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 - Class of 1950

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. . r, - . . . U21 ----V ., - .r ,....Am, - 4- dsx , .V . .-in-...,..-. H., -.V , ., , U - -V - 11. . g V' .: 1 - , V-1 'Q ,L-,ff-f - 1. " " 'ww -f . . ig- , " , 1 ...., - I 5 37 " ' X f ' ' ' ,AJ K- 1 ' -,-E4 B512 Q -,-. H. '- IF ' 1 ' , r ff, '-- --If- 5" f- ' v- X ' sf 4 11 H. ,-K ,dr H73-35 gba A -M75 '- -, ' .1 , , H 5 1 . . ., . 'L 1 Q wr f . 0 r if M. ,-ff, '- - .Wir-w..4'. 1 .Q-1"'Qf - 1w,,,i::f:f+- F-WE V V 'gfivfi'-", iff' 'f"'1E1 Q A " 'L ,'fL.11' :,qCjfQ', 'wi gi:'2"'f Y 1-, ., ' f ,u .L -. 4514: Y I 0 . . . , . . gf" ' V is 1- - . . is A' I - ' .. gf ' - .J- ffgif.,-,Q ' -J? ' 3 E, .1 MA wi, , 215' '- 1 F95 ,.,-.-W5 M ,. . . ' .-' 1' wg,-, ' V . fg ..,,f.. ',ff,.,'-f . ' : ' ' - , , ..,, 1. -. Vi,-grad, , .-'71-31, pn 15, 2 - -1 .. 1. 1 A-AVA, - ,YQ - I 4 H '-- . x ..,,' . ,,-A- .- -. -wg., " - . '-'Y A , A ., -- ,,,:. 1 4-A ,V 'g..,,, Q - X 1':'f c ' 'su' 1"' '-', .21 'vr'5'1' - -::1f- 'qv-al . f. -, -rk . 1 - , . - fx- 1 - V ' '..'.. .- . - . if .,r, V A y ,QU-,Aw - ,..- Y- . .,,:"'5"-- ..,-, 5.1 ,,,.,,'.x. :,, ..f',,r: .,.X ag, 4. f. r 1. .X ,, , ,, , ' - V -" 1- ,f-1 "F V -- -1 ' J , "Q, 'V g " ' .- iili l, . . .5 . , A1 , , , H . . ,n P-Q J- .W ni mi -1 HIE u -n :Nino .4 V, J a wiiiiii HE FOCAL POINT of our Catholic lives is essentially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. A Christian lite is characterized by complete abandonment to the Will of God in union with the holiest and most perfect Sacrifice oi Calvary. in High School we are on the threshold of our lives, We are choosing our path. our road to sanctiiication. Thus. we may say that these days are the "entrance chant'f of our lives. We stand at the foot of the altar of life, about to enter into the vocation by which we may become apostolic members of the Mystical Body of Christ. sw flaw N iii? that ws'- rcienn e .f f Q I9 -Q WI f'f,i'I,-f,-1T7j?"f'5fy?E:f,ig f-xiii? -' 1 if 'fgf-tw-L x A ,' TTT, 1 , -f k"U"", ,QS-.-:jak ui wt' , i 4.-nf , I, .w X , IIN, ,V 'lf V If hr, x , NL- V ..,-,ir-PSij4,, . , 4 xi L . 1 If yy, -' -i gxg-155-Y, ' Af ff! Aff , , x' Y 7,1 f , ' 7. Q 5 XF" qlxig. F fN2'M1f:-:- - - . -' .. is f A 'T A " m V " ,f I E1 Min., 'Ag.' 1 1 -eff -'g. +12 wi-e f' " - ' ' :V fg- M B J 2 0 3 F BX AX .M V If ' xrllrx CQ 5' 1 75' J Wx 1: - Y' Ty C aj if 3 7 V ' 'A ui.: . X- 1 ' , Q.-,g 32' GJ ff' - . . -.192-'-" ' - W 4 'q'. QA." . ' j v -g'oLlP!f" A x 4 4 1 'g'C:A-,A J' - . f,'o'nPA.-" . x " f ' 'Q 0. - - - ,, Y X ,- A ..-.5 op. - Y . 'q'a,0. - - ' A-f -' Al .XX . - u'oL'l'l.:".'.' A ,. I ZX A - . . .,,o.0- ' . M W ' ' X- ? , XX, Max XR::x2:fNN ,gllnlv s x Rf ., -2 -.,Af'ixX ,N A V X 4 ' ' g ' QWJD I -. 'xxx X. Kg , ' 4 ,fy-,T l A : --23 A ,' I J QYAVAZQ 5 X 3, 3-I LJ nge jj 245 X g . gf k ' LL ustuggvfx-lt' x 5 X 1'- . 9 qilfif' pyqh'Wgc X 5 , l ' K 5 E 2 ' 2:5 ".f'.fm'v"" w 1' 5 ' U x X X 1. X . ly!-l'lW""c 'Him G lc Q K xx 5 C ' X ' E I1NYb9",slxvQ :unit '-z"v5' I X 1 -M wil-l""v 'tc' - ITE: IEE lil!! X' W Kill L . E XA' I' X , 3 D L. ' E 5 3 f ' R s fI W' f . - ,X , , V . Q 1 ', 2 ?I,,, . i , Q gh ,,',.... .ji , R , , 1 Q 1 s 5 ' . TQ ' ' x Q tl 1 4: f 1 gn , 1, .! 1 A 2 51 i 1 1 . Q f E 2 il 1 I N Q Q 1 G f '- W 7-5 1 ig 1 ii l 2 Q L1 2 2 if I -- -L Q ' g W 2 31-4 KN I ,E . ,W . ,X , , ',. .Mx y , , Jr- ' i, S ' f :-sf Q ff r ,,:- ' In N ,X . X x S S . S S Xg nuu 'X R . ,2- Wm Q X XXX V .X'r X fi X S ff VX I 'QH, 1 x Quan Iii.. We vw mi 4 . .' lf! 4 if Lf, Z9 21.fI,g" '-Pc-1-9 ' - -'. , ms-A '. ff' ' S ZS ' o.'4,0 ' af? I Pa, . o Q if : Q ' X M - -Q -L : Ei 12 ' '- mwwgmwyfa, 4 , M' 5 . X 1 x ., I T 1 NW . r 1 w, W V L . 5 1? 1 W f Af A,,.,,f,,, ,. N XXXQQ X- QamgiXw,Lmg3.x , Q' A 'A,.f',' ' M, """f ' -531 . ft, , ' 'Q 1 m .-"5 -' f , fu-I , , , -, . 4 'ff , f - -.,, ' J f ffffcgei . 1 Wfk,ff,??Q,fl,,,. ,X J., V,-kpff, if K, we j , Y .yy , - - . F, I, K X K K 'W - . ' S " W E ,jf ,rf lj If , , 4 in Af 2 X ' N , ,V A W5 , ' ' XX ' ' ' 4 ,. ! K H l , 1 fy. H R 1 ffx . g 'gg' . +6 - ' ' R' """L k , 1 ' 2, M '25 f ' I . . 5 :Q . - IA- I i 93 I all . . B W . my 'QQ6.,Q0'? :V ASE 9'0,'? , . L x gp ,LmA X 'A 'X f gf' 'f ' " 9 Q ' ' f 'X f ,f Q.g.g'9'Q. , 2 1 ' .iw 3 X X V K! - 4 X! X7 rf, X, Q5 5 ,- Qgssgyegn , Y , X -, ,, ' ". ff , 017145 fx " 4' 'xi If ,,-lfjff' 1' S, 1 "' Color reproductions of the above painting are sponsored by Gothic House, I9 West 44th Street, N Y 18, N, Y JLAJJUOAMJ PIIPI PIIIS XII O Holy Father, to you, "The Keeper of the Keys." we hum- bly dedicate our Yearbook. We, the Senior Class, Consider it a distinct privilege to be able to graduate in this Holy Year of 1950. With this expression ol Iilial devotion, our thoughts ao to the Vatican and to you, the "Successor of Peter," upon whom rests the salvation ol millions of souls. We honor you, we love you, we admire you, we serve you, and we look to you as the guiding force ol our Catholic lives. SIIIII Il III UHIIISI I IHI IIIII ISS III IHI PIIIISI IIII .Sf ll HIRIH IHY lIliHl All lHY TRUTH. lndeed, today, when Communism is spread- ing over the world its threatening tentacles, and materialism is overshadowing religion, a firm understanding of Catholic doctrine is necessary for every follower of Christ. Catholic Buffalo is most fortunate, for our Bishop has a special place in his heart for the advancement of Catholic education. Through a wider knowledge of the doctrine of our faith, MOST REV. IOHN F. O'HARA, C.S.C., D.D. Privileged indeed are we to have as our spiritual leader in Buffalo, His Excellency, Bishop O'Hara, Through his wise counsel we are taught to follow Christ more closely. During this l-loly Year, the potency of this prelate will bring us even nearer to the King of Kings. we, the Catholic citizens of tomorrow, will be better equipped to stem the tide of these false ideologies, for, "Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." Certainly, the sublime purpose of Catholic education is to bring the teachings of Iesus Christ into the hearts and homes of men in order to make this a better and kinder world. MOST REV. IOSEPH A. BURKE. D.D. Zealously pursuing the course set centuries ago by the chosen twelve apostles, our be- loved Auxiliary Bishop Burke is a model of true priestliness, A native Buffalonian, he makes us proud to claim as our own one so gifted in "the ways of the Lord." IHIY HAVE C0 IIUIIIIIJ US S QQ 'C' REVEREND GODFREY DOYLE, O.F.M. REVEREND CHRISTOPHER COLLINS, C.P. REVEREND T. LOUIS LANGLEY Chaplain Dean of Holy Cross Seminary, Dunkirk MJ-I., I.C.B. Mount Mercy Academy Instructor in Religion The Matrimonial Tribunal Instructor in Religion There will always be found in our hearts deep admiration and sincere gratitude for those faithful servants of Christ who have brought ug closer to Cod through their inspiring religious instruction, their provif dent counsel, and their good example. By their kind and patient guidance, we are prepared to take our place in the World with pure hearts and sterling char- acters, so that We may imitate the beautiful virtues of lesus and Mary in whatever walk of life we may choose. ln each parish, the priest performs the Christ- like work of teaching the young, comforting the dying, administering the sacraments and sustaining an active Catholic life among us. Through his consecrated hands, Iesus Christ is reborn on the altar, and by these same hands He enters our hearts with I-lis treasure of love and sanctifying grace, The value of a priest cane not be expressed in words, but we can clearly see the desolation and hopeless despair of those people from whose lands the successors of the apostles have been repelled, Yes, the debt we owe to these "other Christsu can never be evaluated, for they give their entire earthly lives to aid us in obtaining eternal life, and expect no earthly reward, REVEREND MICHAEL FLANNERY. C.M. Retreat Master Senior-Iunior Class REVEREND BENEDICT IOSEPH. C.P. Retreat Master Sophomore-Freshman Class A ,... 3. M 1 T ,gb Li, I . ' -Qvuv v 2-n,g.', . t -' V Z . . Sz' , fri, J 'r' T1 0 ' U' J -. ' ' if . of ffffif . aeffli-,Q-.f - M?--la i ,oem ug, .W N if In " 0- Kaz.. Q 0' N 'Sai 'YV 'K 1. 'L 3 'N 'Y 'i M 'J' s E ' "ft ' s ., gg? I. 7, - r -0 l ' ' .E 5' 'fi if -- .s'A- . ' :rf ' mid s 57 f ,l .J At. ty In . , 'L , . 0 T me M, ,,. , E-Cl. A' ', ' fx, M4 ff s t t K as W Q A 7,5 . I 1' Q "EKU,-14 3 ef ,If 'E T ,W I - ' ' 1, ' ' W Qs", N ' ee ,qu T ' ,sh ic' I ' , ,w -Vvxwi ,L ' W My 1 Zxrr . !01n','f ' V ' - "" 'W-e Q' .ff -'fr 'L 14' f -e we ,-si f -fe.. e,- e , W . .-as A yhwmw Q A J,-H la , .5 . Or' K . . , .f 1' ' . -, " f A !mi.'3., Ln tis: me - A FPA I 8 ll . a 'X' ' ' Q ' 1 ., I .' -'-1 17" '5'?m".3 gfif' A -rl " - "" :ang E' A. f C' ' 'te- :"4r ' 5, I' , J U O.' . A , 0 g ' if P Q. .Q-Lai' 0 Q "l o Jr of 1 9 4 - V, S. ' 1'3" M' ' i P, ,Q W 'Q "K lv an -ug 2 1. C ' not 0 i. L . ' 5 7' .f S " -T " ' . "- i'N, f'j"'ifwi1fM4wft. - '?"., Mf if Y , ,, Q , s I ltr I , 'F' I lo 4' Qq a it f ,xl Lt, Q 1'8- THE SACRED HEART STATUE maiestically stands engulfed in the sunlit foliage to remind us of the Providence surrounding us during our four years here at Mount Mercy. Seasonal changes have not detracted from the gentle expression upon the loving face: and we hope nothing will weaken our devotion to this faithful Custodian of our campus. mm! BRIIIIISHI US. .I Ill IHY IABIRNAIZII. THE FACULTY MOUNT MERCY ACADEMY Superior: REVEREND MOTHER MARY MANUELA Principal : SISTER MARY LOYOLA Instructor in Religion: REV. CHRISTOPHER COLLINS, C.P. SISTER MARY ALVARETTA Piano, Voice SISTER MARY BERENICE Library, Library Science SIsTER MARY CALLISTA Violin SISTER MARY CLAUDIA Religion III, General Science, Spanish I, Spanish II SISTER MARY CORONA Violin, Cello, Organ SISTER MARY DE ANGELIS Religion IV, Shorthand II, Transcription SISTER MARY DE PAZZI Religion II, Business Law, Bookkeeping SIsTER MARY ELLEN Health MOTHER MARY HELENA Study Hall Preceptress SISTER MARY IMELDA Piano SISTER MARY IANE Religion III, English .IV, French I, French II MOTHER MARY IOAN Religion III, World History, French III SISTER MARY LORETTA Religion II SIsTER MARY MADELEYA Religion IV SISTER MARY MAURA Religion I, Latin I, Latin II SISTER MARY MAUREEN Religion III, English I, English II SISTER MARY NOEL Choral Music, Organ SISTER MARY PARACLETA Religion II, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry SISTER MARY PETER Religion I, English III, General Science SISTER MARY ROSELLA Religion I, Biology, Chemistry, Physics SISTER MARY SHEILA Religion IV, English II, Spanish l, Spanish III SISTER MARY THOMAS Religion II, Latin III, Art I, Art II Miss DOLORES DICKMAN American History II, American History III Miss MARY ELLEN FITZGERALD Social Studies, Introduction to Business Miss MARGARET KILEY Shorthand I, Typing X Miss EVELYN Kwsf Business Arithmetic, Elementary Alg ra Miss THERESA PANTERA Piano, Choral Music Miss PAULINE HASSELBECKQ Secretary . -at sk Q - ' Q U v , ' ' . ' av P-'tr ,I v c ., --'Ir-' mv, 1, ,.""'9 1" 1' J ' u' 7 At.:-. . W, Q: 9"'2"f ' 'fr '-'il f 'N' " H , YQ '.'lOc- . gg 4'5:!,A.,, M --f., '- ' , 3 -qt 4. 'bi r5's't,2'-Q ' .--f .5 H .-S K 0. ' ,'J' iw? f -Q'-?:a,-sg-V .8 , -.f"r, 'V ' ' ' 0. O' ' Y. o . ' g, vo ,,," so-3 . - 1 L' lo 1 Q - If eras ,nhl ,tg ,uv L, "--'- -.2--f ' on- . It ,Q 'Q 3 r 9 , ..:f'e 1' p 1 Aki 1' . 1. 1 ,, . n Ri .1 . . 19, Muzi-f"' " n lg :A 0 ,.. .W'?5,.,. J - A X n L-if n 1 T g' 9 of'J"q Q r "Qs, '71, ts 'A '4 . I 1 ff" nr hd :v 'Qi ,.p " 0 A 45, 1 ' 4 5 1:5 iff i. .er '1"'5-"' i "" ' "Er v flv ,,,,:'?l:" I4 tilplfiz' .tl 25: I .I , .wfiz , 'Z X' l , - ,, 'o if - S N A 432 - Vo ,,. My Q,-'EQ I I 1 a -I I P. ,S-'rf V"-. f 5. 'Sur . ' ' 'i ' fs ' h "9 ".,'-ff: . ,S . jig ' A :fear Q-taxi' . 'Amiga 'Q F, ,n 7' zivlqf 53-f' ,' gf-if ' . p , n, 42 ,A .- wav- to-.5 eu ,.wn,,f ar., J. 1 Atty.: I' ' ' A . , .fy , ...7"' W all 5, -:W , ' i V Q K ' 91 ,, I . . 5. .'h.t,. I ,A , Y ,, ,, M, f se. 3 , 5' to , W . .-re 1 ,, 5 I - -4. Qt, J n,.f' 'i 'fk V' ' 'Q'-I . ffl . 'g.'P524. sf. , A .,,, ,, HERE AT MOUNT MERCY we all are most grateful for Mary's presence in our secluded courtyard. We display in our humble way our affection toward her by daily crowning her statue during the month dedicated to her. Perhaps this devotion is responsible for the unceasing prayers she offers in our behalf. 9' 'Y' "4 X- .' H, y. ,,.n V .4 . e,. f' , 1"-Flap :ff I Ll' ilg- -, 4 "WE OFFER UNTO THEE, O LORD," all our elforts to attain a wider knowledge ot Your greatness, for this is the principal aim ol a Mount Mercy girl and the mark of distinction of a true soldier ol Christ. Through our other studies we grow even closer to You, for Your beauty and power are closely exempli- fied in the sciences, languages and arts. Indeed, we leam to offer our very existence. so that life can be a perpetual conse- cration to You and our lovely patroness. Our Immaculate Mother. UPPEHTUHY And In Thy Name, I WiH lHt up My Hands. .. I Alice Hillary and Marion Hughes are only two of the many girls who take part in the perpetual Rosary. Through this, devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is ani- mated. r,f Each spring in our Blessed Mother's month. the girls of Mount Mercy pay tribute to Mary, by crowning her as "Our Lovely Queen of May." i all I . ! 'A . With the Sacrifice supreme a new school year official- ly began for Mount Mercy girls. With Father Graeber as celebrant, High Mass was solemnly offered for a successful term filled with knowledge. happiness and grace. IIUIIHIII G lll lHY lllllllflllll Ki. ms. ,xi 1 yfi as -e ,-S 3- . 4 4 . K Mn-.,,ySg 'vis ,5- fef ' Y,-4. .112 ..1T".'!:' 93' A main event oi this year was a special blessing be- stowed upon the student body with the relic oi Saint Francis Xavier. which was being taken back to Home via the United States. In the quiet ot the annual retreat, Cr Finnegan CR.I.P.l, I. Brosnan, I. Prior, and I. Regan enlighten their minds through spiritual reading. "What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?" To serve God we-ll, we must know Him. As each girl leaves our school, she has, through her studies of Gods Church, gained in appreciation ot the true values ot lite. Eve-represent in every way, her religion is pref eminent. The Bible, Church History and Apologetics are the sources from which she gains all she can in four short years, to make her an example ot Catholic womanhood, with a mind strong enough to remain true amidst the doubt and darkness ot the present day. I, s . ........,,..,.,,..N,.,. , ,N. , .g, ,L HA Qs X Q , V Q,- E , A:,.1,V ,1b , 3 W gf r. 4 1 ' 5 4 , 'F if ' f ' 1 1 G , - - - fi 5 ' Z. R ftxx . M 0' W ,,f 3 , .- . ' gfffff '5,,, . fl, L f 4,1 AU, 4-pi 1 . QQ ' f I x M, if I . l 1 1 ' D B ., a Q 1.-A ,www Future artists, I. Peters, U. Belter, I. Weisen- -m ' hurg. I. Denzel, M. Brady, and E. Murtha. " J learn to portray beauty as they see it. fx ie' bi-v I0 THE H0ll AllAR As they solve the equation by the quadratic formula. A. Hiordan. I. Navagh. M. Mahany gain a sense of accuracy. Student Library Assistants. A. McDonnell, I. Navagh, M. Crotty. I. McKenna, G. Scanlon and M. Ledwon, consult catalogs lor college preference. 1 ..:n. -.. . -1 gl em ,'f.ix 1' SXTHWS S 2 ' Q x , eff i f .Q x, Q 3 I- Q N 9' ,,. :HQ , 1 5 'f 1- if K ....'f- -S-1 'Nl'- v im D, -E , ,Q - , N A-,,Af"" MQW, ,. - V 4 . 'K I ,fe 1' ,. 4 v ' Q3 gf N sl fa A v . . I .ma P vi '45 N .. L X Q wo. -my , 1 n , ' " ' 'W' , ' , I Mf9"'T2M Egfr gg '53, 5' , .fp if fx ff" ' 1 .1 ik L A 5 V s J , r .Va I , g L , Q ? f I v 2 I V A , f . I v 1. .7 hr ' 1 4 .lf IHESHME September 7, l9fl9, brought lorth on the com- pus CI bewildered group ot shy, yet excited youriq ladies As they entered Mount Mercy Acoderny, they were worinly welcomed by the faculty ond the upper clossriien, oind very soon become on important port ol the energetic :school spirit. They iiiiiriedifxtely bedon to love the school which will one day be their Alina Mdter. Moy Cnr Lady help them to enjoy four yeorg fit Mount Mercy Academy os obundont in qrrice, knowledge, and liopbiness os the lour years experienced by the Close ot 1950. Boland. C. Cooley. 'C'- FRESHMEN HOMEROOM PHESIDENTS: Sally Maloney, R 15, Mary lane Bonadxo. R. 15, Kathleen Ryan, R. 19. tr l FIRST ROW: A. Fumari, D. Faltisko. I. Healy, D. Gruber. I. Iennings, D. Gonnan: SECOND ROW: M. Devine. P. Doody, E. Gonnan. M. Kelly, M. Iennison, M. Kelleher: THIRD ROW: M. Kalinowski, M. A. Kelly. K. Keams. E. Dwyer. V. Hegedus. M. F. Corcoran. G. Czwoidak: FOURTH ROW: P. Foroscy. I. Farr. M. Foy, H. lick. FIRST ROW: I. Barnett. M. I. Bona dio, I. Babcock. M. Buchanan, P Bowen: SECOND ROW: C. Baco. I Carney, P. Collins. G. Boyczuk, C Collins. P. Carney: THIRD ROW: M Carlo. E. Buccella, S. Bellezza, N Apotosky. P. Clark . H. Blaskovits FOURTH ROW: H. Buchanan. M. Ber mingham, A. M. Burke, M. Beitz, M Glair. R. Curry, A. M. Igoe, P. Hans- Gigi? ii 3 1 grlpanaa. iilifiia, A 2 Y . gl2."'!g Q .i i 5, W1 1 3 I 8, tiiliii :" ' fa-7' W 3 .. 1 . 5 3? x ' 1 .f x ' M 'Vx 6 -. iaxilli i 1 Di 1 .la r 53 u Fiqgiliii- y , I' . 4 ' FIRST ROW: A. M. DiGiamhattista, M Crane, K. Colern. R. Bayuse, H. Dris- coll. I. Downey: SECOND ROW: I. Brodfuehrer. M. M. Davis, C. Beltz, E. Cuddihy, C. Battaglia. M. Callahan: THIRD ROW: E. Faltisko. S. Dennehy I. Duffy, M. Dempsey, S, Cooley. E. Coffey: FOURTH ROW: K. Barnes. A. Devaney, V. Crehan, M. Canney, P Campbell, M. Burke. SHPHIINIIIRIS The worst struggle is finished now and the feeling that she "belongs" has given her new strength to strive toward the cherished goal, so seemingly unattainable when she began her high school life. For the sophomore has adjusted herself to new and different surround- ings. She tackles her subjects with a deter- mination to overcome all obstacles in the rocky path to her goal, graduation. Last years fresh- man has found herself. She knows where she is going and she strides forward with the will and determination that characterizes the Sophomore Class. SOPHOMORE H O M E R O O M PRESIDENTS: Top: Theresa Healy, R. 8: Second Row: Mar- garet Dempsey. R. 7: Elizabeth Weir, R. 17: Bottom: Ianet Murray, R. 14. FIRST ROW: T. Healy, I. Fitzer, V. Gardner, C. Hanrahan. B. Hartley, M. Feldman: SECOND ROW: R. Gor- man, M. Gehn, I. Hearn, S. Hoskins, E. Gildea, M. Gatta: THIRD ROW: L Glavey, M. A. Fitzgerald. C. Has- selbeck, D. Hall. M. Herlihy, M. Ford: FOURTH ROW: E. Harrigan, E. Har- en, M. Gallagher, S. Harrington, E. Glair, N. Hart. FIRST ROW: K. Maloney, N. Krieg- baum. P. Iennings. M. L. Ioyce, M. McMahon, SECOND ROW: R. Lynd. M. Kane, I. Leahy. P. Kelleher, I. Iohns, P. McGrath, THIRD ROW: K. Malone, K. Kelly. I. Kelly, A. Lomas, M. Kelly: FOURTH ROW: I. Kraw- czylc. L. Knapp, R. Imboden, B. Mc- Laughlin, D. Kwiatkowski, P. Marion. FIRST ROW: P. Russo. A. Zilliox, S. Zukowski, K. Weir, S. Ryan, P. Sul- livan: SECOND ROW: M. Scham- berger, I. Roll, M. I. Trainor. R. Sweeney, M. Sheehan, D. Spahn: THIRD ROW: K. Songer, E. Weir, I. Tubridy, B. Zakrison, A. Thompson, R. A. Scanlon: FOURTH ROW: A. Ryan, M. Schreiner, M. Walsh, C. Schmiti, I. Schwarlzott, M. P. Schib- ler. FIRST ROW: I. Murray, M. Murray S. Naples, I. Robinson, E. Powers, SECOND ROW: M. E. Moran, S Noody, M. O'Brien. I. Pilt. M. Pitt, R McMahon: THIRD ROW: M. C. Pache M. O'Neil. A. McPartland, A. Pirie A. Riordan: FOURTH ROW: N. Nas- soiy, C. Redmond, A. Mullenholl, E Riley, E. Olden, S. Milligan. FIRST ROW: A. Doney, I. Caven, L. Brown, P. Cavanaugh, A. Ahern: SECOND ROW: A. Coppola, L. Cop- pola, K. Connors, M. Canney, M. Day, T. Carmody: THIRD ROW: M. Daly. D. Armola, M. Carlson, M. Anstett, K. Bowen, B. D'Aurelio: FOURTH ROW: M. Carbone, I. Beitz, M. Cutrona, I. DeHaas, I. Callahan, B. Baer. JU IDRS "Receive, O Holy Father, Almighty, and Eternal G-od,-" all the studies, joys and little sorrows of the past year that with the Divine Victim are offered up to Thee. We should ale ways strive for the utmost perfection in our studies and duties because the gift represents the giver, Perhaps the greatest consolation of our Catholic faith is our privilege of offering to Almighty God through the medium of the Sace rifice of the Mass all the joys and sorrows of life which merit eternal happiness for us in paradise, FIRST ROW: M. A. Kane, M. Gur- Iinska, I. Green. C. Granville, R. Hearn, G. Harzynski: SECOND ROW: M. A. Foy, M. E. Glavey, M. Fitz- gerald, A. Geyer, P. Hyrick, M. Gormley, M. Hillery: THIRD ROW: I. Drew, I. Haley. A. Ernst. H. Dris- coll, D. Gorski, M. Holland: FOURTH ROW: I. Kalinowski, S. Hall, M. Howard. C. Halliman, T. Kapinos, B. Fahey, M. Gorman. 3Wi1T1JWi 1111111 1iilj1iiQ ggidlliif hmilfdm l111i11 1 1 1 1 lliil. r w 1 1 ig 5511335 iiaiiii fxxiiii EUNSEEPUZXTIUN d A . . Dispose lluro llays In Peaeeg llommand that We Be Saved from Eternal Damnation and Numbered Among a the Hook ot thine fleet . . w Mid f 5 7 WW" SIQNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY MARY M. SHEEHAN RUTH M. DOUGHERTY 56 Mumtord Street IIS Lorraine Avenue Sl. Thomas Aquinas College I SI. Thomas Aquinas Academig SENIOR CLASS VICEQPRESIDENT if SENIOR CLASS TREASURER PATRICIA M. CLARK , 'f ALICE LEICHT 747 Tifft Street' I 263 Willet Street Holy Family W College ' I S1 iBematd College f I A Y iv -f' ', I K 1' A-f'9'x bl I cv' W W an 'Cf' "C" H-gms' t 'wwf' Nur 'RX 'ss ,sf NTf"'? H T Y XX? as ix 'R NA 1- i' .--'14 C275 ffl? Nur ,J -439 IOAN M. ANSTETT 2431 Seneca Street St. Iohn Evangelist Academic LUCILLE I. BARNES 142 Woodside Avenue Holy Family Academic CHARLOTTE M. BATORICK 24 Verona Street St. Agatha Academic URSULA M, BELTER 866 Mill Road Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic MARION H. BENZ 140 Ramona Avenue St. Martin Academic MARY IANE BIDDLECOME 111 Macamley Street Holy Family Academic ,T RUTH M. BIELMANN 3 is r 11Mi1tord Street St. Thomas Aquinas Academic wo if MARILYN BLIES 2010 Seneca Street St. Teresa Academic AGNES M. CLEARY 72 Kimberly Avenue Sf Martin Academic ANGELINE E. COGGINS 14 Rosary Avenue oi Victory MARY I. COONLY 75 Stevenson Street St Thomas Aquinas MARY M. COYLE 1005 Tifft Street Holy Family Q6 M 5 'G' MARY K. DOWEY 113 Coolidge Road St. Thomas Aquinas College PATRICIA A. DOWNEY 36 Strathmore Avenue Sl. Thomas Aquinas Academic PATRICIA A. DRISCOLL 225 Columbus Place St. Thomas Aquin Academic I iw.. 101 Hubb Avenue St. Thomas Aquinas College MARGUERITE C. CROTTY ll Pawnee Parkway St. Teresa College IOANNA M. DALESSANDRO 53 Fisher Road Our Lady of Victory College IUDITH I. DENZEL 131 Brookside Drive Si. Marlin College PHYLLIS I. DOI-IERTY 497 South Legion Drive St. Thomas Aquinas T.. Colle e P pc,wiul4l,icvt.ra-.414-44"L"""" lv , I 4 U LJ- 412,131-4-4,, PV lflf ffl -J 1-J , -fib- 5 V ,J Ag 1.1 LTA f 9 1 1-'T' ' 1' T' t f nv' . J 'D' l 2,1 iv., lj, lift 45 -nw w 'ins rims sn' fxwf' Ag f I ff PATRICIA H. FINN 1939 Seneca Street RITA M. FINUCANE 148 Vincennes Street ol Perpetual Help TERESA M. FLANIGAN 36 Iulian Place S Martm Academ1c BERTHA K. GATES Stevens Road, R. F. D. 4 SS Peter and Paul College x CAROL A. GERMANN 2287 Seneca Street St Iohn the Evangelist College A t PATRICIA H. GODUS 122 Maurice Street if ftfffw 1' ,gf ffl!! cf MARY IANE GUIZZOTTI Z4 Tenth Street St Anthony ot Padua Co AUDREY S. HAKER 803 Fisher Road St Bonaventure C '13 3 ,NVX Q 'im 'QRS l"g I .W h YZ o p-Q 7' T' it fs EILEEN K. HANNON 23 Robins Street St, Thomas Aquinas Academic MARY ANN HAYES 69 St. Iohn's Parkside St. Iohn the Evangelist College ful 6yi,,,,,,,4,K7 NORMA I. HAYES 22 Wichita Road St. Bonaventure College . '. kt, onolmv xt. HEAD f pl L Q 'Aginirt Place St. Teres UI W' A :IVT Academic 'I my 'Il If - K ,fRUTH G. HOUCK A lt ' 6 Mariemont Avenue A St. Am rose Academic will 'figvll I I xii Vsylltlig ANN E. IENNISON 90 Milford Street St. Thomas Aquinas College PATRICIA M. KANE 328 Okell Street St. Ambrose College PATRICIA A. KANICK 919 Tiftt Street Holy Family Academic MARIETTA A. KELCHIN 91 Pawnee Parkway St. Teresa Academic . f y I X 9 V, . 11 St. Ioh e 'st Academic y 5 Y MARIANNE KELLY 219 Stevenson Street St. Teresa College SUZANNE M. KELLY 128 Carlyle Avenue St. Martin College 7' A4 A. 'L4v7'l"'-vQv4-Q:4,41 aa 7 -1114 QU' gaguulil gy ,V - - ,K A A Q '- Q A xl' xl 'xm 5 4-4 MA ARET M. KLIPFEL 1036 Titlt Street Holy Family Collegeg 'Mj .,i.-I VA FM 'f""" ww.-' ,444 'ug' 5 0'f+M1'?' - CAROL M. KNAPP 87 Newman Place St. Iohn the Evangelist College MONICA A, KWIATKOWSKA 37 Alsace Avenue St. Thomas Aquinas College IOAN M. LAWLEY 699 McKinley Parkway St. Thomas Aquinas College 31 Qrx 'Q' , 1-Gia. A tm P 'R' N1 T MARGARET M. MAHANY 49 Minnetonka Road St. Martin College MARY TERESA MALLON 48 Selkirk Street St. Stephwj College ! ff' WMI -VJ ELIZABETH L, MCCARTHY SU Irnson Street St. Monica Academic ANNE R. MCDONNELL 36 Hollywood Avenue St. Martin Academic DOROTHY L. LEARY Z7 Athol Street St. Thomas Aquinas Academic MYRNA M. LEDWON 4178 Clinton Street Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic REGIS M. MACDONALD 120 Mariemont Avenue St. Ambrose Academic IUNE M. MAHANY 337 Woodside Avenue St. Thomas Aquinas gps... College ,Mjl A ' A I If KVM. fd! I yfrlfl MLB if' ll, 1 N tlillfpriefflggnnz f ffl' lwamily 1 College' W . ff lff, ff' K 1. jf! f!j!9 lg lf? 1 , IANET MCKENNA 833 South Division Street St. Patcick JW-My Y-,gl Academic fi hjx Z' "' XX-9,5 1 WI U -f'f""!' 1 V ., " -f- ff"'zr , j- ,VXA J441' I, - ff I, 'lf' fj ' ' Q- f"tff'-715 ff.-'fs' CAROLYN A. MCKIBBIN 742 1-QM? 236 Cumberland Avenue b St. Thomas Aquinas College lt, -', s DOLORES M. MEHLTRETTER 51 Kamper Street ' St. Teresa Qgznflege Ml I 'O I I ' , Lf - A' 'f rjffff! 'yy fi ', a lv ' , "I ,Q f f -fl" I WUI I JJ. ,li ' 1. of ,ff TVN- AM IFJ A 'U' 1 . obey' ,-ff 'V' AcC!d9miC A If .1 X1 f . 1 1 -.I , , . 4 V A, " , I ' ' " ,V ' ,W MARGARET L, METZ g 1958 Seneca Street, St. Teresa Academic MARY E. MULLEN 101 Rutland Street St. Thomas Aquinas College ETHEL M. MURTHA 251 Union Road Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic 'ii 1 I .ss 4-. A ,M turf' 1 ,.-' r ini., 1 Qu-'S f1f' v 'Wi' mg., 33 IUNE A. NAVAGH 2383 Seneca Street St. Iolin the Evangelist College ,- We AN E MARENEENAN nr J ' If 'I 5 L 2 Pries Avenue 131 Lf Hdlyi Family f ,' .L Acdde-ni' . , It , ZX' ' X31 if H . 5. 1 . ,fwvg Wie 'K ff? i 1-' X ,QL . ' f' . X i , I CAROL .NOLAN A , E 171 Harding Road P St. Ambrose College 1 11 Y . V I ., , , 5g1xNIt H XX , W I y . X E CATHERINE D. NORMANLY 30 Whitfield Avenue Holy Family College MARY ELLEN O'CONNOR 85 Onondaga Street St. Martin College GLORIA L, ORLANDO 65 Chamberlin Drive Sf. Iolm the Evangelist Academic CLARA A. PANFIL 36 Gorham Street Sl. Monica Acqdemjc IRENE R. PANFIL 36 Gorham Street St. Monica Academic MONICA M. QUINN 78 Duerstein Street St Iohn he Evangelist Academic MARGARET A. BEDDING 18 Willink Street St Iohn the Evangelist ANNE M. REGAN 65 Buffum Street Evangelist NANCY A. RIORDAN 72 Woodside Avenue Holy Family College 'Q 1'--, 1 i 16. 4 .l"'l'. Y GEORGIANA A. SCANLON 2424 Seneca Street St. Iohn the Evangelist College MARY M. SCANLON 25 Richfield Avenue Holy Family Academic 5 IOAN M. SCHLEHR 74 Chamberlin Drive St. Iohn the Evangelist Academic 'yy ' .l 'tv V Ah fb ' X LL . 713- - f it L lv NJ x. ' I 'E X j 3 cl rvx C 'Ji QJLVQ LXR: .Hi ' C L 'wa asf!-wg V N ak YL NORINE F. SCHMELZINGE! 189 Amber Street Holy Family College IANET M, ROSENHAHN 2098 Seneca Street St. Teresa College MARY ANN RUSSO 2249 South Park Avenue St. Ambrose College W Hrffitwwfgw NJCBJ Oda! ANNE E RYAN OOIVYL 83 Newman Place St. Iohn the Evangelist College THERESA M. SAMSON 126 Romona Avenue St, Martin Academic 5- , CJK Tlf'5'- I'-QQ: ff: Ci if N l X X tr- H. if as XX'-F 'R www' d,-:pdl NORMA M. SCHMELZINGER 189 Amber Street Holy Family College THERESA M. SCHNELL I j 347 Seneca Creek Road Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic RH . UST g Q 9 B r 1 E I g l St. A t Academic XX " :,q 7 3 fii i Qi 1 0 ff' . . c g g 4 A ' 'as 45 I W a A St, Monica College FLORENCE S. SIUDZINSKI 276 Barnard Street St. Casimir College 'wx 1oAN M. SMITH A A X - J 186 McKinley Parkway St. Ambrose Academic MARIANNE E. SMOLAREK 16 Crystal Avenue Holy Family College V if A-QPR?" ARMANDA G. SPERDUTI 207 North Ogden Street St, Francis of Assisi Academic 1- l I ' ff 2? RITA M. SWIATEK 42 Pontiac Street St. Valentine College FRANCES C. TOOMEY 118 Bloomfield Avenue 4 1. K. qv. . 'aa ff'-v in 1545 fir 0 inns., fo-in 'NP "Q""'!r Holy Family COIIQQQ N19 IACQUELINE E. TRAUSCHT 79 Ramona Avenue Sl, lVlC1Ili1'l College NANCY A. WALSH 19 Macarnley Street Holy Family Academic NOREE P. WALSH 36K ott Avenue Hol 1 W, Academic fl! J if ,fl 60 MW Jil!! WM W' W IW MAUREEN K. WEIR 74 Sage Avenue St, Teresa Academic IOAN M. WEISENBURG 4566 Seneca Street Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic CALLISTA M. WHITE 297 Eden Avenue Sl. MUIllH Academic ,fu Y . rv... gn. I x by , , D lr- I 1,1 I ff 1 " 3 fp Tv-C Q? X5 f ..1 Q ag, . 5 fffgsfi ff fs. , T f-r' .,, . .Zig Cf? 13 if of IVQQCTO x -ft' xl X li ,Q F7 , , T- LORRAINE M WICKENHISER CHARLOTTE M. WISE RITA A. WRIGHT 321 Eden Avenue 46 Woodbrine Avenue 28 Turner Avenue St Martin Academic Fourteen Holy Helpers Academic St. Martin College NORMA M. ZWICK DOROTHY F. ZAWADZKI 2012 Seneca Street 2141 Clinton Street St Teresa College Our Lady ot Czestochowa College One day, not too long ago, Our Creator chose to call home one oi Mount Mercy's Inost loved and respected sophomores, Carol Finnegan. Although We were grief-stricken, many ot us envied Carol, for her beautiful soul reached eternity before it could be tainted by the temptations ot the world. As we con- tinue to struggle in order to reach eternal happiness, We pray that she has succeeded in engraving her name on the Honor Roll ot the College ot Saints under the one, holy and divine Teacher. "O God, the Lord ot mercies, grant 5 to the soul ot thy servant a place ot refreshment, rest and happiness, and the glory ot thy light. Through our Lord lesus Christ, thy Son, who liveth andb reigneth with Thee in the unity ot the Holy Ghost, God, world without end." i Lf-ff he B 39 Working in 1 EUMM U 'Y I , U X A, X " I f f K f X , Q A 11 I 25 , KX n M if Y, Ex,g4fV 4 v , . . .l X' le 1 2. "WHERE TWO OR THREE ARE GATHEHED TOGETHER IN NAME. THERE AM I IN THE MIDST OF THEM." At times, it might have seemed as though we had become so involved in material pleasures that God had been iorgotten. However. we realize that God ioyously receives all our varied interests into His heart. Through these social gatherings we have attained a companionable unity with others, Certainly, such compati- bility in these dark times must serve as a constant comfort to the Lamb of God. .i H7 -4 V -ww Q. H 3 " hut: ' I' ' fvmyi' O lf' uDw, if 1: 6. Ki L3- .4-4'1" 6 'BQ YN . fs gy! llllllll IHIM . .. 84 XT7 Here the capable officers. Mrs. I. Nolan, Mrs. T. Wright, Mrs. I. Ryan, Mrs. N. Zwick, Mrs. V. Dougherty, Mrs. VV. Hall are pictured with Rev. R. Crumlish. Cur Mothers share in the iays of our school hte through their membership in the active Mothers' Club. The Officers and members confidently place themselves arid their activities under the patronage of the Mother at allf--Our Lady at Mercy, Interested mothers watch young performers oi Saint Martins' School. This is a sample of the pleasant monthly gatherings of the Mothers' Guild. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Standing, Mrs. I. Kelly, Mrs. M. Coffey, Mrs. I. Bowen, Mrs. D. Biddlecome, Mrs. I. Dowey, Mrs. F. Houck, Mrs. I Kelly. Seated. Mrs. E. Kennedy, Mrs. A. Hanrclhan, Mrs. H. Pirie, Mrs. F. Reidy, Mrs. E. O'Brien and Mrs. W. Perry. Vl lllftll li lHl MlMllIll THE OFFICERS OF THE SOD ALITY OF OUR LADY SEATED' Secretari ane, Mary Dowey: STANDING: Treasurer I , ac- queline Trauscht: Prefect. Ioan Kelly: Sacristan, Ellen Strong. E. St their rong, A. lennison, A Haker and R D . . ougherty keep committees active and interested. A one-day retreat was held at Mount M ercy for all high school Sodality officers. This officers' day of recol- lection, with unforgettable conferences and a beautiful Holy Hour, brought each S d ' o alist closer to Our Lady and her Divine Son. QQ! - es, Patri- cia K Ill lHl llllSSlIl Three Sodalists from the Mother Mclluley Committee. Patricia Finn fchairmanl, Barbara Fahey, and Dolores Zwack, are taking two grateful Mercy.Hospital patients to Mass. These girls are performing a beautiful corp- oral work of mercy. ln our Sodality, we climb the stairways of sanctity from the first "lntroibo" to the last 'llte Missa Est," with the immaculate Heart of Mary as our "open sesame." Our every effort is a sincere renewal of Christs Sacrifice when of- fered Uto lesus through Mary," The wind was cold on May Crowning Day, but our hearts were warm with love of Our Lady. In sweet refrain, the girls raised their hearts and voices, pray- sN""',. To thee, dear Mother Mary, do we offer the 'springtime of our lives." Sodalists of Mount Mercy tread lifes paths, hand in hand with the King of Kings and the Queen of Heaven, conf fident of attaining their goal-Maryflikeness now and eternal happiness hereafter. ing the Rosary. It was an inspiration to see the girls form the living Rosary: may they re-live the mysteries and virtues it teaches all days until eternity. lHl Pl0Pll. ..HlJUIUl I lHll... A portrait of St. Cecelia graces the stage as the Ce celian Singers sing her praises during a special feast- dcly program in her honor. Their voices ring out with the melodies ot "St. Cecelia" and the "Viennese Lullaby." The St. Cecelia program will live long in our hearts. In her prologue. Audrey Ahern gave us b ' ' about the great Sa' eautitul ideas mt and her glorious martyrdom. x,-- 9 x ' U X qi-Y v. 1 ggififfi f 1 ..f1'M"' V ,-H' N 1 fx! IL k 4 1 73' if-ilfffgglgmxw Lmxmiig . 1. if -.i N i f 4 ML Ns I fx Much ol the credit for this yearbook is due to our com- petent staff. M. Quinn. Business Manager: M. I. Biddle- come, Manager ot the Typing Staff: C. McKibbin. Pa- tron Manager: M. Kwiatkowska. Assistant Editor: M. Kliptel. Editor-in'Chiel, and M. Benz. Assistant Editor. Y Bl I ABllU WURIH I0 ANNUU Ut THY G Awake, aware and alert are tlie present-clay ele- ments inculcatecl in aspiring Mount authors. Lively imaginations and a guickenecl pace of production are the goals aimed at in our constructive publications. The fruits of this labor are seen in our new newspaper, tlie esteemed yearbook and in various written projects. THAI Wt M Ill 0SPEl... N 5 . ,., 451 Fiblgmiff is E 0 : s w i . ' t " U fri? :WFT sirwsen D i'f L i ' 2 JB' l ms: if X TX X ' t , 5 all A N B I 4 I 1 , ljfejfii xg dh mi 'A J W. .,.. , My i f 'tx 'hi' X Ss. Under the capable direction of A. Leichl, editor-in-chief of the MER CIETTE, the stall, which includes B. Gales, A. Cleary, A. Perry, T. Pepe I. Peters, I. Weisenburg, M. A. Russo and M. Redding, perlorm ihe de tailed tasks of publishing a news paper. .KI f 3,952,555 , ,I-in ., K 1' iff fl' 'Q--. ' ' .. "3 S.wnQ"W' ,l uf? Mr and Mrs Mah .ir 1 oney and their daughter. Mary Ann, came with many others to take advantage of this excellent oppor- tunity to meet the te h ac ers and observe their daughter's work. During American Education Week, Mr. Iames Cotter, President of the Men's Sustaining Society, urged the l c ose contact of parents with the Catholic school and the maintenance ot Catholic philosophy. VIIIIEHSAH lil lllIlK UPU During the course of the year, inany learned personalities coine to Mount Mercy to enrich our background with the knowledge they have attained in their special fields. Representatives of different religious orders leave us with a re- invigorated desire to reach eternal happiness, while many lay people, who have become suc- cessful in their vocations, permeate us With a longing to reach earthly perfection, A better understanding of the culture of other countries, such as Ecuador, Iceland, Africa, and China are imparted to us by people who have labored in these places for many years. Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Klipfel, lune Farr, and Ioan Klipfel ob- serve American Education Week by attending Mount Mercy's open house. 'Pl' C5 Mrs. Regan. Mrs. Dempsey and Mrs. Hickey, as well as the students at Mount Mercy. were enchanted by Miss Hicl-cey's sparkling personality. We shall never forget her unique portrayal of "I REMEMBER MAMA." The students and parents of Mount Mercy were fortunate to receive first- hand inlormation and advice about our atomic age from Dr. Iohn H. McCabe. Q fig 'Q J. a ik we 'M WIIH GRAUIIIUS A ll Silti I EIIUNHNANIII ,pi Living in the world of imagination and dreams is a part of the school curriculum, Final tests for the dra- matic school are on curtain call time. The plays result' ing from this study range from humorous skits to the timeless Christmas pageant, and highlight many spe- cial programs. Sought aiter and enioyed by many, our beckoning stage welcomes those who might whole- somely use the talents which God has bestowed on them. When the Spanish Club celebrated Christmas by breaking their American pifiata, it showered its gifts into the girls' anxious hands. Jfficers of the K N Quil: LEFI' TO RIGHT: E. iannon, President: D. Leary, Vice-President: L Hegan. Secretary: R. Dougherty. Treasurer. "Le Iour des Reis" and a party for the mem- bers of our French Club, LES AMIES DE LA PETITE FLEUR: here students prepare to cut the traditional cake oi kings. " "And they found Mary and Ioseph. and the Babe lying in a manger." "Fear not . . . for today a Savior has been born to you." The beauty of this new Christmas Crib so affected its onlookers that they were spiritually carried back to the side of the Christ Child. The cheery smil es and gay gowns pictured here can only partially capture the beauty of voice and atmosphere, portrayed so whole heartedly in the successful production ol last year. The smiling faces of this chorus reveal none of the villainous scowls which were so ap- parent during the pleasant performance ol Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta, "Th of P " e Pirates enzance. YQ fly. The orchestra lead We If Our Senior Prom was a real fulfillment ol our fondest dreams. We, the Senior Class, thank our Chairman and her committee for a wonderful evening. We are all grateful to the chaperones who graced our Prom with their presence. They joined into the spirit and made it a truly memorable night. worth our lou r years ot expectation. er graciously autographs the programs ot eager girls. This begins a happy c cl y e ol autographs and added merri- ment. The smiling laces of the dancers show the happiness that bubbled over and filled every comer ot Klein- hans Music Hall. 1 v. Soft strains of music floated caressingly through the spring night as young girls festiv- ally-clad in lovely organdies, silks and mar- quisettes gaily danced with their attentive escorts. As each unforgettable melody was played by the orchestra, each girl was secretly tucking away another memory, one ot her most climactic experiences at the "Mount". Tonight each girl discarded her role as student for the more glamorous one of "lady of the World" and silently she wished that "There's No Tomorrow." R ,fu I Wh? , jlfff f llA'? xi r fi 1 e to 1 ' X g R Queen of the Prom, Margaret A '4zi-t, A X-3 Redding, watches over her youth- lui subiects for the brief reign of one delightful evening. i 2 2 x .lf 5 '51 ? 'L ti c Q6 r""'i llllllll ill lll THY SERVICE One oi the sweet mem ories ot Class Day is the great moment when each Senior pins a rose over h er mother's heart. This is symbolic of the love and grati- tude she owes to the one who has d give her tour happy years at Mount Mercy. one the most to In the bright sunshine of Iune happy Seniors ath . g er with their mothers on the beautiful grounds. These last Us moments together are most precious but like all th , e sparkling event f l'i h ' s o 1 e. t ey pass too quickly. only to shine in the soft light of remembrances of the past. The program of Class Day follows an old tradition. Iuniors are willed the Seniors' treasured school memories, and Seniors look forward in prophecy to what their future may hold. ff Ra? 9 4. 1 , 4 fs awww - +A ii :Vw 3 The seniors pass through the blossom-encircled "halos" held by their smiling successors. To them this symbolizes their first steps into the world where they hope to merit eternal "halos," Mother and daughter, united an Class Day, proudly and gladly take part in the festivities, The work and Worries of four years are met and dissolved at this happy time. loined in their knowledge of that which is to come, mothers with mingled feelings ol joy and sadf ness Watch their children prepare to take their places in the World. Xt, v A 4 ,.z" use nm :wif yi-'x.JQ . 24',,t - Q .. , Q L...- s 9 V' ' ......... A ' ., ,.,.,W-M HIV Q , F ., xg- :jf 'W' E Y ,-fs. 4 V294 9 md-J ., ..,,A, Ms..-...-..-W l ,vlfffif 2521 if W, ,. ...M sfmwuvwnu N UPUUMQWQ' 4 Q 9 4M..2.!..W-31 There is ioy in heaven during the glorious moments ol the graduation Mass at Mount Mercy, and the contented happi- ness of work well done pervades the atmosphere ol His Dwell- ing Place. The past fades away: and a future, unlaiown and intangible, clouds the vision ot youthful optimism. The quest lor happiness becomes foremost in each graduate's heart. She knows that the only real happiness comes from Him in Whose Presence she laxeels. and asks that her plans and ambitions bring her to her iinal ambition-to be in His Everlasting Presence. lo jkou, O oforcl granf wad Our .gacrihce may E Adding fo wee . 'FF 1W'K""7'V+'wfm '.'51r:r-xIrf"'WI3FT7f"Ef. IIIINIIIIARY PAIRIINS Most Reverend Iohn F. O'I-lara, CSC., D.D. Most Reverend Ioseph A. Burke, V.G., D.D. Right Reverend Monsignor Iohn I. Nash, V.G., P.A. Right Reverend Monsignor Leo R. Smith, D.D. Right Reverend Monsignor William I. Schreck, P.A Right Reverend Monsignor Iohn P. Boland, D.D. Right Reverend Monsignor Edmund Britt, LL.D. Right Reverend Monsignor Ioseph E. Maguire Right Reverend Monsignor Richard O'Brien Right Reverend William M. Bernet Very Reverend Sylvester I. Holbel Very Reverend Iames R. Barnett, S.I. Very Reverend Ioseph Patrick Kennedy, O.F.M. Very Reverend Claude Keane, O.F.M. Very Reverend Iohn Obendorfer, C.S.S.R. Very Reverend Carrol Ring, C.P. Very Reverend Raymond Schouten, S.I. Reverend Godfrey Doyle, O.F.M. Reverend Francis A. Growney Reverend Daniel G. Duggan Reverend Carl I. Fenice Reverend Ioseph Graeber Reverend Leo Hammerel Reverend Vincent G. McCarthy Reverend Francis S. McCormick Reverend T. I. Prevedello Reverend Hubert F, Reimann Reverend Timothy I. Ring Reverend Robert Schwab Reverend Anthony F. Veit Reverend Wilbur I. Yaeger ' 62 PR011SSIONAl PAIRS S Dr. Raymond I. McCarthy Dr. M. I. Pantera Dr. Thaddeus Pantera, D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Preston Dr. and Mrs. Charles Tanner Dr. R. F. Westermeier Dr. Ierome G. Buckheit, D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Carden Dr. H. E. Clough Dr. Ioseph P. D'Angelo Dr. and Mrs. Wm. I. Daley Dr. Louis F. Manze SP1SlAl PAIRS S Mount Mercy Academy Alumnae Mount Mercy Academy Mother's Guild Our Lady's Sodality Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-one Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-two Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-three Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Benz Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Breidenstein Clarence W. Britton Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Cleary Iohn E. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Patrick I. Crotty Dolores A. Dickman Michael I. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Finn SP1SlAl BUSINESS BRUCK UNIFORM COMPANY 387 Fourth Avenue New York, New York Mary Ellen Fitzgerald A Friend A Friend A Friend I. George Kehr Margaret A. Kiley Evelyn D. Kruse Ioseph S. Masterson Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Mescall Mr. and Mrs. Ray O'Connel1 Miss Theresa Pantera Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Redding Mr. Daniel Regan Iudge and Mrs. Iohn W. Ryan St. Martin's Parish Mother's Club Frank N. Sausen PAIRUNS MORTIMER I. MURPHY Architect BUSINESS PAIRUNS I. N. Adams Department Store Berny Brothers 1890 Seneca Street Avery's Flowers Lackawanna-WO 1010 Shop T. A. Beale's Dairy 20 Mesmer Street Belvidere Cleaners 2034 South Park Avenue Bonnie Lou Candy Shoppe 2156 Seneca Street Artcralt Furniture and Appliance Heating qnd Air Conditioning 1192-1194 Broadway-HU 0325 Blanche and Milt Beauty and Barber 1880 South Park Avenue-WO 1816 E. C. "Babe" Boyce Dunlop Tires 2272 Seneca Street at Indian Church Road-WO 0033 B. Brady Lumber Corporation Breitwieser Printing Company 129 Rilev Street--GA 5345 Convalescent Home 144 Duerstein-FA 4274 ' ,,,.4-..: .. 1 an - - f-- ,W Y- 751, 7,7 We-a4H?ae-eff,,r fswwf- --1111+-1 - Edward H. Cottrell, lnc. Gardenville-HO 3616 Curtis Delicatessen 376 Abbott Road-TR 9927 Daniel Dalessandro Excavating, Grading and Trucking 53 Fisher Road-TR 4233 Damohn Radio Service Sales-Radio--Service 2500 Seneca Street-WO 0502 Donahue's Restaurant 2716 Seneca Street-FA 7647 Downer and Till Hardware 336 Abbott Road-TR 9938 Appliances, Paints, Sporting Goods, Automobile Accessories Compliments oi Downer and Till Elliott-King Motor Sales, Inc. Kaiser-Frazer 1816 South Park-WO 2123 Since 1908 Frank-Farrell and Sons Frank Farrell and Sons 29 Sage Avenue-TR 0919 Foser's Flower Shops 619 William Street--CL 1360-1361 1877 Seneca Street-TR 0717 Gildea Dress Shoppe 1827 South Park Avenue-FA 8686 Gildea Liquor Store 1825 South Park Avenue-TR 7450 The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. Frank I. Haas and Son 25 Burch Avenue--WO 1440 Plumbing and Heating Richard I. Harrington Hayes Trucking Service Prompt, Reliable, Delivery 697 Washington Street-CL 0730 Mae A. 1-lenesey Licensed Real Estate Broker 207 Culver Road-TR 2698 Hillery and Gorman Delicatessen 2022 Seneca Street-TR 9846 Hoelscher's, Inc. I. Milford Iennison Funeral Director Iohn's Super Market 1338 Abbott Road-WO 9766 Ioyce Flower Shop 951 Ridge Road, Lackawanna TR 8510 Ka1eta's Restaurant 1525 South Park Avenue Mr. Myron M. Kawa Painting and Interior Decorating 208 South Ogden Street-WO 3930 George N. Kennedy Mortician 914 Abbott Road BUSI ESS Kline's Delicatessen 1208 Seneca Street-TR 9895 La Hacienda Pizzeria Specializes in Pizza, Spaghetti, Ravioli 2065 South Park Avenue Langland's Service Car Washing and Polishing Firestone Batteries and Tires 1035 Abbott Road-TR 9933 Robert A. Lehde-Florist 2165 Seneca Street-WO 0261 Ioe's Protected Parking South Elwood and Court Streets Back ot City Hall Lounsberry Delicatessen 329 Abbott Road-WO 9906 Maisel's Furniture and Appliance Co. 911-913 Broadway-WA 0884 Marsh Motor Corporation Studebaker Dealer 2061 South Park-WO 6200 Michael's Food Shoppe Beer-Cold Cuts-Magazines 2132 Seneca Street-TR 9888 Micky's Market Meats and Groceries 1600 Bailey Avenue B. W. Morris and Son 505 Abbott Road Murphy-Home Supply Hardware 1866 South Park Avenue-WO 1567 Neil Murphy-General Insurance 62 Como Avenue Phones: WO 6100 and WO 2273 Murphy Paper Company 195 Reading Street-TR 4044 National Casket Co., Inc. Edward I. Kelly, Mgr. 430 Virginia Street-GR 9300 Thomas V. O'Connor Brick Work and Plastering 85 Como Avenue-TR 2777 P. H. O'Malley's Drugs 1853 Seneca Street P. H. O'Malley's Drugs 1947 South Park Avenue A. Pinterpe New Era Market 910 Abbott Road-TR 1204 Powers Drug Store Prescriptions-Cosmetics 2111 South Park Avenue Prechtel Optical Company Prescription Opticians 616 Main S'treet-CL 8210 Mr. Ray, Hair Stylist 509 Abbott Road-TR 5100 Norman I. Roach, Optometrist 2138 Seneca Street-TR 2361 I. I. D. Sanders Frontier Service Station 2570 Seneca Street-WO 9862 P1130 S 1 I Y George Schreckenberger, Ir. "Catering As You Like It" 544 Ashland Avenue-LI 7870 South Buffalo Florist and Landscaping 925 Abbott Road-FA 4111 South Park Electric Company, Inc. Wholesale and Retail 2249 South Park Avenue-TR 3687 South Park Fruit Market 405 South Park Avenue-MA 2314 South Side Grill South Side Produce Company Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 1866 Seneca Street S-S Electric Repair Shop, Inc. "Electric Repair Specialists" 2470 Seneca Street-WO 1232-1233 Nights: TR 9139-WO 3036 Star Liquor Company Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors 1985 South Park Avenue-TR 4569 Strohm's Bakery 1593 South Park Avenue Swan Printing and Stationery Company, Inc. Frank Swartz' Son Sisson Highway, Eden, N. Y. Refrigerators and Freezers Sweeney and McG1oin 335 Franklin Street Importers of Irish Linen T. L. Terry, Inc. Watches-Diamonds-Iewelry 792 Seneca Street--WA 5386 Thie's Furniture 1978 South Park-Opposite Amber FA 9295 Trautwein Fish Company Compliments ot Ierome Weig, Eugene Schultz, Kenneth Stevens West Seneca Lumber Company 3340 South Park Avenue-TR 6100 Lackawanna, N. Y. Whitfield Frui't and Vegetable Market 2020 South Park Avenue-WO 1930 Eddie Wie1and's Garage 3031 Seneca Street I. Winegar and Sons--Hardware 2465 Seneca Street-TR 0094 E. S. Wholesale Company 276 Barnard Street-TR 4120 Zamorek's Antique Shop Lamps, China, Bric-a-brac, Etc. 1983 Clinton Street-FA 7352 R. H. Zilliox 1825 South Park-WO 4463 Zwick and Minnes Groceries 2012 Seneca Street-TR 0663 WTWFI W , . .. ,,,. . ..n,,...w,,,,,. F Mrs. Mae F. Ackroyd Harry E. Angenendt Atlas Chemical and Auto Radiator Shop Auto-Electric Co. Mrs. Geo. Bannister Mrs. S. Barbaritz Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Barnett Bates Auto Supply Co. Norman E. Benz Edward I. Berger P. Berst and Son Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Biddlecome Mr. and Mrs. George Bielmann Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Bigelow Mrs. G. Bills Bill's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blies Bobby's Donut Shop Miss B. Bonar Mrs. Bonilacio Frank I. Brohmar Marie Brooks Edward Bygall Mildred Burstein C. B. Campbell Anthony Casapis Chubbs Iewelers Mr. and Mrs. Francis Coggins Mr. and Mrs. Iames Coleman The Colonial Kitchen, Inc. Arthur I. Cosgrove Mrs. Neil Dake Mrs. Emma Davis Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Demerle H. A. Dennee Mr. and Mrs. F. Des Iardins Doherty Family Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dougherty Peggy Dowey Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Dwyer Raymond I. Emerling Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Frame A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Gasner's 5c-Sl Store Mr. and Mrs. William O. Gates Florence M. Gebhard Mr. and Mrs. Chester G. Germain Mr. and Mrs. I. Germann Iohn W. Gerstenberg Pllllll S Gibson and Doty Marcella P. Godfrey Louis Goldstein Mrs. Ioseph M. Grisanti Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph P. Gradl Herman T. Haker Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. I-laker Mr. and Mrs. Karl Haux Mrs. E. P. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Hayes Hess Brothers-Florist Hirsh Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Ierry Harrigan Frank Houck H'our Beauty Salon George W. Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. Al Howland Iohn W. Iarnot Don Iavenditti Mrs. B. Kane Patricia Kane Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Kanick Earl Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Iohn E. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kelly Richard M. Kelly Mrs. Iohn Keany A. Albert Kent Kimaid and Matter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kinsella Margaret Klipfel Albert F. Knabb Mrs. Henry Kujawa Charles A. Kulp Leo Kush Carl I. Lambein Rudolph Lange Mrs. I. P. Lawley George W. Lelfler Solum Lippman Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Loomis Mrs. Iames Madden Mrs. Margaret Mahany Peter I. Maher Maidy and Son Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Major Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Mallon St. Martin's Altar Society Henry P. Mast Francis I. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McMahon Allred T. Mehltretter Mr. and Mrs. A. I. McKibbin Mr. and Mrs. Iames G. McNamara Robert Frost Meyer Mr. and Mrs. B. Middagh Morris Milch Miller's Bakery Shop Elmer N. Miller W. R. Moran Ben Morris Ioseph Mosack Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moscicki Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Mullen Mrs. P. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. Navagh Iohn I. Normanly Martin I. Normanly Mr. and Mrs. T. O'Connor Tom and Irene O'Donnell Miss Anne G. O'Neil Vivon I. O'Neil William I. Osborne Co. Mr. and Mrs. B. Panfil Pat's Shoe Repair Mr. and Mrs. Thor Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pepe Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Byrd Perry Mrs. Iohn Quinn Helen Quirk A. Ranni Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Reedy Iohn Reese Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Regan Henry Rindfleish Renowden's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Riordan William I. Roche Mr. and Mrs. Iohn P. Rodkey Ethel G. Russell Thomas F. Ryan Miss Minnie Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Sansone Catherine M. Scanlon Mrs. M. I. Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Scanlon Henry C. Schlee Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmelzinger Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Scholz Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Scott Seifert's Shoe Store Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey O. Sgroi Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Iack Singer, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Siudzinski Edward A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Smith, Sr. South Park Cleaners H. Speakman Mrs. B. Sperduti St. Martin's C. Y. C. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Styn Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Suplicki Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Sutton The Tiny Tim R. P. Toomey Mrs. R. P. Toomey Mrs. Benedict Trauscht Benedict Trauscht The Webers Wm. Weckerle and Sons, lnc. Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Weisenburg Edward S. Werrick Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. Wickenhiser Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Wietig Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Wietig Mrs. Charlotte Wise Mrs. Gordan Young N. C. Zewe fn , V. f J D E 'FR ,491 AT. 5:3 W., 11, 1 . H. , -' . , I , ,,, 4-. ,- 'L-A , nf.- Y .J Ji, -I' 'ii r V 7.x M.. V' H.- '..-a.',' 4 ,-""' '- ' w '21 5' -', 3 - ,A A-: QS". ' . ,- .14 nfl.. .1 ' gif 'F X., vi A , . ,- 1 :,. ., :V . ,,, .u ,,.s z,g23?f1-'fy 7' ,' 'J' . ' , A V4 '51, j,i'Ef-if--1 Q If . ' ' 51:3 ?'fF55if' . - f' - i!::q'f' H1 'Elm JL . --W 1, 1 ".f.Y5'1, ,-'dj-, 1 - gm.-.E 51-f' ." . W f v ' I ,r,,,.,. M Nc.-v . "i AI ' '- ,f3,' ' , , -wx V . 44, I 1. . ', 1 ' 31 . f ' f, A- - , . .'.l",,-1-', ,Z ' 1 Lily - .sf V: 1. F113 V ff Vg 1 1Fu. I Ann 1 . 1 1 . 1 ,Vs Q f11'i"vL'41g,s'!1 f.1 5 .A A .,, , 1-an 1- - . . :YT ' 1 ' 'I ' ' TT 1.11: 1 wr., . ' K. 11 ff . mr,-1 1' 1'1"' .' E '- . .1 1 1 i -.1 1. : ' ,gr if ,.:.C1,f? 1 1 1 ' 1 -"WV ..:f 11' '. 1 1QL'f'i. 1-1 ' 1 L 31" 5' -- f . . 1' Hu' '-1,1 'Wai' '73 P31-. + , 'A " .1 . 11. -11I1"?".. ' ' 'S " . :,, 'FH.'f.F'q'p ,l- '. Y' . ' 1 '11':1g'- - fy- 'ln r., . Qi, V. A Q '4- 1 ', J ' 'ATA , 4' L -' " ..-ii . PU' f" 1rf"1fi'?M ' 'F' . n- fr 4 L., ' If! . " 1' 1 ' . H4513 1 1 . : 5' - -if YKZETV-'-E 1 . 1 .1" .,3i3'z-.1 1 - .41111:'ilgf-zz 1' M "1 1 ' , Adj. -K F . ,,7 - j 4 1 1,2912 . ll.. H1 .. ', 'LV 1 Pi' . . ' .n-,AW ,. ,ix I b - '9' 'L-IV.. - ' I7 f - 'jlf y?1.V',v. ffw, - - L ..1 1' ,M-. ,-'. .J ' J. v5g1..,'..'?P,.. ' ' ,f f:?Ll'Ijr?. fig' 1. '22 ' 1:'H?fE11'." 211.1111 1. 1- QU1' '14 nr if . ., I. ....g':.A.. 1 L. A r 1 11. 1 . 1 .,-111:...1g!. "PMT aft" 'VW IV 11" .. , 3 ,r,f,, .11 .ui 11,- . . I1-1,43 ' .Lj.h4H1, A ,':M ' 1.1 1 - 1.1 1 -.14- 1.' .1 'ty Nj- a-1 if ,QM , "1 Hrdffg x 4,1 41 -., , - f 1 --.21--c " ZH .1 L I "'i'v-VV. "1 1'1' 1- ' '29 ., ,.'.1y .2 ll. '-FR H, V. ,ir-l 11a ' 1.. - I 1 1.71-. I X -L . 'VV , I if V- ' 'S1 1 .1. . L vi, . . - . UT' 1 . L 'F , 9 1 .X-if ' gn' N -1xi43. be-r we 1 11.13. I . 1.-1-'A ' . 1 A ' L' .01-1 -'YH , I I, I-, I j.f'11af:'1 .1 it ' f 1'-1-'f"n1 .1.' . 11.1, 1.1-W?-.-1 . ?.. 'A "-rc'-1--' ' 2 1 '- '14 z' ug -' ' It . ' ,,L1R"' Q 4' . KM k M 1. 1-a -. f- ',, .. 1. ' . ri., .. Q ' - 'QA . x 1:11 1 1. 1 1 1 1..' W. 'r A1 . .. , . 1 ., 1 J.. ' 1,1 ...1, viii ' ,. . . A ,, 1.11. , . 1 , V. . 1 1 -. .1 '14 HES . 5-4. - kv...-:. --11 xx '9- H'1p.'. 51.41 -1 . .. .. . mi Y... K , .aw J V Ax? . 135 ' 1 il' .1 .,-3151 W rf 14, 1- ,.,' ,..i E 1 '13 Y ' i 1 5 . 1 ..,.-- , gk? V15 1,4 Q- .au -' L .Y .1 . 'izfjf ' L Q. L .15 ,:'5:,,,,- , 111110 . f H I " "M :y 5 '1 , . Q." 1 I , Y - 52.3.4 . 'Ltb -xl u'Y'Z' .1511 . 1-.- .It 1:1 ,L"51,9r? " 3341. .. I 3' N 1 .1 nfl 11.541 . Yi' H "4 . 1:11 . 1 'mt'- .. ,.. fc' ' 1 ff Q M 1, 51S 1 1 L' Y I .'y'1.i- .ig riff? v,.1- , . M -' cr. i '. 1111.4 :V 5 if . 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'fx 1. if .V ' ' 'Q - 'jg-nf1,.b 'L .K J .11. 6:-1,n13g19' IQ? . . if 1 -in 1 4' ...Lv '. .LGF ., .41 - 1.14 .1 . Q51 . .1 I, -. -. .K -kg, I , .1, v J V! .. rf guy 1- . -vu 3? . ,Q 4 1 1 4 I-.1 ,1. 1 H . rj,- .11! ' .,"- F 1.1 111 -.' 'g. ' il, 1 1 ww , " ' - ' QIQT1 :'-1x 5- QI ,1.,., 1.1, -u. .J ...1,. v 1' 1 T4 .- I. 's'i. 1 ,.. Hi JL ,v,,.. '.:I t . . as in 'A f is ALA . b Tv! .' ' 1 ff. 1 .Qi ...rhi- . 1.93 .1 X- 1 .cf '1 x

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