Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1947

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Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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b 1 l I 4 1 l Q . 1 Q' f' 'V' '-- ', 's.,, -N v H 1-:..",.f. -1' ff, gn, x f. "4 PT: f'?3"' .' U .K 1 7 fl.. ."' 'JCL -V ,Q -3' ' . H- v V fl If- "- 4'-"' A , fl-Sv.: A " ' Q- ' ' - . , ,, 51 .x ',-K. , ,L mv' 'V - Lf? .. , 4, . .,.r , ,luQ,i' V 5' . , ' Z' -ff gf J' H. . W Y .5. ,, ,Q:ff -l'aJfaa ,Q 'v fn .Q ,, , i 'S Sv? -a tygvvxrg g - In k K 'il-JC' 2,35 ,L 4 ' -2 Tx -' ' Zrw - 1 -, " -L -' ,L , : "I Y ' ' "5 'Q -. 55- -ifglgl ' -,, 'fifnsf '4 fSTL""' ff: -7 if . .. .. ' ' ' if - yrs- ,fre .,f,,:,.f 'X .mf ., ' f' iff?" :Aff -I 3 ' ' 'W ' ,L "fig am .f J t ' ,m V, .V -C 1- , Q .' 1 'A 'f,-'- 11 QQ 3 ,L z yr D sf! Pi , I ' L ' A Hg. n,,f -1 u J ....,.... . ..........,. ,....,.-, I l l I - -wa '-1'-"WM l 5 1 1 I a I 2 1 I 4 1 1 I I - n Q 1 I J i 7 I 1 ! F I 1 1 . -1 i 'a I Y 4 s N 1 ' f v I 5 J 5 5,7 Q- M, H, ' ..... Q Cf- - N. I in ! "" 4 -- --f- -mu 1, gr an 5,,,f- ? 5 , , -:e -. ' -'ill :Pd E 1-11? N ,, P gr i ' -v---2- Q f-+A-.-5 ' "'- 'if A fi? - 3 -- 3 :ZA . ' "" -2-fF"Eei:1'Tf' 1-5 5 T: 'Q --F , f-- .Q .T-:g-- " ' - f Mfi-V Y-1 4,-, i .- Y i if ' li- ,f :ii i - - +4-:Z'Lll," -4 1 ' "'-:?- grg --- A:'i' - i? .. 'G-' P - :v.Lb3.nTHM1 1 m,H,a 3 'E' 2 , 7 i X--l L si ' f- ,,.,"' J " if ' -5? , : :ul - , ?,f if-.- - N I If 'L.'!-"ga nb 1 X K 5, 4 fy K 5? 'ug Q , L 4? f! P x' 54 ,af ix li S - - .-. Cf -4 , 5 ,XX i ii, ill' W X U C' ' CTA- , K- YA i z1 il., -Q--i- X ih----'Q 3 A 5 'i' .1- 1 i li .l ' - -41 ,Q ii .,.. , ' V 'g-"'a1-P ni ' kj T -f:ff'n+ Y .ii -' -f .f-f " X 4 32,-i-fi fl A -if EEN il E giill ,?-l... i- ' Y g,f A -L ,-Y A Y J f 1?-:::-2'-' - Lf 5- K X """" 7 ' 5 A '-'fmqhw-5 "' L 7 1' 1.- f liiii-?,,g ,ff 4 1 X, 4 ..-2-xA,-g -fri' tx 'I 2 11- T-3... K F - JO -fa Af-'ESXE Ky D W? 1 - Lx"f.'1fl5".ig v I 1 22 i' 'A gf l Q 1 A f-Bok-EAA-I Cgfzeme It is said that in an ancient hoolc of mythol-A ogy is written a tale of uncertain origin that will arouse the ,curiosity of everyone interested in this school. 4 One day, long, longlago. Venus, the beauty. and Nlinerva. -the wise, were lounging in a sunny spot on a slope of the famous Mt. Ida. lt was a diversion in those remote times to seelc the advice of a prophet so, when one of these very men passedwithin earshot, they hailed him and requested that he peer into the future and reveal to them the destiny of Mt. lda. Pic- ture their surprise when, instead of loreseeing an incident in the neyrt hundred years or so, he leaped way ahead and aslced them to imagine themselves in the year l947l 'Tis strangef' he said, "hut the name of Mt. ldais living on. Half way 'round the world from here in the northeastern part of a country that is to he named the United States of America is a beautiful school called Mt. Ida Jr. College. ' U . Now Nlinerva and Venus with their natural inquisitiveness became very attentive and aslced the fortune teller to reveal to them the details of this future Mt. Ida. The somhsaysr, thus Challenged. used his magical powers and brought forth a mystical volume which fore- told the life of the graduating class ol' 1947. Herein, we, the staff of "Ye Idler." present a carefully compiled replica of our singular ' pl'CdCCCS60l'. g 4 A y ,H lk, LVN' 'V'-i I V 'l if z xx.,-xl s-1 T ' - I 5 t arf- X 3. a Q L 3-.-.La rm-s., grib Y Q'-fie ., 'Sy 'g page four anew 'mu fr wf dknamfof tworld wg -an Mohmumfy in E' '05, ' Mud SMB of '94 ifxvmudth Qndm-Ida In f,--A 'hfffwmal A 'blinked """5""5fJemil5 In 5 A ,vp thu! -vauq..,,,hkHm " .h,flg47' P'Ji'Ygm"Feent nu -uhdumgulu Y 'W .Y 9 an Snxfxl Tl' -5 ty 1 'o H 9 aff, 1 ,a Eed'icatlon . . . o Mr. W. EVERETT Woon 1 We, the class of 1947 dedicate our yearbook ' to Mr. Evereif Wood . . . . whose good humor never fails . . I , ,everybody's friend .A . . and e. scholastic builder of our college. Page Ev page six Cqfiqcers of H minietratlo WILLIAM F. CARLSON, President LESLIE J. WERTHEIM, Treasurer JOHN E. EATON, JR., Clerk MRS. NNILLIAM Frrrs CARLSQN Il Q ft-On DR. WILLIAM Frrrs CARLSON page seven - 'Zan H GG'N5 Iwmai Qi 1 if NC I 1 J- Xu 112 I Q J 4- ' -4' at of u rg ' A.: ..-.. .. 'Q A 0 i QESFQ XP? E -1-q lllll , AKD 'Q' 5 . 4- 5 ' X ef wf lg" ,I"' me 7 'K .Q J X 'VFX XX HQ X Qiwfff f 1 w 55- i' f 3' '. W ,H 1 , I ,f " Bain: Uunfuun 4- Fmnf vw' 5.9 74-W Edjtum-Ct.: ASWGAYQ Egg, An PM any Bm. v HWY' Pholumfw gm ww B '55 L awww- 'N 'N Back nw: Danny Dembert, Frances Nott., editor, Barbara Hart Front row: Pat Kisber, Patricia Greenei Virginia MacKenzie, Mary Lou Emmons , y ye tgaller Qsjtajp Editor-'in-Chief . . FRANCIS Non' Associate Editor . MARY-Lou EMMONS Art Editor . . VIRGINIA DAY Literary Editor . . BARBARA HART Business Manager . VIRGINIA MACKEWZIE Biographical Editor . . PAT KISBER Photography Editor NANCY DEMBERT COMMITTEES ART-PHtTiCi8 Greene, Anne Bolmen, Annieclmin E LITERARY-YOIHH Forte, Marjorie Glaser, Nancy Mcllhenny, Anne Murphy BUSINISS-Audrey' Vaughn D ' BIOGRAPHICAL-Blossom'Young, Doris Pollack, Lois Peterson, Joan Newbury ' page ning page ten FRANK T. WINGATE 'Xl- LJ ! J FA ULTY ...,.,. . , .... ,. . , vsf. ,R i3:i:1?:::' 1 ' me I'Fffi11g1f 1 2253155 Q1 KC V 1 ff.: 1'-L1.5'W'gf 'if -" fl ,'-.ue.4fe1zq:.2 2.-. fgw - 5 ,rt M.. - .. .W -1- .L I .i Li, -qv 1 A , wp' Fu fn, ,I ' 'E ' 4' V. A ek. nf rw- V .,-Y' - -rl. 312119 - ff J Q- lf"fQ1m z1...4.w1a1 1. -A .1231 1 4131 :H--GggEzf"" ' iff .. cf, 5' 'Sig U 3 ' f - , -1,4 :Wei . ' 'Q ii! lfifigi -- F f ' . LELM - 322252 11. f A 515131 .elm-f's. ' '- 'iiiili ggi,-,EIEI1 pkg- .V ' qi, - KW -5.":f1::r:! . '- ,v 1. -F . . mrz tj. ,,,., ., . , .. ...M J 3.24. E . ., ', '1929iJiIi5 11: 1' 1 i ' bg 'ff"i.'4Wl W 1' 7. . . 141' 'ziffiiy'-5' fpwigyz,-g,Tg, i :Im A .am .1f.,izw,1fg Eqiiiizl' "" 4.?iH+1.E25Sa1fz QQQQQQQES ,Q X, 1'-95,1 y . -,.L f.ae1a5Qz.511Z wx, ' f ,A "5'J.71'g.. 1- 'fi M.. .. - .,..,, .Q ,A K .,,,' ,- . J 1 HP.l.1'.N C. Bmm KEITH G. BROWN EDNVARD CARLSON F, Roy CARLSON 2' ,fy Jon-IN DAUGMAN B'IARY T. DUFFY' NIILDRED F. ELLISTON MRS. GIBSON J,L,,, . '1'11"" 'ru -. . ........-., -.. L, .. - , .. -.. . 4- 5 page eleven 5 g I 1 I A ivgflt hf MYRTLE WAITE V., , ' g..-I . . .f5::I:.- . 'P if L -iw! I f : I 4"-24 1'-wwf ,, - ' ig,:,-QQ' X ' 4773! Z L My A IQ , ,fi W X Z J f If I' 2 I Z P I X f f I ff f' MQ ' iff X ff ' , X , his i ' M,xIIc,xIzIrI' FI:I.I.I2II FLORENCE L. GOULD OLIVE HANNA I , 1 I ..'., LEO LITW IN -Y , 'nfl '1 fi -.-. I J I hI.'XDAhlI2 .ALICE LORRIAIJX PROF. VV. NORTI-IROP BIORSE N.x'rIxLIIa NIACINNIS GRACE POXVIER I S I . page twelve -r . , . :f'.v,A 'nf ,A , f - 'nfl'-,Q ' ' .W 'lf' I N., 5 w 1' . N Fu lvl, I Y , .'XNNn L. Ll-.wlsv l'fsl'Hlv.R lilm'Kl,lz Uums l'. NQUINSUN l':I,lLLAlJl'.'I'll N. Rum ITN IN T.- - I h'lARGARli'I' H. SMITH Domrrnv filummiv HAH! In-:NA HHRKI-I VV. l,fvmua'rr VVocm 1 .IANI-.T C:RlllzNliXVAI.lDl'. NNu.l.l,xM Wl',S'l'lJN' Wm fqcfurecf l:lil1HlQl4lC'K K. Husxm' Dlx. l,Qvl-.UNI-. li. I,Yl.I. Du. VVLHNI-lc Mm IJ I R Llllisrlin A. !XL1,r1r-4 2 -page thirtebn - ,,...,...--1---,....E,....,.,- ylriq jz ' , I A . i -swf , , I 'W ' 1 Q f , ,f 'wx . 1.11. - . . 7, MYRTLE WAITE .- N,xrzc,xrua1' Ful.x.ER FLORENCE L. GOULD OLIN'E HANNA LEO LITXYIN -Q .4 J I 1 BLXDAME .ALICE LORRIAUX PROP. VV. NORTHROP BIORSE N.x'r,xl.1E BIACINNIS GRACE PONVER ' page twelve Joan Newbury, President A MK xv N"-eu... p OOWJIRY it 'Wm KBBER ni, . in D Manco turne Dance on November 10th, these Frosh had their first taste of college social lite. Shortly after the dance the Freshman class elected its officers: :NNW Joan Daly-Vice President ' Claire D'Amico, Secretary Barbara Nutting, Treasurer 'The dawn of November 28th saw the Freshmen up and out-the occasion being Senior Day. A gala Christmas party was held in Shaw Hall December 13th and that samezweelr, true to the seasonfs spirit. the Christmas Formal was held. A Valentine party was given February 14th. As I remember, the dinner was excellent." Ven: "When was their tirst dance?" , Watch: "Qu March 2nd. Then there was a great night May 2nd when the students of Mt. Ida - gathered 'together to enjoy the 'ML lda Night' at Pops. 'Soon after, the Seniors had their annual luncheon at the Fox and Hounds. April 26th .marlced the Cabaret Dance." Min: ' "What happened Commencement week?" A Watch: "Well, there was the Horse Show, the Crowning of the May Queen. and then, of course, Cla-ss Day and then Graduation Day on June 7th."' ' A ' - Min: ul imagine that the Freshmen were sorry to see their friends leave." , . .W Mm Watch: "Yes, they were, but they soon adapted themselves to their newnroles as Seniors on September 23rd when the new school season began.wThis year the Seniors played hostess to the Freshmen at the annual tea early in Octo- ber. The new officers were elected shortly after the tea.'l I V h Min': ."Who were the officers 'Pu ' Watch: "President Barbara Vvoodberry ,.,,,,,,. in 15795 'Wwwal - Vice President, Patsy Kisber I ,ul 'naman' about the ' Secretary, Claire D'Amieo A 'Q-,,' A ' ' 57, Treasurer, Virginia Lutz. 0 R ' 'A u Q' ' ' t ,M at no-u an rn JI Ven: When .did the first meeting talre ymnflfd it lor lil! 'cw 2. Place?" 'ma W , I the class ol H V . ' - M M ,,,,4 aw" ' g Watch: October 24th, if I remember cor- ' 1 .t,,-, 'mr M time in Belhtn A rectly. Shortly after, the topic of membership ,.. "Ni f iorsafa ea . W s, -nn .mel 90" NOC. fm - K .,i,:.1. .i. Aufumn .W . 1 'nfl' ' -tool in the Charles River Country'Club was dis- cussed. This marlced Mt.-lda's tirst season of winter sports at the club. Breaking tradition, the Senior Dance on November 2nd was held off campus at the Longwood Towers. Because of the large enrollment, all succeeding dances toolc place outside. Celebration of the Christ- mas season began on the 14th of December when the Mistletoe Formal was held at Long- wood Towers. Several days preceding vaca- tion, the girls were singing carols beneath a gaily lighted tree, the occasion being the annual Christmas party where contributions are made to the Peabody Home for Crippled Children. After' the holidays, worlc was resumed, in ear- nest, for the finals in the near future. A thrill- ing sld trip to North Conway on January 31st was the next event on the calendar."- ,Min: '.'Sounds,lilce an interesting winter season." Ven: "Whattnext?l' Watch: "Spring vacation, which began on the 28th of March. Then, the last rigors of studying for finals came and passed." Ven: "When.. did all the girls hold Senior Prom?" Watch: "May 31st-and a gala affair it was -the summer gowns adding a festive air to Shaw Hall. Commencement weelc, beginning on the first of June, opened with Baccalaureate Services. The following day witnessed the Crowning of the, Queen .at the May Pageant, followed by the Freshman-Senior Outing. Class Day on June 3rd, was climaxed by the tradi- tional planting ofithe ivy." Min:. "Wait a minute and catch your breathln X I "1 Ven: "Yesl Remember l'm takiiig notes. Watch: -"'s see, we come to Wednesday, now. That was the night of the Senior Farewell Dinner at Shaw Hall. Next, was the observ- ance of Alumni Day on Thursday., June '6th, Commencement Day, and two successful years for the graduating Seniors ended--and that, my dears, is the end of the story." a page fifteen 1 enior ass A c9flQC9l'-5' I President . Vice President Secretary . - - Treasurer - - - - . BARBARA Woonnsnny MARION PATRICIA KISBER . . . t . CLAIRE D'AIvIIco . . . 1 . VIRGINIA Lurz Bach row :E Pat Kisber, Virginia Lutz Front row: Barbara VVoociiJerry, Claire D'AmiC0 Cglae Qcfyssey of 11,7 Setting: Time: Ancient Greece Place: Mt. lcia Characters: Minewa, Venus, and the VVatciIman fin orcier of appearance, Min: "It was time 23rd." Ven: "Noi You're wrong! It was the 24ti1i" Min: "I swear by Zeus that it was time 23rciI" Ven: "Here comes the watchman-i1e'H be able to teii us wiIo's right." Watch: "You're both wrong. In 1945 Mt. icia opened on the 26th of September. But why page fourteen time argument? VVi1at's important about time opening ciate of SCIIOOIAOII earth? Min: "Zeus has demanded it for his recorclsi Teil us what you imow about the class of '47." Watch: "VVeH, they lost no time in getting acquainted with time faculty and seniors at a tea given October 17ti1. VVitiI time Autumn Noc- IN 1. I 4 I I at , I ' Iufflemwdi :J-1"' V . 1' W' . lf' K hadtimeuflfff arg ' 5 Iiitfihedw I b ogiwszjoant, ,Q gi 2 j0anDi'Y'm. I CIw,DArf BuIm,,ww4 ""' . g 41 , 'liIeciasIIIoiiNv"-57? 'L I. upandomdrheogfvm 1 6 iv I galachfifhw W W , I -DecemBul3tivK,f',".'. - in ' season'sSPifff1f5"'r'!"' - 4 1 ' Aviitllfillfpvfu F' I Aslmnunbme eff - -- Q I Ven: "When vu M U' U" Watch: but 'I' 'P 'I grealnigintiiayldufz mann A ' Ha gathererl ts -we in I . Night' aipopx. Sw! mr Yu up Q theirannualimcim I' rv G .. 1... - ApIii26liImaMgQ,1,,,,,f,,, I I Min: 'Wm g,,,,,,, It I week?" 1 Watch: 'W1,5,, ,I 5 ,- i V tileffrowningof 5141 ,h u. E ' couIse,CiassDgI ix V -gb ' I onJu1Ie TIL." V """ ' I I Min. q- , , ' ' WPI 2' g t soffytnseetiIgyg,E:: vu. -.. . Walcil: ,ga Idaptedthmkehhg V- It th it .up- I,YlStlJitl11LQ1'33'e.sL' 'Y 5 u N. . M' V-N tljzmilmmdxk I-.,, S BEFIQSIU-!!lth3l6,l "' bw ..- - an EI-Ththgwognq W N .V 1 lileteaf' '- r-,hh -f M- I "' - In: Xtlhhbgv WUICIIJ "P Ax ign- 'Wm , i Viq I ss ,ieuftln Sh f' its Ven: -.whmnwg Hhs K I PIM?" 'U 3-E 5, M 4' WM- '- SN Shmgwff I+. . wks'-sf. X --frien wm? of Abrams 6, dlY'Il.iC6 in 'fmt Ht. lciaites MIRIAM BERKMAN lfpuppyfff Brookline, Mass. MERCHANDISING May Pageant l 5' 2, Dance Committee 2, Dramatic Club l, Riding I S' 2, Tennis I G 2, Athletic Association l S' 2, Idler Staff 2 v Cleveland or bust-twinkle toes--lcnib tin' socks for "Buddy"-realistic paint- ings-shaciow printed letters on rice paper ANNE Boi-IEN "Bae" Floral Park, Long Island, New xYorlc LIBERAL ARTS lcllerlstaff 2, Dance Committee 2, Riding 2. Newman Club 2 . Sparkling reel hair with personality even brighter-full of the devil-"Georgie Porgien-wishing for Cornell-voila les chapeau I page gepenieen QITL QRS.. V7- "",.:.1'f7fvf?ff:fv'1"1fF'7fT7:'f 'iw' " ' "f 'A " I z, - -V . ' .' , A-..:f:l::g3 5-' -N. -,g..' - , , - , , - ' 'ge-.y1:h3y v ' 'R ' ' , k,,1i?5+f4iYr: O N -2. wk? r, 475'-X2 'lg 'M if my E, W K. 2 iw? .W f ,I- MAmoN BARSAM Watedown, Mass. MEDICAL SECRETARY Glee Club I Cap and Gown Commit tee 2 urclc wrth a smrle-Ing brown eyes carefree-ready wxth a greeting for all 60 words a mmute page slxieen RUTH ABRAMS "Ruthie" Everett, Mass. LIBERAL ARTS Riding I Er 2, Idler Staff 2 Une half of the firm of Abrams Ea Galpern--Chem whiz-friendly-nice in every way-forever totin' Mt. lclaites Mmm BW' "PWM I Bmolxline, Mass MERCHANDI-W5 May Pageanf I ' ' Dramatic Gui lf12.AtHetx: Stag! Cleveland uf tin' socks for ' ings-shadow pr ram, I .. xi.- : q ,nm M A xi-Wh El:?ZABE:'i'l'l BRADY N, ea Committee I S Betty A in Riding 2, Presi- Chestnut Hin, Mass. ' """m'mf2 2 MEDICAL SECRETARY I 'hiwn - ' . MMT: , m he WCS-Miss Tennis 2, Riding I 5' 2, Newman Club 2 fmiiblibi ' - . ...L N tk, svwm0u"'lFl Long blond tresses--winning personal- ms ity-Bill 5' Gasoline Aiieyiii--on tile go JOANNE CAREY llloff Watertown, Mass. LABORATORY TECIIINICIAN Riding 1 Er 2 "He has a darling brother"-jolly-imer P. I. friends-ffrequent crushes-oimiiging page nineteen Q, . t 9 'A BEITY Boom "Bet" Waban, Mass. AIR LINE Hosnzss May Court 2, Activities Committee 1 Er 2, Dance Committee 2, Riding 2, Presi- dent of Alumni Committee 2 Mischievous gleam in her eyes-Miss fix it-ciashing-adorable--vivacious-in time middle of everything HELEN BRADLEY Derby, Conn. AIR UNE HOSFESS Riding l, Giee Club 1 Er 2, House Gov. Sec. 2 . Quiet and conscientious-wiiere ti1ere's Dociie tI'1ere's Helen-delightfully natural -headed for tire clouds page eighteen tif X X .Jiri in ' 3 57,771 uf?-5 .1 S ,H M1-,,,3. 1 yi 1' :J 2 ' , an ,X ' , gf-2 Aw ,J u 4 7 1,4 dw ,-5 -V ,,-. Euwmi Bw "Berry" Chestnut Hifi, MIN MEDICAL sicww Tennis 2,Riciing T f' l KWH' " Long Hemi fv- n.nn1ecM,n, 1.1, . . I Nmu CAYLBH ali Vos.. NL, In-Q -4 .i, ""-11 s S3 lGaC1uhlE'2.Tenni, N-Olin'-..L,s m . A ya . he 'mc-Brewster Ad., ' ' MM 0' '52 Plum, gym' ,- ,V Z RHODA H. CHURCHILL "DocIie" Melrose, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Riding I, Glee Club 1 5 2, Activities Committee-Secretary ' Wonderful sense of humor-pearly whites fromewloo juice-what is it that attracts Dodie to the Melrose hospital- all 'round gal ., if s..:r,rf x, LEE Col-IEN Brookline, Mass. LIBERAL ARTS Glee Club 1 fr 2, Riding 1 E' 2, Tennis.2 Intelligence personified-chic hair styles -pleasing personality-serious-minded 5 page twenty-one CYNTHIA CAYLISH "Cindie" Brighton, Mass. SECRETARIAL Riding 1 E' 2, Glee Club I 5' 2. Tennis I 5 2 ' "AIouette" - loves music - Brewster Academy-is if hockey or the players, Cindie? ' -' I ii Doif I S5 V' LlB0i1"r .,..1- ... 1 RCC' ii J. attrads U' .wr ANNIE CHIN Cambridge, Mass. AIR UNE Hosrzzss - Riding l 5' 2, Idler Staff 2 ' Artistic if friendly - gallop queen - a sincere and winning personality - con- scientious ' 1 . page twenty A A 11. 'W' ' mm M 'La' wan 'ills 1 -ha. " L t Blu, .. ,.., ufmrux Club l Ev 2. Tennis2 A -:fig un 3.u.hln 'Shand-made sweat. xr an A time WINCH I w bury. u as very ' mn" 'QIWHYS the center JOAN DALY u' n Io Brockton, Mass. MERCHANDISING Vice President of Freshman Class I. Student Government l,'Dance Commit- tee, l, Riding I 5' 2, Tennis Club 2, Atti- letic Association 2, Photography Commit- tee l. Newman Club 2 Sophisticated lacty-brilliant Hue eyes -loves books and poetry--perfume be- tween ttne lines-smooth sailing CLAIRE D'AM1co Astimont, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Class Secretary I 612, Student Cvovem- ment 1 G' 2, Cvlee Club 1 En' 2, House Gov: Treasurer 2, Dance Committee Chairman 2, May Pageant 1, Activities Committee 2, Riding 1, Newman Club' 2 H ShC,S engaged, she's lovely, she has Alec-that delay look-sweet and lovely Garains, tooU-rurfhanlr you muct1Iy"-- "The Things We Did Last Summer." page twenty-three - SYBIL COHEN . Waban, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN A Riding l 5' 2, Glee Club l 5' 2, Tennis 2 Keep 'em laughing--hand-made sweat- ers-there was a time when I was very small-"Tufts forever"-always the center of distraction GENEVIEVE COLONY AA . l otsYl . Somerville, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding 1 G 2 Halo of curls-loves music-climples- sweet-oh! he's wonderful page twenty two Joes Dwi u lov' I Bmw- MEICHAWNS Vice Pmsivq-Af fQfI.3 an Smdenffygztflfff'-F "1 feex,R1i:.sf"l 'ff-2 Jmwgna, gnu leiiciissodaria: L ' ' leg I, Num: . Sopimfliairt iff'-' :mae aw - -loves ani 'P' 'VW' " iween the Luce-sum" us. fm U s in , 4. fm, 'ix X 1 MK A DOROTHY DONNELLY A L F wma E M. x H Belmont, Mass. ffwfmm, N N GHSRH LABORATORY TECHNICIAN w-...M 'VQ ,f,,,,1,kmH QL Riding l G 2, Tennis 1 S' 2 "M" Cwfyylhmd A She cloesn't blush-iier face 'just gets recl-dimples-quiet and unassuming- sweet and naive 5 SUSAN Jovcra DUNNE llloycell Wellesley, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS 1 Student Government li President 2: May Court l S' 2, Activities Committee 2, Alumni Committee 2, Riding 1 Ev' 2 Carrot top-Charming yet unaffected- nice in every way-pretty as a picture' page twenty-five NANCY DEMBERT Q KKDanny,, I Scranton, Pa. LIBERAL ARTS May Court l, Idler Staff-Photography Editor 2, Riding 1 Er 2, Giee Club 1 Er 2. House Government 2, Tennis 2 uCan't get Georgia off my mir1d"- never worry till worry worries you--fun loving gal-my slcis. my camera and I page twenty four VIRGINIA C. DAY "Ginny" Braintree, Mass. FINE ARTS , Giee Club 1 8' 2. Riding l 6' 2. Idler Staff 2, Student Government 2 Expressive eyes-creative-roll call- here 717i--infectious giggle-"Night and Day" ' Donorfn' ULML' Belmont. Hass L4BOK4T0lU RSM?-v Riding I E1 3' - She doesnli bf- lv P red-dimples-sur ve anna-vu sweet and IEW pr Z in huh Ov l.,,N.n. V- U ,X .W fa - " 4'-1 . ,ml an ,W .D ,"L'm'P0Du- IU' LM 58" 'fiwmi fatal OLYTMPIA Fiona "Ollie" Boston, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Glee Club 1 e 2, Riding 1 Flawless complexion-long black hair -a friendly hello-reserved--neat ANN L. FLEMING Arlington, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS . Tennis 1 Er 2, Riding 1 5' 2 Forever at the club house-cute-fre quent Hat tiresfquiet page twenty-seven MARY Louisa EMMoNs l Lou!! V Braintree, Mass. loummusu ' Glee Club l S' 2, Ricling l 5' 2. Dance Committee l, Boulder Staff l Er 2, Busi- ness Manager 2, Associate Editor of Idler 2, Activities Committee 2. President of House Government 2, Dance Committee 2, May Court 2 "John loves Nlaryu-button nose-iov- able-Ivy Bail-sparkling eyes and a cupid bow page twenty-six Enrm JUNE EKLUND Roslindaie, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding 2, Tennis 2 Dartmouth weeic-encis-raciiant-popw iarity plus--Hasiming dimples--the fatal third finger occupied q Cum F1011 noun" Boston, Mm. LABORATORY 75130 Giee Club i 5 1 hw Hawley an -a iriemiiw Sain-4-rm. 1 RUTH M. GALPERN Ruthie ""'-' QQ Chelsea, Mass. :Mlm .Qui LIBERAL ARTS 4 514 il-A ' f4'g ,:v,,, ,I 1 -'Umm lm l, 'dire Stqgw - ! ' H mg -mi 1, Clk Club. I . L.4Lr"we-7Y"! lhituiggm w'mn'w'm'1!!1d for Riding I fr 2, Idler Staff 2, Dance Com- mittee I Other half of Gaipern and Abrams- gonna start that diet, Ruthie?-David is her capital in Baltimore-Cafe H. J. her Waterloo , I GLORIA GLICKMAN 0 Newton, Mass. MEDICAL SECRETARIAL Riding 1 5' 2, Tennis 1 5' 2 Two dimples tack tier smile-beautiful blond hair-Qtlie big three-quiet :page twenty-nine ROSEMARIE Fusco 1 1 Srno I 1 4 Medford, Mass. ' AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding I Er 2 Tennis I 5' 2 The volce-distant relations Wanna play bridge? personality plus Smoky s wlnstle page twenty eight YOLAN M. FORTH Cambridge, Mass. LIBERAL ARTS Boulder Staff I 5' 2, ldler Stall 2, Riding I Er 2, Dramatics 2, Tennis I, Glee Club l Active in SCl'l00l affairs-tres intelligent -excellent conversationalist-magnet for men RLTH Fl W-"" "Rail Chelsea vii' 1 ulilu AF mitief 5 ' sa fm Y' gonna re" M 'ff lier fzpital If Ti wilfflfvi X . . .' - . -, . . . H ' i , nf , n V f ' . . "fx, f ' ' E' - 'f -ff.. H -1' . 1 2 Q " A - 0 'IR alum, LY RENNE Goum "Pudge" , mm 5flGl,, QM - Waltham, Mass. -SECREMRIAL COURSE 'M W Mfifff-Hawlm Riding 1 G 2 , e mmf" uh' Emi AJ- Unaffective yet effective-quiet-take ai 0 letter "Brown Eyes" i GE:NEx Govsrrs Broclctqnf ,Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding 1 G' 2, Tennis I S' 2, Athletie Club 2 .' Flyinf 'High - friendly -- rny Sergeant and I-Brockton .belle page thirty-one SYLVIA Gonvsns "Lambchop" Lynn, Mass. MERCHANDISQNG, Giee Club l 5' 2, Riding l 5"2, Tennis' ' I Er 2 She possesses the rock of Gibraltar, Mr. Tiffany-conscientious-serious thought behind those sultry eyes--heart of gold page thirty ANN GOODMAN "Gooc1ie" Brookline, Mass. Tennis l G' 2, Riding I Er 2, Glee Club 1 8' 2 Cool, Calm, and collected-Hawless complexion-qualifies for Break acl- where's Lorraine? Rm Cox! "PMI Waltham Vu ! 'SEGHAIAL CSU Ridinglbi Unaime wr or letter "Him En' Q ali" HPI O 'bi If 00" 'Iac' A 'tvs ll """"l'u., :I 'W Q1 " 1 L- N . A 11 !.f!Xl11i,ldl5ShH2 V M we-ri! Bm . s Mig tam fm he Siu BARBARA ELAINE HART "Bobbie" Beverly Hiiis, California I LIBERAL ARTS 2 Dramatics l, Riding l S' 2, Tennis I 5' 2 2 "California, ixere I come"-could Lauren Bacail be slalaiing her styles?-beauty and brains - budding Tixespian -- "To Each His Own"-Jim-m-my!! PAULINE HASWELL "Polly" Greenwood, R. I. AIR UNE HOSTESS 1 Riding I 5' 2, May Pageant l I Small but oil! my oili-turnecl up nose -a little ciariing-sweet page thirty-three May Pageant I, Literary Editor of Iciier 2, " BARBARA ANN GREENWOOD ' "Barb" A Norwood. Mass. AIR UNE HOST ESS -Student Government Representative 2. Athletic Association 2, Activities Com- mittee 2 Tennis 2 May Pageant l R1 mg l Fr 2 Twmlclmg eyes where s Vvooclberry? quiet and unassuming nice things come m small packages page thirty two PATRICIA GREENE ll'Pat,l Philadelphia, Pa. EINE ARTS Glee Club I 5' 2, Riding l, Idler Staff 2 Petite-gallant gallop-sl1e's little but shes wise. si1e's a little terror for her size -giggles N l Bignm Hass' Beverly Hivf 2 I UIDLRI A175 May Pagan' 2 ELLJKE L f 'rr gn .gmr X .iii ' Dramaticsi F-mu f' - " ' HC3lii0fT:ii.2tP' IIB' '20 BBCAH be Shing mr e--U Q' and brains-:nam mn-an Each Hu fini.-five a w ..... '.d-H H 10311 Rst. u ..,, 5 4, :WNFR 'MW wx: YI 'NTTLY' 'ffl ' , 4. " N him , L4 mm DFJLAQ Nh 51,55 ,gum 5 . 4 ' T'm11f2.NQw. -suffemw , , 2 MARION LOUISE JOHNSON Dorchester, Mass. LIBERAL ARTS Riding I 5' 2. Glee Club l Er 2, Treasurer 2. Student Activities Committee 2. May Pageant 1 5' 2, Cap and Gown Commit- tee 2 Bilrs queen-that sultry look--friencuy -a go-getter-oh! for time life of a base- ball player EFFIE KESSARIS Beverly, Mass. MED1cAL sscnsmiuf Tennis l 5' 2, Riding 1 En' 2 Ray of sunshine-OH Mrs. Richer- wit supreme-everyl:Jody's pal-dungarees ancl shirts page thirty-five BARBARA ANN HEFNER New Britain, Conn. MEDICAL ASSISTANT A Glee Club 2, Riding 2, Tennis 2, New- man Club 2 Our gift from Fordham-quiet but in- CIllStI'IOLIS--CBICI SIIEIFICTSIHCCTC RUTH HEWITT Arlington, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding I 5' 2 Tennis I 5' 2 uret but with loyalty hard to beat wonderful disposition loves those days away from class page thirty four 5 Mmm ui Dorchair - uma Ar? ,i 'au Ridmgzk -f ' ' ""' 2, 5 """"" Q' Pageaniitl f' W "' ""' lee! BiII'sm..e1.1 Q' -5- ww -ago-geftrwr :f an ,W f ...r ball play: r Q' '- 2 .. I is A, E i-IX. 7 'QNX KI an ,, .Maw u."4 iq. im. . Y K N I.-,NHS ,.,.,,.,m,m .N IMH '.,,,m i"'i"fl-.wmm1h,:lXf? X DOROTHY LE BRASSEUR N T I " 'lf- u n ,,m,Qn a Qui 1, Achwhg Dot .M 1 - Waning Cmmmeml Arlington, Mass. Q43 v-,A ' wmv LWZ AIR LINE Hosress ,uIuX,,,t uvm: -mf. af I fl II I 'msn ELEM Riding I S- 2, Tennis IG- 2, May Pageant If su. ' 'mamlhw' l Ms BQ I I New MM 'W That ve dm Fun lovinv gal-peaches and cream -vwn V, r I . Mmm Winans 'L complexion-feather cut-those Harvard nog W - men VIRGINIA LUTZ "Ginny" Dorchester, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Riding 1 8' 2, Glee Club. Vice President l, President 2, May Pageant l, Student Government 2, Activities Committee 2. Seniornclass Treasurer 2, Newman Club 2 Her biological vocabulary--l'm an Aunt-"The Very Thought of You?- lmittin' sweaters for Bob-Hlitterbugn page thirty-seven M ' r MARION PATRICIA KISBER Q flpatil Jackson, Tennessee LIBERAL ARTS W Riding 1 6' 2, Glee Club l 5' 2, House Government 1, Dance Committee l. Vice- President of Senior Class 2, Activities Committee 2, Student Government 2, Idler. Bibliography Editor 2 Southern accent, southern charm-to know her is to love her-Annapolis week- encl-big brown eyes that are always misbelwavin'-whirlwind romances with "Yankees" SHERWOOD LAY Island Pond Vermont AIR LINE HOSTESS Transferred from University of Vermont Raven hair and big brown eyes pleas ing pefsonality radiant smile page thirty szx . Dggom 3 rw ' IW' Mingior. WI in IM H155 Riding I E-L 'rf-1 l Fun k-str' If compkxioz-Q-we NCD v X. y 1.54 rx 'vu .V its nw O ,...u-no if u. .. Bm .q..' Wu NN' wh, Q "Nbr: Qui! 'Will gp Q QV' I-PM 5'-Q A Nwmsajxmsul My Ki lay! . Hung-a.mBufm',,iMLd up "M ui, ni 'MMV PEARLETTE MCDOWELL fl fl Portland, Maine AIR UNE HOSTESS Riding l Er 2. May Pageant l, Alumni Committee 2, Dance Commilfee 2, Idler'2 A "natural"--three helpings of Welsh rarebii-sweet disposition-Oh! for the life of a model-Joim'son's baby powcler RosALus VMERSKY Brookline, Mass. SECRETARIAL Riding l 8' 2. Glee Club' I S' 2 A tiny package tied with a giggle-that famous blond streak--Gleclcman, Sh-omer, and Mersky, Inc.-a friendly smile and a friendly manner 1 page thirty mne VIRGINIA MACKENZIE "Ginnie" Milton, Mass. MERCHANDISINC . Dance Committee l, Giee Club 1, Pho- tography I, Idler, Business Manager 2, Boulder 2, Newman Club 2 Bobbie pins and wave set-Leo Lit- win's diplomat-Cuibertson's right hand man-what would we cio without Cape Cod. X HELEN MARINES West Roxbury, Mass. SECRETARIAL Riding 2,'Tennis 2 Our future lawyer-what class am I missing now?-much ado about nothing . -friendly to all page thirty eight xx, HCM' Porting Eff un wr sem Riding I fd --at 34-1' Comme: . .atv nw"v A rein -tw new. filtiiii-FKEE' Ctsxmrxa- ? Irie oi a rms- ,KIT -1- ,- .,,,,..n favs w, I 4. A 5' W' ANN MURPHY lim aaMurphrn i , . Dorchester, Mass. 'H N ww D1 egg- - ww V- gint 1-Alum LIBERAL ARTS , ,vam- 'Nluuu W' .v P lcller 2, Glee Club 1 5' 2, Boulder 1 5' 2, - . MWUYH4 R'din 16 2 i nd mu b l g " ' N 'ezpmbdamk Q - fa- .1 f f- A um uunuxvnrfifonm ulet, su nous an a rue rlen - ' conscientious worker-bangs ANN MYRICK Amesbury, Mass. E SECRETARIAL Glee Club l 5' 2, Athletic Club 2, Cap and Gown Committee 2, Tennis 1- 5' 2 Heart of gold--dips at ti1eVuY"- brownies-quiet-future Sonia Henie page forty-one THELMA MOORE Walpole Mass AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding 1 Ev 2 Dramahcs l Reserved a laugh for all-friendly ln tenlgent Thelma P1199 Orb' META Mums' e AMMLW Barryville, New York MMWL' AIR uma HOSTIQSS A Dofchmgyh Riding l 5' 2. May Pageant l, Alumni A mum Committee 2, May Court 2 ' lJluZ.GaGd ' tl sl' ' Annapolis, here I come--just Polly and Ridins IH me-sweet and lovely-up in the clouds Mm gf 4 Q 3 -a Ubarrelq of fun at North Conway t wnmwmmg.. f 2 . I 2 'ESI ent 1 tu de I uh I ACl'lVIlIe5 l ltller2 D BIICQ U VT an ol Cll1ngseRe Lijknnan P ta and fY1SCl1ers P- BARBARA NUTTING Barb Wellesley Hills Mass AIR UNE HOSTESS Treasurer of Freshman Class l Student Government I May Court l G' 2 Achvi ties Committee I Er 2 Dance Committee l A sweet personality full of rascalxty lively and talkative-a spice of mirth let me call you sweetheart that different voice , ..,,. , ,.,,, I , W. :iw.7h,H :W l l . :::l,,N.A:,v,.5JA: , ,, '-f v .. A-251 A ' ' ' -'1Qf'.U 9723152555 , . , ,. f nrsifw ,f-Z-g::w t , -4-1. us, ...E ...qm- 1' CAROL O,ROURKE Belmont, Mass. 4 MERCHANDISING Dance Committee I, Riding 1 Ev Tennis l Er 2, Athletic Association 2, Newman Club 2, May Court 2 That Boston loolc with matching figure -what have those Swedish men got- natural beauty, natural curls, natural blush-famous for sentence prayers- nightly telephone calls page forty-three FRANCES G. Norr- "Doo Doo" Braintree. Mass. AIR uma iiosress Dance Committee 1, Riding I Er 2, Boul- der Stan, 'l Er 2, Editor of Ye Idler, May Court l S' 2 I "Yankee," first and always-time scent of Cilantilly-disposition to be envied- 'cfs E0 to PFCSS-just stepped out of a band box ' page forty-two JOAN NEWBURY lfloaniefl Rochester, N. H. AIR uma HOSTESS- ' Freshman Class President 1, Student Government 1, Glee Club l, Activities Committee I, Riding I, Idler 2, Dance Committee 2, Chairman of Chinese Re- lief I Dresden doll-Doberman Pinschers- lovely smile--sleep and more sleep- maple squares 'vii Bmw 1 we Weiiuif! Hi' 'ax Am uv! Tram!! :wav all """ G0FCHlIDC3'4 W' iff-' ' Hescomggg ' Q-Q iunr iQ risweei gmvwf' ff- I """' 'ively'and!aihfrv'-4 sn' 1 M" " me cali pm !l'f7B' fr voice N lit N Doms PECK Braintree. Mass alia Club 1 62, 1-mms """'mins-sunshine 1 and Isa r .br X AIR LINE Hosnzss Glee Club 2, Riding l 5' 2 A sunny disposition is her treasure- pleasing personality-thoughtful-long to be remembered. Lois PETERSON lf e If I Belmont, Mass. ' I SECRETARIAL - Idler 'Staff 2, Riding 1 8' 2, Cap and Gown Committee Poilaclfs' better half--that green Ford -small but oh! my-passion for reel- sincere friend--qualifies for a Revlon acl page forty-five PATRICIA PEABODY' "Pat" ' Wellesley Hills, Mass. ubanuu, ARTS ' t Glee Club 1 5' 2, Nlaycourt 1, Queen 2, Idler Staff 2. Riding 1 Ev 2, Dance Comf mittee 2 Every inch a queen--intelligence exem- plified--tile epitome of -grace and charm- she Hies through the air with the greatest of ease page orty- our ROBERTA PARA Dm pw Winthrop, Mass. Bmimmghm AIR uma HOSTESS ' mm mm Rigirgg l 5' 2. Glee Club l 5' 2, Tennis Glucihimq , I . A . M' 5 5 ,Quiet and unassuming-sunshine gal ,cw Fm' ' up , pleasmgpeumufm-mam - --sociology talk-my bnefcase and I be 2 . f f 'vi 1 ' u i . 'gum fl u. fmflxw T - ffmis 1, Dm Commit, i mm ew with gold 'IN QBUMY Ficiie MARGARET PUTNAM Bethel, Vermont AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding 2 t A Transferred from time U. of Vt.-Dean's list gal-tres nice-concert goer-child 'psychology whiz 4 i 1 J ii LILLIAN Ruocco "Lil" Lexington, Mass. SECRETARIAL Activities Committee 2, Riding I EJ' 2. Tennis 2 A good sport is always weicome-gooci- natured-tall, blonde, wavy hair--a wee bit undecided-UB. L. T. sandwicl1es"- everybodyfs pal page forty-seven DELPHINE PRUSSIAN "Del" Detroit. Michigan MERCHANDISING Chairman of Activities Committee 2, Idler Stall 2. Riding I Er 2, Atlmletic Commit- tee 2 More lan mail than Lana Turner-the men in lxer life-clynamic personality- Uppie Duppxe-Asp 1720 page orly six Doms Pou.AcK ' "Dada" Belmont, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Riding 1 Er 2, Tennis 2, Dance Commit- tee l l The other half-a friendly smile with a friendly manner-green eyes with gold speclcs-a clream complete-"My Ficlcle Eye" Mxxoowz Bethel, l L11 AIR UXE Hem Riding 2 lramlenei list gal-fre psyclmology ut NME n 'N A y i y f - ' ' Y LN ' LEAH STROMER ..Lee.. Dorchester, Mass. --um, H G2 MEDICAL-USECRETARIAL ' we -wud disposition-a Dean's list-medical Work-Glicltman, nw. whiny to Russian Merslcy, Stromer, Inc.-alert-friendly ,W 'NORMA G. TANQUAY Waban, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Riding l Ev' 2, Tenms l 6' 2 The height of fashion-lels and Hawai- ian sunsets-witty stories-smooth vqice -perpetual lchitter page forty -mne LORRAINE SCHULTZ' Brookline, Mass. MBRCHANDISING Riding I S' 2. Glee Glub l Er 2, Tennis 18-2 "Goodies" better half-Tufts forever- a carefree manner-ul missed the bus" page forty-eight EUNICE SARGEANT "Boots" I Groton, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding l 5' 2, Tennis l 5' 2 Where's Gene?-good disposition-a cheery hello-always rusiiin' to Russian F P QI I I W n , Lam Smonu i "Lee" , Dorchester, Mau, L MEDICAL SECREIAIAL I Dean's list-medics? nur Merslxy, Simmer. inf X I i I I 4 V, iv is I I ! L A 5. P' X, '1 Q Ll E 95 5 TU, J I si NN , t ,rvf GEORGIA TREBLAS A Watertown, Mass. MEDICAL SECRETARY Riding l 5 2, Tennis 1 Er 2, Boulder 2, ..!uIJlE'2,Seqgfm Glee I Er 2 "I I Future Alice IVIarIJIe-Effie and I- ,exen temperedq, lwinlcly eyes - happy-go-Iuclcy - raven '- vw- ,, ., l. me and Rictie el locks I RITA TREBUL Lynn, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding 1 G 2 Busy Iaee--cute smile--Ioriclge fiend- aIWays seen at the club house page fifty-One IVIARJORIE ToLsTRoP Malden, Mass. AIR LINE HOSTESS Riding I G 2, Tennis 1 E! 2 Don't tell me time car broke clown again-grown-out feather bob-Anchors Aweighu ' page fiffy MARCIA THOMPSON GEORGIA Tnmu Waieriown. Nw "Marc" . ICAL SECRETARY Newport, Rhode Island MED MED1cAL ASSISTANT 1 Riding I 5 2' Tmm' 5 5' Riding l 5' 2, Glee Club l Er 2, Secretary 2: May Pageant I 5' 2 Giee Club I 6 2 1 , Future Alice Mutiiir-M lwinlily eyes- happy B' 1 "Danny ' Boy"-even tempered-ben A i locks bottom trousers-Johnnie and Rickie ,T Hx H. H3041 'Q :Q tffmnwalwa . with M4 Yuwlh 'CPS Revlon in 1 MARTHA WEIR Belmont, Mass. '- LABORATORY ,TECHNICIAN Tennis I 5' 2, Ricling I Er 2 Bin for nov, Bill for always-tau and clark--new car-wedding any year-ac- commoclating-pleasing ,nature BARBARA WHITIEN "Barb " ' Ashland, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNRIAN Rldlllg I 61' 2, Tenms l 5' 2, May Court 182 Boots and saddle--quick with a smile neat as a pm- What do you have for Illl'lCIl?n page fifty-three AUDREY VAUGHAN Newton Highlands. Mass. UBERAL ARTS May Court 2. Student Activities Commit- tee 2, Glee Club l, Riding 1 5' 2, Idler Stag 2 "Calling Dr. Vaugiiannn-both beauty and brains-June weclcling-all around gal-KOH Captain, my Captain page fifty-fwv f 1 Y w 1 I I W. f X NORMA ANN Tusuvo Nlilforcl, Mass. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Riding l 5' 2,ATennis 1 5' 2 il "Back home for keeps"-always with I the gang--lights out--keeps Revlon in i business I I ! w i w I N i 1 i 1 ' MARTHA WSH Belmont. Mme woman ncrmcw .L- Tennis I E 2, Ridinl ' - - Bill for noi. Bali ine vu darli-new Q1--lfamf commociaiing-plenum ra NN, BNN .NM X r EQMERRY f QU 7211 I s FM Ln Eikliiutientfjovem L mi Metz-Alwnni 14. HIC -'ksodahon 2' N - 55" Uffupied- ...sgparumg smile-curb "Viv-mg J BLOSSOM YOUNG IIB , I Merion, Pa. MERCHANDISING 4 Idler Staff 2, Dramatics l, Riding 1 5' 2, Tennis l 8' 2, Athletic Association 2 Beautifill clottlcs and figure to match- Emother frappe coming up-4a half pint of gaiety - wonderful disposition - full of - ' mirth. P099 fifty-ffv s , 1 A 'I . ,1 If c V qs, wi,- va ' !!3'?', f ELAINE YECKES U Yuclz' New York City, New York LIBERAL ARTS A Cvlee Club 1, Riding 1 ff 2, Tennis 1 8' 2 Fashionable miss-ivory complexion- unique hair cio's-crates of oranges-early to bed page fifty-four BARBARA WQODBERRY "Barb" ' Norwood, Mass. AIR UNE HOSTESS Senior Class President 2, Student Govern- ment 2, Activities Committee 2, Alumni Committee 2, Athletic Association 2. May Court 2 The fatal third finger occupied- Madam President--sparkling smile-con-A scientious worker-sweet K '34 1: 3 ,re fa 552 X3 Buossom Yom: "Bios" Merion, Pm MERcHAND1smc Idler Stag 2, Qi Q. Tennis l fa 2. Much: .Kam Beautiful dod-R, md hm Smother frappe mmm W.. giiefy - wondalul mirth. +5 H1 LQYW emehnmlhe 9195: who ask me iI I have zfxfifffihl han1.1,0M em 5 Q Wfffrcel 3 . 1 we. 3 'M do 'mf appreciate 's , 16.6 'ml' 09911 llle floor, S""'d ill On weekends, " g" 'M' flffvfns al the Bd If bm after sunset' vin think they have nw me Bdweentlxeendof ni 'nr 6E another. an 4 :Edie wg, if M wah big in as an who Jodi IBUBIT at l + WL . Q' f Q' . gm , an Athletic-Danny Dembert D Fashionable-Elaine Yeclces Beautiful-Joyce Dunne G"UCefUl-D00 D00 NON Cuge?Barl,a,-a Nuffing H Humorous--Anne Bohen Diplomatic-Barbara Vvoodlaerry 1nfellecfw1l+Audrey Vaughan QED. Energetic-Barbara.. Nlltfilig U page fifty-seven get Qeeves . . . Ruth Ahrams-Finding the car filled with smolcing stoves and cigarette hutts. Miriam Berkman-Trains that are late going to anci from Cleveland. P Anne Bohen-Men with sloppy shoes and five .o'cioclc shadows. V it - Annie Chin-Cars racing down the roacl with an empty hack seat. Xi ' Rhoda Churchill-Talking heiore breakfast. Joyce Dunne-When there isn't one cigarette in the house. 4 Virginia Day--Lucky girls with natural curls. Mary Lou Emmons--incompetent mail service. Ruth Gaipem-Fire escapes in dorms. Pat Greene+-Phiiacleiphiaii' Bohhie Hart-People who know your business before you do. W Pony Hasweil-Eiopements U Ruth Hewittflxfly car. . Marion Johnson-Mr. Wood's winning soft- ball team. ' . Pat Kisher-People who say they are from the ' South--South Boston. . Dot LeBrasseur--People who ask me if VI have cut my hair. Virginia 1ViacKenzie-Getting harci-hoiied eggs for soft ones. Meta Miiis-PoIly's innocencei Thelma Moore-People who do not appreciate the "Three Sons." W Barhara Nutting-Richard won't open the cloor. Caroi,O'Rourice-Snoweci in on week-ends. Roberta Para-The fog which deepens at the Paddock Ciuh until one hour after sunset. Lillian Ruocco-Men 'who -think they have smooth lines. i Doris. Pollack-The time hetween the enci of one romance and the 'beginning df another. Rita Trehui-Smolcey's whistle. K Norma Tanquay-Big fat men with hig fat cigars in hig fat cars. Blossom Young-People who cion't laugh at my jokes. I air 'i'2r'iii' PGQ9AfiffY'SiX . W. A KCI. iz., n er. iw H.. , my hfhtx v ip y B 5.. 'iw NN Q1 'Aww Best All 'Round-Danny Dehmbert . P NEW! ,mv Dv Win .., Q,-ce UWB uv-+ Mm . fU7 ,Mo,.3wlf'W W, DS Sophisticated-Barbara Hart CTP e Talented-Virginia Lutz Unclerstancling--Ruth Hewitt Versatile-Ginny Day Witty-Rosemade Fusco QQ. Xecutive-Virginia MacKenzie KYD. Youthful-Pat Greene fzf. zealous-Yolan Forte A page fifty-nm 'ff I . ' 1 Q rbkiuegwxvzzf. . , , f 7,-fm: aff ' , ' ' -I "ww ' -'xii'f.,"gE?f4fif'i-g?EgFfrfL3 Jf'3?n5ii41-lf1""21i,ffbfri I if f f .2162 .aff .- 2 If QV!! 1 wg '. 77' fy' ' , 1 i ,s1gfA:'w-,f"Q, . Qyfifzih -,Lf 1 z- J ' Q-g..:.:v1vg ,, -1 ' :V , , PM -,322 f 534:04 ,"7',1?z, ' , f' "5 I W ,543 3.g:,fifig, 1 , 1 , ,f , .wp ., f Nf,:x,, ,, L. IN... " fr K , ' min 27.41 . - gp- :i'w-gf',Q- - , L :gpg .Q'9',fI.r",f , ' gf" ' , 1 11, X -' 'ff I 1-' J 3 .Mo f- 'A,,:- . 'QM' V , Wh f V , k - k ..fzm:Z:s,.-4 , 3,1--'K . 'QW 0, .M 'WZ9'V"f 1 wink.. " .ifffff-i' f",,:o5'a1' 'Lf ' - - 6, ..,, , ' 19:21-'Fr Wswlnns-:Mawy - fm f- 'ilry -'Efmfmf L wh, -f-WM , HM 1 fuck 1" "L: . ' ,M m fm 1' "Mia WY " W5Li,'.- 4' ., 5-"iii 1 - ,J ,, ,. '- " ,.- N f ' pw: a 4 v 0 J ' . ' g,, . .HL V ' '5'WgffJ1? 1-W , f.fz'f , . f H M , . 4 "L" . ' kgzf-g'57vfA,1'i':1-Y 5. , fy . : G-4,-gcfzviv f k v ' ' :f 2z', f2w'2 ' ,w,,,f..:ff,r,.H. , ' mfff , . ff ,4"'?W2f LQZWJL-s ff"'4'f""' ""'f Y 241 2 '22 ' -We-f.1lyff s 1 , .uv J '-gy .25 ,I , +1 1 A 16" '2 .- Q f'.:L3f.fffiZ'J4 ,f x ,f' ' 1' ' fW.':""1W'l"!f'9 t - m'm'w"K" 'Y ,4 -I -, ---f:'fcf.zfr . f Wi" -' V1 ":':.fvy, fx fm '- ,. 2. "hm, 'eg,5:,': - A f -, fy' '- 4 . Q" ' ' , ' , - ' 4- k Mr . 2731- " fff:1f.f"5f'?25 , f clifffsff ..,: , . 'J 5 6442 if" ,f O A :fl ,931 4: " ? Wff' , QD. Iblly--Pat Kisber UO. Kind-Ginny Lutz 0.41. Loyal-Doris LeBrasseur Magnedz:-Pat Kislaer mae fiffy-eishl fOl. Original-Ginny Day QPQ. iQ,- UU- Populdr-Pat Kisber Queenly-Jqyce Dunne' Reliable-Bhrlzara Wmdberw fNf. Natuml-Candy MacDoweII n 1 L' 1 C lSl. mr. 1 K. dhghxg ru in Q W3 U m M- x-MSHA N Wlr ' 5 .k' . Jw: Towua Sm.: Liwsou nm McCm1ri Nusa Muimm, Nalclirnan fEnter Diana and Penelope, Diana: "What is the reason for the conven- tion? What's happening?" Watch: ul was just telling Venus and Mi- nerva the outstanding events of the class of '47 at Mount lda.' Pen: "Well, you're just the one we want to see. We're interested in the Freshman class." Watch: "Sit down, my dears, sit down-H Ven: "We'll leave you to these youngsters, sir. lt's about time for us to bow out anyhow. Thanlc you for your trouble. We really appre- ciate the time you've given us." fExit Ven. and Min., Watch: "Now, what is it that you want to lcnow about the new blood at Mount Ida?" Pen: "Well, we want to lcnow an awful lot but we may as well start from the beginning. On what day did school start?" Diana: "Yes, and what was their first social event?" Watch: "Wait a minutel. One thing at a time, my dearsl's see, school started with a bang on September 24th. Early in October the freshmen were socially introduced to the faculty and seniors at a tea given especially for this purpose." Diana: "Guess by then the freshmen were really accepted into the swing of Mount Ida." Watch: "Well, not yet-they had one more thing to do before they really belonged. They call it Senior Day there-that's the day when all freshmen talce their lowly stands before the mighty seniorsl And that's the day late in November when alarm cloclcs all over the dorm are ringing before 5:30 a.m., The teasing and crazy costumes-were enjoyed by one class as well as the other." Pen: "That sounds lilce funl But tell me, f ,when did social life start for these frosh?" Watch: "At an informal dance given by the Seniors on November 2nd. That freshman class came to Longwood Towers in drovesl It was a wonderful affair which put a lot of spirit into these new girls. The Christmas formal on December 14th, too, saw a great number of excited freshmen. They were really in the spirit of things by then." . Diana: "Did they have a Christmas party?" Watch: "Oh, yesl And a jolly- one at that -a steal: dinner climaxed by singing and pres- ents given out by their own Santal And then came a nice long vacation." Pen: "After such a vacation, they must have been full of energy. Watch: "indeed they werel They got right to worlc and elected their officers. And a won- derful group they chose: Presidentflean Towle Vice President-Sally Lawson Secretary-Ardeth McCarthy Treasurer-Nancy Mulcahy Then, of course. came their mid-year exams. After that grind studies toolc a holiday while the girls toolc an exciting trip to North Conway on January 3lst. There they had fun and fresh air while slciing, slcating and tobogganinglu Diana: "Bet they were exhausted when they came baclc. Any brolcen bones?" Watch: "Nopel And in spite of blaclc-and- blue marlcs they began to plan the next year's trip." Diana: "When did these frosh get together at a meeting of their own?" Watch: "That was on February 13th at which time they discussed last minute details foritheir first dance which was to be two days later." ' Pen: "Ohl How did the dance go over?" Watch: "lt was quite a success. Everyone turned out for this-freshmen and seniors alilce. It was held at the Normandie Room and they had ieason to be proud of the way it went off." Diana: uDidn't they have a Valentine Party?" Watch: "Oh yesl l forgot that-they had their party February 13th-a stealc dinner with hearts to matchln Pen: "Did they hold any more dances of their own?" Watch: "Yes, and a marvelous affair it wasl It was the annual cabaret dance-with a terrific floor show. l thinlr it was held around the middle of April. Soon after that, they gave the luncheon for the seniors at the Fox and Hounds. It wa's sort of a farewell affair, you see." Diana: "What a seasonl Sounds lilre those freshmen were pretty busyln Pen: "Yes, but they hated to see graduation lcnowing that it meant so many of their friends were leaving." Diana: "Gee, thanlcs for all this information, Mr. Watchman-you've really helped us a lot." Watch: "lt was a pleasure, girls-any timeln Pen. and Diana: "See you next year-'byeln page sixty-one f 'frhf 1 nf tc1D""' f' ' gum: vuwliqa' I . , f V?r""' .- res man ass . . . nN'gjf'u W ' I , Waist: f' ykmrw-1 ' , nerva lhf mf' I ' ' atiiouniiafv M r., .0 "' "' Pen: 'NHL '04 'r W , ,,.,. ff' See,N'N'e'rtim"""4 , .-A wwf ' "l,. M- Ven- 'Wit H' W i' rv . i ?' ,,. an sir. ltsabvfwflii ,- -is ' Thank W9 W M U FRESHMAN cLAss 'oFF1cERs e 1 President ' . ....... ' . JEAN TOWLE Vice President . SALLY LAWSON Secretary . Anmsm IVICCARTHY Treasurer NANCY MULCAHY I Pane. sirb' gfistory Setting: Time: Ancient Greece Place: Mt. Ida Characters: Diana, Penelope, Nlinerva, Venus, Watchman ciale the tim! FF V' a fin: Yen W "iz M wr- - f 'f " "' fmow abwi W' "" ' su' l' Pen: "Wig vw 'W ff ""' ' "" bulwem8?U"! W M M -ra On what icy if 1'7" "' Diana: 'U 5' 5' " event?" Walcluz 'Wai a wmv vw Ns - iimnmydem' luv nm nu at Bangonseptnnfelnz in . an freshmen was norafr mann f n. .. and senigrs ar Q za pun .,,,, ,, PWP054- Dillhdg 7, fm M sn.- reauy acteptec mx nv 1.-,Q , rm ' A Waffhf 'wg my ..,,,, fl'lfHgf0d0h!iT?ffp ug, U nf alIirS,m, px, .0 """ alxfmhm ur. H - 1 mlhiv Eemian' Lk., Mm ""' Novembe, ,LU 'A 5" M M- ,, . , ,X , '-5711-in k , Zealgngmswmii ar 5 r 005111135 in " 'NM .1 Wtgasthtothe. 'WY'-w s ,W enf . .Whendi "' vw ,Q ml' H. " Watch nr""Na.... ti1eS': AAF - cliisscame at .K r fvssamndhwazu 'M A " Elo ,Era Lx N Member ' n- ' umedfmmg M 5"-. -. Gflhingshvthergh PM . Dm-WI: " -1 . XVGICI1: :lm 4 gisieal dim: tb 5 C is givtn Qu T am? Q nit! h i A4 Wray -'N W i w W Q MMD ffjwg A if fx rf A f 7 .- X " 1 l D ' T Ov 'E ii! X up - g jk, 0 WV A Ax O4 31 rr 91' W QW 3 I .,f",-'M Y x - -1 L ..- X A -P ' N ,M In A Q I :Ii . X WF ff . Q ,, J W i x fi A U JJ , 2 A ' 4 , 9 QA ,LWB -4-' Q j ML 1 AE I IWW 1 C6 0 . 4 EQ , l AN? eg ,, an '- l A Ng' -1 Aix' ' I . V7 -4- 1 ' . K J- UV - I ' -J' -' .-N I fx 'Q ii .' w fl' -L--1,123-. - -4 page sixty-five page sixty-four YIE IIDILIER 'IVHIE CUMMIITTIEIES ALUMNAE COMMITTEE Back roiu: Joyce Dunne. Barbara Vvoodberry Front i'ow: Meta Mills. Betty Booth, Pearlette McDowell page sixty-seven ""7 page sixty-six , -r K--. ,. , .. .- f. . mens, F 1 'aww' C-LEE CLUB William E. Weston, Director ,,-mmafion DANCE COMMITTEE Back row: Jean Towle, Arcleth McCarthy, Sally Lawson, Rina Fantoni, Genevieve ' F' Rogers' Rauch, Agnes Duthie Front row: Pat Peabody, Claire D'Amico, Joan Newbury, Ann Bohen I page sixty-nine I BOULDER STAFF I Back row: Elizabeth Emmerson, IVIarjorie Hoctor, Jean Paquette Front row: Virginia MacKenzie, Yolan Forte, Mary Lou Emmons, Frances Nott. Barbara Hart V 1 I ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Back row: LiIIian Ruocco, TIIOYH Carr, IVIary Lou Emmons? Sally Lawson, Marion Johnson, Audrey Vaughan, Ardeth IVIcCartIiy Center row: Pat Kislaer, CIaire D,Amico, Rhoda CI1urcI1iII, Carolyn Rogers, Barbara Woodberry l BWI N Front row: Virginia Lutz, Joyce Dunne, Barbara Nutting, Betty Booth Fftmg ,M page sixty-eight '99 , . Megs UMW Quai. an yu ?-14" S UH Q ,. , N .. , , ma- fi' " ,wig 'm"""'f ' ,QA mb: wjafag 1 f . - . -1. 4 f f nf, .V K A T. ' 'f 4 1- , " fffL'1f'l wwf -8.-, .4 -MV, gg -fw,,,w.+-,J ,- -r -eftif ., . M ,,., -if ng- 9. 4,14 04 Qy5q.:g.,fmfx1 N' -,QW ,Qf ',.:o jg,?.43,,g ,gd 55 Mug, ' 9 J ' 5,71 .iff 1 . K fm? av -AQ'-fn KW-59924 , Q f 4 f Q ff ,f - ,, 11, 1, U M- yr? Ifw wff-, ':,Q,,f', fj,.,.Q,5JgQ,g. 5'gq,Qy5y., N94 ,, 153,21 4 ' - if ffiww I no w U L 'ww '14 v f '1'w"z' ' -'u.','-':" f3w",41Y4f" , ,Ss my .W f.- ygfpf, A K 7 ff'-f ,NIV M ' 371: . :X fa,,,,,,9 fy f 955 0 7. , -Qs H W . G 6 ' 'M UQ Dusk x -,f,yfY,, , !,2.ggr4',wj' H1'wiW'f VW, -, , , , Aff gk.,,,ffZvwfg,42:ffg94?k,. ,4fCi',,A1eS2Z'g,4EfQ'.i'cS?4.v 'Q ki! fy 4191.3 ,ZW 4 , ,ya f , ww 1 , . AJ'- 5:4?Qfg:5Zqgfg-W' 6 f 7 'f ,Cg . 1,r4,z,?',-if-.v:.'Z ,ng 'Q ., ,ig :iff ' 25 1,,,M4,H,,,,h53,,4,, ,I ,. 1- 5 , f ' ,:w' .' ,f 4 V in .. 1 ,Wifi By T '. , 2 'iw 4-Y ' 1 Lfbgayw , f X' A ? HJBNML If I 'I . 'Q 'Wl'fi,97'fZ'7i HOUSE GOVERNMENT 'A Back row: Danny Dembert, Joan McEwen, Agnes Duthie, Carolyn Cryan Front row: Maw Lou Emmons, President, Helen Bradley STUDENT GOVERNMENT Back row: Lois Stancifast, Pat Kisber, Pat Peabody, Virginia Lutz Front row: Claire D'Amico, Barbara VVooclberry, Joyce Dunne, President, page seventy Jean Towle, Shirley Spense IN! viz yi .fl 1 u 5 v 'N fi X, A "sixrhA - ' V A ' 4 V . .. KX' . ' ' ' 52 ii: ' , f 5 1' vm . f 59- x ', f"'hw1..a. rw M, -HHJA1 .M asl -. ,M ,We :HD Cangyysay "- -.M Qiftbmllluii wugnhudt I E 'Nun any Wltfuuqb 'I mm., hm' "wf0'h1Citfen. Nu.. 'un rflohhehnifsl i' Q - mummwiant in inn! -fllfl theres .H . , W mdMY0l1how 'Q 4 5,9 i my N "' GWmsBdly? In 1 2 um in M 'Q 'vvfieE'rimD',tn,m ' X' 4' M Wimuffiuiwoihie an N' 'R-5 either. 5' U' swvkmistfesme- 'H Q if Werlhgim? -- 'fu as 4 -similar? E. 5.-we 'nz ofkfeinmiian- --uw um we to ioin those we intra ull 1045. hifi PHEISOII un :sian ,A, , , -.4 mzxnnnzwalldwi in my wugx-,-qgbgmusiim. 4 tg ,fn id!'!:'BY1'-Cuifmtop ....... IP -.www qu , 1 4 n am: 'fzunz one of ""' ' ' V lnlfe 01 ery: W' LJ Bo' I " W M 'N M. pt!! TP L M N . -1 af!!! Lwjfqr U . - """1A xttglorslilf ft Milli H " '.a..i.fd1fi1s A .4 vw ' rmwwlngei .ern fi .Masai f0!BuAJJe' p 4 ix , on-I W as 'Fifty' N, hnidoll . , A hd iqftblugf' A 'ii 'Q . ogy, vocahofogy to all pfehians who don't hail from New York. Could I go for a glass of- Weff. anyway, Fm thirsty. Bet Del Prussian is, too, for she's had too many shrimps already. Entering is scintillating Pat Peahody, grac- ing Howard Johnsons with her queenfy pres- ence. And hehind Pat are a couple of Constel- lations bf T.VV.A., Boots Sargeant and Gene Goyette. VVho's that pouring over a hook in the corner? My goodness, Leah Stromer is cramming for her new med. -sec. joh at Beth Israel. And slipping in heside her are two cefehrities, Anne Goodman and Lorraine Schultz, who tossed aside their research in political science to shock the nation with "Memoirs." VVhat's that? You say Sylvia Gorvers Ffanzhaum coufdn't come tonight he- cause she's scraping karets at the Somerset? Do you hear that crowd over there? lt's the Energy Kids. Betty Booth has accomplished two of her fife's amhitions. Shes 'Hying a DC-4 for the hoys at Bahsoni My rival red head, Joyce Dunn, decided to give in to me tonight, hut she,s having open house for all of us after the show. Bath Nutting, our Little 'Miss America, is huhhfing over with things .to tell- especiaffy ahout her contribution to Yafe's Hotel Taft ,for a new shower and fire alarm. Quiet please, Smokey. Louie, keep her stifff Demure Ann Fleming, who has just returned from her 80th trip to South, America, is chat- ting away with her old friend Dottie LeBras- seur, who has heen chosen Mfiss Maiden Form. Wen, kiddies, throat's dry, time out for- entertainment. Here's the Mt. Ida Revue: Georgia Trehlas will do a sketch of Roherta Para as she demonstrates the art of swimming in the nearest frappe glass. Next! Cynthia Calish, accompanied hy Tony'Barry's Band, will give her interpre- tation of "Route 9 on the Turnpike." After this Anne Murphy will read us an excerpt from her latest hook which is hanned in Boston. Marcia Thompson has 'given up her career at' the Met for life on a farm, hut she says she will give us a song. namely, "Danny'Boy." Background music will he hy The Braintree High School Glee Cfuh conducted hy our well known Maw Lou Emmons and accompanied hy 1 Ginny Day, who is following in the foot- steps of Leo Litwin at Symphony Half. And fast hut not feast is a hula Swish hy Norma Tanguay, hack from her home in Hawaii. Applause! Applause! Fine, glad you liked it, girls. . . H. But did you see what's hanging from the ceiling? Looks like Yoian Ivan Ivano- vitch Forte finishing her ham and egg mural . . . Speaking of artists, there's. modest Annie Chin. Orchids to you, Annie, for your wonder- ful paintings now on exhihition at the Met! At the counter I see something fairly reminiscent of Mrs. Duffy's chem. class. Ruthies Gaipern and Ahrams are mixing up their new atomic shake, sure to give you a hang! Looking over their shoulder is Gloria Glickman, ping pong ace at fVIorty's Den. VVhat's that, Gloria, you say Rosalie Mersky is merging her knowledge of philosophy with Doris Peck's sociology re- search to puhlish a volume dedicated to Dr. Daugman? Barhara Vvoodherry and her huhhy George Brock are wiping the chocolate sauce from Jrfs shirt while Aunt Barhara Green- wood, the Countess d'Airfine, recently arrived from Paris, looks on. Polly Hasweff, the cutest homemaker in Syracuse, tells us that she stopped at the Laughing Waters' Resort in New York toksee owner Meta Mills and found Rhoda Churchill there as swimming instructor. A wire came in from Lee Cohen a moment ago saying .het can't get away from her psych stu- dents at Chapel Hill. What's under my feet? Patty Greeni What's new, Pat? Just finished christening your new little hell hottom trouser? I hear Syhil Cohen has found need of a tele- phone in her lim to keep her friends' informed. and she just let me know that she and Barhara Vvhitten are on their way over. Barh is now riding show horses for Colonel Ray. her pet psycho-anafysti More tefegramsi How excit- ing, except that it means some friends can't he here. Ann Myrick is contesting sAIice Marble tonight in California. Thelma Moore is redeco- rating Buckingham Palace. Marion Johnson is teaching English to Russians or vice versa. And to round out our foreign representation, Marion Barsam is fattening up on rice in China. That's all there is--there is no more. Now chatter, chatter to find out the rest! page seventy-three IPDIROPIP-ll IECY Jil.. e of 1,7 for .952 Apollo and Zeus, floating from nimhus to cumulus placidly enjoying the tranquility of a warm spring day over Mount lda, are suddenly interrupted hy two hreathless young goddesses: Venus: Quiclcl Quiclcl Things are happen- ingl Youre missing everything. Zeusp Come nowl. What's this all about? Minenfa: Gur Mt. Ida girls of '47 are hold- ing a reunion at Howard Johnson's on the pilce l-this very minute. A Venus: The watchman is saving us a cloud. Let's he gone .... KOH they go into the wild hlue yonderi. , Zeus: It's been five years since they gradug ated. Apollo: Well, here we are. Gadsl What a crowdl ' Watchman: About timel You almost missed the fun. Be quiet now. Stopl Looltl Listenl Our Little Ann Bohen is the lVlistress of Cere- monies. And do you wonder? She just won the poll of top ad-liloher from Bch Hope. ln the midst of a crowd is recognized the familiar red head and huhhling voice of Ann Bohen: Hi girlsl. Long timeno see. Do you see what l see? There's Patty Kisher drinking mint juleps with Senator H. L. Claghorn. Hi yo'al, Patl Loolcs lilce company going to see them . . . Charming DooDoo Nott, perfection in femininity, who has met the man with a heart hig enough for her-and Yankee . . . And with DooDoo is our graduation hride Audrey Vaughan 'Elliott and husband Dr. Joe, the happiest couple in North Carolina. VVho's that peelcing over the booth? Virginia MacKenzie . . . Ginny has ended her feud with Charles of the Ritz to settle down with Eli,Cull:Jertson to page seventy-two "Total Peace." Turn the spot on that hlonde beauty, Russ. It's Joanie Newbury and Alasl She's not allergicll Isnt that an almond sun- dae? And who's that eating up Candy? Say, it's Eddie with Pearlette MacDowell. ln the corner of the hooth, hut not hard to piclc out, is that fahion plate, Joan Daly, who, inciden- tally, was recently chosen one -of the ten hest dressed business women, and is an important executive onk Harper's Bazaar. And there's sweet Carol O'Rourlce . . . and did youlmow she can halce a cherry pie, Charming Billy? Here's someone who wants to see this crowd . . . Mrs. Alex Pompeo nee Claire D'Amico is dashing, in to huy lollipops for her two little smart-Alecs-and they ain't stupid, either. What's that. Claire? .Ginny Lutz is the Secre- tary to then U. S. Treasurer, Mr. Wertheim? What was that gust of wind that just hlew in? lt's Lillian Ruocco. the daredevil of the Indian- apolis Speedway, tearing over to join those Belmont Belles, now lawyers... Lois Peterson and Doris Pollack. Bette Brady, a chip off the ole loloclc, is a huge success at a new and very lucrative industry, manufacturing ahsence slips. Martha Weir and Dottie Donnelly, two top- notch lah technicians, are tallcing shop despite all these distractions. Heading for Mimi Berli- man's, hooth are Blossom Young, one of Adrian's most talented designers, and Bohhie Hart Furlong, who has given up a brilliant career in dramatics to sharpen lcnives for her huhhy . . . scalpels, that is. What for's the lonely loolc, you tvvo? The third of the Mus- lceteers is missing? Danny Demhert is where? In Siberia withlseymourl Well, toot on to see Mimi. She's lcnitting little argyles for Buddie. Jr., while Elaine Yeclces is talcing time out from teaching philosophy, psychology, sociol- g ia'- oSY,vocal1'l0" ll D' 1 lynn! 'Q from M' ' HI ZHVYH' ln l ll. . , . . llllloo lofslwls hr! ff' H" ' I I I f mit 'W 0 Emeril!! " 'IH 'I ,gf 1 mg HOW 50 "1 . dM.K,'3n6" .An ""' ma 'I tune: 597' lations 0l.W'j', ' naw ggnjhif Gnyetie. the coma? ll? FAM: M cranlminl lv' ln in M , lsrael. Anil ilfwif " im celelmrities. AH' """" Scliultz, vlw 'WK """ Q' political new ff M' "' "Memoirs" xvhlxf ft' Q Gorvers Flanzlnun ffwflf " cause sliei mum! Ufff ' Do you ima: flu? :rf-uf vw- Energy Kicls. time in hvoollwalileiaminfm: in lor tlie lion at Hsin '4- Joyce Dunn, Ami-5 1. W, ,, l1utsl1e's lim-mg op., M, ,Q life sliow. BUS Xrtnt N America, ig LUHQM W, 'A espefially glmg Q, :uhm Hotel Taft lm Q N, I 3Z.1flF'fi,i" S"""' im' from lm Sql, 'Q' "' ti 'UF rt y,.,,,, ,V ns away ' - , Sem- who has tl? FK hw Well, kiddies fQf""g!'lu entertaiInmenLIl'll:r'li,.tT'4 l GE0tgigT1l ,Ill fi0Bef1f.P,,ff'l'?i ' ilqswlmmhmg in 6' :r Tm' Cm 6.1 A Olly 7 N. vw' Won ol nc 'il Im tl1isAnnt501::g" rs f, lmm ll!! mm ' 'li Easton. puns? 15,5 tilcjiiuil fllkg, iv html,-. Y' .hy W willel, Rm- P: Mmaumgh -an V LONE Wow- I 5No1u? 'wg Q53 W' ,fixfifz .rf 1 ' 0 A ,gn x y -fu ,ZW fi? QL ,xv 'NY fy .K f 5, 3.6 4' 4 I dig, bf K W f fl 1 71? 'xgffllf ff -PW W 9' if W 1! :aww 7 HNV7'HiIV P01-H I T HU., 'D r ww Wwwl' G ay owft MAY QUEEN , PAT PEABODY page seventy-four Frances Nott Joyce Dunn Betty Booth Barbara Vvooclberry Carol O'RourIce Agnes Duttxie Jean Towle Attendants Pages Audrey Vaughan Barbara Nutting Barbara Whitten Maw Lou Emmons Meta Mills Crown Bearer Norma Gallerani as . wsu. :,,,Wwl . M ' mlisht, Q! F:"'h, vdmgirakmihiunalm Wm Nui 'Nw ' 'Nw Z In i S in... fim "Dry, my as '11 .x in Eric MIL - ,,., Ny ' ar. if if . mmuhiiitiobnt mu Mitt: ' L' "-req I amid to Jane' it h Q, . Nt. """"" H his Mihpwli wa. ,""WWlixiove. ,. ,, mivxi - fiiicii- !-., I mmii'i'H011tl1e ....,. W.. vw I1 im oi ions 10 "M" 'lil vpn .A egg r 54 M61 li '4 L-fi Q-an mv 's ir,i.yie,anewset 146 in fn mf 'ea fxtyieaiiinoui- , vi -in we Ni3iV!P.0iQ17i5Ptii '....,,,, .wimiitotiesilil ..- -an an i .num iam, nf! Mi' fsvwv f Ugfvcgihmto M puff, .n'l""?AmUmwHi ...Q 1 P5 5 vw' K nrifzvidfiootiiai M A frrizffimii D cl... 4 5 sa 'iv iudiiwmm rd' A uw, I , M M' . ,grim vw ' K grim iff' to anyone who finds it difficuit to get up in the- morning. , I, Bobbie Hart, Ieave to the future occupants of Room I6 its one redeeming feature-a Iarge cioset. I, iPoIIy Hasweii, Ieave to the Mount Ida Dorm the Iasting cry "Syracuse Foreverin I, Barbara Hefner, Ieave my Icnitting speed to Harriet Keiier to use in finishing her afghan. I, Ruth Hewitt, Ieave my Spanish marics to Virginia Manter. I - I, Marion Johnson, Ieave a subscription to the Boston Post to the Freshmen on the 8: 10. I, Pat Kisher, Ieave my southern accent to Judy. Bianco-"South America, Take it Awayin I, Sherwood Lay, Ieave to Mount Ida a boys' dormitory ffiiiedi. A I, Dorothy Le Brasseur, Ieave the Harvard men to Pat Vvarren. I I, Ginny Lutz, Ieave Louise Strong a wash- ing machine. If Helen fBuzzi Marines, Ieave some poor freshman the thrill of becoming a senior. ' I, Candie McDoweII, Ieave Fay MacDonald in Room 26 aII theheat in Room 6 to Iceep her warm next year. I, Ginnie McKenzie, Ieave my joh of having to scrape up money for everyone to any ohiiging freshman. , ' We, ,Ronnie Mersky, Gio Gicimian, and Lee Stromer, Ieave Miss Gould, the Iihrarian, peace and quiet in the Iihrary. I, Meta Mills, Ieave to Lois Standfast the right to visit New Yoric State. on the Delaware monthly, and to cruise Route 97 nightly. I, Thelma Moore, Ieave to aII studious fresh- men those- hours between free periods. .I, Anne Murphy, Ieave to Mrs. Eiiiston ail the prohiems of the postwar world. I, Ann,IVIyricIc, Ieave my weeiciy trips' to the "Y" swimming to Eieanor Cotter hoping she can pass the iJeginner's test. I. Joan Newbury, Ieave-that's aII. I, Frances Nott, Ieave my passion for a smaii dark horse with hig hrown eyes to Buhs Carr. I, Carol O'RourIce, Ieave the record "My Bill" to Jean Draice. ' I, Roberta Para, Ieave my ioig-Iittie thermos hottie to whomever it may concern. I, Doris Peck, Ieave to any new senior with pienty of intestinal fortitude, aII my extra cups of coffee at the Paddock Ciuh. I, Lois Peterson, Ieave to Nancy Muicahy and I'IeIyn Dairympie enough gas for those daiiy trips to Johnson. I, Doris Poiiacich, Ieave my Iiicicie eye to Ginny Carey. ' V I, Liiiian Ruocco, Ieave to Heiyn Dairympie my many trips' to Howard .IoI1nson's in "The Racer." Q I, Eunice Sargent, Ieave the fun to Hy-the Linic to anyone eise who Ioves to Hy. I, IVIa'rcia Thompson, Ieave my Iove of sing- ing to Eiizaineth Emerson. I, Margie Toistrup, Ieave the Boston to any unfortunate Freshman who has to use it. I, Rita Trehui, Ieave my seat in the Inacic of the hus to .Iune'AIien. A I, Norma Tusino, Ieavef my long wavy hair to Gwendolyn Banks. I, Audrey Vaughan, Ieave a taxi meter to Nancy Muicahy and Heiyn Dairympie. I, Barbara Vvoodherry, Ieave Pat Muivey an aioundant supply of aiosence and tardy siips for next year. I, Eiaine Yecices, Ieave my fastidiousness to Dawn Giynne. . I, Blossom Young, Ieave with aII my Aciothes. Sorry, Girisi page seventy-seven 1- --.. ..-f , ,,,2.-get.-,e,.,, Glass . . . We, the undersigned, heing ol sound mind and hody, herehy -suhmit to posterity this proc- lamation, our last will and testament. . ' COLLECTIVELY ' To Dr. and Mrs. Carlson, we leave our end- less gratitude for the lcindnesses and under- standing they have so generously given to us. To Mrs. Power, we leave a page in Vogue where she is to he featured as ,the most attrac- tive house Director in the U. S. To Mrs. Burke, we leave a master switch installed in Room 15, that is guaranteed to put out all the lQhts on the third floor at ll o'cloclc. lP.S. Mrs. Burlce, if any- future repairs are needed, see Danny Demhert-this guarantee is good for ten years., INDIVIDUALLY . I. Ruth Abrams, leave to the commuters all of my cars with the hope that they will do a better jclo of trying to go 20 miles in 20 minutes. I, Marion Barsam, leave to Mrs. Riclcer a televisionfset so she may detect the whereabouts of her ahsentees. I, Miriam P. Berkman, leave Boston for Cleveland--I hope. ' I, Anne Bohen, will a carton of cigarettes to Ardith McCarthy in case she gets another roommate who's forever without them. I, Helen Bradley, leave my aloility to study to Carolyn Cryan. I, Bette Brady, leave Nancy Mulcahy, Jean McGrath, Marilyn Walsh, Helyn Dalrymple, and Ginny Cary hashing over their love proh- lems in the "Silver Streak." l, Cynthia Calish, leave to Mount Ida my entire English notes in the' form of shorthand. I, Joanna Carey, leave my Physical Therapy hoolc to anyone who wants to have it, hah, hah. l, Annie Chin, leave to the art students, the thrills and joy of learning how to paint with oils. page seventy-six am... ..:q..4-1-1.-....-,.4.....-. ww -- I, Rhoda Churchill, leave my nail polish to Harriet Keller. ' - I, Lee Cohen, leave to Mrs. Elliston a fur- nished apartment with all the modem con- veniences. e ' I, Ginny 'Colony, leave. Gregory, Jelierey, Godfrey, Zachary, Clifford, and Eric to the gals that rid in Ruth Hewitt's car. I, Jo Daly, leave the red convertible to Dot Fear. l, Claire D'Amico, 'leave the trials and trihu- lations of meeting dance expenses to Janet Lawlor. , , I, Ginny Day, leave glue, scotchttape, and pencil sharpener to Sally Lawson with love. I, Danny Demhert, leave to Nancy Mell- henny the privilege of ringing the hell on the third floor. - ' ' I, Joyce Dunne, leave my love ol horses to all fearless freshmen. 1 I, Mary Lou Emmons, 'leave my daily letters from the University of Pennsylvania to Dorothy Pincus. I l, Edith Elcland, leave to Dr. Lyle, a new set of bones. , ,l, Ollie Fiore, leave to Dr. Lyle all lmowl- edge of medical worlc that I have not grasped. I, Ann Fleming, leave Room 10 to the sixth period math class. I, Rosemarie Fusco, leave Hstudsien to the girls on the raft. tl, Ruth Galpern, leave my curly-hair to Ginny Munroe-with pleasure. I, Sylvia Govers, leave to Room 12 my bottle of peroxide and ammonia for more ,reasons than one. I, Gene Goyette, leave the middle hooth at the Paddock to some other bridge enthusiast.. I, Patricia Greene, leave the Penthouse in care of Jay and Cindy. I, Barbara Greenwood, leave an alarm clock toa11Y0n' 'WM R A momilll' I W LB0l1lJif HU 'ml V M L, Ofkwm 16 nf W """"'t"' closet. l, Poll? l'lnf"l- ""' E' N Donn illflwmlm limi, -' 'f ' to Harriet Kelis xr nv 2 bw" 1, Rm n- f '1- Virginia lillfiifl f, Maron lohw. lv' 1 ' Ile Boston Pot! tc tif ,Palliislz len' rf mf'- Jnmlylilanm-"Sv,-is Ev-f . ' X, lii. 21 'tm clormiiory llillsi! l' Dorothy ll nw men to Pat Wan ll Ginny LW. M, ' ing maghint li Htlell wang ig ' liesliman fire H ' A is lf . inRo0m26aHd! wammiw. M W I Gm N1 - . 1 A , to scrape up 'W' at freslunan. " h' 'Nw SWC' Rom! r- . lT0mU, leave r' . YK of. anflqllitlindkhggrq ht 'Meta N- i r.i.. 1'Hf- 1- , ,, monthly, axldlijn' levi k I' Tl1ElIll5M 'N r men ph .5 rhl' Ann' 5' ' tvwbltmw --mn. 056 houhom' lflw tx , the l.flnnli1mcU:"N- N 'W- 4- Compliments of Myra Euhe11's Dad Compliments ol , James A. Grammatick , Hess Modes ' 40 Langley Roacl Newton Centre , i . 'lclotlues tluzt are more personally yours" Compliments of Mitchell Baking Eu. 29 Vine Sheet V s Somerville, Mass. QU' 18 I if you want your 1 Menfnlks Well Dressed M liave tlmem 3 go touone ol our Tliree Convenient Comer Locations LEIJPULUM Messe ee. s Aclams Square, Boston A Harvard Square, Camlnficlge 52 Summer Street, Boston A FRIEND page seventy 'iJ'..,....,......,..aa.,1.!r,"' 'M' " 'f 1-g,'.:4.g4g4".'::,',..,:- ' ' - ' - f' '...4......-.,.- f...,.......-.Q-1-fb v'- A Gompliments of HEMBHANDT STU IUS your Glass .gplzotograplzer 1 ' 4 EU1 Trelnnut Street Boston, Mass. seventy- ight, I S ,a .ff- Z? Mm M215 fa -1-,.1u1"l"' HIEMR 40lngKv-is 9 "Chkei.r.. Whmlsw CHQ ifsw W ,Q 516511111352 Well huvf 'Q ff mf Three Comm in Adm 'R omplzments X Mr and Mrs Hay Snnth Ehappre Arnold and Hrs Orchestra Brqelnw Cleaners Brrqhtun Laundry Mr and Mrs Esty Mr and Mrs Edward Newbury Patl Hrsbers Parents f hty d Qfd Hfmi-ixigzz,-ifa1!aw.e9e+f'a-2-gzsg -11 :fa-.g,:A:1.'Z5.1-:!.-1 ' f 3 -1 a ' 1 . ,ii,.,,g.vA.....,........---A , ,, v. f -- . ,af ' -.J,LL1u Ljgl-V-,.,ij5 ik-A-f"'1Mj3jjj"'::"' j' ..1,:..1:L :"'ff'J 1' 'A' " - 1"--' ' ' "H , ' ' -' ' ' ' 5 1 ompliments of f MUUNV um, IHXC l W, L 5? Q! C 5 if Eg ,F , , L 1 X, V . K' ' - V f' 1 . In ,. fi .r 5 , I x 11 EFI 11 ,.+ i I , 1 A 1 P x 1 ,- Page eighty . i 3 3 , wi 'W of Gompliments i WHS E ff of Candy Mclllnwelfs Mother M.5m11 a cn. Mr. 8 Mrs. Sander Uemhert Mr. 8 Mrs. H. W. BEIkmHH' :JVH1-',.5.:J1. ,.:,'-151: .i.,::7- : f I .- . A-4 f ...M x..5................ , Y ,,-.ff Compliments of THE IFRIESHMAN GLASS X 5 'f C. '79-IQ. iw M an M: 5 RM f V X 'N irec tory . . Ruth Abrams Marion Barsam . Miriam Bericman ' Berry Booth Ann Bohen Helen Bradley ' Elizabeth Brady Cynthia Caiish 3 Joanna Carey I' Annie Chin Rhoda Churchill Lee Cohen Sybil Cohen 4 Genevieve Colony Joan Daly Claire D'Amico Virginia Day Nancy Dembert Dorothy Donnelly Joyce Dunne ' Edith, Eiciund Mary Louise Emmons Olympia Fiore ' Ann' Fleming Yolan Forte Rosemarie Firsco Ruth Galpern Gloria Gliclcman' Ann Goodman Sylvia Gorvers - Renne Gould Jean Goyette 1 Patricia Greene Barbara Greenwood -Barbara Hart Pauline Haswell Barbara Hefner 76 Nichols Street 125 School Street 415 Washington Street 51 Pine Ridge Road 93 Cypress Street, 113 New Haven Avenue 1083 Boylston Street 25 South Street 45 Royal Street 353 Green Street Q 53 East Street 63 University Road ' 64 Ferndroit Road , 202 Pearl Street 88 Belcher Avenue 74 Codman Hill-Avenue 8 Wildwood Avenue 819 North Webster Street 88 Winni Street , 32 Beverly Road l 336 Cornell Street 1712-Washington Street' 93 Endicott Street 140 Summer Street I9 Whittney Avenue '33 Summer Street 460 Webster Avenue 6 Philbricic Road 93 St. Paul Street 43 Eastern Avenue 150 Russell Street 'r 627 North Montelio Street 827 -Dover Road 25 High 'Street D 132 South Snaulding Drive 1083 Main Avenue 1274 Stanley Street Everett, Mass. A A Watertown, Mass. Brookline, Mass. Waban, Mass. ' Floral Park, Longilsiand, N Y Derby, Conn. A ' Chestnut Hill, Mass.'i Brighton, Mass. Watertown, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. Melrose, Mass. Brookline, Mass. Waban, Mass.. Somerville, Mass. Brockton, Mass. Ashmont, Mass. Braintree, Mass. Scranton, Penn. Belmont, Mass. Wellesley, Mass. Roslindale, Mass. Braintree, Mass. Boston, Mass. Arlington, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. Medford. Mass. Chelsea, Mass. Newton, Mass. Brookline, Mass. Lynn, Mass. Waltham Mass. Brockton, Mass. I Philadelphia, Pa. Norwood, Mass. Beverly Hills, Caiii. Greenwood, R. I. , New Britain, Conn. page eightyefi .ww Ql4'rQClOry Rnlli Mmm nano BM Minn BM Bell? Booth Ann Bohm Helen Boll' BNA? Cynflii CM Joanna Annie Clin Rhoda Clllmllin Lee Coleen Sylmil Cullen Genevieve Calm .loan Dil? Claire Dlflmiil Virginia Day Nancy Dmllrui Doroiliy Dnnhefy Joyce Dunne Ediiliflnlund Mary l-onise Emma. Olympia Fiore Ann Flfllllng Yolfin Forte Rosemnrie Fniq, Rlilli Gloria Gli fn on? 'sylvlh G03-en Renne Gould JEHI1 Goyene inn na., Barnum Blirlyaya Pailmfllnnni Barham Hflnu Q W - s NM l ,lx . Nu. NC . 'Nv- 5,L, Wu N! YY. Nik "ink f""',k NIQXQ 5-Em XLR 9-N. Stunt ilnnfi flung-in -t 1351:- 5, 0 .QQ ul. Q nn un Sum will li : 'ws -' 12, W 6086.4 , f- mdea , vb,,,.--1 't.:A: v""E- ." ' - .Af 5737? ' , Muff" .. ,W .hvnggtw .,,,., WW, .3 I 1 c'-Q:-q,-W. .gs ,, . ":sLf5LIfv 3 f 5-leaf.: V am- ITL" '- 2 15: 1 ah, 5 x 'V 4" 'ggi , W... ' 3? 'if f ""'R-fi G J iyfz, ,Af-f , 'L w if U4 . J , ,V , All ,f My R 31,3 Ugly. ..., ,rd ' Viv ef'-O grew p z2f'f .rf , .. " wfw+-""4 9' , V ' L . ' We ' fi ' -' "m?gf2,I " G '- 4:-f zz, , 'A 1:22 f'-' ,L , , V 'ZgL,j :2A , I WA1'CH THE iemoie' WO' if ,fzjpf 'Q ' 'ffzii f A f X , 5' A 1, ,cf bf f f f' "ni f ' 1 'U XM - Q, '- -4uWz2f',-.::a- -4' W -"w'1g:.:2- v',f,'mEv7Qh41a, " 'lf 'c - ' 5 -','i7,. ff-:Sf 7?i,S2,F f ' 1,5 , 1- .142 ,Q 'wi V gr," ' ' ,vw f nf ww :, V ,,4::!M:-'Evra-1 H 1 ff 'v we ' ,fu 4 I .V 'Q if . 2-2-224-.'.:2M'5v,if ' vii ' ' ' ' ,. ..,,... .1 , th 5 THE T!-liNG6 WE D60 LAST SUMMER , ,H . ,.1 . , , V -A A v Ml , Sr-,P aww Ive , Hops - .wfqys 40560-'fr We H foo rn-i f n 9 GH Llp ' g, FT xi A ' E ' ' ip -J' 1 .EM WEQ '4' f M735 1 .ymnwwfzfff M nnwum M ' N I ww. ' ll 9 R" S. f fb v ff, 1 514 1, , 1 ., Kfiam.-4 ,. , , W 4 ap, . v, V' 5 3, 2. 'iz ,ff , . L. 0 'ii rl , V4 n Y, 1 I, f- :V M- ' M ..,,, ' .rf-,..w,:N, 1 ' X VV , il , , :m r f , in 5 -.--'V , if ' M QTLHS , S , ,' ' , ,' , "n, ,5f.2Q,,v f. o is Kg , A Q: .W ,f .,z m f Q f , -- " Q W5 f 3 X . " ,., , 1 ' 1 f MQ f ' T Q...-H V f i '4 5 I "Ca YV" ,1T?Q'ff'f " X Q-Doa ' ,f ' AQ l f' . ,pf 9 uv ,Q 4 Q f ww . "5 , 7g U Q V , iflv'-1q3PLs B ' S 1 X x ,ME d via-z4n...zL.:f -.1-:11.1:4..zaa1.1.Lh,. a.a-.'e.- ia Ruth Hewitt Marion Johnson Effie Kessaris Pat Kisher Sherwood .Lay Dorothy Le Brasseur Virginia Lutz Pearlette McDowell Virginia MacKenaie Helen Marines Rosalie Merslcy , Meta Mills Thelma Moore Ann Murphy Ann Myriclc Joan Newhury 2 Frances Nott I Barbara Nutting Carol O'Rourlce Roberta Para . - Patricia Peahocly Doris Peclc Lois Peterson' Doris Pollaclc Delphine Prussian Margaret Putnam Lillian Ruocco Eunice Sargeant Lorraine Schultz Leah Stromer Norma Tanguay Marcia Thompson Marjorie Tolstrop Georgia A Trehlas Rita Trehul Norma Tuscino Audrey Vaughan Martha Weir Barhara VVhitten Barhara Vvoodherry Elaine Yeclces Blossom Young page eighty-six ....... - L..........--..... ...W-...,..... . .. 7 Parlc Circle 17 Dix Sheer 7 Bartlett Street 33 Northwood Maine Street 86 Milton Street l44.VVilmington Avenue 88 Parlc Avenue 25 Lantern Lane 19 Bellevue Hill Road 63 University Road A Box 62 77 Massachusetts' Avenue 21 Kimherma Road' 416 Main Street 10 Myrtle Street 16 Stetson Street 19 Cunningham Roacl 24' Charles Street 362 Pleasant Street 18 Maugus Avenue 64 Tremont Street 45 Willow Street 9 Pearl Street ' 16824 Muirlanil Avenue R.F.D. No. 3 28 Theresa Avenue 19 Champrey Street 79 University , .764 Morton Street Y 19 Fenwiclc Road 15 Thurston Avenue 44 Nohle Street 8 Sunnyhanlc Road 597 Western Avenue 10 Archer Avenue 12 Ridgeway Terrace 88 Famham Street 224 Union Street 413 Prospect Street 730 Washington Avenue 227 Upland Roacl V Dorchester. Mass.f Arlington, Mass. Beverly, Mass. . E fs Jaclcson, Tenn. 1 Xl Island Pond, Vt. Arlington, Mass. Dorchester, Mass. , Portland, Maine Milton, Mass. West Roxbury, Mass. Brookline. Mass. V Barryville, N. Y. Walpole, Mass.. Dorchester, Mass. 'Q j 'X f Amesbury, Mass. ' Rochester, N. H. Braintree, Mass. Wellesley, Mass. Belmont, Mass. Winthrop, Mass. Wellesley Hills, Mass. South Braintree, Mass. Belmont, Mass. Belmont. Mass. Detroit, Mich. Bethel, Vt. Lexington, Mass. Groton, Mass. Broolcline, Mass. Dorchester, Mass. Wahan, Mass. Newport, R. I. Malden, Mass. 9 Vvatertown, Mass. Sf Lynn, Mass. A N ll Milford, Mass. Newton Highlands, Nlass. l Belmont, Mass.' A I Ashland, Mass. Norwood, Mass. . New York, Y. ' Merion, Pa. .NN M:'N5,,S H ' 1' ou or eh I .TH'us Ts Ag:-1.1. f-x mx sl ignu 4 IT bl-is! A X X XL ., rl , x 7:72 E , fx Z . N 5 K, f, 'ffl' K N kqfk if 1' 'E ig H 1 XLYX' X - C X NN fr ' W O V XX W L. F 1 W? J C J X ,J A Q Q 'Cs """-A A Maw-w km I Har-:ug Show Q ' Swvpoi M 9273 Ex cn-v4 77 mg, Y ? 5 , 'Q , 4. Q K P I N D 7451 1 74 ' J 'X Q ' MN? " J x F A E 12' ,JN S p" W Tama., mmm ' Q V H r 'Y ' 1 D ,Q Lv , , ul In ,u,,,, gh 0 N goof ,.-ffm. Ts io ,Riu fm X Tele, .. i rw' ' D I N ' ' 9:00 I U ' I 9 l - ur' if 4 ' Ll fi' U ' 'X D7 'A T X gh R7 ,iw X 1... .ww 0 L 1 f M 7 5 bi A A 4, X X . fy I L I0 4 4 vi! J at x006.B1 -X T 5 Lone-Lumen F'inis -- Tvr-e Q, -W--' :.iZJEZ1w6n',,'1."51L..---"""4",f':.1'.41.n4,.."' ' ' , , ,,. J M- -'-- ,-,- 4 - .. 4,4--J. ,,..........,.................,.-.,...i.-.-,.,,,--- V' - f K 1 ! r -:.f, . 9005 if-Im 3 X T J ! S " J N Z ! ax, 1 , - 5e1En"'be"' wx i of-if gg f -X U F f' , ZAQA V p -.1 A 2 'X , f 4 ! iff' 1 gf u N l a A '-2 Q In , 1 U- --fn Q , .-- ' 1 f Q 'J I . 'X ! ! ii J 4 ! 79 Q l -f B' 5 I 6, ! ' ! ! ! . LC' A -pd Fava DQ5 - Safi'-Uv-51+ 1'-'7"' AUTUMH tba-bm Fm' 55" xi' A 'w.n, ear I+ ! 1 I , If M V I ' X li ! I ' ! .... :N cf? . ! N, I I X ' l MW!!! Sainnov 1:-15 , i 1 .-,IIN gwwq' qi , r ff 27 fm, ,g ! + f ! ' i F Q- - ! an fy fm' K 'A ' ! Y 1 Nm W N., xx ! 'X SZ, ' HN ' "W an I r ,fx X V f i L ! A ! .. :. Q. 5 -2 I ., fQq x ! 1 T f Q ' tim-1 Torffl -Eufnamew I. x TP 3 og' We III! 1 ,. 1 Smut L 1 . ! bw., r, 'E ff ,. H ,Y E fi Q: A5 - I 91 4 2 X I if I 5' V 1 F A V! '..-A '1Q.i:.icl .a'5ff 'IPJ'-:Q:E,...,-'f '-.1,.u.' "V ' 4-Q fr ' -Y--5 I2 5. I I I I 3 I II f If I I T II I I I Q III .. In 5 - II I , II If? 5 I IJ f I 1 I .I It I I ' I I I I I I I ' I I IJ z I I I I If I 'I It I. I I I 1 I III QI 3 I III I .II I II f I I I II I If I I ,I- I II, I I IT I II I I I I III I .II I III II I I II II II I I ' I I I III II I 2 5 I ? 3, i I . I o r I fx . i 2 5 Q3 yi! E Vff Q, ff 5 5. , Q N li x 1 J l v I .X 1 P E 1 F E 1 E c B . g I . . I 2 I F i I I i 4 f 1 4

Suggestions in the Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 26

1947, pg 26

Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 29

1947, pg 29

Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 59

1947, pg 59

Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 48

1947, pg 48

Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 61

1947, pg 61

Mount Ida Junior College - Ye Idler Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 99

1947, pg 99

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