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777Wgf1q! Uwzm-rim 'wt dcdwaa Mwbm Q'0Uf1717amag ma WZWMZUWH W xl ! ' 0 I I 1 I ' 'I I 23544 . 3 ffx ,, , fav fl.. 2 4 xgyfilvwgi ff A-.. A V A rw, ercienn e ff Z ff QW f f ff'- X Z, Z A 4 Z 4 gf 'A 6 V fi M f Z Z Z W7Ml7770wf4w1Mv I , ,Zur I ,z 29' if HIS, POPE PIIJ5 XII MOST REV. JOHN F. O'HARA, CSC., DD. MOST REV. JOSEPH A. BURKE. D.D We at Mount Mercy Academy have named this year of 1951 the Rosary Year. Today in these troubled times, there is one luminous, cherished hope for our war-torn world. This ray of light is the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Mother of God. May we, by offering her a crown of roses, a rosary, help to restore peace to the world. 140 I tv The Question Box forms an interesting and prontdhle part of the Wednesday morning Religion classes conducted by Rev. Christopher Collins, CP. Each morning, the studcnts of the academy are given the privilege ot' receiving Holy Communion through the service of our beloved chaplain. Reverend Godfrey Doyle, O.F.M. All at the Mount protit by the kind words of this congenial priest, Rc-v 'limotliv 'l Couglilin. Srl. former pruirlent of Cinin F5 H15 Collige, tiirctft-rl :lie txcrtixu of the Sriphomore-lrrevlirimn Rev. james rl, Redmond, SJ., an old friend of the Seniors and juniors, proved many times that he is an inspir- ing retreat master, :itruir l.iriir: im-iii:.igi.l thi girlv Driritzpltv rftlittivr' iii flziir lixcv. 4 , K , ff '53 Lgxryfy I , -V , b,, M L v,' ... X' Na I gil. V N N i x " ff if fi I ,, mg, V xg, .. ,., , k . an .- 111, up -lr ,..- , F s x X x.' ' 3 H 'X I lf' wa 4 4 a L Aw . .. v'- -'--A ,cgzlm I :ij ..-. ,. I I 3' U ' V' f 3, EJ Sv 2 b w SISTER MARY BERCHMANS Relxguon IV American H1story II Amcrlcan Hrstory III SISTER MARY BERENICE Lxbrary Lrbrary Scrence SISTER MARY CLAUDIA RCIISIOD II Spanlsh I Spanish Gencral Science SISTER MARY CORONA Vrolm Cello Organ SISTER MARY CYRIL Rehgnon III SISTER MARY de ANGELIS RCIIEICII IV Shorthand II PISFIIISLIIPUOII MOTHLR MARX HELENA Study Hull Prcceptrcss SISTLR MARY IMELDA SIS TER MARY JANE Igloo III French I nth nn English IV MOTHER MARY JOAN Relnguon IV German I World Hxstory The Famfly MOUNT MERCY ACADEMY Superior REVEREND MOTHER MARY MANUELA Prmfzpal X pg SIST ER MARY LoYoLA M Latln IV Infirmtof nz Relzgzon REV CHRISTOPHER COLLINS CP SISTER MARY MAURA RLIISIOH I Latin I Latm II SIS I'ER MARY MAUREEN Rellblon I Geometry Intermedlate Algebra Trigonometry SISTER MARY NOEL II SP-lfllbh HI Hlstory of Musrc Choral Mu IC SISTFR MARY PETER Rellgxon II Enghsh II Enghsh III SISTER MARY ROSELLA Relxglon III Blology Physics Chemlstry SISTER MARY SHEILA I Engllsh II English IV Spanlshl MARY THADDEA RCllglOl'l SISTER I GcneralSc1cncc Home Economics MARY THOMAS IV Latln III Artl Art II Art III RCIlglOI'1 SIS I ER Rel yon Heilth SISTLR Rc l 151011 SISTER Health MARY LIGUORI I English I Encllsh II MARY VICTORINE MISS MARX LLLEN IITIGERALD Social Studxcs Introduttlon to Business MISS MARGARET IxILEY Shorthand I Typmg MISS EVEI X N RRLSE BUSIIILSS Arlthmctlt Elcmcntrry Algchri NIISS IHLRLSA PANILRA lmno Musxc 'Ihcory NIRS HIIIANI A RIP'ION Booltltccpnm, I Booltlxccpmg, II BLISIUCSS L.1vs . . 1 W L , 4 , , A. 7 . , . It Q 3 I .7 7 I '71 1 .I 9 I 1 V I 1 A I 9 I 5. . . , . , . 3 7 7 7 - 7 . 5 3 . 3 I 7 3 1 I ' - - h. V , . 7 . . ,7 . I ly 7 1 I y 1 x P12100 SISTER MARY LAETITIA Rel'v' , ' , Ere II, lfrc cl III, I ' K7 ' A . y. Y Y .i , 7 .h 7 7 I I f : : f' , y , ' . . . , , , ' 4 . . r rl t A ,, T 5. ,.: JT ' A I ', Lf 2 . ' -f.I'Ky' --,,' , , I f f To Mount girls, the beautiful campus with its statue of the Little Flower and shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes is like a second home, Strangely radiant in winter and warm and inviting in spring, the yard has been the scene of many joy' ous moments of relaxation. The month of May is the occasion of much joy for the students and their heavenly Mother, as they daily dedicate their good works and crown her as a symbol of their devotion. The statue of Saint joseph is surrounded by happy juniors and Seniors on Class Day as the upperclassmen walk beneath the arches, Mothers and Alumnae gather in the yard on momentous oceasions to take pictures and retall their joyous sthool days. The massive red building is a cheery sight at night as one passes by and sees the girls engaged in a meeting or the Sisters eorretting test papers. Strong and beautiful, simple and impressive, the Mount stands for those ideals which we have learned are so important in the formation of Christian character, Mount Mercy Academy stinds ,-uf aes J 5 4 If .qua-v -.H X I0 Our mothers partitipate in school activities through their membership in the Mothers' Guild. At monthly meetings the mothers become better acquainted with the teachers. Members are very industrious and are always willing to sponsor programs which will benent the Academy, At present, the Guild is propagating the promise of Our Lady of Fatima: "lf more people say the rosary, Russia will be converted." Our Mothers' Guild has greatly aided the development of Mount Mercy Academy. Looking to the future, they have worked vigorously to raise funds for the new gymnasium. l r-1 lf"'l1fF ar' 7' infix - E J Mrs, Paul F. Fitzer, director of the Saint Thomas Aquinas division, checks results of the Salvage Drive conducted by the Mothers' Club to raise funds, This activity is one of the many .that the mothers sponsor during the year. In the autumn of the year, against a background of white carnations and silver Candelabra, the mothers of the Freshmen were welcomed into the Mount Mercy Mothers' Guild. This initial event brought the Freshmen mothers together and introduced them to the faculty. Mothers' Club Christmas festivities begin with the punch party held in the school cafeteria for the officers, members and their guests. Carrying out the Yuletide spirit of gener- osity, mothers bring gifts for the Sisters and place them under the tree. I xxx J . AQ' Y 3 it 'Y' 1 L On the Jn' of open honmc .rt Mount Mg-my AL.lLiCIlly', augur lvrrrunts oluscrxc wnh nncrr-nl .uni CIlAO'Illt.'llI than nl.1u 'llltfb' .luornwlrmlnnqnls, The 5 Y 5 I Y prcbcmc ot thc lmrunts ronrributcs to br-rmcllts to inc cnoui br the utudmry in thc future. The 1 5 5 Y have an cxrcllcnl o H 7OI'lLII1 t' to meet tlnir r1.1u'll- I I 5 A ters' tmdmcrs, thus promoting .1 41054-r rLl.nson lncuxccn mhool and lhlftllf. ,,.l1 W mawap 4 1 On March IT Rev. Funds Growney, Mr. Francis Grrffln, hfrs. Mrlloncy, Ru' Leo Toomey, L.L.D., Mr. john Ruh looked on while Rt, Rev. john P. Boland broke ground on the site of the new wing, soon to be added to Mount Mercy Academy. Our Competent svcrct.1ry, Min Pauline Hassclbcck. wlla buy tnkcts lo jo.m Coonly, Gram' Bllkfl.lI1.lf1, .Ind Mary Dowllng. l.uLy l'.1oI1n1 ponnx out In Mrw Dris- roll, Hvlwl Drrmoll, nfl. f..LNLn, Jsnln Cnrxcn .ind Mn funn rm nourxu IH the xnrigri ruHnufl.n1 .Lt Mount Muay Ar.nfunj.' Rrlrgn n Irv nn .rn rnngryll put of tim f,f!Hffl.lIl Iunlnng by ulziqh Im' Ntnxfrntx .ur pvquilui to Luk: inner Plug' H1 Iii: f-fL1I1 NALIIM1 Xu IILKYILT xshut turn' Uwnr, Ing hull to Know jnzrulplw mimi: tiny Img' lofrnni Jlzf Fiat . . . "ln His will is our peace." Virnm Dnlorum . , , "He was bruised for our sins." Erre Homo . . . "Behold the Lamb of God!" ' g Via . . . "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." O Crux Beam . . . "In the Cross is salvation." 5 I l all ,S E 1 , l Z-XX i Iffllfl Wfff ,ff its f E 5' X ye 7. f f' V , affff X 77? f 01f1f E 1 1 1111111 , E fwkffm MMI W -.i. ,.u......,......4Z,, ,JW Wm wW 5 an U T 3- Wage' S xg' sb ,. sf U m,g!k, :Q ,g s S JE' I Sig 5- X X t 1 I 1 X' lr, Win Lu 0 l .. Q. 5-, TALE OF TW vi 1 T -1 M. J. Bonaclio, P. Doody, j. Schmiclle, M. McCormick, M. Carlson, M. Lewis iintl A. Hillcry .admire cluracters G. Czwoidak listen attentively to one of Dickens' must fmm The Clinfwbmi T.ilti by C,Ql1.iuccr in a display pre- famous works, The Tale of Tun Citiar. pared hy memhers of the Senifir English Classes. Vi Novels-short stories-poems-grammar-public speaking. All these go into the English Course at Mount Mercy. All these help to make cultured young ladies. Wlmen they become alumnae, they will RS 5 T know the language arts necessary and useful in social and business circles. l i C. Reilly, C. Hassejbeck, M. j. Trainor, M. Feldman. A. Here M, Renslmw. M. M. Leary. M. Ledwon, A Devaney enjoy the "Breath of New England." the poetry of Lesniak, possible future writers. .ire reading with satis Pulitzer Prize winner, Robert Frost. faction their uwn shurt stories. a im as ' 1-S, fa D CW, V' I - QA..-... ,V Ci Ui x , Q03 kb' ' 1 wa. 'ivy L0 ? 1308-TU gi-7COlLCOU Q3 I Q in . - ,IJ ' ' H P N,, 7LImw""" L , 'Vx' 'I 6 h 4, . , -5 .M ffl OURMMU5 I 9 A 'ffm vffml M 1 Q? ' ' -ew'-1? .' DIE' 4 -sl 34 r' .5 .,.5fJf 'Q g" f' -1-Qi. 1' W 'I' W .A-A' V iff' I I 'Q B tp. . g , , ,O fy i x fa E g . - ,., Y.. -4 4 Iii gf Q 5 I A us-f 1 f gag, ' .nf- ..', v ." I In the Science Course is the study of chemistry. P. Kenf nedy, M. Daly, and J. Molloy purify water by a chemical process. G. Harzynski, V. O'Connor, M. O'Leary, M. Anstett, and I. Zimmer of the Health Class learn many helpful facts. The study of science reveals a world of mystery, a world where students learn to think and use their abilities to help other people. In general science, the student begins to scratch the surface of nature's wonders. While learning physics, the young scholar becomes acquainted with the elements of heat and electricity. In biology, she goes into a more detailed study of the human being, botany, and zoology, The future scientist then experiments with chemistry in which she adds to the knowledge that she has already learned. Members of the Physics Class, B. Hartley, M. Joyce, C. Schmitt, and C. Hanrahan study Archimedes' Principle. J. Leahy. R, Lynd, J. Kelly, and E. Harrigan, members of the Biology Class, view the ameba, a microscopic animal Experiments are always interesting to the General Science Class. Such was the case in this experiment of making distilled water, F E Q5 K fini? A EJ- . " 5 fn' xl i . Tic v I MSE: 'V , N Xa! p 5. .449 . ,fulfil . 42. .. -A f , 1153 fair? 44.2 fx ' 3? Mft' V 42 , w?tx. xx Y' 3 ., . 4 a- 'V 4 5 Q 1 , thi l 1- 4 I . H ,,,, f , , u , if , if if I W 1 ' n :fm-EH B- . f Ll 95, f "-J ,, f, 5 3 ..- I :tif r A . 4 i Q3 vw mi 3 A U v S- . Q I I -Q 1 3 , if ai? 'L M Q' aj - :af Z f -,. 4' ' ' ' "Yr-1 11 ' I ' 1 Q ...rj ,Vi gi? v' f vi- Aaffg f- P X HE' 1 , ' v4 , . 1 .TL if 5 ggug' The Art I Claws mrriu tin sucli tlivcrsitiml activities .rs painting multi-colored angel wings for Szlin Cxrzfirls .mtl clssigning mom interiors in the modern style. A tlistinguislud viuitur of the Art Mart, Sister M. Jeanne, OSF., demonstrates to S. Hoskins, M, Lawson and H. Driscoll thc intricate art of wood engraving. Y 1 H. Driscoll, M. A. Fwy .intl S. P.1rl-r enjoy tinting senior purtruits. A Sunny f.1ll tl.1p timrlcttl thc firSt liuld trip tif the Art M.trt, At Rcvcrcnd Mwtlirrx lllklldiltlll. tlir- antliuxmstif 'l'.inzx lm-.t:tlt.l tlit Mtrry lim tn Rnmiry Hill. Herr tlic r-wllrgt-R f.lmin.1ting Art Dcrrirtrmnt. lit-.ttlt.l lu Sixtrr M. .lm-.1nnc. FLYL'.llLxl tl.lHr'N in lift slxvttlirrig, L'l.l'.lIll1L'N. fmlii-tri-rluigri .intl waning, ii, fy .'Jf v'.,.. .r' .4 . -v ' O v vi I D I,-L,,,.ff . .4 Q A I Music is a universal language which appeals to the mind and to the heart. If a student joins the choral club during her leisure time, she receives in return the benefits of a better under- standing of the cultured use of her voice. With a string and a bow, many enthusiastic youths put their talent to work in the development of Hun- garian rhapsoclies and Bohemian dances, in hope that someday they might become another jascha Heifetz. A pianist uses her fingers to tell stories about the ideals and emotions of the great composers. C. Cotintltss hours ot tiitsonie drill is the daily sehedule of beginning musicians. They must inaster seales. last or slow, loud or soft, in triplets or quintuplets. ln shoit. they have to conquer every obstaele of that stulaborn leevboarel. "Hut patience and te-liuin have their rewartlf' Collins tells her piano sisters, as she' gures out a difficult passage from one of the masters. M. Herlihy, M, Carlson. C. Leary, M. Gorman, M, A, W'alz and A, Jensen willingly entertain with violin and cello, Blusie' pupils have their recompense when an opportunity presents itself to enehant listeners at programs and reeitals. ll. -Iovee' fat the piano, and her eoinpanions. among xvhoin are K Bowen and K. Mtfiowan. know the ioy of interpreting the nuanees of tone and rhythm. and they learn much from con- tact with the great elassies bl. Robinson fextrenie right, is a zealous aspiring organist. ,X 74: 'Gig 1 X! Z Z 1 1 ww, ff!! 11111 5 Q W r xr 55 X Q 2 3 Z l l l n , M. l J 1 l Q x ew Ss? if SQ SS? Ni-bxw kb qxu we S X 5 Q Q . I Q Q P x f NX 1441111401 1 5 -C5 - Q Resurrexit . . . "Peace be to you." Speremuf . . . "I am with you all days." V eni Sancle Spiritus . . . "Come, Sanctifier, Almighty and eternal God Auumpta Ext . . . "The King desires her beauty." Regina . . . "Hail, Queen of Heaven!" 7h1 'WW 7 2:1 1111 9011, wwf, 1l!lf0ffl xxx xx xxxxx ffnfffffu .+-A S WWW!!! , 1111 x xxN x N W1 11 f 1 111111111111 , 1 MW' I 11mw1,M1W,WW,wM1W W 1 10 gwzcla awww A X1 X 5 E SSE X we x SNS X Q Ni Q S S 5 R X x S m. N x E , I 111vfvff""'f S T x y,,,111n1f1 MW' X 111- 1,1411 W A If vt Marion J. Anstett Dolores C. Aromola 'li' .il -sr Audrey A. Ahern Barbara Lea Baer can M Bextz Q...-f Kathleen B Bowen Lols M Brown Margaret P Canney joan E Callahan Mary Carbone 5.1 Theresa M C11'm0dy Patrxcla C Cavanaugh I Mary A Carlson po' !"'P joan M Caven Maureen M Clalre Kathleen A Connors Antomette Coppola Madonna Cutrona Louise R Coppola Margaret A Daly N: fi Q Nb! ff' 2 ,f .k' X Y 4 . Tv, S.- 1-9 I? '41 Marilyn A. Day Jule M. De Haas Betty A D Aurello Helen M D Innocenzo oan C Drew Ann M hrnst Barbara C Fahey "Wi-Q Xl 13 Annette I Doney Helen A Drrscoll Margaret M Fxtzgerald ff ff R glliflvfh- ' 5 l I xo K 1 4:5 , I l K 13 Q .mgfe J . . ' D X nc? ' 0' ' 1. If R K A 43 We . 4 x , . 1 J aff? Mary Ann Gabor Ann M. Geyer Maryanne V. Foy Mary Ellen Glavey Mafgafet A GOI'fn3.l'l Mary C Gormley Delphme M Gorskr eau M Haley Carol A Granvrlle Shexla A Ha ..- C, "W" , uni' 'US 'Di 1 Y Geraldine V. Harzynski Alice M. Hillery Carole M. Hallxman Margaret M. Hillery Margaret M. Holland Mary E. Howard Patricia A. Hyrick ng 3 4 . i ff-. 1 i Na! 'Z r Josephine D. Kalinowski Barbara J. Joyce Mary Ann P. Kane va I .ewg ' .ga-N V 4g J 1- 604 1 Nancy A. Kelleher Margaret M. Kelly Theresa A Kapmos nk' 'T Patrxcxa Kennedy Arlene A Kotarskr Phyllrs M Kraus Margaret G Kurch 452' Margaret A Lawson Rose A Lambrlx Marlon H Leahy 'Sw-Q -Q41 ' Y Nanny E Leary Mary Ann Lewns 404 NV oan M Leary Beffyj Lomas Carol A MacDonald Mary Ann Mahoney Dorothy Make Y Kathleen Mattlmore Barbara M Masset Mdfbdfet M MLC3ffhy ll: 10 'T 'T ? Maureen McCormick Sally A McCorm1ck Mary E McCarthy 14' X19 "'-'Y Kathleen A McGowan Rosemary McK1bbm Rosemarre E McNamara Patrlcla M Mxllard ,,,,Qi June A Milligan Martha M Miller janet E Molloy K' Q W 'CWI .1 wa 41' Theresa A No wak Mary O Connor Ann M Myers gl YT Vrrgmla O Connor Mary W O Leary Verna C Orlando Lucy B Paolmr Suzanne M Park Madeline M Pallos Ellen F Perkins l -4? -S 43? bi 43 'V' i fb" "-0' Bcrnulcttc Plunkett MJFIIDHC Rathbun P1tr1c1a A Plenzynskx Maryann Reldy Mary LOL! Really Mary A Rlordan ean B Rlter Audrey C Roll joan M Robmson Carol A Romance ,pl-f 14? 4 iaaf 'qi aa 'ir' .pf 'O Patricia A. Russell Mary Constance Ryan '40 Constance Rupert Suzanne E Ryan Marla E Sanpedro Mary A Scanlon Ann L Schlehr JIS' Mary M Sheehan Mme C Sheehan Patrlua M Smlth Ei. if 5... Fvi Q ai 'UN fl R J I U' .4 -'- .J .,.ff , 1 ' X ., ef, A 1 L51 ,., .mf A 'im - .. sm- :.f 4-.iii as 'V Q'-v .1 QI? 5 I Ellen R Strong Dolores L Swack f .41 Shirley Sprrngborn -una-0' Ki -45. if-1 I Af af 'ii .J TUG? Patncra A Thre janet M Thompson Lors A Trauscht Mary P Troy Rose M Vastola Mary Alice Walz ,pl Allce P White 'Q Ill vjf A3 wi Mary L Wolfe Barbara A Wrlght Marie K Wxntrrngcr dl Mary Ann Young Mrlry june Youngkms Caroln A Zajn Iranc B Zrmmrr lvl t-:lr , Agik-"fx F " s 9 I X. is. 2 !' VL.. rp 'Qwuf -V. -f N' noun BE UNT I, 3. A , . gig, 5 ? . gl R ,. "' ufnnv-,' A ra l1q""":,Q 4 3.-'gf 1 F ?1 -fx. L' fit-, 1-r Awrl ,K x .0 iff A q I -x xl iff ff' 'Ji x 1? N. fl ,Av ' ,M we JUINIOR PRl1SIDl1N IS. M. Dempsey, R. 2, A. Mullcn- lwff, R. J' N. NSI. ', . . M, Hall, J. Hearn, B. Hart- ley, R. Gorman. SECOND ROW: S. Harrington, Harem, C. Hasselbeck. THIRD ROW: S, Hoskins, M. A. Fitzgerald, R. Imbuden, M. Herlihy. FOURTH ROW: E. Harrigan, N. Hart, M. Hughes. FIRST ROW: C. Hanrahan, S. Ryan, M, J, Trainor. SECOND ROW: R. A. Scanlon, M. Sheehan, A. Thomp- son, P. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: R. Sweeney, K. Songer. FOURTH ROW: C. Schmitt, J. Tubritly, A. Ryan. FIRST ROW: C. Battaglia, M. Carlo, j. Brodfuehrer, S. Cooley. SECOND ROW: H. Driscull, S. Dennt-hy, M. Desing, M. Callahan. THIRD ROW: P, Campbell, A. Devaney. FOURTH ROXV: M. Canney, J. Brosnan, V. Crehan. - S l Q7 never. S.illy. FIRST RONXlg M. Schamlnergcr, Where was Sally Zukuwski when th piftures were taken? XX'hy. xht viii ' . sent. But here she is. Better late run FIRST ROW: B. Zakriwn S. lxlllllgaln, If. Cuslnlllly. SECOND ROVU: INI. Sclmilwler, K, Wlcir, E. Weir, M O'Bricn. THIRD ROVU: K Barnes, J. Rngan, M. Walsh. FIRST ROW? M. Feldman. J FIIYCL. A. D1G1.1rr1lu.ltt1'.t.1 SFCOND ROVV: J Downey M. M. Davis. If. Glldea THIRD ROXV: If Faltixkw M. Gehcn. ,l. Duffy. E. Glarr ISI. GAIM. FUL.'RTH ROW' M. Gallagluc-r, M Fnrll, I. G l .1 v ey. X lu. FIRST ROXV: Roll, Rmllilnvvn. J. Pflur. SECOND ROWY Pitt. BI. C Paclle. A. Pirie. THIRD ROXV: M Pitt, M. O'Neill, C. Red- muml. P. Ruvo. FOURTH ROXY: F. Riley, A. McP.1rr- land, A. Riunlan. FIRST ROW: K. Kelly, P Jennings, J. Leahy, T. Healy. SECOND ROW: P. Lawan- dus, K, Maloney, A. Lomas. THIRD ROWI: J. Johns, M. Kelly. J. Kelly, F. Kelleher FOURTH ROW: D. Kwiutl kowski, J. Krawczyk, L. Knapp. FIRST ROW: M. McMahon, S. Naples, M. L. Joyce. SEC OND ROW: M. O'Brien, M. fwfurray, S. Noody. THIRD ROW: R. Lynd. R. McMahon, K. Malone, M. E. Moran. FOURTH ROW: J, Murray, E. McLaughlin, N. Krieg! baum. lll l I 1 gl X XX I l l I . I I l FIRST ROW: P. Bowen, Brown, J. Benoit, H. Blas- lcovits. SECOND ROW: N. Apotosky, M. J. Bonadio, J. Babcock, M. Bertelsen. THIRD ROW: M. Boland, M. O'Neill, G. Boyczuk, C. Baco, M. Beitz. FOURTH ROW: M. Bermingham, M. Balkin, S. Bellezza. Qv? FIRST ROW" M, MorriSScy. S. Mcrlcl. SECOND ROWIL M. O'Cunncll, Po l.1nSl-ci. M Murray. THIRD ROW: M. I Nolan. C. Mrllcr, P Pattcrion. I:OI'R'I'H ROW" Olclcn. INI. Rob crtson. S. O'Conncll. FIRST ROW' BI, jennlson, ISI Kell:- lwcr. Z Kruw. SECOND ROW: S Lawrence. S IQSCZYDSRI, M. Kelly. THIRD RIJXXII INI. Kalmowxki, K Kearns, M. Kozuck, I Kingilmd FOVRTH ROWV A. Klsiclci, L. Ku iawa. M. Kelly. FIRST ROW: M. Buchanan, 1. Carney P. Carney, M. Devine. SECOND ROW E. Bucella, P. Collins, G. Czwoidak, C Collins, A. Burke. THIRD ROW: H Buchanan, P. Clark. FOURTH ROW M. Corcoran, C. Cooley, R. Curry. SOPHOMORE PRESIDENTS: M. MC- Dermott, R. 73 S. Sanders, R. 8, M. BCltz, R. 6. i l i FIRST ROW: S. Sobczak, E. Siejak, M. Thomas. SECOND ROW: E. Stonish, P. Sabodaz, C. Roll. THIRD ROW: P. Sherry, M. Stanton, T. Shea. FOURTH ROW: J. Schmidle, M. Schreiner, M. Schnell. FIRST ROW: M. Quigley. K. Ryan, C. Sutton, SECOND ROXV: E. Stonish, 1. Knpfel. FIRST ROW: T. Whalen, B. Zilliox. SECOND ROW: D. Tyczka, R. Wright, M. I..'Wickenhiser. THIRD ROXV: M. W'aterhouse. M. Walsh, 1. Tuck. BI. Voltz. FOURTH ROW: P. Tmnolone, F. Von. M. Ueblacker. FIRST ROVV: A. 1, Mc Laughlrn, H. Lcvne. SECOND ROW' M. Mercer. M. McKcuwn, P. McP.1rt land. THIRD ROVU: S. Maloney. I McCracken. T. Maroncy. M McCor mick FOURTH ROXV: T. INIcGmwn C. McLaughlin. M. Maul. FIRST ROW: C. Froehlich, D. Faltisco, I. Healy, A. Fur- nari, J. Farr. SECOND ROW: P. Doody, -I. Jennings, E. Gorman. THIRD ROW: A. Igoe, H. Glair, D, Gor- man, V. Hegedus. FOURTH ROW: M. Foy, P. Hanslick, P. Foroscij. I' ff FIRST ROW: D. Lewandowskga, N. Sweeney. M. Lcdwin, IMI. A. Pctronsky. SECOND ROW: BI. Moore, I, Nxmlnn C. Leary, A. Roche, M. Nowak, L. Murano. THIRD ROW' R. Schlehr, I, Petrie, M. Mulderig, M. Quinn, I.. Kwidt Icowska, j. Norton. FIRST ROW: M. Gurrnan. J. Malnnv. SIHCIIJ Hahn SECOND RONW: I.. M:Dun.1ld, FI. Grubn. M. Martin, A Hnrtung, R, Hughes. THIRD ROW: M. Ginruir. D. MC Cormifk, Gurman. M. Gmlmrn. FOI'R'l'H ROW: P II:1rding, M. MCC11rthy, M. McI.L-md. FIRST ROWT A. Jcnicn. Kllne, Joseph. SECOND ROW: T. Glair, R. Hcgcdus, E. McCracken, G. Moran, C. Knnirk. THIRD RKJW: j. Horbctt, I MLCann, A. Horbett, Glgzlntc, FOURTH ROW: M. Glasser, IKI. Klein, P. Hcrlihy. FIRST ROXV: M Iiarctt, If. Carlson, H. Iiruwn, CQ. Iiruwn. SFCOND ROXXT S. Boyle. G. Buclmnnn, M. Iinnnfr. M. IIIIQIIINII, R. Iilgalww. THIRD ROVV: D. Artur, M Iirmnn FOI'R'I'H ROXV. AI A1I.unc4.1k. M. If. Carr, S Andwl IAIRST ROW' M I. Snlx-In-rn. A Iimlwlw. M I. Stumpf. R Sm:"1.1:ov. M Mmxxn SIIONIJ ROXX'. fl Sflmn. M. Rcnxhnu, M A Olirun. CQ. Sulllmn, M I.r'.xry'. M. Piuhnxk, THIRD ROXW: A O'Dunm'II. Kcminxki, N. SIKA, S ODwnm-ll. I'. Supplw, A. ISI. Orf, A. INIullwIl.1ml, N. Skrip. G FIRST ROW: P. Campbell. M. M4DnnnQll. A. Purtzll. A. G.ilvin, M. Michel, Sclivnirtzfwtt. F Minka. G. Wfciss. I.. Miinkn. M. Ryan. N. Diwniiliue. SIQCOND ROVV: S XY'ut. G. Xxlirurlmiisc, N. Viblfc. B. llmril. IIRSI ROXY. 5. Fnglisli. P, Bicrnmi. M I.. Fitzl gi-igilil SIKOND ROXXV MI, F.ii'rcll. M M Ifrnwr, I Ifvcrt. M. ClAlV.lI'lilLILLfl1, K. Di-nmliu. THIRD ROVU: I D.ilcxs.indru, 'I' Ikriniq- IfOl'RTII RONXV C. Clicman, Cmmnly. R. Ciimck. FIRST ROW7: N. Dunolmc M. Flaherty, C. Gignntc SECOND ROVV: Furil, T Coughlin. P. Dc Cmmlii, C Conway. THIRD ROW: M J. Flanagan. C. Dmznlowska P. Dunning. C. Gaudet FoL'RTi-1 ROXV: P. Caipnyg D, Gater, M. Dowling. FIRST ROXYD BI IXI.i'l'culiS, S. lNIill.11'.l. M. Sullivan. D. McHugh. M ,Iwlmwn I. Mercer, A. I.c-sniak SITCOND ROXY' N. Quinn, I Sandccki. M I.. Yfiiinxig. C McC.1rtl1y. NI. Neville. M. Kimi THIRD ROXXT ,I Z.iwix.i. D 'liiiniiliinc-, II W'E1.ilcn. G MiC1+wx.m. 'I' Mn-.iglur K C.irriill H FRFSHINIAN PRFSIDENTSI Nfurtcin, R. lql P. Supples. R, 191 M. A, Gllvin, R. 16g K. Carroll. R. 15. 200-mfr! 'ZULZKWJI ini Mother of Mercy . . . Our Life . . . Our Sweetness . . . And our Hope . . After this, our exile . . . Show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb . . . jesus . . . O Clement . . . O Loving . . . O Sweet Virgin Mary. French Club members, P. Troy, L. Coppola, P. Smith, R. Imboden and M. M. Sheehan, cut the "Cake of the Kings." Above, the officers award the' prize for the vocabulary contest. At the Chi Beta Phi square dance, M. Rathbun, popularizes "Mickey." M. Mc- Carthy, P. Kennedy, M. Kurch and N. Kelleher start the fun. A high light of senior year, the arrival of class rings! M. Leahy, K. Bowen and B. Baer receive theirs from Mr. Haws. Scientific Seniors, B. Joyce, j. Molloy and D. Gorski, dem- onstrate chemical wonders to interested members of the Science Club. Hard working fairies behind the scenes are the stage hands Szlzef Canticle was successful partly through the efforts of M A Fitzgerald M. Ford, E. Harrigan, V. Crehan and J Leahy P. Picczynski and F. Strong give many .1 laugh to the Freshmen on Initiation Day. Below: M. A. Mahoney amuscs M, A. Foy with a rattle in the Initiation skit. Seniors and Freshmen alike enjoy the antics on this day of days, though the Freshmen protest sometimes. 5 v I -Y -X X . Q '3 R- ' 5' ' 'Q at .- 1 2' - a 3 .l 1 s f O C Below: Every morning just before the first bell, the Mercy girls can be seen gathered in groups in front of the school entrance. Some are comparing answers from last night's homework, while others greet their friends. Right: Mount girls fortify the inner woman at lunch hour. Sunny spring days find them waiting in the yard for the bell to announce afternoon classes. 1 j' vi . .st A I -4 5 Midst laughter and gaiety, rules are dis- carded as Seniors continue the custom of formally introducing the Freshmen to their Alma Mater. Above are D. Makey, T. Carmody, 1. Milligan, P. Pieczynski, P. Bierma, M. Brown, S. Boyle, J. Mc- Cann, N. Shea, To the left, above, are J. Callahan, J. De Haas, N. Sweeney, R. Hughes. CQ hav x' wa I' 110' Jane Grube. Delphine Gorski, Carole Zajac, Marianne Riordan, Betty Mc- Laughlin, Lois Knapp and Virginia Crehan emphasize the Christian idea of Christmas at assembly. With O.F.M., Rev. Kenneth Dorr, Rev. Lawrence Burke, and Timon High boys as their guests, art students enjoy a memorable evening of dancing, doughnuts and merry antics. O.F.M., School Mercy P. Hyrick and S, Hall interview Mr. Stephen P. Breen, noted lecturer and editor, after his inspir- ing address on the influence of Our Lady in the modern world and her importance in world events. Mr. Breen's exclusive interest is the propa- gation of the Marian message. After a lively spelling match at a Ke-N4Quil meeting, P. Millard and P. Thie look on while E. Strong receives her I I prize from B. Massett. 'S - A 3- 5 4. Mount Mercy's journalists at the Western New York Press Conference were M. Day, M. Walsh, R. Imboden, L. Knapp, E. Haren, B. Massett and S. Hall. They were guided through Orchard Park High by pretty Antoinette Marchand, a student there, Mr. joseph Karalewski dis- played a few tricks of the newspaper business. Dolores Swack, able repre- sentative of Mount Mercy, discusses "The Voice of Democracy" in the annual public speaking contest at Canisius High School. The Magnihcat is sung by the Seniors as a suitable climax to the Rosary Program presented for their parents during National Education Week. It consisted of a colorful pageant of the joyful Mysteries and choric selections from the poems of Paul Claudel. Patricia Thie pours coffee for M. L. Joyce, M. A. Kane, D. Cutrona, M. Howard, Z. Kruse, I.. Paolini and S. Sanders at a breakfast for the Caecilian Singers after High Mass on November 1, when Our'Holy Father proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption of Our Lady. I, If ' 5,4 sv After many hours of practice, the Cae- cilian Singers, under the direction of Miss Theresa Pantera, raise their voices in St. Teresa's Lure, set to the music ot' john Sebastian Bach. This talented group provides a major attraction at school festivities. Pi J 1 rxxl i ' i l H l ,- -1,- ,JJ Q f as - :ay .rpg , ' 'T' TX iff. 'T , hu as -63' A i n 4,74 sf' , . 7 f 1 , rl' 3 ,fy .M 4,, , 'gg if f'r'QF Gig -...Af' k. n -- -,M " X ' A . . - 'nf QQ 5 X. , , 1, .ff-,'F .-7 1912 F ' "f"'f?""f 9 gt-l'.? 'X? 1b ' if 4'2f3ng ' ' K f , Z . r A, r X., . - f 4 5? E335-K +3 1 ,A f! A A I 7' 5. A -4? .F 2- .gals if .:., 1 S- r' I , ,sg e nav"-A if Ti' 'mf 3--2 ol V77 I, . A l f -4 aff' Below: St. Catherine inter- l rupts a duel at Avignon. I 1 During the school year of 1950, Mount Mercy presented a stirring drama, Cafbefine the Valiant. The tive-act play, written by Rev, Urban Nagle, OP., centered about the captivity of the Pope in France and his triumphal restoration to Rome through the efforts of the "Valiant Woman," St, Cath- erine of Siena. The choice was particularly appropriate for the Holy Year when so much attention was focused on Rome. The Duke of Anjou persuadcs Countess Ursina to cooperate in his plot to pre- vent the Popes return to Avignon. i, wi ,V , ,1 wh. Qi. i Q .4-9 S XZ, 2 'ta -iq. xg, Above. St. Catherine of Siena aids in the final reunion of Vincenzo and Mar- garita. Guests dance a gay minuct at Anjous court. ,fi Q ii., K ff If ' L l , N- I ., lx -I v K sk . . ef? 4 A 9 . 1 L T ' 51 f' l 2 S ' i 2 When her heart'5 desire is granted and St, Theresa be- Heavenly choirs resound with celestial hymns as St. Therese comes a Carmelite, she walks to the altar of God while kneels at the feet of Our Blessed Lady in triumphant joy, the Caecilian Singers triumphantly sing "The Magnificatf' at attaining her final goal-heaven. As St. Therese receives her First Holy Communion, the Guardian Angel and heavenly hosts rejoice at seeing their devout daughter drawn Closer to Our Lord. St. Therese's heart abounds with love and adoration for her Divine Master as she promises to fulhll her duties as a faithful servant of God. Her joy is interpreted by the chorus and transferred to the attentive audience. A high light of the school year was the presentation of Silver Canticle, an oratorio celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the can- onization of the Little Flower. The first tableau pictured the birth of Therese in Alencon, France. Four- teen years later, filled with a burn- ing desire to serve God, Therese went to Rome to beg permission from the Holy Father to enter Carmel. After spending only nine years at Lisieux, Therese died and began her heavenly existence. Her last words were, "Oh, I love Him -My God-I-love-You." 6 asf! I, 'lvl Under the inspiring direction of Miss Theresa Pantera, the the chorus, the soloists present a notable performance Caecilians interpret Silver Canticle to their appreciative worthy of high praise, audience. With the assistance of a musical background by The three Martin sisters, filled with pious veneration for the newly born Christ Child, visit the Christmas crib. With reverence and devotion, they be- hold a sight more glorious than their eyes had ever seen. It is here that Therese decides that the best way to unite herself to God is to enter the Carmelite Order. Her sisters, also filled with an ardent desire for everlasting happiness, make a similar decision. 033 I I 1 ' av- 'iii ls P t In a talented portrayal of the visit with Pope Leo XIII, St. Therese is filled with a determination to join the Carmelite Order. She dares to throw herself at the feet of the Holy Father in Rome and beg for permission to enter the cloister although she is only fourteen years of age. Her perseverance proves successful for, in the following year, she is allowed to enter. A. at it N vi 5 af V.. 'a 'xv 4 ' ' 'F' 3 Q, ' I Pspgx ' z iw 5 GS fs 2 X 4 'ses law in r '95 fi ,tx pubficafions . Q5 si I ' Cx 1- " 4 r in tl' , I J -' 5 ,JJ D Suzanne Park. joseph Bennett. Much of the success of the Senior Prom was due to 1tS 6fflCl6flt charrman, Mary Carlson, presrdent of the graduating class. Mary congratulates Marie Wrntrrnger, Queen of the Prom. Mary Ann Scanlon, Gerald Robinson. Theresa Kapinos, Paul Seymour. gs Anthony Nasca, Madeline Pal los, Lucy Paolini, john Lew andowski. Donald KICDYL Mary Ann Levus Pa fl'lL1d. PICCZYDSKI losep1 Dempsey joan Roblnson Edward Craven P tricia Hyrick, Bernard Pfalzer. The climax of our Easter vacation was reached when the long-awaited night finally arrived. First, the cheerful exchange of greetings at Kleinhans Music Hall, and then, an evening of soft music by Buddy Mack's orchestra, twirling skirts and the shuffle of dancing feet. Our Senior Prom was not just another dance. It was one of the highlights of our four memorable years at Mount Mercy, for it marked one more major step toward the day of days-gradua- tion. Although it lasted for only one short evening, all agreed that memories of our Senior Prom will live forever in the minds of the Senior Class of 1951. Owen Mangan, Margaret Kelly, Kathleen Con- nors, Richard Fischer, Rose Lambrix, john Brock- enshire, William Thomas, Margaret Canney. Donald Krentz, Mary Ann Lewis, joseph Dempsey, Pa' tricia Pieczynslci, james Mohr. Kathleen Mattimore, joseph McMahon and Dorothy Makey. L.. L ll Mary Lou Reilly, Ernest Heppner, Parker Williams, Mary Ann Mahoney Mr. John A. Swack, Mrs. john A Swack, Mrs. William J. Troy, Mr William J. Troy. Eager dancers pause to listen to the popular orchestra leader, Buddy Mack, as he announces a favorite musical selection. rx. - ' . 9' is -fu' .. of "' ' al ' 1, A -s N 'nil ' 'J - ., .. 4 f Q1 2' nqyl A 4 -gfw u, 5 ii ' 5 r , -- ,' - Q 'f 4 , 11, M 3 U I 1 8 --s f I . , fire: .ev f123"N':s3" . L' nf .-....-,- Q. ., 1 '- X if f il 'z ye- I I ,NU '- il 'if . fi" " 'l"',r'-x-mi: 1 ape .f"L ' -I' Nothing c-scspcs the mighty pcn of thc- rccorriing .mgcl fAlitc Le:-ichtb as shc inscrihci in the Book of Life thc rt-port ot' the gu,1rJi.1n .mga-I of thc class of 1950 fRuth Doughcrtyb Vi'h.ltfver you do will hc writtcn hcrc '.,, so future Seniors take care. QQ ilk, P f' X vc 1 -I Af avr Y b IL f I . i l ff' i 2" i' On the Friday before Commencement, the Holy Sarriticc is offer:-ti in thankx giving for the gifta uhirh God han i.lViNi1t'ti upon rhmc graduates of .1 Cirhi-lic .imidciriy Thx final asmcrnbly in rm- chipt-I huloufd with sacred iiicinoricw nmiks thc culmirmtion of four yous Qpcnt unritr thc mime roof with tht-ir ifuchuixtic King 1 -1 X . 5 X x .GX '-X' , I 4 h , , ' n 1 . I Q Happy mothcix ah.irL 5n the joys of the long-awritcd CI.1ss Day as their Senior kiJLI4LIilYCI'N cscort tht-in proudly .md tri- umphantly to the annual hxnquet in their honor, Wo! O God' Grant we beseech Thee that medxtatmg upon these mystenes of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Vnrgm Mary we may rmltate what they contam and obtam what they promise Through the same Chrnst our Lord iii N' wi 1 15 gl 's . ,. :1 g: 1 11:1 I. 1111: 1111, E 1 1 N' 1 11 R 1 ',+..1 , Y - - - , , . . . HO ORARY PATRONS Most Reverend Rrght Reverend Right Reverend Rrght Reverend Right Reverend Rrght Reverend Rnght Reverend Very Reverend Very Reverend Very Reverend Very Reverend joseph A Burke VG DD Monsignor john j Nash VG PA. Monslgnor Leo R Smith DD Monsrgnor john P Boland DD Monsxgnor Edmund Britt LLD Monsrgnor joseph E Magurre Monsignor Rrchard OBnen Sylvester j Holbel john j McMahon james R Barnett Sj joseph Patrlck Kennedy O FM Very Reverend Claude Keane OFM Very Reverend john Obendorfer CSS R Very Reverend Carol Rmg CP Very Reverend Raymond Schouten Sj Reverend Godfrey Doyle O FM Reverend Francrs A Growney Reverend Francrs A Krupa Reverend Leoj Toomey LLD Reverend Davrd Cahrll Reverend Damel G Duggan Reverend Martm H Ebner Reverend Carl j Fenrce Reverend Edward j Frtzhenry Reverend james P Foley Reverend joseph Graeber Chaplam Reverend F Lambert Haley Reverend Leo Hammerel Reverend Francrs Herza Reverend Henry E Laskowslu Reverend joseph Llpczynakr Reverend Vxncent McCarthy Reverend Francis S McCormack Reverend Eugene E OLoughlxn Reverend Edward F Ott Reverend T j Prevedello Reverend Hubert F Relmann Trmothy j Rmg Reverend Edward I. Roche Reverend Francis P Ryan Reverend joseph j Rydz Reverend Robert Schwab Reverend Robert W Versen Reverend Anthony Vert Reverend Francrs j Walker Reverend Bernard A Weiss Reverend Wrlber j Yaeger Reverend PROFESSIO AL P TRONS Max W Burstexn E T De Witt T j Fahey j G Kanskr and Mrs Emrl j Markulrs and Mrs Hugh j McGee and Mrs D W Preston T V Supples and Mrs A H Twist Wrllram F Whrte SPECIAL Mount Mercy Academy Alumnae Mount Mercy Academy Mothers Gurld Our Ladys Sodalrty Class of Nrneteen Hundred Flfty one Class of Nmeteen Hundred Frfty two Class of Nrneteen Hundred Frfty three Class of Nmeteen Hundred Frfty four and Mrs Charles F Broderrck and Mrs john Courtney and Mrs joseph j Frtzslmmons and Mrs Leo joyce and Mrs Patrrck Kelly The Lzlmbrrx Family Mrs Margaret Lewrs 67 jerome G Buchhert and Mrs Thomas Cullen and Mrs Thomas F Cullen Edward P Forrestel Walter j Gannon MD james G Harrrty MD C A Koch Thaddeus Pantera and Mrs joseph P O Brren Robert F Sullrvan P TRON S W A Loge Mr and Mrs Patrrck Massett Thomas F McNamara jr joseph P Molony Mr and Mrs Thomas Mungovan Edwm F Murray Mr and Mrs V j Nowak Mr and Mrs Ray OConnell Mr and Mrs james F Rrley and Famrly Mrs Helene A Rrpton Mr and Mrs Humphrey O Sgron Mr and Mrs ArthurE Smlth Sullrvan Mrss Gertrude Wrles Dr. . ' Dr. . ' Dr. . . ' Dr, , Dr. . . Drr ' . . Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Houston Dr. Wallace Eastman Dr. . . ' Dr. . Dr. . ' . ' , , . , Dr, . . . ' , . . DF- - - . Dr. . . DI. . . Dr, Dr. . . . ' Dr. . . ' ' Dr. ' ' . ' Dr, . ' Mr ...' . . f ' Mr. , . . . ' Mr. . ' , f , ' SPECIAL BUSINESS PATRCNS john E Adnan General Contractor 592 McK1nley Parkway john J Barnett Establtshed 1906 Heatmg Sheet Metal Roohng Contractor Geary St Red jacket Parkway Phone TR 4081 Engrneer Sho 82 Ofllce 24 Bruck Unrform Company 387 Fourth Avenue New York New York Outhtters of School Apparel for Mt Mercy Academy Joseph J Cooley South Drstrnct Councrlman Detectrve Sergeants and Detectrv Charles A Qumn-Presxdent Austm J Curry V1cePresrdent john D Hanrahan-Treasurer John F Stumpf Secretary Wrllramj Driscoll Attomey e Assoclatton The Immaculate Conceptton Sodalrty of Holy Famrly Church Mr and Mrs Mortrmerj Murphy 137 Bxrd Avenue Buffalo New York Thomas V OConnor 85 Como Avenue Brrckwork and Plastermg TR 2777 Complxments of N F Rackl South Srde Grrll TR 9778 George Schreckenberger Jr -Caterer 544 Ashland Avenue LI 7870 Sealtest Ice Cream Corp S S Electnc Reparr Shop Electr1cRepa1r Specralrsts 2470 Seneca Street Buffalo New York WO 1232 1233 Susans Beauty Shoppe 1749 South Park Avenue 626 Ellicott Square Buffalo N Y Halls Furmture and Applrance Company 1787 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York Hamberger 8: Co Inc Gas Heatrng Engrneers 230 johnson Street WA 7327 BUSINESS Acme Cleaners and Dyers 2113 Seneca Street TR 1003 Artcraft Furmture 1890 Seneca Street WO 4680 Furnxture and Appltance Babaks General repamng of all types of clocks and watches Watch and Clock Hospntal 485 Abbott Road WO 5774 Babcocks Servtce Station Genesee and Frllmore HU 9873 Bannlster Pre Shop 7 Mmeral Sprung Road TR 3450 Bates Auto Supply 2016 South Park Avenue Beale Darry Inc Belvrdere Cleaners 2034 South Park Avenuc WO 4848 Call and Delrvery Servrce Taggart Schutz Pontxac Inc 1294 Seneca Street WO 0114 Buffalo 10 New York Motorcycle Prckup Service Bxshop Trmon Hugh School Father Club Casper C Urban Undertaker and Embalmer 188 Clark Street P TRON S J Beres 81 Sons Darry Dealer rn Qualxty Darry Products 1280 Electrtc WO 4011 Blanclm Realty Branch Oflice 289 Southsrde Parkway Real Estate Insurance-TR 5106 The Bluebrrd Wallpaper and Pamt 516 Abbott Road WO 5964 For trres of chorce See Babe Boyce 2272 Seneca Street at lndran Church WO 6033 George Britton Choxce Meats and Poultry 1999 South Park Avenue Browns Coal Ofhce 2420 South Park Avenue WO 1928 WO 1506 Wrllxam T Butler Jeweler 25 Cushtng Place Buffalo 20 N Y Clocks and Watch Repatr Carroll Srgn Company Caulfield Liquor Store 391 Abbott Road at Como WO 2498 68 P: . . . , , ' , ' ' I Proprietor-Jeanette Sanpedro 'U ' - - . . . S, 9 - ' - Chat and Nrbble Coppola Constructron Company 214 McKrnley Parkway TR 3024 Edward H Cottrell Inc Authorrzed Ford Dealer 2041 Umon Road Gardenvrlle Sales HO 3616 HO 3617 Servrce Crowleys Barber Shop 435 Abbott Road Damohn Radto Servrce Sales Radro Televrsron Servrce 2500 Seneca Street WO 0502 Expert Reparrrng Danahy Faxon Nu Way Markets 1670 Broadway Dandee Bake Shop Brrthday and Weddrng Cakes Drana Shop 1290 Abbott Road Lackawanna N Y WO 5908 Downer and Trll Hardware 336 Abbott Road Buffalo N Y TR 9938 Doyles 845 Abbott Road Ellrcott Square Flower Shop Complete Floral Servrce MA 3230 Ettore Wrnter Photographers 2067 Seneca Street Buffalo N Y TR 2175 Flanagan Brothers Srnce 1908 Frank Farrell 84 Sons 29 Sage Avenue TR 0919 Foodland 2021 South Park Avenue Buffalo N Y Franks Barber Shop 1969 Seneca Street Frrend Frrend Frrend Frrend Gandel s Lrquor Store 379 Mrchtgan Avenue MA 6666 Gates Drug Store 389 Abbott Road Buffalo N Y George Realty fo 2078 Seneca Street FA 7750 Grldea Lrquor Store 1825 South Park Avenue Wrllram E Graeber South Buffalos Oldest cvtelers 2155 Seneca Street WO 0325 'Ihe Great Atltnttc 8. Prcnfrc Tn Compmy Centrrl Drvrsron 519 Hamburg Street Mae A Henesey Lrcensed Real Estate Broker 207 Culver Road TR 2698 Herolds Meat Markets J S H1 bert Socony Dealer 2793 Seneca Street TR 9865 Hoeflrch s Market Qualrty Meats 1500 South Park Avenue TR 1378 Otto Hollnberger Lrnoleum Sales and Servrce 13 W Marn Street Lancaster ew York RE 2166 Hotel Lackawanna ,I H Hubert 7 93 Seneca Street Buffalo New York -I Mrlford jennrson Funeral Drrector 531 South Park Avenue WA 2755 jones Radro Servrce 1834 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York Joyce Flower Shop 951 Rrdge Road TR 8510 Kane s Pharmacy Ptlls and Thrngs Kavanaghs Frontrer Servrce 1770 Seneca Street Buffalo 10 N Y Complrments of Krng Furnrture Company Rrdge Road Lackawanna Krnsella Brothers Laundromat Half Hour Laundry 507 Abbott Road FA 5213 Let Us Frll Your Next Prescrrptron Prompt Delrvery Servrce TR 2215 968 Abbott Road Lamps Pharmacy Wrllram J Massett Electrrcal Contractor Orchard Park N Y Mrchaels Food Shoppe 2132 Seneca Street Buffalo N Y 'Ihe Motor Mart 336 Abbott Road Buffalo New York TR 9938 Murphy Home Supply 1866 68 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York Complrmcnts of Natlonal Caske Company Inc 430 Vrrgrnra Street Buffalo New York 69 Complrments of Nerls Servrce Statron P H OMalley Pharmacrst 1853 Seneca Street WO 3917 A Prnterpes Food Market 910 Abbott Road TR 1204 Powers Drug Store 2111 South Park Avenue Buffalo 20 New York Drugs Cosmetrcs Rob Ramey Delrcatessen 274 Swan Street at Chrcago Ralergh Smrth Mtlk Darry Homemade Ice Cream TR 3761 591 Potter Road West Seneca N Y Ralphs Delrcatessen Cold cuts Beverages Grocerres 1988 South Park Avenue WO 0079 Ray Harr Stylrst Regal Televrsron Servrce Company 796 Clrnton Street Buffalo 6 N Y Authorrzed Stromberg Carlson Servrce Rrdgewood Pharmacy 1385 Abbott Road Lackawanna 18 N Y Norman Roach Optometrrst 2138 Seneca Street TR 2361 john E Roberts Funeral Drrector 762 Elmwood Avenue Rosrnskr Furmture Co'npany Stores of Confidence 760 Frlmore-697 Rrdge Road Buffalo N Y Lackawanna N Ruland s Delrcatessen L Scalrsr and Company General Contractors Plans furnrshed on request 289 Southsrde Parkway Buffalo N Y Charles W Schlack Plumbrng Heatrng 250 Columbus Avenue TR 4114 Complrments of Schlehrs Insurance Agency 87 Burch Avenue Buffalo 10 N Y Seneca Optrcal Company 1920 Seneca Street Shaffers Pharmacy 851 Abbott Road Buffalo N Y Shanleys Cleaners 500 Abbott Road Buffalo N Y l . . 'l 299.501 Main Street D and Parts Distributor-MO 3599 . ' ' ' , . .- , . Y. A . V . I ' ' I a a A ' . A ' I - h A . . . Share in Eleven High Masses Daily join Redemptorist Fathers' Purgatorian Society Annual Members 5.50-Perpetual 810.00 Rev. Father Rector 258 Pine Street Buffalo 4, New York Sheehan Motors-Nash Agency L. B. Smith Motor Corp. 1212 Abbott Road Lackawanna 18, N. Y. FA 6800 Kurry G. Sorgi South Park Cleaners "For Those Who Care" 2354 South Park Avenue WO 0869 Harold S Miller Norman G Steinagle South Buffalo Florist and Landscaping 925 Abbott Road FA 4111 South Park Electric Store Compliments of the South Side Grill Stan's Meats and Produce Visit our Dairy G. J. Weckerle President H. P. Weckerle Vice-President Sterling Amherst Farms Dairy, Inc. Try the Smooth, Sweet, Velvet Flavor 4949 Main Street-PL 4000 Square Deal Food Market George Suess Motors, Inc. Dodge-Plymouth Dealers 2036 South Park Avenue TR 7403 Taltys Grill T L Terry Inc Watches Diamonds jewelry 792 Seneca Street WA 5386 Compliments of Texas Red Hots 2450 Seneca Street The Tiny Tim Coffee Shop and Soda Bar 694 Abbott Road Ulrich's Meat Market 2342 Seneca Street Buffalo 10, N. Y. TR 1345 Vi and Emil's Drive Inn Vi and Emil's Sandwich Bar Abbott at Carlyle Fred Walter, Jeweler Formerly Eugene Graeber 470 Abbott Road Wilcox Super Market West Seneca 24, N Y Where low prices are born Woodside Furniture Store 2023 South Park Avenue TR 2304 PERSO AL P TRONS Mr J Abeile Acelock Service Mrs Thomas J Ahern Mr and Mrs Frank Alberta Mr and Mrs joseph Alberta E Amann Mr and Mrs R Apotosky Miss Alice Aszkler Mr and Mrs Cyril A Ball Mr Charles Barone R F Barrett Mr and Mrs Francis Barry rn memory of james Vaughn james Barry Mr and Mrs E Barthelemy Mary Bauer Tom Beale Mr and Mrs Frank Beitz Mr Franklin Beitz Miss Jean Bertz Robert Bertz William Beitz e Linen Supply and Mrs joseph D Bcrmrngham Raymond j Bust Sophia Biclik Miss Mildrcd Bodkcy Mr and Mrs Stephcn Bodna Williim Bol md Bomdio Brothers M s J Bowen Mr md Mrs M Boytzuk Bridlcys Dry Clcinrng r an Mrs ohn Brccn r and Mrs Chirlcs Brcitlcnstcm rs T Brosnm md Mrs Lcstcr C Brown R C Brown Mr md Mrs A W Buchanm Mrs Mrry Buck Bud and Al john F Cadigan Patrick E Call Mr and Mrs A K Campbell C B Campbell Mr and Mrs Thomas Carberry Mr and Mrs Anthonyj Cardone Mrs john Carmody Mrs joseph Cavanaugh Patricia Cavanaugh Mr and Mrs William Caven Alice and Laura Caven Gcorge J Christ Mr and Mrs james Cleary Mr and Mrs Ray Cleary Armanda Clough Mrs P Coffee George Collinr Miss Cornelia Collins Mrs Cornelius C Collins Miss Ethel Collins Mr and Mrs john J Collins Cecelia M Colpoys Frank Coniglio PhG Albert L Cook Mrs Mrs r Mrs Mrs r r ls rs r r Nich Louis Coppola john Corcoran Costanzo s Bread james Coughlin J Crowley and Mrs Thomas Cusack S Cutting and Mrs E J CZW0ldlk ind Mrs Gcorge Daly ind Mrs Thomas J Daly jimes Danahy rn Mrs A Dcan in Mrs Harry Dc Hits olis S Dcl Bello Mr md Mrs john P Dcmpscy Bcitrrcc Dcptuli Mr ind Mrs Dcrcn jun Deren Mr and Mrs L Dcsinc 70 Patrrck O Dillon Miss Mabel Dimmers Mr and Mrs M Doll Mrs William Domon Mr Francis Donogher Mr and Mrs James Donovan Mrs William P Doran Mary Downey M and Mrs Walter Dressler Miss Alice C Durkrn Mr and Mrs joseph Dwyer Miss Mary j Dyas Mr and Mrs Walter Dyll Florian j Dzimran Mazre Erisman Mrs E Ernst Mr and Mrs Georgej Evans joseph Fachko Mrs Thomas Fahey Mrs Mary Farrell Mr and Mrs Joseph M Fick Samuel Finkelstein Anne G Finn Sam Froretta Miss Mary Ellcn Frtzgcrald Miss Marion Fitzhenry Mr and Mrs james J Fitzsrmmons Anita Flanigan Kathryn Flanigan Mr and Mrs Stanley Foroscrl Thomas Fortunato Mrs Chrrles Foser Mr and Mrs john Foy S john S Frrnklrn Clrl E Freeman Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Friend Mr. ' ' I 1- ' A , . . ' ' B l ' . . ' Mr. .. . . ' L ' .. ' i Mr. . I . . A- ' U ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' T y . '. ' ' i . .. ' - Mr. , i ' ' X a Mr. . ' i Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonadio Mr. and Mrs. joseph Cutrona MF- and MYS- .l- Flfmhef r.. . Mr. ' . . . ' a - ' Mr. A ' 'Q I ' M , 3 M , . , . .. , I. M . ' d j " l .. 4 . . - 1 D M. . 4 V f 5 -A M. 1 d .. . -. 1 - Ll -. . - l bl . 4 Ll .. . ' aaj A i Mr. 4 .. '. ' . ' ' ,g 'I - A ' . 1 .. . . . A -, ' - . L A l ' l ' . L .. ' ' A ' I .4 A ' . ' . . ., J. . - A ' Angela Furnarr Mr and Mrs joseph Gabor Mr and Mrs Frank Gatta Walter L Grbson Mr and Mrs james K Grrard Mrs F Grrrorr Raymond Grrrorr jr Agnes H Glaeser Mrs Loretta Glavey Mr and Mrs j Glombeck Lours Goerstern Abraham Goldfarb and Mrs Norbert Gollwrtzer and Mrs j A Gorman and Mrs S Gorskr and Mrs joseph Gradl Wallace Green Mr and Mrs George Grube Mr and Mrs Rrchard Guyettc joseph Guzzetta S Haber james E Halloran Mr and Mrs A Hanrahan I Mr and Mrs Edward Hanrahan Mrs M Hardrng Mrss Erleen M Hartrgan Mr and Mrs john T Hayden Mr A j Harla Mrs A K Hartley Mr and Mrs M Hearn Mrss Mary Heckt Mr and Mrs Samuelj Hewrtt Alrce Hrllery Mrs Raymond Hrllery Mr and Mrs Walter Hrllery Mr and Mrs Frank Hrrsh Wesley E Hopkrns Mr and Mrs Chester Horner Mrs Wrllram Howard Stasra C Hunter Mr and Mrs M Hyrrck Mrs C Ide Mr and Mrs W j Ireland j and R and Mrs Wrllram jaworskr and Mrs F A jedrzelewskr Wrlbert johnson Wrllram H ones Mrs F joseph Mr and Mrs T j joyce G Karser Maryann Kane Mr and Mrs Frank Kanrck Mrss Patrrcra Kanrck Mr and Mrs Elmer E Karns Mr and Mrs john Keany Don Kelly Mr 1nd Mrs j P Kelly Mr john R Kennedy Mrss Margaret A Krley Mrss Margaret M Klrpfel Mr Albert A Knapp Mr and Mrs S Knapp The Know Nothing Club Koren Brothers Lackawanna Mr and Mrs Wrllram Kraus Mr and Mrs B Kraynrk Mr and Mrs j Kresconko Mrss Evelyn Kruse Mr and Mrs Francrs Kuebler Mrs Henry Kujawa Mr Charles Kulp Leo Kush Wrllram E Langelands Wrllram Langenderfer Mrss A Langford Mr and Mrs T j Lawson Marian Leahy and Mrs Leo R Leary and Mrs Martrn M Leary and Mrs Paul Leary Mrs j Lewandowska Edward Lewrs Gerald Lrberty Mr and Mrs Fred K Lrndstrom Mr and Mrs Roy D Loomrs Mrs john M Lours Mr and Mrs R Lounsbury P j Maher Mr and Mrs james F Mahoney Mardy and Sons r and Mrs Charles Makey and Mrs Stanley Makson r Fred C Maloney and Mrs Albert Maruak Francrs j Manka Krkkre Manns Mr and Mrs P j Marren Mar h Motor Corp Mrs Carl Martrn and Mrs F Mazurek and Mrs john D McCarthy a McCormrck and Mrs M j McGraw and Mrs Martrn McGowan and Mrs A j McK1bben Vrctor McLaughlrn Mr and Mrs john McNamara Mary C Meegan Mr and Mrs Nelson Mercer Mercy Hosprtal St Camrllus I Fourth Floor Holy Famrly Second East Holy Famrly Thrrd West St joh1 of God Frrst St john Second Second West Surgery Treatment Servrce X Ray Department Mexrcan Nut Shop Robert Frost Meyer Warren F Meyer Mr and Mrs Achrlles E Mrchel Estelle M Muchourcz Mr R Mrllard Mr and Mrs Roy Mrllard Mrs Charles W Mrller Mrs L Mrller Mr and Mrs Mrlosta Mr and Mrs Frank Mrrabellr Fuzzy Molloy Mr and Mrs Matthewj Molloy Mrs Vrncent Moore Mrss jean Moran W R Moran Mr and Mrs A Morano Morrrsey Famrly Mr and Mrs E Muerder 7l joseph Mure Mr and Mrs j j Murray jrm Neary Mrss Ann Nolan Mrs Cnarles Noody Mary Ann Nowak Francrs OBrren M j OBrren Mrs P V OConnell Mr and Mrs james H OConnor Mrs W OConnor Mary Catherrnc O Donnell and Mrs Wrllram H ONerll and Mrs O Ort' and Mrs Charles Orlando and Mrs W j Osborne j r Robert OSullrvan Harry S Owens Mrs Rrchard Owrzarczak C M Pallos USN Mr and Mrs Mrchael Pallos Mr and Mrs Samuel Palmer Mr and Mrs Bernard Panhl Fugene A Pantera Mrss Tneresa Pantera Frank S Parker Mr and Mrs A Patronrk E Payne Mrs Mary Payne Mrs A G Petrre Fdmund j Petrre an Mrs George Pferffer an Mrs C Preczynskr n Mrs V Preczynskr Mrss V Preczynskr Mr and Mrs W Preczynskr Mr and Mrs james Plunkett Mrs Antornette Polak Mr and Mrs T E Polverarr Art Popp Rose Procknal Mr and Mrs Edward urnn Monrca Qurnn joseph Rarmondo Mr and Mrs W Rathke Lucy Raymond Wrllram j Raymond and Mrs john Rerlly G Rreman and Mrs H Rrndllersch and Mrs C V Rrordan Mrss Helen G Rrstle and Mrs Arthur Robrnson and Mrs Bernard G Robmson john F Roche joseph Rodkey Mrss Kathleen Romance Rudys Restaurant james Ryan Mr and Mrs james Ryan Mr and Mrs james F Ryan james Sanders john Sardrna Mr and Mrs Al Sauter Marran Saxe Mr and Mrs M j Scanlon Mr and Mrs john F Scanlon Mr john P Scanlon Mrss R Schanamn H Schlee . Mr. . . . , ' A . Mr. . A . . , . ' . . . - Mr. . . . , ' Mr. ' A ' Mr. . A ' Mr. ., ' ' , ' ' Mr. . . . A , , ' Mr. , , Mr. . . A , V H , ' Mr. . Mr. . A . ' Mr. , , , v I-D . . . ' M . ' ' . Nl . . . ' . . A . A Mr. . . . - - - r .ff Bl . . . .. A - Mr. . A 1 . A Mr. . . . . ' A A Mr. and Mrs. j. j. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. B. Pieczynski . A A Mr. . . . Mr. d . . A A . . A Mr, . ' Mr. 8 Cl . . A ' A - - A Mr. . . . A A . ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' , , ' - . . . Mr. A . Mr. ' ' . j ' ' , . . Mr. . ' ' ' . ' Mr. . . . A Seneca Elcctrrc Company Mr Frank Sever Betty Sheehan Mr and Mrs Davrd Sheehan Mr and Mrs john Sheehan Candy Sherldar J A Smrth Mr Al Snyder Rrta Spencer Strohm s Bakery I' I' l' l' l' and Mrs Wrllram Strong Wrllram Strong jr and Mrs V Struskx and Mrs john Stuchal md Mrs john j Sullivan joseph Sunshlne Mr Henry j Swlck Mr and Mrs john Svnack Mr and Mrs john R Tuck Ultra Modern Roofmg Company Wrlfred j Vallquette Mr and Mrs Edward Van Kell Mr and Mrs joseph Vastola Mr and Mrs joseph L Vastola Grace A Verel Mr .md Lirs A Vxckcrs Mr and Mrs Stephen Walsh Mr and Mrs Wrllram Walz Mr Garnet W Watcrnouse C C Weaver Mrs j Wehrle Bert F Wfertman jr rn Wlcxtley Mr and Mrs L Wnckenhlscr Mr md Mrs Ntlfmlh I Wrc-txg Mr and Mrs R Wrllnms Mrs W j Svnmdcman Mrs Ann T ay lor Ihtta Beta Srgma Sornrlty r Mr r rs and Mrs james P Sweeney Sr md Mrs Carl L Thne and Mrs N j Thomas Alan Thempen r and Mrs Lrnus Trghe r oxs lwfr Mr lvfxss Mr B Trauscht Traustht and Mrs Robert O Trelt and Mrs Wrllram Trometcr Mrrglret Tronolone and Mrs Wxllram j Troy Mrs Hrlda Wrrght Mr and Mrs Gordon 'Ioung Mlehacl j 'loung Young and Brddlecomln Mrs Bernadette Youngknns Mr and Mrs I Zablockr Mary Zay C Mr and Mrs Stanley ZIIIC Mr and Mrs Alhert Zrmmer Mr joseph N Zrmmer In Memory ol Mrchael j Vaughan Rose T Zavs adzke .. .. f ' ,Jr. , , I M. ,. 'A 1 L- ' . ' M. 'A' t . - , , MJ T. , A H , M. ,. ' . h . hf,i ,v . 'Ag 'jg ' . joseph Woeppel lXI.a .. . . h rf r yi K- M . . . 3 , ' M, . ' ' - r 5 M. , f . , M ji . .. ' . 1 1 , r . ' 72

Suggestions in the Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 37

1951, pg 37

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