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A if-. ,W E, s 'YP YTVL . 'M 5, 1-5: I N v iff, , -,ll '- .yr if-iw, -4. 'R , , . , A ff , x. 1 Ly N ,,,5,, sf suv. "EIT Q ,,f f -x -Q. v .Sh 'S- as HJ. - 1 . . 'ff-: , ' . 'Tg,',,,,,rf ,J A Emi! 1 ' -:jj ff , , . 553 ' ' 4 " X A, 1 . I Y gil.. ' A-Qi. , . A K : W, L,-Q. ' .V -4,.-,lt-., I . I . I -1 , , .Clit , Q 4- W.g. - 4 n :ii Auger' ng - 1151- kr. - Q., 4.4 'fa V.- .:, ,. 4- ..,, . -.- h -if P:-. 1+ W' ., . wlif-1E'E-'1 -,gf 1: ' Nix' x I A f s 4. 1 RL , .,,,. 'zfv ,' 1 - .Qs .. ,df ""5'1:. y.npgu. J. . -. -53, . 3, J" .1 ,C .I, f 1 , fb . 'ef- ' '-,iw gr , 5 .-123' --I 927' AE? l ' v PW' 1, 1. fifim 32 V Lgj as- f' 2 :1 'A tr. Ei' ga! , ,Fggz . .gag la g- ' if .1 I Q k ,, . 'Q d 1 1 f r. ' 6 . if x . ma.. E' ,W .. Em-r 4 xv. V+ 1 I - -' ,- . N ,. :rr -. n grin. 1 -X-1,1-1 W - . 4- ' V ' V4 i. Wi-5 ., , 'J-.. U ' . - 'ly 'i . f-'lf ' . . Y . ,,-,il Abi-H H . d ',' Q "5 A . .,.1y. . ., '51, f :..N:?. , V N f.?5:fL'::'- 1 D 5. Q , " v f - ' ' lm NF Q.. . .-,Q 7 ," --a.. '1 V, ,- Q,-1 , -.-.V -1, - 1-1.5 Hi-.,1j:.,-I . 1-' H. 'asf' .VL 44- ,we g , 5 . .'V.,"- ii' vs -. .31 - 7 ., ' f -' . - -- 1,. , -- - nu -, .- ., Q51 Jmzis.. ,- MAG. K Lakai f' 2 7 .px N ,,, ,VW 'S lf' Ill! lllfllffflf -f'lIfl4lI05 dll ru lflllln tlflllll flrilllllllllrrnarfur uuunvrfrf' 'vffrflrfzfin XX -qw i X Q.. ,,,,.nnu 4- ufuuuif lllllilll I' 'Q w " -ffffrlfm' f- ff 1 -pf. vw IV ua The VOYAGER CLASS OF 1948 Mount Joy Hlgh School -, is Sqn.- Mount Joy Pennsylvama Volume IV JN. I4 1rl14llliil1r0lnvufuln 41111: n' N Illini-Win 11 I 1 an nnirkhf If xx . Jlu lu I 2 'IL ll 3 yi - . J , f 0 .W if-27 X X- O0 Zigi' 1 ll 'i If , , A, , , S Hn . ' ,.v. -X N . xg. ' ' 'u l .. R , . ': Q an ,gf 3 -,- 1 ' 1 ..- Q 2 . , ' 7 h -,.... .-- 1 'll v l W Av ii4ii I ' 4 4 I P X' A' 7 xii 0 f S 0 ix NV Q 1 f 3 X 'WTAE 'Sf' K-PMG! x'5N g?, xmxyv ' K Nf ri XWSZLLT, to so V VVV X Aff FOREWORD With the publication of this classbook, We, the Class of '48, hope to provide a source of pleasant recollections in years to come. May it recall fond memories of days spent with former classmates here at Mount Joy. Thanks to the patience and understanding of a competent faculty we feel better prepared to make the best of what life has to offer. l4l MWYA4 , 1. ' -a ,u 1 X 49 E ,,,, JR ff ff l-?.x2,e 48' TEA qv 'BOW 'M 1, 0 6.7, 2 ' . If mm 'lf'-mi 1 lc! ,rn 'NWY' mv"- Mlm. L P m.gsnMrra'.-N' rr 0 .X H w' ' n 1 1 -Yr W x " '- " 6 Sf' 'A ,Wy n f n If 1 , , " 5 .5 : I' , ff -, 1 f - -x I , A fr. fb 1 a 4 Q' V! , ' . -""- -'Z f' .F A ff I 1 9 - 1 Q . 0 4' 'N 4 ' r P 1 n a 4 n A Q I Q , nf, , , ,Q : A' is ,Q ,' '4 -1 , X . 3 Q , .Q l gl .' ' Q--M12 'Q' 5 5' A fr: ,nb dm 'fl md" 2 v' 3 J 3 .7 E srr . ,,,75,. f,H,el.v. -Iquqvh ,Mg ,fnmge 4, awww. ,Hn 1 QI. 3 'oy I. .Uh v 'v..,v " Q ,.r' 3 4 4 ' 4 , P X A , f W 111' I X .Q . 3' Q X - ,ve nn 2 -'N . . ., ,Q 3 , '17 'pq H .63 QW , f ' a f lqk A X r - 1 if -C i F" 7 3 fa - f4z W lilly llllrliyn Na 'Nm lim NNN Xx mvnnmumvr ? X .X xx NWA . "7"',-v 1 ' my G W1 U, 1 i Q xy W. I. BEAHM Supervisiizg Principal ll. S., Elizabethtown College, M. Ed., Temple University: Blue Ridge College, Juniata Collegeg Millersville State Teachers Collcgeg Duke University To The Class of 1948: Each year of our lives the days seem to go by a little faster. lt seems only yesterday that you entered Mount joy High School as freshmen. Throughout your years in school we have endeavored to assist each of you to become an indi- vidual who can help himself. Your successes have been our successes and your failures our failures. ln your curricular and extracurricular activities you have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to work together, a lesson which mankind sorely needs to learn. lf your years in school have not done for you what you feel they should, it now becomes your duty to help make it possible that education in the future will meet more of the needs of boys and girls. As you join the ranks of the alumni, we want you to know that our interest in you still continues, and we hope your interest in the school will do likewise. We do not feel that you have finished learning, but that you have only trans- ferred from one situation to another. Whether you take a position in industry or enter a higher institution of learning, our best wishes go with you, each and every one. Sincerely, VV. I. BEAHM l6l Faculty HELEN ALEXANDER Latin, Social Studies, Spanish BA., Dickinson College. JOHN D. DAY Physical Education and Science B.S., West Chester State Teachers College. VIRGINIA CORGODIAN Health and Physical Education B.S., West Chester State Teachers College. EDNA MARTIN Social Studies and Library Millersville State Teachers College. I 7 I CLARA BYERS Art B.S., Indiana State Teachers College. DORIS DEMUTH Commercial Subjects B.S., Elizabethtown College. ALMEDA B. GR1FF1TH Vocational Home Economics B.S., Millersville State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State College. WILLARD D. NEWTON Music B.S., West Chester State Teachers Collegeg University of Pcnnsylvaniug Temple University. CHARLES S. ROVENOLT 1 Industrial Arts B.S., Millersville State Teachers Collegeg Bucknell University, Bloomsbur State Teachers S College. M. THELMA TAYLOR Mathematics B.A., Susquehanna University, M. Ed., Duke University. CATHARINE G. ZELLER English B.A., Pennsylvania State College. Faculty ROY HERR janitor E 8 1 H. K. SCI-IOENER Science BS., Albright College, Duke University, Pennsylvania State College, Army Air Forces Technical School, Chanute Field, Ill. MARGARET WILLIAMS English, Social Studies, Guidance B.A., University of Michigan PHYLLIS BECKER Secretary ,,nnn,, 4. , fl 'P' If s . ' gl' Q 9 r 'af Mu. : 1 n la 3 l:F!7p,,l'ng-'df ff ,Vfwt :'f,.y vf av -Q' !" QQ ' If ,'. 5 '- Ap :,.4- . rp' .vm 5 M if gl I , , .01 ,:,. ,4 : J.,--,J .- fn ' un wg' , 0,40 , ,mu A nm 1' 5' M A Q , ' "M" "M 'fn " ,H ' f' A If 'flfmfy , fwffjvffkffgi , 1 ,W ,,., , , , 19, I '-'wmmmmm llvnuu---- - AH 'JW W, A ,, I W: - V Q WH! Qi . Inga! kd? xx. Qi X 9 0 B auf XX Al fy, 84 H o o a 0 A 5 -QQ . " 0 lvl o G I . ! 0 . , 0 ! 0 0 W vxlx '15 'xx A L Xf 5 D 7,11 V R V' S 75135 ,ix X Rf' il Y ' QMS, ' Q! K fl f 4 V X ,.Q:7'. I? .hy X! W X., i +5 ff Q f QQ M wr Fw Qi' x XX i F 1 . O 0 0 0 O o no o D e Q A A X, ' 1 K A X 0 9 1 o o 0 0 0 0 oo . i V. X" 'W"HW'1L "J X r , 0 o D 0 " 0 ll . B15 mmm f N f lf.:-nfs EM' lm V WI ' 0 xv 9 0 mx' ,V 5 6 V O 0 of 0 ooo 2 A J, no I ba ., Q 0 Q -. Q- My Manga ' Q Q f 0 o 0 W W, tif, -- D X ,f . 1' ' ' Q U 0 D G 0 U 0:3 1 N Q N", v V on Q 'oo QQ fxw mfvw e ca io Q Q 0 0 go W ' EY, O 0 00, 0 0 0 oo a 1 oo J 0 , Q B og .fmgz 4- z X ' 'Y Y W I ao oo 6 0 0 0 Q o D U 6 0 O 0 0 0 0 loo o o D ' X cool' o Z 01,99 o 0 c oo o o X Q' - ,QA o on O 2 D o oo ooo' 0 2 l -M-E A 'G 2 5 U , : : Q oo' " ' 0- 0 : L, 'ox 4 I, - '7 o 0 Q E f I, E '- 1 D 0 o B o o 0 o n o Z S K Z U 3-T 771. ' lfx, ff 'W M o o Q ro' 9 Z MW I W ! M X V 0 3 o fn Al if E 6 7 7? lll, YQ::::E:.: ?J -.g' 575 D OW? 0 Q 0 XX W X X o o o o o a ff fx I A X M ff, ,f , 'NX . X XX X ' N X X. X 'f f M lx X Y , W f XXX XXX Xxx XXX VN A XX XAX' X. gemuth, treasurer. Small Class Proves Successful Finally they had reached their goal- their last year and a year of work and re- sponsibility! The first activity of the year was a bus trip to visit the Ephrata Cloisters and the llershey Museum. ln October the seniors conducted a re- freshment stand at the Community Ex- hibit. In November, at the Mount Joy Farmers' Market they held a food sale. Also in November they presented a mystery-comedy, "Midnight." The sound effects supplied by Willard Newton, music supervisor, at the Hammond organ, helped to create a weird atmosphere. Halloween again found the seniors eager to celebrate at the home of Dale VVilliams, where games were played and appetites were satisfied. To add money to the trip fund, the class held refreshment stands at the Elizabeth- town and the East I-lempfield basketball games. Then the seniors were in charge of the Christmas assembly held in the auditorium. They also had, with the help of Mrs. Al- meda Griffith, home economics teacher, a Christmas breakfast. Presents were ex- changed and a delicious breakfast was served. All the girls received colonial dolls, and the boys were the recipients of miniature snowmen as favors. They also held the Bunny Hop at the school in March, and in May they took their annual trip to Washington. Baccalaureate, Class Day and Com- mencement closed the seniors' pleasant days in Mount joy High School. Now that they are about to enter the wide world, they hope to use to the best ad- vantage the knowledge gained from their school. E101 Left to right: Espenshade sec retaryg R. Sheetz, vice presl dentg Linton, presidentg Wol MARY A. BERGMAN Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 35 FHA 25 Glee Club 2,35 junior Play5 Y-Teens 3,4 CV. Pres. 435 Senior Play5 Voyager. HELEN L. BOOTH Cheerleader I5 Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Hi- Crier I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 CAccom- panist -U5 Bowling 25 FHA 2, 4 CPres. 415 Library 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4: junior Play5 Senior Play5 Class Historian5 Voya- ger. ROBERT E. CONNER Bowling I5 Glee Club I, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 25 Rifle 3, 45 Soccer 45 Fire Patrol 45 Voyager. GERALDINE E. CRAMER Student Council I5 Girls' Intramurals I, 25 FHA 1, 2, 3 CTreasurer ZD5 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Bowling 25 Library Staff 45 Voyager. JAMES BRANDT Hi-Y 2, Glee Club 2,3,45 Soccer 3: Fire Patrol 2, 3, 45 Voyager. BETTY CARPENTER FHA l, 25 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intra- murals l, 2, 35 Bowling 25 junior Playg Senior Play, Library Staff 45 Voyager. GEORGE FITZKEE I-Ii-Y 25 Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2, 35 Soccer 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Fire Patrol 45 Voyager. 4 MARY F. FITZKEE FHA 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Intra- murals 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Fire Patrol 45 Voyager. I JACK EBERLE Basketball 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 25 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Fire Patrol 3, 4, Junior Play5 Senior Play, Voya- ger. ANNA ESPENSHADE Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 1, 4 CPres. U5 Library Staff 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3 CSec.D5 National Honor Society 45 Business Manager, Magazine Campaign 45 Voyager. L 2 E BETTY I. GUTSHALL Class Treasurer lg May Queen's Court 1, 25 Cheerleader 15 Girls' Intramurals l, 25 Hi-Crier 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Library Stall: 2, 3, 45 Bowling 25 FHA 2, 45 Valentine Court 35 Student Council 3, 4 CSec.Dg Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Voyager. ROBERT V. GEBHART Hi-Y 25 Fire Patrol 3, 45 Senior Play5 Voyager. FRANK D. HASSINGER Band l, 2, 3, 4, Fire Patrol 2, 3, 4, Hi-Crier 3, Voyager. NORMAN LINTON Hi-Y 2, Baseball 2, 3, Fire Patrol 2, 3, 4, Rifle 3, 4 CV. Pres. 4D, Soccer 3, 4, Student Council 4 CV. Presj, Class President 4, Voyager CCircula- tion Managerl. RICHARD MARTIN Glee Club 1, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 CManager 2, 3. 41, Hi-Y 2, Soccer Manager 3, 4, Fire Pa- trol 3, 4, junior Play, Senior Play, Voyager. FRANCES M. MAURER Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 3, 4, Business Manager, Magazine Campaign 4, Senior Play CAsst. Directressl, Voyager. VERDELLA B. LONGENECKER Glee Club 2, 3, 4, FHA 3 CPres.D, Y-Teens 4, Hi-Crier 4, Voyager. BETTY MARK Girls' Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, Y-Teens 3, 4 CTreas.D, Fire Patrol 4, Senior Play CAsst. Directressb, Voyager. LU CIN A MYERS FHA li Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Library Staff 29 Voyager. EDVVARD A. PENNELL Bowling 19 Band l, 2: Glec Club l, 2, 3, 49 Rifle 39 Fire Patrol 3, 49 Hi-Crier 49 Voyager. ESTHEB M. lXlELLlNCEl3 Y-Teens 39 Clee Club 3, 49 Voyager. EVERETT C. METZLER Class President 29 Hi-Y 29 Clee Club 2, 3, 49 Fire Patrol 2, 49 Junior Playg Soccer 49 National Honor Society 49 Student Council 4 CPres.D9 Voyager Qlfditor-in-Chiefl. JOHN D. RESSLER Basketball l, 2, 3, 49 Baseball 29 Hi-Crier 2, 3, 49 Rifle 3g Class President 39 Student Council 3, 49 Fire Patrol 3, 49 Junior Play9 Senior Play, National Honor Society 45 Voyager. ROBERT K. SHANK Student Council lg Glee Club 19 2, 39 49 Hi-Y 29 Fire Patrol 2, 3, 44 Band 2, 3, 4: May Queen's Court 29 Senior Play9 Voyager CBusiness Mana- gerl. DOROTHY M. SHEETZ Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cirls' Intramurals 2, 3, May Queens Court 3, Valentine Court 3, FHA 3 CV. Pres.D, Voyager. RICI IARD A. SHEETZ Class President lg May Queens Court l, Clee Club I, 2, Hi-Y 2, Fire Patrol 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Class Vice President 2, 3, 4, Rifle 3, 4 CClub Instructor 3, 4, Vice President 3, President LD, Junior Play, Senior Play, Voyager QCirculation lVlanagerD. CATHERINE M. STRICKLER Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, FHA 3, Hockey 3, 4, Cleo Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Hi-Crier 4, Voyager. E. LOWELL SUIVIPMAN Class Vice President I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 1, Hi-Crier l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 CCo-Captain 4D, May Queenls Court 3, Soccer 3, 4, junior Play, Fire Patrol 4, Voyager. HELEN I. STAU FFER Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Voyager. VVILLIAM STOI ILER Student Council I, Basketball l, 2, Baseball I, 2, Bowling 1, Clee Club I, 2, 3: Ili-Y 2: Firc Patrol 3, 4 CCl1ief 4D, Soccer 3, 4 CCaptain 41, Voyager. I DALE VVILLIAMS BETTY M. ZEACER Voyager. Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1 CSec.D3 Student Council 23 Library Staff 2, 3, 43 Business Mana- . - - . 7 BEULAH M. VVOLGEMUTH ger, Magazine Campmgn 4, Yoyager. Student Council 13 Cheerleader 13 Clee Club l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals I, 2, 3, 43 FHA I CV. Pres.D, Library Staff 2, 3, 43 Class Trea- surer 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4: junior Playg Senior Play3 Business Manager, Magazine EUGENE ZELLER Campaign 43 Voyager. Clee Club l, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Voyager. l HENRY ZERPHEY MARSHALL DUSSINCER Clee Club l, 2, 33 Hi-Y 23 RiHe 1, 2, 33 Baseball 33 Fire Basketball Manager 2, 3, 43 Soccer Patrol 3. Manager 3, 43 Rifle 3, 43 Fire Pa- trol 3, 43 junior Play CAsst. Di- rectorlg Voyager CBUS. Mgr.D. DORIS ZINK Clee Club 43 Voyager. E161 f f- Xp XX Z-C ' v O v O Ideal Senior O O 0 Be as Have Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Have Be as Be a Be as Be as Be as Be as Be as Be a Be as Be as Be as Be as Be a H ave Be as Have Be as Be a Have Have Have Be as Be as Be as Be as TO BE THE IDEAL SENIOR GIRL SHE MUST: Cheerful as . . . the Dramatic Ability of Intelligent as . Athletic as . . Well-dressed as Conscientious as Reserved as Likable as . Cooperative as . Good-natured as Eyes Like . Witty as . . Seamstress like Ambitious as Dependable as . Happy-go-lucky as Polite as . Faithful as . TO BE THE IDEAL SENIOR BOY H Crooner like . Happy-go-lucky as Sincere as . . Good-natured as Witty as . . Photographer like . the Sportsmanship of VVell-liked as . . the Shop Ability of Athletic as . . Leader like . . the Driving Ability of the Dramatic Ability of Hair like . . . Handsome as . Well-dressed as . Cooperative as . . Mechanically Inclined as 7 . Mary Bergman . . Helen Booth . Anna Espenshade . Mary Fitzkee . Betty Gutshall . Lucina Myers . Esther Mellinger . Helen Stauffer Beulah Wolgemuth . . Betty Zeager . Betty Carpentefs Geraldine Cramer Verdella Longenecker . . Betty Mark . Frances Maurer . Dorothy Sheetz Catherine Strickler . . Doris Zink E MUST: . Jack Eberle . George Fitzlcee . Robert Gebhart . Frank I-Iassinger . Everett Metzler . Edward Pennell . Lowell Sumpman . Henry Zerphey . james Brandt . Robert Conner . Nonnan Linton . Richard Martin . john Ressler . Robert Shank's . Richard Sheetz . William Stohler . Dale Williams . Eugene Zeller Name Mary Bergman Helen Booth Betty Carpenter Geraldine Cramer Anna Espenshade Mary Fitzkee Betty Gutshall Verdella Longenecker Betty Mark Frances Maurer Esther Mellinger Lucina Myers Dorothy Sheetz Helen Stauffer Catherine Strickler Beulah Wolgemuth Betty Zeager Doris Zink Iames Brandt Robert Conner lack Eberle George Fitzkee Robert Gebhart Frank Hassinger Norman Linton Richard Martin Everett Metzler Edward Pennell john Ressler Robert Shank Richard Sheetz William Stohler Lowell Sumpman Dale Williams Eugene Zeller Henry Zerphey Marshall Dussinger Best Known By Favorite Expression Mary Aw, nuts Holly Oh, brother Betty Hi, Jakie Gerry Hot cinders Anna My word Fitz For gosh sakes Betty Oh, boy Verdella O, Henner Bets Hi, honey Fran Oi-to-gut Esther Good-night Lucy My word Dot Oh, heavens Helen Murder days Catherine Oh, my gosh Wolgie Gosh almighty Zeagy Holy mud Doris Good grief ,lim That's tough Bob P??P?!!!!!! Jack Oye, Oye Millie Like heck l do Geppy You don't say Hass You're not kidding Red Well, whatta ya know Worm Cripes Metz Oh, well Ed Oh, my gosh Yohon YC-C-all Bob Hi, buddy Dick ?????!!!!l! Monk Where's Nancy? Russ Yeah? Dale Gee whiz Zeller Ye-e-e-e-s P Hank You skunk Duke Now, Miss Zcllcr i I Who : Favorite Pustime Flirting Staying up late Dating Tending pigeons Selling candy Dancing An Oldsmobile Driving the car Acting corny Cowboying Driving the tractor Visiting Helen Tyndall's Discussing Sunday nig Hockey Bob Wednesday night Seeing Eddie Florin Playing basketball Woliing Fink's Trapping Claudia Short senior Peddling milk Reading Dating Doris Drawing Driving taxis Visiting Uncle Blulhng Short junior girl Blonde senior girl Milton Grove Girls Taking orders Who Characteristic Always giggling HHPPY Dimples Short Pleasant Tall and Blonde Tall Talkative Always busy llusky Quiet Everyone's pal Flighty Jolly Bashful Ambitious Naturally curly hair Cheerful jolly disposition Silly laugh Tall Pesty Sociable Funny Red hair Small Quiet Freckles Friendly Blond, curly hair Dark complexion New sweaters Athletic Cooperative Quiet jolly One stripe Really ls Bashful Lots of fun In love Corny Studious Attractive Pretty Nice kid Dieting A farmer's gal Likable A good student Cute Swell Friendly Easy to get along with Dependable Eddie's girl Bashful Murder in the halls A Sir Galahad Inquisitive A good pal Conscientious A good president A good sport Studious In love A good actor Beulah's beau Handsome Built well Good trumpet player A hard worker A good driver A comedian In the army E19 Wants to Be Nurse Nurse Office worker Secretary Teacher Secretary Dental assistant Teacher Nurse Office worker Preacher's wife Nurse Nurse Housewife Slim Stenographer P1ussell's wife Married Carpenter Nancy's husband Singer Physician Trapper Movie projectionist Au to mechanic Coach Engineer Married Art teacher Printer Undertaker Loafer Sports commentator Pilot Auto mechanic Banker General Will Be just that Successful Housewife Farmer's wife Dental assistant Opera singer Store clerk College graduate Active one Farm owner A patient one Well-liked Drug store proprietress Farmerette Professional hockey player Successful Married soon In the Pennell family Bee keeper A farmer Chicken raiser Shoe manufacturer Furrier Ticket taker Furniture dealer Milkman Banker Photographer Artist ,lust that Same PPPPPHI!!! Professional athlete Bachelor Auto mechanic A painter Master sergeant I z Y v 5 k A li 20 J - O o o 0 1 .X vl7 0, . Vp " w k , 3 : ,.,, ,,::,m ' -4-- ..,.., 0 . n"""5i..:f ,,.-5 S" .2 5 V ..,. ' ' Y Q if .. 1 0 .,...... . .... -5 o I 1 ' - -..-3, . 5: 9 .t... . . ....... 0 1.5 ., o 0 0 sys '-+-,.,'i-mi? .mn V ! 'fx , .-f --" ' 0 -' ,, : -N-Q--------- O ' A vguxlrnga ' 5 A-.5"" ,nf g EPM- .I 4.-' WN :0 K ",,.-- o 1,7 9 'ws' ,v 4,. ,,",.f,5 ...,,mh'..K,.Eg.E! M 'ff ..,, ,-if Exif? 'Hg ' A231253 J . , ..- :fi-h..,,,r '.,,.w Huw- " .ww V - 5 W ' 2.--... 2 5 . ' . M if! . 1 ' ,L,, , W "' s' -:1- 1' 5 ..-55.11 X I f,..2:Z.. iv ' W 1, o vp oo A 4 - o 'X Class FRESHMAN With anticipation for the next four years the Class of 1948 eagerly entered Mount Joy High School in the fall of 1944. They welcomed into the class a number of new pupils. These included Lucina Myers, Dorothy Sheetz, Robert Gebhart and Fred Loraw, who came from Florin, and Mary Bergman, Emma Fitzpatrick, Verdella Longenecker, Arlene Reisinger, Frances Maurer, Edgar Bergman, John Berrier and Robert Conner from rural schools. As their officers they elected Richard Sheetz, president, Lowell Sumpman, vice president, Anna Espenshade, secretary, and Betty Gutshall, treasurer. The year included many parties, among which were a Hallowe'en party, which the faculty held for them in October and at which time they were initiated into the O. S. S. fOrder of Spirited Spooksj, two ice-skating parties at the Hershey Ice Palace and a bicycle hike climaxed by a picnic at the Cove. They also visited the Lancaster Criminal Court as a civics project. Betty Gutshall and Richard Sheetz represented them in the May Queen's Court. SOPHOMORE Entering their sophomore year, the class chose as president, Everett Metz- ler, vice president, Richard Sheetz, secretary, Anna Espenshadeg and treasurer, june Angstadt. As their first dance they sponsored the May Hop, at which jeweled tiaras designed by Josef Krasley, art teacher, were added as a special feature. The sophomores had a magazine campaign and basketball concessions. This year they also ordered their school rings. Betty Gutshall and Robert Shank were the class's attendants in the May Court. JUNIOR The '48'ers returned to M. J. H. S. in the fall of 1946 with the feeling that now they were really getting somewhere as upperclassmen. They chose their class colors, blue and white, and ordered their pennants, hats and emblems. They elected john Ressler as president, Richard Sheetz as vice president, Anna Espen- shade as secretary, and Beulah Wolgemuth as treasurer. ssl! l22l History The class sponsored two dances this year, the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance in November and the St. Patrick's Day Dance in March. At this dance they awarded an RCA table model radio as a special attraction. This year two members of the class, Helen Booth and Beulah Wolgemuth, were initiated into the National Honor Society. Anna Espenshade won the Dr. A. F. Snyder Memorial Prize in American History at the Class Day Exercises. As its first dramatic production the class presented "June Mad," a comedy in three acts, with a cast of 13. Then the juniors entertained the seniors at a semi- formal prom. Betty Gutshall and Dorothy Sheetz represented them at the Val- entine Dance and Dorothy Sheetz and Lowell Sumpman attended the May Queen. SENIOR Finally the year that some had looked forward to, and others had dreaded, had come. In the class election Norman Linton was chosen president, Richard Sheetz, vice presidentg Anna Espenshade, secretaryg and Beulah Wolgemuth, treasurer. This year the class had its unforgettable stand at the Community Exhibit and sold food at basketball games. The seniors also had a food sale and held a Bunny Hop. Th d. h. . .H .. ,, ey isplayed t eir dramatic abilities in Midnight, a mystery-comedy with a cast of 13, as their second production. Three more students, Anna Espen- shade, Everett Metzler and john Ressler, were initiated into the National Honor Society. Injanuary the future graduates were measured for their caps and gowns. This activity brought to them the realization that then it was a matter of only a few months. All that remained was the Washington trip, the Junior-Senior Prom, Class Day, Baccalaureate and Graduation Day. These and many others are the memories the Class of 1948 will recall in years to come. Their four years in high school were filled with happiness, joys and, of course, a few disappointmentsg but they will cherish them all alike as they remember them through the years. T -2, l il L l 'ml' If . -wr If P i 5 sy... E231 Class Will We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-eight, do ordain and establish this document as our last will and testament, thereby revoking any other obliga- tion which we heretofore made public in our younger, hapless years. So that the school might continue happily, and not too monotonously, when we leave these premises, we leave the following personal talents, characteristics and other gifts to the underclassmen and faculty: ,lack Eberle's height to Walter Stoner. George Fitzkee's inquisitiveness to Kenneth Drohan. Robert Gebhart's seriousness to Glenn Shupp. Frank Hassingeris ability as a magician to Charles Brooks. Everett Metzler's studiousness to Bob Divet. Edward Pennell's ability as a photographer to James Booth. Lowell Sumpman's journalistic ability to Karl Max. Henry Zerphey's jolly disposition to Glen Martin. Marshall Dussinger's military experience to Abe Koser. james Brandt's shop ability to Eugene Bender. Robert Gonner's long walk home to james New- comer. Norman Linton's red hair to john Melhorn. Richard Martin's ability as a manager to Dick Boyd. john Pressler's art ability to Anita Myers. Robert Shanks blond, curly hair to Mr. Day. Richard Sheetz's wolfing chamis to Robert Kramer. William Stoh1er's wardrobe to Bill Garber. Dale Williams' willingness to cooperate to the juniors. Eugene Zeller's rifle ability to Glenn Bailey. I 2 Mary Bergman's coquettish personality to Verna Myers. Helen Booth's versatility to Doris Hummer. Anna Espenshade's conscientiousness to Marie Clement. Mary Fitzkee's athletic ability to Nancy Myers. Betty Gutshall's sales-girl ability to Thelma Sherk. Lucina Myers' patience to Jean Wagner. Esther Mellingerls driving ability to Victor Morris. Helen Stauffer's cheerfulness to the faculty. Beulah Wolgemuth's dramatic ability to Phyllis Hoffman. Betty Zeager's naturally curly hair to Marianne Long. Betty Carpenter's pretty blue eyes to Abbydine Markley. Geraldine Gramer's small Statute to Lorraine Kuhn. Verdella Longeneckefs typing ability to Elton Bomberger. Betty Mark's ambition to Joanne Kramer. Frances Maurer's steady boyfriend to Mary Jane Krall. Dorothy Sheetz's waitress ability to Edna Bartch. Catherine Strickler's homemaking qualities to Marian Foerch. Doris Zink's meekness to Mary Grace Bucher. Signed, THE CLASS OF 1948 4 l vp 'pin ' vw Y 1 Y Q,,v,!x.19ff ,. . ' 4 .5 . . A15 Q ,.- 5 'W mv uf 1 .3 f I Q , . . Q' ' Q 'if 8 gig, 9 ,Q "' A, ,. "E , w wp - Q 4' 2 '-., 5 . -, , Q- ..-"2 M- S 5 sw! ,. s - 5 , As .V f S- 'D' ' 3 1 QS ' -'wa' 1 1' Q' ' J' ll gy 1 S qi 5 , 5 n 9 .9 , s I 'Q me ,S c ,Q Q 1 3 S 9 " Q -P 1 - f 5 5 5 " . ' gl" vi U in K N " 45' l Tm.-" 'a qu" Z .Z 1, J .,,gl'n 1 ' Q. mx' 'h ' ,Z ,-2 HHUX - llflllr 'MI' lr -16 - ' M S' xf ilk 4 00 I I llnln lll.,:,fffg1llJIR QM" ' awww' ,' , 1 ee' fa e '- , Q, ' . m!,h,w. Q hmnqp - up i wp, m I . , Xf' f-' V fwffmf' 'S' g X-+ - -WXKWZ A, 7 X. 1 Ml' . - " 7' QW Xhfxiwf ,W ln! ' ,, iff' -MW ZX 2, ,ir-,fx S-1 l Y WA!! X!! EAL, 75 Out E. - Q -,f V-umw 'QQ aj I, ., , X53-'fM,, 'Q 3 Z ", ' , 42: " 'f11asr!lWf ' 'W' . ,, my JW' 15 2 'uyw ' xl W Jia W 2' Af 4W f X f' fZ'? 1 ,,,,,, i VY El l 1 www WWWW W " EVERETT METZLER, Editor-in-Chief. Voyager Staff Editorfin-Chief .. Feature Editors .. Art Editor ......... Photographer .,,,... Business Managers . Circulation Managers Typists ., . Editorial Assistants . Business Assistants . Circulation Assistants Adviser .. ,,. . . Everett Metzler Helen Booth Anna Espenshade Mary Fitzkee Betty Gutshall Beulah Wolaemuth . . .... John Ressler ,, Edward Pennell . . . Henry Zerphey Robert Shank .. . ..... , , Norman Linton Richard Sheetz Betty Zeaqer Frances Maurer Betty Mark Esther Mellinqer Helen Staufier Verdella Lonqenecker Catherine Strickler Mary Bergman Dorothy Sheetz Doris Zink . ,,., Geraldine Cramer Betty Carpenter Lucina Myers Robert Gebhart Lowell Sumpman . ,. lames Brandt Robert Conner William Stohler Dale Williams Eugene Zeller . . . lack Eberle George Fitzkee Richard Martin Frank Hassinqer Miss Catharine Zeller Class Book Emerges from Chaos NDECISION, financial trouhles and the fact that it was one of the smallest classes in many years beset the Class of '48 as it returned to hfiount Joy lligh School for its final year. Not the least of its worries was the question of a class annual. Could it create another Voyager under the existing circumstances? Soon, however, things hegan to hum. Through a class vote a class hook was agreed upon as the most practical puhlif cation. Under the supervision of Miss Catharine Zeller, class adviser, the various staffs and committees were appointed and soon hegan to function. Printers were contacted, photographers were contracted and a theme was selected as inertia was overcome and work began. Along with popping Hashbulbs and clatter- ing typewriters, John Ressler, class artist, drew his clever sailor scenes. Then fol- lowed days of canvassing the town for ads. patrons and subscribers as the '48 Voyager took shape. Now that it is all over, the statf can sigh again as they remember the relief that the arrival of the first copies hrought them. As they leaf through these pages, may the members of the class recall fond memories of the years which they spent here at Mount joy. E261 Editorial Staff Sammi: Pcnncll, Carpenter, Espcnsliudc. Mctzlcr. M. Fitzkcc, Rcsslcr, C1lll'Silllii, Gcimlulrt. Smmlirzg: VVoigcmutli, Booth, Miss Zcllcr, Suiiilmiun, iiLlS5iI1gL'l'. Business Staff Seated: C. iiitzkcc, lirumlt, Zcrphcy, Shank, li. Siicctv. Mark, Zcugcr, D. Sliccty, i,0I1gL'I1L'CkCl'. Stumlirzg: Iicrgximn, Cuiincr, Maurer, Stolilcr, Stziuifcr, Miss Zcllcr, Linton, lj. Zeller, Nullingcr, Zin XVilliums, Martin. E271 Suited: R. Tyndall, Sherk, B. Gutshall, Mrs. Willianis, R. Shenk, Angstadt, L. Pxanek, Booth Stcznding: B. Bates, Metzler, Ptessler, Linton, Max, Taylor. Council Promotes Student Interests lllS YEAR the Student Council en- tered its second year of organized operation as the governing body of M. ll. S. Each class chose two representa- tives and each class president automatically became a member. The council president must be a senior elected by the student body. The class presidents were: Norman Linton, senior: Karl hlax, juniorg Richard Taylor, sophoinoreg and Richard Tyndall, liIiCSllll1LlIl. Other council members were: Betty Gutshall, John llessler and Everett Metzler, seniorsg Lee Ptanek and lloniaine Shenk. juniorsg Nancy Angstadt and Wil- liam Bates, sophomoresg and James Booth and Thelma Sherk, freshmen. 1-X stafl' ol' ollicials was headed by Everett hletzlcr, the president. The other oflicers were: vice president, Norman Lintong sec- retary, Betty Gutshallg and treasurer, Lee Ranck. These students were aided by Mrs. Margaret VVilliams, guidance head, and VV. l. Beahm, principal. The council planned many activities. One of these was holding record dances after basketball games. They also held one record dance a week on the evening that was 11i0St convenient to everyone. There were dancing, shui-lleboard, cards and ping pong for entertainment. The organization sponsored the sale of Christmas Seals. They distributed the materials through their representatives in all the classes. Finally, the council took charge of col- lecting and sending Food for the Friendship Train. At present the group is concerned with raising money to build a Snack Bar. E281 Society Sets High Ideals N HGNORABLE society in Mount joy High School is the National llonor Society. This society was intro- duced into the school in june, 1945. The faculty advisers, whose duty it is to nomi- nate students for this organization, are: Miss Edna Martin, H. K. Schooner and Miss Catharine Zeller. VVhen persons are selected for the so- ciety, four points are taken into considera- tion. They are: scholarship, service, lead- ership and character. The elected mem- bers should possess these four qualities and should exercise them to the extent that they inHuence students of their school. This year the faculty chose live seniors for membership into this society. They are: Helen Booth, Anna Espenshade, Beulah XV0lgC1llUfh, Everett Metzler and John Ressler. The National Honor Society has several purposes: It should create a greater interest in scholarship and encourage pupils to render services to their school and to their fellow-students, to develop leadership qualities, and to improve the character of all students. The National Honor Society, if regarded with sincerity, should raise the standards of individuals who are attending Mount joy High School. Left to right: Ressler, Booth, VVolgemuth, Espenshade, Metzler. E291 Seated: Carpenter, C. Eitzkee, Wolgelriuth, Booth, Cutshall. Stmulnzg: Zerphey, Mrs. Broske, Martin, Bergman, Eherle, Bessler, M. Eitzkee, Metzler, Surnpinan, R Sheen Juniors Por-tray Adolescent Problems HE CLASS OF I9-+8 displayed its dramatic talent when it presented "june Madf' a comedy in three acts, hy Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements, April 24 and 25, 1947. This production was under the direction of Mrs. Ethel Broskc, mathematics teacher. The play concerned "Penny VVood," Beulah VVolgemuth, and "Chuck Harris," George Eitzkee, thc boy next door. Penny, who passed from childhood into woman- hood within the course of several days, imagined herself in love with "Roger Van Vleekf' Dick Sheetz, a senior in college who had a way with women. llowever, "Mrs. XVood," Helen Booth, declared that Penny was merely "june Mad." Roger was the week-end guest of "Mer- vyn Bohertsf' Lowell Sumplnan, l3'enny's uncle, who was only five years her senior. Mervyn wished he had Rogers technique in handling women. i 3 O "Dr, VVood," Everett Metzler, was driv- cn to distraction hy the young people. "Milly Lou," played by Betty Carpenter, became somewhat of a pest when she con- tinually tagged after Mervyn, thus hoping to win his affection. However, "julie Harris," Betty Cutshall, was the apple of Mervynys eye. Although "ML Harrisf' Jack Eherle, was rather severe with his son, "Chuck," during the course of the play the two finally came to a real understanding of each other which they had not had hctore. "Effie," Mary Eitzkee, the maid who had a hard time keeping her petticoat hitched up, and "Elmer Tuttle," John Bessler, the handyman who was sweet on Efhe, provided hilarity. Also included in the cast were "Shirley and Balph VVentf worth," Mary Bergman and Richard Mar- tin. Henry Zerphey was the assistant die rector. 1 Front: M. Fitzkce, Ressler, Cebhart, VVolgcmuth. Shank, Booth, R. Shcetz, Gutshall, Martin Bear: Miss Zeller, Mark, Maurer, Carpenter, C. Fitzkee, Bergman, Eberle. Seniors Produce cd lDNlCl'lT," a three-act mystery- eomcdy, was presented November 6 and 7, 1947. This production, directed by Miss Catharine C. Zeller, English teacher, was the second to be given by the Class of '48. "Julia Greenwood," portrayed by Helen Booth, a 50-year-old spinster, decided to come out to the deserted house her late father had left her, to get away from the noise of New Year's Eve. She brought with her, her colored chauffeur, "Leonard,', John Ressler, who provided hilarity with his Negro dialect, and "Ellen," Beulah Wrmlgce muth, her maid. VVhen they arrived they found "Mi: llardmanf' Richard Martin, the lawyer for the estate, roaming around the house. "Kate Bagley," Betty Carpenter. a news' paper reporter, and "Eddie Bower," George Fitzkce, a photographer who was secretly a C-man, soon arrived to cook up a feature on the house. Hilarious Mystery "Claire," Betty Cutshall, Iulia's niece, and i'Bob Morrisf' Richard Sheetz, Claire's lianee. surprised her aunt when they too came to the house. just when Kate had said they had enough people for a party of their own, "Mr. Smith," Jack Eberle, a mysterious visitor with a foreign accent and really a spy, entered, carrying i'Paula VVard," Mary Bergman, his companion. Also involved in the plot were: "Mrs. VVick," Mary Fitzkec. the old housekeep- er: "joe Howard," Robert Shank, Ellen's boy-friend, who was working on a formula for a secret explosive, and "Hugh Nichols," Robert Cebhart, a government chemist. An added feature of the play was the use of the Hammond organ, which pro- duced a spooky atmosphere during the play and between acts. The music was fur- nished by VVillard Newton, music super- visor. Betty Mark and Frances Maurer were the assistant direetresses. i311 'X 'Y 1-1f f'T' 'X 'WFW' M i331 Patron List Dr. and Mrs. W. Bingeman Mr. and Mrs. Elam Bomberger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buchenauer Mr. and Mrs S. Dock Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eshleman Mr. and Mrs. William C. Foerch Dr. and Mrs. john S. Cates Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Cerberich The Rev. and Mrs. Carlton N. jones Dr. John R. Kensel The Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Koder Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Krall Lincoln Bowling Alleys Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Mayer Mr. john Myers Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Nissly The Rev. and Mrs. Ezra H. Ranclc Mr. M. A. Rollman Dr. and Mrs. David E. Schlosser Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schock Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Seiler Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Shoop Mr. and Mrs. Loren P. Somer D. C. Stoner, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Stoner The Pastor and Mrs. Summy Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Thome Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Walker Miss Esther Helen Walters Dr. and Mrs. William M. Workman Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. B. Zeller BOOTH'S STORE Get It At Booth's" Quality Merchandise E341 CARL B. DROHAN Asphalt Driveway and Building Supplies Steel and Aluminum Sash WASHINGTON HOUSE Sea Food ROTH'S FURNITURE STORE Home Furnishings E-town Penna. I. C. SNAVELY 6. SONS Lumber Building Materials Phone 65 Mt. Ioy, Pa. MOUNT IOY DEPT. STORE 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. MOUNT IOY FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ASSO. 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. 1 MOUNT IO-Y MILLS. INC 1 HESS'S STORE Corner of East Main and Barbara Sts. Mount Ioy, Pa. REIST SEED CO. 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. I. B. KELLER 6. BRO. Cattle and Hogs 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. 3 EBERLE BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone l-M 89 E. Main St. SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Ralph L. Walters, Prop. Phone 62 1 STEHMAN'S FLOUR MILLS 1 ROY B. SHEETZ Funeral Director NEW STANDARD. INC. 1 HERSHEY'S 5 61 10 1 PEN SUPREME HVD MILK Elwood Martin, Distributor THE CONTINENTAL PRESS Educational Publishers Harrisburq, Pa. 1 QEnrtJsrlp's f , HARRY LEEDOM Coal - Feed Fertilizers Mount Ioy, Pa. Phone 114 Mt. Ioy, Pa I36 MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS A Delicious Food "Good" MUELLER'S GREENHOUSE UNION NATIONAL MOUNT IOY BANK 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. SHERIDAN'S GARAGE "Flowers for all Occasions" Complete phone 335 - Mt. Icy' pq. Automotive Service Telegraph Delivery Service Phone 112 Ml- IOYI PU BACHMAN KIRK IOHNSON ts co. CHOCOLATE MF G. CO. Music House Mount lov, Pa. Old S01 Bars - Athlete Bars 16 West King St. Lancaster, P GREY IRON CASTING CO. 1 1 IOY THEATER Mount lov, Pa. 1 SHENK BROS. BOYER'S HOME 30-32 West King St. FURNISHINGS Phone 6516 Lancaster, P 37 A. C. MAYER Baby Chicks Mount Ioy, Po. 1 MATEER'S SHOE SHOP f ' SLOAN'S PHARMACY bbattdg The REXALL Store , Mount Ioy, Po. BENNETTS RESTAURANT 1 45 E. Mm SL Mns. H. K. BORTZFIELD Phone 9096-R i ' I. B. HOSTETTER 6. soNs GERBERICH-PAYNE Hardware SHOE CO. 1 Mount Ioy, Pct. 1 Soy with- MARTIN'S 5 6 10 3Kubl's Jflnmzrs 1 38 IDA MAE BEAUTY SHOP 49 E. Main St. Mount Ioy, Pa. Phone 272-W I OHN H. TROUP Lancaster's Music House 38 West King St. Lancaster, Pa. 1 MUSSER LEGHORN FARMS 1 1 SEILER PRINTING CO. f IACK HORNER'S SHOE STORE Mount Ioy Columbia UNION EMBLEM COMPANY 1 Palmyra, Pa. ZERPHY'S SERVICE STATION 130 E. Main St. Phone 304-I Mt. Ioy, Pa ESHLEMAN BROS. 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. RED ROSE DAIRY Pasteurized and Homoqenized Milk OBERHOLTZER'S GROCERY 120 N. Barbara St. Mount Ioy, Pa. 391 MELHORN'S FRUIT AND POULTRY FARM TYNDALL'S STORE 54 W. Main St. Mount Ioy, Pa. O. K. Snyder - O. K. Snyder. Mount Ioy Phone 15 Notary Public I T. M. M. WENGER Coal, Feed, Grain Rheems, Pa. BAILEY 6. KAYLOR Esso Servicenter Florin, Pa. Tires, Batteries, Lubrication The KITTY DRESS SHOPPE Ladies' and Chi1dren's Ready - to - Wear LESTER E. ROBERTS Refrigerators - Radios Appliances Phone 204-W THE BULLETIN. 1 Mount Ioy, Pa. COPE'S CORN "Ready to Serve" Martin H. Cope Rheems, Pa COOPER'S BREAD C. G. Eby, Distributor Mount Ioy, Pa. I401 GEO. W. LEAMAN Tires - Bicycles SIMON P. NISSLEY 6. MARY G. NISSLEY' Funeral Directors Mt. loy Elizabethtown East Mflin Sl- Mount Ioy, Pa. Y FICKINGER KRALIIS MEAT Ieweler 1 87 East Main St. Mt. Ioy, Pa. DlSlI'ilOL1lOI Quality Chicks Texaco 5 s. Barbara si. Mi. Joy, Pe. Mount IOY' PQ' MODERN BEAUTY SALON H. R. LANDVATER West Main Street Fancy Groceries Mount Ioy, Pa. Phone 229-M Phone 95 We Deliver WOLGEMUTH BROS. NEWCOMEITS SERVICE STATION Florin Feeds Florin, Pa. Richfield Gas Firestone Tires Phone Mt. Ioy 220 4 MOUNT IOY PAPER BOX CO.. INC. Designers and' Manufacturers of Attractive Paper Boxes Mount Ioy, Pa. Y HENRY G. CARPENTER, INC. 1 Phone 2-9887 IOHN C. TERRY Home Portrait Photographers Weddings Family Groups Child Portraiture 612 N. Duke St. Lancaster, Pa. KAYLOR'S RESTAURANT Dine and Danw 62 W. Main Street Mount Ioy, Pa. Phone 90 19-I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 6. TRUST CO. OF MOUNT IOY Extends Congratulations to the Class of 1948 L. B. HERR :S SON Stationery and Books School Supplies 46-48 West King St. Lancaster, Pa. SPEED'S GARAGE Iohn R. Reheard, Prop. General Repair Work Amoco Service Phone 194 TED WEIDLER Meat Phone Mt. Joy 5-I GARBER MOTOR COMPANY FLORIN FOUNDRY 6. Home of Ford PM MANUFACTURING COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. Florin' PG' 2 NTINIAII, l'lxlN'I'lNu ll0l'sl-2. M.xwlll4:lxl ,g. v w 1-1- . K. at ' 1 11.153 ,if , ' -'L K -14- g- ,.. w .1 Y f !Z:fgE3i.1f'. 5 , ,lxv . -,.,L- a 1 I u , 1 v . . 5 a v' ,1 . .Vs fl . , . . lm. g -1- ' an X A 1: Q' . - . 13, .,'.,. - ' - - L, ,. r f ' ' 'V .f .-'Y .,, X .45 1 ' , fnlkv ' rf I X I, ,V 1 ' ' . ' A. -? V 1 U . X ' . ' a 1 V. 'V P .. 7 - ' I w, W . . r 4 -',g4.,L. jx, 'V 71' :ff , , ,, , 11 -J . nga , . . ,F .if ., +I ' , ,. f. ,. U ,. . , F H ' 4 1 X ."'f' .'3"4 .5- . ff, , 'ry 1 . 4 ,HA . , .Ai 1' -. ., if. '-,b . ,, 1' Q 'J ' A ,mfg ,, ' 1 .. - ' wg X: L, ., V , , -Q , Q. ' '- , ,,,' of - ' 1 - ' 3:5 .-J' , iii 1 ' ' . x I x 'H 4 -,,:' :Q .J . -.. ,,. .x Y ,G-. , kk " ."' f X ii . ' 4 V. , , 4 ., . . 1 ., , ,., ,N 1 'A' A ,'r'.,"'1 va . ay I s , . r 5.451 , , r , Fm J .,.,,4.m,- N A, V. if m m Nm WM, 7 'L IG,

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