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f ' WL 2 33 gf M Qf79 WW L I 0 Q36 Q MOA fx ww QSM r QM W WM 5 ff W2 , CYD gg Omg? 262 my W? D 14 I 'L F s I . W U fs,4,.pf 0 ' if . -. ,. :., r, an ' " - ' We a .K 'L-V ,w iv-,, W: Mf mw, V -f - ,1,1" 'fa' -. X 7' ?1 1'Z?f87'g5Ttaj MM -awwmx , xv . FL 1 JWL' 'Lf' r'5,?e'La. ' , 'i:7'3i?ffTg. i 'alifuwiair' r A P ' 3535 X ' 1 3 4 7-:Zi-eg? S. L if ef Q. If V .3 .xt ,Z . tif! ', 1 3 LQ L , . 22 ' 1 MM as - ""'?f"3 Qftifv f '11.,.A., N, 1' V' -5359 f 17.93 ':i'fjh1fJf' ly hi? ,. ' Sx..5.'? L 4 - 0 I W6 x l ' . N 1 1 F3 WW rdf f X yw v'5,,a,- Aff "-:11gs'12'33. x ' A ,Sw M 1' H iw "4 , QV. mi- m. :fu -. ,. f 'A Q34 5 , Y ,f1""' .""y,Ef1 52254 ,21,4',j'Ar"-V , if f::..1QQz,bQw-'rfjlg , ,.., . .. . , A Jae' . . '. 1 'U 4.-1 f u..,,.q1-pw'-,' ' vw.-' -4 5 V mfnmimrmf - , wb , L, ., wma -ww.. 1 . wan 'nag -' . " 1 1sMw':1.-sv4, ,-fwqgf ,f,g1,,,, , . A .f ff 43 :H+ -1 ww , MM " ,M 'M Q.-f ' -ss -'g 'iyA ':, 4 -'-vwvw-a u f ., " fr" n w, x .X gi-vw ?-,,Nu,, -f v442,,W,. f4uw-LK' pw. 'vu - ' -va - x v ,M 1 , A 4 .L x . 4 ' , ' ' 1 - f - . ' k " e 4 X -. 1 . , ' 5 w . Z ' I Q . w ' x o 5 , 4 f ,1 ' 54...- 5 fn A L-.-1. T: .,L,:,g ,M ..... -,,..,..1.k x . ,.".. 'jg , 1".". -A - Yr ' A W ' T -,,.,.k,..-N. ufli t 5- , .,...-X , - I - 'K . 1 I V K P 'T u , x 1 X f x s - I V 1 , . v x , . , - .. 1 , , x 4 , ,mf-Q-.,..4. . ,.,,,,,, , . . wuvm- w.Auw -..N .4,. ... ' ' Q- V .5-ma..- . ' ,..--.M,, , .Ag . .' .V ..'.' . , . s Q , .,,. . . ...- - fn., ,. ,. .Q,.., 1 . J fp x Q x 1 -. 1 4 ' v x 4 A 1 " , S. V , qw, , ' - . - ' ,4.fwm.L.N , xi ' ' ' 12.3 ' ' Am, L , E1 l,m.3.ifLw'f ' ' . ,. ' ' x., - ,, , 61,5 E f,,,,gsKg- '- 'Qi fx W fr ,mhaL1!,X:A1,w.f, , , iv. ,ff I 1 x ,,..w. A ,pmm.,n:mf.,mL1w.kQ.-wJ,i., M' THE VCYAGER Class of 1953 Mounf Joy High School Foreword . . . The cowboy is one of the best-known figures in the history of our country. ln our modern World today, even the young children have collected a wealth of knowledge about these prairie roamers and their lives. Everyone, at one time or another, has heard something about cowboys. The real cowboy is not the kind We see on television or in the movies, rather, the real cowboy is a serious, hard-Working person. He has many duties While on the job. He guards, rounds-up, ropes in and brands cattle. He keeps his horse and saddle in good condition and helps his employer repair fences. When his busy day is over, he sings songs to himself and his friends. He doesn't spend all his time Working on the ranch though, at rodeo time he entertains others and himself by entering contests and trying to ride a bronc or a bull. He really enjoys his life. Maybe We could profit a bit from the cowboy. lf we guarded our rights, rounded- up friends, roped in happi- ness, branded problems lv. X ,Y Q S,I4i1.,f., f gvgxilw , .1 qgvvqfq I igv,xy'.f?w' 1 .9 J r N5'Q4v', f tp 1-- .r A WA f x Efb b is y . when solved, kept our humor y " X - d d- ' ' d JW-Zlkfiqzf I x X X 1 in goo con ition repaire koi ,MQ 1 'lf 1, - . . our mistakes, sang a song l ' N ' A every day and didn't forget ' 67 f i to have a little fun now and then, maybe We could make our lives as happy and care- free as the cowboys. kk ll W X W i Xl5R'f't'fl X- '51,-M ' .24 X-pp,-f ,n,, j If .m-x Y Ste? VV t i1'fif'T' f vit! A359 N '4s.!3'l 1 Q N il X nfuyhls Q, 1. ' ? ' fiifihf- -. Lsjff. - ? ',Q17f7Z,1r,, WWQQ, ,,,. QW Q , f, 'f Mer, ggi, ff! f .4 f I ra fjx D "flf.7:':4f if n il .tl,,.l1ff"47, ff 'M' W' of ' f if ,-. .s.. Q- X X V V f F' C onfenfs II. III. IV. V. VI. P R E FAC E Fomzwonn DEDICATION Pn1Nc1PAL's MESSAGE FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSM EN ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS g -1 - ...f-...-"" lffl' Dedication . . . MISS EUNICE HERR To MISS EUNICE HERR, our official school secretary, who greets every- one with a smile and who is always Willing and ready to do things that will benefit anyone and everyone, we, the Class of 1953, fondly and appre- ciatively dedicate this seventh edition of THE VOYAGER. Six MR. W. I. BEAHM Supervising Principal To the Class of 1953: ik B.S., Elizabethtown Collegeg M.Ed., Temple Universityg Blue Ridge Collegeg Iuniata Col- legeg Millersville State Teach- ers Collegeg Duke University. il? You have now attained that much-coveted position-the dignified Senior. Soon gradua tion will mark the end of your high school days and the beginning of opportunities to use the knowledge and experience you have gained. As you goiinto this new phase of your life, I should like to send with each of you the Words of the poet: "To every man there openeth a high road and a lowg The high soul takes the high road, The low soul takes the lowg And in between on the misty flats, The rest drift to and frog And every man decideth which Way his soul shall go." We will witness your graduation with pride, realizing full well that you will take with you the spirit of your Alma Mater. Seven With sincere best Wishes, W. I. BEAHM B-S-I Elem- Ed-I E1iZClbelhlOWT1 C01' BS., West Chester State Teachers MRS. SADIE BROOKS School Nurse and Home Nursing RN., Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing, Lebanon Valley College, Elizabethtown College, Franklin and Marshall College, West Chester State Teachers College. MR. IOHN DAY Health. Physical Education, Science B.S., West Chester State Teachers College. MR. I. PAUL I-'REY Social Studies lege, B.S., Secondary Ed., Elizabeth- town College. MRS. ALMEDA GRIFFITH Home Economics B.S., Millersville State Teachers Col- lege, B.S., Pennsylvania State College. FACULTY. MR. GEORGE BROSKE Social Studies B.S., Millersville State Teachers Col- lege, M.Ed., Temple University, Eliza- bethtown College. MRS. MILDRED DAY Commercial Subiects B.S., Susquehanna University, Get- tysburg College. MRS. MARGARET GARBER Health. Physical Education. English College. MRS. BERYL HAHN Art College. MR. CHARLES R. HEAPS Grade School Principal: Mathematics BS., Elem. Ed., Millersville State Teachers College, B.S., Secondary Ed., Millersville State Teachers Col- lege, Elizabethtown College, Temple University. B.S., Edinboro State Teachers MRS. MARILYN Y. HERR Librarian B.S., Millersville State Teachers College. MR. JOHN LICHTY Social Studies B.A., Elizabethtown College, Temple University. MR. CHARLES ROVENOLT Industrial Arts B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers Col- legeg Bucknell University. MISS THELMA TAYLOR Mathematics B.A., Susquehanna University, M.Ed., Duke University, University ot Virginia. MISS CATHARINE G. ZELLER English and Latin B.A., Pennsylvania State College, M.A., Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College. Nine MR. GEORGE HOUCK Music B.S., West Chester State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State College, Elizabethtown College, Millersville State Teachers College. MRS. IANE McGARY Spanish and English B.A., Lebanon Valley College. MR. H. K. SCHOENER High School Principal: Science B.A., Albright College, Duke Univer- sity, Pennsylvania State Collegeg Army Air Forces Technical School, Chanute Field, Ill. MRS. MARGARET WILLIAMS Guidance and English B.A., University of Michigan, Temple University. .FACULTY Tw: Seniors Mio? iii? Wjgf WILLIAM TYNDALL, President IAY BARNHART. Vice-President ROBERTA FRANK. Secretary Headin' for the Last Round-Up Members ot the Class of '53 returned to the halls of M. l. l-l. S. in September '52 to complete the final mile ot their high school career. Their first project, as usual, was selling magazines, They hit the quota-eeven exceeded it. A stand at the Community Exhibit was the class's next stride along the Way. lt lasted tour days instead ot the usual three, Then, after many trials and tribulaf tions and with the aid oi two children and a dog, the seniors presented their second play, "The Little Dog Laughed," which kept the crowd in stitches. Basket- ball concessions and the ice cream and candy stands were several other ways by which money was earned tor the trip to Washington. The seniors also sold stuffed telt rams and dogs, December found staff members up to their necks in preparing the yearbook. Finally, the threeeday trip to Washington was a grand way to climax the journey through M. l. H. S, The class otticers were Bill Tyndall, president, lay Barnhart, vicefpresidentp Roberta Frank, secretary, and Shirley Eby, treasurer. Miss Catharine Zellex was adviser. Atta... W SHIRLEY EBY, Treasurer 1 MARY BAILEY-"Mary" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, VOYAGER, Library Assistant 3, 4, Iunior Red Cross 4 lPresidentJ, Fire Patrol 4, Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. Tall . . . good athlete . . . nice personality , . . will make a good nurse IAY BARNHART-"Barney" Soccer 2, Operetta 3, Class Treasurer 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Rifle l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. "Barney" is the rifle team's crack shot , , , loves to hunt and fish , . . will make a good surgeon, GERALD BENDER-"Gerry" Operetta 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Rifle 3, 4, Chorus l, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, -1, Senior Play, Varsity Club 4, Fire Patrol 4, VOYAGER. Tall . . . scared of women . . . usually seen driving an "Olds" . will be remembered tor his portrayal of "Horatio" t l I ' X 1 l ' X I X x , I , I N f x X f SHIRLEY BERNHARD-"Shirl" Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Library Assistant 3, 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Petite . . . goodvnatured . . . even-tempered . . . drives green Buick . . sells candy at Murphy's . . . will make a good housewife. BEVERLY BOYD-"Bev" HI-CRIER l, Y-Teens 2, Operetta 3, Library Assistant 3, 4, Girls' Intra- murals 2, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Fire Patrol 4, Chorus l, Z, 3, 4, VOYAGER. Loves to have fun . . . smooth dancer . . . really cute when she flashes that smile and dimple, IOAN BRAUGHT-"Pug" i Tri-Hi-Y 3, Tennis 3, Girls' Intramurals 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4, Hockey 4, HI-CRIER 4, Senior Play fAssistant Directorl, VOYAGER. Came from St. Louis . , . witty . , . happy-go-lucky . . . always has a joke . , . likes sports . . . How 'bout that? BENIAMIN CLINGER-"Ben" EDGAR BRENEMAN-"lunior" Baseball Z, Soccer 3, 4, Rifle 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Fire Patrol 4. Tall!! . . . dark!! . . . handsome ll . . . made a perfect king . . . free as a bird . . . always has fun. IANICE BRENEMAN-"Nanny" FI-IA l, Student Council I, Class Vice-President l, Y-Teens I, Tumbling 2, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Library Assistant 3, 4 fSecretary-Treasurer 41, Fire Patrol 4, Band 4, VOYAGER. Good basketball player . . . sharp cheerleader . . . swell personality , . . is usually seen blushing . . . a future typist. IEANETTE BRENEMAN-"Neue" Class Treasurer I, FI-IA l, Y-Teens l fVice-President1, Tumbling 2, Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Library Assistant 3, 4 fPresident 41, May Queen's Court 3, Chorus 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, Band 4, Fire Patrol 4, VOYAGER. s to cheer . . . waits for the bus at Hess' corner . . . flashes around in a blue Chrysler. The younger twin . . . love t I I Q 3 Student Council 1, Tumbling 2, Baseball 3, Tennis l, 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 fCaptain 41, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 CPresident 41, Fire Patrol 3, 4. King of sports . . . blue eyes and dark hair . . . lots of fun . . , never walks to school alone. IAMES DROHAN-"lim" Operetta 3 CStage Manager1, Iunior Play fStage Manager1, Senior Play fStage Manager1, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, Z, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4, VOYAGER. Good-natured . . . always helpful . . . lim was an asset to both plays . . drives a neat blue convertible, SHIRLEY EBY-"Shirley" Operetta 3, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Library Assistant 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4 HICRIER l 2 3 4 CFeatu I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Hockey l, 2, 3, , - , , , re Editor 3, Editor 41, Iunior Play, Senior Play, National Honor Society 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4, Class Treasurer 4, VOYAGER fFeature Editor1. Sharp dresser . . . short hair . . . loquacious . . . really interested in E-town College . . . two years at Philly and then! '? l? CHARLOTTE FEESER-"Tish" Y-Teens l5 Cheerleader 15 Hockey l, 2, 3, 45 Iunior Play5 Senior P1ay5 Chorus 35 HI-CRIER 45 Library Assistant 45 FHA 45 Fire Patrol 45 Girls' Intramurals 4, Pretty red hair . . . swell dancer . . . dresses sharp . . . loves to scoop hockey balls . . . lull ot lun. BETTY LOU FRANK "Beit Lou" " Y May Queens Court lg Student Council 2, 3, 4 fTreasurer 2, 3, 455 Chorus 35 Iunior Playg Senior Play5 Library Aide 45 FHA 4 tSecretaryl5 VOYAGER. Petite and friendly . . , good friend of Maime's . . . active member of Student Council . . . good little jitterbugger. ROBERTA FRANK-"Bertie" Girls' Intramurals lg Y-Teens l CSecretaryl5 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Chorus 35 Class Secretary l, 2, 3, 45 Library Assistant 45 FHA 45 Fire Patrol 45 VOYAGER. Short . . . good dancer . . , quite a hockey player . . . always laughing . . . is always seen with Tish. I rv 4' Q N, 1 Q mgfjgvf 0 : ug as J 0 1 Eh .7 V 5 12,15 .PQ I 4 llllf Al A E s i 6 2 RONALD GARLIN-"Ronnie" Rifle 3, 45 Fire Patrol 4. Tall, light, and handsome . . . favorite pastime-hunting . . . usually seen, but not heard. DONALD GERMER-"Duck" Baseball l, 35 Tumbling 25 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 Soccer l, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Fire Patrol 3, 4. A history whiz!! . . . cute . . . shy , . , small member of class . interested in all sports. MARCELLUS GOODLING-"Marcellus" Operetta 35 Chorus 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Fire Patrol 3, 4, Quiet . . . good-natured . . . lives in Dauphin County , . . 20 miles from school . . . makes it in V2 hour? !! SHIRLEY GOODLING-"Shirl" Y-Teens 25 Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Intramurals 2, 35 FHA 3. Good waitress . . . frank . . . music lover . . . good sense of humor . . wants to be a nurse. ALICE IANE GREINER-"lane" Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Library Assistant 45 FHA 45 VOYAGER. Drives red Chevvy . . . first prize winner with her 4-H sheep , . . future piano teacher . . . good-natured. NORMA HERB-"Norma" Y-Teens l5 Girls' Intramurals 25 Library Assistant 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 VOYAGER. Talkative and jolly . . . hails from Florin . . , can often be seen dancing . . . What was that? - Norma laughing! l LEE HESS-"Lee" Baseball l, 25 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Rifle 2, 3, 4 fCaptain 455 Library Assistant 45 Varsity Club 45 Fire Patrol 4. Good-natured . . . red hair . . . drives around in a blue Packard . . . good rifleman and hunter . . . always talking. THOMAS KEAR-"Tom" May Oueerfs Court lg Tumbling 25 Class Vice-President 25 Class Presi- dent 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-President 435 Senior Play5 Fire Patrol 3, 45 Soccer Z, 3, 45 Baseball l, Z, 3 fCaptain 315 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fSecretary-Treasurer 435 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 flunior High Captain 15 Varsity Captain 335 Student Council 3, 4 fVice-President 3, 49. Good-looking . . . an active member of the class . , . attracted to a certain senior girl . . . lover of sports, PETER KODER-"Pete" Baseball 25 Operetta 35 Basketball 2, 3, 4 fManager 415 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Fire Patrol 45 Varsity Club 4. Shoes-size l3! l! . . . loves to drive the Plymouth . . . often found in the projection room, :ff Q Ei MARY KOPP-"Maime" May Queen's Court 2, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4 fPresident 43, VOYAGER. Drives a big Buick . . . small and sweet . . . pretty long hair . . . corresponds with the Air Force. RUSSELL KUHN-"Kuhnie" Basketball 2 CManagerJ, Baseball 2 fManagerJ, Rifle 3, 4, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4 fManagerJ, Varsity Club 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4. Handy-Andy . . . good manager . . . plans to join the Army after graduation . . . likes Chevvies but drives a Plymouth. ELINOR LANE-"Elly" HI-CRIER 2, Cheerleading l, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 43, Iunior Play CAssistant Directorl, Senior Play, VOYAGER. Cute . . . brainy . . . loves to cheer . . . organist for both plays . . . will be a New England belle next year. l A , RACHEL LEHMAN-"Rae" Girls' Intramurals l, 2, HI-CRIER 2, Tumbling 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, VOYAGER CArt Editorl. Ardent crow fan . . . active member of class . . . blushes . . . interested in FSM . . . dramatic ability plus! I! IAMES LINDEMUTH-"lim" Basketball 2, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 3, 4, Varsity Club 4. Wilbur, Iim, or Lindy . . . tall, limber . . . well-groomed hair . . . comes up with "good ones" now and then. ANNA MAE LOEWEN-"Annie" FHA 4 tTreasurerJ, VOYAGER. Works at Murphy's . . . has an interest in motorcycles . . . makes shorthand class a lot of lun. GERALD LUTZ-"Pinky" Tennis 1, 25 Tumbling 25 Operetta 35 Basketball 35 Soccer 1, Z, 3, 4 CManager 1, 215 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, Z, 3, 45 Fire Patrol 45 Varsity Club 4. Live-wire . . . happy-go-lucky . . . is going to be auto mechanic . . . loves to argue with Mr. Broske. LUCILLE MARTIN-"Lucy" FHA 45 VOYAGER. Quiet . . . good-natured . . . has rosy cheeks . . . big dark eyes . . . future housewife . . . cheerful disposition. DORA McGARVEY-"Dora" Operetta 35 Girls' Intramurals Z, 3, 45 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Iunior Play5 Senior Play5 Band 45 H1-CRIER 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Fire Patrol 45 VOYAGER. Dark hair . . . dark eyes . . . good fighter in hockey . . . usually seen in a blue Ford. Pl 3 f o -, , Q af' cxlijj Jo Q E etgi jl 9 'Y ' nx- q in Ill' RUTH MESSICK-"Ruth" Library Assistant 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 45 VOYAGER. Medium build . . . drives green Chevvy . , . future office worker , . . likes to type . . . interests are centered elsewhere. IAMES METZLER-"lim" Soccer Z5 Baseball Z, 35 Basketball l, Z, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Fire Patrol 3, 45 Library Assistant 4. Tallest member of the class . . . handsome . . . a great asset to the basketball team . . , pal of Bill's. VIVIAN METZLER-"Liz" Hockey 1, Z5 Operetta 35 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Iunior Play5 Senior P1ay5 VOYAGER. Tall . . . dependable . . . has an unmistakable laugh . , . is going in nurses' training at the General Hospital. RUTH OBERHOLTZER-"Ruth" Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Operetta 35 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 HI-CRIER l, 2, 3, 4 tBusiness Manager 415 Iunior Play5 Magazine Campaign 4 CBusiness Man- agerJ5 Library Assistant 4 CVice-Presidentl5 Fire Patrol 45 VOYAGER fBusi- ness Managerl. Hot salesman , . . sure could yell in the Iunior Play . . . one of our future nurses . . . special interest in Detroit! ! ! LORETTA RIDER-"Loretta" Y-Teens 15 Chorus 35 FHA 35 Library Assistant 3, 45 HI-CRIER 45 VOYAGER. Black hair . . , plays piano . . . works at Murphy's store . . . usually seen with Shirley. CHARLES ARIO ROVENOLT-"Baldy" Soccer 2, 3, 45 HI-CRIER Z, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4 fManagerJ5 Library Assistant 3, 45 Fire Patrol 3, 45 Iunior Play5 Senior Play5 Varsity Club 45 Rifle 45 VOYAGER. Matter-of-fact . . . has dramatic ability . . . a frequent absentee . . . don't get him started on magic! I I t i 1 X l X ' N I X 1 X -. MARION RUTT-"Marion" Operetta 35 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Library Assistant 2, 3, 45 VOYAGER, Will make a good secretary . . . can always be seen combing her hair . . . her interest lies in Rheems, MARIANNE SCHOFIELD-"Scope" Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 fCaptain 435 Girls' Tennis l, Z, 35 Cheerleading l, Z, 3, 4 CCaptain 4l5 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Library Assistant 3, 45 Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4 CCaptain l, 2, 3l5 HI-CRIER 45 Fire Patrol 45 VOYAGER. Good athlete . . , swell personality . . . peppy cheerleader . . , always with Lucie . . . often found at the tennis courts. JAMES SCHOPF-"lim" 0' Band l, 2, 3, 45 Fire Patrol 4. Quiet . , . dependable . . . good driver . . . Tish and Bert's chauffeur . . . valuable member of the band. ROBERT SCHROLL-"Bob" Operetta 3, Band 3, 4, Fire Patrol 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 4 tPresident 45. Need some pills? See Bob at Sloan's! . . . an interest in the Iunior Class . . . really is facetious! ll NANCY SWANSON-"Nan" Hockey 2, 3, 4, lunior Play, Senior Play CAssistant Directorl, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, Z, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Library Assistant 2, 3, 4, HI-CRIER l, Z, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4, Magazine Campaign 4 CBusiness Managerl, VOYAGER tEditorl. Good scholar . . . yearbook editor . . . will really go places . . . "Mrs Little" in the Iunior Play . . . loves to talk. LUCILLE THOME-"Lucie" Y-Teens l, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Girls' Tennis 3, Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4, Library Assistant 4, HI-CRIER 4, VOYAGER. Full of laughs . . . loves sports . . . a Whiz at typing and stenography . . . wants to join the Waves. l A 7 MARY LOUISE THOME-"Weedie" Chorus 3. Polite . . , one of the quiet members of the class . . . rather seen than heard , . . hails from Milton Grove. WILLIAM TYNDALL-"Bill" Class President 2, 4, Student Council Z, 4, Class Vice-President 3, May Oueen's Court 3, Rifle 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Magazine Carn- paign 4 CBusiness Managerl, Fire Patrol 3, 4 tAssistant Chief 3, Chief 4l, VOYAGER tPhotography Editorl. Tall . . . studious . . . pleasing personality . , . president of class . .. can often be seen taking pictures. CLAIR WAGNER-"Wig" Tennis l, Z, Tumbling 2, Soccer 2, 3, Operetta 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4 tPresi- dent 41, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, Z, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Varsity Club 3, 4, Magazine Campaign 4 tBusiness Managerl, Fire Patrol 4, VOYAGER. Likes to jitterbug . . . a smart dresser . . . history Whiz . . . plays the sax . . . will be a success. MYRON WEBER-"Toby" are Class President I, Student Council l, Tumbling 2, Operetta 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, Z, 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Fire Patrol 3, 4, VOYAGEH. Lively . . . sports-minded . . . happy-go-lucky . . . played Romeo in both plays . . . does it well!! MARIAN IEAN WILL-"lean" FHA l, Y-Teens l, Girls' Intramurals l, 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Iunior Play, Band 4, Library Assistant 3, 4, VOYAGER. Interested in 4-H work . . . inseparable pal of the twins . . . short . . . will make a good nurse. TED WILLIAMS-"Li'l Abner" Baseball l, 2, Basketball 2, 3 IManager 31, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. Short . . . full ot fun . , . quite a hunter . . , sports-minded . . . can usually be seen with Pinky and Lee, I fo 1 4 3 4' Q 5 5 ' "1 vin . v. ,H un I 9 KATHRYN ZEAGER-"Kitty" Girls' Intramurals 3, I-II-CRIER 3, Library Assistant 2, 3, 4, VOYAGER. Friendly to all . . . makes good speeches . . . quiet . . . good-natured . . . loves horses and dogs . . , always polite. GENEVIEVE ZIMMERMAN-"Ginnie" Library Assistant Z, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Iunior Play tAssistant Directorl, Senior Play, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, HI-CRIER l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 4, VOYAGER CCirculation Managerl. Will be remembered for her dance in the Senior Play . . . natural blonde streak . . . has artistic ability. WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN-"Bill" Tumbling 2, Tennis 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 fCaptain 4l, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 fVice-President 42, Fire Patrol 4. Good dresser . . . quite a dancer . . . outstanding in sports . . . good basketball captain. CLASS HISTORY :uf it -:rf TIME: September, l949-lune, l953 SETTING: Mount loy High School CHARACTERS: Class of 1953 CLASS MOTTO: "Not at the Top, but Climbing" CLASS COLORS: Cardinal Red and Gray CLASS FLOWERS: Bed and White Roses ACT I Freshmen! At last, after eight years of waiting! Remember all the attention we re- ceived as the new frosh of the school? We selected Toby Weber, president, lanice Breneman, vice-presidentg Roberta Frank, secretary, and Ieanette Breneman, treasurer. Ianice Breneman and Bob Schroll were our representatives in student council. Our first money-making project was sell- ing magazines. We also had the conces- sions at the Paradise and Marietta basket- ball games. With Mr. Houck as Al lolson in the QA rninstrel show, we presented our first assem- bly as part of the high school. The 9B sec- tion stumped the audience with a mystery man in their program, "Can You Top This?" Betty Lou Frank and Tom Kear were our representatives in the May Queens court. Mary Bailey was the only freshman girl on the hockey team. As freshmen, we also had representatives in the mixed chorus, band, and the HI-CRIER. The climax of our first year in high school was a roller-skating party at Playland in York. Much of the success of this year was due to the guidance of our class advisers, Mr. Schoener and Mrs. Day. As freshmen we certainly set the pace for our future years. ACT II What a thrill to be sophomores! Bill Tyndall headed our class this year. He was supported by Tom Kear, Roberta Frank, and lay Barnhart, as vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. Our student council representatives this year were Betty Lou Frank and Ben Clinger. lOA section won an ice cream party for the "coke-players and tap-dance-routine" assembly. 'lYou're Too Young" and "Twen- ty Questionsn were presented by IOB. Shirley Eby went to district band at McSherrystown in February. The May Hop was our first big under- taking. lt was a success! Mary Kopp and lim Mateer were sophomore attendants. Many of us took part in the spring mus- ical, "South Pacific." This year Marianne Schofield joined Mary on the varsity hockey squad. The climax of this year was ordering our class rings. Now we were really part of Mount loy High School. Miss Wilson, Mr. Bovenolt, and Mrs. Griff- ith were our advisers. Tzvfn ty -Iwo CLASS HISTORY as sz: is ACT III To open our junior year, we chose our class colors, cardinal red and gray, and ordered our jackets, pennants and hats. Officers for this year were Tom Kear, Bill Tyndall, Roberta Frank, and lay Barnhart. In student council this year were Betty Lou Prank and Bob Schroll. The first real job we encountered was the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance with the Lord Charles orchestra. Then-our play! This was our first chance to display our dramatic ability. Rachel Leh- man had the lead in "The Fighting Littles." Charles Rovenolt made a hit as booming Mr. Little. Tom Kear, baseball captain, was named the outstanding athlete of the 1951-52 year by the Mount Ioy Oldtimers' Athletic Assn. The junior girls copped first place in the softball intramurals by winning four games and losing none. Ianice Breneman was the captain. lay Barnhart and Nancy Swanson visited New York for a day as the United Nations essay contest winners. Iay also had the lead in the school op- eretta, "Waltz Time." Marianne Schofield was elected hockey captain for the next year. Student council president-elect was Bob Schroll. Iay Barn- hart, Bill Tyndall, and Shirley Eby were elected to the National Honor Society. The '53ers entertained the seniors at a semi-formal prom in May. The theme cen- tered around underwater life, and Les Mich- ener's orchestra played for dancing. Miss Taylor and Mr. Broske were our class advisers this year. ACT IV Then came our senior year-the most eventful of all! To help us through this busy year we elected Bill Tyndall, president, lay Barnhart, vice-president, Roberta F rank, sec- retary, and Shirley Eby, treasurer. Betty Lou Frank and Tom Kear were student coun- cil representatives. The first big money-making undertaking was the Community Exhibit. We sold rams, dogs, and fruit cakes to earn money for the Washington trip. We also took yearly con- trol of the ice cream, cokes, and candy stand. Next was the play! Rachel had the lead once again in "The Little Dog Laughed." Shirley Eby was elected editor-in-chief of the HI-CRIER and Nancy Swanson, editor of THE VOYAGER. Ruth Oberholtzer was high salesman in the magazine campaign and helped make our class the highest in the school. Mary Kopp represented Mount Ioy High as the Corn Queen attendant. Betty Lou Frank and Edgar Breneman were Halloween Queen and King. Ben Clinger was soccer captain, Bill Zimmerman basketball captain. lay Barnhart, Clair Wagner, and Shirley Eby represented Mount Ioy High School at district band at Millersburg. Miss Zeller was class adviser for this busy year. Now as we look forward to Class Day, Baccalaureate, and Commencement, we are happy and proud of our accomplishments. L lf 'E if Q E Ev t?aT9l5i' Vai llllfilx Q Twenty-three CLASS WILL Siriiriif We, the members of the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-three of Mount Ioy High School, being of sound body and unquestionable intel- lectual power, do hereby ordain and declare this to be our last will and testament, thereby revoking all previous Wills and bequests, of Whatever nature, heretofore made by us in our younger, inexperienced years. To the Iuniors we leave our homeroom seats in study hall. To the Sophomores We leave our successful plays. To the Freshmen we leave our dancing ability. tiki? So that the school might continue happily, and not too monotonously when We leave these premises, We leave the following personal talents, characteristics, and other gifts to the underclassmen and faculty: lay Barnhart's freckles to Harry Frey. lim Drohan's shop ability to Don Zerphey. Marcellus Goodling's steady girl to Charlie Mayer. Thomas Kear's flirtatiousness to Ken Good. Peter Koder's big feet to Phyllis Wolgemuth. Gerald Lutz's physique to Gene Drace. Charles Rovenolt's many absence excuses to Peter Nissley. Iirn Schopf's ability to miss history tests to Bob Fish. Clair Wagner's dancing ability to the freshman boys. Bill Zirnmerman's smooth line to Asher Halbleib. Mary Bailey's goalie position to Karleen Raffensperger. Bev Boyd's silliness to Lois Kaylor. Ioan Braught's blue eyes to Sandy Darrenkamp. Shirley Eby's long fingernails to Kitty Wittle. Tish Feeser's false tooth to Ben Groff. Roberta Frank's funny experiences to Dick Nissley. lane Greiner's long drive to school to Sue Fellenbaum. Anna Mae Loewen's love of motorcycles to Ginnie Brooks. Dora McGarvey's Wad of gum to Mr. Schoener. Lucille Martin's dimple to lack Beaston. ,A I xx - 1 x 'q' K if I ..,,,- s G ll lN,,,ru- I' , xl ', A 4 Q I 4 1 lsr, Twenty-four CLASS WILL iirifrilr Ruth Messick's fussiness to Lynne Fackler. Vivian Metzler's sewing ability to Iudy Kopp. Loretta Rider's black hair to Kay Metzler. Marion Rutt's office job to Miriam Tyndall. Lucie Thome's typing ability to Darlene Schneider. Mary Louise Thome's timidness to Mae Zink. Genevieve Zimmermans natural blond streak to Doris Melhorn Gerald Bender's crew cut to Ioe Weber. Edgar Breneman's romances to Brat Sheetz. Ben Clinger's impishness to Harold Breneman. Ronald Garlin's blush to Irvin Nauman. Donald Germer's bashfulness to Charlie Zeller. Lee I-less's red hair to Mr. Rovenolt. Russell Kuhn's art ability to Henry Klugh. Iim Lindemuth's Spanish ability to Connie Lane. lim Metzler's height to Gene Grove. Robert Schroll's dependability to Gerald Becker. Bill Tyndall's studiousness to Bob Stringfellow. Toby Weber's jokes to Mr. Broske. Ted Williams' hunting ability to Dick Schneider. Shirley Bernhard's driver's license to Charlie Ashenfelter. Ianice Breneman's cheerleading ability to Lois Rutt. Ieanette Breneman's love of convertibles to Pat Drace. Betty Lou Franks petiteness to Ianet Walton. Shirley Goodling's waitress ability to Evelyn Fitzkee. Mary Kopp's long hair to Dot Brooks. Norma Herr's grin to Ioann Brown. Elinor Lane's place at the organ to Carol Smith. Rachel Lehman's dramatic ability to Pat Schroll. Ruth Oberholtzer's persuasiveness to Ierry Miller. Marianne Schofield's hockey captaincy to Sarah Garber. Nancy Swanson's giggle to Velma I-Ioffer. lean Will's height to Iay Metzler. Kathryn Zeager's good speeches to Dick Will. Twrn ly-H116 if x I , ki . ..'. .-.. ui Q f F ij ,. s Q to MOST ATHLETIC BEST DRESSED Marianne Schofield Ben Clinger Shirley Eby Clair Wagner We will remember fhem as . . . n S -eee E X f O -1 ,., + K ,A B 4Q 1 7 Y 19 4, 4, 4' MOST FRIENDLY Beverly Boyd I ames Melzler , 1 w Z is Z2 MOST POLITE Ronald Garlin Kathryn Zeager ,H :I X. X Wi! I KAP QP' .r ws, i P M Y 5 X 4 - Q I l. 'l I' V. ID v O MOST POPULAR WITTIEST Betty Lou Frank Bill Zimmerman Ioan Braught Icy Barnhart 3 i 12" ll." Q' lvl? X 2 . ' , V A V . , ,J , I 5 1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Swanson Bill Tyndall J TJ IP 1. 1 f A, ll fo BEST LOOKING MOST DEPENDABLE Edgar Breneman Janice Breneman R h ut Oberholtzer Robert Schroll CLASS SONG ikikrfk fTo the tune of "Dearie"J Teachers, do you remember when We came in our freshman year? All your homework filled us with fear. Upperclassmen made us look like fools Everywhere that We Went. Test your memory, dear teachers, Do you recall that We were salesmen, indeed the best? Our May Hop Was a real success. Teachers, lots has happened Since the first time that we met. Do you remember? Yes, we remember. Those years were ones we'll never forget. Classmates, do you recall when We got jackets of red and gray? Then came our lunior Play. Deep-sea'fishing filled up our prom night While shell-backs and pollywogs danced. Test your memory, dear classmates, Do you remember Games of soccer and basketball, Concessions that we will recall? Classmates, lots has happened Since the first time that we met. And though we're leaving- Yes, We're leaving- Those memories will stay with us yet. By Ruth Oberholtzer Rachel Lehman Elinor Lane ik Shearer's Furniture and Appliance Store 35-37 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Penna. Twenty-eight Underclassmen THE RANCH FOREMEN ik In , sf? Becky McCain, treasurer: Harry Frey, vice-president: Lynne Fackler, secretary: Gerald Becker, president. Connie Lane, treasurer: Donald Zerphey, vice-president: Pat Schroll, president: Mae Zink, secretary. Peter Nissley, president: Charles Ashenielter, vice-presi- dent: Marian Kline, treasurer: Iudy Schultz, secretary. Ronnie lean Reese, president: Leroy Kaylor, treasurer: Shirley Metzler, secretary: Edward Lindemuth, vice- president. Gif Along, Li'l Dogies Sf? Sf? il? ln less time than it takes to say "Hopalong Cassidy," the underclassmen started off on their money-making projects in September. They sold maga- zines for both companies. The juniors sponsored the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, and the eighth grade had a hayride. The juniors and the sopho- mores ordered their class jackets, which they proudly wore every day. They also supplied the athletic teams with plenty of talent. Then the juniors presented a three-act comedy in March. In May the sophomores sponsored the annual May Hop, and the juniors rounded out the year by entertaining the seniors at the Iunior-Senior Prom. JUNICRS First row: Hoffer, Zink, Frantz, Lane, D. Brooks, Bernhard, Weidman, Wade, Brown, Nentwig, Christ, Kopp Second row: Fletcher, Melhorn, Schroll, Schneider, Hostetter, Walton, Rutt, V. Brooks, Tyndall, Smith, Mr. Broske Third row: Zeller, Berrier, Zerphey, Will, Milligan, Nauman, Klugh, Kline, Phillips, Mayer, Nissley, Fish. Thirly -one SOPHCMORES 1 First row: Kear, Kauffman, Gruber, Fitzlcee, Brooks, Garlin, Darrenlcamp, Raffensperger, Engle, Miss Taylor. Second row: Schneider, Hallgren, M. Kline, Ginder, Schultz, P. Kline, I. Thome, B. Thome. Third row: Ashenlelter, Nissley, Harple, Metzler, Snavely, Wilmer, Good. First row: Schneider, Delwiler, Rosenfeld, Stephens, Metzler, Koser, Kaylor, Shelly, Witlle. Second row: Mrs. McGary, Sponsler, Wilmer, Zimmerman, Williams, Bucher, Drace. Third row: Weidman, Peifer, Hendrix, Miller, Sheetz, Melhorn, Ebersole vllllfifk'-lil'l1 FRESHMEN First row: V. Shenk, Fackler, Funk, Frey, Grove, Shelly, Gish, Gerlltzki, Barninger, Markley. Second row: Mr, Lichty, Graff, Kauffman, F. Zimmerman, Buckwalter, Kanode, Herr, Waters, Schneider Third row: Penne-ll, Stringlellow, T, Zn B b ' ' ' nmerman, om erger, Gllbert, Ober, Young, Gohn, Gerb, Mackxson, I. Sllenk. ru-sr row: Wlsegarver, Loewen, Mcliain, Kline, Hostetter, Good, Wachstetter, Ebersole, Fellenbaum, Flory, Hill Seqond row: Krall Oberholtzer, Bair, Schroll Mumper Halbleib, R tl S l'1 - , , , U , C meld, snook, Mm. Day. Third rowl Halnes, Beaslon, Breneman, Mark, Weber, Salerno, Craul, Becker. CCoover, absentj Th l'!'lY-f1II'!'1' EIGHTH GRADE First row: Brooks, Christ, Lane, Max, Kline, McComsey, Reese, Baughman, Braughi, Sriavely. Second row: ' ' ' h G if N' l ,Mumma Third row: Mrs. Williams, Fish, Becker, Harriish, Diller, E, Guldner, Wade, T ome, ro , iss ey Vogel, Chapin, Gotwali, R, Zeller, R. Newcomer, H. Guldrier, I. Zeller, K, Newcomer, Waits, Schroll. First row: Wolgemuth, Fletcher, Raffensperger, Drace, Williams, lwcmowski, Loewen, Naugle, Frantz. Second ' M R'd H . M ., Garber. Third row: Brian, Shenk, Geltmacher, Metzler, Zimmerman, Baugher, umma, 1 er, ess, rs row: Kaylor, Watts, Liriclemuth, Swartz, Grofl, Wilmer, Garber, Rohm, Divet, Peifer, Ramsey. 'IllliI'fl"fHIlT SEVENTH GRADE First row: Klugh, Hornolius, Shecilfer, Wilmer, Mummo, Slrickler, Shelter, Herr, Krall, Berletlri, Fellenboum Second row: Grub, Holbleib, Weolcmcl, Butt, Buchenouer, Newcomer, Third row: McCowin, Coover, Bice, Kircholf, Waltz, Erb, Zimmermon, Bender, Geib, Mr, Prey. N-+P... First row: Gomber, Ulrich, Wilmer, Frank, Scliroll, Mumper, Moteer, Kline, Zeormer, S. Brown. Second row: Watkins, Hostelter, I. Brown, Bovenoll, Dorrenkomp, Reisch, Willloms, Martin, Stelimon, Mr, Frey Third row: A Brown, Collins, Goodling, Buclienouer, Zcxrtmon, Ditzler, Gray, Lone, Elnell. Thi: lx rfllll' Acfivifies . , 9 JW fb Y XW QSTYJ 7 Aix I gs W I If ,I v6Aia "'N- f I In' I N 1,7-fx' 'Iliff ff- 7 ffl? W1 'I' , 'WYA ' ' sgikfzfgffifvl, MU- nv IL ff iff-17, W Y ' I I? X I f 116,31 1 J" . - ,V , A P ' f 35" Q' X ' f 71lQQu,,?Z?Z K mf'-" f ' M f,, ' ' ' Jif N 45 f ,gfiii mi sf " A ff 1? 'mztgg Q 4, , W' I 1 ff , ggi Z I ' fr 9 ,wig Q v ff- f .MW ff Y ,f ' 1-.9 I , , 'asa 5--.4 Z -vial., XX -' fb, , ,ff 15 f f QQ, 1 3, -' 1 2 ? Editor-in-Chief .......... ,.A. N ancy Swanson Business Manager .. . Ruth Oberholtzer VOYAG ER Feature Editor A....A. ..4,...... S hirley Eby ST Art Editor A.., .,.,.... ..,. . . .,.. Rachel Lehman Photography Editor , ,, ...r.,.,..,...,.. Bill Tyndall Q Chief Typist ..,.,,.,,.r.,.r.. .. ....,., Kathryn Zeager Adviser .... ..,...,....r.,, M iss Catharine G. Zeller Editorial Staff: Ieanette Breneman, lanice Breneman, Charlotte Feeser, Genevieve Zimmerman, Ruth Oberholtzer, Vivian Metzler, Norma Herr, Anna Mae Loewen, Roberta Frank, Marion Rutt, Kathryn Zeager, Betty Lou Frank, Ioan Braught, Dora McGarvey, Iames Drohan, lean Will, Clair Wagner, Marianne Schofield, Lucille Thorne, Beverly Boyd, Mary Bailey, Shirley Goodling, Mary Kopp. Business Staff: Ianice Breneman, Charlotte Feeser, Genevieve Zimmerman, lean Will, Mary Bailey, Vivian Metzler, Roberta Frank, Marion Rutt, Elinor Lane, Betty Lou Frank, leanette Breneman, Loretta Rider, Lucille fm Martin, Dora McGarvey, Marianne Schofield, Lucille Thome, Ruth Messick, lane Greiner. Art Staff: Gerald Bender, Vivian Metzler, N. Swanson, Editor Genevieve Zimmerman. Dudes Corral News The VOYAGER staff proved to be the busiest organization in the school. As soon as the seniors decided to publish a yearbook, Work was begun. First, the staff was organized. Decisions were made concerning the theme, cover, and motto. Ads Were solicited as the business staff Worked feverishly to meet their quota. Next the editorial staff got busy. "Meet the deadline!" was a common expression. Articles were checked, read and reread. Then the typing staff began their part of the production. They typed all ads and all articles for the dummy. Pictures Were taken and retaken as the photo editor approved each one. As the last deadline was Written, the final dummy began to take form and soon was packed away to the printer. Now we're looking at the result of all that effort -- the seniors' proud accomplishment! This page sponsored by Mr. Harry N. Nissly Tlzirly-eight VOYAG ER STAFF il? EDITORIAL STAFF Standing: Lehman, Zeager, B. Frank, Braught, Bender, McGarvey, Drohan, Will, Wagner, Schofield, Tyndall Thome, Boyd, Bailey, Goodling, Kopp, Miss Zeller. Seated: Ie. Breneman, Ia, Breneman, Feeser, Zimmerman Eby, Swanson, Oberliollzer, Metzler, Herr, Loewen, B. Frank, Bull. ik' BUSINESS STAFF Standing: Lane, Zeager, B. Frank, le. Breneman, Rider, Marlin, McGarvey, Schofield, Thome, Messick, Greiner, Miss Zeller. Seated: la. Breneman, Feeser, Zimmerman, Will, Oberholizer, Bailey, Metzler, R. Frank, Butt. TlIirII'-niII1z HI-CRIER STAFF if? Editor-in-Chief ., Shirley Eby Assistant Editor . ,. Nancy Swanson Feature Editor .. .. . . . Darlene Schneider Art Editors .,., ., ., Shirley Wade, Carol Smith Sports Writers . ,,,,,. Marianne Schofield, Lucille Thome, Peter Nissley, Ioan Braught Adviser . ,,., ,.,.,..... i . ,... .. ,..,, Miss Thelma Taylor S. EBY, Editor Lane, Ruth Loewen, Marlene Mumper, Suzy Reporters-Dora McGarvey, Loretta Rider, Schroll, Vernon Oberholtzer. Ruth Oberholtzer, Charles Bovenolt, Connie Lane, Genevieve Zimmerman, Helen Louise Bucher, Loretta Garlin, lulia Loewen, Kay Zimmerman, Barbara Braught, Douglas Fish, Dolores Frantz, Mary lane Grott, Priscilla Typing and Duplicating-Ioan Braught, Charlotte Feeser, Roberta Frank, Doris Melhorn, Ruth Oberholtzer, Lucille Thome, Marianne Schofield, Iean Will. Standing: P. Lane, Garlin, R. Loewen, I. Loewen, McGarvey, Nissley, Mumper, Thome, Braught, C. Lane, Schroll, Miss Taylor. Seated: Feeser, Zimmerman, Swanson, Eby, Schofield, Oberholtzer, Wade, Smith. Seated: Lane, Mumper, Kear, R. Schroll, Frank, P. Schroll, Mrs. Williams. Standing: Thome, Fish, Diver Nissley, Becker, Tyndall, Beaston, Brooks, Reese, Garlin. Posse Hifs Trail if? if? if? The other day Cowboy loe was telling me how the student council operates. Heres what he said: "The student council consists of the president and two other representaf tives from each class. Robert Schroll, the president of student council, was elected by the entire student body. The officers who assist him are vice- president, Tom Kear, secretary, Pat Schrollg treasurer, Betty Lou Frank. The adviser is Mrs. Margaret Williams." This year student council handled many affairs for the school. They sponsored the annual Christmas party and also held a roundeup dance, which Cowboy loe attended. ln addition, the studentfgoverning body sponf sored movies during the school year. At Christmastime the group collected money to buy two wagons for the Messiah Orphanage. They also placed plants in the library. Student council operates for the students and aims to further the pupils' interests and to help improve and beautify the school. 'ik This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. I. S. Cafes I-mix'-um Seated: Oberholtzer, Frank, Swanson, Weber, Rovenolt, Lehman, McGarvey, Boyd, Clinger. Standing: Barnhart, Feeser, Will, Metzler, Eby, Wagner, Lane, Miss Zeller, Zimmerman. Feudin', Fussin', and a-Fighfin' it The dramatic ability of the Class of '53 was proved when they presented the junior play, "The Fighting Littles." The trials and tribulations of a teenager and her family brought from the audience frequent peals of laughter. Rachel Lehman, the teenager, was the problem child, Goody. Filmer Clay Barnhartl was always at hand to stir up trouble for his sister. He was a woman-hater until An- toinette fBetty Lou Frankl won him over with her flirtatious manner. Cousin Olita CRuth Oberholtzerl was the official peacemaker for the family. Mr. and Mrs. Little CCharles Rovenolt and Nancy Swanson! had different views con- cerning the "bringing up" of their problem children. This divergence of opinions led to feuds with Ham Ellers CMyron Weberj, an admirer of Goody's. As Mr. Little saw it, Norman Peel lClair Wagner? was the ideal man for Goody. Goody's college roommate, Henriette lShirley Ebyl, from the deep South, came it rf? to visit the Littles and brought with her her charming accent. She was looking for a man and thought Ham was it until her mind was changed for her. Almatina CTish Feeserl, a servant in the household, was dreadfully afraid of Mr. Little. Between rolling her eyes and enter- ing and exiting quickly, she added much humor to the play. Matters became worse when Norman's aunt, Mrs. Harpeddle fBeverly Boydl, and her son Dicky CBen Clingerl came to per- suade Mr. Little to give Norman the junior partnership in his business. With her she also brought Miss Paloga lDora McGarveyD, one of her Egyptian dancers. As the plot thickened, two of Goody's friends, Cuckoo fVivian Metzlerl and Screw- ball Uean Willl, joined the group to com- plete the cast. Miss Catharine Zeller, assisted by Elinor Lane and Genevieve Zimmerman, directed the play. F orty-two Seated: C. Braught, Boyd, B. Barnhart, Cookie, Bender, Bailey, I, Barnhart, Zimmerman, Rovenolt, Lehman, Feeser. Standing: Swanson, Wagner, Weber, Lane, I. Braught, Miss Zeller, Frank, McGarvey, Eby fVivian Metzler cut otfl. Cowpckes' Last Act il? As seniors the Class of '53 presented "The Little Dog Laughed," by Vera and Ken Tarpley, on No- vember 6 and 7. In this three-act comedy Rachel Lehman had the leading role as Laurie Huntington. Laurie had just returned from State University, where she was a sophomore majoring in psychol- ogy. She attempted to try out her homework on her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Huntington fCharles Rovenolt and Genevieve Zimmermanl and Wally Uay Barnhartl, her brother, but with dire results from thermometers and energy peaks. Through Wally's romance with Ioan Wood tElinor Lanel, Laurie met loan's cousin, Mark Bradford tToby Weberl, a handsome medical student, also studying at State University. Romance seemed budding in all corners, even Miss "Gus" Cwustavesky tMary Baileyl, the hired girl, was slowly but surely trapping her "bird man," Horatio P, Honeywell Uerry Benderl. But at the moment Horatio was more interested in an "excellent specimen of the Melipius Umbellus Umbellusf' Things got out of hand when "Gus" quit to go to college as a result of one of Laurie's intelligence tests. Then Laurie attempted to psycho-analyze her mother's friends - Walola Breckenridge CShirley Ebyl, Amelia Dennis fDora McGarveyl, Caroline Blakesly tCharlotte Feeserl, Grace Schoenbeck fVivian Metzlerl and Therese Brown tBetty Lou Frankl-at a tea. But she succeeded only in in- sulting them. Her family soon decided to teach Laurie a lesson. Sf? Sf? They chose a night when she and Mark had just come home from a dance, They staged a riotous dance of minuets, maypoles and feather dusters while dressed in outlandish pajamas and night- gowns. Mark left in a hurry and Laurie ran away from home in humiliation. The next day Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wood CClair Wagner and Beverly Boydl appeared on the scene to bring the play to a climax. Ted and Sid despised each other for the other's success in the used car business. After a few verbal insults, they broke into a fight, slapping a loaded paint brush into each other's face. Their wives and Ioan and Wally res- cued them frorn themselves and sent them off to clean up. Laurie returned home and things were patched up between Ted and Sid as they decided to go into business together. Everything seemed fine when Mark dropped in and convinced Laurie to give up psychology and study home economics seriously. Gus returned dragging Horatio and proudly an nounced their engagement, Everybody was happy as a Small Boy CCharlie Braughtt and a Little Dog tCookie Barnhartl strutted across the stage as the curtains closed. Other members of the cast, who were passers-by, were as follows: Newsboy CBarry Barnhartl, Woman tNancy Swansonl and a Henpecked Husband CTom Kearl, Miss Catharine G. Zeller directed the play, assisted by Ioan Braught and Nancy Swanson. lforly-tl11'1'rr First row: Reisch, Heisey, Blankenmyer, le. Breneman, Tyndall, McGarvey, Will, la. Breneman, Brian, Ie. Rutt Hamish, Mr. Houck. Second row: Buchenauer, Mumma, Barninger, Mumper, lim Mumma, K. Kear, Zink P. Schroll, L. Rutt, Schofield, Lehman, lean Mumma, Groff, Markley, Ia, Rutt, Newcomer, Rohm. Third row Clinger, B. Barnhart, Smith, Becker, R. Zeller, C. Lane, Metzler, D. Fish, Rovenolt, Naugle, Diller, I. Nissley P. Lane, Bair. Fourth row: Berrier, Gutshall, E. Lane, Halbleib, S. Hamish, I. Bender, Bailey, Swanson, T. Kear P. Nissley, Rohm, Raifensperger, Hornafius. Fifth row: R, Fish, Eby, Lutz, Berrier, Drohan, Mayer, R. Schroll G. Bender, Wagner, Weber, I. Barnhart, Goodling, Good, I. Zeller, Brooks, Gilbert, Detwiler. Stampede Cadence ik 'ik 'ik The Mount loy High School Band had one of its most successful seasons this year. Directed by Mr. George Houck and composed of experienced veterans, reenforced by members of the lunior Band, they marched their way through many parades in the fall. ln addition to the Community Exhibit program, in October they presented their fall concert, with snappy marches, classical selections, and a display of baton twirling on the program. ln December they joined the mixed chorus in the Christmas program, adding a new note to the annual affair. ln the spring the band rounded out the year practicing for the spring parades and presenting its annual spring concert. ik This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Thos. O'Connor l"0rty-foin' Sons of fhe Pioneers is as sir Seventy-tive students of Mount loy High School blended their voices to form the mixed chorus this year. Director George Houck tested all the voices before the pupils were admitted into the club. The first job of the chorus was to choose and practice numbers for the annual Christmas program. This year the band joined them and played during the candlelight procession. The chorus at that time also presented the play "Why the Chimes Rang." The principal actors were Robert Fish, Barry Barnhart, Charles Rovenolt and Connie Lane. ln the spring the chorus sang at the Glossbrenner E. U. B. Church at Florin. They also presented the annual spring program and sang at the Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises. The accompanists were Elinor Lane and lay Barnhart. First row: Barnhart, E. Lane, Naugle, Wittle, Eby, Oberholtzer, Lehman, Melhorn, G. Zimmerman, M. Butt, Boyd, Rosenfeld, Hostetter, lan. Breneman, S. Bernhard, Koser, R. Weidman. Second row: P. Lane, C. Lane, be-I. Breneman, McGarvey, Snavely, Darrenkamp, L. Rutt, V. Metzler, Greiner Messick Diller I Kopp Shelly, K M . opp, r. Houck. Third row: Mumma, Will, Herr, Smith, Thorne, P. Klinie, Tyndall, Bucher, D.'Brooks K. Zimmerman, Detwiler, Frantz, M. Bernhard, N. Swanson. Fourth row: D. Fish, K. Good, Drohan, Goodling Ashenfelter, Koder, I. Metzler, Bender, Wagner, Schroll, Weber, Mayer, Fish, D. Weidman. 1 f Frn'Ilv-jim' Liferary Varminfs ii? ii? wir The Library Aides Club is one of the most important clubs in the school. As their name implies, they help the librarian, Mrs. Marilyn Herr, take care ot the library. This year there Were 35 members in the club, three boys and 32 girls, and their officers Were the following: Ieanetie Breneman, president, Ruth Oberholtzer, vice-presidentg lanice Breneman, secretary-treasurer. The Library Aides assist Mrs. Herr in many Ways. They take charge ot checking out the books and of filing them in their right places, help to plan the displays, keep the library neat and clean, and guide the students who need help in finding books and other reference materials. ln November the group attended the annual library conference at Mill- ersville State Teachers College. They also presented an assembly program centered around books in March. Seated Zimmerman, Messick, Greiner, I. Loewen, Rutt, Ie. Breneman, B. Frank, Herr, Wade, R Frank St h Smith. Standing: Hostetter, Rove-nolt, Brooks, Hess, Feeser, Metzler, Swanson, Eby, Will, Oberholtzer ep ens, Flory Ia. Breneman, R. Loewen, Boyd, Mrs. Herr, Bernhard, Schofield, Thome, Zeager, Rider Walton Fletcher Hoffer. F arty-six First row: Tyndall, Fish. Second row: Smith, Will, McGarvey, le. Bxeneman, Feeser, Boyd, Ehy, Oberholfzer, Ia, Breneman, G, Zimmerman, Frank, P. Schroll, Weidman, Mayer, Clinger. Third row: Goodling, Klugh, Zerphey, Williams, Nentwig, Brooks, Swanson, Bailey, Braught, Thome, Schofield, Lane, Hendrix. Fourth row: Hess, Koder, Germer, Kear, Bender, Lutz, Drohan. Fifth row: Garlin, Metzler, R. Schroll, W. Zimmerman, Weber, Wagner, E. Breneman, Phillips, Lindemuth. Our Disfinguished Exfinguishers asv sk 11? Boing!-There Went the fire gong and the firemen stampeded to their appointed rooms to lead out the herd of anxiously waiting students. These forty-four speedy firemen rounded up the herd and cleared the building in an average of one minute, fifty seconds. With Bill Tyndall as chief and Bob Fish as his assistant, fire drills were held once a month. Patrolmen were selected from the junior and senior classes. il? This page sponsored by Dr. M. R. Giambalvo I-'arty-xz'11f'r1 First row: Loewen, Weidman, Kopp, Frank, L. Kauffman, Hostetter, Good, F. Kauffman, Harple. Second row: Smith, Messick, Greiner, M. Bernhard, S Bernhard, Fletcher, Walton, Hoffer, Martin, Christ, Garlin, Feeser, Kline. Home on the Range Sir il? ik "Order, order," cried President Mary Kopp as she tried to bring the PHA meeting to a start. Other officers of the Future Homemakers of America were as follows: Betty Lou Frank, secretary, Anna Mae Loewen, treasurer, Ruth Messick, historian. Mrs, Alrneda Griffith was club adviser. This year the FHA had thirty-three members. They made their annual trip to the Harrisburg Farm Show in Ianuary, Where they saw the exhibits that would be able to help them in their school projects. Each year FHA sells hot dogs at noontime, and this year they made a Christmas dinner, with proceeds going toward buying medals for the Worthy members of the club. if? Milton F. Eberly "Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices" Elizabethtown, Penna. - Phone 540R Frarly-viglzt Clara Barfon Rides Again ik wir if? The Iunior Red Cross is an organization composed of girls in ninth to twelfth grades. lt is a member of a group of clubs in each high school in the county. They work in co-operation With the Red Cross. This organization planned their projects to bring cheer to the patients in hospitals. For each holiday they made decorations and favors for them. Their adviser, Mrs. Almeda Griffith, showed the girls how to make place mats, favor cups, and cookies to be sent to the various hospitals in the county. The officers that served this year Were: president, Mary Bailey, and secretary-treasurer, Kay Kear. Seated: Ebersole, Wisegarver, Bair, Waters, Kear, Schroll, Mumper, Fellenbaum, Hilt. Standing: Groff, Reese, Braught, Mrs. Griffith, Bailey, Max, Wade, Baughman. Forty-nine First row: Kaylor, McGarvey, Tyndall, Wittle, Koser, Nentwig, Brown. Second row: Mrs. McGary, Williams, Sponsler, Witmer, Rosenfeld, Stephens, D. Brooks, V. Brooks. The Girls' Brigade The senior Tri-Hi-Y, under the direction ol Mrs. lane McGary, Was com- posed ot eighteen members. This year's officers Were: president, Kitty Wittleg vice-president, Rachel Koserg secretary, Sarah Garberg and treasurer, Miriam Tyndall. The activities of the Tri-Hi-Y were varied. They started the school year by having a food sale, which was a great success. Their next accomplish- ment was a Thanksgiving basket, which was given as a gift to a needy family of Mount Ioy. They also helped the Elizabethtown Crippled Children's Hospital by sending them Christmas cards to cheer them and give them a pleasant Christmas feeling. Their biggest undertaking was the planning ot a semi-formal "Snow Dance" with the orchestra of Iimmy Scott and his Highlanders, with Mr. George Houck as soloist. The aim of the Tri-Hi-Y is to help those less fortunate than they and to make others' lives a little brighter. ik This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. I. R. Kensel Fifty Afhlefics . . . W 1 'l A f"fj2f"b Q ' E'.f'g3'. , x f 2 e5f in X -we X Q7 ,f a g ff m Q U 'Lx f ' 'W VN ,qw ' , , x ' w- ,I f u- ' , 1, f f , Wm I P ' 441 fl, ff 'K' 'M "Di J X f 'a,f"ll"l ' 'l?5Ti55!,! 59 ff! Kglgfglgg ffl Mfyilazl I1 ,X f, ,.,,, ,, 1 .3'n' l u, , -. if '5.f1giiQ','fgEQ, '.' Qmlvxx 'K ,N1i'3f"'frN5 ISN if ' ME! NLM .T lQli"qMfW1 l v A als? nxmmgf f N A mg 2 .,,!,Q:,1x 'wklfijff 'EES?' W .W 'I I -- fffz. 74 , fag U 1-5 - Af A ' Y gzvg? f"b'iilZ7'f7 2 4 I Ben Clinger. capt.: Mr. Iohn Day. coach. SOCCER SCHEDULE 'mir Mount Ioy Opp. Lancaster Country Day . . 3 U New Holland ..,......., 3 l East Lampeter . . A , A 3 U West Larnpeter .... . . . 4 O Marietta ....,. . . . 8 O East Donegal . . . . . . 4 2 Manor ..,....,. . . A 2 U East Hernptield .,,...... l l Playoff Games Mount Ioy Opp. Dover ........,. . . . l U Fredericksburg ......... U 2 lnclividual Scoring: Kear 8g Germer 75 Zeller 55 Ashenfelter 45 Clinger 35 I. Thorne lg Beaston l. First row: Schneider, Halbleib, B. Thome, I. Thome, Beaston, I. Weber, Gohn, Krall, Schofield, Grove, Pennell Snook Lbersole, Kuhn. Second row: Coach Day, Zeller, Fish, Milligan, Rovenolt, Nauman, Ashenfelter Weber Miller Zimmerman, Metzler, Clinger, Klugh, Breneman, Hendrix, Hess, Germer, Kear, Williams, Lutz is ak are Cowhands, Buff Thai Hide The Mount Ioy High School soccer team once again took the soccer championship in Lancaster County. Under the coaching of Mr. Iohn D. Day the team had a record of eight wins, no losses and one tie. The tie game was with a strong East Hempfield team. After taking the county championship the Rams had another hard task cut out for them. They met Dover, champions of another district, on the Dover field. The Rams defeated Dover l-U before a large crowd. This was the first time any soccer team from Mount Ioy ever won a playoff game. Then the Rams really had something to fight for when they met Fred- ericksburg on the E-town College soccer field. Fredericksburg had a team short in stature, but they could really move when they got the ball. The Rams were defeated by 2-0 before a crowd of about 500 people. However, the MII-IS boys were not down-hearted because they knew the better team had won. The team loses nine varsity players through graduation. But, as a whole, the team looks as though it might be capable of winning another champion- ship next year. Henry Klugh, captain-elect, said he would do his best to keep the winning team going. ii? This page sponsored by Mt. loy Tile and Linoleum Fifty-tlzrvc Rams Corral Secfion I Trophy Under the coaching of Mr. George Houck, the Rams ended their '52-'53 season at the top of Section l. The varsity quintet Won seventeen and lost five for an average of .773. ln league competition Mount loy finished with nine Wins and one defeat. The Rams got off to a good start, Winning six straight before losing a close one to l..ititz. However, the boys had a hard fight ahead of them because Section I was a tight league. Their only league defeat Was suffered at Marietta, a real thriller. They had to play an extra quarter, with Marietta finally coming out on top, 5lf50. lronically, the same score enabled East Lampeter to nose out the Rams for the county championship. Coach Houck, for the first time, didn't have to rely on just five players. He had seven boys that could play at any time. This was the first time in its history that the school had a tall team, averaging about six feet. lay Metzler led the team With 340 points. Captain Bill Zimmerman had 325 points for the year. Henry Klugh, lim Metzler, Charlie Ashenfelter, Ben Clinger, and Tom Kear followed with a large number of points. The team averaged 60.8, While their opponents averaged 40.8 points a game. 'ik First row: Schneider, Rovenolt, Koder, Nissley. Second row: Mayer, Germer, Clinger Zimmerman, lim Metzler, Coach Houck, Iay Metzler, Klugh, Wagner, Ashenfelter, Kear Fifly-four BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Wrightsville .. Patton Trade . . Paradise ,.... Manheim Boro Elizabethtown East Donegal . Lititz ........, Biglerville .... East Hernpfield Marietta .... Manor ...,... Manheim Boro Manheim Twp. Mount Ioy Opp. Bill Zimmerman, ccxpt.: Mr. George Houck, coach Elizabethtown Manor ...,... East Donegal . Manheim Twp. East Hempfield Paradise ..,.. Marietta ,..... Patton Trade . A , ..,.. 74 35 .. 78 39 67 48 65 34 54 41 4. 51 39 . 54 57 64 31 52 42 .4 50 51 51 49 55 38 . 43 47 66 37 . 46 49 45 31 76 58 52 43 80 40 , 80 46 73 47 Playoff Games East Lampeter Mount Ioy Opp. . . . . . . 50 51 Robesonia ..... . . 4 54 62 Total points .... .... 1 380 1046 First row: Mayer, Schneider, D. Nissley. Second row: Melhorn, Hallgren, Germer, P. Nissley, Lindemuth, Nauman, Bender, Weber, Zeller, Coach Houck. .lV's Knock af Firsf Place The Mount Toy junior Varsity had one of the best seasons that Mount Ioy High School has seen for many years. They Won a total of l6 games, losing only 4, and in a hard- fought game with Manheim Central battled to a tie. This gave them a percentage of BOO. High scorer was Charles Zeller, a junior forward, with 2l7 points. Next was Donald Germer with l2l counters. Clair Wagner was third with lU2 points. I-V SCHEDULE C1952-531 Mount Ioy Opp. Mount Icy Opp. Wrightsville ..... . . 55 40 Paradise ..... . , , 58 27 Patton Trade .,... , . 44 42 Marietta ....... . , 43 32 Paradise .......,.. ., 47 l5 Patton Trade . . ..... 34 3U Manheim Central , . . . . l6 Ctiel l6 Elizabethtown .... . . . 2U 26 East Donegal .... . . 24 29 Lititz .....,..... . . 24 37 Biglerville ....... . . 53 lU East Hemplield . . . . . 37 l6 Marietta ....,... . . 46 44 Manor ........,.. . . 28 25 Manheim Central . . . . . 35 23 Manheim Twp. . . . . 45 l9 Elizabethtown . . , . . 39 ll Manor ........ . . 35 25 East Donegal .... , , 24 27 Manheim Twp. , . . , 36 24 East Hempiield . , . , . 2l ll Youngsfers Rope Championship vfrilrvfk The Mount loy lunior High turned in a very good season this year. ln their eighteen- game schedule they lost only three games. They were undefeated in league competition, bringing the Section One title to Mount loy for the second consecutive year. Lancaster Twp. .... 4 . . Bainbridge . . . Elizabethtown Manheim ..., East Donegal . Bainbridge . . . East Hemptield Marietta ...., Paradise . . . SCHEDULE Mount Ioy Opp. . 24 34 Manheim ,... . 24 26 Patton ...,... X 47 26 Elizabethtown X 39 37 Lancaster Twp X 46 21 East Donegal . 31 20 Patton .,..... X 41 27 East Hemptield x 40 32 . 27 19 Paradise ..... Marietta . . X-League Game This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Thome Mount Ioy Opp X 40 31 . 22 13 X 26 21 . 46 40 X 41 30 . 40 23 X 45 21 . 33 47 X 44 25 First row: Divet, Nissley, Zeller, Kaylor, Newcomer, Watts, B, Grolt, Gotwalt, Vogel, Hamish, Mumma. Second row: Hess, Ftutt, Schofield, Becker, Gilbert, Pennell, Grove, Frey, Brian. Third row: Coach Lichty, Mackison, Gohn, Geib, Weber, Zimmerman, Beaston, C, Groff, Halbleib. Fifty-seven Hopalong Pulls fhe Trigger Winning three and losing three, the Mount loy High School marksmen came out third in league competition. The Rams' total scores averaged 491, while their opponents' averaged 486. The average scores of the top five shooters were as follows: Iay Barnhart, 99.55 Lee Hess, 98.5, Bill Tyndall, 98, Gerald Bender, 97, and Ronald Garlin, 97. In the individual shoot held at Ephrata, Saturday, February 28, Ronald Garlin Won first place with a perfect score of 200. Iay Barnhart Won a third- place medal by coming in fifth. Other members of the league were Ephrata, Manheim Township and West Lampeter. 1952 SCHEDULE Mount Ioy Opp. Ephrata Kwon by 2 x'sJ .,.. . . 490 490 W. Lampeter ........... . . 487 478 Manheim Twp. . . , , 49l 485 Ephrata ,...... . . 489 490 W. Lampeter , . , . 495 478 Manheim Twp, . . . . 492 496 First row: Kuhn, Bender, Hess, Barnhart, Williams, Berrier. Second row: Garlin, Witmer Breneman, Mr. Broske, Tyndall, Zerphey, Schopi. Fifty-eight l First row: Klugh, C. Kline, Clinger, Ashenfelter, Zeller, Kear, Germer, Phillips, Weber, Nauman, Zimmerman Second row: Coach Day, Ebersole, I, Thome, D. Thome, Sherk, Metzler, Wilmer, Harple, B. Thorne, Fitzkee B. Kline. Dig Those Spurs, Pardner The Rams' baseball team ot l952, under the coaching of Mr. Iohn Day, didn't have too good a season. They lost five games and won three. But even in losing, the team accomplished two good things, one of which had never been done previously under Mr. Day's coaching. The Rams beat E-town on the 1atter's field. The other feat was accomplished when Charlie Zeller pitched a no-hitter against East Donegal, even though the opponents did score one run. 1952 SCHEDULE Mount Ioy Opp. East Hemplield .,.. , . . U 5 Elizabethtown . . . . , . 4 l4 East Donegal . . . . . 5 l Marietta ,........ . . . 6 U East I-lemptield ..., , . . 4 6 East Donegal .... , . . 4 6 Elizabethtown . . . . . . 2 U Marietta ....... . , O 3 'wir This page sponsored by L. B. Herr fr Son Fifty-ztinf First row: Zimmerman, Nissley, Wolgemuth, Coach Heaps, Snavely, Zerphey, Clinger. Second row: Hendrix, Metzler, Milligan. Indian Love Call Mount Ioy's 1952 tennis team ended the year by losing its lost match to Hershey. This defeat lost for the Rams their first tennis trophy since Mount Ioy entered the league twenty years ago. The team won 41 matches while losing only 12, tour of which were in the last match. A11 the players but two were underclassmen. 1952 SCHEDULE Mount Icy Opp. Manheim Twp. ......... ..... 3 U Lancaster Country Day . .1 . . 7 O New Holland ........... . . 7 O Lititz ................. . . 4 3 Patton Trade ..... . . 5 2 Manheim Central . ,. . 7 U McCaskey l. V. . . . . . 4 3 Hershey .,....... . . 3 4 Total . . . ..... .... 4 1 12 Sixty First row: Shank, Coach Wilson, Hutt. Second row: Zink, Schofield, Spangler, Thome, Braught Minnehaha Serves The Mount Ioy girls' tennis team ended the season by being undefeated and losing only two individual matches throughout the season, Other teams participating in the league were New Holland, Lancaster Country Day, Lititz, Elizabethtown and Manheim Central. This was only the second year the Ramettes could earn a varsity mono- gram for playing tennis. Miss Mildred Wilson coached the team. 1952 SCHEDULE Mount Ioy Opp. Manheim Central .........,......... 8 O New Holland ......... . . Lititz ..........,....... . . 4 O 7 O Lancaster Country Day . . . , . 7 O Manheim Central .,..,. . . 7 U ' ' 7 O Lititz ...,..,......,.. . . New Holland .,........ . , , 2 Ctorfeitl U Lancaster Country Day . . . . . 8 1 Elizabethtown ........... . , 6 1 'Ar This page sponsored by The Columbia Telephone Co. Sixly-one First row: Smith, Kear, Garber, Barninger, Kaylor, Brooks, C. Lane, Melhorn, Markley, Raffensperger, Stephens, S. Schroll, Bair, K. Zimmerman, Kline, Bailey, Mumper. Second row: Shelly, Gerlitzki, Schneider, Feeser, Braught, Frank, McGarvey, P. Schroll, Eby, E. Lane, Lehman, Thome, G. Zimmerman, Swanson, Schofield, Buckwalter, Coach Garber. Wranglers in Red The Mount Ioy hockey eleven had a successful season this year under the coaching of Mrs. Margaret Garber and the leadership of this year's cap- tain, Marianne Schofield. The Ramettes captured second place with a record of four Wins, one tie, and three losses. The best game came as a result of the team's first loss to Manheim Central on a penalty bully, for in the return game against Manheim, with fast passing and good teamwork of the forward line and the hard-driven hits of the backfield, the girls "skunked" Manheim 4-l. The worst game of the season was against E-town on the 1atter's field with a score of O-3. lt was a slow-moving game and a heart-breaker for the Ramettes, who thus lost their last chance to beat E-town. Sarah Garber, captain-elect, will do her best to lead the new team to a championship next year. 1952 SCHEDULE Mount Ioy Opp. Manheim Townshipili . . ..... 6 O Manheim Central? . . . . , l 2 East Donegaliiii . . . 2 1 Elizabethtown? . . . . U 2 Marietta? ......,.... . . . 10 O Manheim Centralwi . . . . 4 1 East Donegalili ..... . . 2 2 Elizabethtowntw ..... . , U 3 il' Home - Away Sixty-two Sfars of the Rodeo ik si? it The Varsity Club, composed of boys who have earned a varsity letter, started the year by electing its officers. They were: president, Ben Clinger, vice-president, Bill Zimmerman, secretary-treasurer, Tom Kear. The aim ot the club is to buy varsity sweaters for the senior members. This year the group raised the money in many ways. First, at the Com- munity Exhibit they had a basketball-shooting stand. They also held a number of food sales. In addition, they sponsored Teenage Night every Wednesday evening and sold cokes there. Finally, the lettermen proved good salesmen when selling "Ram" pins. The advisers who guided them through the year were Coach Iohn Day and Coach George Houck. il? First row: Mr. Houck, Beaston, Milligan, Zeller, Zimmerman, Clinger, Kear, Germer, Fish, Snavely, Mr. Day Second row: Williams, Zerphey, Phillips, Ashenfelter, Nissley, Miller, Wagner, Koder, Lutz. Third row: Weber Breneman, Kline, Iay Metzler, Klugh, lim Metzler, Lindemuth, Nauman, Hendrix, Hess, Bender. Sixty-th ree VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Ian. Brenemcm, Lane. Lehman, Schroll, Schofield. JUNIOR VARSITY CH EERLEADERS Rutt, Ie. Breneman. Kear, Tyndall, C. Lane. Whoopee-Ti-Yi-Yo it if ik 'lWe're from Mount loy and we couldnt be any prouclerlu How many times have you heard this, and who usually was saying it? You guessed it -ff the cheerleaders. Mount loy's peppy cheerleaders led the crowds in cheering for the three basketball squads. ln fact, they gat an early start this year by cheering the soccer team on to victory in the playoffs, I-V and varsity squads ot cheerleaders were chosen in November by faculty and student representatives. These two squads then chose the junior high squad. Mrs, Margaret Garber was the adviser. Marianne Schofield was chosen captain of the varsity squad, While leanette Breneman was the I-V captain. ik JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Bczrninger, Markley. Metzler, S. Schroll, Ncrugle. .Si.xl.x'-flrw' Adverfisemenfs . . . H1 , , qi M . f , - ' MX 'M V 1' A ew' ' 3 "'f!f V ff F' 2 W f , yy f - Z WJI' f ,M 24" M ffif f f . U ' JNQ ,, f f 1 -ff'- , Q 4 7, 1:- i l ii if is 3 5 lf jj3ifg'K H VL, 3 ' ' - 1? v ' 6' bv 5 'Ai , Le- lt 4 i amwmz Jimi, 4804.15 ,mm MOUNT JOY HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS 'kit Q?FpFE O ru: All novg oe Made in Mounf .loy by GERBERICH-PAYNE SHOE COMPANY To fhe Class of 1953 . 'this bank Even if you are not a customer here, this Bank is, in some measure, interested in your progress. Because individual ad- vancement aids community progress, and the welfare and prosperity of this com- munity is a factor of major importance at this Bank. We particularly appreciate the patron- age ot forward-looking individuals who are interested in community advance- ment, as well as in their own success. 'A' The Flrst Nahonal Bank and Trust Company Of Mount' Joy The Bank with the Drive-In-Window Sixty-nine is tlnieresfecl iw YQU iii' Qualify Fuel Oil and Low Pressure Burners L L USE SICO s o Pn ns NODE PubliC Better Schools nd Service ' Safisfacfion Guaranfeed Sales a Home Office - Mount Joy gmqwsuzaazm and, mf, www fm, a, Sucmului juiwuz, ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE No. 596 Loyal Order of Moose The Finest in Everything Musical . 'A' 0 OLDS Band Instruments O WFL Drums 0 Gibson Guitars O Scandalli and Bell Accorclions 0 Baldwin Pianos and Organs 'A' At Prices and Terms to Suit 'A' ZESWITZ MUSIC HOUSE 806 PENN ST. READING, PA S tyt Q. V! , 6614.4 d71!AOI4,f Mg , A nfvosn l lNsunANcE Q, Dick: I've been wondering, Sally- how do we know our savings at the bank are safe? Sally: I asked Dad about that. He says the bank puts savings deposits only into the sound- est kind of investments-mortgage loans, for example, to help local people to buy homes. Dick: Well, suppose some catastrophe pre- vented all the bank's mortgagors from paying back their loans-would we just lose our money? Sally: No, Dick. The bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. That means its deposits are insured to a maximum of 510,000 for each depositor. Dick: Who pays for this insurance? Sally: Our bank and the other member banks pay the full cost. You and I get this extra pro- tection for our savings at no extra charge. 4 THE UNION NATIONAL MOUNT JOY BANK Mount Joy, Pennsylvania Seventy-three SHELLEY 'A' Your School Phofographer SMITHS' GENERAL STORE FLORIN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Mt. joy 3-5781 Groceries, Frozen Foods, Fresh and Luncheon Meats, Hardware Electrical Supplies, Household Goods, G-E Appliances, Dry Goods Wearing Apparel, Rubber Footwear, Hosiery, Baby's Needs Notions, Candies, Tobaccos. School Supplies MEMBER OF LANCO FOOD STORES Allow Us the Pleasure of Serving You MOUNT JOY PAPER BOX COMPANY INCORPORATED ir 'Ir 'A' MOUNT lOY, PENNA. Seventy-five LESTER E. ROBERTS MOUNT 1oY, PENNA. PLUMBING BENDIX C1 IRONRITE HEATING EASY KELVINATOR PRODUCTS Compl iments of THE BULLETIN 'A' MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Since I9OI S. NISSLEY GINGRICH, INC. INSURANCE - BONDING 'A' 'k 'A' Telephone 8296 I2 SOUTH DUKE ST. LANCASTER, PA Seventy-six Phone: Elizabethtown I75 'nh' WENGER'S FEED MILL, INC. 'A' COAL - FEED - GRAIN Compliments of Mount Joy Chamber of Commerce FLORIN FOUNDRY MANUFACTURING COMPANY I If If FLORIN, PENNA. S 5 Compliments of S. F. ULRICH, INC if 0BERHOLTZER'S BUICK GROCERY . Sales - Service -A' 120 N. Barbara Street ir MOUNT IOY, PENNA. ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA FLORIN FARMS Quality Chicks i' MOUNT IOY R. D. I Congratulations to the CLASS OF '53 i' KEAR'S FROZEN CUSTARD LANCASTER nm,-Kula, BOTTLING WORKS f 9' 1 INTERNATIONAL 1 41 LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE + C LITE Gun + NATIONS + sAFlTY oi 'o fiifbx I iq 7 1 1 lx 1 5 U F' ,lip . f .w?iU 9, , : MOUNT lov, PENNA. H ESS' FOOD STORES Mt. joy - Mastersonville 1 Phone: Mount joy 3-9194 Manheim 5-7811 Quality Flowers for All Occasions Wedding Work - Funeral Designs Corsages MUELLER'S FLOWERS W. Main St. MOUNT IOY, PENNA. WOLGEMUTH BROS., Inc BROOKS' DRY CLEANING FLORIN, PENNA. Phone 3-4451 Dealers "B1ueCoaI" - Feed - Crain FLORIN, PENNA. Phone: Mount joy 3-9551 Seven ty-11 ine MOUNT lov Mn.Ls, mc. 125 Mount joy Street MOUNT IOY, PENNA. SLOAN'S PHARMACY lThe Rexall Drug Storel if joy Theatre Bldg. MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Compliments of G. ATLANTIC Painting sisnvlce STATION ' ' I Paul K. Stehman, Prop. Interior - Exterlo if lk Phone 3-5864 MOUNT IOY, PENNA. MOUNT IOY' PENNA. CONGRATULATIONS 'A' Compliments of "You have crossed the bay: the ocean lies ahead." i' LLOYD SWARR GROFF'S FOOD STORE MARIETTA, PA. Compliments of RAPP'S RESTAURANT -Af Compliments of NEW STANDARD, INC I3 W. Market St. MOUNT jOY, PENNA. MARIETTA, PA. E ghty RALPH L. WALTERS i' Sinclair Service Station 'nf 323 East Main St. MOUNT IOY, PENNA. As You Graduate TYNDALL'S lust Want to Congratulate You and Wish You a Lifetime Full of Happiness 'A' SIMON P. NISSLEY MARY C. NISSLEY Funeral Directors 'k O. K. Snyder - 0. K. Snyder, jr 'A' Insure with O. K. All Ways 1- Telephone 3-3331 Mount joy, Pa MT. Best Wishes to the ,k CLASS OF '53 Good Food - Good Coffee ' ,, VAN'S SERVICENTER West Main Street i' MOUNT IOY' PENNAI 259 W. Main St. Mt. joy, Pa. Water Systems Oil Burners iv ik H. 5. MECKLEY 8- SONS Cleaners - Dyers - Tailors Plumbing and Heating if i' I5 W. Main St. Phone 3-5983 Plant and Office 76-78 E. Main St. MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Eighty-o 716 HEISEY'S FOOD STORE ZI4 W. Main Street KUNKLE MOUNT IOY, PENNA. OIL SERVICE Full Line of Groceries We Give and Redeem "S. Z7 H." Green Stamps B. TITUS RUTT ul' INVESTMENTS - INSURANCE 'lr 85 E. Main St. Phone 3-9305 MOUNT lov, PENNA. BAKER'S DINER if ff ff if DINING ROOM We Cater to Banquets REIST SEED Co' ar Phone 928OR, E-town ir it ir E ghty I. ROY BRENEMAN " " Compliments Dealer in of ALL KINDS OF LIVE STOCK DR. AND MRS. W. L. SHOOP Phone 3-5256 Mount joy R, D. 2 t ,k SEILER PRINTING COMPANY 9 t FOUNTAIN SERVICE 48 W, Main St. Mount joy, Penna. iv 'A' NEWS It Pays to Buy Where You Get Service AGENCY Ca" Us fo' 5e'V'Ce I8 W. Main sf. Phone 3-9I8I Eiglzty-llzrec 1- 1 1 MOUNT IOY LOCKER PLANT FROZEN FOODS ICE CREAM BROOKS' 1 BARBER SHOP PREEZINO SUPPLIES 1 t ir i' Phone 3-5436 Mount Ioy "Buy It - You'Il Like lt" M, K, ENTERLINE Phone 540-I Mt. joy and Cherry Sts., Elizabethtown D, 5, BAUM DODGE - PLYMOUTH CARS 1 Home-Made Bologna- Dried Beef Dodge job-Rated Trucks R' D' 3' Enzabethtown' Pa' Phone 425 Elizabethtown HENRY G. CARPENTER INCORPORATED i' INSURANCE ir F I RE AND CASUALTY Eighty-four It has been our pleasure to print THE 1953 VOYAGER Zzlefk' www PRINTING CIIMPANY 9 EIGNT WEST KING STREET UIICASTEIT. PENNSYLVANIA ESTABLISHED INA IACK HORNER sHoEs HOME cooKlNo f ' and SUNDAY DINNERS MOUNT IOY COLUMBIA 79 East Main Street MOUNT JOY, PENNA. REUBEN 1. cooDl.lNc ,, KITTY'S DRESS SHOPPE Plastering Contractor MOUNT IOY, PENNA. W Phone: 3-6521 FLORIN, PENNA. Phone: Mt. joy 3-4518 Eiglzly-hw: Compliments of A WND FLQRIN FRUIT STAND SMITH DISTR. ROY W- HERR N. Market St. wk MOUNT IOY' PENNA. Cemetery Memorials ir Phone 3-6981 Home Delivery FLORIN, PENNA. Dial 3-5223 Mount joy H. W. BULLER G' SONS House Painters and Paper Hangers ESHLEMAN BROS MOUNT lov, PENNA. -A- Paints - Wallpaper Ik ,k Better Clothing and Phone: Mount joy 3-4339 Furnishings FLORIN, PENNA. "Big Enough to Accommodate and Small Enough to Appreciate IOY Your Business" ,, CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION ROTI'I'S FURNITURE STORE 206 S. Market St., E-town Eighty-six CARB ER OIL COMPANY -A- Distributor TEXACO 'A' 5 South Barbara Street MOUNT IOY, PENNA. 1. B. SPANGLER Your Frigidaire Dealer -A' Everything Electrical -A' TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE Phone 6-2771 - Marietta CLYDE M. TRIPPLE Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '53 jeweler + KEENER'S III East Main Sl- I5-3I Marietta Ave. Mount joy Phone 3-5564 MOUNT joy, PENNA. C0mP'ime"fS HOLLINGER OIL SERVICE of RED TOP GRAIN Cr FEED CO., INC. i' MouNT lov, PENNA. 'k ATLANTIC Heating Oils - Gasoline i' FLORIN, PENNA. ZEAMER'S CAFE IDA MAE STEAKS - cHoPs - SEA Fooos BEAUTY SHOPPE BEVERAGES t W. W. Zeamer, Prop. R. D. I, Columbia, Penna. Phone: 4-8086 65 W. Donegal St. MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Phone: 3-9294 Eighty-seven Compliments of B EN N ETT'S RESTAU RANT DOR-IAN BEAUTY STUDIO Doris Byle, Proprietress as Phone: 3-598i MOUNT IOY, PENNA. congratulations to the graduates james b. heilig funeral director Phone: Elizabethtown 374 RH EEMS GARAGE Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery -A' Studebaker Cars and Trucks RHEEMS, PENNA. ie E. MAIN ST. MT. lov, PA, KOSER'S IEWELRY Watches - Silver - Gifts iWatch Repairingl Earl C-, Koser, Owner R. MOYER'S POTATO CH I PS V "Among the Best by Test' ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. D. 3 Phone 540-W H. S. NEWCOMER Cr SON, INC. MOUNT lov, PENNA. 'A' Hardware - Farm 'A' RCA Television Sales Machinery and Service Eighty-eight Compliments of KEYSTONE HOLSTEIN SALES, INC. ti' PENNSYLVANIA HOLSTEIN MARKET MOUNT 1OY, PENNA. Compliments of MARTlN'S 5 8' 10 ir 91 East Main Street MOUNT IOY, PENNA. H. B. IOHNSON -if General Hauling if MOUNT JOY 3-9221 Compliments of TONY'S RESTAURANT MYERS REST HOME lLicensedl 24-Hour Nursing Service LANDISVILLE, PENNA. Phone: Landisville 2021 "Meet and Greet Your Friends at Murphy's" C. C. MURPHY CO. MOUNT lov, PENNA. "The Friendly Store" Phone: 3-6421 'k 'k A. C. MAYER Chicks - Feed MOUNT jOY, PENNA. 'A' 'k Eighty- COURTESY QUALITY SERVICE PAUL A. MARTIN General Construction MOUNT IOY, PENNA, MANBECK'S BAKERY PRODUCTS George Mumper, lr., Distributor FLORIN, PENNA. IOHN F. HARSH lESTATEl Wholesale Confectioner Candies of Every Description l46 E, Walnut St. LANCASTER, PENNA. VICTOR 1. Koslan 'A' Dealer in Live Poultry 'A' Phone: 3-6331 R. D. l, MOUNT jOY, PENNA. GREINER'S FOOD STORE Choice Meats - Fresh Vegetables Quality Groceries Phone: 267 ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Congratulations to the Graduating Class BUCHART ENGINEERING CORP. Architects - Engineers 6ll W. MARKET ST., YORK, PA. 1. C. SNAVELY 8' SONS, INC. Lumber - Coal Millwork MOUNT IOY LANDISVILLE Ninety Compliments Compliments of of LANCASTER COUNTY RED ROSE DAIRY FARM DINER Get It ELI B. HOSTETTER at Caterer BOOTH3 Invest in White Leghorn Chicks MUSSER SHATTO'S LEGHORN FARMS MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Rawling Spalding SHENK BROS. Everything for Sports 30-32 W. KINC- ST., LANCASTER, PENNA. MacGregor Class jackets N y GEO. W. LEAMAN Tires - Appliances MOUNT lov, PENNA. Congratulations to the CLASS OF '53 ROTARY CLUB MOUNT lov, PENNA. Hospitalization - Sick - Accident IAY o. KULP AGENCY General Insurance General Liability - Automobile - Fire When You Think of MUSIC Think of KIRK IOHNSON Cr CO. 16-is w. King si. LANCASTER, PENNA. -A' HEISEY CHICKS E. Musser Heisey -A' Phone 3-9921 Mount joy, Penna. Makers of Standard School Rings UNION EMBLEM COMPANY Felt Goods and Commencement Stationery PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA P. H. Nissley, Manager Ninet y-two BACHMAN Chocolate Manufacturing Co. MOUNT JOY, PENNA. Coatings, Liquors and Cocoa Old Sol Bars - Athlete Bars - Milk Chocolate Specialties ADAM H. GREER jeweler DIAMONDS - WATCHES 87 E. Main St., Mount joy, Penna. Phone 3-4l 24 IOHN s. I-iAiNEs Bricklaying Contractor Local and Long Distance Hauling MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Phone 3-5768 Compliments of ARTKAY SUPPLY, INC. Wholesale Plumbing - Heating Supplies MOUNT lOY, PENNA. SNYDER'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRINC- AIRCRAFT MARINE PRODUCTS, INC. -MOUNT lov, PENNA. Manufacturers of Solderless Wiring Devices Ninfty-Ih Compliments of WOLGEMUTH, INC. l4 EAST MAIN ST., MOUNT JOY, PENNA. Heating - Plumbing Electrical Appliances - Television Electrical Contracting "For Quality and Service at lts Best KRALL'S MEAT MARKET Say 'f Wifh RUHL'S FLOWERS f MOUNT TOY, PENNA. Opp. High School Phone 3-4772 FTD Member EBERLE BEAUTY SHOPPE ED KEENE Y Moving - Hauling Cleo Shank, Prop. FCJN FOR PRODUCTS PEOPLE PREFET F57 S ' Q 3 .. V if: 3' ff'2f62l'i 6' .JY H ved ' me T 1 Miucs Q - 25 ICE CREAM c f. Ninetyefour CARL B. DROHAN Building Supplies ' Steel and Aluminum Windows ' Glen C-ery Face Brick ' Overhead Doors ' Specialties MOUNT lOY R. D. 2 PHONE 3-6401 Home-Cooked Meals i MOUNT IOY CLEARWEW DINER DEPARTMENT STORE ir 1 24-Hour Service MOUNT lOY' PENNA' Try Our Delicious Chicken Dinners COOPER DETWILER BAKINC COMPANY THE ir E I Q BARBER Clinton C. Eby, Distributor 1. B. HOSTETTER cf soN MouNT lov, PENNA. Ninz-ly-hue GREY IRON CASTING CO. MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Q 'fa ... .. 22- 0541115 HSS ir MOUNT IOY, PEN NA. RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION PENNSYLVANIA + FARM BUREAU East Main and Barbara 55 CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION MOUNT IOY, PENNA. Quality Farm Bureau Products 'A' Firestone Tires and Accessorles F'-ORN' PENNA' X I PATRON LIST 'ik il? il? Alvin C. Albright Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Bailey Ierry Berrier Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Darrenkarnp Doc Mr. and Mrs. Iacob Erb Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Felker Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frank Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frank Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Goodling Betty Ann Haines Norman Heisey's Garage Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Martin and Family Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Melhorn William B. Mumma, Metropolitan Insurance Agent Mr and Mrs. Iacob Stehman Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. I. Herbert Tyndall Mr. and Mrs. Clair Wagner Dr. and Mrs. R. D. Walker Mr. and Mrs. lacob Zeager 4 X xx ,N xlq' N ,, -ff I G ll .N ,, fb. 1' , 1 ', ll E I Q I x I 5 -7 iX'ir1f'ly-swf 1 W K, E51 W 1 1 E1 W . ai , W Q Vw Ei? 5, - U 5? Q W . si L: 'W Ea 3 J 5- . 1 F -3, ,gr 1 ww?- QQM ,' I' . U I h r tv .. ,- T nil' , 1 '+WxJ1u' I fEl5fv. "' fi:fi ' , ,f,..1w . ., 1 -A 'V'f'v'w3 , ww-AMN . .v -u 1'-QLrw'wmw'- 'm+-' 4 1 4 x 1 x Q . ' P ' 14- ' - ,1 . , . ,, x 4kwwmMwEm.x3w- Mmfghmkwdwv 1 QQ 1 ' Q if, ' e 2 Q ' ' ' 157' :Q -1' ,. 'yn J :iv , ' ' sg -, , ,,e SEQ s' muy. M. i Y 4 +1 ff 'I A1 L Us. 5 N 1 1, . as + V7 -1 fn' , .34 4 fm A v 11,5 ', - L f GW? 4 A,-,. ff , 4 ? aw J 4 F, W ww r , Jil z 'H P at 4 ,, f M 4 4 f we w M is f K' Q74 1 Q97 .QW f ,Spf X Y Qu gm My M dM"Jl ,C CQ if Www Qfwl. W wxm? - f MW WM W A K0 X W f'fffj,W Xa QL Q0 A yy QQE if My QP Vg? dp Jaw, Z ,W W N gk QW WWW

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