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Mount Olive Colleuffs Libraxry GXCERDIS Mount Olive College, Mount Olive, North Corolinct Mount Olive College Library olive leaves I," cg' 1 0 published by the student body ETHEL SNIITH JASPER coxxyxx Fmxcglcs fXLI3liRTSOX BETTY Jo BHXNETT DENNIS ll.-X'1'CIIE1i ,xx1T,x w x1,Kr:n .-xxxu 11E. xT11 mas. LORICLLE XI.-XRTIX Cn-Czlifnr Cu-Cdifor A.s'.s'i,s-lun! lfflifm' I311.s'im'.szs ,Xlzlmzgcr A4lcv1'1i.s'ing AIIIIIUQUI' C0-Iifrmry Editor Co-Iilz'V411'y Eclilor Advisor WEN Student Lite. . Organizations Sports. .. Administration Students .... Advertisements. 4 Dedication 'Q 1--s Dr. Roy C. Donnell B1'1'1111sc 1111 is 11 11'111'111 H1161 11ll1lll't'l1 p1'1's011 11110 is 111111111 C0111'C1'11c'11 11-1111 thc lL'F11lIl'I' of 1110 Sfll- 111'111 111111 1111' p1'11g1'1'.s's of 11111 50110111 , . . 111'1'1111.s'C 1111 is 1110 wry 51111111111 of 111111111111 111111 C1111- 1'11fi1111 lL'1f11 his 111115-1111111i11g 1111i1i1i1'.9, his 111111111111 111 1111- C111'i.s1i1111 111'i111'i1111's. 111111 his 51111110 .s1'11.s'1' of 1111111111 ',.. 1J1'1'11115'C 111' 511111115 11111111135 111111 i11111111'1i111i111 lL'1IC1l 11011111111 111111 1110 11i.s'1'i111i11111'y p1'111111'111.9 111111' 1111311 111111 111'1111111,s11'1111'.s his 11'i.s'1111111 111111 1111'1'sig111 111 .s-1111A111g 11111111 , 1 . 1IL'L'l1ll1SL' 111' 1111111i1'1'. 1'1'.s'111'1'1. 111111 111111 111111, 111' 111'11i1'111C 1111' 1964 01iU1' LL'l1l'l'-S' 111 D12 H1111 C. f1vD17lll1L'11. 5 HWY liz: un VA: eb . - W masts-'Q. 4-v-. .t . . I .. qw 1... fuse:-f - W K Perhaps the most challeng- ing and stimulating aspect of college life is the inter- mixing of its students. In the various societies, on numerous social occasions, in day-to-day life, and in the various official functions of the school, students discover the pleasure of each other's company. These events re- vealed in the following ex- cerpts build memories, never to be forgotten. Throughout 'S u I 1 ' Q fx an xx iX gt r 'Q VL' l 1 ' W ff' 0 ri S I Li! 51:41 Zim L F A il-J' I if .qK,. ww U?- A new life begins . .K . V 1 .- if gf Y f - ge .'35,.fifff'4 Efaiff s ss .:... . ,xxx - if 3-iiiv .t ll ' ' . 'l-A 4 is i ,M ,gait ' K- ir' 'xg' " QQ""-41" f Z! 44", ' mg' A S15-, . ,Ll .nw A 9' M . .5 . ,.. 1 46 ,W 2 W 4.-1, Q ' ' fr.,s-.' ' -QI 31- . w:-. -F :vii 'gs-'W I , -2 :el ,QQ ,. . 'Q 4. V x -.. . -. A 5 Q Q 'ft' .I 'P , TI. X 'gf' Q, . N ' " - ' 'x " ' - 1 R, r - . 'ff' X -A Q, ' ti ll ,K x A r W., t, gun " p Z .4 xi 1 .' .b my if ' ,f ' ,lg ,,. Q , X ' . - 2 fg 'Q Y g t ,M em Q., Ji e . .-in wg 'Sf' 'ri' ' - Q 5 f S- A . f 1. .4 5 . ,- ...ii-t Lis.-i . -1 - t 5 ' -3 ss , S . X " M- ft' Q if X f , XJ vt A 4- x V- X S 1, hh T as XQT N .lt :A M "'! 7 gffxx 1 Q- ' 1 Q, Q? . , y 9, cp if ., .M 5 , v .4 ,ff f . :fx f-sy .ZA l s 4' -13.114 .,, -a as EXE A DAMP WELCOME is extended by sophomore Adrian Crubbs to new students Iimmy Kennedy, Steve Worthington, and Maye Hardee. INVASION of the Tyndall House occurs when freshman boys arrive to face new experiences and to make new friends. XVORKINC STUDENTS Dana Woot- en, .Io Ann Weeks, jackie Royal, and Billie Griffin learn their duties as library assistants. THE FIRST MEAL is a solemn occa- sion. Conversation is almost nonex- istent since very few people know each other. i ' i 4 V with orientotion ond registrotion CONCENTRATION is es- sential for a student's suc- cess. Billie Criffin struggles with one of the many place- ment tests taken by all fresh- men. DECISIONS conceming which subjects to take are major problems that every freshman has to face. Sarah Rose points out to Iudy Ev- ans and Alice Neal a course she plans to take, while Charles Lancaster, Maye Hardee, and Deamous Lewis discuss their prospective schedules. REGISTRATION and filling out schedule cards are tedi- ous tasks. Freshman Ioseph XVilson registers for religion with Mr. Charles Sapp as jimmy Rouse and Connie Mac Pittman ponder sched- ule conflicts. ga Isis, , ,, Qi, J -4 'xx I X X Community-faculty entertainment features Hootenonny HOOTENANNY entertain- ment was provided by "The Groupv, a very tal- ented singing team from Goldsboro. Here they are presenting their arrange- ment of "Green Stampsf, PROGRESSIVE DIN- NERS at faculty homes are a prelude to the Mount Olive Merchants' Associa- tion party. Iimmy Kennedy, C. E. Armstrong, jackie Royal, Travis Sasser, Sand- ra Tomlinson, and George Harrison are served second helpings by Mrs. Lorelle Martin. Each faculty mem- ber entertained one group of students for supper and another for dessert. Q4 -I KX ' .J Convocotlon morks formol beginning ol l9o3 term FACULTY MEMBERS AS- SENIBLE in preparation for the convocation procession. Chatting and making last minute adjust- ments, members assist one ano- ther with their regalia. Left to right are Mr. Larry Nance, Nlrs. Mildred S. Councill, Nlrs. Gayle KI. Hartley. Nliss Rachel Stein- beck, Mr. Charles H. Harrell, Mr. Michael Perret, and Mr. Donald E. Becker. THE REVEREND CHARLES L. SAPP and Dean Roy O'Don- nell are escorted with solemn dignity to the pulpit by Nlarshal Ethel Smith. Nlr. Sapp, head of the Department of Religion, de- livered the Convocation address. The service, held September 15, 1963, in the First Baptist Church of Blount Olive, officially opened the twelfth academic year of Mount Olive College. Commhmdlde themeol Rehgious Emphosh Mi I,-rn Nm fray' it-'fs r 5 is 4 lm, A DISCUSSION GROUP is led by the Reverends Charles Sapp of the College, Robert Burns of the local Presbyterian Church, and Christian XVhite of the local Methodist Church. Students par- ticipating are considering prob- lems of Christian life. DR. NIYRON AUCSBURCER, main speaker for the week, is professor of theology at Eastem Mennonite College and Semi- nary, Harrisburg, Virginia. His messages inspired many students to rededicate their lives. STUDENTS CATHER for an informal discussion with two of the speakers. The Reverend Richard Davis of the Winter- ville Baptist Church relates one of his experiences to Adrian Crubbs, XVinnifred Averett, and Ethel Smith. The Reverend Dickie Pierce of the YVinterville Free Will Baptist Church ob- serves their reactions. a Q N 1 12 ll l l Qi lt I "9 l , N. Churches extend welcome to students N s r --.e .5 ,..,--"M li 1131 A 1 Ti- .f :P l I l l fl ' 'VHWX1 if . -1 fi 4 - CHECKED TABLE CLOTHS add a festive air to the Italian spaghetti supper being served to the college students by the first Baptist Church. C. E. Armstrong, sitting at the head of a table, Chats with fellow students. Chef Nick Uzzle serves Lois Lee while Anita YValker and Frances Albertson wait in line. A YVARM YVELCOXIE is extended to Connie Pittman and Betty Io Bennett by Mrs. Milton Boone. Pastor Boone invites Robert Powell, Gerald Evans. and Ellen Van Cilder to step aboard the "S. S. Baptist." THE HOXVARD FAMILY QUAR- TET interrupt their program of folk songs to pose for their picture. Dana XVooten, Elaine Phillips, Flora Hines. and Faye Foreman gather around to watch. gf gg, 4 tis-im . :' A' . J' ' 1 fi f, X , Miss North Corolino. g'Qd -1 . 1-A -'fix s.:-f ' "1 '- ,CAI L4 - s'gjjj':,' -,. .A F . fi 53 5' 1 'j " -- ' Ng. fr X fx -,Q IEANNE FLYNN SXVAN- NER displays her talent for the students by singing a comic ballad, 'iShafted." PREPARINC THE FLOAT is tedious but enjoyable work. YVindy Miles and Dar- by XVhitman nail the cover- ing while Carlton Collins paints the "horn of plentyf, Thomas DuPree and Gerald Evans attach the side panels as Alice Parker and Ethel Smith cut the ruffles. ARDENT ADMIRER Den- ny Hatcher seems fascinated at the charm and wit of Miss Swanner. THE COLLEGE FLOAT carries out the Harvest Day theme. Officers represent their clubs and the close relationship between these organizations and the aca- demic program at Mount Olive College. Bonnie Coates, president of the Henderson Science Club, and Gerald Evans, presi- dent of the Dramatics Club represent the leader- ship necessary for the accomplishments of these organizations. STUDENTS ARE CAP- TIVATED by Miss North Carolina's relaxed, but dy- namic personality, while they enjoy her singing and ukulele playing. Clockwise from the left are Dennis Lamm, Harriet Ramsey, Beth Bonner, Steve VVorth- ington, Bill Kinlaw, Miss North Carolina, Billie Grif- fin, Dana YVooten, Flora Hines, Alice Parker, Eve- lyn Herring, Barbara Bec- ton, Maye Hardee, and Linda Lee. ',,,,- ,, ' . i '-..,,,Tu.4- I. f"l3E as if flflff faywflfv 1 , w , PN moin ottroction 1-al-i -Yi-li - .i 33- -. T IN ing Y gi. A 1 s I 4 ' .. ' x I N Q- Tweltth onniversory is observed on Founder's Doy FOUNDER'S DAY SPEAKER, Dean A, R. Burkot of Campbell College, poses with President XV. Burkette Raper who extended anniversary greetings to the assembly. COLLEGE FRIENDS renewing ac- quamtances are Cleft to rightj Mrs. Anna Hill, Mrs. Albert Coates, Mr. Stephen Smith, Mrs. Celia Carris, Mrs. H. L. Spivey. AVVAITINC THE COMING of guests, eager salesmen of college pennants prac- tice their sales talk. Left to right are Charles jones, Charlotte Mills, Robert Haskett, Roy Cauley, lo Ann XVeeks, Carlton Collins, and Iohn Iernigan. A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE to Dr.. C. C. Henderson was a special part of the day's program. Miss Bonnie Coates, pres- ident of the Henderson Science Club who presented the tribute, is showing Mrs. Lorelle Martin and Frances Al- A bertson the bulletin board prepared by the club. H5 f f' Q- ,ll ' l . I DR. HXNDERSON 5 ---Zn mar-19m I6 321: , l 1 STUDENTS ARE STUNNED to hear news of the tragic death of our great President, john Fitzgerald Kennedy. jimmy Spell Cleft foregroundj displays the anger felt by all. Beside him, Lee jemigan shows the intense grief evident in all the students. LOXVERING THE FLAC to half-mast is the sorrowful task of jimmy johnson, jimmy Spell, and Eddie Mann. RESPECT AND ADBIIRATION are demonstrated in a candlelight march. Song leader Bob Lane, and flag bearer Bill Kinlaw lead the procession followed by Sandra Sloan, Edythe Outlaw, Fran- ces Albertson, and a large group of participants. EVEN THE VERY YOUNG sense the deep loss felt by the nation. Stephen and Elizabeth are the Children of Col- lege President and Mrs. Raper. College family mourns death of Kennedy I7 gs, "Y-. fu". 'V 17 it :cf . iq Q' 1?-1. -,js ,af :Vw '71 ff - ,.,. fb ..:' " wif. -4. If ., a-1 s-,N Q . X -. -fs I .. Sir LF iii 'K :P X -vi,,,'w'smysif1E-H hi 1 I .. V. iv, . V 4. I., 'Sul' I is lin Dail gives her version ol Nlarx' x l i t Xlary. 1 v. M . . '..Q1 N ' ,t Q -'-' -' t i nf 1 Xxx Y x XXX. 'X Mouwl' Cbmvir Jnxmn Coi,i,i5G1i Ethel Smith pantominies and dances to "IIoneyhnn." it Porode and Pogeont open Christmas seoson THE CHRISTMAS PA- RADE sponsored hy the Blount Olive merchants of- ficially opens the Christmas season. College representa- tion in the parade features Lynda NX' e s t h 1' o o k and Frances Alhertson in the first car, followecl hy Caro- lyn Fader and Faye Fore- man in the second car. Later in the evening the ct-lohra- tion was continued in thc college auditoriinn wlierc a pageant was held starring the Campus Queen contest- ants. The candidates pro- vide entertaininent for the audience with their original talent presentations. trying to win the hearts as well as votes of everyone for them- selves in the Campus Queen race. Among the talents dis- played were singing. danc- ing, pantomiming, sketching. and playing the piano. Nlattie Kate llarrison dances the Mllighland Fling." Barbara XVilmer explains her sketch of "Brer Rahbitf, R R PM l .Pg : is -asv.-magic' -, , , , J.-L." "'- ' ,yy . gli .bw , I -v-:vt-4 . Crowning of Campus Queen highlight of Christmas Porty - 1? 'NC TELLING A .IOKE on Dr. Ptaper, Carlton Collins entertains three of the candidates and their escorts at the Christmas party held in the Presbyterian Church Education Building. Left to right are Elaine Phillips escorted by Earl Aycock, Bonnie Coates escorted by Denny Hatcher, and .Ieanne Peele escorted by Larry Thornton. MEMBERS OF THE CAMPUS QUEEN COURT pose briefly during the party activities. The court includes Cleft to righti Mattie Harrison, .Ian Dail, Bar- bara Wilmer, Sarah Rose, Queen Ethel Smith, Elaine Phillips, Bonnie Coates. Jeanne Peele, and Faye Foreman. ETHEL SMITH IS CROXYNED Campus Queen of Mount Olive College for the school year 1963- 196-1 by Student Covemment President Adrian Crubbs. The main attraction of the evening was the crowning of the Queen. Miss Mount Olive College ot l96A Miss Ethel Smith First Runner-Up Miss Sorcilw Rose l fl 'li 'tx 'Xi Tags., , A mx 5 X .N xx .Y- 5 ffikifi. if, Q : , , 4-. s xi sf. f P 93 X S ss., itsxl-xx-, i ,y.i.s. :Q gg :b X 5. K- 3 h. P . Q-SEQ: ' T1-. 'F -1 -5 -+A. if f f . , s Ii ,if Q , i -K is ' P ,gf . M M ' NF""i Y K' W Q Q ' ' ' QASXZ - , 1 55- 'ggsfl' - . , V is ' ' Kiwi. HN an .dv 'U .rf N, 5:7 Q' 1' 4 .ll . Bi ' NW 'mil P Nl! f ' 5 if .K v 3,4 f 'uf 2 5 'I xl f f- w ' -i 'f ' .wg -F , ' vf-74 . -ek M " apo- .N-, 44. - -. 9 ,g.m.m'v - X QAMSY' X. . K Y,-25...-bv Z V N. ix3s.:,.e.-4.0. Ji -. ' V ' N. 139 r 1: Aim , -:' . N.,-me , Q I x ,Q-I-It .MAQ N X 11445 I A .- A I Q' 1. x.: N x R -, gm. - L, we .' 1 K- el: agfgawuipg v :Av ' .:4 14 7 ' N It -L' -- .ESA .+ - a X Q Nd., X ,. .sq Y . els-'f X - , .. h- 'QQ I' , - . . y im., - 5 T f! .ff 1,5 i . 1' gy, ' .X ,Q . NL K Q' 'I QA 1 ..', . 1 1 "' . --?g.1.1,.r-'W'-1 - ff -' .,.-I 1- f .. :S-'F-" '. 7 A'-'ff'-nfl'-, f'-,. 3 Qi? A 45. ,V - , .f.' . . ng- A '.v4-,.A-,fi- "." 5,1111- ' we Jaw- - , ' 'v - '- f' College Chorus presents Notivity Story THE COLLICCIC CHORUS une dvr tIi0 cliisvctiiiii ot XII: Dmighis IX. Iiiirnctt pivsc-iltccl one nf its inspiring pixmgriiiiis to the stu- clcnt burly. Tlic cliorns pzuiscs in the piwigixliii of CIn'istinais music wliih- students portray the niitivity soc-nc'. THE CONIINC BIRTH OF CHRIST is 1'c'x'va1IvcI to XI.n'y CCgu'oIyn F1uIvrb by the Qingn-I Iliininy L1nninI. THE BIRTH OF 'IESUS is pro- c-Iaximed Ivy tliv shepherds as Nlury and Ioscph gaze in nclorii- tion alt the new Savior. Piirtici- punts arc CII-It to riglitt, Cliurlvs lniius. Dunn XY:mtcii, Cin'oIyii Fiidciz and IIicIiai1'cI Bozartli. 22 K 'L rl ' -.4,1.f.'g"f 'f'.,'lgjQ f Gifts and preparations excite yuletide spirit CIVINC GIFTS at Christmas is it fumiliiu' sc-cne on L-annpus. cspcciiilly tn the nspecial ones." liininy NYvhstcr hopes to sur- prise Nlinnitrvcl Avcrctt with his special gift for her. DlfCUl7tgXTINC THE TREE. Clincln Sf1'il',liltllN.l hangs iviclcs nn the tree its hor twin sistcr. Linda. straightt-ns the star. NEW' YICSTXIENTS arc fittml on clinriis invinlwrs C. E. .Krin- strong and Xltittic Il1u'1'isnn, hy clinrus clir0ctux', Douglas .-X. Bur- nctt. The ni-xx' ruhcs WCM' used nn tht- Christmas tunr. A CONCERT CH,-XXD PIANO was ll gift of Hull Ruud Frm' Will Baptist Church at Snow Hill in incinnrx' of Nlr. nncl Nlrs. Levi Ilill. Ilvrc. Nlrs. Ioln H. B1i1'1'ow nncl Douglas Burnett pose lwsicle thi- pizinm which was clcclicaitccl ut ii special chapel program, 23 4 - -1 . vi.. 1 JA U zlzgf' rvllx llI1UflIt'?' rlvplzzlrlf 1 N V. Wim I x . ' .b Sankic portrays the llllC0llf11 party girl as Gmrgc' Iisfcns with SCCITIUIQ contcmpt. Tasty C'Il'I7f'lIlfC'-Y, LKUIKKIIHIII' lIIfl1f.S', 111111 Cl'fll'l1ICI'I'!j llllllfh 1'CfrCsh ,5'l11ffL'nf.s' for flu' QKIHICS zclzirfz follow. 24 llloiuit Olive College Library Hilorious spirits of Volentine Porty offer relief from routine THE VALENTINE PARTY was a real success as students and faculty participated in the program of games and entertainment. Decorations for the party, held in the Educational Building of the First Baptist Church, were simple with mobile red hearts and colorful balloons. Master of Ceremonies, Carlton Collins, began the party with a hearty welcome and introduction of enter- tainers. First on the program was the Howard Family who sang a selection of popular songs. They were followed by Charlie XYhitley who impersonated "Crazy," and George Harrison and Sankie Clenn who presented a skit. A band consisting of Mr. Ioseph Vann, Adrian Crubbs, Nlr. Donald Becker, and .Ierry English played several songsg later, Bliss Rachel Steinbeck sang several numbers accompanied by Mr. Douglas Barnett. After the entertain- ment, refreshments were served. Students tried to keep from forfeiting their paper hearts by retraining from the use of "I" in their conversation. A variety of games were played including several relays. At left, blindfolded Eddie Briley tries to put cotton balls in a basket as his fellow students roar with laughter. Lower left, students enjoy a double circle musical mixerg Ray Brown is last to kneel. The three pictures below show students joining in the games and party relays. First, in the candids, Betty Hontz is shown trying to whistle after eating a soda cracker as Bill Kinlaw looks on. Next, Carlton Collins is seen on the floor in hysterical laughter and Faye Foreman bends double. Third, Connie Pittman receives a token from Alice Neal during the "lifesayer', relay. UH Outstanding Sophomore-s Frances Albertson jasper Cowan Carolyn Fitzgerald Adrian Grubbs 26 J Dennis Ilafflzcr l L -c Anne Ilcaflz Nt .R rs.: - Etlzcl Smith Second-year students whose reputable serv- ice and admirable character have distin- guished th e m, gain special recognition as Outstanding Sopho- mores of 1964. OLIVE LEAVES h o n o r s these students whose scholarship, l e a d er - ship, and citizenship have been a credit to Mount Olive College. Their participation in extra-curricular activ- ities has made them worthy of both stu- dent and faculty ad- miration. "Prince otPc1rthlo Commemorotes Tercentenory NORTH C.-XROl.lNA,S TERCENTENARY is commemorated at NIOIC by a presentation of Thomas Godfreyis "Prince of Parthiaf' The performance was given by the Xlilmington Col- lege Dramatic Arts De- partment under the di- rection of Mr. Doug Swink. At left, the dra- matic quality of the play is demonstrated by Vil- mington College partici- pants. 3 . . W' l. x i THE C O XI l C VER- SION of the "Prince of Parthiaf' an original composition by the vis- iting play cast, provides entertainment in a light- er vein. Above, a star- crossed lover has met her fate. REFRESHNIENTS ARE SERVED at a reception immediately following the play. if College remains in Mount Olive DISCUSSINC TIIE POSSIBIL- ITY OF RELOCATION. the Bm11'cI of Dir1'ct111's meets 111 the cimlla-Qu lil11'.11'y tim 110111 the pros amd wus of m11x'i11g tu New Burn. Bcforc l'CilL'l1II1Q, 11 deci- sion, tlw B11111'cI also CUIISILICIACLI the Nl111111t Olive 111011 .mal xx'I111t it I111cI to offcr. A FINAL DECISION is 1111- 11i11111c0cI to 1'11cIi11 zmcl tclu'isiu11 LlllCIIL'l'lC'6S-uxlilllllt Olivo Cul- lcgs will 1'0111z1i11 in NI111111t Ol- ive," Prcsicle-11t B111'lwtt1- Ruper I'L'l2lf'k'CI tl1c lung 11w11it1-LI 111-wsg D1-1111 Rimy O'IDllI1IIL'lI lrightl led in 1111 inmcutiun. IXFUHXI.-XI., CRUIIPS QLIIIICI' tim I discuss the QI1'cisi1111. ' xx Qi A A plon for action - ci promising THE ACADEMIC CCURT friglitl will bc tlu- nucleus of tlie first constructions on tlic ncw ciunpus witli ii L-lussrooin and faculty office building and ii library. Also included in tlic first pliase of tlic building progrinn will be dormi- tory units for SS nicn and TS wonicn. Tlicsc will bc followcd by Ll student CGI'ltL'1'-C2ll:L'tCI'lLl. and clnipel. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 1964. A BLUEPRINT for tlic ni-w campus of Nlount Olive College shows tlur prospcctiyc buildings wliicli will nccoininodute future fjjln. pp pp l i . ,V 1 ,, , , lill lil i' 1 il ' 'Y X P lg ' 1 np i x A N 'if 7 f N, W K ul L 1 f? xt ll 14 Y l X i-1 W ' 'v LE, im 3 i gil ,, .W , 3' fi"-'tri x ,T tl , vw y' V' 5 lj. Lx' E Ji at I NT K r l l S00 studcnts. Tlic buildings illustrutcd in tba architects PT L f .iff .I " drawing include un udininistriition building, library, neu- " ' -" wit ' " ll dvmic facilities. auditorium, cliupel. student union and ' if W . -Y ,- VY L, . , . , , - X V - , 1? , " """ V, 1"'Ty' -1 ' - f t-utr-tc1'1u, gyinimsiuin, dormitories for int-n and women, xl J QS-'4--61, , l I ,,-, .3--1 - pluzus and outdoor utlilctiu uc-comin:idutions. xYllCl1 tbe , J., Q, V gpg! - Ai' inustcr plain has bc-cn cxecutcd, walks, roads, and land- ' '. . ' i - sr-aping finished, it is liopcd tbut tlic ciunpus of Blount K nigga, x - Olive College will present il facility of outstanding beauty ,. ff 'fl it und service to Eastern Nortli Carolina. if QL X VY E E3 i-- .1 :'. ' T R fl ' fiiilli tiki? 7 A i i il 1 : f' f i i Lili. - f HJ n. 351 ,,., gi . , , LQ 'xl ?.lf,QI1lL'l 31- , , I ' ' ' f- f- - fx -x f- -x " . o. lg-3 '.JL,lV: k,.LXf-QQJl,..llXlA --'J 41 5 ' A i , .nu A . 1- ' 3431: pq f N i I xi S A If ., ybzagru 1 . li, ,-gs f,.qf-r- ws -w -f f , - f C 'QW Appipuigvwisvion 5- , xN'.f1.'Q C: .. w ' p 0 X i . -'A fx 1' 1e::".::x.... if Q 'iff P l ' A .' Q, . " -'Q ., ,-W' wana: vmmq I., , 'fro-,,'71 ,xr-MJ 4- 3' J, O Q Q NF 'Pi' ' I W ggnpg 4, 'i X r A - we 1 N 3 N -, tx f 1 '.' oenwfoav :bf , .-- " KD " Q ,gq 0 ,Cx X X' , ,- - , A U Pop-ng, l Yi! LJ 1 r f- , 5 ga I N. J , -, mx - - .. , I -fi Ag. . B A MQL r. , ii , it N fir., f ,R ,I ' - L -Q5 ky 3 sz, 'Alf .l X 5 Y 'WA' - A .Tfy""'v ' 2' P Y P .N ' 'fri .- f--4-'1 A A YH. ' Wi' ' V- -' P xx. - . , ,9'- 4- 4.53 .Privy 11-an -W ' it N - - . N hash: -2 ' L "1 ..,. -. s f "OW'Qt X, ' 'L i -. " i-w wf - 4. S 69? A df va. M , vw - Q L. G X 'Q Q Q 1- Q -O 1 J io 30? Q' 7 T8 TEX - i - M- A 1.- 5 4- 'Tx -V 'F ' Q X ' K V 'Q La " z Y, E. H, .- I " 151+ " A i E rgf .vi , . X' AG' yi p. 1 3553- , 4, 1 N- 3, X X i,i3f:?qf1 t - ,:, Q Q ' fi . gffiw , or 5 if? Cr 5.3 fx S5521 gg' 'X .R -5 x Q. xx :Vita . NNi ' xii i ' XSS-+5 .X W.. Qi XX-in zsbq if ,.' xx ' . XX C, x 'se i ,jf 3 I-:rfwm - - Q1 if - , . i.,.t.ENmm '9 7- X X . Nmgfix fl., - 5 -.W . --N, - 7.45, -f f"'f'T'f'T'--N-..11T'r' . .NCQ QN ., . ,x 'pwzg g .. is , no . 'lf :Y 'N .f 'Q 5 5 AAQJQ T 5 W'-Q m i ' A C 5' . Fe. lid, ,Qtr . Q 5, S.:s2fzg,.- 5 X NQFF- 'A JENQQ 2 3 . 23251-X :.jPA,' ' air..-,QQQQQTQ1 M ,I Ag, A Q3 ,X msg , 194 im wx ..t. ..N.Q i Q" BX , 11 sv OO 'ak L' vga I' tc V ff C' I gill X Q 14 0 QM' o AREA FOUNDATION INCOR- PORATORS review the charter of incorporation. Left to right are Cseatedj Dr. R. H. Shackel- ford of Mount Olive, president of the foundation: Henry Belk, editor of the Goldsboro News- Argusg Mark Cherry of Mount Olive, secretary of the founda- tion: Cstandingj Dr. XV. Burkette Raper, college presidentg and Cletus Brock, editor of the Mount Olive Tribune. The Mount Olive College Area Foun- dation was chartered to encour- age and coordinate private sup- port from individuals and busi- nesses in the area served by the college. DISCUSSINC THE CHART OF OFFICERS for the college area foundation, members of the foundation decide the duties of each officer. Left to right are Mark Cherry, secretaryg IV. B. Sutton, member of the executive committee: Dr. R. H. Shackel- ford. president. Rav Scarborough, Mount Olive fund chairmang and Albin Pikutis, executive director. IAYCEES PRESENT a S500 check to Albin Pikutis, director of the foundation. The gift was presented by Bobbitt XVilson, president of the Mount Olive Iunior Chamber of Commerce. INTERESTED CITIZENS of Mount Olive and Goldsboro meet to he-lr the master plan ex- pliined DENOMIXATION AL A N D COMMUNITI LEADERS have somethin to smile about as President XX Burl-ette Raper identifies the first buildings for the neu campus Left to right ire the Reverend Melvin Ever- inqton C Edu ard Worley, The Rex erend M alter Revnolds, and Albin Pllxllt1S DR C C HEINDERSON pre- sents 531 000 in stock to the col- lege President Rfiper Cleftj shows deep appreciation as Pres- ident of the Bank of Mount Olne Clix Cfisex, looks on. PLANNING BEYEFIT DIN- INERS the Rexerend Garland TEISISX renews with the Rev- erend S A Smith and Gray Bos- well the areas covered in last vena s cimpuqn SPECIFICATIONS FOR LAB- being studied bx Cleft to rightl M1 I B Wiggins. architect, uith C Milton Small and Asso- ciates of Raleiffh Mrs. Lorelle F Martin ch urmin of the sci- ence depirtment ind Dean Roy ODonnell 1 L ' K I VT V Y : A, LI 7 A fd . G, . .0 C - U 1 . V. I 1 .-xg ,. . . . . AQ! ' .' Y., 'N V ' 3 ' ' -s ' c . V re, 1.4 .S '-CFI Q ' A , :gr V . Jil- ,.,, - ' Q I rt --U . ' " v gf L ' -' 1 . 'I ep' , . . Y . ' . If Fw, l . L Q 1 - ' r V i r VV 1 ' YV 1 f ' -, n . i i . , . 1 S ' W ' R ' - IV? ' . . k F' V 0 Q.-V s -'K ' . z ' " ' ' , -,,. ,VC-, V'.' L ak . - , N X I . 1 P' TT . K -'Aga '4 ORATORY FACILITIES are r -I 'F' . . V l , 1 ' T i. V 5' ' ' V. ' , ' ., 'U - ' Q9 1 '. . . -fi-15,3 V. ,V A , L . 9 X . . if 'a f if ' ." 'L . ' F' 1 . .V - ' , . .' ' , L r I ,N --v . Q ' . e Q 2 fl N X 0 ' , . I A 0 - al, iqft .- 3' 1. - . 5 . lx-. ' T' L ft Q-QV ' :Qi s T ' ur sow . is v , J , ' 4' .- . - ., V, -V3 . as - H, Q Spring Spiritual Emphasis Week precedes Easter Holidays I SPIRITUAL EHPI-IHS IS WEE K Awe fi M, PRIL 'I SPECIAL D E V O T I O N A L SERVICES are planned as part of tlie spiritual program for tlic student residences. Xlrs. Gayle Ilartley' leads a meditation pro- gram at tlie Carroll llouse. SPEAKER FOR TIIE XYEEK, tlie Reverend Charles Xlillialns, talks with tlie sclwul eliaplain. the Reverend Nlieliael Pelt, and a group of students. Tliey are Cleft to riglitl Adrian Crublis, Mr. Xlilliains. Nlr. Pelt, Anita IYalker, and Linda Xlbrtliington. DISCUSSION GROUPS, led by the Reverend Ylilliains, were lield eaeli evening in tlie college library. Topics for tlie groups included contemporary religious programs. The Vohcnt nevertome oldeoth butonceu PREPARINC SCENERY, Ioan Yelverton puts finishing touches on the iiiil window, while Bill Rogers directs Carlton Collins in placing the clock. Eddie Lee stops painting to look on. Lloyd Arneacli and Robert Powell dis- cuss possihle changes in the set. AT FINAL HEHEARSAL. Dyke fLloyd Arneachl is solemnly led to the giillows hy Father Daily iKirk Cutlerl and Xllirden Holt CGeruld Evansl as Bill Rogers stands guard. AN EMOTIONAL PEAK is reached when josephine Paris fNormu Carol Suminerlinl is told by Dyke that her brother Ioe was killed while serving his country. fini., , ,y 7? '44 , ,tgrf T .. Z' Z2 Z Nostalgic otmosphere of Dixieland THE ANNUAL FRESHMAN- SOPHONIORE is held at Del BIonty's in Goldsboro with members of both classes and college faculty and officials present for the occasion. The theme, "Dixieland,', is Carried out in the typically southern atmosphere with umbrellas and claggers as favors and a turkey dinner with all the tflll1Il1lIlgIS. ENIOYINC THE MEAL fbe- lowj, Mr. Vann has a quizzi- cal expression as he takes an- other sample of the appetizer. DIXIELAND MELODIES by -,' aku am. the Astro-Notes provide en- tertainment during the ban- quet -'11 L1 may 'I i l I l l . . p e r v Cl cl e s xiiuiwnnx SHARPE Cstandingl, the speaker for the evening. gives an entertaining address on the theme, "Delights of Dixielanclf' At his right, Mrs. Gayle Hartley, acl- viser to the Freshman- Sophomore Banquet, lis- tens attentiyely as Fresh- man Class S p ea li e r Frances Albertson gives the speaker an approv- ing glance. j. V ,Y ,' Freshmon - Sophomore Banquet CANDID SHOTS re- yealecl varied expres- sions clnring the ban- quet. At left are Larry Thornton, Bertie Hill, Xlary Lou Potter. Robert Bl o y e . and Margaret Turner. IUST TALKING. stu- dents gather informally after the banquet. From left to right are: Bobby Cooclrieh, lone Newton, Byron Dunn, Larry Kla- lone, and Cheryl Xlayo. Y. . Y , ' i x -1 ll I J 1- . 'xxxll A sy 35 fx 3-'I members elected this year are fleft to rightl Frances Albertson, lasper Cowan, Ethel Smith, Anne Heath, and Anita NYall4er. Nlilton Gillis, Thomas Hurst, and Charlotte Y Maxwell, former students also elected to membership this year, are not pictured. Xlemlmerslrip in the lrummrury society is upen to second-year liherul arts students who have ll 2.0 average with no grade lower than LI und whose service to the school merits special recognition. Eureka Societ S 1 r H QD gyr--V Q ..r,..f ,,-5 Ns. v-. v ,I S- I 3-1,1 H,-V . .' '-,, fro, 4. ffif' !fi?f'l' Z ' up - 1 ' ' 1 J , nf f .-.XX v ,. r- V ,A-. ' 53" t f- .5 -- 1 9, -. ' n 1 L' p ' . " . I 1- .4..Q I vu, '. are selected hy a committee of the faculty to serve at school functions such C O I I e Q e M Q g' 5 I1 Q I 5 as Convocation, Founders Day, and Connnenceinent. These students are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, achievement, personality, and poise. Marshals for 1963-196-1 are Cleft to rightj Adrian Crubbs, Ethel Smith, Anne Heath, Anita XYalker, and Iasper Cowan. 37 C8 U5 J 1 . .zz i' f 1 ft' x ' I ' X I N . N' ki jx N 'V -4,1 is ,Qi gp: A 7 ,w 1-,. ' .1 N 1' X if 5 I A bv .' A K ' 0 . I v4 9. ' Y 2 ' -N1 Miss Lindo Pringle reigns cis Queen of Moy. X . A ,Q-,?"3lQ,h 5-wwf! ff. wvfi 3. 4 .-mgagfgr , ... -,Qi A- K L "-v -:lm E "- . ' ' i'fm5'l" i- '4 f . f' 5- "- J' , 4 W . . -1 ., 5: r- Q qizig if- " IS". QM' L' '1.1'I1" 3, -1, V t , - , -. .nv - -.: - flu Q' ,,u.-Qi, V5.9--v-I I .- Y t . J 3 I+, -i, Q . , si: T f "-'pr iii . E it 'rr Ns - l , ,EQ . . 7 .. rg Q., ' 1-..:Q A 'fri l 5-1 i l 'TQ : if YQ f Y Y ' l l 'L , Y ' --:vi-of " ' i ,, rvij - 5 A " 1 ' :- ,T , - 0 - 4 ' J . ' A . i . 'C l '1 n E K THE MAY COURT of 1963 pauses in the activities of the day for a picture. The court consists of tleft to rightl Io Ann Kelly, Indy Bostic, Ioan Yelverton, Klaidrof-Honor Barbara XYill'I1C1', Ann Pugh, and Queen Linda Prin- gle. Escorts from left to right are Billy Creech, Erick Minschew, George Griffin, Richard Bozarth, Howard Bryan, and Ben Ioe Sta- ton. Heralds for the court are Linda NVestbrook and Frances Albertson. LINDA PRINCLE Qleftl is es- corted through the rose-laden arch by Erick Blinschew. EIUDY BOSTIC leaves the court- yard with escort Richard Bozarth. cluring 1963 festivities ENIOYINC HlfFHIfSllXII2NTS as they minglt- uftt-1' tht' Nldy Day pru- Qfillll arc the mtmy' Lllllllllll. visitms. gmcl guests who Clllllt' tu tht- campus for tht- clay. A SURREY NYITII Tlllf FRINGE ON TOP uppcgnrs tu tlvpict thu oc- cusifm 1m1't1uyccl in tht- sung, "Okla- llmnuf' As thc t-lmrus sings. the surrey lmlts to gtlllm- its wcc11pa1ntQ. Bill Tacllrmc-li uml lucly Bissvttc. to alight gmcl stmll l7Cl'4Jl'U the quvCn'S court us they pay' tht-il' wspcuts to lu-r lTlAllL'Sty. A FICELIXC OF SPRING is cviclcnt in the May Day oxen-ist-s, The court. plwrgrtlln. guy ClCk'Hl'lltlUllQ4 .mcl rc- frcslmmcnts C1'L'L1fL' un LlffUl'l'l4JOIl of ligllt-lu-a1't0cl clmiuylmfllt. P1'mwQ1'g1m pauticipunts. wlmilt- c-1ulv.1x'u1'i1l! to vnte1'taiu the guests ucltl tuwrlmt-r pugc to their book of cullcge mom- orics. 39 Student tolent renders entertainment tor court ond guests XVINDING TIIE MAYPOLE is ai traclitionnl part of Hay Day exercises. Students try to kc-cp in stop as they wind colored streamers around the pole. PANTONIINIING "MY FAVOR- ITE THINGS" as tlio cliorus sings, girls select their favorites from the trunk. P.u'tic-ipnting are flcft to riglitj, Burl1u1'41 Lane, Gayle Bla-Glenny, Alice Parker, and Faye Britt. TIIE COLLEGE CHORUS, di- rected by Mr. Douglas Barnett, entcrs tlie fcstivity of May Day by singing il medley of songs. Included in tlie proguun was ai rendition of "Getting to Know You" with Mrs. Kaitlilecn XVzir- rc-n singing the solo part. 11 I I s fe E F i 1964 Moy Queen Miss Anne Heoth Moy Day Attendants Mt-XID OF HONOR M iss I0 Ann Weeks 42 Miss Betty Io Bennett Sophomore Attendant .NIi.s'.s' Irlvkic Royal Frcslznzrln Attc'nr1unt dj, .- 1 1.4 Miss Carolyn Fitzgorrzld Sopllomore Attendant use ' A S ' 5- Ti? X N 1 . ,lk ,X -. X. 'lu Q . ff K 2 X X S .LA-, ,f .Vis-S Xvflllltf Miles Fl'C.5'l1lHllH Attendant mm D nii F Out of the rut-"Olivel.ec1ves" is ere CO-EDITORS Lee Mal- pass and Melissa McCoy receive gracious thanks from Mr. Michael Perret to whom the 1963 edition of OLIVE LEAVES was dedicated. BENEATH POSTERS, promoting candidates for next year's staff, Shirley Lamm and Gerald Evans discuss the merits of the new yearbook. STUDENTS EXAMINE their copies of OLIVE LEAVES following the dedication service. Ab- sorbed in the contents of the book are fleft to rightj ,Io Ann Kelly, Shirley Car- ris, lames Hunnings,Anne Heath, Carolyn Stocks. A U T O G R A P H SEEKERS. Ann Pugh and Ann Harrison, start their round of autographing with Mr. Perret. Campaigning reaches frantic peak as election day approaches HUKIOROUS POSTERS are ap- preciated hy Frances Albertson, Carolyn Fitzgerald, and Lee Iernigan. Candidate Anita YVal- ker, displays one of her own campaign advertisements. MOIC TELEVISION CAM- ERABIAN, R 0 n n i 0 Iernigan, films an interview between newsnian Thomas Hurst and po- litician Athel Stone. Mr. Stone is presenting the merits of his candidate, Adrian Crubbs. MSXVANIIE CREECHU flower leftl, while telling Gerald Ev- ans' fortunaforesees the election of Frances Albertson as assistant editor. ILLITERATE LARRYTHORN- TON flower rightl is tried by Iudge Erick Nlinschew for not voting for Betty Io Bennett as Business Manager. Baliff Cer- ald Hill explains that Larry could not read well enough to know where to put his 35-2f"'q 'mar WA 83" 55-vftif 'Q ,sa t Jeff Q' 3:1 1' Q.-9.7. J- -. if" .,,. L' i - ' - ' A., ' kg rfwtf 'Q fpj- 4 ,M ' ' ',- ' -ant-Sf' ig . ' i 1 ,'f4' ,:, 1 - K , - 'J ' - 'F A' "' aqvis S7'?'5ii:-.X , 1' v 1 rl?-, ' t V if 13,5 it . 5, ' ., , R. '- Y ,. fwfr A t V, pf-5 .:..,-A..-: M JA. "'g,...r, , nw, ,, Wfssftfiwf-if-21', ,fir-fs tif? 'fi ' - . 2. ws.-' ,'- -",w'f:- ' V ' - ' - ' ' p ,A a3.tflx..l.Fl.5fl.gfE??, A 6:3 P . lfjati if--, .K T -f,'i.,giif-ffi,-' V Q, , A L 7'ff?i:1,Q,l,.... :fr .1 'GZ' :Z -a f-, 4',..L:,.g::-aw, :v 'V A' if -t ' 1, so ' at - I 4 'gtg' .i h 2,355 Tag , N, ,z -.f .., , A xx' , pf' A V 1' .1 T .,.f:Ul 5 1" - :hs 'ig ' 'I is '-sf -in "" ' 'il' ' if f. .Q -. Q' .,' -F 'ii A X, 1 ff-f, . . 1 , :zip -9 -1- . . - ' vi ' . F! A ,na 5 New .ian 4 J . . . . E.. W. , U -, .5 . , l 'Q ir' ' 7 'S Wir 46 Alumni set poce for graduation NEXI' ALUMNI OFFI- CERS for 1963-6-1 are tlett to rightl Cary Bure- foot. presidentg Edward XI i l e s , vice-presidentg Melvin lfverington, rep- resentutix'e to the Board of Dircctorsg Dennye Lee, treasurer: Illinda lolmson. recording sec- l'UtllI'A'L und Bertie Ann IIill. corresponding sec- retary. Ilere. Cary Bare- foot expltiins the duties of each new officer. SPEAKER FOR THE BANQUET, X112 ,lolm A. XI'inficld. and his wife look ut QI list of gradu- ates. Observing ure Mrs. Alosephine Ricks, Dr, XV. Burliette Roper. amd An- drew IIill. past president of the Alumni Associa- tion. Nlr. II'infield. di- rector of the Division of Markets with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, spoke ut the banquet honoring the 1963 flmcliiatiiig class. A B U F F E T STYLE DINNER is served to the alumni who gather- ed at the Blount Olive Elementary School for the annual banquet. Old acquaintances are re- newed among the alum- ni, and new graduates lmve an opportunity to meet these former stu- dents. In the foreground are Qleft to rightl the Reverend D. XV, Hims- ley. L 0 u v e n i a Bunn, XI'ay'ne XYest. und Nlr, and Mrs. Andrew Hill. Commencement climoxes decisive ACCIDENTS XYILL llAPPEXl Xlr. Kloye tries to remove the evidence before anyone sees it. EVEN INFAXTS ENIOY CONINIEXCE- XIENT SERVICES when refreslnnent time Comes. CRADLATES Bill Futeh. Klart' Lois Neel. and lirnniy Sanders discuss their two years spent at Nlount Olive College. 47 yeor CONINIENCENIENT SPEAKER, Dr. Blames Bat- ten Ceenterl, associate professor of education at East Carolina College discusses educational prob- lems with College Business Xlanager Robert XY. Nloye. Dean Roy C. O'Donnell, and President XY. Burkette Raper. TIIE 1963 CR.-XDUATINC CLASS poses for its pieture. Front row tleft to rightl are: Nellie KYaters, Linda Pringle. Anne Ilarrison, Pat Bare- foot, and Betty ,lo Bennett. Second row: Linda Xlorthington, Linda Priee, loan XXX-stbrook, Kle- lissa Mr-Coy, Indy Bissette, and Marjorie ller- ring. Third rown Mary Lois Neel, Lois Brinson. Ann Pugh, Barbara Davis, and Linda Coclbold. Fourth row: liinniie Sanders, Bill Futeh, lloward Bryan, and Larry Malone. ANY.-XRD XYIXNERS for 1963 are tfront row, left to rightl: Melissa RleCoy, the lordan Medal and the Spivey Nlusie Xledalg Anne Ileath, Daughters of the :Xnieriein Revolution Prize: and Klarjorie Herring, the lohnson Business Medal. Second row: Thomas llurst. the Klount Olive Business and Professional XYomen's Club Prizeg Clay Scott. the Chemical Rubber Company awards for math- ematics and ehemistryg and Howard Bryan, the Southerlarid Medal. COMNIEXCEXIENT REFRESHNIENTS are served to Nlr, and Nlrs. Clay Scott by Barbara Lane. Nliss ludy Foreman and Mrs. Lillian Lee Chat with other guests. I Ti - ' is 'gf 7 Eli V. f l i 1 P ' v , ,. H F I 1S.Q h":'aj , . fl' fw- . , , I f -- 1- ,I . ,x.J,.. S 'Q .M I Y! '. T, 1 :Q V. '. 1 :X '-.'- 4 4.3 .-,V--4?,r.w - S n -:, rf 1 ..- P. X , . H x fx , kfff If Xa , ,4..-g, N' ' ' 1 w ,Wig u.. ling -Sw 'i., 5 .I V N. . --1- - , .,. . . ,,,-. . , .1 1 J QS' r-ex 95' ' x 631' " x -'W-...Y K In . x. QW, ,. S' vi V .NA N Ye il x, . . , ,W v i N :L-dis" . 1 ,K . 1, 55, iffitf E-'E Q ,Xt xt 5 A:-if 'H , 1:5-Peg my ' TN 'fwwii' -v. U1 N. I I In X ' 1 'fly E-I 44 I 2 ' . - :- If f , . 4 ap? 1 4" 'Aq i L I ORQAUIZKUOUS a-,A ll" 1 ing S.G.A. provides government and service CLASS SPEAKERS are chosen hy a popular Vote of their class and act as repre- sentatives for their class at formal occasions. Carolyn Fader tleftl is speaker for the freshman class. Anita Walker Cabovel is sopho- more class speaker. STUDENT GOVERN- MENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT Adrian Crubbs presides over all meetings of the S.C.A., of the Executive Board, of the Honor Coun- cil, and appoints all com- mittees necessary to the functioning of the S.C.A. THE HONOR COUNCIL, the highest of judicial coun- cils, is composed of the exe- cutive officers of the S.C.A. and representatives from each class. This council tries all serious offenses com- mitted aqainst the honor sys- tem. From top to bottom are Dana YVooten, Steve XV o r t li i n g t o n , Adrian Crulnhs, Carolyn Fader,NVin- uifred A v e r e t t , Io Ann XV e e k s , XY in cl y Miles, Charles lones, Faye Fore- man, Charles Lancaster, and Denny Hatcher. f- -N av- -vs . '17 V THE XYONIENNS IUDICIARY COUNCIL clculs witli tlw viri- lution of social rcgiilntimms by fvinula- rcsiclcnt stnclunts. Left to riglit nrv Saruli Rust-1 Nlrs. Fuytl Tainnvr, ziclvisvlt Alito Pil1'li0I', sccrctmyg Billie Criffing Carolyn Fitzgerald, clmirinung and Kay Harrison. THE NIEYS U D C I A R Y COUNCIL iuclgcs all cases in wliicli rcsiclclnt men stuclvnts liavc lirukcn rules concerning campus and tlorinitory life. Seated tleft to right? are Roger Lceg Nlr. Danny Klum-0. clean of men: :md Iiinmy Spell, cliuir- Hl2lfl.Sl21IMllHtfI, urcDt-nnis Lzunm, .Iimmy lolinson. and Mark Coal win. 'QI' Q5 rt ,B I, Y ' 1 I .- i I l i l l 1 vi' v Bn W s fl" s. :XA .Wg nr Q Representation ot Students vitol function of governing body IIEARINC THE FACTS on a case, incnilucrs of the llonor Council try to he fair in judging and penalizing. Left to right are lVinnifred Averett, Steve XVorthington, .Io Ann XYeeks.and Charles lones. RULES ARE EXPLAINED to S. C, A. officers by Mr. Danny Moore, student government ad- viser. Treasurer 'lo Ann Xllecks and Vice-President Dana NVoot- en listen closely as Mr. Moore clarifies a point. COUNTING BALLOTS, Mr. Moore and S. C. A. President Adrian Crubhs tally the votes, Election in the Student Govern- ment Association is hy secret ballot. SECOND-SEMESTER STU- DENTS are helped in adjusting to their new environment hy stu- dents already established in the routine. Charles Lancaster, hon- or council representative, helps Charles Parrish plan his sched- ule. 4. -n 4- 190435344 A C J' 1 I Q V., .gl F. Ll .- ri -'FFA wr' l ,-.- S tk 1 5" ' V' R -9. N Q! +:'o' rv. 52 -nmnmh! l j 1 F.. 1 -fT'6'A-0 7-1 Committees coordinote work of S.G.A. CLASS SPEAKER Frances Albert- son Cleftj welcomes guests at the 1963 Freslnnan-Sophomore Banquet. PONDERINC HER DECISION, Honor Council member Faye Fore- man fabovej analyzes tlie arguments for and against tlic accused. OFFICERS of the Student Govern- ment Association plan the budget for 196-1. Left to right are Adrian Crubbs, presidentg Dana Wooten, vice-presidentg and .Io Ann XVeeks, treasurer. S. C. A. officers have general oversight of the executive operations of the association and exercise powers conferred upon pre- siding officers. THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE is re- sponsible for planning school parties and social functions of tlie student body. Cliairman Iimmy XVebster talks over plans for tlie Cliristmas party with committee members Bon- nie Coates, Carlton Collins, and Mat- tie Kate Harrison. 7' S 't 'zo 5 X .X TX 53 OIIVG IEAVGS THE 196-I OLIVE LEAVES STAFF undertook the challenging task of preparing a more original yearbook for the college, In trying to create ideas for layouts and plans for the copy, the main goal of the staff was to maintain the excellence of past hooks. Gradually, under the guid- ance of Mrs. Lorelle Martin, confusion turned to planned order and the year- book began to take shape. The staff wanted not only to measure up to past performances but also to add personality to the book. Included in these efforts were attempts at orig- inality in pictures and layouts, more interest in the advertisement section, and greater emphasis on sports. It is hoped that in the pages of the Olive Leaves the staff has been able to pre- serve for the future some excerpts from the past. CO-EDITORS ETHEI.. SMITH AND JASPER COWAN are responsible for the assembly and publication of the yearbook. ASSISTANT EDITOR FRANCES ALBERTSON helps the staff in plan- ning layouts, scheduling pictures, and other varied tasks. This picture and those on the opposite page were taken in the Bank of Blount Olive. . records excerpts of hectic yeor 3 C O - L I T E R A R Y EDITORS ANNE IIEATII AND ANITA NYALKER write copy for the pictures selected to go in the yeairhook. ADVERTISING NIANAGER DENNIS IIATGIIER solicits support for the year- huok and plans the udvertiseinent section of Olive Leaves. BUSINESS MANAGER BETTY IO BENNETT keeps Ll I'CC'OI'CI of the finan- cial timisaictimis iniide for the yeurhook. Making changes and C'UI'I'CL'tIOlIS, the lit- eiuiry editwrs ure tilxxuys faced with im- piwwiiig what has iilrencly heen written. "IDOii't furget to hring in the theme," reinintl the co-ecIitrm1's. In planning the 1uIx'ei'tiseim-lit seetiun, iniiny alterations iincl suinetinies I'L'L'UII5tl'IlL'tIUII of pages are necessary. The husiness inaiiuger is ecmfnmiitecl with the exam-ting task nf keeping the Imnks haihineed, She i1Isu assists with the typinq and general planning of the hook. 55 Z Committees ploy indispensable role of bringing clwoos to order TYPIXC COXINIITTEE lncmliers are ilt-lt to riglitl lat-lxie llnyal. Evelyn IIt-i'- ringr Xliss Bertie Ann Ilill, In Ann XXX-vlxs, anal 111'HUl:l't't1Cll'l' Xlrs. Cayle llartlvy. Tln-se typists are intlispensalmle in getting tlit- lmnli pulmlislivcl. I-XX .'XIDYER'l'1SlNCl CAMPAIGN is plannvtl as Dennis Ilatcln-11 cliairman of tliu aclvcrtising cinninittee. and Xlrs. I,nrullv Nlartin, yt-arlmook aclviscr, ex- plain tlit- areas to lx- cnveretl in Blount Olive antl surrounding cuinmunitics. Nleinln,-rs of tlie crnnmittec are lleft to riglitl Lintla Xlalpass, limmy Spell. Nlary Eleanor Alpliin, Nlariannie King, Ct-urge Ilarrisnn, and Byron Dunn. SELLING CARDS. a project of the cir- culation cominittee. liclps finance the publishing of Olirc' Leaves. Carlton Col- lins. cliairman, and committee members Emma lane Snntli and Mattie Kate Har- rison tlelnonstrate tlieir salesmansliip tn Nlrs. Clytle Reaves of Blount Olive. TIIE PROOFREADINC CONIXIITTEE is responsible for correcting all mistakes in punctuation and grammar. Tlle mem- lwrs of this committee make a final elim-ck un copy lwfore it is mailed. Left to riglit are Thomas Hurst, Gerald Evans, ancl Nlrs. Inscpliine Ricks. r-1-4, 1 K J X kms -x i ? ,X- I f i -sp! Rx 56 'W if 3.21, 'fi- 4-ass Activity gains momentum as deadline arrives STAFF Marianas CONFER on the selection of the best pictures from those available. Pictures are chosen on the basis of their ability to accurately recall the experiences of the year. Members at work are Cleft to rightl Anne Heath, Anita IYalker, Ethel Smith, Dennis Hatch- er, Iasper Cowan, Betty Io Bennett, and Frances Albertson. LAYOUT COMMITTEE members Alasper Cowan, Ethel Smith, and Frances Albertson work on layouts with Mr. Larry Nance. LITERARY EDITORS Anita XValk- er and Anne Heath try to choose the words which most nearly de- scribe the pictures and events. A XVELCOMED BREAK is pro- vided by Miss Pattie Davis for staff members who rcmained at the col- lege during the semester break to work with Mrs, Lorelle Martin. Miss Davis prepared tasty meals and re- freshments for the busy group. BASKETBALL furnishes a few min- utes of relaxation for the staff fol- lowing lunch. Anita II'alker rushes in to block Betty Io Bennetts shot. ,I e. l I f f X 5, x 3-.0 Q, ! f . 4 T-C.. ... Henderson Science Club -lil W l it ,A a 1 r i ,ag gg, . . N 4 fi I FSF. iv L -iv, BONNIE COATES, president OTH E R OFFICERS OF THE CLLB are: Vice-Presi- dent Thomas DuPree, Li- brarian Frances Albertson, Secretary Carolyn Fitzgerald and Treasurer Ronnie Ier- nigan. AT TIIE IIICH SCIIOOL SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM, Clay Scott demonstrates the relationship between ioniza- tion and conductivity. Inter- ested high school students listen carefully as he ex- plains the apparatus he per- fected for use in this study. A TIVO IIEADED DLICE- SIA excmplitying the phe- nomena of rcgcncration is examined by Miss Estelle McClecs. Kin s t o n High School, with the aid of a magnifying g I a s s. Club member Frances Albertson discusses with high school students thc investigation she is conducting on this process. SPEAKERS FOR TIIE SYMPOSIUM are tleft to rightj Dr. Graham David, Department of Biology, East Carolina Collcgeg Dr. R. Taylor. DuPont Company, Kinstonq Dr. Nash Collier, Department of Physics, Uni- versity of North Carolinag and Dr. O. C. Rogers. Du- Pont Company, Kin s t o n . The symposium was spon- sored jointly hy thc Eastem North Carolina Section of the American Chemical So- ciety and the Henderson Science Club. ' T I R 'W P s 5 'x rl I4 fn 'su . instigote THE LAND DF A Brave New World s knowledge of scie HA BRAVE XICXY NYORLDU is tllc tllemc of tllc 1963 llcmlcrson Sci- cncc Clulm Bgmquct lu-ld in tluc collcgc Lkll-l'lfCI'lLl. DECOR.'X'l'lUXS l' O R T H .X Y tlw clloicc mam lms in tllc usc of atomic energy-annihilation or progrcss. Left to rigltt, lo Ann Kelly, D11 C. C. Ilcnclcrson, and Nlclissu NIL-Coy PQIUSL' to clmt lmcforc tllc lmmluct, REFRESIIXIICXTS are selwccl fol- lowing can-ll scicucc lccturv. lln-rc. Nlr. lolm xlC'l.CLlIl. L'OHI'CllIlLllUl' for tltc pI'UQl'.lIll, t.1llw with Xlrs, D. lloclgc wlnilc ltonnic Contcs scrxcs Dr. Iloclgc. h17l'lll'xl'l' for tltc l'X't'IllllQ. Tllc lccturc sn-tics is sponsolm-cl tnint- ly lmy tllv lfust Xortll fjllftbllllll Sm-- tion of ilu- .'xlllt'l'lL'LlIl CllL't1llk'Lll Sn- cicty amd tluc Ilcmlcrson Scicmc Club. DR. R.'XSCllllD IJATIF flllll' riglttl prcscnts ll cln.u't of isotupcs fu tluc scicncc th-p.n-tmcnt of tlu- collvgc, Hrs, Lorcllc Xlllfllll. uclvisct' to tlnc scicncc cllllv. uccm-pts tln' gilt its 1916.3 Clulw Prcsimlcnt Cl.1y Scott tlcft' gmcl Nlr. Xliclmcl Pcrrct look on. , ,eff 1 , 'V F of X ft A W ntitic developments sz x E+ if, fm fit" 1+ . F ,.lt' E'A.l':"rl-I 59 RESEARCH PROIECTS are one of the more noteworthy experiences required of all Hen- derson Science Club members. Thomas Harper examines sam- ples to determine the amount and type of plankton in the waters of the Bay River. The collection and identification of fossils from the phosphate mines of Beaufort County provides Beth Bonner with a challenging problem. Douglas Cox cares for the doves which he is raising in order to run tests on responses to differ- ent environments. LlYE SPECIMEN collected on the stntc-wide Collcqintc Acad- emy fit-ld trip to the Duke L'nive1'sity Nliirine Lnboriltory arc triinsfeirccl to iiquiiriii. Such trips inc one of the nclviintngcs of iiffilintion with the Collegiate Academy. Ceriild Ilill tleftl works with fiddler crnlvs while XYilliinn Rhodes and Nlrs. Lo- relle F. Nliirtin adjust iiqunria of stnrfish, coral. anemone, und Scallops. STUDENTS INSPECT the con- dition of their collections from the fit-ld trip. Clay Scott tleftl and Shirley Cnrris unlond a jar of fish ns BobbyCood1'ich checks a conch for signs of life. FW BYRON DUNN, president Llhlll rl L1 I Phi Beta Lambda stimulates interest in business world I 1,1- g'?Rm.w,. . STUDENTS PURCHASING Blount Olive College cm- blems and Sllltl4l1'lL'1'y from Linda Nlulpass and Glenn Parks are Rilyliltillil Lanier and Sandra Tomlinson. The money from tln-se two prujs CL'lS is used to send delegates to tluc state convention in tlw spring. DISCUSSINC PLANS for il future meeting ure Vico- Pre s i d 0 n t Clcnn Purlss. Trcasurel' Evelyn Ilerrinfl. and SL'Cl'Cl'L1I'y Fluru Ilincs tsittingl. RA R R.-XR.'X BECTOX. presi- dcut I -5 . I -. . -x... Tllli SPIRITUAI. JXTXIOS- llllldlllz ull the t'HllL'Lf1,' is UH' richutl by two religious or- Quuixutions: XI i s s i o n Ll r y Pl'.lf'l'l' Ruud ruul Kuppu Chi. Tlu-sc groups scrw- to pro- mote interest in Christi.u1 uliict-tives. Xlouut Olive Cul- lcuc- lt-els that spirituul mu- turity' is un important part of the dcvcloprncnt of un in- clivitlrrul. turd such oruunizu- tions otfcr students un op- portunity for such growtlr. Prayer Band and Kappa Chi enrich spiritual atmosphere LARRY THORNTON. pres- idcnt ff" -12' '02 i KIISSIONARY P R A Y E R BAND tulmvcl is Lui organi- zation of young mcu und wouicn who ure interested in studying :md praying for missions. One of their main proir-cts is to uid in supply- ing missiouawics with Riblcs. xvllllllilltil .'Xx'c-1'ctt. l3l'ULfl'tllH clmirmun Cailimt-H tells of the nccd for missiouurics and her experiences its ar mis, siouury' assistant in Nlcxico during: the summer. , l i I. KAPPA CHI fbelowl is an organization of pre-minister- ial students devoted to the promotion of Christian fel- lowship and the discussion of current problems and re- sponsihilities of ministers. Pictured below are members discussing the role of the modern minister in counsel- ing. Pictured are: limmy Webster, Ierry English, Stuart Humphrey, and Fran- cis Garner. Dromotics Club otters theotricol opportunities GEORGE HARRISON, presi- dent PREPARINC A DISPLAY of outstanding French architecture are Immun Yclvq-1'ton and Carolyn Fitzgcrulcl. aiclccl by Nlr. Pcrrct. French Club progrnins often in- clucle French songs, films, and recordings. THYOYTS FOR TIIE Pl U 'llt X l t mu ix 16tli," to lx' S17U1lSltl'Ull lux tht 4 s s its clnincc to clm-iinnistrutc in in lJl 1t1 s During ffl'-Ulll5. Fiiyv mmm flnnnton inc CFR XLD EY ANS PYQSI Sunlfic lean Clunn Llllllllllllk 1 ttnst 1 e Kim play. Ono of tllc inurt uun x 1 1 4 lamps on cuinpus. tht- lJ1'LlIULlflC'S Club punnists its IHLlHlM1S in other clmnnvl of grnwtli Le Cercle Froncois ocquoints members with French culture ,f i C X x -'95 'I Sfii K ' 1 '1 fi ,al X! X , 'bw 'JM , pw: X , I Af.. '43 X . F j-rlul.-'W' . A-is -4. ,bfi :vid QP- .. iff' J .ga . .- 1 v S 'ef . I 'I -Li, ' ng, ..-M. -v.,.. Sf- 55 SDORTSS ':'f'Vf"' iw ii' M A ll 4 ' iii MY A , . Aw 1 .- sn , . 4 lf ' , Q' 1 Q I I x l: A l- Q' i it ill i 1- i"' l . - .. , if- .1393 ,n' , I W IL. 5 H: I -A r , . . -- : -33 " V ".- 4 ' ' , ' ' , A ' flag ,913 552' ir .J M, , , 43 ,xy .' in-f , ag f : '- - Y ' f ki f. y - ip hifi, A' H4 p if S" ' V A xr 1.-il-Ee ye, if ' 'e xx-if Q, , :E 'x ia- if is fix. X, ' ' , ' I f' Q l -frm ' 'Yi' 3 3' .size -, ' . ' ' 9' f-A-Y ' .1 f " A 1, ,-A, ,.--fggf . b-iff b -Q 1 M- Y . ., ,V . A 4 -. 1 ix u :An f . ,X 1 p i i, ,, V 'E+ 1 ' X 1 , Y ,E . , lt ' ',45,.: xgflu'-13. W '. ' 'N , 'ft ll-ilk-.Q?3g5'5'X i , fibea 'P-f', LHJSFS ' - x 'H i '- ,, -f,' -fL.,,' :pf .FO ,QQ 55ffxJ' lf-Nl-iz ' V -5. gl:-F " 'ii .la ,,, - V W. 4 T I 1 . j-re e- -Ti:?9lf lf 4 T: A - l F r 1,gg.zs.mlU' -'W A' -Q' 9 .. ' I 'I-,, y . .. V M---5 ..,i ,... Q '-H t .ifrliizfsm-M H .54 ' I s 2 -s. ,., .,-5 TY: 5.-1' Y ,.'--tiiiijf V Q,,. . V ---, ,-- f Excerpts from the sports pro- gram reveal a greater variety of activities as Mount Olive Col- lege broadened its athletic pro- gram this year. Students took a lively interest in organizing and participating in an intra- mural sports program available to both men and women. The areas included are foothall, has- kethall, horseshoes, volleyhall. tennis and Pingrpong. ln addition to these intramurals, the college has an intercollegiate liasehall team. Although Blount Clive College has limited space, equip- ment, and facilities, it places a strong emphasis on its athletic aetivities. We hope in the near future to develop a well-rounded athletic program that will in- clude moreintercollegiate sports. C zlllcrf Hrvlyf jlllllfx' m'c'r ilu" 11611118 nf ml-rzfsfling rlvfzvzc 'HIFI' pass' is llzu'41r'1'z'fl by 1110 rIc'fc'u.S'c' Infromurol football ! In Hu- fgul fuutlmll trunk thc sput- ligllt, Fuur iutrruuurul tmuus- tlu- CTQll'fXYI'iQhtS, Sugar Slmcks, Rmupws, and T1'ujuus-wvrc ur- Lfllllillil. Each tcauu I'l'lJl'L'SL'llfC'd uuv uf tlw buys' clorrus ou cum- pus. Tha- Sugar Slum-ks rcprv- suutvd tlmc Tymlull lluusvg thc Curtwrigllts, thu King Iluuwg the Rurupws, tlw Buyvttv Ilruucg mud thi- lI'Il'IHbCl'S of tlw Trcmjnus won' lllllillh' CUINI11llfillQ stu- dcuts. Thr- tcums pluyucl six g11u1c's can-lr tu dl'tl'I'Il1illL' the I't'QIlI1ll' svalsrnm CIlLllNl7iHll, fol- lmwcl by il play uff lu-twm-u thc tmp two twuus for Hu- mm'-all chulupimrsllip. The' Rmupmws, who culupilvd Ll 5-1 I'l'L'Ol'Cl, dv- form-cl tlw C:lll'tNYI'iQ,IltS, 4S-14, for thc titlv. This is knmrn as gang tugging. - 1-J 6,35 Hvyf H'l1CrU is that rmzn? captures attention in toll Charles XVl1itICy c'm.s'.s'C.s 1110 gon! Zinc' for .six points. 'WVU arf' H10 C11llI71jJ.S'.V, Lvft to right arf' Cluzrlws U'l1iflz'y. Titus llnrtin. IIm'bCr'f Bezlvlz. Rogvr LCC. Iocy Fl'C'C'I?llIl1, jumvs Hm1.s'z', 111141 Dzlrifl Ilfzyvsz n10nzI1c'rS Of thc, Hampers team. X 1 . 5, , w,, I FST' ' 1' 4 X ' P-151. o . ., Who got that rap? Players watch as the ball rips the net. CllIIlIl1jJl07lS rm? Ucrwflingl Tlmmas Hrlnclzcy, Thomas Lane fSfllllfIl7l,C,'l Clem: Parks, jimmy KCnnr'fly, and Iflmas' Rouse. 68 Basketball draws wide intramural , Ii With the coming of basket- ball season. four boys' intra- mural teams were formed on campus. A number of games were hotly contested with each team having its oxwi supporters. A championship game between the two top teams followed regular sea- son play. The winning team, coached by Glenn Parks. possessed too much height and finesse for their oppon- ents in the final contest. They defeated Larry Thorn- ton's team in a roughly played battle by 35-3-1, giv- ing the losers their first de- feat of the season. participation from boys. N., V fil nf Burl King fl1lJOL'Cl dC111011.Sf1'z1fC.9 icleal form, Dana U'00tCn lrigllfl goes up and over oppoizcnfs lzeurl reacliing for U rcllouml. U'lmt will Carlton Collins do now? JNSAQX. .ond grabs cittention of girls Q? -X .tba .DL Nw' s S1l'C1C'11 for that 111111, gi1'1.9. IFS ll 1111111 361111111910 for the 1111111 As a part of the physical education p1'11g1'nin at Blount I 6 Olive College, four gi1'ls'hus- ketlmll teams were formed to encourage athletic purti- - ' 1 1 Cipation in intrumurals hy , girls. After regular season play. a twmurnument was held. The winning team, lead hy Eclythe Outlaw, defeated the Sarah Rose team, 22-10. for the championship. 3 ,fl kim Jlfllltfiw' R ' F r ' ty 1 .671 21' I V515 ' 1 I , .,n.,., . 13.41 - ff it Qi-5? 5 " t g',1f1t 1 Q3 -4g5io2,QgC1,j,.1 A fa - v P' hi 1,1 b 'T' "7 5 z.s'i:r"- " i , IF? X 1-V 6 p H A 1' new-1 llnlele '1!:LL iiii Q' - I ,- ul, 5'-.EU 'mfg lb 11111011 White goes up for a two-110i111c1'. -.-. g'--" 1 V M3 V Beth BOIIIICI' stops to plcm 1101- st1'f1tegy. 70 iv Tennis proves to be new favorite omong intromurols h 4-5 lnti'ninni'nl Sports L-untinnc in tin- spring tu stntlcnts't' lmi1'tln'tt'i1liistimllrliai- invnt, Cliiiiivs .nv tu lu- plnyutl on tliv tcnnis twmnrt of tin' Xlunnt Olin' iit'ui't'i1- timin i'.n'L until .1 uniipns unirt twin lu' piwnitlctl. Tvnnim, ii tnirly limi' spurt nt Xlninnt Olin' Cnllvgv. tlrcw ii lint uf aittt-iitinn its tin' at-iisuii pruQ1't'ssvcl. lt is linpt-d tlint in tlit- lll'Lll' future. tht- tennis Pl'UQ1'ilIH will liccoiiic of inure- impur- tuncc in cinnpns i'cc1'cntinnnl activities. - iw-ns. L: 1.g!uI 'A gpg' ' " 3,1 ins' ef--1 ...ri i W, e.,.4+-ew-gr,--.. , 1' 1'--'tt-F 5 X W - ' -e KN K i- -V'-'flvde-bv z .. sf '-- "- -V K- -fe ,E 2 ' ' Eli"-T3-. L 57's ifiixx'-.".r-Nix ' ,X I' Dviiriis Lznnin and Dunn YV00fUn fcfnn up 10 play zlonlilcnsz Ioan Yclucrton rushes the net, Dfnnis smnslzcs one, Ian Dail is ready! Burl King IIUIIZOII-Sfl'lIfl'.N his pnirvrfzii .S'0l'L'I'. lzm Dail is 1't'11fIy.' 71 Mark Godwin jumps to return volley, Spring intramurals will be- gin with volleyball. A pro- gram consisting of a boys di- vision and a co-ed division has been planned with a one- day tournament to climax the event. The winner of two-out-of- three games will be the cham- pion. Early practice shows that students are already look- ing forward to participation. ImromurolVoHeyboH. Co-ed teams luarm-up for tournmnent play. F, Horseshoes ... An important phase of spring intramurals will he horse- shoes. Nlueh interest is being sliown as students are already practicing and preparing for the tournament. Xlen and worm-n will participate in both singles and doubles. Spiking the ball, David Hayes attempts a point, n .Al ' ' ai'-1 Y ' - K , i ' is ' . ' -W7 all i QM. 45: ' -,-ig . aah- i' ,"' X 'Ning . Nb - v- V ,, x. --- ,,,- 3 -VJ.,-. .. i ,- - 1 - ' f., -V p. ': ,wfws f,,,.?'- I I Ye, --li L I 3 f.' '-'S EQ' - V 1 F.: f "" ' ' f w, Q I 1-'-i 31--', if if ,- .fig A ' Q Asfrkt U 'Q ,. i , 5 j' il, A -shi.. 5: Izihwg-ggpsgglmi ' X- zgip., .. Alb Q ' ' A N E ,-me 'ERS'-2 . -I'-L" ggi i P R. N V . n f' ta ' '2"i"' - cf N' ir J ' 11 '- 2 -- -4 V Q- ':- X' . - - ' f' 'tvQ'f- - i ,NW W- '52 . 1 ' I A ' ' 1 1 '1 ,il-Wren-1 ,T.1+ A ' T , .Q . 4- ' H '- ---' . 'x',. ' 4' L NW' 1 1 -. 'E . .f . 1' 1 Fe- " f em 'fi to - -'X '. . W' 1. sue, - T - 5 P 1 ' "l":.1-'ff' 55535 . .- E'-TJ f f"f ,S -SSM" 0 - 'L -'lf 'f"F'757..f31 ,. -f-77 ' "..--'Jr-T? -5 ' .A ll-"fl X -s -Ks if Y P 'ii-.E-sr :- 5 :V-. 4 . -' X, - by ig A' . W 'N g Z x - :xi jnfi- .1 xg Y Q B' 'L H' 1 7 --11 K ' 7 t i' 4--'r"'3kX-'-. E "'k'T"'i 5 A A i- L I . .,-' -V --Y x ., A Q ,Z , - ,- A W 'f X: 'f 1 Q". - " .' x:C L3,t, .Q - jf- ,ni -'W - 1: K P i ' -5 3- ' . A , ,. .5-'f"J .1. -,. if-,Q - V' ...j,,,- ' ,' + '- jj! K 1 fl 1 F-'f,f..'f'Q?5g3-fl f'--1. 1'f. ' ,'a "1?3- e-'11- -if '-Lg4:,:,i-K-Q9F':,.wzs:t.:i.,.-.i4axL. - ,ES-2-fam, 72 5,11 ALICE PARKER itopl pitch- es for u ringcr as opponent. Linda Crucly, xmtclmcs form us tlwy practice for tllc ap- proiicliing tourmum-nt. Bobby Ruins Qnlvovel shows that he will bear wixtclling in the .ond Ping pong promise spring activity Ping-pong is one of the more popular intramur- uls ut Mount Olive College. Stuclcnts oftcn gutlicr in the student center after class to cn- joy Ll relaxing, game and to get away from the clussi-oom nt1nospl10rc. Doulvlvs uncl singles are pluyccl provicling Conv pctition among the pur- tic-ipunts. g.,-v.. V, ",- - .- . if-an 3,-.X ., . - 1-waz.-. . J-A ,-kI."'x-ig. K x "5. RCflll'I1lI1Q fill' 111111 with Cclsv, Lizvmis 101108 fNllSI'I'lIfL'S Il pouvrfzil .S-trilcc. fortlicoming event. 73 3 . I X : X ii Q. J , f fi i V a ' Darby llillillllllll .s-Iums lmvlcliflizci as Clzzzrlcs Ionvs lL'lIfL'lIC'4S' Izopcfully. 1 2-Q. I - 5 :':.f:'s:a-?:fE5,ag,5fEr l 1 Boseboll teom finds seoson bit tougher than expected A 'L-No Gordon Gihlzs wmirlcrs limo that play luzppcncd. Coach Ed Milfs talks 0L'C1' QIIIIIC .S'fI'fIft'Qlj with IJIIIUCIZS' bctu'Cc'n innings. el 59132 Mount Olive's baseball team, coached by Ed- ward Miles, played its first season on the new baseball diamond. The team found the '63 schedule a bit tougher than expected. Plagued all year with erratic hit- ting. the boys finished the season with four wins and four defeats. The team went three games before winning the key victory, which was followed by three victories in its last four games. Mount Olive Col- lege looks forward to the 196-1 campaign with hopes for a more succes- ful season. , Did he choose ilze right bat? vu- This bunt will get me to first base-maybe. Dean Roy O'Donnell congra- tulates tlze 1963 team. Team members are llef-t to right, kneelingj Keiier McCoy, Bill Rogers, Gordon Gibbs, Milton Gillis, Carlton Collins iscore- keeperj, Thomas Dupree, Floyd Brown, Larry Thornton, VVal- ter Cannon. Second row, Dean O'Donnell, Ed Io-nes, Howard Bryan, Jimmie Sanders, Huey Little, Erick Minschew, Ben Stafon,Iimmy Spell, and Coach Ed Miles. X 1 r ,. A V . Nlnimt Ulivi- Cullcgc has in tlic quiility of its lllSllkI,lL'lllll'l unc will its must xuliiiilili- assi-ts. Simi' tlit- Pl'lll1ill'f' aim of ii scliuol is tu tJl.l:l'I' aiu imppmtiiiiity fin' 1-iliiciititiii iuiil tu It-itil tlic stu- dt-ut tri iIlft'llCL'lllLll tuicl muriil miitiirity, tllc cullvgt' lays great strvss on iii-iitlt-iiiiu i-xci-lli-in-Q. lt su-ks to pi'csi'iit an iiclvqiiutc piwigrziin in vat-li of its clvpiirt- mvnts iiml to lielp stuclciits lciirn limi' tcm usa' tllut whit-li is uuiilalmlc to tlic-m. Tlicst- Cx- curpts illilstlxitc tlic spirit of cliligcncc ziml aic'liii-vciiiciit smiglit liy lwtli stiiclviits iincl fiiciilty. Mount Olivv Cimllcgc can llSSlll'L'Qllf' ci-i-dit mug-li of its iiiiiaiziiig grmvtli iiiicl suc- vcss tu tliv lmul work of its faculty' uml ticlministrntiun iuicl tlic uttaiinccl exit-llviicy of its clcpurtiucuts. 76 t ag 5 Q - 1' 'IIE it I, , Q K F Q Y q K L 'k '-. -A, tv , 'ww pi x- Y A . v v L "v" .Q J f . - if x, L M1 '1i:f""f tan, Q ,. -1--'zvfqf ' "H ir5,4Y,--- fiflur M. l?g,..,:'f9fiff'lQl 159' nf ' 'f' -f' 51-3r-' '..:vn 'vhi ' ' '-'Nw-. W - , . 4- -L. . V .rw . MV .- - Q - 'ffvf-f-'iv ,r-... . . j.g,s , 1'-s .,,,.- .-f-..,..-. .,,,.,.....,,,.- I .1 .,', . - ,Q .h nj tx l -as.. Dr. W. Burkette Roper Dr. XVilliam Burkette Raper, President of Nlount Olive Col- lege, has been the guiding force of the school since its founding in 195-1. Under his purposeful supervision the college has grown from one without facili- ties, funds, faculty, or students to a school with basic facilities, increased funds, select faculty members. and a rapidly growing student body. It is only through dedication, hard work, and per- ceptive planning that Dr. Raper has achieved his past goals and will achieve his present and future objectives. Ile is currently a motivating factor in county- wide Free XVill Baptist dinners designed to aid the college in its building fund. Ile constantly seeks ways to improve Mount Olive College with faculty in- service training and periodic evaluation of the administration, faculty, and program of the school. In spite of his strenuous schedule, Dr. Raper finds time to demonstrate his interest in the student body by his frequent communications with them. Not one to rest on his laurels, Dr. Raper is continuously searching for new ways to improve the service of the college to future students. As part of this, he studies, evaluates, and encour- ages the advancement of the building program for the new campus. Dr. Raper is truly cog- nizant of the shining destiny of the college and diligently strives to find new ways to ful- fill it. Executive Committee ond College Boord guide policies ol scboo J it THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, which is the faculty advisory com- mittee to the president. helps decide the policies as well as the activities of the college. Members of the committee are Cleft to rightl Mrs. jose- phine Ricks, Mr. Charles Harrell, Dr. W. B. Raper, Dr. Roy C. O'Donnell. and Mr. Donald E. Becker. This committee is indispensable to the college functions. THE BOARD OF DI- RECTORS, appointed by the North Carolina State Convention of Free Will Baptists, is re- sponsible for designing, coordinating, and fur- thering the work of Mount Olive College. Here, members of the board and Mrs. C. Move. president of the N. C. State NVomen,s Auxiliary Convention, discuss the blue-print of the new campus, and verse their opinions. The board consists of tfirst roxvl Mrs. Dola I-Iinson Dudley, Mr. XV. P. Grant. Mrs. Frances Allen Cassick. Chairman Ralph Morris. Mrs. C. Moye, Mr. lack Dail. Csecond rowl Mr. Lyn- ton B. Wilson, the Rev- erend Fred S. Powers. Mr. R. Davenport, the Reverend R. N. Hinnant. Mr. E. L. Vlones, the Rev- erend Floyd B. Cherry, and Mr. E. H. Holton. 'rv' vs" W Administrative Personnel execute obiectives - al lb, MR. CHARLES H. HARRELL fupper leftl, a new member of the administration, joined the college family this year as business man- ager. In addition to handling the financial affairs of the college, he serves on the execu- tive and admissions committees. MR. DANNY NV. MOORE fleftl, director of student personnel, supervises the social activ- ities of the students. Also a new member of the administration, Mr. Moore is the first to fill this particular office. DR. ROY C. ODONNELL Qabovej is aca- demic dean of the college and serves as chairman of the admissions, academic, and student life committees. MRS. IOSEPHINE H. RICKS, our registrar, keeps records of the students, helps in advis- ing them concerning academic problems, and in selecting other colleges. She is a member of the executive and admissions committees. In tht- clt-.ith of Dr, C. C. lla-nclt-rsnn, Illfl1CltJl'. llis intt-rest in the uillm-Qc XYAIS nilutt-cl in inzniy furiiis. llt- tloiizitt-ml his xitts its ucillt-Qu pliysic-i.m. lit- was ii ina-inlit-1' ut tht- uwllugc lw.u'tl ut llll'L'k'tUl'5. an incor- itoi tit the Nlmint Olivt- lluniui' Cullvgt- i Fniiiicliitioii. :incl L1 frit-ncl of tha- stnclt-nts. tnltxg zincl guliiiiiiistixttinii. Ont- st-nsctl in tht ual iiitci-est hc tt-lt for out-li inclividuiil. i 4 xprt-ssiun of llP13l'llClLlflOl1 ini' his ch-mtirm tri tlit uvllt-qc iinil tor tht- st-it-iicc ltllNl1'.lf1lI'f it-cl the st-in-tics tfluli in his liuiiuix Tlit- llm-iitlt-iuuii St-it-iicv Clnh thvn pix-wiitm-tl i with ti cc-i'tit'iL-.mtv ut tippiw-L-iiitinii iintl ct- him gin llHI1t7I'Lll'f' inn-inhcr. Num' tliix chili uncl tht- st-linnl, its ti wlitmlv, st-i'x'v is 1 living int-iiioriiil lu his loyal alt-witimmii Memoriam Dr. C. C. Henderson Nlmint Olin- Clnllm-gc lust its chief nit-t. callin I1LlIll'lt'l' and quizyit-til sinilv ia College Beneloctor Dr. Ht-iiclt-rson had f.iitli in tlit- cnllt-qc in its 1-iirlit-st ya-airs. Xlhilt- utlia-rs xxgzitcql for thc institution tn piwwc- itst-lf. hu alt-iiiniixtixitm-tl his ftiitli in ti tgingihli- xx-in' ln' giving tnncls tu int-ct SPL'L'llAlL'l1L'L'llS lm' full nut-i'c-clitntioii. Xllith tl gilt uf Sfiftllltl, ht- tuulx tht- lt-ntl in st-L-nriiig fnncls lui' tht- in-xx' tuuiipiis. ICN-n in dt-iitli ht- pi-m-ith-cl for tlit- fntiirt- tif the L-nllt-qv hy lit-qiin-stiiig to it tliii-ty'-fiw pci' ct-nt of tha- iniiiiiiil pro- ccccls of his cstutm-. i i Grec1tHumc1nitorion il i. 1, l li l A Y i whit-li his fnntls prtn'itl1-rl. stnclt-nts .tncl his gt'l'lL'l'UI1S support, 81 1' J Mr. Izclwiml NX. NI ,.. ilvs, supervisor of grounds and buildings, sous tlint our cinnpus looks its best, 42 iii f"7 Nlrs. Shirley Wil- liinns, tlw schools clcpclicliilwlc luonlx- liccpcr, inuintuins tlic rccorcls of the business office. I I I I I Q 1 i i l pn. - i rv ww Miss Bertie Ann Hill, SCC1'Gl'2l1'y to tlic president, c-iipalvly lmn- dlcs thi- many duties of the office. Staff Members ploy important role uf' ,..nev Miss Xlairioric Herring, secre- tury to the dean, aids liim in numerous tasks. 1.4 Mrs. Foyd Tanner is adviser to the XYoincn's Iudiciary Council, il nicinlbcr of tlic student life cominittc-0, and counselor to the girls in the Blain Dormitory. 1. Mrs. Vvlinn Byrd. SCC1'Ctlll'y to the business iimiiiigi-ig helps carry out the various financial aurangcinents 82 of thc school. I F1 college life Nlrs. Ifstlivi' Iiiiiivttv. Connsvlor, is rcsponsilwlc lor tlic girls ut thc Dormitory :XlNlt'X. Xlrs. Lcnrnli Rciives sciwvs tlie stnclvnts xvitli ii wnrin sinilc .it tln' noon ineul. Hrs. Xlilclrccl Sloan assists in serving tlic owning rntui . 42, H Xlrs. Rosa' Mit-lint-1 liclps in pre'- pnrinf, tliv lncailxfust invnl. 83 Mrs. Bertha Martin serves as counselor to resident women at the Carroll House. Nliss Pttttic Davis, is iwspoiisilult- lor planning nutri- tious tor stiitlvnts. Xlrs, KYilli.nn Crit tin ioiinwl tlut' st.1lt tliis Ythll' .is uninst ltml' tu "ll'ls liX'll1Lf .ll tlit- Btll'1lL'tlL' Ilonst MH. XIICIIAEL PEHRET, luppc-r li-ftl, immclcrn liuigimgc instructur. is ll mcmbcr of the ucalclciiiic culiiiiiittw and Al4lYlSCI' to tbc' F1'L'IlCll Club. MRS. LORELLE MARTIN. Clcftl, sciencc inst1'ucto1', is clmir' mam of tlic publications wnimit- too and advisor to tlic yi-gii'lmol4 stuff. Mrs. Nlurtiu also iulviscs tlic Hemlcrson Science Club, NIR. AIOSEPII VANN, Qlowcr luftl. is instructm' of iiii1tlic1i1atic's and serws on the library cum- mittee of thu college. MR. DONALD E. BECKER, Criglitl, instructui' of social stud- ios, is cliairmun of the library cmiimittcc amd serves on tlw Cxecutivc Committee. MRS. GAYLE IIARTLEY. flow- er rigbtl, is an lIlSfl'l1C'fOI' in lfnglisli, iiclvisci' to tllc Dramat- ics Club, amcl is a member of tlic publications committee. 84 Faculty inspires knowledge through Instruction . NIR. CHARLES L. S.-XPP fleftl, Director of llcligious Activities und Cliuirmun of tlic Religious Activities Committee. tcalclics courscs in religion. XllSS llAClllfL STEINBECK Qriglitl. lmetul of tlic business cclu- cation dcpgirtmcnt. is aulvisci' to tlic Plii Bctai Ltunbdii and ll Il1L'lHlDCl' of tlic social committcc. NIR. DOUCL.-XS A. BARXETT friglitb, lieud of thc music dc- purtmcnt, directs tlic cliorus and scrvcs on tllc religious uctivitics committee. ,.,--4w- i-.N N ....,. -N., pm! 1 ri MRS. MILDRED S. COUN- CILL fubovel, librarian, is a member of the academic, li- brary, and social committees. MR. LARRY T. NANCE fleftj, director of the physical educa- tion department, supervises the intramural sports and serves as a member of tlie publications committee. DR. ROY C. CYDONNELL friglitj, head of the English de- partment, is adviser to the Eur- eka Society and a member of the executive committee. 85 classroom ond social activities NIRS LOIS P. BOYETTE f1liXlYCi is instructm' in time busi- ncss cicpz1rt1m'nt in wlmivli sim tcnclies courses in typing und Siimtllunci. NIR. DANNY XV. MOORE tup- pvr rigliti twxclws psycliolugy and miclitutiont is ll IUL'll1ilCl' of thc Studi-nt lift- wimnittce, and adviser to the Student Cowrn- mvnt :XssoCi11tiun. MHS. KATIILICEN B. XVAR- REN frigliti, nicinlwr of time music CiLtPLlIAfINt'Ili, pluvidcs pri- vaitv voice- lessons. HHS. Xl.-XPxTIl:X XY, KING flvfti tvuciics owning busincss crn11'sc's fm' pcrsixns desiring fu iUill'l1 business skills but who cammmt uttvnd il schcdulc of day- timc clusscs. MRS. MARY LONYRIE BAH- NICTT spy-cds tile wim1'k of the iii11'n1'iui1 as silo servus in the capacity of CiltLliOgUC1'. 86 Music --I, ' ' "' X isis. x Business Education JB I '-1 X L K I -5 l The music department, directed by Mr. Douglas Barnett, endeavors to help students understand and appreciate music and offers music majors a thorough foundation in their chosen profession. Mrs. Kathleen XYarren supplements the basic courses with her pri- vate voice lessons. Mr. Barnett fabovel leads the college chorus. Delores Askew tleftl. a student in music appreciation, listens to records in the listening room as a supple- ment to course requirements. Preparing students for proficiency in the field of business is the main purpose of the the business department. headed by Miss Rachel Steinbeck. Mrs. Lois Bovette pro- vides additional courses in typexvriting and shorthandg Nlrs. Martha King teaches non- credit night courses. Corrine Britt. Bleva McGowan. and Eugenia Best ileftl learn the correct procedure in operating a mimeo- graph machine. Xliss Steinbeck Lbeloxvl in- structs a student in the use of his accounting practice set. ?' .1 lil .... 3 "K IQeHgion lf Sociol Z 88 X ,...--- Directed by Mr. Charles Sapp, the de- partment of religion seeks to help the student to lmow himself and his religious, social, and cultural needs. The Old and New Testament, as well as other courses in religion, point the student to the reli- gious documents that contain the message and spiritual heritage of his faith. In the picture above Mr. Sapp gives individual help to student Robert Coley. At left, Dr. Myron Augsburger, speaker for Spir- itual Emphasis Week, addresses a religion class. Studies The social studies department guided by Mr. Donald Becker endeavors to provide an understanding of man and his rela- tionship to past and present society. On the left, Mr. Becker uses visual aids in his westem civilization class. Below, geog- raphy students Cclockwisej Anne Heath, Lannis Iones, George Harrison, Carlton Parks, Mary Lou Potter, and Indy Holland examine the maps as Mr. Becker explains the different types of projections to be used in the course. , -s 2 ModernLonguoge Broadening the eul- tural understanding of the student and developing accuracy and precision in the use of languages are prime uhieetives of the modern lan- guage department. guided by Rh: Xlich- ael Perret. During a class session Crightl Mr. Perret instructs students in the fund- amentals of French. is-Y n X Enghsh The English department, headed hy Dr. Roy O'Dunnell. assists students in under- standing and correctly using language and appreeiating the literary heritage ol the English-speaking peoples. Public speaking, taught hy Nlrs. Gayle Hartley. helps students learn to think and speak freely in puhlie, Bryce Xlurrisnn Calmvel delivers his speech to elass ineinhers Darhy Xlliitinan, Dennis Lainni, and Carlton Parks. Dr. O'Dunnell Crightl explains to his English literature class the acconiplishinents of noted English writers. E+, N6 .. F Application of scientific principles, development of an understanding of basic ideas in biology and chemis- try, and the processes by which these ideas are being advanced are the main ob- jectives of the science de- partment directed by Mrs. Lorelle Martin. A field trip iabovel leads some zoology students to search for fossils while at left, Mary Eleanor Alphin and Bobby Goodrich study frog anatomy and physiology in zoology lab. Microscopic study gives bot- any student Mary Ann Parks an opportunity to investigate the complexities of the plant kingdom. Chemistry student Roger Farmer tests the pro- perties of some oxygen com- pounds of the halogens. , v.-. ,, MQ, 2.-Q. 2' . x mx 3' x The mutheinntics depart- ment, through the lendcrsliip of Nil: Iuscph Yann, :ic- quaiiuis students with the logicul development of thco- ry hchind inritlicinutics. The dcpgirtincnt also proyidcs ud- yunccd courses for intcrcstcd studcnts, llere, Nlr. Yann is discussing thc diffcrcncc hc- twccn thc sine :ind cosinc curyc, Science Mathematics .a -4. N-ii' 'ss -A , ff iinfuf-we latte- AY .', -'iii-4.4 5 -5-.4--Y, . Lt h gig V ff? f QQP., . V. '-I A " 'Y' -v-T-'Ps iff'?fQ'..1'f.1zf'T 'if ' Q5 -, -. . . ,-'r 3, '-A E,-NV , '9 rf-.V . e. Y . 2. ff""'f- 'QiiS.,'713tQlffk ' ' mmm- "' F t' gil'fllilfllclliifftfliillSeillflclllyii sw- U-'- A Li:--- 1. .s v .-an ' 7 ' 'P physical educutlon ac't1v1t1es,and L '-l T ff'Y':::17f.' ,-3. ' -N 2--443: the instruction of personal and ff ".Q:j5-5, -ig. . ' Hg'-"' 1. ,H :-: community health are the main f in 4 -A te --"T1:+g7.f 11 5, . 'ilu nrt. 1 objectives of the physical edu- if Q-Qty. Y - ,317 ,Tye-9' 'QUIT cation depzirtment, guided by ggfjlrlliiihizfggi .jriyixs V 'ffa-if if iigvtmfdieap Mr. Larry Nance. The girls soft- gsf f .ff 'again 5jg,j3'i5v?A-,E' - , 1,7 K L, 5,51 tip :M-I, hall class fahovel practices bet- - i H N f'lw,.:, 2? ting skills. At left, C3llSlll6HIFS 5 .1511 , jx serve as warm-up exercises 1n mi . each class preceeding actual ggi, 'Al7,,.2gX,g:3j,pf1'-i play. Carlton Collins frightj but drihbbles for 21' field goal as I. .VV. 2 .pigtf-,.-,-1-J51ul.1:r It -7, --jig ip'-,.f3fA'1if.i:7. Egiaggig-5:47 XV1lson steps in to block his lock. TL .-.+1'fw-:v:-- 11 Yzfzuqi-Q ----1'f'.:ff3 91 :"' - I f - .- ,Y , - ,pt seaweed v 1' V u l -X -l l I I ' J' l U N r T, A I 'UW ,Y ' 5 .A J i K ' ,. I: " 1 Ll. . :A X . wa. , M. . J N 1 ,nt , , ,F 2- '-"l".'4.v: ' - .,-j'- PhyQcolEducoHon Psychology, taught hy Mr. Danny Xloorc. C1lClt'ilVUl'S to ac- quaint students with the funda- incntul principlcs of human lx-liavior, Students Emmett XYil- liguns und Dorothy Hudson fam- iliurizc themselves with their notchooks. Psychology 4.4-r A lrbfiifs ,. '... In 1 - ai ,V K"f"t5'm, ' T9 57 ,A fifff R-.-. 4 . 1 1 l ,...- A fr P".-3" '..Q-kv-1-,, 051 -7k.'iC'?:l'if ""-v VN -,ww Q x"9-i..., SK- s -aqqxii-S msg -nik ,,,..-J' 'Agn' -- .1- . .. A 'S ' --K ,.,-- , . .1.. ' ,, - . ' R' QL '- ' ' .1 r... qs.-1.4 uf : "A-H" .- f . x .kg- Jie: , Q1Y'? ...."f'-f:':X,. , , , M .. 5 - rg.. x ,H - U -'gt-1 : 1-Q: 3 ..., ! - ,g V , f b g.-.- 1 ,. - ,,f,,A ' ,. -Q .wgl 1. 1 ' f -fly- Y, Y - 1 ,aff - ,- 0""' 11' fs ,iff V 1 - 2.-, " ---Xvfif . 4.. 7 " .. ' '1 ' . -- lo-.-...., 7,5511 : - - , -: ,Y -2-a:--- 1-. Q ' , - ...X ' f . ' -- -'f -- ' 55 -4 ' ' , Ng .r:.::-'H' 1- 3, . 5 ,, . f ,,. is I :infix ij 'ZS' ,il 2 ,- , -:ff , a15ga1jifgW.1f -gif "lf - , v. ..-5, 1... ,. ,,- V I A , ! Q nr M, , .- . .Jgv , .- ig... ' V - S1 s W4 Alf f -7- 1 F. .. of L c 'fa -Q -.L -Q , Q, --u 1 ,.,,,. I r ,f""" A., 5-ta- ,. N mllvgl- IS ilhll-lLll'Illt'll lux l4lIIkI'plN M llQ'Sll1lN'Il up ,H tlu' llIll'IllIIlIL1lIIlll ul nts xtmle-uh qumut muwlu-N xutll .4 lllv llll .mul tlwu .lL4lIllSlllUll nl lmlml- Inlw .mx xx- lmu- mm Lnmxn ' ,X mlm- .-M NllVlNll In tluwr vxlmpts .lx N11lbll1rIllHll'S xu lllrllu-r lllll from tln- Xtklllk J.5S4lLl.llllPllN. vw glmxtll .as llullxulumls .xml lHl'lll Sllllll'IllS llINL1lXI'l tlu- lm.1l lun lll.ah- lllivlt' umunvtv Qmmls llc WN, uf H,ll,.2',, in XM. hu. 'H Malling llll'llllPIl!'S ul mn wlll-ul ut'lllI'I umlx lllL1l'llIll, .mul lmun JMX NH' lull lllml HUM ul All hlwltlm smmh lmmmh Xu. llllllt'llll1ll'INl.llHllllL1KllllllfIl'llll W ' ' ' slnpx mlmvlupwl JIIUIIIQ tlw stu hum IIVU lllvllflx Sli-IH' IWW 1lz-nh .lll1lIN'lSlrllllt'l 'I'ln'xv pw vxpvlnflnuw .uul fltlllllll' IIVNX ph' .uv Nlmnnt Ulnv Cfullvgv lr 1' 'fy Y it 'fs-,K x.f N 11 SGPHOMCRES MARY ELEANOR ALPHIN Mount Olive, N. C. FRANCES ANN EMILIE DELORES ALBERTSON ASKEXV Chinquapin, N. C. Snow Hill, N.C. O33 , Y""' FRANCES YYINNIFRED AVERETT XVinterville, N. C. FRANCES ANN ALBERT- SON, Liberal Artsg French Club 14 Prayer Band 15 Freshman Class Speakerg Henderson Science Club 1, Librarian 2g Olive Lcaucs, Assistant Editor 2: Eureka Society 2. MARY ELEAN- GR ALPHIN, Liberal Artsg Oliue Leaves, Advertising Committee 2g French Club 2. EMILIE DELORES A S K E VV, Liberal Artsg Freshman - Sophomore Ban- quet Entertainment Com- mittee, 1. FRANCES YVIN- NIFRED AVERETT, Lib- eral Arts: Prayer Band, Secretary-Treasurer 1, Pro- gram Chairman 2g French Club 224 Honor Council 2. EDXVARD GERALD BATTS, Liberal Artsg Hen- derson Science Club 12. BARBARA FRANCES BECTON, Liberal Artsg Youth Fellowship 15 Prayer Band,Vice-President 1, Pres- ident 2g French Club, Presi- dent 2g Henderson Science Club 2. EDXVARD GERALD BATTS YVilson, N. C. ry BARBARA FRANCES BECTON Kinston, N. C. ff" BETTY IO BENNETT Durham, N. C. if - "4R'1'5? ' 'vb' Q-s ' X 1 ,f .X , 9 IUDITH ANNE BOSTIC Kenansville, N.C. ...2 RICHARD CHARLES BOZARTH Iacksonville, N. C. BETTY IO BENNETT, Lib- eral Arts, Phi Beta Lambda 1, Olive Leaves, Circula- tion Committee 1, Business Manager 2. IUDITH ANN BOSTIC, Business Educa- tiong May Court Attendant Ig Women's Iudiciary Coun- cil 2. RICHARD CHARLES BOZARTH, Liberal Arts. CAROL ROBBINS BROXVN, Liberal Arts, Ot- tawa University, Kansas, '49- ,5l.ANNE SMITH BUNCH, Liberal Artsg Campbell Col- lege, '58-'59g East Carolina College, '59 - '60, FRANK DICKSON CASTEEN, Lib- eral Arts. I... ANNE SMITH BUNCH Goldsboro, N.C. C,- CAROL ROBBINS BROWN Rose Hill, N.C. ' ' Nd FRANK DICKSON CASTEEN. IR. Faison, N. C. , i - ' f:, J1,.':.',f'.g ELI" -14,14 5 - A M ..,,.r V., ,. , V .,,,. ,N ,Ah i. .1-, ,. I .qw 1, i. .,,.. 16--v ,ig -"firing . "'!-'ESQ , - f fm an 7 - ,w - . 1 . 'E ' 52. - CARLTON LEE COLLINS Pamplico, S. C. IASPER EARL COWAN VVi1liamston, N. C. CARLTON LEE COLLINS Liberal Arts, Iemigan Schol- arship Ig SGA, Social Com- mittee Zg Olive Leaves, Cir- culation Manager 2, Dra- matics Club 2. IASPER EARL COYVAN, Liberal Arts, Prayer Band, President 1, Honor Council 14 French Club 2, Oliue Leaves, Co- Editor 2g Chief Marshal 2, Eureka Society 2. GER- ALD MACON DAVIS. Lib- eral Artsg Campbell College, spring 1963, Fall 1963. BYRON KENDALLDUNN, Liberal Artsg French Club 24 Phi Beta Lambda, Vice- President :Zg Olive Leaves, Advertising Committee 2. THOMAS NVADE DU- PREE, IR., Liberal Artsg Baseball 1, Dramatics Club 22: Henderson Science Club, Vice-President 2. GERALD YVAYNE EVANS, Liberal Arts, Mens Iudiciary Coun- cil, Secretary 1, Dramatics Club, President 2, Olive Leaves, Proofreader 2. . .y. 7 -. r" "' - .,,- '.o GERALD MACON DAVIS Beulaville, N. C. oi fi? x BYRON KENDALL DUNN Mount Olive, N. C. X , THOMAS XVADE DUPREE, IR. Dunn, N. C. N 'ln Q V 1, -Il . GERALD WAYNE EVANS Kinston, N. C. 5 K I , - 5' ,-9' 'R ff X. CAROLYN IANE FITZGERALD Micro, N. C. 1 ' x ff F75 SANKIE IEAN GLENN Mount Olive, N. C. GQ fvvrx X .. LESLIE MARK GODWIN Dunn, N. C. CAROLYN JANE FITZ- GERALD, Liberal Arts, XVomen's .Iudiciary Council 1, Chairman 2, Prayer Band 1,24 Henderson Science Club, Secretary 2. SAN- KIE AIEAN GLENN, Lib- eral Arts, Atlantic Christian College, '62-'63g Dramatics Club 2. LESLIE MARK GODIYIN, Liberal Arts, Prayer Band. Vice-President 2, Menis Iudiciary Council, Vice-President 2, Henderson Science Club 2. HERMAN ADRIAN CRUBBS, Liberal Arts: Prayer Band lg SGA President 2g Hender- son Science Club 2, Marshal 2. THOMAS HARPER, Lib- eral Artsg Henderson Sci- ence Club l,2g French Club 2. GEORGE HOXVARD HARRISON, IR., Liberal Arts, Youth Fellowship, Vice-President 1, French Club, Vice-President 2, Olive Leaves Advertising Committee 2. Q x 7 ""' 54 W, ,E . ,Q , I ,. Hip QQHP,-,,Mg ws.-1 .l I, S-N M..-Xu I 1 ' Q -,f , ....- , Na' HERNIAN ADRIAN GRUBBS, -IR. Mount Olive, N. C. fglx' ,, -. ' l - .qgy-Wax rg ,. , I-.'..s-.-.J-..:---s-',-s-s:-f:,::-.. s -xi-'N-N ,E,-,,,,,- ..15,k.-3,-,.:,j --:,,,,::c3,L -Al -9 rg.. - '5fM i'Xit313Qa1:,1.'? ' , , .,i+f 2 vgigv -N-1'-T ' - , , N, Y . S . 4 -- . . - L,. THOMAS HARPER Bayboro, N. C. GEORGE HOXVARD HARRISON, IR. Snow Hill, N. C. fx- K H -,.... DENNIS MASON HATCHER Mount Olive, N.C. DELORES ANNE HEATH Deep Run, N.C. MARIORIE ELIZABETH HERRINC Middlesex, N.C. I6 5' nu X ROBERT BABB HERRING Goldsboro, N. C. DENNIS MASON HATCH- ER, Liberal Artsg Hender- son Science Club 2, Honor Council 2, Olive Leaves, Ad- vertising Manager 2. DE- LORES ANNE HEATH, Liberal Arts, French Club 1, Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution Prize lg Mar- shal Zg Olive Leaves Co- Literary Editor 23 Eureka Society 2. MARIORIE ELIZABETH HERRING, Liberal Arts: Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer 1, Olive Leaves, Typing Committee lg Youth Fellowship Ig Mar- shal 1, ROBERT BABB HERRING, Liberal Artsg University of North Caro- lina, '55-'58g ,GI-'62. FLORA GREY HINES, Business Ed- ucationg Phi Beta Lambda, Chaplain 1, Secretary 22. THOMAS IVILLIAM HURST, Liberal Arts, Busi- ness and Professional YVom- en's Award lg Phi Beta Lambda, President 2, Eure- ka Society 2. IOHN RON- ALD WIERNIGAN, Liberal Artsg Henderson Science Club, Treasurer 2. THOMAS WILLIAM HURST Cherry Point, N.C. gf,-v FLORA GREY HINES Middlesex, N. C. IOHN RONALD ,IERNIGAN Dunn, N. C. no LANNIS BORDEN IONES Chinquapin, N. C. NIARIANNE KING Mount Olive, N. C. LUCILLE LORETTA LAFFITEAU Goldsboro, N. C. LANNIS BORDEN IONES. Liberal Arts: Nlenls judici- ary Council 1. NIARIANNE KING, Liberal Artsg Frencli Club lg Olive Leaucs, Advertising Committee 2. LUCILLE LORETTA LAFFITEAU, Liberal Artsg Wilmington College '62-'63. WILLIAM EDGAR INIANN. EIR., Liberal Artsg Henderson Science Club, Treasurer I. DONALD BRYCE MOR- RISON, Liberal Arts: East Carolina College '62-'63. ALICE DEAN PARKER, Liberal Artsg XVomen,s ludi- ciary Council, Secretary 2: Dramatics Club 2. CARL- TON PARKS, Liberal Arts: Atlantic Christian College. First summer session '63g East Carolina College Ex- tension in Goldsboro, sum- mer 733. DONALD BRXCE MORRISON Mount Olive, N. C. -7- I ,.- .. . vi--,A ALICE DEAN PARKER Four Oaks, N.C. airs. 'A IVILLIAM EDGAR CARLTON PARKS MANN, IR. Goldsboro, N. C. Midway Park, N. C. 's' , , 5: G. 'V If MARY ANN PARKS Goldsboro, N. C. pgs. In M 'ffl ,fr-J MARY LOU POTTER WVarsaw, N. C. MARY ANN PARKS, Lib- eral Artsg Atlantic Christian College, '62-'63. ELAINE LOUISE PHILLIPS, Busi- ness Educationg SCA, Secre- tary 2, Olive Leaves, Typing Committee 2. MARY LOU POTTER, Liberal Artsg Henderson Science Club 1: French Club l,2g Dramat- ies Club 22. NVILLIAKI IEN- NINCS RHODES, Liberal Arts: Henderson Science Club 1,2. IININIIE ALLEN SAYVYER, Liberal Arts: In- tramural Football 2. ETH- EL MARIE SNIITH, Lib- eral Artsg Stroud Scholarship lg French Club 24 Olive Leaves, Co-Editor 29 Mar- shal Qg Eureka Society 2g Campus Queen 2. IIMMIE ALLEN SAVVYER jacksonville, N. C. ELAINE LOUISE QV' PHILLIPS WILLIAM .IENNINCS Arltington, Va. RHODES Iacksonville, N. C. ETHEL MARIE SMITH Kinston, N. C. 'UBB-4 .IANIES NIORRIS SPELL Clinton, N. C. 153-wa-x CLAUDIOUS ALBERT STALLINGS, IR. Smithfield, N. C. IAMES MORRIS SPELL, Liberal Artsg Men's judici- ary Council, Chairman 2. CLAUDIOUSALBERT STALLINGS, EIR., Liberal Arts, Wingate College, '60- '61, Atlantic Christian Col- lege, 'Gil ANITA LOUISE XV A L K E R, Liberal Arts, Prayer Band 1,25 Hender- son Science Club Qg French Club 2g Olive Leaves, Co- Literary Editor 29 Marshal 221 Sophomore Class Speaker. NEALIE EATON WAT- SON, Liberal Arts. ROWE HERRINC YVHITE, Lib- eral Artsq Atlantic Christian College, '61-'62. .IOAN CA- MILLE YELVERTON, Lib- eral Artsg May Court, 1,23 French Club 1, Secretary 2. NEALIE EATON QIOAN CAXIILLE XVATSON YELVERTON Calypgga N, F1'6II'lOI'lt, N. IU? ANITA LOUISE WALKER Durham, N. C. ROWE HERRING XVHITE Salemburg, N. C. HYATT KORNECAY A D A Mount Olive, N. C. IAMES CLAYTON AMAN Newton Grove, N. C. 1 . I . Cx HERBERT BEACH, III KT", Tarboro, N. C. , V1 DENNIE EDWARD BELL Mount Olive, N. C. RIS LINDA LEE BAKER Newton Grove, N.C. CECIL EARL ARMSTRONG, JB. XVilson, N. C. WEE? 4. V . -,ig iii, -- ' ' A - L E1 IQ-K:'15".x., ' 'f"-.-'Qi'-m:'fj ' Ass W Q- . . Sf-EEN "Ski--fg. sv v EUGENIA GERTRUDE BEST Mount Olive, N. C. PEGGY ANN BAREFOOT Goldsboro, N. C' susm MITCHELL BEAIHAN Snow Hill, N.C. EARL JACKSON AYCOCK, JR. Goldsboro, N. C. Pl? 1-"' ELIZABETH ROSE . . ,,, ., . 1, BLALOCK V 1 " , - P" V A Goldsboro. N. C. ,rw QW.. X Q gil in X U U,4:.:,4 IL ,V F. ' 145 , r f' 1 I lv A ' , . IULIA ELIZABETH Q' . . 2, . BARWICK ' X h La Grange, N. C. f .L-5 ' A 9.- : - . I W .,, lg' I e 'pil' 4 3 F 1 "' ' J -xx, , V , ,'-,....1:-L.. , 175, : v gi if3E-..g1 - - ' -, ., GILBERT THOMAS E, , v12:L, if f 4921.4 - ' BEETY I. i s- -V931 , gif., Toms River. N.J, t.-::q:,wgi,,- - I 'zggfgqlw 7 E LAURA BETH . ,,.,, .. ., . ... BONNERC A , '. . Bzzzz , . , Tim alarm sounds and a new day begins. Getting up is a umm A dreaded task. lO2 IOHN ROBERT BOWDEN Faisun, N. C. 1 - "2 1, . .v +.,. .. . Q" . - SJ . ' ., . ' ,. K 1- -'V' -. ' -wiv.. ., 'i 'I YN! . .2 Q vi S--, ff." . -1 ., if HARRY GLENN BRONVN Roanoke Rapids, N. C. T' SARA THOMAE BRANCH Xvinterville, N. C. ROY PRESTON BURRILL Kenly, N.C. ENIOC-ENE CARAXYON Cove City, N. C. ROY LEO ,F CAULEY. JR. CORRINE FATE BRITT Goldsboro, N. C. STEPHEN CRAIG BYRD Faison, N.C. Dover, N. C. 'I JOHN XYILLIAM CHERRY. III Elm City, N. C. 4-1 BONNIE LUNETTE COATES Smithfivld. N. C. uv ROBERT THOMAS COLEY Rocky Mount. N. C. .f' L .Ll in dk i J .IIJLWQ 1 1 ' -:ANL x Y Lv, "He's written at last."' Rccviring mail is one of the most anticipated cccnts of the day. BENJAMIN KING COOPER Faison, N. C. 'QA IOSEPI-I CONRAD COX Plymouth, N. C. XVILLIAM VICTOR CORBETT Newton Grove. N.C, , ., .-.5 . nn, 'f "" wig, '13'1E"1f" , wk ' 2 Q ,A 1 'Q ' I-': -Jgzv' I gf" A ' ' -gm,:,5 I I , 'J- MARSHALL DOUGLAS COX Dudley, N. C. T'?'f'-NI: -1 V ERQQXQ ' :.',v.x5, '5 - x x 1 EKRON CHESLUN CIIONV, III Goldsboro, N. C. GENE ATLAS CRUMPLER Dudley, N, C. .,.-v DELINDA IAN DAIL gl. 1. 'f'r"'5: I. .5 411 'yxxs .1 T . -:sn-':,' Beulavxlle, N. C. ROGER DIXON , . ff I A1 -3 . giziflit f 4 -': A. .,", .6 ,Sgrg -'Am , 5.5, :Pg - La.. ' f 1 EVELYN ARLENE HILL DAVIS Albertson, N. C. X f7n'v- 54 .Q ,, MARION HINNANT EDXVAHDS Kenly, N. C. ,fm ff, - 4' , fi'-'15-. gl. I , ix I 41. .. MARTHA CALPHURNIA ELLIS Stuntonsburg, N. C. ff' ff 1 113: , , X. A 192 xv. sr l. IUDITH LYNNE EVANS Kenly. N. C. was I Q? f I V gg CAROLYN ANN FADER Kinston, N. C. 4 FARMER Goldsboro. N. C. NORWOOD ADDISON CAINEY, JH. Goldsboro, N. C. CECIL JOSEPH FREEINIAN Bridgeton, N. C. The solitude of the library provides a retreat for concentration and hard work. I iv' LORETTA FAYE GEORGE HAMPTON FOREMAN GIDDENS Vkfashington, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. JOHN ROBERT GILMAN Hampton, Va. fn BETTY IO CODWIN Chadboum, N. C. P' . L. -, 'lj H. 3" A I 42 5 L . 'al MARY LINDA GRADY Mount Olive, N. C. v .arm LYNDA DAIL GRIFFIN New Bern, N. C. --f E ,s s I , 'l l X " ua . ,, -1' " JACKIE ALENE GRAY Goldsboro, N. C. .x jr:fj,i..,:3"' 12233 f-:gg 533' , . " NX x : . 52- ,sg . Q ' 3: -:F J" if I. I . uv T sf-wwf " Q , Q. THOMAS NATHAN .fx fe HANCHEY , Goldsboro, N.C. J-4 BILLIE MARIE GRIFFIN New Bem, N. C. ,-ov x 'T LUCY MAYE HARDEE Middlesex, N. C. IOS WOODY IEA NETTE HARRIS YVinterville, N. C. ' -' I V4 A " ' ' ' '5-3 1T':' A. MATTIE KATE HARRISON La Grange, N. C. DAVID LISTON HAYES Timmonsville, S. C. SANDRA KAY HARRISON Grifton, N. C. ' if fe.- ' . .5 I if K- l a- ,., CLENDA PEARL HEATH Cove City, N. C. ROBERT EARL HASKETT Newport. N. C. Friendly chatting or clarification of contro- versial points is 11 frequent occurencc between faculty and students. ' M,-.j f a"- ' ' iii Q , . Wig: :.,.-,-- , ,-A .,. - ...c ' K' 37" ' L.. ..!f'-"I Q' - 'fit' -of " . U' ilu .UK et, EVELYN MAE BETTY IRENE HONTZ " HERRINC Mount Olive, N. C. Middlesex, N.C. , I , ALICE GLYNN IRVINE Virginia Beach, Va. 2 .4 fi A . Creative thinking and the ability to initiate and accept new ideas are challenged through class participation. BJ 11' Us , ,Q i J' . QS,-i' ful. - f r IUANITA WILSON Q , : JACKSON Dunn, N. C. , X M. W. w CA.. , X, 'QNX -my O " . x N , N N JUDITH IRENE HOLLAND ' Dudley, N. C. LINDQ SUENHSWELL ' 35:5 f ., W. ' . . . . 4- lms f,. 3 "" JAMES ALBERT JOHNSON. IR. Kinston, N. C. ELLEN GRUBBS HERRING Calypso, N. C. IO6 'Tr' 'w .f CHARLES MARION JONES Pink Hill, N. C. EDWARD ROY IONES Dudley, N. C. :-- -1-ara.. 1' Nw.. -T Pr: .-'j, e gm iii-4 ' 1 . . Nt-N ' . ' . .A-X-f , -.,. "' my A x g- 1, 7 -' .--. gi JIMMY LEROY KENNEDY Pink Hill, N.C. RANDOLPH McPHAIL KING Mount Olive, N. C. fi? SANDRA LOU KING Goldsboro, N. C. 'zv ni' i ILEY WILLIAM KINLAXV Rae-ford, N. C. DENNIS CECIL LAMM Wilson, N. C. JAMES WILEY LAMVK Wilson, N. C. FH., ' ,' V ' 3 .Arai-T If .T Q 0... my " 'TJ JOHN ROBERT LANE. JR. Mount Olive, N. C. SHIRLEY ANN LAMM Lucama, N.C. V - rv,-r Lugging books to and from class is a typical scene on the campus. Vw 175' V-"' THOMAS GENE LANE Mount Olive, N.C. CHARLES RICHARD LANCASTER Kinston, N. C. 4 EUGENE DEXTER LANGLEY Kenly, N. C. ROBERT DEAN LANIER Beulaville, N. C. 'l'.. V 1 EVA SUE LAWRENCE Beaufort, N. C. .4 .., ern -1 1, - -'- -- ., '7gy1",,' , ' -Q , : 2? " f', ' 2 4 11.4 " , .Xu X- .l I X ,- ,n lj LOIS RICE LEE Oriental, N. C. X , KENNETH ROGER LEE New Hem, N.C. EJ RAYFORD LOUIS LEE Four Oaks, N.C. -:EW LINDA WARD LEE Arapahoe, N. C, ERNEST BENOIT LeROUX. IR. Mount Olive, N. C. 33- . N 1 I X 5 ' 1 DEAMOUS KEITH LEWIS Havelock, N, C. BELVA JEAN MCCOWAN Vanceboro, N. C. 5 . .,,,,7. ..-, if' x ,, ,- l 4 I1 JUDY LEE MCLAMB Clinton, N.C. bg V Development of companionship is exemplified as couples are often seen employing their charms. -1 ,.f LINDA IANE Mc-PHERSON Goldsboro, N. C. --rv: " X 5 - 'f'1'EQf'15Xi':.v' -' 1 .: N K ' . 1 -1-" -'Z Y-.-. :rex :3 yd,-,x I ,.r.,,,1 FXSSKQ ' ' 1.1331 I. 3 -2-IQ , ,. 5 .-gg.: ' X Yfl " Y' LINDA ANN MALPASS Goldsboro, N. C. IOB I+' WINIFRED LORRAINE MILES Mount Olive, N. C. ALMA IOY MANN Rocky Mount, N. C. EDITH MAYE OUTLAW Dudley, N.C. I .1 . ca TP I 'lfaf' 3 .:- I 'fl' BONNIE RABON MAREADY Bc-ulaville, N. C. SHIRLEY SMITH OUTLAW Albertson, N. C. QF- is -V TITUS MAURICE MARTIN, JR. Kinston, N. C. VIVIAN CHARLOTTE MILLS Kinsmn, N.C. "' . .H 'flff . b 4 M -W3 XNSLKS.-1, ' ,rfllixfff Vw noargrvr JARRELL A I ,V ,. OVERMAN, Ja. "' "' ' Goldsboro, N. C. ALICE FAYE NEAL Kings Mountain, N. C. 'fo OSBORNE GLENN PARKS Goldsboro, N. C. 7, .fx 9? .fifr -1- JEANNE ELIZABETH PEELE Durham, N. C. gx - Q5.. ..., x -qw A 'WWA , ,X ...,.c.Niwxh Q. xxx X X 0 X -.- J I1 BOBBY CARROLL RAINS Kenly, N. C. Q..- JUDITH HOLMES PATE Mount Olive, N.C. ROBERT DONALD PHILLIPS Kenansville N C 40 MATTIE FAYE PEACOCK Goldsboro, N.C. 'Y' CONNIE MAXTON PITTMAN XVilson, N. C. vi c-s HARRIET DIANE RAMSEY Jacksonville, N. C. Nutritious food and close friends supply a cordial atmosphere at the evening meal. 1 ,S-' fv- . . X A ,- 2 .f X RUSSELL HARPER RHODES Deep Run, N.C. r ,hm , ., 'I , SARAH ANNE ROSE Lucama, N. C. K Q fc .- '1 " , rx ' xv JAMES ODELL ROUSE Kinston, N. C. JACKIE MAE ROYAL Clinton, N. C. 1,3 v 1 , PATRICIA RAE SANDERSON Beulaville, N. C. RAYMOND TRAVIS SASSER. JR. Tarboro, N.C. A-...fs SANDRA IEAN SLOAN Mount Olive, N. C. 1 rv..- EMMA JANE SMITH Deep Run, N. C. 4 6 'Z-fr. EDGAR LEE STOKES, III Colerain, N. C. .an A -lx f LINDA FAYE STRICKLAND Godwin, N. C. GERALDINE STRICKLAND Seven Springs, N. C. .fhfh GLINDA CRAYE LARRY HAYXVOOD STRICKLAND THORNTON Godwin, N. C. Faison, N. C. ANNETTE ELEANOR STANLY Mount Olive, N. C. .-v -F-.v VIOLET ROSE THORNTON Mount Olive, N. C. SANDRA WRAY 3 ' TOMLINSON VVilson, N. C. SUE ELLEN VAN CILDER Millville, N. I. v A -f I 'fl Uf V W4 it -w pg FOY SEWALL NVATSON. JR. Middlesex, N. C I The night finds students in their rooms studying various subiects. Many long hours ure spent in this manner. LOUIS ABNER TYNDALL Pink Hill. N. C. 'K 'V IAMES NOAH YVEBSTER Pinetown, N. C. -L ,I ,U I .I Agsgyfjg "1 If"'1A ' ' ,fp fi 7: f' , vs. Te' Q I L Sf Iv' QUINTON THEODORE XYILLIABIS Newport, N. C. ROSA HELEN VVHITE. I Cove City, N. C. JO ANN WEEKS Dunn, N.C. LYNDA BME WESTBROOK - -A Albertson, N. C. lying.. h- , "1:f'. . L A ' ', 1'-vm' Q 'r DAHBY HAROLD WHITMAN Mount Olive, N.C. JOSEPI-ESVAITTER E 'N 'VIL N, Il 1 ,T La Grange, N. C. .,. X X ROY JAMES WETHERINCTON Clark Nl C STARKEY CAIL WELLS Mount Olive, N. C. . 2 J f tr!! ., 7' W- vg- STEVE DANIEL WORTHINCTON Middlesex. N, C. 1,7 'T' Devotions end the day as residents gather for the reading of scripture X' singing of hymns and prayer. ' . N'-'Nfl T. ' L 325: QYFAQFSZ - '- MITCHELL LEE Q -1 V VVETHINGTON If -A f' ,' 4: , Clark N C ' Lxvf CHARLES BEVERLY WI-IITLEY Kinston, N. C. Y , MARION PARNELL DAS-'X BHLCE NVEST WX OOTEN Davey, N, C, Tarboro, N. C. Ill FLOYD EUGENE YELVERTON Shellman, Ga. fx DQ , LN! via -K nw' Mi-ml imilfv ???fggsrmH AOVERUSEITIGHIS ,H i -pl-1uL'AI4y .-vg' f,,,.,....---' aa Among the incidents which we will remember from our experi- ences at Mount Olive College are our associations with the merchants and citizens of this community. In all of our con- tacts with these friends, whether we go as customer or as a pro- moter of a school project, we have always received a warm welcome and a double share of patience and consideration. An important part of the support of our yearbook comes from the merchants of this area. W'ithout their assistance, OL- IVE LEAVES could not have achieved the status it enjoys. VVe shall remember our association with them with a feeling of gratitude for their warm and gracious desire to help. It is in recognition of this encourage- ment that we express our sincere appreciation to them for their interest in our college. -E 1+ ,Q I 5 JUHN PATTERSON FURN SIMMONS HARDWARE Dutch Boy Points 0 Everything from A to Z Phone OL 8-225l 0 The store with plenty of parking space Q Mount Olive, North Carolina N m N LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP Mount Olive North Carolina D. T. McPHAIL 8- SONS Dry Goods 0 Clothing O Shoes lOl North Center Street Mount Olive, North Carolina COBBS 49 ELECTRIC COMPANY RCA O Hotpoint I Service Dealer uurlvuicl' Phone Mount Olive, North Carolina l WHITE'S STORES, INC. Mount Olive North Carolina SUTTON ELECTRIC Electrical Contractors and Distributors for Electric Motors, Controls, and Mill Supplies Mount Olive, North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE CO. W. H. FRANKLIN E 'L M61 8 , 4 .. b be ,:.-" - ,:,V,., .4 1 ,. ,-.:'- V -L11-fff'rf A A -H IYISS-CWCSCC-'M - ... 1'--1.-.o:""""' 1 .--- .-.if -- F - 55:-'-11592,-.-:C - A Q, J, ,adn . Y , ., - 1 . ,,..- ..A- , -V 1'-,Ig-A ,q..4g,.fe- f A. -Sail. 73,7 Q 'jj-1 - , 'A ' f - "NRS A "KV '14 ' gg. ' ' ' MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE COMPANY serving the Eastern half of the United States, never forgets its hometown col- lege and its need for Con- diments. Delicious pickles are everyone's taste de- light. WO LOUISE'S BEAUTY SHOP LOUlSE'S BEAUTY SHOP O Della K. Jordan, Owner Q IO3 West Main Street Mount Olive, North Carolina ELLIS MOTOR SALES, INC. PONTIAC 8, CMC fa ' U, TRUCKS IQ? D 9 MOLIUI' Olive S I North Carolina GINN LUMBER COMPANY Mount Olive North Carolina REAVES' FERTILIZER COMPANY Mount Olive North Carolina KADIS, INC. "We Clothe the Entire Family" IO5 E. Main Street Mount Olive, North Carolina THIGPEN-FICKEN INSURANCE COMPANY P. O. Box 329 Mount Olive, North Carolina Phone 658-2088 SUMMERLIN ELECTRIC SERVICE General Electric Dealer Phone 658-2276 Mount Olive, North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE AUTO PARTS COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Auto, Truck, and Tractor Parts Mount Olive, North Carolina CRYSTAL BARBER SHOP Mount Olive North Carolina MUSIC 8: SPORTS "lt pays to pIay" Sheet Music I Pianos Sporting Goods Musical Instruments T.V.'s 0 Organs Stereos O Radios 202 East Walnut Street Goldsboro North Carolina .f -n "4'lu R .. R gay, ' r 4 u ' K rM'W I4 ' 7 1 l MOUNT OLIVE Livestock Market Mount Olive North Carolina 1 --IEEE Denartment Slove "For a brighter future, shop for clothes from the HUB Department Store Goldsboro North Carolina FREE WHLL BAPUST PRESS located at Ayden, North Carolina, plays an active part in the literary publications of Mount Olive Col- lege. The monthly NEWSLETTER, printed by the press, is distributed throughout the nation for the ben- efit of our supporters, alumni, and prospective students. The FREE WILL BAPTIST PRESS is organ- ized to distribute all church- related literature. ll6 HALL'S GROCERY 404 South Center Street Mount Olive North Carolina YOUNG MENS SHOP Goldsboro North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE DRY CLEANERS AND SHOE SHOP Phone 658-2034 I I6 North Center Street Mount Olive North Carolina BUDDY'S JEWELRY Watch and Jewelry re- pairs 0 All lines of Watches and Jewelry Mount Olive North Carolina REAVES' RESTAURANT Convenient to the college, REAVES' RESTAURANT is known among col- lege students as having "Good food, good meals, and good prices." 'Shaft cARoi.e's ri.omsT ru W rg, Mount Olive QLD E North Carolina sf-1 Gif' TOWN AND COUNTRY GAS COMPANY, INC. Tappan Distributor Serving Eastern Carolina Goldsboro, Fremont, Selma, Kinston, Torboro and Mount Olive C. W. OLIVER I C. W. Oliver, Jr. 0 Buyer and Distributor O 208 North Center Street Mount Olive, North Carolina STANLEY SHOE COMPANY TYNDALL FUNERAL HOME Mount Olive North Carolina Mount Olive, North Carolina T' T Men, Women, and Children's Shoes 1, .. PATTERSON ' ' ix I J FURNITURE QE" ' F ' MQUNT COMPANY , L I J' ouve GAS f ' f COMPANY Located on East Main Street, BILL PATTERSON FUR- NITURE COMPA- NY serves the Mount Olive area with quality furni- ture at a reason- able price. Their motto "Furniture for Better Living" is their guide to bring a wide variety of contemporary or traditional style furniture to meet the excellent taste of their customers. "But Dr. O'Donnell, l was sick that day I cut chapel." RODNEY KNOWLES DR. M. M. LOWNES, JR. l 117 Those chilly months of winter bring on the need for heat, a n d M O U N T OLIVE GAS COM- PANY adequately meets the demand with plenty of gas in the form of bulk or bottled gas. What hoppens if the heat goes out? Then call MOUNT O L l V E GAS for prompt and effic- ient service. N Clegg 95 out 5Hl RT MEN'S APPAREL SHOP "Heyl That blazer really looks sharp," is the cry being heard all over the campus by our coeds. Where did the blazer come from? Why MEN'S APPAREL SHOP, of course, where the collegian goes to buy good quality men's clothing at a rea- sonable price. "Clothes make the man," and MEN'S APPAREL guarantees a wide selection of well-tailored cloth- ing to make any young gentleman the envy of his friends, Mount Olive, North Carolina where the e's N0 smoke there's N0 fire! SAFEHCLEANHMODERN CCAROLINA Powan a. LIGHT COMPANY? An investor-owned, taxpaying, public utility company Dr. Thomas E. Shaver It is a common assumption that carrots are good for maintaining adequate eyesight. We do not wish to dispose this assumption, but we do wish to recommend DOCTOR SHAVER as a reliable and efficient optometrist, DOCTOR SHAVER is located on Center Street in Mount Olive, conven- ient to his patrons and the business district. DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Industrial Machinery and Supplies Telephone REpublic 5-2421 Goldsboro North Carolina 0 IN GOLDSIOIO Goldsboro's and Wayne County's Fine Fashions For Ninety-nine Years LOWE'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY INC. Mount Olive North Carolina Mother, Father and Junior are ex- pecting a birthday. L O W E ' S HOME AND AUTO SUP- PLY, INC. has a wide va riety of modern electrical appliances for Mom and rugged, up-to- date auto parts and radios for the fam- ily car. LOWE'S al- so carries a varied selection of games and toys for the smaller members of the family, CENTER THEATER "Let's go to the flick tonight," is the not too unusual cry heard from college students on the approach of every weekend. The CENTER THEATER serves the college stu- dents, faculty, and local citizens with sometimes amusing, some- times serious, and sometimes very musically oriented films, much to the delight and amusement of us all. MORRIS BROS., INC. GENERAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE I232 Broad Street New Bern, N. C. We wish to acknowledge the sup- port given to the I964 OLIVE LEAVES by the following business establishments: CENTER STREET ESSO Mount Olive, North Carolina LANE BROTHERS GARAGE Mount Olive, North Carolina YOUNG FASHIONS SHOP Goldsboro, North Carolina WELLS USED CARS Mount Olive, North Carolina CRUMPLER'S SUPER SERVICE Goldsboro, North Carolina SEAR'S Goldsboro, North Carolina II9 CLINIC DRUG COMPANY Mount Olive North Carolina C L I N I C DRUG COMPANY located adjacent to Hen- derson - Crumpler Clinic has a full and adequate sup- ply of drugs and qualified personnel to fill any doctor's prescription. They also have prompt delivery service for the convenience of th e i r customers, CLINIC features a wide variety of cos- metics and the lat- est edition of na- tionally k n o w n magazines. MOUNT OLIVE FCX SERVICE Mount Olive North Carolina ROBINSON'S DRUG STORE I-47 South Center Street Goldsboro North Carolina WITHERINGTON- SMITH BROTHERS THOMPSON lf you are in a hur- ry and want to find a quick, convenient place to shop, then SMITH BROTHERS STORE in Dudley is the place to go. Lo- cated on the way to Goldsboro from M o u n t O I i v e , SMITH BROTHERS specializes in qual- ity meats at low prices. Insurance Agency Persons looking for automobile, fi r e , life, bond, theft, or comprehensive in- surance with per- sonal service by on established fi r m which has been serving Mount OI- ive for o number of years, should see WITHERINGTON- THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY located at 110 West James Street, Mount Olive VINSON'S DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists DIAL 734-0741 134-138 W. Walnut Goldsboro, N. C. RUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP 211 North Center Street Mount Olive, North Carolina SETH B. HOLLOWELL ATLANTIC OIL COMPANY Goldsboro, North Carolina llslllll WESTERN Au'ro ASSOCIATE Mount Olive, North Carolina BIRD OIL COMPANY BIRD OIL COMPANY located in Mount Olive offers courteous, prompt, automatic fill-up service for all types of fuels or oils, Mod- ernly equipped trucks with two- way radios are always on the go to be prompt in this delivery, whether it be city or rural. FIRST CITIZENS BIG BRICK BANK AND wAREHousE TRUST COMPANY G oldsboro Goldsboro North Carolina North Carolina The quality crafts- xy. I ff, ..T' --f'--- IT ALBRITTON JEVVELRY Mount Olive North Carolina MOUNT OLIVE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MOUNT OLIVE "WeIl, Mr. Becker, I can't seem to remember right now who was buried in Gront's tomb." HATCH AND HARPER General Merchandise SEEDS Mount Olive, North Carolina manship of fin e sterlingordia- monds is admired by everyone. Every- one wants to find a "gift that Iasts" and the place to find it is at ALBRITTON'S JEWELRY STORE, w h e r e excellent watch and jewelry repair are also fea- tured. BUILDING A N D L O A N ASSOCIA- TION, backed by F e d e r a I Home Loon, is ready to assist you in what- ever might be your problem, If you are h a v i n g financial worries concerning your future home, then stop by and have a talk with them, located on South Center Street. KRAFT'S ' T 'G ' 'I lb The seasons lhmgsgo ,ll ll., Il, mm better h M :EV M for we Wlt f pw. L, vw. It cartons 0 ,cw CQ u .,c, SALLIE'S "Eastern Carolina's Largest S T U D I O Bridal and Formal Shop" Mrs, George I-lodgin Bridal Consultant ZI9 W. Walnut Street Goldsboro, N, C. The staff of OLIVE LEAVES wishes to acknowledge the achievements of Mr. Charles Kraft for his outstanding talents and untiring patience in the production of this yearbook. His numerous awards and prizes in the field of photography ex- emplify the inestimable quality of his work. We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the fine results achieved. GRIFFIN'S BARBECU E, INC r 6 PIG AND CHICKEN Goldsboro North Carolina DR. R. H. SHACKELFORD T H E B O R D E N M A N U F A C T U R I N G C O M P A N Y GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA GLENN 8. MARTIN DRUG COMPANY Mount Olive North Carolina "You can save with safety at this Rexall Store." This is the slogan of your Rexall Store located on South Center Street. GLENN AND MARTIN DRUG COMPANY fea- tures the nationally known Rexall brand of quality drugs and sundry items. me tn N5 J . it V l i K..-g, ,yfmfv EB'-" "AQ yr' 'I G? S X i ,ull P ' K l I NIU "But Burkette, I've already given the College 55.00 this year. W. R. JENNETTE FURNITURE CO. Sturdy workmanship of fine furniture is admired by everyone, and W. R. JEN- NETTE FURNITURE COMPANY offers "Quality Furniture" to make all home furnishings complete. The smart, reason- ably-priced suites displayed almost sell themselves to any prospective buyer. Established since l9l7, W. R, JENNETTE FURNITURE COMPANY in Mount Olive opens its doors to everyone. NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOMAN'S AUXILIARY CONVENTION The Free Will Baptist women of North Carolina have a personal interest in the educational services and continued growth of Mount Olive Junior College. As moth- ers, we appreciate the combined emphasis of the college upon academic excellence and spiritual integrity. Officers of our convention include Mrs. J. C. Moye, Sr., president, Mrs. Frank L. Walston, vice-president, Mrs. Clarence Bowen, secretary, and Mrs, Raymond Sas- ser, treasurer. Chairmen who head the work of com- mittees are Mrs. Felton Watson, missions and enlistment, Mrs. David Hansley, youth, Mrs. Leon Dunn, study course, Mrs. Almond Warrick, program prayer, Mrs. P. L. Barrow, Children's Home, Mrs. Wal- ter Carter, benevolent, and Mrs. H. L. Spivey, pen award. Through our Anna Phillips Education Loan Fund the convention gives special consideration to students attending Mount Olive Junior College. Members of the loan fund committee are Mrs. Lillie Mae Sasser, Mrs. Edward Wooten, and Mrs. Bill Taylor. At the present our convention is giving emphasis to the college building program on the new campus and to completing our project for a new concert grand piano. l23 MVS. M W. P. MARTIN ' GROCERY AND HARDWARE Phone 658-2671 North Center Street Mount Olive North Carolina PALACE BARBER SHOP Mount Olive North Carolina ,,f' N C A if QW Iii.. h ts what ll ttion... NORTH CAROLINA STATE CONVENTION OF ORIGINAL FREE WILL BAPTISTS JOHN PATTERSON FURNITURE COMPANY "For Furniture You Can Be Proud Ot" Phone 658-3151 Q South Center Street Mount Olive, North Carolina I24 CAROLINA CLEANERS OF MOUNT OLIVE Men are naturally not inclined to favor ironing and washing as favorite chores, and college men are not excluded. CAROLINA CLEANERS OF MOUNT OLIVE, specializing in men's shirt laundry, certainly comes in handy to all college men, and their one-day service is much in demand by active college students, men and women, W HOME FURNITURE COMPANY -.,e'.fS?.. Not only does Home FURNITURE coMPANY feature I I' a wide selection of quality home furnishings, but May- tag and Kelvinator appliances as well. They offer rea- sonable prices, and "they service what they sell," Located in the Mount Olive business district, it is con- . . . I thought it was an venient to shoppers. If you wish to do business by 'mc'-" telephone, die: 658-2464. The North Carolina State Convention of Original Free Will Baptist churches, commends Mount Olive Junior College for its fine educational achievements and service in Christian higher edu- cation. The Executive Committee of the State Convention is composed of: C, L. Patrick, Presi- dent, Walter Reynolds, Vice-President, C. H. Over- mon, Secretary, Rom W. Mallard, Treasurer, J. W. Everton, Roy C. O'Donnell, and Oscar Webster. LEWIS DRUG COMPANY You will be amazed to find such a wide variety of finest quality merchandise sold at LEWIS DRUG COMPANY, located on North Center Street, Mount Olive. While you're there, try a thirst-quenching drink from their soda foun- tain. You will find prompt and courteous service. 125 sc 5 ,I k uri , I ., ' Q1 4 Y A L Wh f inh- me " MOUNT OLIVE FLORAL CO. Phone 658-2217 308 North Church St. Mount Olive North Corolina WILSON MOTOR CO. Mount Olive North Carolina ETHEL'S SHOPPE Fashion-minded college women hen d down to ETHEL'S SHOPPE where they tind the latest dress fashions in "Vogue," ETHEL'S offers a wide va- riety of clothing for all occasions at a reasonable price. For one-stop shopping, Mount Olive College women visit ETHEL'S in downtown Mount Olive. noon 'inn TIRES, X ,ff Q ff 3 ,V CLIFTON TIRE S E RV I C E Phone 658-2234 SMlTTY'S DRIVE-IN Mount Olive ls your tongue tickling for a taste-tempting delight? How about something dif- ferent? SMlTTY'S DRIVE- IN has a wide variety of quality dairy products. Lo- cated next to T a s t e e Freeze is the sandwich shop which serves a variety of sandwiches. HEILIG MEYERS COMPANY Furniture and House Furnishings Goldsboro North Carolina IGA FOODLINER Groceries 0 Fresh Meats and Vegetables 0 "The Place for Better Food and Service" Mount Olive North Carolina Mount Olive North Carolina LUYOUT- . . . Copy- CITOHQES . . . changes . . . , WAYNE GLASS CENTRAL LUNCH' Complete line of Frigidaire 0 Sales AND TIRE co RESTAURANT 'W and Service 0 Building Material I IO3 North Center Street - 220 Ngrfh Center Sf, so th B ec eole if u r z v Goldsboro Phone 658-2530 Mount Olive Noflh Cofolioo Mount Olive, North Carolina North Carolina 126 WATSON ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CO. Durham, Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilson, North Carolina BELK-TYLER COMPANY l I , ' ' H O m E of B E l l P I' VH l U E 5 "Your Shgpping Center" ' Mount Olive, North Carolina ST. ' mic: ee" C O Z A R T 5' ffl com.: QUALITY .' ,- l'W"" f P A C K I N G i ry , , qi ..'a'fTI 4 f ' ' -, 1 A. Eaisfd.-'I C O M P A N Y 1-1 H- lj ,v s IIAAAIAIII J ,. TIIAIIIII nonucn Do YOU have CJ huge deep . r -- ' freeze and nothing to put ' in it, and you wish you could buy food wholesale? COZART PACKING COM- PANY of Goldsboro speci- alizes in self-service whole- sale packages, They will be WORLEY HGDDY to hear from YOU- 50 Typewriter Exchange COBLE-WAYNE why not dial RE O-5262 DAIRY and receive prompt service T56 South Center Street G Id b on your Order' Goldsboro, North Carolina o s oro North Carolina . . . Picture - Chooses - - . . . . CHAOS! QUALITY PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY LARRY'S SHOE STORE For comfort and medically approved support for your feet, shop LARRY'S SHOE STORE for the entire family, LARRY'S features a selection of quality Poll Parrot and Buster Brown shoes for the junior members of the family. brand materials for lasting service. Instead of fixing the plumbing yourself, rely on the experienced personnel of QUALITY PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY of Goldsboro. They use quality 127 l if "' lui, l "Heyl Let's go to ALBERTSH is a familiar cry that is heard every day on the college campus. Socially speaking, everyone congregates in the amiable at- mosphere of ALBERTS SODA GRILL. ALBERT serves sandwiches of all kinds featuring his "meal-in-one" sandwich. Beverages of all kinds are sure to quench anyone's thirst. For quick courteous service visit ALBERT'S SODA GRILL, located on North Center Street, Mount Olive. ALBERT'S SODA GRILL RAYMOND'S SOUTHERN BELLE MOTEL FRUIT Mount Olive, North Carolina STAND Mount Olive North Carolina 128 l!""!-:-,-ah pi 1 N , it i- 5 TXL get 9 we V , L X3 K T A Y L 0 R C H E V R 0 L E T I N C. Snow Hill North Carolina ,ll llll 1 1 1 Q 1-Q: :za-I l -. - ug l i:,iE L Qi: - Y -. ki 'f , '-I we 5 . -44.-. . . .,,-n '.' .uv - .21-, - 'vw'- .. .- 1. S .ur--1. ,. - -N-, p . Q., A x . - X .X I hp. . wif ' . A w lr -' ' 'L iffy! 1 .-no 'f ,f,,s, ,,.+ f . I Q fftift .4 Q- x f "' x an . fs! g Q .,4Q2z1gSg2.j 4 "wif '-ffiztr' 355, ,--,-- sf-., :gn-. ' '::4:1,.. 'iv "-1212?-ilv. K gg 5 -,-we"-H n.-.5515-'gikffq' '5'?TI'f. E-,, , Q' -31 1:-a-14. if iv :H .IA j Jf.'i'1',A.5'i' f' X ..,, 5 ii, ' ..., ex EE! ' :sw Y, ,,. ,v O, V--. , 2-Ii: ing "T: 4 1 i"+luq h iii il ' 1.5 '5 glsq ' gi - 1 G 52:55 -ig-.22 in '- lllllll EQES -15:25 zzigg Q 4.-mf' 'Yi' 09-nj? Zfg--. Q. T .4 K ,P x ,jf ,V X i, sr Y .f , - X4 ,fn Q -N r'4A X Q s X . Q X M ,f XX 1 . A-1 , , . X, : X. . X R7 sqft. ' -. -LI I V -ei . , . . X ' X X- ...- S. x xx xv .:, 4 I A A 'X- Q .. ... . , 34: - 3 ' r ,-:,q'Lb7"39-5".l1" Q-13, E ,. -, ""' iz.-' ,j."-sz., --- fins: - 5-,' ' ?"Q'm5"'h'I ' -Qui.-,U , ., , a,'-hH'Q..!Ar:5s.5kf:1.5,:'f:L,' ,Q . - - ' , :IX RACKLEY AND HARRIS OIL CO When s u m m e r comes, then tobcic- co curing begins, ond fuel oil is de- livered promptly by RACKLEY AND HARRIS OIL CO. of Goldsboro. Serv- ice in the city os well os in the rurol sections is courte- ous ond prompt. BANK OF MOUNT OLIVE "A penny soved is ci penny eorned" ond the BANK OF MOUNT OLIVE assists students ond their other potrons in meeting their fi- nonciol responsibil- ities. Courteous service ond ode- quote bonking fo- ciiities merit the re- spect of oll who bonk ot the BANK OF MOUNT OLIVE. FIRST NATIONAL BANK MOUNT OLIVE, N. C. M.C.S. CHERRY SSON general Jrsuzwrcc Mount Olive North Carolina .W 1 ,,1 35 X .f I It MQ .9 95 W K 2 2? Ill sleep lust tive more minutes. ANDERSON METAL WORKS Awnings beautify the home as well as protect it. Metal drainage gutters around the perimeter of the roof give lasting lite to your roof. ANDERSON METAL WORKS of Mount Olive will be happy to talk to you about whatever metal problems you may have. Dial 658-3353 for expedient, prompt service. HASTY PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY Mount Olive North Carolina -'tm--, - . MOUNT OLIVE TRIBUNE nj law Every Saturday morning rain or shine you will find at least one college student busily washing his clothes at WASH AND DRY LAUNDRY. It is open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., with I7 washers and 5 dryers for your convenience. Located on Center Street in Mount Olive. E J. POPE 81 SON Coal Fuel Oil Gasoline Motor Oil Phone 658-2470 Mount Olive North Carolina . , Y V , ,Jw v K W 4 If y A i sw We would like to express our appreciation for the MOUNT OLIVE TRIBUNE'S coverage of all the important activities and news items concerning Mount Olive College. The achieve- ments attained since the TRlBUNE'S first pub- lication has received acclaim from the citizens of Mount Olive as well as the college students and faculty. We express heart felt thanks to the TRIBUNE. x S Come to Mount Olive and pick up QP's!" MURRAY-SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Line of Feed 81 Sanitation Products, Buyers of Corn, Soybeans and Small Grain, Baby Chicks. Phone 658-2529 Mount Olive, North Carolina ISAAC 81 KAHN Goldsboro North Carolina SMITH LAUNDERAMA Mount Olive North Carolina MR. AND MRS. R. T. ALPHIN LASSlTER'S FABRIC SHOP Mount Olive North Carolina WAYNE WHOLESALE COMPANY Goldsboro North Carolina programs!" L5 7 . A ' Q "Man, those chapel ' 11 ,,. . 1 - -X w I f V-3, ?::Z:-2 - i q '.I 1-1?-rf1g.IA.:'h7i:t:IML'r -vb-VT A Z -T Q Y T A-.IM l 1 W 2 L' Mm, i fr 419+ " iw: L 'f ' -s ff' M 1 A ,' +r :, 4M'f - .wfszs in J 'W Efgl "Another Case be- F 1 15 5242: rx T' .7'fJ +'-,4- A, f h J d- - i ,Z 1 . J k,,g !MQYG?ii fig: . af' i -175 ore t QI u ncncry ,X ,,f fh fsb-L-Y'i.,,?-5,bt"f5 A ' , -gif I 1-,dl-Lash Council. X, fgsvznw NSQGENERQP 1, 2 2 993 Q '- x . ff H iliwlizxwif-N r ff s H33 fIPeQcwsf3 WWiiT1Q Q TELEPHONE REPUBLIC 4-34Il Go1.D5B0Ro, N. C. 132 if fm f A lk Niv- q C "Well, what if she is Moy Queen' A 1 r Q' ,, r ' 5 fy Qjlj FW fi , Lr4l'7A'J 715f'4 rv? ,gg 'gfffh-V.-kf,fUfQ hfk -vr K qlvlww , X Xxwmj ,- my 0,-114 HQ "3 cos S 4- sin Q 2 regression' L, 1 I' f '3- 155 ,W.h +I? f C A L Y PS o K K N PLYWOOD - x f' 've t ' " , f .- J age ,gif House Id sur- f COMPANY 'QP hh Q 1 3 'ffl .W M 1 Calypso gs NorthCorolinc1 ' U Y f Ti K NX f r VU' 'x ll 'c db 1, G Q9 'P wif -Q ' 0 0 f x fs x "Bur she promised me the f th ry f I ould be success . I33 STUDENT ADAMS, MRS. MYATT KORNEGA1, 214 East Pollock Street, Mount Olive, N. C. ALBERTSON, MISS F R A N C E S ANN, Route 1, Chinquapin, N. C. ALPHIN, MISS MARY ELEANOR, Route 1, Box 160-C, Mount Olive, N. C. AMAN. MR. JAMES CLAYTON. Route I, Newton Grove, N. C. ARMSTRONG, MR. CECIL EARL, JR., 1724 VVoodsicle Drive, Wilson, N. C. ASKEW, MISS EMILIE DELORES, Route 2, Snow Hill, N. C. AVERETTE, MISS FRANCES YVINNIFRED, Route 1, Box 565, XVinterville, N. C. AYCOCK, MR. EARL JACKSON, JR., 1507 East Holly Street, Golds- boro, N. C. BAKER, MISS LINDA LEE, Route 1, Box 270, Newton Grove, N. C. BAREFOOT, MISS PEGGY ANN, Odd Fellows Home, Goldsboro. N. C. BARNVICK, MISS JULIA ELIZA- BETH, Route 3, Box 158, LaGrange, N.C. BATTS, MR. EDWARD GERALD, 308 South Deans Street, VVilson, N. C. BEACH, MR. HERBERT. III. 312 Georgia Avenue, Tarboro, N. C. BEAMAN, MRS. S U S A N F. MITCHELL, Route 2, Snow Hill, N. C. BECTON, MISS BARBARA FRANCES, Route 6, Box 61, Kin- ston, N. C. BEETY, MR. GILBERT THOMAS, 115 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River, N. J. BELL, MR. DENNIE EDWARD. Route 2, Box 531, Mount Olive, N. C. BENNETT, MISS BETTY JOSE- PHINE, P. O. Box 123, East Durham, N. C. BEST, MISS EUGENIA CER- TRUDE, Route 4, Box 518, Mount Olive, N. C. B L A L O C K, MRS. ELIZABETH 115023, Route 3, Box 134, Goldsboro, BONNER, MISS LAURA BETH. P. O. Box 126, Aurora, N. C. BOSTIC, MISS JUDITH ANNE, Kenansville, N. C. BONVDEN, MR. JOHN ROBERT, Faison, N. C. BOWVERS, MR. SEATON VVILLIAM, JR., 318 Isabella Avenue, VVashing- ton, N. C. BOZARTH, MR. R I C H A R D CHARLES, 100 Marian Place, Jack- sonville, N. C. BRANCH, MISS SARA THOMAE. Route 1, Box 366, VVinterville, N. C. BRITT. MRS. CORRINE PATE, 110 South Oleander Avenue, Goldsboro, N. C. BROVVN, MRS. CAROL JANIECE ROBBINS, Route 2, Box 153. Rose Hill, N. C. BROWVN, NIR. HARRY GLENN, 517 Jewell Street, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. BUNCH, MRS. AGNES ANNE SMITH, 815 East XValnut Street, Goldsboro, N. C. BURRILL, NIR. ROY PRESTON, Box 4, Kenly, N, C. BYRD. MR. STEPHEN CRAIG. Route 2, Faison, N. C. CARAVVON, MISS E M O G E N E, Route 1, Cove City, N. C. CASTEEN, MR. FRANK DICKSON. JR., Box 246, Faison, N. C. CAULEY, MR. ROY LEO, JR., Route 2, Box 178, Dover, N. C. CHERRY, MR. JOHN YVILLIAM, III. Route 1, Box 207, Elm City, N. C. COATES, MISS BONNIE LUNETTE, Route I, Smithfield, N. C. COLEY, MR. ROBERT THOMAS. Route 2. Box 395, Rocky Mount, N. C. COLLINS, MR. CARLTON LEE. Route 1, Box 155, Pamplico, S. C. COOPER, MR. BENJAMIN KING, Box 121, Faison, N. C. C O R B E T T. MR. WILLIAM VICTOR, Route 1, Newton Grove. N. C. COVVAN, MR. JASPER EARL, Route 2, Williamston, N. C. COX, MR. JOSEPH CONRAD, 313 Golf Road, Plymouth, N. C. COX, MR. MARSHALL DOUGLAS. Route 1, Dudley, N. C. CROYV, MR. EKRON CHESLUN, III, 212 East Ash Street, Goldsboro, N. C. CRUMPLER, MR. GENE ATLAS, Route 1, Dudley, N. C. DAIL, MISS DELINDA JAN, Route 2, Beulaville, N .C. DAVIS, MRS. EVELYN ARLENE HILL, Route 1, Albertson, N. C. DUNN, MR. BYRON KENDALL, Route 4, Box 123, Mount Olive, N. C. DUPREE, MR. THOMAS YVADE, JR., Route 5, Box 15, Dunn, N. C. EDWARDS, MR. MARION HIN- NANT, P. O. Box 13, Kenly, N. C. ELLIS, MISS MARTHA CAL- PHURNIA, Route 1, Stantonsburg, N. C. EVANS, MR. GERALD VVAYNE, 1000 Sycamore Avenue, Kinston, N. C. EVANS, MISS JUDITH LYNNE. Route 1, Kenly, N. C. FADER, MISS CAROLYN ANN, 1604 XVaverly Avenue. Kinston, N. C. FARMER, MR. ROGER DIXON, 706 North Pineview Avenue, Golds- boro, N. C. FITZGERALD, MISS CAROLYN JANE, P. O. Box 83, Micro, N. C. FOREMAN, MISS LORETTA FAYE, Route 4, Box 350, 1fVasliington, N. C. FREEMAN, MR. CECIL JOSEPH, P. O. Box 127, Bridgeton, N. C. GAINEY, MR. NORXVOOD A.DDI- SON, JR., Route 3, Box 248, Golds- boro. N. C. GIDDENS, MR. GEORGE HAMP- TON, Route 3, Box 346, Mount Olive, N. C. GILMAN, MR. JOHN ROBERT, 414 Marshall Street, Hampton, Va. GLENN, MISS SANKIE JEAN, 627 North Church Street, Mount Olive, N. C. GODYVIN, MISS BETTY JO, Route I, Box 241, Chadboum. N. C. GODYVIN, MR. LESLIE MARK, Route 5, Dunn, N. C. 134 GRADY, MISS MARY LINDA, Route I, Box 183, Mount Olive, N. C. GRAY, MISS JACKIE ALENE, Route 4, Goldsboro, N. C. GRIFFIN, MISS BILLIE MARIE, Route 4, Box 71, New Bern, N. C. GRIFFIN, MISS LYNDA DAIL. Route 4, Box 71. New Bern, N. C. GRUBBS, MR. HERMAN ADRIAN, JR., Route I, Box 120, Mount Olive, N. C. HANCHEY, MR. THOMAS NATH- AN, Route 4, Box 118, Goldsboro, N. C. HARDEE, MISS LUCY MAYE, Free Will Baptist Children's Home, Middle- sex, N. C. HARPER, MR. THOMAS EDGAR, P. O. Box 86, Baylnoro, N. C. HARRIS, MISS WOODY JEANETTE, Route 1, Box 73, Winter- ville, N. C. H A R R I S O N, MR. GEORGE HOYVARD, JR., Route 2, Box 216, Snow Hill, N. C. HARRISON, MISS MATTIE KATE, Route 3, LaGrange, N. C. HARRISON, MISS SANDRA KAY, Route 2, Box 340, Grifton, N. C. HASKETT, MR. ROBERT EARL, Route 1, Box 9, Newport, N. C. HATCHER, MR. DENNIS MASON, P. O. Box 289, Mount Olive, N. C. HAYES, MR, DAVID LISTON, Route 3, Timmonsville, S. C. HEATH, INIISS DELORES ANNE, Box 55, Deep Run, N. C. HERRING, MRS. ELLEN GRUBBS, P. O. Box 135, Calypso, N. C. HERRING, MISS EVELYN MAE, Free XVill Baptist Childrc-n's Home, Middlesex, N. C. HERRING, MISS MARJORIE ELIZ- ABETH, Free VV ill Baptist Children's Home, Middlesex, N. C. HINES, MISS FLORA GREY, Free XVill Baptist Cliildren's Home, Middle- sex, N. C. HINES, MR. REGINALD RUPERT, JR., 308 North Center Street, Mount Olive, N. C. HOLLAND, MISS JUDITH IRENE, Route 1, Dudley, N. C. HONTZ, MISS BETTY IRENE, 307 North Southerland Street, Mount Olive. N. C. HOOKS, MR. YVALTER JACKSON, Box 8, Kenly, N. C. HOWELL, MISS LINDA SUE, P. O. Box 124, Sims, N. C. HURST, MR. THOINIAS YVILLIAM, 49 Washington Drive, MCAS, Cheny Point, N. C. IRVINE, MISS ALICE GLYNN, 112- 83rd Street, Virginia Beach, Va. JACKSON, MISS JUANITA WIL- SON, Route 5, Dunn, N. C. JERNIGAN, MR. JOHN RONALD, Route 5, Dunn, N. C. JERNICAN, MR. LEE MORTON, Route 5, Dunn, N. C. JOHNSON, MR. JAMES ALBERT. JR.. Route 5. Box 38, Kinston, N. C. JONES, MR. CHARLES MARION, Route 2, Pink Hill, N. C. JONES, MR. EDWARD ROY, Route 1, Box 271, Dudley, N. C. JONES, MR. LANNIS BORDEN. Route 1, Chinquapin, N. C. KENNEDY, MR. JIMMY LEROY, Route 2, Pink Hill, N. C. KING, MISS MARIANNE, 428 South Martin Street Extension, Mount Olive, N. C. KING, MR. RANDOLPH MCPIIAIL. 428 South Martin Street Extension. Mount Olive, N. C. KING, MISS SANDRA LOU, 1207 North George Street, Goldsboro, N. C. KINLAXV, MR. ILEY XVILLIAM. 118 Dickson Street, Raeford, N. C. LAFFITEAU, MISS LUCILLE LOR- ETTA, 404 Tyndall Drive. Goldsboro, N. C. LAMM, MR. DENNIS CECIL, 706 Fleming Street, Wilson. N. C. LAMM, MR. JAMES XVILEY, Route 2, Box 237, YVilson, N. C. LAMM, MISS SHIRLEY ANN, Route 2, Lucama, N. C. LANCASTER, MR. C H A R L E S RICHARD, 1705 Hyman Avenue, Kinston, N. C. LANE, MR. JOHN ROBERT, JR.. 122 East Station Street, Mount Olive, N. C. LANE, MR. THOMAS GENE, Route 4, Mount Olive, N. C. LANGLEY, MR. EUGENE DEX- TER, P. O. Box 187, Kenly, N. C. LANIER, MR. ROBERT DEAN, Route 1, Beulaville, N. C. LAWRENCE, MISS EVA SUE. Route 2, Box 474, Beaufort, N. C. LEE, MR. KENNETH ROGER, Route 5, Box 252, New Bem, N. C. LEE, MISS LINDA YVARD, Arapa- hoe, N. C. LEE, MISS LOIS RICE, Route 1, Box 36, Oriental, N. C. LEE, MR. RAYFORD LOUIS, P. O. Box 143, Four Oaks, N. C. LEROUX, MR. ERNEST BENOIT, JR., 708 North Chestnut Street, Mount Olive, N. C. LEWIS, MR. DEAMOUS KEITH. 119 Beaufort Drive, Havelock, N. C. MCGOVVAN, MISS BELVA JEAN, P. O. Box 135, Vanceboro. N. C. MCLAMB, MISS JUDY LEE, Route 5, Clinton, N. C. MCPHERSON, MISS LINDA JANE. Route 1, Box 225, Chadbourn, N. C. MALPASS, MISS LINDA ANN. 707 North Pineview Avenue, Goldsboro, N. C. MANN, MISS ALMA JOY, 326 Tar- boro Highway, Rocky Mount, N. C. MANN, MR. WILLIAM EDGAR, JR., Box 206, Midway Park, N. C. MANNINO, MR. VICTOR EUGENE. P. O. Box 84, Newport, N. C. MAREADY, MR. BONNIE RABON. Route, 2, Beulaville, N. C. MARTIN, MR. TITUS MAURICE. gI.,C501 XVilson Avenue, Kinston. MILES, MISS VVINIFRED LOR- RAINE, 305 XVest James Street. Mount Olive, N. C. MILLS, MISS VIVIAN CIIAR- IQOTTE, 223 Hill Street, Kinston, 1 . C. MORRISON, MR. DONALD BRYCE, 216 IVL-st College Street, Mount Olive, N. C. NEAL, MISS ALICE FAYE. 808 NVest King Street, Kings Mountain, N. C. OUTLAXV, MISS EDYTHE MAYE. Route 1, Dudley, N. C. OUTLAXV, MRS. SHIRLEY SMITH, Route 1, Albertson, N. C. OVERMAN, MR. ROBERT JAR- RELL, JR., 518 Bryan Boulevard, Goldsboro, N. C. PARKER, MISS ALICE DEAN. Route 3, Box 354, Four Oaks, N. C, PARKS, MR. CARLTON, Route 4, Box 182, Goldsboro, N. C. PARKS, MR. OSBORNE GLENN, Route 4, Box 383, Goldsboro, N. C. PATE, MRS. JUDITH HOLMES. 302 East Main Street, Mount Olive, N. C. PEACOCK, MISS MATTIE FAYE, 609 East Mulberry Street, Goldsboro. N. C. PEELE, MISS JEANNE ELIZA- BETH, 3308 Hope Valley Road, Dur- ham, N. C. PHILLIPS. MISS ELAINE LOUISE. 44 North Oakland Street, Arlington 3, Va. PHILLIPS, MR. ROBERT DONALD, Route 1, Kenansville, N. C. PIGFORD, MR. JAMES CLAYTOR, 1205 Harding Street, Kinston, N. C. PITTMAN, MR. CONNIE MAXTON, Route 3. Box 423, NVilson. N. C. POTTER, MISS MARY LOU, 110 East Chelly Street, VVarsaw, N. C. POYVELL. MR. ROBERT OLIN. Route 6, Box 530, Sanford, N. C. RAINS, MR. BOBBY CARROLI.. P. O. Box 7, Kenly. N.C. RAMSEY, MISS HARRIET DIANE, Route 1. Box 474, Jacksonville, N. C. RHODES, MR. RUSSELL HARPER. Route 1, Deep Run, N. C. RHODES, MR. XVILLIAM JEN- NINGS. Route 1, Box 126, Jackson- ville, N. C. ROSE, MISS SARAH ANNE, P. O. Box 82, Lucama, N. C. ROUSE, MR. JAMES ODELL, 709 Jones Road, Kinston. N. C. ROYAL, MISS JACKIE MAE, Route 1, Clinton, N. C. SANDERSON, MISS P A T R I C I A RAE. Route I, Bt-ulaville, N. C. SASSER, MR. RAYMOND TRAVIS, JR., 108 Hope Lodge Street. Tar- boro, N. C. SAXVYER, MR. JIMMIE ALLEN. P. O. Box 523, Jacksonville. N. C. SLOAN. MISS SANDRA JEAN, Route -1. Mount Olive. N. C. SMITH, MISS EMMA JANE, Route 2, Deep Run, N. C. SMITH, MISS ETHEL MARIE. 110 O. K. Street, Kinston, N. C. SPELL, MR. JAMES MORRIS. Route 3, Clinton, N. C. STANLY, MISS ANNETTE ELEAN- OR, P. O. Box 549, Mount Olive. N.C. 135 STATON, MR. BENJAMIN JOSEPH, Box 5, Foreston, S. C. STOKES, MR. EDGAR LEE, III. Box 66, Colerain, N. C. STRICKLAND, MISS GERALDINE, Route 2, Seven Springs, N. C. STRICKLAND, MISS G L I N D A GRAYE, Route I, Godwin, N. C. STRICKLAND, MISS LINDA FAYE. Route I, Godwin, N. C. SUTTON, MR. NORWVOOD DAL- LAS, JR., 511 VVest Main Street, Mount Olive, N. C. THORNTON. MR. LARRY HAY- VVOOD, Route 2, Faison, N .C. THORNTON, MISS VIOLET ROSE. Route 3, Box 238, Mount Olive, N. C. TOMLINSON, M I S S S A N D R A VVRAY, 810 Briggs Street, NVi1son, N. C. VAN GILDER, MISS SUE ELLEN. Main Road and Lincoln Avenue, Millville, N. J. YVALKER. MISS ANITA LOUISE. 2619 Omah Avenue, Durham, N.C. XVATSON, MR. FOY SEWVALL, JR.. Free VVill Baptist Chi1dren's Home, Middlesex, N. C. YVATSON, MRS. NEALIE EATON, Box 261, Calypso, N. C. WEBSTER, MR. JAMES NOAH, Route 1, Box 225, Pinetown, N. C. NVEEKS, MISS JO ANN, Route 5, Dunn, N. C. VVELLS, MISS STARKEY GAIL, Route 1, Box 34, Mount Olive, N. C. WEST, MR. NIARION PARNELL, Route 2, Box 40, Dover. N. C. YVESTBROOK, MISS LYNDA RAYE, R.F.D. Albertson, N. C. VVETHERINGTON, MR. ROY JAMES, Clark, N. C. YVETHINGTON, MR. MITCHELL LEE, Clark, N. C. NVHITE, MISS ROSA HELEN, Route 1, Box 32, Cove City, N. C. IVIIITE, MISS ROVVE HERRING, Box 121, Salemburg, N. C. WHITE, MR. YVILLIAM KEITH. 504 Cherokee Drive, Jacksonville, N. C. YVHITMAN, MR. DARBY HAROLD. Route 4, Box 245, Mount Olive, N. C. VVILLIAMS, MR. Q U I N T O N THEODORE, Route 2. Box 608, Newport, N. C. XVILMER, INIISS BARBARA JUNE. 712 South Adams Street, Arlington, Va. YVILSON, MR. JOSEPH XVALTER, III, 411 West Boundary Street, La- Grange, N. C. VVOOTEN, MR. DANA BRUCE, Riverview Court, Apartment 28, Tar- boro, N. C. YVORTHINGTON, MR. S T E V E DANIEL, Free XVill Baptist Childrens Home, Middlesex, N. C. YELVERTON, MR. FLOYD EU- GENE. Route 1, Shellman, Ga. YELVERTON, MISS JOAN CA- MILLE, Route 2, Box 195-A, Fre- mont, N. C. Index 6 Adnunkuadon Advertisements Ahunni Area Foundadon Awards Basebah , Board of Directors Business Department Canqnw QUGH1HUd Coun CMBmmsAdwMm College Chorus Comnwncmnmn Community Entertainment Convocauon Iledicadon Ilirectory Dramatics Club Elecnons . English Department Eureka Society Executive Committee Facuhy Float , FoundefslDay French Club Freshman Class Fredunan-Sophonune Banquet Graduating Class Henderson Science Club Intramural Sports Kappa Chi , hdarshals Mathematics Department May Day , May Day Court 1964 Memorial Miss North Carolina Missionary Prayer Band hlodern LanguagelDeparUnent BIusR3IDeparhnent New Campus Program Organizations Orientation Outstanding Sophomores Phi Beta Lambda Physical Education Department Plays President Kennedys Death Preddent Raper Psychology Department Registration Rehgkn1lDeparhnent Relocation Decision Science Department Social Studies Department Sophomore Class Spiritual Emphasis 1Veek Sports Staff . Student Covemment Association Student life Students . Valentine Party Yearbook Staff 76, 78, so 112 46 31 47 74,75 79 .87 19,20,21 18,l9,20,21 22,28 , 47 10,13 , 11 5,44 134 ,..63 45 , 89 36 79 84, 85, 86 , 14, 15 16 . 63 102 34, 35 47 58, 59, 60 73 66,67,68,69,70,71,72 , ,, H62 37 , 90 38, 39, 40 41, 42, 43 , 81 15 14, 62 89 87 30 48 8, 9 26, 27 61 91 28, 33 17 76, 78 91 9 88 29 90 12, 2 88 94 37 64 82 , 83 50, 51, 52, 53 , . 6 s 2 5 ,57 9 , 2 , 24 54, 55, 56 4 , Y A ,. , , , , A, , 1 r 11' ,. .V ..r X X

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