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L CDIQRISQNIAIXIN -s lDU5I..lSHED BY THE Bewoas OF IVIT. IVIORPQS H1614 -VOL4. H557 Page 2 MORRISONIAN Foreword li, who are about to ffraduate wish to Jause hrieflv to consider the 15 5 l .1 events of the past year. VVe feel that our accornplishlnents as a class nierit attention, and it is the purpose of this volume to present to you a review of those events which concern us as seniors as well as our friends, the underclassnien. lt is our sincere hope that this book will faith- fully carry out its purpose and that the events recorded herein will give you a clear idea of the various honors conferred on us as well as of what has happened in the realm of extra-curricular activities: athletics, public speak- ing, draniatics, music, and cluh work. -The Senior Class of l937. , .., M CDR R ISQOIVI A N Dedication XYe, the Seniors. of the class of 1937, having completed this Morrisonian, hereby dedicate it to Miss Leith. who has worlcetl unceasingly with us in order to make our plays Z1 success. She has also been very helpful in every way to each one of us and we take this way of showing our gratitude. XYe sincerely hope that she will be successful in every- thing that she attempts and that happiness will be hers in the future as it has been in the past. Page 3 Page 4 MORRISONIAN Superintendent Eclwin L. Clarlc Staff A dfiser Mr. Clark has been with ns as Superintendent during our four years of high school and has made our high school experience one which we will never forget. He has accomplished many objectives for the betterment of our school and has been very helpful to us as superintendent, teacher, class sponsor, staff adviser, and friend to all. 2.1-N TH- P-Q 2- .-.., 1 T12 51-ff---H 21 FQ-ew.,-J- .... ---Z 67,01-mv glwfehls-11-23 Dejiqmlion-----5 Br-XI Picx-was--if if 1- ilools--4 G-.,.l.-J:-.,--z5-57 B...,J off'-Jngajian-16 SHLXSXJS ..... -- 32 Mo.-.-is gcloafs-7 Unle.-clusmu,--sq-sf lQJ,,,,I Boys ---- -9 feaJ-Wes-- ..-- 55-71 FLWHY --.- ---9-12. gf.-is gum'-s--72-X3 ' gen 5 ers-----1343 al-1-mn? - lqmlilians- ---- 'zo .Jokes au-.1 i MCDRRISCDNIAN Page 6 QSBAAZLD G757iIFD Board of Education W T EARL LANGDGN PRESIDENT QSEAAZLD GT57iEfD A, C, MQNTAGUE JOSEPH LICADLEY SECRETARY TREASURER JOHN BOYD GLEN MONTAC-UE TRUSTEE TRUSTEE MORRISONIAN Mt. Morris Schools In the years to come may this picture serve as a pleasant reminder of the many happy Clays which we have spent here, ancl instill in our hearts and minds a greater love and appreciation of Mt. Morris High School. Page 7 Page S MORRISONIAN Patrol Boys .Sify A' Front row: lValter Shoner, Jay Dunbar. Robert VVhipple, Lyle YVilding, Kenneth Conway, Vernon Haynes, XVilliani Tlioinpson. Second row: John Stokes, Bill Tyler, Elhern Goodman, Ilow- ard Draper, eaptuilig .Iohn Shenkel, Robert Blood. Third row: Darwin Jerden, Donald Morse. Ralph Howe, NVel- lington Freeze, lliellllllilllllll. These patrol boys, or junior police. have renclerecl 11 VZ1lllZllJlC service :luring the school year through their efforts to protect the lives of school children. Neither snow nor ruin, nor the hiting clzlys of winter kept these hoys from being at their posts of clnty. lfuch clziy they have assisted :incl guiclerl children in crossing' streets in safety on their way to and from school. 4NHF flculf Page 10 L MORRISONIAN - EDWIN L. CLARK-A. B., M. A. Work on Ph. D. llniversity of Michigan Superintendent, American History FRANCES VVALNKER-B. S. Gregg College Cleary College Michigan State Normal College CLARA JEAN LEITH-B. A., M. A. University of Michigan French, English KENNETH WRIGHT--B.S. Michigan State College lVestern State College Central State Teachers College Mathematics, Physical Science Assistant Coach RONALD BIGELOW-B. S. VVestern State Teachers College Mathematics Coach A ALTHA KIDDER-B. A. Albion College University of Michigan Latin and English ELIZABETH VERMETTE-A. B. State Normal College Central State Teachers College Natural Science JAMES KIDMAN-B. S. Work on M. A. Michigan State College - Mathematics, Physical Science Woodshop GEORGE DE VOE BACON Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska. National Bus. Teachers School, Sioux City, Iowa ' Commercial 1 3433 il 5 T . fu :E f .. . 1 A MORRISONIAN EVELYN FORSHEE-B. A. University of Michigan Social Science HELEN MARIANNE LELSZ-B. A. Alma College Junior High English JOSEPH KURAS-B. S. Michigan State Normal Bachelor of Commercial Science Cleary College ALFRED LINDHOLM Associated with Music in Flint Schools for Several Years Former Member of Chicago's Sym.phony Orchestra l Band Instructor BARBARA JEAN LUTTS-A. B. Rockford College University of Michigan HARRIET JENNINGS-A. B., M. A. University of Michigan Wayne University -v -ti W gf. , RY K, 'M 'jf :ggi ,. 1 MARION DEWAR-Life Genesee County Normal Michigan State Normal Detroit Teachers College Music MARY L. BURNS Genesee County Normal Michigan State Teachers College State Teachers College County Normal Certificate Second Grade Certificate Kindergarten FRIEDA GRIEDER Albion College Michigan State Normal College American School of Oriental Research, Jerusalem, Palestine Sixth Grade INEZ MARSHALL-State First Grade Work on Life Ferris Institute Central State Teachers College I Sixth Grade S Page 11 U Page 6 R vt MORRISONIANW LOIS NEUMANN----B. S. Michigan State Normal College Fifth Grade, Girls Coach LI? VERNE BATTEL -Life Central State Teachers College Fifth Grade BERNADENE SAUMSfLife County Normal lVestern State Teachers College Fourth Grade VANDA ROBERTSON--Life Work on A. B. Northern State Teachers College Central State Teachers College Fourth Grade MARY ROBINSON-A. B. University of Michigan Third Grade MILDRED CORNELL Genesee County Normal Michigan State Normal First Grade Certificate Third Grade MARTHA NISSILA Northern State Teachers College Michigan State Normal College FRANCES E. FERGUSON Three years State, Work on Life Central State Teachers College Second Grade MARGARET POTTER Central State Teachers College First Grade WINIFRED TREBELCOCK-A. B. University of Michigan Northern State Teachers College First Grade T A T "si 1 v 2 ,V ' T ' . ,1 F ' Yi' ' ,,.+. 'li G " . 'Q if 559 wi, X 52.9 A IJ ltl IJA BAKEMAN, Substitute WJW5 K-,QWA .fr4fffVf-7f0fV '750 Mx g as 371 tiff 1 5 ,Q ' 0 9' ,W l.l.A AURAH SERVEN ' fiorieo "'Tis good to be nu-rry and wise." Valedictorian ........ Plays .................... Pres. and Pianist of Glee Club .... Sec. of Latin Club Vice-president and Treas. of French Club .,...,,.,..,.,.... Debating ..,.....,....... Oratory .............,,, Sec.-Treas. of Class Head Librarian .,,. Soccer ....... ,.....,.,. Minstrel Show ...,,... HARRY SMITH "Elcarp" "There is a good time ahead, boys, a good time aln-ad." Football ..., ,,......,. Basketball Catptain Baseball .....,.. Annual Staff .......... Glee Club ....,...,,,.,. French Club .......,., Latin Club .....,........ Commercial Club.. Class Play ....,.....,... Operetta .......,.,...,.. Minstrel Show .,.... LUCILLE JUDD ULuCyn "NVQ meet thee. like u pleasant thought when such are wanted." Play .,,........... 1 2 Latin Club ,.,e.......,.. Annual .................. Library ..,........,...... Dramatics Club ....., Oratory .......,,...,... BLANCHARD ROTH "It is not good enough to he good: one must do it the right uvay-my Latin Club ..... ..,.. Band .......... .... Glee Club .... LOUISE ROOT "Live and lvt live" Operetta ............,... Glee Club ..,........,,. French Club ,......... 4-H Club Leader .... Band ...,..,.............,. Science Club ...,..Y... Commercial Club.. Library ................., Oratory .................. Joke Editor ............ Page 1 4 MORRISONIAN JACK ROCKWELL UBUCKH HTo lengthen thy life-lesson thy 1ll02llS.H Class President ....,. Baseball ................ Football .,.,,,........ Basketball ...., .... Class Play .....,........ Minstrel Show ........ DOROTHY HOO i'L0t kliowlvrlgv grow to morn-." 1 1 2 2 2 4 fro Debate ......... ..., 3 Oratory ......... .... 3 Declamation .......... 2 Library .....,,.... .... 1 French Club .......... 3 Latin Club .............Y 1 Business Mgr ......... 4 Class Play ............-. 1 Valedictorian ........ 4 Glee Club .............. 1 ORLO HOYT "Oleo" "I lmvs- oft' l't'1.'fl'l'lt1'1l Ill .hut llPYL'l' my silvm-1 Orchestra .... ff-- Band ......., ---f Glee Club ....... .... Latin Club ,,........... Pres. of Band ........ Drum Major .......... Commercial Club .... Operetta .......,........ Minstrel Sh0W ........ 1 3 234 24 34 3 3 D Ill lllflI't 4 2 3 4 4 2 2 3 4 y sins-och 3 4 4 3 4 1 2 3 4 4 3 4 BETTY GOFF "She hnth n wa Track ........... .... Softball ........... .... Basketball ..... .... Latin Club ....... .... French Club .......... Glee Club ....... .... Librarian ....... .... Annual Staff ........,. Salutatorian .........l 1 3 4 1 3 1 1 4 4 3 11 234 4 2 4 GORDON RICHMOND "Gord" "ll:lrliis is williu'." Basketball Football .... -..1 Track ......,. .... Baseball ......... .... Class Plays .......... Minstrel Show ........ Operetta ................ Latin Club ......,..,.... Commercial Club.. Band ...................... Glee Club .......l........ Annual .................. Cheer Leader ........ 1 2 3 4 2 3 3 234 23 34 4 23 3 4 4 34 34 PIERCE MCCARTY .1Mack,, "I awoke one morning and found myself famous." Play ...................... 2344 Dramatics Club ...... 1 BERNICE HITCHCOCK "Bernie" "In silence and beauty strides she." Commercial Club.. 4 Glee Club ,............. 4 Minstrel Show ........ 4 , Annual Staff ........,. 4 EDWAR.D VAN DE WALKER KlEd7! i'Youth is wholly experimental." Class Play ........,.,. 3 Minstrel Show ........ 4 Operetta ................ 3 Glee Club ............., 1 4 French Club .......... 3 4 Latin Club .............. 1 2 MAYBEL LANDON "Of surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth." Play ......... ..... 3 Track ......... ..... 4 Glee Club .....,. ..... 1 2 HENRY GALE "Hank" "There is no great genius with- out a tincture of madness." Baseball ,...,..,........ 2 3 4 Basketball ..... 3 4 Football ..............,. 2 3 4 Play .......v.............. 1 3 Commercial Club.. 4 Declamation ........ 1 Band ,................ 3 Vice-president ...... 2 MORRISONIAN EARLDENE LANGDON "Denie" "Now whnt if the sky were to fall." Salutatorian .......... 4 Library ......,.. .... 1 2 3 4 Basketball ..... .... 1 3 4 Latin Club ....,....... 1 2 French Clu-b .......... 3 4 Declamation ........ 2 Office Assistant .... 4 Commerc'l Contest 3 4 Play ....,.............,... 4 Commercial Club.. 4 Annual Staff .......... 4 CLARENCE LELAND "Pickle" "While we read history we make history." Football .... ...,....... 2 3 A4 Baseball ................ 1 2 3 4 Basketball Reserve 1 2 3 Track .........,..,....... 2 3 4 Baseball Captain .... 3 Commercial Club.. 4 Minstrel Show ....,... 4 Vice-President ...... 1 DONNA VAN DE VENTER Ulfor mon may come :ind men may go, but sho goes on forever" Latin Club ........ French Club .......... Glee Club .............. Commer'al Contest Office Assistant .... Declamation .......... Annual Staff ....,... French Repre'tive 4 4 ROBERT GILLESPIE nB0bn UI have 1-njlryed life: I and loved." Play ....... ..... .... Football ..., .... Volleyball ..... .,.. Softball .... .... Baseball .... .... have lived 4 1 2 2 2 CATHERINE HITE f.Kay1, "'l'l1os0 :lliollt her from lll'l' shall read the perfect ways of honor." Page 1 5 MARC ELLINE MacLEAN "Marce" "NVl1at swa-vt 1'0lll't-lllflllttllf this quiet life affords." Library ,,.........,....,Y 1 3 4 Operetta .,,....,,....,.. 2 3 Glee Club .,....,...,.., 1 2 3 4 Commercial Club .,.. 2 Science Club ..,....,., 1 Science Club .......... 1 Girls' Softball ,....,,. 1 2 Business Manager.. 4 Associate Editor .... 4 Oratory ..........,,.... 4 ROWLEY SALSBURY "Sals" "There haivo lu-on :is great souls unknown to fanw as any of tho most famous." Class Play ...... ,... 1 Football .....,, .... 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball .... .... 3 4 Track .............. .... 2 3 4 Oneretta ,......,,..,.... 2 3 Minstrel Show ........ 4 Latin Club ,.......,... 2 French Club .......... 3 4 Latin Club ........ ..,, 2 UNA DODGE "Dimples" "Sho looks :ls 1-I1-:lr :ls tho morn- ing ross-s wuslle-1l with :li-n'."' Annual ...,,..... ....... 4 Conimercial Club.. 2 3 4 Commerc'l Contest 3 4 Declamatiou ........ 2 Class Play ..... .... i 5 4 Glee Club ..... .... 1 DARRELL JERDEN "Bottle" "ll:ippy uni 1, from cart- I'1u frol-'Z why :ure-n't thvy :ill con- ta-ntwl likv nw." Football ,....... 3 4 Track .... . 4 Class Play. ...... 1 2 Declamfation ........ 2 Annual Staff .....,.... 4 Latin Club .............. 2 1 French Club .......... 3 4 1 Glee Club ............., 2 3 4 Minstrel Show ...... 4 WINIFRED GAMBLE "Winnie" "Tho sww-ta-sl gnrliuul lo the SlVl'!'llll2llll..y Commercial Club .. 3 4 Page 16 MORRISONIAN ' "1"-"" ROBERT BOBB ..T0ughy,, "l,ivo this day as if it were the last." Play ...................... 4 Minstrel ..... ........ 4 Glee Club .............. 4 Latin Club .............. 3 4 Commercial Club.. 3 4 Annual Staff .......... 4 Football ........ ..... 3 4 Baseball ..... ..... 3 4 Track ....... ..... 3 4 ' Debating .............. 3 DOROTHY MORSE UD0t,, "A nn-rry heart doeth good like inedicim-." Lilirary ................ 1 4 Dramatics ............ 1 Commercial Club.. 4 Oratory ................ 4 Glee Club .............. 4 Business Mgr ......... 4 Editor-in-Chief .... 4 Play ...................... 1 4 Office Assistant .... 4 Minstrel Show ........ 4 KENNETH KING ..Ken,, "l'ounp.: follows will lu- young fellows." Latin Club ...... ..... 2 3 Glee Club ,..... ..... 1 Band .......... ..... 3 4 Baseball ...... ..... 3 4 ELAINE DOE "Babe" "She tried the luxury of going good." Commercial Club.. 2 3 4 Glee Club .............. 1 Science Club .......... 1 PAUL LEFURGEY "Pete" "Ay, 'tis an de-ad bnsinn-ss, this." Business Manager.. 4 Commercial Club.. 4 MILDRED BOYD "Millie" "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." Basketball ............ 4 Track ............. ...., 3 4 Softball ....,.l,....,,,. 3 4 Annual Staff ......v,.A 4 HERMAN GERLACH "Hammond" 'WVe may with nrlvmitage nt times forget what wi- know" Glee Club ..,l....Y,.... 4 Minstrel Show ...... 4 Football ....,,.....,.... 3 4 Track .....,.......,...,.. 4 Basketball .7,......... 2 Commercial Club.. 2 Science Club ........,. 2 Softball .....7,......... 1 2 3 Soccer ..,....... ..,.. 1 2 Volleyball .,,.. ..,.. 2 IRENE BROOKEY UAH things are in 041111111011 among fri:-mls." Commerc'l Contest 3 4 Glee Club ...........,7, 1 2 Library .........,...... 1 Science Club .,...,..,. 1 Commercial Club.. 3 4 Band .............,,..... 3 Office Assistant .... 4 Annual Staff .......... 4 . DALE DARBY ffwindyyl "He who talks the most, often knows the niostf' Orchestra .....,........ 4 Band ,...... .,.,. 3 4 Football 3 Baseball ....., ..... 4 Track .,t,............,l,, 4 French Club .......... 3 4 Commercial Club.. 4 Senior Play ...,........ 4 Minstrel Show ...... 4 Glee Club .........,..., 4 CATHERINE HOLLQOWAY "Kate" "Silenm- is swecta-1' than S1l00C'll.ll Library ..............., 4 Latin Club ............ 1 2 Commercial Club.. 4 MORRISONIAN THOMAS HAJBBERSHAW "Tommy" "For I'm not in the roll of com- man man. 4 Band .................... 3 4 Class Plays ........ 3 Minstrel Show ...... 4. Glee Club ............ Baseball ................ 3 4 Track .................... 3 4 Basketball ..... .... 3 Football ................ 3 4 Latin Club ............ 3 Commercial Club.. 3 4 Softball ................ 3 Volleyball ............ 3 4 LU ELLA ADLE "Efllie' ' 'WVhatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens." Library ................ 1 4 Commer'l Contest.. 3 Commercial Club.. 3 4 HAL YOUNG "Hally" "Responsibility educates." Commercial Club.. 3 4 GRACE PARTRIDGE "Grass" "Mind unemployed is mind unen- joyedf' Latin Club ............ 1 2 French Club .......... 3 4 Commercial Club.. 4 LEWIS KOTWICKI "Louie" "Ask nn- no questions and I'll tell you no fills." Football ................ 1 2 3 4 Track ........ .... 1 2 3 4 Baseball ....... .... 3 Glee Club ..... .... 4 Latin Cllub ..... .... 1 2 French Club .......... 2 3 Sec.-Treas. ............ 1 Vice-president ...... 3 4 Commercial Club.. 3 4 Football Captain .... 3 Track Cawptain ........ 4 Declamation .......... 1 Page 17 ONILEE HOYT HA NVOI1121IlyS work, grave sirs, is never done." Band .................... 4 Latin Club ............ 1 2 Commercial Club.. 4 WALDO ANDERSON ..Andy,, "Men of few words are the best." Oration .... ......... 4 JEANETTE SCOTT "Scottie" "Romeo, Ilonu-o, where nrt thou, RoIll00?" Library .......... .... 1 3 4 Latin Club ..........,. 1 2 French Club .......... 3 4 Play ..,............. ..., 4 Glee Club .............. 4 Annual .................. 4 Commercial Club.. 4 Minstrel Show ...... 4 ARTHUR BROOKEY KlArtYY UIVI-ll not one of those who do nor believe in love nt first sightg but I l heve Ill - 'i f 1' rl w taking, a Seton look." Band ................ .... 3 4 Orchestra ..... .... 1 2 3 4 Glee Club ......,. .... 1 3 4 Operetta ................ 3 Minstrel Show ...... 4 Student Director .... 4 Vice-pres. of Band Commercial Club .. 3 3 ISALENE WILLIAMS "XVell-timed sileuu- hath more eloquence than speech." Glee Club .............. 3 Latin Club ...... .... 3 4 Class Play ........ .... 3 Page 18 MORRISONIAN LLOYD DIEHL "Diehl". "Nr-ver say nothin' without you're eoinpelled to: and then mlont say nothin' that you can -be held to." Baseball ..... 4 VIVIAN GREAVES CtViv!7 "Chuckle, chuckle." Softball ......,........... 3 Commercial Club.. 3 4 Commerc'l Contest 3 4 GORDON CAVERLY "He is never less :lt leisure than when at leisure." Class Play ............ 1 Dramatics .... 1 Basketball ............ 4 Operetta .....,,......... 3 Business Manager.. 4 Commercial Club.. 2 ANNA VOUGHT 2 3 well 4 4 4 "Annie" "Ah, youth, forever dear, forever kind.". JOHN WILLIAMS ..Red,, "VW-ll done is better than said." Debate .................. 2 3 Declamation 1 2 Oratory ....... 3 4 Extempore Speaking .... 2 3 Football ........ 3 Track ............ .... 3 4 Class Play .............. 1 4 Latin Club .....l........ 1 2 Commercial Club .. 4 Glee Club ............. . 4 HERBERT MARSHALL c4Herbv: "Be always ashamed to catch thyself idle." Football ................ 3 ALAIRE HART "Lairie" "Things are not always what they seem." Commerc'l Contest 4 Commercial Club.. 4 Library ................ 4 MORRISONIAN xx C, DORIS FULLER "Cl1arms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul." Glee Club .........,.. 4 CARL LINSOWE "Poets utter great and wise things which they themselves do not understand." Orchestra .............. 3 4 Latin Club ...... .... 3 Class Play ........ ..,. 4 4 Oration .,....... .... 4 Page 19 MORRISONIAN Ambitions of The Seniors GRACE PARTRIDGE E. VV. ANDERSON: To be a draftsman, successful, of course. BOBB: To be president of the United States some day. ADLE: To be a success at whatever I attempt. R. M. BOYD: To teach physical culture. A. BROOKEY: To have a girl in every city in the United States. I. BROOKEY: To have a complete set of United States pennies. G. CAVERLY: To be proprietor of a beer-garden. D. DARBY: To marry an heiress and I hope she's good lookin'. L. DIEHL: To grow up. U. DODGE: To be secretary to a man with a big lap. DOE: To be a movie actress and get my picture in the papers. FULLER: To be a nurse. H. GALE: To be a torrid screen lover, like Robert Taylor. GAMBLE: To be the bosses' private secretary. GERLACH: To be an aviator. GILLESPIE: To be an Advice to Lovelorn Editor. E. D. W. H. R. B, GOFF: To reduce. V. GREAVES: To be a successful beautician. T. HABBERSHAW: To be a great baseball player. A. HART: To be a successful stenographer. B. HITCHCOCK: To be a popular stenographer. C. HITE: To be a nurse, popular with my patients. C. HOLLOWAY: To be a nerve specialist and care for my own nerves. D. HOOD: Just a home with the morning glo1'ies. ON. HOYT: I'm not fussy. OR. HOYT: To own a successful stock farm. L. JUDD: To be everybody's friend. D. JERDEN: To be a high-falutin', rootin', tootn' oil man. K. KING: To be Jack of all trades, master of none. L. KOTVVICKI: To be the most popular man in the world. f my li'fe E. LANGDON: To be secretary to the first woman president, M. LANDON: To be a professional potato peeler. P. LEFURGEY: To be a successful mortician. C. LELAND: To be a professional baseball player. C. LINSOVVE: To be an automotive engineer. M. MacLEAN: To sleep, eat, swim, and go horseback riding the rest o H. MARSHALL: To travel, Washington and back. P. MCCARTY: To catch a fish so big I can tell the truth about it. D. MORSE: To make up my mind what I want to do, G. PARTRIDGE: To be a well-known dress designer. G. RICHMOND: To be a successful business man. J. ROCKWELL: To be a ditch digger. L. ROOT: To be a successful business man's wife, B. ROTH: To be a ipenmanship teacher. R. SALSBURY: To make a living without working. J. SCOTT: To be a stewardess on an airliner. A. SERVEN: To be professor of mathmatics at University of Michigan. H. SMITH: To be an aeronautical engineer. E. VAN DE WALKER: To be a famous doctor. D. VAN DE VENTER: To be a famous d0ctor's famous nurse. I. WILLIAMS: To be an aviatrix on an American or United airliner. J. WILLIAMS: To be a lawyer and to win every case. H. YOUNG: To be a radio comedian like Joe Penner. Page 20 - MORRISONIAN- The Staff First row: Mareelline MacLean, Dorothy Morse, Earldene Langdon. Second row: Betty Goff. Lucille Judd, Bernice Hitt-hcock, Robert Bobb, Irene Brookey, Jeanette Scott, Louise Root, Dorothy Hood, Gordon Richmond, Donna Van de Venter. Mildred Boyd. Third row: XValdo Anderson, Darrserden, Paul Lefurgey, Harry Smith. Absent: Gordon Caverly. This year book could not have been successful had it not been for the sincere effort of each member on the staff to make it so. liach has worked hard in order that its pages might contain the complete record of our last school year and the memories of the Class of '37. The members of the staff are: Dorothy Morse. liditor-in-chief: liarldene Langdon and Mareelline MacLean, Associate lfditorsg Betty Goff and Mildred Boyd, Girls' Sport Editors: Lucille Judd and lYaldo Anderson, Art liditorsl Bernice Hitchcock, Irene llrookey and Jeanette Scott, Alumni Editors, Una Dodge and Donna Van de Venter. Feature lfditorsg llarry Smith and Darrell Ierden, Boys' Sport Editors, Marcelline MacLean, Dorothy Hood, Dorothy Morse, Paul Lefurgey, Robert llobb, and Cordon Caverly, Business Managers. Page 21 Page 22 MORRISONIAN ,ffm-Q onffvunfwt uff' xx 1 . . Nffm VZ- s if Rig, . 1 1 U11 51312 F Q' f I fl f .1 1 f 1+ ',Z 2 ' 'Y ' Aix .,.-'g,A1l - - ' N .ff fy X , 5 2,25 5,5 1 HZ-'J i . 1 ff A x xi , f-X, 1-S 17 Y Eg if " ' f ig, N , . ,- ,af I' ' ' --.--"' '- " 'r' X 31 7, ' - . - Q - "Q ,efzihgf f a -f-3 Sgr: ,-,Z-... 1 " fu f Q '-.x 3, 4 sn? .wr '15 '4 'm"""" ef' iz 'pf JF' ' If X If EZ 3 K L H 'V I I4 limi' l L WJ' ff x , an . V u sd I . , 1 r-I If 1 1 '-I 'ull I 1 E! '. r"l' Honor Students Y M CJR Rl SID N IA N Outstanding Achievements 1936-1937 HERE are always a few students who obtain the higher standards of life. To do this, however. they must work hard, both mentally and physically. XYe are very prond of the group of students who have done somethind outstandinv' during' this mast year. 'llhe Jercentaees were so D D 4: . Fu close in deterniinin f the Valedictorian and Salutatorian that two 0'll'lS were L 6 chosen for each honor. They were Dorothy Hood and Aurah Serven, Vale- dictorians and Earldene Langdon and lletty Goff, Salutatorians. XYe have had an excellent debating team who won their first eight debates and one elimination debate. under the able direction of Miss Barbara Jean Lutts. John xYllllZlll1S, Leslie George, anzl Robert Forbes received awards. Dorothy Hood took second place with her oration. l'Youth Talks Back." John XYillianis also took second place in extcnipore speaking. Frederick Powell received honors in Declamation. Irene Brookey placed third in Typing in the Commercial Contest at Saginaw, Una Dodge taking fifth. Leslie George placed third in bookkeeping at this contest. Harry Synions and Lewis Kotwicki received honors in the State Meet. Phyllis Brock also took first and second place in llasclmall Throw and Broad Jump. Page 23 Baby Pictures Y 'Y 3 M CDR R lS4D N IA N 3 ., 'Wa ' '-1 r.. Page 24 r.::L4 Q L ii: Q1 bqxki h4CD R R ISGD N lA.N ro g ra m fv BACCALAUREATE v Music ---------- Methodist Choir Baccalaureate Address-"The Land of the Free" Rev. R- E. Niemann Music -------- - Methodist Choir Benediction ------ Rev. E. G. Roth QaS!AA55aD CLASS DAY PROGRAM Invocation -------- Father Gannon Salutatory ------ Ifarldene Langdon, Betty Goff Vocal Sextette - lValdo Anderson, Edward Van De Walker, Rowley Salsbury, Darrell lerden, Harry Smith, Blanchard Roth Oration. K'Youth Talks Back" ------ Dorothy Hood Doulmle Piano Duet - Dorothy Hood, Aurah Serven, Irene Rrookey. Una Dodge Class Histories-Activities ------- Lucille Judd -Athletics - - - - Henry Gale Class Prophecy - - - - - - Dorothy Morse Instrumental Octette Dale Darby, Louise Root, Cordon Richmond, Arthur Brookey, Kenneth King, Blanchard Roth, Tom Habbershaw, Orlo Hoyt Giftatory ---------- Una Dodge Clarinet Solo - - ----- Arthur Brookey Class Will ------ - Donna Van de Venter Presentation of American Legion Medals - - Vllalter Beerman Class Poem ------ - - - Carl Linsowe Class Song - Composed hy Una Dodge Valedictory Dorothy Hood, Aurah Serven Benediction - ---- Father Gannon Music - - Invocation - - Faculty Quartette - bmaw COMMENCEMENT Miss Dewar, Miss Saums, Mr. Kidman, jack M Commencement Address-"Challenge to Youth" - t'l'raveler and Lecturerj Vocal Solo -------- Presentation of Diplomas - Orchestra Rev. E. G. Roth urray - Kermit Evy - jack Murray Supt. E. L. Clark Page 25 Page 26 Q MORRISONIAN Salutatory BETTY GOFF ARENTS, Teachers, Friends and Fellow Classmates: I salute you and bid you welcome in the name of the class of 1937. I am honored to be able to do so. For thirteen years, we Seniors have worked and looked forward to this day as one of the greatest days in our life. At the beginning of our school career, we thought of this as a goal and an endg now we consider it merely an important stepping stone which will lead us to a higher goal and greater success. XVe have not been alone in our struggle thus far. XYithout our parentsl, teachers', and friends' patient and sympathetic guidance. we could never have reached this desired goal. XVe thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyal support. Although this is a happy night, it is also a sad night: for we must leave our teachers and one another I am sure the audience will understand our mingled emotions. Again I salute you and welcome you in the name of the Class of 1937. Qsuifflf EARLDENF LANGDON ARENTS, Teachers, Classmates, and Friends: It is with deep and sincere pleasure that I welcome you here tonight. XYithout the patient care and cooperation of our parents, the ready assistance of our teachers, and the loyal support of our under-classmates and friends, it would have been impossible for us to be here tonight. From childhood, our parents have carefully planned for our futures and our guiding light. Our teachers have patiently worked with us in endeavoring to help us gain some knowledge which that lies just outside of the door called "graduation we have gained new courage when oft times we see W'ithout the contributions of each of these groups, have been will aid us in the future l' Through our friends, med to be facing defeat. we should have met de- featg with them, we have conquered our first step in preparing for life. For thirteen years, we have been preparing for this day, and now when our school days are nearly over, it is with a feeling of regret that we leave. Our memories shall ever cherish the happy days we have spent here together. So with min fled feelings of haniness and regret, I wish to extend to is as as you, in behalf of the class of 1937, a most hearty and sincere welcome. M CJR R lS1O N lA.N i'4?l??41 l. lx LUClLLl'f hlUDlJ l . l IC. the graduating class of 1937, X proudly boast of the large number of our classmates who have at- W W tended Mt. Morris High School during their entire school career. 'llhey are: Harry Smith, .lack Rockwell, Pierce McCarty, liarldene Langdon, Kenneth Ring, Henry q Gale, Gordon Richmond. Onilee Hoyt, Betty Goff, XN'inifred Gamble, Herman Gerlach, CZ655 -Rf"-98-Of Alaire llart, Darrell vlierden, Clarence Le- land, Herbert Marshall, Rowley Salsbury, john Xyilliams and lilaine lloe. Nl r. Clifford Hoyt. father of Orlo Hoyt, is the only parent of any of this group who also graduated from our school. In the fall of 1933. as Freshmen, we elected the following class officers: .lack Rockwell. president: Clarence Leland, vice-president: Lewis Kotwicki, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Latham. sponsor. Wie were the first class to undertake the presentation cf a lireslnnen play, "lJrums in My Heart." which was a huge success. Other activities were the serving of hot lunches at noon and several class parties. Our Sophomore year brought another series of pleasant events. Our class officers were: ,lack Rockwell, president: Henry Gale, vice-president: and Leslie Finn, secretary-treasurer. Nr. Kidman acted as class adviser. Under his able sponsorship we entertained the Senior lligh with a colorful Christmas party and successfully presented 'flntroducing Susanf, our Sopho- more play. Dorothy llood placed second in the Dcclamation contest at Flushing. as did ,lohn XYilliams in lixtempore Speaking. Several members of our class were active in Glee Club and other various social clubs. Upon our return in the fall of 1035, as juniors, we began filling the year with many noteworthy activities. 'llhe first event was the election of officers in which -lack Rockwell was again elected presidentg Lewis liotwicki, vice- presidentg and .Xurah Serven, secretary-treasurer. NYC chose Mr. XYright as class sponsor, who directed "Girl Shy," which was an outstanding success. M any members of the class entered various fields, such as Glee Club, public speaking, athletics, and band. of which flrlo lloyt. was elected president. Several juniors took part in the operetta "The Sunbonnet Girl." Irene llrookey won honors in the commercial contest held at Saginaw. The concluding event that year was the junior-Senior prom in which the gym was transformed into an old southern garden, blue and white predomin- ating. Wie spent the remaining few weeks writing exams and awaiting the day when the senior crown should descend on us. And, now, on the horizon came the dawning of another school yearg not just any, but our last. .lack Rockwell, who was president each year through- out high school, was elected again to head the class, Lewis liotwicki, vice- Page 27 Page 28 MORRISONIAN president, and Aurah Serven, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Clark accepted the responsibility which falls to the lot of the senior advisor. XYith the long dreamed of XVashington trip in mind, we industriously began our activities for the year. VVe presented two plays, "Here Comes Charlie," and "That's the Ticket," which were both directed by Miss Leith. XVe enjoyed several all high parties and Mr. Ingram, of the Mt. Morris Theatre, graciously lent us the use of his building for two shows, which netted a tidy sum toward our trip. XVe also gave a "Grand Party," which was very successful. Other activities for raising funds were the operating of the cafe- teria, selling candy, getting magazine subscriptions and the publishing of the 1937 year book of which Dorothy Morse was Editor-in-Chief. Senior members who were active in other social spheres were: Debating, John Wfilliamsg Public Speaking, Dorothy Morse, Dorothy Hood, Carl Lin- sowe, .Iohn Williaiiis, NN'aldo Anderson, Gordon Caverly, and Lucille Judd, Commercial Contest, Irene Hrookey, Una Dodge, Alaire Hart, Anna Vought. Vivian Greaves, and Donna Van de Venterg lland, Dale Darby, Gordon Rich- mond, Louise Root, Arthur Brookey, Student Director, Orlo Hoyt, Drum Major, Blanchard Roth, Thomas Habbershaw, and Kenneth King. Our final attempt to raise money was "Black Face." the first minstrel show ever presented in this school, in which many Seniors took part. The annual junior-Senior prom in which the gym became a huge log cabin, and the promising trip to XYashington, D. C., lurking ahead, was the happy ending of an eventful year. 5'a.9 HENRY GALE HE Class of '37 will be long remembered for the part which they played in Athletics. During the four years in High School both girls and boys took a very active part in Athletics. XN'hile only Freshmen, this group had three boys dressing for each foot- ball game. They were Lewis Kotwicki, jack Rockwell, and Clarence Leland. In basketball that year there was only one who dressed for the first team games, namely, Jack Rockwell. However, we had a very promising team coming. Then in baseball we placed two men on the Varsity team again. They were jack Rockwell and Clarence Leland. In track, Lewis Kotwicki stole the show and started on his way to make a real name for himself all over the State. This is the best record any Freshmen class has ever had in sports. Following the Freshmen year, these fellows improved and others in this same class became active in Athletics also. They were Rowley Salsbury, who won a letter in each sport for two years in a row, Harry Smith, an All- County guard in basketball, and an All County center in football, Gordon Richmond, Gordon Caverly, Herman Gerlach, Darrell jerden, Henry Gale, Robert Bobb, and Thomas Habbershaw. The girls and boys of this class helped win many trophies for our trophy case, and we wish to pass a tip on to the underclassmen. That is: If you want to become a good athlete you will have to train and take care of yourself. MORRISONIAN Y 'Z fff no yi! 5 n 4 72' Off? CC DOROTHY MQRSE HERE is that newspaper I was reading? I had it all read but the Feature page. They always have such interesting articles. Oh, here it is, I think this is the one I was reading. fLook at date? Yes, June 9, 1947. tSit down and look through paper.l Hmm-f-I wonder what this is. "News of the 1937 Class of Mt. Morris High School." Why, that was the class I was in. Let's see what they have to say: Winifred Gamble, is teaching young girls how to blush and grow long eye- lashes. W'e see Harry Smith, Darrell Jerden, and Rowley Salsbury, of the S. J. S. Unin- corporated, fixing up old cars, tpreferably Whippetsl for high school Romeos. Sale price--S10.00. How's business? VVell, l would say it was rather knocky! Earldene Langdon is successful as a private secretary to Henry Ford. She draws dolls as a pastime after office hours. She should have learned how to draw auto- mobiles. Paul Lefurgey has his own undertaking parlor. A dead life for Paul! Aurah Serven has settled down in a small town known as "Farrington" They must mean Farringtown. Probably a misprint. Blanchard Roth is still giving soap box speeches on "Don't tamper with the Supreme Court!" Irene Brookey plays the piano in 'tLi11dholm's Symphony Orchestra." Herbert Marshall has become a great prize fighter. He is scheduled to fight Joe Louis next week. Watch out, Joe! Bernice Hitchcock and Anna Vought design coiffures for Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Arthur Brookey is teaching band in Davison, where he makes his home. Maybelle Landon is a fashionable stewardess on the American Air Lines. Bob Gillespie is trying to keep up with her. Lewis Kotwicki is the manager of a very distinguished beauty parlor. It is a very unusual one, however, being reserved for "Blondes Only." Onilee Hoyt has become a victim of sleeping sickness. Waldo Anderson is a blues singer on the Blues Chase1's program over WFDF. Marcelline MacLean has been pronounced the best dressed young lady of 1947. Dale Darby has out-winded C. C. Bradner and has taken his place on the radio, broadcasting daily news, It seems that Una Dodge has out-danced 'Ginger Rogers. She is to appear opposite Fred Astaire in the new picture, "Tip, Tap, Toe," to be released very soon. Henry Gale, that dashing Romeo, has just signed a contract as Clark Gable's double. Isalene Williams is the author of a column in the Flint Daily Journal, entitled "Calories and Health." Page 29 i Page MORRISONIAN Jack Rockwell has become a second Huey Long. He prevented an important piece of legislation from being passed not long ago by 48 hours of fillibustering. Catherine Hite has just opened a very smart dress shop. She designs her own dresses. Pierce McCarty has a fish market on the corner of Genesee St. and Dort High- way. He claims he catches them himself but we wonder how he can find time when he is at the stand all the time. Grace Partridge is at the head of a playground which she succeeded in getting started in Mt. Morris. Louise Root has opened a tea room two blocks away from the parking lot where Gordon Richmond has gone into partnership with his father. Thomas Habbershaw is attending the Flint Barber College. Betty Goff is second "Babe" Diedrickson. Orlo Hoyt is teaching Government in Mt. Morris High School. Donna Van de Venter is a nurse at Ford's Hospital. "And are the internes good- looking!" says Donna. Herman Gerlach is the postmaster at Henpeck. Mildred Boyd is selling Pure Silk Hose from house to house. She seems to be quite a saleswoman. We see Clarence Leland as the owner of a pickle factory. Lucille Judd, a promising young author, has just published a book entitled "Advice to the Lovelornf' fWell, what is this?l Dorthy Hood is selling tickets at the Rialto Theatre. Ella Adle is in the head lines again. She is a trapeze performer in Ringling Brothers Circus. Gordon Caverly is running a ,poultry farm. He has plenty of chickens now! Doris Fuller has been teaching a class of girls how to knit. Hally Young has a job in the State Hospital at Pontiac amusing the patients. Jeanette Scott is learning to cook in the Cooking School for the newlyweds. Jeanette remembers that "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Kenneth King is with the Detroit Tigers this year. He is one of their prize pitchers. Catherine Holloway is taking nerve treatments from a well-known doctor. Lloyd Diehl is selling tickets in the Barnum and Bailey Circus. It is for the side- show attraction "The Tallest Man in the YVorld." Carl Linsowe is also with the ci1'cus. He is carrying water for the elephants. Alaire Hart is working at the Flint Public Library. Edward Van De Walker has been crooning on Bing Crosby's program for six weeks. It seems, he has made quite a hit. At least telegrams are pouring in from all over the country. Maybe it's to get him off the air, we're not sure. Vivian Greaves has established a beauty parlor in Genesee. Robert Bobb is foreman on a PVVA job. Elaine Doe will soon appear on the screen in "The Old-Fashioned Girl." John Williams is getting up in the world. He is working on a skyscraper. tWel1, I guess that is all of them. Let's see, there were 54 in our graduating class and they are all doing something very interesting. Isn't it odd that I should run across something like that'?l -V M CFR R lS4OlNl A N All ' 2:EIII ,L DoNN.x VAN Dlf VENTPIR P 7 , E, the members of the Senior class of Mount Morris High School, in the county of Genesee, the State of Michigan, being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transi- tory life, do therefore make. ordain, publish, and declare this to be our first XYILL AND TESTAMENT: First: XX'e bequeath to the underclassmen our trip to XYashington. Second: The Senior girls will to the junior girls their position behind the candy bars. ' ' Third: The members of the class have stated a desire to leave certain of their humble property to the following: jack Rockwell wills his executive ability to Robert Montague. Lloyd Diehl leaves his long eyelashes to all those undergraduate girls who have been secretly admiring them. Kenneth King leaves his pitching ability to Harry Symons. Alaire Hart wills her position at the library to Marcella Russell. Marcelline MacLean gives her well-dressed appearance to Pauline Gillett. Aurah Serven wills her self-confidence to her sister Mildred. Doris Fuller bequeaths her poetic ability to Jack VVilliams. Una Dodge leaves her dimples to Philip Montague. Blanchard Roth wills his clear enunciation to Caroline Kovitz. Grace Partridge gives her ability to milk a cow to Harriet Niemann. Henry Gale bequeaths his beautiful basketball form to Bill Gleason. Arthur Brookey wills his night study to James Frasier. Louise Root leaves her domestic ability to joan Botkin. Dorothy Hood wills her domestic permanent to any the undergraduate girls who need it. Edward Van De XYalker wills his attraction for Freshmen girls to Ferris Merriam. Lucille Judd leaves her gentle voice to Beth Burk. john XYilliams wills his oratorical success to his sister Katherine. Orlo Hoyt leaves his bashfulness to Bill Griffiths. VValdo Anderson gives his bell-like voice to Clark Steele. Earldene Langdon wishes to give her cowlick to Edith Durham. Gordon Caverly bequeaths his horse laugh to Marvin Plew. Maybel Landon wills her well-kept hair to Bud Peters. Vivian Greaves wills her philosophy of life to Hilda Stadler. lrene Brookey leaves her practical nature to Phyllis Brock. Dorothy Morse gives her spirit to Christina Hurry. Herman Gerlach wills his match tricks to anyone who thinks he would like them. Page 31 Page 32 MORRISONIAN Robert Bobb leaves his stock of last-night's-radio jokes to Don Pounder. Louis Kotwicki leaves his fine football form as material for Mr. Bigelow. Betty Goff wishes to give her home runs to Katherine Maguire. Mildred Boyd wills her giggles to Leslie George. Dale Darby wills his manly charm to Bob Forbes. Hally Young gives his hearty laugh to jean Richards. Anna Vought bequeaths her chatter to anyone who intends joining a sewing circle later on. Gordon Richmond gives all his fuzzy sweaters to Shirley Roethel. Herbert Marshall wills his zip to Clara Farrington. Jeanette Scott wishes to will her love of French to Gwendolyn Mallach. Thomas Habbershaw wants Rupert Mallach to have his mustache. Paul Lefurgey bequeaths his posture to Bill Kaufman. Bernice Hitchcock gives her complexion to all who envy it. Pierce McCarty wills his perfect manners to John Shanks. Carl Linsowe wills his informality to Bob Carlson. VVinifred Gamble gives her blushes to Florence Carr. Catherine Hite leaves her sophistication to Mae Johnston. Onilee Hoyt bequeaths her comfortable amble to Doris Heidebreicht. Catherine Holloway wills her sweet nature to Jane Maginn. Elaine Doe leaves her literary ambitions to Lavina Deckrow. Luella Adle wishes to will her jacks to Mr. Kuras. Clarence Leland wills his originality to Edwin Nash. And last of all. Darrell Jerden, Rowley Salsbury, and llarry Smith. wish to give their VVhippet to anyone who wants it for 327.76 and tax. ' I, Donna Van de Venter, Chief Executor, do hereby declare that the Class of 1937, the testators, have set their hand and seal to this, their first XVill and Testament, on this ninth day of June, Anno Domini, nineteen hundred and thirty-seven. FY? fx frees. iii. '-T. Slug' MORRISONIAN ll 6.6596 2,0 7 . UNA DonoE ELLA ADLE: I am giving you a game of jacks. Don't let Mr. Kuras see you play with them. WALDO ANDERSON: Here is a gavel, Judge, of course it could be used for other purposes. ROBERT BOBB: l am presenting you with a piano bent-he-iso they won't laugh when you sit down to play the piano. MILDRED BOYD: Here is a boy doll. Maybe you can make a "New Mann" of him. ARTHUR BROOKEY: Here is a bag of tricks. You can put them up your sleeve with the rest. IRENE BROOKEY: I am giving you a typing pad. When you are National Cham- pion I can say I knew you when- GORDON CAVERLY: Here is a bottle of milkfI'n1 sure it has the correct. vitamins. DALE DARBY: I am giving yon a mike-I think you would make a very good radio announcer. LLOYD DIEHL: I am presenting you with a blue ribbon--to the beautiful way you recite poetryfespecially "Barbara Frietchie." ELAINE DOE: Here is a box of stationery-you must need a lot of it since you have a steady co1'respondent in South Africa. DORIS FULLER: You had to walk four miles to school so I am giving you these roller skates-they are much quicker. HENRY GALE: You have a good line, Henry, so I am giving you the right bait. VVINIFRED GAMBLE: This is an umbrella to take to the ball games so you won't get sunburned. HERMAN GERLACH: Here is a bell. The crack in the side shows it is a Liberty Bell. ROBERT GILLESPIE: I am giving you a law book-so you can settle your own arguments. BETTY GOFF: Here is a daisy----you used to skip school in February to pick them. VIVIAN GREAVES: Here is a date book--"fill 'er up with Phillip's"-and Tom, Dick and Harrys. THOMAS HABBERSHAXV: Here is a package of razor blades, Grandpa. ALAIRE HART: I am giving you an old book to bind. You got so much practice at it after school. BERNICE HITCHCOCK: You are our class baby, so I am giving you a baby doll to play with. CATHERINE HOLLOWAY: I am giving you a lump of sugar to keep your sweet disposition. DOROTHY HOOD: I am giving you a road mapfjust in case you get Strand-ed. ONILEE HOYT: You have never been late for school, so I am giving you a wrist watch so you will always be as prompt as you have been in school. ORLO HOYT: I am giving you this spare tire. You had better take it with you in case you have another flat one. DARRELL JERDEN: I am giving you this waste basket-to carry your extra gum in. Page 33 G MORRISONIAN LUCILLE JUDD: You are always so sweet and natural that I hope you will always B like this piano key. KENNETH KING: Here is a baseball to remind you of the days when you pitched all the winning games. LEWIS KOTWICKI: I am giving you a piece of beefsteak-for a future non-pro- fessional black eye. EARLDENE LANGDON: Here is an address to a Matrimonial Agency-that is always one way to do it. MAYBEL LANDON: A little cedar chest. things always come in handy. PAUL LEFURGEY: I am giving you this mule because I thought you would get a great kick out of it. CLARENCE LELAND: Here is a copy of "Frolicking Feet." There are a few steps in it that I haven't see you do. CARL LINSOWE: Here is a notebook for you to write poems in. They will .prob- ably be blank-but not blank verse. MARCELLINE MacLEAN: Here is a bottle of Natural Finger Nail Polish. I never saw the natural shade of your finger nails. HERBERT MARSHALL: Here is a copy of "Lines for least resistance." VVhen you are very popular with the girls, you can thank me. PIERCE MCCARTY: Here is a fish you caught but forgot to throw back in. Better luck next time. DOROTHY MORSE: I am giving you these scissors because you were always such a cut-up in school. GRACE PARTRIDGE: I am giving you this pail so you can go and milk the cows. GORDON RICHMOND: A pair of white socks. I thought you might like a change sometime--from the colored ones. JACK ROCKWELL: Prepare yourself for a shock. Here is a report card with all A's on it. LOUISE ROOT: You slept on curlers last winter, so I am giving you these to remind you that beauty is painful. . BLANCHANRD ROTH: Here is a penmanship book-so you can learn to read your own writing. ROWLEY SALSBURY: I am giving you some gas for the Whippet. JEANETTE SCOTT: I want to have your friendship always, so I am giving you a bunch of for-get-me-nots. AURAH SERVEN: May this ship remind you of our friendship, companionship, and your scholarship. HARRY SMITH: You are our Sundae man, so I am giving you this Sundae cu,p to remind you when you were a Soda Jerker. DONNA VAN DE VENTER: Here are two pencils. You can peel one tonight and one tomorrow night. EDWARD VAN DE WALKER: I am giving you this red bandana to use when you direct traffic in New York. You won't always have John Williams with his red hair to attract attention. ' ANNA VOUGHT: The boys in Government class always pestered you, so I am giving you this pop gun as future protection. ISALENE WILLIAMS: You are constantly forgetting things ---f so I am giving you this name pad so you can write everything down. JOHN NVILLIAMS: I am giving you this bow tie because Senators usually wear them. HALLY YOUNG: I am giving you this rubber band--so you'll have a little more snap -not that you haven't too much already. CATHERINE HITE: I know you are a cross-word puzzle fan, so I ull giving you a whole book of them. It won't take very long to fill it and the MORRISONIAN Senior Class Song TO MT. MORRIS IIIGH llere's to you. the XYhite and lllue. llerels to Mt. Morris High. llere's to you, the loyal and true, llere's 'till we do or die. XXX-,ll always reniemlier the hours we spent with you l XYe'll not forget those happy days. lYe'll cherish those memories all our life throuffh- Of classes, hall games. and plays. 5 XYe will elimlm the stairs to success, XYe will get there if we try. We will search for happiness. Our limit is the sky So herels to you, the lX'hite and Blue. -Una Dodge. QAKLD GTZQGD Class Poem TO THE CLASS Ol" '37 The year is nearly over, The hourglass' course is run. I N 1 ' 1 ' lhe Senior Class is ready to pass- The Bywordh"0n to XYashingtonl" lt may he just a sheepskin 'Ill . . ,' - , , .l,- . 1 . . - , mt ut it xxoi ting so maid to git. llut in it there is a meaning, A-X meaning we ean't forget. The world needs good people, The old are ageing fast. lYe must he ready to talce their place .-Xnd hold it to the last! ln doing this, dear Senior Class, Reinemher this for nie- 'lYou are heing' hono1'ed now- Continue so to lmelu -Carl Linsowe. Page 35 Page 36 MORRISONIAN Valedictory DOROTHY HOOD S our school days draw to a close, it might be well to consider just what these last twelve years have meant to us. VVhat have we gained? XYhat have we learned? As far as specific formulas, dates and laws are concerned, we have probably learned little that will be remem- bered more than a few years. Yet, school life has been a valuable experience. To a small extent we have grasped a knowledge of those events and those types of people with which we must come in contact later on. In fellow students we can foresee future co-workers. ln them, we have observed high ideals and low principlesg truthfulness and dishonestyg fidelity and disloyaltyg energy and lazinessg fine and poor sportsmanshipg intelligence and stupidity. NYG: do not leave school with the idealistic viewpoint that all men are perfectg nor are we cynical enough to believe all men bad, Our teachers have been a foretaste of other superiors. Some of them have inspired in us the desire to do our best in all thingsg others have not. There were those for whom it was easy to work and those who were exacting masters. l can not honestly say that all instructors have been unanimously liked, but all do deserve our respect and gratitude. Our parents will always be recognized as our greatest spiritual aids in completing high school education. Our graduation is of their making and l know that this event is as happy an occasion for them as it is for us. To these friends who have made our graduation possible, the class of 1937 says Thank You and Farewell. p. ,.i.-. MO RR I SONIAN Valedictory KCONTINUEDJ AURAI l Sli RVICN "The elevator to success is not running-Take the stairs." This is the motto which we, the Class of 1937, have chosen to follow as we go out from high school into the world. VVe realize that we cannot reach the top or success by standing still and letting some one else carry us up-we must climb, step by step. These four years in high school have been a desperate struggle to attain the first step on the stairs of success. I cannot say whether or not every member of this class has made that first step-they must decide that for themselves. But, if we have gained enough knowledge and experience to enable us, as we go out into the world, to understand a little better those about us, to live more peaceably with our neighbors, to solve at least part of the problems which confront us in our daily lives. and if through these things we are able to live a better and happier life, then I shall say that we have attained that step. I earnestly believe that every member of this class, whether he has climbed that first step or not, has accomplished something worthwhile during his high school career. However large or small the accomplishments may have been, we owe it to our parents, as advisors and financiersg our teachers, as instructors and inspirationsg and our many friends, who have supported us in everything we have done. "The elevator to success is not running-so we are climbing!" Thank you and farewell! -v ', .. ,3 , ,Y Page 37 SNAPSI-IOTS 5 2, f A 5 'A sk -15? My QS A A 'FB g g 2 aff' gk Zz SA-fm LNDERC ASSES MO RRISONIAN Junior Class History THE LM A SM ITH N 1934 we entered our first year in high school and elected the following officers: Glenn Salsbury, President, Robert Montague, Vice-president, and Donald Pounder, Secretary and Treasurer. Our Freshman play, "Susie Steps Out," was successfully directed by Miss Margaret Timm, our sponsor, A weiner roast and a sleigh ride completed our class activities that year. As Sophomores we elected Maxine Robinson, President, Thelma Smith, Vice- presidentg Nellie Kurtz, Secretary and Treasurer, and Mr. James Kidman, sponsor. During the next year a weiner roast and a sleigh ride were given by the class, and we also attended the regular senior high parties. "Crashing Society," the sophomore play, directed by lvlr. Kidman, was well received. In our Junior year, our play, 'tBashful Bobby," was a successful venture, due to the able direction of Mr. Kidman, our sponsor. Many members of the class have taken interest in athletics, music, and school clubs. We entertained the Seniors at the annual Junior-Senior prom at the end of the year. Our class officers are: Leslie George-President. Edwin NashiVice-president. Ruth Greaves-Secretary and Treasurer. Mr. James Kidman-Sponsor. Page 40 JUNIOR CLASS MORRISONIAN L Heidebreich Doris Williams, Nora urtz, he, Nellie K aC eB elin ad Kovitz, M Caroline tj: rgh to ..- ft ile First row oll Helen Vought, Lavinia Deckrow, Vera nces Carr TH Hurry, F tigel, Christina OH man, Emily M a Stadler, Mr. Kid Hild J H N Burke, M eth rol Nord, B Ca well, ock R roshon, Doris aG Martin, Thelm Zelma v Russell arcella WM F0 Second Katherine id, Le retchen am, G rh Du dith son, Mary Hough, E bin Ro Carr, Mae C6 QU Kelle1', Flor Lorraine jol ie Alm, on, TS Ste P Orth VV eters, Erwin Peterson, John McKay, Els nberg, Bud P te Roth, Eugene Stou enneth K Third row: Deckrow, Rupert oger R art H Roland T, ie Carr Ehrmantraut, Arnold errill ay, M gVV emmin H SOD S, Wil John VVil1iam nder. OH P ald OH Mallach, D 3,523 Q E 20 5 E so A: in .EO E H Q E m ... -: Q.:-4 if N156 .E9'U,.: H52 QFD? emi En fn-93 .45 'M ' N awe +52 - E225 Dum Q 255 5-1 E55 me H5555 a.a.S15 mage Emo we :go E22 anne 2 ME 551, si? 0 -Q53 :GB .5 JD Z3-3 ..-15-1 Elms :Scum erm S-4 .. ilu: 252 Q20 A55 H Q 5 BED?- 255 n A,2 4-7-O-'bn 1,4-7 :.2 C 5513: wi? I k Page 41 Page 42 MORRISONIAN Sophomore Class History MILDRICIJ SICRYEN N our Freshman year we elected Marie Cole, Presidentg Ulrleue Babcock, Vice- presidentg Robert Carlson, Secretary-treasurer5 Miss Leith, Sponsor, as officials for the year. During this year We presented our first play "Yours Truly Willie," directed by Miss Kidder. This year several members of our class participated in athletics, and have been outstanding in public speaking and musical activities. lVe very successfully pre- sented "Danger at the Crossroads," under the direction of our sponsor. William Griffiths-el'resident. Harry Symonsf ffff Viceepiw-sideiit. Jane Maginn-Secretary-tref1sure1'. Mr. Joseph Kurzis Sponsor, SOPHOMORE CLASS MORRISONIAN bert, Gil ann, Edna WII1 garet Ne al' Gillett, M kwell, Pauline OC R OI1 n Long, Mari E6 Ethl First row Cleft to riglhtlz mann, Mar- hards, Helen Nie Ric .lean tkin, Mr, Kuras, Ruth Hilsinger, Bo H116 ford, Joa nore Black 821 Herrick, E1 Lois 5 ce V1 5 'S ... 33 5 Q 3. To 3 Q Q U GS 2 as E Q 3. 'E fr: Q CD 3 U af :- .Q I3 U as E cu .E 5-4 an .Sl 4-7 cd C sf CD X Q3 o .Q 5-4 cu M .2 C1 24 cu U Cl as 5-1 2 lil 4-T S4 0 Q. cv aa M 5: 5-1 cvs 2 uf x .2 'Cl McDermaid, Charles Sullivan, Grace Pullen. sl. CD M .2 Cl M E o 3-4 cvs E s-T as E ai O cu o '1 Q o U2 3 at Q .ii O cd r-n of Q .-1 .,-1 E V2 CD E cd vw Q7 .E bn cd 2 as Q cd v-Q CI GJ 5 S-1 GJ U1 'U CD F-4 'U E er S3 O a U2 H GS ii 5 z '15 Q ce .-. S-1 cv -S 4-J Q U2 s.. Q2 .rd U O .D S-1 cu S: Q cs O -EI E' ui Di .E Q L4 O CE .Q E cd Di ri cd 3 Q O U E O E4 Q O 2 :Ts U -f.: S-u GJ -Q O CG 5 ,Cl +-v .-4 Q-I 0-4 .-a I-1 C5 .. ... .... B3 -u E5 3 O 0-4 if .2 s.. cu 'U as s.. If-1 3 9 Fl 4-4 s.. 5 O kt M- we Q as M Q cd E 'cs O o U E me .Q an .E Q Q Q U -cx GJ P' 95 5 o E +3 5-4 CU .Q o C5 +5 V1 Q9 Q cf S1 o O 53 CD cd CQ s-T CD .M U Q P' CD F-4 E U af S-1 GJ E 33 ce J 3. 5' E3 D-4 Q .Q L1 5-4 o 2 C1 .2 F-4 cd E Bill Kaufman, Cleo Je den, Uldene L Kinnm Leona Perri g0. I' OH, uella Harry Symons, W, Dale Lockery, y 6 Paul Brackrog, Rubin Bennett Spence Loren Hoyt, Marvin Pl obert Putm lliams, Merle W ro June T, an, R ..- WI attis. fth bcock, '11 D7 'ZS Ba :- oo M K2 neth Page 44 MORRISONIAN Freshmen Class History ANNIE PODOIJQY HE Freshman Class has contributed representatives for a number of activi- ties this year. Four social parties were given and all were greatly enjoyed. Marilyn Carlson, a Freshman, received honors in the high school declama- tion contest. The Freshman play, "Hold Everything," was a big success under the able direction of Miss Helen M. Lelsz. A theatre party, at the Star Theatre, was given for the members of the cast and back-stage people, The Freshman assembly, in the form of Major Bowes Amateur Hour, proved to be very enjoyable to the other classes. The Junior High library has been taken care of most expertly by Freshmen. Other activities, such as Glee Club, 4-H Club, athletics, orchestra and band, have had Freshmen as representatives. The members of this class hope to make the remainder of their high school years as successful and enjoyable as their Freshman year has been. Marilyn Carlson-President. Belva Gainer-Vice-president. Donald Hemingway -Sec. and Treas. EN CLASS FRESH MORRISONIAN 1 . SS r, Mi Becke arjorie nox, M GH nL ele Brunner, H Dorothy Stetz, ltrong, Anna S Illa tl: rgh to ..- fleft rst row Fi Liguari Mason, Mary Galler, June Keller. Forbes, Norma Munger, Mary Whitla.tch, Phyllis J. DSOF D0 Lelsz fs King, Estelle etty ger, B HH Mae M riswold, Cora ond, Wilma Glidden, Dorothy G H1 Rich Jean udrey row: A Second Isabelle Ballance, Helen Jeanne Bundt, Barbara Johnson, Belva Gainer, Anna Podoley, Rounds, ginia Vir milton, cd UI 'ci C 2 Q3 J .5 s- O .-4 U .Q 0 fi 'C 2 'U TE E no ..- I 7 I D-4 .rf O-7 ..- E cn GJ Z Q Z' O T E GJ 3 U 2 O L Salis- Arlene cNal1y, M er, Royal Parker, Aletha eck D oyd t, Ll OY H en, Dale OVV Massey, E. J. G rancis Third row: F Carlson, Johnson, Frances Reed, Lavange Waterman, Marilyn Vieva DeLand, Margaret Catherine Hicks, bury, ay. gW in SHI H ald OH e Lawrence, D ar Cl :I cu bb Q ..- Da Q7 ... M U7 ee E Q A1 P' :Q GJ aw O I CD Q 48 Q E5 '15 Q as nl U Q +3 S-1 GJ .Q o Di E .55 S-4 F-1 CD 2 .E 5-1 I-4 cv ki 5 O-3 S4 Q ki 'E 16 Q Q Q vi U1 O D5 .Q 3 ca S1 J: +- :- 5 O F14 Q -a N D5 JS E' cd Bi :Q cd 3 o 2 ce DI ra. 3-4 Q G9 E sl 2 'cs ee 4-V rn .Q E ee Qi oi Q I-1 .Q U cd S-1 CQ .Q E' ce D5 :J O GJ Z'- CD rn ae fc 2 Q GJ .Q U1 o F-4 CD za. o 5-4 GJ J ci cd E fb-4 9-I o III Q cd .Q 4-3 as Z .Q fi E rn aw. 5-1 L1 as F-1 as U32 :- o +3 .2 P .Q +3 ..- E un .E E Q cd S-1 In +5 -4-7 o U rn Pa 'Q 'Q Q CQ :Q .Q .Q UI cd D-1 GJ O Q GJ 5-4 3 :ws .J :Q as M U E 'Q .-. cd Q O Q s-I an JC U an Q E N s- as C5 vi as s- 5 CQ YH cu E N P1 3 o :- .C +a E In E 41 'sl' QD .Q o D1 J: u ..- :- 5 Q 5-4 U E ..- H Lf GJ Q o E E cd Q o Q --4 ... CD Q S4 o CJ 'Q I-1 ce .Q O ..- CC Q7 GJ fr: Q c P1 V1 -- A-W m m - CJ -ci Q o E U2 H E cd Q o Q 'cs ... L13 Q3 E 'Q .- Q cd C 6 Q Q GJ .Q O E in Page 45 DE RA EIC-SI-ITH 'U 97 UQ co lu an NIORRISONIAN ch, Bethany CH L Hicks, Mary HY Smith, M KathrynVValtmire, Norma ly McNal letha A to rightl: row Qleft First Sellers, Viola adys G1 es, HW H Arlene row, Dor s Led ..-1 Serven, Ruth Burk, Helen Amie, eatha R Lutts Huffman, Miss Budreau. Maxine Mallach, lson, HI' C Jane a 11 how C la Marian Carroll, Z0 ck 01111121115 aY ry, Louell Hur Isabelle FOXVI nd Seeo opp. hH llll Hi s, Erla Gale, R Betty ell, VV oak R Sweet, Catherine McKay, Lois th Doris Earle, Ru ne Gypher Dona,Babcock, Betty Point, Ire La Shirley Ray, Bethrice v 11 nny, Shirley Pierso K .,-4 YVillian1 hird row: T oth, Irene Kurtz. R Betty Montague, Vivian Case, Hawes, Florence tty Be Unger, Dorothy Smith, Jane CT, ck Tu CG ard, Mauri ook L Y b Conway, Tomm BO orse, Edward M Lampson, ld 0113 D S, ark SD Douglas XV I l'O Fourth Murphy. l Ca gram, G-1 H mphrey, Lloyd In ,.. ,.. ,Ernest Serven Ross, Lynn reen, Lester G Bud hart English, HO illiam kle, W Shin raper, John D oward Bryan Shanks, H Fox scott Keith ain W Floyd obert Bloomer, row: R th Fif s-. cv E H m3 .E 'E U C1 O S 'U uf as S51 Z cd m Q O CI s. as P s-f an 5 .-. cd I1-1 fo cvs C o Cl E1 .,.. .-. .-. .H I 'U ,-. c S-4 ce III :Q E Z cvs rl 4-V 5-1 an ,S o II 2 6-7 4-V cd 2 an Q9 Q 9 5 C5 rl 5 o U1 Q E o .CI E4 SEVENTH GRADE MORRISONIAN s-T fi I3 ... III Q 4-7 I-4 CC U Q7 GJ -Q E C5 GP Q cd Q D :Q if .E Se 5. S-E O as .E E GS 3-4 cv U bfa .E F 5' E C1 Q an -1 cd Q C1 o Q fc? Q. o D3 CD as P- o v-.v .Q7 If as J V2 .ff 2 'cf o O E .Q 3:5 -cs H uf cn 3 K3 III 1 N Cole yd, Arthur B0 onald chonert, R S Walter I 2 E 2 GJ V2 W Q Cd :Q CD .. 'Q .Q Di 4-7 I-a GJ .Q Q CG vi .E .Q .Q O FI E .9 -c? O E Z' GJ 3 O .J -:E O S .Zi O A Q5 S-1 :s CQ 2 TJ .Q cd Q Q 4 TE as D1 Q G3 O "3 3 O L- .N o an Q .gf L. O -rw C1 Q. E EI 5 Ts' Z U E an .3 3 vi 'Q 9-4 Q .Q .3 III OJ U Q. o -1 +5 .Q O .... QD 5-1 .Q G9 -Q ..- GJ III ID .-4 p-1 T. -Cf fl-4 cf o Q U M ..- o nl -JJ 4-3 O Q rn Q .E F-4 Q 2 :J G3 .Q Q Q Q Q. cd vw 3 O S-1 'Q .E .Q E' I E O O .Q O-V O Q Q Q9 M Q2 cd M O cd 2 U2 GJ E as '1 LT G9 M In 2 .Q O U1 'Q 3-1 cd .Q .2 C11 ui .E -Q .- E CD .- Q. .J 'ci O O .. D3 -6-3 5-1 GD .Q Q Di s-T GJ .. Q. E-4 E .E .-1 .- ..- Q as E 3 ,un A C1 o S1 Q as P .QT C E m Engle, e, Robert 3 O E .Q E cd D1 :F 0 -Q 5-I 4D 'W .E 3 F-4 cd Q 43 Q 16 F-1 -4-7 Q C1 E 5-4 .Q Q .2 Q Q GJ CQ 4.3 Q cd 5-1 J-V C'- QS E 5-1 .Q C11 Q 0 CQ 5 Q GI F-4 If-1 Q3 an I-u O GJ U 3 O F-1 .CI -no S1 5 O ka -4 W GJ E3 'U I- U .23 .2 D5 5 O 5. cu C! GJ BD cd -E C! av Q. Da an D5 :Q G3 3 GJ .Q ee '1 Q .2 Q Ag .2 L4 5-4 GJ I GJ an 5- O Q3 U of U2 F-4 O 2 'Q .. as Q Q Q ui Q O 5-4 S U2 GJ .-. 5-1 mi -Q O an .-. .3 .E U1 4-7 s.. as -Q O ca U1 CD .Q O -4-7 rn Q .Q O vw 5-1 O .Q cd E' S-a Q .Q 4-7 F-4 41 E cd S-1 an Q P-4 cd Q Q3 .Q 4-3 F-4 0 D-1 .-4 'ES 3 'Gd 232 'ES EA -SS 24+-w 'gi .QE r: cd D43 .123 gi-1 Q . EE hi 58 E 25 WD-4 if 'Sao bb me 'QCD 8 cd EE SED 2? -C1 is Ma 'Q Ea :QC .zz-1 O SE -EE EQ -35.2 Qigg ,Eg im.. LG 2.125 -Cleve KE.: -OJ 56.5.4 .-Q-.-.N CSE mo 155 .. Z 36 OQ2 F-45:6 E22 Surf: h End-:E 5. Q3 'SIDS V Page 47 I I 1 MORRISONIAN SIXTH GRADE Page 48 Betty r Deckei ker, Maxine EC eD Merl Babcock, endell WV le, Ga eslie rd, L VH r Ri 6 lm E htl: eft to rig C1 t row Fron Bonnajean Carlson, Jean cClenayhan, M Azelton, lrene 8 SSS B Kurtz CG Joy .-1 Roth, Betty Cole, Rosemarie Holloway, Lounsbery, ell Rosemary Corn is Do Beatrice NVager, H, 'J-1 Goodma Velma Tuff0l'd, Carl Gell, Joyce endricks, H Lucille Weaver, orie Opal Cheney, Marj Kent 9 Elain Second row: Hilsinger, Richard Ballance, Bruce t Stewa n 11 NVy1n a 5-1 Marr, Robert King, Betty Blandford, Harold Graham, John A. adys Herr ck. G1 nroe, .,-1 M o Q +6 1 B3.1'0Il ld Conway, Dona Betty Hildreth, QS odges, Jam H Dutcher, Lewis Edsel Tripp, Eff ob R Third row: Eff E5 Q .2 5 .E 31 'U H 5 O O D3 QD C1 cu T3 5 of C2 C1 if E CQ Va I as Q as Q E E V1 as S: .,- 54 CU E 4-I -a-w ..-1 Q1 E 2 U C1 :vs -2 :vs E E H Q o ffl Q. E o .Q P' :A .. 5-1 CD Q cu CCI ,-T ,.. CD ,II U 4-2 .-1 E fd Q cv: 5-1 4-3 ca Q. CD Q S-1 cv: III F: .. Q S-1 GJ N id E Q O Cd +3 S-1 mi I bs -4-7 -6-3 G2 FQ Q as M Q 4-3 Q D1 :ri -Q O L7 Gi V1 4-7 4-7 GJ 5-1 Q3 P H :Z Q G3 Q 5-1 Q CQ .2 Q Q GJ CQ vi V2 9 Q E 9, cd 5-1 PD cv: E Q GJ Q1 cd 5-1 Q E Q Q O V2 C1 E O Q E' za, Q CS Q Q-7 QD CD 3 O 5-1 Q -6-5 S-1 Q O E1 S-T as .-. ,Q O 2 as C1 GJ if QU cu .Q .-. .-1 .Q CD Q cd 5 Ea' 4-3 fd 5 91 cu .-1 U1 5 ,Q U1 To Q H 'F E Q D Cf. if E 41 ,Q 4-7 Q Di +3 +3 CD 3 GJ P1 an Q P 5-1 I-4 Q cd E Q G3 M C1' -E O V1 C GJ 513 cd .E Q GJ Q1 111311. 91' 111 Am lise E 1.1. 94-4 to Z -1:1 5-1 46 .Si U .Q D1 .-. cd as Ui GJ .Q 'U ... o U uf .id ca ..-1 III S1 .2 s-. cd E Q as rl GJ .E Q as 2 -6 fc: O E1 .S Q ..-1 bl! .Q IP 5-1 GJ .CI O Gi GJ +-1 23 'U fi C: ui .E 2 3 9 .-1 .Q 4-1 Q-1 ..-1 E11 O m C11 E .id Q F ki vi GJ Q o P1 Q cd 2 :-T CD -Q .Q QD Q .Q D rn .Q 6-3 GJ Q S1 GJ M CIS U2 5-1 O S 5-1 GJ ,Q -6-3 Q Q E E CD I5 3 'U E .E O if 5: CD 'U s-1 cd E GJ c.: 46 s-1 U 1-7 4-3 O Q zn CI ...1 5 'U 'J C6 -1 GJ A :J CD bl! I-1 .-1 W 2-1 av .Si U cd CD +-v ,H ... 11: Q an .- cd 2 rn .52 2 cf O vi QT: U 'zz 5-4 as ,Q .2 Di .25 CG D Melanson. 63. Dorth an, I1'1 ter Wa yman, Caroline W Robert oon, K ugene E Cogswell, ert ob R tt Absen T DE RA G H FT FI MORRISONIAN as .Q Q .Q Q. cn sl F-4 cd U Q. .Q Z D3 QF .Q O O Q G7 .Q +0 o B-1 o Q E3 an Q Q E Q .Q Q .Q GJ E .CI +-2 O Di PQ .CI 4-1 O is Q 7-4 GJ bb CG 5 GJ Q .Q .Q Q cd D-4 :J GJ 'Q Q KS CQ Q cd E 3 O 5-4 4-w G 9 .-4 I!-1 V- .Q Q as P cv D3 Q Q E S-4 GJ E E 4 Q 4-3 .Q -Q 53 J GJ Q7 3 cn CD III .Q Q. .Q Fla si as GJ .Q CD GJ Iri Q' 5-4 GS 2 Q U2 I my Q B1 4-5 -0-V GJ S4 GJ P H Q O 2 5-4 C6 U -4-3 5-4 GJ .51 O CCI vi .Q .2 I Q 2 GJ CE IT. 'P EEE II! C1 fford Rogers. ..-4 Lucas, ss, Mar on ..-4 Moro pen- SD R obert ens, R OS C John hardson, Ric uddy Franz, B Mary Whipple, ver Tabor, Ruth I'0 row: G nd Seco .Q O Di J-7 GJ s-4 CC WJ s-4 CS 2 .ri o 5 03 Q 5-4 G5 Q Dm G3 2 '15 o o 53 in Q C as 2 Q 'QT 5-4 o Q4 44-4 5 P Q Q C1 Q Q Q: U 34 o 9 CD .2 .5 Q Q O U1 .Q E os .Q .2 L4 4-W ce D-4 .-4 E3 3 Q O O Di br: Q GJ an cd .Q Q FE S-4 cd E :J O Q Q O U Q. CD .Q 5-4 .Q .Q rn 45 4-7 o U rn Q. GJ .Q .E .Q m Q 4-7 .Q E cn CD 'Q Q 5-4 +3 5-4 GJ CD J -Q Q Q CQ Q. Q .Q CD .Q O CD .Q .Q U rn Q O Q 5-4 GJ P Q 4-7 .Q E rn Q Q. Q. GJ Q Ei 3 O s-. 'U .5 .Si F ai .Q IDD Q Q Q Q. Q L6 Di 55 Z5 Q. .Q GD rn 'Q .Q cd Q o D bf: Q O J GJ an 5-4 O GJ C5 H. G9 un GJ .Q -J-7 Q O 2 4-7 F-4 GJ .Q .Q 41 415 an 5-4 o GJ C5 Q. 2 .Q .Q cn Q C 'Q NJ Q Q Q Q CD Q GJ CII Q Q on cd E GJ UI .Q Q O r-I -4 Q-4 9 5 Q U Jones. dore Theo id, 6 R hn Earl Martindale, .Io sl GJ 'Q Q Q CQ P1 GJ D1 .ri O Q CQ ba .Q -0-7 O 5-4 O Q 23 GJ an 'Q ci FU Z' S-4 GJ Q GJ III Qr GJ .Q Q G9 .Q rn E .Q cd E +5 Q cd 5-4 4-P Q cd E 5-4 .Q Q TE P 41 Q Q cd E Q 9 6 VJ .2 2 3 9 .Q +-7 F-4 Q O B4 Joseph Morse, Glenn owland, H Kelly, Dick oss, John HCS R Ye dair, Law hA et 6I'1I1 K all II1 Chap ES Jam h row: Fift cs S1 as .Q Q Qf 5-4 S-4 5 I as .E '5 3 5 'S N Q O B4 ." ,U C co 5 5-4 3 ki Ts' vi U1 E Q. 0 cv H D-4 .E cu 51 'Q an M3 P1 Q .. 3 E Q. GD E .2 E Q' IJ 5 U3 CQ 'U - E Q s. Q M 3 III Q FE 3 E 3 I Q v-J G, . -1 E 2 ze C552 2 as QGDE 'ED-44: .-4 E' Hg. QQ? alms O-Ill Cdm b'!l1 QS: mill'-4 5.. 51 'QQ.-C1 220-4 EO .CDL 2-5 C1 S02 gm EQQII QS no EE Page 49 F ' 0 MORRISONIAN FOURTH GRADE Page 50 cd Q O CD .J Q O 5-1 D 3. +3 4-3 GJ D3 Q O U2 Q1 E cn FE Q .- on .2 3 uf GJ O D3 GJ 3 .2 3 GJ Q QP CD fc? ba O CQ 'Q 5-1 Q Q 5-1 GJ IQ -cf 5-1 O Q-4 -Q Q 2 EQ 3. 2 .E Q m 3-X 4-w -C1 B0 ..-1 5-1 O -1-H -4-J Q-1 Q3 .-1 4.1 3 9 4-1 Q O 5-1 B1 Q O Q 5-1 0 P Q s- CD 3 GJ U2 fc: - Q Q o Q -7 .Q D ..- CD 5-1 .Q CD 'E GJ I E ce .- .- .- .- IP ? E ce .Q 5-1 Q Q Z ce U -r me an U1 .33 U cd P1 UF U2 o 5-1 o 2 GJ Cl ..- D4 G5 E 32 GJ Q Q O td E D. GJ 3-1 'U Q 4 32 S-1 GJ .D ID Q Q O .J avely, Earlene Gell. L ripp, Edwin T CII E11 ary lliams, M Wi .af a 4 3. E S o E' -a-2 V2 .-1 M 'U 5-1 Q Q- Q-1 .-1 .-1 U 3: Q7 . - in 5 U C! cd GJ 71 Q O 1-1 .- .- E as I 3. .- .- ..- CQ 32 .- GJ .Q cd .- CQ 'Q .- ee Q o Ca ai F-1 3. 4-7 Q P-4 U 2 Q as GJ P1 .9 O A :I 2 3. E4 Q 3. 5-4 .Q +3 C!! M Q s- cu N as 5-1 cv 5 an Q Q7 o -4-2 QD .-1 -Q E cv D-1 3. :- S- G5 IIC :I o .-1 5: G5 P' rn .- .- E ai s- cd 3 4-7 :- an 5 4 :J QD E E Gi .S m 's 5-1 CD K3 C1 SZ! 11 GJ U G5 5-1 C5 6 -4-v ..- 9 O M F3 5 o S-1 'Q GP .-I Q CI C1 o Q J 'U Q I5 on 3 o s- 'U :- -- .CI E-1 5-1 cd DD 5-1 as E 3. L1 as E Cox. l1I'l0Il main, Madolyn Hinkle, B Q 4 Q! an 5-1 O GJ U S 'Q 5-1 cd C5 CD an 5-1 O Q3 CD M3 Q O .J fc: 3. 2 .J J 4-7 CD 3 GJ '1 Q .2 5-1 td E Q O 4-7 III E ce III 417 Q Q 'W sl O .Q cd E' 3. cd 'Q ui -Q Q Q O D1 - -. GJ -Q 5-1 GS 2 3 O 5-1 .Q 'O-7 5-1 Q O 521 :L cd B1 OJ cd E as .- .- .- .- Q bla C1 .- .- .- o O -1-2 Q3 5-1 cd BD 5-1 Gi E sf cu M .- .- E .E fi as M .Q U O O .Q rl CQ -G 4-7 Q DS E Q rs Q 4-V Q as +5 5-1 Q III E 5-1 Q E 3i GJ Q 4-3 Q O E E .2 5 E :Q .22 C6 :- rington. 3: 4-v -4-v GJ U3 uf cn CD C .I 5-1 G5 E :- O .- 511 :S P1 'E O U U E .E 3 .- 4 32 .2 IE Di Q O 2 5-1 Gi U E Q .Q 5-1 Q Q 2 Q N 55 E5 Q .2 IP 'O-7 99 as on 5-1 Q E 3. .Q Q. 5-1 Q 2 GJ .E F4 G5 E vf C'- N E Q O V' Taylor. lton, Carl Z9 A dna nes, E 3-Y H Donald atkins, Charles W AbS6I1tZ ,lf N N THIRD GRADE O MORRISONIAN ! Q 5 5 r I zelton, eorge A G Earl VVilliam est, nger Barbara Gale, Ern U red ld Mi abbert, T Robert riglitlt to Front row Cleft Charles Boes, Pauline 1 ll oodma kG Dic azel Tracy, H Patty Badgley, ellt K Joyce Melanson, Claude Azelton, Edward Severn. Onalee ugh. Go vern, Myrna Se berlin, Margaret oyce 0 Ballance, J 9: .-. L. an 5 an CCI Q an .2 L. cd DJ .Ci 4J as -Q cd N .,-. .-. H M 0 5 09. 2 cd Q Q O O M 'F L. CTS .5 .2 Of. Q7 as cv ... cu cu fi J-5 L. as ,Q O ff. C, cu Q an C: CJ 2 L6 Q bf o lr. an 'U .. .. CQ 3 9 Q 'U Q O U GJ un fc ce Q O Q ,xi GJ O Q CG 5-1 59 L. E E o E-1 ,-4 .-. O 5-4 1. :vs O as .E 5 o A :E C1 cd E :s Q Pi ,M U as v-Q :S CD an 5-I Q kt cd rl as .Q x cd vw Q7 O V2 'T' C5 U rn ..-. O Q Q O Gi GJ A Q ED C S 5 o in 53 Lawson. V311 Bundy, Lelle T19 i HX M ribbs, C innifred lloway, W HO Wainscott, Ilene Janice Hurry, ne, Margaret 00 B HH A Doi is 1' 0 YV I Third tis anya, O F6 G Fred Wininger, ld H31'0 Keehn, Corliss Dh1'9Y. Hum Lucille Jeffries, Wayne Ill ha Adams, Elwood Gra reenman. dG ichar ss, R Ro arry H dford, all Bl arry aine, H III Tre Ehrmentraut June Abraham, Joe Townsend, oth, Hubert Ingram, Alice R 01' ayl T il1H6t M -1 Cal I'OYV1 Fourth ierson, Zelwyn P pitt, I1'1 la A. B.C n Morse, Mary Duq uette, Ver Y oper, Bill Co ubry A y Smith, Douglass Ross, Doroth per. Dra QS ith, .lam H1 S ck Ja E Q I GJ E S E E Q O rn CI .Q O V1 6 53 L. CG .Q L. N CQ '15 L. O O Pu cu .-. L. ..-. .3 U1 :E 'F :Ts 3 'cs C11 as fc: 2 O Q5 3 o I cd E T2 .Cf P' Q .Q 3 U O 2 E E H 5 9 Q Q 4-7 'O-4 E 3 2 D-1 E ce Q O Di Q GJ fc -cs 21' U 417 .E 'Q as Z +3 5-1 cd E cd fi 5-4 O J mn. ,Qbll ei dnl hx ge :if CD5 5.5 -.E ga: 215 553 as EC ,QRS 52 ,Q 32 O O5 Q 201 O-4-w D356 hs 225 'SE r-1 is SQ Q3 in 41,41 an 5-4 C8 ,Q Page 51 i i I l 4 1 SECOND GRADE Page 52 MORRISONIAN ... Q S-1 E-4 cd Q pple. hi W Kenneth zabeth Bloomer, El ..-1 st, Al ce Hart, Philip Nieman, .-4 rl Ki Ca rightj : t row Cleft to Fron M C 93 Q w Q CD Q CD an Q Li s-T CD ws .- CD Q Q U U1 U1 .- S-4 O Q :E x U .- III Q 5. Q Q O Cd P: si CD bn S-4 G3 ,Cl E :s I LC CI an 3 o Di CD -1 O 'P 5 Q .2 D1 S cu .E E cd :- GJ U vi Q an ui O O an CD CQ cd S-4 an Q F-4 axwell. ruce M Kelley, B ck, Della HY mH illia ne, W nard La 90 Franz, L Sylvia Joyce ham, Fa. G Cox, Loice , James ith III eS rg 60 Pushman, G at, Eunice F8 enjamen T Wise, B eorge G Second row: Joan Harkness. Tubbs, YCQ Jo son, 5. cv .-. F4 cd Q E as o P-w Q7 4:1 is X1 Q cd E -'us 5: QQ :- CD rn oi 5- O .E 4-w G ca 2 E Q5 zn CS an D- LS In U1 an :- E1 Q3 S3 Q O O M U cd P1 5 63 cv S-1 4-W as E+ 34 cv i-J CI CD w L. cd E E cd Q O Q ai :- 5 'U .- CG s- CD U 3 O :- S 1' 5 O EH ?' .- as .2 Di :Q S Q. 5-4 Q E E as E o D CIS Q. O O 4-P S-4 GJ Q o Di 2 o O E cd Q o Q -5 -4-3 CD 5 U vw M U as vw sf CD on 5 5-1 Q .Q ... 5 Q7 me E G9 GJ 5-4 FH D cd KD vw cd b F-9 sz? cd E Q CD G5 5-1 U bi .-4 .-. ..- III 5 2 Ili cd TE cvs Z Q o KD Q. E ..- U1 vi .Q O CJ Gi P1 Q9 Q GJ .. S-4 56 D 5 GJ :- cd J CG .Q -O-P 5-4 GS 2 :I 2 E M Q Q 1 s. 5-4 cd 2 si CD .Q .Q GJ as O D1 vi U1 O Di td .Q .. Q E .Q O cd CD 4-3 .6 E U1 K0 ..- Z UI .E E 3 9 .II G H teacher. Richard Wa te, Miss Ferguson, ..-4 Viv an Schlosser, Helen Vance, .-1 Onalee Pierson, RDE FIRS MORRISONIAN 2 r-TE if L- nh , 55 QC' Zen 5: -. an ILE 5: :TE 5,-1 A Q... EE Q.- WE if xx EH 'ESL CIE :E EL 24, '-: :'Ll il. ,M 'v :ga ag: E655 ,: H ::Q 9-co 5.2: Sgt' :-'55 'P-4a-4 EH: Si? H- 4? : .. -EW? E32 Q-TFH-I Q-4:-' Q'-M L , 25 SSL um V4.1 QQVQ ..r.':1 was QQ LIES p2 :V :WC ,..-F-4 5-wr: :vit ..,-1 3? +' ::EE eL:+1 Mzgh C CU 4-wzo - ai? cv.,.L. .U v V59 if -C f. Q C51 F-14411 2 55 EQ ,Lug ,az- ,LE-1 m E Z 1 m 2 C4 z 3 Q .35 as U S r... Lf rg v-1 'C V rl r-1 -'24 N -i n 1 5 r-4 L i -4 5 1 ,-. v. 4. 4- 3: L4 IZ ,Z : v-1 1: :- E L4 fl' f-4 o 5 ,- ,-Q E 4: E 5 an 5-4 o aa U : : 'I m 7-1 sl? A U1 KJ U 5 w -4 2 2 A V 2 2 Z ? E :1 Z .- s-4 N U 2 1- KJ v-o 5 Q m Q: CJ : It P. -4 E-1 v. . -4 ,A v-1 3 '-LJ 'I -. M O O 5 5. E E V2 5 6 va E E v-1 I -C 24.4 rin Z :L N M u FJ P1 5 c at f: E S' m F4 GJ if tricia Loi I'n 2.4 -1 3 S f 1 E' 5 f: L 5 P5 z.. Q Q-4 E' E Q 2 11 C4 9 ,- 'l'hir4l row: Hurry Shultz, Jan-kin Sparks, Maxell Garrly, Sidney Morse, Ilonzllfl Hzimilton, Dornine Qniglev Jimmie Ennis In-14 res Melnnson, Billy XVood, Martin Horan, Joan Jefferies, Lois Clore, Kathleen L:1n,arclon, Marv Keele-fin, Gerald Muttis Max Tripp. Y l"ourth row: B:u'l1:u':1 YVinnie, Zelplm Hilliker, Dean Slnulnon, Betty L Montiegrvl, Arlene Weaver, Rezltha lliolitngne Carriv lim-k, Virginia Menne, Hurley Jacobs, Peter Fadclienko, Shirley Upper, Jerry Smith, Clmrlotte Shoens, Jzu-qnclvn Horning, Peggy Cogswoll, Patricia Hinkle, .Tuck Shook, Phillip Cooper, Betty Ijrnyton, Darlene Cribs, Alston Ricllzirdsoii. L ' El wx 5 3 11 3,5 U20 S-UQ md 5.1 U Cm ,L Ev. ... 414 3: v M ina- :Ll mi .2 mm S-4 . L3 gi :Q :: Fi 4:-4 -:: Pi CE IH -fi , Wx :fi em, :S '-'lil Ze Or' QE Z ,Ji-4 :Ft is 3.2 42 55 Cf: :H ,.. :pg .EU 3 ..V2 W sz 4:2 ,591 :.. E- on QQ- M CD .. ...E 2? it Qi Q.. F-4?-4 gm QQ ... M Nr-4 F-4 Z .M , P4 5 OE "': A EQ '4-4 5: 45 9 F? 2'-1 H, .- :H .25 352 ,fi :59 4-H34 22. .- f. :E FF: V-1 '55 .11 . E+-4 -' :-I 5522 Pu'- :Qi 215 -...g fill 2-3. : api 5,2 1.9.71 7:5-4 mir-4 52 ,1"'1-J gmt -zg ..-Q H59 -:1 Egfr exe evk "' ,H .651 any .cz H.. w"'5g Off: oar Cr' vi!" or-1 M M'-Ig Mig HS: gui UFS: :zum 0,-. ,rc r-I'F- Qtr: 11,25 iso il 4.1 , 22: :uma 5-4 Q71 32'-' 0.219 s-ie" B40 .., Q 54: .- , , rn-3 1:9 I-9 v., L7 . ei lffn yer, Max Br Tylvr, Ilomlld my an, llc peck In S ason, Laura M Bobby Long, Kijala, Robert Helen bsent : 1 S17 UQ CD w A 00 EN ART DER6 N 2? 'SS KI U1 A MORRISONIAN e Jones, e Mari OS trow, R Ta y, Ruth 'Q Q Q D11 5 on an G7 Cu CIS S-1 O .. O U2 T3 5-1 Q U Q G5 Q9 rl Q E Q cd CD P1 Q 5 .- 51 .l 4-7 Q .PP 5-1 o -OJ 4-7 9-I GD -1 ,- 5 S Q Q O 5-1 ki F 5 O 5-1 CQ .9 CJ Q cd 5-1 lla Q 2 GJ E 52 Z cd Q GJ as E J! as CD n-I uf 5. Q CQ N E M O Z Q O m .. 5 if Q cd 5-1 frm Q Q an .-. cv as Fi 6-7 an Q cd P1 sf 54 Q U an U 5, o P1 Q7 o U1 cu E cd 5-1 ce Q 5-1 cd O2 eo-T U-4 cu Z 'P E 3 'Q EJ if Q E cu 5-1 P' E O 5-1 as E Q5 .... C .E 4-7 s-. as JD O Di uf s- cu if as ..-1 P 4-7 cu ..-1 L. s.. G m .E 3 'E G5 m P- CD -1 Q .H JI UQ s-T cv ... .-1 ua M :- cv Q-7 rn as JI U 3 o 5-1 T5 Q o C2 cv UQ 5. O Di ZZ me 2 4-3 99 G5 an 5-1 N E 5, 7-1 GS 2 P5 cv PC S o 9 CQ cv o D as 5-1 .LS U E5 CN Q ..-1 'S FQ 53 -O-7 o 5-1 C Q ?5 KD bb 'Q o D1 C O vi 3 N Q 52 U 5-1 4 as CI 5. GJ .. .E JI U1 .-1 Q- .9 F11 e fs 5 Q5 .-1 O U CD u 5: O "1 Q NS E s-. cu 4-V 5 .5 .E UD Q ...- P J Q cd m N C s.. cu P G 1-J :E L: O 0 -Q Q M ms, Ruth da A irley Sh ham, at yce L Jo id, 9 R fy Fuller, Bet Shirley an, IH Water argaret Hopp, M Ellen VV2 Third ro Q .Q GJ GJ M Q Q 33 o 5-1 Q CJ :E 5-4 o Q. cd Z D4 E Q 2 Z E E Q o E E 5T CD 5 E -0-7 5 6 E O O fc: 5-1 cd E S U Q 2 U Q Q 42 Q7 Q CG P1 53 cd .Q U U7 U2 li 5. O +1 :Z U IL' U1 as H 5. cd VIE .Q E N JI U2 CD +4 +a GJ C N P1 vi U1 O Di J: +a .E E '15 5-4 O ua 3 Ed U V2 .Ei 5-1 N JI U .5 E o o A QS' on -Q ..- 5-1 Bi Qi ce 5-u cd .Q 5-1 cd CQ sf CD .Q Q S ed Q Q O Q B Q 5-1 .Q 4-I S-1 Q O kt Q ce E fc: o O C5 Q2 Q ..- 'Q ... F5 5 C5 .Q +4 GJ E V2 OJ Z E cd Q o Di 4-7 .E o D-1 cd rl U1 CD E as vw Qf o W C .Q o P1 A1 E Q Di +5 5-1 CD If GJ U2 E o 5-4 Q I uf Q L1 Q D3 5. S-1 GS E :Y cd S TE' M +4 GJ Z S5 P7 of .- as '75 Q M 'Q ... cd Q O Q vi Q cd E Q O P4 5-1 O Q Q 2 H cf C!! E H TE 5 cd Q y, Maxine Gaul Marilynn Gray, Clara Hewitt, Jeanette Humerickhouse, adgle B obert gley. R ad B Shirley tt 611 Abs Jane Morse, Darlene Melanson, Mary Jone Mercier, Gerald etty Maginity, B 0gSF on, R HS M dred Mil Jeffers, harlotte C Tripp, Ralph Thompson, encer, Robert SD H1 3 h Schuttler, Willi ut olfen, R R othy OT ton, D edding on, Lorraine R ge Pi ci. Q- G! N Q CB E 5-1 O Z :E GJ P G5 5 GJ Q .... ae cd 2 m C .- Ji +9 E P- UD BD O D-1 N 260 urges 8 fig? A. I xx 3 ,, TNQ KI' A Q V1 K Q aw N :E f S i W b xii. ki-N-W Q N 'Xi-4 QQ ff MORRISONIAN Senior Play i Page 56 The first Senior play "Here Comes Charlie," was presented at the high school auditorium, under the direction of Miss Leith. It yvas well attended and proved to be a very enjoyable play. Larry Elliott QBob Gillespiej, a young college boy, is engaged to marry Vivian Smythe-Kersey QDorothy Hoodj, who is scheming for his money. Bill Hopps has saved Larry's life and his dying request is that he take care of little Charlie. Charlie CDorothy Morsej, arrives on the scene with her Uncle Aleck Uohn Williamsj, and much to everyone's surprise is a very lively girl instead of the little boy they thought she was going to be. Vivian and Larry's aunt, Mrs. Farnham QAurah Servenj, are displeased at the pair's ridiculous actions and in every way try to embarass them. Charlie falls in love with Larry but cannot stand their pity and insinuations, so she leaves them to go to college to "become a lady." She returns to Larry a year later pursued by several young men. Among them are Ted Hartley QPierce McCartyj, a college friend of Larry's, and Mortimer QRobert Bobbj, Vivian's brother. Mrs. Smythe-Kersey CEarldene Langdonj, wishes her son to marry Charlie, and so announces their engage- ment, but the little hillbilly turns the tables on them and tells them she has other plans for her future-which, of course, is marrying her guardian. Nora, the maid QLucille Juddj and Officer Tim McGrill CCarl Linsowej, provided the comedy. MORRISONIAN Senior Play The second Senior play. "That's the Ticket." was presented in the High School Auditorium, Friday evening, May 14th. lt was a very amusing and absorbing play. The play, which was a farce-comedy in three acts, concerns the activities of John Betterly Uohn XVilliamsj, a small town business man, who attempts to conceal his race track speculations from his haranguing wife, Myrtle, fUna Dodgej, until the day when he draws 3550000 at stake, but where is the c0upon?. Nick Barnes QRobert Hobby, his business partner, who is in love with john's daughter Peggy Qjeanette Scottj, has a share in the deal. There are further complications when a rival claimant appears at the bank with a fake ticket. Other characters in the play are Harkaway Boggs fPierce McCartyQ, a small town lawyer: Godiva QDorothy Morsej, the amusing' servantg and the two ambulance attendants 1,Carl Linsowe a11d Dale Darbyj. Page 57 MORRISONIAN Junior Play Page 58 hliashful Hobby" was presented by the Junior Class, February 25, under the direction of Mr. Kidman. lt provided an enjoyable evening' for those present. llelen Norwood invited several of her college friends to the home of her aunt, Mrs. Matilda Matthews. Robert Downing, in love with Helen, is known to his friends as "l'lashful Bobby." As the play opens he seems to be affected with an inferiority complex, lacking' the nerve to stand up for his rights. llis companions, jim llradley and llarry Collins, are extremely interested in l'3ob's bashful condition, But it so happens they carry their interest to an the ability to hypnotize people and throughout the play demonstrates his power on the various characters. lle hypnotizes extreme. Harry has acquired llob into making him believe he is Lockinvar, but is unable to bring' him out of his trance. and so calls upon Madame Dul'ont for help. Miss Odessa, Judson and Louise furnish the comedy. The cast of charact- ers is as follows: Robert Downing, played by Leslie Georgeg Jim Bradley, Kenneth Rothg Harry Collins, Roland Hartg 'Terry Roebuck, Clark Steeleg Helen Norwood, Lillian Iohnsong joan Stanford, Doris Heidebreichtg Anne llawlcins, Aliene lliggasong Mrs. Matilda Matthews, Maxine Robinsong Miss Odessa Henworthy, Thelma Smith: Judson, Jack XX'illiams3 Louise, Christina Hurry. MORRISONIAN Sophomore Play The Sophomore play, Hlianger at the Crossroads," was presented in the auditorium on the evening of April 2, 1937, under the direction of Mr. Kuras. It was much enjoyed by those who attended. Hawkes, the lun-keeper Qllhillip Montaguej, is trying to conceal the knowledge that he is harboring a large box of questionable contents in the cellar, Jane QRuth llilsingerj, his wife, is obviously nervous and seeking to turn suspicion from a sinister preseneeg a terrible, leering face is seen peering in at the window: the door of room 13 is often seen to open quietly and when ever anyone tries it, it is locked: report is received that Andrew Clayton QClarence Freemanj, has been murdered and his body stoleng Dorne QRobert Carlsonj, who poses as a detective, arrives with his questionable partner, Norton QRalph Horningj, and takes charge of the situation, but upon the arrival of the Sheriff QVX'illiam Griffithsfp, his validity is quickly disproven and he is placed under arrest. XYhen things seem about to return to normal, they are suddenly surprised and held terrified and powerless by a lunatic fMarvin Plewj, with a loaded gun. , Much fun is injected by the two crossword puzzle fans QMildred Serven and Gwendolyn Mallachj, who work unceasingly through all the turnioilg by Jervis CClare Tuckerj, a young actor with a hobby for quoting appropriate phrases at inopportune tiinesg and by Aunt Mary Morrison fKatherine lVfcGuirej, a spinster lady with high blood pressure. Other characters are Alice Atherton Qjane Maginnj, young actress, who succeeds in starting a stage career, Lorrinier tCharles Sullivanl, a young playwright and producer, and the Guard Chlack Lawsonj. Page 59 MORRISONIAN Freshman Play Page 60 The Freshmen play, f'Hold Everything,', was presented at the High School Auditorium on the evening of April 23, under the direction of Miss Lelsz. It was one of the most well performed plays of the year, A couple of young moderns tXYilliam Gleason and Gwendolyn Nesmithj, whom the fates have decreed must marry, have decided to dislike each other, even though they have never met. They stop over at the same tourist home in their endeavor to run away from each other. Under fictitious names they fall violently in love with each other. just when things begin to go smoothly they become embroiled with bank robbers tBuddy Scott and Nathan Hoff- manj, who take themselves seriously, much to the amusement of all con- cerned. Then thc girl's father tliichard Cornellj, comes on the scene not knowing it is his bank which has been robbed. The robbers plan to trade cars with a group of aspiring young movie actresses tMarilyn Carlson, Estelle Hamilton, and Arline Salisburyj, who are on their way to stardom-at least in their n1other's QCora Mae Mungerj estimation. Suddenly everyone finds himself in hot water with the kettle boiling over with humor. A colored scr- vant tPhyllis Middleditchj, finds herself in possession of the stolen money and from then on it's shrills-shrielcs and chills-with all trying to escape from each other. MORRISONIAN Ministrel Show The Blackface Minstrel was presented in the Auditorium, May 26th and 27th. Eighty darky girls and boys took part in the dances and choruses. Ken- neth VVright took the part of the Interlocuterg the end men-Tambo, Billy Milneg and Sanibo, Arville St. john, and Bones as Harry Sinithg Hambone, Rupert Mallachg Snowball, Robert Bobbg lfxema, Billy Gleasong Dumnoodle, Philip Montagueg Sassafras, lack Rockwellg Mushmouth, Gordon Richmondg and Bozo, Rowley Salsbury. The following dances furnished plenty of rhythm throughout the Min- strel: Cotton Blossom Dance, with Kathryn McGuire, Margaret McGuire, Christina Hurry, Gwendolyn Mallach, Betty King, Joyce Boyd, and Helen Ellemang Plantation Dance, with Rupert Mallach, Orlo Hoyt, Billy Griffiths, Dale Darby, Robert Bobb, Charles Sullivang Swanee Dance, with Arlene Sals- bury, -lane lllaginn, Phyllis Brock, and Belva Gainerg a duet dance by Orlo Hoyt and Bill Griffithsg and a solo dance by ,lane Maginng Pickinnies Dance, by Donna Maginn and Joyce Latham. The songs in the ininstrel were: "just One More Night in the Moon- light," sung by Edward Van de Vtfalkerg "Ol' Man River," by Jack Murrayg "Ah XVecl 300 Pounds," by Buddy Scottg "Me and Mah Razorf, by Billy Gleasong "River Stay 'XYay Froni My Door," by Thomas Habbershawg "YVho? Me?y' by Arville St. John and Billy Milneg "VYhen All My Dreams Come Truef' by Arville St. Johng and the "Swanee River," Hldal Sweet as Apple Ciclerf' "Shoe Shine Boy," "VVhen It's Sleepy Time Down Southf' "Cotton Blossom Dance," and "XVay Down in Georgiaf' were sung by the choruses. The Minstrel was the first of its kind ever attempted in the High School and we owe its huge success to the efficient directing of Miss Marion Dewar, the song directorg Miss Lois Neumann, the dancing directorg and Kenneth VVright. Page 61 MORRISONIAN Glee Clubs .A--5 6 3 BOYS' HLICIC CLUB GIRLS' iil.l'Il'l ULIB - .. -v my MIXED l'HORl'S Page 62 MORRISONIAN Glee Clubs JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEN CLYIS GRADE GIRLS' 1 'HORUS .WF M Page 63 f D FIRST B N1CPR R ISKDIV lA,N I OJ S-4 0 -ca G E UI G5 .: 4.n f-7 :: 'E .S 'cn .f: PJ Q 514 A '-44 o S: .Q 4-3 U cu 5.2 'U Lv .- -3 rd CU .-CI +4 1-1 GJ T1 E 5 'E - w , ON v-4 J. 5-4 mi 'J CI d '-w II .- E N .- CZ IU CD L. O U7 GS if I 'E - G5 on iz S-1 .H Lu ou .C I-4 CO11CC1'tS informal through the community of peoi le the ntertainment for C provided S Z1 h It S. FCS cn O L.. Cl. .Ei ,Q GS an 5-4 rd E hool year. U ill e during the om time to tim fr gh the summer months and L1 gularly thro FC C11 giv IIS 11 11121111 ie N arriet H President, and 3.5 id 61111121 MCD Jack with the school term in September 11 The band bega ss stant Student Direc- ..-4 s A 3 3.11 fm Kau 111 21 li XYi1 ith rector, w Di Student r Hrookey was chosen rthu t. A ce-presiden Vi Each member of the Major. Drum ederick Powell as Assistant Fr Hoyt was chosen Drum Major, with d Urlo 2111 tor 3 pril of this year. nA and white i ew uniform of blue 2111 received and rst B Fi l 'Ts .-CJ 4-9 O cz '4-4 -O-9 1: jg. O Em Q-'Ill ,O CB ..- O 04-1 -fee Te 'Ez N77 M33 GJ EE ce bbw CD TSE .24-a +4 wo A44-1 U1 QE "'ctS wa! -CC 4-lo-4 4-,J-3 rat: C 4-JC QU QJQJ will 32 Q44-J 23-4 S62 ". 4-:E .HP vin 3.2 nu.-C CJ-6-3 CI.-. gm 0.2 O13 Z3 U r"-v- 52 C2 U7 H12 ga-1 QS Qji-J : 59? w 5 GJ E13 3 m cd bo Page 64 SEC NDB ND MORRISONIAN CC- 'S d1r E To 4: 'U 'S II :J 2 s-4 GJ 'U CI CS Ill U2 cu s.. bo O :- Cl. GJ 'U cv E O ,2 cd cn cv! .-CI 'U C1 G5 .D .2 .SJ E+ O PO ON v-4 on CI 5 P1 .E -ca OJ .E Q F5 OD :- O Zh Sf' S 'cs c fu CQ -cs s: o U CU U1 QJ ..f: P tival at Flint. CS the Music F k part in OO d also t 311 community he ncerts in t CO rticipated in many has pa It tion. vo gd-I 'Tu 530 o .gm DU -Cb was E-D.-CI 1-E OJ pcs 145.-D U7 U... .:: go 93.5 YF? .:O mil' CUGJ ic. .af mo? L-CU .925 Y" -.G Jia Eg o 'Q fl 'nflf 4.33-4 .HU .BE KD'-A-I .20 U C52 Sm gg.-D 9:11 ,gi '-".: .EO s: E-U -U3 C5342 NCD ma. .Cn 313' 3: CU OJ mm wi if: Wm oo ws 3-1+-1 13.5 Fan 55 ?4 432 UJ o CL s-I O '-4-4 .M 5-4 o 3 Page 65 Page 66 MORRISONIAN , Crchestra The excellent work of the lliggh School Orchestra. under the direction of Miss Marion Dewar, is well known to the people of Klt. Morris through its performance at each school play and numerous other public functions. Besides its performances for the people of the community, the Orchestra also took part in the annual Music Festival held at Flint Central. lll' , """ ' f Z Ill' . lf illldillri A Q ao The Washington Trip VVe of the graduating class have worked faithfully for four years with the vision of a trip to VVashington ahead ofxus. Now, as we come to the end of our Senior year and we see our goal in sight, we hope that the Class of '38 are as successful as we have been in reaching that goal. MORRISONIAN ENGLISH CLUB I Front row iioft to rightjz Elvira Mvflain, Nora XVillian1s, Clara Farrington, Miss Loith, Lillian Johnson, Miss Lutts, Floroiic-9 Carr, lloris ltockwell, Marian ll2lNYI'0lll'0. Socond row: Hilda Stadlvr, Christina llirrry, Mao llobinson. 'l'lu-Ima tlroshon, Vera Loc-kwood, Marcella Rus- svll, LZIYIII21 Deckrow, Doris 1-Ieidehreirlit, Frane-os Carroll, Edith llnrliam, Katherine Xviliitlllls, James Fowler. Third row: Donald Pounder, Clark Sh-4-lo, J':ll,LX'Pll0 Slolitvillwiyfr, Uarohno Kovrtz, Madollm- Ilache, Shirley Rootlwl, Ima Strong, Frances ShQl1'1i0, Thelma Smith, Harriet Nil-'Ill2lIlll, llupvrt Mallach, Ke-nnvth Roth. lfourth row: Irwin 1'1-tvrson, John M4-Kay, Arnold Carrivr, Paul In-l'il1'g1-y, John XVll1iillllS, Ellsworth Peterson, i ' COMMERCIAL CLUB Front row ilm-ft to rigrhtjz: Kenneth Roth, Ulm-tis Jordon, Roland llart, Marylin Carlson, Elvira McClain, Made- line- llavliv, Thelma Groshon, Florvnrfe Carr, Clara I4'ill'I'il1gf0ll, Claro ll2lNVl't'lllf0, Francis Sr-ott, JZIIIIUS Fowler. Se-cond roxy: Nora Williams, Nancy Sulln-rlanfl, Una Dodgo, Lulfllla Adio, Ima Strong, All-na ltaude-r, Earldvno Lanpfalon, Graco Partridpgo, Iluth Kurtz, Phyllis Iirol-lc, Eloanore lllavkford, Arwilda Glidden, Cla-ta Luce, Lillian John- son, Dorothea Hamilton Third row: Mr. llavon, UI1-'fC'llt'll Lie-il. Zvlnm Martin, Xxvillllil Glidds-n, Virg:inia Rounds, lllstvlie- Hamilton, Carol Nord, Ruth Greaves, Altlu-a MvNally, Mary Whitlatm-h, liogora Mason, .Im-an llundt, Betty King, Katherine XV1ll1a1ns, Gloria Le-land, Mr, Kuras, Fourth-row: llill Kaufman. .Team-ttv Svott, lfraiilcl-SIR:-eil, Ila Strong, Norma Manger, Alivm- 1Ii::g:a.son, Shirley R01-thel, LOUISE Root, In-no llrookey, Alairo Hart. Iloris Ro0kWe-ll, G1':1c-4' Stinson, Ilvrnice Hih'l14'oc'k, Vivian Groavvs, Gordon Richmond. Fifth row: Rolu-rt Carlson, Joe Calder, llill llloason, Harry Smith. Clarke- Stvolo, Harry Young, Robert Bobb, llarroll Jordon, Paul Lofurgvy, Lewis Kotwic-ki, Iiah- Darhy, John Mc-Kay, John XVillia1ns, Dorothy Morse. . Sixth row: John Williams, XVinifro4l Gainblo, 1IQll':l'ill't-lf Nm-fuinann, flwondolyn Nesmith, Marx-4-lla Russell, Doris 111-idohreiclit, Phyllis Forln-s, llilda Stadlor, Joaunt- liotkin, Pauline Gillett, Margaret Mxzlluirv, Catherine McGuire, Gwendolyn Mallach, Mary llough, Catherine Holloway, Onilu- Hoyt, Page 67 Page 68 MORRISONIAN Latin Club The Latin Club was reorganized at the beginning of the school term. At this time the following officers were elected: Clare Tucker, presidentg Arlene Salsbury, vice presidentg Lois Herrick, secretaryg and Helen Nie- mann, treasurer. Under the direction of Miss Altha Kidder, we have held a meeting on the first Monday of each month with special parties at Christmas and on Valentine's Day. The club climaxed its activities in April with its annual banquet. A Roman effect was created as near as possible. The centerpiece was a replica of the Circus Maximus. Mr, Dwight Large was our speaker. Mrs. Large, and Mr. and Mrs. Clark were our special guests at this meeting. VVe have Latin Club pins this year. VVe have many things planned for next year that we did not have time for this year. MORRISONIAN French Club Le Cercle was organized three years ago and has been continued by the French classes. Any French student may be a member of le cercle. Our meet- ings are quite informal and are held once a month. Vfe have made an effort to speak French as much as possible during these meetings in our games and in our songs. At our first meeting this year we elected our officers. They are: Dorothy Hood, la presidenteg Harry Smith, le vice presidenteg Donald Pounder, le secretarieg Aurah Serven, la tresorierg Donna Van de Venter and VVilliam Griffiths, les delegues de la classe. The outstanding activity of the year was our annual diner a la francaise. During the dinner we created a French atmosphere through the choice of our menu, the pictures and signs which were on the wall, and in our dress, smocks and berets. Other activities were a Christmas party, a treasure hunt, and several meetings during which we played games and sang French songs. VVe con- cluded the activities of le cercle with a hike and a wiener roast. The members who did not have their French pins have ordered theirs this year. Outside reading is provided in our French library and in Le Petit Journal, which we bought with our club dues. Probably the greatest pleasure for the French students was the establish- ing of French correspondents. This has made friendships which will last a life time. Page G9 Page 70 MORRISONIAN Public Speaking At the beginning of the school year a new policy was adopted in regard to public speaking. Before this year, students were given half credits for taking part in the public speaking contests but there had been no regular class in it. This year a regular class with marks and a full credit has been given. Students from this class have formed the teams representing this school in debating, orations, and extem- pore speaking. Miss Lutts had to start with an inexperenced team in debating this year be- cause the three first team debaters of last year graduated and only one person in the class had ever been in a regular league debate. This was also the first year that there has been a captain of the debating team. This honor fell to John Williams. The question debated this year was: Resolved: "That the government should own and operate all electric utilities." The first debate was held on Nov. 19. Our school was on the affirmative side of the question and was represented by a team composed of Frederick Powell, Edna Gilbert, and John Williams. They defeated Lapeer by a 2-1 decision this time also. The ones who debated this time were Frederick Powell, Leslie George, and John Williams. In the next two debates Mt. Morris was on the negative side of the question. On January 15, a team composed of Clare Tucker, Leslie George, and John Williams defeated Chesaning by a unanimous decision. Then on February 5, Mt. Morris won another unanimous decision from St. Michaels High School. This time Philip Montague, Leslie George, and John Williams debated. The next debate was a State Elimination Debate and was won by Mt. Morris from Mid- land by another unanimous decision. This time Robert Forbes, Phillip Montague, and Leslie George debated on the affirmative side of the question. A team composed of Robert Forbes, Leslie George, and John Williams lost to Bad Axe on March 5. At the time of the elimination there were only thirty-two schools left in the state. Thus the record this year stands at five debates won before we were eliminated. Besides this record seven people were in debates this year, and as only one will graduate, we may look forward to next year with much hope for success. Miss Lutts should be commended for the wonderful work she has done with these debaters. Ten Sophomores and Freshmen learned and delivered declamations this year. After the preliminery contest the following people were selected to give their declam- ations in the final school contest: Frederick Powell, Maryilyn Carlson, Ralph Horn- ing and Co1'a Mae Munger. Frederick Powell, with the declamation "The Call To Arms" was awarded first place, and Marilyn Carlson, who gave "Trouissant T' Over- ture," second. Frederick represented this school in the sub-district meet and placed third. Miss Kidder and Miss Lelsz were in charge of the declamors. All people taking English IV were required to write orations this year. The following seven people were selected to give their orations in the school contest: Dorothy Hood, Lucile Judd, Dorothy Morse, Waldo Anderson, Gorden Caverly, Carl Linsowe, and John Williams. John Willams took first place with his oration entitled "A Myth or a Reality," and Dorothy Hood won second place with one called "Youth Talks Back." Dorothy represented this school in the sub-district meet because John won the right to represent it in Extempore speaking. He was awarded second place. The orators were under the direction of Miss Lutts and Miss Leith and the extempore speakers were directed by Miss Lutts. Thus, this year, Mt. Morris has had a well-balanced public speaking program and has had its share of success. lt has also trained a number of students who will be in school next year and we look forward hopefully. Miss Kidder, Miss Lelsz and Miss Lutts, should be praised for the wonderful work they have done. DEBATERS MORRISONIAN ORATORS DECLAMORS Pg 71 Page 72 MORRISONIAN Outstanding Fea The l936 football team won the first county championship in seven years in tying with Bendle for first place. A new Maginn trophy was presented for competition this year and Mt. Morris was the first to win this trophy by the crushing defeat of Clio 26-6 on Thanksgiving Day. Rowley Salsbury and Lewis Kotwicki were chosen on the All-Conference football team in their junior year: Salsbury as a tackle and Kotwicki, an end. Kotwicki was again honored in his senior year along with llarry Smith, who was chosen All-Conference center. In basketball, Mt. Morris placed two on the All-Conference team. They are Henry Gale and Harry Smith, both as guards. In their junior year, Rowley Salsbury and Lewis Iiotwicki placed in the State Track Meet held at Grand Rapids. Salsbury placed fifth in the high jump and Kotwicki, second in the shot put. There are very few athletes who achieve the honor of being four letter meng that is, receiving a letter in each of the four sports that the boys com- pete in. In the Class of '37 there are two: Rowley Salsbury, a four lette for two years and Henry Gale, for one year. tures in S I' ITIZIII itll Q-lit. all "4-,kZ1., i r 15 MORRISONIAN XXgQgRfff 5 U lf! V957 Page 74 MORRISONIAN Football The football team had a very successful year in 1936, losing only one league game, tying none, and winning eight. Mt. Morris finished first in the league along with Bendle. Outstanding during the year was the winning of the new Maginn trophy by the crushing defeat of Clio, 26-6, Thanksgiving Day. Those receiving varsity awards in football this year total sixteen. They are: Captain .lack Rockwell, Lewis Kotwicki, Henry Gale, Clarence Leland, Rowley Salsbury. Harry Smith, Herman Gerlach, Darrell Jerden, Robert Bobb, Thomas Habbershaw, Albert Youmans, Captain-elect George Peters, .lack Symons, Nathan Hoffman, Rupert Mallach, and Clare Tucker. Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris ..'o.c'.I Games Played 25 Vassar O Sl Caro 0 6 Bendle 7 37 Qtisville 0 13 Fenton 0 20 Grand Blanc 7 20 Davison 6 Flushing ....... ..., 6 ' ....... 6 13 26 Clio 191 32 Team tball Foo MORRISONIAN off- H L Kotwick mons, SY Leland, Gale, Mallach, T. ghtl: i T to ileft FOW 30k B Gerlach, Sm th, .,-1 Youmans, Salsbury, K, h rig W igelow, Coach hB 030 man, .Ie-rden, C kwell OC R t Cap Bobb, H. ershaw, ab H ay, Tucker K , Mc H 3 rs, Kaufm Pete lmy, A FOWI Second mons, Murphy, Freeman. SY oodman, der, G 1 son, Ca Steele, Robin 1 SOD aW L HSOD ay, Gle gW mmin He WZ First 1'0 and cott anagers, S , P. Brockrog. M van, Griffiths ker, Sulli af P art S, If R. Brackro Decker. Page 75 Page 76 MORRISONIAN Basketball The Mt. Morris basketball team had a very successful season during 1936- 37. It shared first place with Fenton in the Genesee County league. Mt. Morris defeated Flushing in the first round of the District tourna- ment at Lapeer, but was eliminated in the finals by Lapeer. Those receiving varsity awards are: Captain Harry Smith, Henry Gale, Rowley Salsbury, Gordon Caverly, Gordon Richmond, Captain-elect Erwin Peterson, Donald Pounder, Ruper Mallach, George Peters, Albert Youmans. Eleven received reserve awards. Of those receiving varsity awards. five are seniors. Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris Mt. Morris -4 21 17 18 St. Mary's flflintj 33 Beecher 22 Fenton 16 Davison 19 Alumni 29 13 St. Maryys QFlintj 18 Flushing 34 Clio Mt. Morris ..... 43 Grand Blanc ....... hit, hlorris ..,.,... ..,,.... 3 2 Swartz Creek ..... 315 Tournament Mt. Morris ...... ......... 2 1 FluShing ........ Mt. Morris ...... ......,.. 1 8 Lapeer ....... 39 54 Q . F l bt. Charles .............. Caro ........................ Bendle ................... M O R R I SO NIA N Basketball Team Front row Cleft to rightl: Buddy Scott, Gordon Richmond, Irwin Peterson, Rowley Salsbury, Harry Smith, Gordon Caverly, Marvin Plew. Second row: Mr. Bigelow, coachg Henry Gale, Rupert Mallach, Ellsworth Peterson, Bud Peters, Donald Pounder. Page 7 7 l MlO RIQI SiO N IA N Baseball The Mt. Morris High School had a fairly successful season this year, win- ning three and losing three. In the Genesee County league, they won two and lost one. Letters will he awarded to Captain llenry Gale. 'l1llOl1lZlS Habbershaw, Rowley Salsbury, Kenneth King. 'lack Roekwelll, Clareneee Leland, Gordon Richmond, Bill Kaufman, Jack Symons, Ilarry Synions, Rupert Mallaeh. Frederick Powell, and Lloyd Diehl. Clarence Leland is completing' his four years on the varsity. He was Co-Captain in his Junior year. I., ncvu. ..- .,.. '-...-"1 Games Played Mt. Morris ..... .,.,... 9 Montrose ...... .... 8 Mt. Morris ..... ....... l O Fenton ........., .... 5 Mt. Morris ..... ....... 9 St. Mary's ...... ........ 1 1 Mt. Morris ..... .,.,... 1 O Flushing ...... ....... 6 Mt. Morris ..... .,,. 1 Davison .......,.o. .... 6 Mt. Morris ,..,. ....... 7 Swartz Creek .... ....... 1 2 46 48 Page 75 MORRISONIAN Baseball Team Front row Cleft to rightlz Clarence Leland, Gordon Richmond, Thomas Habber- Shaw, Henry Gale, Rupert Mallach, Bill Kaufman, Harry Symons, Lloyd Diehl. Second row: George Herrick, Jack Rockwell. Kenneth King, Rowley Salsbury, Orlo Hoyt, Frederick Powell, Mr. VVright, coach, Clare Lawrence. Third row: Royal Parker, Clarence Freeman, Bill Griffiths, Ted Cunningham, Dale Darby, Bill Gleason, Robert Bobb. Page 79 r MORRISONIAN Boys' Track Team Front row ileft to rightlz John Williams, Gordon Richmond, Robert Bobb, Thomas Habbershaw, Harry Symons, Irwin Peterson, Rupert Mallach. Second row: Herman Gerlach, Paul Brackrog, Ted Cunningham, Darrell Jerden, Rowley Salsbury, Clarence Lelend, Ronald Bigelow, coach. Mt. Morris has been very successful this year in track meets. lt has won third and taken fourth in an invitational meet at Saginaw. Mt. Morris took the regional trophy home for the second straight year by winning on Saturday, May 15. Coach Bigelow's boys are expected to show up well in the county meet to be held May 28 at Flint Central. The following are the places the boys from Mt. Morris took in the Regional meet. The first three places in every event is qualified for the State Meet to be held at Lansing, May 22. Therefore, Mt. Morris will be strongly represented at Lansing. Kotwicki, shot put, lst ........... .. Kotwicki, low hurdles, lst ....... Kotwicki, high hurdles, 2nd ....... Habbershaw, broad jump, 2nd ....... Habbershaw, 220 yd. dash, 4th ...... Symons, 100 yd. dash, lst ............ Symons, 220 yd. dash, lst ....... Richmond, pole vault, lst ......... Gerlach, pole vault, 4th ........ Brackrog, mile, lst ................... Leland, 880 yd. run, lst .......... Mallach, 880 yd. run, 2nd ........ Bobb, 440 yd. dash, 2nd .............,... Cunningham, 440 yd. dash, 3rd ....... Cunningham, high jump, 4th ................-..-....--,-,-,------,-A,, Relay: Symons, Kotwicki, Habbershaw and Salsbury, lst ....... Page 80 feet l inch ,..,........25.3, new record for first ...,..,l9 feet 1 inch, for first for first .............10.5, new record ........23.5, new record ......l0 feet, new record .....5.06, new record 2 1 6.6 for first 5 feet 3 inches, for first ........l:39.6, new record M49 R R lS4DJV IA N Girls' Basketball Although this is the first year the girls have played inter-scholastic basketball. they have proven their ability by losing only one of their games. The first team consists of: A Caroline Kovitz-f. Christina Hurry-f. Phyllis Brock-f. Betty Goff-g. Earldene Langdon-g. Mildred Boyd-g. Frances Carroll-g. Captain Betty Goff, Mildred Boyd, Earldene Langdon, Frances Carroll, Phyllis Brock, Christina Hurry, Caroline Kovitz, Dorothy VVeaver, Arlene Salsbury, Marion Rockwell, and Katherine McGuire receiveivarsity awards. GAMES Davison .......,.., ..... 2 l Mt. Morris ....... ...... l 7 Grand Blanc ....... ..... 2 6 Mt. Morris .... ...... 2 9 Alumni .............................. ..... 2 8 Mt. Morris ....... ....... 2 3 North Baptist Church ........ ......... 8 Mt. Morris ...... . ....... 35 83 104 Page 31 eS2 Girls' Softball This year's girls' softball team has so far lived up to the high standard set by last year's team. They expect to he the County Champions. The first team consists of the following girls: Nellie Kurtz-c. Christina Hurry-p. Ruth Greaves--lst. Frances Carroll-2nd, Mildred Boyd-3rd. Katherine McGuire-rss. Marjorie Aim-lss. Betty Goff-rf. Caroline Kovitz--cf. Phyllis Brock-lf. Mildred Boyd was elected captain. Varsity awards will be given to all those who play in a scheduled game. Substitutes are: Mary Keeport, Carol Nord, Edith Durham, Margaret Brigham, Jo Anne Botkins, and Le Vange Nllaterman. Scores and games so far played: Bendle ...... ...... . ., ...... 8 Mt, Morris .. ...... U35 Montrose ...... ...... 4 Mt. Morris ..,... ........ 3 1 Goodrich .,.,... ..,... 8 Mt. Morris ...... ........ 1 5 Total ...,.. ......... 2 0 Total ....... ,....... 8 1 MORRISONIAN Girls' Track Front row Cleft to rightj : Mildred Boyd, Caroline Kovitz, Phyllis Brock, Frances Carroll, Betty Goff. Second row: Edith Durham, Norma Esmond, Miss Neumann, coach, Nellie Kurtz, Christina Hurry. For the past few years, Mt. Morris has produced Championship track teams. This year's team intends to add its laurels on those of the preceding teams. , . . The County Track Meet will be held May 28 at Central High School. All placing in events will be given varsity awards. Those girls endeavoring to place on the team are: Marjorie Alm, Mildred Boyd, Phyllis Brock, Frances Carroll, Edith Durham, Norma Esmond, Betty Goff, Christina Hurry, Mary Keeport, Caroline Kovitz, Nellie Kurtz, Kather- ine McGuire, jo Anne Botkins, LeVange XVaterman, and Ruth Greaves. The events are: baseball throw, basketball throw, hop-step-jump, shot put, broad jump, relay, and 50 yd. dash. Page 83 MORRISONIAN Alumni CL.-LSS OF 1903 Ella Russell, Mrs. James llurns, Mt. Morris. Rose Huyrhes, Mrs. Callahan, Flint WVeston Sellers, Deceased Harry Gillett, Clio Fern Johnson, Mrs. Gillett, Flint CLASS OF 1904 Grace Kelley, Office, Mt. Morris Gertrude 1Villiams, Mrs. Arthur Montague, Mt. Morris Josephine Hovey, Mrs. Dale Rhodes, Flint Fred Bryan, Teacher, Royal Oak Archie Simons, Civil Engineer, Mt, Morris CIJASS OF 1905 Floyd Upton, Flint Viva Brown, Mrs, Deland, Mt. Morris Mollie McManus, Mrs. Jim Duffin, Cheleaygau Mabel Griswald, Mrs, Tucker, Rochester Mabel Sharick, Mrs, lvilliam Silcox, Kenosha, VVis. CLASS OF 1906 Florence Ftley, Mrs. Gillett, Flint Ralph Gillctt, Buick. Flint, CLASS OF 1907 Grace Failthrop, Mrs. Gerbert Preston, 1Varsaw, N. Y. Gertrude McGinnis, Mrs, VVilkins, Flushing Bertha Johnson, Mrs. Harry Gillett, Clio George lllnckney, Flint Fern Simons. Mt. Morris Mary McCarthy, Mrs. Vi'ill llurns, Mt, Morris. CLASS OF 1908 Ralph Montague, Preacher, Rives Junction Ernest Montague, Farmer, Dodge Rd., Clio Mary Milluaney, Mrs, Richardson, Fairgrove CLASS 0F 1909 Raymond Nixon, Farmer, Mt. Morris Inez Marshall. Teacher, Clio Zita Russell, Mrs, Thomas Kearney, Mt. Morris Mabel Knickerbocker, Mrs, Ed. XVellman. Hart, Mich. Iva llelle Simons, Mrs, Bernard O'Rrieu, Clio Edward McCarthy, Farmer, Mt. Morris Arnold Fpton, Hubbard Hardware, Flint Clayton Johnson, Insurance Salesman, Flint John Murphy, Dentist, Flint CLASS OF 1910 Francis Knickerbocker, Salesman, Mt. Morris Eva Andrews, Mrs, Seeley, Canon City, Colorado Hazel Hammond, Mrs, Don Ferguson, Mt. Morris CLASS OF 1911 Helen Costello, Teacher, Detroit Blanche Maxwell, M1's. Rep. Stanley, Sault Ste, Marie Irene Culliton, Mrs, C. Kelly, Mt. Morris Josephine Mulvaney, Mrs. XVilliam Nolou, Flint Hazel Leland. Mrs. Dowe, Saginaw Charles Murphy, Dentist, Lansing CLASS OF 1912 Martin McGinnis, Real Estate, Flint Clifford Hoyt. Mt. Morris Road Helen Mat-Carty. McGinnis, Deceased Robert Plumb, Hubbard Hardware, Flint Carl Drown, Farmer, Center Rd., Mt. Morris Anna Murphy, Mrs, Earl Gartland, Flint Fern Maginn, Mrs, J. Mitchell, Detroit Ethel Taylor, Mrs. Murray Felt, Clio CLASS OF 1913 Ada Smith, Mrs. Earl Sparks, Mt. Morris Clare Knickerbocker, Farmer, Mt, Morris Donald Maginn, Genesee County Herald, Mt, Morris Leslie Graves, Deceased Mary De La Vergne, Ashton, Deceased Mary Murphy, Teacher, Flint Nellie Eagon, Mrs, Ira XVilcox, Flint Gladys Scott, Mrs. Ray Drudge, Genesee CLASS OF 1914 Zaua Ililsinger, Mrs, Hauer, Mt. Morris Alma De La Vergne, Deceased Ruth Rrady, Mrs. Oulette, Flint Page 84 Kathleen Graham, Mrs. King, SVashington, D, C, Pearl Upper, Factory, Flint Bert Scott, Ruick, Genesee Bert Smith, Mt. Morris Ray Hammond, Farmer, Mt. Morris Eva Owens, Mrs, Gaskell CLASS OF 1915 Thea Serven, Mrs. G. Goodman, Mt. Morris Helen Burns, Bookkeeper, Mt. Morris CLASS OF 1916 Delia Sharick, Married, Flint Lora Knight, Mrs. Goudy, Flint Frances Knight, Mrs. Splane, Flint Lucian Simons. Genesee County Savings Bank, Flint Harry De La Varane, Salesman, Mt. Morris Beulah Horton, Mrs. Fred Funsch, Mt. Morris Nellie llorton, Home, Flint Rossie Kelley. Deceased' Max 'Butterfield Farmer, Stanley Road Mildred Brady, Mrs. Roy Hammond, Dodge Road John Knickerbocker, Farmer, Stanley Road CLASS OF 1917 Meredith Rlack, Factory, Kalamazoo Harry Griffin, Factory. Flint Nellie Kelley, Office. Flint Mildred Hilsinger, Mrs, John Knickerbocker, Stanley Road Everett Ludrig. Flint . Mary Masrinn, Mrs. Ralph Helgeby, Flint Valitta McGinnis, Mrs. Denton, Flint CLASS OF 1918 Ella Russell, Mrs, M. 1Valtmire, Mt. Morris Emily Russell, Deceased Helen Begole, Clio CLASS OF 1919 Francis Rray, Housetrailer Salesman, East Lansing Gerald Maafinn, Genesee County Savings Bank, Flint Miles Murphy, Doctor, Grand Rapids Ralph Rhodes, Preacher, 1Vhiting, Indiana Charlotte Fuller, Mrs. J. Murphy, Mt. Morris Laura Mason, Mrs. Lee Zurrell, Mt. Morris Ann Murphy, Mrs. Paul Gadola. Flint Sadie Bray, Mrs. J. Austin, Detroit Leone Hackney, Mrs. 1VendelI Lindsay, Detroit Thelma Derry, Mrs. Michael Dillan, Baltimore CLASS OF 1920 Charles Mason, Garage, Mt. Morris VVilliam Schofield, Factory, Flint Norma Derry, Mrs. Hunt, Russellville Erma Ridley, Married, Saginaw Ethel Blackford, Mrs, Alarie, Flint CLASS OF 19521 Morgan Dodder, Chevrolet, Flint Ralph Hilsinger, General Motors, Roston, Mass. Alice Ross, Mrs. Upper, Mt. Morris Orville Swartz, Flint Mary Verrnette, Mrs. John Mullally, Mt. Morris Zola Simons, Mrs, Jack Smith, Mt. Morris Clarence VVerle, Deceased Ralph Partridpze, Dealer in Machinery, Cass City CLASS OF 1922 Dorothy Domine, Mrs. Kenneth Myers. Flint Beatrice Rrady, Mrs, VVm. 0'Conner, Flint Helen Magrane, Teacher, Pennsylvania Helen W'right, Mrs. Howard Temby, Flint Edna Hunt, Married, Detroit Casper Douglas Kenny, Detroit Rena Maxwell, Nurse, Jackson Alta Upper, Mrs. Dewey, California George Tracy, Deceased Gladys VVisner, Mrs, Tracy, Mt. Morris Velma Echlin, Mrs. Smith, Flint VVilfred Layton, Huntington, West Va. CLASS OF 1923 Norma Derry, Mrs. Kenneth Le Galley, Port Huron Lola Becker, Mrs, John Hawes, Lansing John Costello, Dentist, Flint Genevieve Flynn, Sister Mary of St. Brendon, Cincin- na 1 MORRISONIAN Beatrice Greene. Mrs. Harry Phipps, Cho Rodger Partridge, Farmer, Cass City Earle Stine, Midland D Henry Balgonyen. News York City . Gladys Lindsay, Mrs. McIntyre, Mt. Morris Harold Paillhorp, Preacher, Durand CLASS OF 1924 Donna Hackney, Mrs. Leo Clark, Clio Lauretta Trafford, lilarricd, Flint Francis Slattery, Doctor, Clare. Mich. Eva Randall, Mrs. C. Su1n1neI'S, Mt. Morris Eloise Hilsinger, Mrs, Gray, Mt. Morris Edna Elliott, Mrs. Frank Gower, Flint Kenneth Statler, House Painter, Beloit, XVisconsin. Gordon Slattery, Michigan State Highway Dept., Hlll- man Frances Briggs, Mrs. H. Adair, Mt. Morris Raymond Mason, Farmer, Mt, Morris Mildred Magrane, Married. Detroit. . Dorothy Hilsinger, Mrs. Roy Adair, Detroit Sidney Icke, Flint Milo McIntyre, Buick, Mt. Morris . Gerald Bigelow, Genesee County Savings Bank, Flint Mary Costella, Teacher, Detroit l Marjorie Stephens, Mrs. G. Robinson, Mt. Morris Raymond O'Conner, Ann Arbor D Grant Robinson. Flint I'ost Office, Mt. Morris Frankie Nichols. Married, Otisville Stewart Moore, Civil Engineer, Buffalo, New York Pauline Murphy, Married. Flint Russell Blue, Factory, Flint CL.-XSS OF 19725 Ione Colling. Mrs. Tilley, Swartz Creek Russell Beach, Genesee Conntv Bank, Flint Francis Burch, Bookkeeper, Flint Arthur Freeman, Buick. Mt. Morris Beatrice Garbet. Mrs. Xvood, Detroit Fred Gerlach, Justice of the Peace, Mt. Morris Dorothy Hobson, Flint Isabelle Layton, Mrs. Harley XVedell, Huntington, XV. Va. Helen McCarty, Mrs. H. Lavbertson, Flint Chris. McGarry, Michigan State Highway, Mt. Morris Linford Montney, Factory, Flint Florence Trafford, Married, Mt, Morris Gretta Funsch. Mrs. J. O'Toole, Stanley Road Mabel Gamertsfelder, Mrs. Schultz, Chicago CLASS OF 1926 Mida Burley, Mrs. Howard Wage, Flint Eunice Allis, Mrs. Gay Edwards, Clio Marjorie Berry. Mrs. Driss Knickerbocker, Mt, Morris Frank Nalia, Chicago Queenie Brown. Mrs. D. Logan, Mt. Morris Luella Buys, Mrs. I. Glynn, Mt. Morris Pauline Eagan, Mrs. E. Secord, Mt. Morris Clarissa Gray. Deceased Edgar Colling. Farmer, Fostoria Geraldine Hilsinger, Mrs. F, Maxwell, Mt. Morris Vern McIntyre. Montana Electric Co., Chinook, Montana WValter Randall. A. C., Flint Emery Shoens, Chevrolet, Mt, Morris Francis Toolc. Factory, Mt, Morris Lee Smith, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Gilbert Weiss, Chevrolet, Mt, Morris Samuel Moore, A. C,, Flint Abbie Warby, Mrs. Simpson, Flint Fern Ray, Mrs. Gilbert Allis, Mt. Morris Bill Costello, Chevrolet, Flint CLASS OF 1927 WValter Davis Frank Maxwell, Buick, Mt. Morris Raymond Somers, Dentist, Ann Arbor Kenneth Phillips, Dairyman, Kalamazoo Louise Allis, Mrs. G. Wveiss, Mt. Morris Robert Doyle, Mt. Morris Zita McGarry, Nurse, Baltimore, Maryland Evelyn Gerlach, Mrs, Lee Brown, Mt. Morris XValter XVright, Factory, Flint Arnold Maginn, Chevrolet, Lapeer Rose Miller, Mrs. Keith Ennis, Mt. Morris Ronald Bigelow. Teacher, Mt. Morris Gladys Ennis, Mrs. C. Bellangcr, Mt, Morris Helen Cooley, Deceased Isabelle Colling, Married, Fostoria Alden Chandler, Flint Leo Morrissey Terry Gibson, Cummings Bros., Mt, Morris Mary Polimac Joe Stimac, Factory, Frances Road Myrtle Hustcd, Mrs. Thorine, Clio Fred Brock, Jr., Minister, Strathmoore, Calif. Leo Dolan, Mt. Morris Beatrice Robinson, Mrs. G. Malia, Mt. Morris Mildred Partridge, Mrs. David Neil, Flint Lawrence Gay Kathleen Juckette, Household Finance, Secretary, Morris CLASS OF 1928 John Burch, Flint News Advertiser, Flint Eileen Funsch, Buick Main Office, Mt. Morris Gerald Black, Factory, Detroit Gerald Card, Factory, Flint Nellie VVilson, Mrs. A. Englehart, Indiana Bernice VVhite, Teacher. Clio Franklin Glynn, LA. C., Mt, Morris Dorothv Magrane. Portland, Oregon Clare Becker, Michigan State College, Lansing Verla Caverlv. Mrs. Jack Biber, Pontiac John Luce, Marjohnnelle Dairy Farms, Flint Marion Hobson, Married Bernita Lindsay, Home. Mt. Morris , Mt. Morris Frances YVright. Mrs. Roy Johnson Arhland Benz, Mrs. Oliver Cousens. Flint CLASS OF 1929 WVm. Thompson. Chevrolet, Flint Daisy Randall. Hosnital, Detroit Ronald Partridge, Fisher Body, Flint Sylvia XVarby, Mrs. Stoner. Flint Clare Schepler. Route 6. Flint .Tohn Oliver, Prenaration for Minister, Detroit Gladys Benson, Mrs. Norris. Jackson James Joy. United Construction Co. Marian Stephen. Mrs. Ed. Potter, Flint Earl Boshaw, Factory. Flint Marian Kenny, Mrs. Elwyn Derk, Flint Joseph Rapley, Detroit Ray Xvilliams. Teacher, Standish Margaret McGarry. Married. Detroit Marian Pinney, Mrs, Lowell, Flint Doris Robinson, Mrs. John Ackridge, Mt. Morris Hugh Steel, Mt. Morris Dry Cleaners. Mt, Morris Roderick Somers. Chevrolet, Flint Mary Goodall, Mrs. XVesley Gorton. Flint Dallas'Sigbert, Ann Arbor Gwenola Serven, Mrs. Clarence Siebert. Mt, Morris Hazel Goff, Mrs. B. E. Hultte, Corning. New York Bruce Maxwell, Continental Bakery, Flint CLASS OF 1930 VVayne Skutt, Sears Roebuck, Flint Marvin Tidball, Buick, Pine Run Sam Bardwell, C. C. C., Fife Lake, Michigan. Mildred VVright. Teacher, Mt. Morris Reatha Mills, Mrs. Pete Lommis, Mt. Morris E3lwin Derk, Factory. Detroit Henrietta VVright, Married. Mt Morris Mildred Cornell, Teacher, Mt. Morris Anna Conquest, Mt, Morris Leslie Becker, Factory. Flint Mary Ella Pailthorp, Mrs. C. Russell, Flint Clarence Russell, Dentist, Flint Pauline Collins, Teacher, Mt. Morris Sabra Wager, Mrs. C. Culver, Mt. Morris Mildred Emerson, Stenographer, Mt. Morris Margaret Harwood, Wichita, Kansas Ethel Hoffmeyer, Hurley, Flint Mabel Loveland, Married, Flint Cora Loomis, Chevrolet, Flint Lawrence WVard, Chevrolet, Flint Edward NVhite, Central State Teachers College, Pleasant Howard Bigelow, Kurtz Gravel Co., Flint Charles Vilhipple, Flint Anna Belle McLean. Mrs. Heidebrant, Flint Donald Montague. Radiotrician. Clio Oscar Nies, Air Reduction Co., Flint Beryl Becker, Texas Norman Lucas, Farmer, Clio Ronald Hough, Fisher Body, Flint Donald McKenzie, U. S. Navy Ruth Caverly, Mrs. Ray Gay, Mt, Morris Donald Brock, Minister, Russellville Matthew Brown, Chevrolet, Flint CLASS OF 1931 Darlene Freeman, Otto P. Graff. Mt, Morris Onalee Babcock, Mrs. Lee Smith, Mt. Morris Robert Joy, United Construction, Sebewaing Gordon Cornell, A, P. Store, Mt. Morris Dort Troop, Store, Flint Clark St. John, Flint Maxwell Collins, U. of M., Ann Arbor Edwin Conquest, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Floyd Stemens, Factory, Detroit Shirley Gleason, Mrs. Harry Andrews, Mt. Morris Dorothy Hodge, Mrs. Fred Kitchen, Flint Geraldine Schlosser, Mrs. Roy Adams, Mt. Morris Page Q5 MORRISONIAN Vera Martin, Nurse, Hurley Hospital, Flint llarold Hart, Chevrolet, Mt, Morris Mary Taylor Francis Howe, Buick, Mt. Morris Ralph Luce, Marjohnnelle Dairy Farms, Flint NVilliam Hicks, Garden Theatre, Flint Clyde Tidball, Buick, Genesee Doris Marshall, Teacher, Mt. Morris Elizabeth Early, Flint Leon Thompson, New York Kathleen Brown, Mrs, XVally Gushen, Flint Alice Page, Community Beauty Shoppe, Clio Celia Betzold, Mrs. G. Ilatt, Flint Harriett Dean, Mrs, James Moran, Grosse Pointe Clarabel Mallorey, Mrs. Molaski, Flint l'earline WVilson, Head Office Girl, XVoolworth, Mt. Morris Florence Thompson, Married, New York Holden Ackerman, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Theodore Bacon, Factory, Mt. Morris Dorothy Dodge, Mrs. R. Kyppe, Mt. Morris Ilarold Griswold, Buick, Mt, Morris Juanita Marion, Mrs. Riley Merrill, Flint lloward XVhaley, Buick, Clio Edwin Harwood, Ann Arbor Robert Plew, Powell Hardware, Mt. Morris Mable Becker, Mrs. Raymond llopkins. Flint Eulyla Danner, Mrs. Glen Hodges. Mt. Morris CLASS 0 F 1982 Tom Pounder, Buick. Mt. Morris Joseph Genske. xXv2lSlllll!Ttllll, D. C. Nora Brown, Maytag, Flint Glen Hodges, Truck Driver, Mt. Morris Martha Bezenah, Teacher, Beecher Sherman Tidball, A. C., Pino Run VViley Dickinson, Hudson, Detroit Violet Gametsfelder, Stenographer, Flint XVilfred Reppenhagen, VVayne University. Detroit Alma Pardee, Married Lawrence XVeycker, Plymouth, Berkley Lyle llodges, Trucking, Mt. Morris Ruby Hodges. Mrs. E, llodges, Flint Erma Ilanimel. Flint Genevieve Hammel, Teacher Eva Hoffnieyer. Mrs. Lyeon Parker. Nurse, Flint Leone Serven, Citizens Coml Bank. Mt. Morris Keith Montague. Farmer. Mt. Morris Dolores Brown, Mrs, Il. Matthews, Mt, Morris Helen Thrower, Married, Mt. Morris Ina l'roper, Mrs, Vernon Scott, Genesee Illa Brown, Mrs. Don Montague, Clio Lyle Countryman, Graves, Mt. Morris Burney Landon, Buick, Mt. Morris Doris Grendziak Charles Lucia, Flint Arthur Bentley, Fisher Body, Mt. Morris Leah Rhodes, Mrs. Ray Lokie, Chicago l'aul Reeser, Chevrolet, Flint Russell Caverly, Beacon, Mt. Morris Iloward Hoit, Flushing Ruth WVhaley, Mrs. Zink, Flint Evan XVilliams, Buick, Flint lloward Anderson, Carpenter Road, Flint John Stuekey, Farmer, Mt. Morris Johnson Hackney, Chevrolet, Clio Velma Duplessis, Mt. Morris Millard Shoens, Farmer, Otisville Nina Phillips, Mrs. Dail Troop, Clio Ethel Randall, Mrs. Kenneth Carrier, Mt. Morris Silas Fleetwood, Electrician, Mt, Morris Benny VV'haley, Asbury College, NVilmore, Kentucky John Mahoney, A. C., Flint Arlene Hilsinger, Mrs, Kenneth Cosens, East Lansing Rena Drudge, Marvel Carburetor, Genesee CLASS 01" 1933 Donald Reppenhagen Lynn Terry, Salesman, Flint Charles Riley, Buick, Flint Sewell Munger, Hurley Hospital, Flint Floyd Anklan Genesee St., Flint Jack Murray, Mt, Morris Lumber X Supply Co., Mt. Morris VVilliam Page, Clio Alfred Herrick, Office NVork, State Building, Lansing Clayton Smith, Genesee St., Flint Clarence Edwards, Meadow Dew Dairy, Ludington Robert Covert, Farmer, Mt.. Morris Evelyn Johnson, Mrs. Charles Hect, I-'lint Virgil Doe, Junior College, California Illa Thompson, Mrs. M. Schultz, Fli11t Robert Rapley, Factory. Mt. Morris Roy Trafford. Chevrolet, Mt, Morris Elmer Bobb. Palace Travel Coach, Genesee Gordon Rockwell, Hardware, Mt, Morris Page 86 Janetha Kenyon, Mrs. Donald Brock, Russellville Arthur Decker, Northern Baptist Theo. Sem., Chicago Leah Jane Farrington, Home, Mt. Morris Charles Podoley, Buick, Mt. Morris Pauline Spiker, Mrs. H. Schofield, Flint Hugo Bradrock, Feed Store, Mt. Morris Stanley McKenzie, Northern Baptist Theo Sem., Chix o Laura Kentish, Mrs, II. Bigelow, Flint ll. .I. Munger, Hurley Hospital, Flint l'anl Ray, Asbury College. XVilmore, Kentucky Harold Doe, P. QQ G. Soap Co., Calif. Mary Belle 0'Brieu, Married, Clio Pauline Scofe, Davison Lester XVard, Chevrolet, Flint Alice Kenyon, North -Baptist Theo. Sem., Chicago Beatrice Becker, Baker University, Mt. Morris Robert Covert, Mt. Morris Jack Crooks, Flint Mae VVhaley, Junior College, l'ort Huron Agnes Bonner, Sears-Roebuck, Flint. Nellie Hillier Norman Huffman, Mich. State NlIl'lll2ll, Ypsilanti Kenneth Cosens, Buick, Mt. Morris Lucille Bezenah, A. C., Flint Raymond Rising, Buick, Mt. Morris Beryl Matney, A, C., Flint Elbern Brown, Farmer, Mt, Morris Sidney Gamble, Buick, Mt, Morris Arlene Carroll, Northern Baptist Theo, Sem., Chicago Glen Van Luven, l-'lint Hazel McDowell, Secretary, Dryden Building, I-'lint Kenneth Carr, Sears Roebuck, Mt. Morris CLASS OF 1934 Harrison Keller, Buick, Mt. Morris Ellen Lucas, Chevrolet Main Office, Mt. Morris James Moore, Junior College, Flint Margaret Evans, Motorwise Service, Mt. Morris Bruce Brock, Buick, Mt. Morris Edna Gale, Mrs. Brown, Mt. Morris I'aul Montague, College, Clio Margaret 0'Kelly, Home, Mt. Morris Alton Griswold, Farmer, Clio Christine Skinner, Bell Telephone Co., Flint Bernard Upper, Atlas Ilene Brown, Baker Conservatory of Music XVillis Carroll, Kurtz Gravel Co., Mt, Morris Carl Ammerman, Feed Store, Mt. Morris Arlene Greene, Baker University, Clio Billy Sweet, Buick, Mt. Morris Ahvlllllil Ammerman, Bible Institute, Chicago Judson Berry, Farmer, Birch Run Viola Stanley, Mrs. Mt-Keever, Flint Arville St. John, Fisher Body, Otisville Mary Ann Dean, Central State Teachers College, Pleasant Arnold Hoyt, Home, Mt, Morris Janet Joy, XVayne University, Detroit Raymond Hitchcock, Chevrolet Genesee Margaret Langdon, Office XVork, Mt. Morris John Merrill, Chevrolet, Mt. Morris Martha Pinkston, A. C,, Flint Richard Carrier, A. C., Mt. Morris Illa Smith, Mrs. YV. Nyswaner, Mt. Morris Don Rockwell, Buick, Mt, Morris Edith Hanunel, Home, Flint Robert VVelsh, Gas Station, Flint Vera Betzold, Trojan Laundry, Flint Harold Bobb, Fisher Body, Genesee Laura McIntyre, Home, Mt. Morris Erwin Dodge, Farmer, Clio Laverne Pyne, A. C., Mt, Morris Bruce Marshall, Farmer, Clio Rose Engle, Mrs. Lowell, Mt, Morris Helen Farrington, Mrs, C, Ammerman, Mt. Morris Mildred Martin, Mrs. E. Shoens, Mt. Morris Ada Mae Matney, Mrs. Baker, Flint Lloyd Tucker, General Motors Tech., Flint Evelyn Greaves, Flint Surgical Supply Co., Genesee WVes1ey Nyswaner, Truck Driver, Flint CLASS OF 1935 Kathryn Graves, - Flint Clifford Caverly, Farmcrest, Mt. Morris Virginia Danner, Bargess Hospital, Kalamazoo Margie Lawrence, Mrs, George Knool, Mt. Morris Margaret Gamble, Home, Mt. Morris J. T. Serven, Buick, Mt. Morris Charity Scott, I'eniberton's, Mt. Morris Thomas Haley, Buick, Flint Marguerite Doe, Bargess Hospital, Kalamazoo Goldie Tidball, Mrs. Arthur Baum-her, Pine Run Eleanor Turfus, Flint XVilliaIn Lockard, Buick, Flint Doris Short, A, C., Flint Boy Sedge, A, K 1'., Flint MORRISONIAN lhorolht-gi Ili-old, Iiotroit F4-rn Frasor, Mrs. Irm-no l'onr'o, lim-troit Alain-l t'ook H't'onnor, lit'I't'2lS4'ti Yallm- llaym-s. Hoinv. Flint Xlai',2'liol'it1- llussu-ll. lin-vt-lnii' Svliool Allison llitvlivovlc. llalwr llusinn-ss Follogo. tloiivsoo Nlnrvyn l':xi'rn-l'. liuivli. Flint ' l.ouis M4-rriain, liuirk, Mt, Morris lt-lila lit-arnl. Mrs. llarolil lla-nrml. th-in-svv lla St. John. Flint Stwrolarizil Inst., Htisvillo lloyd Swart. liuirk. Mt. Morris lloris llinklo, Homo, Mt. Morris lstllor S4-liot-411-r. l'r4-paration for Nursn-. Ann Arbor .lark lloorgo, llnivk, Mt, Morris larolina tlorlarli, Mrs. l'aul llinm-, Mt. Morris 'Flrnost Coil, Flint f'4illllllt'l't'i2l1 Colin-go, Mt. Morris luniw llit'rln'ot'k. Musit' 'l'va4'ln-r, tloiivst-0 Gladys Nyswanvr, 'l'm-lvplionv tiporator, Los Angx-ins, lann-s Ilnrry. lluirlc. tit-in-soo Valif. iarl Fra-li. liuiflc. Mt. Morris Aurlrvy llorn, A, C.. Mt. Morris troigrliton Killiar, liuitlq, Flint liouglas lioo. lluick. Mt. Morris illlll' I:t'2Il'it'ii. Marrim-tl ii4'tll'Q'i2lll2l llrisson, Junior l'ollog:o, Mt, Morris lrorothy Sinnnonils. llonn-. til-in-soo l'aulint- Snn-illoy. Mrs, .Iolin Allvn, Flushing ihvllis llopin-nlmu's-11. llurloy llosy-ital, Flint th-orgro Norfl, Fislwr liotlr. th-in-soo Xlfrtwl Alilrivli. lluixk. Mt. Morris tls'oi'g:4- llviti, f'2lI'lil'llit'l'. t'lio I rt-cl Stow-lo. liuimfk. Ylt, M'-rris AiIll'2'2ll't'I lloyfl. A. t'., Mt, Morris tworprtf Evans. liuitk. Mt, Morris Doris Swvot, Flint f'lllllIllt'l't'i2l1 f'oll1'1:'4'. Mi. 3IUl'I'iS 1 wniitlolyin- Koyos. t'lio t'l1:lrls-s Atllo, Flint t'oinniorvial Polls-grm-. Mt. Morris lmna tloocl, Mrs. llc-vorly 'l'yrm-ll. lilt. Morris Nolson 1'ln-iivy, liayvr llalaing: Co., Mt. Morris Alildroii XVilson. Ulu-vs-olt-t 1lt'l'i1'1'. Mt. Morris l,1-otha Mason, Honn-, Ni. Morris inilyllltiilfi Stinson. llnivk, Mt. Morris l'oarl Looniis, Mrs. lmlloy Howl-. Mt. Morris Hlin lllnnis. llonn-, Mt. ilorris llarolql tlriffitlis. Illbllllx. Mt. Morris lmnalnl Snnwlloy. Fisln-r Iloily, l-'lint litlwin llomlgos. Fislwr llorly. Mt. Morris llnrrin-t l.iwl. Mrs, Vllswortll St-ott. Vlio Hsrar Long. lluii-k. Clio luvillo lit-on. Mrs, IC, AAvillit'l'li'1', Mt. Morris XValton MrMnrray lf-in-rt Fvrgruson. lluirk. Mt. Morris .Iuno XVoo4l, A. t'.. ll, ll. No. 1 Franvis lltl.. Flio ouiso Johnson, Minnonpolis. Xlinvw-sota Uwon lloyt, lluivli. Ml. Morris 1 orilon llvlwrtson, llnzll Estzilo, Flint Lloyd ll:-iclnlv1't-ivlit, tion:-ral Motors 'l'vc-li., Mt. Morris Xrnoltl liayis, i"Ill'lllilli.f, Utisvilln liarlm-no lloyt, Junior t'oll4-go. Mt. Morris Rd. M-rua lloyil, Flint Junior Collogv. Mt. Morris Alivo t':irroll, A, V., Mt. Morris lalpli l'ai'4l4-1-. A. ii. Flint' Gain-n Sniith, llc-aron, Mt. Morris llorn-into Kurtz. IM-1-1-zisofl lioan Young. Iluia-lc. 411-in-soo l:iw1'+-in-o ltoluinson. t'l1ovrola-t, Alt. Morris llutli Ili-vlan-i', l-'rnnm-s Slioppo. Mt. Morris In-zirl llitvlnoflg. I'l't'lllil'1' lin-auty Srliool, th-in-soo l-ltliol Evans. Dr. II:irt's lin-ntist Uffiu-. Mt, Morris lliurston Tyrvll. liuiclc. Mt, Morris .lov Morris, A. U., lClnn'rt-si iorotliy llloilw-lt, Mt, Morris llarry Maxwvll, lln-nnt, Mt. Morris XY:ilini-ta llarinow, t'onnnvrrial Svrvit-o, Flint Hut? Lanprrlon. Control Stato 'l't-an-ln-rs Collvgo, Mt. 'lt-:isant CLASS UF H336 livolyn'as, A, U., Mt. Morris l.loy1l lNIs-Kinstroy. lluivk. 1'2ll'Dt'lli't'l' lloatl Orvillo AviiiitllllN, Nol'tl1wost4-ri1 llaptist Sm-lniuary, llonalil liavis, Farnior, Htisville? f'l1i1'2lL1'o Jay lk-artl. Arctim- llairy Co.. tin-ilvsvo I inn Sinitli. l'. oi' M., Ann Arlior l'roston Nostlt-r, ln-troit ln-:Illia Mattliows. A. V.. Flint Marion Smith, Junior 1'oll1-gri-, Mt, Morris tanlvy Foss-ns. liuit-li, Mt. Morris .loo l.1-v:u'. Fishor llomly, :i':illlt'I't'Si lolin Stranrl, liuivk. Mt. Morris Annu v4'l'til0I', A. V.. Flint laulinr- Illalovk. A. C.. Flint Eva-lyn llrocli. Flint t'onnm-rm-izil l'oll1-gn, Mt, Morris Xiwla t'nrrior, llonn-. Mt. Morris llilly Milne-. llnil-li. Mt. Mori-is lurton Smith, liuivk. Flint llolwrt AVliiiill1lS. Nlll'iilAYl'Si1'l'll llnplist Si-ni.. tfliiragro lion Iloffnian. tflt-ary Polls-gm-. Ypsilanti lfllla lirorli, Cliiuago, Mooily Ililrlo Instituto lono Stanloy. A. t'.. Flint Kathryn XVarrt-n. A, lf.. Flint llvury 'l'I'lllllliilUl', Fislior Ilonly, Mt. Morris llussoll Finney. Navy. I4lli1n:i'ostt Xlirv Millie-iizio, Annu Ilosv Moran. Mt. Morris i'ifiNYtll'tl Yan Aakon, lluivk, 1il11ic1'ost Li ,,. X! Page ST AUTOGIQAPI-IS CAN YOU IMAGINE ? Donna Van de enter with her ini up? Dorothy Hood going fishing? Aurah Serven failing il test? Una Dodge with 21 double chin? Betty Coffe in 21 hustle? Jeanette Scott without a secret Dorothy Morse without spirit? Marcelline Maelaezin niinus nail polish? Louise Root sleeping on eurlers? Gordon Richmond without flashy socks? Maylmelle Landon without llolm? 'Harry Smith playing a hzirp? Arthur llrookey without a grin? Carl Linsowe with his hair eoinlned? Anyone reading lllZllIClI211'Cl.S writ' ff? MORRlSONlAN-- -- .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.vAv.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.,.,.,.,A,.,-,-,-,-,-,-va m 1 Standard Shoe Store Where shoes of dependable quality, in proper widths and sizes are sold at reasonable prices. vi? EXPERT SHOE REPAIR SERVICE IN CONNECTION 9 'I nd lllilflt' I 3 4 4' 4: 4: 'I 'I 4, 4, 1' II 3 3 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' ' I 'I 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 4, 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 4' JQD P QE 326 sanun Saginaw sf., Flint, Michigan 1MM"l' gf 1 Door North of Citizens Bank Bldg. ,I .I K9,-,-,.,.,.,-....,.,.,-,.....,-,-,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v-,.,-.-.AA B JOKES llarrell rl--"The girl dancing there should he Z1 good swinnnerf' Rowley S.-UNYII5' do you say that ?" Darrell-"lDon't you see that fine over- hzind stroke she uses?" fiqf lfzirldene lainlloes it cost inueh to feed Il Giraffe?" in . . , . S Catherine ll.-"Ro, you see :I little goes Pieftt McCarty not looking well dressed? Il long ways with them." ?P'v'v'-'- A ' 'v' 2- A - A ------ v -v-V-v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v-v'v'v'vAy Y A--ve -Av-v-v v-v-v-v-v v-v-. - .Av-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-vev-vAv vevevev-vvv-v-v-v-rw P 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4, YY 'I Ig I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 P 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 Il ' I Washln O 1, g 3 3 3 3 3 M Dermaid Firestone Tires Willard Batteries 'T 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 GAS SUNDCU if ons MT. MORRIS I 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 IS Ing reaslng 1, P l' h' U G ' " I :I 3 'I 'I Qn,-,-,A,A,A,-,- ,-,-,-,-,-,-,Av-Y-,-Y ,-,-v-,-,-,A,A,A,-,-,-, v ,f-,-,-,-v-v-,-,-,AY-,-,-,-,Av-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-, ,-.-v-v-v-.-.-.-v-:vv-'Av-e .1-.A.-.-.-. , ,A,-v-,-,Q e?'v'v -f -- 7 MORRISONIAN- W- -- - -Y-v-vw-v-v-v-v-vvvv-rv-v-rv-v-v-vW-v-v-Y-Y-vw-v-v-v-rv-:vo rv-rv-v-v-v -v-v-v-v-v-.Av-v-Y-.-.-.-.-rv-Y-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- l- WIS treasure F your old the aspirations. 525 HARRISON STREET Flint, Phone 9-2184 Michigan T4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 .v.v,,, ,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v MORRISONIAN cgnn:'Av-v-v-v-vAvAvAvA-A-A-A-A-2A-A-A-A-A-'-'-Av'-2A-A-Av'-A-A-A-'-A-A-2A-A-A-A-A-:vAv-v--v-A-A-A--:-vAv'-+v-v-v-v--.-:is ,-4 93 ,- ,-4 ga,,A,-,A,-,-,-,-,-,-:,-,-,.,A,A,-v-,-,A,.,.,.,.v.v.v.v.'.'.', I 1: 2, 0 2-5 I Q 1' 'v "U D 171 0 W B W U U 'P 4' 1' 'v :Q ff - O 0 A 5 c A A ', 'Tj v 1 H .Um : , ,T fo ,, :Q H 1, Iv .1 3 :' : 4 4, '4 P, 5 I 1, H -66 O I 5 ff ,T . H 2' 5 21 1: r F v- H 1: F' rv :' T 1, 4, Cb Q ', H :I : I 4 14 II 5 U , hh II V ,-- A 3 I . P: 'I J 21 F5 S I S 1I 9, ll? :U T S O ai- 1I :4 M ru! in 1 3 "' 4' 3 "" P1 'I 5 E ' -1- Q f'f' K4 2 5 S 'lj 33 ,-:T Q I-I-4 I-1-I m ' 1: zffd 1414. If-,f O O .I 4 Q. H : ff P' I -4. ,.I nv 1' Ee 1-113351 -' "h o 7 F U 2' Q I +I fi UD 99 O :J 'I fp fi-1 4,13 4-r 4-r , ' 2 gm' 1-1 m .-1 : G4 4, 1 m I-A D' 1, -2 , F I 55. 1-u 5- -5- 5 1, E ff 51,34 : 2 m O 1, IE. rn U3 N O Q- 1, ilk Q fp UQ 4: 4 A 5 E Ivfi :T 711 41 Z Q rg . O 535' ' :ii SIf5l..'.5-A "f 'p Lff '-' Ig m 4, II. 'J ul UD :P VIg5.1:p.,-Jgp.,iI QV- O Q: I, '41 .CL U' D I 4 5 1, '-' S- '-' ,P In ggi- 4,1911 1+ 1' 9 211 0 Q H fr, m U' 1' 4, U3 CU Q F-I W 1t -,IIQLNQW 13' H. '5' gg 12 'J '4 Q S 14 D. :I 3 U, , 3 1, .QZE1 1-1 :"1:A' . "1 . 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CD 1 SQ 'X :H ,Tifrla f-EQ 1: oc"g'T'5: Il. 72' ,, f' 1-r F ' 3411 :ff 7':,-,:,2. 4 r 1' wOf-411: M- ,... 1 ,., .... C --1 F "' 4 O" Z -- fflNw'--f5'r,N::'1' X""5o 1: 1-114 1 : ' -1 - ' 4 Q7 E',4g,::'wD-wig, 1-,mfs If -1 . F525 'I 1- .4 X ., DJ H ff 3 Q Cm If D gg 1, Q3 Q Us 1: Q 1 SD -:L "' " O V 4 Z I- awnas 1-gs I 4 31: U, un 5' 5: 5 2 1-f H rn H. CD 4: : ,D fm, ,D :f 5 P4 w 1, L. 4-r I 1-F E 2 : Q I 0 :J m II IJ" I ,-I - --- , 77- ,-f 1 4 'v HI 1 5 P : B ,..1-- he F... ' , A ff 3 2 Q 2 fl P+' 5 ,V ii O 4, 7,12 '.f,D0'x",I1 'rn ' , 1, 1, o S. ' U1 r, ff O sw W 1, I' ,v QI UQ 4 H. Q-1 Ef E :a ,j ,I 1: 4.7.-.-vAv-.-.-.-v-:Y-----v-:Y-------------A-A--A-1--+-+-+-A-+-A-A----v-:------Y-v-v-.-.A.-:.-ff.-Jxg 1 4-D :s :s U, . 14 g,'.',v,v,v,v,v,v,:v,v,:Avv::vA:vv AvAvvvvvA::65 MORRISONIAN ongiratuilatiomis 0 0 . LET IVIE FOLLOW YOU THROUGH THE REIVIAINDER OF YOUR LIFE ERVANT and master am I: servant of those dead and master of those living. 'Ilhrough me spirits immortal speak the message that makes the world weep, and laugh, and wonder and worship. V I tell the story of Love, the story of Hate. the story that saves and the story that damns, I am the incense upon which prayers float to Heaven. I am the smoke which palls over the field of battle where men lie dying with 1ne on their lips. I am close to the marriage altar, and when the graves open I stand near hy. I call the wanderer home, I rescue the soul from the depths, I open the lips of lovers, and through me the dead whisper to the living. One I serve as I serve allg and the king I make 1ny slave as easily as I subject his slave. I speak through the birds ofthcair, the insects ofthe fields, the crash of water on rock-ribbed shores, the sighing of the wind in the trees. and I am even heard by the soul that knows me in the clatter of wheels on city streets. I know no brother, yet all men are my brothersg I am father of the best that is in them, and they are fathers of the best that is in meg I am of them, and they are of ine. FOR I AM THE INSTRUMENT OF GOD. I AM MUSIC. CLARENCE CLARK, Sponsor Honolulu Con er ator ol Music l04 Walsh Bldg. Masonic Temple Flint Mich. Mt. Morris, Mich. Phone Z-6474 .v.v.v.,,,.v.v.v.v. - .... .v.v.v.v.Vv.v.v.v.v.v.vAv. .... v 1 9,v,v,v ,A,-,-,A,A,.,.,.,.,-,.,-,.,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,A,A,-,-,- -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-,-.-.-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-,A.-s B lr 'r 'r lr lr lr lr lr lr is 3 sl- P P 4 r 'r r 'r r 'r r 'r n In r 1 r 'I 'r r 'I r 4 4 qv P 4 r 'r 4 tr r 42.4 M O R RIS O N I A N I I sg if iz? 1 iz THE UNDERSIGNED 5 lf Fifi Professwnal Men gg 5 'r 4, E Ig 5: 5 2: gg 3 WISH ag EE 5 3 ii ' - TQ ir 2 si The Graduates T OF ii ig MT. MORRIS y gi 3 T A H appy and T Ig 5 ' I ai Prosperous F utwfe if 5 1: 5 1: EE I . A. C. RFE1FER, M. D. 1, 1-1. T. FULLER, M. D. 5 E. C. JEWELL, D.D.s. 5 li? SC - , W 1 ,W M W ,Tw - MORRISONIAN 65 """A"-'-"'-A"'A-" - "v""""'-'-A-'J'"'v'-"""'-""""""'"ff"HJ Q v-A-A--A-A-A-----A--A-'-'-A-v--v-v---'-A-A----A-----------fgp it . gi 4: Thrlfty Market 4 4E 10943 North Saginaw I: 4: Phone 205 Mount Morris Q 3+ w. ii. CLANCY if En...-.-.-.-...W........................,.,...................,..........-...SMrl C. A. MUTTGN com. -4+ con: and BUILDERS SUPPLIES 5' TREATS EE SHOE REPAIR FOR BETTER SHOE REBUILDING Old Bank Bldg., Mt. Morris En...S-.-.A...A.-.-.-..,-,.,S........-...-,.,.,...,......-.-.-,.v.v........-.-.-,-.-.F5 Q 4+ '+ '+ '+ '+ 4+ 4+ 4+ '+ '+ '+ '+ '+ '+ 4+ 4+ '+ 4+ '+ '+ '+ '+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ '+ '+ '+ Mr Higclc+w-44'I'o one of his physiology studentsj-"Na1ne un organ of thc hodyf' john-"'l'he tccthf, - Mr, Bigelow-"XX'l1z1t kind of :Ln organ Mt. MOYYIS Phone 183 is My vvvvvvlvv: va AAAAA vi? Avlvvv-'A AAA .Iolm--'CX grind o1'gz+.11,'y .v.v.,,,.,.,.,.,.v.,v.,.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. fa-,.,-.-,-.-, ,S-,-,-.-.-.-.-.A...-....,..-.-.., .,. ,.,.,.,. 4 1' 4,4 JN 4UIHlHlNlllHHHHNIMH' fig. lgiflz fif Elf. Compliments of William J. Maginn FIRE AND CYCLONE INSURANCE 1 R Wim M 7? 4illlIIlllllHlHlIHllllllli i QZ,fQilL,f f . E QQ. ca 43 4+ . 4: Comphments of gi 3 5: 5: 'T ff Tracy 4 4+ 4+ 4' 4' 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4' 4' 43 43 .f and .- 4' 4' 4+ . 4+ 43 43 4+ 4+ 43 43 43 43 " BUQMHHHH " 4+ 4+ 4' 4' 4' 4' 4: 4: if Jobbers of if 4 4 4, 4, 4+ 4+ 4 , 4 1' C IF 0 1' gf on oottnonoiry 45 1: 1: 4 4 4' 4' 4' . . 4' :I Always somethmg new ln the 1: + , + Ig candy lme 1: 1' 1' 4' 4' 1: Q 1: 4 4 3' E' :E 423 Harrison St. Phone 3-6312 If '+ 4+ 4 - . 4 2 lfhnt, Mich. 4I 4+ 4.1.-.-,-.-,-S-,.,...,.,. ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.v.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.,Apg '-MORRISONIAN Compliments of Nl-X M. E. CRITTENDEN Bs Wholesdale Newsdealer Flint, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1937 As we have watched you grow and improve in the past years so have we watched the Ford car grow and im- prove. XYhat better gift than a Ford V-8 XYhen other gifts are gone you will still enjoy the comfort of your Ford car. Z,-LDCLJ-5 Your Own Ford Salesman for the Past 12 Years EL ER . RHODE v-v-v-.NVE lr lr in lr 'r r 'r 'r 'r lr 'r 'r lr 'r 'r lr lr 4 tr r 'r 'r 'r 'r lr 'r 'r r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r r 'r 'r 'r 'r lr 'r 'r lr 'r 'r :r tr 'r lr 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r A 61 v-.-.-.-v-v--v---V-v-:vw---v-v--v-----A--A---2A---v-v---'L -he JOKES HUF-lNlfSS CARDS lf you arc thinking' of buying a 'llalking Machine Soc Dale Darby I",-LD Rowley Salsbury Expert XYood Carver Samples can be seen on any desk in M. M. H. S. 132.9 llenry Gale School of dancing Special attention to all 53.9 lloine is naught without a mother, Church is dull without a preacher, Life is sad without a lover, llut class is joy without a teacher- ZLD Dale ll.--"lf I don't know anything about French lim a monkey." .lcanette-Ulletter start climbing." MORR SONIAN' 3 A'A'A'A' A'A'A'A'A""'A'A'"A'A"'A'A'A'A'A'A' A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A"Q ?A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A' A'A'A'A'A Headquarters f ii EE , or gg gg Thoughtful Athletic and Gym gg gg G I Equlpment Electric FOOTBALL BASEBALL Washing Machines Refrigerators EE EE R M BASKETBALL 5: 15 I anges 1: It roners and Gas Ranges FISHING TACKLE ii EE Fuel Oil Heefere Team and School Prices Cook Stoves N-t-ri DAY E'S if QE APPLIANCE SHOP C' A' H Redn Opp. Regent Theater 554 Harrison St- Phone 3-6467 E 917 N. Saginaw St. Flint v-.-.-.-+ve.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.ef.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-Y-v-f.-.-v-v-v-v-.-6ig gl'-v-----A--1---v---v-v-v-:veve.eve:.-.-.-v-v-.-.-v-v-.-.-.-.A.A.-.-.-v llllllllriilllllilll11mllmlfilililililililiillililililifiliIiliIififllillilliliiiiilllllllllllillllillllllllllillilillilillilliilliililllllfillllllllfliiliililiifllillllllilin a so m 3 Visit Your Local Theatre For Clean and lnexpensive Entertainment ancl all the E Latesr Good Pictures 5 Mtg Morris Theatre R. lngram, Prop. Mt. Morris 2 63 ko lIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll GD v-v-N.-.-.-v-.-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-,Ae,-.-v-,-.-.-,-.-,-,-.-,-,-.A.-,A,-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-,A.-.-.NA.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,A,-,-,-,-,0.-.-,-Y-.-,-.A.-Yee.-.-.-.e-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-.v he 'E IIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE MORRISONIAN ----Af------.A.--- Gene ee ount Herald Phone I77 Mt. Morris, Michigan Flint I-1078 The Fastest Growing Newspaper in Genesee County Ellllll fi? fe Wise I 1 G, f 6- -fr i I l Carries all the important events of the schools and news from every corner of the county, with unusual features of interest to its readers. puivqnuvwuxx-101U14-iuzwznznzuzuiu 101110: llllllllllllllllllllIilllllIHIIIIIlllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIHIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllilllllllll A COMPLETE JOB PRINTING PLANT AT YOUR SERVICE . . . To clo good printing, to give you what you should have at a price you can afford to pay, is our pleas- ure as Well as our Work. Headquarters for School Programs, Papers, Annuals, and All Types of School Forms gg - ns F- ,-,-,-,-. .-v--.-v-.-.Av-v-v--v-v-v-v-v-v-v-.A.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-4-,-,-,-,-, S ONIAN M O R R I Q9vAvAvAvA vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA19vAv'v'vAv'vAvAvAvN'vAvAvAfQ ja'NAQ'vAvAvAv" vv'vAvAvAvAvAvAvAfvlvlv-vAvAvAvAvAvAv4v4vvv 4vAvAv','Q 4 3U 1 CUl111Jll1H6ITlS of Complimxents E. A. PHILLIPS 15 if of a if Real Estate - Insurance 111. 111111118 111611. if :E FRIEND 2: is 1' it Q-.-.-.-. A A -.-v-v-vQ-v-.A.-.-.-.-,-,-v-v-.-.-.+.-,-v - -v-.-.-.E CU.-v-.-f -.-.-.-.-.-,-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ,-v-.-.-. B A"'A'A'A'A'A'"A'A""'i'Ar'A'A"""'A'A'A"'A'A'A'A'EA'A'A""""""'A""'A"W9 fa "A'A'A""' ' "'A'A' ' ' '""A"'A'A""""'A'A' ' ' ' 'WA'A"""'A'A'A'A"'A'AQ 4' 4: . In 'l " For Your Graduatlon Dresses gt Boston Shoe Store 55 is 15 :E 3E SEE Hllzrrlrng Shoppe 55 e 11 Sh li 1 L 1 OO oes 3: if 4235 S- Saginaw. Flint, Mich. 1: - 'I " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ei At POpUlal' pl'lCeS il ginwvvvnvvW'W'"""""""""""''wb 41 JOKES P L. Geuxder, Mgr. Uulxl,s,l'lTCl't M.-"Crm you take eight from , . Basement Genesee Bank Bldg. Mr. lilfllllilll-UNO, CC1'tZllllly not." W.-.Y.v.v.v,v,v,',v,v,v,v,v,v,',v,v,',v,v,v,v,'.',v.v,v,',v.,v,v,v,',v,', .v.v.v,'p2 llcrhc1'tf"XYell, dad said you can4eight .,.,.,.,., .,,.,.,.,.v.v.v.v.,.,.,.v.v.,.,.,.,.v.v.,.,.v.v. ,.,.,.,.w quarts of milk from 0116 cow. P Iyllollc 2-0179 211111 2-0170 EQ 4-9 :E llZLl'l'Cl bl.-"'lll1c girl 4l:111ci11g there should . . 1+ he Z1 good swimmer." 1 F 3 A i Q ' 4 . 3 v 200 I" I 1151 bt' 'll Lllffmd 1: Gordon R.-"XX'l1y do yllll say that F" NJINF1 Mllll- 3: lJz11'rcll-"lUo11't ylbll acc that fine ovcr- ,,v,,v A,vva,v,v,v,vAv,v,v,v,vAv,v, ,v,v,v,vvv.v.A,-5 h:111d stroke she uses ?" 2'-'-'-A 'v'v'v'-A-A-'ve-A -A-'-2 'v'-'-"""""""""'QD Tr 1 Before You Bu 1! You can have El free two wcclcs trial on an UN DERWOOD PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Good for your office: co11vc11ic11t at home. Priced at 3357.50 in 12 monthly pay- ments. Underwood Elliott Fisher Co. 650 Harrison St., Flint 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 +I 2 E9 vAv-v-v-v-v-v-.-.Av-v-v-,-,-v-v-v-v-v-, A,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-V-V-,-,-,-,-,-,QQ A-ew 4 4, P 4: 51 G A s o 1 L 1 ii ""- -"- ii it 0 ii 4: 4: 1 0 lt01' Bro l 1+ ' it :E 5: 4: 1 Eg OFFICIAL AAA GARAGE 1 1: 24 Hour Wrecker Service 4 :I EE 4: 3 :1 , 1 3: Acetylene Weldlng 1: 1: . . 1' 3: General Repalrmg Q: 4: . In if Radlos ff 4: if Goodrich Sllvertown Tlres If 11 1 4: lp 5: Day Telephone 160 55 Night Telephone 159 55 4: 41 1' 4' 4: E GREASE Q WASHING if 'I enMA.-.W.-.-v-v-v-v-v-v-A -.W -A.-.-.A-v-.-.A.-.-.-.ww-.-.Ae S """"'""AA""""""""" "" ' L9 E, W. First Street, Flint Dresden Hotel Telephone 3-6321 Us-.-.-: - -.-.-4 Q-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-:.-v-.-.-.-.-.-,-: A .-,-.-.-,E CU oA.-fr.-.-.-.-f.-v-v-.-.-..A.-J .-.-.-,-.-.-.-,-,-,-.-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,A MORRISONIAN Q 5,-,-,A,-,-,-,A,A,A,A,-,A,-,-,-,-,Av-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-,-,-,-,-:Q-,-,-.-.-v-.-.-.-v-v-mm ev'vA-v-v-v-.A.-v-.-.-.- vv,,..,,,,, ,-,-,- 3 "Ferris Bros. Furs are Better Furs" :E 4 Ladies' Exclusive Ready-to-Wear Gfddlumtgg 0 0 0 ...FineFurs... I Ferns Bros. :E Beauty Cu lZUl'9 615-21 S. Sagillaxv Sf. Flint, Blivll. 'I P 6, ,,.,.AA..A.,,,,.,AA,,,,,,..,,,.,.......... 6 As a Career For You JOKES gi '1- Anne Rose Moran Beauty School 'r Shakespeare 111 school: 51 Senior-J'All's well that ends well." ti H35 PTOVGU ltself 3 thmlsalid tunes over to be the cl1o1ce of the cl1sc1'1m1n- ating. 'r Junior-"As you like itf' Sophomore-"Mucl1 ado about nothing." 5' FY65llIll2lI1-K..'X comedy of errors." if ACCEPT THIS PRE-STIGE , . . . 5 ,P lxnroll now for the lhl1ClllQ,'Z1I1 Stand- ? Ii arcl Complete course of Beauty Culture DAY AND EVENING CLASSES 4 ,. . . . . 1: ltlltltbll may he pald 111 cash or on IE tc-11115 to meet the stuclent's conveni- Ig ence. In , . P We always laugh at teacher's jokes, Eg P P No matter what they be. Not because they're funny jokes. But because it's policy. 4, , gi Compliments of HMG USG Grimm Richmonds Parking Service if School of Beauty Culture 4+ 4+ ,r 4+ 1+ 2 ,v.v.v. v.v.J .vAi,,'.'.v.'. - .'.'.v. - .v v v T3 P 4 3 Compliments ot O Q 0 Kingls Cigar Store COMPLETE LINE OF Co FECTIQNS ll Wholesale Only tr tr r r 4 le Distributors of S chra f f's Candies ii 116 W. First Ave. Flint we-.-.-. .-.-.A 5 - MORRISONIAN Q v-.-.-.A.xfvvvw-.-.-.,-.-v-v-.-.Av-:rv-v-v-v-.-.-v-.A.-v-v-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-f ----- L9 ' 4 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '37 Z"i5'i'i5Na59N4 When you Wish the most of the best for the least -iSee-- TIIUICTIISQSLY QELIULCIII QSLIIDSLLSLIUI We Deliver Phone 23 Congratulations lass of '37 FOUNTAIN SERVICE S. Dixie Drug Company COMPLETE LINE OF DRUGS Av-v-vev-.-wvvnev--v-ve P 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 n 'r 4 3 n 'r 4 r 'r 4 3 3 3 3 3 P 'r 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 3 P E KJ l 'r 'r 'r In In 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r In In In In In In In In In In Ir 'r Ir 4 3 r In 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r In 4 4+ In In In In In 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r JB MORR SONIAN COMPLIMENTS OF Knickerbocker Gardens Genesee County's Most Beautiful, Largest and Unique Dine and Dance STEAKS V V CHICKEN 7309 N. Saginaw St., Flint Phone 3-0023 onr Story Plus Pictures Lea-ves Nothing Untold + I ILLUSTRATIONS MAKE YOUR ADVERTISING MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE + Johnson Photo Engraving Cog 648 Harrison Street Flint, Mich. Phone 3-473I for Your Engraving Needs MORRISONIAN v'v'v'v' Av'--2 vvsfv-.-.evevev-vevevAv-.-v-.Av-v-v-v-v-v-.-,-v-,-.-v-4-,-,-,A,A,-,Av-v-v-,-,-v v-v-v-ww 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO IVIT. MORRIS CLASS OF '37 ?i,D GT"ik'D We Now Extend An Invitation to You to Visit the Premier School of Beauty Culture and enter a profession that will enable you to loe indepen- ent in a short period of time EASY PAYMENT PLAN Kearsley and Beach St. - - v - v-v-.--.Av-v-v-.-v-v-v-.-.-.-.AvAvAvA-, v-v-.-.-,-vv.-'Ave'-.A A - - - - 4 GO TO 56516 HOU E 12015 E. Kearslcy Street FLINT, MICH. . . . for Musical Merchandise and Accessories exclusively COMPLIMIQNTS OF OLD IVIAN KEWPEE at KEVVPEE Hotel l-lamburg 415 Ilarrison St., Flint, Mich. ------------- ------------------------Q Phone 185 cn.-v-v-v-. -A.- - -.-.-............,.,.,..., .... ....,....-its JOKES Pierce KI.-!'I know where you can get a chicken dinner for I5 cents." Bliss Iforshcc-"XYliere ?" Pierce-"At the feed store." fins Mr. XY1'ig'l1tM"XI'alclo sit down in front." XYaldo I-X.-"I cant" QLD Dorothy KI--"M:1rcelline had Z1 new gown on last nitef' Louise R.+"Ohl VX'lmt was it like?" llorothy M.-"lt was mostly Marcel- lincf, 14.9 JLlilg'CffhCZlll.f this case he settled out of court?" 'luck R.-"'I'liz1t is what we waz tryin' to do, ye honor, when the police interfered." I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I O D IIQQIIHIIIIQIIQ SHUI Q 00 1, I Phone 3-0632 gg Flint, Mich. gi I 'I i B 9 "" ''''''"''"""A"""'A'A"""'"""""" """""'b2 1 Compliments of If I IVIt. IVIorr1s Barber and 'I Beauty Shop 'I IE 'I MORRISONIAN 7 - Q A'A' A'"""""A"'A"'A"'A'A'A'A' 'A'A"""""""'b? Q""""""""" """"'"""''"""""""""''""'"""""""""""L9 1 A C China -:- Glass -:- Lamps -:s Silver P ' ' 55 Bssiififiil Gifts for All Occasions Manta ue if MCLOGAN 8' AWN 4 Q 9 55 The ci-:INA CLOSET - Flint E Studebaker ii JOKES v 'I Mr. llaconf"Now, there is too much noise in here when Ilni talking." Q: 4.9 and :I Miss Forshee---'llaking the roll, "Do you ,I see anybody who is not here?U 1' an Many Models of the Best Makes Henry G.-"There are an awful lot of :I girls who want to get married." in :I Donna V.-"l'low do you know?" 3: Hank-"l've asked thenr' 4' l Pete-'lin afraid Gordon Caverly is If going' to he in the hospital for a long time." - Ig Rowley-Hfloodiiess, did you see the See the 1937 Silver Moon Trailer- fl0CJt"V?Uh v U A Complete Home on Wheels latte- No, 1 sawjae nurse. jI A Senior stood on a railroad track, 4 ' l . ' . - A . , . X 1, 4+ lhc tizun nas coming fast. Phone 150 Mt' lxlorlls The train got off the track v.,.v.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.v. ,.,.v. v.v v.v.v.v.v.,','.',vAv,,vvvapg To let the Senior pass, vAvA v'6vAvAv'v v',,'vAv4 A,A,AvA vAvAvAvAvQ,4vAvAvAvAvA 'Av Avlvlvlfv fvgew ,I IE C1 11 C W if e ri tore ,I 4U II a o 4, "Choice of the Artists" 1: 4 'I xl T' Y I' Q 'J 4 -wlifgsf. 3 4+ . . 4' We are roud to be the Qfflclal Band Instrument 15 'I I I I 4 Equlppers of the Mt. Morris I-hgh School Bancl. P ft , Txtyfzfs . 1: IE 9 25 ft gl 4U 'I MUSIC HOUSE " 5: 3 111 W. Kearsley St. Flint, Mich. :I 'I tr 'I Q G1 .,.s...,W,...,.,...,,.v. ,.,.,.,.,., M O R R I S O N I A N 'v'v'v'v'vA-'v'vAv''Av'vAv'-AvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAvAvAvAv'vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAvvv-v'v4vAv-v-v-vAv"vAv4v eyhing Bros. Mig. Co. JEWELERS DETROIT, MICHIGAN EXTEND THEIR COIVIPLIIVIENTS TO TI-IE H937 CCIILASS of Mt. Morris High School SUPPLIERS OF CLASS RINGS - INVITATIONS CAPS AND GOWNS - DIPLOIVIAS fs - - f MORRISONIAN---rm Y--- H ,,,.-f, W Y is ' NGRI-Vl'l'lI.-XTIONS I "Musical Center o Flint" . to f F rancls Road Greenhouses 0 1'1 1' r l'l1 I-mr-I Im- r. Girnmmellll Bros, 125 E Kearsley st 601 XVe-sl Francis Road. Phone 571911 MT. MORRIS, MICH. 1 C : I I I I if :I Peerless Feather Mattress Co. if + 1 1 lg Iivfls, Springs, Malin-sses, Studio Uouvlws 2 mul Pillows Mzulv to Order 4 + + ' :I Eg lmmn-S 2-7121, 2-7122 ft Own Make 712 S. Silglllllil' St. Flint, Mivh. 1, G7.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-,-,-,-,-,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,v.,.v.,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.vE3 - . 'I Q"""' """"" ''"""""""""""""""""" """ ' "viii 1+ 15 ag jf :I Congratulations 1: 4+ 1' '+ New Consoles gg :I ROY GRooM AND soNs 2: . xviltl'lllll2lk0l'H and ilvwvlvrs New Splnets 518 H2ll'l'lS1lll St. l'l1one3-4417 'I Flint, Mivlligan New Grands ig gy, ,,AAA,,,, ,,,,,AAA ,gg 4, vvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvv- A -Av'-Av'''v'vAvA'Av-vAvA+-v-v-v-v-v-v-v---4 4+ Twl. Robert Il.--"XVl1en I left the stage last night :E the aufIie11c'e went wild with applause." Liberal Exchange Allowance E: Dorothy Mn f"VVeII, most likely they knew 3 Y P if you we1'en't coming on again." rs. to ay gt :I '-1'-""'-1 '-'-'-'''-'''-A-A-'v-A-'-'-'-'-"1""""""'-A -A-A--'-'--eff: IE 1+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 'I I+ E -A-'v' Av'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' A-A-A-A-Av'v4v-v'v'v'vAv'-'v'v-v-v-fvs.-.-.-vs. C37iA.A.-.-v-.-v-v-v-v-v-Afv-v-A-A-AvAvAv--A-v-v-v-v-v-v-.A.-.-v-v-.Av-v-v-,-v-v-va -A-A-' ' ' -'-' " ' "" - Av'-A-'-' ' '-A-v---A--1 A--Af A --v-v'v-A-1 ""' "" v 'v'-'-'v ---- A -A-:gg I I S Congratulations to the Class of '36 1954 AMERICAN SELECTED FUNERAL DIRECTOR all 5 N + 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 'I 1 4+ kj 1: VHP 1' 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ I I MILES no MARTI FUNERAL DIRECTOR Personal Service II I 1: 1: 1 15 4 Phone I30 lVlt. lVlorr1s n z I 1+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 'I 2 E: N o R R 1 s o N 1 A N TQ 'v'vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAv'vAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v 'vAv4v'v'v'v'v'-Arm faPv'v'v'v'v'vAv'v'1A.Av'v'vA.-.-.Av-v-v-v-v4vAvAv4vAv'vAv-.-v-v-v-v4vAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'w . 5 gi If 4' P . . 4 Congratulatlons ' ' - Glorlfy l-ler Graduatlon : 4 P To the Graduates in White 1: ': 1' -++- Ei 1: 1: We Know You W111 Look gg gi si 1: 4: ': Your Best ln Our , 1' 1' 1: Beautlful Shoes if IE it 1: 1, S 1: .g g: f 1g --t +'- ol so J 1 4 P VA N I T Y Whatever the Demand gi gg NISLEY'S have them gg ' 4' I . . I s I I P p e I' s h gf gg Seamless Wlute Kid Pumps it , li I: Trimmed Ties or Oxfords 42 456 So. Saginaw 5: 1: S l P Eg g: 4: tep-ln umps 1' '- W 51 fDuckyl Little Sandals or Straps ., 4' 4' 4 M A gQ s g ,g gg gi gi 53.95 to 56.00 gi lk -' "xx ' W 4 If gl If WP l W4 W' 1' 4' " M1 4 Egg, 5: gg Hub Shoe Store gg 1 11- '- 11111 .1-1 1 1 i 1, . - - IIIIIIIIlllllllIlllllIHIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllIllllllilIIIlillIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH g: 410 5- Saginaw St-, Flmt, Mlch- .L 4, : v-.A.-.o.-.-.-.-v-v-v-v-v-v-ev-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-N.ov-v-.-.e enev-.-.-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-ev-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-v-v-.-v-ev-.o.-.-v-6e Success to the Class of 37 41 1' Con ratulatlons to the 1' 1' 1: g 1: I ff if Class of ' 3 7 EE I : 4 4 KAUNUQBAQEK g g: go g I 4, 'P V 'P CLA F E gi gi Morris Feeds EE 4' : 4: 4? 4, I, FINE FOODS li if Ro B Ammerman gg 4? 4, 4, MEALS AND LUNCHES gg 5: Y ' Ei 1. E3.-v-v-.-.-.-.A.+.-v-v-v-.-v-.-.- .-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-ve-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-v-v-v-.-.-.-.E3 'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A' 'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'E Cav-'-'-'v 'v'-'v' -'-'-'-A-'vvv'-'-'-'-'-' '-'-'-'- -'ff-ew ? 1: 'A'A'A'AvAvA'A'A'AvAvA vvvv A 'AvAvA'AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'AvA'A'A'A'QL? J lll pl 111 C ll t S 4 J f 15 4! 4: 4' 4 4 P La lnC. gi RUSH PROPPER 123 E. Flrst Street Eg gg 1: . , 1, OIJPOSVKC C-121111011 TIISZVKYS IE llZlSCll1Cllt Ilnrher Shop 718 Genesee St. 1: 1: +--- ---+ 3,5,.v.v.v.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,.v.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.v.v.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,5 it -.A.-v-v-v-.-v-.-.-.-vo.-.-v-e.--.-.--v-v-v-v-v------ov-.-.-v-.-.-.-.-.W Offer - 3 lf C f"r't l'ti us t' th' CMN of 1937 vi Ullh rl ll cl U , O K 1 be : 4' 4: +1-+ I 5: gi THE BEACON 15 SCC our youthful styles for vncatlou 5: :E EQ and dress wear. gf 1' Meals and Short Orders 1: P Lv 3 lb -- MORRISONIAN -- --- - s -- -A A.---me + "Sp01ftsman's Paradise" 7 I "Flint's Finest Sports Store" 4 4 wan?tnxnaaaafetaaammaanannx --Annan 'vAv'v'v'v'v'vA,',-,Av-v-v-v-,AvA.-v-,Av-,Av-v-v-,Av-.2 rv4v4v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' w CONGRATULATIONS Trojan thletic Wear Company Manufacturers of Trojan thletic lothing BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Ifstalalislwcl 1920. l'l1mmv 1238 ::,z ,,,,v,N """"""-""e""'ana 1 P 1 qv 0 55 3' lr lr lr lr 'r 'r 'r lr lr 'r 'r In 3 C3 9 'r lr lr lr lr 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r lr 'r lr 'r 'r lr 'r lr 'r 'r lr 'r lr 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r V1 Bl I'LlM ICNTS OF Thompson Ice 8: Fuel Co. COAL, COKE, XVOUII, GRAVEL, ICE Phone 48 Mt. Mm-I-is DEALERS IN ICE RINIFRIGERATORS vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v.......v...... vzvv GRENON'S B. B. Q. 2219 N. Saginaw Street Phone 9-1386. Flint, Mich. We have a complete line of TYPEWRITERS The Ideal Graduation Gift LaVanway Typewriter Sales 410 Harrison St., Flint, Mich. Phone 2-5073 63,-,-,-,-, .-v-.-v-.-v-.-v-.-.-v-.-.-v-v-v-v-v-.vs-.-.-.- -.-. MORRISONIAN H W GX 'v'f-""""'-""'-'-'-'-'-'-""""'-'- """" ' """""""""""tL9 Bob G.-"M y love, I wonder when God made 4: G h you how he had anything left for the other 4 ra am I 'I 4 ii Muyhel L.--"What I care about youfis that l l I I QI 4: you never flatter." 'I I: --- ....................... ........ - --- 4' - 4' 'I :E gi For FLOWERS 2: EI :I 1: OA L 'f 'I 1' 1: 1: ' :I 4 I O K E I 1E ag 0 f E: I 4: Q1' 9 It :I llIIlllIIIlIIlIllIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN llIIIIIllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1, If Ig :I EI 'E QI I EI EI 728 Garlzuul St.. Corner Fifth Ave. if 4' 4' 'I I 4I 4, if I'l1one2-8194 I I 'I Q: ?y......, ,,.....,.,.......,.......,.,.......,.,.,...v...v.v.,.v...,.-ve..-.-.-,B I 5: :I Toiling, rejoicing, sorrowing, I Qffice Phone 181 Onward through school we go, Residence Phone 85-I Each morning sees some work begun, :E Each evening sees it-still begun. AA-- v -.-.-.-.-.-. v-.-. ----- v -v--1 ---- v --v--v--A---v-v---A--2--Av---v-- ----- ------ --------- v - ve-----fm gt . :I 'I Congratulations Graduates 4, :I 'I V :I I I 1: 'I U 4, And may your future years be as successful as thls one. if 'I 4 0 4: REMEMBER- " 'I H . 'I What a person does the flrst year out of . . . . 'I hlgh school Wlil determlne hlS success." 'I 'I ATTEND BAKER I "A STENOTYPE SCHOOL" 2: 'I 4 0 0 0 B kel' B 111688 UIIIVCI' lt I 21 Ll I 'I 4 lm'orpm'atvd +I Fifth Floor, Industrial Bank Building Eg N. Saginaw and E. Second Avenue if Flint, Michigan- yi: ii -- ...... --- -- ................... --- ..... U--U--- ----E --V MORRISONIAN 9'"""""'""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""QL9 23"A""""""""""""'""''''""''"A'A''""'""""""A"""'"""""'L? 4: , jr THE GREAT ATLANTIC 31 ig Congratulations, Graduates 1: PACIFIC TEA co. 15 gg Mt. Morris. F. 1'. IBEIIU, JR., Nlgr. 1: 'P 1, 'P Wishes You Success in Life ft Q 1 IE 4' 'I 'I ' 4 JoK12s Eg QE 1 :P 5.49 gi X :Q P The melancholy days have vome, 1: P The saddest of the year. I: :I E Y 1: - 5 'U mf' gg 15 aw gf Q: Carl L.-"VVlIom do you consider the bravest IE man 111 hiStm'y?H 15 orrecl: ooizwear 1 Ella A.-"The fellow who first ate a raw 1: if vu 1 ' ' Oyster- 55 For All Occasions 55 5.9 gt Ig P 1 Mr. Kuras-"Donna, what are you lnugliiug 5: 'iw' about'?l' 1: 1: I 4: Donna V.f"Nothing." 1' E 'I .1 1' C COHOIHY OC OFC 1: Mr. Kurask I never saw so many people 1: 1, I who laugh about nothing as I have since I cnnio 3: to Mt, Morris. jp 4: b I 0 c 4 Donna V.+"'l'here's a lot of nothing to laugh 2 432 So. Saginaw St. Flint, Mich. If about in nit hlonisf' g,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM-3 fxf-'v-v'v----'--f------v-v-v-v-'--v-v-v-------v-'----A-s-s--up I 4 'I if ONE OF FLIIl'l"S 4: In 1 P if FINEST STORES FOR 35 if 4: In 1: P 5: ME and YUUNG ME if P 1 5' ii 4' 'I 4' 'I 4' 'I 4' 'I 1: -++-- 1: 4' 'r ff Compliments The ff Graduates of P , , 1 2: Mt. Morns Hzgh if P 1 3: -.44- 15 4' 'I 4' 'I 4' 'r 4' 'I :I 1: P , , 1 ft Buy With Confidence at if :I 1: 4' 'r 4' 'r 4: 9 In 11 1: 41 4: 4: Ib E: K4-zu-sley at SRlj.l'ill2lKY 1: P 1 if I1'I,IN'I', MIUHIGAN 'r 4' bv-.-.-. ---- v -.-.-N.-.-.-v-.Av-.-.-v-v-v-v-v-Jv-v-v-.-v-.-.-.-v-v-.-v-.-v-v-.Q6 JOKES Orlo H.--"You look sweet enough to eat." Lu:-ille J.-"l do eat. XVIIFSVQ shall we go?" fini? Mr. Bacon--"Do we need any typewriter supplies?" Yun Dodge -"Yes. Send me four pounds of candy and a package of chewing gum." fQD Gordon R.4'D0 you regard late rising as injurious?" Mr. f'lzIrkft'lt certainly shortens one's day." 1: 1: PEMBERTON 'S :E :E 11 11 11 Sc to 1 00 1 tr I 1, gl +I 4: :1 1 1: SIDES 1: 1' 'I :i EI qv 3 gg MT. MORRIS QE P E: e,v,.,.,.,.,.,. - .,.,.,.,.,.,...,.,.,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., .... , .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,z, ,fee e MoRR a 'I Modern arket Groceries and Meats Phone 38 Quality at its Best 'E 'I 'I 'I 3 3 Prices Always Right as! Take this, 1ny boy, and remember it long, for now it may strike you as funny, a job with a chance to improve in ad- vance is better than one that pays money. Don't look at the cash, as so many boys do. Take a look at the long, long: years before you, see how much you can learn, not how you can earn, and the place future has for you. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 dl I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I soNlAN favs------v-v-v-v-fv--v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-------v-Y--2A-v----vs--Aan 9"A'A'A'A"'A"""""""""'"''A'"''A''"""""""""""""'""""""'W Congratulations to the Class of '37 DHEMQS Flowers for Any Occasion Phone 4. Dixie at Stanley Rd. Cle-.-.-ve.-f.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,-.-,-,-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.he Louise R.-UVvOl1flCl' what time it is? Fm invited to dinner at 6:30 and my watch isn't going." Marcellene M.-"XYl1y, wasn't your watch invited ?" 3 'I 3 Congratulations Class of '37 GUY E. DODGE I it 3 'I 'I 3 3 3 3 :I I if Real Estate Broker I 5: 3 3 'I 1: 'I 6? 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 5 Just u Tip From lllil Men XYho ++ Have 'I'l'z1v0l4-fl the XYay Phone 9-2054. 706 Lewis st., Flint ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.....,.v.,.v.,.....,.........,.,.,.,.,.........,.,.,.................,eg. E3e-v-,-,-.-...-.-.-.-.-.-..,.......v...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,......-,-.-A I sN-v-v-------A--2-A---A-A-A-A-f-A---A-A--1-A-------2A-W1:3 QP--v-N-A-----v-v-A-A-A---A-----Q--Y-v-v-v--A-2----v-v-v--Ano 'I IF 4: :I 4: CONGRATULATIONS ig :I CQNNGRATULATIONS gg :I 5: :I To the Class of '37 Q: Graduates of I937 'E :I 'E rl +.?. 4, 3 4 ' :I IE :I . ,I ', . . I We Wlsh You Success gf Q: You wlll fmd EI 'I 4: , 'I fa ww EI 5: Beautiful Styles :E 3 4: 'I gl Ig and :I :I 1: :I Wonderful Values 35 :I f l' 4: I or 4: X It 7 1: :I . . 'I B E C K H Q: :I The Entlre Famlly lg 4' 'I I -I :I 1: M O t O I. S 3 l e S 'I it and Moderately Priced 'I I 4, 3 'I if af EI 4 3 4, Chevrolet Sales if I C S S :I I 4, 'I gg :I annon hoe tore if if 341 S. Saginaw Street I 4 I Telephone 8. Mt. Morris Flint, Mich. 'I 1' 'I ..,...,-.-.-.-.-.A.-v-.A.-v-v-----v-N -v--v-v-v-v-.-.-.-v-.-.-v-.-.-.-.e cn.-.-.-,-Y-v-.-.-.-s.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.---.-.A.-.-.-.-v-v-.-.A.-.-.-,e 3 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 3 I 4. GI MORRISONIAN--f f--v-F,-+----- -v-,-v v v-v-v-ve,-v-Y-. - .-.-.-.-.Av-.A.-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v--v-r vvvv-vev-v-v-.A.,A.A.-.-.-.A.A.-.-.-.Av-.-.-,-,-,-v-.-.- v-v-v-: 1,2 Q O R. C. A. Racho Tubes 1: gg "Congratulat1ons" if . . 4 I 1 Electrlcal Supplles IE it 1: :I 4: II iwi- It ls .Xu iX1llJl'CClf1tlOll 4' I -- 4 , 4: :I of your honest ettorts :md 4: fortitufle that we wish to ex- tend our heurtiest eougratulu- 4: 1: Mons tu every grzuluate. :I '3 7 :I 1: :I :I 3: :I 1: :I 1: 1 I 1 ii :I O EE P EE ii 0 55 P OW E L L I :I l :I E :I l if S ' A r S 1 I I 1 7 I-I 5 rd Wa re :E 5: UHSOII ll 0 21 CS :E 'I 4: lI Phone 26 Mt. Morris OLDSMOBILE I 1 I it 15 Sales and it --++-- Ig gi , Ig A 3: :Q Service 5: gents ig :I 1, 4' 4' lVloore's Palnts - Varnlshes Mt. Morris, Mich. A'ATTTYTTTYTYTTATTTT'AvTvTvAvATT:TTTTATvi: JOKES CONGRATULATIONS bfqj I TQ lbm-4I1I1y Morse, when asked if she played EE golf replied, "Oh clear no, l ClOI1,t even know 1 C I a S S , 3 7 hov: to hold the caddy." 4: 4: 4: -- :I ig coNcRATULAT1oNs ig 4: 4: 4, :E 1: CLASS OF 37 :E May II 1' 1' :I :I :I . P Success and Happmess It EI X ' ft 4: 4: C' 4: Prevail IlllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll 'I 'I I Ig ig Ig Your Life 'I 'I B " - 'I auf' mm olmslls I tb :I 1 'I M ...................----..-- A-.------A--... . rl 1: IJ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv """"""""'V M M ' 1: Compliments of t. orrls Hardware gg :i ' :g . . . . I I ' H P I Phone 61 for Service 11 Ig Mt- M0l'l'iS 1: .-.-.-.- -.A.A.-v-.Aw-v-.A.Av-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- -.-.-.-, .-.-.-.- ----v---v-v-----v-f- --v--A -'- -MORRISONIAN + + Compliments of Friend I A 5 Mt. Morris Lumber and Supply Co- We are headquarters for LUMBER, SHINGLES AND BUILD- ING SUPPLIES, CEMENT, LIME, PLASTER, BRICK, DRAIN AND ONN'lIGl'-KKDOI1't you see that sign, 'No fishing on these f.',l'OIll1dS,?U Pierce M.f"I'm not fishing: on the groundsg l'm fishing in the water." lVI1'. Kuras-"VVh0 was that who laughed aloud?" Gordon R.i"I did, sir, but I did11't mean itln Mr. Kuras-"You didn't mean to do it?" Gordon Rf-"I laughed in my sleeve and I didn't, know there was a hole in my elbow." Q"A'A'A"'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A""""""'A""""'""""""""""""""5L9 In if You can always do better at 'r 'r 'r 4 SEWER TILE 4 , I C k gg LOUIE S GENERAL STORE gg "' o e E1 "The Friendly Store" 1: :E -Hi if Dry Goods - Groceries WE DELIVER Shoes THANKS, COME AGAIN 55 6401 N. saginaw sf., cor. Ruth sf. gi Mt. Morris Phone 19 CASH OR CREDIT v'v'vA-AvAv'v'v'v'v'vAvAv' AAAA v AvAv'v'1fvAvAvAv'v'v'v'v ai'v'v'v'v 'v'v'v'v'v'vAv'vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v A'A'AvAv'i3 MORRISONIAN - 9"""""A'A'A'A'A"'A'A""'A""'A'"A""'A'''""A"""""""""'"""""eU? Men and B0y's CLOTHIERS 3 r 4 3 I 4 r 4 P 4 I 4 I 4 P 4 P 4 3 P 'I 1: Our llc-st :x11Yl'l'tiS9llll'lltS 4 1: are not written, but worn 452 S. Szxgimiw St. Flint, Mich. I I in 'I 'I 'r 'r 'r 'r in 'I 'I 'I 'I o 4: a lSOn O 1' o o V 0 4: in 'r 'r 'r 4+ 'r in 'I 'r 'I 'I 'I 'I 'r 'I 'I 'I 1: . B in.-.-.-v-,-,...-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-ev-,-, .-.-, .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.As 'v"""""""""""""A'Av''A'""""""""""""""'""""""""""' Q it 4, 4 4: Sharp Hardware 8: Implement Co. 1: r 4, 4: 0ur parts -clelm rtmm-'nt svn-ond lo none-l"IlK' 4: tram-tors-Planet .I r, gamle-n tools and s4-4-cl4-rs- It Planet J r. Kaul:-n tractors. :I 'I Phone 2-9332. .932 Beacli St., Flint, Mir-li. 4: 4: 4: I 3 67.-.-,-,-.-,-.-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-,A, Bernice Hitclicocfk-"Do you believe in long eng:age1nents?" Vivian Greaves--"Sure: the longer you are engaged, the shorter time you have to be I11Zl.1'- riedf' Mr. YVrightf"XVhy, Pete, that is as simple :ns 2-1-Z." He stepped to the board and wrote 2-3-2, and waited for Pete to answer. Pete L.-"VVhat's the matter, can't you do it?" 53"""""A'A""""'""A'A'A'A""'A"'A""'A'""A'"""A'A"""""""""'iL? 1: Gi ' S jg iJJEwE:EERs AND QRTTGIIAINS gi l :X Xzuue Nou Can Trust IU Buvinff 4: , 5 ,: 'r Diamonds and Watches Flint CASH OR CREDIT if 130 E. Kearsley St. Across from Old Post Office 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4: 'I 4: 'r 4 'I P 4 4 I P 4 4: I 4: 'I ' -2 Cl to Robert B. -"Are you sure this is a spring f'11iCkGll?H XVaitvr -Ufertaiiily, sir." Robert B.-"Then 1 Inust have bit into one of the springs." ?A'-'w'w'v A A A W'A"'A'w'A'A'W'A'A'A'AA w'w'A A A A'w'A'A'A'A'A'A A'A'w'w'A'A A A"'A'w'A'A'A'A'A'A'W'nw'"A"'A"'A"'w'3 Compliments of Mt. Morris' Newest Nite Club ag QINE 4: if Featuring Two Floors of Dancing Q: QE with Les Harte's Golden Aces ig SPECIALIZING IN PRIVATE PARTIES ii gi Steak and Chicken Dinners ig Your Favorite Sandwiches with Silex Coffee if Phone 9148. 11635 Saginaw St. if .............................. v-----v--vv v-1vvvvv--,,,----,-,-,-,-- ,-,-,-,J m M O R R l S O N l A N a '-A-A----v-v-v-v-v--A--e------v-v-A-A----- ----v--rv'-'-'ls eff-of "--AAAA-- A--------A---------A- - A-A-v---' Congrotulotions Seniors or Future Security SEE McKinnon 6' Mooney lnsuronce Service 1506 Union Industrial Bldg. Flint, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS Class of i937 Flint Commercial College Wlihe School of Friendly and Efficient Servicei' Phone 3-1921. 104 First Avenue. 'v'v'v ""v'vfw Congratulations to the Class of '37 Goods Called For and Delivered Mtn Morris Cleaners Phone 184. Mt. Morris Compliments of General Mercantile Company DRY GOODS Q SHOES CLOTHING For All the Family lVlt. Morris Phone 28 Cl ,A,A,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-. -v-v-v-v-'Av-.-v--.-.-vw to P P 114: 1'1'i4::1: it comes i11 21 box." M O R R I S O N I A N 7?wr'A'A'A'W''Ar'A'A'A'A'A'w'A'A"'W'A'A'A'A'w'A'A'A'A'A'A'wL? ?""A'A'A"'A'A'A"""'A'A""'A'A'A'"A"""'A""'A'A""""""'""""A'A"""fi 3: . :E 3: 11711 2: 3: Congratulations 4, 3: 1V1t. Morris Graduates 1031 4, 4: 4, , 3 , , 4 . : 4 1 41 4, 1 and Best Wishes 1' 'I ' V1 1 ': 3, 4, 5, . . . Greetmgs 3: 4, 4: 4' 1 '21 'f 4, 3: E: 5E 111.1 3: ' 4 ' , . . . . 4' EE If EI Q4Jll1lf1C1lCC 111 4:11018 sc1f 111141 t1'z1111111g' 3E 4 P . . . 41 jf 4: c4:111:1c41 XVl11l t11c Zl17l11ty to sell 1:4:tl1 t4: 41 P , 4, 1: X 4 -v- I A K . Y H l.- 4F :E f X E1l2wlllilili1-11411 41.1 Liblllllllallltav, l4l4:x11st1f , 4, 4, ll lm 12 11151 lllllg, 111 tlC 114441 4: 4, ' ' 4' ': s114'ccs:. Mau' :111 1:0 Yours 111 '11111f1- 1' 5 R3dl0 5: 3, 1 f f ' 1' : 45 1 . 4 E - if 1: - 4 3: 1 11 1 4 5 Electrlc 45 3, 4: 4 P : :E 3: 1 if V 4 P 5 ': Phone 28 if 3: 1 1 3: 4 P , 4: 4, 4, P . 0 4: 1, 4 44. 41 E Mt. MOYYIS, Mlch. 3: 3: N4 if : 4' ': 4' " 1 'P : 4: 5, 1124f,met111 5: : f-J :E 3: 3: P 4 4, 41 P : 1 4 1 : : 4: 4, B It , 1: , RADIOS 55 5: I1 432511111 EV 01159 3: P 4 : 1 4 4 : 4' 4, : , l - ., . 4 - 4: 4, 4, , E ectrlc Wmng Repairing 4: 4, 1: : ' :Q Souix 14:1,1:1:14:11, 114-41,4 3: P 4 En--v-v--v-v-.-.-.-v-A-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-.-.-.-.-.A.A.-.-.-.-.-v-v-.-.-...-.1S 451,..............v.,.,.,...,.,.,.,.v.,,.,.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.v.,,.,.,.,.v.,v.,,.,.,.,-5 ?5'vvA:av'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'421? Famous Quotations by Famous People 1 4 : 4: E 41 114:l'f:111j' 1104141-"1l4:11't get 1'z1111i1i:11'." V 4, E If 1Q4:1:4:1't 110111:-"1111111c 1 S1lOll1C1?y' 4 , 4, " ' 1 4 1 44 I A S I I E R :E X"1v1:111 4zl'CZlVCS+'6L1ll1C1i1C-L1ll1C1i1C. P ' ': . E Eg 1,4:111se R4:4:t--"1,4:v4' s Lz11J4:111' Lost." 1 I 1, 1 - - 4 I :E 11C1ll'j' Cfnle-H111. 11141. ' P 4 7 P 4 H . . I 41 444:1'414:11 CZlVC1'1j'ff 111 C1l1C1iCll, 1115' name P 4 4 , E I, IS Lz11'e111y.' : 9 4' . , . , S :E 1i4:1:c1't 41111181119-H11Cl' name is not Mav- P . ' : 4: 1:01105 It 111-11-1:-1-C." 4, 4, 4 , . . :E if 1'4Zll'141CllC 14Z1l1Q,'414lll-U 1'111'111-T111'111." 4, 4, 4: S ft .Xlll'Il1l Sc1'vc11f"1 st111 t1l1ll1C 1'11 1:1- itll old , ' Va if 4: 11111141 1 4, 4, EE 3E L14-:1114:ttc ScotlfJ'1111t you k114:11' 114:1v 1:4:ys 4: 'P '11'4: " 4, 4, ' ': OPEN ALL NI 1' 4 ' EI :E 114lll1lZ1 N' 2111 41e Yc111c1'g"V:Y114:'s 1:4:v 1'1'ic11c1 1 ' V! ' I, 41 IS 114' z1111'114:w? ': 4 : ' 3: We Dellver Phone 9141 1, A-D IE Betty G.ff'He1' 4-4:111plexio11 is just like E: MT. MORRIS st1'z1w11e1'1'ies and 4:1'4:z1n1, is11't it?" ' 1, Mildred B,f"lt is SOIT1Qt111llg like straw- 4: E 3: 43 f-'MORRISONIAN ?'-v'-A-v -A-A-'--A-vW--------A--2 --ff ---v-A--f-1,3 jg!---Y--ff-v-v--v-f-v-------1--- w-++---v- ----4,54 4 r 4' 4 4' 0 4, 4' . . 4' gl Best Wishes 130 ig 'I W e a reclate our buslness I' 4+ 4, 1, 4' 4r 4, 4, 4' 4: F ' jr 4, I F:-A 41 EI the Class O if if 28 years a good Store 11 4, 4: 41 sg! jf 4 r 4' 4, 4 4, 4, 4 4' ' 2, . ' r ' - 4' ' N 4' gt '- ig 5: I H E F L I :I 4: '41 -' 3' ' A fp :P l-l--- 4' 4, , 51. ,.. 1.l. , . - K ' 4: 4: 4 4 . 1, 4' 4 ,df V ,V .,,. 4 ,sn fx' 4, 'f 416 bo. baffiuaw 4' 4' If , 1 , .- 4, :P P' 4: 4' J, -' 'f"'f 'r ' , 4 If X4 EI C1Ofh16FS :: Hurlers if 4, 2' XA 4? 4, . 4, 4, ,X S, S- if fl Furnishers ft 4' 'X S hgxx 'r 4' 4' 4' K, f-f- -' isljqlbx 'r ' J ,v M,,,,- 4 X14 :Ish ogy 4, 67.N-.-.-.-v-v-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.- .-S-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-Su 4' 4 I :T 'r 4' 1 I w " 'r 1' Happy have we met, 4, " " - EES :E Happy have we beeng 4, Tj - . 4, Happy may we part, 1, tif 2' " " ' ' 1 W -"x'f.,Z-4' . 4' And happy meet again. I: A ' "rf", W S " :I --I-The Senior Class to Mr. Clark. 4, ' ,,, ,,.. 4, f 9 I: 4' Fatherf"But do tell me, Darrell, how could 1 P . 4: jr you fail again?" EI AYOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT IE Darrell Jff--"XVell, you See, We had another IE D if examination." U Ig N gt cr'-1 U 4, TFURNITURE ll? 4, I Kenneth K.-f"Yes sir, this woman was clean- 4: V' wArsw.s1ngnArsfAcHon,sAsnNAw - S 1, mg with gasoline and it exploded and blew her 4I 'P through a brick wall." 'r 1' . 4?,N::vAvvA'A'vNvAvAvANvAvv'AvAvAvvvAvAJNN vAvAvAN:4d Hzilly Y.e"D1d in kill her?" ------- -+--------- --++-ve-A------- .-, -.-.-.-.Lv-v-v-:.-.-v-v-vA.-.-.-, v.-.-.-.-.v-va-.-.-. v-v----.-v-v--L9 TQ 4s 4b 4b 4' 4b 4b 4b 4b 4b 4b 4b gl P 4r 4r r A CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or '37 QS-iZm9 1+ IE 5' N W VV' D ' Cl 5' 4 e ay ry ean ers 4 :I 4' fi . ii Eg All Work Called F or and Delivered, gf 4' 'r 41 Ig EE Free Delivery Servlce It 1' 'I 4' In EQ Full Insurance Coverage ff In 4' EI EE If F 1k 1: l 4 ll 1' 1' ' ' 4: 4: 51 . 1: :E Mt. Morris Phone 59 4 4 If 1' 3 IE -.-Jvve-.+.-: -v-v-1 - - - -.-.-.-Y-.-.-e E QA-,-,-f A,-,Av-v-.-.-v-v-v-v-:vs--v-'Ave'-v-v-v- AvAvA-A.Av-vs-v-v-rv-v-v-v-v-v-v-.A A -vAv-.-.- -v-ve--v-v'v'v-. SONIAN - M O R R I SS --v-S -Av-v---f-----------------v-v-v-v-v-A---v-v-AL? ia'ff--A-A-v-----f-A----v --v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v--A-v-v--v--44? , 4, Ir I 4 , P Congfatulatlons gg gg WATCHES - DIAIvIoNDS gg Class of '36 gi ii 5E D4rin?xi:114r1o:411o1n14riuiuioiozuc Try Marltha Washington ft If ft :E it :E SHOES 1' 11 1' :I +1 :I "':":":4':""':":":":":":":":":"' :E if . IE A +-+WIh d-R C I We can g'1VC you good f1t e 0' 4 and values for the Wluole if if - 4 famlly. , 4: 4' 'I 4, 4: 4, ALSO SHOE REPAIRING IE EE SILVERWARE If -.,:.,:..:.,:.,:..:,,-.,...,:l,:.,:.,:.,:..:..- E5 5: ii 4, ,I 4, SEE OUR WHITE SHOES ii 55 ii EE EE if 4s 4, 4b ED ll-HA ll CCH-ll 55 if ll . agmaw . .I 1, , , 4: 67lJ7 N S ' St 4 P Q 4 Cor- Alma, Flint, Mich. E E Flint 322 S. .Saginaw St. -'Swv-Y-AA-Av-A-A-A-vAvAv-v-v------------AANA-.-.-A -v-.-.-Ae fn.-.-.-.-.-v ---- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-v-vA-v-v-v-vA.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.Av-.rl "T""""""""""""""T""'-'-"T"'-'-'-'-'-'-of-of-'-' -A--ASQ fa---v-v-v-v---v A'A'A'A'A'5A,vA'A'A'A'Av -A---fm Standard Oil Station For live powcr use Rod frown EI :E e US0 Iso-Vis "ll" and save your motor 'i If . 41 Eight Ames to change ji 3E Merchants and Mechanics 55 llt. Morris, Bfilqligklll B k v-.-.-A --v-A-A-v-v-v ----- - -.-.-.-v-v-- -- -A-Y-.ea all COIIPLIIIENTS OF 2 0 41 'I If 'P 'I A . . . ' .. ,' .. .' . P . . 4 4, lIIIcIcSt lhllfl ou S.IvIIIgS cln-p4ISItS jr East Slde Gas Statlon will zISSiSt you to attain your goal in the sliortcst possible time. 'P 'I 4' 5' 1' -++- 4' HERBERT THURSToN il gi ii 1: If ,llllli llzmlq with :I l'CL'Hl'Cl for 41 Prop. :I :I Ig :E :E SAFETY, STABILITY AND 1: . . , Mt. Morris, Mich. LIABILITY P 4 . I 4 I FAY5 BARBER SHQP 55 MERCHANTS Sz MECHANICS gi DEALER IN DELCO RADIOS if 3: A BANK if 1 P 755 Genesee St. Mt. Morris if fi ' . MARK ALLEN, Prop. if 3 Flmf, Mwh- Eg -v-v-v-v---1--------fv-v-A-vAv--v-v-v-A-v-:v-v-v-:.-.-.-v-v-.-.-.-.P5 EH.-v-.-.-.-. -.-v-v-.-.-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-M-.-.-v-,-.----AE MORRISONIAN ---V-V AUTGGRAPI-IS G"!v7Vi"f0

Suggestions in the Mount Morris High School - Morrissonian Yearbook (Mount Morris, MI) collection:

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