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fW 7W -IX 5 j A 352 f my C , U ! ,r W 3, W m rf Q jf' My P vi , X! H, W VW Q J , Q f A A, i A , Q4 Q G V . ' H ' ,N - ,fir J" 'QM ' 'f LPM uw' sf Q35 f .L If fs! W! XX xN M215 ELEUQN QHWTE hmmm wma Emew 2 PR F i xxw Af L ' 'WC ' , 'A .. 0 4" .mid 'I 'fs - Q u 'J ' f' 1 A Q s ' in R . l .K T X .Q ,' 1 X -. . , ' ' ox Q A tfJ"hv. . 'Q I X ' ' A I 'K' S F 1 x " -o. . x' -X 55 ,s ' 'C'- . X stv- , 1 U ' 5' 5 ' R. its -. 5. dr' Z f' 'F . x ' ,, ." - -4 'U f, X Us 4' Y gif ng ld A , cr f Q Ks-la J is - . A A 0 uw I "He"-' ' """ .. 1.1 ""' ,- -- -f ffl-f .4 A ' 5- . it 6 " 'f -v ' 'K-' , .k k ' ' q,,.,,,,,,---n-su lil p.-N.-1 1 fr . A .Q 151 u its - Spas ag it? Y W 1 , ,. A -Ii ,,, -' . v -' ' ',1"+w": -,S f' TL: 1 'ju' '0"'.' ' 4' . .fv .' , ' Q A , 1 A , TIN. ' is .2 .EV u . sk Q' v. , 'Q' V I X.. Q 5 A ' 5- yy, . I s - . ' ut' Q- ' 'T ' QI. I hx X Q E' 1- ' All ' .4 ' "L ,' X W' ' ,' ' , I, v V t .. I . , Vs 'u Q , 5 ,bu T .' . , I ,, ux' 0 , ' ' ' ' 1 x Q 'xr . it - ' a 'Q 'I 1 ' - , -Ax ' -' f 'Q' A QA .QS A h ' ' ' ' V X " . 4' . ', L A i. ' . Q. af V P '. s if . 1 . 'Y ' 1 Q 1 -'il' 'f .' -h --"' ' 3 M5 V I. .- T is 'F AV 0 , 'x nv- ' . - '., . 'P 'ca A, wg L 1 . li. ye' I 9' X 'V ' '4 ' ' ia-L h I f. cg V , if J, -4 'Rf' 4.-' if' . . H K ,5'iA!,gQ' , .!'zUx. -, - O - , X .gs tix k I w K its -,yi V t 3 3 . - Q. ' 'A ll., D 2 I S x' wx ji I R s 5 ,ff V x,o- K It J .' 3 'v"","A N Jim, I. l WSRVU- , f wg . rfxs ' 'nf ' 5 A . - sv .- . 5. ta ' s , -Y. v 1 -Q ' ff-my '-"wg VS, Y ff, A Q 1 - Qu' k at A+ F 2 M , ' 5 " :Ay Ee.A,i ' - ' Q N. 1' ' I ' F :', Iv!"-5' y '93 iff'- .14-0 5 43 . 3 wi' ' tu K 9 , -rN.,?N" .5 i4i'H' . " '1-. ' ix-,-'q 4 ,, I' ,,,-1.13 U -- ' ' 'P Q- 'A W ' J,"1-. -up A :iff-fnss-4 .'-rvik wg -1. Q 5 16-s. 'rp ., 8' . F- Q Uv' X.. "f I 'Q -F ,Q ..,,w ., M., .. - -af, My 2- t : - is .swsvw 'S 1 L, ,4 . 'B' f":f -f L' - 1-- ,Q ' 'Q Lx- 3 ' ' ' ' - - 2 ""' 'i ' . V ' ' ,. " 'Q , 1 -- 9 -- , W1952 MOUNT MERCY ACADEMY 625 ABBOTT ROAD BUFFALO 20, NEW YGRK .wa 4 1 'mm 5?- OUR Mosr REVEREND Bisi-iop, JOHN F. O'HARA, C.S.C., D.D., has become recog- nized as an outstanding leader in the field of American Catholic education. The history of Catholic education in the United States is a glorious one-a tale of selfless zeal and heroic self-sacrifice. A little more than a century ago, that story, with its alternating reverses and successes, was begin- ning in Western New York under the direction of Bishop Timon, and it has con- tinued to grow and expand through trials and vicissitudes until the present day. For the past eight years, the spiritual leaders of the diocese of Buffalo have been actively concerned in a concentrated effort to further the principles enunciated by our late Holy Father, Pope Pius XI, in his encyclical on The Cbrirlian Education of Youth. Our bishops, who possess the priesthood in its fulness, are fulfilling their divinely conferred responsibility of teaching and preserving Christ's doctrine when they encourage Catholic education as they do, by every means in their power. THE Mos'r REVEREND JOSEPH A, BURKE, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo, has been a faithful and devoted friend of Mount Mercy for many years. 3 gg F V-Q HI' '1 'S'- a-'vf N' Fi 1 rgfgl 13' 1 ' Y! xy I S We 1 4 9 Y 4 Wy our Mother we dedrcate to you th1s yearbook th1s brxef account of our Sen1or year at Mount Mercy Unenchng IS the lrtany of your prarses whrch re echoes through 1ts pages because we cannot leave you Mary when we leave the Mount Help us to show our modern world that peace cannot be found apart from your Son and you Teach us Mother to make of our llves a Mar1an symphony a lrtany of love for you The Class of 1952 KM f im r - .M V 7 X. ! wg if 94317 , oLY MARY, Mother of God and lu 6 . r . f 1 A8l' of g006! COLUQJQK ADMINISTRATION Q' IF 5 1 ' f -4 ,mv ge., R' M fri. ' -.QI I -. y --4ip.,..., now soo::: 5232 ima ,CQ " A ' v uf jgcf OPENING DAY Mount Mercy has opened its doors for the forty-seventh time to an incoming Freshmen class. That first group in 1904 consisted of two girlsg this year one hundred sixty Freshmen registered on the opening day, while countless others remained on a waiting list because the Mount is crowded to capacity. Quantity is not the aim of Mount Mercy, however. The development of true Christian character must always remain its primary objective, Sister M. Loyola, principal, welcomes the Fresh- man daughters of Mercy graduates, J. Ryan, M. Joyce, M. Campbell, M. O'Day, M, jones, and A. Crowley. In his prayers at the opening Mass, Father Boland asks for the blessings of God on the students of Mount Mercy for the year 1951-52. A. Mullenhoff, Sodality prefect, and M. Murray, vice-prefect, welcome Very Rev. Daniel A. Boland as he arrives at Mount Mercy to celebrate the opening Mass. in e 'lx . +571ax-:- NL C LTY Mount Mercy Academy Superior REVEREND MOTHER MARY JOAN Principal SISTER MARY LOYOLA Inrtruczor in Religion REV. CHRISTOPHER COLLINS, C.P. SISTER MARY BERCHMANS Religion IV, American History, Problems In American Democracy SISTER MARY BERENICE Librarian, Library Science SISTER MARY CLARA Religion I, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, English I SISTER MARY CLAUDIA Religion II, Spanish I, Spanish Il, Spanish III SISTER MARY CONSOLATA Religion I, Business Law, World History, General Science SISTER MARY CORONA Violin, Cello, Organ SISTER MARY DE ANGELIS Religion III, Shorthand II, Typing, Transcription SISTER MARY FABIAN Religion III, English IV, Dramatics SISTER MARY IMELDA Piano SISTER MARY JANE Religion III, French I, French II, French III, Latin I, General Science SISTER MARY JOHN ALOYSIUS Religion I, Typing, Shorthand I SISTER MARY LEONA Religion II, Art I, Art II, Art III, Problems in American Democracy SISTER MARY MAURA Religion I, Latin I, Latin II, Latin III SISTER MARY NOEL Religion IV, English I, Music Appreciation, Choral SISTER MARY PETER Religion II, English III, General Science SISTER MARY ROSELLA Religion II, Biology, Chemistry SISTER MARY VICTORINE Health SISTER MIRIAM JOHN Religion IV, Piano MRS. EVA M. GERTI-I Spanish I, French I, German I, German II MISS EVELYN KRUSE Business Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra MRS. MARY F. MCCARTAN Homemaking MISS THERESA PANTERA Piano, Rudiments of Music, General Science MISS MADONNA M. RYAN English II, World History, Introduction to Business MISS JOANNE B. WALL English II, Social Studies Sal of llfwavfom W CLASSES It is important for Catholics to know how to prepare for a sick-call. Freshmen M, Boettcher, J. Albrecht, M. Carlo, M. Dowd and A. Crowley demonstrate the proper method. In second year religion C. Fahey, N. Donohue, S. Boyle and P. Colpoys study the virtues which lead to sanctity, and honor Our Lady as Queen of All Saints. ' ouEE2 rx 1 .Hu in , -if fn"-lf .L'S4 bv 14' Aa y 4' 2' if 3. dst M. Cullen and R. Imboden decorate the bulletin board with the rosary to honor Our Blessed Mother and remind the girls that October is the month of the Holy Rosary. E. Bucella, M. Ryan, and P. Sherry, three industrious Juniors, are shown setting vestments for Mass. This is one of the interesting projects performed by the third year religion classes. RELICIO E CLIH English holds an important place in the curriculum at Mount Mercy, since the ability with which one reads, writes and speaks his native language is con- sidered one of the most important factors in the development of a well educated person. Our various English courses help us to build a rich vocabulary, to think independently, to speak distinctly, to use library tools intelligently, to express ourselves through the drama and to appreciate the priceless literary heritage of England and America, with special emphasis upon the glorious tradition of Catholic literature. This group of fourth year English students is dramatizing Everyman, early English morality play. All who are endeav- oring to live a Christian life will encounter experiences similar to those of Everyman. Sister Mary Noel points out to R. Pepe, S, Falkenhagen, A. Metzger, D. Farrell and M. McCarthy of the first year English class the treasures of our American heritage. J. Benoit, C. Collins and C. Cooley, with the help of Sister Mary Peters explanations, are studying Romeo and julie! in third year English. The background display evinces pupil interest. UT LUSH IT Second year English brings J. Markey, G. Sullivan, A, McDonald and A. Roche an introduction to Tennyson and the Victorians through their study of The Idyllf of the King. vwvvvve My itlluua M 7'i! F - . 1' S. Ryan, of the French III class, points out to Sister Mary jane the highlights of her trip to the internationally revered shrine of Saint Anne de Beaupre. M. Canney and J. Tubridy are making plans for a future pilgrimage. Parlez-vous francais? If so, J, Farr, M. Bermingham and M. McDermott of the French II class will be glad to play their discs recorded by expert linguists in order to help you acquire a true Parisian accent. Q- -It R, Bigelow and M. Moore cut out letters to help T. Coughlin and K. Carroll who are using a quotation from St. Paul's classic epistle on charity as a motto for the French I class. ODE GU GE Sister Mary Claudia, M. Pache, R. McMahon and J. Murray of Spanish three discuss Our Lady of Guadalupe. Spanish one pupils, M. Young, C. Drozdowska and A. Hartung, demonstrate a Spanish dance. lf world unity and peace are ever to be achieved, man must develop an understand- ing of his fellow-man, his beliefs, customs, tastes and national spirit. This is a prime objective in the study of modern languages, and it is of much greater value than the mechanical memorization of rules of gram- mar. The pupil must have a sincere sympathy for the civilzation which the language expresses. M. Wickenhiser, M. Walsh. M. Robertson and M. Rogers believe that their study of Spanish two will further our good neighbor policy with Latin American countries. Mrs. Gerth finds that S. Sanders, J, Von, M. Schnell, G. Shinner and H. Blaskovits are interested and alert members of her German classes. GL 4 ,, X Q , ,,, It m ng alihm ' I 1-will 151:15 dual I: T 1 pil I u U I 5 L v ug ...Q--..- 4, 2 , "mf, v 17. ", . F ' 'gli-' 323 ' 'Paw .V 4, w I T K vf -vj nv 3 Ziff-'fi Q 2253? 5 D WE Q u 1 Y, x 5 'xx A gp ,Q 41 h 1... L1 ,-f-..xJ '90 WILL N0 MUVEUFM Y s. -"ffff'1.f,. - ' T so ' SOCIAL UV .,4 3 I- 5' 1, x vs, ' .,.,' 1,1 ff E Y l' .,f-num. ln -44- Y 'l J' e V' . g .L , lr J- I -La, .' 'Pin' Q sv ' 1 A Q s W . , X 5 . Jw Q? . Y 5 PT' 7 E KJ ,ff 4' f M A Q U ' cf ldfw fwfm' ' 05' M iW M Oi? I J ' A+! , f, .. ' fi. ' ff, "' fd 4 I , 'iffy , f 1. qw an M .JV ii 'xv 1. 4' 4' it 6 .X ' E if " W 'J'- 1 ' N C-at li ,, ' 1 ,M 5 4 X SN 5 va t E , e an-Wg? Each year countless gurls leave the Mount to assume rcsponsxble posrtlons ln the busxness world Snster Mary john Aloysxus upper flgbl mmates P Doody to the mysterxes of typmg Under the drrectxon of Srster Mary deAngelns S Dennehy learns to take shorthand dlctatnon from the tape recorder Mnss Ryan ngbt and J Conrad pomt out the mam rtems rn a well balanced budget to the nntroductron to buslness class Sxster Mary Consolata left explams the legal aspects of busr ness to K Barnes and M Burke of the busmess law class N Y I , . . , , . 1 1 ' ' wx' 'Mb yi '4 K 41" X 1 :hah kg .-xx Q 'K an 2 W4 1 f.: While Sister Mary Leona gives S. Hoskins helpful advice, still-life painting absorbs the interest of other third year art students, J, Brosnan, j. Hearn and A. Di Giambattista. First year art pupils, C. Cheman, N. Shea, M. Leary, D. McCormick, and M. Hughes prove their creative ability in fashioning three-dimensional flower designs. Plays mean posters to these busy art two students, -I. McLaughlin, P, Sherry, j. Kalinowski and M. McKeown, who are using their skill to advertise Beauliful Dreamer. Mount Mercy's string ensemble includes FIRST ROW: c. Gates, c. Mackey, Gi. Coughlin, M. Carlson. SECOND ROW C. Leary, A, Jensen, M. Walz, E. Gates. THIRD ROW: J. McMahon, D. Lang- hans, P. Leary. MUSIC Down through the ages men have felt the need of expressing their deepest emotions and most intangible moods in music. Music varies as widely as the streams of human culture, from the tom-tom beat of the Indian boy's primitive instrument, to the intricate renditions of the great symphony orchestra. Today music brings to the tired ears of a noisy world the beauty of the past and a little of God's own peace. Miss Pantera finds that M. J. Kozuclr, C. Baco, V. Hegedus, J. McCracken and M. O'Neill enjoy their rudiments of music class. M. Polverari, R. Sweeney, A. Riordan and S. Harrington agree that learning to be pianist! can be a great source of joy and satisfactim. l Q, if Q 4- ' x 9 ' ,X- ,. Ax 1, , L. ,W , . A , , V. ,f ,y Q v .. A . f F ..F:,?1g.. - . 354 , LW 'Q' V if A 1 Q - M62 'SQ W . , f 3.1 - ., 't 'f . -5-sy 1, A, ,Q - I -fair ' 1 ' 4' Q, ,, .. ,W K , A Q- . 2- ,Q y Q X 4 fi A 5 fi 'll "V 4 , A ., I V cf' ' . i A-X jf! f L i Q, i.-174252 93' 35, , 'LSB 1 m y gm Xu. W. A -J- ,Q ,gy .V rr, ' , 3 - " '34, V 531. 515.4 ' f .rf 41- N. f 9, , M? .Q A 1 . Q .- Q3,f':,,.'f 1 1 1 . -fr T x . ,,:.:w-qv" ., - - :fav my 2'.A.,,, . 2 ,ff 19 K. am X -s .- 'QL-'I 2 I C M - u 4 l I , 7.1. x fig, -Q3'i!"fa: 411553 ,if ...wg , an 'Q 1 A 'f - Q . 1, V V ' ' 1'-'if . -- n 92 K : '. 'if 1 I ., 3 L" 'ev . 4, I .5513 C. Gaudet, M. Brown and S. English murmur, "Knit one, pearl two," as long practice makes them knitting experts in homemaking ll. J. Ogarek and P. Herlihy make curtains in home- making I. This class teaches the future heads of homes to be fashionwise and thrifty. J. Gigante, M. McDonnell, M. Flanagan and D. Attea learn the proper care of the hands while studying the subject of good grooming. HO ECG O IC Miss Pauline M, Hasselbeck, very efficient secre- tary to Sister Mary Loyola, gives the morning mail to Mrs. Mary F. McCartan who teaches homemaking at the Mount. i if fs., :DI T 2 is 5 V .v ,: DEB TI G C. McLaughlin is chairman as R. Reilly and A. Dietrich of Bishop Timon High School debate the national topic with Mercyites P. Lawandus and J. Tuck. . I KIf'? attentively. E. Glair, M. J. Trainor and M. Nolan know that long weeks of reference work and preparation precede a debating session. Mercy Debating Club enjoyed an active and profitable season under the guidance of Sister Mary Berchmans. The club used the national topic for 1951: Resolved: That all American citizens should be subject to conscription for essential services in time of war. Debating is particularly valuable in develop- ing a group of well-informed and articulate citizens. It necessitates quick and clear thinking, as well as a well-defined body of information upon which to base assertions. It is not enough to have correct ideasg it is equally necessary to be able to convince and persuade others to our way of thinking. T. Zolkiewcz of Canisius cross-examines P. Russo and S. Milligan, as Chairman P. Tronolone and M. Rauch listen Queen of Sainfd pl' 2 Y , l ,wg SEN IGRS I , ,,,.. J, 1 -l-,fly U 1-!f5'f14f' A f'- 93- Jgfwyffelu 1 ' ' 0 l KATHLEEN R. BARNES MSL A. BATTAGLIA JOAN M. BRODFUEHER , JEANNE A. BROSNAN 142 Woodside Avenue 69 Southside Parkway 160 Selkirk Street VV M! jewett-Holmwood Road Holy Family Holy Family SI..SleplJen I f Ll Immarulate Conceplign' ff t LJ XG IL .95 .JW .uf all 5 , LP fi - A mwl' ' l A 'ill X ' 'OJ 1, 'll IV f V 'jul l ,pw It V' 'U' fl" l" lx 1 pw 17, - fl' F ' u Wu lf f ,F 1 , ,T ,V fl WA' 5 FY but L , 1 W y, M U, L pl X tg, yn, Ni y A 6. I J + 'l I IJ A 'ZYTJL A 7 Y ' l ' l l M JL f f M' 1 " ' a 4 - 9 3 MARGARET G. BURKE 32 Buifum Street Sl. Iolm the Evangelist MAUREEN A. CALLAHAN 193 Choate Avenue Sl. Thema: Aquinar Ill 1 QQ 3 P X 5 " 13 r V I K, , , f X X l f v f UREEN A. CANNEY gf 33 Arbour Lane St. Martin l Q -qv uf! MARGARET C, CARLQ SUZANNE v. cooLEY 226 Cumberland Avenue 7 Teresa Place ' St. Tbollar Aquinax St. john the Evangelist I f U ll J V f us sw.. l E . 3 A . 5 1 W V ' i ., , is A VIRGINIA M CREHAN 125 Trowbndge St t Holy Famxl 'CY MILDRED I. CULLEN 733 Tllft Street Holy Family WM M' ANN MARIE DI GIAMBATTISTA 'S 197 Cazenovla Street St john the Evangelut .pf JOAN F DOWNEY 36 Strathmore Avenue S! Thema: A mas W 4-Kr tb l IQ ,wwf lffflflyky F' MARGARET M DAVIS MARGARET C DEMPSEY 78 Aldnch Place 6 7 BuEum Street Sl Ambfoxe St john the Evangclut SHEILA B DENNEH 213 Columbus Avenue ANN C DEVANEY 128 Wnldwood Avenue SI john zlse Evungelul HANNAH M DRISCOLL 225 Columbus Avenue Sl Tbomax Aqumax ff IOAN M DUFFY 20 Roanoke Parkwa S! Term: fa I Q ,E . If X! X V p ' .J -1 Q I , ' Y Kffif I ,J l. lip f Q 1 'I ff' 0 f ' f ' 1 f ' I 5 W A ,Q '- 4- ' A ' U A Q! YI' ' J, I ' I ' If ' fl VI!!! I. AY l yi L , - ' . 'lx 1 ,' s. ,fl A, l I 'll ,r,1' 3 . lv, 'f ' ' . . I lx X 5 V' ' ' 1 5' ff " f fl' 1- ll A G+ l 4' I l ' h ' If ' .-.1 ' - St. Tbomax Aquinax .. A' h . I l '19 ' .1 at 2' ' L fp! Et- I, Q f ' '1 xl I . Q A J' . 'J ' AL A ,X ' A l.,,uf fel ' E ' :fly .dvi f ML Lb' Mtfckt . ffv I ,1 ef' ' W. - 2 3? , . 2 . 'K . ' N. fjxxx All . XJ fy. is y fu :L '11 X . 7 1'-fl A lp-. EDITH I-I FALTISKO 31 Folger Street Holy Farmly 1' l N MA EARETXM GALLAGHER 47 Newman Place Sl john :be Evangelm 30 I 43' all MARIE N FELDMAN 101 Hubbell Avenue St Tbomaf Aqumar MARY T FORD 66 Alturna Street Holy Family CLARE FROEHLICH St Terem MAUREEN E GATTA 156 Prxes Avenue Holy Family JOANNE M HTZER 55 Potter Road S! Tbomm Aqumax 'WU 2 "N, ETHEL A GILDEA 386 Manlla Street St Ambfoxe F. MARY ANN FITZGERALD 40 Armm Place St T em ELEANOR M GLAIR 2921 Orchard Park Road Natrvny ffl an "' 'Q Q pl , . X! X A V -VX PM X S I' 'Y .www l Lu alll Sf A f N Q Mo :tw Y if xi , g O, l, if I V l XJ cm X , J i L NH U l X VJ U .- J, ,, . l . ' ' ,f 1. x .nfs - J 1, 1 14' 1 ' W V4 . ' tl 0 ' I My A X fl A A S S 22 Juniata Place . - vlll o' A ig ' l r K ffl ' 3 .L -. fl N F" - A l I .. A - - 1 A - A ' V ,.,, - al ' I ML VLX ELKMLQL . ...KN N V 4' X- , fi f fl: A -nv 7' lf ' f 1' - lf ' K1 ,E 1 HJ . kd!! Z LORETTA A GLAVEY 274 Choate Avenue St Tbomax Aquinas ff! SHIRLEY V HARRINGTON 55 Mmeral Sprmg Road St Terera 'Q Ri ROSEMARY M GORMAN 11 Roanoke Parkway Sl Tefejp , I 'V ff UUNANQYJ H T N fifaulwlae V J-6 pre: DONNA R HALL 80 Sheffield Avenue Holy Famxl y ETHNEA C HAREN 67 Edson Street Sl john the Evangelut ELAINE A HARRIGAN 354 North Legxon Dnve St Terefa BARBARA I HARTLEY 98 Choate Avenue Holy Family ffwwdf , 7 W 4 C CAT :NE M HANRAHAN 3 3 Amber Street Holy Famzl y S-Q XS mi, Qif' sex venue 7' Ifl TERESA M HEALY 5 Sordyl Place S! Stephen PATRICIA C JENNINGS 638 Goodyear Avenue Sz Manbew JEANNE M I-IEARN 69 Tuscarora Road St Thema! Aquma: MARIAN D HUGHES 698 Humboldt Parkway St Franm de Sale: ROBERTA A IMBODEN 39 Helen Avenue Our Mother o Good Counxel JUDITH A JOHNS 110 Klmberly Avenue St fndflln wp Vx 'Q' 1:...,,, 'SQQ-2: -LQ!-120 4?-v K- ."'4 Ig: I ov 1' 5 f 7 ' ff- '1 'iff f MARGARET A I-IERLIHY 35 Mt Vernon Place St john the Euangelul MARY L JOYCE 18 Rosary Avenue Our Lady of Victory I f " 1 SALLY A I-IOSKINS 191 Tuscarora Road St jude uropal My W lfflflfff PATRICIA C KELLEHER 175 Shenandoah Road St Mann: at J. gfgjfbiff JEAN P KELLY 809 Abbott Road Sl Thema: Aquma: KATHERINE M KELLY 19 Shenandoah Road St Martin I MARGARET A KELLY 809 Abbott Road S! Tb0maJ Aqumar JOAN J KRAWCZ 38 Wexss Stre J t C111 1 2 DK NORINE KRIEGBAUM 4 eujsy Avenue S amax Aqumax I LOIS V KNAPP 87 Newman Place SI abr: the Ezangelux My X A fy, Way M ,AMX xffhjjlf ,f PATRICIA A LAWANDLS JEAN M LEAHY fx-X VJ! ARYLEIQE E LOMAS UT1-V5 LYIND 2252 Seneca Street 6 South Ryan Street 21 Good Avenue 'G Paul Place Sl john fbEEtd7Igf1IJf S1 Teresa X Sl Agatha 9 erexa Uxov A' 4 J' KATHLEEN R MA KATHLE MA NE 839 South Park Avenue 2 mer St Stephen J f in If RITA F McMAHON 29 Olcott Avenue Holy Family ANN M MCPARTLAND jj! 76 Lorraine Avenue fl Sl Thomas Aq BETTE C MCLAUGHLIN Rehch Avenue Our lady of Vmory ,r lf fi Sl do W N SALLY M MILLIGAN AR MORAN ALBERTA E MULLENHOFF 90 Rlchfield Avenue nolla Street 46 Wxchxta Road Holy Parmly S oma: Aquma: Sz Bonavenmre N 34 Q J MAUREEN B McMAHON f J 132 Roanoke Parkway St Terem B JANET M MURRAY 55 Choate Avenue Holy Family 'U as 'V' 7 2 1 .1 - . A ' Q Q ' Mt Q ' K, L 21 y f lv ' ' 'J af xv J 0' My h . 12 t I . , J 5 v u 115 ' . 'Mk . f. in E' C t, I ',,Lv gnu, .411 . ' f' H ' Xlf' Wd' K x tv 4 ,A A 1 ' A M A FLA? E xjk ,J 1 , U Q K 4 A 7 9 . Kfffglfl 1 f , jf , I . ax I 3 X W I A 'A on ' 1 0 y fy ,Ll , + A W u . . Q 0 I ll I. U . P? Y we x A A l Q YN S 'as 'R 7' 1 ' 1 W 1 'J UQ INIADONNA H MURRAY 885 Txfft Street Holy Fumzly MARY C PACHE 62 Sage Avenue St Tefejd SHIRLEY M NAPLES 32 Hollywood Avenue Sl Marin: ANN C PIRIE 526 Cumberland Avenue T50 ai all ,Nab 'Y If 'al NANCYJ NASSOIY 21 Brookslde Drlve St Mamn MARIE K OIBRIEN 2023 Seneca Streei Sl erexaj ff MAUREEN A ONEIL 247 Cumberland Avenue St Tlnomaf Aquma: JOSEPHINE W PITT M14 1717 SHIRLEY M NOODY 564 Marxlla Street St Ambrofe 55 Mmeral Sprmg Road ' Sl Tefefa kill 'Xl rgod 'Z , 3 fa ' . , VJ.: ,I ! ,J n DLL, f N fu , 'D 'Ill yi .,' V I I fl I I A 1 , ' . ' I 12,1111 lv , ,JU . J, llt'?j,.l' I l I. I ,i ' L pf' , ,A 1 , .V U sf 1 llfflf 22 I I I f Yr ,Rfk ,l - , f f ' f ' 1 ' 'uhh fn ll. 4 If vw 4' .lh - 3 I 'ff 1 ' ' Q 1 A I 1 ' L I ' ' Jlffpff- I Vufilx, 1' l , . . . M 6 I . . 5 . . . 3 X -. - . X'!X,-. XMTX Q- , llufj li flll . --1, XX -J -:VJ X . I IN I xhq? 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IVAN Q RITA E SWEENEY 18 Seneca Parksxde 295 Abbott Road SI john :be Evangelut St Thema: Aquma: MARY P SCHIBLER 32 Parkvnew Avenue St jolm the Evangebst KATHLEEN L SONGER 88 Crystal Avenue Holy Family DOLORES A SPAHN 31 Knoerl Avenue St Tefem A! if rv,A,5Y DANE' TRAINOR Alrmm Place St Terem J Ju l fl My MARGARET T SHEEHAN 25 Columbus Avenue St Tbomax Aqulna! VNV EANNE T TUBRIDY 93 Sheffield Avenue Holy Fa fly flff' 5' u Q l .J U fav pfn f - . ,, I n A I V blwltlyw Q 1 . :Qff I I 5. lx NV II F 5 2 f "J " ' if .Lf,?.A wi 1 , .jlffwv Lf X' ilk' lk 1 , y f , ..x' ,fn ff 1 tl' fl I wlfiwljyxlf. , 1 1' I lu 4 1' ,' 17' vt " yffqhf A . ffjvm " 'Off y iff' 5.1, ' . .lf t I It ty f- lf . J . . fa ' . 1 L, . ' 7, . ' 1l."'f' . , FL , . - I 'I TY MT ' Lv! lj 1 'iff 4 L I Y I, ' X' '. P ' f' 'Y KX Q 5' at '3 I T -4+ f '17 T17 ' ' I If ,' I 1' g 0 J MW W 'Nw 'Vi' MARG ET H WALSH ELI E 211 Amber Street Holy Family KN ANN MARIE ZILLIOX KATHLEEN M WEIR 20 Roanoke Parkway St Term R2 I 322 Potter Road 51 Marin: , SALLY J ZUKOWSKI 1.4 107 Selknrk Street Y Q Sf Szepben QS , gllllnhnnnzx Q3 flall BARBARA A ZAKRISON 457 Eggert Road S1 Mdlibfufl Reformed if tr.: fb Q ,Ervin Kixjqi- urn Qxugust 43 1534 eh giizxrcly 15 1932 en ine seek fur 1 e une elgarzxeterrstrc Eu re seemeh in he guurs m an uulslanhmg Degree umm fue all agree l xt rl luis uuur in nlelqezxrteh mlense :mb fnhrant lube nf life Ullgexl rexlrzalmn as serileh mute than ang nl er fu .xllm tlye grief tulgrrly has uherlulyelxueh us smee tlle slynelz nf llyal Hqlffll murnmg luu see umm ine lmuiu 1 at gnu rererheh unur Illurh :mb fbuh mtu guur heart gust tivo slgurt lyuurs lrefure uuu iuenf fu meet I'lll1I me lmuln 1 nl gun miie fnlfllleh It lust gum' great lungmg fur fe e l ul ezxtel mg flesh mb ormlzeth Q lxluuh imll nine efxerlnstmg life :mb L31 imll ruse lnm up nn l e l1st bag Qfleqmesenl m pare XJ Q!" 'HA lvl' 5: A 23' . Ji y ,9 'Z 1 ' I f " 4 ew 5 If MW 0' s I u,, r ,ll V J l L' ' -' 1-ff I! ' V , 7 e 1 j M' A l ff' l ' KLA! ' f l KU" , ew, ' -A S44 ' x . if X ' f"lvA ' I L K ' V! ' Il-3 1 I lj-' X A .rx of f G7 -. , if V Ref if i xt gtg' NCC?-jr S-.J 6 . rg' I I , y , ' " 20 4- I 'J' ' - A 1 . ' 1 ' fi, kt K ' -' g -3 Z3 ', Pi , ' 1911 ll ' ' ' ffl! . . 7 P 7 'Q he . 2 5 H , . . fl Q ic 2 . A 'lL' v lv ll . K H .L A K . .i I1 h A ' ' elfflffh 11 H . ' ' vi D t Cin . ll ' , 1 SENIOR HO UR Mount Mercy extends to every girl the opportunity to develop her innate talents to the best of her ability. The Mount Mercy ring symbolizes that which every Mount girl can and must achieve-a spotless integrity through devotion to Mary. Scholastic standards are high, presenting a challenge to all, while a democratic method of election makes for student leadership. For four years C. Hanrahan, V. Crehan, M. Feldmann and R. Imboden have kept their names at the top of the Mount Mercy honor roll. Reception of the Mount Mercy ring from Sister Mary Loyola is an important event in a Seniors life. The ring is gold and blue, set with pearls. i Y! The Senior Class of 1952 proved themselves intelligent and capable in choosing officers to represent them in all school affairs: Nancy Hart, presidentg Arlene Lomas, vice-presiclentg Mary E. Moran, secretaryg Ann Devaney, treasurer. 39 IU IOR .quam f .' 25' -w.-ww - :- -. -.-.1 .' .. . 'Y Jn vt ru FIRST Rowv' A, Igor.: BI. Kelly. BI A KL-lly, A. KLINJDXIKI. D I7.iII1Nku. K KLQIIUN, P DIN lx 1 H Cl " . 1 mr, NLQOND ROW' -I Kxrxplgnd. I Iurmcll, M Knllulxsr, M Ifvyy 7, Kruw, V Hngch I. Hc.1ly,M Kuzuch, A, Fum.1r1, D4 Cimvrxmm M, K.sl1m-xwkx. P, Hdnxluk, M, -In-nr1m.n, A KN J. jcnnxngs, S Kufzyniki, 'I F.ur, 1. Ku1.m.1 UNIOR gba' . - -" luv .....- .SZ FIRST ROVV: M. Patterson, S, Maloney, ISI, Murmy, INIA Nolan, M. INICKeown, INI. MCICCF, MCCr.1cken, C Mrller, M. Morrisey. SECOND RCHW: S. Lawrence, H. Lmne, M. O'Connell, j. Ikfchaughlin, J. Pomnski, S. ML-rkl, C. Mclnlughlin. M, O'Ncill, M. K. Robertson, M. Quigley, M. McDermott. P. McP41rtl.1mI. M. M.1ul, T, Muoncy, T. McGowan, G. Good. M, Rogers. x .L. - . 1fIR5'I'ROXX' 'I' XX'I1.rlcn, Ii Sicrrk. I' S.IIu.1rI.rv. D Tyrykl, M I. Vllrku-ni1xwr,G Scllinncr IJ. Sherry. HICAJND RUNXF YI 'I'urI'c. Ii ZIIIIUXQ C. RUII. f, intron INI. I'cIWI.14Iur, M Smnton K. Ryrln, R. Vfrrght, F. Von. S. Sobcmk. P. Ironolonc, M I Voltz. ISI. A. Schncll, M. XXIAISH, .I Schmrdlc. M Thornas. S. Smdcrs. OPHUMORE 'P -Y - ., ., . T.i?1'-.'-f - -- " FIRST ROW: T. Coughlin, P. Dunning, R. Bigelow, M. Ernst, M. Barrett, M. Brown. SECOND ROW: M. Emerson, J. Adamczak, P. Colpoys, M. Bonner, C. Brown. N. Donohue. M. Dowling. J. Evert, K, Dcnnchy. THIRD ROW: P. Campbell, H. Brown, J. Coonly. P. Bic-rma, C. Fahcv B. Carlson, K. Carroll, D. Attea, R. Cusack, C. Conway, C. Cheman, P. De Carolis, S. Andol, M. English, S. Boyle, M. Cavanaugh, C. Drozdowska. FN I , JP - , , 7 4' , 1. 4 - . ', ' 5 .1 . . f . . m 5 . . . --.- . A+- z. 0' f' s 1-. .f .J ', , ...- 4 .' ,i , ,gp . 's-,Q , FIRST ROW: -I, joseph, J. Horbett, P. Harding. J. Gorman, M. Fitzgerald, M. Flanagan, SECOND ROW: C. Gaudet, Gigante. A. Jenson, M. Flaherty, M. Graham, il. Ford, D. Hc-ilig. A. Horbett, R. Hughes. THIRD ROW: A. Gorman, M. Gorman, M. Girroir, S. Hahn, T, Fennie. R. Hegedus, P, Herlihy, J. Farrell, M. Klein, C. Gigante, D. Gates, J, Kline, C. Kanick, M. johnson. M. Glasser, A. Hartung, J. Kosinski, T. Glair, A. Galvin. M. Kawu, OPHOMORE , . A .. . - 4' ' , FIRST ROW: J. Marky, C. McCarthy, M. McDonnell, E. McCracken, P. McMahan, N. Mack, G Moran. SECOND ROW: D. McHugh, I. Nolan, -I. Malone, A. Kuebler, M. Moran, M. Michel B, McKernan, M. Moore, I. Mercer. THIRD ROW: M. Ledwin, F. Manka, L. Morano, N Mahoney, A. Lesniak, M. Martin, L. McDonald, H. McCarthy, M. Markulis, T. Meagher, A Mulholland, M. Mulderig, A. McDonnell, L. Manko, C. Leary, M. Leary, S. Millard, M McLeod, G. McGowan. FIRST ROW: N. Skrip, N. Shea, H. Whalen, J. Sandecki, M. Sullivan, SECOND ROW: M Piechnik, M. Ryan. M. Nowak. N. Quinn, B. Panfil, C. Sahan, M. L. Young, M. ll. Srurnpf, N Wolfe. THIRD ROW: G. W'eiss, A. Roche, S. O'Donnell, M. Pmronsky, P, Supplcs, N. Swc-eny M. Quinn, M. Renshaw, I. Petrie, J. Zawisa, D. Tronolone, M. L. Solomon, A. Orf, M, A. O'Brien R. Schlchr, G. Sullivan, A. Purtill. FIRST ROXV: Browne, B. Buylc, J Cg1r.1n7.1m. M. Connolly. Baunlcistffr. VI. Blmlwwicz, R, Clmrnielowskl. ,I I5.1rrutt. SECOND ROVU: M. Campbell R, H.1rtlcovvialc. V, Borclcn, ISI. Blcdny D, Clwmum. C Byrne, Bcutlcr. G Beckcr. N. Callulmn. M. Byrne. E Campbell, J. Ccgiclski. M. Bocttchcr -I, Bm-lmann, J. Albrecht, S. Bcntz. M Curlu. J. Clmvannc. EIRST ROW: M, Drozdowskn, M Drew. A. Dowcy, M. Dowd, Gaul R D.1ltun. S. Falkcnlmalgcn, A, Finnegan M. Gugnn. SECOND ROXV: C Cutmm. NI. Cullen. Fitzsimmrvns M, A Cmwley, C. Fisher. M. Dalton 1. Conrad. D. Godfrey, C. Dcuscr, J George, M. Dalcssandro. M. Dudck. I. Gmnvxlle, R. Gmndits, M. Emlress, J Finn. FIRST ROVV: M. Hussey, F. Kwzuch M. Juno. P. Kmaulxlci, D, I.L'!1Lll1.lD S. I..1rnp:n.1n, M. A. Greenfcldur. A Ifluw. R Hrmgml SECOND ROVU: K Ilzllr-ry, I' Iflarrlngtun, B. HL-rmnnn, N KL'llL'l1L'I'. E Hull. I Hand. I Kurch M. Clvxlnnvr. M, I..rrr.1bce. B. Kmrki I7, Kelly. ISI, juyur. IT. H.1D.lX'g1n, B Kelly. H. Kulp. Kumrcr. ISI. Knlglut 'H ' 1 ' Tv.. .J Yr' aiu' ' ' .419-'LIP'-3 A:',w.,a..Jv1fr-,w W7 ,EMEA , V , .3 f L ,xt ' I I -lb N ' I ' x if - 'H I H, X . u . '- 4i.'s ll If !,.L,, -rx ,. aW,m. . I 1 , I 9 I I x be I X lx ,lg . f x 1 - ' I FRE HME FIRST ROW: S. McMahon. M. Mc- Mahon, D. Farrell. L. Mudd, L. Mipzkn M. McNamara, S. Miller, J. Blakey. M Miller. SECOND ROW: P. May, V Miller, B. Miller, N. Miuici, N. My Kenna, P. Mulvenna, M, Malinnwska M. Mick, J. Maddigan, P. Logal, Ml J. McCarthy, M. Milligan, A. Metzger C. Mahoney, C. Lukitsch, J. McLaughlin R. M. Maloney, A. McMahon. FIRST ROW: J. Ogarek, M. O'Day, S Ryan, J. Ryan, C. Schilling, S, Ronaync D. Putich. J. Nolan, J. Ryan. SECOND ROW: P. Pokoslci, C. Roberts, M Quinn, B. Pietranczyk, J. Ryan, R. Pepe K. Quinn, J. Patton, P. O'Connell, J Prcnevau, M. L. Nanna, C. Piechnik M. Nye, M. Olearczyk, P. O'Connor, J. Nesselbush, M. O'C0nnell, E. Nosbisch, FIRST ROW: C. Wirth, Smiclc, E. Verbanic, E. Silvestrina, B. Solly, A, Shea, M. O'Neil, C. Sherman, J. Schulz, SECOND ROW: J. Sturm, A. Spisiak, K. Sullivan, J. Schmid, S. M. Whalen P. Walsh, M. Shea, P. Wisner, S, Sgroi B. Webb, J. Slachciak, M. L. Willard B. Ticlcnor, D. Seihert. v 1 1 v y i v i ,ram - Q ,, 4 , V upfw- . - W, 's ,15 . ,, 0 . A MARY BOLAND junior Homeroom 2 DOROTHY GATES Sophomore Homeroom 7 JOSEPHINE MCLAUGHLIN Junior Homeroom 3 MARY WALSH junior Homeroom 4 TERESA COUGHLIN Sophomore Homeroom 6 , xkkk Y," 4 .digg . MARCIA McCARTHY Sophomore Homeroom 8 CLASS OFFICER MAUREEN RYAN Sophomore Homeroom MARY DALESSANDRO Freshman Homeroom 15 I PATRICIA KOWALSKI Freshman Homeroom 16 MOIRA O'DAY Freshman Homeroom KATHLEEN SULLIVAN Freshman Homeroom 19 6611158 of ULU' JO? ff it . V X X ff Lf- 1 l I ACTIVITIES mshg, 51.1. es Amies de la Petite Fleur have a French vocabulary wn while R Imboden acts as judge The Liturgy Club ef! chant Compline in chapel as one of their activities CLUBS The value of clubs as an extra-curricular activity is almost limitless. The club enables a girl to delve into a subject which appeals to her more deeply than is possible during a class period. She discovers new and interesting aspects of classroom material. ln some cases, a life vocation may result, while for many, worthwhile hobbies which are important in personality development are discovered. Clubs train the pupil in social consciousness and help her to live gracefully and happily with others. Qualities of leadership and initiative can be more easily developed. Every girl likes to "belong," and at the Mount the many clubs provide an excellent opportunity for participation in group activity for those of the most varied interests-the spiritual life, science, languages, art, debating, business and the liturgy. P. Sabodaa, M. J. Voltz, P. McPartland, and M. A. Kelle- her, listen attentively to Mr. Victor Lalli, who is demon- strating the use of water color to the Art Club. Mr. Lalli's picture, a harbor scene, was framed and hung in the art room. ,W .N ml' 51 Li .ft vs. A.: l. 4' .4 W mf 9' 5 . 'gg 00 , , Y ...rf rg .M ,, lo' N fr Milli. A S '1 F' I 8 Q 1 l . V I' , S. ill f .J . H v ' 1 IE E! -tw,,. ,,,-. 'l W4 These competent feature writers of the Merriette, R. Imboden, C. Hasselbeck, V. Crehan, M. Dempsey and art editor, j. Brosnan, are efficiently preparing articles of special interest for its many readers. Business managers Maureen Canney and Mary Joyce sell the Mercietze to A. Ryan, P. Sullivan, A. Lomas, M. Shee- han, 1. Regan, P. Lawandus, and L. Glavey of the typing staff. Mercietfe is proud of its assistant editor, C. Hanrahan, editor, J. Robinson, and reporters, L. Knapp, M. Ford. S. Naples, N. Hart, M. Hughes, S. Cooley, and E. Haren. ERCIETTE In the four years of its existence the Merriette has progressed from a mimeographed sheet to a six page newspaper. Its successful progress reflects the generosity of the many girls who gave countless hours to perfect it. At Saint Bonaventure University's High School Press Day the Merciette was the winner of the poetry award, hrst place in column writing, and seven certihcates of merit. :Juv LL..'-l 5 Vie 1-,pa-.g l 1- While the mirror reHects other Mercyites and their escorts, Joyce Regan, Suzanne Cooley, Nelson Murphy and Richard Smyth prepare to leave for Kleinhans Music Hall on the evening of April 16. At midnight, Ruth Lynd and Shirley Naples, against a background of calla lilies, soft lights and sweet music, crown Our Lady Queen of the Prom in the Mary Seton Room. SENIOR PRO Soft lights . . . swirling gowns . . . a dream come true. Music drifts through the Mary Seton Room of Kleinhans Music Hall. It is April 16, 1952, and the hopes of four years are coming to a climax. The Senior prom of the Class of 1952 is becoming a reality. Any girl is a real Cinderella, a lady, a princess, on the night of her Senior prom. For months this most important social event of her last year in high school has occupied her thoughts. Tonight she is happy with the joy of those who take their recreation with jesus and Mary, and she is grateful for this night to remember. Maureen O'Neil and Michael Boyle typify countless other Mercy girls and their escorts. Their faces tell of the youth- ful joy of that most important night. We arrive at the Prom after days and weeks of preparation. Paul Swank, Ann McPartland, Jeanne Tuhridy, Edward Zacher, Nancy Nassoiy and Raymond Long are ready for a joyful evening. f QC' S' up , T .ax 5' ' :ig Qs ' My V, 1 ,Q 8 . H 1' g 'L I 51 Yi w. T ,f ma g- N., , ' 1.-,'f.5.: .J H BEA TIF L DREAMER l ll .1 In November, the Mercy Players, assisted by Bishop Timon High School and the Spotlighters, presented Beautiful Dreamer, an adaptation of the life and music of Stephen Foster. The play was directed by Sister Mary Fabian. The cast included: J. Bonner, Stephen Foster, M. Pache, jane McDowell, T. Ahern, Henry Foster, A. Ryan, Mrs. Foster, M. Dempsey and A. Lomas, Ettie Foster, R. Smythe, Dunn- ing Foster, M. Crosby, Morrison Foster, M. McDermott and M. Cullen, Olivia, R. O'Donnell, Mr. Foster, E. Haren, Mrs. McDowell, R. Malloy, Dr. McDowell, Charles Yeager, Old Black Joe, M. Gallagher, Susan Pentland, M. O'Neill, julia Moran, J. Nowak, Andrew Robinson, A. Mann, Richard Cowan, M. Kelly, Marian Foster, Nurse, M. McDermott and M. Cullen, -I. Boland, George Cooper. F in NVQ.. . 4 V i ' s -i I The climax of the Mount's devotion to Mary is the Sodality May Crowning at the end of the month. The living rosary fe any 1 , 'e-5 if-fx-x, 2, ii Mount Mercy continues a time-honored tradition on Decem- l5aP3ff ofthe fefCm0nY Plffufed above' ber 8 when Our Lady's statue is carried in procession ODALITY After attending the Sodality Summer School of through the school on the shoulders of the Sodality officers l , Catholic Action, the Mount realized that many of its students did not comprehend the true meaning of Sodality life. The Sodality is a way of life rather than an organization. Its three-fold aim is personal sanctification, sanctification of neighbor and defense of the Church. There is a definite goal to be reached by means of a common Rule lived to imitate Christ more closely, as Mary imitated her Divine Model. Reverting to the original Sodality idea, "Quality not quantity," the Sodality was reorganized on a selective basis. Approximately eighty Sodalists were faithful to a period of intense instruction and were so permeated with the Sodality ideal that their influence has been felt throughout the student body to such an extent that all previous Sodality activities are being carried on more enthusiastically and new activities have been inaugurated. I gi ,. by 'Q-'ni'2'-'gl' Na 'B 1 1 3 BA- 2' p ish Presiding at the fall membership tea of the Mothers Guild are Mrs A Cottrell Mrs J Tuck fpresidentj, Mrs. P. Fitzer Mrs R McDermott Mrs L Robertson Mrs j Dempsey Mrs j Bermingham and Mrs, C. Regan MOTHER 9 G ILD Who wouldnt be a Mercy girl when our mothers bake like this? Mrs. H. J. Finn, Mrs. E. A. O'Brien, Mrs. J. J. Mulholland, Mrs. R. j. McDermott, Mrs. J. R. Tuck, Mrs, P. F, Fitzer, Mrs, E. J. Attea and Mrs. L. Robertson display their wares. Mount Mercy Alumnae sponsor an annual Christmas party for their chil- dren. This proves to be the most pop- ular event of the year. Mount graduates enjoy meeting old friends and sharing with them the spirit of Christmas. ..,,:, Q! ln' ALU NA The crowds of little children gathered at the crib of the Infant jesus remind us forcibly that one of the prime objec- tives of Catholic education is to provide modern homes with devoted Christian mothers. xW x 5-tg if .7 8 IP" '5- DW' j1'.,,5."- L. yx 'bl X7 XA' -4 , 1 A pi! , U f. V Q t 5, G ,H W xl N- ia il 'X Q X1 I .sf Q' Q-A 'Cl N - , .. A , .i 1 ' 0' gf if , H.. fs- ': fi: -grfi' V ,Q41'-1"?jf:,-"gy Q- S" ,L 3" ' Q ' Fgglff , -f-' H: ."!"f 'X k A 4-,' "lf gl A5T3.5i5'QP aff " 131:53 fi" ' 3 A km-V1 . , 1' "1 X ,ff-r 5 1 I A 3 Mercy Thespians, J. johns and S. Hos- kins, portray eccentric spinsters in Bis- hop Timon High SchooI's production, Arxenir and Old Lure. HIGHLICHT Can you recognize any of these charm- ing southern belles fand one beaul who took part in the Sodality Variety Show? Miss Mary Louise Hickey, noted solo dramatist, delights an enthusiastic Mount Mercy audience with her presentation of The joyauf Season. Queen ,fgddumeel info ,Heaven iff Kg COMMEN CEMENT si .fri 'fi ,ef - Juniors carrying flower-decked arches wait in eager antici- pation for the beginning of the long line appear at the front entrance. Relatives and to secure a favorable position from which long-awaited procession. of Seniors to friends hurry to watch the . Q' 1 " gc eefitfit 3 7' n ' . llllll' 'ii 4. S 'fl "fi va at ,Y ' M . if H 1 1 I f t L- gl V 3 , T1 I if. 'Yamini V I 'A .- e Each Senior presents her mother with a rose at a traditional ceremony before the Senior banquet. The whole school wears a festive air and the cafeteria is gaily decorated as the Senior class takes part in the last formal social event before graduation. I .gk My CLASS DAY Any graduate of the Mount will tell you what an important place Class Day occupies in her memories of her last year at the Mount. The procession beneath the arches amid the acclaim of admiring friends, the class history, will and prophecy, the Senior banquet, the proud look in her mother's eyes, the trip to the yard after dinner-all conspire to make her realize what an important place the Mount holds in her life. God has blessed the Mount abundantly with the beauties of nature. The spacious Campus, with its majestic trees and green lawns, its shrines and grotto, its view of the park and the lake, make a perfect setting for the Senior Class Day exercises. , - 'vs ...-.- F., .'. gf l I '.. "-.i.,'wi it .4f" ' 1 Books, lessons, and the worry of the impending examinations are forgotten as juniors join the Seniors in honoring the prospective graduates. juniors who carry the arches are chosen from the ranks of the honor students-those whose scholastic standing, deportment and effort are commendable. mi vt H0 ORARY P TRONS Most Reverend joseph A Burke V G DD Right Reverend Monsxgnor john J 'Nlash V G P Rrght Reverend Monsrgnor Lco R Smrth D Right Reverend Monsignor john P Boland D D Right Reverend Monsxgnor Edmund Butt LL D Rlght Reverend Monsngnnr Rrchard' O Brren Very Reverend Sylvester j Holbcl Very Reverend john J McMahon Very Reverend joseph Patrrck Kennedy O F M Very Reverend Cl rude Keane O F M Very Reverend john Obendorfer C S S R Very Reverend Raymond Schouten S J Reverend Leo E Hammerl Reverend Chrrstopher Collms C P Reverend Godfrey Doyle O F M Reverend Francrs A Growney Reverend Leo J Toomey LLD Reverend Wxllram J Duggan C S B Reverend Edward J Frtzhenry Reverend James Foley Reverend Davrd Gernatt Reverend Francis Hejzo Reverend Nelson W Logal Reverend Francxs McCorm1ck Reverend Robert E McNamara Reverend Eugene O Loughlrn Reverend Edward I Roche Reverend Robert C Schwab Reverend Bernard A Werss PRGFESSIO AL P TRONS H L Battaglra jeromeC Buchhert Rudolph G Buchhert S V Cavaretta Cullen Thomas Cullen A Kalmowskr Rrchard A Kast Robertj Krug and Mrs and Mrs julia M and Mrs Emxlj Markulxs DeCeu Robert E Wrllram Dugan and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Hugh Monaghan Joseph E Grrfhn Thomas F Houston C G Jenczeskr Melchror Okre Mrss Ruth O Brren Dr J D Persse and Mrs Louxs F Manze and Mrs john O Brxen Dr Theodore B Okonxewskr and Mrs Wrllram F Reedy Paul Ruteclrr Charles F Stewart and Mrs Robert F Sullrvan T V Supples and Mrs EdwardM Tracy Jr and Mrs Martm E Tyrrell and Mrs Stanley Weglrkowskr R F Westermerer and Mrs Wrllram F Whrte PECI L P TRONS Mount Mercy Academy Alumnae Mount Mercy Academy Mothers Gurld Our Laclys Sodalrty Class of Nmeteen Hundred Frfty two Class of Nmeteen Hundred Frfty three Class of Nmeteen Hundred Frfty four Class of Nmeteen Hundred Frfty five Mr and Mrs Gerald A Byrne Mr and Mrs Mark A Byrne Mr and Mrs Arthurj Cosgrove Marlon Frtzhenry A Friend Mr and Mrs Francrsj Grrfhn Mr and Mrs Wm M Hart Alfred Hoeflrck Holy Name Socrcty of Holy Flllllly Church Everrtt W Horton Immaculate Conceptron Sodalrty of Holy Famrly Church Kearns Famrly Mr and Mrs Bart Kelleher John Kelly U S N Mr and Mrs P Kelly Mr Thomas F McNamara r Plum and Mae Mungovan Fdvv 1rd F Ott Mr .1ndMrs johnj 'lubrrdy Mr and Mrs ohnR 'luck Mrss Gertrude. A Wrlcs ' ' . . me , . ., . A. . , . . . . ' Dr. . ' 4 Dr. . ' ' . . A Dr. ' , Dr. ' . . A Dr. . Dr. . . . . Dr. . ' . Dr. . . ' ' . Dr. ' . ' Dr. . . . Dr. and Mrs. Raymond J. McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Charles Tanner . Dr. Dr. . . , , ' ' Dr. . ' ' Dr. . ' . . . ' Dr. ' ' Dr. . ' ' . . ' ' ' Dr. . . ' PECI L BUSINESS PATRONS john E Adrian 592 McKinley Pkwy Bruck Uniform Company 387 Fourth Avenue New York New York Outhtters of School Apparel Vance Conklm Optrcian Seneca Optical Co 1920 Seneca Street Bulfalo10 N Y Hamburg Optical Co 162 Main Street Hamburg, N if Compliments of Hannon Real Estate 809 Abbott Road FA 3914 Specializing in Residential Farms Business and Investment Property George Herold 8: Sons Lawandus Floor Coverings 482 Abbott Road TR 0315 TR 5991 Morris 8: Reimann Wreckers N Bailey PA 4000 Compliments of Murphy Home Supply 1866 68 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York USINESS P Abbott Jewelers Acme Cleaners and Dyers 2113 Seneca Street TR 1008 E R Allen Company Pianos and Appliances 2118 Seneca Street Eugene Baker 1839 South Park Avenue Bannister Pie Shop 7 Mineral Spring Road Real Home Made Compliments of Barbaritz Store 44 Duerstem Bates Auto Supply 2016 South Park Avenue Beale Dairy Inc 20 28 Mesmer Street TR 2338 TR 4058 Mr and Mrs Mortimerj Murphy 137 Bird Avenue Buffalo New York New Buffalo Amusement Corporation Thomas V O Connor Contractor 85 Como Avenue TR 0713 Sahlen s Sudden Service Yard 3011 Main Street AM 1415 Harold F Sahlen 58 Wende Street Res HU 8628 Coal coke wood cmders Top soil sand gravel Dump truck services George Schreckenberger jr Caterer 544 Ashland Avenue Shea Theatres Buffalo Teck Taggart Schutz Pontiac Incorporated 1294 Seneca Street Woodlawn 0114 Buffalo 10 N Y Buffalo s Newest Pontiac Dealer Factory Direct Dealer TRONS Ottoj Becker Inc General Contractor 227 Abbott Road Belvidere Cleaners 2034 South Park Avenue Bluebird Wallpaper and Paint 516 Abbott Road WO 5964 Bonnie Lou Candy Shoppe Broecher Motors Inc Studebaker Cars Tmcks 2061 South Park Avenue Wo 6200 Leo L Buchheit Funeral Director 666 Ridge Road WO 2938 Residence 1317 McKinley Parkway W0 5657 Lackawanna New York Buffalo Bar Supply 1168 Seneca Street , , , . ' . . - . 1 . , F , I 'l Buffalo 20, N. Y. and in leading communities - 1 - ' a I a Butler Tea and Coffee Company 432 South Park Avenue Carroll Sign Company V1ncentP Carroll Proprietor 1803 Seneca Street WO 1219 Hal Casey South Park Chevrolet Caulfield Pharmacy L V Caulfield PH C 389 Abbott Road Corner Como TR 9747 Its Qualtty That Counts Al Clark Appltances Electr1calW1r1ng Power Repalrs 34 Knox Avenue West Seneca 24 Assoctated Member of Internattonal Assoclatron of Electrlcal Inspectors WO 4052 Mr and Mrs john E Courtney james Desrderto Wholesale Frutt and Produce 133 135 Ntagara Frontrer Food Termtnal WO 2211 2212 2213 Donovan-Canney Insurance Agency General Insurance 36 Church Street Buffalo 5 New York Downer and Ttll 336 Abbott Road Buffalo 20 New York TR 9938 Erte Clulr-Buffalo Polrce Department G james Fremmlng Presrdent Frank Farrell and Sons Daxry Smce 1908 29 Sage Avenue TR 0919 Jrm Fitzpatrick Socony Statron Seneca and Geary Streets TR 9864 Flanagan Brothers Foodland Super Market 2019 South Park Avenue A Frrend George Realty Company 2078 Seneca Street FA 7750 john Gerstenberg Bakery Homemade Bread Cakes Pastrzes Spectallztng rn Pres 831 Abbott Road TR 5434 Great Lakes Wrecklng Company Lrcensed Bonded and Insured 794 Elk Street Buffalo 10 New York WO 3387 Walter Hagen Qualrty Foods 472 Wmslow Avenue BA 4084 George C Hamberger Company Men s and Boys Furmshmgs 2168 2170 Seneca Street Henry s Delrcatessen 1384 Broadway TA 8255 S Htlbert Socony Dealer 2793 Seneca Street Buffalo 24 New York TR 9865 Holy Famrly Bowlmg League Hoskms Qualrty Meats 1911 South Park Avenue Huber s Red and Whtte Store 4049 Seneca Street Ebenezer New York HO 3481 john s Collxston Servtce Buffalo New York 1510 Broadway HU 1554 1502 Seneca Street TR 6279 Towmg Day and Ntght jones Radto Servtce 1834 South Park Avenue Buffalo 20 New York Joyce Flowers TR 8510 Kane s Pharmacy Prlls and Thrngs Kemp s Servrce 303 Hopkms Corner Crystal TR 0139 Ward H Kendrtck Company Korzelrus Show Bar 848 Marn Street Lackawanna Hotel Lackawanna New York Lamp s Pharmacy Prescrtptton-call for and delnver TR 2215 968 Abbott Road Let Us Frll Your Next Prescrnptnon Laundromat Half Hour Laundry 507 Abbott Road FA 5213 Walter A Loge 2344 Seneca Street Buffalo 10 New York P A Longo Grocenes Imported Foods 222 Swan Street Mo 7368 Buffalo 4 New York Maher s Delrcatessen Corner Woodsrde and Abbott Fmer Foods TR 9881 Beer Ale , J. . ' Mary E. Donovan, Manager 951 Ridge Road I Maytag Lewrs Blke and Mower Shop Electrlcal Applnances Sales and Parts and Repairs Balen Tractors 1525 Orchard Park Road West Seneca New York HO 1325 Merkl Sheet Metal Works 209 Greene Street TA 6857 Mxchaels Food Shoppe 2152 Seneca Street Near Cazenovra Street Notrons Baked Goods Toys Alfred W Mrller Real Estate Broker 227 Abbott Road Raymond P O Connell Funeral Dxrector 2286 South Park Avenue Buffalo 20 New York Ted C Orr Agency Inc Insurance Servrce 227 Abbott Road Our Lady of Vrctory Hosprtal Pat s Shoe Sales Servrce Sundral Shoes for All the Famlly 1852 South Park Avenue Pete s Barber Shop 102 E Genessee Street Peter Burlders 262 Commonwealth Avenue DE 5595 Power s Drug Store Ralexgh Smrth Mrlk Darry Homemade Ice Cream TR 3761 591 Potter Road West Seneca New York Ralph s Delrcatessen 1988 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York Reeland s Delrcatessan 1069 Abbott Road TR 9672 Rrdgewood Pharmacy 1385 Abbott Road Lackawanna New York Edward J Rose-Sportmg Goods 51 East Genesee Street fat Electrrc Burldmgj There rs no substitute for qualrty Charles W Schlack Plumbmg Heatmg 250 Columbus Avenue TR 4114 Seedorf Flower Shop 3368 Barley Avenue Delrvery to all Parts of Buffalo and Suburbs Flowers Sent by wrre anywhere Serfert s Shoe Store 2461 Seneca Street Buffalo New York Seneca Esso 1244 Seneca Street Shanley s Cleaners 500 Abbott Road WO 2200 S S Electrrc Reparr Shop The Wrllram Srmon Brewery Beer Old Abbey Ale Buffalo New York The Stanley Novelty Company TR 1692 200 S Ogden Street Buffalo 6 New York Calendars Book Matches Advertxsmg Noveltres Mechanrcal Pencrls Wood Stan s Meats and Produce 455 South Park Avenue MA 3682 Star Lrquor Company 1968 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York Steve s Electrrc and Applrance Servrce Sound Systems and Sound Truck Rental Televrsron and Radro Rep Sullrvan s Delrcatessan 459 Abbott Road Talty s Grrlle South Park Avenue TR 9833 Thru Way Servrce Lubrlcatron Screntrflc Motor Tune Up-Overhaulmg Complete Generator Starter and Ignltron Servrce Collrsron Pamtrng Weldmg Tom Davrs Norm Ullenbruch 2162 Hamburg Turnplke Lackawanna New York WO 9796 Paul E Vogel Plumbmg and Heatmg 1851 Seneca Street WO 0968 Waddells Delxcatessen 275 Abbott Road WO 4664 Wassman Brothers Inc Orchard Park Road Your Dodge Plymouth Dealer Complrments of Fred Walter jeweler 470 Abbott Road TR 1046 3 . . , . . . air We Specialize in Scalp Treatments Buffalo, New York , - 7 Visit Our Dairy G. J. Weckerle President H. P. Weckerle Vice-President Sterling Amherst Farms Dairy. Inc. Try the Smooth Sweet Velvet Flavor PL 4000 4949 Main Street 21 Compliments of Whitfield Market 2020 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York W itney Seed Company Inc 599 Perry Street Buffalo New York CL 2478 Compliments of The Woodside Barber Shop Now Located at 2124 South Park Avenue Buffalo, New York Compliments of Woodside Furniture Store 2023 South Park Avenue TR 2507 Water Repellent Dyeing Moth Proofing Yale Cleaners Distinctive Dry Cleaning 1494 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York TR 2800 Raymond H Zilliox-Optician 1828 South Park Avenue WO 4463 PERSONAL P TRON S Abbott Theatre Mrs Celia Adamczak and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs B J Baran Henryj Albrecht R Apotosky C T Arend Eliasj Attea Cyr1lA Ball Joseph D Barone Mrs Charles Barrett R F Barrett Mary Bauer Beta Sigma Alpha Betty s Millinery Shop Mr and Mrs Daniel C Biddlecome Bobak s Watch Hospital and Mrs Geo L and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Anthony R Bonadio Bossman Michael Boyczuk johnj Breen George Britton Chas F Broderick T G Brosnan Albert T Brown A W Brown Harry A Brown Mrs Lester Brown Mrs Mildred Brown Mrs Mary J Buck Mr and Mrs joseph Campagna Mr and Mrs Harryj Campbell Raymond Cantiline Mr and Mrs E J Carey Mrs Vincent P Carroll Mr and Mrs Stephen A Chmielowski Dr and Mrs Hamiltonj Clarke Dr Sidney Clayman john F Gogan Margaret D Cogan Mrs Mary Coleman Miss Catherine G Collins Miss Johanna V Collins Patricia Colpoys Francrsj Coniglro Ph G Albert L Cook Mrs Raymond L Cooley Sr Mr and Mrs R Cooney Corner Food Store Mr and Mrs james Coughlin Mr and Mrs Kenneth L Cowley and Family and Mrs jamesA Cullen Jr and Mrs Kenneth F Cullen and Mrs Joseph Cutrona and Mrs E Czwoidak Daniel Dalessandro Dandee Bake Shop Mrs George A Davis Mrs Esther Deer Delta Sigma Upsilon Sorority Mr and Mrs J P Dempsey Mrs Charlotte Dennis Mr and Mrs J L Devine Mr and Mrs S D1G1ambatt1sta Mrs W P Doran Miss Patricia A Doyle Mrs Michael Driscoll Mrs H Drozdowski Miss Alice C Durkin Helen Dwornrk E W Edwards and Son Co Mr and Mrs Arthur Endress Mr and Mrs Ken Evert Mr and Mrs L A Farrell Margaret M Feldmann Mr and Mrs R Feldmann Teresa Fenme Mr and Mrs josephM Fick Mr and Mrs Geo 1 Fink AnneG Finn Ed Fischer Jr Mr and Mrs Paul F Fitzer Mr and Mrs T Fitzgerald Mr and Mrs joseph Fitzsimmons Kathryn Flanigan Carl E Freeman Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Mr and Mrs T Fortunato Ivfr and Mrs Philip Furnari Mrs Chas Garrett Mrs Eva M Gerth joseph Giglra Gildea s Liquor Store Mrs Frances Girroir Albert G Giuliano Herbert Glaeser Mary Ellen Glavey Rita T Goergen Mr and Mrs F J Gogan Mrs Louis Gatta Mr and Mrs joseph P Gradl 9 , D . MF- - - . . . . Mr. . . ' ' , ' ' Mr. . ' . ' ' 1 . , . ' Mr. - I - ' . ' ', . .. . ' , . . . A . . . I - S Mr. . , , . A ' ' ' Mr. , . A ' Mr- . . - ' Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Cullen A Friend Mr- - - Mr. . A ' Mr- . ' Mr. . .j. ' A ' Mr- - - Mr. ' A ' Mr. . ' A ' Mr. . . . ' , , ' A ' Mr. . . . , , , l Mr. . . . . . . . . Mr. . . ' . . Mrs Mary F Greenfelder Mr and Mrs GeorgeW Grubc Mr R Guyelte Guzman s Men s Ware Dr and Mrs H J Hammond Jr Mr and Mrs Austm I' Hanrahan Mr and Mrs EdwardJ Hanrahan Mrs James Haren Jerry D Harrngan Mrss Celra Hart Mr and Mrs A Hartley Alrce C Hartung Harry T Hartung Pauline M Hasselbeck Mr and Mrs H C Hasselbcck Teresa Healy Mrs Rose Hearn Mr and Mrs Wrllnam G Heffron Margaret Hehrr Mr and Mrs Charles Hensel Mr and Mrs SamuelJ Hewltt Irma Hrll and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Walter Hrllery Hrllman Henry Hoepfinger Robert Hoepflnger J Holohan and Mrs George Houseknecht Lorene M Howard Mrss Mary E Howard R A Hudson MD Mr and Mrs John L Hughes Mr and Mrs VrncentM Hynes Mr and Mrs RobertM Imboden Mr Chester Iordyl Jagaur s Food Market Jean s Shop Mr and Mrs P Jennings J MrlfordJenn1son and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs F N Joseph Leo A Joyce Frank Kamck N Karem E J Kengbron J P Kelly Mrs Leo Kelly Mr and Mrs WalterJ Kelly Mrs Theordora Kredrowskl Antoine Krmard Blanche Klem Joan F Klxpfel Margaret M Klrpfel Koren Brothers Mr and Mrs M Krasmskl Mrs HenryJ Krels Mr and Mrs A Kruse Mass Evelyn D Kruse Mr and Mrs S Kuczynskr Mr and Mrs Henry Kujawa Mr and Mrs EugeneF Leahy Patrick and Celestine Leary Mr and Mrs Leo Leary George Lefiler GeorgeJ Lenahan J W Lewrs The Fred Llndstrom Famrly Mr J J I-.ukxtsch Dr and Mrs John D Lynch Mr and Mrs H W Lynd Mrs Joseph W Mahon Mr and Mrs Patrick Maloney Janet Mangan Mr and Mrs A Manka Franc1sJ Manka Kathleen Manns Mrs S Marmaccro Mrs AnneD Marky Anne Masterson Mrs Joseph.J McCarran Mr and Mrs John D McCarthy Mrs W McCracken Mr and Mrs John T McDonald Janet M McDonnell Mr and Mrs Wm J McFeely Margaret McGee Mary E McLaughlin Vrctor McLaughlin John McMahon Mr and Mrs James McNerdy Mr and Mrs J McPartland Mr Hank Meranda Mrs George Mercer Mr and Mrs Nelson M Mercer Robert Frost Meyer Mr and Mrs Achrlles E Mrchel C A Mrller Paul Jerome Mrller Mrs V J Mrller Mr and Mrs T G Mrllrgan Mrs A J Mrlosta Mr and Mrs George Moran Mr and Mrs Albert Marano Maureen Morrlsey Mr and Mrs Eugene Muerder Mr and Mrs AlbertG Mullenhoff Mr and Mrs Norman Mullenhoff Mxss Helen Murphy Mr and Mrs A V Murray Mr and Mrs Edwm F Murray Mr and Mrs John J Murray and Famrly Nancy s Beauty Shop Mr Francrs Nassory Mr and Mrs Charles Nawrocke Mrss Ann Nolan Mrs J Ward Nolan Trudy Nowadly Cecelra A O Boyle Mr and Mrs E A OBrxen Frances M O Brren Grace D O Brren Mr and Mrs P V OConnell Dr Jean O Connor Francis J O Donnell and Mrs John C O Donnell and Mrs Thomas J O Donnell and Mrs J Ogarek and Mrs Patrick O Malley and Mrs Wm H ONe1ll and Mrs Otto Orf Mrss Theresa M Pantera Gerald E Parsons Herman M Paufler Mrss E Payne Mr and Mrs Arthur G Petrre Mr James F Prerce Clarence Pound Mr and Mrs M Powenskl Qurrk s Dehcatessen Mr and Mrs Charles Regan Rclxahle Ska Wear and Mrs C V Rnordan and Mrs John Rrordan and Mrs L F Robertson and Mrs EarlJ Robmson JohnJ Rockford Joseph Rodkey Mr and Mrs Fred Roech Mr and Mrs Mxchael Roll Leo Rush Mr G Russell Mrs Harry G Russell Mr and Mrs EdwmJ Ryan John W Ryan Jr Mrss Madonna M Ryan Joann M Sahlem Mr and Mrs Donald E Sahr Ph1l1pJ Salamone NelsonJ Salem Clarrce E Sanford Mr and Mrs W A Sawyer Mrss Marlon Saxe Catherrne M Scanlon Mary M Scanlon Marron A Schaefer Regrna M Schamann and Mrs Lawrence Schamberger and Mrs Alfred Schlbler and Mrs Gordon F Schmld FrankJ Sexbert Ph1l1p Serahnr Edward Setel Mr and Mrs JohnJ Sheehan Marco Srlvestrr and Son Art Studio Charles Srmon Mr and Mrs Edwrn C Smeedrng Jr Mr and Mrs RobertF Smxth Mr and Mrs Eugene Songer South Buffalo Candy Kltchen Mr N Sperry Mr A Stanley The Stonrsh Famrly Mr and Mrs John F Stumpf Mr and Mrs James P Sweeney Sr Pat Thre and Bernadette Plunkett Mrss Evelyn Thomas Mrs Frank Thomas Naomr Thompson Irma R Thorn Tony s Frurt Market Mary Jane Tramor Margaret Catherrne Tronolone In Memory of Michael J Vaughan Mr and Mrs E Venturolr Mr and Mrs AnthonyC Verbamc Mr and Mrs Fred Voltz Mrss Joanne B Wall Mr and Mrs Stephen J Walsh Mrs Matllde Wentland Mrs L W1ckenh1ser A F Wrlcox George Windsor and Mrs John C Wolf and Mrs Thomas J Wolf and Mrs LyleM Wrxglrt . .. , . , . ' , Mr. .. , . ' . .. . A 3. f f ,Ja Mr. . ' . .. . , I ' ' Mr. . . . . . , Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' , ' - Mr. . ' , , , . - . . Mr. . ' I Mr. . . . ' , ' ' - Mr. . . . ' - Mr. . ' ' . D - . . . . l I Mr' ' . . , . . . . . I Mr' ' l . . . . Mr. . . ' " Mary Alice Muldoon Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Sgroi Mr, . . . . . . . ' ' ' ' l r - Mr. . ' . . . ' - Mr. . . ' l Mr. . . . ' ' - . Mr. . . . I ' ' - ' - g ' . Mr. . . ' ' -A . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' - - . - ' Mr. . . ' ' ' ' . . . Mr. . ' ' A' - ' l Mr. . . . ' ' - - - Mr. . ' D + - ' ' ' 0 Mr. ' I g l ' I t ' Mr. . . . . ' Y Jf. ' ' ' l MI. . . D . - D Mr. . . ' I fu., rf 1.9 I ,L My L Q K , ' K eff . Li. Xu ff, If X AL! ., 'V , ,. 5f ""'L W"'CL.. , ilg, if !,,' f f ff V Aff Q if -fu fr' ff! f .

Suggestions in the Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

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1952, pg 40

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