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s fo, - - 1: ip ... 1 rn m25"'A ww, 4 lfif ir' Y X Q A , , . X 2 M 0 E 5 Q H CAPS OLIVE LEAVES '59 To you . . . . Because you gave Mount Olive Iunior College a home and made us a part of your family by sharing with us your nameg because you believed in us when it was difficult for us to believe in ourselvesg because you expect great things of us and yet are understanding when the way is hard, and progress is slowg and because your generosity bespeaks your love, the students and faculty gratefully dedi- cate this record of our lives at Mount Olive lunior College during 1958-1959 to you, MAYOR B. E. BRYAN, and the CITI- ZENS of MOUNT OLIVE whom you so honorably represent. Page Two Byron E. Bryan g -VT"-A T TTFETATPQ, F ' . gy' .r -f5"g'S'c3-1,g:' . ',','. rk I I af. 1 Skull, Q ' x.-iff'-,ik ."f.y3'f' - 1 f" - Gigs' Z 2 Pago Four Compendium THE COLLEGE ,..,Q . . ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ..,..I.,.L.,.. SOPHOMORES , . , . . FRESHMEN . ..,I. . . ORGANIZATIONS . , I , . FEATURES I.4.,, . , STUDENT LIFE .L... . . ADVERTISEMENTS . . , , . 5 I1 21 29 39 55 63 91 Pap gygq. M MX , -, . x, , , f 'f'5"QY,r:5lwJ -v -4-1 - hifi. I ' I A Y - X, .' ,-w.wmv,,fw- V ' ' wl s. fl I s -sg 1 Milf ur pirit . . . Is much like that of a gypsy, to roam, but yet, because of a deeper and more demanding urge, we are unlike the gypsy in that we are not content merely to roam in some haphazard way . . . Hears the call of tomorrow, demanding fresh and alert minds which are eager to meet the challenge of the future, and we respond, the forward movement is our route . . . Realizes yesterday is gone forever and is not content with previous progress marks, instead, we possess high aspirations, Which, though ambitious, are not impossible . . . Affords us, in all our pursuits, brief intervals of amusement, lest We become unbalanced . . . Helps us to make friends and to love, for these bring happiness . . . Lends itself to worship and prayer, lest the cares of the world slow us down . . . Allows us to laugh and sing, for in so doing, our heads are lifted, and we are again prompted to dream . . . Exhales movement once again-forward with tomorrow. Pm: has-mg. ithin these homes ' 5. ,Q Q- THE ALVA E. ANDREWS HOME w ' . . . we may study undisturbed GU, sleep wonder- fully, play radios indefinitely, lock deans out un- thinkingly, sleep comfortably, leave faucets dripping continually, enjoy that familial atmosphere most heartily, and sleep peacefully. We resident students might remember Ceorge's midnight laundries and Turkish baths at the Wither- ington home, those 2:00 A. M. parleys at the Mintz home, led by that speech-maker, Alton Cowang and those "games" at the Tyndall house with full student participation. Page Eight J .' N ' I A -S .ix i THE OFFICE BUILDING ANNEX THE EVA TYNDALL HOME THE I. F. VVITHERINGTON HOME Due to the limited housing facilities of the col- lege plant, it is necessary for all male resident students and sophomore girls to reside in private homes in town. The rooms in these homes are rented by the col- lege, and students are under college regulations. These residences are the homes of some of the finest citizens of the town. It is through the interest of these citizens and the use of their homes that the college has been able to progress as it has. A lack of office space was solved when additional space was secured by renting a building facing the front entrance of the college. Its interior was com- pletely renovated, making offices for the Dean and several of the faculty members. One of the greatest aspirations of the college for the future is the day when a new girls' dormitory can be erected on the new campus. VVe look forward to such a realization-when the fulfillment of the master- plan of the new campus becomes a reality. , Q . - EE - s, "' -' c--4.1-, - f 1 , ' ' S if? Lv 4 'X X! 1 A 3- bhp, 4 I' ' , ,. .-ff-ff fi. ' 'l ' . T THE M. L. AIOHNSON HOME THE EDVVARD F. CARROLL HOME THE FRED R. MINTZ HOME orill f 2" A prffxs '1 N dn-V H W 'n I ' W.. sh ' -.ff N +. f 2433. X .f XQ'fs.' , "' xl 4. x wt YY 'Q Q K f- f 'W 4 , b ' . R NG P t3.,,' ff ' '13, 5 !w"3? 'if - x i Ragga ., x 'fx il a in ' f- 'fi ' 9 Q .Vie H , Tefffiw E wks... re 5 Q' xfv ' A f 2 i' I . ,,-1 ug , 'S-45-5 if N, Administration and Faculty Those who have tasted culture seek to relay a spark which will ignite the torch that arouses the curiosity of man. They teach by example if they are wise, not solely from books, but from the beauty ol daily life, love, faith, and nature. They realize the opportunities of the present, but emphasize the promises of the future. P4111 I-fl 1 wx - Cl' Board of Trustees 6-39' Operation of Mount Olive Junior College, which is owned by the North Carolina State Convention of Free XVill Baptist Churches, is vested in the gentlemen pictured above. They are, from left to right, first row: W. B. Raper, Mount Olive, N. C., D. W. Hansley, Kinston, N. C., Hardy Talton, Pikeville, N. C., N. B. Barrow, Lucama, N. C., R. N. Hinnant, Micro, N. C., 1. XV. Alford, Morehead City, N. C. Second row: W. P. Grant, Goldsboro, N. C., R. H. jackson, Pine Level, N. C., Fred S. Powers, Timmonsville, S. C., Earl H. Glenn, Wilson, N. C., C. 1. Harris, Greenville, N. C., E. Lee jones, XValstonburg, N. C. Not pictured: Daniel F. Pelt, Marianna, Fla. Presidentis Cabinet The performance of the President's Cabinet is a vital role in the direction of the affairs of the college. Being composed of the Academic Dean, Business Manager, Development Of- ficer, Director of Public Relations, and President of the Student Govem- ment Association, it gives the Presi- dent of the college an advisory group that is representative of the entire program of the college. Left to ri,Ql1t: Eugene Mauney, XV. B. Raper, M. 1. Perret. M. L. johnson. Michael R. Pelt, George Stevenson. not pictured. f I H fflficvf f H 'x 2 0 . I 2 , 7 ,Tv-1 fi- O I 45, - -W -F 1 U Administration I 1 --- 35 MICHAEL PELT Academic Dean ,,,,. w....1 nw. fm. FV 7' , , W -mwA1m-- " " " wt ,,,,,,,., .,.. fi...--v ' WMYNWV. W h Y my LEE ROY MILLER Dean of Men Wmmwwvww--+""X' " ' i"4,g1.-vm! " 'WNW 'W ,, ,, mmm-vmN'Vrx' "' 5wQM'W"2wNf'WW""4 Ni 35 4' ff' IUDY FOREMAN Secretary to the President A ' 1, , -f:,t"faff,,w'g' -' 'fi-11. 'Q'gi:..'f4:. ' .. 1 Q IOSEPHINE H. RICKS Registrar -ua WNW! 4 . L EDITH S. HARVEY Dean of Women 1 I nd Staff DR. C. C. HENDERSON College Physician PATTIE L. DAVIS Dietician SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Secretary to the Treasurer -AN PJ 4 A Q-'7 4 M. L. JOHNSON Treasurer PEARL R. JOHNSON Food Service Manager mm:x1vM 009 6 90 'N i W F acu 1 ty 31 WALTER L. CARSON, IR. Mathematics X 4 'L An XR: fi50MlD KYPEWRWEVN 9 669 Q66 Q09 I If 0009 'Q W DIXIE S. HART Business Education SOPHIA H. POTTS English C145 '. M A N f'X-4. X ,,...,f- " " N0rmaEe,Q-J 1- . Q W . wg vp- .. EQQBIYS . - wr 1 ' LORELLE F. MARTIN Nalural Sciences MICHAEL I. PERRET Modern Languages . r'H2H "' .L ti Q ':.:-4 I CEAN uvrrqvs Na.: Q wfbwfi- ' nz ' - PHN,Q:2?:::2i f1,.NkNwhbM, f:fffl'I"" . ff ws.. 'Yr-2..,, 'im' -- .N7 ,""Nf..v ' mia H' , nu L'-NNNQNNNW 5 "M f-,,,XA'-4 LQ'--S Q' 5 'iw 1 "-M "H A , W, In a Na . is Q - - ' U ' :lx Q. ' ' ,Q 1 ' iq, gm ,Keg 4 g FuNwNM Viv' X 5 5, 'car pxx R5 , Q ,- x, .KA MILDRED S. COUNCILL Librarian X MAGHEE .r Kr'- A .V-M f-SL suusffzw I L W Sm 4 Mtn n I'fU1ht4'1'1l . ,,,. EUGENE S. MAUNEY Music Facult LEE ROY MILLER Social Sczences -'-'S' A 'A gbhfbibv , KATHERINE B. WARREN Voice -4"J'1'vI.. ' :. -If F ' L' usnrv-mung E' ez., 1 Ilikl N11H W:,.,1'- 4' MICHAEL R. PELT Religion ROBERT MOYE Physical Education MARTHA XVHITE KING Business Education LEAH MCGLOHON English and Literature 00 4- af - - ' IQ 9. -w ll4AN, QJ ' A 42 1 -1 .3 "'a 41245 Q Q .A 7 wr 1- ? Y n' .046 44 is . 1 ' if' if 5 2. 'wr of l "' 1-5, "xt, . . 3' 9 . - 'V B . .ng b 5 Y "H" ' ' .gc , ' syn, ' ff' 1' ' - ' - .. f"1'Qi",,:!- Q lf ,,.,.,' .ff T- if-A ff 415' 2 .f -' 525A-,Q ,Ak-'lil ' -' "' H,, I 1,.f inf 1-,Dy '1-Pt 'egg' -'- r"'1.' + V' 1 -Q K-vb f . --4 .. . ' Q' I 'rs , . ', KL' " J: 1, N, . -5,32 4 Z V K. E :J " -1' fm", , , ,, f-df? ' j V ...V 'W + ' ""',-7 - ' -. -45" X V ,L'3-nt' ' A:'V'Aj ,, . LA - W f',5,, ,.- 'Y 4 V' ar' ' il lil 4 , 'H ' ffl-,As-' 1 5, 'ff xi.- - f wffvbf -f 1 . ,ff , ,. ,.aL Q ,.,.5'," -" I A .JF Q' 3 ,- .- A, W wif, , , ,X "" ' ! 'Ox 'fZg:',, 'J ,Q r -' ,Sh fy Lg V ,L O - r' 1, Q Y ' iff ' ff ' 5 +1 r ' .C+ fx -. ... 'v" . .3 ' .Q ' " . 5 H 3 v t r x f-,-f Q ' - , w Q' 1 v, :FN 35" I "J , ' 2 5 ,Q fffh-Q' ef I' 1.3 Q , Ar V' 4' Aw 8 n y iw.. f, f' ' rp' ' J' , 3' Q' .Sli'! --3, - 1 5' SQA , ' 1 " 'Q' 3513:-', X'.' ' NA! -:' . -.- . -- -, .. ' . ra v 1. .9 V . I NV --,,- .- .Q ,Q vi Q, -nf. I S A in gg, L.-.,, . -1' ' l -f -' ' .- ' N Rifxysf' f. X ,. img.f1f,t4:. : . ix-,. i 5 'ff.'Q:.f-' 1 W.-se?"-M ' V . - s L xg,-Cp g .X W , -4 J 4- -1 - 'M I -,rx .Ywoif . ,R 4 -3 - ,rfsr ,-5' ' .Q -1,7 ik " , f-'Y -P V.. , 'z .- . I 0 . , , 4 - . - Q. , B A -if x l' fx . Lf, Q' I jk, f. , A-xx " it 'isfgw 7 xg? 5.-' QQ . a" x . Q' ' 3' V , -f . . ' ' . .5 . -at ,, ., .. .4 ,- 5 , hx. . sw .V ,,V,.i. N- fatty , . , ,,. ,4, ix ,f 'X Q '53'k"' "lr 5 . -. 'R fg vsfg hr.-vx 2 Uv A 9.10 .eggs , , .. ,u-Sqn' b ..- , af Ig.: il is Sophomo res This year's graduating class may well be proud of the progress their Alma Mater has made,because they have been very instrumental in bringing this progress about. Though a small group, we treat them with dignity for their having reached a plateau in higher education. The world owes no one a living, but each is entitled to every opportunity that will make his life happy and serviceable. Page' Twvntu O1 L' 11' Ophomores NORMAN XVILSON ARD Pamplico, South Carolina Liberal Arts CARY FENTON BAREFOOT Dunn Lzberal Arts RUBY MAREADY BLACKMORE W'a.rsaw Lzberal Arts f!"l- IFN 'fav Hung '55-M "fb" -11 4910 sf-,,w,,, l-.Q+ Q N. win-'f" -,rg-Y .- ., '55-Tiff' " :lv-I. ' ,mfg al?" ophomores ANN HOUSTON BLIZZARD Beulaville Liberal Arts NELDA FAYE BOSWELL Fremont Liberal Arts IAMES ALTON COWAN YVilliamston Liberal Arts Page Tu Cnty ...fb 'Q' SANDRA LOU CINN Snow Hill Liberal Arts EDWARD LEE GLOVER Dover Liberal Arts STANLEY CRAIG HARRELL Rose Hill Liberal Arts Classol I r E nf '59 IOSEPH HYMAN INGRAM Bculavillc Liberal Arts ANNE PHELPS IACKSON Beulaville Liberal Arts VIRGINIA PICKETT QUINN Beulaville Liberal Arts I 2 -3' gg r.:ai9 X3 , 51. . . -QM. ,mi ty-Six Sophomores 175 ......,q. GEORGE STEVENSON, IR Kinston Liberal Arts L.. fy l.-'V .' EQ' xwf' . Wulf' X CURTIS TAPP SHIVAR Seven Springs Liberal Arts ROBERT LEE SMITH Goldsboro Liberal Arts ...FQ DONALD GRANT TAYLOR Kinston Liberal Arts 1 df' Q5 '.'P-, f -vu 4V"y:, .S J 1 'X v. qw' - - ug MARTHA ANN THOMAS Snow Hill Liberal Arts IANICE BOSTIC NVILLIAMS Beulaville Liberal Arts fig, r X- x -' 'ultra v-4, .f BILLY RAY YAYVN Mount Olive Liberal Arts Sophomores nw- 'xf 5 l,.---L i , 1 1 ,fx , I, -7 . LEONARD BREEN VVOODALL Smithfield Liberal Arts N54 x if J .3 "f'x. -'4 . I -omit? 49. I ' ' 4 4. X: ,' 3.-V 9 J 2... ,V ' I ,- ,.'AV A Y ax s la- -. 2- c , A .. " ,,.f-C' 1 A., ew,-. .. - -i A :- ..Q .iq fs, ,MS ...W 'in s'.f"'t .- iw-Q 1 x-tw.. .Luv A Lk -+ -fl' ' .D gl: v' .. V -. s., :rx , x -, w-A 'ig' rms, -,s 4 ' - 1 v 1 7 ve. ' fi.. if '. Q Qx x.. L. . ,X A in x Iv S s 'R 'ffl - 'QPF I Y, '- W -- 4 -'Y' -if '- Q 5 A, 1' 1 is -jg A ,,,. : " -. Qi'- YJ- -'.' - ,.r 0 O 5ll Q w , LL-if ,, lb- ' , -sd , f Liu jg: "Qi, ., --'L-f '. ' ' 15 X45 4' A3 . I 1 1.4: 4 . , A I ,n .. H 1 - lr , . ,Y - 'li iQ. 5 . I ,,. Jfkg - L b L 1 '. 1 ' . . .,i '- 'S f r a , 9:55 Q -. .M A h x 7.x 2521 si ' 1 x 'f' .Q 4 V 1 1 ,J .45 ,A . "FP" -'J' uf'-. vi, -7 'jfs -,F , .1 ..?' 4-. ' SAN -4 u ,-.,f I J: in ".k.':l .r...k.,xS jg' I I . V' U u 15153213 v H .1 , H.- ,M , H Y, sf, A hx ,F 5 ' X. Q , I N lv' . sf' -- A N 93' . , , ' 'B Q , x lv V . -I b n ' 1 U ,ts x w. k ' ,' I X .'.a. v 'rl F, X x C ' ex L - o 1. ' Y y , iv. .' .f' .. H rt xi? 'Lil ' -11:51-"5... '3. -P ' . .. '3'!k-Qimgug 7h K ' Freshmen The value of an education lies in the struggle to obtain it, and surely the fresh- men have been a group who could endorse that statement. They have certainly been encouraged to think for themselves, and just as many of the movements of nature have been formed from the roughest ma- terials, they could take compensation in the fact that no matter how difficult the obstacles they have had to face, their thoughts only added to their stature. Be- cause they have realized that "a little learn- ing is a dangerous thing," this group has endeavored to lay a strong foundation upon which to build for the future. Page Tu Flllltl Freshman 'Nl' .QQ Ja - .1,,3-:HE 2 AUDREY CAROLYN ALPHIN ANDREW KEMERY ARD Mount Olive Pamplico, South Carolina FLETCHER BRENT BAKER JANE ELIZABETH BARROXV JOYCE ALLENE BARWICK ADA MAE BASS Beulaville Lucama LaGrange Godwin as ' ' ' The h1gher purpose of edueauon IS to prepar BOBBY GENE BAZEN IEAN MAXINE BEST CARL ALLEN BLACKBURN CHARLES EDXVIN BRANCH Pamplico, South Carolina LaGrange Goldsboro XVinterviIle 'EB' x "T.'..7 F I 1 Class 9 if I I , I I I I P BETTY LOU BRITT CLETUS E. BROCK Goldsboro Mount Olive II I is I I I I I I I ' N,f I I JE 21.4-5-, M t U-1:-A.-I-., ' ,Ii . I I I I LUTHER BENJAMIN BROYVN JAMES AUTRY BUNDY, IR. MILAN VVRAY BUTTRY BIARIORIE ALICE CHERRY Mount Olive Goldsboro Beaufort Mount Olive I IIC IH 1Vl U21 tO H121 C I'CC HH SC 'YC 121111: USC I'd"cll kf cllfl' REUBEN LYNXVOOD CHERRY ESTELLE STANCIL COSTIN WILLIAM C. DEES THOMAS BRUCE DUDLEY Greenville Warsaw Goldsboro Beaufort I I I I I I n I I I I I 4?- ww 'CV' ,J DORIS DUNCAN Wilson ROY L. EDWARDS Trenton KAY NELL EVANS Kenly "'-R ELISHA WINSTON EVFIRETTE Q., Dixon 'Ti' VELMA CHRISTINE CARRIS Ayden Q' JOHN PIEVLEII' GRIFFIN h ay om i' DAVID CHARLES HANSLEY Kinston .?.1.m4, of all the faculties with which the Creator han DOROTHY DEAN HART BEATRICE HATCHER RALPH EDXVARD HAYES IANICE ARNIENTA HENDERSON Ayden Rockingham Lucama Beulavillc Freshman I Mass PATRICIA ANN HERRING Mount Olive JAMES HARLEY HINES Mount Olive CORBETT ROGER HOLLAND Pisgah Forest JEAN LIVINGSTON HOOD Goldsboro NANCY CAROL JACKSON Turkey an dow ed hun, PHYLLIS GXVENDOLYN JACKSON CLYDE EARL JENKINS JAMES VERNON JOYNER DOUGLAS HUGHES LEXVIS Faison Sneads Ferry Mount Ohve Stacy gifs XW' . H --wif Freshman ROMONA ANN MCLAMB I Newton Grove CECIL MILLS Goldsboro if "-fiifffffy 4921? MARY ELIZABETH MOORE JIMMY GRAY OUTLAW A CATHERINE YVONNE PARKS MARY SUE PETERS Smithfield Dudley Mount Olive Dunn that they m ay perfect all human l1fe, eaell WALTER LEE POWELL BRUCE ANN PRICE BRUCE CLINTON QUINN ELEASE KEEN REED Lucama Seven Springs Kinston Goldsboro eng.. "WX" Page Thirty-Four sri 91 w 4 1 l C l 21 s S Q2 I! JERRY EDVVARD ROWE 1,1 New Bem JI ,. V MARY LOU ROMAN Faison RFI fox 'QQ' -EFITF.-f W1 Q 1 3 i I my 5'!7'4 1 N453 l s 1 DWIGHT MOODY SASSER SEBRON CRAVES SASSER HAROLD MAXTON SMITH IEAN PARKER STEPHENSON f Mount Olive Mount Olive Seven Springs Smithfield ll ,1nd1v1clual, 111 h1s proper place, should be able to act l i l I JOHN LONNIE STEVENSON AUDREY JEAN STROUD VVINSTON CHURCHILL STROUD DAVID LOUIS SUMMERLIN i Goldsboro Pink Hill Pink Hill Mount Olive l W W-fl 1 1 I l i l In ,oft IE? ,Ri K fn K' -ul vbf-7 Page Thirty-Fine Freshman .Q-CEB, HENRY STEVEN SUTTON Mount Olive WALTER SUTTON Mount Olive 'agar' 'EQ HILBERT ALDINE SWINSON Mount Olive M-aqqf ii . cl .2 GEORGE HORACE TAYLOR 3 Warsaw tl ,W " MARTHA SUE IEW -5-.-Q. in' Dunn CELIA MAE THIGPEN Pink Hill .-,fix as the instrument of the omnipotent, all-knowing MYRA ANN THOMAS MARCELINE STEVENS TUCKER JOHNNY MILTON TURNAGE MARGARET MARIE TURNER Beulaville Grantham Snow Hill Pink Hill I J Class ROY LEE TURNER Roanoke Rapids BETTY LOU UNDERHILL Mount Olive MARY GOLD XVALLACE Mount Olive EUGENE XVARWICK BEI I Y IEAN WATSON Salisbury GLORIA FAYE WEST Newton Grove MYRA JANE NVHITE Kinston Grantham 41"1-:iff if -.1 -1, .SW l G tv! 'Sf 1-148 if-EE-'P ot' ff' i ower that has called him into being." --Pestalozz1 LOU ANN VVILKES IIIVIMIE XVILLIAMSON ELIZABETH C. WILSON ANITA VVOODALL Dunn Mount Olive Mount Olive Smithfield in .- 'x 5454? txt? ' ,,.-oi' .94 ' 5, .. . . x - -..H-' . v .-.,f--li Y --Q. 44 f "Eff-ef:: .,E"-'S 'J - ' 'V K:-A L25 5.9 Q. I A. 1 439 r . ""' w .,."- -.-. .H ,AL if --g,,..- .Q fn-a . 1 -. 1- ,.'.' ,Y iv-,wifi-x,f V1 '..' ...xr -,. 's 'J Leif' ' asf " JK. ffl' 'Tk .1 . 'Q -,'!:'j qt, 'Wi JZ' Q Li .W K' - ww 3 -". 4.3--ff-""' '- A .V Af, . , ' Ve- Q .furr ' . , - - , - 1 . 1 , ' ' ' -, -L. ,' " 'Q'-1' . ,y-w -- ff , -.M , 4: , ..fw4"'.. wiiifk. Av, 4--.+. - , -, -- f "-'H' . 'sg-.:'f.1. ',e,'E: - - . -' ' H avg ,v L A-V,,w.f.s-...H v .main in . nz xg -Q-, V . , 'I 'T p -1. V "' ' '-1: - vuf 3,. ,yu y'y,'q.f "" N V V, . I .r b f-".3 - .' -,fflc .. - 1 if . 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I Ti - ' . l QT.. -A .- ,H-A V A X.,,,'5 1 J ,pf .Y. .A ' Q 1 ' ' w,'fy'.,4'-wx.-sv 5' - .' . . -ll-:.f"- ,X , a 1' is -, A --' . I ' ., fa ,Il " + . ' . ' H '- , -x V' 1, 4- N .rg '-f , 4,-' ,gg-, ". -7 ,- 1 f C ' A .Q-'Y' Lqitf' y, x+.1,' .Q I - -jg .i,.,. ha. - ' fx- 3 Q Q ,f'-sv-:. ,v,2"g-wr ' , A,.1:,,"'.,. '-- X - +4 lg fn.-I -, A ' -' ' ,L 'fx --" '- 4 P2134 5 ', .. - - ic. , Q - ,S yi? 'iv l Y 'x vf Q- Q- I ,f - by 'Q vt v 5. at L, K .X-,,.r. , J vvf,-' Q .W 3,1 ft' K 1 -., 'QC ' ,Q -fx'T1E?"-' Q.. X,-fc :E n.. -, Y-gs. ,-mia Q-gag.. .-.. 'J it A .1 I' ' ' . s Y' .J x ' 1, 'A if-r' Y, 'Q .gi-ny. 'E , af .Q "Wg-v xr Q-'rv fe ., 1 93- N. N, .1 'Qp .yr its SPR.- Q2 A 'L A " Y K, is f Q, Q., fi 4 9 ,, - .Q f 4' I, -1 xi' - X-?,eP' 1 1 1 'B-, tg ' X 5 i if I i' , 5 : . 51' fu' 'f ""P" N1 .ve-V-my ' 'A ' 1 A -J". 4. H ,V Qui: W v1 gif' '1 . 2-Z' 11.'.ff"f..C:m,,!,- A ' jst: ,ff - . . -C X - -'lf -5 5-9.-.zu 1. , -- a.,,-- ..-E: A . . 'Q S Ag? fa . --yu-LAI' l.. b ' 7 . 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Left to right first rou Ceor St if , . -: . ge . evenson, lane Elizabeth Barrow, Martha Ann Thomas, Kay Nell Evans. Second rout Joyce Burwick, Bertie Ann Hill, Robert Smith. Honor Council The Honor Council has been vested with the power to try offenses against the Honor System ever since its beginning in 1954. This year, two under- legislative bodies, the XYomen's judiciary Council and the Mens judiciary Council, were formed to try cases involving infractions of the social regulations. De- cisions of these bodies may be appealed to the Honor Council for their hearing. Hearings involving cheating and gross offenses such as drinking and gambling originate in the Honor Council. The Honor Council is the highest legislative body in the Student Covem- ment Association, and appeals from it may be made only to the assembled faculty of the college. The Honor Council also does positive work such as taking and evaluating plebiscites, investigating and advising other groups of the Student Government, counseling with students, and compiling a Student Handbook. This past year was a very busy one, indeed, for this branch of the Student Government Association. tudcnt Government The Student Government Association, this year under the able guidance of George Stevenson, made advances un- known to the former Student Governments of Mount Olive junior College. During the academic year of 1958-'59 the Fifth Student Government Association, with the coopera- tion of the administration of the college, inaugurated new judiciary powers for the students which meant more self- government than had hitherto been enjoyed. In 195-1 the first Student Government Association was instituted with very limited powers. XVith the coming of the former Dean, Daniel VV. Fagg, jr.,in 1956, the student government sys- tem was overhauled and the Student Constitution revised. A vast improvement, the revised constitution was con- structed theoretically to accommodate necessary changes in the structure of the Student Govemment. The Honor System, which operates on the theory that students are trustworthy. was used from the very beginning and was stressed a great deal in the revised constitution. XVith the Honor System there exists, necessarily, an Honor Council to enforce that system and hear cases against offenders. Until this year there was no other judiciary body formed of students on the campus. The only voice held by the students in the regulations concerning their social life was a Student Welfare Committee which existed only during 1957-'58 during the Fourth Student Government Associa- tion. A short lived body, it nonetheless served its purpose and was a step in the evolution to a higher form of self- govemment. Left to right: Martha Ann Thomas, Vice-Presidentg Joyce Barwicl-c, Secretaryg Bertie Ann Hill, Treasurerg George Stevenson, President, GEORGE STEVENSON President A-:eggs K-tx. Mens Judiciary Council Left to right: Charles Branch, Secretaryg Stanley Harrellg Curtis Shivar, Presidentg Lee Cloverg Bobby Bazen. SOCIAL COMMITTEE:-Clockwise: john Griffing Virginia Quinng Ann jacksong jane Barrow, Chairmang Kay Evans. FINANCE COMMITTEE-Left to right: Reuben Cherryg Martha Anne Thomas, Chairmang Janice Hendcrsong Bertie Ann liillg George Stevenson. Page Ifurly-Two This first year in which the two Iudiciary Councils functioned was very successful, thanks to the splendid leadership of Curtis Shivar and Nelda Boswell and the students who served on their respective councils. As the students of the college become more aware of the great potentials of these bodies. they will use them to even greater advantage-perhaps even with the result that the students of Mount Olive ,Iunior College will soon be able to assume the responsibilities of legislative power and make their regulations as well as administer them. This, of course, is the ideal situation, and to this goal the Stu- dent Covemment Association ever progresses. Association The greatest stride in progress made by the Stu- dent Government Association this year was the crea- tion of a judiciary branch for the students. Ileretofore, there had in all actuality been only an executive branch with a body to hear cases involving infractions against the Ilonor System, this branch consisting of the Honor Council and the president of the Student Government Association. Until this year the dean of the students administered the social regulations governing the lives of the resident students, but this year the students obtained this power for themselves and vested it in two bodies. the Mens judiciary Coun- cil and the lYomen's judiciary Council. This is, of course, nothing except applying the Honor System to the social life of the students, for they are bound by their honor to observe the rules, report violations, and to apply discipline. In a broader sense, however, it follows one of the college's policies-that students learn by doing, by exercising self-discipline, they assume the responsibility of mature beings in an orderly society which calls for observation of certain regulations formulated for the common weal. The Mens .Iudiciary Council is made up of one representative from each of the five houses hoarding male resident students. The lVoman's Iudiciary Conn- cil is made up of representatives from the lVomen's Dormitories. The presidents of both councils are sophomore students: the others may be either sopho- more or freshman students. Womens Judiciary Council CLASS SPEAKERS: Ann jackson and Reuben Cherry. ADVISOR: Michael I. Perret Left to right: Janice Henderson, Secretaryg Martha Sue Tewg Nelda Boswell, Presidentg Bruce Ann Priceg Beatrice Hatcher. ' sr .Lg-N , -X 'Qu y 10 "" A.PJ ,..,1 l I 1 l - . 1 , "4 ' NELDA BOSWELL wx, , K 1 I . ....- 4 - Y A is -. 4- , s ,Ei s A - i' or ' - s M- H1 ' ' ,. I edgy?--f.s'jk,-v Kitsap' . xi V+ lm in-.,, Fugc Forty-Four Assistant Edztor ALTON COWAN Editor-in-chief W was just as the yearbook staff of last year, we have sought to publish a yearbook that would, while performing its usual functions, excel the publication of the previous year. All efforts of the yearbook staff have been toward a work that would picture clearly the college, its students, its faculty and administration, its life, and, most of all, its aspira- tions, without meaning to boast of any asset or achievement. We, of the yearbook staff, chose to have the 1959 edition of OLIVE LEAVES de- part from the traditional style by presenting a book as modern and forward-looking as the minds of those around whom it was compiled and edited. The bold cover with its modern color scheme is intended to depict a departure from traditional rules to rules of a period in which one strives for something new and different. Every line tends to send the reader's mind. along with his eye, soaring into a new realm-a 1959 FUTUR- ISM, In the picture on the right, the yearbook staff was caught making plans for this years yearbook by a very personal friend, our photographer, Charles Kraft. Those pic- tured are, from left to right, seated: Ianice Henderson, Audrey Alpliin, Alton Cowan, Nelda Boswell, David Hansley, Stanley Harrell, jane Barrow. Standing: Lou Ann Wilkes, ployce Barwick, Cary Barefoot. Lee Glover. Bruce Quinn, Ruby Blackmore, john Griffin, Margaret Turner. at "1" -2: PN fx I , . J STANLEY HARRELL GARY BAREFOOT DAVID HANSLEY Business Manager Literary Editor Advertising Manager 1 gg lm' . -L--1: Q """'i""'-a . k 5 v LAYOUT STAFF-Nelda Boswell, Alton Cowan, Gary Barefoot. . looks forward The 1959 OLIVE LEAVES which you are now reading is the composite work of fifteen contributors who have made every possible effort to present the most striking yearbook possible. In a nationwide contest sponsored by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association at Columbia University, the fourth volume of OLIVE LEAVES, the 1958 edition, had the distinction of winning second place among offset yearbooks in the junior College Division. This fact has been kept in mind by the staff members who have consistently attempted to emulate the qualities of last year's yearbook while concen- trating on overcoming its few defects which had remained undetected by last year's staff. The new OLIVE LEAVES is divided into eight sections to include the physical plant of the college, the administration and faculty, the sophomores, the freshmen, organizations, a feature section, student life, and advertisements. This edition includes several innovations and some features not included in preceding yearbooks. A feature section covering special ac- tivities such as the May Court, Outstanding Students, the Campus Queen's Court,and the Marshals is used for the first time. Over a thousand pictures were taken by Charles Kraft, the professional photographer hired by the staff, but only about three hundred were finally selected for use. Script was written, rejected, or re-written, The work of censoring and se- lecting fell chiefly on Alton Cowan, Cary Barefoot and Nelda ,Lf 3, 1--NJ ik ':,,.dl ' ' ' CIRCULATION MANAGERS-Lee Glover, john Griffin. i . KV Boswell, the layout staff. Over nine hundred dollars in ad- vertisements were sold by David Hansley and his committee, requiring fourteen pages in the advertising section. Linear art work is by Cary Barefoot, literary editor. This fifth volume of the Mount Olive Iunior Colege year- book, OLIVE LEAVES, is a hundred and six-page volume published by Hunter Publishing Company of Winston-Salem, North Carolina by the offset process, The photography is by Kraft Studio of Mount Olive, North Carolina. FACULTY ADVISORS-Lorelle Martin, Michael I. Perret, Sophia Potts. Page Forty-Six with time. The 1959 OLIVE LIC.-XVICS, as you can see, is big! Months of work, sweat, frustration, and attainment were the ingredients, and industrious perseverance was that which induced growth. Out of confusion and chaos came order. Lee. the yearbook crews wrecking the lab . . , No one knows what the color will he . . . Can you type one more page . . . Lee, the yearbook crew's wrecking the lab . . . XYho's buying drinks? Mrs. Potts is driving Mr. Ilunter insane . . . Does any- one understand how to lay out a page? . , . Contracts must be signed . . . Lee. the yearbook crews wrecking the lab . . . Co sell ads . . . Co sell some more . . . Yes, the deadline is three days ahead . . . Mrs. Harvey says to "get out" . . . The deadline was last week . . . Lee, theyre wrecking the lab. The proof is here . . . It looked like we had too much writing-but now look . . . Changes, changes . . . XYho re- arranged this . . . XVill it come back before graduation? . . . XVorry, worry . . . Lee, they'ye wrecked the lab. The book in the daring new cover finally arrived- and just in the nick of time. The new OLIVE LEAVES came, and here it is. Out of the turmoil and labor pains which accompanied it, this book, which is happily pre- sented to the student body of Mount Olive lunior College, was born. Tribute goes to the layout staff for their unex- celled job: a standing ovation is in order for Mrs. Lorelle Franck Martin whose capacity for work is unbounded and whose knack for organization and understanding is un- equaled. Roses and carnations go to Mrs. Sophia Potts for the work of her critical eye. And to all who had a part, thanks. vs X Kappa An organization new to the college this year is one that provides for the ad- vancement and improvement of the spiritual life of the college, while offer- ing a medium of Christian fellowship for its members. The fraternity is composed of those male students, preparing for the ministry or a related vocation, who meet the qualifications for membership as re- quired by the constitution of the frater- Chi nity. MEMBERS-Left to right, sented: NValter Sutton, Leonard XVoodall, Bruce Dudley, Billy Yawn, James Joyner. Standing: Norman Ard, Kemery Ard, Bobby Bazen, Horace Taylor, Charles Branch. '- .SQ- Left to right: YValter Sutton, Treas- urerg Bruce Dudley, Secretaryg Kem- ery Ard, Vice-Presidentg Billy Yawn, President. Yugi' Forty-Eight Missionary Prayer Band The Missionary Prayer Band is an organiza- tion which gives those students interested in mis- sions a chance to become more familiar with mis- sionary operations and progress. A discussion of the needs of various missionaries and missionary so- cieties is followed by prayer. This group meets five days a week and has no written requirements for membership except an interest in its purpose. Left to right: Miss Leah McClohon, Advisor, Cary Barefoot, Prcsidcntg Donald Taylor, Prayer Leader, Bruce Ann Pricc, Secretary-Treasurer. X J' League - yi Each Sunday evening those students who wish may participate in the meditation and fellowship provided by the League. The League is now a part of the newly-organized Free YVill Baptist Church in Mount Olive. Its functions are under the direc- tion of Miss Leah McClohon. MEMBERS Le to ri ht Donald Ta lor Alton Cowan . -- ff Q 1 y , , Cary Barefoot, Bruce Ann Price, Charles Branch, jean Best, and Miss Leah McClohon. ,- Left to right, seated: Reuben Cherry, Presi- dentq Gloria XVC-st, Vice-President: Anita YVoodz1ll, Secretary. Standing: john Griffin, Group Captain: Leah McClohon, Directorg jane Barrow, Pianist. Page l"nrty+N'im' 36 C9 15 f oat" f' 1-ar 11 G1 . 4- ,I V. of 4 Q f X . i Page Fifty Henderson Science Club This club plays one of the most active roles in student func- tions. Its purpose is aimed toward stimulating more interest in science and encouraging more individual research through the presentation of talks and experiments by outsiders and students as well. The club is affiliated with the Collegiate Academy of the North Carolina Academy of Science. Each member is required to have a project and to present a report to the librarian of the club on the progress and results of the project. These reports are filed for future reference and study by other students. The Science Club is deeply indebted to Mrs. Lorelle F. Martin, who acts as advisor to the club, and Dr. C. C. Henderson, benefactor and physician to the college and in whose honor the club was named. As a group project this year, the club sponsored a series of lectures by members of the American Chemical Society, a group which has taken quite an interest in the Science Club and the college. The picture at the right shows some of the members as they posed with their projects. They are, from left to right: Robert Smith, David Summerlin, Gary Barefoot, Kay Evans, Lee Clover, Harley Hines, Donald Taylor, Brent Baker, George Stevenson, Martha Ann Thomas, Charles Branch, Bruce Quinn, Audrey Stroud, Horace Taylor, and Ruby Blackmore. Left to right: Mrs. Lorelle Martin, Advisor, Ruby Blackmore, President, Martha Ann Thomas, Vice- President, Audrey Stroud, Secretary, Lee Clover, Treasurer, and Cary Barefoot, Librarian. Chorus The Mount Olive Junior College Chorus, under the able leadership of Eugene S. Mauney, had a very successful year. At Christmastime the Chorus climaxed a semester of hard work with a public concert featuring polyphonic pieces by S. Bach and traditional homophonic carols of the Baroque period. During the spring semester, representative works from the Classical, Roman- tic, and Modern periods were used to give proper balance to the performance of the Chorus during its annual spring tour. As a contribution to the cultural life of the community, many chorus members joined the Mount Clive Community Chorus, also under the direction of Mr. Mauney, for an Easter presentation of Alfred Caul's notable oratorio, "The Holy City." First raw, left to right: Jane Barrow, Anita VVoodall, Patricia Herring, Miss Leah McGlohon, Ruby Blackmore Jean Best, Bertie Ann Hill, Audrey Alphin, Judy Foreman, Aecompanist, Second rout Nelda Boswell Nlarv Moore, Kay Evans, Mary Cold XVallace, Charles Branch, James Joyner, Martha Ann Thomas, Beatrice Hatcher Sandra Ginn, Eugene S. Mauney, Director. Third row: Ccorge Stevenson, David Hansley, Curtis Shixar hem ery Ard, Nomian Ard, Cary Barefoot, Stanley Harrell, John Griffin, and Alton Cowan. I Pap Pzftu Om Le Cerclc Francais Under the direction of Mr. M. J. Perret, another new club has been or- ganized this year. The club is open to all who are interested in the culture of France and the promotion of a better understanding of that culture as it ap- plies to the development of our own culture. Its membership is not limited to those students enrolled in French. Left to right: Brent Baker, Vice-Presi- dent, Joyce Barwick, Secretary-Treasurerg Janice Henderson, President, Michael J. Perret, Advisor. Left to right: Patricia Herring, Treasurer: Bonnie Parks, Reporter, John Griffin, Vice-President, Bertie Ann Hill, Secretary, Dixie Hart, Advisor, Audrey Alphin, President. Page Ififty-Tuul Left to right: Donald Taylor, Janice Henderson, Mary """ Moore, Joyce Barwick, Jane Barrow, Roy Lee Tumer, Brent Baker, Cary Barefoot. Future Busines' The Future Business Leaders of America Club, a member of the United Business Education As- sociation, was organized for the purpose of de- veloping business leadership, creating interest in business teaching and business occupations, strengthening the confidence of members in them- selves, and working for the betterment of its members and the Business Education Department. Bonnie Parks, John Griffin, Anita VVooda Patricia Herring, Marjorie Cherry, Bertie Hill, Ralph Hayes. Left to right: Audrey Alphin, Beatrice Hatch? An ' l Phos dia Grammata The Eureka Society is an honorary scholastic society open to second-year liberal arts students whose scholarship, leadership, and service merit them special honor. New members are elected by the societyg honorary members are elected oc- casionally. The society derived its name from Eureka College, an early North Carolina Free Will Baptist Institution in Ayden, which was destroyed by fire in the early nineteen thirties. The historian of Eureka College, Mrs. H. L. Spivey, was chosen the first honorary member of the society. Leaders of Eureka Society ...-P'- MEMBERS-Left tn right, seated Nelda Boswell Ruby Blackmore Anne Iackson Standing: George Stevenson, Robert Smith Cary Barefoot Alton Cowan Virginia Quinn fnot picturedj Left to right: Alton Cowan, Secre- taryg Michael Pelt, Advisorg Nelda Boswell, President. America I I 4 .,-il ll .-A1 - -,,-f J'.?"r-'Q 'v ,X ,W-r. x "P ' H 1, X 'A X .4 ' " v 1.3.-kt. . A 1. Q' in 'W' og, .!'A'.. ' 0 Q- v x 41 -W 3- .1 "'w.i1 '- -vp, . " ' - ,a - ' , ' ,iff Grqt. .Qr ' X f - 1 A . 314, ,. , .' 7 ' - 'ETUQ-:,:"w-..h9', WM. f. ',r v--' 1 ,. -, 1-. IJ U Y-f. 0'1,vz'-. 1 x 7.x 'V-j.""I, ' N nv N't9' ' rt.-Hf"?eWv ""':.1 ' , f'5' ' K .xs -1,41 1 1. . ,, .. fd I 4 "h'Aj,',. ,. - ...'l.n if '., ' . -L.: .'-J . - ' A A - . - A., - 'hm :Ls --..4.,,,A r'---Q-.. , .Fir - -P -V pa,-nf,,,x Q jf'-Q Q- 3.1 "-.'fz'.:,, 'L -Q..-.v.:.. ., .11 v 43,4-...4 Half' ,Eff "cf :..,, - ' -' -. 1,., , - . - ,. ' 'A'-?"g, , . 1 .4 Qfhmm T, . V., H-y. I In I' W M '4 . 1 ' 1 . 1- , x-. 1 xg' " .1 X 6.5.1, 0 . 1.1 qx. -. ' . 'Ti- . ' ' x '- x - ,H ,. . A . -'1 . ' .- -. ,A 1, Kgs'-.M Jw xx ., . N T1 . ' :', L' ' ""-,W - ww '17 A- A v-'fi . . ., , ,G Tj - ' 7,.fg,','.- 'f -,: '..,A-- All .- s' l Us Y' ' "'141"u 3'-1 " :F , - 17, 'I -':.,f"' 5 x K ,.nL ,X . , ., 1 X x '. Y .EX X XX N N -Y-N - ix ..3 fgx-.- --sq 4, .wth . ., -i:vgv.v3,,,"""5 A '- Q. N 'Q Lg... I .-.. ,.,..,- ' '-. Rf A -v.. .gf-5--,fhv ' --Ag., - ?l0lZ?n.u.'14i' IR, H " - -4- . ' lax sq.. 'K .9-. - 1 Ks- 3 'wx , ' Ig. .rn ,, t X ' A fb 21-inf-7-sg .Xu J VN: w -Mun, .. ' 'N "' 1 'I 'I - I . "'-,fQx.Qx , .U . .. 1 n. rf! n x . , . A - ' " ' n. .1 A '- -nn - Xu - 1 . L . w..1' 4, . ,4--- mu., ' ' '- , .1 1- f- ' ug Q1 . I" , ,I ,, h -- Y.. "- Q-L. w' wt -V.. y :, ,. h y Vx 33, . ' 'it'-' I 'ar vow: 1 -' -- sl nk 9, n ' , is 'wh 5 . 4 x ', . v ws -Pig if . ww uni-f'.1'L,:,-V -, ,. 1',1x5.2i.-if 'v A EEVTQJJ1 viii-Elf?fS1TQW'5,.?E 1 55 - .?.1:.-ufaxlth-9 1, --' ' ,' " 'WfH'.'i0fY.-3 ,S I 172 RTN A35-gv2',gfPLw,' vs'-1-sfgigfv Q 1, T. ,. 4 f r' .VW Qsfif, T , BETTY JEAN WATSON Campus Queen of 1959 1 l " fa E AUDREY ALPHIN JANE BARROW Maid of Honor Attendant CAROL IACKSON Attendant College Marshals Since the college marshals are such outstanding representatives of our college, a certain amount of honor should he shown them. The prestige of such service reflects not only the personality of the marshal, but also thc dignity of the school which he represents. The success of school functions is greatly affected by the service rendered by these students. Parr fifty I' ight The marshals at Mount Olive Iunior College are chosen by the faculty with reference to their' scholar- ship, personality, and proficiency. The marshals pic- tured above are: Seated: jane Barrow, Ann jackson, Chief Marshal. Stmuling: Ioyce Barwick, Bobby Bazen, Lee Clover, Elizabeth Wilson. CARY BAHEFOOT Literary Editor of Yearbook RUBY BLACKMORE President of Henderson 1' Science Club NELDA BOSWELL Assistant Editor of Yearbook Jr utstandin Students Service and leadership may be rendered in many waysg many services are not of a tangible nature and cannot be pinpointed as a specific contribution. It is a truism to say that a large percentage of services rendered for any cause go unrecognized. Many persons who have had a part in the progress of Mount Olive junior College will never be publicly recognized, but the fruit of their labor is their reward. The yearbook staff wishes to honor some of the out- standing sophomore students whose contributions are worthy of recognition. These students were selected by a student-faculty committee using the same criteria used by the national yearbook "Who's Who in American Universities and Collegesf, The criteria for selection are: excellence in scholarship, participation in extracurricu- lar and academic activities, leadership, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness to business and society. ANNE JACKSON Sophomore Class Speaker GEORGE STEVENSON President of Student Government ' 5 MA RTHA ANN THOMAS Vice-President of Student Government l g ALTON COWAN ,f x I, 5 ,H 1959 Queen of the May MARTHA ANN THOMAS SANDRA LOU GINN May C0urt T I 4 l E a 1 B Ll J .v 1 F A ELIZABETH XVILSON GWEN IACKSON 45445 :ff .X . ag- . K, w ' inl Ax 6- --f 'J A MARY MOORE As' fm li' Fug ,x ,.v , N IH . ya' .- K- ' 541- 'Ii' S ,o ,Q ,4 . ., 1 '-v' 'X -1 ' r fc ,it - ' ,' 2-TPI' ft ' - - 'JM . '- - f?"F:6',' ,- b - X X-A fd- . ...A N, N I, 4.1 '. U? -9. 5- - -' . . 2 - ,iw "-S-214 ' " 9' -K X W .y , . I .X..,.., -S. s -'lx Y "' Q v- , P. Q . - w .- X -14: x XX.. Cx ,. x 1 5 N, 4 Aga-Gr"'3'3 ... if ' ' 5 N K J nf 45515 4 I . I Q. . 1- -1' rf, V-1' Aa' Q , bi f +5 X Yo-F' ,Qi t 6 1,- X . S- aw- A I ' '. .. Hi, xi. . 'Af' ' gf' X . .. 1 , fi""'1 e A0 5 3 A ' 5 M ia ,Q . , if ,, s G- I 3 -Q . 1 xv: ' V 'gs Q f- Q XS mr ' Y ' :T-ZQ,-rdf, y 49 .Vw S tu den t L i f e During the academic year of 1958-1959 the life of the student at Mount Olivd junior College was filled with many hours of hard work, studies, and headaches, but all of it cannot be characterized thuslyg in- stead, there were many events which helped to relax the tense students. There were the exciting problems of an increasing student body, over-crowded facilities, and the lengthening of the list of extracurricular activities. As the autumn slowly turned into win- ter and the winter into spring, these events, plus many more, led the minds and foot- steps of the students forward-toward the closing events in the course of the year. VVith this, history was made, and in order to preserve a small portion of this history, a miscellany of events of the year is pre- sented as they were preserved in photo and print. Page Sixty-Tlirct W ,-. JJ' , rl 5-,E i'4 ,W The Student Government Vice- President, Martha Ann Thomas, and President, George Stevenson, turned their backs to the camera as they greeted some of the incoming students. From left fo riigliiz johnny Griffin, Mary Moore, Roy Lee Turner, Beatrice llatcher, and Stephen Sutton are shown as they re- ceived an official welcome as they en- tered the front entrance of the college, -No, Nlartha Ann wasn't hurting Iohnny. lle had just realized he couldnt spend the night at home. In 4' Sirty-Four Students Arrive September 8, 1958, marked the beginning of our year. YVith the arrival of the freshmen, eager to taste college life, came many new faces. lVith all the clothes, trunks, lamps, hat boxes, luggage, and all the necessities, there was some question as to whether the dormitories would hold the students once they moved in. They did! Can you wonder at the cluttered habitats characteristic of college students? Audrey Stroud is shown in the picture on the left as she prepares to take residence in the girls' dormi- tory, assisted by XVinston Stroud and Brent Baker. "en, Flag raising on the east campus officially opened the academic year of 1935 1959. All the students paused from their unpacking and scurrying to ohserxe tlus event, after which the Orientation of the freshmen came into full suing ff. 1' lit QQ! After the flag was safely hoisted, the green freshmen were plunged into a maelstrom of bustle known as Orienta- tion YVeek. A host of activity was planned in order to ward the evils of home-sickness from the catechumen and insure proper adjustment to a new en- vironment. One not so happy aspect of this orientation program was the aspect of placement tests given for guidance pur- poses. Exactly where one is being guided, no one seems to know, but none- theless, in the picture on the right, Mrs. Sophia H. Potts faithfully guides a group of hapless freshmen through one of these tests. in--Q '!r5.. 11 Nix! Town Participates 1 ,gg .... - .4 y-: ..""Jr 4 .g 1 .- -,...r,11 if-Sli I . cw Christian fellowship through the churches of thc community served to case the strain of those first days at college and was continued through- out the year. These activities included at reception at the Christian Church for faculty and students. Other chur- ches shared their recreational facili- ties, some organized college student classes, and others included the faculty and students in functions. At the left, Mrs. Charles llill and Mrs. Harry Cooke serve refreshments to three freshman students, Bruce Quinn, Roy Lee Turner, and Max Smith. Facility advisors entertained their advisees, helping to establish hetter student-faculty relationships as well as acquainting the students with one another. Left to right: Audrey Alphin, Bertie Ann Hill, jane Barrow, Doris Duncan, Kay Evans, Mary Moore, Curtis Shivar, and Paul Lamm enjoy a fIlL'lllfy advisor party. if' f-' 41. .Qs 21" I ,.: at ,. . . . 4 ,. ,4 On Sunday, September 14, 1958, the fifth colle- giate year of Mount Olive junior College officially opened with convocation ceremonies in the college auditorium. Dr. Bruce E. XVhitaker, President of Chowan College, delivered the convocation address. Convocation ceremonies were followed by a faculty reception for students, their parents, and guests. In the picture on the left, President Raper, Dr. XVhitaker, Reverend Barrow, and Dean Pelt are shown conversing prior to the ceremonies. The most active committee of the Board of Directors is the Committee on Finance, composed of Fred S. Powers, President Raper. Hardy Talton, M. L. qlohnson. and XV, P. Grant fnot picturedj. To this committee, amidst other duties, is as- signed the task "to assist the administration of the college in planning and carrying out a program to ensure sufficient funds for the adequate operation of the college." The committee met frequently with President Raper and Treasurer M. L. johnson to organize and direct the "Loyalty Fund Campaign" among Free XVill Baptist churches. The responsibility of raising funds for the construction of a student center also occupied much of the commit- teels time. 6 ' T E progress of the school .U were ever on the move promoting good will and ,Q K. ,G N N- 1 service to the benefit of a E' T whole. At its annual pa- Nv ' afterwards. Other promo town. The town of Mount Olive kept pace with the fi' !H T Though small, its people rade, observing Fire Pre- vention Week, a fire drill X was held at the college with inspection by firemen tional efforts by the town made the college more aware of the part it played in the make-up of the ff' . ,fx . 'rt I gif -Php ,, R15 News- In September a study was made at the college to determine what was needed for the school to achieve accreditation by the Southem Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Discussing some of the needs are left to right, above: W. Burkette Raper, College Presidentg Dr. C. C. Colvert, consultant in junior college education at the Univer- sity of Texasg and Miss Bonnie Cone, President of Charlotte College. Fl fl li Page Sixty-Eiplit l I "lt is the best kept laboratory I have ever inspected," were the words of Dr. Colvert in a written report to President Raper, listing the items he considered necessary for accreditation. He commended the college on those standards they had already met. The special note of commendation was in ref- erence to the science laboratory. This praise was directed to Lee Clover, lab assistant, and Mrs. Lorelle Martin, head of the science department. The picture on the left shows some of the science students en- grossed in lab work under the guidance of Mrs. Martin. Those students are, from left to right.- Betty Lou Britt, Charles Branch, Ioyce Barwick, Donald Taylor, Gloria West, and Bobby Bazen. ationwide ,,,,?U IO UNT Q.-1. K.V! ' f In "National Newspaper VVeek," in connection with local news- papers, was observed by the college. The bulletin board in the library was prepared as a reminder of this observance. Nelda Boswell and Cary Barefoot expressed their originality in creating the display. National honors were won by the 1957-1958 OLIVE LEAVES. The yearbook won second place in the offset-printed Iunior College division in the Columbia Scholas- tic Press Associationis annual con- test and critique for ycarbooks. Asheville-Biltmore College of Asheville shared the second place position. Competition in the con- test came from 47 states, the Dis- trict of Columbia, Hawaii, the Phillipines, Canada, and schools for American dependents in Cer- many and japan. Progress marks were made under Treva Ieanes, editor, and Mrs. Lorelle Martin, advisor. .-Jaillv-is 5 From left to right: Alton Cowan, Mrs. Martin, George Stevenson, and Lee Clover marvel over a copy of the win- ning yearbook. x 14-ll!! Lnvl- I ' i F1 Sr Mount Olive junior College this year announced that a retired "Ivy League" professor had donated part of his library to the college and that a DuPont chemist had made a nation-wide appeal for science books. The hook donation was arranged by Mrs. XVilliam Starr Myers of Princeton, New jersey, whose late husband, a professor of history at Princeton University for forty years, had contrib- uted most of his library to the Moye Library of Mount Olive junior College. Mrs. Myers' son-in-law, john McLean, chemist with the DuPont plant in Kinston, made the appeal for science books. Mr. McLean's appeal, made through the American Chemical Society, appeared in the Society's magazine and has brought good response. Mrs. Mildred S. Councill, right, librarian at the college, digs into a box of books brought to the college by Mrs. XVilliam Starr Myers of Princeton, New jersey, and her daughter, Mrs. john McLean, of Kinston. SSV19 .-1 KEEP 'v nity Mrs. Lorelle Martin and Lee Clover were overjoyed when Mrs. john McLean and Mrs. Nllilliam Starr Myers showed them one of the science books presented to the college by members of the American Chemical Society. f-4 ,-. T in Halloween Progress and studies took time out for a little fun and frolic at the annual Hal- loween party which has become noted for its appropriately dressed participants. The traditional ghosts and goblins played a leading role in the party's ac- tivitiesg in fact, several were scared away when Kay, judy, and Sandra appeared typically dressed as ghosts and a vam- pire. Party masqueraders pose for posterity. First row, left to right: Dean Pelt, Stanley Harrell, jane Barrow, Kay Evans, Clyde Ien- lcins, Sandra Ginn, Marlene Hart, Reuben Cherry, Mrs. Pelt. Second row: Doug Lewis, Max Smith, Audrey Alpliin, Patricia Herring, Beatrice Hatcher, Anita XVoodall, Janice Hen- derson, Judy Foreman, Joyce Barwiclc, Martha Sue Tew, Mary Sue Peters, Brent Baker. Third row: Audrey Stroud, Hilbert Swinson, Martha Ann Thomas, George Stevenson, Lee Glover, Horace Taylor, Bohlmy Bazen, johnny Griffin, Bertie Ann Hill, Charles Branch, Nelda Bos- well, Curtis Shivar, XVinston Everett, Alton Cowan, Gary Barefoot. LCM The winning costumes were wom by "Mammy" Brent Baker and "Mae" Caxy Barefoot. Faculty participation added quite a bit of party enthusiasm, especially when the students were ahle to repay their instructors for those unpassable pop tests. Grades? Unmentionablelll Mrs. Martin received the stigma of the Great White Spirit at the request of Bobby Bazen and Kay Evans. Ilugf' Srtwrztgf-0114 fu 'Ll l If 1 .FQ Rs. .. I 2, Qsai' The news of accreditation was relayed to Mr. M. L. ohnson on November 6 1958 at approximately 5-30 Newsl News! Another progress mark has been reached. The news of accreditation brought smiles and joy to the students and faculty. Only those who were witnesses to the results of the announcement really know the joy that it brought, the hopes it fulfilled, and the future it assured. I , , . . p.m. Above, President Raper stands in a state of rapture as he relates the news. E2v"+"":e"f' ' , - r '33-' r 'f ' '2'ri..A.....' "F, Ky' ua, 5 jg: u-u - Uf' S1'1'c.'11fy-'lun 'X ll .1 I f ' d facial expressions as they heard Students presented a panorama 0 varie the results of the phone call. Accreditation VVe recommend "That Mount Olive junior College be accredited as a junior collegefi These historic words were heard on November 6, 1958, in Durham, North Carolina. VVith the unanimous approval of this recommendation from the Standards Committee of the North Carolina College Conference, Mount Olive junior College had reached the first plateau in its bid for academic recogni- tion. A delegation of the faculty was on hand to witness the occasion: President W. Burkette Raper, Dean Michael Pelt, Mrs. Josephine H. Ricks, Registrar, Mrs. Mildred S. Councill, Librarian, Robert W. Moye, Michael I. Peiret, Walter L. Carson, jr., and Lee R. Miller. Back on the campus, other members of the faculty and the student body waited expectantly. One must share in such an experience to understand the depth of joy the good news brought. From other places, friends of the college relayed their sentiments. Former Dean, Daniel W. Fagg, Ir., who helped to inaugurate the program of the college that led toward accreditation, expressed the feeling of many when he wrote from the graduate school of Emory University: "You know how wonderful I feel that accredita- tion has been granted, and you know that you have my sincerest congratulations. The genuine helpfulness of the officials of the Conference and the other colleges in general has been amazing to me." The humble beginning of the junior college program in September, 1954, with twenty-two students, five faculty members, no library, no laboratory, ill-equipped classrooms, and no endowment had given way to a vigorous college with an enrollment of 143. The library had grown to 5,000 volumes, all classrooms had been fumished with new fumiture, and Dr. Henderson's generosity had made possible a laboratory with nearly 310,000 worth of apparatus. The Free Will Baptist denomination, sponsor of the college, and the Mount Olive commu- nity had seen in Mount Olive junior College "the challenge of our times" and were strengthening the institu- tion with increased financial support. Accreditation meant the fulfillment of the hopes and dreams of thousands of unseen friends, who offered prayers of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father. Investments of time, talent, and money were now vindicated. One well-meaning coed was heard to say, "Now that the college is accredited, perhaps our studies will be easierin But alas, the month of December saw President Raper in Louisville, Kentucky, before the Committee on Admission to Membership of the Southem Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. With the first plateau reached, the administration and faculty checked their compasses for the next destination-regional ac- creditation. Grateful for the past, but challenged by the future, Mount Olive Iunior College moves ahead in its goal of helping to provide Christian higher education for the Free Will Baptist denomination and eastem North Caro- lina. VVith faith in Cod and service to mankind, the college faces the future with confidence. Plllll' S 1 ntj IIIIII ll Ear splitting applause rings out as accreditation is announced . VVild applause ripped the air on the November evening when news of accreditation by the North Carolina College Conference was announced to the students during dinner. The old alarm bell was tolled in joyful proclamation of the news to the waiting townspeople who responded by inviting the college students to a bonfire to celebrate with them the news that the football team of the local high school was district champion, as well as to celebrate accreditation. A lounge party was held in the lounge by the Social Committee, headed by lane Barrow, chairman, and Kay Evans, vice-chair- man. Following the lounge party, the students trouped down to the bonfire and yelled until their lungs almost burst. And so, back to study. In the meanwhile, Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Martin quietly called former Dean Dan Fagg to relay the good news to the outstanding academic who gave incalculable aid to the struggling young institution in its march towards accreditation. The exultation of the students was simply a surface reaction to something which lay deeper within. The tumult and shouting soon died away, but something more lasting remained-an indestructible pride in a proud new institution which had joined the ranks of those institutions of higher education which have faithfully served the people of North Carolina for many years. A year of victory had been accom- plished. X , E N r 4 I if 5J5'7Q fx . xgs Q .. "' - x .. X. 4- 'l.gf5jQ' , , 'N' .43 '1 ' Aj ' ' L Bruce Quinn is served by jane Barrow and Kay Evans at the lounge party celebrating accreditation. tion. Audrey Alphin bravely rides the shouders of "seven-feet Lewis" in exulta MMS Religious Only a week after the jubilous celebrations of the accreditation, the campus took on a more serious tone. The occasion, the annual Religious Emphasis XVeek, was observed during the week of November 16-21 and afforded the students and faculty an ex- cellent opportunity to give thanks for the great achievements of the college and to renew their faith in the Christian religion. Services were held each morning and evening in the college auditorium by the Reverend Chester Pelt of Marianna, Florida. From the standpoint of the student body, it may be said that this was the most successful and beneficial Re- ligious Emphasis XVeek in the history of the college. The Reverend Pelt is pictured at the right. I' Page Srwerify-Six During the week, there were others who participated in the services. Among these were Mrs. Pelt and quite a few of the studentsg they were especially instrumental in the rendering of special music. Among the student participants was the Girls, Trio, which is pictured at the left. From left to right, the mem- bers are Beatrice Hatcher, Anita XVoodall, and Mary Moore. Iudy Foreman is pianist. One of the highlights of the week came in the informal dis- cussions which were held under the Reverend Pelt's leadership. Topics for these discussions were 'iMarriage and the Family" and "Courtship," and everyone agreed that the counseling they re- ceived was very helpful. In the picture at the left, several of the students and faculty are seen as they listen attentively to the Reverend Pelt. a 'FX f . , '54 Me5 it THE REVEREND R. P. HARRIS Activities Great strides of progress were made in the religious life at Mount Olive junior College this ycar. As a culrni- nation of much hard work and determination on the part of the pastor, the Reverend R. P. Harris, and several interested friends in Mount Olive, the First Free XVill Baptist Church was organized in the city. This organiza- tion served a two-fold purpose: By having its services in the college auditorium, the church not only served the community, but also the college. Moreover, this event represents a great investment in the lives of all future students as it offers a home church for them. On November 23, the day of the organization, the church was received into the Cape Fear Conference of North Carolina Free XVill Baptists. The Reverend Leonard Wloodall, representative of the conference, welcomes the church officers into fellowship with the conference in the picture at the right. Left to right are the Reverend XVoodall, M. L. johnson, Assistant Treasurer, Leslie Anderson, Trus- tee, Robert W. Moye, Deacon, Leah McClohon, League Director, Lee Roy Miller, Deacon, and Judy Foreman, Clerk. Prior to each Sunday moming worship service, Sunday School was held. These services, plus the Sunday evening worship services, gave the student a well-balanced re- ligious program. The scene in the center is typical of Sunday morning at the college. The Sunday School was conducted by several well- qualified persons who gave freely of their time and talents. Seated left to right in the bottom picture are Nelda Boswell, Teacher, Robert XV. Moye, Superintendent, and Bertie Ann Hill, Secretary. Those standing are Lee Roy Miller, Teacher, Cary Barefoot, Assistant Superintendent, and Mrs. T. C. Harvey, Teacher. Z IKUKUHJH Founders Day was ob- served on November 2-1, 1958, with the Reverend Lloyd Vernon, the first president of the college, as the honored speaker. In his speech, he briefly summa- rized the early years of the college and stressed their importance and meaning as to its future. Students, as well as faculty, became more aware of the ad- vancement made by the institution since its found- ing. Left to right: M. L. johnson, the Reverend Vemon, and President Ra- per pose before the front entrance. 'fr-3 VVanes. . -..- Y - , , . N... ,x, wr V - - - -i-21 I ... - -1.--l 1 Y . 'A Ak-V36 .-x ' '. f Li: f . ,' . HH" 0 M .gf "' .-wg, - Y S x - , X 'Q Q' 'Wg Pngw Sm-wniy-Eiglxt November was also the month when Dr. Rachel Davis, Kinston physician and Lenoir County's Representative to the North Carolina General Assembly, spoke at a dinner meeting of the college faculty. Her speech, titled "The Purpose of Man," inspired an open discussion fol- lowing the talk. Left to right: Mrs. Lorelle Martin, Lee Roy Miller, Miss Leah McGlohon, Walter Carson, Mrs. Josephine Ricks, Michael Pelt, Dr. Davis, Mrs. Sophia Potts, Eugene Mau- ney, Robert Moye, M. Perret, Mrs. Dixie Hart. -lmwwwug "ff" '-""'f' 'gl mtl!!! -., 4 g. I . il One definite contribution made bv the collt-gc to the intellectual life of the community wus tht- formation of a Great Books Discussion group. The group mc-cts in Mount Olive and in Goldsboro in alternate years. Great books from all civilizations are dis- cussed by this group. Pictured clock- zrise, standing: Mr. Emil Rosenthal. Scntml: Miss Susan Borden, Mr. Henry NVQ-il, -Mrs. Charles Councill, Mr. XVilliam Smith, Mrs. H. M. Cox, and Mrs. Gertrude YVeil. ,dxf W A wg. . . .efpi-14,1-5' + A -- In December the Henderson Science Club invited Mr. john Hull McLean of the American Chemical Society to speak to them on chromatography and experi- ments on light infraction using polaroid film. From left to right: Gary Barefootg Mrs. Ruby Blackmore. Club Presidentg Mr. McLeang Harley Hinesg and Mrs. Lorelle F. Martin. .4 1.44. I, c ' ' -J .--.7f..k v-ij .x , - 5.44. ln the mild days of November, Dr. Istvan Ferenczi, associated with the United States Geological Survey, visited the science depart- ment and conducted the science students on a tour covering about two hundred miles of eastern North Carolina. In the six fossil deposi- tories visited, students delightedlv delved into remains of animals that inhabited the earth five or six mil- lion years ago. Dr. Ferenczi's en- lightening remarks shed consider- able light on the archaic findings. '7 lr-f'-"P-r YT It 1? ya .- -QW' The blizzard, the largest in eastem North Carolina in many years, continued through the morning and evening hours of Thursday, and by early Friday morning the cam- pus was blanketed by approximately a foot of snow. Natur- ally, everyone vowed to make the best of this rarity-snow cream by the gallon-snow ball fights-icicles-slippery flocmrs-silhouettes-trails and tracks-overcoats-ear muffs -toboggans-overshoes-and a beautiful campus. Sunlight broke through the storm on Friday, and the blizzard was over. The only thing left now was a better and greater opportunity to get out into the midst of the gleam- ing, glittering, crystallized what everyone did. David Hansley, especially, seems to be enjoying the effects of the whistling winds and the freezing weather-even with bare hands. However, there was enough snow left for another week of num- erous activities, and slowly everyone became tired and weary and acquainted with the storybook idea of being snowbound. Page Eigfllll dream world, and that is just r"'-.,, v S "x, I N dwg E r ., N " -5, s""'f4lN, "'-- ' -Z c S- swam - 33 . s! -inseam ph : -.1 pe. -s s- v ' ,,..,, . . X S . 'I , 'r 1 --ll , I -. . 'll .ls " ll I, 2 u -J.. v . . . - , "M ,4.,,,, 23,5-4 -'pffw ' 4- -we-. . 144. A , UM, ,3-,,crga , 1 - ,x. - , '.-.A 4 I .flfl Perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire year came on the moming of December 11 when every- one awoke to discover a real winter wonderland and to listen to the peaceful murmur of the falling snow. Morning activity sped up, and the campus life created a hubbub. By noon, the entrances, halls, cafeteria, and classrooms were almost as slippery as the campus itself, but the professors would not re- lent-classes, classes, classes-come rain, snow, or shine! However, Audrey Stroud, Lee Clover, Brent Baker, Beatrice Hatcher, Ioyce Barwiclc, and Martha Thomas take a break and seem to delight in making a snowman. f 'Ti-V., ' U N ' ' l ,. J- ...H :X.J','Vxl , " WX' it 11: ' 1' .4-' D I . P 3 F4 " ya 5 finter Descends 44 1 i ! In addition to the snow, the week of December 8-13 also brought 1 another memorable event-the annual Christmas party and the' elec- l tion of the Campus Queen and Her Court. After much deliberation as 1 to whether or not the election and party plans should proceed, it was , decided to forward the plans. Competition was heavy, but in the final tabulations. Betty lean Watson was acclaimed the winner. She was Q crowned by last year's Queen, Judy Foreman, during the Christmas I party exercises. 1?- 5:-x i The Queen and Her Court displayed their beauty not only indoors, but also on the outside. The court was com- posed, from left to right, of the following beauties: Pa- tricia Herring, attendantg Audrey Alphin, Maid of Honorg Her Majesty the Queeng Carol jackson, atten- dantg and jane Barrow, at- tendant. all 7' C- X LVTQJT in The majority of the student body were on hand to witness the crowning of the Queen and to enjoy the party. Special music and other entertain- ment were rendered in her honor. VVhile waiting expectantly for the crowning, a portion of the students, as seen at the left, had the oppor- tunity to view the whole court. Pug lfigllty-Tuio -X ,ii Sp ring- New Semester With the coming of the new semester, there was wide- spread interest not only in the new faces on the campus, but also in much new equipment which was purchased by the college. In the science department, Gary Barefoot examines slides with the microprojector while Ruby Blackmore observes fossils under the stereomicroscope. Immediately following the commencement of the spring semester, all the students and college personnel-especially President Raper and the staff of the business office-were made happy when the Mount Olive Iaycees presented the college with the first 31,000 on a 35.000 pledge. Freddie Farah. Iaycee Presidentg Pres- ident Raperg and M. L. john- son, college treasurer, share the excitement as they line up for a glimpse of the check. L.....,- Registration for the new term was held on llanuary 28. Ten new students rought the enrollment to a grand total of 153, which is by far the larg- est in the history of Mount Olive College. The enrollment figures set a record for the fifth consecutive year-the graphic proof of growth and advancement. Some seem happy and some uncertain over the situation in the scene at the left. XVhile incoming students soon found themselves en- grossed in a new routine. the returnees again settled down to the old grind. For a week or two, most students took it easy, only to find themselves getting farther and farther be- hind in ther studies, A portion of the boys' basketball class takes time out, however. to rest and pose for the camera. Those seated arc: Max Smith, Bobby Bazen, David Sum- merlin. Harley Hines. Stanley Harrell. Standing: Iames loy- ner, XVinston Stroud, Curtis Shivar, and Coach Bob Move goUNT OLIVE llllll CUUIFI gown ouvf .fa IIWIUUIIIGI u MACK U01 at TI' loum out q0l,y1q0!llE ,J- iii!" ww h Ollll fd fcnursf Qgvsg The women's physical education classes were en- joyed by all the partici- pants. Offered not only as a relaxation from classes and studies, but also as a medium by which the women could leam more about athletics, the course helped to stimulate a bet- ter interest in sports and sportsmanship. Audrey Stroud, guarded by Eliza- beth Wilson, attempts a set shot. Other participants in the play are Audrey Al- phin, Ianice XVilliams, Catherine Parks, and Carol jackson. Q X Ln ' Q- i Mr. Miller's history class is very tvpical of the eager, but scared. students who ven- tured upon new courses in their college career. Listen- ing attentively to Nlr. Miller, the students are, from left to right: Dee Conors, Alton Cowan, Eugene XVarwick. Audrey Stroud. David Sum- merlin, Patricia Herring. Au- drey Alphin, Nlyra XYhite, Mary Cold XYallace. Bruce Quinn, and Dwight Sasser. fe- ,, .v 5.4.51 f'-S" 'f' wwe" t 1 '1 x . - N0 SMU ,wr V VALE" r 5 I l .... l V -. . ' I 1 lmlrw' 7, 5 1, NI an '59 wif' ' Left to right: Lee Clover, Ruhy Blaclcmore, George Stevenson, Robert Smith, Martha Thomas, Curtis Shivar. "Are you sure it won't explode?" "YVell, I just don't know-" These statements were familiar to the chemistry students who found the new semester no different from the first-except that their problems seemed more difficult. That steady roar of tvpewriters from the typing room reminded one that it was Monday or Wednesday night. Mrs. King kept the night students ever on the alert-typing-wise, that is. ,M-'rw' F ,,,.. -a-'f I dd , 'HN .. f-f"'Z'l ...f -ss-'I . --1-1 -,nuns-Qwr-1 -qv-can-new' gp- First row, front to back: Sue Howard, Carolyn Overton, Louindia King, Martha White King. Second fOU,'I Dora Mae King, Carol jean Gardner, Carol Arm Howell. Third row: Marcia Page I-fighly-Four Hipp, Molly Anderson, Pat VVallcer. Classes did not new semester. The time for socializing. not usuall, in spite The Valentine party semester kicked off for the rest of the ve compose all the students found Cas if that were of their studies. early in the new the social swing ar. lust a mention of the Mad IIatter's party in March. and an evening of fun is recalled. The Freshman-Sophomore held in May gave the freshmen an oppor- tunity to show themselves off while honoring the graduating class. It also gave the sophomores a chance to en- joy an evening of fun and relaxation, freed from the exhaustion of banquet preparation. A break in games sent the stu- dents at the Valentine party eagerly to the refreshment table where they were served by Bobby Bazen and Bertie Ann Hill. Those receiving re- freshments are, from left to right: loyce Barwiclt, Max Smith. Dorothy Hart, Charles Branch, Gwen Iackson, and Stanley Harrell. The success of all the social events of the year is attributed to the Social Committee. who ably per- formed their functions. Special com- mendation is due lane Barrow and Kay Evans for planning and carrying out the different parties. In the pic- ture on the right, several students participate in a paper relay race. Left to right: lean Best, Brent Baker, Dorothv Hart, Charles Branch, Ioyce Barwick, Max Smith, Kemery Ard, Betty YVatson, Ken Crisp, Mary VVal- lace, Gwen Iackson, Stanley Harrell. 4 fr: QM be 1. tffifl Banquets - banquets - ban- quets. Such was the atmosphere as the various clubs and fratemi- ties entertained their members and guests. The KAPPA CHI entertained their fraternity members and guests early in the new semester. Special guest was the Reverend Fred S. Powers of South Caro- lina. He is shown as he congratu- lated Bobby Bazen on receiving the Fred Powers Scholarship. Left to right: Nl'alter Sutton, Billy Yawn, lean Hood, Mr. Powers, Norman Ard, Bobby Bazen, Charles Branch, Michael Pelt, wlerry Rowe, Bruce Dudley, Kemery Ard, Horace Taylor. Page Eiglity-Fifi ted Spring 1958 It was in an unpredictable April that student demogogy burst like a bonibshell on a campus already madly preparing for final exams and graduation. "I promise you ..., " was heard resounding along echoing corridors, and students, swayed under the golden-throated oratory of Nelda Boswell or George Stevenson. resolved to vote either liberal or con- servative. An unconventional convention was held by each of the candidates who plotted their platforms. Stevenson chose to be liberal while Boswell reared the banner of conserva- tism. Both candidates went all out to make this year's the most colorful and exciting campaign ever. The net result was Pam' Eighty-Sir Wx ft. A -Politics lnvades The Campus intensely stimulating, to say the least, and very rewarding. Both candidates worked up to the last minute-as is evinced by the fact that one candidate never changed into dress clothes for tlie final bout of speeches. The liberal party, MSP fMore Student Powerl, swung a little to the left while the Boswell conservative group re- tained the traditional right position. Both wrestled for the students' votes while a few independents tried to smuggle a dark horse into the race. Despite the struggle involved, the liberals won. 1 f ' 2 -. ai- 'W 1- , 1 ' ' 3 1 z . JA rf 'J - 9 v 'sri , l . - I , 1 , 31 If Q ' Q I f ly i ' '- ' gr ff 1 ,A 1 ' J KC I : . - ' . 1 1 1 -. ' 4 1- ' W ,,. -- , , f , ' ' . x - i V ,fqf-.f iffy: 2133? J 1' - . H ' 4 LE-,x- "r .. ,. 1 , -4 par-L. gf. . I1 :qi-I 'iii' ...g, V W' -Y-,A riff if A 1 f iiiititi A . --.raw 'D - 3 7 .QI x Q --nu -X v . I I ' u U vw .. A , . I.-.74 , "' 3.14.-43.4. 1 ,JV A ,,.- :-X-1 "-'ff' ,' "f"fy:ve-M, F 5 n- L3 A i George Stevenson, President of the Henderson Science Club, is shown as he presented a Certificate of Appreciation and Honorary membership to Dr. C. C. Henderson. l l Delicious food isn't it-My dear Tosto, how perfectly charming-But Mrs. Blackmore! Such ingenious favors-Slide farther down, Ioanne, you're pinching my leg with your chair. You can smoke afterwards, Mr. Fagg -Yes, Nlrs. Stevens arranged the flowers- Sh-h, Dr. Henderson is rising to receive the Certificate of Appreciation-Slide farther down. lloanne, you're pinching my leg with your chair. The Henderson Science Club had a ban- quet in May, 1958, in honor of Dr. C. C. Henderson. After a tasty meal at which the FBLA members served, Ceorge Stevenson, president of the club, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. C. C. Henderson on behalf of the cluh which had been named in his honor. At the banquet, Dr. Henderson was made an honorary member of the club and was presented a picture of the club. Dr. Henderson's contributions to the department made it possible for the college to bring its science laboratory up to required specifica- tions and obtain the approval of the State De- partment of Education and full accreditation by the North Carolina College Conference. The idea of the Certificate of Appreciation originated in the club, and it was in its name that it was presented. Following the banquet. the club as- sembled in the lounge for a talk by Dr. Ed- ward Mead, research chemist in the dacron division of DuPont of Kinston. Science Stages Last Scene , CIorku', left foreground: XVilliam Tilley, Martha Thomas, XV. B. llaper, Dr. C. C. Henderson, George Steven- l son, Dr. Edward 1. Mead, Mrs. Lorelle Martin, Daniel Fagg, Mrs. Ruby Blackmore, Jimmie Bass, Lee Glover, Jean Hood, Charles Sugg, Donald Taylor, Joanne Pittman, Harold Hinnant, Mrs. Blanche Tosto. ,X r pw N if . F3 ,. TT? - - H" X 5 S fl S r A :" 3'1- 3 S -e ii- -nn,.X 'Q :chi -F?-f-I L XX ,S Dawn' , YSL i l v ' ' l, Y ' - L 1,1 is ah' lhi. - A .Nil-: 5.1. ti-. V 2, I 'A' ' I .' f tr v lk -ig ,H ' .,:i.'.L' Lux.. ll Ii" ' fi-L A ll, '.'1x 5 "- , . ., . Nil hu, ,' ll? I' Kuqn I a ,N e Sf . 2- 2- I ' 'sir' f7"'l?,, 'Q u 'W . . ' 33:11 3 . , L . I ,Q ff fvmf I V .. . vga .. I I 1 .rg I f.Q. 1 U- , " . , SW. at I I . . . I . 1 .7 . X -, s X Q-,, , K 4 14 - .Q 'O' L Q' x i'A , . aff ' J ,?' f " Q .. .f ug X " x 1 , si - ,I I . , 2.1 5- , , .Q , i f ' , 1 L f A ,. , I 3 , If ,4.. I -I,-if f-tj ,f . I J Hs I -'I I ' I I I I I v ' 3' X xml I .' K ugh- tiiaitl I. 5' , I I . s SUS' 4 'I 'iv -- R?35w'5.'5' ' I i1'l'f ' df: -F2-' 'A:"'I I "' ' H' 21:1 ' :ff , 'J I' me I . - I 'J".'f'-ma -vw-'fw:.aemeHeref 'ull -' ...ei 1:1215 ,Z lxfxla-5 F, 5:-.inf-AFT-,, XJ 41.113-b,,:. .,t,,-gwQg,g,'.M , . Q' :il-Ei. ...FII-'.. .j.,- 1. ,.. -:,',n6Q.'-g-.'- .-.' ,j,. -as 1-. -1. ,! ,g,i-J.-gw"C..-- ,.'3xQ,n9,V. 55' 'U' ft ffl-'4f'?j - . .. 21 ,Jalan 1. I ,v,'S'f,iv.ya1vf , Wf1.f"L,.,- I ".'I2j5:f- .51--tttiifsszx.-5.15: I .."f.'ai-" 'Ala 'R 'i'kf"1s, it h- . 7, Wi- , J' Q: ,qu V- 1.11,-l'..Y':,:'k gf.. . A,--gt, , ' -g,isf,.z11.,s ldv- :Ag 9 ', f' '- 'i'l:-' r .' "-. I .' , 241, A I ,ofgbgikfffw ff,:,m"e'Ff.v'ff..fierfgi . f. - -'--ii.: - ur- J 1-'Q .I ..f'f"JQ? WPY4 .- 43 .qv I 1 gfylx, rn. .- v..,-wli 3 6 5 1 'QQ lg. 5? an Ii ...I "" " " fifty, pnjxri ith it A 1' .1 V130-I V ,Ahh fXlH1H Blater llail, Mount Olive Alma Mater Hncllt-ss years shall crown thy headg Praise we then our great Creator XVho tlirough all the years shall lead. May thy torch of truth grow hrighter Still supplied with light divineg Clear and strong and ever huming, On the path of wisdom shine. Alma Mater. our dear mother, Honored ever, honored nowg Courage, faith, and love devoted, Be the laurels on thy brow. O, Mount Olive, how we love thee, Dowered with thy fost'ring care, Kindest heaven smile above thee. Cod exalt and keep thee fair. -Daniel VV. Fagg, Ir. A 4' fx - X. tc 4 e 1 iii.. if -.-Q .5 ,--x.- Stl ,fjZ, '14 1 ,'r "Z , 5.-'r 'I K, l ay: -.sf .- -Kr btw .J N, r h 4' I'-' . War- 0- ' Q . I Q . 'JlIr"I4. - tgp f--it-v' li . ' hp ,.l .5 5 . ' Jr .LE ., i',.1:, 'I:li"': .' '. " . . ', ." Q 'Q' l r 'N 1 'l', v 1 Fix ,,.- X55 . ' "v'A.A7'l ,X ' 'V 1' n 1 , ..., . r. S 1 xwf lN'f I.. -f"' .ff,X J.- I l 1 AU 1 -. J i 1 1 ., li' 1 . 4 r , . 1 I s - . ,,. u .grae I . . ' K 'X u n sp ,. Q A, . I 1 .,N,,.' N Y 5 xy . -X .,. , 7""':vr, ug' I ' f' 1,",'f'.. A Fu.. j-ff? 1 - -Ili' .. ' ' I' - ELS "- I . . 1 IF:-fa - - '- ff: I ' , 24- 2 lx'--"jar f. '-' -. C, ibn' E 5-'ff-nnrgsffg-5,'!:.3, 1j.,- l x'l':' 'C'-D' ff-A Faviniih-ti iM'12,f-. tip" H ':'i'e, -' -it " '- ' - rl I-.4 v If ,. " f' 4' . 4 ' 'L ', -, .'.', ' ' 'S :.'.'!.'l - " 0 , iii .L - .-- .' '-.- ' . M - b A , . ,A . K . . 4 - TVN Am. In OSNQ X.- K yn om 3-. . I K N v ' -v- - - f J 1-5 , T' ug X xi x x , it Y A x- Q .-"" .-"9 75,4 5- 3' , . I1 ' V n A r i ' ' . .A . f 3- if, I -. . 1 ' " 3 'W-. 1 x v'- -s It s ,A 4 ,ba 5.4, r f' lx x Q' N Advertisements The advertisers in this yearbook have made it possible for the yearbook staff to present this outstanding volume of OLIVE LEAVES. Their constant support in the past has always been a vital factor in the growth of the college, and their assured future support will make it possible for Mount Olive junior College to continue its march forward. Show your appreciation by patronizing them. Page Ninety-One YI ,I 'I 'III IITIII 'III 'IlI4I'III ,IIIII,I'I'I'I'I4I'I4IlI'I'IlI,I'IIIIIIIIIIIIV4 is Best Wishes to the EQ Q Class of ,59 It If TYNDALL FUNERAL It If I' QI QL- 0 HOME It Phone OL 8-2303 fi MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA YK Wx XX K x K 9'4','4,4'1'4'4'4'1'1'1'4'1'1'1,1,1,1,1'1,1'1'1,1,1r1'1,1'1,1'1'1'1'1,91,1A sf"'f'15'f'15'15'1'f'r'f'f'f'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'1'r'r'r'r'6 4 4 :Q GARNER BROTHERS :Q FRIGIDAIRE It Sales and Service It 2: Complete Line of Building Materials 220 N. Center sf. Phone OL 3-2530 Y Is K :4 MOUNT OLIVE. NORTH CAROLINA ,4 xi xx x' xt 9 f'r'1'r'v'r'r'1'v'v'r'v'r'r'r',fr'r'r'1'f'r'f'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'f'f'r'r'f'1'f'P4 1 1 1 - - . . xv v f f'r'r'f'1'fr'+C'r'P'r'r'f'r9'5"f'?9'r'5'5'r55'v'r'r'w'P3'Xia 4 GEDDIE ICE COMPANY ,4 N Mount Olive, North Carolina s 54 54 x4 xt , xx ,X :A 'K 4 X X' 'S 9ldlllllfl4IlIl44llll4fl4'f'4'l4'll4ffl!!!' gifIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKQ - x s' '4 xt MOUNT OLIVE PRINTING COMPANY P x It Prmters-Statzoners xt W If 133 S. Center St. Phone OL 8-3571 xt . . Y 'I Mount Olive, North Carolina x' 14 'I Y 9,1'1'1,1,1'1,1,1'1,1,1'1'1,1'4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1'1'1,1'1'1'1'1'1,4'4'4'4',x x'l'I,J'4'l'4,J'4'4,4,4'4'l'I'4"4,l'4',l'l?l'l'l'Js4',l,4"4'0',4"l'l'0"l'J"4',I6 xi xi x4 Y,1 1 1'1'1'1'1'1,1,1'1,1'1,1'1,1'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 X I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 6 x' O :Q Complzments of Q 4 X K :Q BANK OF MOUNT OLIVE It :S Mount Olive, N. C. Calypso, N, C, :S 4 X N ' 4 31"'1'r'r'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'1'r'r'r'r'r'r'1'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'f'f"p'i'p"cf 4 3 QI RAYMOND'S FRUIT STAND 'I x' I' xx 0 Q Mount Olive, North Carolina Q W W x' . 'ul vi 1 75.1 N., 0 4 . .. - I I , .- 24 4-f......a5,w IIIaiaa - :I 4 91399'v'r'r'f'1'r'r'r'1'f'r'r'r'f'r'r 'I 'III4I,I'I4I,I'I4IlI,I4I'I'I'I'I'A x,1'4'l'4'4,I'4,d'I'I'Ifd'1,Jil,4'l'l'4'I'4'4'I'4,l'd'4'I,4,I'4'I'4'4'O"l'46 x' x' 'I 'I Y Q MURRAY SUPPLY COMPANY It 2- :- XX Wx X . . K 14 Mount Olive, North Carolina It xt xx 3,1,1'41,1,1,1'1'1'1,1,1'1'1,1'1'1'1'1,1,1'1'1,1'1,1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1,1'1'1'.,? Q Q gt Pnlcrs TIRE SERVICE It 4 K It Depemlulzle Tire Reenpping anrl Repairing It I4 New Tires-Goocl Used Tries IX 4 K x , x xt P. O. Box 429 Mount Ollve, N. C. xt Y Y N 9f'f'1'f'r'r'f'v'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'f'I'f'fr'"f'fr'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'1'r'f'iX IfIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 5 Y4I41144lx!!I4'lJlx-lllxlllflfxllllllflJill? x K xt E J xt , . . N POPE 81 SON - x4 It yt It Coal-Fuel Oil-Gasoline-Motor Oils-Greases I' x 0 :I " X j X- 5 f K x . x 1, Phone OL 8-2470 X o o . , -- T 1 1 s '- xx 0 xx xx xl P, o. Box 134 X - ,t Q. -. .. 3, 3. MOUNT oL1vE, N. C. X X , . 3, 4 ' 4 I- It 9I'lfi'I'I'I4I'l4I4I4i4l'I4I4I'I'I4IAITI'I'I'ISI'I'IIIIIPITITITITITITITIJA Ya? 95"'f'r'f'r'f'r'f'1'f'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'a'r'r'r'r'r'w"ff Y 4 ,4 Wx x 4 x X xt UTILITY HARDWARE It xt , xt W Y N xx 'K If Mount Olive, N. C. It Q4 It x4 xg x4 x4 xf xx xx if v . s Vs yn,441,1,1,1,v,1,1,1,f,f,f,f,f,f,gf,1,44ff,f,f,f,',-gf,v,f,f,f,fy,-'6 Q low' Shopping C enter ' I v Y 4 , 4, 4 X It Compliments of Q4 Q4 Is 4 4 4 4 It 14 14 MOUNT OLIVE. NORTH CAROLINA I4 xt MODERN BEAUTY SHOP xt xi If X N 3 xx xx xx VK 4 I , 4 4 - 4 Q4 Mount Olive, North Carolma 14 fx Phone OL 8 3 66 xx xx xx X 91'r'r'r'1'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'1'r'f'r'r'1'r'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'f'f'f'r'i 9''1'1'f'r'r'f'r'r'v'r'1'r'f'r'r'r'1'r'1'r'r'r'f'f'r'r'r'r'f'f'f'f'r'f'f'f'K Pagt IN mety-Two 44444falaaalaaalaaalallaaalaa bf'l'l,4'I,I,l,4,l,l,4,l,4,',l,4,4',4,',',',',',',',','y'f'f'r'f'f'r'r'r'f'v'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'a'r'f'f'r'r r r r r r r r r r r f r r r f r Q r v r r r w r r Q f Q 6 x S - lx S: :x xx xx xx xx 2- -z xx xx ,K X K Wx z- N: Y :I Q -1 xt jj: 1 :x xx N...r, . ,Q ,x X , , ji .. . xx xx -UQ 3 'Q 'f ' fit , Q 1 xx x I K'-'X ,,-A55 - j -f-. +,W 1 x xt 'Kr fx 1 Ln' Q I HTQQ- V :x z- 'A ifzi ff fr xx 1 " '- Z xx x' 'x xx --, xx K 4 Y x Y x x' I' I - lx x' l lx xx lk A xx x ' f U' , I x xx X X I . 1 xx xx E 1 l , 75- nf,E,uW, , ,x x 4 Q , " ' ' - ' x x A F' f - x yk , W , ,,. 1 -A- xx x il III Ill V x lx Ill Q' III: Q xx , xx xt R 1 - ig, .L :Q 'x E 1 Ti x' X Ak- 4-. . x..,.... -I 0 3. ' Mm k . 4 xx ' . xt K ' V lx ""- e 'K Wx xx 't 4 N W xx A5 's.5,,,j-.- -5 gs. Ywsixxiifwfv-s ' ,S X ,x xt xx X xt X xx ' x' 5 xt x' YK xx 1 K Wx SK Wx xx xx xx Wx is Wx N xx xt W X Q Complzments of xt Y Y xt x' xx xx X xx xx xt '- FREE WILL BAPTIST PRESS " NK xx SK is W X 4 S lx AYDEN, NORTH CAROLINA lx x' x' x' x' It PlllJllSh6l'S of Free NV1ll Baptist Llterature for Sunday Schools, xt Y xt xt fx Leagues, and Daily Vacation Bible Schools Is x' x' xx xx :I VVeekly Perrodrcalsz The Free XViII Baptist and Youth Banner xl Y Yx xx Q . . 1 , x I1 Dxstrxbutors of Books, Church Supphes. and Other Merchandlse lx x' xx x' Q It job Prmtmg for Rehgious Groups 'Q xt :K xx 0 xx ,E YK y xx J xx yt 1: lx xx xt V x K y,f'4,4,4'4,4,4,4,4'4'f'4'4'a,4'1,a'4,a'v,a,4'a'4'4'a'1,4'4'4,4'4,a'4'4'4'a,a'f'f'a,4'4'a'4'1'4,1'4'4'a,4'4'4'4'4'4,4'4,4'4'a,v'a,a,4,4,4,4','4','4',,,,,',,,',i Page Nincty-'I'l1rCc 5f'f5'2'3'35'i'f'r4i'r,f4F4F4i'i439'X'56'2'f'54i'3'5g'3'f6,ffP's5'ef sf 'f 'w 'r 'r If 'r'r'r'f'r Sflrdf 'r'f'r'r'f'p 'p',',',',',',',',4,4,',4, 4,4,l,I'46 S5 x' 0 . x 3 V r xt 6 In Faison, N. C. It's fx xf ' 1' 't s , . . ,, I , , t , yt :I CHARLES F. CATES 8: SONS, Inc. It x x ,N x xx x' K xx 5 x X x 2: :K PICKLE COMPANY It gf' 4,5944,a'4'4,a,4'4,4'4 JAIAI,1,4,4'4'a'4'4'J,l'4,4'4'a,a'f'J'l,l'4,J" K x x N 5 x ' . :I xt Com plzments of 1: It xt In Y S xt xt QI B EA UTY BOX :I X K xt :K :I 1, ff Mount Olive, N. C. xt K 5 V 1. I: 9,f'4,l'4,4'J'I,4'l,l'I'l'l'I'l,I'l,l,I,I,I,I,l,4,4,I'l'I'4'I'l'l'l,4'I'd'lx x xx x' x' K K :S ls xf'f'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'f 'r'r'r'f'f'r'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'w'r'f"6 S: xx Q xx xx x' x' ,N xx xt xt 0 x x N It S If ' ' r r 1 If , f . :Q xf xt B 8 w Rs, Inc. :' : -3 ' pwmmh 5 1: 1: 1: . f :Q ,z ,x :I Phone OL 8-2554 I f I ' :I , xx xx 4,1 A Wt Wx xx uf Q ' ' . st xt MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA xt :I Aly Ben Isoud, a vlsltlng chapel speaker from I, I, 3 ' . . . 4 1 , Is I: Egypt, makes h1s prlvate devotlons after suffer- QI Sgrufgg-Pm-1,9-Sglgs 1. x . . . . f . . ' ' xt mg crltxcxsm hv the kappa Chl SOC1Ety. 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CALYPSO, NORTH CAROLINA z, xx xx xt ,Q X ,t 1' I- x' 0 x' ,S xx Q ' S x f,v'4,f,f,1'4,4'4,4'4'4'4,4,4'4,4,d'a,4'4'A,f'4'd'1,4'4'4'f'4'4,4,f'4'4'Arai'4'1,4'4'4,a'4'4'4'a'4,4'4'a,l,4'4'4'4'4,f'J'4,4,4,4,4,4'4'4'4'4,4'4'f'4'4,4,4,4':IX Pago Ninety-Four X,'f'r'r'f'r'r4:5'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'f'f'f'z'r'r'f'6 F' 32 V Lewis 22 1 , I COMPANY Eg MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA 2: S: xx sk X 9p'f'f'.f'r'r'v'f'f'r'r'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'f'r'f'r'r'f'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'R Iff'f59"'r'r'r'r'f'r'v59'r'r'fl'E5'r'r'r'r'25'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'v'+'v'6 :1 :Q 2: MOUNTOLIVE BUILDING 15 x' x It and IE Y X :I LoAN AssocIATIoN :Q Phone OL 8-2388 MOUNT OLIVE, N. C. xt xt :I fs x 2v'v9'v'v'v'r'f'f'f'r'f'r'f'f'f'f'r399'iff4'f'v'f'f'r'r'r'v'v'r'r'r'3X xl'I'ff'r'f'f'f'r'f'?'f'f'F'i'r'r'v595'i99?5'E59g7 5 N V x si ,K W: yt S xt W xt I' xx yt Ig It 1, Congratulations 1, x' ' xt to the Class of 1959 I' xx yt Zf It :A :I 'I DR THOMAS E 'I 1, . . :K xt yt Y , 'I SH AV ER 1: X xt Y xI :Y YK . xx Q Complzments of ,K 1 If Is x v K It Optometrist It It I- K Is MOUNT OLIVE. NORTH CAROLINA :I Y x It It 1' :K xr ,N IK 'I xI zi x' ,x S 7',v':9"v'r'v'v'f9'r'vfv'fff':'f'v09390'r'f'f'r'f'f'f'rfv':'ffrSv'f3r'Z', XI!!dfT!I!,III,f,I!fdf,IlIdf,I'I4!,f,ral,l'fI!'!'I'l'f'!'I'f'f'f'l,Ilr,I4I'6 xx xt xx X It Best Wishes to the Class of '59 fx L. J. SIMMONS 31 "MOUNT oL1VE's MOST COMPLETE Xx XO Ig HARDWARE' It ,A :I gt Phone OL 8-2251 Box 186 31 MOUNT OLIVE, N. C. It x' 2' xI -.5 x 9f'r'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'f'r'f'r'r'f'f'I'f'I'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r 'r'r'r 'X x'4'4'l'l,l,a,4'4'4'4'4'4'1'l'4,4'4'4',4,4'4'd'J'l'l'4'4,l'I'l'l'4'4,l'4',4,46 'I' COZART PACKING CO., Inc. 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NORTH CAROLINA It It If if 1: x' :N x N if'r'v'v'r'f'v'f'f'r'v"'4'v'r'r'r'r'r'r'v'r'f'f'r'f'f'4'f'r'f'f'r'r'r'4'r'A xx,4,4,4,4,4,4,4'4,4,4'4,4,4,4,4,4'4,4'4,4'4,4,4,4'4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4'4,46 K K It MOUNT OLIVE AUTO PARTS COMPANY It Y 3: A: 1. Phone OL S-2359 fx 'I 'I . . W It Mount Ohve, North Carolma xt k,I,l'l,I,I'iff,I,l,l,l'l,l'l,l,I,I'l'l,l'l'4'l,4'l,l'l'l'l'I'4,4'I'I'l'l'lb I4 B. E. WILSON SERVICE STATION Q: Wx W It Amoco Gasoline and Oils It xt Tires-Tubes-Batteries xt Y Y v 1 I K Q: Waslzzng and Grcasxng lx x' . xx x' Mount Ollve, North Carohna xt 9v'4'4'r'r'f'r'4'f'r'r'r'4'r'r'r'f'4 '4'49'r'49'f'r'f'f'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'f'f'A Pam IN mcty-Six fffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffx X14955"'4'r'f'r'f'r'f'r'r'r'f'f'f5'r'r'f'f'r'i'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'v'r'f'r'f' , Y x x x :- x xt I 4' , xt x I z xg 3. A I I THE Fooo sToRE 1. A ' S x x ss ,LN j r xx :I If , "The Place For xt K I I I Tx It X Better Food It x x 5 S 1' I II ,f And I' xl . ,. xt xx Seruzce x xx x: x x A x 3. MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA Is 4 A I' If x 9r'f':'r'r'r'f'r'4'r'r'f'f'r'f'f'f'r'Q999'4'r'f'r'r'f'r'r'f'r'f'r'f'r'f'k S45'f'r'r'r'r'f'4'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'4'v'r'r'r'r'r'f'?'r'r'rTr'r'r'r'r'w'f'r'6 x' 'E x' 'K xt WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATES It xx X 1. . :- A H. I. Morrls, Ir., Owner ,t xx V , x I- 3' Qllfdi47,Pdf'Illlf'!Ill?'PIPIf'fl''fdflflfl"'4fdf'f4'4f,f!f4P4f'f'fIf64" x K ,x 12 x It SUMMERLIN ELECTRICAL COMPANY In xx Vx x l ,N It Mount Ohve, North Carolma xt y Y 5 A IA If 94'f'f'r'f'f'v'4'r'r'4'4'f'r'r'f'4'49'49'fr'4'I'r'r'f'f'r'f'f'f'r'f"'fok X17,7if'faflflfJ'4.f'f,"fIf,f"'f,f4fIfallfdflflfdll''f4"f"'f'f"'fl"f'6 gldflflfafdfdflflllflilflflfdf'f,f'fIf'f'PIf'V'Ililf,f,'4P4flf4f4'JP'fJfdP'6 K K Y K 1- 1- 1- 1- x x x , 1' I' If . 1- ,- ,x ,K Best Wfsh es ,- x' x' x' X x' xx xx xx xx Q A. C. ,K yt Q2 xx xt xt xx V 0 'x - X 11 DRUG C0 -- 'I Q, General M erchandzse 1, xx ' 1, x x K x 3' 3' 1' "A d D sf " A 1' xt MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA xt xt goo rug Ore xt If It 11 It x x x y xt xt xt Phone OL 8-2239 INIOUNT OLIVE, N. C. xt :x It :K lx xx Y: xx Y: 9,4,f,f,l,f,f,l'4,l,f,f,f,1'4"f'f,l,l,9l'4'f,l'4'f'l,l'4'l'l,I'l,I'l'4'I,IA 9,f'sf,f'4'l'1,4,f,f'l,4,f'4,l,l,l'l,l'4'I'l,I,l,l'I,l,l'l'f,l'l'l,l'l' Jrlx Xf'f'f'f'f?'f'r'f'r'f'f'f"r'f'r'r'f'f'f'3r'f'f'f'f'f'f'f'f5'r'f'f'r'r'f'r'r'f'r'r'f'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r"k'r'35'r"i'r'r'rC5'2'fv'P'f'r'5"f'r'n'o'a9"+"6'3'a'6 x x Z' I1 'x 'I at CARS SALES xl-,:' SERVICE TRUCKS xt Z- 5. E I- xx 2 J E xx wg - if yy xx - xx x' x' x' x' x' x' xi x' x' x' x' xx x' x" wx ,x xt xt x x xt Hwy. 117 MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA yz 2' If 9-v'r'v'f'v'v'r'f'f'f'f'f'r'f'v'f'f9'v'f'1'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'v'f9'v'r'I'r'f'r'r'ff''r'xfr'f'f'f'Q'Q'v'r'v'f'f'r'r'r'f'r'fS'p'p'y',3',ffy','y',',',',',',',',',','2: Q'iv'fv'S9'3'r'3'k5'f"'r9'F'39'l'3'S'W'3'X'5'5'i'3'3?54S'80V3?f 3,fg+g4y545gg+g4g4,4,f5454g,gg43435a'554,g43gxgg454,fy,f,xgg46 1- 1- 3 -: xx xx 4 xx x' x' :N 'x , x 11 1- 12 -1 W x xt xt ,t xx :x :x X Y: x x X x I' IK X 1 'I xx xx :K xx xx xx 5 I sx x x X x xx xx , xx xx 1 . xx 't xt xx xx X x xx xx X xx 5 If I- 'I x' xx K xx x x X W xi xx X xx 1- 1- 1- 3: xx xx xx I wx xt xt Q xx x :s xx :Y 4 Q xx x' xx ,K ' - xx xt xt ,N ' :x fx QUALITY FURNITURE lx -1 - 13 x x ' Y x x N x xt SINCE 1917 xt f lx -. lx MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA lx Y X Y: xt xt Q :x x Q xx ,z A xx xx xx , xx xx xt ,t xx 2- I- 2- , 32 xt xt ,t The Dxrector of the League and her room- ,x tx lx 2, mate were rounded up in a cornficld following 'I Q xt the annual League social fling. xt lx :A X 'x x' 0 If 'x . . 5 I I ' Y' 'f9f'p9S'r'a'b'r'x55'vfrfr'Q'vf?'r'fr'ffv'.rS'rff'v'r'v'r'f 45. 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It W xt xK X N I- fx 264'4'4'4,4,4'4'4'4'4'4'4'4,4'4,4'4,4'4'J'4,4,4,4,4,4'4'4,4'4,4,4'4,4,J'4,46 4 K IQ It :K 1 I' xI BRODY S DEPARTMENT STORE xI x' x' x' , WI xt Latest F ashzons Q zK :K K r I Q K Q Ixmston, North Carolma lx x 3 x' ,S x' x x Y i,4'4,4'4,4,4,4,4'1, I,4,4,',',',',',','f'4'f'f'f'r'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'4' ., x -. :- W x K :I LEDER BROTHERS, Inc. It xx ' xf Sixteen Complete Modem Department Stores :I W x :I Everything In Ready-to-IVear I- x 0 Q Goldsboro, North Carolma Y xk xK K Y Itff'f'f'r'r'f'r'r'f'4'f'f'f'r'r'f'Q'f'r'r'r'f'rf'r'r'f'r'f'f'r'r'r'r'v'f'6 Ns Wx Yx Wx 3: GLENN s. MARTIN 3: K S QI DRUG COMPANY QI K K 1: 1' xl Registered Druggists xt It It 1: On the Comer MOUNT OLIVE, N. C. :I 1- :- It Phone OL 8-2165 WI I: , .. 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BEULAVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA tt Q tt x xx is 0 xx Wx Is xx xx 9"'4'4"'4"f"4""!""4""f'f'f'!'f'!4f'f'!'f'f'f'r'f'f'f'f'r'r'r'f'fQ S E A O D 8 xt xt tx xx xx lQv'f95"'f'r'f'r'r'f'r'f'r'f5'f'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'?'f'r'r'r"r'r'r'f'r'r'r'v'6 xx Y: ' A A-POULTRY COMPANY'- :4 EDWARDS YOUNG MENS SHOP fx 9 xx xt 0 xt xx xx , . 'Q xx Wx I, Goldsboro s F mest wx 1, I N 1 Q xx :X xx . 3 wx . 5 wx S tt Goldsboro, North Carohna If tt fx Yfr'r'r'r'r'f'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'f'r""'A xx Vx Y Y W v v 'K ,l ,K yt RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA x, xx Compliments of It It xx xx xx Q wt J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, INC. wt vt x y x x x I 5 x fx ' The Home Of Valuesv xx lx :I xx xx xx xx If Coldsboro, North Carolina 'I :I Q ' w J,f,4,4,4,f,4,4,4'4'a,4'4,4'f,4,4,4,1,1,54,1'4,f,1,4,4'4'a,,4,4'f,4'4,4 ,fx yag9Q3f,4,fx,94,4,4,4,4,f,4,4,4,f,954f,f,4,4'4,4'4,4,4'44,34xr3lg P41110 Nivlvly-Nxm 5f'r'r,rlr'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'r'p'p',',' -' . .-'r' a'v'r'f'r'rar'r'r'r'r'f'w'I'f'r'r'f'r'r'a'f'r'f'f'r'r'r4r'f'r'f'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'rlr'r'r'r'r4f'r'r'r'I'I4r'r'r'r'r'6 'I 'I 3. gt x E x x, MOUNI OLIVE IRIBUN X xk xK xx xx X Y x MOUNT OLIVE N. C. x' Qt ' xx Q K H Y , . x xt ff ' X W Q. ,gd .,g... ,x xx -L ,J 3 xx x ' X xK '4 xx x of , x x 4 . ' S. . Q :x f fi' 44.9 ,K Q ' ' .. .J .ik xt xx 7' x Q ' . xx xx 1,4 . .x ' xx ,K M5 xt x . ' , ' fn :x -.LLL 'I J 2' xx -Q -.h.N.- xx x Y x Y x xx wt .j ,-E . , lx xx L-'wr ,N T ,, , ,I . . J J xx x . N y .' 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It 32 LITTLE GEM BARBER SHOP gt x' ,N ,K H Y 1 x :I It I our heads arc our busznessn 1 x x . . It lx fx Mount Ollve, North Carolma I, MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA xt xt xt xx rx NW" 'f4f'f 'f'r'r 'r'r 'v 'r'r'a'f'r'r'f'f'rlf'tr'rl''fl''r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'A xx ,K 31 M E R L E N o R M A N c o s M ET I c It N., x lx STU DIO It :I xt 'I xx xx :I x :L JAcKsoN SERVICE STATION 3: 3: 1: 'I xx x' x' 32 BEULAVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA xt g xt x X - 9,4,4'4,4'4,4'y,4,4,4,4'4,4,4,4'4'4,a,4'a'4'4,4'4,4,4'4'4,4'a,4,1'4,4,4'4,AR W x xt EXCHANGE x xr'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'a'r'r'?'r'r'r'r'r'a'r'r'r'r'r'r'6 xx xx xx :X :S LET US 4 :E 156 South Center Street x x rf -Bja' x xx X QI ,, 5 C QI QL fx ,x A --g,.wlig'fw? zo f xt xt Phone RE 4-0845 P. O. Box 427 xt xt 9555: i n Q " xt xt W: x ' ' ' " ii ff - x Y X It fiom COLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA fx xx x' xx Wx xx xx Ns 'K xt BRANCH BANKING 8: TRUST xt xt It x x x x x 4 5 1: COMPANY It It gt x x x W xt XVARSAVV, NORTH CAROLINA xl xt x x x xx x' xx 'I 9'c,4,a'4,4,4'a,4,4,a,4,a'4'4,1'1,4,4,4,4'4,a'4,a'v,a,4,4'4,4,a,4'a'4'4,4'4x 9,a'4'4,1,4,1,4'4,4'l'4'd'4'1'4,4,a,4'v'4'4,4,4,4,I'4,4,l,4,4,4,4,',',4,Qlx Fug' Um' Hunzlrvzf I 4 4 I 1 4 I I 1 Y'1'4'arfra'1'4'4'4'4,4'4,1'4'4'1'1,l,a,a,1'4'4,4,4,l,l'4' , ' ' ' ' , , , A :N :- xs Y: It 5 Q "I'fl walk a mile to shop at Q It It x X xx I W xt DEAN S SUPER MARKET xt X Y , x I- I1 K It Phone CY 8-4616 fx , x I- 33 xt BEULAVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA X Y 2- tg K :N :N 9f'ffv'f'p'f'f'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'f'f'r'r'ff'r'f'r'r'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'fx Xr'r'r'r'r'P'r'r'f'r4r'r'r'r'Q'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'v'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'f'r'e'f'f"'6 , x x X xt X X 2' MARY LOU'S BEAUTY SHOP xt xr X Y xx If Mount Olive, North Carolma It xt xt x X g"f""""f'r4f'f'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r"r"r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r"f'f'r'wal . v Y If Service When lou Need It It x' 'K x ,N It AT SMITH'S ESSO SERVICE STATION xt xx :K ' x It Mount Olive, North Carolrna It xx Wt x ZA,SQY,94,4,',',f,',x',','y'f'r'r'15'r'f'r'f'f'r'r'f'r'r':'f'r'r'r'f'f'v'A 3:699596'S"f'f'3'i'd,06V 3 +9'f'fG5'f",'6 x 3, nnvss . SERVICE xt 1 ' u xx :Q "NVe Give S Br H Green Stamps It y 1 :I lllaslling-Polishing-Greaslng-Meellanzeal 'Work Y :I Center Street Q . - Y xt Mount Olrve, North Carolina ,f Xfir'r'fdr'f'r'r'r'f'I1rlf,rifleTrlfltliIflldrlflr'rdf1Pli4f"'f'f"lV,'4f'6 x' S xt COBBS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE fx y K xt It 123 North Center Street I, x' ,W xx I Y . K xt Mount Olive, North Carollna K x x N ,7,4,54,4 '4 '4,4,4 '4,4'4'4 ,J ,4 ,4 ,4,4,4,4,4 ,4 ,4 '1,4 '4,4 ,4 ,4 '4 f. ,4 '1,4 ,4 ,4'4,aA xq'I ,J,IAlll.lAl'0',4"4'O"4,4',l'l,I'I'l'4'4'I'l'l,I,4"4'd'4"l'd,l'4,4,4'4"I'I4 5 x xx ' yn K K If LOUIS'S SERVICE It Yx N Q: STATI O N it xk xt x' , , , x' tt Mount Olive, lNorth Carollna Q gin lflfaflflflf 174' 'l If 4 '4flf4flflflflf,f4f4f'P4'4fJf'fJPlfdfaflfffaagafzl :X xi 'I . 'I S, CANNON S BAR-B-Q X :K :S x' . - N . xx ,N Mount Olive, North Carolina ,X K K 1- 1' x8 XS W x Q'1'4,a,4,4'4'4'4'4'4,4'4,4,a'4'4,4,4,1,a,a'a,a,4,4,v'4, a'4' a,a,a,a'4'a,a, :A X' 'f 'f "'f'f'f'f'f'f'f 'f'f'r'f'f'f'f 'f'r'f'f 'f'r'f'f'w'f'f'r'f'f'f 'f"'f','A 5 K Is Meet Your Friends At Q :Q FREDDIES :Q gg oluvs-IN 31 :I 11 IE "A Clean Place for Clean People" :E MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA , x 2f'f'I'l4f,VJf'f4f'f'f'f'f'f'f4!'l4I'IIIall!!!ll'l,f'f4f'f'flf,fdf4f aflfa! 'A X fl! ,f,laI'f'f'f'f!f 'I Iflil!!!,lidf,f4II',falllIflidflfdllflflfd'4'l',"i'fJ6 A I- s. It 'T sxlrrsws Gkocskv 'I lx Ilan' Is K X 3: , , . A 7- -, -'f O 1: 1, Mount Ollve, lNorth Carolina - 1, x' sf g'J,l'l,l'1'l'l'I'4'I'4'I'l'l'l'l'l,l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'4'l'l,f'l'f'I'l,l'l'I6 wt NK xt D. T. MCPHAIL a. soNs N: I' It K K It 101 North Center Street fx YK xx xx I xt xt Mount Ohve, North Carolina X Y N N 9xx,',',',','x,'x,',','xxf','xxx'1'f','1,','x,','x,'rf,',','A xlI,l'I'4'4'4,4,i'l'4,l'J'4'4'4,l,4'4,4?l'l'l'l,l'l,l'l,l5l,!'4iI ,K K Y 'f 'I fx Wx xK yK Wx YK X X YK YK Ss Wx yK xK xx Y lx xx X lx N x' f e - . . . xx 3 X 'I KK . K ll ll! l xx xt 5 Y i xx X x I x xt vt 1. xt xx .NT ' ls t 'ww X Y R - Y x' , fl' 0 xt . 7, xx x . X. .., ,K xx , L . ,ZF g, xx xx X ii' - x' W: ' ti 'f xx X ' - 9:-1 . xt xx L-if . , , 5, , X X Y xx x' xx SK S K It These two culprits were nahhecl hy Mrs. It . . . . K It Harvey for eruwllng nn and out their wmclow I, Q after lights had heen put out. xt v x xx xx x' xi 9r'r'f'f'f'r'r'f'f'r'r'r'f'f'v'f'ffr'r'r'f'r'f'f'ff'r'n'r'.-'r'r'r'r'v'f'f'5t lluur Um' llum V lr, 5 5 Im I' P' f P sQ6fff'Vf',fAffS4,P'OJ',failI'I'i,fJf'f,flI'P'i4PlP49,969,960 E P? 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C, It K S Qt Qt g,4'l'I'l,l'I,l'4'4,l'l'I'4'l'f'l'l'l'l,4'l'l'0"4'l'l,l'!'l'l'l'4'f'4'l,f'46 ,K 1: GARDNER'S VELVET DAIRY PRODUCTS :C 9 Inc. 0 sk NK , . . I, Manufacturers and Distributors of If yt Homogenized Milk and Velvet Ice Cream Q Y N sf Goldsboro, North Carohna Q Y Y A 9f'fS'r'f'r'f'n'r'r'v'f'v'r'v'r'r'r'f'f'r'fr'r'r'r'f'f'f'f'r'f'f'f'f'r'f'A Pars Om' Hundred Two It ,S ,s ,x ,s 13 ALB ERT'S S1 32 ,s MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA lx ,x ,x ,x I3 5 Iff'r'f'r'r'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'Q'r'r'r'r9'r'r'r'r'f'f'i'F'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'f"r'6 32 MOUNT ouvs GAS COMPANY It It Gas Home Appliances It It and Tobacco Curers It gt Phone OL 8-2455 129 N. center sr. It Is Mount Olive, North Carolina :K gr'f'r'a'a'f'r'r'v'w'r'r'ff'r'r'r'v'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'S'i'5'r5'3'r5'5'S'rQ s' 6 sk yK If MOUNT OLIVE LIVESTOCK COMPANY It xl Vs :Q Mount Olive, North Carolina H :S It :S xx 5 ,S x 9:3-9'v'f'a'r'r'f'f'f'v'v'f'r'r'f':'r'f'r'r'r'r'fr'r'f'r'r'r'r'v'r'r'f'f' A :Zff59"'f'S'i'i'ff'f'?'A"s"f5'5'S'f'S'f9'f'p'5'S4S99996'5's9f5Q1 ,K ' K K Refresh wzth a ws s . . Q Kmg-Szze Coke! I: Wx y S It GOLDSBORO COCA-COLA BOI ILING CO. Is s' . 0 Q Goldsboro, North Carolina wt W yr glelfdl'II!lfal'fl'lllfaflf'I4IIfIfIIIfIf'P'f'f'f'I'I'f4f""4f,'"'fJ'4',2 if 13 wt xx 5 It JOE SUTTON'S STORE It Is Is K - . 1, Mount Ollve, North Carolma It xt 0 W A Y 5 9f'f9?'v'r'v'r'v8fv'v'v'f'r'v':'v'r'v'f'v'r'f'r'r'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'v'f'r'r'A X' J' J'4'4'l,4'l'l'I'I'I'4'l,l'4',4'wi'l'6,J'I'gf'lgf,I'C,4"l'4,4i4"lS!'46 K S It KADIS, Inc. It 'I . ls :E Wearmg Apparel For All It I Y It 105 E. Mam Street Q ls Mount Olive. North Carolina It sf Y xii'If,I'f4fJOlP,I'l'f'P4f4fl'4'lfJ!!!II491,474Ilia?fl'f4f4'6f!f'f'if5'yl'g A x X' VK If MOUNT OLIVE FLORAL COMPANY It K ,K It Phone OL 8-2217 Q x Wx If Mount Olive, North Carolina I: X Is It K 9r'f'r'f'v'r'f'r'r'v'f'v'r'f'r'r'f'f'r'f99'r'r'f'r'r'r'r4r'r'f'r'f'r'f'f9X ,sv uwwxcze QQGQ' Q 5 3 unamwwwwezeaeeeeaaamaawwwx 3:"1 Y 1: if V ? N I 0, n, 5 'I Q X 'I I, I, 1? iv Q if ' if f 1 it if 1' 5 I' ' 5 5 if 6, A' 5' ' 6 I' 9 :, i 0 4 'I I' :I Op 1 0, 'I li I' " Q, Q, 4 1, 1, ,vi I' 4 0 i, jf I fr 'f 'V I: 91 li 1' if 4' 3 1: 1' ,' f S, - -- -1--1, 4 . A gf L H EV ROLEI 5 Z WL.--N 0 'v 'v 'v I' ' 'f r 1' 1 Y Z SALES I Q v if SERVICE Q Y 1' Phone 461 ' 3 1: ig A if SNOW HILL, NORTH CAROLINA Q, 5 v sf ?i 4 1' 1, ,v 1 I 1' 'V a A I' fi Y 1, 1, 6 73 S' Q 4 Q Q , , ig 35 ,, if gi lg Q' A Q 0 Q c , , 3 . ,. vvvsw . ?332?V902,'?? 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TIRE S - ff 1' 1' ' 3 I 1 ' Y ig if 1, ,S 1' ff ' 'J fi FUEL OIL OF ALL KINDS 'r 'J -v 0 fi 1, Phone LO 6- 1-01 li I 'Q 1' 1' I LAGRANCE, NORTH CAROLINA V I 'Q 1, 5 l I 15 15 1' 1' f 3 1, 1 , Y 1' Q if 01 15 1' I f' I' ' I 1' 1 I if 1' 1' ' 1' i' v 51 ' I 1' ' 1' 1' 7 I 1' 1' 1' Q I 'Q 1, 1' 1, 1, 1, 1, 1' Q 1' Q' 1' 1' 1: 1' 1, ,5 1, ia if 15 A 'N'3i'i'i'i'1'f'3455734557 w't'is4'N'4's's's5s'4?4.'s7's71745s74'7s7sV54X'Q?4'a' 4A ago Om' Ilumlrrzl Fnur I 3''a'f'.o'f'p9',',',',',',',',',',','g',9'a'r'f'r'r'r'f'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'i'r54'r'r'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'n'r'r'f'r'r'r'i'r'r'r9'r'r'r'v"r"v'r'r'r'r'i'F'v',6 w' w' K 0 ,,n44444, , w w' wx 5' r w Q K wx wx wx wx wx wx Q W wt wx wx wx wx wx wx wx wx wx Q W w' w' 4 S 'K IS wx wx X v X :x xx 'I 'I w , w w' wt wt wx xk xK yt IS YK Wx wx wx w wx wt wx Q Y A K Q Y wi I -1 'x 'x ,K IK 'x 'x xk yi ,K ,K S Y K K xx :x xt xi xi xi K S W Y x 32 MOUNT fx wt OLIVE, wt X Y xx -f N . 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C. Ard, Kemery, Rt. 1, Pamplico, S. C. Ard, Norman, Rt. 1, Pamplico, S. C. Baker, Brent, Rt. 1, Beulaville, N. C. Barefoot, Gary, Rt. 5, Dunn, N. C. Barrow, Jane, Box 94, Lucama, N. C. Barwick, Joyce, Rt. 3, Box 156, LaGrange, N. C. Bass, Ada Mae, Rt. 1, Godwin N. C. Bazen, Bobby, Rt. 1, Box 89, Pamplico, S. C. Best, Jean, Rt. 2, LaGrange, N. C. Blackburn, Carl, 808 S. Oleander Ave., Goldsboro, N. C. Blackmore, Ruby, Warsaw, N. C. Blizzard, Ann, Box 291, Beulaville, N. C. Boswell, Nelda, Box 122, Fremont, N. C. Branch, Charles, Rt. 1, Box 290, Winterville, N. C. Britt, Betty Lou, Rt. 4, Mount Olive, N. C. Brock, Cletus, 300 E. Pollock St., Mount Olive, N. C. Brown, Ben, 303 W. College St., Mount Olive, N. C. Bundy, James, 503 S. Oleander Ave., Goldsboro, N. C. Burnette, Pat, 201 N. Chestnut St., Mount Olive, N. C. Buttry, Milan, Rt. 1, Beaufort, N. C. Cherry, Marjorie, Rt. 2, Mount Olive, N. C. Cherry, Reuben, Rt. 2, Box 325, Greenville, N. C. Conors, Dolores, 145 Westover Rd., Goldsboro, N. C. Costin. Estelle, 503 E. Pollock St., VVarsaw, N. C. Cowan, Alton, Rt. 2, Williamston, N. C. Dees, William, 617 E. Holly St., Goldsboro, N. C. Dudley, Bruce, Rt. 1, Box 76, Beaufort, N. C. Duncan, Doris, 907 Jordan St., Wilson, N. C. Edwards, Roy, Trenton, N. C. Evans, Kay, Box 203, WVilson, N. C. Everette, XVinston, Rt. 1, Box 84, Holly Ridge, N. C. Garris, Velma, Rt. 1, Box 152, Ayden, N. C. Ginn, Sandra, Rt. 2, Snow Hill, N. C. Glover, Lee, Box 173, Dover, N. C. Griffin, John, Rt. 1, Bayboro, N. C. Hansley, David, 806 E. Gordon St., Kinston, N. C. Harrell, Stanley, Rose Hill, N. C. Hart, Dorothy, Rt. 1, Ayden, N. C. Hatcher, Beatrice, Rt. 1, Box 231, Rockingham, N. C. Hayes, Ralph, Rt. 2, Box 295, Lucama, N. C. Henderson, Janice, Rt. 1, Beulaville, N. C. Hendricks, Barbara, Rt. 1, Battleboro, N. C. Herring, Patricia, Rt. 1, Box 99, Albertson, N. C. Hill, Bertie Ann, Rt. 2, Snow Hill, N. C. Hines, Harley. Rt. 2, Mount Olive, N. C. Holland. Corbett, Rt. 1, Pisgah Forest, N. C. Honeycutt, Kenneth, 314 Gidden St., Clinton, N. C. Hood. Jean, Rt. 1, Box 210, Goldsboro, N. C. Ingram, Joe, Rt. 1, Beulaville, N. C. Jackson, Ann, Box 174, Beulaville, N. C. Jackson. Carol, Rt. 1, Turkey, N. C. Jackson, Gwen. Faison, N. C. Jenkins, Clyde, Rt. 1, Sneads Ferry, N. C. Pugr One Hundred Six Joyner, James, 109 E. James St., Mount Olive, N. C. Lewis, Douglas, Stacy, N. C. McLamb, Romona, Rt. 5, Clinton, N. C. Mills, Cecil, 716 E. Ash St., Goldsboro, N. C. Moore, Mary, 512 E. VVoodall St., Smithfield, N. C. Outlaw, Jimmy, Dudley, N. C. Parks, Catherine, Rt. 2, Box 87, Seven Springs, N. C. Peters, Mary Sue, Rt. 5, Dunn, N. C. Powell, Walter, Rt. 2, Lucama, N. C. Price, Bruce Ann, Rt. 2, Seven Springs, N. C. Quinn, Bruce, 310 Capitol Ave., Kinston, N. C. Quinn, Virginia, 4170 Northeast 11th St., Pompano Beach, Florida Reed, Elease, Rt. 3, Mount Olive, N. C. Roman, Mary Lou, Rt. 3, Fasion, N. C. Rowe, Jerry, Box 427, New Bem, N. C. Sasser, Dwight, Rt. 4, Mount Olive, N. C. Sasser, Sebron, Rt. 3, Mount Olive, N. C. Shivar, Curtis, Rt. 1, Seven Springs, N. C. Smith, Maxton, Box 36, Seven Springs, N. C. Smith, Robert, 110 N. Herman St., Goldsboro, N. C Stephenson, Jean, Rt. 1, Smithfield, N. C. Stevenson, George, 25-C Simon Bright, Kinston, N. C Stevenson, John, Rt. 4, Goldsboro, N. C. Stroud, Audrey, Rt. 1, Pink Hill, N. C. Stroud, Winston, Rt. 1, Pink Hill, N. C. Summerlin, David, Rt. 2, Mount Olive, N. C. Sutton, Steven, Rt. 1, Box 143, Mount Olive, N. C. 1 Sutton, Walter, 106 Park Ave., Mount Olive, N. C. Swinson, Hilbert, Rt. 2, Mount Olive, N. C. Taylor, Donald, Rt. 2, Box 214, Kinston, N. C. Taylor, Horace, Box 752, VVarsaw, N. C. Tew, Martha Sue, Rt. 1, Dunn, N. C. Thigpen, Celia, Pink Hill, N. C. Thomas, Martha, Rt. 2, Snow Hill, N. C. Thomas, Myra, Box 24, Beulaville, N. G. Tucker, Marceline, Rt. 1, Box 68, Goldsboro, N. C. Tumage, Johnny, Rt. 3, Box 207, Snow Hill, N. C. Turner, Margaret, Rt. 1, Pink Hill, N. C. Tumer, Roy Lee, Box 42, Gaston, N. C. Underhill, Betty Lou, Rt. 1, Mount Olive, N. C. Wallace, Mary Gold, Albertson, N. C. Warwick, Eugene, Rt. 1, Goldsboro, N. C. Watson, Betty Jean, 1206 S. Fulton St., Salisbury, N C West, Gloria, Rt. 2, Newton Grove, N. C. White, Myra, Rt. 3, Box 58, Kinston, N. C. Wilkes, Lou Ann Blackman, Rt. 5, Dunn, N. C. VVilliams, Janice, Beulaville, N. C. . Williamson, Jimmie, Rt. 1, Mount Olive, N. C. Wilson, Elizabeth, Rt. 4, Mount Olive, N. C. Woodall, Anita, Rt. 2, Smithfield, N. C. Woodall, Leonard, Rt. 2, Smithfield, N. C. Yawn, Billy, 210 W. College St., Mount Olive, N. C Autographs O nnlrml Pilllllf Autographs Autographs Autographs V P 0 111114 Autographs nd og gprcduct of xun'l'er XXX f ' COMPANY X! .YJJ INDXANA AVENUK wwrcm 4.-.nw N c Pfzgv Om' Humlrvd Twelve Auwgraphs

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