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Mil Nlemorious AROUN D THE WORLD Mount Miguel High School Spring Valley, California As fhe Gian! Redwood slcnds as a symbol of glory, Mol will sland for the years lo come as o symbol of our loyalty. As he becomes a par! of our school, may he also become o parl of our lives lo lead us to greal heights. i in pw pn! Foreword As we spun the globe on nts axls we can see the many countrnes of the world passing by We can also turn the pages of our yearbook Mnl Memorlas one ofa thousand memories and see In It the re flectlons ofthe varnous characters and personalities of the students By usmg Around the World as our theme we hope you will gain a better understanding of your fellow students lust as we have acquired an under standmg of other natlons S MRS. FIELD: For showing sincerity, inter- est, and a belief in us, your students, For being more than a counf selor and a teacher, For being a guide, For being a friend, For these things, we, the Sen- ior Class ot l959, with deep gratitude and fond memories dedicate our an- nual to you. ,,.'1ai',""'2 fy. 'mia 'i?',v'mf: Mi L . Q Af' -, ' HQ, ,,,x' 1 4-. . . Q. X - , 5 ' , . , z , . I QW. V , ' . A . ,L -i.. f W 'i-""3f.fW'f w, A p f.-'53 1' , - . ' I Y., 5,513 Q, z , ' ' 5 5-.':..' 4, L ' 2 " -li Q-,.n4v3i"l ., ,....a, -1 " ,,,.m., f, 4 ff World Stops CLASS OF 1959 CLASSES ACADEMIC CLUBS SPORTS ADMINISTRATION FRANCE EGYPT CHINA IRE LAN D GREECE AFRICA 2 154 -',, m.I6 ' - ...SZ - ...78 ACTIVITIES MEXICO. . . . . .86 ' ...114 -- -,,. ...IS Our first stop around the world is far-off France, a symbol of the new ideas and experiences awaiting our graduating Seniors. As varied as the colors on a painter's palette will be their activities and professions. May their lives be enriched by them, and their dreams fulfilled. ea' , 'ff' , ,K ., vp - ya. 0. QUE C Aw' T . f P X Homecoming 1 'W Prmcess Judy Prmcess Lorne al , Princess Sheri Princess Linda Gutstanclinq 5' This title rightfully be- longs to these students forthe hard work accom- plished in the past four years of high school. The students, outstanding in their specialized fields, were chosen by the fac- ulty. Speech Penny Estes Dan Henserman EnQllSl"l Lynette Carr 125-X Addw' E frills Science Kay Gulllkson Margaret Watkins Art Jeff Willis Q-14' Zi'F1 sr 'Sf If is -sen. Peg? physmcl Educcmon Gnbem, Durham pete Jernigan Industrial Arts Dave Jenkins Chuck Whitlock Jerry Latulrppe , I - i chi, . s T X' i L i'. . vi " - ' lv . ,, , .V V t., N , s x , 1 TWH' , ' 9 'n , 3 f it W fs X s Q- X . i e S G it ' ' 'L 4, 1 I - t . . l - l -T . f. , x f , 1 'A I . , , r -f,s'3f"'- 9 ,N A y i . g , -Q xi V -V4-3'-xgfl:-1 Ls, K f' . M" ' rf A . -' ' . ' .L-21:i'J 1 'N , 1 'if t 1 "M if 'Hr f af Lb- A, ,Q - -,,,M:NVW.Ti-D Q . . 1 . I . I , . Seniors sf Whether these Seniors decide to enter the worlds of Business lndustry Sc: ence, or Fme Arts, they will always be a credut to the Class of l959 Commercnal Della Carper www sl?" Language Snlvana Carlassara Math Cella Taylor Joe Stone Musuc Cheryl Walters Larrle Gale 11,49 45? Homemaklng Katrlnka Bryan Carolyn Hubbard .,. Photography Rmhufd Meneley Bull Mntchell ll :H -wiv 1 . l ,h ll 5 . X' f' Y ' E I I ' l l 1 n . T I . l of y .C Q., A. f - V -- ' , 1-1--ff C 'Ca if I . Y 1 " . V- :Y P pl, . I ' xv, I , , ,Q s wtf? K X ' K Mw,,, ' - 4 'll 'l L.. 4nl-v s, , ' ' ' n ' 4206- Q f ' S12 i'f:'s 1 . . -1 . I . . ,, . H -A Q so C - l ' - . . . . t' I -1 r CD O 9C'?Xr"' Hull of 9?- "3hix"'l"""' '90 fv QQ LIKELY T0 SUCCEED 17 Fam BEST E2 IKED i ,..4Z ,..1- sl, Jerry Lipscom 4 Q If 1 .'-if 99 'If Go ry Hutton o ici 'Z- Wayne Sum hen rc Yo 1 QQ? '-P Sem Chanrman Louehc Runge ROW ONE C Sfubbs B Plckens G Ralslon I. Runge ROW TWO D Wells C Lousfalef M Wafkms K Bryan J Timmons J Muller 1-Ei x.g4q,- EACCALAUREATE K AND GRADUATION Chalrman Brenda Epperson Ceha Taylor ROW ONE J Weilerskog B Ep person C Simone! D Nlcodemus ROW TWO D Benson C Slleneck J Spoor D Ela P Estes J Ashe SENIOR DRIVILEQES Chairman Jerry Lnpscomb ROW ONE J Mouullesseaux S Ralston HBTTEJ P Heyob B Clevenger P Drew J Lipscomb Committee ANNQUNQEMENT Chairman-Kay Gulllkson ROW ONE J Loniz K Gullnkson C Sompugnaro ROW TWO C Humes M Young J Faucher C Olsen C Hubbard BANQUET Chairman Tom Moreno Sue Pye ROW ONE T Moreno S Tweed S Game D Bell Pye J if if S...-1 . . . A5 58" f' sr 1""'Y NZ Chairman-Jeff Giarde ROW ONE: E. Seguin, B. Ohlund, Cooper, C. Finch, J. Gicrde. N W ' 5.4 KEY Charrman Mary Belh Slegman ROW ONE D Heoserman M Slegman K Lancaster F Greenlee -.-411, X- CAD AND GOWN pl' A Y Chairman Llnda Denllnger Chaurman Phyllis Smllh ROW ONE P Smnh B Bates L Hutton L X 1 ROW ONE K Nagle L Denllnger G Hulton DICNIC Charrman Chuck Mehlberger ROW ON J Borlfeld C Carlton Bale R Meneley WW 1'- 'EEE P' Senior Dlaq QQ Our Senior Play Dear Ruth was a tremendous success It was a comedy very well acted by mem bers of our class They dnd a lob well enough to be proud of The play was wrltten by Norman Krasna LARRY JOHNSON ss' N? 3 DOREE RADICI I Dora Suzy De Groot ' Mrs Ednth Wnlklns Grace Weaver Mmam Wnlklns Cathy Stubbs Judge Harry Wllkms Perry Tuue Ruth Wllkms Doree Radlca Lt Wulllam Seawrnght Larry Johnson Albert Kummer Jeff Glarde Martha Seawrlght Llnda Denllnger Sgt Chuck Vmcent Dan Helserman Harold Klobbermeyer Steve Casner 60 Ve . . - 0609 U n . S Z' Q' 1 l S 35 " ' ll ft- "fr ' ,-'Salim A Z. " x "t' 'Hilti 44. " E s L K 2 c Y Ag .I K -um 'z DAQ 1 ZX 'R an 1' 1 Y 1 Q 1 , , 44 5 '- L I 0' . Q: iw A -.Q Argy M . , 1. This was the eve- ning of our most memorable Senior Prom. Everything was perfect, and with our theme, "Sayonara" it seemed as though we were dancing in enchanting far away Japan. f At graduation the realization that high school had ended, came true. SENICDR Our Senior Banquet which was an unfor- gettable night of both laughs and tears. SENICDR JUDY RANK MR. BRADY President Advisor SUE pYE MRS HALL Secreta ry AdV'50" FRANK ARRINGTON MR DUEA Treasurer AdV'50" Startmg a Sensor year IS ol ways o hard one but wlth a class like ours the lmpossuble was soon forgotten We quickly es tobllshed our commlttees and other tasks expected of us as Sensors Toward the end of the year our bug hughlnght was the Sensor Prom MRS FIELDS Counselor Followmg was the Sensor Ban quet where we came to realuze thus would be our last gathering before we all go our separate ways When graduatnon came at brought tears of regret but It wrll always be remembered os one of the most memorable parts of our lives I9 i as . . ' I l I . . , . ' I . . ASHE, JEFFREY ARTHUR He spoke not a word but went straight to his work. Although .leff is one of the quieter members of our class, he is a hard worker with much ability. During his spare time he can be found at the beach and skin diving. College or maybe the Diplomatic Service are his goals after graduation. Rifle Team 2 . . . R.0.T.C, 3, Capt. 4 . . . Science Club 3, 4 . . . Spanish Club 3 . . .Photo Club 4 . . . C.S.F. 3, 4 . . . Graduation Comm. 4. BAIE, ROBERT RUSSELL Live and learn, die and forget it all. This saying describes Bob per- fectly as he is well known for being so nonchalant. He often spends his time listening to everyones troubles, and most of all dislikes girls that can't dance. His future plans are college and then the air force. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . American Heri- tage Pageant 1 . . . Bowling Club 1 . . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . . Letter- man's Club 3, 4 . . . Senior Picnic Committee 4. BARNHART, FRANK EUGENE He's a man of deeds, not words. This quiet boy spends his spare time playing baseball and football. His special dislike is college en- trance exams and homework. After graduation he hopes to go to college STI? later the Forestry. Tennis Team BAKER, TOM E. Jltlan makes his fate. This tall lad spends most of his spare time hunting and swimming, but can be found working on his car. Tom's future plans include any work in the construction field. Foot- ball 1, 2. BARSOTTI, ROCKNE JERRY Rocky is capable of doing most anything but making an enemy. His favorite pastime is naturally sports but most of all, "Peggy", Los- ing a football game is what bothers Rocky most but he is seldom seen without a smile. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Track 1, 2, 3, 4 , , . Basketball 2, 3, 4 . . . Letterman's Club 3, 4. ALLEN, RICHARD HARPER A good man is always con- tented. Richard likes to spend his spare time reading science books. He dis' likes people who plagerize and es- pecially girls who wear sacks. His future includes Cal. Tec. and he is planning on receiving a Masters de' gree in Civil Engineering. Boy's Federation 2 , , . Science Club 4 . . . Russian Study Group 4 . . . Senior Privilege Comm. 4 . . . Gavel Club 4. ALVEY, CHARLOTTE In quiet self control. This dark haired, attractive girl was one of our midterm graduates. After leaving Miguel she will be seeking a job. ALLEN, JANE ELIZABETH A mind content both crown and kingdom is. Jane made a friendly addition to our Senior class, and her kindly dis- position makes her very well liked. ln her spare time she likes to listen to almost any type of music. Most irritating to her are noisy gum chew- ers. In the fall Jane hopes to be attending college. Honor Aisle 3... Orchestra 3, 4 . . . Concert Band 3, 4 , . . Future Nurses Club 3, 4. ARRINGTON, FRANK VAN ,May be there's a finer guy, but we haUen't seen him yet. Frank is well known on campus and liked by all. His favorite pastime is definitely "Lorie", and he tries but dislikes to keep in training. Col- lege is included in his future plans. Concert Band 1,2.. , High-Y1... Track 1, 2...Key Club 2, 3, 4... Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . . Football 3, 4 . . . Senior Treasurer 4 . . . Banquet Comm. 4. AUSTIN, WAYNE TRACY Make new friends, but keep the old ones. Tracy, as he is called by his friends, was never seen in our halls without a smile. He was a friend to many and to know him was a please ure mixed with lots of fun. Camp- ing and going places with his friends took up all his spare time and most annoying to him are conceited peo- ple. His future plans are indefinite as of now. BASS, DONALD LEE He plays fair in all his deal- ings. Don, is an easy-going guy with many friends. Being with "Pat" is his favorite pastime and homework is his special dislike. San Diego State is included in his future plans and later marriage. Baseball 2, 3, 4 . . . Sr. Prom. Comm 4. BECKER, TERRY PHILLIP We are wiser than we know. Sports occupies most of Terry's spare time, whether in school or at home, The main thing that irritates him is a backseat driver. After grad- uation he hopes to go to a local college. Boys Federation 2 . . . Baseball 3. BENSON, DOUGLAS LEE He is well made, who has de- termination. Doug is not as quiet as he ap- pears, just ask him. He spends most of his time camping and fishing. Girls father's and being the young- est in the family seem to annoy him the most. The Air Force is Doug's goal after graduation. Senior Privi- leges 4. BATES, BONNIE JEAN Friendly in manner, genial in disposition. Bonnie is a smiling addition' to our campus and is usually seen with "lim". Other than being with him she likes to play miniature golf, Her future plans are undecided. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . . Student Council 3, 4 . . . El Trovador Staff 4 . . . Cap and Gown Comm. 4. BELL, DONNA IEAN She's a girl of real worth. Donna is a hard worker but al- ways finds time to mix socially. She enjoys dancing but is easily upset by short boys. Her plans this fall in- clude college. Chalk Dusters 1, 2 ...Art Club 1, 2 . . . C.S.F. 1, 2, 4 . . . Spanish Club 3 . . . Future Teachers Club 3. 'Sen BENSON, RICHARD EUGENE Youth comes but once in a lifetime. Richard, better known to his friends as "Dick", has spent a very active four years. Cars and eating are his first interest, but '54 Ford convertables aren't included in this. BERGMAN, RICHARD M. Studying doesn't take all his time, Working with electronics occupies most of Richards time. Although he spends alot of time on it, his motor- cycle is classified as a pet peeve. He plans to go to college and be- come an electronic engineer. Radio Club 1, 2,4 . . . Football 3,4 . . . Letterman's Club 4. BIRCHELL, SANDY KAY It's calm weather all year 'round 'Cause I have my man. Sandy was one of our mid-term graduates but while she was here she added life to our campus, She likes being with Sammy most of all, but secondly enjoys eating popcorn. She is planning on getting married and going to work soon. Y-Teens 1, 2 . . . Nominating Convention 1, 2 . . . Pom Pon Corp 3 . . . Christ- mas Dance Committee 4. He will make a career in the N.R.0,T.C. his goal after gradua- tion. Bowling Club 1, 2 . . . Swim- ming Club 1, 2 . . , Radio Club 1 . . . Basketball 1 . , . Football 2, 3, 4 . . . Wrestling 2, 3, 4 . . . Letter- man's Club 4 . . . Graduation Comm. 4. BEVIER, ROBERT LAWRENCE Friendly to all, hostile to none. Larry, as he is known to his friends, always has a friendly smile to everyone. His easy going dispo- sition brings him instant favor. Larrys outside interests include eat- ing and working on his car, Getting up in the morning for school was his most unappealing task. A job with Convair is his goal after gradu- ation. Swimming Club 2 . . . Foot- ball 1 . . . Track 1. BLAIR, LA VONNE A cheery little miss, brim- ming over with fun and bliss. La Vonnes middle name is "fun" Her favorite pastime is keeping Wayne happy and being a good wife, After graduation she made San Francisco her home, She hopes her children won't be pet peeves like her brother Terry. Girls Glee 1 . . . Choir 3, 4 . . . Announcement Com- mittee Chairman 4. 21 BLOUNT. GEORGE WALTER lfvlrrrnf. fI'il'fl!llAN'Kll1li 1-rrlm. George spends most of his time trying to get more speed from his '35 Chevy. His pet peeve is described simply by. "mouthy people" Plans for the future include the Army and later work BOSTWICK. DORRIS JACQUELINE Such is lift' and lifr' ,Qorw mr. Jackie enjoys going out and writ ing letters most of all. She doesn't get along with homework or cute girls. Jackie plans to get a job and rent an apartment right after gradu- ation. Y-Teens 1.2 , . Girls Glee 1 . , Highland Hepsters 1. 2 . . El Trovador Staff 3, 4 . . . Hot Peppers 3 BOURKE. GEORGE JOSEPH iVi1ty, lively, full of fun: o good friend and cr true onw. George was a lively spark on our campus, and his witty sense of humor made him a friend of all. Being with "Ethel" pleases him most, while his main dislike is teachers. The future includes college for him, Track 1 . . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . Football 4 . . Baseball 4 BORTFELD. JAMES JOSEPH Lift' 11-011111 hw horrrrg rrilhorri frm. This little Hawaiian "hula'ed" his way into our hearts Jim's favorite pastime is mostly swimming but usually includes Bonnie. A certain '53 Olds is high on the list of pet peeves In the future Jim plans on being in the Marines and then going to trade school Track 1 Wres' tlrng 3, 4 . Letterman's Club 3, 4 Picnic Committee 4 BOREN. JOYCE WAINE lm! my sliffnrv' speak for mf. This cute miss claims her favorite pastime is going places with her cousin Vern Being a telephone op' erator and getting married is Joys main objective after graduation. G.A.A. 3 Starlighters 3 . . , Dandiers 3 . . Dance Committee 4 . Prom Committee 4. BREHM, RAYMOND VICTOR Ewry mon fll'Se"l'l'l,S Io lrirw' long. A certain little red head rates high with Ray. Although his favorite color must be red, Fords of this shade tend to dissatisfy him, He plans to go to S.D.J.C. and later at- tend State, Boys Federation 1, 2 . . Track 1, 2, 3, 4 , . Student Coun cil 1,3 . Wrestling4 BRYAN. KATRINKA B. She has a lilly all of hw' uint Called "Trinka" by her many friends. she possesses a charming personality which adds life to any group. Joey and roller skating occu py most of her spare time Just plain "trouble" describes her biggest pet peeve Being a cosmotologist and marriage is what the future holds Junior Council 3 Prom Com' mittee 4 K BRANNON, LAURETTA JACQULINE In good failh, shi' fares not what mischief she does. Lauretta's outside interests incluoe listening to "Elvis" and talking on the phone. Her pet peeve is,like any other teen age girl, doing the dishes. In the future she is definitely going to buy her folks a dish washer Prom Committee 4. BRIED. LORIE ANNE Light of hrurf, quick of sfwp. l1l'I'1'-S 0 ,Qlrl full of pvp. Lorie was one of the darling song leaders and a homecoming princess this year. She enjoys just having plain old fun and is always ready for it. Her future plans include college. Y-Teens 1, 2 . . . Girls League 1, 2, 3 . Nominating Convention 1, 3, 4 Pep Club 1 . . . Mid Tiders 2 . . . Leadership Conference 3, 4 . Songleader 4 . . . Homecoming Princess 4. CAUDILL, CHARLOTTE VON I'1l'l7lI-llllll' and roy. xv! full of joy, Charlotte. quiet but fond of hum ble things, describes this gentle look' ing girl All possible freetime is spent with her fiance or reading. Teachers who give to much homework over the holidays is Charlotte's major dis like As soon as she receives her di' ploma we'll be hearing wedding bells. CASNER, STEPHEN CHARLES It is a point of wisdom to be silent when the occasion re- quires. Steve has worked hard for our band here at Mt. Miguel. He is sel- dom seen around campus without Beth and he claims during his spare time his main object is to keep busy. Plans for the future include college. Tennis 1, 2, 3 . . . Marching Band 3, 4 . . . Pep Band 4. . .A.S.B. Play 4 .. .Choir Pres. 4. CHURCHILL, SHIRLEY JEANNE Her sweetness iroula' be hard to match. We call her "Shirley" . . . al- though she is quiet, she possesses charm and sincerity which makes her a true friend. She enjoys dating and having fun but especially dis- likes nosy people. Her hopes for the future is Business College. Choir 3, 4 . . . Y-Teens 3 . . . Picnic Comm. 4. CLARK, DE LORA MARIE No wit like a zL'oman's. This sweet gal likes to be around wherever there is fun, especially with "Paul", skating. and talking on the phone is included. She hopes to go to an art school and later get mar- ried after graduation. G.A.A. 1... Tennis 3 . . . Senior Key Commit- tee 4. CLANCY, MlCHAEL JOHN Work faseinates me, I could sit and watch it for hours. Known to everyone as "Mike" , . . he's a great guy to know, He can usually be seen in Dobbs talking to fellow "bench racers". Any custom- ized "40" Ford is his special pet peeve. His plans for the future in- clude Vocational School and Gen- eral Motors Body School. Football 1. 2 . . . Student Council 2 . . . Boys' Glee 3. CLEVENGER. BETTY FAYE She has the will to irin and uiin she irill. This hard working gal has spent a very active four years of high school. Betty always has a friendly "Hi" for everyone which makes her very well liked. Her spare time is taken up with parties and cruising. We will be seeing her next year at San Diego State. Student Council 1. 2 . . . Heatherettes 1. 2 . . . Y-Teens 1. 3 . . . Nominating Con- vention 1. 2. 3 . . . Pep Club 2. 3 . . . Girl's League 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hula Hop Comm. 2 . . . Election Board 2. 3. 4 . . . lr. Class Sec, 3 . . . Fan Corp. 3 . . . lr. Council 3 . . . lr. Council 3 . . . Leadership Conference 3 . . . Gavel Club 4 , . . Privilege Comm. 4. CARLASSARA. SILVANA MARIA We're born to be happy. Silvana is our outstanding lan- guage scholar and we couldnt have chosen a better one. Her spare time is occupied by dancing and read- ing. Her special dislike is term- papers. After graduation college will be her goal and eventually a job in the diplomatic field, Phorex 1, 2 . . . C.S.F. 3, 4 . . . German Club President 4. CARPER. DELIA ANN Happy and gay all the rlay. This little blond was a cheerful addition to our campus. Most en- joying to her is to be with "Gary" and talking to luanda. Her pet peeve is mainly the Marine Corp. Soon after graduation she will be married. Y-Teens 1 . . . Orchestra 2 . . . Decoration Comm. 3 . . . Cap and Gown Chairman 4 . . . C.S.F. 4 . . Senior Council 4. CARLTON. CHARLENE ANN Silence is a fine jewel for a woman. An attractive girl who possesses a sweet smile that never seems to rub off. Charlene likes to spend all her hours with Walt and soon after graduation she will be changing her name to his. Picnic Committee 4. CARR. LYNETTE ANN Plr'asurr'.s may prfrfffet us as truly as prayer. Lynette is a wonderful person with a kindness and sincerity that is hard to match. Being with "lack" is her main outside interest. Her future includes Pasadena Nazarene College and eventually a Medical Missionary. Future Nurses Club 1 . . . Bible Club 1 . . . Girls League 3 . . . Choir and Mixed Ensemble 3, 4 . . . Baccalau- reate and Graduation Comm, 4. CHAMBERS. MARTHA JAYNE A happy heart is better than wealth. Fun-loving and sweet describe Martha. She enjoys being mostly with Carl and she is easily satisfied with anything that's fun. Shortly aft- er graduation she plans to add "MRS" to her name. Swimming Club 1,2 . , , Y-Teens 3 . . . Pub- licity Comm. 3 . . . Bowling Club Sec. 3 . . . Prom Comm. 4. CORLE, THOMAS RICHARD CONELY, KERRY J. He u'ill be able to get the very most out of life. Kerry is a quiet guy but very nice to have as a friend. He likes most anything out-of-doors, especial- ly if it includes hunting and fishing. His plans for the future are to ob- tain more schooling and later a job. Picnic Committee 4. COOPER, GENEVIEVE Never take no for-an ansu'er. Called "Jenny" by her friends, this cute and short gal is always full ol pep. She and Ray are found wher- ever there is fun, Conceited people aggravate Jenny the most. This fall she will be college bound, Pep Club 1, 2 . . .Traditions Committee 2 . . . Election Board 3 . . . Jr. Ring Com- mittee 3 . . . Pom Poms 3... Senior Gift Committee 4 . . . Nomi- nating Convention 4. The longer you know him the more you like him. Known as "Tom" on campus, he's a swell guy to have as a friend. Be- ing with Bea pleases him most, while most aggravating are slow drivers. To be a photographer for the Air Force is Tom's goal after graduation. Baseball 2 . . . Track 1. COX, JEFFEREY CLIFFORD Sincere and friendly, Jeff makes friends wherever he goes. One of Mt. Miguel's most out- standing basketball players, Jeff al- ways has a smile and hello for everyone. Anything including sports, dancing and "Janice", are his favor- ite ways to spend his free hours. Most distracting to Jeff are people who are constantly reminding him his car is dirty. Plans for the future will be college. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Prom Committee 4. DAWSON. JEAN Personality shines through her short and su'eet u'ith a smile. Short and sweet with a smile, a lively, witty personality help to de- scribe Jean. Every Tuesday and Thursday night you'll find her in front of the television set watching "Huckleberry Hound". Unpunctual people displease Jean the most Hopes for the future is to go to J.C. Student Council 1, 2 . . . Y-Teens 2 . . . Prom Committee 4 CRAIG, DOUGLAS GEORGE His stature may he small, but within is a mighty man. We know him as "Doug", a hard working guy during track season. Stepping on his competition's feet irritates him most of all. Meeting girls he doesn't know takes up most of his spare time. After graduating Doug will make San Diego State his home. Track 1, 2, 3, 4 . , . Letter- man's Club 4 . . . Ditch Day Com- mittee 4. DEFORREST. GARY R. Garyfs broucn eyes anrl rlark hair makes the girls all stop and stare. Pleasing to know, Gary is a good- looking guy well known to many. Building his roadster and thinking about a certain little brunette occu- pies his spare time. Loud mouth people are his special dislike, He is undecided whether to enter college or the service this fall. Student Council , 2 . . , Track 2, 3, 4 , .. Nominating Convention 2 . . . Gift Comm, 4. CONLEE, JOHN WAYNE The only way to get to the top of the ladder of success is to start climbing. John was our outstanding A.S.B. President this year. He is a hard worker and has done a terrific job supporting many of Mt. Miguel's activities. He claims his favorite pastime is sleeping which corre- sponds with his pet peeve of work- ing. Plans for the future include some college up the coast. Chess Club 1, 2. . . Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 . .. Baseball 1 . . .Tennis 2, 3, 4. ..Sci- ence Club 2, 4 . , . Marching Band 3, 4 . . . Concert Band 3, 4 . . , Pep Band 3 . . . CSF. 3, 4. . . Leadership Conf. 3, 4 . . . A.S.B. President 4. COOPER, RADA LAROYCE Soft .spoken plus sparkling red hair. LaRoyce, with her never fading friendly smile, made a very attrac- tive addition to our campus. She did a terrific job as one of our peppy songleaders. Dancing, songleading and being with Johnny is included in what she calls fun. A business college or maybe J.C. are her plans for this fall. Pep Club 1, 2 . . . Nominating Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4...Flag Corp 2...Cape Corp Lieutenant 3 ...Y-Teens 3...Election Board 3 ...Leadership Conference 3, 4... Songleader 4 . . .Gift Committee 4. COWAN, JAMES Looks and personality . . . What more can you ask for? Jimmy, just coming to us this year from El Caion, has made an instant hit on our campus. Going over to Nancy's takes up most of his free time, while homework proves to be his most annoying subject. In September, Jim hopes to be in college studying toward the electron- ics field. House of Representatives 1 ...Swim and Skate Club 1 .... Stu- dent Council 2, 3 . . . Class Council 2, 3... Football 2, 3 . . . Baseball 2, 3, 4. . . Picnic Committee 4. DENLINGER, LINDA ANN Through her expressive eyes her soul distinctly spoke. Linda is known for being very un- predictable, yet still is ready to lend a helping hand to her many friends. Most distracting to her is unco- operative people. College will be in- cluded in her plans after graduation. Future Teachers 1, 2 . . . Student Council 1 . . . Pep Club 2 . , . Speech 3, 4 . . . Decoration Com- mittee 3 . . . Proscenium Players 4 . . . Senior Play Chairman 4. DIAL, JAMES EARL He never has the heart to dis- agree. Jim is known to be quiet and sincere, always getting along with everyone. The activities he enjoys in his free time includes fishing and hunting. Homework is his major aggravation. Jim hopes to attend college in .the fall. J.V, Football 3. DILLEY, RUTH ANN Always smiling. always rhrfer- ful, she is reliable and ea- pable of filling any position assigned her. Ruth has a special way of getting along with everyonep she is a most capable girl with many outstanding abilities. "Ronnie" is her only out- side interest and after a mid-term graduation she became a "Mrs.". Chalk Dusters 1 . . . Flag Corp 2 . . . Annual Staff 3 . . . Associated Editor-in-Chief 4 . . . Senior Key Committee 4. DEVIN, THOMAS RAY No one knows what he can do until he tries. Everyone calls him "Tom", a quiet guy with a honest personality. His outside time is spent mostly watch- ing movies and dancing. Serious minded people displease him most. College or Trade School will be Tom's goal after graduating. Bowling Club 3. DIAZ, JACK EDWARD His time i.s his own and no one elses. Jack is a friendly and heartwarm- ing guy who spends most of his free time with any type of sport. Instead of college in the fall, he plans on joining the Air Force. Base- ball 1,4...C.S.F. 1,2,4... Football 1, 4 . . . Basketball Man- ager 4. DODDRIDGE, VERDA JEAN A wonderful llliss, cute and sweet this little gal COT1'f be beat. We call her "Verda" . . . popular with everyone, she is a gal with per- sonality plus. She worked hard to build up school spirit as a song- leader. Likes to spend her pastime dancing or writing to Bob, and she claims her best friend, Karol, is her pet peeve, San Diego J.C. will be her goal this fall. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . . Student Council 1 . . . Election Board 1 ...Pom Poms 2. . .Fan Corp Lieutenant 3 . . . Min Tiders 2 Junior Council 3 . . . Girls League Secretary 3 . , . Junior Ring Commit- tee 3 . . . Songleader 4 . . . Picnic Committee 4 . , . Leadership 3, 4. DURHAM, CILBERTA LEE Always gay. she's net-er in- truding in anyones way. Called Gilberta by everyone. she is one of our most likeable and friendlier girls. When outside school she likes to spend her time exercis- ing her horses. Most upsetting to Gilberta is to see Jim angry. Some type of clerical work and later marriage are her plans after grad- uation. Rocking "G" Riders 1, 2 . . . Fan Corp 3 . . . Fan Corp Lieut. 4. DIMPEL, JANEANE E. I'm small. . . but so is a stick of dynamite. Janeane, always full of fun and pep, is a gal with a most terrific personality. She is the life of any group, always thinking of some- thing new. Janeane has a most in teresting pet peeve, her false tooth. After a mid-term graduation she at- tended college. Freshmen Class Vice- President 1 . . . Speech 2, 3, 4 . . . Assistant Cheerleader 3 . . . N.F.L. 2 . . . Key Committee 4. DREW, PAUL WILLIAM He is a boy with simple taste, not loud or over-dressed. Paul may appear to be quiet, but don't judge a book by its cover. He is usually found having fun, which most always includes girls, movies, swimming and his '54 Ford. Paul's plans for the future is to make San Diego State his new home. Senior Privileges Committee 4. DUTTON. CHARLES FRANK There are none like him if there were, trouble would cease. This tall lad is called "Chuck" by his friends and is a pleasing guy to know. Working on cars and motor- cycles occupies most of his time. and weekend homework aggravates him most. J.C. is included in Chuck's plans after graduation. E.C.V.H. 1, 2 . . . Bowling Club 1, 2 . . . Senior Privilege Committee 4. 26 EDELL, WILLIAM CARL A cooperative guy ready Ia work at anytime or anything. Bill puts a lively spark on campus and always has a hello for everyone. This lad loves sports especially golf, swimming, and tennis. His hard work these past years has been preparing him for college this fall. Tennis 1, 2. 3 Grossmont Christmas Pageant 2 . . . Honor Aisle 3 . . C.S.F. Vice- President 4 . . . Science Club 4 . Senior Privilege Committee 4 ELLROTT, BEVERLY ANN Good character is the result of good conduct. Bev, one of our mid-term graduates. came to us from Mt. Empire High this year where she was one of their more active girls. Seen most of the time "yaking," she hates boys who move away to islands. After Bev's graduation in lanuary she plans to attend Beauty College. Cheerleader 2, 3 . . . F.H.A. 1, 2 . . . Student Council 2, 3, 4 . , . Class Secretary 2, 3 . . . Graduation Committee 4. EPPERSON, BRENDA KATHERINE Studious of ease and fond of humble things. Brenda, a quiet gal, but always eager to do her share. To have fun during her spare time is her motto. Her long time ambition has been to major in education after graduating from high school. C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 .. . Future Teachers Club 1, Secre- tary 2, Vice-president 3 . . . Pep Club 2 . . .Speech 2, 3 . . . Nom- inating Convention 2 . . . N.F.L. 3, 4 . . . Tradition Committee Chairman 3 . . . Baccalaureate and Graduation Co-chairman 4 . . . Gavel Club Vice- president 4 , . . A.S.B. Play 4. ELA, DIANA JEANETTE Slou' to agree, hut quick Io act. Diana likes to enjoy herself and can usually be found doing so. Work doesn't really bother her, it is just the lack of time for it, that does. She plans to go to college after graduation. Modern Dance Club 1 Junior Achievement 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Decoration Com- mittee 3 . . . C.S.F. 4 . . . Gradu- ation and Baccalaureate Committee 4. ENTREKIN, TOMMAS FRED Silence is true icisdoms best reply. Tom is a quiet individual with a very pleasing personality. He likes anything connected with sports, es- pecially basketball and football. His hope for this fall is some type of college education. Advanced Biology Club 2 . . . German Club 3, 4. FAUCHER, JEANNETTE NAOMA She has friends because she is one. We call her Jeanie, a sweet and friendly gal describes her perfectly. Her main and only hobby is "Vince." She claims that little brothers who constantly forget their football shoes is most aggravating to her. lr, Col- lege and later marriage will be lean's goal after graduating. Girls' League 1, 2 . . . Mixed Chorus Z ...Choir3,4...Y-Teen's3... Service Committee3 . Announce- ment Committee 4. FINNEY. ELIZABETH JEAN Each man for himself and the devil for all. Called "Betty" by her friends. she has accomplished, through hard work, a three year graduation. lust plain fun takes up most of her time, while men drivers irritate her most, Betty plans on l,C. in Septem- ber. Council 1 . , . Tumbling Club 2 4 . . . Rocking "G" Riders 2 . . . Swimming Club 2 . . Girls' Glee 2 ...Journalism 4. ESTES, PENELDPE LEE Quiet and unassuming, but always on the job. Known as "Penny" to her friends, she is an active and enjoyable girl to know. lt seems that she spends most of her time keeping out of trouble and having fun. Shy boys and wearing shoes annoy her most. Penny's home after graduation will be Cal-Western, majoring in educa- tion. Girls' League Election Board 3 . . . Pep Club 1 . . . Social Service Committee 2 . . . Gavel Club 3, Sec- retary 4 . . . N.F.L. 3, 4 . . . A.S.B. Play 4 . . . Baccalaureate and Grad- uation Committee 4 . . . A.S.B. Nominating Committee 4 . . . Prosce- nium Players 4 . . . Thespians 4 . . . Student Council 4. FINCH, CAROL LAVON As full of spirit as the month of Jllay. Short and lively, Carol is always on the go. She likes to spend her free time dating and shopping with money. Lockers that won't open is her major aggravation. This fall Carol's new home will be l.C. Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4 . , . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . . Student Council 3, 4 . . . Assembly Planning Committee 4 . . . Gift Committee 4 . . . Banquet Com- mittee 4. FIPPS, JUDY LORRAINE Bright is her face with smiles. This dark haired gal, entertaining to know, is seen most of the time having fun with "loe." While tall, temperamental boys tend to be her main annoyance. ludy's ambition after June is l.B,M. School, Student Council 2 . . . Cap and Gown Com- mittee 4 GALE, LARRIE Hfilling to ll'0f'lI and do his shrine. Larrie, cheerful and never bother- ing to worry about his problems, can usually be found listening to music. People who fail to understand others is very bothersome to him. Medical school or a music teacher are Larrie's future, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Or- chestra 2, 3, 4 . . ASB. Play 4. GARCIA, SHERI ANNE Light of heart, young and Elly, only to lim' mzothvr day, This cute gal, is known for her cheerful and peppy personality Wherever there is fun and laughter Sheri will be. Most distracting to her is people who make you loose faith in them, The future includes for her a trip to ltaly with Rosann. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . . Student 1, 3 .Inter Club Council 2 . , . Duchesses 2 Banquet Committee4 , Homecom- ing Princess 4 GIARDE. lEFFREY LYLE His personality irill help him reach the peak. his ambition will finish the climb leff, known to be friendly and intelligent, was voted by his senior class most likely to succeed, lust having a good time is his motto, though poor sportsmen irritate him most leff's future ambition is to be a dentist Track 2, 3 , . Football 2 .,.CS.F. 3. 4 .. Veep of Spanish Club 3. Service Committee 3 . Key Club 4, Gift Committee Chair' man 4. , . Secretary Men of Miguel 4 . , . Student Council 4 . Letter' man's Club 4. GELDRElCH. EDWARD ROBERT Hr' liivfs vclch llrry as it VUIIZVS hopii1gfor'tlzr'b1's!. Eddie an easy going guy with a great ability for working on cars. Dating, cars, and motorcycles are tops on his list of pastimes. His most annoying pet peeve is "cops" After graduation he has many plans which include to travel around, go to college, work and later marriage Radio Electric 1. GRADY. PATRlClA EARLEEN A riwcfrif holfimws wifi' izzvwfs with friends. Pat can be heard around the campus saying "Might as well, can't dance." Most of her spare time is spent with a certain guy named "Tom" Future plans include attend- ing nurses school but she says "Who knows7" Girls' Track Team 2 Swimming Team 3 . Privileges 4. FOSS, JACQUALYNE lOYCE She and happiness wall? ham! in hand. Better known as Jackie, she has done a job excellent enough to be proud of as editorfin-chief of the El Trovador. Her spare-time is spent chiefly with "Danny" and taking trips. Following her graduation in June, Jackie will be working and then later on getting married. CSF. 2. 3, 4 . . .Y-Teens 2 . . . Nom. Conv. 2, 3, 4 . . . Honor Aisle 3 . . . Quill and Scroll 3, 4 . . Asst, News Editor El Trovador 3 . . . Newspaper Corr. 3, 4 . . . Cuyamaca Conf. 3 . . . Banquet Comm. 4 . . . Editor-in-Chief El Tro- vador 4. FREEMAN. MARLENE LOUISE firwrll fJl'I'.SUllS rirrf uhh' to rlo grwrit lsirirlmfss. Marlene can easily be recognized by her beautiful long hair, This active gal possesses a warm and friendly personality. Marlene enjoys being with Glenn and after graduation plans to marry. Hill Howlers 2 . . . Y-Teens 3 . . . Homemaking Council 4. FOSTER, ROBERT H. Each man for himself arzrl Ihr' rlvril for all. ln or out of school, Bob is known for always being full of mischief and fun. He likes the out-ofedoors and spends a lot of his time hunting, His future ambition is to become a plumber. Football 4. FULLERTON, DARLENE KAY If you try hrrrrl, you iiill .sur- ivwrl al rmylhing. Darlene is a tall and cheerful ad- dition around campus. Favorite pas- times are sleeping, eating, and hav' ing fun, her pet peeves are party poopers and short boys, After gradu- ation her goal will be business col- lege. Previous school class secretary 1 . . . Treasurer 2 . . . President 3 . . . Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . , F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . ASB. Dance Com' mittee 4 , . Girls' League 4. GARCIA, EFREN CHARLES Hr' lives r'c1r'h day as il comes, This tiny guy is known for his quiet and unassuming ways. For out- side enioyments he likes to play football, and watch television. It seems Efren's hardest task is being good. This fall he plans are to loin the service. Track 1 . . . Band 2 . . . Boys' Glee 3 . . . Football 3 . . Wrestling 3 . . . Choir 4. HADZIMA, ALFRED JOHN Little men grow big. Called "Butch," this neat and good looking guy made many friends at Miguel. Since he's short, he has a very fitting pet peeve of tall girls. The Air Force Academy will be his main ambition after lune. Track 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .Wrestling 3, 4 . ,. Nominating Convention 3, 4 . . . Graduation Usher 3 . . . Key Club 4 . . . Cap and Gown Committee 4. HARLAN, ANNA LEE Happy and small liked by all. This little gal has a spark that gets things done. She likes having fun but mostly being with Frank. Anna dislikes boys who think they are "God's gift to women." After graduation, she plans to go to col- lege and major in education, Class Council 1, 2 . . . Student Council 1, 2 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . , Bible Club 1, veep 3 . . . Election Board 2, 3 . . . Nominating Convention 2, 3, 4, . . Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . , Graduation and Baccalau- reate Committee 4 . . . Commissioner of Alumni and Records 4 . . , Choir 4. HARRIMAN, AMY JEANNETTE Sweetness, truth and every grave, are distinctly in her fare. Called lean by all of her friends. this cheerful gal came to us from Helix. Her favorite pastimes are reading, miniature golf with the girls, and writing letters. Plans for the fall include going to night school, working and traveling. Secretary of Science Club 1 , , . Treasurer ot Bible Club 1 , . .Annual Club 2 . , . Cheerleader 1 , . Student Council 3. HARP, PATSY KAREN A little of everything, well blended. Known as Pat, she possesses such a friendly smile and laughing eyes you can't help but be her friend. Pat's most important hobby is na- turally "Ronnie." After that long awaited diploma she plans to work and soon marry. Y-Teens 1 . . . Key Committee 4. HAYMAN. PAUL N. An easy minded soul. and al- ll'C1j'S !t'US. Paul. a quiet but friendly guy, claims that his favorite pastimes are bowling, eating and spending money and that hc hates hard English teach' ers and know it alls. Paul's future plans include entering the Air Force, Football 1, 2 . . . Bowling Club 1 ...Student Council 1, 2 .. Spanish Club 1 . , Baseball 2 . . Annual Staff 2 . . . Gift Committee 4 GRAHAM, PATRICIA RUE A more beautiful maiden you will searcely find endowed with all the graves of human' kind. Pat, sweet and graceful, has made a score of friends during this year at Miguel. With her ready smile and open heart you can't help but be her friend. Her fiance "Randy" is na- turally her favorite pastime and after graduation they plan to be married, Student Council 1, 2 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2 . . . Nominating Convention 3. GUDMUNDSON, LINDA DIANNE The girl who smiles is the girl worth while. Linda, a gal with a most bubbling and energetic personality, is never seen without a smile. She added a sparkling addition as a songleader this year, Her chief outside pastime is dancing, and her chief distraction is working. College will be her new home this fall. Foothill Echoes 1 . . . El Trovador Business Manager 3 , , . News Editor 4 . . . Songleader 4. GREENLEE, FRANK V His poliey in life is to be a friend to all. This cheerful and ambitious lad can be found where there is fun. His sparetime is spent mostly playing his guitar and of course, Anna. Frank is most annoyed by hot rod- ders, College and later the Air Force are his next steps. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 , . . Wrestling 1.2, 3,4 . . . Boys' Glee 3 . . . Choir 4. GULLIKSON, KAY DIANE Daintiriess, quaintness, and quietness give her a most pleasing individual touch. Kay, who possesses a sweet and genial personality, spends most of her time eating and square dancing. People who don't do their share is her major aggravation. Kay plans to attend Davis School of Veterinary Medicine after graduation in lune. C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Art Club 1, Sec. 2 . . . Spanish Club 3 . , . International Club 3 . . . Announce- ments Committee Chairman 4. HARDY, RICHARD MINOR Life is too important a thing to ever talk seriously about. This is a perfect theme line for Richard because anyone can tell you, he is never serious or quiet. His favorite pastime is making money and he says he really dislikes slow drivers. Richard's future plans are simply to get a job. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Wrestling 2, 3 . . . Cap and Gown Committee 4. HAYWORTH, BONNIE RUTH It's always better to smile than to frown. Known as Ruthie by her many friends, she likes most to be with Jim. Her pet peeve is tests she doesn't study for. After graduation, Ruthie plans to add a Mrs. to her name. B.A.A. 1 . . . Hillhowlers 2 , , . Key Committee 4. HEISERMAN, DANIEL RAY He lives each day as it comes hoping for the best. Called "Dan" by all, his great ability at speech brought much honor to our school. Speech and dancing to Glenn Miller's music rates high with him. His major dislike are people who pretend they're something they aren't. His future goal is to enter the ministry. Cross Country 1, 2 . . . Speech 3, 4 . . . Choir 4 . . . A.S.B. Play 4. . . Sr. Play 4. HENTON, REFORD SCOTT His secret is self confidence. Redford is a dependable guy with time for work and time for play. Outside school he likes to go camp' ing and to dances. Anyone with a poor sense of humor is his main aggravation. After lune his ambi- tion will be to go into the field of electronics. Library Club 1, 2 . . . Science Club 4. HEIDICK, ROSANN Always happy, always gay, she goes on making the world glow day by day. Rosann adds life and spark to any group. She possesses a personality which makes her liked by everyone. Parties and dancing are included in what she calls fun. Most annoying to Rosann are people who are cone stantly rushing around. After gradu- ation a trip to Italy and later college are her plans. Student Council 1, 2, 3 . , . Y-Teen 1, 2 . , . Nominating Convention 1, 3 . , . Pep Club 1 . , . Duchesses 2 . . . Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Prom Committee 4. HELLEMANSEN, NORMAN KARL A happy guy with many friends. This fun-loving guy is well liked by all. Big and husky, it's natural that he should like to spend lots of time eating. He doesn't care for school for some strange reason. Nor- man plans to enter the service after graduation. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . , Baseball 1 . . . Key Club 4 . . , Wrestling 1, 2 , . . Nominating Con- vention 3 . . . Student Council 3. HEWITT, JUDY LYNNE Where there's sunshine and happiness, Judy will be. This lively little gal is well known for her long black hair, While ever waiting for Mike, she enjoys writing letters to him. In the near future she plans to be married. HIBBARD, CAROLN LUCILLE She's full of life and full of fun. Called Carol, this dark-headed bundle of joy will go through life with a host of friends because of her friendly and magnetic personality. Tops with her are eating tocos and listening to Chris Conners. She has a different pet peeve of disliking "sane" people. This fall she'll take a trip to Alaska and probably enter a J.C. there. Y-Teens 1. ..Hi-Fiettes 2 . . . Starliters 2 , . . School Serve ice Committee 3 . . . Cadence Corps 4 . . , Announcement Committee 4 . . . Good Grooming Comm. 4. HERTEL, MARIE LEE The mildest manners, the gen- tlest heart. Marie, with her warm and honest personality, is a gal admired by all. She likes to enjoy herself by playing records, playing sports or spending money. Anyone who doesn't practice what they preach is high on her list of pet peeves. After graduation her next step will be a job working in the bank. Home-Ettes 3, 4 . . . Y-Teen 3 . . . Friendship Committee 4 . , . Privilege Committee 4, HEYOB, PATSY MARIE She's not as quiet as she ap- pears. Pat, a pleasing and sweet girl to know, spends most of her time horseback riding, buying records, and thinking of that certain someone. Her major irritation is men with beards. Pat's foremost ambition is to own a ranch in Texas. Y-Teens 3 . . . Privilege Committee 4. HILLIARD, HELEN SUE Girls must laugh and girls must smile. Sue, as she is called by everyone. is a very busy girl whose favorite pastimes are a certain guy and her clarinet. Oddly enough "Peggy" dis- turbes her most. Sue's future plans are to go into nurse's training. Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2 , . . Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . . Future Teachers 2 . , . Future nurses 2, 3, 4 . . . Election Board 2 . , . Graduation Committee 4 . . , Nominating Convention 4. HOBSON, SUSAN NANCY Hon' sweetly pounds the waive of a good zroman. Sue, as she is known by her many friends, enjoys being with her fiance H.D. Her pet peeve is "show-offs." Sue is planning on college and later marriage. Min Tidiers 1, 2 . . . Tumbling Team 1, 2 . . Swimming Club 1 . . . Girls League 1, 2 . . . Student Council 1, 2, 3 . . . Nom Convention 2 . . . Specialties 3. HOMUTH, RONALD GORDON lVhatet'er is u'0rth doing is uiorth doing u'ell. Called Ron by all, this popular guy was seen cheerleading at our various sports activities. Tops on his list of pastimes are rock climb- ing and mountaineering. His future is undecided, but we can be sure that whatever he does will be done well and will end successfully. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Student Council 1, 2 . . . Nom. Convention 2, 4 . . . Track 3 . . . Ensemble 3, 4 . . . Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . Head Cheerleader 4. HUMES, CECIL GEORGE A boy with quiet dignihed manners and a loyal heart. Cecil is liked by all, because of his warm and congenial personality. His favorite way of having fun is to go swimming and water skiing. Most distracting to Cecil's everyday life is his sister's cat. His hopes for the fall is to enter a college. Student Council 2 . . . Track 3, 4 . . . An- nouncement Comm. 4 . . . Letter- men's Club 4. HOLOMAN, MARCHA LEE ROY Easy to laugh and fun to lrnou: Marcha, a gal with a pleasing smile, was one of our mid-term graduates this year. In any time available she enjoys dancing and bowling. Being a secretary is Mar- cha's future ambition YfTeens 1. 2 . . . Student Council 1. HORSMAN. LYNN Lynn has rt gentle heart and cz faee that radiates its hind- ITVSS. This gal with personality and looks, came to us this year. She gained many new friends by her easy-going way. ln any time available she en- joys walking and reading. "Old ladies" seem to be Lynn's chief an- noyment. After graduation she hopes to attend college. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Girl's League 1 , . . Annual Staff 2. HUTTON. LARRY A friend. a ehunz, a good sport too, a loyal pal tlzrough and through. This good looking athlete is very well known at M.M. Believe it or not, his favorite pastime is not wrestling or football as most would expect, but fishing seems to please him most. Larry also enjoys eating. Something that really irritates him is girls who smoke. Next year we'Il probably find Larry at college. Foot- ball 1, 2, 4 . . . Baseball 1, 2, 3 . . . Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Key Club 2, 3. JASPERS. DIANNE LEE HAGAN Her heart has gone and u'e lsnou' ulzere. Dianne is a pleasant girl with a winning personality to match. Eat ing pizza, parties and dancing, but most of all "Johnny" are Dianne's chief interests. Most upsetting to her is a certain red, convertible, '55 Studebaker. Her plans for the future is to make Johnny the best wife ever. Highland Hepsters 1, 2 . . . Swim- ming Club 3 . . . Student Council 4 . . . Prom Comm. 4 . . . A.S.B. Dance and Assembly Planning Comm. 4 HURDLE. MARILYN JOYCE Beauty should be kind, as u'ell as Pharm. Known as Joyce, she's a girl with sparkling eyes that are always full of fun. That certain someone named "Don" is especially her favorite out- side interest. Her future plans, like many, is marriage. Girl's League 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . School Service Comm 3 . . . Cape Corps 4 . . . Student Council 4 . . . Choir 4. ILES. LEONA Her sparkling eyes reveal an energetic heart. This active little girl is known well by her sweet smile and honest sincerity. She likes to pass the time working with her church groups and being with that special someone. Leona dislikes not being on time. Her future plans are to serve the Lord. Frosh. Rep, 1 . . . Tumbling 2 ...Bible Club 4. JASPERS. JOHN RONALD An all-around pal liked by all, Called 1.1. by everyone, this friendly lad makes friends wherever he goes. Without his laughing ways school would have been without fun. A certain little gal named "Dianne" takes up all of l.J.'s spare time. Hopes for the future are to attend a college and take up drafting. As- toria High Class Pres, 1 . . , Football 1, 2, 3. 4 . . . Basketball 1, 3 . ,. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .Class Veep 3 ...Key Club 3, Sec. 4. Lt -rr.: JONES, DOROTHY MARIE Happy anrl gay all through the rlay, Dottie, cheerful and pleasant to have as a friend, spends most of her time with the guy she considers just about tops . . . "Ronnie" Noth- ing bothers her more than Chevy's and little brothers, Dottie's future will include being a good wife and later on entering J.C. Christmas Pageant 2 , . . Red Robe Choir 2 , , , Y-Teens 2 . .. HieFiettes 2 . .. Concert Choir 3. 4 . . . Mixed Eng semble Choir 4 , . . Privilege Com- mittee 4, JONES, PATRICIA ANNE One fonrl of listening rather than talking. 'Tho Pat is quiet, her loyal heart makes her a true friend. Fun for her includes sports and parties, while no fun includes her physics homework After that long awaited diploma she plans to seek a job and perhaps later enter college, Or' chestra 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . CSF. 1, 2,3 . , Announcement Committee 4. KANEKO. TSUNEYO FERNANDO A happyego-luchy fellow, sin- cere, understanding. and cap- able of doing the impossible. Everyone knows him as Sunny, he was voted Friendliest in the Senior Class. Came to us in his Jr. year since then has made a score of friends. He claims his favorite pastime is patching wrestling mats and as he is an excellent wrestler this prob' ably holds true. For the future his ambition is to make the Olympic Wrestling Team Key Club 3, Treas. 4 . . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . . Leadership Conference 3. 4 . . . Lettermens Club 3, 4 . . AS.B. Vice-Pres 4 . . Nominating Convention 4 . . Inter-Club Council 4 . Gift Com- mittee 4. 1 JORGENSEN, ERNA ELISE Noble in every thought and flrwl. Erna, a hard worker with a spark that gets everything done, spends all time available listening to classical music, reading, and sports. Anything to do with Rock 'n Roll music dis- pleases her very much, Her plans are to find some kind of secretarial job and later take a trip to Denmark. CSF. 4 . . . Cap and Gown Com- mittee 4 . . Spanish Club 4. KEMPTON. JAMES GERRY Today is the best day there is. but tomorrou' will be better. Better known as Jim, he is a great guy to know with a very hon- est personality. The one and only "Mickey" and working on cars are his greatest enjoyments and when it comes to pet peeves homework beats them all. J.C. will be his new home this September. JENKINS, DAVID MONTANA Br' :riser than other people if you 1-an, but do not tell them S0. Called Dave by his many friends, this friendly lad is well liked by all who know him, He spends his free time working on cars, but also enjoys sports. He especially dislikes women drivers. Dave's future includes Junior College. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. . . Bas' ketball 1, 2 . . . Baseball 1 . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . . Nominating Conf vention 3 . . . Lettermen's Club 3, 4 . . . Key Club 4 . Picnic Com' mittee 4, JOHNSON, BOB .ily best pal is my var, al- though I do have others. Bob, an enjoyable guy to know, spends most of his time working on his car. Plans after graduation in June include a masters degree in Math. 'P JERNIGAN, PETE D. Football man, baseball man basketball man, and last but not least, a ladies man. Goes by P.D. Food or "Diane" please him most while second guess- ers disturb him most. His ambition after June will be college and Pro- Football. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . , Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3 . . . Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4 . , . Student Council 1, 2, 4 . . . Nominating Convention 1, 3, 4 . . Track 2 , . . Letermens Club 2, 3, 4 . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . . La Mesa Hi- Y 2 . . . Class Council 3 . . . Prom Committee 4 , . . Key Club 4. JOHNSON, LARRY Alzuzys gay and irllling to rlo anything to make others the Slllllf' Ilffly. Tall and good looking, this ambi- tious and energetic lad is very well liked by all. Larry claims his favorite pastimes are sports and speech. Larry's future plans include college college and possibly a teaching ca- reer. Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 . , , Basket' ball 1, 2, 3 , . . Gavel Club veep 3, 4 . . . Lettermen's Club 4 . , . Pros' cenium Players 4 . , . Thespians 4 , . . Key Club 4. . . N.F.L 4. JONES, CLARKE LLOYD A little fellori' with a pr'r.so1i- ality that wins many frrvrrrls. This friendly lad came to us this year from Grossmont. He is well liked by all who know him. Clark en- joys outdoor sports, but dislikes snobs. He plans to go on to college in the fall. Marching 1, 2 . . . Con- cert Band 1, 2 , . . Student Council 1, 3 . . .Class Council 2 . . . Nom' inating Convention 3 . . . Key Club 4. . . Choir 4 . . . Prom, Comm. 4. I fi 1 LANDRUM, WALTER W. Life is what you make of it. Walter, known for his quiet and unassuming personality, is a good pal to many. During his free hours he is usually seen driving his '55 Ford. JC. will be Walter's new home after graduation. Student Council 1. LANTZ, WAYNE Hr, who is Iall saws all. Wayne, a boy who possesses a warm and friendly personality is usually seen tinkering on his car or driving it. He has a very fitting pet peeve of having a bottom locker. To go on to college and later the Air Force are Wayne's future plans. LAWTON. PAT Radiant hair mahes this young lady fair. Pat is easily recognized by her beautiful, long, red hair. Great to have as a friend, she's always full of fun. Being with Ronnie is what she enjoys the most, and her pet peeves are people who lie and are two-faced. Future plans include working hard and having a nice time doing it. LATULIPPE, JERRY A. Farrffrrw and easy going. he is well liked by all. Red hair and laughing eyes de- scribes Rusty, as he is known to his friends. Being with a certain girl and working on his car take up all of this lad's spare time. Most annoying to him is a guy that drives around in "Daddy's car". This Sep- tember he will be college bound. Football 2. LINDSLEY. GLORIA JEAN lt's good to be merry and also Gloria, who possesses a very friendly and sincere personality, is a welcome sight around campus. During her spare time Gloria enjoys dancing, studying, and going out with boys. Nothing annoys this girl more than sloppy people. Next in Gloria's life will be to be a beauti- cian and later go to Acapulco. Y- Teens 1, 2 . . . Cap and Gown Comm. 4. KILCREASE. TARY E. Is shi- not passing fair? Tary, an enjoyable and pleasant gal to know, made an attractive ada dition to our campus. Being with Ron will make Tary happiest of all. Her main complaint of life is that there are too many conceited people Plans after graduation include for her, beauty college and later making a certain someone a permanent fix- ture. Y-Teens 1 . . . Bowling Club 1 . . . Decoration Comm. 3 . . . Cap 8. Gown 4 . . . Pom Pons 4. KUCALA. JANET A hrippgx'-go-liirlcy lass, with high stylr' class. We know her as Jan, this tiny blonde headed bundle of joy. She was one of our mid-term graduates. Jan is now one of our busy working gals. KNUTSON, JOE Qziiwl in his irays, but hall slay in our hwarls for many a days. Joe, quiet yet a pal to many, is a pleasant guy to know. When there's nothing else to do he likesustanding on the corners' '... doing you know what! His greatest displeasure is Mrs. Hall's tests. For the future has planned, well . . . who knows? Wrestling 2, 4 . . . Football 3, 4 . . . Sr. Play 4. LANCASTER. KAREN JANE SMITH Umar' a "Bliss," always a ".'lIrs," This sweet little gal was well missed after her mid-term graduaf tion. Always smiling and gay she brings sunshine wherever she goes. To make Karen angry just call her "Smitty". Her only goal is to be the best wife to her one and only "L" and raise a family. Artizans 2 . . Starliters 2 . . . Y-Teens 2, 3 . . Key Comm. 4. LANTZ, JO ANN Certainly a small, demure and sweet little girl. Cute and petite describes Jo Ann. When it comes to swimming, listen- ing to records and going to parties Jo Ann is eager and raring to go. After graduation this gal plans to attend Jr. College. Library Club 1 . . . Announcement Comm. 4 . . . Nominating Convention 4. LIPSCOMB, JERRY LEE A boy with such a friendly and pleasing personality that he is admired by all. This well-liked guy has such a win- ning personality that he makes friends wherever he goes. A certain little gal named Marilyn, and eating are lerry's favorite pastimes. His main displeasure this year was los- ing to Sweetwater. College will be his goal in September. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Student Council 1, 2 . . . lr. Class Pres. 3 , . . Honor Aisle 3 . . . Lettermen's Club 3, 4 . . . Key Club 3, Pres. 4 . . . Leadership Con- ference 3, 4 . . . Privilege Commit- tee 4. LOPEZ, GENE He says little but thats no sign he's not thinking. Gene, with his quiet but humorous ways, made many friends this year. He claims that he likes to pass his time playing games. The thick grass on our football field was Gene's only complaint. To attend l.C. is his fu- ture plans. Football 2, 3, 4 . . . Let- terman's Club 4 , . . Key Committee 4. LOTI, DONALD E. Willing to work and do his share. Don, quiet and cheerful, seems to enjoy working in his yard most of the time. His main irritation is to have homework on the weekends. After graduation Don plans on en- tering the service. Key Committee 4. LITTLE, DONNA LEE Shes got that never ending flow of Conversation. Donna, a darling gal with person- ality plus, known as being a gay and vivacious addition to any group. For enjoyment she likes to listen to progressive jazz and having just plain fun. Donna's main aggravation is "childish boys." After graduation she plans to attend college and later on be an airline hostess. Y-Teens 1, 2 . . . Hi-Fiettes 1 ...l.V. Cheer- leader Z. LORENZEN. NORMAN Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise. This tall, dark-haired lad has 2 thoughtful and sincere way with all. His greatest free time pleasures are mainly art, electronics, and reading. Like many Seniors he has a very low opinion of underclassmen. Nor- man has plans for attending l.C. this coming Sept. Radio Club 1, 2 . . . El Trovador Cartoonist 4 . . . Picnic Comm. 4. 'P' fag LUMPKIN, ELIZABETH Shes full of life and full of fun. Attractive with a sweet arid like- able personality are words for this gal. She spends all time possible with Mitch. People who act like something they aren't is displeasing to her, Either l.B.M. College or mar- riage are her future plans. Cheer- leader 1 . . . Pep Club 1 . Latin Club 1 . . . Girls League 1. 2, 3, 4. MALAVENDA. ANTHONY IOHN A little fellow with a person- ality all his own. Nicknamed Tony, this hard work- ing guy can always be seen having fun. Cars, the beach, shows, and one girl are the favorite pastimes of this fine fellow. Tony often regrets that he has no time for cars, the beach or shows, but his future plans definitely include one girl. Student Council 1, 2. LOUSTALET, MARY CELESTE Always laughing, always gay, she helps to sing your troubles away. Called Celeste by all, this lively gal brings laughter to any group. She likes most of all, to be with lohn, but doesn't like some fresh- men, and above all, serious people. Celeste's future includes lunior Col- lege. Swimming Club 1, 2 . . . Stu- dent Council 1, 2 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,4 . . . Highland Hepsters 1, 2 . . . Girl's Glee 1 . . . Nominating Convention 1, 2 . . . Choir 2, 3, 4 . . . Ensemble 3, 4 . . . Cuyamaca Conference 2, 4 . . . Girl's League Veep. 4 . . . Bonnie Lassies Sec. 2 . . . Election Board 4 . . . Prom Committee 4. MCGUIRE, CAROL .ilodesty is the beauty of a woman. Known by her long blond hair and attractive smile, Carol is a bright addition to our campus. ln her spare time Carol enjoys skating and dancing. She is annoyed by grouchy people. Carol includes l.C. and later marriage in her future. Swimming Club 1, 2 . . .Skating Club 1 . . . Key Committee 4. MAMMANO. CHRISTINE C'hris's congenial attitude pleases all who meet her. Chris seems quiet until you get to know her. A girl who likes having a good time would easily fit her. She dislikes conceited people very much. After graduating she plans to work with further plans for the near future to attend l.C. 33 MASHBURN, CAROLYN SUE Her bright and glowing beau- ty bring cheer to many. Sparkling eyes with radiant red hair describes Carol, She has a way of her own with a score of friends. To be with that special someone 'is her number one pastime. For some reason crooked seams are Carols main aggravation. After graduation she plans to work and as she puts it. "get as far away from school as possible." Y-Teens 3 . . . Good Grooming Comm. 3 . . . Dance and Assembly Planning Comm. 4. MATHIESON, KATHRYNE ANNE In each cheek appears a pretty dimple. If it's fun you want, Kitty has it. She seems to be annoyed by people who wear nurses shoes. In her spare time she likes to be with "Don", talk to Donna and write poems. When this gal graduates you'll see her with Don as his secretary and wife. Decorations Comm. Chairman 3 . . . lr. Council 3 . . . Cap 8 Gown Comm. Co-Chairman 4 . . . Sr. Coun- cil 4 . . . C.S.F, 4 MAYFIELD, RICHARD Quiet in all his ways and ye! a true and loyal friend. Richard, a friendly and interesting fellow to know, has a special en- joyment in amateur radio and play- ing tennis. Richard's driving ambi- tion is to be a physicist after col- lege. Chess Club 2 . . . Tennis Club 3, 4 . . . Science Club 4 . . . Bacc. Comm. 4. MATHEWS, GEORGE ALLEN .Yeillzer his smile or person- ality ever u'ear out. George is a friend to all and all are his friends. He likes spending his time working on his car and com- plains at having to quit for work. George plans on going to college following graduation. Football 1, 2, 3 . . . Track 1 . . . Baseball 2, 3, 4 . . . Hi-Y 2 . . . Nominating Conven- tion 3, 4 . . , Lettermens Club 3, 4 . .Key Club 4. . .Picnic Comm. 4. MATTHEWS. MARY MARGARET She has a quick u'it that en- ables her to make many friends. lust look for a girl with sparkling eyes and a freckly nose and you'll find Mary. She worked very hard this year as editor of our annual. Like a regular little Beatnik, she likes wearing her sweat shirt and tennis shoes. The future holds for her college and evantually marriage. Y-Teens 1, 2 , . . Student Council 2...Pom Pons2,3..,Girls League 2 . , . Annual Staff 3, Editor in Chief 4 . . . Class Council 3 . . . Nominating Convention 3, 4 . . . Prom Comm. 4. MEHLBERGER. CHARLES WILLIAM Good looks are a great recom- mendation in the business of mankind. This is Chuck, friendly, courteous, and kind giving him great popularity among his classmates. Easy living and college are in the future for Chuck. His pastimes are mainly "Carol" but also party times and food. Gossipers are Chuck's great- est aggravatlon. Nominating Conven- tion 1, 2, 3 . . . Picnic Comm. Chair- man 4. . . Key Club 4. . . Honor Roll 1. 2. MERRILL. SUSAN ANN Her love of hating a good time u'ill be remembered. Sue, a sweet and entertaining gal to know, plans to spend most of her time being a good wife to Dickie. Most aggravating to her is school. In her spare time she does enjoy driving the "Caddie" and "Gabbing." Sue hopes to attend beautician school in the very near future. Girls' League 2 . . , Y-Teens 2, 3 . . . Pom Pon Corp. 3 . . . Annual Staff 3 . . . Banquet Comm. 4. MEGLING, ROBERT CHARLES He dislikes no one and no one dislikes him. Someone really up in this world is Bob. Just look up and you see the head of this good looking guy bobbing up and down above the rest. He is a good athlete, a good guy. Little brothers bother him most. Bob is fun to be with and that could be because his favorite pastime is having fun. He wants to go to college and then . . . who knows? Baseball 2, 4 . . . Football 3, 4 . , . Basketball 3, 4 . . . Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . . Key Club 4 . . , Lettermen's Club 4 . . . Men of Miguel Pres. 4 . , . Nominating Convention 4. MENELEY, RICHARD A. A dependable guy with ener- gy to carry on at the most crucial time. Richard has a winning way with all. His easy-going personality is always popping up with some witty saying. Anything that's fun will please Richard, while having gum on the bottom of his shoe will displease him. To join the service is his next step after graduation. Football 1 . . , Track 1, 2 . , . Student Council 1 . . . Marston Conference 2 . . . Artizans 2 . . . Annual Staff 4 . . . Picnic Comm. 4. MILAN. JOE I never thing of the future it comes soon enough. Joe, is just what his name says, he is just an ordinary "Joe" He likes girls, like all loe's do, He says his pet peeve is homework, yardwork, any work. And of course, what Joe likes work? This Joe wants to be a confidence man. Have fun Joe? MONROE, MARY She speaks softly, but truly. A friendly gal with a pleasant personality describes Mary. She en- joys swimming and playing her gui- tar, but doesn't seem to care for stuck up people. After graduation, Mary plans to go on to business school and then work. Honor society 1...PepClub1...Choir1,2 . . . School Trio 1 . . . Athletic Ass'n. 2 . . . Senior Play Comm. 4 . . . Girls' League Social Service Comm. 4. MOUILLESSEAUX, JACQUELIN A tiny mite who graces our class with ease and dignity. Whether you prefer "Little Moo" or "Jackie", both names refer to this same gal. Her two pet peeves are dishonest people and people who crack their knuckles. After Jackie leaves high school she plans to work and then enter into a life-time part- nership with that "certain someone." Swimming Club 1 . . . Girls' Glee 1 . . . Y-Teens 1 . . . Pom Pom Corps 1, Lt. 3 . . . Nominating Conv. 2, 3 . . . Choir 2, 3, 4 . . . Annual Staff 3, 4 . . . Ensemble 3 . . . Robe Chair- man 4 . . . Election Board 4 . . . Sr. Privilege Comm. 4. MUYSKENS, RAY C. His personality is one that brings him instant favor. Ray, friendly and liked by many enjoys eating and being merry most of the time. Short girls tend to annoy him most of all. College is included in September for Ray. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Lettermen's Club 1, 2 .. . Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Rifle Club 1 . . . Key Club 2, 3 . . . Chess Club 3 . . . Science and Math Club 3 . . . Privilege Comm. 4. MUNN, JACKIE L. COSPER Good fortune comes to those who seek it. Jackie is one of our three gradu- ates who now spends her time with her husband, Bob. Her future plans focus around being a good wife and mother. While in school Jackie's pet peeves were school and people who didn't appreciate the "Top 40" tunes. Y-Teens 1. 2 . . . Tumbling 1, 4 . . . Journalism 4. NAGLE, KATHLEEN ANN If you succeed, it will be be- cause you did your best. Called Kathy by all, this little gal is well liked by all. She enjoys being with the "gang," but dislikes un- reasonable people. Kathy, included college and visiting the British Isles in her future plans. Spanish Club 1 . . A.S.B. Play 1, 2. 3 . . . Modern Dance Club 2 . . . Theater Guild 2 . . . Drama Club 3 . . . Senior Play 4 . . . One-act festival 3 . . . Proscenium Players 4. MILLER, JACQUELINE LEE When the disposition is friendly the face pleases. Known as "Jackie" by her many friends, she has a ready smile for all she meets. Jackie enjoys danc- ing, swimming and miniature golf to pass the time. Her pet peeve seems to be a certain brother who won't lend his sister his car. Jackie's future plans include modeling. Cape Corps 4 . . . Girls' League 3 . . . Prom Committee 4. MITCHELL, WILLIAM LEE Skill is stronger than strength. The name "Busy Bill" could well fit this young man. You find him taking pictures here, there, and everywhere! His ambition after going to college is to be a motion picture photographer. His pet peeve is "girls that pinch." Leadership Conference 2, 3, 4 . . . Nominating Convention 2, 3, 4 . . . Track 2 . . . Basketball 2...KeyClub3,4...Boys' Glee 3 . . . Graduation usher 3 . . . Choir 4 . . . Lettermen's Club 4 . . . Newspaper and Annual Pho- tographer 2, 3, 4 . . . Com. Ath. 4. MITCHELL, PAUL GEORGE I can say a neat thing mysel, if they will give me time. Black hair and black rimmed glasses walking with black hair and no glasses is Paul and Paul's favo- rite pastime. Besides being with Minnie he also likes to spend his time dancing and at the beach. Paul plans to go to J.C. and then on to college. Student Council 1 . . . Cross Country and Track 1 . , . Christmas Pageant 2 . . . Tennis 2 . , .Concert Choir 3, 4 . .. Thespians 3, 4 . . . A.S.B. Play 3 . . . Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . . one-act play festival 3 . . . Senior Play Comm. 4 . . . Cheer- leader 4 . . . Proscenium Players 4. MONAHAN, MARY ELIZABETH Silence may do good and can do little harm. Mary is an entertaining person to know. She spends most of her time reading and dating. Men with beards irritate her most of all. J.C. is included in Mary's plans for September. Y-Teens 3. MORENO, TONI CAROL If you hear a giggle, or see a grin, you'll know Toni's just walked in. Little Toni with the big ideas . . . for she is the one always thinking of something new and different. After graduation her plans are to attend J.C. and later Woodbury. Starlighters Veep 2 . . . Artizans 2 . . . Election Bd. 2, 3 . . . Y-Teens 2, 3 . . . Pres. 4. . . A.S.B. Dance 3 . . . Inter-Club Coun. 3 . . . Leadership Conf. 3, 4 . . . Comm. of Concessions 4 . . . Banquet Comm. Chairman 4 . . . Girls' League 3, 4 . , . Choir 3, 4. OCCHI, SUSANA GRACIELA Hier charming personality rnalws her loved and rulrnrrwl by all. Susana, our exchange student from Argentina, made an instant hit on our campus. With such a friend- ly and radiant personality as hers what else could happen. She will remain in the hearts of many after she leaves us, For eniovment Su- sana likes reading, watching movies, and sports, while her most distract- ing thought is math. Her ambition will be to finish her teaching career and later study medicine. Baccalau- reate and Graduation Committee 4 ... International Club 4. . . El Cuen- tito 4. OHLUND, BARBARA G. Sher rrialsrrs rnany fr'rr'nd.s u'1Ilz her uirzning jrwrsoriczlify. Cheerful and well-liked are words to describe this peppy gal. During the year she could be seen working hard at getting her deadline in for the Senior section. To be expected, Senior write-ups irritated her most of all. Her free time was taken up mainly going places with the "Les Joliesf' Barb plans on college to help toward her ambition as an Air- line Stewardess. Y-Teens 1, Z. 3 . . Swimming Club 1 . . Nominating Convention 1, 2, 3. 4 . , , Pom Pons 2, 3 . , Class Council 3 . . Leadership Conference 3. 4 , . Annual Staff 3, Sr. Editor 4 . , . Gift Comm 4 . . Songleader 4, ORLO. RONNIE JAMES 110 Irrrms waciz day Us II wrrrzws. This friendly and energetic lad ran track in all his high school days and did a fine job Ronnie enjoys spending his time at the beach and is annoyed when school keeps him from going He hopes to go on to college in the future and then join the service. Track 1, 2, 3, 4 . , . Football 2 . , . Cross Country 2 . . Wrestling 4. OLSEN, CHARLENE EVE .lly hltflff is rrzwr' UI your sr'r'i'u'v. The description tall, quiet, and sensible fit this good-looking gal. Liked by many Charlene tries to spend all her free hours with John. though she does enjoy listening to the Four Freshmen and eating pizza, A certain black '57 Chevy is her main objection. Charlene hopes to attend college for a year and then continue to be a good wife. Y-Teens 1, 2,3 . . , Swimming Club 1 , .. Highland Hepsters 1, 2 . . . Girls' League 3, 4 . . . Service Comm. 3 . . . ASB. Dance Comm. 4 . . . Announcements Comm 4, OSBORN. LLOYD A corrgfffriial !'UI7117!lI1l,071 mm' rm lzorrwst frrwrirf. Good-natured wit. that ever meets with friends, are words to describe Lloyd. This fine guy likes to pass his spare time by cruising around. He claims his pet peeve is '56 Chevy's. Lloyd has great hopes for the future they include . . . '59 Pontiac. mafia . . pg NELSON, PEGGY Shi' luis KI frirrnll for 4'f'l'l'.X' fr1'r'l.'lr'. Peggy, known for her peppy and bubbling personality, was a sparkling addition on our campus, She enjoys anything which includes fun and parties, High on her list of pet peeves are slow drivers. Her future plans are to go to beauty college and later marriage, Student Council 1, 2 . . , Freshman Council 1 . . . Pep Club 1. 2 . . . Y-Teens 1, Z . Nominating Convention 1, 3 . . . Flag Corps 2, 4 . . . Girls' League 2. 3 . . . Prom Committee 4 NICODEMUS. DOROTHY Slou' in Choosing a friend, bu! slower' in changing, Dorothy, friendly and kind to everyone, likes driving best of all. Most detesting to her are two-faced friends. This coming fall we'll find Dorothy going to college and soon after being married. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 . . , String Quartet 3, 4 . . . Cadence Corps 3, 4 . . . Graduation Comm. 4. NICHOLS, RONALD FRANK Wlrul you mm rio: rio! Wlirzl you l'lIII.f 110: fry' We call him Ronnie, this well liked and dependable guy, likes hav- ing just plain fun and is usually found doing so. Maybe this is why most irritating to him are people who don't know how to have fun, Ronnie has included San Diego State in his future plans. Track 1, 2. 3, 4 . . Basketball 1 . . . Student Coun- cil 1, 2 . . . Bowling Club 1 . . . Swimming Club 2 Banquet Committee 4 NORTHCUTT, FRED ALLEN Youth cornrfs but once cr life- finzv. Fred can easily be recognized by his easy-going manner or his bright colored cars. In fact cars take up quite a lot of this lad's time which leaves him no time for women, but this is all right for his pet peeve is women anyway. Looking ahead into the future he has planned to get into business for himself. O'DELL, ANNA LEVON tllodrfsly is the beauty of cz ll'OI71Gl1. Anna, tho' quiet, but quite a gal, has added ease and dignity to our class. For enjoyment she likes to dance, whether it's day or night. lVlost disgusting to her are students that gossip. Kelsy lenny Business School is her goal this fall. CSF. 1 . . . Student Council 2 . . . Y- Teens 2 . . . Modern Dance Club 3, 4. . . Key Committee 4, OVERGAAG, MARIE ANNETTE PARSLEY, ROBERT ERNEST Quietness and Confidence shall be your strength. Pleasant and easy going help to describe this gal, Work is included in her activities but most of the time dancing and parties are her main interests. It seems short boys tend to annoy her mostly. College will follow that long awaited diploma, CSF, 1, 2, 3 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2 . , . Girls' League 3 . . . Decoration Comm. 3 . . . Honor Aisle 3 . . . Spanish Club 3 . . . Announcements Comm. 4 PEASE. RICHARD A He goes on his way quietly and purposefully. Known to all as Richard, he likes to spend his time water skiing. He claims that girls annoy him the most. J.C. and then State College are included in his future plans. Football 2 . . . Privilege Comm. 4, PERRY, BEVERLY ANN Her womanly ways please the heart. Beverly enjoys just being with Winston. She can usually be found having a good time and she is irri- tated with no sense of humor. Work- ing is the next step on Beverly's agenda and later marriage. An- nouncement Comm. 4. Boys will be boys. Robert, friendly and willing to help all, spends most of his time at movies and with girls. Oddly enough short, cute, girls annoy him above all. College will follow after graduation in the fall, hoping to major in engineering. Track 1. PECHSTEIN, JANICE Sweet and nice. Helpful to all, Janice is a pleasing addition on campus. Her sparetime is taken up mainly with "Bud" and listening to records. Original to some she dislikes boys wearing jeans. Plans for the future include being a good wife to Bud, and later continue with more schooling, Bible Club 1, 2 . . , Y-Teens 1, 2 . .. Prom Comm. 4 . . . Homemaking Club 3. PETERSON, JANET MARILYN The sun shines brightly an her fair. shining hair. This sparkling blonde says her favorite pastime is listening to rec- ords and dancing, Though Janet is a good natured gal, one thing that annoys her is wise guys. Among her tentative future plans she includes a career as a nurse. Prom Comm. 4. PORTER. JOHN LARRY Ifs good to be merry ana' wise. Larry, quiet but a diligent worker. likes to spend all his free hours in the out-of-doors playing football. baseball, or basketball, Plans to fole low graduation in June including at- tending J.C. Baseball 1. 2. 4 , . . Band 1, 3, 4 . . . Basketball 2 . . . Key Comm. 4. PETERS, LARRY MICHAEL His profile is that of a great gentleman. Tall and gool looking, Larry enjoys listening to the radio and going joy riding. Getting up in the morning seems to annoy him. Larry's future plans include college, the air force, and becoming a scientist. Football 1,2...Track2,,.C.S.F.3... Key Comm. 4 . . . A.S.B. Play 4 . . . Sr. Play 4 . . . Gavel Club 4 . . . Election Board 4. PICKENS, BONNIE JO A friend to many . , , her faults: has she any? This cute blonde is well known around our campus. She enjoys be- ing with "Tim" most of all but finds time for water skiing. Bonnie is planning on going to State College following graduation in June. Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3 . . . A.S.B. Treasurer 2 . . . Class Secretary 3 . . . Prom Comm. 4 . Nominate ing Convention 4. PORTER, ROY BOND I anz as able and fit as thou. Roy's casual and carefree way makes him pleasing company in any group. Tops with him is a certain Lincoln girl or working on his car. He has a special envy for all those with a better car than his. which seems quite reasonable. His goal after graduation will be J.C. and later marriage. Football 1 . . . Boys' Glee 3 . , , Choir 4. 37 PYE, SUSAN GAIL Friend to every lad and lass, a credit to the Senior class. One of the most likeable gals, she devotes much time to school activi- ties. Most displeasing to her are her own mistakes. She is college bound in hopes to become a designer. Stu- dent Coun. 1, 3 . . . Election Bd. 1, 3, 4 . . , C.S.F, 1, 3 . . . Y-Teens 1, Pres. 2 . . . Christmas Pageant 1, 2 . . , Pom Pons 2, Lt. 3, Capt. 4 . .. Choir 2, 3 . , . Inter-Club Coun. 2 . . , Honor Isle 3 . . . Girls' State Rep. 3 . . . Leadership Conf. 3, 4. .. Nom. Conv. 3, 4 . . . Sr. Class Sec. 4 . . . Banquet Comm. Chairman 4. , . Homecoming Queen 4 . . . D.A.R Good Citizenship Award 4. RALSTON, GAIL E. The world and Gail will al- ways get along well. Popular Senior, a fun-loving girl. She enjoys being with Bob. In the future Gail plans to go to secretarial school and later marry. Student Coun. 1 . . . Y-Teens 2, 3 . . . Starlighters 2 . . . Girls' League 2, 3, Pres. 4... Publicity Comm. 3 . . . Choir 3, 4 . .. Nom. Conv. 3, 4 . . . Leadership Conf. 3, 4 . . . Election Bd. 4 . . . Prom Comm. 4. RANK, JUDY KAREN A neat and charming lass, a shining star in every class. Popular and active. Likes to listen to contemporary music and make iokes. She plans to get a job and earn some money in the future. Swim Club 1 . . . Pep Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Student Coun. 1, 2 . . . Y-Teenls 1, 2 . . . La Convetables 1, 2 . . . Leadership Conf. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Nomi- nating Conv. 2, 3, 4 Soph. Class Veep 2 . . . Soph. Class Coun. 2 . . . JV Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3 . . . Sr. Class Pres. 4 . . . A.S.B. Play 4 . . . Homecoming Princess 4. RADICI, DOREE ANN Sophisticated miss, with a lot of bliss. Large luminous eyes and long brown hair describe Doree. Future plans include work and maybe col' lege. Fresh. Coun. 1 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2 . . .Drama Club 1 . . . Girls' Glee 1 . . . Fresh. songleader 1 . . . Girls' League 1 . . . Tumbling Club 1 . . . Flag Corps 2 . . . Cape Corps 3 . . . Red Robe Z . . . Soph. Coun. 2 . . . Christmas Pageant 2 . . . lmperials Z . . . Mod. Dance 2 . . . Leadership Conf. 2, 3, 4 . . . Nom. Conv. 2, 3, 4 . . . Jr. Coun. 3 . . . Grad. Usher 3 . . . Annual Staff 3 . . . Comm. of Activities 4 . . . Choir 4 . . . Sr. Gift Comm. 4 . . . Sr. Play 4 . . . Voted best figure of the Sr. Class 4. RALSTON, SHIRLEY ANN A true friend who lightens everyone's loads. Gay and sweet, she likes to spend time thinking of Carl. Most annoying to Shirley are conceited people. Fol- lowing graduation her plans are to work. Home-Ettes 3, 4 . . . Y'Teens 3 . . . Privilege Comm. 4 . . . Girls' League Friendship Comm. 4. 1 J 'x RICHENS, WILMA GRACE Small and shy, she is every inch a lady. Quaint and quiet this petite gal is a very trusting friend to many. Wilma is different from quite a few, she likes to work. Her main com- plaint is that she doesn't like people who are constantly late. Her future plans are obvious enough, she wants to work . . . or maybe l.C. RIFE, KAROL LYNN A woman becomes learned by asking questions. Karol, is always happy and eng joys a good time. She spends as much time as possible with a certain Highlander and claims her pet peeve is her best friend Verda. Future plans include San Diego Junior Col- lege. Student Council 1, 2 . . . Class Council 3 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . . Election Board 1, 4 . . . Min Tidiers 2 . . . Nominating Convention 2 . . . Annual Staff 3 . . . Girls' League Friendship Comm. 3 . . . Ring Com- mittee 3 . . . Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. RENSHAW, ALFRED N. A wise head makes wise moves. We know him as Al. This dark haired, tall, muscular looking fellow likes to spend his pastimes dancing or pleasing other people. Hopes for the future include for him the Ma- rines, pro-football, or own a commer- cial fishing fleet. Football 2, 3, 4 . . . Track 2, 3, 4 . . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . . Lettermen's Club 3, 4 . . . Picnic Comm. 4. RIDGEWAY, THOMAS JOHN Eat, drink and be merry, the rest is not worth a passing thought. Tommy, as he is called by his many friends, spends his spare time skin diving. He is friendly to all, or most all, as freshman boys are his pet peeve. College is his next step and then the Air Force. Football 2 . . . Track 3 . . . Wrestling 4. ROBERTS, LESLIE ALBERT My best pal is my car, al- though I do have others. Leslie, shy and fun to know, is liked by all who know him. All hours that can be labeled as his spare time are spent rebuilding auto- mobile engines. Leslie has high ame bitions for his future life. He plans to own his own business and be an automobile engineer. SALE, BEVERLY To be happy and gay is Beifs special way. Tall and attractive describes this cheerful lass. Easy to get along with Bev spends most of her time bowling, swimming and oddly enough playing pool. Women drivers irritate her above all. After June Bev plans on marriage and to work in a real estate office. Ensemble 1, 2, 3 . . . Choir 3, 4. SCHNEIDER, FRANK LEON I like a girl with a good head. on my shoulder. Frankie has a terrific way all because of his fun-loving attitude toward life. He may look short and full of mischief but that's only be- cause he is. For enjoyment he likes "digging contemporary sounds at the Lighthouse." Frankie's greatest com- plaint is girls that think they're cool, but really aren't His future plans are to attend San Diego J.C to work towards his goal to become international playboy . . . Good luck! SCHULTZ, BARBARA JEAN Great to have as a friend. Small with dark eyes and dark hair, are words that fit this gal. She appears to be quiet until you get to know her. After a mid-term graduation Barbara was a working girl. SCHROEDER, CARL EUGENE One thing is forever good, and that is true of friendship. Carl is a friend to all, and all are his friends. Sports are his major schooltime and freetime activities. Hot tempered people are CarI's only dislike. His future plans? College!!! Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Track 2, 3. 4 . . . Wrestling 2, 3, 4 . . . Key Club 3, 4. SEAMANS, JIM A. He worries not, for life is full of surprises. Shy and friendly, this young Mas- tador is well liked by many. In his spare time, Jim likes fishing, hunt- ing, and working on radios. Like most, he dislikes homework on week- ends. Jim's future plans include studying electronics and possibly engineering. F.F.A. 1. ROBERTSON, JERRY A real great guy, and we know why. Of course you all know Jerry, better known as "Chan" He likes to be kept busy at all times by . . . loafing. Loud mouth girls rate very low with this guy. Chan's plans for the future include college. ROESLER, ELDRED JOHN HAYNES If there's no excitement in school, why come? This fellow, with black hair and green eyes, is considered a charmer by a number of the girls on cam- pus. Being one of the boys, listen- ing to music, and working on his car takes up much of Eldred's time. Football practice and cars with no gas seems to disagree with him. His future plans include college, and then an interesting career . . . ln what? Who knows! Football 1, 2, 3, 4...Track1,2,3,4...Bas- ketball 2 . . . Picnic Comm. 4. G ROBINSON, JIM Looking towards the sunny side of things will conquer every problem, This guy has added to our track and cross country this year. When he's not running he likes to spend his spare time doing delicate work. His pet peeve is the same as many others . . . brothers and sisters. After he finishes high school his plans are to go to San Diego State. Cross Country 4 . . . Track 4. RUNGE, LOUETTA JOYCE She makes herself an impor- tant part of any group. Without Louetta's hard work and interest many of our A.S.B. tasks would not have been accomplished. Like many she loves to eat and have just plain fun. September plans in- cluded either going to San Diego State or working. Girls' League 1. 2, 4 , , . Y-Teens 1, 2 . . . Flag Corps 2, 3, Lt. 4 . , . Student Coun- cil Z, 3, Sec. 4 . . . Election Board 2, 3, 4 . . . Ass. Comm. of Con- cessions 3 . . . Class Treasurer 3 . . . Choir Treas. 3, 4 . . . Madorettes Pres. 3 . . . Nominating Conven- tions 3, 4 . . . Leadership Confer- ence 3, 4 . . . Prom Comm. Chair- man 4 . . . A.S.B. Secretary 4. SAMPUGNARO, CAROLYN She dislikes no one and no one dislikes her. Carol's many friends know her as mischievous and full of fun as they. This active brunette with spar- kling brown eyes lists swimming and dancing as her favorite activities. She enjoys talking on the phone and is easily irritated by people cutting in on her calls. Her future plans in- clude working as a secretary or what else, but a telephone operator. Y- Teens 1, 3 . . . Swimming Club 3 . . . Announcement Comm. 4. SILENECK, KATHY Her uords may be few, but what Canlt she do. SMITH, CHARLES To know Charles is to gain a friend. SNYDER. ROY DOUGLAS Laughter is a wonderful thing. Roy, a great guy with many friends, is often found having fun. On his list of fun he has included sports and girls as tops. His special dislike is snobby people. Either S.D. State or J.C. will be his new home this fall. Football 1 . . . Boy's Fed- eration 1, 2 , . . Wrestling 3, 4 . . . Men of Miguel 3 . . . Key Comm. 4. SMITH, PHYLLIS EILEEN Sweet and sedateg always on time, never late. Phil is the sweet, quiet girl with the friendly smile who is never in too much of a hurry to help anyone. lt's understandable that her favorite pastime is being with a certain someone, since after college she plans on marriage. Girl's League 1, 2 . . , Hi-Fiettes 2 . . . Starliters 2 ...Girl'sGlee3.,.Choir4... Cap and Gown Comm. 4. SPENCE. ELIZABETH JANE Sweet and serene she radiates sunshine wherever she goes. Called lane by all, she's a swell little gal, and a great friend. Dur- ing her free time she likes to go to Dobbs. People who crowd in the lunch line is her main aggravation. Looking into the future she has planned to seek a secretarial job and later marry, Student Council 1, 3 . . . Girl's League 1, 2, 4 . . . Ticket Squad 1 . . . Gift Comm. 4. SECORA, CLAUDE E, His secret is self-Confidence. Easy to know and well worth the trouble, describes Claude. To enjoy himself he likes to go roller skating and go to carnivals. Poor teachers and that ever common, homework, bother Claude most. He has included San Diego State in his future plans. SERVANT. RON A likeable guy our friend Ron. This happy-go-lucky fellow is known to many. Like most boys he enjoys sports. Distressing to him is to walk on the grass. His destination after graduation will be to join thi Air Force. Golf Team 3, SEGUIN, EDWARD CHARLES Good character is the result of good conduct. Eddie, as he is known by his many friends, can usually be found in the pizza house. He gets along with everyone and everything . . . except ineligibility forms. After re- ceiving his diploma in lune, Eddie plans on entering college. Footfall 1. 3, 4 . . , Track 2, 3, 4 . . . C.C.C. 1, 2 . , . Nominating Convention 2 . . . Lettermen's Club 3, 4 . . , Key Club 4 . , . Gift Comm. 4. SHUTE, JUDITH GAYLE Live and be happy. Judy, fun loving and always look- ing for a good time, enjoys any type of sport and even enjoys day dream- ing. lt seems people who spit on the sidewalk annoy her above all. ludy's long time ambition has been to own a ranch and raise horses. Bowling Club 2, 4 . . . Y-Teens 3, 4 . ., Girl's League 4 . . . Home-ettes 3 . . . Privilege Comm. 4. SIMONET, CHRISTINE LOUISE It's nice to be natural when youire naturally nice. Quiet and sincere describes this likeable lass. Chris can always be seen wearing a smile. In her spare time, she enjoys reading but is greatly annoyed with people who cheat. After graduation, Chris hopes to go on to college. Future Teachers 1, 2, 4 . . . Spanish Club 3. . . Honor Aisle 3 . . . Choir 4 . . Graduation Baccalaureate Comm. 4. SPERANDIO, BOB Going wrong is folly, so let us be jolly. Always full of fun and laughter, Bob is a great guy. He likes mainly enjoying himself at the beach. As for the future, he has made no def- inite plans yet. STEGMAN, MARY BETH SPOOR, JILL SUZANNE Her faithful diligence will carry her far. This fair gal spends most of her spare time working for Y.F.C. and going swimming. Jill loves ice cream but when it tastes like butter well, that's a different story. After a couple years at J.C. she plans to attend Bible College in Los Angeles Y-Teens 2 . . . El Trovador Staff 3,4...CapeCorps3.,.Qu and Scroll 3, 4 . . . Election Board 4 . . . Baccalaureate and Graduation Comm. 4 . . . Youth for Christ veep 4 . . . Nominating Convention 4 STEWART. ELLIOTT LEE Shes full of life and full of fun. A very busy and popular gal on campus. She was voted by the Senior class as "Most Service to School," Her favorite pastime is just being with Lee. Mary Beth is college bound after graduation. Y-Teens 1, Sec. 2, 3 . . . Girls League 1, 3, 4 . . . Student Coun. 1, 3 . . . Future Teachers 1, 2 . . . Class Coun. 1, 2, 3 . . . Sr. Executive Bd. 4 . . . Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . lnter4Club Coun. 2, 3, Pres. 4 . . . Leadership Conf. 2, 3, 4 . . . Future Nurses 2, 3 . .. Pep Club 2, Sec. 3 . . . Election Bd. Z, 3, 4 . . . Pres. Jazettes 2 , . . Chairman Sr. Key Comm. 4 . . . Sr. Standout 4 . . . D.A.R. Nom. 4. ST. JOHN, DOROTHY A. Pretty and sweet as a .Hay morning. If you hear a lot of laughter and see there's a lot of fun going on, you'll know Dorothy's nearby. Dor- othy is a light-hearted Senior whose favorite pastimes are teasing people and being with Dennis. Her future He is sincere in whatever he does and is capable in what ever he undertakes Great guy to know, with a pleas ant personality. Tops with Elliott are sports, dating, and listening to records. His greatest dislike is girls that can't dance. a plans are to attend either S.D. State or JC. Baseball Banquet Comm. 4 plans include IBM school and mar- iage. Girls League 2 . . . Cap and Gown Comm. 4. STONE, JOE THOMAS A boy with quiet dignified manner and a loyal heart. Joe can easily be recognized by his quiet and diligent ways, yet his great scholarly ability will carry him far. For enjoyment he likes swimming, fishing and watching sports. During his years of high school "certain teachers" have an- noyed him most. Certainly college will be Joe's next step. CSF. 2, 3, Treas, 4 . , . Men of Miguel 3 . . . Honor Isle 3 . . . Science Club 4 . . . Announcement Comm 4. STUARD. BEVERLY ANN Bei"s sunny smile is always in style. Bev's sparkling personality is an added asset to our campus. This i'Beatnik" is seen arguing with Mick or discussing class pests, which annoy her. Since this Bal is always "flying high", it's almost a sure thing to see her as an airline host- ess after graduation. Girl's League 3, 4 . . . Choir 4 . . , Girl's Glee 4 . , . Cadence Corps 4 . . . Privilege Comm. 4. STOCKMAN, MARIAN IRENE Quiet, sensible and sweet. Marian's dark hair and sparkling eyes were a pleasant addition to our school. That certain someone and horesback riding are Marian's chief pastimes. Like many others her main dislike is homework, Her fu' ture holds for her college and later marriage. G.A.A, 1 . . . Y-Teens 1 . . . Tumbling 3 . . . Announcement comm. 4. STROUD, BEVERLY She awaits tomorrow with no fear or dread. Bev gives the appearance of being a quiet, congenial and honest per- son, but only because she is. That special boyfriend of hers, seems to be her major pastime. When it comes to pet peeves, a certain teacher is tops. Bev's plans are to add that Mrs. to her name. Y,F.C. 1,2,3...Diamonds3... Banquet Comm, 4. STUBBS. CATHY ANN lVith determination comes success. Cathy will do anything for a laugh, she is always found smiling. Talented as an actress and she has hopes to make dramatics her career. She enjoys having a ball with Jackie and Judy during Cape Corps practice. Unreliable people displease her most. Hill Howellers Pep Club 1, 2 . . . A.S.B. Play 3 . . . Sr. Play 4 . . . Cadence Corps 3 . . . Cape Corps 4 . . . Thespians 4. SULLIVAN, MICHAEL ALLAN A good Ziff is the only rr'- ligron. He puts out his every effort in whatever he attemps. Facts are his favorite subject. He enjoys golf, hunting, and fishing in his spare time. Being the out-door type he plans to enter the forestry His lu ture years seem well planned as he also hopes to enter college after graduation Treasurer Rifle Club 2 Golf3 CSF 4 . Science CIub4 SUTDRUS. SYLVIA DIANE She possesses that innocent loolc. A real nice girl, she is quiet but expresses herself well when the time calls for it. Long blonde hair with a sparkling ring on her left hand describes this little gal. She plans to become a Mrs. in the near future, so naturally "Harland" takes up most of her time. Sylvia enjoys cooking and sewing. Party poopers bother her most. Bible Club 1, 2 . . . Spanish Club 2 . . . Y-Teens 3 . . . Sr. Girls' Glee 3 . . . Hom- ettes 3, 4 , . . Cap and Gown Comm. 4. TAYLOR, STEVE RICHARD He awaits tomorrow with no fear or dread. He has a personality that is worth striving for. Very nice guy to know. He loves to listen to every type of music except gypsy music. He is very interested in sound, and his future plans center around it. He will go to college to get a further study of sound. His pet peeve is repairmen that are deaf. Band 1 . . . Library Club 2 . . . Brigadoon 2 . . A.S.B. Play 3 Csound effectsb. SUMMERS, WAYNE NEAL Hes Very handsome and has rril at will. Very good athlete, very well groomed, very popular. That's Wayne. He has added much to our school to make it better He loves to spend his spare time with Dotty. Cold meals and people who talk too much bother him most. College is the next step in Wayne's life. Track 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Wrestling 1, 2. 3, 4 . . . La Mesa Hi- Y 1, 2 . . . Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 . Key Club 2, 3, 4 . . . Football 1. 2, 3. 4 TAYLOR. CELIA JEAN fllueh can be accomplished when you try hard enough. Celia has the look of confidence with her always. Her favorite pas- times include reading and swimming. Her pet peeve for some reason is busy work. She is another of our college bound students. C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Future Teachers 1, 2, 3, 4 . . .Spanish Club 2, 3 . .. A.S.B. Play 3 . . . Science Club 3, 4 . . . Chess Club 3 . . . Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . . A.S.B. Play 3 . . . Science Club 3, 4 . . . Chess Club 3 . .. Leadership Conference 3, 4 . . . Baccalaureate and Gradu- ation Comm. 4. THOMAS. JIM E. There are none like him, for if there were strife would cease. This guy is always doing his best to have a lot of fun. His interests center around going hunting, play- ing football, and on hot days go- ing for a swim. His future plans after graduation are still undecided. iootball 1 . . . Sr. Banquet Comm. TDRGERSEN. JANICE ELAINE Every girl has her own spe- eial way and espeeially this one. This happy-go-lucky gal is known as "Torgie". Always thinking of something new to do. She enjoys being with Al and likes to go to Bostonia with him When asked her pet peeve she replied that it was girls who say "Hi Sweetie". Her plans for the future are to get mar- ried and to be a good wife. Pep Comm. 1, 2, 3 . . . Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Leadership Conference 1. 2 . . Class Secretary 2 . . . Thes- pians 3 . . , A.S.B. Play 3. TELLES, MINNIE ANN Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. A very friendly and likable little gal. Always is found smiling and talking to her many friends. She loves to dance and listen to her records. Being only 4'11" seems to be her pet peeve. After graduating Minnie plans to enroll in a beauti- cian college. Spanish Club 3, 4 . . . Dance and Decoration Comm. 3 . . . Prom. Comm. 4. THURSTON, BOB A great guy with good looks too. We all know Bob . . . his thought- ful and considerate ways are ad- mired by all. You're always sure to find Bob beachcombing around at any beach. When it comes to pet peeves "people that drink" beats them all. As for Bob's future am- bition what else but . . . beach- combing. Track 1, 2 . . Basketball 1, 2 . . . Football 2. TROTTIER. BARBARA Honest and kind-hearted, this girl pleases all who meet her. Barbara. energetic and always happy, has acquired many friends this year She enjoys almost any- thing especially swimming or hav- ing just plain fun. It seems con- ceited people is her major annoy- ance. Barbara's plans for the future are still undecided. Home-Ettes 3. VERDUGO, FRANK BENJAMIN Good times aren't necessary, just essential. He is known as an all-round good guy. His favorite pastimes are danc- ing, dating, and playing in the Drift- ers. He doesn't like people who talk too much. His future plans consist of joining the Air Force and continue with his music. Class Pres. 1 . . . Band1,2...Track2,3,4... Football 3, 4 . . . Basketball 3 . . . Lettermen's Club 4, WAGOR, LARRY He may be shy: but a real fine guy. He enjoys a good argument at least once a day. We all know him for his thoughtfulness. His favorite pastime is listening to good jazz music. One thing that bothers him are people who don't finish telling jokes. His plan for the future is joining the service, Track Z . . . Swimming Team 2 . . . Wrestling 2 . , . Football 4. WALSH, STEVE Big things come in little pack- ages. Steve, always full of fun and never quiet, is a very likeable guy to all. During all free time Steve likes bumming at the beach, so its un- derstandable that he dislikes seeing bottles lying on the beach. He has high hopes for the future, he plans to do more bumming. WALLHAUSER, NANCY LOU Sometimes clever, sometimes Coy, but she never fails to please the boys. Everyone knows Nancy, a gal with such spark and life she is ccnstantly on the go and having fun. But she's never too busy to include "Jimmy". Nancy's greatest distraction is con- stants callers on the phone. San Diego J.C. is her next step. Student Council 1, 3, 4 . . , Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 . . , Election Board 1 . . , Nominat- ing Convention 1 , . . Council 2 . . . GirI's League 3 , . . Prom Comm. 4. WALTERS, CHERYL JOY Look happy, be happy, for life's a wonderful thing. This gal is known for her thought- ful and sincere personality, Cheryl is happiest while playing the piano and being with the Band. Her most distressing thought is people who have no school spirit. We'll ...d Cheryl going to Biola College this coming fall. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4...ConcertBand1,2,3,4... Bible Club Pageant 1, 2 . . . Bible Club 3, 4 . . . Nominating Conven- tion3,4...PepBand4... Cap and Gown Comm. 4. TIMMDNS, JUANDA Her fabulous smile is always in style. lt's just like Juanda to be absent a few days and then turn up at school with a bright red sunburn. She is a girl that is everyones friend because of her unfailing smile. She enjoys dancing and just having a good time being with "Don". She plans to try hard at be- ing a good wife and making a happy home. Y-Teens 1 . . . Dance and As- sembly Planning Comm. 4 . . . Prom Comm. 4 . . , Sr. Key Club Comm. 4. TWEED, JUDY LOUISE Here's a young lady, good as gold, never too shy and never too bold. This cute gal was voted "Friendli- est" by the senior class. She enjoys racing her father's boat and listening to progressive music. Her plans for the future consist of going to Junior College with hopes of becoming a dental assistant. Student Coun. 1, 2, 3 . . . Candle Bearer 2 . . . Cape Corps 3, Capt. 4 . . . El Trovador Staff 3 . . . Roving Reporter 3 . . . Feature Page ed. 4 . . . Leadership Conf. 3, 4. . . Banquet Comm. 4 . .. A.S.B. Publicity Com. 4. TRUEX, JANE ELIZABETH She is known for her love of music, a ready smile and an open heart. Better known to all as Beth, this girl is really musically inclined. She plays the clarinet very well. When her time is spent with Steve, she's happy. To become a nurse, that's her ambi- tion. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . C.S.F. 1, 2 , . . Mod. Music Masters 1, 2 . . . Christmas Pageant 1, 2 . . . Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Nurses Club 3,4...Nom.Conv.3,4...Cap and Gown Comm. 4 . . . Election Bd. 4. VEAL, PAULETTE FRANCIE Stricking and serene, is the way she's always seen. An attractive addition to our campus. She enjoys driving her car and going to beach parties most of all. Her pet peeves are snooty peo- ple and cars that are faster than her own. She plans to go on to State Col- lege and to make a "certain guy" a permanent fixture. Treasurer of Span- ish Club 3 . , . Pep Club 3 . . . Co- Chairman Decorations Comm. 3 . . Class Coun. 3 . . . Cadence Corps. . . Banquet Comm. 4. VESTAL, NELLIE MARIE Content is happinessg happi- ness is life. Nellie appears quiet until you get to know her. She possesses a very nice and pleasing personality. Her favorite pastime is being a spec- ial fellow's one and only. Conceited boys and cafeteria lunches are Nellie's pet peeves. She plans to work for awhile and then make that "certain guy" hers for keeps. Y- Teens 2 . . . Spanish Club 2 . . . Bowling Club 3, 4 . , . Tumbling Club 3 . . . Announcements Comm. 4. WEIBEL. LARRY RAYMOND Every mind has its own spe- cial method. This happy-go-lucky lad is one of our more cheerful students. He likes to spend most of his spare time watching movies. To be expected by many teenagers, Larry dislikes work very strongly. With this as his pet peeve he plans to die of boredom. Cap and Gown Comm. 4, WETTERSKOG. JOANN SIGNE Shes rr quiet girl. but Qlllfl' ri girl. Joann is a sweet gal with pretty red hair and a sincere personality. She is a welcome sight around Nl M. with her friendly smile and cute dimples, Her greatest distraction is getting up early in the morning, but she'll have to get used to that before she starts State college next year, Y-Teens 1, Z, 3 , . . Pom Pons Corps 2 . . . Highland Hepsters 2 . . . Inter-Club Council 3 . . . Nominating Convention 3 . . . Graduation and Bacc. 4 . . . Elec- tion Board 4. WHITLOCH. CHUCK 11's goorl iiill that makes in- telligenee. Chuck appears to be the quiet type 'untilyou get to know him Truly he's a fine guy. Going out with that certain little "Peggy" oc- cupies most of his free time. He claims his pet peeve is a girl named Jacque. Chuck's destination after lune will be to become a Highway Engineer or an architect. lr Achieve- ment 2. WHISMAN, RON .llanliness and ambition are assets to any man. Quiet until you get to know him and then watch out. Tall and good looking, Ron is liked by all. In his spare time he likes to work on cars, but he is annoyed with cars lowered in the rear end, After grad- uation Ron plans to join the Army. lootball 2, 3 WILDS. DON E. His worries are none: but life has just begun. Little but mighty, could easily fit Don. He's a quiet guy, but set in his ways. He's often found cruis- ing around S.D. or skating. It seems that a certain photography teacher is very aggravating to him. Don will probably be joining the service in the very near future. Skating Club 1. 2 , . . Student Council 1 . . Bowling Club 2. WALTERS. LINDA GAYLE I,0l'f'lj' to look at, delightful to lcnoii: A gal with a fabulous smile and personality to match. Her future plans are to continue working at the U.S. National Bank, La Convetables 1, 2 . . . Student Coun. 1, 2, 3, 4. . . American Heritage Pageant 1 . . . Girls' League 1, 3 . . . Nom. Conv. 1, 2, 3, 4 . . Y-Teens 1. 2 .. Lead- ership Conf, 1, 2, 3, 4 . . , Class Treas. 2 . .. Pom Pons 2,3 . . , Class Coun. 2 . . , Pep Club 1, 2 ., Annual Staff 3, 4 . . . Cheerleader 4 . . . Homecoming Princess 4 . . . Picnic Comm. 4. WATKlNS. MARGARET MARY One of the few, who are at- tractive, wise and friendly too. This popular and sincere gal is always taking an extra step to be friendly. To pass the time away she enjoys talking to Eddie and dream- ing about new clothes. She has an understandable dislike of short boys. Margaret's next step will be to at- tend SD. State. Honor Roll 1 . . . C.S,F. 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4 . , . Girl's League 2 . . . Fashion Show 2, 4 . . . Cape Corps 3, Lt. 4 . . . Honor Aisle 4 , . . Prom Comm. 4 . . . Science Club Sec. 4 . . . Election Board 4. WARD, IIM G. Schools fun: but fun to be clone. lim's a great guy, with a way that pleases everyone. He likes working with cars ,or cruising through Dobbs and is usually found doing so. lim's greatest distraction is cars that are lowered in the back. His destination after lune will be to attend General Motor body school. Prom Comm 4 WEAVER, GRACE EVELYN Happiness is a fine invention. To prove it is my intention. Ambitious and energetic, her fa- vorite pastime is dramatics. She is especially annoyed by busy party lines, Grace includes college and be- coming a teacher in the future. Fu- ture Teachers 1, Veep 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4 . . . C.S.F. 1, 2 . . . A.S.B. Play 2, 4 . . . N,F,L, 2, 4 . . . Helix Theater Guild 2 . . . Pep Club 2 . , . Student Coun. 3 . . . Bacc. and Grad. 3 . . . Proscenium Players 4. WELLS, DOUG A man that is young in years may be old in hours if he has lost no time. If you see a tall figure, dark eyes, and hear a deep voice, you may almost be sure you will find Doug. He'll probably be hunting, fishing and thinking about how he dislikes women drivers. Future plans are to attend college, where he will major in engineering, Track 2, 3, 4 . . . Football 3 . . . Class Council 3 ...Men of Miguel 3. WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH DIANA Her pretty hair is her spark- ling halo. Elizabeth is quiet and yet she possesses a personality worth striv- ing for. Her main and only hobby is being with Wally. Conceited people is her special dislike. Soon after graduation she plans to become a Mrs ..,. Privilege Comm. 4. WILLIS. IEFF He will make a .su1'1' of liff' and a name, too. A little guy with looks and per' sonality that make him big, de' scribes our guy Jeff, He likes to enjoy himself, especially by going to the beach, working on his sand buggy and of course "lerry". Out- standing in the field of art, he no doubt will make a career of it, Art Club 1, 2 . . , Wrestling 3, 4 . . Track 3, 4. WOOTEN, LEE A true ambition will shou' Sllf'I'Q"SS. Not noisy, but with a personality that has its charm could describe Lee, He likes to spend most of his time watching sports. Good natured, he doesn't seem to have any pet peeves. After lune he plans on en- tering college. Basketball 2, 3. WILLIS, BUDD IRVING Energy is the eternal light. Budd, tall and distinguished look- ing, possesses that never ending flow of conversation. Guns and girls seem to take up most of his time but as far as he's concerned, stuck up females are "no where". Budd plans to attend college and then get married. Radio 1 . . , Gun Club I, 2, Pres. 3 . Prom Comm. 4. WILSON. BOB Who is this little man u'ho says he can rlo anything you ran? He is well known around campus as a great guy and an outstanding athlete. Bob's a dependable guy that will never let you down. His out- side interests center around that certain gal "Frances", Anything in a 5th size will aggravate Bob. Col- lege is included in his future plans. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4..,KeyClub2,3,4 Nominating Convention 1, 2, 3, 4. WREDE, KAREN JOAN If you hear that laugh turn around and loolc for mia If you ever cruise the "lack" you're bound to see Bunny there as this seems to be her favorite pastime. Though beauty college has taken up most of her time since mid-term graduation, she still has time to be with George . if he isn't working. Girls League 1, 4 . . . Y-Teens Veep 2, 3 . . . lassettes 2 . . . Homettes 3, 4 , . . Nominat- ing Convention 3 . . . Student Council 4 . , . Key Comm, 4, WRIGHT, DOROTHY YOUNG. LYNN THERESE MARTIN A short lass, but full of elass. There is always a lot of fun when you are around 'tDotty". She pos- sesses a quick and natural wit that others envy. Horseback riding, roller skating, and her special guy "Deryle" take up all of her spare time Her little sister that pesters her by constantly borrowing her clothes is her main peeve. She is going to work a few years and then marry Girls League 1, 2 . . Girl's Glee 1 . . . Tumbling Club 2 Choir 4 . Girls Ensemble 4 YOUNG. MARILYN GLORIA Happiness prevails from sweetness. There is never a dull moment when Marilyn is around. Playing the piano, miniature golfing and ice skating are among her favorite pastimes, but the one she likes best is being with that certain someone. If there are any two faced people her mood changes for they seem to annoy her. This lively gal is college bound until you hear those wedding bells ring. Girls League 1, 2 . . Y-Teens 2, 3 . . . Girls Glee 1 . . . Ch ir 2 3 4 A pretty dimple in each Cheek. Lynn possesses a sweet smile with dimples to match. When it comes to the man of her life, none can compare to Marty. Those ever bothersome brothers are a pest to Lynn Her destination after lune is Alabama. and continue to be a good wife. Fresh. Club 1 . . . Glee Club 1, 2 . Modern Dance 3. 4. YOUNG. RONALD LEE Looks and personality, too. This young Mr. Young can often be found working on his car. This is his most favorite pastime. I don't suppose you'd find him spending much on homework, that's his pet peeve. This good looking guy plans to go to l.C. after graduating in lune. Football 1 Band 3, 4. 45 BONAVENTURA JOSEPH Hrs great scholarly abllzty u Ill bring htm success Goes by Joe thrs Intellrgent and hard workrng lad Possesses a great knowledge of thrngs and ever works to learn more It IS almost a sure thrng that whatever he undertakes wIlI be a success HAYES RONNIE EDWARD A guy wrth great ambzttons Ronnre frrendly and always wrll Ing to lend a helprng hand enroys workrng on cars and drawrng above all To be expected becomrng an archrtect IS Included In hrs future Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 1 B 1 2 LINDAHL FRED JOHN Stlence IS true wtsdoms best reply Fred has accomplished through hard work a three year graduatron He lrkes to work on cars drrve cars In fact anythrng to do wrth cars pleases hrm The Armed Forces IS Fred s next step Football 3 4 Wrestlrng 3 4 Boxrng 3 Werght Lrftrng 3 CARDEN CARMEN JEAN She IS tery thought of by all Carmen a happy go lucky always has a good thought for everyone Though she enroys many thrngs she spend most of her free trme wrrtrng to that certarn someone lt seems people who condemn teenagers drspleases her above all Her future anrbrtron after June IS to enter the nursrng freld Comrng to us from a New York school she was actrve In Chorus 1 Marchrng Band Scrence Club 1 Chorr Musrcal Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Voted Frrendlrest In Sr Class 4 F N A 4 KOHLER CHRISTOPHER EDWARD Women were made to glue our eyes delzght K wn as Kt to hrs many frrends he IS a pleasant addrtron to Mt Mrguel Skrn drvrng datrng and dancrng are Included In hrs favorrte pastrmes After a mrd term graduation he entered Naval or Coast Guard College Cross Country Wrstlrngl 2 3 4 Baseballl Ccrmercr GREEN LARRY EUGENE He goes on hrs uay quretly and purposefully quret but full of fun an easy guy to get along wrth Havrng many Interests he partrcu Iarly enroys huntrng Common enough Freshman IS hrs pet peeve After recervrng hrs drploma Larry hopes to enter College KYGAR RAYMOND Whtle I lwe no woman shall ru e Ray a muscular lrttle fellow wrth a personalrty that everyone lrkes has contrrbuted much In the freld of athletrcs To brrng a smrle to hrs face rust present hrm somethrng In a 5th srze ln the future Ray has plans of gorng to college Football 1 Varsrty Wrestling 1 2 Baseball 1 2 Letter s Club 1 2 e Cu 2 3 Nomrnatrng Conven 1 Z LUKO FRANKLIN MILTON MCCOY GLORIA Set tn hrs ways and thats A good laugh ts sunshrne how he wzll stay H , " ' ' . -J .J . Larry, ' ,V is 1,2... ' 2,3,4... ' -Q -. r. A . . .E . .Hin I .. I . U -J .ffana ,. ' ' ' H , 1,2,3,4... e" z,3,4... ' " ,I men' ,,3,4...Ky Ib, " - tIon,,3,4. Shq NICHOLSON WALTER MARSHAL Irre to learn not learn ln rr: Easy to know and well worth the trouble Walter spends most of hrs free trme swrmmrng and boatrng Too many Freshmen seem to rrrr tate hrm most of the trme Plans afte graduatron are undecrded OUELLETTE DIANNE MARIE An essentral of a happy lrff rs freedom from care Dranne rs a very lrkeable person The thrngs she enjoys most are skat rng and berng wrth Lucky Her pet peeve rs people who smoke rn the restrooms After graduatron she plans to work untrl February then marry that Lucky guy STROUD GERALDINE ELIZABETH B thrngs rome zttlr pac Pages G rr has worked real hard n hrgh school and now rt s payrng off She rs a three year graduate Dates and baby srttrng take up most of her trme ln the near future she plans to be marrred Homettes 2 Commrttee announcements 4 NUNEZ MORRIS Irfe may hare many rletours but he knous the rrght roar! Morrrs quret and dependable rs one of the hardest workers rn our Sensor Class Consrderrng that he has run track for four years rt rs understandable that hrs favorrte pastrme rs runnrng Morrrss plans for the future are strll undecrded Cross Countryl 2 3 4 as ketball 1 ck I 2 POPE SANDRA Happy and aluays ga5 rs her special :Lay Just call her Sandy thrs farr and charmrng lass wrth hard work and determrnatron Sandy has acqurred a three year graduatron Always rng to orn sh lrked by many She can be found erther swrmmrng or horse back rrd n her spare trme It seems complarnrng people bother most of all Busrness college wrll follow after une WELBAUM JIM LAWRENCE Hrs orrn speeral rr ay to mah others laugh my as he rs known by a seems quret trll you get to know but rs really on the go al trme If you ever happen to rop rn on hrm he wrll erther be dancrng or workrng calculus problems Empty crgarette packs seem to bother hrm but he seems to care for hrs prpe too College frlls hrs agenda for the near future and after graduatron he hopes to marry a rrch wrdow all 1 2 Basketball Key Club 4 Prom Commrttee 4 Lettermen s Club 4 0 CONNOR JOHN fhe master of the shou W eher you call hrm lohn or lack he rs the same fun lovrng guy Always a barrel of laughs he en roys playrng gags on everyone A certarn Irttle gal named Caroll oc cupres most of hrs free trme After s ool hrs plans are to go 0 college or pro baseball Football 1 Basketball 1 2 eballl 2 3 Nomrnatrng Co ventron 1 2 3 4 La Mesa Student Councrl Lettermens Club 2 3 4 Sr Class Presrdent 4 leadershrp Conference 3 4 Key Club 4 SPECKMAN THOMAS JAMES A happy laugh l8 good nzerlr crne Known by all as Tom he rs well lrked on campus Tom lakes any rs aggravated wrth people who row money and dont pay rt back After graduatron Tom plans to go to vocatronal school and be a lrno type operator Men of Mrguel 3 Key Club 4 TAYLOR KEN He s a lady s man Thrs cute lrttle guy was an asset e ror Cass ths Wherever there rs a cute grrl you w frnd Ken as grrls seem to be hrs favorrte pastrme Hrs pet peeve rs there arent enough dances Foot b 1 Safety Councrl 4 l' H N n '. E' 4 h t V - I' r ' A ' 4 ' ' " ' A ' ' I ch ' A int ,Mal 2,3,4... ',,,f ..,Tra ,,3,4. Bas " Hi-Y 1, 2 . . . ' 1, 2, 3 . . . I , , ' ' ' . ' A ,V ' ' ihing that has toldo with cars, but ' ' ' . ' ' bor- . b ' will' j' in the fun, e is I ' . A Ing i I A A . A , ' r ' , ig ' ' in l' ' s ' ' ' -' .' A er ' V r "lim A ll to th Sen' I r I year. ' 4 4 . I him, ' rlrre irr r . ' ' W ' . I . . A ' ' . I arr . . ' ' room ,,3,4,.. ' 1, 3 I . . . . , Honor Aisl ,ff . ,,,.-1-" Y 3 ,.-14014. V .als - ,'.,1,. F JT., V., .4 ,, . ,ffl .1' 1 . 'L' -, 4-4-re., -Q , Q.. ,Akg",.. Amt. - h ' I Z 1 Q . . "gP.'11vgi'--. -' .jfffw -I T "ffl: . " gf. , Lil- 1. ""f"'?"7l"'f' '4' -fl' 1 ' fzzf . 1 -ff'..R5u-nike.-2. if A TOP T0 BOTTOM? R- Irwin, T. Crow. R- PUYHG. D- 011550, W. TOP TO BOTTOM: C. Brady, B. Priest, N. McCaslin, Z. Dail Stephens, P. Tuve, R. Johnson. C. Wardell, S. lone, C. Knight, J. Martin, K. Holmes, C. Putman BACCALAURIIATE AND GRADUATION USHIIRS q 'N yQW'W "f",?f'g Hag q-r""""'- of ROW D Whit W K I J B ll B Ed f Id BOTTOM ROW R M NOT PRESENT Wht h BOY S STATE GIRL S STATE PNA iff' 3 A 54' Wayne Stephens Kathy Holmes 49 7 1 3 'A Q, . ' V ' T Q W: 1 . 'r I ff ' . . -4, , 4 ' h 5.7171 ' . A .. , ' :wa ' ' T ly A .,n . ' f A . l. A' T v ' f 517 x aj 1 V dr K Q 'Vx Q ,.y,. 4"?7A' 'R' I - ' , " .. , .. V- T4 5' -- . , ,puff 'A' " . " A ' A - - ,.-... , Z., , . , A . ' 'TWPJA'-L, "H,-. '7- TOP : J. Compion, . i man, B. Lefler, . or ' R. Bier, . u , . en ie . : B. SI S. U k S. H If S. D G O . Ch' Oy J. K k P. B . : B. Bastrop, W. ' I. 9 9 1 1 if! A . gi-'BT ' 1' ' S - . A lk' 2 -, K - A 151. . . A ' , A ' 'A ,A ' Q :E , ' - ' nw-vf - n ff N . I , .Q A i A, if 1 I Q9 066 fe fi 0 SCF S We visit next in Egypt, a fascinating country well steeped in ancient culture and a high stan- dard of learning. In the four years in high school, we study and learn until as Seniors we graduate with the same acquired polish and culture. Rlchard Mak: President Q11 Robert Spencer Counselor Seth Carpenter Advisor Henrletta Gnset Advisor Juniors CLASS CDF 1960 Mount Mlguel s lllustrlous and In fluentlal Junlor class of this year has contributed much to the pride and tradltlon of our school Among the Juniors many accomplishments was sponsorship of two aftergame danc es, the contrnbutuon of the fnrst two ASB presidents portralts to the library memorial and most memor able of all the Junlor class party Surely the class of l96O may be called the class wlth a future Marge Kreyllng Vuce President Mary Mehlberger Secretary Junlor Council FIRST ROW Richard Mak: Marge Kreyllng Mary Mohlborger Kathy Klrby SECOND ROW Joanna Welty Carol Knight Judy Dunham Nancy Young Carol Hesch Sandy Cook THIRD ROW Sharley Uecker Zena Dall Denise Johnson Mary McCroy Perry Tu e Daryl Sandaker Hale Thornburgh Phul Steele Kathy Klrby Treasurer .rS' 9 1 g x ff . , . . . if 1: ' . , . . , . I - . I ' l K' I ' 's 3 i . ei 3 0 9 : ll I I . : , , 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 ,S V I I l I 1 ' ,VX , 1 cr' if Q! x WWW il i 4 v-1 'TIN an 1-7 4 'lc-N ' Q, -f xl ,X Adams Paul Adslt nm Amptman Bull Andrews Shery Austin Joe Avery Avada Avery Make Barns Shenla Baker Jerry Ball Jrmmy Balsley Deanna Balsley Judy Baranowskr Duane Bastrup Gary Beauloye Becker Marrlyn Beebe ThomasJ Beezley Mary Bell Mary Lou Bemrs Jerry Bennett Duane Bennett Peggy Berger Dorothy Bertram Kltch Betts Linda Blerl Raymond Blggs Bull Blackwell Joanne Bookhmder Jam Booth Joleen Borrelll Cathy Bourke George Bowen Ricky Brady Carolyn Brandaway Davld Brennan Mary Lou Brockman Jackle Brown Ralph Brust Bonnre Burk Jacquelyn Butch Charlotte Butts Larry Buxton Vera Caffall Ann Cafferata Stephen Calvert John Carlson Barbara Carlson Roland Carlton Nancy Carme Warren Carroll Bob Carroll Lona Caspmo Charlene Caudlll Charlotte Cazlmero Lucille Chance Charles Christy Roberta Clancy Johnnle Clarldy Lynn Clark Wrlluarn Clegg Spencer Coffey Barbara Cohen Bruce Cole Edward Coley Dorothy Colller Leslle Compton Jon Conely Andy Conta Judy Cook Sandre Corllss, Kathy Cosby Shella Cosper, Jackre Covey, Joanne Cox, Yvonne Craft, Dean Crane, Donald Cremer, JoAnn Crow, Tom Crowningshield, Davld 55 Curry, Mike Dail, Zena Davies, Robert DeClerico, Mike De Groot, Susan DeHoney, Clarence Dial, Harold Diederich, Kathy DiMaria, Benny Doerck, Gaylord Donlan, Regina Downer, Dennis Downing, Linda Dumas, Daleane Dunham, Judith Dunn, Marcy Dutelle, Jacqie Dyas, Lyn Easton, Sandy Edenfield, Bruce Elmore, Russell Elson, Dodie Emery, Jan Enos, David Enyeart, JoAnn Estebo,Philip Fields, Stephen Finney, Betty Finney, Sharon Fleet, Bill Freyberg, Bob Frisque, Tom Frye, Mark Gapp, Ron Gaskins, Jerry George, Gini Giomarra, JoAnn Goffeney, Joe Gowens, Jerry Graham, Raymond Grauberger, Ron Green, Betty Gudmundson, Eileen Gunderson, Lynda Guthrie, Don Hafdell, Ellie Haggard, Tom Hale, John Halfacre, Scherrie Hamilton, Donald Hampton, Randy Hansen, Karen Hansen, Leela Harshman, Carol Harter, Joanne Hawkins, Leon Hawkins, Lloyd Hawkins, Mariorie Hay, Orville Hayman, Terry Heitert, Tom Henderson, Sunnie Hesch, Carol Heyer, Tom Hill, Janice Hines, LouAnne Hitchcock, Ronald Hitchcock, Rod Hobson, Betty L. Hoffman, Joan Holm, Carol Holmes, Kathy ft' an Q ,eg 'J no -1 -sa FC c X A V, '55 we " x K 4 bf 'T 7 ,qi .N L wk x 'Y Tffff dw- vw-r u... . v 35 , A LA , , 4-A45 .Y -, x A if f '-' 3? Q. .Q - l ,e V 4' A L Wm , Q, at 5 K 0 ev V v-9 S L' ' '75 'I " 'X ' '1 AW , ll 5 -'A ' L 4. L, I I V, 1 Xe-4 . x e. ". X. 1'-'Y .yr ' " W an f:-if 'Cf t,1 Q 1 V '11 L These industrious lunlors are painting a banner to ad vertise one of their class sponsored after game X W -ZS ,jg 31 SL s! -uf ., 7 ' .rs if x V 1-' A... 'Na g... 9 un.- v 4 lS.i- Q--r 1 W 4 A Q -' , Q., ar 1 an dl ' we , v 4 ft eq. .1 sx. , ntl 7-, vi' ., L ances. From left to right Sandy Cook, Phil Steele, Baranowski, and Carol -Q13 sv an w-Q in 1,4 nf , -sa if ,... up v5 , v, SI et 2 ' ,-5 ,-. A Q we " ' A- ff, ' ' e C9 N 'r ' 1' '5 - : L k ' --L. I y U L 5 Kr so 1.1 f X-f' I, -S. 0 X w-71 -3 I 1 iv l - . , J 'r 414e'T lx. .wt as V, Q-4' av T Q-1 it y , J , Nz... 'sf 'Q lv Q-1 U "3 Holsclaw, Margie Holstrom, Bonnie Hopkins, Lynne Hostetler, Shirley Huckstep, Judy Hudkins, Charlene Hulett, David Humphries, Sherilyn Hurley, George Huska, Andrew lott, Charles Irwin, Charlotte lrwin, Richard Isaacs, Pat ltzin, Carol Jennings, Judy Jensen, Bob John, Patricia Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Denise Johnson, Richard Johnson, Sandy Johnston, Cindy Johnston, Loxie Jones, Delmar Kapsala, Joan Kellenberger, Conrad Kenning, Henrietta Kepner, Ed Killorn, Leslie Kirby, Kathy Klepper, Janice Klepper, Joe Klink, Daniel Knight, Carol Knutson, Joe Krawshok, Mike Kreyling, Margie Kruk, Janet Kunkel, Kenneth Lachman, Allan Lane, Joe Lone, Roberta Leanne Lane, Sharon Lashlee, Leonard Leach, Nancy Lear, Fred Leezy, James Letler, Bill Legg, Dobbie Leitner, George Lesko, Barbara Lester, Donna Lindahl, Fred Lindsten, Eric Linnan, Charlene Lipe, Bob Lopez, Bob Lorentz, Mike Loveland, Robert Lowe, Jeanette McCabe, Pot McCaslin, Nancy McClare, Kenneth McCroy, Mary McElroy, Dianne McFarland, Jim McFeeley, Jim McHatfie, Beverly Mclntyre, Mike MacKenzie, Judith Maehler, Mike Maki, Richard Mangold, Stanley Manley, Michael Martin, Jean Martin, Joyce Marusa, Morthaiane Mathewson, Ann Mehlberger, Mary Mickelsen, Karen Miller, Karen Miller, Wayne Minnis, Francys Mitchell, Philip Monetta, Gary Moore, Charles Morlan, Larry Morris, Bobbie Mott, Elwood Mull, Francie Muuy, Sharon Neil, Laura Neill, John Newcomb, Douglas Newell, James Nicoclemus, Judy Niemi, Janice Nored, Gary Norton, Elizabeth Nugent, Linda Nye, Nona Oaks, Pat Otfill, Mel O'Gara, Pat Orr, Barbara Ouellette, Dianne Paden, Steve Palasik, Frances Palmore, Dixie Panhorst, Charles Parent, Judy Patterson, Virginia Payne, Richard Peak, Lynn Perfect, John Pergl, Jim Perkins, Bill Petty, John Phillips, Sharon Pierce, Janey Jierce, John Pitzer, James Piubeni, Paul Pope, Sandra Porter, Billie Jean Potts, Doug Powell, Elizabeth Priest, Brenda Purczynski, Toby Puterbaugh, Carleton Putman, Carolyn Quist, Don Radici, George Rasmussen, Kent Rawlinson, Nancy Ray, Nancy Rea William Real, John Reed, Dean Rew, Jack Rhodes, JoEllen Rice, Mike Richter, Nola N4-4 L 'X is Y I .- .- 1 v--v fx, Q.. ,, 1' t f " ' 1 'JJ' " K 15 A l 5 I V x K S ii it i R Q .Zn M 5,-A E . K K.. . I l J K E --X , , iy , Q , .3-'L E C- if ll , . K Y "H I ! ,Tj ? Q .i si IQ, A ,.. or Q, l v v , Y QS! v -v sv ,QS ' . ,tv -.,. v- 3 Q ' . 2? V sf " 'V z -lf' l Kms i ' K vu. .- ' A X "7 'A Aqlqag w n Junior council planned and 17' carried out many activities " , sponsored by the iunior f-' g A li 4 . 'Q I Q . v S ar ,Q 9, ,tic s .e N! l f 2 :Y f Xfy X up L' . 'ka if ' 4'-v E 'N -0,4 T7 ' C., vX -sr E 'sv T7 4 A f: A 'J ' - 'l 3' ' ' J:-5 tl. X Q Lf 'if 2 pf f -s ,x , or .. W ce Y , T - , e,j ,N -Q . ses, ' ll ZX VI ,Q L' S. 4. L' , 1 .31 ' .nl ' -jg 4 2 77 L L ly 5 -1' fi -'Z fr, 'I -B v x class Here a meeting is A conducted by Richard Maki, , - gumor class president. , 2 -ff Y i mfs: ,.-we X as Q X xv , v-1 ar -3.4 -'1 ga Y 1-9 v ha I X, V bf, i. L. ., ' .. it I L4- sf -5 l. an - 4- , . X N ' X 'x A f f .s ,ff ff I. lk V,-Z. 5 '. , , , , ,ay v L.. Wx To nr A W tall.. u X . , is ri L4-'I , ,' qi Q v uv 1 - fn-db I C1 'S .4-wr lv 4 x t A Hx '- E. O Q .rg up -sl ., L4 'Cf is lv 45 'fi Y T7 I-. '2 ,WI Xxx dx' R E T' Il .W f . 1 -:r "' I L- i I A, , l l.. x A. 'X V r- XX ' x X "Y" .Q-ffm Rickel, Gary Rieve, Karen Roberson, Bob Robinson, Bruce Rochelle, Bobby Rohfleisch, Pete Romiquiere, Jack Rubottom, Mike Rutherford, Linda Rutherford, Roger St. Romain, Pat Sambrano, Art Sandaker, Daryl Sando, Avis Santurro, Bob Scharnhorst, Leslie Schettig, Carole Anne Schiller, Marilyn Schmidt, Fin Schneider, Sharon Schwab, Dick Scott, Mary Anne Sechrist, Dennis Sewell, Carroll Shacklett, James Shaw, Andy Shepersky, Ginger Silverthorn, Bill Simpson, Tom Sledee, Herman Slocum, Beverly Smith, Gary Smith, Genevieve Smith, Lance Smith, Larry Snow, Ron Snyder, Judy Solkema, Donna Spears, Dan Stamper, Steve Stamper, Steve Steele, Phil Steiding, Nancy Stepek, Corey Stephens, Cyrus Stowe, Kenny Strau, Sharon Strom, Sue Stroud, Geraldine Sullivan, Gary Summers, Pat Sunbury, Robert Szalay, Sharon Szuch, Dave Tamila, Steve Taylor, Judith Taylor, Ken Taylor, Raymie Telles, Helen Thornburgh, Hale Thornton, Keith Tiberg, Lynn Tolbert, Andrea Trail, Tom Tuve, Perry Tweed, Joan Uecker, Shirley Vanlandingham, Harley Vint, Vinton Vonwiller, Robert Vultaggio, Charles Wagor, Susan Ward Martha Ward Sharon Wardell Carollng Weaver Joyce Webster George v V Wellong Bob V4 Welty Joanna Werner Shnrley West Cathy Westphal Jeanne Whntaker Robert Whnte Fred White John whne Jud 'V Whltehurst Morrlly Wllkle Paul Wllllams Brian Wllllams Don Wnllnams Douglas Wullrams Sharen Wlllls Bonme Wrlson Manlyn Wlman Mike Wnttman Dale Wood Ronme Wyman Mnke Yeaton Bonme Yokley Richard tj Young Nancy -1--y 'T 4" we BON OVAGE JGYCE Joyce Martin an outstandnng lunlor and one of our peppy cheerleaders was chosen out of her class to repre sent Mount Miguel as an exchange student abroad this summer Joyce IS well known and very wall luked around campus for her cheerful smnle and hugh 60 standards When asked what her at tltude toward vlsltnng a foreign land and llvmg with a foreign famlly IS Joyce sand l wash that everyone could have the same wonderful op portunlty I hope to fulfill my respon slbllntles and represent my school and country as best I can Soph moves CLASS OF 1961 The sophomores have gained the respect of the upperclassmen, for they truly have worked and suc ceeded to uphold the tradrtnon and success of Mount Mnguel Jumor rrngs, sponsorrng an aftergame dance and many other accomplish ments through the course of the year helped to establish the sophomore class as one wlth ambutuon and a promlsmg future These students wall be the tlrst to graduate from Mount Mlguel wlth a full four years of attendance and tradltlon behmd them marking a great milestone achievement of thenr Ives Margaret Dall Vice President Sheryll Lane Secretary Sophomore Council FIRST ROW Karen McKmney Sandy Haswell Sheryll Lane Mar garef Dall SECOND ROW Mary Kay Luzak Judy Martenson Su san Stevens Elsie Malecek Charlene Ulmen Kathy DeMarco THIRD ROW Jerry Frte John Stafford Sharon Davy Richard Burns Sherry Netzley Lesley Goode Lee Cochran Carol Marshall Alice Bud xldslu Sandy Haswell Treasurer fill. .QOH nblsfo Karen McKmney Presldent John Klemfelter Counselor Barbara Balkam Advisor Thomas Welbaum Advusor - ,V in . . , . . . . I - 1 Q I r r I ' ' 3 1 r ' I 1 I - 1 f I f 1 V I r 1 ' 5 . - s . Aab, Charlotte Alesi, Sandra Allison, Diane Amundson, Kristin Antell, Dan Anthony, Martha Arnold, Glenda Ashe, Vicki Axtell, Sharon Bagley, Kathryn Baker, Annis Baker, Charles Baker, Douglas Baker, Richard Baranowski, Margu Barrett, Mary Bates, Bob Baucom, Sharon Bauter, Darlene Bauman, Valeria Bailey, Bill Beals, Gary Beasley, Billy Beatty, Michael Beaver, Edward Bell, Judy Bell, William Benbow, Mina Benedict, Dav Beniamin,Sandra Bergman, Danny Best, Eric Blankenship, David Blavlock, Gary Blechu, .lan Bledsoe, Jackie Block, Norman Boggs, Pat Bordwell, Nancy Boyle, Carol Bracken, Daniel Brand, Harold Brega, Dana Brianez, Vicki Brock, Ronnie Brown, Amy Lou Brown, Marcia Brown, Margaret Bryan, Mike Buckner, Edward Buckner, Warren Buczynski, Richard Budzinski, Alice Buford, Robert Bunderson, Larry Burchette, Jacque Burdick, Elise Burns, Richard Cady, Ron Caldwell, James Caliendo, Deeann Cameron, Diane Camp, Richard Campbell, Laura Cardoza, Don Cardoza, Sammy Carlton, Charlotte Carmany, Tom Carney, Richard Carr, Don Carr, Marti Carter, Bill Caylor, Judith Ciampi, Yvonne Clapham, Marilyn Clark, Charlie Clark, Kenny Clark, Lynne Clark, Ralph Cobb, George Cochran, Lee Cody, Barbara ,1 35,1 Q v W 1 3 -v ev x X 'v sf! Y.- Q0 1 . Qs vu x X F, '- These ambitious engaged in the Driver 'V cation course, are here staging a his ., La 'J' -- s 1 is Q58 'n . .5- 4 .. -eg 2 -u ay scene. They are, J om left to right: Eric Best, .1 ... as f ? ? ....., ,,,,, . and Janice azelwood. I Q3 V A Q-o ev- 11' -"hula y , J if '- " 2 - K ' " 4' 'ix' . ,vw A. , . v--V Coker, Jerry Collins, Jim Compton, Tommie Constance, James Cooper, Curtis Copper, Linda Cortner, Betty Couey, Bill Cowan, Judy Cramton, Sharon Credille, Georgia Crook, George Curry, Gary Dail, Margaret Dale, Lee Daniells, Bob Davis, Bud Davy, Sharon Day, Joe DeFrate, Elizabeth DeLong, Judith DeLong, Judy DeMarco, Kathleen Denlinger, Robert Ditto, Sharon Donnelly, Sharon Doty, Diana Downs, Lillian Drozansky, Karen Dudley, Margaret Duea, Lois Dunham, Dan Dutton, Peggy Eads, .larry Eaton, Diane Ellingson, Dirk Ellison, Eric Elsperman, Norman Engberg, Robert Enright, John Epperson, Lynda Estes, Sue Estebo, Paul Faucher, Bob Fegan, Josette Fendrick, John W. Ferguson, Richard Ferguson, Susan Finnegan, Colleen Fiocca, Johnny Fitz, Jerry Fitzgerald, Paula Forant, Earlene Fournier, Martie Fousek, Karl Foye, Allen Frank, Bobby Franklin, Jerry Freeman, Duane Freeman, Kent Frohn, Byron Gahn, Gary Gamble, George Gardis, Josephine Gardner, Ken Gardner, Susan Gatch, Eugene Gatch, Wayne Gay, Donna R. Gillm, Don Gilliland, Jean Goetsch, Geri Goff, Auriele Golden, Marlena Goldsmith, Pat Gooch, Wayne Goode, Lesley Grant, Gary Gray, Neta Greenlee, Mary Grigg, Barbara Gudmundson, Diana Gustafson, Gary Hadzimo, Robert Ann Haeger, Eileen Hagan, Gary Hamilton, Pat Hamilton, Bill Hammett, Carl Hardman, Norman Hardy, Gary Hare, William Harp, Billie Harrison, Marten Hartman, Barry Haswell, Sandy Hathroate, Janet Haughey, Walter Hayden, Sharon Hays, Katherine Hobart, Jim Hobbs, William Hoffman, Sue Holmberg, Ardyce Holt, Jim Holt, Pot Homan, Mariorie Honn, Nancy R. Honn, Robert Hopper, David Howard, Diane Howard, Robert Howarth, Alone Hughes, Shirley Humes, Carolyn Hunter, Guy Huntington, Arthur Irvine, Mariorie Itson, Linda Jacobs, Bill James, Cheryl Jameson, Ron Jaquith, Mike Jeffrigs, Gregory Jenkins, Shirley Jennings, Joe Johnson, Carl Johnson, Gail Johnson, Mimi Johnston, Sharol Jones, Harry Jones, Nancy Jones, Nora Jorgensen, Jytte Jorgensen, Mary Joseph, Garland Keenan, Carole Keeton, Karen Kelley, Jim Kent, Barbara Kent, Sydney Kezar, Philip Kienzle, Anna Kingsley, Carol Kinnersley, Tommy Kirby, Douglas Kittelson, Dale Knapp, Mike Knudson, DeeAnna Koopmans, Judy Kramer, Diana Kucala, Norman Kyte, Terry Landrum, Ronnie Lane, Sheryll Latulippe, Doreen Laws, Charlene Leep, Bill Leexy, George Lehton, John Leone, Mike Lesch, Jeanette Lisko, John Loper, Mike ,-Q -N., rv 5- P 'ts- O aa 'nv 5 ,- 'E " 4'9" An 2 ' ,E il , -A ' V i' - V 1- ' -" ' ' '1 ,t f: P 'L 1 K A B sis , . - ,Q J F 'p M A 0 , .5 'WV Q Q1 , Q' I ... ' 1 I mf f 21 :Lf Q: 'F' TX 5 991 L1'-5 -, L . I S fs!! L3 - A V X A N S .. --1 QD, y . I C' g- Q R 4- V 4. sl 'yi' '13 1 V - - U, '. 'Lx 'H Y-Teens are holding their annual Candlelight Recog- nition Ceremony. O L ' S lr .- ... , 'T W I 'vi 5 QI! J l ' o 5. 4? :- av 4 'Q ' ' 11' - . fs, 'lx K 'Y .. -4 M- - 9 ' LX 55 X - U! U il 'F -- .1 1 as fx X I , I L-A :f I V t 5, , . ' ' Y wc f" 'T it l 'Z tv K :gf 1 gf 'E Et J As- A gf S M -J1.-1. ess' ' , , ' ff ,. ., ni ... 7 1 fl f 'Y -ff 1 5 . X. gy H55 ,. 1 sm- . L- 'S -T K 2 4- f 5 3 A T , fr 4: "' A ff "f .:, Isa. ' f X-'Q . i X x f '- 0- Q W fini ' f f' L il. I 4 1 i A .Q Q an 5 dl 92 d A n -'Y 3,1 V df E-...A ,.,. N Lorentz, Dennis Lueth, Georgia Luzak, Mary Kay McAbee, Martin McCarley, Wileen McCormick, Helen McCoy, Patti McCullough, Pat McCune, Allan McKinney, Karen McLain, Tom McMahon, Dennis MacKiewicz, Joe Maddux, Jimmy Malicek, Elsie Mannen, Lawrence Munsir, William Marliere, Myrna Marshall, Carol Martenson, Judy Martin, Janice Martin, Mary Mason, Pete Mathewson, Christine Mattes, Bill Matyas, Judy Maynard, Diane Meler, Vicky Metzger, Dick Meyer, Peggy Middleton, Star. Miller, Linda Miller, Philip Millhouse, Roger Mills, Hadley Mills, Jay Mitchell, Janice Monette, Richard Moody, Sherry Moreno, Jim Morgan, Bruce Morlan, Lanny Morris, Garry Morris, Michele Morse, Karol Moseley, Robert Moss, Thomas Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Pete Myers, Michael Myers, Wayne Nash, Lynette Neises, Larry Neison, Alfred Nelson, Bob Nelson, Steve Netxley, Sherry Nichols, Cheryl Nicholson, Charlotte Noble, Gail Norr, Daniel Norr, Lisa Nystedt, Linda O'Brien, Michela O'Connor, Marlene Oddo, Frank O'Dell, Joan Offill, Sharon Oftedahl, Allen Oliver, Judy Olsen, Meloin Olson, Torrie Ortega, Jerry Perkins, Tony Pecoraro, RoseMorie Pecoraro, Concetta Peak, Georgia Paul, Sondra Partain, Ellen Palermo, Mickey Ott, Bill Ortiz, Wilma Peters, Bill Petitt, Tim Phelps, Dennis Phillips, Margery Sue Phillips, Raymond Pike, Susan Poffenberger, Ed Pope, Mary Possehl, Amelia Poulson, Joy Prescott, Mark Proppe, Hans Purtle, Charley Putnam, Patti Quintanar, Gerald Quintero, Sharon Rainey, Carla Rank, Diana Ray, Diana Rea, Tom Reames, Leon Recio, Kenny Reeder, Mary Reinhold, Jerry Reinbold, Kathleen Rella, Fran Remele, Paul Renfro, Sharon Rhoades, Jim Richardson, Robert Risner, Dan Rochelle, Don Rock, Sharon Roddy, Nona Rogers, Steve Roe, Sandra Romiguiere, Ronnie Rosemary, Bob Rosenberger, Kathy Rudluff, George Russell, Steve Rutherford, Bobbie Saari, Terry Saddington, Hugh Sage, Sambrano, Gloria St. Clair, Walter St. John, Andy Sampier, Paul Sanderson, Butch Schaeffer, John Scheer, Michael Schelin, Eddie Schettig, Nancy Schmitter, Rosadel Schnell, Pat Schnick, Jan Schott, Artie Schwedler, Susan Sevlly, Diane Selvig, Lee Shirey, Tom Sileneck, Robert Silverthorn, David Sima, Nancy Singleton, Lynde Slavens, David Smart, Linda Smith, Dennis Smith, Margaret Smith, Margorie Snow, Jim Sommer, Joanne Sotello, Sarah Sparhawk, Patti Speckman, John Spence, Raymond Stadler, Brenda Stafford, John Steckman, Bob Steele, Judy Stephens, Joseph 'U , .0 - A1 . P S1 1 Z Q . .. ,,v 4"X -- 1' A l 5 ' we A X S, 314 L, 'y Li fx ..- xv? y A X W! I f -qs. IN ...I 4- 'CJ 'cf 2 9 4 -A I n-.. ii it .. , , X x Ln L, X of? -'ef .17 ... 3 L. 1 L I -- " . . wr-v ,EW Ley' ' 2 .s f: Y. Qin Y 'T' I Q V -lf .sl , 5,1 ft ' -1 Q xy . M, X ' , I K Tm' -' XV-za , ' ' " "' 4 QQ 'J - -3 s ' iff , 2 li 2 Q Q ' 'J Q -72 .1 YI, -fl 1 L- ,4 - Y 1 ' f ,,' , I . f X i , ci H W fl - T - S+- -ev L+- . -M: wt e -0, ' ,gd J- 1 I I 2 2. x! S: , XX lug -i .SX ' ur ' ' ... x X R4 r . Y Q , , f . Ei , ,, exe? I5 ft. r:-I 'HSI' it Qt r umwalt, Darlene 21 :Q V ' 'fl '7 55: i,",f 1 J J l . 4 l . , - Rv! ny A Q A l L ,A 1 - X , ihy ' , , v 'S . Th is ' 1 d h , S T, .,. , llrfcllr swigymorfinzcglgrire wilz A Q' ' st A W ' ,' " :lt ' V' E. Helix Highlanders. 24 fl 5 , Elf 31 1 1 ' 'f " A L ' T ' 2515.1 K- ' N H 45 1' L .p S as , .T 5. V X ' -1 T l Q L- 31 y ' if J Lv r T 1 it S 5 "nk f J -- XM Q Jil luv ' 'Ji 'D Q ' W Q 5 - .. y i t J' ry lx QY-. H I 1 S! 9' ' J c - :S ' Xl v M Y ., : i 21 A iz .T x 1? 51 X . x F " XM' Nw- ll h x t ' ' X 9 ze If Ms , , if 1 - K ig -1--1 gf! E: 7 I I -. s H5 : - ? v Q, J Q - ll iz' 1 l' -55 f ' V xx " Q tr a NN xx. . ' ' f' N4 ' f Stevens, Bob Stevens, Pat Stevens, Susan Stevens, Bill Strange, Delbert Strazg, Susan Strobel, Richard Strom, Carol Styuaert, Richard Sullivan, Judy Sunbury, Shirley Sutorus, Chuck Swanson, Joy Swinson, Joyce Taylor, Frieda Taylor, Katherine Thomas, Jerry Thomas, Jim Thompson, Jack Thompson, Linda Thornton, Bert Thorpe, Don Thorson, Donald Tindall, Gary Titmas, Phil Torge, Tussell Travis, Benny Truex, Bill Tubbs, Donna Tucker, Ruth Tutterrow, Goldie Tweed, Steve Ulmen, Charlene Updike, Barbara Urbanac, Carole Uri, Clarence Valder, Dan Vance, Dennis Vanlandingham, Colborn Vanolst, Jack Van Sickle, Keith Varley, Sheila Varner, Richard Vaught, Loren Veal, Randy Von Willer, Jack Wagner, Dave Wagor, Carolynn Waicefield, Judy Wallace, Jay Wardell, Doug Weeks, Beatrice Weeks, Janet Weimer, Sandra Wellong, Judy Wells, Julia Welty, Jim Wheeler, Mike Whisman, Richard Whited, Helen Whitesell, Eddie Whitmoyer, Jim Wigdahl, Gary Williams, Mike Wilson, Denise Winters, Mary Wolff, Tonie Wood, Mike Woods, Nancy Williams, Beverly Williams, Jackie Woods, Tommy Wright, Ronald Wylie, William Yale, Ray Yeaton, Janet Yost, Larry Young, Landis Young, Lynda Young, Melanie Zastoupil, Dan 67 Zimmershead, Merrill AUTOGRAPHS Freshmen CLASS CDF 196 Although unfamiliar with Miguel customs and tradltlons these eager freshmen soon adapted to hugh school lvfe and proved their worth by ablllty as students and partlclpa tlon In student actlvntles Startnng wlth freshmen electrons the year was filled wlth many actnvltles nn cluding sponsorship of an aftergame dance Thus class the biggest to enter our school yet, has three more years In which to show their out standmg spnrlt and co operation and In which to gann from and contrlbute to Mount Mlguel s tradltlons ox'X Vice President Mary Som mer Secretary FIRST ROW Janice Marian Duane Kruk Sue Young Jerry Watmore Mary Sommer Laurel Hoye Beverly Holsclaw Sue Jorgensen SECOND ROW Bull Brustlme Kay Wllroms Rhona Grahm Jane Hudson Pat Bowers Lounse Hyer Paula Smuth Stan Selby THIRD ROW John Johnson Clnt Spooner Robert Watkrns Susan Young Presldent Vela Gwm Counselor Freshmen Council 9 Advusor Laurel Hoye Treasurer Claire Tremame Advisor I I n I I . , . . . l I Jerry Watmore ' D l I . 1 v I V i Q V . : , i I ' in ' Adams, Sue Akers, Diantha Alexander, Chandra Anderson, Laura Anderson, Robert Annella, Ben Alagino, Alfred Antell, Judy Apple, Richard Archer, Dave Arrington, Ted Austin, Lloyd Bobby, Stephen Bagley, Nancy Bailey, Marlin Baker, Bill Ball, John Batchelder, Jean Batchelder, Marcia Baucom, Pauline Beam, Bobby Beauloye, Judy Beezley, Phyllis Beford, Tom Bencken, Rick Bender, Paula Bennet, Ronald Betton, Beth Biedel, Judy Bishop, Jim Bristline, Bill Biorstrom, Judy Blevins, Marlene Block, Virginia Blunt, Ralph Bollsey, Bill Bordwell, Richard Bottini, Betty Bowers, David Bowers, Jim Bowers, Pat Brady, Phyllis Bran, Terry Brandt, Carol Branvig, Clifton Bridger, Dan Brown, Bob Brown, Diane Bush, David Bunch, lloyd Burk, Charlene Burley, Bruce Bury, Jefferey Butch, Valerie Butcher, Alden Camillo, Dave Camp, Richard Campbell, Richard Cane, Jo Ann Cannizzaro, Naomi Capozzoli, Raymond Carden, James Carper, William Carr, Mattie Carr, Ray Carroll, Lane Castenada Cecilia Caylor Judith Champenalla Chuck Chapman Pamala Cirsten Rains Clark, Charles , I X A' Christenson, Virginia H- ' x I Clark, Kurt Clarke, Teddy Clawson, Diane Clifford, Larry Collins, Pat Conen, Bunod Copp Norma Copeland Janice Corday Sharon O 'S qw ,. s N 3 Ie f .N . ' A T313 rr. - , W, x X 'GV eve 'F' 4 Q. if x I 5'-if 5 0 1 l in 5 -v ' I .inf 6' ee ' W, X ' ' ' E, H "" nf" Kay 'J - KS. , r r M - I I -Q K. , ,, qv-1 n . ll il Q X If M., 1 "'r if tl 'I sl if 4 'JV' .25 ' 4-.A 1 ' W -4 3 vau- xr If ri. if' A T Ll- C I lk! ' 1 ,v fl K A ce S nr 04 I gX. Q-v English-Social Studies classes form an important part of the freshman schedule. This class not only introduces the fresh- men into English literature f E! , , J xw J lx ,ww ' Q l GJ ' , A-'lc va 6 'G' Q., I , K N but guides them into a worthwhile vacations unit. The freshmen are pictured during group participation in contemporary literature 1c wav !lT,i' r . - K ' 1. A -ua. K-ti ,N , . M Q 22 1 I 'FE 'X A 4 A L , bf Wk A Corey, Mary Corle, Bobby Corliss, Kathy Coryell, Elisabeth Craft, Ronnie Craig, Charlene Crawford, Richard Cremer, Randy Crites, Karron Crosby, Doug Crosley, James Cross, Bill Crow, John Curley, Robert Curry, Stella Dahl, Steve Dame, Gerald Daniells, Billy Davis, Claudia Davis, Ronald Davis, Sue Davis, Verla Days, Mary DeHoney, Bob Devers, Danny Dial, Wanda Diaz, Vincent Dickey, Barbara Dinglinger, Carol Dinlinger, Jerry Dittmer, Sheila Dorland, Jim Dow, Susie Downing, Claudia Doyle, Mary Draper, Sharon Drew, Robert Drew, Rodger Dumas, Dale Durning, Perry Easton, Judy Eaton, Bob Eaton, Jolene Eaton, Juanita Ela, Dan Eles, Donna Ellis, Donna Elmore, Jack Enelestad, Tim Enz, Bill Eshcm, Harold Eshom, Linda Essery, James Faemar, Josette Fares, David Feil, Kenneth Fernandez, Paul Fisher, Bernard Fisher, Gloria Fit1simons, Charlene Fitzurkcl, Martin Fleming, Bill Ford, Wayne Forrester, Larry Fortune, Eugene Foster, Devon Fraser, Rodger Frederick, Ray Freeman, Karon Freeman, Kent Fritchell, Barbara Fritzges, Carl Fulton, Eric Garcia, Alfred Garcia, Alicia Garcia, Dennis Garcia, Jim Garcia, Pamela Gavett, Jackie Gearhart, Susan George, David 7l Gilbert, Jim Gillespie, Leilonie Goddard, Camilla Goins, Norma Golden, Marlene Goodall, Jim Gossett, Patricia Graham, Nancy Graham, Ronna Grant, Gilbert Gray, Bill Green, Robert Gregory, John Griffen, Dudley Grimaldi, Mary Gurling, Mike Haase, Lin Hacomb, Ronald Hagan, Bruce Hagan, Byron Hale, Mary Alice Hall, Larry Hamilton, Cheryl Hammerstrom, Jean Hance, Wayne Harnes, Paul Harris, John Harrison, Brenton Hass, Betty Hathcoate, Diana Hawkins, Bob Hays, Ed Hayes, Gary Hazitt, Jack Hein, Mary Helsel, Charlyn Helton, Louis Hendrix, Iva Henkel, Steffani Henning, Tom Henry, John Hetrick, Karen Heyer, Louise Hill, Larry Hilliard, Lynn Hindricks, Kay Hire, Sharie Hobart, Barbara Hodges, Sharron Hogue, Mary Hoffman, Dennis Hollis, John Holsclaw, Beverly Honeycutt, Glenn Hopkins, Maby Hopper, Tom Horton, Cheri Horton, Eldon Horton, Joe Housh, Joyce Hoye, Laurel Hudson, Jane Huey, Marilyn Hughes, Ruby Humphrey, Marilyn Hurdle, June Hurtt, Steve Huyob, Tom lrwin, Martha lvy, Billy Jackson, David Jacobson, Shirley Jader, Donald Jagnow, Kathy Jefferies, Janice Jenkins, Susan Jergenson, Sue Jero, Bruce Johanson, Ethel Johnson, Gayle Johnson, John 72 ,ek Q w -f .ell-. '-9 'fl' sf Q-4 .li iX.x N" I 'il I Q' l M L4 'e Our frosh soon got ac- customed to high school life and its activities. Pic- tured here a group of freshman girls eating lunch in the quad, They rg.,- if are from left to right Bar bara Smrth Jerry Wat more Karen Crntes Duane Valentine Karen Schmrdt and Gwen Kapsala ...W J' -IX ,nv S am v., .1 Johnson John Johnson Scott Johnston Kathleen Jones Bob Jones Jlmmy Jones Lynn .lanes Ronme Kapsala Gwen Katalack Sharon Kerth Dale Kellenberger Lnnda Kennrng Kathy Kent Barbara Kenyon Mlke Kerner Bull Klefer Andrea Kung Bruce Kung Katherme Knstrup Paul Klesn Jan Kratz Margo Kruk Duane Kuehn Bruce Kuhn Terry Kunkel Esther Lake Jerry Lange Tom Laranz Make La Rose Gary Larson Robun Lasly Leonard Ln Tullp Dorle Lefler Bob Lewrs Barry Lewis Rita Lewis Shlrley Lincoln Kathy Lrndahl Bull Lmdsey Penny Llpska Gary Luster Bonnle Lomlson Sherryl Loop Duxle Lopez Phullns Lord Rebecca Loraze Jlm Louder Jean Lucas Tom Luka Sharon Luque Pete Luxton Larry Luzak Make MacAllnster Elame Mackeamee lm Maddox Larry Maehler Arthur Mak: Ronme Mangels Danny Marchant Jennre Martm Janlce Martrnez Soccoro Mason Mark Masse Mlke Master Duck Matters a Matzke Harold Mavernatk Jerry McCabe Dorothy McCalea Llnda McClaran Marty McCombs Theo McCullough Duan Mclntyre John McKee Susre Meler Charles Melloway Harold Meyer Karen Meza Eugene Muller Barbara Muller Geraldine Muller Joan 73 Muller Rodney Mrllhouse Nancy Mrtchell Ken Moanfleld James Montno Edlth Mooney Roger Moore Lee Moore Lynn Moranvrlle Jam Moreno Tom Mourllesseaux Ralph Mukey Dlana Mun Jams Myers Barry Nelson Buddy Mephmg Marry Nicholson Davnd Nleml John Noble Marcia O Conner Maureen Olan Marlene Ollgrno Alfred Olson Gan O Qulnn Tom Orr Charles Ortega Mary Ellen Osborne Don Ouellette Sue Owens Lmda Oxford Michele Page Kathy Page Nancy Paprke Carol Parker Harry Parsons Bull Peavler Bull Pedrml lloyd Perry Ray Peters Linda Peterson Sharon Phrllrps Douglas Phnlllps Sandy Plckens Roger Pierce Bull Pierce Judy Prerce Llnda Platt Judy Podsednlck Ray Poulson Thelma Presley John Preston Don Prrest Kenny Provenzale Carole Pye Blll Qumtenard Jerry Raines Chnstme Ralston Barbara Rasmussen Kenny Raul Carol Relnwand Gary Rreve Tom Riggs Janice Ripley Ralph Roberson Don Roblnette Dolley Roblnsen Gerald Roblson Mary Rock Shlrley Roddam Bernard Rogers Frances Rogers Frances Rosenberger Andy Roth Alfred Roth Monlca Rouse Johnny Rowan John Rubottom Sam Rue Douglas Ruplrnger Claudia Rutkowskl Barbara Salzerulo Pat Sampler Karen 74 30 3 C ul 4.5 Q. 'sa f 1:-44 33. l- an f'X H39 4,-v 'T lf- wv , 6 uv- '44 Freshman sports play great part In our school s curriculum These freshmen boys are trymg therr skulls '56, mae QQ 911-s FQ? ,pi-snr'- i" Q QI t track and cross coun y Who knows? They ay be the varsitv of the uture A aa., H ww. w"Y3i-1. 'wa -"" Q' t- 'U' ,Q T1 xe 19 XL 5 '37 sa 4-g -sa .., -so 5 e-of -4 ll 1 as A X up 1 xX. no Sandoval David Saul Elaine Scaggliotti Ronnie Scheidle Jim Schmidt Karen Schnell Zoean Schott Lucy Scott Gay Selby Stan Setchell Frank Severy Jim Sewell Tom Shanka Laura Share Dale Shaver Ann Shawkey Ann Sheperd Diana Simmons Janet Slostrom Joelene Slavians David Smallenberger Charles Smith Bob Smith Jim Smith Paula Sneigoski Richard Snyder Richard Sommer Mary Sondergard Anna Soper Roger Spaeth Roy Spam Nancy Spivey Sandy Spooner Clinton Spoor Judy Stadler JoAnn Stadther Catherine Stanley Bob Stegman Terry Stewart Janet Stewart Laurel Stieben John Stimson Mike Stocks Frank Stoll Ricky Stone David Strieker Gary Stumbough Nic Sunberry Jim Sweeny John Szuch Robert Taller Daniel Tanner Geraldine Tarantino Rosalie Taylor David Teeny Cheryl Tenison, Ronnie Thomas, Sharon Thorogood, Dennis Thorp John Thorton, Betsi Thornton Carol Ann Thunberg Steve Tice Leona Tollison, Linda Torge Russell Tweed, Bruce Vagular, Bruce Vandenburg Paul van Norman Lyle Van, Riper Paul Van Vliet, George Varner, Marcleon Vasquez Louise Verdugo, Danny Villavicencio Lorraine Wogle Dick Wallace Suzanne Walsh, Lorna Walsh, Stephanie Walter Rosann Warnimont Joe Waterman Judy 75 Watkins, Robert Watmore, Jerry Watmore, John Weitzel, Henry Wellong, Betty Wellong, Judy Wells, Karen Werner, Fred West, Robert Westcott, Rodney Whisman, Richard White, Sharron Whiteker, Kenny Whitten, Joyce Widick, Dallis Wildon Carol Wilkenson Cindy Wilkinson Linda Willard Elizabeth Williams Allan Williams Diann Williams Kay Williams Tom Wallis Fred Wilson Don Wlltfong vlfgll Wilward Don Wlman Patti Wissel Wanda Wlthem Gary Wolforth Ann Lynne Woodrow Jean Wright Carol Wyman Doris Yale Lynne Young Susan Zippwald Susan Zumwalt Coy 76 N!-t v4 Q-J 'Y -or .AWAY P-J W sq as So we leave the classes The mem orles therein will remain longer than any others of our life These fresh men will leave Mt Miguel an three years and wlll face the wide wide world lust as our Seniors wnll be doing in so few days These classes will prosper from the mistakes and victories of those before them and will long remember their years at Mt Miguel CA' f-I 1 QV Class Signatures . f 'rr-'17 ,ff ACADEMIC Chnna the oriental country of scholars represents o ur academlc sechon and ns next on our world tour Ever slnce earl f d les ays 'there have been ancuent Chnnese phrloso phers known for the wlse sayings which have enlrghf ened dh I an e ped many students 79 I I . . 1 . I - . . - . - '-L , -A S if Q -X W Q. 'QA u K5 y 5,1 ,..e' Q . 'EL ' , 2 - Z -xhgl .1-nz: l , A-pp-f ,-.Y---- -fun, T --W J" ii vgginann-. ig Ki? .fry f. s ,., A. i LDRARY X' ."+-in Q- 5 +1 -...,,,-M tm 1' Q ' ' swf 'T a,1 ,f1l9'I1 Alva z'4,,,. 29m " 4 1 h 1 11.111 - ,n 9,1 , 4 1 . J- ' ,..' "' JM vm ,sw 'M 'olul H4 psf .i xx: EJ xii , .JA " S E 1 Mfgf- .I 5 A nv , ' 4. ,,, 'E S-lv S . igXixNx' ,gtlxixx K ..'xgXl Q ' uxupxu 'O Q fn", .nu Q 5 ni ss" 5 A -xr Q , ' Nr. ,vi h D -D 3. ' L7 h -A . ,dr 31' I , ii: 4' f " 5. I 4 - lg QV f -I f ' w 2' AA 4 IF ' ?l'f2:.5lfa ' - -, I, 'I I 1 ifgi A 1 X t -5:--s 1 A L Xia f 1 l is ,."'s X i'i Q k , Allyfk-4. l " fix it X O D D B t f"'l4-H T. gil". " Q QGIHX Q Q "Zoot on X K 5' 0,05-'o XX 7 .ff fqQ1" 4 'O no t, a l one o "Mt. Miguel welcomes Suzanna "Getting acquainted," Q50 SUZANNA OCCHI, our well-known exchange student was impressed with the moral traditions and standards of our school this past year. Coming from Argentina, she recognized many dif- "Biology . . . A favorite subiectf' 3?"'-'iff 0 011 ferences in school life and openly mentioned that she liked ours better. When asked to evaluate the school she proudly re- plied, "You've got a won- derful school, one to real- ly be proud of!" "An artist at heart." 2 . 'I Ji , ' 1 AGM "' A1 -i N A, f V 1.- Next we stop at festive Mexico, a tun- loving country with activities as numerous as those on our busy campus. The bullfights can compare with our football and basket- ball games, fiestas with our aftergame dances, and the many mountain villages with our campus clubs. Being located so near this country, we can better understand the meaning of our own Spanish theme. Miguel SE PTEMBER 1 fs L F Foofba ,, Corn , OCTCBER x-V9 O Homecomung 1,4 V NOVEMBER Claymour Highlights DECEMBER A JANUARY Pep Asse ne Dance FEBRUARY MARCH APRW A.S.B. Electio Going To The Pro 697 Qi! My Graduation MAY Song 8m Cheer Tryouts JUNE California Cadet Corps CUPT- Jeff Ashe 2nd Lieuf. Steve Taylor 'E fir i I xa A S- Sgt. Richard Ellingson Msf. Sgt. Tom Simpson ' A S I3 President ln the short tame of Its ex ustance, many outstandlng achuevements have been pro duced at Mt Mguel ln sports muslc academic achievement and every oth er ar,ea these achievements hav been accomplnshed lt ns cpe of all those gradu ng that Mt Miguel wull contmue un nts present hugh standsng JOHN CGNLIIE ,f , .H . .I I . l . I . I . I - 'I' - ' u . . 0 1 D J ' ." Q 1. 92 lx . 9 52 ' '1 ' li' J ,K ft gf W 'r'Q 'ff' in Student overnnnent The Student Council has done a terrific iob of improving our campus. This group of students took an active part of helping to organize our school this year, and they are to be given thanks on their fine work. Under the leadership of John Conlee, A.S.B. President, and advice of Mr. Brady, this group discussed innumerable problems and sugges- tions affecting every student here at Mt. Miguel. Student Council SECRETARY LOUETTA RUNGE A. S. B. :vLV A Q: J R' ,A , 4 1 Ron Carlson-Finance Dorie Rcldici-Acfivifies Jeo nette Lowe-School Service Judy Tweed-Publicity CF 5 x Mc ry Beth Stegmon-Soles Commissioners Bill Mitchell-Athletics Toni Moreno-Concessnons Anno Harlan-Records and Alumni EI Tro cador Jockue Bostwuck Jcckle Foss Jill Spoor Advisor Mrs Mott JOURNALISM CLASS Judy Tweed Bunny Wrede Enleen Freem Bonme Brust I I ar' , n if :Lf ' IN 'N ICA! 6, Vzhrkkx , Q? J W, 'L J ,J 15 A ' on . x .xfx Q Staff Jig, 'X Bonnie Bates Bill Mitchell Librarian Photographer Linda Gudmunson Rose Ann Heudich Press Release Chief Exchange Editor STAR RE DORTERS Beverly Slocum Peg Nelson Assistant Ad Manager Circulation Manager The El Trovador Staff has worked hard in preparing our school paper and they have done a fine iob Never before has Mt Miguel done as well as it has during '58 '59 and if nas brought up the quality of our paper to a very hugh standard Miss Shlffletf, the advisor, and Jackie Foss, Editor in Chief, are to be congratulated for their fine work in bringing out our bl weekly issues of El Trovador 99 T- A T. ' X HV, - 1 ' if T, i r '- XY- .. sm. , i V, 'Vfgie N! n . i 7 Q Q. 4 Barbara Ohlund La Royce Cooper Linda Gudmunson Our spirited Songleaders were at- tractive assets to our games this year. They put in many hours of practice and work making you proud of them. Their routines were unique and well done. Their enthusiasm will be set as an example for the future classes of Mount Miguel. Verda Doddridge I A Lorie Bried Ron Homuth Linda Walters Cheerleaders "Fight, team, fight," is a phrase that was often echoed through the halls of the Miguel campus. Such spirit could not have been heard without the Cheer- leaders' untiring pep. They have worked hard preparing pep assemblies which have contributed immensely to our Mount Miguel spirit. Paul Mitchell Joyce Martin lOl 'l Linda Singleton Carol Strom J. V. CHEERLE DERS Karen Keeton Lmda Thompson PEP BAND The Pep Band and the J V Cheerleaders are so often taken for granted and not gnven the full recog mtlon they deserve They are an ambutu ous and peppy group and dad a great lob In playing our school songs at the games at all the assemblnes and leading muny a Miguel Cheer that we all enloy so much We want to thank you for all the hard work and let you know that we sincerely ap preclate all that you have done thus year for Mt Miguel l l I l I f fl! '1 vu l l 'xr 'V 'ral ' 4 v , 1 T up-fi f I I 30. T T X , ,I , . , I . . , . Qrchestra Mt Muguel s fme Concert Band and Orchestra have done a wonderful lob representing our school this year Many hours of tame and effort were put into their fabu represented when our Orchestra and Concert Band play for Jr Hugh assemblnes throughout our dlstrnct One of the actuvntnes of our Concert Band was playmg at the fashlon show nn February which added to thear Inst of moneymakung progects The blggest and most umpor tant of thelr performances was the Sprung Concert nn playmg In the Los Angeles area un Aprul From these actuvutues ut us easy to see a lab well done by these two fme organuzatuons Concert Band lous performances. We can be sure our school is well May. We also found our Concert Band and orchestra Marching Advisor- Mr. Chrisfionson D 'def 'Um mote kowe kof M0 Xe 917 for gex Mick X Seo efgo Band will t, ' ,xi-",...I'm 1 y , 144 up ,pq ' ,,,'. A 2 x KKK . Q 1, N Q I I ' 'X 5 1 1 4 -t 7- : rf "' ii f :ig XT: ing' I ily: 'il - QNX ill ?':':i:x-ii: 'larsl 'i 1 F'-tx'2i'f--'fa' e Xihglaivii .. 1' W 'Ya 35363 ' . ' 1t'r"'t1 ' '. ' gg I. ?re9aY0xlo de ,pgfo I f poqfb fesl. CO! de e '71 We have been very proud of our marching band this past year. Their outstanding performances at parades and half times at the football games made us proud to be a part of them. One of the more memorable achievements this year was winning the second place in the Long Beach Band Review. Last year they took sweep- stakes in the Maytime Band Review, and are hoping to make this a second victorious year. st., ,'.',2'..f ' L , 11 -- , ""'f':2-. wb pref' fp' J' .MB 4 ww Advusor Mrs Fmney Copfom Sue ye Cadence Corps O6 N Lieutenonts-Sandy Easton, Gilberto Durnom, Janice Neimi, Sandro Cook, Sharon Strazz. 'Us + R Cape Under the dlrectlon of Mrs Fmney the speclaltles have again excelled this year ln the short span of two years Mt Mlguel has bullt up such a flne repu tatlon that It s no wonder we re so proud of them We have seen them often performlng at football games and also at parades where they really showed their excellent performing abllltles Both Sue Pye Leader of Cadence Corps and Judy Tweed Leader of Cape Corps have shown their flne leadership qualltles and are to be con gratulated for doing such a terrlflc 'ob Captam Judy Tweed - N-ol N4- Lueutenants Marge Kreylmg Louetta Runge Margaret Watkms 6 I f .4 ', I 1 t Q t l gil x"" ff! C l ,fi X A l X ig 'K . Y? 46, 5 E Q Y ,:! V - , A AV ' A r . ,f I If A 'P' r K V I , ilaf , V 2 Z ,, M . , i , 44. .- 1, I ,gf . . , 'W' 9? a 4, , CHOIR :W - 'M' iii? 542' ,emi mfg . . J , 3 . , ' 'A Q ,I . f il ge f ' 'Wg ,at 1 ,. 3 -3' 5' S v . ,. 4 -. . - 3' ,W - ' 4' -5 -5 L e ,W X ,. , , A 4, , Lf - 1 9 " 2' , 4 , . . v f f M 1 . ,, , W Y, X ,A ,V , 4. 1 'gil x i ng 1 1 g :ali 7 'f , , 154, fy, . , 'Q , , fl 1 Z F' 5 WL W' ,, . ., ,,z'v.j ' ? ,...,..n.nn1w , I 3 , . nf. - 5 ig C Q 'r if ,,i3.,,v '7Wi A 1 4. V 5 'A 2 .1 N 5 4? - 7 J JT ""'1'vlfi-vwamw., . , 4 A gli 12 3 1' ' I 1 , 1 ' 4- V . 7 , .. W' I . . , f 9, .. 54 11 ' 4 ' V -- if f I 1 Q WX ,E 1.- 4, L 5 E Q, 1 Y fs f S P: i lu: , , . .,... , ,..,,, Q ' 221: '- ' ' ' -1- , A f I L ,s, Q: M Q EJ 4 I 2 ,Q , W, ,. v , iw ' . :U . . J, , , -f,,.f . ixW ,,.- 5 Q4 '75 ff iff' K 5' 5 L L s AM F351 flux 'fx' 'AW E .+ .wh .1 "ls that so?" The Curious Savage ,a Lf "Blue Danube Waltz" "Yes, Doctor" A. S. B. CAST Mrs. Savage . . Merrily Whitehurst Florence . . . . Mary Mc Cray Fairy May . . Suzy De Groot Hannible . . . Perr.y Yuve Jeff . . . . Larry Peters Mrs. Paddy . . . , Cathy Stubbs Miss Willie . . . . Judy Rank Senator Titus Savage . . Lorrie Gale Lilly Belle Savage . . . Joan Hoffman Judge Samuel Savage . . . Steve Casner Doctor Emmett . . . . . Dan Heiserman Little Boy . . . . J. Allen Baranowski "One happy family Sgt ,4 2 -,O X. COSUG 0000 . S 1 rhesgwefrme ' "The days ore getting cold." Folds of 'S Y 'W"f7w.w:fQ,m.z 'MQ-.ishxg ,Q-s. 5 V A '- -e 533: -'.:,5 A M- f fx 4m7 b "We fly through the air with the greatest of ease." , F' 4' L .1111 . .rqix-S4 Ax ,. 1' i f ing. 1-75- er ' P - A "Ouch! They hurt!" -1 Mcztcud r plcxlcxvk 1 I A x 1 A i 1 1 A, 3 ': I - 9 'Y I A mist. lkll ,Q T ' ', :fi N, w fm' ZX I gh 4. +'4 , JJ 1 f , . .M I . 4 4. V 1' 1, ' . 1,-an i". 2 'yu . 6 'N 1 ' sau . E9 13,1 w 40' -1-,..,.4.n-A 5 XJ Candidate for President Wayne Stephens sf' lf" D., Marge Candndate for Presldent Openmg Speech Mlke Wyman NONIINATINQ CDN ENTION The Beatnlks Mt Mlguel had an excntmg nomnnat Ing conventlon thus year There were hllarlous sklts and frantlc lobbylsts chasmg around trymg to sway some one s vote The speaker gave an Interesting talk on leadership and Reverend Smuth gave the mvocatlon John Conlee A S B President dld a tune 'ob of keepmg the conventuon run nmg smoothly All In all our Second An nual Nomlnatlng Convention was one to be proud of! 'Y 1' 'xr 5 , .' ,V K ,, oyj' A x I I ll , x ' ' P I v . . . A I . . ,V I , . 'fn ' . Q A, ' I . I I I l I 1 . I . -1.155 E Clubs As the spanning globe rumbles to o stop we orrnve In the romontlc ond poetlc country of lrelond The castles moglc stories of lrush folklore oll odd to nts toscnnotnon We ore usmg the shomrock the symbol of lrelond ond nts people to represe Just os the leoves of the shomrock 'om ot the stem the clubs of Mount Mlguel loan together In umfylng the student body of the Leprechouns ond nt our Club s sectuon v.'1 ROW ONE: C. Brady, S. Degroot, D. Carper, D. Ela, K. Amundson, Putnam. ROW THREE: J. Bookbinder, B. Truex, R. Irwin, M Manley L. Duea, S. Lane, J. Stone, M. Watkins, B, Edell, K. Holmes, L. Itson, R. Bierl, H. Mills, B. Edenfield, J. Conlee, M. Sullivan, J Gnar e B. Epperson, E. Jorgensen, L. Butler, G. Johnson, S. Gardner. ROW B. Lufler, P. Tuve, H. Thornburgh, T. Heyer, R. Johnson T Crow TWO: J. Martin, C. Knight, R. Christy, N. McCasIin, J. Taylor, K. G. Bastrup. Gullikson, D. Bell, C. Taylor, J. Martin, S. Netzley, A. Budxinski, C. Quill and Scroll is an honorary society for iournalism students. Its purpose is to promote the advance of iournalism and to foster better newspaper-community relo- tions. ROW ONE: J. Foss, J. Spoof. ROW TWO: J. Tweed, B, Mitchell, B. Wrede. 6 QUILL N.F.L. is a group of honorary speech stu- dents. They participate in speech tourna- ments and acquire enough points through- out the year in order to belong to this club. ROW ONE: Pres.-J. Dimpel V. Pres.-P, Prize Sec.-J. Hoffman ROW TWO: P. Estes, D. Baranowski, D. Heiserman, L. Johnson S. Estes, L. Denlinger. NATIONAL AN D SCROLL FORENSIC LEAGUE BOWLING CLUB President R Homuth V Pres M Becker Secretary J Moulllesseaux Treasurer H Thornburgh ROW ONE J ShuNe K Wnllnams J Mounllesseaux H Thornburgh M Becker R Homuth D Benson L Pelers J Srhmck ROW TWO M Bakhelder C Wlldon P Lindsey J Riggs J Duielle J Weaver S Ken! J Steele T Stegman E Kunkle M Hawkms ROW THREE C Mehlberger J Conta M Crochad J Welbaum D Seacnst D Sandacker J Real R Spence This group of students meet and go bowling after school every Wednesday The mam purpose of this club IS to learn howto bowl and keep score and, of course, have fun These ambltuous students work un and around the lub rary before, during, and after school They work as asslst ants to the llbrarlan and take care of the A V equapment AUDIO-VISUAL ROW ONE E Malecek J Rhodes L Scharnhors! J Lani: ROW TWO R Howard D St John N Bagley J Dunham J Shutte S Ralston E Poffonberger R Buczunskl 7 Bob Megling MEN OF Presldent Wayne Stephens Vrce President Men of Mrguel rs the organlzatron of all the boys on campus Its purpose rs to serve the school and to promote good cltrzens rn the male population of Mrguel It sponsors Sport Nrghts for the student body and pro motes general Interest an athletncs Jeff Grorde Secretary Mr D Tarr Advisor Doug Wells Treasurer CHRLS LEAGUE Muss P Carone Advlsor Sharon Lane Treasurer Gall Ralston President Celeste Loustalet Vlce Presldent Nancy Young Secretary The Glrls League was a very prosperous organlzatlon this year Some of the purposes of Glrls League are to unlte the gurls of Muguel to welcome new students, to promote good appear ance on the campus and mamtaun a pros perous popularity throughout the dlstrlct 'T' ' 1 , . Q ,S C' 50 , Y xy' F ' s 5 Q . ll . S U 3' L S ... 4 . :A , l ' "l I I - Pres.-B. Slocum V. Pres.-Z. Dail Sec.-C. Knight Treos.-L. Cazimero Soc. Chairman-J. Kapsala Y-Teens JUNIOR Y-TEENS Row ous. o. Legs, s. Cosby C. Knight, L. Cazimero, J. Kap- sala, Z. Dail. ROW TWO: S Halfacre, L. Hines, P. John, S Andrews, K. Holmes, M. Mar- usa, S. Humphries, M. Bell ROW THREE: M. Becker, D. Bar- anowski, J. Kruk, E. Easton M. Scott, N. McCaslin, S. Ueker S. Baines, J. Westphal, J Cremer. ROW FOUR: J. Martin, D. Lester, S. Williams, S. Strom, J. Rhodes, R. Christy, J. Parent, A. Tolbert, L. Neil, D. Johnson, B. Carlson. SOPHOMORE FRESHMEN Y-TEENS Y-TEENS President S Netzley V Pres V Ashe Sec A Budzinski ROW ONE V Ashe S Netzley A Budxlnski ROW TWO G Leuth J e s E Portann Baronowskl N Woods S Stevens ROW THREE J Bledsoe C Boyle G Peak B Stadler B Weeks M an ROW FOUR P Goldsmith J Sommer G Johnson G Arnold E Haeger P Putnam L Nystedt P McCullough The Y Tens are social service clubs and work very closely with the Y W C A They sponsor slumber parties and swimming parties throughout the all in all have a wonderful year The big dance, Carousel, IS sponsored an nually by the Y Teens President M Sommer V Pros E Johanson Sec J Antoll Treas J Woodrow ROW ONE S Oullelle M Kratz L Peters C Brandt A Shawkey n n J Peirce E Ralchart B Bottini G Tanner D Wyman I . w li, . ' ' ' , 'M. year, have ioints with other clubs, and MA 0""""- ,Row Twqi C' "l"' D. 'l. I l :I - ' 1 r GIRLS LEAGUE COMMITTEE GOOD QROOMING FRIENDSHIP Chairman Shen Humphries Chairman L Callmero Secretary Nancy Woods Secretary L Thompson ROW ONE J Hurdle S Thomas G Kapsala S Humphrres ROW TWO B Carlson S Henderson D Ellls S Hosletler J N Woods M Baranowskl C Ulmen E Malecek ROW TWO Dulelle S Ward ROW THREE G Johnson L Krllorn J Boker S Young A Brown N Srma C Hubbard S Haswell L Ifson S Muuy,S Ralston J ShuNe L Nysledl S Hodges SOCIAL SERVICE is Chairman J Kapsala ROW ONE J Bledsoe L Penrce L Collier M Monroe J Kapsala P McCullough J Nrcodemus N Jones ROW TWO R Chrrsry M Johnson ROW THREE J Hurdle S Ward D Berger J Woodrow C lmnan Charrman Berry Clevenger Chairman Tom Moreno ROW ONE Sue Estes Belly Clevenger E Haeger ROW TWO ROW ONE P Nelson J Tweed T Moreno M Bell N Wall S Andrews M Fournrer L Runge P Sparhawk S Wermer hauser ROW TWO R Herdrck K Hanson P John ELECTION BOARD PUISLICITY -'75 "' " 2- ,- f. I- 'I 1- ,V ,.',. ,. . ,. ,. ,. , : ,. . :. ,. ,, , . ,. ,A f- f- r- , . - I- - W Secretary-M. Monroe :. ,.',. ',. ,. ,. ,.' ,. . : . ,. . :. ,. ,. K' : , ,. . : :. ,. ,. ,., - . ,, ',. ,. ,. . . :. ',. ,. . SCIENCE CLUB The members of the Science Club prepare individual proiects for the County Science Fair held annually. They also receive lec- tures from the various visiting scientists in the county. This is an important club on campus, for here future scientists gather and work together. President-C. Taylor V. Pres.-D. Mayfield Secy.-M. Watkins Treasurer-J. Hash ROW ONE: R. Allen Jr., M. Sullivan, C. Taylor, D. Mayfield, M. Watkins, J. Hash, R. Henton, J. Bonaventura. ROW TWO: J. Str-ne, J. Conlee, B. Edell. ROW THREE: W, Clark, E. Se- , ,, guin, L. Jonas, A. Renshaw, M. Nunaz. CHESS W. Clark R. Johnson G. Bastrup P. Mitchell The Gavel Club is the only one of its kind in Califor- nia and the only active Gavel Club in the United States. Their purpose is to further in- terests in public speaking and to maintain self assurance and poise. The Lemon Grove Toast Masters sponsored the Gavel Club on their many activities and speech tournaments. ROW ONE: P. Estes, L. Johnson, D. Bar- anowski, L. Peters, L. Thompson. ROW TWO: M. McCray, L. Denlinger, F. Rogers, S. Estes,.J. Hoffman, S. Cook, B. Epperson, L. Hines. ROW THREE: R. Bierd, D. Heiser- man, B. Biggs, P. Tuve, E. Mott, C. Stepik, G. Jeffries. CLUB The Chess Club is one of the smallest on cam- pus, but also one of the most important. lts aims for its members are: to teach concentration, and to develop the ability to work problems in one's mind. QAVEL CLUB LETTERNIANZS CLUB The Le'rtermen's Club is composed of var- sity lettermen and is one of the outstanding clubs on campus. lts main goals are service to the school and promoting better relation- ship between the students and the faculty. ROW ONE: S. Kaneko-Pres., D. Jenkins-V. Pres., F. Green- lee-Sec., J. O'Conner-Treas., J. Lipscomb, P. Jernigan, ROW TWO: R. Bergman, A. Renshaw, E. Seguin, R. Maki, J. Bortfield, B. Megling, B. Wilson, J. Snow, D. Enos, R. Kygar, E. Lindsten. ROW THREE: G. Mathews, C. Mehlberger, W. Summers, C. Schroeder, B. Baie, F. Arrington, B. Mitchell, D. Cregg, J. Giarde, R. Barsotti, R. Spooner, J, Baker. ROW FOUR: J. Cohen, H. Thornburgh, D. Benson, E. Roesler, G. Rudliff, G. Lopez, L. Johnson, C. Humes, J. Welbaum, D. Bass, M. Nunez, G. Bourke, R. Snow, M. Randell. "Service for School and Community." The Key Club has worked with the Kiwanis club this year on parades, clothing drives, and selling apples. They also sponsored the very successful Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game, one which will long be remembered. Thanks to these boys for all their help and aid given to the student body. ROW ONE: J. Lipscomb-Pres.p S. Kaneko -Treas.p J. Jaspers-Secy., W. Stephens- V. Pres. ROW TWO: F. Greenlee, L. John- son, E. Seguin, B. Megling, N. Helleman- son, C. Schroeder, D. Jenkins, B. Mitchell. ROW THREE: E. Roesler, A. Hadzima, J. 0'Conner, J. Welbaum, R. Carlson, C. Mehl- berger, F. Arington, R. Spooner, J. Giarde, J. Cohen, W. Summers, L. Hutton, P. Jernigan. KEY CLUB RIFLE CLUB Bull's-eye every time! This group of stud- ents strive to build good marksmonship as well as good sportsmanship. During the year, the club entered shoot- ing matches with other schools and always came out on top. ROW ONE: L. Hines, President, P. Van Riper, V. Pres., R, Miller, Secy., B. Rosemary, Ex. Officer. ROW TWO: B. Pye. R. Baker, B. Rosemary, C. Peterson, P. Van Riper, W. Weitzel, K. Miller. ROW THREE: B. Nelson, L. Clifford. edge of the Spanish speaking countries They were shown Mexico and took trips during the year V Pres M Stlmson Sec M Te es Treas J ruk SPANISH CLUB The purpose of this club is to further the interest and knowl movies and slides of GERMAN CLUB Composed mainly ot those studying German, this organization strives to bet ter the understanding of the German people their lives, customs and beliefs This is accomplished through the movies seen about the country, the slides shown concerning the land and occasionally talks by people who have visited Ger many Pres S Carlassara Sec Treas M Grubb lnterclub Representative M Nunez ROW ONE A Holmberg S Carlassara M Grubb M Nunez S Taylor L Stewart ROW TWO R Ferguson T Entrekln M Myers D Benedict J Ball N Hardman ROW THREE E Mott S Middleton B Carper D Kirby H Molloway Pres S Cafferata ROW ONE S Szalay M Stlmson J Kruk S Cafferata M Telles R Allen Jr L Nugent ROW TWO D Kruk ' ensen " E ensen INTERNATICJNAL CLUB res Z au V Pres M Barrett Sec S Netz ey Treas M Dail lnternational Relations Representative N McCaslin W ONE: S. Occi D. Szuch R. Allen Jr. R. Irwin . Graham A. Budzinski. ROW TWO: Mr. Villarreal, R. Y ey S. Cosby M. Dail S. Netzley Z. Dail M. - rett N. McCaslin L. Cazimero C. Knight, D. Johnson B. Priest. ROW THREE: P. Goldsmith P. Schnell V, Bau- man K. Holmes J. Cremer J. Martin V. Ashe. This club handles Mt. Miguel s inter- national relations. The main project this organization undertakes is to spon- sor an exchange student. Next year instead of one, we plan to have two foreign students, one from France and one from Sweden. T24 FUTURE TEACHERS ROW ONE Pres P Tuve V Pres R Gro am Sec C Putman Treus G Weaver ROW TWO B Epperson L Johnson C Sumonet The purpose of thus club us to pro mote Interest un teochung os o pro fessuon omong the students of our school At eoch meetung the progrcum us plonned so cus to show the future teochers new methods of tecuchung ond unstructuon A Chrustmos party ond bonquet were the bug prolects of thus orgonuzotuon ROW ONE Pres M Hertel V Pres S Rals on Se: B Wrede Treas C Butch Soc Chuurman C Erwun ROW TWO P Heyob J Bledsoe K Lan caster D Hagen ROW THREE V Butch HOMETTIIS A club for oll gurls unter ested un homemokung these gurls leorn to try new ond dufferent recupes ond how to become excellent seomstresses Moun prouects thus yecur were food ond clothung druves ond helpung needy fomulues C Ruplunger J Shutte J Foss J Spoor F N URSES res L A Hunes V Pres J Kopsalu Sec Treos C Betrom ROW ONE L A Hunes ROW TWO P Olman J Cremer J Kapsola J Koopmcns ROW THREE B Hass Thus clubs mcuun purpose us to further the unterest un nursung ond genercul meducune It us o grecut help to gurls unterested un o nurs ung coreer They took trups to hos puto s ond vusuted old folks homes 125 Thesplans IS an honor drama hc club elrgrble only for those who have worked one hundred hours either dramcmcally plays, or worked behind the scenes Thus year the Thesplans pro duced the very successful Chrlst mas play Song of Glory They also purchased props for the A S B Play ROW ONE Sherry Halfocre Mary McCroy Perry Tuve Merrlly Whstehurst ROW TWO L Betts M Bell D Baranowskl P Mutchell J Hoffman S DeGroot ROW THREE P Estes C Stubbs D Helserman S Estes L Denllnqer Prosenlum Players rs a drama organlzatlon open To all nnteres ted students, and IS sponsored by Mr Sanders They work In var: ous phases of drama on the Miguel campus and produced the ASB Play The Curlous Sav age This rs only the flrsf year for the Players, but already they are one ofthe strongest on campus ROW ONE P Mitchell H Proppe P Tuve D Helserman ROW TWO M Whltehurst M Bell M McCray L Johnson S Estes L Denllnger M Maruscl L Betts ROW THREE P Estes J Hoffman D Baranowskr C Stubbs S DeGroot Couples 14,0 ai wa- R 1 'K 128 SPCDRTS As we circumnavigate the globe, we now visit Greece, the olympic country, which is perfect to rep- resent our Sports section. As the Greeks had their ampitheaters or arenas, so have we our stadiums. In every village, iust as in every high school, the Greeks had athletic events with the best teams en- tering into playoffs similar to our league finals. Mr. Welbaum Mr. Duea Football Mount Miguel's varsity football team fought to a tie for third place in the Metro League. The team started off the season with a bang when they traveled to Oxnard and there beat the Yellowiackets in a nail-chewing thriller. They carried the ball over the goal in the last thirty seconds of play. This game was the first loss Oxnard had received in six years. The following week the mighty Matadors met the Sweetwater team and lost a heartbreaker. Chula Vista gave battle next and lost. Then came our first Homecoming game. Helix was defeated soundly by the Mats. Though we lost our game with Yuma we came back to beat Grossmont. Then came the game which could have given us a tie with Sweetwater. Escondido won it with a second half field goal. We finished our season by defeating EI Caion. Gehrke :C x? U' I Mr. Elliot Mr. Smith 10 45 H , Q3 L . Ax Saul! , ,QF 1 FfQ,?.f1- ax F ya' ' , - wa M h x x - X I ' ts X f ' 1. -'1 'u .ff . I iN: - C .a rf 29 xx gl ....,. M,N Bi 3 ,ru 2, 1 f -' QAVQQ ' Q4 F , Q 5 432 4 uvfft-L - 1' 132 ' ' buft6n,bqtg,g A' "Mags .', ..,, D, i,,,,M.4 M A. -,- ...Ag wifi' 'K--u.39f..,a.E,:.1 gn D Bri. www-We Pete Jernigan Wovne Summ UI' Q sk fy Huffon Bob W7 I SOD ROY KYQOI' S N. Jock O'Conner Carl Schroeder Dick Hardy Rocky Bczrsotti A xmullfiikm' Jerry Lupscomb Frank Greenlee A Wres JUN! S. Rug' VARSITY: J. Joi. o rn mo"" P. sm: mon' N' HG d or 9 D W " 'MOH J ' o90od J ' - illard . ' - Sunb D. n- ' - Joh f T- H Wy, J. Y ' ampel. THIRD Rowfon, S. Carden' "left, B, Steckman Bam. B- lopez, w de,R.R .Qs R. Be ,V.wH .M ichardson, Pooner, R, 5nydert1r.:,etMG. Greenleelnkfogg. SECOND Rgalrei L. Buns, p. Sum ' . oreno, J- Bmw. arlsq,-,I R' Howard. . Forreste, T wg' mer, B, Steven, , . , l Mr. Duea P, R. 1 . 1 Stanley, J' sum: gchfeffer, H. M:-Jaw: Robertson, ' ' "Iv, s. sian, J ybirfloig, I or . Mount Miguels' Wrestling Teams were the best in the Metro League this year, as they were last year. This is a good record for any school but it is outstanding in view of the fact that last year was Mount Miguel's first year of ex- istence. The record begins to loom larger when we think of this fact. Mount Miguel had an outstanding season this year in soundly defeating all teams in the Metro League. The wrestlers tied San Diego and lost to Lincoln. But we de- feated Kearny, only team to beat us last year. This will be the last year in which Mount Miguel will not need replacements for its Varsity team. Inasmuch as a large part of the team graduates in June, we will need to replace some vacancies on the squad. But with the out- standing iob the Junior Varsity has done we will be able to fill the vacancies with some wrestlers who will become the finest in the League. This will enable us to keep our grip on the Metro League title. in Cl one- D Jenkins' aan, ii. mens, R' 0 W ' ' bury, vmiw-'Ro tee, 1. Sw' . F, Green Row TWO. What kind of a coach does it take to achieve this re- markable record in just two short years? Coach Ben Duea is a patient man who has the knack of getting his boys to work for him when wrestling an opponent. Aided by the large turnout for wrestling each season, he has been able to produce a team ot state championship caliber. Because of the general excellence of Mt. Miguels' wrestling team their home gym was chosen as the site forthe 1959 SCIF Wrestling Finals. This thrilling event was presented in the gym on the 27th of February. It was without doubt, the biggest thing ever to happen to a school-of our age. Looking back on the wrestling season will provide enioy- ment for loyal Matadors for years to come. It is this writers opinion that the Class of '62 will have seen a state cham- pionship wrestling team before they graduate. With the start gained in these past two years, this is a sure thing. Surely we can give our utmost support to our great wrestling team. J J wiiias, L. Hu"0"' P' e k., i snow' ' H lsnvdsf- Pettit, T4 Kane ll spoonef. 0- 'Y gqevens. T' Rubonom. ' Olsen B' Ni ore. Nl- Coach Hoberg ,nigun Melvin Olsen wondrous Wrestlers we ,W gm Tim Pettit Tsuneyo Kaneko Orville Haye This group of wrestlers was picked for their outstanding performance on the wrestling team. Not all have wrestled in every match for the team. But each was iudged best in the qualities of effort, teamwork and leadership. lt is .this group which has carried us to the wrestling finals. The entire school owes thanks to these outstanding athletes. Jim Snow Frank Greenlee Larry Hutton Pete Jernigan L Bob Wilson Roy Snyder Dave Jenkins Carl Schroeder 52. ,S 4 . valff-fin' 4... I p"r,gr few.-ff.: A I ,, yr A sr v-I'l""i 1039 xc cl' QYM avi vid The Mt.Miguel Matador's basketball team didn't win many games this sea- son but they tried as'hard as they could and this is what really counts. There were many heartbreaking dis- appointments like the game with Ocean- side when the team lost by only one point. Also we recall with sadness the game with El Cajon at which we lost by two points. Many of the games, like these, were close. No matter what the odds, our team fought bravely and with a great deal of spirit which re- flects upon the student body as well as the team. i l YS I? z 'Q Li. p Haifa? "4 . H 1 ,- 'K X y, X i ef -f fk ir? Q 'V , ,,,.-.vSw-1--.0 ive' '94 2 2 - r mv 4 JERRY LIPSCOMB A trackman is like a gem. It takes many hours of polishing to bring strenuous workouts. The grunt of the shot-putter, the crunch of the sprinter's spikes on the cinders, the agonized gasp of the miler-all of these things are the polish that goes toward perfecting the trackman. Under the capable direction of Coach Hoberg, the track team has spent many long, arduous hours polishing their native track abilities. Although young and inexperienced, this team is a champion in spirit and sportsmanship. ! him to perfection. Extra time after school must be devoted to tedious and ::m.f.g ,, - '4r- ,, fn, ,. w, ,f. ., ROW ONE: Balsey, Coker, Pelit, Ball, Denlinger, La Rose. ROW TWO: Allena, Fredricks, Bell- chamber, Crook, Filzurka, Nel- son, Wilson, Verdugo, Mailers. ROW THREE: Mcuillessaux, Q ROW ONE: Van Sickle, Ferguson, Carmeny, Ruboffom, Hay, Schelin, Zastoupil, Greenlee, Johnson. ROW TWO: Goodwin, Mason, Fousek, Enrighr, Morris, Smallenberger, Elmore, Howard, Ball, Hawkins. ROW THREE: Nichols, Young, Sfrobel, Ruterford, Fiocca, Klia, Stevens, Fau- shea, Pierce. ---" 1- "Hs .si'v'-""f1i-21" '13 w--' ...P',!P""'f -rf'7'se-' 3" 14:5 " "v-."-fx, 4 ,A L ang. -0.51115 ,Ag -QQ-L, ' -P' vfq. 55' u-E., ,f. 'V . -4. A V .4-4-'fm - . is ve?-' Bishop, Feref, Thorogood, For- esier, Honeycuff, Brich. Coach Hoberg 143 Tremendous Trcackmen 1... Ffank Verdugo Morris Nunez 1111 TOP Rocky Barsom Morns Nunn BOT TOM Frank Verdugo Doug Cralg 'ug 44 Doug Cfclg Rocky BUl'S0ttl 4 , uu- Po eq... . V Q 1 L. Z . . A V TF q- 5- , ' ,-'I W., A - T . .U A -- V r . M i. '-.. ., N- ,' - K A. A , , 1. Nw. I 7.5.1 i , Q A HIS! ROW: D. Hulctl, J. ,Hqrqg I. ,illllnllfflf lalI,'.L. Hawkins, D. Blankenship, T. Shlrcy, D4-Mak'l,' 44 "" -' ' . ,, g .' 'Q ludtoff, M. Nunn. N.flqi9pn', J., Denlingor, J: lcII,'D, Wilson, O. l'luy,.,l. Nelson, ,L 1 Vg. 4 r:Bff1twL?:.,L,'n V ii ' T. l0r,V'l'. Mullin, I. Mif,T."PoNlt, 0. ,llllosozf Tllllb ROW: D5 Newcombo, I. lgllchambvgns A ' '- -5- fig" , V3 7 :, J., Hong ft,'.lf lqbinitpi.-C..5mal1m5or9Qr, Djltbarnn, Sp Jglmson, K. Van Slcldo, I. Uoodwh D. Willie' V, uk ' ' it 'XA xg:-qua 3.1 , :. 0 , I Y fm V V , - V U . M , .. . F-I-L1c:JigA.E:. 15'SQwz 52 f ' ' K -. V -c ' , ", t , V L" -4, 5 ' f l ' v 4 ' - i George Rudloff Cross Countrq Mt. Miguel had a very successful season this year in Cross Coun- try. Our Varsity team placed second in the Metro League as did our Freshman team. The Junior Varsity placed a respectable fourth. Among those who went down to defeat behind the heels of our fleet runners were Sweetwater, Mar Vista, Campo and Escondido. This year a member of our team, Morris Nunez, broke the Metro League record for the League Cross Country Course running the 1.9 mile distance in iust 9 minutes 3 seconds. Prospects for next year are good as fourteen of this year's sixteen lettermen will return. v -Q l ez? G-I-f.-.f, , 1: fg 5 3.44, wi! 1 h 52,63 ,,. . I 'uf 1 ,1 A ' ,.- - - . ' 'lf I f:L31i3i"l 'Sfi ' sf, -'gi . - .5353 'L '11, ' J .sf I 'Q'g?':- fi.,-'. .I " 1 ' . . gglff, 5 Enifs ' . i s fre ' Y . Mr. Hoberg gif lg. A ' Fay". ' ' Morris Nunez Ray Taylor Tom Shirey lA 5 4 x 0969 Mt. Miguel's baseball team was extremely busy over the Easter vacation, winning 2nd place in the 9th annual Lions Club Baseball Tournament. Our Matador team defeated Lincoln and Claire- mont by one run each before registering a tre- mendous "come from behind" l-run victory over highly favored Grossmont. In finals the Matadors lost to a powerful San Diego High team. Couch Clow Eaton. wade' . Y" ' n. SW' ONE- Cd"'Pcn.ll:lf:i:Y.2:90, Wcslw ROW dw TWO: vhelvf- R io. Richardi'-""' cam l g Thorp, Coda' Johnson.,wLceP xl pasn Jqv' B Iver! Smith, Cowan, Cohen, Lope-L. ROW er. ROW ONE1 Chance, Cu , ' n, Poiis, Freeman, 0'Conn ecker, Jernugu TWO: Stewart, Lefier, Bo ker, Whisman, nw, , -, . ' ' 'jj'- ,pv" V Y.: P ,Ah -1' Ar. .irq C ouch Gherke 14 V. 1 h , F, ., F Q., 54, 1 A -wee? , --iw gxefu- '75 'hi 3 , 'J' , .ff Q.:-vp' . L, .wg v A ,V x 'ig A-. . Q' Q Q-,. 0 l , Q 8' Ili! " in rib Y . fs i' r Yr Pete Jernigalfn Jack O'Conner ,,- - ,,.,,,.- ww- f W. 4' . .... -oQlY"'i Don Bass 4 ,",'1 wa- -..-nf . -,is-Q . -.-, A. .. . - , Y ,. Q,-no Q r . .1-1 ., '- w. ,'i:-::zfg..-k,'- ,J- Wqf - -7 ! '3?Q 'f. f'.- 'ix - f. .. 6 Zi Tennis X, Wesg,csavQ1ess efffsss-sef'?ims:s3'se:s Kyiv W melt? RZ "A 'm""1':1:s'+""s 'M' 'max 'I Q-Gt: QV SQO ,Pew 'N 4..14......... 13 3 'Q 3 fxfx Q jhjpggqx VY' -i FIRST ROW F Bamhart J Lehton .I Conlee W Stephens B Edenheld T Kmnersley B Edell J Bookbander R Cramer J Speckmann C Stepek S Casner B Carper E Janlca A McCune L Johnson BACK ROW P Estebo K Gardner B Bnggs B Brown 8 Enz D Norr P Durning W Comic Mgrs M Sullnvan R Mayfneld At the time of publucatuon Mt Muguel s tenms team had beaten Llncoln and Crawford These were non league games but the lopsuded scores by whsch both Varsnty and .Iumor Varsnty won gave assurance of a good tenms sea son Mr Carden sand to your wrlter We may not have the Q 95 2 : mr' M' f-foci 9 'X 3--when 1 J w K1 'Q 1320.15 XY ' fix Y, si-L w: N brllluant stars that some teams IH the league have, but we have a powerful well balanced team The hopes for a league tstle look good thus year and we wnll have a tennis team to match our powerful wrestlmg football and base ball teams K A L 'F Vflwx 'QMS 4,1 A ?"'xgV .ameofe Aa.'h aes: 5 wi L ..' li?-f.J'? John lehfon Mr Carden larry Johnson . v, 'kv nn, 8 4' 9 6.98 1 f l ' mt. x x ,I fx 7- x . ms ir x A I A 5 4554 -. s x " .. e 0 W V' K' Xie sl x' h v 7 ' v W V Q wa "SJg"5lf,:l2iL32 tl- . ' ' V -W Y Y Q 1 'L' w r C: ,Y 9 M 1 tx- v ' ' I Y. 'vii r v- xi' , . 'Nc' , . smug,-'v. '51 ' C-,V . ,., 'a. ,, 4, ,yv - , v s Xi Y-, , .' X Y 4, --ng, rf A be., Q5 u1u.:4,.- '99, -C - . q w fv . 4. , xg-' -2 X . V g:..s., , 4 4, '- vp. . V xy-v -f- yk Y I N W , H Q V M Y b X :V 4,sj,k Al. v I rg, 'g N. sq ., . kb V' X 'V - C R 5, " 4. wk' ' 5. Y I f WSH? ' ' ' ' ' " ' f ' ' " M'- f '-C-1 . X 4 5 A . ' .U 'wa Q' 't X, ' ' . 'W , .1 . " ' Ggwdi'-Q.-W-, .. m ,. L -f. fr V' . -4. ' f, ,-,A ax it M t , ,V . -L-.-Q,-'H --v-lr-.-na.-w ' -A'-w-1 ' -' g':w"5 , CG 1 7' --V -r. ' s."': 4, 4-we H'-1-6 V s . , 4 Z. KX... ' ' KH..-. 'P "' . . . . , ,. , ' . - . -.5 .Q X - Jn, .. ,. , , Q y V 5 . , , . my l. 'sq '- I ..,- Q' '-A. .' . if ..r-.q V , ,,, ,,vffr.- N, :V '. . V ' A " 3 Q F- -'+.,+:'s,f , . ' ' " ' 1 ' ' . - 1 . . Q' '3 ., ' ' H -V 0. . ' ' ' -- '- yn i I 4 . I - ' 1 1' f ' r V ' ,r A? 'ny ' Mb! D -4 N - - ' l . 2.,, .Q 1-f. , 4 V t . -I . X: x. e a Q.-.. Y N ' Af ' - .,, , - -. ', , ' 1 My A9 xr? , X I v -l C. , U - -4: ' s . f A 1 , . f - - - g , f H . , V . - N N 1 f we 1 X . , . f 'Q .- -I 1 , rf X K Q rl . Xt 'y .' - ' Y' 4-I I v Ji N -. .. 'I . ' xx . f , - " jf r , X, 4 A N A- . V , - , I , 1 Q s - 4 Q- X - ,X , V ,I -I 'ef by, V- X P' - 'fl X , . , 'l ' ' I f A tg - K' , s vw' - X I. ' 1- 'Q lg' ' V r " 1 -- , p W M 5 . A ' 'If A l 1 . W , .f , V , . , I , C 1 1 C li - 4- - " - ' g r ' x 4'- , no , 6 V V' ' - v -- 'L -4 . .1 Q uf ' X ' , L, ,vt -. if, , , , , 5 Q, -fs, - - we . +. - l ' r gr v . ' ,y ' ' l .' ls - r -- . ,r , - - --4 x ,- ' K ' ' H' P' .. - . - - - ..' C- i , ' : . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , . , . ' , . , . , , , . , . , . , . , . . 1 . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , A . . , . . , . - ., n ' , ' n . ' - - - .. . . , . ' ' 'Q I I ' K ,. ' it -if' .gr f HSV f .' . - .,, iv ' f .. Q, ', gr, .C ' ' 4 ' ' 'P 5 if 552 rr s T v. iff 4 I , . V ,ww y iii, ., ,, qv. X YJ it i ,uf Enya. L 5?-Y. .Atl . ...e J ' 95 ' ,. ' ls t -Ww- . 1 h H ,xfzh - X , . H . ,e ' I- fij i M ..9:'.I H97 fi'-a fe: ' f 1 v t 1 'jfs r .17 i., ,wg M .X 4 . 5,54- ., ,AXSQSQ ' . ,iq 4 L gf , , , as . . xv. -.' . fi J - f. ...1 s y gs, L s 32 Q.. Q .QMSLE h 1 w- ' J " 1: y lx If -I V , . s, sf '1 '. - 3 kt A' M-Qf .. j,,.',g,7s V450 4 4 3 q , ,gs .".1f,f, -3 ,Y v gf-f.. f--iw. 'W , 2 Q. .- 1 - - w - 4 N , V I C 3, K- . ' ' , 51: f. - -if Qs? -T 1.13. '- 1 . "WIT: . ' -- - , , V -r f, v: r , V - s -..L -ig.1- ' s', , 4 E ' ' C 'm f' I I .ii 265 1:5 Q54 ,. ',' J PL ' K' 'K f' 3 114. 1. ....'f, rig! N 'C Y ' ' '- 'fue 1 " . - , f- . J' Q Y , Q ' ' -., ,........... V - , E :.'lif..,g, , 4 John Conlee X John Speckmann Our Gym Teachers sulently and quietly do a tremendous 'ob of rmprovlng our school Because they are ever present to help us wrth our problems we sometimes take them for granted never thunk mg of the problems that they mnght face them selves Not only mindful of our physical development they also helped our mental adlustment to lute Each day we could look to the blackboard and fund a wlse and well selected word for the day to gurde our actlons toward seekmg the best In lute The orgamzatron of the P E department IS some thang to consrder The sensatnonal Olympuad was devlsed by our teachers and the stunts dances and routines that were thought up by the students couldn t have been possrble without therr help During our fnrst year when our school wasnt completed they were ever on the alert to fund ways to bulld up our morale and to help us realize what a fabulous schol we were soon to have All through our lrves we will look back to the past and remember Mt Mlguel But more than that we wlll remember our P E coaches who helped to make our hugh school years so successful and worthwhlle We owe them a lot NJ, Mlss Balkam Tumbling Speedball Tennis Swimming , Mrss Lambert Girl s Sports Mrss Trude Tenms Softball Basketball Volley Tenms Mrs Frnney Speclaltles Modern Dance Adaptive Body Mechamcs Mrs Wllluams Swlmmlng Fencrng World Dance Tumblrng Phygpcql Education Secretary 1 1 . . . 1 I . . ' ' 9 1 ' Ll ll ' ' - ss - vt 1 I i g I . . . I ,Z V' rj I I I . . , A . ' I 5 , I A 1' ' ..' I ' . . . - , I f ft - - M J f V ' ,, , , I X ,A . . . , . . I , a v . I I I " B 1 '7 1,,Ig1:,:Sg' ' q-M .Q 7 , jf ' , 1, ' Lf . B -Q . . 1 1 I I I I ' ' 7 'i ' , "jj ts' f" ' l 5' Y ,z VV I :Qu . . . I I I 3,52 -ww J wg, 1? v 3, ,, Q W2g1L.?S3Qg, -, 4 , fu , 3 V ny., 571, , .Am P e'- -I A w 1, ., K, BASKETBALL WW T 551009 Careful now Stretch TUMBUNQ Q...- 3-.1 i"QK' MH-dew, -5 Suspense Boredom Wmdup' SOFTBALL I ' K ia A F9444 ' . .,........iY , V ' Q - , ,, 'V f H . ,' g .a ' - V vf, Q' ' . ,W ' . ,. .I ' .az , A , 'f H - I . 5 4' Us Q . 'Q' T I , , kg 45 -, , ,-,g - . , . . ., . V- ' , -,. ,Y 1 .1 '-' . ' ,, 4 - . ,:., FENCING ,qv-ww HY Atienhon Salute En Guarde - L... Balance ram? Gracef I in "" vi MODERN DANCE ,gl Before we start homeward we visit Africa, its tropical iungles of wilderness, and quaint little vil- lages, which represents the Administration section. Africa, although we in the United States know little about it, holds an important place in world affairs. So, too, our faculty is the mainspring of our school, and our teachers have contributed much of their time and effort toward making Mount Miguel one of the best schools in Californian "Su M '-"""' Lewis F Smith Harold G Hughes Superintendent Associate Superintendent BO RD OF TRUSTEES X! lil' , fgf . W V .W ,ji .V A L ff M ' ' S ' w. . T T . New in ' fit, if b . . 5'1- .Af V t . f ' 1 ,, QQ' Mr Grant Prlnclpal Mr Duea Vlce Prlnclpal Bemg prlncapal of a new school takes someone with amb: tlon and drive to handle the rob That someone IS Mr Grant He has done excellent work In making Mount Miguel the best school In the dlstrlct and It IS with gratltude we say Thank you Mr Grant From L to R Mrs Hogan Mrs Garrison Mrs Bogle Mrs I57 Berg Mrs Bcllentyne Mrs Messer Mrs Owens Mrs Hyenga . . lx., . . . . . . . . . . . ,, I ll , . . , .: . , . , . , - , . , . , . , . - CUSTODIANS The school custodians, led by "Woody" McDowell, are respon- sible tor maintaining the school's buildings. They are the people who work long after school is out to pre- pare it for the eager group who ar- rive in the morning. When a light fails, a chair breaks, or a window is broken, the custo- dian is responsible for the repair of the broken article. The custodian then, is indeed an important man in the operation of the school. QROUNDSMEN The groundsmen of Mount Mi- guel and their head, Oliver "Smitty" Smith, keep Miguel green. This year they have put in trees, shrubs, and new grass. They have done a great deal toward making Mt. Miguel a more beautiful school to attend. The groundsmen are fast converting the dusty grounds of Mt. Miguel into a sparkling, lush, green blanket. Besides this, they keep our quad clean after we hungry mongrels clut- ter it with sacks, parts of sand- wiches, etc. So you can see that without the hard labor of these three men, Mt. Miguel wouldn't be halt as beauti- ful as it is. Preparing lunches for the Mount Miguel students is about the hardest fob on campus. Everyone has differ- ent tastes and it is a difficult task to please them all. We have a fine staff working to- gether to produce well-bal- anced meals for the stimulat- ing nourishment of all. Their tasks take a little more time than lust serving the food. lf you have ever had the opportunity to see what goes on before and after the lunch hours, you have seen a group of gourmets working effici- ently together. Miss Wittich, librarian Mrs. Howard, Book Clerk Mrs. McCrae, Nurse,i..- mu 45 w J i 1 1 if.-C-.I Cafeteria Staff: left to Right: D. Hayden, A. Diederich, D. Hedgos, C. Thiboault, R. Doan, M. Johnson, F. Amadon, E. Martin, if Mr. Hirsch, Driver Training V gn-- bl 's vip. batik' fs, l59 6 Miss Barbara Balkam Physical Education 'Q' ff- v R1 G-1-f 1' 6 Mr. Robert Boucher Girls' Glee Girls' Ensemble Boys' Glee f Miss Ann Alderson English ll 81 III Mr. Willis Austin World Culture U. S. History Miss Jean Blomsten U I I Y Shorthand Typing l Secretarial Office Practice Mr. Robert Brady Civics Student Government Mr. Richard Brown English Il Mr. William Carden Biology l 8. ll Coaching Mr. Ben Cooper Trigonometry Analytical Geometry Algebra I 8K Il Mr. Robert Conger Miss Patricia Carone English-Social Studies Girls League Advisor Mr. Lawrence Christianson Orchestra Concert Band Marching Band Beginning Instruments ,xp Q Mr Seth Carpenter Mr. Frank Cross Math I Mrs. Halbert Crow tv Health Education 0 0 Coaching not cwculablz Plane Geometry Mr. Vern Donohue Algebra II General Science Biology I Mr. Ben Duea Social Problems Coaching Mr. Edward Dunn Radio 8. Electricity I, ll, 8. III Metals I 81 II Mr. Gerald Davidson Mrs. Dorothy Finney Physical Education Specialties Mr. Edward Flaherty Algebra I Woodshop I, II, 8. III X. v Mr. Walter Gehrke Physical Education Coaching Mr. Harold Goss English II 81 III Miss Henrietta Grsset Publications Homemaking ll English III Mr. Joseph Hansen Mechanical Drawing I, II, 8. III Woodshop I Mr. Chester Hoberg U. S. History Coaching Mr. John Kennedy English-Social Studies English II Photo not Mrs. Florence Hall English IV Chemistry Mr. Wrlliam Ketler Shorthand Typing I, ll, 81 III Mr. Beniamin Kiegle Art I 8. ll Design I 8 II Commercial Art I Miss Jane Lambert Physical Education 8tIl Mr. Richard Manning Math I Spanish I English-Social Studies Miss Madge McRae English Ill Latin I, in 8. in ,I 59. F: ' ri, -ff. Mr. Walter Linaweaver M h l Woodshgia I, ll 8. III 0 Auto Shop l not Mr. John Morgan English-Social Studies Mr. Hayes Luna Math I Mr. Charles Mosse Math ll Plane Geometry, Military Science sign? Mrs. June Mott English ll Journalism l 81 ll Mr. Gerald Newall German l 8- ll Spanish I Mr. John Owens O Q Auto shop I, il, 3. in tial available Mr. Richard Ridgeway Driver Education Coaching Photo ol fsaixx, sf amilals Mr. William Sanders l Speech I 8- II Mrs. Phyllis Skidmore Business Training Business English English-Social Studies Mr. Clifford Phillips Plane Geometry Chemistry Physics Mr. Merle Smith Physical Education Coaching Mr. Donald Tarr English-Social Studies English ll Photo nal' Mr. John Stubbs Bookkeeping Business Training Mr. Dwight Teater Physical Education Coaching Mrs. Claire Tremaine ' h- oc'a ' Englis S l Studies Miss Ona Steinhoff U. S. History Civics English-Social Studies The faculty of Mount Mi- guel is responsible for the education of the students. The teachers must be versa- tile to handle the varied lev- els ofthe student body. They must be dedicated to be able to handle the monumental task of imparting the total sum of their knowledge to the students. This then, is a des- cription ofa faculty member. The faculty is divided into several departments: Mathe- matics, Science, Commercial Art, Speech and Drama, Eng- lish, Social Studies, Physical Miss Jane Trude Physical Education Mrs. Jean Temp English-Social Studies En ish III W Miss Marylyn Turner oto I 8K C a ts I 81 II Mr. Elmer Walker Algebra I Education, Homemaking, and Industrial Arts and Lan- Mr. Edward Villarreal amsh ll 8- I guage. Each division has a de- partment head and from two to ten or more teachers. These divisions plus the dedicated labor of the teachers allow Mount Miguel to offer a well- rounded course of study to all students. Mount Miguel has been fortunate in the allotment of its teachers and is not boast- ing when it claims that we have the best faculty in the country. Mr. Lawrence Woodward Typing I Business Law Salesmanship Work Coordinator Mr. Craig Warmer English-Social Studies Mrs. Betty Womach Homemaking I, ll, 8. Ill Senior Homemaking Mr. Thomas Welbaum Physical Education Coaching I6 Journeu s End Thanks Ruth for your wonderful leadership which was so needed during the first semester for your Ideas thoughts and dreams which will make this annual the best for being a wonderful Associate Editor Barbara for the many sleepless nights spent writing and typing for your section for your original Ideas that will add so much to the Senior Section Linda for creating such outstanding layouts for the Activities for your cheerfulness that was so uplifting Mary and Georgia for your willingness in doing your Editors bidding for so capably doing your lobs Jackie for being so sweet about the long searches and walks to find out what clubs were to be In the annual Patti for doing a terrific 'ob on our newest section for your willingness to help others Mary Anne for the many phone calls to locate pictures of our faculty for making your write ups so delightful to read Joan for patiently sorting out those hundreds of class pictures for spending so many out of class hours on your section Marilyn for the expert way you handled our finances for your cheery manner which lightened for the extras that add to our book Marcy for designing our beautiful cover Richard and Cory for your willingness In taking all those puctures at the last minute for the extra hours of drying and printing the pictures to perfection Bea for your reliability In helping me and the division editors Tom Joe and Burt for cheerfully doing odd 'obs for needed assistance to the photographers Warren and Mike for making the Sports section an outstanding one or putting up with an Editor s whims Mrs Hurley whose guidance and encouragement was so gratefully received the Faculty for being so understanding about the many transfers from the Annual Staff Wi liam Pierce Studios for our professional photography Mr Hopkins of Mlrro Graphic for encouragement Everyone who had a part in the completion of our annual but especially to a staff that would be a credit to any Editor Mary After all these days of activities we are tired At last the time comes to rest But amidst the busy struggling world We will have memories 9 I . . . , , I , , non , . ... ' ... , - - . soo I , our loads . . . Marty, for the beautiful art work on the division pages . . . ll I1 'l' I , "' I 1 1 K ', ' ' ' ...f . , , ' 'l- ' , ... I

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