Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI)

 - Class of 1954

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'LCA 1 t n .1 , M .9 Ia Q kj J' HF' ,- 1 51. , . , . . . " Y I , lull ' x. . .,. . V ,ln , . f 'Z , Y! 1 I 41' 5 wt., rc F 'M 'iw 1 - 1 .rl 4 If fx r 6 I 1 r - I u 1 s' Ii ff ' M - ' ':.- -. , n 1-+ -, -4 ' 4 .Q X r q 1 I 1. 1".f k 'V 'Q' I. E24 4 1 . 'T- ix . F?- F f ytl , l1'f ' 'F ve I ., " 3 s w ,v.. , 1 "I?fQ1fr" lv. ,-v. 1, . .1 'Jar g Qi' ' ' A I , wp-: Tr' -'ii' . fl , . ,fairway T - iilk- ' S' - X A . yu... Q M' " Iv- A, , H - I f l I 4 '-'i Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1954, dedicate this annual to you, Floyd McMahon, The fellowship we shared together during our first ye L1 cherished ny ' ' will alvavs be remembered an of high school. . , each of us, Board of Education WILLIAM PEARCE President WALTER RANDLE LLOYD HEIDEBREICHT IR. Trustee Trustee GLENN MONT AGUE LESLIE GEORGE TICSSUIBI Secretary I JAMES R. PARKS SENIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL JAMES T, WATTS RUTH WOCHOLSKI JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR Administration WE, THE CLASS OF 1954 WISH TO EXTEND OUR APPRECIATION TO YOU FOR THE GUIDANCE, LEADERSHIP, AND KIND ADVICE YOU HAVE GIVEN US THROUGHOUT OU R SENIOR YEAR, IT HAS BEEN! A GREAT PLEASURE AND INSPIRATION TO HAVE WORKED WITH YOU. My -""fZ". :wzff2?f5:5'.1.-A'af"T , , W1- :"2 'x f 1 "L - f V f 1 1, , N 1 x 9 .- .g.u , ,,r,.v.-x K ' ' 1 . '. fix- f ff '- pp' 1, vp'-Lg.. vw -, X. 1 ,. -1. 740.1 "wr-L 'ta -:f -f 0 -, .. ---.M .- .,-..f-. D KL-. , .Q xx A--41 g -. gh- fl ,..'?f",f g,x,g,1-Q Tl- ",'wf'. 21.1. 4. 53 :alt r, 71- eip ff ' ." -' -,L-g'Ffx'-5'5"-x.'-1"Ef 'fl A A A -.nw "',7i-1-'1F'iY'31Q'-,"1.?f ' ' A 5: " .'i:4"-giieigi, ' .,....w,.,. f, ,'. -N.fL,f,..f . ,P -v- 1 ,'Qf.f'Yv'1f '. 1 L.. H. ,.-a:,,5,14.,.f., -, r. 'rf ' . 3' 'd:"i1.1fw' " P' 5' fill? , .49 - , sv V. ,Fw . ., 5 1 - 1 ' n A f .aff JAMES R, PARKS B,S, lv-, A. Tennessee State Colle 'e Bookkeeping, Shorthans, Typing. Senior Class Sponsor Senior High Principal, Second Semester. EMILE GOSSEAUX B. S, M, A, Bethany College Western College Michigan State College University of Michigan Chemistry, Algebra, Gen eral Science, Senior High Principal, First Semester. NANCY KARNISCHKY B. A. Work on Masters University of Michigan S panish, History, Geog - raphy, Civics Junior Class Sponscr ELAINE CHAPMAN B. A. Ohio State University Elementary Music COMPLIMENTS OF l't'lENN'S CLOTHES COMPLIMENTS OF' ECONOMY SHOES JAMES T. WATTS A. B, M,A, Albion College Michigan State Normal Coll St Mary's College Long Island University Speech, English, Math, Physical Education, Junior High School Principe RUBY MEIS B.S, Work on Masters University of Colorado University of Michigan Central Michigan College Home Economics Senior Class Sponsor PHILIP M. CLARK IR. A. B. Work on Masters Harvard University Arizona State College University of Michigan English, Literature Junior Class Sponsor WILLIAM C. MOFFIT B. S. M. M, M, E, Baldwin-Wallace College University of Michigan Instrumental Music Sophomore Class Sponsor ARLES HEIDTKE B. A, Ferris Institute Typing, Bookkeeping, Director of Dramatics, Business Arithmetic, Freshman Class Sponsor AN STARK B. S, Ohio State University English, Literature S CRAIG B, A, M, A, State University of Iowa Wisconsin University American History, Civics, Geogra phy, MES KIDMAN B,S, lichigan State College letal Shop, Wood Shop, lechanical Drawing, COMPLIMENTS OF BEEMER Sz GRUBB ENT. COMPLIMENTS OF' SHORES SCHOOL OF' MUSIC BETTY WOODSON PH.B, Northwestern University Michigan State College Rockford College Biology, General Science, Home Science, Freshman Class Sponsor ELBERT J. STARK B, S, Work on Masters Michigan State College Geography, Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Track Coach JOSEPH HILL A. B. M. A. Northern Michigan College of Education University of Michigan Physics, Business Arithmetic, Drivers Training. DORIS WARING A. B. M, A. University of Michigan Latin, Literature, Speech 'UCI-IOLAS PADGEN M. A, PH, B, Creighton University University of Michigan Law, Geography, General Science, Football Coach. EAN THORNBURG B,S, Northwestern University English, Literature LLSWORTH I. SULLIVAN 5.9. Northern Michigan College Education Wood Shop, Math, Football Conch, Baseball Coach EAI E, GARRET A, B, Work on Masters Hillsdale College Michigan State College Albion College Winona Lake School of Theology University of Michigan English, Literatvre of COIVIPLIMEINTS OF' SWINK'S SINCLAIR STATION COMPLIMENTS OF' ARROW BUSINESS SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF W tE'I'HERED-RICIE C'OMl"ANY GRETHE FIBIGER B, A, Grand Rapids Junior Colleg Michigan State College Art JASON THORNBURG A, B, B,S Work on Masters Michigan State College Michigan State Normal Co University of Michigan Economics, Government, li School Newspaper. MARY MORAN B, A, Michigan State College University of Detroit Wayne University English MARJORIE ANDREWS B, A, State University of Iowa World History, Civics ARGARET CHEESEMAN B, A, Northwestern University Math, School Librarian DANIEL SESTAK B. S, University of Cincinnati Math, Business Arithmetic, Physical Education, Foot- ball Coach, Basketball Coach DYCE JOHNSON B, M, Michigan State College University of Wisconsin Sixth Grade ARY WOODWARD B, S, East Tennessee State College University of Colorado Sixth Grade COMPLIMENTS OF MT. MORRIS REFRIGERATION COMPLIMENTS OF' GENEEE COUNTY HERALD COMPLIMENTS OF' LUCILLE ALLEN LUCY HILSINGER Life Certificate Work on Bachelor of Arts Western State Teachers Collegr Sixth Grade PAT SESTAK B.S. University of Cincinnati Kindergarten TRESSA FORSBURG Life Certificate Work on Bachelor of Science Central State Normal College Sixth Grade LOUISE LOGGANS B.S. King College East Tennessee State College Fifth Grade LOUISE CAMPBELL A,B, Work on Masters Michigan State Normal College Fifth Grade MINNIE O'CONNOR B. S, Minnesota State Teachers College, Fourth Grade .AURA ZERULL Life Certificate Work on Bachelor of Science Michigan State Normal College Fourth Grade IILDRED HAMMOND Work on Bachelor of Science Michigan State Normal College Third Grade COMPLIMENTS OF' CLIFF"S BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF RITZ DAIRY BAR COMPLIMENTS OF' DIXIE SERVICE GARAGE IVXIIIJY YlIII'lTV'l'1C fXITl T A INIHINYVU JEAN ALDRICH B.S, General Life Certificate Central Michigan Collegt Fourth Grade ALICE HARMON B,S, Senia Heights College Fourth Grade CLARA CLASPER A. B,. University of Wisconsin Columbia University University of Chicago Third Grade CARMAN KNIESLEY A,B, Work on Life Certificate Central Michigan College Michigan State Normal Col Third Grade 'CE SIMPSON B, S, liwassee Junior College, Iniversity of Tennessee 'hird Grade SSIS HARKNESS B,3. lfe Certificate b lichigan State Normal College :cond Grade 'H SHANDLEY A.B., University cf Michigan First Grade 'M wg' JOAN GARDNER Work on Bachelor of Arts Flint Junior College Western State Normal College Michigan State College University of Michigan Second Grade MADGE HUFFMAN Special Certificate Work on Bachelor of Science Central State College Michigan State Normal College First Grade JEAN CALHOUN M, A, University of Cincinnati Kindergarten MARGAEET BECK, Pat Roth Shirley Smith Special Certificate Work on Bachelor of Science X ,, , Ufuce Girls Central Michigan College Michigan State Normal College First Grade Class of ' 54 III' Sugc 5 1QLgL01 MW,!E2 X X, . -... I f 7 ,.1,f ,Z x 1 X ' 1' I 1 , -74 SS f I I Q P f X if ,f f X I I 1 X - ik- ' . 'I -TI?-A X KXQZQ E .xx N ,JI .8 1 -I KH 1111 J, 4 X I 3 'x .1 4 - ' K ,R . 1 . I' M N19 Z 2 XX If IMEIMA 11Nh11A L i WI I. , X 14 K-VA' IV jr-5 - I el A11 1 ! ! 1 l " I7:f1r17u1. Ilwwmtfv 'X ."' 1 II I- If In I I I X ff., . ' I I ' W 'II ZZ! 1' 1 -zz . -A ,-.uf-.Y M . ., i-x " 1 1,1 1. ' 1' 1, I .1 1 V 1 . 1 1, z 1 , 1 1 ' . f 1 1 9 ,I 1 114 , l 1 1 1 1 1, 1 Q5 111' . 1 11 1 ,' 11'1'1 1, 1 4 , 1 ' 1 . 1 '! ,V 1 - 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 I ' 1' ' -1,' 1 ' I ':. I 1 , , , 1 11,1 ' ' ' - f ' 1 1 1 I 1' .1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 1' '111 , 1 1'--" 5 11. Y, '--:- - - 11111 1 ff- ' 1 1 1 14114 xg- 11 11 1 Y' I 1 1 Ji I Q vt! I I 1 1 1' 11, . 11 11 I 1! 11 '111 J 1. I 1 1' + 1 AA ': 4 1 1 1. 1 ' 1' V I1 1 ., 11 1 NX X 3' ,S 1, ' 1 1" ' N371 ' 1 '111 I Cx 5 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 XQ, 1 ' 1' W 1' I f 1 1 ' 1 1. 1 ' I 1 1 1 I 1 1V 1 1 1 5 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 11 1 , I1 , 1 1 1 1" 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 : , 1 1 11 11 V 11 1 1 1 1, , X 11 11 I ' 11 "Z . 111' 1 11 . 1 . .1!N 11 I1 11 11.11 ' 1 1 1 11, 11 I 1 " 14 1 p . W X1 I X11 . Q . N .N 1 1 1' 1 51 ' 1 111 11 1' 'Y 1, ' -1 1 1 1 I1 j l 11: pw ll flfg V 1' 1 ' 11 1,1 1 , 1 1' 1' , 1 I 1 1 '11' X1 '111 1,1 "1 11" 1 1 V11 1 1 , , 1 1 11 1 1 1. 1 ' 11 1 23.1 -1, 11' 1,1 I , 1 L - 1 V --p - .gpg fl' , ' .4 4 1 ,11 Lg x 1 J ig bl , I 1 M1 X X i M I' ' IM 1' 1 I 1' - 1:1 11' 1 11" '1 1 I' 1 11 1 1 j iz? VI JJI I , I 1 ' 1'H 1 Jg U 1 1 A I I I 1 111 1 11 1 1 1 I!!! 1fVf1lt' 1,1 ' 11I 1 I al, if ff 1 I 11, XNXIA 1 X! JI X1 lf IIIMI1 1 I II 1x I X 'III 1 I 111, 1 IVEIII I I 11 1 .1 I XMA1 ABQ 1 ,' I V 1 , , If -11 1 41 1" ' 5 1 f - , I 1' 11 ' 1 I 7 f -W LA - 1 A S561 wg J XX I-EAYG gg ov: EUR , mi? rum1,gEi'r Xxx Mm 'rf Y In ' .11 C 01-our W, faq - L gl' 0346 , 1 n K "Q I nada' 5 N611 1 1 1 I I 1 W , 1 . . 1 11' 1 Z ' :T I . f 11 ' I 1-1 1 ,. I I 1 151 -, l' I1 X A '++, Il 'Rig 11 1 5 111, X gs- Yx 11 x if- I j x 'I 1 I 31 1 1351 1 il! 1 I , 1 , f' , ' ,v I f I ' ' X, 1111 ff!74! if I L 'A z M 1 is , A I Q,-v"' MARILYN BRADSHAW 'Knowledge comes, but wisdom lngers." latin Club 1,21 Choir 1,2: Slee Club 2: Girls Sextet 2: Eirls Ensemble 4: Forensics !,3,4: Debate 3: Hi C Club 'resident 4: Class Play 2,3,4: Speech Banner 2: Annual Staff l: Newspaper Editor 4: Play Staff 1: Prom Com. 3: Honor Etudent: Valedlctorian. QUCY PARTAIN 'When things are against you, Lnd one door is closed, there Lre a hundred others open." Qewspaper Staff 4: Honor Student: Salutatorian. DOREEN FRANZEN ' 'Dor' ' 'The road to success-whew, :hat a climb." Zheerleader 4: Basketball V1, '2,V3,V4: Softball 1: Track 1: lowllng 4: Class Officer 3: ilee Club 1: Prom Com. 3: '.A.R. Representative: Play East 2,3,4: Girls Ensemble 1, : Operetta 1: Latin Club 1,23 '.H.A. 4: Hi C Club 4: Carni- al Queen 2: Annual Staff 4: Fommittee of 12 4: Honor tudent. JAN POTTER We are rich only through mat we give: and poor only rough what we refuse and !ep'Il and 2,3,4: Forensics 3: abate 3,4: Spanish Club 2: l C Club 4: Honor Student. Seniors 3 A :'lr COMPLIMENTS OF MT. MORRIS LUMBER COMPANY DONALD KNICKERBOCKER ' "The Ten Commandments we given to know and so live." Play Cast 2,4: Service C11 2,3,4: Forensics 1,2,3,4: Lat: Club 1,2: Football 2: Choir Honor Student: Salutatorlan. EVELYN KNERR ' 'Eve' ' "Time waits for no man, m do I." Latin Club 1: Newspapl Staff 2.3: Candidate for Cami val Queen 1: Candidate f1 Homecoming Queen 2: Part: Com. 1: Committee of 10 I Choir 3: Glee Club 1,2: Clas Play 3,4: Annual Staff 1 Bowling President 3: Speech 2 Honor Student. SHARLENE MCCLINTIC "Shar" "He profits most who serves best." Basketball V1,V2,V3,V4: Class Play 2.4: Class Officer 4: Softball 1: Spanish Club 1,2: F'.H.A. 4: Hi C Club 4: Prom Com. 3: Sudent Council 4: Annual Staff 4: Drivers Train- ing 4: Commlttee of 12 4: Glee Club 1,2: Party Com. 4: Honor Student. PAT SHEPHERD "Good things come in sma. packages." Latin Club 1,2: Glee Club l Choir 2.3: Band 3,4: Softball 2 F.H.A. 4: Driver Training 4: Pro: Com. 3: Honor Student. IER JONES les are personal sun- , n ,sh Club 1,25 Hi C Club: r Student. EE WALKER better to succeed than to Lin why you di-'1n't." Staff: Party Com. 43 Class er 4: Committee of 12 4: :nt Council 43 Class Play 42 J Club 4: F'.H.A. 4: Annual 42 Latin Club 1,23 Bowling Prom Com. 3: Honor Student. GLOWSKI little nonsense now and is relished by the best zen." r 2.3.45 Glee Club 1,25 spaper Staff 3,43 Queen lidate 13 Girls Ensemble 4: d Double Quartet 3: Prom . 33 Forensics 13 Honor ent. LION SCHREIBER e greatest homage we can to truth is to use it." s Glee Club 1,2,33 Softball Girls Sextetg Journalism: sch: Honor Student. Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF CLIO BAKERY ROBERT BATSON "B0b' ' "To God, thy country and thy friend be true." Football 1,V2,V3,V4: All-County Football 4: Basketball 1,2,V3, V42 Track 1,V2,V3,V43 Class Officer 2: Class Play 32 King Candidate 23 Spanish Club 2: Honor Student. MARILYN GOSSEL "Every man is the architect of his own character." Spanish Club: Hi C Club: Newspaper Staff: Honor Student. SHIRLEY PIKE "Love is friendship, set to music." Choir 2,3,43 Glee Club 1,21 Newspaper Staff 2,3,4g Prom Com. 35 Cheerleader 33 Cam- paign Manager 1,23 Honor Student. GORDON THOMPSON Track 4: Football Vl, V2, V3, V49 Class Play 3,4, MARY LEE ASHE "Pour be the things I'd been better without: love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt." Band 1,2,3,4: Band Officer 4: Instrumental Contest 2,43 Glee Club 2,3: Bowling 4: Basket- ball V1,V2,V3,V4: Annual Staff 4: Committee of 12 4: Stage Crew 2,3: Prom Com. 3: Track 1: Spanish Club 2C1ass Play 4. PAUL SHAN KS "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." Operetta 1: Camival 1: Boys' Glee Club 1,2: Forensics 3: Spanish Club 2,4: Class Play 2,3, 4: Class Officer 4: Student Council 4: Annual Staff 4: Committee of li? 4: Football 2: Track 3. N ORMA BARN UM "Those who have never laughed have never lived." Glee Club 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Prom Com. 3: Play Staff 2, 3,4: Hi C Club 4: F.ll.A.4: Lllzrarian 1,2: Popcom Crew 4. JANE GAUL "Don't turn back when you are just at the goal." Latin 1,2: Band 1,2,3,4: Choir 1,2: Operetta 1,2: Basketball V4: Class Play 4: Forensics 2,3: Play Staff 2,3: Annual Staff 4: Prom Com. 3: Band Officer 4: Instrumental Contest 2.4: Bowling 3,4: Hi C Club 4. Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF TRIO MEATS DENNIS MICHALAK "Live and let live." Journalism 3,4. PAT ZAHM "All that I am or ever will l in God's hands." Band 1,2,3: Glee Club 1: Ar Staff 4: Newspaper Stafl Bowling Officer 3: Prom Cor Majorette 1,2. JACK FISHER "Do unto others as you vs have others do unto you." Prom Com. 3: Stage Crew JOHN BATSON Football V1,V2,V3,V4: Bas ball 1,2,V3,V4: Track 1,V2, V4: Class Officer 2: 1 Candidate 2: Spanish Club State honorable mention, F' ball. BERT GRING ' 'Rag' ' s a :the long way up: let's rope doesn't break." tball 2,V3,V4: Basketball 1, 3,V4: Baseball V1,V2,V3,V4: ss Country 1: Operetta 1: ir 1,2,4: Class Officer 3: n Com. 3: Annual Staff 4: :e Crew 2,3,4: Party Com. 4. .EN LLOYD ve is what makes the ,d go round." ir 3.4: Glee Club 1: 'nallsm 4: Librarian 1: pe Crew 3.4. NE WHITE rave lived, and loved, but have amed?" y Staff 2,4: Spanish Club 1.2: 3 Club: Committee of 12 4. LVIN love hour mtball JACOBI work, I could Sit by and watch it." 2,3,4: Cross Country iorsi COMPLIMENTS OF BA'iER'S DRUG STORE COMPLIMENTS OF WINTERLEE INSURANCE AGENCY GEANENE GULLIFOR "Sing a song when the mood is right: think of studying another night." Choir 2,3,4: Girls Glee Club 1,2, 3: Girls Ensemble 1,2,3,4: Mixed Double Quartet 3: F'.H.A. 4:Home- coming Queen Candidate 1: Music Theory 4: Student Conducting 4: Solo, Ensemble Festival 1,2,3,4: Annual Staff 4: Carnival 1,23 All High Play 1: Class Play 2: News- paper Staff 3,4: Operetta 1. ROBERT HARCEK ' 'Bob" "All that shines is not gold." Class Play 3: Basketball V4: Prom Com. 3: Stage Crew 2,4. DALE HAYS choir 1,2,4: F'00tba11 1.2: Baseball V1,V2,V3,V4. CAROL VUN CANNON "To have a friend is to be a friend." Glee Club 1,23 Choir 4: Prom Com. 3: Librarian 3: Bowling 3,4: Art Club 4: Softball 3: Annual Staff 4. JOAN KING "Life is not life at all with- out delight." Softball 1,2: Choir 3.4. JACK CLINE "Some minds are like concrete, all mixed up and permanently set." Football 1,2,V3,V43 Basketball 1,23 Baseball V4. EISTHER CONV ERSE "Kind words are short to speak but their echoes are endless." Slee Club 1,2: Choir 3,43 Play Staff 3.4. BORDON GALLAGHER 'A man is measured by 1ches." 'ootball 1,2,V3,V4p Basketball ,V3,V4: Baseball V1,V2,V3,V4: rom Com. 33 Stage Crew 3,4. Seniors COMPLIMENTS PORTLOS SUNOCO SERVICE RONALD E. GILKES "Ron" "Honest failure is no 1 honor." Play Staff. ROBERT ELLIMN "Bob" "Never do today what you 1 put off until tomorrow." Spanish Club 25 Class Play 3: Stage Crew 45 Carnival 2 Newspaper 3.4. ALBERT I-ZAMMEL JACKIE HUMPHREY "A little for you and a litt for me, this is friendship." Glee Club 1,25 Choir 43 Prc Com. 31 Party Com. 2,3: Hom coming Queen Candidate Librarian 13 Bowling Committee of 12 RIA MOORE is better to keep in step yourself than the crowd." r 2: Glee Club 1.2: Class ' 2,3,4: Candidate for lval Queen 2: Latin Club Forensics 3.4: Newspaper ' 2: Prom Com. 3: Hi C . 4: Annual Staff 4. K SZEWCZYK not bashful, you just don't I me." l 1,2,3,4: Class Play 4: rict Solo Contest 2,3,4: Brass at 4: Brass Quintet 2: Dance I 4: Band Raft 3,4. HERINE JACKIMOWICZ Club 1: Play Staff 4: A. Club 4: Bowling 4. NIETH MASON "KEN" Seniors . rife COMPLIMENTS OF ZAHM HARDWARE f'!OMPl.'l'MFl'N"T'S OP M'T', MORRIS 'DT.TTMRI'N'fZ Rv I-T'FTA'T'YNf1 WILLIAM YATES "Bill" "Tomorrow's another day." Class Officer 1: Stage Crew 1,3,4: Prom Com. 3: Student Council 1: Annual Staff 4: Football 1,V2,V3. V4: A11 County Basketball 3,4: Baseball V1,V2,V3,V4: Party Com. 1,2,3,4. CAROLYN SCHAFER "CB.r01' ' "He hath no power who hath not power to use." Prom Com. 3: Band 3,4: Play 4: F'.H.A. 4: Librarian 4: Softball 4. KEITH MORRIS "You can work your way to the bottom without losing much sweat." Choir. RICHARD NORRIS "Dick" Baseball V1,V2. HENRY JACOB! ' 'Junior' ' "Live and let live." Football 1,3,4. ROZELLE MILLER GLORIA BOWEN BARD "Better to be late than never." Softball 1.2: Glee Club 1,2: Bowling Captain 3,4: Play Staff 4: Prom Com. 3: Girls sextet. GARY WILSON "I'm not law, I'm just tired." Senior Play 4: Track 1: Operetta 1: Choir 2: District Solo Contest 1,2,3,4: Dance Band 4. Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF' ARCTIC DAIRY COMPLIMENTS OF' F. E. KNICKERBOCKER MARGIE MANN "It's the song you sing a the smile you wear that mak sunshine everywhere." Choir 3,4: Girls Glee Club 2: Girls Ensemble 4: Commit! of 12 4: Annual Staff 4: Cla Play Staff 4: F.H.A. Club Hi C Club 4: Latin Club 3,4: Prom Com. 3. VIRGINIA SPEARS "Only God knows what l between here and heaven." Cafeteria 1,2. BARBARA DEAL "Barb" "If a thing is worth doin it's worth doing well." Latin Club 2: Glee Club 1, Choir 2,3,4: Softball 1, Basketball 2,4: Bowling 3, Prom Com. 3: Play Staff 3, Librarian 4. GLENN ROTH "To score, you must fir have a goal." Choir 1,23 Baseball 1. T'I'Y TURPIN is nice to be important, but is much more important to be e." :ir 2,31 Glee Club 1: Girls semble 2: Newspaper Staff 3,4. RRELL MURRAY have everything, yet have hlng: and although I possess hing, still of nothing I am wa.nt." seball V2: Play Staff 4. RNA JEAN THOMAS Lt, drink and be merry, for orrow you may die." e Club 1,2,3: F'.H.,A. 4: Choir IALD SCHIEBER "Ron" person's character is not :ed by his size." tball 1,2,V4: Band 1,2,3,42 ir 1,2,3,4: Double Quartet Latin 2: Class Play 2,4: ual Staff 4. Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF O'BRIEN CLFANERS COMPLIMENTS OF' WESTERN AUTO ASSJCIATE STORE TED NOVAK "I'1l get there if you give me time." DONITA WHALEY "Love is what makes the world go round, that's why I'm so dizm." Majorette 1: Choir 2: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Girls Ensemble 2: Newspaper Staff 2.3: Bowling 3: Annual Staff 4. ROBERT MASON "BOB" REBECCA ROBERTEN "Blushing is the color of virtue." Glee Club 1,2: Choir 1,2,3,4: Girls Ensemble 2,45 Latin Club 2,3,4: Prom Com. 3: Play Staff. DARLENE BAXTER "Our life is what our thoughts make it." Latin Club 2,3,42 Drivers Training 4: Visual Aids 47 Play Staff 3,4. DONALD BENNETT "Out of the dark into the light.' ' Journalism 4. RUSSELL BLOSSOM "Not every man owns what he possesses.' ' Band 21 Choir 4. GLORIA PARNELL "Good friends are hard to find." Choir IQ Driver Training 42 F.H.A. 4. Seniors I C DIJPLIMENTS OF THE RONDEVOO NANCY MCCLCEKEY MARVA WESTPHAL ' 'Marv' ' "One should take good care to grow too wise for so gre: pleasure of life as laughter." Glee Club 1,23 Choir 3.4: P1 Com. 1,23 Play Staff 2: Bow. 1,25 Newspaper Staff 4. MARILYN JACOBI "Midge" "Have a good laugh and merry." Choir 2,3,4: Glee Club Softball 12 Drivers Training Joumalism 4: Speech Librarian 3. MARILYN ROBERTS "True worth is in being, seeming." Bowling 3,45 Latin Club Drivers Training 4: F'.H.A. Hi C Club 1,2,4g Play S1 2,3,4: Future Nurses Club 2 f7U"ll"LIf..Pl.5T'FS OF' MT. MORRIS APPLIANCE 85 SPORTING GOODS VERLY CUNNINGHAM ' 'Bev" fe Club 4: Play Crew 2,3,4: sketball 4: Popcom Crew 4: Im Com. 3: Annual Staff 4. BERT BROWN "Bob" itch your wagon to a star." ,in Club 1,23 Spanish Club Hi C Club 4: Debate 4: 'ensics 4: Football Manager LA GOODROE "Lee" n encouraging word is more cious than refined gold." sketball V1,V2,V3: Glee Club 3 Prom Com. 3: Committee 12 4: Newspaper Staff 4. RRY WHITNEY "Big John" hat this school needs is beds the classrooms so the knowl- ie will sink in." mtball 2,V3,V4: Basketball 2, Baseball 1,2,V3,V4: Class icer 3: Class Play 3: Prom n. 3: All County Football 4. Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF' ARNOI..D'S FLOWERS COMPLIMENTS OF' THE KORNER MARKET LEROY DAVIS DONALD LOUDAN "DON" KIETH MORRIS "You can work your way to the bottom without losing much Sweat," Choir BEATRICE SEVERN ' 'Bea' ' "If there's a will, there's a way." Choir 4: Prom Com. 3: Party Com. 4: Homecoming Queen Candidate 4: Bowling: Softball! Art: Annual Staff 4. Seniors JUDY 'I'RUMPHOUR MARLENE LONG "Happy am I, care I'm free, why aren't they all contented like me?Il "Do things as they come, as you please." ' Choir. As W Cnee Were iiyn Hrznylon, IWRIVYZX XYvsIf:1ll, Plllly Nwwnll, Shnron Iiinklo, Ifluvwly Iilnniiford, .lnnivs Iloroff. Leonard f'1'll'lll93Il. L11 wrvnm- Monlnvy, .lnvk I"ish+-r, Phyllis xYi'iliH'l', Divk llnndy,l'nn1'l Ilvnshnw, :xl2ll'f'Xv0lll1g. Si-1-onrl Row - liohhy l'ini'm-k, llonxlzls Forfl, .lnnnitn Vox. .Indy Trnniimhonr. Connie Rock, I3z1rha1'a Smith, Jonn Arnrll, Hvmlrl l"re-e-iiiziil, llonnlrl iloElon'njr, ,lzilnvs Ililqllvtte, .lnnivs .Inn-obs: Pnnl Shanks. Keith McKay, Leroy Davis, Gordon Gnllnglir-r, Hobby Maison, liiiiiiw llnniels. llzlrlene Baxter. Thirfl llow - .Is-niifitro Knjnln, Norinn Xlntlivws, Keith Morris, lionzilll F1'lll'lllllll, Jimmy Eldred. .lack Linder Iiilly Ynlvs, liohf-ri firing, Glorin Aloor.-, Nlznrilyn .lan-ohi, JP1lllt'llU Gnllifore, Snndrn Briggs. Robert Brown, Elaine Slroopf-, Normal .Ivnn B1ll'lllllll, lh-niri4-f- Swv:-rii, Mrs, Hni'lci1+-ss. Ifonrlh Row - Miss Wnliuin-ii, All-rlv Boggs, Ilivk Ul'Pl'11, CIi1'l'or4l llnvis. George Shnnipine. Norlene XVhite, Patsy Znhni, Irvin llissoiivite, liorrninl- llnvhnnnn, lil-Ili-Iii Ellis, John Daniels. llohvrx Lloyd. .Ioan Clark. Marylee Ellis, Gen 1- S4-nl, llonglns llninzly, Vvliillll' llniti-rI'ie-lil. Miss Simon. ii'il'Ih Row - llogvr Ile-nslinw .Xlnrilyn liluiclslinw. Noriln Mntlif-ws, Mnry L1-v Ashe, George Vickers, Maryanne Tab- hot, Ilnrry llnI'i'n1y+-1', .lnvk .lnwli-y. .Nlnx Wnrn. lmroy Young, llonnld 'lxl'L'll1ililll', Ilny Girard, Maryanne Engle. Gladys Ile-nshnw, .ic-nniv Hnxif-r. Sixth lion' - Juni- Ann ilainl. Srvlln Slo:-nni llialnn Iiillnivir. Doris IH-tvi's. Shnrlvne NIl'CliIlliK', Yern Mae Roth, lloniln Whaley, Nnnr-y Mc'l'loskvy, .Xrthnr llnff, .lnnws Wiziiwli-sl. fi4il'IiIlll llvsoii, llilly f'2ll'1llE'2lll, John Bush, J311195 Moore, llaiviil Thonipson. Absent: .Iiniiniv Vniiigilwli .lair-lc Smith, llmly Turpin, Alim-:L Wnllaw, llnrry Wilson. ilnhert Azelton, Marion Svhrei- In-r 'I'o1n1ny 'I'nrpin Gvnv Xvlillllll. COivlPLIf-ilCN'I'S OF' BOUDREAU SERVICV7 COMPLIMENTS OF' JOHN HORVATH AND MARK ALLEN Il Iirsl liow - I,-Yi io Rishi: l':1lty Ul'llliQP, llorothy Avi-riil, Jininiii- Loomis. Ronnlri Svheiher, Gary VVilson, Mar- Senior Play Mother is a Freshman Jack Szewcyk, Bobo jackson Jane Gaul, Carrie Mary Lee Ashe, Bunny Ronald Schieber, lack Marilyn Bradshaw, Abigail Fortitude Abbot Donald Knickerbocker, Professor Michaels Gary Wilson, Bill Alice Walker, Marge Sharlene McClintic, Sylvia Doreen Franzen, Helen Evelyn Kneer, Mrs. Miller Paul Shanks, Dean Gillingham Absent: Carolyn Schafer, Clara Gordon Thompson, Howie Gloria Moore, Susan Director: Mr. Heidke Make-up: Miss Fibiger Sponsors: Miss Meis, Mr. Parks bnapsnots 9 s QQOQ 'IOS M A letter to be sent Old friends OQ 00 M z Qmebc Q Ia wet Pao ' e btjbllib fn P azfaf'-9 Sf 0 saab djs 299' eb en 655 if 666 N That's The Chance Ybu Taken '40 8 ir he Exx 40 T s Oqet jhl 0 c0105 NNb Help Wanted' onyib. ahhb'.T N92 9 y5 ted X-Q 99 .. AWG 0 Girlscou gs? B1-0 6 640 uf? ee U15 56,56 N95 W ":ffr:,::W A am of the dizz G 'Wie J? dog "Dies If Di Crazy ge g Those Girl viva en :H s J 1195 610-90? ts 6, w 6 X-were Faculty V .S . Studen'bs ai' wi 'Ae 6446 Sid 5419 1, He made it too' 6065 Q I 259 53. QU 5027 5' as Y . 'teadoe Sf PA PU Qu-44 di-en 175811 nhl Bud zach 57 'al ki at-"ol d Jfo Ymafxiew G re C0095 NHC an 1111. AV! -Pat P be 19.31-cg Die Y tb'P69oQDe?' Il tiff: fb Ss. QQ tak vnur Smi.1if1" 6' -Q5 QQOU 'vid' 'Four-score and twenty years ago---" Q Oo X .9 was Wh. af 2 apfi edu ,J - 'L . v -. i 1 1 I i I N w 1 1 1 w w w 4 A I 5 i 1 , ,r..:' 4 V , ...J ,rf ..A.,.,, A X N df- ' "M 2 A ..u1-,Q .' ' , 'wr-fw l' ., , ,4f.,1.,'z .1 X wr -1 xr,- Q L., ...4.Xf, I f'.:'1 - . , -nm.. , ,R -.el x f, . L... . , v w ' -3'--,.--.' .. ' .,..r,-- sf... ,- I 1 IMM4 ,J ' r 1 ', a'w:-L A H if n 1 k , X I 1 V In ' gf' If 'Y X . , WI A-:M f .-.1 'v M121 !n"' Q1 4 ,-j v-3 p. ,.V- -,.:., . ' ? K2+,l'y 5.1, ' ' J xl U 'jf -L,-513. , " -55, W' ' ., W if J 'nf .19 7 -.H L' '. ' 'vi Liv 23' .., ',q: , . ,U L 'Vf"- "' - "E:L'I,'.mx.l,-.a!EE.'Si:.9:561 X ng J 4 ,Y ls 7' kg, 'r E . P 1 K I 'K , I f i I. L. v 1 n w 5 i ,, ,V an .. 3 I 1 X. V 'qu Y , P' -7? '1-' ,,1:E15.n:,i, ,,'g.-5,,,:,UtQ'.- M, ,L ilbj -5 ,G I . ,..-4 A L.,,, w '- - "km'l. . " :':4.f43FL 1-" ET 1' """.'fT - .L 1 1' fu F: uf," 'E-f'-E -f ' ,' F: 2 QL Lia ' . .. -f gl .. .a.,, ,F ,gl 1 Q ,lkrfg ,J.15:4-f-4.,:...gi4f7'Q.,,:.-13-mf,-3-if x f' .fa W 5 f x -' ,. gf X f ' " 1' - I ' 'L x ,N Q A 7 L 'A XXX 4' X if Al L ,f 1 I jf 1 4 - - j fm 09 . 4 M VV J ' , X ' " F - - X Qi. 1 f N -1-Fi?---... A 5,1 P f " - v xv j--42?-s fg, -i "' Sw' f '71 -.-5-lmkxx b 1 f gg 5 hm h A S n , gd "5"-'x .1 .XV R c xX,,,.,, xxfl-OILQQZ, EiSt Ia Madame Dupie Sally Duffing, First Row: Farrell 3Il.C M rr he IC Ha Helen B3l'l0I1 Burkley Harriet Rogers, odd T nda eli M iller, M ary M Il O O-I I-4 GB Q .Cl u 0 .Q N N :Cl m8 u- ,N mm I-4 u 2 m -A- va Ms Q.-1 50.-C! n-:S :M D HC! M3 mv- Tom Barton Jim Farley, Second Row: B3l'IOI1 Phillip ra Schneide Bob CII lb A Paul Hick B2 -HS an ii' Q Cl 'U QI-a pl! Q.-E HU ww-t M 53 2 2 xv Q3 NO I-an-I Q .24 Qo ODS! 5-D EEO tark S IS, M irectors: D rk Cla Ml. isky ZID S K Mis JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Officers Class Lowell Chuck President Gordon Schultz Vice President B arbara Clontz Secretary Sally Duffing Treasurer in ng ati iP artic P year, is th IIS 0 SP in active YY V6 35 W lass C Ol' ni IU he T Schultz, OH rd tin, Go 31' M ck Ia well, L0 buck C Ross, L60 krog, C Bla ugo H IC W6 ll 3 tb 00 f IP Cu John and in Le Ilb Way Mc Fred bY ll 3 tb 8 sk ba ls gir and boys th bo in ed GDI pre I6 were also We S Z 2 .... 0 fe eo-' r 2 x o,'1,"o -9 -Eg.-C! Io E-'ELO 0 bo an ,E a 2 alll Emo- E r-:HO 0 gun-1 50" E ogg 0 Ill "9-1 cz 0 0 og-C1 'Q ENE' w O ' 5 LD':. 33 "' ..J'QEo. : 'Fl E31-4 g 0 o :nn-1 , E13 u :: .a o m H w U32 as E,uiQ -nhl In-to O4-:Vins -'Emu o no-agwil DD g.-Cl suis' sl-I .asf-'zc: Um.: "4 N.-D-pe' Us-eu:'," mnozf, om!! la DD.:-4?-Q2 Slumuno :'3.5'u' o .:Ew3'5 0-u-1 O ol-'Sue 1:50939 ob. 'H asm G- -:Haas o0,':',o .SEE-S UI a-403 I-4 E-wg 4 3 Q attended hat I in the future. SLICCCSS and the Juniors, wish each Senior happiness We, Eh s Ill '5 of: .E H :s Q 3' v-l cu UD H. E' o .1 as o :x .:: U N.. l-3 ISI :s J: O CD c: o 'U l-4 o LD si' G-3 nz: O I14 U CY! I-4 CU .Q I-4 CU no C.. o E3 5-1 o .Q o M cs cu F-4 I-1 Lu E.. cu 9 ffl I-4 U CU I-I C5 .cu L4 CU E 5. as I-1 I-1 E 51 o f-4 'U --4 CE J: A U I E O cd L E u. elen Griffin, Mary Miller, H 11, Jane Mus Roth, HC Caroli Barbara Lawrence, Margaret Funch, Mary Ann C arole S lossar, egar, I C rth, Shirley We nice Ia obi, Ruth Jac rk, la W: MI. C cond Ro Se Robert Root, Jim Hammel, Beatenhead, Pine, Marvin Eddie Lydia Carlisle, Metra Coons, Lytle, Jackie Schales, Nancy Row: Third 6 5 .24 O -I-1 D G O -: eu 2 n Q.. 1-l IJ LJ E H ,. O in DN M ct cn FU odle, Dougl HO K CH cNa11y, Kathie taM Loret Getts, CHHDH D -U. r: o E Edwards, Dewayne Travillion, Bob Taylor, Richard Betty Miniear, Harold Yettaw, Donaldson, Williams, Faye I3 Loret Fourth Row: Phill B yan. 1-4 Jean Troop, James Farley, Wanda White, Nona Summerfield, Jenny Mae Baxter, Stockton, Virginia Harcek, Dean Pahr, ff Albe Carrier, ayne CVV ng, D OU Y ill ilson, B W Bill McAndrews, Lien, Freddie HYHC W Martin, Jack shaw, CD rG OSC Fifth Row: R Roger Garey Ross, Leo i, U1 I0 Coma hn IO ant, TY ert E ob ia, rz erfie U1 U1 sel Su Rus ackrog, Br ugo Paul Hicks, H e Crabb, Merl IS AS O MENTS OF' I COMPL COMPLIMENTS OF' LA SALLE CLEAN COMPLIMENTS OF' THE BEACON EANERS CL AY KV EW N IPLIMENTS OF' COIN .wma HO 320 HOME! mgtzgu SO OH xmiangs E5 V33 HO was 2: its 03 .253 H3303 use he H522 .HE E3 fem .22 .ZOEOQW SO v-Eg: OH TEHZSAEO if Ox: OH 2:3 E503 03 Jizam .HE in QUHOQHQ :wg XFVOEOO N --52OOw wgnmaoz Aga SO .ZSSNE H: GONE V-O2 UUEHOHUHQ ug SOE? :OEEOEOS Ulm-AWD-:nr 2: 33 02:3 wing :HO nwgmfm 5:06 2: Es 5:3 Ewwwg-OH N :gsm SEB:-Ev N EE 03 :.H3O-E 53:23 2-H: .UUEWQ .TQ 2: 3:3 EOE: 5-HHDOUIHHN SO mn-:En -200 53 GCS? :ABHOOM OE H525 PS .220 OE he smug ata NE Evzw DEH nga N :W :Sam 33 wEG0N5 wE:23 25 :attun- Es -:CDO -2:3 50005 .SHO3 A: MCSCN: 'EO 053 WBDEUE 320 :HO WO 5:2 .SUNA vo-H: E: N EE 3:0 2OEOHEOw 22 GOSHDDOM 5:0 5232-H C0254 BENQ N:E2O0w V-2,02 Exam :Eggs U35 :Sn-Om NEO! :Eiga :Nato mm-:U L Hmm UXEUEJE :Souza .NCSU :Z Q-2:22 QWZOA SME 25:52 Tama :ADGOOSENE 2-Hdwq 0:2 :Z JOOm:0n:3d3, :LU EOM gsm 5OOa:0p:3E:, :go C0223 Ego .EOOn:5n:3G-wb .22 :sn-Ox HES' 50059-Onggidb .HE sign :EOD :gram 2:2 GOQEM- VHUEMU -m2aEOw'm0EE0w 2:35 00:4 .HDL-xmtno SOWHSLOM iso .0wHO0o :Sbm BML .035-'-waz :OSA :Wm :swtaln gsm :gm E200 :SMEHSQ EN-:W HM W mmm,- 32 0- m m .- - m I5 pil -ll Ill 0 Qvtqjp sg, . Carol ie, ilts W S hirley Gamble, Marcella Pat Hutchcraft, vaks, Ko Harshman, Joan C HH 103 Baldwin, Can aisy Ellson, J D 5 CC H m H :Pl U4 Pittman, lis 1 Phy Darlene Wallace, Mauldin, Pat ley, Carol Landon, Marlene Ri ak, John Roberts, OV N bertson, Dave Ro Gary Fous, Emerson Davis, Fred Magrane, David Steel. Juanita Talada, Elizabeth Roth, Beach Bayer, Donna Janet K athreen Little, Wray, Pat hieck, Sc IOHHHC rrill, Me ICI ll, Marga ': l-4 0 2 0 r-1 JD CU E .:' RI O 2 ..: E 2 O 05 'Q V U7 Leighton, Judy Mary McAfee, H HH Ca es Jury, D ans, Shirley Fisher, Dorothy Sanders, Agn Ev Alice an, HU cke A CC JoLynn Merrill, Jani .5 E r-4 sri :N cu Cd . C0 c: eu Q LU A-I GS ra. .. G o J-I r:: -r-4 ,A at o G rd Z . A L M LJ U C N l-I 0 '62 00 O DJ Pat Adams, Leon Hagadorn, Susan Harris, Dick Allen, Jim Long, Pat Wright, Tom Pepper, Dick Hilliker, Gene Brewer, d ROW: u .A JZ L. L, Betty Phifer, Deanna Betty T aylor, Rhea Hall, Punch, Carol Barden, Joan Carol Banks, dys Shyppret, la t Fickert, G Pa H enry, PHI L' Barbara Lync Mann, U13 ncent, Wil Vi E5 J! C 3 E-4 U C N hw :JB C 62 WD F4 -n 3 DN U F4 H -H J: U3 Cf. N E 5 U cv E C Z Hn 14 O C I h N Du I-1 93 oo l-4 as .Q E :J D3 E 0 D l v. -c G VD IE F M -H HJ an 1 Q E . 'U L C C GJ UD 4: Q. I-t m nd E -: P+ N I-4 N JJ l-4 N DQ 5 C D5 JI A-J l-t I3 C U- Bart Halliday, Harley Blanchard C arpenter, Lynwood Andrews, Bob Hill, Bill Grieve, Harold Boggs, Chuck Brayton, ski, U1 IO Zo Mary Bill Adle. LaVene, lare Tabor, C lores Harrington, De ason, M ms, nick Lyle Reyno Montague lie CS zlesky, L Ko Ken ell, kw Roc Jack Chargo, hn JO ndefer, I2 Darrell Oviatt, Phillip S ROW: Fifth H .C if ' m 3 li P-4 ' F4 CQ V. G C Ci L - Fl C L. I LU vi r-4 I-4 N LB E u I-1 sa W. E fd ta' v-4 E E CJ r- -I GJ 5 E I3 m 'Cl DJ 0. v1l CD U FN l-1 I-4 GJ V"l H. I-I GJ UD W F1 C5 S cd 5. :rs 5 I-4 GJ it H. I-4 C Q E - I-I P"'e G. CI E 4-3 6-3 E C C U -J COMPLIMENTS OF' GIL-ROY HARD WARE COMPLIMENTS OF' ELLA'S GIFT SHOP COMPLIMEINTS OF' MT. MORRIS BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF MOTT HARDWARE c ., 5 v no Y 1 P S I l l If Ft yce IO Carpenter, I0 MY M O'Toole, Yost, Franses Y Doroth get, yrna Eisin erpeller, M CSO? Charl ald Petroff, OH S tinson, D 21'C1'1 st Row: W Fir rl Freeman, C a Allen, Jim Sandra Ted Hoyt, race, G 311 All mer, Larry Coulter, il ryG Ga Gifford, Mar aret er, DO Andrews, Verline Schloss LeMieux. C116 Donna Wilson, Carol LaVene, arlene Kern, drick, D CII eH Louis kstein, Ec yce Jean Sc ieber, Jo Lx: Janet Bradshaw, Werth, Rauchert, Joyce Sharon Hawks, Connie Glynn, Nancy Titmus, Bette Zoromski, Joan Eabert, Second Row: Mrs. Woodson, Dorothy Tabor, Theron Re nolds, 5s Perry Swanson, Carol, S hirley fm, rif G Dorothy isher, F yd, Virginia Bo arjorie on, M ah cM M I1 I0 head, Sha CH Beat HCI Ia Hidtke. Sandra Harburn, Inez Shroder, Marion Carlisle, Jim Shirley Nelson, Vera Schlosser, Sandra Whitney, Root, Marie Davis, Lois Third ROW: Laromie, ancy N Bader, rley on, Shi all cCle M Sandra i. Comarom Carol Pat Pirtle, Glasgow, Anita gan, Of M Roger en, Troop, Larry Maxw glas Holslander, Jean Selleck. OU Walker, D MSSY oe, zel Goodr H21 anor Door, le bertson, E nis Ro 1 .2 3 ,- -4 Mildred Gossel, Frank Fraa Schiek, Baxter, Dallas Eddie Motter, Daniel Chargo, Mary Rose Gring, Oscar Long, Ronald Fox, Donald Diane Parr, Fourth Row: ms, da A onald ' ity, James Lakey, D Ma le erchie, Da cK M l'I be Ro ce, ICH Law ck Di Qulig, Russel Friese, ul sel, Pa 1'llS Wildfong, Edward T ulp, Parr, Sam C ael Pamell, Keith ch i loskey, M CC onald Lehman, Ralph M Richard Hess, D Frances Leeck, Paul Rathbun, William Reno, Robert Jones, Deward Smith, Darlene Jacob, Gan white, Rex Coffee, Opal English, Fifth Row: John Murray, Alice Warren, Ken Rex LaLonde, Keith Parr, Allis, Gerald Minear, Ervin Van Norman, Keith Maloney, Frank Easlick, Harris. I Q 0 W - a55wpw,v1-' ' Nf41v,Lgu5c1.',yyygp1,,y3,,g,MggLv I 14 I I 4' 1 , 1 f "-4'-'Vvx f' f' fy if X ff: xx 1 x f U ff - - fix Q wx wgfc-K I ,' 4, 6 'N ., l y K f-Q .h x Q RX f If X, U 'C' :QQ X Q :" ,A Af PQNVIG X ,mupi X I4 . ' x1 X iy H Q, xx f X g f , -- ' Q' M I j 2.-51 fd ' ' s ' Z 5 + l r L35 X A X XJ ' If f X , 1 XY , f TP Vfhk If fi fi'fPD71f riff k-5M ' yi - I J: 'ff N ' WW " 1 W ' f I H A Q w 2 ,Q ' , X W A s I Z .4 '7ZQ3L:' 5, 'f I S3 -,-X m y Wfvxi ., Q: Uw'N LI S.. 4.a .- E L. r Iv V L I 0-.1 L.. up- 'vw 4 Q 6 5 4 r is jury, ll ja Ka by jaocgi, is DOA all J., unC TUV Catcen er, ji 4.4 aI'Cl'l K lson, E Pat Ross , le LY ontague, M David en, Do harleen P w Pu 9- First Row: El Ll .. ua .-.1 to O O- ,N i-4 l-4 SSS v-.T H.. QD ,., E E K3 H ,ls en . .-4 U C1 N S-4 LL- :Q CD --1 1-4 0 M D, .p-4 r-4 .-4 'H-1 .EI D.. al :-4 Ci M r--4 .4 -4 f-r --1 U1 :I-. 1,-4 3 'E N m ,-N ff OC D. 5 o l'4 QD oo 'I-I on cu on F4 o an U G. eu E l-4 cu I E fu V-5 H.. I-1 fn .Q D.. E eu O I-A cu co o cr: G. .r: U 'B :s TV 5 uf rn O 'ff Z Cl r", rn rn -4 ,.:i C2 KU UD I-4 O -Q4 A E O I-4 G! -G' UJ Q C O 4-I CU LU CU C C K2 CD 'T is x. U GJ -v-4 .11 V? C' 3' O Ln Q U H. QD .e' 5 'Fl Lu N x: 5 .A Q.. I-A o 'U CU on fd 'II v-I v-I ul-1 an o E E u-4 .r: VJ an 1: 5x 5' S G.. 3 o l-C no bw 4: lil 9. o Q C1 ITN -1 o I-4 cu U . .: o YU Q. 54 Q 53 rf: Z ra '7' .L .. A A3 C -f-4 5-3 .c cc E-' ev 'U C1 ' r-I ,J L: 0 E .E N 1: 45 5 LZ .-Z Q m ,. . T' ,J F- 1 'F .J fr, ' s kv N! 95.2 0. m O D4 CD P11 5-w A :- on 2' st - C2 Nl 5 --e v-c 1-4 I3 cn if z 2. O DC 'o CI O O O CD Sandra garet Severn, 211' ach, M Be Nancy Bassett, ianna D chultz, S Judy ancky, ROITI 10311 Kay Flint, Clark, rt Gilbe art, CW B111 St Gardner, Howland, Susan ntz , I8 F HITOW Don Glynn, D rs ebe W erry hultz, I Sc nnis De ort, Ho Lewis eans, hur D It A IIB Dunbar, Ethel Cu Laurel S e'-fern, Ida Mae McCloskey, Mary Jo Beach, Carol Lynch, Laura Lee Van Wuffen, Bob Leighton, Carol Hummel, ROW: Third Ackerman, Bonnie yVi.e, F lores De t Murray, HC ssett, Ja IO C D. 1Y Caro 1ug E Judy Saltys, fY Ga ence, WI' La Flfl er, Je Pers usie ckie Yates, S Vi U. 1 cu 'RJ I-I VG U G1 --4 v-1 GJ Q H. 0 .sc u :1 E-l A-I K! 0.4 0.3 f-4 C-3 ru GJ CD 0 O 'E s CD Q cu C! I- G! LL. C1 CU O v-s 0 v-1 0 0 aa CD 1-4, v-4 I- N3 .-C1 UD E.. ev I o 1: 'I-I vc CV E F: r-1 GJ rn va 5 DS. CV E 1-4 O Z G. 'S 3 P-N o-I +4 U UA v. ,.. P: 61 Q2 5.1 as C 1 'r .-4 vi 6 D1 cn G! Dougl ence, VVI' La UOIIBU3 McKerchie, ITICS Ja l'CCl'lI'H3H G Bob ico, 51 l'1'll'1'1 ul Gra Pa Wa lker, is L0 ley, Carl Stay Funch, 311 l'I'l N or Row: ,, .. Fo vi Por- LC kerson, I A l'IlSS I3 Gardner, usseu, Jerry Ro Martz, Ed Virrer, Merle llan A Schultz, id HV D ers, Som Giufspie, sin raig Keene, C Jodene Van Tol, Judy Stinson, Darlene Dabos, Bob S la ger, ter, Tom Knoll, Wally Reynolds, Max Howard, Mary Janet Murray, Tugya, Ann C, IO H ow FY Ga Mercier, Roy W. Do yce IO an, fm me Am C Susann er, Sadl 11y Sa Fifth Row: Marjorie Strong, ter Mc Pe Rolison, 3.11 U1 Ol' xter, N Ba Paul Brian, ck 1, Ja runde G OD. atenhead, D Be ndon, Bob La Dick lter, 0Ll C ovd , Ll ara Sh Gary Auer, HI1 A nger, Si im ay, Ralph Ham, J CDW Balderstone, Bob Gre Don rlalph, Charles rkins, B0 OH Lean, D Neller, enneth K 11, 6 Low TY Ma e Root, hristin ans, C Ev ally UJ 0 a-1 --4 'S 0 U 554' 4 CD. no fu E G1 D4 cu r-l :J eu Q. .. 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UE io Ez .ofa .55 EA .dbx '-Dx 412.0 362 05. X -o iv 52 B32 085 S v-..U' EVE' NE Ea H.. '33 33. 04: Za. Raymond Ronald Koster, Darrell Dees, Ross Trouten, George Harburn, David Warren, Melanie Elliot, Michael Ceiber, Fifth Row: Ronald Schneider, Teddy Voelker, Billy Dorrbecker, Floyd Robinson, Dees, l 1'0 le, Ca HY M cClean, Jolaine tague, Linda M Mon Steve Maynard. Johnny Vincent, Douglas Colton, ill W iniger, ck, B yllis Bo Ph Jimmie ,ou Shanks - 4 Absent: J E I 5' H Jimmie Deckrow, Linda Coleman Severn, David Bellinger, Patty Price, Marcia Gay Early, John Somers, John Neering, James Abram, Mrs. Lee. Bill Hubbs, Allan McLean, Martin Green, 1. y Haze DHI Of ards, T VV Ed yl C her i. ord, Judy Jusock rawf CC axin M OUR lh Ca MIS, S econd Row: C? O bby Robins Bo Q imp Ph TY Ga inchester, W ellinger, S usan B net Gliniecki, S andra Ja Beckwith, Harry wley, Ha nd al R0 Oy, 4cC Bill li. George, ul ry Gebhardt, Pa ny, Ga CH K ke Mi ilder, G an V off, Gred Petr yl CI Ch Fond, La 1Y Bil ach, L6 Chesier, Dickie Linda hird Row: T Slaugh, avi d hr, D aig H Follon, Susan Benedict, Donnie Richards, Phillip Rosie CY. Pinn Beth S ara Y. C Bradl C6 IU bby Churchill, B Bo Larry Carpp. Bennie S. HH IYA Let itus, alcayr DOHH McKenzie, ton, Frank il U1 Ha Vivian sa OS Greg R ller, Mi Kenny tn Billy Swee W: Ro Fourth Brenda Nails, Mary Joyce Clark, Marcia Harrington, Newbern, H135 ho Chapman, T , Marilyn 60 H aPi , Diann a Eldred Rit Babcock, rris, FC an, Riley hapm C Douglas Drapper, Elaine Bunting, ng, Teddy i K ind a Jackson, L hy Stevens, Kat Louvia ms, da A ba 1 Mitchell, Ne nda Ford, Bre CVCH St Moran, Billy ifth ROW: F Barbara Rakowski, Denise Helmkay, Nancy Edwards, Nancy Barbara Winterlee, Linda Grtmd el, Springsteen, Gary Loudan, G ary :L o Russell Rapp! Kinney, '-'TQ11' 1521-1 f:':f'rP'?r"'f 'T-fl ' 'ff' -,EL:?js5z1L'555'TL'L-FP .4 , L 1 H .. 1 v, , 5 , L- y f-E' ' 7? if ' ,- wg. 'f ,f, ,.,: , Q, 4931, 1. ,jul If 'I r Ev' - ' Qu, gig . igi - ' 1 ' ,-1' 6-11: ' .UL 1, ' ' Q1 girl .. ' .5 , , . 4, W A' VLA, ,X 711+ xii' ,H . , ' nl' H-il I: wg.. L, Ju. . if F V ru ,fy ,je . ,W :Q a,. T1 F " -. '- -.'-.. Lx.. 33 Q A - f ., ,, , , . ff cg, 1 15 7-73 '- .ilf l ' , warp ' -,, -755 , . 91 it . V 5-Ei' -157'-. Ui' ' ' , :iii 1 A E v H" 4 lv 1 .. , g J . r 1 x gf lf L r Y W.. R , .1 . 1'-A ' ,.f, W ,, ' 'A Tw',f . 'Nfl J' 1 ML" . uf x f I v 1 . 5 vrlljr :' X N .. A ., ::b,,y.1m,'Wf gi Qmiegfsaffis I, . W 5 2 1 a' irjiig 9. ' ' f' 'IME if Fira -:A-'..,,f,,,,K-',-. 1.97, - H 'rfk M Y 'J Jw-?S'1fi9, 1 f -, W w-LMH-.. H , N , km-TQL1 Jas ' 2342"-1-its '- 'L ' ' 7 '- N ,- za- . K V' 4, -f,'7'v-'-iff", -' Sr-'f , ,1, A-gf ' ' 'iii- . .. 2155- Aj 11.- , 1 , gf : . --va I . W Lv P . . 1 4 X . 1' . ,' w i ' T. I '- ' 7 I 5 . K A I , I-- E 1 . V. I l , , ,,,-4. 3.1! A 4 f'+,F?!fE'f'3n-: .gf-Lzg, 1 ":fai5, 1.221 . V .yi I I . 1 f'JT.+?1 il '--+-:WI ,- ,iv ,V-1-,gp .Q .fi . Jai:-if 'i 1-Qiqir YQ 5 Li--, ' U, .nun vft- QM, lzlhp: 'ij im, Lt 1 ,i:f'f35T+1. fl " "fix ww ,551 My-1,w,.! ml., Mg, .5 V. V+-'Sv'ij'51'vE.+: ..-are--N-A 717' fk, gif -ii., Y '. LT .11 M-2 , fu" -1' 523 .- r "qv 51'-"'v'g, ,fjiJ1.ux- , , fl -1 .f . W. ,1- f- - . . V , .1 vm '- X f ' K' .N A f-' . .g,'. W I. A I N ,. ,. Al , ' ""f'5" 1 , ' 'fc' -"fl ,. 'A I- iz " 1 1 4. ,I-Qu A- I' 'Ami' : '-"'2'-' vu p - up iv .x + ..,,,. .. . ., 'f 3.4, -1. 'L-.'..-I iff Q xfftyf R 'N 'X f fl , X, J!! My Nha 1, X f N q Cixi!! ,NX-' ---- W' I X k X E Kfx XX' ,KJ ,V UA! X Li fl- 95:2 , I , ., ,I ' Z'X, NM ij ,IR x W1 N is f - - f ,,4:i7 mf 916+ X, J 1, , I X ill X .3 W xl, 'M f ,. X7 I W W Ei If 6-ll? K 5 X pu jf S W . fkxj iff? Ni Eg X -ff-i A M f K ' 4 KX ff , z x 5' 'WX ,3 X 4 - , f '7 I j x i7R'rfX XX XX ,vi lr' 541 7 Uf! A f- -. li'6T4 , ' WNJQL K Xi, 2 ,f ' ff E 5 7 I F fi ,fc Z! Z, y 1. 11.65 Senior Committee of Twelve i 4 2 2 Jitzing: Beatrice Severn, Ilene White, Doreen Franzen, Sharlene McClin:ic, Paul Shanks, Alice Walker, Margie Mann, Mary hee Ashe, Lela Goodroe, Standing: Bob Batson, Don Knickerbocker. Absentg Gordon Thompson, Honor Students C7 '15, X, First Row: Marion Schreiber, Lucy Partain, Don Knickerbocker, Marilyn Bradshaw, Sharlene McClinti Second Row: Shirley Pike, Joan Potter, Doreen Franzen, Alice Walker. Third Row: Marilyn Gossel, Evelyn Kneer, Bob Barson, Esther Jones, Pat Shepherd. Absnet: Sue Glowski, Annual Staff First Row: Miss Meis, Doreen Franzen, Alice Walker, Paul Shanks, Marilyn Bradshaw, Jane Gaul, Mary Lee Ashe. Second Row: Mr. Parks, Gloria Moore, Pat Zahm, Beatrice Severn, Bill Yates, Ron Schiebez, Margie Mann, Don Knickerbocker, Gean Gullifor, Sharlene McClintic, Newspaper Staff Second Row: Marilyn Jacobi, Louise Hedrick, Alice Evans, Susan Harrie, Harriet Rogers, Norma Barnum, Margie Mann, Don Bennet, Helen Lloyd, Mr. Kidman, Sally Duffing, Jeanette White, Lucy Partain, John Culp, Ethel Johnson, Sue Glowslci. First Row: Mr. Thornburg, Mary Lee Ashe, Marilyn Bradshaw, Geanene Gullifor, Dorothy Griswold, Shirley Pike, Marilyn Gossel, Marion Schreiber, Miss Karnisky. Student Council i 2 f I f i r K Sitting: Barbara Clontz, Sally Duffing, Gary Robertson, Sharlene McClintic, Paul Shanks, Alice Walker Carole Landon, Sandra Allen, Mr. Parks, Standing: Alan Grace, Ted i-ioyt, Larry Coulter, David Novak. S p ee c h C I a s s Sitting: Rozell Miller, Jill Cline, Delores Tabor, Betty Loveless, Carol Banks, Shirley Wiltsie, Juanita Talada, Phyllis Pittman, Nancy Lytle, Standing: Agnes Jury, Elizabeth Roth, Emerson Davis, Fred Magrane, Kenneth Newcomb, Roger Zimmer Dori Adams, Bob Hill, Dick Mason, Douglas Raymond, Gary Wilson, Merle West, Marlene Riley. Debate Sitting: Perry Swanson, Norma Garman, Bob Brovxm, Mr. Clark, Ioan Potter, John Comaromi, Carol Comaromi Joyce Raucherr. Forensic s First Row: Mrs. Waring, Norma Garman, Betty Adle, Ioan Rauchert, Pat Hoort, Alice Evans, Gloria Moore, Par Burgess, Joan Kuhl, Second Row: Mary Griffin, Jean Schieber, Bob Brown, Don Knickerbocker, Gary Robertson, Charles Brayron, Joan Porter, Sally Duffing-first place district winner-dramatic reading. Absent: Marilyn Bradshaw-first place district winner-humorous reading. Spanish Club First Row: Vera Wright, Anita Glasgow, Bill Wright, Wayne Lien, Leo Ross, Esther Jo Carole Slosar, Helen Griffin, Second Row: Pat Evans, Alice Evans, Sharlene McClintic, Carol Comaronii, Deanna 1 Robert Rott, Mary Lee Ashe, Joan Potter, Miss Karnisky. Third Row: Marilyn Gossel, Wanda White, Bob Snider, Paul Shanks, Bob Brown, J Batson, Darel Murrav Bob Batson Bob Ellison. 4 I I Fifth Row: Alice Warren, Jane Gaul, Barbara Deal, Don Knickerbocker, Jim Farley, Bart Holliday, Nancy McCloskey, John Cornaromi, Fred McAndrews, Gordon Schultz, Dean Stockton, Bob Brown, Jean Troop, Gail White, Fourth Row: Wilma Mann, Margie Mann, Darlene Baxter, Marilyn Bradshaw, Judy Trumphour, Pat Hoort, Bob Root, Marilyn Roberts, Sally Duffing, Alice Walker, Norma Garman, Charles Brayton. Third Row: Pat Evans, Alice Evans, Rebecca Robertson, Gloria Moore, Joan Kuhl, Pat Burgess, Evelyn Kneer, Doreen Franzen, Barbara Skinner, Mildred Gossel, Barbara Lynch. Second Row: Ray Allis, Lois Root, Joyce Rauchert, Donna Beach, Harriet Rogers, Mrs, Waring, Jeanette White, Connie Glynn, Ethel Johnson, Helen Hatcher, Iirst Row: Francis O'Toole, Joyce Andrews, Jean Schieber, Betty Adle, Dorothy Griffin, Beth Ridley, Gary Robertson, Pat Shepherd, Mary Miller, Helen Griffin. Latin Club Librar Staff Sitting: Marlene Riley, Sandra Harbum, Carolyn Roth, Margaret Merrill, Carol Slosar, Jackie Shales, Miss Cheesernan. Standing: Della English, Carolyn Schafer, Barbara Deal, Francis Leeck, Carol Barden, Rhea Hall, Bill Reno, Deanna Getts, Sally Duffing. Fourth Row: Mary Baxter, Joan Potter, Glenda Brackrog, Marilyn Gossel, Jane Gaul, Norma Barnum, Lynwood Andrews, Marilyn Roberts, Margie Mann. Third Row: Sharlene McClintic, Mary Carlisle, Esther Jones, Lidia Carlisle, Doreen Franzen, Sandra Harburn, Rozell Miller, Mildred Gossel, Inez Schroder. Second Row: Connie Glynn, Janice Ackerman, Vera Wright, Alice Evans, Dorothy Griffin, Janet Byers, Gloria Moore, Patty Wright, Carol Lavene. Firsg Row: Beth Ridley, Miss Craig, Carol Landon, Marilyn Bradshaw, Alice Walker, Joyce Andrews, Joan Ebert, 'li- C Club FH The F.H. A. Club which is the Future Homemakers of America club is a newly organized club in our school this year and began an initial enrollment of eighty-five girls. The officers of our club were installed in November by the Beecher F.H.A. club officers. Our officers of this year were President, Patty Wright, Vice President, Dorothy Griffin, Secretary, Donna Beachg Treasurer, Carolyn Schaferg Reporter, Alice Evans: Song Le- ader, Pat Evans: Parilmentarin, Mary Leightong Historian, Sandra Whitneyg Wponser, Miss Meisg Chapter mother, Mrs. Bumey Landon. We had a very eventful year. One of the projects we found most joy in was making stuffed toys at Christ mas time for under-privileged children. Some of the other activities which highlighted our year consisted of a dance which we sponsored for the high school called the Twirp Twirl, a mother-daughter banquet held in the school cafeteria and the state conventtion in Grand Rapids where we were able to send four delegates and our very calnbele sponser, Miss Meis. To bring this very successful and enjoyable year to a close we had a picnic hike which was enjoyed by all. A bam QQ'-on First Row: Pat Hutchcraft, Joan Harshman, Francis O'Toole, Verline Schlosser, Carolyn Schafer, Dorothy Griffin, Patty Wright, Donna Beach, Joyce Andrews, Joyce Extine, Anette LeMieux, Ellen Robertson, Carolyn Roth, Second Row: Elizabeth Roth, Marcella Campbell, Pat Mauldin, Darlene Wallas, Joyce Rauchert, Lois Root, Pat Shepherd, Margaret Funch, JoLynn Merrill, Alice Evans, Dorothy Sanders, Pat Evans, Nancy Linton, Miss Meis. Third Row: Mary Leighton, Joan Goodman, Sandra Harburn, Carol Slosar, Janice Ackerman, Shirley Fisher, Rebecca Robertson, Sharlene McClintic, Gean Gullifor, Nancy Laramie, Shirley Bader, Jean Selleck, Hazel Goodman, Rhea Hall. Fourth Row: Carol Barden, Joyce Matherson, Vera Schlosser, Diane Pahr, Eleanor Dorr, Ethel Johnson, Jean- ette White, Mary Ann Howard, Doreen Franzen, Joan Funch, Gloria Parnell, Sandra MacLennan, Barbara Skinner, Betty Lou Loveless, Carla Trimm. Fifth Row: Deanna Randle, Myrna Thomas, Alice Walker, Kathleen Knoodle, Carol Landon, Glenda Brackrog Alice Warren, Nona Summerfield, W nda White, Gail White, Shirley Pike, Norma Barnum, Marilyn Roberts Margie Mann, Judy Trumphour, Cafeteria 3 DQ Standing: Mrs. Lily Schuettler, Mrs, Irene Serven, Mrs. Emma Hicks, Marlene Riley, Carla Trim, Virginia Harcek, Agnes Jury, Elizabeth Roth, Joan Funch, Barbara Craven, Donna Wilson, Doris Funsh, Donald Glyn Norman Funch, Darrow Frantz, Merle West, Ken Koslesky. Kneeling: Gary Derbyshire, Ronald Shieck. J - - - F1 il' 4 Z J L i t E Ei Patrol Boys First Row: Mr. Hill, Terry Di Leslie Roth, James Harman, Stewart, Donald Grindell, Ron Samson, Larry Potts, George Si Second ROW: Jack Arnold' Keith Lumbum, james VunCannon, Harold Wildfong, Danny Wray, Frances Hammel, Jerry Wycoff, Donald Brown. Third Riw: Raymond Baldwin, Frand Tate, Edward Gildes, Bill Beagle, Robert Howe, Claude Shoens, Lewis Hoort, Dennis Schultz, David Schultz, Fourth Row: Kenneth Neliett, Douglas Keene, Merle Rosseau, James McKerchie, Allan M rtz, Howard Anderson, Roy Mercier, James Acterson, Chuck Kina. Fifth Row: Gary Howe, Dick Landon, Leroy Mercier, Ralph Ham, James Singer, Dusty McDonald, Roy Mercier, Jame Acterson, Chuck King, First Row: Beth Ridley, Carol Fous, Darlene Wallas, Barbara Clontz, Ellen Robertson, Marilyn Jacobi, Carolyn Roth, H Rogers. Second Row: Jeanette White, Pat Shepherd, Ruth Ann Jacobi, Janice Werth, Margaret Funch, Carol Slosar, Sharlene A Clintic, Mary Ann Howard, Mr. Hill, Third Row: Ethel Johnson, Helen Hatcher, Eleanor Ellman, Margie Mann, Darlene Baxter, Shirley Spears, Joan KUZ11, Pat Burgess, Doreen Franzen. F0urth Row: Gloria Parnell, Dcrothy Griswold, Nancy Lytle, Myrna Thomas, James Hammel, Deanna Getts, Faye Dona Kathleen Knoojle, Joan Potter, Russel Summerfield., Fifth Row: Nancy McCloskey, Dewayne Carrier, Hugo Brack- rog, Albert Parr, William Wilson, Robert Bryant, Robert Brown, Rebecca Robertson. Drivers Training lg JH1 Scouts Row: Marlene Schultz, Ardith glow, Beverly West, Dawn ,e, Janice Lindsey, Linda Mah- M a r g a r e t Swanson, Jerry .r, Sharon Slaughter. Second Row: Binita Willey, Judy Husted, Carol Johnson, Judy Princing, Janet Allyson, Marie Petroff, Ann Mary Newland, Verline Schlosar, Judy Holliday, Audrey Hind. Third Row: Marcia Stewart, Sally Evans, Linda Burgess, Carol Gardner, Linda Tatnan, June Dees, Jean Schieber, Ida McCloskey, Anna Root, Virginia Root, Vera schlosar. Fourth Row: Carol Lynch, Kathy Standefer, Judy Farris, Wanda Reed, Joan Grindale, Susan Peppers, Judy Rodden, Linda Garman, Alice White, Barbara Fuller, Lois Walker, Fifth Row: Jean Massey, Marjorie Strong, Marilyn Mason, Ann Arnold, Gail White, Alice Warren, Mary Rennick, Margaret Hamilton, Nancy Adams, Sharill Steele, Judy Bush. ,rst Row: Dewayne Russel, Jess McCoy, Kirk Wilson, Raymond Erich, Bob Brackrog, Don Carrol, Terry Diment, Tom Sanders. :cond Row: David Montague, Dennis Knickerbocker, Richard Keith, Tom Taft, Lawrence Tercha, Tom Moore, Don Bradfish, Gus Almasy, tird Row: John Adle, Max Reed, Dick Torok, Roger Campbell, Frances Hammel, Donald Brown, Wayne Shimmons, Louis Hoort. trth Row: Larry Markell, Ron Almasy, Kenneth Nellet, Don Glynn, James Walker, Eddie Bohnsack, Dick Hoort, Allen Martz, Bill Somers, Bill Keller. Fifth Row: Bill Henry, Doug Kennr Lloyd Coulter, Cliff Massey, Peter McLean, Fred Knoodle, Norman Rolison, Don Grundel, Darrel Frantz Jim Burns Boy ,, Scouts fit if i r J First Row: Miss DeMoss, Jean Schieber, Margaret Long, Marilyn Jacobi, Ruth Ann Jacobi, Sue Glowski, Geanene Gull Beatrice Severn, Jackie Humphrey, Carol VunCannon, Margie Mann, Marva Westphal, Helen Lloyd, Myrna Thomas, bara Lynch, Wilma Mann, Second Row: Carol Lous, Darlene Wallace, Judy Trumphour, Becky Robertson, Reha Hall, Deanna Vincent, Barbara Sl Pat Hoort, Patty Wright, Ellen Robertson, Pat Henry, Joan King, Shirley Fisher, Pat Burgess, Joan Kuhl, Donnie Gly' Third Row: Esther Converse, Janet Beatenhead, Joan Shelleck, Donna Marie Beach-accompanist, Bob Schnider, Dick I Ron Schieber, Roger Morgan, Deanna Randle, Shirley Pike, Sally Duffing, Pat Pirtle, Sandra Harburn, Fourth Row: Lynwood Andrews, David Novak, Bob Gring, Larry Coulter, Dean Stockton, Marvin Beatenhead, Ralph Ser Russel Blossom, Dick Lawrence, Alan Grace, Dale Maginity, Jim Farley, Jean Troop. Ensmnwe 5 First Row: Judy Trumphour Second Row: Pat Burgess, Joan Kuhl Third Row: Deanna Randle, Doreen Franzen, Marilyn Bradshaw, Fourth Row: Rebecca Robertson, Geanene Gull Fifth Row: Margie Mann "' ? 'S' B I1 st Row: Shirley Carroll, Joyce Eckstein, Delores Taber, Sally Sadler, David Montague, Carol Johnson, Nancy Laramie, me Tucker, Jane Gaul. :ond Row: Joan Potter, Ray Baldwin, Jim Harris, Norman Rolison, Al Martz, Lois Walker, Wayne Montney, Marjorie Ltrong, Don Brown, Norma Garman, Betty Adle, Joan Funch, Paul Kulig, Glenda Brackrog, Francis O'Toole, Wayne Lhimmons, Pat Shepherd. Lrd Row: Chuck Brayton, Susie Pepper, Donna Wilson, John Adle, Margaret Sevem, Don Petroff, Phillip Kelly, Deward nith , Peter McLean, Bob Jones, Carolyn Schafer, Phillip Bryan, David Novak, Frank Prindle, Jerry Hunt, Roger Gary, son Whitman, Pat Wray, Pat Tucker, Chuck Balderstone, Marjorie Boyd, Linda Tahpenen, Marcia Stewart, Jean Lawrenc rrr Row: David Schultz, Rex Laisonde, Doug Keene, Tim Early, Lynwood Andrews, Jack Szewczyk, Ray Evans, Mr, Mc t, Gary Wilson. First Row: Donna Beach, Gary Wilson, Mary Lee Ashe, Jane Gaul, Ray Baldwin, Norman Rolison, Dick Hillaker. Second Row: Jack Szewczyk, Mr. Moffit, Leon Whitman, Gerald Hunt, Roger Gary, Third Row: David Novak, Phillip Bryan, Robert Jones, Deward Smith 3 I1 C E G-9 Gnd? CHee Iul First ilowg Mary Carfenier, Joyce And oan Ebert, Carol Lavene, Miss DeMos Second Row: Deanna McAfee, Joyce Matherson, Virginia Fisher, Sandra Harburn, Sandra Wlviinev. Third Rowg Eleanor Dorr, Sandra Allen, Beverley Cunningham, Hazel Goodroe, Peggy Walker, Pat Pirdle, Fourth Row: Norma Rarnrun, Glenda Rrazhrog, Alice Warren, Marlene Jacobs, Gail. White, Opal English, Mary Baxter .-Second Rowg Carolyn Shiek, Miss DeMoss, Third Rowg Joan Romanslcy v iurtin Rowg Sharill Steele, Nancy Jams, Janet Merry, Patsy Franks, nsan Holland, Sharon Morgan, arol Lynch. Iunior Fhgh Chorus First Rowg Sharon Osborne, Judith Mann, Carol Gardner, Carol Hummel, Marilyn Zimmer, Barbara Owens. Janice Jury, Phyllis McCloud, Nancy Schoeppach, Wanda Humphrey, Linda Burgess, .flame Yates, Susie Peppers, Judy lcodden, Jean Lawrence. , . O 3 I1 Lt Row: Diana McLean, Richard Kieth, Kathy Standefer, Janet Montague, Marilyn Mason, Larry Ballance, Linda Ma- oney, Richard Dodge, Norman Duford, Roxie Nave, Larry Tercha, ond Row: Kathy Goodroe, Donald Hillaker, Ronald Moore, Oliver Wilson, Donald Caroll, Barbara Dodd, Duane Russell om Taft, Max Reed , Kirk Wilson, Dennis Knickerbocker, Juanita Walker, Beverley West, Judy Ferris, Arlene Evans, , eorge Harcek, Diana Whitman. rd Row: Robert Eavhart, Larry Markell, Ronald Almasy, Marilyn Laramie, Bill Randall, Sandra Leixs, Sharon Sau- :r, Ardith Craglow, Mr, Moffit, Gary Derbyshire, Grade School Band 'st Row: Terry Hoyt, Sharon Hawley, Jean Martz, Arthur Converse, Gary Severn, Mary Jacobi, Darell Robertson, David Williams, Larry Evans, Robert Bohnsack, Kathy Heidebreicht, Kathy Hill, Carol Tatrow, cond Row: Alda Smith, Rex Ruston, Charles Sneed, John Slough, Jon Schultz, Dan Atkins, Gale Alan, Jim Moore, ,rthur Wray, Ed Bohnsack, Gale Partain, Kimmit Tahtinen, Stanley Goff, Richard Lynch, Paul Brown, John Schroder, arolyn Adle, Nellie Hittle, Nancy Archambault, .ird Row: Ronald Wilson, Harold Richards, Mike Goward, James Brown, Phillip Secord, Richard Nail, Phillip Tydis, Clara Schram ,Gale Ritter, James Daniels, Dennis Hunt, Douglas Ashe, Dale Pushman, Thomas Bartin, Ken Clark, Charolett Shimmons, Bruce Presgzrove, Robert Lagness, Mary Roth, Anna Vien, Diana Rodden, Sharon Baryo, Vickie Eedcherko, urrh Row: James Howard, Ken Harsman, Ronald Strong, Robert Ehrhart, Alan King, Tom Bowns, Pat i-loyt, Eileen Daniels, Mr. Mcffit. Junior High Band First Row: Dick Hess, James Walker, Alan Hill, Dick Hoort, Dale Maginity, Bill Keller, Leonard Price, Tommy Sanders. Second now: Dick Torok, Carlyle Robertson, Mr. Moffit Absentg Geraldine Miller, Lyle Sheick, Cond ucting Class First Row: David Montague, Geraldine Miller, Ray Evans, Linda Tahpenen, Audrey Hind, Marcia Stewart, Pat Wray, James Harris, David Schultz, Second Row: Jean Lawrence, Donna Beach, Geanene Gullifor, Pat Wright, Betty Adle, Barbara Skinner, Pat Hoort, Norma Garman, Mr. Moffit, Third Row: Richard Hillaker, Peter McLean, Paul Kulig, Rex LaLonde, Leon Whitman, Gerald Hunt, David Novak, Deward Smith, Robert, Glenda Brackrog. xx' J XX LW x . -3- ' V .I ,4..-- ,, . 6, , A V w X, yn1""'v- M L 5 -al .Q 1 K M mf. -3:1-:vulg- Q53 mix 4 K 1 5 'E ,. ,I y K rj J! fx fl ' XX KT 1 A , X, Wx ,Li I ty' ' , I 'J' , A, " f V N . 'N ty I? K 'X 5 X ' ., ., 1 fl . , .5X" " x "' ' iff :Eff X Tzu a ,A ,ilk ' if- A tc - '.' Q4 J if 'lgfy 4901 Football THE FLINT JOURNAL TROPHY 1953 FOOTBALL GENESEE COUNTY CLASS B CONFERENCE WON BY MT, MORRIS HIGH THE HAMPIONS dh--av 30h Griflg Bill Yates Larry Whitney F1111-Back Quarter-back Center iroable Mention All County A11-County ,, 'Q J 3 iob Batson ght Tackle ,l-County tw? Bn Gallagher ft Half-back This year the boys in blue and white captured their first county championship since .958 with a record of eight wins and one loss. Coached by ELC. Padgen, head coach, Dan Sestak, and EJ. Sullivan, assistant coaches, the boys showed their wond er ful fighting spirit throughout the season. Although the one loss was hard to ta ke , the Panters fought valiantly and never gave up, showing their grand determination in the final ga me of the year. The record of points shows clearly how hard the boys fought scoring 126 points and allowing only 20 points to be scored by opponents during th e entire season, Mt. Morris 7 Flint Tech O Mt- Morris 30 Sacred Heart o Mt, Morris zo Fenton O Mt. Morris 25 Flushing 0 Mt. Morris zo Beecher O Mt. Morris 9 Kearsley O ML Morris 27 Grand Blanc O Mt. Morris 6 Clio 13 Mt. Morris 30 Bendle 6 Our starting team. was ri heavy c ontribution to the Class B All-County G ri d T ea m with five players being awarded membership. These were Hugo Brackrogg, Bob Batson, Laary Whitney, Bill Yates, and Jack Cline. Receiving honorable men- tion were John Batson, Chuck Lowell, Gordon Thompson, Leo Ross, Junior Jacobi, and Bob Gring, Gordon Gallagher. This year marked the first time in the history of the school that Mt. Morris ranked among the first ten teams in the state of Michigan, We are especially proud of the boys who made this year's team a marvelous exhibit of courage and sportsman, The reward goes not to one, but to all of them for they certainly 'I earned their championship. Senior Lette rmen J 4,v Q 5 1. -An--V..,f don Thofnpggn Ron Schieber Melvin Jacobi .ght Guard Right Guard Left Tackle its John Batson Left Tackle Honorable Mention Junior Jacobi Right Half-Back Honorable Mention Jack C line Left End A 11 l'......r., if Q F Qs' . r3IT4Ir23v3II fix? Q " ' ' ,M X 3 Y!! f 3 5 ,Q -2s 15 M W 's new Sm ...QA nsketball eserves Kneeling: George Bigelow, Bill Wright, David Novak, Ernie Reed, John Roberts, Gary Robertson. Standing: Jim Troop, Jim Long, Allen Grace, Deward Smith, Larry Coulter, Bart Holliday, Jack Rockwell Harold Boggs, Ted Hoyt, Roger Morgan, Mr. Sestak. xxx ,X X K X ,L lx l W N 1' Q If X Q l X, Y gl' 7 l X Xxrx ,fd Q Xl Xl ' 4 ff Kneeling: Sharlene McClintic, Shirley Fisher, Barbara Clontz, Doreen Franzen. Standing: Dorothy Griswold, Nancy Lylle, Wanda White, Barbara Deal, Miss Andrews Jane Gaul, Mary Lee Ashe Glenda iiraekroh, Carol Com- arorni, Sandra Allen. Absent: Lauretta McNally, Alice Warren. Girls' Basketball Shar heerleaders 41, I i 1 2 ding: Miss Gehres, Pat J 5 , ass, Shirley Bader, Sandra ,ennain, Deanna Vincent, Tucker, Jane Gaul, Mary Ashe, Alice Walker, Kath- : Jachimowicz, Pat Adams, lor Ellman, Beverly Cunn- am, Joyce Ra uchert, J E 3 f e i :Iingg Marva Westphal, :thy Griffin, Beatrice rn, Caroline VanCannon, en Franzen, Sharlene Mc tic, Earlene Major, Donna h, Carol Fous. Bowling Kneeling: Jean Troop, Jill Cline, Doreen Franzen, Nancy Lytle, Standing Ellman, Miss Fibiger, JoLynn Merill, Shirley Fisner, Carol Fo us, Eleanor Baseball , 1124? Q5 353, 94' dit 550.9 QP. First Row: Frank Tate, Gary Robertson, Bill Wright, Larry Whitney, Leo Ross, Bart Holliday, Bill Yates Second Row: Mr. Sullivan, Dale Hayes, Hugo Brackrog, Bob Gring, Jack Clint, Gordon Gallagher, Jack Rockwell, Richard Norris. Third Row: Sam Culp, Ken Koslesky, Fred McAndrews, Jerry Cole, Allen Grace, Gordon Schultz, Jim Long, Mr. Padgen. Absent: John Comaromi, Robert Bryant, Z'- M W CLK 554 it Xi Baseball Reserves mf" ll 91 ,-F' 0 X 5 9 2,-Na F K J xf , J ' 1- ""X, Z X! 1' f ww 'EXT rft v l wqllb li Q A! ,D 5? 94,9 First Row: Kenneth Harris, Jim Long, Ken Koslesky, Dean Stockton, Russel Freise, Dennis Robinson Second Row: Ted Hoyt, Richard Panas, Eddie Motter, Oscar Long, Theron Reynolds. Third Row: Mr. Clark, Francis Leeck, Frank Easlick, Jerry Minear, Jerry Eiser. ' Absent: Gary Gilmer, Roger Morgan, Toby Rathbun, Dallas Schiek, Perry Swanson. Girls' Soft ball First Row: Miss Karnisky, Virginia Fisher, Dorothy Zawicky, Betty Piefer, Peggy Palmer, Sandra Allen, Beatrice Severn, Miss Moran. Second Row: Mary Leighton, Janet Bradshaw, Donna Wilson, Nancy Titmus, Ellen Robertson, Ellen Betts, Barbara Clontz, Dorothy Tabor, Eleanor Dorr. Third Row: Betty Adle, Betty Loveless, Loretta McNally, CarolSchafer, Glenda Brackrog, Dorothy Griswold, Carol Comaromi. Track ,, r it X "1-sf First Row: Lyle Reynolds, Bill Young, Jack Martin, Don Petroff, Wayne Lien, Pat Campbell, Second Rowg Lynwood Andrews, Bill Adle, Jerry Knickerbocker, Don Lehman, Don Petroff,Jim Hammel, Mr. Stark. Third Row: Harold Boggs, Dale Maginity, Bill Reno, Tom Williams, Ronald Bell, Lien Whitman Bob Reynolds. Al.......v n..-. r':1l.-- 1-r,.:.L x1..--:.. Good - by ALUMNI CLASS OF 1943 Rosalie Anderson, Mrs. Dickerson, Harbor Beach Bernice Carpenter, Married, Genesee Betty Cole, Mrs. Russell Durham, Mt. Morris June Loree, Buick, Mt. Morris Mary Myers, Mrs. Donald Kurtz, Mt. Morris Irene McClenathan, Mrs. Kenneth Paulson, Mt. Morris Francis Marshall, Flint Arlene Motter, Mt. Morris John Marr, Lansing William MacDermaid, Post Office, Mt. Morris Maxine Decker. Mrs. E. I. Wheeler, Mt. Morris Frank Daig, Mt, Morris Betty Dodge, Mrs. Jack Noe, Mt, Morris Merle Decker, Mt. Morris Ruby Jones, Secretary, New York Henry Lerche, Mt. Morris Rosemary Lounsbery, Mrs. Wm. Holloway, Mt. Harvey Lowell, Ortenville Morris Mrs. Hart, Flint Married, Clio Kalamazoo Flint Dalles Jupe, Mt. Morris Morris Norma Lenox, Mt. Mildred Silvemail, Patricia Snodgrass, Lloyd Schoeppach, Louis Schoeppach, Agnes Smith, Mrs. Virginia Todd, Married, Lansing Edythe Vickers, Mrs. Wayne Springsteen Sidney Wood. Clio Phyllis Nelson, Mt, Morris Richard Noffainger, Mt, Morris Kenneth Poulson, Trucker, Mt. Morris Ethel Liethras, Detroit Gladys Herrick, Mrs. Harold Graham, Flushing Lucille Hendricks, Mrs. Shasy, Mt, Morris Deane Harris, Buick office, Mt. Morris Wendell Babcock, South Carolina Benjamin Burbank Robert Blake, Mt. Morris Elsie Ammerman, Mrs. F. Tirrell, St. Petersburg, Florid Arlene Rising, Mrs. James Couseneau, Prudenville Ronald Scholfield, Cement Plant Mt. Morris Audrey Marshall Billie Mohler, Mrs. William Griffiths, Mt. Morris Richard Monroe Bonnajean Goodman, Mrs. Benjamine Roberts, Flint William Girand, California Joyce Gill, Mrs. Vern Selleck, Mt. Morris Ercil Gough, Mechanic, Chicago Rosemarie Holloway, Mrs. Richard Serven, Mt. Vivian E. Woodbeck, Mrs. C. Coon, Flint Faye Weaver, Married, Flint Doris Attenburger, Mrs. Roy Haviak, Flint Stewart Ballance, California Maynard Hitchcock, Flint Lewis Hodges, Mt. Morris Morris Donald Johnson, Flint Joyce Kurtz, Mrs. Sharp, Saranac Rita Jobson, Mrs. Cole, Mt. Morris Doris Cornell, Mrs. Robert Montague, Clio Maxine Keller, Mrs. Francis Marshall. Flint Betty Roth, Mrs. Elmer sies, Mt. Morris Darwin Babcock, Mt. Morris Emajean Clampitt, Mrs. John Cosens, Flint Irene Rowton, Buick office, Flint Betty Poley, Married Ann Dyke, Mt. Morris Katherine Frazier, Married. Mt. Morris Ronald Morse, Mt. Morris Charles Baldwin, A.C., Mt, Morris Robert Packer, Florida Robert Zerull, Buick, Mt. Morris CLASS or 1944 Jacqueline Quick, Mrs. Drwin A. Felrz, Flint Betty Yates, Mrs. Dennis O'Riley, Flint Louise Maginn, Mrs. William Lamo, Hammond, Ind Betty Samson, Mrs. Richard Noffsinger, Flint Leone McKay, Flint Surgical Supply, Mt. Morris Gerald Benson, Army Shirley Salisbury, Mrs. J. Kingston, Washington D.C Hugh Weaver, Glendale, Grand Rapids Robert Reppenhagen, Office Lansing Dallas Hawley, Cam-omia Beverly Badgley, Mrs. Leo Worges, Flint Ruth O'Brien, Married Rollin Carpenter, Mt. Morris Archie Wright, Preacher 8a Teacher, Pauline Jones, Secretary, Chicago Robert Burs, Insurance. Mt, Morris Evelyn Smith, Mrs. Robert Alm, Flint William Gallagher, Flint Patricia Packer, Mrs. Basil Hoyt, Flint Doris Cole, Mt. Morris Louisana Q Edith Ammerman, Mrs. E. Tussing, Florida Manley Baldwin, Detroit Joyce Poley, Mrs. Gordon Hillier, Donald Smith, Army June Gowin, Mrs. Kern, Mt. Morris Helen Gerguson, Mrs. Hamilton Morris, Oklahoma Marion Jewith, Mt. Morris Volna Merrill, Mrs. Leo Knisely, Indiana Virginia Miller, Mrs. Elwin McClain, Mt. Morris Catherine I-lurry, Pharmacy, Mt. Morris Margaret Robinson, Mrs. Robert Purdy, Mt. Morris Ralph Engle, Railroad, Mt. Morris Mardell Rounds, Mrs. Leroy Meade, Mt. Morris Dorothy Roth, Mrs. Roy Rumsey, Flint Norma Clark, Married, Mt. Morris Helen Puchala, Married Maxine Wilson, Mrs. Alton Colling, Rochester, N.Y ALUMNI Phyllis Sweet, Mrs. Robert Blake, Mt. Morris Margaret Beacon, Mrs. Dick Howland, Mt, Morris Dick Howland, Grand Truck Office, Mt. Morris Shirley Snodgrass, Mrs. Don Beanush. Clio Patsy Wilson, Mrs. A. Sutton, Indiana Don Schneider, Flint Phyllis Haverm Haver, Flint Max Bauder, Mt. Morris Eberett English, Mt. Morris Doran Matthews Orpha Shanks, Mrs. Charles Baldwin, Mt. Florence Bruner, Married Marion Ascomb, Mt. Morris Leon Brown. Deceased Barbara Draper, Mrs. Llovd Sowashrn Mabel Shinke, Mrs. Willard Penney, Mt. Morris Helen Langdon, Mrs. ,Jack Esson, Mt. Morris John Cosens, East Lansing Thelma Diehl. Mrs. Clare Downe, Lennon, Michigan John Kelly, Railroad, Mt. Morris Marion Marshall, Mrs. Mack Severance, Genesee Jack Lenox, Buick. Mt. Morris David Keith Michigan State Normal Ardith Hess, Married George Watwon, South Bend William Carr, M.S.C. Morris CLASS OF 1945 Margaret Colling, Research Work, Chicago Willis Taylor, Chevrolet, Flint Mary Sfrhorba, Mrs. Richard Evrver, Mt. Morris Shirley. Scott, Mrs. Bill Rockwell, Mt. Morris Bernice Long, Mrs. James Cox, Mt. Morris Kenneth Adair, Buick, Flint Shirlev George, Teaching, Flint Jeanne Quigley, Flint Dorothy Pringle, Married Ruth Johnson, Mrs. Robert Smith Grace Anna Grieshammer, Mrs. Bunting, Mt. Morris Grace Shaver, Mrs, Richard Freeman, Indiana Rose LaVene, Mrs, Walter Lee, Flint Edna Lavene, Mrs. P. Hinch, Flushing Lindy Daig Lellevan Lawson, Mrs. Ivan Fisher, Indiana Leona Lounsberry, Mrs Robert Terry, Davison Lois Jean Mclntyre, Married, Lansing William Heidebreicht, Summerfield Chevrolet Mt. Morris Miriam Graves, Hurley Hospital, Flint Ezella Matthews, Spring Harbor, Mich. Carl Ridley, Bob Jones University, North Carolina Betty Buys, Mrs. Paul Harcz Barbara LaBarr, Married, Willis Taylor Flint Vernon Williams, Detroit Norman Card, Flint Ardis Babcock, Mrs. Norman Card, Flint Helen Hicks, Married, Flint Ruth Mitchell, Mrs. Judd, Detroit Lois Lockwood, Married James Ray Bernard Boyd, Mt. Morris Ellen Dupraw,Mr: Tom Famey, Mt. Morris DeVere Kern Betty Urch, Mrs. Dale Boogs, Mt. Morris Donna Gibson, Mrs. Clarence Kalmirt Charolotte Oliver, Mrs. M.Kemmel, Mt, M01-rig Keith Hilliker, Hilliker Insurance, Mt. Morris Marjorie Peden, Hamady's Flint Eleanor White, Mrs. Beebe, Alma, Michigan Donald Haynes, Buick, Clio Paul Knickerbocker-Farm, Mt. Morris Patricia Daly, Typist, Wash. D.C. Juanita VanArsda1e, A. C. Flint Shirley Blandford, Mrs. Lawrence Goodwin, Flint Walter Johnson, G.M.C. Account Dept., Flint Michael Myers, Army Mildred English, Mrs. Mack Kempfield, Ohio BBVCTIY Jean Moross-Mrs. Cosens Maxine Moross-Mrs. Earnest Maynard. Mt, Morris Shirley Severn, Mrs. Maynard Cragg Ruth Babcock, Mrs. Bernard Dunn, Flint Duane Johnson, Flint Kenneth Timm Julia Faterko, Married, Mt. Morris Genevieve Boes, Mrs. Harry Gooch, Mt. Morris Maxine Murphy, Mrs. Ralph O'Ma1ly, Mt. Mon-is Ellen Goodman, Mrs. Carpenter, Mt. Morris Donna Jane Strand, Mrs. Powell Edwin Lavely, Buick, Mt. Morris Loralee Cannon, Mrs. Donald O'Rei11y, Mt. Morris Richard Knoll Hettie Ruth O'Dell. Mrs. H. Forsyth Ruth Leadley, Mrs. Burton Lois Lavely, Eugene, Oregon crass OF1946 Dale Coenen, General Electric-Boston Myrna Gough, Maried, Davison Rosemary Sheldon Mary Clampitt, Mrs. Don Jefferson, Mt. Morris Jeanne Brewer, Mrs, Robert Preve, Flushing Dick Carver Jean Grenier June Hart, Mrs. Maruice Tucker Ralph Sheldon Mary Lane Shirley Card, Married James Draper, T awas City Welcome Humbarger Edwin Simmonds Margaret Hurry Janet Powers Fred Greaya Marguerita Daly Jack Keith, Service, Fort Knox Kentucky Donald Werth June White, Married, Flint Nadine Glidden Pauline Greaves Jean Woodbeck Don Jefferson William Berry Beulah Barden Ruth Vanderpyle, Mrs. Roland Ayres, Flint Dale Conquest, Flushing Mildred Unger, Mt. Morris Ardith Munger, Lapeer Jean Lawrence, Mrs. John Weelock, Mt, Morris Joyce Oberlin, Mrs. Charles Corbin, Mt. Morris James Borton, Army Norma Potts, Mrs. M. Bigelow, Clio Harold Wlninger, Mt. Morris Edna Richter, Married Earlene Gell, Office worker Mt. Morris Audrey Cooper Leland Sorenson Jean spore E ffie Christenson Dorothy Drew, Married Shirley Veleaw, Mrs. Russell Natron, Flint Robert Jones, Buick, Mt. Morris Earl Helwig, Midland Francis Lowell, Midland Russell Durham, Mt. Morris Ruby Anderson, Mt. Morris Floyd Adams, Navy Myron Kimmel, Mailman. Mt. Morris Marion Van Norman Shlrlev Banks ALUMNI Harriet Dodge, Married, Genesee Jacob LaFurgey Idella Jones Joseph Podoley, Baseball Onalee Severn, Mrs. Grenga Georgianna Edwards. Mrs. Fred Grenga Josephine Crocker, California Ross Cole, Buick, Mt. Morris Thelema Howe, Bell Telephone Co. Flint Sylvester Jones, Flint Francis Potter, Mrs. Palmer, Mt. Morris John Thom, Flint Maxine Yates, Mrs. Robert Benton, Flint Ernest Jones Maxine Adams, Married. Clio Otis Tremaine. Roofing, Mt. Morris Bertha Ballinger Lelia Breczko cLAss or 1947 Rolland Ayers, Flint Norman Babcock, Mt. Morris Joyce Banks, Mrs. Dick Sims, Flint Russell Beckwith, Army, Korea Mona Jean Bellinger, Mrs. Ross English. Mt warns Elizabeth Bloomer, Mrs. Frank Middleditch Mt Mom Barbara Breczko, Mrs. Tom Kulchar Patricia Bundt, Mt. Morris Charles Burnett, Ludington Fritz Cain. Navy Joan Clark, Mrs. Bemard McKenzie Darrol Cosens Joyce Cox. Home Earl Boivin, Buick, Mt. Morris Wilma Jean Decker, Mrs. Farr, Clio Eugene Derengowski, Flint Benjerman Treat-Mt. Morris Elizabeth Sorenson-Clio June Smith-Married, Mrs. Thomas Kaston Owen Smothers- Coldwater Rd. Flint Donald Snapp-Mt. Morris John Snodgrass- Peter Bodnar Mildred Swart Married Sylvia Swart-Mt, Morris Bob Tabbert-Modern Market, .Mt. Morris Ora Severn-Mrs. Reis, Mt. Morris Doris Schneider-Mt. Morris George Smith-Army Don Dinger Max S chofield - ALUMNI Richard Powers-Buick, Mt. Morris Paul Pringle-Beedh Beecher Lillian Puchala-Mt. Mori Morris Roberta Sheldon-M t. Morris Donna Harris-Married Naida Plew-Mrs. A.C. Pfiefer Beverly Richards-Married, Mrs. R Jean Freeman, Flint Jackie Green, Mrs, Jack Massimino Marion Faferko, Mrs. Roy Lamb, Mt. Morrisl Robert T. Griffith, Flint Duane Hammond-Farmer oy Sanford Eunice Pushman-Married, Mrs. Bill Smith Donald Rock- Garrett Quick- Cmoradg Floyd Harkness Jr. -Mt. M0I'IiS Theodore Rogers-Rogersville Elevator, Rogersville Donald Pyne-Army, California H8Z61Edg61y, Mrs. Floyd Harkness Jr., Mt, Morris William Greenman, Flint Vivian Scholosser-Married, Mrs. John 'Preble Francis Hendericks-Fisher Body, Mrs. Morris Morris Rowena Humbarger-Texas Jessie Hurry-Married, Mrs, R, Cagle Laverne Hursh-Buick, Mt. Morris Joyce Jyzer-Married, Mrs. JW Walter Morten Betty King-Married, Mrs. Henry Lei-che Beverly LaBarr-Married, Mrs. R. Stevens Joanna LaFurgey-Flin t Betty A1111 Ward-Married, Mrs, Wayne, Burt Mildred Watson-Married Donald Kenyon-Lansing, Youth for Christ Betty King-Marrid V Darlene Jacobs-Married, Mrs. Melvin Heartfield, S. Carolina Barbara Johnson-Married, Mrs. John Toth, Mt. Morris Robert Leadley -Ar my Patricia McLain-Married, Mrs. Leland .Sorenson James J uch-Ann Arbor Joan Harkness-Mrs, Dale Newman, Mt. Morris Arlieta Harrington-Mrsx. Serverns Leonard Wayne Wright- Della Kelly-Married, Mrs. Joe Podoley Martha Patterson-Married, Mrs. Thomas Murphy Jr, Wiston Young-Mt. M0rriS Bruce Maxwell-Mt. Morris Jeanette Partridge-Married, Mrs. J. Ennis Eugene Johnson Eugene Williams Bemard McKenzie P auline Neph- Richard Norlock -Arizona Dale Marshall Walter Martin-Mt. Morris Walter Martin-Grand Blanc Tank B Plant, Swartz Creek George Wernette- Robert Peters-Mt. Morris Robert Wilson -Baptist Minister Don Murphy- 580136 Nation- Mary Ann Keller-Married, Mrs. Dick Kraff Jr. Alice Townsend-Mrs. Dale Conquest, Flushing Betty Parks-Married, Mrs. Earl Bolvin, Mt. Morris Class of 48 Jacqueline Eagle-Mrs, Baltz, Flint Erma LeMieux-Cheverolot, Flint Doris Pifer-Mrs. Bob Smith, MI. Morris Louis Dorman-A.C., Mt, Morris Jacqueline Welch-Mrs. Ferguson Dowson Dale Blanford-Flint Donna Maginn-Mrs. Henry Kursik-Flint Jack Zerull-Accounting Term, Detroit Ellen Sheldon-Mrs. Keith Norton, Flint Ali-ce Jones-Flint Charlotte shoens-Mrs. Robert Busy. MI. Morris Helen Kviala-Detroit Shirley Getts-Flints George Dolon-Flint Emest Maynard-Buick, Mt. Morrist Della D1'aPe1'1 Married, Washington D. C. RiCha::l Evans Ralph Buys-Navy OwenPring1e-Commercial Contractor, Mt. Morris Dean Elleman-Buick, Mt. Morris Wallace Rogers-Rogeisville Delores Hart-Mrs. Wallace Rosters. Roszersville Beverly Mauldin-Mrs. Richard McTaggart, Mt. Morris Eileen Elleman-Mrs. PauL.1-Jalpin.. Mt, Morris, Reatha Mona Montague-Mrs. Robert Wilson, Kentucky George Berry-Army Gail Brookshier-Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Joan Packer-Mrs. Dean Elleman, Mt. Morris Doris Bryan-Mrs. G il Mowerv, Mt. Morris Dorothy Beaver- Blld Johnson-Mt. Morris Gwenolyn Lawson-Married, Indiana Acil Gough-Flint Don O Powelson-Army Mary Ann George-Married, Flint Zelpha Hilliker-Mrs. Lenard Vincent, Mt. Morris Wendall Sullivan-Deceased Mary Jane Holloway-Flint ALUMNI Jean'Tabbert-Mrs. Billslattery, Mt. Morris Richard Bramblett-Michigan State College, East Lansing DoraineQuig1ey-Mrs. Norman Babcock. Mt. r.1o.ris Dorothy Boroff-Mrs. Barhetr, Ludington Evelyn Boes-Married, Flint Ronald Knickerbocker-U.S. Army, Korea David Strand-Flint Edward Mathews-Chevrolet, Mt. Morris, Edna Polev-Married, Flint Margaret Murphv-Married Elmer Strickert-Kurtz Gravel Co., Flint Pauline Becker-Married, Flint Lorraine Suryan-Mrs. Hugh Yott Pat Richter-Saginav Alexander Mark-Buick. Mt. Morris Charles Ballance-Mt. Morris Anna Jean Genshaw-Mrs. Herman Fell, Flint Floyd BibbseDavison Evelyn Tufford-Mt. Morris Jack Burgess-Buick, Mt. Morris Marguerite Spears-AM MIS. Donald Boller-Army Barbara Creqar-Mrs. Ed Stanbolugh Lottie Jones-Mrs. Felond Mitchell, Colorado Francis Miller-Army, Washington State Mrs. Flyod Doomes, Flint Lottie JO Jones-Mrs. Jeanne Mllnger-Mrs. Bruno Jedrzejczyk, Detroit Ilene Smith-Mrs. Bemard Boyd, Mt. Morris Harvey Severn-Buick, Mt. Morris John Marshall-Service Donald Sorenson-Buick, Mt. Morris Betty Jane Morris-Mrs. Russell Thiel, Mt. Peter Sredicn-Buick, Mt, Morris Dorothy Weaver-Mrs. Roach, Flint Joseph Mark-Buick, Mt. Morris C lass of 1949 Robert Clontz-Buick, Flint Robert Drudge-Army Ronald Nesmith-Deceased Helen Dolon-St. Joseph Hospital, Mt. Morris Harold Tremain- Helen Spears- Shlrley Adams-Married, Mrs. William Motter Thomas Milne-Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Harold Helwig- Edwin Sanders-Army William Miller- Charles Gladden- Laura Marshall-Mt, Morris Ruth Marshall-Married John Beach-Naval Air Force, Texas Maxine Gaul-Mt. Morris Donald Norlock- Dorene Simmons-Married Joyce Cole-Married, Mt, Morris Clyde Hoover-Navy Edwin Wright- Lucille Sweers-A, C. Mt, Morris Leonard Hill-Mt, Morris Aves Kingslev-Mrs. Arnold Peterson, Flint Pauline White-Married Benjamin Grice-Gnce Repair Service, Barbara Hogan-Married Glen Massey Robert Werth- Barbara Werth-Married, Mt. Morris Harold Lowell- Barbara McCurdy- Elmer Bois- Rosemary Hall-Married Oscar Hayes- Charles Dorr-Chevrolet, Flint Mildred Mason, Mrs. McBride, Flint Roger Maginity-Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Ruth Tatrow-Mrs. Doyle Finch, Mt. Morris Dale Potts-Navy Norma Buys-Mt. Morris Richard Derengowski-Mt. Morris Lois Bellinger- Mt. Morris Dean Potts-Army Maxwell Gardy- Mary Gaines-Mrs. Bud Kyser, Flint fConsumers Powerj LeRoy Babcock, Ternstedt Plant, Mt. Morris Barbara Mason, Mrs. McCrandall, Flint Lillian Loree- Leona Lane, Mrs. Joseph Crespo, Flini Joyce Latham, Married Chester Keller Gerald Gregg-Air Force Kathleen Birk-Mrs. Bernard Hitchcock, Clio Robert Badgley-Mt. Morris Larry Henry-Air Force Barbara Akridge-Mrs, Gail Brookshire, Mt. Morris Marcus Reed-Flint Shirley D'Arcy-Mrs. George Smith, Mt, Morris qschoolt James D. Griffiths-Grennan Bakeries, Mt. Morris Joyce Johnson-I.-iarried Bruce Kurtz- Navv Faith O'Brien -Mt. Morris , Jeanette Cearlock-Marrie-Q Ruth Schuettler-Mrs. Jerry Miller, Mt. Morris Geraldine Goodman-Mrs. Clayton Storabeck, Flint Clarence Broomfield- Marilyn Gray, Mrs. Kenneth Chaulk, Flint Eleanor Jean Daly- Mrs. John Beach, Texas Robert Taft-A. C. Donald Kujal-Detroit Belva Harper-Mrs. J. D. Griffiths, Mt, Mom, Jeanette Shanks-Mrs. Richard DeKalb, I-1011 ,Ross English--Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Richard Mitchell, Buick, Mt, Morris Class of 1950 Robert Brown-University of Michigan Joan Vanderpyle-Flint Mary Lou Adair-Ms- M.S. C. Richard Henry-Service Donald Hartman-Army Lloyd Evans-University of Michigan Glenn Smith-Navy Phyllis Goff-Mrs. David Strand Nancy Mclntyre-Mrs. John Knickerbocker Y Betty Drudge- Married, Mt. Morris, Mrs. Donald Knickerbocker Joyce White-Married, Alpena Barbara Wiltum-Carlton's Carlton's, Mt. Morris Channing Locey-Westem Michigan College Robert Forsmark- Buick Charles Adle-Married, Mt, Morris Doyle Kitchell-Army Douglas Ayres-Home Marilyn Randle-Married, Mrs. Wayne Johnson Charles Purdy-Navy Sally Fenox-Married, Flint' Francis Faferko-Married, Mt. Morris William Dernars-Navy Roger Gillette-Buick Katherine Reid-Married, Middleton Leon Lavene-Buick Rhoda Robertson-Mrs. Neeley, Clio Shirley Thom-Mt. Morris Phillip Sheldon Leonard Gonyea-Buick I Ardith Marshall-Married, Mt. Morris Mary Ann Dion-Married, Mt. Morris Elaine-Barden-Post Grand, Mt. Morris Doris Sevem-Married, Mt. Morris Helen Brayton-Mrs.- Robert Badgely, East Lansing Kelly Beardslee-A.C. Office, Mt. Morris Robert Clark-Buick, Mt, Morris Geraldine Coenen-College, Ohio Merna Ingram-A. C. Mt, Mon-is William Prieke-Flint Patricia Dahl-Home, Mt. Morris, Mrs. Gerald Newman Gerald Newman-Deceased Eleanor Jean Lott-Married J oyce Maudling-A.C. f.ALUMNI Robert Snider- Navy Lyle Pushman-Flint- Jr. College Patrick Earley-Navy Donald Becker-Married, Mt. Morris Delvis Stacey-Army Geraldine Deming-Mrs. McDonald Jeanette McKay-Married, Mt. Morris Mary Ann Jones-A. C. LER Leroy Roth-Lumber 3. Supplies Kathleen Hays-A. C, Marvin Morse-Fisher Body James Main-Navy Marion Neph-Dr. Kaufman Office, Flint Robert Williams-Buick Marguerite Barnett, Mrs. Jim Hogan, Mt. Morris Leslie Reynolds-Buick Donald Stinson-Army -David Powers-Buick Maxine Pashby-Mrs. Eugene Bellinger Joan Ramsower-Oregon Robert Hughey-Army Douglas Allison Phyllis Kelly-A. C. Gwendolyn Glidden-Baker Businesx Business University James Theordore-Army Cliffolene Gilbert-Mrs. Petherbridge, Flushing Dick Dinger, Salesman CLASS OF 1951 Charlotte Culver, Mrs. Kenneth Paulson Jim Davis, Married, Army Pauline Drudge, Mrs. Lester Wendell Darrell Durham, Army, Georgia Jerry Elleman, Studing to be electrician Leo Funch, Buick, Flint Marcia Genshaw, Mrs. Brown, Mississippi Leota Gough, Working for Doctor, Flint Martha Gladden Keith Griffiths, Working in Hospital, Fort Helen Greenfield, Married Dean Gring, Air force, Chicago Mary Gullifor, T.B. Sant. Clair Hastings, Ann Arbor Beverly Hays, A.C. Pat Hummel, Mrs. Chuck Kleiber Betty Hi1laker,, Mrs. Harold Middleton Leon Holloway, Air Force: Gerry Humphrey, Mrs. Marshall Seymore Bill Hunt, Army Delores Jones, Married Ray Keith, Home Ron Keller, Apprentice painter Custer Bob Kurtz, College, Michigan State Norma Maeder, Married Jack McGeachy, Navy, France Deanne McLean, Mrs. William Doran Dan McLeod Lela Merrill, Mrs, Deggs Harold Meddleton, A.C., Flint Leona Ostrander, College, Yslipanti Barbara Oviatt, Mrs. E. Skamicka Mary Ann Neneth, Mrs. Herbert Yager Bill Norris, Home, Buick Daisy Miller, Home, Mt. Morris Joan Murphy, Mrs. Wesley Class of 1952 Barbara Weaver, Office, St. Joseph Hospital Dewayne 1-rarrze, Navy Jack McCormick, Marines Gerald Hall, Mitchells Market, Mt. Morris Edith Yates Noreen Randle, Mrs. Emest Mottingly Glenn English, Buick, Mt. Morris Carolyn Beardslee, Mrs. Bob Kurtz Douglas Kitchell, Army Patricia Wright, Mrs. Bill Culhane Richard Eckstein, A.C., Mt. Morri: Ruth Severn, Mrs. McClaine Joan Fickert, Married Clarence Eldred, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Berneice LaBarr, Mr. Morris Dale Gilmer Harry McMahan, Shop, Mt. Morris Sally Motter, Mrs. Jake Gunther. Elmer English, Air Force Katherine Murray, A.C., Mt. Morris Charles Hammel, Army Doris Cregar, Mt. Morris Earl Compton, Buick, Clio Vera Neph, A.C. Mt. Morris Burton Jones, Wheaton Inst. Jackie Heidebreicht, Mrs, Don Dawes Fern Harrington, Mrs. Carl Ducap Shirley Smith, Married Barbara Wildfong, Mrs. Gerald Hall Deanna Raymond, Mott Building, Mt. Morris Betty Schafsnitz, Greyhound Depot William Stroop, Applegate, Mt. Morris Carl Rushton, A.C. Mt. Morris Beverly Powers, Shop, Mt. Morris Eilene Beach, Married, Flint Wanda Kingsley, Married, Flint Florence Easlick, Married Robert West, Army ALUMNI Viotlt Pushman, Mrs. Smith Darwin Kelly, Fisher Body, Mt. Morris Arlene Siebert, Mrs. Wayne Parks Joe Stacy, Flint Archie Patton, M.S.C. Barbara Ashe, Chevrolet Office Jane Potter Beverly Boivin, Mrs. Ron Keller Betty Hall, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris. 'Jorma O"Toole, Mrs. Gerald Touthe, Louis LeMieux, A.C., Mt. Morris Kathleen Ridley, Buick Robert Carr, Navy Margaret Gleason, Mrs. Norman Gifford Geneva Shimel, College Dean McDonald, Buick Darlene Bellinger, Mrs. Dean McDonald Beverly Atherton, Mrs. Potts Margurita Michael, University of Michigan Fred Roth, A.C. Mt. Morris Millicent Shaver, Mrs. Louis Paxton, Flint Nanetee Hilsinger, LC., Mt. Morris Elwyn Bailey, Navy Roberta Connolly, LC., Mt. Morris Wanda Lawrence, Genesee Bank, Mt. Morris Jonn Hadden, Marines Phyllis Akridge, Chevrolet Office Max Yost. A.C. Mt. Morris Sandra Johnson, Citizens Commercial Bank Elsie LaVene, Chevrolet, Mt, Morris Ila Mad Habbershaw, Dental Assistant, Flint Shirley Sneed, A.C., Mt. Morris Charles Kuhl, J,C,, Mt, Morris Erma Ostrander Mrs. Jack McGinnis Donald Hughey, Air Force Lyle Bellinger, Fisher Body Sally Kidman, Mrs. Gerald Wage Herbert Wager, Farming, Mt. Morris Louis Early, Navy Alice Attenberger, Fair Store Dorothy Broomfield, Mt. Morris Darrell Hawley, Culner's Tool and Die Jack Hart, Ferris Inst. Shirley Grove, Married, Flint Donna Heron, Mt. Morris Jerry Foether, Navy Nancy Gregg, Mt. Morris Nora Myers, LC., Mt. Morris Gene Sweet, Army Kenneth Pifer, Chevrolet. Mt, Morris lla Severn, Mrs. Lyle Bellinger Eva Goodroe, College of Nursing, Kalamazoo Donald McKay, Service, California Mt. M01'l'i Continued Class of 1951 Delores Raymond- Mrs. Donald Sorenson Howard Roberts- Navy, Guam. Dores Rosander- teacher, Beckwith. Goldeen Ross- Home, Mt. Morris Pat Roth, School Office, Mt. Morris Donna Schlosser, Mrs. Robert Taylor Joyce Seal, Mrs, James Avery ALUMNI Class of 1953 Maxine Beach, Michigan State Evelyn Gilbert, G.M.I. Carolyn Reed, I.C. Gurdon Patton, University of Michigan Allen Lien, Chevrolet Patricia Jones, Wheaton College, Wheaten, Illinois Mary Lou Quigley, Michigan State Roberta Seagrove, Mrs. Don Eaves, Mt. Morris Donna White, Ternstedt's Helen Shaver, Mrs. Donald Hickey Joan Hicks, Bethel College, Mishauake, Indiana Florence Skintel, Nurses Training Robert Newland, Buick Betty Reynolds, Mrs. Lloyd, Willis Mary Sanders, Chevrolet Nancy Shoens, Mrs, Richard Woodbeck Juanita Troop, McLaren Hospital.: Jean Smigelski, Home Dairy James Burgess. Michigan State Deane Smith, Married, Flint Nancy Crabb, J.C. Dick Smith, Married Rogerta Maurine Genshaw, Chevrolet office Dorothy Spears, Working in Flint Evelyn Marshall, City Hall, Flint Carol Stillwell, Mrs. Olens Adkins Florence Durham, Temstedt Office Stanley Adams, Air Force, Washington Paul Chapel, Barber, Mt, Morris Tom Akridge, Marines, Korea Patricia Newman, Mrs. Asel Goff Ralph Bard, Army, Germany Clinton Chapel, Baker University Ray Bradshaw, College Michigan State Janet Grsiwold Mary Burgess, Mrs. Zane Turner Barbara Lott, Michigan State Virginia Clontz, A.C. Marjorie Lott, Michigan State Donna Cole, Student Nurse, Hurley Harriet Lehman, University of Michigan Dale Randle- Houghton College of Mines Daniel Keith' A.C. Georgene Prestage' Mrs' Max Gardy' Constance Martin, Mrs, Daniel Keith Norma Pyne- Tumsted's. , Norma SoaW,M,.s Emo Pittsburgh Doris Harcek, .Genessee Ba-nk, Flint EM, Converseaome Richard Fuller, University of Michigan Marge Hawley- Patricia Morgan, Mrs. Bob Wigelsworth Shirley Clark- Durward Cushman, Const, Work Dick Sorenson- Army Winnie Pittman, Temstedt's Leon Pifer- Gloria Carlisle, Spring Arbor College, Ministry Esther Pittman- W. A. F. Kenneth Stockton' Navi' Dan Pike, Navy, Korea. Carol Beagle, Mrs. Robert Kem Nofmleg Gi1ben-MaHied Evelyn Forsythe, Bookkeeper at Flushing Lumber Co Ken Owens- Harriet Fickert BCHY 5Pe31'S' Shirley Acne, 'remsredvs Bethany Taylor-Jr. College, home Dawn 331-Cokshier. Married' Fling Doughlas Trim-Married Fancheon Perry, Mrs. Lewis Muir Beulah Wager-Mrs. Church Alma Engle, House Keeping Bob Wigglesworth-Married, Home Waneita Root, G.M.I. Lavern Wittium Stanley Eckstein, Buick Dick Woodbeck-Married-Buick Patricia Williams Betty Taft-Married-Mrs George Mills Norman Gifford, Buick Leland Yattaw-Air Force David MacLean LC. Jack Zaromski- Mary Lou Biddle Jean Reynolds- Jayne Beymer, Greyhound Bus Station Manita Stilwell-Nurses Training 10311 McAfee. TC1T1Sf6df'5 Fred Swart-College, University of Michigan Shirleen Ffi1'1eY, 1-C- Barbara Bailey, Receptionist Margaret Gossel, Fair-Store, Flint A LUMNI Dewayne Klinghirn, I. C. Thomas Cannon, Buick. Larry Zink-G.M. I. Thomas Allison, Phoenix Opitical, Mott Foundation Building Jackie Lerche, Buick Office Harriet Culver, Receptionist, Dr. Sorscher Lorna Bowns, Nursing, Training at Hurley Dorothy Garman, Mrs. Dean Gring Jean Harrington, Waves Marjorie Renick, Ternstedt's Thomas Benjamin Titmus Herbert Darwin West, U.S. Army Delores McG-eachy, Mrs. Thomas Nickles Dorothy Richardson, Married Phillip Kung, A8rP Store. MI- Moms Dorothy Averill, Mrs. Paul McCloskey Timon Connell, Deceased Helen Warby, Mrs. Ralph Flint Mary McNally Carolyn Wright, J.C. Patty Drudge, Mitchells, Market Wayne Huffman, University of Michigan Nyla Dorr, Mrs. Lloyd Wilson, Flint Richard Zoromski, Fisher Body Charlotte Sweers, A.C. Edwin Westphal, Buick Albert Keith, Carpenter Joan Flint Ann Swanson Franklin Glynn, J.C. Bob Stacy, Buick William Evans, J. C. Maxine Neph, A.C. Joanne Tatrow, Nursing at Hurley Douglas LaLonde, Buick Alan Michael, G. M.I. Francis Hill, AMC, Office Doris Harcek, Genesee Bank, Flint ii' ., . up ,--1 "-..,. W 1.1. ,f V V V I Iiidnfsxk f y , I 9 ::gg:fi7:i3'. :-- , Wm Iuc 4, Q, K , y 4 Y V .- , -A xx 'I if - 'N vi VW A If A -H 'I 21? 'X 2 - fx "'g:sg :,.fffJ f,W5 f ,. Q., j--- , .f W x 'A 1 K j,L- - i,,,-1f.e , X vi' If XXX Gigi- H J 5' W ,I l F1 J ,L --.f.f , g2 Af.f'3v7f " ,yi , ,, , V .lflffff Ji , fl! V. f ,yff ks A1 , fi- I f fpftff- 4" 'S . . .. r"- R: Q' f' r 2 ,I , X 1 ' I-. Y-v ..'f,,. 1 ,-..4zwgfL?f ff ,L X a Congratulations Class of 1954 Mt Nlorrls Hugh School Gi C1t1zens Commermal 6? Savmgs Bank 9 MT. MORRIS BRANCH 0 o o o Established 1871 yatem RANCE CO Congratulations to the Class of '54 from Dr. H. T Fuller - M. D. I Dr. H. H. Anderson-M. D. Q C0 GR TLILATIONS Class of '54 SUMMERFIELD CHEVRCLET CO. G-7188 N, SAGINAW ROAD MT. MORRIS. MICHIGAN FINEST IN NEW AND USED AUTOMOBILES 5 Courteous Salesmen To Serve You Kettle Tom Steele Dick Hurd Bill Heidebreicht Mgr. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS Craine It is the sincere wish of Craine Stu- dio's that excellence of the photogra- phy in this Annual contribute to its value to you as a cherished treasure. And may this photographic record of your school day friends always remain a source of pleasant memories. Our heartiest congratulations to you. May the future hold the complete fulfill- ment of all your aspirations. CRAlNE'S STUDIOS 525 H St. Phone 9-2184 - 5 F t 3 M Weyhing Bros Mfg. Co. Jewelers GTi David Brodorxck Bldg Qlformerly Eaton Towerl DETROIT MICHIGAN M J JLX l LX ALM JJLXJJLUJ J-lLl!4lLBlJDJJlk,l1LkJJLUJLU1LkJ1 K Um EXTEND Thelr Compllments to the l95"l' Class ! Al L IJLK Ll ALRJJL Vfllk SUPPLIERS OF CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS-CAPS and GOWNS DIPLOMAS "ln wr rvrrw rw rx rx1rvrx'1rfx1rrx1rrN1 I E1 0 IB! 9 ft .,.... s. if-s ,mov F + ef! it . I I 1 aj if Mt. Morris High School Y : 1 24 A ,-nm-1 N I I 41 I X 4 ? I U I W I' I l 55. ,N ..,s... ,,, .. - sff q u . l . Y .1 1 .L COMPLIMENTS of RockweIl's BOYDELL PAINTS - HARDWARE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS AND LICENSES FUEL AND ELEVATOR Compliments of Slattery's Pharmacy The REXALL Store - At Your Service - Congratulations Class of "Sh" I Robinson's Shell Station 11377 North Saginaw Street Phone 7-1111 Mt. Mon'is, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF "Sh" GLORIA MOORE Dixie Drug Co. -J. HOWARD MOORE Congratulations To The CLASS OF "Sli," - MILES B. MARTIN Mount Morris Michigan Phone 3911 1VIcDONALD DAIRY QUALITY PRODUCTS ,f 'io cmalsu X V v il For Extra Goodness! PHoNE FLINT z 9193 Fon MT. Momus Hom: DELIVERY smnvrcxa rw f. wg.-fix n. ,, ,i Q, 1 -' PW V ' ,. ..f..,-.,-- . fm ah , ..-, X V+ . , rw -1 .fx J, ' .Q 'I A. J ,.i',9j, HM: v,...i. "sl 4,7713 ' f:"'- + W1 . 1 ' 1 I N, ,J-Yr gc lr, ,- .4 , 4 .n- L. .4..,. 3, x , 5, n 1 .'.'. 1.- -::.- ,gr 3 if' ,U ' !,VV, ,w an 4 ,x,. 1.- .A c' v Q, ,F ,ni 59" "-'1:' : n l" " ' "Q"41L' 1f2'xQ'.:,f,.,f4i V fx 1 .- . - ,- - A ' ' ' ' -A 1'7""" ' Q - qv-+:f.,, --.-ff ',--,,f:-,1.v,.. . , A- ,- .'mri.hW'.I'a!-T T-' !,ji,.5, 1, E . ,V a, ,-. - -2 Q. fu -,. ,.,5 4,.i,.n, .,, , 5 T, Y J z 3 1 .fr Q 'Y BJ ' ,L ' 1 N, f : 2 ,a K. 1 . ew " if A: A N . , 1 w f Qs , f if--,-' 4 .1r"g. 3- H- I rl, ,lm X A I , f ff f pz, L 'W - , 11 .a f ,-1 , . W., ..,,,.,-W., -,.k , , -.1-.Q , I a 1 4 ie v.-of r. , in .,. ,T I V 1' lf. z , ,A

Suggestions in the Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) collection:

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