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L-'.:f f L .. E.- I ? 1 5 P I . f,,.,..,. x..., . , 1 V , K K Y 1 H J M, Q. : W, .,.. , . ! .. K V' f , F 1 1 Q ?f'f1TeP"fii3fi5?fW L if-si!-1. V- ' - 535,25-Q54w::Q',,1 V W -- f 'rw . f ,M f:":,gsw 'f,.',L' v -ww, vm . V ,jiihgggifmw WF' -, Q.gf3'Qg,s'a,,w,,, , R ff: -3 Y I ffltlmws ZW iisgi' 1 ' il: ' pg A ' WC' N PQ D Nigga!! if f ' xwf Y 4 ffzz-2ie:f5:fj'j ' - -' wfeffg. . - if-T3-w 5- 3. ,,.. L :fra 'a H sf' aa' qw' '- Q, A , E3 mv.-, gf F, E. P lv, . f L +A: A 1 Mil Memorias Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Nine P V Q .Ll 5h-nf'5, v 3' UNDER CLOUD-STUDDED SKIES, Miguel students and teachers are seen rushing t I tth d o c ass a e soun of the 7:30 bell. A D Y I THE LIFE - I969 As the sun marks the beginning of a new day, a loud yawn echoes through the hall of Mount Miguel, a yawn signaling the first experience of an eventful day-arrival of twenty-five hundred students on campus. With these students come a variety of interests and talents which combine to make each day a challenge for the individual. Every day a new experience dawns on the horizon of learning. Each discovery and experience illuminates the days with increased understanding and skill. The days of 1969 were filled with games, dances, homework, club meetings, the Sweetheart Ball, more homework: and, for some, the Senior Prom. Many Matadors represented both our school and County off campus. On New Year's Day, seen leading the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena was Miguel's Marching Band, winning the honor to represent San Diego during its 200th Anniversary Year. During Easter Vacation, Miguel's Girls' Ensemble represented the State of California at the annual conference of the Western Division of the National Music Educator Association. Not only do Miguel's special groups represent Miguel to society, but each Matador who is graduated reveals to the world the ideals, aspirations, and accomplishments of Mount Miguel High School. For these reasons we proudly present a pictorial document, 'A Day in the Life'-Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Nine. CXIIL PIE CIODIAS VOLUME XII I Published by the PUBLICATIONS CLASS Mount Miguel High School ISOO Sweetwater Road Spring Valley, California RIGHT: ENTHUSIASTICALLYEPREPARING for "a needle in the haystack" competition between classes are spirited mem bers of the Student Body. ABOVE: Spectators listen to the award-winning sounds of MigueI's Marching Band. wi his ine rive as ehoops erst rash EICapit EXHIBITING MATADOR POWER is MigueI's 6'9" center, Ken Barstow, th t f d th t h an. l , X 3-- "- X 1 X X , Golden Was the Day at Dawning Us' F "H Fifi?-2 MATADOR MEMOS were posted on the new bulletin board donated bythe class of '68. This became a familiar meeting place for Chris Wilnite and Sally Tomlinson. 1.934 TABLE CF CCDNTENTS Sports us 5 ' K gawk ,, 59' Wm. "'-W Adverusmems zos fy' I w. 1, 'wx utumn ntics Feature Matador Agility IN THE LEAD during the Homecoming Week Covered Wagon Race is senior, Randy Provinzano. Dave LeBeau, representing juniors, came in a close second. EXPRESSING IN HER NATIVE TONGUE, Kazuml Oka creates a different atmosphere in speech and shares her Japanese customs and culture. REGAINING POWERS OF CONCENTRATION for schoolwork is difficult for Pam Cormier while reminiscing overevents of an active summer. FRESHMAN JIM DAY becomes painted warrior for a lunch-time skit to stimulate enthusiasm for the game against El Cajon Braves. l2th Year Gains Momentum With Work, Fun IT ALL BEGAN with a little piece of clay. Chris Rodriguez fashions a beautiful vase on the spinning potter's wheel PURPLE PETE, the Prairie Pouncer, ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS are essential was a regular chowtime visitor during for true scientific pursuit. In Chemistry Homecoming Week on the old frontier. Donna Zimmerman weighs molecular units. I it NEW EXPANDED LIBRARY offers scholarly Matadors better facilities for study. Bobbie lngraham uses the card catalog for a biology report. "Out of the shadows of night The world rolls into light: It is daybreak everywhere." -Longfellow wt Q QA!! A GOOD TIME at the old town tonight was demonstrated by MIL MEMORIAS Staff as they paraded in front of football spectators at the Homecoming game. MIGUEL CHEERLEADERS do more than scream and yell. Bev Reynolds takes the ball from a Santana cheerleader during the half-time show at a league basketball game- ---...N I k.., .,,. ,.,k K K . --gy- ' WRESTLERS MUSTER funds to finance their wrestling trips by washing cars. Some of the money was also used to cover the team's CIF entry fees. "-ss, JELLO'S GAS BAND, tops in San Diego because of their ability to reproduce Airplane, Big Brother and other groups, were often featured at Mount Miguel dances CROWDS OF STUDENTS throng to matador games. The homecoming game finds cheering fans in a state y of hysteria at victory. 41 Year of Growth, Expansion Commemorated GIRLS' GLEE is a stepping-stone to choir. S Many freshmen take this opportunity to prepare themselves for future singing. ' JUNGLE PRIMATES were the height and conclusion of mammal study in Biology. Sue Earhart uses a total atmosphere. THE BIG MOVE into the newly completed classrooms on Feb. 10 began second semester for the Social Studies, Speech and Drama Departments. Here Ona Elliott supervises the moving of her furniture across campus from room 994. tl X tit? 1? RECEIVING HONORS of King and Queen of the Sweetheart Ball were Sheryl Simpkins and Dennis Spry. ZEROING IN on model Charlene Castro is John Hook in Photography Class. Shown here is experimentation for proper lighting of subject tor portrait project. Cuiminating Scenes FRIDAY PANTS DAY was one result of faculty-student cooperation. Shown here is Laura Wilkenson, Sally Tomlinson, and Jeanette Mitchell. - Wie.. DELEGATES CAMPAIGN trying to sway votes during climactic moments of this year's Nominating Convention held in the gym March 14. ..-and 66:71 I L K YZ rx SENIORS, FINAL DESTINATION reached, with examinations and prom behind, join check-out line on graduation day. are the UCLA lm3X Bring Another Eventf ar t TRISH COKER begins this feminine halftime match with a takedown and Dixie Mowery ended itwith a pin. STU DENT-F ACU LTY RELATIONS were greatly im proved this year. A dress-panel here decides what modern fashionswiii be aiiowed at school. A DAY IN THE LIFE CF 1- "What you do with each day will determine what you will do with your whole LIFE." -Azusa Pacific :fix RICHARD INGRAHANI ROBERT COTHER Senior Class President Senior Class Counselor Senior Qffieers and Counselor Lead Way swim ROBBIE BROWN SHERYL SIMPKINS HERBERT LOWE Senior Class Vice-President Senior Class Secretary Senior Class Treasurer 3 i SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Gerry May, Rapoza Third Row Don Albee Joe Herrera Neil Barb Berke, Marsha Leatherman, Sheryl Simpkins, Sandor Bruce Cahil Back Row Joe Glotz Rich Buzzie Nlinor. Second Row: Pattie Lucas, Lauren lngraham Jerry Segawa Mark Libberman Helmuth, Irene Kempton, Fran Wilskenson, Diana To Achievements for Graduates of l969 The Class of 1969 started the year with the usual jitters and headaches over college exams and applications. Seniors were somewhat relieved of their anxiety by their participation in the many activities planned for them. Senior Week in Nlarch found many upperclassmen at Denny's and the Three Little Bears for a Senior Breakfast. The week included the Senior Picnic and Administration Day. The year culminated with "Sunrise, Sunset," this year's Prom, held in Nlay at the Atlantis Restaurant. CAROL HAMMONS Senior Class Advisor Final Morning of Homecoming Week Winds L CHESTER ABOOD SENIOR BREAKFAST was held on the morning of Homecoming in El Cajon. Many students participated at the International House of Pancakes. i ,fr 'V f 9 Q .yy 4 i TED ADAMS PAMELA ADKINSON DAVE AKERS SUSAN ALLENSON DONALD ALBEE Marching Band 1,2,3, Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Pres. 43 Concert Band Concert Band 3,42 1,2,3,43Orch.3,43Speech Student Council 1,42 Team 2,3,43 Stage Band Class Council 43 Speech 2,3,43 Class Council 1,2. 4, 3 3 , . " a f '-3Q f -f-" 3 g is 3 ll i L s..i L QR .' , k ,. ., -' " rrrf AA KENNETH ALLISON SARA AMARGO DEBRA ANDERSON SANDI ANDERSON REBECCA ARABlE Cape 81 Cadence Corps Choir 2,33 Speech Team23 Choir 2,3,4Q School 2,3. French Clu b 13 Service 1,4Q Nominating Nominating Con. 33 EI Con. 4. Trovador 4. Up Successfull With Senior Breakfast +I Q57 '1....f DONNA ARTHUR Girls' Glee 1,25 Choir 3,45 Ensemble 45 World Dance Club 3,45 l-Club 4 DEBBIE BALDWIN Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Speech Team 2,35 Sec. 45 Class Council 2,45 Leadership Con. 1,25 Benchwarmers5 Sr. Prom Comm. Ei' -4114 f..,,.. GREG BASTA JOHN BERGER DAVID BAGALINI MARTHA BARRETT wa' TIMOTHY BAG LEY STEVEN BAILEY 1-CM,-4' KENNETH BARSTOW PARTICIA BARTH I-Club 2,3,45 Modern V. Basketball 3,45 SpeechTeam4 Dance 1,25 Gymnastics 15 Letterman's Club Tres. 4. Cape 81 Cadence 3,45 Mil Memorias 4. Q, ,jay 4,5 i'5' 1 ' 5 A f MARY Bene ER Concert and Marching Band 1,2,35 Tres. 45 Modern Dance 2,3. BARBARA BERKE Benchwarmers: Y-Teens 2,3,45 Nominating Con. 2,3,45 Class Council 1,2,3,45 Gymnastics 1,2,35 Modern Dance 1,25 Sr. Banquet Comm. ARTHUR BETELL JOHN BINKELE LINDA BLAIR JACK BOGGS MAUREEN BOGGS Modern Dance 1,3,4: Co- ed Dance 3,4g Y-Teens 2,3,4, Sec. 3: Student Council 43 Leadership Con. 3,4: Nominating Con. 33 Mil Memorials 4: Prom Comm.4 1 Seniors Display JACK BOLEN SHIRLEY BOND KATHYE BROWN RECEIVES helping hand from Doug Howarth in balloon-popping contest during Spirit Week. Seniors achieve victory in the end. 'ii kyi " . I - at "ii ....::. T ie'i' ,, 1 ' E .v' L if ii - -- -2 ' :', 'A Z .tr. it g tteti , SUZANNE BONNEAU TERRENCE BONNEY JAMES BORBA ANNA BOTTER SUSAN BOXELL Class Council 1,33 Y- Teens 2,35 Nominating Con. 2. i MlCHAEL BRADY Marching and Concert Band 2,3,45 Orch. 3,45 Pep Band 2,45 CSF 3,4. RICHARD BRADY Tennis 1,2,3,45 Basketball 3,43 Pep Club 4, Vice- President 45 Letterman's Club 4. JUDY BRANNON CHARLES BRAY DENNIS BRAZELL Enthusiasm During Rousing Spirit Week 'Wm ew.: 'Nw 1 x ,- . f ' it if JAMES BREGA PEGGY BROOKS JEFFREY BROWN JOYCE BROWN German Club 1,2,35 I-Club 3: CSF 2,3,4: Choir 4. KATHYE BROWN Cape 81 Cadence Corps 3,4. Lt. 45 Die Drachen 2,35 I-Club 35 Girls League Executive Board 45 Student Council 1,25 Y- Teens 45 Gymnastics 2. Roam BROWN CHARLES BRowNiNG KATHY BRUNKOW TERESA BRUST JEFFERY BUCKNER Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2.3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Student Government 4. ff? JOHN BURNWORTH GINGER BUSTER "REACH!" JAN HALL COMMANDS the villainous Joe Herrera, Luis Rosas, and Mike Tyer as they are caught in the act of trying to steal funds from the A.S.B. Scenes such as this were a common sight on Costume Day. - A-. 4 so Aw I qi Nbr MN "......,,, """ I hh., . . 6: 5 y A - . y I , W- 'rj ,,? . zfighh- , ' I' 'I i s I f l BRADLEY BYGD BRUCE CAHILL SHARON CALLICOAT JOHN CAPPIELO EDWARD CARLIN Marching Band 1,2,3p EITrovad0r3,41 Quilland Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g Modern Concert Band 1,2,3g ScroIl4pNominatingCon. Dance Club 1,25 Stage Band 2,33 Track 3,4:ClassCouncil4. Gymnastics Club 23 1,2. Benchwarmers. dum? DAVID CARLSON SUSAN CARRIER JANICE CARTER MARILYN CASSELS LILLIAN CASTANEDA Seniors Hold Down Fort At Homecoming CHARLENE CASTRO GAYLE CHRISTENSEN MICHAEL CHRISTENSON RICHARD CHURCH TONY CIOLFE Class Council 33 Football 3,43 Key Club Football 1,2gTrack1,2. NominatingC0n,3, 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 43 Letterman's Club 3,41 Nominating Con. 1,33 Weight Lifting Club 3,42 Swimming4. PATRICIA CIRAR STEVE CLAPHAM ALLAN CLARK CHRISTINE CLARK CHARLES COLE CHRISTINECOLLIER CHRISTOPHERCOLLIER WILLARDCOOK SUSAN CORMIER SUECOULMAN - Modern Dance Club MilMemorias3. CSF 1,2,3,4Q Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4: CIub2,3,4. Nominating Con. 23 Y- Teens 33 Prom Committee 4. 3525 Ya. 5 "ie , ,, k It X W., M, fr- ll' N 53, L1 -R . gif: 'wwf 2 1 1? sgfzz- 7.1 ,fly ,, Qqfp-'gfgwf . SJ' fi ,r fl,?eyi'vf K '-5 Sgr., g 7 f of TOM CRAIG JULIA CRABB JAMES CROSSWHITE CATHERINE CRUMP JERRY CRUTCHER ,YL ,ffm-3 PEGGY DAMATA Concert and Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3, Sec. 43 CSF 2,3,4p Honor Isle. WITH SPIRIT being led by cheerleaders like Fran Wilkenson CHRISTINE DAVIS Comm. of Finance 3,41 Leadership Con. 1,2,3,4g Nominating Con. 1,2,3,4: Class Council 1,2,3,4g Student Council 23 Team Sports 1.2, Pres. 3. and Marg: Gowin it's no wonder the Mighty Matadors beat the Grossmont Football League Champions by the score of 19-15. GREG DAVIS MARIANNE DAWES If my f ees? if if 1 W 9 ii f I ' W fe Q X MIKE DAY MARGARET DeCHANT MARK DEESING Stage and Concert Band 15 Football 2,33 Wrestling 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,4. le- mv , fiqwt 9 , , 149.5 HENRY DEETER CARY DEMAREE PATRICIA DENNIS Football 1,23 Track 1,2,3,4g EI Trovador 33 Nominating Con. 1. HALYARD DEREGNE 35 W KAY DICKEY BOB DEANE lyk Eff : ,, V I 'vii -N, I Q V -0 W D : f '?flLfU-M I ' - , er MARIAN DIXON Cheerleader 23 Student Council Class Council 1,2,3,4g Nomi- nating Con. 1,2,3g Girls' League Pres. 45 Student Government4. With Victorious Mighty Matadors Gridders 'sad 4""""52' TERRI DOGGETT RAYMOND DONOFRIO STEPHEN DOUGHERTY DARLENE DOWNER SHIRLEY DREW Track 1,2,3.4: Letter- Concert Band 2,3,4g man'sClub2,3,4. Modern Dance 2,35 Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 2. - we-4' , 4' I 1. gr? i JOHN DUFON CAROL DUNN WILLIAM EASTER HENRY EGAN Track 2,3,4: Cro Country 2,33 Letterman's Club 3,41 Pep Club. Q ,Agar M.,-if MARTY ELLIS Wrestling 1,2,3,43 Comm. of Athletics 43 Leadership Conf. 3,43 Nominating Con. 1,2,3,43 Letterman's Club 3, Sec. 4. Counselor Devotes Time To Class Of '69 If I I A 3 .' fj:V if I 3 5' rf' A i.rfr. 1 .. .. . if rl'-5'-' 3 5 9 - E A I MELODY ELLIS SHERLA ENGELSTAD CHARLES ENSCH ROY ERLANDSON DEBBIE ERICKSON Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Stage Band 1,2,3,4. ff 4!"""'? STEVEN ESSERY CANDY ESTES Cheerleader 3,42 Head Song Leader 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, President 23 Class Council 1,2,3,4Q Girls' League Executive Board 3,43 Pep Club 3,42 HomecomingQueen. YVONNE FAGERSTEN ROBERT FARRIS DEBBIE FAVORITE Homecoming Attendant 4. ,I :K KAREN FERGUSON Cheerleader 23 Y-Teens 2,33 Student Council 1,2,33 Class Council 1,23 Nominating Con. 1,23 Hurdle Crew 35 Home- coming Attendant 4. f' -.HQ WWW' , ' Q - 1 ' fy' .E . M In , SKE I up . . Wi. """f3il , I +--f' ,, L xx In 2 Hr' X V - :, f 7' . kk LL- 1 , Ati f I A ROBERT FESCINA NADENE FISH KATHLEEN FLANAGAN ROBERT COTHER, senior cou nselor, explains obligations oi being a senior together with information about college requirements during Senior Assembly. o TOM FLETCHER COLLEEN FLORES DONNIE FLORES Ta? IIYQP fe-if W'--JY GARY FLORES MARY FOLK DENNIS FOOTE WILLIAM FORRESTER RICHARD FOX .,... i, MELANIE FRANK LOIS FRANKENBERG CYNTHIA FRECHETTE LINDA FROST BETTINA FRY Team Sports 23 Tennis 23 Modern Dance 13 Cape and Cadence Corps 3, Pres. 4. Last MinuteSpirit of Power b Varsity ROBERT GARCIA MIKE GENTILE LEONAGERSCH DEBORAH GIES JACKIE GILBERT Cape and Cadence Corps 2,31 Modern Dance 33 Y- Teens 43 Benchwarmers. if bv? 'YN' -v LINDAGLANDON International Club 1,2g Nominating Con. 1,23 Cape and Cadence Corps 2,3,4. , hi. l MARJORIEGOWIN Gymnastics 1,2, Sec. 3, "GO TEAM GO!" shouts Head Varsity songleader greg 41 Eheg"e,jdZVdJ-X3 Candy Estes, as she catapults into the air with jubilance ' ars' y ' e ' Student Gov. 45 Nominating Conv. 1,2,3,4. for another Mt. Miguel Football Team score. .1 L f V Jar- ,rte-'Ywm X . prni A F, a V ,, wg-M-9 tx at JEANETTEGOSSELIN JOHN GRAHAM Football Team lnspires Pep in Cheerleaders "gif525"' f ' ww?" iff' T77 ROBERT GRANSTEDT CHARLES GRAYBEAL CHARLES GREGG ROBERT GREGORY ver.--17 JAMES GRINSELL HELGI GUNDMUNDSON PAM HAEHN WILLIAM HAGUE JANET HALL Mil Memorias 3,45 Class Council 1,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Benchwarmers 45 Nominating Conv. 2.3.4. DONALD HAMILTON SHIRLEY HAMILTON MARYLIN HANNA PATRICK HARDEN PHILIP HARTER CURTIS HARTZELL Girls' Glee 15 Choir 23,45 Ensemble 45 Cape Corp 2,3. I DEBRA HEIMDAL LAUREN HELMUTH Y-Teens 1,3545 Choir 2,3,45 Benchwarmers 45 Class Council 45 Publicity Comm. 3.4. AS THEIR SENIOR YEAR slowly comes to an end, seniors Chris Davis and Maureen Boggs leaf through different college handbooks to make the final decision. RALPH HERNANDEZ JOE HERRERA MARSHA HERRING BRUCE HERZIG Class Council 1,2333 Student Council 1,23 CSF 233,43 Student Gov. 43 Comm. of Elections 4. THOMAS HIGDON Concert Band 13233343 Orchestra 233,43 Stage Band 1,2,3,43 Pep Band l,2,3,4. Graduates Foresee Future As Challenge CANDICE HILL DAVID HILL PETRA HILL Choir 2,32 Ensemble 43 Y- Teens 2,33 Class Council 3,41 Gymnastics Club 23 Team Sports 33 Prom Comittee 43 Hurdle Crew 33 Benchwarmers 43 Hi- Debber 43 l-Club4. RICHARD HILL HOLLY HILLSTONE I-Club 23 Cape and Cadence Corps 3. CLAIRE HINKLE RICHARD HOGAN Cape and Cadence Corps Athletic Manager 1,2,3,4Q 3,43 I-Club 233,43 German Student Council 3. Club 1,2,3,43 Library Asst. I 2,3. ROBERT HOGAN Mu Alpha Theta 2,3343 CSF 33 Class Council 1,2,3Q Leadership Conf 2,3, Key Club 4 Nominating Conv. 2,3, v JOYCE HOGARTH CARLA HOLLOWELL ' 1 sfi's7f5:5-' . .5 - - .,. .-.552 ,, Vest -.l.g'f.v.fs .. . . .. LLIKK A , -1 -'-- - - - :- ' 1.7219 rf:-ffi2's4eis?:52m V. ffiisfiiif-2 - . 5' 1-Mia -lei' ::QEr'ssnas 1- ze- hfaii P V f " 'I 'I 5. sg,-155?EQli:-' i V' xii" f,:V.! wifi? GINGER HOLUM RANDY HOUK ROSS HOUTZ DOUGLAS HOWARTH ASB Vice-Pres.5 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Track 1,25 CSF 1,2,3, Pres. 45 Student Council Pres.5 Mil Memorias 35 El Trovador 45 Honor Aisle5 Pep Club 4. 1, Hifi :vl . S? Q Q 'Qs' tu-11: 155-1. mu fee,-f-.fmt , , ..... M D .ml Y ,Y if -, we .... ,. .. , ..,,. ,C R. as S , .5 . .. ...,.. . .. 25 E Egg 5 55,511 it55:Qfgfwzggififsiiismiis mx f , fzewvrvme-.itz-:Na fw1ws1wfHaf U ..... os... .,.... M. ..,,,i5.f,... .l,, 1 w.f'.-get w5ffvsSv's-s.m- we-..1.-l.....U,gu,fl,-:miss 5 , .,., ..,,.. . ........ ,.,,,,,-,,,e,.. .... t.,3,..fbK,M5g5 ...WM ,.. I .... 5 5, ,, 1. .,..g,t,..,,5K5,g is Ylfz - 2fte s55sy.,is555ri effiiliiiiz-iff 'se gf 7, g life.: . gf:::54.i'.. :. -. :, : is Q32 :gg2s2',:-51253:germ' : 1 --.,-is:-m ia: ssinifwi t .see s5S,.s:2ess,, kgs lgegwgfytsgais fm? 35? ' 3 its ?if1Xi51?S55i55 sf , -'fP , E9ge25ff-fg:g54sP2sis ::.m2'iQsf'1 . giggle? fl V.. -.-f ,.-, . .:', . .V -N-,ef - 1 fil e-flii . , .6 ,.... .. .. x-his .. . , . .. - -- ,-.- if we - 1 1 - .. vifmf-91 L1n5'.sx:ff53"fLa R3we1 .."Z'r:?f, V: 3'5'25" 5 igz'i':'ii:Ei' -' szzsHQQs5si?itggfg:aaaf?sg. gamma: V ega, . ..... ....... .... . . 4.21.2 .....,- sim..-We .. "i fu f V:-s:f5f:, s4f 1.1: :mu r. 5 M, it .... SSR ., . --sw?-s 5 '5 ' wlfQ,it.g3.:mfe:-we wzssezems GEORGEAN HULING ' Senior Committees Provide Year MARY HUNTLEY CARLENE HUSTAD Gymnastics 15 Modern Dance4. .... . f- f-ms.. Ziitfspcifziifs-fig-el -f.:-ez .. - . I 5 ........... 3 RICHARD INGRAHAM Senior Class President5 Swim Team 2.3, Captain 45 Water Polo 3, Captain 45 Letterman's Club 3, Pres. 45 Student Gov. 4. Wm is wfsz was ie were swim 11 'Li' ' ' - 1e2'effwz1s11 ' 5" 2 ' .- -feigeserfrkiii f 12523: V' ' 25 . .. . . -- . , sfelsils . as .et .. 5 1 1 w sswf -:- . ew--wie, ::.:Egf:e'21,: s:1s1fHHf719E.l: , " i :5 ,Siv ' .:: 'a.f1'i Xflliifisi :H-i:7'5::ii g..1.:Q:sf::e.w.- an ,f Y 'F iles 1ssf1:::'f5'.--:ii12, Ym:',gf,5 slit -if 111:21 -r'saaE a:3s: " sg-' 1- -f.vzgfial7ixESg5Lz 125 ii'-7.f.l.l'i .. 1. r-ii-- -'--:i?: .:-': ' 1265 ,H in .'lf.tYs"l f 7'iiz'fNf W - 5551? ' f f "Zd?ggE:1'::-"iii ',5:,,,'Ef,,. '- lla 325921151-Z -1 I . .ii.' .I' fi ffm.-', V. V as '- - --.:ggef.iisQtg . ..2. W . ..A - . .. I a. 14211. - Awusggqfiigs f - 1,152--fr-fig-.satis If . j5,:r --'f,:.- f .,. 51:55 - ' we . -- f . - - M. . ,fy 5 ,,:':'.. : 5:5535 .W-f.,, ,va . H .115-.ff 7-.ww W pyswgegg m Kiss-3 - . 5, 9 6 3 54 5 NVQ S1 W .. ....... . , .... ,,,,,.,,, .. . LEHZYEQZT::?5Ls9?s5fLQ5Qti:Q": i' 1 f fffE1NQL???i2's??T355'f'f. 5, A ' C ' ' ' ETF:f'Lf"kfff2Q35E,?f??l-- 15.3 JACK ISAACS JANET ISLEY Gymnastics 1,2,35 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Girls' Ensemble 2,45 Choir 253,45 Banderetts 35 Team Sgogts 1,25 German Club DIANEJEHLICKA PAULJENKINS BARBARAJOHNSON GRETCHENJOHNSON JVUDYJOYACE Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Student Council 45 MBYCWUS Band 1,2.3,4: ConcertBand2,3,4. MarchingBand4. Concert Band 2.3.45 Team Sports 2. RAYMOND JONES THOMAS JONES , t t, ,t, "SR PROM COMMITTDEE meeltings are always busy," WI h I I say committee mem ers as t ey gather JOY KEMP CSF 1,2,3,43 Choir 1,2,3,43 Girls' Ensemble 43 Student Court Judge 3,42 Honor Aisle3 Team Sports 2,3. for their bi weekly meeting at Chairman Chris Davis' house. IRENE KEMPTON SCOTT KING JANET KINGSLEY Gymnastics 13 Modern German Club 23 Science Dance 2: Y-TGBFIS 2,3, Club 33 Student Council Sec. 43 Class Council 3,4Q 3,4, Benchwarmers. .,:,...-5, ' Se--:rf SUE KIRK NANCY KNIGHT CAROLYN KOPOTIC JUDITH KRAFT RONNIE KRAFT Cape and Cadence Corps Ch o i r 2, 3,42 Girls' German Club 3, Pres. 43 I- 3,43 Campus Life 2,3,43 Ensemble 4: Speech Club 3,43 World Dance 3. Team Sports 2,3,4. Team 23 NFL Pres. 43 ASB Play 23 Senior Play 33 Benchwarmers. MARY ANN KIRBY Gymnastics 1,23 Modern Dance 1,31 Co-Ed Dance 1,2,33 Benchwarmers3 Class Council 43 Student Gov. 4. ....," Seniors Sponsor Dance with .lelIo's Gas MARY KORNEGAY WILLIAM KRAMER MARY KRASZEWSKI TOM LASHER PHYLLIS LATTMAN Wrestling 1,2,3,4. CSF 2,33 Honor Aisle 33 Cape Corps 23 Lt. 43 Modern Dance 13 Nominating Con. 2. PATRICIA LAW MIKE LAYNE Modern Dance 1,2,3, Vice- President 43 Co-Ed 3,41 Y- Teens 1,2,3,43 Gymnastics 1. SENIORS, JUNIORS, Sophomores, and Freshmen, MARSHA LEATHERMAN SANDRA LEET rock outto the music being played ASB President 42 Comm. by Jello's Gas Band in October after football game agrffcgfniggsegggigaii with Helix. Dance brings classes together for fun. 4, Marching Band 1,23 Concert Band 1,2j Leadership Conf. 1,2,3,4. Band Providing Entertainment for Classes JEANNE LEGRAND MARC LIEBERMAN BARBARA LINNAN lGNAClO LIRA ROBERT LITTRELL Pep Clu b 45 EI Trovador 25 Quill and Scroll 4. Y-Teens 3,45 Student Council 45 Nominating Conv. 3. 2? JOAN LIVESAY JOAN LOCHHEAD Homecoming Princess 45 Banderetts 2.3: Student Council 1,35 Leadership Conf. 1,253.45 Student Gov, 45 Benchwarmers5 Hurdle Crew 45 Girls' League Treas. 45 Y-Teens 1 9 PreS.3. LILLIAN LOCKEN SINA LOIACONA DEBORAH LONG KEVIN LONG JOSE LOPEZ Football 1,2,35 Basketball 15 Track 1,2,3,45 Fresh. Pres. 15 Letterrnan's Club 3,45 Pep Club 3: Student Council 354. 5 is .W xiii? STEPHEN LORD HERBERT LOWE CAROL LOWRY Class Treas. 2,3,4. y--. ' N? 9""f-as 'Y-.iff -f'Y PATRICIA LUCAS Class Council 2,3,4Q Senior Banquet Chairman3 Corps Manager 3, Head 4. ,N . I Q . i ff g K 5,2 113, hi: j PATSY LUCK Girls' Glee lj Choir 2,3,43 Cadence Corps 2.3, manager 4. ROBERT LYBRAND JAMEE MACDONALD Cadence Corps 2,32 Nominating Con. 3. ANN MARSHALL Cap and Gown Chairman3 I-Club 3,43 Pep Club43 Class Council 2,3,43 Student Council 43 Nominating Con. 2,3,43 Leadership Con. 2,3,4. N--44" GERALDINE MAY GILBERT MARTIN KATHRYN MARTINOSKY ELAINE MARUGG EI Trovador 3, Editor-in Chief 43 Benchwarmers3 Quill and Scroll 3,4 Nominating Con. 3,4 Class Council 3,4. DAVID MAYER Scholastic Record Shows Way to Scholorships SUSAN MAYORS ELIZABETH MAZZA Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Team Sports 23 Girls' Swim Team 33 Pep Band 43Orch. 3. GEORGE McCANE JOHN McCORMICK Science 3. DAVID MCELROY RAINELLE MCENTEE SHIRLEY MCFALL Speciality Corps 3,45 Die Drachen 2.3.43 CSF 1,2,3,4g Honor Aisle. QW We 'YA' KATHLEEN MCKILLOP RAY MEDCALF Tennis 1,2,3g Nominating Con. 2. LYDIA MENDEZ NORMAN MERIDITH MARTHA MEYER JANICE MIDDAG JOHN MIDOSE Football 1,25 Baseball 2. Glee 1,23 Choir 3,45 Cadence Corps 35 German Club 2: Modern Dance2. for Many Seniors GRANT MILLER Marching Band 43 Concert Band 3,43 Stage Band 3,4. CHEMISTRY PARTNERS work equally hard on the experiments assigned to them in Pearl Prine's third period class CHERI MILLER Gymnastics Club 3: Cape and Cadence Corps 3, Vice-President 4. RICHARD MILLER JOHN MILLS NAOMIE MILLS Concert Band 1,2,3,4Q I- Club 33 World Dance Club 33 Modern Dance 2. IRENEMILNICK Benchwarmers3 Modern Dance Club 1,2,33 Co-Ed Dance 43 Y-Teens 1,2. Treas. 3, ICC Rep. 43 Clas: Council 1,2,3. JANICEMINOR Head Cheerleader 2 Gymnastics Club 1,2,3,4 Class Council 1,2,3,4 Leadership Conf. 1,2,3,4 Nominating Con. 2,3,4 Girls' League Sec. 4 Hurdle Crew 3. Mat Maintains Watchful Eye Over Senior 3 .. ,bg 7. LH - .215 '5-,i'1,- 3 , 3 .Pig I J zlefvxg F 4 We .I,. A53 3 ' . 5211 .'a": . 2 f I., '.i'2i-ri 1. 1 L A 3 5 I es ,,Q ' 3 'K I I 2 JERRY MISENHIMER TERRY MISENHIMER ml "fr-dr' KATHLEEN MORRIS JOANNE MORRISON PATRICIA MONAGHAN Y-Teens 2, Vice-Pres. 33 Pres. 43 Hurdle crew 4. MARCIA MOWREADER Class Council 13 Student Council 13 Y-Teens 1,43 Cadence Corps 2,33 Campus Life 1,23 Nominating Con. 13 Girls' Glee1,2,3. CARL MONROE wwf 'I ea' 'iw , , . ,.. 3. ,ge I- ,J -F2339 . 1"i . ' 'I - I LORIMUNDY -.W - M '1 '3 -fiili iif JAM ES MOORE SUSAN NAGLE v I SENIORS MARY KRAWSZEWSKI, Diana Rapoza and Kathy Petersen guard traditional bench from invading underclassmen. Bench, exclusively for seniors, is one of the sacred privileges. ROBIN NEESON JOHN NEPTUNE Lunch Activities 1 . 1 ii- . I iis,i - QC ri M A S ifr'i ' MARK NEUHAUS GLORIA NEWELL I-Club 1,25 Modern Dance Club 33 Gymnastics 3,43 Nominating Conv. 1. V,-1, ,own-sv KENNETH NISHIUYE GARRY NORRIS GAROL NUNES OLGA NUNEZ WILLIAM O'CONNER Pep Club 3, Pres. 43 Class Council 1,23 Comm. of Spirit and Student Council 1,2,43 Y- PubIicity4. Teens 1,23 Gymnastic Club 1. Midnight Gil DURING FINALS, many seniors find themselves burning the midnight oil in order to keep up their grade point average for college entrance. 'TTY ,. K ESTHERO'DONALD German Club 2, Vice- Pres. 33 I Club 2,32 CSF 33 Modern Dance Club 33 Drama 2,3,43 Mil Memorias4. 5 'I I ,151 It 6 1 KAZUMIOKA Y.F.U. Exchange Student from Japang l Club 43 StudentGovernment. LONNIE ORCUTT OLIVIA OTT SHARON OTT Honor Aisle3 Gymnastics Club 1. ,. RAMIOR OLIVAS ANN OLIVERIO ROLF OLSEN MICHIKO ONO Exchange Student I Club 43 Student Government. --44 BARBARA OWENS BILL OWINGS Gymnastics Club 2,3,43 Y- Teens 2. Consumed by Scholars Bound for College 'WP' wwf' CLAUDIA PADGETT DEBRA PAHIA SAIVI PATERSON DWANE PATTON RHODA PEDRINI Tennis 13 Swimming 2,33 Water Polo 3,4. , X " ' V '- 2" llll f 1 KATHRYN PETERSON PETE PIRAINO BILL POKLADNIK RANDY PROVINZANO CSF 1,2,3,43 Honor Aisleg Student Council 43 Cape and Cadence 2,3, Lt. 4. Track 2,3,43 Letterman's Club 3,43 Football 3,43 Class Council 3,41 I Club 43German Club 4. ALLAN PUDSEY B. PAT PULLAN DONNA PURSER INA THERESA RADIEZ CHRIS RADO Cape and Cadence Corps 3,42 Y-Teens 43 World Dance 3. DIANA RAPOZA Cape and Cadence Corps 2,3, Captain 43 Hurdle Crew 33 Student Council 43 Class Council 43 Leadership Conf. 3. NILA REPARD Speech Team 2,3,4g Vice Pres. 3,45 ASB Play 2,35 Press Bureau 4g Comm of Communications 4 Honor Aisle 33 CSF 1,2,3E Girls' State Rep. 3. JONATHAN REX CATHY RHEA SUSANNE RICHARDSON E Mount HECTOR RIVERA Miguel's MICHAEL RIVERA "AND AWAY WE GO!" says Susan Serr to her German CAROL ROBERTS DEBRA ROBINSON sister Christina Pellens as they make Nom- Conv- 31 Cape Y-Teens 34' Nom- Com'- Cor s4. 25 Student Councll4. ready to ski down the slopes D in Braunlage. Susan, Mount Miguel's ASF Student, is living with the Pellen family in Bremen, Germany. CHRISTINE RODRIGUEZ Y-Teens 1,2,33 I Club 1,21 Modern Dance Club 1,43 Class Council 23 Nom, Conv. 1,2Q Leadership Conf. 23 German Club 1. DENNIS ROMERO BARBARA ROUNTREE MARSHA ROWLAND FRANK RUSS Comm. of Concessions 43 Class Council 33 Modern Dance Club 13 Nom. Conv. 3,41 Y-Teens 4. ASF Student Living in Heart of Rhineland ' ,,,,,,f SHARON RUSS JOHN SAGEMAN SAN SANDERSON Track 1,2,3. Football 1,2,3,4: Weight Club 3,4. CRAIG SANDLING Football 1,2,3,42 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Tennis 1,2,3,43 Letterman's Club 2,3,43 CSF 23 Student Council 3,43 German Club 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4. NEIL SANDOR Football 1,2,3,4Q Student Gov, 43 Leadership Conf. 1,2,3,3 Nom. Conv. 1,2,33 Track 13 Wrestling 13 Weight Club 3,43 Key Club 4. LARRY SCHAUFLER Track 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3I Drama Club 43 Speech Team 43 Letterman's Club 43 Co- Ed Dance 4: Student Council4. f mf WALTER SCHLOTTER Student Council 23 Nom. Conv. 2,31 Leadership Conf. 2,33 Pep Club 3: Mil Memorias 3, Editor-ln- Chief 43 Quill and Scroll 4. JACK SCHMITKE GREG SCHUFF BARBARA SCOTT Wrestling 1,2,3,4. i Hp-J--M. JERRYSEGAWA Attorney Generalg Student Court 2,3,43 Jr. Class Treasurer: Boys' State Repg Mu Alpha Theta 2,3,4g Class Council 1,2,3,43 Student Council 2,3,4. ll' R . DAN SIMMONS V 1 Jud? MICHAEL SELLE German Club 3,4 Marching Band 1' ScienceClub4. SUSAN SHEPARD REBECCA SHAFER SUSAN SERR v i Wie? ' 'riff .1 SHERYLSlMPKlNS Jr. Class Sec: Sr. Class Sec: Student Government 43 Class Council 2,3,43 Y- Teens 1,2,3,43 Nomin- ating Convg Pep Club4. SEVERAL CLASS OFFICERS try to sort out various questions that rise up at one of the numersous class council meetings. Plans for all activities are first introduced at the class meetings. Later, these suggestions are channeled out into the different committee groups. LARRY SIMPSON MARIANNE SISCON LYNDA SMITH Council Meetings X NEIL SORENSON RICHARD SOUZA Baseball 2,3,4. DENNISSPRY Choir 1,2,3,4g Fresh. Class Vice-Presg EL TROVADOR 3,43 Student Council 1,2,3: Student Gov. 43 Key Club4. an WT: ref' SHEILA STEWART nl-4' .ff DEBBIE STOKES KATHERYN STOY CARL STRONG PAUL STUMBAUGH RANDOLPH TALUBAN Football 15 I Club 2,33 Tennis2,3,4. Of Year Prove Main Drive Behind CI ss Al. SUE TENNEY MARY THOMPSON RICHARD THOMPSON RON THOMPSON MIKE THORNTON Gymnastics Club 4: Team Sports 45 Class Council 4, LARRY TOOKER SHIRLENE TRAVERS PAUL TREBBIEN MIKE TYER Football 2,3,43 Basketball 33 Baseball 2,42 Key Club 2,33 Lettermen's Club 2,3,43 Nominating Conv. 1,2,3,4. I SANDYURSILLO Gymnastics 13 Y-Teens 234. JOHN VALLANCE BOB VANDERHYDE DREUX VIERRA GARY VOORHEES BOB VRYHEID EL TROVADOR 33 Cross Country 2,3,4Q FootbaII3 Prom Comm.3 Swim Team 2,32 Track 43 Sr. BanquetComm. Speech Team 2,3343 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4. Ants Outnumber Students Meeting At NICK WACHS ROY WADE SHIRLEY WAGNER SUE WAGNER RICHARD WALDEN Y-Teens 3,42 Cla Council 33 Prom Comm. f MARK WALKER KAREN WALLACE ...W , TOM WALLANDER EDWIN WALRATH Track l,2,3,4g Football 13 Wrestling 13 Leffefmef1'SClUb3.4- Tfack 11 Cholf 23,42 PICNICKERS Lauren Helmutn, Craig Sandling,and xffcfrgfulgffce 2-3-41 ROTC Kay Dickey illustrate that Seniors who did go to the Senior Picnic, held at Eucalyptus Park, did manage to amuse themselves. Park for Year's Annual Senior Pi ni fi lik : fri? 'tai 4 NANCY WALTER CHRIS WASSBERG M ILLIE WATERSBURY CYNTHIA WEAVER BARBARA WELDY Y-Teens 33 Prom Comm. Graduates of '69 'mai' SID WELLS JOHN WEST ,1,, ,V,2..1,,1 V rr N U ,Q . W , f 4' 'ff it IVY ! in ,gm ' It 'I 'HKU' 5111, I H 111 in ,Z'l5'?iIsf'!l52 H r. ',-, ,..aa ,,n I lt' fr As ,,,,,4 . ,,,. ,LV , , I ltr LYNDA WHITE SUSAN WHITTLESEY I Club 2: Cape Corps 3,43 "JUNE IS NEARING," says Dwane Patton CSIFISA Llieasue EXGCUUVG as he Is being measured for his cap and gown. Ca' ' All seniors were on hand to make sure they would receive their gowns in time for graduation. 4 ,wifaflsfj If ii ra IV JOYCE WICKENS BECKY WILDER FRANCES WILKINSON Cheerleaders 2,3,4 Student Council 2,4 Class Council 2,4 Leadership Conf. 1,2,3 Nom. Conv. 1,2,3: Y Teens 1,2,3,43 Choir 43 Team Sports 2,3 Homecoming Princess. CHRISTY WILLEY DEBORAH WILLIAMS Y-Teens 35 Choir 4: Benchwarmers 4: Class Council3,4. Measuring Up To Future Qualifications MICHAELWILSON Football 1,25 Golf 3,4 Track4. KATHARINEWINBURY Class Secretary 1,25 Y- Teens 1,2,35 Gymnastics Club 1,2,3, Sec. 45 Leadership Conf. 1,2,3,45 Nom. Conv. 1,2,3,-45 Class Council 1,2,3,45 ASB Sec. EDWARDZINTA Class Pres. 35 Class Council 25 CSF 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Choir 45 Leadership Conf. 1,2,35 Nom. Conv. 1,2,3,45 Football 1,25 Wrestling 15 I Club 1,2,3,45 German Club2,3. A' f?",s MICHAEL ZUBRICKY JOHN WOODWARD Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,3,45 Class Council 1,2,45 German Club 15 I Club 15 Lette-rman's Club 45 Student Council 2. JOHN ZUMAYA WPA 'Bl' GAY YORK SUSAN ZESKY JOSE ANGELES ...,.M-r' of JO ANN BADMAN RITA BADE NOELLE BRETON MIKE DREW TERRY EVERHART NELSON FAIIVAE Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4. Competition Spurs Alumni To Prestige BRUCE GIETZEN WILLIAM GILCHRIST RUFINO GOMEZ LYNN HAMMERSCHMIDT DONALD HANES K t,,ii1i I I ,iQ, I 3 I - .. ,155 , free aw. 3 wi f i "--Sax . A. " 7 " me . f s-F2 ,-fs?5if,1t..,f444- GARY HANN JAMES HANSEN Y JUANITA HARPER SUSAN HARRISON Modern Dance Club 2,3, Cheerleader 2. Sec. 43 Co-Ed Dance 3,4. I - TERRY HECK JAMES HEROLD STEVEN HIGBEE DARLENE HILL CHRISTOPHER HURST KIMJACKSON Cheerleader 3,4 Homecoming Princess 4 Class Council 2,3 Student Council 2,3,4. 52 I LORNE JANTZ RONALD JOLLY PHILIP KAPLAN JANYCE KE GARY KENNEDY TIMOTHY LEONE GEORGE LEYVA ROBERTA MENDOZA STELLA MENDOZA PEGGY MORAN "MISS IT," is the hopeful thought of alumni, dressed in dark uniforms, toward Senior John Woodward as he shoots for the basket. Despite alumni's wishful thinking, seniors score another two points during the competitive basketball game. ' 'W ' V 'zgfrij mgwz: of iw wmfimvwz A A751 M,,......-nnaowv g gi'-,Q .. M X Y r K' SHIRLEY MCFALL Nl'-A REPARD Valedictorian Salutatorian Scholars Bestowed ith Top Ten Honors ANNA BOTTER PEGGY DAMATA JOY KEMP CARLA HOLLOWELL ROBERT VRYHEID MICHAEL BRADY LONNIE ORCUTT DOUGLAS HOWARTH V 1 Though they seem to fly by Like fenceposts past a speeding train, Let us not lament mere passing of our years. Let us not be troubled that we may have lived More years than we yet will. For what lies ahead may hold more meaning, More happines and contentment for us Than all of what has gone before. -Harry and Joan Mier Recognition Bestowed For Outstanding MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nila Repard and Doug Howarth f .N i X 'MW ' X v , K BEST DRESSED Petra Hill and Mark Deesing BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Buzzie Minor and Ted Adams Qualities Of Character, Appearance, Style 523 9 -swmwwwfa X ,av- I MR. AND MISS SENIOR CLASS Rick Ingraham and Kim Jackson FRIENDLIEST Ken Nishuve and Candy Estes MOST SCHOOL SERVICE Marsha Leatherman and Doug Howarth ' -. 5 ' IIJH 'ef-waonnn.....,..,,,,.,. -w...,... QUEEN CANDY ESTES PRINCESSES Marlon Dixon, Fran Wilkenson, Kim Jackson, "lVlt. lVliguel's Twelfth Annual Homecoming Queen is . . . Miss Candy Estes." These were the words that climaxed a week hi- lighted by such class- competitive activities as "Needle-in-a-Haystack" and "Cow Rodeo" contests. This year's theme, "Frontier Days", was illustrated by a Costume Day in which school spirited Matadors dressed up in frontier style clothes. Later after the crowning, Queen Candy and her attendants held court during the Homecoming Dance held in their honor. Homecoming CANDY ESTES is escorted off the field, after just being proclaimed Queen, by her brother Tom Estes. and Joan Lochhead all join around their Queen, Candy Estes, at the Homecoming Dance The dance, held in their honor, featured The PAK. I 5, PRINCESS FRAN WILKENSON PRINCESS KIM JACKSON Hi-lighted by Crowning of Queen and Court PRINCESS JOAN LOCHHEAD PRINCESS IVIARIAN DIXON Able Leaders Guide For Rewarding Year .Q J, ,,,ae, VELA GWIN Junior Counselor The feeling had arrived the first day of school as the Juniors started an eventful year by wearing the big J's to show their spirit. The class of'7O contributed much excitement to Homecoming this year as they were active participants in every event, including the chariot race, contests during lunch, and a wild float entry. Class spirit was soaring in December as representatives sold mistletoe for a money-making project. In February, a dance featuring the Light Brigade with the Crimson Sun Light Show was sponsored by theJunior class. That special feeling kept growing throughout the year to help juniors experience that special sensation of knowing they had achieved status as upperclassmen. lT MAY SEEM like a nutty way to master art, but Arlene Coleman and Angi Villalobas draw and study walnuts for their cast shadow unit in Ben Kiegles Honors Art Class. ,K L who ...,, - ANNE VON DER MEHDEN HALBERT CROW Junior Advisor Junior Advisor K1 . , 1'--n DON CARLSON President LUIS ROSAS Vice-President SUE LOPEZ Secreatry LARRY SMITH Treasurer Mike Abbate, Dan Abbott, Bruce Adams, Henry Adams, Lorene Adams, Pam Adams, Penny Adams, Wanda Adams, Doug Ailshie, Fran Alvarez, Cynthia Anderson, Janis Anderson, Roland Andrews, Deborah Armour. Steve Athans, Jane Au berger, Rose Averna, Rita Bade, Tom Badgett, JoAnn Badman, Steve Baldwin. Richard Barch, Barbara Barkley, Robert Barnett, Pam Bashline, Sue Beaulieu, Bill Becher, Norman Belanger. Gary Bellah, Paul Bennett, Michelle Berger Barbara Bettencourt, Robert Biggs: Michael Blaksley, Diana Blanco. Richard Block, Alison Boedecker, Linda Boehlert, Maryann Bohn, Mark Bolen, Les Bolin, Robert Bonapace. Cathy Bowman, Steven Braley, Charles Brannon, DeWayne Breton, Noelle Breton, Emilio Brionez, Gary Britz. ,A V?-"'M,, , .f-ff ,rr ' Q l ,ff- 221. , . 'E y - Q? nr,f755, 'i?2r4,w IM , f ..- , 5 at .4 at ., 2? if Q if S J 5 3 x 'S' if V 5, L ,.,. , M L ' at v' 'ef iii ,K 'A bin y A ,, if A 453 H if A y ,WW H lil it " rrlll V. ,i , . ,, 3 ,M ff , 27Mfs!i5-i itii, . ia re ...M- J 1 E 5 . .. ls, ,, ' ggge Mir , eg! Y V gf it . QE u , 9 ft-tw , , ia, gg, ' iff' a.g ":,4y 39' I l a 'Q f 4 'e ,wwiii fr I. if ,W egg is -f - fth, -V rw M , -gm my 5 :: f n f-wit-arf, V agmagv , t..,,, 'Y-v ,, ,f A Et' W fe 1 K fa iw 29 f a ' ' " '- sr -E Uhr A . s 4? ,. A qw Fmsg, X 1 V A A, I " 42511 . , I www My , ,A ," g f L 5 -ff : We Q ..x ss. J, -Q, Y 4? Q S , 3 inf L my :fi K ' 'z va , My t. is 7 an 1 P M -1 Z4..:5,.,, We Yi' ' , Q'-3 J . fi , ,. UQ, 2 .fk sr , -, 2 rw w ...avi Q .'. . FA if 1- A Q 5 -and A x cu A. .4 ,- ff . J 4. , --:- 2 E, 3 if 5' 1 Bw f l ,... vm Class of ' O illuminates Daily Life Kathy Brown, Ronald Brown, Tom Brown, Barbara Browning, David Buford, Steve Burnsworth, Marcia Burrell. Gerald Burris, Steve Bush, Ginger Buster, Robert Butts, Donna Byrd, Judy Calvert, Randy Camp. Gloria Campbell, Cheryle Cannon, Manuel Cano, Pat Cappiello, Yvonne Carlin, Sandy Carnes, Kathy Caro. Barney Carpenter, Diana Carroll, Anthony Cassarrubia, Lindy Cassels, Gilbert Castaneda, Marcella Castle, Anita Castro. Larry Caudillo, Chris Cecil, Terry Cecil, Lee Cheeks, Randy Chester, Karen Chisnell, Nancy Clay. David Clubb, Sue Cochran, Cathy Cody, Cherie Cohen, Patty Coker, Roxanne Cole, Arlene Coleman. Curtis Coleman, Dorothy Collett, Sue Collette, Mary Colins, Peggy Comer, William Condit, Mary Cook. Shirley Cook, Pam Cormier, Betty Cortopassi, Robert Costanzo, Mona Courtney, Gary Couture, Kathryn Cox. Scott Coyle, Patricia Crane, Deborah Cranfill, Mike Crawford, Babette Cross, Karen Crouse, Joe Crowley. z K M tag' 2 Q35-J., ,x l f . . .ii fif ' ig F aa. A J A 3"-L 2 " ""?,.5 1 Ki ll , A S A i rb ft lv 3 A' 5, ,... Q . ,,,,,, 'j Q, , V 'Ee wtsifsggegxgfv fu- - -K ,wiggle-ai wvf A-in .- f . . A . ' We 5, H 155 ' . if " . fn" " ll ' re .P ,I F . I M X V. , 3 ,V Fa, .,., .. , - . S ivy:-:gp I Iliff FM? 2,-1 Q- 4 , W 1 R 5 ti 2 , .. l .y X., ' as . W -if A , , , .- 3,2 isp ! ff' Jill?" , V. in . g Y' ' ' . fr . 12,52 7- ,Q i mm f . , , ..--' g. K, 737- ., ,Al V 5, xv it Q S 2 fi . :f 5 i.,.VkiEg., F: H - igi'g,,fff,4 , : 1 - 2, ll yiif ' l 2 1 1. L - ' 5115 4 .13 W . ,f 1 1 - Q5 A X ' ff - t g'9,g,, . , . , . . ., ,mfs as ll A Q I i Q M . W r of l ., ,aa ,gl ea . . we f X 99 it i ., W , f A ,V -., , wwf: . ri: e- L 1 ile my gc ,i A. V .,., , ei' S tlrtlt 'N L xt . 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A 1: 3:35 'iii 2 " l : ' .1 ae 2 ... 1 .. , 515.2-.12 Q ggi-at me 1 2. gf 5 ii 2235 Q emit Q 'K ef 5 2. l Q 'X K J 15' -- gif 2 l e l S Q 2 2 .. 2. 1 s el Sm. as 1 l l l l Diligently Strives For Profitable Year K M' , ' A Q fi f ,f,, 3 ,L,, , V gi lg Q 2t?Sir?4,Q,g. 'I54 A 'L V. Eff,-'51 -," ' k I , , - :ij-53,1 -W i I 'K ' swf i le af f' , r e a , J .V JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Larry Smith, Luis Rosas, Sue Lopez, Don Carlson, Mike Edgil. Second Row: Jan Luallin, Pam Bashline, Lynne Utterback, Anita Castro, Yvonne Carlin, Marilynn Schwab, Sherry Prescott. Back Row: Chris Harnish, Larry Knight, Randy Provinzano, Mike Newman, Otto Van Emmerik, Jim Zito, Mike Steve Menard, Mike Mendez, Pauline Mercado, Mary Merritt, Susan Merritt, Bonnie Metcalf, Marcy Meyer. Meredith Meyer, Chris Meza, Blaine Michel, Steve Midose, Marilyn Miller, Rick Miller, Steve Miller. David Mills, Charles Mitchell, Jeanette Mitchell, John Mobley, John Molay, Terri Montgomery, Peggy Moran. Gary Morgan, Bonnie Morrison, Cheryle Mosteller, Dixie Mowery, Bill Muir, Marla MuIlaney,Rilla Murillo. Schmidt. Not Shown: Paul Jacobson, Diana Lowrance, Karen Crouse, Pat Coker, Terri Montgomery, Dick Mason, Debbi Scolari, Steve Hazlett, Karen Green, Ted Aldridge, Sandy Carnes, Jim Lampert, Mic Viau, Pam Adams, Kris Krominga. - 1 .1 ANTICIPATING PENNIES from Heaven? Eggs are more like it. Enthusiastic Bev Reynolds participates in a spirit contest during lunch. Candy O'Brien, Maureen O'Brien, Patty O'ReiIy, Mary Jo Ondrechen, Ed Osborne, Alwin Pacheco, Rubin Pacheco. Richard Pacholski, Susan Pacholski, Myrna Pagen, Angeline Palazzolo, Lee Panhorst, Wendy Panter, Harold Parker. Shari Parsons, Les Paterson, Janet Pearse, Steven Pence, Daniel Perez, Kathleen Perry, Mark Phillips. Pat Phillips, Richard Pinnick, Josette Plante, Linda Polinsky, Rick Pondelick, Cherub Porter, Mike Porter. Chuck Preble, Marlys Prodzinski, Barbara Puente, Ricardo Quintana, Barbie Quirk, Barbara Rajknecht, Carol Rajknecht. Junior Class Surges Bill Nagel Mary Nash Tony Neel Judy Nelson Lex Nelson Terry Nemshack Mike Newman Wendy Nicholson Cheryl Nunes Jose Nunez Leticia Nunez Cliff Nusslock fa, 1 H. .. kgs 2' E 5323 F W 33 sig . ..,..,, 5. get it was ,Da 3, pi: it fu -. V: , .. ,., z f :rr r vi-ii' T m , . f-szfff fl ' 5' . wi : 3555? ' M., it f 1 fe L w s f i s ' , Past All Spiritwise Q Barbara Ramirez Q!-1, Lana Rathje Wayne Ray 1 ? Beverly Reynolds Marc Richard Steve Richmond Mark Ricketts Elviera Rivera Deborah Roberts Mary Roberts Pete Rodvold Chris Rogers xi! we . .,V W. i f MEN AND WOMEN OF THE WEST was the theme forthe Junior Homecoming float. Dave LeBeau, Karen Crouse, and Larry Knight Colleen Rooney, Luis Rosas, Tom Roth, Carol Rowley, Linda Royster, Belynn Ruiz, Linda Russ. do their thing to revive the old frontier spirit. J ,i W .. gm gf 3, is rr-W im l W A my fi mr i H W ii l 14 if it r 9,5 ! '55 VV 5 if ,b ,,., 1 wr tim b 'Af ,,za,e Frank Sadulski, Carmelita Salas, Norma Salmon, Jim Sampugnaro, David Schell, Conception Schirmer, Mike Schmidt. Greg Schneider, James Schooley, Marilynn Schwab, Rory Schweitzer, Debbie Scolarl, James Scott, Glenn Shaffer. Tim Shea, Terry Shepersky, Stephen Silverthorn, Lee-Ann Simpson, Sandra Sjogren, Chris Slater, Alma Smith. Larry Smith, Pam Smith, Rebecca Smith, Gail Solomon, Don Sorensen, Paula Southwick, Barbara Steele. Ancient Customs Prove Beneficial for Roseanne Steffensen, Craig Stephens, Dana Stewart, Linda Stewart, Sue Stewart, Bill Stoltz, Linda Strangfield, Don Strasbaugh, Barbara Strolz, Linda Stroud, Kathy Styler, Gorgianna Subilosky. Mike Swan, Craig Swanson, Lee Talton, Anthony Tarantino, Andrew Taylor, Carol Taylor, Fred Taylor, Ree Taylor, Jack Thommasson, Debra Tomson, Kevin Thorton, Tim Thurman. Dick Tibbitts, Alma Tiffany, Bernard Tillman, Tom Tittle, Julia Tonner, Ron Tooze, Paul Toper, Steve Traxler, Mike Treadway, Cathy Turvey, Karen Twitty, Lynne Utterback. Wayne Valadez, Roen Valenzuela, Otto Van Emmerik, Ronald Vance, Jeanne Veliquette, Michelle Viau, Angi Villalobos, Laura Von Dran, Sandra Von Kline, Virginia Vorman, Craig Wagner, Laurie Wagoner. Lorna Wagoner, John Wallace, Judith Warner, Nikki Watkins, Paula Watkins, Judith Web, Jim Weigelt, Bob Wells, Rennee Welsch, John Whiddon, Alice Wigham, Jack White. Marcia White, Wanda White, Lynne Whitehouse, Gloria Wiesner, Elizabeth Wilde, Chris Wilhite, Mike Wilkes, Jan Williams, Paul Williams, David Wills, David Wise, Wes Wise. Mark Wolverton, Steve Wonder, Deborah Wondrash, Sylvia Wood, Michelle Woodard, Tom Wyer, Ruth Yates, Carol Ybarrando, Debra Yokeum, Janey York, Debra Young, Nolan Young. Sydney Young, Leo Zent, Lynette Zimmer, David Zimmerman, Carol Zintz, Jim Zito, Linda Zumaya. JUNIOR CLASS RETAKES: Howard Allen, Frank Banuelos, Julie Becher, Don Carlson, Edie Drummund. Bob Ek, Mark Montgomery. 1 f ffl ,Y ,,,, eeif-411'w1.1.szw' I . .. f . 'pzaiyirflwgiimez at 1 1 A .... asf" ' em ., .. 4, 550, Af 95,-e " +5 f as f " A? ve Y. 1 , . " it ,f .2 . , fi ' V ?2YSif52 9 'Wilt f-eg. 1 wage' . . isfiiirm fl aiagfigx f .. I , 5 fig.. I 3 4,1-,1..- W swfrkxi ff twist.. , , Fund Rai fi JY .- hx I U .. ' 1 , ,I , Q,, ,L, I ,. ff' a A ' ,afgkiyfg I - 'W e 5, a :wQ:1,i1xr:1f Ist I. 1 , . Q51 Pi J ' f 1? 41-2 inf? x M KN I is Nffflf AWQQJ ,K -,- -f-fk "" H . , , TN L I? , K I 1 'A Ev I, I i I 1, n .5 "f'1i'f ewes I' 'fi I. awww fi W 'R We Q QKIW. YT: QEQEVQ ,uEi, ' Q x "1 :aff-iii? if 'SG' '9-hm ing Project f W 'ze .2 am 2 ""3 -, f-1. Q -4 ..-- mi-1375 HH ? L I g 2 ga 96: 2 L 5 I- qwfu gag? I --Fe:-'. ,,53eg I - I QV. if VL? A ? M, ' .. 6' I- Af I '-'- Ii z a j f' ' f H-fi lei' , . YQ ri ,sg Iysm EJQg 23535 it i i' jf ' i Kyle 'w fezsf' 132 fx ,fi we A- . ii ..v.w:. . .. , '2 x,5.m1mf,ufz,4s3 -13,-fqSf.QE: .. I r .. egxg:i,3f,miu 5 L Q M ,egg E Iii? -IPI, fi sux we S J A V .w Yr 3 ii 5' I A L ' A 4 li M35 1 I' 5 52 'Q I Loy' QQ? , 1 :fr 'W f .Q 5 If wwwmggmww' www 953 I 43 1 Q Y qw 3, Zi? 3 .L,, xii? 1- if 4 5' We mx ,fe , pig..-,ii-,yh 1 xr irq My . ,ey.,4,i, 2 'J -,fu f ied- 4 xr is f A Q , , A ,. 1- ,V 474.5 Ja w, , ,g ji .N .,. ,: R, .iq 4, , k. If A if ..a .. .. 73 W f FIRST IN LINE to buy his mistletoe from "Pixie" Candy O'Brien, Tom Roth eagerly proceeds to test its potency. ENGLISH-Maureen O'Brien, Pam Bashline This year's Academic Hall of Fame includes dedicated hard workers. To be considered as a Junior Standout the student must not only excel in his academic work, but must also show all-around interest in every aspect ot the field that they are representing. These students deserve recognition and honor for their dedication and work far beyond the call of duty. Faculty along with fellow classmates regard these students with high esteem as they serve as excellent examples and set high standards. BUSINESS-Marlys Prodzinski Worth Juniors Receive ART-Jerri Klark, Mike Edgil, Arlene Coleman MUSIC-Dick Tibbitts, Bev Reynolds, Mike Curtis PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Sandy Sjogren, Josh Hall, Jane Au berger :ff- SOCIAL SCIENCES Mary Ondrechen Les Bolin MATH-Mary Ondrechen Jam Mack SPEECH-Maureen OBrien Don Carlson Julie Tonner Counselors, Students Work Together To .l KM 'Qrw is ,.i.s , Y ' was ,. K x S - S JOHN ADAMS WILLIAM LEEP Sophomore Advisor Sophomore Advisor w,lf,Rr,,-,, as The Class of 1971 exhibited great class strength throughout this, their sophomore year. During the State Scholastic Achievement Tests administered in October, sophomore students displayed their academic ability by their high grades. Spirit Weeks, the weeks of games against El Cajon and Helix, found sophomores joining in activities such as body painting, balloon shaving, egg tossing, mummy wrapping, and competive drinking. Far-sighted members of the Class planned activities to raise money to go toward their senior year. One of these activities was a bake sale in November. Another was the Sophomore Dance in January which featured the Mystic Chapter Five. At the Girls' League Sweetheart Ball in February, Judy Tucker and Greg SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNClL-Front Row: Laurie Davis Debbie Garcia, Carol Bowers, Joy Edwards. Second Row: Lynnell Lewis, Steve Maurer, Noel Christianson. Not Shown: Rick Clabby, Summer Cloud, Kasey Conners, Sue Hicks, Rick Kraszewski, Pam Priest, Kevin Pullan, Kim Rodvold, Veronica Romero, Terri Wagner. VENALEE FIELDS Sophomore Counselor Robinson were named sophomore attendants to King Dennis Spry and Queen Sheryl Simpkins. All in all, sophomore involvement in school action proved intense. Kish Pass Through Turmoil Of Sophomore Year FF be gl 4 5 r"'l-X .dxf wana 2- 1.-Q, is-Us 1 M- .W img, 1, K s T ix' g , ki, f K 'Sf MD I H' 4 5' ai? o o f , Q Liv all 1 5'4k,g.,,,A : vu- - f" if M blifvfgit ,gg A 2, , . orro 5-I-.. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Vice-President Kim Rodvold, Secretary Veronica Romero, Treasurer Noel Christianson, President Rick Kraszewski. 1-Sliiifi? X 5 1 .ff ,bel if 22,5 '1 S oao , 7 , ai .4 55.15. 4 We A I - warn: as-fa sig , --f, f aaa., 'asf -in ,.: iff' Eifnffzl. ' 13 , A ,xl ,s f 1. 2 ag . , . , 1 V- M y fe' ,gis- e L ,- J' ,.,- , J . af . W 5 ,X Jr . Ms t '93 his .eff 5 14. , i. .3 we-f, v , f , : -so PW- V' . rzznwh is 4 A if 1 af J- 4 we f 4 .4 if A. Y r id ? W 15 Rick Adams, Sandra Adcock, Lorraine Admire, Carmella Alesi, Glynn Allen, James Allen, Michael Allenson, Debra Allred. Lifnda Amargo, Gary Anderson, Ron Anderson, Janine Anty, Sharon Archibald, Steve Archibald, Wanda Arnold, Pam Ashman. Turner Atkins, Bessie Atkinson, David Bagley, Barbara Balaban, Sammy Ballher, David Balsley, Jeannie Barber, Jimmy Bartles. Megan Bascom, Corinne Bates, Lynn Bauer, Jeff Bean, Michele Beaulieu, Bill Beaver, John Belanger, Bruce Belanger. Lynn Bellwood, Gary Bennett, Leroy Berg, Mary Berner, Antoinette Bettell, Linda Beville, Ruth Biggs, Laura Binkele. Debra Blair, JoAnne Blazer, Jim Blevins, Cindy Boggan, Laura Bolieu, Brenda Bomboy, Janet Bommer, P. Boonsirithum. Pam Bordwell, Joe Boude, David Bourdeau, Mark Bowen, Carol Bowers, Shirley Bowersox, Robert Boyer, Ed Boze, Dan Brady, Delores Brazell, Teddy Brewer. Edwin Britain, Robert Brown, Sherri Brown, William Brown, Joray Bryant, Jack Buchea, Elaine Buchman, Glynda Bumpus, Mike Burgio, Kathy Burke, Pat Burke. Denise Burrell, Wesley Butler, Rick Byrd, Mira Calvert, Martha Camacho, John Carey, Deborah Carpenter, Marilyn Carter, Ron Caudillo, Eugenio Cesena, Herman Chavez. Victor Chavez, Diana Chesnik, Chris Christianson, Noel Christianson, Charleen Chubb, Gary Ciccati, Rita Ciotti, Rick Clabby, John Clark, Steven Clay, Robert Clifton. 2 g may 3, , 2.15, s rage 'E+ l ,ky wi, ,Y Q ge 5 M M-. ffl? i V J 1 ---- ,1 V gl i W Knew-fl-fw:124f.w,o1i if w,eq,f1fw,,e, 1:-l-fr . -.i,u,,,l,t my Qwigigski ggi? f wr P Wm gg l tl A - i . J Soph Spirit, Growing Stronger Through Summer Cloud, Susan Clubb. Dave Cody, Nancy Cofer, Danny Cogburn, Tom Conard, Deborah Condit. Dennis Connors, Kasey Connors, Robert Cook, Deborah Coon, Raymond Cooper, Roger Corkum, Susan Corkum. Mario Cortez, Paul Coston, Doug Cowan, Teresa Coyne, Barbara Crabb, Vickie Crawford, Ron Cerar. Wanda Criger, John Crim, Elizabeth Croft, Jenine Crosswhite, Tom Cunningham, Mike Cutler, Candace Dacy. ,ffm piles-.'z,,:q,lg.ii,, .12 ,lb 'iw H ,Q - - 9 '--- : 1 A W , . -.r,??.k .ig,?3 -Z J K 92 l.wig,11l L, 'W , - - -- H - Y V .... , , , l ,wks l If A kr lbw.: - ' 2' 1, . , K. , , y , A y D V '32 ,July ' ' .J KL 3, :A is are 5 -fe -. .filet fl 4 . ,ae E 9 . 1? 1 . .. :ff:E'51,z'555 ,f :3': i , 1 W 4 .-,ftlwzggl , s5lI9el?5, f Q X E 2, 5 'WF 232,525 J 3,955 ., 5 fieiy 'E 'law ' - - f.. Q Q. f ,., M J tg? K ,A gg: 39, E .,. J E, " ' ' ei,i t , rf i"?',1 ,,-fAt9fTy,- Wkffwe- " a"lv'3'. L.. .am " . E Kmk' N. Li l i fr I ly M A K, .. 5 I :IV y , . Q, "WE GOT SOUL," chant J.V. Cheerleaders during a practice session in the quad. Cheering at all J.V. football games, they help boost the spirit of J.V. teams and onlooking Matadors. The Year, Surpasses All Cther Class s l 21- 'N 1 T J L ' ,:"i'iiS ' 45- Q1 fa A t ., -A , li. H ' f 4, i . Zia ? mai? 3 . 4. V iff, 3 t rl ' , div ml! 1 , 7 I . to w . ,, V .sf l -fa.-ugh ' 5, A wg vie' ' v . A., I,-fi 5 if 'f T .W f 5 A 'G as -X sawn. ,wttw fo ri N., - , .. ,... at ,'.:,, .W l-,, . . A f,,m,r,.,,M,k,. .f , , . 2 e L ,Q .f . 5 eil? J rl 1 QSM fb ,- mer:-,' -- lf.: -,J ,rr '53 i Q5 Mm M' N ,129 , We-:.a?2x .l,.,,nAfm- ,, J 4 W 3 -2 l M.- 1 76 4 I ,.. me '51 . ' E511 ,. .,., 7 , in ., s ff , w a il E is rgra- . ,V tl., , ' ercl iirl J, f'2i J 3 l,1 1 lll , ' J il' .: '.:f- a .1:. if if' f fi , tifswitfi " l 4, iii? H9495 'lf f ,:f'W.f,f1 W-tl ,fa .2..,. va HA,- EQ 2 z xg 9 1, KE gg . f Ly. , H Q ,. 2 5 'Z if et, f"" - a., E eff' B Kathy Daniels, Liane Darst, Robert Davenport, Larry Davis, Laurene Davis, Caroline DeAnda, Jill DeWald. Donald Deel, Archie Delmar, Sharon Demmers, Lisa Devers, Michele DiMaggio, Dowal Dickerson, Andrew Dolinsky. Mike Dougherty, Tom DuFon, John Duff, Dennis Duke, Karen Duncan, John Dzarnoski, Wayne Eagle. John Earhart, Alan Easter, Steven Eaton, Janet Eddy, Jon Edwards, Joy Edwards, Charles Ellis. Gayle Emery, Richard Emery, Teddy Espinoza, Garland Fairlie, Peggy Farness, Rodger Farris, Mike Farthing, Gary Faust. Kris Ferguson, Randy Ferguson, Stephen Fick, Mike Flake, Mark Flanagan. Glenn Flores, Vickie Flow, Jeff Follett. Karen Folmar, Ellen Foran, Martin Forrester, Julie Foster, Nancy Foster, Marvin Foye, Laurie Frates, Margie Friend. Lance Fry, Dave Fullerton, Michele Gahn, Kenneth Gale, Ralph Gale, Kathy Gallagher, Robert Gallagher, William Gallagher. Ruben Gallagos, Richard Gann, Debbie Garcia, Frank Garcia, Robert Garcia, Patti Garlinger, Terri Gay, Alyce Gearhart. , - V, Q - g '- ' ,.:2- I Q. ..,, 3 F.' A lhi 51.29 at F r ,,3,. V Qt? 'iw xx 'W' 35 , ., e , 'll I' i n, ,jf wif V, is 1 1 l 5 S l ,vw .. .218 S 'x ' r ff at r 2, ' t g: if' .wk ekffeiea he ,. ..: : .I KQYMJXS' . : ,gf at 12,21 ' M. 11-K. ,. ' ,ME 51, I .5 Maggie. ..,, ,,.. ,fl W , . .... ..,,,.. . X .wi L-sgeffe ,isa .1 ,-l W , :mm -V , Ee: Eff' th 25551 . . S 4, my Sl 3 Egg , , ,-we . .QW if-' if -. ..... 11, . Q' Z ,inf 3 I I , 1' X S, 'H ,, l ig' gg llliifit we S M- 13' I 1 '15 'hx +553 , if 25' tfeenl .K l. tt. s'TEf3i?EfLE5iASr1i A.. -. 4,53 Q15 fi,, 1.4, - Q e af s J 1 ,E 1' if if S ... f .il gd. ga' 1: , f -at 4 -2 , ffikiif if , We , - L - . leafy -, . 'Wim . 2. fx: ,,ef-,:,,g,:- -: ---..,f, rf 21. 1 .... I' g sf W 5 A at t G, lerr t F r, ' A " V' . F e:eeeee-eee- if W ,-e MF -ff it .- ..,. Q' ' , 2 y H - - as if L F - . ' 33 17 .V .. Tlx f . . fl - ' f bt rs. : --ggi, mm ,f aj .2 ' -' Q :- . me - " 'ff' .. I.- 2. ik A, - 155.. A -V y -' V,t:,9gie , , , Competitive Conscious Sophomores Take Debbie Giamanco, Deborah Gibbett, James Gietzen, Janet Gifford, Bruce Gifford, Rhonda Gill, Tom Gillam, MikeGilIett. Debra Gist, Douglas Gondek, Bob Goodman, Kathy Gorham, Elizabeth Graham, Deborah Grant, Marilyn Grant, Rick Grant. Linda Graves, Eddie Gray, Tom Green, Deborah Greene, Adah Gregg, Deborah Griffin, Bill Grindel, Steve Grizzle. 1-H. . , W, 1 I hw , 3' lf Q: 1, ,555 .f J 1 2 . av 3 'E ' er X an 5 fi.. M I ?" I. K K 2. 11, 5 ' i i . ,. , fe, ...Q,.e.t, 1-mm. .f,- leq, ,. M, ..., ,, ,. ,. 2'felute-Fe:lsv?Lr.2is:Sv'few K ' F ., , . lf W , , V , alfa ,bqplu--Ki . , l ' , +459 J ml , ill' in 3 W ,W -e in - . ---:uf . ,. , . . lt. J lf fwfg 5 e I' gi e L w. gf -L rg , E5 is F ' , . fx .Q ..,. .tg ' G, ..l Y' E ..,.. fg ei yirf 5555 W 4 ii, Ken Groggett, Virginia Grothe, Paul Guynn, Kathy Hadley, Gordon Hall, Mike Hall, Andrew Hallas, Tom Hambrick. Patty Hamill, John Hamilton, Sherry Hamilton, Chuck Hamm, Jeannan Hanes, Debby Hannahs, Janet Hannibal, Judy Hannibal. Phillip Hannibal, Jeff Hansen, Lynn Hart, Deborah Hawes, Greg Hayes, Deborah Heator, Alan Heck, John Heimaster. Alma Henderson, Robert Herold, Sue Hicks, Gloria Hill, June Hill, Mike Hill, Terry Hill, Gertrude Hinkle. Nancy Hixon, Cathy Hobb, John Hoffman, David Holcomb, Della Holcomb, Gordon Holcomb, Barbara Holoway, Hal Hook. Qctober Achievement Testing In Stride Edward Horgan, Wilhelmina Horne, Jeffrey Hosaka, Debora House, Joyce Howarth Robert Hughes, Ed Huhn, Nora Humphrey. Gail Huppert, Jacqueline Hurtt, Kathy Hutton, Marco lbarra, Mark lfnager, Bobbie lngraham, Chuck Irvine, Donna Jackson. Larry Jackson, Mike Jackson, Janie Jacobsen, Janice Jaramillo, Vicky Jeffries, Grant Jenkins, Dave Johnson, Denise Johnson. Bold Sophomores Displa Effervescence DONNING WAR PAINT, administered by Cindy Knight, Marty Klee actively participates in one of the many Spirit Week Competitions held in November. Rick Kraszewsk i, Eileen Kreuzer, Robert Krings, Don - 'ii--' ' 5, is La chusa. Dan La sane. ,sss s L is Barbara Laesch, Dana Lamb, f I ii ff ' 1 p Jon Lan-'pr-nan. is W ,ps . S 'I I I B --ii Tim Lana, Alexis Lanham, Alison Lanham, Charles Laws, Wendy Lane, Christine Ledesma, Gary Leeper, Christine Leighton. Pat Loene, Jackie Lester, Anna Levy, Lynnell Lewis, Mary Lex, Gloria Leyra, Shauna Lindsay, Ricky Litfell. Frank Longo, David Lopez, Mary Lopez, Alan Lothspeich, Pat Loveless, Guy Lowery, Dorothy Lowry, Linda Lucas. Martina Luciano, Ginger Lynch, Loren MacHart, Walter Mack, Beverly Maher, Denise Mailloux, Linda Makin, Sherri Mann. Vivaeity During Spirit Week Activities J Lira mf? KP sg i. . , 'W e H 3 -5 J if eg M as Ti? 55Q,,YnaHt?f?fZQ .wr . 4 GV Q2 ,.,ww?, .W wwf f,,..-.f..,4ai,-mL,,-4--+34 S,.,f.w,ee,,, f , ' ., fA, S fic 2:.:A::f -IV , all st, A ,Z "li -ifvdv .'-f.: . . V' ' 'Fffly E -?f'2.,E' 4' ff grim 1 gd? Nr , kg M sz-Q v i Karen Johnson, Milton Johnson, Tom Joint, Danny Jolly, Budd Jones, James Jones, Kathy Jones, Lynn Jones, Tom Jones, Billy Just, Marno Kauffman. John Kehrli, Mike Kelso, Gail Kemp, Ken Kenaga, Rex Kennedy, Mary Keys, Leon Kindred, Donna King, Mike King, Mike King, Marty Klee. Sandy Kleine, Peggy Kluth, Gretchen Knight, Melissa Knight, Ann Kohanek, Robert Koptic, Ann Koucoumaris, Larry Kouns, Sue Kounter, John Kovac, DuaneKraft. Bob Manning, Terri Mar, Evelyn Martin, Martin Martin, Robert Martin, Sandy Martin, Steve Martin, John Mathews. Andrea Mattox, Jane Matson, Steve Maurer, Laurie Mayors, Steve Mays, Tim McAlpin, Mike McAnear, Arthur McCapes. Mike McCormick, Tim McDougall, Charles McEwing, Linda McKee, Cathy McKinley, Bernice McQuillan, Joann Meglich, GiIbertMendoza. Charles Merritt, Nancy Meyer, Barbara Miller, Bob Miller, Glynis Miller, Louis Miller, Lisa Mills, Eugene Milner. Kathy Milnick, Gary Minard, Susan Miner, Gerald Minor, Penny Mobley, Deborah Mock, John Moline, John Monaghan. Fund Raising Bake Sale Acclaimed Sweet Marty Rosenberger, Donna Roth, Phil Rounds, Betty Rudeen, Bob Ruge, Janet Ruggles, Jacob Ruiz, Gary Russ, Susie Sadulski, Winnie Salas, Jo Samson, Jeff Sanchez, Roberta Sanchez, Fred Sanders, Ellen Sandusky, Jo Santos, Rex Sawyer. Diana Sayers, Dale Schirmer, Linda Schmidt, Vicki Schoenberger, Mark Schuff, Heather Scott, Vickie Scott, Billy Seaman, Jon Serr, Ray Shaffer, Mike Shaima, Gary Shain, Mike Shapiro, Don Shaw, Don Shaw, Ron Shaw, Lynn Shumake. Ed Shurley, Sharyn Sikes, Joanne Silva, Connie Simmons, Steve Simonds, Wendy Simpson, Bob Singer, Dale Siscon, Rosie Siscon, Cheryle Sjoberg, Barbara Skinner, Jerry Skrivanek, John Slater, Mike Sly, Craig Smith, Dana Smith, Gary Smith. Success b Enterprising Soph Gourmets " " A 1:23 ,, '- ' ' Q , gif . ' 495552 --E1 if is rig? , Q 35455 J 7 ,if .L N in . 1? 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Maurice Patton, Jill Paydon, Pam Pedrini, John Pelley, Mike Pendleton, Arlene Perez, Estela Perez, Linda Perry, Paula Peterson, Steve Phillips, Charles Philpot, Gary Pitchford, Paul Poirier, Tina Powers, Dale Presley, John Preston, Virginia Price. Pam Priest, Peter Priest, Sheryl Prievo, Karen Prince, Bob Prince, Craig Pudsey. Kevin Pullan, Bennett Pumphrey Eileen Quinn, Monica Ramirez, Charles Ray, Kathy Ray, Linda Ray, Tony Recchia, Kathy Redmann, Darcy Redo, Ralph Redo. Greg Reed, Shelly Reed, Allan Reese, Barbara Reid, Debbie Reid, Pam Richardson, Ron Ricketson, Dennis Riddle, June Rider, Nancy Riley, Sharlene Rivas, Greg Robinson, John Robutka, Kim Rodvold, Cindi Rogers, Veronica Romero, Elaine Rooks. SOUL COAXIN' MATADORS groove at the Sophomore Class Dance featuring the Mystic Chapter Five. The dance, held on January 31, raised money for activities to be held during the Senior Year of 1971. 5 1. 11 5' V be ff, 3 , f ai WW gf ' JY if, 1' W '9 'f ' If . . ff, ai aia i' i' l , . ,,,,., ,, .ea I .,,,r,,4,.4., , 1. 9 ., if gf , i,y, ffl Y X af 4 A if f-we' um, J r '.. , i., a ' if Sophomore Class Dance Sparks Needed Mark Turner, Becky Turner, Judy Tutor, Larry Tyer, Tom Urban, Faaafu Vaivao, Bill Valenzuela, Gail Vallance, Gail Van Vleck, Bob Varney, David Vasquez, lvan Velasquez, Craigdon Vesper, Dennis Viereck, Maridee Viery, Joh Villareal, Dale Wade. Teresa Wagner, Saundra Waid, David Wakem, Brian Walker, Frank Walker, Wendy Wallander, Rick Walsh, Carol Walters, Faith Walters, Marcie Ward, Jane Warner, Jim Wassberg, Tom Watson, Karen Weber, David Weeks, Martha Weldy, Rex Wells. Gary Wenzell, Ruth Wermers, Debbie Wharton, Mike White, Jim Wickens, Dwight Wiebold, Betty Wilber, Connie Wilde, Laura Wilkinson, Juanita Williams, Leslie Williams Linda Williams, Steve Williamson, Jack Willoughby, Eileen Wilson, John Wilson, Steve Winn. Cheryll Wise, Mike Wohlwend, Debbie Woods, Pam Woods, Melva Woodward, Stephanie Wujick, Gary Woolhouse, Lennie York, Tom Young, Yvonne Zamora, William Zerbe, Jeff Zimmer, Terry Zimmerman. J Jr V V i',QJf2f' ,M wi X lf? 3 " H 3? if l . 'if if-Af I At i f In ff i 4 uf ,M 22 'l 5: sv QE -14 rr., ai yy mer , iff rfwf ' war 'W ,ww ,,, Hwy 39 fi f ? , f M 'f' we ,f ,.-. Y ,, ,, ,- .i, 2 if 7 i --wg.. an ,gg J? W 1 4 ,AJ l ii 1 M f X at . if x Q' nl' 'lr lg A ,ff - L, ' ' . Jerry Smith, Teresa Smith, Vickie Smith, James Sommerville, Alan Sorenson, Sharon Sosa, Brenda Speck, Gary Spence, Vivian Spence, Bob Spivey, Bernie Spriggs. Deborah Stacy, Sharon Standridge, John Stark, Darlene Stauffer, Bob Steffenson, Connie Stevens, Pam Stevenson, Ken Stewart, Lee Stewart, Tamara Stone, Paul Stoudt. Jerry Strauwald, Terry Strauwald, Todd Strom, Dale Strong, William Stroud, Dan Suarez, Deanna Summers, Pam Swan, Robert Swan, Bob Swanson, Mark Swanstrom. Jed Sykes, Linc Szuch, James Tarantino, Art Taylor, Charles Taylor, Linda Thomas. John Tomaselli, Sherry Thompson, Colleen Thomas, Bob Thrasher, Rocky Thurman. Spencer Tilton, Sally Tomlinson, Mary Toporczyk, Becky Torres, Marsha Toth, Cindy Traxler, Richard Trebbian, Richard Trottier, Jan Truesdell, Patricia Trusty, JudyTucker. Support For Approaching Senior Year 65527429 me ,, , fre Www ,.., , . mv w Wah. is c M iw -V' ms li F M fagleisfijgt, llelinifr twig, a lso S! A il' N w, We " M Frosh Leaders Build A Strong Foundation This year the Freshman Class was the largest in the history of Mount Miguel. Starting with Frosh Orientation Day, the Friday before school started, the Class started its way to success. Many activities provided the frosh with a chance to show their colors. Frosh sports showed the teams to be unequalledg they came out first or second in most events. The Girls' Swim Team placed first in the District and second in the County. Frosh elections ran smoothly this year under the direction of Commissioner of Elections Joe Herrera. Members of the class voted for the persons they felt were best qualified to lead the Class of 1972. Joining other enthusiastic Matadors at the Girls' League Sweetheart Ball in February were a large number of frosh. Lesley Carlson and Ted Updike were chosen Freshman Attendants to CHARLES c. Mosse ROBERT SANDERS the King and Queen' Counselor Advisor CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Sandi McPherson, Susie Burke, Jim Shown: Lesley Carlson, Susan Dunn, Anne Giacinto, Leslie Halsey Minor, Debbie Lowrance, Karen Kubichek, Back Row: SuzieAO'Brien, Kathy Horne, Steve Norton, Larry Peretti, Michael Rhodes, Susan Barbara Kotnik, Ted Updike, Lorelei Wilhite, Nancy Viau Not Sharmahd, Francyne Slagle, Susan Smith, Mike Ursillo . H, . . gi t ..c....,...... ...t. s ...,.m,,,,-.,. .,..t..,..t... ,.,.,..... t.,.. ,.,..u.M tt... C ',M....c, ....t.. ,,.,M.-m.4..,,,.,...,,.t,,w K .-. M -.... .. : f-.l-: N-til ':" tA-.-i' 1 -..t f -.,,s.kf:--. Q :.. 2 ..:.' - '..' K -:1',-sgjz.e55s:.:.N: .K so he . 4 - 'Qism llx sl DM JIM MINOR President SUSIE O'BRlEN Vice-President LESLEY CARLSON Secretary SANDI MCPHERSON Treasurer Officers Displa Outstanding Leadership Joan Abercrombie, Mary Abood, Sandi Adams, Janice Aguayo, Connie Ailshie, Ted Akers, Cathy Allen. Wayne Allen, Joan Alley, Sussanah Alvarez, Cindy Amargo, Cecil Anderson, Liz Anderson, Linda Anderson. Dan Andrews, Linda Andrews, Carl Antey, Robert Archibald, Margaret Arguilla, Ken Arnold, Dave Ashman. Terri Astley, Steve Ayers, Rita Bacon, Nicoletta Bagalini, Dwight Bailey, Elizabeth Bainbridge, Steve Ball. Miguel Banuelos, Mike Barclay, Tom Barkley, Wade Barnett, Bonnie Barth, Adela Bartmas, Patti Barton. William Bates, Judy Bauer, Renee Bean, Sherri Beebe, Linda Beeson, Mary Ann Belfiore, Lori Bell. -S Ae ai 7 6 f 3, N if E7 iff, Mk' I ,Q ,I fi sg is IW 2' is ei , 'QE' 1 1' 3 'X fi V f 2 . .2 i wie--MSE L - ,wi . . I 5-J A 5 sill: if Q . My -I s I - iafzf ,,.Q3,157,fg5igiS-f ' . V ail! vt Y L 42 . . f -. -f-. :H-:fr-:azgg-1'2.4?"a .. A. 1:22 ,VVV sa lri - ry V' ii, I ::.' 1 ' I all Qi it mr .Q QQ? . el - 3 .1 x , Q.- 'W Fr is ,.,. or-if ef v:,,,,, ' ' 4 5 . ip: I S if me F sg5i.5tfy.i - I wgiflf, N if - - f - -W,s.siQ,:' az I 7,g, , ,142 f' w -4 -, - I . , , 4 if is ,.1f, V sg ,sf , . . ivitzf K . k-,'. fl mg ef -'h-' 2' . ' ,L . .V " -A5 f -' Z' ' W., 4 pf tl -' ' . 45 ' ft . Q ' l ...l at . 1 , .. , , , ' it l y if ' ,B Y M, -F 1 Q, A m, h 'l ,S 5 V 533 Q 8 I , 1,3232 ' ' - W ' 5 A 1- M. A 11 l.. .M . x..Qfy,tsm. ffxf L r 1 X .V, ,if I MM. X. I U A-an ..,,,,, J ' -0' X I -. 1' . , gf ,1 -. QV 2 ,, "Q ' ' , l . " , M I 5 .7 rv it J -hw' if f f' . . L. 5, -3' -1 nf' .L ffl! s l . l g rf. f ' l , 7- V Q Q5 " ,.. V . gg I - J N - I is Ry. fl F557 ,K 'a if ' ' 1 f .gf-5f:'.:,C:Q W f' - -.lgfzvgfigaf ,..... ...,. A ..,. 4 k i, ,Q S W., , , .TZEQKQQ i I k. ,. ,, ,1.k M I .4 In-UK, if " . I , .. H' VV.. y 531:21 , ,. l- ,. , f "'-. f -. ,zu 'rf' K -7 ,Q ' .. Y f .aj -:" - ,. ' f - ., f - f' ' fl . at , .. V ,,.. . L YL - . F ' , , ... E lf , M aj! g H I 5 . Z2 ..,. M I Q 5 ,, 'I' mf-1, lllzffrif.-l.E-wa. 4 K K 251 Q . K - . - mt -2. . - -1, v -1 .1 1552911 ,.., I f Q f W ,gi .E . ll. -V ,Er -Fas: "-an-ww .. 'V , ' -:,, , l xk,. ,, ..- W 7' x iwifl--, ,w.,,1M,Zf5-.W.w'E-if ., ,S 5,4 " 1 -- -4 rs- aft:-z :H '.L2gJJf?f'L rms? , 15 .9P!?759iIm 4 - zawrv i tsl fgglesftzszg 1 vim! - Q11 mal' H235 New 3 we Sf Q fa ' rn , fs Q X ri Q , ..,, , X. K, "GO TEAM GO," yells Mary Bugel and Linda Rowland in the rain. The pepsters went on to cheer the freshmen gridders to victory against the Braves. , I 6 ,L'k . fl 12321 "' . ' a-r- I r ' . 7 , - 1 3: 'V 7. 7 ," 'H ' . I " li " tigfkff 2, tg - -, 53 .- If My H, ,. ,. , iw , kk , 2-X l . W . r 4 . A ft' ., Q - - at r , . 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" N fl , ff. f K E J .,. f ,Qs Mil 5 r fe, 235 l ' Lonnie Bellante, Marta Bellot, Edwin Bellows, Donna Bendixen, Donna Bennett, Guy Bennett, Van Bently, Bob Benz, Denise Berger, Diane Berger, Ed Bischop, Sue Bischop, Greg Boehlert, Steve Bond, Frances Bongiovanni, Phillip Bordwell. Sally Borger, Marlene Botter, Bob Bowersox, Bard Bradbury, Ken Brean, Roxanne Breyman, Robin Briscoe, Terri Britz, Brent Brown, Linda Brown, Lowell Brown, Bill Browning, Mike Bruner, Bill Brunet, Diane Brunkow, Bob Brunt. Bill Brunton, Enrigue Bryan, Graciela Bryan, Pam Budd, Mary Bugel, Rebecca Buhrkuhl, Donald Burgio, Susan Burke, Dennis Burns, Patrick Burns, Jan Burris, Donna Burton, Bill Bush, Roxana Butch, Cindy Butler, Joe Cagney. Bill Callaway, Jim Caltrider, Gloria Camacho, Dave Cambell, Joyce Campbell, Randy Campbell, Gary Cannon, John Cannon, Marianne Capiello, Lesley Carlson, Gilberto Casilla, Isabel Casteneda, Martin Castro David Cecil, Charles Chamberlain, Rebecca Chevez, Ed Cheeks. Keith Chell, Kim Choate, Cheryl Christensen, Pat Ciolfe, Jon Ciotti, Tony Cirar, Carolynn Clark, Phylinda Clark, Mitchell Clay, Wiladean Cloud, Kerry Cochran, Gloria Gofer, Mark Coffin, Don Cogburn, Denise Coleman, Keith Coleman, Steven Collette. Bill Contreras, Bev Cook, Sue Cook, Terry Cosmano, Tim Courtois. Cathy Cowan. Dan Cowan, Jay Cox, Jim Cox, Terry Cox, Christal Coyle. Anne Crawford, Claudia Crawford, Jim Crawford, Mary Crawford, Michelle Cremer, Debbie Curry, April Curtis, Jack Custeau, Darlene Dacheff, Jill Dahl, Denise Dale. Suzan Dalrymple, Connie Damata, Vicki Daniel, Eric Daugherty, Denise Davis, Mary Davis, Walt Day, Terry DeChant, Kevin DeCrane, Tom DeKnijf, Tom Deane, Natalee Demling, Michael Dennis, Sandra Deregne, Rhoda Dethman, Lynn DiStefano, Paul Dickey, Marty Dinsdale, Linda Dion, Alice Dixon, Donna Dornbusch, Steve Dougherty. Dave Doyle, Debbie Drake, Charlotte Duckett, John Duffy, Shelly Duke, Sue Dunne, -Bruce Durgin, Duane Durkee, Mike Dwyer, Kevin Eagle. Bill Easter. ARISING FROM BALLOON POPPING is Bob Szalay during his race in class competition. Object of game is pop balloon without use of hands. Spirit Week . 'F L g""T'R-' 'ff J 1.11, f I 2 .h I .. -'-3 - - -- ' " 'QM' ev7'fi1Wf1 5' - f -1 ' -1 -- 1- 4 1- 1f 51.-'- 1 1 H11 12 1- r - fa 1 .. 111L11gL:51'1g-1171-1 , 2 91:1-111-1 1 11 P. -:31':'i w i fe ' 1- 1 ,.., ' 25-11 'i"f11x1,, - 1 1 1 15 L1 2 -f'l'j'-ffiif' ' :5i,: .,. " K ':fs '- ' - iif n - 'Z 45,522 -' 'f fe 1 " 'wi . 111111 A11-ws? 1 1gg,l111.- 4 -1. ' 1 gf 11. 18, me- ff' aa? f- 11 l v-ffl -1. 'S 18232 1 .. if NUTS 111411 Eafif' K- 245111111 M 11 , Q ix S1 -1 E15 1. 1:1111 ,1s?Q1',v-11,1211 A 'ffjiigkf W 'if' 1 - A lgjii.. fffhf 11.5 FQ" R?f?'?N 15535155 "ffaz11:,r lllzefiiigif 1 S 1 siifiicfl-Y ijggglfgf 1' Z. ,V., V H by ii.. 1. 1. E .lg,ib, 1 1.1 - .,.. 1 1 1. 13-11151 1311 X 1 V752 1- if1ff1fe2 . '11 -' -1, . -- -213-1 ff- :J - ,. . 1111, 'f -- , .o o, ,, .'7i55.2. 1- fi 'F:"I. ' 1. 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Wayne Gillem, Alan Gist, Annabelle Godfrey, Carmen Goins, Rosalie Goldstein, Karen Gonzales, Lisa Goodwin, Jeanne Gorham, Grant Gormley, Steve Gormley, Fred Grant, Tim Graves. Arlene Green, Gary Green, Bill Greene, Stan Gresham, Helen Grindel, Jeff Grobe, Linda Grom, Cathy Groves, Terrie Gunther, Terri Hadley, Karen Hague, Janet Haislup. Rick Hale, Joyce Hall, Ron Hale, David Hallas, Scott Hallman, Leslie Halsey, Joy Halverson, Carla Hamilton, Debbie Hamm, Jeff Hamm, Chuck Hampton, Dave Hancock. Linda Hansell, John Hansen, Clyde Hardacker, Rick Harden, Debra Hardesty, Karen Harnish, Sandra Hawke, Debbie Henderson, Sue Henthorn, Sylvia Herrandez, Mark Herold, Jessie Herrera. T Rick Eckenboy, Sue Eckmyre, Beth Edwards, Lawrance Edwards, Julia Ek, Walter Ekard, Rick Eldridge, Patricia Elliget, Randal Ellis, Mary Engle, Keith English. Kathy Erickson, Toni Essex, Jeanette Estrada, Sandra Eterno, Gregg Evans. Kathy Ewing, Diane Farley, David Farris, Ronda Faulkner, Mike Favorite, Macial Felan. Leslie Fenstermacher, Graig Fetters, Hedda Figuracion, David Filippini, Donna Fischer, Karen Flanagan, Kevin Fletcher, Vicki Flom, Rogar Foreman, Scharrol Formanek, Jose Franco. Dave Friend, Debbie Frowis, Ken Full, Patricia Fuson, Lisa Gale, Pat Gallagher. David Galligan, Michael Gamer, Tim Gambitn, Bill Gamboa, Paul Garcia. 'I' C N ' 'BETH EDWARDS, in close competition 0 3 m P U 9 UV' C95 22322:2sfs.2"S5i.?'s52.:2fmQa. EXPLAINING REGULATIONS, responsibilities, and daily schedule to incoming freshmen is Candy Estes. Other upperclassmen helped orient these newcomers to Miguel's Campus. Orientation Proves Exe Martha lbarra, Nora lnscore, David Jackson, John Jackson, Richard Jackson, Vicki Jackson, Mark Janssen. Sandie Johnston, Don Jolly, Cheryl Jones, Ellen Jones, Garry Jones, Jeff Jones, John Jones. Judy Kimbrell, Karen King, Shawn Kirby, Mark Klein, Diane Kleinschmidt, Terry Klusman, Jeann Knight. Jose Lares, John Lattmanf Terri Lawless, Wayne Lawrence, Vicki Le Blanc, Jim Leamons, Terri Led better. Aileene Lightburne, Cheryl Liliestrom, Jack: Littlejohn, Sylvester Littlejohn, Linda Littrell, Scott Longs, Patricia Longo. . . 1' I f'2's2rth - ,, - .. .Y ' " ff- wiv '- A -- 535533 M.: . .- was . 1 -. '52 5 , 3114 . -. W- W- l Eg- ., ,,. ,Q .,.Q,.ms,,,v ..., . X ., 1 , ,l W . V- - t . -:V .Q .t--H hm tl .SJ-,w-f ,- A s w--- .-- M gm-1. .Q -.M ,wives :fa S2-2 .. wut I ' I . if f ,M-'f.-:1i?"'.,1-1.l,attafigeiil, ' 1 f f 71, eww, 2 uefy1g,,q,,1e1g5wn -gyfeef g,1,e,-l fmw:e::,,.,,. . ' mea-e:,e1'f3gs ' ' vxesleges' fr , ttilefiwf Q efmmsl 4423.4 . ,www -me .- , - ... .. .. A .W ij-1 :ga A r s zf M s J -szzllfjzg - - If . -I +1 1 M . 1 - ,X .--. ..., 1,1 gi wh' . . ,..... .,.. M .. A 'J 'eet iiee L J K kr ,sages ,ffl. 1 L, -- . " matinee sszifmf ' an , f 511,55 mg im,-mf, 7 I A 4 53, ,- . 55312225 ew-f4?q:2..g1g1i?L:QZw si. "few, L- ' ' a..'4'Ei:5'3f': " 7 ,. 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Kathy Horne, Terry Houk, Mark Howard, Jeff Howie, Sharron Hughes, ' Todd Hughes, Glenn Hunt. . . ,.,,, ,,... , , ,,,. if iei Linda Hum, Mary Hurt, Mikie-I Huth, ' Charles Hyatt, Nancy Hydrick, Nora , 'X -W Hydrick, Gloria Ibarra. iff- Lf ,-ly Q ? SPECTATORS GAPE with anticipation as Lesley Carlson launches off the starting block to help push MigueI's Girls' Swim team off to a good lead. Fledgling Swimmers Show Athletic Skills K.. N539 gklfisiwv-Iziiitgf ' f. --',.. .iq-1 Liwrxwi f 'W ii., W r . f T., -' J T it - r r ' ' 1 ' ' f,.., 1 '. . ' - Q -is--' " if ' - V 555 I " H 6.3 r. . . AAV. J g Y . , .J . 7 f - .egg ,. -J . , - ., if 4.957-'Ki 'mf-Ak vig. ei 3 M , N IV ,W gm-ioseff' ,, . 522 lv ? l ' 1- , Q , N W 4 if iq , S , , ,Y mg, v . . . J .. 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' Rudy Luciano. .,., .J J tita . r s e , r new lll T M ..,' V SOARING HIGH, Mike Bruner attempts to make a basket while battling against the EI Cajon Braves. The fresn- men Matadors went on to defeat the Braves 59 to 44. fr -.wymegsfff M Frosh Hoopsters 3,1 F 352:91 W E, 'DS 'sit 1' 3 . .. .s.m1,g:w.f--I ws - L. . . 1- af... ,.f..w wgiff-efA:wfe1:Msl,- V., ,M .Wm s,:: We .f wwzfxrsawimr fw fm-f,z:.w -f Qgiailse I -5.21. Q ni: 5.5-, Qfimfib -5245.915 QQSHQMS 4- fi fx ?u5?Sg1Af:szf:f .wr 4, 7 2' "1 ffm K . IWW me S ? l 9 MS W1 t Q-eg we 2- e . I Q ff vm Q We 5235. , . X. .. , 51, 49, R 1 ' Q1 Qtflg . , X ghflig, 'W ,lf A :E fl wr ., E are . wi I 5 4 gg an Allan Luque, Robbie Luscher, Margaret Lutz, Dan Lyer, John Maccree, Rafael Machuca, Star Maddock, Karen Maquire, John Malcom, Kathy Mallec, Craig Mancusom, Marilyn Mann, Jeff Mansfield, Mark Mansfield, Dick Marquez, Lauri Martin. Lila Martinez, William Mason, Maria Mattei, Fred Mathews, Jim Mattingly, Mary McCance, Bob McCarty, Jim McClure, Toni McCombs, Claudia McCorkell, Judy McCullough, Gabriel McDaniel, Don Mclntire, Cathy McKaig, Brandon McKey, Jackie McKinney. Sandie McPherson, Wendy McPike, Ron Meadows, Greg Medeiros, Steve Meek, Jose Mendoza, Norma Mendoza, John Mercer, Rex Merideth, Greg Merriam, Linda Meyer, Patty Meyer, Jim Michael, Cathy Miller, Ken Miller, Bob Miller. Take Advanced Lead In League Standing , ., 1 . L , . M Q, we sf 3 to ., , wg X fm -2 Q? Tim Miller, Bill Miller, Jim Minor, Scot Millstone, Dennis Mock, Bernard Molay, Mike Monahan, Bob Montoya, Paul Morgan, Barbara Morrison. Bob Morrison, George Morse, Mary Moss, Dale Mowreader, Clara Mukai, Carrie Murich, Mike Murphy, Dale Myers, Jim Naegeli, Mike Nagem. Michael Nagle, Linda Napier, Sundae Navarette, Bob Neal, Tom Neel, Gary Neill, Rick Nelson, Cynthia Newcomb, Bobbie Newell, Darrell Newhall. Linda Nicholson, Terry Norman, Kathy Norton, Steve Norton, Jim Nugent, Steve Nunn, Mike Nute, Suzy O'Brien, Bob O'Connor, Roxanne O'Quinn. Joe Ondrechen, Steve Ondrechen, Lina Orcutt, Tom Orlo, Russ Orrell, Maurice Ortega, Rick Ortiz, Gary Osberg, Glen Osborne, Jamalyn Owens. P. W 4 ii, is Q, ssl 125 -1.-:.3 , ' 3 1 , 5 r 6 -K. ...M . . ., M .V bh:'vfi5:g1Zf15 " , 'I ' sei- J-gs, - ii ' 955, 5 LH f S iw J Decision Making DISCUSSING THE PROBLEM of choosing frosh advisors are Sec. Lesley Carlson and Pres. Jim Minor, coming to a decision which the class council voted on. V - mf- rv.. M: 'Sul f s . K " . . . . -51 K, gaEFi:g-.- . H-.gzjif efss'.9s7s:1r-sw .,,xL..,.- ,,., . ' 'wifiiiffiifl X a .ig gm 5, 3. H ,, y S in HWS' i W ., . . 3 ,gh 'SI K Na .pf 55:13, 0 WW? VW' i ef rx Y 4. ap E I is 'fi 1 S :::. 51-2 Qs i X , 1 Q S is x rw 1: We -1 + E, fu.: ' i.:- K- W - ' ' m asses 1532, 4 : QQSQSL: ii W . .- is-W A -,fir Q 2? i M X. . My , - A Q Qs, 2321555 1' i ' we 51 i Z5- , sg q - Toda - Practice For Major Gne Tomorrow Mike Parr, Mike Parra, Patty Pawlus, Michele Paydon, Christa Pelt, Larry Peretti, Dianne Perry, Maryann Perry, Andrea Peters, Delores Petet. Ken Phillips, Dan Phillips, Mike Phillips, Brenda Pichler, John Pickering, Pam Pike, Jayne Pilley, Joy Poe, Phill Poirier, Greg Polakowski. Cecilia Polinsky, Annette Powers, Cary Prescott, Terry Prins, Guy Price, Kathy Protheroe, John Province, Terry Puente, Sue Putnam, Eva Pyle. H Henry Radcliffe, Marie Ramire, Polly Rasco, Mike Rathje, Charlotte Real, Phill Reese, Steve Reid, Terry Reinbold, Rick Reinecke, Mike Rhodes. 2 s E -as UZ if e fb ,left 2 i Sue Rice, Gail Richardson, Dyann Rickel, Brad Ricketts, Harvey Riddle Jr., Patty Riley, Patty Rincon, Connie Rinner, Becky Rivera, Gail Robeson, Nancy Rodriguez, Jim Rogers, Jeff Roland, Rachel Romera, Rachael Rosier, Nancy Rotchstein. Linda Rowan, Dave Rower, Linda Rowland, Chris Ruef, Cathy Ruf, Deborah Russell, Jim Rutter, Jan Sageman, Sue Sager, Lorraine Salas, Roxanne Salmi, Maria Salmon, Cathy Samson, Dennis Sanchez, Bart Sanders, Lajuana Sandstedt. Ethel Santos, Angela Sapp, Karen Saucier, Randy Schaufler, Jim Scheidler, Paula Schmidt, Steve Schroeder, Sherri Schuhmacher,Sue Schulz, Brad Schwartz, Bev Scott, John Scott, Karen Segawa, Terry Selle, Patty Serrano, Katie Sewell. Arelene Shaima, Rick Shapiro, Sue Sharmand, Delman Shavlis, Sherrl Shaw, Judy Shell, Deborah Sherman, Glenna Shorter, Elaine Shrum, Jan Shumate, Art Shurley, Brenda Simpson, Charlie Simpson, Gabriele Skaggs, Fran Slagle, Bob Smith. Candy Smith, Carlos Smith, Chris Smith, Kim Smith, Linda Smith, Linda Smith, Marlene Smith, ,Mike Smith, Ray Smith, Sue Smith, Tami Smith, Mark Smoot, Ken Sohr, Linda Sohr, Ralph Sohr, Bob Soler. Steve Sommers, Frank Sosa, Toni Souza, Gene Spordera, Debra Speck, Pam Spence, Shirley Sparks, Neil Stalnaker, Tom Standon, Paul Stark, John Statzer, Jan Stauber, Jan Stegall, Madelyn Stepek, Joe Stewart, Bill Stewart. Terri Stinchcomb, Elizabeth Stinson, Craig Stolte, Gary Stone, Scott Stovall, Rodney Stoy, George Strasbaugh, Sharon Strong, Joe Stubbs, Dave Styler, Dave Sutton, Bob Szaiay, Judy Taylor, Debra Tautges, Debra Tegall, Mike Tena. Nancy Tenney, Rick Thatcher, Dave Thomas, Joanie Thomas, Tom Thomas, George Thomasson, Chuck Thompson, Becky Thompson, Rosanne Thompson, Jim Thomson, Debra Thorne, Peter Thulin, Dana Thurman, Therese Tillman, Diana Tittle, Jack Todd. Jill Todd, Gary Trask, Mike Travers, Mike Trebbien, Susan Trivoli, Bob Truesdell, Jeff Turnbull, Bob Turner, Beth Twitty, Ted Updike, Mike Ursillo, Carol Utterback, Deborah Valadez, George Van Nice, Brian Vandenberg, Denise Vande-ver. ,,, l5!,9Yi44SlilTfilL5 5 - mrigwtifff4Li:1zi,:vfw2,22fsrigs fgmze :w,Q,1'm1w12l4,, 1 lgtmyw-fe I ferw ilff -, -'W ,fr 1' 'wr new f 755: aa Z, 1, eff. f ' shi , f tg X' f eff? fr ' QI'-ijlf' his ii 5 3 ,,,,, W, 1, "M 4 7 f if he , as . it AVV' , .,.. H W v aa V 1 E wwf, 4 1 3 2 R, ,Q wt, H522 Q M24 Emi, fr V W I Population Explosion Swells Class of '72 alfa D ,J if 2 K, wg, r' 4 LG 'H . 1, , , . v 4' 1 1 1??Ha?YQliz' X ,:' m.:'z's"' , ,, , ,,,i, , ,.,.. , - ,541 sf' To Largest in Matador I2 Year History . ,r ,.. 6-' rife. ' '. ,1 far .4 Z f ,f A' at 'Z 5 'sa ' fa, Wa M M? Dirkje Vanemmerik, Steve Vasquez, Susan Veliquette. Warren Vesper, Nancy Viau, Gladfred Veiry, Michele Villalobos, Rosalba Villarreal, Paula Vonkllne, Walter Wagoner, Darla Walch, Gayle Wallace, Richard Wallace, Steve Wallace, Kathy Walsh, Jan Walter. Gary Ward, Pat Ward, Anita Watson, Teresa Watts, Craig Weatherby, Rosanna Webber, Rick Wells, Debbie Wermers, Bob Wert, Sheryl Wert, Cathy West, Sue Wharff, Carol Wheeler, Jim Whiddon, Deborah Whitcom b. Kim White, Sandy White, John Wiesner, Jan Wilder, Lorelei Wilhlte, Les Wilkins, Rick Willis, Dana Wills, Linda Wilson, Jim Winbury, Gary Wium, Kathy Wolverton, Gary Wondrash, Tony Wood, Sherry Wood, Sherry Wood. Debbie Wood, Murray Woods, Mark Wolley, Mary Wrobel, Lee Wynne, Cathy Yates, Dave Ybarrondo, Sheri Yoes, Rich Young, Walter, Zazvorka, Alan Zeglarski, Guyneth Zimmerman, Julie Zimmerman, Denise Zubricky, Debbie Bowles, Mark Owens. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF 1,,A1.,,,,-1.1, kk.,-f 11--111.11 M -,..,,,. , ,-,1-,,,,x.Z k,,,,., ,-,,..,,,1 A 11,11 -,,kk,, 1 -,., .,., , .,k, ,.-, , 1 K ,. , ,,.., , 1- ,, ..,. , , ,1 ..-,, 11 1, ,H 1. ,, A H i 1 ' 1 t , 1 -V 1 '1 - 1 1. iziafie- z,1111fg117,,k1,--,111,-.153,11,f,,k,. 11- 11. ,1, L1.E,:1,1111.f 31,-1, .1-W, 1 -f1,71f,1--1, L.:-11--311111: f,-fx' 1 --1 -11 , 11-f1,.:--mu -1 - r 1- ,:- 1'-1,51 -11 -1- rv-1-.1 .111-W - 1 ,,.1--1,1 11 - 1 1 ' 1 1,1,1',,1,ggy,-,,,w1wi,,1 ,kk,, W,-q,.1,1,,,, kf,-- EL-,k11,.,,, 1.,,,k1, A-f, 1 , , .,,,,k 1,1 ,,k., '11, , .,,kk, ,.,f., , kf-f.- K, -kf.- 114 k.f,- 51 ,fy ,.,f ,..f 1 1, -,k. , Q- 11 1- 1- 1,-. f.,,11--,, '1 1--11:1 1 - : 1-, 1, ' W'-W "Dost thou love Life?" Tnen do not squander time, for that is the stuff Life is made of -Benjamin Franklin 1 XXX W-,unix is DISTRICT BOARD: Clerk Portia B. Goode, Palmer R. George K. Birch. Svalstad, President Rexford L. Hall, Robert T. Dryden, Administrators Sustain Capable Leader DR. AUSTIN R. SELLERY District Superintendent This year proved a progressive time for Miguel's history. This six million dollar bond is to be used in improving the Grossmont District's facilities. The bond election, in November, authorized a five year tax ceiling of 52.98. Conditions making this proposal necessary are the District's growth, inflation, the youth's needs for a more comprehensive and effective educational program, and the curtailment of state and federal funds. At Miguel, twelve new classrooms and a new wrestling activity room for the boys were constructed. During the summer the library was enlarged. In addition, two programs were started-English-Second Language, taught by Ann Alderson, and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, supervised by Colonel Don Grey. Along with this progress, the District Governing Board selected a new GUHSD superintendent, Dr. Austin R. Sellery. He was superintendent of Palm Springs Unified School District before coming to the Grossmont District. MELVIN C. GRANT Principal K , I ,,, EIU., . , . fi lf K ' kggffsfwasj RICHARD MCGARVEY Dean of Students Mm-,,.,.u,b k,Lhg I an A Ummmtw Www?-w.,,MwN,,F Mmm ,kAk A . . . . . , . ,,,,.wwWMW.,,,e.t,i V 5' -ew .W f,g1 .. """'i'wuam...,..,,,,,,,,,,, VIRGIL DUEA Vice-Principal PRINCIPAL MELVIN GRANT welcomes new staff members to Mt. Miguel faculty at this annual PTA sponsored luncheon in September. CHARLES MOSSE VENALEE FIELD VELA GWIN ROBERT COTHER Freshman Counselor Sophomore Counselor Junior Counselor Senior Counselor Counselors Befriend, Assist Matadors With over 2,500 students to program and assist, Miguel's counselors were kept qu ite busy this year. The Lorge- Thorndike!Test of Academic Progress was given by Venalee Fields to the sophomores in the fall. Along with this testing, the juniors were given the National Merit Test and the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test by Vela Gwin. The seniors were given the Scholastic Aptitude Test of the American College Test in the spring, by their counselor, Robert Cother, in cooperation with the colleges and universities in the San Diego vicinity. Greeting the 750 new freshmen this year was their new counselor, Charles Mosse. Increasing emphasis is being placed on vocational counseling. Authorities stress the importance of career planning for those students going directly from high school into a vocational field. Moreover, an increasing number of high school students are working part time. Efforts continue in encouraging all students to reach for high goals in all walks of educational pursuit. ADVISING STUDENTS to the type of part time work best suited to their abilities is Vocational Cou nselor David Phillips. He also sets up job seminars to help seniors become better acquainted with career world Fine Arts Encourage Self-Expression The Fine Arts Department of Mt. Miguel has proved to be one of the finest in San Diego County. In the Music division, Miguel's 102 piece marching band led the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on January first. As further proof of Miguel's excellence in music, the Girls' Ensemble, consisting of 14 voices, was chosen to go to Hawaii during Easter vacation. They sang at the 1969 Music Educators' National Convention on March 30 at the llikai Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. Concert Choir, Boys' and Girls' Glee, Concert Band, Stage Band, and Concert Orchestra continue to form the foundation of Miguel's music education program. Art classes annually participate in the Hallmark Art Contest usually with good results. Providing a training ground with great opportunities for self- expression are crafts, photography, design, and generalart. SMOOTHING CRACKS in an abstraction is Tim Leone. This is one of the major projects for students in Roger Moreau's crafts classes. BEN KIEGLE Art Dept. Head Art I, ll, III, IVA. HALBERT CROW Photography I, II, III, IVA. ROBERT BOUCHER Music Dept. Head Choir, Ensemble, Glee clubs. ROGER MOREAU Crafts I, ll, Ill, IVA, Design I, ll, Ill, IVA. frixgv. iiwfigfzifsaj A gg , 7 vag al? K A 7 ir Y "UIQ, Y' . YU, n-. ,V .,r.- , I' I ' ,rrs , , N .RR Concert Band, Advanced Band, G.l.A. IA, Orchestra. If Q JOHN ADAMS GEORGE ALBERT DON AMUNDSON JOHN BURWELL English IR, nc, lllR, Drama. English HIC. English IA- Flpgllsh IA, IVA, Geography Communication - Key To Future Success Advancing communication skills in English classes takes many forms. Freshmen, for example, conducted interviews with leaders of the community. Discussing the causes and effects of violence was done in the junior English classes. Composition, grammar, and vocabulary receive perennial attention in all English classes. Teachers also constantly encourage students to use the newly expanded library. John Adams, lVligueI's new drama teacher directed this year's plays as ranging from Bury the Dead to Good-Bye My Fancy. Drama, speech, compositions, and reading help sharpen communication for future prosperity and success. MARJORIE DIETRICH PAULINE FORMAN English IIA. English IC. HOLDING SUMMIT CONFERENCE on 1969 yearbook is Editor-in-Chief Wally Schlotter and Advisor Lowell Plinke. Frequent discussion of punctuation and grammar is required to polish yearbook copy. .,.,f3' I 1 .- i I English Dept. Head JUNE rviorr I English IIC, Journalism, EL TROVADOR Advisor. I I , . .x . , Q .gatwi VJ' . 1 W L 3 I .ff 1 ,Q-'ffm y , I LIAM FUSSELMAN ELLEN HALL ff 95 y vi-'f ,L EngiisniiR,iiiR,spamshic, English Ivo. .. s rf' I .....s K ' 414 .,F"f,.is'L'lx-"iff if A Conversational Spanish IA. SELECTING from a wide variety of books CAROLE HAMMONS CHERIE HARLEY from MigueI's new Bookstore is Laura Wilkinson English IIIA, Reading Lab English IIC, IIIH. Mary Moreau supervises the book vending. IAS, G.I.A. IA. DORTHEA KEMPER MAX KEYTE MARY IVIOREAU LOWELI. PLINKE n EVIEIISIW IA, IIC- English IIA, Geography IC. English IC, IIA. English IIIA, MII Memorlas Advisor. "WARDEN" yells Robert Sanders as he demonstrates techniques for an award-winning dramatic interpretation. Many Miguel participants receive high awards. STUART RUBINE ROBERT SANDER English IR, IIR, Reading Lab. Speech, P.E. HELEN SANTANGELO CLAIRE TREMAINE ANNE WON DER MEHDEN BETH WHITE E"l8lishlllA. English IH, llH, Geography English IVB, Creative EngIishIlC. IH. Writing. LENGTHY WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS in Cherie Harley's Junior English classes are helped by written outlines on the board plus detailed eval- uations on the day they are assigned. 108 New Machines Offer Greater Challenges f - . T i,."Y,.., , far 'sf f '-1 ,P , V Q. 1' -2 K 'f - ' I " gfxww - .gui fe ig fig? f , .. I-Mienm. -.. f, f. fviw Wwe .1 wg K Q :ir -I K 2 1 I . THOMAS HORNECKER, Dept. Head Typing IAS, 3AS, Sec. Off. Prac., Shorthand. MARTHA MORRIS' Typing I class prepares for a speed test. She reminds students to increase speed and ignore mistakes. ARTHA MORRIS JANETTE REINTS us. Math IAS, Typing IAS Bus. Eng. IA, Shorthand, Gen. Bus. IA, This year the Business Department became the proud owner of eight new electric typewriters, a new duplication machine, and a Therma-Fax copying machine which helped this department offer Matadors a varied curriculum. These courses prepare students to enter the business world directly upon graduation and meet its ever-increasing demands. Even with staggered sessions this year, most of the business courses were filled to capacity all seven periods of the day. WARREN BELLOWS WARREN KELLER WOVK EXDGVIGVICG- glegical Off. Prac., Steno. 1- A . ANNE LEDER EULALIE LIGESKI Bkkpng. G.I.A. IA, Typing Bus. Law IAS, Bus. Math IAS. 2AS. JOHN GORMLEY French IIC, llIC, IVC. AVRIELE BARROW ARABELLE MOORE French IC, Spanish IC. Spanish IIC, German IIC. LOUISE SAMPSON EDWARD VILLARREAL German IIC, IIIC, IVC. Spanish IIC, IIIC, IVC. Culture Taught With Languages Grammar and vocabulary are still the basic elements taught in all foreign language classes. The Language Lab has proved its worth at Miguel in promoting authenticity in the spoken word. Attention is also given to customs and culture of countries. John Gormley received his master's degree in French while on his sabbatical last year. English-Second Language CESLD was initiated this year under the direction of Anne Alderson to help students who grow up in homes or countries using a language other than English. LISTENING attentively to Avriele Barrow's discussion on the culture and customs of Mexico are her first year Spanish students. 5 ggi 1 3 ' HAROLD. BERG ' EDWARD DUNN LARRY LANDON GREGORY PANAWEK Mechanical Drawing lA, Metals I, ll, Ill. Electronics, T.V. Repair, Woodshop. G-l-A Radio and Electronics. Future Enriched Through Domestic Skills DAN LOREMAN BETTY WOMACK Dept Head Autoshop Dept. Head Homemaking BARNEY CARPENTER guides Jackie Gilbert through a "Forest Fantasy" at Senior Homemaking Fashion Show in January. The Show highlighted a year of active learning for each of the girls. The January fashion show this year was "Forest Fantasy" presented by the Senior Homemaking class. Senior girls modeled selections they made during their sewing unit. To round out the evening alumus Comedian Jimbo Stevens performed. Along with this, excerpts from "Bury the Dead" were performed by the four nominee-award winners for Miguel's Drama Department. The Industrial Arts Department is developing skills within the young men participating. Some skills may be used after graduation for job application or for life-long enjoyment. Courses are offered in Auto Mechanics, Drafting, Wood Shop, and Metal Shop, and Electronics. Both of these Vocational Arts departments enrich the future of those students who participate. JUDITH STINTON Homemaking. DISMANTLING M-14 rifles on a newly arrived shipment of rifles are Jim Thompson and Ed Walrath. The ROTC classes prepare young men for future armed forces careers. T tok J fe l Vital Role Played by Special Courses ROTC COLOR GUARD lends a touch of patriotic dignity to the PTA meeting. This newly formed organization served numerous school functions. ANNE ALDERSON COL. DON GREY English Second Language. R.O.T.C. GARY LOSO Educationally Handicapped. HAYES LUNA Dept. Head, Math IIA, Sr. Applied Math. Math Competition Gets Recognition ELIZABETH ANDERSON RILLAJARRET Plane Solid Geometry, AlgebrallC, Math IA. Advance Sr. Math. gg im WALTER LINAWEAVER BEN MAXON Algebra 1C, Math 1A. PI. Sol. Geometry, Math IA, Algebra IC. Mount Miguel's Mathematics Department this year continued its quest for excellence. The Department offers four different programs, each one designed to fulfill the needs of the individual student: remedial, applied arts, college preparatory, and honors. Each year, seniors in advanced math courses are encouraged to enter a math contest held at San Diego State College. This contest, occuring in March, enables the mathematically inclined student to demonstrate his skill and gain recognition. Hayes Luna, head of the Math Department, and Walter Linaweaver after eleven years at Mt. Miguel retired from teaching. Taking a sabbatical leave will be Benjamin Maxson. ig I I """' 5 ' , 1 ,. MAY RICHARDS Math IA. MILDRED SAYWER GERALD SWANSON Algebra IH, Algebra IC. Physics IC, Math IA, Pl. Sol. Geometry. ll3 ,E I Emphasis Given to Applied Arts Science This year's science program gave additional emphasis on applied art of science courses-mainly in biology. With this in mind the biology rooms were better equipped to handle more students. Again, for the second year, the Science Department was able to buy fetal pigs for the Biology classes. Through dissection of these fetal pigs, students are able to learn better the human body functions and the anatomy. Other courses offered in the Science Department include Health, Chemistry, Physics, and Drivers Education. Many science classes have become more lab oriented than in past years. Classes are considerably smaller than in previous years. TED BANKS MARIAN CARLSON Health IAS. Health IAS, Biology IC. MORGAN NEWIVIAN PEARL PRINE Drivers Ed., Math IR. Chemistry IC, Nlath IA. CLIFFORD PHILLIPS Dept. Head, Science IC, Math I, IIA. FRED ELLIOTT CHARLES ENGBERG Drivers Ed. IAS. Biology IA, IC. WHILE SIGHTING amoeba, Marian Carlson's Biology class also draws the structure and movement of this one-celled animal. s.. -,twf-ess W - -ss Q:f:.X1I:fa1-f- ww-- sgxssxmsw fsmsmwms s HT RICHARD SWEET Dept. Head, Geography IC, World History IH. The Social Studies Department is in the midst of change. During the spring semester, six of the social studies classes moved into the newly built classrooms. Several of these classrooms have movable dividers so the combined classes may watch films, hear lectures, or even study together. The conference rooms are also connected to form a large research center primarily for social studies students. Preparation for major curriculum changes, both local and statewide, are being undertaken. The California Social Studies Convention, held in San Diego in Nlarch, outlined new direction for updating Social Studies curriculum. Change Seen in Social Studies Courses WILLIS AUSTIN SETH CARPENTER World History IC, U.S. U. S. History IA, IC. History IA. 'Q 58 BEN DUEA ONA ELLIOTT HS. History IR, Geography U.S. History IA, IC. JACK RIESLAND explains the fundamentals of the legislative, judiciary, and executive branches of government to a perplexed student. DON EVANS EARL PEASLEY FRED RYAN A A BRIAN SMITH Civics lC,lVA, Geography IA. U.S. History IH, IC, Student U.S. History lA,lR, Civics Geography IA, Health IAS, Government. IFVC. ROBERT STEVENS Civics lVA,lVC, U.S. History IA. REWINDING A film in ninth grade geography class are Brian Smith and Jimmy Minor. Films are an important part of Social Studies curriculum. JACK RIESLAND RICHARD TOM!-INSON Civics lVC,lVA, World GeographylR,IC. , History IA. ' FRESHMEN Bob Solar, Rick Wells, and Mike Bruner y, go African in Ben Duea's 4th period geography class. Leslie Carlson identifies area on map. m ...I 4 A-sm-um-if --,-A-.uf-mfmmf,--Agn' -'.-- f u Girls' P.E. Offers Variety of Sports gb JUNE BELKNAP PEGGY JOHNSON P.E. P.E. SALLY KRASKA CAROL LAWSON P.E. P.E. l. r W ,, l JANE TRUDE P.E., Dept. Head. This year the Girls' P.E. Department is the fortunate owner of new gymnastic equipment: a balance beam, uneven parallel bars, and new tumbling equipment. Team sports, gymnastics, individual sports, and several types of dance form an important part of the P.E. curriculum forgirls. Under the direction of Sally Kraska, lVIiguel's Gymnastic team attracts a large number of girls. Another successful group was the Girl's Swim Team. They earned first place in the District and 2nd in the county. SHIRLEY OATES P.E. IN PREPARATlON for the balance beam competition in the gymnastic meet against El Capitan on January 3, Cheryl Nunes demonstrates a front scale. NED BLASS P.E., Coach, Dept. Head. Boys' P.E. Receives New Accommodations Q! SWEPT UP in his notes, P.E. instructor and Basketball Coach, Richard Ridgeway reclines on the gymnasium floor while checking attendence The big change in the Boys' Physical Education Department this year was similar to that in the rest of the school construction. The fall season found a new practice football field to be used by the boys. By the middle of the year, the old wrestling room was transformed into a locker room upon the completion of the wrestling building. The multi-purpose courts were completly refinished from a new foundation to red and green surfacing. One large improvement that has helped with the location and control of students was the assigning of each class, according to grade, to one instructor for enrollment and class BEN CIPRANIC DUANE FREEMAN P.E., Coach, Geography lA. P.E. Change. WILEIAIVI LEEP RICHARD RIDGEWAY HAROLD STRATTON DWIGHT TEATER English IA, Coach. P.E., Coach. P,E, P.E. 15' ' ' ,, lips 'V 1,, , 4 wmv! g GAlL CLARK MARY HOWARD Library Clerk Book Clerk J EAN ETTE RAM BATT Librarian Library Undergoes Extensive Enlargement Mount Miguel's library underwent considerable expansion and improvement during the summer of 1968. Students returning to classes in September found more spacious facilities in which to study. The improvements included room for student to use the microfilm machine. Two thousand books were moved out of the back room and 1400 new books were added since fall. The personnel remained the same although the changes augmented their previous duties. SCHOOL NURSE, Isabelle McCrae, inspects Matador Joe Hoobler's sore feet as he watches on from his wheelchair. l. Ti p 3 W' THOUSANDS of volumes and other necessary equipment to run a library are in the process of being moved and organized in the enlarged library. Growth, Expansion Due l.lNlNG the newly resurfaced tennis courts, the painters lay the mold and spray the paint. This project was completed in February. Q Q Q -as int ,lx 'xl AK . VK - , , fiiwrw wmv ' l..,t' s?5fW39uii't' it rrlr ,,,,,l, A -L.. fl lll + at is -'tii " we-Q , ax' any X y t 'tt, l " V 15' f H" 5' -A f X fr hrrt s W, 2 Arre 15 lrtrn it my , if f yi X AA , 1 -'Q' its W K at t ,. H15 ' l 31 ', t :ii Q, V ",' "LWV I 3 N l A, ,gy Xxlt lt-e. 12-f-fi" . I NW -bf '." 1l3if4Tf1.':75 x , 1 - X'r' rf . , -fx ir it ,tlt BUILDERS busily complete the fou ndation rylp Q llllty Q1 I ,S g. and the frame of Mi8Ue"5 twelve new 3 2 yol,r 3 ' i 9 ll 1. classrooms as the fall semester progresses. potrly Q '-' 7 313 fr-'fx raa ar Gy r' ll' zf- M .W,,. ' ' ' "5 lltr Q lllel lN WOODSHOP students learn the fundamentals of woodworking using various equipment. Here Greg Schneider uses a wood lathe to contour the inside of a bowl. ONE OF MANY cadet teachers from San Diego State is Sue Blass, who assumes Helen Santagelo's teaching position in a junior English class. ,, To Large Enrollment With enrollement this year up to 2,500, many changes had to come about. The number of administrators, teachers, teachers' aides, and cadet teachers, increased. Construction of twelve new classrooms was completed for the spring semester. During the summer the library was expanded. The P.E. department received a new all-purpose building while the tennis and multi-purpose courts were resurfaced. Football season started off with new grass on the playing field and a new practice field. Miguel had a year of intense growth and expansion "STOP TALKING." warns Jack Haves. a Mt. Miguel ' alumnus serving as a teachers' aide, as he patrols study hall making sure everyone is studying. TEACHERS' AIDE Eric Russell holds back the pushing crowd during lunch while waiting for bell to ring. 1 ' ff, f f f W' " V ' 1' 35 V ,war READING LAB is a useful course offered at night schoolg its purpose is to fulfill the adult educational needs. Here Jim Flagg helps Jerry Westfall figure his reading score. ' 1- Q -1 r g f f N 'Q K sf ' .... an ff M 4 L ' DRAFTING is the basis of all blueprinting, engineering, and architectural design. Here Bob Szalay uses the architect scale of a cubic ruler to measure a detailed drawing of a check block. Vocational Courses JOSE ANGELES' Student O.'de"Yi and Stephanie A coop uNDERstANDiNo of photography is important Maynard' Student nurse a.'d' are takmg . before enrolling in Graphic Arts. Here Jim Pulse of 3 pahem at E' Calor' Valley Hospnal- Herold enlarges negatives for offset printing. PREPARING RESIN for a mold which will soon become plastic is Mike Klein at Santana. Plastics is only one of the many vocational classes offered in the District. mtl" rr"r Ava' -" " Q ' Mfevef'feas'e:oww'wl' mesf as ei mrwss.xa .. ., ,,,. t o,,., . W.,aao,.tpi..p...o,.r..t. ,M X ..,..o..1. . A. ti i CALCULATING THE WElG HT of raw plastic to the i nearest hu ndredth gram is Mike Klein. He commutes daily to Santana High School. l l MARVELOUS MATADOR MEMOGRAPHERS Shirley Wagnerl and Nancy Walter operate office equipment during an office occupational class at Santana. l l Gain Importance Within the Grossmont Union High School District there are sixteen District-wide vocational courses. The courses range from agriculture to metals. Each is held at selected high schools. Miguel has four such vocational courses: Auto Mechanics, Distributive Education, Office-Work Experience, and Radio!Television Repair. Each one of these courses are designed for vocational training for students who will enter employment upon graduation and offers career preparation for students who plan to complete their education in a post high school institution. Construction of new classrooms enabled Auto Body Painting to begin this year during Santana's spring semester. Other courses established this past year were Plastics at Santana High School and Service Station Attendant at El Cajon Valley High School. STUDENT NURSES Chris Fry and Maxene Steimler gain practical experience by the use of a sphygomonanometer. 'ww , A, , , f 4, A-xx A . ,Q ARC WELDING, as done here by Randy Beam is one of the basic skills learned in Vocational Metals at Helix High School JIM HEROLD AND GARY BOBO prepare master for off-set printing press. Graphic Arts is offered to seniors at Helix High School. .af OFFICE STAFF-Front Row: Emily Hogan, Homer Shreve, Vivian Owen, Anne Richardson. Back Row: Sandra Clark, Shirley Baker, Iona Deck, Doris Jaeschke, Joan Mayuiers. Not Shown: Mildred Berg, Ruby Bogle. Increased enrollment at Miguel this year necessitated longer, harder hours of work by the classified staff pictured on three pages. The cafeteria staff prepared about 400 hot and 200 box lunches daily. Snack lines were longer than ever this year. Expanded building put increased work on the custodial crew. The new Social Studies building and wrestling annex to the gym became a reality. Prolonged winter rains created new problems for groundsmen to cope with. Added Enrollment Causes Increased Load DOLLY HULL Girls' P.E. Aide. ff RETURNING after the Hong Kong flu are Matadors in the attendance office. Absenteism in December and January disrupted academic pursuits. HAROLD PMNTER Boys' P.E. Aide. t F ge , if , ,fgmqn ww M159 fail? CLASSFIED STAFF-Front Row: Larry Gonzales, Eva Martin, Wilson William Krauss. Third Row: Jesse Gross, Tony Maddolena, Alva Moffit, Cafeteria Head Betty Harris, Custodial Head Paul Bennett, Headtke, Dewey Sumner, Harold Lillard, Warren Spurlock, Rex Evelyn Denny, Lendon Walker. Second Row: Myron Cilley, Helen Barker. Porter, Ava Hayman, Eugenia Shafer, Mary Quirk, Dorothy Hedges, CHERRY-UPSIDE down cake is on the day's menu for those who go through the hot lunch line. The dessert is a Matador favorite. PAUL BENNETT, Head Custodian, loads boxes DISTRICT WORKERS are busy improving onto the famous campus dragster. drainage damagelcaused by heavy rains Many tons of supplies are consumed each year. during the long winter months. Q i ww ' , l 335, X , i Y Wi ..,- l t .S , . t ZX S ' PTA OFFICERS-Mary Fuiimoto, historian, Lillian Duncan, president, Evelyn Slater, secretary. Not Shown: Mary Bowman, Estelline Bellwood, Betty Nlinor, Warren Keller, Jean Grant. 'K Pa rent Organizations DEVOTED members of lVlourt lVliguel's V PTA sell snacks to Matadors dUV"'l8'f"le15'm'V'Ute break between fmals- AFS encourages exchange students to describe their native land. This year's AFS student, Kazumi Oka, performs a Japanese geisha dance. AFS OFFICERS-Front Row: Marian Norman, horneplacement chairman, Doris Mullaney, publicity. Back Row: Betty and Herbert Ruiz, presidents. Not Shown: Dora and Melvin Woodward, Dorothy Stubbs, Dwight Putnam. mamma sz: za sm-mmm mm rr... , 1 wo fi. - i wa '13, 4: 1 A, A l -' 4? Via. cf Q fi-sg 3-gm Q54 4 vrsh 4 vi gf, ,, P QF: 1 vs! gsitlfw Q 01577 Q35 2? qi SQ- 4314 ' Q' 'K 3,3 gf A . '53 Y-dl f BOOSTERS CLUB-Front Row: Beverly Schuff, concessions: Helen Vryheid, treasurer: Joan Allenson, telephone chairman. Back Row: Bunk Adams, vice- president: Bob Hogan, president. Not Shown: Sue Blass, Dorothy Stu bbs. Many parent organizations labored to benefit students this year. One of these organizations, the Parent- Teacher Association, assisted in the home economics classes and sold snacks duringfinals. Another group, the American Field Service, has the goal of raising money to partially sponsor exchange students. Their motto is "Walk together, talk together, all ye peoples of the earth, then and only then shall we have peace." The Music Parents serve as the governing body of the band and organize fund raising activities. This group handles the band's publicity. Booster's Club is designed to assure Miguel of its needed facilities and to encourage community youth activities. The Club continued operation of concessions at home games. Work For Students' Profit, Well-being SERVING as PTA president, Lillian Duncan warmly welcomes faculty back to school at the Faculty-PTA luncheon. MUSIC PARENTS-Front Row: Helen Myers, treasurer: Lillian Mayer, historiang Ellen Houk, correspondence secretary, Marie Subilosky, recording secretary. Back Row: Clyde Miller, ways and means, Ted Adams, president, John Emerick, vice- president. A DAY IN THE LIFE CF P ' 5 "Day! Faster and more fast, O'er night's brim, day boils at last." -Robtert Browning .gf K YE W, X I Jrwu., . SSW' wv1"""'W HEAD COACH BEN CIPRANIC gives center Don Jackson important tips in the Matador league openei against Grossmont played on the Helix gridiron. 7 Slow Start Ends With Great Finish The Matador gridders started the season with a thud and ended with a bang. Debuting in Aztec Bowl in the annual Football Carnival, the Miguelites fought to a O-O tie with Granite Hills in the third quarter. A week later at Aztec Bowl, the Matadors lost to Kearny in a game where the offense couldn't get off the ground. ln the first three games of league play, the Matadors were defeated. Steve Bailey scored the first offensive points of the year in the hard-fought battle with the Helix Highlanders. Then the Matador offense jelled with the Miguelites winning big in their last four games of the season, including a 41-7 romp of Santana in the Homecoming event. The greatest team effort by the Matadors was their 19-15 upset of this year's league champs, El Capitan, making the Matadors the only team to beat the Vaqueros in league play. FU LLBACK RICK CHURCH breaks into the clear and fights his way through hopeful El Cajon tacklers as the Matador offense finally jelled. OUT OF THE FOG comes quarterback Mike Tyer as he attempts to elude prospective El Cajon tacklers as Miguel won its first game of the season 38-O. MOUNT MIGUEL MATADORS i968-'69 Football . p p Varsity iCSept. 27W .,.. COCK 43 s .... O fOct.11Yi' COct. 18Yf ,,.. fOct. 253 ,... fNov. 17 ,,.. CNOV. 833 ,,,, fNov. 155 .,.. Ct indicates home games! Mt. Miguei 0 Mt. Miguei O Mt. Miguel Mt. Miguel 6 Mt. Miguel 38 Mt. Miguel 19 Mt. Miguel 41 Mt. Miguel 37 Kearlnll ll lf' Grossrriont 201 Granite Hills 32 Helix 13 El Cajon 0 El Capitan 15 Santana 7 Monte Vista 0 a HALFBACK MARK DEESING sweeps past several El Capitan tacklers as Miguel posted its finest victory of the entire season. i 3 v gf f f' tif Migfft -, V . mir' A flQ?ll'7'ff?QQ,l - Ji 5 NA, ,JL ' '. .-.f ...i f.-.J ff"r New Plays, Coach This was a year of many new developments for the Varsity Football Team. One of the most significant improvements of the year was in the condition of the football field. Previously rated as one of the poorest in San Diego County, Miguel's field is now considered one of the finest. Sport fans this season witnessed the innovation of some new, if not unorthodox, plays. The plays, including one nicknamed the "dirty dogs," helped to move the offense in clutch situations. Two new coaches aided the team in their final victories. Along with coaches Ben Cipranic and Bill Leep were Robert Cother and Brian Smith. Cother specialized in offensive attacks while Smith worked with the backs and receivers. Gther changes included new uniforms and helmets. The helmets were similar to those worn by the Cincinnati Bengals. These new uniforms, along with other changes, pushed the squad through a great season. es Boost Squad's Morale HARD-HITTING FULLBACK STEVE BAILY powers through a crowd of prospective Sultan tacklers as the Mats routed Santana in the Homecoming classic Senior Returning Lettermen STEVE BAILEY RICK CHURCH MARK DEESING CRAIG SANDLING JEFF BUCKNER ALLEN CLARK BILL O'CONNER MIKE TYER SCORING MIGUEL'S THIRD TOUCHDOWN is halfback Jeff Buckner as he digs and fights way into end zone over hard trying Monarch defender during early action of second quarter as Mats finished the season with a 37-0 rout. EXHIBITING THE MATADORS ABUNDANCE OF SPIRIT are jubilant fans of the varsity gridders as they congratulate team for stirring upset of EI Capitan. SETTING UP MIGUEL S FIRST SCORE of the season is halfback Mark Deesing as he scrambles towards goal line only to find looming Helix tacklers in his path which he unsuccessfully evaded during second quarter of the traditional fight for the Claymore. LEAPING HIGH is Bill O'Connor, an all- league safety choise, as he intercepts Sultan pass in Homecoming event with Charlie Gregg looking on 'E ,mm END BILL O'CONNER grasps ball from over the shoulder of a hapless Monarch defensive back and goes forward into the endzone scoring another Mount Miguel touchdown. BREAKING lNTO SECONDARY is halfback Steve Bailey as he scrambles 60 yards climaxed ,-.X CRADLING THE FOOTBALL is junior receiver Larry Caudillo on pass play which started the team towards their exciting upset of El Cap. TEAMlNG FOR A TACKLE are linebackers Ken Ledbetter and Jerry Crutcher with Don Jackson, Craig Sandling in pursuit as they stop an exasperated Komet runner for no gain in early action of pre-season game against Kearny. by adding six points to the Matador totals. BACK OF THE YEAR, Larry Tyer, while closely guarded, goes up to receive pass in 3rd quarter of hard-fought El Capitan duel. RUNNING IN A CROWD is halfback Steve Maurer as he forges for needed yardage against the Granite Hills defense held on the Matador turf. J.V. quad Grinds Out Rigorous Season AS PRESSURE BUILDS, the traditionally strong Matador defensive unit sets in preparedness for the Vaqueros next play in a hard-fought defensive battle for most of the game. The Jay Vees were truly a co-varsity team this year. Practicing with the varsity team created a strong spirit of competition between the squads. The team was supervised by the varsity coaches. This advanced instruction offered the Junior Varsity players an opportunity to prepare themselves for their future varsity positions. Fielding the smallest team in the league, Mount Miguel ended the season with a O-7-1 record. The greatest effort by the team was against the Matador's arch-rival, Helix High School, in a hard-fought battle that ended in a 6-6 deadlock. The Highlanders on to win first place in the league with no team coming close to defeating them. ln all, the gridders ground out eight touchdowns for the year. Outstanding players on the team this year were sophomore back Larry Tyer and junior tackle Robert Elms. Tyer received the honor of being Best Back of the Year. Elms was awarded the title of Best Lineman of the Year. -7, Y ,ir .17 , V-, 1 IT gg., J.V. FOOTBALL-Front Row: Ed Shirly, Larry Tyer, Steve Mauer, Tom Madigan, Jack Groff, Robert Elms, Mark Schuff, Tony Grindel, Rick Clabby, Curtis Coleman, John Villarreal, John Kovac. Second Terry Lewis, Roen Valenzuala, John Slater. Not Shown: Mark Row: Gary Menard, Bob Martin, Mike Swan, Phil Rounds, Mike Ricketts. Burgio, Milton Johnson, Bob Clifton, Ron Ricketson. Back Row: is LEAPING HIGH is junior defensive man Jack Groff as he breaks up Granite Hills pass play that could have gone for a touchdown and put the Eagles into lead. iw' w ,vw una t 1 . any GOING FOR TOUCHDOWN that tied the Helix Highlanders are members of the J.V. offensive unit in a perfectly executed play. Harriers Capture Zndg Welcome New Coach SENIOR MIKE DREW gives it that final effortwhich enabled him to win this race seemingly easy over his Highlander opponents as Miguel won a close one 27-28. The Mount Miguel Cross Country Team this year was deemed the greatest in Miguel's history. This was a fine welcoming for Ted Banks, the team's new coach in his first year atMiguel. The team started the season by massacring Hilltop for the first time in Miguel's history, 19-42. They continued this fine effort throughout the season to capture second place in the traditionally strong Grossm ont League with a 5-2 record. The two defeats were at the hands of El Capitan and league champion Monte Vista. The Harriers also placed second in both the Aztec Invitational and the Mt. San Antonio Cross Country meets. In closing the season, Miguel's runners earned sixth in the ClFfinals. Outstanding individual effort was exhibited by several of the team members. Senior Mike Drew led the team and established a new home course record of 9:01 for the two-mile course, breaking Brad Hill's record of 9:14.2 set last year. Sam Paterson was second and also contributed as outstanding time of 9:O1.5 in the meet as he finished on Mike's heels. Freshman Bob Morrison, a boy for the future, came across with a time of 9:03 and set a new frosh course record of 7:17.8. VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY-Front Row:.lohn Heimaster, Jim Allen, Flynn Barnett, Lex Nelson, Marco Iberia. Back Row: Bob Morrison, Sam Paterson, Mike Drew, Gary Heiserman, Jim Jones. TED BANKS Coach HOPING FOR VICTORY, Mike Drew leads fellow team members Sam Paterson, Gary Heiserman, and Bob Morrison past a couple of Helix harriers. Mount Miguel Matadors i968-'69 Cross-Country Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount 1... Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Miguel Varsity 19 R Hilltop 21 Granite Hills 15 Grossmont 26 El Cajon 36 El Capitan 26 Santana 27 Helix 49 Monte Vista flow score winsh Ifm GEORGE LEYVA, Greg Hayes, and Don Abbot BOB VRYHEID, captain of the J V get a good start as Miguel's J.V. squad squad, wins another race as he sprints goes on to another victory over Helix. away from his Helix opponent J.V. CROSS-COUNTRY-Front Row: Alan Sorenson, Greg Hayes, Ed Fahey, Rick Byrd, Don Shaw, Bob Vryheid, Dan Abbot, Back Row: Ben Pumphrey, Gilbert Mendoza, David Balsey, Mark Phillips, John Paterson, Steve Miller, John Wallace. ,.g--" WM WM X X sg' wi m4 S55 SQ 4 -I 0-4 Sw x lb CDU? wx I'1"l Q-I CDW QQ?-T gr- 56-I Q52 U ii F-,, I U' Cl mg Q SH 'J' asa Io my I 2,-+ ,rm 52? 53 -42 59 CUE? 1 U35 ' 25 'QQ I of! Sou Ee 53 :fi 035' 'Rin 1 Ti? mm Q3 m 4m 'ea IU gg - -m.. gg .. C3 W2 JI' xr' 55 3' 7 51 -I H 3 I .4 J 'f O C Q3 2 o FC ff' ' A Miguel Hoopsters Continue Winning Ways COACH RICHARD RIDGWAY gives advice during a time out in a game against El Capitan held on the Miguel court. llfmls -f lv FLYING HIGH is Charlie Gregg as he scores two points on this fine layup, contributing to the Matador's victory over Granite Hills, as Tim Bagley looks on. Coach Richard Ridgway's Varsity Basketball team didn't win another CIF title this season, but they did earn a respectable 16-9 record overall and third place. in the Grossm ont League with a 9-5 record. The team extended their winning streak to 35 by winning their first five pre-season contests, but then the inevitable happened as St. Augustine dropped the Mats 80-65. Revenge came later--in the University tournament when the Mats destroyed St. Augustine 58-30. , Miguel entered league play as "the team to beat" because of their domination of the game for the past three years. They defeated their first five opponents but lost to both Grossmont and Helix. They then won two more in a row and then were upset by El Cajon. The team bounced back and, without the help of 6'9" center Ken Barstow, defeated Santana 50-49 with a great team effort. Taking a third place in League enabled the boys to capture an at-large berth in CIF and a possible shot at defending their crown. This was the third year in a row the team has earned the right to participate in CIF finals. But their hopes were shattered as the team dropped their first game to Castle Park 56- 40. Ken Barstow received a first place on the Grossmont All-League Team. John Woodward and Charles Gregg received honorable mentions. Mike Drew, Craig Sandling, Tom You nd and Pet Rodvold added extensive support. DAVID HILL, shoots over this Granite Hills opponent to score another basket during victorious fourth quarter. TAKING A LONG JUMPER is sophomore forward Tom Young as Ken Barstow gets in position in anticipation of possible rebound. SENIOR GUARD MIKE DREW stops short and takes a jump shot during the Matador's victory over Santana in game played on Miguel court. LEAPING HIGH, Pete Rodvold attempts to surprise a taller opponent by stealing the ball during a game held on the Miguel court. MOUNT MIGUEL MATADORS Mount Miguel Mount Miguel Mount Miguei Mount Miguel Mount Miguel Mount Miguel Mount Miguel Mount Miguel Mount Miguel Mount Miguei Mount Miguel Mount,Migue1, Mount Miguel ,Mou nt Miguel 56 70 73 70 61 55 48 75 72 53 50 75 57 G48 i968-'69 Basketball Varsity Uan Uan Uan Lian Uan Uan Lian Gan fFeb qifebf fren. fFeb fFeb tffegb. 73 Monte Vista 103 EICapitan 143 EI Cajon 173 Santana 213 Granite Hills 243 Grossmont 283 Helix 313 Monte Viste 43 EI Capitan 73 EICaion 113 Santana 143 Granite Hilis 183 Grossmont 203 Helix I FIGHTING HARD, senior forward Craig Sandling is rewarded with a rebound as the team defeats El Capitan for a second time WITH ANTICIPATION, John Woodward shoots, despite the efforts of a Helix opponent, in hopes of adding to the Matador tally during the team's final game of the league season held at Helix. JV Roundballers Start Slow But End Fast THE TASTE OF VICTORY brings smiles to Coach Robert Cother and several members of the team as they defeated El Capltan. Inspired by Coach Robert Cother, this year's Junior Varsity Basketball team ended in a whirlwind after a comparably slow start. The team won one of their first 7 games but won 5 out of the second set of seven. This vast improvement provided the team with a 6 8 record and fourth place in league competition. The highlight of the season was their final game which was against Helix. The team had already lost to the Highlanders twice before and were up to take this game away from them. The physical incapabilities of the Matadors against the taller Scots were overcome by their determination until late in the fourth quarter. Individual honors of this sophomore dominated team were well deserved. John Slater, a sophomore, was the team's leading scorer and rebounder. Junior Mark Ricketts was second in both categories. Gary Russ, Terry Lewis, ano Sonny Crim also contributed much to the team. JV BASKETBALL-Front Row: Paul Guynn, Rick Clabby, Ron Slater, Mark Ricketts, Gary Russ, Tome Jones, Terry Lewis. Not Tooze, Sonny Crim, Scott Coyle. Back Row: Tom Roth, John Sh0wn:DICk Trebbien. J lt OUTCLASSING HIS OPPONENT is Mark Ricketts as he uses his size to best advantage in going up and over for another two points. USING GREAT BODY CONTROL, Junior Guard Terry Lewis drives between two defenders and scores a well-deserved two points. TOWERING ABOVE HIS OPPONENTS, Center John Slater makes an effort to score a basket as the team defeated the Vaqueros. SOPHOMORE FORWARD GARY RUSS sets and shoots from the corner as the team upset favored Grossmont in game held on the Miguel court. ff' , an 52 R max X X Mk x if 1 - . i Q N ' q i LP 4 ' A . I TRYING HARD to break the grip of his gjw gi gia opponent j is CIF Champ Bill Kramer in o l " e bad m i A l j Qrfgnmnrringwee in league match ced him -asfnumbelgg l fgtandings. r rl re,ilirXr pp e ' l Q R L 1 ' - ,. I . ., '-Simi . 7 if 'X vw ' me msg VARSITY WRESTLING-Front Row: Dale Siscon, Kramer, Robert Elms, Howard Allen, Bill Winchester, Richard Lackey, Chris Wilhite, Dennis Romero, Ron Kraft, Doug Howarth. Robby Brown, Marty Ellis, Fred Taylor. Back Row: Bill This year's Varsity Wrestling Team put on a fine show by taking second place in the Grossmont League, losing only one league match. The team as a whole took a second Fuji ang in the Southwestern Invitational Tourney, a second in the Grossmont College Invi- tational Tournament, and a second in the Nlarina Invitational Tournament at Hunt- ington Beach. Fine performances were turned in by the following boys: Dale Siscon, Bill Kramer, Ron Kraft, Freddy Taylor, Bill Winchester, Dennis Romero. Bill Kramer proved the most improved wrestler of the year. He was the only CIF champ on this year's squad. Dave was named outstanding wrestler of the year, with a 12 win-1 loss record. The high scoring junior was Freddy Taylor, who in dual meets placed second next to Dale as high point man. Ron Kraft, a senior matman, received the David Hale Best Sportsmanship Trophy while Bill Winchester ' took a second place in CIF competition in the heavyweight division. Team Captain Dennis Romero took a third in CIF com- petition. A HANDSHAKE marks the beginning of a great match between Bill Kramer and his opponent from Grossmont. Bill was one of four Miguel wrestlers to receive CIF awards. ANOTHER PlN for Dal Siscon, this one against his Monte Vista opponent. Dale was the outstanding Miguel wrestler ofthe year. mr .,.. .... .... W., l WHILE CONTROLLING his man, Freddy RON KRAFT, a senior Matador matman, Taylor makes a move to roll his opponent over earns another win after a long hard meet. to a more suitable position for a pin. Ron received the David Hale Trophy. - 11 wi, 1:,,..:,.--,wx ei: I-f hz. M..--f,:f,ts,-i2f t-fit-1,-PM -ff-ft -Ifffffffsfsziiasi isiiiifiiiffff,'imfsbii'1si'1e21s1.sszzt:sQ, .sztssvztsassvf.smsww ,, .. , .. .. , ..,,.. ,M .. . Q. , J U ., . c ,.,. s,,.. ,,.. ..,Lk.s,g..l,.,S. ,,.. 2. ,, .,HM, M. i i ..,g. ,, .,,,..,,..,,.,..,..,,..,..,..,,..,..,...,t. it A ,, 1321.1521slfzgs,esqisvifssztisfzwiswtf:ff:i'fff:-sie ,... ,.L. iiiiii O ii 7 E .14 , .1,, 7.3. . ., . it E at A HEAD COACH Ned Blass looks with anticipation for a win against University. Assisting Coach Blass this year was Coach Bill Leep. HUNTING FOR ADVICE, as this Matador appears to be doing, is Doug Howarth, a senior matman. Doug, who wrestled JV as a sophomore and junior, lettered this year as one of the hardestworkers on the Varsity Team. Hardworking Team Takes Second In League TAKING CARE OF his Santana opponent is Bill Winchester whose wrestling brought him a second in CIF competition. The most outstanding example of lVliguel's fine wrestling showed up against Granite Hills when Miguel mat- men took the match by a score of 51- 3. Freddy Taylor won his match with a pin after only 50 seconds. Robby Brown along with seven other IVliguel wrestlers also won their matches by a score of 5-O. Bill Winchester won by a forfeit while Dennis Romero won after his opponent was disqualified. The closest match fought by the IVliguel grapplers was in non-league competition against Yuma. The meet was held at Brawley on December 11. The team put up a good fight, but despite all efforts lost by a score of 26 to Yuma's 27 points. TYING UP with Tom Cote from Monte Vista in the 132 lb. division is Mike Mendez, a fine JV DRIVING EOR AIREVERSAL and two POINTS wrestler. Mike took the match by a score of 7-3. against his Monte Vista opponent is Richard Lackey a junior Miguel matman. The Junior Varsity grapplers came out to all of their matches with the hope of winning. And, with the help of Head Coach Ned Blass, the team won seven out of their nine meets. The team fought in three tournaments this year. In the Grossmont Invitational Tournament, they received second place with Mike Mendez and Mark Schutt taking firsts.They also competed in the Brawley Tourney in which they took third place while Gino Cesano, John Preston, Dave LeBeau, and Mark Schuff took seconds. Receiving a third at Brawley was Rick Harden. The third tournament was the Monte Vista Tournament. The JV squad took third in it with Mike Mendez receiving a first, John Preston, Gino Cesano, and Kevin Pullan taking seconds. "The top JV wrestler this year would have to be Gino Cesano," says Coach Ned Blass. Gino was the only Matador who was undefeated in league matches. Two other top wrestlers were Mick Allenson at 98 lbs. with an 8-1 dual meet record and Kevin Pullan with six wins, one loss, and two ties. Don Jackson, after coming in late in the season, went on to a 4-O dual meet record, pinning three of his four opponents. CAUGHT IN SINGLE LEG HOLD put on by his Monte Vista opponent is Kevin Pullan, a sophomore matman wrestling in the 138 lb. class. JV WRESTLING-Front Row: John Preston, Mick Allenson, Dean Davidson, Gino Cesano, Steve Fick. Back Row: Mike Mendexz, Rick Harden, Dave l.eBeau, Mark Schuff, Greg Robinson, Kevin Pullan. Not Shown: Don Jackson. .IV Wrestlers Demonstrate Will to Fight FIGHTING TO GET FREE is Steve Fick, who later on managed to escape the hold put on by his Monte Vista opponent. CONTROLLING HIS MONTE VISTA opponent is Greg Robinson, one of Miguel's Junior Varsity grapplers. Greg went on to win the match. Hard-Hitting Varsity Swings to Victor VARSITY BASEBALL-Front Row: Dave Zimmerman, Mike Drew, John Zumaya, Mike Smith, Mike Tyer. Second Row: Steve Bailey, Charlie Gregg, Mark Deesing, Bill O'Connor, Larry Caudillo. Back Row: Neil Sorenson, Sal Giacinto, Randy Houk, Tom Tittle, Tom Young, Jerry Crutcher. A SOLID PERFORMER, Mike Drew, connects with a Castball to make a solid hit in the second inning of a non-league game against Hilltop on the home field. Even though the Varsity ball club was predominantly senior, the pitching force was relatively young as far as experience on the mound was concerned. But the pitchers, seniors Mike Smith, John Zumaya, and Charles Gregg and sophomore Tom Young also gained strength as their experience increased with time. "The best all-around game was played against Sweetwater High School," reported Coach Newman. "Everyone worked together as a team and we showed our true potential." The Matadors, participating in the 19th annual Lions High School Tournament during Easter vacation, racked up enough wins to take first place in the consolation bracket of the tourney in the Unlimited Division defeating the Clairmont Chieftains. Senior Bill O'Conner was commended for his exceptionally fine performance during tournament. !Nw.Bi'R'2?'.y", , Y ff MORGAN NEWMAN Coach MATADOR HURLER Randy Houk has no difficulty in proving his ability to pitch. Right now he prepares to deliver another strike. THE LONG REACH goes into operation as Junior First Baseman Tom Tittle prepares to make the catch for a momentous out in the bottom of the fifth inning. SECOND BASEMAN Bill O'Conner earned honors as he smashed numerous hits at the Lions' Easter Tourney. Here at practice is seen the form that made Matador fame. Q , This year's JV Baseball team brought out promising talents for future teams. Because of inexperience there was slow learning in the early part of the season, but experience brought rapid improvement as the season progressed. The team's potential was evident in the five starters-all freshmen, Ted Updike, Tim Miller, Mike Bruner, Mike Ursillo, and Phillip Reese. Coach Duane Freeman commented, "Most schools have a freshman team, but we play freshmen in our JV against higher teams." Junior Ron Tooze and Sophomore Mark Schuff were the season's top hitters. The team's pitchers were mostly juniors. JV BASEBALL-Front Row: Coach Duane Freeman, Mike Swan, Wayne Valadez, Mike Ursillo, Rick Clabby, Tim Miller, Mike Farnum, Art Taylor, Manager Dale Presley. Second Row: Ted Updike, Tom Urban, Ron Tooze, Sonny Crim, Bob Gallagher, Mark Schuff, Tom Roth, Tom Wyer, Larry Smith. 0 0 , Unwar Opponents Caught By Swingin JV Baseball Maneuvers ROUNDING FIRST BASE in a two base hit is Mark Schuff SWINGING FOR STRIKE TWO is Wayne Valadez in a game against El Cajon on March 25, while in the fourth inning of a pre-season game against behind him an El Cajon outfielder heads towards the ball. Sweetwater on March 19. Valadez is a junior pitcher. A-uns-A. S , Track Records Broken b l969 Seniors 1+ f .E V i i 2 E i 5 , STEVE DOUG HTERY exhibits his shot-put style, which placed him first in the county and broke the school record he set in 1968. Steve also ranks as the Cou nty's best discus thrower. The Miguel track team had a tremendous season this year. According to Track and Field Coach Ted Banks, "The success of the 1969 track and field team has been helped considerably by the efforts of a fine field crew, which has been led by Steve Dougherty and Billy Jo Winchester." Steve Dougherty well supported the coach's statement by breaking the school record in the shot-putwhich he established last year and by placing first in the County in both the shot-put and discus. Randy Provinzano also contributed considerably to the success of the track team this year and placed second in the County in both high and low hurdles. The school record for the mile was broken by freshman Bob Morison, which gives the coaches something to look forward to in the next three up-coming track seasons. Miguel took part in several county- wide track meets this year, and the Matador track team placed second in both the San Diego Indoor Games and the National City J.C. Relays. MCLINT MIGUEL MATADORS I968-'69 Track Varsity Mount Miguel Helix Mount Miguel Monte Vista Mount Miguel ElCapitan Mount Miguel Santana Mount Miguel Granite Hills Mount Miguel Grossmont Mount Miguel ElCajon TRACK AND FIELD-Front Row: Jose Lopez, Luis Rosas, Jerry Schaufler, Mike King, Gene Cazaus, David Balsley, Dan Abbot. Back Row: Misenhimer, Robert Gamet, Randy Provenzano, Billy Winchester, Mike Mike Zubricky, Steve Ripley, Flynn Barnett, Garry Heiserman, Cary Dougherty, Gary Minard, Steve Dougherty. Second Row: John DuFon, Demaree, Ken Barstow, John Dolinske, Bob Huges, Jim Moore, Jack Don Kleinschmidt, John Hook, Ross Ellis, Carol Maroe, John West, Harry Moore. SPECTATORS WATCH 3l'lXlOUSly BS Gary Minard CROSS-COUNTRY-Front Row: Bob Krkngs, Edward Fahey, Gary Russ, Craing Mancuso, John Kovac. Second ow: Bob Martin, Cana Works up to that extra Surge of energy Stewart, Guy Lowery, Leon Duensing, Alan Sorenson. Back Row: Bob Vryheid, Greg Hayes, James Allen, Rex Lowery. thatwill make his long jump successful. JEFF BUCKNER put forth his running abilities to attain a clear win over Monte Vista adding another victory to Miguel record. J.V. TRACK AND FIELD-Front Row: Mirton Johnson, Joe Stubbs, Larry Tyer, Vincent Higgins, Craig Smith, Jim Jones. Second Row: Brian Ricketts, Frank Garcia, Dan Shaw, Mark Howard, Rick Byrd, John Helmaster, Ban Pumphrey. Third Row: Bill Brown, Randy Ellis, John Patterson, Jim Lord, Gregg Merriam, Ron Caudillo, Eric Dougherty. Back Row: Bill Brown, Patrick Burker, lbarra Antonio, Charles Simpon, Jeff Buckner, Alan Lothrpeich. B V9 5 e o 1,75 l "C F54 2 gl A -9 .6 a f ar' QP-N it ,f A uf RANDY PROVINZANO, who ranks second in the County in high and low hurdles, spurts ahead of the Monte Vista runner to bring another victory to Miguel. , , Q iwfg ..Lf Golf Team Upholds MigueI's Fighting Ways GIVING A FEW POINTERS to David Hill, Miguel's number three man, is Coach Robert Sanders, who is now in his second year as Golf Coach. GOLF TEAM-Front Row: Jack Schmitke, John Binkel, Jim Mack, Mike Edgil. Back Row: Steve Bishop, Dave Hill, Rudy Hendrix, Harold Parker Chris Harnish. Not Shown: Tom Madigan, Dana Wills, Wendy Layne, David Wills. The Golf team opened its season this year with a hard blow from rival Helix in a game played at the Bonita Golf Course, Miguel's home course, on March 14. John Binkel, MigueI's number one man scored the only point for the Matadors. Shaken by their first defeat, the team played a little more cautiously, but still ended up on bottom, this time against Monte Vista by a score of 13-2 with John Binkel scoring Miguel's only points. The following match was on March 28 against El Capitan at El Cap's home course. The meet turned out pretty much the same as the previous matches against Helix and Monte Vista with El Cap winning it with a score of 12V2-Zh. Despite the results of the first few matches, Miguel's golf team showed signs of improvement as the season progressed. PRACTICING ON FORM is John Binkel a senior Matador and number one man on this year's team. John in Miguel first three matches scored the Matadors' only points. Fish Capture Third in CIF This was water polo's second year at Mount Miguel and it was a good one. lnspired by Coach Roger Moreau, the team captured a 4-4 league record and earned the right to participate in CIF finals. Starting the season with an exhausting game against Hilltop, the Mats pulled out a 21-19 victory. The team came back, after two losses, scoring their biggest victory of the season over Oceanside, a 31-9 massacre. Splitting the last six meets with opponents, the Miguelites entered the CIF finals held at Coronado. The team lost the first game 6-9 in a hard-fought contest with Vista, but nipped league-rival Monte Vista 11-10 to capture third place. Senior Rick lngraham was the most valuable player on the team. He was the high scorer and received first team forward position in league and CIF. Don Carlson, a junior forward, was second highest scorer and received honorable mention in CIF. Don was also elected next year's team captain. Senior Ron Kraft was tapped as a second team CIF guard. Goalie Bob Ek, a sophomore, was the most improved player of the year. WATER POLO-Front Row: Duane Patton, Bob Ruge, , Randy Jump, Robert Nelson. Second Row: Manager Bill Forrester, Gary Kennedy, Jes Dawson, Paul Poirier, Jim Zito, Steve Bush, Don Keyes, Rudy Hendrix, Tom Urban. . 19 45,62 T- SOPHOMORE FORWARD PAT O'BRlEN scores a crucial goal as he is pressured heavily from a Vista defenseman to tie the game for a while. Photo by Mark Lieberman ,.' cunt Miguel Mgatadors Wafer-P0'0 1 21 H-5152615 19 19 i 9. ..s- 1 5 I 10 1 1 , l.-,l T 7 it J I :ff rsi- T11 1 1 lsls 1 ,,.,. , 1, .TKV f ky., it 1 A , .-.l -..l J J .,r,.g 4 ,-.l 17 A it 'siss T41 , '11 it if 18 f .s,. 7- oceanside be 9 semoemsgagsguei 10 Armsyawavy 3 1-M-curfew-ggeui 5 , Vistas s.rlj 9 1 meemgapimlslguei 11 monzelvssza 10 Marty Rosenburger. Back Row: Phil Harter, Steve Silverthorne, Rick lngraham, Don Carlson, Pat O'Brien, Dave Johnson, Bob Ek, Les Paterson, Ron Kraft, Linc Szuch. .Up , i i B C .,,R , SWIM TEAM-Front Row: Terry Cox, Mike Calhoon. Second Row: Back Row: Skip Laws, Jim Zito, Bob Ek, Mike Newman, Dave Marty Rosenberger, Doug Gondek, Dwane Durkee, Mike Sly, Bob Johnson, Don Carlson, Dave Schell, Chris Wilhite, Steve Davenport, Mike Philipps, L'Gnacio Lira, Richard Reinecke, Terry Silverthorn, Ron Kraft, Linc Szuch. Not Shown: Pat O'Brien, Captain Lusman. Third Row: Les Patterson, Dwight Bailey, Bob Garcia, Ricklngraham. Matador Splash Squad Retains High Status ROGER MOREAU times practice events i ' r f tri ri ' ' STYLE 'AND PERVFECTION are evident inthe Swan dive 'n prepara iffheolp-fOnf?,gfV?m,p,iH,tQfQ by David Schell in competition against Monte Vista at the meet on March 24. THEY'RE OFF and to a great start in a 400 free style against Monte Vista. The Matadors beat the opposing team 57-38. Under the guidance of Roger Moreau, the Boys' Swim Team set out to conquer and consequently placed high in Grossmont League competition. During the seven years that Coach Moreau has directed Miguel aquanauts, the Matador squad took League twice and has been defeated only by the Helix and Grossmont teams. Access to the Carman Ranch Pool has enabled Miguel to participate in this sport perennially. This year William Fusselman stepped into the job of coaching junior varsity swimming. The team, predominantly sophomores and juniors, took Class "C" in CIF competition. Vista relays found a win for Class 'B', thus demonstrating the consistent power in all of the many phases of League competition. Gains JV Reinforcement . W-ff . ,,, W., if f , MOUNT MIGUEL MATADORS l968-'69 Swimming MountMiguel MountMiguel MountMiguel MountMiguel MountMiguel MountMiguel Varsity 57 CMar.24J Monte Vista 38 68 CApr. 73 ElCapitan 27 - CApr. 143 Helix - - CApr. 21D El Cajon - - QApr. 245 Granite Hills - - qMay 55 Grossmont - RECORD SETTER Don Carlson displays his famous butterfly stroke during regular afternoon practices I at Carmen Ranch Pool in order to keep in top condition. SWIM CREW-Front Row: Sue Earhart, Kathy Jones, Joan Jefferies Charlotte Real Buzzy Minor Back Row Guyneth Lockhead, Ellen Hepburn, Debbie Garcia, Laurie Davis. Second Zimmerman Alice Dixon Bev Reynolds Maureen O Brien Row: Lisa Goodwin, Debbie Baldwin, Candle Smith, Vicki Wendy Panter Sue Lopez New Swim Crew Aids Splashdown Cperation A new service organization was born on campus this year: Swim Crew. The main purpose of Swim Crew is to assist the swim team by running errands, writingfdown scores, keeping times, and dropping the ropes for false starts. Girls' League provided the main impetus behind formation of the group. These girls were actually part-time cheerleaders in that they were responsible for leading cheers and keeping enthusiasm at high peaks during the meets. PULLING IN THE LINES following competition against El Capitan, are swim crew members. These helpers belong to the new organization which aid officials during home swim meets. VARSITY TENNIS-Front Row: Richard Brady, Randy Taluban, Craig Wagner, Craig Sandling, Jon Rex, Ken Nishuiye, Paul Trebbien, Jeff Heath. Second Row: Bud Jones, Gordon Hall, Gilbert Castaneda, Richard Trebbien, Marvin Foye, Ralph Gale, John Kehrli, Daniel Racquetmen Enjo Excellent Season DURING A MATCH AGAINST EL CAJON, first man Jon Rex unleashes one of his powerful serves to earn another point for his winning cause. Swarez, David Bratcher, Back Row: Gary Anderson, Bob Prince, Jay Atkins, Mike Jackson, Jack Groft, Robert Boyer, Mike Hill, Robert Kopotic, Dale Siscon. This year's Varsity Tennis squad was deemed one of the better teams in Miguel's history. Coach Buck Teater's young team of last year became a half senior, half underclassman team this year. Senior Jon Rex led the way in singles, followed by Craig Sandling with underclassmen Gilbert Castaneda and Richard Trebbien. The team of Richard Brady and Ken Nishuiye, both seniors, led the doubles category followed by the team of Jeff Heath and Craig Wagner. With half of the team returning next year along with the support of an excellent JV squad, the team should have another fine season next year. BUCK TEATER Coach BOB MORRISON, a freshman who ran on the Varsity Cross-Country Team, exerts that final effort to help the Matadors defeat Helix. FIGHTING HARD, Miguel's frosh football team struggles to get ball after a fumble by their young Highlander opponents. Freshman Athletes Practice Vigorously, TIM MILLER shoots over his taller adversary and scores in helping the Matadors rout the Green Machine on the Miguel court. TRYING TO BREAK DOWN his opponent is Steve Schroeder during a match against the Granite Hills frosh grapplers. ATTEMPTING TO BU NT THE BASEBALL is frosh horsehider, George Morris, in a scrimmage during Easter vacation against the JV's. ' 'lx' fr vvf' f V4 '5 X ' ' WHILE FROSH basketball team routs Helix, members of the freshman pepsters add encouragement in cheering them on. Preparing Way For Future Varsity Action The freshman sports scene was quite impressive with many varsity and JV Coaches drooling, eager to get the crop of fine talent which Miguel was endowed with this year. The year began with the fall sports which means football and cross-country. The frosh gridders fought hard and established themselves in second place. On the other hand, the frosh harriers, led by Captain Joe Stubbs, earned a third place in league standings. Next the winter season came which brought the winter sports, basketball and wrestling. The frosh hoopsters had another outstanding year in compiling a 12-2 record and second place in league behind a tough Foothiller squad. Frosh grapplers earned a third place in the highly competitive Grossmont League. Spring sports opened several doors for freshman athletes to explore. Frosh tennis attracted an astounding total of 50 young netmen. Frosh baseball started with scrimmages against the JV as the extent of action for their first year of being at this school. Track, swimming, and golf provided other chances to prove their skills. DURING A HOME MATCH against El Cap, one member of the 50 member frosh tennis team serves an ace against his young opponent. Grace, Abilit Promoted COED DANCE-Front Row: Chris Collier, Juanita Harper, Pat Law, lrene Milnick, Linda Williams. Back Row: Jane Auberger, Larry Schaufler, Maureen Boggs, Lee Stewart, Cathy Crump. In Girls' Sports To attain perfection in gymnastics, a girl must devote much of her time to practicing and improving her form in addition to preparing herself mentally for her performance. Self-discipline and good posture are essential to a good performance. This year's Girls' Gymnastics Team had a very successful season, competing in nine meets and consistently placing first in unevens and balance beam. The team's weakest areas were vaulting and floor exercise, but through much work the group pulled through with first in these events. Coed and Modern Dance Clubs were especially active this year. The dancers took part in the Christmas assembly and other assemblies. ln March they presented t'Mystic Mood," a dance expression of youth's joys and problems and exploration of their ideas. MODERN DANCE-Front Row: Ellen Sandusky, President: Chris Collier, Secretaryg Juanita Harper, Vice-President, Pat Law, Irene Milnick, Linda Williams, Rosanne Stephenson. Second Row: Ellen Foran, Janice Wilder, Debbie Wood, Joy Edwards, Marilyn Grant, I66 Karen Martin. Third Row: Linda Royster, Ginger Lynch, Dana Lamb, Pat Dennis, Linda Dale, June Rider. Back Row: Instructor Peggy Johnson, Vicki Le Blanc, Maureen Boggs, Jane Auberger, Kathy Brown, Cathy Crump. x 99 'V nu' GIRLS' TEAM SPORTS-Front Row: Sandy McPherson, Chris Slater, Shirley Hamilton, Edie Drummond, Becky Wilder, Jan Ke, Dorothy DeChant. Second Row: Maureen O'Brien, Chris Ledesma, Linda Makin, Debi Coon, Jan Anderson, Pam Ashman, Toni Owens, Linda PERFORMING A BACK FLIP on the trampoline is an advanced stunt as shown here by Linda Stroud during the gymnastics meet against Helix. Mix? '4x..f3f Polinsky, Liz Anderson. Back Row: Maria Mattel, Sue Kounter, Cecilia Polinsky, Penny Sapp, Linda Hansell, Sylvia Hernandez, Candy Smith, Debora House, Carla Hamilton. GIRLS' GYMNASTICS TEAM-Front Row: Cheryl Nunes, Treasurer: Darlene Fujimoto, Vice-President: Linda Stroud, President: Lindy Cassels, Lois Frankenburg. Second Row: Jan Middag, Helene Van Sant. Jacque Hurtt, Andrea Peters, Jan Luallin. Back Row: Manager Kitty Pagan, Jeanne Barber, Darcy Redo, Jody Weldy, Mary Cook. Not Shown: Secretary Virginia Grothe, Debbie Allred, Barbara Owens, Jan Hall. WITH A LOOK OF DETERMINATION, freshman CAPTAIN MAUREEN O'BRlEN drives on to win a close race as she led her team to their first victory of the young season over the Matador's traditional rival, Helix, 42-26. Maureen provided outstanding leadership throughout the season. Sandy White sprints to the finish competing in the backstroke competition against a tough Fallbrook squad. Sandy's win helped the Matadors demolish their North County opponents. Female Fish Prove Power, Take 2nd in CIF GIRLS' SWIM TEAM -Front Row: Karen Saucier, Connie Simmons, Linda Perry, Peggy Moran, Karen Hall, Robin Hall. Second Row: Andria Mattox, Judy Moran, Lelsey Carlson, Loreli Wilhite, Candy Smith, Noel Christanson. Third Row: Coach Shirley Oates, Maureen O'Brien, Carol Taylor, Debbie Garcia, Judy McCullough. Marianne Perry. Fourth Row: Ann Koumaras, Debbie Green, Gale Solomon, Debbie Heaton. Penny Sapp, Suzie O'Brien. Back Row: Sandy White, Pam Swan, Kathy Obendorfer, Lisa Goodwin, Lynell Lewis. Q 3 Inspired by Coach Shirley Oates, the Mount Miguel Girl's Swim Team proved itself to be one of the strongest teams in San Diego County in only their second year of existence at MountMiguel. The team compiled a 7-1 meet record with their only loss coming in the first meet of the year against a powerful Coronado squad, 20-48. Then the female fish got down to business winning seven straight dual meets, including a squeaker over the Grossmont Foothillers, 36-31. The team's biggest win of the season was a 62-6 triumph over Granite Hills. The team also competed in several relays throughout the year placing fourth in the Grossmont District Relays, and second in the La Mesa Invitational Relays, and first in the Grossmont District Swimming and Diving Finals. Starting the year off with volley tennis, Mount Miguel Girls' Team Sports Club enjoyed an active season. The Club enables interested girls to develop their skills in certain sports. The most outstanding break- through for Team Sports Club was the formation of the Girls' Basketball Team coached by Jane Trude-a first for a team of this sort. Six Grossmont Union High School District schools competed in League play. Each of the six schools battled feverishly for first berth in League. League competition for girls' sports is a growing interest: more and more girls are beginning to take part in competitive sports. As with boys' athletics, the girls' teams compete on both Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. TIP-OFF forthe Miguel versus Cal Western game starts the first game of the season Ctopl. Even though Miguel's girls lost, fantastic plays were shown by Varsity Captain Janyce Ke, shown here scoring two points Cbottoml. Team Sports Emphasize Girls' Basketball GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Dorothy DeChant, Carla Hamilton, Sandy McPherson, JV Captain Edie Drummond, Varsity Captain Janyce Ke, Shirley Hamilton. Second Row: Manager Sandy Carnes, Chris Slater, Toni Owens, Janis Anderson, Sylvia Eubank, Linda Polinsky, Sue Kirk, Manager Sue Kounter. Third Row: Debora House, Linda Makin, Linda Hansell, Cecilia Polinsky, Patty Meyer, Candle Smith, Chris Ledesma, Veronica Romero, Penny Sapp. Back Row: Debi Coon, Jan Shumate, Roxanne Keill. Not Shown: Pam Ashman, Karen Duncan, Sharon Ott, Maureen O'Brien, Becky Wilder, Anna Botter. A DAY IN THE LIFE or .. nmumes "Today's made of yesterday and tomorrow . . . tomorrow -Marty Balin W Y Ms, K Y Q 1 1 1 , M f 1, A - I - ix.. W-Q 11 1 i MARSHA LEATHERMAN EARL PEASLEY ASB President ASB Advisor Leaders Bring New Ideas, More Activities KATHY WINBU RY DOUG HOWARTH ASB Secretary ASB Vice-President X rv' JERRY SEGAWA CHRIS DAVIS MARTY ELLIS REE TAYLOR Attorney General Finance Athletics Activities Student Government this year expended much effort in promoting school spirit through their campus and civic activities. These activities included the collection of toys and clothing to be distributed during the Christmas holidays at the Christian Hacienda in Tijuana. Two truckloads of articles were delivered to the children by a delegation of five students. Campus services of the group included instigation of Spirit Week and also a money drive to raise funds to get a memorial for the men who have lost their lives while fighting in Vietnam. Spirit Week, during the week of the Helix football game, was highlighted by a pep assembly in which a skit was presented showing the "death" of Helix' school spirit. ASB President Marsha Leatherman and Vice-president Doug Howarth, and members of the new Grossmont Inter- district Leadership Council worked with other school leaders in the GUHSD to iron- out problems concerning school spirit and rules and regulations. BARB ROUNTREE Concessions NILA REPARD Communications JOE HERRERA Elections and Alumni A. XT? ' M aize A MARILYNN SCHWAB School Service KEN NISHIUYE Spirit and Publicity AE" Student Council Seeks Meaningful Change "LET ME EXPLAIN AGAlN," implores Doug Howarth at a student council meeting as they discuss ideas for a vending machine. STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row: Dana Hancock, Fran Wilkinson, Marilyn Schwab, Marsha Leatherman, Kathy Winbury, Doug Howarth, Ree Taylor, Candy Estes, Neil Sandor, Joe Lopez, Jerry Segawa, Kary Prescott, Dave Carlson. Second Row: Mary Burger, Renee Welsh, Gretchen Johnson, Cindi Lillard, Lynda Dale, Terri Gay, Bobbi lngraham, Diane Guzman, Diane Lowrence, Rosalie Goldsten, Donna Byrd, Joan Alley, Mike Crawford. Third Row: Kathy Under the leadership of ASB Veep Doug Howarth, student council accomplished many things. As a result of the large turnout at last year's CIF basketball game and wrestling meet, a surplus seven hundred dollars was appropriated for use by the Cape and Cadence Corps. The method whereby candidates are chosen at the Nominating Convention was altered so that the two persons receiving the largest number of votes on the first ballot would vie for the office. The council limited the size and number of posters displayed around campus by placing a definite restriction on publicity. Even though student council has fewer members than in previous years because of a change in representation due to a radical increase in the number of students, the council has maintained its role as an effective student governing organization. Peterson, Diane Rapoza, Jeanette Mitchel, Marci Ward, Cary Demaree, Pat O'Brien, Richard Block, Larry Schauffler, John Zumaya, Jane Auberger, Sue Dunne, Bill Miller. Back Row: Craig Smith, Linda Blair, Gail Awallin, Cathy Rue, Shirlene Traverse, Larry Smith, Herman Chavez, John Curly, Ken Nishiuye, Gerry Gay, Bill Grindel, Mark Ferguson, Greg Schuff, Dave McElroy. Student court, headed by Attorney General Jerry Segawa, prosecuted cases ranging from littering to smoking. To make their efforts effective, the court has the power of imposing a three day suspension on students found guilty of serious violations. This year, student government and student cou rt worked together to help the custodians with their job of keeping the quad clean. They also combined efforts with Richard McGarvey to enforce dress regulations. lntra-Club Council, under the leadership of Commissioner of Communications Nila Repard, is composed of representatives of each recognized organization on campus. Co-operative efforts of this group result in the "Parade of Floats" at Homecoming and many booths at the Fiesta. l'THE REFERAL STATES," explains Jerry Segawa one of the student court judges, "that anyone found guilty of smoking in the bathrooms will be subject to suspension." Student Court, I.C.C. Aid Campus Crder INTRA-CLUB-Front Row: Laura Wilkinson, Nila Repard, Marsha STUDENT COURT-Front Row: Dana Hancock, Jerry Segawa Joy Kemp Leatherman. Second Row: Claire Hinkle, Carol Rajknecht, Kim Back Row:Gary Cannon,Carol Bowers, Melva Woodward Don Albee Jackson. Back Row: Joe Herrera, Neil Sandor, Doug Howarth. Not Shown: Larry Schaufler, Linda Schmidt. . - 2 1' 'QA fax X . X A . ,Q I Kwg 'N Y' we Q. 5, ,, , A A siigqfgfi. ' L , -M Y 5 A 2' A Wk 5 ii. f, as-SQ 0 f. , A . , 3 Nw. 6 N ':s::Li7.fi5fL.WiL' A ' :-, , 1- z sm : 1 5 i , sz. 32ff"Sw .fvwivip ww? 1 -if : -fr: W ., ,Q513 Q .,,i'L'-Fiji-f . Y i,.. Z S if?" 'TR' ':: 1 ...W fjwf 0 Rm - . J- 5 N ,. WL ' F E' 'XX ,SUV .M ,M kr A .4 -'-L' 1 ' .sw 1: A MN Vw-X M, BEV REYNOLDS Bull Mascot l DIXIE MOWERY CANDY O'BRIEN BARBIE QUIRK ports Program Proved b Adding Services HOLE!" shouts out varsity cheerleaders Barbie,'Dixie, Candy, and Kim during a home basketball game. Enthusiasm shown by the cheerleaders add spirit to the spectators and encourages the team on. 1968-69 Varsity cheerleaders were really on the ball. They were more active than any other cheer squad that has been at Mount Miguel. These pepsters lent their support to all league competitions from football to waterpolo. The girls pepped up the student body at school functions with their new, unique cheers and yells. To raise money to buy new uniforms, the cheerleaders and the weight-lifting club joined their efforts and organized adance. Serving "Take Five" to the football team at every practice and refreshments to the track team at each meet, the girls showed their enthusiasm. Previously, refreshments were served only at the last game. Much gratitude goes to these girls for the time and energy they have expended on behalf of the school. Without cheerleaders, the sports program and MigueI's assemblies would not have been the same. Junior Varsity Squad Works For Perfection BOBBIE INGRAHAM LAURA BINKELE GAIL VAN VLECK The 1969 Junior Varsity cheerleaders formed a highly activated sextet while representing MM at JV sport functions. Striving for perfection in their cheer routines, the girls practiced daily after school. Three of the pepsters went to Cheer Camp at UCLA. Money was raised through bake sales with the Varsity Cheerleaders. A portion of the funds from the sales went toward the purchase of sweaters for their uniforms. LYNNE BELLWOOD SALLY TOMLINSON TERRI WAGNER BANDERETTES-Front Row: Alexis Lanham. Renee Welsctl Secvnd Hyatt ToniPol1koskl Back Row Jeanette Mitchell Sue Collette Row: Holly Hunter, Marcy Ward, Sandy Good, Mary Lara Darlene Rh thm Precision Business For Matadors STAGE BAND NO. 1-Front Row: Mike Ensch, Martha Johnson, Grant Miller, Dick Tibbits, Blaine Michel, Mike Curtis. Second Row: Henry Adams, Ted Adams, John Emerick, Kerry Hylton, Dave Bradstreet, Jim Nugent, Jeff Zimmer. Back Row: Steve Phillips, Dave Mayer, Ron Vance, Tim l-ligdon, Vickie English, Tim Shea. Mt. Miguel was proudly honored at the Rose Parade with the Banderettes leading the Matador Marchers down Colorado Blvd. representing San Diego. During seventh period P.E. one could see the Banderettes practicing their routines daily. This year Mt. Miguel formed two stage bands resulting from a surplus of qualified players desirous of carrying on the dance band tradition. All three groups on this page contributed well to the rhythm of life on campus. STATE BAND NO. 2-Front Row: April Curtis, Bob Myers, Jeff Follett, Phyllis Mazza, Bob Brunt, Harold Parker. Second Row: Mike Farthing, Chuck Preble, AI Gist, Ken Szuch. Back Row: Jeff Zimmer, Greg Schneider, Mike Philips, Rick Reinecke, Ron Shaw, Jeff Sanchez. l JEAN VELIQUETTE JANJOHNSON RONVANCE Drum Majorette Drum Major Drum Major CORPS LEADERS-Front Row: Denise Gonzales, Lieutenantg Di Rapoza, Captaing Kathy Petersen: Lieutenant. Back Row: M Kraszewski, Lieutenantg Kathye Brown, Lieutenant. LARRY CURTIS TED ADAMS Band Director Band President ana ary Egan.. '4Q??i"i - 1L,iL.lA,,.',4,' - ' H Marching Matadors Gain Rosey Honor Mount MigueI's Marching Band experienced a season that they could well be proud of. The band, under the direction of Larry Curtis and drum major Ron Vance, captured Sweepstakes in the annual San Diego Parade of Champions. This victory enabled them to represent San Diego in the Rose Parade in Pasadena for the fourth time. The marching Cape Corps also exhibited outstanding skill winning second place at Santa Monica, the highest any Miguel corps has attained since 1962. CAROL LAWSON BETINA FRY Corps Advisor Corps President , If 'W , 4' , f ' , Q n i, f 1 'X up:--:V W , f - f-- Tg qqfawg E , 16 L 'LQ ? Q S lf: yn ff Q ', 1 ii .12 KMA .iii il gi, T1 I gi ff 'M , 1 .fl-Z, As, 41, . fwfif Y? -.Q 1.4.4 - 53 I xp , , V 'L ,J c . i - as . f, , Q, tm, avi T pnf F g we W gf-,EE fgy 2515 U 9 gf '25 3 f f W 'af 2 , - , . . ,'- , ,A-' Lk ' I 6-f, 3' 1, -Q ' , ' f ' ' ' A , me ' 3' 5 8 f ' f' ' X- fn 1 ' Z :V . f . , I ME J Q ' , X 7 7 am xy gg X 5 75 SO 2 .Eff f 'jx 'T' fi 1 f yi LH Q J: -- c' 9? 'Q fn .',,1f!.7i 4 12, Vx . ' 'xv h V if V,,'- MI fx! V37 S ' 'X ' ETT ug . V fe . 5 gig 'Q 9 'S E f.Q5. 5 x 1, -K5 i n L.. 'Y 1 M ' 'V M 'YN if y at if h -E? X by fQ 2 MH aft 1 wi ffl as 7 g g 'K ' f ' I lx ' f-Fig. ff QJV5' wg J ?5-. Q 2-s? "'snqf'y id we 'S M T' R2 1. A it , A if xi Q Q at ,. I an W i ,1 .44 A Q 2 LA. f...d.... CONCERT BAND-Front Row: Dick Tibbitts, Mary Berger, Naomi Mills, Vera Rivera, Terry Hill, Joanne Silva, Rainelle McEntee, Marcie Castle, April Curtis, Blaine Michel, Mike Ensch, Grant Miller, Martha Johnson, Jeff Follett, Robert Brunt. Second Row: Sue Eckmyre, Sue Wharff, Debbie Hardesty, Don Burgio, Jay Lance, Mike Palermo, Lee Mazza, Margie Friend, Gretche Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Wendy McPike, Barb Puente, Randy Houk, Harold Parker, Jan Johnson, Mary Lara. Third Row: Andy Hallas, Ken Szuch, Tom Hambrick, Mike Farthing, All Gist, Chuck Preble, Ron Vance, Tim Higdon, David Mayr, Tim Leamons, Judy Joyce, Vicki English, Sue Miner, Tim Shea, Henry Adams. Fourth Row: Gary Morgan, Mike Parr, Don Albee, John Emerick, Rigo Herrera, Ted Adams, Joe Ondrechen, Mike Curtis, Betty Cortopassl, Shirley Drew, Connie Damata, Carla Hollowell, Peggy Damata, Mike Brady. Back Row: Doug Gondek, Bill Zerbe, Jim Nugent, Jeff Zimmer, David Bradstreet, Robert Granstedt, Greg Schneider, Terry Mills, Rick Reinecke, Kerry Hylton, Ron Shaw, Jeff Sanches, Mike Phillips, Stan Johnson. Not Shown: Frank Berry, Debbie Drake, Boby Meyers. Concert Reproritoire Offers Superior Music CONCERT ORCHESTRA-Front Row: Phylis Mazza, David Hopkins, Debbie Wood, Diana Chesnick, Mary Lara, Lynne Whitehouse, Steve Ball, Mark Janssen, Beverly Cook, Jan Burris, Tim Shea, Garth Crawford, Rigo Herrera, Gigi Subilosky, Becky Riveria. Second Row: Randy Houk, Lee Mazza, April Curtis, Blaine Michel, Naomi Mills, Dick Tibbitts, Mike Curtis, Carla Hollowell, Andrea Peters, Martha Johnson, Steve Phillips, Terry Mills, Don Albee. Back Row: John Emmerick, Jan Johnson, Ted Adams, Mike Brady, Peggy Damata, Mike Farthing, David Mayer, Tom Higdon, David Bradstreet, Kerry Hylton. Not Shown: Gordon Perkins, Bob Myers. I This year the Mount Miguel and Monte Vista Orchestras combined efforts, enabling both groups to offer better musical selections to the public. Special music during the year included Brahm's "Tragic Overture," Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings," and Mousorggsky's "Night on Bald Mountain." Five members of Miguel's orchestra-Phyllis Mazza, Carla Hollowell, Tom Higdon, Mike Curtis, and Ted Adams-were selected for the All-Southern California Honor Orchestra. Mount Miguel's Concert Band has been one of the finest high school bands in California for many years. For eleven years the group has received superior ratings at local and regional festivals. This year's music schedule was highlighted by such numbers as "Canzona" by Peter Mennin, "Symphony in B flat" by Hindemith, and "Tulsa" by Don Gillis. Concert Choir and Girls' Ensemble worked hand in hand this year to provide music for various functions. The combined groups gave two goodwill concerts in Tecate duringthe Christmas season. The Choir maintained its high quality throughout the year as was shown by their consistent "Superior" ratings received at festivals. Directed by Robert Boucher, the group presented "Christmas Wonderland," the annual Christmas program. Girls' Ensemble was really on the move this year. The Ensemble was selected to appear at the Music Educator's Convention in Hawaii in April. While in Hawaii, they represented the state of California at a large banquet for the State. Two performances a day was not uncommon for this group making many off-campus appearances. Their superior ability was demonstrated by the high rating received at the San Diego State Music Festival. ROBERT BOUCHER GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Seated: Bev Reynolds, Sandy Sjogren, Joy Kemp, Nancy Knight, Cindi Lillard, Wendy Panter, Nancy Riley. Standing: Faith Walters, Lynn Utterback, Darlene Keith, Donna Arthur, Jan Isley, Petra Hill, Jeanie Edwards. CONTINUOUS PREPARATION for Hawaii trip began in October with candy and magazine sales to raise money. Last minute details included shopping and packing as demonstrated here by Jan Isley, Bev Reynolds, Petra Hill, and Joy Kemp. Exotic Musical Performances Travel Far CHOIR-Front Row: Jan Isley, Kathy Flanagan, Patsy Luck, Pam Cormier, Trish Crane, Sylvia Jones, Marilynn Miller, Eileen Wilson, Nancy Meyer, Lynnell Lewis, Pam Smith, Linda Hansell. Second Row: Margie Gowen, Patty Hamill, Marla Mullany, Donna Arthur, Kathy Brunkow, Vera Rivera, Bev Reynolds, Ginger Buster, Denise Gonzales, Debbie Williams, Fran Wilkenson, Ree Taylor, Bea Higgins. Third Row: Cindi Lillard, Lauren Helmuth, Nancy Knight, Gretchen Knight, Debbie Carpenter, Megan Bascom, Laurie Davis, Joyce Howarth, Noelle Breton, Joy Kemp, Gail Kemp, Karen Prince. Fourth Row: Laurie Wagoner, Sandy Good, Steve Athens, Tony Wood, Jack Graham, Bill Forrester, Wayne Valadez, Lynn Hart, Terry Mills, Hector Rivera, Peggy Kluth, Ellen' Gerbanski, Connie Stevens. Fifth Row: Ed Zintz, Harvey Koehler, Mike Dwyer, Dave LeBeau, Clitt Nusslock, Mike Widden, Mike Swan, John Wilson, Charlie Higgins, Don- Kleinschmidt, Dina Garcia, Leslie McDaniels. Back Row: Jeanie Edwards, Marilynn Schwab, Jett Heath, Mike Hawes, Dave Garcia, Dave Ripley, Dennis Spry, Mark Ricketts, Jim Brega, David Holcomb, Dave Kounter, Grant Gormley, Linda Statzer, Annette Kiewel. Not Shown: Rebecca Arable, David Walwrath, Rilla lVIuriIIo, Rick Church, Mike Leigh, Mike Wong, Sandy McPherson, Larry Newton, Steve Newton, Pam Adams, Nacho Lira, Martha Meyer, Leo Zint. E 5 3 s I S 'ALL TOGETHER NOW," urges Robert Boucher, director of vocal music, as he rehearses Girls' Glee during one of the morning sessions. Mount Miguel has long been proud of its Girls' Glee and Men's Glee. The consistently fine performance of the two groups explains this pride. Many festivals throughout the year exhibited their vocal talents. April was the busiest month for the groups. Mount Miguel was the host school for the combined Grossmont District Glee Festival on April 16 under the baton of David Loomis, guest director. April 18 found the Glees at Southwestern College for the San Diego City-County Music Educator's Association Glee Festival. Both occasions showed the great potential of the groups. The Glees performed separately at the Grossmont District Glee Festival but rejoined their efforts to present both the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Glees Supplement District Festival HOURS OF PRACTICE went into the annual Christmas Program by all vocal groups. Shown here is third period Men's Glee. '- 3- Nl' Q ROBERT BOUCHER Vocal Director WALLY SCHLOTTER Editor-in-Chief Headaches Assure Captured Memories "No Science Club this year?! But what am I going to do with that extra page?" Another headache! The task of meeting deadlines is a perennial hassle for the twenty-two staff members of MIL MEMORIAS. A record number of advertisements were sold for this year's book to help subsidize the largest MIL MEMORIAS yet. Staff members succeeded in selling more ads in two weeks than were sold in the span of two months time in previous years. Maintaining excellence year after year is a challenge for each new staff. Each year MIL MEMORIAS continues to receive first place ratings from the Columbia and National Scholastic Press Associations. This year's MIL MEMORIAS staff put in the usual number of mind-straining man hours to carry on this tradition. Lie: I ai "':,q'2 1 fl it qgvii ' xigq .,zg.. A . ,,y,,. . l is T545 JAN HALL. MAUREEN BOGGS JEANETTE MITCHELL WENDY SIMPSON LISA GALE Senior Editor Asst. Senior Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor SHERRY EBERWEIN SUE EARHART I SANDY LEET SALLY TOMLINSON DOUG AILSHIE ACTIVIUGS Editor Asst. ACtiviiieS EGIIOV Organizations Editor Asst. Organizations Sports Editor ,.,.. .gg,.,,,-, l . 03135. L' 1 isis- , , T X 'A Q. ., ' Editor pzigfgyfgggwdszliigjfglwiili 5' " lit nxt' .Er ,a:..S..: ', ' vfv' f' 'K 'V KL t 5 Q at 1 , ib jgf k j ,QQQ55ifilZ r ",, , gffawlgg, ,- ' fir 2, mfg Z 5 1, CHRIS DAVIS KEN GALE Photo Coordinator Photographer 1.e.g11gy, rtt I y I EVERY DAY IS A RAINY DAY when it comes close I r p is to deadline time. Members of the MIL MEMORIAS Staff work feverishly to cope with or conquer I i 3 ii the problems of turning in yearbook pages. Q W ffl-L gg i i adi e i dd, i of :Q gvvt I JOE MCCORMACK RICHARD BLOCK Photographer Photographer MARY KORNEGAY PATTY GENTILE MARTHA BARRETT LOWELL PLINKE Sales Manager - Business Manager Advertising Editor Advisor CAROL BOWERS LAURA WILKINSON ESTHER O'DONALD MARLYS PRODZINSKI CHRIS RODRIQUEZ Co-Administrations Ed. Co-Administrations Editor Copy Writer Typist Cover Designer EI Trov Exhibits Literary Skills The twenty-one journalists who compose the El Trov newspaper staff worked diligently to meet their deadline of publishing a paper once every two weeks. Their goal this year was to publish eighteen editions. The paper itself was a four page operation expanding to six pages for specials. Staff members are responsible for every phase of production through the final paste-up. El Trov participates in various journalism contests throughout the year. One of these contests is the Pow-Wow which picks the best paper in San Diego County. After placing second in this contest in 1968, the staff looked forward to a first place win this year. As a service to the school, El Trov SPORTS EDITOR John Nicholson discusses plans for a sports page layout with assistant sports editor Mark Walker. published a fact sheet on the nominating convention candidates. Members of the EI Trov Staff worked hard this year to continue the tradition of keeping Matadors well informed. PETE SMITH MARK LIEBERMAN RICK CHURCH Photographer Head Photographer Photographer Press Bureau GERRY MAY Editor-in-Chief JIM HEROLD JOHN NIC-HOLSON MARK WALKER CASSILDA PAGAN JIM MOORE HOLLY HUNTER Ph0f0E"aDhe EDOFTSBEGKOV Assistant Sports Girls' Sports Staff Artist Staff Artist ress ureau JUNE MOTT Advisor ! -A' 'J Posting assignment sheet for upcoming Cub Edition of EI Trov is Bill O'Connor as Lonnie Orcutt stands peering over his shoulder copying her assigned task. DENNIS SPRY JAN LUALLIN SUE MAYORS CAROL KNEDLER Chief Artist News Editor Photographer Exchange Editor Staff Writer ROBERT FARRIS Staff Writer TONl POLAKOWSKI Feature Editor PAULINE MERCADO Asistant Feature Editor wr Q lii 1:y . . T i' i 3 fX.t -,-i1 tett f Lf' A 1 to iiie u is E 1 ii:" - f f l , t ..-. i i. 1 .,.'.. V ii'i up K 1 ii 1,. NILA REPARD BRUCE CAHILL STEPHANIE MAYNARD GARY HANN SANDI ANDERSON Press Bureau Chief Editorial Page Editor Managing Editor Business Manager Ad Manager Quill and Scroll A Press Privilege CANDLE LIGHTING RITUAL is part of the initiation JUNE MOTT for Quill and Scroll. Gerry May lights the candles Advisor of truth, justice and objectivity for new members. QUILL AND SCROLL-Front Row: Nila Repard, Jan Luallin, Gerry May, Pauline Mercado. Back Row: Toni Polakowski, Bruce Cahill, Jeanette Mitchell, Wally Schlotter, Sherry Eberwein. wil Nn awr 011 Jmnnatinnzil Bnnmm Surimg Iiirfamh Sfhunl Zmimalisls Quill and Scroll Society has the purpose of promoting excellence in journalism. Membership requires that a junior or senior participating on one of the three publications staffs have a "B" average. The names of prospective members are sent to Quill and Scroll headquarters at the University of Iowa for acceptance. Last year's Quill and Scroll Society gave the proceeds from their fiesta booth to the San Diego County Journalism Association to benefit other writers in the area. June Mott, advisor of the group, has been a member of the organization since her high school days. Her past experience has helped many Miguel journalists develop their ability. EI Cuentito, Showcase For New riters ANN VON DER MEHDEN, instructor of Creative Writing and Ben Keigle, instructor of Honors Art co-operated to make EL CUENTITO a truly artistic and creative publication. "Did you say that William Blake really had two heads?" Questions such as this were frequently asked by the members of Anne von der lVlehden's Creative Writing class. Students enrolled in the class spent many months in extensive study of the proper ways to write poetry and prose. After much preparation, the group began compiling material for lVlount lVliguel's literary magazine, EL CUENTITO. This year, with an allotment granted by the GUHSD, EL CUENTITO started with its best foot forward. The District grant provided for a larger magazine that published in previous years. Participation in various phases of journalistic endeavor is encouraged by the District. Creative Writing, together with Publications and Journalism, fosters development of literary creativity in students. ESTHER O'DONALD Co-Editor BOB VRYHEID Co-Editor EL CU ENTITO-Front Row: Esther O'DonaId, Becky Shafer, Julie Tonner, Pam Priest, Mary Krazewski, Diana Rapoza. Second Row: Paula Southwick, Scott Coyle, Chris Slater, Ron Groomes, Sandy Howell, Bob Vryheid, Belinda Flores. Back Row: Craig Stephans, Dave Kastner, Jim Crosswhite, Howard Kindsche, Dana Stewart, Rick Pacholski. Not Shown: Sue Zesky, Rick lngraham, Donna Sprattley. 'f,.,'9'I53'?7?+-icxm , . 5 ii PEP CLUB-Front Row: Candy O'Brien, Dixie Mowery, Gail Van Vleck, Alice Dixon, Kathy Horne, Suzy Putnam, Linda Roland, Marilyn Schwab, Cheryl Nunes, Shirley Bowersox, Sue Lopez. Second Row: Ellen Grabansky, Vickie Jeffries, Sally Tomlinson, Trish Crane, Lauren Helmeth, Sheryl Simpkins, Nila Repard, Advisor Pearl Prine, Larry Caudillo, Marc Liberman, Bobbi lngraham. Third Row: Leslie McDaniel, Carol Zintz, Lynn Bellwood, Buzzie Minor, Pat Coker, Kay Kickey, Marty Ellis, Jerry Segawa, Steve Athens, Mic Viau, Ken Nishuiye. Fourth Row: Chris Davis, Paul Stumbaugh, Terry Lewis, Doug Howarth, Joe Hereera, Bruce Cahill, Jerry Crutcher, Sue Earhart, Ron Kraft, Neil Sandor. Back Row: Bill O'Connor, Dave McElroy, Don Jackson, Mark Ricketts, Dennis Spry. School Spirit Boosted By Pep Club, Band PEP BAND-Front Row: Joanne Silva, Lee Mazza, Randy Houk, Martha Johnson, Mike Curtis, Blaine Michel, Dick Tibbitts, Jeff Zimmer. Second Row: Phyllis Mazza, Mike Brady, Peggy Damata, Frank Berry, Jan Johnson, Bob Granstedt, Dave Bradstreet, Kerry Hylton, Harold Parker. Back Row: Ted Adams, John Emerick, Tim Shea, Ron Vance, Dave Mayer, Tom Higdon. ln an effort to continue Mount Miguel's school spirit throughout the academic year, the year's Pep Club advertised school activities to the student body. During football season, decorative paper footballs were made with each player's name and number printed on them and then they hung on the fence surrounding the football field. This helped the students to get better acquainted with the team members' names. Also helping promote enthusiasm at Miguel is the Pep Band. The group is an important part of all pep assemblies in that they stimulate school spirit. Pep Band also played at the basketball games during the halftime activities and assisted the cheerleaders in many of their song routines. Talent, Effort, kill Procures Honors ns '51- FORENSIC-FrontRow: Doug Howarth, Pam Adams, Karen Segawa, Schmidt, ,Ied Adams, Maureen O'Brien, Larry Schaufler, Sam Chris Davis, Debbie Baldwin, Carol Utterback, Kris Krominga, Don Sanderson, Chris Hurst, Mary Cook, Ann Botter, Not Shown: Judy Albee, Don Carlson. Second Row: Pam Stevenson, Barb Rajknecht, Tucker, Julio Tgnner, Suzi Putnam, Bob Vryheid, Marc Richards, E OD Id N'l R d Nan Kni ht Bill O'Conner Bill R nGrooms, David Hill. ster ' ona , ia epar , cy g , V ,E o Forrester, Bob Hogan, Pat Barth. Back Row: Melissa Knight, Linda "NO MATTER WHAT THE JUDGES SAY D l think you're great," expresses Robert Sanders during a pep talk before a speech meet with Palomar. "Because of the increased high level of competition, one must have a great deal of depth within a speech team to produce a Sweepstakes winner observes Forensic League Advisor Robert Sanders. Forensic members proved themselves at the Brawley Practice Speech Tournament in October. The team walked away with first place Sweepstakes, triumphing over the ten competing schools in the combined Grossmont Union, Imperial County, and San Diego City l-ligh School Districts. Other competitions offered further opportunity to match verbal vitality with many different schools. These contests included the Palomar Novice Tournament, El Cajon Interp Festival, and San Diego Open, to nameafew. Robert Sanders has headed the Speech Department at Miguel since the school began twelve years ago. Under his guidance, Miguel speech teams have had a total of over 68 state finalists and ten national finalists. lVllCl-ll ONA, one of the foreign exchange students from Japan, works diligently on her art project in Mr. Kiegle's Honor's Art class. NACHO LIRA, the AFS exchange student from Chile, tackles some of his homework in the library along with other energetic Nlatadors. we , , 22255 ,, a . I AFS finalists from Nlt. Miguel are Sandra Sjogren, Cheryl Nlosteller, Cseatedj, Gary Heiserman, Wendy Panter, Marc Richard Cstandingj. International Club ln trying to reach its goal of greater worldwide understanding, International Club sponsored many different activites throughout the year. The major purpose of these activities was to raise funds toward bringing exchange students connected with the American Field Service program to Nlt. lVliguel's campus next year. One of the major campaigns 'l' Club undertook for this purpose was Nickel-a-Nlonth. 'I' Club also joined the 'I' Club adult chapter in a rummage sale and the Nickel-a-Month campaigns. As one of the largest clubs on campus, 'l' Club furthered its members' knowledge of foreign countries through its meetings where presentations on various different countries were given. A few of these presentations, ranging from programs on Africa to Alaska, were given by various teachers on campus. A representative from the Peace Corps also gave an interesting and informative talk. 'I' Club served as a host for five foreign exchange students this year. lVlichiko Ono and Nacho Lira were sponsored by the I CLUB-Front Row: Kazumi Oka, Michiko Ono. Pauline Mercado, Frosty Southard, Lesley McDaniel, Rita Bade. Second Row: Marla Mullaney, Sharon Parsons, Belynn Ruiz, Eileen Kreuzer, Ellen Faran, Barbara Balaban, Yvonne Carlin. Third Row: Virginia Salmon, Martha Camacho, Ed Zintz, Cliff Nusslock, Larry Formanek, Eileen Kitchen, Mark Leonetti, Barck Row: Nacho Lira, Deborah Martens, Ron Groomes, Marc Richard, Rolf Olsen, David Walrath, Sylvia Lorenz, Tim McDougall. Not Shown: Marcy McMahan, Sandy Leet, Cheryl Mosteller, Mike Newman, Paula Southwick, Ruth Wermers, Ken Gale, Donna Zimmerman, Joy Halverson, Sharon Demmers, Donna Arthur, Alyce Gerahart, Cathy Stauber, Allan Zeglarski, Richard Eckenbory, John Malcon, Carol Zintz. Advances Global Unity, Understanding American Field Service program and Rolf Olsen, Rita Bade, and Kazumi Oka were sponsored by the Youth For Understanding program. There were several Matadors who wished to become ASF exchange students abroad next year. Out ot the group of students who applied there were tive finalists from Mt. Miguel: Sandra Sjogren, Cheryl Mosteller, Gary Heiserman, Wendy Panter, and Marc Richard. 'l' Club was one ot the gayest clubs on campus this year. A tevv ot the events it held this year were a harbor excursion, participation in the annual Christmas Party, and a good-bye party at the beach. 'I' Clubwas a friend to this year's exchange students, raised money tovvard bringing AFS students to Mt. Miguel's campus next year, and had exciting activities. This year's ll' Club made substantial gains toward reaching its goal of better global understanding. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS-Front Row: Nacho Lira from Chile, Rita Bade from Germany. Back Row: Kazumi Oka from Japan, Rolf Olsen from Denmark, Michi Ona from Japan. tggn D " ' gitiivaiirvfllw . or , "2 1 ,QM 152411: 1 2 'gn mi mi max-11 ill if' It 370 .iv . ,' idx y , T 3 3, i gf .a...., ,441 I ' -V fl is l CLUB ADVISOR Charles Engberg helps I Club members Martha Barrett, Carol Zintz, Sharon Parsons, and Sandy Leet fix prices to articles to be sold in the l Club Rumrnage sale held in January. A S Student Honors Shared, Exchanged I ANTiciPATiNG HER sTAY in Argentina as an AFS SUSAN 3ERR1AFS.eXCl12f1Se Sludem fgom exchange student, Cheryl Mosteller talks over Mlguely e"llSYi ChV'Stmr?5 gngerfvgrfht in German plans with Frosty Southern and Debbie Martens. father' Dr' e' ens Katt e ea O 6 a eb' foreign sister Christina and friends. gi I' Y l rwsgg GERMAN CLUB-Front Row: Treasurer Claire Hinkle, Pam Bashline, Secretary Marta Granstedt, Vice-President Craig Sandling, President Carolyn Koptic, Ellen Hepburn, Janis Walder, Theresa Tillman, Advisor Louise Sampson, Advisor Arabelle Moore. Second Row: Bernard Tillman, Don Carlson, Cliff Nusslock, Judy Hinkle, Juanita Williams, Carol Zintz, Shirlene Travers, Shirley McFall, Linda Hunt, Garry Pitchford, Steve Phillips. Third Row: Roseanne Steffenson, Rick Kirby, Chris Harnish, Randy Chester, Randy Provanzano, Ken Nishiuye, Paul Guynn, Linda Royster, Ken Ledbetter, Robert Bowersox. Back Row: Jim Wadswarth, Gerard Koptic, Joe Steward, Gordon Hall, Tim Miller, Gilbert Castaneda, Rex Sawyer, Dana Wills, Randy Schaufler, Tim Shea, Otto Van Emerick, Ken Gale. Not Shown: Eillen Kreuzer, Sue Skaggs, Cheryl Mosteller, David Schell. Groups such as the German Club and the Bowling Club are growing in popularity and they also have good purpose. Students who have hobbies can usually find a school club that relates to their interests. Those students in Die Drachen who strive for better understanding of the German language and culture could help the future relations of the world. German Club has proved that their activities do much to develop empathy, and the means of achieving understanding can be fun. Guest speakers highlight many of the meetings. The club has also enjoyed a trip to the Rhinelander Restaurant. Slides comparing East and West Germany are shown. The Bowling Club is for students who either excel in this sport or who want to further develop their talents. Under the direction of William Bradley, the bowlers' skills are showing constant improvement. Members practice individually and then show their skill in tournaments. Students lntensify Interests In Clubs CHAOS BETWEEN MATCHES is not an unusual scene at Lomita Bowl. Active members in the Bowling Club can be found tallying scores and comparing results. BOWLING CLUB-Front Row: Frank Maxwell, Paula Smit, Anita Watson, David Bratcher. Second Row: Mike Farthing, Andrew Hallas, Gary Osberg, Carl Antey, David Hallas. Back Row: Gerald Minor, Bob Farthing, John McCree, Dave Garcia, Eugene Milner, Advisor William Bradley. Matadors Attain Scholastic CSF Honors PROUDLY DISPLAYING Mt. Miguel's membership plaque of the CSF organization are George Albert and Claire Tremaine, this year's CSF advisors. FIRST SEMESTER CSF-Front Row: Paula Peterson, Mary Jo Ondrechen, Gretchen Knight, Michele Woodard, Karen Martin, Lonnie Orcutt, Claire Hinkle, Laura Bindele. Second Row: Steven Williamson, Donald Deel, Linda Royster, Candy Patee, Peggy Damata, Mike Brady, Mike Curtis. Third Row: Edward Zintz, Gary Leeper, Shirley McFall, Gail Kemp, Carol Bowers, Frank Berry, Bob Myers. Back Row: Doug Howarth, Steve Pence, Joe Herrera, Nick CSF is an organization which contains some of the most spirited and ambitious students on Mt. Miguel's campus. Members of the California Scholarship Federation have gained admittance into this honor society by earning at least three A's and one B a semester in solid subjects. CSF life membership may be obtained by qualifying for four semesters, one of which must be in the senior year. Once a student has obtained life membership, an official seal is affixed to his diploma, transcript, and any college admissions papers. CSF at Miguel serves all students by offering tutoring in every subject. CSF provides this valuable school service while acknowledging those students outstanding in academic fields. Kennelly, Jim Brega, Tom Roth, Herman Chavez, Jerry Segawa. Not Shown: Nancy Foster, Loren Machart, Patrick O'Brien, Sherry Thompson, Mark Turner, .lame Warner, Les Bolin, Anne.Botter, Suzanne Collette, Marta Granstedt, James Mack, Maureen O'Brien, Sandra Sjogren, Larry Smith, Richard Tibbitt, Sue Coulman, Peggy D'Amata, Carla Hollowell, Joy Kemp, Kathy Peterson, Nila Repard, Susan Seer, Bob Vryheid. ' " 1- f"?!r'rfw5f'-wfWGLl.- Ti' -fo CSF-Front Row: Joe Herrara, Mike Brady, Peggy Damata, Carla Hollowell, Claire Hinkle, Shirley McFall, Joy Kemp, Nila Repard, Doug Howarth, Jerry Segawa. Second Row: Linda Orcutt, Connie Damata, Lonnie Orcutt, Judy Hinkle, Paula Southwick, Phyllis Mazza, April Curtis, Diana Chesnik, Shirley Bowersox, Michele Woodard, Sue Lopez. Third Row: Karen Segawa, Marta Granstedt, Linda Royster, Jeannette Mitchell, Ellen Hepburn, Gary Heiserman, Mary Jo Ondrechen, Gail Kemp, Maureen O'Brien, Melissa Knight, CSF OFFICERS-Front Row: Secretary Claire Hinkle, lreasurer Jerry Segawa. Back Row: Vice-President Joe Herrara, President Doug Howarth. a o Sherry Thompson. Back Row: Laura Binkele, Roseanne Steffenson. Steve Williams, Jim Mack, Don Dell, Jeff Buckner, Loren Machart, Mark Turner, Candy Pattee, Carol Bowers. Not Shown: Pam Bashline, Les Bolin, Don Carlson, Roxanne Cole, Sue Anne Coulman, April Curtis, Michael Curtis, John Emerick, Nancy Foster, Janie Jacobsen, Maureen Kemme, Karen Marten, Cheryl Mosteller, Robert Myers, Steve Pence, Kathy Peterson, Joe Stubbs, Richard Tibbits, Lynne Utterback, Melva Woodward. In-on CSF TUTOR DOUG HOWARTH lends his assistance to Laura Wilkinson in the subject of English. Any student having trouble in any subject may sign up for a CSF tutor in the counseling office. "QUEEN ANN, SALUTE" commands David Garcia during a practice of presenting the colors before a P.T.A. meeting. New to Miguel's campus this year is the ROTC program. This program, sponsored by the US Army and instructed by Colonel Don Grey, is designed to prepare students for service in the Armed Forces after graduation. Many activities were scheduled for the ROTC Cadets during the school year. Among these were a sea cruise aboard the USS Paul Revere to observe military drills, a trip to Camp Elliott to try out the latest fire arms, and a weekend stay at Camp Pendleton. The year culminated in the Military Ball at the Masonic Temple to honor the young men who participated in the ROTC program. R.O. . . Unit Joins Campus Crowd R.O.T.C.-Front Row: Lee Cheeks, Chris Liggett, Bruce Durgin, Keith Coleman, David Golusha, Lt. Col. Donald Grey, Richard Pacholski, Gregg Evans, Craig Weatherby, Edward Cheeks, John Bloeser. Second Row: Guy Bennett, Harvey Koehler, Robert Cook, Larry Formanek, Mike Selle, Steven Braly, Robert Davenport, Ron Meadows, Lynn Hart, James McClure. Back Row: Joe Jeffers, Gary Bennett, Phil Hannibal, David Garcia, George McCane, Jim Bartles, John Robutka, Steve Grizzle, Ed Walrath, Danny Jolly. Not Shown: Paul Guynn, Frank Vanuelos, Dennis Duke, James Klee, Herman Chavez, Rubin Gallegos, Larry Foupht, Larry Jackson, Rick Lopian, Charles Mitchal, Greg Evans, Dennis Easten, Wayne Robinson, Don Jolly, Bruce Mooers. Bod Builders Organize For Sound Bodies, Minds EXTRA HOURS spentworking to keep in shape is a must for athletes and the main purpose of weight club. WEIGHT CLUB-Front Row: Mark Schuff, Sal Giacinto, Mike Mendez, Kevin Pullan, Terry Lewis, Joey Hambrick, Steve Jackson, John Belarger. Second Row: Gary Olson, Jack Willoughby, Bon Jackson, Niel Sandor, Bill O'Connor, Ken Ledbetter, Al Machuca, Marty Dinsdale. Third Row: Curtis Coleman, Bill Muir, Barney Carpenter, Rick Church, Mark Deesing, Craig Sandling, Ralph Gail, Tom Smith, Mike Tyer, Jim Mirror, Terry Zimmerman, John Monohan, John Kovak. Back Row: Robbie Brown, Skip Laws, Sam Sanderson, Dave Zimmerman, Jerry Crutcher, Bruce Gilbert, Robert Elms, Howard Allen, Ed Sherly. Not Shown: Larry Caudillo. M u sf? NEIL SANDOR President V fqwe-gc BEN CIPRANIC Advisor Customized physical conditioning finished its second year at Miguel. Under Ben Cipranic's supervision, President Neil Sandor, Vice- President Don Jackson, and Treasurer Jack Willoby help the club members work-out with the apparatus that is most beneficial for them. At the present time, Miguel has a U-Gym, a device that combines several different weights and presses. With the money collected from dues and dances, the Club made plans to purchase an Andy Douglas and an Olympic set. President Neil Sandor designed another weight lifting machine that the Club is considering investing in. 'sun YQ A League Finds The service that the Girls' League has given to Mount Miguel is outstanding. League activities begin before school starts by assigning "big sisters" who help freshman girls in the first confusing weeks of school. The annual "Clean-Up-the-Campus Drive" finds some of the la2iest students working hard. Litter is banned from the halls and the sidewalks sparkle. A first for this year was the beginning of an annual potluck dinner for all Girls' Leagues in the Grossmont District. Mt. Miguel was the host school with Marian Dixon presiding. Ideas and past experiences were exchanged to give each school a more active and efficient League. Girls' League donated the profits of one of their big dances to charity. ln this and other ways Girls' League has proved that today's teenagers have not forgotten the art of serving others as well as themselves. BETH WHITE Advisor Satisfaction of Service GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS-Front Row: Vice-President Lynn Hammerschmidt, Lreasurer Joan Lochhead. Back Row: President Marian Dixon, Secretary Buzzie inor. EXECUTlVE BOARD-Front Row: Eileen Nichols, Diane Lawrence, Guyneth Zimmerman, Buzzie Minor, Judy Harden, Marian Dixon, Kathye Brown. Second Row: Pam Cormier, Vicki Jeffries, Candy Estes, Lauren Helmuth, Linda Stroud, Karen Crouse, Trish Crane. Back Row: Sally Tomlinson, Ina Radlez, Linda White, Dana Hancock, Joan Lochhead, Cheri Miller, Lynn Hammerschmidt, Fran Wilkinson, Ree Taylor Not Shown: Kim Jackson, Sue Lopez. BENCHWARMERS-Front Row: Marian Dixon, Lynn Hammerschmidf, Buzzie Minor, Joan Lochhead, Lauren Helrnuth, Marianne Kirby. Second Row: Debbie Gies, Nancy Knight, Sharon Callicoat, Sue Knapp, Irene Kempton, Debbie Williams, Petra Hill. Third Row: Debbie Baldwin, lrene Milnick, Barbara Burke, Gerry May, Kay Dickey, Eileen Nichols. Not Shown:Jan Hall, Nila Repard. This year's Hurdle Crew began in January when about 65 girls took out petitions from the Girls' League to be in the group. Those girls who returned the petitions were then interviewed by the Girls' League officers. And to complete the elimination process,the girls had to write a one-paragraph essay on why they wanted to join the Hurdle Crew. The Hurdle Crew's duties are to move the hurdles, hold the measuring tapes, and to be a fringe benefit to the hard working boys who are refreshed by the girls' encouragement. The Benchwarmers started out the year at the Football Carnival by passing out red and black signs to the avid Mt. Miguel fans to wave in the faces of the opponents. They warmed up the cold benches for the football team so as to prevent many colds for the boys who had to keep healthy to win the football games. Spirited Girls lmpel Athletes, Lift Morale HURDLE CREW-Front Row: Kathy Green, Jan Luallin, Marilyn Schwab, Lauren Helmuth, Jeanette Mitchell, Pat Coker. Second Row: Yvonne Carlin, Karen Crouse, Ree Taylor, Dana Hancock, Sandy Howell, Irene Kempton. Third Row: Kay Dickey, Milly Waterbury, Sandy Ursillo, Mary Berger, Gretchen Johnson, Linda Gonzales, Maureen Kemme. Back Row: Patsy Monahan, Trish Crane, Pam Cormier, Sheryl Simpkins, Fran Wilkinson, Marsha Leatherman, Marian Dixon. Not Shown: Chris Cecil, Karen Cummings, Karen Green, Mary Ann Kirby, Terri Montgomery, Debbie Scholari. KEY CLUB-Front Row: Advisor Max Keytes, Mike Mendez, Larry Caudillo, Neil Sandor, Terry Lewis, Skip Laws. Second Row: Bob Hogan, Mark Ricketts. John Slater, Bill Muir, Don Kleinschmidt, Herb Lowe. Back Row: Rick Clabby, Larry Tyer, Larry Smith, John Hook. John Earhart, Luis Rosas. HERBIE LOWE, Rick Church, Chris Wilhite and Advisor Max Keytes take into consideration the helpful suggestions being given by Key Club members at a weekly meeting. i l gfl i" i gt Key Club Mixes Work, Pleasure Balancing a year of work with an honest share of pleasure, Mount Miguel's International Key Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis, backed many worthwhile school and civic activities. During the Christmas season, Key Club decorated the halls with wreaths and posters communicating their holiday greetings to the student body. One of the more laborious chores undertaken by the group was that of cleaning up the field after football games. With the Kiwanis Club, Key Club organized the "Kid's Day Parade" in Lemon Grove during the month of October. Another project was the adoption of an orphan overseas. The group sent payments to the orphanage to feed, clothe,and educate the youngster. Key Club also sponsored their perennial egg toss at the Fiesta. KEY CLUB OFFICERS-Front Row: President Herb Lowe, Treasurer Luis Rosas. Back Row: Vice- President Rick Church, Secretary Allan Clark. 2 i LETTERMAN'S CLUB-Front Row: Jim Allen, Mike Mendez, Robbie Brown, Ken Barstow, Flynn Barnett, Marty Ellis, Larry Schaufler, Richard Lackey, Tom Wallander. Second Row: Charlie Gregg. Richard Brady, Les Patterson, Greg Robinson, Sam Patterson, Gary Heiserman, John Heimaster, Craig Sandline. Don Carlson, Third Row: Rick lngraham, Bob Ek, John DuFont, Ken Nishuye, Randy Provanzano, Mark Deesing, Larry Caudillo, Neil Sandor, Tim Bagley, Pat O'Brien. Back Row: Jim Moore, Bob Morrison, Howard Allen, Bill O'Connor, Mark Swanstrom, Sam Sanderson, Dennis Romero, Sal Jacinto, Linc Szuch, Ken Ledbetter. Athletes Proudl Display Red And Black SOUL-GROOVIN' MATADORS dance to the beat ofthe Hidden Magic Know known as the lnspirationsj at the Letterman's Club Dance. The dance was in October after the Kearny football game. FIRST YEAR LETTERMEN in football Junior Chris Wilhite and Sophomore Mark Swanstrom receive their letters and congratulations from Head Football Coach Ben Cipranic. THE REPORTER IRick Waldenl AN INTESE silence occurs outlines his headline story, after Jan Bradbury, as Martha Webster about the dead who refuse to be buried, tells her mechanic husband, to his editor CTom Richards.J played by Jim Hansen, that he is worthless. Dead Soldiers Oppose War In Shaw's Pla Photos by Pete Smith THE PRIEST, Dave Mills, mumbles some religious psalms over the dead soldiers as the burial detail represented by Ron Groomes and Chuck Bray stand by in tolerant silence. Matadors displayed another of their many talents when, under the direction of John Adams, they performed lrwin Shaw's Bury the Dead in November. The play concerns troubled people in troubled times. Shaw harshly tells his story and without reservation he dramatizes what he sees as a ridiculous world striving for an impossible equilibrium. Marc Richard, Dave Kastner, Ed Stone, and Jim Hansen play four young men cheated of living a mortal life during a war and who simply refuse to be buried. The players by performing Shaw's Bury the Dead stated the common opinion among the young that man in the state of war is ridiculous and man will continue to be ridiculous as long as he feels the urge to kill and bury the human spirit. Talent Exhibited in "GoodBye M Fancy" PROFESSOR DINGLEY fRoss Houtzj practices dragging his drunk but secretly loved fellow professor, Miss Birdeshaw CJulie Tonnery from Miss Wood's CAlma Smithj room. MATT COLE fRon Groomesj listens politely as Miss Skakleford CRilla Murilloj expressed her deep gratitude to him for doing his photography job well. Miguel Matadors proved their dramatic abilities once again by performing the Senior Class Play Goodbye My Fancy. The play concerns a liberal congresswoman, played by Janice Bradbury, who upon returning to her old school for an honorary degree exposes the president, played by Marc Richard, as a spineless figure instead of the outspoken professor with whom Miss Reed has been in love for twenty years. The disenchantment drives her into the arms of a wartime acquaintance, played by Ron Groomes, who, as a Life photographer, has come to cover the event. Due to the great amount of talent that tried out for parts, Mr. Adams, the director, double cast several parts in order to involve more people in the play. Both groups of players did outstanding jobs and MigueI's production of Goodbye My Fancy was an excellentshow. X rf DIRECTOR JOHN ADAMS points out the correct way for Pam Adams and Karen Davis double cast as Ginny to move on stage as Janice Bradbury looks on. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF "The sun was going down behind the tattered tree, and the simple act that Noah stroke put diamonds in the sea." -Donovan Roy Rasco Standard Oil Products Chevron Station 1075 E lkelton Blvd. AIan's Music Center 8315 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, Calif. james Hall Zallcge of Keautg MATADOR ALUMNI are 8127 La Mesa Blvd' carefully trained in their La Mesa, Calif., 92041 chosen field by James Hall College of Beauty. 469-6124 S8tH One Hour "MARTlNlZlNG" Certjies The Most in Dry Cleaning 627 Sweetwater Rd. Spring Valley' Calif' Marlys Prodzinski takes her' E LlKE MANY MATADORS clothes to One Hour 4 469-981 1 Martinizing. l ' Specializing in - , Dlamonds ' Watches ' Jewelry hair styling - tinting - permanent waving - feather cutting - latest hair cutting 1 Walter sJewelry 3 Q , . J- -rl wane, Uwe 71 .1 Hazr F as lv mn .s' 7773 Broadway I P O BOX 636 established 1949 corner of Jamacha 81 Elkelton Phone 466-6504 Spring Valley, Calif. Lemon Grove, Calif., 92045 eve? , ,g 5 T 5 5. .5 i SSS A PARK OUTSIDE, shop inside as Star Lumber has inexpensive lumber, yhardware tools, and other high quality products for everyone's i i i 1 1 N P building needs iv S 4 3 ,G 5 a 3 QQ Z! i4NCROfI' PM 3604 Star Lumber Co 3604 Bancroft Drive Spring Valley 469-4121 We Have Supplies For Every Building Need 3 l BEFORE AND AFTER Mount lVliguel's athletic events, Luigi's Pizza Parlor is the gathering place for numerous students who enjoy the fine pizza. Lui i's Plzza Parlor 8560 Jamacha Road RAY BUGAL - Owner 469-331 5 VALLEY PH RM CY BUENO'S :!lflexfaee Campo at Bancroft E-leer! Spring Valley, California 469-0144 7309 Broadway HOWARD PIERATT Lemon Grove -, 2 l Y. EVERY MONDAY the Mount Miguel Bowling Team can be CARS FOR ANYONE and everyone can be found at National n'ound at Stroh's Lomita Bowl. City's Colonial Ford. Stroh 'S L om im Mustangs Torino T Birds 0210! Falcons I 5 A Tl LTD i Fairlane Shelby Dining ,l Snack Bar Ford ' ' Trucks Matadors Always Welcome mth 81 National National City, California 955 Ca'diH' San Diego 477-2711 or 262-7565 y 463-9371 l l Packard Bell Zenith EARN EXTRA MONEY Sales and Service Start a Part-Time Business Without Investment or Obligation. Set Your Own Hours and Earn S10 a Week or Over S1000 a Month - Unlimited Income Potential l-luebanelfwlfe Teams, Students, Retired - SK YL I N E 7' V Even Handicapped! Free Training, Call - - - JIM THOMAS 8849 Ashmore Ave. Phone 465-4703 Spring Valley, Calif. 92077 Area 714 942 Cardiff phone San Diego 466-6038 MATADOR ROBERT GARCIA expertly tosses delicious pizzas nightly at Lido's Italian Food. LOOKING OVER the many arrangements at Lemon Grove Florists are Kim Jackson and Dave McElroy. L1D0'S ITALIAN F0013 LEMON GROVE FLORISTS 7252 Broadway 79?1i3?Oof?ggvay 499-9991 love is 11 Hlaufcr and 5'laufcrs Whisper flaw you ke! a. 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Congratulations to the Class of '69 Berry's Sporting Goods 7809 Broadway Lemon Grove 297-1184 Bob Schlotter 3452 Hancock St., San Diego, California , l l 2 FRIENDLY and prompt service greets each Matador at Bud Commercialand N au d residence H I ew se Carpet Laying 84 Installation of Carpet FREDERICK'S Carpet Service Fred Burns, Gwner 9028 Campo Road 460-6253 Spring Valley I TH0MCAtEnEife1?30S I Young's Chevron Station. and BUD YOU NGNS Haulmg 3343 Olive y C H N Frank Thomas kggggfgrove 2685 Imperial Ave. LeR3'fb?5'iVe Owner UNITED RENT ALL Live Like A King Rent Everything Lawn 84 Garden Equip. 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Browneps Maytag Home Appliance Center 3282 MAIN KEY CLUB OFFICERS are Herbie Lowe, Allen Clark, Luis Rosas, and Rick Church For details e a e 202 . sepg . I LEMON GROVE 469-2144 LEMON GROVE KEVVANIS CLUB SPONSORS KEY CLUB TRY LEMON GROVE FIRST: firstin dep dability and'fine service at Bro Maytag Home Appliance Center. A, ,F,,...fL-Q.,-'A , - H,,..,.,--A --' .f 4'vfiMr,,-..f ,- L., JELICIOUS MEXICAN FOOD is always a favorite with Mount illiguel students. TACO BELL ,aa f A WORLD OF FANTASY of golf provides fun for young and old alike. Garden Heights Golf i l l 8261 Broadway l 460-5841 8900 Fletcher Parkway -IERE THE MEN who wear the Texaco Stars provide complete automotive care. olliers Texaco 2655 Imperial 466-7484 CENTRALLY LOCATED for convenience is the church that lifts up the spirit. Compliments of Lemon Grove Lutheran Church MATADO RS are always sure of quick and courteous service at KelIy's American Service Station. 24 Hour Service Kelly's American Service Station road and towing service 6 - 10 7 daysa week Get Rio' Of Your ,Q Hangups fi if' Ez, L '- . Eg. -4 5 25 si? 1233 2 'K ff' 2z22iQ-22i22ie2i2i2- 2155311114 2 -.52255512551213 'fii2a2igi52fE1Ll12'2Jiri'25,1-12, '- e2s'.2a2s' 22-2 ' ' 'EE'fEf":::21-.':5'2.:-E3-1152:' ,253221522gg..Q.QQ2225525152f?Q3f1l'Qf1gE5'Q?f5.E21EQfQ.557g5S 222322222225 ri 112122222323 .3E5:51515:g1',51r:1- ,-,gigiyigfgig-32:1 2,1155-.1351-5-,1': 11.5-' 4 :5ffE5E2., 1222222235251 1f2f2f"" . 222215251f2E5I412eEy'?2 121591: 5I':-E' 2255 5? 2:me1:2:2-1-22.2ps:5222222:2212-:ff-2-2-1---'2"' -'-2 .1-.-::2.q.,: -12225152225:222122.212142-212--If 1'..2.21.:,:g.g--25 3-21222 5.1225 2- , - 2 12:2 25-352, 52 '-rzrza,-.::2:-::z:1:::gr,rf2:15:I:r:r:5:51:1,-::1:2:::1:- .gay -22:2:Q.gpg421252521.1222225:s:z2s2:g:g.g1g1g2:---' :- 231: -51E3ff1"- '''2-212225222:2.2:1:2:2-252521212121 2'2' 52- wi- '-are 5.55 j:-za? 511:45 2-. 'zxrw . iii asf-: his .:3E::::: . 2552552525: if - 2 ':'i2'2f 122--.2,.1aieE2EaEa:1.. . ft' 125552 '-35:52. 5:-K' ',, :-:--" -we ,151 121- ,524 "f1E:E5 " 5' a t 53:-' -: -:5-:-.- - -- A: ' ifiii.. Wi PARKWAY BOWL 9180 Campo Road 469-9326 1280 Fletcher Parkway, EI Cajon 448-4111 INTERESTED car owners receive free estimates on the cost of new brakes. Canfield Brakes 3617 Imperial Ave. W. F. Canfield, Owner Congratulations Class of '69 BR LE Y' Shoes 463-3212 7763 Broadway Lemon Grove MAGNAVOX'S ORIGINAL LEMON GROVE DEALER SCOTTY T.V. Serving La Mesa, Spring Valley, Lemon Grove in stereo, color t.v.'s, and radios 469-6136 8148 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa Whats newjbr tomorrow is at S I N G E R todayf' at COLLEGE GROVE 582-5612 CHARLES C. CROWE CHEVRON STATION 6250 University Ave. 582-7644 Turnings A Grill Work 3 D Q ' -iii I"I' I , 5 4 i Q ity. 'wi v f W 1-:ggi ,gif gg, ii ' iff I 1 1 C 51:1 QM f I " I Q 035.41102 E55 I ' I 'gn -++ ++'+ +:+:+ +241 Custom Made Shutters - Doors Room Dividers Furniture Window Treatments BALLADEER Original Designs QUALITY NEW and used cars are always on display for y Inspection See them now at Streit. STREYT CHEVROLET 8000 Morning Way La Mesa, California 460-1131 -C f MR. G'S DRIVE IN 1 131 Sweetwater Road 465-8620 C merciaIS1c1ionery 0 Desks U Equi o Hadley Dislribulors ' Frankel Pro EIIIIVI IIIIIET SIIPPIY C EIIIIIIPIVIENI Eli. C ED LOOP C Phone 463-4494 7890 Broadway C L G C If riw, 220 PLYMOUTH'S EXCITING CAR OF THE YEAR can be found on display at Dick Wilson's Plymouth, DICK WILSON'S PLYMOUTH Highway 94 and College I, 12 H 1. V I Q: 9 I I Q 1 SPEEDY AND EFFICIENT service awaits each customer Ken's Richfield. I I KEN'S RICHFIELD I 1051 Sweetwater Road I Spring Valley y 460-4163 EACH AND EVERY construction need can be fulfilled with the equipment from Pat's Rentals. Weekdays 7:30 - 5:00 397 Sweetwater Sundays 8:00 - 4:00 Spring Valley PA T'S RENTALS 479-1182 WALLY SCHOLLTER and Jan Hall sample the ice cream deI lights that are awaiting you at Scoop-a-do. y Scoop-a-do ICE CREAM PARLOR 7729 University Avenue La Mesa 460-0281 L 0 N U O10 Chapel Of The Sweefbeeuffs 460-2255 igldQilBNOt1ld00 umwwwfxszlsawv ::.:rrs:,1:2S':'m12:'3 . ,k., My K ouemmqf.-sa,....M. MAKING LlFE'S BIG decision brings many former Matadors to Los Novios Wedding Chapel which offers complete wedding facilities. ' W. O5 , 55: .. A gjg,,,,1fwqgQ A facility designed exclusively for school banquets, meetings and club social gatherings. The chapel is also available for weddings, parties, and anniversaries. Also the location of: Florence Am Sfzeeize Special students rates on natural color Photography - Proms - Student Activities - individual Sittings - Group Portraits 4400 Palm in La Mesa 466-1170 Free Estimates We Guarantee Our Work Alesi Plumbing Co., Inc. Commercial Resldentlal Reparrs Phones: 469-6185 469 -9584 8161 Broadway I-9m0n Grove YOUR MONEY isn't down the drain when Alesi is on the job. P Alesi I Xl Don F. Demmon Sales Representative HERFF JONES Co. PISCHEL YEARBOOK, I C. 365 Witherspoon Way, EI Cajon Calif. 92020 465-7686 mia ee SE SKYLINE taking time for teens f fj X K ,ni ,' YN . ' IA T, ji fs I FOR THAT EXCITING OCCASION be sure you have the proper hairstyle at the proper place -- Jan's Hairstylists. We aim to please! Specializing in: long hair hair pieces make up call early now for your appointment so you won't be left out Jan's Hairstylists 8249 Broadway corner Sweetwater and Broadway Lemon Grove 460-2727 223 "NOT TO much off the top," Richard Block warns C.H. Farrar, owner and manager. Farrar's Barber Shop 3143 Imperial Ave. Lemon Grove Serving Entire County Areas in Lemon Grove 79 Years Experience T N Carlton Cabinets 465-6900 8179 Broadway Lemon Grove, Calif. Ellis Brothers Men's Store College Grove Nlall San Diego, Calif. 469-4885 5832213 2835 Imperial Ave. 466-3568 Lemon Grove, Calif. 92045 CONGRA TULA Tlofvs , , CLASS OF '69f H a m I Ito n s A u to m ot I ve Automatic Transmission and Brake Service Complete Engine and Tune Up Service R. E. Hamliton RALPH TED WAYNE WARDEN'S SERVICE 1859 Englewood Drive 1790 Scan Altos Pl. Monterey Heights Sun Altos Center 466-9894 466-4623 1fonso's Pizza Inn 752 Grand Ave. Spring Valley 460-8313 Broadway Texaco M6465-2322 7 Shell Service Open for 24 Hour Service 8190 Broadway Broadway at Massachosetts Lemon Grove 7180 B d y L G avi s 1 7 r 11p 466-1545 S 7 t 1Qp Elvin CF li tt Attention IVATADORS! Patronize IVIIL IVIEIVIORIAS Advertisers Let's back them! They back us! Q up GE Advertising Afterword Associated Student Body Autograph Pages Banderettes Baseball Basketball Benchwarmers Bowling Clu b Cafeteria Staff I California Scholarship Federation Cape and Cadence Corps Cheerleaders J.V. 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Shirley 124 Banks, Ted 114,138 Barker. Rex 125 Barrow, Avriele 1 10 Belknap, June 117 Bellows. Warren 109 Bennett, Paul 125 Berg. Harold 11 1 Birch. George 102 Blass, Ned 118,148 Boucher, Robert 105.183 Bradley, William 195 Burwell, John 106 Carlson, Marian 1 14 Carpenter, Seth 1 1 5 Cilley. Myron 125 Cipranic. Ben 118.13O.132,133. 199,203 Clark, Gail 1 19 Clark, Sandra 124 Cother. Robert 18.29.104,132. 133.144 Crow, Halbert 60,105 Curtis, Larry 105.180 Deck, Iona 124 Denny, Evelyn 125 Dietrich, Marjorie 106 Dryden, Robert 102 Duea, Ben 115 Duea, Virgil 103 Dunn. Edward 111 Elliott, Fred 114 Elliott. Ona 115 Engberg, Charles 1 14.194 Evans, Don 116 Field, Venalee 74,104 Forman, Pauline 106 Freeman, Duane 1 18 Fusselman, William 107 Goode. Portia 102 Gonzales, Larry 125 Grant, Melvin 103 Gromley. John 1 10 Gross,Jesse 125 Grey, Col. Don 112,198 Gwin, Vela 60.104 Hall, Ellen 107 Hall. Rexford 102 Hammons, Carole 19,107 Harris. Betty 125 Harley, Cherie 107 Hayman, Ava Mae 125 Headtke, Alva 125 Hedges, Dorothy 125 Hogan. Emily 124 Hornecker, Thomas 109 Howard. Mary 1 19 Hull. Dolly 124 Jaeschke. Doris 124 Jarrett, Rilla 113 Johnson, Peggy 117,166 Keller. Warren 109 Kemper. Dorothea 107 Keyte, Max 107.202 Kiegle, Ben 105 Kraska, Sally 117 Kraus, William 125 Landon. Larry 111 Lawson, Carol 1 17.180 Leder, Anne 109 Leep, William 74,118.132,133. 148 Ligeski, Eulalie 109 Lillard, Harold 125 Linaweaver, Walter 113 Loreman.Dan 111 Loso, Gary 1 12 Luna, Hayes 113 Maddalena, Anthony 125 Martin, Eva 125 Mayuiers, Joan 124 McCrae, Isabelle 119 McGarvey, Richard 103 Maxson, Ben 113 Moffitt, Wilson 125 Moore. Arabelle 110.195 Moreau. Mary Moreau. Roger Morris. Martha Mosse. Charles Mott, June Newman, Morgan 114.152 Oates. Shirley 117,168 Owen, Vivian 124 Painter. Buck 124.132 Panawek, Gregory 111 Peasley, Earl 116.172 Phillips. Clifford 114 Phillips. David 104 Plinke, Lowell 107.185 Porter. Helen 125 Prine. Pearl 39.1 14.190 Ouirk, Mary 125 Rambatt, Jeanette 119 Rasco, David Reints, Janette 109 Richards. May 113 Richardson. Anne 124 Ridgeway, Richard 118,141 Rubine, Stuart 108 Ryan, Fred 116 Sampson, Louise 110.195 Sanders. Robert 86,108,191 Santangelo, Helen 108 Sawyer, Mildred 113 Sellery, Dr. Austin 102 Shreve. Homer 124 Shafer. Eugene 125 Smith. Brian 116,132,133 Spurlick. Warner 125 Stevens. Robert 116 Stinton. Judith 1 11 Stratton. Harold 1 18 Sumner, Dewey 125 Sutton. Eugenia 116 Svalstad, Palmer 102 Swanson, Gerald 113 Sweet, Richard 115 Teater, Dwight 118.163 Thibeault, Celia Tomlinson. Richard 116 Tremaine, Claire 108 Trude, Jane 117 Underwood, Bradley Walker. Leldon 125 Villarreal, Edward 1 10 Von Der Mehden, Anne 60. 108.1 89 Webster. Dr. Thomas 132 White, Beth 108,200 Womack. Betty 1 1 1 Seniors Adams, Ted 20.179.18O,181.182. 190 Adkison, Pamela 20 Akers. Dave 20 Albee Donald,182. 191 Allenson, Susan 20 Allison, Kenneth 20 Amargo, Sara 20 Anderson, Debra 20 Anderson. Jay 20 Anderson, Sandy 20,187 Angeles. Jose 51,122 Arabie. Rebecca 20 Arnott,James 21 Arthur. Donna 21 Badman, JoAnn 51 Bagalini, David 21 Bade. Rita 51 Bagley, Timothy 21,141,203 Bailey, Steven 21.131,132,133. 135.152 ' Bain. Susan 21 Baldwin, Debra 21,162,191,201 Banuelos. Juan Barrett. Martha 21,181.185,194 236 Barstow, Kenneth 4.21.140,141. 142.1 56.203 Barth, Patricia 21 ,1 91 Barton. Susan Basta. Greg 21 Beam, Randy 123 Berger.John 21 . Berger. Mary 21.174,181.182,201 Dennis. Patricia 27.155 Berke, Barbara 19.21.201 Dickey. Kay 27.491 90.201 Be,-fre,-I James 21 Dixon. Marian 27,58,59.200. Bettell. Arthur 22 201 I Biggs, Arthur D099efTf Tell' 27 Binkele. John 22.158 DOUIGY3 Tom Blair. Linda 22.174 Dafwfrio. Raymond 27 Boer-,lefty Randy Dougherty, Dennis 156 Boggs. Jack 22 Downer. Darlene 27 Boggs' Joseph Dougherty, Stephen 27,155,156 Boggs. Maureen 22.32,166.184,236 Drew. Mike Bolen, Jack 22 Bond. Shirley 22 Bonneau, Suzanne 22 Bonney. Terrence 22 Borba. James 22 Borger. Ronald Botter. Boxell, Anna 22,59.191,196 Susan 22 Bradbury, Janice 204 Bradstreet, David Brady. Michael 23,54.181,182,190, 196 Brady. Richard,203 Brannon, Judy 23 Bratby. Linda Bray, Charles 23.204 Brazell, Dennis 23 Brega. James 23.196 Breton, Noelle 51 Briggs. Roger Brooks, Peggy 23 Brown Brow n . Jeffrey 23 .Joyce 23 Brown, Kathleen 22.23,180,181.20C Brown, Robin 18,23,147,199,203 Brown ing, Charles 23 Brunkow, Kathy 23 Brust. Teresa 23 Buchmann, Richard Buckner. Jeffrey 23.132,133.134 Burnw orth,John 24 Buster, Ginger 24 Bygd, Bradley 24 Cahill. James 19.24,187.188,190 Calderon, Anita Callicoat. Sharon 24.201 Cappiello. John 24 Carlin, Edward 24 Carlson, David 24,174 Carrier, Susan 24 Carter, Janice 24 Cassel s, Marilyn 24 Castaneda, Lillian 24 Castro, Charlene 14,25 Cecil, Debbie Chavarria, David Christensen, Gayle 25 Christenson, Michael 25 Church. Richard 25,131,132.133. 186,199,202.216 Ciolfe. Tony 25 Cirar, Patricia 25 Clapham, Steve 25 Clark, Allan 25.132.133. 202.216 Clark, Christine 25 Cole. Casey 25 Cole, Charles 25 Collier, Christine 25.166 Collier. Christopher 25 Cook. Willard 25 Cormier. Susan 25 Corral. Coulm Crabb, Ruben an. Sue 25,196,197 Julia 26 Craig, Tom 26 Crosswhite. James 26,189 Crump, Catherine 26.166 Crutch ef, Jerry 26.132.135,152. 190.199 V Cyborowski. Kirk 26 Dahl. Douglas 26 Dail, B arbara Damata. Peggy 26.54,181.182. 190,196,197 D oris. Daves. Davis, Barbara 26 Barbara Christine 26.32.35,173. 185,190,191 Davis. Greg 26 Dawes. Marianne 26 Day. Michael 27 De Chant, MargaretV27,167.169 DeeSing. Mark 27.56.131. 132,133.134.152,199.203 De Regne. Halyard 27 Deane. Bob 27 Deeter. Henry 27 Demaree, Cary 27,156,174 141,142,152 Drew, Shirley 27,181,182 Du Fon,John 28,156,203 Dunn. Carol 28 Easter, William 28 Edwards, Sallie Egan, Henry 28 Ellis. Marty 203 Ellis. Melody 28 Engelstad, Sheila 28 Ensch. Charles 28.179,181,182 Erlandson. Roy 28 Erickson, Debbie 28 Essery. Steven 28 Estes, Candy,92. Everhart. Terry 51 Fagersten, Yvonne 28 Faiivae, Nelson 51 Farris. Robert 28.187 Favorite, Debbie 28 Ferguson. Karen 29 Fescina, Robert 29 Fish, Nadine 29 Flanagan, Kathleen 29 Fletcher. Tom 29 Flores, Colleen 29 Flores. Donnie 29 Flores. Gary 29 Folk. Mary 29 Foote, Dennis 29 Forrester. William 29,159,191 Foster, Jerry Fox. Richard 29 Frank, Melanie 30 Frankenberg. Lois 30.167 Frechette, Cynthia 30 Frost. Linda 30 Fry. Bettina 30,180,181 Fry, Christine 30,123 Gaea. Faaeseina 30 Gale, Kenneth 3O.185,193. 195.236 Galusha, David 30 Garcia. Dina 30.162 Garcia, Robert Gardner. Reena Gentile. Mike 30 Gersch, Leona 30 Gies. Deborah 30.201 Gietzen, Philip 52 Gilbert. Jackie 30,111 Gilchrist, Bill 52 Glandon. Linda 31 Gomez. Rufino 52 - Gosselin. Jeanette 31 Gowin, Marjorie 26,31,176,215 Grabansky190 Graham, John 31 Granstedt, Robert 31,181.182. 190 Graybeal, Charles 31 Gregg. Charles 31.132,134. 141,152,203 Gregory. Robert 31 Grinsell, James 31 Gudmundson. Ewan 32 Haeha, Pam 32 Hague, William 32 Hall.Janet 24.32.184,220. 236 Hamilton. Donald 32 Hamilton. Shirley 32,167,169 Hammerschmidt, Lynn 52.200, 201 Hanes. Donald 52 Hann, Gary 52,187 Hanna, Marylin 32 Hansen. James 52.204 Harden, Patrick 32 Harper,Juanita 52,166 Harold,James 186 Harrison, Susan 52 Harter. Philip 32.159 Hartzell. Curtis 32 Heck, Terry 52 Heimdal, Debra 32 Helmuth, Lauren 19,32.49,190, 200,201 Hernandez. Ralph 33 Herold, James 52,122,123 Herrera. Joe 19, 190,196,197 ' Herring. Marsha 33 Herzig, Burce 33 Hie, Brenda Higbee. Steven 52 Higdon. Thomas 33.179.181. 182,190 Hill, Candice 33 Hill. Darlene 52 Hill, David 10,33.141.142. 158.191 Hill, Petra 33.56.201 Hill. Richard 33 Hillstone. Holly 33 Hinkle. Claire 33.175,181. 195,196,197 Hogan, Richard 33 Hogan, Robert 33,191,202 Hogarth, Joyce 33 l-lollowell. Carla 33.54. 182,196,197 Holum, Ginger 34 Houk, Randy 34,1 52.1 53,1 81, 182.190 Houtz, Ross 33,205 Howarth. Douglas 22,34,54.,175. 191,196 Huling. George 34,149.190,197 Huntley, Mary 34 Hurst. Christopher 52.191 Hustad. Carlene 34 lngraham, Richard 18,19,34,57. 159,189,203 Isaacs, Frank 34 Isley. Janet 34 Jackson. Kim 52,57,58.59,175. 176,200,212 Jantz, Lorrie 53 Jehlicka, Diane 34 Jenkins, Paul 34 Johnson. Barbara 34,181,182 Johnson, Gretchen 34,174,181. 182,201 Jolly, Ronald 53.198 Jones, Raymond 35 Jones. Thomas 35 Joyce, Judith 34.53,181.182 Kaplan. Philip Kayler, Susan Ke,Janyce 53,167,169 Kemp.Joy35.54,175.196. 197 Kempton. Irene 19.35.201 Kennedy. Gary 53.159 Kennedy. Terry King, Scott 35 Kingsley, Janet 35 Kirby. Mary 35,201 Kirk, Sue 35,169,181 Knapp. Susan 201 Knight. Nancy 35,191,201 Kopotic. Carolyn 35.195 Kornegay, Mary 36,185,236 Kraft, Judith 35 Kraft. Ronnie 160,190 Kramer. William 36,146,147 Kraszewski, Mary 36,41.180. 181.189 Lasher. Tom 36 Lattman, Phyllis 36 Law, Patricia 36,166 Layne. Mike 36,215 Le Grand, Jeanne 37 Le Master. Ronald Leatherman. Marsha 19,36,57. 172,174.175.201 Leavitt. Gary Leet. Sandra 4,116,184,193 Leone, John 53.105 Lerner. Allan Leyva. George 53,139 Lieberman. Marc 19,37,159.. 186,190 Liming. Raymond Linnan. Barbara 37 Lira. Ignacio 37.160,192.193 Littrell. Robert 37 Livesay. Joan 37 Lochhead. Joan 200.201 Locken. Lillian 37 Loiacono. Sina 37 Long. Deborah 37 Long, Kevin 37 Lopez, Jose 37,156,174 Lord, Stephen 37 Lowe, Herbert 18,37.202,216 Lowry, Carol 37 Lucas, Patricia 19,38 Luck, Patsy 38 Lybrand, Robert 38 MacDonald, Jamee 38 Maier, John Marshall, Ann 38 Martin, Gilbert 38 Martin, Kenneth Martinosky, Kathryn 38 Marugg, Florence 38 May, Geraldine 19,38,186, 188,201 Mayer, David 38,181,182,19O Maynard, Stephanie 122,187 Mayors, Susan 38,187 Mazza, Elizabeth 38,181,182 McCane, George 38,198 McCormick, John 38 McElroy, David 38,132,174, 190,212 McEntee, Rainelle 38,182 McFalI, Shirley 39,54,181, 195,196,197 McKillop, Kathleen 39 McRae, Dale Medcalf, Ray 39 Mendez, Lydia 39 Mendoza, Juan Mendoza, Roberta 53 Mendoza, Stella 53 Merideth, Norman 39 Meyer, Martha 39 Meza, Michael Middag, Janice 39,167 Middse, John Miller, Cheri 39,181,200 Miller, Grant 39,179,181,182 Miller, Richard 40 Mills, John 40 Mills, Naomi 181,182 Mills, Terry 181,182 Milnick, Irene 40,166,201 Minor, Janice 19,4O,56,162, 190,200,201 Misenhimer, Jerry 40,156 Misenhimer, Terry 40 Mize, Thomas Moffett, Kent Monaghan, Patricia 40,201 Monroe, Carl 40 Moore, James 40,156,186,203 Moran, Peggy 53 Morris, Kathleen 39 Morrison, Joanne 39 Mowreader, Marcia 39 Moyers, Stephen Mundy, Lori 40 Nagle, Susan 40 Neeson, Robin 41 Neptune, John 41 Neuhaus, Mark 41 Newell, Gloria 41 Nichols, Eileen 200,201 Nicholson, John 186 Nishiuye, Kenneth 41,57,163, ,, ,173,190,195 Norris, Garry 41 Nunes, Carol 41 Nunez, Olga 41 0 Connor, William 41 ,1 32, 133,134,135,152,153,191, 199,203 0 Donald, Esther 42,185,189, 191,236 Ohr, Mary Oka Kazumi 8,42,126,193 Olivas, Ramiro 42 Oliverio, Ann 42 Olsen, Rolf 42,1 93 Ono, Michiko 42,192,193 Orcutt, Lonnie 42,54,187,196, 197 Ott. Olivia 42 Ott, Sharon 42 Owens, Barbara 42 Owings, Bill 42 Padgett, Claudia 43 Pahia, Debra 43 Paterson, Sam 43,138,139,203 Patrick, Frank Patton, Dwane 43,50,159 Pedrini, Rhoda 43 Petersen, Kathy 41,43,180,181 196.1 97 Piraino, Peter 43 Pokladnik, William 43 Provinzano, Randy 8,43,67,156 195,203,213 Pudsey, Alan 43 Pullan, Patricia 43 Purser, Donna 43 Radiez, Ina 43,181,200 Rado, Mary 43 Rapoza, Diana 19,41 ,43,1 74, 180,181,189 Repard, Nila 44,56,173,1 75, 190,191,196,201 Rex, Jonathan 44,163 Rhea, Cathy 44 Richards, Thomas 204 Richardson, Susanne 44 Rickel, Sandra 44 Ripley, David 56 Rivera, Hector 44 Rivera, Michael 44 Roberts, Carol 44,181 Robinson, Debra 44 Rodriguez, Christine 41 ,45,1 85 Romero, Dennis 45,147,203 Rountree, Barbara 45,173 Rowland, Marsha 45 Royster, Robert Russ, Frankie 45 Russ, Sharon 45 Sadulski, John Sageman, John 45 Salter, Benjamin Sanderson, Sam 45,132,191, 199,203 Sandling, Craig 45,49,132,133, 135,163,195,199 Sandor, Zoltan 19,45,174,175, 190,199,202,203 Schaufler, Larry 45,156,166, 174,175,191,203,213 Schlotter, Walter 45.106, 184,188,220,236 Schmitke, Jack 45,158 Schuff, Greg 45,174 Scott, Barbara 45 Segawa, Jerry 19,46,173,174, 1 75,190,197 Selle, Michael 46,198 Serr, Susan 44,46,194,196 Serrano, Kenneth Shafer, Rebecca 46,189 Shepard, Mary Simmons, Daniel 46 Simpkins, Sheryl 18,19,46, 190,201 Simpson, Larry 46 Siscon, Marianne 46 Smith, Lynda 46 Smith, Peter 186,204 Sorenson, Neil 46,1 52 Southard, Forrest 193,194 Southard, Roy Souza, Richard 46 Speck, Benny 47 Spry, Dennis 14,47,187,190 Stanley, Pat 47 Statzer, Linda 47 Steimle, Maxene 23 Stewart, Sheila 47 Stokes, Deborah 47 Stone, Edward 181 Stoy, Katheryn 47 Strong, Carl 47 Stumbaugh, Paul 47,1 90 Taluban, Randolph 47,163 Tenney, Susan 47 Thompson, Mary 47 Thompson, Richard 47 Thompson, Ronald 47 Thornton, Mike 47,132 Todd, Le Anne Tooker, Larry 48 Travers, Shirlene 48,174,195 Trebbien, Paul 48,1 63 Tyer, Michael 48,131,132, 133,152,199,212 Ursillo, Sandra 48,201 Vallance, John 48 Vanderhyde, Bob 48 Vierra, Dreux 48 Voorhees, Gary 48 Vryheid, Robert 48,54,139,156, 189,191 Wachs, Nick 48 Wade, Roy 48 Wagner, Shirley 48 Wagner, Sue 48 Walden, Richard 48,204 Walker, Mark 49,132,186 Wallace, Karen 49 Wallander, Thomas 49,203 Walrath, Edwin 49,112,193, 198 Walter, Nancy 49 Wassberg, Helen 49 Waterbury, Mildred 49,201 Weaver, Cynthia 49 Weldy, Barbara 49 Wells, Sid 50 West, John 50,156 White, Lynda 50,181,200 Whittlesey, Susan 50 Wickens, Joyce 50 Wilder, Becky 50,167 Wilhite, Gregory Wilkinson, Frances 19,26,50, 58,59,174,176,200 Willey, Christy 50 Williams, Deborah 50,201 Williams, Steven Wilson, Michael 51 Winbury, Kathy 5,51 ,1 72,1 74, 210 Wise, Steven Wolfenbarger, Chris Wondrash, Maurice Woodson, David Woodward, John 9,51 ,53,1 41, 143 Yankey, Gerald York, Gay 51 Zander, Richard Zesky, Susan 51,189 Zimmermann, Donna 10,193 Zintz, Edward 51,193,196 Zubricky, Michael 51,156 Zumaya, John 51,152,174 Juniors Abbate, Abbott, Acosta, Acosta, Adams Adams Adams Adams Michael 61 Daniel 61,139,156 Marcus Mario Bruce 61 Henry 61,179,181,182 Lorene 61 Pamela 61,67,18l, 191:205 Adams, Penny 61 Adams, Wanda 61 Ailshie, Douglas 61,141,174, 236 Aldridge, Ted 67 Allen, Howard 71 ,132,147, 199,203 Alvarez, Frances 61 Anderson, Cynthia 61 Anderson, Janis 61,167,169 Anderson, Stephanie Andrews, Roland 61 Armour, Deborah 61 Athans, Steven 61,190 Auberger. Jane 61,72,166,174 Averna, Rose 61 Avilucea, Fidel Bade, Rita 61 Badgett, Thomas 61 Badman, Jo Ann 61 Baldwin, Steven 61 Banuelos, Frank 71 Barch. Richard 61 Barkley, Barbara 61 Barnett, Robert 66,138,203 Bashline, Pamela 61,67,72, 195,197 Beaulieu, Susan 61 Becher, Julie 71 Becher, William 61 Belanger, Norman 61 Bellah, Gary 61 Bennett, Karen Bennett, Paul 61 Berger, Anne 61 Bettencourt, Barbara 61 Biggs, Robert 61 Blaksley, Michael Blanco, Diana 61,181 Block, Richard 61,174,185, 224,236 Boedeker, Alison 61 Boehlert, Linda 61 Bohn, Maryann 61 Bolen, Mark 61 Bolin, Leslie 61,73,196,197 Bonapace, Robert 61 Bowman, Cathy 61,181 Braly, Steven 61,198 Brannon, Charles 61 Breton, De Wayne 61 Breton, Noelle 61 Brionez, Emilio 61 Britz, Gary 61 Brown, Kathryn 62,166 Brown, Ronald 62 Brown, Thomas 62 Browning, Barbara 62 Brunkow, Katharine Buchmann, Gene Buford, David 62 Burch, John Burnworth, Steven 62 Burrell, Marcia 62 Burris, Gerald 62 Bush, Steven 62,159 Buster, Ginger 62 Butts, Robert 62 Byrd, Donna 62,174 Cagney, Helen Calder, James Calvert, Judy 62 Camp, Randall 62 Campbell, Gloria 62 Cannon, Cheryl 62 Cano, Manuel 62 X Cappiello, Patrick 62 Carlin, Yvonne 62,67,193,201 Carlson, Donald 61,67,71,73, 159,160,161,191,195,197,203 Carnes, Sandy 62,67,169 Caro, Kathryn 62 Carpenter, Malcolm 62,111, 199 Carroll, Diana 62 Casarrubia, Anthony 62 Cassels, Lorinda 62,167 Castaneda, Gilbert 62,1 63,1 95 Castle, Marcella 62,181,182 Castro, Anita 62,67 Caudillo, Lawrence 62,132, 135,152,190,199,202,203 Cecil, Christine 62,181,201 Cecil, Terry 62 Cheeks, Lee 62,198 Chester, Randall 62,195 Chisnell, Karen 62 Clay, Nancy 62 Clifton, Gail Clubb, David 62 Cochran, Susan 62 Cody, Catherine 62 Cohen, Cherie 62 Coker, Patricia 15,62,67,190, 201 Cole, Roxane 62,181,197 Coleman, Arlene 60,62,72 Coleman, Curtis 62,137,16O, 199 Collett, Dorothy 62 Collette, Suzanne 62,179,196 Collins, Mary 62 Comer, Margaret 62 Condit, William 62 Cook, Mary 62,167,191 Cook, Shirley 62 Cormier, Pamela 8,62,200, 201 Cortopassi, Betty 181,182 Costanzo, Robert 62 Courtney, Monica 62 Couture, Gary 62 Cox, Kathryn 62 Coyle, Scott 62,144 Crane, Patricia 62.190,200,201 Cranfill, Deborah 62 Crawford, Garth 182 Cross, Babette 62 Crouse, Karen 62,67,200,201 Crowley, Joel 62 Cummings, Karen 63,201 Cunningham, Catherine Currie, Michael 63 Curtis, Michael 63,72,73,179, 181,182,190,196,197 Dahmer, Richard Dale, Lynda 63,166,174 Daniels, Christine 63 Davidson, Dean 63,151 Davies, Deborah 63 Davis, Cynthia 63 Davis, Donald 63 Davis, Donna Davis, Fred 63 Davis, Karen 63,205 Dawson, Jess 63,159,160 Deal, Janet I De Baun, Jeffrey De Chant, 'Dorothy 63 De Guzman, Julieta 63 De Moss, Denise 63 Dean, Candi 63 Dean, Stephanie 63,181 Decker, Richard 63 Dewey, Suanne 63 Doggett, Gail 63 Downer, Darlene 63 Drummond, Edith 71,167,169 Duffy, Carol 63 Durham, Gayle 63 Dyvig, Michael 63 Earhart, Susan 12,13,36,63, 162,184.19 Earley, Thomas 63 Ebenlvein, Sherry 63,73,184, 1 88,236 Eddy, Harold 63 Edgil, James 63,67,72,158 Ek, Robert 70,159,160,203 Ela, Jennifer 63 Ellis, Ross 63,132,156,213 Elms, Robert 63,136,137, 147,199 Emerick,John179,181.182, 190 Engelstad, Gary 63 Engelstad, John 63 English, Vicki 63,179,181,182 Etcheberry, Marie 63 Eubank, Sylvia 63,169 Fahey, Edward 63,139,156 Farley. Rick 63 Farnum, Michael 63.154 Farthing, Robert 63,195 Ferguson, Mark 63 Figuracion, Paula 63 Fitzgibbons, Eddie 63 Flint, Randy 63 Flores, Belinda 63,189 Flores, Donnie Flores, Stephen 63 Foran, Richard 63 Formanek, Larry 63,193,198 Franks, Stephen 63 Frat, Christine 63 Freeman, Carl 63 Fry, Sari 63 Gagian, Rodney 63 Gallagher, Joseph 63 Gamet, Robert 156 Garcia, David 63,195,198 Garcia, Dina Gay, Gerald 63 Gentile, Patricia 63,185,236 Giacinio, Salvatore 63,132, 1 52,199,203 Gildow, William 63 Gill, Ronald 63 Gillem, Dianne 63 Gillespie, John 63 Gillette, Michele 64 Glenn, Deborah 64 Godfrey, Thomas 64 Gonzales, Denise 64,180,181 Gonzales, Linda 64,201 Good, Sandra 64 Goodwin, Ralph 64 Graham, Jack 64 Granstedt, Marta 64,73,195,196, 197 Graves, Cynthia 64 W Graves, Glenn 64 3 Green, David 64 ' Greene, Karen 64,67,201 Greene, Kathy 64,201 Griffis, Ronny 64 Grindel, Susan 64 Groff, John 64,137,163 Groomes, Ronald 64,73,189, 191 ,1 93,204,205 Gunter, Patty 64 Gutshall, Sherrie 64 Guzman, Diana 64,174 Hagenbaugh, Daniel 64 Hall, Jonathan 64 Hall, Josh 64,72 Hall, Karen 64,168 Hall, Robin 64,168 Hambrick, Joey 64,199 Hammond, Ralph Hampton, Janene 64 Hancock, Dana 64,174,175, 200,201 Hansen, Kimberly 64,176,177 ansen. Myrna 64 arden, Judith 64,200 arnish, Christopher 64.67,158. 195 ariman, Jerry 64 awes, Michael ayes, Michael 64 ayes, William 64 azlett, Stephen 64,67 eadrick, Donna 64 eath,Jeffrey 64,163 eiserman. Gary 64,138,139 156,192.197,203 Cendrix. Rudolph 54,158,159 epburn, Ellen 64.162,195, 197 errera, Rodrigo 64,181,182 ester. Gail 64 etrick. Jane 64 iggins, Beatrice 64 Higgins, Charles 64 Hill, Kathleen 64 Hinkle. Judy 64.181,195.197 Hogan, Richard 64 Holland, Van 64 Hollingshead, Clair 64 Hollingshead, David 64 Hook.John 14.64,156,202 Hopkins. David 64,181,182 Horne. James 64 Howell, Sandra 64,189,201 Huling, Georgean 64 Humiston, Mark 64 Hunt, James 64 Hunter, Holly 64,179,186 Huston, Robert 64 Hyatt, Darlene 64,179 Hylton, Kerry 64,179,181,182.190 Jackson, Daniel Jackson. Donnell 130,132.1 51. 1 90,199 Jacobsen, Steven 64 Jacobson, Paul 64,67 Jantz, Karen 64 Jeffers. Joseph 64,198 Jervis, Helen 64 Johnson, Jenene 65 Johnson, Kenneth 65 Johnson, Margaret 65,180.1 81, 182.190 Johnson, Martha 65,179,181. 182,190 Jones,Jo Anne 65 Jones. Juana 65 Jones. Sylvia 65 Joynt, Noel 65 Jump, Randy 65,159 Kalish, William 65 Kaplan. Pamela 65 Kastner. David 65,189 Kee, Yolanda 65 Kemme, Mary 65,197,201 Kendall, Earl 65 Kennedy. Richard Kennelly, Nicholas 65.196 Ketchum, Bruce 65 Keys, Don 159 Kiefer, Dianne 65 Kiewel, Annette 65 Kindschi, Barbara 65 Kindschi, Howard 65.189 Kirby, Richard 65,195 Kirby, Stephen 65 Kitchen, Eileen 65,193 Klark, Jerilyn 65.72 Kleinschmidt, Donald 65.156, 202 Klepper, Bill 65 Knedler. Carol 65,187 Koehler, Harvey 65,198 Kohanek, Mary 65 Kornegay.-Patricia 65 Kounter, David 65 Krominga, Kristine 65.67,181, 191.215 Kuehl, Charles 65 Kusumoto, Rick 66 Lackey, Richard 66.132, 147,150,203 Lambert, James 67 Landry, Robert 66 Lanz, Jay 66,171,182 Lara. Mary 66,179,181.182 Larzalere, Christine 66 Lasher, Michael 66 Lattman. Kathleen 66 Lauderdale, Ronald Lawrence, Marsha 66 Le Roy, Carol 66.181 Leavitt, James 66 Ledbetter, Kenny 66,132,135'-195, 199,203 Ledesma, Elisa 66 Leigh, Michael 66 Lemire, Ann 66 Lerew, Kenneth 66 Leroux. Rene 66 Lewis. Terry 66.144,145.190. 199,202 Libsack. Larry 66 Lillard, Clyrinda 66,174 Lindeneau, Mary 66 Locken, Lorraine 66 Long, Deborah 66 Long. Gregory 66 Loomis, John 66 Lopez. Susan 61 ,66,67.1 62, 190,197,200 Lopian. Rick 66 Love, Orgrett 66 Lovelace, Gail 66 Lowery, Rex 66.156 Lowrance, Diana 66.67.202 Luallin, Janet 66,67,1 67,1 87. 188,201 Lundquist. Paul 66 Luque, Nancy 66 Mack. James 66,73,158.196 Madigan, Thomas 66,137 Mammano, Patricia 66.181 Marks, Robert Marshall, Bruce 66 Martens, Deborah 66,193,194 Martin, David 66 Martin. Gerald Martin. Joseph 66 Martin. Karen 66.166,196,197 Martinez. William 66 Mason, Dick 66.67 Mason, Michael 66 Matlock, Russell Matson, Cherie Maxwell, Frank 66,195 May. Thomas 66 Mays, David 66 Mays, Dorothy Mazza, Phyllis 66,181,182, 190.197 McBee. Larry 66 McCance, Patrick 66 McCane, Michael 66 McCarthy, James 66 McClure, Jon 66 McCord, Shirla 66 McCormack, Joseph 66.185, 236 McDaniel, Leslie 66,190,193 McEntee, Rainelle 181 McGarvey, Sharon 66.181 McGuire, Robin McKinley, Patrica 66 McMahan, Marcy 66.193 McNeely, Patricia 66 McSherry, Gail 66 Menard. Stephen 67 Mendez, Lydia Mendez, Michael 67,132,15O. 151,202,203 Mendez, Richard 199 Mercado. Pauline 67.73,181, 187,188,193 Merritt. Mary 67 Merritt, Susan 67 Metcalf. Bonnie 67 Meyer, Marcy 67,181,182 Meyer. Meredith 67 Meza, Christine 67 Michel, Blaine 67.179.181. 182,190 Midose. Stephen 67 Millen, Rickie Miller, Marilyn 67 Miller. Richard 67 Miller. Steven 67.139 Mills, David 67,204 Mitchell, Charles 67 Mitchell, Jeanette 14,67,73. 174.179.184,188,197,201. 236 Mobley. John 67 Molay. John 67 Monroe. Lynn Montgomery, Terri 67.70.201 Moran, Peggy 67,168 Morgan. Gary 67,181,182 Morrison. Bonnie 67 Mosteller. Cheryl 67,192. Mowery, Dixie 14,67,177,190 Muir, William 67.132.199,202 Mullaney. Marla 67,193 Murillo. Rilla 67.205 Nagle, Bill 68 Nash, Mary 68 Neel.James 68 Nelson. Judith 68,181 Nelson. Lex 68,138 Nemshack, Terry 68 Newman, Michael 67.68.160. 193 Nicholson, Wendy 68 Nunes, Cheryl 68.1 17,167,190 Nunez, Jose 68 Nunez, Leticia 68,181 Nusslock. Clif 68,193,195 0 Brien, Candy 68.71,177. 190.191 O Brien. Maureen 68,72,73.162. 167.168,196.197 O Reilly, Patricia 68 Ondrechen. Mary 68.73.196. 197 Osborne, Edward 68 Pacheco, Alvin 68 Pacheco, Rubin 68 Pacholski. Richard 68.189, 198 Pacholski. Susan 68,187 Pagan. Myrna 68.186 Palermo, Michael 181.182 Palazzolo. Angeline 68 Panhorst. Lee 68 Panter. Wendy 68,162,192 Parker, Harold 68.158,181, 182,190 Parsons. Sharon 68,193,194 Paterson, Leslie 68,159,203 Pearse, Janet 68,1 81 Pence. Steven 68,117,141,196 Perez, Daniel 68 Perry. Kathleen 68 Phillips, Mark 68,139 Phillips, Patricia 68,181 Pinnick, Richard 68 Plante,Josette 68 Polakowski, Toni 167.173, 179,181,188 Polinsky, Linda 68,167,169 Pondelick. Rick 68 Porter. Cherub 68 Porter, Michael 68 Preble. Francis 68,181,182 Prescott, Sharilyn 67 Prodzinski. Marlys 68.172, 181,185.208.236 Puente, Barbara 68,181,182 Quintana. Ricardo 68 Quirk. Barbara 68,177 Rajknecht. Barbara 68,181,191 Rajknecht. Carol 68,175,181 Ramirez. Barbara 69 Rathje. Lana 69,181 Rau, Wayne 69 Reed. Debbie Reynolds. Beverly 12,69,72, 162,177 Richard, Marc 69.191.192,193 Richmond. Steven 69 Ricketts. Mark 69.137,144. 145,190,202 Rivera. Elvira 69,181,182 Roberts. Deborah 69 Roberts. Mary 69 Robinson, Wayne Rodvold, Pete 69,141,143 Rogers. Christine 69 Rooney. Colleen 69 Rosas, Luis 24.61,67,69.1 56, 202,216 Ross, Richard Roth, Thomas 69,71,144,154. 196 Rowley. Carol 69 Royster. Linda 69,166,181,195. 196,197 Rudeen. Robert Rudzinski, Geralyn Ruiz, Madaline 69.193 Russ. Linda 69 Sadulski. Frank 69 Salas. Carmelita 69 Salmon. Norma 69 Sampugnaro. James 69 Schell, David 69,160,195 Schirmer. Conception 69 Schirmer. David Schmidt. Michael 67.69 Schneider. Greg 69,181,182 Schooley. James 69 Schwab. Marilynn 67.69,173. 174,190,201 Schweitzer, Rory 69 Scolari. Debbie 67.69.201 Scott. James 69 Shaffer, Glen 69 Sharpnack. Richard Shea, Timothy 6E-1,181,182,190 Shepersky. Terry 69 Silverthorn. Stephen 69.159, 160 Simpson, Lee'Ann 69 Sjogren. Sandra 69.72,192.196 Slater. Christine 69,167,169, 189 Smith. Alma 69 Smith, Benjamin 199 Smith, Larry 61 .67,69.132.1 54, 174,196,202 Smith. Pamela 69 Smith, Rebecca 69 Solomon, Gail 69,168 Sorensen, Donald 69 Southwick. Paula 69,189.193. 197 Sparks, Peggy Steele, Barbara 69 Steffensen. Roseanne 70.166, 181,195 Stephens. Craig 70.189 Stewart. Dana 70,156,189 Stewart. Linda 70 Stewart, Susan 70 Stoltz, William 70 Stoy, Randall Strangfeld. Linda 70 Strasbaugh. Donald 71 Strolz, Barbara 71 Stroud. Linda 71,167,200 Styler. Kathleen 71 Subilosky. Gorgianna 71.181, 182 Swan, Michael 70,137,154 Swanson. Craig 70 Talton. Lee 70 Tarantino. Anthony 70 Taylor. Andrew 70 Taylor. Carla 71,173,174,200. 201 Taylor, Carol 70,168 Taylor. Frederick 70,147,148 Thomasson. Jack 71 Thompson, Mary Thomson. Debra 71,181 Thornton. Kevin 71 Thurman. Tim 71 Tibbitts, Richard 7O,72.73.179. 181,182,190.196,197 Tiffany, Alma 70.181 Tillman. Bernard 40.70.195 Tittle. Thomas 70,152,153 Tonner, Julia 205 Tooze. Ronnie 70,144,154 Toper. Paul 70 Traxler, Stephen 71 Treadway. Terry 71 Turvey. Catherine 47,71 Twitty, Karen 71 Utterback, Lynne 67.71.191, 197 Valadez. Fredrick 70.154 Valenzuela. Roen 70 Van Emmerik. Otto 67,70 Vance. Ronald 70.179.180, 181,182,190 Veliquette, Jeanne 70.180, 181 Viau, Michelle 67.70.190 Villalobos. Angelin 60,70 Von Dran. Laura 71 Von Kline, Sandra 71 Von Willer, Ted Vorman. Virginia 71 Wagoner, Craig 71 ,1 63 Wagoner, Laurie 71 Wagoner, Lorna 70 Wallace. John 70,139 Walsh, Mike Warner, Judith 70,196 Watkins, Nikki 70 Watkins, Paula 70 Webb. Judith 70 Weigelt, Jim 70 Wells, Sidney 71 Welsch. Renee 71,174.179, 181 Whiddon, John 71 Whigham. Alice 71 White, Jack 71 White. Marcia 70 White. Wanda 70 Whitehouse, Lynne 70,182 Wiesner. Gloria 70 Wilde. Elizabeth 70 Wilhite. Christopher 5.70.132. 147.160,202.203 Wilkes. Michael 70 Williams. Janis 71 Williams, Paul 71 Wills, David 71 Wilson, Leslie Winchester. Billy 132.147, 149,156 Wise. David 71 Wise. Guy 71 Woempner. Reva Wolverton. Mark 70 Wonder, Steve 70 Wondrash. Deborah 70 Wood, Sylvia 70 Woodard, Michele 70.181.196. 197 Wyer, Thomas 70,154 Yates, Ruth 70 Ybarrondo. Carol 71 Yokeum, Debra 71 York. Lana 71 Young. Debra 71 Young, Nolan 71 Young, Sydney 70 Zent, Leo 70 Zimmer, Lynette 70 Zimmerman. David 70,152,199 Zintz. Carol 7O,19O.193.194. 195 Zito, James 67,70,159.160 Zumaya. Linda 70 ophomores Adams. Rick 75 Adcock. Sandra 75 Admire, Lorraine 75 Alesi. Carmella 75,181 Allen. Glynn 75 Allen, James 75,138,156.203 Allenson. Michael 75,151 Allred. Debra 75 Amargo, Linda 75 Anderson. Debra 75 Anderson. Gary 75,163 Anderson. Ronald 75 Andrews, Robert Antey. Janine Marie 75 Archibald, Sharon 75 Archibald, Steve 75 Arnold, Wanda 75 Ashman, Pamela 75,167 Atkins. Turner 75,163 Atkinson. Bessie 75 Bagley, David 75 Balaban. Barbara Ann 75 Ballher. Sammy 75 Balsley. David 75,139,156 Barbar. Jeannie 75.167 Bartles. Jimmy 75,198 Bascom. Megan 75 Bates, Corinne 75 Bauer. Lynn 75 Bean. Jeffrey 75 Beaulieu. Michele 75 Beaver. Bill 75 Belanger, John 75,199 Belanger, Bruce 75 Bellwood,Lynne 75,178,190 Bennett.Gary 75,198 Bennett, Sharon Berg. Leroy 75 Bernier. Mary 75,182 Berry,Frank 181,182,190 Bettell. Antoinette 75.181 Beville, Linda75 Biggs. Ruth 75 Binkele, Laura 75. 178 Blair, Deborah 75 Blazer. Joanne 75 Blevins,Jim 75 Boggan, Cynthia 75 Bolieu, Laura 75 Bomboy, Brenda 75 229 Bommer, Janet75 Boonsirithum, P 75 Bordwell. Pamela 76 Botello. Maria Boude, Joe 76 Bourdeau, David 76 Bowen, Mark 76 Bowers, Carol 74.76.175,185,196 197,236 Bowersox, Shirley 76,190,197 Boyer,Robert 76,163 Boze,Edward 77 Brady, Daniel 77 Braget, John Bratcher, David 163,195 Brazell, Delores 76 Brewer. Teddy 76 Briden, Edward Britain. Edwin 76 Brown, Robert 76 Brown, Sherri 76 Brown, William 76 Bryant, Joray 76 Buchea. Jack 76 Buchmann, Elaine 76 Bumpus, Glynda 77 Burgio, Michael 77,137 Burke, Kathleen 74,77 Burke, Patrick 77 Burrell, Denise 76 Butler, Wesley 76 Byrd, Rick 76,139,157 Calhoun, Michael 160 Calvert. Mira 76 Camacho. Martha 76.193 Carey, John 76 Carpenter. Deborah 76 Carter, Marilyn 77 Caudillo, Ronald 77 Cesena, Eugenio 77.151 Chavez, Herman 77,174,196 Chavez, Victor 76 Chesnik, Diana 76,181,182.197 Choate, Thomas Christianson, Christi 76 Christianson, Noel Chubb, Charleen 76 Chudy, Paul Ciccati, Gary 76 Ciotti. Rita 76 Clabby. Rick 74.77,137,144,154, 202 Clark, John 77 Clay, Steven 77 Clifton. Robert 77,137 Cloud, Summer 74,76 Clubb, Susan 76 Cody. David 76 Cofer, Nancy 76 Cogburn. Danny 76 Conard, Tom 76 Condit. Deborah 76 Connors. Dennis 76 Connors, Kasey 74,76 Cook, Robert 76,198 Cook. Wanda Coon, Deborah 76,167,169 Cooper, Raymond 76 Corkum, Roger 76 Corkum, Susan 76.181 Cortez, Mario 76 Coston, Paul 76 Cowan. Douglas 76 Coyne, Teresa 76 Crabb, Barbara 76 Crawford, Vickie 76 Crerar, Ronald 76 Criger. Wanda 76 Crim, John 76,144,154 Croft, Elizabeth 76 Crosswhite, Jenine 76 Cunningham. Thomas 76 Curry. Diana Cutler, Mike 76 Dacy, Candace 76 Daniels, Kathleen 77 Darst. Liane 77 Davenport, Robert 77,160,198 Davis, Larry 77 Davis. Laurene 74,77.162,181 De Anda, Carolina 77 De Wald. Jill 77 Deel, Donald 77,196 Delmar, Archie 77 Demmers, Sharon 77.193 Dever, Lisa 77 Di Maggio. Michele 77 Dickerson, Dowal 77 Dolinsky, Andrew 77.156 Dougherty, Michael 77, 156 230 Du Fon. Tom 77 Duff, John 77 Duke, Dennis 77 Duncan, Karen 77 Dzarnoski, John 77 Eagle, Wayne 77 Earhart, John 77,202 Easter, Alan 77 Eastin, Dennis Eaton, Steven 77 Eddy, Janet 77 Edwards, Jon 77 Edwards, Joy 74,77,166 Eldridge, Teddy Ellis, Charles 77 Elms, Kathleen Emery, Gayle 78 Emrick, Richard 78.197 Espinoza, Teddy 78 Fairlie. Garland 78 Farness, Peggy 78 Farris, Rodger 78 Farthing, Michael 78,179,181.182, 195 Faust, Gary 78 Ferguson, Kris 78 Ferguson, Randal 78 Fick, Stephen 78.151 Flake, Michael 78 Flanagan, Mark 78 Flores, Glenn 78 Flow, Vickie 78 Follett, Jeffery 78.179,181,1 Folmar, Karen 78 Foran, Ellen 78,166 Forrester, Martin 78 Foster. Julie 78 Foster. Nancy 78.197 Foupht, Lawrence Foye, Marvin 78,163 Frates. Laurie 78 Friend, Margie 78,181,182 Fry, Lance 78 Fujimoto, Darlene 167 Fullerton, David 78 Gahn, Michele 78 Gale, Kenneth 78 Gale, Ralph 78,163,199 Gallagher, Kathleen 78 Gallagher, Robert 78,154 Gallagher, William 78 Gallegos, Ruben 78 Gann, Richard 78 Garcia, Debbie 74.78.168 Garcia, Frank 78 Garcia, Robert 78 Garlinger, Patti 78 Gay, Terri 78.174 Gearhart, Alyce 78.193 Giamanco, Debbie 78 Gibbett, Deborah 78 Gietzen. James 78 Gifford, Janet 78 Gilbert, Bruce 78.199 Gill, Rhonda 78 Gillam, Thomas 78 Gillett, Mickel 78 Gist, Debra 78 Gondek, Douglas 78,160.18 Goodman, Bob 78 Gorham. Katherine 78 Graham, Elizabeth 78 Grant, Deborah 78 Grant, Marilyn 78.166 Grant, Richard 78 Graves. Linda 78 Gray, Edward 78 Green, Thomas 78 Greene, Deborah 78 Gregg, Adah 78 Griffin, Deborah 78 Grindel, William 78,137,174 Grizzle, Steven 78.198 Groggett. Kenneth 79 Grothe, Virginia 79 Guynn, Paul 79,144,195 Hadley, Kathryn 79 Hall, Gordon 79,163,195 Hall. Michael 79 82 1,182 Hallas, Andrew Hambrick, Thomas 79,181,182 Hamill, Patty 79 Hamilton, John 79 Hamilton, Sherry 79,181 Hamm, Charles 79 Hanes,Jeannan 79 Hannahs, Deborah 79 Hannibal. Janet 79 Hannibal, Judy 79 Hannibal, Phillip 79.198 Hansen, Jeff 79 Hart, Lynn 79,160,198 Hawes. Deborah 79 Hawksley, Deborah Hayes, Gregory 79,139,156 Heaton, Deborah 79.168 Hebb, Teresa Heck, Alan 79 Heimaster, John 79,138,203 Henderson, Alma 79 Herold, Robert 79 Hicks, Susan 74,79 Hight, Joseph Hill, Gloria 79 Hill, June 79 Hill, Michael 79.163 Hill, Teresa 79,181,182 Hinkle, Gertrude 79 Hixon, Nancy 79 Hobb, Cathy 79 Hoffman, John 79 Holcomb, David 79 Holcomb, Della 79 Holcomb. Gordon 79 Holloway, Barbara 79 Hook, Hal 79 Horgan, Edward 79 Horne, Wilhelmina 79 Hosaka, Jeffrey 79 House, Deborah 79,167,169 Howarth. Joyce 79 Hughes, Robert 79,156 Huhn, Edward 79 Humphrey. Nora 79,181 Huooert. Gail 79 HurttkJacqueline 79,167 Hutton. Kathy 79 Ibarra, Marco 79,138 lnfanger, Mark 79 lngraham, Roberta 11.79,174.178. 190 Irvine. Chuck 79 Jackson, Donna 79 Jackson, Lawrence 79 Jackson. Michael 79.163 Jacobsen, Janie 79.197 Jaramillo, Janice 79 Jefferies, Victoria 79,162.19O,2O0 Jenkins, Grant 79 Johnson, David 79,159,160 Johnson, Denise 79 Johnson, Karen 80 Johnson, Milton 80,137 Joint, Tom 80 Jolly. Danny 81 Jones, Budd 81,163 Jones. James 81,138 Jones, Joe Jones. Katherine 81,162 Jones, Lynn 81.181 Jones, Thomas 81,144 Just, Billy 81 Kauffman. Marno 81 Kehrli, John 80.163 Keith, Darlene Kelso, Michael 80 Kemp. Gail 80,196,197 Kenaga. Kenneth 81 Kennedy, Rexell 81 Keys, Mary 81 Kindred, Leon 81 King, Donna 81 King, Mike 81,156 King, Michael 81 Klee. Martin 13,80,81,132 Kleine, Sandra 80 Klem, Linda Kluth. Peggy 80 Knight, Cynthia 80 Knight. Gretchen 80,196 Knight, Melissa 81,191,197 Kohanek, Ann 81 Kopotic, Robert 81.163 Koucoumaris. Ann 81 ,1 68 Kouns, Larry 81 Kounter. Carolyn 81,167,169 Kovac. John 81,137,156.199 Kraft, Duane 81 Kraszewski, Richard 74.75.80 Kreuzer, Eileen 80,193,195 Krings, Robert 80,1 56 La Chusa,Don 80 La Salle,Dan 80 Laesch, Barbara 80 Lamb, Dana 80,166 Lampman, Jon 80 Lana. Timothy 80 Lanham, Alexis 80,179,181 Lanham, Alison 80 Laws, Charles 80,160,199.202 Layne, Wendy 80 Le Beau, Dave 8,151 Ledesma, Christine 80,167,169 Leeper, Gary 80.196 Leighton, Christine 80 Leone, Patrick 80 Lester, Jacqueline 80 Levy, Anna 80 Lewis, Lynnell 74.80.168 Ley, Mary 80 Leyva, Gloria 80 Lindsay, Shauna 80 Littrell, Ricky 80 Littrell, Steven Long. Ronald Longo, Frank 80 Lopez, David 80 Lopez, Mary 80 Lothspeich, Alan 80 Lounsbury, Doris Loveless. Patricia 80 Lowery, Guy 80,156 Lowry. Dorothy 80 Lucas, Linda 80.181 Luciano. Martina 80 Lugo. Carlos Lynch. Virginia 80.166 Machart, Loren 80,196,197 Mack. Walter 80 Maher. Beverly 80 Mailloux, Denise 80 Makin, Linda 80,167,169 Mann. Sherri 80 Manning, Robert 74,81 Mar. Terri 81 Martin, Cynthia Martin, Evelyn 81 Martin, Martin 81 Martin, Robert 81,137,156 Martin, Sandra 81 Martin, Steven 81 Mathews, John 81 Mattox, Andrea 81,168 Mattson, Jane 81 Mattson, Jean Maurer, Steven 74,81,136,137 Mayors, Laurie Ellen 81 Mays, Steven 81 Mc Alpin, Timothy 81 Mc Anear. Mike 81 Mc Capes, Arthur 81 Mc Cormick, Michael 81 Mc Dougall, Tomothy 81.193 Mc Ewing, Charles ll 81 Mc Kee, Linda 81 McKinley, Catherine 81 McQuillan, Bernice 81 Meglich. Joann 81 Mendoza. Gilbert 81,139 Merritt, Charles 81 Myer, Nancy 81 Miller. Barbara 81 Miller. Bob 81 Miller. Glynis 81 Miller, Louis 81 Miller. Robert 81 Mills, Lisa 81 Milner, Eugene 81 Milnick, Kathleen 81 Minard, Gary 81,137,156 Miner, Susan 81,181,182 Minor, Gerald 81,195 Mobley, Penny 81 Mock, Deborah 81 Moline, John 81 Monaghan, John 81,199 Montgomery, Mark Mooney, William 82 Moore, Jack 82.156 Moore, Kathleen 82 Moore, Patricia Moran. Judy 82.168 Morero, David Morgan, Paula 82 Morris, Kenneth Mott, Patricia 82 Muir, Sally 82 Myers, Robert 82,179.1 81,196.1 97 Myrick Valerie 82 Q Nasca, Anita Neeley, Void 82 Neeson, Jana Nelson. Robert 83,159 Neptune. Mark 83 Neuhaus, Vicki 83 Nielsen. Janice 83 Norby, Frank 83 Norton, Terry 83 Nunez, Olivia 83.181 Nye, Robin 82 O'Brien, Anita 82 O'Brien, Patrick 82,159.174.196, 203 Obendorfer, Kathlyn 82,168 Oldham. Keith 82 Olivas, Rachael 82 Oliverio. Susan 82 Olson, Gary 82.199 Ott. Jeanne 82 Owens, Jacquelyn 82 Owens,Toni 83,167,169 Pacholski. Ron 83 Pagan, Casilda 83,167,174 Pantazoplus. Nick 83 Paterson, Nancy 83 Pattee. Candy 83,196,197 Patterson. John 83,139,160 Patton. Maurice 82 Pavdon. Jill 82 Pedrini, Pamela 82 Pelley, John 82 Pendleton, Michael 82 Perez. Arlene 82 Perez. Estela 82 Perkins, Gordon 181,182 Perkins, Jim Perry, Linda 82,168 Peterson, Paula 82,196 Phillips. Steven 82,179.182.195 Philpot, Emerson 83 Pitchford Gary 83.195 Poirier. Paul 83.159 Powers. Christina 83 Presley. Dale 83.154 Preston. John 83,151 Price, Vergenia 83 Priest, Pamela 74.82.189 Priest, Peter 82,160 Prievo. Sheryl 82 Prince, Karen 82 Prince. Robert 82,163 Pudsey. Craig 82 Pullan. Kevin 74.82,150,151,199 Pumphrey. Bennett 82,139 Quinn, Eileen 82 Ramirez. Monica 82 Ray, Charles 83 Ray. Katherine 83 Ray. Linda 83 Recchia. Anthony 83 Redmann. Kathryn 83 Redo. Darcy 83.167 Redo. Ralph 83 Reed. Gregory 82 Reed, Shelly 82 Reese, Allan 82 Reid, Barbara 82 Reid. Deborah 82 Rhodes, Dorothea Richardson, Pamela 82 Rioketson. Ronald 82,137 Riddle. Dennis 82 Rider. June 82,166 Riley, Nancy 82,181 Rivas. Sharlane 83 Robinson, Gregory 83,132,151.203 Robutka. John 83.198 Rodvold, Kim 74.75.83 - Rogers. Cindi 83,181 Romero, Veronica 74,75,83.169 Rooks. Helen 83 Rosenberger. Martin 82,159,160 Ross, Deborah Roth. Donna 82 Rounds, Philip 82.137 Rudeen. Betty 82 Ruge, Robert 82.159 Ruggles, Janet 82 Ruiz. Jacobo 82 Russ, Gary a3,144,145.156 l Sadulski. Susie 83 Salas. Winnefreda 83 Samson. Jo 83 Sanchez, Dora Sanchez. Jeffrey 83.179,181.182 Sanchez, Roberta 83 , Sanders. Frederic 83 l Sandusky, Ellen 83.166 W Santos, Jo Catherine 83 l Sawyer, Rex 83,195 l Sayers. Diana 82 l Schirmer. Dale 82 Schmidt. Linda 82,175,191 Schneider, Janice Schoenberger. Vicki 82 Schuff. Marcus 82, Scott, Heather 82 Scott, Vickie 82 Seaman. Billy 83 Serr. Jon 83 Shaffer, Raymond 83 Shaima, Michael 83 Shain, Gary 83,181 Shapiro, Michael 83 Shaw, Donald R. 83,139 Shaw, Donald T. 83,139 Shaw, Ronald 83,181,182 Shumake, Lynn 83 Shurley, Ed 82,137,199 Sikes, Sharyn 82 Silva, Joanne 82,181,182,190 Simmons, Connie 82 Simonds, Stephen 82 Simpson, Wendy 82,184,236 Singer, Robert 82 Siscon, Delphin 83,147,148,163 Siscon, Rosario 83 Sjoberg, Cheryle 83 Skinner, Barbara 83,181 Skrivanek, Jerald 83 Slater, John 83,137,144,145,202 Sly, Michael 83,160 Smith, Craig 83,174,205 Smith, Dana 74,83 Smith, Gary 83 Smith, Jerry 84 Smith, Teresa 84 Smith, Vickie 84 Sommerville, James 85 Sorenson, Alan 85,139,156 Sosa, Sharon 85 Speck, Brenda 85 Spence, Gary 85 Spence, Vivian 85 Spivey, Robert 85 Spriggs, Bernard 85 Stacy, Deborah 84 Standridge, Sharon 84 Stark, John 84 Stauber, Catherine 193 Stauffer, Darlene 84 Steffensen. Bob 85 Stevens, Connie 85 Stevenson, Pamela 85,191 Stewart, Kenneth 85 Stewart, Lee 85,166 Stone, Tamara 85 Stoudt, Paul 85 Strauwald, Jerry 84 Strauwald, Terry 84 Strom, Todd 84 Strong, Dale 84 Stroud, William 85 Suarez, Daniel 85 Summers, Deanna 85 Swan, Pamela 85,168 Swan, Robert 85 Swanson, Robert 85 Swanstrom, Mark 85,132,203 Sykes, Jed 84 Szuch, Lincoln 84.159,160,203 Tarantino, James 84 Taylor, Arthur 84,1 54 Taylor, Charles 85 Thomas. Cindy Thomas, Linda 85 Thomaselli, John 85 Thompson, Sherry 85,196,197 Thomson, Colleen 85 Thrasher, Robert Thurman, Rocky 85 Tilton, Spencer 84 Tomlinson, Sally 5,14,84,178,184, 190,200,236 Toporczyk, Mary Ann 84 Torres, Rebecca 84,181 Toth, Marsha 85 Traxler, Cynthia 85 Trebbien, Richard 85,144 Trottier, Richard 85 Truesdell, Janis 85 Trusty, Patricia 85 Tucker, Judith 85,191 Turner, Mark 84,196,197 Turner, Rebecca Lynn 84 Tutor, Judith 84 Tyer, Larry 84,136,137,202 Urban, Thomas 84,154,159 Vaivao, Faaafu 84 Valenzuela, William 84,137 Vallance, Gail 85 Van Vleck, Gail 85,178,190 Varney, Robert 85 Vasquez, David 85 Velasquez, Ivan 85' Vesper, Craigdon 85 Viereck, Dennis 85 Viery, Maridee 85 , Villarreal, John 85,137 Wade, Dale 85 Wagner, Teresa 84,178 Waid, Saundra 84 Wakem, David 84 Walker, Brian 84 Walker, Frank 84 Walker, Martha Wallander, Wendy 84 Walsh, Richard 84 Walter, Carol 85 Walters, Faith 85 Ward, Marcie 85,174,179 Warner, Jane 85 Wassberg, James 85 Watson, Thomas Jr 85 Weber, Karen 85,181 Weeks, David 85 Weldy. Martha 85 Wells. Bob Wells, Rex 85 Wenzel, Gary 84 Wermers, Ruth 84,193 Wharton, Debbie 84 White, Bryon White, Mike 84 Wickens, James 84 Wiebold, Dwight 84 Wilber, Betty 84 Wilde, Connie 85 Wilkinson, Laura 14,85,107,175, 185,197,236 Williams, Juanita 85,195 Williams, Leslie 85 Williams, Linda 85,166 Williamson, Steven 85,196 Willoughby, Jack 85,132,199 Wilson, Eileen 85 Wilson, John 85 Winn, Steve 85 Wise, Cheryll 84 Wisniewiski, James Wohlwend, Michael 84 Wong, Michael Wood, Deborah 84,166,182 Woods, Pamela 84 Woodward, Melva 84,175,197 Woolhouse, Gary 84 Wujick, Stephanie 84 York, Lennie 85 Young, Thomas 85,141,142 Zamora, Yvonne 85,181 Zerbe, William 85,181,182 Zimmer, Jeff 85,181,182,190 Zimmerman. Terry 85,199 Freshmen Abercrombie, Joan 87 Abood, Mary 87 Adams, Sandra 87 Aguayo, Janice 87 Ailshie, Connie 87 Akers, Ted 87 Allen, Cathy Regina 87 Allen, Wayne 87 Alley, Joan 87,174 Alvarez, Sussanah 87 Amargo, Cynthia 87 Anderson, Cecil 87 Anderson, Elizabeth 87,167 Anderson, Linda 87 Andrews, Daniel 87 Andrews, Linda 87 Antey, Carl 87 Archibald, Robert 9,87 Arguilla, Margaret 87 Arnold, Kenneth 87 Ashman, David 87 Astley, Theresa 87 Ayres, Stephen 87 Bacon, Rita 87 Bagalini, Nicoletta 87 Bailey, Dwight 87,1 60 Bainbridge, Elizabeth 87 Ball, Stephen 87.182 Banuelos, Raquel Banuelos, Miguel 87 Barclay, Michael 87 Barkley, Thomas 87 Barnes, James Barnett, Wade 87 Barth, Bonnie 87 Bartmas, Adela 87 Barton, Patti 87 Bates, William 87 Bauer, Judith 87 Bean, Renee 87 Beebe. Sherri 87 Beeson. Belfiore, Linda 87 Mary 87 Bell, Lori 87 Bellante, Marlon 88 Bellot, Marta 88 Bellows, Edwin 88 Bendixen, Donna 88 Bennett, Donna 88 Bennett, Harlan 88,198 Bentley, Van 88 Benz, Robert 88 Berger, Denise 88 Berger, Diane 88 Bischop, Edward 89,158 Bishop, Susan 89 Black, Scarlett Bleigh, Gary Bloeser. John Robert 198 Bloomquist, Gerald Boehlert, Gregory 89 Bolieu, Cheryl Bond. Steve 89 Bongiovanni, Frances 89 Bonney, Bordwel Eileen I, Phillip 89 Borger, Sally 88 Botter, Marlene 88 Bowersox, Robert 88,195 Bowles, Deborah 99 Boxell, Douglas Bradbury, Bard 88 Brean, Kenneth 88 Breyman, Roxanne 88 BI'lSCO6. Robin 88 Britz, Terri 88 Brown, Brent 88 Brown, Linda 88 Brown, Lowell, 89 Browning, William 89 Bruner, Mike 89,94,116 Brunet, William 89 Brunkow, Diane 89 Brunt, Robert 89,179,181,182 Brunton, William 88 Bryan, E nrique 88,181 Bryan, Graciela 88 Budd. Pam 88 Bugel, Mary 88 Buhrkuh l, Rebecca 88 Burgio, Donald 88,181,182 Burke, Susan 86,88, Burns, Dennis 88 Burns, P atrick 88 Burris, Janice 89,181,182 Burton, Donna 89 Bush, William 89 Butch, Roxana 89 Butler, Cindy 89 Cagney, Joseph 89 Callaway, Billy 88 Caltrider, James 88 Camacho, Gloria 88 Camacho, Rebecca Campbe Campbe Campbe Cannon, Cannon, Capiello, Carlson, Casillas. ll, David 88 ll, Joyce 88 ll, Randy 88 Gary 88,175 John 88 Marianne 88 Lesley 86,87,88,93,96,168 Gilberto 89 Castaneda, Isabel Castro, Martin 89,181 Cecil, David 89 Chambe Chavez. Chavez, Cheeks. rlain, Charles 89 Mary Rebecca 89 Edward 89,198 Chell, Keith 88 Choate, Christen Kim 88 sen, Cheryl 88 Ciolfe. Patrick 88 Ciotti, Jon 88 Cirar, Anthony 88 Clark, Carolynn 88 Clark, Phylinda 88 Clay, Mitchell 88 Cloud, Wiladean 88 Cochran, Kerry 88 Cofer, Gloria 89 Coffin, Mark 89,181 Cogburn, Donald 89 Coleman, Denise 89 Coleman, Lacy 89,198 Collette, Steven 89 Contreras, William 88 Cook, Beverly 88,182 Cook, Susan 88 Cosmano, Terry 88 Courtois, Timothy 88 Cowan, Catherine 89 Cowan, Danny 89 Cox, Jay 89 Cox, Jimmie 89 Cox, Terrance 89,160,181 Coyle. Christal 89 Crawford, Annemarie 88 Crawford, Claudia 88 Crawford, Jimmie 88 Crawford, Mary 88 Cremer, Michelle 88 Curry, Deborah 89 Curits, April 89,179,181,182,197 Custeau, Jack 89 Dacheff, Darlene 89 Dahl, Jill 89 Dale, Denise 89 Dalrymple, Suzan 88 Damata, Connie 88,181,182,197 Daniel, Vicki 88 Daugherty, Eric 88 Davis, Denise 88 Davis, Mary 89 Day, TJ Walton 8,89 De Chant, Teresa 89 De Crane, Kevin 89 De Knijf, Tom 89 Deane, Tom 89 Demling, Natalee 88 Dennis, Michael 88 Deore, Palma Deregne, Sandra 88 Dethman, Rhonda 88 Di Stefano, Lynn 88 Dickey, Paul 89 DiMonde, Barry DiMonde, Mark Dinsdale, Martin 89,199 Dion, Linda 89 Dixon, Alice 89,162,190 Donley, Ellen, 89 Dornbusch, Donna 89 Dougherty, Stephen 89 Doyle, David 88 Drake, Deborah 18,181,182 Duckett, Charlotte 88 Duffy, John 88 Duke, Shelley 88 Dunne, Susan 86,89,174 Durgin, Bruce 89,198 Durkee, Duane 89,160 Dwyer, Michael 89 Eagle, Kevin 89 Easter, William 89 Eckenboy, Richard 90,193 Eckmyre, Susan 90,181,182 Edwards, Beth 90,91 Edwards, Lawrence 90 Ek,Julia 91 Ekard, Walter 91 Eldridge, Richard 91 Elliget, Patricia 91 Ellis, Randal 91 Engle, Mary 91 English, Keith 91 Erickson, Kathy 90 Essex, Toni 90 Estrada, Jeanette 90 Eterno, Sandra 90 Evans, Carl Evans, Gregg 91,198 Ewing, Kathy 91 Farley, Diane 91 Farris, David 91 Faulkner, Ronda 91 Favorite, Michael 91 Felan, Marcial 91 Fenstermacher, Leslie 90 Fetters, Craig 90,181 Figuracion, Hedda 90 Filippini, David 90 Fischer, Donna 91 Flanagan, Karen 91 Fletcher, Kevin 91,181 Flom, Vickilynn 91 Flores, Benjamin Foreman, Roger 91 Formanek, Scharrol 91 Franco, Jose 91 Friend, David 90 Frowiss, Debra 90 Fuller, Kenneth 90 Fuson, Patricia 90 Gale, Lisa 91,184,236 Gallagher, Patrick 91 Galligan, David 91 Gamber, Michael 91 Gambitn. Tim 91 Gamboa, William 91 Garcia. Paul 91 Gardner, Pamela 90 Garland, Kimberly 90 Garvey, Kathleen 90 Gassaway, Beverley 90 Gassaway, Douglas 90 Gauert, Jeanne 90 George, Timothy 90 German, Pat German. Susie 90 Giacinto, Anne 86,90 Gibson. Gail 90 Gilchrist, Bob 91 Gill, Donald 91 Gillem, Wayne 90 Gist, Alan 90,179,181.182 Godfrey, Annabelle 90 Goins, Carmen 90 Goldstein, Rosalie 90,174 Gonzales, Karen 90 Goodwin, Lisa 90,162,168 Gorham, Jeanne 90 Gormley, Grant 90 Gormleu, Steve 90 Grant, Frederick Jr 90 Graves, La Vern 91 Green, Arlene 90 Green, Gary 90 Greene, William 90 Gresham, Stanley 90 Grindel, Helen 90 Grobe, Jeff 90 Grom, Linda 90 Groves, Cathy 90 Gunter, Teresa 90 Hadley, Terri 90 Hague, Karen 91 Haislup, Janet 91 Hale, Ricky 90 Hall, Joyce 90 Hall, Ronnie 90 Hallas, David 90,195 Hallman, Scott 90 Halsey, Leslie 86,90 Halverson, Joy 90 193 Hamilton, Carla 90,167,169 Hamm, Deborah 90 Hamm, Jeffrey 90 Hampton, Chuck 91 Hancock, David 91 Hansell, Linda 90,161,167 Hansen, John 90 Hardacker, Clyde 90 Harden, Richard 90,151 Hardesty, Debra 90,181,182 Harnish, Karen 90 Harris, Jerry Hawke, Sandra 90 Henderson, Alice Henderson, Deborah 90 Henthorn, Suzan 90 Hernandez, Sylvia 90,167 Herold, Mark 91 Herrera, Jessie 91 Herrin, Joe 92 Hester, Glenda 92 Higgins, Charles 92 Hildebrand, Sally 92 Hill, Dianne 92 Hill, Ken 93 Hillstone, Scott Hoffman, William 93 Hogan, Bonnie 92 Holeman, Christopher 92 Hollowell, Lydia 92 Holum, Terry 92 Hoobler, Joe 92 Hook, Jack 93 Horgan, Richard 93 Horne, Kathryn 86,190 Houk, Terry 92 Howard, Mark 92 Howie, Jeffery 92 Hughes, Sharron 92 Hughes, Todd 93 Hunt. Glenn 93 Hunt, Linda 92,195 Hurt, Mary 92 Huth, Mikiel 92,181 Hyatt, Charles 92 Hydrick, Nancy 92 Hydrick, Nora 93 Ibarra, Gloria 93 Ibarra, Martha 92 Inscore, Nora 92 Jackson, David 92 Jackson, Dianna Jackson, Jonathan 92 Jackson, Richard 92 Jackson, Vickie 92 Janssen, Mark 92, 182 Jenkins, Debra 93 Jensen, Milinda 93 Jimenez, Norman 93 Johns, Robert 93 Johnson, Arlene 93 Johnson, Marian Johnson, Stanley 181,182,193 Johnston, Kathy 93 Johnston, Sandie 92 Jolly, Donald 92 Jones, Cheryl 92 Jones, Ellen 92 Jones, Garry 92 Jones, Jeffrey 92 Jones, John 92 Jordan, James 93 Kaiser. Charles 93 Keef, Janese 93 Keill, Roxanne 93,169 Kelly, Theresa 93 Kenaga, Steven Kennerly, Nancy 93 Ketelsen, Vahn 93 Kimbrell, Judy 92 King, Karen 92 Kirby, Shawn 92 Klee, James Klein, Mark 92 Kleinschmidt, Diane 92 Klusman, Terry 92 Knight, Jeann 92 Kopotic, Gerard 93,195 Kotnik, Barbara 86,93 Kowalski, Gloria Kraus, Ricky 93 Kravitcz, Frankie 93 Kubichek, Karen 86,93 Kurz, Donna 93 Lacayo, Louie Lakey, Diane 93 Lares, Jose Lares, Jose 92 Lattman, John 92 Lawless, Terri 92 Lawrence, Wayne 92 Le Blanc, Victoria 92,166 Leamons, James 92,181,182 Ledbetter, Theresa 92 Ledesma, Ruben 93 Legrand, John 93 Leonetti, Mark 93,193 Leroux, Marie 93 Leroy, Cathy 93 Libsack, Gary 93 Liggett, Chris 93,198 Lightburne, Aileen 92 Liljestrom, Cheryl 92 Littlejohn, Jacquelin 92 Littlejohn, Sylvester 92 Littrell, Linda 92 Long, James Long, Scott 92 Longo, Patricia 92 Lord, James 93 Lorenz, Sylvia 93,193 Love, Wayne 93 Lowrance, Debra 86,93 Loza, Carla 93 Lozoya, Lynn 93 Luciano, Rudy 93 Luque, Allan 94 Luscher, Robbie 94 Lutz, Margaret 94 Lyer, Daniel 94 Maccree, John 94 Machuca, Rafael 94,199 Maddock, Starlene 94 Maguire, Karen 94 Malcom, Johnny 94,193 Mallec, Kathleen 94 Mancuso, Craig 95 Mann, Marilyn 95 Mansfield, Jeffry 95 Mansfield Mark 95 Marquez, Dicky 95 Martin, Laurinda 95 Martinez, Lila 94 Mason, William 94 Mattei, Maria 94,167 Matthews, Frederick 94 Mattingly, James 94 McCance, Mary 94 McCarty, Robert 94 McClure, James 94,198 McCombs, Toni 94 McCorkell, Claudia 94 H McCullough, Judith 95,168 McDaniel, Gabriel 95 Mclntire, Don 95 McKaig, Cathy 95 McKey, Brandon 95 McKinney, Jacqueline 95 McPherson, Sandra 86,87,94,169 McPike, Wendy 94,181,182 Meadows, Ronald 94,198 Medeiros, Gregory 94 Meek, Stephen 94 Mendoza, Jose 94 Mendoza, Norma 94 Mercer, John 94 Merideth, Rex 94 Merriam, Greg 94 Meyer, Linda 95 Meyer, Patricia 95,169 MichaeI,Jim 95 Miller, Catherine 95 Miller, Kenneth 95 Miller, Robert 95 Miller, Tim 94,154,164,195 Miller, Thomas Miller, William 94,174,181 Minor. James 86,87,94,96,116 Millstone, Scott 94 Mock, Dennis 95 Molay, Bernard 95 Monahan, Mike 95 Montoya, Robert 95 Morgan, Paul 95 Morrison, Barbara 95 Morrison, Robert 94,138,139. 164,165 Morse, George 94 Moss, Mary 94 Mowreader, Dale 94 Mukai, Clara 95 Murich, Carrie 95 Murphy, Michael 95 Myers, Dale 95 Naegeli,Jim 95 Nagem, Mike 95 Nagle, Michael 94 Napier, Linda 94 Navarette, Sundae 94 Neal, Robert 94 Neel, Thomas 95 Neill, Gary 95 Nelson, Rick 95 Newcomb, Cynthia 95 Newell, Barbara 95 Newhall, Darrell 95 Nicholson, Linda 94 Nobles, Jackie Norman, Terry 94 Norton, Kathleen 94 Norton, Steven 86,94 Nugent, James 95,179,181,182 Nunn, Steven 95 Nute, Michael 95,181 O'Brien, Suzanne 86,87,95,168 O'Connor, Robert 95 O'Quinn, Roxanne 95 Ohr, Robert Ondrechen, Joseph 94,181,182 Ondrechen, Stephen 94 Orcutt, Linda 94,197 Orlo, Thomas 94 Orrell, Russell 95 Ortega, Maurice 95 Ortiz, Ricky 95 Osberg, Gary 95,195 Osborne, Glen 95 0wens,Jamalyn 95 Owens, Mark 99 Parr, Michael 96,181,182 Parra, Michael 96 Pawlus, Patricia 96 Paydon, Michele 96 Pelt, Christa 97 Pemberton, Cody Peretti, Larry 86,97 Perry, Dianne 97 Perry, Maryann 97,168 Peters, Andrea 97,167,182 Petet, Delores 97 Phillips, Kenny 96 Phillips, Danny 96 Phillips, Michael 96,160,179 181,182 Pichler, Brenda 96 Pickering, John 97 Pike, Pamela 97 Pilley, Jayne 97 Poe, Joy 97 Poirier, Philip 97 Polakowski, Greg 97 Polinsky, Ceclia 96,169 Powers, Annette 96 Prescott, Cary 96,1 74 Price, Guy 96 Prins, Terry 97 Protheroe, Kathy 97 Province, Johnny 97 Puente, Terry 97 Putnam, Sally 97,190,191 Pyle, Eva 97 Radcliffe, Henry 96 Ramirez, Maria 96 Rasco, Polly 96 Rathje, Michael 96 Real, Charlotte 97,162 Reese, Phillip 97 Reid, Steve 97 Reinbold, Terry 97 Reinecke, Richard 97,160.179,181 182 Rhodes, Michael 86,96 Rice, Susan 96 Richardson, Gail 96 Rickel, Dyann 96 Ricketts, Bradford 96 Riddle, Harvey 96 Riley, Elizabeth 96 Rincon, Patricia 96 Rinner, Connie 96 Rivera, Elba 96 Robeson, Gail 96 Rodriguez, Nancy 97 Rogers, James 97 Roland, Jeffrey 97 Romero, Rachel 97 Rosier, Rachael 97 Rotchstein, Nancy 97 Rowan, Linda 96,190 Rower, David 96 Rowland, Linda 88,96 Ruef, Christopher 96 Ruf, Cathy 96 Russell, Deborah 96 Rutter, Jim 96 Sageman, Janice 96 Sager, Susan 96 Salas, Lorraine 96 Salmi, Roxanne 97 Salmon, Maria 97 Samson, Catherine 97 Sanchez, Dennis 97 Sanders, Bart 97 Sandstedt, Lajuana 97 Santos, Ethel 96 Sapp, Angela 96,167,169 Saucier, Karen 96,168 Schaufler, Randall 96 Scheidler, James 96 Schmidt, Paula 96 Schroeder, Steven 96.164 Schuhmacher, Sheryl 96 Schulz, Suzanne 96 Schwartz, Brad 96 Scott, Beverly 97 Scott, John 97 Segawa, Karen 97,191,197 Selle, Terry 97 Serrano, Patricia 97 Sewell, Katie 97 Shaima, Arlene 96 Shapiro, Richard 96 Sharmahd, Susan 86,96 Shaulis, Delman 96 Shaw, Sherryl 96 Shell, Judith 96 Shepard, Robert 96 Sherman, Deborah 96 Shorter, Glenna 96 Shrum, Elaine 96 Shumate, Janet 96,169 Shurley, Art 97 Simpson, Brenda 97 Simpson, Charles 97 Skaggs, Gabriele 97,195 Slagle, Francyne 86,97 Smith. Bob 97 Smith, Candace 96,162,167,168, 169 Smith, Carlos 96 Smith, Christopher 96 Smith, Kim 96 Smith, Linda A. 96 Smith, Linda L. 96 Smith, Marlene 96 Smith, Michael 96 Smith, Raymond 96 Smith, Susan 86,96 Smith, Tami 97 Smoot, Mark 97 Sohr, Kenneth 97 Sohr, Linda 97 Sohr, Ralph 97 Soler, Bob 97,116 Sommers, Stephen 98 Sosa, Frank 98 Souza, Antoinette 98 Sparks, Shirley 98 Speck, Debra 98 Spence, Pamela 98 Sprofera, Gene 99 Stalnaker, Neil 99 Standon, Tom 99 Stark, Paul 99 Statzer, John 99 Stauber, Janet 99 Stegall, Janet 99 Stepek, Madelyn 99 Stewart, Joseph 99,195 Stewart, William 99 Stinchcomb, Terri 98 Stinson, Elizabeth 98 Stolte, Craig 98 Stone, Gary 98 Stovall, Scott 98 Stoy, Rodney 98 Strasbaugh, George 99 Strong, Sharon 99 Stronk, Eugene Stubbs, Joseph 99,197 Styler, David 99 Sutton, David 99 Szalay, Bob 91 ,99,121 Szuch, Kenneth 179,181, Taylor, Judy 99 Tauthes, Debra 99 Tena, Michael 99 Tegall, Debra 98 Tenney, Nancy 98 Thatcher, Ricky 98 Thomas, David 98 Thomas, Joanie 98 Thomas, Thomas 98 Thomasson, George 98 Thompson, Chuck 99 Thompson, Rebecca 99 Thompson, Rosanne 99 Thomson, James 99,1 12 Thorne, Debra 99 Thulin, Peter 99 Thurman, Dana 99 Thurman, Denise Tillman, Therese 99.195 Tittle, Diana 99 Todd, Jack 99 Todd, Jill 98 Trask, Gary 98 Travers, Michael 98 Trebbien, Michael 98,163 Trivoli, Susan 98 Truesdell, Robert 98 Turnbull, Jeffrey 99 Turner, Robert 99 Twitty, Beth 99 Updike, Ted 86,99,154 Ursillo, Mike 86.99,154 Utterback, Carol 99 Valadez, Deborah 99 Van Nice, George 99 Vandenberg, Brian 99 Vandever, Denise 99 Vandever, Stevin Vanemmerik, Dirkle 98 Vasquez, Steve 98 Veliquette, Susan 98,181 Vesper, Warren 98 Viau, Nancylynn 86,98 Viery, Gladfred 98 Villalobos, Michele 98 Villarreal, Rosalba 98 Vonkline, Paula 98 Wagoner, Walter 98 Walch, Darla 99 Wallace, Gayle 99 Wallace, Richard 99 Wallace, Steven 99 Walsh. Kathleen 99 Walter, Janet 99 Ward, Gary 98 Ward, Patrick 98 Watson, Anita 98,195 Watts, Teresa 98 Weatherby, Craig 98,198 Webber, Rosanna 98 Weller, Robin 98 Wells, Rick 98,116 Wermers, Debbie 98 Wert, Robert 98 Wert, Sheryl 99 West, Cathy 99 Wharff, Susan 99,181,182 Wheeler, Jerry 99 Whiddon, James 99 182 Whitcomb, Deborah 99 White, David White, Kimberley 98 White, Sandy 98,168 Wiebold, Jonothan 181 Wiesner, John 98 Wilder, Janice 98,166 Wilhite, Lorelei 86,98,168 Wilkins, Leslie 98 Willis, Rickie 98 Wills, Dana 98,195 Wilson, Linda 98 Winbury, Jim 98 Wium, Gary 99 Wolman, Alan Wolverton, Kathleen 99 Wondrash, Gary 99 Wood, Anthony 99 Wood, SherryJune 99 Wood, Sherry Lynn 99 Woods, Deborah 98 Woods, Murray 98 Wolley, Mark 98 Work, David Wrobel, Mary 98 Wynne, Lee 98 Yates, Cathy 98 Ybarrondo, David 98 Yoes, Sherilyn 98 Young, Richard 98 Zazvorka, Walter 98 Zeglarski, Alan 99,193 Zimmerman, Guyneth 99,162 200 Zimmerman, Julie 99 Zink,John181 Zubricky, Denice 99 ln Memory Cheryl Brown Greg Evans . . .and to those Matadors who have given their lives fighting for the cause of freedom throughout the world. - W N 'xx :M-sea--fx be 'Q xg Q Y' 'wx me Wg? 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"Our manner of saluting each new dawn - each new threshold, each new gateway - decrees in a large sense what we will bring to the day and what happiness enjoy from it." -Harry andJoan Mier ank-You Thank-You Thank You Th There are many people who are responsible for bringing Volume XII of MlL MEMORIAS to life. "A Day in the Life" was brought into existence under the supervision of Advisor Lowell H. Plinke. The Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Nine staff put over four thousand man hours of work into this year's production, including many all-nighters. Each member pulled his own share of the load. l would like to thank Sherry Eberwein, Sue Earhart, Esther O'DonaId, Jan Hall, Maureen Boggs, Jeanette Mitchell, Wendy Simpson, Lisa Gale, Sally Tomlinson, Sandra Leet, Doug Ailshie, Robert Farthing, Carol Bowers, and Laura Wilkinson of the Editorial staff. Handling and taking the pictures necessary for a good yearbook were Ken Gale, Richard Block, Joe McCormack, and Chris Davis. This year's business staff included Mary Kornegay, Martha Barrett, Patti Gentile, and typist Marlys Prodzinski. l would like to thank Chris Rodriques for her winning cover design: also Roy Spurlock who let us in the room for those evening work parties. lwant to thank my family for bearing with me this year. My thanks go to Pischel Yearbook Company and Don Demmon, Pischel representative, thanks to Florence Arts Studio for providing photographic assistance again this year. Thank you, afdfaowmu Wally Schlotter Editor-in-Chief A y "' """":f'm'HA-MA --A'-Am -AA Y---AMAA-.1.A,vAAf 'V"'A"'1"'NA"""'QA'A .,.A1,AA,,,A A..--A,AWWA-.1-Q--wAAAm-AAA-,1Af, -.,A1.--..,.AAA--A1f-.- -, . W1-v.Jln..A1 .1491 A.1, ,.n,,1.,AAn. ..1..1,,1..1llnIllm1A.A-,.A.11..4 ,,1...,f1A1--..1.,,,., m,,A.v-,AA.-A1,1. -A AAQQBM -ff' A ,1 A AM , A ff A 1? 5 ' AA' ,A W 'Af A A A - - gg ' .53 sw ESA -if A. . ..... .. Qsg. '- Y A A A A A A Aw A AQ 3 A , A A 5 . A . 5 . M mAAwA: " 5 A K 5 A 5? . 2 . A1 ss A. "A Aw 1, A 1 ,. 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Suggestions in the Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) collection:

Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Mount Miguel High School - Mil Memorias Yearbook (Spring Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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