessions, this film stimulated the students' interest in their ovvn beliefs, faiths, and creeds. 1 1z Egg, Mr. Charles Sapp, Director of Religious Activities, Mr. W. H. Franklin, Mayor, the -Reverend Walter Reynolds, delegate from the Free Will Baptist State Con- vention, the Reverend F. B. Cherry, guest speaker, and Dr. Burkette Raper, College President, compose the dignitaries present for the Founders' Day program. College Observes Its Fourteenth Anniversary. On Thursday, December 9, 1965, Mount Olive College acknowledged the presence of this educational institution for a period of fourteen years. The service, which took place at the First Baptist Church in Mount Olive, brought an overflowing crowd of students, alumni, and friends back to the campus. Dr. Burkette Raper presided at the observance and gave a report on the progress of the college. Anniversary greet- tings were proclaimed by Mr. W. H. Franklin, Mayor of Mount Olive, and the Reverend Walter Reynolds, rep- resentative from the Free Will Baptist State Convention. The Reverend F. B. Cherry of the Black Jack Free Will Baptist Church in Greenville, N. C., gave the address. The Mount Olive College Chorus provided the inspirational music for this celebration. Lorena Moseley, chief marshal, Chris Grady, and Susie Francis lead the academic processional from the auditorium of the First Baptist Church in Mount Olive. --ef--.Q Members of the staff and faculty proceed to enter the sanctuary for the Founders' Day exercises. 1 .Q I 5 ll 'ri Lou Vickers performs a baton twirling act as her Carolyn Herring gives a modern day interpretation talent portion of the Campus Queen Contest. of 6 Cat dame. Marcia Edmundson undertakes to answer her serious question during the pageant proceedings. Christmas Party Brings Parade of Talent. Nine young ladies vied for the Campus Queen title on Tuesday, December 21, i965. A panel ot iudges consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Ray McDonald and Dr. and Mrs. M. M. Lownes chose Miss Marcia Edmundson as the reign- ing beauty. Beauty, poise, and talent constituted the criteria on which the coeds were iudged. ln addition, each girl answered a humorous and a serious question so the iudges could de- termine her speaking ability and her quick- ness of "on-the-spot" decisions. Miss Sandra Puckett was selected as the first runner-up, and Miss Carol Murphy became the second run' nersup. Danny Coates, master ot ceremonies, an- nounced that the girls themselves had voted Miss Gerri Hines as Miss Congeniality. These Christmas festivities ended with refreshments for the entire student body. i Y: , ' f Y 1 i T - l i . ,. we .4 1 . , liitiiii i 3 u Q f ii :. 7'AgEi5fg':1i, 1, . K 1 Q : 4 1 ml' f. , i. i I 1 Her heated debates among the judges, Miss Patricia Muth, the T965 Campus Queen, -.-.ins Miss Marcia Eclmundson, the newly selected recipient. ,-'2-'AE li -"",.'.3 -Lf" Congressman Henderson converses with Student Government President Lynn Odom about the crisis in Viet Nam. As each student leaves the assembly, Congressman Henderson thanks them for their attention and support of the war policy. ,Q-fi' 'l gg' fx- :"'.-: ...M , 7. i : w fi sf1"': ,li " i,, ii ,s..u"'. g : B...- 'l Rig.-M lll J -,,a. ..,.- , me-E -'I : - 1 1 F'1' -1 ':.: 1.1 .ll lll ..-"' . . -2 -- V - .il- l .-.1 llir Lf -mullet Administrative officials, faculty members, and prominent community citizens attend banquet held for Congressman Henderson immediately after his speech. A WTVD reporter from Durham approaches Congressman Hen- derson about the redistricting plan of the North Carolina legis- lature. Congressman Henderson Visits the Campus. On January 5 and 6, the students became aware of the situation which confronted the American government regarding the policy of this country in Viet Nam, Four marines from Camp Leieune arrived on campus January 5 to show two films on Viet Nam. They empha- sized that America was endeavoring to bring about social, as well as political changes, in this Southeast Asian country. Two of the men, who had iust returned home from the war-torn area, related their experiences. The highlight of the Viet Nam discussions came on January 6. Wayne County Congress- man David Henderson spoke to the student assembly on the attitudes of the government toward Communism and the reasons the Unit- ed States fighting forces were in Viet Nam. He endorsed the war policy of President Lyn- don B. Johnson and asked that all Americans stand firmly behind their country. Cuthman flarry Mathest informs his neighbors of his goal-to build a church in the countryside of England. The townspeople endeavor to persuade Cuthman not to carry his aged mother on his quest to build the church. Cultural Events, Last spring, Miss Carol Murphy and Miss Sarah Rose initiated a part ot the culture se- ries. Their ioint piano recital brought music lovers to hear their renditions. A reception followed this cultural event. Beginning the 1965-66 culture series was a play performed by The Highland Players ot Saint Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, North Carolina. Christopher Fry's drama, The Boy with a Cart, took place in South England during the Middle Ages. These actors presented the drama on December 14. On January 20, T966, Janice Janiec and Henry Janiec gave a concert to the student body in the Mount Olive Elementary School Auditorium. Songs from Mozart, Strauss, Rodg- ers, and Loewe constituted the program of these musicians from Converse College in Spar- tanburg, South Carolina. The third major cultural event on the cam- pus brought Dr. J. B. Rhine, an expert on extrasensory perception from Duke University. Prior to his lecture, Dr. Rhine was the guest at a dinner with the faculty and administrative officials. A reception at Dr. Burkette Raper's home followed this event which occurred on February 22. Compiled under the direction of Miss Rose Lindsay, this series reached the students, alum- ni, and interested friends of the college. The students themselves also composed part ot the cultural aspect of the campus. Two concerts by the Mount Olive College Chorus were given -one at Christmas and one in the spring. After enduring hardships, the final scene in The Boy with a Cart, finds Cuthman realizing his goal has been accomplished. i tl Stimulate Students' Interests. i I ' .f Miss Judy Foreman, piano teacher, compliments her two pupils-Miss Carol Murphy and Miss Sarah Rose-on their performances. 1 , 1 t The two piano spring recital, Dr, J. B. Rhine fcenterl converses with Mount Olive College students- Rachel Beaman-about his findings and concepts involving e-fm n r Jo Skinner, Deamous Lewis, Lima Hedge-peth, Johnny Crawford, and perception. Tux pupils were also feted at a reception following their i i 1 Area Foundation Sponsors Fashion Show for Established on June 6, l963, the Mount Olive College Area Foundation contacts private sources for financial support of the educational program at the college. This foundation solicits, accepts, and administers gifts and pledges for the building program. A non-profit corporation, this group holds an annual meeting in the fall to elect officers and plan the program for the year. Mr. George Kornegay serves as the president for the 1965-66 year. Under the direction of Mr. Albin Pikutis, the Area Foundation sponsored a memorial dinner for Dr. C. C. Henderson last spring on May ll. More than 600 persons crowded into the National Guard Armory for the event. As a result of this occasion, thirteen thousand dollars was obtained to be used Several hundred residents view the interior of the new dormitory complex after the Christmas concert on December 20. The Area Foundation aids in financing the construction of these buildings. ,.-""d77 :f1 l l inn' 9-'R iv Axes Despite inclement weather, the people from the Mount Olive area flock to the armory to pay Dr, Edward R, Annig delivers the maior address at homage to the late Dr. C. C. Henderson. the Henderson Memorial dinner, I' Benefit of the College. for science equipment in the Henderson Building. Dr. Edward R. Annis, a former president of the American Medical Association, was the principal speaker. In the fall of i965, this organization planned a combination bridge party and fashion show. Leder Brothers provided the clothes for the event, and other prizes were furnished by the local mer- chants, Special guests included Mrs. Peggy Mann, mistress of ceremonies from WTVD in Durham, and Miss Penny Clark, Miss North Carolina 1966. Through united efforts such as these, the Mount Olive College Area Foundation endeavors to great- ly aid the program of expansion on the newly developed ninety-two acre campus. Miss Susie Francis, a student at the college, models a back-to-school outfit at the fashion show. Mrs. Peggy Mann describes the ensemble. 1.1 Local residents enioy battling their bridge knowledge at the college benefit program. Mr. Albin Pikutis, Director of the Area Foundation, and Mr. Austin Carter, Public Relations Director, review plans to Contact private corporations for financial aid to the college. 'K Judy Barwick partakes of the refreshments at the dornfitc o house. Snow of Winter Activity. Climaxes Frenzy When the college campus was blanketed with a gleaming cover of snovv. Despite poor attendance, classes continued to be held for the resident students. Sleet also fell, and before long, the entire area became a winter wonderland. Vehicles clogged the roads, traffic virtually stopped, and a heat failure added to the mi students awoke on Wednesday, January 26, the sery. The Worst storm in this area for the past thirty years, this avalanche of snow remained to confront the students for five days. g if g g if it ix-,. 554554 ' ns -sf.. fi, 5. 'Q-I 4 - uf 'wp N ' ' -, -.. ii P 'L '-dupic'-'XE x N " sl. I - ' RF " Jan et Rose and lrrcncls Qnloy plundering in the ice and snow. Tv 's .gash tx s K H Linda Lindholrn and Sally Stewart engage in a heated snow battle during the winter storm. l i qi l' Wffi Wx l it ,, if 4 if-' .v,s -,,l,.fr. t tg,-lg, , frltxftvy Xj liy, t ,J L, X ,x 'I xflyfrfxe-, 1--' 1.--2, 1 It Ax, y,M,ti,Y J 'lm D J - , 'M' 1 - . t i f If lr' ill-gs! 'l lifebl- l cttw W tl ' . . X - - - ' L. .. 1 1 ,.,, sg. jf,tr:" - Q r .4 -Q, - L fl ell' - wtf- . ' A Q ' :F N-' - -- The only way that traffic could be unsnarled was through the use of a tractor. 1 I Z' XJ Lorena Moseley, a Banquet which was ,lk , , l college coed, pours tea at the Distinguished Service Award helcl at Southern Wayne High School. Mr. Charles Harrell Wins Community Honor. At the tenth annual Distinguished Service Award Banquet on February l7, l9o6, the Business Man- ager of Mount Olive College received the award as the outstanding young man of the year in this area. Nominated for the honor by Dr, Burkette Raper, Mr. Harrell was reared in the Free Will Baptist Children's Home in Middlesex. Upon completing his education at East Carolina College, Mr. Harrell joined the Mount Olive Col- lege staff after working with the state. This young man is a member of both civic and professional or- ganizations. The campus greeted the honoree with signs of "Congratulations Mr. Harrell!" and with streamers of blue crepe paper. Mr. James Jones, past president of the Jayceesg Mrs. Charles Harrellg College, admire the plaque presented to Mr, Harrell rcenterl b, Mr and Dr. Leo Jenkins, guest speaker who is president of East Carolina B, E. Bryan, county commissioner Various Events Show Other Phases of the Life ot Mount Olive College. LJIX ., Mr. Donald Becker Icenterl previews the subiects which will be discussed at the China Conference sponsored by the Collegiate Council of the United Nations. Lorena Moseley, Bill Wyatt, Susie Francis and Lynn Odom attended the conference which was held at Harvard University. ,L .. ev' En " At Christmas, the Mount Olive College Chorus performed its annual Christmas concert at the First Baptist Church. Maintenance workers paint the car divider marks in the parking lot Linda Godwin greets Ruthie Webster at the President's Reception for new 'll HGV1ClCfS011 9UilClif1g- students which occurred at the beginning of the second semester. - 1F AQXQW "jim r f Having eaten the delicious food, the students eagerly await the events of the evening Freshman-Sophomore Banquet Provides Oriental Atmosphere at This Festivity. A group of folk singers from Chapel Hill, the Migrants, entertain the students and their guests at the Freshrnan'Sopl1omore Banquet. I YJ. QL w,x ,, ,-. in A ,,,. .Af . c--'-gi VJ VL The head table at the Freshman-Sophomore Banquet, which took place and Mrs. Larry Nance, Miss Faye Foreman, Mr, Charles onvs, Miss at the Hotel Goldsboro, included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Councill, Mr. Lorena Moseley, Dean Daniel Pegg, and Dr and Mrs Bctriwzrv me' Q The Reverend Richard Ottaway lead the Religious Emphasis Week services at the college last spring. i Chaplain at Wake Forest Speaks at College. On April l2 through lri, 1965, the college held its annual spring Religious Emphasis Week services. The Reverend Richard Ottaway, Episcopal chaplain at Wake Forest College, was the principal speaker. Discussions were held on "Christians and the Negro Revolution" and "The Lite of a Student." Classes were dismissed for a one hour period each day to hear the lectures and discussions. Music for the week was presented by Miss Bonnie Coates, Mr. Jerry English and the Mount Olive College Chorus. Mr. Charles Sapp, Director of Religious Activities, Mr. Daniel Fagg, Dean, the Reverend Christian White, minister at the First Methodist Church, and the Revl erend Richard Ottaway discuss their per- sonal religious concepts during the three . ,f'N- fy . , C day meeting. fl-Q 1 ,V fszxxwgdif Q ,rg-A 1 N -is l . Vranl- Israel lsccond from riglitl asks the Reverend Richard Otta- a question on the Trinity while Lima Hedgepeth, Lorena " an-ii J F Pc-aiocl await his answer. I X I oi -Arfw'-rs:-. -xml' 'T I ..- L ,Z .- .' , 4 um. A- if, -Hi. Twins, Glinda and Linda Strickland, herald the arrival of the Queen and her court. May Day Exercises Depict Glamour, Pageantry, 1 3 pw-' ' t 1 iii VI ltltiltrl Mrs. J. W. Rose of Pikeville provides a portion of the entertainment by playing tunes on her Swiss bells, ,vii-1 . l -.g 1 5 Y , ' L V Ydllill , V - --fr ' 7 5 - .T lg, ,, v , .W l ' L ygia l 5 , 5- lf" I!! l . V e 5 Q . L. 3 ' 1 - .3 - E Q' ' LA l s jg fb 1 l , ' 4.1. .i lak. lg: Al , .nfl A L I' ' Fr V V A Ai 1 I R1 X o f s ' li - Y ... . .' 1 v,i:,. Eg' r- 1 . In ri I kk X. K N- . L14 Y , , . .. ,. ,-. i., .'.,','.'.,Fg4-4fv,.r., ' " ' .Wi M .11 - ,,x.,.f . I. ,, 1- , - A M, l!'.?!l... Mm ,f if ' - X. , M ls!! lllll fllllli lllll rllm i I: .,-,-.rf A I H91 r .sr i F.-H-.-. ,KY s NXYN . H ...ei F g gn - i-nm - -ng! - Vi 1 21-A' ' 1 f .4 - t w .... , .3 - ggggs -, 'easel g- gee. -t l!!!!l Li -5'?4ff"',jf? l s lsr , . I e 4 - . X s tfiei -.. aiiii -EEE 4, .aasai L: Egg F, , .Ez .1-P+ W-HH yt - ,. g '-1' A.. - tazzat 4 - mm.- -Q7 f E . Q - E??2':h- eef-- - regret L. flilffl' 55253 " T- :H 1 - t- ' , -. - iiiia - "'-' L ....-- it -- al l' . ,f f . . R JN -M X Q ezz. l . . . -'re il - X . . A -. V x , . X M - .. . . . 1. .......i..., - N vb . X -- V ' N .J NX 'zqxfjzg--E 'E 1 ' x . ' V " ' . ' xv ' 1 ' 1 A WK QXQX - Q . , . , LFSAZQ-735' s 4K , ,X I fl- i X ,A t i Q A 1 , s ,. L4-gtk-f-r I 7 V- ' ' ' tif - ,J . . .. i 'age if-A Qx .X as-f,.: - -I . s- A d: ' A , .1 V M 3 .- N , :: J L yu- .xxx 5 X .4 ', - 3 , 5' X ' -:-- . .1- nl X' 1 X .1 -', .-A, ,- s , ,eu -fees, X . A H W , i f ,V -- --- - V 4-inxznxe-X ! -. AA 'N ,-, X ,, - I 11 . ,, K' ' ,. , J pf f A fi if T ' X, L , 'r X Q , X ' s vbv, . ' ' R ' '- ,t . 1 ," , . a - s, .J Q' -K - '.' ' il hx -- -. Sf-5 i'5zv'f X fg ff 37" N -., 'f' is -. - 'fl' A' A -. n. V Jw ,- fl. I. 2 Ca X vvly sX 1 I I . h Y 1 X ' . ' X fa .v f i f ' .ff f A my-r X. X to . ' -ef 'Cf' , 'f " ' fr ' As . A l it . 5 s A Fx" ' 5, if Milf Hi: V L 14 5 -- . l ' 44 X 44.2, in 4' - V' P' - -n. 9 ,-C.Vfl'la.Q' ,, ,-,. ,,x K v - ' Nm , rm ,..,.. , K, . - fir- t V4 ' n I N 'I ,,Hr J ' .. ' ' . . 1 . 2 ' . ..,, , . T1-fi, 1 ' -,. -- -V " Q -i -T ' sir, 1 ' . lll T 5 'nv -mi'-'l, .lil-aQ t' I 5 :ef -535'-5 2' 6 .-if-7?5K5,,'-Q ' - ' 4 .. A w a ' .' its Q,-.Mrs 1.1 '-H-wffsfifr'.f1.wft.f- s ei-.: A A- ,. 1' '-.lffft '- JC" - ".'-- . ri-ffl. I 1-"li-E.e.'I.L5f"4 - -:P l '-3' fglel' -3 . f:-15", flifill'-fftlcgilsallsfiiill-l "...,4 . ln order to have an elaborate May Day exercise, the members of the decorate the front of the Main Building. The work was super: :cd lg, student body of Mount Olive College had to labor industriously to faculty and administrative officials. .2 And the Height of Under the direction of Mrs. Kathleen Warren, the Mount Olive Col' lege Chorus renders special music for the occasion. veg Maid of Honor Lynn Odom and her escort, Chip Boykin, enter the court to begin the May Day program. lIll"l I QQLNZ1' g Jimmy Wooten sings "A Merry Heart" to the Queen, Miss Sarah Pose, and her royal court. 34, :- The court and their escorts wind the May Pole. This event became the highlight of this sunny May Day program. la -1 H 1 N Royalty to Queen Sarah Rose and Her Court Merry-go-rounds of childhood could not compare in laughter and ioy to Mount Olive College's "Carousel" on May 1, 1965. Amidst the multi-colored ribbons and flow- ers, Charles Lancaster, President of the Student Govern- ment Association, crowned the 1965 May Queen, Miss Sarah Rose, who reigned over the seventh annual program. The proceedings began at 3:30 p.m. on the front lawn of the Main Building. Entertainment for the occasion consisted of a duet, "My Love is Sweet on Sunday," by Lorena Moseley and Billie Griffin and a solo, "A Merry Heart" by Jimmy Woot- 1:-f-'f5!Ef ', en. Two expert baton twirlers, Miss Mary Dannehl and Miss Debbie Darden of Goldsboro, showed their talents. In addition, Mrs. J. W. Rose chimed her Swiss bells, and the Mount Olive College Chorus completed the festivities with "A Real Nice Clambakeu and "lf I Loved You." To welcome spring, the Queen and her court braided the May Pole with pastel streamers. Following the re- cessional, a reception took place among the pines of the North campus for guests, alumni, and friends of the col- lege who were present. 'X'-if 'V -J - X 4 . 1' :ls 5 1. 51- . Q 6 U .wr- i "-' 7 'ls 'a 7 , nr ' 'TAKS '41, L' I uw y 1 " , -' ' , ll. lfx y g 5 1 ..,.i.:-,. i . w..,,s ' 'F' 4' ,Q , .-LIL, .V ...f as as 1 WT- - xv . 5, A-...ff -11" 'S Q. A -5, , -of 'pi , ' f "Cz" if 'F' Ka . , , , :f l 3 i i. 'i 4 by It W X ,lv i X Qh V A M i . ly 1 'i i ,L i it X I i., -B 'JZ iz. u :X--si-it,.I,f i A L ' 4, I .1 ' ' i i7 ll .1 The May Court for 1965 consists of fsestedl Miss Harriet Ramsey, Miss Sarah Rose, May Queen, Miss Lynn Odom, Maid of Honor, Miss Emma Jane Smith: fstandingl Miss Susie Francisp Glinda and Linda Striclfland pagesg and Miss Eleanor Speight. Faith Barber interviews Chip Boykin during her campaign skit for Business Manager of the Olive Leaves. Student Government Elections and the Arrival of the l965 Yearbook Renew Student Participation in the Affairs of the College. 'Nu xx 'ii Eleanor Speight, Sharon Hooper, Sybil Goodwin, Beverly Pittard, and Sherri Proctor enter tain the student body in an attempt to persuade the people to vote for Barbara Langston a member of the yearbook staff. Once again crowded halls are the scene as the students con verge to obtain their copy of the yearbook. Last spring, the student body awaited the two primary events which occur on the campus each year-the elections and the delivery of the yearbooks. With renewed vigor, the campaign began for the Student Government Presi- dent, the yearbook officials, and the newspaper leaders. After a series of speeches, skits, and numerous posters, the victors emerged. Lynn Odom became the leader of the Student Government Association, Lorena Moseley, Judy Barwick, Faith Barber, and Susie Francis won the coveted yearbook positions, and Beverly Pittard and Angie Sutton claimed the newspaper honors. Then the yearbooks came. A special assembly program announced the 1965 Queen of the Olive Leaves and the person to whom the book was dedicated. An explanation of the theme was given, and a mad rush for a copy of the treasured memories ot Mount Olive College climaxed the day. Students flip through the pages, admire their portraits, and then pass the edition to their neighbor for autograph purposes. The arrival of the yearbook is an inter- esting day in the academic year of the college. Judy Peters, Queen of the Olive Leaves, receives the second copy of the yearbook from Gilbert Beety and Steve Worthington, co-literary ed- itors. l .- 'If-'T " M"'f' 'Q . J' f N s- 2 : " ev n It .1 Q, E1-:' X allxxxu . , .rr , ' x"' "', .. 1- L is Y r---r. ., K --3-.5-...U i 1. -N ...F- '--.-, 'flag . j - an-. v-L un., , i Q. - + - S i li f I I N Dennis Lamm and Elizabeth Berwick, co-editors of the Olive Leaves, present the first copy to Mrs. Mildred Councill, the individual to whom the book was dedicated. Officers for the Mount Olive College Alumni Association include outgoing president, Gary Barefoot, Stanley Harrell, vice-president, Phyllis Wooten, recording secretary, Mary Dudley, corresponding secretary, and Hugh Barnette, treasurer. Mrs. Ruby Blackmore, new president, was not present when the photograph was made. Ge l l 9' i 5 - .ir 'kvxl X Recipients of student awards at the close ot the T964-65 academic year were Kseatedj Carol Murphy, Spivey Music Medal, Brenda Taylor, Johnson Business Medal, Kstandingl Stewart Humphrey, Ladies Auxiliary Ministerial Scholarship, Sarah Rose, Who's Who in American Junior Collegesg Dana Wooten, Jordan Medal, and Bonnie Coates, Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. Thirty Sophomores Receive Diplomas. The largest graduation class in the his- tory of Mount Olive College exited from these portals in May, l965. Thirty stu- dents received their degrees or business certificates. Speakers present for the climax to the academic years were Dr. Roy O'Donnell, who delivered the commencement ser- mon, and Dr. .Jesse Frank Casey, who gave the graduation address. yi ,.,-- Mrs. Josephine Ricks, registrar, admires the silver tray she re- ceived upon giving notitication of her resignation. Mrs. Mildred Councill accepts an engraved silver tray from the alumni association for her contributions to Mount Olive College. Present for the ceremony were George Stephenson, Gary Barefoot, Daniel Fagg, and Mr. Charles Councill, her husband. 'V - ,il lx x....,i-tcm! i':3,55.5- p, xx. Dr. Burkette Raper confers with Dr. Jesse Frank Casey, who delivered the principal graduation address. The graduates of 1965 are Ifirst row! Elizabeth Barwick, Winifred Whit- man, Judy Peters, Brenda Taylor, Glinda Strickland, Linda Strickland, Ruth Joyner, and Sarah Rose, fsecond IOWJ Faye Foreman, Annette Stanley, Beverly Pittard, Patricia Bissette, Sybil Goodwin, Harriet Ram- L7 Mr and Mrs. T, H, Branch begin the receiving line at the reception fol- lowing the commencement exercises. Dr. Raper and Dr, Roy O'DonneII greet them, sey, Juanita Jackson, and Olivia Fulghumg fthird fowl Bonnie Coates, Jerry Smith, Dana Wooten, Connie Pittman, Charles Lancaster, Jimmy Kennedy, and Edward Miles, ffourth row! Jan Dail Susan Beaman, Randolph King, Douglas Cox, James Aman, and Gilbert Beety. ' l ,, ' F' i-f' ii Ati: ,J Q9 . vv an -.qf.ff-, 513 lvl it l l"'l Illll Illll lllll im: in llttlmtm ill l W llqq in ttiQ.ll ,il .... .,,. . SPOTLIGHT Special recognition was accorded to those individuals who possessed beauty, poise, personality, and talentsg to those persons who exhibited high academic standards, and to those students who showed superior leadership qualities. These people obtained for themselves a merited position with the administration, faculty, and students. Because of the endeavors and contributions of these human beings, Mount Olive College will continue to spread its influence statewide, These people were in the spotlight of the college, and to them, this section is dedicated. ,J T' ffl s +:.f.v? 1 gk... XA' . fx N x X 4 Y 'S N X l " :fx XX awh- . R F va . XX if .--Q qv' 'f , X -1.-v Y' , ,- i. 79 ef., 1.x .,f., f CAMPUS QUEEN Miss Marcia Edmundson Hailing from Pikeville, N. C,, Miss Marcia Ed- mundson reigns as Campus Queen for the 1965- 66 academic year. This lively miss participates in the College Chorus and serves as The chief cheer- leader. She plans to afiencl East Carolina College nexi' fall. CAMPUS QUEEN COURT FIRST RUNNER-UP Miss Sandra Puckett A vivacious young lady from Mount Airy, N. C., Miss Sandra Puckett exhibits her talents by sing- ing and dancing, Sandi, as she is called by her friends, holds the title of Miss Mount Airy, and on campus, she sings in the Mount Olive College Chorus. ,Q K- s .-15' ' . iff' f ' K "im -I-,-. f i .f 'fee' , If J 2.4 ,k 'i ' 4' ! f' ' WN . Y "L " jf' X X .- V ,r A .1 A! T: V ff , ,I , , i ,f .ff 3-V 415. fu 4..,un' l i MISS CONGENIALITY Miss Gerri Hines With a future career planned in business, Miss Gerri Hines endeavors to prepare herself for this field. A cheerleader, Gerf ri claims Kinston, N. C., as home, and she enioys water sports and horseback riding as hobbies. She is also a member of the social committee at the college. r,. CAMPUS QUEEN COURT SECOND RUNNER-UP Miss Carol Murphy Reading, painting, and knitting occupy the spare time of Miss Carol Murphy, a native of La Grange, N. C. On campus, Carol excels in music and received the Spivey Music Medal in l965. She plans to fur- ther her education at East Carolina Col- lege. xJ G 0 v 1 gr 1 , X , of qi 34.3, COLLEGE Miss Lorena Moseley, Chief MARS'-'ALS Mr. Jimmy Wooten Mr. Chris Grady Miss Susie Francis Miss Faith Barber Q A T 'W - -fi I 1 n IJ 4 ' v ' x if ' J ,IM 463 igzf f? fi? 'l f " is . X' Q 4 "ff: . 1. ,,5.,,f:,q, be nm, ' .n " 'n 1 nl' QUEEN OF THE OLIVE LEAVES Miss Angie Sutton Chosen by the executive committee of the Olive Leaves, Miss Angie Sutton serves as the 1966 yearbook queen. A native of Grifton, N. C., this brown-eyed lass en- ioys participating in campus activities. She holds membership in Phi Theta Kappa and serves the French Club as secretary. E FAITH LEIGH BARBER exhibits her active interest in the college by serving as a marshal, a cheerleader, and business manager of the Olive Leaves. This coed plans a future career in the field of social studies. 4 I -me I i QQ L I I I I I I I I I I 1 A Mount Olive native, SUSIE FRANCIS has become active in many phases of campus activity. She works on the yearbook and newspaper staffs, is a Bryan scholar and a marshal, and holds membership in the College Chorus, Phi Theta Kappa, and the French Club. OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES ws if A Bryan scholar, CHRIS GRADY is active in Phi Theta Kappa, in the Science Club, and as a marshal. Chris plans to attend Atlantic Christian College and then obtain a law degree from the University of North Carolina. 'FS' ffm- '-'-L ,V . Included in the realm of activities for BEVERLY PITTARD are Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Beta Lambda, and The Twig, This young lady plans to maior in English at East Carolina College. 'k ,K e-L I fn LORENA MOSELEY, a Bryan scholar from Winterville, N, C., enioys participating on the Religious Life Committee and serving as the religious editor of The Twig. Editor of the yearbook, she also holds the positions of Chairman ot the Woman's Judiciary and Chief Marshal. v 6.5 fir y x5 Hailing from North East, Pa., JANET ROSE has merited her position as an Outstanding Sophomore, She is active in the Science Club, College Chorus, and cheerleading team. With future plans of attending Wesleyan College, SUSAN IVEY anticipates a career in psychology At Mount Olive College, she exhibits her qualities in Phi Theta Kappa, the French Club, and the Science Club A career in social studies awaits LYNN ODOM upon her graduation from Mount Olive and the University of North Carolina. Lynn is present- ly president of the S.G.A. and a member of the cheerleading squad. "'t?v5l-.:g 51 ff' hz The Honor Council and the Twig are among the areas of campus interest for ANGIE SUTTON. Upon graduation, she plans to attend East Carolina College and rnaior in nursing. Cp? MAY QUEEN Miss Faith Leigh Barber Reading, water skiing, and playing bridge consti- tute the hobbies of the 1966 May Queen. Miss Faith Leigh Barber, a Bryan scholar, comes from Mount Olive. On campus, she holds membership in Phi Theta Kappa and the French Club. L. .6 1 - ft J UP? A "K, ' A' 1 MAID OF HONOR Miss Wilma Futrell Miss Wilma Fulrell from Pikeville, N. C., was chosen by the slude-n1 body as Maid of Honoi' in The May Court. Al The college, this greeneeyed coed parlicipales in Youth Fellowship, the Spanish Club, and the College Chorus. ln addition, she is assistant editor of the yearbook. Wilma plans a teaching career. A-4 XM' Miss Patricia Muth From Morehead City, N. C., Miss Patricia Muth enjoys attending the movies and reading. Pat was the i965 Campus Queen and presently is a member of the College Chorus and the Spanish Club. Pat intends to be a stewardess with United Airlines. 4'!?"""""" 1 . 'lil i 2 - .,t. ,V .tm , - 2, if Sophomore Attendants Miss Lynn Odom A green-eyed, brown-haired lass, Miss Lynn Odom is a resident of this college town. Her hobbies include horseback rid- ing, reading and swimming. Lynn has been selected as an Outstanding Sopho- more and serves as secretary to the French Club and news editor of The Twig. JA ingy Freshman Attendants Miss Janie Beaman Miss Janie Beaman from Snow Hill, N. C., likes to paint, dravv, and read. A brown- haired young lady, she plans to attend Mount Olive College next year and major in business. In addition, she is a member of Phi Beta Lambda and the Honor Coun- cil. C Miss Donna Harper Originating from Kinstcn, N. C, Miss Don- na Harper enioys baton tvyirling, swim- ming, and horseback riding, A member ot Phi Beta Lambda, this blue-eyerl ini-ss plans to attend Atlantic Christian College and inaior in business aclministration 5 :Wil I"'l IIII Ilillllilliimmfiii ' iff'-,Q DRGANIZATICNS When social and academic energy runs high, quality outlets are essential. Mount Olive College offered many such outlets during the year through the various clubs and organizations on campus. The Student Government Association did its usual excellent iob of promoting student affairs, and the other aspects of the college had a cor- responding organization. There was a niche for everyone to find, to express, and to build on his individual goals and interests. Ag!-is 1 I V!-. FP 1, Rav I B"T' f 'JWA ,i ,I On campus, the chief organization, the l Student Government Association, strives to serve as the voice of the student body. It discharges a variety of disciplinary and administrative functions through yearly elected or appointed committees. This body also assumes the responsibility for the distribution of the student activity funds. This organization proves that de- mocracy is at vvork on the campus of Mount Olive College. LYNN ODOM President Student Government Association Continues . . . ELEANOR SPEIGHT and JUDY SELF L, Sophomore and Freshman Class Speakers Honor Council members include Marcia Edrnunclson, Jimmy Wooten, Bill Farmer, Janie Bea- man, Verne Davis, Angie Sutton, and Linda Godwin. Lynn Odom serves as chairman of this council . E -1:9 I 1 L , l 5 1 .. ijr 5, S 'C' I sv-1 The Men's Judiciary Coun- cil handles violations of men's social regulations, Members are Chairman Harry Grubbs, Mike With- ers, Cyrus Whaley, David Chadwick, and Gerald Waddell. Mr. Larry Nance is the advisor to this council. . . . Its Program of Planned Student Activities MR. LARRY NANCE Advisor to the Stu- dent Government As- sociation infractions of social regulations by female resident students are iudged by the Women's Judiciary Council: fsittingl Miss Hilda Owens, advisor, and Lorena Moseley, chairman, fstand- ingl Rachel Bearnan, secretary, Rue Ogburn, Mary Gould, and Linda Godwin, ' - iifi , H 1 v ,, , H , ora-5: . y , "hir-:.:E' m- -P Y ":"'7?'l':5e ,rss :Tiff-' + cfs xA ,Q I f--ew A v-H --jew-v-M -Q .-em A- - , - . .1 This year Mount Olive College is proud of the accomplishments made by the Stu- dent Government Association. Among these activities were helping a needy family by providing tor them a merrier Christmas and sending a CARE package to Viet Nam. For the student entertain- ment, the various committees sponsored a pep rally, planned the Christmas party and May Day festivities, and gave a wei- ner roast tor the entire student body at Camp Traillee. Through these activities, the students learned how to live, to Work, and to play together for the mutual bene- tit ot themselves and other human beings. The Executive Committee includes Lynn Odom, President, Jimmy Wooten, Vice-Presidentg Linda Godwin, Secretaryg and Bill Farmer, Treasurer. Student Committees Formulute Ideas -3 .Ink xv. S -S "'l Jimmy Wooten, Angie Sutton, Lorena Moseley, Susie Francis, Bill Farmer, Harry Grubbs, and Lynn Odomfas members of the Executive Councilehelp Mr, Nance plan Freshman Orientation during the month of August. fi President Lynn Odom reviews CARE information before presents ing the material to the Student Government Association for formal adoption as a proiect. 'L . T' -A V c xx I l W- ' L sip l l lilllslksq.. C - r - 34 , f. ,SQ-'Ji Z lgirxxx x' as . 'if '- -- 1'l llx ist ll l -y.YSPtNKa" rr ' 'Q NQPQXX l yy x ix Xx XX X til wg XXX ly r. xy' V-Ax Ywi me t-Fx ' l A rl, r HX ,K Q.. Xl.,l-Yxlttx b . L A ll l ' P ' ' X C QQ. it L 1 X if K, 1 JI , '- M J ' N 1 t X .X I it , L, AZ 1 ll L , . 'V' -' - ,fl l i i 2 C 1 'i' C: - - 5 .A lf' J Chris Grady, Susan lvey, Bernard Adkins, Stewart Humphrey, Lorena Moseley, veg r,,. - ' c' -" 1 -Qi and Lynn Odom-members of the Executive Council-discuss the social to'l-C' "f-fjf --life be held at Camp Traillee, Mrs, Josephine Ricks and Mr. Larry Nance supervise the decorating for the May Day festivities. for Christmas Party and Weiner Roast. ll is fi 4 if Terry Ramsey, Gerri Hines, Wilma Futrell, and Carolyn Herring listen as Chairman Danny Coates outlines plans for the Christmas party, Nick Settanni, Randall Mozingo, and Lib Francis watch as Marti McDaniel casts her ballot in the election for Student Government officers. 9 Q xi fi "5f"f?S!'f ,q.1,1. QM bw .V f. it V.-,1,, . 5.3, WM T i v ,V Win,-' .lf-ff . Nh . J . LORENA MOSELEY Editor-in-Chief ff H 0 or Q OLIVE LEAVES 1966 Yearbook Staff Twelfth Edition f Q X, N DERRELL HORNE Student Photographer and Sports Editor Q-ab .Q ,Ah 44655 5466 S - 'A 4 1,4 -6 'S '3 434i WIUNAA FUTRELL Assistant Editor ff 'D - SUSIE FRANCIS FAITH LEIGH BARBER Advertising Manager Business Manager Becomes Largest Yearbook Ever Published. Working with a record budget of approxi- mately seven thousand dollars, the 1966 Olive Leaves staff began its iob-that of striving to cover every phase of life at Mount Olive College in this, the twelfth edition of the Olive Leaves. With the completion of the founda- tion work laid the year before, the cardboard buildings, as seen in a replica of the campus, became a reality, yet, the development pro- gram was only in its first stages. Recognizing this factor, the staff decided to continue this forward advancement with the theme of "Building" Mount Olive College has begun to move forward-the Henderson Academic building and the new dormitory complex were the beginning. With this theme in mind we, the 1966 staff, endeavored to build an edition of Olive Leaves that would have excellent quality, as well as, sturdy walls made by blocks. These blocks were the stu- dents, the organizations, the activities, the sports, the advertisements, and the administra- tion. If . 'QL' .N '.1':X.,4 l .V i l A? ' ' ' .. w -4- mms., t.qQ.,, rg it 1 A g -. . .I , .....,,M A 'Z l' V- ' 'fu 1 v"JQV - -.-1 1: - ,Q , Q s xfl HC' -1' -. T . 'I Vw 'Liu' L-ij,,l' HTIYX A .35 dfnnf iijz- , ' if ' V :J g A V J f - 5 F I l LINDA LINDHOLM Literary Editor The opening days of October and the academic year brought the assembling of the first blocks for the T966 edition of the Olive Leaves. With the advertisements al- ready sold, the executive committee began to allocate pages, prepare rough layouts, and plan the copy blocks. Mr. Lee Blackwell, Taylor Publishing Company repre- sentative, and Mr. Zeno Spence, local commercial artist, ,iii aided us in designing our cover, end sheets, and maior . division pages. Now the basis of our yearbook was com- plete. December 25 was our first deadline, and the staff members eagerly completed the introduction section, the Q 'tv classes section, and the advertisement section. This ma- terial exited from the college campus on December 22, the same day we left to go home for the Christmas holidays, January brought additional hours of toil and labor. Feb- JUDY GARDNER ruary lO was our second deadline, The departments sec- Typist tion and the sports section left for Dallas, Texas on February 5. Semester break occurred and we returned with fresh, new ideas and renewed energy. March TO became the golden date on our calendar. As this day approached, V.-M: ., the spotlights section, the highlights section, and the or- "7""w::': ganizations section were in their last stages of develop- in .R ,,, ment. The final blocks were completed, and amidst sighs of relief and weariness, the yearbook was finally off to b 'L 'Q' ,- 5 press. 'l' .g,. ' l 'Ht lk' JANICE JENKINS Typist 1-5 Derrell Home checks a print for the yearbook in the darkroom at JUDY Kraft's Studio Typisf Yearbook Reaches Press on March 15. "fF"'-. Frances Kornegay asks a question as she and Sandra Freeman, members of the advertising committee, get a briefing on selling procedures from Susie Francis and Lorena Moseley. Lib Francis, Jean Batchelor, Connie Price, and Harry Grubbs also served on this committee. YF' Susie Francis approaches Mrs. Linda Vandiford at Witherington-Thompson's Insurance Agency about buying an advertisement in the 1966 Olive Leaves. E31 fif '17 , , Proofreading the copy and checking each page to make sure noth- ing has been overlooked, Miss Eleanor Poole completes the last section before the March 10 deadline. Linda Lindholm, Faith Leigh Barber, Lorena Moseley, Wilma Futrell, Derrell Horne, and Susie Frances discuss page allocations and select pictures for the twelfth edition of the Olive Leaves, lu Campus Newspaper Polls Students for With fresh ideas, a new staff began the second year of publication of The Twig. Under the supervision of the co-editors, Angie Sutton and Beverly Pittard, the staff of twenty-two worked hard to make first hand reports to the readers. Local merchants and the Student Gov- ernment Association aided in the financial support. Several items of general interest, including a crossword puzzle, were insti- tuted in each issue. Two members of the general staff, Richard Lawson and Robert Fink, interviewed members of the student body on the American policy in Viet Nam. The resulting article proved to be one of ' the most interesting reports of the year. .1 "wwf . ""'u., . ANGIE SUTTON Co-Editor Ji JOHNNIE ROSE WHITMAN Business Manager J 7 'J BEVERLY PITTARD Co-Editor Their Opinions. S -: , 4 iff li f Rachel Beaman proofreads an article as Terry Lyczkowski pre- pares to type the additional material. nur- S Mr. Bobby Frank relates important basketball statistics to David Chadwick, Sports Editor. J Beverly Pittard, Co-Editor: Sharon Hooper, Feature Editorg Verne Davis, lay-Out Managerg Angie' Sutton, Co-Editor, Lorena Moseley, Religion Editor, Mary Gould, Social Editor: and Johnnie Rose Whitman, Business Manager, make plans for the forthcoming edition of The Twig. , , ,jj W-qi , , LX- . Angie Sutton and Beverly Pittard, Co-Editors, confer with Mr Bill Harrison, advisor to The Twig. ft .1 5 4 . .rs 7' ,. 4 . F! sf KJ Mr, Barefoot presents Susie Francis with a check from the local Jaycees showing their appreciation for the chapter's help at the Distinguished Service Award Banquet. OFFICERS: Susan lvey, Vice-President, Faith Leigh Barber, Secretary, Chris Grady, Presidentg and Susie Frances, Treasurer Phi Theta Kappa Serves at Banquet. Achievement-a warm feeling of satisfaction-in scholarship, leadership, service, and character surrounds the honorary scholastic society at Mount Olive College. Phi Theta Kappa is a national junior college scholars ship fraternity founded in 1918 at Stephens College. There are over three hundred active chapters in the United States. Nu Kappa Chapter at Mount Olive was chartered in i964 replacing the Old Eureka Society on campus. To be eligible, a student must have high moral character and be in the upper ten percent of the enrolled student body with a grade point ratio of not less than 2.0, carrying at least i5 hours. Activities such as serving at the Distinguished Serv- ice Award Banquet, conducting an assembly program and acquiring tickets to the Phi Theta Kappa break- fast in St. Louis keep these intellectuals occupied. r l -x-Xxx ' if-'ff 1 e ' " 'esifllt jig K, 4 'fijfa Serving at the Distinguished Service Award Banquet proves to be a delightful ex- l perience for Beverly Pittard and the other Nu Kappa chapter members. l l. Kappa Chi Visits Duke University Campus. Qi v. hr S.. -ec A OFFICERS: DeWayne Eakes, Vice-President: Stewart Humphrey, Presidentg and Harry Grubbs, Secretary ""-'ii- Q...,,:l, V Having become a new member of Kappa Chi, Vaughn Fulton ad- mires his certificate and membership card. Christian ideals are foremost to the Kappa Chi mem- bers. Kappa Chi is a fraternity of students of various denominations preparing for the ministry. Its purpose is to provide an organization through which its mem' bers may vvork together for the advancement and improvement of the spiritual lite of the college, to gain through instruction, inspiration, and experience a better perspective for the ministry to which they are calledg and to provide a medium ot tellovvship for the members. Several members attended the Missionary conven- tion held at Southeastern Theological Seminary and a pre-ministerial conference at Duke University Divinity School. -,.-. QT.. Stewart Humphrey and Mr. Charles Sapp, advisor to the fraternity, formulate plans for a special chapel service. 'J S sL f V ,Vi ii I u 4 leaving to go to the Missionary Conference at Southeastern Theological Seminary are Mr Charles Sapp, Preston Smith, Charles Herring, Stewart Humphrey, and Harry Grublls Phi Beta Lambda Aids Recorder's Office. Secretary, bookkeeper, business teach- er, tiling clerk these are just a few of the iobs that Phi Beta Lambda members aspire to attain. This national organization of college business students stimulates an awareness of the many aspects of the business world. Mount Olive's chapter toured the Bank of Mount Olive and the Du Pont Plant in Kinston. Proiects include assisting ad- ministration with mailing and typing and the selling ot cupcakes and fudge to raise money to send delegates to the State Con- vention. This club, sponsored by Mrs. Lois Boyette, strives to produce the very best in business personnel. OFFICERS be r fx As a part of Phi Beta Lambda proiect, Sharon Hooper and Brenda Taylor assist Mrs. Bertie Ann Sanders in the Recorder's office. l ' V "V" l-,,.4 .----e--+1-"4 Lou Vickers and Gail Byrd select and prepare material for the Io-:al chapters scrapbook 6 is .35 55. .-, X rf, Janie Beaman, Secretary, Brenda Taylor, President, Sharon Hooper, Treasurer, fstandingl Gail Byrd, Reporter, Mike Withers, Vice-President, and Terry Lyczkowski, Historian Mr. Robert Williams, Vice-President of to members ot the Phi Beta Lambda, the Bank of Mount Olive, shows the vault i t -'. X l. I AA I . -' it-. .ov9 OFFICERS: Terry Lyczkowski, Secretaryflreasurerg Harry Wilma Futrell, Vice-President G rubbs Presidentg and Judy Self emerges after finishinq the inside work at the car wash sponsored to raise funds for the auditorium renovation. Youth Fellowship Sponsors Cor Wash. 'of -J Tired after selling doughnuts to raise money for the "Feed the Hungry" proiect, Vaughn Felton, Terry Lyczkowski, Gale Jones, and Wilma Futrell enioy their doughnuts. Reviewing information from the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, the Youth Fellowship recognizes its responsibility to help mankind. Youth Fellowship is an interdenominational group which provides fellowship and spirit- ual inspiration tor its members through social activity and planned programs on issues rele- vant to the college student and his Christian experience in the twentieth century, This year the group sponsored several car washes in order to boost their special tund tor the renf ovation of the college auditorium. After becoming interested in the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, Incorporat- ed, the members decided to become its spon- sor. They sold doughnuts, and the climax of the year for this group was a skating party. -tt" X -10" mil' ,tit i , QW' ,l Q . it , tix' V I E' ' ., " ' gm 'fx x f Elizabeth Berwick, Emma Jane Smith, Mrs. Lorelle Martin and Eleanor Speight admire Bonnie Coates' Key for Distinguished Service from the Collegiate Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Science. Not only the new Henderson Building, but also the Science Club of Mount Olive College, serves as a tribute to the late Dr. C. C. Henderson, whose benevo- lence shall never leave this community, As one of the most active clubs, this group stimulates interest in re- search, current developments in the field of science, and provides a medium for contact with students of science in other colleges and with persons actively engaged in the field of science. 5 3 . Hg., OFFICERS: Susan lvey, Presidentg fStanding2 Lima Hedgepeth, Secretaryg H. R. Malpass, Treasurerg Johnnie Rose Whitman, Vice-President Henderson Science Club Brings Guest Lecturers The Science Club views slides taken by H. R. Malpass in Greece, Russia and Hungary 1 1 ' . -.4173--,.vs. -X ., .. fs' . i 4 ogg-, A Susan Ivey asks Dr. T. H. Grindstaff of the Eastern North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society a question about his lecture on "Easter Island," . . . to Speak on Mount Olive College Campus. - vi 'T , 1' A ig .f , Qfijf-I ,:l'g:3 Checking a protozoan culture for her Science Club proiect, Eleanor Speight finds some interesting changes. Elizabeth Barwiclc and Bonnie Coates examine a hermit crab found on the Collegiate Academy's field trip to the Duke Marine Laboratory at Beau- fort, North Carolina. it .. 4. . Bimonthly meetings allow individuals to discuss the proi- ects which each are required to submit near the end of the school year. Members plan such trips as the Eastern North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society dinner, tours of the Kinston DuPont plant, Duke University Marine Laboratory, and Carolina Biological Supply Company of Elon College. Science lectures are scheduled for the first Monday night of each month. Speakers are members of the Eastern North Carolina Section ot the American Chemical Society and the North Carolina Academy of Science. At a banquet held each year, the speakers of the lecture series are special guests. Under the excellent guidance of Mrs. Lorelle Martin, the students learn and profit much from each of their inquisi- tive endeavors. ,if T' ,H-Y -ilc .FT jg H, fvfg' up ir' , , - 3 i Fife gp lie X 1 . ix. 1 l '7' A A , ,il YT i.l'. li, il'1',j1 l l 7' i, 4 'JF i . f y yi, r lu, 1. ' , " " '-lt ' . ,A V Y, 2 - , -1..-i ' - ' ni . V r i After the was Henaman i A 5' Science Club Banquet, Steve i e Worthington, Bonnie Coates, 3 :Y and Mrs. Mildred S, Councill F Y l A. "Zh tall-L with Miss Virriinia Martin, '7 the speal-er for the occasion X ' 11. fu-i?"'l'xa:L Q S' Y X44 OFFICERS: Timothy Howell, Secretary-Treasurer, Kaye Hill, Vice-President, and Bernard Adkins, President Circulo Hispano-Americano has a new advisor, Senor Jose M. ln- farite, who is at home with Spanish, his native tongue. The main ob- jective is to have a better understandi-ng and view of the Spanish- American civilization and culture, its people, and problems they face. Highlights of the year include films on South and Central America, a Spanish meal and dishes, and a visit by representatives trom Mexico. 9 1 1.5 '- 1 Patricia Muth, Mr. .lose M. Infante, Judy Self, and Adkins plan publicity for a film for the Spanish Club. Spanish Club Welcomes Mexican Students. ,,.,..---"' Visiting students, Adkins. I !'i' l Bernard who are representatives from Mexico, tour the Henderson Building with Dean Raymond P, Carson, Mr. Jose M. lnfante, and Bernard N l. French Club Discusses Major French Writers. p L .vv .. . i.-4 U I' 5 . l ,L , . 1 l i i i 4 To speak, understand, and appreciate French-these are goals of every member of Le Cercle Francais. The organization, under the supervision of Mr. M. J. Perret, meets monthly 'ai which time a program on some phase of French life and culture is presented. Sev- eral meetings have included French films and discussions of French writers. "Parlez-vous francais?" OFFICERS: Angie Sutton, Secreiaryg Mary Gould, Treasurer: Ruth Lavergne, Vice-President, and Frances Futrell, President 1" Q if ., iw . TV f F ,W Listening atfentively as Faith Leigh Barber and Mary Gould outline writers to be discussed are Angie Sutton, Lorena Moseley, Ruth Lavergne, and Frances Futrell, 'X of 8" Tkg - MH . In Q ' Before ordering a film for the French Club, Mr. M. J, Perrer asks for Jimmy Wooten's opinion. 9 ee' AM. 1' -' 1 AP if 'T OFFICERS: Sandra Freeman, Vice-Chairmang Linda Godwin, Chairman, and Susan Ivey, Secretary Bryan Scholars Begin First Year on Campus. Outstanding students at Mount Olive College, based on character, leadership, and academic distinction, are named Bryan Scholars. They take special one hour seminars and study subiects in depth ranging from chemistry to Spanish culture. This intellectual stimulation has resulted in a chapel program on extrasensory perception, faculty-scholar banquet, monthly meetings, and discussions. The program is underwritten by a grant from the James E. and Mary Z. Bryan foundation and matching funds from the college. Most of the members hold scholarships while others hold honorary positions. llllt XX SClllOl...'XRS ra. mum Ari Wirmra.. ,mia s. W-,m.a sy mul is. ma Reading the announcement on the bulletin board, Lou Vickers learns of the 1966-67 Bryan Scholar appointments. The Bryan Scholars and members of the faculty enioy a supper meeting and seminar on extrasensory perception at the Southern Belle Restaurant. Q r , W V - 13. lt 'ir 5 ' lt' ,- k . V, -Qi sg, W. J , RSQ - "lt 1' ' lffl X A if "T -f X - ff 1 ' ' .. A , astral.-:sw ' .1 S-af A A 'AAI l f J, I ' .-. J ' 4.1-s - . -54 S4 ' If - r ' ' ' ,J ' ' -"Aff ' ir! --v. ff' - " r T Y"- -' 1 ef.. 1 ie? F, - fc 3a,q' . A ' ig- 4 . i - Q A . V ne w N Danny Coates adds salt to one of his acquariums in the research proiect that is a part of his Bryan Scholar work in Zoology, Linda Godwin checks the proiector to make sure everything is in order to show a film at League, League Views Religious Films. The Free Will Baptist League on campus is an organization for Free Will Baptist students. This organization strives to enrich the spiritual life of the students through planned programs, religious films, and varied discussions on topics relevant to Christian experience today. After the first meeting in the lounge in Hart Hall, the group enioyed a social hour in the master lounge. Some of the girls in the group had made cookies and candy which were a treat with the hot coffee. -- . .- N. 7 X 1 4 lvl .1 X we 4, X , ' Z"-' -..- Miss Hilda Owens, sponsor, and Lorena Moseley, student director, discuss an idea fo the League program. A point that Miss Owens makes in the discussion of "The Student Creed" evokes smiles from the members. r f' x'l's l ,Z ji III IIII llll llll i u .,, lllll tlll"'l Illlllllltllllttlliiiii Ilffutlllllllllllll llllllll Illtmlttft t""i 'X :i,li tl .,.. . ... . ATHLETICS Building a healthy body and a strong competitive spirit is the responsibility of a good college athletic program. Mount Olive College may boast of a fine coaching staff and eager participation. For those stu- dents who were not able to enter the intercollegiate competition, there could be found a choice among the intramural teams-football, basketball, tennis, ancl soc- cer. Confidence and new skills were discovered through active participation in the games leading support to the belief that hand in hand with a healthy mind goes the building of a healthy body. , ,V 1-"9" 'A V Q i- I .. I 'if' . ' 9. 'sh H5 li Mi' lk fx 5 0' F ff X V415 " , M 4 K O 4 .3 6,527 Wm. amgg , 4. Q.. Charles Jones watches as a ball hits the dirt. In this game, Mount Olive defeated the Carolina Military Academy 18 to 5. ' I ' . ..f. ,E if X-. fl' Q --O Q NN 1 J... T ,547 I--7.3 - 'elif Les bg ,'j'f'-'file - ,ri "A Law-' " . '-'Tx' 1 -,..:- fs: J 1.2'-i.J"'T .-.--QU , .- -arse V I ., -s V.: 55.,,v,.r1,,. 1: .-fgfEE::a:.-3,-f.'.:-3 " Y , ?vf,1Jc2Sf'Pf3?P:s1 - 1 .f-"- fa 1-r g:-i,". F .ff - - -- '- .' 13.15 ' ' - 1 gtgggrgfrl ru - L, - . -he --c. 5:51 V ' ' 'il' ' - -: - . East Carolina Freshman player, Phil Maller, rounds third base after hitting a home run against Mount Olive. Baseball Nine Scores Victories Over Chowan College ......... Edwards Military Institute . East Carolina Freshmen . .. Edwards Military Institute . Camp Leieune ......... Camp Leieune .......... Carolina Military Academy . Carolina Military Acedemy . Wingate College ......... Wingate College ......... Edwards Military Institute . Chowan College ......... Carolina Military Academy Edwards Military Institute . . East Carolina Freshmen .... University of N. C. Freshmen .,v-q . . fam! University of N. C. Freshmen .f,. 'A - ' .fr .-. 'x E. ,- J . ,sv I -air-'.. -1 5 s. -' ' - a. . .' A w- , 1..-'4"'- '- ,- -- V P 4., -. Z. - ,...- I A ' 5 .F ,L5':-"' w -'A' ' ' . ' g-, ' A- g Bud King CU pauses during the strenuous play to taste that delicious combination ot hydrogen and oxygen-commonly known as water. Carolina Military Academy .. Season's Results MOJC ....2 8 OPPONENT ...3 6 ..l 15 ...O 3 ..lO 9 ...2 l3 ...O lO ..2 0 ...4 12 ...O 2 ...O 8 ...O l ...9 4 .. 18 5 ...O 5 ...O 2 ...l 7 ...O 8 Coached by Mr. Larry Nance, the 1965 baseball team of Mount Olive College displayed stamina, determination, and the "never-give-up" attitude. ln eighteen encounters with seven different teams, the Trojans scored only four vic- tories. Three of these winning tabulations were against Carolina Military Academy, and the fourth one saw Chowan College fall to Mount Olive by a margin of 9 to 4. Serving both as a medium of school spirit and a means of entertainment, this varsity sport trains the college body in student cooperation, team skill, and good sportsmanship. The 1966 schedule calls for strong opposition and a better winning slate for the Mount Olive College Trojans. Chowan and C.M.A. L. Coach Larry Nance and the entire Mount Olive bench keep pace with the action on the baseball diamond. ry r s P xv X ' lv I V: X .5 Q a ' it N " 1' F95 -irrsll. Lx Moments iust prior to the game are important ones. The pitchers use this time to become prepared for the opponent. 'VB it A i ' l l Q. cl ' 91 Q u o ry T V 5 A :X Q: I - X . , , v X Y ' '1 ' 'J -. - , c f .QSJQ - 'Na-,' - ..,' ' -"-3. v . 'fH'1.-ffm ' 1 T .ef " " ' ' ' 1 f,:afff:..-..,, " 'arpiifili-fe ,f , st :'v'?'f:a1 , mpklfg g g-. , . .. . ,Q The base tenders are set as the pitch is thrown in the game be- tween Mount Olive College and the East Carolina Freshmen, East Carolina won I5 to I. kg' v ,La NZ7' h - X If . . - yg 'rl ,E I g I , an ' - - ft l " 7 'W' " '. 6, Alt 5 y -. -sis, T lg ,.. l. Mount Olive's Bud King arrives safely at first base in the play between Mount Olive and Chovvan. Chowan won the game 9. to 2. 3' 'hi' rn' sl v, 4, . .,, .Q - gkv3 MO I I 5 , 4 . if f ff' v-, N.,' I vw Dominates All Aspects of Winter Campus Activity. Jackie Turlington CAPTAIN 1966 Troiuns First Row: Gerald Waddell, Richard Reaves, Jackie Turlington, Tyrone Lucas, Douglas Simmons. Second Row Willie Houston, Manager, Gary Steppler, George Thigpen, Duane Gwyn, Tim Daniels, Johnny Wadsworth Coach Robert Frank. Duane Gwyn X i l Def' Douglas Simmons Tim Daniels Richard Rmvgr Mount Ollve College Posts Chowan and Mount Olive cagers battle for control of the ball. Chowan defeated Mount Olive in this encounter-98 to 83. Losing Season. .il Coach Bobby Frank surveys the situation on the court from his vantage point on the players' bench. Season's Record MOJC OPPONENT Wingate . ......... ... 69 116 Chovvan .............. . . . 83 98 East Carolina Freshmen . . . .. . 77 99 Southvvood .......... . . . 86 124 Louisburg .. . 69 71 Louisburg - - - 62 86 Southvvood ......, . . . 77 l22 Ferrum .. ....,.... ... 74 88 East Carolina Freshmen . . . .. 70 ll9 Wingate ............ . . lO5 86 East Carolina Freshmen . . . . . 76 96 Chovvan ............. . . 68 99 Bolt Davenport C325 ot the College of the Albemarle obtains a rebound College of Albemarle' ' ' ' ' ' 65 69 ,tv -r ll 11- .ivy Ja Mon of Mount Olwvc- player, David Parker Pete Maravich, who was selected as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament, accepts his honor from Mr. Billy Godwin, Chairman of the Mount Olive Jaycees. Members of the tournament team included Pete Maravich fSouthwoodl, Dickie Walker, iSouthwoodJ, Jim Gardner fBaptist Collegej, Marion Salerni fBaptist Collegel, and Douglas Simmons iMount Olive Collegej. Jackie Turlington, Mount Olive Team Captain, receives the runner-up trophy from Jaycee Chairman Billy Godwin. Mount Olive Hosts First Holiday Invitational Tournament. Sponsored iointly by the Jaycees and the college, the Mount Olive Invitational Tournament took place on Decem- ber T7 and l8, 1965. Teams which played in this sports event included Baptist College, College of the Albemarle, Mount Olive College, and Southwood College. Southwood emerged as the victor with Mount Olive College placing second, Baptist College, third, and College of the Albe- marle, fourth, First game . . . . Southwood-78 Baptist-76 Second game . . . Mount Olive-lO3 Albemarle-Sl Third game .. ..... Baptist4l4l Albemarle-92 Fourth game .... Southwood-TO6 Mount Olive-86 Dickie Walker l2lJ of Southwood College scores two points for his team on an easy lay-up against Mount Olive College in ttm iiltarnpionf ship game ot the tournament I I x 1 I LYNN ODOM ELEANOR SPEIGHT ' is Cheerleaders Voice Spirit i Chosen by the Student Life Committee, the cheerleaders have led the school spirit at Mount Olive College this year. Based on appearance, body coordination, vocal proiection, spirit, and attitude, these eight coeds have made the cheerleading squad an institution for the school. The completion of the first basketball season and the first cheer- leading team marks a new milestone for this educa- FAITH BARBER tional institution. i BILLIE SEYMOUR GERRI HINES l i l L K JANET ROSE . X.. vs y M.. ,. N 1 FACULTY SPONSOR MISS CAROLINE CASTELLOE and CHIEF MARCIA EDMUNDSON. of the College. l l 5 First Row: Sandra Puckett, Marcia Edmundson, Lynn Odom. Second Row: Billie Seymour, Fallh Barber, Gem Hines, Eleanor Speuglwt, Janet Rose 1 l l l Q-Y... , "Where is the ball" becomes the common cry as the Rams defeat the Eagles-'IB to 12 -nu. -"Y'l4' -W. . I .I .-sq' , ,I,. .5 .,- f ' . , Y- ' it ' '7'T-v'f:v'-of...-it-,url N... 51115 , - f 1 'V ' ff' F I-. :II .. ' 1 -,II,."II 'v,,LIIr,IiVJ I au' 1 ' arm. f tt 'f-'sv fe- --'mt -Q52 Img' I' 315' v,-'fl f!'.4.fv.' Q-I.,'9'x!,3' QI X 'V Qwtijgp ' I ' .I . Iii ,.I, .4-r'4,.fIEQq, -I1Il . g Ish: ' .' ,IN '- ja j4I.' mgig' ' I.::I I. .- 1- .ir If .1 ,I-, J-, I v . , 523.5 fi z.1lf'1'-,L-,AQGN X , , ,II I II I I .1 I R '7,.i.5r5-is . " K-'.': -:99': ."' 4 bl - . .,'f'lTi.fQZ.r:rJ:q?'-fl? -. 5 Pr-. ' .I nr- Ir '- QIIQIKI I we . ' .j .' A' '-'.'!'-',,fQW,..If?+' :tufts ' A ' "WT, 'Nr-, "'.11v,.I2. g.?.mg'. U ,I ...19 - Mr v 1. "-,"3"f1-.-nt." ' '-,FQXH-A 14 'qi 1 . .9 ,ti V--'c-gi'.f-g,.'f1f,I3,.1a+ z,4'aiiv-15 ' lf 1 Q'.r4'1, '- .loc Sperone lEaglesl atte Davis of the Colts. mpts to block a pass thrown by Hal .Lana .. .I Ben Thompson lRamsl carries the ball for a touchdown against the Colts. Never- theless, the Colts won l8 to l2. The Colts and the Rams battle each other in order to find the team who will face the Eagles for the championship. The Colts were victorious. ... Jr James Horton fColtsJ lays claim to the pigskin as Russell Sutton Ulamsl watches the action. Eagles Become Men's Intramural Football Champions. Thirty-one male students savv action on the men's intramural football teams this tall. Divided into the Rams, Colts, and Eagles, the resulting competition was keen and spirited. Six games completed the i965 intramural football schedule, and the Eagles emerged as the champions on November 22. Season's Results Rams -13 Eagles-12 Colts -13 Rams -12 Eagles-24 Colts -I2 Rams -12 Eagles -6 Colts -l8 Rams -12 Eagles-l8 Colts -12 Championship Eagles-7 Colts-6 W? 3- Ben Thompson lColtsJ begins the game by kicking the ball Q. to the Eagles. K, -if '1- W4 Rivals and teammates aid Russell Sutton of the Rams after he sprained his ankle during one of the intramural games. sglf ffl, .- - ff- 4 L 4 1 1965 CHAMPIONS: First Row: Nick Pontarelli, Joseph Sperone, Ken Jewel, Nick Serfanni lCo-Captainj. Second Row: Jim Suter, Mike Withers, Richard Scheider lCo-Captainl, Billy Sugg, Joe Sernango. Richard Scheider CTeam No. lj and Eddie Horton fTeam No. 4D lock hands while attempting a rebound, Team Number Four won the encounter. Gene Vandiford Ueam No. 33 and Tim Howell lTeam No. 43 scramble for the loose basketball. All hands grab for that elusive basketball. 1 J .9 .4 qs 'F' fs Nunn! c 'Mfg Y l L Men's Champions TEAM NUMBER FOUR First Row: Glenn Penuel, Eddie Hor- ton iCaptainJ, James Horton. Second Row: Craig Hood, George Thigpen, Tim Howell, Charles Woodard. Women's Champions TEAM NUMBER ONE First Row: Linda Godwin, Dianne Brown tCaptainJ, Wilma Futrell. Second Row: Sally Stewart, Lib Fran- cis, Judy Self, Helga Braun. 1' fg p 1"B I il ll jg E, ,L Yliii-1 gl Brings Coeds Arena. Intramural Basketball the Sports Both male and female students participated in the intra- mural basketball activity on the campus. In the female di- vision, two teams, captained by Dianne Brown and Judy Barwick, competed for the women's championship. Team Number One was the victor. In the male division, four teams partook ot the frenzied winter sport. The teams and their captains were Team Number One fRichard Scheiderl, Team Number Two Uames Walterst, Team Number Three CBilIy Suggl, and Team Number Four fEddie Hortonl. Team Number Four copped the championship honors. All intramural games were played in Henderson Gymnasium during the month of January, 1966. Charles Woodard tTeam No. 45 attempts a two point basket while being guarded by Billy Sugg and Gene Vandiford of Team No. 3. in into 'K Bennett Hanchey becomes entangled ,Y A in the net and with his opponent: f" however, he returns the ball and scores a point for his team. Scottie Halso returns the ball in one of the competitive volleyball games. Volleyball and Horseshoes Play an Integral Part in Spring Activity. - XVI ,.""o' i-- ' p..' 1 'Ni'-ue - Jn. 'w - - .1 - we ,rf"'f, .Q 1 'gat' Randall Mozingo and Eddie Briley team up to return a volley in the intramural competition. Spring brought the volleyball and the horseshoes from their hiding places. Last spring, the students for- mulated teams and began the intramural games. Tour- naments were held in order to decide the champions of the respective divisions. 1,451 vi . yjlw l V xii.-1, llllll ildll ' I s eii S i 'rm - I .fwfr v ' . , g . ' " Q r 'Q if 1+-ill - -I1 2 s t' A . Jil tria ls ,V if e at ' ff N1 lf 1 f-5. - - f e 0 ' , h,'2..i' --1 ' I , , ,M i' M s . ' -. ?'w.1:gL3's i l' gl' f H " A l 4,-f Q I ,-N , V' F v luhl F , X gr Qi A so Donald Hawley accepts defeat as his opponent shows him that he has successfully thrown a "ringer." l i . 1 me Q ,I I ,. , 1 gs--s Bill Farmer and Bud King await their turn to battle at the tennis net. Tennis Using the facilities of the city of Mount Olive, interested Colle-giates competed for the tennis in- tramural championships. Men and women alike challenged each other's skill and agility as a tennis player. Marsha McCusker and Iris Price plan their strategy lor an upcoming match of doubles. '- '- . .,, me .'.'. ', Djs- .. I . .w! 72:' t MQ: .- IJxQl3I'I I III I. ,III II I 'f , fx . "-'-':r,.-' "f- ' I-"'..."."?' '14 .':+i"'-'Vai'-f' . ,. .1 . .IQ . I I "f, ,4 i we . wet.,-, II,I. I I,,1 ,, J . ' ' U:-,I ,,,. , ,L I 'ny , I 'wi 'il' 533' I." 'S "1"'-'T-f M J' .ev lat' , I :IIII ,Z g 'IT IQ- I I I ,.s, i ,JI Ip, - , I I - - , . twill' - , 5- -. - . -- Y , ' wg-II' I,l,I -, -I, -' f ,FAI . M ,, -- "QL lathe. I I II, I 6' '-dm., Lei , . MLB -" l '4-iz - " -- I,,.,q'--cn. I,,.miII , ff""f- 12" . x . i. , 17 l ' 3 I I I I, .I I Y: I I .I , . I I IIIII 1 g I . - I 1 . -I II I 'I II!,,,I,trq. ' . ' . y-I . - ' gift'-f , Y 1. " K 1 i Il'Z7'ii?:l"l'3i"f'1"9'l'f'3'f'i"W-"' 1 - 'N--I 1 '. i . "-i-vii-4'.3'." Lfil " 'g ' '.1de.D.16ii 41.4 V' .if "-ff?-'ff 'T' ' Z ,Q X :? fl'-V - -,I --v ,Yi TJYI- ,F X ll-Q it - - Agile, swift movements are the requirements for a good tennis player Jerry Kornegay and Dana Wooten exhibit their ability on the court. 5 E X lllgillllmllll' llll in Eqlrlml, El' ' llllli ,,,, .. .. i 1 -llll fl I lllll Illll Illll lllll inn :iii ADVERTISEMENTS A rapidly growing college needs The support of stu- dents and citizens alike. Mount Olive Junior College is fortunate in that The firms and individuals ofthe community all share a common enthusiasm for The school. Merchants may be considered as the providers of constructive ma- terials as far as encouragement and financial support are concerned. To them, the college is indebted and is pleased to present Them in appreciation. -,,-,,, ,,., w....,,r..... . ..-,ff .Y - X -34? A K. 3-",,,Q- ,P f 4.53566-"?,,4f -, 'Y . P: ' L ur . Vg. 5.4.,k,, .. V., , I , --1-, '. vt: ' , 7 '.,' :.'ga"- , 4 4 -- 1,11 -' v. - Q14 n- . .,--4+ , : 1.2.-V . f . -fx 1- m- , -1- --x.,+- fp' ' - ix?'i'-'--'32 ' " T' X '.'.a,aT'.1i,':m-," ' xl .' n',n.rf1-," .' f 4X -ff -n - -5 'Y lit! ffl: 'K 5. L - ' - 1, ,ff N K ,- THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE CONVENTION ot ORIGINAL FREE WILL BAPTIST CHURCHES Walter Reynolds J. W. Everton C. H. Overman Oscar Webster Rom W. Mallard commends Mount Olive Junior College tor Its Achievements in the Field ot Higher Christian Education As the Convention that 'first gave lite to Mount Olive Junior College, we are proud ot our tine institution. OFFICERS Robert May Franlc Ray Harrison Melvin Everington . . , . . . President Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer BLIZZARD II7 PURE TRUCK AND RESTAURANT HOMES fx MILL, mc. Goldsboro. Norfh Carolina Manufaciurer of Corn Meal and Purina E:ahr2r:ksSupplies and STORAGE COMPANY Agenf for UNITED VAN LINES l""l' - f . 4. I. Q 'F I'f1": I- 'I I' Il HTL- . . --Tn ..g,5,g., Goldsboro, Norih Carolina LARRY'S SHOE STORE Goldsboro, Norlh Carolina Shoes for men in such names as Florsheim, Rand, Taylor-Made and Hush Puppies Ladies' shoes in Miss Wonderful, Vilalify and Hush Puppies Children's Shoes in Child Life, Poll-Parrof, and Billilcen SOUTHERLAND COBB FURNITURE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY COMPANY Goldsboro Goldsboro Nodh Carolina Nor+h Carolina KRAFT'S STUDIO ONE OF THE SOUTH'S BEST For 'Ihe convenience of 'rhe for- mer Moun+ Olive College siudenis KRAFT's srunlo keeps an sful den+ por+rai+ negaiives on file. MR. CHARLES M. KRAFT Mas'I'er of Pholography Wesf James SIreeI' Mounf Olive Nor+h Carolina SIMMONS HARDWARE Du'rch Boy Painis. Everyfhing from A 'ro Z 0 Phone OL 8-225I 0 The sfore wiI'h pIenI'y of parlcing space ' Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina J. E. ROSE BUICK 324 Lisbon S+ree'r Clinfon, Norih Carolina HATCH AND HARPER General Merchandise SEEDS Mounf Olive, Norlh Carolina KILPATRICK'S B SERVICE CENTER J. H. KILPATRICK, Owner Towing R. F. D. 6 l-ifinslon, Norlh Carolina LOWE'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Mofher, Falher, and Junior are expecfing a birihday. LOWE'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY, INC. has a wide varieiy of modern elecfrical appliances for Mom and rugged up-'ro- dale aufo paris and radios for fhe family car. LOWE'S is locafed on Cenler Sfreef in Mouni- Olive. co. INC. l I 8. H CANDY co. I Wise Po'ra+o Chips - Old London Foods Candy and No+ions - 603 Wake Avenue K' 5+ . in on Norlh Carolina NORTH CAROLINA STATE FREE WILL BAPTIST WOMAN'S AUXILIARY CONVENTION The Free Will Bapfisf women of Norfh Car- olina have a personal inferesf in fhe educa- fional services and confinued growfh of Mounf Olive Junior College. As mofhers, we ap- preciafe fhe combined emphasis of fhe col- lege upon academic excellence and spirifual infegrify. Officers of our convenfion include Mrs. Carl Dudley, presidenf: Mrs. Frank L. Walfon, vice-presidenfg Mrs. C. F. Bowen, secrefaryg and Mrs. Raymond T. Sasser, freas- urer. Chairmen who head fhe worlc of commif- 'fees are Mrs. David Hansley, youfh: Mrs. R. H. Jackson, mission, Mrs. Rufh Taylor, field secrefaryg Mrs. Geraldine Brown, pro- gram prayer: Mrs. Leon Dunn, sfudy course: Mrs. J. C. Moye, Sr., benevolenfg and Mrs. H. L. Spivey, life awards. Through our Anna Phillips Educafion Loan Fund fhe convenfion gives special consider- afion fo sfudenfs affending Mounf Olive Junior College. Mrs. Hardy Talfon is chair- man of fhe loan fund commiffee. Af 'rhe presenf, our convenfion is giving emphasis fo fhe college building program on fhe new campus. WAYNE GLASS AND TIRE II3 Soufh Breazeale Avenue Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina MURRAY'S SUPPLY COMPANY Complefe line of feed and sanifafion producfs. Buyers of corn, soybeans, and small grain baby chiclrs. Phone 658-2529. Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina EVANS MOUNT oLlvE ABATTOIR DRY CLEANERS AND SHOE REPAIR Cusfom Slaughfering and Wholesale Meafs II6 Norfh Cenfer Sfreef Mounf Olive, Norfh Carolina Mounf Olive, Norlh Carolina Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina EVANS USED CARS Bell Avenue Mounf Olive, Norfh Carolina I35 owning a glen r-'vm Ch If I h 4 I flrllnfull lor S-irdr-5 Fifwrnau Danny Cfiales Georfie Thiwpe-n d WI F l an ima ulvf DEL MONTY'S STEAK Goldsboro Norfh Carolina I-:AMS - BACON - SAUSAGE - WIENERS CLYDE REAVE5 FROSTY MORN MEATS l-lome ol Honey Gold Sausage Kinslon HUB DEPARTMENT STORE "For a brighier 'IuIure, shop for clofhes from 'Ihe HUB DE- PARTMENT STORE. Goldsboro Norlh Carolina CLIFTON TIRE SERVICE Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina GEDDIE ICE COMPANY "Pure Crysfal Ice" Mouni Olive Nor'I'h Carolina e wil-2 variey ai DEL MONTYS is ANDERSON ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Awnings beau+ify 'Ihe home as well as pro'recI' if. Me+al drainage guI'Iers around Ihe perimefer of 'Ihe roof give lasfing life 'Io your roof. ANDERSON ROOFING AND SHEET METAL of Mounf Olive will be happy Io Iallr 'ro you aboul whafever mefal problems you may have. HOUSE Dial 658-3353 for expedienf, promp'I service EDDINS CANDY COMPANY "For sweer Ihings To eat go Io EDDINS" FERTILIZER Mounl' Olive Carolina Highway 55 By-Pass NorI'h N h C I' on are ma Mounl' Olive Norih Carolina MARY LOU'S M.C.S. CHERRY 84 SON BEAUTY General Insurance Since I899 Mouni Olive Norflq Carolina Mounl Olive Nor+h Carolina FREDERICIC5 Compllmenh FROEHLING 81 ROBERTSON, INC. Lkguse Main Office OF NORTH CAROLINA g.'1Wej Sw .S+- MUSIC IC mOf1 , Ifglhla SEATING COMPANY RALPH'S 208 Easf Walnuf Sf. Goldsboro Norfh Carolina 503 Soufh Breazeaie 735-448I Libe,-fy Avenue Norfh Carolina Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina J U N I E STR I CKLAN D Calypso Norfh Carolina RALPH Af smsfh Brothers, me Cusfomers wiII and q meafs and Produc H I GROCERY SMITH BROTHERS Dudley, Norfh Carolina Mounf Olive Norfh CaroIina RaIeigh Branch Office 2608 Soufh Saunders Sf. Raleigh, Norfh Carolina GINN BUILDERS SUPPLY OL 8-4648 Mounf OIive Norfh Carolina Complimenfs of COX BROTHERS Wholesale Distributors Mounf OIive Norfh Carolina FAlsoN AUTO B0WDEN'S AN D R Complimenfs G E PA RTS D. F. ODOM, JR. Main S'rreeI' Maln SI"eeI' Faison NorII1 Carolina Seleciing Their Iall ensembles from BELK-TYLER'S are Helga Braun, Iris CENTER STREET ESSO SERVICE B. E. WILSON, Manager Mounf Olive, Norfh Carolina e, and Jenny Wiggs. Complimenls of KNOTTY'S INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL FOODLAND FABRICATORS, INC. Goldsboro Design 0 Fabricalion 0 Ereclion N H1 Goldsboro, NOFII1 Carolina or Carolina Faison Norih Carolina Belle ylers Mounf Olive North Carolina SUMMERLIN ELECTRIC SERVICE General Eleciric Dealer Mounl Olive Nor+I1 Carolina COBLE DAIRY Goldsboro gr! N +R c I J' A ffl Mullen and Lib Franci WHITE STORE Complimenfs of AUTO PARTS The Friendly Sfore , DoN B. WARD Mounl Olive Norm Carolina Mounf Olive, Norlh Carolina DERL WALKER'S SEED 81 HARDWARE W. P. MARTIN Mounl' Olive Norlh Carolina GROCERY HARDWARE Phone 658-3744 TYNDALL FUNERAL HOME MRo3+eo:, Mm OM Old Highway 55 Easl' Mounf Olive Nognncarlma N0l'I'I'l CBFOIIHB J. D. HATCHER EQUIPMENT CO. LEWIS DRUG COMPANY You will find prompi and Refrigerafor, Scales, and Food Machines courleous service. Mounl' Olive, Nor'I'h Carolina Nor+h Cenier Slreel' Sales and Regisfered Bonded Service Mounl Olive' Norlh Carolina I39 W. F. HALL'S CALYPSO G ROC ERY Moun+ Olive PLYWOOD COMPANY, INC. N0rII'l Carolina Calypso, Nor'II'1 Carolina HEILIG-MEYERS COMPANY Furnilure and House Furnishings Goldsboro Norlh Carolina WATER'S AMERICAN As you Iravel, ask us. Calypso Norilw Carolina An aerial view of CALYPSO PLYWOO Compleie Iine of Lumber and Building Maferials Dependable Home Remodeling C lypso Norlh Carolina PERKINS MOTOR PARTS Goldsboro Nor'II1 Carolina RONALD SASSER BODY SHOP Goldsboro NorI'I1 Carolina WOMACK ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY Goldsboro NOFII1 Carolina GARRIS JEWELERS Goldsboro Nor'l'I1 Carolina !Zefff.,z 45' CENTRAL SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY Goldsboro Norfh Carolina BEST 81 SAULS MEN'S SHOP EDUIFIRDS A-C' ' MOUHI Olive Norlln Carolina ffzlf' . 1 BIRD OIL Goldsboro Norih Carolina BIRD OIL COMPANY, locared in Mounl' Olive, offers courleous, prompl, auI'oma'ric TADLOCK'S - fill-up service for all Iypes of 'Fuels or oils. BARBER SHOP I P 9 I I 'ri - Mouni' Olive Norfh Carolina DUPLIN FACE VENEER COMPANY Compleie line of Lumber and Building Maferials Mounf Olive Nor'rl1 Carolina For your every building need confacl' DUPLIN FACE. Their consci- enfious workers will give you prompl' service. MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY Affer Touring ihe planl, Lima Hedgepel , co h 5 Hue Halso, and Falih Leigh Barber sample a delicious Mounf Olive pickle, The MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY +alces pride in ifs produds which are dis- +ribu+ed 'rhorughouf +he eas'rern half of +he Unifed S+a+es by i'rs own fleei' of delivery +ruclcs. If processes a wide varie+y of cucum- ber delicacies, including sour, swee+, dill, sweel' chips and sfrips, kosher dills, Polish dills, and numerous o+her +as+e-+emp+ing delioh+s. The pickle-paclcing paradise of Mounf Olive always remembers i'rs homeiown college and 'Sis role in higher educafion. M10 IVE CompIimen+s of WILLIAMS WAYSIDE FURNITURE COMPANY PLUMBING GoIdsboro, Norfh Carolina HEATING Goldsboro Complimenis of Norfh Carolina Z'-'Q' YOUNG SQUIRE Goldsboro. Norih Carolina INC. iZIi'EbE'l.,IIna I BUILDERS SUPPLIES COMPANY NSQZUHZIIIE - Goldsboro. Norfh Carolina llllllllllll I LIVE WIRE ELECTRIC COMPANY IXTE CO FIRST CITIZENS or I BANK AND LQ TRUST COMPANY Goldsboro NorII'1 CaroIIna WOOTEN OIL AND FUEL COMPANY GIBsoN's DRUG STORE Texaco e ro eum J Erdddcis Billie Gan Mmm EEMIE .. LIVE WIRE ELECTRIC Salesman EEQUI Walgreen Agency Goldsboro Goldsboro GoIdsboro, Norih Carolina Nor+I1 Carolina Norfh Carolina ROBlNSON'S EASTERN THE DRUG OIL 90024 HAT STORE COMPANY COOLIIIGSHEATING SHOP V mc. GoldSlJOl'0 Newfon Grove Wilson, Nor'rl1 Carolina Goldsboro Norlh Carolina Norih Carolina Norih Carolina Roller Slraiing 0 Swimming v Picnic Area RQEBUCK AND GOLDPARK LAKE Goldsboro Nor+l1 Carolina PRODUCTS BRYAN Auro SALVAGE, INC. Goldsboro Norfh Carolina Used Aufo Paris LEON A. BRYAN Goldsboro Norih Carolina I I I I I I I I LESLIE SASSER DeLEON SASSER SASSER AND SON JEEP CO. 2012 Norfh William S+ f N0rll1 II7-A Goldsboro, NOFilI C l JEEP Facfory Auihorized Sales 8: Service Dealer For Wolverine Campers D SON Complimenis of SAM JERNIGAN 84 SONS 2IOI Easi' Ash Goldsboro, Norfh Carolina VlNSON'S DRUG COMPANY Goldsboro Nor'rh Carolina Complimen'I's of MONTGOMERY WARD Goldsboro Nor+h Carolina FLOWERS SCHOOL EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. Richmond, Virginia Manufadurers of School and Church Furnifure P. R. TAYLOR 81 CO "The Sfore of Disiinclive Siyles' 1 AZN. 'fi' ' 1 ,,igi.'1r , C -1?'f.ZQf'f5 - --- v "e , - " 1. 1. ,. ':t f - ' .cm Y. ,. fb'--.r"'.i r' ' I A Q i K. - g..s:-.ny 444530 v..'2-'fZx':?'.-,LZ .Sri-P3-V ine ale Brenda Holloman visifs Ihe P SI' ic i manu ac ure CREAMERY COMPANY Milk, Ice Cream. Dairy Foods Goldsboro Norih Carolina Complimenfs of LEDER'S Goldsboro Norfh Carolina I - UBI S. Ayden, Nor-Ih Carolina Phone-746-62 I 5 Complimenfs of WEIL-CREECH OIL CO. Goldsboro Nor'I'h Carolina Complimenfs of SMITH DOUGLAS Division of Borden Chemical Company Norih William Sf. Goldsboro Norfh Carolina I45 g GIDDENS OIL co. I BE SURE WITH PURE Goldsboro Norih Carolina OrV:OHgr:2L:Q:ggfw 2x,:fs:':s HINES AMEHCAN DENNWG L service CENTER INSURANCE BANK OF MOUNT oLlvE Llfiillcillfina I I l l l l l l I BUDDY'S JEWELRY Walch and iewelry repairs. All lines of waiches and iewelry -sfifx -"-4"5if1 viii g'fQfn'?E+ 1'L,'x"7" "Ei g'3l'F7r3:.f':rv. F f-ff -'vfg?x,4'?g-ff A ll i xx' 52 Mouni Olive Goldsboro Norlh Carolina NOl'l'l1 Carolina fl N , f X ' . fix, "mc 81 REALTY CO INC Goldsboro Goldsboro Nor+h Carolina Norfh Carolina , N N limi Q xx? X ,,,r 1 things gg b X with I Coke p mann N Bol'llEclVdnder Eufhorify oi ihe Coca-Cola Company by GOLDSBORO COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. B 8' P Goldsboros and Wayne Couniy s 'fmesi fashions ,Ma r H TypeWl'ltel' for a hundred Years. Exchange l56 Sou'l'h Cenier Slreel' Goldsboro Nor+h Carolina MCFATTER WOODWORKS ALEX McFA'l'l'ER, Owner Complele Cabinel' Worlc and Man+els 20l3 Nor-lh U. S. II7 Highway Goldsboro, Norlh Carolina S E RV l C E C RAWFORD-NORWOOD Ni:'dai':Lz,,a Rem GOLDWATE R Goldsboro Norih Carolina MOTEL Dudley KORNEGAY'S GAS SERVICE Noah Carolina - Mounl' Olive Norlh Carolina Lib Francis and Brenda Holloman examine ihe line f 1 of The woodwork cabmels-. l,j, 'W J"""""'s- I47 LANE'5 E550 MOUNT OLIVE SERVICE STATION TRIBUNE Road Service Minor and Maior Tune-Ups Complele Bralxe Service Carburefor Repairing Mounl' Olive, Norlh Carolina ALBRITTON'S JEWELRY STORE Cryslal, fine china, iewelry, wafch repair. Hand engraving ,KN , Z, ,W fl , Mounl Olive Norlh Carolina We would like fo express our apprecialion Io 'Phe MOUNT OLIVE TRIBUNE for ils oufsfanding coverage and promofion of news ifems and ac'l'ivi'Iies concerning Mounl Olive College. Bolh +I1e sfudenfs and facully recognize +l1e invaluable service rendered and commend +I-ue TRIBUNE for ifs supporl' of our college. COZART PACKING COMPANY Wholesale Meals "We specialize in Self-Servic Goldsboro NOFII1 Carolina e Packages" COLLEGE DRIVE IN "We specialize in good food" SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS Mouni' Olive Norfh Carolina Co-edulors of The Twig, Angle Suflon and Beverly Pullard. observe lhe process of prinfing a newspaper. Complimenfs of VICTORY WAREHOUSE Goldsboro. Norih Carolina MEN'S APPAREL SHOP "Clo+l'mes Make i'l1G Man" MEN'S APPAREL SHOP offers a wide seleclion of well- failored clo+l1es. Le+ MEN'S APPAREL make you 'Hue envy of flue men. Mouni' Olive, Norih Carolina C. L. SNIPES MOTORS INC. Wayne Coun'ry's Volume Ford Dealer Ford, Fairlane, Falcon. Musiang, Thunderbirds. Comple+e Car and Truck Service PHONE 735-84lI Goldsboro, Norih Carolina l ,lFDPD', P A 9' BRACK'S AUTO THOMPSON 81 FRANCIS, IGA DURHAM LIFE 2 SALES 81 SERVICE .:. AND INSURANCE F. AP G 1 Ili I I"i M u mfg if - O J. BERNICE WILLIAMS LocaI Represen'I'a'I'ive "FriendIy Service and Good Prices" Is Our Moiio Mouni' OIive Nor'I'h Carolina Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina Mouni Olive Nor'Ih Carolina CompIimen'rs of FIRST CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Q69 msumq cg. igfpmf h sf HeMBeP NEWTQN NORTH GRQVE CAROLINA MOUNT OLIVE GRAIN HOME FURNITURE COMPANY I STO RAGE CO. Dealers in Grains of All Kinds We Have Drying Facilifies M0ur1+ Olive Norih CaroIina Noi onIy does HOME FURNITURE COMPANY feaiure a wide seieciion of qualify home furnishings, I buf Mayiag and KeIvinaIor appIiances as weII. They I offer reasonable prices and "I'hey service whai' 'rhey seII." Moun'r Olive Norfh Carolina .vi Complimenfs of SOUTH ERN BELLE MOTEL ,I - - L L e, em L L if SOUTAIETERN BELLE RESTAURANrTi+i I I and SOUTHERN BELLE TEXACO Serving +he Moum' Olive area and ihe iraveling public wi'rl'1 prompi' and courfeous service wifh I5I GARNER PATE-DAWSON BROTHERS MOTOR COMPANY, INC. SHIP UPHIGHI Id i Mouni' Olive Norih Carolina OLDS IV1 O B I LE Johnny Davis and Susie Francis inspeci' a - . new Frigidaire Refrigerafor af GARNER 'mlrtaclass ltseqf I BROTHERS. Goldsboro, NorfI1 Carolina I I I I I I I w. BRANTLEY SUTTON OF SUTTONTOWN SUTTON SUPPLY, INC. CAROLINA TRACTOR'S, INC. SUTTON INSURANCE AGENCY I I I I I I I SUTTON ELECTRIC 3. SUPPLY COMPANY WILSON MOTOR COMPANY Disiribufors for Elecfric Mo'I'or Confrols, and Mill Supplies I -V SI Mcwuni' Olive NorII1 Carolina Mounf Ciive, Norfh Carolina 'I BILL PATTERSON FURNITURE CO. BILL PATTERSON FURNITURE COMPANY serves 'Ihe Mounf Olive area wiih quaIi'Iy furniiure a'I a reason- able price, Their moH'o 'Furnifure for BeHer Living" is Iheir guide fo bring a wide variefy of furnifure 'Io meei' Ihe exceIIen+ fasie of Iheir cIienIeIe. W 81 W FEED SERVICE MURRAY C. WILLIAMS LESLIE R. WHITTED Purina Chows and Sani+a'rion Producfs Mouni' OIive, Norih Carolina QTOL Oo fp S BARBER SHOP Q6 RADIO 81 T.V. SERVICE Barbers BRANTLEY HINSON LEROY FANCETTE We Repair ALL Makes of Televisions MOTOR PARTS 8: MACHINE SERVICE Roufe 4 Moun+ Olive Nor'Ih Carolina Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina 7 5 The IIoors of Ihe Henderson Academic Building are inIaid - l ADVANCE TILE COMPANY- wifh file from ADVANCE TILE COMPANY. Raleigh, Norih Carolinan TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY Your INDEPENDENT Insurance Agency Mounl Olive Norlln Carolina WlLSON'S IGA FOODLINER Warsaw Norllu Carolina GENE LEE's QUAUTY FOOPTOWN PLUMBING AND Mounl Olive Norll1 Carolina HEATING COMPANY THIGPEN- FICKEN Inslead of fixing +l1e plumb- ing yourself, rely on 'Ihe ex- periencenced personnel of QUALITY PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY of Goldsboro. They use qualify brand malerials for a lasling service. Mounl Olive Norlln Carolina SPIVEY OIL COMPANY, INC. Texaco Pelroleum Producls Goodyear Tires BaH'eries AC Aulo Accessories Clinfon Norrh Carolina JAMES G. WEEKS Newlon Grove Norlh Carolina E. A. SOUTH ERLAND Accounlanl Mounl' Olive Norlh Carolina Complimenls of MOUNT OLIVE DAIRY Carolina All Slar Producls SIv1lTTY'S DRIVE-IN offers a ref lw g leaf Io The I1 I d II praclic SMITTY'S DRIVE-IN Dairy Producls Founlain Drinlrs Sandwiches of Many Varielies ALBERT'S RESTAURANT I l ,sci ,Z gp Qc ew Q 7 Q l TJ. YF af Joyce lreaf The crowd fo a soda at Alberl's Res? f ALBERT'S RESTAURANT serves Mouni' Olive wifh a congenial aimosphere and quiclc courleous service. AL- BERT'S fealures 'Phe mosl' comple'l'e menu in +l1e area, his own homemade pizza, many clifferenf variefies of sandwiches, and compleie foun+ain service. Remember ALBERT'S RESTAURANT, "'I'l'1e modern Grade A res- +auran1'." Cenler Sfreef Mounf Olive, Norflw Carolina I WIGGINS GARAGE Mounf Ol' ive Norfh Carolina E. J. POPE 81 SON Mounf Olive Xlorlh Carolina PEPSI . . . FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG -X p CI Boffling Company Goldsboro, Norfh Carolina I I I I I WAYNE 81 LLOYD GRlFFlN's HAR0'-D'5 WAYNE MOTEL RESTAURANT TEXAC0 SERVICE Good R ad Good F d Goldsboro Norlli Carolina Raleigh Highway Wesi' COMPANY Goldsboro , Norllw Carolina Goldsboro Norfln Carolina WAYNE KADIS INC. UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Goldsboro Mounf Olive Norih Carolina Norfh Carolina I SHOP AND SAVE SUPERMARKET I Mounl' Olive Norih Carolina I ANDREW'S IGA SUPERMARKET I . Faison Norih Carolina J. S. JORDAN 81 SON DR. H. B. KORNEGAY Mounl Olive Norlh Carolina HARRY Relexing among friends, Jirnrny Woolen fesls e recliner from John Peiierrene. STORE rT3E1TfriZlZ,i,e Joi-IN PATTERSON FURNITURE COMPANY . "For Furnilure You Can Be Proud Oi" N ifhzurg O:ive Moun+ Olive Norih Carolina O aroma I WILKINS EGGS - MlCKEY'S PASTRY SHOP Mounl' Olive Norih Carolina - I KgTi2iES ' l - I 2I2 Norlh Cenler Sfreel Mouni Olive Norflw Carolina Goldsboro Nor+h Carolina l cARoLE's JOHN C- FLoRlsT WARREN AND soNs Mouni' Olive Norflm Carolina G l M I1 d F +I S cl F cl H d cl Q F s ppl , KING BARBER For dependable service and good values. Joy Sermons sliops l. G. A. IGA FOODLINER ,y Mmm, Olive "The place lor beller Y Nofill Carolina food and service" SUHUHIOWQ Mom Olive Noah c I NMI' Ca'0""a SUMMERLIN'S MARKET I I - - I - - - Heavy 8: Fancy Groceries Nalive 8: Weslern Meals . Complimems Mounl' Olive N0l"l'l'I Carolina SOUTHERLAND WlLSON'S INSURA. ICE AND JEWELRY STORE REAL"Y N' Jewelers ancl Walchmakers 0 Courfeous Service I All Kinds 0 Efficienr Personnel I of Insurance. Mounl Olive Newion Grove Norfh Carolina Norllw Carolina BRITT'S BARB ER SHOP l'wlew'l'on Grove NOFII1 Carolina Goldsboro MOUNT OLIVE LIVESTOCK I MARKET . Mounr Olive, Norrh Carolina R O STATION T INIZIITIIQTRIIIHI I ILBBYIZRN BUGILBITUJ LWBDIILIMB Among flue announcers ol WDJS is SI I I-I plwrcy, a - sludenf al Mounf Olive College. Mounf Olive Norih Carolina CIRCLE APPLIANCE COMPANY General Elecfric Appliances and Televisions Hardware ancI Furnifure Newfon Grove NorI'I1 Carolina I I I I I I I SAVINGS AND LOAN iii . -H .-...L-.,. 7-5, - -ig - v Long Term Loans I430 on your Radio Dial 0 Budgef Savings Plan Serving Wayne, Duplin, Johnsion, and Sampson Counfies. "The Besl in Lisrening Pleasure" Owners J. H. MAYO MRS. LOTTIE S. WELDON Norih Carolina Mounl' Olive, Noriln Carolina MADE-RITE BAKERY VJ., 1221.41 ln order fo obfann fresh baked bread. rolls, and cakes, Eve Mullen depends on MADE-RITE BAKERY. For bread wifh fhai' home baked 51 i ', 1 A ? +aS+e, ge+ MADE RITE. lT's ' A E " ' am ALWAYS FRESH! ' ,A,, fa, V M63 ,1.1 A 5 1 lrr A 9 A f A eoLosBoRo ' A. " "" ' ' 'A NORTH CAROLINA X Jw 114 In BORDEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA l l I l l l l l l l ISAACS-KAHN PERCY BRITT GRlFFlN's I GROCERY BARBEQUE Goldsboro, Nor'I'I1 Carolina Mouni' Olive Nor'II1 Carolina I gf JF WELLS INSURANCE 81 REALTY Goldsb 81 ReaII'y S Complefe Insurance N 'II1 Carolina ervice me 1 I WA. . I ' Id 'M I .,. g iilii Yr-el Nuwom s -,I lnrixzzfell ' IIIIIII f 1II'1w D". ,'IMVn'W1 1 Goldsboro Nor+I1 Carolina HOLIDAY INN Goldsboro NorI'I1 Carolina FREE WILL BAPTIST PRESS Localed a+ Ayden, Nor+h Carolina, fhe Free Will Bapfisi' Press plays an aciive par'I in +he Iiferary pub- Iicafions of Mounf Olive College. The monfhly NEWS- LETTER, prinled by Ihe press, is disfribufed 'lhroughoui The nalion for 'Ihe benefii' of our supporfers, alumni, and prospecfive sludenfs. The FREE WILL BAPTIST PRESS is organized fo clisfribufe all church relalecl Ii'Iera+ure. ERNEST NEWCOMB GENERAL UPHOLSTERY gnpgq o as ey mspec a 6 evro ef Im a a. N ,. Dudley, Nor+h Carolina .,,, A : if 1 --I2 - w h. T A y .Ill Tn 121 3 - , ,Vg I I ' 4. K ' : ll .Ag. 51 . ffl' '-3".:Ea:I5':5I Gonosao o I 5 i Egg! PBIIIIIIIEQ J ' ' ' ' I. I -s - ar-'1 + fg iyliil :x 5,4 2 , . -A' 1 5 gf V L , f ., , in f -'-- I -Zsfffyx Serving Easfern Carolina for 33 Years I I I TAYLOR SNOW HILL Admiralion gleams in Ihe eyes of Frances Kornegay and Johnny Club Ih ' I I96 Ch I I I I HEVROLET, INC. MARVIN STROUD'S GROCERY NORTH CAROLINA Highway III O 'II Bridge Communify I NEWTON GROVE NEWTON FLORIST GROVE DRUG COMPANY NewI'on Grove Goldsboro Nor'II'1 Carolina Nor+I1 Carolina WATSON'S CHICKENS I A555323 I I PIan+s Locafed I leigh - Rose Han - snef ca+y Nor+I1 Carolina I I Dr. Shaver gives Beverly Piffard her yearly eye examinaiion. DR. THOMAS E. SHAVER For reliable and efficienf opfical service, depend on DR. THOMAS E. SHAVER. whose office is Iocafed on Cenfer Sfreef in Mounf Olive. FREEMAN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Aufo Parfs and Machine Shop Service Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina PERRY HALL'S SEEGAR'S GROCERY HARDWARE Mounf Olive Goldsboro Norfh Carolina Norfh Carolina BEN FRANKLIN REALTY 81 CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina STANLEY SHOE COMPANY Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina WITH ERINGTON-THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY Persons looking for aufomobile, fire, life, bond, fheff. or comprehensive insurance wifh personal service by an esfablished firm which has been serving Mounf Olive for a number of years should see WITHERINGTON- THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY Iocafed af IIO Wesf Jarries Sfreef, Mounf Olive. GLENN 84 MARTIN DRUG COMPANY "You can save wifh safefy af fhis Rexall Sfore." This quofafion is fhe slogan of your Rexall Sfore Iocafed on Soufh Cenfer Sfreef. GLENN AND MARTIN DRUG COMPANY feafures fhe nafionally Imown Rexall brand of qualify drugs and sundry ifems. Mounf Olive Norfh Carolina DR. A. . BULLARD, JR. DR. M. M. LOWNES JR. l DR. JAMES H. LEE l l I Conoco Mofor Oils and Greases - R 8: H OIL COMPANY Full-O-Pep Gasoline Kerosene . . . Fuel Oils - Goldsboro. Nor+I1 Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF C. A. Precyihe "Blackie" Kincaid Faison Drug Roy Ou+Iaw Creech's Gicldens Cannon's Ralph Fail TH, Rufh Lavergne and Peggy Tyndall enioy a refreshing drink at Ihe CLINIC DRUG COMPANY. CLINIC DRUG COMPANY Mounl' Olive, Nor+I1 Carolina MOUNT OLIVE CATES BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION PICKLE Organized l9I9 Phone 685-4l29 COMPANY Cen'Ier and Main S'rreeI' Mouni- Olive Faison Nor'I'I1 Carolina N0l"l'l'l Carolina BOB'S GARAGE Seven Springs. Nor+I1 Carolina AMAN, MACK RAY, Dunn, North Car- olina. BARBER, FAITH LEIGH, Mount Olive, North Carolina. OLIVE LEAVES Staff, Business Manager 2, Phi Theta Kappa, Secretary 2, Marshal 1, 2, Bryan Schol- ar 1, Cheerleader 2, French Club 2. BEAMAN, MARY RACHEL, Snow Hill, North Carolina. Freshman-Sophomore Student GORE, LUCIAN FORREST, JR., Golds- boro, North Carolina. GOULD, MARY GRACE, Newport, North Carolina. Women's Judiciary .3:vc:,,s.-.91f"254i'9Ps31Sa.i:.A'sQ J .1 ,- -N - As spring approaches, baseball becomes the dominant sports activity on the campus. Banquet, Program Committee 1, Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, TWIG Staff 1, Youth Fellowship 1, Women's Judiciary Coun- cil, Secretary 2, House President 2, Secretary to Dean of Students 2. CASTEEN, JOHN BOYD, Faison, North Carolina. COX, SAMUEL HENRY, Goldsboro, North Carolina. FARMER, WILLIAM H., Mount Olive, North Carolina. Science Club 1, Intra- mural Tennis, Soccer, and Football 1, May Day Escort 1, S.G.A., Treasurer 2, Honor Council 2, Henderson Science Club, Executive Committee- 2, "Big Brother" for Commuting Students 2. FRANCIS, BARBARA SUE, Mount Olive, North Carolina. FUTRELL, MRS. FRANCES EDWARDS, Goldsboro, North Carolina. Council 2, French Club, Treasurer 2, TVVIG Staff 2, Henderson Science Club 2. GRADY, CHRIS T., Kenly, North Car- olina. Phi Theta Kappa 1, President 2, Bryan Scholar 2, Henderson Science Club 2, Marshal 2. GRUBBS, HARRY, Kinston, North Caro- Iina. HALSO, EDSIL SCOTT, Chinquapin, North Carolina. HANCHEY, MRS. BILLIE GRIFFIN, New Bern, North Carolina. HEDGEPETH, LIMA KEYES, Kinston, North Carolina. Missionary Prayer Band, Vice-President 1, Dramatics Club, Secretary 1, Henderson Science Club I, Secretary 2, Chorus I, 2, House President 2. U . Directory Hoopcia, JOAN SHARON, Mebane, North Carolina. Phi Beta Lambda 1, Treasurer 2, TWIG Staff, Feature Edi- tor 2, Henderson Science Club, Chair- man of Refreshments Committee 2. HUMPHREY, JAMES STEWART, Mount Olive, North Carolina. Ministerial Stu- dent 1, 2, Student Government Chap- lain 1, Kappa Chi, President 2. IVES, WALTER, JR., Trenton, North Carolina. IVEY, SUSAN LEE, Goldsboro, North Carolina. S.G.A. Elections, Campaign Manager I, Bryan Scholar 1, Secretary 2, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice-President 1, 2, Henderson Science Club, President 2. . K .gy Mr. Milton Goodman lights the fire in Hart Dormitory during the cold spell which hit East- ern North Carolina JOHNSON, BETTY GAYE, Greensboro, North Carolina. University of North Carolina at Greensboro 1963-1965, House President 2. JONES, BRENDA FAYE, Mount Olive, North Carolina. .I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I JONES, KITSIE ANDERSON, Mount Olive, North Carolina. KELLY, MARY JOSEPHINE, Mount Olive, North Carolina. ,J wi P' I I , I' J I.. Aj MM? I: ,,, ,M , -.L Gerald Waddell, Tim Daniels, and Phil Pittman watch that Sunday night favorite: Bonanza, on television. LAVERGNE, RUTH PATRICIA, Route I, Mount Olive, North Carolina. Hender- son Science Club I, Vice-President 2. MAREADY, BONNIE RABON, Hooker- ton, North Carolina. MOSELEY, MARY LORENA, Winter- ville, North Carolina. Freshman Class Speaker I, Women's Judiciary Coun- cil I, Chairman 2, Phi Theta Kappa I, 2, Youth Fellowship I, 2, Dramat- ics Club I, OLIVE LEAVES, Advertising Committee I, Co-Editor 2, Faculty Scholarship Prize I, French Club 2, Bryan Scholar 2, Marshal I, Chief 2, TWIG Staff, Religious Editor 2, Reli- gious Lite Committee 2. MUTH, PATRICIA ARLENE, Morehead City, North Carolina. Dramatics Club I, Chorus I, 2, Campus Queen I, Span- ish Club 2, Henderson Science Club 2. ODOM, SANDRA LYNN, Mount Olive, North Carolina. S.G.A., Vice-President I, President 2, Honor Council I, 2, Sophomores French Club I, May Day, Maid ot Hon- or I, Cheerleader 2. PERKINS, FLORENCE HALL, Goldsboro, North Carolina. PITTARD, BEVERLY JEAN, Prospect Hill, North Carolina. Phi Theta Kappa I, 2, Phi Beta Lambda I, 2, TWIG Staff, Lay-Out Editor I, Library Assist- ant I, 2, Henderson Science Club 2, Pep Club 2, TWIG Staff, Co-Editor 2. POTTER, MARY LOU, Warsaw, North Carolina. RACKLEY, EMMETT LEE, JR., Mount Olive, North Carolina. ROSE, JANET MARIE, North East, Penn- sylvania. Dramatics Club I, Dean's List I, Henderson Science Club 2, Chorus 2, Cheerleader 2. SKINNER, WINIFRED JO, Route 2, Box 334, Newport, North Carolina. Chorus I, Phi Beta Lambda 2. SPEIGHT, ELEANOR ESTELLE, Kinston, North Carolina. May Day Court At- tendant I, Float Committee I, Honor Council I, Henderson Science Club I, 2, Cheerleader 2, Sophomore Class Speaker 2, Spanish Club 2, Pep Club 2. STEPHENSON, JAMES DAVID, Fuquay- Varina, North Carolina. STRICKLAND, GERALDINE, Seven Springs, North Carolina. Piano Schol- arship I, 2, Pianist for Chorus I, Busi- ness and Professional Women's Award I, Spanish Club 2, Henderson Science Club, Librarian 2. SUTTON, ANGELINE, Gritton, North Carolina. Phi Theta Kappa I: HOUSS President 2, Honor Council 2, TWIG Staff, Co-Editor 2, French Club, Secre- tary 2. TAYLOR, BRENDA LOU, Newport, North Carolina. TWIG Staff, Secretary I, Phi Beta Lambda I, President 2, Phi Theta Kappa, House Reporter I, 2, Johnson Business Award I, Dean's List I, Henderson Science Club 2. TROUTMAN, ROBERT LOY, Mount Olive, North Carolina. TYNDALL, PEGGY ARLENE, Mount Olive, North Carolina. Phi Theta Kap- pa I, Christmas Float Committee I, Cowan Scholarship 2, TWIG Staff: Art Editor, Prootreader, Society Commit- tee 2. WHITMAN, JOHNNIE ROSE, Mount Olive, North Carolina. Intramural Bas- ketball Team I, French Club I, 2, TWIG Staff, Business Manager 2, Science glub, Vice-President 2, Lab Assistant WITHERS, MICHAEL JENNINGS, Thom- asville, North Carolina. WOOTEN, JIMMY FORREST, Goldsboro, North Carolina. Dramatics Club, Pres- ident I, Men's Judiciary Council, Sec- retary I, Marshal I, 2, S.G.A., Vice- President 2, Honor Council 2, Chorus I, 2. Lorena Moseley converses with one of the chapel speakers, the Reverend Earl Glenn from New Bern, ABBOTT, WILLIAM FRANCIS.. .Golds- CHADWICK, JOHN DAVID . . . La boro, North Carolina Grange, North Carolina ABERNETHY, GEORGE ELTON . . . Nash- CLARK, DOUGLAS ADRON . . . Beula- ville, North Carolina d ville, North Carolina ADAMS, NEVADA JEAN , . . Bennetts- COATES, DANIEL T .... Smithfield, vi le, 5. C. North Carolina ADKINS, BERNARD, JR .... New Bern, I COBBS, JOHNNY . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina North Carolina ANDREWS, LINDA SUE . . . Trenton, COKER, ALLEN . . . Turberville, South North Carolina Carolina BAKER, MARY FRANCES . . . Green- CONLEY, LARRY ELTON . . . Goldsboro, ville, North Carolina BALDREE, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR ..,. New Bern, North Carolina BATCHELOR, HILDRED JEAN . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina BARWICK, BRENDA CAROL . . . Golds- boro, North Carolina BARWICK, GLENDA SCOTT CMRSJ . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina BARWICK, JUDITH . . . Faison, North Carolina BARNES, CHARLES LEWIS . . . Wilson, North Carolina BARNES, JERRY T .... Wilson, North Carolina BEAMAN, JANIE MITCHELL . . . Snow Hill, North Carolina BEDDARD, SUSAN LYNETTE . . . Ayden, North Carolina BELL, ALENE JANIS . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina BELL, JACOB C., JR .... Nassawadox, Virginia BENNETT, MICHAEL G .... Charles- ton, South Carolina BIELBY, EARL . . . Greenville, North Carolina BLACKMORE, RUBY MARINA . . . War- saw, North Carolina BOOTH, WILLIAM FREDRICK . . . Ay- den, North Carolina BOSTIC, BYTHAL H .... Goldsboro, North Carolina Ruthie Webster reads the twice weekly Mount Olive Tribune in order to keep pace with the local news. Dallas Register prepares himself for that all im- portant Saturday night date. BOSWELL, BEVERLY ALENE . . . Wilson, North Carolina BRAUN, HELGA . . . Lynchburg, Vir- ginia BRIGHT, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Cho- cowinity, North Carolina BROWN, LINDA DIANNE . . . Selma, North Carolina BRYAN, EDGAR A .... Mount Olive, North Carolina BRYAN, GROVER CARSON, JR .... Bladenboro, North Carolina BUNN, CONNIE MACK. . . Sims, North Carolina BURCHAM, DIXIE MARIE . . . Kinston, North Carolina BYNUM, ROGER ALLEN . . . Stantons- burg, North Carolina BYRD, ANN GRADY . . . Warsaw, North Carolina BYRD, BILLY JUNIOUS . . . Warsaw, North Carolina BYRD, BRENDA GAYLE . . . Smith- tield, North Carolina CAVENAUGH, BETSY LYNN . . . Wal- lace, North Carolina North Carolina COX, JANICE ELAINE . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina COX, LYNDA . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina COX, VICTOR ED . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina CRAWFORD, JOHNNY GRAY . . . Greenville, North Carolina CREECH, JOYCE JEANENE . . . Smith- field, North Carolina CROWDER, WILLIAM R., JR .... War- saw, North Carolina CRUSE, LESTER LEE . . . Seven Springs, North Carolina DANIELS, TIMOTHY . . . Raleigh, North Carolina DAVIS, JOHN THURMAN, JR .... Mount Olive, North Carolina DAVIS, LAVERNA LEIGH . . . Fremont, North Carolina Linda Godwin presents Miss Rose Lindsay, chorus director, with a dozen roses for her untiring work with the campus musical group, DAVENPORT, ELIZABETH ANN . . . Creswell, North Carolina DUDDING, EDWARD THURL . . . Alex- andria, Virginia DUTTON, BARBARA ANN . . . Rock- ingham, North Carolina EAKES, DEWAYNE . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina EDMUNDSON, MARCIA . . . Pikesville, North Carolina 1 .l -Ls-. , HANCHEY, BENNETT . . . Wallace, North Carolina HANNA, MARSHALL . . . Pamplico, South Carolina HARRISON, GREGORY CARTER . . . Snow Hill, North Carolina lnnixlihsli fn? .4 A Sisters Rachel and Janie Beaman enioy the modern rooms which awaited them upon their return to school second semester. ENSLEY, DONNY DALE . . . Arapa- hoe, North Carolina ESHLEMAN, WILLIAM LEE . . . Golds- boro, North Carolina EVERINGTON, SANDRA . . . Deep Run, North Carolina FAULK, SANDRA JANE . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina FINK, ROBERT ALAN . . . Kenmore, New York FLOWERS, MONTGOMERY CHARLES . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina FOY, GERI . . . Maysville, North Car- olina FRANCIS, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina FRANKLIN, WILLIAM HAROLD . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina FREEMAN, SANDRA . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina FULTON, VAUGHN RIDER . . . Kins- ton, North Carolina FUSSELL, DONALD RAY . . . Rose Hill, North Carolina FUTRELL, WILMA RUTH . . . Pikeville, North Carolina GAINEY, DON RAIFORD . . . Golds- boro, North Carolina GARDNER, JUDY LYNN . . . Maccles- field, North Carolina GASKILL, JULIAN THADDEUS . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina GODWIN, LINDA JOYCE . . . Wilson, North Carolina GRANTHAM, JAMES HAROLD . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina HERRING, CAROLYN SUE . . . Albert- son, North Carolina HERRING, CHARLES EDWARD . . . Pink Hill, North Carolina HILL, JONES NATHAN, Ill . . . Dover, North Carolina HILL, RAMONA KAYE . . . Deep Run, North Carolina HINE, MARTHA . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina HINNANT, CHARLES K .... Kenly, North Carolina HINES, MAMIE GERALDINE . . . Kins- ton, North Carolina HOLLENSTEIN, KENNETH, JR .... Hav- ertown, Pennsylvania Willa Kenan and Martha Hine check the bulletin board for the official exam scheduler HOLLOMAN, BRENDA KAY . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina HOLLINGSWORTH, GAYLE , . . Faison, North Carolina HOLMES, WAYNE TIMOTHY . . . Zebu- lon, North Carolina HOOD, JOEL CRAIG . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina HORNE, CLIFTON DERRELL . . , Golds- boro, North Carolina HORTON, EDWARD EARL . . . Golds- boro, North Carolina HORTON, JAMES SETH . . . Golds- boro, North Carolina HOUSTON, WILLIE R .... Mount Olive, North Carolina HOWARD, STEVE . . . Winston-Salem, North Carolina HOWELL, TIMOTHY JARMAN . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina HUFFMAN, ROBERT LEE, JR .... Golds- boro, North Carolina JACKSON, DWIGHT . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina JARMAN, RONNIE WARREN . . . Beu- Iaville, North Carolina JENKINS, JANICE . . . Farmville, North Carolina JENKINS, MRS. LINDA FAYE . . . Beu- laville, North Carolina 'ill iii., 1, I I ll rj -':,i7,u1i!I'b'i! 'lil' ii, if lliii' the Ss ft'- illltlll it -Kit! - A Qty ? T' N l 'I ' 'l'?l it A. '. ' - 'EIT' 'l: ti ii 7 I' it I , I - 5, il ,- , t- f i ,f . ,- -"N ' .L Snow, which fell on January 25 and 26, blankets the entire campus. JONES, LINDA GALE . . . Kenly, North Carolina JONES, JOSEPH RICHARD . . . Beula- ville, North Carolina JONES, JUDY MARYLENE . . . Kenly, North Carolina JONES, SHELBY JEAN . . . Nashville, North Carolina JONES, VANCE PERRY . . . Kinston, North Carolina JOYCE, LINDA . . . Chesapeake, Vir- ginia KANAVEL, GLENN T .... Hubert, North Carolina KELLY, RUSSELL DOUGLAS . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina Student Directory KENAN, WILLA MAE . . . Kenansville, North Carolina KILPATRICK, THOMAS C .... Mount Olive, North Carolina KING, RICHARD W ,,.. Wilmington, North Carolina KORNEGAY, JIMMY RANDOLPH . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina KORNEGAY, FRANCES LOUISE . . Mount Olive, North Carolina KRON, WILLIAM JOHN , . , Clinton, North Carolina LANCASTER, DAVID EUGENE . . Rocky Mount, North Carolina LANGSTON, BARBARA ANN . . . Ken- Iy, North Carolina LAWSON, RICHARD ARTHUR . . Kinston, North Carolina Ten o'cIock P.M. calls for a "gal: fest" among the coeds, LAYTON, JANE ANNE . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina LINDHOLM, LINDA LOKEY . . . Jack- sonville, North Carolina LUCAS, VVILLIAM TYRONE . . . Lilling- ton, North Carolina LUPTON, LUCY . . . Lowland, North Carolina LYSZKOWSKI, THERESA JANE , . . Morehead City, North Carolina MCDANIEL, MARTI . . . Pollocksville, North Carolina MCEATTER, JOHNNY CARROLL . . Goldsboro, North Carolina MALONE, ROBERT MARSHALL . . Kinston, Noith Carolina MALONE, WAYNE D ..., Kinston, North Carolina MALPASS, HANSON RUEUS . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina MARTIN, BILLIE GAIL . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina MATTHEWS, MARY PATRICIA . . . Kinston, North Carolina MILLARD, GWYN . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina MILLER, BILLY . . . Beulaville, North Carolina MIZELLE, BETTY JOYCE . . . Ahoskie, North Carolina MODLIN, ROLAND BLOUNT, JR .... Washington, North Carolina MOODY, BRENDA . . , Kinston, North Carolina MOORE, ROSE MARIE . . . Durham, North Carolina MORRIS, ALLEN . . . Scotland Neck, North Carolina MOZINGO, RANDALL RAY . . . Ayden, North Carolina MULLEN, EVE . . . Chocowlnity, North Carolina MURPHY, CAROL ANN . . . LaGrange, North Carolina NARRON, CAROLYN JANE . , . Mid- dlesex, North Carolina NEWBERN, LINDLEY GRAY. . .Powells Point, North Carolina NEWELL, ALICE . . . Dover, North Car- olina NOBLE, CELIA SUSAN . . . Trenton, North Carolina NOBLE, JOHN MARTIN , . . Kinston, North Carolina Helga Braun washes cars during a fund raising campaign tor the Youth Fellowship. Chief Marcia Edmundson whips the cheerleaders through their routines at practice. NORMAN, GLENN . . . Beaufort, North Carolina OATES, PATRICIA ANN . . . Faison, North Carolina OGBURN, BRENDA RUE . . . Willow Springs, North Carolina PARKER, DAVID ALLEN . . . Garner, North Carolina PARKS, BETTY GAIL . . . LaGrange, North Carolina PARRISH, TOMMY GLENN . . . Faison, North Carolina PEACOCK, JOSEPH FRANKLIN . . . Wilson, North Carolina PENUEL, RICHARD GLENN . . . Golds- boro, North Carolina PHILLIPS, ROBERT H., JR .... Kinston, North Carolina PINER, SPERBY . . . Sneeds Ferry, North Carolina PITTMAN, JAMES PHIL . . . Pine Level, North Carolina POWELL, KINER DEAN . . . Seven Springs, North Carolina POWELL, JAMES BREWER . . . Gran- ville, North Carolina PUCKETT, SANDRA KAY . . . Mount Airy, North Carolina PRICE, CONNIE. . . Mount Olive, North Carolina PRICE, JACKIE . . . Seven Springs, North Carolina PRICE, JEANNE . . . Seven Springs, North Carolina PRICE, TRUDY IRIS . . . Seven Springs, North Carolina RAMSEY, TERRY . . . Hubert, North Carolina REAVES, RICHARD AARON . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina RICHBURG, BOBBY . . . Manning, South Carolina ROUSE, BRYCE QUINTON . . . Seven Springs, North Carolina ROSE, DARIUS EUGENE . . . Smith- tielcl, North Carolina ROSS, JOSEPH . . . Greenville, North Carolina ROWE, ALVIN EARL . . . LuCan'ta, North Carolina RUSSELL, RODNEY, JR .... Dover, North Carolina RYAN, CAROLYN Q b 1 Greensboro! SUTER, JAMES A .... Havertown, North Carolina Pen"'5YIVa"ll5 SANDERS, DURWOOD MCCOY, JR .... SUTTON, DWIGHT , . . Mount Olive, Richlands, North Carolina North Carolina SANDLIN, JACKIE . . . Verona, North SUTTQNI HARRY ELLSWQRTH , Carolina Mount Olive, North Carolina SASSER, JEANNE BRYANT . . . Golds- SUTTON, JOYCE ANN . . . Albertson, boro, North Carolina North Carolina SELF, JUDY CAROL . . Winston- SUTTQN, SHERWOQD RUSSELL , Salem, NOVIIW Carolina LaGrange, North Carolina There are many types of noise makers present at the Mount Olive College athletic events. SELBY, JACK ROLLINS, JR .... Jack- TALTON, CYRUS ROSE . . . Goldsboro, sonville, North Carolina North Carolina SERMONS, JOY RAY . . . Greenville, TAYLOR, DONNA FAYE . . . Golds- North Carolina boro, North Carolina SEYMOUR, BILLIE ESTHER . . . Golds- TAYLOR, JOSEPH BRANDON . . . boro, North Carolina Mount Olive, North Carolina SLAUGHTER, BLAIR . . . Newport, TEW, OFFIE BENNY, Ill . . . Salemburg, North Carolina North Carolina SMITH, LINDA KAY . . . Deep Run, THIGPEN, EMILY KAYE . . . Turber- North Carolina ville, South Carolina SMITH, RONALD ALLEN , . . Greens- THIGPEN, GEORGE DOUGLAS . . . boro, North Carolina Mount Olive, North Carolina SMYK, ELIZABETH ANNA . . . Golds- THIGPEN, THOMAS . . . Beulaville, boro, North Carolina North Carolina SPELL, WILBERT EARL . . . Clinton, THOMPSON, LINDA ROSE . , . Smith- North Carolina field, North Carolina SPERONE, JOSEPH . . . Rutherford, THOMPSON, MEARL EDWIN . . . Ay- New Jersey den, North Carolina STANLEY, JOHN . . . Goldsboro, North THOMPSON, SARAH NELL . . . Au- Carolina rora, North Carolina STEVENS, CHARLES H .... Warsaw, TILLETT, WILLIAM JAMES . . . Ar- North Carolina lington, Virginia STEWART, SALLY BEA . . . Alexandria, TILLMAN, DONALD LEE . . . Mount Virginia Olive, North Carolina STROUD, MARY CATHERINE . . . TRADER, KENT T .... Angier, North Kinston, North Carolina Carolina SUGG, WILLIAM GRADY . . . Snow TURLINGTON, JACKIE . . . Goldsboro, NOFIIW Carolina Ngrfh Carglina SUMMERLIN, ELIZABETH ANN . UTLEY, NANCY . . . Roxboro, North Goldsboro, North Carolina Carolina VANDIFORD, GENE CORNELIUS . . . New Bern, North Carolina VICKERS, LOU I .... Hertford, North Carolina WADDELL, GERALD . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina WADSWORTH, JOHNNIE ROLAND . . . Battleboro, North Carolina WALTERS, JAMES LARRY . . . Saint Pauls, North Carolina WALTON, HERMAN LELAND, JR .... Midlothian, Virginia WATKINS, ALVIN A., JR .... Golds- boro, North Carolina WEBER, LAWRENCE HARRY, III . . . Pink Hill, North Carolina WELLS, EVELYN . . . Mount Olive, North Carolina WHALEY, KERMIT CYRUS . . . Rich- lands, North Carolina WHATLEY, CHARLES CARROLL . . . Goldsboro, North Carolina WEBSTER, RUTH ELAINE . . . Pinetown, North Carolina WHITE, CAROLYN ANNETTE . . . Cove City, North Carolina WIGGS, JENNY . . . Fremont, North Carolina WILKINS, CARMEL DARLENE . . . Prince- ton, North Carolina WILLIAMS, PATRICIA KAY . . . New- ton Grove, North Carolina WILLIAMSON, ARLENE . . . Clinton, North Carolina WORRELL, CAROLYN DELOIS . . . Dud- ley, North Carolina WOODARD, SANDRA . . . Princeton, North Carolina ZURKA, GREGORY G .... Broomall, Pennsylvania Beverly Boswell loads her car for that weekend visit home. Freshmen Index Administration . .. Advertisements .. Basketball ...... Baseball .......... Board ot Directors . .. Bryan Scholars ...... Business Department ...... Campus Queen and Court .. Cheerleaders ........... Contents ..... Dedication ,....... Directory .......... Editor's Final Block .... English Department . . . Executive Committee . . . French Club .......... Freshmen ...,........... Henderson Science Club Highlights ........... Index .......... Intramural Sports . . . Kappa Chi ...... League .............. Marshals .............. Mathematics Department ..., May Court I966 ............. Modern Language Department . .. Music Department ........... Opening Section ....... Outstanding Sophomores .. Phi Beta Lambda ....... Phi Theta Kappa ............. Physical Education Department . . . President Raper ............. Queen of Olive Leaves ...... Religion Department .... Science Department ....... Social Studies Department Sophomores ............. Spanish Club ................ Student Government Association . The Twig .................. Yearbook Statt ...... Youth Fellowship .. With Foundations Laid and Buildings Constructed, Architects draw the plans, contractors construct the buildings, and administrators guide the curriculum. After the initial endeavors of these individuals, the students must then apply themselves to build a better future for themselves, their local communities, their state, and their nation. 'Y' A.. From foundations such as the one above, Mount Olive College has con- structed an academic building and a dormitory complex. The future holds much promise for this growing institution. QQ? ,f 21. ,, .., - ..f-1 N'::,.f,-..-. : f. , -' Sf. Jimmy Wooten, a student at the college, surveys the work on the new campus. Students, personnel, townspeople, Free Will Baptists, and other friends of the college kept pace with the construction. 3' , - i', With much anticipation, these same people L, A, -. . . . brig' - Q. T Q continue to take an interest in the future , i building programs of Mount Olive College. 4, 'T Mount Olive College Continues to Grow. Qzngg V... , ' ' 'ffzirfl i , t ll' it u These faces will soon become the leaders of tomorrow. In the capable hands of George Kornegay, President of the Area Foundation, and College President W. Burkette Raper lies the progress of this college. In order to prepare the students for their ca- reers, there are a varied num- ber of fundamentals available to the students of Mount Olive Junior College. This institution endeavors to build the students' characters through exposing them to the arts, to the spiritual com- position of the world, and just simply to the everyday concept of living with other individuals. As steel beams frame the sky and new buildings rise, the face of the college will change quickly. The future seems at hand and the conquest easy. Mount Olive College definitely builds minds, as well as edifices, for the coming years. 9 , an sus vim ufvnomsnv roxy Mount ouve rJUN R comics ,f X All X uiouuv ouve. nouns akin! ...... - ,n - 2121. X s We E 'ZX fy, D' yew I " H, gf- .,, Z. 5, ll i -.V 'E 1 : A f ,Pi it a U Qi .. 1?---1 V . ls' "1f1' E52 5 51, ,Til . E to -f'se?...s,,Q '-'f a s-2-eats? Development of the ninety-two acres on the college campus calls for hard labor much organization, and help from all of Eastern North Carolina. The future cam pus will be one of the most beautiful areas of the state. -Us 'H D H -u v".-L1 ' i f,:ff.w., 1 - - ful will i 'i-sw 4-v 'fa f . N I 'J .' ,f ' V f ,aff U, ,. -- i.-...tilt .,-- , . .4 gp-4... N , . V 1 f .. ,' rl - e A ' -4 ' . lu' , . f-if . , I n . J .A ,.",Jr-- . -y y f 01 we' 4 1d.,,,. ,,,, ,, ,, e .yy 5, f ' 5+-' 1 was A' . f' ' s- -..--,- gg, - , -Ep-X, ,-.... ,U -- , - M , 7-Aww A i , r A , A ' ,sr , ' ily-v . .Jry--.,,-,1 .L . . ,, -,fi 5 ,fi 'vw '- . -all ' , If -vi. -. ... lm I V pnaaqun-il - 'Sf' on ... ff. ,fn fu .Y - - - .un .Q 4 - an- ..- .- .- ' 4' yr' 4-'lr 'miihv S+iII divine: Sirong, ancl clear, ancl ever burning, On +l'1e palh of wisdom shine. Alma Maier, our dear mo'l'her, Honored ever, honored now: Courage, fai1'l1, and love Clevofecl, Be 'Phe laurels on +hy brow. O, Moun'l' Olive, how we Rave 1'hee, wiih fhy fos+ering care, heaven smile above +hee, and keep fhee . Fag g, Jr. -f --.1 --mf .. Xfl' EdiTor's Final Block JusT as iT Takes blocks To build buildings, iT Takes pages To build yearbooks. I am graTeTul To have had a parT in building The I966 Olive Leaves, yeT, I did noT and could noT have done The Task alone. I wish To Thank all The members of The sTudenT body and The TaculTy Tor Their pa- Tience and cooperaTion when The members of The sTaTT were madly rushing around Taking picTures To meeT our deadlines. On behalf of The enTire sTaTT I owe a deep debT of graTiTude To Mr. Charles KraTT who was always ready To come wiTh his camera whenever I called. In addiTion, I am mosT graTeTul To Taylor Publishing Company and Their fine repre- senTaTive, Mr. Lee Blackwell, for helping me see This ediTion To press. A word of Thanks also goes To Mr. Zeno Spence for creaTing The arTwork, in This book. To each member of The Olive Leaves sTaff -Wilma FuTreIl, FaiTh Barber, Susie Francis, Derrell Horne, Linda Lindholm, Janice Jenk- ins, Judy Jones, and Judy Gardner-I say Thank you. ThaT is noT enough for your long hours of work, buT I TrusT ThaT This copy of The I966 Olive Leaves will be a small re- ward Tor your eTTorTs. We have worked To- geTher as a good Team. A special word of appreciaTion goes To Miss Eleanor Poole, wiThouT whom we would never have finished This yearbook. Her conTinuous, unTiring inTeresT, encour- agemenT, and assisTance gave us increased iniTiaTive To work harder To produce The very besT Olive Leaves possible. WiTh her guidance, we were able To lay The blocks and compIeTe The producT. A yearbook Takes minds, Time, and in- dividuals. Many people have aided in This cooperaTive efTorT. To everyone, I Thank you. I, as ediTor, hope you enjoy The 1966 ediTion as much as I enioyed helping To com- pose The maTerial. Lorena Moseley EdiTor-in-Chief gi' we a P 5 I i 'f 1-V ffl? t . 1 1 's r Z G 5 B L " W- At,v- ,, 1 I r. 4 ,4 Il I A F f Q A ' 3. 1 v '1 f Q AW-AV-V ,W Y , Y Ax W N r AY 777 YYY W 2 ,g,,.--,,, , ,-. 1 nl 1 n1im"'!!!l!!I!!..!'J.J.'lf .

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