Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI)

 - Class of 1950

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Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Blorrls-sonlun H11 1 nu: ll un nrr rn: Illlll lllbflltlflllllt 195 ouftttfi Unfit pa It fomnar ,Dabithfwn mv srhnul Salman! Imarb JIU mark ufacnltq Snnums Seams Inq!-4 Jftimtlf Ytnqh 'F lame ulfnwg Athvzfnzg Spnvfg lvmm 1 1 I ' ' I F' L gfnfmnzmnrnim sf Q C O -J 4 A 4 .Q ' 'v f'!UOF?Nv SJWIPKJ 1 1 J r 'WFTJ IT' Y D H-w'10' ' X '1"95'I AS 1 'Q' 1 L 411 7fYl1J ' 5 'viwws arf: . . . . . A11 --wr 1.-:Jul wiiqfw 71!'i4' I 1 11 fur wish If QPVI' ulfx- New wiv-1I'1rH Nfl ,':2f"'? IF' ,fkbfqif ixxr f'?g1f,' if "M, th :Wri .' '?'Lw..:: UNH, wi fh tr, E tbii bowl inf may-ici' if f'f.tlf'S: ff'.'wf11,s V1 Uv Ewp-2 "KN 'H1 I A' L' 1' ' 1'-. MORRIS SONIAN DCd1Cat1OH o you our parents teachers and jrlenus ue deuzcate thzs annual hopeful of l6ffLHg you know hou uery mulh ue have appreclatea the tlme ejjorts the encour agement you haue gzuen us LH the past years We uant to especzally thank Mr and Hrs Bzxby our sponsors tor the help they have gtnen us thts year As ue go on our uay we uzll always remerber the many tea chers who have helped us plan for the future To our parents go our hearttest thanks and gratttude for thezr encouragement thoughtfulness through the years 7 rtends whom ue have knoun elther years or for just a short tlme ue give SIVLCEFC thanks It IS the Lngplratlon and our or our gendered by these many jrtends that glues us the strength to face the years ahead of US 7 , e 1 1, - . Y . ,Q 7 I I 'I - V7 -v I 1 , I I ' ' I I, v :A v - l . . O fs ' J 1 I , , . A 871- MORRIS SONIAN O11 0 0 Wzthzn the walls of thzs znstl tutzon we have experlenced some of the happzest and most memorable days of our lzves He hold thas buzldzng as a symbol of good times and hard work and wzth all our hearts we hope the underclassmen wmll appreczate Lt as much as we do MORRIS-SONIAN Board of Education ROY RICHARDS GLENN 'VIONTAGUE Semetary T1 easurer Presldent XVII LIANI P11 ARCH GORDON CORNELL lxustee Tlustee HOWARD MOORE MORRIS-SONIAN SUPT E L CLARK Mr Clark we thank you for the gumd ance leadershzp and kznd aduzce you have less courage mn upholdlng your convzctlons and hzgh ldeals have been a source of In spzratlon toward hzgher goals and we hope we may ever asplre to the hugh standards you have set for us . , 4 ' I given us in our school years. Your fear- I MORRIS soNlAN M E M 0 R I mm THE RACE IS W Life IS a long hard race And we nust each one take our place To work and strxve wlth mlnd and soul Our very best to ga1n our goal One of our loved ones has gone on before, To recelve her reward whlch God has ln store, She has 11ved a good llfe and her race has been run, 2 'Yi And has now galned the goal, whxch she alone has won. I'm sure God has a purpose so wonderful falr, And choose our dear Ilene to help h1m up there. Laura Arrand ' MMVL ikffiwyzr ' ff: fgwffea if Mm: if F42 4 f .Q?Wfx.f I wvmwg, 4 A TV55y' , Agn? 0 N . . , I C Y . P CU f Lf THE LIGHTOF LEARNIW THAT DISPELLS DARKNS H TGNORANCE Ano SupeRs'rmoN IN THE HEARTS or MEN mfg, 'mm f xx XX f If fl X V11 , x XX I 'lf J, , J- f fr --' X 5L,. s X X f X X ff I 2 X f f X KN 1 X N I X 1 I I . X '--Q Nw 1' f , EDWIN L CLARK, A B M Work on Ph D University of Michigan Superintendent JOSEPH HILL A B M A Northern Michigan College of Education University of Michigan Chemistry Physics Math BETTY BIXBY B s Western Mlchigan college Kalamazoo Homemak1ng EDWARD ERSKINJE B of Ed Unlversity of Toledo Desales College University of Michigan Govt Economlcs Debate JEANNE DAHL B.S Northwestern University Grinnell College Bookkeeping and Typing MORRIS SONIAN lbs RONALD BIGELOW B S Western state Tea hers C ll e Principal Football Coach JAMES KIDMAN B s Work of M A Michigan State Colleie Woodshop Science OSCAR A BIXBY M A University of Michigan Buffalo State Teachers College Foreign Languages EHSUSH DOROTHY WESBY B E Northwestern University Work on Masters Commercial GORDON Ano, B s. Northern State Teachers College University of Michigan Cleary College Commercial Math Jr High Principal DOROTHY EHRICH, B.M. ED Northwestern University Music fHlgh School Vocall ILLIAM W SINCLAIR AB Wayne University University of Michigan Michigan State Normal College Social sciences ARBARA JEAN MHITF A B M A university of Michigan Speech and Drama E J STARK B S Mlchigan State College Physical Education General Science SALLY IDW B. A. University of Michigan English Library MORRIS SONIAN of f ALFRED LINDUOLN1 Former member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra p11nt Symphony orchestra Band DOROTHY RAMALE Indiana state Teachers College University of Michigan Math MARIAN J HENDEE AB Michigan State College University of Michigan Work on M A Social sciences JOAN SOUCI B S Central Michigan College of Education Physical Educatlon INEZ WAHLEN A B A.M. Central Michigan College of Education University of Michigan English KATHERINE J PETERSON, B. Central State College Michigan State College Work on M A Natural Science PHYLLIS WOODARD B S Western Michigan College Math Central State College Ferris Institute Work on Degree Sixth Grade MARGIE REED, B A Work on Masters University of Michigan Fifth Grade MINNIE O'COlNNOR A B Minnesota state Teachers College Fourth Grade MORRIS-SONIAN JOYCE HURFORD A B University of Michigan English Social Studies VIRGINIA H OSTROSKI A B Michigan State Normal Colleg University of Michigan WmkonMA Social Sciences English Central Michigan College of Education Fifth and Sixth Grades LOUISE LAWRENCE University of Michigan Fifth Grade LAURA ZERULL Michigan State Teachers College Life certificate Fourth Grade . S. D i . INEZ MARSHALL JEAN ALDRICH, M. . . , A.a. ARLENE MCNAMABA Spec ial zsffheff- exe o Ed second Grade ucation MADGE HUFFMAN, Special Central State Teachers College Work on Degree First Grade JOSEPHINE SIMON B S Michigan State Normal Ypsilanti Third Grade FLOSSIE HARKNESS Michigan State Normal College Life Certificate Third Grade HGARET BRACE B of Ed University of Alaska Eau Claire Teachers College First Grade MORRIS SONIAN SHIRLEY ANN SMITH Central Michigan College of Education Third Grade VIVIAN AHO Northern Michigan College of Education Second Grade CARMEN HENNACY B M Northwestern University Grade School Music TB ESSA FORSBERG Central State College Life Certificate Work on A B and Masters Sixth Grade NAAHALA DOERR B S Central state Teachers College Ypsilanti College First Grade Aquinas College Grand Rapids Educatmn University of Michigan Kindergarten MORRIS SONIAN I RETTA PAS A B M A Hope College Unlverslty of Michigan Second and Th1rd Grades WREITHA WAGNER College Kindergarten GAZELLA, B.A. Michigan state Normal ' . ' 4- WXQVQ Q 5' LI L2 1 an ROBERT BROWN Bob Huch I know but to know all ly anbztzon B nd 1 Latin 1 2 Baseball 2 Football 2 Sen1or Committee C1888 play 4 Operetta 4 Salutatorian NEAL COMPTON 'N91118 Speech ns a lrrror o the soul s a lan speaks IS Student councxl Sen1or Commlttee Debate 4 Carn1val Kxng 4 Cho1r 2 4 Male Octet 4 Thesp1an 4 Class Play 4 French club 2 Sa1utator1an BETTY DRUDGE B0!S She has a nrce dlsposltxon and a frmendly snlle 1n Club 1 2 3 Cho1r Glee Club 2 3 Ed1tor IH chlef Annual Class play 3 4 Operetta 3 Honor Student GLENN SMITH I wzll prazse any lan that wr praise Baseball 1 2 V3 Party COmm1tt68 2 K1ng Cand1date 4 Play Staff 2 3 Track 3 Honor Student 4 JOAN VANDERPYLE J She looks quiet but Latln Club 1 2 3 4 Student Coun C 1 e u Ch01T 2 Class Play 0 4 Sen1or Commlttee 4 Thesplan 4 Honor Student MARY LOU ADAIR I you have knowledge let others lzght themr candle by rt Annual Staff 4 Class officer 2 CGHIOT Comm1ttee 4 Latin Club 1 2 Gle o1r 2 Operetta 1 All Hlgh Play 3 Basket ba 1 V1 V2 V3 V4 Softball V1 V2 Track V2 Valed1ctor1an Thes p n 3 4 Play 3 4 NANCY SUE MCINTYRE MGC V rlety IS the spmce 0 e and 1 2 Glee Club 1 W 3 C 2 3 4 Basketball V1 V2 V3 4 Softball V2 Track V2 V3 Class ay 1 2 3 4 All H1gh Play 3 Octette 2 Thesp1an 3 4 Student Councll 1 2 4 Operetta Laun Club 1 2 3 4 Party Commlttee 1 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Salutatorlan LLOYD EVANS He who has art has everyhwere part Class Play 1 2 3 4 Operett 1 Cho1r 2 2 4 Glee C u 2 Thesplan 1 2 3 4 SQHIOT Commrttee Student Councll 1 All H1gh Play 3 4 Honor Student 1 2 3 4 Frengh Club 2 Band 2 Male Quartet 2 3 4 Track V1 2 Party Commlttee 1 2 3 PHYLLIS GOFF Phll e s retty w W1 an ty to talk Ml Carnlval queen 1 Partv Commlttee 1 All Hlgh play 3 Class play 1 3 4 Thesplan 4 Co edltor Annual Honor Student 4 Mov1e Comm1ttee 4 DONALD HARTMAN Don W at tters we be ha y Track 3 Cho1r 2 Student Counc1l 1 Class Play 2 Football 3 V4 Honor Student RICHARD HENRY Duck T e studles h I kes b st all are hearts 0 gurls and ootballs Football 2 V3 V4 Track V2 V3 Annual Staff Class Off1C9T 3 Thesplan 2 3 4 Class play 1 2 3 Boys chorus 1 3 Boys quartet 2 Bows Octet 4 Ch01T 2 3 4 Operetta 1 2 3 4 K1ng Candxdate 3 MERNA INGRAM r lt zs what our thoug s MU. E Softball 3 4 Class play staff 3 4 Honor Student 4 ROBERT SNIDER B05 oung ll ws ll be yuun ellows Male chorus 1 Class Play 3 Foot ball 4 ELEANOR JEAN LOTT Ellle Work ts wonder l but l t S save t or tomorrow Class Off1cer 4 Party Comm1ttee 3 Student Councll 3 D A R Represen tat1ve 4 Commxttee of ten 4 Class play staff 3 4 ThesD1an 4 Dlay 4 Operetta 1 4 Latln Club 4 Span 1sh Club 1 2 Glee Club 1 3 Cholr 3 ROBERT CLARK Bob at s h worryln ' seball V V4 Footba Trafk 2 Class plax staff 3 MORRIS SONIAN JH JOYCE WHITE J Her snxle and cheerful person alzty hold or her many rlends Class play 2 3 4 Operetta 2 3 Queen Candldate 2 4 Student Coun cll 4 Annual Staff Party Com mlttee 2 3 Class 0ff1cer 3 4 Bas ketball 3 Softball 7 SQHIOF Com mlttee 4 Thesplan 3 4 All Hlgh Plav Staff 3 Honor Student L WILLIAM PRIEHS Jackson Whenever people agree wzth me I a ways l aus b 0 Spanlsh Club 1 Class Play Staff 4 HELEN BRAYTON ow r h t le can e throws hrs beams' So shznes a good deed IH a naughty world Basketball V2 V3 '4 Thesplan off1 cer 4 Class play 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Newspaper 3 Party Comm1ttee Glee Club 2 Softball 2 Track 2 KELLY BEARDSLEE xnklng rs but an :dlf was o thought Male Chorus 1 2 3 Operetta 1 ass Offxcer 1 4 Choxr 3 H1gh Play 3 Track 3 Thesplan 4 Plav 4 ARDITH MARSHALL Mrckey P' ll!! GH OU U HUC Pllfflf Operetta 1 2 Basketball 1 X7 V3 C ass Plav 1 2 4 Thesmanz 3 ee Club 1 2 3 ChO1T 2 3 S Club 1 Band 1 2 Softba V1 Party COmm1tLG 2 DOR IS SEVERN uGood things should be praised.u Operetta 1,23 Choir 2,33 Class Play Staff 4: Glee Club 1.2. DONALD BECKER HDOH He doesn t like study lt weak ens hls eyes Lat1n Club 1 Band 1 2 3 A11 Hlgh Play 2 Class Play 3 Operetta l 2 Glee Club 1 2 CDOIT 2 MARY ANN DION Hunt" may be short but I make mysel heard Glee Club 1 Cho1r 2 3 4, French Club 2 Softball 1 2 Class Play 3 Honor student 4 PATRICK EARLEY Pat Better late than never Baseball 1 2 Football 3 V4 Track 3 Choir 4 Operetta 4 Boys Chorus PATRICIA DAHL Pat A woman s crownzng glory lS her hazr Qpanmsh club 2 Class off1cer 3 4 Queen Candxdate 3 Senlor C0mm1tt99 4 Party COmm1tf66 3 Student Coun C11 4 Honor student 4 MORRIS-SONIAN E te gtk if BARTH LaMAY 'Stand by for the ladies. Basketball l,2,V3,V41 F'00tbH11 42 Cross Country V35 Track V3,V4g Choir 1,3,42 Glee Club 12 Band 1,2,3,4. JOYCE MAULDIN J l o pep a d ll ee Club 1 2 C Operetta 1 2 4 Class play 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff Partv Commlttee 4 Thesplan 4 play 4 RICHARD DINGER DlCk C eer up you c n t get o t th1s world allue anyway ootball 1 2 V3 V4 Basketball 1 Track V1 V2 V3 Fenclng V3 Band 2 3 SDBHISD club 1 2 3 4 Class Play 1 2 3 4 Thesp1an 4 Choir LLA INE BARDEN P bay to have u end be one L1brar1an 4 GERALD NEWMAN Jerry be happy t WISE Class officer 1 Footbal' 1 2 V V4 Party COmm1tt66 2 3 Klng Can dldate GERALDINE COENEN Gerry Ea drtnf a d be merry or 2 morrow you may die Latln club 1 Thespxan 2 3 4 play Class Play 1 3 4 Glee Club 1 Span 1sh Club 4 Basketball V1 V2 V3 Track 2 Operetta Staff 1 L1brar1 an 2 ROBERT FORSMARK B0 Nothing can bring you peace U! yaursel GENEVA YATES Skef 5ray as sweet as you GTS ee Club 1 2 Ch Class offlcer 1 Queen Candldate Annual staff Thesnlan 1 Play CHARLES ADLE Chuck nan ts not measured by Inches JOSEPHINE VANADIA Men nay come and men may go buf I ll g on orever Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Cholr 2 3 Span lsh Club l 4 Latln Club 4 Monmssowmm LYLE PUSHMAN Lzly H0Th' I hear the tardy e All High Play 2 3 4 Class play 1 2 3 4 Operetta 2 3 4 Thesplan 2 3 Play 2 3 4 0ff1C6f 4 Senxor Com mlttee Movle COmm1tt9E 4 Llbrarlan 3 Newspaper 2 3 Annual Staff 4 DONNA ROTH merry as d IS lo Choxr 2 3 Glee Club 2 Softball 4 Thesp1an 4 play 4 Class play 4 Operetta 2 CHANNING LOCEY Chan M szc ms the thrng o the world that I love most 4 Honor Student 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Cho1r 1 2 3 Base ball 1 Operetta 1 2 3 Bovs double quartet 2 3 Cross Country 4 SHIRLEY THOM Food deeds rung clear through heaven like a bell ee Club 1 2 3 Cho1r 2 3 0 etta 1 3 LEONARD GONYEA Len you D dnstmnctlon Football 2 V3 V4 Baseball 1 V3 V4 Track V1 Operetta 2 3 staff 2 3 4 C o1r 2 Glee Clu 2 3 Cla Play 4 Thesplan 4 u 1, A ' " ' n N " ' ' 7' .. f 0' " b zz." 5 . . . v' 2- , 1 '-I 3 - U ' Z4: H b" 'As the ay ' ng-' ' 4 ' b n ' . 1 1 1. f." 2 ' . 1 3, ll ll If Il 'V I , nu- U u- f Gl . ,3.4: Oif 213-47 qu: ' Operetta 1,2,41 Class Play 3.42 , Thespian 1,2,3,4: Class play 1.2.3. ' ' ' 41 A ' . : . .. : , ' 1 4- . . : ' . . : - ll ll nA 4 ' .U W' gl . 4 'El G1 . . : ' . : Der- , u n N 1 H f 1 . -U , '.: - :n",3g "b.:"ss BARBARA WITTUM 'Do not care how many you please but whom you please. Glee Club 1 2 3' Choir 3 4' Operetta PHILLIP SHELDON Men of few words e the best MCH. Male chorus 2 3 Cho1r 2 4 Operetta 2 3 4 KATHERINE REED Ha py go lucky gay and ree ns there anythzng that bothers me9 Operetta 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 Ch01T HARLES PURDY Chuck I9 energetic IH all he un er takes Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Overetta 3 4 FRANCES FAFERKO Fran eady to uork ready o plav ready to help uhomever she may Carnxval Queen 2 Basketbal 2 V4 Cho1r 2 Thesplan MORRIS-SONIAN LEON LaVENE uClothes nake the nan.n ee Club 1 2 3' Choir 2 3' Cla Play 1' Operetta 2' Class officer 2' King Candidate 2 RHODA ROBERTSON A Llflle end o all the war Operetta 2 Class Play Staff 4 Band 2 Cho1r 3 DOYLE KITCHELL I do not let studlcs unter ere with my educatlon Latln Club 1 2 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Thesplan 4 Plav 4 Glee Club 1 3 Operetta 1 2 SALLY LENOX mzghty hunter d her prey HIGH Party COmm1tt69 2 Glee Club 3 3 Class Play Staff 1 3 4 Softball 1 Operetta staff 2 WILLIAM DQMARS B Life s a clrc Football V4 Cho1r 3 Glec Club 3 Class Play 3 4 Thospxan 3 4 ROGER GILLETTE 'Now I lay IC down to sleep." MARY BROOWFIELD She doesn t say much but 1 good llstner Annual Staff 4 DELVIS STACEY A the great nen are dyzng and don t eel so very well nysel JEANETTE McKAY D 1 mp l e S She snlles and the world snxles wlth er Glee Club 3 DAVID POWERS I never do today what I can do tomorrow Baseball 1 2 3 Basketball 1 Play Staff 1 MORRIS-SONIAN MARILYN RANDLE 'Redn 'Hy way is to begin with the be- ginning." Basketball: Glee Club 1: Thespian 4: Class Play Staff 3.4: Annual Staff 4 DOUGLAS AYRES young n that blushes better than one who turns pale and GERALDINE DEMING Gerry Her ways are ways o pleasant ness and all her paths are peace DONALD s'r1NsoN DOH ortly hall ll ly labors end Band 1 2 3 4 Male chorus 2 Oper etta 3 Latln Club 1 2 3 4 MAXINE PASHBY Mac n s best end 0 'Pu thetlc Ulf Jlee Club 1 2 CDOIT 2 JOAN RAMSOWER Better by ar you should orget and smlle than to remember and be sa Class Play 4 DOUGLAS ALLISON Doug G eater men than I may hav! Lued I on GWENDOLYN GLIDDEN Gwen Every man s a volume you knvw Haw to read lt Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Class Play Staff 4 Operetta 1 2 JAMES THEODORE Jlm Little man what now9 Glee Club 1 2 Operetta 1 2 Band 2 3 4 MARY ANN JONES Frlendshzp lmprlues happtness Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Operetta 1 2 4 Class Plas Staff 3 4 MORWSSONMN W ROBERT HUGHEY Bob Friday never cones Operetta 1 2 4 Spanish Club 1 nd 1 2 3 G ub High Play Stay 1 PHYLLIS KELLY Phll Sole think the world I5 nude r un and rolxc and d Operetta 1 Softball 1 2 Frenck Club 2 Glee Club 1 Class Play 3 ORVAL HALL h should l l la o be? Track 3 Football 3 V4 Operetta Latln Club 1 CLIFFALENE GILBERT Cllff Speech LS great but silence ts greater Class play staff 4 LEROY ROTH I envy no man that knows nor than ,yself bu I pity then 1 know less Baseball 1 2 3 Basketball 1 KATHLEEN HAYS Kay nn o your thoughts Class play staff 3 4 JAMES MAIN Jll rent nan a mltc hlm sel Band 4 ChT1StmHS play ROBERT WILLIAMS R an bored o education ack 2 3 Base a V 4 Football 3 V4 Operetta P Glen Club 2 3 Class Play 4 ThQsp1an 4 Play 4 Operetta Staff 1 2 4 MORRIS SONIAN KN LEQLIE REYNOLDS Unmes and dollars Dollars and znes An enp y pocket s the wars o crmnes MARNIN MORSE The unspoken ward never does hurl MARION NEPH sa smlence ver betrays Class play staff 4 MARGUERITE BARNETT A lzttle nonsense now and then Class Play Staff 3 4 Class off1cer 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 Annual Staff 4 MORRIS SONIAN Baccalaureate BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY IAY 28 1950 Organ Prelude and Processxonal Mlss Mary Margaret Marr Invocatlon Rev Thorwald W Bender Hymn 472 Gulde Me 0 Thou Great Jehovah SCFIDCUFE Readlng Psalm 119 1 16 Rev John LeVan Anthem Psalm 150 Franck Bapt1st and Methodlst Choxrs Pastoral Prayer Rev LeVan Hymn 382 ' ot Alone For Mlghty Emplre Sermon Control Your Self Rev Bender Anthem Benedlctlon Organ Recessxon Processxonal IHVOCBt10n Salutator1es Vocal Solo Class poem Class hrstory Trombone Solo V1011h Solo Class Prophecy Plano Solo Class w1ll Readlng Class Song Valedlctory Benedlctlon RBCCSSIOHHI Processlonal Invocatlon Battle Hymn of the Republic Arr Rlngwald Rev Levan a and Postlude M1ss Marr Class Nlght wsnmasmy my 31 1950 Miss Dorothy Ehrlch and MISS Dorothy W1n1nger Rev John LeVan Nancy Mclntvre Robert Brown Neal Compton Ardlth Marshall Lloyd Evans Lyle Pushman Channlng Locey Charles Purdy Fleanor Lott Llaxne Barden Mar1lyn Randle Lloyd Evans Rlchard Dlnger and Joyce Whlte Lyle Pushman Composed by Lloyd Evans Mary Lou Adalr Rev Levan MISS Fhrlch and Miss W1n1nger Commencement muunsrm JUNE 1 1950 MISS Dorothy Ehrlch and Miss Dorothy wlnlnger Rev Father W1ll1am Gannon Girls Glee Club D1F9Cf9d by Miss Ehrlch Ave Marla V1ttor1a 'Heavenly Light Kopylow wxlhousky Commencement Address Dwlghi Dumond Professor of American Hxstory Lnlverslty of M1ch1gan A Cappella Cholr Dlrected by MISS Ehr1Ch We Thank Thee Lord Bortnlansky Tkach 0 Slng Lnto the Lord Bach Goldsworthy Presentatlon of dlplomas Su C E L C ark A Cappella Cholr RCCGSSIOHBI O God Our Help 1n Ages Past Croft The Lord Bless You and KGED You' Lutkln . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L .V. . . . H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q . . . . . . .'. . l U .ll YI l M Il ' l . . . . . ' 0 I . . . . . V , , . ' ................ Glftatory . . . . . . Joan Vanderpyle, Joan Ramsower, Gerry Coenen A. .... .., ," I ' . . . . . ......... . . . . . - o ' ' III"IfII.." - H ' H ,- - - An-- -4' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dr. ' , V sos nunyon' t 4 . n -, - , . a - . H -- - ' ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D . . . l I 4 as oo . - H -- . u . -- - MORRIS SONIAN V A I F D I C T'0 R Y Parents, teachers, and frlends Tonlght as we the flfty f1rst graduatlng class of Mt MOFF1S H1gh School b1d you farewell we w1sh to thank you for your gu1dance, pat1ence and encouragement Often t1mes we take thlngs for granted and on occaslons 11ke th1s we reallze just how much has been done for us Our f1ne Super1ntendent has always prov1ded teachers of the hlghest callber and has done everythlng 1n h1s power to help us prepare for a successful future Our parents have worked hard to pTOV1de for our needs, stood by us 1H any cr1s1s, and set hlgh examples for us to follow We are deter mlned not to fall Mr Clark or them Durlng the course of years, graduatlng classes have had to leave school and enter the world 1D the m1dst of all sorts of trylng S1tU3 t1ons There have been wars and d6pF6SS1OhS The world 1S not harassed by a dCpP6SS10n, but there 1S a war belng waged Not a war of f1ght1ng and bloodshed but a war of COHfl1Ct1Hg 1deals xnd pr1nc1ples Chr lead ers are endeavorlng to ma1nta1n world rea e un1ty among all HBKIOHS, and freedom for all 1D a democratlc world Whether they succeed or not years We must keep our eyes open and our m1nds alert We must be qU1Ck to detect the sllghtest S1gU of any movement to underm1ne our Amerlcan way of l1fe Furthermore, we must ma1nta1n rellglon as a v1tal part of our l1fe, s1nce our HBLIOH was founded upon and has prospered under 1tS pr1nc1ples CLIISCIZH precepts bulld a hlgher morallty 1n the 1nd1v1dual and thus 1D the state A country can be strong only lf the people 1h 1t are concerned about 1ts welfare Unless we contlnually partlclpate 1n the act1v1t1es of our conmun1ty, state, and natlon, Amer1ca w1ll someday be overwhelmed by another way of l1fe Llfe IS an arrow and the target of success 1S h1gh and d1ff1cult to h1t, but our a1m 1S accurate, due to the tYH1D1hg and guldance of our teachers, and we cannot help but hlt IC squarely Now the t1me has come when we must say farewell As Rlchard Hovey put lt hzth a steady swlng and an open brow We have tramped the ways together But we re claspzng hands at the crossroads now And whether bleed or whether we smlle the Ml th l b ore re s luck And a cheer for the d rk be ore us' Mary Lou Adalr 1 ' h l . 1 I l , . . I . , , , 5 1 ' I . - 1 ' ' ' 1 :c , ' I 1 depends, to a large extent, upon us who graduate in this and the coming we ' In 'les at ie ef us, He ' f . a f MORRI SONHXNI TNT! Parentb, teachers, and frlends Thr: exenlng we the Class of 1950 HHISL '11ln11t as clasus b1 fore lls haw' that the proqpect of HI'HllLldf1OIl f1n1lx ue. 111 1 state of both rhecr fulness ar1d remorse llc are very happy Lo 111 lcome xou hers for xour attendance makes our lffd1flmPl'lL more glor1o11s and our 1lep1rt11r1 from 11111 School more bearahle AL Lhlb DOIHY one nonc Loo frequently hfars Lh1s atatement F6 now ready to go forth IHTO the world Generally SPPlh1HU, 1h1s 18 cor rect for our paths of progreas w1ll not le la1d out for ua as tlex hlYf heen prev1ously Rath1r the next Step toward h1fh1r PdUC8L1OH can ING w1ll be d1TSCtCd 1U one of the many d1werQ1f1ed f1eldQ perhaps IH schools of h1gher lP3TD1Hg OI 1D pract1cal exper11nre Tle truth ol dw maLLcr 1S that we are alreidx out 1H th1s world of FGUPPKICIVP ex1slen11 he already have a very good sLarL, thankb to the d1l1g6Df work and 1om petent vu1dance of our parents and teachere I 1 on th1s FOIHPISI ru that our confldenre 18 founded Words rannoL clcarlx Conwev thr WT1l1 tu1e that e ch one f ua has for all of tae SCCm1HElY l1tLle fhlh K t 11 We are noL Lalung 1 r -wL1c sLep to a netw en IL Sf lf ind 0111 111 xt poxlt 11111, no in SXIN S 1 11 If 1111 f lx if ' I' W 1011 Sfllllf Y 1 n 1 the ll1gI'lf'w 111 xlfff N11 p Q 9 , ,,., an -v 5, I, W, W Y 5,Xl,l' .1 'DRY '. ' ' ., , ' . , : 1 ' , .Q e a ' f, f A - f 4 ' ' ' S S I 1 5 . , , , 2 - , Q: 4 - ,a . L . V l N' Y, v 2, i ' 2 , ' ' . ' q 1 Q 2 ' . V' ' , ' , ' 2' Q 5 , , "llc il 3 , - 11 -. 4 f i- - 4 N ' 4 1 1 , I . K 1, 1 X., 1 . . ' 1,,, ,S h , ,.. ' , 1 ' " S 1 ' 1" ,, " . 3 , , . , ' tg 2 ,. " , 2 ' . 1 YA , , -, . 'Y ,Q F , 4 5. , . L S I 1 ,. O , ' ' , , . 5 , , 2' 1' ' I 'e , Q , - ,l .L a, :O ., Q ' ' ' , AH. In, you have clone in making o11r years in high school n1emoral1le ones. 3 1 ' :HY fl ag ' S J Sllan :I V-K' l 1 , ,. hljh Q 'l mol 2 ' 3 1 ,' lol' gig 3 Ou' gg als have lJf'f'Il p ' 1 'A us- ly sit, and lf' he :king ou ideals w1Lh 1'1111111v11l,1'z1t,1r1l 1:n1-rgfy, '11 l 1 - .' -- clay to ?1ClllOVP ,l1 rr . ll is with rhis lllflllgjllf, in mind that we- t,a1l'1- l1-z1v1- to l'11ll"1ll , A l wt 1-xp 'Xlill,i0flS for fl -'-ss. .vfi l -X. fun ton MORRIS SONIAN f I T A'Tf larents, teachers and frlends We the QPHIOTS, are now prepared to grasp the fourth foothold of llfe As we come here on our traduat1on Hlghl thoughts of the many thlngs wh1ch each of you has done for us fxll our m1HdQ our m1HdS, Wh1Ch th1s nlght teem w1th gratltude and happy memorles Our parents made us secure 1D the flrst foothold of l1fc by bestow 1Hg on us the love whlch we as small bahles craved They satlsfled all of our wants and needs The second foothold was made certaln hy our teachers and fF1PHdQ, who POUHC1lCd and gulded us through adolescence As we acqulred more and more learn1ng, and began to put knowledge 1HtO effect the thlrd foothold mastery and self control, was achleved Now the fourth foothold awalts our conquest Th1s step does not depend on parents teachers or fr1ends, but on us as graduates It goes hand 1D hand w1th the other three, but far exceeds them We w1ll not he on our own to try the thlngs whlch we have spent so many years l63FH1Hg For the flrst tlme 1D our l1ves me are trylng our W1HgS You have ill helped 1U the PFPPHFBUIOH of th1s test fllght We only hope that IH us your dreams w1ll come true and that we wlll make our fourth foothold secure ln the world and the world secure 1U us Nanry Sue Vclntyrm S N .ll . lllY 7 - l jj , , V l I , x, 4 K V , A Y A . Y Y ' ' . . 4 I ,, V ,, 'I . . - Y . ! I ' ' 1' l, . .f , J, n , vi, nil f 1 4 . L . . . Y V . . S. E 1 v I 4 f .I I. ' , 1 . ' . V - , ' 2 f .' ,-' 2 MORRIS SONIAN S A I L T'A T O H Y Parents, teachers, and frlends We the class of 50 welcome you here tonlght to one of the most outstandlng and memorable events of our school l1fe Th1S IS a momentous occaslon for 1t marks the concluslon of our school educatlon, and now we are ready to take the step beyond Durlng school we have been taught to establ1sh a def1n1te goal an to work and str1ve for lt Now the t1me has come for us to take up our pursult of the ObJCCt1VC Through the patlent guldance and leadershlp of our teachers and vlsors, I am COHf1dCHK that we have obtalned the best tra1n1ng an asslstance posslble Now we must employ th1s background 1n acqu1r1ng our place 1D the world We can no longer rely entlrely on others lt 1S up to us as 1Hd1V1dUalS, to do our parts 1U accompl1sh1ng our amb1t1ons However, we have been well prepared to meet any challenge the world may offer us Through the enllghtenment of school llfe, we have come to real1ze the baslc fundamentals of successful l1V1Hg Among them are the ab1l1ty to l1ve harmon1ously Wlth others, the art of COOPCTHEIOH, the necesslty of self control, and the dCC6fm1HBf1OH to see a d1ff1cult problem through to 1ts f1H1Sh All of these we must use collect1vely 1n mak1ng ourselves successful CICIZCHS of the future At th1s t1me we also w1sh to thank our parents frlends and others who have helped to make our graduatlon poss1ble Our parents made lt posslble for us to attend school and they spurred us on to h1gher achlevements They 1HSp1FCd 1n us the courage to overcome fa1lures and aroused 1n us the dCS1F6 for learnlng We owe much to our parents more than words can express In future years I belleve that we w1ll each succeed 1D nmklng our dreams and amb1t1ons mater1a11ze However, work 1S an 1nd1spensable ele ment of success We must remember that to be able to prosper 1U l1fe we must apply constant effort and keep IH m1nd thls small but s1gn1f1cant proverb ulhe ladder to success 15 not greased clxmb It Robert Brown ,Y , . I i . I. . ad- . S . . , . Y - 1 . . . , . . .Al . . . ,, I 1 - , -- . MORRIS SONIAN A E5 S I S 1' 0 By Pat Dahl and Dor1s Severn It has been sald that a person s most enjoyable years are spent 1n h1gh school As we were g01ng through the grades we presented 1n the fourth grade the play Rumplestzltskrn under the d1F9Ct10D of M1ss M1nn1e 0 Connor Many of the Class of 1950 have spent the1r entlre school years here ln Mt Morr1s These p1oneers are Rlchard Dlnger Patrlck Earley Mary Broom f1eld Dorls Severn Donna Roth Phyll1s Kelly Donald St1nson Barth LaMay Merna Ingram Gwendolyn Gl1dden Sally Lennox Kather1ne Reed Gerald Newman Nancy McIntyre Leroy Roth Mary Ada1r Robert W1ll1ams Geraldlne Coenen Lyle Pushman Ardlth Marshall Joyce Mauldln Helen Brayton and Phyll1s Goff The students that were elected to gulde us through our freshman year were Gerald Newman as Pres1dent Geneva Yates as V1ce Presldent Kelly Beardslee as Secretary and Wallace Hess as Treasurer The freshmen d1d a comedy 1U one act called Sprzng Is Here under the d1rect1on of M1ss Alleen Watson Our sponsors were M1ss Katherlne Peterson and M1ss Eleanor Blakely As sophomores we elected Leon Lavene as Presldent D1ck Henry as V1ce Presldent Mary Ada1r as Secretary Treasurer w1th Mr H111 and M1ss Nash as class sponsors The freshman sophomore plays th1s year were Make ROOM fvf Rodney If Men Played Cards As Women Do and Happy Journey Wlth M155 Karen Holmes M1ss Dor1s Nash M1SS Phyll1s Perklns M1ss Dorothy Ramale and Mrs Inez Wahlen as dlrectors The operetta H M 3 Plnafvff WaS SIVCU thls year and many of our class took part It was d1rected by MISS Falgfen We have now progressed to our JUHIOY year We elected Kelly Beardslee as Presldent Nancy McIntyre as V1ce Presldent Pat Dahl as Secretary and Joyce ward Ersklne Our class play was Knnd Lady under the capable d1rect1on of M1ss Campbell Iolafhe the operetta dlrected by M1ss Dorothy Ehrlch 1nclud ed many members of our JUHIOT class Also presented durlng our Junlor year was the All Hlgh Play The Tzger S Necklace w1th part1c1pants from our class In honor of the senlors we presented the prom Up In Central Park We are now S9H10FS" Our class offlcers are Neal Compton as Presldent Eleanor Lott as V1ce Presldent Pat Dahl as Secretary and Joyce Wh1te as Treasurer Mr and Mrs Oscar B1xby were our class sponsors The hlghllghts of our sen1or year were the operetta play and carnlval The operetta was the The Sorcerer under the d1rect1on of M1ss Dorothy Ehr1ch 'Mld Century Cen tennlal our carnlval was enjoyed by all that attended Under the d1T8Ct1OH of M1ss Barbara Whlte we presented See How They Run whlch was a great success The klng and queen cand1dates durlng our four years IU h1gh school were Phyll1s Goff and Kelly Beardslee 1n the freshmen year w1th Phyll1s becomlng queen Joyce Whlte Frances Faferko Leon Lavene Chan Locey ID our sophomore year w1th Frances W1HD1Hg Candldates durlng the JUHIOT year were Katle Strlckert Pat Dahl Gerald Newman and D1ck Henry Neal Compton won for k1ng 1n the sen1or year w1th Glenn Sm1th Joyce Wh1te and Geneva Yates runn1ng also Many of the members of our class have been act1ve ln sports throughout the1r h1gh school years Those who played football were D1ck Dlnger Bob W1111amS Len Gonyea B1ll DeMars D1Ck Henry and Gerald Newman who was cap ta1n th1s year Boys t3k1Hg track were Dlck Dlnger Len Gonyea and D1ck HGHTY Those who played baseball were Glenn Smith Bob Clark and Len Gonyea Barth LBMHY D1ck Henry and D1ck Dlnger D8Ft1C1D8t6d 1n basketball The glrls C I, H fl Y White as Treasurer. our capable sponsors were Miss Betty Campbell and Mr. Ed- MORRIS SONIAN who played softball were Phyllls Kelly Merna Ingram Mary Ada1r Nancy McIntyre and Mary Ann Dlon Mary Adalr Helen Brayton Ardlth Marshall Nancy McIntyre Frances Faferko and Gerry Coenen played basketball A Senlor Commlttee was chosen from our class to carry out the planned HCt1V1t18S of the year They are Glenn Smlth Joyce Whlte Pat Dahl Lyle Push man Joan Vanderpyle Lloyd Evans Neal Compton Mary Adalr Bob Brown and Eleanor Lott Many senlors have become members of the NHCIOHH1 Th6SD13H Soclety They are Nancy McIntyre Lloyd Evans D1ck Henry Lyle Pushman Mary Adalr Ardith Marshall Gerry Coenen Geneva Yates Joyce Mauldln Helen Brayton Joan Van derpyle Joyce Whlte Chan Locey Kelly Beardslee Bob W1lliams D1ck Dinger B1ll DeMars Eleanor Lott and Frances Faferko Tamrng of the Shrew was a play presented by the Thesplans We have had a f1ne showlng IH the mus1c department Those 1n the band were Don Becker Don St1nson Bob Hughey D1ck Dlnger Barth LaMay Douglas Ayres Mary Ada1r James Main Nancy McIntyre Chan Locey Charles Purdy James county and state contests The success of the MOFTIS sonlan 15 due largely to the 1ndiv1dual effort of each member of the staff The Edltor ln Chief Betty Drudge Assistant Edi tor Phyllls Goff Feature Ed1tOTS Lyle Pushman and Frances Faferko Business Managers Bob Brown Mary Adalr Neal Compton and Nancy Mclntyre Sports Edl tors Mar1lyn Randle and D1ck Henry Alumnl Edltors Joyce Whlte Geneva Yates and Mary Broomfleld Joke Edltor Marguerlte Barnett Art Ed1tor Helen Brayton and Joyce Mauldln The top honors for outstand1ng scholastlc records go to Mary Adair Va1ed1ctor1an Bob Brown Nancy McIntyre and Neal Compton Salutatorlans Honor Students Glenn Smlth Betty Drudge Pat Dahl Mary Ann D1on Don Hart man Joan Vanderpyle Phyllls Goff Lloyd Evans Merna Ingram and Joyce Whlte We the Class of 1950 want to thank Mr Clark and members of the faculty for the1r guldance through our entlre school years. 6119 Theodore, and Ardith Marshall. The choir and mixed groups have won honors at Class Wlll We the Sen1or Class of Mt Morr1s H1gh School 1h the County of Genesee the State of M1ch1gan belng of sound m1nd and body declare th1s to be our fxrst and last WILL AND TESTAMENT Flrst Second Thzrd Fourth We bequeath to the JUDIOT Class our c1rcu1tous course of Wash1ngton and New York We bequeath to the Sophomore Class our bralns and good looks We bequeath to the Freshman Class our maturat1on Members of the class w1sh to leave oertaln of thelr hunble be long1ngs to the follow1ng MARY ADAIR w1ll my pos1t1on on the glrls basketball team to Bob W1gglesworth CHARLES ABLE w1ll my ab1l1ty to get through school to Jerry and Fuddle f1f I get through'l IIlKHAS ALLISCDJ w1ll my qu1etness wxth g1rls to the nany lover boys who W1Sh to save nnney whrle 1n school ELAINE BARDEN w1ll my w1ll to anyone who th1nks they can collect IKUGLAS AYRES w1ll my h1story book to B111 Norrls MMNIETHTE BARNETT w1ll noth1ng to nobody because I m tak1ng every th1ng w1th me KELLY BEARDSLEE w1ll my membershlp 1n the B L B C to anyone who thlnks they can get lt DUN BECKER w1ll my class plctures to anyone collect1ng strange objects HELEN ERAYTEN w1ll my BFCISCIC ab1l1ty to Roy Coenen BMRY ROOMFIELD w1ll my qu1et ways to Beverly Hays ROBERT BROWN hereby bequeath my ab1l1ty to get out of classes to Fred Swart ROBERT CLARK w1ll my 30 Chevy to anyone who wants to p1Ck Up g1rls GERRIF CIENEN w1ll my gay n1ghts to anyone lucky enough to have all mornlng study halls YEAL CIAEUIN w1ll my gavel to the next Pres1dent of the Student Councll he ll need It PAI'EMHL w1ll my po1se to W1nn1e Mae Pittman BILL DEWARS w1ll my sk1pp1ng days to my brother Bob GERRY DEMING w1ll my small nose to anyone who th1nks they re cap able of tak1ng It DICK DIWGER w1ll my ab1l1ty to be an amateur golfer to Mr Stark MARY ANN DIOV w1ll my s1ze 4m shoes to Kelth Grlfflths BETTY ERUDGE w1ll the ed1torsh1p of the annual to anyone who wants a good Job BAT EARLEY w1ll my ab1l1ty to get up early 1n the morn1ng to Howard Roberts LLIND ENANS w1ll all my aches and p81nS to Sally K1dman I FRANCES FAFERKO w1ll my ab1l1ty to sklp study hall to anyone who can get away wmth lt I, by . ., I, , a .a u a - I, , a 1 . I . I, , . . . I, , ' ' . I, A, .. I, A yy . . IV A i . . I' 1 a la a a . I, , . . . . I, A , . . . . IIA -A - , . . V I n ' -o - I, W , ' . . I, r' , ' ' ' . MORRIS SONIAN HB FCBSMARK w1ll my cap and gown to Jul1us Koepke so as to make sure he gets one CLIFFAIENE GIIBERT w1ll a few 1nches of my ha1r to Vera Neff RGSER GILLETIE w1ll my wavy halr to Ron B1gelow GVIEN GLIIIXEN w1ll my love for chem1stry to Dorothy Garman PHYLLIS GOFF w1ll my weakness for blondes to Nancy Shoens IIINARD GKNYEA w1ll my pos1t1on on the football team to Don Hughey CRVAL HALL w1ll my ab1l1ty to eat and not to ga1n we1ght to Jerry Foether IIN HARIMAN w1ll my love of beautxful th1ngs Cglrlsl to anyone that doesn t possess lt already KATHLEEN HAYS w1ll my seat 1n Econom1cs and Government to any per son who 18 lucky enough to take lt tw1ce DICK HENRY w1ll my short ha1r out to Jerry Ellennn IDB HUGHEY w1ll my motor scooter to the football team so they can get around the f1eld NEFWA IINURAM w1ll my ab1l1ty to stand on my head to Betty Schafmtz. MARY ANN JONES w1ll my love for the name Iser to my s1ster Dolores just to keep 1t 1n the famlly PHYLLIS KELLY th1nk that where there s a w1ll there s a way but I lost my way IDYLE KITCHELL w1ll my ab1l1ty to work after school and weekends to Jerry Elleman BARTH LaMAY w1ll my pants to any senlor of 51 who th1nks he can wear them out LEGN LaVENE w1ll my wavy ha1r to Howard Roberts CHAN IHJEY w1ll my ab1l1ty to play the trombone to Burton Jones EIEANCB LUIT w1ll my aggresslve ways to my bashful slsters Barbara and MarJor1e JIM MAIN w1ll my cowoby shoes to Ken Stockton JOYCE MAUIDIN w1ll my secret arnb1t1ons to my s1ster Carol ARDl'IH MARSHALL w1ll my ab1l1ty to stay home at n1ght and study to Georgene Prestage JEAVETIE McKAY w1ll my front teeth to Florence Eashck MARVIN MGISE w1ll my he1ght to Russel Ford MARICN NEPH w1ll my love for Ernest Tubbs s1ng1ng to Fllen Snell GERALD NEWMAN w1ll my curly ha1r to Mr Clark MAXINE PASHBY w1ll my qu1et ways to Betty Hall DAVID PGNERS w1ll my study hall desk on wh1ch I sleep dur1ng study hall to Kenny Owens RILL PRIEHS bequeath my ab1l1ty to lead Mr B1xby off the subject of Spanlsh to Dan Randle CHARLES PURDY w1ll my unsurpassable sk1ll 1n all sports to Belvln Davenport LYLE PDSHMAV w1ll my odd colored ha1r to anyone who w1shes 1t JOAN RAVLSOWER w1ll my love for the country to whomever wants It MARILYN RAYDLE w1ll my red ha1r to Joyce Seal l , . , . ,I I I ' , I . , . Y I , . , . . . 1 - p I . . ' 3 , . . . . ' d YI ' 1 1 . ,. . , Y I . . 4 , o K 1 , . . , . SALLY LENOX, will my slim waist line to Helen Shaver. Y I I , . . , . A 1 . A , I ' . I . , ' D e ' u rr ' - a 1 , 4 l ' . . I l . , . Y U l . l I . . . , p . . . . l 1 . YA 1 H l Q . , , , MORRIS SONIAN BATUERINE REED w111 my ab111ty to crack gum 1h MISS Wesby s class to anyone who has nerve enough to try 1C LESLIE REWWNJIS w111 my ab1l1ty to take out g1r1s from Sag1naw to anyone who wants that chance RHGJA IUBEFISCN w11l my w11l to anyone who has the w111 to take lt DUVNA RCHT1 w1ll my 5 feet 2 lnches to Kexth Gr1ff1ths LEROY RCUH w1l1 my cap and gown to Ke1th Gr1ff1ths DCRIS SEVERN w111 my stud1ous h8b1tS to anyone who 1S s11ly enough to th1nk I have any PHILLIP SHELDON w111 my ab111ty to s1ng to Jack Dorr CKENN SMITH w1l1 my Job at C110 Road Market to anyone who wants to get f1Ch the slow way BOB SNIDER w111 my ha1r to Mr H111 DELVIS SHACEY w11l my model Ford to my brothers so they can get to school DON STINSCN w1l1 my love for Amerlcan h1storv to Jerry Elleman JAMES THEIECRE w111 my ab1l1ty to play a c1ar1net to Be1v1n Daven port SHIRLEY THOW w111 my qu1et ways to Jack1e Lerche IUSEPHINE VANADIA w111 the name Kelly to Dorothy German JGAN VANDERPYLE w1ll the m1rf0F 1n my locker to J1m Bender BARBARA WITTUM w11l my des1re to be a sen1or to Lavern W1ttum JOYCE WHITE w111 my Thesp1an act1v1t1es to Eager Beaver Bob New land EIIBWILLIAMS w1l1 my ab111ty to come to school to J1m Podoley GENEVA YATFS w111 my w1ll to w11l others to w111 the1r w11l to W11l1e By the SCHIOFS Arranged by Betty Lkudge and Phyllls Goff li. , . . . . . , , 1 r . l . , . IT . . . . . , . I I . , , . I . , . . ' I 9 . , . a , . ' ll l! u Q . . , . , . . .- , . 1 . , . 4 I ,. . . ifhv Retail MORRIS SONIAN C 'XLXHX XIJXIH to sell Nlr Clark a Bulck NPN Xllll' grow 'as tall as rrv hudcl llllflako XII IRON to betomf a buslne s executlve 1U a well 6SCEibl1bllCd luslness lflfl XS Xlllfa to work Il XINF RWIUVN to stay Qlllglf' long enough to see the world Xlalfll FRITF llXRNFlT to keep on w1th my w1se cracks lx H IF-Vlllt-Ill be a play moy l'lCVlP tr a more 1HlJ1l1OI1 lllfl.l1N HRXYIUN to walk out of a room w1th all my POSSPSSIOHS IYUPEHT RWHWN t le tall clarl and handsome I-UR Cl -Wh to own Cadlllac fllildl COFNYN to be a career woman Nl XL C0'ulYl'ON to hecome 'an analytlcally mlnded DllN51C1St. PST DUI to always have a new man 'around lillls lleX XPS to be a professlonal gol fer fllllll DFVINC to t1e the knot Dlflx DINYFH to play 1n the Masters golf tournament NlXHl NON DION to belong to the Polar Bare Club lllvlll llflllfl to own Burn s 0 l can save lunch money when I work late alter scaool PXT llalllll to Lrow a blg black br-ard llflllj FX VNS to run a f1rst rate I'Pill1C'1llg school IHXNCFS lXlllilx0 t own t al l a k s as to 'always have a Ihll IDI lflPmVXlllx to nfake up sleep fron lost t1me put 1n sthool WIKI? FIIIVVIT to be able to wake ut 1Il t1me for my next class Fl lFPXLPNl7 CIIISFHT T play the D1 ano an Larne 16 Hall fllN l.1lllllll'N to always have long flnger nalls IHNIIS CDH to own the post Off1C8 so I can aave money on stamps llNN CONXPX to have wavev halr ' XI llkll to le a travelangz salesman DON llNlTl'N XN to Ill1I1lfx of some useless Llllllg, I don t possess to w1ll to someone who doesn t need t kXTlllFEN HHS to be a publlc speaker Ulflx lll7Nlll to stlck wlth one glfl M llnl a JOlJVN1fll lots of pav and no wor VLHNX lNfHW to have no enemaes UWH NNN JONIN t o own a Dlckae forever IIS kF to own a l950 convertlhle IXJYIF lxllflllll to own a gas statlon HXIl'lll IHNHY tr lecome a better salesman than Nlr flark HHN LaNl7NF to he a mlnlster Saljl LENOX to eo steadv wath the sane uy over fave rronths UIXN MXPX to get enough 'iml71f.1Of1 to to studv hall to e some eep ILP XNOH IUIT to work hard as usual lut enjoy mvself before 1t 19 too late Il XNVITF Ncldl to le an effaclent secretary Xlllllrlll N'XPmIIXI.l move C al forn1a rl se o Nl Nlorrls .-NUIXITIPNS Cllll .I--to if ' l'es. .,.f.,-- a as .' sg .. " ' 3 - V fl " All 'f '1.Q'-- ' . fa- . 'f-- , ' f f , , 'EI,I.' 3.4 V' .ff--to 1 . 'l . DUN f if --- a have , 2 ' l ' . . . ,'-- ,o w J Q '. . ' ' A 1'-- ' a ' . if ' '-- , ,. ' . A M fy l I Y V AY K V' Y! I . .' .' I." 1 ' I n , l- ..'-- ,, A , . 72' 1' il,i-- ' . ' ' v4 Y ' If 'YY 1. "f , . . : l wr " . E . V V i"-- f " s , 1 I fl," A' , , . . ,, lfaff'--, ' - ,' Y. . , - - a ff - u - n ' - , ,. " ,-- o ' za na lon 12 n' ,o . ' f z A ' 5 4 f. '--, 2. . , I ' ' i' 1 ,.' 'l-- ' ' v ' A . f , i . '. -- o . ' 'z D ' gl ' . 'lr' rv , . , ' , ' IV 4. A N " 4 4 1 '.'.',- , ,J-4 ' , V , V, L.. CQHY , at A--, 1, L ' ' . , I 1' .-- . V . S A 1 5. . r , B . , . . . . Q , 1 . lvffll lflClllfY--to H f ' V g . I' k. ,- fi e -- ' ' . l- ' 'I '-, 1 . ' ' ' H ' V l'llYl,- .' ' .l,l-Y-- ' Q ' . , V, ,,- -- 1 1, ,, , y . . 1 . f ','-- V ' J' ' Q pg' ' 1 '. .r ' A '-- f- , A . ' ' get I' g t ., sl , . f Q ' , -- ' ' . 1 ' ' ' , ' . 'Q 'f a l '-- 1 ' A I. . . f . f L- ' a- .--to . ' 1: i N " 1 o: rr L t. MORRIS SONIAN JIU MAIN to l1YP to see the Unlted NHCIODS become successful JOYCE NMLLDIN to own a real l1N6 Robby p1n NANCY MCINTYRE to manage Rell Telephone Co so I can talk as much I would l1ke MARVIN NKBSE to Judge beauty contests NUUUfN WEPH to travel JERRY NEWMAN to have a paper Dahl to call my own HAXINE PASHBY to have a pa1r of Gene DAVID POMERS to hurry and get out of school so that I can sleep later 1n the mornlngs WILLIAM PRIEHS to llve to see the return of the nlckle beer and the free lunch CILARIFS PTRDY to sell F O O U IYIF PIQHMAR to have two weeks wacatlon w1th pay JOAN IUGFKNTTI to l1ve IH the West and own a hlg ranch MARIIYN RANDIE to become a great p1an1st KATHTRINF REED to be a good stenographer RHODA ROBERTSON to have 3mblf1OH enough to get up 1n the morn1ng DONNAIYJHI to be cover glrl on the Country Gentleman LeROY RUTH to grow tall DORIS SEVERR to have Mt HOFFIS move closer to Fl1DL PHILLIP SHEIIKB to make myself heard GLENN SMITH to l1ve to see the day when elephants roost 1U trees BOB SWIDFR to have loads of money an Off1CC and a beautlful secretary on each knee DFLVI9 STACFY to be able to get my work IH on t1me DON QTINSON to study BTGCITOHICS IAAUS THEODORE to grow tall SHlRlTW THOM to be a secretary and have a handsome boss JO VXNADIA to he a successful beauty operator IOXN VNNDERPYLE to tell a ha1r ra slng story to Mr H111 JOICI WHITE to have a part ownershlp 1n a 41 Cheverolet FKIWRT NILLIANS to get out of school get a good Job and do a lot of travellng RARRARA WITTTll to be a flllng clerk CENT'A YATES to have part OWHEFSRIP 1H a dry cleaner DUSIHCSS Cf'f??""iD N-- ,YA . A. . . . ' Y U H ' il l Y .V " ' as . S A . U n 1' l "' ' I 4, - - a 1 Y i. ll Y 1 - 1 , Y, ' ' I ,Ag A A -- K ., 5 l .' J -- ' , ' .5 ' ' ' . 1' ,U' 1 ,'--. ,' Y ' ' ' . LESLIE REYNOLDS--live fast, die young, and be a handsome corpse. , . . . . -- V L l-- - Y ll I I l l I , , . . i A J -- , . , . .T n, ll "' , 1 . . 7 -- . , . . All -- T I I I q . . . ,, . . . fl f ' -- . 1. y S ' T , . . ,' 7 -- Y ' - r I -- , . 1 u' -- ' ' ' -. MORRIS- ONIAN Can You lmagme Dlck D1nger Mary Ada1r looklng up to Mary Ann DIOH7 Charles Adle as the center on the basketball team Douglas All1SOH as a rad1o-announcer? Douglas Ayres gettlng a tlcket for speed1ng7 Marguer1te Barnett w1thout anyth1ng to say7 Ela1ne Barden fly1ng IHUO a tantrum7 Kelly Beardslee another Eddy Arnold? Don Becker not W0rk1Dg 1n M1tchell s grocery store7 Helen Brayton wear1ng h1gh heels w1th Bob? Mary Broomfleld be1ng a cut up 1n school7 Robert Brown when wasn t talk1ng7 Bob Clark w1th a ton1 Gerry Coenen 1n last year s fBSh1OHS7 Neal Compton US1Hg a one syllable word7 Pat Dahl w1th a bob fha1r cut that ISJQ B111 DeMars shy and t1m1d7 Geraldlne Demlng an old ma1d7 D1ck D1nger not eager to argue a subJect7 Mary Ann DIOH not be1ng called shorty Betty Drudge w1thout any fF16HdS7 Patrlck Earley w1th a black beard? Frances Faferko tear1ng up a B ll Bob Forsmark not WOlf1Dg9 Cl1ffalene Gllbert not go1ng to Ott1SV1llC 9 '7 Boger Glllette w1th a new car Gwen Glldden w1th somethlng to say? Phyllls Goff w1thout some guy7 Leonard Gonyea w1th wavy h81P7 Orval Hall engrossed 1D a lesson7 Don Hartman datlng a gorgeous blond Kathleen Hays thread1ng a needle7 D1ck Henry w1thout a new g1rl7 Bob Hughey w1thout a Tr1m motor scooter Merna Ingram as a fat lady 1n the CIFCUS7 Mary Ann Jones be1ng s1x foot tall? Doyle K1tchell w1thout a Joke to tell? Phyllls Kelly be1ng told to speak louder7 Barth laMay qu1tt1ng h1s Job at the D1x1e Drug store7 Leon LaVene not able to expla1n how to f1x someth1ng7 Sally Lenox not l1k1ng someone spec1al7 Chan Locey lead1ng an all g1rl orchestra7 Eleanor Lott w1thout a Job to do9 Janes Ma1n w1thout cowboy boots7 7 by 7 . . . , ' ' Il ll ' l , . ' ll 'YIQ . , . .. , ' ' ' ' ll YL7 Lloyd Evans having stage fright? ' ll i YY? - ll ' rv- - 7 MORRIS SONIAN Ard1th Marshall g1V1Hg up nan? Joyce Mauldln staylng home EVCHIHRS Nancy McIntyre not chas1ng the boys? Jeanette McKay talk1ng back to a teacher? Marv1n Morse not hav1ng any nmscles? Mar1on Neph belng a naughty g1rl 1n school? Gerald Newman wlthout a doll fDahll? Max1ne Pashby wlthout a bag of candy Dav1d Powers belng a dF8m8t1CS teacher? B111 Prlehs g1V1Hg away h1s excess halr 7 Charles Purdy go1ng steady? Lyle Pushman belng to class on tlne? Marllyn Randle w1th black halr? Joan Ramsower when she 1sn t laugh1ng Kather1ne Reed w1thout a true confesslon magazlne? LeSl16 Reynolds C0mlHg fo school? Rhoda Robertson hold1ng a grudge? Donna Roth be1ng a woman wrestler? Leroy Roth playlng football? DOFIS Severn gO1Hg Wlth a guy from Mt MOFTISQ Phllllp Sheldon m1ss1ng cho1r practlce? Glenn Smlth not S1Hg1Hg Margle ? Bob Snlder g1V1Hg away h1s telephone numbers? Delv1s Stacey not talk1ng about h1s car? Don St1HSOH gO1Hg steady? Janes Theadore when he 1sn t runnlng the mov1e machlne? Shlrley Thom sk1pp1ng school? Joyce Whlte not Sm1l1Dg7 Rob w1ll18mS not be1ng 1n trouble w1th Mr Clark? Barbara w1CCUm not helplng around cafeterla? Joan landerpyle keeplng qulet 1U study hall? Joann Vanadla not hav1ng a nun? Geneva Yates dr1v1ng a wlllle ? TEES . . 7 . . . . . . .7 . , . 9 . ... . . . . ,, . ,, A . , , . . . ,. . . ,. . . . . , . , . ,. . . , . . . ' ' ac - ' xv ' X-.ct MORRIS-SONIAN - G I F T A T 0 H Y Joan Vanderpvlg Joan Ramsower Gerry Coenen AMRY ADAIR for you we have Eh1S ha1r to remlnd you of the good old days CIUWHES ADLE for you we have a pa1r of St1ltS so you can get up 1U the world LIIKHAS ALLISGN for you we have CD15 mustache so you won t have to go to the trouble of gFOW1Hg one DOUGLAS AYERS Here Doug 1S a wh1stle blow lt when you re around ELAIVE BARDEN So you ll always know pretty teeth here s some false ones MARGUERITE BARNETT' Here 1S a shorthand pad to start you on your career KELLX BEARDSLEE SINCE you have such a DICE l1ne we re g1V1ng you some of the r1ght k1nd of ba1t CF1sh ba1t'l DON BECKER Here s a magnlfylng glass so you won p have to Straln your eyes over your stud1es HELEV BRAYUUV F0ryou Helen a plane to get you 1n practlce for your stewardess career MARY BROOMFIELD Mary take th1s book of dreams so you 11 F8COgH1Z6 the man of your dreams when you meet h1m ROBERT BROWN Students generally put happenlngs 1n a Memory Book SIHCC you re the youngest 1D the class we th1nk LDIS Baby Book 1S appropr1ate ROBERT CLARK Here Bob 1S a supply of excuses All you have to do 1S lnsert the date GERRY COENEN Here Gerry IS a SChOl8rSh1p to General Motors Inst1 tute now you can attend classes too NEAL CIMHUCN' You 11ke to talk so well we are g1V1Dg you Ch1S donkey 1t s all ears lf ought to be a good llstener your career BILL DeMARS A pa1r of wooden shoes B111 so you won t wear them out walk1ng over to Fran s GERALDINE DEVING A book Gerry on What every young br1de should know !,ffRlCHARD DINGER Here s a tee to start you on your gOlf1Hg career MARY ANN DION For you Mary Ann a bell so you can be a D1nger BETTY DRLDGE Here s a megaphone so we ll be able to hear you when you re around PATRICK EAIHIH Here Pat 15 a b1cycle so you won t have to walk when you call on Paullne LUOYD EVANS A book on How to Dance see 1f there s any 1n here you can t do FRANCES FAFERhO You owe us no B1ll but for vou we have a lox of DeUars candy bars BOB HIfiURk Here Bob 1S your adm1ttance to a sanator1um Now you can take a n1ce long rest not Just a l1ttle snooze now and then d1r1nt class -5 ' , ' , 7-- , I . -- , , . , ' Y 1 . 1 A:-- 1 , , . , -- . , I 1 I - Y -- 'I ' V' . 1 . ui , , . . . , . " 1 . , . . . Y " v 1 . - : A A -- , Y, - I Y ' " v r . , h . . , . PAT DAHL--Here's a contract to go to modeling school, to start you on . ' . , 1 " y 1 . r , . tv ' H , . f , . ". , , , . n 7 -- 1 v ' , A , u jj I U ' YY - - 1 A " V f ,V 1 . ' I -- ! 7 . g f , T . 1 1 , - " 1 1 , u H ' I ' "- 1 ' . Y , , V 1 - ay , . " , , 7 I !I 'A yo- , 1 I Q . , I V U I 7 4 l ry- ff xy J I 4 W i L 1 w LV." .1 ff ff' MCRRIS SONIAN MARILYN RANDLE Here s a bunch of carrots to keep that curly red ha1r JOAN PUAEKMER For you Jo we haye a horse now you can go west ly Pony Express KAJTTRINE RFED S1nce you l1ke to read fRe1dl so well we re QIVIH you th1s True Story Hagazlne Don t mark lVarkl It up LESLIE REYNOLDS Here Leslle 1s some ho Nods to keep you awake IH Class IWKJDA ROBERTSON Here s a gu1debook of FlOF1d8 so when you get there you 11 know your way around NA ROTH For you Donna a box of Cracker Jacks LeBOY ROH1 Here s a can of sp1nach to help you grow up DORIS SEVERN Here a cake of yeast to r1se you up IH fame FHILIIP SH lLfB You never seem to get a k1ck out of anyth1ng Maybe you can get a k1ck out of th1S someday GLENN SMITH Here Glenn 15 a permanent excuse sl1p now you don t have a worry about SRIDDIHQ SNIDER Here s some toothpaste to keep that Pepsodent smlle f1X6d anytlme lt breaks down DUV STINSON Here Don 1S a book on How to Overcome Bashfulness JAMES THEODORE Here s a p1ece of rope I1m t1e your hands together so you won t always get 1nto trouble SHIRLEY THCN You re so qulet SHIFISY that we are gO1Hg to glve you a mouse now maybe we ll hear a squeak out of you once 1U a whlle JOYCE WHITE For you Joyce the song Charley My Boy SIHCC you re alwavs SlHg1Dg lt We knew you d appreclate hav1ng the mus1c BOB WILIIAMS Here s a teacher Rob ILS a dummy you can t get 1n trouble w1th thls one WIITUM Here s a stlck of candy to keep you as sweet as you are JOAN VANDERPYLE Slnce you had so much trouble sell1ng Annuals we ll g1Ve you thls book on Salesmansh1p Maybe lt w1ll help you out 1n future years JOANN VANADIA Here s a book of avallable males Maybe there s one here you haven t been out wlth GENEVA YATES We 11 g1VC you th1s whlp to rem1nd you of your part of the Shrew ln the Ihesplan Play ci? I ' ,N xr V r ' " 1 1 l' l -I 1 ,l l 7' -- .. I V . K 4 11 1' , , , f ' ' ' U . V 1 y - , . , .1 . A -i , 4 ., .B , W, ks . I l ' , ' , , Y s If YY "' 1 1 - -n 1 l Y , . 1 o -- S . . ,-- . . . , Y I . ' DELVIS STACEY--Here Delvis is an insurance policy to get your car ' - . ca i 11 " 1 1 ' ' , . . . Q -- "Y K i ' A , . V , . ,. I . . " - 1 ' 1 , 5 1 1 . A Y ll ,Y 1' I " 1 1 1 1 , , , . , . . . 1 ' . 7 ' J K" 1 1 1 I' l ' V Q ' l 1. ' . ' , . --l , V . ' . U , U YI ' A ' Y Y Settlng ELAINE ELEANOR MAR I LYN ELEANKR MARILYN ELEANOR ELAINE MARILYN ELAINE ELEANOR ELAINE MAR YN ELEANOR ELAINE MORRIS-SONIAN fi CLASS PROPHECY OF 1950 It 1S May 29 l950 on a warm Sprlng Day he w1ll now look Jn on three busy bOd1SS of the Mt MOFTIS H1gh School class of 50 We see Elalne Barden, MHFIIYH Handle and Eleanor Lott PIGUHIDQ an xlUmD1 Class Heun1on Then lt s all settled, MHTIIYH you order the pop I take care of QGCLIHQ the 1ce cream Whew' Sorry I m late' Dld you get the 1nv1tat1ons Mar1lyn7 They are all wrltten out and some are addressed Here 15 one addressed to Dcz Becker at R3d1O Qtatlon C Nl' here 1D Vt MOFFIS and Don QLIHSOH IQ h1s LUSIDCSS manager I tuned 1nto M C V V just yesterday and heard Mary Ann lones Ardlth Narshall and Rhoda Robertson QIHEIHL They make a f1ne LYIO I IISLCH to that statlon qulte often The other nlght I heard TIP Glenn Smlth Qhow HIS theme song 1S Nartle Dld you know Sally Lenox hal taken over the lorotlx HIX Advlce to the lovelorn column7 Remember Phyllls Kelly7 I have seen ler on telev1s1on all has taken over 1D Judy anova s place I heard Roger f1ll ette 18 QIHQIHL for N1Ck and lls Corn Huskers Var1on Nell IS the asslstant dlrk 1ockey on lrnle Tuhl s rro ram 11 1 xe con 1S a IHL oxun 19 MOFYIS wlow I read 1D the newspaper tlat Douplls Xyers 19 full tlne larl Cuan locey ls leadlng Tommy Dorsey s orchestra You know Charles lurdy IS t8h1Hg the place of Ivelyn and ner MBLIC VIOIIU IN Vl1l Sp1talamy s orchestra Nost unusual appolntncnt That s an all girl orchestra you know saw Nrs XLDCTHIJ and her famlly of SIX IH ll1nt Saturday Sle was the former G6F3ld1H6 Demmlng he must not forget to send an IHVILHCIOH to llll lm' 1 rances Iaferko They are I1V1Hg IH Ilttlz hcc X xey were marrled soon after school xas out s kathellne Reed has changed the syellxug oil Here 15 IH 1HV1L3t1OH addressed to Gordow llower Shop must he tae one leanette Nchay CStdll1HhCK VISILK 1rN Lroomfleld at her nursery for pre sclool are C11 or u MBXIDP hCll1HLPf s twlns are two of the regular attendants L, : ' ' , ' ' , ' H , ' u 11 'I - . .I ' I K ' 'A , 1 ' , and '11 5 - 1 - . . . I . 3 , A 1 ' . .' W. , ,,v1, . A . p . K . .k .L i. i 5 , ' , 1. ....z . 1 1 .f . . , . . .l x si v, 7 YQ . I . lf ' ,Y ' . lf 4 VJ' Y, 1, . . ,.' j ', f . - ' S 1 ' ' '1 1' If ' ,I : , 'r , ,. . 1 . ' I . ,af , ' fl ' ,,. . f, i' - , ..I - I r. 7 .Rl I.- I , J J r . .. , I . . .. . , . . . , . , , - '4 , 4 , , ' . ' , ' ,, '44 , 4, , I Q I ' g . Vl'l l'p S1 11 ' pI.y' f"J l yy' on tl , Phil lin . - , ,v .' . n '. 3 I , ,'-w , ,1 , Y 2. f , , '. ' - 'Q ,'n director at Mt. Morris Hi h School. And did ou know that 9 Y fi 1 1, .- f . I Y . 'sq T ,IT I l : ',.. - I ' ." ' 1 T 'L . ,. . . I . , . , , Q A 1, , f 1 . ., . f 4 . .. ' '1 f 'N . f' '- ,T ' , ' '. la.: I -z' 1 3. It 1' I 9 'I l -' I I I all I U ,lx up I ,, ' ' , ' . ' 5 1 h , f 1 A ' ' ' T' 'N 1,x'zx 'rs , 'a 1 l F -'Z . , ' ' ' ,' e fuk, , rl:m:sa.s. Tl -2 ' at we 1 . I I-er who Qi , - ' A , , w , ' ' ,.4'x' lzas ' rxslx 1- tfv li-F-I-IL 1 3 ,, 'g Q ' ' ,' ,, , l :F 7 ', , . That - A I 4 , , ' . ' I ',' , I . I ',' ' all ' 1 ' ' Q' Q, -. s 1f..I.I1f". f ' X ' I ' f' ' 5 z ' , 1 .:. MARILYN ELEANOR MARILYN ELEANOR ELAINE MARILYN ELEANOR ELAINE ELEANOR ELAINE MARILYN FLEANOR ELAINE MARILYN ELEANOR ELAINF MARILYN MORRIS SONIAN You remember MHXIDC Pashly marrled Fugene HeIl1nger soon after graduat1on I guess everyone knows that Pat Farley IS st1l1 trylng to WIN Paul1ne Drudge s hand Geneva Yates married M1lI1e Gunsell and has part ownershlp 1n a dry clean1ng estab11shment Have you seen James Theodore lately7 He certa1nly has grown He 1S now SIX foot four I lel1eve that J1m Maln has settled down 1D Texas on a Here ford ranch I went to DCKTOIC last week to see the Detro1t T1gCTS play the lleveland Ind1ana Darned good game' D8V1d Powers was playlng for the T1g6rS and Robert W1ll1ams was pltchlng for the Indlans I was over at school the other day and whom d1d I see teach lng Chemlstry and PhyS1CS but B111 Prlehs He has taken over f r Mr H1ll who 1S explorlng some uran1um depos1ts um Xlaska I rece1ved a letter from Joan Hamsower She 1S teach1ng Phys1cal Educatlon 1n a pr1vate school out 1U Hollywood the letter she also told me about our classmate Helen Prayton who IS now an a1r11ne stewardess Everyone remembers how Douglas All1SOH Ilked school well he 1S now superlntendent at Fl1nt Central H1gh School that was a rapld ra1se' Is he marr1ed7 Uh yes he flnally captured Cllffalene G1lbert s heart Nary Adalr 15 home for the weekend from Henry Ford HOSPICGI She 1S a laboratory technlclan there Betty Drudge phoned ne the day before yesterday She 1S Head SUPEFVISOT at Hurley of Nurses Oh yes Betty checks on my work every mornlng I m the n1ght nurse on the fourth floor I am stlll WOFk1Dg at the DIXIE Drug Store and IH my spare t1me I m organlzlng the Red Headed League What ever become of Don Hartman and Bob Forsmark7 n IS a heart SPCCIBIISC o lS a Greyhound Ius dr1vcr Dld you know Delv1s Qtacey as opened a used car lot? ou rememler how Nancy McIntyre and Joan Vanderhwle llked cats7 Now they have a pet hospltal Nancy IS the vcter 1nar11n here 1S an 1nv1tat1on to a psych1atr1st New Iork IIIV That must be Gerry Coenen sam Int Pahl s DICIUFS IH IOHUP Ie 18 a towers Nolel you N fIII l'NIIfllA . . I I D J K . L . , . ,. . 1 . , . . U I .4 . . . u - l In I . . . . ,. . . . . : , ' - O y i . y . . . . f s, . -' ' ' ' A . In , 2 A ' ' 3 , . . . . U My, , . . . , . , . . n - , I . , . . , . . 2 D0 ' ' ' . I B 1, ' e ' - . ' , ' .I . . h . . ' Z Y . 1 f ' - f I' . Y . 1 . .Y - . . . , . . , . ..., , 1. J. .' IH 1, . ,. . .lf I ' lf 1 , I D . I , "' Sl If It '. - I4 I ELEANOR ELAINE MARILYN ELEANOR ELAINE MARILYN ELEANU ELAINE MARILYN ELAINL MARILYN ELEANOR ELAIN MARILYN ELEANCR ELAINE MORRIS SONIAN I I1SC6H6d to the Marguer1te Barnett show last n1ght That used to be the Luella Parsons show I caught up on all the Hollywood news Dad you know that Lloyd Evans and Lyle Push man are tak1ng the places of Abbott and Costello I heard they were mak1ng a PICCUFC for D1Ck Dmnger s MOUIOD PICLUFC Stud1o I bel1eve that Gwen Glldden and Mary Ann DIOR are dress des1gners and Joyce Mauld1n 1S the art d1rCCCOF for that studlo I read 1D the newspaper that Kelly Beardslee 1S ID Hollywood He 1S one of Hollywood s most el1g1ble bachelors Phyll1s Goff 1S playlng the lead 1n the Blond1e Show I not1ce achange on the back page 8dV8fL1S6mCDC on the com1c books Charles Adle 1S featured 1n place of Charles Atlas I see from the b1llboard that Merna Ingram and Marv1n Morse have been very successful 1n B1ngl1ng Brothers CIFCUS She plays the fat woman and he 1S the strong man We better stop the gabb1ng and complete the address1ng of 1nv1tat1ons Don t forget to send one to the new Kresge store IH Mt Morr1s Donna Roth 1S the new owner Bob Sn1der was 1n the drug store yesterday He 1S head of the FIIHL Naval Reserves In the sunner he 1S the l1fe guard at North Lake over to the curb Lesl1e Heynolds was at the wheel started talk1ng about some of our classmates and he forgot to wr1te me a tlcket Be sure to send h1m an 1nv1tat1on I read 1D the Fl1nt Journal that Bob Clark and leHoy Both are eng1neer1ng the br1dge across the Stra1ts of Macklnaw I guess that Kathleen Hays must have really changed She 1S now lectur1ng to women s club I dldn t know Dor1s Severn could Slng She 1S WOYk1Hg at the Slnger Sewlng Mach1ne Cb husband and I went to the Beacon to get a flat t1re f1X6d There we saw ICS new owner Doyle Kltchell I rece1ved a letter from Joyce Langdon yesterday She 1S l1v1ng 1n Detrolt now As we all know Joyce Langdon was Joyce Wh1te Bob Brown 1S one of M1ch1gan s RSPISSCHLHCIVCS 1n Congress He made the front page hC8dI1HCS when he broke the record of the f1l1buster Sh1rley Thom 1S h1s PFIVHEC secretary She always d1d want a handsome boss Leon LaVene has establ1shed a new church here 1n Mt MOTIIS Barbara w1ttUm makes a wonderful m1H1St8F s Wlfe I ' ' ' - 1 - . , . . EUMNUV I was speeding home last week when a police car pulled me . ' . We Z My I . . . MARIIYN ELLANOR FIAINE MARILYN FLEANOR ELAINE ELEANOR MORRIS SONIAN st ren x en Iony s harlersho to have n :lr Iolh I kmWanad1a is the head henutition Iarth Iought the Roehucke lnterest in gears Roebuck Co I listened to one of the State Football games last fall and found out that berry Newman is the Coach for the LDIVCTSIEQ of Uichiean I guess we have just atout completed the addressing of the invitations Oh, here 1S one that fell on the floor It has Bob Hughey s name of it He owns a fishery on the Fence River He always did like fish and Chips Well good bye now I have to run' gee you Way 30 at 1 00 at Richfield Park 'iS'D6'22f A!2gJQ.l:x . ,yg Ju: rex tlf I went to L: I ea': 2 1, Q p ,, Q J iy lu A -,- ef. . ' ' Ag ,, J 1 ,',A , '- I Driving through Flint I passed the Sears, LaHay Co. I guess fa I , . , . - i , i I ', ' . . , .' 2 ' , Y - 'S - K L: I , I MORRIS SONIAN DUN S 'MSM 3 ia I T r 2 .DTT 1-Aw. ,Q H-mn 1 vis ,M Q-wi NIA? Z HV icgfg. ,mv " M1214 Bmw 14 OTHERS F9 like P ,: in KW 2 F5 I Rafi? pow? 191' W Nun K ww R' XL-N. gji-ifdl f wif! 199799 viii mv' 'X I nf-v QW f " . ' 759 M , W , ,H A 71 .A Q 2 1 NIA Jggivr gy!! X Y IM, M I b X , 1: Ti 1 3 5 E H gj1+.f3+,Jx -Z - , , 'R -A - ' W ' , i K f , I r-f -S - L " ' f 1 A' U., 7 'N' 'Y I N, ' A mg 47:9 'ix ,,, 2 X V 1 : , qxrxit 'Ei rj E e ,Fi .gr . 11 'Q TEX 1"'rvNf"f'x I i 'W ix .24 . N w 'I C-x P C 5 KN1 Q- H f ' 'if ' va N: , S ' 'V 'I , f fiis fa, .N 3 f' ,fr 4 ' Q ml W 'TL 1 gig V, 4-1 A Q iw S 4 'H 1. W N ,. . Aff 3' W V Jo' gif NX. Lie, 1, . F. X gy . f , 1 , ,fl Yi! C . A y N rr- 'G ' r F' P' A : Ii ' X GH E A b 9 , 'i J , +-w E Qi X x if 3 Q 4 SC N 1 lj.: .'., ' . , T' :TT gig? ,yfvtzs N U 'Q 1' Q Q ml 4 R3 bm ph - As- XQQ, ,gc -y 4 ' af W T2 ', f 'aff' wi MS. is 4 -S Pm ' 335. N 59528 5 f y .NX . 7: ,QREMQQ iff 'Q xx 4 QM ' . E . s.,'1Se H I .If-.F A h " 19 , 3 , H Q, xv f Q- Q -- 'N 31- Q hs .' 4 - N-:. 1 i , . .. Q , 3' .-f Q -5 H ff g w., QL, A sr- 'fx . Q2 . 3 mx I . 4 I Q 2 4 N , . A 2 '. L ' , PN' I ' 3' .. I !"'m"'fg N X 4 ' ' 'N X '11 M . ' ' 7 Q W '- va 'A 5 5 1 3, ' ff' '1 , .Lt--,K -42 '. 4 r urn., if it Q ,Lux , ,A w ' 'AN ' .J ff 3, FK? Wag Z Q. Q ww T K 'Qf' Q I W' A W . V5 N ,ft fl S i " 4 -,, 4 , K' , ' .,-.g,-w.,- ' 9 ,,..,f' M ' ' Mg vw . 'V' N ,'.,,,:f ,mr I x ' ' y h - . Qw- 4553 , .,.. " , F7552 ' f A ' '." S' " -ffgdxgxffk. w iv Y ' 21.513 5, . f Q lf h Alih 'Q I , Q1 1' -., Xu ,.--v,. . - ,-.- :-. . H ilk. -X -A Yi .-f N , ? M .. 'Wim f I 41 Ent' Win iw 51 ss exwmmvn 'v-210701 MORRIS-SONIAN A-49'-If z 5 PM K 2 S 'rs I 'ai L: E E '-C lar, an all SH QHQQ, 3U-L VHHEHS gm.."z.-,aw V1-Q yr' FQ Q6 Nfl' 6' R if? Q69 Lg 1 Hmm: H1- .YHLQ L pay!! 5 KELLy IDBI'-I VHNDERP LE wx-15 Q0 Q-JS' web? OU -RJ LAL Vw V71 'Ti Elo H S O of' H98 -'U 3,-.193 V9 SOA Lo p ue were Frcslnmeu HERE SEE US 44" U W it Harv- T Qrrg work 1' lQ+S DNC dave.: SP Ylllj 0 rv? w--ff 0 Rl-Je PI: PP X ' T 4 . Q Y I , I ' , : f ... g-aww-P-or 1 , L 1 W , - ' S' gm ,An Q Y .f S. ' . L ' '- , 'Q L- it Q ami 4 N has V i i V 0 of gig f ,- W el- .. so X5 a K' 87 O 'wo 3 , Q Y V' ff xg nb 5 9 Kf- I . 95, 'X .N AN. ws . , H- --5 sd. ' . -f 'fl X . v LM . V, 5 -5 .- 1: A w X . O V 'M Q El ' ,I i - N ,L kwa 4 Q 4 if ! A elf., 1 A V . - gg. 7 ffwy 'uf 5 Um H. . 5:3 3 I P15 Dr- 0 'DJ 94 Z C0 Q S 'E M ln- Scerve rg TWWPCB P' 9 2 J lnHA Bhrbhrn fa TNI va l ffdefivw Sep 1 or H.'fbavS2 I 001' Hx F- X lla one oF The jun '51 wha'f5 The affra nay ? P P 'E M.. 1-if I 1 CN 3- 5 QM Han ch I-levy 1 ll'-'-""' umdcrd n s s New MORRIS SONIAN J O K E S Joyce V Why d1d you get a low mark 1n Engllsh Geneva7 Geneva I MISS Whlte told us to wrlte an essav on the Results of Lazlness and I turned 1D a blank Paper oo00o Betty D Hey you can t go up that street lt s one way Joyce W know lt I m on gO1Hg one way 00000 Mr l1ll What can you tell me about n1trates7 Marguerlte B Well er they are a lot cheaper than day rates oo0oo Ihe teacher asked the class 1f they could reclte a poem about spr1ng Rob S popped up and Sald H1 dlddle d1ddle the cat and the fxddle the cow Jumped over the moon spr1ng huh? 00000 Rhoda Robertson Bet I can tell you the score of the game before lt starts Narllyn Randall Oh yeah What7 Rhoda Robertson NOCRIHQ to noth1ng oo00o Captaln of pollce force What would you do to dlsperse a mob7 Mr Rlgelow Pas a 1at . u . . . . ' ' H , . 1 I u - . . . . ' 4 J - : . n . . H Y . . . . , as , -- 1 ' r ll ' 7 .: I -- 1Y . n I' ' M . . - u - A u . ' .- - n . . . . H V . . . 1 r 9 -- ' H , . ' rc - u . I I n 'I Y . y A 1 l . ' n . ' ' . u ,. c . ' I I . . ' cz ,, 1 . Q ,s I . W5 EMOR 3 Qi, wi X, Qi. J If? J -X ll S 45 " ' Q- 0 J J Bgxlkf 1 ', 3 V EQ 5 - X L J gil v 124 L I p dqw an 4-N Alf I N.BRA7ToN MORWSSONMN Leona Ostrander, Keith Erskine Mr Wllletta Fowler to righte-Betty Hilliker left FOI First Dianne Mary Lou Burgess Donna Schlosser Miss White Jil Behdef Roy Coenen lths G E W Betty Georgene Prestage lontz a C h NOFUB FIDE 8 Jean Sml Betty Bweere Helen shaver Charlotte Culver Beulah Wager row--Norma Maeder hlrd Merrill Lola Geffy HUIDHTEY Joyce Seal Juanita Stlllwell Doris Rosander gelski 0 Q d Nemeth Ann Mlfy SGBSPOVG Roberta HBSt1DSS Clare Gough Leota Greenfield len He Murphy Shenkel Florence 4 Row--Stanley Fifth S M N M M ul .E aa -4 I Dick NOFTIB B111 Bard Row--Ralph xth S1 LCOD Dan McLoud Darrell Durham Tol McCormick Howard Roberts, llgglesworth ike P Dah riff' . . .' . ' ' .' . ith. econd ro!--Patsy Roth, Nancy Shoens, Beverly Hays, Bethany Taylor. Betty Taft. Jean Campbell, ary Gullltor, Betty Reynolds, Delores Raymond, Vlrgl 1 , , Le . T . 1 1 o 4 r ' elores Jones, Dorothy'Sp ara. ' I Fourth Row--Raymond Bradshaw, Daisy Miller, Dianne McLean, Donna Cole, Marcia Genshaw, Jo n adam , Tom krldge, Dick Sorenson, B111 Hunt, Leo Funsch, Dick Ioodbeck, enneth Owens, Fred Svart, Jim Davis. Douglas Trim. Bob Kurtz, Dean Gring, Lavern Witt m. , , S , eon Plfer, Covert Franzen, Ra mond elth, oh , . n o v ton Middle Harold Holloway ae- -- 'nam MORRIS SONIAN Betty Hall Miss Soucx Geneva Shlmel Schafsnltz Betty Kay Ridley Wlldfong Barbara Neph, ROl"V9l'8. First Bernlece Nanette Hilslnger Fern Harrington Stark lr McDonald Dean inlnger W Dorothy wley, Ha Darrell Norma Edgle Shirley Sheed Barr, Beverl Darlene Belllnger Jackie Heidebreicht Phyllis Akridge Betty Powers Second Row--Wanda K ngsley Darlene Oberprlller Joyce Flggins Thelma Parks Marjorie Hawley Shirley Smith Raymond. Diana in lv 0 Arlene Sle Erma Ostrander Pat Wright Edith Yates BHYUHPB Ashe Lila Betz Potter Jane Beach, llene Alice Attenber Dorothy Broomfield Dolan Dorls Barbara Weaver Blandford Connie Pushman, Vlolet ert, Michel Marguerlta er, wager Herbert Don Hughey John Hadden Don McKay Pred Roth Louis LeMieux hlrd Rot--Edward Dougherty Char Parish Phl11D Erle Compton Carl Rushton Lyle Bellinger Charles Kuhl Dan Kleth ouls Earley, Belvln Davenpor B0b West Ford Russell mel, Bm H 88 Katherine Spea Dorothy Hetzer Elsie Lavene Doris Cregar Noreen Randle Fourth Row--Beverly Atherton Sally Kidman Millie Ann Shaver DODHB HSTOD Sandra Johnson Sally Motter Long Bernice Flckert. 08h lla Sever Esther Engle leason G Margaret SEVETD, Ruth Rudele Lloyd Massey Leland Dast Hetzer R0beTt Douglas Kitchell Easllck Florence Carr, ROI'-RODCTC Fifth Nancy Archie Patton Robert Campbell Tom stillwell James Banks Gene Sweet McCormick Jack Oliver, V Gerry Connolly Roberta LaMay. Shirley CBI. G Ernest William Stroop Dale Gilmer D8UlyD8 FTBDZGH Glen English Elwyn Bailey Elmer English, St8V8h!, Darwin Kelly Wayne Bard Richard Eckstein ether FD Gerald McMahon, Hlffy Goseel. MORRIS SONIAN Carolyn Bear Miss Woodard Maxine Beach LOFDH BOWHS Carolyn Reed Juanita ROOZ First Row--Jean Vogel Evelyn Elizabeth Palso Mary Jean McNally Miss Chapman Franklin Glynn Wayne Huffman Bill Evans lee Maurlne Gexshaw Beverly Travis lbert Dorothy Gar Helen Warby Car01 Pettit Mary Lou Quigley Charlotte Sweers Second Row-Carol Mauldln EV8 McGeachy lores D0 Griswold Janet Martin COHH1e Tatrow JORDDE Taylor Shirley SGVBFD Evelyn Ad Shlrle Durham Florence DOOYMQD L01S Hudson B6Ver1y Kurtz Esther Brookshler Dawn Marshall Rh Ne Robert Chapel Paul Chapel Clinton Nephew Earl MQCLCBH David Hodges LBITSHCG Trim Jackie Wil Pat MOFIBD Pat harcek DOTIS Crooks J0an lkes G1 Joan Crabbe Nancy TTOOD Row--Juanita Third M TOM CBUHOD Stanley Ecksteln Richard Camp Kullg Philip Bob Wolfe Jim Bigelow Fourth Row--Gordon McMahan Jean Har- Ahn SIBDSOD Donna White John Clontz Edwin westnhal West Dlffih Tom Allison lck Fuller JBCKIB L8TCh Margaret Gossll virginia Pringle Barbara Lott lngton Winnie Pittma Alma Engle Nyla Dorr Evelyn Forsythe Pat Newman Marjorie Renlck Fifth Row--Carol Beagle Harriet Lehma Betsy Hauser Betty Caine Barbara Dawes Ellen small Frances Hill ary Sue McKee Marjorie Lot Allan Llen Gordon Bard Durward Cushman Mitchell BFUCO Guy Bob Stacey Baxter O Mcclos Paul Keith Albert Bundt B0b Camp Glenn Stockton Row--Ken Sixth Gifford NOFMBD Gaskill 1 9 u r r K n ds' G1 . . l x . . . , . - . mln. f . . . . . IYD . . . . . . y le. . . , . . . W1 d. . . . . ' ' . . ll ms. Dewayne Klingshlrn, Jim Burgess, Cecil Tripp, Gurdon Patton, Albert Van Buskirk, Robert Webber, Albert H mmel, Fancheon Perry, Carolyn Wright, Joan McAfee, Patsy Jones, Maxine Neff. D . . . . . . . f 1 1 . v 6- 1 I Y D I Y nl M , . v . , . H. I D I I ti 1 v v 1 kyn J hu r r C01 , F ' , 1 , , Michael, Darryl , Allan Hursh eidrt St Newman Clyde LGLOHGB Douglas 8 QWX ew u n ll F il' fills -4 MORRIS SONIAN Miss Pet Marva Westphal JOYCG Dustin Mary LOU HOWE Patty Drudge TUfD1h Betty First Row--Pat Shepherd Dorothy Averill Juanita Cox Mary YOURS H111 MI Evelyn Knerr Janice Leisure Herbert Yager SOD Marilyn Jacobi nnie Bowns Bender Rnette Eunice D Je ld Jim Hilllker Jack Fisher Marllynn Brayton Alex Bellinger Second Row--Kenny Lowell Butterfie Wilbur Mason Kenneth Jack Culver Norma Mathews Hall kel in h8F0n H C Esther Gary Wilson Lee Sh8f0U Blenn Roth Marylin Hamilton Shirley bby Harcek BO Paul Shanks els QU 01-4 Y Y S Phillip M oy Davis 1 Glori Holbin l"N8nCy RO Third Robert Brow Whitney Laffy Gerald Freeman Douglas LaMay Richard Greene Keith Morris es Winterlee Gordon Gallagher Joyner Gleason Jayne Beymer Sharlene McClintic Mary Lee Ashe Fourth Row--Charles Seely Marilyn Brad Patsy Zahn Della English Alice Walker Bob Mason Gring Robert Jack Linder ll Yates G E D I 0 6 e G Janet S w W t .D D Ahh Mary Francis Hinkle SDQBPB Ann T Virginia Spe Clement B111 h MBSOU D0 3t80n R 'rl 0 O d H SUN- Dale Little Richard George Marshall Jim Ca pbell Janet Montel Jack Szelczyk ixth Row--Jack Cline DOH TTGDBIHG BSYBOU E I G H T 1 G R A D E 1 1 1 1 0 V er- ' , , , . 1 1 1 1 so , . 1 1 0 . I' I ' , an-' 5 ' ' , ' ' , , , onverse. I , ' n er, Llo d Lac , Ronald schleber. Let , esse a Moore, Beatr ce severn, Doreen Franzen. Marion Schreiber. Darlen Bill? I' . Elaine stroope, Marilyn Yettow, Caroline Vun Cannon. Rebecca Robertson, Ralph Flint. Meffi 1 GOI' On. Jam , , . 1 , n B1 1 ' 1 Y 1 1 1 1 1 ' haw, Forstek, G anene ulllfor, Kay Je n Prestage. Jacki nnhrey, Janis Wehr n. Fifth Row--Verna Roth. Marilyn Ro erts, Barbara 0 erpriller, Renal mmons, Jane Ann Gaul, Dale Hazy, Dale ollson, Robert B , , , a s, , . agle, Shirley Pike, Norma Barnum, Glorl B 1 n, Virg nie Pringle. S I i I n Y I I I , , , Billmier, John , Diana McC1osky NRDCY Holmes LeRoy merfield MORRIS SONIAN .,.. IDU ID.-C fx. Ellen Robertson Clara Hogeman JOBHHC CHTISOD Helen Ann Grl arbara Lawrence Faye Putman Pcrdon Zuigley Dean Butterfleld Second Row--Charles Asmun Beverly Bland Carolee Pittman Virginia Harcek Eileen Van Every Jeanette White Patty Donbrock in Robert Root Harold Yettow arry Freeman Douglas Ford Joan Kuel Carol Winterlee Harriet Witt ford James Devayne Trovlllian Bob Taylor wwward Pyne Prast Art Gordon Shultz Robert Funsch David Stamm Rest Merle Hammel Ronnie Fickert Mary Ann Howard Robert Bemis Nancy Lytle Archie Severn lngef Russell Ray P0ttger Malcolm Thompson Merle Crabb CPOSS8tt Charles ROZGT Gary Fourth Row--George Vickers Allen Hart Lyle Reynolds Lyle Leeck James SBMDSOD Art Rve Dewayne Carrier Don Holloway ummerfleld Pat Burgess Ronald Wilson Harry Zawicki Jack Johnson Sally Duffing leanor Elleman BOD Ke! Harley Hubble Charles Lowell Phillip Bryan Gene Whlttum Charles Trier Fifth Row--Tom Crooks Carolyn Beckwith Phyllis June Cunningham JSHD TYOOD Dianna Getts Raymond Douglas Martin ack Betty Deiayne L88 Benny Babcock James Eldred Neoma Eric Ennis MB'J0YY Loretta Williams t8V8nS Lou Mlnea 5: U El di 9 Baxter Mae lrst Row--Myrna Glidden, Julla lechnlk, Carol choeppach, Donna Reid, Ruth Ann Jacobi. Mr. Sinclair, ggrjzu bara Clontz, Beth Ridley, Jo n Comarml, Fred le McAndrew. Mrs. Hurforf. Carolyn Roth. Arthella Burnett, . ' . ' . . B , f- f I n 1 I I 1 ' ' I h D I 9 I' 1 I I Third Row-:Wesley Siebert, Lonny Massey. Tom Turpin, Dick Bigelow, Dean Stockton, Eric Swanson, Peter Mag- grane, Wayne lecn, Bill Young. Bob Snyder, Dick Edwards, Roger Genshaw, H. Prast, Joe Duquette, Gary Bel- 1 . . . . . . - S , . , I , . . . f . E r r u n r ' , p 1 n 1 1 nv J . . . . . v r. ' , , , Doty, Jenny , Dal V n v r . Hugo Brackrog, Ralph Yates, Gerald Basteda, Elvin Van Norman, Max Wern, Clifford Davis, Thurlo Smith, Nona Summerfield, Kathleen Knoodle, John Betz, Ray Drandon, Mickey Boggs, Larry Wilson, Paul Hicks, Marian V Betty Hubble Marian Clark David niels D8 Row--John Sixth ickers MORRIS SONIAN MISS Hendee Who can g1VE me the d6f1H1C1OH of a v0lcan07 Phllllp S Oh that s easy A volcano 1S a mountaln w1th h1C cups od00o Mlss Peterson Whlch p1ne has the longest and sharpest needles9 Bob Brown The porcuplne 00000 Doug All1SOH Thls blueberry ple looks queer Cl1ffalene Gllbert Gee maybe I put 1n too much blulng 00000 enough to eat Nancy McIntyre I do eat Where shall we go? 00000 Postmaster Thls letter 1S too heavy you ll have to put another stamp on lt Jeanette McKay Wlll that make lt any l1ghter7 00000 Mrs Wahlen Can you glve me a sentence w1th defense 1D 1t7 J1m T Sure Ue cat 15 on de fence 00000 r B1XbY ls trousers s1ngu ar or plural? on Hartman Slngular at the top and plural at the bottom J 0 K E S - l n - ' A n - . ,I , . . , , YI . ' u 7 - - U! l ll ' ll ' l :4 . . ll ' ' . u ' 1 ' - n Neal Com ton: 'You look sweet P Y! . D u If . u f - I I ' If 1 - l. ' - u V I N ' 0 -A 4 v ' - n ' ' u ' c ' 3.7 , N1 ' I ll I I ' - . YI D ' ll ' . U, - I "H NT 9 I - I A X I M -4 t ra. ff, D 3 4' 4 - M 3 3 T15 Q ,ab 'io P MORRIS SONIAN 9 Byr all fb B8 Taber Dolores Cline Jill Beach D0hD8 Welch LBUTCDE Mathews Marian Gafmah Orma -N ROI- First Pat? MCKeen Carol Clampitt ismarie Lo Wright Pat vincent Deanne Hutchinson Janet Cuvelier Patricia Scheik Jeahhe Bigelow Joan Henry cla Hilllker Richard Gerald SSYEPH Gene BTEIGT loanne Harshman Aaseth F0ff6St Second Row--Nancy Linton Paul Wilson Mable Merrill Joan Kovaces Phyllis Pittman Richard Allen Margaret Travis erson Davis Daisy Ellson Miss Marshall Frederick Magrane Carol Boggs Elizabeth Roth Mauldln Patsy Jack Rockwell Darrell Murray Darrell Ovaitt Cromwell chard R Hoort Patricia berg S POTS F --M ROI hird Margaret Merrill Ray Allis Mary Alice Rusaw Robert Hill Patricia Fickert Betty Plffer Wray atricia Leon Hagadorn Roger Zimmer Evans lice isher F irley Ad Pat Hubble BHG DU Adle Billy Wallace Darlene Banks Carol Barley Row--Tim rth OU 'H Alcrich Mrs Procunier Sharon ell Hifley HBfl1nSt0 Tom Williams Donald Botkin Carla Trim Montague Leslie Fifth Row--Mar llyn B eggs Laurali Jo Lynn Merrill Joann Goodman Janet Grammatico Dallas Scheick Leonard Carmean wood Andrews Gerald Snee Florence Ford Lela Reid Duhbaf Id ROD Reed, Ernest ? W Phill1p Ray Leddy Michael Edgley Campbell Pat Richard Mason Billy King Gerald Hunt rry Cole GFBCG CRY! Robert Panas Jane Tucker anderfer Jales Betty Cooper James Card Patricia Evans Robertson Gafy Eddie Hummel Absent--Donald Humbarger Steele 1 I I I I I I n . . . . . . 1 Em . I 1 ' 1 ' . . . J 1 . ' , ' . 1 ' . ' . ' . . P I I I I I I A , . . F I I I I ' I Sh I Jeanette Pease, Darwin Ma or. Geraldine Severn, Marjory Wildfong Janet Betz, Betty Judson. Mary Ann Crom- Y , . 1 l a , , , , , . n, Lyn- , 1 1 1 1 I I I I d' lxth Row--Doris Brown, Harold Boggs. Clare La ene. a Bell. Albert Roberts. Walter Girard. Je , 1 1 1 1 ' ' St , . 1 - Schafsn ' ' , ' , Whitman, David . LGOD Daniels BODD1e Vanderberg G8fy itz MORRIS SONIAN Ervln Van Norman Frances Leeck Ross Hllan Deward Smith Ralph McCloskey d Jane! Cam Delano LaP01nte Larry Coulter Junior Bastedo Donald Janet Bradshaw LeM1eux Annette Warren-St1nson Anne Allen Larry Roth Second Row--Miss Lawrence June Johnson Sandra Whitney Darlene Kern Margaret Gifford Jean Schieber ewcomb Kenneth Petroff Beulah Lakey Joyce Eckstein Charles Oberpriller verllne SChlosser Lois Root Mead Eddie HOyK Teddle rlc A1 Mrs JOYCG M8the8Oh B111 Wright Larry Maxwell Bonnie Brooks Long Oscar WBYHC M0hthEy Third Row--Connie Glynn Karen Patty Pirtle Donald Grlng Bob Hudspeth Theron Reynolds Max Howard David Cox 11 FTCCBE HHSOD Zawicky Dorothy Motter Eddie Meneley HY K Blllmier Marlene Swanson Perry Knickerbocker ROW"J6fry murth F And Joyce Carroll irley Sh Lavehe Carol BH Morg Roger Freeman Jim Rauchert Joyce Stocklnger Douglas REX C0ff8y Dawna Wilson Oakes Kenneth Lanny Lavigne Anita Glasgow FEIS Anhette Major Earline Schlosser VGYH Barbara Cross Dale Maginlty Williams Gary ifth Row--David Schultz Paul Fred Keen Kulig Paul Judy Munns Hawks Ahh Sandra Harburn Morgan Sharon Adle Betty Hfmean Gary Gilmer Donald Lehman James Lakey Jean selleck athbun Virginl Ruth Earick Alice Stevens Glenda Brackrog Mary Rose Baxter Yvonne Earlck Reed Sixth Row--Miss Chery Opal English Margie Boyd Sandra Allen D885 CUV8116f Sandra MacLennan Shirley Bader Fisher Gerald Miniear Frank Easlick MYTOU CF1bb5 Green J n Cromwell JOYCE FYBZICF REX L8L0hde CBTO1 COMRTOM1 Richard Doan Joyce Baker Taber Absent--Dorothy Jacobs First Row--Dick Root, Leon Lloy , , , , , , . 1 1 D- 1 1 1 1 1 1 , N . . . 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . d h. , 1 1 1 1 1 Russe . - 1 1 1 ' ' Sl . 1 1 1 Y ' ' , 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 1 ' . ' C , . , , . 1 1 ' R . . . . 1 , , . . . . a 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . , Henshaw, Darlene , Margaret Griffin Dorothy Green James Carl Lynne Landon ick D Y Adams Kell DOH Darrell MORRIS SONIAN Sell Marjorie Strong Barbara Moore Carole Lynch J0yce Doty Jeanette Beckwith Mccloskey R Barbara Mate Sharlll Steele MEIN Ahh AUC? Patricia Tucker Della Carrier Susanne Ammefmah adler JOBD FRTDG atrice Beagle David Montague Nancy Schoeppach Gall Jacobson sandra Winyard Jerome Wallace econd Row--Nancy Beach Kare Katherine Jacobi Lyle Rose Richard Kitchen Margaret Severn Patricia Ellson onaid Sampson Zerull MTS JBHCB VUH CHHDOH Carpenter Gar Dennis Schultz Caroline Haskins Dale Witt Delores Fyvie Lawrel Severn 0 COHDOY hifd ROI'-MTS Phlllip Kelly George Bigelow Francis Hammel Mathews Allen Edgley Samuel William Hagadorn Saltys I ad h Be Rex Stewart William Lake Kay Shaemel Judy Glidden Maynard Gfeenman Robert Beach MEFF ger Cl0SS8tt C8f011Ue Donald Susan Howland Yates Vickie Joan Romanskl Boneta Lawrence Lloyd Coulter Fifth Row--William Henry Darrow Frantz Larry Pot James LaBarr Judy Stinson Martha Reed Darlene Dobus Lois Walker lynn Martha GBT! H016 Norma Rus ell Absent--Rosalind Banta Mercier Roy Patton Annette Balderstone Charles W8Tf1ngt0D JOGQHB Cook Keith Beatenhead RObert Darwin Ver! SCO!! John Henshaw Sandra Dunbar James Slough James Montney Deana Bassett WUFB Betty First ow--Ida , , , , , , y S I I Y I I I I Be , y. S . , . . . . R' I I I I 1 I n T , I ' 1 ' I I I I I y C rollne Shelc . ' ' ' ' ' I Fourth Row--Donald Brown, Allan Martz, Harold Nielson, Lewis Hoort. Edward Utter, Jerald Webber. Donna Har- : A I v r I w ac v G , 1 l v' v ' s , v , 0 , ts' , , , Crooks. carol Hummel, Edgar Cook, Deanna Ahsmuhs, , , 1 u 1 , . , , . u n n v Morrison ,-. rw H-1 MORRIS SONIAN Clifford M H to l l 0 9 'U .C in Bu g Linda Daniels leen E1 Oaks Larry J8C0bB0h nls Ja Daniels leen Donna Pitt Wilma Hagadorn Lindsay Janlth Virginia Root Sandra Mauldin Jack Arnold Third Row--hiss Pas Vern Harold Bliss MET! Ann D8VlS John Adle LeS118 F0th Harvey Newcombe James Fdgley Nancy Rusaw Sandy TF0lbrldg Howard Davis Sammy Merrill Harger B111 Judy Holliday Judy Prlncing Mary Newland Ann William KEFFISOH Lowley Gerald Fourth Row--Barry Rye Phyllis Crooks Earlck Billy 'anet Dales Daniel Roth Daniel Wray Wlldfong Harold Allan H111 eagle Lenny Price Barbara Rambo NOFMBH ROCK udy Bush Janet Moore Mary Margaret Tabor Kenny Nellett JEBRUB MESSGY Marifrancls Renick Fifth ROI"M18S Slm0h Ray Evans Edwin Jones Ronald Vanderberg Margaret Swales Ronald Clampltt Janet Bigelow Garman Linda h Sml Miss Shoens BUd8 C1 Cromwell Billy manskl R0 TOMMY Brackrog Paul HOIG eff Wil Ronald Harburn Vadlce Burgett Ellen Montague Billy Keller Jack Quacklnbush Hoort Sixth Row--Richard Alden Steel Janet ' nsch Anne Wright Janyce Cuvelier sally Evans Constance Pullen fred Stanley Fedchenk Perry R0th Clarence Walker James Bllkes Eddie Hubbel Bobby Dennis Walt Chuck King Allen THI D CHAIR K l . V s First Row--Dusty Macnonald, Charlene Rhoaders, Kay wilson, Ann Arnold, Mar aret Haml , gggey, JOYCG Trier. James Byrnes. Mary Grace Lowell, Dennis Trim. Nancy Adams, T rry Green. second Row--Dick Bond. Penny SHMDSOH. Terry Dlment, Shirley Reynol s. Carol Plt er, Mary Ledrow, Audrey Hind, Patricia Forrest, Susun Cook, Marie Petroff, Verna Harger, Robert Forsyth, Gloria lace, Wanda Hump rey, E5 - . . , r ess. I - - . . . . man 1 v 1 er I ' I 7 I I I I I y B . , , , . , . . J . . . - Rmb ,. .. I , ' . I . t ' . , : ' I I I , I 0.l ' Y Absent--Pauls Ramnge, Gayla Ramey, Owen Hoyt, Marilyn Wallace, Carlyle Robertson, Larry Eurlch, Leroy Mercier, Dick Frazier, Jerry Davis, Kathleen card, Gene Muma, Ed Cooper, Willard Slough, Dennis Connolly, Larry C , , , Tltmus, Pat . . , Patricia Franke. Louis Kelly NERC! HBTFIB JBDBB BFFIQY MORRIS SONIAN 8 Beach Shirley Osborne P9883 Dye Jerry Zimmer Jeanette alker E Robert Earh Marvin Leech Janet Anderson Kathleen Standerfer Gene Mathews Luella Mott Blasdell Glry POC! Pauline Ballard Mary Lacy Ronny Shelck Mary Ramb0 Gale Allen Second now--Miss McNamara Gfemmatl Jeah Duane Russell Betty Sue Michaels Kirk Wilson James Daniels Jerry Pratt lana McLean Carl Car- BOyd Patricia Gefhete R086 Alice Caldwell Virginia Trowbridge Kenneth Draper lla! Goff Joanne Warlngton Diane Whitman Marlena Schultz Sn Sue Page Bob Brackrog Margaret Swanson Sally Clampitt Fred McClain Jon Pullen Third Row--Midge Nlchols Luc Donald Hlllaker Paul Brown Dawn Frantz Richard Lynch Ally Ames Judy Husted mes Wolfgang h Sm David Raymond Rowland Brenner Lalrehee West verly Be Wilson Sharon Green arold H BVS! Donald TOD Taft Gary Derbyshire Melanie Holt Nancy Williams ard Keith Ric Fourth Row--Ronny Shamel Margaret Koz- Lorra re Alexander Linda Wright Janes Howard Ronald Plamondon Phillip Bigelow athews Dick Speckm Wayne Salsbury Roxle Nave Donald Carroll Bonnie Willeys Lawrence Tercha lowskl Tommy Hawks undra Cuveller Bef Merrill Park Charles Ferguson June Dees Marilyn Mason Pat Gill ABFOH Pe8Se Fifth Row--Miss Aho Raymo d Ear Nancy Bassett Alice Coenen Margie Botimer Harvey Davis Frances Trovllllan Ofrest Beatrice Winter Calvin Earlck JORDU J8C0bS Judlth Merrill Judy Ferris Alan King Neilson Ronald William Randle Robert Wlnterlee Larry Preston Jon Phillips LEON H0788 Quackenbush Sixth Row--Paul Sharon Garey Marilyn Lowell Dwight Gay Arlene Nestell Jeahnffe BUFFOWS Kfamer BOHDI EVeTett Mead W I-1 0 2 ui 0 James MO0Te Linda Mahoney Jackson aul K P 'U 1 E JZ'- h Abse 51-4 M C P Patsy Knickerbocker irst Row--Arleen Evans. Juanita W , , , , , , J mes ' ' I 1 1 1 BTL 1 1 1 1 1 1 S, D 1 1 1 1 1 1 CU, DH . 1 1 1 1 1 D9 1 1 1 - Ja 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 y Q! I D 1 I 1 1 ' , ll , 1 1 1 1 M , , . 1 , . -il . I I 1 I I I an! SB 1 - , , , , , , . bara F I I , , , , n ich, , , I ' , , - , lee. , 'u , , , 1 1 1 1 Ronald Strong, Max Re d, Ch rles ld. Arthur Minler, Mrs. Ha kne s. nt--Carolyn Adle, Kat y His off, war Bohnsack, George Harce . 1 1 1 Stanley Goff. Charlotte Steele, Carth Lavigne, Judy uorst. Doreen Dunbar. Rose Marie Cooper. Janet Mont - ue, T , , Hummel, Dennis , lllow, all itter, Bl l n. JOSH Hemingway Wilson Banta ummy S VOTES Z O n E w m O z r z DO eed B 0 C E nlQ N.: 4:9 L Kathleen Held Catherine lildtong Norman Rockwell Huftmanl qsubstltutlng for Mrs H111 econd Row--Mrs E L' D G1 Billy Days Newland David David Earich Bbbby Wolflani Ellis Ballard kenneth Smith Cromwell Raymond Bet Frank Ledrow Sahdfi M88d tts A Sleet Sharon lebber R0l"JBl88 hlrd Karen HEFCE Darlene Spears Llhda TTOIDTIGSG Dick Nellet D8V1d DRUGS Sharon Howley erbyshlre Miss Doexr Mary Turpin Arthur lray Mary Rothy Bruce allmer Merrill Arthur Gerald virginia Kozlowski Donald Atkerson Jimmy Jones PU8hm8H Dale Gary SEFVGH urth Row--Tommy Cook Larr Ton Allen Judy Rathbun Joanne Ritter Linda DFBDGY Norman Sullivan Kathleen Hill ampbell Gerald Hamilton Marilyn Crossett John Adams Carol Drudge 0lDt0h D0ug- MacDonald lalterhouse BOHHIQ llnterlee Janet 1 IUHCB al D O M Q L' Anders ROI'-WBYDQ Fifth u h d Ill 0-I .C D0b0 Cl Oh Bxgelow Kenneth Campbell Clarence Earley Larry ADd0TSOh Dick BYYDBB avid Cl 13 r-1 Kenneth Snark are Schram 1-1 stephe Ralph Howe Sandra Hemingway Larry Coutcher Arthur Converse BUFEOD Patrlcla bert Bliss Sidney Uttlnger EYIOBC Sh swinehart irst Row-- nna Betz, Jeanne Martz, enneth Florida, awrence Atkers n, sharon Hellkay, harles Sn , nala MOFSS. aleta Cline. John Sloug , Danny Neeley, avid Jacobs, S aron Glllam, Billy Hammel, Orten aber, Vlvlan Days, Emma Hall. S ' ' V I a e' reicht. Vicki Fedchenko. Viral la Johnston, Carol Tatrow, sharon Baryo, Alice Beach. Nancy Haskins, red - I , . I . , , enn P0 n I 1 Z- T D . , lan Coulter, Nancy Perry, Barbara Hyzer, Sharon Brown, Terrle Lee I I u v v p 11, F0 I I I 0 , 1 I r I 1 D 1 C . . . . . . . y C ' I 9 1 ' o , 111 C b, G . . , Judy , - las Aa eg Ruale oth. Ronald wilson, Burton Cox, Leslie Ford, Grant Prager, Dick Bowne, Terry Ho . D . . . . . S- Bixth Row--Donald Mlnlear, Jimmy Burrows, Harold Richards, Alan Hendon.Roler Plrtle Kenneth Gebhardt, Dar- lene Goode. Robert Severn, Kenneth Harshman, Nancy Archalbault. Mrs. Brace. Alta smith. Dona Z nk, Diane Cummings, Ronald wright, Jack Holt, Janet Butterfield, Robert Tripp. Elizabeth Dolan. Gary Eaell, Cl , s. Absent--Madeline Mathews, Rex Rushton, Ronald Harcek, Kenneth Davis, Wayne Hayes, Nancy Ballinger, David Wlllaims, Eleanor Drake, Donna Miller. Margaret Murray, sandra Steele, Jerry Harris, Clifford, Schu tz, RU y g r 0 I n Ke , , , Robertson, Clarence , D . ' lough, ohn Berry. obny Bohnsack, T mmy B wus, Kenneth Caxon, Larry Ezzlesto , Dennis arman, Rita Gil antce G eason, Denn s Hun , Gary Ke Y. Ju y Lake. ROSGUBYY LOBHD. Shar0h Mat ews, Shir ey Mott, Donelda Darrell Olsey Frank Largen Earlene ttefef Parker -4 O E O O E "5 U2 .-4 J: 'U I-I 9-I 4-3 14 1-4 '1 Dick Ramey uf- -- MoRRls.soNlAN ----fe-fgfi---ver MORNING KINDERGARTEN First Roo left to right Miss Wagner Evelyn Reynolds Stephen Schultz William Taylor Henry snarling, Ronald carpenter Judy Plunkey. Dorothea Cuvelier Harold West Connie Brandt Dale Rose Miss Gazella Second Row Janice Andrews, Arthur Coenen Sandra Bowns. Keith Warington Gerald Matheson, Danny Baxter Robert McClain Alan Harger Janet Ford Sharon Trowbridge Third Row James Brayton Mary Jo Charnley William Kaufman Batrlcla Ehrman trout Gary Kuven Leona Tercha Ronald Arnold William Long Bernard Keenan L J Bro n Fourth Row Judith Larlor Nancy Keith Betty Doggendorf John Lendvoy Barbara Ross Janet Ehrmantrout Judith Williams Agnes Fyvie Robert Stlmac Robert Fisher Absent from picture Bruce Brock J Sharon Buys Sharon Cooper Larry Fer guson James Fisher Gerald Glynn Delores Leeck Bernard Mathews Benjam in McGeachy Victor Montrull Connie sears William Turnbull Richard Shup Jane Alexander Nora Crossett Monica Drake Bernice Durance David Ehr hart Jay D Enrich Rita Humbarger Grace Jupe Barbara Mercier Gerald Mercier Duane Mikolajezak Kenneth Walt John Wilson Gerald Bolduc Robert Busha TERNOON NDERGART X1 a First Bow left to right Joey Both Harry Jacobson Mary Agnes Green Gary Bradshaw Karen Jacobi Carol Gardner Chris Roth Janet Burns John 0 Toole Sharon Wittul Juanita Dunbar second Row Miss Gazella Sharon Coffey Robert Vickers Chuck Bender Mal' thamae Hemingway Gary Card Barry Wright Kay Severn Lionel Heal Kenneth Ford Miss Wagner Third Row Lois Swanson Peggy Ann Beagle Carol Reid Sam BFBCkT08 Roy Williams Ralph Moore Douglas wilson Etta Marie Corbin Fourth Row Ronald Pease William Sinn Sandra Wencawskl Judith Berry Kath leen Weir Sandra Kay Nielson Susan Sllls Michael Hawley Henry Nichols Bethany Herlng Absent from picture Janice Roth Larry Textor Robert Wallace Jerry W1ll iams Douglas Beatenhead Tom Williams David Burdis Judith Johnson Linda Little Cynthia Pepper Robert Ramage Connie Schultz James Sulll van William Webber Glenda Lou Wheeler John Wiltsie Rebecca Rogers Kava Foodman :I . . 'n , 1 n n " 1 r'v 1 0 ' A F K I E N , tg 'Ki A' Q ,. T Q f . X PEMURES -E7 X 1-1 x'-"' ' FN Q9 I? ' Ag-gym - MORRIS-soNlAN H O N O R S T U D E N T S Seated Mary Ann Dion Neal Compton Mary Adair Robert Brown Nancy McIntyre Betty Drudge Standing Joan Vanderpyle Don Hartman Joyce White Glenn Smith Pat Dahl Lloyd Evans Phyllis Goff Merna Ingram NUAL STA 1 KWL 'H-,'i ww 5 -14 ll as Seated Betty Drudge Phyllis Goff Standing Neal Compton Mary Broomfield Franocs Faferko Helen Brayton Bot BFOID Marilyn Randle Mary Adair Dick Henry Nancy 'vlclntyre Joyce white Lyle Pushman Edlfor In Chtef Betty Drudge Asszstant Edztor Phyllzs foff . X X . , A .fl -- I I I I I -- 1 I F 1 I I ' A N t F F , 4 .- Vx Q' , Q , 1 S A ? , at . , ? lt B , up- me 1' . f - 4 Iii. N iv: B 5, f 1' X tw ' . . N. H Y, - . K- . 4 1 , '..:fQf1',1 ' A y ' ' ' it , , .x . A I I 4 A I '- l " , . , ' u In I , , 'g A t 1 1 ' v ' ..... A J f-001741 MORRIS-SONIAN Qw .-s mum 'T' ,ffm q, QOL.. :mar ,Q gn5Wwu' uf' man, Joyce Whlte Jil Bigelow Geneva Yates Jim Bender to rxght--Angelia Carpenter Left GBOTSGH Clark lr Jlhet BUIUS Dean ICDOHQIG Nemeth Ahh TY Mn Slith CDH G Dick Dinger D0r Clontz Virginia Jr BFUC8 BTOCK Neal Compton Prestage MORRISSONIAN 'STUDENT COUNCIL Seated B111 Evans Darrell Hawley Roy Coenen Eleanor Lott First Row Leona Ostrander Carolyn Beardslee Keith Griffiths Dorothy Winin ger Neal Compton Dean McDonald Betty Hall Pat Dahl Joyce White Second Row Wayne Huffman Jim Bender Frank Glynn Nancy McIntyre SPANISH CLUB man Nanette H1ls1nger Second Row Glenn Camp Gerry Coenen Mary Gull1for Betty Taft Earl ComDt0n Paul chapel Thmrd Row Bob Kurtz Rudell Cheny Eleanor Lott Raymond Bradshaw Loum Barley Fourth Row Dick Dinger Gerald Foether Chan Locey Dale Randle Bill Priehs Pat Dahl Mr Bixby First Row, left to right--Millie Shaver, Kay Ridley, Joan Vanadia, sally Kid- p.- MORRIS SONIAN JOSH VIH B0b St6VehB Leo Funsch Dorothy llnlnger Leona Ostrander Bender Jim First now--Evelyn Gilbert Kay Ridle erpyle Juanita Stilwell Illa Habberehaw Betty DPUGSB Carolyn Wright Bethany Taylor econd Row--Betty Hillaker w-0 Helen llrby Evelyn Marshall Vanadia Joan DOF1B Joan Pickett Florence Shenkel Beulah Wager Donra schlosser Pnlllp Kooley Bixby Third Row--Mr BSHCH Eilene Mary GUl1if0r osander Bev- Leota Gough Harriet Lehman Adair Mary Marcia Genshaw Roberta Connolly Fourth Row--Mary Lou Quigley Maxine Bee NBDCY MCIhtyfe erly Atherton Tom Stilwell Leland past stan Bigelow Doyle Kitchell Bill Evans Eleanor Lott Fifth Row--Don Stinson Gerry COCUGH Frances H111 ianne McLean uurton Jones Donna cole Kelly ueerdslee doley P0 LATIN CLIR d I y. I I I I I I - S . . . . . . ' . . . Dorothy Broomfle d. R " I . I 1' I I P I ' n . eil- I v I n D ' I . 9 ' I I I , , Keith, Jim . . . ' - Raymond Roberts Howard Becker ROI'-DOH Sixth ---- MORRIS-SONIAN PATROL BOYS Row One Mr Bixby LeRoy D8V1S Ken Lowell James Winterlee Ken Mason Captain Philip Messenger Leroy Holmes Honorary Captain Row Two Larry Freeman Robert Funsch Dewayne Travllllan Gordon Schultz Edward Pyne and Merle West Row Three Gene Wittum Alex Belllnger Jack Fisher Ray Pottger Eric Swan son Dean stockton Bill Young Roger Genshaw Dick Edwards Row Four Charles Lowell Duane Lee Bob Kerns Jack Martin Jack Linder Roger Garey Keith Morris Row Five John Daniels Clifford Davis Donald Mason and Don Tremaln LIBRARIANS Miss Ostroski Second row Dorothy Averill Joyce Seal Sharon Lee Betty Taft Maxine Fra aier Dolores Raymond Alice Attenberger Betty Hxllaker Third row Gean Gullifor Janus wehrman J8Ck19 Humphrey Patsy Roth Esther Pittman Norma Gilbert Evelyn Knerr Thelma Parks Fourth row Mary Ann Nemeth Beverly Bovln Barbara Dawes Esther Engle Donna Heron Della English Betty Hall Fifth row Eleanor Lott Mary Ann Eagle Verna Mae Roth Shirley Pike Roberta Connally, Bever1yAtherton Norma Barnum Helen Greenfield Front row: Seated, Mrs. Dow, Elaine Barden Nancy Shoens, Georgene Prestage, MORRIS-SONIAN DEBATE A Left to right Paul McCloskey Mary Lou Quigley Maxine Beach Neal Co pton Esther Kurtz Bob Newland and Mr Erskine FORENSICS Pat Roth and Miss White Front Row Claire Hastings Roberta Segrove Edith Yatea Darlene Bellenger Jackie Hcldebreicht Not Pictured Erma Ostrander Charlotte Culver warw Lou Qulgley BOD Newland Lloyd Evans and Stan Bigelow " - . . I . Back Row--Mrs. Dow, Florence Shenkel, Howard Roberts, Mr. Bixby, Dlck Dinger. -- MORRIS-soN1AN l'H E S P l A.N S First Row left to right -Joan vanderpyle Gerry Humphrey Dick Henry Gerry Coenen Lyle Pushman Joyce White Helen Brayton Miss White Diane Smith and Norma Pyne Second Row Mary Lou Adair Dorothy Wininger Bobbie Seagrove Fran Faferko Nancy McIntyre Geneva Yates Joyce Mauldln Pat Roth Nancy Shoens and Leona Ostrander Third Row Bob Kustz Raymond Bradshaw Dianne McLean Donna Cole Eleanor Lott Marcia Genshaw Doyle Kitchell Bob Wolfe and Bob Newland Fourth Row Bob Carr Harold Middleton Dick Dlnger Neal Compton Fred Swart Bob DeMars Dick Woodbeck and Dean Gring Fifth Row Dick smith Chan Locey Dale Randle Lloyd Evans Roy Coenen Absent B111 DeMars Phyllis Goff Ardith Marshall Under the capable leadershlp of 1ts offlcers, Joyce Whlte, PTBSI dent, Lyle Pushman, V1C8 Presldent, Helen Brayton, Secretary, and D1ck Henry, Treasurer, the Mt MOPPIS Thesplan troupe enjoyed a full and successful year The troupe 18 proud to record that they have been able to help on every dramatlc product1on that was presented on the Mt Morr1s School stage th1s year They have been enthus1ast1c stud ents of the d1ff6P6HL phases of the theatre, and have heard lectures on make up, stage craft, costum1ng, and l1ght1ng problems, as well as the dramat1c d1V1S10H of BCC1V1ty, they are eager to learn more about buslness nnnagement Culm1nat1ng the1r work for the year, the troupe held the1r annual banquet at Frankenmuth at wh1ch t1me outstand1ng graduat1ng S8D1OrS were honored It 13 worthy to note that Lloyd Evans graduated as a double honor Thesplan, the h1ghest honor a Thesp1an nay 8Ch16V6 Even though the group loses many SCHIOFS, the present members and under studles eagerly ant1c1pate many worthwhlle BCt1V1t1CS durlng the ensu lng school year. Mlss Barbara Jean Wh1te 1S the sponsor 1 1 ' r u v u n n u 1 1 " n n 9 1 n u 1 n 1 " 9 r r s n 1 o u ' " y p a v 1 , . " r 1 v 1 - " 9 1 ' e s u . Q n o - MORRISSONIAN F S PIA N P L I ii f' I Jfv Elleman Bob Carr Joyce White Joan Vanderpyle Bob Kurtz Standing Marguerita Michel Noreen Randle Norma Pyne Dick Henry Fred Swart Lyle Pushman Dale Randle Donna Cole D1anne McLean D1ck Dinger Kelly Beardslee Dorothy Wininger Bob Williams in 9' Left to right Dale Randle Helen Brayton Bob Newland Kelly Beardslee Pat Rot! Fred Swart Lloyd Evans Nancy McIntyre and Lyle Dushman T H Q .B ' A Y if IV 1 "' ' ' xg! I , 1 E 7 2 , 9 O -.., 1 U ' ,Lx ' I . ,vf-A . 1 + X rl N of - I' , X ,If L 2 .mf A 'ly Seated--Patsy Roth, Helen Brayton, Bob Newland, Lloyd Evans, Nancy McIntyre, Jerry , I IV an 1 ,. 'ml Q 'N f 1 ' X X., H -if 1 ' , A W ' , :H Q gp, ., I Us, . Ei' ' -F2 .M k Q -Vt MORRIS SONIAN SENIOR PLAY gate 1' 'iid Seated left to right Lyle Pushman Ardlth Marshall Joyce Mauldln Kelly Beardslee B111 Delars Gerry Coenen McIntyre Chan Locey Bob Williams Doyle Kitchell The Senlor Class Play See How They Run, was a recent Br1t1sh re lease, wr1tten by Ph1l1p K1ng, and w1thout a doubt one of the most h1l 8P10US SCFIPUS wrxtten 1n recent t1mes The story revolves around the Amerlcan wlfe of a Brltlsh clergyman and the mlstaken 1dent1ty of a ser1es of even1ng callers The student d1reCt0T was Geneva Yates and the faculty adv1sor was Mlss Barbara Whlte JUNIOR PLAY Seated 'Marcia Genshav Doris Rosander Patsy Both Donna Cole, Joyce lllhell Betty Thft Dean Grlng and Dianne lchean Standing Jerry Elleman Fred start Ray Bradshaw Bob Dolars Norls Pyne lisa lhlte Dick Smith Beulah lager, lsrths Gladden Beveriy Hays, Norls laeder Leota Gough The JUDIOP Play The Death Bzrd by Robert St Cla1r was a mystery comedy concernlng a mag1c1an who planned to retlre from the stage 1n order to devote h1S whole t1me and energy 1n CXPOSIHQ jokes among sp1r 1tual1sts, med1ums, etc. Th1S productlon was dlrected by M1ss Barbara Wb1te. f':'- ft,-yyvery . e , 1 J V ,t, 5 2 4+ , vi? f vw T M . Standing--Geneva Yates, Lloyd Evans, loan Vanderpyle, Joan Ramsover, Nancy , A . . - ,ogy Y y -ll 5 y , D 1 l r ' I MORRIS SONIAN Joanne Tat Edith Yates Shirley Sneed JONES Patsy Bethany Taylor Carolyn Wright Yates CVR Gen F Rhoda Robertson Maurine Genshav BeIn81C9 LHBHFT Thelma Parks Doris Dolan FOI Baroara Wea Pancheon Perry Mary Lou Quigley Arlene Siebert Jo Ann Crooks SGCODG ROI'-Mary ADH JOHCS DUPO- Leona Oatrander Allce Attenberger Iuanita Stilwell Dawn Brookshire Gerry Humphrey Pat Wright Carolyn Re Mlfy Ann D10h xngton Fern Hun thy Garman Marjorie Renick beverly Atherton David MacLean Gurdon Patton Tom Allison Third Row--Phillip Sheldon A chie Hall Orval Dick Camp Donna Cole Joyce xauldin Nancy Mclntyre Betty Hall narrlet Lehman Leland Daat Patton Leota Mary Lou Adair Genshaw Marcia Carolyn Beardslee Eleanor Lott Fourth Row--Neal Compton Bob Hughey Kurtz B0b Ann Nemeth Mary Wininger Dorothy Dianne McLean Shirley LaMay Roberta Connolly ough yne Huffman Fifth R 8 Jim Main Howard Roberts Dick Sorenson LeRoy Holmes loodbeck Dick Jim Bender DeMars ow--Bob Deiayhe FTBHZCH Larrell Hawley Henry lrst Row-- ,,','. ,l AM . , . ' . , . I , V . ven I . ', ,' ' ed. ' ' ' l . I , ' , T1 , ' , , , , I I G , I , I . I . ' . ' . I . W . , ' , ' , ' Cormick, Dlck , I , ' H Mc TOM EVHDB loyd L Jones BUft0H Purdy Charles MORRIS SONIAN Delores McGeachy rks 1 Marsh Evelyn 5' QD Jackie Trim Shirley Taylo Juanita Stilwell JORHU Vanadla Elizabeth Palso Margurieta Michel SQCODU ROW"Ahn SWHHSOD Dorothy Sally Kidman Nanette Hilslnger Beverly Hudson Shirley Sneed Carol Mauldin Fvelyn Severn Carolyn Reed Mary Lou Burgess Ridley Kay Beverly Travis Lois Dorman Alice Attenberger Broomfield Joan Severn lla Nancy Crahbe Esther Engle QSVETD DODHH HEYOU Ruth Doris Harcek Lott Third Row--Barbara Helen Shaver Charlotte Culver Florence Shenkel Fancheon Perry rooks Jo Ann Gllkes Bar Arlene Slebert Pat Wright Gerry Humphrey Joyce Mauldin Mary Ahh JOHGS Fourth Row--Harriet Lehman Betty Phyllis Akrldge Heidebreicht Jackie Darlene Belllnger Barbara Ashe Edith Yates bara Weaver Joanne Tatrow Hall R0bEft8 C0hhO11 Helen Greenfield Berneice Long Beverly Atherton Gwen Glidden Hudson Fifth Row--Beverly Jane G Carolyn Beardslee NOTE MYSYS Gerry Nave Seagrove Roberta Shirley LaMay Winlnger e NZUCY ffegg agle B8 First R0"'Caf01yn Wri ht, Bethany aylor, Patsy Jones, Bernelce LaBarr, Thelma Pa , , . all. Doris D0 an, Helen Warby, Maurlne Genshaw. Evelyn Gilbert. I I I I I rf 1' Y I I I I I . , , , , , . I I 5 I I I I I , V I I ' , . I I r u v f ' V , n I a v v Orot . . , U , , , , aul. , , Oliver, Carol , 1 - Rudele LOCt Marjorie slick Ea hs -Florenc D Sixth Row- MORRIS SONIAN U P P H I1 T1 X E R C E R Scenes from the operetta The Sorcerer The cast included Howard Roberts Robert Kurtz Burton Jones Richard Henry Lloyd Evans Dorothy Wininger Betty Hall Joyce Mauldin Nanette Hilsinger Leland Dast David Montague 1 3 I Y " I f 4 5 , 1 5 , k 'W W g , ff? f A .A ' , f" ""1. . K A ID I ! fi! Q 46. 2 l : v ' .14 V u ! x , ' R 99 L .:f:,,', l ' .elf " T H S 0 E R " MORRIS-SONIAN MADRIGAL SINGERS First Row left to right Betty Hall Beth Taylor Thelma Parks Carolyn Wrlght Bernice LaBarr Joan Tatrow Second Row Beverly Atherton Shirley LaMay Sally Kidman Dorothy Wininger Nancy Gregg Carolyn Beardsley Marcia Genshaw Gerry Humphry First Row left to rlght Jim Bender Dewayne Franzen Bob Kurtz Neal Compton Phillip Sheldon Second Row Tam McCorm1ck Burton Jones. Howard Roberts Dick Henry DOUBLE QUARTET MORRISSONIAN F I R S T R AN D breicht Norma Pyne Second Row Bud Hoghes Dean Butterfield Ronald Schieber Gwry Wilson Douglas LaLonde Kenneth Stockton Douglas LaMay Joan Tatrow Third Row Gorden Patton Pat Jones Maurine Genshaw Belvln Davenport Wilbur Butterfield Jerry Freeman Ray Pottger Dawn Brookshire Fourth Row Raymond Bradshaw Archie Patton Douglas Ayers James Theodore Don Stinson Jane Gaul Mary Lee Ashe Fifth Row Goldeen Ross Bob DeMars Jim Burgess Guy Cole Dick Woodbeck Fred Swartz Sixth Row Dean Gring Chan Locey Burton Jones, Ellyn Bailey Mr Linholm Dalt Little Barth LaMay James Main SECOND BAND First Row Peter McGrane Leon Hagadorn Joyce Eclstein David Schultz Shir ley Carrol Gary Gilmsr Gene Wittum Second Row Marjorie Boyd Jerry Knickerbocker Billy Adle Gordon Schultz Robert Bells, Jane Ann Tucker Third Row Ernie Reed, Dean Butterfield, Douglas Raymond, Jack Szewczyk, Bud Hodges. Jim Burgess. Janice Leisure. Fourth Row LeRoy Holmes, Douglas LaLonde, Guy Cole. "VT: . an I -an X J f Ev' ' -Z ,yt vi ' J 1 ' ' First Row. left to right--Donitxzwhaley, Pat Zahm, Joan Harshman, Jackie Helde- -'- D ' I I I I I ' -- I I I I I " 1 1 I ' v " a u I r I ' -- I I I I MORRISSONIAN CHEERLEADERS Left to right Connie Blandford Darlene Bellinger Fern Harrington Phyllis Akridge Gerry Nave Connie Martin Betty Hall Erma Ostrander Letters were won by the following Connie Blandford Darlene Bellinger Fern COMMITTEE T Seated Joan Vanderpyle Lyle Pushman Eleanor Lott Neal Compton Pat Dahl Lloyd Evans Mary Adair Front Row Bob Brown Joyce White Glenn Smith Harrington, Phyllis Akridge, Gerry Nave. Betty Hall and Erma Ostrander. OF EN MORRIS'SONlAN FOOTBALL First RO' left to right Bob lilliams Stan Bigelow Ron Keller Leo Punsch Jerry NGWIGU CBDL. Len Gonyea Dick Henry Darrell Hawley Dean Mcnonald Second Row Keith Griffiths Roy Coenen Don Hartman Jim Podoley Bud Funsch Jerry Foether Orval Hall Bill Norris Third Row Barth Lalay Jerry Elleman Tom McCormick Dick Dinger Marvin Morris Elmer English BOD Kurtz Jim Bender Coach Stark Fourth Bow Coach Bigelow Dick Bigelow Bill Delars Jerry Tabbert Pat Earley Howard Roberts Hugo Brackrog Jim Bigelow H1ghl1ght1ng the football season was the h1St0T1C Beecher battle, the Mt Morr1s eleven scored 8g81HSt the unmarred record of Beecher for the f1YSt t1me dur1ng the season Another 8XC1t1Ug game was on our own gr1d1ron when Roy Coenen, who holds an All-County berth, made a 30 yard run after a successful pass by Leo Funsch The team loses f1ve of IUS letter-men th1s year, one of whom 1S Jerry Newman who capta1ned the team Th1S 1S also Coach B1gelow s last year, and though reluctant to see the man they so respected go the boys are, however, eager to work for the1r new coach, E L Stark, who served as ass1stant coach th1s year Letter WIHHCFS th1s year were Bob W1ll1ams, Stan B1g8lOW, Darrell Hawley Bon Keller, Leo Funsch Jerry New an, Len Gonyea, D1ckHenry, Roy Coenen, J1m Podoley Bud Funsch, Jerry Elleman, Tom MCCOFm1Ck, Dack Danger, Elner Eng11sh, J1m Bender and B111 LkMars MOTTXS Opponents Saginaw E R Bendle Davison Beecher Kearsley Fenton Flushing 6 Grand Blanc . . . . , I 1 1 l D IL 19 . . . Swartz Creek . . . . .13 27 - . . . .. . . . . 0 0 . . . . . . . ..... 14 19 - - . . . . . . . . 7 6 . . . . . . . . . .14 15 . . . . .... 16 6 - - . ..... . .20 27 . . . . . ..... 7 . . . ....... 7 FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL MORRIS-SONIAN Us El. 1 h the Mt ted as one of the best defenslve teams 1n the County durlng the basketball season 1 v1ctor1es and many very c lled rrxs Ca as the scores C108 H h CCEQEOFS SP the kept 1ch wh HB gi HEOD e Fe th WSS SS SVCD 1 were tall1ed f1rst for one team and then the other 1nto two overtlmes for next w1ll present an experlenced club cons1st1ng of Junxors and Sophomores team mostly 1s year Cafhe oys l l irst Row: Kneeling. left t0 right, Jim Bender, Dick Dinger, Jim Podoley, Capt. Tom Akridge, Dick Henr Second Row: Stnading, left to right, Coach Stark, Leon Pifer, Barth Lanny, Bob Wigglesworth, Covert Franzen, Roy Standing Coenen, Leo Funsc , Doug as LaMay. Ra . . . ' . Mo ' gers ro up severa ' ' lose games. Probably the most exciting game, 'f a lo , ' ' eads i dulum mo ' The , I I Q 1 ' l year's tiffs. Th ' hed by Mr. E. J. Stark. All of the b d letters th . COHC 18 t68m C BASKETBALL SECOND TEAM MORRIS SONIAN Jim B138 layne Hufflsn JOhn Hldden Franklin Glynn Ken Pifer Coach Aho ight Messenger D t0 r left Kneeling First Row B AM A A444 , I I lol,'Dick Ev ns' ' I I I ' ' - econd Row: Standing. left to right, Meri lest, Dick Fuller, Fred Roth, Bob Wolf, Jim Hart, Clyde Newman, Stan Bigelow, Philli . MORWSSONMN GIRLS BASKETBALL First Row left to right Miss Souci Phyllis Akridge Virginia Clontz Frances Faterko Nancy McIntyre sandra Johnson Frances H111 Second Row left to right Deanna Randle Jackie Heidebreicht Nora Myers Donna Schlosser Joan Mupphy Gerry Nave Shirley LaMay Helen Brayton Mary Lou Adair Coach Mlss Joan SOUC1 Captaln Vlrglnll Clontz Co-Capta1n Frances Faferko letters were won by the follow1ng Frances Faferko, Mary Lou Ada1r, Nancy Mclntyre, Helen Brayton, Nora Myers, Gerry Neve, Jackle Ue1debre1cht, Phyllls Akrldge Sandra Johnson, V1fg1H1H Clontz, Frances H111 The Mt MOTPIS G1rls enjoyed a h1gh1y successful season 1n bas ketball th1s year under the d1rect1on of M1ss SOUCI In the beg1nn1ng of the season the glrls were off to a slow start but Wlth the glrl s pep and f1ght we f1n1shed 1h second place 1n the Class B League Next year should prove to be an 1nterest1ng season All but four members are return1ng to the team W1n 3 Lost MORMSSONMN SEBAL1, TE al F1rst Row Gary Bellinger Fred McAndrew William Yates Second Row John clontv John Hadden Robertwolfe Robert Williams Ken Pifer Jim Bender Leonrrd uonyea Jerry Elleman Dean McDonald Third Row Ron Keller Leon Pifer Jim Podoley Bob Wigglesworth B111 Norris Robert Carr Robert Clark Mr Aho TRACK TFAM First Row Allan Lien Robert DCMBTS Dewayne Franzen Robert Kurtz Darwin west Jin Bigelow Dean uring Second Row Robert B8tSOh Paul McCloskey Leo Funsch Albert Keith Don Hughey Gene Sweet Clyde Newman Douglas Kitchell Third Row Robert Stacey Joe Stacey Jerry Foether Keith Griffiths Barth LaMay Jack Hart Coach Stark BA AM f J gf kg gl. K 'il I - i i Q :Q I QUPU 'il 9 I 4 W k fi It Y , fi A .1 X is V W E58 K ' K u j . MORR SVSON Qfyx ff f' 67925, 9-2 ffnfv JP? ,Q -f NQFWWWQ u Zi?-'T 5 ffl -Pk f 3 V 5,221 L fi? DL E7 CW ff , ig ef 'X , A ' 6 x f-ai ' N N X 0, Q X M52-yfpv 5 JL.: MORRIS SONIAN I O K F Q Merna I Where s your dog7 Umplre I have no dog Nkrna I Well you re the flrst bl1nd man I ever saw who dldn t have a dog 00000 We always laugh at teacher s Jokes No matter what they be Not because they re funny Jokes But because ILS POIICY 00000 Jlm Maln I know where you can get a Ch1CkCH dlnner for Cents Marvln Morse Where7 Jlm Maln At the feed store 00000 Chan Locey Llke to see a model B111 Prlehs Yeah' What t1me does she qult work'7 00000 M1ss Ramale If I take a potato and d1V1d8 lt 1nto two parts then 1nto four parts then 1Dt0 elght parts what would I have? Ardlth Marshall Potato salad 00000 A COHS1d6F3t6 teacher IS one who talks you to sleep then wakes you flve mlnutes early so you won t he late for your next class od0oo Mr B1XbY What are we hav1ng for dessert tonlght dear? Mrs B1XbY Sponge cake I sponged the eggs fxom Mrs Keller the flour from Mrs Morgan and and the m1lk from Mrs Jones 00000 ., , ., 54 1 ,, . . , ' ' u ,, - . u v , . ' 1 . i , . YI . , , . I , . Y . . . . u ll . ' , U n . , . ' ' . 5 H ' - l ll ' ,Y home? . . ' ,. - ' ll ' ll I I I! , . - If ,I 5 , . K 1 . . , . . ,, . . . ' Y, , . . ' ,, 1 . I 1 ' I . . ALUMNI rwmpfl x W MORRIS-SONIAN --U f--- A-- -1- -- -- 'S C' A f T 2 K .1 K A I ----wY-se-fm-H--f--V-w-h-----MoRRlssoNlAN Alumm CLASS OF 1940 Betty Krng Married Belva Ga1ner Mrs Mmctor Fedchenko Mt Morris Cora Munzer Mrs Davrs West Branch Norma Munger Marrled West Branch Gwendolyn Nesmlth Mrs Black Mt Morris Ard1s Peacock Mrs Jerden Mt Morr1s RalDh Brackrog Mt Morrls Cleat1s Jerden, Mt Morr1s WOUWiHk1Hg Mt Morr1s Donald Haver U of M Ann Arbor .Ralph Stadler Deceased D0r0fhy Griswold Mrs E11 Martln Fl1nt Mary Wh1tlach Marr1ed Chicago L1guor1 Mason Marrled Mt MOTPIS Vaughn Millxron Mt Morr1s Audrey Richmond Married Fl1nt Dorothy Bruner Mrs Loren Dav1s Ot1sv1lle Donald MacKay Home Mt MOFTIS Helen Lenox Mt Morr1s Earl Johnson Home Flxnt John Bramblett Fl1nt June Keller Mrs Rudy List Frankenmuth Rlchard Cornell Mt Morris Arlene Salisbury Mrs Ferrls MQTPIUQ Inkster Anne Podoley Mrs Naymlk Ann Arbor Gerald Decker Lloyd Decker Mt MOFTIS Wllma Gl1dden Mrs Eldon D1bble Fllnt V1ctor Pedchenko Mt MOTTIS Warren Hart Mt Morrls Thomas Kleplnger watch Repair Shop Mt Morrls Harry Smith Buick Retall Mt Morrls Donald Hemlngway Rochester Mich Donald Esmond FFHHCIS Scott East Lanslng John Yatets Fllnt Jun1or College Fl1nt Catherlne H1cks Post Office Mt Morrls Royal Parker A C Mt Morrls Marllyn Carlson Marrred Mt Morrls Leroy Groshon Home Dodge Road Marjorle Becker Mrs Max McCormick Norman Atk1ns Phvllls Forbes Mrs Bray Elk Rap1ds Louls TUCROWSKI Opal Hough Marrxed Fllnt Margaret MCGUIFQ Mr N Greenfiled Mt MOTTIS Vlfglnla Rounds Mrs Alvin Smother Mt Morrls Donald Lenox Flint Journal Mt Morrls Wayne Schoeppach Ann Arbor Betty LaMay Mrs Donald Rose C110 Davrd Heald F11nt Phyllis Mlddleditch Marrled Fllnt Alex Caban M1ll1am Gleason Detrolt w1ll1am Goodman Cl1o Evelyn Curt1s Mrs Wllllam Goodman Cl1o E J Gowln Helen Cole Mrs Montrull Mt Morrls Madel1ne Morross Deceased Mary Goller Mt Morr1s Lew1s Albertson Vxola Taylor Marrled Grand Raplds Ann Stez A C Mt Morr1s Marvln Plew Mt Morr1s Don Kurtz Kurtz Gravel Mt Morrls Vreva Deland A C Fllnt Robert Petteng1ll Genev1eve Mlller Mrs Gordon Scholl Mllllngton Glorla Leland Mrs Rudolph EUNIS Mt Morr1s V1v1an wflght Mrs Donald Talbert Flxnt Dale Hoyt Deceased CLASS OF 1941 Jul1a Martln Teacher Mar1on Carroll R1ver Rough Irene Harrls Mrs Sabo Clio Betty Keller A C Mt Morris Irene KUftZ Mrs Smrth Flrnt Ruth Sweet Mrs Wayne Schoeppach Ann Arbor Florence Case Marrled Fllnt Betty Jane Smxth Mrs Baryo Flint Reatha Serven Mrs Guy Welr Mt Morr1s June Carlton Mrs Mattls Grand R8D1dS Arlene Miller Marrxed M1ll1ngton Maxxne Gore Mrs Harold All1nger Mt Morr1s Dorothy Unger Marrled Mt Morr1s Mlldred Purcell Marrled Vlrglnla Mayle Married May Hicks A C Fllnt Marjorle Brown Mrs Mart1n Fllnt Joyce Rogers Married Betty Hicks Saginaw Ruthe Hoppe Mrs John Lebregue Mt Pleasant Ellsabeth Johnson U of M Ann Arbor Estelle Hamrlton Mrs John Bramblett Fl1nt Lols Rockwell Mrs Joe Hoffman Mt Morrls Florence Schoeppach Mrs Frank Baker Fllnt John Shenkel Shenkel Dalry Mt Morris Albert Toth Montrose Eugene Lerche Fl1nt Franklin Smlth Dlscharged Leonard Carr Bulck Mt Morrls L wrence Mattls College Grand Raplds Wllllam Kinney Army Leo Xkray Army Zelbie Matthews Davld Smlth A C Mt MOYTIS Margaret Weaver Fl1nt Betty Montague Mrs C E Godwln Rocky Mount N C Mary MacDerma1d Mrs B FIHHL Bay C1ty Erla Gale Mrs Glrard Callfornxa Bethany Huffman Mrs E Pratt Fllnt Phyllls Knickerbocker Mrs Bently Swartz Creek Mary Moore Marrled Fl1nt Bettle French Mrs Arnold Carrler Mt Morrls Norma Smith Marrled Detro1t VlV1an Roth Marrled WISCONSIN Maxxne Mallach Mary Frances Yates Mrs MacDerma1d Mt Morrls Donna Babcock Mrs Ronald Nelson N C Donald Lampson Deceased Alton Colllng Rochester New York Robert Bloomer Factory Donald Vought Genesee Bryce F1nn Standard 011 Bay Cxty Raymond Watson Intern Detrolt Harold H1ll1er Dlscharged Mt MOFYIS Donald Parker Parker s Service Stat1on Mt Morris Paul Barry College MHUTICG Prottengexer Constructlon Co Fllnt W1ll1am Klsner FlUSh1ng Lynn Serven Fllnt Ronald Nelson North Larollna Ralph Culllton Mt Morrls Howard Draper Kurtz s Gravel Co Mt M0rr1S Ernest Humphrey Vernon Haynes Bulck Mt Morrls Marvln M1ll1ron Oscoda Wlllxam Acheson Army Benjamxn Babcock Mt Morris Stanley Puchala BUICK Mt Morris Beverlv Green A C Mt MOTTIS l , I , . s I I 1 . Isabelle Ballance, Mrs. Willis Daniels, Mt. Morris Betty Haynes' Mrs, hruge winchellz p1ing MORRIS SONIAN Alumm Nyle Ehrmantraut Mt Morris Dallas Jupe Mt Morris Russell Montnev Navy CLASS OF 1942 Barbara Short Mrs Ware Wesley Cowell Buick Alversa George Nurse Flint Married Rlchard Reppenhagen, Dentist Detroit Geneva Sallsbury Married Robert Bramblett California Donna Hornlng Secretary Washington Helen Elleman Mrs Claude Polley Linden Darwln Jerden Rogersvxlle Lloyd Brown, Home Mt Morr1s Prlscilla Snodgrass Mrs Sparks Mt Morris Betty Gardopee Flint Robert Ridley Clio Joyce Richards Mrs Johnson Flint Donald Gray Mlchigan State College East Lansing Betty Blue Marrled VICZOT Turcotte A C Mt Morris Lo1s Montague Mrs Robert R1dley Cl1o George Herr1ck Flint Optical Co Beth Gillett Courthouse Clio Joseph Hoffman A C Mt Morr1s Albert Franser College Missouri Carmen Mitchell Home Mt Morr1s Ronald Boyd Home Marion Scott Mrs Walter Bohm Flint William Robbins Home Joan Reld Mrs Vaughn Mllliron Dale Sull1van Home Mt Morris Walter Schonert Home LHVETQDG Merrill Henpeck Doris Shanks Mrs Ray Jean Mt Morris Marle Newman Marrled Pennsylvanla James W11118mS Deceased James Jakeway Arlene Severn Rugene Costello Navy Cla1r Dlon Mrs Tolor Flint James Jakeway Arlene Severn Eugene Costello Navy Marle Brownson Mrs Lyle Cross Mt Morris Willlam Holloway A C Mt M0rr1S Phyllis Hetdebrelcht Mrs Everett Jacobs Flint Duane Glidden, Home Donald Matthews College Missouri Edna May Flint Garth Hillxer Mt Morris Rosemary Cr1ttenden Mt Morrxs James MCK8y Asbury College Kentucky Vashtl Smith Mrs Ha mond Flint John Newton Navy Joyce Boyd Mrs Bob Glover Mt Morris Harley Davison Factory Lllllan Townsend Mrs W Ross Mt Morr1s Maxlne Greer Married Donald Pashbv Home Mt HOTYIS Loxs Wood Marrled Walter Lowell Home Mt M0rr1S Lola Marshall Mrs E LSFCNG Fllnf Rlchard Schlosser Carpenter Pontlan Kenneth Smith Fl1nt Wilma Peterson Deceased LLASS OF 1943 Rosalie Anderson Mrs Dxckerson Harbor Beach Elise Ammerman Mrs F Tirrell St Petersburg Fla D0r1S Attenberger Mrs Ray Haviack Flint Stewart Ballance Mt Morr1s Darwin Babcock Mt Morr1s Charles Baldwin Janitor BBDt1St Church Mt Morris Wendell Babcock School of the Blble Q Music Grand Raplds Benjamin Burbank Robert Blake Mt Morris Bernice Carpenter Buick Mt Morrls Betty Cole Mrs Russell Durham Mt Morris June Loree, Buick Mt Morris Mary Myers Mrs Donald Kurtz Mt Morris Irene McClenathan Mrs Kenneth Poulson Mt Morr1s Francis Marshall Fl1nt Arlene Motter Home Mt Morris John Marr Pontiac Ronald Morse William Macbermaid Post Office Mt Morr1s Audrey Marshall Blllle Mohler Mrs W1ll1am Grrffiths Mt Morris Richard Morse Phyllis Nelson Mt Morr1s Richard Noffs1nger College Houghton Kenneth Poulson Trucker Mt Morr1s Ethel L1etras Detroit Robert Packer Refr1gerat1on Repalr Mt Morr1s Betty Poley Marrled Betty Roth Mrs Elmer Sles Mt MOTTIS Irene Rowton BU1Ck 0ff1C9 Flint Arlene Rising Mrs James Couseneau Prudenvllle Ronald Schol Ronald Schofield Cement Plant Mt Morris Mildred Sllvernall Mrs Hart Flint Patr1c1a Snodgrass Married Lloyd schoenpach Mt Morris Louis Schoepvach Mt Morris Agnes Smith Mrs DallasJupe Flint Virginia Todd Marrled Lansxng Edythe Vlckers Mrs Wayne Spr1ngsteen V1vian E Woodbeck Buick 0ff1ce Mt Morr1s Faye Weaver Marrled Fl1nt Robert Zerull Mlchlgan State Cgllege East Lanslng EmaJean Clampitt Mrs John Cosens Flint Doris Cornell Mrs Robdrt Montague C110 Anne Dyke Home Mt Morris Maxine Decker Mrs E1 J Wheeler Mt Morris Frank Daig Mt MOFTIS Betty Dodge Mrs Jack Noe Mt Morris Merle Decker Mt Morr1s Katherine Frazier Mt Morris Bonnajean Goodman Mrs Benjamln Roberts Fl1nt William Girard Ca11fornia Joyce Gell Mrs Vern Selleck Mt Morr1s Ercll Gough Rosemarie Holloway Mrs D1ck Serven Mt Morr1s Maynard Hitchcock Fl1nt LEWIS Hodges Mt Morris Gladys Herrlck Mrs Harold Graham F1UShlhg Lucllle Hendrxcks Mrs Sharp Mt MOrr1s Deane Harris Bulck office Mt Morr1s Rita Jobson Mrs Cole Mt Morr1s Donald Johnson Home Fl1nt Joyce Kurtz Marrled Saranac Maxlne Keller Mrs Francls Marshall Fl1nt Ruby Jones Flint Henry Lerche Home Mt MOYFIQ Rosemary Lounsbery Mrs Wm Holloway MC M0fF1S Harvey Lowe! Norma Lenox Mt Morr1s a x t t 4 4 ' ' ' 1 a I ' ' 1 r - 1 1 I I ' 1 -I A I I N I 0 . . , .. 1 1 , I , . , 1 . 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' , 1 0 4 1 n . . . ' . , 1 - 1 1 I I I I ' b . ' . I ' I l l , ' 1 1 ' 1 0 ' ' ' I ' I ' U , . . . ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 ' 1 - I ' I . I ' , . I , I s, Ol ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' l 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' . . . . , , ' 1 I , . . y Q ng Q ' ' q A ' I I U. . 1 I l 1 I I . I I I I 1 ' ' ' ' I ' I , 1 , . . , . ' 1 - , , , . 1 I ' ' 1 ' ' , 1 , 1 I I I I 1 V J ' - ' . N. ' , I 1 Q C1air Dion, Mrs. Tolor1 Flint Sldney Wood, Clio ' I . 1 O . I I ' I . ' . D . , . , . - , I ' I , . . , 1 . t .. , . . ' , 1 1 0 ' ' ' ' , , 1, 1 l 1 L I 1 0 , 1 1 1 0 1 9 I . . 1 . 1 1 1 ' - ' 1 I I ' 1 .. ' D D ' , . . , . . ' I . 1 I , , h . , . , t 1 I ' , I 'I ' 1 I ' V ' 1 1' . I 1 - , , . . V . .. ' ' , 1 '1 , 4 4 ' ' ' . . y , . . , . . I I I I .I ' ' 1 . . I . , , , 1 I ' A . ' I . . 1 , ,, u I I Y . 1 ' ' 1 1 1 v- ' v , '- , .1 1 1 0 - 1 , . , . .. , . 1. ' 1 Alumm CLASS OF 1944 Iacquellne QUICK Mrs Edw1n A Feltz Monroe Mich Betty Yates Smith Bridman's Mt Morris LOUISS Mag1nn Mrs Mill1am Lamb Hammond Inc Betty Samson Mrs Rxchard Noffslnger Houghton Leone McKay Flint Surglcal Supply Mt Morris George Matson Unlverslty of Minnesota Mary Scherba Unlverslty of Mlchlgan Shirley Scott Mrs B111 Rockwell Mt Morr1s Bernlce Long Mrs James Cox Mt Morris Kenneth Adalr General Motors Tech Mt Morris Shirley George Teachxng School Fl1nt Thelma Diehl Mrs Clare Dowen Lennon Mxchlgan wllllam Larr M S C Barbara Draper Mrs Floyd Sowash Mt Morris Mabel Shenkel Mrs williard Plnney Mt Morr1s Bonnie Rarirk Mrs Carr Mt Morr1s Bernard Dunn Factory Flint Marlon Cowell Mrs Maurice Prottengexer Flxnt Hazel Strlckert Mrs Earl Johnson Fllnt Helen Iangdon Mrs Jack Esson Flint Jmncmmw MmhQMlMBEfEUBK EwtLmmmg Phyllls Sweet Mrs Robert Blake Mt Morris Margaret Beach Mrs Dick Howland Mt Morris Dirk Howland Grand Trunk Train Office Mt Morris Doran Matthews Englneer Texas Orpha Shanks Mrs Charles Baldwln Mt Morr1s Davld Kexth Garbage Disposal Mt Morrxs Ard1th Hess Marrled Marlon Marshall Mrs Mack Severance Fllnt Robert Reppenhagen Fisher Mt Morr1s Dallas Hawley Sears Flint Beverly Badgley Mrs Leo Worges Beecher Ruth O Brien, Citi7ens C0mm6TC18l Bank Mt Morris Rollin Carpenter Mt Morris Archie Wrlght AEP Mt Morris Paulrne Jones Oakwood College Alabama Robert Buys Bulck Mt Morris Florence Bruner Married Leon Brown Deceased Jack Lenox Genesee County Herald Mt Morr1s Lo1s Lavely Eugene Oregon Edlth Ammerman Mrs E Tussing Florlda Bob WIICOX Bulck Flint Manley Baldwin Mt Morr1s Joyce Poley Mrs Garth H1ll1er Mt Morr1s Donald Smlth Factory Flxnt Phyllls Haver Detrolt Woolen M1lls Flint Max Bauder Mt Morr1s Everett Engllsh Northrop Aeronautxcal Englneer1ng Inst1tute Hawthorne Callfornxa Patsv WIISOH Marrled Indlana Don Schneider Army Discharged John Kelly Pere Marquette Railroad Vlfglhla Mlller Mrs Elw1n MCC181D Mt Morr1s Cather1ne Hurry Hone Mt MOTTIS argaret Roblnson Mrs Robert Purdv Mt M0rF1S Ralph Engle Buxck Mt M0rr1S Kathryn Parlsh Marrled Dorothg Roth Mrs Roy Rumsey Flmt Mardell Rounds Mrs LeRoy Meade Mt Morr1s Norma Clark Marrled Ohlo Helen Puchala Married MSXIDG Wllson Mrs Alton Colling Rt hester N Y Sh1rley Snodgrass Mrs Don Beam1sh Mt Morr1s June Gow1n Mrs J Smxth Mt Morr1s Jean Cole Mrs Kern Mt Morr1s Helen Ferguson Mrs Hamilton Morr1s Oklahoma Mlrlon Jewett Lonsumers Power Co Mt Morris na Merrlll Mrs Leo Knlsely Ind1ana MORRIS-SON! AN ' Gerald Benson Army Shirley Salisbury married Washington D Hugh Weaver Engineer Grand Rapxds Evelyn Smith Mrs Robert Alm kllnt William Gallagher U S N vy Patrlcla Packer Mrs Basll Hoyt .t Morr1s Doris Cole Dixie Drug store Mt Morris CLASS OP 1945 Margaret Colling University of Michigan Rjth Leadley Mrs Burton Davis Flint Walter Johnson University of Mlchlgan Mlchael Myers university of M1ch1gan Donnajane Strand, Mrs Frederick Powell Flxnt Shirley Severn Married Mrs Crag, Mt Morris Ruth Babcock Mrs Bernard Dunn Flint Duane Johnson Buick Mt Morris Jeanne Quigley Married Washington D Dorothy Prlngle Bell Telephone Flint Ruth Johnson, Mrs Robert Smlth Lapeer Grace Anna Grleshammer Mrs Bunting Mt Morr1s Grace Shaver Mrs Richard Freeman Indxana Zala Durham Married Rose LaVene Mrs Love Flint Edna Lavene Mrs Hinch Flint Lindy Dalg Army Discharged Lellevan Lawson Mrs Ivan Fisher Indlana Leona Lounsbery Mrs Robert Terry Davison Kenneth Timm College Beverly Jean Moross, TYDISL wash1ngton D C Maxine Moross Mrs B Maynard Mt Morris Paul Knickerbocker Home Patllcla Daly Typist Washington D C Juanita Van Arsdale Home Shirley Blandford Mrs Lawrence Goodwin Fllnt Lois Jean McIntyre Mrs Robert Reppenhagen East Lans ing Wllllam Heldebreicht Mt Morr1s Miriam Graves Hurley Hospxtal Flint Carl Ridley Chevorelt Mt Morr1s Betty Buys Western University Barbara LaBarr Mrs Wlllls Taylor Mt Morr1s w1ll1S Taylor Buick Mt Morris Ellen Goodman Mrs Wesley Carpenter Mt Morr1s M1ldred English Mrs Mark Kempfleld 0h1o Edw1n Lavely Bulck Mt Morris Loralee Cannon St Joseph HOSDlt81 Marrled Ellen Dupraw Prudentlal L1fe Ins Marrled Donna Glbson, Mrs Clarence Kalmert Betty Urch Mrs Dale Boggs Mt Morr1s Devere Kern Betty Severance Davison Max1ne Murphy Mrs Ralph 0 Malley Mt Morr1s Marjorie Peden Hamady's Eleanor Whlte Mrs Beebe Chesaning M1ch1gan Danold Haynes Navy Discharged Helen Hicks Married Flint Ruth Mltchell Married Vernon Williams Buick Flint Norman Card Mt Morris Ardis Babcock, Mrs Norman Card Mt Morr1s Charlotte Oliver Smith Brldgman s Mt MOFTIQ Keith Hllliker Hllliker Insurance Mt Morr1s Richard Knoll Home Hettle Ruth 0'Dell Mrs H Forsyth Genevleve Boes Mrs Harry Gooch Mt MOYFIS James Ray M S C Lanslng Bernard Boyd Buxck Mt Morr1s Lols Lockwood, Mrs Lowe, Fl1nt Mary Bundt Marrxed Flint Dorothy Tremain Secretary Tramerse C1ty 1 , , ' , . C. , . 1 I ', -. ' 1 , , 1 ' ' 1 , I ,., ' , 1 ' ' ' . . , . ' , , , 3 A I' I. . ' I I I P I . I . I I I - I I , . , . . I I - I . . , -1 ' , 0 ' If 1 n ' c I ' 1 - -1 1 1 ' sl I . I . . I . . I I I I l 1 . Y . . ' g 0 0 l - . ' I . , - , 1 1 1 0 I . ,. Q ' , 1 . 1 I 1 1 5 -u y 0 , I I ' , , , ' , , , .C. 1 . ' n I , . ' I I I 1 I 1 l ' I .1 , '. ' , . 1 I 1 I . - 1 1 V ' I D 4 -1 1 , 1 1 , 1 , o 1 I 1 1 , , 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . I ' , -1 ' , 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . . y , l . I KI I . 1,1 F. I I , 1. , ' ' 1 . 1 1 1 , ' , , ' 1 , . 11 , 1 , ., I . , 1 , I 1 1 1 I ' . 1 I y 0 I 1 , o ' 1 ' ' U 1 l 7 y c I ' I l I I 1 . 1' I , 0 I I ' p I . I Marion Ascomb, Home, Mt. Morris Ezella Matthews, Spring Harbor, Mich., J.C.Nursing I I I ' ' . ' I ' I ' I 7 'L , , p v ' y 1 I l 1 1 1 1 . ' Q 1 1 1 I ' , . I 5 1 A y 1 I I . . I I . I . 1 , 1 I . y I '. . I . 3 I . 1 1 l I ' D 1 U . I I . . I . I . . II . 4 ' , I . no . I . . I I I I . . I I . . I .. I . I . I . , . , , , . . , . . I A ' . D . I , n 1 , - 1 0 I I ' 'I I l I ' I ' . ' I -I I ' I ' N, , I F I I ' I ' ' - 1 'I I ' 1 1 ' , A .1 1 1 . ' ' ' 1 1 1, s , 11 .1 ' - 'I . I 1- I 1 . ' n' . ,L I I, , . , . . - U , . 1 1 .1 , 1 1 I ' 1 U 1 1 ' l 1 I ' . ' ' ' . 1 h , as 1 . 7 n . ' . , , . . I I I I 'I 1 - 1 -I1 I I :I . I , , . I. 1' A . 7 ' ' .. . . ' ,,I I . . , , I , , . , I . . . MORRIS SONIAN Alumm George Gilbert Navy Discharged Thelma Berry Married Duane Gillett Flint Donald Blakey Clio Julia Faferko Mrs Frank Bunting Mt Morris CLASS OF 1946 Dale Coenen University of Michigan M rna Gough Hurley Hospital Mt Morris Rosemary Sheldon Mrs Farand Flint Mary Clampitt Flint Junior College Mt Morris Jeanne Brewer Mrs Robert Prevo Flushing Onalee Severn Mrs Crag Mt Morris Georglanna Edwards Mrs Fred Greanya Canal Zone Josephine Crocker California Ross Cole Buick Mt Morris Thelma Howe Pell Telephone Co Flint Sylvester Jones College Alabama Francis Potter Married John Thom Air Corps Maxine Yates Mrs Rcbert Benton Flint Ernest Jones Flint Junior College Mt Morris Maxine Adams Home Mt Morris Bertha Bellinger G M Tech Flint Harrietbodge Married Jacob LaFurgey Buick G M Tech Mt Morris Idella Jones College Virginia JI eph Podoley Baseball Training Farm Otis Tremaine Fisher Body Mt Morris Dick Carver Chevrolet Parts a Service Mt Morris Jean Grenier Hurley Hospital June Hart Mrs Maurice Tucker Mt Morris Ralph Sheldon Smith Bridgman s Mt Morris Mary Lane Retailers Credit Bureau Mt Morris Louise Carroll Mrs Ward Kenyong Mt Morris Shirley Card Milwaukee Wisconsin Robert Jones Bulck Mt Morris Earl Helwig Mt Morr1s Francis Lowell Factory Mt Morr1s Russell Durham Flint Jr College Mt Morris Harry Hildreth Western State College Kalamazoo Russell Nation Buick Flint Myron Kimmel Home Mt Morris Ruby Anderson Mrs Beaver Mt Morris Floyd Adams Home, Mt Morris CLASS OF 1947 Rolland Ayers Chevrolet Mt Morris Norman Babcock Chevrolet Mt Morr1s Joyce Banks Net Edwards Mt Morris Russel Beckwith Flint Junior College Mt Morr1s Mona Jean Bellinger Hurley Nurses Tra1n1ng Elizabeth Bloomer Mrs Frank Middleditch Jr Mt Peter Bodnar Western Michigan College Kalamazoo Earl Boivin Fisher Bocly Mt Morr1s Barbara Breczko Mrs Tom Kulchar Patricia Bundt Hurley Training Mt Morris Charles Burnett Great Lakes Boats Lud1ngton Fritz Cain BUICK Mt Morris Joan Clark Mrs Bernard McKenzie Mt Morr1s Darol Cosens JUDIOT College Fl1nt Joyce Cox Married Wxlma Jean Decker Mrs Farr Mt Morris Eugene Derengowski General Motors Institute Don Dinger College Gunnison Colorado Hazel Edgley Smith Br1dgman's Mt Morris Marlon Faferko Mrs Ray Lamb Mt Morris Jean Freeman The Beacon Mt Morris Jackie Green Mrs Jack Massimino William Greenman Gas Station Attendant Saginaw Morrl I , D ' 1 , 1 0 1 , . . - I I U ' ' . , . I ' I , . ' 1 1 0 ' 1 1 n ' '. h' . I 1, ' , , , . , ., . y '-I I lg l 7 I I . r 1 . 9 as , . - . - I I ' I , a V , 1 . . 1 u .I 5 I - I ' , ' I , 1 n 1 1 . . , . . - James Draper: Army I Robert T. Griffith, Rosenburgs Wholesale House, Flint . . , , 1 . t , , ., . ., . , , U ,- '. , ,l . 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' " ' 1 1 ' ' 0 u , ' ' 1 1 , 1 ' ' ' , 1 1 U ' .1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1' , ' ' I I ' ' ' I I I" I 1 . I .' ' ' , , . ' . 1 U - ' 1 ' ' 1 9 I ' . , ., . . . -. , , 1 . . , o , u 1 ' ' Q , n , Q , o , , . . , . h Welcome Humbarger Mrs Gordon Holister Mt Morris Edwin Simmonds Home Otisvllle Margaret Hurry Mrs J Delyse Flint Janet Powers Mrs Kenneth Donovan Fred Grelnya Army Canal Zone Marguerite Daly Bell Telephone Flint Jack Keith Niles Ohio Donald Werth Garrett Roofing Co Mt Morris June White Mrs Kenneth Foltz Flint Nadine Glidden Mrs Earl Helwig Mt Morris Pauline Graves Moved Gene Woodbeck Buick Office Flint DOH Jefferson Flint Jr College Mt Morris William Berry Army Beulah Barden Home Rogersville Julia Breczko Mrs Nlckolas Doroney Ohio Earlene Gell Graff s Flint Audrey Cooper Florida Leland Sorenson Buick Montrose Jean Spore Married Milford Effie Chr1sten en Mrs Al Dyer Reed City Marion Van Norman Mt Morris Shirley Banks Genesee Barrell H Bag Office Clio Ruth Vanderpyle Mrs Roland Ayres Mildred Unger Home Marcellle Simmonds Mrs Gibbs Flint Dale Conquest Beecher Lumber Co Mt Morris Ardith Munger Home Lapeer Jean Lawrence Mrs John Weelock Mt Morris Joyce Oberlin Mrs Charles Corburn Mt Morris James Borton Army Norma Potts Mrs M Bigelow Cllo Harold Wln1nger Mt Morrls Edna Richter Married Dorothy Drew Married Shirley Valleau. Mrs Russell Nation Flint Duane Hammond Farmer C110 Floyd Harkness Jr A C Mt Morr1s Joan Harkness A C Office Mt Morris Arlieta Harrington Mrs Serverns Mt Morris Donna Harris Smith Brldgman s Cl1o Franc1s'Hendr1cks Hamady Bros Mt Morris Rowena Humbarger Mt Morris Jessie Hurry Mrs R Cagle Pontiac Laverne Hursh Mt Morris Joyce Hyzer Mrs Walter Martin New Jersey Darlene Jacobs Washington D C Barbara Johnson Mrs John Toth Mt Morris Eugene Johnson Air Corps Maryann Keller Della Kelly Mt Morris Donald Kenyon School of the Bible a Music Grand Rapids Betty King Married Beverly LaBarr Bible School Minnesota Joanna LaFurgey Bank Mt Morris Robert Leadley Ferris Institute Dale Marshall Mt Morris Walter Martin Coast Guard New Jersey Bruce Maxwell Wayne Un1verslty Bernard McKenzie Mt Morris Patricia McLain Mrs Leland Sorenson James Much U of M Ann Arbor Don Murphy Buick Mt Morris George Nation Nat1on's and Tomvkins Dept Store Mt Morris Pauline Nepf St Joseph Hospital Flint Richard Norlock Great Lakes Boats Betty Parks Mrs Earl aoivin Mt Morris Jeanette Partridge Mrs J Ennis Mt Morris Martha Patterson Mrs Thomas Murphy Jr Mt MSFPIS Robert P8t8l'S It l0I'l'1S Nalda Plew Mt MOTTIS R1ChHPd Powers College Paul Prlngle BUICR Mt MOTFIS L1ll1an Pachala Modern Market Mt Morr1s Eunlce Pushman Mt MOFTIS Donald Pyne Mt Morr1s Garrett QUICK College GUHDISOH Colorado Beverlv R1chards Mrs Ray Salford Fl1nt Donald Rock Navy Theodore Rogers JUDIOT College Rogersv1lle Ora Severn Mrs KGIS Fl1nt Vivxan Schlosser Mrs Preble Detro1t Dor1s Schneider Marr1ed George Smlth Roberta Sheldon Married Max Schof1e1d Army June Sm1th Mrs Lloyd Jupe Flint Owen Smothers Navy Donald Snapp College John Snodgrass Navy Fl1zabeth Sorenson Bell Telephone, C110 Mlldred Swart Sylvla Swart Beauty Operator Mt MOFFIS Bob Tabbert Army A1r Corps Alice Townsend BenJam1n Treat Betty Ann Ward Mt Morr1s John Ward C110 Foundry Mt Morr1s Mrs Bert S1mmons Norma Jean Weaver Mrs Bob Moore Mt MOTTIS George Wernette Army Eugene W1ll1ams G M Tech C110 Robert w11SOn Bob Jones Un1vers1ty Greenv1lle South Carollna Leonard Wayne Wrlght Bu1ck Retail Mt MOTTIS Winston Young BUICK Mt MOFFIS Mrs Dale Conquest Mt Morr1s Fl1nt Merchants 8 M9Ch8n1CS Bank Mlldred Matson Jacquellne Eagle Mrs Ba1tz Erra Le 1eux Fl1nt Ellen Sheldon Mt MOFFIS W00dW0fk1Hg Mt MOTTIS Donna Maglnn Mlchigan State College Jack Zerull Un1vers1ty of M1Ch1g8n Al1ce Jones MCKIHHOD H Mooney Llfe Ins C Mt Morr1s Dor1s P1fer Metropol1tan Life Ins Mt Morr1s LOUIS Dorman Army Jacquelyn Welch Lerner s Fl1nt Dale Blandford Bu1ck Mt Morr1s Charlotte Shoens Rockwell Coal E Lumber Co Mt Morr1s Ernest Maynard Fl1nt Jumor College Mt Della Draper Mt MOTTIS Ralph Buys Fl1nt JUH1Of College Rlchard Evans M1Ch1gan State L3DS1Hg Helen Kujala teach1ng Midland Sh1rley Getts Metropol1tan Llfe Ins George Dolan Navv Bud Johnson Navy Beverly MaU1d1h Mrs Richard McTaggart Mt MOTYIS Elleen Elleman Mrs Paul Halp1n Mt MOFYIS Dean Elleman Mt MOFFIS Dry Goods Mt Morr1s Mallace Rogers Rogesvllle Delores Hart A C Mt Morr1s Joan Packer Mrs Dean Elleman Mt MOFFIS Owen Prxngle Gaxl Brooksh1er Army Dor1s Bryan Metropolxtan Lrfe 'ng Reatha Montague Bob Jones Unlvers1ty Greenv1lle South C3YO11H8 Morr1s MORRIS SONIAN Alumnl George Berry Army Don Powelson Bu1ck Mt Morr1s Mary Ann George Gwendolyn Lawson Merchants M Mechan1cs Bank Acxl Goff Navy A1r Corps lendall Sull1van Deceased Zelpha H1ll1ker Mt MOFFIS Betty Falkenste1n Mrs w1ll1am Sm1th Mt M0ff1S Ronald Knlckerbocker Farm1ng Mt Morris D8V1d Strand Navy Dorothy Boroff Mrs Charles Bernett Lud1ngton Charles Ballance Mt Morr1s Evelvn Boes General Motors Mt MOFTIS Jeanne Munger Mest Branch Harvey Severn Army Leonard Lane Navy Ilene Sm1th Mrs Bernard Boyd Mt Morr1s Jean McLoud Home Mt MOTTIS Leonard H111 NHVY Joseph Mark Mt Morr1s Jean Tabbert Kresges Mt MOTFIS RlCh8Td Bramblett Car Salesman Mary Jane Holloway Marrled Mt Morr1s Nargaret Nyrogtm Nt Margaret Murphy 115 M0I'f1S Elmer Str1ckert Bu1ck Mt MOTTIS Pat R1chter Navy DOTBIHC Qu1gley Mrs Norman Babcock Lorraine Suryan Mrs Hugh Yott John Wh1te A1r Force Peter Sredlch BUICK Mt MOTT1S Paul1ne Becker FFBUCIS ShoD Mt MOYFIS Edward Matthews Chevrolet Mt lOFF1S Edna Poley F1sher Body Mt MOTUS Dorothy weaver Bayer S John Marshall Mellers Mt M0rr1S Barbara Cregar Mrs Edw Stanbaugh Alexander Mark Bu1ck Mt MOFTIS Betty Jane MOTFIS Mrs Russell Th1el Mt Morr1S Donald Goller Factory Mt MOFTIS Anna Jean Genshaw Baker s College Mt MOYTW Floyd Glbbs Donald Tabbert Modern Market Mt MOFTIS Evelyn Tufford Mt M0YT1S Jack Burgess Army Marguer1te Spears Work Mt MOFTIS Lott1e Jones Mork Fl1nt Francis M1ller Ha1nes Restaurant Fl1nt CLASS OF 1949 Lllllan Loree Fl1nt Jr College Mt MOFTIS Lorraine Redxngton F1Sh9f Body Mt Morrls Bob Taft BUICK Mt MOFTIS Eleanor Jean Daly Baker s Un1vers1ty Mt MOYTIS Roy Babcock BUICK Mt Morris Norma BlDS Genera'HOSD1tH1 Fllnt Ruth Tatrow Flsher B0dv Mt MOIYIS Edward BOIS Jr BUICK Mt MOTTIS Annabelle R1chards Mrs Claude Schultz Mt MOTTIS Sh1rley D Arcy 0ff1C9 Mt Morr1s H1gh School Ruth Marshall Ypsllant1 College M1Ch1gdH Ross Englxsh Army Sh1rley Adams 0ff1C9 Mt Morr1s Don Kujala Army Barbara McCurdy Restaurant work Fl1nt John Kn1ckerbocker Farm Mt MOTTIS Helen Dolan Home Mt MOTFIS Bob Clontz Lucille Sweers Baker s Un1verslty Mt MOTYIS Charles Dorr Kroger Store Mt MOTFIS Mary Gaines Frozen Food Locker Mt Morr1s Leona Lane Flsher Body Mt MOFTIS A 1 I vs I I I ' II . , , 11 I I I 1 I 'A I 1 - 1 - . I 'I' ' ' pl n In ' Y . I' ' ' " 'A . . ' . ' . . '- . I ' ' -' . I. . . 4 1. 1 n 'I 1 I I '4 ' I ' ' 1 , I 1 1 I - I . I . I I 1 ' .1 . ' ' I ' 1- 0 1 D I ' . . ' I I . I I ' . I I 1 . , 1 1 . . 1 I 1 " ' I ' ' I . 1. . 1 I I 1 I " I 1 , ' 1 I ' I. . I I ' , I , ' 1 1 I I . . . ' ' ' ' . - , . 111 I I . I . 7 ' . 1 I . I I . I I . . I I . I , 5 Q I ' I D I 1 . l 1 I I 1 1 1- 'I I ' 1 1 1 1, ' v 1 I ' I . . . . 1 I 1 1 I ' ' ' H. . I I I . 1 . I 1 1 I 'I ' . 1 1 1 1 1 II ' , I. . I I . 1 1' ' I CLASS OF 1948 Donald Sorenson, Buick, Mt. Morr1sI I ' ,I . 1- 1 - . , 1 I I ' ' . . EV , I' . ' - - - 1 I . . 1 ' , . , . . 11. I' I ' ' , I . l 1 1 ' 1. ' . o., 1 I I 1 ' n 1 11' ' ' 1 ' -1 - ' ' - Q . 1 ' I 4 ' , , . 1 1 , , . . ., n 1 ' ' ' I ' 1 - - - ' I' ' . 1 I 1 1 ' I , i 1 ' I' I 1 I 1- I 1 ' A I 1 I 1 . . . ' L 1 I ' I I ' 1 1 I- I I 1 1I I 'I I I x1 1 I ' III I I ' ' Q 1 I1 1 I- I 1 I , 1 I I ,:1. . I' ' I I I 1 111 . ' I I .' 1 ' 1 ' I 1 1 I , 11 I ' I ' I 1 1 I , . ' I ' I I 1 I ' I , . ., . I I I I 1 1 ,- 1 . ' I I , . . 7 ' " 1 . 1 I . I I I I I I I . , ' I I I ' I ' , - 1 1 I . I ' Harold Lowell Farm Contract for Masonry Mt MOTTIS Rosemary Hall marrled Flrnt Roger Mag1n1ty Bulck Mt MOFTIQ Jeanette Shanks home Mt MOFTIS Betty Reld Mrs Bob Cole Mt Morrls Bob Drudge Chevrolet 0ff1C6 Mt MOFTIS Paul1ne White Flsher Body Mt Morrls Harold Tremaln Bu1ck Mt Morrls Lo1s Belllnger Flsher Body Ben Gr xce Factory Marilyn Gray WNIIQV Loan Company Dorene Slmmons Home J D Grlfflths Bu1ck Laura Marshall Trojan Cleaners Oscar Hays Bu1ck Mlldred Mason Fxsher Jean Matthews C110 Larry Henry Herrlman Barbara Akr1dge Mrs DICK Derengowskl G M Barbara Hogan Home Mt Morr1s Gle n Massey J Bu1ck Joyce Latham Kentucky T0m M1lne Natxon s Statron Dean Potts Hurley Hospital Dale Potts F1sher Body Jeanette Cearlock Fxsher Body Gerald Gregg J G M T h AVIS Klnasley Fisher Body Clarence Broomf1eId Unlverslty Ann Arbor Body DB.lI'y Ga1l Brookshxre Tech of Michigan MCJRQIS SONIAN Alumm Don Norlock Ludlngton Work on boats Barbara Werth Fisher Body Carolyn WIIIIBMS Home Mt Morrls Bob Werth Farm Mt MOTFIS Helen Spears Work Mt Morris Alfred Powers Navy Joyce Johnson Flsher Bodv Max Gardy Bu1ck Mt Morrls Geraldxne Goodman Fleetwoods Mt MOTTIQ Belva Jean Harper Offrce of Dr Jewell and Dr Baessler Mt Morris Bob Badgley Bu1ck Flva Jean McCla1n Dahlqulst s Store Fdwin wrlght A C R1chard Mitchell Bu1ck Janet Kidman Mlchlgan State college Shlrley Fuller Fllnt Jr College John Beach M1Ch1g8H State College Joyce Cole Mrs Lucky Horton Marcus Reed Televxsxon R3d1O Shop Clxo Blll Miller hone Mt Morrls Clyde Hoover Bu1ck Coralyn Cheney Mrs Marren Luck Chester Keller Bu1ck Barbara Mason Roller R1nk 1n Mt Morris Harold Helwlg Bu1ck Ruth Schuettler Offlce of Sers Roebuck Charles Gladden Jr Bu1ck Maxlne Gaul home Mt Morrls Ronald Nesmrth Bu1ck Falth O Br1en Home Mt Morrls Fdwln Sanders Jr Armu Alr Corps H Co Kathleen Birk, Flsher Body Bruce Kurtz, Flint Jr. College .W , . ',' r., , 1 . A ' . . ' A ' . r-. . Z ec . ' . . . .. I WV 51 lg: , My Wy My Y fww M! .2 Q I UQ , ML NMQMV M14 3 ft.: W -u M 4 M gl i +--w-- MoRR1s.soNlAN A v--A I hing Bros. Mfg C0 Jewelers T"DG"'3' David Broclorlck Bldg fFormerIy Eaton Towerj DETROIT MICHIGAN II UUU1'TUTTV1'IR7TIUUV'1VUVU mK7m m TUUUI V1KVWUY7UUUUm JUUUKm I I EXTEN D Tlielr Compllments to the l950 Class lVIt IVIOYYIS I-llgli School mivnvrivm 717 7UY7l"lK vm nwr, 41K vm rm mvm mr YFUIIY rn SUPPLIERS OF CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS CAPS and GOWNS DIPLOMAS lXIIL'1UfIJfXUf1Lf llfllllkhllllflllflllf H I I I IDL III Lfxlll IU II U1 uf I IHA IU 0 O ' l Q 'LEW' 'Y If-I ANY I I if' I"AA' 1 -gr X . -', , Qw- , vre. A A AA,AAfA.AAf-AfxaAfAA,AA.n44-Af1b3:xAisAi5r'mzffxoAf -NA 34:4,f'1,A:-fi-..Q1LA:sL.c-fsv-Js.f:1.Afx.f'-.-4- U' 4' ml? ,, lf. l V' A I IQ ii E2 Ea LJ ' ' ' 1 ai :gl Ei gil H 'Fi if '3 J F53 H of QA I if 'xi .5 g 1 I 1 ' 'V ' e ee .wee e W eeeeev ee 'la E2 A AAA.AA.AAp-A,--AA AA A,A A AA,-A.A A.AA,A Af A.AA.A A.A A.A Q : x5 1 I if 65 Yrs? E? ri : - x5 E2 I sig 2 '11 61 ,vW,,,,,,W,W,,eM M, QQ LI 11 YW V 5 I V will Y WIIYII ,I I IIYYMI YILII Irrrjk V I Eff' Ill' IICIII I Yrrr Il Ill 1 ' XVII 3 Congratulatlons To The Class of 1950 of The Mt Mbrrls Hlgh School Cltlzens Commerclal 6? Savmgs Bank E 9 MT.MORRB BRANCH 0 o 0 o stabhshed 1871 PHOTOQRAPHIC PoRTRA1Ts TLIZTL63 It IS the slncere WlSl'1 of Cralne Stu dlo s that excellence of the photogra phy IH thls Annual contrlbute to 1tS value to you as a chenshecl treasure And may thls photographlc record of your school clay frlencls always rema1n a source of pleasant memor1es Our heartlest congratulatlons to you May the future hold the complete fulflll ment of all your asp1rat1ons CRAlNE'S STUDIOS o n I l 7 . v 525 Harrison St. Phone 9-2184 - 5 Flint 'S M ch ongz vztulaztzons to the Class 0 50 from Dr. H. 7f Fuller -M. D. Dr. H. H. Anderson-M. D. C J ' f. CONGRATULATIONS d BEST WIS!-IES ASS t MIR HE TER Uolwtruntlon Compan NEW MT MORRIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 0 SHB ld g 38412 F1 F1 L 5 9171 Mt t th ffl. S FO' from 1 X1 I K Geneml Cofztmciors for Congratulatlons To The Class of 50 MILES B MARTIN Mount Morrls Mlchlgan Phone 3911 01 'N Compllments to The Class of D0 I- r Better Buymg of Qual ty Fo d Mitchell s On The Corner ll ll O I 'o ' i . Its ' 9 S- '- ' XII NI NI I Congratulations To The Class of 1950 Of The Mt. Morris High School G'.'2kQ Wethered - Rice Co. JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY 344 S Saginaw St Flint 3 Mich Compliments of SLATTERY S PHARMACY PAT SLA'l'I'ERY Proprietor The REXALL Store AT YOUR SERVICE FOR as YEARS , . 7 9 Nl'I'. MORRIS. NI IVHIGAN ff - ------ - onwvs-SOMAN - Congratulations Class of "SO" CLIO BAKERY Satisfied Customers an evlclence of quallty Ask at your local Grocery for CL'O BAKERY PRODUCTS Sit Nlon 11 Congratulatxons Class of l950 A Complete l..1ne of GROCERIES VEGETABLES FRUITS MEATS We are here tr some you SELF SERVE FOOD MARKET I hom A . . ' 's, ylll'lliQ.lilll " MORRIS SONIAN Congratulatlons To The Class of l950 flag? gm vadw! A Tikes? X 1104! 2, ?gijrQ X wi lecoumsnn .U Kylix ff N N KLEPINGER S JEWELERS 11916 N Saginaw Street 'Nil 'NORRIS Will HI! -KN 'lhe Stole 'Ihat Lonfldence Is Bulldlng The Genesee County Herald Prmters PUbl1ShCTS DON1 Al XL1XTN PU1JL1bl'lL1x B11 l101x1x1S N11C,HIbAIN f.f4Ll'1, 'A ' -2 27 tw X , - '- Q a fm , e iszmf -' '31 . T. 'D+-5ggi11'15' ULD I ':ff..q3I , 0"Avx "4XfeQf-fn dlfftzgxe '41, r 14" qf. if - Vi, 2 " RS 3 X if f' 'V - 4 X 1 X . . A . . , . I. A W . . A,'1.434L', ' 'T' VI "Q, ' XY f O O BRIEN CLEANERS Depend ble Clea 5 7 9.521 :SL 7 2811 It Always Pays You to dwve mer mm' stock up at the beaclgzzmfiers 0 the fluffy jim' sholblb AUTOMOBILE Sl-IOPPERS FOOD MARKETS L L 1 Ifr' . - T Class o '5 7 T a !'!.l'lg -i I JG' 11424 S g" St 'L Mt. M ' ' M'nh' Ph - - .. I V " 675 McDONALD DAIRY QUALITY PRODUCTS cn EKD For Extra Goodness ' PHONE FLINT 2 9193 FOR MT MORRIS HOME DELIVERY SERVICE QOMPLIMEN IS of ROCKVVELUS Telephone 2921 X X Q w y ,ff 'Xt Your berxlqv C on ratul mon C lim Robmsons Shell Stauon 11377 North SL unw Street P11010 7 1111 Mt Morns Mxclu um COWIPL IMETN I S Dr. A. C. Pfe1fer M. D. Dr. E. C. jewell D. D. S Dr. H. A. Baesslcr D. D. S l A- I V 'I' L... S ff ' 2 ' sr of "SU" O , O zg' . 1 - . . ,OA . - bf .f ,.. , A ,Q ' . of Compliments of ez Friend CONGRATULATIONS and CONTINUED SUCCESS IO IHE CLASS OT JO LOVEGROVE S WHOLESALE FLINT MICHIGAN GENESEE SEPTIC TANK CO PREFABRICATED REINFORCED CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS 500 Gallons E.f'flClCI'1t Low Cost Approved by County Health Department C111 for full l1'lfOI'HlHt101'1 Phone 7 2195 G 7025 NORTH DORT HIGHWAY 506 South Sagmaw Street BAKER S DRUG STORE Prescription Pharmacists H 1 t Il I l II S 5 7 O s :mum IIl4:AwQn'.x1:'l'l4:1:s 1-'l,lx'1'.x1u-lmarxx Congratulatlons To All Mt Nlorrls Graduates ontlac St1I1 The Most Beautlful Thmg On Wheels Freeman Pontlac Company 118 1 Sag St t Mt Morr s 7 5091 NIT NIORPIS NIH HIFXN' BARTH LaMAY Congratulatlons To MARILYN RANDLE an CLASS of 50 BOB SNIDER DIXIE DRUG CO. I Hos ard H0010 I ll I Q I ll . 2 inaw ree . I - I A l Lt, I N I4 . 1 . . V. . ' Compliments Dahlqulst s 5c to Sl 00 Store 6217 N Saginaw St Flmt 5 Mlchlgan Van s Produce Market GROCERIES 81 MEATS BEER 8: WINE 8410 N S Ph 7 8931 I or LN 1 KPNINGS AND SUNDAYS Compllments Parker s Service STATION WELDING 7 6861 Complrments of Mt Moms Plumbmg 8: Heatlng Co F XXIIIFX P pr s ur NIO! ms NIIFH N 3811 Congratulatlons To The Class of l950 760 Ge'1esee Street Ph0I16 3811 Con ratulatlons To The Class of 50 F E Knickerbocker, Inc Compllments B E A C 0 N Standard 8. Sennce Station N DIXIE at DORI' HIGHWAY Phones Mt Moms 9161 C110 3191 of ' 7 , X . of , o C - ' .'. Saginaw - Mt. 3 orris A' ' A A A Phone - H. . ',.,', rop. PLUMBING - HEATING - REPAIRS I H rcks Bro t h e rs 642 .lt. NIOr'l'ir' Ed. K xl A l Ph. 7- ' S u of ?0lW'O I I O S- A EGRAPH "Say it with Flowers" e - 'j'jn', 9286 N. Szngimnw Rfl. Phone 5601 ARNOLD'S FLOWER S Mt. Morris, Mich. Congratulatlons Class of 50 from Strong s Market GROCERIES MEATS NOTIDNS N I' 'SIORRIQ 'NIIFH 7 61 Compliments of Ben Franklln Stores Mt Moms Dry Goods Class of l950 Nll MORRIS 'HHH Congratulauons Graduates of l950 DIXIC Lanes Compllments General Mercantile Co To The Class of 50 Hodges Servlce 24 HOUR OFFICIAL AAA WRECKER SERVICE STANDARD PRODUCTS Congratulatxons The Class of 50 From GAS OIL GULF PRODUCTS x m Nl nu xx Ll UI . d 9 . o - - TO .l' . . . , . , . Ph. 7- 7 H , , V of o YI-IIIX IAN'l'IY, Mgr. H U F k' S ' tiIZ4N'I-IIIIICS N BIlC.l'I'S S l'Imn4- 7-255i l'-'IIS X. S""llIlll' llmul HT N Plug IV 'V , Compliments MT MORRIS LUMBER AND SUPPLY C0 Korner Market GROLERIES MEATS BEER WINE Irdrmer Peets Meats OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS II I 1 of . Igillctonning Cheese A' 1 I. 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Suggestions in the Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) collection:

Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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