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yW WWW? if . 1.'QJfi.q. WW! ,WW , igyfyy ff Vperfig' Qyamj' Q35 5' Www QQ M' 535253 L WW ,fgf - gy B J AZLAAX MSHA 522 ii wyffgfff , g S qi WSQESQ 1 1 E ,ff NIJMW' N, A,,.H,,f - Mp..fGQ-W , Q r Q I . x Q X 1 W an 7 'Q Q -Q N X , A 9. .f , I Q., XM K 13355 SQ. i R X M232 H '2? 0Z3iZi5?g M , 5 ' '3X,5Q'?f. Q 5k vy5,0G'f5ffXQ?'y Z,. , 7' -f E X . 577 Nbhgslgkw A3 ' - eqve uS .-, 4 X83 W WW 'ii ,015 E25-2 W ,, ','?o-5 Qfgx, We' K9 WQQZLE, v . l I 0 fl I ff ff'-" k lt! f !! if . A ,I I x I s I , 1 jj ff 'gf' x! ff! ff! 'f 'z , ,f 1' v , f "X I 2 ff? jf 4 I fl! , FGREWORD if it . N' RJ sb 'Y Q? it Ex! to S lim it is twill its Things from out of the past-memories of happy moments, true friends, and even recollections of past sadness, comfort and solace us when we feel discouraged and wish ourselves free from the cares of a busy world. In publishing this edition ot the "Mounder," we hope we are paving the way to many a happy interlude in the future, when you will take it from its resting place, wipe the dust from its bindings, and turn back once again, in reverie, to the days when you were a student in the Mount Morris High School. 'l gl Ryu ,if X 4 Xi , still tg xiii Q . t t Qf. E E , of gf, W Jn glfflemuriam of Mary Marlowe McColl who faithfully served our school and contributed her efforts to the pulo- lication of the "Mour1der." ' A 1 1 ', fluff? , if ' ' I , ,f ff: fl ff, " ,ir ,, 41 ,l u7,fi'W 3 V I .ff W l l lf J ' -14 ,,y f'- , tri sl ,fl , .V 1' Y I ifplK1TVxJ . 't,' I 'J f. lj' LiHX"fTxl? The Mounder of 1943 Board of Educatlon 1143 3 HARRY BAKER O. A. HANKE Pre.fia'ent GERALD HOUGH EARL DIEI-IL JOHN DOHLEN Secrezary The Mounder of 1943 723 H. A. HOFF Prizzfipal of High Srlaool Mount Morris College, A. B. I University of Wisconsin, Ph. M. E51 The Mourider ol l943 f llijkl BETH D. AMSRUD Francis Shimer junior College McPhail School of Music, B. M. National Music Camp, lnterlochen Rockford College Northwestern University, M.P.S.M. Band, C horny EDNA C. COULSON Western Illinois Teachers College, B. Ed. University of Iowa, Graduate Work C oznrnerfe C onzznervial C lub Adoifer Soplmnzore Sponyor MILTON R. DUNK Illinois State Normal University B. Ed. University of Illinois A grimlfure F. F. A. Advifer ELDO R. HENRICKS , Illinois State Normal Mount Morris College, A. B. University of Illinois, A. M. . Arfiflant Principal Mathezlzaliff Nalional Honor' Society Adoiyer RUTH HELEN RYBURN Illinois State Normal University B. Ed. University of Missouri University of Illinois, M. A. Latin, En glifh Girly' Phyfival Eclnvaliozz Aafzfifei' of Annual, Pepxterf, Latin Club, and G. A. A. LOUISE DOWNEY Illinois Wesleyan University, B. S. lllinois State Normal University Home Economics, Efzglifla Home Economicr Club Advirer DOROTHY SAVAGE Huron College, A. B U. C. L. A. Northwestern University Englirla, fouwzalifm Hilltopper Advirer junior Clary Sponror JUDSON REIMER Central College, fPella, Ia.j, B. A. Drake University, DesMoines, Ia. American Hirtory, World Hirtory Ecofzomicr, Sociology Boyr' Pluyrical Education Athletics "M" Club Advirer JAMES F. WARD Illinois State Normal University Northwestern University Biol o gy, General Science Civicr CHARLOTTE PALMER Office Affirlafzt H. R. MOODY Curlodiau of lhe High School lf7l The Mounder of 1943 it THE DEAR OLD SCHCOL jean Allen The school was a bustling, busy old place, Alive with shrill giggles and many a faceg The students were hurrying first here and then there And a spirit of gaiety filled all the air. Noises were floating all over the hall, And one could not hear e'en the loudeit call. Shouts from the Playroom floated up from belowg And everyone seemed to just tear to and fro. Last night as I walked in the gloomy, old hall, I heard not a sound-silence reigned over allg And I thought to myself it was really quite strange That youth's merry voices could make such a change. l8l QWfQ45fQf5WW ww Mfw Wm CLASSES ik The Mounder Ol l943 RALPH HUDSON "More wise, more learned, more just, more everything." Class President, 43 Basketball, 1, Z, 3, 43 Football, 3, 43 Base- ball, 1, 23 Track, lg Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 43 Boys' Glee Club, 1, 2. 5: Mixed Chorus, 1, Z, 3, 43 Music Contest, 1, 2, 33 County Music Festival, 1, 23 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play, 3, 4: Student Council, 1, 43 Presi- dent, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 41 President, 43 Annual Staft, 3, 4, Sports Editor, 43 Hilltop- per, 43 Librarian, 43 Golf, 2, 33 Mixed Octet, 2, 3. 41 Boys' Quartet, 33 All-State Orchestra, 31 Violin Contest, 1, 23 lst Division State, 1, Z3 Znd Division National, 1. ,X GERALDINE REYNOLDS ERIC MANN rf ,H fr 1: Gerry "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low-an excellent thing in womanf' Class Secretary-Treasurer, 43 Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3, 43 Vol- leyball Team, 1, 2, 3, 41 G. A. A., 1, 2, 5, 43 Recorder, 43 Basketball, 1, 2', 3, 43 State Award, 33 State Emblem, 4: Girls' Glee Club, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, 3, 43 Music Contest, 3, Pepster, 43 Home Economics Club, 13 junior-Senior Banquet Comm. Chairman. 3: Commercial Club, 4, Class Play Production Staff, 4. Pete H 0 gan "Some say I'm quiet, some say I'm not But really when you get to know me, I talk quite a lot." Class Vice President, 1, 4: Class President, 23 Class Play Stage Manager, 3, 43 Annual Staff, 3, 43 Assistant Editor, 31 Editor, 4, Homecoming, 2, 33 Junior-Senior Banquet, 33 Ring Selection Chairman, 31 An- nouncement Card Chairman, 4. SENIOR CLASS IPLOWER .... RED ROSE MOTTO "ArhieLfeu1e11! ii' Zlae result of ea1'11e.i'! ezzdeawf' SENIOR HONORS Valedirforiafz ....,, RALPH HUDSON Sdllllplfllfldll ,,,,,,,.,.,,...,,,,...,.,.....,,...,.,,,,... HIHLIZN FRANKLIN D. A. R. Award for Good Citizenship ,,.. HIZLIEN FRANKLIN tm ELAINE ARBOGAST HBIlffl?H "You are uncommon in some things: uncommon small, for instance." G. A. A., I, Z, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, Water Pageant, l, State Award, 3, State Emblem, 4, Girls' Glee Club, 2, Mixel Chorus, 2, Operetta, lg Hilltopper, 4, Pep- ster, Z, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Home Eco- nomics Club, 1, Indian Fantasy, 2, Com- mexial Club, 4, Class Play Production Sta , 4. FRANK AUFDERBECK HOJ't'dI'U "When a lady's in the case Let other things give place." Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Base- ball, l, 2, Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Music Contest, l, 2, County Music Festival, l, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Usher Class Play, 3, Inter-Class Swimming Meet, 3. BETTY AVEY "Bel" "Betty is that girl so sweet, A nicer friend you'll never meet." G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team, I, J, 31 Volleyball Team, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 2. 3, Girls' Glee Club, Z, l'ixel Chorus, 2, Music Contest, 2, County Music Festival, 2, Class Play Production Staff, 3, 4, Class Play, 3: Hilltnpgcr. 4, Pepster. 3. 4, Home Economics Clu , 1, 2, 3, Com- mercial Club, 4, junio'-Senio Banquet Comm. Chairman, 3, Christmas Play, 3. HAROLD BAKER "figg,r" "Men of few words are the best men." Latin Club, 4, Ping-Pong Doubles Cham- pion, 2, 3, Christmas Play, 5. 4. MARIAN BAKER "Bake" "Marian's short and full of fun, Never stops 'till day is done." G. A. A., l, Z, Hockey Team, 3: Volley- ball team, 1, 2, Water Pageant, lg Home Etonomics Club, 1, 2, 4. ARNOLD BLECKER "Bleak" "Never let studies interfere with your education." Class Secretaryffreasurer. 2, 3: Music Contest, l, 23 County Music Festival, l, 2, Band, l, Z, 3, 4, Class Play, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 43 Christmas Play, 3, Drum Solo, I, Z, Airplane Club, 4, Baton Twirler, l, 2. HAROLD BRINKER "Spal'kyH "He's a guy by the name of Sparky Ambitious fellow-or was he?" Basketball, 3, 4, Football, 3, 4, "M" Club, 4, F. F. A. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary, 3, Treasurer, 4, judging Team, 2. PAUL BRINKER "E1'lZi9l' "Why bother myself at work to grind Wlien there's so much pleasure I can find." Basketball, 2, 3. 4, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, "M" Club, 4, Hilltopper, 4. he Mounder of 1943 ik E. , .fi 11 fm sk The Mounder of 1943 12 jo BURKE "Never a worry, never a care, Her or there or anywhere." G. A. A., 1, 2, 33 Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3 olle ball Team, 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 33 Girls' Glee Club, 33 Mixed Chorus, 3' Home Economics Club, 1, Z3 Baton rling, 1, Z, 3, 4. LEN CARNEY She speaks, behaves, and acts just as she thinks." G 33 Volleyball Team, 1, 2, 33 Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club, 1. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 1, 3, 43 Music Contest, 13 Oper- etta, lg Home Economics Club, 1, 2. WILLIAM COFFMAN "Cob" "A little work, a little sleep, a lit- tle love, and it's all over." Class President, 1g Vice President, Z3 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Manager, 3, 4, Baseball, 33 "M" Club, 3, 43 Vice President, 4-3 Class Play. 32 Class Play Pro- duction Statf, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, 43 Hilltopper, 4. DORIS CRATTY "A quiet and pleasant manner wins many friends." G. A. A., 1, 3, 41 Hockey Team, 13 Vol- leyball Team, 31 S orts Manager, 43 Water Pageant, lg Basketgall, 33 State Award, 43 Girls' Glee Club, li Mixed Chorus, 1: Music Contest, 13 Operetta, 15 County Music Festival, 13 National Honor Society, 43 Home Economics Club, 13 Hilltopper, 43 Librarian, 43 Latin Club, 41 President, 43 North Hollywood High, Z3 Inter-Class Swimming Meet, 3, Head Usher Baccalau- reate, 33 Student Council, 13 Class P.ay, 33 Class Play Production Stall, 43 Girls Sextet, 1. BETTY CROUCH "Bei" "Ask me no questions, and l'll tell you no lies." G. A. A., 13 Girls' Glee Club, 23 Mixerl Chorus, 2, Music Contest, Z3 l-loine inco- nomics Club, 1, 2, 4. GERALD DENEAU "Demon" "My own living l can make, For I have wisdom enough at stake." Class Vice Piesidcnt, 34 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 41 "M" Club, 43 Class Play, 3, 43 Na- tional Honor Society, 43 Hilltopper, 43 Edi- tor, 43 Librarian, 43 Homecoming, 1, 33 Iunior-Senior Banquet Comm, L.na1.1nan, 33 Christmas Play, 31 Ping4Pong Singles Cham- pion, 3, 43 Ping-Pong Doubles Champion, 2, 33 Employment Agency Chairman, 3. CHARLES DIEHL "Claude" "Blessings on thee little man." Operetta, lg F. F. A., 1, 2. 3, 43 F. F. A, Speech Contest, 31 National Honor So- ciety, 4g Librarian, 4. ELAINE DOHLEN "Her hair is not more sunny than her heart." G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 41 Hockey Team, 1, 2, 33 Volleyball Team, 2, 3, 45 Basketball, 3, 43 State Award, 43 Class Play Produc- tion Staff, 33 Class Play, 4: National Honor Society, 41 Librarian, 43 Pepster, 2, 3, 43 junior-Senior Banquet Comm. Chairman, 3. . A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Team, 1, Z, LAWRENCE WOLFE rfLd7'1'y'! "All I ask is to be let alone." Operetta, 1, County Music Festival, 1, 2, Band, l, Z, 5, 4, F. F, A., 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH ZUMDAHL "She has no time to sport away the hours, All must be earnest in a world like ours." Girls' Glee Club, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Home Economics Club, l, 2, 3, Commer- cial Club, 4. MARQIORIE ELLIOTT "Marj." "A willing worker-tall and slim In everything she's neat and trim." Hockey Team, 1, 2, Water Pageant, lg Girls' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 5, 4, Music Contest, 1, 2, Operetta, lg Latin Club, 43 Solo Music Contest, 2, Commercial Club, 4, Solo at junior Play, 2, 5, 4. DORIS HOFFMAN "H0ffy" "High flights she had, and wit and will, And so her tongue was never still." G. A. A., l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball Team, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 3, 43 State Award, 33 State Emblem, 4, Girls' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, l, Z, 5, 4, Music Contest, 1, 2, Oferetta. lg County Music Festival, 1, 23 Cass Play. 3. 45 Speech Contest, l, 2, Commercial Club, 4. HENRY HOLLAR "Hank" "I am the noblest man I have ever met." Track, 1, Zg Boys' Glee Club, 1, 2, 31. Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Contest, l, Z, 3: County Music Festival, 1, 2g Class Play, 33 Octet, 2, 5, 4, Quartet, 3. DOROTHY JACOBS "Dot" "So wise, so young, she cannot live long-single!" G. A. A., 1, 2, 5, 4, Hockey Team, l, 3, 5, 4, Volleyball Team. 1, Z', 3. 4: Sports Manager, 3: VUater Pageant, 1, Basketball, l, 2, 5. 41 State Award, 35 State Emblem, 4, Girls' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Music Contest, l, 2, Operetta, lg County Music Festival, I, 25 Band, l, Z, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, l, 2, Speech Contest, lg National Band Contest, lg Commercial Club, 4: Baton Leader, 1, 2, 3, 4, Octet, 3, 41 Sextet, 1, Z, 4, Class Play Production Staff, 4. MARION KNODLE "A girl more jolly, kind, and sweet, It's never been my lot to meet." G. A. A., lg Music Contest, lg County Music Festival, lg Band, lg Librarian, 4: Home Economics Club lg Pepster, 2. 5, 4: Secretarv-Treasurer, 2, Vice President, 3: Commercial Club. 4. DONALD MEDLAR "DUNN "A pleasant lad and very kind A boy of few words you will find." Football, 4, "M" Club, 43 Boys' Glee Club., 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Contest, l, 23 Operetta, lg County Music Festival, 1, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Hill- topper, 4, All-State Chorus, 3: Mixed Octet, 2, 3, 45 Quartet, 3: F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 45 F.-F. A, Reporter, 43 Sectional F. F. A. judging Team, 2: State F. F. A. judg- ing Team, 2. The Mounder ol 1943 72? Gow. YZ? 5133 . f The Mounder of l943 14 BONNIE MERRIMAN "Lifes just one grand sweet song, So start up the music." G. A. A., 2, Hockey Team, 2, Volleyball Team, 2, Girls' Glee Club, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Hilltopper, 4, Home Eco- nomics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Water Pageant, 1. RUTHE MITCHELL "Until I truly loved, I was alone." G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Team, 1, 2, 3, 4, Water Pageant, 1, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, State Award, 3, State Emblem, 4, Girls' Glee Club, 1, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 4, Music Contest, 1, 2, Operetta, 1, County Music Festival, 1, 2, Class Play Production Staff, 3, Class Play, 4, Speech Contest, 1, 2, Commercial Club, 4. LOIS PALMER "Lam" "Here's to the love that lies in a woman's eyes, and lies and lies." G, A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team, 1, 3, Volleyball Team, 1, 2', 3, 4, Water Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, State 3 Stats Emblem, 4, Vice Presi- Cfetary-Treasurer, 31 Class Play, Ent Council, 2, National Honor 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Cheer- , Picadors, 5, Pepster, 2, 3, 4, LOIS PERSONETTE "Percy" helping hand, a winning smile." G. A. A., 1, 2, Hockey Team, 2, Volley- ball Team, 2, Girls' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Contest, l, 2, 3, Operetta, 1, County Music Fes- tival, 1, 2, Class Play Production Staff, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Hilltopper, 3. 4, Home Economics Club, 1, Christmas Play, 3, 4, Comgnercial Club, 4, Octet, 1, 2, 4, Sex- tet, . WAYNE PIEPER "Pief" " 'Tis better to have loafed and nearly flunked than never to have loafed at all." F. F. A., 1, F. F. A. judging Team, 1. TOM PRUGH "Prid" "The tallest, hungriest, wittiest ffl biggest-mouthed fellow in school." Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3. 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, "M" Club, I, 2', 3, 4, President, 4, Class Play. 3: Class Production Staff, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 3, 4, Hilltopper, 3: Inter-Class Swim- ming Meet, 3. ARLENE ROUSE "Arkey" "Come and trip it as ye go, On the light, fantastic toe." Hockey Team, 1, Water Pageant, 1, Girls' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, 1, Z, 31 Music Contest, 1. 2, County Music Festival, l, 2, Home Economics Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 2, Class Play Production Staff, 4. NORMA SAUNDERS "Norm" "Always happy, never glum, Norma is a friendly chumf' G, A. A.. 3: Hockey Team, 3: Volley- ball Tearn, 3: Basketball, 3, Girls' Glee Club, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, County Music Festival, 3, I-lilltopper, 4, Home Economics Club, 3, Inter-Class Swimming Meet, 3, Westport High School, Kansas City, Mo., 1, 2. STANLEY SCHMUCKER "Sian" "A man of the world must seem to be what he wishes to be thought." Boys' Glee Club, 1, 2, Mixed Chorus, l, 23 Music Contest, l, 2: Operetta, 11 Country Music Festival, 21 Band, 1, 23 Annual Stal , B, -13 juniorASenior Banquet Comm. Chair- man, 33 Class Play, 4. WILLIAM SHAW "Bill" "His only books are women's looks." Class Secretai'y-Treasurer, 13 Basketball, 31 Baseball, 23 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: judg- ing Team F. F. A., Z, State judging Team F. F. A., 2. PETER STEFFEN "Pete" "The knowledge of words is the gate of scholarship." Music Contest, I, Z3 Operetta, 13 County Music Festival, 1, 23 Band, 1, 2, 3, 41 Class Play, 3, 43 Hilltopper, 43 Christmas Play, 3, 43 V. F. WI Essay Contest Win- ner, 2. BETTY STONEBRAKER "Smiley" "Happy am Ig from care I'm free, Why aren't they all contented like me ?" G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Team, 2, 33 Volleyball Team, I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 2, 33 Annual Staff, 43 Pepster, 2, 3, 43 Home Economics Club, 21 Speech Contest, 13 junior-Senior Banquet Comm. Chair- man, 33 Chairman Float Committee Home- coming, 2, 33 Commercial Club, 4, Presi- dent, 4, VIRGINIA STOUFFER "Gimzyl' "Of softest manner, unaffected mind, Lover of peace, and friend of human kind." G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey Team, 1, 2, 53 Volleyball Team, 1, 2, 33 Water Pageant, 13 Basketball, 3, 4, State Emblem, 'lg State Award, 43 Pepster, 43 Speech Con- test, 3, 33 Class 33 Hilltopper, 43 Pepster, 43 Speech Contest, 2, 51 Class Play, 4. JOANNE STRUB ff 10" "Take life too seriously, and what is it worth!" G. A. A., I, 2, 33 Hockey Team, 1, 33 Volleyball Team, 1, 31 Basketball, 1, 33 Ciirls' Glee Club, Z, 3, 41 Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 43 Music Contest, Z1 County Music Fes- tival, 23 Band Maiorette, 2, 3. 43 Class Play Production Stall, 33 Class Play, 43 Hilltopper, 43 Home Economics Club, 1, 2: junior-Senior Banquet, 33 Commercial Club, 4. jo ANN THOMSON 'ffm "When she will, she will, you may de- pend upon't3 When she won't, she won't, and there's an end on't." C. A. A., 13 Water Pageant, I3 Girls' Cilee Club, 23 Mixed Chorus, 23 Music Contest, 23 County Music Festival, 23 Class Play. 3, 4: Picadors, 3, -13 Speech Contest, l, Z, 33 Commercial Club, 4. LYLE TOWNS "With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh, I should die." Basketball, 1, Z, 3, 43 Football, 1, 2, 3, -13 Club, 43 Hilltuppcr, 4. e Mounder of 1943 15 ik The Mounder of 1943 HELEN FRANKLIN "Ben" "She labors equally hard at work and play." Class President, 3, G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, SI-ports Manager, 1, 2, Recorder, 3, Hockey eam, 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Team, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, State Award, 3, State A li ,K Emblem, 4, Girls' Glee Club, 2, Mixed Chorus, 2, Music Contest, 2, County Music Festival, 2, Band, 2, Student Council, 3, 4, Vice President, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Vice President, 4, Annual Staff, 3, 4, Librarian, 4, Pepsters, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Home Economics Club, 1, Secretary, 1, Speech Contest, 2, Senior-Freshman Recep- tion Chairman, 4, Homecoming Chairman, 1, junior-Senior Banquet Toastmistress, 3, D. A. R. Award, 4, Commercial Club, 4. ESTHER HEDRICK "Effie" "Nor bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, but a new mingling of them all." G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 33 President, 4, Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Team, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, Y---W 3, 4, State Award, 3, State Emblem, 4, f, Girls' Glee Club, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, 2, 9 A 3, Music Contest, 2, County Music Fes- ,- ' I ' , ' tival, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, Class Play, 3, Class V, -f , ' Q, ,V ,- f' Play Production Staff, 4, Student Council, X I ,f I , 1 , fr .' 4, Hilltopper, 3, 4, Pepster, 3, 4, Home . V fl Y jp 0, ' .fjhly - Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, Senior-Freshman j ,P ,J I - Q L f . ,' Reception, 4, junior-Senior Banquet Comm. ' ff .- , rv , ' Chairman, 3: Commercial Club, 4, Girls' jf! ff I fa' Sextet, 2. ij fC" I FAREWELL For the last four years, we, the members of the Senior Class of '43, have been liv- ing and enjoying the privileges and advantages of students in the Mount Morris High School. There have been some of our old friends leave us, and into our ranks have come some new ones. We have worked hard and played hard during these four years Hsome of us more than others, perhaps, but all have tried to do their share. Now we find, with a feeling of sorrow and regret, that these happy days have come to an end. We are leaving our friends here and are going out into a world in which we must face the uncertainty and doubt we know the future holds. But before we go, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the members of our school board and faculty for the help and consolation they have given us, and our kindest wishes go to the other members of our school, to whom we would like to will these few things which have made our stay here more happy. To you juniors, we would like to leave for your next year, all the joys and sorrows that being Seniors has held for us-joys you may experience as upper classmen and sor- rows you will meet when it comes time for you to leave next spring. To you Sophomores, we would like to will all the fun and enjoyment that we de- rived from our junior year. Our junior play, "june Mad," and especially our junior- Senior Banquet were experiences we shall never forget. And to you Freshmen, we would like to will three more glorious years in our school, and may you make the most of them and enjoy them as we have done. -THE SENIOR CLASS. I 16 Il The Mounder of 1943 gif W iii? Top Row-Allen, Avey, Ballard, Bartow, Butterbaugh, Castle, Crowell, Floto. Second Row-Frey, Hagemann, Hendershott, Hilger, Horst, Jacobs, Krug, j. Lingel. Third Row-M. Lingc-1, Lizer, Medlar, Noble, Palmer, Prugh, Rouse, Ruble. Fourth Row-Silvius, Watson, Watt, Martha Watts, Mary Watts, Weller, Wihle, Wolf. Fifth Row-Wright, Yoder, I.. Zumdahl, M. Zumdahl, Hurd. No Picture-Etta Snodgrass, Lola Stengel. IUNIOR CLASS Prefid 6111 ,,,,.,..... ...... Vive Preridefzl ,,,.. Sefretary-TreaJ1n'er .......... Slfzdefzl Cofnzfil Member! .... 17 .....PATsY HILGER ...WJEAN ALLEN ....,,-IRAN LINGEL HAROLIJ PALMER PATSY HILGEIK jk The Mounder of l943 Top Row-Alter, Baker, Bartow, Brinker, Crocker, Deneau, Ralph Diehl, Rose Diehl Second Row-Evans, Frawert, Gardner, Goodrich, Hird, Hoffman, Horst, Maxson. Third Row-Miller, Moore, Myers, Newcomer, Rauch, Rohleder, Ross, Rowe. Fourth Row-Shank, Statler, Stengel, Wagner, Wheldon, Wolfe. SOPHOMORE CLASS Preyidefzl .....,,.,... ...... J AMES ROHLEDER VjL'6-P1'9Jf6ll?7Zf ..... ...,.,. P AUL FRAWERT Serrefary-T1'ea.fl11'e1' .,......,,,., ..,Y,.. J OHN BARTOW Smdemf Comm! Members .,,o.. .....,..,.,o J AM1zs ROHLEDER MARGARE1' BRINKER i 183 The Mounder of 1943 if Top Row--Albright, Allen, Avey, Bearman, Blevins, Conway, Cratty, Crouch, Davidson, Diehl Second Row-Dohlen, Feary, Galyean, Gartner, Goodrich, Gouker, Hardesty, Hartzell, Horst Hough. Third Row-T. Incontro, W. Incontro, Jacobs, James, King, Klepfer, Knodle, Last, Lingel Manus. Fourth Row-D. McNett, V. McNett, Melsheimer, Messer, Middlekauff, Mills, Niklaus Richards, Rosenbalm, Sanderson. Fifth Row-Silvius, Smith, Schmucker, Southard, Stonebraker, Stouffer, Vogel, Wells, Williams Wittge. Sixth Row-Wright, Yeakel, Yoder. No Picture-Barbara Marchant, Richard Morrison. FRESHMAN CLASS Prefidefzl ......................,......,...................... SHERWOOD STOUFFER Vire Prefidezzl ............. ....,,,, W ILLIAM MESSER Secr'etm'y-TreuJw'e1' ........,.....,. .,..,.., L ORRAINE ALLEN Student Council Memberr ....... .,,,,,,, R ICHARD KNODLE DOROTHY NIKLAUS i 19 J f ff? + wi ,..:s ' an X eil 5334 55 EI" . . '39 . M : U fiwf il Xb f :N W W K ,E Q h VZ :, U Z, A V- is N M., fi 'T XX ATHLETICS ik The Mounder of 1943 Qi n Top Row-Couch Reimer, Palmer, Krug, Prugh, Dcneau, Cnffrnan, Bartow, Shank, W1Aigl1t Second Row-Towns, Hudson. Top R0VN'1C0L1CIl Will'Ll, W. lncontro, Stzxtlcw, T. lncontro, wYi1gUCl', Alter, Sanderscm, Miller, W1'igl1t. Second Row-Blevins, Mcsscr, SfOI1Cl'll'ilkCl', Smith, Knodlc, Jacobs. i223 The Mounder ol 1943 ik tv-. nf 23' Top Row-Knodle, Gartner, W. Incontro, Smith, XWag'ner, Sanderson, Feary, Messer. Second Row-Towns, P. Brinker, Rohleder, Blevins, Third Row-Coach Reimer, Medlar, Krug, Prugh, T. lncontro, Coffman. Fourth Row-Hudson, Horst, Stonebraker, H. Brinker, Palmer, Aufderheck, Shank. ,Ae wi BASKETBALL Although the Mounders have not had a successful year in winning games, the team has heen backed one hundred per cent by the student body. Getting off to an encouraging start by winning its first game, which was with Pecatonica, the team showed promises of retaining the standard set up by former Mound Teams. How- ever, a streak of bad luck hit the boys, and repeated failures to tip the score in our favor, placed the team at the end of the line in the Conference. The school is looking forward to a promising team in the next two and three years, based on several lower classmen whose skill, aided by height, indicates that the discouraging year of 19-il-1943 will he redeemed. E233 if The Mounder of 1943 FOOTBALL It is difficult to measure the success of a Mt. Morris football season in scores alone. Al- though the Mounders won only the first of five games, they played every game with determ- ination until the final whistle. For several seniors, it was a disappointing final season, but they knew that Coach Reimer would have seven experienced lettermen back for next year to build the foundation for a strong team. At the close of the season, Harold Palmer was voted the most valuable player to the team, and Frank Aulfderbecld was voted honorary captain for the season. Major letter winners for the 1942 season were: Frank Aufderbeck, Harold Brinker, Paul Brinker, Ralph Hudson, Don Medlar, Tom Prugh, Lyle Towns, Vincent Horst, Christy Krug, Harold Palmer, jim Rohleder, Dick Shank, Ted Incontro, Bill Messer, and Russell Stonebraker. Bill Coffman was awarded a manager's letter. DO YOU KNOW YOUR ALPHABET? From first grade to the end of your senior year in high school-'tis a worthy accom- plishment, we think-a long space of time has elapsed since we first learned our "abc's and proudly recited them teacher. However, wel now have another alphabet. How many events of the sports year do you remember? Maybe this will refresh youu memory. Did you know that: A stands for Aufderbeck-a regular "Bronko" Nagurski at fullback-too bad we didn't find it out sooner. B stands for that basketball that disappeared last winter. Where did it go? C is for coach. Would anybody have liked the job? D means "Demon" Deneau. Many were the sore and aching bodies after a scrimmage against him. E symbolizes that enthusiasm on the part of the student body that never died down. F is for the poor freshmen who went out for football and stayed out. Oh well, their lot wasn't nearly as hard as in previous years although Willie Incontro might think so. G stands for grey, the color Coach Reimer's hair was by the end of our basketball season. H is for head, that which Lyle Towns lit on after his dive in the shower room. I is in recognition of the invalids, Tom Prugh and Christy Krug, who both received in- injuries in their joints, or to be more explicit, their knees. L stands for the laps around the football field. Whether it was two, three, or ten laps, Vince Horst invariably beat everybody around. Am I kidding? M means delicious Macaroons. Need I say more? N stands for nifty and natty-our cheerleaders. O is for Oregon-near to us in location, but plenty far away in that final football score. P must be Palmer. He's only a junior, but opponents knew it when he tackled them. How- ever, it seems that Hal himself at times had trouble remembering who he had been tackling' or even where he was playing. is quality-that for which Mt. Morris always strives. stands for redheads. The Mounders could have put an entire team on the basketball floor composed of them-namely: Coffman, Deneau, Bartow, Shank, and Hudson. J K Q R S means snow, sleet, and slush. Such were the weather conditions at Mt. Carroll when we slipped and slid to a 6-0 victory. Remember? T would be Towns. A little scrapper was Lyle and as powerful as dynamite when touched off. U stands for underdog-the role the Mounders played most of the year. V is vim, vigor, vitality, victory, and vitamins. Bill Colffman said that he thought we had the first three, but needed more of the last two. W means water boy Wright. This modern version of Gungha Din was noted for his ability of doing the least things in the greatest space of time. X marks the spot. What spot? Why, the one that Coach was always on, of course. Y is you-the person who is reading this. Remember that this was written in a spirit of fun and not intended to offend anybody in any way. Z stands for the zither that will be easy to play compared with writing a column like this. i24 l .L The Mounder of 1943 gif Top Row-Horst, Stonehralter. Shank, H. Brinker, Medlar, T, lncontro. Second Row-Coach Reimer, Messer. Rohleder, P. Brinker, Towns, Deneau. Third Row-Palmer, Krug, Aufderbeck, Prugh, Coffman, Hudbon. M CLUB The Club, which was originated four years ago, consists of the hoys who have earned major letters in school athletics. The outstanding goal of the organization is to promote and encourage participation in athletics for the boys in school. Several social gatherings, including an initiation banquet, were held at which the main emphasis, fitting for a group of boys, was placed upon food. Coach Reimer was unanimously elected as sponsor for the year. Pl'6J'jLl6I1f .,,,.,. Vice P1'e.lfu'c'l1l , SL'L'I'UftII'J' ,,,,,., , 'I'rei1,i1n'el' ,rr.,,r,. , Sllfjilf Cl7.ljl'lllL'll OFFICERS f25Il .....ToM PRUGH ,.,,c.B1i.i. CoFFMAN MRALPH HLIIJSIJN FRANK Auifimisiusiacgx ..,,..CHR1s'1'Y Kaus 1-IARoLo PALM isa i The Mounder of 1943 ik' Top Row-NXfolfe, Wtitt, D. Hoffman, B. Hoffman, Franklin, Hilger, Wible, Palmer, Carney. Second Row--Davidson, Bartow, J. Allen, Vogel, Baker, Schmucker, E. Dohlen, Avey, Jacobs. Third Row-Yeakel, Albright, Medlar, Stonebraker, Stouffer, Ivfyers, Niklaus, Brinker. Fourth Row-Mitchell, Lizer, D. Dohlen, Klepfer, Hough, L. Allen, V. McNett, Arbogast. Fifth Row-Manus, Middlekauf, D. McNett, M. Lingel, Hardesty, Hartzell, Miss Ryburn. Sixth Rtiw-Wells, Reynolds, Cratty, J. Lingel, Hedrick, Prugh, Crocker, Yoder. G. A. A. The membership drive opened the activities of the G. A. A. with a total of 55 members. The sports calendar included the following activities: hockey, basketball, softball, swim- ming, archery, volleyball, basketball telegraphic meet, and stunts, Many social activities were held throughout the year. Some of them were a Harvest Hike, Thanksgiving Patty, Old Man Winter Party, Spring Dance, Spring Sports Round-up, and a May Festival. The initiation and guest night was held this year in the form of a banquet given by the Home Ec. club and G. A, A. Ten girls represented our organization at Northern G. A. A. Camp at Lake Geneva last summer. League Emblems were presented to Elaine Arbogast, Helen Franklin, Esther Hedrick, Doris Hoffman, Dorothy Jacobs, Ruthe Mitchell, Lois Palmer, Gerry Reynolds, and Virginia Stouffer. OFFICERS President . . . Esther Hedrick Vice President ........ .. ..... Marjorie Prugh Secretary-Treasurer . .Jean Lingel Recorder . .. ...... -Gerry Reynolds Adviser . .. . .. .. . . .. .. .Miss Ruth Ryburn SPORTS MANAGERS Senior . . .. .... ..... . . .......... ..............,............ . ..Doris Cratty Junior ...... .. ......... Marjorie Yoder Sophomore .. .. . .. .... ...... ...Dolores Crocker Freshman ............... .. .... . .... ...Pearl Wells i271 vas, Q mniifm' m iii in an sum! 3 1 N is Qliilaw Q? 1 ff- - - we Ks. .Q Rig, . Q -wk ,1g:2g5.:,i+A X N. W -gw ,W V 35 X , ,Q .fy Cf ' "' Qi 3 x S 1 si? 'K s xx gg.. 'S X Q32 X y 'asa Q .X ,'am i .f V22 ix j ,A I M ,.., I , .'-Q , -Q . ,W ,J 1 'Nm Nw. .-: .. . Sa Y. 'QL Q ii K, QM , M .,.,..: Q if as X, Y s Yu jc, gs 5. f?'t ak .w w. by 7 W 3 'fm ,Q GUM ACTIVITIES il? The Mounder of 1943 Back Row-Krug, T. Prugh, Franklin, Wolf, M. Prugh. Middle Row-Allen, Blecker, Yoder, Stonebraker, Hudson, Avey. Front Row-Miss Ryburn, Schmuckcr, Mann, Lingel, Personctte. ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR A.....,,,,...,,..,...,,,., fmzior Auifiazzt .,......,, BUSINESS MANAGER ....,.. junior AJ'Ji.rtmzt A....., LITERARY EDITOR ...,,.. junior Affiflafzt ....... ART EDITOR .,......,,,.. junior Auiylafll .......,,,.....,. MANN LINGEL STANLEY SCHMUCKER WOLF .........I-IELEN FRANKLIN .........MARjORIE YODER ...BETTY STONEBRAKER . ...... MARJORIE PRUGH ........ARNoLD BLECKER PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ....,.. .. junior Affiftmzl .........,... CIRCULATION MANAGER fmzzor Affiflafzt ................. SPORTS EDITOR ....... junior A.Ui.s'la1zl .....,. TYPIS T .................... ADVISEE ....... I 30 ............,....-IEAN AVEY ..........ToM PRUGH .........CHR1sTY KRUG ......RALPH HUDSON ........,...-IRAN ALLEN .........LOIS PERSONETTE RUTH HELEN RYBURN The Mounder of 1943 gil? EDITORIAL STAFF Top Row-Hedrick, Towns, Avey, Deneau, Miss Savage, Steffen, Merriman, Brinker, Saunders, Second Row-Coffman, Cratty, Stouffer, Hudson, Medlar, Strub. The editorial staff, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Savage, was made up of the members of the journalism class during the first semesterg but, due to the ending of the journalism course, a permanent staff was chosen for the remainder of the school year. if I-IILLTOFPER sir The production staff, under the direction of Miss Edna Coulson, was made up of the members of the typing classes. PRODUCTION STAFF Top Row-Towns, Hoffman, Franklin, Personette. Second Row-Second year typing class. I31I ik The Mounder of 1943 l ,Yi l Standing-Niklaus, Knodle, Hilger, Palmer, Brinker, Rohleder. Seated-Mr. Hoff, Hedrick, Hudson, Franklin, Coffman. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council aims to assure student co-operation and participation in the manage- ment of extra-curriculum affairs. The Council endeavors to develop student responsibility, initiative, and leadershipg promote proper student-faculty relationship, furnish citizenship train- ingg promote general welfareg aid in the administration of the school, and other problems that arise during the school year. All the various types of school entertainments come under the guidance of the Council, including lyceum numbers and school assemblies, School dances are sponsored by the Student Council, and up-to-date records are purchased for the school. The activity room is a popular place for students during the morning and noon periods. Many of the students became ex- pert ping-pong and badminton players. Their skill was demonstrated in the all-school tourna- ment, which was supervised by William Coffman. The Council also helps the student body with regard. to the war effort. A student panel discussed many activities in which the student body could participate. The Council conducted a letter-writing project to all the men in the service, who were graduated from our high school recently. The making of model airplanes for the U. S. Navy was a new project super- vised by the Council. One hundred pounds of fat were collected, and the funds were given to the junior Red Cross. The fifth annual "Big Brother and Sister Day" was held in May' for the rural and town eighth grade pupils. This has proved to be a help to all up-and-coming Freshmen. Due to the fact of gasoline rationing none of the members attended the State Student Council Convention held at Peoria, Illinois. OFFICERS P1-widen: .......... ...................... ..d... R A LPH HUDSON Vire P1-eridemf ......... ..,.. H ELEN FRANKLIN Serrelary-Treamref' ..... ......,............ ....... P A TSY HILGER E323 The Mounder of 1943 ik ,. .. .. . , . . W, ,., Top Row-Mr. l-lenricks, Cratty, Deneau, Hudson, Dohlen, Diehl. Second Row-Palmer, Franklin. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society members are chosen by the faculty on the basis of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Three members from the junior class were elected last spring. They are: Helen Franklin, Ralph Hudson, and Lois Palmer. Four more were chosen. from the senior class this fall. They are: Doris Cratty, Gerald Deneau, Charles Diehl, and Elaine Dohlen. The members serve as librarians, and the money from fines is used for improve- ments in the library. Marion Knodle and Jean Allen also acted as librarians. The Society feels keenly the loss of Miss McColl who served so faithfully and ef- ficiently as adviser since the Mt. Morris Chapter received its charter in 1952. Mr. Hen- ricks is now the sponsor. OFFICERS P,-efidwzz ,,,,.,.,..,. ......................, ....... R A LPH HUIJSON Vit-6 Preyidenz .,..... ....... H IELIEN FRANKLIN Sefrezary-Treamrer ............ Lois PALMER E333 ik The Mounder of 1943 Top Row-Vifatt, Reynolds, J. Avey, Prugh, Franklin, Hoffman, Stouffer, Rouse, Hilger, Miss Ryburn. Second Row-Hedrick, Stonebraker, Dohlen, Crowell, Knodle, B. Avey, Crocker, Brinker, Horst. Third Row-Allen, Lingel, Arbogast, Palmer. No Picture-Wynrlc Gardner, Dorothy Rowe. PEPSTER CLUB The new Pepsters, QMargaret Brinker, Dolores Crocker, Wynne Gardner, Betty Hoffman, Doris Horst, Dorothy Rowe, Betty Crowell, Marjorie Prugh, Gerry Reynolds, and Virginia Stoufferj were initiated into the club by the presentation of a humorous skit before the assembly. Some of the other activities participated in by the Pepster Club were the Homecom- ing bon-fire and snake dance, a playlet presented to the student body, a get-together held in the recreation fO0m, and the traditional Pepster-Athletic Banquet. The girls earned money for the banquet by selling candy and ice cream at the football and basketball games, and by sponsoring school dances. OFFICERS Prmdwzf ......,.... ..................... ....... H E LEN FRANkuN Vive Preridezll .,,,, ...,....,..... P ATSY HILGER Set-rymry-Y'rem11rer ,... ........... ...,... M A RGARIET BIUNKER i341 The Mounder of 1943 gk Top Row-Burke, Knodle, Strub, Personette, Zumdahl, Rouse. Second Row-Mitchell, Stonebraker, Avey, Hedrick, Jacobs, Thomson. Third Row-Miss Coulson, Hoffman, Elliott, Reynolds, Franklin. COMMERCIAL CLUB Some of the second year commercial students recently formed a Commercial Club with Miss Coulson as their adviser. The purpose of the club is to make the girls more competent for secretarial positions. Outside speakers were secured to give the girls pointers on what is expected of office workers. The Commercial Club had, as its proj- ect, the making of an honor roll for men in the service- who have graduated from this school. The meetings were held during the eighth period of the first and third Wednesdays of the month. OFFICERS Pferidenz ,.......... .........................,., B IETTY STONEBRAKER Vit-e Prerideuf ...... .....r........ j OANNE STRUB Secretary-Treamrer .... ....... M ARION KNODLIZ Program Cozmzzillee Dorus HoFFMAN HIZLIEN FRANKLIN ESTHER HEDRICK Advirer ..... ............ ...... M I ss EDNA COULSON T353 jk The Mounder of 1943 Top Row-Horst, Davidson, Schmucker, Baker, Hoffman, Elliott, Sanderson, Vogel, Williams. Second Row-Albright, Medlar, Myers, Dohlen, Incontro, Diehl, Yeakel, Hough. Third Row-Manus, Allen, Niklaus, VVheldon, Watson, 1-lnodle, Hardesty, Yoder. Fourth Row-Miss Ryburn, Wolf, Cratty, Xwatt, Rohleder, lncontro. SOCIETAS GLYMPENORUM The Latin Club, newly organized this year, is a member of the nation-wide organi- zation, the junior Classical League. The object of the club is to create an interest in and an appreciation for classical language and culture and provide an opportunity for Latin students to meet socially. The theme for the year was the study of Roman and Greek Mythology. The' meet- ings consisted of reports on Roman life and myths, Roman games, and other special features. A myth-writing contest was held to see which member could write the best myth. A Roman banquet was held in the spring at which many Roman foods were served. Societas Olympenorum had several parties during the year. At some of the parties Roman foods were served as refreshments. OFFICERS Prefidmz .........,. ..... .............. .......... D o R IS CRATTY Vim Prexidenf .,....... ........ J AMES ROHLEDER S'evz'eIm'y-T1'ea.s'i11'er ....,........ LOIS WATT Program Claairzfmzz .... ........... ........ J O E WOLF E353 The Mounder of 1943 ik ' 1 .L . .Q-. ... Top Row-Galyean, Conway, Avey, King, Wolfe, D. Crouch, B. Crouch, Baker, Myers. Second Row-Wells, V. McNett, Richards, Baker, Stengel, R. Diehl, Last, M. Diehl. Third Row-D. McNett, Gouker, Rowe, Gardner, Klepfer, Hartzell, Middlekauf, Horst. Fourth Row-Miss Downey, Hagemann, Merriman, Mary Watts, Martha Watts. HOME EC CLUB The Home Ec. Club is made up of the girls who are interested in homemaking and want to participate in activities which would not be possible in regular classroom work. The girls have had two luncheons with the F. F. A. boys. The Home Ec. Club and the G. A. A. girls combined to have a buffet supper for their mothers. The girls have also helped with ther serv- ing for different organizations, including the Junior- Senior Banquet, the Pepster- Athletic Banquet, and the F. F. A. Parent and Son Banquet. They concluded the year's activities with a picnic in the spring. The club held its regular meetings on the second WednesdayN of every month. OFFICERS President .,......,,..,, ,,.... .......,.................................... ........... B o n nie Merriman Vice President ,,,,,.,,,... ..............,...,.. M ary Watts Secretary ..................... .,,,,. ,.,,,. I r mla Hagemann Treasurer . ,,,,,, ,,,, .,,....,. ...............,,,,. ..,....., M 1 1 r tha Watts Watts, Stengel, I-lagemann, Last, Rowe, Gardner, Baker, Crouch Galyean, Diehl, McNett, Richards, Conway. Gouker, Wolfe, Watts, Stengel. E373 gk The Mounder of l943 l33l HEVERY FAMILY HAS ONE" A three-act comedy presented by the Senior Class under the direction of Miss Dorothy Savage. it CAST Penelope Reardon ..,.,,............ Ruthe Mitchell Laura Reardon ......... .,..... V irginia Stouffer ............l,.Lois Palmer Mrs. Parker ....... Ann Thomson Nana ........... Elsie ...,.............,,,.,. ....sV, E laine Dohlcn Reginald Reardon ....... ..,s....,. P eter Steffen Marcia Reardon .....,, ....... J oanne Strub Warry ....,........i... ........ R alph Hudson Mr. Parker ..,........ s.,..,.... G erald Deneau Sherwin Parker .......,........ Stanley Schmucker Lily Reardon ......., .....,... D oris Hoffman Todd Galloway .................,.. Arnold Blecker sir PRODUCTION sTA1f1f Properties .............,..,..............s.. Doris Cratty Lois Personette Stage Manager .s...,....,.........,......... Eric Mann Assistant Stage Manager .,r.,....,,, Tom Prugh Bill Coffman .,...Y.s.Elaine Arbogast Betty Avey Make-up ......... ..........Arlenc Rouse Dorothy Jacobs Geraldine Reynolds Esther Hedrick Ushers ........ Business Manager ....... .,,.,,,.., T om Prugh "EVER SINCE EVE" A three-act comedy presented by the junior Class under the direction of Miss Dorothy Savage. Mrs. Clover ....... ........... ,......... j e an Allen johnny Clover ...... ............... J oe Wolf Mr. Clover ........ .......... R obert Wright Spud Erwin .,.... .Harold Palmer Susan Blake .,..... .....,... M arjorie Prugh Betsy Erwin .......... .......... L ois Watt Martha Willard ....... .......... J ean Avey Officer Simmons ...... ....... V incent Horst Henry Quinn ........ ......... W ayne Floto Lucybelle Lee ........ ...,........ .I ean Lingel Preston Hughes .................... William Silvius Members of the Football Team- Philip Ballard, Christy Krug, Charles Weller, Dwight Butterbaugh, Welden PRODUCTION STAFF Director ...................... Miss Dorothy Savage Business Manager ................ Marjorie Yoder Properties ........ Nellie Medlar, Evelyn Wible Make-up .....,.. Dorothy Nunn, Anita Watson Stage Director ...................,........ M. R. Dunk Stage Manager .......................... Christy Krug Assistant Stage Managers .,..., Harold Palmer Vincent Horst, Wayne Floto Ushers ........................,........,,... Betty Crowell Mildred Lingel, Patsy Hilger, Phyllis Lizer The Mounder of 1943 if 39 ik The Mounder of 1943 Top Row-Martha Watts, Lingel, Cratty, H. Bartow, Statler, Silvius, Medlar, J. Bartow, Lamm, D. Wolfe. Seccond Row-Knodle, Egan, R. Hough, Avey, L. Wolfe, Aufderheck, Miller, Maxson, Blecker, Hudson. Third Row-Felker, Elliott, Leonard, Hanke, Messer, Lux, Steffen, Alter, Hough, Stengel, Eagan. Fourth Row-Gouker, Fridley, Dohlcn, Allen, Wible, Ruble, Fleer, Leopold, Medlar, Borklund. Fifth Row-Glotfelty, Burke, Strub, Gilbert, Rouse, Jacobs, Mary Watts. BAND Due to war restrictions, the band did not travel at all this year. It did, however, play for most of the football and basketball games. The band also presented a few concerts in the latter part of the summer and early fall, and one in February. In keeping with the new system, the seniors were presented with large band let' ters. No new officers were elected this year. H01 The Mounder of l943 -il? l nn. ... Top Row-Carney, Strub, Rouse, Elliott, Reynolds, Hoffman, Allen, Saunders, Merriman. Second Row-Ruble, Davidson, Personette, Hngemunn, Vogel, Williilms, Alhright, Baker. Third Row-Diehl, Crouch, Avcy, Richards, Jacobs, V. McNett, Yeakel, Nilclnus. Fourth Row-Gardner, Hough, Myers, Wfheldon, Zumduhl, Lizer, Mitchell, D. McNett. Fifth Row-Klepfer, Horst, I-lurtzell, Middlekauf, Waitts, Munus. GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus has worked hard this year and has made several public appear- ances. The Sextet is a newly organized group of girls including Dorothy Jacobs, Marjorie Elliott, Marilyn Davidson, Betty Manus, Lois Personette, and Mildred Rouse. E411 if The Mounder of 1943 Top Row-Strub, Rouse, Elliott, Krug, Medlar, R. Wright, Hollar, Hudson, Reynolds, Hoff- man, Allen. Second Row-Vogel, Merriman, Carney, Southard, Newcomer, Cratty, Ballard, Saunders, Hagemann, Personette. Third Row-Richards, Baker, Albright, Williams, Wittge, D. Wright, Gartner, Incontro, Davidson, Ruble, D. Jacobs, V. McNett. Fourth Row--Gardner, Wheldon, Niklaus, Crouch, Avey, Blevins, J. Jacobs, Yeakel, Diehl, Zumdahl, Lizer, Manus. Fifth Row-Hartzell, D. McNett, Mitchell, Hough, Silvius, Myers, Klepfer, Horst, Watts, Middlekauf. MIXED CHGRUS The Mixed Chorus has enjoyed its work this year. The members have prepared many pieces and have appeared before the public several times. There are about sixty in the Mixed Chorus. The Octet fcomposed of Dorothy jacobs, Marjorie Elliott, Lois Personette, Mildred Rouse, Henry Hollar, Donald Medlar, Christy Krug, Ralph Hudson, and Bob Wright, substitutej has made numerous public appearances. The choral groups have again been under the direction of Mrs. Beth Amsrud. I 42 Il The Mounder of 1943 il? GUESS WHO? A. 1 X 1- H r Q E xi, 5 H! NT X Jn fFor key see page 52j 2' 2 Wi f me 5 5 zz, We E 43 gif The Mounder of 1943 MOUNT MORRIS CHAPTER or THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Preridenl ........... V ire Prerident .,.., .Yefrelary ............ Trearurer ....... Re porter ..... MOTTO Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve." OFFICERS ...CHARLES DIEHL ....WAYNE Froro ..VrNcENT Honsr HAROLD BRINKER DONALD MEDLAR OUTSTANDING EVENTS OF THE YEAR In September the outstanding events were: a talk by Mr. E. R. Henricks entitled "How to Study" and a talk by Mr. E. D. Landers on "Life With the Circus." In October the F. F. A. organization sponsored a dance, "The Harvest Hop" with a record crowd attending the event. Mr. james Rouse gave a talk entitled "Fire Pre- vention" and the Greenhands were initiated into the chapter. In November an F. F. A. Potluck Supper was held. Mr. M. R. Stengel, Lanark F. F. A. teacher, gave a talk on "Keeping Project Records," and Miss Savage gave a talk on "The Correct Parliamentary Procedure for a Business Meeting." In December the F. F. A. members saw a film, "Keep 'Em Rolling," about the production of war materials. The highlights of january were: a talk on "Thrift" by Rev. Harold Wiltz, and a talk by Mr. Ward on "Personality" In February a Home Ec-Ag. Frolic was held. March was highlighted by the annual F. F. A. Parent and Son banquet. Harold Patterson gave a talk on "Co-operation," and a film was shown. In April the Sectional Speaking contest was held at Mt. Morris, and Mr. john Buck gave a talk on "Conservation" In May the Future Farmers were initiated into the Chapter. I44 I The Mounder of 1943 FUTURE FIIRHIERS nmemcn i . d h ,Qi ..:5q .,A.:, i flea INCREASED PRODUQTIO 'm Icing My paxil Top Row-Wellei', Ballard. Second Row-Yoder, V. Goodrich. Third Row-Vffolfe, C. Diehl, Soutlmrd. Fourth Row-Floto, Butterbuuglw. Fifth Row-Lingul, Mcdlur, Horst, james. Sixth Row-Mills, Noble, R. Diehl, Moore, Brinker, Jacobs, Shaw, Fcury, DCIICLIU Seventh Row-Rauch, Newcomer, Stouffcr, R. Gomlricli. i451 THE BIG HORSE warm as wazcu? FRGSH see. you -nr Momzqyf ii S Q am . ' A V N f if ADVERTISEMENTS if The Mounder of 1943 MOUNT MORRIS PHARMACY R. H. ZICKUHR, Proprietor ik' Telephone 270 Wesley cmd Main QUALITY DRUGS GREEN STAR LUNCH ROOM E. HANES, Proprietor il? SANDWICHES-MEALS High School Trade Welcomed lfewi lui QIQEAM It's cz Food-Not cz Fad ii? Served by MT. MORRIS PHARMACY GREEN STAR LUNCH ROOM T433 The Mounder oi l943 gf? BROWNHS Wishes to congratulate the Seniors who are now graduating and are going out into the World to look for success. Let us help you in your quest tor Success by entering our school. Browns-Rockford Business College E. L. LYONS, B. A., Principal 319 West Ietterson Street Established 1872 i,i, A M gr M Q H53 l X llllftx i ' lefty' mv. Hasan- H REMEMBER Cleef l49l ik The Mounder of 1943 You'll Enjoy Troding Gt STUCKEYXS Rockford'S Ledding Style Store for YOUNG MEN CONGRATULATIONS and PROM THE MEN WHO STAY YOUNG --ik. ll9-l2l North Main St. ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS LAUNDRY -ik- Listen in Every Evening GAOWWROK for "GOOD NEWS" FROM STUCKEY'S DRINK nuns-Mun Goerlitz-Becknell Co BUSINESS AIDS ROCKFORD NEWS TOWER Rockford, Illinois PAUL BOYLE DENTIST DUMONT BUILDING 50 The Mounder of 1943 PASTURITE DAIRY E. R. Smith, Proprietor .ig- Telephone 248 .75- Try Our Ice Cream .gy- Pasteurized: Buttermilk Chocolate Cottage Cheese Milk and Cream Milk I-I. E. COFFMAN "THE COAL MAN" .ik- Telephone 265 I-IARRINGTON Beauty Shop -Q- We Appreciate Your Patronage -751,- Telephone 93 DEKALB-OGLE TELEPHONE OO. .-Q... MT. MORRIS, ILLINOIS 511 ik The Mounder of 1943 The Following Firrns Are Listed Here As Patrons Although Not Advertisers Sir The Staff Appreciates Their Patronage iff COMPLIMENTS OF SHARER MOTOR OO. LUHR'S COFFEE SHOP HOUGH HARDWARE OO. GAMBLE STORE THE FASHION SHOP KEY TO GUESS WHO 1. Elaine Arbogast 10. Lois Watt 2. Bill Coffman and Arnold ll. Gladys Gouker Blecker 12. Betty Baker 3. Tom cmd Marjorie Prugh 13' Doris Hoffman 4. Ruth Hartzell 14' lean Avey 5. Ted and lean Lingel 15' Wayne Pieper 6. Igglignlvledlar and Pete 16' Earl Blevins 7. Betty Stonebraker 17' lim Rohleder 8. Esther Hedrick 18. Eric Mann and Lyle Towns 9. Patsy Hilger 19' Mr' Hoff t52l The Mounder of 1943 I 4 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS and may '43 be just the beginning of a lifetime brimtul ot success and happiness in your chosen field. ik POULTRY TRIBUNE AMERICA'S LEADING POULTRY FARM MAGAZINE if? Circulation 500,000 Copies Monthly MOUNT MORRIS, ILLINOIS I53I The Mounder of 1943 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS .-Q. Plants in Season .73- Call 78 MT. MORRIS FLOWER SI-IOP BEN FRANKLIN STORES E. A. LANNING -ig... Everything from 5c to 51.00 and U -ig.. I-Ieadquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOYS AND CANDY -ik.. MOUNT MORRIS, ILLINOIS I-IONESTLY We Recommend D 61 W Ice Cream As "Tops" in Quality ...ff- Felker Pharmacy Mt. Morris Drug Headquarters COMPLIMENTS OF Royal Crown Cola ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Telephone Forest 2995 E54 The Mounder of 1943 gf? The Business 0 Kalmle Brothers Company is printing magazines, house organs, many kinds of publications, catalogs, and advertising matter by both the letterpress and rotogravure processes. LOCATION- Mount Morris, Illinois, a town ot 2,350 population, 105 miles due west of Chicago, on the Burlington Railroad. CUSTOMERS- Magazine and trade-paper publishers, labor organizations, religious and welfare bodies, fraternal societies, service clubs, business and professional groups, schools and industrial concerns. DISTANCE- Our customers come from all parts of the country, ranging from Boston and New York to Denver and the Pacific Coast. Distance is overcome by using every modern method ol communication. Oltices are maintained in Chicago and New York, and are connected by teletype with the plant at Mount Morris. FACILITIES- Complete as will be found anywhere. In addition to the usual equipment of a large printing plant we have an art department, engraving shop, electro- type foundry, mailing and shipping department, including the making-up and maintenance of mailing lists. Everything is under one roof and one control. BIG PUBLISHERS- A battery ot nine web magazine presses, all printing two colors, three rotogravure presses, besides two-color flat-bed and tour- and live-color rotary presses for printing covers and inserts, provide facilities for maga- zines ol large circulation. Mailing and shipping from a point so near both the geographical and railroad centers ol the country also has its obvious advantages for periodicals with national circulation. MAILING LISTS- We handle the mailing lists lor most of our customers. Of the 8,000,000 names on file here, the majority are on Pollard-Alling stencils, a high-speed economical metal-plate system, but we are prepared to handle other types ot lists too. PAPER- We buy the paper tor many ot the magazines that we print. This is because the 12,000 tons required annually command a better price than the average publisher is able to get, and also because relieving the publisher of the necessity of tieing up working capital in paper is a service that puts dollars in his pocket. GROWTH- The reason for such a large printing business being found in a small town twe employ over 800 people and pay out 251,000,000 a year in wagesl is that publishers, as well as other business men, go where they get the proper attention and where costs and other factors are in keeping with the demands of the times. Write for further information or come and see us. Visitors are welcome. Main Office and Plant: Mount Morris, Illinois CHICAGO-160 North LaSalle Street. NEW YORK-420 Lexington Avenue. I55I if The Mounder of 1943 Ford Service and High Grade Used Cars Our Specialty FOR MEN'S AND BOY'S WEAR AND SHOES -755- -9- THE Car Washing and Greasing N Smith Oils CLOTHING 'Ii' HOUSE BEMIS MOTOR CO. -ik- Neighborhood Service "On the Corner" Station OREGON, ILLINOIS THIS YEAR BOOK WAS PRINTED IN THE PLANT OF THE REPUBLICAN PRINTING CO. PRINCETON, ILLINOIS ik' Producers Of Fine Printing Since I847 iff' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '43 I55I The Mounder of 1943 THE BOLENDER IEWELRY STORE 313 W. State St., Rockford, III. WE:- Eiririliiiririrp 'r' -152:-E.. -. -1r:1:2'r-" 45517111 2:f"":f:f:f:3f:g, 1' ff:i:-:Y ,f:1:f:,.,52:1' U , ' ,Q:3':Q:2:Q:Q:f:2f Qfififififififiifiiii' ...:a:5:? Good Watches, Iewelry and Silverware Since 1896 RIDING HABITS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY AT BA1LEY'S BA1LEY'S INC. 201 So. Main St., Rockford, 111. Open Evenings T111 9 p. rn. The Mari1yn Shop DRESSES, HATS AND FURS Smart Creations Direct from New York Mrs. I. W. Sipe 206 First St. Dixon, Ill. Ster1ing's Pharmacy Walgreen Agency -ik... FOUNTAIN LUNCHES 106 Galena Avenue DIXON, ILLINOIS 571 The Mouncler ot 1943 Lanah I-I. Newcomer - Mount Morris, Illinois INSURANCE and musmnns Fon HAPPINESS EEAE ESTATE TREINS IEWELRY STORE DIXON, ILLINOIS ALLPHOTOGRAPHSHQTHEUMOUNDER' by BLANKENBERG PHoToaRAPHERs Kankakee, Illinois 717 Originators of Photo-Annuals School Photographs a Specialty I58I The Mounder of 1943 7117 Compliments of KITTERINGI-IAM 6: PARKER -713- Sporting Goods Rockford, Illinois Compliments of ROCKF ORD DRY GOODS CO. -73- THE STORE FOR THE THRIFTY HOLSUM BREAD IS VITAMIN B 1 ENRICHED -713- At Your Independent Grocer .gf- Miller - Patton Baking Co. ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF ROBIN SON'S FOOD STORE ..7gf.. A Good "Meating" Place MT. MORRIS, ILLINOIS 59 ' if Of. Nyc. 9 .9 My 'WA f ,f M M N JMC fs .Pi f MLMAEL Agjggffj W JA XM,-1' AC' N Q H jgowillipfi? sioquooifierxf .Q 0 jyAg!I.6irfole lC?!g,!f I UTNIERAL SQERVICE rj fi 0 4 K - - j Ptjne iii IEBRMI W- - Mount erris, Illinois Ml x. M , f My 3 ,gf if if if ' at s . D' mo . Iewelry ' elkfar Pharmacy pl w l Rexall Store 3 A f JL ia' , er ar .Gaes f,. r . A D 9 .. E P . P NCILS RE I CARDS ii' Special Care to Repair Dept. j i T DRUGS SHEAFFER PENS WHITMAN'S CANDY TOILET ARTICLES EASTMAN KODAKS EATON'S STATIONERY -7Qf-- PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS C C FOUNTAIN SERVICE IEWELER -ik- Mount Morris, Illinois D. 51 W. Ice Cream 60 The Mounder of 1943 if Quality Service IOHN SPRECHER STORE I 6: CO. -ze- FURNISHINGS QUALITY DRY GOODS GROCERIES-MEATS READY-TO-WEAR TURKEYS A H. R. Koontz .gy- .Ik- It Pays to Visit Us MOUNT MORRIS, ILLINOIS Telephone 56 Trade Here cmd Save ILLINOIS NORTHERN UTILITIES CO. MT. MORRIS, ILLINOIS T511 Qlotym 'rher,:?1A:f'1943 E ' T' Compliments of DEGRA s. ftp ' THE - Fu ture tore fi f f KABLE NEWS K5 fl COMPANY TTER rUP.N1ruREf if M? Ky X f -gef- at 'Or RA ly' National Distributors O7 x N q5lvyX cEs I 1 I -lk- Jjorreston, Illinois ot Magazines .ik- Mount Morris, Illinois df Optical Service Glasses Fitted .755- Prices Reasonable .fy- Oscar H. Hill, O. D. Wishard Building Telephone 161 W Dr. I. M. Mishler DENTIST -595.- Oifice Located Iust South of Town Hall .sk- X-RAY SERVICE All Modern Equipment -iff.. Appointments Made for FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS Telephone 67 I if 62 ,ff jf' Q. My .I My fjjj I yi . The dotycfxsfj Wt tp T' Av' Bvyvfluywrx t it J 4 A OO R LA ION . . 0 O' ' e QBQ k it G MES X0 i O NLT? Q' De Ort nt S e My DIX ,ILL IS VV WI MQIQ6, I11IpoafkL,f ' ' 4,.I. ,IQ if My B nton Rich SMX ' X ff' Me er of ' I CO -p ft' U eral it surcn m ' 00 Wd orpor ion I . 1 ln IS V VW X ff J! ' I X The 1 1 P 'ij u " Dim MOUNT MORRIS W ZE PIANOS LIT R COHDIONS -ik- Musicc1M h d A Community Newspaper ...-gy... W. H. THOMAS Publisher Ioseph H. Ritson -,ku DENTIST Read in 90 Per Cent of Mount Morris Homes of Mount Morris and Community 3 t 63 If 19 .- ' LX hfmd The Mounder of 1943 BGWL ANYTIME MORNING, NOON OR NIGHT -iff- This ls Your Place to Meet .75- For Your Health and Make This Hotel Your Meeting Place -jk... Young Folks Especially Invited -iff- HKABLE INN" THE BLUE PANTRY Recreation Ml. Morris Largo and Small Parties Bowling Alley Soliciied I. M. Kroulik, Prop. Improvement in Looks Is Important H6611 WE DO IT -'1ff- LUNCH WI-IlTlE'S Barber Shop --Zi?- I-IIGH SCHOOL TRADE WELCOMED KOPERS GROCERY oRocER1Es-MEATS -if' and FROSTED FOODS DENELDA PARKINSON --ig.. . Proprietor Telephone 366 564 I The Mounder of 1943 if BUSER CO. NELSON'S ik TOGGERY LUMBER 'I' P MEN'S AND BOYS' CO WEAR Our Shoe Service Is High School in Quality cmd R- Grade School in Price Opposite Bcmd Stcmd .73- QA, BEAN SHOE SERVICE SERVICE -Jk- WITH A SMILE 114 South Wyman Street ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS 65 if The Mounder of 1943 We ore depending on you for VICTORY ond cx future, permanent peace THE LAMB THEATRE AT MOUNT MORRIS -ond- THE NEW OREGON THEATRE AT OREGON Where All the Outstanding Pictures Are Shown ALLEN'S CROCKERY STORE Sf? Rockford, Illinois Mczin 3280 COOPER'S Cleaners - Dyers ik' T 926 WEST STATE STREET FOREST 61 ROOKEORD, ILLINOIS T651 4 4 'Hun' lwsnrs NOTEMG "GunoHA' K x Q :Guess rm Anssumk ' cwwu f " ' X, UD ONE 'Wd' gms SERVICE WITH ASMILE I gh,-bw-,Naam-Q I, LSJUHPUUS wanna , ' 1 at A :ru was f ff' , wi " L,.-f"" G, ,,,, , mm' , xg w e-115 'N 'J 'XV 7 f ' ' "2f:-., 5 ez 5 'T ' ' ' :P vi' ,gg 'Q 'RExA1.l... h ' , qw mv 'A" r. ' ig "--"" f .sucnen 'anmci N 'Pcfnf ncgfm V uxzn gg,-5,5 smug gf36.?fsTNANj 4 t , 1 I jd , K 1 PUGLIISE! G -rs bs h If ' ' 'f' 0 A HEART vgnjgfvnuaf t ' ,M 'W fa , V -:Q g LET mf JOLIIN' ,.' b ouror F HE " "-W ",?x.. I , , H. JOE Hens i s NW N f I'-fK"i A D fl, 1': ' A J g " ' ""' I"-. THIS IS Wm WM Ay3gegQKi?ga5W 221 ffiyiifwmg QZf 2bff?f M Wfyay E my M wwf WW wha, -. f .- -1 ..HF":-Cm -.-f .Aw V- -.J wx.. .- gn , A . ,.,5,,e, f'4"'ZZ?, 0 , if - Kwdajyp, ,. ' fl-427 W . ' f faq? g -Q . , ,. ,- ..- I A I

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