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, , '.,. MounT Vlorns mx VA , IllmouS K ' ,W J 'CAyyn5?r,1 f dj aw 5' 0' QQ j ll lk:-ff!EV't NIQQQSQBVAQIZ I K r leg I ' I - 1 A .fy I X JP' f f W mxxxxx k xovrdffbof XI N X13 1l'9 yd, Z7 be 1'N5x I 5 ll N Z M :Si-9. 0' ', Mwgif' QMZL4, , AWMXQX ,l- Ii' ,Mg-L:-,Q f , f ir!! ,lb v flf, 5:59 l ,W f f vu JW Ilia ff I ,. .., 12.40 , I if, , 1911! 1527 :1j if A ll 9: D' ,frfdyf ,A 114:51 I lf, I f I ,JI S X-sill fr f 'Zl !g. ' , f ,- . 1 l x ' , I' W?-T-1 ' , xx 1- , ' ' .r , ' ff'lfxY4.w f ' "' K 'S . ' 4, n r. ' 5,,d 1, 4? l X" 'Y ': '71 V Q J 4 X 'X . W"l, ,ij',4 ,'p Q' I I I I 7 f , wx 5-4 ' 1 fight N '- V N ' A ,A-" 2.5, y nf km..-glndli , QI, lg S " f " i "N , ,yw ,ies ,1 : V v, I. , I , f V. I , "ft :'--.-' '.'f" - - -' s nf- -f 1 - wfw 4,1 1:v1::fa1x.f:'-1 f ff f 1 V. rf- ff 'A ff QW . 4 - 4Aq,l,qp.g1g,-y-g" , Yr ,.:,,..,,. ,, , . . 1 . 5 p ,' 345. 'x 429 Q f' 'lpsaifgl' P-"J ,I QS' A, ,WA I Y ', X X I I yr' I thief! s., 3 - ' Q- -23:3 ,f .f,1.,, 1- , 7 ff I J, 4 ,Q , f--.f f f V-:1 --1 .-J ' Q, 5-.5 L" , f ,I f-A h.1v-.v.,:G1l', f , ' ly ' H ." , 2' 'f ' ' x -4 - ,x-. , - Q , 11- !.uu,...,.- , , U - xv ,f , ,Iv ff , , 4 N X, , g .,,-A ,I -xg- , ,.,1,,vf l,,', , 1 ,.,,1.,-,, , N N . fx ' ' +E'p .-if '5 ',-:Jar , R 1 -fffgfiowf' ' ' I. , - . : X - -.,- ,ffm-ff -' .pr-', , I L l. -. .- ' ,g.-.2 1, , I", Q 5 Rx 1 i.iZ!,,, D ,4 I 4 All . Q.: x .ffx 1 ,544 11 I I I ff 4 ' XX ..."" I-, Qfi'-.-' - ' - ' I' ,: Q ' Q6 1' 45' .4 , f H 1 " . 'K xx-P-- -f -1---15" f, ' - x , 'Y -1 'il A ff "P fx xv -1 " 23462111 X JIM c .1 ' ' IQ, 'f .' -f- ' - -ff - 'X'--'if' f 'z f ff a- .f':.. S ,ff bf 'Q-.L--. . 1. , 1 , -s 1 . I f nl' .,.',- l-4 5 -- IZ Q' -, V '." f 1' , '-:-.4 1 1 ' 1, r ff fl, V ' 12.5-" "P -1., 'F 1 ', ' ' l y ' -Q1 f af v.: rr f. - , .1 ,' ' 'I ll X3 ' ffm 4' xi- - , f If ' .71 :. fi.':- --',,q,, -. ,, , , '. -54 I '-1, 1 f- X ,t l " I 7 ln V 5 1 I '.,'iTf1'f.- ':' , Af 1q.L'f-Zu ll-'V 0 ' 4'fO.",l' ' f, I .K -jf I 1 f .5 .1rgv21 61,12 XJ N IM -ugct, 44211 fl -K Oxfj, I' X , -'ff 1 'xx f, A, -1. , Q .. -2 -.Q-1 f I f ff IJ i - , , ,. ,,, w x.-. ,,., , A jf - - ,, -4, f -'Q-1-'1 , Q Y L, f - ,f H Q - 4 f l. fun, ,, mm- f Qllaclrilat ,l. 7sg.':' l l Urals . R' ," . fx ,', 'K ,M ,M 1 s... ,ff 2 lu- --.,. 1 ...n .1 t','N The 1958 Mounder CHARLOTTFS BEAUTY SALON, Mt. Morris, Illinois vm-N ,e-aqui , , fi dgnz, 'R-f Ag 1-11 -5 1 4 is 1 a ly Z . ,fn 1, f ' I 4. ,A 3 '-1 7 fag v Q ' 91 " ' -wxiwif W 4 ' 2 N f 5 35 ' 10" 1 - ,eff in 1 5 '?.i2Q?3 .-3j,g..L , if -sg , ' Q 4 f ' H12 ' f f 1 4 ' ,ff ,l 3 ,fs A ' If , , I f . K, X' , f ' f 1 f awww , f 4 if iv if ' A I x yi wif ,ff , 2' , f f I 45 , , WM , 4 ,Q f , ,,,,f ,L 5 f Hi' 4 ? Yfgf , 4' 5 1 A W. i 4-v 1, 2 X ,I f K, f .,. . 5 As man's dream of penetrating outer space becomes a reality, it is increasingly important that each individual obtains acomprehensive,wel1 grounded education today for living in the tomor- row. Many avenues of training are offered to us at M.M.H.S. to provide us with a basic scholastic and social background which will better enable us to live in a "space era." Though goals and progress may differ with each individual, our endeavors find us in. . . 'Q ACKER S SHOE STORE 8. ACKER S CLOTHING STORE, Mt. Morris, Illinois Classes sw, Library. . . Laboratories Projects. . . Assemblies . . . Homerooms Educational Vocational Guidance 'Z Yi K1 - Q ' ff at Class Activities . . . Organizational Activities Recreation . . . ocial Affairs . . . 1- As books are turned in at the close of a year's toil and achievement, we think i back on our enriching ex- periences and confidently look forward to fruitful fu- ture years. Athletics mggw an Wwww .,,. if ' ,F 5:1 apr . , L ' 'E www '- W 'fa i V y V fs ' ff ' .W aff' 2 ' k wa 'Y , Bi, , mg .RW f , , Mg Q v N is F ax B8 B5 84. 79 '17 83 TOP ROW-Jim Schiefelbein, Lanny Beck, Neil Madlena, Don Snodgrass, Mike Powers, Gary Gottschalk, Don Asp. MIDDLE ROW-Coach Ray Walder, Dave Myers, Gary Miller, Darrell Raney, Rod Miller, Gary Dunk, Denny Hanes, Bill Unger, Dale Kinsley, Doug Raney, Manager, Gall Rothermelg Coach Ben Clark. FRONT HOW-Stan Corbett, Terry Nelson, Dave Graf, Jim Wean, Gary Anderson, Hilary Sattgast. Varsity Football 1+ , , 'r I 4 T ll '1 4. l i J A Gary Gottschalk, Honorary Captain Dave Graf, Most Valuable Player OWEN'S SPORT SHOP, Dixon, Illinois Stan Corbett gets set to drop a West Rockford halfback. Gary Gottschalk gets under way as he turns the corner during the Oregon game. :rl.,.v, ' , Darrell Raney tries to out-ma- neuver a Lanark tackler as Lan- ny Beck heads down field. M 8. M MARKET, ML Morris, Illinois 'sul Madlena. Guard I' 5- -.sunt-l .1 .. Q l - I Miki Powers Tackle Dave Myers, End Doug Rancy, Halfbick The 1957-58 Moluider football team had an average season. The thing exceptional about this team, however, was the players themselves. They were a "do or die" bunch, and no matter what the odds they never gave up. The highlight of the season was the last game, in which a team of rough and ready Moun- ders knocked championship headed Oregon, who had beaten the Mounders by 25 points once before. out of first place in the Conference. Elected Most Valuable Player on the team was guard, Dave Graf. Honorary Captain was halfback, Gary Gottschalk. BOYNTON-RICHARD CO., Men's and Boys' Clothing, Dixon, Illinois Dale Kinsley, Quarterback W. .. if I' 91 .. 3 Don Snodgrass 3 WT' lr- is Jim Schiefelbein puts his head down and plows, as Polo tacklers close in. Gary Dunk 1803 comes up to help if possible. Stan Corbett QBSJ and Mike Powers f86j bring a hard running Oregon back to a halt as Dave Graf 1843 and Gary Gott- schalk q89y come racing upto lend a hand. ROCKFORD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Rockford, Illinois Stan Corbett 4281 says "Let me outa here" as Oregon tacklers close in, 25. as . r, ' "L" '14 61' V , , '38 4 . w.,g.'! 5 , f t T . J fly? ix Y V J V' y ' if ' 3 'ff-9' it 3 . V ,Iv g t: C. . WT' ,f x H Moundets Opponents 0 Polo 7 Lanark 6 Mt. Carroll 7 Milledgeville 18 Oregon 20 9:1 A TOP ROW-Neil Madlena,CoachW.F, Burstrom, Bill Unger,Dale Kinsley, Fred Miller. ROW 5-Fred Taylor Dennis Arden, Larry Highbarger, Darrel Hollinger, Dave Miller, Doug Raney, Curt Garrison. ROW 4 Ron Nevenhoven, Terry Davis, Lloyd Blake, John Strauss, Stu Zimmerman, John LeVar. ROW 3-Roger Satter field, Steve Noonkesser, Ken Zipse, Alan Koper, "Corky" Reynolds, Phil Avey. ROW 2-Jim Graf Dave Powers Tom Williams Bob Moon Terr Thomas, Vane Gruver. ROW 1-Neil Unger, Alan Copeland Fred Frosh-Soph Football Fred Miller drops an Oregon ball carrier during a Frosh Soph game at Mt, Morris. Moving in to help are Lloyd Blake l30l John Strauss l40j, and Curt Garrison 1453, 20 20 7 6 ' i MS"-'Q LACE OLDS, Oregon, Illinois 1 r,- On the second prize G..-XA. float are Kay 1Bla.kep Masters. the bride. and Diane Orr. the groom 'lf I +v- il , l'i14' F.Pi.,4 'Allyn Q D . ' I 'Yi Q 3, - . "' Wt . ' . san,-v Wuxi- D ,iris E, 11 .va - r--L-A-W. 6' L-L L..- Z Sara Clark and Lucy McDermott pose as a Dutch girl and boy on the F.H,A.- F.F.A. windmill. This float took first prize. Homecoming ls Great Kay Hovis, the Homecoming Queen, is surrounded by her attendants: Joyce Knowles, seniorg Janet Fleer, juniorg Marion Dollinger, sophomoreg and Sharon Smith, freshman. K K SMARTWEAR SHOP, Mt. Morris, lllnnofs tum 1 Fw ToN7eGa-"fl -1 STKE This balloon, with such a clever motto, took Coming in fourth was thx' junior's clock, set for gumetime. third place for the freshmen. Homecoming festivities began the night before the game with the traditional bonfire and snake dance. The following evening during the half of the game Homecoming Queen, Kay Hovis, and her atten- dants were presented. Our success was cele- brated after the game at the dance which con- cluded the two days' events. uccess For Mounders WHHTM elif? 'ug IA seniors. who did ax tremendous Joh Ull' theme. won fifth prin- lieu-zvln' honorable mention was the P- ornore nm-4-file und spool of thread WEL SNEWUFETHE Aww JIM'S BARBER SHOP, Mt. Morris, Illinois -uv Varsity Basketball OPPONENTS Rock Falls Forreston 'Lanark Amboy 'Polo Rochelle 'ML Carroll 'Milledgevillc Byron 'Oregon Dale Kinslcy appears to be hitching a ride on an Oregon player as hc takes off for thc basket. Rod Miller U03 comes into rebound. BU' i Dixon 1' Lanark Newman ' Polo 'ML Carroll Rochelle 'Milledgeville 'Oregon "Rochelle VARSITY FROSH-SOPH MM OPP MM OPP 41 90 32 57 26 72 42 49 46 48 49 40 37 62 43 44 51 67 32 25 38 53 25 53 45 50 45 60 53 71 32 34 48 60 36 30 48 58 44 42 47 76 38 58 49 64 46 42 48 75 44 61 44 72 46 30 37 56 48 61 40 65 45 62 45 85 41 54 44 60 55 23 48 75 'BLACKHAWK CONFERENCE GAMES "REGIONAL TOURNAMENT GAME 25 6 l S- Cuuch J.R Worley. Gary Dunk, Brlun Schelling, Dall- Kinsley. Jim Schu-fcllx-ln. Denny Hanes. Darrell Ram-y. Su-vc JL-wr-11. Ron Miller. Terry Nelson DEE LUX SHOPPE, Ml. Morris, Illinois ,Q in 9' RA Q 1, -L. . , 1 ...L ' , f I R X, " ',,: N Q-' is' niM1llLr Fuxrd gum Jlwln wk., 5. .X it Dunn Hmm: Lmnu r Q xry Dunk Fuard ,uns D111 hlmlu F nu-lrd Darull Ranu Gund MT MORRIS FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP l , I ,l5 3 ,Rf 'i ' Fuard Ixm buhufplbun C nu: if Ln Snh llmg I-mvwu 1, io- ! N1 n fuqld Mt Morrls lllmols 19 7 , A i ,, fr J Y 4 . . V nf "-1 -' " " 'H31' " . I 'X 1 3 , , .. -, , . A ff? L7 ' ' , . ' , L n 25 k Ms f P' M- , ' -A,.. I-It Q R ,f ' " 'I' X ' q 'ig If E . 'ly WE A M, . , O Q g 1 ., . O, Q 'j ' T- - iz ' ,1' Bl'lL .'-1-' ,' ':'d 7 A' -R , " .SW A ' f Rf ' is ' H ,., ' ' ' ' y i . , fy , . 5? F ff-g, I 1 1 E 5 1 5 Q 1 . Y Y , ,, 2? ' M if 4 W K ..',5 1 , w w ' X ' Y I V I I M I 1 I ,qzl 5 .,,,, L I . . ,, 1 , A .L xNl-.4 ' V V V VW, L , Vg f ,. ,,, A... MM? ' , K ' XX ' I X 7 1 i ' ' - ','4 " '- ' " ' ',', 1 Tm-'Vyf -iso . I ' ' bt TOP ROW-Gail Rothermel, Terry Davis, Fred Miller. Bill Unger, Neil Madlena, Ron Nevenhoven, Dave Miller. MIDDLE ROW-Coach Ray Walder, Stu Zimmerman, Doug Messer, Phil Avey. Neil Unger. Doug Dusing, Fred Himert. "Corky" Reynolds. FRONT ROW-Lloyd Blake, Terry Ewens, Dave Powers, Terry Thomas, Roger Satterfield, Doug Haney, Tom Williams. Frosh- oph Basketball Stu Zimmerman, Guard Fred Miller, Forward 20 ip ,.M.,.,, I , In z I Z 1 -J.. ,cl , ' -7' Q11 Dave Miller, Forward Bill Unger, Center ! , l V Q .. ' L I 32 I - ' 2, . Q.. hi fr 'N , "Corky' ' Reynolds . Guard Gail Rothermel, Center T f S-3 ff ' ' Y ,,. I "I Z '. ., 1 1 Q I A91 BURKE'S "66" SERVICE STATION, MY. Morris, Illinois ,Wi,, Q4 I l l!2!:i ,V Q jk if " 1 4-, 'Wi V 1 W 6 2. I ' H sg i . ,V " "'! I. I ' if 6 IBF' . . 1" if M Win' A Doug Dusing, Guard Neil Madleua, Forward JUNIOR-VARSITY BASKETBALL Rod Miller lofts a jump-shot as Jim Schiefelbein 1151 and Denny Hanes 1251 move in for a rebound, Gary Dunk 11-U awaits the results. Fred Millcr goes in for a lay-up in u Fresh-Soph contest against Milledge- ville. Doug Dusing 1153, Dave Miller 1253, and "Corky" Reynolds 112j make sure its good before moving down the floor, 5 BACK ROW-Mike Powers, Dick Lewan- doski, Don Asp, Steve Colvin, Alun Koper, Coach Les Mayes. MIDDLE ROW- John LeVar, Dave Warkins, Ron Neven- hoven. Alan Anderson, Don Highbarger, FRONT ROW-Doug Raney, Ron MCNL-tt. Gary Hollinger, Hilary Salttgast, Tom Flosi. JUNIOR-VARSITY BASKETBAL L BACK ROW-Alan Copeland, Jim Kinsey. Terry Davis, John Strauss,Davc Powers. Couch Los Mayes. MIDDLE ROW-Bill Dunk, Steve Nounkcsscr, Curt Garrison. Keith Davis, Ron Zoellcr. FRUNTRUWA Diilc Arden. Rogm-r Suite-rfiold, Bill Mun- gzm, Bob Moon, Tom Williams JAMES M. WHITE, "REAL ESTATE 8. INSURANCE, Ph. 578, Oregon, Illinois .sy hr.: I i, 5 1 r 'l A 1 - if. f ' C. ' '- . .A 9 X' Q.- . V 4 . V gb -gun nl-N. :- ,f 1 , I 1 9 nr V v y K .,, - ' in ij y XF 7 A .- t .iq - 5. - ' . : A ' ' 'I .. I N-k . ...A 'I n . at M.,,r sv . A- Ann Williams. track queen, hands Alan Copeland a second place ribbon for the 880 yd. run at the conference track meet. mv? JZ ?,g H fi, N? X .. fn. BACK ROW-Mr. C1ark,GaryGottschalk, Dick Lewandowski. Darrell Raney, Mike Powers, Neil Madlena, JimSchiefelbein, Terry Davis, Gary Dunk, Bill Unger, Lanny Beck, Mr,Worley. MIDDLE ROW- Dale Kinsley, Darrel Hollinger, John Strauss, Neil Unger, Gary Miller, Ron Nevenhoven, Doug Kaff, Dave Warkins, Fred Miller, Rod Miller. FRONT ROW- Dave Powers, Steve Duncan, Stu Zim- merman, Stan Corbett, Terry Thomas, Doug Raney, Tom Williams, Alan Cope- land, John LeVar, Don Asp Track The Mounders made one real fine showing this season in beating Lanark 67 to 46. winning all but ai few events. The second annual Mt. Morris Re- lays again highlighted the season this year. Although no team scores were kept: all previous records were either broken or tied except for the 100 yd. dash. The Mounders were host to the Blackhawk Conference track meet which Polo won with a team score of Tl T110 points. The Mounders finished last with ll l,f'2 points. MT. MORRIS CLEANERS, Mt. Morris, Illinois el I' 'J 5 ' f' 74 Q x i Bill Unger heaves amighty throw but fell short of the fresh-soph conference record by inches. He still took first place in the shot. Managers The managers for this year wort-: BACK ROW-Doug Messer and Gail Rothcrmcl ffootballj: FRONT ROW-Dickllvrrmann. Jim Graf, Tom Flosi llmaskutballp. We will miss the work of Dick Herrmann who managed three major sports for four years. MCGEE LUMBER COMPANY, Mt. Mo Gary Gottschalk is shown winning his heat with "Pipe"Raney com- ing in second in the 440 during the conference track meet. Gary placed fourth in the finals that night. , AU la? ,""N jf wo- ' 2' --fc. 3010 3 9- HJ' I . ' ,.,..-.4 , 'W Morris Morris Morris Morris Morris Morris Morris if 4 'fi 6 2 2 10 5112 6 51f2 STANDING-Terry NulSun.G:1ryl'lcmllingvr.D0miy Hamas. f'Ul'iGlll'- FISOD. Brizm Schulling, Daxvv Bzncs SITTlNGfBill Aldrich. Tom Flosi. Ron McNvtt. Bub Saittvrfiuld Rock Falls 4 Rochelle 8 Oregon 8 P010 0 Rochelle 4 U2 Sterling 4 Orugon 4 1X2 Prfslngtrirlhis1:14-lun-.iiw Lfiii h NK F Hu istr-irn 1f.ii' ilghli .iziil his mp thin- linlxsmi-n Bxiiii Suhi-llxng. Ci.irx HiilllliQ,1l'l, ,mil Ti-rrx' Nvlsiin i-ff lv .,1' S Y 'rP 0 If JOHN SPRECHER, Mt. Morris, Illinois N-...A 1 STANDING-David Rittenhouse, Dale Arden, Dennis Arden, Jim Root, Bob Shobe, Carl Petty. KNEELING- Gary Anderson, Gail Rothermel, Don Highbarger, Hilary Sattgast. Steve Noonkesser, Bill Dunk, Tennis Inexperience was the big problem of the tennis team. Seven of the twelve members of the team were from the freshman and sophomore classes. The results of the tennis meets are as follows: Opponents Mounders E. Rockford 9 0 Dixon 9 0 W. Rockford 9 0 Rochelle 6 1 Freeport 9 0 Rochelle 9 0 I Rock Falls 3 2 Hilary Snttgast serves while Don Highbarger waits for the return. STEVE'S BODY SHOP, Mt. Morris, Illinois Planning this year's Pepster pro gram are Mary Jo Ewens, secre tary-treasurer, Kay Hovls. pre sidentg and Janet Fleer, vice president. Pictured here are two Pepsters, Kathy Dmmk and Sharon Lamm, stamping at games, Pepsters-- Boosters of School Spirit BACK ROW-Dolores Cassidy, Doree DuMont, Pat Gilhooly, Caren Spear, Joyce Schier, Barbara Potter, Diane Jones, Connie Frey,Ju1ie Stankrauff,KathyDunk,Janis Spencer, Charlene Sandstrom. MIDDLE ROW- Ann Williams, Lorelle Stauffer, Sceone Beck, Suzanne Edwards, Gayle Rowland, Suzy Hall, Bev Lawrence, Sybil Dohlen, Gretchen Conrad, Joyce Arden, Barbara Garkey,Janet Knowles, Sharon Lamm. FRONT ROW- Joyce Knowles, Kay Hovis, Janet Fleer, Sandra Myers, Mary Jo Ewens, Judy Mulcay, Rosalyn Pierce, Marion Dolllnger. BUSER LUMBER COMPANY, Mt. Morris, Illinois 9 J I, 4. A x ,' 4 6 ,A J AE, Qi W 1 M' 17,73 BACK ROW Gary Gottschalk B111 Unger Mlke Powers NLI1 Madlena Jlm Schuftlbem Don Snodgrass Lanny Beck Denny Hanes MIDDLE ROW SteveJewett RodneyM11ler Gary Dunk Steve Colvm Dale Kms ley Gary Miller Darre1lRaney StanCorbett FRONTROW J R Worley Qadvlsc rj Gary Klapprodt Richard Herrmann Doug Kaff John LeVar David Graf Doug Raney Stu Ross Hllary Sattgast M-Club The M Club IS orgamzed for all boys who earn a varslty letter ln some sport Thls year the M Club wlth the Pepsters co sponsored a very success ful Chrlstmas dance The offlcers of thls orgamzatlon are Dave Graf presl dent Jlm Schxefelbeln, V106 presldent and Rodney Mxller, secretary treasurer HOME RESTAURANT MT Morns Illmons - Y . v . y 3. i ' . .li .y ' ' - ' , ' . . ' - , - . - . . . 1 1 Y - '. . 5 . ' V . x . y . . , , , V . 1 - I . ' 1 - ' ,F , Q ax . . . .- 'Q y ' z Q x w , . f if . l 3 I , , ' -Q 2 ,J W' X" 1 ' 'M 5 ff' L '- ' , -, . 4 ' 'nf s ., I V , . -L, -M f 41" A1 '.- if ' A k - ifiif' fffaffvi Y, Wimffvfig'-X b fy" '-Y' ffirf 53' f X. -L, 5.5, 4 ,, 7 , V V,,'jfgq?lf',,2 f f 'dy 1- 'fri 2 s 1 AR ' f "f6v475gi"l ' iv 'Xt 'iffnf' '-f'1-' ' , zgiz-3 f 42 V gg- Ji Q H 2 , ax . ' , a lf I Ni' ff 4 1. .1 X., I 33 I . KT I f The Paris theme was carried out at the banquet by the wait- resses' smocks and berets. Q IA' qv' F., ,,1 X T, an 43. x .P 'Y 4 rf Jig After crossing the arches bridge leading to the dance floor, the couples danced to the music of the Al Grace Orchestra. Paris TOT AND TEEN SHOP, Mt. Morris, Illinois Q p W . ff, ' 'Tx Printemps tip", 'V tif K ' arf' W W1 The Parisian artist in the fore- ground is a mannikin--not a freshman in disguise. 7-4 During a break in the music, couples examined prom decora- tions or sat and talked. ', ' STUCKEY'S f"Style Store for Men and Boys"J, Rockford, Illinois 31 Juniors "W Shook the The complete cast receives last minute instructions from their able director, Mr. Durham. "We Shook the Family Tree," presented by the junior class of Mt. Morris High School, on Friday evening, November 22, 1957, in the auditorium, was a comedy in three acts drama- tized from Hildegarde Dolson's novel by Chris- topher Sergel. Hildegarde Dolson QSara Clarky, a teenager who's tired of being a wallflower, desperately wants to be asked to the prom. Jill QSybllj brings the news ofthe rob- bery to the Dolson family. Mr. and Mrs, Shermer are stunned by the fact that their little son is wearing long pants for the first time. TREIN'S JEWELRY STORE, Dixon, Illinois Present Family Tree Mrs. Dolson QMerilyn Greenwoodl, a capable woman, therefore takes matters into her own hands, securing for her daughter a date with Freddie Shermer lBrian Schellingl, a perfectly nice boy. . . except that he wears knickers. The mortification of Hildegarde upon learning this is exceeded only by the ensuing problems she drags herself and her family into trying to get Freddie into long pants. Mr. William Durham directed the production. The girls came in to tell Hlldegarde s father that worms are infesting the front yard Page fElsa Mael returns theletter which she deposited in the mail box. Mrs. Shermer fKareny is quite upset, because it was one of her husband's love letters. Freddie lBrianj has stolen Bob's lMike'sj pants and comes rushing down the stairs to tell Hildegarde, but is very stunned when he sees his parents also there. Father QDavey has blamed l-lildegarde again for the whole mix-up. HOUGHTON STUDIO, Mt. Morris, Illinois Art and Margaret break the bad news to Lorraint Martin is dating a little blond girl. Jack and Angie arc about to leave for the dance. hut they arc not leaving together, because they have just had a lovcr's quarrel. evenleenlh Summer' "Seventeenth Summer" was heartwarming and humorous. A deft and sympathetic dramatiza- tion that flawlessly catches the spirit of the book has been achieved in this delightful play. Angie was a charming, sensitive girl of 17, just on the threshold of growing upg played by Joyce Knowles. Margaret is Angie's engaged sister, an attractive poised girl of about 21--completely sincere and naturalg played by Judy Meeker. Lorraine is Angie's hopeful sisterg 19 and pretty, but lacks Margaret's sincerity and air of assured happi- ness, uncertain of her own charmg played by Connie Frey. Kitty is Angie's little sisterg she is an im- pish girl of 10, fun-loving and likableg played by Marlys Rowland. Angie's mother, Mrs. Morrow, is a pretty woman in her 40's, with a genuinely sweet, agreeable manner, devoted to her home and childreng played by Mary Kay Davidson. Mr. Morrow is a goodlooking man in his late 40's, who does a lot of grumbling, but underneath he is kind and lovable and deeply attached to his familyg played by Steve Colvin. The entire cast is pictured ht-reg SITTING-Barbara Garkey tprompterp. Marlys Rowland. SITTING AT TABLE-Joyce Knowles, Steve Jewett, Mary Kay Da' vidson. Gretchen Conradg STANDING-Howard Punkka. Dave Graf, Steve Colvin. Bob Satterfield, Ken Smith. Judy Meeker, Connie Frey, and Carolyn Kielsmeier LACE MOTOR SALES, Oregon, llIEnois enior Play Angie's boyfriend, Jack, is a tall,good-look- ing boy of 185 played by Steve Jewett. Art, a good-natured young fellow of about 25, is Margar- et's fianceg played by Ken Smith. Martin is Lor- raine's hope, a young man of 26g he has a superior manner and completely lacks warmth of persona- lityg played by Bob Satterfield. Margie is a girl- friend, attractive, but rather selfishg played by Gretchen Conrad. Jane is pretty, but she is the kind of girl who goes aftera man when she wants himg played by Carolyn Kielsmeicr. Fitz is Mar- gie's "steadyg" a fellow with little personalityg played by Howard Punkka. Tony is smooth and handsomeg played by Dave Graf. Angie is reminiscing over her "Seventeenth Summer." "I can wait if you still want to," Jack says. They will see each other someday. Jane the Menace" makes Angie feel small and unim- Kitty leaves to keep from letting the others see how portant in front of the boys, sad she is, because Angie is leaving. 9. "-S .ww 5' f CRATTY'S CLEANERS, Mt. Morris, Illinois chool who is thc mystery man launch- ing the volleyball into orbit? Pug Vardu and Gail Allen lead in thv three-legged race by alenglh ns they near thc curve, D4-ug Kuncy attempts to aid the ' - suphnmorn-1-uusu in the ball gunna but tha sophs were defeated hx' lhv juniurs who in turn lost in the finals to thnx seniors, ,J MT, MORRIS INDEX, M1. Morris, Illinois fifiizl ' ' V. 51,9 .1 i V icnic What are we waiting for? Let's cat! Look at these guys "dig in." Sit down, Howard! Relax and en- joy your meal, LAWTON'S DAIRY ISLAND 'Q 1' 'N' 1 I Assemblies Harold Ross was speaker for Nauonul Honor Socxetylnductxon Thi. Manchester Choxr gave an Lxcellmnt performance for as semhh LF Y These fellows received tracklet- ters from Coach Worley at Lhe awards assembly. TAYLOR'S CAFE, Mt. Morris, Illinois rganizations. . . 4' 2 3 Q .5 ' gs 1 Q ": 5 , I I fi. oi Q7 The senior members of the National Honor Society were Marlys Rowland Qpresidenty, Barbara Garkey, Ken Smith, Gary Gottschalk, Doree DuMont Qvice-presidentj, and Janet Knowles fsecretary-treasurerj. f t1.ryq On May 7 the National Honor Society inducted the new members in a very impressive candle-light service. The new members were Karen Frey, Elsa May Genz, Sandra Myers, Brian Schelling, and Peggy Varda. National Honor ocieiy The National Honor Society was quite active this year. They purchased a nativity scene for the library and helped decorate it at Christmas. In March the Society sponsored a St. Pa- tricks dance at which everyone had a good time. Then on May 10 the group took their annual trip to Chicago. Election to this Society is done by the faculty on basis of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Mem- bers, also, must rank in the upper 15 per cent of their class. DON MAXEY, Mt. Morris, Illinois A part of the Hxltopper staff ns shown above BALL nu Karen Frey Genle Fleming SallyStevene Carolwxggins Miss Kundert FRONT ROW Merilyn Greenwood Lesley Diehl Susan Knowles Christy Webster Editor Diane Brennan Hulltopper Records School Events The Hllltopper thls year developed a new system whereby reporters cover a regular "beat Th1s proved more 6ff6CtlV9 than past methods a.nd we had no empty Issues after IIS adoptlon A debt of thanks IS owed those who spent so much t1me workxng on and xmprovmg our paper TEDS REPAIR SHOP Mt Morris Illlnols Ken Smith productlon manager dx fine Job for the paper da S rg -1' f 1 CW-even Bal' 15 G 6336 SP6 bars e ef ht Ga to a iavott ea, o hymn any r ey alto' 1 e ' 61 g 0 bo and ted 39633 E fl, I' U Dy a lip are Brad 6 ot ties 8 U19 writ! 'I re 0 ters -ig 1 J' 0 Hg J' It Hr 5 61- Pl d Sggiee ary C' ed Ou 2? o I this be-3,9 d aw arg Credzt UE r 6 edt 'I .ff News dlgors fgXv 'O kwa ,sf Y ul an Z t ofee Z 019 vexed Sc mfougo C0 e5 U0 and dn-0,8 Ozhew 1 5 c25Du,xa 3 towers wa afac Ca 0 lr 'AW 6 Secu lar 1'o1J,n me S Gary Anderson Joyce Knowles Kay Hovis, and Gary Hollinger, photography editors, scheduled the picture taking dates and wrote captions for many ofthe pages throughout this book. V MI ' , , , . ' . if f-if' fan We ' ,f 4.1-1' Q t dejcwe 690 Many hours were spent soliciting adver- tisers for the Mounder by the circula- tion managers , Jim Schiefelbc-in and Mike Powers. CORBETT-COFFMAN OIL CO., Mt, Morris, Illinois 0 45 A tense moment in "The Plum Tree," given by the Club. Dramntics Club. Actresses ln this play are Janet lsenhnrt, Diane Jones, Sandra Weber, Susan I-lall, and Charlene Sandstrom. Dramatics Members of the Dramatics Cluben- tertain the students by presentinganum- ber of short plays throughout the school year. Mrs. Price is the director of this Members of the Dramatics Club are: ROW 1-Paul Florea, Janet Isenhart. Mrs, Price, Susan Hall, Alan Copeland. Jim Kinsey. ROW 2-Charlene Sandstrom. PatGilhooly,Christy Webster, Sandra Weber, Margaret Webster. ROW 3-Lesley Diehl, Sus:1.nClark,Kat.hyDunk,Joyce Miller. ROW 4-Marsha Allen. Jean Fleming. Marilyn Greenwood. and Karen Larson. 'V 'a I on Qfue' WOOD BROS. MANUFACTURING CO., Oregon, Illinois The Dramatics Club is presenting "Th Rehearsal," the first of the year's eu joyable plays. B Curtain call in "Light Competitloun: Jim Kinsey, Susan Clark, Christy Web- ster, Lesley Diehl, Margaret Webster, Janet lsenhart, Alan Copeland. Paul Florea, and Charlene Sandstrom. Competition is over in "Light Compe tltion." G AMBLE STORE Mt Morns Illmons BACK ROW-John Dewerdt, Connie Frey, Jim Graf, Geraldiiopkins, Ronald Zoeller. ROW 3-Raegene Nunn Jim Root, Darrel Hollinger, David Nelson, Linda Jewett, Janet Isenhart, Karen Kraft, Merilyn Greenwood Bob Sweet, Karen Frey. ROW 2-Edith Baker,Ga.i1 Allen, Charlene Sandstrom, Gayle Rowland, Joyce Schier Delores Kappenman, Judy Strite, Joyce Miller. ROW 1-Sandra Hohnadel, Becky Behrens, Barbara Potter Sceone Beck. M. M. H. S. The band adds spirit to the homecoming activities by playing before the bonfire. MT. MORRIS ELEVATOR CO., "We aim io please," Mt. Morris, Illinois BACK ROW-David Bates, Mr. Reckmcyer, Saundra Thomas, Janice Dusing, Sandra Powers. ROW 3-Jim Kinsey, Diane Jones, Stuart Ross, Marsha Allen, Gerald Gruhn, Jim Smith, Bill Dunk, Susan Hall, Dora Hendricks. ROW 2-Hilary Sattgast. Lucille Van Meir, Neil Madlena, Connie Ballard, Donna Shindle. Ann Williams, Lorelle Stauffer.ROW 1-Betty Stauffer,Elsa Mae Genz, Donna Saxby, Julie Stankrauff, Peg Varda. Band Adding spirit to the home basketball games with its pep band, increasing the enjoyment of football games with its marching and playing, and providing entertainment for the entire school program, the band lends musical color and spice to our school activities. In addition it partici- pated in district music contest and received a second division rating. The pep band adds sparkle to the pep meetings, BERNIE'S STANDARD SERVICE, M1. Morris, Illinois This group of daLL'1ng bcautus lcd the b'1nd durmg football s marching season They pmulud during the summcx 'md we-rn selcctui ln the fall as our majorettes The glrls un M xrx Jo Luens Judy Mulcuy Jams Spencer Dlam Jones Betty Pearson Judy KLstLd and Sharon Lamb Bob bwul .md bubun Hall ruuvad a superior rating at thr Dlbtrxct Musxc Conn st and an L xu llv. nt ruung at thx Slate Music Contest Suzy plaved ln a trombone trio and Bob pluud 1 solo on hls French horn FELKERS REXALL PHARMACY M1 Morrns Illmons S f V, yl lo Becky Behrens and Karen Kraft were awarded music scholar- f ships to music camp which they will attend for a week during the f summer. I x, Boys' Chorus 'za ie I 2 I I lx xl .5 I BACK ROW-Fred Zumdahl, Gary Dunk, Steve Colvin, Neil Madlena. Mike Powers, Gail Rothermel. Dale Kinsley, Darrel Hollinger. ROW 3-Stuart Ross, Roger Hopkins, Steve Duncan, Steve Noonkesser, John LeVar, Dave Warkins, David Powers.ROW 2-Corky Hachmeister,David Nelson, Doug Mcsscr. Doug Dusing, Stu Zimmerman, Jay Kitzmiller, Carl Petty. ROW 1-Barbara Potter qaccompanistj, Bill Mongan, Gerald Gruhn, Bob Sweet, Tom Williams, Ken Zipse, David Graf, Mr. Reckmeyer, WESTGOR MUSIC STORE, "Across from Wards", Dixon, Illinois . , -u BACK ROW-Marion Dollinger, Caren Spear, Diane Orr, Charlene Sandstrom. Joyce Schier, Joyce Miller, Wilma Chlsm, Elvira Mongan, Betty Pearson, Lila Lee Brechters,Karen Wolfe. ROW 3-Judy Strite, Susan Knowles, Elizabeth Priemer, Lucille Van Meir, Joyce Knowles, Kathy Dunk, Betty Stauffer, Virginia Ed- wards, Pat Gilhooly, Judy Sweeney. ROW 2-Sandra Weber, Mary Jo Seiberllch, Rosalyn Pierce, Janice Dusing, Myra Floto, Marsha Allen, Sharon Smith, Karen Kraft, Judy Ryan, Mrs. Kelsey. ROW 1-Carolee Rouse, Suzanne Edwards, Judy Kested, Marlene Zittle, Suzanne Rhea, Judy Rothermel, Judy Mulcay, Mary Jo Ewens. The Girls' Chorus, looking very pretty in their formals, perform at the Spring Concert. urls Chorus Out of this group are se- lected the Treble Clef girls. Girls' Chorus, directed by Mrs. Kelsey, provides a fine founda- tion for the selected Choruses and has done a wonderful job this year. They sang both at the Spring Concert and Baccalaure- 8.10. 1 '27 . Q 1 5 L El.AINE'S BEAUTY SHOP, Mt, Morris, Illinois Mrs. Kelsey is both the director and the accompanist of Girls' Chorus, Treble Clef, and Mello Tones. r-"2 Treble Clef Treble Clef this year sang in assembly and at the Spring Concert. Mrs. Kelsey, director, helped two trios and three soloists from this group and Girls' Chorus prepare numbers for district music contest. This was novel, because, for the past several years, mixed chorus has been the only singing group sent to contest. BACK ROW-Sandi Powers, Joanne Horst, Becky Behrens, Carol Wiggins, Dolores Cassidy, Karen Frey, Peggy Varda, Connie Frey, Julie Stankrauff,Ja.nis Spencer. MIDDLE ROW-Gayle Rowland, Lorelle Stauffer, Donna Shindle, Ann Williams, Janet Knowles, Doree DuMont, Delores Kappenman, Phyllis Floto, Diane Jones. FRONT ROW-Denise Burke, Donna Nelson, Sara Clark, Jeanne Davis, Sybil Dohlen, Bev Lawrence, Sandra Myers. Mello-Tones Mello-Tones is now in its second year. Under the direction of Mrs. Kelsey, this group has sung for many organizations a- round town, besides participa- ting in the Spring Concert and assembly. If ' 4 f I f , - J , i xq N 1 ' it i X l, 1' "1 V5 'lf' ' ol . 'T , WH l K' J Mello-Tones sang two popular numbers for the Spring Concert BACK ROW-Dolores Cassidy, Karen Frey. ROW 3-Peggy Varda, Julie Stankrauff, Janis Spencer, Connie Frey. ROW 2-Lorelle Stauffer, Ann Williams, Diane Jones, Jeanne Davis, Doree DuMont.ROW 1-Lucille Van Meir, Donna Shindle, Susie Hall, Mrs. Kelsey, Sara Clark, Karen Kraft, Kathy Dunk. QV 3 ORR INSURANCE AGENCY, Mt. Morris, Illinois . 95' mmn one msc fC . as no ,mefb mecimg . ax G'A'PL A ,wwe his IS sion' G,A,A, members arm- the following: OUTSIDE ROW-Barbara Garkey, Judy Meeker, Doree DuMont, Diane Jones. Charlene Sandslrom, Janet Fleer, Karon Frey, Janet Knowles, Joanne Horst, Connie Frey. INSIDE R W- ' - ' ' O Susan Hall, Lornlle Stauffer, Arla Beck, Sybil Dohlen, Sandra Myers, Rosalyn Plerce, Sceone Beck, Mary Jo Ewens, Mcrilyn Greenwood, Elsa Mae Genz. G.A.A. G A . A Strf, - Um, Jomm' sbs, "fs ur S' '4'c'f,,,5f"Fv-,HI 5'-Isan H 'r Jzsurt JH 'rr V vi I Dofol. Z! 'lirpsld UMW, "Ht- I ' C . . Drosidolgirlpnv Sa -' and Dfw- lane G,A,A, members ure thc following: OUTSIDE ROW-Janet 1senhart,Sharon Lamm, Kathy Dunk, Marlon Dol- lingcr, Donna Shindlo, Sandra Weber, Karen Larson,Janis Spencer, Julie Stankrauff. Barbara Potter, Gayle Rowland, Put Gilhooly, Mary Kay Eller. INSIDE ROW-Elizabeth Stauffer, Susan Knowles, Lucille McDer- mott, Becky Bchrvns, Lila Brechtcrs, Janice Dusing, Mary Jo Sciberlich, Eugenia Fleming, vs. 93 an BACK ROW-Larry Highbarger, Rodney Ruter,Joe Stengel,ArtClayton, Jerry Zellers. ROW 3-John Lantow, Gary Blake, Fred Taylor, Larry Schier, Edgar Ruter.Kenny Barnhart. ROW 2-Don Van Meir, Paul Florea, Kenneth Zipse, Mr. Burkhalter, Duane Blake, Bob Boysen,Ronnie Thomas. ROW 1-Ken Sheely, Lanny Beck, Dick Butler, Don Snodgrass, Roger Diehl, Ralph Ubben. Future Farmers of America Officers of F41-TA are Don Snodgrass. presidentg Ralph Ubben, sentinel, Gary Anderson. vice-president, Roger Diehl, secretary, Lanny Beck, reporlc-rg Ken Sheely, treasurer. STOUFFER POULTRY FARM, Mr. Morris, Illinois v 3 an . 4 'Q Roger mem poses with his hay rack John Lmmw proudly displays his made in the the Ag workshop. Prize heifef- A national organization for boys enrolled in high school agriculture classes, the F.F.A. is one of the more active organizations in our school. This year two F.F.A. boys won special recognition for their achievements. Dick Butler won the DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award. He also received the Sectional award in beef production. Dwayne Zipsc was honored by receiving the State Farm Degree. Jerry Zellers stands guard over his hog self-feeder. Ron Thomas shows off his sheep and his sheep hay rack. Larry Highbarger is shown tickl- lng his pet pig as the pig strug- gles to get loose. ,oi -of KEIG-STEVENS BAKING CO, BAKERS OF COLONIAL BREAD, Rockford, Illinois -5 BACK ROW-Darline Beard, Caren Spear, Marion Dollinger, Lila Lee Brechters, Kay qBlakey Masters, Elizabeth Prlemer, Wilma Chlsm, Phyllis Floto, Elvira Mongan, Betty Pearson, Joyce Schier, Judy Strite, Patty Schmidt, Karen Mangan, Karen Larson. ROW 3-Sceone Beck, Joanne Horst, Karen Wolfe, Rosalyn Pierce, Bev Sheely, Myra Floto, Virginia Willis, Delores Kappenman, Rita Avey, Karen Barnhart, Mary Kay I-Iller, Sandra Warfield, Shirley Thomas. ROW 2-Pat fwagamanj Stevens, Janet Fleer, Denise Burke, Bev Lawrence, Karen Kraft, Marlene Zittle, Virginia Edwards, Joyce Arden, Saundra Thomas, Barbara Potter, Gall Allen. ROW 1-Gretchen Conrad, Carolyn Kielsmeier, Mary Jo Seiberlich, Suzanne Edwards, Sandra Zoeller, Diane Brennan, Mary Rodeffer, Elsa Mae Genz, Sharon Blake, Arla Beck, Sandra Myers, Miss Bames. Future Homemakers of America Karen Mongan, at the mike, interviews a contestant, Janet Fleer, during the "Queen for a Night" program at the F.H,A. -G.A,A, Banquet, Mary KayEller,stand- ing at right, is "camera-woman." I- F,H,A. officers are Carolyn Kielsmeicr, president, Phyllis Floto, secretary-treasurerg and Bev Law- rence, vice president. OREGON DAIRY, Oregon, Illinois zu Personalities. . . .W Board of Educahon -Keaclwers rn:-f-' On July 1 1957 the new Mount Morrls Commumty Umt Dlstrlct was formed The mem bers of the new Mount Morrxs Commumty Umt Dlstrict Board of Educatlon took thexr office on July 1 1957 Thls was the flrst tlme that the ele Lina mentary schools and the hlgl school were placed l..,.."":'-f under the supervlslon of one Board of Educatlon The summer of 1957 was spent 111 worlung out the transportation of all puplls a complete budget for all schools a new set of pohcles and many de tails necessary for the openmg of school The Board of Educatlon belxeves that the future growth and development of our communxty and natlon and the preservatlon of our basxc free doms are embod1ed 1n our young people The abllity of the young people to meet and solve these problems the Board of Educatlon has attempted to g1ve the lugh school students ln the Mount Morrxs school as many opportunitxes as poss1ble for thexr growth and development In order to glve the students these opportunitles the Board of Education has made a complete study of the currlculum from the f1rst grade through the twelfth It IS the desire of the Board of Education that all students will be g1ven an opportunlty to take those subJects which w1ll best meet thelr needs and prepare them for whatever vocatlon they might be mterested m later ln l1fe The Board of Educatlon deslres that each student will make use of Mount Morrls to lus fullest capa c1ty Buslness and mdustry are placing consxderable emphasis on a h1gh school educatlon and for this reason the Board of Educatlon IS anxious to have every student take advantage of the opportunltles that our lugh school offers them educatlonally socxally physlcally and vocatlonally The Board of Educat1on IS proud of our school system and of the excellent cooperation g1ven by the student body The Board of Educatlon takes this opportunlty to thank the students for thelr efforts and cooperatlon xn helpmg to make our school one of the best ln northern Ill1no1s BACK ROW Harold A Hoff Superintendent Merle Snodgrass Forest Kmsey Kenneth Zellers Henry We ber FRONT ROW Robert Uriah Presxdent Llla Baker Secretary Wayne Pierce Vnce President MANN GRAPHIC ARTS, Mt Morns, Illlnols I N Xxx ' z"""""' . . ' -'I--....::'... - ' , will be determined by their education and its application in our democracy. As a result of this philosophy, 57 2 3f f 4 Administration I MR. HAROLD A. HOl7F,superintendent of schools, is a graduate of Mt. Morris College and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to his coming to Mt. Morris, he taught at Mllledgeville, This year he was honored by the community ata banquet in recognition of having served twenty years as a teacher, principal and superintendent ln the Mt, Morris schools. Along with his duties as superinten- dent, he also meets regularly with the boardof educa- tion to carry out present and future planning, is a member of the Legislative Committee ofthe Illinois Education Association, and is adviser to the senior class. MR C E KJNSLEY our principal received his bachelor s degree from Manchester College and his Masters Degree from the Univer- sity of Wisconsin. He is president of the Rock River Division of the Illinois Education Association, Other duties include advising Stu- dent Council, and offering educational and vocational guidance to all students. He also teaches Latin I and II. Mr. Kinsley, pictured below with Latin students who participated in the District Latin Contest, presents an award to Janis Spencer who advanced to the State Finals. 5 -4,-an L' vi WHITNEY'S BUICK SALES, Oregon, Illinois Qi? Facu ty we X x -'Win- 11113 imhra fm Mr Walder Mr Burstrom Mr Fahs cnence and Mathematics MR WALDER received his B A degree from Iowa State Teachers College He teaches biology and general sclence coaches varsltyfootball frosh soph bas ketball and xs an advlser to the Jumor class MR BURSTROM graduated from Luther College earning a B S degree Algebra II physics chemlstry trlgonometry and psychology are classes whlch he teaches In addltlon he coaches frosh soph foot ball and golf MR FAHS earned h1s A B degree at Manchester College He teaches general math algebra I and plane geometry Also he IS the MOUNDER adv1ser LIGHT'S JEWELRY STORE, Mt. Morris. Illinois English MISS STRICKLER, a newcomer to M.M. H.S. this year, graduated from McPher- son College with a bachelor's degree. In addition to teaching freshman and sophomore English, she advises Pep- sters and the HILLTOPPER. MRS. PRICE attended Albright, Sullins, University of Michigan, and Columbia University. She holds an A.B. degree. Junior and senior students are in her English classes. As adviser to the Dra- matics Club, she has directed a number of short plays this year. L Mr. Worley, Mr. Harvey .,,s,.w: ,W ,. . , . '4' . KABLE INN, Mt. Morris, Illinois pal , 'ilauvm 1-""f Miss Strickler, Mrs. Price ocial cience MR. WORLEY teaches econo- mics, civics, and American his- tory. He also advises M-Club, coaches varsity basketball and track, serves as athletic direc- tor and assists in the guidance program. His undergraduate de- gree was obtained from Mon- mouth College and his M. Ed. degree from the University of Colorado. MR. HARVEY, who received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Illinois, teaches world history, is a driver edu- cation instructor and advises Na- tional Honor Society. Commercial MISS KUNDERT received her B. Ed. degree from Wisconsin State College at Whitewater, Wisconsin and has taken graduate work at Northern Illinois Uni- versity. She teaches typingl and II, of- fice practiceg advises the HILLTOPPER, and is the librarian. MR. CLARK, assistant football and track coach, obtained his B.S. degree from Illinois State Normal University. Driver education, bookkeeping and general busi- ness are the subjects which he teaches. Mr. Burkhalter DEWEY'S GULF SERVICE, Mt. Morris, Illinois fm". I?" ' ,ggi . 1 'Y X I+. Miss Kundert, Mr. Clark Agriculture MR. BURKHALTER attended Iowa State University and the University of Wisconsin. l-le has a B.S. degree in agriculture and is presently completing work on his Masters Degree. In addition to teaching vocational agricul- ture, he is adviser of F.F.A. and teaches veteran's classes in ag. Home Economics yes MISS BARNES, who received her B.S. degree from Carthage College, teaches home economics. She is also F.H.A. adviser. Mr. Mayes Gretchen Conrad demonstrates her skill at the sewing machine for Miss Barnes, Industrial Aris MR. MAYES, a graduate of Western Illinois University, obtained his Masters Degree from the University of Illinois. He teaches industrial arts and coaches junior varsity basketball. MT. MORRIS DRESS SHOP, Mi. Morris, Illinois fi . he SAIOPNOUI A . ia ii 68 SOUSAPMONI Mr. Reckmeyer, Mrs. Kelsey Physical Education MISS JACOBSON attended Whea- ton College where she obtained her B.S. degree. Teaching all girl's P.E. classes and serving as adviser to G.A.A. a.nd the junior class are her duties. MR. BEHRENS attendedlndepen- dence Junior College and Okla- homa City University where he received his B.A. and M.S. de- grees. i'Lew" teaches boy's physical education and coaches tennis. Miss Jacobson, i Music MR. RECKMEYER received his B.A., Bachelor of Music Educa- and Master of Music Educa- degrees from Millikin Uni- tion tion versity. ln addition to directing the band, boy's chorus and mixed chorus, he gives individual les- sons and coaches small ensem- bles and soloists. MRS. KELSEYearned her Bache- lor of Music Degree from Illinois Wesleyan. She directs girl's cho- rus, Treble Clef, and Mello- Tones in addition to teaching music in the junior high school. Mr. Behrens "BlNG" KUNTEZELMAN, BARBER, Oregon, Illinois MR. FREY, one of the janitors, MR. LUNDQUIST Y-'flies time out also drives a school bus. fI'0m SWSSPUIK the han to Pose for a picture. taff wmsr Dusnnonrr, mms. HAGEMANN, MRS- COLVIN- the Schwlsecfe' uns wA'r'rs and Mas 1-'LEER are the 'ary' records a grade in the per- cooks who prebare lunclr in the cafeteria. manent record flle. e w Eg, FINCH FURNITURE, ML Morris, Illinois I 1 l 5 I Neil Unger and Rosemary Manis are performing their task in the rugged freshman initiation. 4'--.Jah xX mw This year's freshmen have contri- buted much to school life. Starting the year with a burst of enthusiasm, they have carried this trait over into the many activities in which they have parti- cipated--band, G.A.A., chorus, and sports to mention only a few. At Christ- mas, the gaily decorated trees brighten- ing our halls were due to the efforts of our youngest class, as were many other small things around M.M.H.S. In these things they are beginning to prepare themselves for the coming years when they will provide able leadership for our school. Qt 5? X t fi., it Wit, Officers of the freshman class are president, Dave Millerg vice president, Margaret Websterg secretary-treasurer, Carol Wiggins and assistant secretary-treasurer, Mary Jo Seiberlich. Freshmen- Class of the Future Fred Buser sets Carol Wiggins' hair in anew style as Larry High- barger and Bill Mongan daub make-up on Lucy McDermott and Sally Stevens during freshman initiation, EL ge CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB, Dixon, Illinois Marsha Allen Vi' Jean Barnhar! Becky Behrens Lloyd Blake Llla Lee Brechters D1 1.3 Susan Clark U0 af ane Brennan Fred Buser in 'Hn af" Alan Copeland Keith Davis Terry Davls y- Lesley Diehl JUUCH DUSIDZ ng? 1 Virginia Edwards TEH' Ewen E y 5 ugema Fleming Curtxs Garrxson James Graf ARTS D X SERVICE Mt Morris lllunous 3 N X - " - - A-V' 3- . D W- L ml ' 'V , -., 1 -Q., , ' A lg, V . 1 ', A Ax .5 I ' . ' ix, VV I ' . Af ee .s ' ,o J-fn' we X ir I-,vi -5 ., ,,,' VA - .., -- f 11 ' 7 If V ' . l A Q K e e A . , , I , V t,,, , 1 Q5 ' 2 , , n il' lt e . V . 4 5 7 ' , 3: f A it ' ' " "1 , , il' A A ' ' N Z Z , , , f V , g . K . in Q' - a'n,z'Y 3 ,V L' ' ' ,, 7 'B 5 Y ' ' . . ,A . X 2 ,L I I 1 4-alll L.. Gerald Gruhn John Lantgw Lucille McDermott yi 17458 Vane Gruvel. Larry Hlghbarger 'ii Judy Kested Susan Knowles Karen Kraft KLE- ,Q 'uw un ff WW' Judy Mulcay ai' T' 'D if James Klnsey Rosemary Mama D3V1d Mxller v""' William Mangan Robe Fl MDOT! 'al QC! 'Y Donna Nelson Ronald Nevenhoven 415' Diane Orr Illmons THE NATIONAL CLOTHING HOUSE Oregon 415 Betty Pearson 4. f I - , N I., . Q, Q., hal . Q V'i V: ,, x ., , 5 g .,, - if .' . . 5 x , ' 'f A , v 1 , , . M, X V -f- ' - A - V , f Ylfwatfv . iff i ' W' sf' , xx . f A O' . , T , 2 V, hw 'X T I , was U- 'Q - N. 4 kk . 'ixfu , V ,K - -9 R ,, - A , A ,Q X ,. , -f , I XX , V ' .a - , . T - 5, - . , 1 " , i x 3,-, T 1 , T , z ly Q. Q . ' 0 lf ' Tl - ' ,O T A S Q ' J 'Q I Q , l , "" Q A4 ' " " ,, x A. - 4' ' 1 ' , sa 'Y T , 1 V, V i AA ' KA .. , x.-5. i Y A f ' Y 1 N 2 ' Y s f ' O A ' fa ' , L 1"" Rosalyn Pierce David Powers Sandra Powers Suzanne Rhea Michael Rieken David Rittenhouse Mary Rodeffel' Roger Satterfleld W James Root Judy Rothermel Carolee Rouse Edgar Ruter Judy Ryan Donna Saxby Larry Schxer no-M 3'-.lwx Oulu 'Q--v pv De' 4. 554944 Dennis Satterfield 49" Mary Jo Selberllch Patricia Ann Sheely JEWETTS BARBER SHOP Mt Moms Illlnols .ff X X f' X I L - ' fs ' fm, 0' I KV L 'Ez , . 5 "- - ,- 2 V 1 l , I K 1 - - ,,v F, y4 W V 'N 51 Zip of R' ' 5 'Q ' Q. XJ 'B . ,554 , A V' V. ,L 251 Sharon Smith Elizabeth Stauffer Sally Stevens John Slrgugg Judith Strite Judith Sweeney Robert Sweet Ronald Thomas Terr? Thomas Neil Ullel' Margaret Webster A K Thomas Wxlllams Virginxa Wxllls DR L M STAUFFER -1-.w Hichael Thomag Donald Van Meir Wu Carol Wiggins T' Karen Wolfe Jerry Zellers Sandra Zoeller OPTOMETRIST Mt Morris llllnols Q I 1 vi 1 W-h Y' I Q M I f'. Z " 9 f : 1 H. A, X ,P - -f - '.-' 1i7i"fl l' 'v J., 7 1 3. , , "',, , in . . . ,, l ' .mw lv . ' A gs 2, J nv. .. ,..,,,, -' 1 k in , ' fa 1 4 ' wi l ' 3' 1 'A ag fl xt g -Z.. ' I' ?-5 . g 1 ,, A ,Z i I l 23 A k ,. D E! Q . "'44.,..v' " A 5 ' .-s 1 v - i v 1 'Q Q ., . - I I , - ' I I . ophomores Train For Coming ears Sophomore class officers are: Bill Un- ger, secretary-treasurer, Gail Rother- mel, president, and Dale Kinsley, vice- president. 14. ' 211 Neil Madlena, attempting to draw atten- tion to a dance advertisement, is having little success. Suzanne Edwards,Marion Dollinger, Doug Dusing, Richard Rey- nolds, and Darrel Hollinger have dis- covered something more interesting. w The feelings of these sophomores are mixed as they receive their report cards: Myra Floto, Tom Flosi, Sha- ron Lamm, Janet lsenhart, and Janis Spencer. Q 5 L Y The Sophomores, now thoroughly oriented, have completed their most peaceful year, with no major events. However, this doesn't mean that they d1dn't participate fully in school activites. This class had the largest turnout most G.A.A. evenings and lent its strength to the choruses and other organizations. Through their many activities, they have not only proved themselves a school asset, but have gathered experience for the next two years. KLINE'S DEPARTMENT STORE, Dixon, Illinois IJ nn. vw lo- Dale Arden Dennis Arden Phxllip Avey Robert Boysen -fa.,-I 'nf Douglas Dusin HJ Pal-11 Florea Thomas Flosi Myra Flotg fl 4-sur 1- f X Darline Beard Arla Beck 1' '11 i 'Nw Wilma Chlsm Arthur Clayton Marion Dollinger Steven Dlmcan Kathy Dunk rg A-L 5 V23 ,1 g Suzanne Edwards Mary Kay Eller Mary Jo Ewens j A.. Patricia Gilhoolv Fred Himefi ZICKUHRS WALGREEN AGENCY MY Morris lllmols ,, "', A I s ' , 5 I x . -kv ,A 'Wm ' if 5 A an 9' , if 9 M W 3, Q . Y 1' . f ' I ,if .JZ I E. A V1 I A 1 I Q - X 'f - . ' A! .4 ,-. --1------Y rnn 'E It ff V' L- 4' ij ",rf- R ' aaa a-B ff' "-1' V H lk' f f , "4 ' ,- v K X I ,Lal 1 ,A 'K I , rg .Z , ? L av V H I " E 4 17 ,- f Q 1' x 'L k 'I A 5 I W .. , p if YA I X ' ,.,Y, ff? 6' l -i nel 4? up-vb' 1,1 "X Q-4 ,Q Darrel Hollinger Roger Hopkins Jane! 1591111311 Kenneth Johnson Dale Kilmley ,-4 ,Y': Illllll X 'Sv Jay Kitzmxller Mary Kloth -1 .ng John LeVar 41 A , Lug-r-,, 10. 2 ' Y A f-'QC w... g f f Douglas Heuer Fred Miller .fi OC' T 'jig' wwf U? --l 'r 'V 'uv' Alan Koper ,vw Nell Madlena no-'h John Miller Sharon Larnm ,W 7 Joyce Miller 'Z Karen Mangan David Myers Steven Noonkesser Cm-1 petty Douglas Raney JA TA BEAUTY SALON, Mt. Morris, Illinois Q, x, .Ek l '4-. Af 8 fi ' X ... J of-ff f 5 If ,Mfr " x 1 . ' l Q . Caren Spear Z5 Richard Reynolds Gail Rothermel Gayle Rowland Charlene Sandstrom Donna Shjndle f mv Janis Spencer .wang lf' Julie Stankrauff Verva Steder if Sandra Warfield v-an 'Y' Sandra Weber HOME J S- Stuart Zxmmerman LAUNDRY M1 Morrus lllmols Fred Taylor Shirley Thomas Kenneth Zipse Joan Kroullk V . ' X .7 3 - ,. a', K . ' ' O fx William Unger Patricia Wagaxnan David Wag-king ' V 44 ' 4 , M , t 'rf , F V - K ' X E F !""L .. sv' ,f j 5 f 1 ,,,f' 1. I . 5 . ' ' -"' an N ' - 4 ' V M' ' '- on V 1 ,. 251' ,T f - W H W F Grp are Sta-0 Cofbe -d nt. Juniors Prepare To Blast OFF Brian .d nl Sara Clark-secfewry' reSl 9 ' i me iunigr class X er-vice-pres1 9 5 rs 0 d Jan F 9 gf:hZSinE'treasur0Y' an 4 Li! ipgv, ' W ,-M 4 w The juniors spent a busy year preparing for their big events--the play and the prom. In November juniors were especially rushed getting set for "We Shook the Family Tree," their class play directed by Mr. Durham. Besides those in the cast, others worked backstage, were ushers, or did the big job of selling tickets and plugging the play. The Junior-Senior Prom in the spring brought much time-consuming plarming and work. This year a Parisian theme was decided upon and christened "Paris Printempsf' Its over-all ef- fect was that of a job well done. Class advisers were Miss Jacobson and Mr. Walder. NJ These industrious juniors are laying grass for the Guys and gals, both, willingly turned out to work on prom park scene. the prom. 5: NATIONAL TURKEY FEDERATION, Mt. Morris, Illinois Karen Barnhart Kenneth Barnhart. David Bates Sceone Beck Sara Clark Stanley Corbett JL-anne Davis Roger Diehl ' 1 Z. A af. t A as ef rf. r H Ax y na , K ,3 ' ig K fif 1 I.' Aug l?lfJ?" , ,O"I .-in Gail Allen Gary Anderson Donald Asp Rita Avey Kay qBlakej Masters Rodney Boyle Denise Burke Dolores Cassidy X k.- Q s l isa- 'W RALPH KOPER, General Conlroctor, Mt. Morris, Illinois Sybil Dohlen Bill Dunk Janet Fleer Phyllis Floto Susan Hall Gary Hollinger Diane Jones Douglas Kaff 'Q 'L Y' ' We ir 7 f' 5 , af c H'-' xx F 5 -'UN 'E : , 1? 7- 'Db Karen Frey Elsa May Genz Merilyn Greenwood Gaylord Hachmeister 'Ya .f" 'VI ui .Q 41:7255- 5 K .D ' In 7 , ERZINGER'S SHOE STORE, Dixon, Illinois ,-,Q Q j Delores Kappenman Gary Klapprodt Karen Larson Beverly Lawrence l r- an-.-p 'Qs ,Ut 'f---' Elvira Mongan Sandra Myers David Nelson Terry Nelson Nh, s, 1 K in no '44 .4-wqv ' Rodney Ruter Marvin Satterfield Brian Schelling Joyce Schier Q l i! is .X ..- '1 Dick Lewandoski Ronald Mchlett Lynn Manis Gary Miller ,, - , 4 ' If , f 4 I. in fisiyffl Q'-' ' f A , Til, X f? tai at SX ,wk I I " ., n 50' W I ffl 3 , l' ,pil . X. V lqgzini-frig O X nw . if 1 f f U HELEN 8- RAY'S DEUCATESSEN, Ml. Morris, Illinois Barbara Potter Mike Powers Elizabeth Priemer Darrell Raney Patricia Schmidt Beverly Sheely Kenneth Sheely Don Snodgrass ff: ,SA Peggy Varda James Wean Christy Webster Ann Williams fi' Lorelle Stauffer Saundra Thomas Ralph Ubben Lucille Van Meir Joan Wolfe Marlene Zittle Ronald Zoeller Fred Zumdahl TOWN 81 COUNTRY LANES, "Le1's Go Bowling", MI. Morris, lllinois Class Flower GARY WARD GOTTSCHALK Gary came to M.M.H.S. from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. his sophomore year. He was amem- ber of National Honor Society 3.45 Student Council 4, Annual Staff 3 ,4g and M-Club 2.3.4. Gary was ln the class play 3. He was vice-president of Student Coun- cll 43 vlce-president of his class 3,4. Gary was another fine ath- lete. He participated ln football 3.-tg and track 2,3.4. Gary was captain of the football team dur- ing his senior year. He received the title "Mx: Courtesy" twice during his high school years. Gary worked lndustriously as co- edltor of the llounder. KAY ELIZABETH HOVIS Kay was our pretty Homecoming queen and an enthusiastic cheer- leader at the games. She was a member of G.A.A. 1,2,3g annual staff 3,45 girls' chorus 1,25 and Pepsters 2,3 ,4. Kay was Pep- ster secretary-treasurer 2, vice-president 3, and Pepster president 4. She was a cheerlea- der 1,2,3,4g attendant 1,2,3, and Homecoming Queen 4. Kay served as class secretary 1,4g and I' class treasurer 3. She was also a librarian her senior year. ' eniors Wlule Rose Mm'5'.X. 5 ,J .fr 'Q , Qs nw . 4 vi A 'Y fx ' . Wh, 3 Q A 'Fr f . in , .Eff 13 Q s- E" - .19 fi? t ...K Q, .vols .71 9'XTa?5-xii 4' 59? 'WV ' LANNY BRUCE BECK "Mr, Dillon" did an excellent job in basketball 1,2,4g track 2, 3,4g and football 1,2,3,4. He was a member of the M-Club 2,3,4. "HL Dillon" took a very active part in F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. He was F.F.A. Sentinel 54-56, and was class President 4. He was a ll- brarian his senior year. Lanny managed the lighting in "Lost Horizon." Class Molto Education ls A Step Up C? Class Colors Red 8. Wlule e lanrwa To Success l ll ' Y AVEY ELECTRIC lAlumnus of 1915-161, Mr. Morris, Ill- CONNIE LYNN FREY Connle, an attractive senior, was kept busy at the telephone office and at school with her numer- ous activltles. She participated in G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Pepsters 2,3, 45 forensics 1,25 and Hilltopper 3. Connie took part in the junior class play. She portrayed her mu- sical ability in band 3,45 girls' chorus 1,25 Treble Clef 3,45 and mixed chorus 3,4. Connie re- ceived the "Future Homemakers of America" award during her senior year. GARY MARTIN DUNK Gary, an outstanding athlete in many sports, participatedinbas- ketball l,2,3,45 football 1,2,3,45 and track 2,3,4. He was a mem- ber of the K-Club 3,45boys'cho- rus 1,2,45 mixed chorus 1,2,45 annual staff 3,45 and Student Council 2,3,4. He was a strong leader throughout high school. Gary was president of Student Council 45 and class president 1,3. ,I ,L WM N ,. ff' DAVID L. GRAF "Dave," a husky football play- er, sparked the gridiron 1,2,3,4. "Dave" participated ln track 2, 3. He was a member of the M- Club 2,3,4 and was elected pre- sident hls senior year. "Dave" was a member of boys' chorus 1,2,3,45 band 1,25 and mixedcho- rus 1,2,3,45 because of his mu- sic ability. During his senior year he was basketball sports manager and Tony in "Seven- teenth Summer." "Dave" also worked on the Hilltopper his senior year. DOREE DU MONT Doree, a senior gal who was very active in high school, was a member ofG.A.A. 1,2,3,4:Pep- sters 2,3 .45 National Honor So- ciety 3,45 annual staff 3,45 band 1,2,35 girls' chorus 15 Treble Clef 2,3,45 and mixed chorus 2. 3.4. She played Helen in "Lost Horizon." Doree was president of G.A.A. her senior year and vice-president of National Honor Society also that year. She worked many hours as co-editor of the Holmder. STUART CHARLES ROSS "Stu" put much of his time and hard work on the Hilltopper 3.4. He was in the class play3. "Stu" was amember of band 1,2,45boys' chorus 45 mixed chorus 1,2. He played football 1,2,35 track1,2,3. "Stu" earned his letter and be- came a member of the M-Club 3,4. "Stu" did fine as anefiicient sports manager for basketball 2, 3,4. VAILE CLOTHING COMPANY, Dixon, Illinois JANET KNOWLES "Jan" served the Hllltopper well as production editor 4. Her many activities included G.A.A. 2,3 ,45 Pepsters 3.45 National Honor So- ciety 3,45 and Hllltopper 2,3,4. "Jan" took an active interest in music. She was a member of girls' chorus 25 Treble Clef 45 mixed chorus 3,45 and boys'cho- rus fas a tenory 3. She was se- cretary-treasurer of National Honor Society her senior year. You remember her as Miss Brinklow, a missionary in "Lost Horizon." "Jan" attended Har- Brack High in Pennsylvania her freshman year. STEVE W. COLVIN "Steverino" was chiefly interes- ted in sports and music. He was a member of band 1,2,3g boys' chorus 1,2,3,4g mixed chorus 1, 2,3,4. He played football 1,2,3g basketball 1,2,3,4g and golf 1,2, 3. "Steverino" earned his letter to become a member of the M- JOYCE ARLENE KNOWLES "Joycie," a busy girl who con- tributed a lot toM.M.H,S. ,trans- ferred to Mt. Morris HigliSchool from Har-Brack High School in Pennsylvania, her sophomore year. She was a member of G.A.A. 2, Pepsters 2,3,4g annual staff 3,4g girls' chorus 2,45 and Hilltopper 2,3. This peppy mem- ber of our class was a cheer- leader 2,3,4. "Joycie" was se- cretary-treasurer of her class her sophomore year. She was an attractive homecoming attendant her senior year. "Joycie"was in both class plays, but is mostly re- membered as Angie in "Seven- teenth Summer." RICHARD DOUGLAS BUTLER "Dick" was a member of the Hllltopper 3. He sang in boys' chorus 2,3, and mixed chorus 2,3. "Dick" was a faithful and active member of F.F.A. 1,2,3, 4. He was Junior President of F.F.A. his sophomore year and Senior Reporter his junior year. "Dick" participated in tennis 25 was football manager lg and was in the class play 3. Club 3.4. .ri I-...Qi .f 7 " Q. .yjii BARBARA KAY GARKEY "Barb," friendly and active in all she undertakes, was a mem- ber of G.A.A. 1.2,3,41 Pepsters 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3, 41 Student Council 2,3,4, literary editor of the Mounder 3,43 Hill- topper 2: and girls' chorus1,2. She served as recorder ofG.A.A. 2,33 secretary-treasurer of Stu- dent Council 4g prompter of the class play -ig and secretary of her junior class. HILARY LLOYD SATTGAST Hilary, "a tennis enthusiast." participated in tennis l,2,3,4, basketball 1,2,3,4, football 4gand the M-Club 3.4. He was active in band 1,2,3,4g and Hilltopper 3, 4. Hilary was in forensics his junior year, also that year he was in the junior class play. KLAPPRODT TRUCKING, Ph. l23, Mt. Morris, Illinois JOANNE KAY HORST "Jo," a swell friend ofeveryone, was in G.A.A. 43 Hilltopper 41 class play 35 girls' chorus 1, Treble Clef 2,3,4g and mixed chorus 2,3 ,4. She contributed much to the choruses. "Jo" was active in F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. She was a librarian her senior year. Yusu- STEVE SCHROCK JEWETT Steve's main concern in high school was sports. He partici- pated in football l,2g basketball l,4g golf 2,3,4g and track 1. This fine athlete will be remembered as Conway in "Lost Horizon," and Jack in "Seventeenth Sum- mer." CAROLYN RUTH KIELSMEIER Carolyn, a cute little dark haired librarian, did art work for the Mounder 3,4. Most of Carolyn's time was ocupied with F.H.A. work. She was a member of F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, being F.H.A. se- cretary 2, F.H.A. vice-president 3, and F.H.A. president 4. GRETCHEN CONRAD Gretchen was a member of G, A, A, 1,25 and Pepsters 2,3 ,4. You re- member seeing her tn the coat- check room at basketball games. She was circulation manager of the Mounder 4. Gretchen worked on the Hilltopper 4. She was an active member of F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4g and girls' chorus 1,2,3. She was librarian 3,41 and F.H.A. publicity chairman 3. KENNETH LESLIE SMITH "Ken" was a member of Student Council 45 National Honor So- ciety 3,4g Hilltopper 45 and band 1,2,3. His main interest centered around agriculture. He was a member of F.F.A. 1,2,3. "Ken" was F.F.A. vice-president his sophomore year and also his junior year. He played Art, a good-natured young fellow, inthe senior play. JAMES EVAN SCHIELFELBEIN "Jlm." a fine athlete who will never be forgotten, was a mem- ber of the annual staff 3,4. He was librarian during his senior year. "Jim" was vice-president of the M-Club his junior and senior years. He participated in football 1,2,3,4g basketball 3,4g and track 2,3 ,4. HOUGH HARDWARE COMPANY, Mt. Morris, Illinois RODNEY A. MILLER "Bugs" will longbe remembered for his fine contributions to M.M. l-LS, in athletics. He was amem- ber of the football team 1,2,3,4g basketball l,2,3,4g track 1,2 ,3 ,4g and M-Club 2,3,4. You will re- member "Bugs" as Chan in "Lost Horizon." He was vice- president of his class his fresh- man year, "Bugs" was secre- tary-treasurer of M-Club his se- nior year. DENNIS HANES Another of our able athletes was "Dennis the Menace" as he was called. He participated in foot- ball 2,4g and basketball 1.2,-4. He earned his letter to become a member of M-Club 4. ALAN EDWARD ANDERSON "Andy" participated in band 1.2. He played basketball 4. "Andy" was on the track team 3.4. He is a great ping pong player. He was mainly interested in sports throughout his high school years. 88 RICHARD STUART HERRMANN "Herm" worked diligently on the Hilltopper his freshman year. He was a member of boys' cho- rus 4g and mixed chorus -t. He was a member of M-Club 1. "I-lerm" did a swell job as sports manager for basketball 12.3.41 football 1 ,2,3 .45 and track 1 ,2 .3 .-1. .L ,Gi DOUGLAS WILLIAM DERBY "Doug" was a member of the Student Council 1. He served his class well as vice-president his sophomore year. "Doug" was a hard worker on class floats. DONALD!-ZIJGENEHIGHB.-XRGI-LR "Ham" played football l.1Z.3: basketball I,2,3.4g and tennis 1. 3,-1. He was a member of the M- Club 4, and sports were his main concern in high school MARLYS JEAN ROWLAND Marlys was always a busy bea- ver. She was kept busy by her job at the bakery and her school work. She was a member of G.A,A. 1,2.3g and National Honor Society 3.4. Marlys sangin girls' chorus l,2. She was elected pre- sident of the National Honor So- ciety her senior year. MARY KAY DAVIDSON "Kati" enrolled in Mt. Morris High School as a junior, trans- ferring from Springfield High School. Ohio. She was a member of G.A.A. 3.4. Her dramatic abi- lity was shown through her work in forensics 3 "Kati" workedon the Hilltopper 3. She played Mrs. Morrow in "Seventeenth Sum- mer." "Kati" was a member of Pepsters 4. ROBERT S. SATTERFIELD "Sat" was a member of band 1,2. He was on the golf team his sophomore year. "Sat" will be remembered as Martin, an ar- rogant man of twenty-six. in the senior play. WALTER AND DOROTHY'S RESTAURANT, ML Morris, Illinois Nr' in' X JAMES EVEHETT KEPLINGER "Kepy" was kept busy outside school with his job at the A Sz P and his car. He played football 1,2. KENNETH SAMUEL DUNCAN "Kevin" worked industriously on the class floats and the prom. He participated in football 1,2. A HOWARD PUNKKA "Punk" always seemed to cheer everyone with his humor. He played football lg and track 1. He will be remembered as Fitz in "Seventeenth Summer . ' ' vi T-qui 4 JOE STENGEL Joe was interested mainly in ag- riculture and was a member of F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. LEROY WITTGE "Lee," usually seen shooting baskets at noon, took an interest in business subjects, such as typing and office practice. wQ,'7"" ROBERT ALLEN SHOBE "Bob" came to Mt. Morris High School from Catholic Cen- tral High in Springfield, Ohio, his senior year, He is rather quiet, but likeable and friendly. He was always willing to help on committees or anything asked of him. PLUM ELECTRIC CO., Mt. Morris, Illinois JUDITH LILA MEEKER "Judy" transferred to Mt. Mor- ris the beginning of her sopho- more year and returned to us her senior year, after attending Shreveport High, Louisiana, and Jacksonville High, Texas. She participated in G. A.A. 4. JOYCE ELIZABETH ARDEN Joyce transferred to Mt. Mor- ris from Valparaiso High School when a senior. She wasamember of Pepsters 4, This cute blond was an active member of F.H.A. 4, The graduates to-be receive final instructions from Mr, Hoff about graduation exercises. Bob Satterfield inpatientlyasks for last-minute help. "Hurry up and fix my tie, and don't make iz :oo right." Graduation Doree DuMont gladly receives her diploma from Forest Kinsey while the others anxiously wait Commencement exercises on Thursday, May 29, climaxed four long years of high school training. The class of '58 now will face the outside world. Whether we go into the work-a-day world or go on to further schooling, we hope that we are adequately prepared. After the exercises are finally over. Steve Colvin proudly states, "Hey, Cats, we finally made it." ARMBRUSTER TRUCKING, Mt. Morris, Illinois The graduation audience was treated to addresses by Valedictorian Doree DuMont and Salutatorian Marlys Rowland. N, ,Jug f-fr enior Honors Doree DuMont and Gary Gottschalk received the Danforth Foundation's "I Dare You" Awards on being chosen the outstanding boy and girl, Gary and Doree were also runners-up for the American Legion Awards. El On the basis of their scholarship, courage, leadership, companionship. character, service,and honor Barbara Garkey and Gary Dunk were given the American Le- gion Awards Barb also won the D4A,R, Award and Gary the Index Athletic Award. HAMlLL'S FURNITURE STORE, Dixon, Illinois QD Advertising Index The annual staff w1shes to thank the busmess men and frxends who have sponsored pages in the 1958 MOUN DER Wlthout these contrxbutions our yearbook could not have been published Acker Shoe and Clothing Store Armbruster Truckmg Art s D X Servlce Avey's Electrlc Be1er's Fresher' Bread Bem1s Ford Sales Ben Franklin Store Berme s Standard Servlce B1ng Kunzelman Boynton Rlchards Co Burke s 66 Service Buser Lumber Co Charlotte s Beauty Salon Chlcago Motor Club C1t1zens State Bank Colomal Bread Corbett Coffman Cratty s Cleaners Dee Lux Shop Dr L M Stauffer Dr OW Wemstexn Don Maxey Elalne s Beauty Shop Erz1nger's Shoe Store Felker's Pharmacy Flnch Furnlture Gamble Store Ham1lls Furn1ture Store Harrmgton Beauty Salon Helen 8: Ray s Dellcatessen Home Servlce Laundry Home Restaurant Hough Hardware Houghton Stud1o Ja Ta Beauty Salon Jewett's Barber Shop J1m's Barber Shop John Sprecher 8: Co Jlm Wlute Kable Inn Kable News Company Kable Pr1nt1ng Company Klapprodt Truckmg Klme's Department Store Lace Motor Sales Lace Olds Lawton s Dalry Island L1ght's Jewelry Mann Graphlc Arts McGee Lumber Co MOTFIS Morris Morris Morrls Morris M M Super Cleaners Dress Shop Elevator Flower and Glft Shop Index Market Natlonal Clothing House National Turkey Federation Nlcholson s Firestone Store Oregon Dairy and Dairy Bar Orr Insurance Agency Owen s Sport Shop Plum Electrlc Ralph Koper Contractor Raymond Orput Arch1tec+ Reddmg Furmture 8: Appl1ance Store Rockford Coca Cola Bottlmg Co Rockford School of Buslness Royal Blue Store Smartwear Steve's Body Shop Stouffer Poultry Farm Stuckey's Taylor s Cafe Ted's Repalr Shop Tot 8: Teen Shop Town 8: Country Lanes TOWHVIEW Daxry Tr1en's Jewelry Store Valle Clotlung Store Wally s Pastry Shop Walker and Dorothy s Restaurant Watt Publxshlng Co Westgor MUSIC Store Whltney Bxuck Sales Wood Brothers Manufacturmg Co Z1ckuhr's Walgreen Agency I I . 4 . ' 91 ' - ' 71 . 84 , . ' Cl ! ' . 41 . 1 . ' ' ' 49 Mt. ' H ' " 68 Mt. - ' . 13 Mt. 1 cc if ' ' . 26 Mt. 7 2 - . 70 . .. 94 ' 59 ' ' - 45 ' 35 18 ' Dewey's Gulf Service 66 ' . . . 74 , . . . ' ' 52 , ' .. 42 . . . ' ' 53 - ' . . 81 . 50 ' ' 69 47 ' ' ' 92 ' 56 ! ' 7 . 78 . 28 87 . 33 . . - 77 ' 73 ' ' ' 17 ' . 24 ' . . 21 . . U 65 ' 96 ' ' ' ' 98 ' . . 86 . 548: COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS STATE BAN K MOUNT MORRIS ILLINOIS Member F D I C There ls N0 Short cut' There IS no short cut no patent tram road to wisdom After all the centurles of xnventlon the soul s path lxes through the thorny wllderness whxch must stxll be trodden ln solltude w1th bleed1ng feet wlth sobs for help as lt was trodden by 1 U ' v T 9 l ' , y 1 1 r C them of old Best Wlshes to all 1958 graduates WATT PUBLISHING CO Sandstone Bu11d1ng Mount Morrls, Illmols Poultry Trlbune Broller Growlng Hatchery and Feed Pac1f1c Poultryman Better Farmlng Methods Turkey World Poultry Processmg and Marketlng Industrxa Avlcola George Ehot TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 WE OFFER OUR HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS IW YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF ENDEAVOR KABLE NEWS COMPANY MOUNT MORRIS ILLINOIS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS Congratulahons Mounders TOWNVIEW DAIRY offers fmest In rnnlk :ce crecum cmd related doury products to on fine student body TOWNVIEW MILK 8. ICE CREAM CO Mt Moms Illmols E R Arden Prop Phone 505 IQZLELE INN MOUNT MORRIS I PRINTED BY STEPHENSON-CARROLL PUBLISHERS, LENA, ILLINOIS

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