Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI)

 - Class of 1940

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Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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'rm ' v "" 'Q W -gf QW. mg r ,Q --, . A M li . . .. 3 v , . .w"g4' . 'f v'- " uw , v . Q. ,-.dx ' .5 . :A n- U . ,sf .V -1 . , ' " 1 A ., s. 4 1 ' ' 4' ,, ' I, ..5: -- '-I . V-1 1 1. .s qv ' M- 44 :Qu g 4 ., :ii ,. J .N 'V 'Y C J 1 rr., 1. 644. 4, ,, -, , . " ai, ' 41 x ' a- 1 A ,pr . ?Z'iff+o' , 5 4' ' ' .Q , J , . ' , .- fl .. H' .. " ,. - m ' , ' . Eg H A wr I , '5 Lf ,. -. . ' H 2 . . ,W .. ., K, V., , .. f . . , U V . M 'lv , - . as ,. ,, A yy , . ,N 3: A. 5 -:..1.- 1- , H , , -1 , , - - . .. f - E-it - s ' nf -'- 'A - ' V ' 'L M . A ' gf -' Q 4: 'JV LV -,r 4 Q' all 1 h 'JK , , Z ' aj - -. I 4. 3 1' r.,1 'V' 4' ' " - V ' . "' ' . 1m,,E,: - H' um. V I A . 4 ih s -,uf W lf, f M I Fw . fs- 2' ' V 5. i uw 'f ,Q Q-, '.. 'vi A .x ,G , 1 7 , ,gg 2, b ' " flibly N , .. 'y V ' Q 51 4,1 V ! L Q Wh I if . -1, ,A V ,gh K ., 'V , VI ,LSA lj. . ' fix ' Wi:-:T Milf ' 1 gf' 5' wg25ff'7f'7j, G if 4, 1-. N , , Q, - ,wa 5 ., --A,iv,fltA:A,.2j:L15'.-f' V,-.Q ', , , I- ,4..'-fl--p ' r, .J -7 xg V ug: ,,, . f ' , -f' -G . .f A- -' "gf-ff, " - '-'J .... 5' .1 adm Q Q ,. -. , ' . f 1 43 l.. ' ff, f .. , . ...L ,f,m.,40,.L:i.A .,..1.. .gl JZ- '- ' " H ' ' - ' N" J at , ' ' ' "Sl'lIL.XI. IZIXIPING Y. S. I'A'l'l'1N'l'S NOS. 1516932, 1942026, N 1evs5771a mm Utln-1' I':1l1-nts I'n-mliug DT" PM . ,.. RIS U 1 P VIL lsmen BA' SENIORS MORRISONIAN F OREWORD The class of 1940 presents to you, the reader. this publica- tion of the Morris-sonian. It will show you the numerous honors which the school has received and the events and activities in which the members of the school have participated. It will serve you in the future as a record to which you can look hack and re- live each little event in your memory. MORRISONIAN DEDICATION fa-. . , ' ws ""' 2 xr ,If 5 Mr. Bigelow Miss Nvlllllilllll Mr. York ln appreciation of the uneeasing efforts which the three athletic coaches have given by setting standards and goals which the students have attained through their coaching. the senior class of 1940 hereby dedicates this Morris- sonian to the1n. Mr. Bigelow has been the boys' football, basketball, and track coach for the past six years, and during that time the school has gained recognition throughout the county and state for athletics. The results of his efforts are to be found in this publication. on the athletic pages. A Miss Neumann who. for the past six years also, has coached the girls in basketball, softball, and track has done her part faithfully and well in bring- ing recognition to the school and has won a warm spot in the heart of each girl whom she has coached and with whom she has come into contact. Mr. York has not been here as long as the other two coaches, but he has served in his position as head coach in baseball and assistant coach in foot- ball and basketball and deserves our full appreciation and thanks. MORRISONIAN BOARD OF EDUCATION EARL LANGDON President A. C. MONTAGUE CHARLES RIDLEY Secretary Treasurer HOWARD MOORE GLENN MONTAGUE Trustee Trustee The annual staff wishes to thank the Board of Education for their support of 21 fine educational program in Mt. Morris. MORRISONIAN GUR SCHOOL This beautiful building has housed us throughout our school life. It has become a familiar picture to the students and towns- people. It represents the finest and highest ideals of education, and from its doors have emerged people who have made a place in today's world. Our names are lying in the capstone of the Senior High door. May this building ever remain in our hearts as a foundation for our lives. MORRISONIAN SUPT. E. L. CLARK NVe cannot express in words our appreciation and thanks for all the opportunities in which Mr. Clark has led the way for us. It has been through him that we have been able to grasp these opportunities and carry them through to the Hnish. However, merely thanking him would not be sufficient. VVe must take ad- vantage of all his advice and meet the world of experience with head high in order to show him that we are truly appreciative of all he has done for us. VVe wish to extend our sincerest thanks for his leadership and guidance. WQXEUH. X W f f 3: , F Q 0 V J V MORRIS i , r so ? 4, ,W , ONIAN-- -- EDVVIN L. CLARK--A, B., M. A. VVork on PhD. University of Michigan Superintendent, Am. History RUTH PHYLLIS YVESTOVERYAJX.. M.A. University of Michigan History BRUCE YORK---B. C. Alma College Life Certificate Coach RUBY CALVERT-A. B., M. A. Iowa State Teachers' College University of Michigan English and Dramatics ALFRED LINDHOLM Associated with Music in Flint Schools for several years Former member Chicago's Symphony Orchestra Band Instructor MARION DEWAR Life Genesee County Normal Michigan State Normal Detroit Teachers' College Music JAMES KIDMAN-B. S. WVork on M. A. Michigan State College Mathematics Physical Science, ALT'HA KIDDER-A. B., M. A. Albion College University of Michigan Latin, French, English MAURICE MARINERAA. B., M. A. Baker University Northwestern University Wayne University Commercial FRANCES WALKER Gregg College Cleary College Michigan State Normal College Oifice, Commercial MORRISONIAN LOIS NEUMANN--B. S. Michigan State Normal College Fifth Grade, Girls' Coach RONALD BlGEIl0VVfB. S. Vvt-I'St61'll State Teachers' College Mathematics, Coach I JEAN BONISTEEL-AA, B. University of Michigan Political Science OLIN BOVVEN7A. B. WVestern State Teachers' College Vniversity of Michigan Mathematics 5A"'Ej5.3Qf University of Michigan Junior High, Public Speaking RICHARD O'DELL-A. B., M. A. Michigan State College University of Michigan Junior High MARY JOAN PURCELL--A. B. Michigan State Normal Junior High, Public Speaking DONALD COOK4A. B., M. A. Earlhani College University of Michigan Junior High VERNA BOYD-A. B. Flint Junior College University of Michigan Kindergarten HELEN JONES----B. S. Western State Teachers' College Home Economics i BETTY JANE lVIANSFIELDfA. B. MORRISONIAN MARGARET SIMONS Central State Teachers' College First Grade HELEN JOHNSTON-B. S. Central State Teachers' College First Grade CAROLYNE LILLIE-B. S. Life Western State Teachers' College Second Grade MARY ELIZABETH DAVIDSON? Antrim County Normal University of Michigan Second Grade MILDRED CORNELL Genesee County Normal Michigan State Normal College State Limited Certificate Third Grade MARY ROBINSON' -A. B. University of Michigan Third Grade BERNICE SPRINGER-B. S., M. Western State Teachers' College University of Michigan Fourth Grade FRANCES JOLIFF-A. B. Western State Teachers' College Fourth Grade ELIZABETH VERMETTE4A. B. State Normal College Central State Teachers' College Natural Science. LUVERNE BATTEL Life Central State Teachers' College Fifth Grade A A. MORRIS ONIAN BFJATRICE WHORLEY-A. B. Life Ferris Institute Albion College Overflow, Junior High Music INIGZ MARSHALL State First Grade Vvork of Life Ferris Institute Central State Teachers' College Sixth Grade FRANK LANHAM Illinois State University B. of Education Commercial, First semester ESTHER HARBISON-f-B. S., M. A. Buffalo State Teachers' College University of Michigan Fourth Grade, First semester LO Ii RAINE HUFFMAN-B. S. University of Michigan Stephens College Northeast Missouri State Teachers' lege. lfourth Grade, First semester MARGARET BOXVEN-A. B. Michigan State Normal Fifth Grade, Substitute Co MORRISONIANV BABY PICTURES :aff 3 -V ffihi Q5 fffnw .ffmf ,,fg,,,' yy ' fl'S4n,,, Igafpipi A 09 Q. VX. A, msg B. f'Y2a,f B f,,1 --- -MORRISONIANW M- ggwl iq .E lHHEUHHHIHHH!HUIHHHHHHH l- VULI ---2-11 WIIIIIIIIIPIIJZIIIJIPW ANNE PODOLEY "Annie" "A blush is a bnfautiful thing but oft:-n inconvenn-nt." Gln-e Club 2, 3, 43 Library 2, Ji, 4 Ibraniatim-s Play 4g Softball 2 1+'r4'nc'l1 Club 2, 3 Ntndont Count-il 2, 3 Vollvy llal'l 1, Ops-rvtta 2. 3 Play 3: Annual Staff 4 Play Staff 4: Library Club 2, I! Library Club Offic-or 3 Prvside-nt of French Club Valvdic-torian 4. CATHERINE HICKS f.Kate,, 't'l'o be' grvat is to bv niisnn- dorstooclf' Glow Club 1: Debating 4 f'UIllIllt'I'l'ltll Club 2 l'lIlllIll1'l'1'i2li Conte-st 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2: Library 1 Annual Staff 4, Class Svc-'V 4 Studvnt Counril 45 Salutatorian 4 DONALD KURTZ 14D0nvv "Ns-vvr say anything: unless yon'rv volnpvlled tog and thc-n don't say anything that you can be hold to," Animal Staff 4 l"'ootball 2, 3. V4 Bass-ball Y2, V3 Trai-k Zi, V4 Glu- Club 4 Opvrvtta 3, 4 Class Play 1. 2, 4 Hi-Y Club Zi, 4 ARDIS PEACOCK "Ardie" "Virtua is likv a rivh stoni-, bvst plain si-t," Animal Staff 4 Opt-rvtta 4 H11-v Club 1. 2, 4 13l'illllIli'11'N Play 4 Class Play 2, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2 Softball Captain 2 Voi'l4-y Rall 1, 2 Trac-k,2 Chr-or La-adn-r 2 Class Officer 1, 2 Library 1, 2 4-H Club 1 Offiro Assistant 4 Salutatorian 2 WARREN HART "Il is bvttvr to wa-ar out than to rust out." Football VCL 4 Trac-li 2, 3. 4 MORRISONIAN ARLENE SALISBURY "S1ats" "I would that llly horse hall tho spoi-d of har I0ll2fl14'." Latin Club 1, 23 I4'r4-in-ll Club 3. 4: Gln-v Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Prosidvnt of Latin Club 23 l'r1-siflent of Gln-41 Club 1: Hand 1, 2, 33 Band Uffiw-r 2, 3, Assistant llrum Ma- jor 33 Library 1, 2, 3. 4: Operot- ta 2, Ji, 4: Minstrcfl Show 13 Stn- dont Count-il 2, 3, 43 I'rt-sidc-nt of Studs-nt Council 4: Class Pros- idvnt 4: Class Sw-ri-tary-Tr+-as- nror 33 Associate' Editor 4: llas- ketball 1. 2, 3, 43 Captain of Has- lwtball 43 Softball Ii, 4: Track 3, 4: Chi-or Lvador 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play Staff 3, 4: Ilraniatil-s Play 4: Ill'i'l2lllltli10ll 15 Girls' Trio 1: Saxophone Sox. 33 Yollvy Hall 1: Salutatorian 4, RICHARD CORNELL ffDiYCkyv "Tho most nttvrly lost of days is that in whim-h you have not onm- lauglnfdf' Assorialn' Editor 4 Class Play 1, 2, 3. 4 A1'l-Iligh Play 2, Ci Hand 1, 2, Ii, 4 lland Stmlm-nt Ilirvrlor 4 Hi-Y Club 2, 3. 4 Orrin-stra 2, 3, 4 Ili-Y Svc-i'1-tary 3 IIi-Y l'ra-silivlit 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Gif-0 Club 3, 4 Uporn-tta Ii, 4 Library 1. MARJORIE BECKER "Margie" "Think twin- lwfori- spt-lalinig oncv. ' tlloi- Club 1, 3, 4 IM-batin,f 4 Opt-rvtia Ii, 4 Class l'lay 4 Class Play Staff 4 C1l1lllllk'I'1'1tll Contvst 3 FI'k'lll'1l Club 2, 3 Soc-rn-tary of FI'0Ill'il Club 3 Yol11-3' 'llall 1. 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Softball 2, 3, 4 Trai-lc 2, 3, 4 Editor-in-Chivf 4 JOHN YATES "Orb" "My barbvr alwavs asks, "Hair- cut or oil 1-liangi-?" Ilasvball Ii, 4 Has:-ball Captain 4 llaskvtball 3, 4 Class Plas' 4 Annual Staff 4 Airp'lane- Club 1, 2 Rlarlio Club 3 CORA MAE MUNGER llcorkyo "I may bo short, but I lllilklf niysvlf ln'ard." Hvad 111lH'2lI'1Slll l, Ji, 4 111-vlalnation 1 Latin Club 1, 2 CIbIllllll'I'I'12li Club 3 Gln-v Club 1. 2. 8. 4 Class Play 1, 2, 3 Ups-re-tta 2 Studont Council 2 Honu- I'1C4lI10Ill1i'S Club Z5 Library Club 1, 3 Animal Staff 4 BELVA GAIN ER "'l'lwv always talk who llt'Yt'I' think." Class Vicv I'l'vsi4l4alt' 1, 2, 3 l lass 'IlI'02lSIll'l'I' 4 lland 1, 2 Glu- Club! 1, 2, Il, 4 Class Play 1, 2, Il, 4 Ulu-l'vt't:l 2, 4 Minstrvl Shun' 1 lhvclalnalion 1 Student Counvil 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Cmmm-rn-ial Club 2 Library 1, 2, Ii, 4 Softball 4 Trac-k 4 Give Club Offiwl' 1. 2 RALPH STADLER "Futch" "A lnan must stand on-1-t, nut bv kept vrvct by ntlwrsf' Track 2. 3, 4 F00flJZll'l 4 Class I'l'Psillent 2. J! ilass Vive--1'rvsi1lf-llt 4 Class Play 2, Ii. 4 I.at1n Club 2 Sfllllvllf Count-il 2, Ii, l lland 2. 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 PHYLLIS FORBES uphyln "Alacli tllvro livs umm pvril in thine 1-ya-s than in fU'Cllfj'NXYllI'1lS4' Latin Club 2 Class Offiwfr 2 lllvv Klub 1, 2, 3, 4 U1'0l1Pst1'a 2, 3, 4 lland 1, 2, 3, 4 Cllllllllt-'I'CI2ll Clllb 1, 2 Girls' Ortvttn' 2 Library 1, 2 Opvrotta 2, 3. 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Ceann-il 2 Public Slbvilklllpg' 4 Library Club 1, 2 LOUIS TUCZKOWSKI "If thou rlvsirv to bm- wisv, bv- su wisl- as to hold thy tung:1w." Class Prosidl-nt 2 Class Play 2 Iiasoball 2 Ilansl 2, 4 01-1 lwstra 4 MARY WVHITLATCH "Putum" "Natural has ,fivon us lwu vars bllt only una- lllllllfll... I,lllT2ll'j' 1. 2, 3 Cunnny-rc'ial Club 1, 2. ' Class Play 1. 2. 3 Ups-1'0tta 2. Ji, 4 Ulm- Club 1. 2. 3, 4 Annual Slilff 4 IIFHIIIGIIICS l'lay 4 Library Club 3 Yolley Ilall 1 Hass Play Staff 4 'lll'2lCli 4 Softball 4 1101110 1+Ir'o114m1im's Club Ji Uffivv Assistant 4 MORRISONIAN ROBERT SCOTT l.B0h,, "Nano but a foul is always 1'ig:l1t." Ilancl IB, 4 l"1'l'lll'll Club Il, 4 l"rsau1lx Club Ss-M1-lzl1'y 4 Ilasvball Ci, 4 Annual Stafl' 4 MARILYN CARLSON ULYHH "Ibutl1 is n'l1n.'.y t'XlN'I'llllCllltlll' Class I'I'l'Slllt'lll 1 flll'l' Club 1. 2. fl. 4 Ill'2llIlRlfll'S Play 4 Class Play l, 4 All-High Play Si Op:-rm-tta 2. 31. 4 4 Assistant Ilruxn Majur 2, I , ., . ilu-or I.+-:ull-1' ... -5. 4 flllllllllt'l'l'ltll Club 2 tile-9 Club Offiu-r 4 I,ll1I'Ill'X 1 I,lllI'2lI'Y Club 1 llusinvss AIIIIIQILIPI' l IlCClJllllilll4lll 1 Ilvbating: 2 1li1'ls' Qllartvttv 4 DONALD HAVER "Don" 20110 1-annut always bs- a lu-ru, but mul lan always bm- a man," Iulllll. 1. 223, 4 :Q - lx 6 " :' law z L . nu: I : " - -1- 'Q L, :, 1 ,P . 9, D wr' a 5. A - . . .. , - GVVENDOLYN NESIVIITH "Gwen" 'A'l'l'un4 frivnmls like- 1ll3lllll!ll1lSv IbI'Cl'l0llS but l'2ll'l'." 41100 Club 1, 2, Ii, 4 Il0Ill1ll+'l'l'lZll C.ub l. 2 Class Play 1, 4 I7l'1llll2ltl4'N Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Opt-1'e'tta 2, 11. 4 FRANCIS SCOTT .lBud., "As UllHllll'lll as a trays-l folch-1"' , Class l'lay 1. L. fi. 4 Give Club 2. Ii. 4 Minstrvl Show 1 Il1'2llll2lllCN Class l'lay 4 Library 1 I'lI'Plllll Club 2. Il Ulwlwlfzl 2. 3. 4 If'nmtba1l 53. V4 Ilasx-ball 2, Zi, 4 ilaslwtball 2, 3 TI'2li'li VR. 4 Hi-Y Club 3, 4 III-Y Vim-9-I'1'vsifln-Int 3 Ili-Y llI't'2lSlll'l'l' 4 CUlllIllU1'Cl2ll Club 1. 2 BETTE KING "Ketty Bing" 'iGirls will be girls." Cleo Club l. 2, 3, 4 Commerc-iul Club 2 Play 2, 3, 4 Miustrm-'l Show 1 Olivlwefizl 3, 4 lmud 1 1H'2ll'll2lfII'S 4 Library 1, 2. 3, 4 I,0f'lill'llilfi0ll l Annual Stuff 4 llaslietlmll 3, 4 Softball 2, 3, 4 Truck 4 Valley 1:2111 l Clive-r Imarlvr 4 Captain Softball 4 ROYAL PARKER "Ifdz1ys were nights and nights wv1'L1ll't days-oh, boy!" lfootbzlll V2, 3, 4 lizislcetbml V3, 4 llaskvtball Ualitaiii 4 Baseball V2, 3, 4 Truck V3, 4 Band 1, 2 Coiuiuerf-iul Club 1, 2 Gln-'1-' Club 2 01N4l'l'ft21 2, 4 Hi-Y Club 2 Annual Staff VIRGINIA ROUNDS "Roundie" "Lifv is dvufll without :1 laugh" Glue- Club I. 2 f'0lllYI'lPI'l'lEll Club l, 2 Library Club l Library 1, 4 Home ICUOIIOIIIIFS Chili 3 lizisluetball 3, 4 Softball 2, 3, 4 'l'i'zu'k 3, 4 'l'1-ack Cilllfillll 4 Volley lizlll l, 2, 3, 4 Anuuul Stuff 4 WAYNE SCHOEPPACH .lshepu uffflllfl. bvttbr, bust llvvvl- lvf it rest, till the good is luffh-1', null the ln-ltvr best." Annual Staff 4 PHYLLIS JEAN MIDDLEDITCH "Bright Eyes" "Civility busts nothing." Coiniiu-rrfial Club 3 Latin Vlub 1, 2 Home PIUOIIUITIICS Club 3, 4 Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4 Public- Speaking 2 I Ilvbatiug 2 l.ib1':11'y 1, 2, 3, 4 Orvliestru 4 IVIORRISONIAN RALPH BRACKROG "FutCh" "Roll out tba- burre-I, and wv'll IIZIVP :I b:1rl'1-l of fun." I4'1mflml'l I. YQ, 3. -1 'l'ruc'lc V2, 3, 4 Culllllll-'I'Cl:.l Ulub 2 OPAL HOUGH Hopey. "Gi'uwtl1 is tho only cvidvilvc ul' lif+4." hlw Llub J, 4 DONALD LENOX icnonyv "li:1'rlu'l' yu rosvbluls wllilv yu unix." Flzlss l'l:1y 3, 4 f,1'1ll0Sfl'2l 2, 3, 4 lfoufbull VR. 4 llusvbull 2. V3. 4 Kill-1' Club il, 4 lHN'l'Ufffl 23, 4 Ili-Y Hub 3, 4 Auuuul Stuff' 4 BETTY JANE LAMAY "Penny" "Sixty-41110 llll'll0H uf lifu :incl u SIIIIIU iu vvmwy im-li." f'Ulllll1k'l't'I2ll Club l, 2 Glw Ulub l, 2. 4 flillllll I'I1'llllO1llii'S Club I Opvwtizl 4 rXllllll2ll Stuff 4 DAVID HEALD "Dave" ' "Me'u'S 2ll'!l'II1ll-0l1fS uftvu prove uuiliiug but thvli' NVISIIPNM file-ex Club 4 l+'re-111-11 Club 3, 4 Lzitiu Club l, 2 Auuuul Stuff 4 Class I'luy 2 UIDl'T'k'ff2l 4 CLEATIS JERDEN "Cleat" "His voice Zlflt'llfl0ll still :ls miduigxht draws." Fmrtlrzlll 3, 4 Tran-k 3, 4 Librrlry 1 Class Play 1, 4 IlI'1'llll2l11CS Class l'lz1y 4 Annual Staff 4 Glvv Club 4 Band 1, 2 4YllN'I'l'l't2l 4 COIIlIll0I'l'l1ll Club Ll, 3 Hi-Y Club 2, 3 MARY PETTINGILL "A laugh mul il smile iuulw life worth while." Gln-0 Club 1, 4 4-I-I Club 1 WILLIAM G OODMAN "Bill" "Shalom kissvs Il1'l' zllwzlys swevtvstf' Football 1 Il:1slwtbzll1 12 Miustrvl Show 2 liaml 2, 3, 4 NORMA MUNGER "Norm" 'AA smih- is il laugh without suuufl 1'i'f01'l." Colliuwrrial I Glue Club 1, 2, 3 Library 1, 3, 4 Library Club 1, Ii Homv l+l0u1101ui1's Club A .4 IQ C.: 1: Upm-I'1-ttal 2 U Vullvy Ililll 1, EARL JOHNSON "Grendel" t'Yuu Cilllyf drivv Rl uzlil with ll slmugv. no lll2l1fl'l' how h:l1'd you sunk it." Fuotballl 3, V4 Truck 3 Hi'Y 3 gxlllllllll Stuff NIORRISONIAN LIGUORI MASON "JitSy" HYou and I urn past our dunc- 1112 days." COIllIlN'I'1'l2ll Club l, 2 Frencli Club 2, 3 Class l'luy 2 Glen- Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Oper:-t,tn 22, 3, 4 Homo l4l4'0ll0IlllCS Club 3 lbr:1m:1ti4-s Play 4 Aumml Staff 4 ALEX CABAN "Flash" "I fiuml that ll0llSk'llS9, :lt limos, 1 is singularly rs-frvsliiligf' If'uoi'bzl1l 1. 2, V3 Travli 1, V2, 3 Hi-Y Club 2 EVELYN CURTIS Ucurtw "Still K'UllSt2lllf to him .is Rl wou- drous vxvel'lei1vv." Glvv Club 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Opvrvttzl 3 Holme 1411-niloiilivs Club 3 1 WILLIAM GLEASON "G1easel" "'l'l14- more ws- study tho. muri- we dis:-ovel' our l:.'fllUI'illlC4'.' lfuutbnll 1, VZ, 3, 4 llzlslwtballl 1. V3, 4 liasebull 1, 2, 3, 4 Trac-k 1, 2, V4 Glen- Club 1, 2. 3, 4 01lk'Ft'tfZl 1, 3, 4 Miustrvl Show 2 C01lllll1'I'0l2ll Club 1, 2 Bzmfl 1, 2 Orulwstra 2 Hi-Y 2 Ill'2llllilfl1'S Play 4 Class l'l:1y 1, 4 JUNE KELLER "A frivud should llilill' his friends' lIlfl1'lllll'l0S.H Stumle-ut Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Oper:-ttu 3, 4 Glel- Club 2, 3. 4 Mass Play Staff 4 Softball 4 Trac-li 4 Glu: Club Officvr 4 MARGARET MCGUIRE "Marge" "Shu XVK-'ill'S tho rose of youth upon livin" Ulm- Flnb 1, 2, 3, 4 t'o1nnwrvin'i Club 1, 2 Minstrvl Show 1 E. J. GOVVIN "Zeke" P t'It is tho wism- ln-:ul thni inrxlqrs thu still l0ll2,'llt'." llslslwtlrzlll 1, 2 1,.1n1l 1, J, 3, -1 ISABELLE BALLANCE nlssyw "lIvr voivv was 4-von soft, gun- lls-, :xnrl low- :in t'Xl'l'll0lll thing: in an woman." Glu- Club 1. 2 1'Ulllllll'l'K'l2ll Club llomv lflvoliolliivs Club l,iln'nry 4 NORMAN ATKIN "Norm" "A face that cannot Slllllt' is novor good." AUDRIE JEAN RICHMOND liwidgeyy "1Vl1:1t's in n nnnn-? Whnt wo 1-:Ill zi rosv by any otlivr nzuno wou'i1l sinvll :ls snw-vt." f'Ulllllll'l'Cl2ll Club 1, 2 Lzltin Club 1, 2 Ulm- Club 1, 2, 3, -1 I.iln-nry 1, 2 llannrl 1, 2. 3, -l Urvln-stra 4 Snxoplionsl Se-xtvtte 3 llirls' Quzlrtvtlv -l flpm-l'4-ttzl 2, 3, -1 Girls' Trio 1 Class I'l:1y 2, 3 lllinstrvl Show 1 Stuslvnt Conn:-il 3 Sw'l'vt:lry of Latin Club 2 Annual Stuff 4 MORRISONIAN JOHN BRAMBLETT Hllillllfll if you arc wise." Travk 3 llzislcvtlralll 4 Glue Club 3. 4 Opervttn 3, 4 DONALD HEMINGWAY nD0nn 'fXVoulrl you nmkv bi-ttvr men-- svt fllt-'lll :in 1-xalllplvf' All-High I'l:1y 3 Class l'lny -l Ili-Y 2 Studvnt Uounvil 3 Glvv Club rl flD9l'l-'flil -l l:2llld 1, 2, 3, 4 Radio Club 3 NATHAN HOFFMAN ..Nate,y "Tho llltlll that bluslu-s is not quite an brntvf' lffltlfllllvl Vl. 2, 3, 4 Honorary Uillltlllll ilfootbzillj Glen Club -l Opvrvttu 4 Class Play 1, 4 HELEN COLE "Shorty" "Givv to thv worlil thu bust you have znnl the best will voinu bm-k to you," iland, 1, 2 Glee Club 2, 4 Library 3, -1 1101114-H liconoinivs Club 3, -1 Oporettn 3, -1 -l-H Club 1 LEWIS ALBERTSON "Louie" "Good humor is one- ol' thx- best u1'tic'lx-s of dross om- rain wear in society." Track 1 Football 2 Comnwrcinl 1, 2 Hi-Y Club 2 Stuflelilt Counvil -1 VICTOR FEDCHENKO "Futch" "A light. lwurt livvs long." MADELINE MOROSS .-Peggyv, "A pvuuy for your tlmugllt. Glen Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fJIl91'l'i'i2l 2, 3. 4 f'0llllll1'I'l'l2ll Club 1. 2 Yollvy liilll 1. 2, 3, 4 4-H Club 1 LLOYD DECKER "'l'bc- uuslmkcu word llf'Y0l'1lU llill'lll.u Foutlralll 2. VS, 4 VIOLA TAYLOR livin 'WVu1u:lll's :it bvsl u c:ol1t1'u4li1'- lion still." Give- Club 1, ZZ, 3, 4 fVlI'Cll0Sfl'2l 4 Opera-Hu 3, 4 lfluss l'l:1y Staff 4 Latin Ulub 3, 4 Library 2, -I Softball 2 Truck 1 THOMAS KLEPINGER i.Kleppy., "A laugh is worth :1 lllllllil'l'll groans iu any 1ll2lI'lU'f.,' lluml 1. 2, 3, -1 vw MORRISONIAN MARY GOLLER i'Syllnblvs ,'IOVt'l'll H10 worlrlf' Gle-0 Club 1. 2, 3, 4 llund 1, 2, 3 i1I'l'll1'Sil'2l 2, 3, 4 Vollvy Iiilli 1, 2, 3. 4 001111111-I'u'i:ll Club 1, 21 DALE HOYT .jugn "XVb:1t tlw world um-ds is Klee-p." Football! 2, V3, 4 llzislwibull 1. 21, 3 Tram-li 1. IZ, 3, 4 Ulass Play 4 13211111 1, 2, -1 Librury 1 f'Ulll1llt'l'1'l1ll Club 2 HELEN LENNOX "xXvl'ii4' im- as mul who love-S his fl4llllXYllll'Il.'i tile-11 Ulub 1, 2, 3, 4 Comuwrviul Club 1, 2 Houw l'1l'0ll0Illll'S Club 3 MARVIN PLEW "Plewski" "'l'lu- world is 1'u"ll uf fools- 1'lll no x-xmlpiimif' Flmtbzlll 1 lluslwtlmll fi liuslcvfbull S1'llI'l'I' 1. 2. 25, 4 llusvbzlll Sc-on-r 2, 3, 4 VIEVA DELAND Uviu "Sil1-mv is rll-vp :ls vh-rlliiy, . . , spun-lu ls slmllow :is tuuef 1717111111011 iul Club 1, 2 Give Vlub 1, 2, 3, 4 DOROTHY GRISWOLD "Do1't" "How pool' are thvy who llavv not Ililtll-'llC'9." Glu- Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Latiu Club 2, 3 UIN'1'0ft21 22, 3, 4 DONALD ESMOND .lRed,, T "I havv no S1-li'I'0f uf Slll'l'0.S but hard work," llnsolmll 2, 3, V4 lfootball 2 VAUGHN MILLIRON "Habit is tho th-4-lu-st law oi human llRlflll't'.H lfuotlmll 3, 4 Ili-Y 2, 3 LEROY GROSHON "Km-Op vuol and yuu Vlbllllllilllll 4-vc-rybodyf' liasoball 4 Track 4 Latin Club 2, 3 WILMA GLIDDEN "Billie" USUN wats-l's run 1lov1J." l Commercial Club 1, 2 Ilmue Emmlluluic-s Club Il Ulm-P Club 1. 3. 4 llaud l, 2, 3, 4 Library 1 Glas-s Play 3 Operetta 3, 4 NIORRISONIAN RALPH MARTIN "'l'lw 1-nd of labor is to gain lvisurf-." Football 2, V3, 4 llasebzlll 1, 2 Trafk 3 Hi-Y Club 2 DOROTHY BRUNER UDOV, "Lifv is what you make if." Glee Gul! 1, 2, Il, 4 CO1lllll0l'l'lZlI Club l, 2 Hmm- l4Il'Oll0lllli'S Club 3 DONALD MACKAY "Don" "Spw4'l1 is great, but sill-uve is f.II'02lI1'l'.H GENEVIEVE MILLER "Jennie" Axxllllblflllll has no risk." Hlllllt' I'Ivrm0niii's 3, 4 Art 1 HARRY SMITH "Smitty" "Look into life- and find the joys'-and let thu sorrows find fhl'IllSl'lVt'S.H lliloe- l'lub 4 Class Play 3 Flass Play Staff 3. 4 Operi-tta 4 F'l'61lll'l1 Club 2 Radio Club 3 GERALD DECKER "Gerry" Hlluvk is zz wry gmnl word if you put :I "l"' lwforo it." l"o0tlm'll 2. 3. V4 Track 2. 3. 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football Blzlllngeir 1 ILLA STRONG "Dimples" "Lot us ull bv llappy :xufl llvc within our lll02lllS+ ew-'n ll' ive havel to borrow the Iuom-y with which to do if." Glee Club 2, 3 Operotfa 4 Class Play 3 Library 4 Cuimuercial Club 1 Science Club 1 GLORIA LELAND "Stubby" l'It's from tlw nec-k up count." Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operettu 2, 3, 4 Home IEC0ll0IlllC'S Club Commercial Club 2 Library 1 llmt MORRISONIAN ANNA STETZ "Ann" "'l'lle- attolnpt and not tho dowl I'llllfUllllllS us." l'oll11lu-1'1'iul Club 22, 3, 4 liilflll Club 1 lluuu- l'1l'0ll0lllll'S Ulub 3. 4 flu llubl ' ' 4 I l'ulrlif' SlN32lklll,f 1. Illqlilllllg 2 lllwlwffzl 2 Vullvy llzlll l, 2 ROBERT PETTINGILL HBODH - 'iAl1yll1l11gf worth doing is XV0l'l'll rlmng: W1-ll." VIVIAN WRIGHTA "Dimples" "Slim-t and swf-4-T." lluulu-y 2 Glu- Club 4 Ulzlss Party -1 Ul'1'l1k'SfI'1l 4 13IN'l't'fl'2l -1 llirl llvsorvos 2. 3 lllbllll' Eculiolnic-s Club 1 ROBERT HOWE .iB0b,, Q "'l'lu- nuly waxy to have fl frin-ml IN lo lu- outa" MORRISONIAN AIVIBITIONS Lewis Albertson-To be a success in business. Norman Atkin-To be a test pilot for some large airplane manufacturing company. Isabelle Balance-To grow up two or three inches. Marjorie Becker-To be a greater and more fortunate aviatrix than Amelia Arehart. Ralph Brackrog-To be the manager of the King Cigar Company. john Braniblett-To learn the words of a certain song. Dorothy Bruner-To become head chef at the YValdorf Astoria. Alex Cabin-To go steady with the mayor's youngest daughter. Marilyn Carlson-To marry the sponsor of the "Pot O' Cold" program. Helen Cole-To Richard Cornell-To direct the best band in the United States. Evelyn Curtis-To open my eyes to the world. Gerald Decker-To make a million dollars and retire. Lloyd Decker-To think of something to say. be a home economics teacher. Vieva DeLand--To be a stewardess on a Trans-Atlantic Clipper. Donald Esnioncledlo find someone with redder hair than mine. Victor Fedchenko-To be the police chief of Flint. Phyllis F0rbes+To marry a millionaire. Helva Cvainer-To forget about tomorrow. XN'illiam Gleason-To go steady with three girls at one time. NVilma Glidden-To be Eleanor Roosevelt's hairdresser. Mary Goller-To be a musician. Vvlilliam Goodman-To set up business in Clio. E. Gowin-To obtain a new name. Dorothy Griswold-To put my Home Ee. into practice. LeRoy Groshon-To be a successful Electrical Engineer. VVarren Hart-To meet all the problems of life with full success Donald Haver-To be one of the foremost aeronautical engineers in the U. S. David Heald-To invent a perpetual motion machine. Donald Hemingway-To be a top ranking transport pilot of any U. S. airline. him. Catherine Hicks--To be a Certified Public Accountant. Nathan Hoffman-To be water-boy for the Detroit Lions. Opal Hough-To get a date with a XY. P. A. man. Robert Howe-To get married. Dale Hoyt-To be the father of sextuplets. Cleatis Ierden-To be a good American. Earl johnson-To run an umbrella store in the Sahara Desert. Bette King-To marry a rich man with one foot in the grave-then shove June Keller-To be a bachelor girl. MORRISONIAN Thomas Klepinger-To be on the annual staff. Donald Kurtz-To be a better French-Man. Betty LamayfTo grow longer lingernails. Gloria Leland-vTo quit being a kid and grow up. Donald Lenox--To be a good musician, artist, and husband. Helen Lennox-To be an A number l backseat driver. Donald MacKay-To overcome my bashfulness. Ralph Martin-To sell a car-load of rubber tacks. Liguori Mason-To marry a handsome Italian and live on a desert isle. Margaret McGuireYTo meet Robert Taylor. Phyllis Middleditch-To be an A-l dietician in the University Hospital. Genevieve Miller-To have an ambition. Vaughn Milliron-To learn tool and diemaking at G. M. Tech. Madeline Moross-To be a professional skater. Norma Munger-To be the "Strike-out" queen in softball. Cora Munger-To be a nurse at the mental hospital in Pontiac. Gwendolyn Nesmith-To make sure she is never caught with a Black-out in London. Royal Parker-To look the world over and see if he can End any sweeter "Burys". Ardis Peacock-To live all the days of my life. Mary Pettengill-To be an outstanding 4-H member. Robert Pettengill-To own a new Chevrolet. Marvin Plew-To be a radio comedian. Anne Podoley-To hire a red-cap to carry her school books. Audrie Richmond-To ride in an ambulance Qother than a patientj. Virginia Rounds-To obtain a Scarlet O'Hara waistline. Arlene Salisbury-To learn to type on a Royal portable and use a Parker pen. the Ave VVayne SchoeppachfTo be one of the best aeronautical draftsmen in world. Francis Scott-To sell refrigerators to the Eskimos. Robert Scott-To outdo jack Teagarden. Harry Smith-To travel through all the states of our country. Ralph Stadler-To perpetuate the song "Maryland, My Marylandu. Anna Stetz-To inhert a million dollars. Illa Strong-To marry a "Sugar-daddyn. Viola Taylor-To learn to take life seriously. Louis Tuczkowski--To be a mechanical engineer. Mary VVhitlatch-To try on an exquisite formal from a shoppe on Fifth nue. Vivian VVright-To become a teacher and social worker. John Yates-To get a date with Ann Sheridan or Lana Turner. l 4 MoRRlsoN1AN ANNUALSTAFF Seated, left to right: Marily11 Carlson, Business Manager, Arlene Salisbury, As- sociate Editor, Marjorie Becker, Editor-ln-Chief, Richard Cornell, Associate Editor, Ardis Peacock, Business Manager. Second row: Earl Johnson, Business Manager, John Yates, Business Manager, Ralph Stadler, Sales Manager, June Keller, Sales Manager, Anne Podoley, Feature Editor, Mary VVhitlatch, Feature Editor, Donald Haver, Feature Editor, Gwendolyn Nesmith, Feature Editor, Virginia Rounds, Sports Editor, Catherine Hicks, Alumni Editor, Cora Munger, Alumni Editor, Audrie Richmond, Alumni Editor, Cleatis Jer- den, Business Manager, Donald Kurtz, Business Manager. Third Row: Robert Scott, Art Editor, Warren Hart, Sports Editor, Belva Gainer, Treasurer, Bette King, Sports Editor, Royal Parker, Sports Editor, Nathan Hoifman, Sports Editor, Wayne Schoeppach, Art Editor, Liguori Mason, A1't Editor, David Heald, Joke Editor, Phyllis Forbes, Joke Editor, Donald Lenox, Joke Editor. NIORRISONIAN STUDENT COUNCIL First row, left to right: Betty Montague, Donald Lampson, Vice Presidentg Ar- lene Salisbury, Presidentg .Ioan Reid, Secretary-Treasurerg Maurice Prottengeier. Second row: June Keller, Lewis Albertson, Marian Scott, Raymond VVatson, Barbara Short, Catherine Hicks, Ralph Stadler, Vivian Roth, Don Parker. Absent: Belva Gainer. 'llhe Student Council consisted of the class officers and three other mein- lmers of the class. This group planned various ztsseinlmlies and parties through- out the year. Representatives from each class were in turn in cliurge of re- freshments, entertaininent, and decorations for the parties. The purpose of the Student Council is to give the student a share in the governing' of the school. ,-Xlthough this group has been far from perfect as Il governiiig' lmody, we feel that it is at step toxvurfl our goal. F 4 MORRISONIAN SALUTATORY Parents, Teachers, and Friends: Tonight we 'have reached the first important goal in our lives-one that has been looked forward to with mingled feelings of gladness and regret. We realize that because of your guidance and encouragement during this impor- tant period of development, the achievement of this goal has been made a reality. From the beginning of our school life, we have been guided by you, and we know that we have been taught lessons that can be learned only during such a .period of growth. And because of the unceasing care which you have rendered us, it has been possible for us to develop, both physically and mentally, into eager, young Americans ready to face life fearlessly, in spite of any obstacles besetting our path. And so, with memories of the past, with thanks for your assistance in helping us achieve this goal, and with your words of guidance and encouragement for the future ringing in our ears, we, the CLASS OF 1940, welcome you here tonight at the consummation of our school life. - -Catherine Hicks. 5 SALUTATORY "The ropes of the past ring the bells of the future." Since we started school about thirteen years ago, we have looked forward to these days with great anticipation- the end of high school. But we also have a beginning-our part in the future and the world-which will 'begin when the seventy-seventh senior receives his diploma. It is difficult to try to to you our mixture of feelings-some of us feel a sense of exaltation, some sorrow, some relief, and others feel that a lap in the relay of Life has been passed, and that Life is still ahead of them. There is so much ahead of us-college for some, marriage lperhaps, a career, an influential position in the state or national government, and for others a daily routine of living. We realize that without the early training and guidance and loyal support from you, we never could stand here with our heads held high looking the world in the face. li Life is nuide up of roadsg They start from where you arc: And some are loading near, And some are lcauliug far. The road you 4-lioosc means Jnurli To others and to yon: Tis not so much the road As where 'tis leading to." 1 -Arlene Salisbury MORRISONIAN Baccalaureate June 2, 1940 Music ..... .............,.......,.. A........,.......... B a ptist Choir Prayer ...,... ..... R ev. Horace B. Sellers Address ..... ...,.,... R ev. Ezra G. Roth Music .....rV...rc ......rcc,cc,....... B aptist Choir Benediction ....... .,,,,. R ev, Horace B, Sellers Class Day June 5, 1940 . Invocation ....., ..,...,..................... Rev. Horace B. Sellers Salutatories ....... ...... A rlene Salisbury, Catherine Hicks Vocal Group ..... ...,,..................,........... 2 8 Senior Girls Class History ,,,,.,. ,,,,....,,,.,,.,,,,,,.,...,.r.,,,,,. M arjorie Becker Prophecy ...,..,.,.. ..... ll flary XYhitlatch, Audrie Richmond Baritone Solo ...... ..................,............... R ichard Cornell Band Group XYill ........,....., ...... l ielva Gainer, Phyllis Middleditch Poem .,.... .....,.... ....,........i....,...,.................. B e tte King Octette ,..... . ,................... . June Keller William Gleason Marilyn Carlson Donald Lenox Gwendolyn Nesmith John Bramble-tt Ardis Peacock Donald Kurtz Our School .............. .vi.......cY.,..r,........., ...... C leatis Jerden Clarinet Solo ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, .....,.... D Onald Haver Presentation of Alumni Awards ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,. ,....,. G ordon Rockwell Presentation of American Legion Award ..,,...,i.........................,. VValter Beerman Class Song .....,.V......i.i........,,.............,..,...,........,. ..,c. C omposed by Richard Cornell Giftatory ..... ..............,................... B ette King Valedictory .ii. ,.c,,., i Anne Podoley Benediction ....... ...... R ev. Ezra Roth Commencement Program June 6, 1940 Music .,...... ................................................................. . . Orchestra IHVOC215011 ......-. ......... ...... ........................ R e V . Father Vllilliam Gannon Flute Duet ...............,............................ "The Nightingale and Thrush" by Kling Alfred Lindholm and Margaret Lindholm, Accompanied by Rosemary Llindholm Vocal S010 ....................................................................... ,. ...............,............ Olin Bowen Commencement Address ......,.....,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,-,,.,,.,,.4,,,, "The Vv'0rld NVQ Facei' Dr. Preston W. Slosson, History Dept., University of Michigan Vocal Sextette ...................................,....., ,,,.,..,..,,.,,. Marion Dewar Carolyn Lillie Lois Neumann Jack Murray Beatrice Whorley Olin Bowen Presentation of Diplomas ,..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.4, S uperintendent E, L, Clark Benediction .....,.........,,........ ......... R ev. Horace B. Sellers MORRISONIAN CLASS HISTORY Marjorie Becker XVe, the senior class of 1940. have taken advantage of the many oppor- tunities given to us during our high school career. In so doing, we have taken part in all activities outside of our regular school studies. Those activities in which we have participated are: public speaking, dramatics, music, and ath- letics. In each of these we have helped our school to win the honor of being one of the best, and we are proud to have been members of the student body. Certain members of our class have won worthy honors through scholar- ships to various colleges. On the basis of her excellent scholastic record, Anne Podoley has been awarded a scholarship to the University of Michigan. This scholarship entitles her to four years free tuition on the condition that she keeps up her fine record, which we are sure she will do. Catherine Hicks has also been awarded a scholarship, hers being to Central State Teachers' College at Mt. Pleasant. VVe have a very large group of students who have spent their entire school life at the Mount Morris School. These pioneers are: Donald Esmond, Donald Hemingway, E. J. Gowin, Wfilliam Gleason, Richard Cornell, XVarren Hart, Cleatis Ierden, Cora Munger, Liguori Mason, Audrie Richmond, Madeline Moross, Gwendolyn Nesmith, Norma Munger, Gloria Leland, Marilyn Carlson. Wilma Glidden, Bette King, Arlene Salisbury, Mary XN'hitlatch, and Catherine Hicks. Our class officers for our four years of high school were as follows: Freshman year: Marilyn Carlson, president, Belva Gainer, vice-president, Donald Hemingway, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Lelz, our class sponsor. Sophomore year: Ralph Stadler, president, Belva Gainer, vice-president, Phyllis Forbes, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Kidder, our class sponsor. Stu- dent council members were Anne Podoley, Cora Munger, and Arlene Salis- bury. .lunior year: Ralph Stadler, president, Belva Gainer, vice-president, Arlene Salisbury, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Richard Holland, our class sponsor. Student council members were Anne Podoley, Audrie Richmond, and Donald Hemingway. Senior year: Arlene Salisbury, president, Ralph Stadler, vice-president, Catherinel-licks, secretaryg Belva Gainer, treasurer, and Mr. Clark, our advisor. Student council members were Lewis Albertson and june Keller. Our class has been well represented in public speaking. Marilyn Carlson won second place in the declamation contest in her freshman year. Other students out for declamation were Cleatis Jerden, Cora Munger, Belva Gainer, and Arlene Salisbury. Although we had no participants in oratory or extem- pore, we were represented in debate work. Marilyn Carlson, Phyllis Middle- ditch, and Anna Stetz were on the debating team in their sophomore year. Catherine Hicks and Marjorie Becker were league debators in their senior vear. , VVe are the first senior class who have been able to participate in the study of dramatics. Through the excellent coaching of Miss Calvert, the dra- matics class, consisting mostly of seniors, gave a splendid performance in the three one-act plays which they presented. These were: "The Valiant", "A VVedding", and "Solemn Pride". Our class plays from our Hrst year in high school through our senior year were: "Hold Everything", "The Little Clod- hopper", "Once There VVas A Princess", and "The Night of January 16th". Miss Calvert directed our last two plays, while the first two were directed by Miss Lelz and Miss Kidder respectively. Each of these plays have been well attended and enjoyed. The seniors have also been well represented in the All High plays, the minstrel show, and the operettas that have been given. XYe have taken part in and enjoyed the various sports for both boys and girls. Nathan Hoffman earned a letter in his freshman year in football and was MORRISONIAN placed on the All-County team in both his junior and seniors years. This year he was elected captain of the team. Lloyd Decker also made the All-County in his junior and senior years. Other boys making an All-County team in foot- ball were Royal Parker, XYilliam Gleason, XYarren Hart, Cleatis Jerden, and Dale Hoyt. Royal Parker was captain of the basketball team in his senior year. and john Yates was captain of the baseball team. Outstanding seniors in track were Ralph Brackrog and NVarren Hart. You may iind records of their achieve- ments, along with those of the other boys, in the sports section of the Morris- sonian. Other Seniors who have participated in sports are: Donald Lenox, Donald Kurtz, Gerald Decker, Ralph Martin, Alex Cabin. Earl johnson. Francis Scott, Ralph Stadler, LeRoy Groshon, Donald Esmond, and Robert Scott. Several of the Senior girls have been represented in sports. Arlene Salis- bury was captain of the basketball team, Bette King. captain of the softball team, and Virginia Rounds and Marjorie Becker, co-captains of the track team. Arlene Salisbury is the only girl who has participated in sports four con- secutive years. Bette King, Virginia Rounds, and Marjorie Becker have partic- ipated in sports for three years. Other Senior girls who participated in athlet- ics are: june Keller, Mary XVhitlatch, and Belva Gainer. There have been many seniors participating in the three divisions of the music department. Several of them are members of the band, which is under the direction of Mr. Lindholm. Marilyn Carlson and Arlene Salisbury helped serve as assistant drum majors in their junior year. Richard Cornell and Don- ald Haver, who play the baritone and clarinet respectively, have attended the State Music Festival at Ann Arbor for the past two years. This year Richard received a marking of excellent at the festival and was permitted to go to Battle Creek to the national contest. Other Seniors who have participated in the band are as follows: Phyllis Forbes, XVilma Glidden, Mary Goller, XVil- liam Goodman, E. J. Gowin. Audrie Richmond, Ralph Brackrog, Belva Gainer. Vtiilliam Gleason, Donald Hemingway, Dale Hoyt, Cleatis jerden. Thomas Klepinger, Royal Parker, Francis Scott, and Ralph Stadler. All of these people deserve worthy recognition. Seniors who have been in the orchestra. under the direction of Miss De- war. are: Donald Haver, Donald Lenox, Richard Cornell, Mary Goller, Phyllis Forbes, Audrie Richmond, Louis Tuczkowski, and XYilliam Gleason. Both the boys' and girls' glee clubs, under the direction of Miss Dewar, have been participated in by many of the seniors. Many of these people have taken part during their entire four years of high school and deserve honorable mention. They are: VVilma Glidden, Mary Goller, Phyllis Forbes. Bette King. Helen Lennox, Dorothy Bruner, Marilyn Carlson, Gwendolyn Nesmith. Arlene Salisbury, Belva Gainer, Viola Taylor, Cora Munger, Mary XN'hitlatch, Phyllis Middleditch, Liguori Mason, Margaret McGuire, Audrie Richmond, Madeline Moross, Gloria Leland, Vieva Deland, Dorothy Griswold, Anna Stetz. Several of the Senior girls have been honored by receiving a Certificate of Membership in the Order of Gregg Artists. This award was obtained for the accuracy and skill they displayed in their shorthand work. These girls are: Belva Gainer, Bette King, Gwendolyn Nesmith, Marilyn Carlson, Ardis Pea- cock, Marjorie Becker, Catherine Hicks, Betty LaMay, Opal Hough, and Mad- eline Moross. NYhen we first entered senior high school, we heard about the wonderful trip the seniors that year were planning. Although the idea of the trip did not mean so much to us then as it does now, we begin to look forward to the time when we also could have the same advantage. Upon entering our senior year. the anticipation became more vivid and we began making' plans for financing such a trip. XYe have now fulfilled a part of our duty by providing the funds, but there is another duty yet remaining. XYe must combine learning with pleas- ure, and this we can do by taking advantage of the many educational oppor- tunities with which we will come in contact during the trip. To Mr. Clark we wish to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation for providing such an opportunity, for it was through him that it has been made possible. To Mrs. Clark also we extend thanks for the attention she will give MORRISONIAN us during the trip. Many of the teachers have given us extra aid, and we thank them for their assistance. The purpose of this trip to lVashington is to give each one of us the chance to view some of the most historical spots in America, so that we may better realize and appreciate the wonderful country in which we live. This is a most fitting climax for a high school education. CLASS PROPHECY Audrie Richmond Mary Wvhitlateh Time: 1950 Place: France Setting: Veranda of an exclusive hotel Miss Mary Vxfhitlatch, in her trip around the world has stopped for a brief visit with Mrs. Robert Van Dyke, the former Audrie Richmond who is vaca- tioning at the Riviera. fThey are discussing their old friends.j Audrie: I'm so glad to see you, my dear. It seems good to talk with one of my former classmates. Mary: VVell, I could hardly wait to see you. My Dear! Have you read the latest newspaper? Lewis Albertson had his picture taken with Hedy LeMarr. You knew he took her to the premiere of her latest picture, Audrie: VVell thatls no surprise. He always was the lady charmer of Mt. Morris High. Mary: Talking about lady charmers, I haven't seen Norman Atkin in over two years. I wonder what he is doing? Audrie: YVhy he landed at Floyd Bennet Field, yesterday after completing the second round the world Hight on the famous power pills invited by Nebbs and Professor Embert. Mary: Amazing! I never realized what geniuses we had in our class. Audrie: Ever since you arrived, Mary, l wanted to ask you about our old gang. NVhat's happened to june Keller? Mary: She said she was going to be a bachelor girl, but now she's a seam- stress uhemming her way in the world." Audrie: I always knew that june would get her way. I received a letter from Dorothy Brunner the other day, you know she's married. Mary : Oh l Audrie: Yes, she married a hill-billy named Homer and they run a hot dog stand in Henpeck. Mary: She always did like her 4H work. Audrie: Yes, but as long as she's happy that's all that's required. Happy people always means Johnney Yates, how is he? Mary: .Iohnney was always interested in movies and I guess he took Popeyes' advice about eating spinach for he is now the strong man for Bar- num and Baily Circus. Audrie: Speaking of Strong men, what's Isabelle l-lallance doing now? Mary: Isabelle is a lion tamer. but the other day she got "Claude" Audrie: VVas she hurt? Mary: No, not seriously. Audrie: Did you read last month's American Magazine? Mary: No. I Audrie: VVell, a group of poems have been printed by Miss Betty LaMay, she is one of the foremost American poets in Michigan, Mary: How nice. Audrie: lVhat has Cora Munger been doing? The last I heard from her, she was studying to be a nurse in Pontiac. Mary: Yes, she is working in the asylum now, and they like her so well. that she can't get away. Audrie: I saw Nate Hulfman last year when I visited over in my home MORRISONIAN town. They tell me he has quite a renown job. Mary: Yes, he's a State policeman. He won't have to worry about his traffic tickets now. By the way, did you know Nate married Phyllis Forbes? Audrie: Phyllis made mention of the fact when I saw her last. Mary: I hear Vivian XYright sings over the N. B. C. network. Audrie: Yes, she became Mrs. Roosevelt's protege back in 1940. You re- member, when we visited VVashington. D. C. Mrs. Roosevelt heard her sing- ing on the street and gave her an audition. After that she began singing in dif- ferent nite-clubs. At present she sings in New York. Mary: It was certainly too bad she didn't discover our hidden talents. Audrie: She discovered Vieva Deland's. She's now the head Housekeeper at the VVhite House. Mary: How nice. Audrie: I hear Gwendolyn Nesmith almost joined the "Normandie" as a stewardess. Mary: Oh! Audrie: But I guess it was a false alarm so she quit just in time when she discovered that he was unable to join the navy. Mary: Oh, is that why she quit! Let's discuss Marjorie Becker. Her name appears in many diplomatic magazines. Audrie: She's the secretary to Thomas E. Dewey. the prosecuting attor- ney, of New York City, I hear from my husband's friends that she's broken the world speed record for typists, Mary: She was certainly a willing and loyal worker in whatever she at- tempted to do. Audrie: VX'hat's Ralph Martin doing? Mary: Ralph's fortune has swelled, he sold his Hiver to Henry Ford for a considerable sum, and now he has a l95O model Ford. Audrie: He must really be taking life easy nowadays. Mary: Evelyn Curtis is a permanent resident at the Goodman home now- days. Audrie : VVhy? Mary: She and Bill were married last fall. Audrie: Oh! Marlyn told me that Helen Cole is the new Home Economics teacher at XYhigville. Mary: How nice. Audrie: Say! I got the Detroit Times last nite. One article in particular drew my attention. It was written by Lloyd Decker. Mary: He certainly has advanced himself from a newsboy to a news-re- porter. Audrie: Speaking of the Deckers, what happened to Gerald? Mary: Gary got over his bashfulness, for he's now the dance director at Metro Goldwyn Studios. Audrie: I'm so happy to hear that. I Mary: I was looking through our Annual last night and came across Bill Gleason's name: I wonder what he's doing? Audrie: I received a wire from Cora. you know she used to work for his mother, and she says Bill is recooperating. Mary: VX'hat's the matter with him? Audrie: XVell, he took four beautiful girls to the Trocodero at once a few weeks ago and I guess it was too much for him. Mary: Poor Romeo, but at least he was able to attain his ambition. Audrie: Catherine Hicks certainly has a good position. Mary: My I should say, being private secretary to Arlene Harris is a fast job. Audrie: She must find that her high speed in taking shorthand is mighty handy now. Mary: A few weeks ago while l was in Flint. I attended a lecture at the I. M. A. on "Ten easy lessons on how to be an Air Stewardessf' The speaker was one of our former classmates. Audrie: XYl1o? MORRISONIAN Mary: Gloria Leland. It was very interesting, I must tell you about it soon. Audrie: I bought some of the loveliest apples last fall from Don Mcliay. Mary: Is he a farmer? Audrie: Quite so, and very prosperous. Mary: It certainly was too bad that Governor Dickenson had to leave office, but then I suppose it was quite a break for Bud Scott. Audrie: Perhaps now, we'll have some improvements since he became governor of Michigan. Mary: There certainly have been quite a lot of improvements in our com- munity. Audrie: NVhat for instance? Mary: VVe have a new community center which was built by Vaughn Milliron, the contractor. Audrie: VVhat is Madeline Moross doing in New York. Mary: She skates at Madison Square Gardens at present. You know she won the world roller skating contest held there. QMary pauses for a few sec- ondsj QShe then opens an envelope containing an advertisementj Audrie: XVhat is it? Mary: It's an advertisement from our old home town. Listen! "Escort Bureau. 3150 South Saginaw Street, Mt. Morris, Michigan: Manager. Viola Taylorf' Audrie: Viola manager, wow! The boys back home better watch out now. Mary: Talking about boys. what happened to Richard Cornell? Audrie: He has his own swing band now with Don Haver as his solo clarinet player and Margaret McGuire as his featured torch singer. Mary: Dale Hoyt has a musical job now, too. Audrie: I know, his is starring with Tommy Dorsey. Mary: VVell, at least it is a job. Audrie: Oh Mary, can you ever forget the good times we had in school? Mary: NO. ha, ha. do you remember the night Arlene Salisbury took us for a ride in the car? Audrie: From the results of that night I never thought she'd learn to drive, but the other day I saw her down town, and she's actually learned how to "Parker" car. Mary: Maybe then next time we go with her we will feel much safer. Audrie: Did you see "Broadway Melody of 1950',? Mary: No, I haven't seen it yet. IVhy? Audrie: I was certainly surprised to see Phyllis Middleditch and Virginia Rounds dancing in the chorus. Evidently they obtained their ambitions, and found a diet that made them slim. Mary: Dancing reminds me, Mr. Clark has hired a new dancing teacher at school to teach Jitterbugging. Audrie: IVho is it? Mary: Can you imagine anyone else jitterbugging but Liguori Mason? Audrie: VVell, there might be others but not quite so "jitsy". Mary: XYe've had several new buildings in Mt. Morris since you went away. Some of them are the new "Sweet Shop" operated by our old class- mate, Wlayne Schoppachg Austin Car Shop, who's manager is Bob Pettingellg and a Souvenir Shop run by Vic Fedchenko. Audrie: XYell, Vic must of had enough souvenirs to start his own shop when he left VYashington, D. C. Mary :Liguori wrote me that E. DI. Cowin had an accident. His car landed in the "Middle" of the 'fDitch" on Highland Street. Audrie: Was he hurt? Mary: No, hejust got a few scratches and a bumped head. Audrie: XYas Marilyn with him? Mary: No, she always said she was gonna get l'Gowin" and she surely must have got "Gowin" alright because she's making her third trip around the world. I MORRISONIAN Audrie: Wonderful, but I guess she "Hewitt" all the time. Mary: Over the radio the other night I heard an announcement that Ralph Brackrog is to be joe Louis' next opponent for the heavyweight championship. Audrie: Ralph had better watch out or he will be crowned another "King" Mary: johnny Hramblett is back at his old familiar job "tending beesfl Aurdie: Oh is he? He always was fond of honey, but he had better watch out or he will "Stub his toe and get stung." Mary: Because of Alex Cabanls bright remarks in History Class, his tal- ent was discovered by Kate Smith. He is now taking the part of Bud Abbot on her program. Audrie: Can you imagine that? Mary: Hut that's nothing, a few weeks ago when I visited Hurley Hos- pital, I was certainly surprised to see NVilma Glidden. Apparently her roller skates got the best of her. But you'll never guess who her nurse was. Audrie: No, who? Mary: Illa Strong. Audrie: VVe have a new prosecuting attorney, Cleat Jerden who is de- fending the state in the Haines' murder trial. His wife, the former Ardis Pea- cock, is his personal secretary. Mary: XYell, that's not surprising. She must make a capable one, Audrie: VVho would ever have thought David Heald, and Don Esmond would be negotiating agents between the United States and European coun- tries ? Mary: XYell, the way they argued in History Class it's no wonder what they'd turn out to be. Audrie: That reminds me, while I was at Finishing school, VVarren Hart, the professor of physics gave us a lecture. Mary: Oh, is he a professor? Audrie: Yes. and a very good one. 1 Mary: The United States government has found a good forest ranger at ast. Audrie: I bet I could guess who it is-Dennis Phyllips? Mary: Of course not. VVhy it's our own Robert Scott. Audrie : Grand! Mary: The Tiger's Baseball season opened yesterday. XYho do you sup- pose could be their announcer? None other than Marvin Plew. Audrie: I-le always was interested in baseball. Mary: Yes, he was. Audrie: Oh, Mary! You should see the darling dresses I bought at the Vogue in Flint. Mary: l7oesn't Dorothy Griswold work there? Audrie: XVhy yes, she's their new dress designer. Mary: I hear Genevieve Miller has a new job. Audrie: Yes, she's running "The Rescurer", a home for old maids. Mary: VVell, that's a quiet position. Audrie: Genevieve has a new neighbor too. It's Belva Gainer. Mary: YX'hat's she doing? Audrie: llelvals vocal instructor at the Henpeck Opera House. Mary: Grand! Did Norma Munger attain her ambition? Audrie: She's running the Neumonior Beauty Salon. Opal Hough is her chief manicurist. Mary: I must go back and see them sometime. lThe radio is tuned on. Music is Hating through the air. Mary and Audrie stop and listen.j Audrie: Isn't that beautiful violin music? Mary: Listen! XYhat's that? fThey listen to the announcerj. VVhy he said Don Lenox! .-Xudrie: I canlt possibly imagine him taking RubinolT's place in the Sym- phony Orchestra. Mary: Oh, he was very good in our high school orchestra. So that's not too surprising. 1 MORRISONIAN Audrie: Royal wrote me a letter the other day requesting me to attend a dinner given for Arlene. He said that he was managing a "parking" lot for the Salisburys. Mary: It seems that a great deal of our friends have been running schools, business places. and are engaged in professions. Audrie: Yes, Mary Pettingell is engaged in the preparation of young girls for finishing school. Mary: How nice, and Thomas Kleppinger is running another bakery. Audrie: I hope he likes it. Mary: I almost forgot to tell you. Don Kurtz joined the Detroit Tigers. He is said to be the best fielder since Gehringer's day. Audrie: I hear we have a few famous carsalesmen in our group. XYho are they? ' Mary: One of them is Leroy Groshon. He certainly amazed me. Audrie: I understood Phil to say that Anne Pocloley is teaching American Literature in the Mt. Morris High School. Mary: After winning that scholarship I thought that we'd see her in Mt. Morris High again. You know she is the Dramatic Teacher too. She has pro- duced several good plays there. Audrie: Plays recalls to my mind Harry Smith and Don Hemmingway. Has anyone heard from them since they left that bus in New York? Mary: Yes, they're the stage-managers at the New York Guild Theater. Audrie: I'll bet Don is getting quite a "kick" out of that. Mary: No doubt. Audrie: Betty King is married, too. Mary: Oh, is she? Audrie: Yes, she is now a successful boxers wife. Mary: I knew sheid do it or "Break a rod." Audrie: Housewifes reminds me. Helen Lennox is now a model housewife also. She married that good looking boy she went with during her school days. Mary: The one with the Ford? Audrie: Yes, I believe so. Mary: XYhat's Mary Goller doing now? Audrie: She's the leader of an All girl band. She's to be here in France in a few days. Mary: Oh, then perhaps we can go see her. Audrie: Yes, we will. Mary: VVhat's Earl Johnson doing now? Audrie: Oh he has a job with some hair dye company. Mary: How's business. Audrie: Pretty good I guess: he sells more blond dye than any other, so Ilve heard. Mary: IYe must try some. Audrie: XYho could you possibly imagine is the manager of the Yellow Cab Co. in Detroit? Mary: I can't. Audrie: Ralph Stadler. VVe will never forget the days he took people home from school. Mary: No, I suppose not. Didn't Anna Stetz visit you at the "Riveria"? Audrie: For a short while. She models clothes at the Fifth Avenue French Shoppe in New York. Mary: My dear I recall those good old days back in Mt. Morris High, dO11't ever let anyone distract you from your music. ' Audrie: No. of course not. Did you know that Louis Tuczkowski is at present playing in the U. S. Navy Band? Mary: How perfectly splendid. Audrie: I did have a splendid time talking with you about our former classmates. I'm getting rather tired, now. Mary: Let's retire and talk about them tomorrow. Life goes on as we grow older and wiser. Ha Ha. MORRISONIAN - CLASS WILL Belva Gainer- Phyllis Middlediteh lVe, the Senior Class of Mt. Morris I-Iigh School, County of Genesee, State of Michigan. on this sixth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand n'ne hundred forty, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make public and declare this our last will and testament in the way and manner herein set forth, which is as follows: FIRST: the Senior Class of '40, do hereby bestow upon the Class of '41 our unlimited knowledge, superior abilities, studious habits. excellent marks, becoming dignity, Financial success. and a sincere respect for all members of the Faculty, as well as our handsome and intellectual appearance. SECOND: NYC, the members of the Class of '40 desire to leave our per- sonal belongings to the following underclassmen: I, Lewis Albertson, will my Don Juan personality to Tom Allan. I, Norman Atkins, bequeath my ambition to Hy high to Billie Mohler. I. Isabelle Balance, leave my dimples to Geneva Salisbury, I. Marjorie Becker, will my ability to "run up on flies" to Maxine Keller. I, Ralph Brackrog, give my love of "Kings" to Queen Mary. I, ,Iohn Hramblett, slip my "soft-soap" to lfloward Draper. I, Dorothy Brunner, bequeath my careful driving technic to Viola Rond- reau. I, Alex Caban, will my ability to disturb the study hall to Iilwyn Smith. I, Marilyn Carlson, bequeath my life 'insurance to anyone risking a ride with me. I, I-Ielen Cole, will my height to a yard stick. I, Richard Cornell, bequeath my speed in shorthand to Norma Stevens. I, Gerald Decker, will to Harold Hillier, my manner of walking so that he may never tire from walking too much or too fast. I, Evelyn Curtis, will my desire of 'fl3ills" to any banker. I, Lloyd Decker, relinquish my "all county Junior year" to Marvin Mill- iron. I. Vieva Deland, will my quiet, easy-going nature to Iistelle llamilton. I, Donald Esmond, bestow upon Vernon llaynes, my red, curly hair-liked by all the girls. I, Victor Fedchenko, bequeath to Donald Parker, my title, "jack of all trades. master of none." I, Phyllis Forbes, leave my zippers to the Ilome Ee department. I, VVilliam Gleason, relinquish my deep voice to Ralph Culliton. I, Yl'ilma Glidden, bequeath to May Hicks. my shiny black hair. I, Mary Goller, bequeath my quiet nature to Mildred Persall. I XVilliam Goodman, will my ability to catch up on lost sleep in study hall to Mary McDermaid. I, E. J. Gowin, will my I'Clark Gable" coitfure to Jessie Merril. I, Dorothy Griswold, bequeath my domestic ability to Margaret XYeayer. I, Leroy Groshon, will my ability to two step to Carl Murphy. I, XYarren Hart, bequeath to Maurice Tucker, my ability to chin dip in football practice. I, Donald Haver, will to Mary Frances Yates. the look of a deep thinker. MORRISONIAN I, David Heald, bequeath my arguments to someone who can win. I, Donald Hemingway. leave my number 10M's to Betty Gardapee. I, Catherine Hicks, will my business attitude to Arthur Taber. I, Nathan Hoffman, bequeath my hobby of breaking hearts to my young brother. joe. I, Opal Hough, bestow upon Marjorie Brown, my well kept nails. I, Dale Hoyt, bequeath my long curly eyelashes to all those under-gradu- ate girls, especially Junior high girls, who have been secretly admiring them. I, Cleatis Jerden, bequeath that familiar "squeak" in my voice to Ray- mond NVatson. I, Earl johnson, will my cattle raising ability to Richard Reppenhagen. I, Bette King, bequeath to Helen Fisher, a little of the midnight oil I have not burned, also 1ny ability to bring home souvenirs. I, june Keller, bequeath my "waiting" ability to june Keck. I, Thomas Klepinger, will my size to Alton Collins, together with my green hat. I, Donald Kurtz, leave my love of 'tFrench" to Harry Terril. I, Betty LaMay, relinquish to Dale Sullivan my poetic inclinations to- gether with my giggle. I, Gloria Leland, bequeath 1ny blushes to Erla Gale. I, Donald Lenox, will my musical talent to the Tonette class. I, Helen Lennox, relinquish my slenderness to Lois Rockwell. I, Donald MacKay, will my bashfulness to Dallas -Iupe. I. Ligouri Mason, will my variety of hair do's to Florence Case. I , Margaret McGuire, bequeath my jokes to Arlene Rising, , Genevieve Miller, will my perfect farming to Joyce Richards. , Vaughn Milliron, bequeath my football form to Bryce Finn. I, Madeline Moross, will my latest diet to Bettie French. I, Norma Munger, leave my desire to get a man to Elizabeth johnson. I, Cora Munger, bequeath my ability to get places in a hurry to Bob Bramblett. I, Gwendolyn Nesmith, bequeath to Betty Jane Smith, my ability to tickle a typewriter. I, Ralph Martin, bequeath my quietness in classes to George Herrick. I I, Robert Howe, will my ability to tap dance to Helen Elleman. I, Marvin Plew, leave my wit to Albert Toth. I, Royal Parker, bequeath my wood craft to Charlie McCarthy. I, Ardis Peacock, relinquish my "Cleating ability" to the VVoodshop boys. I, Mary Pettengill, will my study hall correspondence to Doris Earl. I, Robert Pettengill, leave my red Austin to the underclassmen. I, Audrie Richmond, leave my weakness for shoes to Bethany Huffman, also my small foot. I, Anne Podoley, leave my night study to Gordon "Sylvester" Spencer. I, Virginia Rounds, bequeath my sweet tooth to loan Reid. I, Arlene Salisbury, leave my "Royal' desire to Fay Wieaver. I, VVayne Schoeppach, bequeath my last name to Ruth Sweet. I, Francis Scott, bequeath my trombone to Archie VVright. I, Harry Smith, will my freckles to Betty Keller. I, Ralph Stadler, relinquish at last, my theme song, "Marilyn, my Marilyn" to the state, itself. I, Anna Stetz, will my egg money to June Carlton. I, Illa Strong, bequeath my seriousness to Reatha Serven. I, Louis Tuczkowski, bequeath to all juniors looking forward to the XVash- ington trip, my salesmanship ability. I, Mary XYhitlatch, bequeath my ghost stories to Joyce Boyd. I, Vivian NVright, bequeath my studious habits to Maurice Prottengeier. I, John Yates, will my "uselessness" at play practice to Barrett jakeway. I, Phyllis Middleditch, will my desire for a traffic cop's friendship to Phyllis Nelson. I, Belva Gainer, bequeath my latest excuse for absences to Maxine Mal- lach. MORRISONIAN GIFTATORY Rs-tie King It has been the habit of many of us to collect souvenirs from places we have visited and enjoyed. I hope these little tokens will bring back memories of your happy days you have spent here. Lewis Albertson: I know you must have gotten tired of helping people cross the street, Louie, so here's a little chair to rest in. Isabelle liallancez Here's a can of Spinach, Issy, it might help you get Strong. Marjorie Becker: I have here a watch, Marge, here's hoping it goes slower than the shorthand timer. Ralph lirackrog: This sport magazine, Ralph, comes with the assurance that no teacher can take it away from you. john Bramblett: Here's a box of matches, johnny. As long as you have these to light your way, you won't "Stub" your toe. Dorothy Brunner: This apron is to remind you of your faithful work in Home Economics. Marilyn Carlson: You were always good at Finding some way to get out of class, Lyn, so I'm giving you this permanent excuse. Now you won't have to bother the teachers. Alex Caban: Your face gets red every time you say something, Alex, so here's a box of powder .... guaranteed to cover blushes. Helen Cole: You're so quiet that I'm giving you these heel plates to help make some noise. Richard Cornell: VVe've never caught you without a joke, Dick, but I'm giving you this joke book just in case. Evelyn Curtis: A ring for you, and believe nie, it comes from a Good Man. Vieva DeLand: Herels a mouse Vieva. XVe haven't heard a squeak from you all year. Lloyd Decker: You like to give speeches so well, especially in history. that Ilm giving you this book of Speech to help you along. Gerald Decker: You have a deep desire to dance so I'm giving you this book on dancing. XVith what you already know you ought to soon be a second Fred Astaire. Donald Esmond: A curler for you, Don, just in case you should lose yours. Victorrliedchenko: Cheer up, Vic. Here's a ship that will some day sail into your Port-we hope. Phyllis Forbes: Here's another tube of lipstick-we hope you have room for one more in your purse. Bill Gleason: You like to talk so well, Bill, that I'm giving you this don- key. It's all ears and should be a good listener. XYilma Glidden: I'm giving you this horn to remind you of your happy hours spent with the school band. MORRISONIAN Relva Cainer: V111 giving yo11 this megaphone, Belva. Now yo11 can tell the world that you are the Victor. Mary Goller: This bird-seed comes with the hope that it will help your voice. which we often thought you didn't have. X Bill Goodman: Here's a pillow Hill. I imagine the desks got plenty hard. E. I. Gowin: Remember the time you spilt tl1e paint in your girl's hair? XYell, here's some paint remover in case you ever do it again. Dorothy Griswold: Here's a sewing kit so you can keep 11p with your good work. Le Roy Groshon: Here's a r11bber car-see if you can smash this one. Donald Haver: Here's a 11oise maker, Don. David Heald: Here's a football, David, remember you have to be a foot- ball hero to get along with the girls. Catherine Hicks: You are always keeping records of some kind so here's a pad that 111igl1t come i11 handy. Robert Howe: Here's a watch to help yo11 get to your dancing lessons 011 ti111e. Nathan llotlman: I'm giving you this Hag-it's the only thing I could linl that had more stripes than your football sweater. Opal Hough: Here's a bottle of fingernail polish to help yo11 keep your nails as nice as you have during the year. Dale Hoyt: Dale yo11 have always had your eye on the newest girl in scl ool, so 1,111 giving you the latest o11e. QDolll. Cleatis jerdeu: I have a bird for you-it's not a Peacock b11t you can tieasure it just tl1e sa1ne. Earl johnson: I'm giving yo11 this hair dye because some day you might tire of blondes. june lieller: Here's a needle and thread for you, June. so keep on Hem- i11g-a-way. Thomas Klepinger: Here's a shovel, Tom, to remind yo11 of the days you stayed out of school to dig ditches. Gloria Lela11d: I'1n giving you these stilts so you can come up in the world. Helen Lennox: Your smile has worked wonders, Helen. But let's see if you can make this Dopey Doll laugh. Donald Lenox: Don, may this little fiddle remind you of your days of Jhddling around". Liguori Maso11: I'm giving yo11 this dancing doll, it might help you with yo11r long-sought-for steps. Ralph Martin: VVe've never seen you looking at the girls and can't imag- ine why. It might be yo11r eyes so here's a pair of glasses. Donald McKay: IIere's a mirror. If you practice talking into it. yo11 are sure to overcome your bashfulness. Margaret McGuire: A pair of hand-cuffs for you just in case Opal should start to stray. Genevieve Miller: Here's a box of "Pep" for the days yo11 are low on gumption. Phyllis Middleditch: Since you are partial to odd pins we are giving you another to add to your collection. Vaughn Milliron: I-Ierels some wave set to help you witl1 yo11r wave. I have heard yo11 have quite a ti111e with it. Madeline Moross: You may 11se this shorthand pad to catch 11p on your practice work. MORRISONIAN Cora Munfferz Heres a new re Jort card, Cora. The "E" is oi?-so it won't B mar your memory. Norma Munger: Here my little milkmaid is your last straw. Anne Podoley: Since you like intelligent reading, Annie, here's the latest -Pinnocchio. Royal Parker: Here's a berry, Royal, and it's all berry. QSalisburyj. Ardis Peacock: Here's a market basket. You know which market to go to. Robert Pettengill: I-Iere's a dime to help you with your savings toward a new Chevrolet. Mary Pettengill: Out of tradition the only thing I could possibly give you, Mary, is this baby sweater. May it always remind you that you were the baby of the "Class of '40". Marvin Plew: Here's a report card lilled with "A's" in English. Looks good, doesn't it. Audrie Richmond: l'n1 giving you this First-aid kit to help you along in your career. Take it to XVashington maybe it will come in handy. Virginia Rounds: A candy bar for you, "Roundie", to remind you of your Sweet days in Mt. Morris High. Arlene Salisbury: Arlene, I hear you are learning to drive, so I'm giving you this car. Take it out and Parker. Robert Scott: You were about the only one who could make hits in the baseball team, especially in one game, so I'm giving you this ball hat. Buddy Scott: You clon't seem to be doing so well with the girls lately, so Ilm giving you this mustache. Maybe it will tickle them. Wayne Schoeppach: A lump of sugar for you, VVayne. You seem to be fond of Sweets. Harry Smith: Here's a play, Harry. Read it over and be thankful that this is one play that you won't have to be stage manager of. Ralph Stadler: There's only one thing that you didn't bother Hfth hour study hall with and here it is--a squirt gun. Anna Stetz: You like Home Economics so well, Ann, that I'm giving you this cook book so you will keep in practice. Illa Strong: Here's a whistle, Illa, I want you to blow it once in a while so we will know you are near. Viola Taylor: This bow is to add to the large collection you obtained at the library. Mary XVhitlatch: This race horse, Mary, should remind you of your days in Dramatics. Vivian VVright: Here's a "Don juan", Vivian. John Yates: Here's a cow, johnny. You won't have to milk this one. Donald Kurtz: Here's a book on French, Don. Gwendolyn Nesmith: 1,111 giving you this candle, Gwen. Now you are prepared for a "Black" out. Vlfarren Hart: I-Iere's a pair of athletic socks, VVarren. I bet you ran the toes out of your old ones. Betty LaMaj" Here's some artificial fingernails. In case yours should break. Norman Atkin: Here's a top, Norm, now you can take a spin on the ground as well as in the air. Louis Tuczkowski: They tell me you're a fast driver, Louie, so here's a book on good driving. MORRISONIAN Class Poem "A Sad Good-Bye" Bette King VVe've reached the end of our twelve years here, And we've enjoyed them every one. VVe'll never forget a single year, Indeed, we regret that the end must come. We will always remember our band, Our dramatics, our parties, and fun, Also our outstanding ability in sports- XYhen good old Mt. Morris won! As years pass on we will drift apart And though happy we may be, There will always be a place in our heart- Filled with cherished memories of thee. 'I'here's a smile on our face, but a tear in our eye, And our hearts are heavy and sad, For-we must say good-bye to Mt. Morris High, And the many good times we have had. ii Class Song "An End-But A Beginning" fTune2?"A Perfect Day"J By Richard Uornell XYe have come to the end of our high school days XYith mem'ries of work and of play, And now our song of farewell we raise 'llo the school where we've come each clay. Our teachers, our classmates are all our friendsg To go from this schoolwe grieve. Hut now as our time in this high school ends, VVe will sing ofthe school we leave. NVe have learned, we have laughed, we've enjoyed it all In the buildings of Mount Morris High- In the lab, in the shop, in the study hall, In the classrooms, but now we sigh. For we leave this fond place in a few more days. And into the world we go. A look at the problems of Life dismays, But with work. welll succeed, we know, MORRISONIAN VALEDICTORY Friends of the Class of '4O: Tonight you have witnessed the end of the first phase of our life's jour- ney. Into these brief moments are crowded the hopes and achievements of twelve years, in which all of you have played a very important part. So it is that here, tonight, we wish to thank you most sincerely for the unsellish sup- port you have given us. The parents, for their never-failing trust in usg the faculty, for their unceasing efforts for our betterment, the school board, for granting us our many privileges, the community, for their complete support of our attempts at achievement: and the under-graduates, for their devotion to our ideals. But now we must leave all your support behind us. VVe must emerge upon our new world alone, with only the memories of the past to guide us. XVe must stand erect, live fearlessly, always striving for the goals that we set before us-each secure in his own mind that these goals can and shall be achieved. Specifically our first aim is that of becoming worthy citizens of this great democracy, our America! Our second aim is that of developing ourselves men- tally and physically so that we may become genuine human beings with traits worthy of Americans. Our third, and last aim, is that of choosing a vocational or professional goal where each shall strive to attain the highest achievements in his or her field. Though discouragement and disappointment will come, the impressions and lessons we have learned in this and other institutions will always be with us, and because of them we will End our new road easier. So it is with clear eyes and head held high that we, the graduating Class of 1940, bid you and this beloved institution farewell. -Anne Podoley , MORRISONIAN Autographs -i ffx "N -TKKN5 -X fx f-N7 - S ff 1 1 V Y U. I, U gb! f'HJ U--'fx' UNDEEELAEEMEN MORRISONIAN JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Maurice Prottengeier The class of '41 has been very active in many departments of the school this year, notably in athletics, band, orchestra, glee club and public speaking. The juniors put on their annual class play entitled Hlcebound' under the able direction of Miss Ruby Calvert, which proved to be a success. VVe also contributed talent to the Senior High Operetta and the Draniatics Plays. For the second year we attended Senior High parties. At the newly formed dancing classes, we were also well represented. lncidentally, for the flrst time in many years, the Juniors defeated the Seniors in the intramural basketball tournament. VVe concluded the third year of our high school days by honoring the de- parting seniors with the annual junior-Senior Prom. Donald Parker ...... ......,,,,.. P resident Donald Lampson ..... ......,.... V ice President Vivian Roth ........... .,,.... S ecretary-Treasurer Miss Altha Kidder .l... .... C lass Sponsor JUNIOR CL SS MORRISONIAN Norma v kerhockei ic Kn Phyllis ll PTO Ca Marion Draper, Shenkel Howard Haines, John OH 9I'l'1 V right: st row, left to Fir L. 4-3 .Q Q E 7.3 Q Qs Q 33 E 5 as Q 55 Zi E .5 Ea .Q 4-7 GJ .Q cd N .Q Q 5. C 4-J T-I ce U CJ Q Q +1 sl QD ': 5 3? -0-7 E af 5 G1 Q .Q 55 2 J CD GJ 5 .Q 4-7 5 Q5 5-1 o c 2 52 5-1 E is uf '11 to .Cl Q. on -4-7 U2 eard Orville B ought nald V Do der, ii Hicks, Miss K Gale, Betty icks, Erla H May 8912 opp, Dorothy Un hH Keck, Rut June row: Lois Rockwell, ond Sec allaich, Mary Mc- eM axin Betty Smith, M tague, OH lVl Betty oth, R an tes, Vivi es Ya aynes, Mary Franc H etty ilton, B Elm Estelle H HSS Florence C ermaid D I I-1 5 Q O U1 Ci ,CI O P1 .E Q GJ .C G3 N E :Q cd as S-1 1: Q c CD cd Q c .Q D ,Q If E U2 C5 E s-. cu Z Q cu 'E EC! Q E Q QD 5, 5 U2 K5 ,Sl 4-2 QP Di S: CD F E D-4 E ce Q c CI 5 9 'U :Q .Q ,E E1 a, SI cd QQ 4-V CD CQ cd C1 S3 O Cl .E E2 CS PH H-4 GJ C GJ 5-1 r-4 ,-1 ,-1 GS un s-4 CD D-4 1: an S-1 'Q Q .Q 2 5: GJ ,ST U2 .Q kt Q GJ .Q as CU Q. 3 c ,Q U v3 Q. o N Fm. CD QU 2 4-7 C17 5-1 cd PD E E M 5-1 cu bn o Oi LD CQ Q, o P1 5: CD .Q 01 E U Q 2 5-1 4 of .Q :1 GS 2 css .Q Sl .Q CL I'11HG1'. B Evelyn Brown, arj orie M rench F Bettie 1 W'eave1 ret Marge. Kurtz Irene ck. Babco Q .E :Q 5-1 5-1 :vs U TU Q cv: S o GJ 1 P'-1 vi sQ EE D3 E as 0-4 vi ld S cd .SI U2 ai C1 .-1 ,-1 'E U C1 c 5 ffl Q c :Q .Q .-1 E 2 Z1 If s-. cd 2 Qi 0 O Qi .Q cd F33 5 CD U3 3 O S- If A-9 s.. 5 o kt cu o 5, Q CQ C1 CYS 5: :Q CQ Don- ttengeier, I'0 P CG auri M ll, ner, Jesse Merri is rnK illia eson, W Ch A ill itchcock, B Ralph Culliton, Jack H Humfphrey, Ernest Q5 Q. Q +1 U2 :vs 2 cd Q an E o o .Q CQ 4-7 5-4 cv 4: o fi it o lb Q E cvs J E cv McFar- atson, Almon W ond ney, Raym in mK Green, Willia Bud Greenfield, Nelson Nelson ld llen, Rona mA To WI Back ro mith. nS li Frank Ehrmantraut le ney, Ny ont M ll English, Russe n Serven Eugene Lerche, Leo Wray, Hobert land, Lyn MORRISONIAN SOPI-IOMORE CLASS HISTORY Donald Gray The Sophomore class has led an active life this year, having members in the band, glee club, orchestra, student council, and in all athletics. The school winners of both the oratory and declamation contests were Sophomores. The class play, i'She Stoops to Conquer", under the able direction of Miss Ruby Calvert, was a great success. Thus, as we cease to be Sophoniores, we sincerely hope that the remain- ing years of our school life shall be as happy and successful as this one has been. 102111 Reid ....... ......,,.. l 'resident Barbara Short .... ........ V 'ice President Marion Scott .......,....... . .... Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Maurice Mariner .,.,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, S ponsor SOPI-IO ORE CL SS MORRISONIAN Scott, Donna Marian Richards C9 illett, .Ioy hG ier, Bet eG xln I-4 eid, Ma R Joan ivan, ll eSu l on, Da DS First row: Elsie Ge ne Severn. Dion, Betty Gardopee, Arle ire C ittenden, Cla I-4 emary OS R otter, M ing, Jean Horn G G .H III .H v-l Q o W F-1 m 4-3 w D-4 m E E TE .Q E0 ce E if 0 .J uf .M Q ce Q un U7 -:- H o CJ S cd 3 as 3 cs: '1 4-9 AJ GJ 5-1 S-1 cd O3 E cv 15 13 .H .H U nu G cvs Q Q ai .E .Q .Q o Cf. E CQ 3 F H 13 Q O U U UQ A Q9 fi m bi o CJ el 5-1 Q .A H- E .Q 1-' H ce CJ Q o o 55 U2 .H o .J 15 o Q E A Ill F C ui as 3 cu E 2 E3 2 15 'Q rn T3 .Q U2 cd P -H .H C J: U +4 .H 5 5 as 5 5 U L: GJ Q .H 5-1 cd E s-I 2 wi Q GJ m G E 5 'ci 'Q H as Q o rd bu o CQ S E JI U1 .H .H m cn m a QD Q Q U U1 'cs 5-1 ce -9 ., .H CZ fu .H .H CD Q .J M CD 3 N CII 23 Q Q o ZH Q Q c 5-1 Q CD .H 5-1 Q EE .H - GJ G U GJ II 1: Q A if Q c E .2 4: SL C UQ 3 C: s-. T5 .E AI E' rw. .Q 6-7 o .Q Q. E .9 E EE 15 5 C2 M 43 Q9 :H E UD s-1 cd E Q5 PD o cu CD :vs CII 5-1 GJ Z 4 ai 2 an 'cs as CQ ev. .H Q .H an 5-4 rH E' fc? :A C2 CD GJ U Uh C? '1 Q cd E 2 E Q GJ .H GJ I E S' gn Q P-4 cd Q GJ .Q 4-7 5-4 CD ll. .5 5- C2 .Q m E5 cd -P E CD t. eidibreich Phyllis H Fey. ph 1 llll ilma H V Newman, X Hoffman, Joe v hby 1,35 ld 111121 onert, Ercil Gough, D Sch alter W' i. seh ay, Joseph C K aC mes M Ja v Brunel ill WZB urth ro Fo Jupe, William Halloway, Lloyd v OSSQI Schl Way. Richard 011 C enneth K ley, id R Pt Robe Paulsen awrence Pashby, Robert L Gray. onald illiams, D W James loyd Danks, L Matthews, ld lla Do de Severn, Arthur Tabor, 2111 Davidson, Cl arley H esley Cowell VV Lloyd Brown, Charles Groshon, ht rig W : Caro Fifth row pson, hom T est Darwin Jerden, Ern Reppenhagen Richard k. George Herric ay. VV ck Jake Di Murphy, Carl tt Bramble bert Ro , Albert Fraser. ft Ta ith, Lloyd Sm Elwyn MORRISONIAN F RESHIVIAN CLASS HISTORY Beth Prottvngeier The Freshman class has carried on a number of activities this year. Dur- ing the school year we have had two parties, one being a skating party. Our Freshman play. "Superstitious Sacliev, ably directed by Miss Betty Jane Mansfield, was very well received. Various members of the class, under the direction of Miss Beatrice Vlfhorley, also made the Junior High Operetta, "Bits of Blarney", a success. The Freshman girls efficiently took care of the junior High library in daily routine. Several members of the class have also contributed to other ac- tivities such as athletics, band, glee club and public speaking. XYe hope our next three years of school will be as enjoyable as this year has been. XVillia1n B'ICl3CI'I112llCl .....,. ...........,. P resident Doris Cornell ........ ........... V ice President Maxine Lampson .... Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Olin Bowen ...... .......... C lass Sponsor NCL SS FRESH MORRISONIAN C1 cd ..-4 9 L.-4 Y 'P H o 56-4 1: F3 L3 CQ 5: 4-2 +2 GJ CD 'U o E1 cd .-1 f-1 .H Q 5 oi Q .H cn ..- CH' GJ C GJ H. S-1 'li fc: .H cv 'Z I CD Q U e4 Z F O-4 C an n-I 2 .: PC as ?4 A .H .SI MJ .-1 1- O 4-2 +- Q-4 CD .-1 P. 7 C S- Q3 C1 O L. he O rn D. 83.V- W HY errick, F H adys d. , G1 ie tnenge YO P I-1 Beth Mildred ysnvemail, dy ecker, eD Maxin ll, Doris Corne ne Mottor, k,Ale I-4 Woodbec Kurtz. C56 Betty Cole, Anne Dyke, Joy R0th, tty Be Lamb, aurabelle L l.1I't yB uh er, R eney, Phyllis Ch pal O y Gell YC9 Ballance, Jo Giles, Beverly osie ks, R n Hic aria M ounsberry, Rose Mary L nd row C0 Se Holloway, 2Il'i6 M OSS R ETIHHII , Amm lSG Mohler, El Billie ner, is hK owton, Rut R H9 en, Thelma Sweizie, Ire OW B 1'. Nelson, M -za za. o H f-I Q, O O M GJ : FD D12 :s bl .-4 .-4 CD 3 C rl 5. GJ ? C5 'CII 15 ,5 821 5 E-4 GJ . .-1 5-1 C 5 -fs .H OJ C Q U an : an Ci uf I1 9 GJ ll ?' E 41? 5'-1 H-1 'cf O 5 'Pm GJ : 'U .H U2 Q5 H. O O E H: 4-3 5-1 4 3 9 -1: F-1 .- s H 'cv Ez cv: :nw 3 , UE Ula -cal I-1F-1 'KS :cu OE Cis- H,O 54 .Zi "'c Osh 'UGS Ofc: S751 Z4 Ecu JL' si gc S N91 as-A GJ gun mi ID da: as C Lf :QF E5 H 23.2 CFI EH! ' :J 5a H53 -as : ,dill CD N: -153 0: SS v-5? .H M Ee 52 QE' So 44: f-412 gm Film M.- 23' o mv-I Q1 E5 OH :S EH E2 f-O P-:vit n? fe iw ms: Qs: no ,Uv-J 2: OO mQ ing, Ma jory Velma K ll Putnia I-1 Seal Frances Byrnes, Phyllis w: Basil Hoyt Leslie Gale, Agnes Smith, Goldie Fourth ro y- Clampitt, A ajean son, Em worthy, Bethany Thompson, Beverely Thomp 911 K hy Dorot Keller, axine lia Zbyrod, M Moross, Ju Edythe Vickers Myrtie Hendricks, ille ic Lu oodman, G Bonna l', e Carpente nic QI' Dyke, B Anne Y. GS 3 C5 o U 9: 4-1 +-1 CD CQ jE O H ef CD S fi 5 cd .S 4-7 cu Cf ii Q U ?4 A cu Y: SD P-4 H H CD : U 4-7 .H kW A Q A :E 4-P o o CQ cw 2 CD 'F H -'E U ..-1 E E .H Q 5 ': 5-4 GJ F ?- 5 m .5 O O H Fil .cz c CQ bb C O Q-4 4-w .-4 ..- B VJ GJ 'T' cd .CI O '53 .5 C1 : P' .H F-1 cd U Q5 9 E O 5 '55 E3 .C .fi D1 E J: En H KS ?1 4 U2 .... U : cd S-1 B-1 If E" cu CU as S21 CU an Cl 3 9 .N U cd 'QQ in RTW D Pe1'sall, Tyrell llance, Ba art tew S odges, ye rs, Lewis H A ank, Ed Springsteen, Ralph Ben Burb ut Ben Ehrmantra Ken Poulson. Hilsingei F1109 Babcock, B Lu ii MORRISONIAN 3 5 v GL L if 'E E CCI wi on GJ FI E .- rw .-L I3 4 L 1-4 6 m Q, If EV L E i if. W 9' CJ 5 CD f. QL, .Z : u. 1, L 5, Tl C CJ li L: bil .- .- E 5 ? .. 4- m :- ..- Lu Tu C.. 1 :- f-N .-4 ,-7 .- rn .CI ..- QE Z 52 ri 5 O L C S .- CTS 4 ui T f. ui aa .- G3 + ,- Z 'L M .11 f-2 f. .- .- O 4. O .Sl 4- O -a -4 'Ti Sl, F-1 'TJ ..- .- 6 L +- ..- E an : v - fl! v H 6 S E Z D. GJ .- 5-1 ..- D U1 .LC 1- Z v G. 1 5 CI' - .Q .- L- aa V LT I VI ..- if. 4: L E .-'11 .'-L :- O LC 4 - Q, E .- P4 ms CD .-'21 4- C12 .2 L1 N ..- rg 5 'C C O Q GJ IA I :- Q 5 CL - .- 5 '1 :- Q1 .- 2 - .- - ..- -J Q k- I r. FC w L- L1 O .- .- E rg J ,- as I 'F 1 A - I f. . ... : E CL .- CI ,- Q 4 JZ .- ..- 'ti E .- L up 3 U: IL .- ZZ D. Q D-4 46 5 Lf -L Long 09 ni L' 4. A - ff .- GJ CLL 'I - Q U E5 .Z -1 .Q .- S-1 'J Ill 53 .- 1 If w r. .. .V U a L 3 A .- an T! 'E' ': CU Q ,- in 'vw I 9' 5 P EI vi 1-4 Q2 CL O 'Yl .- 'J C ..- X.. 5 O 'F5 -Il' .II P .JZ I 32 C -. rn ..- T .J - .- F Z C1 cd .- Q :- .C CII 'C :- .- .- 'lf ri. 12 'fa I-C -1 -4 C C 'T H .CI ..- - .. .- - A at M A ,- .- .-4 :L .H I-1 ? r ID .- I 4 CL bi rg ..- .1 I at A3 F' af z : CQ 'E CC I- aa I 513 I rs U E cd ..-1 .-. .-4 ..-4 ,, , Dre w. Richard unger, M elvin M Cosens, Jhn Pvt ers, Ha rsh man, Jesse vin A Martindale. cllncider, Earl nS Do Ill fl Il Oll, Newt rry, Betty Catherine Hu g, Elaine Graham, llll Ile xhel Nz 1 ey Audrey Ayers, Lark S a da N Lavely, Fourth row: Lois Mar- ud 'ey e1.A Mill Wilson. V rginia Patsy udgl llorothy Judd, B Beverly l'. 'ape a D1 Barbar Josephine Morse, Doris Goth, uise Lllaginn. 0 li nkel. She Mabel 'G-wton, Anne N ary Nord, M ll T Donna ll Sha f-4 .- .CI Natson, ussell R Hildreth, J im owland, H Dirk 'horue ick '1 D air, Ad Ross, Ken UQ 11 Hl11'6 row: .lar-k Lenox. L ck Ba t, Vance Sharpe, d ll Bu Bill el D1 tc-h er S own, Ed Br Leon 1rd y, Bob P1 ISOII 'a VK arns, George I6 S rahaxn, Fred dG 0 211' H aufman, K an McClain dD ei R ll Joh R DE SE ENT MORRISONIAN ardell M uPraw, D QI1 ingle, Ell P hy xine Murphy, Dorot 7-1 , Ma Il lieinae Farringto Lil O1'0SS, M axine M to right: First row, left Donna Strand. Quigley th. Jeanne R0 Ellen kers, 'ic Y Rounds, Margaret Shirley Sev- Mansfield, len Hicks, Miss Treinaine, He hy Dorot Lay ene OSS R y ood anne Moross, Eleanor W Je 1'0SV I Second S01l. Soven verance, Ellen Goodman, Gloria Se ty .lane ei B ard, landfc e Smith, Shirley B ackney, Maxin yH ern, Audre 5-1 .-1 LaBa Barbara 1 iechanimei G S-1 Anne Grace tchel Helen DuPaW, L4 unsberry, Ruth lVli ay, Leona rnK Sa I'0WI hird T Edith Jordan Ruth Headley, Lois Jean Mclntyre, argaret Colling, VI Bundt, l n H nkle, Ma1'y adoly e,M .,-1 Shaver Ruth Gal Grace S 'A-F Q CLP cz. S-1 cd O 2. SD E GJ B uf m 5 :Q s. F 1. QL D2 3 D o U .Q cd CQ .Q L : Di 5 U2 ,.. .- bl CI Q 'CS w s- 'U .-1 ..-1 e-1 6 l rie ith, Mu ll tindale. Gertrude S1 M a I-1 Glen Buffnieyer, XVillian1 Boyce, arold Taylor, Norman Card, H llis XV .,-1 Fourth row: 2 Q, A vi 2 Z 3: 'r U Q. ZZ CYS E-4 :Q GJ .. -as .H ri : C L I-1 as O M 9 3 '1 3. 3 O CQ ,.. 9' 5 x E ,- ,- H m ..-1 ,-1 .-. L,-1 7 w .J .- A D -1 Z an Q .... E s1 cv CQ :Q an C cu .-'I L ,-1 GJ N E ,-T 5 cv: .-T1 :- 15 w U .H .. 41 cv: .. c N J :-1 cu I iker. Hill ith Habbershaw, Ke eorge G Carl Keehn. Blakely, Donald William Heidehreicht, n Richard Fostei yd, Bo Bernard ern, K DeVere l'0lV I Fifth Pringle, Lindy ul Pa orthy Jewett Ray Kenw Marion Jay Tabor, aberkonn, H Robert gy Kin , Melvin D nald Sn a-p raham, Do All Arthur Gallagher. vely, La Haynes, Edwin Donald ianis NVill Daig, Vernon Edith Rock. LaVene, George Gardy, Evelyn Frisell, dna E Hetzer, SFHB. V r ha Curriei et are, L VV bert Absent: Al F , , LLJ l-' E MORRISONIAN Bundy, Donald LaFurgey, ke Jones, Ja ness, Earnest ark H Keith, Junior Otis Treniain, Jack ght: tto ri lef W , YO First Hurry, Drew. Margaret hy cy, Dorot azel Mae Tra H Gough Myrna Gell, 1-Y Unger, Earlen Gale, Mildred 'bara E11 B GV6l'll S 69 Onal Munger, . Milo 91 S011 'last IN da ll VV a Carrol l. nise Lo nrt-ay ll 0 .N orothy D VVilson, ll Jea everly I3 VVo0dbec'k, Gene mith. S Dorothy ,-4 ,.-1 .M rw .L -1. Li f-1 -1 CL Q GJ O U GJ .-1 T5 A -. 1 1. 3 2 ,- CTS CQ m Q2 .-. :- N ,111 fs N. ,- .-1 1 E w O O CJ x U E igei. Harry Winii Harold Bonnie Peterson Knight, Tripp, Betty len El Mary oope , C Aubrey YHIGS llle nd row: Max Seco May- Duqnette. Ernest Billy ray G Seal, Bill . .lark ll Svh erinerhor H lrold Draper Parks. .laines Betty adgley tty B Pa ss, Ro :E Ilwood ls Keehn, st. Carliss Ki cl Ol' Clitl Johnson, I Ll P iniel. Myron Kin Wendell Sullivan S Cole OS R nya Crea na rd, Fred Miss Marshall. am, h th, Rt Taylor ette ll Min t, Carl Anna Belle Clainpit ry Simmons, Ma Marc-elline berlin, e0 oyc is, .I Adan Maxine I' 0 XV I Third Thelma Cook, len El an Norman, V Phillips, Marion .lames rd, Ca lll ane, Cleda Edwards, Shirley A1 L Mary niblett, Bra Dick Hum- 6 IH VVelco drow, Le 11113 Do . Maxine Rogers, Il lliddf C ine Cribbs, Nad Yvonne 11 da 01' .l YU. avis, Barba Laura .lean D Howe, arger, b Starkey, Grover Taller. ld Rona ick, II1 OI' rf C slVI alla th, D Ga lifford ffries, C Je 6 ucill L Absent: RDE FIFT MORRISONIAN Joanna allagher, lloway, Shirley G 0 H Jane 2ll'y M 1. Greei Maxwell, Jacquelyn Ce Bru Earl, : Fred t righ rst row, left to Fi I - :-' 0 CC' an cv J :.f as cs: .. - .- 7 -. L' c Q Q. cu .M U cu Q rs E 5 .xi U aw. z III S .- cd ..- .-.. :- -' , 5. 2 F- S- Z 2 'cs cd E D gf EE CD z .- .- .- CD 515 5 iw 1:1 o Di - an N 4-3 Po.: 5 ai .. c U 1" E '5 111 52 cu bn s-. : In as -J Barbara ers, Vivian Schlosser, George Smith, et P Helen elly, aK Dell icks, H yll eannene Muuger, George Wise, Jacquel g, J ,- .- .-4 Jean Drew, Joyce Monroe. Humphrey, Csehi, XVayne Sniith, John rahani, Martin G Loice ecker, Jerold Geyer, osens, Phyllis H arrol C Second row: D J H : E : KS E 5-1 C 5. C. .- 7-1 E4 9. .-. :- fu S 19 CQ ci : 55 - OJ C4 s. ED ... -of : 1 :J GJ .- 3-4 C1 5 Q3 : cd : D x. ll 1-'I U1 EU 2 E cd z o Q sf cu -cu ... ID Q n LJ U2 U1 ..- F- c Q uf E cv: fc 4 1: rs. c fl-1 ai P" 'F an D cv CI cv bil 5 .52 U2 .D O U C6 '1 cw :: ua .. S-4 ca Q :J as .- L' o O .- DJ .Ci .- GJ .Q cd N ..- .- if ci S21 P .- +- U2 cd : -. ... X -. m S-4 G C.. Z cn CY-4 M. .2 .- .- N an Q cd 5 Q E 9 Z5 cb 3 .D C Pi. an 4-Y ..- E U1 M :Q :G '-a 2 C A-7 f DD C .- D ..- +-I 9. 'U 'O GJ E+ Purdy. everly B landford, aB al" Barb Tucker, Patty Bundt Donald Jeanette v others H1 Owen S bs Ingram, Winifred Crib H6 ahn, Geraldi K Third row: Howard Purdy, Alice Palso, LaVere Short, Veronica laxine etty King, ly B Humbarger, eninan, Rowena F6 Dick G rald VVare, nsen, Ge Ha al'I'. LaB Beverly 0 011 dK 1. icks Francis Metzger, Richa ndr He Nuckles. Francis yn l hnson, Elmer Cheney, Robert Leadley, Eve Jo G0 Giles, D Cook, Earnest El. 111 andford, XVilli Bl arry H VVebber, 05' R Severn , Ora ll wt M ss Neumann, Oline Caude ..- Fourth ro gy: QE' jg: 5.41 .QD-4 'cm QE O..- -Jar arf: 2? D-+3 CD EE cd gcc fc: D565 62 is Q2 QF g-5 SO c: EO gm :E 4102 - S14 56 53 4:2 ECU Em . CD iii -'Hn GJ A Q09 gm CU Ts: Ecu fa Eli' P-1 E-4 1-' a E321 .DCD if-3 -5 Q 51" Em ws ac has sz 53 '23 SU f-1: 0153 ,gm QCD E.: 'QE 2.2 5: QJO gm gi 'cs E: 55 Ili! 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L' 9-4 J H CL E GJ 5.1 CD 99 E ,H as Q rf .H fc: : cd .H A Q2 U v, o 'T cf. cu N .1 CYS H F' E Z 3 cd H: U1 511' an I 5. Q 0-P S3 as Q E S-. .H H H. rn Jeffries, iles, Charlotte G Avery inger, D Ricchard Bowen, rolyne El alph Tripp, M n R H hm Lyle P s eed, R H1 ,H Krause, Katherine th. Ro vern, James Munger, Donna Se ris D U cu H H H H. H ,M .I H H H H c U -1 6 rn at H H H O .II ui H Q as .H If r 5 HQ O .-J -1 GJ 9 H : L A if GJ. an C .-1 4 .-. L cu O 12 5 Of. .51 2 G D O P1 fl E5 5 o E I Q o GJ rl 3 c 5-1 'U : L: OJ U1 Robert 1 Bray on, Zelplla Moore, Slierron Magee y ..: arks, Patriciaywood, Bobby Kahn, Helen P 8 11 Wilson, Way English, Juanita 11 0 VV Robert Br Earley , Patrick ls Beechler, Asher Dania Hnineric-khouse, Clarence ngle, Dona E Janette Goff. lis Hughey, Phyl Roth. LeRoy Bonny Lou Keith, A 2 cv :S U2 H CJ : ,cd 6 3 U2 ro lr. E 4-7 Ui : Q 3 CJ c E Si I-1 : E ft .25 9 rs fx P-4 H E E .H "J ci Q. -r' E- Z' CG Q NJ .H S-1 : Q 9? ..'Z.' fo S5 5 U ai E H III U1 .H O :: ws S-1 lr. 3 o 5-1 T5 H.. E Glidden. dine Coenen, G wendolyn Geral adgley, B Shirley han. MCClenat Ann Do1'is Geyer. ick Intyre, Gerrald McGeachy, D ?. L. Cv HH 6 .J .H O 'C cu G .H H.. cd .- A HI H an W :rs E IU -2 ... O 7-1 cs L. M. O : Q. J v. 1 w 5. CU H 6 C5 l-I H: .H I-1 C5 D3 .-T : C5 Q as 5 QC GJ .H .z Q o U2 S. 2 Q -z- C CD I U1 Q2 S-1 o H. CD Q 1-1 511' C5 L UD 1-1 H1 r-1 cd EJ L. cu .-. 4 ll. Lowe onitield, Edward th I'0 B - H L1 1-1 1-1 H ,-1 H 9. S-1 5 '-z :J OJ 2 5-1 mx rs lf IL .H lr. -1 H H -1 .II 4... 5 za .-. cv bi .H ? r 5. E c OI 'E -S1 in ec H 4 if .H .H fr: I-1 4 -1' H c CD 'U -H v cd f' 5-1 W U2 .H E :Q as 'rs Q E ID V1 .H E 5 c 5-1 L1 : o lr. Pu -1 CD Ill N cd -1 6 5. OJ F H 5 .H w H CI rs .H ,-1 .H 4 us 'Cl 'C 5 O A r. 5-4 ra H H 15 E Hz' m ve E ?4 4 6 5 x U .H 5-1 LD 5. .-. .-. .H M P-it .HT Cl.. 'T- R F y. E3 fw sb : 9 S rn : .2 5 2 3 U .H V1 cd H cv 3 A wi 9 Q' 5 Z' D11 M Q2 cv rw :-I 2 on fr: C11 E U M. 5 an HCI 4-3 rs F4 4 P: GJ ? if HI H o U2 cas k-4 A U1 GJ Q H cd 7 v5 H Q? GJ D-4 :H CU H. 3- .H H: an Q5 .H : 2 .H 5 H 5-1 as ,Q c Cf. arf .12 0-3 .H if :- H U .Q o-9 .H OD M :I CD P ce .c un s: 2 Q9 I QT E s-. E' GJ .H .-1 .-1 .H A U2 U2 .1-1 E .it U GJ .Q 'CS O 9 5 J: Q E 'P 5 L11 Lil cn E MORRISONIAN ell. O'D 6 ll lduge 06118, ll S Na nt' v n h OI R oss, Patricia R , Zelda fl il 6-T ll ll .I Segrove, Betty U1 Robe to r ght: 'om left t l Firs A .. ..- - C U1 lf .Tl T5 Cl af CU 'U f- .-1 .v-1 .- I-1 CU v-4 6 'C .-1 x X P-Q 4.1 ,- .- 5 ,- C KS .,-1 .-. ,- .-1 ff .1 CU 9. ,-1 T5 9. -1 '- RJ E :vs : A I-. Corinne f v 'ait y'l Bill Miller, ll lle g A Stroll all Vivi ribbs. C osser, Marietta ll Sol GG L llllkl Do osander, R oris D Second row: Betha ly Gerow, Janice Peacock, Barbara Adams, Ovaitt, Stanley arbara B enshalv, eorge H IT,G Go ta Clore, Joyce Seal, Leo 1:5 5-4 42' fc : ca H D3 Ps U2 U1 12 "U ri. GJ s an : ,T E N 5 4.7 VJ ,cu 5 .. I-1 an ,2 C CII Q o - v, rs P Man- eane Sinllnons, D Ford, . Patricia ll Genevieve Smit allagller, aG aslick, Nornl Ei Florenve Koha, Thomas 1" 0 XV I Third Bev- Douglas Kuyala, BVS Vick arry H Ill S lla XV il rl n pe lViSe, R Phyllis Davis dshaw, Ern estine d Bra Raylnon inte Po La nel Stalnnl, Billy Tripp, Cecil y 11 Victor Robinso owler, F English,XVilletta Glen HIT, H l ln y Jn v h Keit d OD aynl R oonlis, yL erl ll. Ha Dick ink ettaw, D d Y Lilall Knight, 3.6 e lVl Sadi ll Durllanl, ee Cole, Da rre L Donna Dubey Simons, Leona Miss 0 XV I Fourth 1 larence Eldred, Dale reling, C dK Rivllar Genshaw, Marcia bury, Salis 6 Neff, Lyl artha M 1 Il Pigeo Earl 'IcGlone. nll le G Engle, H Rol- ll Clyde Neunla Severn, ith. 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Q .99 37 E51 wi E2 QE' :em me CD SE Q23 QM QQ 562 E5 QQ ini ww 5- S is as ,U Q EZ: UQ QQ E5 Q 4-7 W O eaver, XV Barbara Hall ayl ley, G Lou Quig TY man, Ma ld K 011 house, Sally L ck Humeri Sue v erly Loisell GV taw, B et Marilyn Y fc .Q cd 5 5 Q O E Q Q 4 Q cd S-4 cd rn artin, Mil- M illy Stroop, Pat Earley, B is OU Kitchell, L Massey, Douglas , Lloyd HSOII M Donald 1 Curriel my row: Jim ird Th D. Q Q Q O '1 Q O ID .-4 ..-1 :S F- :fl cvs .J 'ri 5-1 o 422 Q E4 U .Q 9 Q cd III '15 Q o E .Q C2 .Q rr Q .-C o P-. 4-T an QP 3 rn cu C as U E C? 'cu bn .Q CQ rw. 2 Q cd 4-3 U2 .-1 .-4 C6 .E in :rs E :Q cv .Q 5-1 cu E an FD Q o as cb uf GJ B cd I 'U 5-1 o 'O-4 Herrinian. ern, Jane SW a Parks, Ila IH she, Thel bara A HI' ng, B fo ild VV Lou HTH Barb on Jones, Fred Morse, iels, Burt Dan 51 +2 4-v GJ U3 F-1 GJ s mi Q m Q Q 41 4-3 Q as U I: I 2 Q .Q as cv M C Q2 Q3 5-1 o Z df Q 2-4 cd F-1 4-V GJ D-4 an Q .Q U :S .J bi :ws 2 cd r-J 5. GJ Q .52 S1 U2 sf CD an Q .Q E oyd, Dorothy iss B M l'OWI rth Fou E cd Q U1 Q CD E U2 D. 'U E CJ 2 an Q E11 CD Q :S '1 E Q 4-7 U2 L11 15 GJ Q E O C S-1 CQ Q Q 4-I O L-4 O Q S 4-I O Q CI Q .Q :Q cd E .-1 .-1 99 5 9 U .2 s-4 cd 2 Q C5 E .M cs 5 D3 rn aa u S 93 LH ?' 5 E 5-4 GJ Q .Q 2 5 o A P6t6I'S. oris nis, D GH D ngs, Peggy Ann Moore, Doris Cumnii y Lou nd, Mar S6 WD aTo kert, Alph Joan Fic my EEE fl, ff ff ,f X I f , ' f ' X . X , V 4, MOR R ISONIAN IN RECOGNITION Miss Ruby Calvert The entire student body is deeply indebted to Miss Calvert for her tireless efforts in our behalf. Our high school plays have been a greater success under her direction than ever before. Her prompting and determination brought about the creation of the dramatics classfa new addition to the school sys- tem. Her guidance and instructions in this class has brought to light the fact that, with training, dramatic ability can be enriched and displayed in an ef- fective manner. Not only through her guidance in dramatics are we indebted, but we are appreciative of the time example she has set as being' an excellent instructor. a faithful friend. and a person with whom one can always have fun. The senior class takes this opportunity of thanking' Miss Calvert for the many things she has done for ns. N1 O R R 1 S O N 1A N Senior Play-"Night of January 16t11" '11111' 4-111i1'1 s14-114- 111' 11144 S1-11i411' 111115' "Night 411'.1111111111'y 11i111", 1Ii1'1-114-41 113' Miss 1':11v1-1'1. 1:1114-N 1111144- 111 1114- l'41111'1 1-1141111 111: ,11141g'4- 114-:1111 11141111341 1i111'1z1 11-1141 is 11ssis14-41 11y 1114- 1'41111-1 C11-1-11 1111114 , , , , . . . . , l111y1J. 111111111 1.1411111 xI111'!41. N1'l'1'1'1211'j' 111111-11 N1'SIll111l1. 111111 I11'1S1l11 Il1I11I'111l 1iN1IIl'.1111'11' 1,1-1-114-1-1, 1iI11'1'11 ,XIl11l'1' 11l4-114- 1i1l11I1 is 1111 11'1iI1 1'411' 1114- 111111'111'l'11f 1Zj411'11 I-3111111111-1', 1'i1111114-i4-1' 211111 '1:114- 11115 1111141 411' N:1111'A' 14"" 1"flll11il14-1' 1A1'41is 1'1'f1C111'1i1. 111s11'i41 ,Xt1411'111-y 11'11111 11'14-111is .1l'1'11111l1 1'1-111-4-s4-111s 11141 B12111'11f N1-w Y111'1Q, 111141 .X11411'111-y S14-11111-11s 1111111 S4'41111 111'111'i414-s Bliss A11411'4-'s 111-1'1-11s4-. W11114-ss4-s w1141s4- 14-s11111411111-s 14-1141 111 414-4-111-11 1111- 111111, w4-1'1- .1411111 111311121111 NY11i1fi4-141, 11114'11Il1'11 1411-114-111. W4-111111y 1'1I1111'l' 411' Nillllj' 1,4-1-1 3111111111 Sw-11s1111 1A1J11'11X11 1'111'1s41111. SW1-411s11 114111s4-114-1-114-1 1411 1111111111 N1 11141 11111 4 1 ' "1 1 -': ' . g:1111is1 1Wi11i11111 1114-11s41111. 11414114114-4-114-1' 1'411- 1"1111'11c114-1- :11111 1'411'1111-1' 4-111x'11'1 1 11'1'V 1.1-5:1111 1112111111 81114114-1'1, 11411411-14111s 1l'1l1l11'Sll'1' 111111 sxv1114114-1'1 1141114-1'111 12111 114-11ss1111-r 1.X1'11'1l1 N111 411 1114- 1"1ll111i1l1'1'1111111111121 111'. 1ii1-111111141 1111111 1,1-11411 . 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N114114- 144-1111ws 11u1'111 111114-1 111'i11. 1l1'1' s4111, 1.X111111 1'1111111g:1. 1411111 .1411'411111. 1114- 1111111111'1'i1-41 sis14-1'. 1.111114- K4-44111. 124-11 .T411'411111. 1114 111114-lc s114-1-11 411' 1114- 14:1111i1y W1141 1111s 1'N1'I1111'11 1141111 111'is4111, 111111111 51lI1111iS1, .1:1114- 1'1'41s11y. 11 s4-1'1'11111 1111x1114 1111114111 11111,.4 11141111111 1111x111411111 NX 11 1111 11111141 111l111111f1111 11111111 11111111 ll 11111 1.' -11 1' .. "'-1'1" '1,' ': s4 .2 ' "1 fi 4-'-1' 411 1111- 11111, 11111111:111. 11 s4-1'1':1111, 11-I11z11114-111 111-11111114-1-1. 11114'1411' 1'111'1is 1'1'11111 A114-111, :11141 .11111 .1:1y. 1114 4-1'i1'1' 1Z4-111i1- N1I1l11l1'NYN1, 'N11111'X,1. 1'1i1'1 111141 14-1'11si4-11411'1-:111 :11'1is1: Mrs. .1111111 11111l'11111S 1Vivi1111 NY1'1g:1111. wi1'4- 411' 1111- j1111i1'111 x1 11118111111 1411111141 114111141 X111 11411 11141111141 M O R R i S O N I A N Sophomore Play-"She Stoops To Conquer" Thi 1111111411 nl' the play. "Sh1- Simms to Vtllltlllvlll. 1-Q-11tn-rs 2ll'0llIIKl twu IIN-'Ili AIIIYIUXX' tllnln-1't I'1'-11111111-111 -11111 II-1Qt111-"Q IiUll'lit i'1'-lv who h-' in K-1 - "in ' 1 ' ' ' ' 1 . . .. ,.. 1 . l 1 ., 3. .uv 1-n-11 1111.211 111-11 hy 1 llj tl 11-I1 .I:1l11-unyj, the- Izt-low-il son oi' tin-fz1sl1iu11:1hlv hilt vziin Mrs. II111'1h':1stli- l.X1Vt-'l'SIl 414-111-gvj, Katt- UIQ-li-11 I-ills-111:111J. , thi- In-:1l1tii'11I XIIIIIILI' 1l:111g:l1te-1- ut' thi- II:11'd1-:1sl'ie-'s wus Slllipnsvti tn Ill2l!'l'Y 3I:1I'l0W--:I thing: whim-h 112111 ili't'll pi-1-viuiisly z11'1':111g'o-41 Ivy M12 1'12lY'lil'ilNfltx tIiiml1:11'fl Rl'IDIN'llil2lLf1'lli 111111 Sir l'l1:11'l1-s M:11'lmv fi72lI'XX'ill ,Ii-1-iii-119. thi- faith:-1' ul' yuiing XIFlI'1tlXV, At l'i1-st glzinc-v, lioxvi-11-1', lizitv :1114l Mui-luw ilirl not 1:111 for 1:11 h olhvr. so Kam- iiisgiiisi-41 lim-wi-Ft' :is :1 hair 111z1ifl ill hm- llUIlll'. whit-h M:11'I1m' 111111 Ilzlst- iiigs thmight :111 inn. 'I'l11-1-1-t'u1-1-. shi- stmniu-11 tu 4-111111111-1', Ill thu- 1111-:111ii111v Miss i'tHlNf1lIN't1 N1-villv tWil111:1 lllllIIllill'l'j'i wax 1-:11'1'yi11g- 011 11 fzilsv 1'u111:111m-1- with 'I'u11y to uht:1i11 l11'I' i11l11-1'it4-il je-wi-ls whim-h we-im 1-1-l'11N-il lll'I' hy hm-r :11111t 111111-ss shi- lllQII'l'it'll 'l'o11y. Vlwtblly, iltHY1'V1'1', I'il'Yt'I'1X stulv thi- gmwix :imi ggzi-xv iilvlil to ittlllNitIlli't' so sho vunlil 1-lupo with h4-1- t1'11m- itH't'l', llzistiligs. 'l'h1- lvlziy , . , . . . . . , , . 1111114-s In :u thin- with M111-low 111:11'1'y1112 Ixntv. llzisilngs 111:11'1'y1111: Miss Al'Vlilt', 111111 luny oI1t:1111- ing his i.I'lt'ii1lll!. thus Illiliilllg' il hzippy Q-114l111p: for :1ll. Nlx Freshman Play-'superstitious Sadie" "f9::11:-1-slitimis t4:11li4-" was thi- :1111111:11 fl'L'Sillll2lll plziv. 111-e-se-11t1-41 this V4-111' 1111111-1' thi- 1li1'1-1-ti1111 .11 1,1155 1:1-111 NI2tIINfi4'lii. 'I I A ' U 1111- play. il 1:11111 1-411111-dy, 1-1-lit:-rs 2ll'Hll1lll thi- 1'n111:111t1c- 111t+'11t1o11x nt l!:1111u11 ln- l:1st:111u tilivh- I N lI'li N12'1','i11g1-1'p iIIXY2ll'll Iris ,xSlli'tll'li flliilio Mnlnlm-rl. :1 1-h:11'111i11g wicluw, who is tht- 11141tl11-1' 411' two 4-qiizilly 4-h:11-111i11g: wlziiiulltn-1's. .Imly tI'1'11rl4-111-v XI4'IN'l'Ill2li4ii and lil-Ul'2iil MHS' ilivill l'l"'lU'lli2'l'if'l'i. t'u1111mlin':11iu11s :irish NYIIUII I1'is's Aunt May tl-1111:1j4-:111 t'l:111111itU sm-mis Szifliv. il siilii-rstitiuiis Illlbllll- 1:1i11 pIi1'l tl-I1-ilwzin Iluotlij tu live- with tht- Ashlziiiils. Thi- 1-n111hi11ed slim-1'stitiu11s of Szldiv :ind l':1lu1'3 tile-riy I:I:1114lt'u1-mlb, tht- 1-nlu1'n-ml Illilifl. l'illlSt' il riot, The- :ulilitimizll 2lllIM'Ill'2lllC't' of ghosts, l1:11111te-il IHIINUN, :intl Ill2lS4lll4'l'2lfiillpL' 1-:lust-s lllUI'l' truiihln-. Htiu-r Illt-'lllil9I'S of tht- 1-:ist NVOI't'I V111-Iv Gs-u1',a:v tj11n1'h-X. :1 big: g::1111e- llllllTt'l', 1121-11 Iilllqlillliiil M12 Cllllfili tlilwyii fllNblillHlllj1 Mrsi hlt't't'illlIIl. il gus- wip. flhvlilh- Si-:1'1Jg llaim-v llailstoii, tie-nrgi:1's SXVt'4'iill'2ll'i', QSM-w:11't ll:1ll:1110cg and 'l'o111111y llzils 1 1111 wx iilhs 1 yk .- 1' -- -:11't UVe111ln-ll l!:1ln1-in-IU, inn, NI O R RIS O NIA N Dramatics Plays "T HE YALIANTH HSOLHM N PRID E" "A YYEIDIIINGW The entire drainatics Class, which is a new addition to the school nrograin this year, took part in the presentation of the three one-net plays which are pictured above. These plays were evidence of the training and teaching on the part of Miss Calvert, the director and teacher. Nl O R R IS O N l A N Senior High Operetta-H erry of Jericho Road" 'Sli-i'i-y of .li-iivlw Howl" was im-si-:iii-il lay thi- svllini' high ull-v l'lllllS :is the ziuiiiizil npviw-ltai. Wliss lll'XV2ll', who ili1'l-vivil ilu' miisiv :mil lIi':il1uz1ti1,-S, :mil Miss N1-lllllltlllll, who 1lil'm'tv4l the ll2llll'l'S, in-.v ivspuiisililn- Toi' ilu- fiiiv IN'Iflll'lllZlllK't' tllzit was give-11. 'l'Iu4- 4-:ist was :.s follows: l'lll'lt' I'n'14-, olil limi- wi-sim-1-111-ig Clmn l.i-maxi: Alain Wllziy. Xllllllil lzliwli owiwr. lllill tllvzismij: tlvlwilmlim- llllllli, kiimvn :is .Is-vry. llivtlii- l'1l'1'll1'll,I Julink lwziylnm. Xl2lll'N 1-uiisin, KCI:-:llis .llll'1l+'lll1 Mimi, :1 I'lzipiw1'. lfil:ri'il3,'ii i'zi1'lsmi7: lml':l. Mi11ii's t'HllSlll. lllziry Wlxiilzxtm-lip: f'UI'll6'llllS lim-nn. I'I'Hlll lloslmi. lllivlxzniwl 4'oi'in--lliz Anms Ilzinlc. an 1-zisti-i'm-r, 1114111 lilirlzl: In-tticv Ilziiili. luis wifi-. lAi'l1-nv Snlislaairyjg Snmly llziiik, ilu-ir ilniigliln-i'. lllwi-iillulyn Nm-A Nmiililz lliiim-V. 21 fli-In-vliw-, flliulily rn-mtv. Thx- 1l2llll'lIILI1'll4ll'llN :lllfl ilu- singing' vlmriw wuiw 1-mn msml uf orln-r iiwniln-i's of flu- gli-v vliilis . . I iml 4l1'N1'l'V1'lI'Q'llll for nmking rhv in-1t'oi'1ii:il11o :i siiiw-ws. Yiviziii liulli, ilu- 2l1l'lllllIHllllSl, ilul :in vx- l1'll1'lli iuli in llvl' lHII'l. ,........, unior High Operetta-"Bits 0' Blarney" 'l'lu- Jiiiiiur Iligli Gln-ei Club. 4lll'l'l'lQ'll lry Miss lin-:ill'iw XVllUl'lPX, lm-sl-i11i'4l its firxt 'ilu-rl-itzl 'ltxls 0 Illziriin-y mi Mzuiwlli lflth, It wana zu xlury l'llIl4'0l'lllllQ' I's-grgy lArl1-nv lnlSlll2,'l :mil lu-r nmiiy llllllll'l'l'N. Two ui' lin-i' must :ircle-nt zirlmirvrs wi-1'v l':iIi'ii'k lSli-wairt lLzn'il:im'1-p ziiifl lloln-rt Qllulwrl I'ux-ilyb, Mary l1'liyllis Ni-lsunj nssistvml lay Ilusii- fI'liyllis Svsvvtj :iml .Xgiu-s Uoyce IQIIVIZJ ls-il The 4-liuriis, Miki- 0'NuuIv fllriiu- llllSlll5.Y1'I'J, thu- wiiwtzilwi' ul' Thu- iwivam- 1-stxllv. finally sin-u-will-il in vi-iiugiiig rngvtlim- thi- vuiiplvs- --l':iti'i4'k :inrl l'vg:p:y, null l:HlN'l'l :incl Mary, A114-i' the boys flisvowiw-il that I's-guy 1-:ire-il only for l':it1'ivk. llivy rm-ailizs-rl tlml llivy still l'ill'l'll for the-ir f4H'lllt'l' swvvlln-:11'ts Vllllq' 2lQ'l'4lllllHllllSl was lA7lllSl3 Malgiuii. fMORRISONIAN HI-Y CLUB 'lihv ilifY has zmccmiiimiislicrl ninth this year. 'Iihcy simiisuiw-rl :L Slllldllj' Schuul contest. niadc plans fm' placing trash cans on thc- niziin strcc-ls uf Mt. Morris. :incl sponsored thc Nzirhlc 'iiUl1l'IlIlIIlC1lt in thc scliuul :incl scvvml wth- ur itcms too numerous to incntiun. 'lihc Hi-Y zilsn ClljUf'L'ii sonic gmirl tinivs in thc past yn-zu' :it thc lihnt Yi Nl. C. X.. :Lt Copeiu-cmlic. :incl :it thc' hunics of tht incinhcrs. The officers arc: IH-Qgidem Y.,,VV, ,,,, ,.,,,, l 4 ichzird Cm'in-ii X'iCC-IJ1'E'Sifi6llt ,,,,, Rziyimiiirl XX'zitwii SQ-Q1'Qtgl1'5' .YVY,VVV,, ,,,,,, i ftvllilhi Nt'iSHI1 'l'rQ3gu1-er ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i'iI'illlCiS Sfmt Slimigqii-5 ,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rcverciirl ll, IH. S4-llcrs irfllllii Lzlnhiun. Mzi1ii'ic4' Nl:u'iin'i' MARBLE CHAMPIONSHIP ilcrzihl XYLLYQ. Z1 niviiihvi' uf thc- tifth gitirlc-. has hrmigiit limim' In thu Scliwnl hy winning' thc snhnrhzin inzirhh- cuntcst. which was spiiiisiiiwrl hi' thx' Flint Uziily biflllfllili. lic was ziwziiwh-rl ll tins timpliy fm' thc- sclimil fm' thiw :icliicvc-iiiciit. and will nmx' ha- zillmvccl 11+ CIIYCI' thc suite Iinziis. CI-IEER LEADERS L Left to right: Carl Murphy, B+-Hip Mao Fl'I'l1K'h. Arlene Salislniry. Bu1'i'e,-tt .Iukewny Absent: Bette King. Marilyn Carlson. MORRISONIAN TI-IE BAND The Mount Morris High School Rand has been very active in participation in various musical festivals and has attracted state-wide attention both as a concert and a marching band. Since appearing for the second consecutive time in the Flint Motor Festival Parade last summer, it has played at the Michigan State Fair, here for the second time also, at the football games, P. T. A. meetings, high school assemblies, and at Lapeer, Ann Arbor, Hoover, Sag- inaw, and Qwosso band festivals. At the Lapeer festival, the band received a second divisional rating, which entitled it to participate in the State Festival held at Ann Arbor. At Ann Ar- bor, the band received a Class ll third divisional rating. This may be con- sidered an improvement over previous showings because the band is placed in a higher class this year than before. At the County Band Festival, held at Hoover School, the band was awarded a iirst divisional rating, For its hne showing in the band meet at Saginaw, it was awarded a fine trophy. At the Owosso Festival, it also made its usual fine showing. Donna Babcock, Vtlendell Babcock, Donald Haver, and Richard Cornell represented the Mount Morris High School in the Solo Division of the State Band Festival. Donna, XYendell, and Donald placed in third division. and Rich- ard received a first division rating. These people have reason to be proud of their showings because of the keen competition given them by the players from larger schools who have had longer training and are much more exper- ienced in this type of work. The Mount Morris High School and the community of Mt. Morris have a right to be, and are, proud of this line musical organization and of its able director, Mr. Alfred XY. Lindholm. President .......... Vice-President .. Treasurer ......... Drum Major ......... Student Director Donald Haver Harold Hillier Dale Hoyt Harold Hillier Richard Cornell FIRST BAND MORRISONIAN MORRISONIAN SECONDBAND Miss Marion illl'N'ill' VOCAL GROUPS lYe take this occasion to extend our g'l'2l.tCl7Ul thzxnks to Miss Dewar for her splendid service in developing' Z1 girls' glee clulm and a mixed choral group that ranks zunong the liest that the Mount Morris school has ever trhined out. 'llhe rendition of "Steal Away" :tt the local Music Festival will long remain in memory because of its quiet lmeziuty. 'llhe school and conununity are always looking' to Miss llewzir to plan music for this progrzuu or that prograin, and she alwziys rises to the occasion cheerfully and grzlciously. Such at service is deeply appreciated. O R R O N ORCHESTRA STRING GROUP l l MORRISONIAN Boys'Glee Club Girls' Glee Club unior High Glee Club A L- A 1, A 'MORRIS French Club Latin Club Home EC. Club ONIAN W MORRISONIAN PUBLIC SPEAKING The public speaking department this year was headed by Miss Purcell and Miss Mansfield. Catherine Iolieks, Marjorie Becker, Donald Gray, and Raymond Watson represented Mt. Morris in debating. The team, coached by Miss Purcell, met St. Michael's, Corunna, Durand, and Chesaning schools, winning two of the four debates. Mt. Morris entertained the sub-district forensic contest, April 19, with Miss Mansfield acting as chairman. Raymond Wfatson represented the school in extemporeg Donald Matthews presented an orationg Darwin Ierden deliv- ered a declamation. Darwin jerden and Raymond XVatson won their events and the right to enter the District contest at Howell. Here Darwin placed third in declamation and Raymond placed lirst in extempore speaking. The boys were both awarded dictionaries, with their names engraved, for having placed in the contest. Raymond received a banner which was awarded by the Detroit Free Press for his excellent rating. In the forensic held several people deserve special mention for having provided keen preliminary competition for the representatives of the school. These people were: Helen Elleman, Joyce Boyd, Doris Cornell, and Robert Bramblett. The experience gained by the contestants this year will prove useful in next year's work, as well as the success it attained for them this year. MoRR15oNlAN s -- DEBATE Catherine Him-ks. Donald Gray, Miss Piiwvll, K2lY111Olld XVz1tscm. and Murjo Becker. Declamatory, Qratory, Extempore First row, lelft to right: Joyce- Boyd. Darwin .Ivwlff-11, Miss Mzxixsficilcl, Miss l'11rc-will Raymond VVats0u, Ilulmi IC11e111z111. Sefcoud row: Rub Brziiubleltt, Albert 1+'1'ase1'. lflrlzl, Galle, Viviun Woodbeck. Doris Cornell, Joyce Gell. Doimld Matliews, Lloyd Taft. MORRISONIAN Snapshots ' it ,,f. Q FPL! Jlsiurljer-'11 , V X K K R 7 nc-,a ycank fi fd Lfwd ai ? ,,z . X 1 'I if ,-2 I ftf fgfggka ' I 10'f5"1'f5571iQ5A " Qf M L, - , Y' x ws is , . nr :I f"1vya1f1,1g'.. .mv fi ...t b y ' T K .ff J ff x ., ,wx", Z.. K M 5 .Qi -i ki, r K ,I Lf . r sg a S .iz . P ky .,A,, c , pf A , 1, ' ' ' ' Y 1 J 'llhsff 'M " '-A' 'A K 4 .sf ,-. - ' r f ' " 1 1 f f T5 I '-,- ,.. -7. - . , .irzg 1 M5 PW' me ahanev ?-z1C!l"fff" bww v I 773' Na 13' QW Lge QR SO 47 if J-2-3l3,Ll"" 'QS..w4- -e fMORRlSONIAN FOOTBALL Seated, left to right: lviilllilf-1'9l'S' -George Gardy, liill l31111clt. Bill Rocfkwell. Second row: Harry 'l'er1'ill, .Ioe lloltmau, llou l,2ll'kt'l', lJ11z111e Glidden. XVz1lter 'Fil0fl'lDS0ll, John Marr, Clutrles Smith, Bob Zerull, Lloyd S1'l1oeppz11-l1. Leslie Gale, Louis Schoeppach, Bill lXlf'IJeri11z1id. Third row: Dale Hoyt, Iialpli lirackrog, Lloyd llevker, Nathan Hoffman. C11-mis Jerden, Maurice Tucker, IC1-nest I-luuiplirey, Warren Hart, lion Kurtz. B11d Scott, Earl Johnson, Ralph Martin, Don Lf-uox, Fourth row: Howard llruper. 3I1llll'lC'9 Protteligeier, Alex Cuban. Charles VVilt- foiig, Bill Gleason, Rz1ymo11d Watson. Lynn Serven, Hobart English, George Herrivk, Uozufli Bigelow, Robert Bloomer. C'oz1c'l1 York. Gerald lleckelx Fifth row: Zelbie Matthews, Bryce Finn, Dallas .illlli-', Russell Moutuey, Darwin Jerdeii, Bryan Shanks, John Shenkel. Carl Murphy. Mt. Morris turiiccl thc trick again this year hy XYillllillg' the cl1z1n1pio11sl1i1m in 11 tie with Fenton. This makes thc third crown in three years. OI' the twenty-two hitter men, eighteen of them, Iccl by Czlptuiu Nathan 'Iloi'f111:u1, grudilute this your. l'lzLyers receiving' positions Ull the .-X11-County tczlm are 21s follows: .. -- , lwrst team ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,...,.,...,,.,..,.i..,,,,,,.,,t,,..,. iilliilllilll, I arker, Gleason Second team ,.........,,,,, .....,,,,,,,,,,.,.. I i2ll't. L. Decker iitJllUl'2li7iC Mention ,l,,, ,,,,,, F Icrclco. Hoyt lilflililflfl GAMES Cayo l , . . . G lit. lWOI'l'lS . . Alma , , . . .. 0 Mt. Morris .. tFe11toi1 . . . . . . 7 Mt. Morris . . 4eBQl1dlf2 , . . 0 NIT. iW0l'I'iS . . "'Daviso11 . . . . . 6 Mt. Morris . . XBQQCIIQI' ,,., . . 0 Mt. Morris . . gcGl'8.lld Blain' . . ... 0 Mt. Morris .. bkFlllSllil1g . . . .. 0 Mt. Morris . . 'Clio ..... , . . 0 Mt. Morris . . 6 0 12 25 0 25 6 12 O-4 ii .v MORRISONIAN BOYS' BASKETBALL .-Xlthough the Mt. Morris team won only second place in the county. they fared very well in the tonrnzunents. The tezun won the district tournament very easily but found the going' tougher. being' turned lmek hy Sandusky, in the lqCg'lUllZl.l finals at lllt. Pleztsant. XXI- place three inenihers on the .Xll-county teams: l.ynn Serven on the iirst tezun and Bill Gleason :mtl Royal llzirlcer on the seeoncl. First row, left to right: Donald Lumpson, Lynn Serven, Royal Parker, captain, Maurice l,l'0lf,K'll5.1'Q1Q1'. John Yates. Sveoncl row: Ernest Hulnphrey, iiiaiingrir. llonnld Parker, John liruinblett, Courh Bigelow, lioliert Bloonier, Howard Draper, Hill lloekwell, inniiugvr. Absent: Bill Gleason. LEAGl'l'l GAMES Bendle .... . . 24 Mt. Morris Davison . . . . . 33 Mt, Morris Grand Blane .. 24 Mt. Morris Beecher . . . . . 26 Mt. Morris Clio ....., , . 15 Mt. Morris Fenton .... . . 18 Mt. Morris Flushing . . ...... 19 Mt. Moi-1-is lllS'l'RlC'l' 'l'0l'IIN.Ull+INT Beeeher . . ..... 18 Mt. Morris Flushing . . . . . .... 14 Mt. Morris IIICGIONAL T0l'l!NAMlCN'l' Big Rapids . . ........ 15 Mt. Morris Sandusky . . .35 M t, Morris MORRISONIAN BOYS' TRACK First row, left to right: Leslie Gale, Hobart English, Carl Murphy. Ralph Brack- rog, Leo VVray, .l. D. Mitchell. Second row: Coach Bigelow, Howard Draper, Bill Holloway, YVarren Hart, Dick Jakeway, Don LELIIIDSOII, Royal Parker, Robert Bloomer. Third row: Ronald Schofield, Jesse Morrill, Raymond Watson, Cloatis Jerden, Donald Kurtz, Ralph Stadler. Absent: Bill Gleason. BOYS' BASEBALL First row, left to right: Robert Purdy, Manager, Royal Parker, Ernest Humphrey, John Yates, Captain, Lynn Serven, Charles XViltfong, Robert Scott, Talley Griffiths, Manager. Second row: Coach York, Donald Parker, Bud Scott, Maurice Prottengeier, Don- ald Esmond, Jack Hitchcock, Howard Draper. Third row: Leslie Gale, Tom Allen, VVesley Cowell, Bob Braniblett, Bill McDer- maid, J. D. Mitchell, Marion Jewitt, Manager. f MORRISONIAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Vow, left to right: Lois Rovkwvll, Joan Reid, Ilillllil Serven, Arlene Salis- bury, Uillllillll, Bcllim- l'll'GI1C'll. Virginia llonnds, A1'lv11v Rising. Swuiirl row: l'l'llfl611C9 Nlcl1e1'111z1icl, Billie Mol1lv1'. Couvli Ne11n1111111, l1ZlizabP1l1 .l0lll1SUll. lmle Snllivz Ill. Alisvntz 1391111 King. r 1 - ll111 Qirle ll'L1l 1 xuy s11cccssf11l j'CZll'. 11'i1111i11g sg-V1-11 uf thc ciglit g:1111c-s , 1 lilziyecl. 'l'l11-5' ticcl with llcncllc for cmmnty Cl1Zlllll3lUI1Sl1117. 'lilic nrst 1021111 1111-1114 lmcrs ?ll'l'I Clllltllill .Xrlene S2lliSlJ111'j'. ig liettc King, gg Virginia ROl111ClS. i, llettic l'lI'Cl1Cl1, fg Lois Rcmclcxvcll, gg Zlllfl llctlm Scrven :incl Arlene Rising sl1z11'- ing l11111111' 11s tln- tl1i1'cl g'11:11'rl. Sulmstitntes 2l1'L' l,l'11ClCl1L'C Hcl,Jc1'111z1id. llillic Klulilcr, 1111111 R1-iml, l'fliz:1l11-111 .lul111sm1. and lJ:1lc Sl1lllVZl1l. 'lll1c 11-11111 luscs tlircc llZlX'Q1'S tl11'u11f1'l1 f1'1':1rl11z1tiu11: X'i1'ffiniz1 Ruuiids, Ai'- . 5 5 5 Al1111111i .. Bondle .. Davison .... Grand Blanc .. l3e1eCl1v1' . . . Cl1GS3l1lllg' .. lenc Sz1li5l1111'y. llllil llettc liing. GAMIGS 12 ., 23 .. 14 17 13 H I M r11'1'iS Morris Morris Mu1'1'is lNl111'1'is M r11'1'is 29 16 15? 19 17 -nr, MORRISONIAN l GIRLS' SOFTBALL First row, left to right: Lois Rockwell. Maxine Keller, Marjorie Becker, Bettie French, Virginia Rounds, Arlene Rising, Phyllis Nelson. Second row: Dale Sullivan, Elizabeth Brimmer. Carmen Mitchell, Arlene Salis- bury, .loan Reid, .lune Keller, Coach Neumann. ' Third row: lCrla Gale, June Keck. Geneva Salisbury, Elizabeth .lohnson, Mary XVhitlatch. Virginia Todd. Absent: Captain Bette King, Belva Gainer. First teani nienibers are: Bette King, c: Marjorie Becker, pg Bettie French, lst, C2il'lll911 Mitchell and Virginia Todd. Zndg Arlene Salisbury. Slrdg Arlene Rising, ssg Lois Rockwell, ss, Virginia Round, rf: Phyllis Nelson, lf, and Maxine Keller, cf. GIRLS' TRACK l First row. left to right: Phyllis Nelson, Bettie French, Virginia Rounds, Captain Marjorie Becker, co-captain, Irene Kurtz, Arlene Salisbury. Second row: Arlene Rising, Prudence Mt-Derinaid, Joan Reid, Donna Babcock Coach Neumann, Retha Serven, Carmen Mitchell, Lois Rockwell. Third row: Joyce Kurtz, Geneva Salisbury, Elizabeth Johnson, Velma King, Mar ion Carroll. Absent: Bette King, Belva Gainer. m A -W MoRRusoN AN -H he ALUMNI K X ji-SED' ----W MORRlSONlAN Alumni CLASS OF I904 Giwivo Ki"lley. llooklwmqivr. Mt. Morris. . fi0l'lI'llIi1' XVilli:inis. Mrs. Arthur 5lUIlf2lLYll0. Mt. Morris. Josophino Hove-y. Mrs. Dailo Rhodes. Flint. l-'rod llrynu. 'l'i-:iffln-i', Royal Oak. Arvliie Simons. l+I11gii14-v1', Gl'tllld llapids. CLASS OF l905 Floyd Vmon. Colli-1-ting Agfmivy. Flint. - Vivzi llrown. Mrs. ICQ-x liolzlnll. Mt. Morris. Mollie BIVBIZIIIIIS. Mrs. Jill! Iluffin, Cll1'iP0j'Q.2'Jlll.4 Mzilsx-l Shsirivk. Mrs. Sill-ox. lu-noshal. XViSi'UllSlll. Mnlu-1 llriswolfl. Mrs, Vioyil T111-lwr, llol-ln-stoi'. Mivhigzin llorthzi nlllllttlflllfl, 1101-oaisml. CLA S S 0 F I906 l"l4ll'4'lll'!' I'tl4-y. Mrs. Losliv Gilli-lt. Iflint. llnlph Gillott. lllbllltt. Clio. Mzilwl IlllI'd. Mrs. Pzittinson, lu-4'e':lsv1l. CLASS OF l907 1li':n-v I':1ilthorn, Mrs. lIol'lu-rt l'ri-ston. NV:lrs:lW. N. Y. .LA Sli F I8 Ci-i'ti'il4lo Mc-Cinnis, Mrs. lloswi-ll Mnila-ins. Flushing. 1 X 5 0 94 lgorthzi Johnson. Mrs. lfhirry Glllott, Clio. Hn-o1'g:o lllzu-lim-y. liilivli. Flint. ly.. g. - Lf. , : . ' Q.. A: ,,. Fa-rn Simons, llainm-roft. - A Tlmjxti QIIVLIIQ1431.231L:1iiiiVl,lflgtllsilililf. I lnxulh' Maury bIl'f'2lI'fllX, Mrs. Wi1lmni llnrns. Mt. Morris. Lulu Fzrilow. Mrs. Arvliio llrny. Mt, Morris. lla-i'lu-rt IillI'I'0llfIllS, Iowa, V .4 , Illtlwl si-on, iv--mis--il. 1111155 01' 1908 llnlph Montnarin-, Ministor. llrooklyn. Mit-liig::in. CLASS 01" 1895 l'Irm-st Montzlzznv. Fnrnior. Clio. Mairy Mnlvalnm-y, Mrs. llivhsirdson, llziy City. Rohort lionson, Dovtor. Portlznnl. Orepfon. Ilnisy I.oiinsln1rry, IM-um-nsvil. CLASS OF 1909 Carrie llzunnvr, 111-in-lisml. llnynioinl Nixon. F2ll'Ill4'l'. Mt. Morris. . A 1 . , . ln:-z Mnrslmll. 'l'l'2U'll1'I', Mt, Morris. QLABH 01 1890 Zitzi Iliissf-l"l. Mrs. 'I'honi:is livziriioy. Ml. Morris. Mzllwl Iiiiim-In-rlrovlu'i'. Mrs. Nfl, XXX-llnizin. llurt. Ali1'llig1lll ' Q.. . ,. Ivzl llvlli- Simons. Mrs. lie-rnnrfl 0'IIri4-n, Clio. N' l I'mH'm5' l':1lXVI1I'4l 3If'f'2ll'iil1'. Fiirnn-r. Mt. Morris. Arnold Fnton. llnhlmrrl's llnrdwiiro, Flint. . .. 4. .. Clayton Johnson. Insurzinw- Mun, Flint. 1LAhN 01 'xg' John Murphy, llontist, Grand Rapids. Mrilu-I llc-rry. Mrs. Lloyd Ililsinzrn-r, Ml, M .ri.'. . .. . ill!-lin Iailrrgriiillis. Mrs. Sonnor. Snnnysiilo.UW::shin:.5ton. CLAHF 01- 19m Ivo Suit , rs. Hostllr. .Xnrl a r-, Ahpk. , , , h Julm U.,n.S0n' Mvdi,-1,1 iy,,..f,,r. lliimfff is I Frnnvis liIllK'ii1'l'lNll'k1'l', Cnr SHICSIIIFIII, Mt. Morris. lfhzirles Ilunn. I.zlkx-shore llziilrozul, Tolwlo. Ohio. EW' AWIWWS- MPS- NUU11111 SW'l1'3'- 92111011 1'113'.,C1Pl01'211lfJ J. Ilrovk Westover. 'IR-xzis. Ilaizs-l llzuninonrl, Mrs. lbw lw-rguson. Mt. Morris. llny Morgraiu. ' Clmrlos Morgan. John Czishin. S2l,'Iill2lXV. CLASS 0F l911 i ci. imiiimi som. inm-k, ifiinr. i H4-lon f'osto'ilo. llupont, Flint. lllzlnvln- Mnxwoll. Mrs. Rox Stnnlov. Sillllf Stn-. Mario. W CLASS OF l898 Irvin- Viilliton. Mrs. Czlshins K4-lliy. Mt. Morris, .lost-pliiiw BIIIIVGIIICY, Mrs. Ilill N '1:in, Flint. lim,-1 gi,,,,,,1S. p,...,.,,s,.d. llnzol I.11:in4l. Mrs. lluwo, Saginzixv. Clmrh-s Murnliy. ln-ntist. l.:insing 1898 thruugli l9ll2-no re-cords. CLASS 0F 1912 CLASS OF l903 Martin Mvliinnis, A, fl. Officfv, Flint. Clil't'or1l lloyt. Iluivk. Mt. Morris. Hn-lon M:iiC:irty. Mrs. Mcllinnis. lint-ewisvd. lfllln llnssm-ll. Mrs. JIIIIIPS llnrns. Mt. Morris. llolwrt l'lun1h. Hnhli:lrd's llzlrdwzlrv. Flint, lloso Iluglws, Mrs. fiilllililillll, Flint. Curl llrown, F2lI'Ill1'l'. Mt. Morris, Wi-ston Sm-llvrs. 1104-vzlsvfl. Anna Murphy. Mrs. Eurl Gsirtlzind, Flint. Ilarry Gillott. 'l'ownship Supervisor. Clio. l-'Q-rn Mnprinn. Mrs, Jann-s W. Mite-ln-ll, llgtroit. llvrlllzl Johnson, Mrs. Gills-It, Flint. lithafl 'l':iylo1', Mrs, Murray Felt, I-'iint. ff MORRISONIAN CLASS OF 1918 Ada Smith. Mrs. Earl Sparks. Mt, Morris, Claro Knickvrliovlu-r, Farnn-r, Mt, Morris. llonald Magxinn. Gonosoe County llorald, Mt. Morris. Loslio Gravos, llovoasoll. Mary 1leLaVl-rgiio, Mrs. Jann-s, ln-11-:isa-ml. Mary Murphy, 'l'oal-her, Flint. Nollie Eagron, Mrs. Ira YVilc'ox. Ut't'ic'o Mgr. 1'rosoL'uting Attorney, Flint. Gladys Scott, Mrs. Drudge, Goiiosoo, CLASS OF l9l4 Zana Hilsiugor, Mrs, Charles Havi-r, Mt. Morris. Alina IbeI.aVorg'no, In-ceased. lluth llradv, Mrs, Uulotte, Flint. liathloon Graham. Mrs. Darth-y Kings, XVashiugton. Il. C , loarl Upper. Factory 1Vork+-r, Flint. lil-rt St-ott. Ituirk, Gi-noseo. llort Smith, XXX-lfaro Offivo, Mt. Morris. lloy Hammond. Farnior, Clio, liva Owons, Mrs. Stuart, Flint, CLASS OF l9l5 lllloa St-rvon, Mrs. Goorgro Goodman, Mt, Morris. llc-lon llurns. Itookkufpor. Mt. Morris, lidith Thompson, Mrs. George Stauloy. Madge Hilsingor, M1's. Vorl Iluffnian, Mt. Morris. CLASS O F 1916 llolia Shariuk. Marriod, Flint. Lora Knight. Mrs. Howdy. Flint. Franvos Knight. Mrs, Spi'llanv. Flint, Luvian Simons. Cashis-r at Gm-nosoo County Savings llank Flint. llarry 1lol.aV4-rgrno. Mt. Morris. lloulah Horton, Mrs. Frod Fuusi-li, fiCllUS1'l'. Nollio Horton, lloino, Flint. llossie- Kelli-y, liovoasod. Max Ilutterfiold, Farnn-r, Mt. Morris. Mildrod Brady, Mrs. Roy Hanilnond. Clio. John liIllC1iCl'1l0l'li1'l'. Farnior, Mt, Morris, CLASS OF 1917 Ml-rorlith lllavk, Chl-vrolot, Dotroit, Ilarry Griffin, lluirk, Flint. Nl-'llio Kellov, lluivk Offive, Flint, Mildrotl Hilsiiigl-i', Mrs. John Knit-korlxot-ker, Mt, Morris. lllvorott Ludwig. 1'tbil4'IflIl,'I Agi-ut-y, Flint. Mary Magiun. Mrs. llalph Holgolry, Flint. Yalitta McGinnis, M1's. Lloyd llc-nton, Flint. CLASS OF l918 Ella Tlussoll. Mrs, Marion AVtliflllll'l7. Flint, Flilllliy Russz-ll, Ihws-:isofl, llolon llogolo, llonio, l'inv liuu. CLASS OF 1919 Francis llray. Lansing, Gorald Magiuu, Goin-soo County Savingrs Hank. Flint. Milos Murphy, lion-tor, Grand Rapids. Ralph Rhode-s, Minister. Flint. Charlotte Fu'ilor, Mrs. Jann-s Murphy, Mt. Mor1'is. Laura Mason, Mrs. Loo Zorull. Mt. Morris. Ann Murphy, Mrs. l'aul Gallola, Flint. Sadio llray. Mrs. Joss Austin. In-troit, Loouo Harknor, Mrs, XV9inloll Lindsay, llvtroit, 'l'ln-ima Bn-rryf Mrs. Michael llillon. lialtimore. Maryland. CLASS O F 1920 Chai-los Mason. Garago, Mt. Morris. Arviliilillll Sm-llofii-ld, lloliof Invostiylator, Flint. Morna Ile-rry. Mrs, Hunt. Ilussollvillo. lirma Ridloy, Marriod, Ibotroit. Etllol ljlaokford, Mrs. Allwrt Alario, Flint. CLASS OF l9.!I A!Ol'1I2l1l llofldor, lluivk, Flint. lralph Hilslngor. Hoo, Aulvurndalo. Mass, Allin-0 Ross, Mrs. Ralph Upper, Lansing. Orvillo Swartz. Buick. Flint, Mary Yorinotto, Mrs, John Mullally, Mt. Morris. Zola Simons, Mrs. Javk Sniith, Mt. Morris. Claroin-o Xvorle, Doc-oasod, Ralph Partridge, Thrashor, Cass City. CLASS OF 1922 Dorothy Domino. Mrs, Ka-unoth Myors. Flint. Iloatrioo Ilrady, Mrs. William Connor. Flint. Ht-Ton Mayrrane, Physir-al Illduvation, Ypsilanti. Holon VVrig:ht, Mrs. Howard 'l'onilxy, Flint, Edna llunt, Married. Flint. Caspor llouglas Kennoy, Factory, Flint. Rena Maxwoll, Nurso. Javksou, Alta Fppor, Mrs. Howard llowoy, California. Goorgo 'l'ra4-y, Derfeasod. Gladys XVisner, Mrs, 'l'rai-y, Mt. Morris. Velma Evhlin, Marriod, Flint, XVilfroil Layton, Fruit Storo, Jackson, CLASS OF 1923 Norma llc-rry, Mrs. Dr, Ke-unoth LaGalloy, l'ort Huron. I.o'la llockor, Mrs. Jam-k llawos, Lansing, John Costollo, Dentist, Flint. Gs-iioviovo Flynn, Homo. Mt, Morris. B1-'atriro Greene, Mrs. llarolql Phipps. Clio. Rollgi-r Partridgo, Farnn-r. Mt. Morris. Earle' Stino, Dow Cln-inival NYorks, Midland. HL-nry Iialprooyan, llank Auditor, New York City, N. Y. Gladys Lindsay, Mrs, Milo McIntyre. Mt, Morris. Harold Pailthorp, Mothollist Minister, Clarkston. CLASS OF 1924 llonna llavknoy, Mrs. Loo Clark. Chiu. Laurotta 'l'rafl'ord, Marriod. Flint. Franf-is Slattory, Ml-dival llof-tor, Claro. Eva llandall, Mrs. Cm-oil Suninwrs, Mt. Morris. Eloiso Ililsingor, Mrs. Charlos Gray. Mt, Morris. llhlna Elliott. Mrs. I,2lYVl't'llCt' Anderson, Flint. Kennoth Stadlor, Farmor, Mt, Morris, Gordon Slattory. A1-1'ouutin,2' l':l1g1ll00l' for Stato Highway llopartlnont, Hillman. Franz-os llriggs. Mrs. llarvoy Adair. Mt. Morris. Raymond Mason, Farnn-r, Mt, Morris. Mildrod Magrano, Marrioll, llc-troit. llorothy Hilsingrer, Mrs. lloy Adair, Detroit, Sidnoy Ivko, Camera Shop, Flint, Milo Molntyro. Lindsay Grorory Store, Mt. Morris. Gorald Iligolow, Teller, Gi-nosoo Co, Savings Ilank, Flint Mary Costollo, Teacher. ln-troit, Marjorio Stophens, Mrs. Grant Robinson. Mt. Morris. Raymond 0'Conuor. City Auditor. llotroit. Grant lloluinson. Flint l'ost Uffivo. Mt. Morris, l-'rankio Nivhols, Marrioil, Flint. Str-w:il't Moore-. Civil l'lll,LIiIl4'l'l'. Cloyoland, Ohio, Paulino Murphy. Mrs. William 1Valt4-rs, Flint. ltussvll llluv. Flint. Iionnoili Illuo. Flint. CLASS O F 1925 Iono Colling. Mrs, Gillwrt l'i1loy. Swartz l'1's-ok. Russoll lla-:n-li, Goin-soo County Ilanlc. Flint. Franros liurl-h. Marriod, Swartz Crook. Arthur 1"I'k'0IllZlll, Iluirk, Mt. Morris. llc-atrivo Garlwt, Marrioll, ltlilwaukoo, 1Visl'onsin. Frod fil'l'i2lCll, Expt-riuu-ntal llrivor for lluirk, Flint. Dorothy llolison. Ilookkoopor, Flint. lsalwllo Layton, Mrs. Ilarloy XVodoll, Javkson, Helen Mt-Carty. Mrs, l,2lllliH'!'1'Stlll, Fargo, North liakota Chris Mr-Garry. Field In-prosontative for State- 'Fax XVard Mt. Morris. Linford Montnoy. Floronvo Trafford, Marriod, Mt, Morris. Grl-tta Funsch. Mrs. John 'l'oolo, Mt. Morris. Malwl Gann-rtsfoldvr, Mrs. Svhultz, C1llCtlj2,'ll, Illinois, CLASS OF 1926 Nita lturloy, Mrs. Howard Wapzor, Flint. Euniro Allis, Mrs. Clayton lidwards. Vionna. Marjorio lic-rry. Mrs, llriss lilllClCt'1'llOI'iU'l', Flint. Frank Malia, Contractor, Chivago. Quoonio llrown. Mrs, Douglas Logan, Mt. Morris, Luolla lluys, Mrs, Franklin Glynn, Mt. Morris. 1'aulino I4lag:on, Mrs, ldrnost Sovord, Mt. Morris, Clarissa Gray, Dooeasoll. Edptar Collins. Fisher Rody, Fostoria. Geraldine Hilsinger, Mrs. Frank Maxwell, Vern McIntyre, Newspaperman. Montana XValter Randall, Factory, Flint. Emery Shoens, Factory, Mt. Morris. Francis O"l'oole. Detroit. Lee Smith, lluick, Mt. Morris. Gilhert VVeiss. Chevrolet. Mt. Morris. Samuel lllorre, Teehnifai Eliipxineei- at A. C.. Flint. Fern llay. Mrs. Gilbert Aillis. Mt. Morris. llill Costello, Chevrolet Accountant, Flint. Albert Collins, liuick, Mt. Morris. Mt. Morris. CLASS 01" 1927 Walter Davis. Factory, Detroit. Frank Maxwdl, liuick, Mt. Morris. . Raymond Somers, Dentist, l'pper i't'llIllSll'iil. Kenneth Phillips. Dairyinan, Kalamazoo, Louise Allis. Mrs. Gilbert VVeiss, Mt. Morris. Robert lioyle, llllick, Mt. Morris. Zita lNIcGarry. Nurse at Receiving llospital, Detroit. Evelyn Gerlaeh, Mrs. A. Lee llrown, Mt. Mo1'ris. AValter NVright. Factory, Mt. Morris. . Arnold Maginn. Maginn Plunilming: and Heating, Mt. Morris Rose Miller, Mrs. Keith Ennis, Mt. Morris. Ronald lligreiow, Teacher. Mt. Morris. - Gladys Ennis, Mrs. Clarence licllanger. Mt. Morris. Helen Cooley, Deceased. Alden Chandler, King's Daugliters' Orphanage, Flint. Leo Morrissey, Kalamazoo. Terry Gibson, Automobile Salesman, Detroit. Mary Polimae, Married. Flint. Joe Stiniae. Packard. Detroit. Myrtle Ilusted, Mrs. Thorine. Fred Brock. llaptist Minister. Si'l'iltillllOl'0, Caiifornia. Leo Dolan, Contractor, Mt. Morris. Reatriee Robinson. Mrs. Gerard Malia. Chicago, Illinois. Mildred Partridgre, Mrs. David Neil. Flint. Lawrence Gay, Trucker. Kathleen Juekette, Mrs. Robert Gihhs. Household Finance, flint. CLASS 0F 1928 John Burch. Flint News Advertiser, Flint. Eileen Funseh, Chevrolet Office, Mt. Morris. Gerald lllack, Chrysler, Detroit. Gerald Card. Carpenter, Mt. Morris. Nellie XVilson. Mrs. Austin Englehart. Terra Haute. Ind. Ilernice XVhite. Teacher. Clio. Verla Caverly, Mrs. Jack Heber, Pontiac. Clare Recker, Cornell Fniversity, Itahaea, New York. Dorothy Mazrane. Physical Education, Oregon. Franklin Glynn, Insurance Agent, Mt. Morris. John Luce Marjohneile Farm, Flint. Marion llolnson. Married. Lapeer. llerneita Lindsay, Nurse. llollywood, California. CLASS OF 1929 William Thompson, Factory, Tonawanda, New York. Daisy Randall, Mrs. George Smith, Peoria. Illinois. Ronald Partridge, Fisher Rody. Factory, Clio. Sylvia NVarhy, Mrs. Orrin Soper, Flint. Clare S-ehepler, Flint. John Oiiver, Taylor College. Upland. Indiana. Gladys Benson, Mrs. Norris, Jacks-on. James Joy. Marion Stephens, Mrs. Edward Potter. Mt. Morris. Earl lioshaw, Factory. Flint. Marian Kenny, Mrs. Elwin lierk. Flint. .Toseph llapley, Lippincott. Mt. Mor1'is. Ray XVilliams. Teacher, Standish. Margxaret McGarry. Mrs. Earl Eisele. Herman Keifer Ilos- pital, Detroit. Marian Finney, Mrs. Lowell. Flint. Doris Robinson. Mrs. John Ackridge, Mt. Morris. Pillilil Steele, Mt. Morris Dry Cleaners, Mt. Morris. Roderick Somers, Chevroiet. Flint. Marv Goodall. Mrs. Gordon, Swartz Creek. Dallas Sigzwart, Ann Arbor. Gwendola Serven, Mrs. Clarence Sielrert. Flint. Hazel Golf, Mrs. B. E. Ilnltte, New York. Ilruee Maxwell, Continental liaking Company, Mt. Morris. CLA SS OF 1930 XVayne Skntt, Salesman. Flint. Marvin 'l'idhall, lluiek. lfiint. Sam llardwell, C. C. C. Mildred XVright, Married, Clio. Ileatha Mills, Mrs. Peter Loomis, Mt. Mor1'is. MORRISONIAN Elwin Derk, Factory, Flint. Henrietta Wright, Married, Mt. Morris. Mildred Cornell, Teacher, Mt. Morris. Anna Conquest, Home. Mt. Morris. Leslie Becker, Factory, Dayton. Ohio. Mary Ella I'ai'lthorp, Mrs. Clarence Russell, St. Charles. Clarence Russell, Dentist, St. Charles. Pauline Collin-s. Teacher, Married, lleecher. Sahra Vt'ager. Mrs. Clifford Culver, ltog Mildred Emerson. Mrs. Keith Montague. Margaret llarwood. Ethel Hoffmeyer, Mrs. Charles Jacovits. Mabel Loveland, Married. Flint. Cora Loomis, Chevrolet Office, Flint. Lawrence XVard, Factory. Edward XVhite, Teacher St. Marys, Mt. Howard Iligelow, Kurtz Gravel Compan Charles WVhipple, Flint. ersville. Clio. Flint. Morris. y. Flint. Anna Belle Mic-Lean, Mrs. Heidebrant. Flint. Donald Montague, Jiectrician, Mt. Morris. Oscar Nies, Flint. Beryl Ilecker, Oil VVell Supply, San Antonio, Norman Lucas, Fariner, Clio. Ronald llougli, Fisher Rody, Flint. Donald ML-Kenzie, Ranch, Gordon. Nebra Texas. ska. Ruth Caverly. Mrs. Ray Gay, Mt. Morris. Donald llroek, lluick, Mt. Morris. Matthew llrown, Factory, Genesee. Class of 1931 Darlene Freeman, Mrs. Walter Beerman, Mt. Morris. Onalee Babcock, Mrs. Lee Smith, Mt. Morris. Robert Joy, Seliawaing. Gordon Cornell. A. and P. Store. Mt. Morris. Dort Troop. American Express. Clio. Clark St. John. Groves and Co., Funeral Home, lflint. Maxwell Collins, Chemist, Niagara Falls, New lork. Edwin Conquest, Farmer, Clio. Floyd Stevens, Factory. Shirlev Gieason, Mrs. Harrv Andrews. Berkeley. Dorothy Hodge, Mrs. Fred 'Kitchen, Flint. Geraldine Schlosser, Mrs. Roy Adams, Mt. Vera Martin, Mrs. Sewell Munger, Swartz Harold Hart, Factory. Mary Taylor. Francis Howe, Buick, Mt. Morris, Ralph Luce. Farmer, Clio. WVilliam Hicks, Flint. Clyde Tidhall, Factory, Genesee. Doris Marsha'll. Teacher. Mt. Morris. Elizabeth Early, Married, Flint. Leon Thompson, Candy Factory, Fulton, Kathleen Brown, Mrs. XVally Gushen, Mt. Alice Page. lleauty Operator, Flint. Celia Betzold. Mrs. G. Hatt, Flint. Harriett Dean, Mrs. James Moran, Grosse Clarabel Mallory. Mrs. Molaski, Flint. Pearline NVilson, Mrs. Basil Fournier, WVoolworth's. Flint. Florence Thompson, Mrs. Harold Phelps, Holden Ackerman, Factory. Flint. Theodore Bacon, Factory. Mt. Morris. Morris. creek. New York. Morris. Pointe. Head Cashier Red Creek. N. Dorothy Dodge, Mrs. Randall Kippe, Coiumbiaville. Harold Griswold, Factory, Mt. Morris. Juanita Marion, Mrs. Riley Merrill, Flint. Howard XVhaley, Iiuick. Mt. Morris. Edwin Harwood, Teacher, St. Louis. Rohert Plew. Hubbard's Hardware, Mt. Morris. Mable llecker, Mrs. Raymond Hopkins, Flint, Eulyla llanner, Mrs. Glen Hodges, Mt. Morris. Class of 1932 Dolores llrown, Mrs. Harvey Mathews, Mt. Morris. Helen Thrower, Married, Mt. Morris. Illa llrown. Mrs. Donald Montague, Mt. Morris. Lawrence NVQ-vrker Plymouth, Royal Oak. Glen Hodges.-'I'ruc:ker,LMt. Morris. Lyle Hodges, Truck-Driver, Mt. Morris. Erma Hummel, Flint. Rubie Ilodgqes, Mrs. Erwin Hodges, Flint. .XVilfred Reppenhagen. Printer, lletroit. Ruth YVhaley, Mrs, Zink, Clio. Rena Drudge, Mrs. Otto Greve, Flint. Evan NVi'iIiains, Factory, Clio. Harold Anderson. Flint. Goward Hart. Russell Caverly. Home, Clio. Paul Reeser, Factory, Flint, Leah Rhodes, Mrs. Roy Lakie, Cliieapfo, Madalein Mitchell. Martha llezenah, Teacher, Flint. John Stnekey, Farmer, Flushing. Johnson Hackney, I'I01l1t', Flint. Arlene Hilsinger, Mrs. Kenneth Cosens. John Mahoney, Personal Dire:-tor. A. C., Illinois. Pontiac. Mt. Morris. of Y Joseph Genske, Draftsman, VVashing:ton, D. C. Alma Pardee, Married, Flint, VViley Dickenson, Hudson's, Detroit. Velma Duplessis. Married, Davison. Millard Shoens, Farmer, Mt, Morris. Bennie XVhaley, Minister, Nina Phillips, Mrs. Dorf Troop, Clio, Burney Landon, Buick Toolmaker, Mt. Morris. Nora Brown, Mrs. Russell Martz, Flint. Ethel Randall, Mrs. Kenneth Carrier, Mt. Morris. Silas Fleetwood, Electrician, Mt, Morris. Sherman Tidball, Pine Run. Tom Pounder, Recreational Director, llighland Park. Doris Grendziak. Genevieve llamil, Mrs. Joseph Brown, Mt. Morris. Arthur Bentley, Fisher Body Factory, Rogersville. f'l12l1'i9S Lucia, Flint. Violet Gamertsfelder, Mrs. NVilfred Reppenhagen, Detroit Leone Serven, Mrs. Joseph Genske, Washington, D. C. Eva Hoffineyer, Mrs. Leon Parker, Detroit. CLASS OF 1933 Nellie Hillier, Married, Teacher, Hillman, Norman Hoffman, Flint. Kenneth Cosens, Civil Engineer, Pontiac. Lucille Bezenah, Flint. Raymond Rising, Buick, Mt, Morris. Beryl Matney, Buick, Flint. Eiburn Brown, Trucker, Lansing. Sydney Gamble, Buick, Mt. Morris, .krline Carroll, Mrs. Stanley McKenzie, Chicago. Glen Vanlluven, Flint. Charlotte Beach, Housework, Flint, Hu o Brackrog, A. and P, VVarehouse, Clio g . Stanley McKenzie, Northern Baptist Tllvtbltbifltili Seminary, Chicago. Laura Kentish, Mrs. Howard Bigelow, Flint, R. J, Munger, Ford Parts and Service, Chesaning. llarold Doe, Proctor and Gamble, Long Beach, Calif. Paul Ray, Minister, Indiana. Mary Belle 0'Brian, Mrs. Keith Burch, Flint. Lester NVard, Gas Station, Flint. Pauline Scafe, Married, Davison. Alice Kenyon, Married, Chicago. Pauline Spiker, Mrs, H. Schofield, Flint, Arthur Decker, Saiesinan, Chicago. Leah Jane Farrington, Chevrolet, Saginaw. Charles Podoley, Buick, Rogersville, Janetha Kenyon, Mrs, Donald Brock, Mt, Morris. , Jack Murray, Mt. Morris Lbr, and Supply Co., Mt, Morris. Gordon Rockwell, Mt. Morris Hardware, Mt. Morris. Elmer Bobb, Postmaster, Genesee, Alfred llerru k, Hartshorn and NValter, Accouu'ts, Boston Roy Trafford, Factory, Mt. Morris, Robert Rapley, Buitik Policeinan, Mt. Morris. Illa Thompson, Mrs. M. Schntz, Flint. Agnes Bonner, Married, Mt. Morris. Lynn Terry, Buick, Flint. Charles Riley, Factory. . Sewell Manger, Fisher Body, Swartz Creek. Floyd Aillklkllll, Flint. Clarence Edwards. Robert Covert, Mt. Morris, Evelyn Johnson, Mrs. Charles Hect, Flint, Virgil Doe, Long: Beach, California. Donald Reppenhagen, Buick, Mt, Morris. Nvilliam Page, Clio. Jack Crooks, Flint. Beatrice Becker, State Mutual Fire Insurance, Mt, Morris Kenneth Carr, Buick, l"liut. Mae Whaley, Teacher, Port lluron. llazel McDowell, Secretary to Lawyer, Flint. CLASS OF 1934 John Mer1'ill, Buick, Mt, Mo1'ris, Ilene Brown, Mrs. Harold Bobb, Genesee, Dorrthy Marrhzfll, Mrs, llernian Brown, Mt Morris. Janette Joy, Sebawaing, Bernard lvll1ll'l'. Dairy, Clio. Ada Mae Matney, Mrs, Baker, Flint. Robert Welsh, Milk Company, Mt. Morris. NVesley Nyswaner, 'l'rui-ker, Miller Gravel Co,, Otisville. Bruce Brock, Buick Factory, Mt, Morris. Margaret Evans, Anchor Motor Freight, Mt. Morris. Evelyn Greaves, Genesee, NVilliam Sweet, Buick, Mt, bI01'!'lS. Alton Griswold, J. P. Burroughs and Son, Clio. Helen I+'arrington, Mrs. Carl Ammerman, Clio. lla Smith, Mrs. Wesley Nyswaner, Utisville, James Moore, Engineer, Pennsylvania, Harrison Keller, Buick, Mt. Morris. Laverne I'yue, Mrs. John liI+'l'1'l'xl, Mt. Morris, Edna Gale, Mrs. Bud Barkham, Flint, Lloyd Tucker, Flint. Rose Engle, Mrs. Lowell, Mt. Morris. MORRISONIAN Erwin Dodge, Farmer, Clio, Mildred Martin, Mrs, Emory Shoens, Mt. Morris. Ellen Luras, Chevrolet, Flint, Riichard Carrier, Modern Market, Mt. Morris. Judson Berry, Home, Birth Run Raymond Hitchcock, Caretaker, Onaway. Margaret tl'Kelley, Mt, Morris '1'l...i..-., sit. Morris. Martha Pinkston, Flint, Vera Betzo'ld, Flint. Paul Montague, Home, Clio. Bruce Marshall, Farmer, Mt. Morris. Arville St. John, Fisher Body, Genesee, Edith llamell, Flint, Laura McIntyre, Home. Mt, Morris. Donald Rockwell, Buick, Mt. Morris. XVillis Carroll, Kurtz Gravel Co., Mt. Morris. Harold Robb, Fisher Body, Genesee. Arnold Hoyt, Buick, Mt. Morris. Mary Nun Dean, 'l'eacher, Beecher, - Margaret Langdon, VVorking in Flint, Mt. Morris. Christine Skinner, Flint. Viola Stanley, Mrs, McKeever, Flint. Carl Annnerman, .inunerinan Feed Store, Clio. CLASS OF 1935 Kathryn Greaves, Flint. Clifford Caverly, Graham Coal Co., Mt. Morris. Virginia Danner, Nurse, Flint. Margie Lawrence, Mrs. George Knoodle, Mt. Morris. Margaret Gamble, Mrs. Paul Montague, Clio, J. 'l'. S4-rven, Flint Journal, Mt. Morris, Charity Scott, Mrs, Coleman l'0lllD0l'lUll, Flint. Thomas Haley, Buick, Flint. Marguerite Doe, Nurse, California. Goldie Tidbal'l, Mrs, Arthur Bancher, Pine Run. Eleanor Turfus, Mrs, Robert LaRue, Mt. Morris. xvlllltllll Lotkard, Buiik, Flint. Doris Short, Clerk at A, C., Mt, Morris. Roy Sedge, Flint. Dorothea Heald, K4-rn's, Detroit. Mabel Cook, Mrs. U'C'onnor, Deceased. Marguerite Russell, Mrs, Erwin Dodge. Clio. Mervyn Carver, Buick Assembler, Lapeer. Zelda Beard, Mrs. Harold Beard, Mt. Morris. Floyd Swart, Pontiac Garage, Mt. Morris. Esther Schroeder, Nurse. Caroline Gerlach, Mrs, Paul Hinze, Mt, Morris. Eunice llitchcock, Music Teacher, Genesee. James Hurry, Factory, Genesee. Carl lfrch, Buick, Mt, Morris. Creighton Killian, ll, S-. Navy. Jllllt' Rearick, Married. Dorothy Simmonds, Genesee. Phyllis Reppenhagen, Dr. XVriglit, Mt, Morris. Alfred Aldrich, Factory, Mt, Morris, Fred Steele, Mt, Morris Dry Cleaners, Mt. Morris. George Evans, Buil k, Flint. Gweudolynne Keyes, Mrs. Jack Trinlbel, Flint. Rena Goodman, Mrs. Beverly Tyrell, Mt. Morris. Mildred XVilsou, lhevrolet Office, Mt, Morris. Raymond Stinson, Buick, Mt, Morris. Olin Ennis, A. C., Mt, Morris, Donald Slnedley, Fisher Body, Flint. Harriett Lied, Mrs. Ellsworth Scott. Clio. Lucille Koon, Mrs. James XVinterly, Mt. Morris. Robert Ferguson, Central States Teachers College, Mt Iheasant. Louise Johnson, Mrs, Milton Bunker, Flint. Gordon Robertson, Fisher Body, Mt. Morris, Arnold Davis, Fariuer, Utisville. Verna Boyd, Teacher, Mt. Morris. Ralph Pardee, Factory, Flint. l- lorence Kurtz, Deceased, Lawrence Robinson, Buick, Mt. Morris. Pearl llitchcotzk, Mrs. Gilbert Beckley, Genesee. Thurston Tyrell, Buiik, Mt. Morris. Dorothy Blodgett, Flint. YVahneta Harmon, l-'llnt, CLASS 0 l-' 1936 Ruth Decker, Mrs, VVi'ilis Carroll, Mt, Morris. Ethel lffvans, Genesee County llerald, Mt. Morris. Joe Morris. Harry Maxwell, Modern Market, Mt. Morris. Ruth Langdon, Central State 'l'eacher's College. Mt. Pleas ant. Lloyd MrKinstrey, Buick, Mt. Morris. Evelyn Lucas, Deceased. Donald Davis, Farmer, Utisville. Marian Smith, Office, Ann Arbor, Jay Beard, Flint Block Co., Genesee. Preston Nestor, Kern's, Detroit. Joe Levac. Anna Verdier, Mrs. Ilarry Maxwell, Mt. Morris. Evelyn Brock, XV1-stein State Teachers College, Kalamazoo MORRISONIAN llilly Milne, Buick, Mt. Morris. Robert Williams, Sioux Falls College. S. Dakota. Ella Brock. Michigan Stare Normal Coilege, Ypsilanti. Kathryn XVarren. Married, Flint. Russell Pinney, I'. S. Navy, Norfolk, Virginia. Edward Van Aaken, Fisher Body, Mt. Morris. Vallee Hayes, Clerk, Florida. Allison Hitchcock. Grinnell Brothers, Genesee. Bruce Knickerbocker, Hamady Brothers, Flint. Louis Merriam. A lla St. John, Bureau of Pardon and Parole, Otisvlllc. lack George, Factory, Mt. Morris. Doris Ilinkle, Home, Mt. Morris. Ernest Coil, Mt. Morris. Gladys Nyswaner, Telephone Operator. California. Douglas Doe, Buick, Mt. Morris. Audrey Ilorn, Home, Flint. Max Hackney, Farmer, Clio. Georgiana Brisson, Holne, Mt. Morris. Pauline Smedley, Mrs. John Allen, Flushing. George Reid, Factory, Frankenmuth. George Nord, U. S. Army, I'hi'lippines. Margaret Boyd, Mrs. Arlie Montney, Mt. Morris. Doris Sweet, Hurley Hospital, Mt. Morris. Charles Adle, Kurtz Gravel Co., Flint. Nelson Cheney, Bayer Baking Co,, Mt. Morris. Leatha Mason, Bakery, Mt. Morris. Pearl Loomis, Mrs. LeRoy Howe, Clio. Harold Griffiths, Ijpper's Dairy, Mt. Morris. Oscar Long, Buick, Mt, Morris. Edwin Hodges, l'. S. Navy. Walton Mclllinurray. Factory, Clio. Linn Smith, Fniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Orville XVilliams, Northwestern Baptist Seminary, Chicago Jllllt' XVood, Married, Clio. Reatha Mathews, Married, Flint. Stanley Cosens, Arctic Dairy Co., Flint. John Strand. University oi' Michigan, Ann Arbor. Pauline Blalock. Married, Mt. Morris. Ione Stanley, Mrs. Fred Steele, Mt. Morris. Don Hoffman, McKinnon and Mooney, Flint. Nida Carrier. Home, Mt. Morris. Burton Smith. Henry Trumphour, Fisher Body. Mt. Morris. Alice McKenzie, Mrs. Robert XV:-Ich, Mt. Morris. Fern Fraser, Mrs. Ira Pence, Lake Orion. Owen lloyt, Buick, Mt. Morris. Lloyd lleidebreicht, Buick, Mt. Morris. Darlene lloyt, Michigan State College, East Lansing. Alice Carroll, Mrs. Charles rAdle, Flint. Galen Smith, Mt. Morris. Dean Young, Factory, Mt. Morris. CLASS 0 li' 1937 Pierce McCarty, Boy Scout Leader, Mt. Morris. Earldene Langdon, Central State Teacher's College, Mt Pleasant. Bernice llitchcock, Secretary, Flint. Clarence Leland, Janitor, Mt. Morris. Edward Van De XValker, Dixie Drug Store, Mt. Morris. Donna VanDeVenter, Ford Hospital, Detroit. Mabel Landon, Mrs. Robert Gillespie, Flint. Robert Gillespie, Perry Printing Co., Flint. Henry Gale. Buick, Flint. Catherine llite, Hurley Hospital, Flint. Mildred Boyd, Home, Mt. Morris. Thomas Ilabershaw, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris. Herman Gerlach, IIOIIIC, Mt. Morris, Luel'la Adle, Mrs. William Barton, Davison. Irene Brookey, Secretary, Texas, Hal Young, Home, Genesee. Dale Darby, Air Corps, Hawaii. Grace Partridge, Emeth Beauty Shop, Mt. Morris. Catherine Holloway, Mrs. William Sweet, Mt. Morris. Lewis Kotwicki. Flint. Herbert Marshall. East Side Gas Station, Mt. Morris. Doris Fuller, Mrs. Arlon Cole, Flint. Alaire Hart, Sten. Central lVholesale House, Mt. Morris Carl Linsowe, Beecher District. Onilee Iloyt, Mrs. Ray,XVitt, Mt. Morris. Lloyd Diehl, Nursery, Clio. Vivian Greaves, Home, Genesee. lValdo Anderson. Bennett Plumbing Co., Genesee. Jeanette Scott. Home, Mt. Morris. Gordon Caverly, Clio. Artlmr Brookey, Radio Shop, Flint. Anna Vonght, Housework, Genesee. Isalene VVilliams, Modern Market, Mt. Morris. Jolm VVilliams, Northwestern Baptist Seminary, Chicago Marc-e'lline Mar-Lean, Mrs. Darrell Jl'I'tl6ll, Rogersville. Robert Bobb, Citizens Bank, Genesee. Dorothy Morse. Beacon, Mt. Morris. Rowley Salsbury, MolJi'ie Gas Station, Mt. Morris. I'na Dodge, lletailer's Credit Bureau, Mt. Morris. Kenneth King, Carey Baking Co., Mt. Morris. Darrell Jerden, Mm-Dermaid Bros. Gas Station, Mt. Morris Elaine Doe, Home. Mt. Morris, Winifred Gamble, Mrs. Homer Kenyon, Mt. Morris. Paul LeFurgey. Hoover Vacuum Co., Mt, Morris. Aurah Serven, Mrs. Don Farrington, Mt. Morris. .Tack Rockwell, Mt. Morris Hardware, Mt. Morris. Dorothy Hood, I'niversity of Michigan. Aim Arbor. Harry Smith, Pniversity of Michigan, Aim Arbor. Lucille Judd, Hurley Hospital, Flint. Orlo Hoyt, Home, Mt. Morris. Betty Goff, Mrs. George Phillips, Mt, Morris. Blanchard Roth, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo. Gordon Richmond, Parking Lot, Mt. Morris. Louise Root, 'l'l4Zll'llt'1', Rogersville. CLASS 0F 1938 Rupert Mallaoh, P. M. Railroad, Mt. Pleasant. Aliene lliggason, Mrs. Albert Venahle, Illinois. Maxine Robinson, Premier Beauty School, Mt. Morris. Leslie George, Lovegroves, Mt. Morris. Robert Forbes, Michigan State College, East Lansing. Lillian Jolmson, Stenographer, Flint. Hilda Stadler, Mrs. John Freeman, Mt. Morris. Kenneth Roth, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo. Erwin Peterson, Bell Telephone C'o., Flint. Genevieve Bloom, Mrs. Robert Lloyd, Midland. John MacKay, llome, Detroit. Thelma Smith, Doctor's Office, Flint. Clara Farrington, Home, Mt. Morris. Robert Montague, Home. Clio. XVilson Hemingway, Home, Mt. Morris. Alena Bauder, Mrs. Martin Stewart, Mt. Morris. George Peters, Bakery. Flint. Roger Deckrow, Midland. Madeline Smith, Flint. Frances Sharpe, G. M. Tech., Flint, Nellie Kurtz. Flint Junior College, I+'lint. Ima Strong, 1'l0lllt', Mt. Morris. Nora Nvllll2lIllS, Housework, Clio. Cleta Luce, Court Sf9ll0g'I'El1rll0I', Flint, Carol Nord, Housework, Flint. Jack Symons, Chevrolet, lfiint. Ellsworth Peterson. Meat Market. Clio. Beth Burk, Mrs. YVilliam Rex, Flint. Marcella Russell, Mt. Morris. Clark Steele, Mt. Morris Cleaners, Mt. Morris. Donald Pounder, A and P Warehouse, Flint. Gretchen Lied, Henpeck. Shirley Roethal. Home. Rogersville. Eugene Stoutenberg, Mt. Morris. Merrill Erhmantraut. Restaurant, Detroit. Thelma Groshon, Beauty Shoppe, Flint. Marian Lawrence, Home, Mt, Morris. Edwin Nash, Mills Bakery, Mt. Morris. Madelyne Bache, Mrs. Dick Sawyer, Genesee. Ruth Greaves, Home, Genesee. Helen Vought, Home, Genesee. John XViIliams, Home, Mt. Morris. Doris Rockwell, Mrs. Arthur Bentley. R-ogersviile. Doris Heidebreicht, Mrs. Dean Young, Mt. Morris. Caroline Kovitz. Housework, Flint. Frances Carroll, Chicago. Lavina Deckrow, Mrs. John Situckey, Clio. Katherine Nvilliams, Central State Teachers College, Mt Pleasant. Lucille McCormick, Post Graduate, Mt. Morris. Emilie Montiegel, Flint Junior College, Flint. Edith Durham, Mrs, Louis Delong, Mt. Morris. Mae Johnston. Zelma Martin, Hurley Hospital, Flint. Vivian Richter, Married. Rose Csehi, Home, Mt. Morris, James Fraser, A and P Market, Detroit. CLASS 0F I939 Frederick Powell, Albion College, Albion. Jane Marie Maginn, Michigan State College, East Lansing Lois Ilerrick, Flint Junior College, Mt. Morris. Clare Tucker, Flint Junior College, Mt. Morris. Harry Synions, Flint. Juanita Edgley, Sears, Roebuck and Co., Mt. Morris. Mildred Serven, Baker Business Ilniversity. Mt. Morris. Jack iNIcDermaid, Flint Junior College, Mt. Morris. XVilliain Griffiths, Ifpperts Dairy. Uldene Babcock, Halpin's Store. Mt. Morris. Ruth Hilsinger, Genesee County llerald, Mt. Mor1'is. Philip Montague, Michigan State College, East Lansing. Loren Hoyt, Mt. Morris Motor Sales, Mt. Morris. Dorthea IIami'lton, llousework, Flint. Katherine McGuire, Mrs. Don Engleman, Flint. Charles Sullivan, Michigan State College, East Lansing. Ted Cunningham, Ilome. Genesee. Virginia Moore, lfniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Pauline Gillett, Home, Mt. Morris. Grafton Moore, Muskegon Ball Team. Muskegon. Gwendolyn Mallach, Lovegroves. Flint. Clarence Freeman, Home, Mt. Morris. Harold Knickerbocker, Farmer, Mt. Morris. MORRISONIAN .Tl-an ltif-hzirds. Eine-th Reality Slioppo, Mt. Morris. Lloyd Loflor, lloino, Mt, Morris. Phyllis llrovk, Mit-higain Stntt- Normal Polls-gro. Ypsilanti, l'ntlu-1'i1n- Ilrisson, I'roinivr iitlilllfy Srhool, Mt. Morris Robe-rt Carlson, A und I' Storo. Mt. Morris. Wilnm lliclll-y. lloinv, Mt, Morris, Basil f'0lI11ll9St, FtlI'llll-'I', Imvison. Goo .Ie-rdvn. St-urs, lion-lun-la :intl Co.. Mt. Morris, Edna -Gilbert. Mrs. Ulzinde King. Mt. Morris. Mnrgzxre-t I'i!'if,:'il2lIll, Cleary Collt-go, Ypsilanti. iletty Partridgo, IIUIIIP, Mt. Morris. .Invk Lawson. Slinsorrs Hnrziuo. Mt. Morris. Perry Lilfilllk-'1', H1blllt', Mt. Morris. Lorrnino Hvnmlrimlis, Offivv, Mt. Morris High Ss-liool, Mt Leona IH-rrigo, Mrs. Roland Ralph, Hof-ky llivor. Ohio. Morris. Owrton ii10i4'2lI'i2lll1i, Homo, th-in-soo, Km-nnm-th Maittis, i:2ll'bPI', Flint. lbobvrt Vllflllilll, I':u'luu'rl Fm-tory, Il-etroit. Marian Morrish. lionsm-work, Mt. Morris. lborothy NVt'2lVk-'l', Knnl-Il:u'k Unfit. Mt. Morris. Mzlry Iiawport, Ilii'la's lmiry ilnr, Mt. Morris. Arwildn Gliddon. Mrs. l"rz1ncis Massey. Mt, Morris. Ilailpll Horning, U, C, C, Uiilllli, Holland. Michigan. My1"lo Splinter, Ilnivk, Mt. Morris. lIvr1l:11iotto 1,9iiik'l'. Tom CUIIXYIIY, H1AIllt', Mt. Morris. Dorothy Sevorn. Flint. Ruth Kurtz, Hollw, Flint. llc-tty llitcfixvol-lc, Ilalwl' llusinvss I'nivvrsity, llviiose-L-. Norma ldsniond, Horne, Mt. Morris. Estlu-r Coll-, llonsn-work, Mt. Morris, farm-s Millae, Gzlrzigv, Mt. Morris. 1flt'2lll0I'2l I31zu'lifo1'd, HllllSt'XN'11l'ii, Mt. Morris. 'hristino L ntchinson, Home-, Gt-iwsi-v. ,-., , v - . . .. Jose-ph Calder, A nnrl 1' NVarol1ouse. Flint, Ifuplf Vlutliltih' immm lhmil' Marian Rockwell, Mrs. David S1-llors, In-troit. fmt i"'Shf'l'- ljilsllllls. I+'l0rvl11'v liIliCk0l'iMN'iiPl', Hurlvy Hospital, Mt. Morris. llottin- Marie In-zu-ook, Mrs. Hlbiillld Naylor, Flint. MORRISONIAN BITS OF NONSENSE Orpheus was so great a musician that he made trees and stones move. Don Lenox is greater than that. His violin playing has made twenty families .move out of the neighborhood within the last two months. ik Sk wk Don K. Have you read "To a Field Mouse? David H. No! How do you get them to listen? if H1 Sk Miss Calvert must think Harry Smith is a squir- rel. She told him to run up the curtain. Ik ak ak Miss Jones. Didn't I tell you to notice when the water boiled 0V9l'? Anna S. Yes, it Was exactly half past ten. HI! Pk it Belva G. VV-here is Victor today? Raliph S. If he knows as much about canoes as he thinks he does, he is out canoeing, but if he doesn't know any more about them than I think he does, he is out swimming. ak 41 PIG Bill Goodman finally goes to bed because the bed positively will not come to him. ll' Pk Sk Marjorie B. Did you enjoy that tramp over the hills last Sunday. Catherine H. How insulting! That was my uncle from Detroit. Ik Ik lk Cora Munger is glad that her milkman keeps his cows in a pasture, because she hears that pasteurized milk is better. I Sk if if Johnnie Yates can work and make faces at the same time-in a clock factory. if 21: tk Mr. Clark. You missed my class yesterday, didn't you? Ralph B. Not in the least, not in the least. 4' Ik ak Ilsherz How far down do you wish to sit, Miss? Gwen N. All the way, of course. ak if 11 Dale Hoyt went into a restaurant and asked the waiter if his establishment served crabs. Tl1e waiter told him to set down. 41 bk ik Mrs. Yates: Oh, doctor, Johnny is wandering in his mind. Doctor: Never mind, he won't go far. .31 ..... will nu. NVilma Glidden at the tlheatre was annoyed by the conversation in the row behind. "Excuse me, sir, she said, "but we can't hear a. word." "Oh," replied. the talkative one, "And is it any of your business what I'm tell- ing my wife?" PF 41 PF Doctor fatter reviving Budbz How did you happen to drink that stuff? Didn't you see the sign on the bottle? It said "Poison". Bud: Yes, I saw the sign, but I didn't believe it. Doctor: Why not? Bud: Because right under the sign it said ..Lye,,' 13 S lk She: So your new job makes you independent. He: Absolutely. I get there anytime before eight and leave anytime after live. lk Pk Pk lVIary W.: I'm working hard to get ahead. Liguouri M.: Well, keep trying, kid you need one. Sk wk if Ralph M.: How many make a million? Vaughn M.: Not very many. bk lk Sk Norma Munger: Johnnie, did anyone ever tell you how wonderful you are? Johnnie B.: No. I don't believe they ever did. Norma: Then where did you get the idea that you are? Sk Bk wk Lewis A.: Let's have some gingerale. Norman A.: Pale? Lewis A.: No, an ordinary glass will do. Sk Sk ll' She: What kind of leather makes tfhe best shoes? He: I don't know, but 'banana skins make the best slippers. Sk lk 41 He: Golf is just like pie for me. She: I know. You just took another slice. if Sk Sk Dick Cornell now blows his horn at noon, at night, or early morn: He toots it loud, he toots it low. 'Till the neighbors wish that he would go. HF Ik ik Johnnie B.: June, wlhere did you do most of your skating when you learned? June K.: Oh! I think you're horrid. NIORRISONI N -v -M- To The Class of 1940 We Extend Our Best Wishes Toward Your Future Happiness And Success Mt. Morris Motor Sales A uthorizod Mobilgas Pontiac Dealers Mgbilgil Automobile Accessories WE SERVICE ALL MAKES OF CARS Compliments of Mt. orris Hardware GORDON ROCKWELL BOYDELL PAINTS - PLUMBING SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS AND LICENSES Across From Post Office Telephone 2921 10101 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1:1o1o14po1u1o1o1n 14 MORRISONIAN 10111 1111-11111 Compliments of Upper's Dair Dairy Products .... PASTEURIZED MILK CHOCOLATE MILK CREAM BUTTER CHEESE EDGAR UPPER Phone: Clio 105 111-5 1 qvr1x1 1 1 no 1 1 1 1 1-qi. 54.11-111-p 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 11,11 Q . Congratulations To The Class of '40 Qwn g Make 2 Consoles ! Miles B. Martin Le,,,,a,d Model FUNERAL DIRECTOR Q Q Q Q 225 3 2 Libvral Exvllzulggv Allowallm Q Personal Service "Factory To You Savings" E E U ! ' Q Q Grlnnell Bros. Phono 3911 Mt. Morris l Q 125 E. K4-arsley St. U Q 11 1 1 1:1 1 1 1111 111 1 1 10:0 0:4101 1 MORRISONIAN P ull Q - CI. H ..1 A V JZ A v .-. . L ll 2' V T 1 I S L IIT I1 7.5 Q ! U l l Q Q II H I 3 ll ll I ll : 0 : Q 3 m O ll ll ' U I N 5 n ' C UQ ll Q H: U1 tu '1 ll ' 2 - 0 C rn rv " 8 S 3 I 5' F f-f ll ll ' i ' 9 rn C5 5 n u 2 3 DJ C Q 2' 3' C ff. ll u JUNE 1 ll ' 51 UQ H 5 ! 5' Q 2 D " l - - U E ' ' P f l B C 0 Q S Z Q ffm :I I' 0 ESSIOHH USIIICSS OUYSCS A m F1 C : : 5 'U' O 'l' Leclintli lE l t ' , -4 3 H H a g 0 ary mp oymen D Q In E D i II H High School or College Grzicluates who deeire to E .3 :..:.. ,:.:.,: 20:,:,:,:..:.,:,:,:.:..-.,- :.,:..-,-,--.-..f. I! qualif' for bimines Careers are invited tc write for our 4 free 9 m er Scho l Bulletin. H .iii-4:4-4-iy:i:i oi' H Tiose wha legin thi' course on june 12 will be C as 2 giaduatiilg' when there is less competition for positi ms. 2 Q A '11 Q U U Q I 8 Courses are oitered in Secretarysliip, ,-Xecouuting, i 2 ' -I .1 "l FP :uid liusi ess Administrationg al'o a Pre-College Cou se i 5- fb .rj W E :" 2 for those who intend to use shorthand :md tvpewriting : 0 0 9 "' 3' F1 lil I : : aid i ffettinv' lmetter 1fr'1de ' H Q 5 A an 5 m W F' E fb Q ll ll 5 5 5 L i ll i ff 5 g E 51 ri m : LP, 93 E H Hour: 7:00 to 12:00 H 2 ' 75 -f Q- 2 vw -. n D- V 2 2 Q fb U, ua CD g rn I we 'Tl .Q ll NRM: m1PLovM11N'1' IHQIPAB Ml-:NT Q I Q.. s " -1 Q. -1 99 0 C n u 1 2 Q Q gi I 5 : -1 N : ' wo 3. Q 2 y G n :I ll Ask for Sun lm 1' School Bull in . Q Q. 2 S "u W F gf C, 5 2 I' U Q i S' gg 5- E U' Q "" C3 'f' n ll B k B ' U ' ' i i 3 -, Q ,. H H a er usmess nlverslty 5 i w E Q y -I1 E 500 IND STRIAL BLDI ., FLIXT, MICH. i Q ' I' C g 2 1- u ll Phone 2-5341 Q ! N' U l ! MORRISONIAN 11:1 1 1:1 1 1 1: 1 1 1 1 1 11:11:11 Congratulations from Francis Road Greenhouse Choice Cut Flowers - Potted Plants Artistic Designs E. L. ARNOLD, Prop. 601 XY. Fl'2lllI'iS Road Pliom- 4390 Mt. Morris, Mich. fwatch for new locationj 1-11 1-111 1 1 11 1 1 1 1:1 1 :uit 101 1 1011 1 1:11 1 101 1411 12101 Compliments of East Side Gas SHELL PRODUCTS HEIIBl'lR'l' 'l'Hl'RS'I'0N, Prop. Mt. Morris, Mivh. 101 1 1111 1 13,11 1 1 fini r urn 1 o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o10 Vhere are hard times ahead but it is no time for discour- agenient. Courage and ski teamwork :incl resolution will win. 'l'h1- counsel of one tenclu-r is "Mind th rules but play the ggzuiiv hzu'1l" ll, Emeth Beauty Shop 1 101 o1o1u1o1o1o1n1u1o1o1o 1 101411 41141111101-01 1 One of Flint's Finest Store for Men and Young Men f'0lllDllllll'llfS the Grzuluates of Mt. Morris High Buy YVitll Confidence Buckingham's Ke-alrslc-y at Saginaw Flint, Michigan -1,1 -- 1 1u1u1o1u1u1o1o111 101 1 11o1o1u1o1o1o1o1o1 1 1 1111 Compliments Kobacker's Furniture - Rugs - Electric Clothing and Optical Depts Saginaw At l'nion Flint, Mivhigan --- -1- -1---:.:4.g. 1 1 1 101o1o1n1o1n1o1n1o1 1 101 Best Wishes For The Future from CARL'S MARKET Fresh and Smoked Meats Carl llaunpson, Prop. Mt. Mol-1-is 1o:o1o1n1 1421411011 1: 1o1o1n1o1n1z 11 1o1u1o1o1o141 1 1 1o1n1o1o1 411411411o1o1u1o1o1o1o1t Compliments of Olcl Man Kewpee Kewpee Hotel Hamburg -010101o1n1o1o1o1 -1 1n1u1o 415 Harrison Stn-vt Flint, Mivh 014: 1- 11:1 01 11, 1 n1o1 io- o1o1 10141 1 2 111 1 1 111 1 1031110311111111111101 11111 1 1 3 1111 1 1 1 -- MORRISONIAN - Congratulations Class of '40 "We like to serve you in this store And hope to do it more and more. So thanks for all you've brought to date While we your future orders await." Louie MODERN MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats ll ll 11 ,lt Nl The World's Finest For Those Who Want The Best - X ll U fir e h e -R 1 xlx Silverware l Clocks - Jewelry "The Choice of the Artists" Q i Malcolm's Music House F11nt,M1c1,. 344 S. Saginaw st 111 w.Kem1ey, Flint 1 Q ,2.--- - 2 Q . . 5 Congmtulatzons E Class of 1940 i Q A Complete Line of ..,. GROCERIES 5 VEGETABLES , FRUITS MEATS WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU Q Q 2 Lin d S a ' S WE DELIVER Y Q Mt. Morris Ph -2511 25Zl L MORRISONIAN 1 1 1 1 110101411113 3 3 111 3 1-1 3 3101010111 1 I 2 "Sp01'tsmcm's Paradise" rxqjyfw l-I U B B A R D 'S "Flint's Finest Sports Store" 11 za: 1 111121213-:ui 21111010201-11 vi 1 1 11111111213 2 1 21 3 1:1 211:23 1 1 in-10:41 12111111 3 3111111 Congratulations Class of '40 THE CLIO BAKERY PHONE 70 - CLIO, MICH. Satisfied Customers--Are Evidence of Quality Ask Your Local Grocer For CLIO BAKERY PRODUCTS L MORRISONIAN 02110113 1 1 3 3 2 vi 2 vi 1 ioininiurb ozovioingoini vi 3 3 ai 3 1 in 2 if Congratulations Class of '40 Q U , 2 H Congratulatlons Guy E. Dodge i Q REAL ESTATE BROKER to the - ,,. E Cl i940 Phono 9-2004 400 lA'Hflh ht., If lllt U ! 0 U U 710i 3024311 ilillli 1 lllllliiliill 10119 Q illlflll'illil'l0l0ll7l0lKll0lUll'lh1l'l'D.C ! We wish to extend our congratulations to the 1940 Graduation Class. May you all i enjoy success in the voming years. l i A fl0IIlPlillll'lltS of l i MT. MORRIS BAKERY l - 717 E. Genesee sr. Mr. Morris, Mich. Q l uioioaxiuierzoxnxnioioimrzoiuioxoicozo i Qivxwl 301014130101:rxoxoiozozozozog-ago Q ' ! CC '77 Cornphments of g Sl Fleetwood The Beacon E E V021 1 1- - - - 1 1 1 ! ! I Congratulations Class of 1940 MCDermaid Bros. .1 11- V DILS WASHING POLISHING GREASING Phone 9151 Mt. Morris 1u1u1o1u1n11ir1wr111:1111o1n1:r1u1n1n MORRISONIAN4 10111 1 1 11:11 1 11121 1 101014111 Congratulations To The Class of '40 A Northern Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales and Service ll. H. "HAliltY" HARRISON. HIGH. Mt. Morris, Min-h. 1411 1 1:1 111111 111 1 1 111111411 11 1 1 1u1n1m:1o1u1n1o1 1 1 101: f'ompli1m-nts of A. E. Cobb Agency lnsurzuu'v and Bonds 209 Dryden Bldg. Flint, Michigan ljllllllf' 3-7441 1110111 14a 11 o1n1u1n1n1o1 1 1011 +111 14:0 1141141101 1 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Best Wishes to the Class of 1940 W. J. Maginn 1101111 11:1 11111 1 1:1111 11 1 111 1 1n1o1n1o1o1o1 1 1 1 1 Phone 2-1573 DR. J. R. MARTELL VE'l'ElilNARIAN 4020 N. Saginaw St.. Flint, Michigan v1u1u1u:n1u1n1o1: 1: 1u1u1n1n1u1 1 1 1 11, 111 111101 fl0lllllllIll0lltS of Mt. Morris Barber and Beauty Shop Phone 4421 111111 1 11: 11011 1014101 1 1 1 11:11 i1 10101010141u1o1u1n1u1r1 1 1 1 l'larts RCAJ-EE Drugs E. First St. at- Harrison Flint, Mich. x1n1o1u1n1u1n11011 1 11 101411010101- l'omplinu-nts of Chet's Shoe and Harness Repair Chet Pyne, Prop. N1-xt to Herald 1o1u1u1u:n1n111101010101010101011 011141 11111011101 14:11 1 1 r1: 1101 1 ::u1o1:x1o1u14:1u1u1u:'11 11 11 Trojan Careful Launderers - Dry Cleaners Always Kind To Your Ulothvs 1011 1010101014l101iI14v101ll101l in P hone 7 1 1 F 2 FLINT BLOCK COMPANY Al2lllllfIlI'illl'i'l'S :mul lll'Illl'I'S In BLOCKS AND INIASUN Sl'l'PLIl+lS 7604 N. Dort Highway . , N, f 1' lilwzlt- l' :il ll:iL3I00Rl'-.3l::1'- Him-',' me-ilhfik' 101011:10101my1-11u1u1-v1-r1n1n1o1o14 14 Phone 2-T191 Flint, Michigan .:.,...,:.,:.,:.,-..-..:.,:.,....- :..:..-.,:.,.. .-.Q :,:..-0:02.,:.,:.,:..:.,:.,: : :sz Graduates SIIPUPSS is the Result of lYork, XVork, Hard M'ork Parr Hardware RRIS Q 1 1:1010 civic, 0101010101 Congratulations to the Graduates of the ' Class of 1940 I 1 I N-'ncbi U KU RTZ GRAVEL s CCD. l'Ilum- 3-2821 I" l I in MORRISONIAN in1010111111413010101 11111 113 111 111110 Congratulations ,... TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '40 INSURE YOUR FUTURE WITH PROPER INSURANCE McKlNN ON and MOGNEY KENNETH A. HILLIKER REPRESENTATIVE Flint, Michigan Phones: Flint, 2-41625 Mt. Morris 2382 l H llilli l l I iii ihil? Qgbiuiul l 10101 l Q lliilll 1 lil Q ! O I I GRAHAM Q 2 Dixie Service Garage Molitor Bros., Props. C O A L ' U Q H D H . . Q U Official AAA Garage i H . Acetylene Weldlng 0 e General Repairing i 5 ' Radios Ca Corduroy Tires i i i l Q ! Day Plmm-: 3921 Office Phone 3021 g g Night Phono 3641 R4-sixla-1100 Phone 4281 Q E Grease - Q Q g 2411020 0:41211 11 1411010111010101010101 is 1 114110111 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1011-1014920 MORRISONIAN 1 1 11:101ui:r1n1o14r11v1u1o14vi Graduates lt would give us a great deal of pleasure to show you Flint's newest and finest sports goods store. 1101110 011 down to Allsports Equipment Co. "1 lppositv Hote-I llllfklllf " llllibllt' 3-9898 500 N. Stlglllillt St .:.--.,--1- - - - - - - - - - - -U-1 111-1-------------:Io 0:01 To The Class of '40 Congratulations Elmer S. Rhodes Your Local Ford Salesman For More Than 15 Years New and Used Cars New Ford Tractors Phone: Offic-0 2-41053 Homo 4490 Flint Mt. Molrls ,2,,-.,-..- - - - - -.,-.,- Mt. Morris Dairy PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM A. BALIJNGHRN, l,92ll0l' 1111111111 1 1 11111 11111011 Congratulations . . JOHN MULLALLY -. - -.-.2. .5..-0.....- ...- - -.-.- - - - C REF L FOOD HOPPER Know That It More Than Pays To Drive Over and Stock Up HAMADY BRO FOOD MARKETS 141 1' 1: MORRISONIANY 11.111111111,,..,,1, 1 1010 1111111111111-11 1101 Congratulations Class of "40" For Musical Instruments Or Instruction in Music and Dance Soo l's Honolulu Conservatory of usic M'alsh Bldg. Phone 2-6474 Flint, Mit-higgun llranrh in Masonic 'Ft-mplt-. Mt. Morris 1o1o1o1n1o1u1 1o1u1o1o1o1o1 1411 11,1 101o1o14:1n1o1o1n1o1n1o1 14:1- Congratulations to the Class of '40 n EDDY Lumber 8: Coal o. 11111 101 Save Up To ii On New Furniture Stoves, Rugs, Etc. at F lint's Oldest Warehouse Furniture Store 715 Detroit St . Flint 111 11111 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 101. r1o1o1o1o1o1o1 1 1:1 1 1014114114 - liloizlges Cfaleiy 81 Cas Station NYG ure- back rvutly to sorvv you with an full line ol' fresh QIl'0l't"l'lt'S nit-:nts and vege- tables. 10945 N. Saginaw St. l'llon0 5231 , - - 0101 p..o1o 1o1o1o1u.-o1o1u.. n1o1o1o o1o1 1o1o fo D ' ,:, 11 1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1 1 Congratulations Stinson Auto Sales Sales - Service Mt. Morris 1 1 1 1 141111111 1111 1 1:11 Compliments of Mt. Morris Plumbing and Heating it o1u1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o11 Great Atlantic 8: Pacific Tea Company Mt. Morris Got-tlon Fornvll, Mgr. Wishes You Success In Life :..:.,:.,-.,:.,:..:......:.,:.,:.,:.,:......:t,: 1125 o 111:11o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o 101 101 11:14:14: 1 1 1o1o1o t'ongratulzttions Donald Montague l'1l,l'ICTlilt'AI. t'0N'l'RAt"l'lNG Gt-llest-0 St. Phoni- 484 I 111 1 1:1 1 1 1:11:11 1 1411: n1o1o n.: 101 41101 1 R S O I giwzuqpnqpnz 111,11 1,1111 1111111.11141 as as :mn 1 1111 111 .mx THE UNDERSIGNED Professional Men WISH THE GR DU ATE OF MT. MORRIS A Happy and Prosperous Future A. C. PFEIFER, IVI. D H. T. FULLER, M. D. E. C. JEWELL, D. D S. Qsqnogozozfinx 10111 14111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:11 1:11 1 1 141 1s 4 101411: 1- 1 1,11 141 141 1: R -.g, .g.. U U U Compliments of MT. MORRIS Lumber 8: Supply Co. DICK'S Mt. Morris Dairy Bar OPEN 24 HOFRS Sandwiches of All Kinds All Steak l-lamburgs Regular Meals-Steaks-Chops Malted Milk Sunclaes Soclas 11101 v ,141 occ 9:9 024, v c 10.0 54 N I N 1u1o1u1o1u1o1n14rznzuioiuiuioioz Congratulations to the Class of '40 V C. A. s utton 1111: 1 1111:::11:1111u1 11 101w1u-n1u1n1r1u1u- -A -U1 Congratulations To The Class of '40 E. W. Barkliam Elm '04-t Pllunv 3821 141111 1 1 1u1u1u1u1o1 1 1 10101 ,111 Compliments of Laliurgey Beauty Shoppe 1o1u1o1u1u1u1n1 an 101411 11011 14 1 vi 14101411-11 1111111 :oz , N,-0,01 1 :ex L 1 1 1 WITH THE CGMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES Of Michigan School Service-:,Inc LANSING, MICHIGAN Complete Service for Michigan Schools - MORRISONIAN -- : Q :0:92t,:.,:.,:.,:..-...N-.,.-..-.,.-...-..:. .ga SHOP and SAVE and Avoid Parking Troubles By Shopping At D HLQUISTS 5c - 51.00 STORE 6217 N. Sagimnw St. Flint :0:.,:..:..:..:..-..:.,.- .- .- Q 4...-.,..U.-01. :..-.,:.-..-.,: I : - :...- - ,.- .- -.U-1.3. .g. ,141 1u1n1u1o1n1o1n1 101 110111101 ,111 You Fan Always Du ltvttvr At Louie's General Store "Tho Frivmlly Store" DRY GOODS - GROCERIES SHOES 6401 N. Saginaw St. Cor. Ruth Strm-vt FASH OR l'Rl4IIJl'l' 11111 1 1011x111-101010101 1 1 101 Mt. Morris ,leaners Best Wishes To The Class of "40" Pllom- 432.1 732 Gvllvsm- Stn-vt :.,:.:.:.,:..: : : - :sz : : :..-.,:4.g. 1u1o1n1n1u1o1o1 1 1 1 1 1 1 101 L 0 0 a G L E N ' S A Nami- You Can Trust In Buying Diamonds and Watches lvllllt f'.ASH fn! l'lil4Hll'l' 130 E. Kvarsloy St. Across from Old Post Office 101 111101411u1u1u1u1n1o1n1 1 1:11 1o1m111o141a1c1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1411: For Flowers 9 Q 72.8 Gal-lauml St., f'Ol'll0l' Fifth Avo. l'h0ll0 2-8194 ,141 111111 Congratulations To CLASS OF '40 James A. Burns llistrihutors of Upper's Dairy Products o -5010101010-111n-u1o1o-o1o1u1o-n- 0.4 The LaRoss Shoe Store of Flint Congratuiates The Morrisites GRADUATION SHOES For Young Men and Women At Popular Prices LaRoss Shoes, lnc. 123 E. First St. Flint, Miclligzul I' A. MYIGIVI-S A. LA ROSS 1014111 1 1 1 1 1 1111111111 1:11 1 101o1o1o1o1o1u1u1o1 1 101 v1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 101 F 22 w2-31:2-1-2 -211111111-21:0 MORRISONIAN ' ,,1,,,-.,- - : : ., :2 .9 : : 10:02-ew: N .:q,2-fr-2:':cw: 1 I I I - I 1 1 11 1 2 Cvmplimenfsof Q.f0 fbB 'mu IE ua II IR ID U U . , DlAMoNDRlNcs Knlckerbocker s E 5 fqfze Qyycf . E 3 Meat and Dalry E W -.,- 2 -- 2 2 2,2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2.5. D ' X ----"--" ' Q N4 ,2.,2 2 2 2..21,2,2..2.,2.,2.,...,2 2 2.,2..,. Q 2 ig r , 0 s U , iw if Compllments of 1 ll Y v 2 ' f Rlchmond s Parklng Servlce 2 U 2 439 g To mark ms XXV' lairst SIN-1-t, Flint ! : , . mam event, with a lasting Q . ' remembrance there .:U: ,: E 20:01 10: :0:1q.n:1: 1 :wp L' 'zl is nothing- HHQI' than - - - - - - - - - - - - - -W. From Hawless Bluebird dia- XVith fvlillllllillllillihi of E S25 up glsgsdiligzsgrlniii BEECHER DEPT. STORE V l1l'yf-Foods - lhossvs - Shox-s - Hzll'1lwz1l'c' V S Notions - Yard Goods - Toys - Nov:-llivs U John P' Ryan Co' Fruits - fil'01'4'l'il'S - Nh-ants Q , 1 1 I, V , Fl. K mmm. Q -U4 Lots ol' l'zu'king: Spam- 8000 N. Sag. St. ! ll 4-4 5' b'uun'm M' m ' Congratulations C L A S S of ' Dixie Drug Store ,z0102222212,--1-.,1,1.,--.------1-1141----11 2n22222222122--- 1 M MOR :so AN1-A Af 1111111111111 1 1 1 111 1 1 11111-'ii-1-1-"'?1'-1 Complete Line of Confections Wholesale Only Schraffs Candies TO THE CLASS OF 1940 MT. MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL Our Compliments O KING CIGAR Co. 1u1n1w111x111u11111 11 1 11141111 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 MORRISON! N - H H 1: : : : : : an :1: : Q :Q-znzjo Enzo:--1 :I-,.,q.,:.: : : : : : :. u u Congratulations Class of '40 2 H E E . g g Congratulatlons Q E . II II lVI1IIs Baker H i Y to the H I Q U I' I' E Class of '40 l:1'Dl'l'Sl'llt2lllY1' H U U Q "ED" NASH U U lC1ass of 'ISM 5 3 E E Your Story-I-Pictu res Leaves Nothing Untold ILLUSTRATIONS MAKE YOUR ADVERTISING MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE ' 1 O H Il S Q Il ' Photo- Engraving Company 648 Harrison Street Flint, Mich. Phone 3-473l For Your Engraving Needs 0111111 rinin1uluzuin1niuzugnzuiul-41:411u14:1014mzuiuiuguzcxiuz 1 1: MORRISONIAN 110101 1 1 10101:101010101010111101010101-01 1 1 1n1nimrzuiuguiniuim Congratulations Class of IQ!-LO GNWKD G nesee County Herald TPl'iil-ierfw ' ' ' A: V4 iPubljsher-L, GWVKD 10101411x1o1u1n11l10101 1411101-r1uqp01n1-111,101 1 1 1o1u:n1u1u1n1o1 MORRISONIAN 101 1 1 1 1 10101 1 1 1111110101 QQ O:0r1n1o1o1n1o1o1o1u1o1u1nCr 1 1 101 ' 1 ul "'Ill1c-1'e is Il principle which is a hal' zigainst all informa- tion, which is It 1JI'OOfZtg'2'LII1St ull zxrgulncnt. and which cun- not fail to keep a man in evcrlztsting' ignoralicc. That principle is COl1ClC1I11IZltIOll, heforc lIIVCStIg'1ltlOII.ll -Spencer Lavely Health Service Mt. M 11l'l' is, Michigan 1111 1 Q: 1:1111 1 1 :vi 1 1 1:11114 v 1 0-0-0-u-o-0-U-my-41 - - 1.Qo 04 Congratulations To The Class of '40 MORRIS FEEDS AND SUPPLIES Roy B. Ammerman 1,-111-0-1U-1111-0:0:Q:nz0:0201-1:01-1143. 02: 1.1 1 1:1 v1o1u1n1o1o1o1u1o1u1 1 1 XV1- Match Your Coat and Vest Flint Pant House 318 N. Saginaw St. Exclusive Pants Store Next to Consumer's Power Novelty Trousers 101 1 1n1n10:o101e10:01011as :nz o?r1n1 xuznzoznznznzuqm:qv-110101: 14-1 MEN AND BOY'S CLOTHIERS A. lVl. Davison Co. Uur ,Best Advertisements Are Not Written-But Worn 452 S. Saginaw Flint, Mich. 11:1-11111 1 1 111-1 1 101010101111 Douglas "Scotty" Logan METROPOLITAN LIFE INS. CO. 641 Garfield, Mt. Morris, Mich. Flint 2-6211 Mt. Morris 3011 Life's Greatest Asset at time of death is Life Insurance 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10-5:0 060111111111s111l111lilZ01 Congratulations to the Class of '40 G. W. Halpin Sz Sons loc - 31.00 STORE Compliments of a Friend 101 1o1u1o1o1n1n1o1o1o1u1o1u1 10:0 0210111 1 1 1:1 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 1010101 141101014114+1o1n1u1n1 101411411014x1n1o1o1n1 1 1 1 -- NIO RISONIA ozonioi nin- :mini We hing Bros. ig. o 304 Eaton Tower Detroit, Michigan Extend Their Compliments to the 1940 Class of Mt. Morris High School 000 SUPPLIERS OF CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS - CAPS AND GOWNS DIPLOMAS g:4,:,,3.,3,,i,311,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,-pi 131 iv: 1:1 1-11 1 V.- O ISO I WE EXTEND QUR Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF IQBQ-1-I-O Each one of you know what you would like to be. If you accept anything less, then you will be acknowledging your first major defeat. Mt. Morris Roller Rink School Parties a Specialty MT. MORRIS, MICH. v:u1u1u1 1:1 1 11 1 1 1 111 11 1111111 1 11111111 MORRISONIAN ancrcmcmcmcmqqmummmcmummpmmupcmqswbcsmmmmcumm JD 1 255122. '1:551ff"Q.: E35 -ffiiiii, -' :'.1'f-3' " ' .zz-15556-u -3. f f ffl iMwwwMmMQYHVLf,M1 .wwHmaWfdWyM, Wish RR a 1 R RR if in as pirations. 525 HARRISON STREET Flint, Phone Q-ma Mlchlgan -' -MORRlSONlAN- Q . 6 1 .g.,-.,-.,-.,-.1-Iv-..-......-......,... : luvocnx--r.wcsin-7.01-vin-g -0E.,....:.,:..-KI-1,-.,-.,-.,...,-.,..g. I I I I I I I I - , I I OWL 1744671 S O I I I I I I I 1 f11 , - I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I , P. T. SLATTERY, Prop. g I I I I ' The Rexall Store 2 I I ! ! I Mt. Morris Michigan I I I I I I I 022901-uqpnruqmrzuzwie: :Lei z .:n.:,.anw,4::run,m+q:n- Q anmm:z.mqsmanmnn.,2,nw1Qn1y1:11,qr.,qnn,qp-111 14-:muff Q.: ...U1-0:0:.,-.,-.,:.,:.,e.-..5.,....r,. Q T, .W ,-..-..:..: E .?..,...m,.,:U.,.N,.,.,:..L- 1-...QS Q. ! l'mnpIinu-nts of ! Co To I CITIZENS COMMERCIAL 81 I SAVINGS BANK AY'5 I Q A . ni I ' I f I F1inI,"ii2CEI23'1l' V USIC f I I VV. R. Beezrmau, Mgr, Phone 2221 I I .,. -,,a.,:.,:.,E..:.,:.,:.,:.,:1,:1,:.,:.,:..:.,:. 12022 E- K4'2ll'Sll'5' SYPPPI i .z.,:4.: -A-020-w.:U:.v:.,.-.U.,.,:u:0...4,194,422 Flint, Blivh. I ' - Q Euston Shoe Store - - I I .... for Musical Merchandise 4 i Good Shots ut I,0lIIlI2Il' Prius and Accessories Exdusively. : I . C. CIIYIDEI' M 1' '. , - Q A I It M Ll Instruments Repaxred I ' Ilasvme-nt lim-'lwbexl Bank Bldg. E ,A-,,,,,,:.,: :.,:x,: : :.,:,,:.,:4,:,,-,,,:.,:. D.,-L-I:.,:..:..:1.:.,:.,E.,:0:0202 :.-.,-..6. '3":I"""E"'-1":'?:":'IG":":":":'1: Q 'f-"Nm ...H :M-,.,...,:..- 21,1-1,-.L-M.-,.,f:. ....:..:...,..:, g. I c'0lll1lIilllI'lltS of ! ' . , 0 iiz-0 hours: 1 to 12' 2 to 5' 7 to 8 - We1nI:.erg's Watch Repair ' ' I I , , . Phomx 9-4931 I ' Op'p0s1t.e CIIIZQHS Market - i 108 S. Saginaw St., Flint H A T g .,. M:.,1.,...,,..,:.,:.,E.,Z.,:.,:..:.,:.,.....-.,6..,. , , ayim, - f I 40:0 020: :.,:..:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,: E . . ' . Q l Doctor of Chlropractxc i Congratulatlons i Kum Cafe PZIIIIBI' Graduate Q I A Good Place to Eat I I I D 101-2 XYz1IsI1 Bldg., Flint, Mich. ' ' I4llllC'II9S Sott Drinks I , v up , iw.:

Suggestions in the Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) collection:

Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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