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CN. f.,--..: gfJi2iL Xfggggdf MW yy M5 ff U' ff . W wi -5' f,ff,,f1 "fMif'M,5"j,ff025'4 323 w"w ,wY MMG? SUE f 25? 33531 W M5353 Q .- , 59' ,fm Magfffwvm pf ggi if Vrgyywi I QWYXQRN s Jwfx A- pigzayifpf m,Q0a :KAW M W ,J WMQQSBLAHWQQMQQQ , MMM vw WWW gif g 0ZZVuV 74AA wfwmb MMM W WWF ff VM my J w - QQ M 554: T , Q 5 :KJ-4 hu, 5 ' 3? Www. ' .Czw Z "L-Z6 H QJ6 f Q 411-6"2f.ZJ. Jeb. eau!-dz 3 - Q , 'lgigl W ' if M W M A ,Wg Jaw 'Z-'QQ MJ M' NYM fffw Md! 'VJ 3 l Www f ?-1 r Tnffuouqggn 0 I3 I Q 42 R x, 574.7 AL? A - vkaw. ffvvcv. ,..,. qi., f1, , 5 6461 fxwffwi Q fpwzf Qi Q, ,Meg .,f1 ,1'ife-Q1 'V:g g:Q1,gfm, -,AL jcfrvpifgj -ffff-Q-6 A' .-,:,g,v - J ffl 1, Trng' zxztz, ,W,,,,,,,,.,.,,, , Q P UM-1,3 . J ,C7Cf4.,,w-y Q-uzij ffzfof xl fyicguu 'Wu ,,. -WW if -WJ ,fig 254 Aw f 4-ff-ff 2' ' - Wk rg' Q'M!'f1jLLIBL1s BY I ,EJJM Wa jgii'-1' if vffwfi A , fm 5" ' ,fl-IEQSENIGR CLASS A WJV. x 4 - 3' Q 5 -T01 264 H , J f , .ff ep 1 'df .. V, N Q UM! , .- jk. i 1 I, t 6' 'J 'L' . V XQDA-,H .H , Ad g N V9 my . x-1 sc. X" , V 'Ax 5 ' . .. if 1 fffgp 'x S' y X is 1 ' , A Q HE, ' 1 V K' -ws. - I I 1 MQUKT Moms HIGH SCHQQL MOUNT MQRRIS, ILLINOIS HIM W -VM -M jiffffff t pZ,J".1wfMfU if pg f,f4fhff'Jffff20'JW" SYHMJ. 46fmff,i,Q!Ms X. 1 WMV wt 5 Y' F Q R E W Q R D x N cc S 'xgcki '10 X 'QXXQ XTX Vi? A tg 5 is My Q AK ,NK 5 lfttlf XRS tw, 3522 at 1? air As the future years roll on, and as your memory ot those happy years in high school has faded, we hope this book will help you recall the outstanding events and all the pleasant associations of the year 1942. 794 QW cw fwi MW MZWZQ -gy!!! ,Ld .' f . cg 54,4 f:!5, , fc Vf,ff9"f.f'.,f.- ' if A ' , ,' 1 , 1- 1 4 6,11 I ffl. .25-',c4,.,y " DEDICATION ii? We, the Senior Class of 1942, are proud to dedicate this, the fourteenth issue of the "Mounder," to our many graduates who are now in the service of our country. 'IW ML!! W M04 F410 ' Z3 O The Mounder of 1942 , Y A 3 w r Board of Educatlon II4 Y HARRY BAKER O. A. I-IANKE Prmident GERALD HOUGH EARL DIEHL JOHN DOHLEN Sevrelary The Mounder of 1942 I H. A. HOFF Principal of High School Mainz! Morriy College, A. B. Ulzizfwirily of H7j.l'l'0lI.l'f1I, Pb. M. X51 The Mounder of l942 1 l f 6 BETH D. AMSRUD Francis Shimer junior College McPhail School of Music National Music Camp, Interlochen Rockford College Baud, Chorus EDNA C. COULSON Western Illinois Teachers College B. Ed. University of Iowa, Graduate Work Commerce Sophomore Spomor MILTON R. DUNK Illinois State Normal University B. Ed. University of Illinois Agriculture F. F. A. Advirer f . X ELDUJB. HENRicKs lllin s State 'Normal MountJfMorris College, A. B. Uniydrsify of Illinois, A. M. 4 E Anirlarzl Prifzripal K llflatloemativs MARY MARLOWE MCCOLL University of Nebraska, A. B. University of Mexico William and Mary Latin, Ezzglirh Senior Spomor Arzrzzzal Adzfirer National Honor Sociely Advirer Pepfler Adzfixer Q5 J -5 3? xo MARTHA MURPHY Carthage College Home Erofzoozirf Efzgliib Freflamalz Spomor Home Efozzomicr Club DOROTHY SAVAGE Huron College, A. B. U. C. I.. A. Northwestern University Englifb, f0llI'7Zdll.l'lIl Pifazlor Aclvifer Hilllopper Advifer llllllflf' Clan Spomor WENDALL H. SCHRADER Coe College, A. B. Northwestern University, A. M. Sofia! Scienfe Football, Barkelball Bafeball, Track "M" Club Adzfifer ANN MARIE SCHRADER Coe College, A. B. University of Illinois Girlr' Pbyrival Eduvaliolz G. A. A. JAMES F. WARD Illinois State Normal University Northwestern University Biology, General Sviefzfe Cioirf The Mounder ol 1942 O Y f a xv' Bpj Chr " AP' ,- 5. J nf' O The Mounder of 1942 W CHARLOTTE PALMER BETTE MARTIN SMITH Offive Affimzfzl Offife Aniflmzi September to Febrzmry Febrzzary to fmze H. R. MOODY C!l.l'1'0Lffclll of the High Salma! T81 U Xl f W i f .. f, Xlgzy gp V 5 I T CLA I The Mourrder ol l942 SENIOR CLASS COLORS FLOWER Maroon and Gold Yellow Rose MOTTO Forward Ever, Backward Never SENIOR HONORS Valedictorians WILLIAM CHAFFEE DONALD WYNNE D. A. R. Award for Good Citizenship CHARLES HYLAND A man, he Jeemr, of cheer- ful yerterdayr ami eofzfi- defzt tomorrowr. Class President, 4, Football, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, National Honor Society, -1, Annual Staff, 3, 4, Sports Editor, 4, Hilltopper Staff, 3, Sports Editor, 3, Student Council, 4, Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Class Plays, 3, Assistant Stage Manager, 35 Chairman of "Bike" Order, 4, Head of Lost and Found Department, 4. BETTE KOONTZ GLORIA CLAUSSEN She lr L'lJ4lI'IIlllZg, slim and and tall, Her qualifier are liked by all. Class Vice President, 1, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, 4, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Archery, 3, 4, Swimming, 1, 2, G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Water Pag- eant, 1, 2, Spring Fete, 1, 2, Indian Fantasy, 3, Girls' Glee Club, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Pepsters, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader, 3, 4, Picadors, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Assistant Editor, 4, Hilltopper Staff, 3, Humor Editor, 33 Student Council, 4, Home Ec. Club, 1, Class Plays, 3, 4, Base- ball, 1, 2, 3. WAYNE BALLARD If football were murine be would be az whole bran band. Class Vice President, 2, 3, 4, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Bask- etball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Picadors, 3, 4, Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3, Secretary'Treasurer, 4, Class Plays, 3, 4. L10Il BETTY ALLEN Slow are her feet in the Walking way, They'd rather dance all night and rest all day. Class Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Hockey, I, 2, 3,' 4, Volleyball, 1, 2, 3: Swimming, 1, 2, G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 2, Water Pageant, 1, 2, Spring Fete, 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Band, 3, 4, Pepsters, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Hilltopper Staff, 4, Home Ec. Club, 3, Treasurer, 3, Class Plays, 3, 4. JAMES ASP And when he played, the atmosphere was filled with magic. Boys' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Pic- adors, 3, 4, Class Plays, 3, 4, Piano Contest, 1, 2, Nation Winner, 2, Speech Contest, 1, 2, 3, 4, State Speech Second Place, 2, Music Fes- tival, 1, 2, 35 junior'Senior Banquet Commit- tee, 3. ROBERT AVEY Women are not my line, Hunting is where I shine. Football, 4, Basketball, 1, Z, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 4, Track, 1, 2, 4, Golf, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Associate Snap Shot Editor, 4, Club, 4, Class Plays, Assistant Production Man- ager, 4, Librarian, 4. DEAN BUTTERBAUGH l like to sit and think and sometimes I just sit F. F. A., l, Z, 3, 4. DARLENE CASTLE She seems so bashful and demure, but she really isn't. Hockey, Z, 4, Spring Fete, 1, 2, lndian Fantasy, 3, Pepsters, 3, 4, Hilltopper Staff, 4, Home Ec. Club, 1, 2, Class Plays, 3. WILLIAM CHAFFEE lt is not wise to be wiser than necessary. Class President, 1, Boys' Glee Club, 1, Mixed Chorus, 1, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Vice President, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Business Manager, 4, Hill- topper Staff, 3, Student Council, 1, Z, Class Plays, 4, Cornet Solo, 1, First Division State Contest, 1, Cornet Trio, 1, 2, 3, First Division State Contest, l, 2, 3, Second Division Na- tional Contest, 2, Brass Sextet, 2, First Division State Brass Contest, 2, Third Division National Contest, 2, Valedictorian. LAWRIENCE COLSON There must be some hard work in him be- cause it has never come out. F. F. A., I, 2, 3, Dairy judging Team, 1, 2, Poultry judging Team, 2. RUTH CROCKER Shes not a flower, not a pearl, She's just a happy all round girl. Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, 1, G. A. A., l, 2, Writer Pageant, 1, 2, Spring Fete, l, 2, Indian Fantasy, 3, Pepsters, 2, 4, Picadors, 4, Student Council, 1, Home Ec. Club, 1, 3, Class Plays, 3. The Mounder of 1942 O . I I O The Mounder OI 1942 12 CORINNI5 DAVIS I'm every bit as serious as I know how to bc. Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, 1, 2, 3. 4, G. A. A., 1, Z, 3, 4, Sports Manager, 3, Spring: Fete, 1, Indian Fantasy, 5: Girls' Glee Club, 2. 51 Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, Pcpsters, 3, 4, Home Fc. Club, 2, Class Plays, 3. j. Q. DAVIS Let the world go as it may, I will take it either way. Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball, 2, 3, 43 "M" Club, 4, Class Play Pro- duction Staff, 3, 4. RONALD DIRKSIEN The less men talk, the more they think. F. F. A., 1, 2, 3. GILBERT DOHLEN A long fellow but not a poet, Basketball, 3, Track, 3, 4, Boys' Glen Club. 1, 2, Mixed Chorus, 1, 3, Annual Staff, 4, Class Plays, 3, 4, F. F. A., 1, Musical Fes- tival, 1, 2: Music Contest, 1, 21 Assistant Basketball Manager, 4, Assistant Stage Man- ager, 3, 4. RAYMOND DOYLIE "Bored of Education." Football, 3, 4, "M" Club, 4, Class Plays, 3, F. F. A., 1. 2, Dairy judging TeII1.I, I, Spring Physical Education Program, 3. GLENN FLoI'o Is he so quiet, because he is bashful? I F. F. A., 1, Z, 5, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 4. RICHARD FREY All great men are dead or dying, I don't feel so well myself. Football, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Track, 1, Boys' Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Picadors, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Hilltopper Staff, 3, "M" Club, 4, Class Plays, 3, Music Contest, 1, 2, 3, Phy- sical Education Demonstration, 3. GLENN HURDLE His blush would make the white rose red. I-Iilltopper Production Staff, 4. Romsnr JOHNSTON A modest lad, and yet he toots his own horn. Track, l, 2, Boys' Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus, 1, Z, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Plays, 4, Cornet Trio, l, 2, 3, First Division State Contest, 1, 2, 3, Second Division National Contest. 3: Brass Sextet, 3: First Division State Contest, 3, Mixed Octet, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet, 4. WALTER KEHM He is a quiet man, but quite a man. Lane Technical High School, Chicago, l, 2, 5, Crew, 2, 3, Cheerleader, 1, Camera Club, 2, Roller Club, 2, Spur and Saddle Club, 2, 3, Football, 4, "M" Club, -l, F. F. A., 4. Brz'r'rr2 KOONTZ Small, peppy and jolly. Class Secretary-Treasurer, l, Hockey, l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, l, 2, 3, 4, Swim , XVater Pageant, 1, Spring Pete 2, l mi , 2, an- tasy, 3: Girls' Glee Club, l T, Mixe us, r Q A t , , 3. 1, .., National Honor Soci , .ecre Treasurer 4: Pepsters, 2, , -4, Secreta 'lreasur , , Cl , 3, 4, Picadors Secrets - e ' '- , g Annual Staff, 3, 4, Liter- ary Edi r, tudent Council, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 4, Class Plays, 3, D A. R. Award lor Good Citizenship, 4. RONALD LIZER He who invented work should have finished rt. liootball, I, 3, Boys' Glee Club, l, 2, 4, hlixel Chorus, l, 2, -1, Band, 1, Z, 3, 4, State Saxophone Solo Contest. 2, 5, National Saxo- phone Solo Contest, J, Band Librarian, 3, Band, Manager, Z. ltosrsru' MANN Yr7hen one loves his art, no service seems too hard, Football, 5, Basketball, 2, Baseball, l, 'lratk, I, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 41 Annual Stall, 5, -lg Assistant Editor, 3, liditor, 4, Hilltopper Staff, l, 3, 4, Editor, 3, Class Play Production Stalf, 3, 4, Stage Manager, 5, -l, Picadors, 4, Librarian, 4. CARL PERSONIZTTE Wlrrrt are the thoughts that are stirring in his heart? Football. 4: Basketball, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club, l, 2, 3, M'xed Chorus, 1, 1, 6, Football Manager, l, 2, 3, Basketball Man- ager, l, 1, 3, Track Manager, l, I. Goumru POWELL l'll be merry, l'll be free, l'll be sad for nobody. Polo High School, Polo, llinois, 1, 1, G. A. A,, l, Z, 4, Indian Fantasy, 3, Girls' Glee Club, l, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, l, 2, Mixed Chorus, 2, Band, 2. EARL ROSENBALM "l'is womanfwoman rules us still. Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball. 2, -l, Base- ball, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, "M" Club, Z, 3, 4, The Mounder of 1942 O 7 T131 ,Masada 50 O The Mounder ol 1942 1 11141 Lois ROWE Your dark eyes fun and delight display Your nature in a sunlit way. Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball, 1, Z, 3, 43 Water Pageant, lg Spring Fete, 13 Girls' Glee Club, 1, 23 Mixed Chorus, 1, 23 Pepsters, 2, 3, 43 Picadors, 3, 43 Home EC. Club, 1, 23 Class Play, 3. WARREN SHOEMAKER Twinkle, Twinkle, athletic star, You love the girls where ere you are. Class President, 2, 33 Football, 1, 2', 3, 43 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball, 2, 33 Track, 1, 3, 43 Annual Staff, 3, 43 Student Council, 3, 43 President, 43 "M" Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President, 2, 43 Class Play Production Staff, 3, 43 Stage Manager, 3, 4. LAMAR SMITH Tall and mighty is his frame, Far and wide will hear his name. Football, 3, 43 Basketball Manager, 43 Pic- adors, 3, 43 Annual Staff, 32 Club, 43 Class Play, 3. BETTY SNODGRASS Little, but, oh my! Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball, 1, 2, 33 Swimming, 1, 2, 33 Water Pageant, 13 Spring Fete, 1, 23 Indian FantaSY. 31 Girls' Glee Club, 13 Home Ec. Club, 1, 23 Girls' Softball, 1, 2, 3. BETTY Lou STAGE The more I see of men, the better I like my dog. Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Swimming, 1, 2, 33 G. A. A., 1, 2, 33 Water Pageant, 1, 23 Spring Fete, 1, 23 Indian Fan- tasy, 33 Girls' Glee Club, 33 Mixed Chorus, 3. DONALD STENGE1. l'm not bashful-just well trained, Hilltopper Staff, 33 F. F. A., 1, 2', 3, 43 Reporter, 33 Sectional Vice President, 43 Grain, 1, 2, 33 Fat Stock, 2, 3. OREN STENGEL A great mind from a small source may spring. F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 41 Secretary, 23 Vice Presi- dent, 33 President, 43 Speech Contest, 3. MARY STONEBRAKER Better to wear out than to rust out. Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Archery, 33 Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 43 G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary-Treasurer, 23 President, 43 Spring Pete, 13 Pepsters, 2, 3, 43 Vice Presi- dent, 33 President, 43 Picadors, 3, 4g Program Chairman, 43 Hilltopper Staff, 43 Class Plays, 3, 43 G. A. A. Demonstration, 2, 3. ROBERT STOUFFER He kept his counsel and his way he went. Polo High School, 13 Football, 4, Boys' Glee Club, 2, 5, 43 Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Hilltopper Staff, 4, "M" Club, 4, Class Play, 33 Music Contest, 2, 33 Operetta, 2, Physical Education Demonstration, 3. Danaui. STRITE The less there is learned, the less there is to forget. Football, 3, 4, "M" Club, 3, 45 Class Play, 31 F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 24 Tumb- ling Team, 3. LAVERNE WATSON Napoleon was a little man. Basketball, 3, F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD WYNNE As consistent as a man can be. Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 33 Track, 2, National Honor So- ciety, 3, 43 President, 43 "M" Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Program Chairman, 43 Class Play, 33 junior Float Chairman, Picadors, 4, Hilltopper Staff, -ig Valedictorian. ROBERT YODER I stand on the brink of a great career, Will someone please shove me off? Basketball, 1, 23 Boys' Glee Club, 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 35 Annual Staff, 3: Hill- topper Staff, 3. 4: Class Plays, 3, 43 Indian Fantasy. 3: Picadors, 4. REYNETTE YOUNG She talks and talks and knows not why. St. Sebastian's Commercial High School, Chi- cago, Illinois, 1, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 1, Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club, 1, Hockey, 2, 3, 4g Archery, 3, 41 Swimming, 2, 3, 4, G. A, A., 2, 43 Water Pageant, Z, Spring Fete, 2, Indian Fantasy, 3, Mixed Chorus, 2, 5. -Ig Pepsters, 43 Picadors, 41 Home lic. Club, 3, 4, Class Plays, 3, 41 Music Contest, Z, 3, Operetta, 2. The Mounder Of 1942 0 0 The Mounder of 1942 f l :,.j., i- ,. -. ,... Z 1 ,.,, . V.,. . P . -g r e w -Q. -V 13 RX 5, f ' Y . . ..,.. .agisi . .. .,,,, Nfl XT, 3 ' 6 5:2-Im.: . '::ILQ:5f5:: l 'Q B F Vi :R f X ,,l. 5 -,'-,'--, Z It V Q U ..., ,.:,. ,-,, .QHQV ,..,- t Q ' tr Q V J I- , , : .,-' t -V :EE ,..- ---- - :,. 1 1 .. ' 1 . '--- J ea .. .'--' Q ,.., A "" V L if l '--:-': I Q . .'-: 9 Q' 4 i Top Row-Arbogast, Avey, Bailey, H. Baker, M. Baker, Blecker, H. Brinker, P. Brinker Burke, Carney. Second Row-Coffman, Cratty, Deneau, Diehl, Dohlen, Elliott, Franklin, Hedrick. Third Row-Hoffman, Hollar, Hudson, Jacobs, Knodle, Lohse, Mann, Merllar, Merriman Messer. Fourgh Row-Mitchell, Palmer, Personette, Pieper, Price, Prugh, Reynolds, Rouse, Saunders Schmucker. Fifth Row-Shaw, Steffen, Stonebraker, Stouffer, Strub, Thomson, Towns, Wolfe, Zumdahl. IUNIOR CLASS ' .... Helen Franklin Prefzderzt ....................................,,......,.,... Vzfe Prefzdefzt ........,...... ...... G erald Deneau Serreiury and T1'eaJm'er ...... ...... A rnold Blecker Slzzdefzl Council Mefzzberr ...... ....... W illiam Coffman Helen Franklin E161 NW: The Mounder of 1942 0 '1- -. 'W P " A if 'air ' ,1,-, P W xx ., . f 35 V4 'A Vg 4 Top Row-Allen, Avey, Ballard, Bartow, Butterbaugh, Castle, Colson, Crowell, Floto, Frey. Second Row-Hagemann, Hendershott, Hilger, Horst, Jacobs, Krug, J. Lingel, M. Lingel, Lizer, Medlar. Third Row-Noble, Nunn, Palmer, Prugh, Rouse, Ruble, Silvius, Snodgrass, Stengel, Stern. Fourth Row-Vogel, Watt, Martha Watts, Mary Watts, Watson, Weller, Wible, Wright, Kates. Fifth Row--Yoder, L. Zumdahl, M. Zumdahl. SOPHOMQRE CLASS Preridefzt .........,...................................,........ Harold Palmer Vive Preridefll .........,... ....... J ean Allen Serremry and T1'eamrer' ..... ........ P atsy Hilger . Student Counril Members ....... ....... J ean Allen Harold Palmer r 17 Il O The Mounder of 1942 7' e - r X., Q H f ,. ., it X . .fr 1 , . Y fe- 'K , -,-- f , - - ',,,AN r 4 2 23 X .. A f , - . 3 r ,W x . , I W 5' Y 2' . K m - K g in, K V, ' , ..... , , .- - , S be 3 , 1, ,H S ww tt, f. tt, , 1 , W Wi, f I 2, , 5. ' i . . -i gs am 'HH 5 W if 9 at 1 S 3 WX' MWW V ,.,. , , 1 Z.. , ,q an HQ C?4ff.efL.l .g,,. , . ' . we , to ,.,:,,: 1 .f"' i I i 1955 -. ..,,., X, Y, . as ...,,,,.. 7 r P tp W . , . ., h,,,w1 .. . we - KF S, L Top Row-Alter, Baker, Bartow, Brinker, Crocker, Deneau, Diehl, Diehl. Second Row-Durkee, Frawert, Gardner, Goodrich, Hayenga, Hird, Hoffman, Horst. Third Row-Hurd, Miller, Moore, Myers, Newcomer, Rohlerler, Ross, Rowe. Fourth Row--Rausch, Shank, Statler, Stengel, Wagner, Wheldon, Wolfe. FRESHMAN CLASS Pl'r?.l'fd6lIl' .........,,,,........,....,..,........,,,....,,......,,, Richard Shank Vive' Prefidelzl ,.....,,....,., .,,.,.. A ndrew Ross Sefrelary and Trea.mrer .... r,...... D oris Horst Student Cozmril Member! ....,, r...... j ohn Bartow Dolores Crocker rwi - , , . 'W A ' 1 H .. -.Mt ,QM H? WMM fffj' HL XTXXKQ LW 71 MM Q3 wx! I ' F ff? fig? ffwfff RJ' I The Mounder of 1942 --f fa A' eff Top Row-Coach Schrader, Frey, Wynne, Doyle, Smith, Ballard, Davis, Shoemaker, Avey, Palmer. Second Row-Krug, Rosenbaum, Strite, Aufderbeck, Stouffer, Kehm, Hudson. if FOOTBALL With the majority of the team being Seniors, the 1941 football season was one marked by determined play and a fighting spirit. Although the record of three wins and five losses was none too impressive, it doesn't show the actual record of Mt. Morris spirit. The all-round driving play of the backfield, composed of seniors, was outstanding, while the line play was noticeable for the aggressive play of Darrel Strite and Earl Rosenbalm, One redeeming feature of the season was the hard-fought triumph over Polo, Mt. Morris' arch-rival. A victory over Polo makes the season a successful one. Wayne Ballard, triple-threat backfield star, was elected Honorary Captain by his teammates at the close of the season and also was given honorable mention on the All- State football team. Major letter winners for the 1941 season were Wayne Ballard, Robert Avey, Davis, Raymond Doyle, Richard Frey, Walter Kehm, Robert Stouffer, Earl Rosenbalm, Lamar Smith, Warren Shoemaker, Darrel Strite, Donald Wynne, Frank Aufderbeck, Ralph Hudson, Harold Palmer, and Christy Krug. Managers' letters were awarded to Carl Personette and Bill Coffman. twi The Mounder ol 1942 O Top Row-Couch Schrader, Mr. Ward, P. Brinker, Shank, Messer, Bartow, Avey, Yates H Brinker, Towns, Personette, Coffman. Second Rcxw-Wynne, Palmer, Horst, Aufderbeck, Smith, Doyle, Kehm, Diehl, Ballard Third Row-Krug, Frey, Shoemaker, Rosenbaum, Strite, Hudson, Stouffer, Davis. Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. 19 261 3 10 17 24 3 7 Sf? FOOTBALL 1941 Morris Morris Morris ...... .... Morris ...... ..,. Morris ...... .... Morris Morris Morris 0 7 O 7 0 Savanna Oregon .... Amboy Morrison . Rock Falls Mt. Carroll Polo ,,..,.,.. Rochelle .... rm ,......13 .......13 ,.....1-4 ......26 0 ......15 There There Here There Here Here There Here O The Mounder of 1942 'f ' Back Row-Coach Schrader, Wynne, Personette, Smith, Manager. Front Row-Hyland, Coffman, Ballard, Hudson, Shoemaker. if? BASKETBALL After a sixteen game schedule, the basketball season was found to have a .500 per cent average, winning eight games and losing eight. Although the Mound basketball season turned out to be a fifty-fifty affair, the team played clean, hard ball and provided many exciting games, among which was the close game between Rochelle and the Mounders, held at Oregan during the Regional Tournament. In the Regional Tournament the Mounders defeated the Byron district winner, which was Byron, only to lose their second game by one basket in a thrill-packed game, to the strong Rochelle team. The Mounders made a good showing in the Regional and lost to the best team as Rochelle went on to defeat Oregon, thus winning the tourna- ment. The team will be weakened next year due to the graduation of Senior letter win- ners, Ballard, Shoemaker, Hyland, Personette, Wyfnne, and Avey. Coach Schrader hopes to build next year's team around returning lettermen, Coffman and Hudson, with sev- eral promising prospects in the junior and Sophomore classes. The student body showed exceptionally fine school spirit during the pep meetings and through yells and cheers at various games. l122Ql The Mounder of 1942 O Back Row-Rboleder, Shank, H. Brinker, Mann, Rosenbaum, P. Brinker, Bartow, Alter, Dohlen, Manager. Front Row-Palmer, Krug, Prugh, Dcneau, Avey, Davis, Towns, Coach Schrader. il? BASKETBALL 1941-42 Mt. Morris ,,.,.r. ...... 2 0 Mt. Morris .,.. Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Mt. Morris .... Morris .... ..... U18 ......2O 34 ......26 Mt. Carroll Rock Falls Amboy ....... Belvidere ..... Alumni .... Morrison .. Oregon .... Polo .......... Rock Falls Rochelle .. Amboy .... Belvidere .. Morrison .. Oregon .... Polo .......... Rochelle .. ....,.17 ......13 ......30 ......10 9 ----H39 ......56 .,.,..l9 .........20 OREGON REGIONAL TOURNAMENT . ,... N22 .......5l Byron ...... Rochelle ..... E231 ...WIS ......'63 'SPORTS Cx.A.A. REVUE' .1 - QF' ' 9' ...f A is lx nh 1 'll HO N1 M: OFFACERS ,TEA 'A N , L,4 M, X e I '45 5 r igmv. my U Vv2 3b ,so Q K? 3 3 ll 'Chyna' ol 4? 1 4 3 4 we--e2e 2+ eff 4 '1-" 9545 The Mounder of 1942 C Top Rtxw-Wible, J. Allen, Hilger, Prugh, Reynulcls, Strub, Watt, Young. Second Row-Bartow, B. Avey, Davis, D. Hoffman, Saunders, Dohlen, B. Allen, Hurtl, Stuuffer. Third Row-j. Avey, Burke, B. Stonebraker, Lizer, Mecllar, M. Baker, Mitchell, M. Lingel. Fourth Row-Yucler, Crocker, Cratty, Merriman, B. Hoffman, Wtrlfe, Claussen, Carney, Arhogast. Fifth Row-j. Lingel, Gartlner. Powell, Nunn, Wflielcliiri, Myers, Price, B. Baker. Sixth Row-Mrs. Scliratler, Brinker, Heclrick, Rouse, M. Stonehraker, Franklin, Palmer, jacohs. A reception for fifty G. A. A. members, the largest membership ever recorclecl, openetl the I9-il--i2 activities of this group. The sports calenclar incluclecl the following activities: hockey, archery, swimming meet, volleyball, basketball, basketball telegraph meet, ancl softball. We won seconcl place in the District Free Throw Contest. The social calendar lists such interesting events as picnics, Christmas cloll party, initiations. St. Patricks Day Dance, pot-luck suppers ancl play tlays, also the Maclcap Magic program. Twelve girls representecl our organization at Northern Camp on Lake Geneva last summer. State awarcls were presentecl to Mary Stonebraker ancl Helen Franklin. OFFICERS SPORTS MANAGERS Ihwitltfazf .. .. .. .......... Mary Stonebralker 5L'f1fUf' ..... ............ ..... M 1 try Stonebraker I'jt-0 Ihtaijdtffzl . .... ...... I Esther l-leulrifli fllflifff' .. ,Dorothy jacobg .Ytfc1'eli1rVi-'l're.1.if1rtf1' .. . .... l.0is Palmer .S'nj1lm11fr1f't' . . ..... ..Milclrecl Rouse ICM-f1i'dt1p' , .. . Helen Franklin l"l'L'.lf7!l!tIll .. Margaret Brinker flijpji-gf ,,,, ....... M rs. Ann Schrader wi 'Q f QV M .- ' if ' W Nas ir X in f' il' ,g n " .MM ai Xl? ' 1 uv. fl, f V ,A QW HX ll " IW . + XI' Nbr al al Y I ,Mm 1 In u LL- 4 - I ' K . I I X ,f xxx. Q , .. P - , 1 ' If , V I f ,f ,Q J .ndtm 1 1 ' 5x,-Q.-. lulIQ Q ' ' ......7.ig.f:if:::::4'A.ii5ff"'-s'g-I' Ill 13."::11.I.P.gmuil:1- N" Q Q ll .::-' -- WI . ' , Q-1f:3g,,g-5-ing-1. L f1Llulu,L'I:.lwi'l W A ' " ' 1--! awww U : "1 KU 1- ' -Illh rllll X ' WJ N 3 1- YJ -,, 5 4-3- N f- M. O The Mounder Of l942 f"D""'T"D"'T' 'Back Row-Avey, E. Mann, Hyland, Koontz, Hudson, Prugh, Franklin, Dohlen ASp Shoe maker, Frey. Front Row-Miss McColl, Claussen, R. Mann, Chaffee, Schmucker, Allen. ik ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR ........V....,....,..,.l.........,.,..........,............... Senior Amiytmzt ..... fmzior Aryimzfzt ..... BUSINESS MANAGER ......S junior Affimzfzl ,,A... LITERARY EDITOR ..,..... jmzior A,F.l'iJ'fd7lf ....., SNAPSHOT EDITORS ..,... ART EDITORS VSSI... CIRCULATION MANAGER ,,,,, junior Aryirlafzl ..Y,,, SPORTS EDITOR .SS...,,,, junior Arriflmzf ..... T YPIST ,............,S..,..., ADVISER ....,, .....w.,S......Y,. l283 Robert Mann ........Gloria Claussen Mann ....,,,William Chaffee ,,.....Stanley Schmucker SS,,I.....Bette Koontz ....,,.Helen Franklin .....S.Gilbert Dohlen Robert Avey .,S,,...Richard Frey james Asp ...,.,Warren Shoemaker ..........S..Tom Prugh .I...,,,SCharles Hyland .....SS.RalPh Hudson ...,,I....,...,.,,Betty Allen Mary Marlowe McColl The Mounder of 1942 C Back Row-Hyland, Bailey, Allen, Prugh, Stouffcr, Hedrick, Lfzlnn, Diehl. Front Row-Castle, Stoncbrakcr, Yoder, Wynric, Miss Savage EDITORIAL STAFF THE HILLTOPPER PRODUCTION STAFF Back Row-Picpcr, Snodgrass, Stage, Castle, Colson, Rosenbaum, Rowe, Crocker, Powell, Hyland. Front Row-Allen, Smith, Miss Colson, Cluusscn, Stonebraker, Koontz. Q Q? A C293 O The Mounder of 1942 Back Row-Palmer, Allen, Coffman, Franklin, Bartow, Crocker. Front Row-Mr. Hoff, Koontz, Shoemaker, Claussen, Hyland. it THE STUDENT CCDUNCIL The Student Council aims to make it possible for every student to live in a democratic society within the school. The council feels that there are two fundamental aspects of democ- racy which are to be acceptedg first, a democracy based upon the respect for the worth of an individual, and second, a democracy, a system for co-operative living. With these principles in mind, the Student Council has attempted to carry on those activities in school that had a ten- dency to develop each individual according to his interests and abilities. Group activities were carried out so as to develop a co-operative attitude and a fine school spirit throughout the student body. All the various types of school entertainment were under the guidance of the Council. The Council furnished the school with the latest records for all school dances. The activities of the recreation room came under the supervision of the Student Council. The Student Council attempted to direct the activities of the students with regard to war- time activities. A student panel discussed the many activities that the student body could par- ticipate in. The Council established a First Aid Course, permitting students who wished, to earn a standard Red Cross Diploma. A letter-writing project to all the men in the army from Mount Morris was started by the Council. The selling of defense stamps was given to the Civics class. A number of new activities were sponsored by the Council along the lines of Vocational Guidance. Four prominent business men carried on a panel discussion on vocational topics, which proved very helpful to the students. The annual "Big Brother and Sister Day" for the rural and town eighth grade pupils was carried out on May 12th and May 13th. This proved to be a very worthwhile day for the freshmen of next year. Five members of the Council attended a Student Council Convention at Highland Park, Illinois, last Fall. Three members represented the school at the State Convention on April 24 and 25, at Chicago, Illinois. T301 The lvlouhder ol l942 I NANN, HYLAND, ASP XX'YlNlNli, CHAl7l:lilf, KOONTZ if NATIONAL HQNQR SGCIETY The members of the National Honor Soeiety are chosen by the faeulty on the basis of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Three members, XX!illiam Chaffee, Donald Wfynne, and Bette Koontz, were chosen last year. The other members, inducted this year, were Charles Hyland, Robert Mann, and jimmy Asp, Seniors, and Helen Franklin, Ralph Hudson, and Lois Palmer, juniors. The members serve as librarians and with their funds have made it possible for Life, Student Life, and National Georgraphit magazines to be planed in the library. Because the group pieture shown above was taken in December, it was impossible to intlude the junior members, sinee they were ehosen during the Second Semester. OFFICIERS IU-tqijtftffyf , . . ..... Donald XVynne Vice linalidefzf . . .. ...., XX'illiam CQhaffee Sutveltzz'y-'l'1'e.1,if1l'e1' . , . Bette Koontz l5ll 0 The Mounder ol lQ42 ew ew 'W'-11 74 '+L r 2 al ,. - Top Row-Rosenbaum, Prugh, Smith, Doyle, Coffman, Kehm. Second Row-Hudson, Stouffer, Personette, Coach Schrader, Ballard, Palmer, Wynne. Third Row-Frey, Strite, Krug, Avey, Davis, Hyland. if M CLUB The "M" Club, organized by Coach Schrader a few years ago, has played an im- portant part in school activities. The membership includes all the athletes who have won major letters in various athletic functions of the school. The Club has been very active this year, holding several social gatherings and an initiation banquet for new members. The club sponsored films that were shown in the school auditorium and sponsored the intermural basketball tournament. OFFICERS Preyidwzl ........., ................... .....,.... C h arles Hyland Vim Prefidezzl ........ ....... W arren Shoemaker Serrelmy-'I'1'er1.v111'w' .... ......,.... W ayne Ballard Snriazl Chuljflllclll .... ....... D onald Wynne l32l 4-e447-le The Mounder ol 1942 O al -A ,. L. l 44 Top Row-Hilger. Young, J. Allen, Franklin, Rouse, Watt. Second Row-Dohlen, M. Stonebraker, B. Allen, Davis, Castle, K xmcmk lle, Crocker. Third Row-Lingel, B. Stonebrakeig Hedrick, Rowe, B. Avey, j. Avey. Fourth Row-Claussen, Koontz, Frey, Arbogast, Palmer. ir PEPSTERS The new members were initiated by giving a party instead of the usual initiation of giving a skit. The new members were jean Avey, jean Lingel, Patsy Hilger, Lois Wgxtt, Mildred Rouse, jean Allen, Either Hedrick, Betty Avey, and Reynette Young. The usual bonfire and snake dance was not held because of the rain. However, the Pepsters decorated and drove a car in the parade. Since the tournament was not held here this year, the girls sold candy at games and sponsored a school dance to make money. They entertained the athletes at the annual Pepster-Athletic Banquet. OFFICERS I'i'e.iide11! ,...... .... ......... . , .. ...... Mary Stonebraker lfire I'i'tf,i'ide11l ..... ....... M arion Knodle Sucrel.1l'-3'-T1'v.1.wn'ei' ...... .Patsy Hilger l55l O The Mounder of 1942 i543 "Adam and Eva" A three act comedy given by the Senior Class under the direction of Miss Mary Marlowe McColl. it CAST fame! Kin g ................,... james Asp Corinthia ............ Mary Stonebraker jiilie DeWitt ........ Reynette Young Clinton DeWitl .... William Chaffee Eifa King .....v........ Gloria Claussen Abby Rorker ,...,........... Betty Allen Dr. Delaniatei' ........ Gilbert Dohlen Adam Sinitla ............ Wayne Ballard U nrle Horace Pilgrim ..,..,.....,.. ..........................Robert Yoder Lord Andrew Gordon .,....,..... ......................Robert Johnston vi? PRODUCTION STAFF Stage Managery ........., Robert Mann Warren Shoemaker J. Q. Davis Auiflanfy ..............,, Gilbert Dohlen Robert Avey Make-up ..,....... Mrs. John Thomas Direfior ....., Mary Marlowe McColl Hlune Mad" A three-act comedy presented by the junior Class Linder the direction of Miss Dorothy Savage. iff CAST Pwzny .,,i, iY...... D oris Cratty Clmrk Y,,,,Y,,,,,, YY.,,,, R alph Hudson Mm. lVrmd ,i,..,...,,. Esther Hedrick Elmer ....,....,.. ,,i,i,,,..., T om Prugh Dr. Wand ....,,...,i... Gerald Deneau Effie ......... Milly Luiz ,,,A77,..., Merzfyfz v,,,, Roger oo,.r . Mr. Harm Shirley ...... . R41 ph r.eo, julie . ...ww,,.. Doris Hoffman .jo Ann Thomson ...Arnold Blecker .........Henry Hollar .......Peter Steffen ..........Betty Avey ......Bill Coffman ........Lois Palmer Sir PRODUCTION STAFF Director .... Lois Personette l311.m1e.u'J lvldlldglfl' ...... Charles Diehl l'rnperlie.s' .................. Betty Avey Bernice Price Make-up .....,,...,....... 'Io Anne Strub Smge Ilfldlldgfl' .............. Eric Mann A.l.l'f.l'frllIf Sluge Mamzgeri' ........ Prugh Bill Coffman The Mounds-r of l942 0 O The Mounder ol 1942 f 'com' ff 74 - m Back Row-Carney, B. Allen, Rouse, B. Hoffman, Reynolds, Elliot, Young, 1. Allen, Saunders. Second Row-Hageman, Diehl, Horst, D. Hoffman, Watt, Hilger, Merriman, Baker. Third Row-Burke, Crocker, Wheldmxn, Strub, Lohse, Personette, Brinker. Fourth Row-Avey, Lingle, Lizer, Jacobs, Myers, Price. Front Row-Gardner, Rowe, Watts, Yoder. 'ik GIRLS' CHORUS This year the chorus work has been devoted to the mixed chorus group rather than the girls' and boys' choruses. The girls practiced the parts they sang in mixed chorus, thereby improving their individual parts in that group. The girls' chorus did not enter the district contest this year. l36l w4m4fW' 4fT44T eeeeeee efzeeee lift' eefizl 'rhe hdounder ol1942 o A A - - E Top Row--Stouffer, Hollar, Ross, Wright, W. Ballard, Bartow, Medlar. Second Row-Yates, Johnston, Lizer, Asp, Krug, Wz1gi1c1'. Third Row--Shank, Statler, Hudson, P. Ballard, Miller. W BOYS'CHORUS The boys' chorus resembled the girls' chorus this year in that it practiced in the same manner. The boys' chorus sang at P. T. A. and on several other occasions. The boys' chorus did not enter the district contest this year. i371 O The Mounder of 1942 f m' ' WW + f .. .. -. A Q .. Top Row-B. Hoffman, Reynolds, Ballard, Ross, Wright, Hollar, Bartow, Asp, Elliott, Hilger. Second Row-B. Allen, Young, J. Allen, Johnston, Stouffer, R. Lizer, Wagner, Hudson, Rouse D. Hoffman, Saunders. Third Row-Horst, Watt, Strub, Yates, Medlar, Krug, P. Ballard, Lohse, Carney, Personette. Fourth Row-Burke, Merriman, Diehl, Statler, Miller, B. Baker, Jacobs, Hageman. Fifth Row-Lingel, Wheldon, Crocker, Shank, Myers, Brinker, P. Lizer. Sixth Row-Gardner, Avey, Rowe, Price, Watts, Yoder. Sit MIXED CHORUS This year the Mixed Chorus won first division at the district contest held at Free- port, Illinois. The Mixed Chorus made several public appearances this year. An Octet composed of Marjorie Elliott, Dorothy Jacobs, Mildred Rouse, Lois Per- sonette, Henry Hollar, Donald Medlar, Ralph Hudson, and Robert Johnston placed in Second Division at the District Contest. This group made several public appearances, singing at P. T. A., Teachers' Institute at Dixon, as well as at several different organiza- tions in Mount Morris. A Boys' Quartet, composed of Henry Hollar, Donald Medlar, Ralph Hudson, and Robert johnson, won First Division at the District Contest. This group sang at P. T. A. and made several other public appearances. i381 f A' c 'mm mc' V4 The Mounder of 1942 O Top Rowe-D. Wolfe, L. Wolfe, Silvius, R. Johnston, Steffen, Bartow, R. Lizer, R. Hudson, D. Medlar, Blecker. Second Row-Schmidt, Statler, Chaffee, Messer, Alter, A. Jacobs, Cratty, Ballard, Ruble, Miller. Third Row--Hudson, M. Lingel, P. Lizer, Nunn, Lux, Wible, E. Hough, Frey, R. Hough, J. Lingel. Fourth Row-Felker, Lamb, Knodle. Patterson, D. Johnston, Hanke, J. Jacobs, Medlar, Avey, Fleer. Fifth Row-Glotfelty, Messer, Watts, D. Jacobs, Burke, Strub. ik BAND Although the band received a first division rating in the state contest last year, it rested on its laurels and did not enter this year. However, the band did play for our home football and basketball games, and gave a concert! in the Fall. A new system of awarding letters was decided upon, and all seniors were given large M's, while the other members were given smaller letters which showed the number of years they have been in the band. N0 new officers were elected this year. l39l O The Mounder ol 1942 - e .l Top Row-Claussen, Young, Ballard, Palmer, Stonebraker. Second Row-Frey, Rowe, Mann, Yoder, Thomson, Wynne. Third Row-Miss Savage, Crocker, Asp, Koontz, Smith. Si? PICADORS The Picadors, as has been the custom for the past several years, had charge of the school Christmas program. This year they presented the play, "The Effect of Carolingf' The new members elected this year were: Robert Mann, Donald Wynne, Robert Yoder, Lois Palmer, and jo Ann Thomson. OFFICERS Prefideuf .,,....... .. ..........,.......... .......... j ames Asp Vive Prelidezlf .,,...... ..,A..... R uth Crocker 5'ew'emz'y-Trerzmrer ,,,,.. ..,,,,....,. B ette Koontz PI'0gI'dl11 Chairmazz ...., ,,...,.. M ary Stonebraker T403 W- The Mouncler of 1942 0 THE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT it The Commercial Department is the largest department in the school. Nearlyq every student takes some phase of commercial work. The department has a great deal of the most modern office equipment. With this equipment, students learn to be efficient office workers. Typing tournaments were held in the two typing classes to determine the best typists. Gloria Claussen won first place and Betty Allen second, in the typing II contest. In the first division of the typing I class, Lois Personette, won first place and jo Ann Thomson second. In the second division of the typing I, Charles Diehl won first and Virginia Stouffer second. A contest was then held between the winners of the two sections. In this contest Charles Diehl was the winner. X' T411 I The Mounder of l942 fm "mn fs 'n mm - s 4 ... V- 1--..,. IEP, -V . -1--.5-Ai' 5 --1 gurl'-'35 Q., i.............. ' e"'fff lllllllllll! A 55.55 f,.qh"'?"' A 2 W p wr sf , 'Z v . - we f- - .. I.: W. l he f P I QJ .""l-Q, 4 ' ' 4 a1 T, V . - N ii in 'ff' is 2 5 0 C f,' 5 W K Txvf' .,--f' 5 Q -if N Y T and I Y Q , HOME EC CLUB The club again carried out its plan of holding its meetings in the form of luncheons. These were held monthly and a program of some kind was given after each luncheon. Some of the special activities of the club this year were: the Home EC-Ag Frolic, which was in the form of a chile supper, a Christmas and Valentine party, and a "Get-Together." The Home lic club is responsible for the serving of all the different banquets during the school year. This year the club purchased Home Ec pins. These were oval in shape and of two different colors. The officers received one color and the members another. OFFICERS President , ,,..,,......,,, ..,......,....................... , ,,..................,,,.., J ean Allen Vice President ,.,,, ..,,,,,,,.,.,, IN Iildred Rouse Secretary ,,,......... ,,,,, ..,,,.,............ L o la Stengel Treasurer ,, ,... ......., ,,,,,, , , . ,, ,,,.Bonnie Merriman wi E Qzwlmwf an NWN JAZZ? i 5 -Xklix 4? 3- SEHRIE :Harms PEANUT SLRAMBLF- F, F. A. DA NC I HARNESS YKEPAKR Mauna: Ntwcomgq jgjri V4 .. 1, QSM? CROP SEED IDE NTLHCATMN .,. 5 PNIL Baunano PIE- EATIMG QGNTES1' F.F,A. CAMPING 'TRxP RALPH BILHL END Ov 'Penn' Sho P WURK Tnoveurus. moouses? I The Mounder of 1942 MOUNT MORRIS CHAPTER or THE FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA OFFICERS Senior junior President ....,,...,,........... .............. O ren Stengel ............ .A............. j ack Hayenga Vice President .........,,, .............. G lenn Floto ,....,...... ...........,.,. j ames Hird Secretary ..............,,. ...,........ - Harold Brinker ..,,,..,...... ...........,... V irgil Goodrich Treasurer .,...... .....,........ D ean Butterbaugh ........ ............... M aurice Newcomer Reporter ,..... ...,.....,.... C harles Diehl ............,....... .......... L eroy Deneau Adviser ......,,. .....,..,..... M . R. Dunk MEMBERS GREENHANDS Leroy Deneau Ralph Diehl Virgil Goodrich Philip Ballard Dean Butterbaugh 4. Maurice Newcomer 5. jack Hayenga 6. James Hird FUTURE FARMERS Glenn Floto 8. Vincent Horst 7. 7. Marion Moore 8. Herman Rausch Gene Messer Weldon Noble 15. 14. Dwight Butterbaugh 9. Donald Yates 15. Davis Shaw Harold Brinker 10. Arthur Jacobs 16. Darrel Strite Charles Diehl 11. Walter Kehm 17. Charles Weller Wayne Floto 12. Donald Medlar 18. Lawrence Wolfe STATE FARMERS 1. Donald Stengel 2. Oren Stengel 5. LaVere Watson HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Ira Hendrickson 3. Mr. E. R. Henricks 6. Mr. M. C. Small Mr. H. A. Hoff 4. Mr. O. A. Hanke 7. Mr. W. H. Schrader 5. Mr. Bently Wilson SEPTEMBER- FEBRUARY- 4-Executive Committee Meeting 11-12-Sectional Livestock Fair, Freeport 27--Sectional F. F. A. Leadership School, Forreston OCTOBER- 13-Playing with the Big League, Nelson Potter 21-Greenhand Initiation NOVEMBER- 4-Potluck Supper 15-Sectional Poultry and Grain Fair, Milledgeville 17-Talk DECEMBER- 10-F. F. A.-Jamboree 16-Talk JANUARY- 14-Home Ec.-Ag. Frolic 19-Citizenship-Mr. E. R. Henricks 1 Mr. C. E. Fry, Polo : Ed. L. Stengel 10-How to Study-Mr. H. A. Hoff 17-Dad's Night MARCH- 17-Parent and Son Banquet 51-Local F. F. A. Public Speaking Con- test APRIL- 14-Kid Brother Night 21-Sectional Public Speaking Contest, Mt. Morris 28-School meeting, I Class in charge MAY- 12-Talk 19-Initiation of Future Farmers 30-F. F. A. Picnic JUNE- State judging Contest, Urbana State F. F. A. Convention, Urbana Camping Trip E443 4 I 1... 4' 5 . SVN i ,SWE X W We M -x N Nwixxlamaim 5, , 10.1 ,gnu ll I '23 I ,V 9 W n ll ",:.x: 'llll pl! e'l IU u I 3 0 The Mounder of 1942 MOUNT MORRIS PHARMACY R. H. ZICKUHR, Proprietor il? Telephone 270 Wesley cmd Main QUALITY DRUGS GREEN STAR LUNCH ROOM H. HALvERsoN, Proprietor 'ik SANDWICHES - MEALS High School Trode Welcomed fluff! lcli CIQEAM It's o Food-Not o Pod ik' . Served by MOUNT MORRIS PHARMACY GREEN STAR LUNCH ROOM M81 'eeefefifer ' Q The Mounder ot 1942 I BROWN'S Wishes to congratulate the Seniors who are now graduating and are going out into the world to look tor success. Let us help you in your quest lor Success by entering our school. Browns--Rocktord Business College E. L. LYONS, B. A, Principal 319 West Ietterson Street Established l872 E ' ,lg-, Q? I r- -- o qbq, V '1"" Hyfig gi V- --:1:.f, . ,. ., O ' ggf 5' Q lffii "l'4 llll '.:., is 581436 1 V.,. S ' ' "ir 1 i E491 The Mounder of 1942 K HON ESTLY We Recommend D 6: W Ice Cream As "Tops" in Quality ,ik- Pelker Pharmacy Mt. Morris Drug Headquarters COMPLIMENTS OF -WG MEM, Z W I A- 6 tmttxfpiyiwgw It 36,5955 IMI It ROYAL CROWN ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Telephone Forest 2995 HOLSUM BREAD IS VITAMIN BI ENRICHED -ic- At Your Independent Grocer ,wx Miller - Patton Baking Oo. ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS COMPLIMEN TS OP ROBINSON 'S P OOD STORE mdk... A Good "Meating" Place MT. MORRIS, ILLINOIS I50I The Mounder of 1942 O You'll Enjoy Trading at STUCKEY'S Rockford's Leading Style Store tor YOUNG MEN and MEN WHO STAY YOUNG .13- ll9-l2l North Main Street ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS I STUDIO Q la. Zll Photostats-Blue Printing Kodak Finishing Commercial Photographs Portraits-Framing Enlarged Photographs Photographs in Colors .gy- ll2 East First Street DIXON, ILLINOIS 6: s li -Cflilrx TYPEWRITERS I Q V" XE- 1: j g li zgx NEW-USED ' X 77 - - W? I tl it ll 'lffi 1 ' NSQKX Factory Rebuilt 'Y Q Repairs and Rentals -S-57? ,lim , 2-Qi Special Rates to Students 1 ill 'cc ' ltttl lt I f -lt st- ' ' 4 4 lt MX " U Diamond buying does not have to Goerlltz-Becknell be guesswork-Consult our experts. WGODSTOCK . . Y Alfoclfflilff ffnefllf TYPEWRITER AGENCY Watches and Silverware You Are Invited to See Them -Jk- The BOle1'1de1' Rockford News Tower l t Iewe ry Ore ROCKEORD, ILLINOIS Rockford, Illinois 5 I The Mounder of 1942 Compliments of Compliments of KITTERINGI-IAM 5 ROCKFORD p ARKER DRY GOODS OO. .,3,.. -iff- THE STORE Sporting Goods .FOR THE THRIFTY Rockford, Illinois ANYTIME . . . O Sh S ' I ur oe ervlce S Morning, Noon or Night High School in Quality and -H- GTCICIS' SC1f1001 i1'1 Price This ls Your Place to Meet nik- 1 Make This Hotel Your Meeting Place Young Folks Especially Invited SHOE SERVICE -it- MT. MORRIS HOTEL "liable Inn" Coffee Shop-Dining Room ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Large and Small Parties Solicited .Jk- ll4 South Wyman Street I52l E The Mounder of 1942 BOWL BLACKHAWK 19 Q FOOD MART 'Qt f K,- 'lk' For Your Health and Recreation .sgr- Mt. Morris Bowling Alley I. M. Krou1ik,Prop. THE BEST FOR LESS ALWAYS Ioseph H. Ritson DENTIST Mount Morris Improvement in Looks Is Important "GG" WE DO IT LUNCH WHITIE'S Barber Shop -ff' HIGH SCHOOL TRADE WELCOMED KOPEHS GROCERY GROCERIES-MEATS -ft- ctnd FROSTED FOOD -7k- DENELDA PAHKINSON, Proprietor Telephone 366 I55l O The Mounder of 1942 The Following Firms Are Listed Here cts Pcxtrons Although Not Advertisers The Staff Apprecicites Their Potronog if? COMPLIMENTS OF SI-IARER MOTOR CO. HACrEMANN'S SERVICE MT. MORRIS MOTORS IOI-INSON OIL REFINING CO. BAKER'S BAKERY LUI-IR'S COFFEE SHOP 'HOUGI-I HARDWARE CO. GAMBLE STORE HOME SERVICE LAUNDRY BAKER'S PINE CREEK TURKEY FARM "MARCfE'S STYLE NOOK" U41 The Mounder of 1942 0 Dr. I. M. Mishler DENTIST Lanah H. Newcomer .ig- Mount Morris, Illinois Office Located Iust South of Town Hall .,Q,... .iff- X-RAY SERVICE All Modern Equipment INSURANCE 'Ik' and Appointments Made for REAL ESTATE FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS Telephone 67 ALL PHOTOGRAPHS "THE MOUNDERH by BLANKENBERG PHoToGRAPHERs Kankakee, Illinois ik Originators of Photo-Annuals School Photographs a Specialty I55I O The Mounder of 1942 B. S. KELSEY Opposite Band Stand .gf- SERVICE WITH A SMILE PAUL BOYLE DENTIST -jf?- BANK BUILDING Mount Morris, Illinois BUSER CG- NELsoN's aft- TOGGERY Complete Building Service -W- .g5x,- I I MEN S AND BOYS Builders of Homes Since WEAR 1869 for Graduates of Mt. Morris Schools I56l The Mounder of 1942 O The Business 0 Kalmle Brothers Company is printing magazines, house organs, many kinds of publications, catalogs, and advertising matter by both the letterpress and rotogravure processes. LOCATION- Mount Morris, Illinois, a town of 2,350 population, 105 miles due west of Chicago, on the Burlington Railroad. CUSTOMERS- Magazine and trade-paper publishers, labor organizations, religious and welfare bodies, fraternal societies, service clubs, business and professional groups, schools and industrial concerns. DISTANCE- Our customers come from all parts of the country, ranging from Boston and New York to Denver and the Pacific Coast. Distance is overcome by using every modern method of communication. Offices are maintained in Chicago and New York, and are connected by teletype with the plant at Mount Morris. FACILITIES- Complete as will be found anywhere. In addition to the usual equipment of a large printing plant we have an art department, engraving shop, electro- type foundry, mailing and shipping department, including the making-up and rriaintenance of mailing lists. Everything is under one roof and one contro . BIG PUBLISHERS- A battery of nine web magazine presses, all printing two colors, three rotogravure presses, besides two-color flat-bed and four- and five-color rotary presses for printing covers and inserts, provide facilities for maga- zines of large circulation. Mailing and shipping from a point so near both the geographical and railroad centers of the country also has its obvious advantages for periodicals with national circulation. MAILING LISTS- I We handle the mailing lists for most of our customers. Of the 8,000,000 names on file here, the majority are on Pollard-Alling stencils, a high-speed economical metal-plate system, but we are prepared to handle other types of lists too. PAPER- We buy the paper for many of the magazines that we print. This is because the 12,000 tons required annually command a better price than the average publisher is able to get, and also because relieving the publisher of the necessity of typing up working capital in paper is a service that puts dollars in his pocket. GROWTH- The reason for such a large printing business being found in a small town twe employ over 800 people and pay out S1,000,000 a year in wagesl is that publishers, as well as other business men, go where they get the proper attention and where costs and other factors are in keeping with the demands of the times. Write for further information or come and see us. Visitors are welcome. Main Office and Plant: Mount Morris, Illinois CHICAGO-160 North LaSalle Street. NEW YORK-420 Lexington Avenue. T571 The Mounder of 1942 PASTURITE DAIRY E. R. Smith, Proprietor .Jk- Telephone 248 -73,- Try Our Ice Cream -753- Pasteurized: Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Cottage Cheese Milk and Cream I-I. E. COFFMAN "THE com. MAN" -gg- Telephone 265 HARRINGTON Barber and Beauty Shop -ff- We Appreciate Your Patronage -ff- Telephone 93 HELLO EVERYWHERE Whatever the occasion . . Whatever the hour .... What- ever the distance - the tele- phone carries your voice back home or away from home as you desire. Swift, sure, and inexpensive .... telephone service meets present-day de- mands for both speed and economy in the home. .gy- DE KALB - OGLE Telephone Company N81 The Mounder of 1942 O It CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! cmd may '42 be just the beginning of or lifetime brimtul ot success ond happiness in your chosen field. if POULTRY TRIBUNE AMERICA'S LEADING POULTRY FARM MAGAZINE ik Circulation More Than 500,000 Copies Monthly MOUNT MORRIS, ILLINOIS T593 O The Mounder of 1942 f DEGRAEP BROS. Furniture Store .ff- BETTER FURNITURE at LOWER PRICES .73- Forreston, Illinois Compliments of TI-IE KABLE NEWS COMPANY .Q- National Distributors of Magazines .Ak- Mount, Morris, Illinois Optical Service Glasses Fitted COMPLIMENTS OF Sk DITTBERNERS VARIETY STORE I Prices R eqso nable 12 Oscar I-I. I-Iill, O. D. WE SPECIALIZE IN Wishard Building Telephone 161 W SCHOOL SUPPLIES The Mounder ol 1942 O FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ...ig- Plants in Season .gf- Call 78 MT. MORRIS FLOWER SHOP BEN FRANKLIN STORES E. A. LANNING -wk... Everything from Sc to 31.00 and Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOYS AND CANDY .-gy.. MOUNT MORRIS, ILLINOIS U . . AND NOW FOR THE BOOK OF LIFE Problems lie before you of the Class of '42. Some of you will seek more preparation before tackling them. Others of you will iind yourselves immediately on that long road that leads to future responsibility. Graduates, the new book has been opened, may it be a history of your personal success! You are the one who will write it. Sir ILLINOIS NORTHERN UTILITIES COMPANY mi ., fy Us 1331 fp, US 1111 R X I I iii . x 9. me I I f :N Sri , . it I X x . Pm 1 , 3 N X X will rl? S tl lt' ill with 'x. O The Mounder of 1942 MOUNT MORRIS ELEVATOR CO. .gf- "A Co-Op. Organization" Home-owned by 120 Stockholders of This Community Who Solicit Your Patronage L2 -,ik-, ' Telephone 126 for FARM IMPLEMENTS-ETC. xg 3 COAL-GRAIN--FEEDS if f LOUIS G. FINCI-I Sf? Furniture, Rugs, and Linoleum .ge- FUNERAL SERVICE Telephone 211 Mount Morris, Illinois Watches . Diamonds . Iewelry Silverware . Glass Gift Articles ...Ah SHEAFFER PENS . PENCILS GREETING CARDS Special Care to Repair Dept. Ak.. C. C. WEAVER JEWELER Mount Morris, Illinois Felker Pharmacy The Rexall Store -Q. DRUGS SHEAEFER PENS . WHITMANS CANDY TOILET ARTICLES EASTMAN KODAKS EATON'S STATIONERY PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE -gf- D. G W. Ice Cream 1:62 The Mounder of 1942 0 Ford Service and High Grade Used Cars ' Our Specialty -gf- Car Washing and Greasing Smith Oils -gg- BEMIS MOTOR CO. Neighborhood Service Station FOR MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR AND SHOES ...Q- THE NATIONAL CLOTHING HOUSE ..g5... "On the Corner" OREGON, ILLINOIS THIS YEAR BOOK Was Printed in the Plant O of the REPUBLICAN PRINTING CO. PR1NcEToN, 1LL1No1s Producers ot Fine Printing Since 1847 Sir Congratulations to the Class ot '42 I63I The Mounder of 1942 , H RoYAL BLUE Citizens State Bank of Mount Morris STORE iff? ig.. QUALITY Mount Morris, IIIITIOIS TURKEYS .-Q.-.. H. R. Koontz Member of -wk- Federal Deposit Insurance Telephone 56 Corporation Trade Here and Save Quality Service The MOUNT MORRIS IOHN SPRECHER INDEX 6: CO. A Community Newspaper FURNISHINGS -fr- DRY GOODS W. H. THOMAS READY-TO-WEAR Publisher lg, It Pays to Visit Us MOUNT MORRIS, ILLINOIS .-Q... Read in 90 Per Cent of the Homes of Mount Morris and Community I64I f 1:..:f:f ff ff' 'r ror 'f 'M' The Mounder of 1942 0 illxgagvfg ..1.i: Q KATHRYN BEARD it A 3 1 X l Dim N Boynton - Richards Company Dixon, Iliinois Buying Diamond Rings like buying furs is a tough assignment for anyone, un- less you know the reputation of the jeweler with whom you are dealing is above reproach. TREIN'S Ieweiry Store Dixon, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES KLINE'S Department Store D1XoN, 1LL1Nois Tho Luggage Shop Rockford, Illinois TrunksfBags Leather Goods The Mounder of 1942 When in Oregon Le Mae Beauty Salon Stop at Shampoo-Permanent-Finger Wave Manicure-Marcel Mensen's -wtf- Confectionery LETTIE CRAMER, Prop. Phone 28 Mt. Morris, III. RAY MILLER Edna N. Nattress Dress Shop 122 Galena Ave. Dixon, 111. 101 Peoria, Ave., Dixon -iff.. WURLITZER PIANOS WURLITZER ACCORDIONS Musical Merchandise BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES FROM I-IECHT'S STORE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS The Marilyn Shop DRESSES HATS AND FURS Smart Creaiions Direct from New York Mrs. 1. W. Sipe 206 First SI. Dixon, III. J EWU Ster1ing's Pharmacy Walgreen Agency -ff.. FOUNTAIN LUNCHES 106 Galena Avenue DIXON, ILLINOIS IGM The Moun er of 1942 O d GOOD LUCK TO AMERICA'S FUTURE LEADERS FROM THE LAMB THEATRE AT MOUNT MORRIS --c1nd-- THE NEW OREGON THEATRE AT OREGON Where All the Outstanding Pictures Are Shown ALLEN'S CROCKERY STORE il? ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS MAIN 3280 COOPER'S Cleaners - Dyers if 926 WEST STATE STREET FOREST 61 ROCKEORD, ILLINOIS T673 1 ,Az,., 14415 X A.. X 9 W , f m' s 1 M f ,M vi , EQ-,aff hi A , X. W1 " Q xf " .I C X ,,.. I :.Z. Qf' if fa . Q " W X X W SC?"5'1:f X M A X I . 1. QE , -rms We Sq' ': 2 Pfifpn x ff 'QQ -a s :.:f , 5 QA ' 0 . W .i Q5f A 1 V 2 ' if ,f " M J ' "' if A ' 'X EI. . 1216433 2 j ,ik ' 'Q VG f W , :kr ' ' X ' 'NQSQ X X? ' Ng, 'V ffix KY , ' E' xg U I , X Vi ldv K X ,-Z, , :ig xg 1 Q 'fm t .. , :zw it . fi I! ':1,: 5 -L A 'g if Y Af' IIIA A , 1. ' A . vf YP "':' fi 5':1 '- 1' 'K , 5 If Rx-'bs'-J I 6 lllb . ,.... sr, ff .,:A, j ..4.. 4 6'yMiQ0Qf"pf W j1 5 bwffjwjam Hy N i Y wif if FW fm wg fl wfggf M . , ,Q,wfyf'fMg Jfiifizigrfig QQW5 gs 12752 gsgsxig 3 gg, is f , , 5335432 3 53233 Mm 561 25 j+' fTj if ii 53 Q 3555555 3355 1 l N 1 11? 2 0,044,410 aff ,aan ,WJ ,a,d,, 4.4.,,,,.4,.A,,.24,7my,4,,.ou-.JM ,567 A0Jf..,,,!2.i,.,4..J,-L 4 4410 0,411 fA.,n.,,6.4,L.vfZ ff4mm..M2fjvWj,.,1f -1,6-W-.XS-9-Judi:-a51.44u.K ,LT AA! ,f,,J.,fg,f..v 6,.41zz,,:f5.Z120.-4,e.,.,,,52.,6f4:,,L,A.,z Maxi., ,6,..0.,.a1. Adajdmwmfwwy, ,QWAQ fa44,7fQ,.,.,.J,..A,.962w.7 f.,e7Qf1,....jM-Z,w,5A3 ,...,i2.,ecuC.,.voc.,,,p 404ln.L 4,-of wwf fb www Mgffdf-AJMWWN f9+ff5f,470f,u....Z,c4 Wwwmf ww? MMMHA M31 if .f,f,44,,A ,Wx MW 2Zb0!f7!7v1'C67 91 0-xffi' 4. ,ffwwyy 4 wcffufoffw .,u,41.,J1,.,w,,.wf Wcduwfwv JY' AfM,,.,u- I I " 'L V. ' ,': R '7 IJ? iv I . J. zJ4,,,, fw, ,1--L a4,L-Loi: :YH F lf,-, Z f.14 , !,,, if I ,1Lu4,. 41,47 .- 1,,1L aAQ114.1:0 LLZA, ML, --- - ' I I J i X - 444. 1.1 I N . Q , h A., 4,64 E Y- ' ' J I 'rn-ve. 40' fn . , . 4, 2 .I I , . In . ,4.4pA.4-M. ' ' l AAA ,AJC - ' MJ- ':...a ' I I' ' " ,- 1 l I , 7 ,...- 21 ,, , I , MQ . 1. .0 fi- 'fi ,ei 5-.-gh pf 5: fL4,J-4. 1 ' , V, ' J-4 cff17.W.Q-1, 1 1 ,, ' L... ' LA -7-14 Q4 514. JE? . ZS . 1 ,n MA' Ayn 7 4.141 ? 1 ' V 1,9-A. , , 1 V auf - f , ' 1 If hp., - ' 1 ' 1 Z My 1 1 1 - --Q 4. , A ,442 ,grill ,242 Jia. 'L-1, , A" , M. zz. A 'QQ-N.. ,...,.. I H I QA, " If I 7 '1 4 M , Jo Z M W' ' MMA, - , . 1 ,..,.,., Lim LL 51, X - i, .,.....v.' ' ' 7 M' S .. f L : ' 1 - ' ' -Y 1 ' 7 -5 1- "b ,U N,

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