Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI)

 - Class of 1949

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Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1949 volume:

I IW' Mg v deditated to mg father who sent 1m to mount mam college on 1112 menomonee . . . mmmmanm MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN gwgw, ab $9.0.qu w M W$Mm WLMQW a. W Lough. wa, Saga, wmw M JMcLawwAJ-ibggx, WWW M$M o.u3.o. iOU-H W,Mw OJMW WW Mak tum. M W W W Bo AU,.-;1bo4n MALM WWW MLWWW 9 W MA. mm W JMML w w Jaw MW JULQNVV ma.m paw Mm HWWWWAJMvQWWLPM Wm, M33 Mm4x o-k W W, Mb 3 WikaL-Jduu A.WMWGQ,M$QL3WALMM xQJAwJWWOgAMM $wahw W-w 0K Wm. Waiwxww Mi 'M-WM'M WGL; Awawxaqwmw MAOQQ opxww WWW, "59w mag Wan $.WWWWM." WMA.VVIOXMN JAM MAM WW MA $1.03.. OM uuxczx WWWMdLLQmJVJLW,BA$ Mavis 0meWQQ WWka . ! His Excellency THE MOST REVEREND MOSES ELIAS KILEY Archbishop of Milwaukee Chancellor of Mount Mary College Reverend PAUL SCHAFFELI DD., S.S.L. Chaplain of Mount Mary College Mrs. James Bergstrom Mrs. Frank Higgins The Administration CHANCELLOR His Excellency Moses Elias Kiley, S.T.D. Leonard J. Kleczka BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. James Bergstrom Mrs. Frank Higgins President Leonard I. Kleczka John I. Kram'ak Joseph C. Moser Vice President Dr. Edward A. Fitzpatrick William C. Bruce Ex-Officio Secretary Sisler Seraphia Marie E. Harold Hallows Ex-th'cio OFFICERS OF THE GENERAL ADMINISTRATION The Reverend Paul Schaffel, D.D., S.S.L. OFFICERS OF THE GENERAL ADMINISTRATION Edward A. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., L.H.D., Litt.D., LL.D. . . . . . . . . . . President of the College Sister Seraphia Marie, M.A. . . . e . . Vice President 0! the College and Joseph C. Moser Superior of the Religious Community Sister Mary Dominic, Ph.D. . . . . Dean of the College Sister Mary Celinel MA. . . . . . . Dean of Women Sister Mary Ignatia, BA. . . . . . . . . Registrar Sister Mary Seraphia, BA. . . . . . . . . . Bursar Sister Mary Norman, MA. . . Secretary to the Faculty Sister Mary Dolore, RN. . . . . . . . . College Nurse RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY . THE SCHOOL SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME John I. Kraniak E. Harold Hallows EDWARD AUGUSTUS FITZPATHICK, PH.D., L.H.D., Litt.D., LL.D. President of Mount Mary College FATHER MARK LYONS 5 $5 f 11 ,1? if f FATHER SYLVESTER PETERS The Faculty Edward A.Fitzpatrick,Ph.D.,L...HD,L1'tt.D.LL. D. President Sister Mary Dominic, Ph.D . . Dean Reverend Paul Schatfel D. D., S. S. L. 1 . Chaplain Reverend Sylvester P. Peters Ph. D. Prolessor,Rel1'g1'on and Philosophy Reverend Mark Lyons, M. A. P!0!essor,ReI1'g1'on and Philosophy Sister Mary Albert M. A. .Protessor, Home Economics Sister Mary AIonza M. A .Diteclor of Teache1-Tm1'n1'119-111-Se1v1'ce Sister Mary Aloysia, PhD. . . . . . . . Associate Professor, 1Re11'g1'on Sister Mary Aneta, B.A. . Assistant Professor, Art Sister Mary A1!I1ur,B..S O. T.H. . Director, Occupational Therapy Sister Mary Augustine B...FA Assistant Professor, Ar! Sister Mary Canisia, P11. D. . . Prolessor, Social Science Sister Mary Celine, M. A Associate Professor, Economics Sister Mary Charitas, M. A. . Prolessorl Education Sister Mary Chrysostom, P11. D. . Professor, English Sister Mary Cornelius, M..A . . Associate Professor, English Sister Mary Dolores, P11. D. Professor, History Sister Mary Dorothea, Ph. D. . Professor, Latin and Greek Sister Mary Estelle, M. A. Assistant Director of Guidance Sister Mary Felice. P11. D. . Professor, Mathematics Sister Mary Fourier, M.M. . . Associate Professor, Music Sister Mary Gerard Majella B.S.1'n Lib. Sc . Assistant Librarian Sister Mary Gisela, M. M. . Professor, Music Sister Mary Herman, M. A. . . Associate Professor, Secretarial Science Sister 'Mary Hyacinth, M. A. . Professor, Speech Sister Mary Jean Marie, M. A Assistant Professor,ReI1'g1'on and Education Sister Mary John Francis, M.A. Assistant Pro!essor,EngI1'sh Sister Mary Iosepl1 M. A. Associate Professor,EngI1'sh and History Edwin Kendziorski Eldred I. Vetter Agnes Curren Hamm Mary C. Rooney Sister Mary IuIiana. PhD. . . . . . . . . . . Professol, German Sister Mary lulienqe, PhD. . Associate Professor, Philosophy and English Sister Mary Iustim'a, M. A. Director, Summer, Extension Courses and Teacher- Training- in-Service Sister Mary Leo. B.A. . . . . . . Professor, A1! Sister Mary Leocadia, M A. .Assistant P10!essor,Spa1-u'sh Sister Mary Lioba,PI1..D . Professor, History and Philosophy Sister Mary Lothaire, M.S. . Professor, Home Economics Siste1 Mary Louis, M. M. . Professor, M usic Sister Mary Loyola, M. A. Professor, F1encI1 Sister Mary Mercedes, B. A., M. T .Assoc1ale Professor, Medical Technology Sister Mary NoeIIa, M. A. Assistant Professor, Social Science Sister Mary Norman, M. A. .Assistant Professor Business Administration Sisler Mary Paschaline, B. S. Assistant Ptolessm, Home Economics Sister Mary Paulina, Ph. D. Professor, Spanish and Italian Sister Mary Petronia. Ph. D. Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Physics Sister Mary Raymond Therese, BUS, M. T. .Inshuctor, Medical Technology Sister lMary Remy, BHA . . Instructor, A1! Sophie P. Thom Ruth Detfus Chiminowski Lillian Gaskell S. W. Liltet S1sler Seraphia Man'e, M. A. .P1ofessot, Education and English Siste1 Mary Theodorette. Ph. D. Associate Professor, Education Sister Mary Therese, M. S. Instructor, Medical Technology yaw 01y homasine 4'7 DMMK:PMssor, Biology S1ste1 Mary F. X! v1e1, Ph. D Ptolessor, Chemistry S. W.L1'ste1 B.A. Instructor, Dramatic Art Ruth Detfus ChiminOWSki, BUS . .Instmctor, Home Economics Eileen Ebmeiet, :8. A. Instructor, Speech Lillian GaskeII, PILB. Associate Professor, Librarian Agnes Cunen Hamm, L. A ..M .Assistanl Profewssor Speech Edwin Kendziorski, BUB Workshop Instructor, Occupational Therapy EmiIF.K10nqu1'st . Workshop Instructor. Occupational Therapy Ruth Loeffle1,M.S.W. .Assistanl P101essor,SociaI Science Margaret McGiIIivray, M A. . . . . . Instructor, English Mary C. Rooney, M. A. . Director, Physical Education Marion TIu'II, B.S. .Insttuclor, Occupational Therapy Sophie P. Thom, BUS . Instructor, Biology L'Idred l. Vene1, B F A. . . Commercial Artist Ruth Loewe: Vice-Presidenf: Mary Louise Casey President: Janet Bunml . . . and the Senior Class elected its officers who helped to make this last year in college so memorable . . . Secretary: Betty Malinske Treasurer: Mary Arendt 12 RITA ANDREA Kenosha, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Beets" . . . joviality . . . refreshing impetuosity . . . "I'm just kidding" . . . craft acomplishments distinctive beauty . . . silky-voiced conversationalist MARY ARNDT Watkins, Minn. Bachelor of Science Home Economics ambh'ng gestures knitting needles and a good book . . . . laughing lab partner . . slow grin . fruitcakes and cook- . . . terse as a prescription DORIS DONAHUE BANNER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Philosophy Art "Taffy" . . . student-homemaker . . . artist and aquabeIIe . . . candid competence . . . whimsical energy as unceasing as a windshield wiper . . . dreams come true HELEN BANNER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science and Speech "Banner" . . . protagonist . . . Sophomore Vice- president . . . Panaminturama co-director . . . pro- jective personality . . . persevering enthusiasms . . . ideas galore . . . verbal marathons MARY CATHERINE BARRETT Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Clothing "Mary" . . . "A11 things to all men" . . . Butterick Patterns . . . asterisks of laughter around her eyes . . please girlsea little more quiet! . . . exciting nights in Home Ec apartment . . . "Holy Toledo!" IUANITA BECHERER BeIIeViIIe, III. Bachelor of Arts Social Science , "Nita" . . . coffee in the kitchenette . . . willing fourth f at bridge . . . peppery twang in her voice . . . "Meet 5 Me in St Louis" . . . loves a political battle . . . "Miss Harmony of the Senior Class" MARY KATHRYN BERGIN Hebron, III Bachelor of Science Home Economics "Mary Kay" . . . Irish eyes . . . straightforward ap- praisals . . . mature gentleness . . . love of sim- plicity . . . intense defender of truth . . . Sodality Literature Chairman AUDREY BOUCHARD Wauwatosa, Wis Bachelor of Art Business Administration "Bouch" . . . perennial gayety . . . c1 charmingly feminine blush . . . the life of the party . . . relaxation in the smoker . . . "Lock'em in Bo-chard!" . . . mirth- quake ot laughter MARY ELIZABETH BROCKSCHLAGER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "Betty" . . . calendar conscious . . . "along came Bill" . . . argyle knitting . . . ioqucrcious . . . avid base- ball fan . . . "Buttons and Bows" DOROTHY BROCKSCHLAGER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration '"Dor" . . . perpetual letter-writer . . . miles ahead With the news . . . resourceiui creator of feminine frills . . . happy thoughts . . . twins to the rings on their fingers PAULINE BBUCKBAUER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor oi Aris , Art "Poiiyi' . . . sensitive artistic insight . . . open-hearted generosity . . . the scent of orange blossoms . . . art co-ediior oi the ARCHES . . . a slow melody JEAN BRYAN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Jean" . quiet grace and manner . . . lunch hour sheepshead in the smoker . . . calls to Vito . perpetually late . . . c1 friend in needed friend indeed HELEN BUCKLEY Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Arts Speech "Bucko" . . . dreamy irresistible smile . . . "I Be- member Mama" . . . announcements flavorful as after dinner mints . . . "l'eepers" . . . vacillates be- tween eight course meals and mera toast . . . Blessed Virgin Blue JANET CAROL BUNZEL Hales Corners, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Bunny" . . . Senior Class President . . . quiet dignity and courtesy . . . gay jaunts in a blue convertible . . . future plans With Gordy in a ranch-style house . . . stars and sapphires blend in her eyes KATHLYN JANET CAFMEYER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Buddy" . . . assiduou-s . . . upsweep "party" hairdo . . . slow grin . . . loves to dress up . . . faithful and true . . . it's her nature to please . . . business- minded MARY LOUISE CASEY Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "Casey" . . . dynamic . . . "Give My Regards. to Broadway" . . . European "peddling" . . . Vivid indi- vidualism . . . "Diamond Jim" . . . laughter shared With everyone, everywhere ESTELLE CHMIELEWSKI Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Terry" . . . Junior NFCCS delegate . . . "Pacific" service for US. as an army nurse . . . a wealth of feeling in all that she undertakes . serene con- templation ot the truth . . . keen interest in social work DOROTHY JEANNE CHRIST Marinette, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Chris" . . . Sodality Vice-pretect . . . deep appre- ciation of all things musical and beautiful . . . per- fectly and graciously groomed . . . Duet With Dick . . . pride in Aunt Io and "Bootsie" ELEANOR CLARY Sun Prairie, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration and Speech "El'l . . . business-wise . . . fascinating interpreta- tions . . . hockey enthusiast . . . R.S.V.P. eyes . singing laughter that dispels the blues sparked student relief and mock election JEAN CONWAY Ladd, III. Bachelor of Arts English "Jean" . . . sott spoken words . . . expressly poetic . . . fondness for shrimp dinners . . . accomplished sports woman . . . record enthusiast . . . "anyone want to go tor a hamburger" . . . keepsake friend- ships MARY COOK Beaver Dam, Wis. Bachelor of Arts M athematics "Cookie" . . . fabulous trips to Ames by plane . . . natural homemaker . . . inveterate card player . . . clicking needles in capable hands . . . mathematics on her mind but home ec in her heart COLLEEN CROAL Wauwatosa, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Irish" . . . tapping toes . . . my little brother George remember that winter trip to Dubuque conscientious student . . . devotion to ideals exquisite oId-fashioned charm JEAN STATHART DANNENFELSER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Philosophy Social Science "lean" . . . "Mrs. B.D." . . . inquiring mind . , twinkling eyes . . . a generous heart . . . perseven'ng genial nature . . . zestful and scholarly pursuits. MARY LOUISE DEMPSEY Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Dietetics "Mary Lou" . . . sailing on a cloud . . . bangs cut weekly . . . skin as soft as the feel of flowers . . . "Oh, have I got a headache!" . . . determination with a smile. JULIE DOHNEY Chicago, 111. Bachelor of Arts English "Julie" . . . a honeytoned voice . . . infectious laughter . . eager sun bather . . . saunten'ng speed . . . high-C giggles . . . fine cameo features MARY JEAN D'ORAZIO Boscabel, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Dozzy" . . . Yankee Doodles . . . Green Buses . . . Sunday afternoon telephone calls . . . spirited recitals of gruesome details . . . surface ripples with deep undercurrents ELIZABETH DOSCH Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Betty" . . . personifies kindness and understanding . . . "Science is like cracker-jack, the more you have the more you want" . . . simplicity and sincerity . . . a background of service for Uncle Sam BEVERLY DURANCEAU Wausau, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Speech "BeV" . . . talent for getting things done . . . C.S.A. chairman . . . the perfect emcee . . . comic imitations . . . "The Gael Gate" . . . versatility plus JOYCE DWYER Wauwatosa, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Art "Joyceu . . . talented artist . . . flawless manners . . . graceful and gracious . . . spirited conve'rsationczlist . refreshingly different . . . plans for a summer wedding . . . ideas as new as tomorrow's dawn MARY GRACE EANNELLI Wauwatosa, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Grace" . . . mischevious . . . accordion virtuoso . . . curly hair jet black . . . "Oh Gee!" . . . staunch ad- vocate of naturalness . . . consistently studious . . . a merry heart goes all the way NOANETTE CATHERINE EHRET Chicagq III. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "Nocmette" . . . just stepped out of Vogue . . . thought- ful Sophomore Class President . . . best at badminton V notes of laughter everywhere . . . "You're kid- ding" . . . frenzies over snowflakes . . . eager spin't of giving ANNE JACQUELINE FITZGERALD Chicago, III. Bachelor of Arts Speech "ICICkJ'e" . . .charming Mrs. Moonlight . . . interest in Barry and Gayle . . . expressive eyes that do pi- rouettes at will . . . first nighter .thn'lls . . . "Pink and Patches" ELIZABETH FORBESTAL Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts English "Betty" . . . Arches-co-editor . . . limitless interests ranging from Cicero to scrapbooks . . . unassuming brilliance . . . delightful capacity for making mole- hills out of mountains . . . hall-mark of quality JOAN MARIE GALLAGHER Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "Joan" . . . effervescent personality . . . breathtaking swan dives . . . "No potatoes, please" . . a impish actions . . . unforgettable dance weekends . . . merry family tales JANICE GARVEY Appleton, Wis. Bachelor of Arts. English and Social Science "Bibs" . . . gives a refreshing twist to shopwom ideas . . . extensive library . . . Menomonee meanders . . . fabulous collection of cocktail glasses . . . helped Quarterly don the New Look . . . co-director of Panas minturama GLORIA GILSINGER Beaver Dam, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Mathematics "Gilda" . . . typical little girl . . . mathemagician . . . passion for bridge . . . easy-going . . . generous so- ciability . . . "Oh! sweet oblivion" GLORI A GLASS Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Gloria" . . . gracefully tall and poised . . . ruffles and frills . . . eyes as bright as city lights . . . keen sense of humor . . . delicate as a dry point etching . a bit of a melody JOAN GOKEY Ianesville, Wis. Bachelor of Arts , Secretarial Science "Io" . . . romantic poetry . . . Hare for cookery . . . fondness for leisure . . . pickles . . . streaks of en- viable luck . . . clerical aspirations . . . a smile that breaks as unexpectedly as a shoe lace DONNA MAHEA GRACE Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Science Biology HDonna" . . . fastidious . . . capable and willing . . . AIChes co-edz'tor . . . HI haven't had such a good laugh since" . . . strawberry blonde . . . Krazy for Kelly Green . . . Claire de Lune MILDRED THERESE GRIFFITH Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy HTerry" . . . the scholarly approach . . . determina- tion uninhibited . . . shine and make the whole world smile . . . "I have no worries to bother me" . . . a philosophical bent . . . universally popular MADELINE GUMINA Milwaukee, Wis. Bacheloz of Science Occupational Therapy "Addie" . . . independent . . . creative listener . . . expressive eyes . . . thoughtful . . . masterful metal- work . . , unassuming dignity MARIE HEINEN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Marie" . . . tailored togs . . . fancy for bridge . dry Wit . . . definite out-door woman . . . monotone melodies . . . tall loveliness . . . distinctive dark glasses JOYCE HERDA Hales Corners, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Joyce" . . . Charming short hair cuts . . . delicate tapering fingers . . . culinary artist supreme leisure hours bowling . . . interests in Ripon . . . as perfectly poised as the crest of a wave DOROTHY HERKOWSKI Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Dietetics "Herki" . . . loves, knows, and grows flowers . typical younger brother tales . . . nurser school summers . . . tall, capable and energetic . . . anti- cipates interning GLADYS H OLZH A UER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Art "Gladys" . . . dreamer of dreams . . . delicate col- lection ot figurines and Toby-jugs . . . deep aesthetic appreciations . . . placid and smiling . . . a desire to manage her own classroom COLLEEN IACOBSON Racine, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "fake" . . . vivacious and Zaughtng . . . the heart of the gang . . . dtet-mindedhtomorrow . . . wanted! nine boys tor a baseball team . . . a future with the airlines . . . trophy-bound sportwoman THERESA JELACIC Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Clothing "Tess" . . . loves to laugh and make others laugh . . polka enthusiast . . . the complete angler . . . the color of the toreador . . . peppery exclamations GENEVIEVE JONAS Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor ot Science Occupational Therapy "Jenny" . . . promptness personified . . . party girl SUpreme . . . superb sense ot humor . . . fascinating letters . . . complications. from all directions NANCY KENNEY Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Philosophy Art "Nancy" . . . smiling colleen . . . dreaminess . prodigy with pastels . . . ringing laughter . . . sheeps- head enthusiast . . . squarecut diamond MARY IRENE KILBOE Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration " . . . shy and lovable personality . . . "Curly- . unconcerned equestn'enne . . . a love of . . "But, Kids, I'll never pass" . . . easy-going way combined with a sympathetic ear HELEN LOUISE KLEINHEINZ Marshfield, Wis. Bachelor of Arts History "Helen" . . . skillful aquabeHe with a prize-winm'ng style . . . l'histon'cal approach" . . . envious tan . . . that touch of the South in her voice . . . generosity unlimited . . . everything is "JIM dandy" PHYLLIS KORTENDICK Green Bay, Wis. Bachelor of Arts English "P.K." . . . versatile authoress . . . generously impuL sive . . . capable Quarterly co-editor . . . "Sally and Jo" . . . introspective curiosity . . . startling imagery JEAN LACHENMAIEB Milwaukee, Wis. Baechelor of Science "lean" . . . quiet-unruffled manner . . . lean, "thy beauty 1's to me" . . . poise and proficiency . . . trim and neat . . . brown eyes . . . enjoyment in lab . . . my Buddy MARGARET LAMB Chicago, 111. Bachelor of Arts English "Peggy" . . . sweetness all her own . . . pink and blue beauty . . . dancing toes . . . generous ability to help . . . fanciful writing . . . "dreamy time gal" . . . quality of making others feel perfectly at ease Dietetics' KATHLEEN THERESE KRAUS Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Terry" . . . impish mischief . . .elfin face and turned up nose . carefree gayety . amusing chatter . . . "laughter as unplanned as a hiccup" . . . consci- entious O.T. worker LOIS ANN KUEHL Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science and History "Lois" . . . discerning dark eyes . . . "Whodunnit" fan . . . gifted impersonator . . . takes special delight in fishing trips . . . the Rinso twins of the "depaht- ment" . . . to teach little Eskimos NANCY LANDGRAF Wauwatosa, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Art "Nance" . . . poetess 1'n pastels . . . sugar and spice conversation . . . a versatile brush . . . demure . . . in- dispensable behind the scenes . . . art co-editor of the Arches MARGARITA LEON Miramar, Puerto Rico Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Marq" . . . inherent Spanish culture . . . "You Clown" . . . fat air-mail letters . . . Puerto Riccm "patriot" . . . interpretive Latin dancer . . . "how foolish of people to worry" VIRGINIA LEWIS West Allis, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Speech "Iinny" . . . career girl . . . "Kind Lady" . . . intriguing facial expressions . . . magnetic moods . . . Junior Class President . . . yen for faraway places JOAN LONG Appleton, Wis. Bachelor of Education Education "Io" . . . quick and hurried movements . . . helping hand . . . to teach history . . . short bob . . . vocally proud of her big family and home town PATRICIA MAKENS Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science and History "Pat" . . . Culbertson addict . . . staccato movements . . . vociferously Irish . . . heckled as a tiqu-Iily . . . the other Rinso twin . . . "as sentimental as, a valen- tine" ELIZABETH ANN MALINSKE Shorewood,' Wis. Bachelor of Arts English "Betty" . . . short as a period and expressive as an exclamation point. . . . apron strings spoken for . coluratura . . . Junior Quarterly co-editor . . . cum Iaude in friendships KATHERINE MAREK Racine, Wis. Bachelor of Arts History "Kay" . . . small and precise . . . easy directness . . . amiable companion . . . active weekends . . . fragility . . . a voice as. intimate as the rustle of paper ROSEMARY MARTIN Green Bay, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "Marty" . . . pert and Charming . . . a smile that breaks on her face like gay music . . . tirelessly Cheerful and vivacious . . . personality with a swish . . . miniature Mademoiselle MARY JOAN MASTALIR Burlington, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "loan" . . . sweet, smiling sincerity . . . contagious laughter . . . costumed Panaminturama . . . "anyone want to go for a walk?" . . . appreciative listener . . . a logical, probing mind THERESE MCDONOUGH Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Arts French "Tess" . . . always going places . . . "j'e compzes" . ideal president to little sisters . . . eager partner for CI good time . . . hilarious. entertainer . . . expres- sive hands MARJORIE MCMAHON Menashql Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science and Business Administration "Margie" . . . Angora sweaters . . . shy-eyed charm . inveterate knitter . . . intermittent laughter . special knack for mislaying packages . . . diminu- tive sweetness MARGARET MERKEL Appleton, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration HMarge" . . . intrinsic practicality . . . calm accep- tance of the situation . . . lurking humor . . . curiosity for details . . . dignity as still as the spinning of a spider LILLIAN MOLKENTIN Hales Corners, Wis. Bachelor of Arts English and History "Lil" . . . calm and unruttled . . . teaching intentions . . . Quarterly statt . . . unequalled ability tor work well done . . . shares taunts tn the blue convertible . . . the wistful notes of a Violin PATRICIA MOONEY Plymouth,.W1's. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Pat" . . . a grace-note from Erin . . . chic . . . Viva- cious littleness . . . the right places at the right time . . . "I'm perturbed" . . . logical practicality MARY ELIZABETH MURPHY Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Arts Business Administration "Murt" . . . "Let's sing" . . . sparkling brown eyes brimming with enthusiasm . . . technicolor beauty . . . "They can't do this to us!" . . . has the last word with an echo MARY NELSON M tlwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Music "Mary" . . . tnqenuous . . . preference for bicycling . . . willow Iitheness . . . Charming year-around tcm . . . piano pastimes . . . desires to share her love of music with children . . . Arches Business Manager BARBARA ANN NORDLOH Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Nordy" . . . nonchalance . . . irrepressible jester and prankster . . . short bobs . . . Violent likes and dislikes . . . "Did you hear about my trip?" . . shimmers of laughter RITA MARGARET NOVAK Chicago, 111. Bachelor of Arts History "Rita" . . . keen interest in people . . . widely in- formed on current topics . . . genuine sense of humor betrayed by rich laughter . mature awareness . . . esteemed College Council President MARY ELLEN O'HALLORAN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Mary" . . . engagee . . . soothing nature . . . aura of friendliness . . . smiIe-styled . . . twin5'. . . distinction without difference . . . lady-Iike graciousness PATRICIA O'HALLOBAN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Patty" . . . refreshing dignity . . . emeIaId-eyed col- leen . . . poise . . . diversified activities . . . quintes- sence of femininity . . . white-Collar giIl MARY OTTEN Wauwatosa, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Ott" . . . miIe-a-minute chatter . . . friendships and feather cuts . . . impulsive actions . . . "Oh! fruitcake!" . . . energy to spare . . . her eyes punctuate every- thing she says DOROTHY PENN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Dorothy" . . . as quiet as awe . . . small and sweet . . . science her hobby . . . understanding, generous and candid in her friendships . . . Charming as Christmas lights MARY LOUISE PETERS Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Mary Lou" . . . deep-seated laughter . . . jovial and Cherry disposition . . . spring wedding plans . . . a little nonsense now and then . . . jaunty unconcem PATRICIA PIER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Pat" . . . a ZiIt in her voice . . . calm competence . . . a whiz at organization . . . enduring and Vital friendships . . . "This will only take a minute, girls" JANE PLOETZ Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts English III lane" . . . the heart of a family . . . avid reader . . . quick perception and sympathetic understanding . . . literary leanings . . . blithe generosity PATRICIA POEHLMANN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Pat" . . . never-ending helpfulness . . . hundred- per cent sportswoman . . . welcome treats from the bakery . . . nightly telephone calls . . . equally effi- cient with test tubes or needle and thread LU CELE POULL Port Washington Wis. Bachelor of Arts English "Neut" . . . chit-chat . . . lover of a good time . . . 'Let's get a-coke" . . . periodic "Dutch Cleanser" . . . Port Washington weekends and the gang . . . small- town teacher EILEEN REHM Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Eileen" . . . blond frailty . . . spent her senior year interning . . . a quick and ready smile for everyone . . . delicate and fastidious appearance . . . as dainty as a baby's sneeze PATRICIA JANE REICHELT Chicago, Ill. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Pat" . . . a friend as warm as her deep brown eyes and crimson cheeks . . . skilled craftswoman "Henry" . . . dry wit and bursts of laughter quiet sincerity RHODINE RIOPELLE Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Biology "Rhodiel' . . . rosey-cheeked brownette . . . charm- ing dimples when she talks . . . best in tailored skirts and sweaters . . . pungent patter . . . at home, in the biology Jab JOAN ROHAN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Philosophy Art "Ioanm'e" . . . flair for writing the unusual . . . keen sensitivity . . . adeptness in arts . . . interested in ev- erything . . . indestructible perseverance . . . ques- tions! questions! ALICE ROWLAND Chicago, 111. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "AI" . . . test tubes and beakers . . . "Bill" . . . effort- less competency . . . mind of a scholar . . . Athletic Association President . . . one in a million MARY ANN RYBOLD Kenosha, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Mickey" . . . that familiar blue smock . . . midnight prowls . . . soup on the hot plate . . . extensive QT. collections . . . gay abandonment . . . involved as spaghetti DOLOHES SCHARL Wauwatosa, Wis. Bachelor of Science Dietetics "Scharl" . . . quiet self-confidence . . . prices at her truly Christian spirit of giving . Tuesday lunches for the residents . Culbertson . . . .. . Schafskopf "more or less" FRANCES JUNE SCHERER Kohler, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Speech "lune" . . . seIf-contained excitement . . . laughing eyes . . . basketball enthusiast . . . convention-bound NFCCS delegate . . . "KohIeI-konscious" . . . gracious as the dip of a dancing wave ROSE MARY SCHILLING Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Rosie" . . . exactness . . . interning at St. Mary's . . . penetrating intellect . . . sincere friend . . . en- grossed in her work . . . determined and deliberate MARY SHIRLEY SHAUGHNESSY Green Bay, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Sociology "Shaun" . . . able conversationalist . . . eager anti- cipations . . . College Council Representative staunch dependability . . . sparkling voice Shaughnessy's DrugS-Hoom 396 MAVIS SIMPSON Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Butch" . . . diminutive lady . . . artistic precision . Chorus director for Panaminturama . . . a smile like a little sonata in three movements RUTH HELENE SINGLETON Norwood, Mass. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Ruthie" . . . charming Boston accent . . . Cape Cod summers . . . her heart in OT. . . . deep-rooted emo- tions . . . Chicago her second home . . . enthusiastic campaign manager . . . "Lobstah and Hahvad" RITA SMIECH Milwaukee Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Rita" . . . her dimples italicize her speech spontaneous singer . . . harlequin glasses . peaches and cream . . words cushioned with laugh- ter . . . "glad to help!" MARY SMITS West De Pere, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Smitty" . . . honors in sports . . . "He's tall and can dance!" . . . sleeping beauty . . . card-shark . . . melodious. note in glee club and choir LORRAINE SPRING Racine, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Lorry" . . . c1 perpetual smile harboring currents of laughter . . . field day honors . . . height is no hindrance in basketball . . . as fresh as the first bite of a good apple MARY PATRICIA STAMM Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Philosophy Clothing "Mary Pat" . . . old fashioned grace and charm . . . tranquil . . . warm hearted enthusiasm . . . "Oops" career in clothing . . . "Should aulde acquaintance be forgot" EVELYN STEINBACHER Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Eve" . . . tall slenderness . . . eX-Wave . . . calm, cool, and collected . . . dry sense of humor . . . loves the intricacies of chemistry . . . day-break stillness BARABARA STEINBERG Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts . Social Science "Barb" . . . eyes as meditative as twilight . . . "Matt" and Dog Shows . . . school teaching ambitions . . . which is which? . . . vivacious . . bubbling person- ah'ty JOSEPHINE STEINBERG Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor 0! Arts Social Science "Io" . . . twins . . . always together . . . quick, hurried speech . . . dark-eyed and lovely . . tomboystrous enthusiasm . . . "cherishes a splendid sense of values" PATRI CI A S ULLI VAN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts English "Patty" . . . fastidiously groomed . . . fancy cakesh her specialtiy . . . exquisite hostess . . . yen for the classical . . . relaxed as twilight . . . ready, willing, and able CATHERINE TAUSEND Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy "Tausy" . . . "quiet as a shadow" . . . friendships sincere . . . QT. aspirations . . . effortless capability . . . fascinating formals . . . integrity personified VERNETTA VOGEL Forestville, Wis. Bachelor of Science Biology "Susie" . . . natural home-maker . . . letters from Dean . . . laughter at the lunch table . . . weekends at home . . . jubilant as a flag unfurled ALICE VOLKMAN Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Al" . . . dimples and dark glasses . . . knowledge that reaches understanding . . . unsurpassed mis- sionary zeal . . . clarion cordiah'ty . . . she smiles others into her service JANET VONIER Milwaukee Wis. Bachelor of Arts English and Art "Janet" . . . variable hair styles . . . handy with a needle . . . cultivates her love for flowers . . . col- legiate tastes . . . debonnaire writer,. . . a smile that you could find your way with in the dark DOROTHY WALZ Hauresville, Ky. Bachelor of Science Chemistry "Dottie? . . . poignant morning breeze . . . science on the.mind . . . "I swan" . . . delicate appreciation of the blue grass country . . . aesthetic leanings . . . sports-Iover t RITA MAE WITT s Milwaukee, Wis. Bachelor of Arts History "Rita Mae" . . . striking vitality . . . flare for fashions . . . meticulous grooming . . . subtle perceptions . . . push button smile . . . in CI diamond daze MARIAN YANO Superior, Wis. Bachelor of Philosophy Art "Marian" . . . strong creative flair of the artist . . . brown eyes accented by bangs . . . characterized Mount Mary in her magnificent murals . . . smoothly svehe Bachelor of Arts "Ricky" . . . perennial optimism . doors . . . a Whiz with a typewriter . . . hearth fire . . Bachelor of Arts "Ion . ' silver eyes . . RICHARDINE WEIDENSEE Milwaukee, Wis. . "farmers are fascinating" MARY JOSEPHINE WINDISHMAN West Allis, Wis. . inexhaustible torrent of energy . . . roguish smile . . . Frank-Iy in love . c1 personality as explosive as a string of fire crackers Business Administration . . loves the out-of- restful as C Social Science JOYCE ZELTINGER Beaver Dam, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Social Science "Joyce" . . . "genuine as a thumb-print" . . . talks With her hands . . . "Scrounge" . . . a dog called "Mike" . . . home on weekends . . . bubbles of excitement breaking through her words Members or the Class o1f '49 Electecl to the Honor Societies 0 right: Elizabeth Malinske, Elizabeth Forrestal, lean Conway, Helen er, Patricia Poehlman, Patricia Pier, Terry Griffith, Phyllis Kortendick, Rowland, Eleanor Clary, Dorothy Christ, Margaret Mezkel, Rita Novak. - gills have distinguished themselves not only by outstanding scholastic ds but by the high standards they have set in character, service, and rship. Their nomination to Kappa Gamma Pi or Delta Epsilon Sigma , highest praise the college authorities can bestow upon its graduates. :37. '37" JN OR MS 0?: Rs Treasurer: Rosemary Kleffman President: Margaret Haig Secretary: Cynthia Wabiszewski Vice-President: Carolyn La Marche Back: lanece Mollers, Mary Jo Shea, Nancy Condren, Ruth Starshak. Front: Patricia Ranch, Carole Van Dn'sse, lane! Bumbalek. Rosemary White, Margaret Haig, Rita MeEnroe, Andrea Lang, Mildred Verban, Bar- bara Victor. Phyllis Poull, Ruth Rothe, Patricia Peneau, Shirley Cetagioli, Adele Wallschlaeger. Top: Kathryn D' Amore, Mary Kil Margaret Derksen, Iecmne Feth Eileen Hamemik Front: Ruth Sigrisl, Patricia Rega anne Meutett, Rita Bangen. Lois gen 'Alice De Ruhr, Virginia Bartoschewski, Marilyn Bauer, Dolores Wirth, Mar- quen'te Prahl, Theresa Witkowski, Phyllis Bootz, Rosalie Eckstein Norma Harding Eileen Bums Marian Clark Peggy Eisele Helen Van Domele Lynn La Marche loan Daley Patricia Dineen loan Weinhotf Katherine Roach Merope Mitchell Miriam Mehmert Peggy Nicodem Antoinette Schey Magdalen Willems Rosemary Kleffman lean Pichotta Mary Lou Flynn Juniors Audrey Zamow Leonora Bayer Rosemary Fronberty Phyllis Tikalskv Katherine Gn'IIhoesI Ruth Riemer Rosemary Dabbert, Bern. Spitznogle, Elizabeth Will Frances Alteri, Dolores Ku mann, Rosemary Bauer, Alice Guerke, loan Nicode Margaret Everson, Virginia erpfeil, Eliane Uchida, Lois Carol Graser, Claire Schu er, Iocmne Langet Roseann Siegelin, Alice Wittberqer, Shirley Spaltholtz, Rosemary Mul- zahn, Mary Stumpf, lane Koch, Eliza- beth Prossen, Elizabeth Koepke C aroI Wolfrum Sylvia Wagner Cynthia Wabiszewski . 651 A diam? , x, ? L Mary Rohrer, Ruth Spind- Ier, loan Steiner, Patricia McLellan, Dorothy Kamer, Kathleen Hanley, Mary Ann McDonald Ethel Kraemer, MC!!- Chu, Mary Schowa Ruth PoIzin, Ruth W- Dolores Hahn, loan F- Mary Lou Jarvis, Gerald- ine Nelson, Barbara Sned- don, Shirley Mueller, Pa- tricia Hermes, Margaret Stowell SOPH CLHSS OFFICERS ecretary: Irene Schimmels ice-President: Patricia M cN amara 'resident: Phyllis Makowski Treasurer: M argaret Reidy Top Row: Phyllis NeQuette, Joyce Angst, Margaret Schultz, Arlene Nelson, Lois Sperka, Icmet Haig, Naomi Mueller Middle Row: Joan Sujcxck, Viviiecmne Foley, Helenmaly Schna. bIe, Barbara Keller, Annie SanFilipo, Mary Halley, Ethel Rich- er, I ane DeNoblo Bottom Row: Mary EIene Rasmussen, Suzanne Somers, Marianne Tobin, lane Butbach, Ema Salzmann, Patricia Roche, Patricia Buckley Top How: Marilyn Briggeman, Ioa Cbn'slmcm, Catherine Chen, Mar Rita Murphy, Rosemary Heid, Mar Helen Mayer, Jane Serwas Middle How: Elaine Henke, Ruth I011 Mary 10 Hinton, Colet Coughlin, Ian Kiley, Theresa Tseu, Kathleen Kad Ietz, lane Meiselwilz Bottom Row: Geraldine Cracker, Don na CroaI, Ioanne Sullivan, Patrici Hickey, loan Zahores, Ru'h Gogin Arlene Sharp p Row: Margaret Mary Schmilt, Rose- ann Phillips, Joan Williams, Rosalie Marchesi, Carol Blankenheim, Patricia Billings, lean Oliver, Mary Shale, Nancy Lang iddle Row: Anita Petrem', Nancy Lang, Patricia McNamara, Margaret Derse, loan Spattz, Margaret Bielin- ski, Rita Maloney, lane! Riordan rttom Row: Constance Sweeney, Don's Gauthier, Elaine McDermid, Donna Gauthier, Mary Robinson, Anne Barry Top How: Shirley Klink, Margaret Reidy, Marjorie Dohr, Irene Schim- mels, Liane Becker, Shirley Tepe, Kathleen Sturm, Genevieve Bruener, Elda Loia Middle Row: Mary Ann Picbotta, Jeanne Keatinq, Patricia Sheridan, Vivian Kawatzky, lacqueline Kehoe, Paula Lane, Margie Damm Bottom Row: Ann McMahon, Theodoline Popko, Mary Ellen Amrhein, Patricia Tieman, Dorothy Tennessen Top How: Mary Ann Osusky Lenore Vaudreuil Helen Nolan Joyce Koenig Mary Lou Clune Mercedes French Catherine Manley Marette Gallagher Annie Laurie Bansley Mary Lou Weighner 5; Bottom Row: Donna Raynor Barbara Honda! Joan Shaurette Georgie Balms Lorraine Smrcina Nancy Spence Betsy Barrett Alice Erskine Mary Anne Burke Dolores Minten $16 Top How: Lucille Napom'eIIo, Patricia Reise, BettiIou Purrman, Carol Young, Phyllis Cotter, Jacqueline Dabbert, Donna Caves Middle Row: Mary Boehme, Agnes Boehme, Audrey Rem, Rosanne Tousig. nant, Nancy Vaughan, Eileen Johnson Bottom Bow: Shirley Burnside, Barbara Muench, loan Eschenbach, loan Heun, Margaret Rasmussen, loan Burkman .,,,,,11 Top How: loan Malloy, Laura Dinon, loan Whelan, lean Schmiel, Louise Gentile, Col. Ieen Schappe, Patricia Schleicher, Barbara Buckley Middle Row: lane! Rauen, Mary Io Holecek, Betty Kortebein, Phyllis Makowski, Evelyn Knute, Joan Poggeman, Rosemary McCarthy Bottom Row: Lucille Mandarich, Sybil Geis- inqer, Barbara Zingen, Patricia Rose, Edith Markovich AN CLASS OFFICER! ax unn-l I W F a L, Treasurer ....... Roseann Biwer President ........ Jeanne Haug Vice-President ..... Virginia Gardner 'Etf 21 4 0' $J 9 ,, l .. , ,x' 5 7 4 . ' Top How: Nancy Kitchen Ruth Kohlmetz, Carol Kohlmetz, Amlia Benin, Nancy Boileau, Joanne Heney, Mary Ellen Burkhard, BalbaIa Barnard, Mary Meurer Middle How: Janet Barry, Elizabeth Inbusch, Patricia Ormsby, Carole WoIIinska, Wanda Kropp, Patricia Bunce, loan Berry, Catherine Sieben, Joanne Iuoppen' Bottom Row: Roseann Biwer, Kathleen Fortestal. Alice Wayelski, Nancy Knapp. June Spalding, Rita Kauer, Lois Kritter Top How: loan GilIis, Kathleen Confer. Virginia Gibson, MaryLu Butler, Marilyn Murphy, Bernadean Busting, Mary Suehr, lane! Freeland, Patricia Thompson Middle Row: Rosemary Powers, Margaret Ronan, Lorraine Schneider, Helen Mydlowski, Pauline Bn'ody, Mary Naber, Kathryn Hammer, Marquen'te Theiler, Phyllis Ludowissi, Mary MCGmdy Bottom Row: Patricia Thur, Audrey UIIsperger, Mary Ellen Koepke, loan Weller, lacqueline Koeber, Alma Lou Cummings, loan Muhlmann, Karla Klepper, Betty Finke 63gb. mecie . from amen hngk SChCmL xv Mary i'wc each 01.; Um SOXXOOX icw' Semis Camemm wanker. and Wash N "x XVXS- schoo . . kc ed Top How: lean Mack, lane Bausch, Bernadine Stel- Ier, Iam'da Rehorst Middle Row: Barbara Kob, Constance Koszewski, 10cm lost, Gloriette Stich Bottom Row: Marilee Millard, Eileen Bobb, lean Hammond Thrills Arriving at college, pack cherished Ire and to do countless ate Mary Ellen K Pa! O'Leary, Iudy C All freshmen enjo annual tour of th provided by the S Council . . . Iu: Krause, Nancy D Margaret Codetre, rel Coles at Mitchell Audrey Zarnow di- rects a freshman as she rolls in her bag- 9099 X HRSY $N- Richardine Weidensee chats with President Fitzpatrick in his office On the campus . . . Phyllis Ludowissi, Iac- queline Stevens, Nancy Knapp, Pa! Thur, Bette Fink Freshmen register with Miss McGilIiv- ray . . . lune Spalding, Sheila O'Connor. Mary Nabor, Eileen Shaughnessy, Ncm- cy Kitchen Barbara Hanley, lean Mack, Dorothy Polachek Freshmen Meet Faculty ancl Seniors The hazy afternoon sun- light of an autumn day heightens the iridescent quality within as well as without, as the social hall is filled With seniors and freshmen, gracefully gowned in their pastel silks cmd satins. The freshmen make their de- but to Mount Mary society as they are formally re- ceived by the faculty and seniors. This first gather- ing prepares them for the social aspect of gracious living . . . M. L. Casey, P. Poehlmcm, I. Herda, C. Jacobson, D. Christ, E. Clary, M. Otten, R. Novak,' Dr. Fitzpatrick, I. Bunzel, I. Meiselwitz, L Greenwood, M. E. Gauchel, V. Bourdon Mary McGrady, Mary Ellen Koep- ke, Mary McCormack, Rita Fra- Iey, Mary Ellen Hagen. loan Weller, Jacqueline Nicodem, Mary Eliza- beth Gauschel, Marge McKoen, Iam'da Rehorst, Lois Greenwood, Virginia Bourdon, Marilee Mil- lard, Mary McKoen, loan Bakle, Marjorie Cool- man, lean Mack, Dorothy Downey, Nancy Drager Father Sylvester Peters, Father Paul SchaHeI, Dr. Fitzpatrick, Rita Novak, Ianet Bunzel Seniors Enitiate the Fresh Rumoremmoz! What's in store? What outlandish thing have the seniors concocted this time? The fate of the bewildered and unknowing freshmen 1's in their hands . . . Seniors dressed as Gibson girls in white blouses and red ties, initiate the freshmen, Who gave the school an idea 0! how the weII-dressed tH flapper looked. They reverled to the "roaring twenties" when beauty spots and spit-cutls were all the rage and the skirts barely reached the knees. What a change from the 'new Iook'! Noon hour and th. Gibson girls give t a good Iun-around Seniors-iMaIy Ott Iian Molkentin, Pa man, lanet Bunzel, Jacobson Freshmeneloan Ann Mary Duly, C Stich, Betty Dineen, Butler, Pauline Bn'o . Dignitied seniors . bata Nordloh, Iam'c vey. Kay Marek, Te Donough, Julie E Kathlyn Cafemeye drey Bouchard, Io berg, Barbara St- appraise the antics Rosier, lane Fauche Iyn Randall, loan Lois Kn'ttez 11:30 and the flabpers assem Room 139 to study history . . . Rehorst, Elaine Poem'sch, Merrily phy, Lois Greenwood, Barbara Betty Dineen, lean Crowley, l Madn'tsch, Mary Ann Sullivan, t Kropp, Irene Doherty, lanet Ban nadine Busting, Kathryn Hammer ne Iuoppen', Nancy Knapp, M Ann Coolman, Helen McDermott, ces Kenny, lean Jones, Iudy C Carol Kolmetz, Dorothy Vande Mary Bonness, Pat Enright Virginia Gardner tries to evade the watchful seniors In spite of everything the freshmen "out for the kill" seem to enjoy 'lflapping" . . . lacqueline Kueber, Janet Freeland. Mary Ellen Burkhard, Anne Mary Daly, Patricia Thomp- son, Betu'anne Nemic 1nitiat1'on Day finds the fresh arranging spit-curls and beauty spots . . . Au- drey Ullsperger, Angela Conarchy, Mary Ann Kat- zer. Pat Fechtet, lean Mack, Barbara Kob, Rose- mary Tebo, Nancy Surges, Pat Maloney, Mary Meuer President Fitzpatrick looks with pity upon the shame- faced freshmen . . . Doro- thy Downey, Joanne Heney, Joan Cronin, lane Fauchez, MaryIu Butler, Wanda Kronp, Mary Cronin, Mary Nabor, Mary Ann Sullivan, Beitianne Nemic, Margie O'Brien, Mary McGrady ma vfummm'x' Paula Lane and Phyllis Poul! boost lane! Batty Lot the last clue fo the treasure Organic C hemistry Lecture .Top Row: M. Dohr, D. Tennes- sen, I. QIjver Second Row: S. M. Regina, S. M. Carmelita, M. Arent, I. Eschem bach, I. Heun Third Row: M. Harrington, T. Tseu, E, Hamemik, G. Balms, P. Raise Fourth Row: P. Buckley, I. Wil- liams, N, Mueller, K. Kadletz Bottom Row: M. Derse, I. Brill, A. Berry . . . Mrs. Napanteck, Pad You name it we have it! Fechter, Marguerite Prahl, Mary Ellen Amrheim, Ma Lechleidner, Pa! Tiemcm ! Mary's favorite " L : . f AII'S weIIATake your time . . . . . . Nancy Con- ' L f , Don't hurry! . . . It's only a fire Dorothy Herkow- ' A V , : 1 dn'll. . And classes will resume cry I. Kilroe "Now girls, here's how to get and keep a husband" so says Father Holleran to Betty Fotrestal, Dorothy Brockschlager, Marie Heinen Indian summer a . . . Mary Pat Stam Nelson, Mary Gm nelli, Mary O'Hall: Windishman, Pat Ioran, Joyce Dwye Stone-stepping on the Menomone . . . Peggy Haig, Dorothy Pol- chek, Eileen Shauqhnessy, Shi Iey Shauqhnessy, Jane Meiselwi dy Shebaluand Mar- et Chu and Catherine n let Farrell Iacobs do worryinq the Wiscon- Centennial celebration d the Chinese girls into lion's cage Colet Coughlin, Arnold Lunn, Mary Grace Eannelli, Pat Pier, Dr. Fitzpatrick k Geisinger, Dorothy r, Mary Rose Ewens, en Kubisch are fas- d by Father Lyon's -s of Lourdes As Mount Mary 6025, the Nation? ? :2 Jeannie Iones chauf- feurs LuCele Poul! and Rosemary Mar- tin . . . Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Dewey beam on demonstra- tive welI-wishets Democratic Enthusiasm . . . Mildred Vetbcm, Mary I. Kilroe, loan Gal- lagher, Nocmetle Ehret, Lynn La Marche, Florence Crowley, Helen Buckley, Pat Reichelt, Mary Smits, Lois Kuehl, lo Windishman, Mary Conway, Carol Van Driesse, Dolores Witth, Shirley Ceragoh', Rita Mc- Enroe, Mary Louise Casey. Iocm Daley, Dorothy Christ, Mercedes French ' Florence Crowley poses with the un- demonstrative Democratic donkey Mount Mary's presidential candidates on a publicity stunt! . . . Juanita wewew Becherer, Tess Mrumam McDonough, Rosemary '7 Wa1Iace KIeffman Hopeful Republican candidates! . . . Juanita Becherer, Barbara Victor, Connie Koszewski MascoU R. Matchesi, M. I. Shea, A. Petrem', M. Mitchell, M. Flalley, H. Banner, R. Starshack, T. Klaus, G. Iones, l. Childs, M. Tobin, l. Sullivan At the Hallowe'en party, in true Mount Mary fashion, the freshmen informally introduce themselves to the student body. the evening before they are to be invested with cap and gown The senior class parodies its favorite radio program for the impromptu session after the freshman Hallowe'en part 'resident Fitzpattick invests the freshmen with he insignia of college life In his dynamic speech, the very Reverend Anselm Keefe of St. Norbert's College, De Pere, emphasized the importance of Christian living in the present mo- mentous em Father Broden'ck, the famou Iish Iesuit, meets Joan Gal . Dr. Fitzpatrick, No Ehret, Bette Murphy, and McMahon enjoy it. Late autumn and qua exams tempt Helen kamp, Mary Ann GI loan Brill, and Ch- Quimby to study und Cast of "LADIES IN RETIREMENT," Car- 01 Kriese1,Antoine!te Schey, Ioseph lost, Mary Conway, Pa- tricia Roche, Rose- ann Phillips, Connie Sweeney ing in Hops . Virginia .qrai, Nancy -s, 10 and Bar- Steinberg, and Riemer Nation of the charter members of the Iota chapter he National professional medical technology so- ,, Alpha Delta Theta . . . Iecm Bryan, Elizabeth 12, Dorothy Penn, Rita Smiech, Marian Dallman . PresJ, Mary Arleen Behnke Nat. TreasJ, Mary D'Omzio, Eileen Rehm un'a Glass, Lenore Bayer, Alice Wxttoerger, Phyllis aIsky drop the nickel for their favorite disc "Pull for the shore girls" to win for your team in the swimming meet . . . Mary Ellen Hagen, Alice Rowland, Rita Ma- loney, Rosemary White Telephoning is the big business at Mount Mary . . . Jane Ploetz, Io Win- dishmcm, Pat Sullivan Pat Slattery and the piano nave be- come synonymous. Nothing deters the bridge hounds either! . . . Sylvia Wagner, Mary Boehme, Barbara Bon- dat, Jane Koch, Ruth Ann lolly, Iulie Dohney, Nita Becherer, Mary Smits, Margaret CoIes. Katherine D'Amore, lean Fetherston OHQSQ ouncd 'ance 15 of the Col- Council who -d the annual to its success- :ish . . . Presi- Rita Novak; resident, Pam'- 'er; Secretary, . Conway: rer, lane Ki- Dinner dates are extremely popular be- fore the College Council Dance . . . Helenmary Schnabel, Mary Rasmussen, Bobbie Keller, and Phyllis NeQuette are on their way to the Plaid Room to meet their "men" can GiIIis and Mar- nuen'te Theiler tell Ilene Scott, Pat O'Brien, loan laeqer hat their escorts ave arrived for he College Council .ance! rm Girls in Room 393 are almost ready to "party" Mtd-December and the girls tn'm Christmas trees with pop- com, cranberries, tinsel and even with sophisticated manu- factured ornaments. They "taxi" or "bus" to the city and return with mysterious looking packages and multitudinous gay holiday papers and ribbons. Meetings are held 'round the clock to lay the plans for entertaining the orphans, their little sisters, their big sisters, et a1. Dozens of fingers work to make hundreds of garments for the poor. Snatches of Christmas songs echo through halls and rooms. Again Christmas has come to Mount Mary The girls leave for ho monow. It is midnigh The bells tn Notte Dame peal out in the darkness. 1y, solt strains of "0 Night" break through t I mess and the seniors ha gun the traditional ccmd caroling through the h Mount Mary . . . No Ehret, Peggy Lamb, lea way, Joyce Zeltinger, F itzgetald. Julie Dohney, Louise Casey, Florence Iey, Bette Murphy, Pat man, Mary Smits, There Donough, Rosemary loan Gallagher, Ruth Sin The boys of Mother of Good Council school are invited annually to entertain the Sodah'ty at its Christmas meeting Math Club officers enjoy the December meet- ing in the grill . . . Bernadine Spitznogle, Mary Alice Gaurke, Norma Harding, Marilyn Brig- geman Hundreds of lovely Christmas parcels rest beneath the mammoth tree in the gym as the senior girls await the coming of their "boy friends" from the Carmelite orphanage. June Scherer's "man of the hour" tells he! he has found a package Santa left tor him The Carolyn Carolers' officers sing out in qladsome Christmas cheer . . . Muriel Hockendort, Librarian; Iecmne Keating, President; Marge Reidy, Librarian; Ant ta Petretti, Secretary The heart of the Christmas celebration is the crib in Caroline Hall . . . Margarita Leon, Vernetta Vogel, Margaret Gruber "Now I'm telling you" and Pat Mooney gets a laugh from the speech class . . . Merope Mitchell, Andrea Lang, Jane Koch, Mary Buck, Carol KrieseI, Pat McLellan, Rosemary Kleft- man, Antoinette Schey, Mary Conway Phyllis NeQueMe does some measuring COLLEGE power l'IOUSQn the UBRAIW Senior cm majors at work . . . Gladys Holtzhauer, Nancy Landgmf, Pauline Bruckbauer Paving the way ror Future car Could it be the new look Mary O'Hallora Juanita Bechere Pat O'Halloran, Alice Wittberge Eleanor Clary, Kay Matek, Kay Bracco, Phyllis Altman 1 Smiling biologists . . . the experiment must be a success . . . Bettilou Purrman, Ethel Richer, Sybil Geisinger, loan Shaurette, Shirley Burnside, Lucille MandarifchJoan Daley, Mary I. Kilroe, Theresa Wit- kowski, Phyllis Bootz, CoIet Coughlin, Mary Rasmussen, loan Whalen, Arlene Nelson Reporting to the Spanish class . . . Nancy Vaughn. Pat Tieman, loan Shaur- ette, Pat Schleicher Pat SIatter tseatedt general chairman of the SING ALONG shows the plaque to the 1949 chorus directors . . . Jeanne Keating, Sopho- more; Nancy Draeget, Freshman; Mavis Simpson, Senior; Kay Grillhoesl, lum'or - Rohan and Joyce Dwyer prepare kiln for the pottery The exam schedule becomes popular momentarily . . . lane! Vom'er, Betty Malinske, Colleen Croal 1 U A Marilyn Bauer, Nancy Lang, Eckstein, Virginia Bartoschewsk their free time cutting and se the Missions Mrs. ThIII teaches students 1'1 O.T. Pat Poehlmann, Chemistry major, earnestly peruses the results of her experiment Monthly meetings of the Sodality alert the girls for real Christian living . . . Secretary, loan Daley; Prefect, Helen Buckley; Vice-prefect, Dorothy Christ; Treasurer, Katy Roach and Father Paul, Spiritual Director e Classical Club officers en- -e in frequent studies of cher- ed and rare books . . . Presi- t, Mary lo Shea; Treasurer, 1y Io Hinton; Secretary, Betsy Iett loss in the Principles of rmics spend hours in the of wages and prices . . . D'Amore, Roseann Siegelin, Popko, Mary Schowalter, Burbach, lanet Riordan, Rita ley, Nancy Spense, Peggy em, Magdalen Willems, 3:30c1ass Conway, Joan Christman, Bayer, Marilyn Bauer, Vir- Battoscbewski, Nancy Lang, - ary Bauer, Mary Lou Flynn ior Prom octurne Jun 2 In t rl.l O n m U Q : lgns 65 IF atricia Peneau re their escorts Aembers of the Junior ass with the grand march bile Orville Bathke's or- rm :Father Peters having a good cribbage with Marge Dohz while Andy Lang refer Presiding officers at the German Club meeting . . . once Angst, Treas- urer; Marge Reidy, Secretary; Shirley S paltholz, Vice-president; Mary Smits, President Alice Volkman calls the "roll of nations" at Mount Mary . . . Margaret Chu and Catherine Chen, China; Elaine Uchida, Hawaii; Chita Sappex, Nicaragua; Teresa Tseu, China; Lois Sate, American-bom Japanese; Beatriz Mon- cada, Bogota, Columbia; Barbra Bromme', Sweden nw: Alice Rowland, Shaughnessy, lack- -ber, Assist. Librar- ean Mitchell, Pat Y. Mary Lou CIune, ' McHuqh, Ruth Pol- nfhen'ne Chen, Mary Miriam Mehmert How: Ianece e I s, Rosemary an, Antoi- chey, lean- . inq, Cath- - Reardon, een Sturm. Rockendorf, a I o n e y, N.F.C.C.S omcers make light work of many prob- lems . . . Audrey Zamow, Senior Delegate; Mary Jo Holacek, Junior Delegate; June Scherer, Regional Director of Student Relief Mary Nelson, music major, spends her leisure time "drumming up patrons" for the ARCHES President Martha Cook conducts a meeting of the International Relations club as Anne Mary Duly, Mary Share, Barbara Muench, treasurer; Mary lane Fomn, secretary; jean Hammond, vice-plesident; and lean Conway look on The staff responsible for the QUARTERLY'S "new look" . . . Jean Conway, Mary Io Hola- cek, Mary Io Shea, Pat Slattery; Janet Bunzel, Janice Garvey Moveditov Lu Cele PouII, Lillian MoIkentin, Phyllis Kortendick ko-editon, Peggy Lamb, Lois Spetka, June O'Donnell, Joanne Weinhoff -r-raciaI club officers plan for ional Brotherhood Week . . . 1y Rose Evans, Secretary- surer: Alice Volkman, Presi- !; Lois Sato, Vice-pxesident cast of ANNUS TEASE YA, homore Show President Fitzpatrick congratu- lates the mid-year graduates . . . Estelle Chmielewski, Mary Louise Peters, Jean Stothart Dannens- feIseI, Sister Mary lamesl Made- line Gumina, lean Lachenmaier. Sister Mary Raphael, Margarita Leon The TIMES staff working against deadlines . . . Marge Merkel, Alice Er- skine, Lois Sato, Pat Rauch, ko-edi- tow, Phyllis Makow- ski, Rita Holacheck !co-editon, loan Da- Iey Mavis Simpson and Barbara Sneddon in the new metalwork shop O.T. Club and "Henry" . , , 3 Burns, publi Chairman; I. Herda, Vice- dent; Paula I Terry Griffith, ' ident; Lynn Marche, Secre Jenny Ionas, gram chairman Social Science officers visit F- Paul . . . Mary Foran, Treasu Juanita Bech : Vice-president; ' er Paul, Peggy dem, Secretary; gy Lamb, Presic Science Club officers pose with their paraphernalia . . . Margie Dohr, Secre- tary; Peggy Eisele, Vice- president; Pat Poehlman, President; Kay Kadletz, Treasurer Dance from Junior STMAS show . . cry Kleffman, Do- Wirth, Carol Wolf- Barbara Vicior, Shir- ueller, Nancy Con- llcm'on of the Alpha on Chapter of Kappa ron Phi, National e Economics Fratern- . . R. Siegelin, M. dl, President; D. Her- ki, D. Scharl, R. Read- Secretary; P. Tikalsky, Barrett, L. Bayer, T. ic, C. Wabiscewski ed: Mrs. J. 0. Down- National President, Esther Bergman, Na- -1 Secretary g $ i x f A soda in the Marge MerkeI manngt Off for the week-end . . . Carole Van Drisse, Shirley Shauqhnessy, Joan Mastalir, Tess McDonough, Clare Schumacher Even College cannot keep Pat McDon- ough, Ruth Rothe, Kay Bracco from playing In the snow. Now, now, girlsll Athletic officers encourage good manship . . . Bernadine Spitznog retary; Rosemary White, Vice-pre Paula Lane, Treasurer: Alice Ho President Nine below zero doesn't binde! Phyllis PouH. Ianece Mallets, and Mary Schowalter from "battling it out" The Student Relief sleigh-Iide fumed out to be a "hay rack" . . . Harvey Klicka, Shirley Shauqbnessy, Tess McDonough, Bob Dillon, Dave Padden, Donna Grace. Ioe McCormack, Noanette Ehrel, and Bob Bymes Students of Meteorology check the thermometer a! the U. S. weather bureau on the Campus . . . Mary Alice Gauerke, Dorothy Kamer, Betty Prossen mag . - m, e , I in Ebrihgiglmy . ; --1'15: Mary Cook; Micke'y'! . ' ' L Ry, admire the lube Dohney and Peq- ,A A. plentiful lilac blos- gy Lambmeander ' ' .' soms . along rustic ways The smell 0! Spring is in the air and Pm Heichelt selects some pink apple blossoms for you to enjoy ohr, Mary I. Holacek, Betty wile away their time auto- the Arches Id college . trek along , ia Lewis, R I, Sylvia K0 A beauteous discus thrower, Lorraine Spring Kay Gn'IIhoesI watches the keen class competition HELD lDfW unt Mary, too, goes Olympic once a year etenm's, baseball, hery are some of the attractions of the morning. One after -ther the contestants in this sports panorama line up and onstrate their skill. After each game is played, announcements made of the awards won. In the afternoon the scene changes by Farm where the equestziennes display their Showmanship cm appreciative audience. Next destination is the banks of the nomonee or the woods where class picnics are held. Here fort prevails. After all appetites have been satisfied there's t song and casual banter among the girls. A11 agree it's a Iege day to remember t Smtts, Donna Grace, Pat Pier, Colleen -son. and Shirley Shaughnessy participate -veml sports Pat Poehlman ready for the archery con- Mazy Kay Betgin hits a homer With exams over, the rooms in the College dorm begin to look like the "destruction of Jerusalem." Dorothy Christ and Ierry Nelson pack up countless college treasures lean Pichotta puts the last minute touches on Merl Mitchell 101 the SOPHOMORE COTILLION As each year draws to a close, the "little sisters" go all out to fete their "big sisters" with the traditional dinner at the Blue Mound Country Club. Splendour and glandeur best de- scribe this lovely evening as the seniors say last goodbyes to the girls they introduced to college life as Mount Mary lives it . . . Ruth Singleton, Gloria Gel- singer, LuCeIe PoulI, Nan- cy Lang, Janet Riordan, Rita Maloney, lean Oliver, Rosemary Martin, Mary McHuqh, Annie Laurie Bansley -evezly Duranceau-Cdthol Social Action Chairman Virginia Lewise- Eucharistic; "0:$! "Lady Chaitmah Mary Kay Berqin-Lileralure Chairman - x MiVW-Iwm .h SodahtyRJwglem 3ucUey, crowns the statue 0; Our Laclytof the Fool GRADUATEON IDA In the presence of the Chancellor of the Colle His Excellency the Most Reverend Moses H. KiI and Father Paul, the College Chaplain, Presid Fitzpatrick awards an honorary degree, D0 of Human Letters thonoria causat on Ed Dowling for "his fine imaginative work . technical skill as producer, playwright and rector . . . and for his establishment of h moral and artistic standards for the theatre" Dr. Peters holds the hood Graduates leave Notre Dame Hall to circle around the Madonna Pool Candidates for The graduating class assembles tor the last time in order to receive the coveted Bachelor Degrees The daughters iete their mothersut the banquet held in the college dining hall e9 Lantern Procession, the traditional way good- bye is said to college friends and college days Catherine Tausend, Bhodine Riopelle, Rita Andrea, Terry Kraus, N ancy Kenny qx. Degrees received, the girls and their parents return to the Chapel tor Benediction ot the Blessed Sacrament to give their thanks to God who has given them so much for so long l t W 7i 717; . The Arches Shahf Top How: Donna Grace tCo-editor-in-chiett, lean Pichotta Uh! Edttorl, Elizabeth Forrestal tCo-editor-in-chiett, Pauline Bruckbauer tArt Editon, Nancy Landgrat tArt Editort, lane Ploetz U-lssociate Editort, Mary Nelson tBusiness Managert, Patricia Sullivan tAsso- ciate Editor; Bottom Row: Bette Murphy Mssociate Editort, Judy Crocker Mtt ' Editov, loan Gallagher Mssociate Editon The twentieth edition at THE ARCHES 1's in your hands and it ap- pears in spite of rather than because of the editors. We sincerely hope that the memories of college life we have preserved for you Will serve as a constant reminder at one of your happiest years at Mount Mary. Gratitude is due to many people for the friendly cooperation and generous assistance given us. We express special thanks to The Administration and to the Faculty for their complete understanding :md sympathy for our literary, photographic and financial prob- ems. A very special thanks is due Mr. Vetter and his Commercial Art class for so ably visualizing our dreams at the 1949 ARCHES, to the art and associate editors who gave so unstintingly of their time and talent, to the business manager and her long list 0! gen- erous patrons who really financed the project, and to Sister Mary Joseph who kept up the staff's morale and the machinery moving. Donna Grace, Elizabeth Forrestal Editors ANDREA, RITA 7206 Third Avenue Kenosha, Wisconsin ARENDT, MARY Watkins, Minnesota BANNER, DORIS DONAHUE 1325 North 63rd Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BANNER, HELEN MARY 1529 North 52nd Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin BARRETT, MARY CATHERINE 4652 North 19th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin BECHERER, JUANITA 71 Country Club Place , Belleville, Illinois BERGIN, MARY KAY Hebron, Illinois BOUCHARD, AUDREY 6211 Washington Circle Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BROCKSCHLAGER, BETTY 5263 North Berkeley Blvd1 Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BROCKSCHLAGER, DOROTHY 5263 North Berkeley Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BRUCKBAUER, PAULINE 747 South 23rd Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin BRYAN, JEAN 901 South 23rd Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin BUCKLEY, HELEN MARIE 1436 East 68th Street Chicago 37, Illinois BUNZEL, JANET 10515 West Forest Home Avenue Hales Corners, Wisconsin CAFMEYER, KATHLYN 1109 South 29th Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin CASEY, MARY LOUISE 1335 West 98th Place Chicago 43, Illinois CHMIELEWSKI, ESTELLE 2813 West Hayes Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin CHRIST, DOROTHY 1329 Shore Drive Marinate, Wisconsin CLARY, ELEANOR 262 North Bristol Street Sun Prairie, Wisconsin CONWAY, JEAN Ladd, Illinois COOK, MARY 306 Grove Street Beaver Dam, Wisconsin CROAL. COLEEN 6911 Harvey Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin STUDENTS AT HQME SENIORS DOHNEY, JULIE 8051 South Carpenter Street Chicago 20, Illinois D'ORAZIO, MARY JEAN Boscobel, Wisconsin DOSCH, ELIZABETH 1925 South 29th Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin DURANCEAU, BEVERLY Hotel Dobbins Weyauwega, Wis. DWYER, JOYCE 9025 West North Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin EANNELLI, MARY 12 2317 North 118th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin EHRET, NOANETTE 10045 South Hoyne Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois FITZGERALD, JACQUELINE 7649 South Wo'cott Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois FORRESTAL. ELIZABETH 808 North Van Buren Street Apartment 1:8 Milwaukee 2, GALLAGHER, JOAN 10030 South Winchester Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois GARVEY, JANICE 808 West From Street Appleton, Wisconsin GILSINGER, GLORIA 118 Winn Terrace Beaver Dam, Wisconsin GLASS. GLORIA 1920 North 561h Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin GOKEY, JOAN 1560 West Logan Street Freeport, Illinois Wisconsin ., GRACE DONNA 10458 South Hoyne Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois GRIFFITH, TERRY 3964 North Stowell Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wismnsin GUMINA, ADELINE 237 North Jackson Street Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin HEINEN, MARIE 4712 West Washington Blvd. Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin HERDA, JOYCE R. R. 2 Hales Corners, Wisconsin HERKOWSKI, DOROTHY 10047 West Bungalow Parkway Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin HOLZHAUER. GLADYS 2128 North 39th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin DANNENFELSER JEAN STOTHART JACOBSON COLLEEN 3807 North Marv1and Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin DEMPSEY, MARY LOU 839 North 34th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin Edgewood Avenue Racine, Wisconsin JAMES DOLL, SM., OSF. St. Francis Convent Little Falls. Minnesota JELACIC, THERESA 1907 North 12111 Street Milwaukee 5, Wisconsin JENSEN, MILDRED 2646 North Harding Blvd. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin JONAS, GENEVIEVE 3224 South Delaware Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin KENNEY, NANCY 1064 E. Circle Dr. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin KILROE, MARY 7314 South Rockwell Street Chicago 29, Illinois KLFJNHEINZ, HELEN 301 South Cedar Street Marshfield, Wisconsin KORTENDICK, PHYLLIS 1188 Reed Street . Green Bay, Wisconsin KRAUS, TERRY 2506 North Lake Drive Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin KUEHL, LOIS 825 North 13th Street Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin LACHENMAIER, JEAN 2310 East Bradford Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin LAMB, MARGARET 1413 West 79th Street Chicago 20, Illinois LANDGRAF, NANCY 1620 Upper Parkway, So. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin LEON, MARGARITA 613 Olimpo Avenue Miromar, Puerto Rico LEWIS, VIRGINIA 1417 South 89th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin LONG, JOAN 119 South Walnut Street Appleton, Wisconsin MAKENS. PATRICIA 515 North 27th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin MALINSKE. BETTY 1820 East Olive Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin MAREK, CATHERINE 1330 Erie Street Racine, Wisconsin MARTIN, ROSEMARY 1150 Kellogg Street Green Bay, Wisconsin MASTALIR, JOAN 371 Randolph Street Burlington, Wisconsin MERKEL, MARGARET 1305 West Lawrence Street Appleton, Wistonsin MOLKENTIN. LILLIAN West Green Avenue Hales Corners, Wisconsin MOONEY, PATRICIA 616 Crvstal Lake Dr Plymouth, Wis. 1 McDONOUGH, THERESE 9229 S. Justine Chicago 20, Illinois McMAHON, MARJORIE 305 Cleveland Street Menasha, Wisconsin MURPHY, BETTE 9040 South Pleasant Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois NELSON, MARY 4445 North Morris Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin NORDIOH, BARBARA 2523 East Shorewood Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin NOVAK, RITA 8757 Bishop Street Chicago 20, Illinois O'HALLORAN, MARY 1746 North 49th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin O'HALLORAN, PATRICIA 1746 North 49th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin OTTEN, MARY 2115 North 67th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin ' PENN, DOROTHY 5410 North 36th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin PETERS, MARY LOUISE 2901 North 38m Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin PIA, SISTER MARY, 1329 North Cass Street Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin PIER, PATRICIA 1834 North 481h Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin PLOETZ, JANE 4321 North Maryland Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin POEHLMANN. PATRICIA 1451 Goodrich Lane Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin POULL, LUCELE Mayer Hotel Port Washington, Wisconsin REHM, EILEEN 703 West Layton Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin REICHELT. PATRICIA 2901 North Mozart Street Chicago, Illinois RIOPELLE, RHODINE 449 North 501h Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin ROHAN, JOAN 1628 North 53rd Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin ROWLAND. ALICE 8718 South Racine Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois RYBOLD, MARY ANN 6111 Fifth Avenue Kenosha, Wisconsin SCHARL, DOLORES 2355 North 62nd Street Wauwatosa. 13. Wisconsin SCHERER, FRANCES JUNE 807 Park Lane Kohler, Wisconsin SCHILLING, ROSE MARY 302 North 68th Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin SCHOLASTICA, TRAMAN, SSMC. St. Patrick Academy Momence, Illinois SCHWANTES, BETTE 3210 North 231d Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin SHAUGHNESSY, MARY 723 North Chestnut Avenue Green Bay, Wisconsin ALTERI, FRANCES 1920 52nd Street Kenosha, Wisconsin ALTMANN, PHYLLIS 6405 West Wisconsin Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BANGERT, RITA 7907 Harwood Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BARTOSCHEWSKI, VIRGINIA 3438 South New York Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin BAUER, MARILYN 6936 West Mill Road Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin BARE? ROSEMARY Logansport, India na BAYER, LEONORA 4668 North 4151 Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin BOOTZ, PHILLIS 2877 North 53rd Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin BRACCO, CATHERINE 1017 River Avenue Iron Mountain, Michigan BREAREY, LEILA 2933 West Wells Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin BUCK, MARY 1448 South 89th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin BUMBALEK, JANET 304 Whiton Whitewater, Wisconsin CARMELITA HOBAN S. M. Little Company of Mary Hospital Evexgreen Park 42, Illinois CERAGIOLI, SHIRLEY 1903 North 85th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin CHU, MARGARET 648 Ho-Fei Road Shanghai 25, China CLARK, MARIAN 9315 South Claremont Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois CONDREN, NANCY 6941 South Oglesby Avenue Chicago 49 Illinois 4 CONWAY, MARY 840 Grand Concourse New York 51, N. Y. SIMPSON, MAVIS 3145 North 54th Street Milwaukee 10, Wxsconsin SINGLETON, RUTH 93 Cottage Street Norwood, Massachusetts ' SMIECH, RITA 1 3001 South 7th Street Milwaukee 7. Wisconsin SMITS, MARY 209 Third Street West De Pere 2, Wisconsin SPRING, LORRAINE 2801 Ashland Avenue Racine, Wisconsin STAMM. MARY 3495 North Murray Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin STEINBACHER, EVELYN 2140 North 4lst Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin STEINBERG, BARBARA 2329 North Palmer Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin STEINBERG, JOSEPHINE 23 29 North Palmer Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin SULLIVAN, PATRICIA 4013 North Downer Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin TAUSEND, CATHERINE 1909 North 56m Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin VOGEL. VERNETTA Forestville, Wisconsin JUNIORS COOK. MARTHA 306 Grove Street Beaver Dam, Wisconsin CROWLEY, FLORENCE 1005 Milwaukee Road Beloit, Wisconsin DABBERT, ROSEMARY 329 Franklin Street Porter. Indiana DALEY, JOAN 3724 South Gay Street Ft. Wayne 5, Indiana D'AMORE, KATHRYN 2841 North Frederick Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin DeBUHR, ALICE 1 2222 West Mill Road Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin DERKSEN, MARGARET 1469 South 7lst Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin DUMKE, NATHALIE 5943 North Santa Monica Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin ECKSTEIN, ROSALIE 2128 West Atkinson Avenue Milwaukee 9, XVisconsin EISELE, PEGGY 6947 Olcott Avenue Chicago 31, Illinois EVERSON, MARGARET 806 Lawton Place De Pere, Wisconsin EWENS, MARY ROSE 2339 North 37th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin FETHERSTON. JEANNE 1972 North Oakland Avenue Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin FEUERPFEIL, VIRGINIA 7848 West Eagle Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin FLYNN MARY LOU 626 Fillmore Street Gary, Indiana FOHEY. JOAN 2523 West Pierce Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin FORAN. MARGARET ANN 2551 North Oakland Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin FRANCELLE SHERBURNE, S.M. SSND. FORAN. MARY JANE 2551 North Oakland Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin FRINT, MARTHA 2608 East Menlo Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin FRONBERRY, ROSEMARY 2341 North 461h Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin GAUERKE, MARY ALICE 1717 East Providence Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin GLOCKE, EDITH 1324 North Milwaukea Street Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin GRASER, CAROL 2651 North 90th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin GRILLHOESL, KATHERINE 6132 West Wisconsin Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin HAHN, DOLORES 2336 West McKinley Avenue Milwaukee 5, Wisconsin HAIG MARGARET 2454 North 58th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin HARDING, NORMA 425 East Geneva Street Elkhom, Wisconsin HARRINGTON, MARIE 604 West Fifth Street Britt, Iowa HERMES, PATRICIA 415 North 49th Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin HOLACHECK, RITA 2553 North Cramer Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin HUMMERT, JULIE 230 South 76m Street Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin JARVIS, MARY LOU 505 South East Avenue Waukesha, Wisconsin JOSSBPEINE DRAGOTTA, S. M., 6640 W. Belo1t Road West Allis 14, Wisconsin KARNER, DOROTHY 3837 West Mich1gan Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin KAWA'IZKY, RAYETTA 618 North 50th Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin 114 VOLKMAN, ALICE 1907 North 57th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin VONIER, JANET 2000 East Kenmore Place Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin WALZ, DOROTHY R.R. 1, Box 45 Hauresville, Kentucky. WEIDENSEE, RICHARDINE 1800 North 59th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin WINDISHMAN, JOSEPHINE 1312 South 601h Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin WITT, RITA MAE 3339 South 16th Street Milwaukee 7. Wisconsin KELLY, EIiEEN 5914 West Beloit Road West Allis 14, Wisconsin KIEFER, SEVILLA 8803 Hawthorne Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin KILKELLY, MARY 7317 Fifth Avenue Kenosha, Wisconsin KLEFFMAN, ROSEMARY 1100 Buckingham Road Grosse Poime Park 30, Michigan KOEPKE, BETTE 2642 North 661h Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin KOSZEWSKI, SYLVIA 833 East Oklahoma Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin KRAEMER, ETHEL 1R. 1. PJ 1173 North 4th Street Watertown, Wisconsin KRIESEL, CAROL 4144 South First Place Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin KUBISCH, GRETCHEN 4923 West Wells Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin KUEHNEMANN, DELORES 2914 La Salle Street Racine, Wisconsin LA MARCHE, CAROLYN 416 East Church Street Marion, Ohio LANG, ANDREA 4843 Washington Blvd. Chicago 44, Illinois LANCER, JOANNE 1024 Cook Street Mannette, Wisconsin MEHMERT, MIRIAM 308 Kitchell Avenue Olney, Illinois MITCHELL, MEROPE 1019 North 13th Street Fort Dodge, Iowa MOLLERS, JANECE 1115 Ninth Street , Rapid City, South Dakota MOLZAHN, ROSEMARY 6012 West Washington Blvd. Wauwatosa 13. Wisconsin MOONEY, PATRICIA 616 Crystal Lake Drive Plymouth, Wisconsin MORK, ANNE MARIE 1104 North 27th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin MUELLER, SHIRLEY 2168 North 46th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin MURPHY, JOAN 610 Honey Creek Pakaay Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin MCDONALD, MARY ANN 214 Sixth Street, North Black River Falls, Wisconsin McDONOUGH, PATRICIA 9800 South Hamilton Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois MCENROE, RITA 609 South Elmwood Avenue Oak Park, Illinois McHUGH, MARY 1308 West Prospect Avenue Appleton, Wisconsin NELSON, GERALDINE Box 247 Bushnell, Florida NICODEM, PEGGY Princeton, Wisconsin PENEAU, PATRICIA 2116 Lamont Street Wausau, Wisconsin PICHOTTA, JEAN 306 Williams Street Mayville, Wisconsin POLZIN, RUTH MAE 602 Fourth Street Mosinee, Wisconsin POULL. PHYLLIS Mayer Hotel Fort Washington, Wisconsin PRAHL, MARGUERITE 2731 South Quincey Avenue Milwaukee 7. Wisconsin PROSSEN, BETTY 3856 North 54th Blvd. Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin RAUCH, PATRICIA 2002 Wollmer Street Manitowoc, Wisconsin AMRHEIN, MARY 4479 North Cramer Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin ANGST, JOYCE MARIE Arcadia, Wisconsin BALTUS, GEORGIE 4460 North Woodbum Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BANGERT, LOIS 7907 Harwood Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BANSLEY, ANNIE LAURIE 9160 South Leavitt Chicago 20, Illinois BARRON, SHIRLEY 2020 North 515t Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin BECKER, LIANE R.R. 14, Box 43 Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin BERRY, ANNE 8028 North Division Road Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin READING, RITA 2153 North 54th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin REGAN, PATRICIA 2007 East Linwood Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin REGINA POWELL, SR. M. Little Company of Mary Hospital Evergreen Park 42, Illinois REUTEMAN, FEHR 1524 Upper Parkway Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin RIEMER, RUTH 5722 West Hampton Avenue Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin ROACH, CATHERINE Route 2, Box 272 Oconomowoc, Wis. ROCKENDORF, MURIEL 231 Michigan Street Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin ROHRER, MARY 1801 North 53rd Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin SATO, LOIS R.R. N0. 2, Box 398 Portland 10, Oregon SCHEY, ANTOINETTE Spring Green, Wisconsin SCHIFFLER, MARIE 2135 North 55th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin SCHOWALTER, MARY 539 South 81h Avenue West Bend, Wisconsin SCHUMACHER, CLARE 2521 South Webster Avenue Green Bay, Wisconsin SHEA, MARY JO 800 Dover Street Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin SHORE, HARRIET 3918 North 17th Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin SIEGELIN, ROSANN 4630 West Auer Avenue Milwaukee 10. Wisconsin SIGRIST, RUTH 3320 No. Hacker: Ave. Milwaukee 11. Wisconsin SLATTERY, PATRICIA 720 South Summit Street Appleton, Wisconsin SNEDDON, BARBARA 2875 South Superior Street Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin SPALTHOLZ, SHIRLEY 714 North 119th Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin SPINDLER, RUTH 900 South 18th Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin SPITZNOGLE, BERNADINE R.R. No. 2 Logansport, Indiana STARSHAK, RUTH 8317 Vernon Avenue Chicago 19, Illinois STEFFES, CAROL 6551 Washington Circle Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin STEINER, JOAN 4066 N1 12th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin STOWELL, MARGARET Thiensville, Wisconsin STUMPF, MARION 3609 North 39th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin TIKALSKY, PHYLLIS 2152 North 36th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin TRUMM, OLIVE 815 North 13th Street Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin UCHIDA, ELAINE 2921 North 50th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin VICTOR, BARBARA 2867 North 35th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin VERBAN, MILDRED 1753 So. 72nd Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin SOPHOMORES BIELINSKI, MARGARET 2463 North 15: Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin BLANKENHEIM, CAROLINE 2206 South 3lst Street Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin BOEHME, AGNES 3031 North 60th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin BOEHME, MARY 3031 North 60th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin BONDAR, BARBARA 2729 North Murray Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BRIGGEMAN, MARILYN 2811 North Anthony Blvd Fort Wayne 3, Indiana BRILL, JOAN 3128 North 26th Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin BROOME, BARBRO 1324 No. Milwaukee Street Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin BRUENER, GENEVIEVE Port Edwards, Wisconsin BUCKLEY, BARBARA 3416 Lindbergh Avenue Racine, Wisconsin BUCKLEY, PATRICIA 1223 West 95th Place Chicago 43, Illinois BURBACH, JANE 1131 South 75th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin BURKE, MARY ANNE RR. 6, Box 23 Waukesha, Wisconsin BURKMAN, JOAN CLAIRE 2578 North 38th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin BURNS, EILEEN 1161 Eaton Avenue Beloit, Wisconsin BURNSIDE, SHIRLEY 1224 South 110 Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin 115 WABISZEWSKI, CYNTHIA 2123 South Layton Blvd. Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin VAN DRISSE, CAROLE 818 E. Milie Stteet Green Bay, Wisconsin WAGNER, SYLVIA 1115 North 11th Street Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin WALLSCHLAEGER, ADIEL 2112 North 84th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin. WEBER, RUTH 900 South 23rd Street Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin WEINHOFF, JOANNE 4050 North Larkin Sueet Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin WHITE, ROSEMARY 7936 South Winchester Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois WILLEMS, MAGDALEN 1700443rd Street Kenosha, Wisconsin WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH 213 Main Street East Troy, Wisconsin WIRTH, DOLORES 556 East 1151h Street Chicago 28, Illinois WITKOWSKI, THERESA 916 East Townsend Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin WITTBERGER, ALICE 2719 South 44th Street Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin WOLFRUM, CAROL 2525 North 85th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin ZARNOW, AUDREY 1538 North 52d Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin ZELTINGER, JOYCE 614 West Street Beaver Dam, Wisconsin CAVES, DONNA MAE Green Lake, Wisconsin CHARITAS, SISTER MARY, O.S.F. St. Francis Convent Little Falls, Minnesota CHEN, CATHERINE 634 Ho-Fei Road Shanghai, China CHRISTMAN, JOAN 1100 Cherry Street Gxeen Bay, Wisconsin CLUNE. MARY LOU 8125 Maple Avenue Gary, Indiana COUGHLIN, COLET 2300 East Kensington Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin CROAL, DONNA 6911 Harvey Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin CROCKER, GERALDINE 7537 East End Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois DABBERT, JACQUELINE 329 Franklin Street Porter, Indiana DAMM, MARJORIE 1723 Grafton Road Elyria, Ohio DeBEU KELAR, J OSEPHINE R.R De Perc, Wisconsin DeNOBLE. JANE 702 Reid Street West De Pere, Wisconsin DERSE, MARGARET 4504 West Fond du Lac Avenue y, , Milwaukee 10, Wisconsinu 35,, DINEEN, PATRICIA 4491 North Maryland Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin DINON, LAURA 1613-A North Cass Street Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin DOHR, MARJORIE 321 South Walnut Appleton, Wisconsin ERSKINE, ALICE 6435 North Richards Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin ESCHENBACH. JOAN 2777 North 681h Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin FLATLEY. MARY Greenleaf, Wisconsin FOLEY. VIVIIEANNE 2335 East 70th Street Chicago 49, Illinois FRENCH, MERCEDES 7937 South Winchester Chicago 20, Illinois FURLONG, HARRIET 315 West McMillan Avenue Newberry, Michigan GALLAGHER, MARETTE 10030 South Winchester Chicago 43, Illinois GAUTHIER, DONNA P. O. Box 148 Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin GAUTHIER, DORIS Box 148 Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin GEISINGER, SYBIL 5054 Woodburn Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin GENTILE, LOUISE 513042318 Avenue Kenosha, Wisconsin GRAUPP, MARY ANN 6208 West North Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin HAIG, JANET 6907 West Garfield Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin HAMERNIK, EILEEN 4601 North Bartlett Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin HANLEY, KATHLEEN 220 East Smith Street Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin HEID, ROSEMARY 3172 North 53rd Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin HENKE, ELAINE 1615 South Layton Blvd. Milwaukee 4, Wisconsin HEUN, JOAN 6415 West Chambers Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin HICKEY, PATRICIA 4509 North Newhall Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin HINTON, MARY 10 360 Vine Street Glen Ellyn, Illinois HOLECEK, MARY 10 10843 South Prospect Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois , HOWARD, PATRICIA 6331 West Wisconsin Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin JOHNSON, EILEEN 715 New York Avenue Manitowoc, Wisconsin JOLLY, RUTH 813 South Oakland Avenue Green Bay, Wisconsin KADLETZ, KATHLEEN 132 Banlette St. Shawano, Wisconsin KAWATZKY, VIVIAN 618 North 50m Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin KEATING, JEANNE 408 N. Minn. Street Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin KEHOE, JACQUELINE 425 Repton Road Riverside, Illinois KELLER, BARBARA 410 West Eighth Street Appleton, Wisconsin KILEY, JANE 7111 Luella Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois KLINK, SHIRLEY Juneau, Wisconsin KOCH, JANE 1531 North 69th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin KOELZER, ELIZABETH 2014 North 72nd Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin KOENIG, JOYCE 6541 Waukesha Avenue Chicago 30, Illinois KORTEBEIN, BETTY 2929 North Maryland Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin LANE, PAULA 7935 Portland Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin LANG, NANCY CATHERINE 705 West Wisconsin Avenue Kaukauna, Wisconsin LANG, NANCY ELLEN 4843 Washington Blvd. Chicago 44, Illinois LECHLEIDNER, MARY 6405 West Washington Blvd. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin LOIA, ELDA 704 West Genesee Street Iron River, Michigan MACK, MARLAND 827 South Quincy Green Bay, Wisconsin MAKOWSKI, PHYLLIS 2856 South 151h Place Milwaukee 7. Wisconsin MALLOY, JOAN 1813 East Greenwich Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin MALONEY, RITA Eweco Park Box 845 Oshkosh, Wisconsin MANDARICH, LUCILLE 9309 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin MANLEY, CATHERINE 122 Fourth Street Beaver Dam, Wisconsin MARCHESE, ROSALIE 4401 South Adams Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin MAYER, MARY 9011 Jackson Park Blvd. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin MEISELWITZ, JANE 808 Sixth Street Kiel, Wisconsin MEURETT, JOANNE 617 Leubner Street Wausau, Wisconsin MLNTON, DOLORES 325 Reid Street West De Pere, Wisconsin MUELLER, NAOMI R. 1, Box 67A1, Hales Corners, Wisconsin MUENCH, BARBARA 4514 North 38th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin MCCARTHY, ROSEMARY 1815 North 55th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin McDERMID, ELAINE 502 Melvin Avenue Racine, Wisconsin McLELLAN, PATRICIA 1607 East Riverside Place Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin McMAI-ION. ANN 7420 Hillcrest Drive Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin MCNAMARA, PATRICIA 9231 South Lafiin Street Chicago 20, Illinois NAPONIELLO, LUCILLE 500 West 25111 Place Chicago 16, Illinois NELSON, ARLENE 1130 South 73nd Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin NEQUETTE, PHYLLIS 205 Seymour Street Wausau, Wisconsin NICODEM, JOAN Princeton, Wisconsin NOLAN. HELEN 6236 North Knox Avenue Chicago 30, Illinois O'DONNELL, JUNE 1520 Ridge Court Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin O'LEARY, RITA 719 North 32nd Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin OLIVER, JEAN 10655 South Hamilton Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois OTT, AGNES 2503 North 52nd Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin OTT, PRISCILLA 723 East Lexington Blvd. Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin PAULUS, MARY 638 North 781h Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin PETRETTI, ANITA 6841 South Union Avenue Chicago 21, Illinois PHILLIPS, ROSANNE 5643 South Nicholson Road Cudahy, Wisconsin PICHOTTA, MARY ANN 306 Williams Street Mayville, Wisconsin POGGEMANN, JOAN 4865 North Hollywood Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin 1PQORPKIO.oxTI-IEODOLINDE Bessemer, Michigan PORTER, KATHRYN 5117 North Bay Ridge Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin PURRMAN, BETTILOU 110 North Main Street Mayville, Wisconsin QUIMBY, CHARLOTTE 1525 North 28th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin RASMUSSEN, MARGARET Elm Grove, Wisconsin RASMUSSEN, MARY 404 North Avenue Waukegan, Illinois RAUEN, JANET 7932 S. Wolcort Chicago, Illinois RAYNOR, DONNA R.R. 2, Box 112 Waukesha, Wisconsin REIFF, AUDREY 3286-A North 36th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin REISE, PATRICIA 2956 North 381h Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin RICHER, ETHEL 209 South 12th Street Escanaba, Michigan RIEDY, MARGARET 510 Columbia Avenue Lisle, Illinois RIORDEN, JANET 10059 South Damen Chicago 43, Illinois ROCHE, PATRICIA 2180 South 87th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin ROSE, PATRICIA R.R. 2 Arpin, Wisconsin ROTHE, RUTH 535 South Clay Street Green Bay, Wisconsin SALZMANN, ERNA 226 South Mill Street Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin SANFELIPPO, ANNE 2767 North 7th Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin SCHAPPE, COLEEN 1718 Randall Avenue Madison 5. Wisconsin SCHIMMELS, IRENE 1559 North 51st Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin SCHMIEL, JEAN 2608 North 9lst Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin SCHMITT, MARGARET MARY Florence Drive Elm Grove, Wisconsin SCHNABEL, HELENMARY 1276 V2 Prairie Avenue Beloit, Wisconsin SERWAS, JAYNE 1111 Ohio Street Oshkosh, Wisconsin SHARE, MARY 22234Eighth Street Monroe, Wisconsin SHARPE. ARLENE 1626 West 79th Street Chicago 20, Illinois SHAURETTE, JOAN 5068 North Elkhart Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin SHERIDAN, PATRICIA 2537 Lefeber Avenue Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BAKLE, JOAN R.R. 11, Hiawatha Road Fort Wayne 8, Indiana BARNARD, BARBARA R R 6 Green Bay, Wisconsin BARRETT, BETSY ANN 6041 North Bay Ridge Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BARRY, JANET 5053 North Lake Drive Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BASTING, BERNADEAN Lake Five Colgate, Wisconsin BERRY, JOAN 8028 North Division Road Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin BERTIN, ATFILIA 2750 North Humboldt Avenue Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin BILLINGS, PATRICIA 4744 West Medford Avenue Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin BIWER, ROSEANN 817 North East Avenue Waukesha, Wisconsin BLAHA, PATRICIA 2200 South 82nd Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin BLOOMQUIST, JEAN 120 North Third Avenue Wausau, Wisconsin BOBB, EILEEN 2945 North 49th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin BOILEAU, NANCY 730 Hamilton Wausau, Wisconsin BONNESS. MARY 6186 Washington Circle Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin BOURDON, VIRGINIA 7254Sevenrh Street . Muskegon Heights, Michigan SHILTS, MARGARET 1252 East La Salle Avenue South Bend 17, Indiana SMRCINA, LORRAINE 2771 North Grant Blvd. Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin SOMERS, SUZANNE 258 Sheboygan Street Fond du Lac, Wisconsin SPARTZ, JOAN 3864 North 19th Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin SPENCE, NANCY 2005 East Beverly Road Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin SPERKA. LOIS 2150 North 5.5th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin STURM, KATHLEEN 402 West Madison Alexandria, Indiana SUJACK, JOAN 8228 South Indiana Avenue Chicago 19, Illinois SWEENEY, CONSTANCE 7335 Prairie Avenue Chicago 19, Illinois TENNESSEN. DOROTHY 1324 No. Milwaukee Street Milwaukee 1. Wisconsin TEPE, SHIRLEY 1255 East La Salle Avenue South Bend 17, Indiana TIERNAN. PATRICIA 2813 West Wells Street Milwaukee 8. Wisconsin T OBIN, MARIANNE 7945 South Rhodes Avenue Chicago 19, Illinois TOUSIGNANT, ROSANNE R.R. 1, Box 66 E Hales Corners, Wisconsin TSEU, THERESA 87179 S. Chungking Road Shanghai 12, China VAN DOMELEN, HELEN 1705 State Street Menominee, Michigan VAN DRISSE, CAROLE 818 Emilie Street Green Bay, Wisconsin FRESHMEN BRECKHEIMER, HELEN 538 North 29th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin BRIODY, PAULINE 8040 South Paulina Chicago 20, Illinois BUNCE, PATRICIA 2477 North 50th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin BURDETT, BERNADETTE 3026 West Wells Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin BURKHARD, MARY ELLEN 903-13th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin BUTLER, MARYLU 25 North Mayfleld Avenue Chicago 44, Illinois CARPENTER, KATHLEEN 2588 North Summit Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin CELONI, PATRICIA 2137 North Summit Avenue Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin CODERRE, MARGARET St. Anne, Illinois COE, DOROTHY 2620 East Newton Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin COLES, MARGARET 309 South Sixth Street Carmi, Illinois CONARCHY, ANGELA 1717 Noxth 47th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin CONERY, MARY 2917 North Frederick Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin CONTER, KATHLEEN 1510 South 10th Street Las Vegas, Nevada COOLMAN, MARJORIE 3008 South Clement Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin CORRIVEAU, MARY 7517 Lincoln Place Wauwatosa 13. Wisconsin COTTER, PHYLLIS 4957 Sunnyside Avenue Chicago 30. Illinois CRONIN, JOAN 1420 North Massasoit Avenue Chicago 51, Illinois CRONIN, MARY ELEANOR 6346 South Ashland Avenue Chicago 36, Illinois CROWLEY, JEAN FRANCES 1005 Milwaukee Road Beloit, Wisconsin CUMMINGS, ALMA 10031 South Damen Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois CUMMINS, MARY 6251 North Le Roy Avenue Chicago 30, Illinois DALEY, ANNE MARY 4483 North Cramer Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin DESMOND, MARGARET 2526 North Prospect Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin DINEEN, ELIZABETH Cedarburg, Wisconsin DOHERTY, IRENE 1816 West Meinecke Avenue Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin DOWNEY, DOROTHY 2107 State Street La Crosse 14, Wisconsin DRAGER, NANCY 1107 Ohio Street Oshkosh, Wisconsin DUFRESNE. PATRICIA Edgewood Beach Menominee, Michigan EDELMAN. JUNE 2479 Lefeber Avenue XVauwatosa 13, Wisconsin VAUDREUIL, LENORE 1 South Bridge Street Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin VAUGHN, NANCY 5910 West Washington Blvd. Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin WEIGHNER, MARY LOU 306 South Minnesota Street Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin WHELAN, JOAN 2447 North 415: Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin WILLIAMS, JOAN 1201 East Russell Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin YOUNG, GERTRUDE CAROL 404 First Street Menasha, Wisconsin ZAHORES, JOAN 2535 North 88th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin ZINGEN. BARBARA 8031 Jackson Park Blvd. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin ELLEN DINNDORF, S.M., O.S.F. St. Francis Convent Little Falls, Minnesota ELLMAURER, BARBARA 3737 North Eleventh Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin ENRIGHT, PATRICIA 8014 Red Arrow Court Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin FAUCHER, JANE 1516 North Menard Avenue Chicago 51, Illinois FECHTER, PATRICIA 2723 North Gram Blvd. Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin FINGER, KATHRYN 600 West State Street Mauston, Wisconsin FINK, BETTE 1902 North Hi Mount Blvd. Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin FORRESTAL, KATHLEEN 808 North Van Buren Street Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin FRALEY, RITA 2677 North 90th Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin FREELAND, JANET Box 206 Fowler, Indiana GARDINER, VIRGINIA 828 East Lake Foxes: Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin GARVEY, NANCY 808 West: Front Street Appleton, Wisconsin GAUCHEL, MARY 1515 Franklin Street Racine, Wisconsin GEARY, CORNELIA 2747 North Downer Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin GERRITY, ALICE 8133 South Green Street Chicago 20, Illinois GIBSON, VIRGINIA 6550 North Chicora Avenue Chicago 30, Illinois GILLIS, JOAN 803 Ninth. Avenue Amigo, Wxsconsin GOGIN. RUTH 9500 West Coldspring Road Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin GREENWOOD, LOIS 640 Leahy Street MuskEgo Hts, Michigan GRUMANN. MARIE 2138 North 32nd Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin HAGEN, MARY ELLEN 124 River Drive Appleton, Wisconsin HALAT, LILLIAN 3102 North Pierce Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin HAMMER, KATHRYN 9630 West Palmetto Avenue Wauwatosa 13. Wisconsin HAMMOND, JEAN 914 West Eula Court Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin HANLEY, BARBARA 2806 East Locust Street Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin HAUG, JEANNE 523 South Walnut Street Appleton, Wisconsin HEENAN, MARY THERESE 531 West Prespect Avenue Appleton, Wisconsin HENEY, JOANNE 704 South Jackson Street Green Bay, Wisconsin HOLZMAN, CAROLYN 3424 North Sixth Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin HONKAMP, HELEN 2223 North 70th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin HOSTY, LORETTA 523 Lathrop Avenue River Forest, Illinois HUNT, MARY KATHLEEN RR. 1, Box 310 Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin HUTCHINSON, NANCY 9427 South Hoyne Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois IMSE, JOANNE 3056 North 40th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin INBUSCH, BETTY 3117 West Juneau Avenue Mxlwaukee 8, Wisconsin JAEGER, JOAN 2237 East 70th Place Chicago 49, Illinois JONES. JEAN 2822 East Newport Avenue Mxlwaukee 11, Wisconsin JOST, JOAN 225 North 72nd Street Mxlwaukee 13, Wisconsin JUOPPERI, JEANNE 2508 South Howell Avenue Mxlwaukee 7, Wisconsin KATZOR. MARYANN 3266 South 12th Street Mllwaukee 7, Wisconsin KAUER, RITA 2925 North 26th Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin KELLEY, PATRICIA 5714 Nonh 26th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin KENNY, FRANCES 8157 South Paulina Chicago 20, Illinois KENNY, MARGARET 642 South 6th Avenue West Bend, Wisconsin KERNDL, PATRICIA 3938 West Galena. Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin KIRCHNER, NANCY 467 Washington Blvd. Oshkosh, Wlsconsin KLEPPER, CARLA 1433 Poplar Huntington, Indiana KLOBUCHAR, DOROTHY 332 Eighth Street Calumet, Michigan KNAPP, NANCY 4908 North 37th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin KNOTH, EVELYN 4560 North 30th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin KOB, BARBARA 6525 Spokane Avenue Chicago 30, Illinois KOEBKE, MARY ELLEN 815 Hawthorne Terrace Manitowoc, Wisconsin KOHLMETZ, CAROL 4118 North Prospect Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin KOHLMETZ, RUTH 4118 North Pxospect Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin KOSZEWSKI, CONSTANCE 833 East Oklahoma Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin KRAUSE, BEVERLY 5783 North Ames Terrace Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin KRAUSE, JUANITA 918 Kimberly Avenue Iron Mountain, Michigan KRITTER, LOIS 1654 North 28th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin KROPP, WANDA 1640 Flett Avenue Racine, Wisconsin KUDLATA, PATRICIA Phillips, Wisconsin KUEBER, JACQUELINE 443 North Stone Avenue LaGrange Park, Illinois KULTGREN, CAROL 1656 Sixth Street N. W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa LANDGRAF, VIRGINIA 1620 Upper Parkway So. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin LUCAS. MARY MARGARET 9308 South Hamilton Avenue Chicago 20, Illinois LUDOWISSI, PHYLLIS 3937 North 24th Place Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin LYNE, DONNA 2322-11 North Oakland Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin MACK, JEAN 503 South Main Street Hartford, Wisconsin MADRITSCH, ADELINE 3257 North 26th Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin MALONEY, PATRICIA 2617 Pasadena Blvd. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin MARKOVICH, EDITH 2545 North 86th Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin MEURER, MARY ANN 1361 North 54th Street Milwaukee 8, Wisconsin MILLARD, MARILEE 1981 North Prospect Avenue Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin MITCHELL, JEANNE 1243 Seventh Avenue North Fort Dodge, Iowa MOLITOR, MARILYN 4333 North 26th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin MONCADA, BEATRIZ Calle 61 M 15:14-29 Bogota, Columbia MUELLMAN, JOAN , 10057 South Hoyne Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois MURPHY, MARILYN 2433 Nonh 50th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin MURPHY, MARY 8050 South May Street Chicago 20, Illinois MYDLOWSKI, HELEN 806 East Auer Avenue Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin MCCORMACK, MARY ELLEN 1531 South 59th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin MCDERMQTT, HELEN 1106 West Garfield Blvd, Chicago 9, Illinois McGRADY, MARY 1815 West Lunt Avenue Chicago 26, Illinois MCGREGOR, MARY ELLEN 1316 South Oneida Street Appleton, Wisconsin MCKEON, MARJORIE 528 First Street Wausau, Wisconsin McKEON, MARY 528 First Street Wausau, Wisconsin McLAIN, CATHERINE 1924 Pleasant Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin NABER, MARY 430 South Sawyer Street Shawano, Wisconsin NAGLE. MARY CATHERINE 5535 North Magnolia Avenue Chicago 40, IL'inois NEALON, NANCY 2777 North 40th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin NEMEC. BETTY 9754 South Loomis Street Chicago 43, Illinois NICKODEM, JACQUELINE Princeton, Wisconsin O'BRIEN, MARJORIE 3159 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago 12, Illinois O3BRIEN, PATRICIA 6719 Ctandon Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois O'CONNOR, SHELIA 3008 North Stowell Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin O'LEARY, PATRICIA Box 294 East Troy, Wisconsin O'MEARA, EILEEN 630 Vine Denver, Colorado ORMSBEE, PATRICIA 1828 North 715! Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin OSUSKY, MARY ANN 1626 North 12th Street Milwaukee 5, Wisconsin PFANKUCH, FRANCES 1518 North Drew Street Appleton, Wisconsin PHELAN, MARGARET 5757 North Bay Ridge Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin POENISCH, ELAINE R.R. 4, Box 79 Waukesha, Wisconsin POLACHECK, DOROTHY 2428 East Capitol Drive Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin POWERS, ROSEMARY 6028 North Lydell Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin RANDALL, KATHRYN Box 266 Colfax, Wisconsin RAUCH, JANE 1134 Kavanaugh Place Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin REARDON, CATHERINE Washington Street Arcadia, Wisconsin REHORST, JANIDA 3447 North 48th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin REICHARD, PATRICIA 6030 West Lloyd Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin ROBINSON, MARY 2711 North 76th Street Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin RONAN, MARGARET 1734 East 7lst Place Chicago 49, Illinois ROSIER, PATRICIA 3248 North Hacker: Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin SAPPER, MARY CLAIRE Ingenio San Antonio Nxcaragua, Central America SCHLEICHER, PAT 4215 North Prospcct Avenue Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin SCHMANK, MARY ANN 1837 North 83rd Street Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin SCHNEIDER, LORRAINE 3206-A North Booth Street Milwaukee 12. Wisconsin SCOTT, ARLENE 7240 South Shore Drive Chicago 49, Illinois SHARE, MARGARET 1509 Eighth Street Monroe, Wisconsin SHAUGHNESSY, EILEEN 2612 East Shorewood Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin SHEA, PATRICIA 1028 South 75rd Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin SIEBEN, CATHERINE 1470 North Larrabee Street Chicago 10, Illinois SILBERZAHN, MARY 760 North Mill Street Pontiac, Illinois SKIBBA, BEVERLY 3440 North Pierce Street Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin SPALDING, JUNE 2311 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin Mr. George Albiez Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Andrea Kenosha, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Angst Arcadia, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Arendt Watkins, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Bangert Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Barry Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Basting Colgate, Wis. Mrs. James Bergstrom Neenah, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Briody Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Buckley Racine, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Buckley Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buit Jr. Spring Lake, Michigan Mr. and Mrs. Al. J. Bunzel Hales Corners, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Burke Waukesha, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Butler Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carpenter Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Casey Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Clark Chicago 20, Ill. STELLER, BERNADINE 2879 North 44th Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin STEVENS, JACQUELYN 1328 West Concordia Avenue Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin STEVENS, MARY Thiensville, Wisconsin STEWART. MARILYN 1108 Division Street New London, Wisconsin STICH, GLORIETTE 2652 North Seventeenth Street Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin SUEHR, MARY 4623 North 42nd Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin SULLIVAN. JOANNE- 7122 Euclid Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois SULLIVAN, MARY ANN 8147 Sangamon Street: Chicago 20, Illinois SURGES, NANCY 2653 North Pasadena Blvd. Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin TAAFFE, ANNE 6941 Constance Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois TEBQ, ROSEMARY 3252 West Lincoln Avenue Milwaukee 7, Wisconsin THEILER, MARGUERITE 28 Spirit Avenue Tomahawk, Wisconsin THOMPSON, PATRICIA 430 Rose Lane Fort Wayne, Indiana THUR, PATRICIA 4900 North 37th Street Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin ULLSPERGER, AUDREY 863 South 75th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin VANDE WALLE, DOROTHY 109 North Ontario Street De Pere, Wisconsin VRABEK, JOAN 932 South 77th Street West Allis 14, Wisconsin WAYERSKI, ALICE 2721 West Lapham Street Milwaukee 4. Wisconsin WELLER, JOAN 96 North Clinton Avenue Clintonville, Wisconsin WHITE, FRANCES 7111 Constance Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois WIELAND, JANE 6826 Cornell Avenue Chicago 49, Illinois WILSON, FLORENCE RR 1, Box 214 Pewaukee, Wisconsin WOLLINKA, CAROLE 2673 Nonh 45m Street Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin WREN. ELLYN 9325 South Leavitt Street Chicago 20, Illinois WREN. MARIE 9325 South Leavitt Street Chicago 20, Illinois PATRONS Mrs. Agnes Clary Sun Prairie, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Coderre St. Anne, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Conway Ladd, 111. Mr. G. A. Crocker Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Cronin Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Cronin Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Cummins Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Damm Elyria, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph D1Arazio Boscobel, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Derksen Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Dohney Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Eckstein Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Edelmann Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ehret Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Eisele Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ellmaurer Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Faucher Chicago, IU. 119 Mr. and Mrs. George Fohey Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. Clement Forrestal Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Frint Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Furlong Newberry, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Gallagher Chicago, 111. Mrs. Adell Garvey Appleton, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Gibson Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Glass Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. Joseph G. Gokey Freeport, 111. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Glocke Eau Claire, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grace Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. W. Greenwood Muskegon Heights, Mich. Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Griffith Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hammer Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Heinen Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. Frank Hermes Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Jacobson Racine, Wis. Mr. F. L. Keating Prairie du Chien, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kennedy Grand Rapids, Mich. Mr. Delbert Kenny West Bend, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kepka Phillips, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. Kilroe Chicago, Ill. Mrs. P. E. Kircher Oshkosh, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Knoth Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Krause Iron Mountain, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kueber La Grange Park, 111. Mr. Fred Kubisch Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. La Marche Marion, Ohio Mrs. M. J. Lamb Jr. Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lang Kaukauna, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lucas Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Ludowissi Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Madritsch Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Malinske Milwaukee, Wis. Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Marek Racine, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Martin Green Bay, Wis. Dr. and Mrs. L. O. Mastaliet Burlington, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Mayer Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McDonough Chicago, 111. Mrs. Roy McGregor Appleton, Wis. Mr. Robert Merkel Appleton, Wis. Miss Irene M. Meyer Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Mitchell Fort Dodge, Iowa Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Murphy Chicago, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Murphy Milwaukee, Wis. Dr. Richard A. Nagle Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Nelson Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Nordloh Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Novak Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. O'Brien Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Peneau Wausau, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Petretti Chicago, Ill. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Pichotta Mayville, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Poehlmann Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. B. C. Polacheck Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Poull Port Washington, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shaughnessy Green Bay, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smiech Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. S. W. Smits Green Bay, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Spindlet Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Steinbacher Milwaukee, Wis. Capt. and Mrs. J. B. Sullivan Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Sujack Chicago, 111. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Vaughn Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Witt Milwaukee, Wis. Mount Mary Mothers Club Chicago Chapter Mount Mary Mothers Club Milwaukee Chapter Senior Class Mount Mary College Junior Class Mount Mary College Sophomore Class Mount Mary College Freshman Class Mount Mary College College Athletic Association Mount Mary College College Council Mount Mary College Allis-Chalmers West Allis, Wis. Broadway Church Goods House Milwaukee, Wis. Cafmeyer Brothers Tile and Terrazzo Milwaukee, Wis. S. J. Casper Glassware Milwaukee, Wis. Des Forges Company Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. Arthur H. Gossfeld Music Dealer Milwaukee, Wis. 120 Gebbhatd-Berghammer, Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. Johnson Electric and Radio Shop Milwaukee, Wis. Robert A. Johnston Company Milwaukee, Wis. Kiel Manufacturing Kiel, Wis. Lainson, Photographers Milwaukee, Wis. Locker and Sons Florists Wauwatosa, Wis. Luick Sealtest Dairy Products Luick Dairy Company Milwaukee, Wis. Muerer's Bakery Milwaukee, Wis. H. C. Miller Company Milwaukee, Wis. Milwaukee, Gas and Light Co. Milwaukee, Wis. Milwaukee, Sporting Goods Co. Milwaukee, Wis. Compliments from your friendly Mobilgas Dealer 0. R. Pieper Co. Institutional Foods Milwaukee, Wis. Dr. Scholl's Foot Comfort Shop Milwaukee, Wis. John Sexton and Co. Wholesale Grocers Milwaukee, Wis. Ed. Stiegerwald and Sons General Contractors Milwaukee, Wis. Uptown Cleaners and Dyers Milwaukee, Wis. Edward T. Ver Halen Inc. Milwaukee, Wis. Wausau Garage Hudson Cars, International Truck Wausau, Wis. Wauwatosa State Bank Wauwatosa, Wis. Wisconsin Electric Power Co. Milwaukee, Wis. Joseph Wittig Co. Plumbing Contractors Milwaukee, Wis. Yellow Cab Co. Milwaukee, Wis. Informal Pictures by HARRIS NOWELL 191 N. 88th Street Milwaukee, Wis. The Cover of the 1949 Arches is a product of THE BOOKCRAFT COMPANY 1570 South First Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin HAMMERSMITH-KORTM EYER CO. MILWAUKEE 5' , ux As kg ' ' Vs x

Suggestions in the Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) collection:

Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 111

1949, pg 111

Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 79

1949, pg 79

Mount Mary University - Arches Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 78

1949, pg 78

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