Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI)

 - Class of 1953

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ffofma fammz fjmfmfa Cglaaa 1953 . ' .- K ,' Rudtished 69 .K f' at 'QTABZZE 03: GZQUNGYNGS S fornlin Senior Jnnlor sophomore freshman glnnlor 451311 flelneniorn features Sports Alnlnnl Aoverinslng K' . A x , 0 , In 4 1 5 I9 - 4 f, , sl 4 , s In x V, ' 0 4 o MORRIS-SONIAN ww elif' PQ ll Let our object be our Country, our whole Country and nothmg but our Country MURRIS CONIAN FORWARD As re look back through the pages o thls chapter our book o ll we see years o pleasant IEIOVIPS I8 chapter ts entxtled sc ool years an u 0 ICIOTICS Uhlth center around our teachers and rlends who have helped to make these years never to be forgotten The Class o 1953 presents thls book to you mhzch holds gltlpses these years whtch have paved the way to our future , f ' Of f ff f - Tht ' ' " h H .1 is f ll f ' - fs I . . . of . MORRIS-SONIAN md with the nom tlnse angel faces smile lhich I have loved long since md lost awhile " le, the class of 53" pay tribute and dedicate this annual to Shirley Taylor who an slnrt a time ago left us. Sie has left this earth. but will remain in the hearts of those ixo knew her willing to lend a helping hand. Althougx Qhirley was ven quiet she was very frlaldly Shirley's sweemess kindness cheerfulness friendliness, neatness and thoughtfulness nade her a wonderful classnate and friend. Because of these traits she was also a joy to vnzk with. None dm knew Shirley will ever forget her blorles of her will alwus linger with us. Alttnuda Q regret and may feel a little selfidx about her being with Gnd, her mission must have hem mcomplidled here on earm ibr as the Bible says God giveth and He taketh aww ' Sie was a sweet, understanding girl wln was always MORRIS-SONIAN Board of Education W L Pearce Presldent L.es11.eG George, Secretary Walter G1ennE Montague Treasurer Randle Trustee Lloyd He1clebre1cht Jr , Trustee 0 l , 9 . , - ,lf 9 ' ' MORRIS SONIAN 4 ., ,gag Www ,Mm MW we v. "" 'aim ?"'-sw.-.L 9 -4119 -1. ? A7"V"l"'- 'ml M "Thou dldst launch us on Dest1ny s Sea MORRIS SONIAN SUPERINTENDENTE I.. CLARK We the class of 53 wlsh to thank Mr Clark for the guzdance leadershzp and kmd advlce he has glven us durmg our hlgh school years. Our only wlsh IS that, as we go out unto the world as men and women, we may try our best to lzve up to the hugh Ldeals and standards that Mr. Clark has helped to set for us. FACULTY A.-ff: A A M I 7 N X ,Y,, kgxfx? ,- f X ,L ff X f J f ,X f I I , ,. I f ff! X X X4 X ,ff ff Gxxvvai V. EDWIN L CLARK A B M A Work on Ph D Unrverslty of Michxga Superintendent ICBEPH HILL A. B M, A, Northern Mlchigan College of Education Umversity of M1ChIglH Busxness Anthmetlc Algebra MARY MORROW B S Work on M, A University of Miclugan Bob Jones Umverslty H1SI0l'y GRAHAM YOUNG B M. M. E Universtty of Michigan Insturmental and Vocal Music ROGER BOLINE B S Central Mxchlgan College Michigan State College University of Mrchigan Umversxty of Vermont Jr Hrgh Princrpal Math Geography MORRIS SONIAN fbi IN. ELDON FULLER, B S Work on Masters Mlchlgan State Normal Un1vers1ty of Mlchrgan Senror I-hgh Princlpal JAMES KIDMAN B S Work on Masters Mnchrgan State College Wood shop Metal shop Mechamcal Drawrng NICHOLAS PADGEN M. A Work on Doctors Creighton University University of Michigan Football Coach Commerc Law and Georgraphy DORIS WARING A B M University of Mxchrgan Englrsh Latm, Speech ALMA STACE B S M Work on Doctors Bob Jones Universxty Unlverstty of Michrgan Commercial BARBARA DUFFY, B, S, , A. S, De Paul University Illinois Institute of Technology Physical Education PAUL KNUPFER, B S Northwestem Umversity History DOROTHY BERQUIST B A Downer College Mrchrgan State College English Lrterature JOAN RHEINWALD B M Northwestern University Grade School Muslc NAN YOUNG STARK B Ohio State UHIVCISIIY English Literature MORRIS-SONIAN Q J IASON THORNBURG, A. B. , B.S. Work on Masters Michigan State College Michigan State Normal College University of Michigan Debate, Typing, Newspaper, Boys Counselor KATHERINE LEWIS B S Michr gan State College Natural Science Literature RAY E GARRETT A B M A, Hillsdale College Winona Lake School of Theology University of Michigan English Literature JOAN HANSEN B M E M Gustavus Adolphus College University of Michigan rade School Music ELBERT I STARK 3.5 Work on Maaten Michigan State Collegb Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Ir High Gwsrlvhy ELLSWORTH I SULLIVAN B S Northem Mlchrgan State College Jr Hrgh Hrstory Geography Assrstant Football Coach Baseball Coach JEAN M WATKINS B S Northwestern University English ELLEN W LARDNER, A.B NLA. Umversrty of Toronto Unrversrty of Mrchrgan Englrsh LN' TRESSA FORSBERG Lrfe Certrfrcate Work on A B Central State College Srxth Grade MORRIS SONIAN ,yi PATRICIA WAARA B A Mrchrgan State Normal College Umversrty of Mrchrgan Math EMILE F GOSSEAUX B S M A Bethany College Western Kentucky Mrchrgan State College Cahfornra State Teachers Colleg Unrversrty of Mrchrgan Chemrstry Physlcs 'fi' ff club VIRGINIA BLAIR, B D UIIIVCISIIY of Mlchrgan Art Gr' LUCY M HILSINGER Lrfe Certrfrcate Western State Teachers College Srxth Grade DANIEL SESTAK B S Unrversrty ofC1ncrnnat1 Slxth Grade VIILDRED STAFFORD A B Western Mrchrgan College Frfth Grade RUBY MEIS B S Work on Masters University of Michigan Central Mrchlgan College Home Economics IOSEPHD BERLIN B S Central Michrgan Bookkeepmg SUZANNE SLAUGHTEI, B S Central Michigan College Michigan State College Boston University Work on Masters Grade School Physical Education MILDRED HAMMOND Special Michigan State Normal College Working on B S Thrrd Grade PATSY ROT H Office MORRIS SONIAN '9- 'CY' 5- DANNY DIBBLE B A, Central Mrchigan College Natural Science Math NEVA IOHNSON Working on B A Flint Junxor College Central Mrchigan College University of M1ch1gan MARGUERITE LOOSE B E tate Teachers College Mankato Mrnnesota rrst Grade SHIRLEY SMITH Offrce GOLDEEN ROSS Office LOUISE CAMPBELL B S MORRIS SONIAN ARDATHE McKAY Specral Mlchlgafl SIMS NOFU1-111 College Mlchlgan State Normal College mfth Grade Frfth Grade RCBEMARY BELLINGER Special Mlchrgan State Normal College F1fth Crade JEAN ALDRICH B S Central Mrchrgan College Fourth Grade ALICE HARMON B S Sreno I-lerghts College Fourth Grade CLARA CLASPER, A, B Umversrty of Wrsconsrn Columbra Umversrty of N Chrca go Unrverstty Unlversrty of Mlchrgan Thrrd Grade MINNIE O CONNOR, A, B Mrnnesota State Teachers College Fourth Grade LAURA ZERULL Lrfe Cerufrcate Mrchrgan State Teachers College Fourth Grade JOYCE JOHNSON B M Mrchlgan State College Umversrty of Wrsconsrn Thrrd Grade 6.35, , CARMAN KNIESLEY A. B Central M1Ch1g3H College ew York Thrrd Grade . ., -.3 2 .4 I , o a " . . . ' -5 Yi ' ' ' I . J L I , 5. . . . . L ,A , . . Q-If 9- . - . . . x, ' . fox, ,OAN G GARDNER, Specral Flrnt Junror College Western State College Unrverslty of M1ch1gan Second Grade JANET BOLINE Speclal Cerufrcate Genesee County Normal Central M1Ch1g3H College Un1vers1ty of Ch1cago Albron College Second Grade MADGE HUFFMAN Speclal Work on B S Central M1ch1gan Un1vers1ty of WISCOUSIH Frrst Grade MARIEAN BROADWORTH Specral Central Mrchrgan lf ndetgarten PATRICIA SESTAK B S Ul'xlVCl'S1Iy OfC1l'lC1flll3I1 Kindergarten MORRIS-SONIAN Am Wwe FLOSSIE HARKNESS L1fe Certxfrcate Mtclugan State Normal College Second Gra e MARGARET BECK Speclal Central Mrchrgan College Frrst Grade FLORENCE BECKMAN Llfe Certlftcate Work on Bachelor Central Mlchrgan College M1ch1gan State Normal College Wayne Unlversrty Flrst Grade JEAN CALHOUN M A A Unrverslty of Mrchrgan Klndergarten RUTH E WOCHOLSKI B S Lxfe Cemfrcate Central Michigan College Bookkeeper .. 4 , Y :,J,' Wh K L L mfg X U LLM I xy WL W IXSUVI L, IV WL. FL J V ' I-1 s v,1f. f- II T '..1Tg 'Ui 'ICQ' ' 'I IL 1 v MXL-, .ax.1rcH141'54:WiC711.13 ' 1 L V. - 'fun my . VL U1.11'x'T,.Li1. 1 i.'U..!s ' 'I x .Q,"i,c1F,.11l.i,I rf.tx411.," Ii1xx..k'., "I-1,'l, I .'jk'Cf," Lukg "1 www , xlVx'wll1Ql.'IW'fIi5UC AI1. ur w I5 IN w " IIE 4111 rx ..I Mr, 11:1 '.k'1. ,' -' Ill gg fx, 11,9 M-1 4 '1' 1.1 a I m 415. 1 rr, 5:91.19 w.L,. ,mfg ' I 5115 FM, '.'..g, I' W Tim vi. x 1' 1111101 iii-.AP View I C QL f J N Sz: wry., YORK JJ ff 2 1 Lu fi S du L1 D 1 P ky J 1 IDRS l V r"-"',',', ii 'fig .ff"ff- asf :v1l,,,1,,: jiri. 15' -vfiggg U.,-,., ,. V1 ,4M,.l M H ,J ,f V uf- x,,,,.,.,. nf' F y,frfJ V in ,4 ' , pg r - , , pg ff f N f x f , 'f ' 1 ,J K! , - f ' 4 , - V, N, 1 X- K i . Q 2-1 , X ff 7, ,9 Vx f .X ' :Y0'L, . 1 U K 1' LMIV 1 W -5 hugo 'guna U t 'LUV 1"'LN'J,1 'JU ux,L'1ljLx,bQ' 'f EJB www nd JJ -z Q Q! QUL1 15 QU' f QE E' UU ,gud QU Xl , f ,I I ,-jx t..- ,Q V. BARBARA LOTT "Volk fast md then rest." t r3' Glee Club 1 2 3' Hldl Hay 2: P1ayStaff3 4g Latin Club 2 3 4' oneretra 1' C ss 0fficer4g Valecticinxim MAXINE BEACH The heart to concelve the mderstanding to direct or the land tn execute." Salutatonan Coumittee of Tm 4 D AR. Represmtatlve 4. Debate 1 t1I1C1ub1 2 3 4 A11H Play2 C1assP1ay3 4 'Ihesmim 2 Newspaper Staff 2 3 4, Glee Gub3 Choir-S FUIHISICS 3 4 CA ROLYN REED Toll they say is the SITE of fame." oi r 1 G1 ee Clu Operetta L Class 0ff1CBI' 4 News paper Staff 3 Gregg Award 3 'Upmg Award 3 Salutatorim AIENLIBI Men of few words are the best nen Fbotball 1 2 V3 V4 Basketball 2 Track V1 V2 V3 V4 Latin Club 1, 2 3 4 SD3Il1Sh Club3 Honor Studmt Newwaper Staff3 Stage Crev 3 4 PATRI CIA JON ES The Good the True the Beautiful Those are the thmgs tha pwpo Operettal 2 Class Play Staff 3 4 A11 H191 Plav 2 man Club 2 3 4. Bandl 2 3 4. Cho 1 2 3 4 Glee Club L Newspaper 3 4 IWJTBDSICS 3 4 Debate 4 mrual Staff 4. ubx-a.nan3 lmor Student. MORRIS-SONIAN 541' Hmm Q15 HARRIEI' LEHMAN 'Toil is the law of life md its bat fruit." Valedictnrlan' Latin Club 1, 2, 3 45 Rbrensics 3. 43 Debate 42 C1855 Plav 3. 4' All High Play 2' Glee 1 2 eretta 11163318112 L1bra1y3 EVELYN GILBERT 'Example IS alwayS UIOFP 8ff331CllS than Drecwt latin Club 1 2 G1 ee Club 1 Newmaper 3 4 Annual Staff 4 lpnor Student KIIRIDN PAT'ION Ay every meh ak1ng" d 1 2 4, G1 1r 4 C Of lcer 4 Lat1n Club 3 4 D Malor 4 Class Play 3 4. Annua Staff 4 Conmlttee of fax 4 JOANNE TATRDW 'Ihe very plnk of perfectxon ' 1r 1 2. 3, Bmd 1, GeeCl1b1 Lat1n C1ub2 3 4 Operetta 1, Z muble Qlartet 4 Annual Staff 4. Newmaper Staff '7 ibnor Student 4 MARY IDU QUI GJ EX Fortune may have yet a bette success 1n store for you Debate 1, 2 meretta 1 2 Clas Play 3 4 Fbrensxcsl Z G1o1r 1, 2 GleeClub3 SJa11shC1ub2 3 'HICSISII2 N9wS1werStaff2 3 4. Cnlnmttee of 'hm 4, IDNNA Wil TE "I would help others out of a fellow feding' Spanish Club 2 Party Cblmnittee 2' Play Staff 3' Carnival Queen Canndate 2 Class Officer 3 RJBERT NEWLAN D 01 the stage he 15 DO1S8d and confident, only off the stage 1S when he IS acting" Chou- 2 3, 4 Operetta 2 Class ay 3 4 AllH1gh Play 1 'lhesplan Play 1 'lhesplan 1 2 Tradc 1 Fbotball 1 Cross Country V3 Debate 1 Pormsxcsl Basiet- hall V4 JUANITA TIUCP A Jes bredcs ro tunes." Basxetball 2. 3. 4 Softball 1 2. 3 4 Choir G1eeC1ub3 Latm Cub3 Cla P12.V4 All High Play 2: Canilc eCam1va1 Qaeen 3. LBERT K EI TH 'lhese are the tlmes that try men s sau S. ANY SWANSJN My heart 1S11ke a s1ng1ng l1rd. Newspaper Staff 3 Pmm Qznmttee 3 MORRIS-SONIAN JOAN HIGCS ' Be just before you're wmemusl' Gee Club 1 2 ladrlgal Slnnrs 2' Choir 3, 4' Party Unmittee 1 3 'L Hay Staff 4 HEY SANDERS 'Els gaod tn hemerry md wise' Softball 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 Clxnr 3 4. Class Officer 2 Greg Award 3 Class Play 4, Anmal Staff 3 Newspaper Staff 3 librarian 1. Studmt Cbmcil 2. FRANKLIN GLYNN 'lb be prqaared ibr war is one of the most effectual means of p serving peace. " Badxetball 1. V2. V3 V4 Baseball V2 V3 V4 Eboiball 1 V4. Trad! 3 P1avStaff 3 A1lHighPlaySta11' 2 Class Officer 1 DORIS HARCEK How sweet, how passing sweet is solitude Glee Club 1 2 Gregg award 3 Library 2: Carnival 2 HavStaff4. WILLIAM EVANS 'ltnu hast sem nothing yet " MAXINE N BPH up and mt dawn to look Ibruard and not bark HELEN WARBY Llttle sud IS anon anmded Glee Club 1 2 3 Drama L Latin Club Softball 3 Cnolr 4. JOHN TIMJN CONNELL I an the very pmk of courtesy Latln Club 1 2, 3 4 Newspaper aff 2 3 V1s1a.l Alds 1 2 Class Play 2 3: Operetta 1 ELIZABEVIH PHJSJ To msune peace of rind 1g1ore the rules and regulations' G1 ee Club 1 Gregg Award 3 Prom 0cum1ttee 3 Class P183 Staff 3 DAVID MBC-LEAN Asc meno questions and 1' tell you rn fibs. Operetpa 1' dloir 1' Annual Staff 4' Latln Club 2 3 4' Bascetball V3' 'Baseball 2' Cross Coun try 2' P193 Staff 3. MORRIS SONIAN 6 F ffm IDUGLAS LRLDNDE Everything is sweetened by Band 1. 2 3 4 Tradx 1 Basdmall 1 2 Class Plw Staff 3 Sanish C1ub3 RICHARD Z0 ROM Si I Knowl edge is power " IUCIRTA KHJRINE GBISIAW Her voice was ever soft gmtle and low an excellent thin il wonnn " Bild 1 2 Chou 1, 2 G1eeClub 1 Carnival 1, meretta 1, Gregg Amr 4, Clms Play Staff 4 EVHJYN IARSHALL not the slave of muh. FLORENCE DURHAM 'lhe era of vmderful mnsmse' Olnir 3: Navsnmer Staff 3 4 AIL CHAPS.- hrriage and hanging ga by estiny matches are made QVE1 amish Club 1 3 Cross muntly 2 mival 2 3' Class Play 2 selall 2 Rmrmsics 4. Bmd4 PAUIICI A NEUAN stifle profits lost win serves be LM IICHAEL It is much easler to be critical than tn be correct." dass Pla! 32 Fbotball 3 Spimidl Club 1 2 Pmm Cbmi ttee 3 Glee dub 1 'IHCHAS CANNON liI'e.' 'HOURS ALLI SON Olt where the snlle dwells a little longer that's when the West ll m01I'1 2, 3 ClassP1m' 3 Prom lDlmlittee3 MORRIS-BONIAN .M W 2 W 44 ff Z tLIN'IN GIAPEL mly the game fish swims up strean " Track 1 2 Prom Committee 3 Stag Crew3 their 1 JANET GRISKJLD Care to our coffin adm a nail no cbubt' Glee Club 2 Class officer 2 Student Co ncil 2 P1 ay Staff Z Basketball 4 Softball 2, 3 4 Gregg Award 3 HIDII81 Staff 4 DIANE KLINGSHRN To be, or mt in be that IS he qlestion " All High P183 22 Class Play Staff LARRY ZINK Let any mm sped: long exougx Latin Club 2 3 A11 H131 Play 2 Class Play Staff 3 4 C8l1l1V8l 3 Annual Staff 4, JPCQJELIN E LERC HE Ch my heart 1S a free and fetterl es thmg G1eeClub1 Choir 3 4 lbuble Qlartet 4 Badietball 4. Cand1date Homenoming Qxeen dass Officer 3 GreggAmrd3 T5D1IlgAVB.1'd3 Glas H mf Staff 3 ubrananl u 0' 0 Q in . H ' . : : : 9 ' : ' ' ' . ' 3: :Var ' ll ' . A , . I 3 2 v I I M u Y , ' - . ' - ' 3 4. . Q ' ' H can ' HQ hath 8 muy b W in his V- he will get believers." u Q - U ' ' ll l ' 1 : : . . u . u ' 2 2 2 I HARRIET OJLVER In art I pull no hlgh brow stuff. Llbrary 3 4. Glee Club 1 2' All m31P1ay2 Laun dub 2. 3 awfu- hal 1 4 ID RO'1HY GARMAN I's w1dced I 1s. Psmight ndxed, anyhow I El thelp lt o1r 1 2 Gle b GassPlays3 4 Libvu L WAYNE HUFFHAN sh cm -keep fIDVlIlg" Badcettnll 1 2 3. 4 Football 1 2. 3 4. Baseba112 G1o1r1, 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Operettn Q, ,f Boys Quartet 3 Class Off1C61' 1 St1xdmtCounc1l L DANIEL KEITH A fool must now and then be Ylgltn hy 613100- Wbotball V4 MORRIS-SONIAN imma 5- STRLEX ECKST EIN I an unw1111ng to m1x my ibrtune with h1m that IS golng cbwn w1th the wnd. B1nd2 3 4 0peretta2 Class PIRY4. f.IlllIl1tb860f 'Ien4. LORNA HJKNS I tell you the D355 IS hldiet of ashes ee Club 2 3 4 Glo 3131131 Club 1 latm Club 3, 4 JEANHARRIN GTON Never say more than necessary' nd3 4 Cholrl 3 G C1ub2 3 B1b1ary2 3. ub2 3 L1b1a1y2 3. CHRKLYN WRIGHT She that was ever faxr and never proud Had tongle at w1l1 and yet was never loud. ln Club 1 Cho1r1 2 3 Glee Club 1 2 Operetta lbmecunmg Qleen Canduhte 2. CONS TANCE. MARTIN Mdie yourself xecessary to mmeone. Lxbrarlan 1 2' Cheerleaderl 2 Basketball V4 Softball 4 Sta, Crew 2 3 Prun UJmm1ttB6 O1a.1m1m 3 mnual Staff 4 Latin Clubl Smaush Club 2 PATRICIA WILLIAMS A fmmr 1n every DIP. Prom tbnm1ttee 3. gg ' - aa ' a n n .' , ' l , . R G1 U , , Q p ir 3, 4: 1 , . , . . ll ' ' ll ' . 1 - in 0 1 Ch ' , , 3: eciu 1, 2g Ba - , 3 . ' , 2, 3 lee C1 ' 2 ' - "KA,-IW-JY. um - . i V la ' . ' . . i I H . H Q1 13 ' " ' : , 'Q is V! Lat' 3 ' . . . 4: : ' : , :--6 - 9 . . 1- 23 H n I " I 'Liga A . . . A' 3 "4' ' ' - ' ' as - - - H . . . ,, . . " A NOIUM G1 FFORD Hain duty's a tem that is IB-PHI mmm KBUEIIH STOCKTON Here is another bead on the string of mnmsions. EVBJYNN FORSYTHE lbnest labour bears a lovely face. ' Girls Glee Club 2 Gregg Award 3 Cafeteria 1, 2, 3 HUB STACEY Stmigxt and tall he stndes the hall Track 1 V2, V3 V4 B1dietba112 V4 Football 2 V3 V4 Class Officer 3 Class Play Staff 3 Candidate ibr Camival King 'L EDWIN IESTPHAL Well timed silence hath more docnmce than qxeech Prom lblllnittee 3 Plw Staff 3, 4. MORRIS-SONIAN 'N A 'WYLA IDRR I pray fbd to keqa me from belng proud." Party Cxmmittee 1, 2 Pun Cmlmttee 3 Snanish Club 2 Class Play Staff 3 Cafeteria 3. GEL BEAGLE All the great are swiftly dne. HARRIET FICKERT things of life Hmpiness 1 s speechless GlAllDI'TE SWEERS 'lhink beibre you greek JOAN FLINT Onedayint amonth in tom Lib!!-l'.Y 4 Qloir 4, muntry i s worth JAMES HJRGESS Bearcat" He vho IS belt m ching evil can never want OCXBSIOTI " Fbotlnll 1 VZ. V3 V3 Tradi V3 Baseball V1 Class Play 3 'Ihemim 2 Annual Staff4 Bandl 2, 3, 4, 2. 3. ELCRES MC GEACHY The worldlshis wlo has money to 61,1oy it. eeC1ub 1 2 o r U1eer1eaier2 3 Qamival 1 BARBARA HAIL EY 'lhere s nothlng worth the wear of nnrung Int lauglter and the love of fnmds Gxlrl 2, 3 G1eeC b dleerleaderl 2 3 t1assP11LY3 MARDEIE RENICK Smg away sorrow cast away care. HEIBBIT DARWIN WEST an the very slave c1xulnstance." MORRIS SONIAN NAN1' CRABB Evm a s1ng1e hair casts its Qlatbw. IIJKTIHY RICHARDSON Love IS a wonderihl dream. D! IAKRARET G0 SSELL Labor to keep HIIVC 1n yr' breast that 11tt1e spark Ur celesual ire. omscuenca L8f.1l'l 1, Z Smaush Party Ocmmttee 'HOMAS BENJAMIN TI'IlUS I kmw vhatls what." IARY ICNALLY Beauty without grace 1S the Indc vnthout the bait. ' Party Committee 2 3 Pro Oommmttee 3 Gregg Award 3 Snftball 4 Barkdball 4. ES HILL 'Ihat ihwxite suhi ect, myself sketball 1 2. 3 4 Softball 2, 3 Q Latin Club 1 Carnival em Candidate 2 Class Offlcer 2 1111811 Play 2 Nllllhl Staff rea Award 3 Student Council 2 r Studmt 4 .DIN ICAPEE S11 ence 1 sweeter than saeedm l'DmrS1udmt. I IL EY ADLE mve is not love inch alters an it alteration nlnds. nual Staff 4 Cheerleader 2 1r3 4 Class Play 4, msenhle lee Club 1 2 Honeeming Qleen date 3. GMRD FULLER 'lhatwewould cb we dxouldcb e1we1m1d.' Bs Officer 2. 3. 4 Fbothall 1 hdetball 1 Stage Crew 3 tin Club 2 Latin club 2 Anmxal ta1'1'4 Studmt Council 2, 3 ttee of 'nm 4. EMRD GISHIAN Pigems in the grass alas 1 1 2 V Track 2 011-2 3 4 tperettn1Z Class Q 3 4 Candidate for Carnival ngZ Glee Club 3 MORRIS-IONIAN 'Wa Suuup JAYN E BDI!! lb du hu ever tailed!! mums: Omirl 2 4 G1eeClnb2: kdl. 2 Hammer Staff! 4 Btldmt Cbmcil 1 2 llolecullng green Qmdldate 1 Annual Ste!! 4. mnittee of'l'm Q lmorliiif SIIKEU PABLEY Gmiuslust be horn nehlever an be tmdxt " Hmor Stmhit. Ill' BROOKSHIER A witty mlm isa trmmre: n witty bmutyis npower' dlqirl Z 3 4 hldl deeC1ub 1 wanldJC1llb2 3GreggAwurd3 openettal Z Hom:-Stunhxt. PAIRICIA IJRGAN loulch' t he mod it me could mu1d1't be pod if she unuld. hsketball 2. 3 4 Softball 2 31 Trai: 2 librarian 1 2: dleer 1eadlns2 Csmivnl 1. 2 3 New! paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 c'lasaHu3 4 IBNIE PITTIAN Btu with ihepxikesion pu'l1 never mich up ' MURR-IS SDNIAN QORIA GKRLISLE Earth chmges, md fhd stmd s1re bu t thy mul ID RDTHY AVERILL F'a.1ti1 without good works dead. G1 ee Club 1 Stage Crew 2 Newspmer Staff 2, 3. FANGimN PERRY Love makes the wolid ga round. G1eeC1ub2 01o1r1 2, 3 4 Plom 3 Oonmittee of Ten 4 werettn 1 WANEITA ROOT F'a1r md softly gow far" Pmn 3 Class Play 3: Gregg Award NIU IDU BI DDLE 'Time is a smqnle we nm our iingers tln0u81." IARJORIE LOTT mve thy tlnudlts no YDHBIB' Lat.1n Club 2 Play Staff 2 Glec Gu 1. 2 3 mp F1110 there s life there s e Latin Club 1 Cmdidate for Home- mming Qxem 3 Stage Crew 2, 3 Newspaper Staff 2, 3. ALMA ENGLE I see the rigmt and I approve of if. tno IHILLIP H1 s arglnmt Gloirl KULIG conduct right., with his wmng. 2 3 4. Latin Clubl 2 3 4 Newspaper Staffl 2, A11 H191 PlaY2 Carnival 3 Clam Hay 3 4 Ibuble Qmrteti . ee u .H 5 U . b ' ' 3 , if PA'r'rr DRUDGE I' D' . , I ll ' I ' f 2 . 3: fn 'QA ' 3 . , u n H A .Il ' 22 I l .t 1 . ll ' ,' : 3. , . :U . 3.' 4: COMMENCEMEIN T May Z7 l953 Processlonal War March ofthe Prmests from Athalla Ijviendelssohn Invocatmon Rev W m M Gannon O'Sacred I-lead Now Wounded Bach On Mt Morr1s School Song Stars and Strlpes Forever Soasa Band Graham Young Dmrector You'll Never Walk Alone Gmrls Glee Club Graham Young D1rec:tor Commencement Address by Dr Eugene B Ell1ott 'Pioneers OI 1953 Pres Mlclugan State Normal College, Ypsllantl Halls of Ivy G1rls Glee Club Graham Young Dxrector Presentatxon of Dlplomas 5UDe1'1UteUd6H'C E L Clark Bened1ct1on Rev Wm M Gannon RCCCSSWUH1 pomp and Cxrcumstance Elgar A 1. 7 n - - VY ',lI l n V 1 c r ' . U 1 I , I L -n ' - . , .. . , I ' - Il I ' I' . ' , I V l U I . 9 ' MQRRIS-sl:JNnAN V A L F DIC T O R Y Parents and Frlends Tonl t we meet here about to close the door upon the opportun1t1es we wave sought and rece1ved 1n these past four years Ask, and 1t shall be glven you, seek, and ye shall f1nd knock, md 1t shall be opened unto you Matthew, 7 7 'Ihrough our educatlon, we have rece1ved background mater1al for the future In hlstory we have learned of some of the 1sms that we have to fear and to f1 t We have been taught how to work w1th our government and how to become better c1t1zens of tomorrow In Blgl1Sh we have had a chance to sample some of the formulas for success that made Keats, Emerson and many others famous Emerson gave us h1s formula 1n h1s essay Self Rehance Keats tau t us that Beauty 1s truth, truth beauty We have been g1VeI falth and hope to carry us through the atomlc age 1n wh1ch we l1ve A11 durlng our school years we the Class of 53 have sought gl11daIlC8 Imderstandlng, encouragement, and help from our parents teachers and frlends These th1ngs you have most graclously glven us and we w1sh to thark you for your unfa111ng a1d We have dlllgently sought an educatlon to prepare us for our l1fe s quest We have spent many yeafs completlng our f1rst search for honesty self ellance, hlgh 1deals, and loyalty to God and country TOD1 t we sadly brlng o a close these .joyous and carefree hours spent 1n school Now, each of us 1S knockmg on the door of unknown opportun1t1es 1y1ng Just ahead To answer our call adequately we need to use all of the thlngs we have learned 1n school We need to Be Prepared as the Glrl Scout motto says, for we must open our door to the future at a moment s not1ce lest we be left 1n the wake As Shakespeare wrote 1n Jullus Caesar 'lhere 1S a t1de 1n the affa1rs of men M'l1Ch, taken at the flood leads on to fortune Onltted all the voyage of thelr l1fe Is bound 1n shallows and m1ser1es Harr1et Lehman . 5 I . . . ,, . . . B , - . ,, , . Q 1 ' ll ' II . gh - . I . ' ' ' ll ' II . , . ll . II ' . . I . I I I I I . I I ' I . . . . . , ' 1 ' - ' I ' ll II ' ' I , . I . . I . Q I . . . ,, . M9s:P'ssoN1AN VALEDICTORY Parents Teachers Frl ends In recent months the txtle of a book and mov1e Quo Vadls as attracted much attentlon We mxght well pause at th1s t1me to ask ourselves th1s same quest1on Wh1ther goest thou or 1n comnon words Where are we golng from here'7 W1th your help parents and teachers we have been plannlng and acqu1r1ng materlal for th1s Journey We must choose th1s materxal w1th care Just as an explorer preparlng to clxmb a mounta1n selects h1s pack He cannot be burdened w1th selfzlshness 1ntolerance or prejudlce Recently a lecturer was er'-couraglng young people to become ploneers not 1n the sense that the1r forefathers traveled across the country 1n covered wagons but 1n the held of human understandlng So much has been acconpllshed 1U explorlng the world and 1n developlng sclence but so l1ttle has been done 1n the art of l1v1ng together peaoeably Llke our ancestors we shall encounter many hardshlps and d1ff1cult1es on th1s p1oneer Journey and we shall become d1scouraged but we must keep our eyes on the goal of r'reat1ng a better and more peaceful world CGIYBQC brother' do not stumble Though thy path be dark as H1 t 'Ihere s a star to gulde the humble Trust 1n God and do the Phght Barbara Lott . U Y I ' ' ' ll ' DI P l h . . IC ' lf ' ll ' I, f , . Y I ' , . 1 f ' 1 ,, . Y . , 1 I 1 . ll ' 1 gba , . I ' ' II . MORRIS SONIAN SALL TATURY Parents Teachers and Frlends You are here ton1 t to w1tness the graduat1on of the Class of 1953 W welcome you w1th Joy on our l1ps and trep1dat1on 111 our hearts Our graduatun 1S the last t1me that we shall s1t together as a class 1n th1s hall of learnlng Chr years here can easlly be compared to our newest and most popular mode of expresslon telev1s1on The telev1s1on screen m1ght well represent the background of the past th1rteen years Ch 1t have flashed such plctures as the flrst day of school promotlon 1nto Junlor and Senlor H1 and the f1rst iormal dance Our parents and teachers have furnished the llght for the screen 'Ihey have lent a helplng hand when 1t was needed and rendered guldance and under standlng when the golng was rou Our school has been a powerful hlgh frequency antenna brxnglng 1n the very best 1n subg ects teachers, and equ1pme.nt We are the ones who have turned the dlals tunxng 1n whatever programs we chose Some oi us have spec1al1zed 1n dramatlcs others 1n muslc or at.hlet1cs And now we 11 have our own show Each of us w1ll be the star 1n our chosen fleld englneerlng, Joumahsm med1c1ne, law secretarlal sc1ence and the flne arts It 1S up to us to keep the plcture of ou1 future llfe 1n true focus N1ax1ne He ach .gh . . .e . . gh' Monmssor-nam SA LUTATORY Parents, Teachers, and Fnends 'HIIS evernng we the Class of 1953 are observlng one of the most xmoortant occas1ons of our l1ves We are very happy and proud to have you share th1s exnerlence w1th us for we know that wxthout your help and encouragement the pnospects of graduat1on m1 t not have been qu1te as 1mDortant as they really are As we prepare to take the next step toward the goal that we have set for ourselves, I cmnot help but th1nk of these words by Ol1ver Wendell Holmes I fllld that the great th1ng 1n thls world 1S not so much where we stand as 1n what d1rect1on we are movmg Tonlght we have our eyes on the future What we make of 1t depends on ourselves not on our parents, teachers or frlends as 1C has If the oast we keep mov1ng ahead hy cult1vat1ng new lnterests and learnlng from our dally CXPCFICIICCS, our l1fe should be one of success and happlness the by products of work well done If we out 1nto mot1on the untold number of 1deas the practlcal knowledge, and the baslc flmdamentals of successful l1v1ng' such as co operat1on, self control determmatwn and con fldence that we have ga1ned 1n school and 1n our homes, our l1fe should be one of contentment and securlty the by products of a l1fe well llved Our many and deep felt thanks go to all of you who have helped us along the way Evelyn Gllbert I , . . .I .If OQR'S SON AN L T A T O Parent Teachfrs and PT1fHdQ It glx s me pleasure to welcome you here thls evenlng to ihls most hapry OCF8S1On Not only 15 th1S event one of Joy and happlness but also one of dlgnlty and rccognltlon DUTIHQ the past four years w1th the help of you our parents, teachers and frlend we have learned to work together 1h a SUITIK of brotherhood and co OUCTGLIOD to 1mUfOVS ourselves for the future The Class of 53 w1ll long remember th1S n1ght Your presence here th1s evenlng glves us hope and IH SUIFBLIOD to go on 1nto 'he next and perhaps the most d1ff1cult phase of our 11ves Our acqu1red knowledge has brought us o reallze that we must hold fast o our ldeals 1f we are to be successful a d happy Some of the most IMUOFEHHL of these 1dea1s ID our present day world are self control rel1ab1l1ty 1n tegrlty, loyalty and peace w1th our fellow men Thls even1ng marks the end of our happy school days but bv no means does ll mark the end of our learnlng nor the end of our character bulldlng We have d1SCOV6FEd what Markham expressed IH these words We are all bllnd unt1l we s e that 1n the human plan NOLh1Hg IS worth the maklng lf lt does not make the man Why bulld these c1t1es g1or1ous lf man unbu1lded goes7 In va1n we bu1ld the work unless the bu1lder also grows Carolyn Reed - -----V ---- - - -- ---W ..Y.. VA M , , -f A ..,- v- - S A 7' R Y V' , .S, " if, inf .I "ey - ' , . ' I ,', 1 . , .i . . . Q . . , , . . Q . 1 ' 1 L , 1 . . .U . . Sr 4 . -V.. , x V . . 1 , . 1 . . . t . U 5 . . . b - I x . , A ' , , ' ,, I , ' . ' Y V , . A -' I . ll V - - , . , . . . 1 ' Z . . ' YY . MORRIS SONIAN CLASS MOTTO Our of school life mm life s bcoool C1 AAS FI OWLR Tahsman Rose CLASS c,Of OPS N Tune- at in 'jmsm r bweetn ar T0get'1Pr wo naw walkod thou Pall S Wlth blafhews ln ur r1Qr1z'tS 'He mrs has coma to parf We gladlw dn our caps 'nd Poms Olr fllmreb now bagln BJ ID our hfartns thewd mfmone 0 school mal' not grow dm W g1VC tn mu our hmm H114 PY rh Ipin tn The goals mat we mv 411 attaln The Class of Hftv Threw! hy .hm Hxck-, and Patsy .Jon H 1 ' ' ' - C I, A 5 S 5 0. K9 ' .1 V"+' t l , .fo ' ., P+? .' 5 These lovely days h8'v"' flown any, I I 1 ' 1 f fo I ' Q ' ra f 4 ' .- A A 'u : ' ? I ' TX Yi Q g us - sew X 'Y ' -- A V " ' L' eg MORRIS SONIAN CLASS POEM We are standlng today on the loftiest pedc That appeared 1n our clul chood dreams. We ve reached the wot we started tn seek How satisfylng 1t seems. As we looked on hlgh in earller hours Th1s sxmmlt seemed far away The mad seaned xougm and crooked and hard. But we ve reached our mal tnday md yet me thxnks as I gaze on the path We have not mme an far 'mis szmmt seans only a foot hill now' Steep C11ffS our pathway bar This place 1S only a half way house Wlere travel ers pause to rest Where some mm bad: and some press on 'Ib the po1nt where the view is best. Lle flelds of galdm graln All ready for the reaper's hand U1 every hill md pl ain we heard the challenge of the past 'Ihat came 1n ch11 dhood s years And now agam we hear aga1n Ihat challenge m1 xed wlth tears Come, oomrades, let us onward gn 'Ihough arzbus be ihe c11mb Let us scale the cliffs and cross the streams On to our tasis sxbllme. Let us a1d the master of the flelds The gram to gather 1n For today we catch a vislon new We Dnlsh. to begin Suhnltted by Paul Chapel 0 They say that beyond that far-off peak The Class Wlll We the Senlor Class of Mt Morrls Hxgh School 1n the County of Genesee the State of M1ch1gan belng of sound m1nd and body declare tl'l1S to be our f1rst and last WILL AND 'IIBIIAMENI' Flrs t Second Thzrd Four th We bequeath to the Semor Class of 54 our Washlngton New York tr1p We bequeath to the Sophomore Class our good tlmes and good looks We bequeath to the Freshman Class our h1 ldeals and ab1l1ty to reach our goals Each member of the class wlshes to leave certun of thelr humble belonglngs to the follovung SIIRLEY ADLE w11l my ab1l1ty to get good marks 1n school to my brother B111 'IOM ALLISOV w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the teachers to anyone who wants 1t BARBARA BAILEY w1ll my car to anyone who t.l'l1I1kS they can drlve 1t MAXINE BEAGI w1ll every Day 1n the week to my s1ster Donna Mar1e CAIDL BEAGLE w111 my ab1l1ty to pass M1ss Marrow s Amerlcan HISCOYY tests to anyone who thmks they can t JAYNE BEYMER w1ll to Marlon Schneber lowest of low altos my ab1l1ty to h1t hlgl D MARY LIU BIIDLE wlll my ab1l1ty to sklp and get away w1th 1C to anycne who th1nks I dld DAWV HUJKSJIIEB w11l my ab1l1ty to dance to Jack Szewczyk JAMES HJKIEBS w1ll my name bearcat to Larry Wh1t.ney 'IOM CANMN 01111 my pos1t1on on flrst. team to my nelghbor Ern1e Heed GLEBIA CAILISJE ynll my ab1l1ty to keep th1n to anyone who vashes to reduce CLINKN GIAPEL w1l1 my ab1l1ty to run track to Jack Martln PAUL GIAPH. w1ll my klndhearted nature to Mr Gosseaux our PIIYSICB teacher TIM GTNELL w1ll my log cha1n to Dean Stockton NANCY CBAE w1ll my skllled ab1l1ty to look lnterested 1n class and not hear a thmk to any dxmlb bell that cm use 1t HAPHIEI' QJLVER ull my ab1l1ty to ham popcorn to anyone who llkes lt that way UJHWAPD CIJSIMPN w1l1 my ab1l1ty to sk1p school to Gary W1lson, he needs 1t. NYLA III!! w1ll my geography book to my s1ster Juanlta fthe travelmg saleswomanl PIIREVCE HJHIAM w1ll nothmg to myone STANLEY EIXSIEIN w111 ny scoutlng expenence to Bob Jones and hope he wzll make use of lt ALMA EITLE w1ll my alugh to. anyone who IS foollsh enough to take 1t I BILL EVANS w1ll my black wavy ha1r to Larry Hutney . : ' .dl . ' I- - I, . , . . . . V WL L - I, ., . . . . . It 1 . ' . . . . I, ' , . I . . , . , . . I, I . .i . .. ' I , I, . , . .I . . . . . I., mm mms, win my nan colored hair w Donna Marie Beach. I, . h , . . . . - . L ' , . . D. . , 1, ' , ' ' . I, ' , . .-. Q . . I, . I . ' . . - . - I, , : i I K . . . . MORRIS SONIAN SIIHLEIN FABLEY w111 my ab1l1ty to go through h gh school 1n three years to anyone who f,l'l1IlkS they want to HAFRIEI' FICKHTI' w1ll my shorthand book to my s1ster Ronnle JOAN FLINT w111 my ab1l1ty to get my excuses slgned my Mr Fuller fno matter whatl to the underclassnen EVELYN FDRSYIHE w111 all the hours I have spent on study to Carol Landon DICK FULLER w1ll my ab1l1ty to get tlckets for excess1ve no1se to B111 Yates IITHTIHY GAPMAN wlth the greatest of pleasure glve my AIDCFICHD HISDOFY book back to the author MAURINE GEGIAW w111 my place 1D the candy booth to Rhea Hall NORMAN GIFPUID w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th people to Mr Thornburg EVELYN GILHB1' would w111 the rocklng cha1r I use for my four young nephews to Sharlene MCCIIDCIC for her three l1ttle slsters and one brother mf T dmdn t need 1f mvself WANC GLYNN w1ll my ab1l1ty to get our c 1 to Hugo Brackrog so he won t have to ask someone to escort h1m and h1s g1rl MARGARET CDSSEL w1ll my ab1l1ty to get my shorthand f1n1shed to my s1ster Mar1lyn JANET GIBSKID w1ll my seat 1n f1rst hour study hall to anyone who 1S qulet DCRIS HAHEK w1ll my place 1n the candy booth to Dorothy Sanders so she can sell for all St Mary s games JEAN l w1ll my locker by the study hall door to anyone who wants to d1e yolmg JOAN HKXS w1ll my d1sl1ke of school to all the senlors of 54 ball W1f.l'l0llt scorlng a po1nt to B111 Yates WAYNE HUFFMAN w1ll my ab1l1ty to get 8Il excused absence for se111ng advert1sements for the annual to anyone who can t get an excuse any Q other wav. PATSY INES, w1ll my ab1l1ty to play 1D the band for seven years to Daud Montague ALBIRI' KEIIH wlll my ab1l1ty to stay 1n school to anyone that l1kes 1t as well as I do fughl DAN KEI'lH w1l1 my ab1l1ty to stay 1n sen1or h1 f1ve years to any one dumb enough to need 1t UIAYNE KLINCBIIFN w1ll my Sal1sburg motor scooter to anyone who can make 1t run PHILLIP KULIG w1ll my Physlcs teacher to C110 Hlah Sr-hnol HIE IAILNIE wall my place 1n the band to whoever w1ll take 12 HARRIEI' LEHMAN w1ll my A 1n HIYSICS to Jerry Bastedo He ll need 1t JACKIE LHKIIE vllll the qu1et ways that were w1lled to me to Jo Lynn Merr1ll ALLEN LIPN w1ll my 1CE skat1ng ab1l1ty to Dale. Hayes a member of the ne1ghborhood hockey team BARBARA lD'IT w1ll my pr1v1lege of s1tt1ng on the bus w1th Jerry Bastedo to Al1ce Walker Maybe he w111 gave her a thnll MABJCBIE UTIT wxll my Amerlcan L1terature book cover to any Junlor , . . . i . Z FRAMES HILL, will my ability to play four years of varsity basket- ! . 9 ' ' . .D .I . . . - MORRIS SONIAN so that tney can chensh the subject as I d1d DAVID MacLEAN wxll my helght to Jade Rockwell sothat he wlll be a a better basketball player EVHXN MAFSIALL w1ll my Amencan Hlstory book to Jane M1S811l CINNIE MARTIN w1l1 my power to knock over mallboxes to anyuxe who tlunks they can get away wxth 1t JOAN MCAFEE w1l1 my text books to my s1ster Deama IIUJRE MCGEAGIY wlll my ab1l1ty to have natural blonde ha1r to Carolyn Slaeffer MARY MCNAILY wlll my seat 111 study hall to Laxretta my s1ster ALAN MICHAEL wlll my dr1v1ng ab1l1 y to Mary Lee Ashe PAT MIISAN vull my fl1rtat1ous ways to my brother Roger so he cm keqa up the fan1ly trad1t1on MAXINE NEPH w1l1 my AIICFICHD Hxstory book to anyme who wmts lt HUB NEWLAND w11l my ab111ty to get 1n trouble to Geanene Gl111f0Y because she 1S looklng for CXCICEDHIU I PAT NDVMAN w1ll my gay t1mes 1n my senlor year bo Bonnle Schleber I HJIZABEIH PALS! w1l1 my Anerlcm HISUJYY book that was w1lled to me last year to Sh1rley Cregar GJHIN PATIIN w1ll my ab1l1ty 1n Phys1cs to some unlucky Junlor wants to galn welght WINNIE PITIMAN w1ll my two f1rst hour study halls to my slster Carolee 1n case she needs the extra sleep MARY U11 QJICLEY w1l1 my Osooda vacatlons to Geanene G1l11f0f OAPULYN REED w1ll my shortness to anyone who wants to be that short MARIORIE RENICX w111 nothmg I m gomg to take everyth1ng w1th me IIIUIHY BIGIAHHN LeFfBBl' w11l my typewrlter to Myrna Thcmpson WANITA HDI' w111 m9 cap md govm tn Betty Plfer 1D case she cbesn t get me MARY SANIEFS w1ll my ab1l1ty to talk and laugh all the t1me to Sandra Md.ennon EDB STACEY w111 my 0011118 dxster to P1180 Brackrog KEV SIOGCICN wxll my smashed up Chrysler to my younger brother ,WN SWANSN w1ll my sobemess to Pat Newmm CHARLOTTE SWEERS w1ll my ab111ty to catch tle school bus UQ Joan rung .DAPNE TATHDW w1ll my good t1mes 111 hx school to Joan Funsch EN 'ITIMJS w1ll nothlng JUNVITA 'IHIP wlll my love for pagana partles to anyone who IS crazy enough to waste a good n1 t s sleep Just for a gaod t1me. HELEN WARBY w11l my ab1l1ty to Sklp school to anyme who thmks they can get away w1th 1.t I DARWIN WEST w111 my ab1l1ty to stay 1n school to Jack L1nder I, ' . . . V V I' A , . . . . . I' ' . . I, , . . ' . I, , . . . . I, y , . . ' . U I, , . . . . .t . I, 1 . . . I' , . . . . . I, , . . . . . I, I , v 0 U 0 1 w . I, FANCHHTJ PERRY., will my job on the popcom machine to anyone who I, , . . . ' I' , . . . . It 1 i . ' I, ' . . . H, . . . l I, ' . , . . u . I, , . . , . , I, ' . . . U . I, ' ' ll ' ,U ' I, , ' , - I, , ' - I, , ' ' ' - I' ,' . . . u I, , ' ' . I, ' . . . . , . . I' , . . . . . MORRIS SONIAN EDWIN WESIPHAL wlll my ablllty to keep a t,ransm1ss1on 1n a car to Dale Llttle IINNA WHITE w1ll my love for Grand Blanc to my s1ster Ilene PATRICIA WILLIAWIS w1ll part of my wel t to my s1ster Loretta be she needs lt and I don L OXff1.YN YRICHT w-111 my QUICK and bashful ways to Patty my SISLCI' LARRY ZINK Will all my spare t1me to Glorla Moore DIGC ZCIUHCI w111 my ab1l1ty to keep awake 1n school to Floyd McMahan By the Sauors Arrmged by Mary Inu Qmngley and hhxmne Beadl MORRIS-SONIAN C LASS PROPHEC Y YEAR 153 PLACE Imaging Editor s Office of me New York Daily News Maxine lell our circulation jumped 4 000 today 'me old story of Small mm girl maxes good' really cme true Mary Inu I can still see that headline Nyla Dorr Marries Aly lhan' linnie fwlihg in doorj lhat's this? hxine: le were just dimusslng the mod mrtnne of one of our old daasats llnniez well you haven't exactly been a failure you know Imaging editor of New o s leading newspaper at 27 And you hry Lou your New York Sidelightsu column has nm lalter linchell rlllt out of hrstness. Mary Inu lell If we re ming to indulge in laudlinmentimentallsn 1 suppose the fact that yon're the best fsdnion illustrator in town doem t mean a thing? Maxine I mess we ve all bear pretty lucky In fact our whol cl ass of 53 has done very well in the world. lhy just look at Phillip Kullg. He s cnly been out of college for seven years and already he's Jlmior Senator from llichigm Winnie Yes I was reading about him the other day and Carol Beagle is his pri vate secretary Another one of our clasmates mo has made a mars rn the world or politics 1S Jayne Beymer She' s just been mpc inted U.S Ambassacbr to Outer Patagonia Mary bon I wonder what has happened in some of the other 53 grad1ates'J I ve ken track of a few of them Por instance Allen Lien is now a Physics Profesmr a Harvard. mat ever happened tn Abe and Dm Keith? Maxine Haven t you heard? 'D1e7've grown beards and sell Keith Brothers cough drops Dwayne Klinahirn is their chief chemist md. late you watching 'N last nidrt? I mw show Wrnnie Barbara md Marjorie Lott are the new 'lbni Twins on the Arthur Godfrey Blow Mary Lou Dorma White does all the Pepsodmt oommercialsafi 'l'V now. Maxrne Our old class President Gurdon Patton, skates on TV occasionally mt he strdls to being a srrgeon mint of the tlme. Wrnnre Spedung of xbctnrs C1 lnton Chapel is doing well in Flint as a drithpractor. md qaedflxg of Clint what happmed tn Pall his twin brother? Mary Lou He and his wife Gemma have a Beauty and Barter Shop Ind I was just reading the other day that Marjorie Renidr had bam elected President of the Bexall Drug Compmy md that Tim Oomell is their chief phamicist. lhxine Talking about achi evements in business have you heard irat Maxine lleph Elizabeth Palso Charlotte Sweets md Helen larby did? They welt together and houdlt 515 of all the G.M stock md are now mom as the Big lbur ot Indrstrf' linnie Carolyn wright is now tb Presrdmt of the First National Baud. ICU BIBQTI is the manager of the Kresge tea room and mrward Qrdman is head of the Cushal Construction Comm! Mary Lou Yes. the business rnrld is full of '53 Graduates. lock il lt. l0rl'1B Larry Zink and Ken Stockton have bought the lodem hlket Did Fuller has till over his tsther's practice layne Hufflm is the new dentist md Dawn Bmokdier has opened a ammo of Dance am Voice. Maxine And in Flint Nomm Gifibrd is the Prosecuting Attnmey md bn 'UUIIB ls the District Attorney Some of our clmmates are still ridmt back at lt. larrlsliidx in a different position of course. Jom Hidrs is the manager of the cafeteria and Gloria Carlisle and .Ioan Hint are her assistants. linnie Harriet Fidxert teaches kindergarten at It Morris. And while we re on the subj ect of teachers Harrl et Lehman is a Professor at Bryn Mawr and Darwin West is the football coach at U of I. , I , . ll ' I Y rk' . , . K " . I 1 4 ' ' . . O Q I 1 I . I D D l t . 1 quite a few Mt. lbrris graduates. lazy Lou hddle now plays lax. On the Illton Berle ll . 1 ' , J NORRIS IONIAN lary mu le ve aade qulte a few cxmtrihxtions tn th8 world of music. mo Bob lol fe plays the guitar in the Ray lnthony Bmd. Doug Lahonde took over the Gene Krupa Bmd bb Nsllmd is now the Nations Nunher me Dlsc Jodrey Tom Allism is the new star of ' Grand Old mr-ey' And mms mans has her om dratlng stnw laxinez md look at all the girls who have married. Ton Cannon and Shirley Adle larried som after graduation Same of our other marrl ed classmates are Barbara Bailey Florence Durham Alma Engle Jean Harringtnn Evelyn larshall Cbnnle lartin Delores lcueachy Pat N111 Pancheon Perry Dorothy Richardson and Pat lilllans lilnlec Jil Burgess is playing center for the Los Angeles Runs you know. Ind Nancy Crabb has tim her seardm lbr the Ideal lan to lbllywood. Dorothy lhrman is the new imager at Ped s ani Stan Edxstzln is a forest ranger in upper lichigm lary lou Are you two ping to the badrdzball game lnnlzht at l8d1EIl Square Garden? The lt. lorrls All Stars are going to play the Redleads. lelbers of the te! are Harriet mlver Frances Hill Jmet Griswold. .hanlta Troup and lary Jem ldlally laxine: That sounds like a rough battle That reminds ne Joanne Tatrow ll! just homltals, 1 hear David l:Lean just set anew record in Hot Rod Racing linnlec md have you sem Alan lichael' s lahorcycle Dare Devil Show? Ed lestphal and Did mrunakl are his star riders Ind mother surprise is Jom IlcAtee's success as a puhllc meter Bae was awmlly quiet in sdrool tut me ham't stopped talking since she Kfldllbd. lary Lou And I me we have mae authors in the class. Evelyn Forwthe has wrlttm live historical novels and lmrine Genshaw and Dorls flared have just wrlttm a hook on how tn lose weidnt Evelyn Gilbert is now ming all the Saturday Bvming Post covers lain: Pratt Glynn 18 ll amlral in the Navy mu Pat lorgm rs a colonel rn the laay larines you know I always sumected we'd have soleone frol lt. lorrls in the White Bruno and lt' s finally hmpmed .hckie Lerdne is private secretary in the President llnnlez Patsy Jones is Billy Grahm's assistant and largaret Gossell is a missionary ln Cuba. Ind 1sn't it wondernxl about Bob Stacey being the Olympic Decatlnn Chmpionv lan mu You know I just heard the other day that lmita Root is the new head of the mmf: Orphanage. Carolyn Reed ns voted Secretary of the Year llnnie: km Swmson was voted lrther of the Year laxine lell this has been very pleasmt, 'ut I must rellnd you that this is a Business oftlce md le' ve got a pmer to put out. Cole on back tn lnxk BU lou and llnnle dr all rldrt. Slave-driver! by Mary Lou Qurgley Maxrne Beach Wrnnre Pxttman ' 1 proloted to Head Nurse at ,Hurl ey. Shirleen Farley is also a nurse tlnxe. Speting of MORRIS SONIAN GI FTATURY Mary McNally and Jacquehne Lerche SHRLEY AIILE Here Sh1rley IS a marr1age 11cense w1th your nane changed to Cannon so you won t be f1rst on roll call 'lU1AU.ISN For you Tom we have a h111b1lly h1t book See 1f there s a song you don t know BARBARA BAILEY For you Barb we have a canary to take the place of your P1gea1 wh1le he s away MAXINE HAGI Because you have portrayed o many old 1ad1es 1n plays we are presentmg you vnth th1s art1c1e on How to be young agam OUUL BEPGLE Here s a candy bar Carol to keep you as sweet as you are JAYNE BEYMER A ten year subscr1pt.1on to the magazme Glamour so you ll always stay 1n style MARY UU BIHIE Thls sa1lor hat for you Mary Lou you ve made such a good sklpper IDINA HJVNS- Here, Lorna 1S a nurse s k1t to start you 1n your career DAWN HIIKSHER For you we have a l1fe certlflcate to G M Tech dances JAMES HJFKSESS Here J1m 1S a lasso now you can hog t1e all your women 'KM CANWN Here Tom 13 a rattle s1nce you re baby of our class GIBIA CARLISLE For you we have a mouse so we can hear a squeak out of you mee 1n a Wlllle CLlN'lU'l CHAPEL Here Cl1nt 1S a f1Sll hook Try catehmg yourself a g1r1 PAUL CHAPEL We gl.Ve you tll13 Magrc Lamp so you ll always have your Gemne amlmd TIM CINVELL We gl.Ve you Tlm th1s cow Now you cm ra1se a vanner NAPCY CRABB- Here IS a med1c1ne k1t we hope you land that doctor IUHWAHD UJSIMNV Seelng as you already have a good l1ne here s some good balt cF1Sll balt I HAFRIET CULVEB Here s a bag of popcorn note lt s not burnt How does 1t taste that way7 NYLA IDHR- We present you mth th1s memory book and hope you 11 renember all of us. l"IlBl5NCE IIJFHAM- Here Florence 1S somethlng borrowed and blue so you ll thmk of us cn that day STANLEY HXSIEIN We have the sheet mus1c to P8CI'1C1l, for you We know 1C s popular w1th you MMA ENCLE We g1ve vou th1s Joke hook 1n case you run out BILL EVANS Here' B111 IS a book on the years happenmgs as you werm t Wlf-ll us to know what was gomg on SUBLEEN FAHLEY Here Surleel 18 a wmdow to go along wlth that Payne HAHIIEI' FIGCEKI' Here 18 a cow bell so we ll know when you re around. .DAN FLINT We gxve you t.h1S t1cket to Detrolt as we know Flmt 11 eonmon to ou ENELYN FURSYIHE Here s a rocket Evelyn we hope you ll reach your destlna D013 DKK HIUEH Here D1ck 18 a package of flower seeds See 1f you cm plant a Goodroe IDHJIHY GAINAN For you we have a book on how to get the most out of 11fe We know you 11 take advantage of xt MHJBINE CEVSIAW For be1ng such a good candy salesman we g1VC you th1s candy bar to renmd you of days belund bars -- , ' , . . -- . . . . , I D v 1 . -- , , ll ' ll ' 1 . -- S . . . . H , H . an , 1 1 1 ,, ' ' ' ll ll 1 1 -- ' ' . 1 . 1 1 - . , . . I I -- I I I " 1 1 1 ' - on . . , 1- 1 . . -- , , . -- ,, ' I 1 -- - - - 1 n ll . -- ' ' ' ' o R c . . , -- , . . 1 ' 1 ' , -- , l . . ' , ' . . , - I 1 . -- . , . . , ' Q. . , . 1 .- ' . . - 1 ' " 1 1 V . . - - - ll 11 -- , , . - 1 1 -- , . Y 4 1 I ' - " 1 1 . A -- , , , ul ll 1 -- , , . 1 A 1 MORRIS SONIAN NGNAN GIITOHJ- Here s an angle use it as an example EVELYN GILIIRI' Here s a shorthand pad to start you out on your career FRANK GMVN We presemt you with th1s good sportsnmship medal you ve earned MAHSAREI' CDSSEL A big balloon for you Margaret we hope you reach Height JANET GRISWOLD- Here Janet 1S a panphlet on how to stay young md beautiful as you say you ll reach a hundred before you hook a guy IDRIS HARCHC Since you and Maur1ne have been such good friends thnou the years we give you this chain to hold the fr1endsh1p together in the future JFAV HAHRINGIIN Here s a fishing pole Hope you lmd h1m Jean KPN HIGCS A bushel basket Jom to carry your future success WAYNE HUFFMAN A blonde doll for you Wayne to keep you on the Wright track IAIRICIA ,KNES Here Patsy is a drum Try making a little noise. ALBERT KEITH For you Abe we have a little Schafer HUG LaUNDE Here s a p1mo Drug try playing 1t for a whlle PHILLIP KULIG We present you with this book of argumen s pro and con so you w1ll be able to w1n both sides of the argument HAIBIET LEHMAN Here Harriet is a good ludc charm and we hope you have lr-t of 1t ALLAN LIEN A free pass to the next season s football games you won t be playing IACCIE LETCIE Here s a book of available males Maybe there s one you haven t been out w1th BARBARA IDTI' For you Barb we have a car so your father can have his so we know you are coming DAVID MaCLEAN Here s a baseball Keep practicing on those curves EVELYN MARSHALL Here s a rock Evelyn see 1f It compaikhs with the one on your left haxd CIPNIE MARTIN For you Connie some glue so you and Dan can always stick together ,DANMCAFEE Here s a moon we know everythmg 1S Sonny for you lElHlESMCGFAf'HY Some curlers Delores 1n case Mother Nature tums on'you MARY McNAUY A soldier for you Mary 1n case you get tired of Marines ALAN MIC.HAl':L For you we have these Johnson chocolates sorry It could: t be Mary Lee PARTICIA NDHDW Here Pat 1S a snake so you can always have vou Wlgels worth ' MAXINE NEPH Here s some cake Maxine always stay sweet IUBERT NBNLAND- For you Bob we have a p1llow in case you get ass1gned to the bexch again PATRICIA NBIMAN A metal Pat because you re the only girl 1n 4' Morris fiagh vho IS so Frmk lI.IZAE'IH PALSJ Here IS a box of wheatles We don t want you to lose the old Pep GRIN PATIUNI A blue ribbon for you Curdm You ve been a good leader FANCHIMV PETBY We hope you bu1ld a successful future her s a bnck to get you started WINNIE MAE PITIMAN Here wlllllle IS a pencll and paper Keep up nth the the good art work MARY U11 QJICLEY We have a Mercury for you Mary Lou Now you cm admire your work FAIILYN FEED Here IS a bottle of vitamins Carolyn ybe now you ll grow up , . - Y . I -i . . - . I, I ic. " . 1 1 S' ' 1 1 I , . , . . . - -- I , 1 1 1 " 1 , 1 I ll ' ' I5 " 1 1 7 -- . . .,. . I ! ' ' ' Il Pl I " 1 1 , . . . . "' 1 1 - ' -- ' L that " 1 Q 1 A ' ' I 5 ' 1 . I " 1 -- 1 - 1 1 " 1 1 I ' MARIORIE IDTI'--Seeing you are so quiet, Marjorie, we give you this bell oo ring -- ' - I ' , . . . -- , ' " 1 i 1 I 1 ' ' ll I1 -- , , -- I Y ' ' " 1 1 I l ' ,, . ' I I ll I. . - H . " 1 1 , 1 ' Il , . " g ,cancun 1 ' 1 1 -- , . . 5 . 'Hu , , vs,-.. 1 u 11 . . , . .- l ' - ' ' ' -- . ' 1, . , ,, . l -- , . . , . ' . -- , . ' ' -- . . . , I x , ' MORRIS SONIAN 'VIAHJOHIE RENICK Some drugs for you, Marge now you can start a store oi your own WPNITA HDT A book on nurs1ng for you Wanlta slnce that s your a.mb1t1on MARY SANDERS Here s a Joke book Now you have sometlung to gggle about HJBEHT STACEY Here s a telephone Bob 1t mlght come LD handy when you get ready to g1ve your gmrl a rulg KENNEIH SPCIKIIN To you Ken we glve 0118 glass of tomato JUICE Try dr1nk mg 1t for a vlule ANN SWANSN Sane lux tollet soap Ann We hope you alwasy keep that school gnl oomplexlon 'JOIUIHY RICHAHEN We presemt you wlth thls book on what every young brlde hould know UIAFIDTIE SWEH35 You have such a n1ce personallty that we re g1V1Ilg you th1s book on personaly. ty Maybe there s a poxnter you dm t know about IOANTNE TACIHJW For you we have a scholarsh1p to G M Tech Now you can attend classes too BENJAMIN TIIMUS Here s some nerve tablets Benny we hope they make you a llttle more bo1sterous JUANITA 'IHDP An astronomer s hook Juanlta we hear you go out for the stars. sumec mth you HERBERT WEST Here Dar are some teeth to replace the ones you lost 1n iootball UNH WESIPHAL Here Ed IS a box of talcum powder to cover up that blush IINYA VHITE Here Donna 13 a whale we hope you have a Whalen good tlme. PATRICIA WILLIAMS TBXIB fare for you Pat now you can go see Stanley CAPCLYN WRICHT Here farolyn we ve composed a song for you Wayne Wayne Plues LARRY ZINK Slnce your great amb1t1on 15 to go to G M Tech we have an entramce card for you RICHAPD ZIIUVISCI S1nce you re such a mystery here s a pad and penell wr1te a lxttle about yourself DAN KEITH For vou Dan we have a calandar turned to the month of Mae DWAYNE KLINCBHIHV A cook book, Dwayne You ve made such a good Jan1tor try your look a cooklng 1 " 1 . . . , . . " 1 1 ' -- , . . . . . , . . . " 1 1 -- , , . . . . ' . - . . " . , u . . . L -- . . . S 1 O- . . , . . . ' 1 ' 1 I . . x -- I l l I - " 1 1 , . " 1 1 HELEN WARBY- -Here's some geographic literature, since "Flint" is a popular :Vg t ' ' . . , - . " 1 1 - I I , . . I "' i , I - - ' , u DI ' " 1 1 1 - ll 11 " 1 1 ' l ll " 1 1 1 1 1 1 If -- . . . . ' , . , , . . . " 1 1 -- l 1 H 11 . f -- 1 . . - 1 L ' . MORRIS-SONIAN CAN YOU IMAGINE SHIRLEY ADLE not going wlth Tom Cannon? TOM ALLISON weighmg zoo pounds? BARBARA BAILEY not trying to get out of school? CAROL BEAGLE being loud and noisy? IAYNE BEYMER with long hair? MARY LOU BIDDLE sticking to one man? LORNA BOWNS singing on T V ? DAWN BROOKSHIER wearing her dramond on her left hand? JIM BURGESS being a featherwe1ght boxer? TOM CANNON with red hair? GLORIA CARLISEL as a woman wrestler? CLINTON CHAPEL with a hot rod? PAUL CHAPEL wlth a brush hair cut? TIM CONNELL tallung back to a teacher? NANCY CRABB with a poodle cut? HARRIET CULVER having her lustory done? DURWARD CUSHMAN without a girl friend? NYLA DORR belng bad 1n school? FLORENCE DURHAM not having any Witt ? STANLEY ECKSTEIN being a star athlete? ALMA ENGLE as a pnvate secretary? SHIRLEEN FARLEY having long black hatr? HARRIET FICKERT not mad 1n typing class? JOAN FLIN'1 misslng any SCIL001? EVELYN FORSYTHE not getting all A s? DICK FULLER livirg on a farm? DOROTHY GARMAN without a man? MAURINE GENSHAW now selhng pot, at basketball games? FRANK GLYNN being four feet tall? NORMAN GIFFORD with curly hair? MARGARET GOSSEL bemg quiet? JANET GRISWOLD not playing some sports? DORISJIARCEK withal! fuends? JEAN HARRINGTON not tallong 1n study hill? JOAN HICKS not workmg rn the cafeteria? FRANCES HILL as high point man on the girls' team? WAYNE HUFFMAN being late for school? DANNY KEITH not sitting wlth Conme? ALBERT KEITH going with a natural blond? DWAYNE KLINGSHIRN not hrtung someone? ALLAN LIEN rushing to physics class? HARRIET LEHMAN wrthout her work done? JACKIE LERCHE not smiling at everyone? EVELYN GILBERT not doing shorthand? MORRIS SONIAN JOAN MCAFEE as a snob? DAVID MacLEAN looking down on Dick Zoromskt? DELORES McGEACHY settling down? MARY MCNALLY not being on the honor ID11? ALAN NHCHAEL with a Buick Skylark? PAT MORGAN staying in school all day? MAXINE NEPH not talking me much: ROBERT NEWLAND bashful around gum PAT NEWMAN wixhnuther diamond ring? ELIZABETH PALSO being hard to get along with? FANCHEON PERRY iw! up in the office? GURDON PATTON not roller skating? PATSY JONES being called bubbles? MARY LOU QUIGLEY without something to do? CAROLYN REED bffilll six feet tall? MAPJORIE RENICK working at Dixie Drug Store? DOROTHY RICHARDSON being single? WANEITA ROOT without EVCIYIIP MARY SANDERS turmng agarnst Beecher? BOB STACEY running backwards in a uack meet? ANN SWANSON without a big Buick to dnve? CHARLOTTE SWEERS not lrking anyone? JOAN TATROW with blue eyes? IUANITA TROOP forgetting about I0hIl? BEN TITMUS with a crew cut? HELEN WARBY not liking Flint 2 Buster that is HERBERT WEST going to college? EDWIN WESTPHAL as a movre SUI? PATRICIA WILLIAMS not being teased? DONNA WHITE with the Last name Blick? CAROLYN WRIGHT getting along with the law teacher? LARRY ZLNK tryrng to cut classes? DICK ZOROMSKI going steady with Carolyn Reed ? BARBARA LOTT with blond hair? EVELYN MARSHALL without 'Dan ? CONNIE MARTIN Without freckles? LLOYD MASSEY being called nmt? by Barbara Bailey and Dorothy Garman G"!'iR"'D KENNETH STOCKTON President of the U, s.: Jn U' MORRIS SONIAN K 7 LA N ,, fls f J1 ffyf ,-N C 14,1 f! ix YI ff'A7,j,!A A Alf fjff ,I X11 ll I4 B' P ITEM Q mi CUXAQJFS X can ic 5 4, MMM , 'kQQ, f MQp1e oncx fgafb Uofypjc Mwfflld MORRIS EONIAN TOKE v AuX f.l..1m at A a K U ci L I Ab3UQus.T LT .1 . LL ' mV He called a sp oe a mac, u 1 . ax she! n 'uit E115 fmt ruth we er 21 ' Pau F "K aC'QuUaL uno N un 5 c 1-gy, V' C' nf '1 x 1 Xx . 'S I- V- '- . . 4 , , , F ,,. . , . - - , ,V .1 1-ly g. Q I". .V W-xxx fjvixf A th, 3lTL'L'T , g'. LII if fig' H' fy ua' iais. Vvil' " I Iv dx wirl :iii f gi 1 9 L f 'T 5-L 'x lv 1' 'Wt 'v'v 1ill'CLi'1Y1IL'QT1V, fsmvzn l"' f xr- '15 :ix 311.1claim--1rw1I?11:: 'vt , i! P 1.73, ' ' a' ' ' Izuureu :,, A ' xf: f, F 1 "Pvc .lilli--lU!1QVv any , 'r. chia.. am' Q' gg- U1 " N" :rp gulf" 1 K ,Ba J .. , , Q Y ygh UQ 31 Hill. JU. x,Cl,IT.l,x l ..- - , - J SR HIGH X MORRIS SONIAN UNIOR CLASS HISTORY Class Offlcers Presldent Doreen Franzen V1ce Presldent Larry Wlutney Treasurer Jack Chne Secretary Bob Grmg The Junlor Class was very act1ve 1n sports th1s year Part1c1pat1ng 1n football were Bob and John Batson Kenny Lowell B111 Yates Jun1or J8COb1 Larry Vkutney Bob Grlng Gordon Gallagher Gordon Thompson Jack Cllne and Melv1n Jacobl who were on the Varslty Gordon 'Ihompson was honored thls year on the A11 County Football team In basketball Gordon Gallagher B111 Yates Bob Gr1ng Larry Wlutney and Bob and John Batson were all on the Varslty B111 Yates was placed on the All County team 'llle baseball team hasn t yet been plcked but we thlnk that the Junxors w11l be well represented on the team 'lhe glrls who part1c1pated 1n basketball were lbreen Franzen Smarlene MCCIIHLIC Lela Goodroe and Mary Lee Ashe The class Mlss Berqulst and Mr Sestak sponsors enjoyed the mov1e O Henry s Full House 1n January 'Ihey also had a paper dr1ve and a bake -sale along wlth the concesslon stand of the football games 1h order to get ready for the Junlor Prom Rhapsody 1n Blue We gave the play Here Comes Charley 1n Aprll To the Senlors we wlsh the best of luck and happiness 1n the comlng years 'r u . 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 " - . ' 1 , . . . . 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 11 - - ' . 1 V u ' 11 1 u . ,, . . . Q I GRADE ELEVENTH MORRIS SONIAN br Evelyn Knerr Darlene Jmk G ne Doreen Frmzm Larrym tnq lbbGr1ng, Jmk Hrnphrq' Jemnefh .bnm Smxi me Md!! ntlq Mari yn Esth Buster lujorie than Jom Ashe Rmn Schidmer Gary I son S stnk Gloria Moore. Le a Goodroe, Mary Le lr Satond lbw Hme lhite Gloria Pamd Zahn Pa Bea rice Sevem OD Vunmm Converse Giro Esthe ndlfm y01nn Kin sker Keith k:Kay Qzr-:bn 'lhompson GeraldDmn1s Rober Brom. Kmny H rd Row- .lm or Jambi DaleHqvs, J m Gloria lbwm, Mari yn Roberts largaxe tbssel, Joan Rutter Vlrmn a A1 ce Wdker P1111 Slmks Ibn ta Wlaley Wd Cam yn Schaeffer Jbhn Batmn mssel Blossom. mb Batson Nmqy lbC oskey Jadx Fisher Albert Hmlne W lamn b dllb chal sid Pint Row--Donthy Averill, Pat Drudge, hrilyn Jacoti, Bae dowski, Betty mrpin, lawn al, Put Samara Bunny Bills, 1 , 1 , ie , 111 , , . er , 1 1 Bradshaw. -- . e , 1 e ie , 1 , , g. Beverl 1 , r 11 , t , t , 1, .het Tnlnphoun Ridmardrbrds, Don lmidcexbodien Glen Rath, Ibnn1eGi1kes Miss Berqxist. Thi - 1 , 1 111 , , , t Lo 1, 1 , 1 , 1 t ,- 1 Spears Snider Hall, Szixiey Pike. Jane tml, Ba.:-barn Deal. Fourth Ro -- 1 , . 1. 1 , , 1 . Dal 1 tl , , 1 1 . Keith Morse, Bob Harcdx, Demi , erf el d Floyd Mclnhan Slmm Ddl e Jack Sevem: t eL MORRIS SONIAN SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Class Offxcers Presldent Jack L1nder V1ce Presldent Gordon Schultz Treasurer Barbara Clontz Secretary Fred McAndrews The h1sto y of the so omore class ln 1953 was one of contlnuou act1v1tw and great success The SOC13l act1v1t1es were many and successful Some of these were DHTCICS the flrst A11 Hlgh Dance of 1953 1n wh1ch B111 Lamb spun the records Another soclall event was the hxlarlous three act play The Inner Willy .dzxeetod by Mrs Stark and Mrs Lew!-sf bL81'I1R'g'1'R the cast were GlUCk Lowell Bob Schnleder Pat Hxrgess .hm Farley John Culp Jack Mart1n Deanna Randle Joanne Carlson Barbara Clontz and Harrlet Rogers In the sports f1eld we were well represented on the squads In football Leo Boss an honorable mentlon player Hugo Brackrog Charles Lowell Jack Mirtln and John Culp helped out the team In basketball our team t1ed for the second team Ch8TlP1CIl of the league Thanks to the help of Mrs Lens and Mr Knupfer our class sponsors we have had a very successful class year Q -- ........ r ph 5 , 1' . . . . H . . ,, . . . v 1 ' 9 J- - .. V . . H . . h - , . . , H . . , -7 . 1 I I f Y I Y l , I ' . I l f , . . . . , , . MORRIS SONIAN 'Eb Jack Johnson lohn Oumammi Wayne Lien DwavneLee Leo Bmny Babcndx an Trocp Wanda H1 fe. Jmny Mae Baxter Merl e Gmrge V ck rs eLeeck J rry Bastedo Pm Hidcs, Hug: Braduog Jim linter ee. Ly w Roger Gmshl E49 92 .sr-1 . H 5 HE 6 B2 ag H E I' : W 0 G ig E5 52 E " 'Eg as 223 " 91 6 'I'-1 .. E5 ai Ea :- LT -3 ,B as SH 2-2 2 gi QE Eu: 5 3 vi gf: EE -'23 55 B Et. 1:5 '..1 55 vs Ei ES . m .,.4 5'1E2+sQ.,f.'5. B: 8 as So Q cz .-. '50 OE' 1:3 as 55 ii 52 5 ' gg O E 'H '-'IS' 29,22 E: iid SE-gig oc: Eh 9 . " go 555135 55 E 5. SHEEHEEQ E -- mv v ca ,EE-gig-16 af E"1'E'f.E5-EES?-"BH '-' E v,Eg5gI.qgE E B .Ei ,.. Qafggiiiag 2' 55532526-B 5 EJUJEBJE v-1 W E Bsgggaffgzf Q Bhtn.-1 -SQQEHE' uijqrigiie' I 82""5'L':'t!of595 g-cmxvoa .E+-2 C5 vii 3,192 E ., Pigs s.. B 5238,-3E83m.:-S IEHLE:fT'3Ei E: Cl- an-1135? 2 U1 54525523525 we 55555 Eamgxaf 1. rn I2 E MORRIS-SDNIAN Freddie Magrane, David Steel Dai y me E son Jem Ba dwin 'mm Kovance, wanna Henin Stark ll' R0 E Q Berks. Joan tbodn F' orenoe Fbrd, Cam Jom Sme di Mary Leighton Pa Fidxert lv- -Geral dlne Sevem ggs, Wm lrldmt, lhxjorlew dfmg Sy via llsnen Jane Gmmnat cn Barbara Lynch. Jo lynn lerrl Sxirl yF'1sh r othv Bandera. A1 ee Bums. Janice Adcennm Pat Evals. Patty Wright Pa tv Hoort, NmcyL1ntnn Gene Bnke C810 B8-T481 G18dJVSShiDDr t, Kllmahnn Pat Hairy Grace Carl: urtn now lucy Van. um, Nomura Prindl Kem? KOUCSKY E-f1'Cl'll-1 dw' Cla re Lavme R1 Stmderten Pifih Row--Hu' 1:7 llrnngtm llxry Famer Simon Katmo D SEED GBIYRHJ WIS , D D 5 . ll- . I , S X rst w-- . , , s 111 , 1 , BWSY. .bm'lhrd1man. Carol Bogs Jmet Baez. B111 Adle, Emie Reed, Jack Rodiwell, Carol Lmcbn, Emersnn Davis. Game Brewer, Ru Allis. Pat Hutdmcxaft, Carol Pbus. Inrlale Wallace. EIl1mhethRoth, Shirley Wiltsie. Bunny Daniels, lisa Meis. se u nog--Jerry Smead. lnrycrunnell, Patsy vauunn, Barham Dennis, label Merrill, Phyllis Pitman Claudette Donnm, new HaQdJm, Didx Hilldlexg ledin Eislnger, Deanna McAfm, Pat Wray, Juanita Talada, Doma Beach, Margret Merrill, Betty Pifen Barham Scinner, Dick Allen, llmdn Matmidx, Roger Zinmen Gerald Severn, Katherine Little. 'lhird Ro , t , 1 , , 1 1 Sn. Jlldb' no 11 , 1 n 1 , 11, e e, Dor 1 . , t , . m -- In D e' 1 ' f o NIUE. li-ll. Pd: Adm! Dmnnavinemf. Sian Ihrrls, Oludx Bmvinn, Hamld H3858 B111 lridlt, Robert Hill. mnaldmmbargen Jlle 'mdlen Uuishill. rom mmm. lm zumsu, nm-all oviatt. mbert mis 1-1m many, 1 - - . . 11 , 1 , 11 Dlvld NWJK- 118118 IDUCIUIG. Rmald Bdl, ,mn Dorn Lyle Reynolds Jerry Cole. Jerry Hlmt, Didx lan, Jdm Roberts, Pat WWA' ' - 2- av . 1 1 , W1111 . Uma Tan 811. Bulb Clne, unanJL1 Q1 Ln d Jdm Olarp Cl-Illllll Edd. VOQR .2 SON J X l ll X Lpx 1 l lk, SIALQ l 9.11 I' 'len N1 trymg t make tl ue mn zsuan e xrl Allen If vou ll me me xou. ICICDL 0 le nuwber I ll call you un sometime r thc, bpolx Allen Fme' What s your name? Gul That s lil me book, Loo ,, ,, -, FV- NA.- Yf"f" l, a An ' S. "ll Wlll-'l.X'f1lll. lg iw - my ' .lx gum Q, "ml, 1:1-l li, .111 Mr. fl. "Il1z1'X.c,.'ls' R151 . my vlfc fur lwrv -Al I l1aIctl1i.lIcr11'1vur, ' Mr. Plldlvcllg "Smit: thu huzuamr I I ns nf Qual ship 1, lui XI I L X LI llc f . p ' . ,, , ix'c.g 1' -, " Ma j, lcgm M. "l.L',2-- l c. ' A. .. " or 'r "1 4 1' . . I' ' 1, - - v 1 N Y' ' 1 fi 1 ' l " ' " . . ., , . Gi lg "It'Six1 1 '." 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Dick Z.: Then will someone explain why men wear Hack 00000 A blgamlst lS a fellow who makes a terrlble mistake and men makes another wxthout correcting Lhe fxrsl 00000 Mr Wllhams The man who marries my dauglner will get a pnze Stanley E May I see li pleezp ofOoo du lpn me wnere Hrtsburgh is ' Ffallk C: They re1 Clucaso for a ll ble header G6O5lf8ph3 Teacher: 'Who C- . ELEMENTARY 1? N ...X P H VL G5 fgi xf 'N oo G!liQN SIXTH GRADE MORRIS SONIAN Marie Petroff Sharon Osbom Owm Terry D ment Caro R. tter Mary Ledrow, Robert Forsyth e Roth F FS ROW L15 Harvey Nevoomb, George Samers, Gary Yost Rnbert Lqrg lhm d W1 dfcng Mark Ke th Lundbun Carly e Robertsnn yt dc W11 ard Slargu, Geraldine Mi er Sr r ey Reyno cs, Zonda Locey Jan th Lrndsay 'Ibnmy Sanders,Larry Oakes in Secmd Row- Mrs For berg, Normal Rack Pa.tA1 ar Jadr Amo d, Susan wok Glorra Pace, Caro .Dhnson Judy hm, Smdra Judy Prlncing, Virgrn aRoo'r. 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" . . y u w "" ' - ' T. .-. 5 . .4 5. . 1. . J Q n D D- E "4 -r'4 B -1 if 3 - 0 . 3,4 5 E gg. fl . . E : VE: -F? . n 5 . 4 E' : i : as - "' . as L9 - 'E 125. 'Hel 8 "9' .4 . nm 0 PT 3 e . . H . E: E SL " H ff- rg-: ' III EM' . 'E Q E . U 011 - -.5 :: -- - s: 5 E: - fs '- Q E ' ,., 'N. s .n E E' ' ' 'C .,-4. :a : ' 5, 3 - Ex ,..-Q . -Ei rn .-. 'EZ SECOND GRADE MORRIS-SONIAN Bl 'lhomas. Ronn Figgins Bi yvanc Gary Balch, Roy Cmglow lucy Fundx Wenchf Chok Gary Smmce 8 ke ldiinnis laura hal dl Im Ne 15 Richard Ca Norm McCarthy Smxon Bxym orie Owens, Linda Ho hmm Sxmk Lynn lm ck zbodx Bmlmll 1 4 ' ' A , ol. imt Row- -louise ldlarihy., Douglas Licqxia, David Kem, Francis Ldeiux, Jimmie lzrtagxe, a Slimbarger, lmy Beih Griftln, Pane1aAgle. la.r15:Sdxrmes. lhrgaret Owms, Jerry Puller, Geozveslqaard. Linton Pahl, lhrme Sal tys, like Pepper, Gregsryksymoni, L1nchAsh1ey lbdc1mdYomg Second Row--Mrs. Harkness. Kama Bigalow. Leslie George. Barham Culver, Jerry Proxorst, Patsy Rouse, Jenn Crossett. 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Pau -- , 11 , , 1 , 11 , 1 ' , 111 1111 1 , 1 1 , ,1 1 , 1 , 1 11, 11 1 1, , 1 , 11 , 1 . GRADE FIRST MORRIS SONIAN Darlene Rou e, Glad lead Bi yChem e xd Doris Ziler llldem reland. thru Hosk ns, F rat ROD- NUC! Y Laura Cobb. ll mn Beam Patsy Hamel 'l'erryPerez hrthaHarr1ng1nn Rnnn Sn th, Jaxx Hmmm mut, Sm r Cha RJDC lint Linda hmm Bedxy Carl ala. Lew D Vary David Llmmn ly E 3 E E! 9 1 - , , I 1 1 s es 11 1 r, Billy lright.. Vivian Ridley, Ellly Hmm, Dennis Dougherty Kmnsh Osborn, Lyn Glasow. John Robertson, Leslie Plains. dllund, Ridylbmen Deasle lan, Slam lbdd. Lily lst. . eoond lbw--Irs. Beckman. Cheryl Bldvall. lbmie0lsy. Betty Willindmm, Judy Wheeler, Charles Reed, Dom1dGard1er, 1 , 1, , , ie 1 ie t l le Hilillsvv. Paela Rnulsm. Jme Enid. limml Fe'-mJson.-Ilss Beck. Third Row--Denmstbn , 1, , 1 is e , , 1, rl s dues. Harold lbrgm, Bruce Iillims Judy Dufflng, Shirley Blis, Ronnie Bartels. Stephen Morris, Mike Yuresco, lmhzue. lblly Reed. Fou lbw--'moms marks. 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C8-10150 Clalk, Billy Rice. Slam 'litmus Gerald Baryo, Linda '1umh111, Lestaerllex-11.11, Glades Oxlver, Eddie 01618 Germ' lhthews. '1homasS1eld4, Boblv lbcte Dale We-nn, R1dxardKozle9ly. . 1 , e 1 A 1 1 , ylmmmm, mnnard mlhollmo. mmm lmdale, Dennis Rodlwell, mnnie Firman, Harry Beach, John .DhnaJn, lhvidbdmmm, Donald 1 1, . 1 1 , rs. Phfnmn. Thi!-agp - , , , 11 e , , . t ' C erle 1 e, it , , 1 , 1 wley, Bobby Gr1ff1n, laxinelplf. lbnnieswmmn. Fburt ,- 1 11 , 1 ' rg e e 1, , 1 vi , 1 , ' , it 11 , 1 911 bert A1113 Dam mitmen. Billy Cbpenhaver, .llmnv Richards, Charles Moore Nelsmn Gr-ahm. t-- 1 . terl , 1 1 n, Stmhm Sadler mwlsn He Win ee dn Lal CDS Ch ad Smlbn Ib MORNING KINDERGARTEN MORRIS SONIAN Mari yn Spooner Johnny L.aF'1a1r Roger Stames Mxke Po ts. Glor1aJea1 Jaoom Linda lbsle, Loretta Ezel F rst ROW Heldi Carraher Sharon De Vary Ronme Wanda Wh tney thur Qxnnels, Dick esetta-tn Chuck eBaryq Damy Jxhnson Jbon George Ymmg, Jerry Cross, P1-melafhl Lp Joal Char es, Jem Quarles Mrs Sestdc verett, Mary mn Bidmff Jmmy A1 an Llnda Respedu, Kenny Ebth M ton Beth mn Jo y Mrs. Calhoun Secnnd Row P oucha, dm J mmy Owens, Ch ery a Brumaher SFQISJYI HJDD COllW'1Y HDD BTU C8 D8V1 SJR P811 el' M1 ce Homms, Dunne Lefergey Slel a Tate. M1r1.aLa1k n Mm Broad Mdlarthy Beverly Lagrleis, A Judy S1 ann De Arcy Llnda Baldwin Lmnda Hmm- d 3 M cney Ho evlnsk Mary Am Fldmer Pat Weber SKCUI L0 lbw- rd 'lh x, DonaldD eh Tbmmy Fleetwood. .lldv A m e Petnmo sNe1 ett, Stevie Ardm ey mnn Nmqy Rutter Phy GS Gerald Cal dim Ridcy Anderson Rldiey Palmer 'Ibmny Behm Jebavy Prlnc ng, Ricky Anes, J K H' HHI'CDllI'f., Carl a Moore, Row- Karen Durhzn Man: lbyt Jlmny Chapman Bo y unton 9 WW. W ., . .,,., I i -- ' ', ' ' 1, 1 , , ' ' t . Ar ' i , l J , 1 , ' , .' ' , ' A29 , . l , 1 , . -- , ll , i 1 , ' , 1 ' , il E , Marita '11 , ' ' , l F . 5' . , it , i l 1 I-I , A . li ' , i " i . mrth. i - i , ' , , ' i f 1 l , ' i, ' , ' , Gilli , lli 1 l , i ' ul i 1, , 1 , Jem , , ' , , , 1 . ,Flourth - , ' , bb ' , i. ill ' i . D 1 , 1 i , 1 a L ,, ny 1 . i ,,,, nni RJ Arthu r Corhln Il bby C00 Ranthl Bdlnkm B0 Laewek 'Ib P VU nd L Vial 9 Ibm! Ike. ZSC I' Tern' N t We ale AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN MORRIS BONIAN e, Carl Vance, L nda Eddy Raoette, Donald Lesl 6 Rmald IBS F' rst Row- Sraron Crary Dorem Yager Donnie Zirrmer Sraron Gertrude Reed, Jo mn Ldcer Maman Jmkms, Eleanor Terdra De Radley Judy Clark Pmworse, Mary 'Adm ey Jess Lbss Hubby D mne Zrvrdx adr Roger Lawrence, Norva Jem Lardes omne Taft Llnda L oqua Sn th Linda Bet? J mmv wood, Dmny Gaspancn Rrrcly Nancy Kern san Darn s LoRee, Mary Jlpe, L nda Rodcwel EI' Grery H ,Judy Soho epp adm va Brom L nda Stoneburg, S sm Strmac Second Row- Mrs. Calhorm L, nda P ke Alm Decker Judy Lawrence, George Buys Caro Fhrmmtrout. .be Walker B1 y Kmna, Donn e Val er're Le Qrtnn J mny mm Mrs Broad Sandm Jacobs Omn o Bal uvun e Jo Lrneberry Laura Rldrards Karen Salsury B 'Ih rd Rnw- .be Ulptm mug as Klnsman, Dale Lvans Sammy Oouch Man yn Harcek Jnmy Noffsrnger Ibnn e RJ odc marth Chen Eggl estnn Oo ear S attery Bobby Peterson, Roger W Jerry Knoodle Denn s Schroeder John M Davrd Yettaw John ce Kaliinan, Mary A Davrd Sdrne der S Lrndr-rw Nhrgone Bramum Mrs. Sestck Karny R. drards Jdrn Gracbwdc wry Carrier 'lynn Gam Freddre Comm Jerry fboch, Av1s mnna Sn th Kathy Dome Ldwm D1 rance h Row Wmda Neeley 10UI' Danny Rlta Merrr oway Kathy Sel t7er YHO B Klr M se Gera d Hannon Sammy Joe Speaks Kramer Karen Mason Martha Swal es .Dey Salavrcs Lon Gal agher Mar'vCodc M1IlI'l 6 Jw! SLHCU es, maeevasnn OonneAdcerrnan X . u Q, . S - gl Q C A 'H -f-4 v-4 f- Q --1 , f'1 x - "" VJ F-f E - 3- ' H '-a F" - .,. . 5 L14 r Q ' M 'I-1 r-1 7 -H "" . H r-1 ' r-4 i - - 2 ' 'H M V IQ' .-4 - --4 .-4 . - g: "' B , L. . E3 .,.4 ' ' - 1 . Q. ' fi . 12 . . P: i : -1 5 6 .,. H . E L3 3 -H H r: - 4 11 ,-4 F, . -H ' P1 . "' if '55 Q Q . - E Q . A 'rl L' ' - N - .H . if , - . .,, O . -5 K -- Ja ' 3 'D r .U . v-4 as . E4 - . - N : H , -H 'S ' I F' -A ' . ta-I . . 'H -1-4 .,., 'H . ' Lf-4 f'1 .. E "'4 ' . Q, ' . - .. V -v-4 - .-. E --1 ' ' f . 3 T" . L7 . . , rv .74 . I-1 5 - ' I 'FC , e . lg . "" : I ua 7-4 ' ' . . , 'H ,-1 -H C I Q 7-1 ,F4 - al- 6 MIRCHUWEBAND 3 :a A 55,6 E 2 Ei r ?a,5ga 5 8 ug!! 'F is 5525 5:5 Q 52:9 ' f Bgimzu I E 5 E -as qi, + Q25 .. is 5. E55 .., E 32 5 ,E Ei 2 - sg 22 Q I 'Bn E-tg ra 22 :E E HE gun 2 l gg .E gg S 32 25 1 fa 2 QQ-:H 5 egdfgb' gg 'gtngq 3 gggifi H'gEg ggiagpuagige E gi 3."',E B ',oo l'n P H S3322 MORRIS BONIAN Joyce Ed: stein S1 xi ey Carlo Char es Bnyton, lbw- Patsy Jones Jomno 'html Jme mul Iary Lee Ashe nie Sdl 61812 Glrdn Pditil. JO!! Ritter: due' Jerry lm dxerbodler Bet!! Adle. Janes H Put Hxepnrd, Emie Reed, Rlchardlii aker Seornd Row- Jme 'Pudcer e, Bevel aHaadxer Imaam mmons. Patrlc Kenneth Kozleskx Rav rd Row- Frmoes 0 Ibole. Nmq Larm n putting on a very ga cm r o ned with the es this year e tbncat Band mmimed music for sevsal zssanb and cl o sed p wed exdxmge concerts with the Fraser and Sal ne H191 Scrno hands, 9 Decflb er E 65 8 n the State festival at Ann Arbor dpated Dllrli First - , , , , 1 11, 1 I Rm 1 ' - . 11 , 111 , 1 . Robert Janes, Camlyn Slater, Du.v1dNUvdx. Phillip Brym, Dale Little. ' 'nn - ' 1 1 V I , . . 1 1 , Baldwin. Stmlw Edstdl. .Iles 81111088 Jack Szavczvk, Roger Garen Jerrylimt Lam mitmm mum mv--sex mmm, nunasennz. an-yum-nn, nuglasmmndq Pau chapel, un young Abamt--Pall hllig. 'lh 11 , j 1 1 1 od Christmas Concert. 1 . 1 1 1 the sea ntth asprtngtbncerton lIkY15th. veral members of the Concert Bind took part in the instnlnentnl Solo and Sndl lhssnble Contmt ibr this dlssrict. 'lhev are Shirlw Carroll, Betty Adle, lbnnieschieber Jack Szewcwk, R1d1ardH111sken Dale Little, Phillip Brym. vid Novak, Ray hldwln, lDug1asL.aI.nnde, Rex Lalnnde, Gary Wilfnn, David Sdnultz. Of these, Betty Adle, 3111-lg CUF011. H108 Ullllldu QU 'UDB Ray Baldvdn md Rex LaLonde received the rating of Slperior in the dldsrict mntest, md 1 , ADVANCED BAND MORRIS IONIAN drer Omar e Balderstnne. Janet Bxrray Jean Lawrence Linda Tdxtlnm Smdm V nyani Sxsm Pqspe E Advanced had has been very active Sane of thei time has hem ann in eaming tn much m tiny themwtnn heymoveupinoth hrd1ngBand. Thy edthellal oweex1Parade. be expected o li hat arineta--First lbw--llzrjory Bryd. Glmda Brackrog, Pat Wray, Peatrlce Beagle. Sexmd Bur--Pat 'IU , 1 s , , . 1 n Flutes--Ridmrd Hess David lntagfe. Bxmtnnm--rbmm lblism, mis Welker, A1131 lnrtz. Chmets--fhxy fllmen Peter lzhem, Donald Petmft Demrd Snith. Carolyn Gardlen Drnald Bmm, James lhadxen Tlmhmes--Joe Ridmardsm, Frmk Prindle. has--Rlcln lmdn. Permsalon-lbudas K me 'nm Early, lillinn Henry. Frmd: Hom- -hvne lmmev. bsmt-Sally Sadler, Delores Taber: Lynvood lndrevm 'lhls your me ' r t 1 A L will ma u 11 f u n e 1 A 1 ' '1 The IAN! BBG NNER S HIGH UN OR MORRIS SONIAN lbmaniq laxlne hm. Dale Steee VirzinnHnroek lbnald Fox JudyEl s. lmdorevtl dbng, First lbw- -Sheril argaret Severn Sm. aW1 Ill! 818 B111 Sm ty lhgli Fred Keene. Darrel Oviatt, R,a.1phHan Smdm Harbum, larlm DKd Second Row- Pali Baxter George Hgelon Eh Carli sl e. I I I ' ' ' ' I 1 1' 1, 1 , , 11 1 1 , -1 n . , 1 . - , 1111 1y, 1 , rectnr ULD1 Miss Hans MORRIS-IONIAN Delores Knerr .lxdy Hxsh Bediy Nmcy Adans, Patsy Franks Geraldine B1 er nth Burgess, Jim Harris FN Row Ham d R chard ibort, Ray Evans, C nude Shams. A1 an H Ritter hrcia Stuart, J m Walk er Second Rove- Cam W dfmg Prank Tate, lam ePr1oe -bhn kile Tulmv Mme H31 Miss Eli R0h1n C Carlsl lbyf. Olin in Wny gb Ml' Yuln Rav- 'Ihrd onedvdhvocal of the band mbers CII S67 Christmas Qncert Sdmoo the Grade 1 , t --L1 , A 11 , . Kenyon. Caxol Johnsm, llarllyn Wallace. .- - 1 , ' 1 . 1 1 1 111, 1 11 1 , IB, i - . , 1 , sm. x part in 1 1 J 1 t . 1 1 t. 1. tnok d bm grmia th S1 The fn o s S rixets, qlnrtas fran the sane grade b mt an a spring talentpmgz-an on lay MORRIS SONIAN Kathl een Lnoyslwer lan gn lasm First lbw- Lawrmce Terdm, Ad ene Bums, Rox1eNave Kat! y Gxodme, Dima Max Reui. Linda Mdnony Dam n Kn diexbock er Balbam E1 S. Mdad Reed, Iddmard Kel h Bun Brmlf si defer and Dodge. Ib! md Raynonci Jumita Wa kex: GHDI' Bunn eKraner Margaret Swanson, Sal y hues Judy Keele, Lem Howes, Dmelmtman nd Row- 015 Almasy R8-Hd Q Sharon I am Q Awamn Peme, Kirk M son, B1 Arl me Nest, dia' EnnaHa1 H Don end. RDF' EV0l?tt I 'Ihrd d 8l0tt, 'Dm Tiff, RdJ8't Bmdimg, Ihxbfiln Ihdd. L Johnfnn C1 wmce Roth D H' '13, Larrymnrh Y :th lbw- Ham d Prlnde Gary Derbys 11 I MORRIVS-SCNIAN Double Quartet First Row- Gea.ne1eGu111for Suzmne Glowsci Swfmd RO' Jadiie Llrche. Phillip Kung, Joanne 'ratmw Row Three- Qxrcbn Patton Ronnie Schleber 'Ihe Double Quartet was f1rst organ to sing at a Lions Club bamuet in the fall After rbing a very gmod job there they made several other appearances inaludirg the OIYISGRS Concert, the Home ECDDOHIICS III Homer and Daxghter Tea., the lbmmts lzsicale Snciety in rum m'd the nigm School an oontesr. Pou rth Raw- -Jan es Bsrgess E 'SI 0 QU!! 0 mum .xamsgg Q f'aB.l ucnmqqam JUG IB T919 193 UUVI Of Pal YPUI' 'aqauaq a -a 5 3 3 5' 3 Q '1 MORFIIS-SC'NlAnx -1' - PA TROI.. BOYS 'ef First Row--George Bigelow, Bill Stewart. Gerald linear, Teddy Hoyt., mnald Laxman, Larry ldaxlell, Rex Oofde, Numan Ftxnsch, Ron Sampson. SecQn,d Row--A1131 Hartz Perry Swanmn. Roger Morgan, Craig Gillesaie. B111 Summers, Eddie Mead. Janes Atkersm, Don Gring, Jim Troop. Third Row--Dick Landon, Don Grundel, Roy Mercier. Dale Giese. Midxie Grymes, Jack Bryan, Km Odxes, Leon Dennis, Dick Lawrence. Rmrth Row--Bob Mclierchie, Russell Freeze, Sammy Culp. Roy Bartel. Allan Ross, 'Ibby Rathhm, Janes Hannon . MORRIS-SONIAN ANNUAL STAFF Seated--Patsy Jones, Jmet.Gr1suo1d, David IlacLean. Jayne Beymer, Gurebn Patton, Carolyn lrlght, Pat lorgm. Stmding--layne Hufmm, Dewayne Klingdzim. Frances Hill, Douglas Lahonde, Dick Zoromdri, Jim Burgess Winnie Pittman, Jomne Tatrow, Dick Ful ler. Editor in Chief Assistant Editors Joke Edrtors Sports Editors Art Editors A.f.umni Gurdon ratton Carolyn Wright Jayne Beymer David MacLean Dwayne Klingslum Frances Hill lim Burgess Winnie Pittman Evelyn Gilbert Shirley Adle Pat Morgan Connie Mamn Janet Griswold Feature Editors Advertising Music Class Edrtor Joanne Ta trow Dick Zoromskr Drck Fuller Wayne Huffman Patsy Jones Doug LaLonde Mary Sanders MORRIS-SONIAN COMMITTEE OF TEN eft UD Right 'iflllev Bok stein Jayne Beymer lhry Lou Quigley laxine mad: Carolyn Reed. Gxrebn Paitnn Wayne!-lufnnm Dick Fuller HONOR STUDENTS Second lbw- ltry mu qugley Jom lcAfee. Frmces H111 Barham lntt. Harriet Ldmm hlme Tatmw lbsenn- Evdyn Gilbert. Jayne Beyner Allan Lien Did Zoxonti Slides Adle Valedictorims Harriet Lehman and Barbara Lott. salutataorims. Maxine Beach, Evdyn Gilbert. and Carolyn Reed. Honor Students Joanne Tatmw. lary Lpu Qxigley Jayne Beller Frances B111 Patsy Jones. Allm Lim Joan lcnee, Shirlem Farley Dick EIDIQI Dam Bmokdxier Shirlw Adle 5 -- I 9 g , o g . F1 !'St RU"'U8l01,'D 8800, Ulm Iirulllllef, il TIES Pan ey Patsy 'Duel lllllle Belir ' l v ' 9 9 I ' : o I n I I I I MORRIS SONIAN Pat Evans Gorrbn Sdtu tz Pa Drudge y D1 ting Glrcbn B1 ton Sa Joanne Car mn s, Beth Ridley rst Row Ray A er Helm Griffin. Mrs. Wanng, Pat Jm ce Ackemm Jozm Kuh A1 ce Evans, Jean Tmcp Barham Si nner Harriet Cu ver Second Row ss Harrletwh te Ethe Johnsnn Jomne 'lhtmw Patsy Jones, Ihnna Barham Lott. Marilyn Bradshaw, Harri et Lehman David mcLem Dwame Kltn J m Far ey Cam eLmq0n Mar yn Roberts, Gary Robertson Nancy urth Rm: John Oomorom Ibn Kn dierbodcer A mL1en Bu pltu g Pxeddv Mcmdrews Rebecca Robert Mcfloskfb' hrbara Deal lbbert Riot The Latin C ub began the year by meeting to elect the officers as tb ows. Presldmtr Cmsar Qmkn Pat 9 F1 -- 111 , 1 , 11 f t , 1 . t Mary Mill . -- , 1 , 1 , i i , 1. ' Burge , 1 , 1 , Bench. 'lhird Rove- -Maxine Beadu, Rui Hidcs Pat Adans, Slirleen Farley, Patty Wright, Marjorie Mmn, Gloria hbom, Pat I-bort, , , gdmim. Fo -- 1, 1 , 1 1 , 1 ., 11 . . , , 11 ' , '11i 11 , sun. 1 11 - - -- tm ' - ffing Cmsuls--Pat Ewans Gordmn Schultz Em' 1 . 1 f 1 Alma the nrvcrms were dmmtimtion rf myths Original plays pan es ul and a mmm style slnw. Thrill! Latin Week, pdl 12-18 in the show mae there was a display of projects having U, gb with me Latin Projects ilieh lm llc! by each member of the class and voted on, the bat axpearing in the mow can Apart: for active miners of theLat:m C1ubwashe1dMa,y14, A mat man dosedth 1 18111 ensnr- Sal -C ecmt ary S the mark ng period. class took mms entertaining the others at Latin C ub day sh ch was the sernnd Friday o 952- 53 Latin Club MORRIS-SONIAN FORENSICS Seated- Alice Evans Mrs. Waring Evelyn Knerr Gloria loom Dm Knidtels tncker Jom Potter Pat Bxrgess, Joan Kuhl Sally Duffing. Standlng Paul Chapel Patsy Jones Harriet Lehman Jane Gaul larilyn Bradshaw The record of the formsic group has been one of lnnors and laurels, mn for the sdlool 'Ihe speech contestalts took major honors- three first places in the distrlct and placed second and third :ln the regional The year has been a pl easant and fruitful experimce for those who responded, at the beginning of the second semester to the call for speech contestants- In the various d1vis1ons they 8DDeared as ibllows Decl matlons Jom Kuhl Sally Duffing, Pat Blrgess, and Alice Evms Oratory Don Knickerbodxer and Pall Sluts Extempore Harriet mhmm md Pat Jones Dramatic Reading Gloria loore, Paul Chapel Jane Gllll and .bm Potter in humorous mok f1rsts" in the district. to ga on to the regional 'mere Gloria more pl aced second and Joan xuhl third in their divisions a good record cmsiderlng the rather tough competl tion with eleven sdlools of the Detroit area. 'mus it is that the lt. lorris forensic progrm has bem steadily gmling in prestige in the past three years. This year's winners have further erhmaed this prestia. ' I I U ' I ' J 0 I , I . . , . I X l ' . . . -- ' " 0 r 5 ,- u - 0 MORRIS-SONIAN ' DEBATE Left to gdmtggarglupfer Marilyn Bradshaw .Dan Rutter Harriet Ldzman Patsy Jones Maxine NEWSPAPER STA FF Seated- Dorothy Averlll Jayne Beyner Cbrmn Qugley Florence Duman Ph1l11p Kllllg mme Beam, Mary mu Qnigley Pall Camel Gmnme aulliimr Pat Drucge. Staniinv Mr Khupfer IBIIHIS Michaldc Sasie Glowski S'l1!'1QP1k6, ally mfflng. Doma Beam Pat .bnes, Bah mvdand, Mlss lafkms, Mr Thvmbxrg - . 9 I I g , u 1 ' - I I I I I I 5" I I I I I . I Noam: UONIAN LIBRARIANS Seated- Miss Watkins, Deanna Hemingway Sally Duffing, Jean Troop Marilyn Jacobi Margaret Knldierbodxen Stmdlrg Harnet Ollver Dmma Rand1e,v11-glnial-laroek Cami Banks, Carol Bardm Ellm Robertsul CA FETERIA V1I'gl.1'118 Haroec C!1ar1otteSueers, Mrs Hidis Hn Imam Irs. Clagmer i SPGRTS MORRIS IONIAN :mg N ""1 FI 0' 'M '-' ' lm ,cm CD 03 'U O Pa Z MORRIS-SONIAN FOOTBA I..L. HIGHLIGHTS This year's record in football shovs the Panther' s qualities of the Pmtbers of old, who fought for the defense md honor of their school 'lhe alumni of yesteryear would gaze upon the fight md spirlt of the younger gmeration with pride and adnlr ation for the dormant Panthers arose and fought vallantly desplte adverse conditions to defeat sevm nvals 'Ihese ViCtOX'18S were slgnifi cant in that they clearly indicated tnat the boys in the blue and white were not cmtent in belng perrmial cbormats. The Panthers with four returning lettennen and a host of Snphomo res presmted the new coaching staff with a 13 6 vxctory over Sacred Heart, of Flint. in their baptismal fire The boys 1n blue and white were subched the following wedx by a strorg Beecher SUHG. 32-13 Inexperlmce and lack of depth pmved tn be the dec1ding factor Nurs1ng the1r wounds from the previous week the Panthers mauled a superior Kearsley 7 0 'lhe game was marked by vicious blodxlng and tadxling by the whole Mt. Morr1s l1ne 'Ihe power of the small Panther defense was clearly displayed in the following mntest against a heavy Fenton eleven The Pmthers clawed a 13 0 vlctorv in a game featured w1th long runs by Wolfe and outstanding line play both oftensuely and defaxsively 'lhree tnudmcbvns were nullified because of pmalties. The combined rmning of Wolfe and passing of the sllding T qxarterbadi Yates to Ross was sxfficient to tum bad! the detennined charges of Flushing. 13 7 'lhe gane was marred by freqxmt penalties The blue and white played a bruising gane at Grand Blanc. 'Ihe Panther defense intercepted five passes md styml ed the offensive threat of Grand Blanc A punt retum with perfect blodling by the mole team shodx Wol fe loose for 80 yards and the necessary points ibr a 6-0 victory Featuring a lothers md Dads Night" tn glve lnnor to the parents of the tem Yates md Walfe contributed tallies in a fine display of ruining and blotting in the second halt U1 the Clio gane, the Panthers mmbl ed away their opportunities eight tiles which virtually hmdaxffed the Panther offmse. A pass interception ceq: in our territory was the tuming point of the glne, and Clio secured a 19-0 win 'lhe last game of the season with Bmdle featured Line running by Brackxog. Bxrgess, Lim md Stacey Outstanding defensive line pl ay was exhibited by Cline, the htson twins and Cbrtbn 'lhompson As a reward ibr their outstanding play James Hlrgess. tbrdcn 'lhompson and Robert Hal fe were awarded gold lbotballs mr making the All fbuntv term Desplte the fact that the scnrlng was done by Gring, Lim Ross Stacey Yates, and Wolfe. much credit for victories and f:lg1ting spirit gm to John and Bob Batmn, Hxgo Brackmg Jim Burgess Jack Cline lel vin and Junior Jacobi, Abe and Dau Kelth Chuck and Km Lowell Jack llartin Cbrdon Thcmpson Larry Whitney and the other reserves who were sa loyal and faith ful to their school md tem that they came out every day to encourage and build the team to their victories Even tlnugh the reserves were not lettennen thelr mmly figxt did not allow than to glve up and they undoubtedly will be the future stars oflt. Morris teans u ' the Panthers lived up to thdr mme lv trouncing Flint Tech. 32'13. Stacei. mrgms, MORRIS soNlAN VARSITY BASKETBA LL First Row 'Dom Canmn Wayne lixfnnm B111 Yates, Frank Glynn Bob Gflllg Semnd Row Jerry Freeman Bob Batson Bob Stacey Lloyd lassa .pbn Batson Larr llltney Bob Newland. HIGHLIC' HTS The Bays Vnrsi ty Baxethall team axffered mmy set-badxs this year IOBHY because of a lack of height. Coach Stark had mly wo lettennen retnming tml the previous ymr axound which to hlild the '53 teal. with as little to work with he cale up with a pretty scrwpy tam This year he again loses six boys thrmm grachation If the lnys show the sane spirit next year as they have this year they slnuld capture a first division place. B111 Yates won a berth on the 1953 A11 Qaunty Team with tm Seniors. Prank Glynn and 'Ibn Cmnon cmturlng m honorable mention Letters were awarded to Bob Gring, Larry Whitney mb and .bhn Batmn Bill Yates Frmk Glynn, 'Ibm Cmnon I-llgi Brackmg, Bob Stacey wayne Hufmm and Bob Newland Hats o'f'H in lr Berlin ibr an excellent job of soorekeqaing md lerle lest as uinllgel' IS. 'SE'5'5A gh- EEVES. . 'U ' k 9 .' ss RS flssl asq L' , 'IEY , 2 3 . MORRIS-SONIAN JUNIOR VARSITY First Row Gorrbn Schxltz Bill Wright. Leo Ross Jack Rockwell Freddie lcAndrews. Semnd Row- UJBd1 Sestdi Ernie Reed. Dave Novdi Hugo Bradixog, George Vickers, John Rcberts. John Comalomi WINNERS ' Fbr the first time 1n many years, the Junior Varsity basketball tean turned in a The seasan record of 9 wins and 6 losses is not the true story of this years sqxad since 3 of the losses were by one point. In league play Kearsley Beecher Flushing, Grand Elmo Bmdle, md Fenton 1n a zbuble overt1me, were the victims, while Davism md Clio were the cnnquemrs. winning seaaan whidm netigedvtheu a tie for the league championship. Monnns soNlAN CHEERLEADERS The d1eer1 eaders were a little unsure of themselves what ibothall season started hit as time went on they overcame their shyness Dlring nearly every game you would find the cheerleaders out there really yelling their hearts out fbr the tems. In a tigxt spot those cheers reasure the tems md makes it seen like every body wants you to win 'lhe three cheerleaders this year were all freshmm and we expect to see a. lot more of then in the years tn come. Two fellows you have seen at the basketball games leading the hol..e crowd in dxeering the teuns to victory were Ken Stockton and Jim HITZCSS Their humorous antics wh11e leading the fans in dmmrlng kept everyones mirits up S11r1ey-------- --Pat Hutdlcraftr --------Iprma Prlndle MORRIS-SONIAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Row- Harriet Qllver Dorem Frmzeu Connie lartin Juanita Troop Jackie Lerdxe, lrumy H111 Dufb Pat lorgan, Numa Garman lary lcNa11y Lela fhodroe. Snrlme .Dumb--Dot Griswold, Barbara Clontz. Mary Lee Adle. ALIDSI' NOT QJITE 'me Gids team gat off to a bad start this year and never seemed to get bad: on meir feet. Several of the games were very close 'Ihe defensive section was fa.1r1y mod but there seued to be a lad: of acaxrate shooting, Next year promises to be an interesting season as only sevm of the team will be returning to the courts We expect to see Dot Griswold Lela Goodroe Sxarlene lcclintic. lary Lee Ame and Barb Clontz scoring md NJIIIB uamm and Doreen Frmzm on the defensive end of the floor 'me remaining three umm members are graduating A11 of the girls wa: letters this year. lfilliit Janet Griswold, Jenny Baxter. MORRIS-SONIAN COACHES 4 2 Mr Padgen Mr Sullivm NEED IIORE BE SAID? I , 4 , Y-, ff I K, f 5.64 3? R my J Y- v.w,Z!! , J f K - ., , 3. f , 2 w -4 , 5 - ' xt - Q- 1 . 1 , .. . W 4 3, -5.2. SQL. ' -4 ls , . MORRIS SONIAN BASEBALL R 9 mv" am... Yates, Huh Grlng Gordan Gal agher F rst Row- A in Hartz H131 Bmdxmg, Larry Yah tney Frank Glynn Leo Ross Bi Gary Rdaertsnn Ly e Leedi J m Bnges Freddie lcmdxew Jack Dale Hayes w- Coach Padgen Bob Sdmeider B11 Wddlt. IbmaBeach. CbachSl 953 have becnme an aggresqlve md sp rited hal club lhder the gl dmce of I' S11 van the Panthers of detenn ned. Perlnps the most ua. starting at the present tlme and the final record has yet tn be 6 SGH!!! 'Ihe gane mn 5 nn nge, wth Kearsley at Whaley F eld. UWT Elle the Kearsl ey ng contest th s far was ri n the past. the squad slnu d fin sh f the boys smw as mud: sp rit and tem vmzk n the future as they have close tn t Monnls souun GIRLS' SOFTBALL D' First Row Dorothy Griswold. Juanita Troop lary Sanders. Janet Griswold, Harriet 011 ver Joan Hardman Barb ara. Clontz. Second ml- Carol vuncannon Bea Sevem, Joan Kuhl Pat Bxrgess lary Leighinn Jom H11 eds Geraldine Sevem Third Row- Coach Duffy Launetta lcNa11y Fmnny H111 Carol Beagle, Jean Troop Rama Gamm Crack!! went two bats the first night out for practice 'lhis delayed future practuce untll two nidmts before the first leagxe game. So far we have played four games md all are tallied in the loss column 'lhe tem is moving sigms of impmvenent md Sxould be in the win cnlum The most exciting gme so far this year has been the Grand Blmc glue. It ms a pretty even match for hoiil teams with our lassies coming out on the short end of a 10 11 score. Everybody got hits. 'lhe tem loses five menhers this year througm gradlation lith the underclassnen gaining experience this year it von't belong before the Pantherettes come out with a winnin g tn an Monnls soNlAN TRACK i ans, Frark Glynn Bob Batsnn Hugm Bradcmg, .bhn Batsnn 'IbmW1 Albert Hume Secnnd Row tbadl Stark, lbnn e Bel Inn mmbarger seasm for the tradc salad. Just six boys wl rm n 70 26. mv 3 ust about closed the 'o A victnry over C nth: n thepo evault ows wln competed were Bob Staoey who todc first place 'Ihe fel 6 the Regional meet May Alm p aced ln the tbunty Meet He also rm n the medley re ay vh ch tburth n the h gh hurd es. county meet and mpmving w th each meet ani slnuld gather qu te a few po nts before the smsnn ends Lien and Jdm mtmn have been tean has helped out Speedster from the basebal Frarkuynn n that evmt at Mt P easant helpedp ace Mt. Mo ris EVHI n relays md running EVBI' l'l8C5S8.!'y md Judi Martin 440 evallt SFWKS in The 8803 YOUHS. CD 220 and re ays, Wayle men 220 andpo uonnns souuu GOLDEN GLOVES Jud! hrtin Hamld H3883 Jud qmnchyb lartin made his boxing debut this year at the I I A. Auditorium Judi is a smphomore and has hem active in all spoxts thmugmout his txo years in hidm school Jack lost his Clrst tnut on a decision in labrm Bxrmn who was sewnd in the welter weight class Harold Boggs made his second appearance before the boxing fans at the I I Harold is s Freshman and fought in the ligmt weight class He has been active in tbotball md track this year. Both lnys trained at Berstnn Field House. 'Ihey participated in an exhibition bcut against each other at the Aram in Flint. Both boys plan tn gm cn in the boxing field, le wid: than time best of ludx in the future. 'gZ2!'if, 47 LUM f "7 ff -7' .Z A 'Y 141W ffl f - -2.5 , fi! , , f , XM I if N .f fi K! X P K7 1-ffl? !YV, f? ,Lf Y -, Y 1 Qi 9 C J F ' S Y Q ff Q - -f -T I di xxx . 'Q f? in Q 1,1 X I I ' fa! F C 21 , MORRIS-SONIAN Alumni cuss or1g43 loaalleilaon,'Ml's.D1ckerson, HarhorBeach mllB1'l1DlI MAF Turell, St. Petersburg Dorhaxllugt Mn.RayHovlaek, Flint suwartaalaaoo, cal. nnmaaomgmuaul clna:1anallnta,a.c,ueMau-u Wollolllabeoek, SomhCamllna lmjamlalurbank lnhatllaho,m.Mums lomlooCarputor,Manled,Gonoasoo lottyCole,Ml'l.RtlellIJmham, Mt. Morris Iiu,l,MlaD3lldKmU,MLMllIh B1 MBQKGIDBQIPIUIIIII Praouzlslaarrball, Flint Arlmellotmu, Mt. Maul: IbMarr,l.anslng kllMoao,Mt.Monls vImlamuamumm,A.c ummm lahoybiarahall lllllouolilor hllswilliamcrlmtlrs Flint lielllhluao PlylllaNohon,Mt.Ma:rla UGlll!dN01.D8G!,M!.Mmll Kanaathraulaon, 'rmcker llholtllraqhetmolt lobctPaekor,Flmlda lottyPoloy,Manlod nay aoti.Mm.a1mars1a,Mt.Mam l!llllvnou,Fl.tnt lolallaelaodoll, Comms Paint, Mt. Morris MlH!lSllvamail,Mn.Hart,Fllnt Pdbiadgraat, Manded,Clln I-liyllobooppaeh, Kalamazoo lAvhtehooppacb,Flktt Ajilldtil, Mm Dallnlllpe. Mt. Morris 'VlrgI.lla'l'o1ld,Marrlod,Lanslng IIIIIYUKII, Mll.Wayno Sprlnsteen Shlnqlvooll, Clio CIVIIIL Woodboeher, Mn. C Coon, Flint what zmu, mek. Mt. Mmm lmajoaa Clampltz, Mu. John Coaens, Flint DorhCalsoll, MIl.Rh:lla!dMontague fllo Armbyke, Home, Mt.Marls MtxlneDocker,Mn.B.I Wheeler Mt. Morris mnkoalg Mt. Mana Betty nudge, Mn. Jack Nos, Mt. Maris MIEDQIB, MLMIII KlmB1ll8Pl'lZ1BI Manled MI. Morris Bonnaiean Goodman Mn Benjemm Roberts Flint William Flrard California Joyce Gell Mrs Vern Selleck Mt Morris Ercil Gough Mechanic Chicago Rosemarie Halloway Mrs Dick Serven Mt Morris Maynard Hitchock Flint Lewis Hodges Mt. Morris Gladys He rick, Mrs Harold Graham Flushing Lucille Hendricks Mrs Shasy Mt Morris Deane Harris Buick Office Mt Morris Rita Johnson Mrs Cole Mt Ml Donald Johnson Home Flint Joyce Kurty Mrs Sharp Maxine Keller Mrs Fracrs Marshall Flint Ruby Jones Flint Henery Lerche Mt. Morris koaemary Lousbury Mrs Wm Holloway Mt Harvey Lowell Ortenvllle MOIIB crass or 1944 Jacqueline Quick Mrs ErwlnA Feltz Flint Betty Yates Mrs DennlsORiley Flrnt Betty Samson Mrs Richard Noffsinger Mt Morris Leone McKay Flint Surgical Supply Mt Morris George Watson Minnesota Mary Scherha Mrs Richard Carver Mt. Morris Shirley Scott Mrs Bill Rockwell, Mt Morrls Bernice Long Mrs James Cox Mt Morris Kenneth Adair Buick Mt Morris Shirley George Teaching Flint Thelma Diehl Mrs Clare Downe Lennon Mich Wrlliam Carr M.S C Barbara Draper Mrs Lloyd Sowash Ohro Mabel Shlnke Mrs Wllllam Penney Mt Morris Helen Langdon Mrs Jack Esson Flint John Cosens East Lansing Phvllis sweet Mrs Robert Blake Mt Morris MatgaretBea u Mrs Dick Howland Mt Morrls Dlck Howland Grand Truck Office Mt. Morris Doran Matthews , O K , l I 0 9 , . .. , . ' 9 I Aglqlhing, Mg, jamgg Cgugquqm, pmdmyulg Lousie Maglnn, Mrs. William Lamb, Hammond, Ind. I ' 5, I U A I , , , . . . . , ts . , . MORRIS SONIAN Alumnr aphashanaa, Mn. Chauessamnnl, Mt. Morris David Klllh. MI. Marla Ardithllsa, Married Mar:lalMadal1, Ml. MackSeverance, Flint aohenaeppmhagen, omne Lansing Dallnllawloy Cal. lovely ladgley Mn. Leo wages, Beecher auth 0"ldan. Mt. Maud- lolllaCarpenter Mt Morris , nchrewrrgkz manner a Teacher romana Pauline Ima, Alabama nbertlrys, Insurance, ML Morris Flmoncellrmer. Married Mlladl Ascoln Mt, Morris Lear Brown, Deceased Jack Lenox Buick, Mt. Moms Lois Lavely, Eugene Oregon Edith Ammerrnan, Mrs, E. Tussmg, Fla Manley Baldwin, Mt. Morris Joyce Foley Mrs. Garth Hillier Mt, Morris Donald Smith, Army Phyllis Haver Flint Max lander Mt. Morris Everett English, Mt. Moms Patxv Wilson, MB. A. Sutton, Ind, Don Schneider vugrms Mum Mrs. srwm Mccram, Mr. Morris Catherine Hurry, Pharmacy Mt. Moms Margaret Robinson, Mrs. Robert Purdy Mt. Mon-ls Ralph Engle, rzaumad, Mt. Morris Dorothy Roth, Mn. Roy Rumsey, Flint Mardell Rounds, MII. LeRoy Meade Mt. Morris Norma Clark, Married Ohio Helen Puchala, Married Maxine Wilson, MB. Alton Colllng, Rochester N Shirley Snodgrass, Mrs. Don Beanush, Mt. Morris JuneGow1n, Mn, I Smith Mt. MOrris ICI!! Cole MB. KGB, MI. lvruur: Helen Verguson, MB. Hamilton Morris Oklahoma 'Marlon Iewett, My Morris Valna Marill, Mn. Leo Knisely Ind Gerald Benson, Army Shirley Salisbury, Mn. T Kingston, Washington, D C Hugh Weaver Glmdale, Cal. Evelyn Smith, MIS. Robert Alm, Flint William Gallagher, Navy Patricia Packer Mn. Basil Hoyt, Flint Doris Cole, Dixie Dmg Store, Mt. Morris Class of 1945 Margaret Colling Iesearch Work, Chicago Ruth Leadlel, Mrs Burton Davis Fhnt Wllfer Johnson G M C Account Department Flint Mrcheal Myers Army onnayne Strand Mrs Fredenck Powell Flint Slurley Severn Mrs Mynard Crarg Fhnt Ruth Babcock Mrs Bernard Dunn Flint Duane Johnson Bruck, Mt Moris 1eanneQurg1ey Economy Furniture Flint Oorothyyringle Married Flint Ruth ronnson Mrs Robertsmrth Laneer Grace Anna Grresnammer Mrs Buntrng Mt Morrrs Grace Shaver Mrs Richard Freeman Indxana Zala Durham Marrred Rose Lavene Mrs Walterlee Flint Edna Lavene Mrs P Hn h Flushrng Lrnay Darg Lellevan Lawson wus rvan 1-rsher lndrana Leona Lounsberry Mrs Robert Terry Davrson Kenneth Trmm Bever1yjeanMoross Mrs Cosens Maxme Moross Mrs E Mynard Mt Moms Paul Knickerbocker Army Patrrcia Daly Typrst Washrngton D C Luanrta VanArsda1e A C Flint Ch' lev R12 df rd M I wrpn Fr-odwrn Fhnt .odslean Mcrnxyre MlII16G harming William Heldebreicht Sumrnerfrelds Mt Morrs Miriam Graves Hurley Hosprtal Flint Ezella Matthews Spring Harbor Mrch Car1R1d1ey Army Betty Buys Mrs Paul Harcz Barbara LaBarr Mrs Wllhs Taylor Flint Willis Taylor Chevrolet Flrnt Ellen Goodman Mrs Weslev Carpenter Mt Morris Mildred English Mrs Mack Kempfield Ohio Edwrn Lavely Buick Mt Morris Loralee Cannon Married Mt. Morris '11enDupraw Mrs Thomas Franey Mt Morrrs Donna Grbson Mrs Clarence Kalmert Betty Urch Mrs Dale Boogs Mt Moms DeVereKerv1 Maxine Murphy Mrs Ralph0Ma1ly Mt Moms Marjorre Peden Hamady s Flrnt Eleanor Whrte Mrs Beebe Alma Mtch. Eleanor Whrte Mrs Beebe Alma Mlcmgan Donald Haynes Blnck, Cho Helen Hicks Marrred Fhnt o - - - 1 0 , ' I O 9 I lu I 1 ' . I , . . - ' ' ' , . , . a I I , , l ' I - . A V -. . , , , I 1 , D i , . I . , . . , . . I John Kelly, Railroad, Mt. Morris i ' ' u 1 l v rv n ve a r-D ., ' D I ' D I Q , - . U , I - I . , 'Y' v U , ' I I ' . ' 11 . - V . '- ' a 0 ' ' . I I I ' 1 o , a 0 ' : ,f ' ' V Ruth Mitchell, Mrs. Judd. Detroit Vernon Williams, 'Detroit Norman Card, Flint Ardis Babcock, Mrs. Norman Card, Flint Cnzprotteynvc., Mrs, M, Kimmel, Mt. Mvrrl-S Keith Hillger. Hilliker Insurance. Mt. Morris Hettie Ru O'Dell, Mrs. H. Forsyth Genevieve Boes, Mrs. Harry Gooch, Mr, Mon-15 crass or 1946 Dale Coenen, General Electric Boston Mass Myrna Gough, Marned, Davison Rosemary Sheldon Mrs Bumard Fairman, Flint Mary Clarnpitt, Mt. Monis Jeanne Brewer Mrs Robert Prevo Flushing Cmalee Severn, Married MORRIS-SONIAN W" ' Alumni Georgianna Edwards Mrs. Fred Greanya, Mt. Morris Josephine Crocker, Cal. Rose Cole, Buick Mt. Morris Thelema Howe Bell Telephone Co Flint Sylvester Jones Ala. Francis Potter, Mrs Palmer, Mt. Moms John Thorn, Flint Maxme, Mrs. Robert Benton, Flint Ernest Jones, Mt. Morris Maxine Adams, Manied, Flint Bertha Bellinger Married, Flint Harriet Dodge Mrs. Robert Johnston Jacob LAfnrgey, Army, Alaska Idella Jones, Vxrginia Joseph Podoley, Mt.. Morris Otis Tremarne, Mt. Morris Dick Carve: Farming, Mt. Morris Jean Grenier Mrs. Maurice Tucker Mt. Moms June Hart, Mrs. Maurice Tucker, Mt. Morris Ralph Sheldon, Mt. M0118 Mary Lane Mt. Morris Shirley Card, Milwaukee WB. Welcome Humbarger, Mrs. Gordon Holister, Edwin Simmonds, Otlsvrlle Margaret Hurry Mrs Joe Dewyse Mt. Morris Janet Powers Mrs. Kenneth Donovon, Flint Fred Greaya, Mt. Morris Marguerlta Daly Flint Jack Keith, M,S C Donald Werth ML Monis June White Sears, Flint 'adme Glldden, MIS. Earl Helwig Mt. Mon'ls laulme Greaves 1531-ry Hrldreth Kalamazoo Morris Jean Woodbeck, Buick Office, Flint DonJefferson, Mt. Morris William Beary M,S, C, Beulah Bardm, Rogashill Lelia Breczko, Mn. Nickolas Doromey, Ohio Earlene Gell, Graffs ,t. Maris' Audrey Cooper, Fla. Ld.and Sorenson, Buick, Montaose Jean Spore, Married Milfced EffieCh1-istenson, MB. A1.Byer Reed City Marlon Van Norman, Mt. Morris Shirley Banks, Mn. Pete Pasterz Saginaw Ruth vanderpyle, Mrs. Ayers, Mt. Morris Dale Conzuest, Mildred Unger, Mt. Morris Ardith Mlmger, Lapeer Jean Lawrence Mrs John Weelock, Mt. Maris Joyce obeum, Mrs. chan: cam, Mt. Morris James Borton, Army Ixorma Potts, Mrs M. Bigelow, Clio Harold Wininge, Mt. Morris Edna Richter, Married Dorothy Drew, Married Shirley Veleaw, Mrs. Rmsell Nalron, Flint nobenrones, Buick, Mt. Morris Earl Helwlg, Midland Francis Lowell, Midland Rtmsell Durham. Mt. Molds Myron Kimmel Mailman Mt. Morris Ruby Anderson Mt. Moms Freya adams Navy Class of 1947 Rolland Ayers Fhnt Norman Babcock Construction Mt Morris Joyce Banks Mt Morris Russell Beckwith Lansrng Ehzabeth Bloomer Mrs Frank Mtddleditch Jr Mt Peter Bodnar Western Michigan College Kalamazoo Earl Bo1v1n Frsher Body Mt Moms Barbara Breczko Mrs Tom Knlchar Patricia Bundt Hurley Mt, Morris Charles Bumett Ludlngton Fntz Cain Navy Joan Clark Mrs Bernard McKenzie Mt. Morris Larrol Cosens College Ohio Jovce Cox Home Wilma Jean Decker Mrs Faur Mt Morris Eugene Derengowski General Motors Institute l I I U ' U . C I U I , ' O ' , I ' ' Q O I D , . , 9 F ' .' '. it r r - I ' , . . v James mapa. Mt. Muni: Mona Jean Bellinger, Mrs. Ross English Mg. . . ' , , . , , . . 1 . I I 9 0 D 9 ' ' I . I ' . 0 x ' ' ' 9 ' ' Q ' 0 - f - - MORRIS-SONIAN Alumni Don L...ger, Navy K Hazel Ed ley, Mrs. Floyd Harkness, Ir. , Mt. Morris S Marion Faferko, MIS. Ray Lamb, Mt. Morris lean Freeman, 'flint Jackie Green. lrs. Jack Mvsimino wuugm Gre roman, Saginaw Robert T G iffith. Rosenburgs Wholesale House Flin' Duane Hammond. Farmbl Floyt- narnness Jr A C Mt. Morris Joan Harltnas, Mrs Dale Newman Mt. Morris Arlleta Harrington, Mrs Serverns Mt. Morru Donna Harris Married Flint Francis Hendericks Hamady Bros Mt. Morris Rowena Humbarger, Married Texas Jessie Hurry Mrs R. Cagle Pontiac Laveme Hursh Barber, Mt. Morris Joyce Jyzer Mrs Walter Morten New Jersey Darlene Jacobs Married Barbara Johnson Mrs. John Toth Mt Mlris Eugene Johnson Air Corps Maryann Keller Mrs Dick Kraff Jr Frankenmuth Della Kelly Mrs Joe Podoley Mt. Morris Donald Kenyon, Ohio Betty King, Married Beverly Lallarr Mrs R. Stevens Minn. Joanna LaFurgey Bank Mt. Morris Robert Leadley Ferris Institute Dale Marshall Army Walter Martin Air Line Trailor Clio Bruce Maxweu AIUIY Bernard McKenzre Mt Morris Patricra McLain Mn. Leland Sorenson James Juch Tear-her Ann Arbor Don Murphy servrce George Nation Natron s and Tompkins Dept Store Paulme Neph St. Joseph Hospital Flint Richard Norlock Army Jeanette Partridge Mrs I Ennis Mt. Morris Martha Patterson, Mrs Thomas Murphy Jr Mt. Mo Robert Peters Burck Mt. Morris Narda Plew Mrs A C ytreter Flrnt Rrcnara rowers Buick Mt. Moms Paul Pringle Burek Beecher Lrllran Puchala Mt. Morris Eunrce Puslrman Mrs Bil1Sr'1lth, Mt. Morris Donald Pyne Marines Garrett Qurelt Colorado E: verly Rrchards Mrs Roy Sanford Flint If onald Rock Arr Force Theodore Rogers Rogersville Elevator Roszersville O a Severn, Mrs Kel-S .Joris Schneider, Home, Mt. Morris George Smith, Army Rohata Sheldon, Home, Mt. Morris Max Schoheld, Army lrme Smith, Mrs. Lloyd Ilrpe. MI. MOU!! Owen Smothera, Navy Donald Snapp Advertising Agency, Deaver John Snodgrass Navy Elizabeth Sorenson, Bell Telephone Clio Mildred Swan, Married Sylvia wart, Beauty Operator Mt. Morris Bob Tabbert, Army Air Corus ance Townsend Mn. mrecmnaut. Mt. MGH' semasm Treat. Flint sary Ann Ward Mercnants at Mechanic Bank Mt. Morris Mrrdred Watson Mrs sert Srrnmons John Ward Deceased George Wemette Army Eugene Willrams Armv Rooert Wilson nog Jones University Greenynyfarolina Leonard wayne Wngnr, Burcltlletarl Mt Morris WistonYoung Burcrr Mt Morris Vivian Scholosser Mrs John Preble Cgufgrnh crass or 1948 Jacqueline Eagle Mrs Baltz Earrna LeM1eaux Mt. Morris Ellen Sheldon Mr Keith Norton, Flint Donna Maginn Mrs Kenny Kursik. JackZeru11. M S C Alice Jones Mt Monrs Doris Pifer Married Flint Louis Dorman A C Mt Morris Jacqueline Welch Married Flint Dale Blandford Mt. Morris Charlotte Shoens Ms Robert Buys Ernest Maynard Mt. Morris Della Draper F B I Washington Ralph Buys Navy Rrchard Evans U ofM Lansing Helen Kujala Mamed Cal Shrrley Getrs Married Cal George Dolon Wienstien Electric Mt. Morris Bud Johnson Navy Beverly Manldin Mrs Richard Mchggart Erleen Elleman Mrs Paul Hapln Mt. Morris Dean Elleman Burck Mt. Morris Wallace Rogers Kurtz Gravel Mt. Morris Delores Hart Mrs. Wallace Rogers Mt. Morris Jcan Packer Mrs Dean Fireman, Mt. Morris M Morris . A ' ' , COL Berry Parks, Mrs. aan Borvin, Mt. Morris ' L Gail Brookshier Chevrolet Mt. Morris Dorothy Beaver Mrs Robert Cudney Cho Owen Pringle Bulck Mt Morrls Doris Bryan Mrs Gall Mowery Reatha Montague Mrs Robert Wilson George Berry Army Don Poweison Buick Mt. Morris Mary Ann George St. Joseph Hospital Gwendolyn Lawson Mt Morris Acll Gough Dudly Electric Mt. Morrls Wendall Sullivan Deceased Zelpha Hllliker Mrs Leonard Vincent Betty Falkenateln Mrs William Smith Kansas Ronald Knickerbocker Service David Strand Navy Charles Ballance Mt Morris Dorothy Boroff .Mrs Charles Bamett Ludlngton Evelyn Bees Married Mt Morris Jeanne Munger A C Flint Harvey Severn Army Leonard Hill Tank Plant Mt Moms Joseph Mark Buick Office Mt. Morris Jean Tabbert Married Mt. Nbrrls Richard Bramblett Lansing Mary Jane Holloway Mrs Fred Smith Mt Morris Margaret Murphy Mrs Prpoley Flint Pat Rmhter Dorarne Qurgley Mrs Norman Babcock Mt. Morr1s Lorrarne Suryan Mrs Hugh Yott John Whrte Mt. Morris Peter Sredtch Buick Mt Morr1s Pauline Becker Married Edward Mathews Chevrolet Mt Moms Edan Poley Marned Dorothy Weaver Mrs Roach Flint John Marshall Servrce Barbara Cregat Mrs Ed St anbough Alexander Mark Army Donald Sorenson Butck Mt. Moms Betty Jane Morris Mrs Russell Threl Mt Moms Donald Goller Army Anna Jean Genshaw Mrs Herman Fell Flmt Floyd Grbbs Davrson Donald Tabbert Mt. Moms Evelyn Tufford Kalahan s Clro Jack Burgess Buick Mt Moms Marguerite Spears Mt. Moms Lottie Jones Flrnt Francrs Maller Alarna Ilene smith. Mrs Bemard Boys ' MORRIS-'ONIAN Alumm crass or 1949 Kathleen Birk Marrred Mt. Moms Robert Badgley M C S Donald Kujal Army Elizabeth Rerd Mrs Robert Cole Mt. Moms Charles Dorr Mt Morr1s Mildred Mason Mamed Roger Maglmty Buick Mt Morris Alfred Powers Navy Joyce Johnson Fhnt Bruce Kurtz M S " Farth0 Brren Jeanette Shanks Mamed Mt Moms Ross Englrsh Mt Morrrs Jean Mathews Mt Moms Dale Potts Navy Norma Buys Mt Moms Lois Bellrnger Mt. Morr1s Dean Potts Hurley Hosprtal Mt Morr1s Elva Jean McClain Mrs Alweatter Ol110 Robert Clontz Buick Flrnt Robert Drudge Mt Moms Barbara Werth Marned Mt. Morris Oscar Hayes Burck Mt Morr1s Lora1neRedlngton Married Elmer Bots Army Paultne White Marrred Robert Werth Farmrng Mt Moms Maxme Gaul Donald Norlock Jorene S1mmo1s Mamed Rorald Nesmlth Service Helen Doalon St, Joseph Hospital Harold Tremaln Mt. Morr1s Laura Marshall A. C Mt Morris BenJam1nGnce Burck Mt Morris Av1sKrngsley Frsherbody Mt Moms Glen Massey Chevrolet Mt. Morris Joyce Cole Mrs Lucky Horton Mr Mottis Barbara McCurdy Mt. Morris Harold Lowell Mt. Morris Luc1lleSweers Mt Morris A C Carolyn Wrllrams Mt Morrls Anabelle Richards Married Mt Morris Charles Gladden Mt. Morris Rosemary Hall Mrs Donald Lee Flrnt Edwm Sanders Au Force Carolyn Chaney Married Mr. Morns Thomas Mrlne Army rlarold 1-lelwxg Mt Moms Elmer Strickert, Buick, Mt. Morris , I ' , ' - MORRIS-IONIAN Alumm Clarence Broomtreld U M Marllyn Gray Mrs Kenneth Clnulk Fhnt Ruth Marshall Mrs Robet Ackerman Clro Eleanor Jean Daly Upsrlantr Bob Taft Bluck Mt. Morrrs Belva Harper' MIS J D Grrffrths Mt, Morns Jeanette Cearlock Au Force Ruth Schuettler Mrs Jerry Mrller Mt Moms John Beach Servrce Janet Krdman Mrs Norman Schroovers Lansing Larry Henry Arr Force Barbara Akridge Mrs Ga1lBrooksh1re Mt. Morris Marcus Reed Army Kelly Breadslee A. C Office Mt Morris Robert Clark Burck Mt Morris Ardlth Marshall Flrnt Junior College Mt Morris Dons SevemA C Mt. Morris Joyce Maulding Mrs Robert Herriman Mt. Moms Donald Becker Bell Bread ZMt Morris Mary Ann Dion Married Flmt Rrchard Dinger Salesman Patrick Early Navy Elaine Barden Mursing Patncia D hl Mrs Gerald Newman Lowell School Geraldine Coenan Ohio Ly le Pushman Flint Junror College Mt. Morris Shrrley D Arcy Mrs George Smrth Hrgh School Offrce Ruben Fmgmayk Army JamesD Grrffrths Grenrnn Coke Co Mt Moms ueraldrne Goodman Mrs Swreback Maxwell Gardy Army Mary Games Mrs Bud Kyser Fhnt LeRoy Babcock Army Barbara M ason Flint Lillian Loree Richard Mrtchell Marrnes Leona Lane Mrs Joselp Crespo Flrnt Joyce Latham Washmgton D C Chester Keller Bulck Clio Shrrley Fuller Mrs Frank Patullo Mt Moms Gerald Gregg Navy Helen Spears Mamed Mt M0315 Shlfley Adams Vogue Offrce Mt. Moms Edwrn wnghr Servlce WrllramM1ller Mt Mon-is CLASS or 1950 Robert Brown U of M Mary Lou Adarr M C Neal Compton Servrce Nancy Mclntyre Mrs John Krnckerboc ker Betty Drudge Mamed Mt Moms Lloyd Evans U ofM Glenn smuh Navy Phyllrs Goff Mrs Davrd Strand Vrrrnra Joan Vanderpyle Bell Telephone Flrnt Donald Hartman Army Joyce Wlute Mamed Alpena Merna Ingram A C Mt Moms Wrlham Pnehs Flrnt Jr College Mr Morrrs RobertSnrder Navy Donna Roth Citizens Com l 81 Savings mnk Flint Geneva Yates Mrs Wm Gunzel Flint Channrngs Locey Western Mtch College Kalamazoo Charles Adle Army Barbara Wrttum Mrs Leon LaVene Flint Joesphlne Vanadia Comtometer Mt Morris Shirley Thom A C Mt. Morris Leonard Gonyea Army Kathennelbeed Mrs Mark Reid Flint Doyle Krtchell Navy Charles Purdy Navy Sally Lenox A C Fhnt F1ancesFafu'k0 MIS Wm Dc-:Mars Mt. Morris Roger Grlletter Buick Clro Wm Demars M Navy Marilyn Randle Mamed Mary Broomfield Mt Moms Douglas Ayers Army Delvis Stacey Army Geraldrne Deming Mrs McDermaind Flint Jeanette McKay Married Russelvrlle Donald Stinson Servrce Davrd P1 David Powers Chev Mt. Morris Maxrne Pashby Mrs Eugene Belhnger Birch Run loan Ramsouer Mamed Washmgton Robert Hughey Arr Force Douglas Alhson Amry Phvllis Kelly A C M1 Morris Gwendolyn Glrdden Fhnr Orval Hall Army James Theodore A C Mg Moms Clrffalene Gilbert Mrs Petherbridge Flushing M317 Ann 101105 Married Mt. Moms LCROY Roth MI Moms Lumber and Sup lies Helen Brayton Mrs Robert Badgely E Lansrng Kam P Eleanor Jean Lott Mamed een Hays A C Flint Marvrn Morse, Navy 1 1 1 , - , 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 0 01 1 1 1 H 1 , 1 1 1 , , , 1 I 1 1 1 0 1 0 , U 1 1 0 1 , 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 , ' 1 1 . 1 . . . 1 0 1 , . . 1 . , 1 , 1, 1 ' , ,. 1 , 1 I , 1 1 , . ' . 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 , I 1 0 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 -, 1 1 1 0 1 1 ' I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I , 1 , 1 1 ' -1 1 .4 1 1 , V I I I 1 1 , 1 , ' 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' ' ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 I 1 1 I ' ' 1 , 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 '. ' ' 1 1 . . , 1 1 " 1 1 1 1 ., . ' " ' 1 1 . . 1 . ' . , 1 , . I , , ' Y ' . ' 1 1 1 0 1 I ' 1 I 0, 1 . IQIS QONI A ure Marian Neph Dr Kugman office Mamed Fum Robert Wlllilml Army Marguerite Barnett Church Office Mt Morris Leslie Reynolds Air Corp ferald NCWIDIII Dgcggged James Main Navy crass or 1951 Carol Stillwell Mrs Olens Adkins Flint Stanley Adams, Air Force Tom Akridge Chev Mt. Morris Ralph Bard Army Bay Bradshaw College M S C Mary Burgess Mt Morris Virginia Colontz Chev Mt. Moms Donna Cole Nursing Hurley Charlotte Culver Mrs Kenneth Paulson Jim Davis Service Pauline Drudge Mrs Wendell Flint Darrell Durham A C Jerry Elleman Flint Covert Frazer Houghton College of Mming and Tech Leo Funsch Buick Mt. Morris Marcia Genshaw Mrs Wayne Brown Mt. Moms Martha Gladden Mt. Moms Leota Gough Mt. Moms Keith Griffiths Army Helen Greenfield Married Dean Gring Air Force Mary Gullifor Flint Osteopathic Hospxtal Clair Hastings Bay Cxty Hospital Beverly Hays A C Mt Moms Betty Hillaker Mrs Harold Mrddleton Flrnt Leon Holloway Arr Flrce Pat Hummel Mrs Chuck Kleiber Gerry Humphrey Mrs Buck Siemore B111 Hunt Mt. Morris Delores Jones Married Flint Ray Keith Navy Ron Keller Painter Apprentice Bob Kurtz M, S C Norma Maeder Fair Mt Morris Jack McGeachy Navy Dranne McLean Mrs Foran Dan McLoud, Johnnies Gas Station Earl Converse Marge Hawley Maas Bros Fhnl Shxrley Clark Mr. Moms Dick Sorenson Air FOICL Mormalee Gilbert M3fHC-1 Lola Merlll Mrs Drggs Mt Morris Harold Middleton Flrnt Daisy Miller Mt Morris Joan Murphy Mrs Wesley Mary AnnN meth Mrs Herbert Yager B111 Noms Mt. Moms Leona Ostrander College Ylpsrlantr Barbara Oviatt Mrs E Skamxcka Mt Ken Owens Chev Leon Pifer Army Ester Prttman WAF Dan Pike Navy Georgene Prestage Mrs Maxwell Gardy Norma Pyne Mrs Gene Wrllmson Dale R-'lndle Houghton College of Mming and Tech Delores Raymond Mrs Donald Sorenson Howard Roberts Navy Dons Rosander College Mt Pleasant Goldeen Ross School Offrce Pat Roth School Offrce Donna Scholosser Mrs John Taylor Flrnt Morris Joyce Seal Mrs James Avery Roberta Seagrove Mrs Don Convrs Mt Moms Helen Shaver Mamed Mt Moms Florence Shankel Bible Inst. Detrort Nancy Shoens Mrs Rrchard Woodbeck Jean Srnigelski Bnmelm 1ry Diana Smrth Married Drck Smith Mt. Morris Dorothy Spears Mt, Morris Juamta Sullwell Kalamazoo College Fred Swarts U of M Betty Sweers Mrs W yne Fcrstyck BethanyT ylor Mt Moms Dough Trim Chev Flmt Beulah Wager Mrs Church Mt Moldls Bob Wrgglesworth Army Lavern Wltnum Burck D1CkW00db6Ck Mt Moms Retry Taft Married Lrland Yettaw Genessee Motor Sales Jack Zoroskx Navy Betty Reynolds Mamed Jean Reynolds Fhnt Nnrma Shaw Mrs Els1mP1lsburn Washlngton CLASS OF 1952 Barbara Weaver Offrce Worker Mt. Morris Dewayne Franze, Junior College, Mt. Morris WN. .- ..q:- - '---- --Y '- E . fs., - a ..-La 0 o , , ' . , . . , . s , ' ' s - n - l I V. 1 0 e , . ' N a n , p I U ' ' 9 s a . , Q , . o 0 a ' a s 0 ' 9 1 ' g , o a . ' . ' ' I 0 , ' ' I U ' ' . r r , ' . O 1 r 0 a ' ' o ' s , ' Q s S ' , ' ' I 1 . ' I ' , . . 0 . . . . 1 r ' , ' ' . ' s ' r ' ' s ' . ' - I . . U . , I . ' ' l D . . ' l . ' . I 1 ' s 1 ' . 1 ' , s I ' . ' . s ' . ' l 0 v f v v r " I s . ' . . ' . 9 r 1 1 ' , 1 n l - ' 1 0 . .I r 1 5 1 l s ' - . I . 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Moms Geneva Shimel Dean McDonald Bu1ck Fllnt Mrs Darlene Bellmger Mrs Dean MCDODBIH5 Flint Roberta Connolly I C Mt M0rr1S Wanda Lawrence Genessee Bank Mt MOHIS John Hadden Marmes Phy1hsAkr1dge Chev Office Ml MOIHS Max Yost Mt Morris Sandra John on Cruzens Commercial Bank Mt Ila Mae Habbershaw Dental Assrstant Flrnt Shirley Sneed A C Ml MOIUS Charles Kuhl I CC M MOTU-9 Er ma Ostrander Mrs Jack MCGIDUIS Donald Hughey Air Force jack Hart A C Flmt Shlrley Grove Married Fllnt Donna Heron Mt Morris Ierrv Foether Navv KennethP1fer Chev Mt Morris lla Severn A C Mt. M0l'l'iS Eva Goodroe Colloge of Nursmg Kalam2Z00 M oms " i I I 0 . . I I . I I ' ' , o a - , o . , . , 9 . 4' . I I I G . u 0 ' I ' , . ., . I , , , . A I s -, v . ' , . Q, - I . - ' , , ., ' . I . ' . . , ' , . ' 4 . . . , ' . , ' . . ' y o 0' o I , . ., . ' , ' , I I ' l 0 , -, . I ' , . I . 4 u 0, n . 5 Q og ' ' . ' I . A, . r, , , ' ' ' Y , ' , . . U V , - I . , . . , . ,-Y' . .S E ' , , ' . ' Arlene Sieberr, Mrs. Wayne Parks, Virginia Elsie Lavene' Chev. Mt. Morris I ' , , ' - . I ns . .3 i D . . -, ., . 's -, , , ' S ' ' ' . U 4. 4 no I , 1 ' . ' ' ' . - ' , Q sv O . , . ., . . . ' i g D , n ' , 5 9 o I y O . . ' 1 9 l . , . ' 1 . . , , . . ' D . ' . . . , . ' , . 4,- . y - ' - C 0 c 0 U N G ATTRACTION, ADVERTISING gx 'L X Y 4 4 -' VX A Q 1+ ! ' H 0 Of! R! M 4 gf 1' r I i l E X I X 1 MORRIS SONIAN Comphments of CLIO BAKERY Satisfied Customers an evldence of quallty Ask at your local Grocery for CLIO BAKERY PRODUCTS 1361 L UIlQI?iU.1l3tlOHb nl o The flass of 5 'Q 1les B Marun MORTICIAN Vlount Morrl Mlchxgan Phone 3911 Y ff , , ' . J K-1 Q I . 'S MORRIS SONIAN C0ngT3tUlatlOHS Cgnlpllfngnts gf 'lhewssof 1953 Mt Moms Plumbing 8z Heatlng Co rank s Servlce H C mm 1-.., GA 0 L PLUMBING HEATING REPAIRS Prompt Service cuuf rnonucrs MT Monms mm, NIT IORRIB, IUCHIGAN 642 Mt Morris Rd Ph T-8811 Fri Compliments CONGRA TU LA TIONS Class of 53 Mott Bros Hardware ELLA S G11-'T SHOP 9502 North Sa.g1na.w Street LASALLE CLEANERS HARDWARE PLUMBING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 751 Genesee Street Phone 73311 Mt Morr1s M1ch1gan Congratulatlons to The Class of 1953 BUY RITE SUPER MARKET Inc "S op Rzgh zz Buy Rz e" cnocnnms mn-rg COMPLIMENTS OF New Way Garment Cleaners QUALITY SERVICE ALWAYS AT THE LOWEST PRICES Repau-mg and Alteratlons We Pxck Up and Dehver Free Call Mt Morr1s 2911 C110 71211 I . D O . F ' ' I .. , .' ' S I - ' of ' , I lz ' 1 1 't COIVIPLIIVIENTS of RockweIl's BOYDELL PAINTS - HARDWARE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS AND LICENSES I I I . I Q I I I I I I I I " '4" A ' M Comphments of Slattery s Pharmacy The REXALL Store OR S-SO A IPHUTUGRAPHHC IPUJRTR ARTS Crazne It IS the slncere Wlsh of Cralne qtu dlo s that excellence of the photogra phy ln thls Annual con rlbute to ltb value to you as a cherlsheo treasure And may tlus photographlc record of 5 our s hool day frlends always remalr a source of pleasant memories Our the future hold the complete fulflll ment of all your asp1rat1ons CRAINF S STUDIUS by . my C J' ' Y ' A heartiest congratulations to you. lVlay 9 .I I 7 525 Harrison St. Phone 9-2184 - 5 Flmt 3 Mich MORRIS-SONIAN Modern Market Quality Groceries and Meats OPEN EVENINGS ami SVNIJAYS Az- PHONE 3211 Congratulatxons a s s At Your SCYVICC Congratulations Robmsons Shell Stauon 11377 North Saglnaw Street Phone 7 1111 Mt Moms M1Ch1g8H I to Cl of 53 Class of 53 I O ,Q U MORRIS SONIAN QuNQ.RAILL XIIONS Pays Motor Sales 'ff :SI I 50 8 N SAFINAW SIRLL TTVWI IVHCHLGAIN PHOINT 01 R Sn 1 on1D11rncnt- U 'Ins C1455 0 F mr Better Buying of Quallty Foods s Mx chell s On The Corner .,, . . . - V .4 V 4 I 1'fJf,n' J N". ' if Cn' 1'k.11lr '1 ' ' ' 1 Y 1 I 1,71 v. A L 7 4. ' .. -. . , - f ,J L L , . TQ , 'I -, , . ' 3 -- f NT dl 1 , . lt U . t Y , . . . :ina Nl' Nl ru N 4 Congratulations Mt. Morris High School 6119 MT MORRIS BRANCH Cmzens Commercnal 69' Savmgs Bank E. t bl hed 1871 Sy t PMBER FEDERA DEPOSIT INSURANCE CO I l 5 0 0 1 l 2 u o l 0 s a is H mber of F d al R a em I . l l Comphments Comphments From John Horvath JEWELER E CLASS Mt MorrlsPlumb1ng 8: Heatlng Co H C WILLEY P p PLUMBING HEATING REPAIRS pt 2421 Compllments F E Kmckerbocker Ben Ffallkllll Stores O Mt Moms Dry Goods CLASS OF 5 A of I I Q Y 4 Y L - A . . , ro . V Prom Service -- Fm -, I N .- X FYI- 510151115 .Ill H. l 642 Mo s . Ph .rl. .1 lill l I J T 0 T H O F ' 5 3 of Q T ' 5 E MORRIS SONIAN RUSSELL WINTERLEE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE C0 11804 N Saglnaw Mt Morr1s M1ch Phone 75121 CONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE CLASS 53 WESTEKN A UTO ASSOCIATE STORE TO THE CLASS OF 53 from METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY C ONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE CLASS OF 53 from LA ROSS SHOES 125 East Fxrst Street Fhnt, M1ch1gan OF , ' 1 I FROM I f4'P'T'1 D1smnunor:, 0 Lwaffp L1 4 fr 1 305 'Za Vui.-,.L W ri I 'WN' MT 74 P X 'IVE ARNG E S EFMWMP 0 80 N Sxglnn s Fd no! Mt Morris Iv x MCDC LW EAI? f 4 QUALIW PRODUCTM cu EKU SAG- For Extra Goodness? PHONE FLINT 2 9193 FOR MT MORRIS HOME DELIVERY SEFLNTTFW .,.,.V,.-.., ,,,-, . ,, ., -- , A ., , f, .. V ,,,,, . , , , A . ZUl"fw""2.' A, Ta, 5 vm- .,, , YT - . fl-E-S9 Eff QQEHEL' .1 2. .L., xx .li l. L.. -' Any." .-1 AJ. ALL - .. , , ff A .. V ,- A ' 2 : 2 an 09:15.12 A ,Q S. f 'Q.IFf'.Q P'1"GE'?zZ F' Am . .1 , ,, C,.1fii'?, ' ' .v,.,,..........,...........m A....,........,,..,.,..Y,,....,...,.....-,.,.. ,.....,...-- .. ..............,,.........,.-,,.......-,.,...-.,,-,...... -... ...,Fm,,,--..-..-,-,-.-.MI , -ggrfwm f,..,,, ,, ....--, V, -,..,,--..--.,.,.-,,,..--..,,-,- W ,-...,,.. "Sag it viiix 'ff U Q ' g 'T' A L55 Af ' r,..- "1 .,, .v5,t.,.1 M ' . 'if' ' 1 Ai-'AAL ku .. " 2 .'. .'z f' v . if' T ' 'Z-'tfiaif . y A agfi 5--, SA , .,i:.....: 5 W 'Q '34 V? u , 4 I 5 as Q f ,E . V uf fi af "1 .178 I .1 1 gi' , d A "Q, i . K- ? ' " W il 1 i I 'LII 'X I 'Yrs 7 M , ,W ,A, iff - c :filf ' ' A' MORRIS IONIAN COMPLIMEX TS OF DODDS GRILL Always Good Food PONORATUI ATIONS Class of 53 PERMELS BEAUTY SHOP COIVIPLIMENTS OF D8mR SHOE STORE COMPLIMENTS OF DIXIE SERVICE GARAGE General Repalrmg Longratulatzons GIL R01 HARDWARE Ml. Morrns Branch HODGES SERVICE Standard Products G 7245 Sagxnaw Street Phone 7 2551 Q COMPLIMFNTS OF RITZ DAIRY BAR Sandvuches Watson Ice Cream COMPLIMENTS OF CARLTONS BOOK STORE BOSTON SHOE STORF' Smart Shoes At Popular Prlce Genesee County Bank Bldg rhnt M1ch1gan COMPLIMENTS OF JULIE ANN BEAUTY SHOP COMDLINENTS OF ROD SOMERS BARBER SHOP CONGRA TU LA TIONS LUCILLE ALLEN Comphmenre LADIES APPAREL 12035N Sagmaw Ph 79231 General Mercanhle Co. Comphments of To 1-he FRANK'S STANDARD mms of 53 sERVICE v A ' I I A 7 l Q I .- h I I- v V . 0 - J 1-- n:- - o 4 . I 6 4 .1 1 . , . . ' l W r .1 , Y 1--171 -I ' -an l 4: I 1 ' s . of , n , I - I -1 n MORRIS-SONIAN Compliments Mt Moms Appliance Y .1 V - C ONGRA TULA T IONS THE CLASS OF 53 VERL HUFFMAN BARBER SHOP Sporting Goods Mt Moms Mlchlgan COMPLIMENTS KLEPINGERS JEWLERS 11916 N Sagmaw Street Compllments of Honnlulu llonsenvatory of C ONGRA TULA T IONS M u S I C FREEMAN PONTIAC 200 Walsh Bldg Phone 2 6474 86 5 9841 I Muslcal Instruments and AcceSsor1es- CONGRATULATIONS COMPLILAENTS OF ECONOMY SHOE STORE TO THE CLASS OF 53 GENESEE COUNTY HEARLD TO of I . I D 4 0 I1 T - 1 FROM THE I CO. -- Ar Your Service -- Congratulations 7 r I Robinsonls Shell Station 11377 North Saginaw Street Phone 7-1111 Mt Morris Michigan Compllments Nt MOIIIS Lumber And Supply Co of .V . v ll I 9921512 5580 'S SUNOCO SERVIC E I40NS JDJ BURGESS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 3 OB A DIXIC Drug Co -J HOWARD MOORE Q I8 . AGINA Ph. 75121 TO H5 - B NEWL 0 0 0 Comlblzmems 0 az Frzena' Compliments of cz Friend ' f MORRIS-SDNIA ' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS "53" SCHOOL BUSES SCHOOL FURNITURE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 53 BETTER HEATING 8: SERVICE 11368 N Sagxnaw Street Mt. Morris, Michigan Weyh1ng Bros Vlfg Co JIE WEILIE Rb Davld Broderlck Bldg fFormerly Eaton Towerj DETROIT MICHIGAN EXTEND Thelr Compllments to the Mt MOYFIS Hlgh School 2.3 'D 9,4 SUPPLIERS OF CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS CAPS AND GOWNS DIPLOMAS iw-ffff --- o R R S. s o A N --fffmff -W--f 0 1 L . . X ' V 1 ! Congratulations to the Class 0 55 rom Ul'U f,- f DrH.T.FuIler ml! Ur H. H. Hndersnn mil I Dr LJ. D hm UID!

Suggestions in the Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) collection:

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