Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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1" vyfze IHEHIIIEHHE Editor, JOAN M. HILLERY Bminefx Manager, ROSEMARY H. HEROLD WUHHMHEUMHJE t Buffalo, New York 2 ' 151, 'si F A ,. L Q ji H15 EXCELLENCY THE MOST REVEREND JOHN F. O'HARA, C.S.C., D.D Bixlaop of the Diocere of Buffalo HIS EXCELLENCY THE MOST REVEREND JOSEPH A, BURKE, V.G., D.D Auxiliary Bixbop of life Diocefe of Buffalo REVEREND GODFREY DOYLE, O.F.M. Chaplain Mount Mercy Academy REVEREND FRANCIS A. GROWNEY lnftrnctor in Religion Senior-junior Class REVEREND DAVID P. HERLIHY Infmictor in Religion Sophomore-Freshman Class UEDIEATIU To Sister Mary Pancratia, we dedicate our yearbook. Her patience with our shortcomings, her interest in our problems, her zeal for our welfare have won our esteem and respect. She has directed our steps toward the fulfillment of an ideal. The future, we trust, will reveal that her conndence in us has not been misplaced. -an M, . ,- mm. 1, V. if L ,, 74 X if ,.k H355 N, -ua D M1 Q 'Sh Q .Ni e z. ,ff im ji ,,, . W. 1. 54 E '1 2 E QF' Y .N 5 , , 5 4 ,. ,f - 1 MV. 1 W5 ,n!,L,52gQ - 'WG ,.. UN Q Xl! fix 2 , f' 9 UQm , . . Q Q 3, i ,rg .. f. :V .:' v' Y 'Q -. 9- 5, vp W- a, 1. Q N vs rl 5 x',,. A :1:f,,1,s1, .QI VJ . .g., A ' 4 .'-,1::az.: 2 'W ...W K i Y Q., Q 241 . Q B' , I if PUHEWUHU Our year book is a pictorial souvenir of the persons and places grown dear to us. For four years we have worked side by side under the guidance of the Sisters of Mercy. Now we are off to make our own way. Soon we shall be obliged to put to the test the ideals and knowledge acquired here at Mount Mercy. Let us hope that our MERCIENNE will be a strong link in the chain of memory, binding us to the teachers and classmates of the yesteryear. . . . the cherry now ix hang with hloom along the hoagh T HOUSMAN HE FAEULTY Mount Mercy Academy Superior: REVEREND MOTHER MARY JOAN L Principal: SISTER MARY PANCRATIA Inxtructorx in Religion: REV. FRANCIS A. GROWNEY, REV. DAVID P. HERLIHY SISTER MARY ALICE Religion IV, American Hixtory, Mathematicg C hernixtry SISTER MARY ALVARETTA Choral Clith SISTER MARY ANCILLA Muyic SISTER MARY BON SECOURS General Science 10 SISTER MARY CARLINO Religion IV, Mitfic SISTER MARY CORONA Religion I, Violin SISTER MARY DE ANGELIS Religion III, Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Tranrcription SISTER MARY CASIMIR Mmic SISTER MARY DE PAZZI Religion II, Geometry, Baxineu Arithmetic SISTER MARY EULALIA M itxic SISTER MARY FELIX Religion III, Introduction to Bnfinetr SISTER MARY IMELDA M nfic SISTER MARY IRENE Religion III SISTER MARY PETER Religion I, Englixh II, Englifh III SISTER MARY PIERRE Religion Il, Latin I, Latin Il SISTER MARY RICHARD Religion Il, Englifh I, Social Stndiey SISTER MARY ROSELLA Religion I, Health A and B, French I, General Biology SISTER MARY SCHOLASTICA Religion IV, Englixh IV, French II-III Alumnae SISTER MARY SHELIA Religion II, Spanifh I, Spanixh II, Englith Il SISTER MARY THOMAS Religion III, Latin III, Art I, Art II, Engliyh III MISS MARY E. FINNIGAN, B.A. World I-Iiftory, Social Stitdief MISS MARGARET A. KILEY Typeufritin g, Shorthand l MISS MARY F. MISERCOLA, B.A. Spanirh I, Spanifh III, Latin I MISS RITA G. SAGGESE, B.A. American I-Iirtory I, Social StndieI MISS RoSE SIDOTE, B.A. General Mathematicf, Elementary Algehra, Biirineu Arithmetic I I Winter, the paragon af art. . . CAMPBELL ELIZABETH A. ALHHIGHT Academic ST. JOHN 'ms E PHYLLIS H. BAHEH Academiv ST. MARTIN EAHUL E. BAHTUN Academic H F AGNES M. BATT Academic S A UULUHE5 T. BIELMANN Academic ST AQ MADONNA C. BLAKE Academic HITA L. BUHI5 Academic S T AQ MARY ANN BUWEN College Entrance S A HUSEM!-XHY M. HUWHEH5 Academic F H H JANE E.BUYLUN College Entmnfe JEAN E.HHAUY College Entmn ce JUAN 5.HHAUY Amdemzc GERALDINE E. RREEN College Entrance O L V LILLIAN J. RUNEE College Entrance S T AQ MARGARET M. RUTLER Academic O L P H ELIZABETH M. HYHNE College Entrance S T AQ ANN W. El-XLDWELL College Entrance S T AQ EILEEN N. BALL!-KH!-XN Academic MARY P. E!-XNNEY Amflemic S Iwi E!-XBHIELLA EAHDAHELLA Academic S C MARY P. EAHMUUY Academic I S T ETHEL M. EULLIN5 College Enmmce ST AQ PATHIEIA J. EULLINS Amdemic ST AQ REGINA E. EUNNULLY Academic P!-XTHIEIA M. EUUNLY Academic S T AQ JUAN E. EUUGHLIN Academic S A JUAN M, EHAWFUHU College Entrance S T AQ MABU-XNNE T. EUHTIN College Enlmnce S T JUAN P CZAJA College Entrance S B l l El-XTHHYN A. DE HAI-X5 l Academir N F ST. JOHN THE E N l l LUEY H. UELLA PENTA College Enirfmce S JOHN THE E PATRICIA A. UUYLE College Enmmce H F MARY ELLEN EAHHELL Academia S T AQ PATRICIA TITZSIMMUNS College Entrmzce S T AQ JUAN M. TLUUU A cmlemic S B BETTY J. TULAN Academic ST. MARTIN 2 3 H!-XTHLEEN M. EULLEH Acaziemzf ST. JOHN 'rx-IE E S M HELEN H. EAHEY College Enlmnce PATRICIA J. GATT!-X Academic H F 24 ALIEE B. GEORGE Academic ST. JOHN TH E MARY A. GUHMAN College Enlmnce S T AQ THEHESA H. GUTTE College Entrance H S TEHESA HAMMEHEMITH Academic F HELEN E. HANHAHAN Academic AQ EILEEN M. HAHTIGAN College Entrance PATRICIA E. HAYES Academic FHANEES E. HEAD Academic ANN U. HEN5 College Efzlmnce O L P H IHMGAHU W. HEPPNEH Academic H F HUSEMARY H. HEHULD College Entrance S T AQ JUAN M. HILLEHY College Entrance S T AQ MARY J. HILLERY College Enlmnce ST AQ ANNE J. HUPMAYR College Entrance H F MARGARET M. HUNT Academic ST l 29 GEHALUINE H. HUNTER Academic S MARTIN UULUHE5 M. HAISEH College Entrance O L V HITA M. EAUSNEP1 A endemic F H H SUZANNE M. EELLEHEH College Enmmfc S T AQ EHAELEEN L. EELLEH Academic F H H ELIZABETH J. KENNEDY A endemic A KATHLEEN J. HHANTZ College Entrance S T AQ RUTH M. HH!-XU55 Coflege Entrance S T SYLVIA A. HUEZMAHSEI Academic S T ANNE L. HULH6 Academic S S LUIS P. LINUSEY College Eniwmce ST AQ GERALUINE M. LUM!-X5 Amzlemic S T AQ RUSEMAHY A. LUNG A mcfemic ELLEN P. LYNCH Afmlemic H F PATRICIA E. LYUNS College Enmmce- 9 A KATHLEEN A. MADE A mdemif S T AQ MARY J. M!-XLUNEY Academic S T PATHIEU-X I-X. ME CU-XHY Academic N TERESA M. ME DUNALR College Entrance S T PATRICIA A. MR RUIRR Academic S A MARGARET ME LAUEHLIN Academic S M ELIZABETH MCNAMAHA College Enmmce H F MARY E. MENICHUL College Entrance S T AQ MARY A. MEEHAN College Entrance S T AQ PAUL!-X E. MUUHE College Entrance ST. MA EAHUL M. MULLEN Academic S T AQ MARY I. MULLENHUPF College Entrance S B MARIE E. MURPHY College Emmnce S.MAR ANN M. MURRAY Academic S T RUSEMARY A. MURTHA College Entrance S T AQ ELIZABETH A. N UUUY Academic ST. JOHN THE E UUNNA J. UBHIEN Academic ST. M J UNE M. UEUNNELL Academic s T AQ A MARGARET M. UEUNNELL College Entrance S A RETTY M. UEUNNUR A endemic H F MARY A. UEUNNUR College Entrance S T 41 MARY P. UERNNUR College Entrance S T AQ MARY ANNE IINEILL College Entrance LEUNA H. PANTERA Academic VEHUNIE!-X M. Pl-XULINI H N College Entrance ELIZABETH A. PAULUS Academic ST. JOHN TH E ST. WILLIAM MAHILUU PAYNE College Entrance PATRICIA J. PIUTHUWSHI Academic S T MARY A. PUHHANUT College Entrance S P HELEN A. PUHTILL College Entrance S JOHN THE E PLUHENEE l-X. Rl-XUL5 College Entrance H F BEHNIEE M. HIIIHAHUSUN Academic S C MARY H. HU!-XEH College Entranre ST AQ S M MARILYN A. RUUNEY College Entrance LIULURLS J. RUSSELL Academic ST AQ IRENE M. RYAN A endemic L ST AQ 46 MAUUNNA M. RYAN College Entmnre REGINA EAHAMA College Entrance H F VEHUNIEI-X M. SEANLUN Academic S T AQ ELVEHA A. SEAHEELLU S M College Entrance MARY F. EEHLEHH Academic ST. joHN THE E NUHMA l-X. SEHLEHH College Entmnfe ST. WILLIAM l 48 JANE M. SHARP College Entmnve ST AQ GER!-XLDINE T. SI-IEA Academic FRANCES P. SHEEHAN Academic ELEANUH H. SMITH Academic F H H JANE M. SMITH College Entrance H F MARGARET M. ETUHBINS College Enmmce ST. MARTIN 50 JUAN G. THEN Academic ST. JOHN THE E S A ST. MARTIN GRACE M. TIGHE College Entrance Ml-XHY LUUISE TILL College Entrance PATRICIA E. TUUHJIE Academic H F GEHALDINE T. TUNNEY College Entrance O L V JUAN A. VAN HEMMEN Academic S T AQ MAUUNNA S. WALSH Academic S T MARIE A. WEIH Academic H F MARY ANN WELLENZUHN College Enmmfe O M G C GEHALUINE E. WEST demic ST. MARY MAGDAUN HUSEMARY M. WHENN C llege Entrance S M 54 KATHLEEN A. WIUMEH College Entrance OUR LADY OF VICTO BETTIE L. WRIGHT College Enlmnce ST. JOHN THE EVA Prefideoz, PATRICIA A. Doyusg Vice Prexidem, MARY I. MULLENHOFFQ Senemry, MARY F. CARMODY,' Treamrer, ROSEMARY A. MURTHA SUPHUMUHE PHESIUENTS SENIUH CLASS UPTTEEHS Room 6, MARY C. AUGERQ Room 7, GLORIA A. KE1.LERg Room 8, MAUREEN A. MoRRxsEYg Room 16, ALICE J. SCHMIDLE 55 r 1 si. f 52293 JUNIOR PHESIDENTS Room 2, JEAN M. HAZELQ Room 3, JEAN A. PIRRUNGQ Room 4, JEAN SONGERQ Room 9, GEORGIANA M. CROTTY. FHESHMEN UFFIEEH5 56 PRESIDENTS . . . Room 14, ALICE LEICHTQ Room 15, JOAN I. STODDARD ICE P SIDENTS R 14 M L ' R 15 V RE oom ,JOAN . AWLEY, oom , JANET A. WALLACE my 1. Lu- gg, if-f Q 'J' , Q, k fl - 1 1 ' ,Q v W, 42 - , 'J -f ' ,N -K. K . , W 4 ' W W, V 1' H , , 4. ,,' w,4.,, , , 2, .QW-V 1, l 'X in f 1: Lf' X W- V ' ., 7 f 1 Q y K A f A x 1 I A yi V- 5 Q 2 k - an jx K. ga 4. .ah , 1 , f 5 ' " 2 , -gf fa fag' V. I, - A 4' ,fp fx, P , , , - ' ' K 5 .54 ' A 2' 'Pg , f X, ' 5, .zum nf 5 wr af-. M , 1,,.1f,, - , 1 - Q 1 , , f- . K, , w, ' Mg,- ' 4, , ,135 5 . , f Q4 1 .E 6 I I .S all H. I rf, ,y , 4 X . ,u M J K F 5. xg Xia X grin , 5,1 .-ryikfyx A x E6 ,. lg, ,af 'e '3 J 15 .W . 45 I K lg . f f 5 , N , if Q 5 ,c ,Q '55 "I . I2g,vfP,,- Riff, 1 5, , 3 , . ' , 1. Q A ' - 2, 4 , 3,29 39, 25, .Q ' ' ' il I, Q '. ' ' 4' W A' E? Qi 34. 1 5 V -N" .5 bi-V"',,,'. .. X W 'X A' 5 'QMS gf' , ' , ' x Q f, f53i1 "5..f"!M a , ,J , If , K x f f4,g,Q, '47, Y -fpiwrx j 'A Why., 5 JW: Ak V iii . A K Y V ' X ,, iii". f 41 ,' f'9"g Q 'f . "'fi.V' 'L A gi, 4 ,f , any . 'J' 3, ' vw A 41' yy., M, - X ,Q ,155 f wx Q - 2 K ,f ff, gm if wk, . wing: , , ., 4 A . up . . 4 , fx '- g -Y fi.: , . f v 'k,b , :ff Q f k -, ,W I, f -1 ,I 'Q in , 'Jw-41+ VR!" :Nil . aw ' I K , 'A . -' 1 ii? A , - ,V lb M R ? N' . .f2'v..A?i3v...-' W- , Le + - ' we-.J hs, -'v b Y-1' -' if M2 ' g . J, ,f.,,,,Qfafff,1, 1 if . ' M1-11 as , akfiqf ,ar ff ' 4.'Qn4rf.' x. wig- "K A Y . 7"'..:Q M ,Aww N 4 ,rm 4 S A m. aw sw an -. ,, , ,, ,Y .- i5,.,,g 3 QQ . . 1, g ' V1 gf' J, gE,Q.:.w .,,. if Af Hia? wiifffifi' nr: 9 4- K , , . ,, fyihefff .,-' f ' yff""x 'V , ' x 'IT My 51,1 5:5 5, p 4, W .b A -A ' , mixi- , M , fi' , . K , . M I .ni gg .A V. , , , 5 A Q , . 24 35 , ,,, . f, v X W fr M-amy , 1 . , ,. K k I iss X9 't Q -4 'W Q 2 4 i 94" 4 g?Q!Ji,,l l si . an Q4 K X , "ff , ' - N .-.- ' 7 ' I 7 g W Q V It ",NQh 1 , - y , Lx ini lxxgik Z V i-vffgsggga 5 4. K V 5 MA , Lg . r I S., 'ii Ji gin Q ' W 'A' .v ". f 'h " s ' 'Q ' 1 Y .1 ,f H w"Zg,,?., i' 2, i QA . , ' ,K '5 'N ., , Q. 59.4. wi, -I - ""'4?an,,, , , , L, A y x. X A+ f , . f V uv, ,rv ' ,gm , 1' , 1 K, K5-4 F ' if v ,Tw 71. , f Q ' ' ' ,J gf? , 2515.534 5 J 7s j'i , I' 1 - W , ' -w , 2 , 1 , If xg I.. ,, , ' W"' , 1 W - . v . v ,A 'L' +5 ' A ,fr ' 5 1, 4 ' " s 1 r PF' W: , 1, xx f s, - J N , 'Y A f i E ,V s , 'Q W Q i ' uh ag A. 5? 4 f,..,,g,,,, X E 4 x F K , IA X f-' f n . u 1 t wfx Y Q w-.' N ,, A ' f k 9 .. 4 V, 9. . , ' .sv 1 g VM v, K A P 5, fx 'fliiz f. x x rf , E will l , X X W .x 1, F 1, 'K 9. Q JUNIORS Front row: Patricia Sutton, Marilyn Strong, Patricia O'Connor, Catherine O'Neil, Patricia Sullivan, Margaret McDonald, Beatrice Ruh, Alice Manning, Ann Farrell, Joanne Wehrfritz. Second row: Eleanor Tamol, Vilma Siejack, Carol Sullivan, joan Helm, Martha Walsh, Florence Motyka, Mary Walsh, Jean Songer, Mary Stein, Mary Ann Stoddard, Mary Ann Sweeney, Gloria Russell, Mary Sheehan, Helen Stachniak. Trai lor aior viene el juicio 58 Religion IV C larr Studying the route of Mary and fofepla to Bethlehem - .I I 1 M Q JUNIORS Front row: Ruth Weisenburg, Lucille Wierzbowski, LaVonne Zillicx, Cathleen McGuire, Agnes Zulawski Leida Di Scipio. Serond row: Mary Ganley, Juliet Terreri, jean Oltlen, Maureen Browne, Lillian Panlil, Margaret Brose Patricia Weir, Margaret O'Donnell, Kathleen Romance. 5 Third rouz' Betty McNamara, Mary Brose, Peggy Dowey, Patricia Reppenhagen, Susanne Kilbride, Ire Recktenwalt, Frances Kulik, Lena Coppola. M 3 r 59 Y .ll f 5 .f if 3 A X 1' l rib! JUN1oRs ' ' Front ww: Virginia DelCarlo, Victory Madigan, Joan Jensen, Arlene McKenna, Dorothy Hamm, Dolores Collins, Concetta Colucci. Second row: Dolores Andol, Phyllis Kammerer, Susanne Hillery, Arlene Fischer, Lois Culligan, Coletta Schichtel, Marjorie Connors, Joan Mullenhoif. Third mum' Ann Houston, Rita Ehret, Mary joseph, Thelma Schlehr, jean Pirrung, Alice Aszkler, julia Schintzius. Reading the New Tertament- the goxpel of Sl. Luke. 60 A 'way W- Shorthand Hieroglypbin JUNIORS Front row: Rita O'Leary, jean Ryan, Mary Jane Duffy, Carol Paulus, Ann Schultz, joan Finucane, Betty Ann Mann, Dolores Kawa. Second mum' Anna Jensen, Norine Rogers, Marian Kozlowska, Carol Filsinger, Gloria Harrington, Helen Cournan, Madonna Cuclclihy, Mary Domlurowski, julia Long, Teresa Barrett. 61 We 4 ff' JJ PA X WC JUNIORS From row: Deloris Kersten, Jeanne Maxwell, Joanne Holloway, Lorraine George, Kathleen Burke, Elizabeth Kurch, Carol Kelleher, Dolores Renowden, Ann McNaughton. Second row: Mary Langeland, Carol Herold, Suzanne Van Dorn, Evelyn Curtin, Dolores Peters, Marianne Comerford, Mary Alice McNamara. Third row: Anne Duggan, Arlene Gates, Ruth Cunningham, Mary jerabek, Regina Carberry, Virginia Burke, Suzanne Gannon, Carol Drew, Maureen Sullivan, joan Dougherty, Rose Scolese. Ellglilh III :lan Jtudiex journalism. 62 - ' Keyr to the Bmineu World JUN IORS Front rouu' Mary McNemar, Margaret Damiani, Teresa Hoar, Marion Kelly, Madonna Halloran. Second row: jean Hazel, Janet Voltz, Joan Pannl, Teresa Rosenhahn, Rosemary Smith, Elizabeth McCormick Third row: Bridget Ferrenrino, Elizabeth Gorman, Mary Hanrahan, Margaret Kelleher, Molly Wiqhrowski Joan Makey, Patricia Sullivan, Mary Nolan. 3 I ,V X ' . aff "Z i ' 63 xB. l Ai,- .tsb 5 Nik "va" If - -2 A , ya ig, S. are 5 X, :f it A2 rg ix V at rf er a SOPHOMORES Franz row: Annette Deming, Jeanette DiChristopl1er, Patricia Fitzgibbons, Mary Fitzgerald, Sylvia Glenn, Elvira Forcucci, Lucille Barnes, Rosemary Barnes, jean Downey, Mary Conklin, Jeanette Buccella, Anne Deacon, Helen Franklin. Second row: Margaret Diggins, Mary Cotter, Margaret Clampet, Nancy Flynn, Mary Breen, Marie Head, jean Goodwin, Mary Lynd, Margaret MacDonald, Margaret Healy, Clvemirtry Jmdefzlr rtudyifzg nitrogen and in rowpozmdx. 64 tx' l 4' 1 J 1 , , f' ' ibn! GJ 'J , , Vp : lt ll U r Ll My P NX A L V t Y I li SOPHOMORES From rouf:Marie Hughes, Jean Jeffers, Glenna Joseph, Annamae Hughes, Patricia O'Neill, Elizabeth McGinley, Patricia O'Boyle, Mary Schultz, Mary E. Miller, Sally Mattimore, Marion McDonnell. Second row: Almyra Dunkle, Shirley Hartnett, Rose Jackson. Anne Hannon, Patricia McGeever, jean Greene, Gertrude Kuczmarski, Geraldine Lynch, Clare Kuebler, Gloria Keller, Mary Matecka, Jean Leary, Patricia Kaiser, Patricia McHugh. Lo que bien .fe aprende no .fe olvida. 65 Rim fam peine MQW SOPHOMORES Front row: Margaret Thompson, Gloria Switzer, Helen Smith, Shirley Williams, Mary Hanlon, joan Hughes, Mary Hillery, Shirley Meehan. Second row: Jeanne Stephan, Mary Shalloe, Joy Fay, Anne Haley, Jean Vastola, Grace Stein, Elaine Spencer, Helen Gallagher. Third row: Rose Bauer, Elizabeth Sweeney, Jane Vastola, Joanne Sears, Rita Rybka, Theresa Kalinowski. 66 r ,Ioyx of an algebra clan SOPHOMORES From row: Madonna Donohue, joan Carr, Mary Auger, Patricia Crowley, Gertrude Saul, Florence Connors Mary Wright, Suzanne Carlson. Second row: Josephine Cartonia, Carol Schuster, Patricia Breen, Marie Connors. Thin! row: Elaine Faust, june America, Theresa Callahan, Dorothy Blemel, Eileen Connors, Mary Beach, Elizabeth Kane, janet Vfeaver, Genevieve Conroy. 67 i l SOPHOMORES From row: Dolorita Devaney, Mary Coffey, Virginia Makey, Mary Recktenwald, Shirley Mackey, Second row: Patricia Whelan, Dolores Smith, Ellen Galvin, Kathleen Hillery, Katherine Sullivan, Madonna Nagle. Third row: Mary Morrissey, Madonna Schmatz, Sharon Ueblacker, Marie Fuller, Ellen Faragher, Mary Basil, Eileen O'Donnell, Alice Muckler, Betty Smith, Jane Oring. WORLD HISTORY CLASS You can never know too muchf You can never be too wise: You can newer be too gunrl. 68 if 'Q' illyll 1 A Q SOPHOMORES Front row: Helen Smith, Margaret McMahon, Shirley Smith, Janice Reisterholz, Marilyn Mahoney, Mar- garet Thompson. Second row: Alice Schmidle, Joan Schmelzinger, Margaret Roach, Joyce Roll, Marie Meade, Margaret Kennedy, - Mary Metzger. Third row: Shirley Rasp, Katherine Herman, Jacqueline Mack, Marilyn Kammerer, Patricia O'Connell, Pa- tricia O'Connor, Lois Schlehr, Maureen Morrisey, Lois Meyerhofer, Margaret Martin. Helen Stoddard, Marjorie Nihill, Maureen Reddington. Studier in light and Jhade. 69 Demomtraling a Principle in Science FRESHMEN Front row: Theresa Walawancler, Mary Ann Russo, Mary Sardo, June Mahany, Ann Riordan, Frieda Salim. Second row: Maureen Weir, Rosemarie Porcellio, Callista White, Phyllis Schuster, Norine Schmelzinger, Norma Schmelzinger, Mary Teresa Mallon, Georgiana Scanlon, Rita Wright. Third row: Jeanne Peters, Margaret Mahany, janet McDonnell, Marianne Smolarek, Janet Rosenhahn, Mary Sheehan, Kathleen Perry, Norma Zwick, janet Wallace. 70 . - I , ' N K TNLAXXLXD lk Q K NX' FRESHMEN From row: Catherine Normanly, June Navagh, Betty Metzger, Margaret Redding, Carol Nolan, Mary jane Guizzotti, Patricia Finn, Anne Ryan, Theresa Pepe, Dolores Mehltretter, Mary Mullen. Second row: Margaret Feldman, Anne Regan, Mary Dowey, Monica Quinn, Margaret Metz, Mary Ellen O'Ccnnor, Carolyn McKibbin, Theresa Michael. Nemo 'repenle fit Jammu:--labor omnia vicit 1 1 71 An Introdurlion io the Bufinerx World FRESHMEN Front 701172 Armanda Sperduti, Rita Marie Swiatek, Lorraine Wickenhiser, Jacqueline Trauscht, Mary Scan- lon, joan Shanks, Ruth Schwendler, Norine Walsh, joan Weisenburg. Second vow: Santina Sirianni, Evelyn Smith, Jeanette Turner, Darlyne Schneider, Frances Toomey, Theresa Witek, Theresa Schnell, Theresa Samson. Third row: joan Smith, Florence Siudzinska, joan Schlehr, Elizabeth Wilson, Nancy Walsh, Katherine Sand- ers, joan Stoddard. ' ' 72 Front row: Arlene Hojnc ' joanna Dalessandro, Norma Hayes, Angeline Coggins, Eileen Hens, Marie Brady, Maureen Broad. Second row: Ursula Belter, Charlotte Wise, Charlotte Botoirck, Audrey Haker, Mary Clark, Phyllis Doherty, Mary Coonly, Margaret Byrne, Mary Duggan, Marguerite Crotty. V I . m.., K Social Studier claxrer afford an intelligenz mzderrlanding of Cbrirzian rorial principler. 73 U Potato chips, pleare! FRESHMEN Front row: Mary Ann Hayes, Rosemary Chase, joan Bruno, Marianne Kelly, Ann jennison, Carol Germann, Pearl Huston, Carol Knapp, Margaret Klipfel. Second rout Clara Panfil, Ann McDonnell, Anna Neenan, Irene Panfil, Ann Malley, Mary Bidcllecome, Dorothy Head. Third row: Janet McKenna, Elizabeth McCarthy, joan Kelly, joan Mellody, Gloria Orlando, Regis Mac- Donald, Myrna Leclwon, Kuth Houck, Dorothy Leary, Bertha Gates. 74 'Eternal vigilanfe ir the price of liberiyf' f',.JVDi yuwrl ,lv , ,VU N, ,Sign i 'till l FRESH MEN Front row: Theresa Flanigan, Agnes Cleary, Marion Benz, Eileen Hannon, Joan Lawley, Marietta Kelchin, Rita Finucane, Patricia Lenahan, Frances Cilano, Mary Coyle, Suzanne Kelly, Second row: Anita Kehoe, Patricia Godus, Loretta Kawa, Patricia Downey, Ruth Dougherty. Third row: Joan Anstett, Patricia Kanick, Patricia Dempsey, Patricia Kane, Dolores Burke, Margaret Flani- gan, Donna Kane, Alice Leicht, Dorothy Lynch, Monica Kwiatkowska, Irene Bitka, Patricia Driscoll. DEBATING CLUB Marilou Payne, Helen Carey, Alice George, Elizabeth Byrne, Lillian Bunce. ma IU!! I v THE MAKIN 75 Let uf go over to Bethlehem and Jee :hir thing which ha: some to pau. CHORAL CLUB LUKE 2, 15 Sodaliylx honor Mary Immaculate on ber mon beautiful feast. SODALITY OFFICERS Seated' Carol Mullen, recording .vecretafyg Anna Marie Houston, vice prefectg Geraldine Breen, prefeclg Patricia Collins, correrponding .rec1eta'ry,' June O'Connell, zrearurev. SODALITY COUNCILORS Slamling: Peggy Jo Diggins, Room 6, Janet Weaver, Room 165 Bridget Ferrentino, racrirlang Marilyn Mahoney, Room 8g Jean Leary, Room 7. KE-N-QUIL STUDY CLUB OFFICERS Kathleen A. Mack, secretary' joan Jensen, trea.f1n'er: Patricia Collins, preiident Marjorie A. Connors, vice prexident. 78 1 N Mercienne Slaff LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Geraldine Lomas, Mary Gorman, Palfricia Filzximmom, Madonna Ryan, Francef S beehan. OFFICERS Parlicipanlr in lhe Ffuhion Show Left to fight: Mrs. James P. Lawley, Mrs. John W. Ryan, Mrs. John P. Dowey, Lillian J. Bunce, MIS. George D. Payne, Patricia A. Doyle, Margaret M. O'Conne11. MRS. EDWARD V. HEALY . . . MRS. Miss MRS. MR S. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS, 80 MOUNT MEPIEY ACADEMY MUTHEH5' GUILD Officer: Prerident JOHN B. HOFMAYR . Vice Preridenz MAIJDE K. O'CONNOR Vice Preridenz JOHN J. SULLIVAN . . . Treamrer C orrerponding Secretary HERBERT F. HILLERI' CLARENCE F. BARTON Recording Secretary Direrlors BERNARD J. HENS INIRS. BERNARD A. BRADY MRS. MARIE A. REDDINGTON WILLIAM A. KERSTEN MRS. VINCENT J. MOORE MRS, WILLIAM A. BURKE HERMAN J. MCNICHOL MRS. JAMES F. BOWEN MRS. JOHN D. LYNCH An Evening Meeling MT. MEHEY AEADEMY ALUMNAE From left to right: Mary M. Fennell, chairman rocial Jerviceg Mary M. Kennedy, corresponding .fecrelaryf Mary T. Neylon, preridenlg Gertrude M. McGee, guerl Jpeakerg Kathryn M. Byrnes, trearurer. SPRING CALENDAR M21'Ch 25 ..,... Day of Recollection May 11 . Mother and Daughter Mass, Holy Communion, Breakfast May 23 ......... Dance June 14 . Reception of Graduates CONGRATULATIONS! Two worthwhile educational achievements of the Alumnae: 1. The founding of an endowment fund for a perpetual scholarship in tribute to Sister Mary Borgia, first principal of Mount Mercy Academy. The scholarship is to be known as the "Sister M. Borgia Scholarship." 2. The personal gift of a four-year scholarship for a Negro girl, made by Mr. and Mrs. Ray- mond V. O'Connor. This scholarship is to be called the "Martin de Porres Scholarship." Zin illllrmnrimn Sincere Jyrnpalby and prayer! are offered to the bereaved fmniller of the following alumna: rnemlrerr: Mrs. Joseph Meier iMargaret Reilly, 'l8J, died September 9, 1946. Mrs. Norman Kirchofer CGenevieve C. Carr '23J, died December 1,1946 Helen A. Honan, '39, died june 7, 1946. Mildred R. Riley, '46, died September 16, 1946. Margaret E. Maloney, '46, died December 26, 1946 81 HUNUHABY'PATHU 5 MOST REVEREND JOHN F. O'HARA, CSC., D.D. MOST REVEREND JOSEPH A. BURKE, V.G., D.D. RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR JOHN J. NASH, V.G., D.D., P.A. RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR LEO R. SMITH, D.D. RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR WILLIAM J. SCHRECK RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR JOHN P. BOLAND, D.D. RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR JOSEPH E. MAGUIRE VERY REVEREND SYLVESTER HOLBEL REVEREND JOSEPH E. SCHIEDER VERY REVEREND TIMOTHY COUGHLIN, S.J. VERY REVEREND JAMES REDMOND, S.J. REVEREND EDWARD J. AYERS REVEREND WILLIAM M. BERNET REVEREND DAVID A. COUGHLIN REVEREND RICHARD C. CRUMLISH REVEREND JAMES M. DALEY REVEREND JAMES F. DONOVAN REVEREND JOHN S. DOYLE REVEREND MARTIN B. FELL REVEREND EDWARD J. FITZHENRY REVEREND PHILIP H. HILDEBRAND REVEREND FRANCIS S. MCCORMICK ABBOTT PANTRY HARRY E. ANGENENDT AUER HOME BAKERY AvERY's FLOWERS RAYMOND E. BAKER BANNISTER PIE SHOP MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. BONNER BONNIE LOU MR. AND MRS. DAVID L. BORCHARD F. C. "BABE" BOYCE MR. AND MRS. FRANK J. BROHMAN FOSTER BROOKS DR. AND MRS R. C. BROWN MR. AND MRS. ALOYSIUS J. BROWNE DR. RUDOLPH G. BUCHHEIT JULIA A. BUSCH MR. AND MRS. EDMUND J. BUTLER 82 VERY REVEREND WINFRED MCCARTHY, O.F.M VERY REVEREND JOHN OBENDORFER, C. SS. R. REVEREND GODFREY DOYLE, O.F.M. REVEREND FRANCIS A, GROWNEY REVEREND DAVID P. HERLIHY PATRUN5 REVEREND FRANCIS J. O'MEARA REVEREND EDWARD F. OTT REVEREND JOSEPH F. PAA REVEREND HUBERT F. REIMANN REVEREND FRANCIS P. RYAN REVEREND CHARLES H. SCHRECKENBERGER REVEREND ROBERT C. SCHWAE REVEREND LEO J. TOOMEY, LL. D. REVEREND FRANCIS J. WALKER REVEREND BERNARD A. WEISS A FRIEND MR, AND MRS. THOMAS J. BUTLER CAMPAGNA sf SON EUGENE V. CARBERRY JOSEPH A. CARBERRY MR. AND MRS. FRANK F. CARR DR. AND MRS. HAMILTON F. CLARKE DR. AND MRS. HARRY E. CLOUGH LORETTO N. COLLINS ALICE A. CONROY COOK'S DELICATESSEN MR. AND MRS. JOHN F. CZAJA DR. AND MRS. ROBERT E. DE CEU DEVER'S LIQUOR STORE DODD'S MILK COMPANY MRS. MARY E. DONAHUE MR. AND MRS. JAMES B. DOVVNEY A FRIEND TIMOTHY DRISCOLL'S SONS JOSEPH G. DRUMSTA, D.D.S. A FRIEND BERT F. EIMILLER FRIENDS FAILING OPTICAL CO. MARY ELIZABETH FINNIGAN, B. A. DR. AND MRS. GRANT T. FISHER A FRIEND MR. AND MRS, JAMES J. FITZSIMMONS ROSE M. FITZSIMMONS A FRIEND ALBERT Fox REAL ESTATE JOHN FRITZ REAL ESTATE GARDENVILLE PHARMACY MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. GAREY JOSEPH A. GAUTHIER MR. AND MRS. PETER J. GIANFORTE MR. AND MRS, LEON A. GOODWIN MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. GORDON MR. AND MRS. JOHN A. GORMAN MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. GRENZENBACK PATRICIA C. HAYES MR. AND MRS. EDWARD V. HEALY DR. AND MRS. WILLIAM A. HEGEDUS MR. AND MRS. BERNARD J. HENS MR. AND MRS. PAUL HEPPNER THE HON. AND MRS. JOHN D. HILLERY WILLIAM J. HOFFMAN MR. AND MRS. JOHN B. HOFMAYR W. J. HOLMES HONEY LAND CANDY KITCHEN JOSEPH'S DELICATESSEN CATHERINE L. JOYCE EDWARD N. JOYCE MR. AND MRS. STANLEY J. KARLINSKI A FRIEND WARD H. KENDRICK GATES L. KERSBURG, PH. G. MARGARET A. KILEY MR. AND MRS. FRANK KOSOWSKI JOSEPH KRUK CO. GEORGE J, KUNZ CO. MR. AND MRS. LEO M. LAWLESS PATHU S LEAR'S HOME BAKERY GEORGE J. LENAHAN DR. AND MRS. JOHN D. LYNCH EDMUND A. MACKEY, M.D. DR. AND MRS. LOUIS F. MANZE DR. JAMES V. MARTIN MRS. JOSEPH A. MCGUIRE DR. AND MRS. SIDNEY J. MESCHES MEYER sl BAIER DELICATESSEN DR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE J. MIANO MIDDAGH FOOD SHOPPE MARY F. MISERCOLA, B.A, MR. AND MRS. THOMAS J. MUNGOVAN MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH F. MURPHY EDNA S. MURRAY DR. AND MRS. JOSEPH P. O'BRIEN MR. AND MRS. PETER S. O'BRIEN MR. AND MRS, DANIEL R. O'CONNELL MR. AND MRS, RAYMOND P. O'CONNELL MR, AND MRS, THOMAS J, O'DONNELL MR, AND MRS. LOUIS PACIPICO DR. AND MRS. MATTHEW J. PANTERA MR. AND MRS. GEORGE D. PAYNE PETERSENJS BEAUTY SALON MR. AND MRS. JOHN P. QUINN JOHN J. RADICE A FRIEND MR. RAY, HAIR STYLIST DR. AND MRS. WILLIAM F. REEDY REELAND'S DELICATESSEN JAMES F. REGAN GEORGE G. REID REICHERTA FLORIST DR. AND MRS. JAMES P. RIORDAN MR. AND MRS. NORMAN J. ROACH ROSTICCERIA RESTAURANT ROY sf IzzI CONSTRUCTION CO. ANDREW RUGGIERRO ' DR. PAUL J. RUTECKI MR. AND MRS. EDWIN J. RYAN A FRIEND RITA A. SAGGESE, B.A. DR. AND MRS. LEONARD A. SAPIENZA MR. AND MRS. HENRY C. SCHLEE MRS. MARY J. SCHLEI-IR EUNICE G. SCHMIDT GEORGE SCHROEDER MR. AND IVIRS. VINCENT P. SHEEHAN ROSE SIDOTE, B.A. DR. MAX C. STRAITIFF MR. AND MRS. EDGAR R. STUBBINS A FRIEND DR. THOMAS V. SUPPLES A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. TUBRIDY MARIE CANNAN SUZANNE CANNAN WALLY R. COAKLEY GEORGE J. DOUGHERTY MRS. GERTRUDE M. DOYLE MRS. MARTIN ECKERT MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. FAY A FRIEND MRS. VINCENT GERBEREUX MRS. AGIZIES GLAVY MAEEL E. GORDON RICHARD P. HAUPTMAN G. EDWARD HUNT ANN JENSEN JOHN J. LEARY MRS. THOMAS D. LICKER MRS. CHARLES H. LOMAS ALBERT MAIDY PATHUNS HERMAN VALENTE MRS, MARGARET M. WALSH AND FAMILY DR. AND MRS. FRANKLIN M. WEITZ DR. AND MRS. R. F. WESTERMEIER RICHARD L. WIDMER WILLIAM M. WIDMER MR. AND MRS. A. F. WIKTOR MR. AND MRS. CYRIL T. WRENN MR. AND MRS. JOHN W. WRIGHT A FRIEND YALE CLEANERS FRIENDS ELSIE E. MAIER HARRY A. MANN, JR. U, S. N. MARX CLEANERS MRS. ELMER G. MCDONALD MISS MARY MCMAHON J. J. MEEHAN MR. AND MRS. CARL PATCHEN DR. ART RAVINS HANK A. RICH ISAIAH RICHARDSON RUSSO SHOE REPAIR ELIZABETH M. TUNNEY GERALDINE T. TUNNEY MR. AND MRS. JAMES V. TUNNEY JOHN E. TURNER JOAN VAN REMMEN E. R. WENDEL MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM WEIR The Mercienne StaE expresses sincere thanks to all who have contributed to the p of our year book: SISTER MARY PANCRATIA and the members of the faculty. MR. WILLIAM J. BUSHY OF BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER, INC. MAJESTIC STUDIOS. MR. DAVID BORCHARD. ublication Advertisers, patrons, friends and subscribers who have generously sponsored our book. 84 MFHCIFNNF STAFF JOAN M. HILLERY .... Edizor-in-Chief MARY JOYCE HILLERY, JOAN M. CRAWFORD . Anociafe Editorx ROSEMARY H. HEROLD, JANE M. SHARP Bafinen Managen GERALDINE M. LOMAS . . . Circulation Manager Auixtanz Circulation Manager! EILEEN M. HARTIGAN ANNE J. HOFBKAYER MARY ANN XVELLENZOHN KATHLEEN A. WIDMER PATRICIA A. DOYLE PATRICIA A. FITZSIMMONS PATRICIA E. TOURJIE CAROL F. BARTON DOLORES T. BIELMAN KATHRYN A, DE HAAS GERALDINE M. LOMAS DOLORES BIELMAN MADONNA BLAKE RITA BORIS MARY ANN BOWEN MARGARET BUTLER ELIZABETH BYRNE EILEEN CALLAHAN MARY CARMODY REGINA CONNOLLY PATRICIA COONLY Literary Sta RUTH M. KRAUSS THERESA M. MCDONALD ELIZABETH A. PAULUS Photography Staff GERALDINE E. BREEN Secretarial Staff KATHLEEN A. MACK MARY J. MALONEY DONNA J. O'BRIEN MADONNA M. RYAN MARGARET M. STUBBINS MARIE E. MURPHY DOLORES J. RUSSELL IRENE M. RYAN VERONICA M. SCANLON MARIE A. WEIR SUESFHIPTIUN STAFF JOAN COUGHLIN MARIANNE CURTIN JOAN CZAJA KATHRYN DE HAAS HELEN GAREY DOLORES KAISER RITA KAUSNER SUSANNE KELLEHER LOIS LINDSEY PATRICIA LYONS PATRICIA MCGUIRE ELEANOR MCNICI-IOL MARY MULLENHOFE AILEEN O'CONNOR MARY F. O'CONNOR MARILOU PAYNE FLORENCE RAULS MARILYN ROONEY DOLORES RUSSELL NORMA SCHLEHR GERALDINE T UNNEY BETTIE WRIGHT Name ELIZABETH ALBRIGHT PHYLLIS BAKER CAROL BARTON AGNES BATT DOLORES BIELMANN MADONNA BLAKE RITA BORIS IVIARY ANN BOWEN ROSEMARY BOWHERS JANE BOYLIN JEAN BRADY JOAN BRADY GERALDINE BREEN LILLIAN BUNCE ISIARGARET BUTLER ELIZABETH BYRNE ANN CALDWELL EILEEN CALLAHAN PATRICIA CANNEY GABRIELLA CARDARELLA INIARY CARMODY ETHEL COLLINS PATRICIA COLLINS REGINA CONNOLLY PATRICIA COONLY JOAN COUGHLIN JOAN CRAWFORD MARIANNE CURTIN JOAN CZAJA KATHRYN DE HAAS LUCY DELLA PENTA PATRICIA DOYLE MARY ELLEN FARRELL PATRICIA FITZSIMMONS 86 PASSING Favorite Exprerrzon YOU DOLL!" UHONK-HONKH "ANY NEW JOKES, JEANNET' "GEORGE" "WI-Io ME?" "WHATS UP, DOC?" UVVHATYS THE ANSWER, MICKEY? " "I DONYT AGREE" 'TM HUNGRY" "WHATS DOIN?" IF I WERE BOSS" "SAY, KID!" "WHO ME?" 'KHEAVEN HELP HER" SWING THAT BAT" "GOOD DEAL" HOW CAN YOU TELL? HOW'S LIFEf'U HAS BILL CALLED?" "HI-YA" OH, STOP" WANTA BETT, Sl-IElS A PANIC" I DONYT KNOWN AW BE QUIET, BE-r'rY JOAN" I DIDN'T DO IT" Go, CANISIUS, Go!" "GOING TO SUL'S?" CREEPERSU "I'LL SAY" "SAVE ME A SEAT IN ENGLISH" "O BUB-ER" "CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK TO CLEVELAND' IL N'Y A PAS DE QUOIU IN REVIEW Ambition To get out of uniform To win a new black Buick To own a maroon con- vertible To be speaker of the house To get ahead of Ronnie To finish a sack dress To see john Sullivan smile To be a fashion designer To be an expert swimmer To be head nurse at Mercy Hospital To be Sister Superior of M. M. A. To move a Parson'S Drug store to the corner of Romona To find her way to East Aurora To reach the stage To take shorthand at 300 words a minute To car own a fur coat and a To learn to like fish To speak German To Catch a snake To get a new compact To baseball team manage the Les Eggerts To play in Carnegie Hall To Open her own record shop To own Skateland None, she's lazy To grow an inch To go to Canisius To own the "Pierce" grain elevators To be an algebra teacher To have curly hair To compete with Ethel Smith To be real good just once To own a little white house with a picket fence To own a doll factory Noted For "Just Plain Bill" Her driving Her Republic Steel muscles Being helpful Her spelling of any "anew Playing chop sticks Her little black book Her facial expressions Kibby Original chemistry experi- ments Her Boogie Piano playing Her collection of records Her parliamentary procedure Her hair Her home runs Long Beach Smith Brothers cough drops Singing Irish songs Her cooking Her hair Les Her smile Her personality Helping Sisters Collecting dues Her height Her brothers Her baby blue eyes Writing answers on board Her love of "Ireland" Her laugh Pooling in class Her new diamond Her flaming red hair N ame JOAN FLOOD BETTY FOLAN KATHLEEN FULLER HELEN GAREY PATRICIA GATTA ALICE GEORGE MARY GORMAN THERESA GOTTE HELEN HANRAI-IAN EILEEN HARTIGAN PATRICIA HAYES FRANCES HEAD ANN HENS IRMGARD HEPPNER ROSEMARY HEROLD JOAN HILLERY M. JOYCE HILLERY ANN HOFMAYR MARGARET HUNT GERALDINE HUNTER DOLORES KAISER ELIZABETH KENNEDY RITA KAUSNER SUZANNE KELLEHER CHARLEEN KELLER KATHLEEN KRANTZ RUTH KRAUSS SYLVIA KUCZMARSKI ANN KULIK GERALDINE' LOMAS ROSEMARY LONG THERESA HAMMERSMITH " Favorite Exprerrion YOU'RE CRAZY" BUT, SISTER . . . HI, FELLOWSH MY BUDDY" FISH FACEY' BUT, KAY, THAT'S NOT RIGHT" I KNOW WHAT's BUzzIN! " THATS TRUE" YEA? " AWGOONN OH I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT," OKAYH KINDA SORTAY' BE GOOD." THAT'S WHAT I KNOW" WHAT'S THAT AGAIN? DON'T BE so NAIVEH I'M NOT NAIVEH YES, SISTER" FISH" YOU BET" YOU DON'T SAY" WELL DON'T TALK TO ME" I DID IT" STICK WITH ME AND YOU,LL BE BURIED IN A GOLD COFFINH OH FISH" WHAT MEMORY, SISTER? " YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN" HI, SIS!! "OH, HANK!" HOW EMBARRASSINGH "ONE CHOCOLATE SODA COMING UPN Noted For Bob Manley Het red high heels Being a silent partner Her concern for Rita Ambition TO be able to look down on all her friends To move her house into the city To get married To own a reserved booth in Sully's To put Beamish on the beam To Change her name to Grace To go to New York again Her jokes Asking questions in class Love of Ingrid Bergman To be a nurse To sleep all day just a guy named joe, but what a guy! To speak French fluently To To TO beat Butsie in baseball play boogia woogia stand up bravely Talking in class Cutting her hair Her Irish temper Opening mouth at wrong time Her good nature Giggling in history class Being quiet To get out of school To find a new element To get the yearbook out To be taller than Joan To cross the ocean To make the week-end longer To make all periods shorter To sing a solo in choral class To be six feet two To have Fridays off To be a mortician Learn how to rhumba To have a date with Cornell Wilde To ride a horse well TO be a good secretary To be an actress To write a letter in short- hand To be a top "soda jerk" Her tion The Her Her theatrical characteriza- station wagon likeness to Joyce likeness to joan Being a good sport Telling her dreams Studying English Being on time Her jolly manner Catching the bus Her "Kraft" Playing basketball Her dissertations on Cornell Wilde Curly eyelashes Lending her eraser Taking milk bottles back from lunch table Her reliability Shadowing Mary Maloney 87 Name ELLEN LYNCH Lols LINDSEY PATRICIA LYONS KATHLEEN MACK MARY MALONEY PATRICIA MCCLEARY THERESA MCDONALD PATRICIA MCGUIRE "BY JOHN" Favorite Expreuion SKY HIGHY' HEY, THAT'S MY SEAT" HONESTLY, FRANCIEH 'HELLOl LOVE" SORTA KINDAH To BE SUREH OH, GOLLYH MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN "YoU TELL HER, GERRYH ELIZABETH MCNAMARA ELINOR MCNICHOL MARY ANN MEEHAN PAULA MOORE CAROL MULLEN MARY MULLENHOFF MARIE MURPHY ANN IVIURRAY ROSEMARY MURTHA ELIZABETH NOODY DONNA O'BRIEN JUNE O'CONNELL MARGARET O'CONNELL BETTY O'CONNoR M. AILEEN O'CONNOR MARY F. O'CONNOR MARY ANN O'NElLL VERONICA PAOLINI LEONA PANTERA ELIZABETH PAULUS MARILOU PAYNE PATRICIA PIOTROWSKI MARY ANN POKRANDT HELEN PURTILL FLORENCE RAULS BERNICE RICHARDSON 88 "YEA" 'WE CANlT ALL BE PERFECTY' SAY, KID" WHAT A JAMORKV' WHAT's DOIN?" WHAT AN OPERATORV IT'S MY NATURE" WHAT's TO EAT?" SAY THERE!" WHOM ARE YOU TAKING TO THE PROM?" WHAT DID YOU GET IN THE TEST, STUBBSY' "HAS ANYBODY GOT THEIR DUEs?" I DON'T GET IT" GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME SHEAH GET HERU 'WHERE'S ELINOR?" WELL, MAYBE" SURE I STUDIEDH TI-IAT's A SNAP" BEAT OUT" I'M TIREDU OO-LA-LA" BE GOOD" NOW, EVERYBODY LISTEN" CAN YOU FIND IT?" DID YOU GET IT?" Ambition To be a P, G. at South Park To install an escalator at M.M.A. To make St. Joes a co-ed school To buy a lasting pair of loafers To To To To Wally To own 1340 Club To be the "everlasting" member of her bachelor quarters To To To To To To To To have curly hair be a good housewife Find the lost chord type-right get Pat up early finish knitting a sweater meer jimmy Stewart own Long Beach live in Orchard Park marry a good cook curb her slang meet Gerry's brother To Hy a Jet Plane To find a remedy for her freckles To To find a cure for hic-cups be johns other wife Find out who killed To vaudeville To be lost in Rochester To To To own a car pass Intermediate leave M. M. A. To the see a cow jump over moon have school start at To noon To be another Hedda Hopper To be a famous singer To run the elevators in the Genesee Bldg. To cure a weak stomach To be a gym teacher Noled For Herman Her allergy to elevators Day Dreaming Her freckles Shadowing Rosemary Long Teaching school Riding in a milk truck Her attitude Prompting Gerry Her boyfriends Her silence Her arguments Her open house Eating 24 hours a day Her congeniality Her secret crush Her good appetite Ribbing the kids Sneezing in class Her silence Her "Bangs" Her incessant questions Attracting attention Her Billboard songs Her prom dates Her "delicious" bread Her blushes Her car Her striped pajamas Sleeping Crazy creations of hats Her grin Her soft voice Filling Donna's purse Her new watch Harilert Year . . . Sophomore Name MARY ROACH MARILYN ROONEY DOLORES RUSSELL IRENE RYAN MADONNA RYAN VERONICA SCANLON ELVERA SCARCELLO MARY SCHLEHR NORMA SGHLEHR JANE SHARP FRANCES SHEEHAN GERALDINE SHEA ELEANOR SMITH JANE SMITH MARGARET STUBBINS JOAN THEN GRACE M. TIGHE MARX' L. TILL PATRICIA TOURGIE GERALDINE TUNNEY JOAN VAN REMMEN MARIE WEIR MADONNA WALSH MARY WELLENZOHN GERALDINE WEST KATHLEEN WIDMER ROSEMARY WRENN BETTY WRIGHT Favorite Exprerrion HONESTLYU YESHU OH, THAT HARRY" THAT'S DUCKYU LET'S HAVE A PARTYY' I CAN'T REMEMBER" GOOD" BUT-" YES, FATHER" OH DEAR ME" DON'T FRETU SPOOIC' LISTEN, LovE" AILEEN, LISTEN" OH, WHAT A CROOLE WORLD!" OH, YOU POOR THING!" MAY I HELP YOU?" "HoW MANY QUESTIONS, SISTER?" I'M NOT TALKING" "MEE???" I DIDN'T, HONEST" "HI YA" "OH YOU CUTE KID" "OH, SUGAR" "THE BUS WAS LATE, SISTER" "OPEN THE WINDOWS" UOKAYU USILLY GIRL" SE TIUH PPIEPEPIE CES Ambition To spend a summer at a dude ranch To meet a friend in Japan To take a P.G. at St. Joe's To pass history Find a 4 leaf clover To get ahead of Dolores Never getting away with anything To improve her work To learn to rhumba To get Rosemary here on tlfne To learn how to type-right To be a great singer To make the week-end longer To hear the pitter patter of 28 little feet To look like Jeanne Crain To be a member of the tennis Squash Club To get 101 average To annex Canada to the U. S. To sit in the hack of the typing room To rise high To look up to others To learn to Hy To be a nurse at Forest Lawn To raise her second soprano voice to a first To leave M,M,A. To be another Bob Hope To answer right in health To be Mrs. H. M. Noted For Love of horses Being tardy Her laugh "Dick" Concern for others Druclgery during 4th period Her smile Her shorthand Sleeping in chemistry class Her work on the yearbook Her yawns Glamorous hair-do Having dates Georges car Her name Stubbs Het witty remarks Her prompt service at M 84 B. Her pen pals Her iiashbulb Her broken arm Her smile Trying to learn to waltz Being a brain in chemistry Passing out the music Her wise cracks Her jokes Her hands Harry Bert Student . . . Quietert Girl . . . Noiriert Girl . . . Prettiest Girl . . , M ort Popular . . . Patricia Doyle Frierulliert Girl . Winierr Girl . . . Patricia Fitzsimmons Ann Hens Regina Connelly Margaret O'Connell . . Helen Purtill Kathleen Widmer Mort Energetic Sertiorr . . . Hillery Twins Favorite Apparel . . , M. M. A. Uniform Favorite School Year . . . Senior Favorite Gathering Place . . . Sullivan's Favorite Song . . . "Stardust" Favorite Male Singer . , , Perry Como Favorite Female Singer , . . Margaret Whiting Favorite Band . , , Tommy Dorsey Favorite Radio Perronality . . , Henry Morgan Favorite Partime . . . Dancing Favorite Motion Picture , . . "The Jolson Story" Favorite Actor , . . Guy Madison Favorite Actrerx . . . Ingrid Bergman Favorite Sport as a Spectator . . . Football 89 l . Humboldt 7183 JOYCE FLORIST 1051 Ridge Road LACKAWANNA LEO SAUER Funeral Direclor WALTER G, KRANTZ B23 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. GENERAL INSURANCE Olflce GA. 7045-1870 Res. WO. 9484 K. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. .Tram - .flag - Cinder: - Sand - Grawl Evrfjflfiflg Eltrfrif 2356 Seneca St. BuEEA1.o 10, N. Y. Tr 3763 LEN SCHMIDLE DUMP TRUCK SERVICE Pham 1347 Union Road Garden 67 Ebenezer, N. Y. SONNY'S FRONTIER SERVICE Matar Tun: Up Automobil: Part: and Arceuorizr 1854 Union Road, Corner South St. Garden 246W-1 Gardenville, New York BUD'S LIQUOR STORE Choir: Wim: and Liquor! CECIL'S DRESS SHOPPE Mins. CECIL GRADL 2075 SENECA STREET BUFFALO 10, N. Y. Ladiu' and Cbildrcrfr Rudy to Wzar CUmp1i,,,,,,,, af WO, 5580 250-254 Abbott Road SOI-'LYS' ME-ATS Open Evenings BUFFALO 20, N. Y 617 Main Sc. EBBNEZER, N. Y. BAUMGARTEN BROS, Gt:,-fgltnlliljg-2-Z1:n:::uISZ.:I Residence Phone Business Phone Authorized Trico Wiper Service Triangle 6296 Washington 8036 Phones-Business, Garden 237 1835 Union Road Residence, Gar. 203 Gardenville, N. Y, Compliment: nf "CURLY'S GRILL" Ridge Road Lackawanna, N. Y. SMITH FISH CO, ESTABLISHED 1865 Frulf and .Yalt Water Fifi: af all kind: in .Yzamn Parker H. Smith, Mgr. 330-331 Washington Marker 92 6001106141211 fd of CAPITOL and MAXINE THEATRES Camplimenn of C SOUTH SIDE POST 3170 VETERANS or FOREIGN WARS 0 40 Como Ave. 0l'Yll9Al'n2l'l!5 0 MERCY LEAGUE Camplimentx 'ff RlCH'S DAIRY Camplimentf of Parsons 8 Judd, Inc. SOUTH BUFFALOIS FINEST DRUG STORES Faur Convenient Lacationx Outstanding in Prescription Service to the Community Since 1923 NONNIES DRESSES 8: ACCESSORIES 822 Abbott Rd. TR. 8673 THE WILBER FARMS DAIRY SEALON PROTECTED MILK 1149 Niagara Street GArf1eld 3211 Buffalo 13, New York Complimentf of MURPHY'S APPLIANCE CO. DAISY BRAND POTATO CHIPS Alwajx Frnb Made daily in Buffalo Serve at your Socials and Parties Dzliwgv Service Walton lic Son 475 Elm St. WA 5191 BERNARD A. BINISZKIEWICZ Fire, Liabilig, Burglafjf, Plate Glam 'rudor studios HAVE THE BEST A t H I WEDDING STORIES BABY PHOTOS u mo ' ' "W""W STUDIO PORTRAITS HOME PORTRAITS BANQUET PHOTOS GROUP PHOTOS 82 Spam Street Buffalo 6' N- Y- UPTOWN PHOTOS AT NEIGHBORHOOD . PRICES D131 TR' 6133 NOTARY PUBLIC MELROSE BLDG TR-4416 2177K Seneca Street at Cazenovia omfagmenfa o OMF MOUNT MERCY SENIOR SODALITY Seniors Juniors JUNIOR SODALITY Sophomores Freshmen Camplimmzf of HORSEHEAD BEER at ALE C0mFffmf"ff BREWERS 400 Best Street Gr. 8311 of W. H. BEALE 8: SONS Camplimentf af 0 MANLY S. DAVIS Used Cars South Park MERCY SCHOOL OF NURSING Camplimmtx Under the direction of of the SISTERS OF MERCY HOSPITAL Abbott Road and Choate Avenue B' Cmzixiuf College qffiliation for Banc ' Cultural and .fricntific coumcx. Complimentr Camplimenu of pf SEITZ PLASTERING LEAN 2 RANCHE 54 Alpine Street Cheektowaga Phone, Cleveland 1671 WO. 4300 Garden 130 CORNELIUS LANG PURVEYOR or Fine Meatr and Pnultgf 38-40-42 Washington Market BUFFALO, N. Y. GARDENVILLE LUMBER 84 SUPPLY CO., INC. Gardenvllle, N. Y. CLINTON-UNION SERVICE Arrenorief - Barferiu - Tirex GARDEN 101 GAKDENVILLE, N. Y. ABBOTT WOODSIDE LIQUOR STORE 387 Woodside Ave. at Abbott Rd. Phone Tr. 1814 Prompt Delivery Camplimmn uf CLUB BON TON Dancing Eaeq Friday, Sazurday, Sunday Mari: SQUARE DEAL FOOD MARKET SAM PAOLINI Sc SoNs Fall Lin: Mean, Grneeriex, Vegetabln Frozen Fond Beer Excellent Food Woodlawn 9577 217 Brinkman SL Hu, 2364 Tlliangle 6254 CHUBBS JEWELERS Compliment: 736 Ridge Road Lackawanna 18, New York af ' SOUTH SIDE AUTO Budget Armuntf .Ynlicitnl Warebef, Diamandi Compliment: BOYER'S PAINT 8: HARDWARE STORE 831 Abbott Road ff Woodlawn 2411 CHARLES KELLY Paintf, Hardware, Wallpaper -ZMvf1M4y ' Q4-f9pQ, I 1 , fl! i Congrafufafiond A-om The Class nf '43 john Courfney C0mPli"1"'ff FUNERAL-SERVICE Hf Q I .Y I Maddie s Uellcatessan 1167 Seneca Street Corner Orlando Eighteen-Sixty-Nine Seneca Street TRiangle 9866 TR. 5044 ' S. S. ELECTRIC REPAIR SIICP INC. HELECTRIC REPAIR SPECIALISTSH USTORES OF CONFIDENCEH . . Electric motors and equipment bought and sold, rebuilt, repaired 0 ROSINSKI FURNITURE 2470 Seneca Street Buffalo, N. Y. 697 Ridge Rd. 760 Fillmore Ave. Phone WO. 1232-1233 LACKAWANNA BUFFALO Nights-TR. 9139, WO. 3036 Camplimmtx 14 .izriencl gf DOWNER 84 TILL Complimmtx of Compliments o FITZPATRICK 84 SONS a Friend 247 Abbott Road 60l'YLl9Al'Yl ell fri .IDIIN W. DANFORTII 72 ELLICOTT STREET BUFFALO 3, N. Y. 0l'l'l,9Al'l'leI'I.i5 0 W!-ILL CHEMICALS MEDICAL GAS DIVISION OF LIQUID CARBONIC CORP. T. 3. QUINN LIQUOR STORE 1095 Seneca Street BUFFALO 10, N. Y. L-4113 Phone WO. 5474 STEVE KUBI Mobil Gm U' Oil Complete Car .Service 1148 Seneca Street BUFFALO 10, NEW YORK WALTER FOLTARZ RADIO REPAIR SERVICE "Bring Your Radio to Walt for Good .I'er1zir:e" 514 GOULD AVE. DEPEW, N. Y, Complimcnty 0f JOHN SULLIVAN 459 ABBOTT ROAD MAE A. HENESEY Camplimentx Lieerued Real Extate Broker of VIV' 0-NEILL 207 Culver Road TR. 2698 Buffalo 20, N. Y. I Compliment.: Camplzmentx of of MRS. MARY A. LILLIS WM. JOSEPH COOLEY 474 Abbot: Rd. J. S. HILBERT Camplimmu .Yacany Dealer ef Phone TR. 9865 Phone TR. 9864 2793 Seneca Sr. 2036 Seneca Sc. Mn. AND MRS. GEORGE EVANS BUFFALO 10, N. Y. Compliment: TI-IOMPSON'S CONFECTIONERY of 1550 South Park Avenue HARMAN'S Macguginex I ce Cream VOGUE BEAUTY SALON WM. C. TURO ' d V bl Hotel Lackawanna Ridge Road Gmane! an :gem H LACKAWANNA Seneca St. 84 Union Rd. JOSEPHINE NowAK TR. 9813 Phone, Garden 195 EBENEZER, N. Y. Ofcer in Principal Cities WARSAW ELEVATOR CO. MANUFACTURERS OF Passenger and Freight Sidewalk and Dumbwaiter Elevators MA. 1424 FRED GRANVILLE, Mgr. 64 DELAWARE AVENUE BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliment: of mobiles . . . remember . . . CHEVROLET FABRICATED HOMES OF BUFFALO Diftributed by and SOUTH PARK C H E V R O L E T JOHN V. SCHLIEDERER, CE. 1545 so, Park Ave. near Abbott Rd. 19 Brunswick Boulevard Buffalo 8, N. Y. Phone: GRant 5895 When you young ladies think of auto- HAL CASEY, General Manager 103 Complimentx of FRANK FARRELL 84 SONS DAIRY SINCE 1908 ROSINSKI HARDWARE CO. 655 Ridge Road LACKAWANNA 6 Complimmtx of HALL'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Fumifure-RugrStover-Waxloerf Refrigeratorf and Radiof-Vacuum Cleanerx 1787 SOUTH PARK AVE. PONTIAC AUTO TRANSPORT CO. 920 Fuhrmann Blvd. BUFFALO, N. Y. 6 EGAN'S DELICATESSEN 2340 Seneca Street BARNETT'S TExAco SERVICE STATION Barreqy Rental Service and Reclmrging Tire .Yalef and Service 1975 Main St. at Jefferson GA. 9735 BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliment: of CARR APPLIANCE CO., INC. Victor and Columbia Rerordx 2134 Seneca St. Buffalo, N. Y. J. Wimwrj jennbon 104 BRUCK UNIFORM CO Specialists in the Manufacture of Institutional Apparel 116 E. 27th sf. New York 16, N. Y C0l'I'll0All'l2l'lf6 of Mount Mercy Academy Alumnae Cjongrafufafionfi Lam Mount Mercy Academy Mothers' Guild Ea! woken Z-om The SIIPHIJMUHES 60I'l'Ll0Al'l'l8l'L fd of The Freshman Class Complimentf 'ff HURWITZ BROS. IRON AND METAL CO., INC. Camplimenzx of THE SNACK SHOPPE One North Buffalo Street ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK Complimenn FRONTIER STORAGE 84 CARTING CO., INC. 156 Como Ave. Buffalo 20, N. Y. JAMES T. DALY, Pref. JAMES M. RoAcH, V.-Prem. . Complimmty of FEDERAL MARKETS CO. 2145 Seneca Street Phone, TRiangle 2338 T. A. BEALE 84 SONS, INC. Tru-Li-Pure Daily 20-22 MESMER AVENUE SEIFERTS SHOE STORE Treadmfy and Canfarmal Slayer fur Women 2461 Seneca St. At City Line Phone TR. 4513 SIGL PLUMBING AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY BUFFALO OPTICAL coMPANY LOUIS J' SIGL PMP. 559 MA1N STREET 297 MAIN STREET 2830 DELAWARE AVE. 618 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. 109 MARTIN A. SCHMITT 8a CO., INC. J. C. STEPHENS FURS MOTOR CORP. Remodeling - Cold .Yroragz FORD DEALERS 206 Watson Street Phone: CL. 6093 3484 Main St. Buffalo, N. Y. LUMEN R. HAWS CO. Manufacturing fewelere 86 W. Chippewa St. MUMM'S SENECA BOWLING ACADEMY 8: RESTAURANT, INC. 2188 Seneca St., at Cazenovia BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone: TRiangle 971 1 SLOAND'S Automotive .Yervice Motor Rceonditioning Cylinder Reboring and General Auto Repairs 485 ABBOTT ROAD TR. 1060 VIC MCLAUGHLIN Delicntnxren 2255 South Park Ave. Gnocmuns - - BEER Phone: TR. 3687 SOUTH PARK ELECTRIC CO. Everything Electriml 2249 So. Park Ave., cor. Marilla BUFFALO 20, N. Y. Telephone, CL. 9625 THE BRUNSWICK GRILL Southern Fried Chicken . . . Barbecue Spare- rih: . . . .Yteakx . . . Fine Rare Wine: and Liguore 51 E. Swan, at Ellicott Street BUFFALO, NEW Yom: 110 Compliment: of the HAss ELBE ex CHEESE DIVISION of :be BORDEN COMPANY Be:t Wixlne: to the Clan' of '47 MR. AND Mas. WM. R. HEROLD RAY LAWLEY Imurunce and Bond: 820 GENESEE BLDG. Clev. 7054-7055 JOHN A. ULRICH Frexla, Salt and Smoked Meat:, Poultry Lani and Saumge of All Kind: 2342 Seneca St. near Duerstein Ave. BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone TRiangIe 1340 Compliment: of TRIANGLE GRILLE 1757 South Park Ave. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Phone: TR. 9722 ENGELBERT BROS. jeweler: Open Thursday and Saturday Evenings "THE DIAMOND HOUSE" OF THE soU'rH SIDE 2258 Seneca St. Buffalo, N. Y. Woodlawn 2781 "A GARAGE TO DEPEND oN" LUDWIG Motor S eroice GEORGE N. LUDWIG 2018 Seneca Street at Ryan BUFFALO 10, N. Y. FREE DELIVERY WO. 5582 JIMMIE'S MARKET Qualigf Meat: 306 Abbott Road Your Patronatge Will Be Appreeiated h 111 NORTH MAIN RED 84 WHITE SUPER MARKET 3144 Main Street app. Highgate COMPLETE MARKET Meatr - Groceriex - Frefb Fruitr and Vegetabler daily TRiangle 4261 ED. C. PANTLE JEWELER Expert jewelry and Watela Repairing Silverzuare - Watcher - Diarnondr 806 Abbott Road near Woodside BUFFALO, NEW YORK CAULFIELD LIQUOR STORE 391 Abbott Rd. at Como "In the Heart of .Youth Buffalo" WO. 2498 Prompt Delivery Lie. L-4107 SOUTH SIDE FURNITURE CO, 2196 Seneca St. at Cazenovia Bujfalo'.r Greatext Entertainment Alwayr in SHEA THEATRES BUFFALO GREAT LAKES HIPPODROME TECK F - URNITURE And-There's one near your home! JEWELRY- APPLIANCESA HCZIEhfHIIy AII'-CO1'1dI1Z101'1CCI Open Thursday 8i Saturday Evenings the Year 'Round TR. 2720 SHANLEY'S Bert of Luck F D C ANCY RY LEANERS BUY CLOVERLEAF MILK Cleanerf Dyerr EBENEZER DAIRY Abbott Rd. at Salem BUFFALO 20, N.Y. 295 Main St. Ebenezer, N. Y Call TR. 0787 112 Telephone, TRiarIgle 0165 JAMES F. WARD Sc SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1997 South Park Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. CORNELIUS F. WARD Complirnentf of EARSING NURSERIES FRENCH ROAD GARDENVILLE, N. Y. Complimentx of MAJESTIC STUDIOS SHAFFER'S PHARMACY 851 Abbott Road corner Ramona RICHARD HUDNUT'S YARDLEY,S OF LONDON SEVENTEEN AND KIDMETIC COSMETICS Q Senior Clan Photographer 0 COMPLETE RADIATOR SERVICE ATLAS AUTO RADIATOR SHOP CI... 1880 434 Delaware Ave. Drive-In-service B . . UFFALO' N Y 1846-50 Seneca Street WO. 0828 BUFFALO 10, N, Y. WEDDING BOUQUETS FLORAL DESIGNS Ojicial Railroad Watch Impectorx GREETING CARDS NOVELTIES T. L. TERRY, INC. FOSERS FLOWER SHOPS Everything in Fiowerx 1877 Seneca St. 619 William St. TR. 0717 CL. 1360 WATCHES - DIAMONDS 792 Seneca Street Buffalo, N. Y. N.Y,C.R,R.g Erie R.R.g Lehigh Valley, N.K.P.R.R.g B.C.R.R. WM. H. HAUSER, Prof. and Treay. Accounts Opened 113 THE SAFE WAY GLASSES BY PRECHTEL OPTICAL CO. 616 Main Street Guild Opticians Have your eyes examined by an eye physician. Consult us about 3-Way Bifoeal Lenses Compliments of a Friend EDWARD H. COTTRELL SALES FORD - SERVICE 0 GARDENVILLE, N. Y. 2041 Union Rd. Phone: TR 6027 Charter Buses For extra flavor . . . For extra goodness . SE!-XLTEST IEE IIHEAM GENERAL ICE CREAM CORPORATION 235 Elm Street Phone LI. 7870 GEORGE SCHRECKENBERGER, JR. "Catering As You Like It" 544 ASHLAND AVE. BUFFALO 13, N.Y. Try our Homogenized Vitamin D Milk So Creamy-good that Youngsters Looe It PEOPLES DAIRY 20 HELEN AVE. BLASDELL, N.Y. TR. 6390 114 Doyle Beauty School WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERA- TION AND INSPECTION We have carefully planned a training program for the making of well trained operators. MODERN EQUIPMENT, COLORFUL CLASS' ROOMS, PLEASANT AND ABLE TEACHERS Compliment: vf St. AllIl,S Hnllar Hink v RITA R. SEBHARD Director 921 Main St. LI. 2456-5091 Phone TR. 0315 Cornplimcntx MR. 84 Mas. CHARLES A. SHARP Complimentr of LAFAYETTE PHOTO SUPPLY COMPANY 12 Broadway Buffalo, N. Y. SOUTH PARK MOTORS 1545 South Park Ave. BUFFALO, NEW Yoxuc LAWANIJUS FLOOR IIUVERINGS MARTINJ. LAWANDUS, Mgr. Venetian Blind! - Linoleum - Afphnlt Tile Rug and Wall Covering: SOLD and INSTALLED 0 518 ABBOTT RD. BUFFALO 20, N. Y. 11 HEROLD'S MARKETS 325 ABBOTT ROAD 491 ABBOTT ROAD 817 ABBOTT ROAD 348 CONNECTICUT 357 GRANT ST. 1844 SENECA ST. 2010 SENECA ST. 2117 SENECA ST. 2242 SENECA ST. 2448 SENECA ST. 1595 SOUTH PARK 1984 SOUTH PARK 2247 SOUTH PARK HAMBURG, N. Y. Defignm' and printed bg X 1 my 5, IAIOM J .1 ' Y ,Y f Q+:E.Q,,,- , ART APPREC I i va 5-gg. ,EQ i , K x by Dm 111111-r, Fl'wfjlIl"1-3 U Z IYQY, Nurnmi XVAM fm' mcf :jf ff., n,.lHxfCf ESIIIUI. Zygga 'l'hC two Qlrlm wcrc cm llwir .1 I1 d w.1y homc funn xclloul. aftur the umm! grvcri11gQ, Fsrhur began Lllkimg .IXWULIL tht club whirl! Qhu qimlluri ill lhv beginning ul' Lhw form. "WN day have thc 'lm-wwf' rxmnfs in Ilw Pxrl ,Muprccinriuu Club." She mid. hnd "Hut what du ycwu dflyu iuquirual Nwmm. "Ulm wa' gm Lo lhc :XVI Ahl'wCl11H vwry nlhul' XVud1u'ssLu', .md in 1hv wuclw lM'Lu'wn we lmvc A INl'Uli1'lg .lt r:cl1m'ul." "XVI'mt dw yuu du .xr yrnur mmm-LiugQ ar splwcvl --paim, and dr.1w'3 If you du. I u-ulcln'f hcl-mg, bccklufsu I q.m't wan draw J slmiglml, lillkif' , Y , - Y Nm, wv Llfyllf pamr .tml Llmw. We nttcmi Lu any buaincss llml muy cwms up, .md lllVH wv glvr the 1151, wi' rim time IO Sn,m1cll1i11g 0-lullcqmml with Ulll' All simlv. ATDO 31:11 kmww rms rlwiug V,'L'.l'U tiUi11Q.,-Y "Nw, wlmlfm Du you krmw thy 11.111102 Of any of thc p1ctL11'w m UUI' init Hom xOl'l'il'lO!' Nu. whv WXVQII, xufzn' going ru Iwru All wi' Pham, then' HJINCS and rhv IIJINUS -11 tlrv JIUQIS wlw pmulvd LIICIN. 'T hun Munn' limu wfru gfflllg lm nmkc A Cflldlfjgllk' wi lhum .md lung lL whvrv Qvcrybudy mn use ir. A-Xml LIIIUIIMX' rluingg Wy mm' dw ii to wrirv .xlwout wmv of nm favmilv mixltilwgqs in thc Art IXTLxwL1111. Ami wlnc ml' thc bcst wi our Arriclus MRS lrjwxxw-II' '-5110.9 thc IVEJLAQJ- ricuml Dircfrwr who vxplaim llms ,ur wl- lucrions AF llxv N'll1Qu11111, .xml 9110.2 VCTY mmf ,md inzcu'sImg 'mid sbs miglul have pllblisllcd in IIN 11cwsp.xprr." lisdmf ymllsul for Iwrmth. 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"XX'lw is your spmlsor, .md who are VUL11' UH1ccrs"' NWI' lmw two SINHIINUIN, Miss Suswinggf 11.1115 and MKG Quallmdf, .md Hilda Hmm' is Ulll Prmsidcxwr .Nr flu' cmd wi' 1331 lurm Wu clcclud llsrlwrt BllCIflNJl1I'l Vim'- Pz'cSi4,iv11t. lllll hc wulci not lwluug to nbc club lhii yn'n1'. .md su wc hm! Jl1Ol'l1x'I' clcc lim! nuff miww Dflmrw Fismjlmu' is our 'Visc- Prciimilcnl, rILhuSufrctJl'v Tr -,'l lNlll'CI'i9 Yiof In C,11ciul'ioscw. and hcl' JYQHTJIIT is Rulb l,k-ppc, Our Sruduur Cfmmil R,CDTCSUI1l'3' tivo is Duria XVQh1uuiQ1', wlw WM our l'r'csidc111 last lcfmf' "Lion I think l'lI livin m-xl Lx-rm." Qricd Nmfmn, MSUIU. 'mln' mum the n1crrivr,'H undcd Father As thc lwo Scpkxnatvcl. OW' Hurhflmf ,Y1v.'Ju' ' i g.5,,i, Ms- M I WCP! i M,m2,'1srgmT,4aggf:55Di..,X ggi i i 2. ii -'Q ith,-iii ir i VM X ' .' W -1--zYi'5fiff:i:1iii nfi'+,ii"'eiiia'i:"iiai,,. 'll .' Miniifmiiiiiiiaifwiiiiii?iiiiii -. I ww V! fir Y N. 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Suggestions in the Mount Mercy Academy - Mercienne Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

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