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v., J' W wan ww, W was "vo hx .gig .an 'lyirta rpg. K .. X W ' .- -4. 3- 'I 'lu-., QR V ..,v , .Tw 1... -Y , x..3,..,- .,-g.V-', , 1 1 I U .- f Q 1 i X2 f .-f 1 ' -"V: .' -'nf 'V ' u N' . 5 ' f..+.,f"." , -2. -2- Lf. ,A '- .4 '- 7, .qaqwx ,rc h .QA 1: l., .X Q .' , .Q 4, ' - - t 9 46.9, H ' ' ,L , gh.. v .54 1 'Q'-, , .Q -. V . s Y -' . qv M .' tn ' ,iq '-.- ' ' I ts 4 '. ""':f ' 'lx . - 'ff' PM "3 ' A 'w N- fx . Y xi W' ' ' 'Q' 0' ' 'uv 31 V5 -" 1 A 1 QW W 459 ' ' ' ' U- ' '-' '. 'i .:- -4' A Q wi, 7ff2"Zf,:1f.,.:x gf-Iwi, fv..-96" A' 3 x 'N A sn-'fs 'I I ' 2 V x Y A., ' .Lg ' 'Q' " fb ' 'y 'ity' I w r "Uv, 'L sq aff Lis., ,r ""' E34 1 F M I .,,, 1--"'f 41 EEF? 1. an K . 4 1 ' ' :J 5' ' ibm af' , 4'K Y5ii '-X L! ti I 4' 4 ,S .ww Vista. " "' 5 ' .Q "f4k?'f V ,as Q. 44' 'iff 54, f,,f,.:"Q 4' ,1 by 4, E3 1 Av. X l S.. W xuziuk I Tim N 'B1.,,. H SEINSNQ .L 'fa H 'HWY' 1 K 1 1- .mi- ....-lv" , mzlm wh .K J? Q kxqxibgwlyq M w,,3c:fMuvu,,L, UL CLMBOAL B-MX Q Gggwxfk 1-,swf 33 gm, ,rtowufjwfxivu 'f ' MQMWH-PWA' E,L,3p.m31'5. VY'-'Lf Jang' ,QAJv-ew.o,x5P-ll a mxmqiz W' W . MEM ff,cz'1Q'Zff ry X sr M W W5 fs V iviixifiggtz , '56 '44 , --M--W-J L ,..,,,ff4.ellaMf"f' A fUr'c,g-ff CHVH !ief"5 Volume 32 of muff published bg . THE CLASS GF 1957 MOUNT NOTRE DAME Heading, Ohio 1 iluaf' H. .... ' 3 Q f fa L, it N' ""' Q .. in : .Aj3i' ,, x , .I -Q G+ 'y . , 4365 Q 'wmv BLESSED JULIE BILLIAHT With grateful hearts We dedicate our book to you, Blessed Mother Julia. Through the patient guidance Of your daughters We have learned The true meaning of the words " ow good is the good God " Having learned our high school days To love His goodness now want to share it with others By going forth to serve Which motivated your entire life, H ' . In ' e . . mls 'aypmvg' af? 1.4 5. 1, , 5, A iifgfi'-1 ,N Y , V L, ,V Ln' " I ,dll 8 wg 95 fl-A A -Q Av' iz i f , ' P , 5 -1 f- 5 K- ,.' f!'L FJf'f g f 5 WS wf' P LVM 1 1 1 f qgf, gh ,g Q, A 5 1 l' K Twvi' 1 I .. KA 5 A 1 l Q31 4 3 ? 3 f I sq! Q- f wg U Q S . 'Q' ,ffayr " A a " K " 'ff T j ., ., 1 K4 W , - 'J' ft ,Q I rs 5 Afgdfggg-L 2 Q if ,. i X fi H ' Q H L 4 21" ., Qs if 1 1 1 ikfig J W Maw! ,i,.Ni"s, MJ M lx TY X ww, .w , . '51 U f 1 , ,vnu-PIIIQ VFX, , K, km. I . .. 1 J.. Q...-.wg .mf Q :l .515- l ,iI5 v e I A 5 ' V VVe-f Qwfenz, 'IE lgfaam C ASS of T960 FIRST ROW: C. Wade, J. Theis, S. Overbey, M. B. Kreidler, M. Ryan, B. Nadaud, C. Merkle, J. A. Runck. SECOND ROW: J. Abel, J. Huneck, M. Trapp, J. Moeggenberg, C. Collins, B. Roth, N Collins, J. Kutcher. THIRD ROW: J. Bollmer, J. Brigger, J. Geraci, J. Werning. J. Flege, M. E. Kraus, K. Leicht, M. A. Albrinck. FOURTH ROW: C. Mouch, M. Horn, D. Maher, J. Flynn, S. Higgins, A. Wierwille, C. Gressler, G. Lehnert. THROUGH THE YEAR THE GIRLS 0F 9A HAVE STRIVEN TO LEARN .... GOOD CITIZENSHIP fl coumfsv 4 STUDY HABITS C ASS of I96O FIRST ROW: J. Recker, L. Laehr, B. Evans, K. Goldkamp, P. Knollman, K. Tobey, D. Besuden. SECOND ROW: C. Klopmeier, C. Jordan, M. Hoobler, J. Schueler, S. Behne, B. Meyer, S. Greenup. THIRD ROW: A. Willey, R. Meyer, P. Siegmund, S. Bunn, E. Peters, P. Lichtenberg, J. Whalen, C. Lacher. FOURTH ROW: L, Woeste, S. Niehaus, M. Schlunt, R. Fritz, S. Buerger, P. VanLokeren N. McKernan, J. Federle. ABSENT: C. Brandenburg, N. Hayes. FROM THE OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED AT MOUNT NOTRE DAME THESE GIRIS OF 9 B HAVE IEARNED. LOVE QF CDLIR LADY 5. GOCDD SPCJRTSIVIAN SH IP LESSCDNS IN LEISURE CLASS of I96O FIRST ROW: J. Schacht, S, Bause, C. McGill, K. Greiwe, J. Kuebler, M. Nunn, B. Dall man. SECOND ROW: P. Gallagher, D. Finkbeiner, J. Wallet, G. Johnson, P. Parr, K. Mack, J. Brossart, D. Meyer. THIRD ROW: G. Lewis, M. Bien, C. Vonderheide, S. Maly, J. Varelmann, B. Rotsching, J. Kellogg, S. Trapp. FOURTH ROW: J. Kraus, N. Young, K. Enda, J. Werning, J. Schloemer, J. Donovan, M. Buelterman, J. Fuetterer, J. Hall. TOGETHER WITH THEIR FELLOW STUDENTS THE GIRLS OF QC HAVE LEARNED. SGC IA B I L ITY ll rlnuuu' g v Y sf X '.1j.,i3"?- eg ,Z wa.. I ' UW: C ASS of I96O FIRST ROW: B, Sciarrino, D. Snell, J. Rolf, M, Myers, C, Voegele, J. Stadtmiller, SECOND ROW: E, Lang, C. Evans, M. K. Ziegler, J. L. Burns, D. Brenner, A. Renner, A. Warther. THIRD ROW: K. Steuer, M. Finkbeiner, N. Kampe, M. Heaton, P. Bruewer, M. Lar- mann, L. Heitz. M. J. Kramer. FOURTH ROW: M, L. Knueven, R. Clarke, B. Woebkenberg, J. Dratohvil, L. Mattscheck M, J. Knueven, V. Burcar, M. Miller. ABSENT: M. Hopkins, C. Mintkenbaugh. I IN TI-E CONGEN AI ATIVIOSP'-IERE OF IV. N. D. IT VIAS EASY FOR TI-E GIHIS OF QD TO IEAIIIN . FRIENDSHIP GENEROSITY APPRECIATION of NATURE - C ASS of I959 FIRST ROW: J. Konrad, M. E. Menglekamp, M. Fisher, J. Weis, N. Skillman, B. Trapp, J. Ellis. SECOND ROW: C. Gardner, M. Rebholz, J. Honerlaw, M. Welsch, C. Wolke, C. Oberle, B. Discepoli, M. Poorman. THIRD ROW: C. Krabbe, V. DePrisco, M. Maloney, M. J. Weitmarschen, A. Ancona, J. Keefer, C. Schneider, S. Besuden. FOURTH ROW: J. MacCa11um, K. O'Leary, M. Maugle, J. Moeggenberg, M. Wilking, P. Hempen, E. Dwire, M. Johnson, R.. E. Davis. ABSENT: M. L. Leugers. THIS YEAR THE SOPHOIVIORES HAVE TAHEN GREAT PRIDE IN LEARNING . LEADERSHIP LCDVE of PRAYER RECREATIGN C ASS of I958 , o J s J FIRST ROW: M. Beckham, M. H. Portmann, J. Fries, J. Sanders, P. Thaman, SECOND ROW: J. Vitali, J. Reed, P. Alfkin, J. Corsmeier, N. Doerger, S, Carnes. THIRD ROW: S. Henderson, C. Cunningham, S. Matre, J. Neihaus, V. Thiemann, M. Tobler, J. Long, FOURTH ROW: D. Bause, A. Donovan, R. Huseman, J. Alering, M. Schmitt, SZ Gal- lenstein, C. Chain, J. Sanders, B. Post, A. Alfkin. AFTER THREE YEARS AT MOUNT NOTRE DAME IT IS ONLY NATURAL THAT THE GIRLS HAVE LEARNED.. GGOD TASTE WCRLD VISION Wm R ve-Qvw-qpqo 'QW' , ,A Q Q ,M 3 - 4 463' Dwarf? "iu..,,A xl, Yffjg f -ff' 11 PCDISE if 5 1 We Suffer 'IE LGARN gif? .ak 15 .a M. 'VX-P xy STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING: N. Doerger, S. Gallenstein, M. Schmitt, A. Dillon, S. Carnes. SEATED: M. Albrinck, G. Lewis, J. Recker, M. K. Ziegler, M. Henkel, S. Rabenstein, Secretaryg M. C. Rouse, President, J. Koetters, J. Keefer, C. Krabbe, B. Discepoli, A. Ancona. Each girl shares in activity -planning through the Student Council representatives of her class. This organization coordinates the other clubs and extra-curricular activities which play an in- tegral part in the life of a M. N. D. girl. Sue Rabenstein and Mary Carol Rouse congratulate Gayle Lewis for her fine work lu the magazine drive. RED CROSS M. N. D. students participate in community service through the junior Red Cross. Class repre- sentatives are: B. Nadaud, J. Vitali, M. Hopkins, N. Rivoira, S. Gallenstein, K. Mack, M. Fisher, C. Jordan. SERVICE COMMITTEE The Service Committee's biggest project this year has been the revision of the Student Handbook. The girls who make up this committee are: J. Weis, D. McGuire, G. Schmid, S. Rabenstein, A. Collins, M. Quirk, J. THANKSGIVI G DANCE Hall, B. Woebkenberg, P. Siegmund. HILDRE CDF MARY On December 7, 1956, our Prefect led the newly con secrated Children of Mary from chapel. With Father Wo1f's message, the need of preserving loyalty to a Marylike standard of con duct, impressed on their hearts, they went forth with a renewed fervor and devotion to their queenly ideal. SODALITY OFFICERS Sue Matre Treasurer Audrey Dillon Prefect Julie Schmidt Secretary Our Sodality throughout the yea.r has given special recognition to the Blessed Virgin Mary. With our motto, "To Jesus through Mary", we aim at our own spiritual growth by learning a new way of life through personal holi- ness, sanctification of others, and promotion of zeal for the defense of the Church. At Mary's feet, Audrey Dillon, Prefect, exemplifies devotion to our Queen. One of our Sodality Units proudly presents the first Sodality-sponsored Movie Guide to Sister Mary Christopher HOM EWARD BOU D A varied program of athletics has done much to promote good sportsmanship and school spirit. The Girls' Athletic Association, newly organized under the direction of Mrs. Thomas Feck, promises to fur ther interest in wholesome sports. It will not only bring pleasant recreation but will help to develop strong bodies and strong characters which can take defeat or success in stride. CHAMPIONS W +1 lf' -wwf lm Q W , ,. A nm S, , 'MQ' L r ,YQ N N f , 3 s' '55 XX 2 and TENNIS, ANYGN E? QVER DHAMATICS "A1l the wor1d's a stage" when the M. N. D. students step behind the footlights for a superb dramatic performance. Directed by Sister Adrian, the Sophomores and Seniors in turn, presented excellent interpretations of scriptural and historical events. Poise, self- assurance, and the pleasure of working with a group of young people--these are lessons we have learned from both of our plays. 1 . asus- 1 S .mf , ,' ww? 51:45 any ,M Q wx ,5- ,Q fy 4 A 4' K , J V ,J A "ww L L Qeffbzf' V7 x " 3? fu 5 aj- ,, Z., my , Y, Ya? W4 zfig '22, 5 L 2 M . . H n ., . Q ,f ,-Q 2 hw as -x. ' 5 ' .. wig- Mmm. W? Q gs :K K QA Q Sf: 'S QS -A-..R, 2 X k Q 33 f Qxx w X xfki - 'R ERN: x ,xxx X ...S ' x was N-XQLQ THE SENIO PL Y , 2 N-' L VE I ETER AL Lights! Camera! Action! With these three magic words the audience attending Mt. Notre Dame's Senior Play, LOVE IS ETERNAL by Irving Stone, was transported back into the struggle and strife of the Civil War days. The audience was caught up and carried along in the conflict of the play as Mary Todd Lincoln, played by Justine Cornett, was ridiculed and mocked by her countrymen. The climax was reached when Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Tom Rupley of St, Xavier High School, signed the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION. This happy scene brought the curtain down on a memorable evening. ' R MUSIC Guided by Sister Mary Thomas, head of the Music Department, we develop a keen sense of appreciation for our musical heritage. The creative ability of our more artistically inclined students is developed under the able supervision of Sister Regina in the Art Room. Through the study of famous artists and their masterpieces they learn how to appreciate the beauty of these great works of artistic culture. ART v I Our C.S.M.C. moderator, Sister Adrian, sells her wares on Mission Day. W . ' 1 I f,.' 11 c. s. M. c. Through the Catholic Students' Mission Crusade the girls at Mount Notre Dame join with students all over the world in Christ's army of youth. Prayer, study and sacrifice are the weapons used to combat the evils of the modern age and the means to win all men to Christ. C. S. M. C. REPRESENTATIVES STANDING: D. Maher, J. Fcderle, M. Larmann, M. E. Mengelkamp, P. Gallagher. SEATED: J. Thorpe, M. Henkel, I. Vitali. ANNU L STAFF NANCY HESS - Business Manager IULIE SCI-IMIDT - Art Editor JANICE FELDHAUS - Business Manager MADELINE CAVANAUGH - Art Editor MARY KAY HERSCHEDE - Editor SISTER MARY DAVID - Advisor Mountain Lore of 1957 is now a reality after months of work and planning Before it becomes just one more memory of a happy senior year we want to thank our teachers for their invaluable help, our fellow students for their interest and co-operation, our patrons and very specially our photographers, Mr. Schatzel and Mr. Jones. We feel the happiness of achievement, but our book would not have been possible without many helping hands. x i, A- . .. .Q 1 O 0 O STANDING: Mrs. G. Dillon, Mrs. D. Cavanaugh, Mrs. R. Cunningham, Mrs. V. Sicking. SEATED: Mrs. F. Allen, Mrs. E. Kindel, Mrs. R. I-lerschede, Mrs. H. Long. Working together for M. N. D. , our devoted parents show their interest in our welfare and happiness. By the activities they sponsor during the year, the parents, students and faculty are bound closely together in a harmonious spirit of family living. D D'S CLUB r L' psf' E-,Ts as-gf ,' . , . gg, cr My r . L A 4... 'V s 3277 0-4 k STANDING: Mr. J. Koetters, Mr. A. Schmidt, Mr. F. Bause, Mr. E. Rivoira, Mr. H. Long. SEATED: Dr. R. Cunningham, Mr. G. Discepoli, Dr. D. Cavanaugh, Mr. E. Kindel. 'Q K, 5? gpg -Gu... was 5 . E fkifl' . L5-st if E wi ,W .v 'M'-, YS We G-o l:o11Tb 75 Semis IVIADELINE CAVANAUGH JUSTINE CORNETT IVIARY CBAVAACK AUDHEY DlllON Wa B G32 JANICE FELDHAUS , QQQA-cl fam., NIABLENE HENHEL ' . e a - u In' Q . ' u 'I IVIAHY HAY HERSCHEDE NANCY HESS ANN HOGAN JOAN HOETTERS PATRICIA HRABBE DOROTHY IVICGUIHE MARTHA OBERIVIEYER MARY OUIRH SUE RABENSTEIN NANCY RIVOIHA MARY CAROL RGUSE JULIE SCHIVIIDT JOANNE TI-IORPE A GRADUATE S PRAYER Wrth grateful hearts dear Mary we offer you thls prayer rn thanksgrvmg for all you have done for us especlally durrng our hrgh school days You have been the insprration of all our ideas the gurdrng hand behmd every actron and the rdeal toward whrch we have striven To prove our love more fully we consecrated ourselves to you through the Chrldren of Mary In a few years our hrgh school days wrll be but a drstant memory But dear Lady keep us always close to your Immaculate Heart, every moment of our 11ves ,Y , X W. f A51 . 'Es' Rn - - f M f. k kk A xxx, 5? My E f ,W N , 2, Sig . 7 f .- 4 S K K if isa we LW W i 5 af K , .M ' ' ,, 1 Q 'V' ,, ,wr 5, Q 1 1 ,N N Y 2 .. MVN- A , , Jiffy 3, X ? s ua MIN YOUR IVIIDST AS HE WHO SERVES ST. LUKE 22 : 27 SENIOHS STEP INTO A FUTURE OE SERVICE 4 rr , L. I f , 2 " 0' 1 ,As .1 H: . 5 X kr Q ,i Tx. 4' ff Wff .af .iffy ,i f"i AiJA,y'fw'1 5 ,Q 4 X K. ' S M Q 6 ft -, .4 f 1' 8 N, V, Rf! + . I A ,, ,-1 K G i A rg yJ, ik ,. 4 N , , 4,-K: , H? 'f v A 4 'Li S 6 Eli .Q JA 'fLf,".fkf f',f" ' get " S F ' ' , ",",x' , AN, A ,, ful 'A' rl . - ki ,ff M ff 'f h V,f5H.,,u,f .139-if 'Af fl? '56 ng ,1q , ' ' P t X ., . R ' ff.4'S, ,111 if A"'g" v K S ,i 1 4 NW, i.,1y,,s.m. . M, , W . . 1 . 1 Q - ' df fm' 44 ' 'Lf 1 'Z 1 1 - .f 4 if 'ic C. ty . Q ,, , ,. .,-, ,own fm Neff r" V' f' fax ,:,,liQc' QU ' 4, , . f f ff f , Q '51 M' al ff , A , Af 1, .131-4--ff? J' ' ,fcz,f.,4 if, M Q 1 6 f Y , . , N A 1 4, L., ff .fff f AAAVK ff uf: H' if ,C"7i43' it 'fl' at 1 . . -f I ' I J ,,,f',-fff' . N 4' W 44 4 30,6 .ww gud. m , " . g ' . , , 1 ,I ,fgwg .figlff ff L1 V141 vi -"4 'f . 2' ' r , H QL ,, fL+L,,, iffitz 1' . Aj 1 K .. , ,Q 1 A 4: sf if 5 5 ,QS-4,4 K 1 I PATHONS MR. AND MRS. WALTER G. ALBRINCK MR. AND MRS. JOHN K. CARNES DR. AND MRS. D. N. CAVANAUGH DR. AND MRS. RALPH CUNNINGHAM MR. AND MRS. GEORGE C. DILLON MR. AND MRS. GUIDO M. DISCEPOLI MR. AND MRS. CLARENCE FELDHAUS MR. AND MRS. CARL GALLENSTEIN MR. AND MRS. ALBERT HENKEL MR. AND MRS. RICHARD L. HERSCHEDE MR. AND MRS. RALPH F. HESS . MR. AND MRS. MARTIN HOGAN MR. AND MRS. EDWARD C. KINDEL MR. AND MRS. HERMAN B. KRABBE MR'. AND MRS. ROBERT F. LONG DR. AND MRS. A. G. MATRE MR. AND MRS. JAMES MURRAY MR. AND MRS. GEORGE NIEHAUS MR. AND MRS. ROBERT A. OBERMEYER MR. AND MRS. JOHN P. QUIRK MR. AND MRS. VINCENT E. RABENSTEIN MR. AND MRS. E. J. RIVOIRA MR. AND MRS. LOUIS ROUSE , MR. AND MRS. ANDREW J. SCHMIDT MR. AND MRS. GEORGE THAMAN MRS. MARIE TI-IIEMANN MOUNT NOTRE DAME ALUMNAE STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS OF 1958 . CLASS OF 1959 CLASS OF 1960 - 9A CLASS OF 1960 - 9B CLASS OF 1960 - 9C CLASS OF 1960 - 9D BUSINESS PATRONS A-1 DRY CLEANERS 6209 Montgomery Road Re. 1-7950 LEO A. ALFKIN, PLUMBER 203 West Benson Street Reading, Ohio AL'S TOGGERY SHOP 401 Benson Street Reading 15, Ohio DANIEL ANCONA 8z. SON, INC. General Contractors Excavating-GradingTrenching Compliments of FRED C. BAUSE Silverton Brick Contractor BECKHAM TILE Sz MARBLE CO. 7350 Brill Road Cincinnati, Ohio A. BELL 8: SON "The Store of Variety" Reading 15, Ohio H. J. BENKEN, FLORIST Woodford and Plainfield Tw. 1-1040 BOK PAINT 8: WALLPAPER 12 West Benson Street Reading, Ohio Compliments of ROBT. BRUENEMAN DRY CLEANERS Norwood, Ohio - Me. 1-4507 CARRELLI'S SILVERDALE MARKET Choice Meats and Poultry 6934 Plainfield Road - Tw. 1-2880 COOPER'S SHOES 109 Mill Street Lockland 15, Ohio DOERGER MEATS 3978 Superior Avenue Phone Sy. 1-3200 Compliments of EVELYN'S "Fashions for Women" 8016 Plainfield Road FAMOUS GLASS BARN Reading Road Reading, Ohio Compliments of FRANK I. FELDHAUS 8: SON Contractors PETER I. FELDHAUS Carpenter 8a Builder Reading, Ohio Best Wishes From a Friend Congratulations to The Class of 1957 From a Friend GAHL SHOE CO. INC. Benson and Reading Roads Va. 1-4546 Keep That Youthful Complexion Drink 3 Glasses of Milk Each Day GREATER CINCINNATI MILK DEALERS ASSN HARRIGAN'S PHARMACY 301 West Benson Street Reading, Ohio - Va. 1-2407 HARTWELL PONY KEG 12 Sheehan Avenue Va. 1-9504 HERFF-JONES COMPANY Indianapolis, Indiana Wm. C. Ulrich, Representative BUSINESS PATRONS I. J. HONNINGFORD "Your Master Plumber Sy. 1-4338 HUFFORD HEATING SALES SEIVICE Montgomery, Ohio Sy. 1-3894 H 8a D FAMILY SHOE STORE 8016 Plainfield Road Deer Park 36, Ohio Sy. 1-8630 Best Wishes IVORYDALE LUMBE2 CO. Cincinnati, Ohio KAMM'S DELICATESSEN 907 Reading Road Reading, Ohio KELLER'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 1517 Reading Road - Reading Po. 1-1909 Compliments of KLEIN MOTOR CO. 8234 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio WALTER KLOPMEIER Painter 8: Decorator Reading, Ohio KOEHLER HARDWARE CO. 400 W. Benson Street - Reading Va. 1-0343 JOSEPH L. KOETTERS Plaster-CONTRACTOR- Stucco Av. 1-8182 LAMPE'S BAKERY 119 W. Benson Street Reading 15, Ohio LEUGERS PONY KEG 8: DELICATESSEN 1201 Reading Road Reading 15, Ohio fContinuedy LEWIS ANIMAL HOSPITAL 451 E. Galbraith Road Cincinnati 15, Va. 1-1101 THE LOCKLAND LUMBER CO. Lumber 8: Millwork Lockland 15, Ohio Compliments of LOTZ CAFE 231 Reading Road MAUGLE APPLIANCE CO. 1111 Reading Road - Reading Va. 1-7766 MERKLE MEA TS Lockland, Ohio We Deliver MEYER SOHIO SERVICE Galbraith and Plainfield Roads Deer Park - Sy. 1-3338 - Sy. 1-9846 MIAMI 50 to 85. 00 STORE Madeira, Ohlo Mr. and Mrs. Fred Konrad Compliments of MISS AND MRS. SHOPPE Reading, Ohio KARL J. MOUCH Jeweler 7200 Vine Street - Carthage MYERS RADIO AND TELEVISION Deer Park, Ohio Sy. 1-7878 NAEFACH'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Corner of Blue Ash and Sibley Silverton - TW. 1-2910 Compliments of J. F. OBERMEYE1 AND SONS Home Builders BUSINESS PATRONS QContinuedj OBERT'S PHARMACY 436 Springfield Pike, Wyoming Phones Va. 1-8373 - 1-2045 Compliments of O'LEARY CLEANERS AND DYERS Deer Park, Ohio PLEASANT RIDGE HARDWARE CO. 6081 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio READING HEATING SERVICE J. J. Grieshaber 309 West Benson Street READING FLORIST 110 W. Benson Street Reading, Ohio RIDGE FLOWER SHOP 6028 Ridge Avenue Pleasant Ridge Compliments of ROSELAWN CENTER BUILDING MERCHANTS Cincinnati 3'7, Ohio Compliments of RUTTERER'S PHARMACY Downtown Deer Park SCHMIDT-DHONAU FUNERAL HOME 443 Reading Road Reading, Ohio BILL SCHMIDT'S MEATS 1009 Jefferson Avenue Va. 1-4564 SCHOENBERGER MEN'S SHOP 6930 Plainfield Road Silverton, Ohio SCIARRINO PHARMACY 6082 Montgomery Road Pleasant Ridge SILVERTON CARD 8a RECORD CENTER Records - Cards - Gifts 6931 Plainfield Road STEFANI, FELDHAUS, sc1ALDoNE mc Realtors - Builders - Designers Re. 1-5411 JOHN L. THORPE Accountant - Tax Consultant Sy. 1-'7910 TINA, INC. 8418 Vine Street Cincinnati 16, Ohio - Va. 1-9 TOMASELLA GROCERY 413 Wyoming Avenue Wyoming 15, Ohio GEORGE VAN LOKBZEN Brick Contractors Va. 1-0938 Courtesy of VITALI HARDWARE Silverton, Ohio WELLING'S IEWELERS 122 Mill Street Lockland, Ohio DR. R. T. WELLING, IR. 123 Mill Street Lockland, Ohio WIEBELL JEWELERS Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry Reading, Ohio H. YAGER WALLPAPER, INC. 311 Main Sueet Cincinnati 2, Ohio 1 Compliments of COLUMBIA OLDSMOBILE GREIWE, INC. IDEAL SERVICE SUPPLY CO TERIOR DECORATORS BUILDING MATERIALS 2426 - 2432 Me. 1-8680 ffl' is ff ' Q QV , A 'I ly . x 5, 'J xiq ,A1 I If pf JI h , If Tl X Mfg ' A' 'Ev T 7, 'A 1 y, yn Q if 'X J Q, w". fp 1' A! 2-L I Ytij if 'Q I7 P? f4i9'J,rXb 'sl Eipjv ,KJV I, ,FLQ jx ff U A 91' 1. ff' A ' . ,ff N A 'W -'B' Jw' WI. W5 7' uvggf' Si-jyf' jf 6 5 I, Y Xi ' f BEST WISHES A A T0 THE 6, sw ,ff My CLASS or 1957 ff - m WWQVN ' Cay. 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Suggestions in the Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) collection:

Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 27

1957, pg 27

Mount Notre Dame High School - Mountain Lore Yearbook (Reading, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 38

1957, pg 38

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