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' "qw g ' ' AMXBWEXS 1 f' mfvcfwwng Aff f'22f'N 5 SER , ff fgx . l N Volume 'I7 Published by the Publications Class Mount Miguel High School 1800 Sweetwater Road Spring Valley, California 92077 1l-'- Memorias ff . L 0 V I HQ Q. '1'r,24i5fi573l"'??'3,l, 55- - W' . wk 9, ,. , ,T Jg- 4, J '-ff H' X ,' x al if '.,33jf'52 V Se- iff gr 5n.ff'f -.qwlllg 3 mir , .-.K v... SW' " '. ' A L 5' ' U ' n 43 ,f 11- . 1 gn ' - ,. W' , Y Q X I r . Q , E- . ry I Student Life Academics Q il Whatis "Mt, Miguel we sing to thee." No we never sing to you. We don't even talk to you. We come to you and you feed our minds. You house us, inform us, and challenge us. You guide our clothing tastes and shape our political views. You ha ve introduced us to our friends and to ourselves. We could deny our obligation to you and battle the influence you have on us, but not without playing the hyocrite, because you will remain with us. Often when apathy tempts us to forget, we are later reminded of our debts to you. We have competed for you and won for you. But what do we leave you? A worthless bit of shiny metal in a dusty cupboard? A name in the book? A footprint in the hall? And yet you give us so much more. A direction. An opinion. A goal. You're really nothing but a building. An ordered assemblage of wood and stone which has a given name. Yet so much more. You are us, and we are you. It is the people who give you your personality and character. When honor is given to you, we have worked to get it. When your name is in the loss column, we are the ones who have lost. If dissension racks your halls, it is because we are the ones who have chosen to fight. And if you're labled as a proud institution, it is because we are the ones who hold our heads high. No matter how much anyone tries, no one will ever be able to erase your influence from our lives. Tina Mazza Mbove Righti Willy Marshal strives to regain control of the soccer ball to prevent a goal during the Monte Vista league game. tkighti In the quad one finds almost all aspects of student life, from academic studying and cheer practice to meeting old or new friends and buying snacks or lunch. it f. Q11 .1 ' 4 rum-In lLefU lim Wood takes one of the minimum compentency tests required to pass 10th grade English during Mr. Lowell Plinke's fifth period English class. A 600fo score is minimum for passing these tests. lBelowJ Student teacher Mrs. Yvonne Peck helps Barbara Sey- more, Robin Carter, jackie Minor, Glenda Brock develop skills necessary to play "Bot- tleneck," a simulation game, This game helps students understand how the legislative ,, f:i'4'ir.5a , fu V , , . . P-R!-V 15.6 L fiwg f li' gk, 4 lv branch of American Government operates. if 1 lilly N MM Wk 'JW 'Q ,ffl Jwkklffafs MW J fl ffb JP fig 75 Aft, b ,ML if Va JQQR,,,7l 'u V l Jffdjgjfllwjiw fflrlbb will vwutl U ,li U :UL L VUL if - 1 v guel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? Wha' is Miguel? What is Miguel? Wh at is Miguel? What is Miguel? i 'l' '. is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What .H 'A M '- V' . 'iguel? What is Migue l? What is Miguel? What -t-' -.a' is Miguel? What is Mig uel? What is Miguel? Vl'-, qu- JV? 1 is Miguel? What is M iguel? What is Miguel? X at lig el' 'iat is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguem h ' LA f .What is Miguel? What i s Miguel? What is Miguc' 'V' 's xg el? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel Vl 'tat is 's'i'.1iel? What is Miguel? Wha tis Miguel? What is Miguel Aiguel? What is Miguel? W hat is Miguel? What is Miguc. Vl ,' is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguc.. Nhat is Miguel? What is Migue I? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Mig uel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Miguel? What is Mi "P ' I 1. ,. ax , 1- . -AL:'i.Mi?fw, ' ' N C22','1f?-nr2:lfQ3Q5bSi" ' ' ' fu wig' 65, Y , Ml' A -"Q I -f .44 , . , T53 3 -fs 1 Rig?-H 'J' ' vs gf' Zh Q 5 Q , w , b X m i 1 - !4 J I- 1 'mm -P I 1 I Q O 7 iv J ,Q rv f tf. 'SERS f-1 uv' . -,Kkf 5 r v 5. x, u. . xi' - ' . ,. n - 1-Z " 1 L.. fy 1.4 8" . 4' V 3 " xg!- 4 .4 -, .,,oq. U!-'Q5f'f wf N, .Ig i - ,,. .. ', 4:-A if If Q f " , . ',r-, fl ., .. ' . wo 9' f, -Y - Liz. ' ., L rf, 'irq I 'i V 7b N f I . 1 A" rl s 4 if is"-11 ,f """'N DE L ". . .it is the people who give you your personality and character. " IFE J K 7 Y Q i I - X MCH BLA55 P07 Now Wim l.a'l'Sl' lTop Left! Coach Blass seeks money as he collects nickles and dimes during Home- coming Week for Pool-A-Thon. Mbovel Shotgun Tom Kelly stimulates crowd as he tells them about the history of rock. Subse- quently he donated one hour of music on the , , radio to Mt. Miguel. KBeIow Left? Chser- l d D bb' H ' k b h - St u d e nt L if e Req u i res .sg :Q.f.5....'iB.7.5z:nz,:,,.izf...:.'?t51. aaa, I h , Myrna Goodwin exhibit prizes won in the d d ' H ' W k. IHVO Veme nf, Ent U5l35m f5.a:i2.ff2t:.z p:.22s.,...fz':.i,:2:'22:....2:t he consoles john Madigan during time out in a third quarter crisis ll , -,. fIl,..a,' 'S A Student Life at Miguel, as in any school, is the pulsebeat of activity, both scholastic and social. Student involvement is the key to a healthy student . action program. Kicking off the year was a school-wide symposium on human relations. Many students made some important discoveries about themselves and others during these sessions. Early September Programming has given students more control of their scholastic destiny, resulting l in greater student satisfaction. l An undefeated football team boosted student spirit to a peak during the fall semester. A new student store on campus, co-ed P.E., and more electives of relevance all contributed to a healthy pulse for Student Life throughout '73-'74, l 10 Energy Crisis Changes Life Styles, Classes, Starting Time ,Q Conservation of energy became a way of life on campus as the nation's energy crisis became a fact of life. Most affected by the conservation measures we re field trips. ln many cases, planned trips had to be canceled. In other cases, a shift in time resulted according to the availability of fuel. On campus, awareness of electric use resulted in reduction of light burning. Thermostats were turned down, and cu rtailment of unnecessary outside night lighting was noticeable to students arriving at school before daybreak. Daylight saving time imposed darkness on first period physical education classes and auto shop for those scheduled to work out of doors. Moving the starting bell for the day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 in lanuary alleviated some of the inconvenience. "All planning both present and future is affected by concern for conservation," stated Dr. Robert Pyle, principal. f' I' ' I, ,ii if I 'l 0 l ll", , . it -s 'f.2 92 13 : .- . . O r 'c 4 , t 1, xx'x uni 5 I lunnulll fe J- 5 23 in-.V 151 I .at i V 'II' 0' 4 If 43 ' In UNB Mbovej Pre-dawn classes meant finding classrooms in the dark, Students found a completely different campus when they returned to school on lanuary seventh, after daylight saving time went into effect. fLeftJ Reduced lighting made opening locker combinations difficult. Here an ingenious Senior Don Clay, found a flash- light helpful. ITopI These two clocks rep- resent the starting time change neces- sitated at Mt. Miguel by the advent of energy saving time. . y -A .-5' exif I: .XI A, V! Ax" x, W g, . i t 3 l 5 .1 .1 , 3 Pool-A-Thon- A hugh splash was seen as the school year opened, setting waves in motion that one day will result in a long-cherished dream come true. A recreational complex including a community swimming pool with lighted basketball, handball, and tennis courts was pure fantasy until this year when significant strides were made towards the realization of this S200,000 dream. A committee, under the leadership of Mr. Bill White as president and Mr. Bob Sanders as fu nd raising chairman, initiated action with a Pinto raffle and a Pool-a-Thon swim-in. By the end of first semester, 510,000 had been raised for the construction of the Miguel Community Aquatic Center. fTopJ Coach Ned Blass encouraged students to contribute to the Pool-A-Thon campaign during halftime of Homecoming game by promising to "go swimming" if enough mon- ey was tossed out of the stands. !Top Rightl Mr. Robert Sanders was the man behind the scenes contributing not only money, but also many hours of planning necessary to the cre- ation ofa successful money-raising campaign. Mbove Right? One "gimmick" used to raise money was the Pinto Raffle. Each raffle ticket, sold at 51.00 each, was worth one chance to win an olive green 1974 Pinto Runabout. The lucky winner shown here was Larry Shunk. fkightl Every swimmer who completed the maximum 200 laps in the two hour time limit earned the right to sign his or her name to the "200 or Bust" poster displayed in the main office. Start of a Dream-End-M.C.A.C. me 1 l l i i il A iff- - A.. Ll . more l . ua- tn vias s Q5 ta -,J ' R fr NE 'x 4 sf? 4 5' s. .. i X f' N 1-L-XiL,,x .. X x 5? sat af- f. an. . C . . 1 l 4 3 , v 1 K 1i I ,,.. .- ' l , . R yi , 5 f at T -i t "H 1 .glffigq gg 1 .y ' 'U - ' 1 "1 A , - n +WMW,n - 5 , -C-TC - -.2 ' lc' D-.- i , t 3 yy I K' ' 5' . in ' rw . - .A Es. . A .Q Q 4-' ' .. V -. , WM. ' 4' l vc K . ' " . - s- , xi -ag., , V V 4 1., -'M "fL '-M ' ' ik' 'fu ,,, gs- . tj ,zz .L .. - i' saaaa.a EDDEDDU ...M ,- . -. .a ' pi ROTC Trains Students for Military R.O.T.C. with Col. Donald Grey as Dept. head, has a program of instruction that engulfs 173 hours divided into four training levels, Military One through Four. All four groups receive drill and leadership training, physical education, and instruction on basic military skills, with emphasis on leadership development. Mt. Miguel's R.O.T.C. unit was disignated an honor unit with distinction for the year 1973- 1974. As a result, Col. Grey nominated their top graduate Mark Wynn for an appointment to U.S. Military Academy West Point. This appointment was confirmed, and Mark Wynn will attend West Point. fTop Left! Cadet Major Chuck Foster explains the assembly of an M-14 rifle to Cliff Hal- verson. fCenter Left! Loralea Mauldin, Do- lores Brown, Denise Cooley, and Kelly Brown appear as color guards at an assembly. This marked the first appearance of an all-girl color guard at M.M. fleftb R.O.T.C. students listen to Instructor Sergeant Geoffrey Adams discuss drill procedures. Mbovel Patrick Gorman, Captain Timothy Danner, and Don- ald Chapple stand at attention during pre- sentation of colors in the gym. -.-. v yv .., - ' r- Y' NA ' -YL 1' vw A . U-.. ' N......-..-.-,. -,....... -....Y--....-... ' , ll Q- U Q Y1 ' ' ' " 'Q ' I v Q I " ' 2' 2 ' " fzwfwff "mm fs All m:A..1ss H 1565- ' 55.5 - ' -lf: :gag f' 2121? -M ::.. 11. Libi- , . , . .. - WH.. .. nf, ,,--Q4 .,. . ---- ... , . .., , ,u-......u.. ,-,-..-Q.. v ...Ma--. Mk.. , 1 ., . . . ...,,.., 1 ,, ,.. .-- ,.. 1 .. .. ,- ...-,....,. ma.. M, .4...,,.f.1 ,.. U T! , .... my - .Q--WW, .ma . . hum 2 . , , 14? 'wif' 41 . ..,-. -v...-..1-.-,,-- ---nv-,.-. 'u-Q.-a-X .,-..q.-11 .7........ ,jx 35' ,.g.f5. ,,.,, ,,,,,,,,-, . , - , , , , .54 - . . . ' ' X 'X 1, A H - I ' I I ' ' I A . - f. , J 4' 1 Q L iff' , , ' " ' V HQ I- 4' ' ' ' I . . ., , 'un 4 ' " " ' ' f. ' I f ' - . . 1 A ' 5 .6 I 0 u ' -.- .1 -w I ' t ' A w . 5 . 0 l f . pn on 5- I ,,l . . . 7 . s .- I L , ' Q l Q, 'I Q I nn - w - . - ' ., 0 , I . Q ' 'K 6 ' ' 1 K' - ' 1 Z 1 x 4- ' H ? at .- u f x ' "',' - ' -,Q -L "' S A fJ - ' f . j' V X . f--1,5 -.-f-.Q ,..,.,1., , , H fr H , - ,g-' my , xv.. -1- ., . - F- A r ,Fifi -V -Q.-Zvi.-Q ,- ,- -iw. ' , .r V 'A , !--V I- we 14,-A -.Qu ' ii . M :V i I- V fs.. A 'VA -.,:. .' ' - .'f"1-2'..:L ' .'Eh"" ' ' 'T'-'f"+""LvQt-'-".?1p '-4" 3'47+i'!9"'i21 -L" 9' "- owggL8:'r 1:10 ' ' "55'f-'Wigs , , 0- fl' , 11 - " -ffm - ', ,J-Q 'W-"fl 'H' 1 't.f,'H up -' ,.,. -'.1 ,,, r- J' I' -, ,IC ,W vi.,-.F " ' A ' Q ,f -V ' ,, -,. 1 '.,.c.:3x5fc'f-52.,C' ---,, Biggs 'gif 73 ',,g -.:'f.,':37f,'-1- -"Af . 1--'-r.. " ' " '--Q. ,f - we. v ,- -2- g "' ' E V v -, .' -4 5 .dh igfgj, R 'Ak . ' 4 1 . , . ,,, , '1 'fy .ff-. Q.. ' .IQ 'fi V ' -y ' " --- " lil . -f: . 1.1. .Q 1: Qfiwif-TQHLQMF. if 1 . 1' f ,.-I , ,xii mf- "i+"' 'Han' 1-if M 5 -I ' .av TWIRLER .4fj'-v" 1 '45 , " P: Colleen O'Conner ,P A L. Mins? mxfm ' 1 P A .. 1 , in I U 3 ,ff 'TT'-?'1+k,.f l H K- . ry 1' .gf VI ,4,- 7 . f 5.-Q .gr 4 -A-lb' x., A 1 ,ln 1 .- ' xr: Y. G n . Q . " Q f".- .,,,, A eff - V51 .J-, if i 5 ' I 3' , ,S ,. There's a first time for everything, and the Cape Corps had an abundance of firsts this season taking first place at the year's competition, that being the Fallbrook competition. The Corps also took Sweepstakes marching in the Autumn Band Review. To further the theme of first this year was Jeanne Ledbetter's first in advising Mount Miguel's Cape Corps. Consistent practice for several hours every day resulted in a Cape Corps that was the best in Mount Miguel's history. The girls marched in competition on nearly every Saturday in addition to appearing in the half-time shows at home games during the football season. ITop Left! Marching in the El Primero Band Review, the Cape Corps does the famous flip-two, lCenter7 Cape Corps Marches in the El Primero Band Review in Santa Monica. flop! Front Row: Adv. Ieanne Ledbetter, Lt. Debbie Sullivan, Lt. Bonnie Mckee, Capt. Sue Wilson, Lt. Pam Kauffman, Lt. Mary jo Brown. Second Row: Regina Hunter, Shirley Rolf- son, Michele Cooner, Donna Peightal, Laurie Good, Patty Richardson, Maureen Carter, Sue Leroy, lan Peightal, Cheryl Nye. Back Row: Wanda Sconza, Sherry Mina, Ronda Ro- beson, Karolyn Hoyle, Marti Evans, Cindy Sieckman, Mary Bauer, Lora Carlile, Candy Osborn, Theresa Garber. Not Showng Cherly Osborn and Kathy Sorant. !Bottom Leftl Cape Corps 1973 leaders: Lt. Debbie Sullivan, Lt. Bonnie Mckee, Capt. Sue Wilson, Lt. Pam Kauffman, Lt. Mary lo Brown. IBoltom Cen- terj Sherry Mina and Shirley Rolfson per- form inthe half-time show "Traveling around the Nation." deft? Cape Corps getting ready to perform in the half-time show at Charger Stadium. Creative Minds, Bodies Equals Drama Success Under the expert direction of Mr. lohn Adams, and the valuable assistance of Alumni T.A. Ted Adams, the Drama Department sought to broaden its horizons and reach new goals. For the first time the Department tried a new form, the "reader's theater," and enjoyed success with it. Another first for drama was their trip to San Diego State to perform in front of other readers. Everyone agreed that the Mount Miguel Dept. was the best representation there. The major productions in drama this year were Kaleid- oscope, Harvey, and, with the help of Ted Adams, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Mount Miguel's first musical comedy since South Pacific in 1962. !TopJ Veta Louise Simmons iCathy Liljestrom- Right? introduces her daughter Myrtle Mae Simmons tMelissa Monce- Left? to sophisti- cated Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet tElaine Schmidt- Centeri, Mbovei Carolyn Budd performs her dramatic interpratation of The Effect of Cam- ma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. lCenterJ Debbie Sanders, as the worm in Big Brag, tells the rabbit and bear that it is ridicu- lous to say, "l'm better than you." lRightJ Elwood P. Dowd lMark Dzarnoskil invites a wrong number caller, Mrs. Granawalt, to a Wednesday tea given by his sister. Y lx ,-t g DJ' 'S- 4 ffl.. ef if Vi? 5 , - sl 1:5 'ur y..Q fTop Left! lerry Williams, narrator of Kleido- scope. explains to the audience how their production is similiar to a kleidoscope. fTop Right! Interview, a one act play in Kleido- scope, shows how our world is turning into a mechanical black and white system. !Center Left! The Lorax tBob Martin- Left? tries to convince the Onceler tDave Bush- Right? not to cut down the Truffla trees in Dr. Suess' play The Lorax. ICenter Rightj E.l. Lofgrne lBob Martini tells Myrtle Mae Simmons lMe- lissa Moncei, Veta Louise Simmons tCathy Lil- jestroml, and judge Omar Gaffney lMark Price! how people change after they recieve a shot given at the sanitariurn. fFar Left! Veta Louise Simmons tCathy Liljestroml tries to explain to Doctor Sanderson tPierre Wilknerl what her feelings are about her brother's friend, Harvey. deft? Elwood P. Dowd lMark Dzarnoskil introduces Mrs. Chauvenet KE- laine Schmidtl to his good friend, Harvey, a six foot invisible, white rabbit. THESPIANS- Front Row: Barbara Sele, Roslyn Saputo, Melody O'Dell, Melissa Mon- ce, Cathy Liljestrom, Maureen Cruz, Kelly Brown, Debbie Recchia. Second Row: Mark Price, Ken Norton, Advisor lohn Adams, Mark Dzarnoski, Ralph Ek. Back Row: Pierre Wilkner, Bob Martin, Steve Thomas, Tony Sawyer. fCenter Right! Marla Dwyer, Advisor lohn Adams, Mark Price, Melody O'Dell, eagerly anticipate Pierre Wilkner's next dramatic words. fBottom Right? Mark Price, Ralph Ek, Melody O'Dell, Pierre Wilkner, and Marla Dwyer prepare to leave for ushering at the Old Globe Theater. Thespians Create Magic, Suspense, Reality Thespians are part of a national organization for high school students that perform in drama and is concerned with improving the performance and profession- alism of theatre on that level. Thespian headquarters are in Ohio and they help Mt. Miguel's club by giving scripts, reducing royalties, and sending materials concerning theatre, lighting instructions, producing a play, selection of plays, etc. 100 hours of extra-curricular work dealing with drama is the minimum requirement that must be met before becoming a member of the club. Thespian's president was Melody O'Dell, vice-pres- ident was Rosalyn Saputo, secretary was Debbie Recchia, and historian was Cathy Lil- jestrom. Putting on drama productions for the school is the major activity of the club. Some of the extra work involved is ushering for various theatres in town, and in exchange for that service, they are allowed to watch the plays. This provides an excellent oppor- tunity to compare themselves with professional performers. - ? gp ' ' Individualized Competion Challenges Speechmakers - . .1--nw ' X' 4 l 1 R X 1 nt I to ,Q ,E , N, S jf Q if PW! 'f' " f fiaf' fs' . . ' i a. " ,, v k ' VA i 'j W.. N Q- ,,, , , ' A - T Mt. Miguel's speech team, taught by Myrna Goodwin, competed at speech tournaments on college and high school campuses beginning in October and ending in May when the State finals were held at Fresno State Uni- versity. Outstanding members on this year's speech team were Mark Dzarnoski, Carolyn Budd, jerry Williams, Melody O'Dell, Bob Martin, Steve Thomas and Melissa Monce. Mt. Miguel's team was honored this year by being selected as the sponsor and host ofthe National Qualifying Student Congress which is a mock legislative assembly for schools in Southern California. Mt. Miguel's team also had students participating in the National Forensic League. fTop Left! Melody O'DeIl, jerry Williams, Mark Dzarnoski, Bob Martin review maga- zines for their extemporaneous rounds. lCenler Left! lerry Williams reveals his speech about bubble gum. fCenter Righti Mark Dzarnoski speaks to impress his audience. Mbovej Carolyn Budd displays her trophy earned by her speech "Man in the Moon Marigolds." SPEECH TEAM-Front Row: Steve Thomas, Brad Sanders, Kelly Brown, Bob Martin, Cindy Giberson. Second Row: Advisor My- rna Goodwin, Cindy Waring, Peggy Delaney, Pierre Wilkner, Mark Price, Melissa Monce, Bob Steiger. Third Row: Yolanda Vargas, lane Peters, Diane Doll, Carolyn Budd, Roz Saputo, Vicky Sprang, Paul Birch, Debbie Recchia. Back Row: lerry Williams, Tony Sawyer, lill Williams, Melody O'Dell, Elaine Schmidt, Mark Dzarnoski, Bob Slaugh. Not Shown: Paula Bryant, Bob Ehrhorn, Ree Estrada, Cathy Liljestrom, Michele Marko- vich, Michelle Myers, Steve Meyers. -4 XA fbffffffx H U 1! 'Q , fx X - pm X x 2 lm " ' gl -P. . Nh., .f 1 Vx new . 4' .Ei 1. 1+ 3 'ai 5., 1 -fir . , .. 3 iv 5 4 .. . JM- ' ff Q f wf ,fu1 ,af i li, 'F 3511195 9' x M 5 , v M 1 41 fi 3 ,A . . gg- ,, if -2:4 ai K :ff I ' " nw Ah... ,1. Q .-ff-. Q if f xy- ,.4- ,g-.thx gafrf, .,,f,1'5 5 , X L fl, Aravfg. "'l"' f,'-' gh. k'nf T 0, ' f , . , Q .,, ,b Q. .-. . , if at--6: W 1'-aw? 71 N: Q .-' --Rf" Q rg '- , 2- ,S . Q, . 5 X 'L Q- J x 33 -uf. s ' I 2':.5, lil SQ 4 f X E fw 45 Varsity Cheerleaders Show Vitality Plus Enthusiasm Besides bringing enthusiasm and spirit to every Friday night, Miguel's Varsity Cheerleaders were also involved with other activities around campus. Some worked for the upgrading of the entire school by getting involved with A.S.B. and the Human Relations Committee. Highlighting the year was their grand appearance made at the Pep rally last October in the company of l.V. cheer and Frosh Pepsters. Advisor Sue Blass V, organized a wrestling clinic where cheerleaders from four schools met at Mt. Miguel to exchange tips on cheering during matches. Also pre- sent were the wrestling coaches who explained the mechanics of scoring. IRighU Mrs. Sue Blass advises the Varsity Cheerleaders. Being advisor for such an ex- citable group of girls requires quite a bit of hard work. With her expert guidence she has helped the squad to be more uniformed and together. Students, led by Varsity Cheer- leaders, voice their support for the Mt. Mi- guel football teams. Enthusiasm paid off as Matador gridders took the League title and went on to CIF finals. QE It 13',.... ' . 4' ' ' ' .-'Darlerte,St6kes s" fx -a al? Q! . .svn as G, ,i. 'V a- iMIIZl,J,:AUHkl 'EV' j' . , ., ,r,f,.Av.-,.-vW.,A,-.,?. , - 7 55' -- ,5- june fl'fF"q Y fAbove2 Arousing spirit from the spectators at the Football Carnival are harmonious voices of the Varsity Cheerleaders. Although the group consisted of many new girls, each one spent hours of hard work at practices to perfect their rhythmic movements. tLeftJ Head Varsity Cheerleader Debbie Norman is considered to be the cheerleader with "souI." Debbie has contributed many new sparkling steps to the various routines. She has been a great asset to the squad. Sherry Clark - .V. Cheer illustrates Enthusiasm l.V. Cheer was right in there this year practicing every afternoon and actively appearing every Friday installing pride and enthusiasm to spectators. The girls were as much a comfort to the team players as they were a promoter and reflector of spirit to Mt. Miguel's sports fans. There aren't many who devote so much of their spare time to a school service. ilk. fTop Rightj l.V. Cheerleaders pose in one of their many formations. Mbove? Head Cheer- leader Norm Urchurtu enthusiastically cheers for team. KCenterl Cathy Spencer tells us to watch the game. 1Far Right? Cheryl Connolly puts it all into a cheer. fBelowJ Adeleha Do- mingo shows spirit. fBottom Right! Rani Rib- by and lan Bailey hope for victory at a bas- ketball game. ,414 gb: HS. 1 1 . .-A-ni "x 1-an-... 1 zgydya, V .1 -.V ,,i,,,:..t.,,ik , , . . Q., l ' - . iq is K , al I Q: , ii .fl 4 J as KW 'V ' F, , t 'wif I' 'M ijt? ' 4 in 'J' ,Q ,fp . 1 H ,. .'fJ., Mfxn ' "' --,, - ', . ,.-. -af .f 4 4 .a.,, My .. , R . -, .K ,153-V,,, x ?p,,.qfM,,n'2.,,. . V xt - .X ri.. f ,,,, ' .s,,1,. may FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS- lody Cor- dova, Marie Melville, Tina West, Robin Ellis, Kris Clark, Diana Listander, Valerie Lynch. Frosh Cheer Creates Super PaZazz Mt. Miguel's frosh pepsters participated in the pep assembly last October, beginning a year of spirit-filled cheerleading. After weeks of preparation with Mrs. Barbara Hamilton in charge, lody Cordova, one of the seven girls, was chosen head pepster. A new and different change this year was the idea of cheering during baseball season. fCenter Left! Diana Listander participates in one of the cheers during a freshman bas- lgetball gameffCen!er Rightj Valerie Lynch actively shows us one of the cheers during fourth period in the quad. flefti Freshman Cheerleaders pose in formation at the end of a game on the field. A- 1 ,K 652 P- E' ,C , I kk A A F Q R s A f Y 1 V. 4 A 3 JOHN SlSCON IOE LUKACIK Vice - President President E .Tl ANNA GARCIA Secretary A.S.B. Supports, Promotes Student Activity A.S.B. leadership was not in short supply this year. Its officers, commissioners, and a commission class all worked together for constructive gains at Mount Miguel. President joe Lukacik served as chairman of a district-wide Executive Council meeting on Wednesday nights with representatives from all eight schools to explore common needs. Except for modifications to fit student needs, A.S.B. patterns itself after the federal form of government. Veep john Siscon presided over Student Council to handle legislative matters, making decisions of concern to the entire student body. All this action was under the guidance of Advisor Max Keyte, who this year completed four years of service in this role. ELLA GRAVES - Comm. of Concessions ...gms 4, ANITA BREWSTER - Comm. ofFinance MARK PRICE - Commissioner of Athletics 4 mi A PATRICE RICHARDSON - Commissioner of Elections DlNA FELDMAN Comm. of Human Relations STEVE FLEMING Comm. of Public Relations YOLANDA MARMOLEIO - Comm. of Cultural Affairs - MIKE CONTRERAS - Comm. of Curriculum 'R ROGER PRICE SANDY NORMAN - Comm. of Communications MR. MAX KEYTE - Comm. of School Activities ROBBI COUDY - A-5-5- Advisor Comm. of School Services .55 . ....... ,J loe Lukacik discusses plans for a future bas- ketbal game with some of the A.S.B. class. Students who participated in extra activities gave of their own time to help the school. ins - Ms, 3 A 70 ufuf- , 5-4. fTop Left! Bookkeeper Samantha Matthews shows Anna Garcia the amount of money earned by the selling of tickets to the A.S.B. play Harvey. Trixy Lattman stands to the side while checking the cash drawer. The Com- mission Class sends girls to the bookkeepefs Office daily to aid in many ways. ITop Rightj Advisor Max Keyte stands aside to watch the class being conducted by A.5.B. President. fCenterI A.S.B. President loe Lucacik explains anticipated goals to Robin Hansell, Anita Brewster, Vicky Bland, and Anna Garcia be- fore going on a field trip. fBottom Leftj Many atheletes get involved in student gov- ernment by joining the Commission Class. Representative of these atheletes are less lenner, Mark Muir, and Steve Soloman. fBot- tom Right! Roger Price relaxes on the floor as he listens to other students. ? Commission Class Strives for Student Unity Student government with its officers, commissioners, class, and council gave united effort this year to the cause of human relations. Was it a club? No! Was it an organization? No! But it definitely was a movement, a force on campus throughout this year. tSee page 34.3 To further this movement, a new commission was established, that of Commissioner of Human Relations After persistent and co-operative effort, action was taken which resulted in the long-awaited vending machines for such nutrients as soup, candy, and fruit. A.S.B. lent a loud voice to get school starting time changed after the switch to energy saving time. ,fs fTop Leftj Two members of the Class, Robin Hansell and Vicki Bland, discuss plans to see a preview of an assembly program at San Diego State University. fAboveJ Steve Solo- man joins in to assist the Commission Class in painting signs to be displayed at Mount Miguel sports events. A.S.B. COMMISSION CLASS fleft Centefl- Front Row: Laura Vonkline, Debbie Sanders, Chris Bently, Karen Gregg, Sandy Berk. Sec- ond Row: Ginny D'Abruzzi, Val Steigerwald, Pam Hadzima, Kathy Arrasmith, Cathy White, Cathy Liljestrom, Margy Reinbold. Back Row: Carlton Hoggart, Brenda Saavedra, Rita La- Berge, Cheryl Bryant, Beckie Keill, Tony Salazar, Brad Sanders. deft!-Front Row: Darla Nelson, Carol Klee, Vicky Bland, Bev Peterson, Debbie Bellante. Second Row: Trixy Lattman, Terri Kidder, Mitzi Funk, Rob- in Hansell, Christy Martin. Third Row: Tomie Clabby, Hilary Rapoza, Bob Pastoral, Mark Muir, Paul Kleine. Back Row: lohn Krings, less Jenner, Ken Norton, Stevie Soloman, lohn Stenback, Ken Huey. I Club Promotes International Friendship Promoting international friendship among students is where it's at, continuing on to international friendship of countries is where it's going to. "It" is the International Club, exposing students who are not familiar with other countries to lands abroad. Planned activities were geared primarily to those such as beach parties, camping trips and outings to familiarize our exchange students with the local area. This year the club almost doubled last year's membership, with 200fo of the total number being freshmen. fAboveI Gunilla Lundquist, exchange student from Finland, talks to members of the I club about her homeland. fTopJ President Ken Norton and Vice-President David Urban in- troduce foreign exchange students to the members of the I club, fCenterJ I club mem- bers listen to former I club members Cindy Sundahl and Trudy Hanson talk about their stay in Europe during the summer. The I club helped send Cindy and Trudy to Europe for the summer. fRightj I club members attend reception held for Pierre Wilkner, exchange student from Sweden, at the beginning of the school year, The reception for Pierre was held in the drama room which is very ap- propriate because Pierre is very active in dra- ma and speech. fCenter Right? Pierre Wilk- ner and C-unilla Lundquist often talk about their homelands, Sweden and Finland. They also talk about the United States and their school life here at Mount Miguel. They find there are many differences between their school and homelife here and their school and homelife in Sweden and Finland. Q3-1-nsuuu-we nw Rs 1 Pierre Wilkner, Mount Miguel's red-headed exchange student from Sweden, brought a touch of warm Swedish enthusiasm and sunshine here with him. His stay in America was as much a rewarding experience for us as it was for him. On this page are added a few of his words, one of many contributions he made to Miguel's daily life: "One of the things that I enjoy most in life is traveling. I was given this wonderful opportunity to travel almost half way around the world to spend a year in the United States. As soon as I came over here I understood that this would be one of the best years in my life. I was taken care of by a great family that really made me feel like a family member. Also the Mount Miguel High School the teachers and students looked after me, making sure that I don't have a dull moment. Of course, there are many differences, especially at the school, but I think I have been able to deal with them and really learn how to enjoy things the right way. I want to thank Miguel's teachers and students for the way they have taken care of me. I want to give a warm word of thanks to the I club members who have spent a lot of time and money to make this year one of my best." Exchange Students Discover Life at Miguel Rewarding From Finland came pretty and shy Gunilla Lundquist, exchange student. She's still pretty, but shyness fades as new acquaintances became familiar friends. Mount Miguel's year would have been unknowingly at loss but for her presence, and Finland couldn't have had a finer representative of their country. After knowing Gu nilla, many people could vouch that anything made in Finland is of top l quality. Her impressions and comparisons of this very different country were shared with the students of Mount Miguel: "It is very interesting to come to another country and see how people live. What I have seen of the life here is almost what I expected it to be, except that my first impression of the United States was that everything was on a larger scale. I'm used to walking to different places, but here you drive. Your school system here is a little different. In Finland we have to take more than ten subjects. Another thing is that females here don't usually wear the same clothes more than one day in a row. It is not uncommon in Finland, but it is more prevalent here that most families have pets. I have enjoyed my stay here in the United States very much because each of you have been very kind to me." f F . ",,,, 1 ,'g,-'Jffm I ,413 ' 'I r 15 is naw.. , l tv e . ,t .M .M iff t ik ,c V Lt t .5 ,vi if flffi' 4lfl'i " V " sf L fi -' f- J Il: --'7 4 'dx D -' btw, Lg ' . , ,L A ,L ,Qfv ., VV6 ,U ,pi ml flfz 4 f' lf," 'l Ll- 1 7 1 at 4 L nfl' zllflfl L,-'Q' f f ti' V ,IM LAN l .91 f-.ff . ' 'g7X'll.ll5'al7 ifvegbfx ff m' 153 L" I I 7 M gf . if , A I ,J ,ff .gfgk Sb v , 0 , , 4 e ff QM Babb of l ggi, ,L .e-l CAA r J i ,Qfffc C I ij C51 V-Hui, 33 Lf' Nd l L , , l Movement Stirs Action, Interaction Human relations became a familiar term on campus this year. A team of concerned individuals launched a movement before the opening of the school year which fired large numbers of students to action. A guest speaker and a school-wide assembly during September set the stage designed to better understanding between students, teachers, and parents. A new Commission of Human Relations was established within the student government organization. ITopl Members of Black Awarness and Mayo Clubs held a joint meeting to plan a dance held in january. Mbovej Dr. Robert Pyle looks ahead at rising problems of school with Commissioner of Human Relations Dina Feldman. !Center Left! Human Relations members discuss feeling of apathy for meet- ings with advisor Mr. lames Finch. fCenter Right! Black Awarness hopes to achieve bet- ter relationships between students. fRightl Rita LaBerge introduces lanet Rogers to Counselor Martha Cummings. '4 s -xa- ,f -4 ' ' K4 Ei' ' f 1 F..- I I 4 Improving student relationships begins with understanding and an awareness of racial problems. Black Awareness, a club open without limit to the entire school, had a progressing goal to establish a strong rapport between blacks and other students. Members of Black Awareness took a stronger initiative in furthering good student relations and fostering more concern over existing problems. Activities included the club's annual faculty tea, a dance, field trips and several panel discussions. Ethnic Clubs Bring Better Relationship MAYO means Mexican American Youth Organization. Vice- President of the clu b, Eddie Lermo, summarized its basic theme when he said, "We'd like to make a better name for the Mexican Americans at Mt. Miguel High School. We wa nt to get involved in activities so we'Il have an equel place here on campus." MAYO's activities included sponsoring a dance, car washes, picnics, and an assembly. Club President was Tony Zu niga, Sponsor Tio Eddie Thorne, Advisor Charles Simpson. ITop2 Sandy Norman discusses plans with Ar- lene Thompson, Advisor Charles Simpson and co-sponsor Deborah Stone about get- ting more people to attend Black Awareness meetings. What ever they planned must've worked because at the next meeting they had a great turn out. fTop Centerl Kathy Gloria and Martha Amargo, two active mem- bers, talk after the business part of the meet- ing is over. Mayo club members welcome new students to school. fBottom Centerb Mayo club members talk with Advisor Char- les Simpson about how their club can make a better name for Mexican Americans at Mount Miguel High School.They hope to get involved in many of the happening things and activities on campus. fBottomJ After the business part of meeting, Mayo club mem- bers listen to music and talk about future plans for the club. California Scholarship Federation at Mt. Miguel, more widely known as CSF, is a statewide organization that encourages interest and pride in high standards of scholarship and makes possible further education for highly qualified students. Organization is in levels beginning with the state and ending with individual chapters. CSF, organized in 1921, was the outgrowth of an idea first proposed by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour. Seymour Awards of 500 dollars each were established in 1935 and are made annually to the outstanding boy and girl in each of the five regions. These awards are part of the scholarship opportunities that include college grants and proposed foundation which will be established from outright gifts and bequests. This year Mt. Miguel helped to publicize the statewide advisory convention held at the Sheration Inn. The theme was "Can Scholarship Flourish?" CSF Recognizes Outstanding Students in Academic Fields SVCSF i" 'Lai-srmf In SECOND SEMESTER C.S.F.-Front Row: Terry Phife, Larry Shunk, George Blanco, james Rower, Boyd Stewart, Gary Wollberg, Darryl Durkee, Miguel Castrejon. Second Row: Advisor George Albert, Teresa Davis, Peter Cafferata, Steve Koike, Ken Gillam, Eric Sjogren, Steve Wolfe, Steve Williams, Marie Wright, Wanda Alcorn, Arlene Thomp- son. Third Row: Roger Reinecke, Tom Lam- bert, Donna Sportsman, Annette Zaleckis, Donna Waller, Sharon Howell, Maureen FIRST SEMESTER C.S.F.-Front Row: Donna Sportsman, Monica Chamberlain, Arlene Thompson, Peggy Delaney, Paula Bryant, Michele Bergeron, Wanda Alcorn, Marie Wright, Deanna Zimmerly, loanna Garrett, Mary Obendorfer, Cathy Stinchcomb. Sec- ond Row: Brad Luscher, Nora Bridgwater lTi- nal, Boyd Stewart, Brad Sanders, Marcie Wil- son, Vicki Blood, Andi Corrao, Donna Wal- ler, lanie Tenney, Sharon Howell, Debra lohnson, Teresa Davis. Third Row: George F. Phife, Larry Shunk, Mary Maca, lozette 0'Brien, George Blanco, Gary Wollberg, Steve Wolfe, Carlos R. Alcala, Louie Rivera, Nancy Hall, Steve Williams, Cynthia Forgey. Back Row: Randy Gibson, Brad McDade, AI- an Simpson, james Rower, Mark Dzarnoski, Eric Sjogren, Ken Gillam, Peter Cafferata, Mark Wynn, Dave Watts, Roger Reinecke. Carter, Bob Slaugh, lanie Tenney, Margie Turner, Barbara Gibson, Nancy Gamble, Cin- dy Forgey. Fourth Row: Malissa Patron, Mar- cella Wilson, Mary Maca, Vicki Blood, Karen Stvler. Laurie Anderson, Larry Stiles, lana Ondrechen, loanna Garrett, Deanna Zim- merly, Lois Langesberg, lozette O'Brien, Lynel Smith, Peggy Delaney. Back Row: Brad Luscher, Andi Corrao, Hector Rangle, Dave Watts, Bobby Orr, Rodger Price, loe Davis, Carlos Alcala, Steve Thomas, Vondi -pq. ,alll-illx ' ww- fs ft.-. , . H W . Blood, George Phife, Richard Rodriquez, Debbie Lagace, Tracy Smith. Not Shown: Donna Boone, Paula Bryant, Kim Mott, Ker- stin Smith, Denise Christiansen, Michele Ber- geron, loe Reoux, Brad Sanders, julie Six, Mike Smith, Trudy Baker, David Helgeson, Alayne Hoffman, Cindy Millsap, Brian Muel- Ier, Terry Stewart, Cathy Stinchcomb, Bob Taylor, lerry Williams, Mark Dzarnoski, Karen Gies, Debra lohnson, Mary Obendorfer, Arlene Thompson, Carolyn Budd. !Far Top Left! Advisor George Albert con- gratulates Teresa Davis and George Blanco for their high grades which has qualified them for first semester C.S.F. fLeftJ Mr. Al- bert explains benefits of becoming C.S.F. member. ,a "S" Club Advisor Maryann Mentas expressed pride concerning this year's club, and with good reason. Mount MigueI's "S" Club was the hostess club at this year's combined California, Arizona, and New Mexico convention held at Warner Hot Springs. The purpose of this club, sponsored by an organization of business women, is SER VICE to the school and community. Some of their projects included a canned food drive, visits to a convelescent home, and remodeling parts of the front office. Any girl is eligible to join this club. !Top Left? Advisor Maryann Mentas enjoys a badminton game after spending long, tedi- ous hours serving as convention hostess. fTop Right! With "The West" as the theme of the convention, girls dressed in western outfits and enjoyed chuckwagon style lunch. lCenterJ "S" club members await return of horses to go riding, one of the many activi- ties offered. "S" CLUB-Front Row: Advisor Maryann Mentas, Debbie Lane, Diana Hinojos, Georgia Watson, Tracy DeFrene, Cathy Buchanan. Second Row: Nancy Vizar, Heather Arrow- smith, Cathy Barber, Dana Corson, Terri Meek. Back Row: lulie Ferguson, Laura Mc- Carty, Darilyn Stager, Peggy Martz, Rox- anne Lattman, Kathy Hurley. Not Shown: Bea Arguiles, Mary Bauer, loanne Carl, Kelly Cook, Karen Foote, Heidi Harnish, Patty Reece, Debbie Stewart, Terry Stewart, Berna- dette Underwood, Dona Villarreal, Anita Watson, Cheryl Wiersma, Dameda Grissom. SWEETHEARTS' BALL COURT-IFr0nt ROW! Freshman Prince and Princess Nick McClin- X tock and Konni Arrasmith, junior Prince and Princess Chris Oberg and Debbie Herring. IBack Row! King and Queen Ken Wells and Margie Reinbold, Senior Prince and Princess Dan Coxe and Laurie lacobsmeier, Sopho- more Princess Lori Anderson. !No! Shown! Sophomore Prince Mark Anderson. Girls' League Hosts Annual Sweethearts Ball Girls' League continues to serve the social needs of girls and remains among the firmly established organizations on campus. A core of about 30 active members met weekly to plan activities under the guidance of Advisor Iudith Stinton and President Anita Brewster. Favorite among the year's events is the annual Sweetheart's Ball, this year held on February 16 at the Drew Ford Rotunda with Margy Reinbold reigning as Queen of this yearly event. A year in Girls' League would not be complete without a slumber party in the gym. This year was no exception, the pajama-clad, sleepless event appeared on the january roster of events and came off without a yawn. fCenterJ 1974 Sweethearts' Ball, held at the Drew Ford Rotunda, attracted a large crowd. ILefU Karen Board, Doreen Dunham, Karen Gregg and lan Baliey attended the Girls' League Slumber Party held in the gym. ,hs 1 sf' ominating Convention Results in Disaster Mt. Miguel's seventeenth annual nominating convention convened this year on March 15 to nominate Associated Student Body officers for 1974 - '75. The prolonged proceedings, starting at noon, continued on into the night amidst general disorder and disorganization. Only 62 dele- gates remained in the gym when time came for vice-presidential balloting. The Convention adjorned for lack of quorum. Formalized proceedings commenced with an address by the keynote speaker, Reverend Charles McClain. As the Convention continued, Chairman john Siscon made valiant efforts to expedite progress inside as Miguel's first streakers got more attention on the outside. More durable history was made when new A.S.B. officers for next year were later announced during the Fiesta Dance. !Top Left! Failure in this year's Nominating Convention attributed to unorganized plan- ning and lack of concern by students for the A.S.B. fTop Right! The convention's "jail" provides a suitable place to house unruly spectators. fCenterJ Awaiting eagerly for incoming votes, these girls spend time tab- ulating ballots. tleftl Bored delegates wait for tabulated results amidst an aura of con- vention atmosphere. l 0-g fx, lT0p Lef0 BULL PEN REPRESENTATIVES lean Reiland, Yolanda Vargas, lon Lower, Yolanda Marmolejo, and Darlrae Bickley. !Bottom Left! Bull Pen Representatives cheer enthusiastically at Iunior-Varsity bas- ketball game. Bull Pen developed this year to revive the dying attitude of Pep Club. Bull Pen brought out new spirit so badly needed if Miguel is to keep a winning school. Bull Pen Replaces Dying Spirits of Pepsters Bull Pen came into being with Mr. Donald LeCompte organizing a few energetic souls with strong lungs from his classes to begin a cheering section at football games. Mr. LeCompte, lon Lower, Rodger Price, Bob Millum, and Darlrae Bickley felt apathy at our school must come to an end, and soon. The former Pep Club had died a natural death and new blood and new ideas were badly needed. More students became interested, and the Bull Pen went into action with the ordering of megaphones, plastic shakers, red t-shirts, and Mt. Miguel buttons and stickers. One objective was to make Mt. Miguel's presence forcefully felt, which they did, helping to spur this year's football team to their League championship and C.I.F. berth. 'gf' C X . sf' i I 0 , pf, 64- 5 ,.,,- 499' ,. A A KV, 4 Q,-. 5'.,' Q1 T' . af t 6. , Q, .A , ,,, .Q 7M o 3f M' m5ll'M0JWfM ,U M o DM' ky Dfw' WM Wyfgyf rfb 1 ". . .we have competed for you, and won for you." Danny Allen Dan Bernal Pat Blakely George Blanco jim Brown Earl Carter joe Cormier Greg Dixon Al Domigo Danny Fleming Steve Fleming Tom Gallagher David Gladding Don Harless Ken Heffernan lohn Hulsey jess jenner Mike jones M.M. Charges on to C.l.F. Competition Mt. Miguel's Varisty Football Team had an outstanding season taking first in the Grossmont League with a 6-0-1 undefeated record. After beating Helix and reclaiming the Claymore, Miguel jumped into a half game lead over Grossmont. Outstanding players for the Matadors this season were running backs Tom Gallagher and Steve Fleming. Gallagher was sixth in county scoring. Chris Palazzolo played linebacker and led the League in punting. Rocky Lancaster moved to offense this year playing split end and defensive back. Henry Koa, who was selected by the San Diego Evening Tribune as one of their Prep Athlete of the Week selections, and Danny Allen were said to be two of the best tackles in the County. With this behind them the Matadors carved a CIF playoff berth. E41 l 'we E'-5,3 rv .. L W""F- -29' Mbovej Varsity, j.V. Football Coaches- Kneeling: Russ Boehmke, Dave Storm. Stand- ing: Harold Stratton, Head Coach Dwight Morris, Brian Smith. fkightj Runningback Steve Fleming shows the style he used this season to put him seventh in League scoring with 30 points. !Upper Right? Halfback Tom Gallagher grimaces as he fights for yardage. Tom was second in League scoring with 64 points. fkight Centerj Quarterback john Ma- digan fades back for a pass as he did often during season, taking over for injured jess jenner. john's passing, along with the back's running, got Matadors the Grossmont League title. Ifar Rightj Mike jones keeps his eyes on the ball as he goes up for it. jones and Rocky Lancaster were outstanding receivers and de- fensive backs during the season. Unfortunatly, Rocky broke his leg in the next to last game and was missed during C.l.F. play-offs. ,. n " M in VARSITY FOOTBALL Scoreboard M af M.M.fjo . . g , .6 samana ' ' M.M.r35 . . 4514 Bonitaivista 1- sM.M.r'l3Q,. . Sweetwaler M.M. 5i.. .g 6 Santana L L . M.M.23 .... 14 Grossmonr iM.Mg2Bi .... ,7 Granite Hills o M.M.21 .... 14' Helix O It M.M.28 Q .,.. Elfajoh W M.M. 7 ..... 3 El Capitah I M.M. 16 . . . .14 Monte Vista 'Carnival - , HomeGames - john Rollins Mark Schoop Mike Smith Mike Townsend Rick Wilber Henry Koa Buddy Kornegay Bill Kreuzer lohn Kringes Rocky Lancaster Bob Ludwig loe Lukacik john Madigan David Morgan Vic Owens Chris Palazzolo Ruben Ray Matadors Lose Out in Quarter- Finals of C.l.F. Playoffs After entering the C.l.F. playoffs, the Matadors lost a disappointing 28-24 defeat in the quarter-finals against San Marcos. Miguel won the last game of the season against Monte Vista to take the League championship and won their first playoff game against Point Loma dispite injuries to Defensive Back and End Rocky Lancaster and Linebacker Buddy Kornegay. In the loss to San Marcos, the team had more injuries occur, putting Linebackers Chris Palazzolo and Rick Wilber out of action. However, the Matadors didn't give up easily. They put together a last minute drive but were stopped short by the clock. Head Defensive Coach Russ Boehmke will be moving to Valhalla to become head football coach at the district's ninth high school. I 5 3 -ff' 5,-.53 if?'f5?5i?ZT.i:?Tff3Qf?f9 'Q 7'5- f-Q 41 g ts1,a,,.,y, a ,,-,wi Q sffssn as -sh R-If 1 flrfi wrgseixs QEWQQQ. :fu 'VF , sp V. 11, f 'Til-T5 Q-1,f.,.f-4t,fti,:"' .:w5'i'fl'feafinasemfitei ' ,f-'J-'s if ,Q-,,.tA 1151-s ggtgey. ,sa,:M,3. szvfifjf fifths, --.fs -f ,s -5, g , sf-,fem 's se- 1- 'fxlwi T- QM fUpper Leftl Coach Dwight Morris registers disappointment as his team loses the pre- season game against Sweetwater, 20-13. How- ever, the team came back to have an unde- feated league season. fUpper Right? De- fensive Back lohn Krings tackles a Point Loma reciever in the first game of C.l.F. playoffs. Miguel won the game to advance to quar- ter-finals. fRightI Quarterback lohn Madigan fights to gain yardage as Grossmont defend- ers attempt to stop him. at vi ,,a,gf.s- L 'lu ,- W ff . ? 0 'A 'W . . 4 . 'if , if i . ' I ' ., ,, " 0 I " " 1 Pip . I 4 x 1 . sz, ,, 4 .ew . 4 Q -'wr,,,. 'fav 4' ,gil 90 Q he x x ,. 'fi li Young j.V. Squad Fights Hard Season j.V. Football ended the season with a record in League of 2-4-1 and an overall of 2-6-1, all but one of the games were lost by only a touchdown or less. Head Coach Morris stated that the poor year was due to having a predominatley sophomore squad playing the more seasoned junior members of other teams. l.V. had several excellent players including top Receiver lohn Ball, Quarterback Steve Slater, Defensive End jim Filley, all of whom were upped to Varsity in the last game of the season, and Primary Running Back lohn Tiumalu who was included in Varsity for one game in mid-season. l.V. FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Frank Saputo, Bill Stewart, julian Ceasar, lohn Tiu- malu, David Taluban, Matte Mendoza, Steve lohnson, Tony Funk. Second Row: Bob Pal- azzola, Matt Richardson, Bruce Kowasch, Cliff Davenport, Mark Simmons, lohn Frice, Mark Brooks, lohn Ball. Third Row: Brad Sanders, Boyd Stewart, Marce Castro, Greg Orr, Don Parker, Tom Burke, Ed Frisk, Ed Ler- ma. Back Row: Mike Merino, lack Whitcot- ten, Richard Flint, Paul Smith, Steve Slater, lim Filley, Paul Burgio, Ken Smith, David Mul- let. Not Shown: Gordon Anderson, Ken Han- sen. D Q4!""' 'ir 'T 1 , 9 x'g.44.a...,., " fifiasi, N il i T Y 2, C gfa fti isfdrttgg 2 t ,if it fryi- lUaggfTl4s,51 93 'S te. .-4 "dl 2 Asa 1 WK" Fi -'S ' P' U5gW61lF76f7!721,tt2-I' gal .K gfllflftg' so l' - li t 1' tllig f 16 z 32- F 19 , . 25-33-isa ggili sa -45- -22 J 31C i t ' X 'ft . uf A , . tr 55 n . ' :UM .f L - ..-,,- . , . ?- c" vu , ,LEW F". f - '-- suv, - r t,-,.- r-1. . ,f - !Top Left! Defensive Back Ken Smith puts a stop to a Bonita Vista running back in the sea- son's opening game. Despite a hard fought battle, the Matadors dropped the opener. tTop Centerl Although their record didn't show it, the l.V. Team had a strong defense, as shown by Don Parker, Gordon Anderson, and Mark Simmons, who converge on an El Capitan runner. tleftj Frosh defense show their ability on defense, putting a halt to an opponent's ball carrier. iCenter Left! lohn Tiumalu attempts to break a tackle as he has done often this season as the team's leading ball carrier. iCenter Left! Listening is a part of the game as players discover during half- time when Coach Freeman corrects mistakes and gives tips to improve performance. Frosh Football Battles Hard Luck Season in Vain With a 3-4 record, the Frosh Squad with Coach Duane Freeman battled their opponents, losing a few games by only a touchdown. The team was led by individuals like Quarterback lohn Young, Running Backs Rick Doll, lerry Patterson, and Eric Liljestrom, Center Bruce Frank, Linebackers lohn Kovacs and Mike Smith, and Defensive Guard Rene Garcia. tLeft Center! Frosh Football Coaches. Seated: Ron Palifox, Richard Dixon. Standing: Duane Freeman, Ed Legacy. FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Randy Radasa, Eric Lil- iestrom, jerry Patterson, lames Reaves, Carl Burkart, john Young, Mike Neagle, Quincy Thompson, Rick Doll. Second Row: Rex len- ner, Mike Sperla, Mike Spitz, Lewis Franco, Mark lacobsmeir, Peter Dupuy, Mark Benson, Kirk Wilder, Warren Harris, Matt Smith, Mike Evans, William LeLeo. Third Row: leff Ken- dall, Keith Miller, Kip Hayes, Tim Wilson, Vincent Van Gogh, Bruce Frank, Kelly Min- ard, Rene Garcia, james Schroeder, Brian Spencer. Fourth Row: Don Deice, Mike Smith, Dennis Good, David Anderson,loseph Helmer, Virgil Ratliff, lohn Kovacs, Mike Sickler, Charles Campbell, Mark Wright, Dale Wheeler. Back Row: Mike Dimaggio, Michael Chamberlan, Brad Compton, Wayne Field, Donald Farney, Gary Garnett, Tim .Warcup, Keith Adams, Russell Brasher, Carl Mullens, Ken Mullens, Eugene Burgio, Rich- ard Fleming. Soccer Squad Shows Strength Up to C.I.F. Quarter Finals The C.l.F. championship appeared to shine brightly in the future for Miguel's soccer team this season. But it proved to be just a glimmer of what might have been, as the squad missed their chance by losing to Poway 1-2 in the quarterfinals of the C.I.F. - playoffs. The team had an exceptional season losing only one league match to Monte Vista, with a score of 0 - 1. Except for this match, their record remained untarnished until their loss in C.l.F. Before this game, Mt. Miguel's goalies were all stricken with the flu. Coach Lucky Tommy Thompson was then forced to get another goalie, Tom Lu bic, who was then on the baseball team. But even with his help, the team failed against Poway. The individual ability of team members was shown when five members of the team, Gus Castrejon, Dan Ulch, Ken Wells, Randy Gale, and Roger Reinecke were picked for the C.l.F. first team. Next's years team should do as well with seven returning lettermen. lTop Left? Dominic Sparacino makes a fast break down field with his opponent right alongside. fTop Center! Randy Gale makes a great defensive play by knocking the ball right out of the legs of a Granite Hills'oppo- nent. KRigh0 Bill Marshall jumps in the air to put a little extra force into the ball as he re- turns it to play on the field. 1. -- VT. XV Q . Q r I -1 -sw .xgj-417 gr , y E " " V, '-'fgtiti 5-fh?"i', f, A f - - ?TCl?2T"f.', WSJ,-' ' X r..,,, . fitggghgesaaff 1-H 1... . .. ., , V ?W"5"iLli..-'l3T'ai,f- ,-, 'QF 7355555251231 591123 -Z'-Ti Ssi alrat v ffwff'-fn 1' wil 3591- fl -waa.5'fLIf-S' Y 73 ' V-..Q5TlT'ftl hi afim L -1, qywwifr ,gf f ,P ,L f ' 1 5 1' s. .f We 'A - N s t 5 . ,J ..,,.,W ,..,f-.- ,V + V V1 .t: s Y -f f . . o Q I ,.l ,lg-Q-.Q la .mr --,...,.......-.7e.a,......,s1:u:z.:i: .M ..zz:tL 'as A ar :afar alas' '1' xm!l::l,,.4 .. hut , .. ,-"-- - ppm-- .,,, n. , ants . ij, ggi fr, fa Q +-:,wf.::tE.: 'S T " 'U' "' a ' 1' Q". ii 'itFQ.'..:Q-" . V, Qt , 4, K .irg A ,V ., I ?-5, U2-" fi LV .35 5 ..,,'f3,:Vg,Q .SWAN gl, ra ,Wf zf w fwfe 'L'-5' v-13 Jr f ' 'af r' 5?-rf . , si W e ' f ilms . Z L . '?"f . l t . 9 f . ,ff P-it f Hi 1. ' fm, eff 6 ... xigf--41'-2' V- Vx.. r:-it fp . . .N . , .. .-,ay Q , USE L ' 5 . :,,,jf3 k, ,w-fy"rgw tyhfk,--M ,, -'MZ M., tg . viii ,J , S , . ' fi 1 f- fi , 5 lei.-sw-N 14L"??'-fii - wer' 1-.fir iw ,sa N, .r 'i92' 5z1a:f ,in - .c x,.,,5l, .. .,.- s..'?',y W 1 - . :H -g t twig ai xft- 1' ' f ae Y U., 7 I4 F , ,gt V T - !LeftJ Dominic Sparacino demonstrates technique of dribbling the ball, as Ken V takes the rear guard position. fLeft Bot Randy Gale and loe Castrejon put the ba to play against Grossmont. Roger Rei goes right to cover his man. SOCCER TEAM-Front Row: Luis Castre Larry Atwell, Dominic Sparacino, Roger necke, Robert Slempa, Gus Castrejon. Second Row: Manager lohn Timalu, Stan Rayburn, Bob Hurtt, Dave Ellis, Gus Lopez, loe Cas- trejon, Bill Marshall, Dave Sargent. Back Row: Dan Ulch, Walter lolly, Raul Villarreal, Tony Zuniga, Ken Wells, john Hulsey, Randy Gale, Tom Lubic, Robert Taylor, Mark Wynn, Coach Tom Thompson. MM Hoopsters Take Second in League It looked as if the Matadors had finally developed a winning style. After starting with a slow start and only possessing a record of 4-4, the hoopsters found themselves in fourth place in the Grossmont League. Then something happened. The team began to look more like winners. Winning all of their remaining six games, they brought themselves up to a three way tie with Helix and Monte Vista for second place. Then it was all up to a group of league officials to decide who would be given second place. Their decision would tell who would be able to play in the C.l.F. playoffs. Mainly because of their strong comeback, Mt. Miguel was picked over the other two schools. But then in their first C.l.F. game, the squad lost to Patrick Henry, 59-62, in a very close game. This season Mt. Miguel's outstanding player was undoubtedly Steve Soloman, who was second in league scoring and was selected for C.l.F. first team. fTop Left! Berwyn Parker makes a shot from under the boards while surrounded by Helix opponents. fTop Right! Another of Miguel's top players, less Ienner, looks up for a re- bound after an attempted shot. fBottom Left! Dale Hoffman, the tallest and one of the toughest on the squad, goes up to tip in a teammate's shot. fBottom Right! Selected as Life News Athlete of the Month, Steve Soloman shows a little defense by trying to block a Grossmont player's shot. Berwyn, less, Dale, and Steve were four of Miguel's top scorers this season. V'tRS'T'ftBfNSKfTBAklr i Scoreboard, m A , ,M-M 52 ii ii CQOSSNOPIC 5 MM- .38 tMbmerrvis:at.i M.M. 54-r A Graniterl-lillsii 'M.M. 51 Helix ' MM 76 samana Y M.M az EI capirana M.M. so ElCaion M.M. 83 Grossman: M.M. C 66 Montevista M.M. 93 Granite Hills M.M. 65 'Helix , M.M. 81 ea Santana M.M. 87 y ysryecapiran I M.M. 69 Elfiaion y A A C.l.F:playoffsa A M.M. 59 62 Patrick Henry fTop LefU Berwyn Parker goes up and grabs a rebound with a little assist from Dale Hoff- man in a game against Helix. !Top Rightj lim McPerson's quick dribbling leaves his man behind as he moves down court. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM- Front Row. Manager Carson Clark, Paul Kleine, leff Lan- ge, lim McPherson, Steve Koike. Back Row: Ruben Ray, Berwyn Parker, Steve Soloman, Chris Landry, Dale Hoffman, Bob Baxter, jess Jenner, john Lower, Coach Bob Holms. Injury-Strikenj V Team Has Slow Start The j.V. Basketball Team, coached by Mr. Donald Le Compte, had a .500 season this year with a 7-7 League record after losing their first two games, then winning their next three in a row. Injuries really hurt the team a lot, especially the early season injury to Captain Greg lohnson, who helped the team along with Co-Captain Mike Smith. The team did quite well in pre-season play by winning the Coronado Tournament for the third year in a row. Coach Le Compte feels that this year's team was a group of good players and that he is looking forward to a good varsity team next year. fTopJ Sophomore lohn Frice T425 shows his jumping ability as he leaps high to tip the ball to a teammate. 1Bottom Left! Leading scorer Greg johnson attempts to stop a Gran- ite Hills player by blocking his pass. fBottom Right! Chris Flores pulls down another re- bound as he looks down court for an open man to pass to. l.V. BASKETBALL TEAM- Front Row: john Frice, Bill Norman, Greg lohnson, Tom Rothe, lim Filley, Neal Luscomb, Bill Stewart. Back Row: Manager Carson Clark, Chris Flores, Ted Pantazoplus, Rick Wolfe, Mike Smith, Steve Slater, Coach Don LeCompte. Victorious Frosh Season's League N. Crew Grabs Championship Coach lohn Burwell's Frosh Basketball Team took the League championship this year with a great season. They managed to stay ahead of their opponents even with a loss to El Cajon in the last game of the season. This loss and two previous losses earlier in the year gave the team an 11-3 League record. The team participated in two tournaments this season, the Freshman Tournament, held at C-rossmont every year, and the Invitational Tournament, held at Mt. Miguel during Christmas vacation in which they beat Montgomery, Poway, and Bonita Vista. The leading scorers and rebounders who made up the nucleus of the team this season were Guards lon Young and Mike Spitz, Center Gordon Ayres, and Forward Charles Campbell. fTop Left? Freshman team leading scorer, lon Young, strives all alone for an uncon- tested two points for the Matadors. lTop Right! Bruce Frank looks for teammate to pass the ball to during the exciting game a- gainst Helix, in which the Matadors won 53-51. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM- Front Row: Kurt Needham, Alfonso Cuyler, Mike Spitz, Manager Kevin Campbell. Second Row: Coach lohn Burwell, Mark Blake, Ion Young, Rick Majors, lnigo Figuracion. Back Row: Bruce Frank, Charles Campbell, Gord- on Ayres, Herman Young, Mark Foster. Wrestling Team Places Fourth in State Finals Varsity wrestling wound up this year's wrestling season with a 5-4 record. The team produced many outstanding wrestlers this year, among them Sophomore Tom Mount, who just came to Miguel this year. Tom was the champion of many tournaments, placed second in league, first in C.I.F., and fourth in State Finals. john Siscon placed second in many tournaments, but never gave up the effort to try and went on to become the champion in the 98 pound catagory at the C.I.F. State Finals in San Francisco. Two individuals who were League Champions were Team Captain Chris Palazzolo and Danny Allen. Chris placed second in S.D.C.I.F.p Danny placed third after cracking his arm. Placing second in league in the 191 weight group was David Morgan, who also won the Outstanding Wrestler Award. Coach Ned Blass says that the effort of these and other boys made this a memorable and exciting season to end his coaching career at Mt. Miguel High School. Coach Blass made this a memorable year for everyone by being selected for the Wrestling Hall of Fame fTopJ Team Captain Chris Palazzolo shows his strength as he lifts his opponent, pre- paring to throw him to the mat. Ikightj Sen- ior David Morgan shows great expression as he breaks his man down. Dave also won the Outstanding Wrestler Award. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM- Front ROW! Tim Badger, Tony Valdez, Larry Kissinger, Tom Mount, john Siscon. Second Row: Peter Uriarte, David Gladding, Greg Dixon, Randy Ginglardy, Chris Visconti. Back Row: Walt Engle, Danny Allen, Dave Morgan, David Maynard, Chris Palazzolo, Coach Ned Blass. Not Shown: Mark Muir. f iv -fe, lk: G-wg S' . f 'xv ggu z'1X2S'Lf?s nA dl, -af' 5 3,9 fi I ex? - ,ai iw - fTop Righty junior Rick Radasa tries to get this Granite Hills victims back turned to the mat to get three points for a near fall. !Cen- ter Right! l.V. wrestler Brian Pullan puts a chicken wing on his opponent to try and get him off his stomach. Miguel Loses Coach Ned Blass to Valhalla The third place j.V. Wrestling Team had an average season with a 5-2 win-loss record. This was Coach Ned Blass' last year at Miguel after eleven years and three C.l.F. teams. He will be going over to Valhalla to be athletic director and varsity wrestling coach. Some ofthe better wrestlers this season were Tom Lambert, Craig Leonetti, Brian Pullan, and Tim Badger. The l.V. team is actually a second string varsity team. If a varsity wrestler . can't wrestle, the l.V. wrestler in that weight takes his place. l.V. WRESTLING TEAM-Front Row: Greg Hill, Bob Pastoral, Victor Camacho, Russell Kusumoto. Second Row: Bill Smith, lim Reeves, Pat Oliverio, David Mullett, Tom Lambert. Back Row: Rick Radasa, Brian Pul- lan, Matt Richardson, Craig Leonetti, Cliff Davenport. FROSH WRESTLING TEAM-ffront Row! David Lowry, Virgil Ratliff, Eric Liljestrom, Peter DuPuy, Abe Rincon, Landis Schmehr, fBack Rowj Dan Zazvorka, Mike Smith, loe Lauer, lim Reeves, Tim Hardin, Nick Sher- bacov, Coach William Leep. Not Shown: Kip Hayes. Frosh Matmen Show Success in Tourney This season's Frosh Wrestling Team didn't perform as well as Coach William Leep thought they should have done for the kind of talent they had. The team's overall record of 4-4 was good enough to capture third place for them in the League. The Frosh Team also did quite well in tournaments by placing third in both the Grossmont and University Tournaments and narrowly missed placing third in the Brawley Tournament by two points. Some of this year's outstanding performers were Mike Smith, Kip Hayes, Eric Liljestrom, Virgil Ratliff, ,loe Lauer, and lim Reeves, who lost only two matches all year long and was pulled up to l.V. for a few matches. !Center Left! Freshman Peter DuPuy uses a snapback pin combination to try and get his opponent's shoulder turned past 90 degress and hold it there for five second to be award- ed three points for a near fall. lLefU loe Lauer, with a cross arm ride on his man from Helix, tries to maneuver him into a better position to try and score points. VARSITYBHKCKS I Dafebollrdff t , Date , 1 ft, DC March 1. . jg March , A'b'-'f,' Q Mafch 221 1 March N29 y ,S April 1, 5 6gite.MiStaf5- April. Q S 13 Valleyfkelays' April, 18, g ft-izigciiwitan, , April, gzofi .Vista elayiiifg ' l ,. 26. 'Santana C C Y ' ay A 3 aiLeagueiPrelims1j,3g May t 16 Leaguefinals May 18 C.l.,.Prelims. May. 25 C.,t,E.,Finaisjf 1 1 ' fkightj With a cushioned stop, Berwyn Park- er makes his landing in the triple jump. fFar Right! lim Brown, takes the tape and first place at the same time in the 220. fCenterI loey Cormier takes the lead in a 70 yd. high hurdle race which he won. Spikers Mak Varsity Track, coached by Brian Smith and lim Peabody, is building a team of mostly juniors into what should make them league favorites next year. Field event men who were leading in terms of distances are Weight Men Gary Martin and Henry Koa, Pole Vaulter lohn Madigan, High jumper Ken Hansen, and Long jumpers Berwin Parker and Steve Fleming. The team had the best high hurdle team in the League and was second in the lows, led by loe Cormier. Scott Gillette was the best middle distance man while Paul Kleine and Mike Cardwell ran the half mile. Mile and two mile runners were Dave Helgeson, Frank Castro, and Bob Sweir. VARSITY TRACK TEAM-Front Row: Mike Balderas, Steve Fleming, Paul Kleine, Chris Palazzolo, Ken Wells, Scott Gillette, Tom Reeder. Second Row: Rocky Lancaster, lohn Madigan, loe Cormeir, lim Brown, Ivan Wong, Bill Madigan. Third Row: Coach lim Peabody, Bob Sweir, Randy Ginglordy, Paul Daniel, Tim jordan, Richard Codding, Pete Robutka, loe Reoux, Coach Brian Smith. Back Row: Larry Moore, Henry Koa, Ken Thompson, Larry Kammerude, Ken Hansan, Berwyn Parker, Mike Cardwell, Paul Bergio, Dave Helgeson, Frank Castro. e Run at League Championship ,as S' 5--lfl n-n 'J 59 151' l.V. TRACK TEAM-Front Row: Bob Palazzo- lo, julian Ceasar, lohn Frice, Dana Christian- son, Dave Bates. Second Row: Don Parker, Mark Anderson, Jeff Anderson, Mike Merino, Boyd Stewart, Bruce Kowasch. Third Row: Mark Cato, lon Lower, Craig Slabaugh, Walt- er loly, Pat Oliverio, Keith Atkinson, Ed Rod- den, Greg Lang. Back Row: Dennis Peterson, Randy Burke, Terry Savage, Neal Luscomb, Ken Smith, Craig Leonetti, Vaughn Mann, lim Perry, Bill Smith, Rick Radasa. Not Shown: Mike Contreras. junior-Varsity, Frosh Track Demonstrate Power, Speed -49 l-' lb " 4-4 'n After three meets, the LV. Track Team was in contention for League title with a 2-1 record. Scoring distance runners were loe Reoux and Mike Balderasp 440, Paul Daniel and Greg johnson, hurdles, Walter jolly, pole vault, Pat Oliverog long jump and hurdles, Ken Smith, shotput, Bob Palazzolo, sprinting, lulian Caesar, jim Perry and Vauhn Mann, discus, Bruce Kowasch. "C" level track, consisting of 25 freshmen and sophomores, developed a high potential in hurdles, middle and long distance running, fair success in pole vault and long jump. fLeft Center! Terry Savage takes first in the junior-Varsity 880. IRighl Center! Dana Chris- tianson passes the baton to Mike Contreras in the l.V. one mile relay. FROSH TRACK TEAM-Front Row! Coach Russ Boemke, lnigo Figuracion, Matt Smith, Brian Luscomb, Kevin Rusk, Assistant Coach Terry Torgerson. Second Row: Eric Liljes- trom, lim Schroeder, David Sing, Mark Wright, Phillip Reeves. Third Row: Peter Du Puy, Mark Blake, Bob Menard, Tim Wil- son, Iim Reeves, Virgil Ratliff, Eugene Burgio. Back Row: Rick Majors, Gene Bell, Herman Young, leff Wilson, Edd Sandusky, Ian Wong. Not Shown: Russ Sportsman, Abrien Rincon. . 4. -1 f s 1,. .F-, -f 3-Lfdfvil-n.' -af ,- i ' 1 - .-nf-.495 ,W My 'M .. 4 P' ,.--f' 5 . 4 ri 1 t it 5 sz f 1 QAZQJ tfs. P ,fe l l , ' -'Q' lAbove2 Two of Mt. Miguel's top runners, Dave Helgeson and Frank Castro, demon- strate great stamina as they fight for the lead over competitors at the Mt. SAC Invitational meet. Dave went ahead of opponents to take first and help the Varsity Team grab first place. lUpper Right! Before one of their races, Frank Castro and Paul Daniel take time out for a short warm up. fCenter Right! A group of runners head up one of many hills that make cross-country a sport of both mental and physical endurance. l.V. and FROSH CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM- Front Row: Ben Castro, Russ Sportsman, Brad Luscher, Kevin Rusk, Keith Atkinson. Sec- ond Row: Randy Dibb, Ian Wong, Brian Lus- comb, Mike Pfahler, David Bates, Craig Sla- baugh. Back Row: Ed Rodden, Larry Kamme- rude, Rick Majors, Neal Luscomb, Chuck Parker, Terry Savage. x -A nv ..1' '17 Yer. . f 1 A W- Init N . Ni,-. , . will .1 vf,aa ' O . ,l,. i:',"-Ui-ll:-il x My . V 3' l 5 .. A l 1 I, fl t l t f A ' 'fi D 'Qs Iii, . a if 1, fl--T '- jrs. Dominate Cross-Country Running Squad Cross-country is a two-mile race over varied terrains where each individual performance is impor- tant for the team as a whole to win. There were no seniors on varsity this year, and though the runners started young, they became increasingly better. Coach lim Peabody feels that at the end of the season the team could have won meets they had previously lost. They ended the season with a record of 2-5-0 and a rating of sixth in the league. Dave Helgeson was their number one runner and Ken Thompson, number two. Ilefti Ken Thompson passes a Grossmont op- ponent as Frank Castro tries to keep up with the pack. Ken was the number two runner on the team, with Bob Sweir close behind. VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM-First Row: Dwight Smith, Bill Madigan, Bob Sweir, Scott Gillett. Second Row: Mike Cardwell, Frank Castro, Ken Thompson, Pete Robutka, Coach lim Peabody. Back Row: loe Reoux, Dave Helgeson, Tim Badger, Mike Balderas, Tom Reeder. Coach Roger Moreau's Boys' Swim Team had experience and good swimmers backing it up. The guys that went out for the team improved measurably during the season. This year's team consisted of some fine sophomore and junior swimmers who will be back next season to lead the team through their schedule. Outstanding seniors this year were Steve Solomon in the breast stroke, Bob Ehrhorn in the butterfly, and Rodger Price and Mike Fitz in the freestyle. 1.V. divers performed well with Cornell Willer, Tom lennings, and john Stenbeck. Swimmers Practice to Develope Style, Timing, Endurance fTop Center? Mount Miguel Swimmers Brad Sanders, Bob Ehrhorn, and Rodger Price pre- pare for relay while scorekeepers from El Cajon keep time for both Miguel and EI Cajon at the meet. !Righr7 Randy Lee, varsity swimmer for Miguel, swims the freestyle during Grossmont League Relays at El Cajon V ,H h . nf., A L Q -If - Q e . . . - .,,- I P ,J . " " f " , nf--f High school. S5255 BOYS' SWIM TEAM-Front Row: Richard ' Foster, Brad Sanders, Terry Ri gs, Roy Vala- dez, Randy Positerry. Secondg Row: Randy Lee, Steve Soloman, Mark Monce, john Stenbeck, Tony Underwood. Back Row: Rodger Price, Gordon lones, Bob Ehrhorn, Mike Fitz, Cornell Willer, Mike Price. Not Shown: Richard Lorenzen, Robbi Slempa, Tom Iennings, Cling Cable, Tim Coover. 3 s :f2 V 7 V W """l"'?i.i"" , - 545 Cask i ggi 52 ff er: 1 W E 1 ' -.- - , V r '-:EE .1 e ' S' 1 il 1 P . .Jin h.A.t5iEi ,.-..n-1 illw, f""""'3 es E -.. ., , T - - ,,, ,429 di 35 V -A 1 --as 13511 ,, Q' rf-sein -35 rea-fs- 1 A.- It , 5 75'-Eryi : Eg -15 5 F 1'-is , in .Nav-'slffv , , s-L.,.av4il' I ,...fv1-guns!!! ' Y . . ,ps .Q ,y fe' we wills? af' .au - .. . . ' . , I Q .., c ' X N 'Wh-fl 5' ,fi fi 'Aff f ' 'f 3 5 y .b ,' fp' U Q up-sf-1 :fl-il is .5- YT -Rt, ' ' f fs n 5 I U x ga .- , X 14- , we . x3 viqmwekwfks i 5 l' fl' N. X QW W gmwwl sWlNN NRXWX ' fm t A I ' .:' !Top RightJ Swimmers from Grossmont, Monte Vista, and Helix swim against Mt. Miguel in league relays. fCenter Left! Coach Roger Moreau prepares swimmer Mike Price for the next event featuring the backstroke. KCenter Righty Varsity Diver Tom lennings shows great form in a free position back dive during practice. fLeftJ Bob Ehrhorn swims the butterfly, which is his best style, during swim meet with El Caion. Girls' Swim Team Duplicates Last Season With a 2-6 record, Miguels Girls' Swim Team in the '73 season performed a carbon copy of the '72 season. Coach Shirley Oates said the poor season was one of building up the team with freshmen and sophomores. However Mrs. Oates added the team should be stronger next year because the freshmen and sophomores will be bringing back experience from this year with them. Outstanding swimmers were selected by the girls for sportsmanship and friendliness. Most Valuable Swimmer was Brenda Bellanger, with Kathy White, julie Zak, and Shirley Widmer behind her. julie Zak was selected for Best Sportsmanship with Debbie Sanders and Team Captian Michele Dale tied for the friendliest. The team took sixth place in district finals out of eight schools and 14th out of 21 schools in County finals. Lettering this year were 12 swimmers who had an opportunity to earn extra points toward their letter by swimming in the Pool-A-Thon. Of the 39 girls on the team, 33 of them swam the maximum of the 200 laps in this November spectacle at Gunther Pool. These girls raised S'l,700, which was about 25070 of the 57,000 raised to construct the pool on Miguel's campus as a community pool. GIRLS' SWIM TEAM-Front Row: Gwen Smith, Sherry Goldstein, jeanmarie jennings, Carolyn Siscon, Teri Muir, Laurie Gum, El- len Overall, Carol Williams. Second Row: Mary Collins, jackie Collins, Dani Richeson, Barbara Olson, Laura Rohrer, Pam Bern- hardt, Tracy Price, Michele Dale. Third Row: Wendy Lutz, Eliz johnson, Karen Bruner, Shirley Widmer, julie Zak, Sue Widmer, Cathy Vierra, Nancy Mills, Dorlue jones, Sue Lewis, Karen Simmons, Kathy Simmons, Coach Shirley Oates. Back Row: Tammy Reid, Brenda Belanger, Kathy White, Debbie Sand- ers, Toni Pearce, julie Stafford, Laurie Morin, Theresa Spencer, Martha Harvel. Not Shown: Mary Obendorfer, Cheryl Spencer. aw- .. -'fx tg V -, fats., 1 . uae.-we .Q M' V .N -T N- --I Qs. -fax' 1 . . ,. 73,5515 ' tv' ' -M 3-41-'Y' f l"H' It-Z-lair.. ....,-if in We... -:T qxrdqv' A . -fijgg. ,, s Q rf NIP' 5- "... w s 5 .,-... ,. 15 ' -i A wa if-P? Q, M "' ..., -sf' iibf. W ,. YA at I mg, "'w.. f , tuwngfas ffaefffifff 1 1 ., iii Ai . ,s an ,-Q P 1 fb-Mk 4' of, :fi 1- ' 'W .Q i i 'se ysgfzsazg . tTop Leftl Best Sportsmanship winner lulie Zak shows the skill that helped her get the award. The stroke lulie is doing is the butter- fly. !Left Center! Mary Obendorfer shows how the breast stroke is done. lTop Right! Sue Widmer does the fastest of all the strokes, the free style, which is the most common stroke used by swimmers. fAboveI Entry into the water is a very important part of swim- ming. Here Tammy Reed uses her entry to the back stroke. !LefU Cheryl Spencer glides smoothly through the water as she competes in the back stroke. Miguel Gives up League Title With Poor Season Varsity Water Polo didn't do as well this season as they may have hoped to. The best League champs of last year could do this season with their 8 and 6 record was fourth place. Coach Roger Moreau thinks that some of the weaknesses in the team were because of the double session situation which made it impossible for freshmen to come out for the team and get the experience that a young player can recieve in his freshman year. However, the team did have some outstanding players this season such as Steve Solomon, who has been said to be the best player in Mount Miguel aquatic history. Steve was named player of the year, besides being named to the All-League first team, first choice, and to the first team in C.I.F. for the second straight year. Other players who deserve a lot of credit this year were Seniors Rodger Price, Mark Price, Paul Kleine, Mark Thomasson, Steve Craig, and Gary Horgan. l i x -at hv , 1, 3: ' 'WX Y . ..., ..,..,,, L... ,- J-4' i MWA, Vg ,Li A Q-.P "L . .Q W' 411-.N ' a 1 yLf'r"+,:'1 VARSITY, l.V. WATER POLO TEAM-Front Row: Gordon lones, Paul Kleine, Terry Riggs, Mark Thomasson, Peter Rounds. Second Row: Michael Fitz, Randi Lee, Rodger Price, Steve Craig, Mark Price, Ralph Ek, Chuck Ca- dena. Third Row: Coach Roger Moreau, Tim Coover, Richard Lenning,, Steve Solomon, Gary Horgan. Richard Foster, lohn Stenbeck. Back Row: Mark Monce, Robie Slempa, Roy Valdez. Tom Iennings, Clint Cable, Mike Price, Stan Rayborn, Ken Slaughter. X. wggi sl Ns. A :evil-,,.. st A an Q '?1?'2 fs 4,4 1' 4. ' 1 1, ' ' iq 'wt' tr fi 'Q ?.','fi7n.'3..-ni an ' . ,Q 'vw ? hqurw- V A11 eras:--f,g,,,,,..f V' 4- """'il4 1gfL,"'-' AQ, ffl-Q, f . 'save 'gs V ar ' , . ,, fffffifjguft X -1. , ww! ..: K i' .1 r " ,Agn . lnexperience Hurts IV Water Polo The LV. Water Polo Team had a satisfactory year with a 2-12 record. The team's weakness was the inexperience of its sophmore players like Mike Price and Terry Riggs, who played a few varsity games and will return next year. fTop left? Half time is an important time inthe game of Water Polo for listening to the coach and finding out what one has been doing wrong. Players Steve Solomon, Rodger Prite, Paul Kleine, and Chuck Cadena listen to the advice of Coach Roger Moreau while lohn Stenbeck, Terry Riggs, Randy Lee, and Gor- don lones wait anxiously on the side for their turn to get in on the action. fCenier left! Paul Kleine attempts to steal the ball from a Gran- ite Hills player. ITop right? l.V. goalie Richard Lenning attempts to block a shot to prevent a score while Randy Lee comes back to assist him, but all in vain. lCenler right! Randy Lee lets go a shot that gets by Granite Hills goalie for a score. fLeflJ League leading scorer, Sen- ior Steve Solomon, who has been an out- standing player for Miguel's Water Polo Team, was selected to the first team C.I.F. lor the second consec utive year. Perhaps again this year? That's what the members of Mt. Miguels' Varsity Tennis Team were hoping. After finishing up last season tied for first place, this year's team anticipated a repeat performance. They certainly showed the capability with five returning lettermen. The five were Mike Wiggs, john Castellanos, Bob Traxler, Dennis Smith, and Mark Muir. The three remaining places in Varsity were filled with three of last year's top 1.V. players. This season's I.V. team worked to copy the 1973 record, which was undefeated. The junior-Varsity Team had some good performances by such players as Craig Marshall, Bill Norman, and loe Davis. With these players and many others, there was a good chance of the j.V.ers catching the league championship. The Frosh Team this year hoped to better the 1973 freshmen record, which left Miguel third in the League. The assistant frosh coach was Bill Scott. But however they did, Coach Buck Teater felt that all teams played like winners. VARSITY TENNIS Date Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. April April April April April April April May May May May 70 Scoreboard Opponent 12 Helix 14 Monte Vista 19 'ElCapitan 21 "ElCajon 26 Santana 28 'Granite Hills 2 Grossmont 4 Helix 16 'Monte Vista 18 ElCapitan 23 EI Cajon 25 'Santana 30 Granite Hills 2 'Grossmont 6-10 LEAGUE TOURNAMENT 13-17 CIF TEAM TOURNAMENT 20-24' CIF INDIVIDUAL TOURNAMENT 'Home Matches VARSITY and l.V. TENNIS TEAMS-Front Row: Coach Buck Teater, Nino Filaccio, Roger Reinecke, Terry Booth, Craig Mar- shall. Second Row: Bob Traxler, Tom Rothe, Wayne White, lim Rower, Mike Wiggs, john Castellanos. Third Row: Scott Wilkinson, Lloyd Woodring, Dan Daneri, Pierre Wilk- ner, Kevin Smith, Dave Watts, Tim Stammer- john. Back Row: Charlie Whitcotton, Dan Lopez, Garth Vance, Bill Norman, loe Davis, Rodney Evraets, Dave Phife, Brad Luscher, Bob Urban. Not Shown: Dennis Smith. FROSH TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: Coach Buck Teater, Dennis Trunnell, jeff Umfrid, leff Mitchell, Ben Castro, Ken Comer, Assist- ant Coach Bill Scott. Second Row: Harry Sheid, Nick Sherbacov, leff Whitley, Dale Sla- bough, Bart Herring, Terry Phife, Third Row: Richard Rodriquez, Randy Dibb, Gary Pattee, Mike Parnell, Ron Radcliff, Mike Sickler, lames Shane. Back Row: Lee Odom, Roy Braun, Doug Ford, jerry Chappell, Richard Casteneda, Brian Odell, Steve Martin, Mervill Goodrich. Not Shown: Mike Hanson, Rick Olsen, George Toth. fRighU lohn Castellanos, one of two seniors on the team, steps back to return a Iob with his backhand in a match against Helix. Five Returning Lettermen Make Tough Tennis Squad O 1 r It Aa , N - I Girls' Team Has Strong Second Year Girls' competition tennis is still young at Mt. Miguel, this last being the second year of its existence. After struggling last year to get enough girls together to form a team, Coach Sally Kraska was rewarded when Miguel finished in fifth place this year after beating El Cajon and Santana. Many play- ers promised to return next year with hopes of playing in C.l.F. GIRLS' TENNIS Scoreboard Date Opponents Oct. 'Grossmont Oct. Granite Hills Oct. 'Helix Oct. 'El Cajon Nov. EI Capitan Nov. Monte Vista Nov. 1st playoff game Nov. 2nd playoff game Nov. 3rd playoff game 'Home Match tRight2 With her backhand outstretched, ludy Lake, runs for the net to hit a drop shot in a set against a Monte Vista opponent. GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: loi Blake, Felicitas Encisio, Elaine Forgey, Lynn Rad- cliff, Sue Price, Debbie Howell. Second Row: Vondi Blood, Sharon Howell, Elaine Schmidt, Tommie Thompson, Elsa Montiel, Candy Kazen, Shelley Robbins, Nancy Hall. Back Row: Coach Sally Kraska, Mary Byrne, Vicki Blood, Diane Finlayson, Sherry Wiggs, Teresa Kohanek, ludy Lake, Donna Waller, Andy Corrao, Debbie Stevens, Ginny Stroud. Consistency in Hitting, Fielding Makes Balanced Team After six non-league games and three league games, the Varsity Baseball Team had a record of seven wins and two losses. The League was tougher this year than it had been in the past because of teams having more over-all balance. Most of the players playing for Miguel have played for the last two or three years. The team started off the season fairly consistently in hitting and fielding and were strong both offensively and defensively. All of these things put together made the Matadors a very balanced team this year. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: Coach Duane Freeman, Steve Long, Earl Carter, Rick Tooze, Tom Lubic. Second Row: Mike Ott, Robert Taylor, jess lenner, Walt Engle, Manager Bob Wilson. Back Row: Bob Ludwig, john Krings, Tom Gallagher, Doug Coon, Chris Oberg. Mbove Right! Second Baseman Doug Coon puts the tag on a Helix runner to put him out as Miguel won 6-4. fAboveJ lunior Robert Taylor connects with the ball for a base hit in a pre-season game, fffenter Right! Chris Oberg, third baseman, and Robert Taylor, shortstop, start toward a ball hit by an op- ponent to keep it from getting by them for a base hit. A v I V V mqgg. H nw, gk: 'li ' Tl. 4, 1 A i K we t qu, ., 4 - 41 9 Tai an it " I ,ff .1 , , Y sr- n W Ap f Q l , , . +4 A ,, , . s' 0,3 .. 5 4 "' .yi rg-nnfe ,Y , Q A' H-A -2 Q :svn-3 G 1 L- ... . A , .2 j'.,,,,,g,+:, 1, sv f . V 5 ' 5 ' 7 ' -iyiiglg 'idk ' 3 ""fB!.14 " ' " 1" N' f" , , ,., Y Wi . l Av , . .. , .V - V if ' -'L' ' fs" , 1 n ' V-V L I 'Q' A rx- 5 fail 'j fag' ms... T. ' ftkl. 1 .V 7 -:.w?.3,e'f' ,g1es,"'?+'E2,fi: L51 1-,ff:,g , it V - 1. . M. W 7 7,1 Q- -' ro Me, r,. ,, ea . UQ! f ...Q ,Q f- ' A Ileftl Senior Earl Carter shows his power with this swing as he tries for a safe hit. lBeIowJ Sequence shots oi pitcher Steve Long showing wind up, preparation to throw, and release. QIMNVW L an aw-73" ...-l.. -',p,v'.3Q, r ,K Slow Starting j.V. Baseball C-ains Strength in Hitting Coach Dave Varvel's l.V. Baseball Squad started off the season a little slower than last year. They were 3-3 in non-league competition, but came back to beat Helix in the first league game by a score of 6-1. Coach Varvel commented that this year's team had a better hitting attack, but was a little weaker on defense than last season and had more over-all balance than any other team of the past. Pitchers this season were Ruben Ray and Pete Stobbs. Players who came through with the bat were Ken Heffernan, Dan Dixon, and Chuck Mu maw. 31.1 - , 5'n - .-Q, 'V tTop Centerj Bob Hutter smashes into Chula Vista catcher in an attempt to knoch the ball loose as Pete Osborne runs to third. lAboveJ Key pitcher for the team, Ruben Ray, , demonstrates his follow through. Mbove Right! lohn Tiumalu holds a Helix runner ' on first base. 2 l.V. BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: Coach Dave Varvel, Bob Hutter, Bob Bryan, Steve Goins, Billy Stewart. Second Row: lohn Tiu- malu, Pete Osborne, Pete Stubbs, Chuck Parker, Dan Dixon, Chuck Mumaw. Back Row: Ron Hag, Ruben Ray, Chris Flores, Ken Heffernan, Dave Taluban. s llnall S C ,- -on ma. . 4. ,'-' 1 4- , ,nf A.. ,-55 K ta 37' W.Nf is LA FROSH BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: Mark Williamson, Mark Leakey, David Terrell, lohn Keith, Kurt Needham. Second Row: Karl Burkart, Mike Sperla, Kip Hayes, Bruce Frank, Chuck McCorkell. Back Row: lon Young, Bobby Schneider, Rick Doll, Mark Foster, Rex lenner. Not Shown: Mike Neagle, Mark lacobsmeier, and Coach john Burwell. Conhdence Evidenced b Frosh Squad Frosh Baseball Team, coach by Coach john Burwell, got off to a good start this season by winning two of their first three games. They defeated Francis Parker and Monte Vista, then dropped the game with Helix 8-5. In the first three games the team had accumulated 'only three errors. Coach Burwell feels this group of freshmen were better in hitting and fielding than are most. The players this season also seemed to have a lot of confidence in themselves and worked well together as a team, which is important in any sport. Mbove Leftj Mike Sperla leaps to pull in hard hit ball. Mbovej Mark Foster warms up before a game with Helix. iLefU Pitcher lon Young checks base runners before delivering the pitch to Catcher Bruce Frank. Body Control Creates Style for Gym nasts There's no such thing as a girl on the gymnastics team being in a meet, unless she comes to the three hour practice every day and tries out against her other colleagues. Continuous work- outs are necessary as gym nasts improve week by week, and lost time is a setback. This year's team has been better as a whole, but individual performance wasn't as high as it had been in the past. Several girls had returned from last year and were competing either on the same level or one higher, beginning or intermediate. Outstanding gymnastic performers included Laurie lacobsmier, Diana Braun, Ginny Stroud, and loann Silvers in intermediate all-rou nd, Shelly Robbins, intermediate beam, with Debbie Herring on intermediate floor exercise. GYMNASTIC TEAM- Front Row: Diana Braun, Ginny Stroud, Kathy White, Shelley Robbins, Debbie Herring, Laurie lacobsmier, Ioann Silvers. Second Row: Coach Miss Sally Kraska, Sue lasper, lulie Zak, Alisa lordan, Cindy Ginglardy, Tony Pearce, Beth Saputo, Kim Townsend. Third Row: Laura Wells, Colleen Lapp, Gloria Ballon, Laurie Ander- son, Sheila Anderson, Toni Scalisi, Martha Harvel. Back Row? Manager Nancy Hall, Brid- gette Long, Barbara Olson, Carol Curtis, Denise Stolte, Sue Widmer, Myrna Perry, Vivian Kimbrell. tUpper Lefti loann Silvers gracefully demon- strates the intermediate floor exercise routine in a meet against Grossmont. tUpper Righty Performing on bars is Sophomore Tony Pearce, who was quite an asset to the team this year. !Center Left? Shelly Robbins, with great style and grace, proved to be one of Miguel's better gymnasts with her beam routine. tCenter Right! Diana Braun tri- umphantly scored high this year with her outstanding vaulting. tBottom Left? This year's team captain Laurie lacobsmier compiled her routines beautifully, not only was her beam outstanding but she did all-round competing in every event. IBottom Right! Hard practices and long workouts kept the girls busy this year. Practicing her routine is Debbie Her- ring. Rhythm, Beat Comprises jazz Dance Coached by Mrs. Cathy Lamb, the Dance Club is an intermediate class in the P.E. program. Students must try out to be accepted, and the prerequisite is Beginning Dance. With more organization this year, the Club had a full scale production, the Spring Dance Club Concert, where they also made money to buy costumes for next year. lazz, a Contemporary stage form, and Modern dance, a slower paced form, were utilized in the fifteen dances presented, many of which were organized by the students. Thirty-seven in the cast, four boys included, worked for five months to ready their March production of the only art which utilizes both elements of space and time. MODERNIAZZ DANCE-Front Row: Advisor Kathy Lamb, Teri Ferron, Tomie Clabby, Roz Saputo, Cindy Painter, Karen Gregg, Debbie Recchia. Second Row: Karen Medcalf, Peggy Shea, Cathy Wolf, Dayna Stafford, Marla Wise, Barbara Sele, Marina Perry, Vickie Pena. Third Row: Karen Simpson, Tonya Ojeda, Mary Williamson, Jeanne Eberwein, ludy Gunn, Karen Schlehuber, Shelli Fletcher, Sharon Coleman, Debbie Sanders. Bark Row: Debbie Norman, Karen Stieger, Cindy Ferland, Robin Doughty, Cathy Liljestrom, Robbi Coudy, Diane Bratch- er, Cindy Erwin. Mbove Left? Portraying the true feeling of a butterfly as it enters into the new world is Robin Doughty. With her great performance, Robin shows excellent form and rhythm in the dance titled Metamorphosis De Papillon. Mbove Right! Karen Schlehuber and Nori Tilton present their well-rehearsed' Modern dance called Freedom. fLel'tJ Grouped in for- mation of dance roll are Karen Steiger, Cindy Ferland, Karen Schlehuberi and Nori Tilton. These dancers rehearsed long hours to get all their moves and techniques down pat for their grand performance of the annual Spring Dance Concert on March 21 and 22. VARSITY GOLF TEAM-Front Row: Ken Sperla, Travis Williams, Mark Wade, David Daniels, Bob Osberg, Doug lohnson. Back Row: Coach Dwight Morris, Vernon Ramsey, Ken Slaughter, lim Hughes, Steve Kennedy, Joel Lange. Golfers' Skill Makes Rugged Team "Golf is one of the most underrated sports on campus," said Coach Dwight Morris of the Golf Team. "The boys put in proportionally more time than in any other sport". In field time, too, the members of Mt. Miguel's Golf Team put in more time on the golf course than football players spent on the field. This year's team did well with very fine golfers, by high school standards, such as Travis Williams and Mark Wade. fCenterJ Travis Williams checks the angle of his putt, while Coach Dwight Morris holds the pin. fkightlmwade gets ready to hit a drive from the sa rap. GIRLS' SOFTBALL Dateboard Date Opponent May 7 'El Cajon Valley May 9 Grossmont May 14 'Santana May 16 'El Cap May 21 Helix May 23 'Granite Hills May 30 'Christian june Monte Vista 'Home Games Girl Batters Slug Out Good Season In February when girls tried out for the Girls' Softball Team, Coach lane Trude had many to choose from. Out of those 75, only 15 were picked for the varsity to play the nine teams in the League. The girls got enough practice with two games and one practice a week to be a top team in the League. fTopl Terry Stallard tags Dawn Sing out a second base in a practice game here. tCenterJ Loraina Byrd starts a pitch in a game against the Monte Vista Monarchs. GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Annette Zaleckis, Karen Board, Lynn Radcliff, Patrice Richardson, Shannon Pearce, Linda Rost, Melody O'Dell. Second Row: Gina Ryan, Rhonda McClellan, Chris jordan, Maria Franco, Teri Muir, Carolyn Siscon, Coach lane Trude. Third Row: Pam Davis, Becky Byrne, Mary Bauer, Sharon Slaugh, Liz Har- douche, Maria Santillanes, Martha Amargo, Pam Lancaster. Back Row: Linda Lopez, Sharon Meyer, Delia Manriguez, Melissa Monce, Yolanda Vargas, Carol Williams Tammy Schnack,Sue McPherson, lane Garcia. 1 1 ' 1 A I , bf S i, I 55 C 6 o i 1 3'-g R' I 4- . 5 . V Q ' ' , fi si! A 3 I- ,e b gain Q ,. , ,. 1. ,w ,-up ' aA.d'Qyf,.4q..,' .yn . .'5j! -1 iR,'y?,'.k .-vs . s.3..' if ' 'WS' DJEMICS Q ,nf ff by jf Nz fffiQ?,lfffw lf .A ' My yefw ff ,M A ,N A M715 T ifiifb V if ff M xy!!! My V4 ". . .We come to you, and you feed our minds" New California legislation and the building of Valhalla High School combined this year, resulting in a serious loss of tax money for the coming year, which creates problems of budget balancing for the District Administration and School Board. Dr. Pyle's second year as principal has been marked by regular meetings of the Department Chairmen's Council to plan scheduling, budgeting, and policies, therefore, Mt. Miguel is faced with a year full of cuts in services, materials, and personnel. That there will be a single session program next year is clear, but at this point there's no certainty of what, if any, changes in administra- tion will become necessary. Single sessions will group the students once more, and perhaps unity and spirit can be restored at Miguel. Mbove Right! During a December pep assembly, Dr. Robert Pyle, Coach Dwight Morris, and Coach Russ Boehmke give sup port to the football squad as they go up against the San Marcos Knights in C.l.F. Play offs. lRight! Principal Robert Pyle gives dmc tation to Secretary Emily Hogan. Crisis in District Threatens Vast Change Mr. Virgail Duea Assistant Principal l Session! Mr. james Finch Vice-Principal, Student Services lA Session! Mr. Richard McGarvey Administrative Vice-Princi al lA Session! Mr. William White Vice-Principal, Counselor lB Session! fTop Lefty Mr. lames Finch is selling tickets to the Donkey Basketball Game in which faculty and students competed against each other, fTop Right? After purchasing a ticket, Maureen Cruz enters and gives her ticket to Mr. Virgil Duea. !AboveJ Dr. Robert Pyle and Mr. Richard McGarvey converse and relax at a basketball game. fleftl Principal's Secretary Emily Hogan prepares to type dictation from a transcriber. Front Row: PTSA OFFICERS: Historian Evelyn Klee, President lean Grant, Second Vice- President Ann Hansell, First Vice-President Bobbie Lukacik. Second Row: BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS: Vice-President Bob Flem- ing, Concessionaire Barbara Lomeli, Treas- urer lim McPherson, Secretary loan Allenson, President Orville Scnuff. Back Row: Phone Committee Chairman Betty Fleming, Pub- licity Chairman Mary Pullan, Parlimentarian Walt Pullan, Ways and Means Chairman Gloria Connolly, Special Events Chairman Mona Lancaster. KNO! Shown! PTSA Treasurer loanne Smith, Secretary Lorreine Neal, Parli- mentarian lerrie Reinecke, Auditor Keith Miller, Q 1 , .-1-J ff 41. Counselors Serve Wide Spectrum of Needs !AboveI Counselor Kenneth Peeters in Room 111 during March advised students on avail- able classes for next year. Mbove Right! Mr. David Phillips tells Barbara Gibson of R.O.P. programs available at Miguel. fkightj Mr. Robert Sanders is having his picture taken by john Stickney, a portrait photographer from Florence Arts Studio. Mrs. Isabelle McCrae Hale Nurse, Health Counselor "Ui 1 l Individually tailoring student programs to fit student needs is only one of many functions of the counseling staff each year. Students are interviewed to determine future vocational plans, the OVIS vocational inventory test helps identify preferences so wiser choices can be made. R.O.P. classes, which teach job skills that help with work placement after graduation, aid further vocational choices. When requested, personal, home, or group relationship problems are discussed, and often the pressures of in-class friction can be alleviated. Throughout the year, counselors organized periodical presentations. Such group counseling early in the year acquaint students with services and information available to them. fAbove Left! Nurse Isabelle McCrae Hale cleans and dresses a wound sustained by Mike Kemme. fLefU During Early September Programming, counselors often surprised and pleased their counselees by approving their schedules. Here Counselor David Leewaye doesjust that for Kathie Richardson. Mr. Warren Bellows Career Education Specialist Mrs. Martha Cummings Counselor CSI-ZJ, A Session Mrs. Vela Gwin Freshman Counselor B Session Mr. David Leewaye Counselor CN-Ski, A Session Mr. Keith Miller Work Experience Co-ordinator Mr. Kenneth Peeters Counselor CD-Hl, A Session Mr. David Phillips Counselor QL-Ml, A Session Vocational Counselor Mr. Robert Sanders Counselor lA-CJ, A Session Service Staff Aids School in Myriad Ways 1Top Left? For cafeteria lines, Cafeteria Manager Betty Harris totals the cost of food items. !Top Right! At her switchboard, Re- ceptionist Iackie Boehmke receives an in- coming call. ICenter Rightj P.E. Attendant Forrest Leakey issues Varsity Baseball Player Mike Ott sunflower seeds. fBelow2 Reams of duplicated material are processed daily by Duplicating Clerk Norma jones. l q AN x if-1 OFFICE STAFF-Front Row: Attendance Clerk Shirley Baker, Counseling Secretary Doris laeschke, Bookkeeper Shirley Mat- thews, Vice-Principal's Secretary loan Single- ton, Registrar Vivian Owens, Receptionist lackie Boehmke. Second Row: Clerk Mar- jorie Hesche, Assistant Program Clerk Terrie Friederichson, Audio-Visual Clerk Gail Clarke, Book Clerk Lucy Schirmer, Work- room Assistant lean Caggiano, Duplicating Clerk Norma lones. Back Row: B Session Secretary Sharon Fingerman, Program Clerk Gwen Cashmen, B Session Secretary Doloros Wilhelmi, Vice-Principal's Secretary Joyce Navratil, Clerk Claudia Bultez, Attendance Clerk Sherie Killispie. ...QA 'N .2 tg 'J Bi F SMH - 1 CAFETERlA and MAINTENANCE STAFF- Front Row: Helen Porter, Ann Caldara, Cafe- teria Manager Betty Harris, Dorothy Hedges, Mabel Williams, Marie Gizoni. Second Row: Larry Gonzales, Crew Chief Wilson Moffitt, Billy Bowling, Harold Lillard. Third Row: Head Custodian Paul Bennett, Rex Barker, William Gebhardt, Roy Nelson, Albert Maw- son. Back Row: lack Ledoux, Dwight Swan- son, Guy Housley, Doug Nowlen. Not Shown: Head Ctroundsman William Krauss, Iacklenson. . There are many duties the maintenance staff at school provide. Trimming and keeping the grounds clean is part of those duties which Head Groundsman Bill Krauss, lack Jenson, and Guy Housley perform. Classified employees are all those who fall into categories of secretary, program clerk, attendance clerk, custodian, cafeteria personnel, bookkeeper, groundsman and others which perform supporting tasks at Mount Miguel. Plant Manager Homer Shreve was responsible for the accounting of all money expended through the budget, finding information needed for wise purchases, and overseeing outlays for building, such as renovation of rooms, improvement of grounds, and building of additional classrooms. As opposed to certificated staff, classified employees carry no teaching credentials, though, indirectly, each worker supports Mt. Miguel by providing services necessary for good maintenance ' and accurate smooth functioning. Mr. Paul Bennett Head Custodian Mr. Wilson Moffit Crew Chief Mr. Homer Shreve Plant Manager Art students' energies and talents were channeled into production for a great many contests and exhibits held throughout the year. These included the Senior Art contest, sponsored by the Womens Club juniors of Lemon Grove, the annual exhibit at the U.S. National Bank, held the first two weeks of Mayg and the Yearbook contest, with the winner's entry on the cover of Mil Memorias. On campus was a combination Fashion show - Art exhibit in cooperation with the Home Economics Dept. New in the crafts section were stained glass windows, copper enameling, and Miss Jeannie Ledbetter, who also taught photography in -M9 :UH-fel s iw it s dl" this her first year at Miguel. C K Q Competition, Projects Spur Art Students Mbove Right! A student puts lacet finishing touches on her paper mache candle holder as interested peers look on with wonder. IRightJ Ben Kiegle's second period Honors Art Class here features Bill Madigan, john Alesi, and Dana Christianson enthusiastically designing their ink projects. Mr. Ben Kielgle Art, Advanced rt, Art Dept. Chairman. Miss leannie Ledbetter Crafts, Photography, Cape Corps Advisor. Mr. Roger Moreau Craftsg Water Polo Coach, Swim Coach. LM.-r---P Mr. Hal Crow Photography Ms. Joyce Dakin Crafts 88 l tAbove Left? David Maynard retouches a photograph with a spotting chemical in Miss leannie Ledbetter's fourth period photo class. tLe1U bhown is Honor Art Student Bill Madigan's painted version "Pnrtraval of a Lonely Old Man." Notice the great de- tail of the eye and mouth areas, attempting to show the loneliness of age. fBeIowJ In Miss Jeannie Ledbetter's fifth period crafts class, Robin Dressel works steadily on her paper mache candle holder. These candle holders were assigned as a project to entire class. F ,5g,,.ii25a'5 ' M I dir f i , "il N lTop Rightj Freshman Raymond Smith and , Bruce Anderson work hard to achieve per- fection inthe Computer Math Lab class. Ray- mond works attentively on computer while Bruce maintains interest in his book. Continuing under vocational funding, the Business Dept. will eventually be completely modernized to simulate actual office surroundings. Students anticipating careers in sales, recordkeeping, bookkeeping, and merchandising are in luck at Mt. Miguel where a full scope of business courses are offered. Stenography, typing, business machines, business lab, and career development are all special features in this special world of Miguel's 200 building. World of Business Begins in Classrooms Mr. Bernie Carroll Business Law, Business Skills Lab, Rec- ord Keeping, Department Chairman. Mrs. loan Close Typing, Stenography, Shorthand. Mr. Thomas H. Hornecker Business Machines, Record Keeping, Typing. Mr. Bob james Business Math, Math, Algebra. Mr. Don Le Compte Merchandising, Personal Financeg DECA Advisor, Campus Life Advisor, l.V. Basketballfloach. Mr. Edward V. Marikle, lr. Math Lab: Computer Club Advisor. Mrs. Mary Ann Mentas Business English, Typing, Exploratory Business: S Club Advisor, Freshman Ad- visor. . A Mr. Keith Miller Career Development Centre Mrs. Martha Morris Typing, Bookkeeping. What is D.E.C.A.? The answer is becoming more evident on campus this year than ever before. D.E.C.A. stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Here interested students take part in marketing and responsibilities of managing and working in an enterprising world. One big development of D.E.C.A. this year has been 'Mini Mart." Mini Mart is run by and for the students of Miguel, and offers school activity necessities, art supplies, P.E. supplies, and other items. The store is open during periods 4,5, and 6. Each hour has a different manager who is allowed to hire and fire. The chosen three were leanie Riley, Steve Soloman and Yolanda Marmalejo. The store's initial sponsors were Woolworth, Kress Co., May Co., Sears and Roebuck, and LC. Penney, to name a few. DECA Mini Mart, Learning Key to Adventure L fTop Left! Liz Benjamin, in Mr. Tom Horneck- er's third period class, demonstrates her skills by using a 10 key adding machine to solve her problem. lTop Right? Mini Mart Employee Dana Chrisain goes in search of art supplies for a needy student. Mini Mart is well equip- ped for high school artists, lBottom Leftk Dr. Robert Pyle checks out book and card rack for the latest bestsellers and quaint greeting cards. The book supply at Mini Mart can quench anybody's reading hunger. fleft quench anybody's reading hunger. ILefU Senior john Lower takes time from his work- ing schedule to pose. The photographer re- quested that lohn assume a normal pose. As one can see, lohn follows directions whole- heartedly. Special Educatio Mrs. Patty Bender Specia Education Miss Susan Bruce Special Education Mr. Robert lensen Psychologist Mr. Philip Locke n, Department Chair- man, Senior Class Advisor Mr. William Manderson M SPC Achievement Produced b Keen Support fRighU Student Teacher Terrie Atad gives a student individual Math help, while a small group at the table discuss a play. fBelowJ Instructor Philip Locke assists Steve Rappo- lee with a question. District wide, the Special Education program includes classrooms on each campus and involves 400-500 students. Originally, it started when teachers and school officials discovered a lot of students who needed or wanted to be in school, but couldn't succeed in available classes. Basically, this department's purpose is to give additional help and support to these students. Special Education classrooms operate on a one-to-one basis in an individual situation with special emphasis on practical reading and math. Staff members include Robert Jensen, William Manderson, Patty Bender, Everett Thorne, Susan Bruce. The program is co-ordinated by Philip Locke. Special Education r. Everette Thorne cial Education, Spanish Mr. lohn Adams English IIR, IIIR, Dramag Thespian Club Advisor. Mr. George Albert English, I lR, IIIC, Modern Gothic, C.S.F. Advisor. Mrs. Carolyn Bamberg English IC, Social Satire. Mr. john Burwell EnglishlIlA,lllC5 Freshmen Basket- ball Coach. Mrs. Pauline Forman English, IIIA, IHC, Department Chairman. Mr. William Fussleman English, llR,IllR, llC1 Sr. Class Ad- visor. Reading Lab Attacks Many Difficulties fLefU Students in Mr. lohn Burwell's third period English IIIC class listen to the assign- ments for that morning. Bernice Nuno, Steve Solomon, Ella Graves, and Matt Richardson pay close attention. fBelowl Mrs. Barbara Hamilton's seventh period Reading Lab class is designed to help students with reading difficulties. Frosh Debbie Nicholson and Robin Ellis look through books. Helping students to be better -- V able to cope with the world through the use and function of the English language is the common goal of every teacher in the English Department of Mt. Miguel. New on the scene this year was Robert Thurston, who came to Mt. Miguel from the S.D. city schools. New also, are minimum competency tests. These were born when a group of 9th and 10th grade English teachers spent five weeks in a summer workshop, revising English curriculum Minimum competencies are standards that each student must meet before continuing to the next grade. Ninth grade English had an additional new program of six to nine weeks in the Reading Lab. Very committed to the elective program, the English Department found that many of the electives offered couIdn't be taught because the number of students enrolled was so low. Many students have enrolled in the traditional English classes because they had no knowledge of the electives available. Mrs. Pauline Forman, Chairman of the Dept., hopes for an expanded elective program next year probably based on courses that are offered now, but possibly with a few new ones if student interest can be developed. With better communication, more students will be aware of the different offerings next year. Freshman Reading Lab student Wendy Lutz is attempting to improve her reading abilities. Electronic aids including tape players will help to raise her reading comprehension. Students enrolling in the Reading Lab usually emerge with better reading skills. Electives Expand Curriculum Offerings Mrs. Myrna Goodwin English IIA, Speech, Speech Team Advisor Mrs. Barbara Hamilton English IA, Reading Lab. Mr. Max Keyte English IIA, A.S.B. Advisor. , Mrs. Carole Miller Reading Lab. 1 Ms. Mary Moreau English IIA, IC, Film as Literature. Mrs. june Mott English IIC, lournalism IC, IIC, IIIC, EI Trov Adv, Quill and Scroll Advisor. Mr. Lowell Plinke' English IIA, Publications IA, IIA, Mil Memorias Adv. Mrs. Carol Pyle English IIC, IA. Horror Plus Humor Blends Well .. . .. . -t - 'f ,jg --'u :,,.:A,,H.-.H Y A. . ,I ' f ' A " A .'. ,..f" ......,5.-,.'..f,ytQr ,',.':'A,,ilg-fi-gt3,42"2,' ' ev ...'.'.'.vg'1'lv.' 0,-.T:'j.,-.,, A Uh, 3.1:-,,. Us .,.rJ,,li f"siR Mrs. lea nette Rambatt Mrs. Annette Stamos Mrs. Deborah Stone Math IIR, English IR, IIR, IIIR: Black Awareness Club Advisor. Mr. Roy Thurston English IA, IC. Mrs. Anne von der Mehden English IVC, Bible as Literature, Creative Writing: El Cuentito Advi- sor. Mrs. Zella Beth White Assistant Librarian, Individual Study as Literature, English IIC. in Classroom fTop Left! Mr. George Albert hands out a new reading book to Modern Gothic stu- dents. This elective class studies a wide range of stories and novels with an emphasis on fear and horror by such authors as Shelley, Poe, and Bradbury. Mbovek Mrs. Carolyn Bamberg prepares a film strip for viewing by her third period Social Satire class. This class explores works of writers, cartoonists, and comedians who mix social criticism with humor, focusing on ironies of today's culture. fRight! Typist Debbie Herring, Advertising Manager Margie Turner, Business and Sales Manager Debbie Stevens. fCen!er Left! Photo Co-ordinators Tina May, jenny Rocchiog Photographers Vince Broesch, William Ma- digan, Greg Owings. fCenter Right! Aca- demic Editors Cher Wright, Barbara Gibson. !Botlom Left! Copy Writers Cher Lewis, Tina Mazza! Staff Researcher Bob Ehrhorn. KBot- tom Center! Head Photographer Edward Rodden. IBot!om Right! Advisor Lowell Plinke. iff 5 ffl' I ,, 'V P X i Yearbook Staffers Combine Efforts to Produce Memories Pu blushing a yearbook for a school the size of Mount Miguel turns out to be an S11 000 project when selling books to about fifty percent of the students according to Mr. Lowell H. Plinke, advisor of Miguel s book since 1959 Also about eight pictures are taken for every one chosen for publication by a team of editors in Publications class This year s book kept four photographers hopping to fill editorial assignments. Meeting monthly deadlines kept this staff of 23 on campus all hours planning shooting phoning interviewing, and writing. Room 232 has become the permanent staff headquarters with a complete darkroom facility which became fully operative for this 1974 edition of Mil Memorras Balancing the monumental budget through book sales and the selling of advertising space is a full time job for the business staff The D E C A organization lent support to this year s drive for advertising under the leadership of Yolanda Marmalepo Miguel s yearbook continues to earn first place ratings from National Scholastic Press Association and Columbia Scholastic Press Association as It has through the past 14 years. WNFXK M ,ft ff A J . ' i .... - 'lc Ea- fur' -- ii ,-' . tTop Lefti Organizations Editor Terry Ste- wart. tNot Shownj Organizations Editors Michele Markovich, Activities Editor, lill Swalling. Mbove Leftl Senior Editors Mary Anne Kitchen, Lois Banasiak. Mbovel Fresh- man Editor Cindy Waring, Sophomore Editor Donna Sportsman, Junior Editor june Reyes, lFar Left! Editor-in-Chief Barbara lean Sele. tleftj Sports Editors loe Davis, Ken Smith. El Trov Delivers News, Qpinion to MM Students El Trov presented a new face this year by focusing specifically on campus happenings. Its staff edited special editions such as the Christmas edition, a creative edition, and the senior edition. Each year the staff participates in national and local competitions winning special recognition for excellence in student editorial and news pages. The Press Bureau, when not researching news articles for El Trov, is busy preparing articles for outside local and County newspapers. Advisor june Mott feels the success of a school paper depends not only on the staff, but on the student body also. Students must give a helping hand in order to keep a good newspaper alive. ff 4: fT0pJ Editorial Editor Mike Contreras, As- sistant Editorial Editor Kurt Cowell, and Car- toonist Steve Grantham. Mbovel Reporter Velma jones and Reporter Karen lones. KCen- ter Left! Photographer Randy Lee. lCenter Right? Managing Editor lim Fike and Assistant News Editor Yolanda Marmolejo. fBottom Left! Photographer lohn jones and Head Photographer Steve Wolfe. rBottom Right? Editor David Kusumoto and Advisor Mrs, lune Mott. 98 l fTop Left! Sports Editor Maureen Cruz and Sports Editor Frank Castro. fTop Rightj Ad- vertising Manager Randy Curry and Business Manager lim Sherbacov. fCenterJ Sports Writer Dennis Smith, Sports Writer Bob Trax- ler, and Reporter Steve Thomas. Mbovej Editorial Writer Penny Rasmussen and Press Bureau Karen Simpson. fLefU Feature Writer Brack Allen and Feature Writer Tricia Fores- ter, KNOI' Shown! Circulation Manager Joann Navarette. El Cuentito Staff Authors Miguel's Literary Magazine X. uit J Creative phrases and flowing sentences don't always come easily as was discovered by Mrs. Anne von der Mehden's El Cuentito staff. In producing Miguel's 1974 literary magazine, staff members were both writers and critics as they asked for and received manuscripts from all over school. A little help from the Art Dept. produced the cover design and the illustrations, but the sales, promotion, and final layout was the work of staff members. This staff met daily as the Creative Writing class throughout the year. First semester offered training in writing description and poetry. By spring, after perfecting their skill with prose and poetry, staff positions were filled for the production of El Cuentito '74, !Top Left! Members of Mrs. Anne von der Mehden's third period creative Writing class look over previous year of EI Cuentito. fTop Right? Advisor Anne von der Mehden and Editor Hilary Raposa discuss plans for this year's El Cuentito. !Center2 Advisor Anne von der Mehden, Editor Hilary Raposa, Assist- ant Editor Laura Brown and Sales Manager Maureen Carter plan strategy for selling the magazine. EL CUENTITO STAFF: Front Row: Rhonda Hunt, Rosemarie Dinges, Hilary Raposa, Ka- thy Porter, Theresa Phillips. fSecond Row! Tina Mazza, Laura Brown, Marie Scherbaum, Angela Brown, Brenda Moreland, Everett Thomas. Back Row: Belinda Findley, Benita La Valle, Robert Gilbert, Tony Santos, Maur- een Carter, Sandy Berk, l'eff Wilson. luv.- . males- 1 u Q -.eun1'3 I l Niki. ii. ,.s Nc. g . QUILL 81 SCROLL-Front Row: Karen Simp- son, Barbara Sele, Debbie Herring, lohn jones, Advisor june Mott. Second Row: Mary Anne Kitchen, Maureen Cruz, Lois Banasiak, Yolanda Marmelejo, Tricia Forester. Back Row: Debbie Stevens, Ken Smith, Randy Lee, Frank Castro, Terry Stewart. journalists Changing with the times have been membership requirements of the honorary association of high school journalists known as Quill and Scroll. Miguel's chapter was chartered in 1957, since the school's beginning, with over 30 members. Mrs. june Mott has been the organization's only advisor. Participation on either the school's newspaper or yearbook staff as a junior or senior is prerequisite for membership. Each advisor may recommend candidates based on staff performance, currently, standards of performance are determined at the local level rather than at international headquarters. Every member receives a membership card and pin, a year's subscription to Quill 81 Scroll magazine, and the right to participate in writing contests sponsored by the organization. ICenter Right? Karen Simpson pins the mem- bership pin of International Organization Quill and Scroll on Debbie Herring. !Center Left! Barbara Sele, Karen Simpson, and Deb- bie Stevens discuss articles written in Quill and Scroll magazine. ILefU Holding lighted candles, Mary Ann Kitchen, Frank Castro, Lois Banasiak, and Yolanda Marmelejo take the oath of truth, sincerity, objectivity, and perfection in writing. if 101 "The Home Economics Dept. primarily involves skills both for leisure and necessity that are important in the home," according to Mrs. Sue Blass, Dept. Chairman. This includes consumer education skills lof which Bachelor Arts is a partl, sewing and decorative arts, caring for children, the preparation of food, use and care of equipment, the wise use of money and a study of marriage and family living. For the first time in several years there was a full time child development class which involved working with children in a nursery school. Food classes obtained new micro-wave ovens, necessitating the use of new cooking techniques. Mrs. Blass's Bachelor Arts class was very popular, and there was quite a waiting list of male students who wanted in it. She attributed this popularity to their evident enjoyment of food. Mbove Right? In second period Senior Homemaking, Mrs. ludith Stinton explains the fine points of stitchery. fBelowJ Mrs. Sue Blass demonstrates to her second period Beginning Foods class what types of cheese and methods can be used to make fondue. Later students dipped French bread into the hot cheese. fBelow Rightj In her fourth peri- od class, Mrs. Wyn Kearney shows Mary Wil- liamson and others the toy she made for a child. The following day the class brought in two year old children to examine their char- acteristics. Child Development is a new sub- ject here at school. ffar Left! Terrie Zubricky, Sherry Staudinger, and Denise Amargo all get their hands into mixing a coffee cake in sixth period Begin- ning Foods Class. fleftl They display with pride their results after baking is completed in one of the department micro-wave ovens. rBelowJ Mrs. Wyn Kearney points to the next day's assignments when several two year old children come to class. Homemakmg Dept Teaches Skills of the Home. Mrs. Sue Blass Beginning Foods, Bachelor Arts, Dept. Girls Advisor. Mrs. Wyn Kearney Child Development - Mrs. Patricia Neuman Beginning Foods, Social Living. Mrs, ludith Stinton Senior Homemaking, Decorative Arts, Beginning Clothing. 1 is Chairman, Varsity Cheer Advisor, Mat Industrial Arts, with Department Chairman Edward Dunn, is the part of the general education program which helps provide an awareness of various kinds of work available in industry and helps students to discover their own aptitudes in a certain field. Subject matter has been extended with the addition of the R.O.P. Plastics program. Regulars include auto shop, metal shop, wood shop, drafting, and electronics. Instructing for his first year at Mt. Miguel was Mr. Augustine Montfort, who replaced Mr. Harold Berg as drafting instructor. Partially completed, it is hoped that the new welding manifold will be in use next year. Equipment for working with gold and silver in the making of jewelry will be another addition to metal shop. Courses in the future will be organized on a semester basis so as to allow more opportunities for scheduling at mid-term. Steve Mosley, one of the few chosen from Mount Miguel to participate in the Regional Occupational Program in carpentry and con- struction, measures for a window in a house under construction on the Santana campus. Industrial Arts Provide Skills for Cccupations Electronics Mr. Daniel Loreman Auto Mach. IA, Vocational Auto. Mr. Thomas McGrath R.O.P. Plastics Mr. Augustine Montfort Draftingl , IIA, IIIA, IVA, IC. Dr. Gregory Panawek woodslA, Il , IIA, IVA, VA. Mr. Edward Dunn Metals IA, IIA, lllA, IVA. Mr. Daniel Eubanks Metals IA, Woods IA. Mr. Larry Landon IA, Radio Electronicis IIA, IIIA, IVA. lil +- s if 5 5 ,, -al ' z .a. A 4- Q 5 . '1' A e "1- ITopl Dee Todd, Keith Thompson, and jim Perry draft orthographic projections of a lathe machine part, required skill taught in Draft- ing IA. deft! Aluminum casting is one of many skills taught in Mr. Ed Dunn's Metal Shop, Here Bill Marshall files on his alumi- num cast hammer. IAboveJ Making lathe ad- justments before turning a wood bowl is Danny Ulch in Dr. Gregory Panawek's Wood- shop. N Mrs. Avriele Barrow Spanish IIC, German IC. Mr. lohn Gormley French IC, IIC, IIIC, IVC. Mrs. Ann Hanson Spanish IC, IIIC, IVC. Mrs. Louise Sampson German IC, IIC, IIIC, IVCQ Die Drachen Advisor. fRighU Mrs. Ann Hanson prepares a Mexi- can chocolate drink in sixth period Spanish IC. A chocolate capsule is melted, milk is added to it, and then it is mixed with a molinillo. fTop Right! Office Assistant Sandy Marmolejo helps Mrs. Hanson afterwards by passing the drink out to the class. Traditionally, there has been four years in the language program. This year there were students taking fifth year Spanish and German, it is expected that next year a few will be enrolled in fifth year French. There were changes in classroom procedures such as students grouped at tables and some doing individualized study. The latter has changed the atmosphere in the classroom, student attitudes and some teaching methods. Twice a year students from all schools in San Diego County participate in a weekend language camp at Camp Palomar or Cuyamaca where conversation, meals, and programs are conducted in the language being studied. Q !LeftJ ln the language laboratory Mrs, Louise Sampson prepares tapes for her fourth period German students. She instructs students to get ready for listening and comprehension drills. Lab day provides another opportunity for oral practice in their language. IBelowJ Mr. john Gormley returns papers. In Mr. Gormley's classes, as well as other language classes, he tries to include a study of customs of the country. Experience Adds Conversational Know How ps, - W - 5 'letras ummm '21 ,,-,,,. - , ,. I i Ll llll W Q., QP' -Y?-W J' .. R.C.P. Encourages Further Vocational Training L Regional Occupational Program, better known as R.O.P., is designed to offer occupational training to those eligible for work from age sixteen to one hundred. The funding for this program comes from a County- wide slice of federal money. The co-ordinator for Mt. Miguel's R.O.P. is Mr. David Phillips. Miguel has R.O.P. programs in plastics, science lab assistants, and food services which began in Feb- ruary. In addition to R.O.P. are District-wide vocational train- ing courses for selected students in such areas as law enforcement taught at Grossmont, building construction taught at Santana, nursery and landscape taught at El Cajon, and nursing taught at Monte Vista High School. ITop Lefty Michael Ott, Steve Mosley, and Paul Martin work on a house their Building Construction class is building at Santana High School. lTop Right! Dave Lopez, Pete Rounds, Tom Rollins, Ray Robinson, Ron Mericleth, and Mr. George Dowdy observe Officer Tim MacCiillivray using john Madigan to show them how to frisk a suspect. This Law Enforce- ment class is held at Grossmont High School. fCenterJ Mark Thomasson, Bob Wicky, and lack Wagner sand down a fiberglass hood scoop for their Plastics class. tLeftJ ln Science Lab Assistant class, taught by Mrs. Pearl Prine, Roy Cunningham is igniting a crucible to determine percent of water in a crystalline sample. jf: 3 P53 mn nmggzn El Promoting and encouraging interest in German culture and language is the special interest of the German Club, also known as Die Drachen. Every year, Frau Ulrich comes to assist the club with a night of frenzied folk-dancing. German Club has always had a very successful booth providing exceptional German pastries and food at Mt. Miguel's annual Fiesta. Die Drachen was also active in conducting a drive that, through UNICEF, would buy food for hungry children inthe world. Now more of a social group, the club met at least once every two months to discuss various aspects ofGerman culture and sometimes to show slides, or occasionally to eat at a German restaurant. Always interested in exchange students, they have had a number of meetings in conjunction with the International Club. Die Drachen Club Fraternizes in Frolich German Style I 1 I if "'i!'f'-5 v Q fl Y 1 Mbovei German Club members watch slides during one of their meetings. After the busi- ness part of the meeting is over, delicious German pastries are served. tCenter Left! Arlene Bacas plays the accordian for the Ger- man folk dancing with Frau Urlrich. !Center Rightb Members of the German Club discuss future plans for the club. The German Club often attends German restaurants. lLeftJ larry Schunk hands Brad McDade Dentyne wrap- pers for the drive the Club is having for hun- gry children in the world. Other members shown are Randy Burke, Richard Darst, and Bob Dody. Remodeling in the Math Lab was accomplished recently to accomodate the three new teletypes and a key punch machine. New courses to be offered next year in the Math Dept. will depend on the number of students enrolling, but, hopefully, there will be operating classes in slide rule, data processing, and Algebra III. There have been, in the past, remedial, applied arts, and college preparatory classes on each grade level with Advanced Senior Math being the limit, but some students have completed all these by their junior year, so Algebra III will be introduced to the curriculum as a fourth year elective. Mrs. Cheryl McNally, who has substituted for Mt. Miguel in the past, became a permanent replacement for Mr. Ben Maxon. Plans may be approved this summer for introducing stated objectives or minimum competencies for each course. Meeting these minimum standards would be required to qualify for a passing grade. lah ,I do Q, Three plus five may not equal nine, but Mr. Robert lames' Math IIC classes find the real answers to consumer problems studying a book Mathematics for Daily Living. Computer Age Math Comes Alive at M.M Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson PlfSol Geometry IC, Algebra IA Part 'l. Mrs. Sharon Carlson .sf Math IA, HR. f Mr. William Hostetler . Math IA, IIA,Algebraiic j 1 Mr. Robert james Math IIA, Algebra IIC, Business Math. Mrs. Rilla larrett s Math IA, Algebra IC, IIC. Mr. Frank Malm Algebra IA, Part 2, IC, ' I Math Dept. Chairman. it X Mr. Edward Marikle Math IIA, Computer Math IAS, Recordkeeping. Mr. Dennis McCormack Math lR. Mrs. McNally Math IA, Advanced Senior Math. Mrs. Sue Tinsley Math IA, Algebra IA-Part1, Pl!Sol Geometry IA. rv-r ,fix ---...1...,, Y +--6 N 7" Mbove Left! Tammy Melban consults a sym- bol chart while punching information on data processing cards. fAbove Right! Mr. Frank Malm observes Bob Martin, who is graphing Iiniar function in the study of al- gebra. lleftl Geometry is the name of the game in Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson's classroom as students study angular relationships. Mbovek Sophomore Terri Young feeds data intoa card reader in Computer Math. CONCERT CHOIR-lFront Row! Sue Duke, lulie Six, Debra Rue, Debbie Sanders, Debbie Freed, Ed Rolfsor, Randy Gibson, Rick Cor- topassi, Vicki Blood, Shelley Robbins, Debbie Barker, Karen Steiger, Annette Lujan, Direc- tor Lind 5econd Row? Lelia Roye, Phyllis Tilaro, ie Baker, Val Blas, lulie if M Harlow, Bob Steiger, Dennis Peterson, Tony Peters, Mark Wade, janet Grant, Linda Gil- christ, Vicki Bland, Barb Sele. !Third Rowi Kelly Cook, Sandy Williams, Rozann Wilson, Michele Cooner, Bill Sperling, Henry Alvarez, Tony Ciotti, Brack Allen, Norbert Shea, Laura Bro n, Ann Mastin, Andrea Mays, Kerry 1 Krominga, Ruth Houtz. lBack Row! Marla Dwyer, Frank Hallock, Ralph Nichols, Teri Shockley, Hilary Rapoza, Bob Traxler, Rick Moser, Dennis Smith, Cindy Ferland, Debbie Mullins, Diane Finlayson, Steve Blas. Not Shown: locene Pederson, Bob Ehrhorn, lill Wilder, Dianne Lara, Bernie Lomeli. MQAWMOQ , t Wlgfor eb nize in Concert, Festivals ce C cedxjj! I Dept., was actively involved estivals and concerts throughout the year. Concerts were given at lr. High Schools and there was a fall choral festival at Grossmont High School. The Choir was an invited guest at UCSD's Christmas concert, they participated in festivals in San Diego County, went on a short tour in Southern Calif. and on a retreat to the mountains at Camp Palomar for rehearsals in preparation for a gigantic District Festival. In April the annual choral concert was a success, and also in the spring this group took part in a Pops Concert. With an eye to publicity, Linda McClaine, the director said slyly, "We're always looking for more guys interested in joining concert choir." ' I g group of the Choral Here members rehearse during second pe- riod, when they meet daily to polish their repertoire in order to participate in num- erous performances in the school programs, festivals and concerts in the County. Director Mrs. Linda McClain-and Accom- i panist Mrs. Valerie Mashnef rehearse with Concert Choir to prepare 'fornthe District Spring Festival. One challenging work to be sung is Haydn's "Te Deum Laudamus." P.R. Furthered by M.M. Musical Uopl This year's Barbershop Quartet con- sists ot-Ralph Nicholas, Bob Steiger, Bob Traxler, Tony Peters who are polishing up for one of their routines. rMiddleJ Girls' En- semble directed by Mrs. Linda McClain per- forms Ceremony of Carols at the Christmas Concert held in Mt. Miguel's Gymnasium. Girls' Ensemble, directed by Linda McClaine, is basically a public relations group for Mt. Miguel's Music Dept. in that they sing for service clubs, churches, and different organizations all over San Diego. They participated in festivals here in San Diego County and in the Los Angeles area, and were kept extremely busy doing programs on Mt. Miguel's campus. Very versatile, the ensemble used all kinds of music and included choreography in their presentations. Providing a light note, fand .1 few heavy onesl, the Barbershop Quartet performed every chance they could. Bob Traxler sang Baritone, Ralph Nichols, bass, Bob Steiger, Tenor, and Tony Peters, lead. Bob Traxler, being a junior, was the youngest ofthe group. Ambassadors GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Ifront Row! Lelia Rove, lulie Harlow, Karen-Qeiger, Sue McPherson, jenny Fiskeffifcond-Fowl Marl ,.D.wyar., Cindy Ferland, Laura Brown, aren De' ff !Back Rowl Kerry Krominga, De re Mul- lins, Carolyn Budd, Hilary Rapoza, Teri Shockley, Linda Burkleo. GIRLS' GLEE-Front Row: Ellen Overall, Ter- ry Duncan, Marissa Patron, Debbie Fino, Athena Sharum, Tammy Cooner, Ree Estrada, Naomi Aragon. Second Row: Peggy Delaney, Betsy Crabb, Carole Richardson, Susan Free- man, Sherrilynn Soanes, Charmaine Gilcrest, Cindy Clark, Shannon Pearce. Third Row: Sam Coit, Darlene Liming, Anita Varley, Kar- en Arwood, lulie Manrique, Rhonda Lloyd, Sandy Arwood, Carol Scimone. Fourth Row: Patricia laramillo, Bonnie Mattson, Rox- anne Meyers, lulie Baxter, Sondra Alderete, Dana Rogers, Dorothy Hunt, Donna Boone, Debbie Nicholson. Back Row: Marcella Pom- pa, Marie Tachiquin, GailMaBbey, jackie Workman, Guenilla LundgurstsfKaryl Moore, Carol Hill, Liz Benjamins, Rosemary White. Not Shown: Kim Kent, Liz Shortridge, Lisa lordan, Barbara Brewer, Florence Gladding, Cindy Waring, Wendy Lutz, Ida Roland, Tam- my Tabor, Kathy Varello, Robin Ellis, Laura McCarty, Pam Popeioy. Girls' Glee, Beg Guitar Work for Perfection Mr. Miguel's Girls' Glees, a nonselective singing groups, are divided into an upper division and a ninth grade division. Being performing groups, they were present in all major concerts in which the Choir and Ensemble groups performed. In addition, they gave concerts at convalescent homes, jr. highs, and elementary schools. They participated in the Fall Preview concert and at the Girls' Glee Christmas concert here at Mt. Miguel. Beginning Guitar now consists of three separate groups: beginning, intermediate, and advanced, which is instructed by Teaching Assistant Bill Ayers. This class has come a long way from its original form, Me n's Folk Music. Now co-ed, it offers instruction in folk, pop, and beginning rock music. fCenter Left! Girls' Glee, freshmen division, spends time to learn songs for the Christmas Concert. fCenter Right! Atauloma Simati Strums to the tune of "Cloudy." fRightJ Members of Beginning Guitar in Mrs. Linda McClain's sixth period class learn new chords to play to old folk songs, pop, and beginning rock music. Cadet, Pep Band Augment Instrumental Curriculum Freshman Cadet Band, nicknamed Kiddy Band, is the training ground for advanced instrumental groups on campus. lts members are, during the fall, combined with the Marching Band until marching season ends, when they become a performing group in their own right. Mt. Miguel's Pep Band under the student leader- ship of Senior Mark Rassmussen played for home basketball games and all away games beginning in early August and continuing throughout the year. Bob Hope's arrival at the SD. Airport in December was greeted by the Pep Band and then during his show, he plugged Mr, Miguel's Marching Band to help in raising money to send them to the Rose Parade. ITopJ Striving to become top upper class band members, students in Freshmen Cadet Band work extra hard. fCenter Left? Steve Thomas, Chris Stacy, and Bob Agnew, three members of Cadet Band, practice the "jubi- lant Overture" by Reed. fCenter Right! Pep Band performs halftime show giving their impression of the "Watergate Scandal." fLefU Besides their performances for football and basketball games, the Pep Band is an active part of Pep Rallies. Instrumental Music Offers Varied Experiences Miguel's instrumental music program includes Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Adv. Orchestra, led by Mr. Dean Immel and jazz Ensemble under its second year of leadership by Ted Adams, a teaching assistant at Miguel. Concert Band is an advanced group in the Music Department, though not as advanced as the Wind Ensemble, which consists of only select wind players. Advanced Orchestra includes the top string players on campus and, together with the Wind Ensemble, plays traditional orchestral literature. jazz Ensemble works with the pop media and, for the first time this year, this group, also known as the Stage Band, has met as a class. During the year this group performed in many jazz festivals. ITop2 Advanced Orchestra, dressed here for concert appearance under the direction of Mr. Dean Immel, pose just before playing for the District Choral Festival. fCenter2 Concert Band meets each day fifth period to develop their repertoire. !Right2 First and Second Violinists Lee Wolfe and Victor Tis- careno rehearse Sebelius' Second Symphony with the Advanced Orchestra. 116 -0 'iii f i '1 .. X' . -U ' W 'ligg i :si 'i .pl .4 fTop' Leftj jazz Ensemble practices "jesus Christ Superstar" along with Roger and Ham- merstein's "My Favorite Things" for the con- cert to be played on April 2 and 3. fTop Right! Drummer "Dickie" Luaye does his thing to liven up a Stage Band performance. fCenter Left? Nancy Abercrombie, Dina Feld- man, and Diane Ferland, members of the Wind Ensemble's clarinet section, rehearse "La Fiesta Mexicana." lCenter Right! Auggie Varela, George Phife, Shelly Stacy, and Char- lene McCance play French Horn score during rehearsal of lager's "Sinfonetta." fLeftJ Mr. Dean lmmel, director of Mt. MigueI's in- strumental music groups, prepares for the downbeat during a concert performance by the Advanced Orchestra. 117 N l H Consolidated courses and electives are definitely in with Physical Education classes on campus. Co-ed Racket Sports and Co-ed Team sports have been high on the list of popular P.E. classes. Growing in popularity have been Recreational Games. Emphasis here is put on "carry-over" sports that will continue to be used in later years. E.S.P. and a generous offering of electives along with semesterization of most classes have given the student the opportunity to select the instructor and the activity of his choosing. Co-ed Team Sports, headed up by Instructors Ned Blass, Russell Boemke, and Duane Freeman, offered training in volleyball, flag football, blooper ball, racket ball, and badminton. Leaving Miguel for Valhalla High at year's end were Coaches Blass and Boemke. Physical Education students enjoy a fast mov- ing game of indoor basketball. Boys' P.E. compete in football and racket sports. Physical Education Enriches Sports Competition Mr. Ned Blass Physical Education, Frosh Football and Varsity Wrestling. Mr. Russell Boehmke Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach, Dept. Chairman. Mr. Duane Freeman Co-ed Physical Education, Frosh Foot- ball and Varsity Baseball Coach. Mr. Robert Holm Boys' and Girls' Adaptive Physical Education, Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. William Leep Physical Education, Frosh Wrestling Coach. Mr. Harold Stratton Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach. Mr. Dwi'ght Teater Physical Education, Fros , l.V., and Varsity Tennis Coach. Ms. june Belknap Physical Educationp Department Chairman Ms. Sally Kraska Physica Educationp Tennis Coach, Gymnastics Coach ' Mrs. Kathleen Lamb Physical Educationg Dance Club Advisor Ms. Carol Lawson Physical Education Mrs. Shirley Oates Physical Educationg Swim Coach Miss lane Trude Physical Educationp Softball Coach Shopping for Physical Education classes this year proved to be like walking through a busy cafeteria line. Choices of both teacher and type of sport were numerous. Heading the girls' P.E. staff was Ms. june Belknap, who expressed approval at how successful the co-operative efforts of boys' and girls' P.E. instructors has been in the growing co-ed program. New classes have found their way on the growing list of offerings in the Department. Yoga, Camping, and Spring backpacking now appear on the list. Marching Band and Cape Corps continue to offer physical activity and P.E. credit for a large number The growing co-ed R.O.T.C. attracts more students each year. On a rainy day, more than one P.E. class shuffled into the gymnasium to play cage ball with enthusiasm and full of wonder as to what it is all about. Master Sgt. Geoffrey Adams R.O.T.C. Director Lt. Colonel Donald E. Gray R.O.T.C. Instructor Master Sgt. Antonio Leonardi R.O.T.C. Instructor New doors to scientific learning were opened this year at Mt. Miguel in a literal sense. Extensive remodeling of science classrooms over the summer included adding a number of doorways between classrooms to permit greater sharing of departmental facilities. Audio-tutorial instruction through the use of tape recorders, film strips and loops, slides, and related equipment now has become a significant part of teaching methods used in an expanding Science Department. Enrollment figures, however, were low in electives such as Chemistry and Physics were the truly serious science student receives his greatest challenge. Lab Sessions Edge Away Science Blues fAbove Right! Mr. Gerald Swanson explains basics of physics to freshmen students. Sci- ence 1C explores astronomy, chemistry, oceanography, and earth science. fRightI Mr. lim Peabody goes over the facts of re- production with his fourth period Health class. Sophomores in Health TAS delve into basics of the human skeleton, circulation, endocrinology, reproduction, and genetics. Miss Marian L. Carlson Biology. Mr. Fred Elliott Drivers' Education. Mr. Charles Engberg Biology, Healthy lnternationa Clu Adv. Mr. lim Peabody Health, Cross Country and Trac Coach. Mr. Patrick Price Biology. Mrs. Pearl Prine Chemistry. Mr. Gerald Swanson Science, Physics Mr. Dave Varvel Drivers' Education, l.V. Baseball Coach. :vnu Ullllllll ll ll ll U 014 .... .. .U '15-I ."- - Aff-f 'bi 11" 9, .I K It t ..-f fLeftJ Instructor Charles Engberg discusses plants and their environmental relationships with Biology IC students. Mbovej junior physics students discuss concepts dealing with motion. The class deals with principles of astronomy and energy. fBelowJ Ron Lea- vitt, Chuck Pryatel are making hydrogen in order to study its properties in Chemistry IC. ---.QARRGEIYB E54 , 'ser-Nasa, lTop Left! The construction of a city is based on skills and concepts learned by the inquiry approach to urban geography, here dem- onstrated by students in Mr. Amando Cu- nanan's ninth period freshman Geography class: ITop Rightj Third period Consumer Economics students discuss questions on advertising with instructor Mr. Donald Evans. fkightj Anthropology class involves learning the determiners of a culture and human be- havior through a study of psychology and the history of ancient man. Tommie Clabby examines ink blots for possible hidden mean- ings while Mr. Bradley Underwood waits for her interpretative comments. Many new ideas as well as faces appeared in the Social Studies Department this year. The new teachers were Mr. Bruce Davidson, teaching Geography and American History, and Mr. Bud Monfort, teaching Social Living and Industrial Arts. Geography is a mandatory course for ninth graders and is separated into physical and cultural aspects. The sophomore offering is World History, on the lunior level is U.S. History. One semester of American Government is required of all graduating students, along with second semester options of Psychology, Consumer Economics, Anthropology, and under consideration was a Sociology class. Also under consideration was the idea of making Social Living a required class for all incoming freshmen. This class deals with problems of young people, social relationships, and drugs and would be an important addition to the Social Studies Department. ff- 'S QM , lleftj Officer F.O. Blundell of the California Highway Patrol speaks to Mr. Richard Sweet's third period Civics class on citizens' rights andthe law. Social Living, Behavior Moves to Spotlight Dr. Evan Bacas Geography IA, IC. Mr. Amando Cunanan Geography IA, IC, I Club Advisor. -4 Mr. Bruce Davidson 'fax U.S. History, IA, Geography IA, IC. . 'si . K5 ...I I , ki , .gli :I 9 Mrs. Ona Elliott U.S. History IA, IC, World History IC. Mr. Donald Evans American Government IA, IC, Economics ' IA. ' A Mr. Gary Loso Psychology IR, IA, IC. ' Q' ff ' x . H Fei . .Nl ' . , . is a . Mr. Dwight Morris U.S. History IR, IA, Head Varsity Football and Golf Coach. Mr. Brian Smith U.S. History IA, IC, Varsity-I.V. Football and'Track Coach. Mr. Richard Sweet American Government IR, IA, IC, Depart- ment Chairman. W? 1 I ,nav-QQ A., Mr., W, .M S. 'R 'ai SSES ". . .You have introduced us to our friends and to ourselves." With Asst. Principal Virgil Duea i and Counselor William White offering guidance and support, freshman class officers organized to involve their fellow classmates. First was the freshman float for the homecoming paradeg then followed the freshman dance. More frosh involvement was evident during Pool-a-Thon promotion in the selling of raffle tickets for the Pinto that was given away. Aiding and supervising this action was Class Advisor Mary Ann Mentas. Groups of freshmen went to several junior high schools to help program eighth grade students for their first year at Miguel. Freshmen Peggy Delaney and Laurie Engle read the afternoon bulletin daily for the Class of '77, - - t g g N l Class Officers See Promising Years Ahead Al Abrego David Adams Keith Adams Andrew Aeling Bob Agnew Roy Alcorn 10-w I Sondra Alderete Mary Allphin Denise Amargo Eddie Amiss :jf Bruce Anderson David Anderson if -,lt If rl Denise Anderson lames Anderson Lynn Anderson Naomi Aragon Leslie Archbold Gilbert Arellanes Konni Arrasmith Mark Arrington Heather Arrowsmith Sandy Arwood Stephanie Askew DanaAtwell A W, ' C 3' I I . t r 'A-4 J- G gg, , .. er 1 ,Sl-'lf 1 A K Q ,Tf A 1 Mbove Left! Vice-Principal-Freshman Counselor William White counsels Greg Barcus and Sandy Kraus. Freshman Coun- selor Velma Gwin KNO! Shown! is allotted 3, l of Q5 'C V Q - L 1 ,A ff. A ti W in L ...- I. i Q half the ninth grade students. Mbovej FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: President Rick Olsen, Vice-President Ree Estrada, and Treasurer Sandy Kraus. 0' I eg Freshman Advisor Mary Ann Mentas super- vised all activities planned and sponsored by freshman officers and representatives. Michael Austin Bob Avilo Gordon Ayres '--' loanne Baker Teresa Balaban Mary Barber 7 Greg Barcus - Stephanie Barker Pamela Barnes Lance Bassett Patricia Bastian lulie Baumann ii ti. iff -' fs. lulie Baxter Paul Beaudoin jeff Beaulieu Charles Beckham Gene Bell Michael Beyer Mark Be wbrook Liz Benjamins Mark Benson Ronald Benz Marion Berry Mark Bischop iv if Mbovei Experiencing their first year of participation in Mount Miguel's Early September Programming, incoming Freshmen encounter the anxieties of sell-programming. Salli Black Mark Blake Chris Blanchard Darrell Boehm Debbie Bolin Dominic Bongiovanni Donald Bonneau Donna Boone Wenta Boshell Freshmen Encounter ESP for First Time Karen Bowers Dave Bowlan Russell Brasher Ronald Braun Timothy Breidestein Donnie Breit W Tonia Brent Ellen Brown Richard Brown Thomas Brown William Brown Lisa Anne Brudvik Aix?-3' Karen Bruner Charles Bruno Billy Bryant Paula Bryant Kathy Buchanan Eugene Burgio .3 a 't'1 I ' . K , A 1 st 1 , Karlton Burkart Steve Butts Angela Calderon William Callahan Charles Campbell Kevin Campbell . l f , L v-Q 'E l flu C Ui.. 6 ,- , K xt y A !Below2 Things go better with coke, as displayed by Freshman Holly Kuntz, who, caught in a light moment of jest, is saying, "Try it, you'Il like it!" ' if 1 'qw-..s,s,e.,,,,s. . " ff- :s!f't-sum-...e,.. ,-.,, l Pamela Campbell Annie Canela Dwight Cannon Gayla Capehart Rick Castaneda Miguel Castrejon Ben Castro lulia Cazaux Cathy Ceasar Leo Cecil Pam Cecil Liz Cesena Michael Chamberlain jerry Chappell Daniel Chelberg Denise Christensen Daniel Clark james Clark Kris Clark Warren Clark Samuel Coe Donna Cole Dennis Collier lackie Collins Has Bob Grider spilled something or is it just his imagination? His look of anxiety has given him away. Besides socializing in the Quad at the student break, students spend time for things such as buying tickets for school functions, eating lunch, or studying. K at 3 ' I. gg- ? l B 'Q 15 Kenneth Comer Brad Compton Anna Cook Tammy Cooner David Cope lody Cordova Linda Corson Betsy Crabb Pam Craft Don Crawford Scott Cronaver Wendy Crutcher james Cunrad Butch Cushman Tamra Cutler Alfonso Cuyler Danny Cuyler Dale Dahlstrom Pete Dail Steven Daniel Mary Ann Daniels Cindi De Witt Archie Dean Bill Dearman Freshmen Who Work Hard Also Play Hard Don Deise Peggy Delaney Randy Dibb Mike Dimaggio Ida Doland Nancy Dockery Rick Doll Anna Drubb Kathy Drake Peter Du Puy Cherrie Dufon Hugh Duncan f' H la .. L . J .- ,, A Q. .pe f ll 1 4 '.'-'u g - in , , . Q In 22 4 ly . L-'-Milf 11 4.71161 2? -. .cr l E . k ,1 LN Ag In Mr. Amando Cunanan's fifth period class are Marcella Pompa, Don Perine, and Mark Smith studying for a test on the Far East. Films and discussions make this class more interesting. ,,4 , Buddy Dutton Cindy Eagle lulia Elder Robin Ellis Danny Engle Lori Engle T ffl V rr W I 4 - ,t tl 2 Clay Enos . " Q -2 5' ' Denise Erie 4, ,A 4 Peter Erwin ' ff ' ' ' Irene Estrada ,A Q Rose-Marie Estrada .+ Q, Michael Evans , " Terri Evans john Everett Donald Farney lohn Faule Edwin Faustino leff Feldman -'Wi " "sI,.s , 42 ' ,, 2' ' N ff. x Al lulie Ferguson Wayne Field lnigo Figuracion Debbie Fino Mike Fischer lohn Fischl Carol Curtis and Gordon Ayres rock to the beat of the band, "Sands of Time." The dance, sponsored by the junior Class, followed the defeat of Helix Scotties. Matadors won with score of 21 to 14. l Frosh learn about the Claymore at the pre-game Helix pep rally. The Claymore is the perpetual sword trophy awarded each year to the victor of the Helix-Miguel game. This brings to light the Helix-Miguel rivalry. Daniel Fritz VA K Maxine Fuentes ' 'f Viki Gaboury . Rene Garcia 'M- GaryGarnett - M. - . E '5 1 I I -.. --' -fan-'. aff lames Garske i7 PPL .tml 5-iF" wt- M' ' "fl- : 1, I' if. Brenda Gibson Mary Gilbert Charmaine Gilchrist Cindy Ginglardy Florence Gladding Sherry Goldstein Frosh Matador Sp Dennis Good Marcel Gorenor Rosie Grandy Susan Grantham Karen Graybeal Robert Grider l Vernon Griffin David Groggett Anelia Gueddo Bryan Gum Betty Gutierrez Carol Haehn Esther Fiske Vickie Fleck Richard Fleming Matthew Foran Doug Ford Cheryl Forrest Mark Foster Bruce Frank Teri Freeman irit Generates OLE!! .A- 1... ss- A Q' -Y '--7 . W in Y Q gf ' 1 .L , 'J75 af lr 1 5 C' i f ar . Rf it Q3 Lydia Hallas 5. Clifford Halyerson t Franklin Hankel J Q Michael Hansen Pat Hannibal Timothy Harden 5,-"' WAY.. 1 j Warren Harris 1' Martha Harvel lown Hawley -"' Blane Hawthorne Kip Hayes lodie Heath Steve Hebner Daniel Heimbaugh Rocky Henderson losephlne Hernandez Rebecca Hernandez U: A Ywe, ' joe Helmer Anthony Herrera Edward Herrera Bart Herring Pam Hess Wendy Heston Alisa Hill lohn Hill Deborah Hobbs Shawn Hoaglu nd Arlesia Hooper lleftl Expressing spirit during a game against Grossmont Foothil- lers, Mount Miguel's Freshman Cheerleaders are shown at the end of one of the old cheers called "Two Bits." fRight7 Dana Ro- gers and Ken Mullins research for information about energy re- sources during a unit of study about U.S. resources. 9, 4r Robert Huckins Mike Huffaker Elliott Hunter Kathleen Hurley Mike Hutchison Fred lnscore Mark jacobsmier Patti jaramillo Suzanne jasper Kevin jenkins Rexjenner jeanniejennings sal R 14' S . .4a-A , ,E-,, l,.X. af 6? r f' I I 5. in K' n Students Turn on to English Different Ways Elizabeth johnson Lori johnson Teresa johnson Gary jones jana jones jeanine jones john jones Larry jones Patjones Williamjones Chris jordan Larry jourden Martin junker Rodney justice john Keith jeff Kendall Marcy Kenealy Pat Kieley Vivian Kimbrell Cheryl King Don Klostermier Cheryl Knapp Maria Kohanek Mike Kopasek john Kovacs Sandy Kraus Teresa Kropf Holly Kuntz Kathy Kwieraga Tamara La Valle dl , .?' " I Z 1, 5 L. I lf, 1537 Q? Michelle Myers practices a programmed reading that she intends to use at the speech competition to be held at Palomar College on Novem- ber 16 and 'l7. This tournament was attended by novices only. P1 ,M ,, get , L. "9 . Salli Black and Nedra Wood share laughter over a book found in the Reading Lab. Each Freshman English class attends this lab from six to nine weeks to help students attain better reading skills. Gerard Labonville Debbie Lagace Eric Lanahan lulie Lancaster Tami Landrum Debbie Lane Kim LaNear Roxanne Lattman Joseph Lauer Mark Leakey john Leamons Mike Lehman 3. :Agar Randy Leighton ,ns Bill Leleo Dena Lerma Eric Lilgestrom Dee Dee Listander Shari Lombardo Gregory Lomeli Michael Long Marcella Lopez Donna Lopian Diane Lowery David Lowry Brian Luscomb Wendy Lutz Valerie Lynch Regina Mac Lennan Torsten Madeksiak Rick Majors Gladys Manosalva Susan Manroe john Marks Vickie Marshall Ann Martin Bob Martin '? Frosh Active in Cross Country, Girls Glee David Martin Steve Martin Gay Martinez Darlene Mason lean Massey Marie Mathews Cedilia Mauldin Lee Mayer Chris Mazza Earl McCall Colleen McCance Laura McCarty Don Bowers finishes in twelfth place at the Freshman Grossmont-Monte Vis- ta Mount Miguel Cross-Country meet. Mount Miguel's Freshman team took fourth place overall in the Grossmont League this year. :Q f 3. rm. gr ,.. Ll Rhonda McClellan Nick McClintock Chuck McCorkell Loretta McElyea Denise McKinney Dorian Mehrling 1' C Linda McClain directs the Girls' Glee at the Christmas Concert held December 12 Also featured were the Wind and Girls' Ensembles Bill Mellott Marie Melville Robert Menard Maria Mendoza Kathy Merritt Roxanne Meyer Keith Miller Tari Millice Nancy Mills Kelly Minard Jeff Mitchell Robert Molay Craig Monroe Cheryl Mooney Elizabeth Moore Michelle Moore Albert Morgan Laurie Morin Sally Moss lackie Mossbarger Kim Mott Carl Murphy James Musser Bonnie Mullett Karl Mullins Ken Mullins Michelle Myers lim Myers Annette Navarette Mike Neagle Freshman Wrestler Peter Dupuy puts a hold on his opponent from Helix as he desperately tries to turn him on his back and pin him to win the match and add team points. Frosh Athletes Today, Varsity Tomorrow! Lee Odom Diana Olow Rick Olsen Ellen Overall Libby Pacatte Dave Palmer Felicia Parker Melodee Parker Michael Parnell Clarence Parson Lucinda Pasion Lisa Pastoral L Gary Pattee Marissa Patron jerry Patterson Mike Pena Randy Peretti Don Perine lames Perkins Myrna Perry Patricia Persons Linda Peterie Chris Peters Stanley Petka Susan Neal Kurt Needham Eric Nelson Cheri Newhall Sharon Newhall Debbie Nicholson Mary Nigro Larry Norton Al Nunes lessie Nutt Coleen O'Brien Mike O'Brien Kay 0'Neil David Oberg Robert Oberg Brian Odell 4 , a Q J if fl I mi 'iz ..., N' I 'Kai' W 3 41 f+.J' ,4--. MQW ,J , Ji 1 wr' "an gel f I L' 'Q ADQ4 -R. eff ':-' - ALFP , V A +P if i li-fi, sur 'ff'l?f9f f-3 F' .14 . ' ' 'lt' L... ri. X74 . Fili 'z I I 0 , W . f 55' Q ', f2l- 'Q 1 irf irf' -Ziff Q ' 'M ae, ,i y t ill A M t X 17 .4,.., Q , 'r af Ag! w. -Q Terry Phife Randy Phillips Lani Pidot Leslie Pigo Cheryl Plemel Marcella Pompa Pam Popejoy james Powers jeff Presley Richard Prest james Preston Tracy Price Danny Pritchard Roland Prodzinski Beatrice Quisano Ioyce Quisano Randy Radasa Ron Radcliff Keith Radi Bruce Raeburn Tina Rains Steve Rappolee Virgil Ratliff Bobbie Reardon Pat Reece lames Reeves Philip Reeves Carole Richardson Dani Richeson Natalie Riddick Abrien Rincon Robert Robbins Kathy Roberts Debbie Robinson Richard Rodriquez Richard Rodriquez Dana Rogers Debbie Roland Libby Rollins john Rose Steve Rosenberger Loretta Rosier Dana Rounds Sandy Rowell lim Ruehl lose Ruelas lose Ruiz Richard Ruiz lim Russ Monica Rusconi Kevin Rusk Margie Sagiao Debbie Salas lose Saldana Tracy Sales Imelda San Vicente juan San Vicente Electr lose Sanchez Benjamen Sanders Edd Sandusky Theresa Sanfilippo Walter Sanford Rebecca Santos Kevin Sather Kathy Savage Pat Savalo Kevin Scally Toni Scalisi Harry Scheid Susan Schigut Bill Schlager Landis Schmehr lean Schimdt Bob Schneider lames Schroeder lohn Schutt Carol Scimone Athena Sharum Bryant Shea Sabrina Shepard Nicholas Sherbaco Q . Mr. Gerald Swanson demonstrates the whimshurst machine that produces a 20 to 30 thousand volts This machine shows effects of electricity icity Provides Shocking Experiences :ex W 9:17 Q1 ,S Q 5 M av i-af 4-v A .- A I L. 4 I' aff! ag Q iS".f:i- ' ML 531 4-0.1 3 m- A -., ,Z .W fi' 11' ri . 2 X 1 , 4-r bu.- -cv haf' if-1 3' 6 tb . qi 1 4.x 7 sx Dave Sherman Cheryl Shipley Mike Sickler Richard Sieckman Karen Simmons David Simpson Deeann Simpson john Sinclair David Sing Juliet Siscon Dale Slabaugh Tim Slagle Barbara Smith Kevin Smith Kris Smith Lynel Smith Mark Smith Matt Smith Mike Smith Raymond Smith Riricky Smith Tracy Smith Sherrilynn Soares lim Sparks Brian Spencer Terri Spencer Mike Sperla Mike Spitz Scott Spooner Rusty Sportsman Chris Stacy Iulie Stafford Darilyn Stager Doreen Stallard Dorene Stallard Chris Stammerjohn Sherry Staudinger Natalie Riddick, Terry Phife, and Coleen O Brien are testing static electricity by rubbing vinyl and acetate X strips with various kinds of cloth. .I 142 Ever-present in the ninth grade office since start of the double session have been Counseling-Attendance Clerk Sharon Fingerman and Counseling Secretary Delores Wilkelmi. This year marks the end of four years of double sessions. Frosh Bid Double Session Farewell Bob Thatcher Doreen Thompson Randy Thompson Steve Thompson William Thompson Jeannine Thornton Mark Tiscareno Dale Todd George Toth Kurtis Tribble Dennis Trunnell Steven Tucker Cathy Tyler jeff Umfrid Desiree Underwood Frank Valdez Rose Valdez Vincent Van Gogh Kurt Stelmar Theresa Stephenson Carl Stewart lames Stewart Sharon Stewart Michael Stinchcomb Tanya Stinson Denise Stolte Robert Stovall Roger Stuart Sanford Swanson Beverly Swink Marissa Tachiguin Arthur Taylor David Terrell Herman Vandorssen Diane Vierow Dana Vildibill Dora Villareal Ellen Visconti Nancy Vizer Lenora Wagner lames Walker Ronda Waller james Walton Cindy Waring Harold Weaver Eric Weber Laura Wells Pam Wells Shelly Wells Tina West Dale Wheeler Richard Whitaker lim Whitcomb Cynthia White Gary White Rosemary White Fred Whitehead leff Whitley Karen Wiese Kirk Wilder Brian Williams Scott Williams Mark Williamson leff Wilson Nola Wilson Tim Wilson Alfred Winters Ian Wong Nedra Wood Rozlyn Woodcock Mark Wright Barry Yeager Lauren Yepiz Herman Young john Young julie Zak Robert Zamora Dan Zazvorka David Zeber Gary Zieber Terri Zubricky 143 l Mr. lim Peabody, one of three class advisors for the Class of 1976, is convinced that school spirit will be better than ever in the coming years as the sophomores he has worked with advance to upperclassmen positions. President Brenda Saavedra has been working hard to involve more sophomores and has held several workshops in her home. "This year's Sophomore Class was a pretty spirited group that really got it together." Mr. Peabody condensed into that one sentence all the effort put into the Homecoming float, the dance they sponsored, their booth at the spring Fiesta, and, most of all, the spirit they radiated. ' Advisors Carol Pyle and William Manderson, together with Mr. Peabody, supervised activities that were sponsored by the Class of '76. Mark Agnew Andrew Alcaraz Wanda Alcorn Mike Alesi Mary Alvarez lf Class of 1976 'Really Gets It Together Thomas Alvarez leff Anderson Leanna Anderson Lori Anderson Mark Anderson Carl Andrewson Patricia Arhan Denise Archibald Arthur Arvizu Vicki Asbury lohn Ash Bobbie Askew Thomas Atkins Larry Atwell Ricky Austin lan Bailey Deborah Baker Edward Baker 3' I- 'l!'n - l L ,rv I, Sophomore Class President Brenda Saavedra and Vice-President Brad Sanders work hard at leading the Class qf '76 in fund raising projects for their senior year. is its la ' -V Secretary Cindy Garske and Treasurer Terry Shockley do their part in working with others to plan sophomore activities such as the homecoming float and Soph Dance. fl. . ,, X e g . 1 l at ' , h 'uf L. 5 t XV ' 4 r, Advisor lames Peabody helps out the Sopho- more Class with wisdom and wit in develop- ing ideas for sophomore participation in school events. Nancy Balaban Mike Balderas Catherine Baldwin lames Bales Richard Bales john Ball Rebecca Ballon Rosario Ballon Cynthia Balmas Sue Barclay Y Beth Barker Lynn Barr jeanne Bates Mark Baumann Glenn Beckman Richard Beezley Brenda Belanger Randall Bell Mike Benbrook Dorothy Benjamins Laura Bennett Christine Bentley Michele Bergeron Catherine Bernal l 145 Pam Bernhardt ' f- ' Cynthia Berryman Richard Beveridge Patricia Bjelland Myra Blakeley X ? Q 4 if Valerie Blas r 'f ,V I J Y 6 ' P' 1 Ev Vicki Blood f gi, loyce Board pg , 'K ' Pat Bond 1 5 M Nick Boscia 1 .fl Linda Bowdren Mark Bowers ' ,I - - V, 'S ix Q ts V ,532 . LU Sophomores Learn Together in Group Efforts Billy Stewart, Don Milford, and others work in groups in lames Peabody's fourth period Health class. Health is one of two classes, the other is biology, either of which must be taken before graduating. At the end of first semester, most students go into Drivers Education. .leur .sl " Dee Dee Brown . 4 P xg - " james Brown Q Kelly Brown fi wr " ' Leann Brown -L, Robert Brown ww? a' Robert Bryan " TLP I Shawn Bryant Dave Buchanan Don Bumanglag Thomas Burke Renee Burleson loann Burris Sandra Brashars Melody Breit Tina Bridgwater Melody Briggs lohn Brock Mark Brooks -V-?' ' "' B 1. E 1 L 1 Q t V Q AX " Q -1-iw-1-1-1'-i'1-iw-:vig riilllllifni. 5' Q f X .- - f Oi ii: ,Es 'JY' , 'r., llllllllnnlllugnm Ben Mathena Ifronlj looks on while Charles Parker fCen!erI and Mike Alesi work on de- veloping drawing skills in Ben Kiegle's sec- ond period Art class. Learning new tech- niques and how to use materials are essential parts of taking the course. The class begins by drawing simple objects and works to help and make their skills better, Ron Burton Dave Bush Norrie Bush Mike Bussell Mary Byrne Clint Cable 1 5 . 4 ,qw it if 1 Mona Calkins , 'H f' Bonnie Callaway 2 ' I 4, Jorge Camacho Ld ' Q-3' s 4 Martha Camacho V 1 Victor Camacho f U. i V, , '! Q Charles Campbell fi 442 i is T1 ar wtf 5.1 it - :wt .41 ' f' 'aa s if' . ' 4. x l' 1 , s. , Erlette Cano Lora Carlile Steve Carlson Tom Carr Trevor Carter Irma Casillas Patricia Castillo Gus Castrejon Luis Castrejon Marcy Castro Vincent Castro Dennis Caudillo ' ci X Donna Caylor , , 'Hi Lombo Ceasar S ,, Q Renee Cecil ' . Q David Cervantes ' " Steve Chamberlain , Elizabeth Chapman f .1 A, . P, I , K , Is, y 5 we mi X . yt. mf tv f ,fi Robert Chapman Kathy Charles Brian Chisnell Marie Christman Cindy Clark lohn Clark Karen Cogburn Richard Coker Theresa Collier Mary Collins Cheryl Connolly Kelly Conrad Homecoming Develops Spirit of Sophomores ' .Elizabeth Cook ludy Cook Denise Cooley Michele Cooner Mark Cooper Tim Coover Andrea Corrao Mike Covarrubias Kelly Cowell Tim Cox Lacey Crowell Steve Cruikshank Teresa Crump Vicki Currie Larue Cuyler Dan Daneri Paul Daniel Tim Danner Cliff Davenport Cynthia Davis Diane Davis loe Davis Mike Davis Mark Deane S qv-U howing effort of the Sophomore Class is the idea of a "Bee-Boppen Beach arty" depicting teen-age lifestyle of "the fifties," this year's homecoming theme. By putting heads together in a flurry of hard work, the Sophomore float received second place. fish. in is if 1 fd? 1 , " iffy .a f - ,R wg f' -.7 - 'i ll 1 f R J . f Y, "' .,,.' x .lat l Q 'X V ees- -"4 Z il 'Z 1, - si Q. L: ' il -f '2 Being interviewed at the Homecoming Assembly is former Miguel student Little Irving, alias Sophomore Iohn Stenbeck, the shortest ath- lete in history. He demonstrated his famous passing technique along with examples of commercials he made during his football career. Margaret Debus David De Leon Robert Denmon lohn Dent Steve De Nunzio Lewis De Regne it 1 f rg- s Denise Dewitt Billy Diaz Tammy Dockery W Lynn Dollard Adaleah Domingo George Donley lona Drum Ronda Duehr Susan Duke Bryan Duncan Doreen Dunham Michelle Dunn David Eaton David Ellis Delilah Ellis , Richard Ellis Karen English loe Evans . . 4 , I 9 Meeting in the quad between classes are Sophomores Car- olyn Siscon and Teri Muir. The quad provides a place to go when class is out without being in halls disturbing those in school. During both breaks, students come here to eat and rap with favorite friends. Marti Evans Sheila Evans Susan Farrell Lissa Findley Diane Finlayson jennifer Fiske james Fleming Victoria Fletcher Chris Flores jennifer Flores David Flowerree Doug Foley V37 if G' eff Sophs Eat, Socialize During Break in Quad Karen Foote Tricia Forrester Elaine Forgey Randy Formanek Maria Franco john Frice Mike Friend Edward Friske Patty Fugate jennifer Fullerton Mike Funk Tony Funk :Q Nona Gaddy Patricia Gallardo jaime Garcia Sergio Garcia joanna Garrett Cindy Garske if W YO -sf 3 . Dan Gassaway Nick George Cynthia Giberson Randy Gibson lacquelynGimlin john Gilmer Candy Ginter jineane Gladding Steve Goins Alexa Gomez Paul Gomez lohn Gonzales Sylvia Good Mike Gordon David Grant Terry Griffin Mel Griffis Elizabeth Grothe Eddie Listander, a sophomore, seems to en- joy the warm sun and the green grass while relaxing before going to his next class. Other students have also been caught half-asleep in the peacefulness between classes of the quad. Some have been able to enjoy just sit- ting around and talking even during the con- fusion ofthe upper-class break. 44: Dennis Gunter Herman Haehlen - . Barbara Hall -4 Margaret Hall Steve Haney Derk Hanlon Q1 N tit . Wayne Hanlon Dan Harden lulie Harlow -s.- q-1 Heidi Harnish Robert Haro Catherine Harris Tom Mount, sophomore superstar in varsity wrestling, shows his stuff in pinning Santana opponent. Tom, on mat since age four, has been in the lr. Olympics and is top in U.S. at freestyle and Greco type wrestling. Mark Hewitt Kim Hilton Greg Hiser Kim Hobb Rhonda Hodges Sharon Hoefer Alayne Hoffman Brian Hoffman Dorothy Holthoff Cheryl Homant David Hook lon Horn QI Charles Harrison Dennis Hatch loan Hawley Don Hawn Lesa Hayes Dan Heath Mathew Heath Ken Heffernan janet Heneley Sophomores Active in Seasonal Winter Sports Karen House Ruth Houtz Carol Houze Deborah Howell Ronnie Huckins lim Hughes Raelynn Hunter Regina Hunter Mark Huntington Pamela Hurst " Annette Hutchinson Michael Imoto E ian -uv ls ,fa so , c Z nokia ' I 1.4 ass- , If , ,--.. .fl AX xg 1 C? i 51, 5 lean jackson Tom jennings Bill johnson Douglas johnson Gary johnson Greg johnson X, Mike johnson -- Steve johnson Raymond jolly . Y Dorlue jones ,gb Raymond jones rf- .K-, 'rl' Tami jones Velma jones Bobjordan jeri juhl Mark Kelly Robert Kidd Kim Kimbrough David King Debra Kissinger Barbara Koch Russell Kusumoto Deborah Labeta Curtis Lackey f i 'Sf if - X ' Ronald Laird f X, A ,iq Mitchell Lanahan V . - Q V. m f : Carrie Lancaster 'f' 1 ,g Barbara Landry wg f--jr Q Greg Lang , , L l L i Y A xx YL is joe ange y 1 , f 1 j.V. Cheerleaders Rani Ribby, Kathy Spencer, jan Bailey, Norma Uruchurtu, Adoleah omingo, and Cheryl Connolly get ready for a cheer during a soccer game with ranite Hills. j,V. Cheerleaders keep spirits of crowd up in moments of disappoint- ent as well as joy. joy prevailed with 3-1 victory here, ...av i 5 it , " Q... " -'- i W,,..f . rs' Number 50, "Big" Mike Smith, moves in to assist team- mate in scramble for the ball against Santana. Mike, only a sophomore, plays not only on the Varsity Basketball Team, but also on Varsity Football, for Miguel. 'tT iff, was w.'s!ff'rf'193""" --'-ws-gr Colleen Lapp joseph Lasher Richard Lattman lackie Laughlin Steve LaVaIley Richard Laverdiere Teresa Lawrence Harold Lechler Raymond Lee Lorraine Leighton Robert LeMaster Craig Leonetti Driver Education Prepares Students for Road Andrew Lerma Dorothy Lewis Sue Lewis Mark Liliestrom Darlene Liming David Lindmeier Eddie Listander Debbie Lochhead Frank Lombardo Brett Long Nancy Long Dan Lopez Eddie Lopez Linda Lopez Vince Lopez Mark Lowery Beth Lowthian Lisa Lucero Brad Luscher Neal Luscomb Mary Maca Neal Majors Gilberto Manosalva Sandra Marmolejo Craig Marshall Bob Martin Marion Martin Cathy Martinez Cindy Martinez loan Martz v 1-IL ,,,L ,eh v - 4 12 - LMI, 1 ' . 1 x 7 ,1-.,5!,.:.-gf,,,af,1,5,,,4,. mikymxzauaauasw Or' no l Doreen Dunham, with help from Instructor Fred Elliott, takes this student driver car around the parking lot while getting the feel of the auto. Doreen, along with others in her car, practice starting, stopping, and backing procedures. Although not required, Driver Training is taken by most sophomores. Louvina Masters 'rv Bennie Mathena Leann Matte Marte Matte Mark Matthews Loalee Mauldin , L f iv , Q , . ,K , 'if a 'Q ' t 1 - t vs ' 1 lv r 11h . 1-3 - Laura Maurer Marty Mayors Marvin McAnear Cindy McCleary Steve McClintock Eric McElroy Earl McLaughlin Kathy McMullen ludy McNally Sue McPheeters Sue McPherson Bobbie Meek Karin Mehrling Terry Meinung Tammy Melban Peggy Mellott Theresa Melville Matt Mendoza Mike Merino Matt Merrill joe Meyer launita Meza lim Middag Don Milford Karen Miller Paul Miller Kim Millice Tammy Minich Stan Monacelli Melissa Monce loseph Monroe Karyl Moore Brenda Morris Charles Moser Teri Muir David Mullet! Sv xr- f xl - Y l ,, ,, ,. C... E Literary Works Loom Big in English, Speech William Munn Mike Murphy Kim Nagem Rae Nelson Robert Nichols Penny Nicklason Bill Norman Roberta Nunn lozette O'Brien Tim O'Brien Barbara Olson Susan O'Neill loseph Opfer Ignacio Ornelas Greg Orr Edward Ortiz Candice Osborn Robin Oswald lohn Owens Bradley Painter Robert Palazzolo lohn Palmer Charles Parker Naomi Parker Q is-14 sr ,fn Mi lf .- 48352 tl H.-:ii 2 t , x Q3 -"f ff 'B s t ,Q A N 'WT Q' J .iw K CM 'V ill. 'fav English IIC students listen as Mrs. lune Mott reads one of James Thur- ber's many fables. Learning about fables was part of the unit "Man Seen HumorousIy" in which students analyze comic strips, poems, and other works as satirical or farsical. sw A! s ' , F :J rg. I I! 1,,eiL,QE, gV 'V ,I wi- -4-15' L, 4' vs ' x v .. .- f t i .- i sa ' , 5, Sophomore Bob Martin of Mt. Miguel's Speech Team, under the super- vision of Mrs. Myrna Goodwin, gives his dramatic interpretation of The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. Bob is also a member of Miguel's Drama class and has taken part in many plays. ' Tom Parker Robert Pastoral ' ' 2- Gail Patterson -5 ' Steve Patterson ' '- Wendy Pawlus ' Robert Paxton L 'wiv' Richard Peacock Shannon Pearce Toni Pearce Brian Pearson ' Donna Peightal Vickie Pena ,, X Laurie Pene A Y Tom Perritt " Q lames Perry - Gayle Peters i -, - Jane Peters ga Q Bev Peterson Us' ' ' , l Mike Pfahler David Phife Sandra Phillips Timothy Pierce Steven Pilgrim Christine Pinto ex. Debra Pittman Teri Pittman Marlene Polinsky Randy Positerry Mike Price Darla Prince Sue Province David Pruitt Dean Pudsey lacquline Putnam Erika Racz William Radcliff Vernon Ramsey Hector Rangel Andrew Ratta Stanley Rayborn Thomas Reeder Tammy Reid loe Reoux Denise Rettke Linda Reynolds Richard Rhea Rani Ribby Patricia Richardson f' S r. F -,lm-Q? HN sf? -'ig r tat 51-ze 'S we 7: K ff ww, Q 'N ' x ,ws I xi .41 Glimpes of Past Events Bestow Global View Mary Rigsby David Rilling Lindrola Rilsel Mike Ringhand Louis Rivera Rochelle Robbins Deborah Rodriquez Roxann Rogers Laura Rohrer Corintha Roland Esther Romero Arnaldo Rosa Linda Ros! lames Rower Lilia Roye Ruth Rudeen lim Rupp Brenda Saavedra F G A -AJ Terry Saba Rhonda Sabine Monica Sabus Lisa Salazar Myrna Samayoa Brad Sanders 1, , lune Sanders jesus Sandoval Frank Saputo I lon Sarant Kathy Sarant Terry Savage Mrs. Ona Elliott's fourth period World History class enables sophomore students to get bet- ter acquainted with civilizations of the past. World History is offered during fourth pe- riod onlyp therefore, many students jump at the chance to sign up. Kathy Schlager Geri Schmitter Tamera Schnack Linda Schoeneweis Donald Schroeder Bret Scofield Stephen Scot Richard Selle Emelia Serrano Sheree Setzer lonathan Seymore Bob Shaver Glenda Shelly Theresa Shelley Elizabeth Shortridge , Alissa Silva Mark Simmons Robin Simmons Sue Simpson Roslyn Sims Carolyn Siscon lulie Six Steve Slater Sharon Slaugh Mike Slay Robert Slempa Dan Smith Daryl Smith David Smith Graham Smith lames Smith Mike Smith Mitzy Smith William Smith Don Soini Rhonda Sones Lesa Souza Dominic Sparacino Bob Sparks Robert Speir Kathy Spencer Sheryl Spencer Bill Sperling Don Spivey Donna Sportsman jerald Spratley Daryel Stager Georgine Stallard Tools Help Create Ideas in Wood, Metal Tim Stammerjohn Robert Stanfield Valerie Stelmar john Stenbeck Bill Stewart Boyd Stewart Garry Stewart Karen Strangman Randy Sullivan Mike Sunderhalt Karen Sutton jill Swalling XLT .,.-., fo 'v 'Til Il 4 Q T "' - - V 'L' "1 i gg ' ' s. '1' C V r I r Y Qi.: 1 .Y ns, a 5 , . . - --rncqz Sophomore student, Thomas lennings, in Mr. Gregory Panawek's fourth period Wood Shop class works a lathe in making legs for a table. First year students begin by making house signs to learn how to work with machinery. By the second year, making tables such as Tom is doing, becomes quite simple for most students. HI 001. 'lol 1 , N P dun- V 'A less Swanguen Ron Swank Diane Swink Luis Tachiquin Hilda Taimanglo Raymond Taimanglo Lawrence Tainatongo Valerie Tallian David Taluban Dennis Taylor loan Taylor Sherrie Terrell , Qin Marc Thomas Steve Thomas Matt Thomaselli Robert Thomasson Dan Thompson Keith Thompson Timmie Thompson Mary Thornton Kelly Tibbetts Phyllis Tilaro Sandra Tirpak Victor Tiscareno fn 'x ri lohn Tiumaiu Cory Tobin Roselyn Toledo Lawrence Tolentino Sharon Tom Patti Tooze Bill Marshall, a sophomore, files down a hammer which he is making as his project during fourth period in Mr. Edward Dunn's Metals class. Using equipment in metal shop is a privilege and adds to the creativity of projects. Kim Townsend Herb Tucker Mike Tunkin Walt Tupper Tom Turkle Glen Turner Margie Turner Craig Twitty lohn Tyler Raymond Untalon Robert Urban Peter Uriate Sophomores Express Self Through Creative Arts Norma Urchurtu Armando Valdez Garth Vance David Varela Anita Varley Ernest Vasquez Catherine Vieria Mike Vigil Greg Vigil Raul Villarreal Greg Vizer Bruce Voelp lerry Von Willer Debbie Waid Pam Waight Dan Walker lohn Wallace Ralph Wallace Judy Walter Pam Warburton Mary Ward Monty Ward Theresa Ward Patty Watters Dave Watts Deneen Webb lohn Weber Mike Weisner lerald Weiss Carla Wernmark Anthony Wesley Michele Westphal Tony Wheeler Linda Whitaker Michael Whitcomb Charles Whitcotten Sophomore Tom Pearce directs all of her attention toward working on a belt, her project in leather Working with leather IS only one of many units of Mrs. loyce Da- kln s third period Crafts class others are paper mache and macrame'. V ,..4-A E 4 ,. if J g! v4 it iq - fl Denise White Gara White jeff White Mark White Wayne White Diana Whitehead Star Whitehead Shirley Widmer Susan Widmer Sherry Wiggs lill Wilder Scott Wilkinson Cornell Willer Herb Williams Vicki Williams Donald Wilson Elitha Wilson Marcella Wilson Lee Wolfe Gary Wollberg Arthur Wood lames Wood Lloyd Woodring Karen Woody Kathy Woody Cher Wright Teresa Young Annette Zaleckis William Zechello Deanna Zimmerly Organizing junior Class meetings and sponsoring activities to raise funds for the up-coming senior year is part of what junior Class Officers and representatives do. Who were the people involved in these activities throughout the year? Students who make it part of their life style to be involved and active. President Cathy White and f are two such people. Among the fu nd raising activities were a car wash and the junior Class dance. juniors also presented their class float featuring a dance marathon at the Homecoming game. Class of 1975 Adopts New Life Style Barbara Adkins David Adkins Carlos Alcala john Alesi Diane Allen Charles Anderson Gordon Anderson Laurie Anderson Sheila Anderson Vicky Archbold Cecilia Ard Sergio Arellanes Ben Arguilla Mike Arias Cathy Arrowsmith Karen Arrasmith Donna Arruda joe Arvizu Mike Asbury Alexa Asher Keith Atkinson Melinda Atkinson X f Mike Atwell Cathy Aubert -rx r fm-i i X , Us Q Q ii.: .f 1 1.35, S t J ," 'Y X , 1 w ,f 'L F 4' IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Mbove Left! President Kathy White, Vice-President Karen Steiger. lAboveJ Secretary Margie Reinbold, Treasurer Kathy Simmons. These were the students elected to serve the Class of 1975 during their Junior year. ,Q if Le 1'-v 'A mu-IT: MR. BILL LEEP junior Class Advisor Tim Badger Ed Baker Peter Baker Trudy Baker Ron Baldwin Rosalva Ballon Sherry Barbot Doug Barcus Debbie Barker Thad Barton Mike Bartley Tina Bassham Elmer Bastian Gordon Bates Orval Bates Mary Baur Bob Baxter Mark Bennett Sandra Berk james Berke Paul Birch Chet Black Teresa Black George Blanco junior Class Advisor Bill Leep gets wet along with members of the Class of '75 during an October car wash. Many juniors got involved supporting junior Class activities. Kathy White, Class President, worked hard to or- ganize activities to raise more money. Connie Bland Vicki Bland Steve Blas Vondi Blood john Bolin Terry Booth Alan Boutwell Diane Bratcher '13 Sabrina Brent Lorraine Brodinski Renee Brodinski Angela Brown jamie Brown Lloyd Brown Lyn Brown Mary jo Brown Pam Brunkow Matt Brunton Cheryl Bryant Paul Burgio Marian Burnett Phyllis Burnett David Burton Helen Butts Rebecca Bryne Chuck Cadena john Campbell Lenora Cannon Cindy Capehart Mike Cardwell A .. , - , -fri If A ...f f' 'I .4 , Q, -v lk , . 1 Q'-f-2 we if loanne Carl Marsha Carpenter Richard Cartopassi Maureen Carter Rebecca Castaneda Frank Castro Mark Cato Teresa Ceasar 0 'af' 't' o 9 juniors Support the Varsity Football Sherry Mina does a performance at halftime during a varsity football game Sherry is a junior at Mt. Miguel and is also involved in Cape Corp. Team lim Cecil Roberto Cervantes Cynthia Chapple Donald Chapple Vincent Chavez Diana Cheeks Robert Chester Dana Christianson Ron Chubb Penny Clack Carson Clark Douglas Clay Greg Collins Timothy Collins Norm Comer Gilbert Contreras Kelly Cook Ray Cook Valerie Cook Doug Coon Mike Cope Fred Cordova Robbi Coudy lodi Cousineau Betty Cox Guy Cranor leff Crosswhite Maureen Cruz Donna Cure Michael Cuyler Virginia D'Abruzzi Sherry Dacy Robert Dahlen Michele Dale Sharon Dale David Daniels Kenneth Danner Steve Darby Gerald Darnell Daniel Davis David Davis leanne Davis Pamela Davis Teresa Davis james Debus Debbie Dehussol aren Dgise f W 4 y ' nice Dent -ev A- ev' at Al 2 if ,eq rw Tony Dimaggio Rosemarie Dinges The junior Homecoming float, in keeping with the 1950's theme, shows an example of how the younger generation danced during the 50's to some of the old songs. Long skirts, saddle oxfords, and rolled up levis were some of the things they wore during that time. Q, L: rev 4 l . l f L -.- Alf 11 Ferrell Dixon Greg Dixon Bob Doty Robin Doughty Carol Drager Russel Dubiel Talana Dunham William Dunne Darryl Durkee Anita Durson Marla Dwyer Amy Ebersole Cathy Ellis loanne Ellis Felicitas Encisco Walter Engle Vicki Enriquez Karen Erwin juniors Revive Days of American Graffiti H a a ,nr 9 if 17 'ff -Lfil Cheryl Estrada Frank Evans Gerald Fahey Tom Fambrough Doug Fangman Dennis Fangman Chrystal Farris Bill Faustimo Theresa Favorite lody Feather Cindy Farland Ed Ferrer Sherrie Ferron Nino Filaccio lim Filley Valerie Fillippini Belinda Findley Debroah Finnauson Wendy Finnegan Roslann Fiske Deboria Fitzpatrick Karen Flau Dan Fleming lack Fleming Shelli Fletcher Debbie Flow Cynthia Forgey nv- Richard Foster Marta Franco George Fuller 1 f Wx W 'Q Ellen Gaddy "7 1 Steve Gall , Linda Gallenberger f Varsity D.B., Ruben Ray, juniors, shows dedication to vb' school during singing of hymn after game against Gross- I- -5 mont. Many fans turned out to support MigueI's winning team, Enthusiasm, Dedication Shown by juniors l l ' iff AidaGamboa a Theresa Garber Y Diana Garcia ' li lane Garcia Edward Gauert Remy German Robert Gibson Mike Gietzen Randy Ginglerdy Cindy Gilbert N, lean Gill rn' Scott Gillett David Gladding Dolly Goins Diolinda Goncalves jose Gonzalez Robert Gonzalez Agustin Gomez Robert Gordon Carolyn Gore Patrick Gorman james Grantham Tamela Graves Kim Green Qs' luniors on the Varsity Cheer Squad express spirit and enthusiasm to support the Varsity Football Team on to victory. There are seven juniors on the squad supporting the team by practicing daily for perfection to meet the large crowds. Pictured are Terri Kidder, lune Reyes, Mitzi Funk, and Debbie Herring dur- ing game against Santana. lim Griffin Cheryl Grimes Dameda Grissom Noni Guerro Adam Guttman Cathy Gwathmey Becki Hadley Stewart Hale Kathy Hall jeff Halverson Monte Hann Robin Hansell Ken Hanson Don Harless Barbara Harris Marilyn Harris Ronald Harris Michael Harrison 1 Jerry Hatch ' -- Brian Hawley Gus Hazard ,jg ,y Debbie Hebb N :Lf . K ' Verlin Hebner ' 5. Nancy Heimdal ff s , 7,1 , David Helgeson Robert Henderson Ramon Hernandez Debbie Herring loel Herron Bob Hester Matthew Hewitt Magdalynne Hie Carol Hill Greg Hill Karen Hilton Bonnie Hodges 'E S 1: Ax-tv. Winter Sports Maintain Action and Spirit Mark Hodges Gayla Holden Doug Homant Cindy Horne Tom Horne Sharon Howell Karolyn Hoyle David Hadgins lohn Hulsey Mike Hunter Ron Hunter Steve Huntington Mike Hurtado Bob Hurtt Nancy jasper Alan lohnson lulia johnson Renee johnson Sonya johnson Phillip lohnston Walter loly Gordon jones lames jones lanice lones 92. of it? up Kia 1 g We Q l 'Vhile controlling his man, Tony Valdez makes move to roll his op- ronent over to a more suitable position for a pin. Tony has wrestled ince he was a freshmanp now a junior, he wrestles in the 127 lb. Jeight class. Matadors defeated Santana Sultans 40-13. , N fp, . , 'K ' ,,-::' !: llsfds - . 'ik mfr . in I . 1 L ,J I sf f' in i H' 4 ' 'oi 5 ffl VIE' ..s ' "" PE' junior student Rodger Reineck tries to steal the ball from the opposing team which is the El Cajon Braves. The Matadors defeated the Braves 9-0. Rodger is number 3 on the soccer team and plays center forward position. Mt. MigueI's soccer team practices daily during the winter. Marcia jones Mike jordan Tim jordan Debbie jourden Susan jurchenko Wyatt justice av Ronald justice ' john Kaminsky Larry Kammerude David Kaplan Candy Kazen Mike Kemme t ,IC X I ,V.,2' Steve Kennedy Becky Kern Ronald Kidd Terri Kidder Darrel Kincaid Pat Kirby Kimmie Kissinger Henry Koa Bruce Koike Pat Kornegay Karen Koseki Bruce Kowasch 994,342 Donald Kriscunas Kerry Krominga Debbie Krupp Rita Laberge Mary Labeta Michael Labonville lim La Chusa Michele Lajeu nese 4-Je Mt, Miguel's Varsity Basketball Team practices before game against the Hiltop Lancers. Matadors were disappointed with a loss. Judy Lake Ed Lambert Thomas Lambert Pam Lancaster Chris Landry Tom Lane jeff Lange Lois Langenberg jeff Lapp Diane Lara Brent Larkin Trudy Lattman Ron Lawrence Mert Lawwell Dave Laub ' Bob Layton Donald Leavitt Ron Leavitt ,tr . F , :tak - af L -v--,, 1 :s.ii,z:'1V "lf, F G R 5 J v Q n f w f it ,N 'ya' rf- 'rt ff, g . lulia Ledesma Randy Lee Starlene Leekey Richard Lenning Richard Leon Edward Lerma lack Lester Becky Lewis Cheryl Lewis Deboray Linsey Bernard Lomeli Bridgett Long junior Debbie Barker calculates capital gain and profit and loss for ledger practice in Mrs. Martha Morris Book keeping class, fourth period. The machine is a electric calculator which is used in the business classes juniors Participate in Business Classes Diana Long lose Lopez Richard Lorenzen Thomas Lubic Paul Luciano Rebecca Ludwig Paul Lutz Stephen Lutz Rick Makin lairo Manosalva Delia Manriquez Robert Manroe Tami Mar Erie Marier Bob Martin Paul Martin Robin Martin Sandy Martinez Peggy Martz Lisa Mayors Robin Mast Stephanie Matthews Tina May Korey Maynes Robert McCane Dan McCarthy Dennis McCarthy Debbie McClellan lolean McCombs Caryn McCorkeIl james McCoy Bruce McPike Terri Meek Beatriz Mena Laura Mendoza Mike Merrill Robert Merritt Mark Meyer Malcom Miller Mark Miller Cindy Millsap Sheryl Mina fn, Ill M QL, ti 'n Chris Miner Donald Mitchell Richard Mollette Mark Monce Anita Monroe Thomas Mooney in s'u,o : s .. Filemon Moore Larry Moore Twirler Colleen O'Conner and the Matador Marching Band prepare to begin their per- formance at the Chargers vs. Bills game, in which they gave the half time show. Norma Moore Ruben Morales Brenda Moreland Mike Moreno Karen Morero Richard Morgan Terry Morris Carrie Moss Doug Muckey Brian Mueller Chuck Mumaw james Murphy lunior Bandarette Maureen Cruz along with other members of Mrguel's Marching Band Inspect the S D County perpetual trophy presented to the band by Orange Glen High School for win juniors Add to Quality of Marching Band Rhonda Nelson Olivia Nunez Bernice Nuno ' Cheryl Nye Christopher Oberg Terrance O'Brien Michelle O'Connell Colleen O'Conner David Odom Lydia Ojeda Tonia Ojeda Peter Olah junior Debbie Sanders, with Mark Price and Melissa Monce of Mrs. Myrna Goodwin's Speech class, perform for the speech-drama production Kaleidoscope performed in November. This scene was called "The Big Brag." Cynthia Oliver Pat Oliverio Shirley Orr Brenda Ortega Robert Osberg Cheryl Osborn Peter Osborne Q Troy Owens U Vickie Owens - Greg Owings Bill Oyama Cindy Painter ' 5, 13' . 5 4 2 , 6, 41,552 3 ,anfis Danny Palmer Theodore Pantazoplus Berwyn Parker Teresa Paterson Pam Pearce john Pecoraro loce ne Pederson lanice Peightal Mark Pelley Patricia Pereira Danny Peretti Charles Perine Curtis Perkins George Phife Danny Phillips Theresa Phillips Larry Pigo 951 ,, I I' Donald Parker fl if Rose Pinkerton Rosalie Pitarro Angelina Porras Rosario Porras Ioyce Powell Susan Price lf, i Q '05 4 s Q -. .6 ' El if in Charles Pryatel Nancy Puckett lerry Williams, a junior, gives his speech on bubble gum. Jerry placed first in the Chula Vista Invitational Contest. Speech-Drama Requires Much Confidence,Poise Q 'ff 1 1. ' 1 .' ' . gf i , i ,, , Brian Pullan Rick Radasa Lyn Radcliff Candice Rains Mike Ranaglia Charmaine Rasmussen Penny Rasmussen Daniel Ratta Ruben Ray Vincent Real Marshall Reece Denise Reese Margaret Reinbold Roger Reinecke lune Reyes Tami Ribby Boyd Rice Wendy Richard lunior Tonya Ojeda works on a macrame project for Mrs. loyce Dakon's fourth period Crafts class. While workingy Tonya talks with Donna Strong about the process of macrame. Matthew Richardson Scotty Richardson Miguel Riggins Terry Riggs lulie King Ianet Ristorucci lunior Creativity, Skill Evident in Art Ronda Robeson lanice Roberts Douglas Robinson Q Ed Rodden 3' 3' Cindy Rodriquez Carol Rogers ttf' its Shirley Rolfson Russell Rodvold Tom Rothe Herbert Roland Roslie Rubalcaba Debra Rue TT? Steve Ruggles Fred Rukgaber Annette Russomondo Cathy Ryan Eileen Salas . Kathy Sams ' Debbie Sanders Tony Santos George San Vicente Beth Saputo Greg Savala Doug Sayers ff' - 45 4' :ef Ioe White, a junior, sketches a drawing lor Mr. Ben Kiegle's fourth period Art class during the week of finals. joe has proved to be talented not only in art, but in crafts classes, also. Papauta Simati Kathy Simmons Dawn Sing Steve Skripsy . Craig Slabaugh Mark Slagle ng,- s 1 . ,, lf' 2 ' i Marie Scherbaum Karen Schlehuber fr-v gt-vt P Elain Schmidt Steve Schnack Mark Schoop Daniel Schultz Kim Scofield Wanda Sconza David Shapiro Karen Shea sl vs' Alex Sherbacov Yvette Shoemaker Gary Shunk Lawrence Shunk Gloria Silva loann Silvers lerry Silverthorn ,. Atauloma Simati Ir. . ,V Ln, ,"Mu J If . U' of ' 'h.,f, ,M .3'- . P Bob Slaugh Ken Slaughter Cindy Sieckrnan Danny Smith Dennis Smith Ken Smith fi! Paula Smith Robin Smith Vickie Smith Valerie Sones Eugene Spain Larry Spence Howard Spencer Ken Sperla Vicky Sprang Q65 juniors Strive for Academic Success in Mark Spriggs Gilbert Sotela loe Stacy Terry Stallard Ken Stennard Sue Stayrook Karen Steiger loan Stenbeck Shelly Sterling Debra Stewart Terry Stewart Gary Stevens Patty Stevens Cathy Stinchcomb lim Stinson Peter Stobbs Bradley Stolte Rich Stovall Sheryl Strangman Robert Strasbaugh Donna Strong Virginia Stroud Kelly Stubbs Dean Sundahl if 9 Q6 1 S K4 ' VE' Math ,ix sexe It Q W l .k W , to I ,wir yr: rl T L, . K N ,ft K K W , " , Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson's Geometry 1C class listens and takes notes as she explains an assignment dealing with the Congruency of triangles. Many juniors participate in this course as their third year of math. Mrs. Anderson teaches both classes of Geometry 1C. -gy: juniors Auggie Varela, Steve Lutz and Annette Russomondo work on a wang calculator in Mr. Marikle's second period Computer Math class. Many sophomores and juniors enjoy taking Computer Math because it David Sunderhaft Matthew Sutherland Darral Sutton Don Swanson Kathy Szemerey loe Tachiquin provides experience for college or business careers, Brian Tarpey David Taylor Robert Taylor Susan Taylor wilt ' WVU K- .. Q' V Q1 We 'X i ST' Y. Carolyn Tena lane Tenney Terry Thatcher Everett Thomas Mike Thomas ' ' Cheryl Thompson Ken Thompson ' Mari Thompson f, ,.. . ,iff YV' Y si-t - 2- il fflrfil Tommie Thompson Wanda Tidmore loan Tillman Nori Tilton Dee Todd Patricia Toposczylt ' ':.x'lM gt' 2 -fi? ' . si . h - 4- a f fp- , 1 X , A L V 2 fe ie W- 'nr a W if ,i is , , , J? t , K ,t W' 'QA , - i - Q. V. Ah - .. s I ' I . ' 9 .V A 5. lunlor Diana Long works efficiently on a sewing project for Mrs Patrr ln Mrs ludlth Stlnton s fifth period Beginning Foods class students cla Neuman's fifth period Beginning Clothing class ln this class stu sit down and hope to enjoy a meal of pancakes They were shocked to dents are required to sew two garments and a group of sewing samples find how good it was considering the looks of the food Home Ec Dept Proves Helpful to juniors Vernon Torres Daniel Townsend Robert Traxler Kim Tribble Richard Trivoli Susan Tucker Jody Turnbull Tony Valdez Yolanda Vargas Agustin Varela Cathy Varela lohn Vermeule Carmen Vasquez Mark Wade loyce Wangenstein Michael Waid Alpha Walker Omega Walker Richard Walker William Walker Donna Waller Shirley Waller Robert Walter William Walters Q, Cathy Ward 'K " Steve Weber Robyn Welch ' ' lames Westberry Damon Whelan Brenda Whitaker This year's Bachelor Arts class proved helpful to juniors as well as seniors. Brian Tarpey, Mike Cuyler, and Ruben Ray prepare a macaroni and cheese dish for Mrs. Sue Blass's fourth period class. The macaroni and cheese dish was part of the lab for the milk group. . I ui: A i i Y'.!fZ"ff .. Q W , : . J, R A 1' . 1 Linda Whitaker lack Whitcotton Cathy White George White Iamie White loseph White Kathy White Mark White Debbie Whitley David Wiese Rolland Wiggs Rick Wilber Carol Williams lerry Williams Keith Williams Sandra Williams Hugh Willingham Mary Kay Williamson Brenda Wilson leffrey Wilson Larry Wilson Rozann Wilson Richard Wolfe Collette Woosley Being members of the same class through four years of high school, life creates common bonds, close friendships, and acquaintances. Many looking back will share similar memories of the same situations with people who may only have been familiar faces seen on campus or in the halls. Double session programming was an experimental situation when students in the Class of 1974 were all freshmen, and it has endured the entire period of their stay, for good or bad, no one can say. lt is hoped that in the years of growing toward strength, maturity, and independence, Mt. Miguel has been a beneficial and constructive experience for graduates in the Class of '74, lTopJ Senior Advisors for the Class of 1974 were Mr. Robert lames, Mr. William Fussel- man, and Mr. Philip Locke. Mr. james and Mr. Fusselman helped to organize the Senior Prom and After-Prom. Mr. Locke helped with the Senior Banquet. lBotlom Leftl Advisor Fusselman insits that just because Ken Wells is a Mighty Matador Senior Letterman, he doesn't own the world. !Bott0m RighlISenior Dale Hoffman, who is up there in the world, asks Advisor Locke when adults are going to grow up. Memorable Year Was Created by Senior Officers Planning I X A! X :Wg v 5 ,,o'l .dawg lf 2 as l I 5 1,-- - J N, I.,- .f'U, fTop Lefty Senior Class President Mary lones explains to Representative lon Lower the design of the EI Cortex International Room, site of this year's Prom. Mary was offering ideas of how the room could be decorated for lune 1, 1974. Vice-President Steve Solo- mon was unavailable for picture. fTop Rightl Attending a Senior Prom Committee meet- ing to select its theme for this year are Sen- ior Class Secretary Monica Chamberlin and Representative Arlene Thompson. Theme chosen was "Moments We Share." lCenter Left! Christie Sparacino, senior class treasurer of the fall semester, is involved in figuring the profit made through an after-game dance the Class sponsored in December. lCenter2 At the first Prom Committee meeting is second semester Treasurer Becky Keil. She is discus- sing with members the costs of the After- Prom which was held at Parkway Bowl from 1:30 to 5:30 a.m. !AboveJ During a Prom Committee meeting, President Mary lones and members Mary Anne Kitchen, Nancy Fin- ley, and Barbara Gibson participate in discus- sion about a theme for the prom. tBelowJ Seniors lon Lower and Sheri Clark attend an evening meeting of Senior Class Council. Nancy Abercrombie Alice Affleck Marlyn Alcorn Debbie Alger Brack Allen Rhonda Allen Terry Allen Henry Alvarez Martha Amargo Andy Anderson Brenda Anderson Charles Anderson Kim Anderson La Vonne Anderson Bea Arquilez Ruben Arquilez Kathy Arrasmith Kim Arrasmith Karen Arwood Mike Arwood Mark Atanasoff Melinda Atkinson Maria Avila Yvonne Bagalini Beth Bailey Rosalvia Ballon Lois Banasiak Daun Barber Lex Barker Diane Bartley 4, QIK . 'f rn- ,. l ,J . A Homecoming Festivities Spotlite Fun . ,v . r I l i 1. Mbove Left! The Seniors brought back "The Fifties" image of the Mousekateers, Riding on the top ofthe cab are seniors Tersa Keith, and Tony Salazar. fLefU Coach Ned Blass and Tony Salazar display their agile ability playing paddle-ball during a morning assembly. Coach Blass wore his "swim suit" to raise money for Mt. Miguel's Pool-a-Thon. Home- coming Princesses and attendants look on in amusement, Mbovek Homecoming Queen Cathy Liljestrom is proudly escorted off the field by Mike Myers after her coronation at halftime. Studious Srs. Develop Both Minds, Bodies Steve Wolfe computes an algebra equation in Mrs. Cheryl McNally's second period Ad- vanced Senior Math class. In Advanced Sen- ior Math the students obtain knowledge in advanced algebra, advanced geometry, trig- onometry, and review algebra. Students who are in this class gain an advantage when tak- ing math classes in college. Iohn Bartmas Toni Beckett Tom Beckham Debbie Bellante Dan Bendixon Mitch Benson " Brenda Bergwall Randy Berk Sharon Berkel Daniel Bernal .f 1 v Cindy Bernard Rene Beveridge Darlrae Beckley , 1 . Mike Bishop r 'S' Debbie Blackford , - Q 1.1, Q, A 5 if Psi s Pat Blakely loe Blanchard Karen Board Barbara Brewer Michael Brewer K' Anita Brewster Rodger Bridgeford Glenda Brock Rose Brock Vince Broesch Carole Bronkow lim Brown Laura Brown Mike Brown Susie Brunton Carolyn Budd Sandy Budd lay Bullard Linda Burkleo Carl Burns Hopi Senior Lois Banasiak completes a re- turn serve in a doubles match played in Ms. Sally Kraska's fifth periodlgym class,rfrBottomJ Her partner Maria Santillanes places shuttle- cock in motion to gain points for team. L Nicholas Cappiello 4 Marsha Carpenter Marshall Carpenter john Castellanos Barbara Burton Rose Bush Pam Bushong Salley Bushue Helen Butts Peter Cafferate Will Campbell Glenn Carlson ? 1 ' QNV 27, 1? -w se iam ' Earl Carter fi Robin Carter " Dan Case l C Wav 'Q Y xx .,.,,,?1 il I f tix. I T '1', s '50's Revisit Miguel Again at Homecoming IFar Right! Recreating the fifties style of dancing are Health Teacher lim Peabody and Senior Cathy Liljestrom. The iitterbug was suddenly brought to life as the couple twirled back and forth across the stage. fRightJ Mr. Iames Peabody dazzles students with his rock-around-the-clock dance rou- tine. The slicked back hair, turned up cuffs, bobby socks, and slang expressions really brought the flare of fifties back to the Mata- dors' Homecoming of '73. -.-5 41' KX loe Castrejon Duane Cervantes Monica Chamberlain Daniel Chavez Linda Chavez Mary Chell Anthony Ciotti Tommie Clabby Laraynne Clark Sheri Clark Donald Clay Terry Clegg David Cloud Brian Cochran Marcia Coffin Sharon Coleman Mike Contresas Cheryl Cooper loe Cormier Peter Corrao ILefU Senior Debbie Stevens is student helper for Mr. Bernard Carroll in his third period Business Skills class. Debbie helps students with problems they find in their business law unit. Mr. Carroll makes an all out effort to supply students with the knowledge and basic understanding of the business world that they will soon enter. Assembly Introduces Autu mn Sports The upcoming football season brings spirit and eagerness from sports enthusiasts. The starting offensive and defensive line-up for the Sweetwater game is less lenner, Tom Gallagher, Ruben Ray, Henry Koa, Chris Palazzolo, Earl Carter, Dan Allen, Dave Mor- gan, Rocky Lancaster, Mark Schoop and Mike lones. During this assembly the Varsity Cheerleaders introduced a new dance rou- tine "Gets it on." Despite frantic cheering, Miguel lost to Sweetwater. Rosalia Corrao Dana Corson Cheryl Cousins Kurt Cowell Dan Coxe julie Cox Steve Craig Trudy Crawford Leah Cruz Randy Curry Sandi Curry Richard Darst jim Davis Teresa Davis Robert Daugherty Mike Dawson Melody Dederson Debbie Denmon Donna De Santis Paul Dewy 194 li ,LJ 4. il ,I-f' rr 'P 9-dui x 'sg 0 'ii' ff an 4 ...V t lx ..4 . r V . .. ,QJL 2' C A x arf- A n 4 '31 if I 53 x Day Dixon Nancy Dixon Diane Doll Alfred Domingo Becky Dornbusch Carol Double Carol Dragen Robin Dressel Duane Duever Cindy Duke Donna Duncan Douglas Duncan Terry Duncan Penny Durgin Carrie Dyvig To kiss a pig or not to kiss a pig? The answer was the former for Science Teacher Mr. Eng- berg who pays a taste-tempting penalty for not collecting enough in Miguel's Pool-A- Thon which netted over 57,000 dollars from active students, parents, and other local res- idents. Several Miguel students received money from sponsorships accordin to how many laps they could swim. sswtzl 'Ao O' 1 bong-N ,wha c1f' , U ww Mark Dzarnoski leanne Eberwein lim Edwards Bob Ehrhorn cTLD'XX6l,f KNOW -4-fl Ralph Ek Brian Elchlepp Kathy Ellis Cindy Erwin Marcella Espinoza Linda Faamausili Gary Fangman Renae Farley Dina Feldman Diane Ferland loan Ferrell Terri Ferron Lori Fick Bernard Figuracion lim Fike Women s Lib Makes Way for Men s Lib Ready to attack their prey of homemade cinnamon rolls are Dan Schultz Brian Elc hepp, Vince Broesch and Mark Root in Mrs Sue Blass' third period Bachelor Arts Class -A Debbie Fisher Mike Fitz Steve Fleming Chuck Foster Marta Frank Holly Frates Debbie Freed Rodger Friend George Fugate Bill Fuller Randy Gale Tom Gallagher Linda Gallenberger Maureen Gamble Nancy Gamble Anna Garcia lim Garcia lulian Garcia Debbie Garske Barbara Gibson Mrs. ludith Stinton, Senior Homemaking teacher, is shown here explaining how to in- sert a set in sleeve. Students are also instruc- ted how to make different types of dresses and lingerie. Karen Gies Linda Gilcrest Ken Gillman Debbie Gillett ,gs Pat Gillett ' ff' - t, ,. , ig 4 . 'L , Q if Elvia Gloria Illene Goldstein Diolinda Goncalvez Cindy Gonzales Laurie Good Debbie Gordon janet Grant Steve Grantham Ella Graves Susie Greg Spoken Arts Develop Communication Skill Mount Miguel's Drama Dept. undef the di- rection of Mr. lohn Adams, presented the play Interview as part of the produ"ion Kaleidoscope on November 19-21. Incl Jed in the cast were Carolyn Budd, Ralph Nichols, Exchange Student Pierre Wilkner, Graduate Rita Chance, Tony Sawyer, Rosalyn Saputo. I 5? , ' Viqgfjv-gg yum-1 -V , -W gmlg-lggiigfgra if gif ' rra?E'?'Msi.a3 Q 21' , j '. ig fjvffi s ' A ' - . ,.,, I -I , , I -5 .X y s , . . a rg' 1 Je -,-- - fe' fi. riginal asgf .-1 4, ,. 'M ,x Displaying her talents, Senior Michele Mark- ovich portrays a roller skater in Mrs. Myrna Goodwin's second period Speech class. .ig i Karen Gregg Greg Grider Daneda Grissom Lori Gum Iudy Gunn Pam Hadzima Brian Hall Nancy Hall lim Hannibal Richard Harmon Rick Harrow Barbara Harris Kathy Harris Marty Harris Debbie Harrison Susan Hayes Cheryl Hazard Kristy Heitz Kathy Helms Hernandez Guadalud Larry Hernandez Matthew Hewitt Mell Hewitt Lorna Hiapo Robin Hillstone Beana Hinojos Bonnie Hodges Dale Hoffman Q. Beverly Hogan Amy Homant Pam Hood Emory Hook Gary Horgan Seniors Get Challenge of Govt. at Work Playing the simulation game teaches students in second period American Government class how legislation works. Seniors Bob Tilaro, Steve Craig, and Gus Lopez participate in Mr. Richard Sweet's class. Ioel Horn lessica Hortt Boyd Howarth David Hudgins 5 tk -x 'Adv' 2 X- l 4 fs Al 'v .3 -.qu Cf? Judy Hudson Ken Huey Gary Hunt David Huston Robert Inscore Laurie Iacobsmeier Tim Jasper Connie Jeffers Jess Jenner lacquelin Jennings Debra Johnson Teri Johnson Monica Johnson John Jones Karen Jones Lindee Jones Mary Jones Michael Jones Vickie Jolly Steve Jordan Assistant News Editor Yolanda Marmolejo gives a critical last look at news copy pre- pared for the Homecoming edition of El Trov. Yolanda also heads Press Bureau. Sr. Banquet Creates Man Memories Mbove Left! Folk singers Mark Gywnn and his brother Craig were a part of the enter- tainment presented at the Senior Banquet December S. They played some songs by Cat Stevens which included Moonshadow, Peace Train, Father and Son, and Beautiful. deft? Enjoying a meal consisting ot veal, baked potatofand green vegetables is Senior Class President Mary lones. The banquet was held at the El Cortez in the Catillion Room. IA- bovei Hypnotist Doctor Downs climaxes his performance while having Penny Durgen, Patrice Richardson, and Anna Garcia under hypnosis. ln the background is Bob Ehrhorn helping Doctor Downs keep his balance. Biology Has Puzzling Moments Taking a test in Mr. Patrick Price's fourth period Biology class, senior Eddie Moorse is puzzled over a question about the anatomy of a frog. This class gives the students a gen- eral understanding in the science of life. Pam Kauffman lim Knorr Cheryl Lewis Renee Ligget Cathy Liljestrom Muriel Lipska Carlos Lopez David Lopez lon Lower Andrew Lucero Robert Ludwig Annette Luian Dave Maclead lohn Madigan Lisa Majors Debbie Malcom Michele Markovich lulie Manriquez Yolanda Marmoleio Dawn'Martin Mbovej Attending the dance sponsored by the Senior Class on Friday, October 12, is Dale Hoffman. The dance followed the football game played at El Cap against Santana. The game resulted in a 610 6 tie. Mike McGowen Bonnie McKee Charlotte McNall Glenda McNally Robert McNamara lim McPherson Karen Medcalf Ron Meridth Pattie Merritt Sharon Meyer Randy Milford loyce Miller Robert Millum lackie Minor Robert Moline In Mrs. lune Mott's fourth period journalism class students have a workshop to complete the El Trov paper. Students write articles a- bout what occurs around school. 1 f 1 -1 9 ,KQ- T Q X ,- in H554 -an , rpm L 1 -J Creative Minds Train for Deadlines In Mrs. Anne von der Mehden's third period Creative Writing class students learn to write various types of poetry, short stories, and serious essays. This class creates the literary magazine El Cuentito. Elsa Montiel Steve Monoghan Wendy Moore Dave Morgan Kathy Morse Steve Mosley Carrie Moss Dave Mueller Mark Muir Deborah Mullins Braw Myers Carol Myers Debbie Nation lohn Nayslar lanet Navarette Man's Culture Reflected in His Behavior Seniors Sharon Coleman, Brad Stolte, and Bill Lowthian test their imaginations while in- terpreting ink blots in Mr. Bradley Under- wood's fifth period Anthropology class. ln taking this semester-long course, students explore the subject of man's origins, cul- tures, evolution, and behavior. lohn Navarette lozann Navarette Suzanne Navarette Darla Nelson Ralph Nichols Mark Nicholson Tedd Nicholson Debbie Norman Ken Norton Tom Nute Rochelle Nutt Bobby Nye Paul Nyquist Mary Obendorfer Kathy O'Brien Melody Odell Kathy Orcutt Marie Ott Marcella Overly Victor Owens X37 fs. oc sr' xwf Clyde Paecheo Cindy Painter Chris Palazzolo prix -...J Angelina Parras Valerie Parson Teresa Paterson Duane Patterson Glen Patterson Kelly Peacock Fred Pearse left Pene Anthony Peters Dennis Peterson lan Philips Michael Philips In Mr. Gary Loso's second period Psychology class, seniors Ivan Wong and Mary Oben- dorfer demonstrate the game, "Psychology Today." Ivan is analyzing the intricate moves of this three level game which helps students to understand and relate to psychological theories. Debbie Plamandon Alice Posada Mark Price Rodger Price Lyn Radcliff Candy Rains Hilary Rapoza Mark Rasmussen Debbie Rechia Donna Reeb Diana Reese lean Reiland june Reyes Don Reynolds Harold Rhodes A.S.B. Swings Into Action for Activities Senior loe Cormier is one of the many active volunteer helpers associated with A.S.B. who gets involved in many activities like preparing poster publicity. Here loe works with others on posters for .1 Friday night football game, A.S.B. president loe Lulcacik supervises this operation. 4 Kathie Richardson Pat Richardson Debbie Rilling Carolyn Ripley janet Ristorucci Lx joe Ristorucfi Armando Rivas Ray Robinson Peter Robutka Russel Rodwold 3 Brian Rodgers Ed Rolfson Thomas Rollins Mark Root Brian Ross ., 2 X Q ' sin i e 2 Peter Rounds Paul Ruble Christine Sala Tony Salazar Laura Salmon During the fourth period Student Govern- ment, A.S.B. Advisor Max Keyte stands aside while members of this class listen attentively to Pres. joe Lukacik. Human relations and the welfare of students were discussed. Class of '74 Enters World of Budgeting Seniors Bonnie McKee, Steve Solomon, lon Lower, and class look on while Mr, Donald LeCompte points out some statistics about their chances for earning and learning in sec- ond period Personal Finance class. Kathy Sanders Marie Santillanes Rosalyn Saputo Tony Sawyer Steve Schimack Elaine Schmidt lim Schoenweiss Diana Schupp Pam Schutt lay Seaman Barbara Sele Barbara Seymore Norbert Shea Peggy Shea lim Schoeneweis Debbie Shoemaker 3 Q lohn Sieckman Theresa Silvers Karen Simpson lohn Siscon S f 5- MZ Eric Sjogren lames Skinner Sandra Slusser Dorla Smith Dwight Smith Gwen Smith Kevin Smith Steve Solomon Sue Sorenson Christy Spararino Diana Sparks Tom Sperla Kerry Sprofera Michelle Stacey Danya Stafford ln Mr. Donald Evan's third period Consumer Economics, seniors Charles Anderson, Karen Arwood, and Gary Bradbury are reading and discussing an advertising unit. Students learn how to solve the problems a consumer deals with, and are given a general background in areas of personal, family budgeting. Tracy Stammerjon Lori Steffenson Bob Steiger Tom Stephenson Debbie Stevens Melvin Stewart Iudy Stockmoe Brad Stolte Gay Stoudt Steve Stover Donna Strong Karen Styler Debbie Sullivan Marie Sullivan loe Sutherland Debbie Swanson Richard Swarez George Tidball Mark Thomasson Experimenting Makes Way for Discovery Putting his scientific knowledge to work by experimenting with the reflection, absorp- tion, and transmission of sound waves is Sen- ior Carl Burns in Mr. Gerald Swanson's Phys- ics class. In background Peter Cafferata works on his experiment. Arlene Thompson Brenda Thompson Cheryl Thompson Robert Thompson Sam Thompson Richard Tooze i Mike Torres Mike Townsend Bill Trask Sue Traxler Amilia Tufts Elaine Turner Debbie Tyler Mike Uhl Dan Ulch Greg Underwood Mike Upham David Urban Sylvia Uruchurtu Stephanie Van Zant Yolanda Vargas Chris Visconti Denise Wallace Richard Waller ln Mrs. Pearl Prine's fourth period Chemistry, Seniors Tony Sawyer and Tina Mazza are making and testing hydrogen. Tony is adding sulfuric acid to a zinc and water generator while Tina is preparing hydrogen. This ex- periment is called fractional distillation. Vx l V 255'-2.12-fCrQ.,g I 1 xl, , , 12 . , , .ayoxwefuelffj Q4 QM MW? H0 f 1,1 I ,fl A H . - L ,, ' f X V If 'uuy ' mx all, - ,Q cg yi! ,' ,z f 1 x, C7'Cf7 f 'Cg,v11Q ,ffl rho, 1 76, K-'Sf . LIK sense fdmff irffifcg 52,4 'ty' if I K I -V L V1 lil., 'Nc XLL 25345-4-. A ,Ln if V fyf -KQQQYJLVQC , 7 , ' 1 ' JL,fs,c,t 11U..s.X 14.51 ' ecstasy, gmagr cfww-cv - f' 'V ,-if TCAQ ydrmv 6 .swf QQ! ,Ju . 21 - T , 1: View We -we -M jfw fd-A,-A Barbara Watson Georgia Watson Denise Watters Chris Weber Nona Weber Ken Wells Linda Wermers Beatrice Westphal Cheryl Wiersma lames Williams lill Williams Sandy Williams Steven Williams Pierre Wilkner Sue Wilson loe Lukacik busily collects the rental fee of 56.00 for cap and gown as Lina Faamausili is measured by a representative from Colle- giate Cap and Gown company while Debbie Gordon patiently awaits her turn. Commencement Accelerates New lmpulses , xr I A Jn XJ Ox ,L,Qg"vt,1Q1,1,jL1,Jl ,.,, Cc til' L, V 1 . J f L" f" -1il7+iv AJ? in fvjdodrkx X vC,A,. ck U X ri 5 do fwtik iifl nyffqvlf ff' if L 'Y , 216 fl , ""-f.. W 3 . 5 figesi 53 A .A Qu kia Sheri Westrom if Marla Wise A Tim Wohlwend ' Kathy Wolf Steve Wolfe v ,4 Darlene Wondrash Ivan Wong Esther Woolley Wayne Worthington Marie Wright Steve Wright Violet Wright Mark Wynn April Zieser Charles Zimmer Mary jones and Eric Sjogren represent the five hundred graduates who received diplo- mas in the Class of 1974. Baccalaureate cere- mony was held at the Church of Iesus Christ of Latter-day Saints june 9. Commencement exercises took place on the football field june 13. Rodger Zimmerman I as 9a 1 Vickie Zimmerman Top Ten Percent of Graduates Earn Scholastic Recognition Top ten percent seniors, chosen after finding the grade point average of each of the graduating class, numbered 56 this year with Valedictorian Rose Marie Brock at the head of her class. Ranked in this manner, all of the top ten percent held at least a 3.43 average over two and a half years, ranging to the 4.0 or A average of Rose Marie Brock. So close and yet so far, the following were mere thousandths away from their goal, the high position of Valedictorian: Salutatorian Steve Wolfe, 3.9675 Mark Dzarnoski, 3.9315 V Steven Koike, 3.9255 and Eric Siogren, 3.923. Top ten percent students are distinguishable from other members of their class by the gold cord worn at the graduation ceremony. Mark Dzarnoski Steve Koike Eric Sjogren Mary Obendorfer Kenneth Gillam s Pam Hadzima Trudy Crawford Brian Cochran , Top Ten Percent Rose Brock Steve Wolfe Mark Dzarnoski Steven Koike Eric Sjogren Mary Obendorfer Kenneth Gillam Pamela Hadzima Trudy Crawford Brian Cochran Teresa Davis Nancy Finley Debra johnson Karen Gies Nancy Gamble Peter Cafferata Robert Millum Debbie Alger Rose Brock Steve Wolfe llisted in order by G P AJ Paul Nyquist Francine Ciccati Dayna Stafford Renae Farley jessica Hortt Kathleen Morse joyce Miller Diane Doll Randall Berk Christopher Weber Monica Chamberlain Yolanda Marmolejo Maureen Gamble Luraynne Clark Deborah Swanson Arlene Thompson Ella Graves Deborah Rilling Nancy Hall Kelly Peacock Violet Wright Michele Stacy Steven Williams Diane Ferland Mark Rasmussen Michael Fitz Teresa Keith Mark Wynn Tina May Carl Burns Melinda Atkinson lulie Boget Christina Mazza Rose Bush Sandra Williams Barbara Gibson Laura Von Kline Linda Wermers Senior Achievement Prepares Adventures in Leadership ' 'Il "The sky's the limit." "Reach for a star. These sayings reflect the hopes and ambitions of active, ambitious students with specific goals. The Class of 1974 has its share of active students who have records of achievement worthy of recognition. On these pages you will read the names and see the faces of seniors who, througlyinvolvement, have made outstanding records of many kinds. The S ndouts pictured were selected by teachers within various d artments on campus for their superior performance in a particular academic area. These, together with the top ten lpictured on pages 218,219l, head the list of seniors preparing for a life filled with adventure in positions of leadership. ALGER, DEBBIE Die Drachen, 9,11,125 Girls' Tennis, 115 Honor Aisle, 11. ALLEN, BRACK Choir, 11,125 El Trov. 11,12. ALLEN, DAN 4 Football, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,10,11,12. ALLEN, TERRY Girls' League, 105 Mat Girls, 11. ALVAREZ, HENRY Spanish Club, 10,115 Choir, 12. ANDERSON, BRENDA Girls' Swim, 95 Girls' Glee, 9,105 Campus Life, 9,1o,11,12. ANDERSON, CHARLES Frosh Football, 95 Weight Club, 9. ARCUILEZ, BEATRICE Spanish Club, 115 International Club, 11, 125 Service Club, 12. ARGUILEZ, RUBEN Football, 95 Wrestling, 95 Spanish Club,11. ARRASMITH, KATHY Senior Class Council, 125 Homecoming Princess, 125 Student Government, 125 Leadership Conference, 12. ARRASMITH, KIM Senior Class Council, 125 Leadership Con- ference, 9. ARWOOD, KAREN Girls' Glee,10,11,125 Bible Club, 10,12. BAGALINI, YVONNE Swim Team, 115 Mat Girls, 10. BALLON, ROSALVIA MAYO Club, 9,10,11,125 Mat Girls, 125 Sen- ior Committee, 12. BANASIAK, LOIS El Cuentito, 115 Mil Memorias, 125 Quill and Scroll, 12. BARBER, DAUN Marching Band, 9,10,11. BARTMAS, STEVE Football, 95 Soccer, 95 Track, 9. BENSON, MITCH Football, 9,115 Rifle Team, 11.125 ROTC, 9,10,11,125 ICC, 12. strut, RANDY German Club, 11,125 Track, 12. BICKLEY, DARLRAE Tennis, 11,125 DECA, 125 Bull Pen, 12. BLACKFORD, DEBBIE Y-Teens, 9,105 M 81 M Club. 9: Girls'Tennie 115 Girls' Glee 115 Campus Life, 10,11,12. BLAKELEY, PAT Tennis, 95 Track, 10,115 Football, 11,12. BOARD, KAREN Mat Girls, 12. BREWSTER, ANITA Cheerleader, 9,10,115 Commissioner of Finance, 125 President of Girls' League, 125 Student Council, 9,10,115 Senior Class Council, 125 Leadership Conference, 10,11, 12. BROCK, GLENDA Hurdle Crew, 10. BROCK, ROSE DECA, 125 Honor Aisle, 11. BROWN, IIM Track, 9,10,11,125 Football, 125 Human Relations, 12. BROWN, LAURA Advanced Orchestra, 9,10,11,125 Concert Choir, 11,125 Ensemble, 11,125 Mat Girls', 95 lunior Standout-Music, 11. BRUNTON, SUSIE ROP Foods, 125 Christian Club, 12. BUTTS, HELEN Girls' Glee, 9. BURTON, BARBARA Fitness Club, 12. BUDD, CAROLYN Speech Team, 9,10,11,125 Drama, 9,10,11, 125 ASB Commissioner of School Service, 115 Girls' Ensemble, 10,11,125 Student Council, 95 International Club, 95 CSF, 9, 10,'l2. CAFFERATA, PETER CSF, 9,10,11,125 Biology Student of the Year, 10. CARTER, EARL Football, 9,11,125 Baseball, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9. CARTER, ROBIN Mat Girls, 125 Nominating Convention.11. CARPENTER, MARSHA Marching Band, 9,10,115 Concert Band, 9, 10,11. CASTELLANES, IOHN Tennis, 9,10,11,125 Spanish Club, 11. CERVANTES, DUANE Track, 95 Cross country, 9. CHAMBERLAIN, MONICA Banderette, 11,125 CSF, 10,11,125 Pep Club, 95 Senior Class Secretary, 12. CHAVEZ, DAN Football, 95 Tennis, 95 Wrestling, 9. CHELL, MARY Choir, 10. CIOTTI, ANTHONY Choir, 125 Drama, 12. CLABBY, TOMIE Student Government Class, 10,11,125 Soph- omore Class Secretary, 105 Commissioner of Social Afairs, 115 Dance Club, 10,11,12. CLARKE, SHERI Girls' Softball, 115 Class Council, 10,125 BUSINESS STANDOUTS Bob Millum, Diane Doll Mascot, 125 Freshman Glee, 95 Nominating Convention, 10. CLAY, DONALD Soccer Team, 12. CLEGG, TERRY Choir, 10. COLEMAN, SHARON Dance Club, 11,12. CONTRERAS, MIKE El Trov, 11,125 Quill and Scroll, 11,125 Com- missioner of Curriculm, 125 Student Gov- ernment, 11,125 Die Drachen, 11,125 Track, 9,'l0,11,'l2. CORMIER, IOE Track, 9,10,11,125 Football, 125 Wrestling, 95 Lettermans' Club, 11,12. CORRAO, PETER Drama, 10,1l,125 Speech, 10,11,12. CORSON, DANA S-Club, 9,10,11,125 Cape Corps, 11. COXE, DAN Football, 9,10,11, Baseball, 95 Basketball, 95 Hockey, 9,10,11,12. CRANOR, GUY Marching Band, 9,10,115 ROTC, 10,115 Nominating Convention, 9,10. DARST, RICHARD Marching Band, 9,10,11, DAVIS, TERESA Sophomore Class Treasurer, 105 Student Council Representative, 9,10,115 CSF, 9,10. DEWEY, PAUL Football, 9,10,11,125 Baseball, 9,10,11,125 Basketball, 11,125 Tennis, 9,10,11,12. DOLL, DIANE ASE Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, 115 Girls' State Representative, 125 Marching Band, 10,115 Nominating Convention, 9, 10,115 Senior Class Council, 12. DOUBLE, CAROL DECA Club, 12. DUKE, CINDY Girls'Glee, 95 DECA Club, 125 Bull Pen,12. DUNCAN, TERRY Girls' olee, 9,10,11,12. DZARNOSKI, MARK Speech, 10,11,125 Drama, 125 Honor Aisle, 115 Basketball, 95 Tennis, 9. EBERWEIN, IEANNE Dance Club, 125 Fitness Club, 12. EHRHORN, BOB Varsity Swimming, 10,11,125 Water Polo, 11,125 Mil Memorias, 11,125 International Club Officer, 11,125 Nominating Conven- tion, 115 Choir, 12. ERWIN, CINDY Banderette, 105 Dance Club, 11,12. FELDMAN, DINA Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 9,10,115 Wind Ensemble, 115 ASB Commissioner of Human Relations, 125 Human Relations Committee, 125 Class Council, 9,125 Pep Band, 12. FERLAND, DIANE Orchestra, 95 Marching Band, 10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 10,115 Pep Band, 10,11,125 Wind Ensemble, 12. FERRON, TERI Dance Club, 12. FIGURACION, BERNARD Senior Class Council, 125 Track, 12. IOURNALISM STANDOUTS David Kusu moto, Vince Brosche, Mike Contreras, Barbara Sele 1-I LANGUAGE STANDOUTS Brad McDade, Marie Wright HKE, HM El Trov, 11,12. FILACCIO, RICK El Cuentito, 11. FINLEY, NANCY 3512, 10,115 CSF Scholarshipp Campus Life, FLEMING, STEVE Football, 9,10,11,125 Track, 11,125 ASB, 125 Wrestling, 9,115 Baseball, 9,10. FULLER, BILL Tennis, 95 Symphonic Band, 10,11,125 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 Pep Band, 10,11,125 Orchestra, 10,11,125 lazz Ensemble, 10,11, 125 Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Concert Band,9. GALE, RANDY Soccer, 10,11,125 Die Drachen, 9,10,11. GALLAGHER, TOM Baseball, 9,10,11,125 Football, 9,10,11,125 Basketball, 9. GAMBLE, MAUREEN Orchestra, 10,11,125 Wind Ensemble, 10,11, 125 Pep Band, 10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 11,125 Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Girls' Softball, 105 lazz Ensemble, 11. GAMBLE, NANCI Softball, 9,10,115 Marching Band, 9,10,11, 125 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 Symphonic Band,10,11,125 Pep Band, 10,11,125 Or- chestra, 125 Honor Aisle, 11. GARCIA, ANNA Girls' Softball, 12: ASB Secretary, 125 Stu- dent Government, 11,125 Girls' League, 10, 11,125 Student Council, 125 Nominating Convention, 9,10,11,12. GIBSON, BARBARA Mil Memorias, 125 German Club, 125 ICC Representative, 125 Nominating Conven- tion, 9,105 Bull Pen, 12. GIES, KAREN Marching Band, 9,10,11,12. GILCHRIST, LINDA Choir, 11,125 Die Drachen, 9,10,11,125 Girls' Glee, 10. GRANT, IANET Girls' Glee, 9,10,115 Choir, 12. GRAVES, ELLA Commissioner of Concessions, 125 Girls League Treasurer, 125 Class Council, 125 Gymnastics, 105 Choir, 10,115 Student Gov- ernment Commission Class, 11,125 Nom- inating Convention,11,12. GRISSOM, DAMEDA Bull Pen, 115 S-Club, 125 lunior Class Rep- resentative, 11. GUM, LAURIE Swimming, 10,11,'l25 Girls' Softball, 10,115 Speech, 10. GUNN, IUDY Gymnastics, 105 Dance Club 125 Nominat- ing Convention, 10,11. HADZI MA, PAM Banderette, 11,12. HALL, NANCY CSF, 11,125 Tennis, 125 Gymnastic Manager, 125 Senior Class Council, 12. HARRIS, MARTY Wrestling 9. HERRON, IOEL Cross-Country, 9. HOFFMAN, DALE Tennis Team, 95 Basketball, 10,11,125 Marching Band, 9,10,115 Commissioner of 1 Communications, 11. HORGAN, GARY Water Polo, 9,10,11,125 Soccer, 10,115 Swim- ming, 105 Tennis, 9. HORN, IOEL Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Orchestra, 11, 125 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 lazz Ensem- ble, 10,11,125 Pep Band, 10,11,125 Sym- phonic Band, 9,10,11. HORTT, IESSICA Girls' Basketball, 95 Gymnastics, 10, 115 Banderette, 11,125 Girls' Softball, 95 CSF, 'l1,12. HUDGINS, DAVID Photography, 11,1 2. Hufv, KEN Student Government, 12. INSCORE, ROBERT wafer Polo, 105 ROTC, 9,10,11,12. IACOBSMIRE, LAURIE Girls' Softball, 105 Girls' Swimming lFriend- liest, Sportsmanship Awardsl 11, Girls' Gymnastics tCaptainJ 10,11,125 Senior Class Council, 12. IENNER, IESS Baseball, 9,10,11,125 Basketball, 9,10,11,125 Football, 9,10,11,125 Student Council, 9,10, 115 Key Club, 9,105 ASB Class, 12. lENNlNGS, IACKIE Modern Dance Club, 95 DECA Club, 12. IOLLY, VlCKlE Mat Girls, 11,12. 1oNEs, KAREN journalism, iEl Trov Staffl 125 Mat Girls, 125 Girls' Glee, 9. ENGLISH STANDOUTS Hilary Rapoza, Eric Sjogren, Steve Koike, Carolyn Budd , ,,,,:.i3,E!5'f,fHIjiQ'XfV.ffwe'1. A. ig Y, .2 .--4 swf:-.1-, .. 5 SPEECH STANDOUT5 Mark Dzarnoski, Carolyn Budd IONES, MARY Freshman Class Treasurer, 95 Sophomore Class Council, 105 junior Class Secretary, 115 Senior Class President, 125 Student Government, 125 Inter-Club Council, 9, 11,12. IORDAN, STEVEN Color Guard lROTCl 10,11,125 Color Guard Commander, 125 Cadet Club tROTCl 10, 11,125 ROTC Boat Crew. KAUFFMAN, PAM Girls' Glee, 95 El Cuentifo, 115 Cape Corps, Lt.510,11,12 KEIL, BECKIE M Club, 95 Gymnastics Club, 9,105 Senior Class Treasurer5 ASB, 125 Girls' League, 9, 10. KElTl'l, TERESA Frosh Cheer, 95 Senior ArtStandout,12. KENDALL, MARK Senior Class Council, 12. KINGSBURY, KATHY Tennis Team, 115 Die Drachen 9,10,11,12. KlSSlNGER, LARRY Wrestling, 9,10,11,125 Tennis 9,1O,115 Track, 115 Student Government, 125 Football, 9. KITCHEN, MARY ANNE Girls' Glee, 95 Nominating Convention, 10,115 Student Council, 10,115 El Cuentilo, 115 Mil Memorias, 125 Fitness Club, 125 Quill and Scroll, 12. KLEE, CAROL Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Wind Ensem- bleg 9,10,11,125 Pep Band, 9,1o,11,12, Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,125 Orchestral 11,125 Human Relations Committee, 125 Student Council, 12. KNIGHT, GARY Boys' Glee, 9,10,1'l,125 Football, 95 Base- ball, 95 DECA Club, 125 Bull Pen, 12. Koikf, STEVEN t Basketball, 9,10,11,125 Human Relations Committee, 11,125 CSF, 9,10,11,125 lunior Science Standout5 Honor Aisle 115 Senior Standout, 12. KORNEGAY, KATHLEEN V Q S-Club,95 Pep Club, 95 Mat Girls, 10,115 Asa, 12. KRAMER, DON Baseball, 12. KREUZER, BILL Football, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,105 Track, 9,10. KRINGS, IOHN Football, 9,10,11,125 Baseball, 9,10,11,125 Basketball, 9. LANCASTER, ROCKY Football, 10,11,125 Track, 9,11,125 Baseball, 10. LATTMAN, TRlXY Mat Girls, 95 Class Council, 9,10,11,125 Student Government, 10,115 Dance Club, 10,115 Nominating Convention 9,10,11,125 Girls' League, 12. UGGETT, RENEE' Drama lRock of Agesl 9,105 l Club, 9,10. LENNING, RICHARD Wrestling, 9,10,115 Marching Band, 9,115 Symphonic Band, 9,10,115 DECA, 115 Foot- ball, 115 Water Polo, 11. LILIESTROM, CATHY Freshman Vice-President, 95 IV Cheer- leader, 10, Varsity Cheer, 11,125 Drama, 10,11,125 ASB, 11,125 Homecoming Queen 12, Senior Standout, 125 Girls' League, 9, 10,11,12. PHYSICAL EDUCATlON STANDOUTS Mark Dzarnoski, Roz Saputo, Nancy Hall, Laurie lacobsmeier LILLY, KATHY Black Awareness Club, 11,12. LIPSKA, MURIEL Girls' Glee, 9, Choir, 10,115 Girls' League, 9. LOPEZ, DAVE Football, 9,105 Soccer, 9,105 Tennis, 9,10, 11, ASB, 9,10,11,125Math Club, 9. LOWER, ION Basketball, 9,10,11,125 Tennis, 9,10,11,125 Campus Life, 10,115 CSF, 105 Nominating Convention, 11,125 Human Relations, 125 DECA 125 Bull Pen, 12. LOYTON, MIKE ROP Plastics, 12. SCIENCE STANDOUTS Nancy Hall, Steve Wolfe 5 r,'l'2:g.:'J ' Q t .-,gt F' -ff-L ' 7' Fa? 1 I , ,F393 E. LUCERO, ANDY Nominating Convention, 9,105 County Representative, 11,12. LUDWIC, BOB Football 9,10,11,125 Baseball, 9,105 Basket- ball 9,T0. LUIAN, ANNETTE Girls' Glee, 9, Choir, 10,11,12. LUKACIK, IOE Football 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,105 Track 9,10,11,125 ASB, 10,11,125 Die Drachen, 9,105 ASB President, 12. MARKOVICH, MICHELE Speech Club 125 Mil Memorias, 125 Nom- inating Convention, 11. MARMOLEIO, YOLANDA "Y" Teens lvice-presidentl, 9,10, Spanish Club President, 11,125 Student Govern- ment, 11,125 Bull Pen 125 El Trov, 125 Stu- dent Store Manager, 12, junior Standout, 11. MARTIN, PAUL Weight Club 9,10. MAY, TINA Mil Memorias, 10,11,12. MAYNARD, DAVE Football, 95 Wrestling, 9,10,11,125 Tennis, 9,10. MAYS, ANDREA Girls' Glee Club, 95 Choir, 10,11, 125 Cape and Cadence Corps, 10. MAZZA, TINA Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 10,115 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 Orchestra, 9,10,11,125 Pep Band, 11,125 lazz Ensemble, 11,12. MEYER, SHARON Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Drama, 11, 12. SOCIAL STUDIES STANDOUTS Eric Sjogren, Mary Obendorfer McCANCE, CHARLENE Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 9,10,115 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 Orchestra, 9,10,11,125 Pep Band, 10,11,125 Iazz Ensemble, 11. MCDADE BRAD Football, 9,1O,115 Wrestling, 95 ROTC, 10, 11,125 Die Drachen, 11,125 Student Gov- ernment, 115 lunior Standout,11. McKEE, BONNIE Cape Corps Lt. 11, Cape Corps, 10,11,125 ASB Representative, 9. MCPHERSON, llM Basketball, 9,10,11,125 Student Govern- ment, 11,125 Honor Aisle, 115 Football, 9. MEDCALF, KAREN Dance Club, 125 Spanish Club, 115 Bowling, 125 Human Relations, 125 Gymnastics, 9, 105 World Dance Club, 9. MERRITT, PATTIE Choir, 9,105 Dance Club, 10,11,125 Fitness Club 12. MILFORD, RANDY Football, 10,11,125 Track, 11,12. MILLER, CARL Track, 9. MILLUM, BOB DECA Club 125 Bull Pen, 125 -Mini-Mart, 12. MINKLER, DAVID Computer Club President, 125 Key Club, 115 lClub, 11,125 Psychology Group 125 I Club Photographer, 11. MONTIEL, ELSA Orchestra, 9,105 Tennis Team 11. MORGAN, DAVID Football, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,105 Track, 9,10. MUIR, MARK Key Club, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,10,11,125 Tennis, 9,10,11,125 Student Government, 12. MYERS, ALAN Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 9,10,115 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 Sage Band, 10,11,125 Assistant Drum Major, 115 Drum Major, 12. NAVARETTE, SU ZANN S-Clu b 9,10. NELSON, DARLA Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 9,10,11,125 CSF, 'l'l. NICHOLS, RALPH Spanish Club 115 I Club 115 Barbershop Quartet,12. NORMAN, DEBORAH Varsity Cheer, 11,12, Head Cheerleader, 12, Dance Club, 10,11,125 Gymnastics, 9, 105 Black Awareness Club 10,11,125 S-Club, 9,105 Human Relations Club 11,12. NUTE, TOM Band, 9,105 Photography, 125 Drama, 11. OBENDORFER, MARY Girls' Swim, 9,10,11,125 I-Club, 10. ODELL, MELODY Girls' Glee, 9, Girls' Softball, 105 Girls' Swim, 11,125 Speech, 11,125 President Interna- tional Thespian Society, 11,12. OLAH, PETER Tennis Team, 9,105 Girls' Tennis Coach, 9, 10. OVERLY, MARCIE MM Girls, 9, Dance Club, 95 Cape Corps, 105 Campus Life, 125 Drama, 125 Girls' Glee, 9. OWEN5, VIC Football, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,10. PAINTER, LUCINDA Tennis, 10,115 Dance Club, 11. PALAZZOLO, CHRIS Football, 9,10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,10,11,125 Track, 10,11,125 Human Relations Club, 11, 12. PATTERSON, DWANE Plastics, 11,12. PATTERSON, GLENN Archeology Club, 9. PEACOCK, KELLY Gymnastics Club 95 Banderettes,11,12, PEDERSON, MELODY Banderettes 11,125 Marching Band, Campus Life, 11. PENE, IEFF Mount Miguel Band, 9,105 DECA, 12. PETERS, TONY Choir, 9,10,11,125 ROTC, 10,11,125 Water- Polo, 115 Barbershop Quartet, 12. PETERSON, DENNIS Track, 11,125 Drama, 11,125 Choir, 10,11,125 ROTC, 10. PLAMANDON, DEBBIE Y Teen President, 105 El Cuentito Co Editor of El Cuentito5 Fittness Club, 12. PRICE, MARK Drama, 9,10,11,125 Speech, 10,11,125 Stu- dent Government, Commissioner of Ath- letics, 125 Water Polo, 9,10,11,125 Swim- ming, 9,105 DECA Store Manager. PRICE, RODGER Water Polo 9,10,11,125 Boys' Swim, 9,10,11, 125 Commissioner of Communications, 12, CSF, 11,125 Wrestling, 9, Senior Class Coun- cil, 125 ICC President, 125 Nominating Con- vention, 11,12. RADCLIFF, LYNN Tennis Team, 125 Cheerleader, 9,105 Drama Club, 115 Softball, 9,10,11. RAINS, CANDY Glee Club, 9,11. RAPOZA, HILARY Girls' Glee, 9, Speech, 10, Choir, l0,11,125 Ensemble, 10,115 Nominating Convention 10,11,125 Student Government, 12. RASMUSSEN, MARK Pep BancL,11,12, Wind Ensemble, 11,125 Symphonic Band, 11,125 lazz Ensemble, 11,125 Marching Band, 11,125 Orchesna, 11. RECCHIA, DEBBIE Dance Club, 11,125 Speech, 11,125 I Club, 9,105 Drama, 115 Thespain Secretary 12. REYNOLDS, DON Football, 9,105 Track, 9,10. MATH STANDOUTS Karen Gies, Steve Wolfe I 1 Xcsfwr RHODES, HAROLD Football, 9,105 Tennis, 9,10, Wrestling, 9, 11. RICHARDSON, PATRICE Commissioner of Elections, 125 Girls' League Secretary, 125 Most School Service Standout, 125 Girls Softball, 9,10,11,125 Girls' Swim, 9,105 Student Government, 9,10,'l'l,12. RILLING, DEBBIE Banderettes, 10,11,125 Banderettes, Cap- tain, 11,125 Pep Club, 95 Girls' Glee 9, Choir, 1o,11. RISTORUCCI, IANET Spanish Club, 105 Campus Life,115 Human Relations, 115 Gymnastics, 10. RISTORUCCI, JOE Football, 9,10,11,12. RIVAS, ARMANDO Football 95 Tennis 95 Soccer, 10,11. ROBUTKA, PETE Track, 11,125 Cross-Country,11,12. ROLFSON, EDDIE Baseball, 9. SALAZAR, ANTHONY lunior Class Treasurer, ll5 Key Club, 11,125 Student Council, 9,10,11,125 Campus Life, 11,12. SANDERS, KATHY Modern Dance Club 9. SAPUTO, ROSALYN Drama, 9,10,11,125 Dance Club, 10,11,125 Speech, 11,125 Girls' Glee 9, Thespian Club, 11,125 Gymnastics, 9. SAWYER, TONY Tennis, 105 Drama, 125 Speech, 10,125 I Club,12. SCHUMACK, STEVE I Clubg 11,12. SCHMIDT, ELAINE Tennis, 10,115 Speech, 115 Drama, 11. SCHOENEWEIS, IIM Football, 9,105 I Club 11,125 Soccer, 115 Baseball, 9,105 Key Club, 9,10, SCHUPP, DIANA El Cuentito, 115 CBEA State Typing Contest winner, 11. SELE, BARBARA Choir, 11,125 Corps, 10,115 Girls' Swim, 95 Modern jazz Dance, 125 Mil Memorias, 11,125 Thespian Honor Bar Member, 10, 11,125 ROP Science Lab Asst.5 Quill and ScrolI,12. SEYMORE, BARBARA Hurdle Crew, 10. SHERBACO, JIM lournalism,10,11,125 EITrov, 11,12. VOCATIONAL ART STANDOUTS Bill Trask, Sheri Clark, Mike Bagwell Not Shown: Nancy Finley SIMPSON, KAREN Mil Memorias, 10,115 Dance Club, 11,125 El Trov, 11,125 Class Council, 10,11,12. SIOGREN, ERIC Sophomore Class Treasurer, 105 Human Relations Committee, 12. SMITH, GWEN Swimming, 12. SMITH, KEVIN Tennis, 9,10,11,125 Marching Band, 9,10,115 Symphonic Band5 9,10,115 Pep Band, 10, 115 Concert Band, 9. STEFFENSEN, LORRAINA Orchestra, 95 Die Drachen, 10,11,12. STEVENS, DEBBIE Tennis, 12. SOLOMEN, STEVE Student Government, 125 Senior Class Vice-President5 Basketball, 9,10,11,125 Water Polo, 9,10,11,125 Swimming, 9,10, 11,125 DECA, Mini-Mart,125Lettermen's Club, 9,105 Nominating Convention, 10, 11,'l2. SPARKS, DIANA Christian Club, 125 Fellow Christian Club, 10,'l1. SPERLA, TOM Football, 9,105 Baseball, 9,10, STACY, MICHELE Symphonic Band, 9,10,115 Orchestra, 10,11, 125 Wind Ensemble, 10,11,125 Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Pep Band, 10,11,125 lazz Ensemble, 11. STAFFORD, DAYNA Gymnastics, 105 Dance Club,11,12. STAMMERION, TRACY Girls' Glee, 9,10,115 Mat Girl, 12. STEIGER, BOB Choir, 11,125 Barber Shop Quartet, 125 Drama 125 Speech, 125 Wrestling, 9,10. STEPHENSON, TOM Football, 9,10,115 Track, 9,10. STOLTE, BRAD Waterpolo, 9,105 Football, 11,125 Baseball, 95 Basketball, 105 Track, 10,115 Die Drachen 9,10,11,12. STOUDT, GAY Girls' Glee, 9. ART STANDOUTS Terry Keith, Bruce Heath Ll- STYLER, KAREN Gymnastics, 9,10. SWAREZ, RICHARD Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Tennis, 9,105 Wind Ensemble, 9,11,125 lazz Ensemble, 10,11,125 Pep Band, 9,10. SULLIVAN, DEBBIE Girls' Softball, 10,11,125 Cape Corps Lt., 11,125 junior Standout in Business, 11. SUTHERLAND, IOE Track, 9,105 Soccer, 10. SWANSON, DEBBIE Marching Band, 9,105 Banderettes, 11,125 Symphonic Band, 9,10,115 lazz Ensemble, 115 Homecoming Princess, 12. THOMPSON, ARLENE Black Awareness Club, 10,11,12, Treasurer5 I Club, 10,11,125 DECA,125lunior Standout, 115 Senior Class Council, 125 CSF, 10,115 Nominating Convention, 9,115 ICC, 10,11, 12. THOMASSON, MARK Swimming, 9,10,115 Water Polo, 10,11,125 Wrestling, 9,10. TILARO, ROBERT Football, 9,10,115 Wrestling, 9,10,11,125 Baseball, 95 Track, 10,12. TOOZE, RICK Football, 95 Basketball, 95 Baseball, 9,10, 1'I,'I2. TOWNSEND, MIKE Football, 10,11,12. TRASK, BILL Campus Life, 11,125 Die Drachen, 11. TYLER, DEBBIE ASB, 115 DECCA, 125 Badmitton Team, 11. DRAMA STA NDOU TS Rozalyn Saputo, Mark Price ,,r 'F 'I al s ' N -f ' K uf x .tj- -I V. 'Q 4' .vi A-Q fr 3 ul g, .. -E-1 1 A .1--sic!-.4.. .wi I - ! MUSIC STANDOUTS Mark Rasmussen, Carolyn Budd, Tony Peters, Carol Klee UHL, MIKE Football, 95 Wrestling, 95 Golf, 10,115 Su- dent Council, 12. ULCH, DAN Football, 95 Soccer, 9,10,11,125 ASB Rep- resentative, 10,11. URBAN, DAVID I Club Vice-President, 125 Baseball, 95 Wrestling, 95 Student Faculty-Relations Committee, 11. VISCONTI, CHRIS Wrestling, 9,10,11,125 Football, 10,11,125 Baseball, 9,105 Class Council, 9,10. WATSON, GEORGIA S-Club, 9,105 S-Club President, 11,12. WESTPHAL, BEATRICE Mat Girls, 11,12, WIERSMA, CHERYL S-Clu b, 11,1 2. WILLIAMS, SANDY Choir, 10,115 CSF,11. WILLIAMS, STEVE Die Drachen, 9,10,11,125 CSF, 10,11,125 I Club,12. WILSON, BOB Basketball Manager, 11,125 DECA, 11,125 Cross-Country, 11,125 Track Manager, 10, 11,12. WILSON, lIM Football, 95 Wrestling, 9,10,115 Tennis, 9, 10. WISTROM. SHERI Dance Club,10,11,125 Fitness Club,12. WOLEE, STEVE Honor Aisle, 115 CSF, 9,10,11,125 El Trov, 11,125 Quill and Scroll, 115 Student Coun- cil, 125 Orchestra, 9,10. WONG, IVAN Football, 95 Track, 10,11,125 Mil Memorias, 'I'l. WORTHINGTON, WAYNE Marching Band, 9,10,11,125 Symphonic Band, 9,'l0,'I'l,12. WRIGHT, VIOLET CSF, 9,10,125 Nominating Convention, 9. WYNN, MARK ROTC, 9,10,11,125 Soccer, 10,11,125 Senior Class Council, 12. N57 X fb" X Q i TM-ly. 33,65 W . rss-1 1014 ,. Q1-,,,,-,- - Q-1 U., six ,1- mv-- Al ui. .1 .3 -M-"ww wfi1 f fW. ,.1f , ,I .2 11. " Q 75. A ,W rm- mwliineg . W- 4 YL Y- Q' X , W 2, jf 1 5' , ,Qu -smgff ,Mgr-f ' ' 'fsl?i!W?saffff'?- ,Uk - 9 VM 'V f, - f .4" IPI -W xg,-Q ' ' :.,. S84 l DEX ". . .No one will ever be able to erase your rn- fluence from our lives." l DEX A Abercrombie, Nancy 14,15,117, 188 Abrego, Alfred 126 Adams, David 126 Adams, Geoffrey 131 Adams, lohn 93 Adams, Keith 49,126 Adams, Robert 144 Adkins, Barbara 164 Adkins, David 164 Administration 82,83 Advanced Orchestra 117 Advertising 239,248 Aeling, Andrew 126 Affleck, Alice 188 Agnew, Mark 144 Agnew, Robert 14,115,126 Albert, George 36,37,93,95 Alcala, Carlos 37,164 Alcaraz, Andrew 144 Alcorn, Marlyn188 Alcorn, Wanda 37,144 Alderete, Sondra 114,126 Alesi, lohn 88,164 Alesi, lohn 88,164 Alesi, Michael 144,147 Alger, Debbie 188 Allen, Brack 99,112,188 Allen, Daniel 44,56,57,194 Allen, Rhonda 188 Allen, Terry 188 Allphin, Mary 126 Arrasmith, Kimberly 188 Arrasmith, Konni 39,126 Arrington, Mark 126 Arrowsmith, David 144 Arrowsmith, Katherin164 Arrowsmith, Heather 38,126 Arruda, Donna 164 Art Dept. 88,89 Arvizu, Arthur 144 Arvizu, joe 164 Arwood, Karen 114,188,21 3 Arwood, Michael 188 Arwood, Sandra 114,126 A,5.B. Officers 28,29 A.S.B. Student Govt. Class 30,31 Asbury, Mike 164 Asbury, Vicki 144 Ash, lohn 144 Asher, Alexa 164 Askew, Bobbie 144 Askew, Stephanie 126 Atanasoff, Mark 188 Atkins, Thomas 144 Atkinson, Keith 61,62,164 Atkinson, Melinda 164,188 Atwell, Dana 126 Atwell, Larry 51,144 Atwell, Micheal 164 Aubert, Cathy 164 Austin, Mike 127 Austin, Ricky 144 Avila, Maria 188 Avila, Robert 127 Ayres, Gordon 55,127,131 Bacus, Evan 123 Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez, Amargo, Amargo, Henry 112,188 Mary 144 Mary 144 Thomas 144 Denise 103,126 Martha 35,79,188 Amiss, Edwin 126 Amundson, Donald 93 Anderson, Andrew 188 Anderson, Brenda 188 Anderson, Bruce 90,126 Anderson, Charles 164,188,113 Anderson, David 49,126 Anderson, Denise 126 Anderson, Elizabeth 110,111,183 Anderson, Gordon 49,164 Anderson, Iames 126 Anderson, jeffrey 61,144 Anderson, Kim 22,188 Anderson, La Vonne 188 Anderson, Laurie 37,76,164 Anderson, Leanna144 Anderson, Lori 39,144 Anderson, Lynn 126 Anderson, Mark 61,144 Anderson, Sheila 76,164 Andrewson, Carl 144 Aragon, Naomi 114,126 Arban, Patricia 144 Archbold, Leslie 126 Archbold, Vicky 164 Archibald, Denise 144 Ard, Cecilia 164 Arellanes, Sergio 164 Arellanes, Gilbert 126 Arguilez, Beatrice 188 Arguilez, Ruben 188 Arguilla, Ben 164 Arias, Michael 164 Arrasmith, Karen 164 Arrasmith, Kathy 31,23,188 Badger, Tim 56,623,165 Bagalini, Yvonne 188 Bagwell, Mike 225 Bailey, Beth 188 Bailey, lanette 26,39,1-44,153 Baker, Deborah 112,144 Baker, Edward 144 Baker, Edward 165 Baker, lo Anne 127 Baker, Peter 165 Baker, Shirley 86 Baker, Trudy 164 Balaban, Nancy 145 Balaban, Teresa 127 Balderas, Michael 60,63,145 Baldwin, Catherine 145 Baldwin, Ronald 164 Baldwin, Rosemary 145 Bales, Iames 14,145 h Bales, Richard 145 Ball, john 48,145 Ballon, Gloria 76 Ballon, Rebecca 145 Ballon, Rosalva 165,188 Ballon, Rosario 145 Balmos, Cynthia 145 Bamberg, Carolyn 93,95 Banasiak, Lois 97,101,188,191 Barber, Barber, Barbot, Barclay, Barcus, Barcus, Barker, Barker, Barker, Barker, Barker, Barnes, Daun 188 Mary 38,127 Sherry 165 Susan 145 Douglas 14,165 Gregory 14,126,127 Deborah 57,112,165,175 Elizabeth 57,145 Lex 188 Rex 87 Stephanie 127,252 Pamela 14,127 Barr, Lynn 145 Barrow, Arriele 106 Bartley, Diane 188 Bartley, Michael 165 Bartmas, lohn 190 Barton, Thad 165 Baseball, Frosh 75 Baseball, 1. V. 74 Baseball, Varsity 72,73 Basketball, Frosh 55 Basketball, LV, 54 Basketball, Varsity 52,53 Bassett, Lance 14,127 Bassham, Tina 165 Bastian, Elmer 165 Bastian, Patricia 127 Bates, Gordon 165 Bates, leanne 145 Bates, Orval 61,62,165 Bauer, Mary 17,79,165 Baumann, Julie 127 Baumann, Mark 145 Baxter, lulia 114,127 Baxter, Robert 53,165 Beaudoin, Paul 127,132 Beaulieu, jeffrey 127 Beckett, Toni 190 Beckham, Charles 127 Beckham, Thomas 190 Beckman, Glenn 145 Beezley, Richard 145 Belanger, Brenda 66,145 Belknap, june 119 Bell, Gene 127 Bell, I. Randall 145 Bellante, Debbie 190 Bellows, Warren 85 Benbrook, Mark 14,127,145 Bender, Patricia 92 Bendixen, Donald 190 Benjamins, Dorothy 145 Benjamins, Elizabeth 91,114,127 Bennett, Laura 145 Bennett, Mark 165 Bennett, Paul 87 Benson, Mark 49,127 Benson, Mitchell 190 Bentley, Christine 31,145 Benz, Ronald 127 Bergeron, Michele 37,145 Bergwall, Brenda 190 Berk, Randall 190 Berk, Sandra 31,100,165 Berke, lames165 Berkel, Sharon 190,239 Bernal, Catherine 145 Bernal, Daniel 44,190 Bernard, Candice 190 Bernhardt, Pamela 66,146 Berry, Marion 14,127 Berryman, Cynthia 146 Beveridge, Renae 190 Beveridge, Richard 14,146 Beyer, Michael 14,127 Bickley, Darlrae190 Birch, Paul 165 Bischop, Mark 127 Bishop, Mike 190 Bjelland, Patricia 146 Black, Awareness 35 Black, Chet 165 Black, Salli 128,135 Black, Teresa 165 Blackford, Debbie 190 Blake, Joi 71 Blake, Mark 55,128 Blakeley, Myra 146 Blakeley, Patrick 44,191 Blanchard, Chris 128 Blanchard, joseph 191 Blanco, George 37,44,165 Bland, Connie 165 Bland, Vicki 30,31,112,165 Blas, Steven 112,165 Blas, Valerie 112,146 Blass, Ned 1o,12,5e,11a,1a9 Blass, Sue 24,101,102,103 Blood, Victoria 37,71,112,146 Blood, Vondell 37,71,165 Board, loyce146 Board, Karen 39,57,79,191 Boehm, Darrell 128 Boemke, Jacqueline 86 Boemke, Russell 44,82,118,119 Bolin, Deborah 14,128 Bolin,lon165 Bond, Patricia 146 Bongiovanni, Dominic 128 Bonneau, Donald 128 Boone, Donna 114,128 Booth, Terry 14,40,166 Boscia, Nick 146 Boshell, Wenta 128 Boutwell, Alan 166 Bowdren, Linda 146 Bowers, Donald 136 Bowers, Karen 128 Bowers, Mark 146 Bowling, Billy 87 Bradbury, Gary 213 Brashars, Sandra 146 Brasher, Russell 49,128 Bratcher, Diana 77,166 Braun, Diana 76 Braun, Ronald 40,128 Breidenstein, Timothy 128 Breit, Melody 146 Breit, Donald 128 Brent, Sabrina 166 Brent, Tonia128 Brewer, Barbara 191 Brewer, Michael 191 Brewster, Anita 28,30,191 Bridgeford, Roger 191 Bridgwater, Nora 37,146 Briggs, Melody 146 Brock, Glenda 5,191 Brock, lohn 146 Brock, Rose 191,218 Brodzinski, Lorrain166 Brodzinski, Rita 96,166 Broesch, Vincent 191,196,221 Bronkow, Carole 191 Brooks, Mark 48,146 Brown, Angela 100,166 Brown, Dolores 13,146 Brown, Ellen 128 Brown, Iames 44,60,191 Brown, Iames 146 Brown, lamie 166 Brown, Kelly 13,20,146 Brown, Laura 100,112,113,191 Brown, Leann 146 Brown, Lloyd 166 Brown, Lynn 166 Brown, Mary 16,166 Brown, Mike 191 Brown, Richard 128 Brown, Robert 146 Brown, Thomas 128 Brown, William 128 Bruce, Susan 92 Brudvik, Lisa 128 Bruner, Karen 66,128 Brunkow, Pam 166 Bruno, Charles 14,126 Brunton, Matthew 166 Brunton, Susie 191 Bryan, Robert 74,146 Bryant, Billy 128 Bryant, Cheryl 31,166 Bryant, Paula 37,128 Bryant, Shawn 146 Buchanan, David 146 Buchanan, Kathleen 38,128 Budd, camlyir 1a,21,113,191,19a, 222,226 Budd, Sandy 191 Bull Pen 41 Bullard, jay 191 Bultez, Claudia 86 Bumanglag, Don 146 Burgio, Eugene 49,128 Burgio, Paul 48,60,166 Burke, Randy 61,109 Burke, Thomas 48,49,146 Burkart, Karlton 75,128 Burkleo, Linda 113,191 Burleson, Renee 146 Burnett, Marian 166 Burnette, Phyllis 166 Burns, Carl 14,191,214 Burris, joann 146 Burton, Barbara 192 Burton, David 166 Burton, Ronald 147 Burwell, john 55,93 Bush, David 19,147 Bush, Norrie147 Bush, Rose 192 Bushong, Pam 192 Bushue, Sally 192 Business Dept. 90,91 Bussell, Michael 147 Butts, Helen 166,192 Butts, Steven 128 Byrd, Loraina 79 Byrne, Mary 71,145 Byrne, Rebecca 79,166 C Cable, Clinton 68,147 Cadena, Charles 68,69,166 Cadet Band 115 Cafeteria Staff 87 Cafferata, Peter 37,192,214 Caggiano, jean 86 Caldara, Ann 87 Calderon, Angela 128 Calkins, Ramona 147 Callahan, William 128 Callaway, Bonnie 147 Camacho, jorge 147 Camacho, Martha 147 Camacho, Victor 58,147 Campbell, Charles 128 Campbell, Charles 49,55,147 Campbell, Forrest 192 Campbell, john 166 Campbell, Kevin 55,128 Campbell, Pamela 129 Canela, Annie 129 Cannon, Dwight 14,129 Cannon, Lenora 166 Cano, Erlette 147 Cape Corps 16,17 Capehart, Gayla 14,129,166 Cappiello, Nicholas 192 Cardwell, Michael 60,63,166 Carl, joanne 167 Carlile, Lora 17,147 Carlson, Glenn 192 Carlson, Marion 120 Carlson, Sharon 110 Carlson, Steven 147 Carpenter, Marsha 14,167,192 Carpenter, Marshall 192 Carr, Thomas 192,147 Carroll, Bernard 90 Carter, Earl 4-4,72,73,192,194 Carter, Robin 5,57,192 Carter, Susan 17,37,167 Carter, Trevor 147 Case, Daniel 192 Cashman, Gwin 86 Casillas, lrma147 Castillo, Patricia 147 Castaneda, Rebecca 167 Castaneda, Richard 40,129 Castellanos, john 40,192 Castrejon, Gustavo 51,147 Castrejon, joseph 51,193 Castrejon, Luis 51,147 Castrejon, Miguel 37,129 Castro, Benito 40,62,129 Castro, Francisco 60,62,63,99 Castro, Marcelino 48,147 Castro, Vincent 14,147 Cato, Mark 61,167 Caudillo, Dennis 147 Caylor, Donna 147 Cazaux, julie 129 Ceasar, Catherine 129 Ceasar, julian 48,61,147 Ceasar, Teresa 167 Cecil, lim 167 Cecil, Leo 129 Cecil, Pamela 129 Cecil, Renee 147 Cervantes, David 147 Cervantes, Duane 193 Cervantes, Roberto 167 Cesena, Liz 129 Chamberlain, Michael 49,129 Chamberlain, Monica 14,37,187, 193 Chamberlain, Stephen 147 Chapman, Elizabeth 147 Chapman, Robert 148 Chappell, Cynthia 14,167 Chappell, jerald 14,40,129 Chapple, Donald 13,167 Charles, Kathleen 148 Chavez, Daniel 193 Chavez, Linda 193 Chavez, Vincent 167 Cheeks, Diana 167 Cheerleaders, Frosh 27 Cheerleaders, I. V. 26 Cheerleaders, Varsity 24,25 Chelberg, Daniel 129 Chell, Mary 193 Chester, Robert 14,167 Chisnell, Brian 14,148 Christensen, Denise 129 Christianson, Dana 61,88,91,167 Christman, Lonnie 14,148 Chubb, Ronald 167 Ciotti, Anthony 112,193 Cipranic, Ben 110 Clabby, Tommie 31,77,122,193 Clack, Penny 167 Clark, Carson 53,54,167 Clark, Cindy 114,148 Clark, Daniel 129 Clark, Gail 86 Clark, james 14,129 Clark, john 14,148 Clark, Kris 27,129,133 Clark, Luraynne 193 Clark, Warren 129 Clarke. Sheri 25,187,193,225 Clay, Donald 11,193 Clay, Douglas 167 V Clegg, Theresa 193 Close, joan 90 Cloud, David 193 Cochran, Brian 193,219 Codding, Richard 61 Coe, Samuel 129 Coffin, Marsia193 Cogburn, Karen 148 Coit, Lynne 114 Coker, Richard 14,148 Cole, Donna 129 Coleman, Sharon 77,193,208 Collier, Dennis 129 Collier, Theresa 148 Collins, Gregory 167 Collins, jacquelyn 66,129 Collins, Mary 66,148 Collins, Timothy 167 Comer, Kenneth 40,130 Comer, Norm 167 Compton, Brad 49,130 Concert Band 116 Concert Choir 112 Connolly, Cheryl 26,148,153 Conrad, Kelly 148 Contreras, Gilbert 167 Contreras, Michael 29,61,98,193, 221 Cook, Anna 130 Cook, Elizabeth 148 Cook, judy 148 Cook, Kelly 112,167 Cook, Raymond 167 Cook, Valerie 168 Cooley, Denise 13,148 Coon, Douglas 72,168 Cooner, Michele 17,112,148 Cooner, Tamara 114,130 Cooper, Cheryl 193 Cooper, Mark 148 Coover, Tim 68,148 Cope, David 130 Cope, Mike 168 Cordova, Fred 167 Cordova, lody 27,29,130,133 Cormier, Raymond 44,60,193, 210 Corrao, And rea 37,148 Corrao, Peter 37,193 Corrao, Rosalia 194 Corson, Dana 38,194,239 Corson, Linda130 Cortopassi, Richard 112,168 Coudy, Roberta 29,77,169 Counselors 84,85 Cousins, Cheryl 194 Covarrubias, Mike 148 Cowell, Kelly 148 Cowell, Kurt 98,194 Cox, Betty 168 Cox, julie 194 Cox, Timothy 148 Coxe, Danny 37,39,194 Crabb, Betsy 114,130 Craft, Pamela 130 Craig, Stephen 68,194,200 Cranor, Guy 14,168 Crawford, Edward 130 Crawford, Trudy 194,219 Cronauer, Scott 130 Cross-Country 62, 63 Crosswh ite, jeff 167 Crow, Halbert 98 Crowell, Lacey 148 Cruikshank, Steven 148 Crump, Teresa 148 Crutcher, Wendy 130 Cruz, Leah 194 Cruz, Maureen 15,20,83,99,101, 168,177 C.S. F. 36,37 Cummings, Martha 34,85 Cu nanan, Armando 123 Cu nradi, james 130 Curl, Donna 167 Currie, Vicki 148 Curry, Randall 99,194 Curry, Sandy 194 Curtis, Carol 76,131 Cushman, Bruce 130 Custodians 87 Cutler, Tamra130 Cuyler, Alfonso 55,130 Cuyler, Daniel 130 Cuyler, Larue 148 Cuyler, Michael 167 D D Abruzzi, Virginia 31,168 Dacy, Sherry 167 Dahlstrom, Dale 130 Dail, Pete 130 Dakin, loyce 88 Dale, Michele 66,167 Dale, Sharon 167 Dalrymple, james 123 Dance Club 77 Daneri, Daniel 40,148 Daniel, Paul 62,148 Daniel, Steven 130 Daniels, David 78,168 Daniels, Mary 130 Danner, Kenneth 168 Danner, Timothy 13,148 Darby, Steve 14,168 Darnell, Gerald 168 Darst, Richard 109,194 Daugherty, Robert 194 Davenport, Clifford 48,148,58 Davidson, Bruce 123 Davis, Cynthia 148 Davis, Daniel 168 Davis, David 168 Davis, Diane 148,14 Davis, james 194 Davis, jeanne 168 Davis, joseph 148,97 ,37,40 Davis, Michael 148 Davis, Pamela 168,79 Davis, Teresa 194,168,37 Dawson, john 194 De Husson, Debora 168 De Leon, David 149 De Nunzio, Stephe 149,14 De Regne, Lewis 149 De Santis, Donna 194 De Witt, Cindie 130 Dean, Archie 130 Deane, Mark 149 Dearman, Bill 130,168 Debus, Margaret 149 Deise, Donald 130,49 Deise, Karen 113,168 Delaney, Peggy 130,37,114 Denmon, Debra 194 Denmon, Robert 149 Dent, john 149 Dewey, Paul 194 Dewitt, Denise 149 DiMaggio, Anthony 168 Di Maggio, Michael 130,49 Diaz, William 149 Dibb, Randall 130,62,40 Dinges, Rosemarie 168,57,100 Dixon, Day 195 Dixon, Ferrell 169,74 Dixon, Gregory 44,169,56 Dixon, Nancy 195 Dockery, Nancy 130 Dockery, Tamela 149 Doby, Bob 169 Doland, Ida 9,130 I , 231 Doll, Diane 195,220 Doll, Ricki 13o,49,75 Dollard, Lynn 149 Domingo, Adaleah 149,153,26 Domingo, Alfredo 44,195 Donley, George 149 Dornbusch, Rebecca 195 Doty, Robert 169 Double, Carole 195 Doughty, Robyn 169,77 Drab, Anna 130 Drager, Carol 195,169 Drake, Kathleen 130,57 Drama 18,19 Dressel, Robin 89,195 Drurri, Iona 149 Duea, Virgil 82,83 Du Frene, Tracy 38 Du Puy, Peter 130,138,49,59 Duehr, Ronda 149 Duever, Duane 195 Dufon, Cherri130 Duke, Cindy 195 Duke, Susan 149,112 Duncan Du ncan Du ncan Du ncan , Bryan 149 Donna 195 Duncan, , Douglas 196 , Hugh 130 , Terry 195,114 65,64 Robert 170 Dunham, Doreen 149,155,39 Dunn, Edward 104 Dunn, Michelle 149 Dunne, William 169 Durgin, Penleigh 195,203 Durkee, Darryl 37 Durson, Anita 169 Dutton, Max 131 Dwyer, Marla 20,112,113,169,40 Dyvig, Carrie 195 Dzarnoski, Mark 20,37,195,222, 223,218,18,19,21 E Eagle, Cynthia 131 Eaton, William 149 Ebersole, Amy 169 Eberwein, Linda 195,77 Edwards, lames 195 Ehrhorn, Robert 243,195,203,96, Ek, Ralph 20,196,68 El Cuentito 100 El Trov 98,99 Elchlepp, Brian 196 Elder, Iulla 131 Elliott, Fred 120,155 Elliott, Ona 123 Ellis, David 149,51 Ellis, Delilah 149 Ellis, loanne 169 Ellis, Kathy 196 Ellis, Richard 149 Ellis, Robin 93,131,133,217 Encisco, Felicitas 169,71 Engberg, Charles 120,121,195 Engle, Danny 131 Engle, Lori 131 Engle, Walter 169,56,72 English Dept. 93-95 English, Karen 14,9,14 Enos, Clayton 131 Enriquez, Vicki 169 Erie, Denise 131 Erwin, Cynthia 196,77 Erwin, Karen 169 Erwin, Peter 131 Espinoza, Marcella 196 Estrada, Cheryl 169,14 Estrada, Ire ne 131 Estrada, Rose-Marie 127,131,57, 116 Eubanks, Dan 104 Evans, Donald 122,123,213 Evans, Frank 169 Evans, joe 149 Evans, Marti 17,150 Evans, Michael 131,49 Evans, Sheila 150 Evans, Terri 131 Everett, lohn 131 Evraets, Rodney 150 Exchange Students 33 F Faamausili, Lina 196,216 Fagersten, Sylvia 169 Fambrough, Thomas 169 Fangman, Dennis 169 Fangman, Douglas 169 Fangman, Gary 196 Farley, Renae 196 Farney, Donald 131,49 Farrell, Susan 150 Farris, Chrystal 169 Faul, lohn 131 Faustino, Edwin 131 Faustino, Leondias169 Favorite, Theresa 169 Feather, lolleen 169 Feldman, Dina 196 Feldman, leffrey 131,14 Feldman, Nadina117,14,15,29 Ferguson, lulie 131,57,38 Ferland, Cynthia 112,113,169, 2,77,40 Ferland, Diane 196,117,14,34 Ferrell, loan 196 Ferrer, Eddie 169 Ferron, Sheri 169 Ferron, Teri 196,77 Fick, Lori 196 Field, Wayne 131,49 Figuracion, Bernard 196 Figuracion, lnigo 55,131 Fike, lames 196,98 Filaccio, Richard 196,70 Filaccio, Louis 169 Filippini, Valerie 169 Filley, lames 48,54,169 Filley, Margaret 169 Finch, lames 34,82,83 Findley, Belinda 169,100 Findley, Lissa 150 Fingerman, Sharon 86,142 Finlayson, Diane 150,112,71 Finlayson, Deborah 196 Finley, Nancy 196,187 Finnauson, Deborah 169 Finnegan, Wendy 169 Fino, Debra 131,114 Fischer, Michael 131 Fischer, Suzann196 Fischl, lohn 131 Fisher, Debra 197 Fiske, Esther 132 Fiske, lennifer 150,113 Fiske, Roseann 169 Fitz, Michael 197,68,64 Fitzpatrick, Deborah 169 Flau, Karen 169 Fleck, Vickie 132 Fleming, Danny 44,169 Fleming, lack 169 Fleming, Richard 132,49 Fleming, Steven 44,47,197,29,60 Fletcher, Shelli 170,77 Fletcher, Victoria 150 Flint, Richard 48 Flores, Chris 150,54,74 Flores, jennifer 150 Flow, Debbie 170 Flowerree, David 150 Foley, Douglas 150 Football, Frosh 49 Football, 1. v. 48 Football, Varsity 44-47 Foote, Karen 150 Foran, Matthew 132 Ford, Douglas 132,40 Forester, Patricia 150,99,101 Forgey, Cynthia 170,37 Forgey, Elaine 150,71 Forman, Pauline 93 Formanek, Randy 150 Forrest, Cheryl 132 Foster, Charles 13,197 Foster, Mark 55,132,75 Foster, Richard 170,68,64 Franco, Lewis 49 Franco, Maria 150,78 Franco, Marta 170 Frank, Bruce 55,132,49,75 Frank, Marta 197 Frates, Hollie 197 Freed, Debbie 197,112 Freeman, Duane 49,72,11B Freeman, Susan 132,114 Freeman, Teri 48 Freiderichsen, 86 Freshman Class 126-143 Frice, lohn 150,54,61 Friend, Michael 150 Friend, Roger 197,14,15 Frisk, Edward 48,150 Fritz, Daniel 132 Fuentes, Maxine 132 Fugate, George 197 Fugate, Mary 150,14 Fuller, George 170 Fuller, William 197,14 Fullerton, lennifer 150 Funk, Mike 150 Funk, Mitzi 31,171,25 Funk, Tony 48,150 Fusselman, William 93,186 G Gabou ry, Vicki 132 Gaddy, Ellen 170 Gaddy, Nonalee 57,150 Gale, Randolph 10,50,51,197 Gall, Steven 170 Gallagher, Tom 44,4s,47,72,194, 197 Gallardo, Patricia 150 Gallenberger, Linda 170,197 Gamble, Maureen 14,197 Gamble, Nancy 14,37,197 Gamboa, Aida 170 Garber, Theresa 170 Garcia, Anna 28,30,197,203 Garcia, Diana 170 Garcia, laime 150 Garcia, james 197 Garcia, lane 14,79,170 Garcia, julian 197 Garcia, Rene 49,132 Garcia, Sergio 150 Garnett, Gary 49,132 Garrett, loanna 37,150 Garske, Cynthia 145,150 Garske, Deborah 197 Garske, lames 132 Gassaway, Danny 151 Gauert, Edward 170 Gebhardt, William 87 George, Nicholas 151 German Club 109 German, Remy 170 Giberson, Cynthia 14,151 Gibson, Barbara 37,40,84,96,98, 187,197 Gibson, Brenda 132 Gibson, Randy 37,112,151 Gibson, Robert 170 Gies, Karen 6,14,198,224 Gietzen, Michael 170 Gilbert, cindy 170 Gibert, Mary 132 Gilbert, Robert 100 Gilchrist, Charmaine 114,132 Gilchrist, Linda 112,198 Gill, lean 170 Gillam, Kenneth 37,198,218 Gillett, Debbie 198 Gillet,lohn198 Gillett, scon 60,63 Gimlin, lacquelyn 151 Ginglardy, Cindy 76,132 Ginglardy, Randy 56,645,170 Ginter, Candice 151 Girls'Glee 114 Girls' Ensemble 113 Girls' League 39 Girls' Softball 79 Gizoni, Marie 87 Gladding, David 44,56,170 Gladding, Florence 132 Gladding, lineane 151 Gloria, Elvia 198 Gloria, Kathy 35 Goins, Dolly 170 Goins, Steven 74,151 Goldstein, Illene 198 Goldstein, Sherry 66,132 Golf 78 Gomez, Alexa 151 Gomez, Agustin 170 Gomez, Paul 151 Goncalvez, Diolinda 170,198 Gonzales, Andy 198 Gonzales, lohn 151 Gonzalez Gonzalez , lose 170 , Larry 87 Gonzales, Good, Dennis 49,132 Good, Laurie 17,198 Good, Sylvia 151 Goodrich, Merrill 140 Goodwin, Myrna 10,21,94 Gordon, Debra 198,216 Gordon, Michael 151 Gordon, Robert 170 Gore, Carolyn 170 Gorman, Patrick 18,170 Gormely, lohn 106,107 Govenor, Marcel 132 Grabanski, Robin 151 Grandy, Rosie 132 Grant, David 151 Grant, lanet 112,198 Grant, Pamela 151 Grantham, lanis 170 Grantham, Steven 98,198 Grantham, Susan 7,132 Graves, Ella 2B,93,198 Graves, Tamila 170 Graybeal, Karen 132 Green, Kim 170 Gregg, Karen 31,39,77,199 Gregg, Susan 198 Gregory, Tommy 199 Grey, Donald 13,119 Grider, Gregory 129,132 Griffin, james 171 Griffin, Terrance 151 Griffin, Vernon 132 Griffls, Kenneth 151 Grimes, Cheryl 171 Grissom, Dameda 171,199 Groggett, David 132 Grothe, Elizabeth 151 Guerra, Amelia 32 Guerrero, Antoinette 171 Gum, Bryan 132 Gum, Laurie 66,199 Gunn, judith 77,199 Gunter, Dennis 151 Gutierrez, Betty 132 Guttman, Adam 171 Guynn, Mark 203 Gwathmey, Cathryn 171 Gwin, Vela 85 Gymnastics 76 H Haag, Carl 14 Hadley, Becki 171 Hadzima, Pamela 15,31,199,218 Haehlen, Herman 14,151 Haeh n, Carol 132 Hag, Ron 74 Hale, Isabelle 84,85 Hall, Barbara 151 Hall, Brian 199 Hall, Kathleen 171 Hall, Margaret 151 Hall, Nancy 37,71,76,199,223 Hall, Stewart 171 Hallas, Lydia 133 Hallcock, Frank 112 Halverson, Clifford 133 Halverson, jeffrey 171 Hamilton, Barbara 94 Haney, Steven 151 Hankel, Franklin 133 Hanlon, Derk151 Hanlon, Wayne 151 Hann, Monte 171 Hannibal, james 199 Hannibal, Patricia 183 Hansell, Robin 14,24,30,31,171 Hansen, Michael 133 Hanson, Ann 106 Hanson, Ken 160,171 Harden, Daniel 151 Harden, Timothy 59,133 Hardouche, Liz 79 Hardy, Billy 151 Hardy, Michael 151 Harless, Donald 44,171 Harlow, julie 112,113,151 Harmon, Richard 199 Harnish, Heidi 151 Haro, Robert 151 Harris, Barbara 14,171 Harris, Barbara 199 Harris, Betty 86,87 Harris, Catherine 14,151 Harris, Katherine 199 Harris, Marty 171 Harris, Warren 49,133 Harrison, Charles 152 Harrison, Deborrah 199 Harrison, Michael 171 Harris, Walter 152 Harrow, Rick 198 Hartman, Simonette 152 Harvel, Martha 66,76,133 Hatch, Dennis 152 Hatch, jerry 171 Hawley, Brian 171 Hawley. loan 14,152 Hawley, l0hn 114,183 Hawn, Donald 153 Hawthorne, Blane 14,133 Hayes, Kip 49,75,133 Hayes, Lesa152 Hayes, Susan 199 Hazard, Angus 171 Hazard, Cheryl 199 Heath, Bruce 225 Heath, Daniel 152 Heath, jodie 133 Heath, Mathew 152 Hebb, Debby 171 Hebner, Steven 133 Hebner, Verlin 171 Hedges, Dorothy 87 Heffernan, Kenneth 44,74,152 Heimbaugh, Daniel-133 Heimdal, Nancy 171 Heitz, Kristy 199 Helgeson, David 14,15,60,62,63, 171,243 Helmer, joseph 49,133 Helms, Kathie 200 Henderson, Rocky 133 Henderson, Robert 171 Henley, janet 152 Hernandez, Guadalupe 200 Hernandez, Larry 200 Hernandez, josephine 133 Hernandez, Ramon 171 Hernandez, Rebecca 133 Herrera, Anthony 133 Herrera, Edward 23,133 Herring, Bart 40,133 Herring, Debra 10,25,39,76,96, 101,171 Herron, joel 171 Hesche, Marjorie 86 Hess, Pamela 133 Hester, Robert 171 Heston, Wendy 133 Hewitt, Mark 152 Hewitt, Matthew 172,200 Hewitt, Melvin 200 Hiapo, Loran 200 Hie, Magdalynne 172 Hill, Alisa 133 Hill, Carol 114,172 Hill, john 133 Hill, william 58,172 Hillstone, Robin 200 Hilton, Karen 172 Hilton, Kim 152 Hinoios, Diana 38,200 Hiser, Greg 152 Hoaglund, Shawn 133 Hobb, Kim 152 Hobbs, Deborah 133 Hodges, Bonnie 172,200 Hodges, Mark 172 Hodges, Rhonda 152 Hoefer, Sharon 152 Hoffman, Alayne 14,152 Hoffman, Brian 152 Hoffman, Dale 52,53,186,200,205 Hogan, Beverly 200 Hogan, Emily 82,83 Holden, Gayla172 Holm, Robert 53,118 Holthoff, Dorothy 152 Homant, Amy 200 Homant, Cheryl 152 Homecoming 22,23 Home Ec. Dept, 102,103 Hook, David 152 Hook, Emory 200 Hooper, Arlesia 133 Horgan, Gary 68,200 Horn, joel 14,200 Horn, jon 152 Horne, Cynthia 172 Horne, Thomas 172 Hornecker, Thomas 90,91 Hortt, jessica 15,200 Hostetler, William 110 House, Karen 152 Housley, Guy 87 Houtz, Ruth 112,152 Houze, Carol 152 Howarth, Boyd 200 Howell, Deborah171,152 Howell, Sharon 37,171,172 Hoyle, Karolyn172 Huckins, Robert 134 Huckins, Ronnie 152 Hudgins, David 171,200 Hudson, judy 201 Huey, Kenneth 31,201 Huffaker, Michael 134 Hughes, Franklyn 78,152 Hulsey, john 44,47,51,172 Human Relations 34 Hunt, Dorthy 114 Hunt, Gary 201 Hunt, Rhonda 100 Hunter, Elliott 134 Hunter, Michael 172 Hunter, Raelynn 152 Hunter, Regina 17,152 Hunter, Ron 172 Huntington, Mark 14,152 Huntington, Steve 14,172 Hurley, Kathleen 38,134 Hurst, Pamela 152 Hurtado, Michael 172 Hurtt, Bob 51,172 Huston, David 201 Hutchison, Michael 134 Hutchison, Annette 152 Hutter, Bob 74 Immel, Dean 14,115,117 Imoto, Michael 152 Industrial Arts Dept. 104,105 lnscore, Fred 134 lnscore, Robert 201 International Club 32 j jackson, jean 153 jacobsmeier, Laurie 39,76,201, 223 jacobsmeier, Mark 49,134 jaeschke, Doris 86 james, Robert 2,90,110,196 jaramillo, Patricia 114,134 jarrett, RilIa110 jasper, Suzanne 76,134 jasper, Nancy 172 jasper, Timothy 201 jazz Ensemble 116 jeffers, Constance 201 jenkins, Kevin 134 jenner, jess 30,31,44,52,53,72, 194,201 jenner, Rex 49,75,134 jennings, jeanmarie 66,134 jennings, jacquelyn 201 jennings, Thomas 65,68,153,161 jensen, Robert 92 jenson, jack 87 johnson, Alan 172 johnson, Debra 37,201 johnson, Douglas 78,153 johnson, Elizabeth 66,134 johnson, Gary 14,153 johnson, Greg 54,153 johnson, julia 172 johnson, Lori 134 johnson, Michael 153 johnson, Monica 201 johnson, Renee 172 johnson, Sonya 14 johnson, Steven 48,153 johnson, Teresa 134 johnson, Theresa 209 johnson, William 153 johnston, Phillip 172 jolly, Ramond153 jolly, Vickie 57,201,252 joly, Walter 51,61,172 jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, Dorlue 66,153 Gary 134 Gordon 64,68,69,172 james 172 jana 134 janice172 jeannine134 john 98,101,134,201,241 Karen 98,201 Larry 134 Lindee 261 Marcia 173 Mary 187,201,203,217 Michael 44,45,194,201,239 Norma 86 Patricia 134 Tami 153 Velma 98,153 William 134 jordan, Christine 76,78,134 jordan, Robert 153 jordan, Steven 201 jordan, Tim 60,173 jourden, Debbie 173 jourden, Larry 14,134 juhl,jeri153 junker, Martin 134 junior Class 164-185 jurchenko, Susan 173 just, wyan 173 justice, Rodney 134 justice, Ronald 173 K Kaminsky, john 173 Kammerude, Larry 60,62,173 Kaplan, David 173 Kauffman, Pamela 16,17,204 Kazen, Candy 71,173 Kearney, Ethelwyn 102,103 Kelli, Beckie 31,187,202 Keith, john 75,134 Keith, Teresa 189,202,225 Kelly, Mark 14,153 Kemme, Mike 85,173 Kendall, jeffrey 49,134 Kendall, Mark 202 Kennedy, Steve 78,173 Kern, Rebecca 173 Keyte, Max 2,11 ,29,30,40,94 Kidd, Robert 153 Kidd, Ronald 173 Kidder, Terri 24,31,171,173,189 Kiegle, Ben 88 Kieley, Patricia 134 Killispie, Sherie 86 Kimbrell, Vivian 76,134 Kimbrough, Kim 153 Kincaid, Darrel 173 King, Cheryl 134 King, David 14,153 King, lulie 180 King, Robben 202 Kingsbury, Kathleen 202 Kirby, Patricia 173 Kissinger, Cheryl 202 Kissinger, Debra 153 Kissinger, Kim 173 Kissinger, Larry 56,202 Kitchen, Mary Anne 97,101,187, 202 Klee, Carol 14,15,31,202,226 Kleine, Paul 31 ,53,60,68,69,202 Klostermeier, Donald 134 Knapp, Cheryl 134 Knorr, limmy 204 Koa, Henry 45,60,173,194 Koch, Barbara 153 Kohanek, Maria 134 Kohanek, Theresa 71,202 Koike, Bruce 173 Koike, Steven 87,53,202,218,222 Kopasek, Michael 134 Kornegay, Kathleen 202 Kornegay, Patrick 45,173 Koseski, Karen 173 Kovacs, lohn 49,134 Kowasch, Bruce 48,61,173 Kramer, Donald 202 Kraska, Sally 76,119 Kraus, Sandra 57,1 26,1 27,134 Krauss, William 87 Kreuzer, William 45,47,202 Krings, lohnny 31,45,46,72,202 Kriscu nas, Donald 174 Krominga, Kerry 112,113,174 Kropf, Teresa 134 Ku ntz, Holly 1 28,1 34 Kusumoto, David 98,202,221 Kusumoto, Russell 58,153 Kwieraga, Catherine 134 Kwieraga, Wayne 134 L La Berge, Rita 31,34,174 La Chusa, lim 174 La Valle, Benita 100,174 La Valle, Tamara 134 La Valley, Wesley 154 Labeta, Deborah 153 Labeta, Mary Ann 174 Labonville, Gerard 135 Labonville, Michael 174 Lackey, Curtis 153 Lagace, Deborah 37,135 Laird, Ronald 153 Lajeunesse, Michele 174 Lake, ludy 71,174 Lamb, Kathleen 77,119 Lambert, Edward 174 Lambert, Thomas 37,58,174 Lanahan, Eric 135 Lanahan, Mitchell 155 Lancaster, Carrie 153 Lancaster, Julie 135 Lancaster, Pamella 79,174 Lancaster, William 45,47,60,194, 202 Landon, Larry 104 Landrum, Tamara 135 Landry, Barbara 153 Landry, Christopher 53,174 Lane, Debra 38,57,135 Lane, Thomas 14,174 Lanear, Kimberly 135 Lang, Greg 61,153 Lange, leffery 53,174 La nge, loel 78,1 53 Langenberg, Lois 37,174 Language Dept. 106,107 Lapp, Colleen 76,154 Lapp, R. 1eff174 Lara, Dianne 14,15,174 Larkin, Brent 174 Lasher, loseph 154 Lattman, Keary 202 Lattman, Richard 154 Lattman, Roxanne 38,57,135 Lattman, Trixy 30,31,202 Lattman, Trudy 174 Lauer, loseph 59,135 Laughlin, lacquelynn 154 Laverdiere, Richard 154 Lawrence, Ronald 174 Lawrence, Teresa 154 Lawson, Carol 119 Layton, Robert 174 Laz, David 200 Le Compte, Donald 41,54,90,212 Le Master, Robert 154 Leakey, Forrest 86 Leakey, Mark 75,135 Leamons, lohn 14,135 Leavitt, Donald 174 Leavitt, Ronald 121,174 Leboeuf, Deborah 202 Lechler, Harald 154 Ledbetter, lean 17,88 Ledesma, lulia 175 Ledesma, Lydia 202 Ledoux, lohn 87 Lee, Karen 202 Lee, Randall 64,68,69,98,101,175 Lee, Raymond 154 Leekey, Starlene 175 Leep, William 59,118,165 Leewaye, Dave 85 Lehman, Michael 135 Leibold, james 202 Leighton, Lorraine 154 Leighton, Randolph 135 Leleo, William 49,135 Lenning, Richard 68,69,175,202 Leon, Richard 175 Leonardi, Antonio 119 t , . Leone Lerma tl, Craig 58,61,154 , Alfred 175 Lerma, Andrew 154 Lerma, Dena 135 Lerma Leroy, Lester, Lester, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Leyva, , Edward 35,48,175 Sue 17,202 lack 175 lerome 202 Becky 175 Cheryl 96,175,204,247 Dorothy 154 Susanne 66,154 Yolanda 175 Liggett, Renee 204 Liljestrom, Cathy 18,19,20,22,25, 31,77,1s-3,192,204 Liljestrom, lohn 49,59,135 Liljestrom, Mark 154 Lillard, Harold B7 Liming, Darlene 114,154 Lindmeier, David 154 Linsey, Deborah 175 Lipska, Muriel 204 Listander, Diana 27,133,135 Listander, Edward 151,154 Lloyd, Rhonda 114 Lochhead, Deborah 154 Locke, Philip 92,186 Lombardo, Frank 154 Lombardo, Shari 135 Lomeli, Bernard 14,175 Lomeli, Gregory 135 Long, Brett 154 Long, Bridgett 76,175 Long, Diana 175,184 Long, Michael 135 Long, Nancy 154 Long, Steven 72,73 Lopez, Carlos 204 Lopez, Daniel 40,154 Lopez, David 108,204 Lopez, Edward 154 Lopez, Gus 51,200 Lopez, lose 175 Lopez, Linda 79,154 Lopez, Marcella 135 Lopez, Vincent 154 Lopina, Donna 14,135 Loreman, Daniel 104 Lorenzen, Richard 175 Loso, Gary 123 Lower, lon 41,53,61,91,187,204, 212 Lowery, Diane 135 Lowery, Mark 154 Lowry, David 59,135 Lowthian, Elizabeth 154 Lowthian, William 175,208 Lubic, Thomas 51,72,175 Lucero, Andrew 204 Lucero, Lisa 154 Luciano, Paul 175 Ludwig, Rebecca 175 Ludwig, Robert 54,74,204 Luian, Annette 112,204 Lukacik, loseph 28,29,30,45,202, 210,211,216 Lundquist, Gunilla 32,33,114 Luscher, Bradley 37,40,62,154 Luscomb, Brian 62,136 Luscomb, Neal 54,61,62,1S4 Lutz, Paul 175 Lutz, Stephen 175,183 Lutz, Wilheimeina 66,94,136 Lynch, Valerie 14,27,133,136 M Mac Lennan, Regina 136 Mac Leod, David 204 Maca, Mary 14,15,37,154 Madeksiak, Torsten 136 Madigan, lohn 10,45,46,47,60, 108,204 Madigan, William 60,63,88,89, 96,245 Majors, Lisa 204 Majors, Ricky 55,62,136 Majors, William 154 Makin, Richard 175 Malcom, Debbie 205 Malm, Frank 110,111 Manderson, William 92 Mann, Vaughn 61 Manosalva, Gilberto 154 Manosalva, Gladys 136 Manosalva, lairo 175 Manriquez, Delia 79,175 Manriquez, lulia 114,205 Manroe, Robert 175 Manroe, Susan 136 Mar, Tami 175 Marikle, Edward 90,120,111 Marching Band 14,15 Markovich, Michele 99,199,205 Marks, lohn 136 Marler, Eric 175 Marmolejo, Sandra 106,154 Marmolejo, Yolanda 29,41,98, 101,201,205 Marshall, Craig 40,154 Marshall, Victoria 136 Marshall, William 4,50,51,105, 161 Martin, Ann 11,36,57 Martin, Bob 175 Martin, Christy 31 Martin, David 136 Martin, Dawn 205 Martin, Gary 205 Martin, Marion 154 Martin, Paul 175 Martin, Paul 108 Martin, Robert 20,105,154,157 Martin, Robert 19,21,136 Martin, Robin 175 Martin, Steven 40,136 Martinez, Catarina 154 Martinez, Gay 136 Martinez, Sandy 175 Martz, loan 154 Martz, Peggy 38,176 Mason, Darlene 136 Mason, Patricia 205 Massey, lean 136 Mast, Robin 176 Masters, Louvina 155 Mastin, Ann 112,176,205 Math Dept. 110,111 Mathena, Ben 147 Matte, Le Ann 155 Matte, Marguerite 155 Matthews, Mark 155 Matthews, Samantha 30 Matthews, Shirley 30,86 Mattson, Bonnie 114 Mauldin, CediIa136 Mauldin, Loalea 13,155 Maurer, Laura 155 Mawson, Albert 87 May, Tina 96,176,205 Mayer, Lee 14,136 Maynard, David 56,89,205 Maynes, Korey 176 Mayors, Lisa 176 Mayors, Martin 155 Mays, Andrea 112,205 Mazza, Christina 14,96,100,205, 215 Mazza, Ralph 14,136 McAnear, Marvin 155 McBride, Thomas 205 McCall, Earl 136 McCance, Charlene 14,117,205 McCance, Rita 136 McCane, Robert 176 McCarthy, Daniel 176 McCarthy, Dennis 14,15,176 McCarty, Laura 38,57,136 McClain, Linda 112,114,137 McClain, Michael 176 McCleary, Cindy 155 McCleary, Robert 205 McClellan, Debbie 176 McClellan, Rhonda 79,136 McClintock, Nicholas 39,136 McClintock, Stephen 155 McCombs, lo lean 176 McCorkelI, Caryn 176 McCorkell, Charles 75,136 McCormack, Dennis 111 McCormick, Barbara 205 McCoy, lames 176 McCoy, Lyndall 205 McCullough, Anne 205 McDade, Bradley 109,205,221 McElroy, Eric 155 McElyea, Linda 205 McElyea, Loretta 136 McGarvey, Richard 82,83 McGowen, Michael 206 McGrath, Tom 104 McKee, Bonnie 16,17,206,212 McKihney, Denise 136 McLaughlin, Earl 155 McMullen, Kathy 155 McNall, Charlotte 206 McNally, Cheryl 111 McNally, Glenda 206 McNally, Judy 155 McNamara, Robert 206 McPheeters, Sue 155 McPherson, James 53,206 McPherson, Susan 14,79,113,155 McPike, Bruce 176 Medcalf, Karen 77,206 Meek, Barbara 14,155 Meek, Teresa 38,176 Meglich, Ray 176 Mehrling, Dorian 136 Mehrling, Karin 155 Meinung, Terry 155 Melban, Tammy 111,155 Mellott, Bill 137 Mellott, Peggy 155 Melville, Marie 133,137 Melville, Theresa 27,155 Mena, Beatriz 176 Menard, Robert 137 Mendoza, Laura 176 Mendoza, Matthew 48,155 Mendoza, Patricia 137 Mentas, Mary Ann 38,90,127 Merideth, Ronald 108,206 Merino, Michael 48,61,155 Merrill, Matthew 155 Merrill, Mike 176 Merritt, Kathryn 137 Merritt, Patricia 206 Merritt, Robert 176 F Metzger, James 176 Mexican-American Club 35 Meyer, Joseph 155 Meyer, Mark 176 Meyer, Roxanne 114,137 Meyer, Sharon 79,206 Meza, Juanita 155 Middagf lames 155 Mil Memorias 96,97 Milford, Donald 146,155 Milford, Randy 206 Miller, Carole 94 Miller, Joyce 206 Miller, Karen 156 Miller, Keith 49,137 Miller, Keith 83,85,90 Miller, Malcolm 176 Millice, Kimberly 156 Millice, Tari 37 Mills, Nancy 66,137 Millsap, Cynthia 176 Millum, Robert 41,220 Mina, Sheryl 17,167,176 Minard, Kelly 44,137 Miner, Chris 176 Minich, Tammy 156 Minor, Jacqueline 5,206 Mitchell, Donald 176 Mitchell, jeffrey 40,137 Mitchell, Marlene 176 Mobley, Janice 114 Moffitt, Wilson 87 Molay, Robert 137 Moline, Robert 206 Mollette, Richard 176 Monacelli, Stanley 156 Monaghan, Stephen 207 Monce, Mark 64,68,176 Monce, Melissa 18,19,20,21,79, 156.178 , Monroe, Anita 14,176 Monroe, Craig 137 Monroe, Joseph 156 Montfort, Augustine 104 Montiel, Elsa 71,207 Mooney, Cheryl 137 Mooney, Thomas 176 Moore, Edwin 204 Moore, Elizabeth 137 Moore, Filemon 176 Moore, Karyl 114,156 Moore, Larry 60,176 Moore, Michelle 137 Moore, Norma 177 Moore, Wendy 207 Morales, Ruben 177 Moreland, Brenda 100,177 Moreau, Mary 94 Moreau, Roger 65,66,69,88 Moreno, Mike 177 Morgan, Albert 137 Nichols, Ralph 112,113,148,208 Nichols, Robert 156 Nicholson, Deborah 93,114,138 Nicholson, Nicholson, Nicklason, Mark 208 Tedd 208 Penny 156 Nigro, Mary 57,127,138 Nominating Convention 40 Norman, Deborah 23,24,25,77, 208 Norman, Sandra 29,35 Norman, William 40,54,156 Norton, Kenneth 20,31,32,208 Norton, Nowlen Larry 138 , Douglas 87 Morgan, Dick 177 Morgan, John 45,56,194,207 Morin, Laurie 66,137 Morris, Brenda 156 Morris, Dwight 12,44,46,47,78,82 Morris, Martha 90 Morris, Terry 177 Morse, Kathleen 207 Moser, Charles 112,156 Nunes, Alfred 14,138 Nunez, Olivia 177 Nunn, Roberta 156 Nuno, Bernice 93,177 Nute, John 208 Nutt, Jesse 138 Nutt, Rochelle 208 Nye, Bobby 208 Nye, Cheryl 17,177 Mosley, Steven 108,207,104 Moss, Carrie 177,207 Moss, Sally 137 Mossbarger, Jacquelyn 137 Mon, June 94,98,101,156 Mott, Kimberlee 57,137 Mott, Marti 57 Mount, Stanley 56,57,152 Muckey, Doug 177 Mueller, Brian 177 Mueller, David 207 Muir, Mark 30,31,207 Muir, Teri 66,79,15o,1s6 Mullett, David 48,58,156 Mullins, Deborah 112,113,207 Mullins, Karl 49,137 Mullins, Kenneth 49,133,137 Mumaw, Chuck 74,177 Munn, William 156 Murphy, Carl 137 Murphy, James 177 Murphy, Mike 156 Musser, James 137 Myers, Alan 14,15 Nyquist, Paul 208 O Oates, Shirley 66,119 O'Brien, Colleen 138,141 O'Brien, lozette 37,156 O'Brien, Kathryn 208 O'Brien, Terrance 177 O'Brien, Timothy 156 Myers, Bryan 14,207 Myers, Carol 207 Myers, Michelle 135,137 Myers, Sharon 14 Myers, Steven 177 Myers, J Na em im 137 Kim 156 . 8 I Napier, Allen 177 Nation, Debra 207 Nauslar, Navrrett John 207 e, Janet 207 Navarette, Jozann 208 Navarette, Annette 137 Navarette, John 208 Navarette, Suzann 208 Navratil, Joyce 86 Neagle, Michael 49,137 Neal, Susan 138 Needham, Kurt 55,75,138 Nelson, Becky Ann 177 Nelson, Darla 14,31,208 Nelson, Eric 138 Nelson, Rae 156 Nelson, Rick 14,15 Nelson, Ronda 177 Nelson, Roy 87 Neuman, Patricia 103 Newhall, Cheri 138 Newhall, Sharon 138 0'Connell Michelle 177 O'Conner, Colleen 14,176,177 O'Dell, Melody 20,21 ,79,209 0'Neil, Kathleen 138 O'Neill, Susan 57,156 Obendorfer, Mary 37,66,208, 209,219,224 Oberg, Christopher 39,72,177 Oberg, David 138 Oberg, Robert 138 Odell, Brian 40,138 Odom, David 177 Odom, Lee 40,138 Office Staff 86 Ojeda, Lydia 177,180 Ojeda, Tonia 77,177 Olah, Peter 177 Olivares, Ronald 14 Oliver, Cynthia 178 Oliverio, Patrick 61,58,61,178 Olow, Diana 14,138 Olsen, Richard 127,138 Olson, Barbara 66,76,156 Ondrechen, Jana 37 Opfer, Joseph 156 Orcutt, Kathleen 209 Ornelas, Ignacio 156 Orr, Greg 48,156 Orr, Shirley 178 Ortega, Brenda 178 Ortiz, Edward 156 Osberg, Robert 78.178 Osborn, Candice 17,156 Osborn, Cheryl 17,178 Osborne, Peter 74,178 Oswald, Robin 156 Ott, Marie 209 Ott, Michael 72,86,108 Overall, Ellen 66,114,138 Overly, Marcella 209 Owen, Vivian 86 Owens, Troy 178 Owens, Vickie 178 Owens, Victor 45,209 Owings, Gregory 96,178 Oyama, Ah Ming 178 P P.f. Dept. 118,119 Pacatte, Mary 138 Pacheco, Clyde 209 Painter, Bradley 156 Painter, Lucinda 77,178,209 Palazzolo, Chris 10,45,47,56,60, 194,209 Palazzolo, Robert 48,61,156 Palmer, Danny 178 Palmer, David 14,138 Palmer, John 156 Panawek, Gregory 104 Pantazoplus, Theodore 54,178 Parker, Berwyn 52,53,60,178 Parker, Charles 62,74,147,156 Parker, Donald 48,49,61,178 Parker, Feleher 138 Parker, Melodee 14,138 Parker, Mira 156 Parker, Thomas 157 Parnell, Michael 40,138 Parras, Angelina 209 Parson, Clarence 138 Parson, Valerie 209 Pasion, Lucinda 138 Pastoral, Lisa 138 Pastoral, Robert 31,58,157 Pattee, Gary 40,138 Paterson, Teresa 178,209 Patron, Marissa 114,138 Patron, Malissa 37,114 Patterson, Gail 157 Patterson, Gerald 49,138 Patterson, Glen 209 Patterson, Steven 157 Pawlus, Wendy 157 Paxton, Robert 157 Peabody, James 60,63,120,145, 192 Peacock, Kelly 14,209 Peacock, Richard 14,157 Pearce, Pearce, Pearce, Pearse, Pamela 14,178 Shannon 79,114,157 Toni 66,76,157,163 Fred 209 Pearson, Brian 157 Pecoraro, John 178 Pederson, Jocene 15,178 Pederson, Melody 15,192 Peeters, Kenneth 84,85 Peightal, Donna 17,157 Peightal, Janice 17,178 Pelley, Mark 178 Pena, Michael 138 Pena, Vickie 77,157 Pene, Jeffrey 209 Pene, Laurie 14,157 Pep Band 115 Pereira, Patricia 178 Peretti, Danny 178 Peretti, Randy 138 Perine, Charles 178 Perine, Donald 131,138 Perkins, Curtis 178 Perkins, James 138 Perritt, Thomas 157 Perry, James 61,111,157 Perry, Marina 77 Perry, Myrna 76,138 Persons, Patricia 138 Peterie, Linda 138 Peters, Anthony 112,113,209,226 Peters, Christopher 138 Peters, Gayle 157 Peters, Jane 14,157 Peterson, Beverly 31,157 Peterson, Dennis 61,112,209 Petka, Stanley 138 Pfahler, Michael 62,157 Phife, David 40,157 Phife, Terence 14,37,-10,139,141 Phife, George 14,37,117,137,178 Phillips, Danny 178 Phillips, David 84,85 Phillips, Sandra 157 Phillips, lan 209 Phillips, Michael 209 Phillips, Randy 139 Phillips, Theresa 100,178 Pidot, Leora 139 Pierce, Timothy 157 Pierce, Toni 57 Pigo, Larry 178 Pigo, Leslie 139 Pilgrim, Steven 157 Pinkerton, Rose 179 Pinto, Christine 157 Pitarro, Rosalie 179 Pittman, Debra 158 Plamondon, Deborah 210 Plemel, Cheryl 139 Plinke, Lowell 94,96 Poe, Barbara 139 Polinsky, Marlene 158 Pompa, Marcella 114,131,139 Popejoy, Pamela 139 Porras, Angelina 178 Porras, Rosario 179 Porter, Helen 87 Porter, Kathy 100 Posada, Alice 210 Positerry, Randall 64,158 Powell, loyce 178 Powers, james 64,139 PresleY, leffery 14,139 Prest, Richard 139 Preston, lames 14,139 Price, Mark 19,20,28,68,178,210, 226 Price, Michael 64,65,68,158 Price, Patrick 120 Price, Rodger 29,30,37,41,64,68, 69,210 Price, Susan 71,179 Price, Tracy 66,139 Prince, Darla 158 Prine, Pearl 120 Pritchard, Danny 139 Prodzinski, Roland 139 Province, Sue 158 Pruitt, David 158 Pryatel, Charles 121,179 Puckett, Nancy 179 Pudsey, Dean 158 Pullan, Brian 58,179 Putnam, lacquline 158 Pyle, Carol 94 Pyle, Robert 34,e2,a3,9o Q Quill 8- Scroll 101 Quisano, Beatrice 128,139 Quisano, loyce 139 R R.O.P. 108 R,O.T.C. 13 Racz, Erika 158 Radasa, Randy 49,139 Radasa, Ricky 58,61,179 Radcliff, Lynn 71,79,178,210 Radcliff, Ronald 40,139 Radcliff, William 158 Raeburn, Bruce 139 Raeburn, Scottie 158 Rains, Candice 179,210 Rains, Tina 139 Ralfsor, Ed 112 Rambatt, leanette 95 Ramsey, Vernon 78,158 Ranaglia, Mike 179 Rangel, Hecotr 37,158 Rapoza, Hilary 31,40,100,112,113, 210,222 Rappolee, Steve 92,139 Rasmussen, Charmaine 179 Rasmussen, Mark 14,15,210,226 Rasmussen, Penny 99,179 Ratliff, Virgil 49,59,139 Ratta, Daniel 179 Ray, Ruben 45,53,74,170,179,1B5, 194 Rayborn, Stanley 51,68 Real, Vincent 179 Reardon, Bobbie 139 Recchia, Debbie 20,77,210 Reeb, Donna 210 Reece, Marshall 179 Reece, Patricia 139 Reeder, Thomas 60,63,158 Reese, Denis 179 Reese, Diana 210 Reeves, lames 49,58,59,139 Reeves, Philip 139 Reid, Tammy 66,67,1 58 Reiland, lean 41,210 Reinbold, Margaret 31,39,165, 179 Reinecke, Roger 14,37,40,51,173, 179 Reoux, loseph 60,63,158 Rettke, Denise 158 Reyes, lune 25,96,171,179,210 Reynolds, Donald 210 Reynolds, Linda 158 Rhea, Blon 158 Rhodes, Dennis 139 Rhodes, Harold 210 Ribby, Rani 26,153,158 Ribby, Tami 25,179 Rice, Boyd 179 Richard, Wendy 179 Richardson, Carole 57,114,139 Richardson, Kathy 85,211 Richardson, Matthew 48,58,93, 180 Richardson, Patricia 17,22,28, 79,158,203,211 Richardson, Scotty 180 Richeson, Dani 66 Riddick, Natalie 139,141 Riggins, Miguel 180 Riggs, Lloyd 64,68,69,180 Rigsby, Mary 158 Rilling, David 158 Rilling, Deborah 14,15,211 Rincon, Abrien 59,139 Ringhand, Michael 158 Ripley, Carolyn 211 Ristorucci, janet 180,211 Ristorucci, joseph 211 Rivas, Armando 211 Rivera, Louis 14,317,158 Robbins, Rochelle 71,76,112,1 58 Roberts, Cheri 139 Roberts, lanice 180 Roberts, Kathleen 139 Robeson, Ronda 17,180 Robinson, Deborah 57,139 Robinson, Douglas 14,180 Robinson, Ray 14,108,211 Robutka, Peter 60,63,211 Rocchio, jennifer 96 Rodden, Edward 61,62,96,180 Rodriguez, Deborah 158 Rodriguez, Richard 37,-10,139 Rodriguez, Richard 139 Rodriguez, Cindy 180 Rodvold, Russell 180,211 Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rohrer, Roland, Roland, Roland, Roland, Brian 211 Carol 180 Dana 114,133,139 janet 34,158 Robert 139 Roxann 158 Laura 66,158 Corintha 158 Deborah 139 Herbert 180 Ida 139 Rolfson, Eddie 211 Rolfson , Shirley 17,180 Rollins, lohn 45 Rollins, Libby 14,139 Rollins, Tom 14,15,108,211 Romero, Esther 158 Root, Mark 196,211 Rosa, Arnaldo 158 Rose, lohn 139 Rosenberger, Stephen 139 Rosier, Loretta 139 Ross, Brian 211 Rost, Linda 79,158 Rothe, Tom 40,54,180 Rounds, Dana 139 Rounds, Peter 68,108,211 Rowell, Cassandra 139 Rower, lames 37,40,158 Roye, Lelia 112,113,158 Rubalcaba, Rosalie 180 Rubine, Stuart 95 Ruble, Paul 211 Rudeen, Ruth 155 Rue, Debra 112,180 Ruehl, lames 139 Ruelas, lose 139 Ruggles, Steve 180 Ruiz, jose 139 Ruiz, Richard 139 Rukgaber, Fred 180 Rupp, lim 155 Rusconi, Monica 14,140 Rusk, Kevin 62,140 Russ, limmy 140 Russomondo, Annette 180,183 Ryan, Cathy 180 Ryan, Gina 79 S S Club 38 Saavedra, Brenda 31,144,158 Saba, Terry 159 Sabine, Rhonda 159 Sabus, Monica 159 Sagiao, Marjorie 140 Sala, Christine 211 Salas, Deborah 140 Salas, Eileen 180 Salazar, Anthony 31,189,211 Salazar, Lisa 159 Saldana, lose 140 Salmon, Laura 211 Samayoa, Myran 159 Sampson, Louise 106,107 Sams, Kathleen 180 Sanders, Wm. Robert 12,84,85 San Vicente, George 180 San Vicente, Imelda 140 San Vincente,luan140 Sanchez, lose 140 Sanders, Benjaimen 140 Sanders, Brad 31,37,64 Sanders, Deborah 18,31,66,77, 112,178,180 Sanders, lune 159 Sanders, Kathy 212 Sanders, Robert 48,144,159 Sandoval, lesus 159 Sanduskey 140 Sanfilippo, Theresa 140 Sanford, Walter 140 Santillanes, Maria 79,191,212 Santos, Rebecca 14,140 Santos, Tony 100,180 Saputo, Benedetta 76,180 Saputo, Frank 48,159 Saputo, Rosalyn 20,23,25,77,198 212,223,226 Sarant, lon 14,159 Sarant, Kathryn 159 Sargent, David 51 Sather, Kevin 140 Savage, Kathy 140 Savage, Terry 61,62,159 Savala, Gregory 180 Savala, Pat 140 Sawyer, Tony 6,20,198,212,215 Sayers, Douglas 180 Scally, Kevin 140 Scalisi, Toni 76,140 Scheid, Harry 140 Scherbaum Marie-Loui 100,181 Schigut, Susan 140 Schimack, Steven 212 Schirmer, Lucy 86 Schlager, Kathy 159 Schlager, William 140 Schlehuber, Karen 77,181 Schmehr, Landis 59,146 Schmidt, Elaine 18,71,'l81,212 Schmidt, leanne 71,146 Schmitter, Geraldine 159 Schnack, Stephen 181 Schnack, Tamera 14,79,159 Schneider, Robert 75,140 Schoeneweis, james 212 Schoeneweis, Linda 159 Schoop, Mark 45,181,194 Schroeder, Donald 159 Schroeder, lames 49,140 Schultz, Daniel 181,196 Schunk, Larry 109 Schupp, Diana 212 Schutt, lohn 140 Schutt, Pamela 212 Science Dept. 120,121 Scimone, Carol 57,114,140 Scofield, Kim 181 Scofield, Bret 159 Sconza, Wanda 17,181 Seaman, lay 212 Sele, Barbara 20,77,97,101,112, 212,243 Selle, Richard 159 Senior Class 186-217 Senior Standouts 220-227 Seniot Top Ten 218,219 Serrano, Emelia 159 Seymore, Barbara 5,212 Seymore, lonathan 159 Shane, lames 40 Shapiro, David 181 Sharum, Athena 114,140 Shaver, Robert 159 Shea, Bryant 140 Shea, Karen 181 Shea, Norbert 112,212 1 Skinner, james 213 Shea, Peggy 77,212 Sheid, Harry 40 Shelly, Theresa 159 Shelly, Glenda 159 Shepard, Sabrina 140 Sherbacov, Alex 181 Sherbacov, jim 99,212 Sherbacov, Nicholas 40,59,140 Sherman, David 141 Shipley, Cheryl 141 Shockley, Theresa 112,113,145, 159 Shoemaker, Deborah 212 Shoemaker, Yvette 181 Shortridge, Elizabeth 159 Shreve, Homer 87 Shunk, Gary 181 Shunk, Lawrence 12,37,181 Sickler, Michael 40,49,141 Sieckman, Cynthia 17,181 Sieckman, john 212 Sieckman, Richard 141 Silva, Gloria 14,181 Silverthorn, jerry 181 Silvers, joann 76,181 Silvers, Theresa 212 Simati, Atauloma 114,181 Simati, Papauta 114,181 Simmons, Kathy 66,165,181 Simmons, Karen 66,99,101,141 Simmons, Mark 48,159 Simmons, Robin 159 Simpson, David 37,141 Simpson, Deeann141 Simpson, Karen 77,212 Simpson, Susan 160 Sims, Roslyn 160 Sinclair, john 141 Sing, Dawn 79,181 Sing, james 141 Singleton, loan 86 Siscon, Carolyn 66,79,150,160 Siscon, john 28,56,57,212 Siscon,juliet141 Six julie 112160 Sjogren, Ericl37,213,217,219,222, 224 Skripsy, Steven 181 Slabaugh, Craig 61,62,181 Slabaugh, Dale 40,141 Slagle, Mark 181 Slater, Stephen 48,54,160 Slaugh, Bob 37,181 Slaugh, Sharon 79,160 Slaughter, Ken 68,723,181 Slay, Mike 160 Slempa, Robert 51,618,160 Slusser, Sandra 213 Smith, Barbara 41 Smith, Brian 44,47,60,123 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Daniel 48,160 Danny 181 David 160 Dennis 91,112,181 Dorla 213 Fairon 63,213 Graham 160 Smith, Gwendolyn 66,213 Smith, james 160 Smith, 181 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Kenneth 48,49,61,97,101, Kevin 213 Kevin 40,141 Kirsten 37 Kristopher141 Mark 14,131,141 Matthew 49,141 Smith, Michael 49,59,141 r Smith, Michael 45,54,153,160 Smith, Mitzy Smith, Paula 182 Smith, Raymond 90,141 Smith, Ricky 141 Smith, Robin 182 Smith, Tracy 37,141 Smith, Vickie 182 Smith, William 58,61,160 Soares, Sherrilynn 114,141 Soccer 50,51 Social Studies Dept. 122,123 Soini, Don 160 Solomon, Steve 2,7,30,31,52,53, 64,68,69,93,187,21 2,213 Sones, Rhonda 160 Sones, Valerie 182 Sophomore Class 144-163 Soresnon, Sue 213 Sotelo, Gilbert 182 Souza, Lesa 160 Spain, Eugene 182 Sparacino, Christine 187,213 Sparacino, Dominic 14,50,51,160 Sparks, Diana 213 Sparks, james 141 Sparks, Robert 160 Special Education 92 Speech 21 Speir, Robert 160 Spence, Larry 182 Spencer, Brian 49,141 Spencer, Howard 182 Spencer, Katherine 153,26,153, 16 Spencer, Sheryl 67,160 Spencer, Terri 66,141 Sperla, Kenneth 78,182 Sperla, Michael 49,75,141 Sperla, Thomas 22,213 Sperling, William 112,160 Spitz, Michael 49,55,141 Spivey, Donald 160 Spooner, Scott 141 Sportsman, Donna 37,96,160 Sportsman, Russell 62,141 Sprang, Vicky 182 Spratley, jerald 160 Spriggs, Mark 182 Sprofer, Kerry 213 Stacy, Christopher 14,115,141 Stacy, joe 182 Stacy, Michele 14,117,213 Stafford, Dayna 77,213 Stafford, julie 66,141 Stager, Darilyn 38,57,141 Stager, Daryel 160 Stallard, Doreen 141 Stallard, Dorene 141 Stallard, Georgine 160 Stallard, Theresa 79.182 Stammerjohn, Christop141 Stammerjohn, Timothy 40,160 Stammerjohn, Tracy 57,213 Stamos, Annette 95 Stanfield, Robert 160 Stannard, Kenneth 182 Staudinger, Sherry 103,141 Stayrook, Susan 182 Steffensen, Lorraina 213 Steiger, Karen 2,77,112,113,164, 165,182 Steiger, Robert 112,113,213 Steigerwald, Val 31 Stelmar, Kurt 142 Stelmar, Valerie 160 Stenbeck, joan 68,182 Stenbeck, john 31,64,69,149,160 Stephenson, Teresa 142 Stephenson, Tom 213 Sterling, Sheila 182 Stevens, Deborah 71,96,101,193, 214 Steve ns, Gary 182 Stevens, Patty182 Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Boyd 48,61,137,160 Carl 142 Debra 182 Garry 160 james 142 Melvin 214 Sharon 142 Stewart, Teresa 57,97,101,182, 240 Stewart, William 48,54,74,146, 160 Stinchcomb, Catherine 37,182 Stinchcomb, Michael 142 Stinson, james 182 Stinton, judith 39,102,103,197 Stobbs, Peter 74,182 Stockmoe, judy 214 Stokes, Darlene 214 Stolte, Bradley 187,208,214 Stolte, Denise 76,142 Stone, Deborah 95 Storm, Dave 44 Stoudt, Gay 214 Stovall, Rickey 182 Stovall, Robert 142 Stover, Steve 214 Strangman, Karen 160 Strangman, Sheryl 182 Strasbaugh, Robert 182 Stratton, Harold 44,118 Strong, Donna 180,182,214 Stroud, Virginia 71,76,182 Stuart, Roger 142 Stubbs, Raquel 182 Styler, Karen 37,214 Suarez, Richard 14 Sullivan, Debora 16,17,214 Sullivan, Marie 214 Sullivan, Randy 160 Sundahl, Dean 182 Sunderhaft, David 183 Sunderhaft, Michael 160 Sutherland, joseph 214 Sutherland, Matthew 183 Sutton, Derral 183 Sun, Karen 160 Swalling, jill 14,99,160 Swanguen, jess 161 Swank, Ronald 161 Swanson, Deborah 14,23,214 Swanson, Donald 183 Swanson, Dwight 87 Swanson, Gerald 120,140,214 Swanson, Sanford 142 Swarez, Richard 214 Sweet, Richard 123 Swier, Robert 60,63 Swimming, Boys'64,65 Swimming, Girls' 66,67 Swink, Beverly 142 Swink, Diane 161 Szemerey, Kathy 183 T Tachiquin, Luis 161 Tachiquin, joe 183 Tachiquin, Marissa 114,142 Taimanglo, Hilda 161 Taimanglo, Raymond 161 Tainatongo, Lawrence 161 Tallian, Valerie 161 Taluban, David 48,74,161 Tarpey, Brian 183 Taylor, Arthur 142 Taylor, David 183 Taylor, Dennis 161 Taylor, joan 161 Taylor, Robert 51,72,183 Taylor, Susan 183 Teater, Dwight 70,118 Tena, Carolyn 183 Tent1f?Y, lane 37,183 Tennis, Boys' 70 Tennis, Girls'71 Terrell, David 75,142 Terrell, Sherrie 161 Thatcher, Terry 183 Thespians 20 Thomas, Everett 100,183 Thomas, Marcus 161 Thomas, Michael 183 Thomas, Steven 20,21,37,99,115, 161 Thomaselli, Matthew 161 Thomasson, Mark 68,108,214 Thomasson, Robert 161 Thompson, Arlene 35,37,187,214 Thompson, Brenda 214 Thompson, Cheryl 183,214 Thompson, Daniel 161 Thompson, Doreen 142 Thompson, Keith 105,161 Thompson, Ken 60,63,183 Thompson, Quincy 49,142 Thompson, Randall 142 Thompson, Robert 214 Thompson, Sam 215 Thompson, Timmie 161,183 Thompson, Tommie 71,183 Thompson, William 142 Thomson, Steven 14,142 Thorne, Everett 92 Thornton, jeannine 142 Thornton, Mary 161 Thurston, Robert 95 Tibbetts, Kelly 161 Tidball, George 214 Tidmore, Wanda 183 Tilaro, Phyllis 112,161 Tilaro, Robert 200 Tillman, joan 183 Tilton, Noreen 77,183 Tinsley, Susan 111 Tirpak, Sandra 161 Tiscareno, Mark 14,142 Tiscareno, Victor 116,161 Tiumalu, john 48,51,74,161 Tobin, Cory 161 Todd, Dale 105,147 Todd, Dee 105,183 Toledo, Roselyn 161 Tolentino, Lawrence 161 Tom, Sharon 161 Tooze, Patti 161 Tooze, Richard 72,215 Toporczyk, Patricia 182 Torres, Mike 215 Torres, Vernon 14,184 Toth, George 142 Townsend, Daniel 184 Townsend, Fiona 76,162 Townsend, Michael 45,215 Track, Frosh 61 Track, j. V. 61 Track, Varsity 60 Trask, William 215,225 Traxler, Sue 215 Traxler, Robert 40,99,112,113,184 Tribble, Kim 184 Tribble, Kurtis 142 Trivoli, Richard 184 Trude, jane 79,119 U 216 Willer, Cornell 64,163 Trunnel Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, I, Dennis 40,142 Herbert 162 Steven 142 Susan 184 Tufts, Amilia 57,215 Tunkin, Tunkin, Denise 142 Michael 162 Tupper, Walter 162 Turkle, Thomas 162 Turnbull, lody 184 Turner, Turner, Elanne 215 Glen 162 Turner, Margaret 37,96,162 Twitty, Craig 162 Tyler, C Tyler, D atherine 142 ebbie 215 Tyler, lohn 162 Uhl, Michael 215 Ulch, Danny 51,105,215 Umfrid, Jeffery 40,142 Underwood, Bradley 122,208 Underwood, Anthony 64 Underwood, Desiree 57,142 Underwood, Greg 215 Untalan, Raymond 162 Upham, Michael 215 Urban, David 32,215 Urban, Robert 40,162 Uriarte, Peter 56 Uruchurtu, Norma 26,153,162 Uruchurtu, Sylvia 215 V Valadez, Roy 64,68 Valdez, Armando 162 Valdez, Frank 142 Valdez, Rosemar 142 Valdez, Van Go Y Tony 56,173,184 gh, Vincent 49,142 Van Zant, Stephanie 215 Vance, Garth 40,162 . Vandor Varela, Varela, Varela, Vargas, Varley, ssen, Herman 143 Agustin 14,117,182,184 Catherine 14,184 David 14,162 Yolanda 57,79,184,215 Anita 114,162 Varvel, Dave 74,120 Vasquez, Carmen 184 Vasquez, Ernest 162 Vermeule, lohn 184 Vieira, Catherine 66,162 Vierow, Diane 143 Vigil, Michael 162 vigil, Richard 162 Vildibill, Dana 143 Villarreal, Raul 51,162 Villarreal, Dora 143 Visconti, Chris 56,215 Visconti, Ellen 143 Vizer, Gregory 162 ' Vizer, Nancy 38,143 Voelp, Bruce 162 Vonder Mehden, Anne 95,100 Von Willer, lerry 162 Vonkline, Laura 31 W Wade, Mark 78,112,184 Wagner, lack 108 Wagner, Lenora 143 waid, Debbie 162 Waid, Raymond 184 Waight, Pamela 162 Walker, Alpha 184 Walker, Daniel 162 Walker, lames 143 Walker, Omega 184 Walker, Richard 184 Walker, William 184 Wallace, Denise 215 Wallace, lay 14 Wallace, lohn 162 Wallace, Ralph 14,162 Waller, Donna 37,71 Waller, Richard 215 Waller, Ronda 143 Waller, Shirley 184 Walter, ludy 162 Walter, Robert 184 Walters, William 184 Wangenstein, loyce 184 Warburton, Pamela 166 Warcup, Timothy 49,143 Ward, Catherine 185 Ward, Mary 185 Ward, Monty 162 Ward, Teresa 162 Waring, Cindy 3,96,143,243 Water Polo 68,69 Watson, Barbara 216 Watson, Georgia 38,216 Watters, Denyse 216 Watts, Dave 37,40,162 Weaver, Harold 143 Webb, Deneen 162 Weber, Christopher 216 Weber, Eric 143 Weber, lohn 162 Weber, Nona 216 Weber, Stephen 185 Weiss, lerald 162 Welch, Nanci 143 Wells, Kenneth 39,51,60,186,216 Wells, Laura 14,76,143 Wells, Pamela 143 Wells, Shelley 57,143 Wermers, Linda 216 Wernmark, Carla 162 Wesley, Anthony 163 West, Tina 27,133,143 Westberry, lames185 Westphal, Beatrice 57,216 Westphal, Velda 163 Westrom, Sheri 217 Wheeler, Anthony 14,163 Wheeler, Dale 49,143 Whelan, Damon 185 Whitaker, Brenda 185 Whitaker, Linda 185 Whitaker, Richard 143 Whitcomb, Micheal 163 Whitcotton, Charles 14,40,163 Whitcotton, lack 48,185 White, Catherine 31,164,165,166, 185 White, Cynthia 143 White, Denise 57,163 White, Gara 14,163 White, Gary 143 White, George 185 White, lamie 185 White, Jeffery 163 White, loseph 181,185 White, Kathryn 66,76,164,185 White, Mark 163 White, Mark 185 White, Rosemary 114,143 White, Wayne 40,163 White, William 82,126,127 White, Zeila 95 Whitehead, Diana 163 Whitehead, Fred 143 Whitehead, Star 163 Whitley, Deborah 185 WhitlEYi leffrey 40,143 Wickey, Robert 108 Widmer, Shirley 66,163 Widmer, Susan 66,67,76,163 Wiersma, Cheryl 216 Wiese, David 185 Wiese, Karen 143 Wiesner, Michael 162 Wiggs, Rolland 40,185 Wiggs, Sherry 71,163 Wilber, Richard 45,185 Wilder, lill 163 Wilder, Kirk 49,143 Wilhelmi, Dolores 86,142 Wilkinson, Scott 40,163 Wilkner, Pierre 20,32,33,40,198, Wright, Mark 49,143 Wright, Stephen 217 wright, Violet 217 Wynn, Mark 51,217 Y Yeager, Thomas 143 Yepiz, Lauren 143 Young, Herman 55,153 Young, lohnathan 49,55,75,153 Young, Teresa 111,163 Z Zak, lulie 66,76,143 Zaleckis, Annette 37,57,79,163 Zamora, Roberto 143 Williams Brian 143 Williams: Carol 66,79,185 Williams r Herbert 163 Williams, lames 216 Williams, lerry 19,21,179,185 Williams Williams, Williams Williams Williams ,lill 216 Keith 185 Mable 87 , Sandra 112,185,216 , Scott 143 Williams, Steven 37,216 Williams, Travis 78 Williams , Vicki 163 Williamson, Mark 75,143 Williamson, Marykay 77,102,185 Willingham, Hugh 185 Wilson, Brenda 185 Wilson, Donald 163 Wilson, Elitha 163 Wilson, leffrey 143 Wilson, jeffrey 40,100,185 Wilson, Larry 185 Wilson, Marcella 14,37,163 Wilson, Nola 14,143 Wilson, Robert 72 Wilson, Rozann 112,185 Wilson, Susan 16,17,216 Wilson, Timothy 49,143 Wind Ensemble 117 Winters, Alfred 143 Wise, Marlene 23,77,217 Zazvorka, Dan 59,143 Zechello, William 163 Zieber, April 217 Zieber, Gary143 Zimmer, Charles 217 Zimmerman, Rodger 217 Zimmerman, Vickie 217 Zimmerly, Deanna 37,163 Zubricky, Terri 93,103,143 Zuniga, Antonio 35,51 i X 4 uv 'ii Wiwwgijb Wistrom, Sheralin 217 Wohlwe nd, Tim 217 Wolf, Kathy 77,217 Wolfe, Lee 11 6,163 Wolfe, Richard 54,185 Wolfe, Stephen 37,98,190,217, 219,223,224 Wollberg, Gary 37,163 Wondrash, Darlene 217 Wong, Ian 143,209 Wong, Ivan 60,62,209,217 Wood, Arthur 163 Wood, lames 5,163 wood, Nedra 135,143 Woodcock, Rozlyn 143 Woodring, Lloyd 40,163 Woody, Karen 163 Woody, Kathy 163 Woolley, Esther 217 Woosley, Colette 185 Workman, jackie 114 Worthington, Wayne 14,217 Wrestling, Frosh 59 Wrestling, j. V. 58 Wrestling, Varsity 56 Wright, Cheryl 96,163 wright, Marie 37,217,221 Jia 1 Lf Mount Miguel I Mini-Marr .Q 1 School-Art-Spirit Supplies 1 I Records-Tapes vs Candy-Athletic Gear X T-5 Open 4,5,6 Periods " , ZENITH 5 ' w SKYLINE T.V. AND RADIO SERVICE 942 Card iff 466-6038 San Diego A. A. lacobsmeier Foster's Senior employees are Sharon Berkel and Mike lones. Congratulations to OUR Graduating Seniors ,- fn' ,,,., Dana's Flower Box 469-8550 591 Sweetwater Road Between Sav-On 81 Bank of America gl-3: 0 Goo Oo . Bouquets Open Friday Roses Saturday Arran ements Sunda and Specii Orders All Holldays F oster's Old Fashioned F reeze g S ? 9 9 P 1069 ELKELTON I6 Spring Valley 1 ,4 0020 Lx 0 41. l va 7' 463-2988 With Spring Crest, many lovely things can happen to your windows. t -1 Gi f. .Q . F' Vg. ,. lf. 1 .h 4 2 A S Tl Y . E arliaocmmlv IIZIUTTITLI Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors! srnms cnssr nursnv or LA MESA 7880 LA MESA BOULEVARD - LA MESA, CALIFORNIA 92041 l PHCNE: C71 41 460-0600 Terry Stewart discovers, ". . .magnificent from any point of vie E KWH EZ EIKO SHOTEN Q lapanese Food Store We're sure you'll find all you need for your oriental cooking at EIKO SHOTEN. lapanese Books Rented All Japanese Foods Available LOS NOVIOS Chapel of the Sweetharts FLORENCE ARTS STUDIO 4400 Palm Avenue La Mesa, Calif, 460-2255 or 466-1170 FLORENCE ARTS 'High School- Portraits 'Children 'Family Groups 'Wedding Photography Fine Photography Since 1946 6082 University Avenue San Diego, California 582-9445 Senior lohn lones enjoys having his graduation portrait taken LOS NOVIOS Our Bridal Package Plan 'Complete Service for Your Wedding and Reception 'Invitations 'Floral Service 'Everything in One Convenient Location 'X' Ti fbi mount '23 This-lel ra Q' M P0 -aw J e 5' Swnfuuler Hi r Fw, .. f 5 V Spfingvalley Lanier lVlercl1arl:s Assomal ion Y 3 SUCClUalC" gJSmac.l1aBlvcl. 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' 3604 BANCROFT DR. 5' E SPRING VALLEY E 3 ,I 1604 469-4121 DeliverY 3 2 3 Buying81SeII1ng -Q 3 3 I 5355231 0 GIBSON A ill 5,2 PM ' lsluwlwlkv Llwx 'MN llrcvliasq Call Usfor Hometown ervic 5f1Qg:1Trut S ring Valley Auto Wreckers ' La Mesa -veaiuwsirff America's FIRST Recyclers ,p Appliance Co. T' We Take Trade Ins "' We Also Sell Used Appliances "" Free Parking 461-7560 O FEDDERS 0 HOYPOINT O KITCHENAID 0 FRIGIDAIRE Sales New 8: Used Parts I ' California's Best Parts Locators l l LJ ll' 401 sweerwater Rd. DON-DICK-BRUCE ' JL: ' l 8495 LA MESA BLVD., LA MESA LA. ' Open 7 Days A Week ' lAcross From La Mesa Nurseryl Parts 0 Service ERD' A 479-1382 263-4729 'x l CLOTHES FOR THE PLUS Tl SAN DIEGO MAN cicfrs TO THE sPoRTs ARENA AND MOST L.A. EVENTS 0 Loma Square 0 Los Cerritos ' 0 South Bay 0 Grossmont Plaza Center o Fashion Valley 0 Plaza Camino Real Bill Madigan can find the right fit in style here at Gambles. Q To OWN w e Walters Color T.V. - Stereo ' -' I ' 5j51.,""'R ' TQ M11-J Refrigerators -. jewel ry Freezers-Washers-Dryers 'Xl W I .f"" X I for beautiful rings P.8tM. T.V. 84 Appliances Phone and thmgs 466-6504 7773 Broadway 1029 ELKELTON BLVD., SPRING VALLEY, CA plo, 30,635 463-6663 or 287-0171 Lemon Grove 245 YE? THE DYNO SHOP 137 cm P Jkvf mc FOR IMPROVED ECONOMY AND PERFORMANCE 'E- Senior Cheryl Lewis thinks a Plymouth Duster is the ideal graduation present as Sales Manager Dick Ward offers key for test drive Good Luck And Our Best Wishes To All Our Friends At Mt. Miguel MCCUN CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1800 National Ave. National City 477-1101 LEN'S GF Get-it-Together With Shoes 9 as f' U , , 4: V 4 s' V - - A l,,. - 7763 Broadway Lemon Gro e PATR UUR AQV GROVE The Finest in Men's Apparel ff, phone 463 3212 IZE SERS wledgements APPRECIATION is offered to: American Yearbook Company Charles B. Galvani - Consultant john C. Thomas - Sales Rep. Yearbook Advisor Lowell H. Plinke Art Instructor Ben R. Keigle Cover Design john T. Alesi Dana P. Christianson William C. Madigan Florence Arts Studio Florence Dillahunt Kathy Blauser Erich Jaeger lohn Stickney All Advertisers and D.E.C.A. Club SPECIFICATIONS: Publisher American Yearbook Company Visalia, California 1350 copies printed Paper 80 Ib. Ta hoe Suade Typography Optima, Optima Italics Cover Custom Embossed Miguel is. Miguel is a cultural and racial melting pot of students from the La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley areas, together with teachers recruited from all over the nation, each with different ideals, talents, feelings, values, and opinions which will influence all those who inhabit the campus. Each, in his way, will contribute something of value to Mt. Miguel, even if that contribution is only his presence at school each day. Contributing to a well- rounded education are the many departments with numerous offerings to further cultural, scholastic, vocational, and physical development. Assemble 2800 students with a willingness to learn Land a few who withoutl, combined with over 100 qualified instructors with creativity and ingenuity, several dozen more personnel who perform all the duties to keep the school going, modern equipment tsuch as the two Teletype tape punch machines for the renovated Math Lab and the A.B. Dick Offset printer in the Business Lab, all on over 40 acres of classrooms, land- scaping, and athletic facilities, -these components all combine to create an identity known as Mt. Miguel - a whole equal to all the varied personalities which make up its parts, a proud institution, because "we are the ones who hold our heads high' and work to make this possible. And whatever the end result, Mt. Miguel, "no one will ever be able to erase your influence." I V f,XAXx Z' 4...- -ff' .av-f"-'- av? - ' -:1"'-- 5' .- . 3 xv g, 55SSS5E?5 1 ' . 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