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V I F i . A A f 1 n H 5 . W 5 W ,, Q ? Y J 51 1 2, 4 I B I wvgu 'ffm ,- A , -J 1 gg, , 9 'U :V MW J: xwij mag, wff H V 3 -M H MV f' My 'Q ' , 'Pi ,A A ' K 2, ww.-f .tw A .,.f M- v 4 1.3 ,sv qggf ,M M t 5Aw:,i: ' hw ,, Lf ', , fr", .,.1-.Svfm x up '11 WT., -5-'fe 3, . Q-Y-W5 A I 33-33' ,,,ITff1-9,3 gf,tS'Z 4-'H ':. fi'-Klfffvgvi 11- K' , "' N ' ,'f?-zgazh 4' . ' fffTv:-2vHx1Y4pui- Q, . i :XV X bww. 1 va' " Y M, '-eqlgwffiliz v A Y :Tl wg: 1 ,. 'A i 'fp ,I " -I ' ""'T Q f x . W .- u i 731. 'U 'lv-Q.. Q 2 'Mx' -fi? .. '. 6351, QQ, B,-NM 1-nga ,P-L.-x '. -,393 4'k.L'..' 'Sy' W ah., M.. K , . ' 51 1,2 .' , , .- ,.'."! ' ,R , N- ,,f Y."--' ' . fw1. '2:1Q1"k'.'h" ' N 5' 19 1. 359- '.w4:"K? 'sin' -'N' -- 1, wma, 5 , - A . N, ', , . 7-s .1 Ty, fix Nzy Q Q14 'fy ' A., .Y Q - . ,A ' H . .,s4,,,. - X page - Q AM N Y. px 1,31 X ,,w,..p,, ,wx :. 'pw cl- fig .9 X 9" Hn X 'Qi V F21 X 1, 5' .Q -' 95 g?ik?'XQ.,' 'f' X: . FA Y " ,A A . um. mg-I "pi v , P A 6.1 Z, mx Q ' 1 w eg? ,Y1, rw UL ,fffixl . , , Q, .5 . W3 'KX 1' 31171 K .ai 4: , J, ' Aw 3 X., tf1?Mg-fffwv ' Lgigfpe gg ,A Wx M .-, , 1 75 ug g m, -. X 3, kr X 'A x M 'QM qi' N N Wx 'WA-A W , .,g j x . :Va 'ir' V' aww v A 373 N 5 -5- V' a KW , - ' X x avvmmw,-,, , .4 I Q w'.L1n4Wg.4Qwyf.?fq?. 1 K is 'X 'W' '?'.W2Gv4mW5'x5gf' N Q P , V ' ' WWfwi2 1wj4aw ,M sw., .w '1 q ,T K ,X vw ,H , 7 N X , "1 1 'J-1 , A -' R- I5 -J' I 'M ML 1 - Alf -G' V I . V . , -- f Y 4 1 fl .ff x w , , I .tb - II N' XIX , , X N X V, www ZWOUNTAHVLORE 1959 I MOUNT NOTRE DAME I HIGH SCHOOL x READING, OHIO CONTENTS NTRODUCTORY PAGES .............................. . .................... ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ................................ ACTIVITIES ............... FRESHMEN .................... RES ................. I X X . I, 36 ' A w I I ,Nw 42 l ' ' ff 7, A 1, If' I D Q S . ---- . - Q. .. Q ......:..,,: ...f:.,.,,1. r , S f fee: X Xxx 1 Ss X Ng Q 5 X V x Xi 09 x X X . 3 is X Q k . ba Q X Xxx Q x .N x.-.. N. -XX XX N N NY x GK. 'I . X 5 Xl.-.J ' - +1 wg ...., Skixkwxx -:fry X X . Aww,-J , . WX' X Q -N -X .1.:a:A I. X. Q wh Q XQNN w L ,.,.' I if-' :Q . x . - x k.,. VE XA, ' - ' 5 S ,, 1 A rx . XL: 1 wx 3 Q .. is 5' x 5 E 1 S S fa. G if gf 1: af: 1? S EF ig 'x wzxaws- H in A Naeazgwz A 5 .5 ms az-f ,, 1 W 3 5 -f i I .X 2 assi ,N Q f' xg :fif- Q , iff ag. f.vf'g1, ini. ?X..Q6'fr' we,-61-11 Nqxf4r,A ,gg '.-Q ' I , h , -- X J xxxx, ey zvsiwvfvif fwfr-'C wtfwz- Gi-V W xf fffq fm fm: .wifi f 5.-in 31 -iv if aff:--if 'www Q...-x.s..g, A . -fffff-8-qv axtf,M-Pfivxd ff 1 aww x Miz,-fb ya fp , W '- , ff' K x -K ,X ,',' j! QS 5 Wag? ,-gal' ' g5,X:?1f4I me 1,,,bqi,g,i ,g F ,fjx K., pies-xMvg:fQ.m.VcfQ W- Q .- ,U vm S, K - gf ,g55mCfQ"',i , , JA 'wif iii ' J ." '. ..., ,, - ' ' illx .. ,-,i .. - .. -1 .i ., : l 2.1 gl IL :- 1 " -1- . - i' 2 ,Q ...... -" "- - 1 Stl 3 1 ' .. - - - ... Q-g . 1 ,, l i i l 9 - 5. '- 1 - - - : I1 - ,, : 3 . l ., ' 1 Z ' l1 ,, ' ' ' ' C --7 11"-i - ' ' - '-1 l ...L -..... t . -l .-.. , . ii l 1 . ii . 4. -.t .ii -.. .-1. ..L .l l -l -... -l. i.. l. , .l. it ..-L. t -l-iii lil' l...- -...... Z... -,1- ...- -1- .... F ...X - - DEDICATION To the memory of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of our United States, we dedicate. this 1959 edition of Mountain Lore in the year marking the sesquicentennial of his birth. His kindness and generosity, his wisdom and understanding, will never be forgotten by the people of this country. America will always love this native son, this Great Emancipator. I Photo on facing page used with permission of American Heritage F oundationl L P P V r w If A P E as F 5 E 1 3 OUR MOUNTAIN Mount Notre Dame High School is a continuation of the boarding school which began in Reading in 1860. Situated atop a tree-covered hill, lVI.N.D. offers a peaceful setting for her students to develop their appreciation for the intellectual and spiritual aspects of life. The chapel, with its beautiful marble altars, is a favorite place for prayer and medita- tion. In addition to the chapel, there are numerous shrines which provide an opportunity for out-door devotions to Our Lady. The most frequented are that of the Madonna and Our Lady of Fatima. E 5 A typical day at M.N.D. begins with the familiar ascent up St. Mary's steps. The footsteps of the students echo through the halls as they travel from class to class in their quest for knowledge. Lunch-time brings a welcome break that enables us to fully enjoy the campus with its many pleasure spots. The noon-time itinerary of the girls is varied. lt may include a visit to the Sacred Heart Statue, the near-by fish pond, or to the tennis courts. W F E In 1956 it was possible to make the transition from Mount Notre Dame Academy to Mount Notre Dame High School as a result of the transfer of the novitiate to the new building on Columbia Avenue. As each school day ends you can see the girls hurrying home along the lovely shaded walks. The two most popular of these walks are the Winding drive and the familiar "Maple Avenue." it ' 9 A N 1 1 PJIA. as i 1 STANDING: Mrs. L. Schneider, Mrs. C. Young Jr., Mrs. G. Handorf, Mrs. W. Klopmeier. SEATED: Mrs. J. 0,Brien, Mrs. E. S. Siebert, Mrs. W. Albrinck, Mrs. J. Welsch, Mrs. C, Schloemer. A girl who knows that her parents stand behind her in her endeavors is a happy one, and prospers in that kmowledge. Here at our school we know that We not only have the backing of our own parents, but that we also have the support of the parents of our fellow students. This is exemplified in the P.T.A. and Dad's Club, groups made up of the parents of the entirestudent body. 1 IMU S CLUB l 1 J 4 ! r 1 STANDING: W . Cohen, P. Heil, F. Bause, G. Warren, B. Ahlrichs, W. G. Albrinck, W. Bristow, P. M engelkamp, H. Sand, G. Discepoli. SEATED: L. Kampe, N. Doerger,,A. Matre, J. W elsch, R. Niehaus, A. Hardebeclc, R. Greenup, A. Schmidt. y 4 I0 ' l A MINI TR TIO F C LTY Sister Blandine Superior Sister Marie Eulalia Principal Sister Mary David Sister Mary Paula Sister Mary Thomas Sister Mary Lawrence Sister Eugene Mary Sister Regina Sister Mary Christopher Sister Rose Therese Sister Therese, B.S. Sister Eustelle Marie Sister Ann Joseph Sister Ann Michael Sister Thomas Mary Sister Anna Regis Sister Marie St. Eleanor Sister Julie Sister Mary Constance Mrs. Christy ww: xwwsswwwsWw sM sms xmw-tw NmwrmN mwmwwmwrssswswss wwf msmmssm wrgssmwwsmxmmmxw 1 Q, iz Q s1w1emxsaswwm ::s: ounfain ore ga BUSINESS MANAGER Mary Lou, Leugers EDITOR-IN-CHIEFV Barbara Discepoli ART EDITOR .Ianet Keefer FEATURE EDITOR Joyce M oeggenberg COPY EDITOR Marie Welsch SUBSCRIPTION CHAIRMAN Jane Ellis ADVERTISING MANAGER Carol Gardner TREASURER Ruth Ellen Davis .g ,..,,.,...,,,. 3,3 ...,,, . N, N ,.... x.,. ,.,.,..,,.::.:.,, .,,...,,...... ,,,. I 'W fmsas CE il 5 , M ,,.,,,, VW ,,,. , , b uqh .,,, , ,,,., ,.,, .,., ,,A, V ,.,. ,:,, , ,, ..A,, ,,,, , ,, ini' Vlvvr , ,, W bm k H w R N X w W L2 J 555 WN H' W m """' Qs:s:sa:::'.' N E.. q em f u M 2 . ....,,,..., .,... ., F fE ....,, W "Q:Q Q N X XXX vi QS? WY!! 5 if Q Q 5 f i X 'I X XX f I f .X ' f iff 4 x XXJ 1, 'I If 33 N 3 235. A wx XY X X 6 N X , R S K X X , X Q 1 ZW, 'N Rx - ' ,:i23f'ff"Yii.: -f1:2E5f1f5"' N: 1? X "um X X his Ax SSL vm 'Mm , fp, 41 STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Joyce M oeggenberg Student Council officers and representatives are: SEATED: R. Briggs, J. Hoferkamp, C. Gardner, Secretaryg J. Moeggenberg, President, M. M engelkamp, D. Janson. STANDING: P. Buening, J. Federle, J. Woebkenberg, R. Meyer, B. Woebkenberg, C. Schneider, L. Woeste, B. Braclcmann, J. Birkmeyer, A. Vonderhaar. At 3 o'clock on the second and fourth Tuesday oi each month, the study hall be- comes the scene of another student council meeting. If we were to glance in on one of these gatherings, we would see Sister Julie, our Student Council Moderator, Joyce Moeg- genberg, our President, and the representatives from each homeroom busily discussing the current problems or projects of Mount Notre Dame and her students. This organization also promotes and spon- sors the various student activities throughout the year. These tend to improve and strengthen the general school spirit among the students and provide many enjoyable hours for them. Congratulations to the Student Council for a job well done. Checking up on the results of the Magazine Drive Sister Julie assists Jane Gratton, Judy Wallet, and Judy Rolf in compiling their reports. t I5 The Catholic Students' Mission Cru- sade is a national organization of Cath- olic youth. The main objective of the Crusade is spiritual and material aid to Missionaries throughout the world. The student Crusaders follow a three- fold program of prayer, study, and sac- rifice for the Missions. This year at Mount Notre Dame each homeroom carried out this program in- dividually, but as a part of the whole unit. Each homeroom had a mission to pray for, write to, study about, and help materially. Communism was the over-all theme of the whole unit. In our study of Communism we made use of books, filmstripsg we took part in discussions, and presented a skit about its objec- tives. C.S.M.C. PRESIDENT Mary M engelkamp C.S.M.C. OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES ARE, SEATED: H. Baumann, I. Rolf, I. Brigger, Treasurer, M. Mengelkamp, President, I. Ellis, Secretary, S. Maly. STANDING: K. Harmon, J. Michel, J. Sabina, R. Cornell, I. Gilligan, M. F ahrendorf. Father Henry J. Klocker, the national secretary of the C.S.M.C., spoke to our unit about the need for lay apostles in the missions. PRESIDENT Mary Fisher "WE BELIEVE In service for others, for our country, our community, and our school, In health of mind and body to fit us for greater service, and In working for better human relations throughout the world." SPONSOR Mrs. Christy G.A.A. Our newly-formed Girls' Athletic Association is under the able direc- tion of Mrs. Christy. Our sincere appreciation goes out to her for making the establishment of this organization possible. RED CROSS RED CROSS REPRESENT- ATIVES, Back to front: M. E. Kraus, M. Barnhorn J. Skillman, J. Hoferkamp J. Barns. Left to right: M M. Morath, S. Roth, J. Skill man, J. Moenster, G. A Lewis. RIGHT: G.A.A. Officers are: S. Bause, Vice President, R. Brock, President, K. O'Leary, Treas- arerg R. Clark, Secretary. BE- LOW: G.A.A. Council enjoy a game of volleyball. 9 The combined Junior and Sophomore Glee Clubs gave star performances in the "Song- fest" on February 15. The concert opened with the "Salutation to Music" and the "Ave Maria" followed. The Sophomore group gave a splendid variety of selections from the Well-known musicals-Oklahoma, The King and I, and South Pacific. The Junior group commemorated Victor Herbert's centenary, 1859 to 1959, by singing "March of the Toys," and "Romany Lifef, Both Glee Clubs again united in the finale and sang the ever-famous "Syncopated Clock," the well-loved 4'You'll Never Walk Alonef' and the inspiring tribute to our loved country, "Ode to America," by Noble Cain. The enviable success of the Glee Clubs was due to the able direction of Sister Mary Thomas. Her constant and thorough help enabled the singers to display their talent in the superb c'Songfesti' and in other concerts throughout the year. MUSIC "There's music in the airf' At any time during the day, the first, unsure notes of beginning musicians, or the sure resounding notes of an advanced student may he heard as they echo through the halls of Mount Notre Dame. In recent years, the melodious tones of many Voice pupils have been added to the 'cmusic in the air." Their course of study is not always easy, but the final result is indeed most rewarding. Through the training of Sister Mary Thomas, Sister Mary Lawrence, and Sister Eugene Mary, music students find that, "It is in learning music that youthful hearts learn lovef' X -W . .. . wt X xxxmkxmkh-Q f N Mi W n K x Cuhfif 1 ' '. X- A X 5gQ:,3WQgMg .t . 1 A xx NN N xv N ' ' A X 5 X .. -'4g.4s.5'x 'R X X-...N ,I i ----' X. K ""P Q . N A . '-'- I : ' - . , ' X is-r - W .X --- ., , X AX N ' 'mx' - N NW Q' s ..., X was is . QNX n t XX At M.N.D. students are given every opportunity to develop the var God has given them. Some girls have been especially gifted with artistic ability, which needs only training to bring it to life. Though student artists may never achieve world renown, their personal work can be a great source of pleasure to everyone around them. Most important, however, is the sense of accomplishment that they themselves derive from their study. Under the guidance of Sister Regina, the art students learn from experience that "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Pictured above: G. Benken, C. Dunnett, J. James, S. Bause, J. Donovan, P. Ferrari, B. Welling, C. Stauss, M. A. Albrinck, M. Schultz, J. A. Recker. ious talents that QE: 5 11: 1 1 1 I Q I RUTH ELLEN DAVIS BARBARA DISCEPOLI VIRGINIA BENKEN Shillito,s Plus One Club . . . Acceptance in Anthology of . . . First prize in Poster Contest High School Poetry HONORS 1 1 VERONICA BURCAR SANDRA TRAPP 1, MARILYN TRAPP, SUE . Civil Air Patrol Award . . . Representative to Girls State BERGER, TONI OEHLER . . . Superior rating in Miami' Science Fair THANKSGIVING DANCE At Thanksgiving, 1958, the Juniors and Seniors, escorted by their dates, attended the Stardust Ball. The heavenly decorations, the twinkling music of ,lim Villari's band plus the presence of all our close friends added to a very memorable evening. FRIARHURST In the congenial atmosphere of Friarhurst we spent a few short days away from the noise and rush of everyday living to give ourselves time and quiet to concentrate on some straight thinking and serious prayer. These brief hours were filled with the inspiring talks of our retreat master and with peaceful, sincere conversations with God and His Mother. The attractive grounds surrounding Friar- hurst blended in with the serenity that we felt and also enjoyed. Each day began with Mass and Holy Communion in the beautiful chapel that is dedi- cated to Our Lady of the Angels. To keep the pervading mood, we observed silence -umind - think only retreat thoughtsg tongue-listen to what God saysg manner-eyes only on self and God." Our retreat renewed our fervor for God and impressed its message on our hearts. P3 . I DRAMATICS The three one-act plays traditionally presented by the juniors were held this year on February 27 and 28. The casts, composed of both lVl.N.D. juniors and Xavier University students, outdid themselves in presenting three plays which were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the attentive audiences both nights. The Play's the Thing and Introducing Mopsy, two hilarious comedies, were followed by a gripping story based on the Hungarian revolt, entitled The Voice in the Night. The plays, which were Well cast and well acted, were Lmder the direction of Tony Schnitt and Tom Gressler of Xavier. Two of the offerings-The Playis the Thing and The Voice in the N ight-were written especially for our juniors by John Cutting of Xavier. TWELVE ANGRY WOMEN Carol Krabbe is fearless, even before the switch-blade knife wielded by Mary Lou Leugers. Other "jurors" in the background are: Angie Ancona, Janet Honerlaw, Marcia Maugle, and Mary Fisher. THE CAST: Angie Ancona, Janet Keefer, Judy Konrad, Jane Ellis, Carol Krabbe, Mary Lou Leugers, Janet Honerlaw, Janet Weis, Joyce Moeggenberg, Carol Wolke, Mary Fisher, Marci M augle, Nancy Skillman. Mary Loa's re-enactment of the mo- ment of murder is just a little too realistic for Joyce Moeggenberg and Marcia Maagle, who restrain her for- cibly. On April 18, 19, 1959, Mount Notre Dame pre- sented another high school spectacular called Twelve Angry Women. This play was based on the original production Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose. Throughout the scenes the jurors were constantly meditating, fighting and reconstructing the actual crime in order to decide the guilt or innocence of a boy charged with murder in the first degree. In trying to arrive at a verdict, their own personal feelings and conflicts were revealed. Thanks to our capable director, Mr. 1-lerhison, the play was a great success. Nancy Skillman looks on in horror as Carol Krabbe and Mary Lou. Leagers face each other in a tense moment. ' 27 The hearts of the Juniors and Seniors beat a little faster as they approached the Hartwell Country Club on May 15, 1959. The day of the Senior-Junior Spring Formal had been awaited for months. The girls, lovely in their elegant for- mals, danced the night away with their handsome dates to the beautiful music of Cecil Young. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of Our Blessed Lady, during which the girls sang "Mother Beloved" and our school song. The re- mainder of the evening seemed short, because it was so enjoyable. One o'clock arrived all too soon for the couples who attended. SPRING FORMAL We will always have May 15 to look back to, for except for our souvenirs, "nothing now is left but majestic memory." Guest S peaker, Rev. Henry J. Klocker, N a tio n al Secretary. C S.M.C. GRADUATION "All the worlcl's a stagef' ". . . one man in his lifetime plays many parts." On June 7, 1959, the curtain rang down for the seniors on one of these parts. Graduation to the seniors meant not only receiving their diploma, leaving some of their old friends, but also wearing their long, white graduation dresses, which were to he the last of their kind at M.N.D. As each girl walked out of the auditorium, a bouquet of red roses making a vivid contrast to her White embossed nylon dress and her diploma in her hand, she took her final curtain call for a role that she would never again play. l MARIE WELSCH, valedictorian Center, Marcia Maugle, class presi- dent, receives diploma. l" 29l Dear "Little Sisters," Our last year at lVl.N.D. was your first. As we were completing our high school education, you were just beginning. Your first awkward steps and the newness of your freshman year now seem like a part of the distant past. The confidence that you have gained from a wealth of new friends and ex- periences has replaced your former feeling of un- certainty. fflememher, just as you needed a help- ing hand, so, too, will the incoming freshmenj As your 'cBig Sisters," we have enjoyed welcom- ing you to the Mount. lt is our sincere hope that you have received as much pleasure from our social gatherings as we have. Through the guidance and good example given to you by the Sisters and stu- dents, you have received the necessary help to be- come true and loyal lVl.N.D. girls. Always strive for high ideals, so that Mount Notre Dame may he proud of you. The Seniors Class of 1959 f 1 ' . ' ...H ,Q '-1 . "'. . XD' .QQ XY .QQ xx .QQ 'X,XB'AQ.?x 'X N" QWMNW Sister Ann Michael makes Latm mter estzng for M. VONDERHEIDE' J TRIVETT and M. WIENER by use of a word chart. J Linda Beardslee Kathy Berman Susan Berning Vicky Besterman Candace Boeh Mary Brodbeck Betty Buescher Linda Cabana Janet Carrigan Carol Crosby Barbara Eveslage Carol Fredricks Karen Hansen Kathy Harmon Judy Huth Judy Kilb Jane Klare Judy Knueven Kathy Kreimer Pat Mahlenkamp Pat Martin Mary Lou Myers Janet Pauly 4Mary Roth Carroll 'Rotsching Carol Rutemiller Miriam Schultz Beverly Schuster Cheryl Stubbers Judy Trivett Joan Ulmer Ann Vonderhaar Mary Vonderheide Marilyn Watson Lois Welsch Mary Fran Wiener Pat Willette Diana Woebkenberg Kathy Wolbers Ann Wright W C UNGER, J. A. MOENSTER and B HORN cheer enthusiastically as M A. FAHRENDORF eagerly warts for J. KLARE to "strike out 9B Charmaine Asbrock Shirley Barone Eloise Baumann Julie Bien Judy Birkmeyer Marilyn Brosch Julie Burns Karen Coleman Roberta Cornell Jackie Deters Eileen Duermit Nancy Eggers Annabell Duwe Pamela Ferrari Nancy Greiner Judy Handorf Janet Heil Janice Hoferkamp Margaret Johnson Carolyn La Rose Joan Leinberger Patricai Malland Patricia Murphy Patricia Niehaus Joanne Pfister Nancy Schatzel Ann Spooner Shirley Trapp Martha Wichmann Martha Wieman Jo Ann Ziegler B EVESLAGE, A. 0'NEILL, D GLORIUS and M. MACKZUM be come acquainted with ihe library and its tools. Julie Baron Nancy Bauer Lynn Bischoff Barbara Brackmann Linda Brofft Karen Busphle Carmen Coletta Diane De Salvo Shirley Engel Mary Eysoldt Mary Fahrendorf Sue Geyman Kay Giehl Mary Groh Karen Gusten Martha Handorf Nancy Herman Mary Alice Hohek Barbara Horn Linda Hughes Holly Kinzhach Janet Klare Julie Matre Bertha McGuire Sandra Moeller Chari Niehaus Jane Noyes Ann O'Nei1l Mary Rieger Judith Spetnagel Sharon Voelker Mary Wersel Carol Wietmarschen Jo Anna Wilking Kathleen Yanzer Phyllis Ziegler C. LAWSON shares not only her candy bar but a funny joke with J. HANDORF, J. HAGENHOFF, and M. JOHNSON as they relax during noon recreation. 9D Patrica Ackley Mary Margaret Boehm Nancy Brinker Joyce Broerman Charlotte Bucheit Janice Cayse Donna Coch Barbara Crockett Patrica Day Nellie Engman Dianne Glorius Jacqueline Hagenhoff Patrica Ann Hardy Judy Hoferkamp Mary Kathleen Kinzel Rosemary Koetter Mary Helen Lauman Charlotte Lawson Loretta Long Marilyn Mackzum Jane Meckling Jo Ann Michel Jean Ann Moenster Patricia Monahan Joan Mounce Sandra Mueller Janice Murph Mary Ann Pratt Mary Jane Roll Kathleen Sayre Barbara Schmitt Paula Shanahan Jacqueline Siebel Mary Jean Smethurst Carolyn Smith Cheryl Ann Stickney Carol Unger Jacqueline Vandeberg Roberta Wade Rita Ward Dear Members of the Class of 1961, Your sophomore year, we know, has been filled with many new experiences and carefree hours. The strangeness that you felt during your first year at Mount Notre Dame has been overcome, and in its place has come the feeling of belonging, of being an integral part of our school. Now, you are ready to take the important step from the world of under- classmen to that of upperclassmen--from the role of follower, to that of leader. The success of the coming year will depend upon your loyalty and school spirit. As juniors, you will be looked to by the freshmen and sophomores for good example and guidance throughout all phases of school activity. You have responsibilities not only to the underclassmen but also to yourselves. Be sure to make the most of all the golden oppor- tunities that will come to you during your last two years at lVl.N.D. The Seniors Class of 1959 NVQ' 'N 31 x '9 P. NIEMEYER and M. WARD com- pare aprons while M. WALLET.puts in a button hole under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Constance. 10A Kathy Bauer Gail Baxter Judy Bok Janet Bradley Kathy Cunningham Pat Doll Frances Engel Gerry Glaser Eileen Gruener Barbara Harsch Marilyn Heichelbech Carol Huber Judy Huber Jesse James. Sandra Jones Mary Ami J uenke Karen Konrad Janet Kraus Nancy Magel Peggy Mathauer Paulette McCarthy Mary Margaret Moratl. Mary Jo Naberhaus Pamela Niemeyer Mary Ann O'Callaghan Mary Greta Osner Joyce Sabino Pamela Schatzel Judy Scherpenberg Andrea Schmidt Mary Schroder Carol Speeg Joanne Tomasella Mary Wallet Mary Ward Paula Ward Judy Warren Janice Woebkenberg In the modern foods lab, the home- makers of tomorrow, A. WILSON, P. FLYNN, and M. ENZWEILER learn the culinary arts. lOB Rosalie Asbrock Joyce Babiarz Mary Lou Barnhorn Karen Barone Robby Briggs Rosemarie Brock Anne Brucker Arlene Burman Donna Dahmann Marilyn Deuter Jerry Dunnett ' Joyce Eling Charlene Ellis Mary Enzweiler Judy Finke Pat Flynn Carole Gruener- Lorrita Hunt Sheila Kielty Elaine Klocke Deanna Knecht Peggy Kramer Barbara Kuethe Mary Carol Lang Charlene Luken .ludy Marine Mary Ann' Muzzo Joanne Nichols Nancy Nordloh Nancy Pesa Carolyn Reis Phyllis Siemers Donna Stites .loyce Stwarka Carole Teisman Kathy Tholen Beverly Ulmer Linda Vanoli Diana Weber Linda Weber Anne Wilson J GLA SER watches as A SCHMIDT provides the beat fo M A 0 CALLAHAN and J. WOEB KENBERG in Goretti Hall. 10C Betty Adler Mathilde Baumann Shirley Beiderbeck Rosemarie Berner Billie Boston Diane Brisben Dorothy Bristow Eileen Burke Rosemary Cappel Sylvia Dodd Gayle Dressman Barbara Durbin Donna Elmlinger Mary Alice Engel Linda Ernst Carol Fiedler Mary V. Glasmeier Joan Haas Mary Ann Hayes Dolores Heaton Arlene Heil Diane Janson Patricia Johnson Marlene Klocke .ludyan Knapmeyer Jo Ann Macke Annellen Moon Pat Riedinger Betty Rooney Marilyn Schehr Gertrude Simon Janice Skillman Linda Thompson Kathleen Wassman Barbara Witte Jacqueline Witzma n Shirley Woebkenberg Mary Ellen Young While getting their books before morning classes, J. MARINE D KNECHT, and R. BRIGGS discuss the volleyball teamis victory over Reading. 10D Janice Bohn Patricia Buening Rosemary Clark Dianna Corsmeier Jeanne Craven Linda Ferkenhoff Carolyn Fritz Nancy Geiger Jayne Gilligan Mary Ann Gropp Virginia Heithaus Sharon Herbison Marcia Hoobler Mary Ann Hoog Maribeth Matre Judith Mehring Margaret Menglekamp Dorothy Meyer Toni Oehler Mary Ann Parnell Sally Pearce Margaret Piepmeyer Mary Jo Quinlan Jean Randall Sally Reichert Nancy Root Shirley Roth Sandra Savicki Carol Schutte Mary Catherine Siegel Karen Shroyer Clara Stauss Pauline Sunderman Gayle Teetor Pamela Venosa Joann Vicar Julianne Watson Beth Welling Sandra Westhoff Elaine Young Lois Zurenko f 4I Dear Seniors of 1960, As graduation draws near, we look back over our last year with mixed feelings of sadness and joy. This sadness comes from the realization that We shall soon be leaving all our cherished friends and class- mates at Mount Notre Dame. On the other hand, our joy comes from the completion of one more phase of our education, one more step toward tak- ing our place in the world. We view this last with courage and hope. I In your last year at the Mount, you will assume not only the dignity but the responsibility of a sen- ior. Courtesy, good conduct, and cooperation should be very important to you, Let the underclassmen look up to you, the class of 1960, as the ideal of what Mount Notre Dame girls should be. You have the distinction of being the centenary class, and we are happy in your joy and pride as Mount Notre Dame's one hundredth graduating class. The Seniors Class of 1959 '03 .XXNXO9 XOR ww R N YOUNG, M. BIEN, B. MEYER gwe C MERKLE a P-U-S-H V llA Sue Behne Janet Brossart Martha Buelterman Sue Buerger Sheila Bunn Dolores F inkbeiner Janet Flynn Roslee Fritz Kathy Greiwe Judith Hall Nancy Hayes Marianne Hoobler Gerry Johnson Connie Klopmeier Mary Jo Kramer Mary Ellen Kraus Mary Beth Kreidler Linda Laehr Eileen Lang Mary Larmann Gerry Lehnert Kathleen Leicht Patricia Lichtenberg Sue Maly Ruth Meyer Bonnie Nadaud Jo Ann Recker' Barbara Roth Margie Ryan Margaret Schlunt Peggy Siegmund Joyce Stadtmiller Kathleen Steuer Janet Theis Marilyn Trapp Sandra Trapp Carol Voegele Anne Warther Jean Werning Bonnie Woebkenberg J GRATTON, C. GRESSLER S HIGGINS, D. MAHER, and M K ZIEGLER find chemistry in their new lab very fascinating llB Mary Ann Albrinck Susan Bause Martha Bien Diann Brenner Patricia Bruewer Veronica Burcar Rosalyn Clarke Nancy Collins Joyce Gadzala Jane Gratton Carolyn Gressler Lynn Heitz Shirley Higgins Maureen Hopkins Joan Huneck Janet Kellogg Mary Jo Knueven Janet Kraus Carol Lacher Gayle Lewis Kathleen Mack Donna Maher Laverne Mattscheck Carol McGill June Merhar Carol Merkle Barbara Meyer Nancy Middendorf Martha Myers Suzanne Niehaus Judy Rolf Barbara Rotschin g Joanne Schloemer Barbara Sciarrino Judy Wallet June Werning Joyce Whalen Linda Woeste Mary Kay Ziegler P KNOLLMAN, M. WILLEY S GREENUP, and G. BURNS pay close attention as B. EVANS and Sister Thomas Mary review an im portant phase of American history ll Janet Abel Virginia Benken Judith Bollmer Judith Brigger Beth Bucheit Jeri Lynne Burns Cathie Collins Jane Donovan Barbara Evans Judith Federle Marie F inkbeiner Joyce Fisher Joyce F lege Judith Gere ci Susan Greenup Maureen Heaton Margie Horn Nancy Kampe Phyllis Knollman Margie Knueven Janet Kratohvil Judith Kuebler Judith Kutcher Nancy McKernan Barbara Medl Mary Miller Carol Mintkenbaug h Judith Moeggenberg Carol Mouch Marjorie Nunn Patricia Parr Ellen Peters Judith Schueler Patricia Van Lokeren Janet Varelman Carole Wade Rosemary Weber Arlene Wierwille Arlene Willey Nancy Young Catherine Brandenburg absent - Q 0 WI. .Q . 4 5f0 .g'4o,y Kcqu lfvif' is UAV ,I si JJWQ ' 'Y G' w. ,I 'r mg. ... 6 . .X .X X, X-.leiwggrf- :SF xv , . X X f X '- ff 'X 1 X X-:X1.XX:-kr:-N XX .Q.X..g-X Q Xi-Qi X 1. . X X X X XX, , X Q 2 X N SX .. X. .. X- X X ..X. . K C. .. X . X. 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' ' Xxx? X W w KS 'X XT" ' Y I XW X X if X ' X3 x SN:-5315 S MQ X x' ' Xxx - N L x x Q f. as ,3,-QXYM X? XX ab: XNXXXXXXXX. XSS? 'X -S 5 X .SN- ' X XX . " , X - Q J ' X N ' -2 wi: fr X X Q? wi: XQQN i19i'wwgX,,,g.:,:""ff3?e1'a .faXiX3?QXx.XgXi I X 3? X. -X X X - . X X Xa :XX--. --XXXX.XXX.XX-X XX XXWXNMX ,V mf .-X. XX X "Y-WH N SRX? - f X X- , . XM QX PQ 1. XWNX .., Q K .x X I Lix MNA A Q ,L X- XXk.iX,: XXxX.X..i.3gXX .-fi.-.fx-' .sg - . " W . 2 . X . .XXX RQ .. . - X 1 XX Xw S X352 X X X NS X XS X X X X X X X .RQSXX-N .- ffiEXg NXXX XX ,XXX -Xgaffwg X X Xf X as X 1' N Q S X A5 XXX X W XX X Q . 5 'Q X ,,...XX,-X XB X .. S X f E A X X X X X . X X Q Xw' X X X X X X . X X ,,., XX XXPX X .,,, . XXNXNXXX X... X XM XXXXXXXX XX ...X..X. . XX ww X-NfXXXXfxwf2f xxx X -Xswvim. XX- 111.11 Q X ' :U x M X xx XX 5. ' XX ' NN X XXXX Xu. XXXXNKXW X X XXXXN X f QA X N XX X N 5 , . X X 1 ...zQ:ZEX six .X :QV X XX if X xx. .Q " X .... XX X. X X XX 'K ' x . X i Xa kv X XX f if S A s ,X W' B s K : x E 1 SN. .. N NNE X f 5 E: X5 gig: ,X is ' Sw X . X f. - XE:-. .5 - A 5 ss. iii 34.3. iii Q X 321:55 3: Sw X Q A xX Q X x X is X Q .Xi :-. - X- N N XX QNX xb... 4 .- Y. X X X1X 5.54, X ru - 1 15 K 55 x . S 1 :::s:X:X....:, ---' ----, Y : as 3 K X is' ' """"" : 5-fd-N55 Sf Sw v f:XXf XwX5ii' Q XT Wiz:-5 Eg? ' W xfQgS ?TI-iiil fi -XY' X S i X X 1 5 :XX : 'X W ' " . X. R 1 Jw L ' XX :S ,X N . X X X - XXX X X S5 W W x :Q -. h 1 , X 1 X I7 X'jj:'1,i5, , X' ..,.. S X...... ,. .XX X 5 X N 3 X SX 1 E EW? 1 xv , N W 'Xa ' 5 1 ...X.X sux X X, 2 f23 2 3 X X, X X . SH 1 X ,.., ' ' L X.,. 21 'X X - X. .. in 1 ' X 2 x T QNX N S X E ...X -X .. S IEEEEXEEEE.IIIEEEE'IEEEE::f:EEErE:XIE5E5Irf5 125553151525 1: X X YN 5 X 1 X xx X m xwwm mmm www Angela Ancona Ruth Ellen Davis I 5I Barbara Discepoli Eileen Dwire Jane Ellis 54 ' Barbara Engel I ss Mary fame Finley 56 1 4 Mary Fisher Y sv g, S Carol Gardner Mary Agnes Gill Y 59 Phyllis Hempen eo I Janet Honerlaw I 6I Marilyn Johnson Janet Keefer K 63 Judith Konrad Carol Krabbe Mary Lou, Leugers 66 I Marcia M augle Mary Mengelkamp Joyce Moeggenberg if A Kathleen Oalleary Margaret Poorman Charlene Schneider 72 I Nancy Skillman K 73 Betty Tm-pp Janet Weis K 75 Marie Welsch Mary Jane Wietmarschen l 77 Marilyn Wilking Carol Wolke 79 u ,CAM ' Jffww .M Mfzfwfffufdvfpw Jffjw ?z.n,,,,.,,f Malawi ' 74,fW,4ca,qa A4,A.,,e0,ML..4M,M4ff? frftaxalf fbffbdfffbd! KPN-Cf cirrrc-Z! ,few Zz,..,,.,,,7wWV. WM my KW PATRONS MR. AND MRS. LEO A. ALFKIN MR. AND MRS. PAUL M. MENGELKAMP MR. AND MRS. DANIEL ANCONA MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH MOEGGENBERG MR. AND MRS. CHARLES G. DAVIS DR. R. L. NAEGEL MR. AND MRS. GUIDO M. DISCEPOLI MR. AND MRS. W. S. POORMAN MR. AND MRS. ELMER FISHER MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE SCHNEIDER MR. AND MRS. CLIFFORD FREDRICKS MR. AND MRS. JAMES SKILLMAN MR. AND MRS. JOHN GARDNER MR. AND MRS. CHARLES STUERENBERG MR. AND MRS. EDWARD GILL MR. AND MRS. GEORGE THAMAN MR. AND MRS. PHILIP HEMPEN MR. AND MRS. WILBUR TRAPP MR. AND MRS. CHARLES JOHNSON MR. AND MRS. JACK WOLKE MR. AND MRS. GEORGE KEEFER CLASS OF I960-IIA MR. WILLIAM J. KISSEL JR. CLASS OF I960-IIB MR. AND MRS. FRED KONRAD CLASS OF I960-IIC MR. AND MRS. H. B. KRABBE CLASS OF l96I-IOA MR. AND MRS. BERNARD LEUGERS CLASS OF I96I-IOB MR. AND MRS. DALLAS MAUGLE CLASS OF I96I-IOC CLASS OF I96I-IOD JACK WOLKE'S DOT FOODS BARGAIN BARN Corner of Vine and Jefferson l504 Reading Road Reading, Ohio, Va. I-056I Reading, Ohio ACCURATE PRINTING COMPANY DALE BEARD, PLUMBER 809 Wesf Wyoming Avenue 80l2 Euclid Ayenue I.OCICIdnd, Madeira' AL'S TOGGERY SHOP A, BELL 8, SCN 40l Benson S+ree+ "The Sfore of VarieI'y" Reading. Ohio Reading, Ohio DAN ANCONA 8: SON, INC. Besi Wishes General Coniraciors From "Your Pe+'s Besi Friend' Lo. I-8087 DR. G. C. LEWIS ASHBROCK ELECTRIC SHOP Complimenis of I 33 Wesi' Benson SI'reeI' BENKEN Va- I-2939 Woodford Road BABYVILLE INFANTS TO SUBTEENS SHOP BQK PAINT 3, FLOOR CQVERING 69'3 Plainfield Reed I2 Wesi' Benson Sireei' Silverfon 36, Ohio Reading' Qhio BALL MOVERS. Complimenis of Loca' and Long D'5Ia"'Ce MADEIRA BUILDING AND LOAN Me' L3553 Madeira, Ohio TOMASELLA GROCERY 4I3 Wyoming, Avenue Wyoming, Ohio Complimenls of THE BORDON COMPANY MARVIN H. BRIGGER S+orm Doors, Windows, Eic. Sy. I-I922 DAN DUOP GARAGE Repairs On All Cars Woodlawn, Ohio Complimenls of THE BURGER BREWING COMPANY BURTSCHY FLOWERS 5823 Vine SI'reeI Elmwood Place, Ohio Complimenls of a FRIEND CARR AUTO SERVICE 3222 Brofherfon Road Cincinnali 9, Ohio CATHOLIC LADIES OF COLUMBIA S+. Michael Parish Council 4144 Sharonville, Ohio Complimenfs of a FRIEND Signs CITY NEON Kir'I' Geyman Complimenls of a FRIEND CLIFF HARDWARE 8: PAINT SUPPLY. INC. Thril-ly Shopping S'IarIs Here Sharonville Pr. I-74I5 Complimenis of a FRIEND E. DAGGY ICE 8: COAL 325 Rolef Va. I-25I3 DANIELS SCHOOL BUS SERVICE K. M. Daniels, Owner Char-Ier Trips Available Po.I-087I DEER PARK DELICATESSEN 79I6 Blue Ash Avenue Deer Park 36, Ohio DEER PARK INN 7228 Blue Ash Avenue Sy. I-984I Complimenis of DEER PARK OIL STATION Complimenfs of DEER PARK PONY KEG DON'S PONY KEG 950 Jefferson Avenue Va. I-98I4 DUERMIT BROTHERS GARAGE Sharonville, Ohio Pr. I -984I A ELLA SHOPPE 206 Dunn SI'reeI' Lockland, Ohio ENTERPRISE BUILDING 8: LOAN II7-II9 Mill S'I'l'ee'l' Loclcland, Ohio FAMOUS GLASS BARN Reading Road Reading, Ohio FISCHER'S BAKERY IOOO Easl' Ross Avenue SI. Bernard B. FLEGE JR. COAL COMPANY Blacldop Paving Reading Va. I-2796 FOUR GABLES 77I6 Blue Ash Avenue Deer Park FRANK'S PAINT 81 WALLPAPER Frank T. Weis, Proprielor 7044 Blue Ash Road Silverlon FRED'S FOOD MARKET I303 Reading Road Reading Va. I-54I0 GAHL SHOE COMPANY. INC. Benson and Reading Roads Va. I-4546 GLASS Jue PONY KEG Congfa+uIa+ions +0 I528 Reading Road +he Cass of i959 va. I-9549 ST. JAMES OF THE VALLEY M. GOLDBERG 8: SONS JOHN Xu EARLE'S SUNOCO SERVICE Corner Benson and Reading Roads Phone Pr. I-9846 Reading, Ohio 20l Soulh Reading Road HANLEY'S JEWELRY 8: -FURNITURE FRANK JOSEF HAIR STYLISTS II Mill Slreei 307 Monigomery Road Lockland, Ohio Sy. I-6379 l'IARRlGAN'S PHARMACY KAMM'S DELICATESSEN 3I0 Wesl' Benson S'h'ee+ 907 Reading Road Va. I-2407 Reading Reading, Ohio HARMONN'S PONY KEG JOSEPH KEMPE, CANDY COMPANY Ice, Beer, SoH' Drinks 32 Wes? Couri' Sireel 9 Wes+ Vorhees Sireei' Serving Schools and Clubs C9mPlimeni5 of KENNEDY HEIGHTS PHARMACY MR. AND MRS. ART HAYES 6558 Monigomery Road and Family Cincinnafi I3, Ohio DAVID HIRSCHBERG COMPANY KENWOOD PLAZA BARBERS Scrap Maferial 786l Monfgomery ,Road Lockland, Ohio Cincinnaii 36, Ohio H. 8: G. MARKET KESSLER'S SHOES I9 Pleasanl SI'ree'I' 709 Wes? Wyoming Avenue Reading, Ohio Lockland, Ohio H. 81 K. ROOFERS Complimenk I38 Wesl' Ami'ly Road of Va. I-4006 or Va. I-7838 BERNARD H. KESSLING HITCHING POST KING TELEVISION SERVICE, INC. "Famous for Fried Chicken" 28 Wesl' Benson Sireel' Serving Greafer Cincinnaii Po. I-5220 Reading, Ohio JOHN HODAPP SONS FUNERAL HOME KOEHLER HARDWARE COMPANY 740l Vine Sireel' 400 Wesi' Benson Slreel Va. I-0805 Va. I-OI48 HOME MAIN SAVINGS ASSOCIATION JOSEPH KOETTER 320 Wesl' Benson S'rree'I and Plumbing and Healing l50 Easl Fourih S'l'reeI' Reading, Ohio HONERLAW BROTHERS GROCERY LAMPE'S BAKERY III29 Reading Road II9 Wesl' Benson Slreei' Phone I5490 Sharonville Reading, Ohio IGLER'S PHARMACY LAUREL'S 5 8: IOC STORE 8428 Vine Sireel' 335 Benson Sfreel' Va. I-9868 Cincinnafi, Ohio Open Friday Evenings 8:00 P.M. Complimenfs of LIERMANN'S INDEPENDENT AUTO SUPPLY Corner Reading and Pike Slreels Bill Lyon and Bob Faulconer Ample Parking LOCKLAND 5c TO l.00 STORE 585 WesI Wyoming Avenue Lockland, Ohio LOCKLAND FLORIST 725 Wesi Wyoming Avenue Lockland, Ohio LUMBERTERIA, INC 7030 Monigomery Road SiIverIon 36, Ohio CompIimen'I's of MADEIRA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Madeira, Ohio MAUGLE APPLIANCES IIII Reading Road Reading, Ohio MEIER'S 4I9 Wesi' Benson SI'reeI Reading, Ohio Complimenis of MEIER'S WINE CELLARS SiIverI'on, Ohio MERRYHAVEN COCKERS 2699 Grandview Avenue Cincinnaii 30, Ohio MIAMI COFFEE SHOP Miami Avenue Madeira, Ohio MIAMI 5c TO 5.00 STORE 6930-6932 Miami Avenue Madeira, Ohio Complimenis of THE MILLCREEK VALLEY NEWS MISS 8: MRS. SHOPPE 20I WesI Benson Sheer Va. I-9079 Reading MOUCH INSURANCE AGENCY 7204 Vine SI'reeI' Cincinnaii I6, Ohio KARL J. MOUCH. JEWELER 7200 Vine S'I'ree'I' Car-Ihage OBERT'S PHARMACY 436 Springfield Pike Wyoming CompIimenI's of O'LEARY INSURANCE Kemper Lane PI. I-l554 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 526 Wesi Wyoming Avenue Lockland, Ohio PACELLA'S SHELL SERVICE Losaniiville and Bremoni Avenues Me. I-9634 Cincinnaii I3, Ohio PALAZZCLO WINE COMPANY 4855 Seciion Road Norwood I2, Ohio PASOUALE'S FOODS 8II Je-Fferson Avenue Reading, Ohio PAYLESS GAS I0760 Reading Road Evendale, Ohio PEOPLE'S BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION COMPANY SharonviIIe, Ohio POTTHOFF PHARMACY SharonviIIe, Ohio Pr. I -6087 READING BEAUTY SALON 903 Reading Road Va. I-I024 S'I'yIing by Julie, Nora, and Jinny READING FLORIST IIO Wesi Benson S'rreeI HenrieHa Heizmann y READING HARDWARE COMPANY II04 Reading Road Va. I-5I85 Reading, Ohio READING HEATING SERVICE 309 Wes? Benson S+reeI' Reading, Ohio READING DELICATESSEN 8: PONY KEG 7I4 Reading Road Reading, Ohio REX DRY CLEANING 803 Wesf Wyoming Va. I-2920 RIDGE FLOWER SHOP Miles T. Wifikamp, Propriefor 6028 Ridge Avenue Me. I-5205 ROTH'S SERVICE STATION TOM'S COINS Marlcel and Benson Sfreeis I33I Campbell Avenue Va. I-9863 Hamillon, Ohio ROY'S HAIR STYLISTS TRI-STATE TILE SUPPLY 6647 Monlgomery Road 77I4 Laurel Avenue Cincinnali I3, Ohio Cincinnafi 43, Ohio CompIimen+s Complimenis of of JOSEPH TUKE RUTI'ERER'S PHARMACY SON REALTY Complimenis of Tw' I'3I25 SANDERS PHARMACY VANOVER DRY CLEANERS Wyoming and Crescehi' Avenues l327 Reading Road J. scI-ILOEMER FURNITURE s. Ve' "'024 APPLIANCES JIMMY VILLARI'S TRIO OR MORE 362l Glenmore Avenue Music for All Occasions Cheviol Hu. I-9600 Tw. I-IIII SCHMIDT-DHONAU FUNERAL HOME THE VOGUE 443 Reading Road I08 Mill SI-ree'l' Reading. Ohio Loclcland, Ohio BILL SCHMIDT'S MEATS VONDERHAARBROTHERS DAIRY IOO9 Jefferson Avenue 32I3 COOPGI' Road Va. I-4564 Cincinna'l'i 4l, Ohio Complimenfs of DR. R. T. WELLING, OPTOMETRIST SCHOENLING BREWING COMPANY '23 Mill Sffeel' Cincinnali, Ohio Loclcland, Ohio SCIARRINO PHARMACY WELLING'S JEWELERS 60.82 Moni-gomery Road l22 Mill Sffeel' Pleagarrl' Ridge Lockland, Ohio BILL SOHN'S BARBER SHOP GEORGE J- WENZEI- TEXAC0 I2l8 Reading Road 5790 Colerain a+ Kipling Reading, Ohio KI- I-5984 Complimenfs of WIEBELL JEWELERS STORYBOOK ACRES 328 Wesl Benson Sfreei An Adveniure in Fine Living Ye- I-2493 6840 "'e'f'e' Reed WILLIAMS PHARMACY STRIKES AND SPARES BOWLING 7900 Blue Ash Avenue LANES sy. I-7958 ?'-2155 Ohio gomplimenfs THE SUBLIRB SUPPLY coMPANY WOODMONT DAIRY Iigginziagiie Road 2l2R5?STv5QHI'lDi2.'I.'fI BuIlders SuppIIes Locklandl Ohio SULLIVAN'S Men's and Boys' Clofhing XYQVMING KASTRY SHOP Formal Renlals yommg venue Wyoming, Ohio Besf Wishes From MOUNT NOTRE DAME ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Relax and Refresh Yourself in Body, Mind, and Soul by Making a 3-Day Closed Refreaf af FRIARHURST Greafer Cincinnafi's Only Refreaf House Conducfed by THE FRANCISCAN FATHERS Refreafs begin Friday evening wifh 7 p.m. din- ner and ends af 3:45 p.m. on Sunday. For a reservafion for yourself or a group. phone LOcusf I-9762. 8I36 Woosfer Pike IUS 'Highway 501 BETWEEN MARIEMONT AND TERRACE PAR K Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of I959 From ST. MICHAEL PARISH SHARONVILLE, ol-no REV. JAMES E. SCANLON Pasfor Congrafulafions fo fhe Seniors From YOUR LITTLE SISTERS 9A 9B I 9C 9D CompIimen+s of HUDEPOHL BREWING CO. CINCINNATI, OHIO Complimenfs of SILVERTON BRICK CONTRACTOR 886I Win'I'on Road CINCINNATI 3I, OHIO FRED C. BAUSE 'I READING El-Ml-INGER GARAGE, INC. INSURANCE AGENCY HERB GARDNER AL TUCHFARBER 307 W. Benson S+ree+ 1300 Reading Road READING I5, OHIO Va, 1-1300 YOUR FORD DEALERS Va. I-III8 Sy. I-65I9 FOR 46 YEARS 1 4 LEUGERS VA I-9555 Congrafulafions fo +I1e Class of l959 From O'LEARY CLEANERS 61, Beer - Wine - Vermoufh Bakery Goods - Jug Beer - Dairy Producis - Jug Milk 404I EAST GALBRAITH ROAD I20I READING ROAD READING I5, OHIO DEER PARK 423 W. BENSON ST. READING, OHIO THE VALLEY CENTRAL Savings Insured fo SI0,000 Va. I-2582 MAYFAIR ICE CREAM Recognized for H's "Ex+ra Goodness" be sociable - - ' A FINAL CHEER FOR THE SCHOOL we Love 1 EPS" THE semons OF '59 ve ou PEPSI BesI' Wishes From 'I'I1e OFFICIALS OF THE CITY OF READING MAYOR HARRY A. SAND P es. of Council ............ ALBERT G. SCHMIDT T .............. WILLIAM ERNST S I I ........................ JOHN P BOK C - cilmen a'I Large C I PAUL A. KONRAD Ward I, EMERSON MORGAN Paul F. Erns'I' Ward 2, ROBERT ZIMMER HARRY WOEBKENBERG Ward 3, CARL MEYER Warcl 4, LOUIS ALBRINCK INOT PUBLISHED AT PUBLIC EXPENSEI THE ROBERT CK ELECTRIC HOOVER CO. SERVICE I I4I2-I4 Easiern Ave. CINCINNATI 2. OHIO 22I CI It READING I5 OHIG York Refrigerafion, V I-592' York Air Condifioning , Commercial - IndusIriaI Main I-7900 IF NO ANSWER CALL Pr. I-3I86 es . . . Service . . . Supplies illll. FARMS II . PREMIUM PHODUC E D DAI RY PRODUCTS CEDAR GRADE iw' I c 'X Cong ra+ula1'ions Besl' Wishes fo The Class of '59 From From Your TELEPHONE COMPANY BROSE "A GOOD PLACE TO WORK" CONSTRUCTION COMPANY The goocl 'rimes you'll always remember . . . How many of Them include Coca-Cola! .....................CW5..............- T Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 From THE PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION THE T MOUNT NGTRE DAME DADS' CLUB Best Wishes From BOLER PETROLEUM COMPANY I 1 i BO LE' R WAXES-PETROLEUM PRODUCTS-COATINGS BOLER BUILDING - II9 COULTER AVENUE - ARDMORE. PA. Cable Address "CABOL" Ardmore, Pa. Midway 9- I 440 EDGECLIFF OUR LADY OF CINCINNATI COLLEGE WALNUT HILLS For a Complele Eclucaiion Religious - InI'ellecI'ual - Physical -- Social A fully-accrecliied 'Four year college for women offering Bachelor of Arls in ART ENGLISH HISTORY BIOLOGY FRENCH LATIN CHEMISTRY GERMAN MATHEMATICS - Aesihelic Ihe degrees of: MUSIC SPANISH PHILOSOPHY SPEECH SOCIOLOGY and Bachelor of Science in - EDUCATION NURSING ARTS FOODS AND NUTRITION MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY GENERAL HOME ECONOMICS Concluciecl by Ihe Religious Sisfers of Mercy of Ihe Province of Cincinnali. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I959 From +I1e Conlraclors and Engineers BROSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. General Contractor Hohe Healing Company .......... ,,,,,,,,, H eafing Becker Eleclric Company, Inc. .... ,,,,,,,,,, E lech-ic Carrigan Plumbing Company, Inc. ....... ,,,,,,.,,,, P Iumbing J. C. Doebeli Consfruclion Company ......,,. ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, E xcava-I-ion The Pollalc Sleel Company .................... ......... R einforcing Sleel Wm. Lang and Son Company .............. ............ S fruclural Sleel Michael Flynn Manufacluring Company ......... ............. A luminum Windows Durbrow-OHe Associales, Inc. .................. ........... M elal Toilel Parlifions Cenfral Building Producls Company ....... .................. H ollow Melal Worlt P. M. Pelers ..,............,............,.......... ....................... M asonry Conlraclor R. B. Brunemann and Sons, Inc. .- ........ Lalhing, Plaslering and Flooring Wm. E. Tennison ancl Son .......................... ....................................... P ainling Cincinnali Glass and Glazing Company ....... ...................... G lass and Glazing Cassini Mosaic and Tile Company ......... .... -.-Terrazzo, Marble and Granile Globe Office Equipmenl' Company ........ ......................... W ood Parlilions Ideal Service Supply Company ................................................................ Masonry Producls GEORGE R. TALLMAN AND ASSOCIATES - Consulling Engineers T ,yup . x YJ f J 34 A ' iii THE COLLEGE X T T If , MOUNT ST. JOSEPH CN THE OHIO 6? A 'lie l Q7 1313 3 .f 1' ' Te 1" W' Under The DirecTion l ' jll f Z- O 'l'l'le T 5 T SISTERS OF CHARITY ,ff l lf' ' I A Liberal ArTs College AW WZ l H31 for Women wi , AJ' 4 4 We if T fi? 'fair p 5 wi The college is geared To The need 1 gl, A Tor inTelligenT leadership 1 if l in The world Today. T N' Besides giving iTs sTudenTs K The broad culTural background oT a liberal educaTion, The College oT MounT ST. Joseph prepares Them for careers in arT, business, dieTeTics, music, nursing, physical educaTion, research, science, sociology, speech and drama, Teaching, and oTher fields. t.A. . MQ jWt.f,k'gfQg,2: V- , , -A--. 1-..1-, 5 4.,,..g.' n ,j , , Q- .--'L,.-g,,..3-: ...QQ ..:',,i..pL-.5-. .I -.Q-,1T,,g,..,,: g , : . ,1a1:.'.Q3',- gmt.-Q, WL: .,f 45'If.fQ-13, --,P,-lf,-.0',g-.,j3g,,e1'...1g1 I.. .4,f,,,.- 3: -.-1 . - -Ag, :,..,,ffq'gf., gg-, , gp- .f -- -, - - 1 gqfyg 'Q-:r,4f1gH3:'c.-...ire . - 5155 - ' -if 31,3 1-.' Q ' E., -3-njfh . L.. -.1934-.3 -3 1323? -,--Qi,-Q3,-45, .-',.3mPf'. 1 - .'..' Q-5335 13: 2' -'zf--1. , , 1' 1Tu.g,g .e-.. 1':1. ' .M A-: F WW' r- 'gif-.wa-1 . 1 1 -I' 1',-,'f',--1.5,-.- ,-. nw- 11 :..' ,, -3, '..3-.5-53.-1.-L34 r . --,135 1.3.33 ygpg. .3 46 - 1e2?f -w g-:' 5.112 ' - ' L371 ... '51 ,gg f?iSQwi:E.:kfYT41?:5WFi. 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Suggestions in the Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) collection:

Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 30

1959, pg 30

Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 51

1959, pg 51

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