Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI)

 - Class of 1957

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Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1957 volume:

Sw 'ffl Q' - X ,, Ra Q E ,L Af ,M I I. 5 7 fs , il? Lf ,Y .A N 4 Q h Us C 'N 5 M sie ,MW 4 Ai-4 3 E 5' 3 e x 'iuqru K gg m f , x , H1 if ' A Q! X -me H ww 5,.f,1,.i,it ,K 1- A, .,,,' Twffi-www .iw M?v ff,.,v -4 52 ' .af mi? , H'!""4ww ,E xx, A 'ffif-szgay, wp. ,fgfr 7 1 1 ', A A 9 g x. The Morrisonian of I957 Mt. Morris High School M t. Morris, Michigan SEATHD--Margaret Swansong Car- ole Smith, Class Editorg Joyce Rauschert, Senior Editorg Shirley Carroll. STANDING--Linda Ma- honeyg Barbara Donaldsong Janet Hoffmang Judy Schultzg Nancy Schoeppachg Margaret Gifford. SEATED--Shirley Bader, Activities Editorg Linda Luna, Girls' Sports Editorg Jean Schieber, Art Editorg David Montague. STANDING-- Connie Pulleng Pete McLean, Sports Editorg Glenda Brackrogg Carole Cornaromi, Photography Editor. .U', Editor-in-Chief Sam Culp, Advisor Byron S, Reetz, and Associate Ed- itor Marjorie Strong. SEATED--Marilyn Mathews, Busi ness Manager, Dennis Robinson, Advertising Manager, Connie Glynn, Circulation Manager. STANDING--Sally Sadler, Roger Morgan, Sandra Harburn. New Foreword Many memories are in the making and many memories have been made already. This '57' Morrisonian is a catalogue of these memo- ries. A book with which you can turn back the pages of time. Abook that will bring back your school year as it happened to you. Remember as you read this book, REMEMBER is a magic word mean- ing: to recollect, to bring back ideas from the pastg therefore re- member that "memories are made of this". . . . . A 4 Building Program An ambitious building program to meet the rapidly increasing enrollment of the Mt. Morris Public Schools has begun under the leadership of Super- intendent Scharer. Two elementary schools were opened in the fall of 1956, construction work on the new high school began in November, and other units are being planned. Architech's Drawing of the New High School The new Mt. Morris High School marks a sharp departure from conven- tional school construction. Its circular design is modern, functional, and pleasing to the eye. 5 The Glenn E. Montague Elementary School so The J. Howard Moore Elementary School 6 .fgclminizifra fion H Administration Effective leadership and co-ordination by the administrators, faculty members, and board of education ensure a smoothly functioning school system. The building program, the budgets, an-:1 instructional program are of primary concern of the school board members and Superintendent Clarence Scharer. Clarence F. Schafer Superintendent of Schools Board of Education William L. Pearce Leslie G. George President Secretary Lloyd Heidebreicht, Jr. Walter W. Randle Billy A. Milne Treasurer Trustee T1'l1St99 Administration Mr. John Prevost, Principal and the teaching staff working closely together make sure the in- dividual needs ofthe students are considered and try to help them discover their abilities. Their aim is to imbue the students with high ideals and goals that will serve them through life. John M. Prevost Junior-Senior High School Principal Dr. Earl J. Schuur Ruth Wocholski Administrative Assistant Business Administrator Patsy Roth Betty Noe SeC'et3fY Secretary Facult Alberta Beaven B. A., M.A. U. S. History, World History Flint Junior Colle e 8 , Michigan State Normal, University of Michigan. Chairman of Social Studies Department. James Engelhard B.A. English, Grammar 8 Central College, Fay- ette, Mo. Junior Class Sponsor. Charles Heidtke B. S. Office Machines Retailing Ferris Institute, Univer- sity of Michigan. Co-o Coordinator Sen- P ior Class Sponsor. , Albert Frost B. S. Typing Office Practice Ferris Institute 10 Frances Allen B. A., M.A. Government, English 10 Flint Junior College, Michigan State Normal, University of Michigan. S onsor of Debate S n- P v e ior Play, Junior Play Marvin Endersbe B. A., B.L. S. Librarian, English St. Cloud State Teach- ers College, Gustavus Adolphus College, Uni- versity of Michigan. Kappa Sigma Library Club Sponsor. Mary Hardesty B. S. Typing, Shorthand Eastern Michigan Col- lege, University of Michigan, University of Chicago. Q Laverne Cox B.S. English 9 Southern Illinois Nor- mal University I Arnold W. Fritz B. S. Biology, General Science Greenville, Michigan State University. Safety Patrol, Co-Spon sor of V.C.Y. Beverly Johnson B. S. Homemaking Central Michigan Col- lege. FHA, Freshman Class Sponsor. James Kidman B.A. Shop, Mechanical Drawing Michigan State Univer- sity. Carrol Harris B. S.E. History 8 Missouri State 8th Grade Sponsor Fay Joseph B. A., M.A American Literature University of Michigan. Junior Class SPOUSUT- John Meyers Joseph Hill A.B., M.A. Physics, Chemistry Northern Michigan Col- lege, University of Michigan. Co-Sponsor of V,C,Y, Mason Keene B. S. Physical Education Michigan State Univer- sity. Head Basketball Coach, Freshman Class Sponsor. John Padjen, Jr. B.A. B.S. Instrumental Music Math, Health Education Albion College. University of Illinois, University of Michigan. Football and Track Coach. ll Donald Johnson B. S. Science, Health Education Central Michigan Col- lege. Sophomore Class Spon- sor. Van Mueller B.S. Shop, Math 9 Central Michigan Col- lege. Senior Class Sponsor. Imogene Ramage Study Hall Special, Minot State Teachers College. Ellsworth Sullivan B.S. Drivers Training Northern Michigan Col- lege, Michigan State University. Athletic Director, Baseball Coach. "Picture Not Available "' Conway Peters Ph.D. Instrumental Music University of Michigan, American Conservatory, Institute of Musical Art. Band Director. Bernice Schieber Girls ' Physical Education General Science Special, University of Michigan. Girls' Basketball and Softball Coach. Marguerite Brainerd B. S. Reading 8, Home Ec I Michigan State Univer- sity. 12 Doris Plant B. S. Mathematics Westem Michigan Col- lege. John Sukup B.S. Economics, Geography Hillsdale College. Sophomore Class Spon- sor, Student Council Ad visor. Harold Hohner B.S. M. E. Vocal Music Olivet College. Chorus, Vocal Ensem- bles. Byron Reetz B. A., M. A. World History Michigan State Univer- sity. Yearbook Advisor, 8th Grade Sponsor. Doris Waring A.B., M.A English, Latin University of Michigan. Head of English Depart- ment, Speech Club, Lat- in Club. "Picture Not Available V? M: , 'I Mprq 4.-rfwewl vwmwawu ,,,v-Mmm ,V W, F ,..m,73 A ,MQ -'M W.,-M ff ww' ,M.,W.,w M ff M.,,,,f A M-1 W4 ,, , , ,m,, LJ,-M M- X MARY ROSE BAXTER "If a man fails to keep step with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears another drummer." Glee Clubg VCY. JUDY BEALL JANET BEATENHEAD "To succeed you must first have a goal." Choir 15 Glee Club 25 Co- op 45 Driver Training 35 Latin. MARIAN CARLISLE "Life is young and gay." Glee Club 15 VCY 25 Car- nival 4. BOB LONG 'Work and fun mix, if the are stirred ri ht." .Y 8 Choirg Junior Play. REX LA LONDE JOYCE ANDREWS "The ifear of God is the begirming of knowledge5 but fools despise wisdom and instruction." VCY1,2,3,45G1ee Club5 Forensicsg Latin5 Annual Staff 4. SHIRLEY BADER "Friends multiply joys and divide sorrows." President 2,45 FHA 1,25 Class Play 2,45 Choir 15 Homec:oming Candidate 1,4. SAM CULP "Work is something I should do, but don't. " Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1, 2,3,45 Editor of Annualg Mayor 45 President 35 Carnival. LEE CRANDALI. Baseball 3,45 Honor Stu- dentg Varsity C1ub5 Senio Play, I MARGIE BOYD "The greatest actor of all is the child who goes to school with a smile on his face." Band 1,2,3,4g Bowling 3,4. GLENDA BRACKROG "Yesterday has gone, for- get it, tomorrow has not come, don't worryg today is here, make the most of it " Glee Club lg Band l,2,3,4g Basketball. DIANE CROMPTON "I'm 'ust naturall ener- J Y geticg I like to sit a- round and talk." Choir 3,4. ROBERT JONES "The most serious mistake a person can make is the 1 one from which he leams nothing." Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra 45 Q Solo 1,2,3,4. JANET BRADSHAW "Happy am I, from care I am free, why aren't they all contented like me." Bowling 13 Softball 23 Cheerleading 3,43 Annual Staff. SHIRLEY CARROLL "The past may be gone, the present may be here, but the future is yet to comeggo forward with a determined mind and a wide smile. Band 1,2,3,4gPlay 45 An- nual 4. REX COFFEY "One can't be a big shot is he shoots off his mouth with little ammunition." Track 25 Co-op, Play 2. 15 DOROTHY ZAWICKY "Work fascinates me, I could just sit by the hour and watch it." Bowling 13 Softball 15 Co.. op, Play 3, Choir. CAROLE SMITH "We look into the past with its golden memories but we look to the future with a challenge, conquer it." Band 1,2,3,4g VCYg An- nual Staff, Camival. LINDA LUNA "A true heart has true friends." Basketball 2,35 Annual Staff, Hom CAROLE COMAROMI "Merry as the day is long" "Nothing is impossible to the man who does not have to do it himself." Basketball 2,33 Track 1. BILL RENO Basketball l,2,3g Band 2, 3,45 Annual LARRY COULTER SANDRA HARBURN "A true friend is a friend forever." Choirg FHA5 Cheerleadingg Forensics 2,3,45 Bowling 3. ERNIE CRUTHER5 SHIRLEY MASSEY 'Live fast, love hard, and "We study not for school, be a good looking corpse." but for 1ife," Choir 25 Art 25 Glee Club. CHET CULINSKI "Don't be cruel!" Class Play 3. LARRY CUMMINGS I 6 ANNETTE LE MEIUX "A little bit of sunshine can go a long way. " Glee Club 15 Choirg Play 45 French 2. SONDRA WHITNEY "Be careful of your thoughtsg they may break into words at any time." Basketballg FHA3 Prom Chainnang Choir. MYRNA EISINGER THERON REYNOLDS "Never judge the contents of something by its size." Softball 15 Bowlingg Bas- ketballg Choir. RUSSELL FREESE NANCY JEFFRLES "A true friend is a friend indeed." Play 4g Talent Showg Queen Cand. 4. 17 MARIE DAVIS "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. Choirg Annualg Carnival Queen Candidate 3. ELEANOR DORR "Good friends are hard to findg once you make them try to always keep them." Basketball 3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4g FI-IAg Choir 2,3. JOYCE EC KS'I'EIN FRANCES O'TOOLE Fl-lAg Band 1,2,3g latin Club. GARY GILMER DONALD PETROFF "A person's character is not judged by his size." Band 1,2,3,4g Trackg Play 4g Latin Club. FRANCES O'TOOLE FHAg Band 1,2,35 Latin Club. '- -' i Si1ZSiE5?Y?5iiSY?f2i CONNIE GLYNN "Life is like potato saladg simply share it and it be- comes a picnic." Choir 1,29 l-liCg VCYg Play 2,45 Annualg Foren- sics 4. JERRY MINIEAR "Sport is my fun and fun shall be my sport. " ball 2,3,4g Football 4. MILDRED GOSSEL "Every man is the archi- tect of his own charac- DALE MAGINITY "Honor lies in honest toil. " ter." Football 2,3,43 Track l,2, Latin Clubg VCY. 33 Choirg Play 2. lICHARD HESS VERA SCHLOSSER Baseball l,2,3,4g Basket- MARGARET GIFFORD ANI TA GLASGOW "Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. " Fl-lAg Bowling 25 Spanish Club 1.2. 18 vga gm. ,ir ,. WARREN STINSON "Many people eat to liveg I live to eat. " DICK LAWRENCE "Have ideals and live them." Play 2. 'w3'lY'1W?5F?W Football 1,2,3,4g Choir 15 THD HOYT Football l,2,3,4g Track 2, 3,45 Baseball lg Basketball 1,25 Play 3. MARY LOU KELLY "Never wait for tomorrow, it will never come." Band 1,25 Basketball 1. JEAN SCHIEBER "Live your own life, for you will die your own death." Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 2,3,4g FHA, Annual Staff, Choir 2,3,4. DON LH-IMAN K I 19 DARLENE JACOB JERRY KNICKERBOC KER PAUL KULIG 'Do good, and good will come unto you." Senior Band l,2,35 Con- ducting. DARLENE KERN "I did not let studies in- terfere with my educa- tion." Glee Club 15 Bowling 2,3 Choir 1,23 Softball 1. JOYCE RAUSCHERT "lf silence is golden, l'll never get rich." Annual Staff, Debate 1,2 3,45 Forensics, Art, Bowl- ing 1,2. DEWARD SMITH CAROL LA VENE "It's a great life if you don't weaken, but who wants to be strong." Music 1,2,3,4. NANCY LARAMIE "A smile is like potato salad, share it and it be comes a picnic." Band 1,25 Spanish 2. BETTY LOU LOVELESS "A little mischief by the way is fun to spice the passing day." Cheerleading 2,3,4g FHA, Bowling 2,4. OSCAR LONG "Thinking is but an idle waste of thought. " Baseball 15 Library 25 Stage Crew 3. KEITH PAHR JOYCE MATHESON "I'm not bashful, you just don't know me." Bowling 2,3,4g FHA, Choir 2,3. ' ., : Q - -12 A, 75? ., . - . -. ,st 112 fu 7 .WM sail, . , .. ,. : ,, ,m,,,fq., K M, fi,-M 'wsf.,1., se , , si. ,gm ..,.. -,. s -" Pi . 157 . I A I SANDRA MacLENNAN "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Bowling 1,2,4g FHA, Play 2,3. MARILYN MATHEWS "Every man should keep a fair sized cemetery in which to bury the faults of his friends." Annual, Play 3,45 Class officer 1,2. 20 6 Q as sl zfwyfs .... J ry f i DENNIS ROBINSON Annual. CARL McKEE Basketball 3,4. WAYNE MONTNEY ROGER MORGAN "He that lieth down with the dogs, shall rise up with the fleas." Baseball 1 3,4- Football 1, 3,45 Basketball 3,4. LOIS ROOT "Be silent and safe, si- lence never betrays you.' Latin 1,25 Basketball 25 Choir 25 Prom Committee. DIANE PARR "Unhappiness is in not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it. " Fl-IAg Choir. 21 RALPH McCLOSKEY "The glory is not in the prize but in the struggle." Carnival 4g Shop Awardg Concession Stand 4. BOB MCKERCI-IIE "All great men are dying and Ifeel a little sick myself. " Basketball l,2,3,4g Track 25 Party Committee 4. JERRY MCMASTERS SHARON MCMAHON "Why wish for tomorrowg it may be worse than to- day." Shop lg Orchestra 45 FHAg VCY. PEG WALKER PAT PIRTLE "I want to live life like I read a book--skip the dull parts. " Choir 1,25 Forensics 3,43 Homecoming Queen 45 Cheerleader 3,43 Play 3,4. rrrrM:'f1fr-Q'e?W??r-X ?.R55iKf'fIs5a?i?lE?ri AifQl5,iiQiZ"d3's.i9 DOROTHY TABER EDWARD TRESO "People who have never laughed have never lived." Softball 1. JOHN MURRAY "Men of few words are the best men. " Choir 1,35 Att 1.3. PFBGY PALMER "Time waits for no man, nor do I." Basketball 15 Softball 1,25 Choir 1,35 Bowling 1,2,3, 45 FHA. JEAN SELLECK "Four things I think make life--to love, to hope, to help, to smile." FHA5 Secretary 45 Vice President 2. INEZ SCHROEDER "l.ife is very short5 let us spend it as well as we can putting God first." Co-op. KEN RADFORD Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Playg Football 4. JIM TROOP "I like workg I could sit by the hours and watch it " Fo5rba11 1,25 Track 2, Play 25 Basketball 1. CHUCK TOWNS "I.earn all you can while you can. " Basketball 45 Track 3,45 Play 45 Varsity Club. 22 ERVIN VAN NORMAN LUREN WAGER "Think twice before you speak, especially if you intend to say what you think." Baseball 1,25 Football 2. KARL WERTH Track 1,2,3. PEGGY TUGYA MARI NOBLES "Mary's mouth costs her nothing, for she only o- pens it at others ex- pense. " Glee Clubg FTA. DAWNA WILSON 'The best place to find a helping hand is to look at the end of your arrn. " Band 1,2,35 FHAg Choir 15 Softball 1,2. BET'I'E ZOROMSKI "Oh, for the want of some- one more mischievious than I." Fl-IAg Choir 15 Carnival 43 Play. 23 FRANK WILTFONG ROGER WRIGHT "Those people who never "I might be small but I talk will never get in make myself heard." trouble. " Senior Class Cfficers Pat Pirtle, Treasurerg Jean Sel leck, Recording Secretary, Shirley Bader, President, Jerry Knickerbocker, Vice President Connie Glynn, Corresponding Secretary. 3 1 Senior Committee SEATED--Pat Pirtle, Jean Sel- leck, Jerry Knickerbocker, Shir- ley Bader, Connie Glynn. STANDING--Sandra MacLennan, Charles Towns, Carole Comar- omi, Lee Crandall, Sandra Har- burn, Sam Culp, Annette Le- Mieux, Don Petroff. Joyce Andrews and Sam Culp are the Most Studious Seniors. Shirley Bader and Lee Crandall are the Most Active Seniors. Q in S ! 1 I' WINE? Bob Jones and Sandra Harburn are the Seniors Most Likely to Succeed. Bill Reno and Carole Comaromi have the Best Sense of Humor. ,,Q3w, ,.,, X., Ted Hoyt and Linda Luna are the Most Athletic Sen- Roger Morgan and Pat Pirtle are the Most Popular iorg, Seniors. X. Larry Cummings and Nancy Jeffries are the Most E W 0 FP .... 4 ru um rn :X ,.. O P1 P The Best Dressed Seniors are Peggy Walker and Russ Freese. ,Ne-on r wfffsff-4,1 Jean Selleck and Jim Troop are the Seniors judged Most Polite. .1 W Acker, Evelyn Adams, Nancy Adle, John Allison, Janet Anderson, Howard Arnold, Anne Arnold, Jack Ballreich, Sarah Batterbee, Charlotte Bergeron, Thomas Bigelow, Fred Bond, Richard Brackrog, Paul Burgess, Linda Bush, Judy Charette, Judy Cole, Linda Cook, Susan Cromwell, William Diment, Terry Donaldson, Barbara Dziwara, Jerry Eddy, Wayne Edmonds, John Evans, Ray Evans, Sally Floor, Barbara Franks, Patricia Gardner, Gerald Garman, Linda Gillespie, Craig Goodes, Bill Gossell, Dorothy Gossett, Beverly Gray, Daniel Gunton, Patricia Sophomores Class of viii, .. 4 H , 2 4 W: H ia, 5, ' mfg ,Q QQ 99 W ... .,, s. ,I W . My -., ,' :lf i, nj M ,'-- ..w. ' I -as ','.l ,Y - fi. L-, ,, -, ,.,, Mg, ,M , . .2 i f .3 5 9 rx x ' R ll li 5 : in 2 li Q ,, di 2 J MFE' l -1f l Q, 3, wg six 'N ,Q , Q 14 gr Il' w. 2 .Ex ... I ,Ei .K rflxzijh j x , f ,,rf M avi iw -, fi : 2- qw. s 9 z -4 x 4 , i S E if 1 v ,g ri m z. fi in . Q V. i 5 2 W xx , iv Us . --9. 1 ii' U , he i M 11 ,,., , L., I .. J' .Fifa 4 ' " A I 7 ,, 11 , s3 . 2r " yfxsigimif -A wi -fm: -:J f E-it g- vsif ,- .,,., - -- --'- -' -V L -A Jr' - : g-:::!" 'I ' n ""'r , K yi ff 1 , i 'lr U, s N 1 5 39' 'K gf' p Wm Q , sig X is 6 ... :.,,4 A mg S . ,- . 'P' 5 A . ,M 5 W1 Bw S S W -: ... 1 .,. 8, , 8 K f . z f M: i A " A 11'-' ' x , ,..,.,,pg ,wifi 4 ',, is ,f 1 er - .firx ' -if '.'. f ' is is J . ii. f' , - . . ' . .:'9Zi9:'. - .faq-'fain -vw.-K ia., 1- am-- 51' I yu, ri . .yi f ings 'V M:-2', . ' J 4 J A .. " "" V , 2- , ,,., , , B A , .im xr , ra , K B' 2 p X .fr ""fW51 a V X ' S , J lg M , an K 2 All es , a si g .- ,sit ,if ff' I Q- 1 1 . V, er Q, WF 4 ' 7 WF qw rf i Q X ,far . g iw, ,,": H I J as 1, . , f z I qi, af? 1 ,fr wg, 1 wg dl , V ,rf K J Q, gk J ., ,V ' if ,X .. W 1- A 'V .,,1, 1 .. 3 J L . ' A.. E 'Z'-fi' W 3 Aga' , , LP 'Q :JV lii ss J W a at la ya..i Q' W '-'. eli 'KM P - 1. . - 6 ea 'Q X.. , ,SQ f. f A, ul K Q si 1 it Y' 24 2, 4 Wm xi Q 4 4 I X I pl A . fi? si r in W ,if ,aaa , . .l .,,. .V QM, .ZEN I N. In ,f ,,f,a,..,,, - ,sux-ig , . I T 445:32 2s 42 ,.,, -' 1 was-iz. ' , 5 X r 2" i f 'W f a A is r rm,-t 5 , .M w 5 4 A-"' 31. 4555 Ga 5 'Kin l' 4 ia .r wi. ., ,. ,xi ing, 1 Will n 15. , 29 , A fri, , , YN is . K . 4 . 2, l . an ,, Q' me Wg , lm 5 ,. ASS!! 5 ,.f" . . '- 5 AV,k ,S ,: sus: is Y. iss aff Yr, re I ,Iii 45 2.55 el fy Hagadorn, Wilma Halliday, Judith Hamilton, Margaret Harburn, Ronald Harris, James Heasley, Dennis Hedrick, Mark Hill, Allan Hind, Audrey Hoffman, Janet Howe, Robert Hoyt, Owen Hummel, Carol Jeffries, Vema Jury, Frances Keller, William Kelley, Beulah Kenyon, Beckie Kerrison, William King, Charles Kinsel, Ilene Knerr, Delores Ledrow, Mary Levely, Norman Lindsay, Janith Lowell, Mary Lundbom, Keith MacDonald, Dustin Mann, Judith Massey, Clifford Massey, Jeanne Mauldin, Sandra McCloskey, Ida McDermitt, Sherry McKerchic, James McLoud, Phyllis Mercier, leroy Mixon, Dixie Montague, Ellen Nellet, Kenneth Newland, Ann Osbom, Sharon Pace, Gloria Payer, Brenda Petroff, Marie Pittman, Dana Powers, Esther Price, Leonard Princing, Judy Pullen, Constance Quackenbush, Jack Radford, Dale Reed, Wanda Renick, Frances Robertson, Carlyle Robinson, Delores Roof, Doris Root, Anna Root, Virginia Roth, Leslie Sampson, Penny Sanders, Thomas Shoean, Claude Slough, Willard Somers, George Somers, William Stanley, William Stemple, Linda Stoinski, Diane Stoneburger , Frances Tate, Frank Treese, Harold Trim, Dennis Vaughn, Tom Walker, Douglas Walker, James Waltzer, Carole Whalen, Laurena Wright, Ann Wurn, Betty Wycoff, Jerry Zoromski, Gary CLASS OFFICERS Robertson, Carlyle, President, Sanders, Tommy, Vice President, Dziwura, Jerry, Secretary, Pet- roff, Marie, Treasurer. i 5 'l 5 , ,, ' f , 3 F ' 24, v a fr, 'la 4' aka '- Hank if' fy X 5, X' as f E' , M5 .f.,,--1 K1 4 -, we A. is gh 321. ff 42 ' 1 Q53 if '-"""' il' 5:11. Q QE 5" J. e. rig., 5, Llirrf. yi f il , ..., . -V ,1 fi , ,. gif' ii, n ,rea 1 L XX 1 :f f XX Z ' . . 'gli V K , 12 , my A ' "iii lip, . 5,,g: ,: gg gg '-:" jr-Q , . ,L , ,,. ,... . A-1 :3 U I Y ,... u ,, qw - T B? X: f 7ie!?'3 f' K S ' . - a 1 tix ,. A V Q., ff .,,' I f Q3 Q K 'gl VS! KV, may - in V' ' if C3 Freshmen Adle, Carolyn Allen, Dan Allen, Robert Almasy, Gus Alrnasy, Ronald Ames, Sally Arcond, Luella Ballance, Larry Batterbee, Shirley Beach, Rex Beach, Shirley Bellinger, Wayne Betts, Joseph Bigelow, Phillip Bishoff, Kathy Blade, Gary Blasdell, James Bohnsack, Edward ? ,' ' .-ff si 9 W v ng, 74, A 4 - 'fra , , ,a g 'R' V Y 11 'F 4 it K 'i 5 i " fx . , ,, ,, r,,,r , lni , Rowland Raymond, Treasurer- Phillip Bigelow Treasurer- M Reed, Vice President, Jim Odette, President. , i ax 5 ,, is iii i, may ! i ,f 145 s 5 ' ,yt i 2.-if W2 L 4' , , af W K wi J W 5, , rf, ,, A it K 1 4 ffl K . ,gi ' ii , X , fs .ii . , 1 , ,Wi X, ,Y A , , A, 9 . 5 , . . 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Duford, Norman Dye, Bob Eaton, Larry Echols, Sandra Eggleston, Lan-y Eisinger, Janet Evans, Larry Eves, Connie Ewald, Glen Ezell, Gary Fedchenko, Vicld Finney, Verlon F irmam, Albert Ford, Leslie Forystek, Thomas' Frager, Grant 9 T .9 f, 'f if Q bs! vs s . ig 1 Q' Q I r ,Q V fha '21 I ,gil mf Q , 2 as 'K L, Q . 5 ,..d 'i r I Ai ' fl ' I L ' 7 U T Q .: -1,2 A fa: -1' i 'ir e , ' u ' f ,ff ",. f fiig R we .. . ' QW: L. , flNqq51'wHf'3'. ei- N32 iff 'Q- :X fam- .rr R ,ir Mflfgtg MQ , ,K , "5 K ii 1 wfw zd z Z A is an Q, '9 L bi, V se.,-, 1 ,A A Q Q. ,a J fi S X KN 5 'Wax VER :WV ,., f R is 1 f- X' is +w:g5!f5L,i ' ml, m g , f Q , fw 553225 5 -x ,. K B t i' -N . K 135 i'-1. ,ar - f i iififalf . 2' Q rf, ,." 7 Q . 'I ,H ,St , A 1 V . vssaa A gsm, sg f i wx: , rf 2:14-1- " we -M mv 12 if ,Q 'av ilk? Vg, r '37 1 r",,s gg' -M is 2 M M F' - :V A -.1 " .f,, , m K' , ah -ga. , ,. V , , . :.-1 , f . F is i s , Qs x .48 my Wish as H ,z ? 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Qgvfr, :,. .AK , if :tv 1 ' if H- ' af 2, . " ' J CLASS OFFICERS Grant Frager, Vice-president Janet Thomas, Secretary Darrel Robertson, President B, ,. W 5 , la -fwlfli . , '31 ,. wa s Activities rx 222, wry 3534 Senior Band ROW 1 -Wayne Shimrnons, Lary Turcna, Jean Lawrence, Emma Hall, Glenda Brackrog, Sharron Farquesson, Dick Hess, Kathy Standerfer, Carol Waltzer, Shirley Carroll. ROW 2-Nancy Archimbault, Nonnan Duford, Carol Tatrow, Art Wray, Don Petroff, Dale Pushrnan, Doug Ashe, Lynn McMahan, Diana Pittman, Carol Smith, Wayne Montney, Lois Walker, Mary Jacobi, Allan Hill, Doug Brwon, Gary Serven. ROW 3-Laurena Whalen, Charles Balderstone, Pat Tucker, Margie Boyd, Arlene Evans, Diane Pittman, Deward Smith, Lenny Price, Sandra Leix, Charlotte Shimrnons, Robert Jones, Dennis Hunt, Don Carroll, Oliver Wilson, Harold Richards, Clare Schramm, Ronnie Wilson, Bill Randall, Phil Titus, Jim Harris, Sharron Cooper, Gary Cooper ROW 4-Roland Raymond, Gary Derbyshire, Rex La Londl, Don Bradfish, Richard Nail, Mike Mixon, Leon Howes, Richard Johnson, Larry Markell, Larry Evans. Orchestra 42 T v an surf' U M: sigh Q ,Q i, w. f ,WW s - U-x 'H 1? K ,WY Wffiyy mb! My 4, ig W 5: xii 62 if if 5,5 5 a A., if M Q ,,, ,mx R Q ii? if 1 Q A ' WH' N 3 ' N ia 1 K F ,' ,-,, , - 1 Mp W LMVG . , l . I My .wjgw . .k K V use Q U X 5 3' 330 in .Q 1 74 . MI' fl. Choir ROW 1 -Judy Mann, Diane Crompton, Charleen Dowan, Carol La Vene, Wanda Beack, Deanne Baton, Joane Van Tol, Doreen Dunbar, Betty Davis, Joyce Andrews, Sharon Osborne, Nancy Schoeppach. ROW 2-Sharon McMaha.n, Phyllis McLoud, Shirley Beach, Sherry McDermitt, Carolyn Gardner, Jeanette Zimmer, Peggy Palmer, Sandra Noloff, Pat Pillow, Carol Lynch, Mr. Hohner--Director. ROW 3-Frances Jury, Phil Kelly, Dorothy Gossell, Jodene Van Tol, Dave Schultz, Neil Smith, Paul Grammatico, Doug Keene, Dick Landon, Mike Mixon, Susie Howland. Sextet Junior ROW 1-Jodene Van Tol, Carolyn Accompanist-Susie Howland, Gardner, Susie Howland. ROW 2- Carol Lynch, Carolyn Gardner, Jodene Van To Nancy Schoeppach, Carol Lynch, Joanne Romancky. 44 1 Majorettes ,lf ,ff F a Q KNEELING--Jean Schieber, Connie V Brandt, Shirley Reynolds. STANDING-- Gary Cooper, Frances Renick. F. H. A. ROW 1--Bonnie Ackerman, Joyce Sweers, Janice Root, Mrs. Johnson--Sponsor, Jodene Van Tol, Charlotte Steele, Sandra. Wise. ROW 2--Pat Osborne, Pat Boyd, Marlena Schultz, Janet Montague, Gloria Lowe, Ardith Craglow, Delores Wade, Betty Davis, Kathy Bishoff. ROW 3--Lucy Shaver, Emma Hall, Ruth Potter, Charlotte Cox, Linda Mahoney, Judith Husted, Frances Trovillion, Donna Hall. ROW 4--Carol Stemple, Betty Skinner, Sharon Farquharson, Shirley Batterbee, Sharon Richards, Sandra Griebe, Dawn Franz, Kathey Standenfer, Diane Whitman. ROW 5--Arlene Evans, Joanne Van Tol, Roxie Nave, Judy Ferris, Sharon Gary, Marilyn Lowell, Sharon White. ROW 6--Brenda Paar, Sue Newall, Juanita Walker, June Dees, Lois Walker. Science Club ROW 1--Nancy Schoeppach, David Montague, Ron Batterbee, Susie Howland, Mr. Hill--Sponsor, Suzanne Ammerman, Judy Stinson, Della Carrier, Nancy Jeffries. ROW 2--Don Petroff, Larry Maxwell, Carole Comaromi, Dick Lawrence, Doug Keene, Ted Hoyt, Dennis Robinson, George Bigelow. ROW 3--Chuck Townes, Dennis Schultz, Mike Mixon, Tom Knoll, Don Glynn, Gerry Webber, Chet Culinski, Sam Culp, Luren Wager. ROW 4--Dale Maginity, Jerry Knickerbocker, Ken Radford, Jerry McMasters, Lloyd Coulter, Bill Henry, Jim Revoir, Lanny Whetstone, Lee Crandall. ROW 5--Al Martz, Darrell Franz, Don Lehman, Chuck Balderstone, Rex La Londe, Jack Bryan, Neil Smith, Pete McLea.n. Y-Teens ROW 1--Elaine Hoose, Diana Gladdin, Janet Eisinger, Janice Root, Mary Ledrow, Leslie Williams. ROW 2-- Diane Bradfish, Judy Werth, Penny Sampson, Mrs. Schieber--Sponsor. ROW 3--Sharon Cooper, Shirley Reynolds, Marilyn Sumner, Delores Robinson, Doris Roof. H3 Debate Joyce Rauschert, Jean Schieber, Miss Allen--Sponsor, Sam Culp, Darrell Franz, David Montague, Audrey Hind, Laurel Van Wuffen. V. C. Y. Mr. Fritz--Co-Sponsor, David Montague, Carole Smith, Laurel Van Wnrffen, Mr. Hill--Co-Sponsor. 2nd ROW--Gary Shimrnons, Kathy Heidebreicht, Sharon McMahan, Connie Glynn, Mabel Reed, Joyce Andrews Janet Montague. 3rd ROW--Judy Schultz, Dawn Franz, Inez Schroder, Lynn McMahan, Sandra Harburn, Peggy Palmer, Emma Hall. 4th ROW--Joanne Allen, Lois Walker, Allen Hill, Darrell Franz, Neil Smith, Doug Brown, Dorothy Gossel. Afternoon Co-op Students lst ROW: Margaret Gifford, Janet Bradshaw, Roger Wright, Lois Root, Dorothy Zawicky. 2nd ROW: Warren Stinson, Jean Selleck, Mr. Heidtke, Inez Scroeder, Peggy Tugya. 3rd ROW: Karl Werth, Russell Freese, Larry Cummings, Ed Treso, Jim Troop. Morning Co-op Students Library Club Officers lst ROW: Mr. Endersbee, Linda Burgess, Secretary, ,.,f SEATED: Larry Coulter, Ervin Van Norman, Rex Sam Culp, President, Susanne Arnmerman. 2nd Coffey. STANDING: Janet Beatenhead, Peggy ROW: Neil Smith, Co-Adjutor, Don Lehman, Ex- Walker. Pat Pirtle. ecutive Cotmcil, Daniel Wray, Historian. L snuri J 5: ,rris L ifrri . . ..,.: ii' as f XM: N Morning Librar lst ROW: Robert Allen, Frances Stoneburner, Linda Burgess, Carol Stemple, Audrey Hind, Sandra Mauldin, Dawna Wilson, Mary Ledrow. 2nd ROW: Dave Montague, Judy Prineing, Mary Lowell, Roxy Nave, Russell Vaughn, Jack Arnold, Connie Pullen. 3rd ROW: Richard Bond, Tom Sanders, Paul Braelarog, Ray Evans, Danny Wray, Bob Beatenliead, Margaret Hamilton, Sam Chilp. 4th ROW: Bob Howe, Dielz Hess, Anne Arnold, Jim Revoir, Roy Mercier, Don Lehman, Neil Smith. Afternoon Library lst ROW: Marlena Schultz, Bob Brackrog, Janice Lindsay, Beatrice Winterlee, Howard Davis, Diel-1 Lynch, Ronnie Shiek. 2nd ROW: Kathy Standerfer, Bruce Presgrove, Charlotte Batterbee, Brenda Payer, Judy Fer- ris, Randall Burch, Everett Mead. 3rd ROW: Barbara Foor, Susanne Amnierman, Tom Vaughn, Judy Beall, Bill Cromwell, Wayne Sa.lsbury, Wilson Hemingway. 4th ROW: Leroy Mercier, Judy Bush, Gerald Me- Master, Clifford Massey, Norman Levely. 4.9 Bowl I ng lst ROW: Janice Root, Virginia Root, Joann Jacobs, Frances Stone- burner, Penny Sampson, Susie Cook, Bev Gossett, Carol Lynch, Linda Burgess, Charlotte Steele. 2nd ROW: Sandra Mauldin, Joyce Matheson, Margaret Severn, Donna Hall, Betty Skinner, Mar- jorie Boyd, Mary JO Beach, Susie Pepper, Janice Cole, Shirley Bader. 3rd ROW: Mary Lowell, Veramae Scott, Sandra MacLennan, Ann Wright, Peggy Palmer, Betty Love- less, Sue Newell, Margaret Hamil- ton, Judy Charette, Maryann Auer. Senior Play lst ROW: Sandra Harbum, Annette LeM.ieux, Ted Hoyt, Shirley Bader. 2nd ROW: Lee Crandell, Connie Glynn, Nancy Jeffries, Miss Joseph, Miss Allen. 3rd ROW: Don Petroff, Shirley Caroll, Carole Smith, Pat Pirtle. 4th ROW: Judy Beall, Glenda Brackrog, Ken Rad- ford, Charles Towns, Marilyn Mathews. Student Council SEATED: Sam Culp, Mr. Sukup, Jodene Van Tol. STANDING: Jean Schieber, Susie Howland, Dick Lawrence, Bill Henry, Richard Dodge, Sally Evans, Judy Halli- day, Kathy Standerfer. Forensics lst ROW: Joyce Rauschert, Nancy Schoeppach, Sandra Harburn, Mrs. Waring, Jean Schieber. 2nd ROW: Connie Glynn, David Montague, Audrey Hind, Kathy Standerfer, Connie Pullen. 3rd ROW: Jerry Dziwura, Frank Tate, Darrow Frantz, Marjorie Strong, Sally Sadler. Safety Patrol lst ROW: Mary Roth, Bob Wolf- gang, Gary Serven, Orton Taber, Judy Johnson, Terry Hoyt, Mike Regan. 2nd ROW: Donna New- bold, Allen Coulter, James Suther- land, Ronald Plummer, James Moore, Ethel Helsel. 3rd ROW: Don Taylor, Alan Hendon, Thomas Herron, Lester Wiltfong, Gary Hell, Richard Kelly. Cafeteria Custodlans Hattie Wright, Emma Hicks, Lily Schuettler. lst ROW: Mr. King, Mr. Daley. 2nd ROW: Mr. u Labo, Mr. Berry, lvlr. Adle. Latin II Club KNEELING: Jerry lliwura, Sally Evans, Carlyle Robertson, Judy Halliday. lst ROW: Leslie Roth, Penny Sampson, Janith Lindsay, Gloria Pace, Mrs. Waring, Carol Lynch, Janet Hoffman, Barbara Donaldson, Susie Cook. 2nd ROW: Terry Diment, Mark Hedrick, David Schultz, Barbara Foor, Lois Roof, James Walker, Marie Petroff, Pat Gunton, Susanne Ammerman. 3rd ROW: Della Carrier, Ellen Montague, Judy Bush, Jean Massey, Dick Bond, Fred Bigelow, Ray Evans, Allen Hill, Jim Harris. 4th ROW: Claude Shoens, Darrow Frantz, Dennis Schultz, Frank Tate. Latin I Club 1st ROW: Tom Taft, Margaret Swanson, Charlotte Steele, Mrs. Waring, Dave Montague, Sandra Wise, John Adle. 2nd ROW: Peggy Osborne, Marlena Schultz, Jean Grammatico, Bonita Willy, Joann Jacobs, Lucy Schaver, Sarah Ballreich, Margaret Kazlowski, Janet Montague. 3rd ROW: Sally Ames, Alanna Laverty, Linda Mahoney, Charlotte Cox, Sandra Griebe, Audrey Hind, Kathy Standifer, Sharon Garey, Dawn Frantz. 4th ROW: Emma Hall, Carolyn Adle, Marilyn Lowell, Marilyn Mason, Luella Mott, Jon Pullen, David Crocker, Roger Thompson, Jim Wolfgang. 5th ROW: Gary Howe, Charles Ferguson, Bill Vroman, Bob Karkoski, DougfBrown, Jim Howard, Gus Almasy, Jim Van Holden, Eddie Bohnsack. in ff fx, ,f , , A K " W - .V a 14 , 3 wsiinf' L,4,.:5, fu W .gr ,K ., .. 414,15 " N N-M... ' wi' -Lin wa If K ""'lWf',, ,- P M -i ij 4, .5 g 55, " Q ZA Q f ,. F 3 1L " "' V ' ,Q 6 P K V , NN, Q I , ,Y I 'QEEQISI - fl xr 'Q W " FG ' ' mix if . M ..., f 'ff was 1 ..,,, A ,LW -.-.,--.---ww..-K.-.f sw' V,, X K , "' . High i i' ,L .5 : .,,.,. ,L .,.. .1 4,-,,,-,pf , 652' 'f2""f 4 f 1 P -f' ! S.. 11 X if fm fi 7R' u-., , -f-' ,, ,. , rw y ' . P " .2', NK Athletic ' .M ,, fm F A My 'S Varsity Football The 1956 Panthers Football Team achieved limited success vitory-wise. Confronted with a difficult schedule with an inexperienced squad heavily hit by graduation, the Panthers made a vain effort in lossing all their games. They played their opponents to a standstill in many of the games only to falter with their inexperience. Plagued with much inexperience, fumbles, and costly injuries, Coach Padjen had high praise for the entire team in facing what seemed to be unsurmountable obstacles. The spirit and attitude shown was excellent and much enthusiasm prevails among 14 experienced lettermen for next year's campaign. This group will be bolstered with some fine prospects from the Junior Varsity in making 1957 a more promising year. The play of Tom Knoll was T. Hoyt, Sr. Capt. outstanding throughout the year, and was a unani- T. Knoll, Jr. Capt, mous All-County selection. S. Culp, Sr. L. Coulter, Sr. G. Gilmer, Sr. J. Knickerbocker, Sr. D. Lawrence, sr. D- Lehman, Sr- D. Maginiry, sr. J. Nuniear, sr. ' ' "UZ 55:3 V5 ' if-"1 5 fiiif f 2 ' 92:1 ,WEE-5rS.i555i2Q?ifiQ4iZx'5??i1W3IL'E?3W5?5iE5Zi tlfR? ,?.Y5lifi il5fA?fi ' lfffnf 1fi' f5iZ5:EdFY ?Wi lQWW iE55lEl?iE5?uiW,54i5N?Ql ' ' ' 'MS-ifrifiiis 35 gill. gg. , 'LL. ' Q ! 1 'Ho Q , A pxq.,! H W ir R. Morgan, Sr. K. Radford, Sr. E. VanNorman, Sr. R. Batterbee, Jr. Q .nge lr l. G. Bigelow, Jr. L- C01-llter, Jr. B. Henry, 4 , A. Maru, Jr. P. McLean, Jr. Jr- F. Knoodle, Jr M Mixvn, Jr- N. Rolison, Jr. D. Schultz, JI. N' Jr- J. D2iWU.I3., Soph. R. Burch, Frggh' 59 Varsity Basketball lst ROW Coach Keene, Everett Mead. 2nd ROW: Theron Reynolds, Chuck Towns, Al Martz, Bob Green man, Dennis Robinson, Bill Henry. 3rd ROW: Ken Radford, Jerry Knickerbocker, Lloyd Coulter, Don Leh man, Pete McLean 4th ROW: Neil Smith, Deward Smith, Jerry Minear, Carl McKee. The 1956-57 Panther basketball team laden with newcomers and one experienced player in Dennis Robinson from last season, faced the most formidable schedule in many years. High in spirit and fine effort the Panthers forged to their true tradition. However, their in- experience could not cope with the talented and seasoned opponents. Coach Keene entered the season with high optimism despite some short-comings of the team. This spirit still prevails among all the members of the team and the future looks more promising for basket- ball at Mt. Morris. Returning next year to make up the nucleus of our varisty will be Roger Campbell, Pete McLean, Bob Greenman, Neil Smith, Al Martz Bill Henry, and Lloyd Coulter. Together with these seven boys and the potent help from the Junior Varsity our team next year should de- velope into a resourceful unit. We don 't care how big or how strong opponents are as long as they're human HE w5 LEGS A P 4 ai'-5'9" J. Knickerbocker, Sr. sf" :i'Jif'f1r e Aw 1 1, . 5 I nt ' 'El . . , ugfzsizswg 5 A , Y 4 YK . .W ,W 3 .3 f D. Maginity, Sr. iilmifk 'T I , " i'225L5f'I , Ki . , , . K 1 S . Q .. we .si . , , , . , . :Wx , . -1 5. .x 5 X ft .' ' . W , f ic' P. McLean, K vV," 1 'l"EVf...a 4 ' M5455 ., . . in Q . K F . .3 D. schum, Jr. V 731 iff. e K 1 , H 9 fu. H, ' W x. x X ik 5 4. .. .. . " W X . , ' sta 15: . . . . .. .. Q., ,., V1 S fl ' v,Xg W. Keller, So. T. Hoyt, Sr. K. Werth. Sr. S. Culp, Sr. T. Reynolds, Sr. C. Towns, Sr. P. Grammatico, Jr. X. 1 .Q .. A. A. ,7i.s,.f.w.,H2y. .. .,.. . ,, .. , E ff fil w "Z x 4 5 2 -.., ...a,u, az, A T. Q w igggfg, r ' D f a ? f ' 'fs ' 4 sf' 2 , X V 1 I S . ,Z me 7 K -' 1 I JWLQQEEQ A I ff- 'F f :2'3?w2Sw3iEwf ' '-I? D. Schultz, Jr. I I a Ck' I 9 6 ' ' . . ,z+'.'. 55 "'i",!?iW5.sffliliii. -f-'Tiiifiibf ' - Q ' 'A ' A fm . aixebiawtbfiss 'S . . .,.,. IE P ,f ffsfeffiwiiiifilk -'-' 1 ls smite N. smith, Jr. , 'ff Mf wlxzfr., , ' , . , A X511 2figK3f3iisL.Ei..:i. ., :svywwff ' A ,India 321.32524e?E.?iZiS,?.gsd K, XffSLi??iZ2Zf?5LE'bifiigiVg., J' 21214 W. Stanley, So. R. Howe, So. W. Goods, So. -uw.-w -X . 5-W-1:35, .Y Kim-i2H7ii35l WWTfi Coach Padj en Track The 1956 Track Team was one of the finest in many years at Mt. Morris. Still in the rebuilding stage - the 'trackless wonders' made numerous noteworthy accomplishments. Participating in the state 's finest meets, as well as a number of dual and triangular meets, the Panthers performed admirably. In dual meet competition the Pan- thers remained unbeaten for two years. The highlights of the 1956 season were the record breaking Med- ley Relay Teams in the County and Regional Meets with one of the bestTeamsin the state and the fine showing of our 880 men. Outstanding performances were turned in by Jerry Knickerbocker and Pete McLean, both conceded to be the best half-milers in this region. Ron Bell proved to be a fine captain, an outstanding sprinter, and a member of the record breaking Regional Medley Relay Team. Chuck Towns, showed great promise as a sprinter, and was a mem- ber of the record breaking County Medley Relay Team. Chuck Fa- vors, was an excellent sprinter and was a member of the record breaking County and Regional Medley Relay Teams. Ted Hoyt and Bart Halliday were outstanding quarter-rnilers and were the iron- . men on the record breaking County and Regional Medley Relay Teams. Tom Williams, shot putter, a state finalist in 1955 was cited for the fine example he set for the others by his enthusiasm, spirit, and willingness for hard work. Other fine performances were turned in by the following award winners: Sam Culp 18801, Dave Schultz and Dick Atherton CHurd1es7, Dale Maginity fShot Putj, Karl Werth QMilej, Paul Grammatico and Dennis Schultz 14401, Theron Reynolds, Bob Howe, and Bill Stanley Qsprintsj, Neil Smith, B111 Keuer, and B111 Goodes fpoie Vaultj. Four of the seven state finalists in 1956 fKnickerbocker, Hoyt, Towns, McLeanj with 11 other lettermen return for what appears to be another fine year of track under the fine and capable direction of Coach Padjen. GOOD FORM BY SCHULTZ D Mcnonaid, Mgr Baseball The view of the 1957 baseball season looks bright. Letter winners will be available for all position, and all of the players were playing ball during the past summer. Some adjusting will be needed, how- ever, as replacements will be for Bill Wright at first base and Jim Long at second base. Our opening league game will be with Mandeville on April 25th. If the weather permits us to get in a few pre-league games to shake out the weak spots we feel that we will have a contender. 1 R. Freese, Sr. J. Miniear, Sr. R. Morgan, Sr K. Radford, Sr. D. Robinson, Sr. Z J f .,.V 5 iii-4 . -R .. . ' 5 2 , E Q1 G. Bigelow, Jr. L. Coulter, Jr. C. Cummings, Jr. F. Knoodle, Jr. B. Greenman, Jr. L. Rose, Jr. W. Shimmons, Jr. Coach Sullivan mvgwiifl' Wx 6? WSWS? tg -LQ Mfmbhlbifilf-EKf1'W!i?iii..WXiH 9?l ' Fe Girls Basketball lst ROW: Jean Sehieber, Sandra Nlauldin, Ivlrs. Schieber, Eleanor Dorr, Sharon Richards, Susie Pepper. 2nd ROW: Shirley Carroll, Verna Jeffries, Sue Newell, Ann Wright, Linda Cole, Carol Smith. 3rd ROW: Glenda Braekrog, Frances Renicla, Marilyn Mason, Jean Massey, Linda Wright. Cheerleaders lst ROW: Sandra Dunbar, Doreen Dunbar, Bonnie Ackerman, Janet Bradshaw. 2nd ROW: Jodene VanTo1, Sandra Harbum, Nlrs. Schieber, Verna Jeffries, Laurel Severn. Varsity Club lst ROW: Neil Smith, Jerry Knlelaerboclaer, Coach Keene, Toni Knoll, Dennis Robinson. 2nd ROW: Dave Montague, Wayne Shimmons, Randall Burch, Dave Schultz, Theron Reynolds, Ivlikc Ivlixon, George Bigelow, Karl Worth, Ron Batterbee. 3rd ROW: Dick Lawrence, Roger Morgan, Ted Hoyt, Gary Gilmer, Dennis Schultz, Paul Granimatico, Bill Somers, Bill Goods. 4th ROW: Bill Keller, Lloyd Coulter, Dale Maginity, Chucls Towns, Sam Culp, Lee Crandall, Bill Stewart, Fred Knoodlc, Jerry Dziwura. 5th ROW: Bill Henry, Al Ivlartz, Ken Radford, Don Lehman, Dusty McDonald, Pete McLean, Bob I-Iowe, Jerry Miniear, Bill Stanley. Junior High Basketball lst ROW: Albert Firnian, Stephan Payer, Rex Rushton, Richard Nellet, Jerry Harris, David Newland, Coach llnglehait. 2nd ROW: Peter Stuldxic, Bob Dye, Gary Serven, Dennis Hunt, Leslie Ford, Darrel Robertson. 3rd ROW: Dave Jacobs, Edward Horton, Fl.-'llO1'1'lfl.SllCf1'OI1, Don Bradfish, Nlilte Rcterson, Norman Rockwell. .IV Football lst ROW: Carlyle Robertson, Keith Lundbon, Allan Ilill, Ron Harburn, Perry Fedchenlco, Ron Moore, Wayne Eddy. 2nd ROW: Terry Dinient, Paul Brack- rog, John Adle, Jim Wallzer, Jim Odette, Larry Markcll, Diclz Lynch. 3rd ROW: Everet Mead, Max Reed, Cliff Massey, Dennis Trim, Dale Radford, Ron Mathews, Bill Keller, Art Miniear. J Basketball lst ROW: Dielz Lynch, Jim Massey, Phillip Bigelow, Art Miniear, Marvin Leeek, Richard Dodge, Dennis Easliclc, Bill Goods. 2nd ROW: Ron Harburn, Verl Carl, Fred Bigelow, Dale Radford, Max Reed, Allan Hill, Coach Johnson. 3rd ROW: Larry Markell, Bill Keller, Jerry Dziwura, Dennis Trim, Bill Stanley, Don Treece, Dusty McDonald. Sports Shots what 15 it? A half for you - a half for me! A lot of Panthers ? iz. , ,-,:. 192, f County Champions a -NW A ry, R Wibvyf Wo ff, of Good Man 1960 Hair Styles Y Q I MTI f' 3 in . h Q,5 ' f4Q F A ppp .Qu ,K 5 . , , , Y g 2 ' A 1' :wf-' , -V" A W ,gg .. fi' 'ff V. M fm L, :if-ibm '41 5 n aww ww. f' Q-41 -"iff km, Q' 1151 W f ,Swiss .Q Ny as ff, 51 A an-VL 'swam 1 f, Fay? XM ' ' A ..,v . QQ' if W M fi, ,Maxx , ,,,L ,gnv zw.5gi?"" , X L4, . f A-.wk I "9 ! a Pow er! NO' No! Im OK, Doc! WEYHING BROTHERS JEWELERS CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS CAPS, GOWNS DIPLOMAS Carl Tabbert. Representative r ' . Congratulations, Class of '57 BEN FRANKLIN STORE AND MT. MORRIS DRY GOODS NO MODERN MARKET Groceries - Mears Phone NI 3-3211 Open Sundays Congratulations to the C las s o f I 95 7 Congratulations to the Class of 1957 JOHNNIE'S CITIES SERVICE "Af the traffic light" Mt. Morris Michigan "At Your Service" Congratulations Class of "57" ROBINSON'S SHELL SERVICE S Q B h Ph N19 1111 M M hg HARRINC-iTON'S C """e"'S of SUNQCO SERWCE SLATTERYS PHARMACY G 3392 N '15 9 R 4 "The Rexall Store" Ph NI 99271 Auto Service M M ' Michiga Congratulations to Diann Parr and Rex Coffee I , DIXIE DRUG CO. Mt. Morris Michigan Congratulations to the Senior Class F. E. KNICKERBOCKER, INC. Your Cldsmobile Dealer Mt. Morris NI 9-4III MONTAGUE ELECTRIC SERVICE Commercial-Residential Phone NI 3-484i Photographic Portraits CRAINE STUDIOS May this photographic record of your school day friends always remain a sour of pleasant memories. 525 Harrison Street Flint 3, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of "57" Conggjtjjlitfons Seniors WATER WONDERLAND MARTIN FUNERAL HOME I Sporting Goods Mt. Morris Michigan T3X3C0 Products Congratulatxbns Class of '57 SUMMERFIELD CHEVROLET COMPANY FINEST IN NEW AND USED CARS G-7l88 North Saginaw Mt. Morris Mich, Tom Steele - Al Grosch - Bob Wolfe Harold Richards - Bill Williams Bill Heidebreicht, Mgr. A Special Message for Bridegrooms Certainly no person in the world is more en- titled to your conscientious protection than your bride. Compliments of No doubt you are already planning this protection 1 but perhaps you have not yet decided upon a definite S course of action. May we suggest that you examine the plans pre- pared for you by the Metropolitan. You will find them an excellent way to get started toward financial AN D H independence. DOUGLAS LOGAN PYNE REALTY "SCOTTY" 641 Garfield Mt. Morris Nl 3-30ll I Representing H620 North Sagmaw Metropolitan Life lnsurance Company l Madison Avenue-New York l0, N.Y. Q El AW- M, IE! M Woo he I:oII Say I I1 BANK d at the friendly neighborhood CJTEENS COMMERCIAL s SAVINGS BAN KS More than 85 years of Mb FdIDpl c M FREEMAN PONTIAC COMPANY 650 Mt. Mo R d M M CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS MITCHELL'S MARKET M M M hg ROCKWELL'S HARDWARE Sporting Goods and Licenses Fuel and Elevator Mt. Morris Michigan Compliments of Compliments MT. MORRIS APPLIANCE Of Svoffing Goods MT. MORRIS BUILDING PRODUCTS Mt. Morris Michigan Congratulations Congratulations to the to the Seniors Class of 1957 ROLISON'S HOLLYWOOD SERVICE Phone MU 3-906i GENESEE COUNTY HERALD 10208 N' Saginaw Mt. Morris Michigan Clio Michigan "The Swing is to Ford!" SHAHEEN FORD SALES, INC. ,KEH HU gr- xg ,X M f ' i if v Q Phone Niagara 9-2661 81 9-2671 G-7116 N. Saginaw Road Mt. Morris Michigan RAYMOND FENCE COMPANY Congxgiations Posts 28 Different Kinds of Wire All mst Folks Fertilizers, Grass Seeds, Garden Seeds 0'BRIEN CLEANERS NI 9-1551 7011 N. Saginaw Mt. Morris Michigan Compliments of PARTLO'S SUNOCO SERVICE 11013 N. Saginaw Mt. Morris Michigan Congratulations, Seniors ROND EVOO MT. Morris Michigan Compliments of Best Wishes, Seniors BURROUGl'l'S BUILDING CENTER MT. MORRIS PLUMBING 8. HEATING COMPANY uE"e"Y'l'l"9 To Build A"Y'l'l"9n Plumbing - Heating - Repairs CE 2-2181 "Prompt Service" 625 W. Second St. ll009 N. Saginaw NI 9-3811 Flint Michigan DUBUC S LOG CA N Compliments of ' BI DIXIE BOWL 7l54 N. Dort Highway H500 N. Saginaw Mt. Morris Mich, BUY RITE SUPER MARKET WESTERN AUTO H635 North Saginaw Mt. Morris STORES WEBBUS HARDWARE DUNLAY'S COUNTRY MARKET Mobilgas Genesee Shree? Road Mt. Morris, Mich. "Your Quality Store" UCILLE . LLEN ADIES PPAREL .l0l'lNNlE HARRIS REALTY l25l2 North Saginaw D0 - IT - YOURSELF CENTER PATRONS Dr. W. W. Griffin, Chiropractor Stub 8. Jean's Mobilgas Service Hodges Hardware Thompson Lumber 8. Supply Co. Town and Country Gift Shop La Salle Garment Cleaners Burn's Dairy Bar Quality Cleaners Arnold Flowers Morgan's Hardware Oasis Greenfield Grocery R QQQ. mea. -Su ,L my iz ' A 5 X . g . Y . 4 ' ' sw. A .11 ' A A X31 Sie I f ., 445524 . . mm' , .WC , . K ' gfm' ' x , Q5 f"i ivlf- A ki NPG A :I , 'rg' 'QW L x 5 A A A , ex, .U .. H -Q 135: J ifigt2" -g- , ? A - A i F A w. 12153,-v, fx, -L f . , f ' . V 1 'L Si 'V 2 , . ' I ww. . - - V- ,XM wg vi .f Q aw A Sf- -- - ' i uw .ffY451. Q' '55--QM f-Y' 3, 1 -zfq--fiiygffzlifgggifva-E1 K- f 5,5 - gk ..-- 1,52 y 2' lr ww 'f -- ' W f my m. Q W J f 5 K 'Q - .Q - mm.. L, ' , , Hi f -. -. . - -. ,. " - A - " "" X fi " :S ' -V - 3 H ' Us-v .M . , . .,.. ,..,...,....., If . Q ' 1 v ' k Wim? N irvlllaw-avg-o 5 .,f 1' W , V-N f mf if 1 J, . A V I .' f 1 I 1 .Q 1, g K 'szxfff K 'lzxiqx w f X 0,5 ., 1. ,- . 3 - ffiikz 1 K 1 3 Q K' 5 aw 3 3 3 m iia ,ht 5 3 Q ml U 1? Q Q M, 1 'E Sv 1 gv 5 if 'M' 15 FE 1? g , ii

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