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? 3 X x 335335 wi I pf F4 ff 5 E554 Q 5? 7 4 ?3,,,5 332 ,cf We lk W1 .,f X , fb J NX If x, M? QQ? 22532 4wQa3M?f?Hgis E.Q wfmiaazi YWGJYYXQH, HR suigowlsrw Almanack VMCQQQLDGB is Sfcmc ml V550 Q mad wb mc fum I oczffx QQ guess QL QVSWQ sux Mme +fm6, WLM Q So Catz Wm 5 QUK 6f1muQ41m1i MIL Nl 0iL'D0mQ am 0Q,mfU4 mei . -L WQQQA am, VQLL HAND +hQ:p4mQ ,16+m Grum- MAB I inbound comfl OOM, wwf QQTWQWW uma SDMQQKQ CQ jgmml ww K, Q M3 pwgxgg f Qilkkfk LBMQJWN My VHF gi it 1- u fq , f 1 'W 1? it ww , V: , M fl Volume 19 Editor and Sponsor ....... ......... Activities Editor ......... ...... Athletics Editor ............. Organizations Editor ......... Classes Editor ................ Elementary Editors ....... K, Q , Q ilu" ff' 1978 LIO Mrs. Lucille Phillips ..........Becky Griffith Sherry Rollins ............Joyce Gray White .......Mary Boyd and at Q, 1 er to Wi 1 it , A f Y ,mv-V ,- f 1 'iid , f ' ,-'1,. Mount Ida Schools Mount Ida, Arkansas Dena Kostelnik Photographer ........ ......... D ebbie Kitchens Typists ............ .........Floyd Worden Wanda Snow Laverne Black Title Page f 1 'xo9..61 N N X11 fe t X ' 'S - Q h y 1 is s is m tif. fig, i "' I - is et ll, Q t 1' !""fQ ve 5 is , x 0 a'f'S..7l Communications are vital to smooth functioning of any organization, from the family unit to the federal government. Where there is a communications gap, friction and dis- harmony follow. All lines are open among the various groups at Mount Ida Schools, and we invite you to "dial" the section of your choice and share the fun and accom- plishments of school year 1977-78 at Mount Ida, Arkansas. 2 X Contents f' if . Qofaduaie S 8. II N, .RJ J' 4 'lai 1 E, J,i 'A " Q .QMS E1 e m e9 CW S Table of Contents 'N F Q if Mi . sg, Representing a new type of communication for us, foreign students Carlos Herrera and Maricio Reyes Cat rightl came from Guatemala and Nicaragua, where our senior Gregg Featherston tbelowl spent three summer months as an exchange student. Opening school in warm weather invites combining study with enjoyment of nature, evidenced by Cheryl Speerg Rita Booth, and Wanda Beavers Cbottom rightl. 4 fowl' Bulletin boards can aid in teaching that elusive goal of character development. Ir 'ms cancun ! I . FAST BECBMING 'ms Pinson You Wm. as At right, our neighbor school, Caddo Hills, sent Jeanine Price, 1977-78 Miss Montgomery County, to entertain us with her talent number, "Five Foot Two." ss. ta What does a playful push communicate? Friendship? High Spirits? Fun? Sometimes we seek our own kind for particular forms of sharing, such as the smokers crowd near the new agri building extension. qw QHUNEST ARE Ynu v vo mm fr- , 7 vounncmmouw YQii,l'DNfiL7.,,fiY WQULD W' WW frnu us: rr mm? J N mm"m0" mail' YUU TAX OULD YOU CARRY our-D you STEAL : 0? HY OU' CDVIPANY :moby pggn Qui ' TUDLS ? BANK 9 :Qu me hm lin-Lnljrif 'D GRTESTQ by I , ,x V' APY' Even an English teacher can share the frolicsome spirit of Hat Day, when assisted by Lenny Fryar. all The era of the pocket computer - how it aids statistical communication! Opening X 5 Z v Rapport between community and school is strengthened by many activities, two prominent ones being the annual fall parade and the seasonal sports contests. The street scene below shows the newly uniformed band Cjoint school and community projectb leading the parade down Mount ldais main street. Bottom pictures below, left and right, show the gym is a popular place when basketball games begin. The hard work to produce a winning team starts early and causes a line-up at the water fountain when practice ends. Concession stand worker, Walter Standridge Qabove rightj stays busy during half-times. ,ard I ,..--"7 ,M X t lf 4..H-J 'Q bra zgflgfgysgzifgiyf' X -YL' , dei -1 ty r " U T' Keeping pace with the changed sexual roles in society, the school now includes girls in the vocational agriculture courses ftop left picture, surveyingb and boys in the home economics courses Cleft middle picture, cookingj. New landscaping, above right, alters the ravine between elementary and high school. Gone are the large cedars and eroded banks, replaced by concrete Water drains and heavy turf. Frequent use of the library keeps us in communication with the wisdom of the past as well as the present. A L 4 E Q' -gg. W,,. JF mm, tivitie ,www , Activities Editor, Becky Griffith LT K Butterflies Are Free On the night of May 6, 1977, the old gym was transformed into a garden setting complete with butterflies, daisies. a bubbling fountain, and a profusion of flowers. This was a special treat prepared by the juniors, sponsored by Mrs. Cox and Mr. Short, to honor the departing senior class. The evening began with a banquet in the cafeteria, catered by -lody's of Nashville, featuring chicken-fried steak, smoked chicken, and all the trimmings. Reading of the senior Wills and Prophecies followed. Later, back in the gym, juniors and seniors "grooved'l to the sound of a live band, Nothin' Doin', a four-man group from Benton. Working diligently juniors get the old gym ready for the big night Tim, Renee, Mary, and Gregg await the start of the banquet. Mr. Short, one of the sponsors, lends a hand. l "All of the fun was not found on the dance floor, as Wanda, Kim, Patsy, and Floyd demonstrate' Lora and Mark read the senior The dance floor was a busy place. Wills. Parade Features Royalty The MIHS Student Council prepared the school float bearing the caption 'fEducation - Total lnvolvementl' for the annual Fair Day parade. Riding the float are the fair maids, chosen from grades nine through twelve, and the MIHS Queen, Christy Stanley. In keeping with the total involvement caption, boys representing the sports program the band also rode the school float this year. Our school's entrants took high honors in the Miss Montgomery County Pageant conducted during Fair Week. Representing MIHS in this event were Christy Stanley, Debbie Kitchens, Kay Kitchens, Phyllis Young, Gina Mayberry, and Sherry Rollins. The first four named above placed in the top five finalists, with Kay Kitchens receiving the First Runner-up award and Debbie Kitchens receiving the Second Runner-up award. Kay also won Miss Congeniality. Christy Stanley, Miss MIHS 'lx Y l x, ,B ggi. ..i . Laverne Black, Senior Maid 1 Sherry Smith, Junior Maid Davelyn Felkel, Sophomore Maid Christi Taylor, Freshman Maid 1 10fActivities M Do This parade scene captures the historic court house and the crowd enjoying the parade. Phyllis Young, Beta Club Queen Kay Kitchens, FFA Sweetheart Brenda Lappin, Library Club Queen jx Sherry Rollins, R 8z R Jean Shop Gina Mayberry, Allen Insurance Agency Debbie Kitchens, Band Queen Activitiesfll 1 M ,... 1, Above, cast includes Mark Whisenhunt, Matt Duffy, Dena Kostelnik, Coy Rollins, Kay Kitchens, Miss Linda Green, Sponsor, Penny Allen, Clark Davis, Kate Donlon, Mark Blocker, Barbara Scott. fNot pictured, Mr. Bob Sivils, co-sponsor.J Above, Ma Brannigan fKate Donlonl and Dick exhibit their skill at 'tplaying hillbilly." Below, Betty Brannigan fDena Kostelnikb dons an old dress and pretends to be the timid child-fiancee of old man Cyrus Scudder lCoy Rollinsl. 12 -I f ienil inswsf:as me s :as ,sn Qmiix-ami . .Q.f1:,..:gsgE,., K mllhe Campbells Are Coming" The Junior Play concerned a girl named Kaye Brannigan 1Penny Allenl who returns home from college to announce her engagement to a rich, society fellow, Kingston Campbell fClark Davisl, whom she has met at school. Her family is both surprised and disappointed since they had hoped she would marry her local sweetheart, Jeff Scudder fMark Whisenhuntl. When Kaye's family learn that the Campbells are coming for a visit, they decide to put on a "hillbilly" act to frighten them away. The play was highly entertaining, and the Juniors did a fine job acting their parts. Eating worms was one of the "idiot" characteristics assumed by Dick Brannigan fMark Blocker! to repulse the Campbells. f f , , ,E MOST ATHLETIC Penny Allen and Phillip Whisenhunt MOST TALENTED Gregg Featherston and Kay Kitchens HO,S WHO The Who's Who contest in Mount Ida High School is a spirited competition. The students pictured on this and the next two pages are juniors and seniors selected hy their fellow students. To be elected to one of these categories is quite an honor, and the students are usually well-deserving of their titles. CUTEST Sherry Rollins and Tim Bair Activitiesf13 Q 1' 14fActivities MOST STUDIOUS Karen Phillips and Mike Scurlock 60,-'P' ul"""" I BEST DRESSED WITTIEST Brent Standridge and Phyllis Young Sherry Rollins and Mike May Q MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Grezz F eatherston and Penny Allen 'igfl -is 5 ! Q , F I 1 i 'Q s ' 1 I 2 Q 1, is . N 5 'W 2 5 . 3, 1 E W 4 ,- f . X mum? fJ-27, 5 V, MOST COURTEOUS Alan Griffith and Mary Boyd 5 5 S X. . 'W A i ff 1 ' 1 13 ji if ji ,3 g. BIGGEST FLIRT Roy Hooker and Vivian Fryar ,, r .,, , ,r. .iii Vi' f ' M ggi I - w 1- W , 35 .334 FRIENDLIEST Phyllis Young and Mark Vangilder Activitiesf15 Most Beautiful Runners-up First Runner-up Joyce Gray Second Runner-up Jaree Reed Third Runner-up Phyllis Young The Winners and runners-up for Most Beautiful and Most Handsome were chosen by Beth Ward and Tom Bonner, television personalities from KARK-TV Channel 4, Little Rock, Arkansas. 16 f Activities mf.,- www Most Handsome Runners-up First Runner-up John Stewart Second Runner-up Phillip Whisenhunt Third Runner-up Wade Abernathy Activities f 17 1 fb Q QatQ5 GEL , G 'aim U 6iS52'1?vF -fig Qvtgf Q"5Q'fm . mg 3, gflvdfn 4 J iw Q .pw Jfsqbd A Wx A Y' f 49574-9, ,Qc I9 Gigi A6 ,g "6 Q X3 ,Qfcnv Q? Q1 '1ffP23?f ff Q3 QZMQSM 4 2 2 lf3fi f'U if 0 fin n WM' A GL, We ,af M, ,E 9 sw Cr w lx fp Q .aw 5 4-B '55 ,PQ Y? X732 ' fa! 97, -2 ' be :Q Hx .Ff'i3,.cg Most Handsome, Mike Minton Act t X19 3 Z 5 f 'fffbj' :U ,171 ,ws f .Lv M' - .' ,, V, I. yi ., H f ' ,, S." '? ,gf ww ' V if x '2nK1l7L.,, J , Y . .1 rl , n .f ,. ,, 9 Ly' 5' if' ' sf 44 5,2 Q 5g4,-,g , 'cf ' 4 fyfg MTL, ,'A, 7 77 vw' :M ' X'W"f,gi,Z-f A f M ,, ., vfvmf fi U lgiiiiir 0 ,,,,,.., ,f'i, f f f, ,, 1 . I fx-L ,,,,. giqgqfnnmfa, , K MENU NEVER "Fond Memories Never Die," the theme of homecoming, and the silhouettes provide background for the royalty, Joyce Gray, Queeng Homecoming Queen, Joyce Gray. Escorts, Roy Hocker and Phillip Whisenhunt. 22fActivities Mary Boyd, Senior Maidg Kay Kitchens, Junior Maidg Davelyn Felkel, Sophomore Maidg and Christi Taylor, Freshman Maid. Crowning the queen is the highlight of the ceremony, arious '4Odds Sz Endsn Of Activities '- s : ., sf .Inav DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS1 WI-IO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN l-IIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Kim White, Debbie Kitchens, Laverne Black, Renee Davidson, Renee Davidson, Becky Griffithg BACK ROVV: Floyd Worden, Brent John Stewartg BACK ROW: Floyd Worden, Gregg Featherston, Standridge, Gregg Featherston, Shane Goodner. Phillip Whisenhunt, Tim Bair, Brent Standridge. 1 QV, 7 - f ,- , v 3 - . e,,. i x :. F as Jr. Boys' Basketball members dressed as Jr. Cheerleaders for the Ms BOYS' and GIRLS' STATE DELEGATES: phillip Whisenhumy MIHS Pageant were Rusty Whisenhunt, Ken Warneke, Jeff Wilson, Joyce Gray, Renee Davidson, Brent Standridge. and Rflbeft Black- LLLA 't bl s ionsored ry the cheerleaders the Ms I Winning the pageant were Tad Kesterson and Penny Allen. A favori e assem y SI 5 V 1- si l- IGH . - - I. - ,H Y MIHS Pageant features Sr, Boys' Basketball members vying for iljernghlleillllacingnfittbsfiuues shine Goijdnerlwade . , h ubeauws title eqwrted by Sr. Girls, Basketball members D t y, . C0 I lmmons, si sweet y awaiting the judges t e ' decision. Behind them are their escorts, Christy Stanley, Brenda dressed as vboys. LEFT: "Beauties" Tad Kesterson, Brent Standridge, and Benny Weston pose demurely in front of escorts Penny Allen, Lisa Bates, and Sherry Rollins. MIDDLE: Lappin, and Gina Whittington. .J if -fm 4. ". w. xhlexric it - ,X 'uf ,J , , , ,, ., if gs, llivwmxnwg hw AN. 1- 4, v I X 1 G., YM a - s Niki?- Vr . all ,EW- fi F fm ' . W ' 4 -an 1 S 'j-4. Athletics Editor, Sherry Rollins 4 And Softball The Mount Ida girls' softball team ended the season with a satisfactory record of six wins and eight losses, under the coaching assistance of Dawn Hanavan and not pictured, Rick Simmons and King Relic Next year they should have more experience and produce a better season The American Legion Baseball Team of Montgomery County contained five members from Mount Ida. Pictured below, they are Roy Hocker, Rick Simmons, King Relic, Mark Blocker, and Clark Davis. The team is made up of members from all areas of Montgomery County, coached by Mr. Chuck LaGrange. This first-year team had a fairly good year, but due to inexperience it was not a winning season. GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM: KNEELING: Annette Snow, Eileen Weston, Penny Allen, STANDING: Echo Relic, May Guinn, Rita Booth, Nancy Robbins, Barbara Black, Tammy Beggs, Judy Davis, Cheryl Lee, and Coach Dawn Hanavan. Not pictured are Wanda Snow, Laverne Black, and Barbara Scott, me Q' ,H Q, K Q . ,. J! ,se H ,,,,,, Q Lai if -2 s J.we-i,,afw:,fs,'ffsefrzwvfef' ' .1 Q K fffffffi ' 5 I V' 323515 WNb'k b ESX By sliding into third base, Rick Simmons is in position to score a run. f . r K , Q mg, fm 'Tm' I W, ' ,35 1 ..,', 'Qv11-:vz ik 15'-rf 3' 2 76" f 1- i 1 rung 1' Q f V ,Mg fl, rdf MW 26 A swing of the bat puts the game into action. Anxiously awaiting to bat are Mark Blocker, Clark Davis, and Roy Hocker. Making Tracks - as ,rrr I Winner of District 4B, first-place discus thrower David Minton also finished third in overaall Class B State Track Meet. SENIOR HIGH TRACK TEAM: Phillip Whisenhunt, John Stewart, Tommy Fortier, Roy Hocker. SECOND ROW: Troy Caudle, Lenny Fryar, David Minton, King Relic, Mike Mayberry. THIRD ROW: Clark Davis, Mike May, Mark Blocker, Wade Abernathy, and Manager, Bo Tabor. Track Teams Compete Thanks to the assistance of their coach, Preston Stidman, the junior and senior boys' track teams each finished second in the overall Class 4B district track meet. This was the first year for Mount Ida senior high to have a girls' track team. Even so, they finished fifth in the overall District 4B track meet. SENIOR HIGH GIRLS, TRACK TEAM: Renee Davidson, Penny Allen, ,L A - MJT., ,. a Phyllis Young, Sherry Rollins, and Assistant Coach Bo Tabor. ,..i- rffw.--Q,XLg'fg,, -I . i L 'M if " is I li 3.- ' 1' I W- fm -4 R X if Slfiilk f f V , -,fi i q' ' lz i g lf IH J I T fi?'75f,2S:3i rf rr' I .fa r :'.gf,'Q"J ,wefrfw 'Ci A. . I' r , .,k' . ."lH"- '. n -, V If ff f ,', 'Af' .J N I 5 ' 'W - .lf-,-QW' 5 .A yn Va .-its ' JUNIOR BOYS' TRACK TEAM: SITTING: Darryl Bostow, Bart Williams, - "' ,i,5'Lj- F V , If if 'mf' Ag " , Bill Jackson, Chuck Brown, Johyyn Edwards. KNEELING: Eddie Bostow, M g".j David Harder, Michael Lybrand, David Lappin, Bo Tabor, Terry Ford, Matthew Black. STANDING: Gary Smith, David Fikes, Chester Bryant, Nathan Davis, Terrell Wharton, Jeff Wilson, Terry Hutchison, John Kelloms, James Robbins, Rusty Whisenhunt, and Kevin Wilson. Lenny Fryar is one of the members of the relay team and the All-District long jumper for Mount Ida. us. 3.6 551: V-- ...fuss ,Lv FRONT ROW: David Fikes, Jimmy Adams, James Robins, Mike Lee, Jeff Price, Tim Majors, Rusty Whisenhunt, Bill Stroope, John Kelloms, Jeff Wilson, Greg Wilburn, Nathan Davis, James Scrimshire, SECOND ROW: Coach Preston Stidman, David Helms Bruce Gray, David Lappin, Mike Mendenhall, Chris Elder, Alan Norris, Roger Baker, Eddie Clenney, Perry Majors, Managers, 1977 Junior Lions The 1977 season was a failure in certain Ways and a success in others. We had a team that started a lot of players who had never before played on a junior varsity football team. The team was slowed down by a few injuries and a lot of soreness. The junior Lions had great support at all the games by their loyal fans. Junior captains shown at right are Rusty Whisenhunt, Terry Hutchison, James as Robins, with their coach, Preston Stidman. v ,,.-.-wa,-uve-f ' v s 5 . - , "R, ns. 4 Maurice Carr and David Harder, Tim Hutchison. THIRD ROW: Rodney Standridge, Brian Clay, Joey Jones, Garry Ford, Freddie Casey, Donnie Stovall, Keith Edmonds, Paul Cox, Mike Counds, Will Featherston, Dennis LaGrange, and Assistant Coach, Gary Cunningham. K M. ,isfckv I L , P' it 33"-T5 7 3 0. Starting Line-up: Tim Majors, Greg Wilburn, Bill Stroope, Michael Wilson, Terry Hutchison, John Kelloms, James Robins, and Rusty Lee, Jimmy Adams, Jeff Price, Chris Elder, Alan Norris, Jeff Whisenhunt. WY ert. 5 . g 'f ' ' 'H A . V, iffy' f" i' A 7 . .,,, ., M, - Q H .,,, ,. ' . J .W k ' 7 . . .... or it , ' r HMWJ ' , . V ec A V ' 7 ' if 7 ,.- f f Y 4 f fi' , . j Y I keg? P V A ll . fr, I .. -. .1 ,,,,, - , k ' I i , 'Q - . J eu J asf- e fe A Q, I j ""Q"lj :X gl Qt' ,z , R Q A-. 7 v . g e .., t, A ' .i gg' :X--x!'p,. , 'I ir-ig., 1-1 A ' " Y- " X"-1 ,1..,m'F i Yr Atari . 0 as .' A 'A ik- ,-. ' .- y Fees . 4, W .. e 1 , .fgwr -4' . P V f 1 1, ,i , - " I -' ' . ' ' A ' 'W "" - . 5' v," -.- 'no .i ' " VW 1- . ' " "'--- . fa -' ew'-5-1' .Q C71 W ... , s S ,, -v g sg f 'M '- wa- . "' -1 . 'fe J.. . l -1. , 1 , .. ., Y M. fp.: ,,,,-. Wt. N . ,-'W LJ ,,,f .. , f , , t , ,, , -A .., ff, as ,W . ..,,,.,'...., . 'f':, . J . 5, in ,aa , , , f,. . rv, ,,,,. f ,, ,' , Y... 1--N-11. . , n -'fr' .,'z,- an - se.-.. -s .A as -,qv V 1-1. -F. Hz. 'wie 1.4.24 .. 4 .Q , gx'w,v'Kjrr.,::sq2S?A3 k in :'f'g Q '1,.f1.,g ,iq ,ary i"'f 4 -1 GQ, ,, ' . Q. ,,. ," ,Og-.4 Asa., ,f -ix f " ,fue ,..,. ,V ,4 4 ., u. . , we md'-sffffigg 1 as-elf. ifwfvff . f we f.. . - f ,qi so Yq 1i.q3.Hf:1.,,m,p '-5 c.,.,,g,. , - f 4953, Sfnggff, .,,,,::,,.,.,, ,. f. ,ti 4, Aff-:Qin s.'-6-ay,-L.. v f ,r Q',g':a ,we Q 'BUY wriif' H ' ""44v'1lH ,z,",W .'f'T'wn:. ff"s1 1.. '- "-19' .-,- , ' f .rg so -1 .f.,. -, ' Q , . 'K N"". EWS. M' - 5 'E L.. . 111"3-2f'tfiiii3fi:fna.:H...o"rfU""',. 1 11'fm'e--',gge5'xi' S' 1: giznmgiiiri-'i+fe'S2f1?fNf ',"i,gv,,xli 17'?:?3'3P 55 -Lf sw' ' Sf-s:'i""' .f1L.zs.,:h.1, sv. ' t' KI "L" ' - ' -Nm f ia--N2-1 .?z1't-- - ,.g-- 3 ,"'. ' , A i,.4:f1a,s'v'i' L-.M ..-.+- :RL -1 , 'S f FRONT ROW: Coach Preston Stidman, Timmy Tabor, Mike Mayberry, Mark Vangilder, Johnny Barber, Mark Davis, Phillip Whisenhunt, Roy Hocker, Greg Stovall, Lenny Fryar, Tim Bair, Bo Tabor, manager Matthew Black. SECOND ROW: Bill Jackson, Benny Weston, Scott Simmons, Rich Wiederspan, David Douthit, Mike May, Andy Harder, Pat Campbell, Alan Griffith, Clark Davis, N 'QM v Captains fabovej are Lenny Fryar, Mark Davis, Phillip Whisenhunt, and Roy Hocker. Starting line-up Cbelowj features Scott Simmons, Greg Stovall, Roy Hocker, Tim Bair, Alan Griffith, Pat Campbell, .-.4-p.........., ,QQ hi., N7-.n.... ,, f -.A s An. mi'-'fi ,, ,hh . ' .rw T . . ' IQ' n 'V , ' Leslie Harper, Tim Sekavec, Mike Scurlock, manager Tim Gaston. THIRD ROW: Bart Williams, Johnny Edwards, Chester Bryant, Darryl Bostow, Kevin Wilson, Phillip Standridge, Mark Walker, Mark Graves, Terry Ford, Jimmy Abernathy, Chuck Brown, and John Kinsey. 1977 Senior Lions The senior Lions finished the season with a record of five wins and four losses, second in our conference under our rival Mt. Pine, who made it to the semi-finals of the state playoffs, showing that we did well in a tough conference. The Lions' powerful running attack was fronted by the quarterbacks Mark Davis and Kevin Wilson, fullback Phillip Whisenhunt, and halfbacks Lenny Fryar and Benny Weston. The quarterbacks' favorite targets were tight-end John Steward and split-end Scott Simmons. Five talented Lions made All-District Csee next pageb. Fan support was excellent, and games such as Mount Ida's thrilling 10-7 overtime victory over Magnet Cove provided an extra bonus of excitement. The players as well as Coach Stidman and the assistant defensive coach, Donald Phillips, put forth full effort to please their fans. Clark Davis, BACKFIELD: Benny Weston, Mark Davis, Phillip Whisenhunt, and Lenny Fryar. 'tiiiipag " C i 'S-www Ten Seniors Leave The Team-Five Make All-District Roy Hocker, Guard ALL-DISTRICT , k :3t,,l..x John Steward, Tightend ALL-DISTRICT ,W V ,Mi my .ff 5, ,4,,. , e I V' " Q ,Vw 'Ma . V, A Mjqif A K ' .1 was Vi' ' h ,ff ,qw ,L y VR, A , 1 lays i ,. Q bg ' , 5145: ' V- I Mark Davis, Quarterback Zrma' , 4 4 ,,,. za ,f., - 1 W ' 1 ,-fgeffilf I . 5, Phillip Whisenhunt, Fullback Tim Bair, Center Lenny Fryar, Halfback ALL-DISTRICT ALL-DISTRICT ALL-DISTRICT 42956 ' 4 c Greg Stovall, Tackle Johnny Barber, Guard Timmy Tabor, Halfback Mike Mayberry, Splitend Xi V f ff ' ft' . if rs.-,,,.? ii l Q 'fuatqhs--V' ? ,J f-fi if The clear touchdown signal communicates the same information to both sides, but notice the difference in response triggered by it - utter dejection by Lion 35, David Douthis, but jubilation by Magnet Cove Panthers on the left. However, the emotions were switched by the end of the game, won in overtime by the Lions 10 to T, evidenced by the scoreboard below. BOTTOM LEFT, pictured receiving a little help from "upstairs" is Coach Stidman, with volunteer assistant Don Phillips instructing a player. BOTTOM RIGHT, football players show promise at the first football pep rally. 4 23 I A g .i Athleticsffil Senior Cheerleaders , , , A. K ' 55. 4 " Hee: f 15.4 iam CHEERLEADERS: Dena Kostelnik, Vivian Fryar, Kate Donlon, Phyllis Young, Laverne Blackg AT TOP, Cheryl Hanavan. I X E I Pictured helping the cheerleaders out during a pep rally are Showing great enthusiasm, Dena, along with other cheerleaders football players Phillip Whisenhunt and Lenny Fryar. entertains the fans with a dance to L'Rubberband Man." 32fAthletics Raising the score by two points, Christy Stanley puts one in. The basketball court provides rich opportunity for communication of ideas and feelings. Between coaches, teammates, and opponents, character and talent are displayed, recognized, honored, or rejected. A glance, a movement, a sound convey worlds of meaning. ABOVE: Letting one go, Tad Kesterson helps Mount Ida roll over Oden. TOP LEFT: Despite his host of opponents, Wade Abernathy breaks through for another basket. BOTTOM LEFT: Brent Standridge's overall form communicates his determination to Win. Athleticsffifi R1 'Z . N: -, wi- 1462 is 4. 7' ,G X I f 5 , . A 4 52 " ' W .., -. fm L ' fi W LJ: . -v . ww ' , Ll, 55,5531 , il W , L JE 'V , - Q ., 1-f a f v z . WV-3, f f, Q4 '1fSJ"5' H3-ifav - 4- W Y ' 4 -,.f,',..J-' a xe?-:M , I ' 1 'a , V 4 .V , , Q '?f:Vz'- 1, --,Fw ev'-1, v' '- ' V .- 'Y 1' ,V V' V , . A . .. . 'V V f .afiefW f f.,-.nw .fem -' ' 'V H--fs. V153 !fffz2,,..ffw aaAj.V:?iw 24' gk 1 i. a'1VsM"5 mi ,.,x,,A1. ' -' .am ..-1,-.H-: ua: vJ,'V1z,vw"ew4.atfwxg -Vaggggx, wwriaiif Kimi: '45 N 'L ,ff f " '- " -V i f '- ' 1? -'Tw "Z ' -.vp 1' Aww 12 .V-55 ' - '- -:ff 'S' W"-.1 12fQ'?' l'F"gfu-'fb " "5":1 ' .K W4 2 2, ' :ffl K VV 4 x V VN -V ,, - VV- :.'1A.V.n.., 1, - 14. V . ' 4' , - , f. -' .fav 'vgizpi V V f F' ,Q 1 A ' ld! '-,' 5.'V.Vx" Q k'xk'f'Sf!,:V7.ViW,si1 V 'ff,LX'V.1"?7 ,Q 5. . a fin' .V Vp-,fit-' ,V M. V V-VV - V14-,.rV.. , V .1 V 3.5 5' 1 if V K . MQ., f. Q f,,' V V ,' "f,:rw1V.V ' - . , 1 ,,"7x7"f 'H 4 K ,, N-V wi VJQTV ' 1' ' --J Vg,,f . Vim-1 5+ fr.. -.!1n"U .3",3. in ,py,,.'V,,Q .r 1. Nt, Vi , .,3,,4 V.f,, V . WVU, 2 V,-,l V-, . ,nwdbbvdv M, Q X 3 ,QQ 1V M 5 9 VJ? ww' P1 N 3 bt QA - , . ,, .715 V fr ,V 11 J I hw, 4, V, 5.35 ,A, ,AV ., X , f - .1 I ...ww Senior Girls' Basketball SENIOR GIRLS' BASKETBALL - Renee Davidson,ChristyStanley, Lappiny Annette Snow, Penny Allen, Gina Whittington Wanda Sherry Rollins, Lisa Bates, Gina Mayberry, Manager Jaree Reed, Beavers. M V Coach Cunningham, Brookie Scurlock, Manager Glenda Carr, Brenda , K 3 f ' 5 STARTING LINE UP: KNEELING: Brenda Lappin, Lisa Bates. STANDING: Christy Stanley, Renee Davidson, Gina Whittington, Penny Allen. l6fAthletics v v 1.3 JA 4 Q 5 Q, Ls. Nxfwiixxv Q ' E Wjflf- ,JQQQ ' 3 " J Y 5 A ' Q .4 1 ? 'Q Q A ic A WR, A W 1 J VVIV .K -2-::::"l? """,-1'5'Jva i 5, W 3? Qui U 5 z" Junior Girls' Basketball I will' Junior Girls' Varsity Team, SITTING: Sherry Gaston, Rita Booth, May, Becky Lambert, Coach Cunningham, May Guinn, Tammy Echo Relic, Terry Edwards, Sherry Bates, Deanna .Gravesz Davidson, Kathy Battle, Lejta McKay, Tammy Beggsl STANDING: Christi Taylor, Suzanne Simpson, Roberta White, Shari Starting Line-up, KNEELING: Sherry Bates, Suzanne Simpson, Tammy Beggs, STANDING: Becky Lambert, May Guinn, Roberta White, Tammy Davidson. Girls' Seventh Grade Team, KNEELING: Wendi Wheeler, Patty Felkel, Carolyn Robins,.Cheryl Lee. STANDING: Marlene Scurlock, Cheryl McKay, Sherry Adams. " v son, Karen Simpson, Nancy Robbins, Nan Simp allfle Justus, Stacy Elder, Raynee Blackburn, Wanda Fernandez, 38!Athletics Junior Boys' Basketball Junior Boys, Varsity Team: KNEELING: Kipp Kesterson, Bobby Wilson, James Smith, Ken Warneke, Coach Foshee, Chris Elder, Strothers, Dell Kirstad, Robert Black, Mike Counds. STANDING: Alan Norris, Luther Snow, Jeff Price, Bill Stroope, Michail Manager Maurice Carr, Tim Majors, Rusty Whisenhunt, Jeff Lybrand, Manager Bryan Whisenhunt. Seventh Grade Team: KNEELING: Perry Majors, Brian Clay, Mark Whisenhunt, Quinn Taylor. STANDING: Manager Maurice Carr, Jeff Morton, Jimmy Jones, Kipp Kesterson, Donnie Stovall, Starting I ine up: KNEFLING K W h k QT I - .J - en -ar ehe, Rusty Whisenhunt. ANDING. Perry Majors, Alan Norris, Jeff Wilson. Coach Foshee, Keith Edmonds, Mike Counds, Joey Jones, Rodney Standridge, Manager Bryan Whisenhunt. Athleticsf39 SENIOR FORWARD Renee Davidson SENIOR GUARD Brenda Lappin ALL-DIS'I'RIC'I' '77 FORWARD Lisa Bates SENIOR FORWARD Sherry Rollins SENIOR CENTER SENIOR FORWARD SENIOR FORWARD ALIFDISTRICT '77 Jilhn Stewart Brent Standridge Shane Goodner Kevill Wilson l'OOl.S OF THE TRADE" 4ofAth1euQS i I 5 I . Xi. If 4 I I I E Q If I W 31111 31100 .af fwf if ii. Organizations Editor, Joyce Gray Organizationshil IH AN The Band is made up of students who are Willing to devote many hours of hard Work and dedication in order for Mt. Ida High School to have a successful Concert and Marching Band. TOI' RIGHT: The Band performs its annual Christmas Concert, which is enjoyed hy everyone. MIDDLE RIGHT: Band Ot't'if'ers: Wanda Snow, Iihrariang Kay Kitchens. Secretary and Treasurerg Dehhie Kitchens, Librariang Rhonda Kitchens. President: Roy I-locker, Student Council Representativeg Phillip Whisenhunt, Vice-Presidentg Floyd Worden, Beginning Band Assistantg Gregg Featherston, Drum Major. BELOW: The 1977-T8 Marching Band is lead by Drum Major Gregg Featherston and Majorettes Suzanne Simpson and Christi Taylor. r f ,-'YN .I ' ' ' Aslan, ,. T 5.3. .,,,, gf. - ...V ff-Qs f' A , is I. . W. ,-aww ,, If .if ,1 . 1, -..,,.f- , ' I .I-,w1fvsss:,,,9iwxe:-Q 42fOrganiZations fir' ,I ...Q , .f'Q.Q,,q, .. . -f ,flsws-H' 2. . f .'-vw 1, .... It R. . t. ,,. wx... ith? N Band members prove their talents and compliment their director by winning positions in All-Region Bands in large numbers. AT TOP LEFT, Fifteen members made Senior High All-Region Bands: Annette Snow. Cheryl Speer. Karen Phillips, SECOND ROW: Rhonda Kitchens. Kay Kitchens, Clark Davis. Wanda Snow. THIRD ROW: Bill Jackson, Gregg Featherston, Roy Hocker. Sam Beggs. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Lybrand, Floyd Worden, Phillip Whisenhunt, Phillip Standridge. MIDDLE LEFT: Fifteen students made -lunior High All-Region Bands: Christi Taylor. Tammy Beggs. Walter Standridge. Michael Lee, Alan Norris, Terry Beavers. SECOND ROW: May Guinn, Lisa Hocker, Cheryl McKay, Karen Simpson, Carla Wharton, and tnot picturedl Laurie Standridge. THIRD ROW: Luther Snow, Maurice Carr, Keith Edmonds, Quinn Taylor. BOTTOM LEFT: Clark Davis gets tuned up before the annual Christmas concert. BOTTOM RIGHT: The band Christmas tree is decorated with everything that pertains to the band. BELOW: Our 1977-T8 Marching Band leads the way during the annual fair parade. Organizationsf43 :EQ sf. E ffl? Q iii Library Club I The Library Club is composed of assistant library workers who are willing to devote their regular study hall period to work in the library. Their duties consist of checking books in and out, shelving the books properly, taking care of fines, and helping students to find materials. Sponsor of the club is Mrs. Lybrand, the school librarian. At right, Mrs. Lybrand shows Mark Whisenhunt how to use the card catalog. Library Club Officers: Mike Lybrand, Student Council Representativeg porterg Brookie Scurlock, Secretaryg Mary Boyd, Vice-Presidentg Joyce Regina Whittington, Student Council alternateg Laverne Black, Re- Gray, Presidentg Mrs. Glenna Lybrand, Sponsor. The Library Club fair exhibit states "Jump on Board the Dewey Sherry Adams is doing one of her jobs as library assistant - checking Decimal Express? out books. N v . 6 DQNEY DECIMAQ 5,iAS'5lFlCAllflN: A ' ' 5 A . . a f,fMu,el kwin, few 152 1 N1 5 4sQ.jIfs.g: '.', E I 9 Q il A Ssswgie, f 9 fad QNX 1 ' 1 5' St 2 .1 K f f as Ng. ,S Tv fi 1 5. va bfi? ,vu WR ' ax I ' i ' l 1 e r Y ,W- , ,it . fy A grit J S k ,ik i1m,xAu Xxx. N I ,., i 6 r at L L w"'!'m 'fi 14555 .Z ..: zzs-fx. . f -1 ,-1.gz2fNS35:.-.. . '- s , .,,. Library Club Members: Seated: Laverne Black, Regina Wittington, Donna Wheeler, Sponsor Mrs. Lybrand, Michael Lybrand, Bobby Jaree Reed, Kimberly White. Standing: Roger Dale Baker, Brookie Strothers, Stacy Elder, Mark Whisenhunt, Sherry Adams, and Echo Scurlock, Brenda Lappin, Joyce Gray, Mary Boyd, Ricky Bostow, Relic. FHA Homemaker .... That's Me! That's You! Everyone is a homemaker and needs the skills of successfully managing his or her life. This fact is shown in the new composition of the club to include boys. To become successful leaders in tomorrow's society, we as young people need to become involved and concerned today. As members of Future Homemakers we have the chance to test our abilities, set our own goals, practice decision-making, chart our own course .... experience leadership. At right, Penny Allen who is President of our local chapter of FHA and President of Federation XIX, is presiding over the FHA meeting. 1? I E , n,.,..",.':t . gj,f---- FHA Officers: Seated: Treasurer, Gina Mayberry: Secretary, Sherrie Rollinsg President, Penny Allen, First Vice-President, Lora McKay: FHA Beau, Mark Vanguilder. Standing: Historian, Evelyn Boyd: Second Vice-President, Vivian Fryar, Student Council Representative, ,ax Christy Stanley: FHA Sponsor, Mrs. Betty Prince, Third Vice-President, Debbie Robbins: CNot pictured: Reporter, Karen Phillips.J NINTH AND TENTH GRADE FHA MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Tammy Gilstrap, Regina Anderson, Donna Ziegler, Karen Holley, Rosa Anderson, Suzanne Simpson, Sherry Bates, Sherry Gaston, Carla Wharton, Renee Short, Kathy Battle. SECOND ROW: Lisa Hocker, Connie Wiederspan, Pandy Fernandez, Ellen Romero, Christy Taylor, Brenda Finney, Sandy Goodman, Deane Godwin, Martha Rowland, Tammy Davidson, Lisa LaPanne, Carrie Robbins, Maxine Scott, Shari May, Becky Lambert. THIRD ROW: Cindy Sanders, Cheryl Speer, Julie Harrison, Yvonne Wiley, Angie Vines, Donna Wheeler, Lisa Bates, Brookie Scurlock, Judy Davis, FOURTH ROW: Wanda Beavers, Jaree Reed, Kimberly Burrow, Annette Snow, Davelyn Felkel, Rhonda Kitchens, Brenda Lybrand, Regina Whittington. JUNIOR AND SENIOR FHA MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Christy Stanley, Penny Allen, Lora McKay, Mark Vangilder, Sherry Rollins, Vivian Fryar, Gina Mayberry, Debbie Robbins, Evelyn Boyd. SECOND ROW: Barbara Scott, Phyllis Young, Dena Kostelnik, Brenda Scott, Kate Donlon, Glenda Carr, Mary Ann Dillard, Sherrie Smith, Dewanna Dillard, Rhonda McKinney, Tracy Goin, Kathy Holley, Alice Jolly, Becky Romero, Kay Kitchens. THIRD ROW: Renee Davidson, Sponsor Mrs. Betty Prince, Kim White, Shane Goodner, Wanda Snow, Linda Holley, Tina Fortier, Mike Mayberry, Becky Griffith, Mary Boyd, FOURTH ROW: Joyce Gray, Brenda Lappin, Debbie Black, Tim Bair, Cheryl Hanavan, Gregg Featherston, Debbie Kitchens, Lenny Fryar, Velda Noles, Laverne Black. Organizationsf47 X FFA FFA is a state organization made up of boys and girls who study vocational agriculture in order to prepare for careers and to become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities. Members gain practical experience through FFA activities while they study school courses in agriculture. Several girls are now joining FFA each year. The United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare sponsors the FFA Nationally. FFA officers pictured at right are: Kay Kitchens, Sweetheart, Mr. Billy Watkins, Sponsor, Phillip Whisenhunt, Presidentg Mark Vangilder, Secretaryg Tim Bair, Vice-President, Leslie Harper, Sentinelg Pat Campbell, Treasurer, Brent Standridge, Junior Advisor, and Shane Goodner, Reporter. AH4 an E f-fA f . ' f y ' , 'f-is .,. ., ,A ,a sia f V , ,, 1 The FHA and FFA Constructed a booth at the County fair which Studying gun safety under Mr. Watkins' skillful demonstration are told how to be a f'Food Budget Chopper." Blu Stmope and Terry Beavers' 48fOrganizalions Ninth and Tenth FFA Members: FRONT ROW: Ricky Miner, Johnny Gwinn, Bennie Milam, Nathan Davis, Charlie Hatton, Robert Black, Rusty Whisenhunt, Eddie Boadway, James Schrimshire, Bryan Whisenhunt, Bobby Strothers, Lewie Bryant, Mark Mathis, Michael Lee, Alfred Kinsey. SECOND ROW: Bobby Yett, David Jones, Bill Stroope, Terry Hutchinson, David Fikes, Jimmy Adams, Donnie James, Bobby Jones, James Smith, Jeff Wilson, John Kelloms, Ken Warneke, James Robbins, Jr., Greg Wilburn, Alvin Lambert, Terry Beavers, Parris Relic, David Harder, Jeff Price. THIRD ROW: Steve Gaston, Leithon Milholen, Terrell Wharton, Joseph Rowland, Leasel Bryant, Ricky Stanfill, Tim Majors, Bill Jackson, Phillip Standridge, Danny Minton, Bart Williams, Mark Walker, Charles Brown, Lloyd Tubbs, Johnny Edwards, John Kinsey. FOURTH ROW: David Boadway, Mark Graves, Mike Minton, Benjamin Rowland, John Irons, Kevin VVilson, Chester Bryant, Matthew Black, Terry Ford, James Abernathy, Daryl Bostow, Bo Tabor. 'NW' F ww ,swift Eleventh and Twelfth: FRONT ROW: Brent Standridge, Tim Bair, Shane Goodner, Kay Kitchens, Phillip Whisenhunt, Leslie Harper, Mark Vangilder, Pat Campbell. SECOND ROW: Clark Davis, Scott Simmons, Mark Whisenhunt, Mike Scurlock, Benny Weston, Andy Harder, Alan Griffith, Wade Abernathy, Tim Sekevac, Tim Gaston, Merle McGrew, Mike May, Mark Blocker, Matthew Duffy. THIRD ROW: James Robbins, Coy Rollins, Brad Collier, Greg Davis, Tad Kesterson, Robert James, David Schrimshire, Danny Gee, Terry Bair, Kyle Abbott, David Douthit, Bill Schrimshire, Steve Clay. FOURTH ROW: Richard Carter, Tommy Walden, Sammy Beggs, Mike Mayberry, Lenny Fryar, Lora McKay, Mark Davis, Sherry Rollins, Floyd Worden, Roy Hocker, Brenda Lappin, Timmy Tabor, Johnny Barber, Marvin Forthman, Greg Stovall. Organizer! ionsflfl FFA-FHA Barbecue Is Big Spring Event gpg., 50f0rg Arriving at 6:30 in the morning, Leithon Milholen, Barry Craw, Terral Wharton, and Tim Gaston attend the fire that will create the glowing Student enjoyment of the barbecue is evidenced by Renee, Benny, Kevin, and Mike. anizations Billowing smoke and heaps of hickory wood show the early stages of preparation for the annual spring barbecue to honor the club members' parents. Work for the barbecue actually starts weeks in advance, when all the FFA boys and Mr. Watkins cut the wood to allow time for proper drying. Mrs. Prince and her Home Ec classes spend several periods preparing the barbecue sauce, salad, beans, and bread. Parents show their interest Cand perhaps appetitel by appearing in large numbers to enjoy the feast. This type of communication between community and school is a pleasure to all involved. coal bed to cook the chicken later in the day. LION'S ROAR STAFF: SEATED: Laverne Black, High School Editorg Kim White, Editor-in-Chiefg Ms. Mullens, Sponsor, STANDING: Cheryl Hanavan, Senior Spotlight, Debbie Black, Business Manager, Wanda Snow, Feature Editorg Tina Fortier, Exchange Editorg Kate Donlon, Elementary Editor, Linda Holley, Organizations Editor, Velda INolesl Duncan, Photographerg Joyce Gray, Sports Editorg Marvin Forthman, Teacher Spotlightg Floyd Worden, Art Editor. 2 Ms. Mullens shows Debbie Black and Marvin Forthman the proper technique of pasting the layout. C23 Lg.. kwa f.aaf:f2-flanges. fmt' Lion's Roar Published each six weeks by the students in Typing II, the school paper contains club and class news and feature items such as Senior Spotlights, Teacher Spotlights, and gossip. This year the LION'S ROAR has added adverti- sements to the school paper. These advertisements are made possible by the local businesses, who are helping support the LION'S ROAR. ..., UUUVV""' ' ooooooocwv ' e 09000000093 eooeooomooew 5 , 'G 3 Mesa. 'sg Editor-in-Chief, Kim White, appears in one of her quieter moments. Organizationsf51 , -f J -Q .L xxgs, Student Council Student Council is an organiza- tion of work and fun Whose objective tfigiiir , , . is to help students express their opinions and ideas about their school , government. Its major project for the year was installing a stereo system in the school cafeteria. Other projects are preparing a float for the fair parade, decorating for the homecoming festivities, and financing delegates to Boys State and Girls State. Membership consists of elected class representatives and presidents of all clubs and classes. The picture at the right shows the fair exhibit, which tells how to HB. A. Successf' 3 1 Student Council Members: FRONT ROW: Vivian Fryar, Laverne Marlene Scurlock. THIRD ROW: Ricky Bostow, Keith Edmonds, Black, Penny Allen, Shari May, Becky Lambert, Christi Taylor, Lisa Kevin Wilson, Ken Warneke, Bill Stroope, Michael Scurlock, Gregg Bates, Laurie Standridge. SECOND ROW: Ms. Mullens, Sponsorg Featherston. FOURTH ROW: Phillip Whisenhunt, Timmy Bair, Phyllis Young, Christy Stanley, Kimberly Burrow, Rhonda Kitchens, Brent Standridge, Roy Hooker. Michael Lybrand, David Kinsey, Joey Jones, Will Featherston, 52fOrganizations , sf V 'fr 4,4 it A . fi. My . 4 5 ' ' 1- t V i : fv "W l , Q k ' Q .Q 6 I R , 4 K 'K A ff .x f--'X 1 MJQ -, ,f 'fr fi -'vs 3 I 1 I Student Council Officers: Gregg Featherston, Presidentg Laverne Black, Secretaryg Ms. Phyllis Mullens, Sponsorg Penny Allen, Vice-Presidentg and Timmy Tabor, Treasurer. 1 ,nf ' 'Zn 111 2 Above middle: Christi Taylor and Leslie Harper enjoy a dance at the Student Council Soc Hop. BOTTOM: Johnny Edwards, Gregg Featherston, and Penny Allen were winners at the spring Soc Hop. fi .NJ -I . " . 1 is., 5x'cf"- . ,v lf, .1 :fe Our school float, entitled "Education - Total Involvement," won first place in the fair parade. In addition to the queen and her maids, the float featured members of football, basketball, track, band, and a prospective graduate. The boys pictured are Wade Abernathy, Mark Davis, Tim Bair, Kevin Wilson, and John Kelloms. av 1 Q N Beta Club Organized in 1940, with twenty charter members, the Mount Ida Beta Club has endeavored to encourage scholarship, character, and leadership ever since. Current membership twhich is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who meet the requir- ementsl is thirty-eight, twenty-eight percent of the total three grades enrollment. The main social activities of the club are the spring and fall parties tdepicted in candid shots on these two pagesb and the State Convention in Little Rock each January. Various service projects have been performed each year, the most recent being a clock installed in the school cafeteria. f- ix K' it Y' , LTO 1' Y, 3 if 1 ' Lit C . Q-A 1-avi Wigs A s ' ' Beta Club Members: FRONT ROW: Lloyd Tubbs, Becky Griffith Featherston Marvin Forthman Brent Stanclrldge Wade Abernathy Evelyn Boyd, Debbie Robbins, Dena Kostelnik, Gina Mayberry Kay Phillip Whisenhunt Timmy Bair Floyd Worden Shane Goodner Kitchens, Phyllis Young, Cheryl Speer. SECOND ROW: Michael Mark Blocker Not pictured Jon Irons Mark Davis Pat Campbell Scurlock, Annette Snow, Rhonda Kitchens, Kimberly White, Penny Karen Phillips Scott Simmons Benny Weston Matt Black Charles Allen, Renee Davidson, Lora McKay, Cindy Sanders, Kimberly Brown and Phillip Standridge Burrow, Wanda Beavers. THIRD ROW: Leslie Harper, Gregg Beta Club Officers: Brent Standridge, Presidentg Benny Weston, Pat Campbell, Reporter, Floyd Worden, Historian, Mrs. Phillips, Vice-President, Karen Phillips, Secretaryg Phyllis Young, Treasurer, Sponsor. .1.,,.,,,,,. . , o..,...,..,,,. 1119 . an it is 'Y F QQ ihvin .Hx Betas Enjoy Fun And Food party. The spring picnic fpicture at leftl featured beans, pies, cakes, and bread! lliilii f x Many means other than spoken Words can be used for communication. Though there is a slight language barrier between our foreign exchange student, Carlos Herrera, and the student body, it did not prevent friendship and fun, as shown by the picture above where Betas are enjoying a game of snake at the fall Kentucky Fried Chicken 'plus homemade potato salad, Organixations!55 Annual Staff Typing is just one element of the dedication work that is required to produce a good annual. ln an effort to make the work easier and to insure a quality product, the staff has two levels of organization, a senior staff primarily responsible for the current year's publication and a junior staff learning the procedure as they assist the seniors. This year's staff has worked under the handicap of having no senior editor-in-chief and the mid-year loss of the senior elementary editor. Junior elementary editor, Dena Kostelnik, has filled the elementary position willingly and well, assisted by Evelyn Bond. AT RIGHT: Typist Floyd Worden follows the directions of classes editor Kim White. 'x Wifi "gs"TFfg2i':s ssc 1 SENIOR ANNUAL STAFF2 Flffyfl Wfffden, TYI?iStQ Debbie Laverne Black, Typistg Sherry Rollins, Athletics Editorg Dena Kllfhcns- Phffulgfaphefl Klm While- Cl3SS9S Edltflfl JOYCE Gray, Kostelnik, Elementary Editorg Becky Griffith, Activities Editor Organizations Editorg Mrs Phillips, Sponsor. SECOND HOW: Vvanda Sngjwy Typist. -lllNlOR ASSlS'l'AN'l' STAFF: Gina Mtiylmerry. Athletics: Penny Allen, Editor-in-f'hiet'g Phyllis Young. Activitiesg BACK HOW: 4? Vs X. K. ,l :vi 5 Clark llzivis. Photographer: liiiy Kitchens. Orgmiizzitiomg Dena Kostelnik, lClcinentur5': Debbie Robbins. Classes. . .,.., c . - ' 3,. llll llll fe-::sfsse,f:s.zss'e ":- 4 , tl 'x I' nfmi v--aw X, I., 1 . l Laverne Black works diligently to meet za deadline. Stall' photographer, Debbie Kitchens. copes with all kinds ot' camera problems lsuch as broken cord to strobe unit. jammed trigger release, and failure to advance lilml and still comes out successful with all picture orders filled on time. Organimt ionsf5T Sr. High Glee Club The Senior High tl-lee Cluh is a voluntary organization ot' students who devote their PE. periods and sometimes Home Rooms to develop their vocal talents. The club has added something new this year, a system made up ot' a Gtltl-point value for each six weeks. The point value can average out more or less, depending on the attitude ol' the student. The Jerson earninff the l rw ,L most, points at the end ot' the year will receive an award. The picture at right shows the officers: Karen Phillips, Reporterg Dewanna Dillard, President, Sherry Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, Kathy Holley, Vice-President, Alice Jolly, Lihrariang and Mrs. Jones, Sponsor. vw 1 rct, SENIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB MEMBERS: Dewanna Dillard, ROW: Cindy Sanders, Tracey Goin, Rhonda McKinney, Linda Sherri Smith, Kathy Holley, Alice Jhiiy, Karen Phillipsg BACK Hffllffyr 'lube Hafflsfm- and Becky Romero- 58fOrganizations ,, 1 3? ,W ,sf -. . if , 'xxx 'Few I 'rw Jr. High Glee Club The Junior High Glee Club is composed of students from grades seven through nine. Both the Clee Clubs perform for different organizations during the year, some of which include The National Retired People, nursing homes, Sunset Lodge, and the Lake Ouachita Baptist Church. Junior High Glee Club officers, shown at right, are Mrs. Frances Jones, Sponsor, Debbie Baker, President, Donna Zeigler, Reporter, Audrey Manley, Secretary-Treasurer, Bonnie Stovall, Vice-President, Karen Holley, Librarian, and Donna Holley, Librarian. JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB MEMBERS: Bonnie Stovall, Debbie Baker, Ellen Romero, Donna Zeigler, Connie Wiederspan, Pandy Fernandez, Karen Holley, Christine Hatton, Mrs. Frances Jones, Sponsor, SECOND ROW: Faye Hood, Sandra Goodman, Brenda Finney, Donna Holley, Pat Finney, Charlene Holley, Susan Qualls, Shirley Carr, Annette Humphreys, THIRD ROW: Tammy Gilstrap, Belinda Rogers, Regina Anderson, Cindy Finney, Rhonda James, Sherry Casey, Audrey Manley. Organizationsf59 Chess Club Newest among the MIHS clubs, the Chess Club was organized last semester of 1976-77 and is open to any student or teacher who enjoys the challenge of a game that turns on skill rather than chance. The club meets two evenings a month at the school. Approximately twenty pupils are presently active. Winning over keen competition in the all-school tournament, spring '77, Brent Standridge proudly holds the first trophy awarded by the new club, displayed in better detail in the close-up picture at bottom right. Brent defeated every other member in the three-month Round Robin tournament, without experiencing a single loss. In addition to participating in the school tournament, two members, Terry Ford and Shane Goodner, with Sponsor Sivils, attended a tournament at Shreveport, Louisiana, last spring. Officers and sponsors shown below are fkneelingl Penny Allen, Reporter, Brent Standridge, Presidentg fstandingl Mr. Bob Sivils, Co-sponsorg Terry Ford, Secretaryg Phillip Standridge, S. C. Representativeg Shane Goodner, Vice-President, and Miss Linda Green, Co-Sponsor. M 'I' s , . N. f 4 5 1 . 1? J 1 ,n,-., F ,,', - 60fOrganizations , M , eg , M 2 1-J! Milfs Y jf.. is ..,. Q 7 v. ..-, ,.,.N Lbssis-7-m x i I 9.4. V . . tg 'W z AE" c in Q I V5 r 5 1 . 'E ,A T: W . 41 . , ,y , , . 'A . K . V: . K f' W,,M , i N, 1+ -f w f. .ati ,. 1977 MIHS Champion, Brent Standridge ig . - '9' T ix? -Q ,,., .- Q., . X A I: -7 - A .. Lkk, .im,.:s,.- ?s....s F' .. ,rrr Qt cw-1 . t. L E Ks. A ......-s....., - t .-,.,,i ,Q 'gt 4 5, -V X ' 'rf Q E. NL.............. l 3' , - my, 5 ' X sl' N' ' - f, W . 7 ss. ' - . s yr. .11 Q 3f:g'?-f'- ' 5 ' 4 . i 1 i 3 s rii ' . a - ,,,, i ,,,,,,, 4 .est . f l r S . i 5 V ...sp my ! - 'M g 3 K My V'- 9 1 ' ' ., Q i Q. .Shi K l, ' F In C KL si- ' , ry w .V t -, , ff -'ti-t..'. 'F- 'J 'X' S' .39 - 1 1. t fi. K, N,-'sasd :bg Q-131, :Z . t 5 ,LVIQY RY- g..,V-aft Q., ,K , A -.gsilht-. Q 7 -F7 I l "" :F X .Nfl -2 -.'-1'-77.3 ' 'ri --'1'1-lg-'if' it .. .L if' LI' - T. if I' .1 . ,- . . . fx' ' ' ' N- pf ' ' -.- . ' . 0. , I ,- . , is fl '5.ffl..:,s..w1-.... A i ,g' "f2.... Q 1' f 19 in x K v ff-1 'fi .' - .-fa-S-55"ss 'Il 'I ' - N ' 'A -5. A ag: f, vl . Z,,.,, W..,V .2 'ni t B X Tai. Q , k I -I It is a pleasure for me to extend greetings 1 to all of you in the 1978 edition of THE 1 LION. As superintendent of Mount Ida Schools, I hope that this year brings to you the pleasure associated with a happy, successful academic year and will be followed by pleasant memories throughout many years to come. I extend my congratulations and thanks to Mrs. Phillips and the annual staff for another excellent job on the 1978 edition of THE LION. Bobby Barrett Superintendent IT. RA nn. am X are V ' "i,f , ff sever 'Q' -5 1 Lf 'S W 5 5, ,,.I rya lf ff X 'ei' g V, el A W t I di ff , Z, .I F, M ,,., 1 , , I I A A Mr. E. W. Ramage Mr. Darwin Foshee High School Principal Elementary Principal and and Science Teacher Boys' Basketball Coach Adminlstrationfm I ' Y' .aw Mrs. Gilda Bates School Secretary chool Board Bringing to their meetings a wide variety of talents and interests, these school board members aid the administration in keeping a firm control over . finances, personnel, buildings and Q Messy I if-. ri ' ' equipment. Their cross-section of r' i abilities is evidenced by their varied occupations. Jon Alan Standridge, President Postmaster and cattle farmer Chester Bryant Supervisor of logging operations for Scott Lumber Company, and cattle farmer Bob Lybrand, Secretary President and general manager of Hickey, Pierce, Lybrand, Inc., operating retail and wholesale businesses. .M Mrs. Linda Allen Bookkeeper Bob Allen, Vice-President, Owner and manager, Allen's Insurance Agency l,. D. fSonnyJ Stanley Mamiger ol' Ahernathys, Inc. lretailer ol' building supplies, hardware. and home furnisliingsl and co-owner ui' Other Font slim-store gacul fy a "'3f FacuItyf63 Curriculum ls aried The curriculum of Mount Ida High School, though necessarily limited due to size of the school, is still varied enough to supply the interest and need of the majority of the students. appealing to those college-bound students with academic interests are such courses as chemistry and trigonometry, while typewriting and other vocational skills courses are available for terminal students. Mr. David Short Math Miss Linda Green Math and Science 64fFaculty '-r"V Performing lab experiments is challenging but ii if Mrs. Phyllis Anderson Science fun for Pat Campbell and Renee Davidson. Mr. Glenn Hicks Social Studies Mrs. Susie Cunningham "Eyes on copy" is the technique to develop accuracy in typing demonstrated by Benny Weston, Social Studies David Douthit, Wade Abernathy, and Alan Griffith. 4-Q Ms. Phyllis Mullens Mrs. Betty Prince Mr. Bill Watkins Business Ed. and World History Home Economics Vocational Agriculture it Mrs. Jackie Cox Mrs. Lucille Phillips Mrs. Glenne Lybrand Junior High English Senior High English Librarian Faculty!65 Mr. Arnold Smith Study Hall Supervisor Mrs. Frances Jones Mr. Bob Sivils Music Teacher Band Director 1. gp .r X' Included in the curriculum is a full program of public school music in the elementary grades and junior and senior glee clubs in the high school. Band also spans both educational levels, with one group for fifth and sixth grades and another for high school. The physical education department provides exercise and sports activities for grades seven through twelve. In elementary, each teacher directs a 15-minute physical education session for her class. 66fFaculty Mr. Preston Stidman Football Coach Mr. Gray Cunningham Mrs. Jeanne Smith Senior Girls' Basketball Coach Math Improvement and Seventh Grade English .f XV, ,vt Miss Sheila Johnson Mrs. Janie Erskine Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Constructing a United States map taught these fifth graders a great deal about their country, Jill Simpson, Brenda Wheeler, Patricia Weston, Tamara Whisenhunt, Gina Cox, and Bonnie Wheeler Knot picturedJ shared the work. x Mrs. Nelda Stidman Fifth Grade vm? W? Mrs. Bonnie Irons Fifth Grade Mrs. Marie Graves Fourth Grade Faculty!67 'RTS' 0 . o f. ,. 4.0, 1 4 0 c ' 1 Mrs. Pam Short Mrs. Louise Gaston Mrs. Mary Jo Flatte Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade 1 5 .-. B Mrs. Elva Williams Second Grade vi Mrs. Christine Whittington The concentrated attention required for good work is shown by Brain Morrison, second grader First Grade 68fFaculty 1 si erm' Mrs. Mary Harper Mrs. Mary Amerson Mrs. Glenna Sivils First Grade Kindergarten Kindergarten il' stil ,sk .V I 4 Winners in the Spring Book Project, sponsored by the Reading Improvement Learning to love books, a major purpose of kindergarten, is classes, were Tim Smallwood Knot picturedl, Mike Price, Paul Cox, and Kipp being experienced by Jo Black, Chris Roe, and Lynda Nelson. Kesterson. Mrs. Joyce May Reading Improvement Mrs. Ann Watkins Teachers' Aid Mrs. Sue Smith Special Education Faculty! 69 - . Bus Drivers: John Goodman, Thurston Poole, Lantius Qualls, Lesley Custodlan Lesley Bryant with son' Chad' Bryant, Forrest Hughbanks, Linda Green, Glenn Hicks, and Howard Lee West. is ,, one Lunchroom personnel: Cloe Gibbs, Kate Goodner, Alma Whisenhunt, Minnie O'Neal, supervisor, and Flag boys, Jimmy Adams and Timmy Mattie Summitt. Majors. Beta Club volunteer teacher aids: Floyd Worden, Karen Phillips, Evelyn Boyd, Debbie Robbins, and Wanda Beavers. Not pictured, Cynthia Sanders. 70fFaculty GYadu3Ig if K Classes Editor, I Kim White brad i ll Seniors '78 Are Great Keeping tradition, Seniors ol' '78 take over the "senior wall." Marvin entertains Wanda, Debbie, Gregg, Steve, and Sammy with a lively tale. Seniors always feel special. They are the leaders ol' the student body. 'l'hey have made it to the top of the ladder in high school and will go on to succeed in life. Class favorites below are Mark Vangilder and liora McKay. Senior Class Sponsors tmiddle rightl are Mr. Preston Stidman twho took Mrs. Cox's place at mid-terml and Mr. David Short. Class Officers tbottorn rightl are Mrs. Jackie Cox, Cofsponsorg Timiny Bair, President: Mark Vangilder, Vice-Presidentg Mark Davis, Sec.-'l'reas.g Mr. David Short, Co-sponsor: SECOND ROW: Sherry Rollins, Reporterg Phillip Whisenhunt, Student Council Alternateg Mike Mayberry, Fire Marshall. 72fGraduates TIMMY IFF BAIR FFA Officer. Parliamentary Team. FHA. Beta Club. Football V72-'TTL All-District VTTI. Student Council. Class President. Who's Who. Ms. MIHS V76-'TTL Distinguished American High School Student. .IOHN THOMAS BARBICR FFA, FHA, Football C72-'TTL SAMMY BEGGS FFA, FHA, Band. All-Region Band CTT- ISI. 18 Mid-South Honor Band, Whos Who in Band Students. Stage Band. DEBRA LYNN BLACK FHA, Paper Staff, tTransferred from Charleston, South CaroIina.J LILLIE LAVERNE BLACK Cheerleader F77-'78J, Student Council Officer, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, FHA, Library Club Officer, Class Officer. Senior Fair Maid, Distinguished American High School Student. MARY ORETTA BOYD FHA, Beta Club Teachers Aide, Beta Club Queen, Annual Staff, Freshman Fair Maid, Senior Homecoming Maid, Who's Who, Student Council, Library Club Officer, Class Officer. RICHARD ALVIN CARTER FFA, FFA Hlectrification Team, Basketball Manager C74 'TSJ STFYICN MARK CLAY FFA. FHA, Band F71-'78l, Who's Who Among American Band Students. Graduatesf72i MELISSA RENEE DAVIDSON FHA, Beta Club, Library Club, Cirl's State Delegate, Distinguished American High School Student, Band V72-'75J, Majorette C74-'75J, Basketball V72-781, AllADistrict C75-'78l, Track Team C76-'T8l, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Beta Teacher's Aide. MARK STUART DAVIS FFA, Football F72-'77l, Captain Football Team, Beta Club, Class Officer. CHARLES GREGG FEATHERSTON Class Officer, Who's Who, Library Club, Literary Magazine, Annual Staff C75-'77l, Basketball C72-'75J, Band Drum Major, Stage Band, All-Region Band, Whols Who in American Music Students, Beta Club, Student Council President, FHA, FFA, Exchange Student to Nicaragua tSummer of '77J, Distinguished American High School Student, VVho's Who Among American High School Students, -Iunior Play. MARVIN FORTHMAN Paper Staff, FFA, Beta Club, tTransferred from Lake Hamilton Schools in 19761. TINA MARIE FORTIER FHA, Glee Club, Paper Staff. LENNY FRYAR FFA, FHA, Football C72-'77l, Capt. Football Team, Football All-District t,77l, Track C72-'78J, Capt. Track Team, Track All-District C74-'77l, Class Officer, Basketball, Baseball All-Star, Ouchita Valley Conference Punt Return Champion V76-'77l. DEREK SHANE GOODNER FFA Officer, FFA Parliamentary Team, Chess Club Officer, Basketball U72-'78J, All-District Area II Basketball Player, FHA, Beta Club. JOYCE ELAINE GRAY FHA Officer, Student Council, Library Club, President, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Class Officer, Girls' State, Beta Teachers Aide, Basketball t'72376b, Freshman Homecoming Maid, Sophomore Homecoming Maid, Junior Homecoming Maid, Homecoming Queen t"T7l, Most Beautiful Runner-Up. 74!Graduates w gg .Al-1. .Qs --sq my REBECCA ANNE GRIFFITH FHA, Beta Club, Beta 'I'eacher's Aide. Annual Staff, Band C723-'TTL VVho's Who, llr. Cheerleader C74-"f5l, All-Region Band V74-'T5J. Class Officer. Who's Who Among American High School Students. CHERYL LYNN HANAVAN FHA, Basketball V75-'76l, Cheerleader V76-'T8l. Paper Staff, lTransl'erred from Grandview, Missouri in 1975. ROY RANDOLPH HOCKER Ill Football, V73-'77l, Captain Football t'7Tl, All-District f'77J, Track V73-'78l, All-District C75-'72-D, Baseball C74-'77l, American Legion Baseball C77-'78l, All-Star Baseball V75-'78J, Band V75-781, All-Region Band, Band Officer, Who's Who Among American Music Students, FFA, Student Council. LINDA CAROL HOLLEY FHA, Basketball V74-'75J, Paper Staff, Glee Club. DEBRA ANNE KITCHENS Band Officer, Band Queen f'77378J, All-Region Band C73-'76l, Majorette C74-'76J, Basketball C71-'72l, Basketball Manager C73-'74J, Library Club, Class Officer, Annual Staff, Distinguished American High School Student, FHA, Who's Who, Beta Teacher's Aide, Miss Montgomery County 2nd Runner-Up, Who's Who Among American Music High School Students. BRENDA LEE LAPPIN FHA, FFA, Library Club, Library Club Queen, Class Officer, Basketball C72-'78l. MICHAEL TROY MAYBERRY FFA, FHA, Football V73-'TTL Track C75-'78l, All-District, l'7TJ, Baseball '74-'77J, Fire Marshall. LORA LEE MCKAY Beta Club, FHA Officer. FFA, Senior Class Favorite, Junior Play. Graduatesf75 VFLIBA ANN lNOl,l'lSl DUNCAN FHA. Paper Staff. Basketball V72-'75l. RHONDA JOANN O'NlCAl, Junior High Olec Club. FHA. t'l'ransferrcd from Rota, Spainl. SHERRY LEIGH ROLLINS Class Officer. FHA Officer, FFA, Cheerleader t'72l, Basketball t'TZl-787, Junior Fair Maid, Annual Staff, Track V76-783, Library Club, Who's Who, Junior Play. WILLIAM LOYD SCRIMSH IRE FFA WANDA SUE SNOW Paper Staff, Annual Staff, FHA, Cheerleader F74-'75l, Band V71-'78l. Band Librarian, Merit Award in Music, Who's Who in Music High School Students, Mid-South Honor Band V76-'78J, Four-States Honor Band '78J, All-Region Band F74-'78J, All-State Band V76-'78J. JON BRENT STANDRIDGE FFA Officer, Parliamentary Team, FFA Public Speaker V76-'78l, Sub-District Winner V76-'78l, District Runner-Up t'76J, Basketball C72-'78l, Football U72-'75l, Baseball t'75J, Beta Club President, Chess Club President, MIHS Chess Champion 1977, Boy's State, Student Council Officer, Class Officer, VVho's Who Among American High School Students, Who's Who, Distinguished American High School Student. JOHN EDVVARD STEWART FFA, FHA, Football F73-'77l, Basketball V75-'78l, Track V74-'TTL Distinguished American High School Students. GREGORY ALAN STOYALI, FFA. Football F72-'77l, 76fGraduat,es ,9- 491551 'PQ' I-N -Q. 19' '95 Q s,,, Q N uyk gd .,..... QM ae- A ff we, ,lr " 4: f w ,Q r .13 it f' -5 'l'IlVllVIY TABOR FFA, Football V74-'77J, Track Team V74-'TTL FHA, Student Council Officer. MARK WAYNE VANGUILDER FFA Officer, FHA, FHA Beau, Football V74-'777, Parliamentary Team, Class Officer, Who's Who, Senior Class Favorite. TOMMY LYNN WALDEN FFA, Basketball f'77J, fTransferred from EI Dorado, Arkansas in I977J. PHILLIP DWIGHT WHISENHUNT Football V72-773, Captain Football Team l"T79, All-District C76-'77J, 5-A Punting Champion, Track C73-'78J, All-District l'75,'77,'78J, Baseball, Chess Club, Band V76-'78J, Band Officer, Stage Band, All-Region C76-'78J, Four-States Honor Band, Mid-South Honor Band, Who's Who Among American High School Music Students, Distinguished American High School Student, Class Officer, FFA President, Parliamentary Team, Beta Club, Student Council, Boy's State Delegate, Who's Who, Junior Play. KIMBERLY JOANN WHITE FHA, Annual Staff, Beta Club, Student Council, Distinguished American High School Student, Paper Staff-Editor-In-Chief, Junior Play, Beta Teacher's Aide, Library Club, Class Officer. FLOYD LEE WORDEN Band C69-'78J, Beginning Band Assistant, Beta Club Officer, Distinguished American High School Student, Whois Who Among American High School Students, Who's Who In American Music Students, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Merit Award in Accounting, Most Outstanding Marching Student F76-775, Basketball Manaager V73-'75J, Mid-South Honor Band, f'78J, FoursStates Honor Band C'78J, All-Region Bands C73-'78J, Most Spirited V76-'78l, FFA, Junior Play, Mrs. Jackie Cox, Senior Sponsor, duplicates papers for class. Due to illness, she had to resign at mid-term. Graduatesf77 Q 9 i aff? as Classes Edltor, Kim White d g d t g fW Juniors Show Great Talent The juniors did an excellent job in their play, "The Campbells are coming." Pictured on left, Kate Donlon is trying to feed Kay Kitchens and Clark Davis some grub Worms. Being a junior is like being the middle child in a family. All you ever hear is how great the seniors are and how silly the sophomores act. The one important thing about being a junior is next year you'll be a senior! Kyle Abbott Wade Abernathy Penny Allen Terry Bair Evelyn Boyd Mark Blocker Pat Campbell Glenda Carr Brad Collier Clark Davis Greg Davis Dewanna Dillard ,. Mary Ann Dillard f i Kate Donlon David Douthit Undergraduatesf79 Matt Duffy Tim Gaston Dalmy Gee 1 Tracy Goin F not-4 if Alan Griffith Andy Harder Leslie Haprer Kathy Holley Robert James Alice Jolly Tad Kesterson Kay Kitchens Delia Kostelnik Mike May Gina Mayberry Merle McGrew Rhonda McKinney Larry Miles Karen Phillips CLASS OFFICERS: Karen Phillips, Secretary-Treasurerg Kay Kitchens, Reporterg Alan Griffith, Student Council Alternateg Linda Green, Sponsorg AT TOP: Mike Scurlock, Student Council Representativeg Leslie Harper, ViceAPresidem,g Mike May, Fire Marshallg Pat Campbell, President 80fUndergraduat,es Vivian Fryar f '54 -bl '17 Q 3 gp WJ' ME f t iff!! Debbie Robbins Frank Robbins Becky Romero Barbara Scott Brenda Scott Mike Scurlock Tim Sekavec Scott Simmons Sherrie Smith Christy Stanley Larry Thorton Benny Weston Mark Whisenhunt Rick Wiederspan Phyllis Young Juniors enjoying the unusual opportunity of having a snowfight are Les Harper, Debbie Robbins, and Evelyn Boyd. Undergraduatesf81 Sophornores Enjo Open-Campus Privileges The sophomore year brings some new privileges, such as leaving the campus at noon, boys getting to play on the senior football team, and being eligible for Beta Club. lt is also a time for pausing between junior and senior high. You know the next two years will be harder, and you look up to juniors and seniors. NRM K Jimmy Abernathy Lisa Bates Wanda Beavers Matthew Black David Boadway Daryl Bostow Charles Brown Kim Burrow Chester Bryant Leasel Bryant Judy Davis Johnny Edwards Davelyn Felkel Terry Ford s Steve Gaston 82fUndergraduates W 3? MN -4-...yu , M . tr . 25 3 fl ,V . 4 , -1""7 , :Zn I ,: ff .79 fi H ,.n,, 4 r S 5 I Mark Graves Julie Harrison Jon Irons Bill Jackson John Kinsey Rhonda Kitchens Brenda Lybrand Leithon Milholen Danny Minton Mike Minton Jaree Reed Benjamin Rowland Joseph Rowland Cynthia Sanders David Scrimshire Brookie Scurlock Annette Snow Cheryl Speer Undergraduatesf83 Girls, Officers: Pres., Lisa Batesg Vice-Pres., Annette Snowg Sec., Cheryl Speer, Treas., Jaree Reedg Reporter, Brenda Lybrandg S. C. Repr., Rhonda Kitchens, Alternate, Kim Burrowg Fire Marshall, Brookie Scurlockg Sponsor, Mrs. Betty Prince. Phillip Standridge Ricky Stanfill Bo Tabor Lloyd Tubbs y ia: 40 if PM ,VW HP"f WQQJAQ yr. ,Q , 9 D or .J Boys' Officers: Vice-Pres., Chuck Brown, Pres., Johnny Edwardsg Fire Marshall, Chester Bryantg S. C. Repr., Kevin Wilson, Sec.- Treas., Phillip Standridgeg Sponsor, Mr. Bill Watkins. CNot pictured: Alternate, Bo Tabor, and Reporter, Lloyd Tubbs.J Q M Angie Vines Logan Vines Mark Walker Terrell Wharton Donna Wheeler Gina Whittington Yvonne Wiley Bart Williams Kevin Wilson 84fUndergraduates Freshmen Have New Courses Freshmen learn many skills as shown to the left. Home economics classes learn to cook and preserve foods. Vocational agri classes learn gun safety. This year freshmen start earning credits toward graduation. They are the leaders of the junior high with great potential on the football and basketball teams. Jimmy Adams Regina Anderson Rosa Anderson Sherry Bates Kathy Battle Terry Beavers Tammy Beggs Robert Black Eddie Boadway Lewie Bryant Maurice Carr Nickey Clenney Jerry Cox Tammy Davidson Nathan Davis g ,ggnxmymvnvvwvqye 441-IIALALAAAA A44 ug, , 5 ..., .. 1 'Nu.:rYvvvv:.wrrvvvf1v- -fm: Flora Ensey Pandy Fernandez David Fikes Brenda Finney Sherry Gaston Tammy Gilstrap Diann Godwin Sandy Goodman Johnny Gwinn David Harder Undergraduatesf85 86fUndergraduates GIRLS, OFFICERS: Vice-President, Kathy Battle S.C. Alternate, Shari May Fire Marshall, Roberta White S.C. Rep., Becky Lambert Reporter, Sherry Gaston Sec.- Treas., Suzanne Simpson President, Christi Taylor Sponsor, Mrs. Phyllis Anderson Charlie Hatton Lisa Hocker Karen Holley Terry Hutchison Donnie James Bobby Jones David Jones John Kelloms Alfred Kinsey Alvin Lambert Becky Lambert Lisa LaPanne Michael Lee Timmy Majors Mark Mathis if x Shari May Leita McKay Benny Milam Ricky Miner Jeffrey Price Parris Relic Carrie Robbins James Robbins Ellen Romero Martha Rowland li- x.m,.,, -t f tt' L Q ,f ,fu fx WJ x Maxine Scott James Scrimshire Renee Short Suzanne Simpson James Smith Walter Standridge Bill Stroope Bobby Strother Christi Taylor Ken Warneke Carla Wharton Bryan Whisenhunt Rusty Whisenhunt Roberta White Connie Wiederspan Greg Wilburn Jeff Wilson Bobby Yett Donna Zeigler Boys' Officers: Sec.-Treas., James Robins Reporter, Nathan Davis President, Bill Stroope S.C. Rep., Ken Warneke Fire Marshall, Rusty Whisenhunt Sponsor, Mr. E. W. Ramage fNot pictured, Vice-Pres., Undergraduatesf87 Eighth Graders Are Old Hands Now! The confusion of the first year is behind them. They have become accustomed to the high school schedule and routine. They are looking forward to being freshmen. Girls' Officers Cmiddle picturelz Pres., Kim Petersong S.C. Rep., May Guinng Reporter, Terry Edwardsg Sponsor, Mrs. Susie Cunninghamg Fire Marshall, Rita Boothg Vice-Pres., Echo Relicg Sec.-Treas., Georgia Ballew. Carla Abbott Debbie Baker Roger Baker Georgia Ballew Rita Booth Ricky Bostow Royce Carter ix .J 1 4.4 i .fits if ff Eddie Clenney Terry Edwards Chris Elder Jim Elder Melba Finney Patricia Finney Joseph Garrett Kathi Goodner Deanna Graves Bruce Gray Lori Gray May Guinn 88fUndergraduates BOYS' OFFICERS: Sponsor, Mr. Hicks Fire Marshall, Chris Elder Reporter, David Lappin President, Ricky Bostow Student Council, Alt., Michael Lybrand Vice-President, Mike Mendenhall Student Council Rep, David Kinsey Secretary-Treasurer, Alan Morris R yi Charles Hickman Donne Holley Tim Hutchison Rhonda James David Kinsey David LaPanne David Lappin Michael Lybrand Audrey Maley Wanda Mayberry Mike Mendenhall Charles Murphy Alan Norris Kim Peterson Andy Phelps James Reed Echo Relic Nancy Robbins Luther Snow Bonnie Stovall Tim Webster John West Joey Weston Bobby Williams Undergraduatesf89 Seventh Graders- A New Experience Lockers are a new experience for seventh graders who find themselves on the bottom of the totem pole in the high school setting. They stand in awe of the upperclassmen and are learning fast that high school is different from Janice Abernathy Sherry Adams Dale Anderson Everett Anderson Sabrina Bates Michelle Beggs Lisa Black Raynee Blackburn Loyal Bryant Shirley Carr Freddie Casey Sherry Casey Clark Chapin Brian Clay Mike Cound Jessie Cox Paul Cox Joe Cummings Keith Edmonds Stacey Elder 90fUndergraduates grade school. 1""'? -5.1, X fb rn'- ,f 4' ,, K ii , W L : .,N' 3 -, Q' 4,.I ,, 46 Girls, Officers fabove, middlel: Student Council Standridge. Back Row: Reporter, Raynee Blackburng and Representative, Marlene Scurlockg Sec.-Treasurer, Stacy Fire Marshall, Janice Abernathy. Sponsor, Mr, Gary Elderg Vice-President, Wanda Fernandezg President, Laurie Cunningham. Will Featherston Patty Felkel Wanda Fernandez Cindy Finney Garry Ford Cherri Fordyce Ricky Guinn Christine Hatton Jimmy Hatton David Helms Charlene Holly Faye Hood Lois Humphreys Billy Johnson Jimmy Jones Joey Jones Laurie Justus Kip Kesterson Dennis Lagrange Cheryl Lee Perry Majors Shane Manley Jeff Mayberry Cheril McKay Undergraduatesf91 Seventh Grade Boys' Officers: Fire Marshall, Perry Majors S.C. Repr., Keith Edmonds President, Joey Jones Sponsor, Preston Stidman Vice-President, Garry Ford Secretary-Treas., Rickey Gwinn Reporter, Jimmy Jones Jeff Morton Sandra Qualls Susan Qualls Rodney Reed Carolyn Robbins Belinda Rogers Verla Scrimshire Marlene Scurlock Joseph Shelby Karen Simpson Nan Simpson Tim Smallwood Phillip Smith Laurie Standridge Rodney Standridge Donnie Stovall Quinn Taylor Lisa Wheeler Wendi Wheeler Mark Whisenhunt 92fUndergraduates emenfgry i K if 'I if 2 l A ' ' e . ' AlQ . i. e e e eeee M A 4 ya I ,1 A Q ' , . ,, . ,, ,A W- .W,, ,,,, , WN,,..0...- I' .. "1 Ere, ,,,, . P Q- If -., ,.. ',.f"" . -4,!,,..awr"'1a' ay bbs- .,a.f.-N., qi' 28910:--... V 4. Elementary Co-editor, Dena Kostelnik E1ememary!93 Miss Johnson's Sixth Grade Robert Adams Norma Anderson Lynette Baker Kim Battle Gregory Ballew Twinda Bierman Shari Boadway William Boyd Trina Brakefield Paul Childress Billy Hackney Karen Irons Gregory O'Neal Billy Parrett Michael Price Randy Romero Don Scott Paul Swindle Tracy Watson Troy Weston 94fElementary ! L u' i' vi. ff- :pry l Skateboarding popularity is evid ,Je 5 lf, I H. i :aw ' . 1 t enced by Lynette Baker, Lorrie Beshears, and Lisa Cobb. 'M J ' rt i"iVvvf' Em ' wwfaf' M A or iys y y tyy Y y X it AV,i L- ' i I rsr it 1- aaa ,inf ,tai L 4 , X L . ,F serif: , , ' ' ",' 5 hx si ft? David Henderson, Tim Chambers, Chris Gray and Brad Gray are enjoying a rainy day with a game of checkers. . WMI R' arf ff L 5 iw L,,, ,. -V: , if er Eff XX. Mrs Erskine's Sixth Grade J Z ae , ,.2,,," ,Q fur V Nj' ' is A Tracy Bair A 'r Alan Bali ff Lorrie Beshears . - , Sara Brown . . s x 5,389 mf . I'T' 'ff I' WWW Q!! " 5 Sheila Bryant Audrey Burke Bob Buxton Philip Carr Tim Chambers Lisa Cobb Theresa Dempsey Rona Emery Sarah Gibbs Linda Goodman Brad Gray Chris Gray David Henderson Lisa Jackson Teresa Jackson Ray James Kim LaGrange Curtis Mathis Leslie Phillips Kimberly Sims Donna Smith Bruce Tidwell Teresa Vines Patricia Wages Elementary!95 Dwight Abernathy Kent Ashcraft Stacy Ballew Bobby Booth Timothy Cummings Mark Edwards Charlie Gaston Jimmy Gwinn Darion Hackney David Holley Denise Lee Michelle Miller Mrs. Stidmanls Fifth -..J it 'lar ,Ja in xg 'ii i Elf' A 53' xy if Angie Noia Jerry Don Smith Lisha Strothers Bill Summitt Jerry Don Wheeler ell if , Q r :S 'W if Grade X ' AR. My f X .,12. ...rf t'What better way to spend a rainy recess than a game of chinese checkers!" say David Holley, Michael Smith, and Kent Ashcraft 9E3fElementary Ji '3 sg, w 2? Students help themselves to treats provided by their mothers at the Christmas party. ,M gi it ,W ' J' Q, M412 e e .ae rrers A fy, I fb? i1 'YF N. I f ffzfgi , I , . 4? - ,f . ,. r 14 la gfk A0 Loretta Black Eric Brakefield Walter Brown Tonya Burrow 'L , , if 42 4, I Z a, 'tjj ffijifeg 1. if nun Ve, ,ff J S L,, i flel l or 'I .M Q i in 5' ea 2 ELLA Mrs. Irons' Fifth Grade Regina Caldwell Cheri Clenney Loretta Clenney Susan Cosby Chela Cound Gina Cox Danny Foshee Russell Irons Sammy Kinsey Steve May Bessie Mayberry Stacy McKay Joey Mendenhall Jeff Robertson Tamara Scott Chris Simmons Jill Simpson Jack Stovall Shane Stovall Patricia Weston Bonnie Wheeler Brenda Wheeler David Whisenhun t Tamara Whisenhunt Elementaryf97 Ken Adams Jill Allen Tina Beggs Dana Blackburn Jaimi Blair Bonnie Chapin Mira Chambers Tammie Clenney Tammy Cox Randy Davis Rhonda Dempsey Gary Dillard Marlene Finney Terrie Gaston Andrea Johnson Neil Kitchens Jay D. Manley Philip Phillips Greg Rae Lucie Rachel Kristi Short Scott Smith Travis Spurling Kelli Stovall Mrs. Short's Fourth Grade FQ I' Milk break is welcome for energy renewal and relaxation. 98!Elementary ea 'Y' Robert Talley Theresa Weston Tracy Whisenhunt Travis Whittington r! a fifili .aff 4.23, in 'lfi' I v Q f f I Q . Q :sp l QKH. X4-nld,4.-...- na ,4-A I ,a Mrs. , - . ' .i , are ff f tw- ,S ,aa wiv-7 ' al. - 15 71+ ' s 1 ' ' ,I It r L,.,, Ar Graves, Fourth Grade 1-'ff 5 ' . F3 In y ,ffp,fsv7F!'R - A 1 S d H., 5 Q 7 gg , z uf' ij. 1 ' A NJ 'J 7' fliwgaa'-iw if V ' 1- 9' . ff W ,,,.N V A r L ' W 5' ., ,. ....- -- TOP: Knowledge is acquired through serious study, demonstrated by ff ft , V V V " Ldv ' J 'Q V A , V , .o,., t W' ' F - ,r :s V H .x ax ,.,f , 6 . W 5 ell .ff ' 'Md a , f A., , is ,,, , ' "" Bill Williams Lance Cooper and Wendell Morrison. BOTTOM: Elementary library is L3 a popular place. Kelita Alexander Loyd Black Galen Burke Lance Cooper Eric Ewing Tina Goodman Danny Guinn Donna ,lean Guinn Teresa Hackney Clifton Lambert Melinda Long Michelle LaPanne Samuel Manley we ,W I Wendell Morrison David Lee QuallS Katrina Treece Robert Alan Vines Russell Wallace Johnathan White Not Pictured: Melissa Summitt Elementary!99 Terry Allen Hackney Mrs. Gaston's Third Grade Loretta Anderson Johnny Ball Billy Bryant Jimmy Ballew Sandra Boothe Thomas Boyd '.'A".1 Robby Bumtord Jeff Burrow Deana Clenney Deborah Clenney Christine Elder Robert Erskine Farron Foley William Gibbs Shannon Godwin Lonnie Gray Greg Henderson Shannon Hennon Blue Kesterson Russell Miner Tammy Parrett Beverly Pawelczak Keith Saveall Tonya Weston Relaxing between lessons, Deana Clenney, Jeff Burrow, and Tammy Parrett sit in front of a Halloween bulletin board. 100fElementary ,LM ! f Q H 5M5?ez'13: irr, gr: rf? 4 Q HW .ar Harold Wilburn Tim Yeaman Teresa Yett I if . Mrs. Jewell Phillips Retires Shown receiving a beautiful plaque and loving cup at the faculty picnic, Mrs. Jewell Phillips retired last year after thirty-six years teaching in elementary schools, mostly in Montgomery County. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto youi' fsee bulletin board insertl is typical of Mrs. Phillips, life and classroom practice throughout her teaching career. Every student received her interest and compassionate help. 'fMiss Jewell" started teach- ing first through third grades in a two-room school at Story in 1933. Her teaching career was inter- rupted for about five years during the war when she held civil service jobs in Washington, D.C. and in Little Rock. When the Story school consolidated with Mount Ida in 1965, "Miss Jewelli' came too and taught second or third grade at Cravens Elementary until her l retirement last spring. Us ., 'M- Shown with their projects depicting books they have read are contest winners Katrina Treece, Jerry Smith, and Mike Price. BELOW, Mr. Foshee says, "I must have done something REALLY good to deserve this," as he opens Christmas gift from the elementary faculty. l This beautiful mural was drawn by Mrs. Harper's first graders when they were studying transportation. BELOW, Mira Chambers and Phil Phillips display their Easter cakes, with Gary Dillard, Travis Whittington, and Robert Talley behind. , Q - 'if Q 'if 5,sfvFgal7.5'4' E ? ' , ' -r., ' , , .QV rl: , 4. A 3 , i,r ,J . L A S' -Wi ' p ' . ',f' fe: ,,"' 1 , . NR . r 'irr .. r 5 r ' . fl . ,. 1 5 2" .V ww" V, 7,7 , 1 Other Elementary Activities These are just a few examples of the many fourth grade ribbon winning works of art in the county fair. Elementaryfl01 Michael Smith Tenna Sorrells Linda Swindle Anthony Tillery Mary Jean Whittaker Tammy Willis Mrs. Flattels Second Grade Sheila Austin Jennifer Beam Tina Beshears Archie Booth Tanya Fikes Jeffrey Gray Sharon Gray Chris Irons Donna Justus Diana Lee Patricia Long Kristie Manley Gail Robbins Jonathan Rowland George Scurlock 5 ,K iv V V A Vi Q Student not pictured: Eunice Summitt 'wand 1' :ig ., if A F' 3 i"' - - it r 4 ,liif f QQ V A , U , -5 7? , i, ,Q Q Z K , f, f "'- 1 -5, x' 'W rf ,U f ,e ,,.. t ffl! Q "J I .6 Q ' ' Ze f S Valentine is a special day, celebrated with party treats and a Valentine tree. 102fFlementary These students are working hard at achieving their goal in spelling. se 5 6 K iai S . , .iil 1 SP2 ex ,ll n gikw L51 I it rf" ilisliffl We Mrs. Williams' Second Grade " "' t i.,-1, T M30 B5 E id: 15955 ee Robert Beggs ,X .iiik etlt, ill. JSE' W 'fi' K V W 'If'jL if: if 51 522 -' . . f 3,55-12' Mr' ' " f 'ik' , ' 1,31 IMMQ., . F I K .QA ' Q "3 A Qilt itv. Q fi gl 1 W c to AJ, , SE- ' X , WJ S -' ef' , ff' it Xl ssl ' Eston Black Tammy Boadway Karla Carter Betty Cotton Steven Forbes Elizabeth Gibbs Shawn Hackney Yvonne Hackney Sheila Hodges Dana Jones Kelli Kitchens Bryan Morrison Carrie Nelson Shannon Parrett Lawrance Pawelczak Sheila Qualls Darren Robertson Jimmy Rowland Tonya Ryan Verby Scrimshire Kelli Short Shawnaree Wallace Teddy Wheeler Clinton Weston Elementary!1O'3 Jamie Abernathy Scott Anderson Tressie Bissell Angie Chambers Jerry Cound Kenny Davis David Foshee Johnny Hackney Kathy Hackney Missy Keith Amy Kimery Lou Ann Moomey Donna Robins Latresa Scott Lisa DeAnn Smith Keith Tillery Steven Vines Machile Wallace James Wheeler Angela Whiley Andrew Willis Sheila Whittington Lisa Winter Tina Worley 104!Elementary f X-.I Mrs ,MM . mg: W ti, ? Af 1 fi . Whittingtonls First Grade Serious school work continues in the holiday environment as shown by Randy Davis, Tressie Bissell, and Angela Whiley Mrs. Harper's First Grade These first grade students are learning to enjoy music hy singing along with Mrs. Jones. .e 'Q Q, A fall" y Melissa Brakefieid -I 1, 'WS V f-.-fav' Simon Bumford 1 William Buxton X nhl ii V C . If ,gf A Ji ' t it ' 0 During music class, Chris Ray, Tammy McKinney, and VV . V VV Susanne Talley show some talent on their new ff' ,Af ' instruments. , , 5' V ' A Leticia Carmack V' V- V ,srl Chris Childs , ' Sheila Cox f 'gfffs a Becky Foley f X it S J ii! t 7 55753 ,..,r ., ef' I A L . , , ,,.,,. Q H f " if Stephanie Fox V10 VT V 5 -"- "" l yr I Clifton Garner ., if I lz JV ' ' Ai, ii - Jackie Gaston !f"f Q4 ' Garren Hughhanks K -r V - ' ' t V L , ' Ricky Justus ii V ,M V' Donna Lee N ,f an VV 'y Y' Brian McClure ' 4 " ' ,j V Q 'V VV Q Tammy McKinney ' Christy Minton . ' A V, V Kim Mullens It rg ' ,V 3: V gg. :V M W Vg 1 if Tf1mmyQualls ..l' , if I i i -HM gif ' ittt f , . f . Q, ' 1 z: fr Q? ,gy . ,gi f f ' ' ' I ' Chris Ray 2 :V V . ' Susanne Talley ' 'J Q-5. V Tammy Todd ' ' , -7 if Michael Wharton ff V ff 'V V ' . Kevin Wilburn , V VV r , V . , V? VV Thomas Williams i ' ' ,V . I Student Not Pictured leff Swindle Elementarvf105 Brian Abernathy Lena Bryant Missy Burrow Van Carlton Tricia Crawford Dale Earls Angela Echols Jodie Farmer Kevin Irons Kenneth Long Justin Manley Bonnie McClure Matt Melton Michele Minton Donna Qualls Doug Scurlock Betty Scott Michelle Stanfill Larry Stidman Shaura West Daniel Willis Kimberly Wingfield 106fElementary Mrs. Amerson's Kindergarten D JESS? . A . K . . f V . A ,f.Q- if '1'-, ,sf "S s ,A . ' A tl 1 .. if wg- 'T 5 A t R -.W ,,. , is Q e yits Z as 2 if Q g i 5 M B 4--N a ,. K, .t. -, L. js 4. , X,--,,,-5s- . S ,gr itil? 'L w P 0 'S x:. . ..,, .::s , Z ' M xl 1 ' --zl . 1: EN X. ir. K . , in U .We n 1' L 'T kVv,k -40 K ...1' ia ,f f es i ii I A. 'wk fx- QQ, I Domino playing is one of the kindergarten children's favorite indoor games 'L ' N- Q' r sw Mrs Sivils' Kindergarten Q f f YQ, VA h V I 3, .V ry ww, , , K rt.-is r1'r 21H'LQ:Q1Q1Q13Qfii 2 .235535 'Ti izzi B 3 'C' - we ' , V J fa 4 .2 . J rrrr ,ggifsfl .K ffl - :gl 's Q irr I s Z i B y b S 'ls 'gr V, ' 2 - . 4 at 4 A ,X y , rrrr J A X , fl-4 ef 'I lr. i - . 1 ' ,r '-L- i -: V . fk. ' fi Ink' 2 Jo Black Latricia Black Jason Blair Becky Bostow Marla Gaye Burke Wade Caldwell Bobby Davis Lacy Hughes Nikki Kitchens Mark Lebow Chris LePanne Sam Marsh Jeffy Mayberry Shannon Mayberry Lynda Nelson Michelle O'Neal Sandy Parnell Kelly Shane Robbins Chris Roe Melinda Romero Kristy Sandlin Jeff Whisenhunt Elementaryf107 Elementary Sports 'T Pee Wee Fggtball, FRONT ROWg Mark Edwards, Chris Simmons, Pee Wee Football, FRONT ROW: Mike Price, David Henderson, Thomas Boyd. SECOND RQW3 Scntt Smith, ,Iggy Mendenhall, Phillip Carr. SECOND ROW: Randy Romero, Leslie Phillips, Paul Ken Adams, Jerry Don Wheeler, Greg Rae. THIRD ROW: Coach Childress, Tim Chambers. THIRD ROW: Coach Jerry Sandlin, Randy Barrett, Randy Barrett, Randy Davis, Neil Kitchens, Eric TTHCY Watson, Greg 0'Nea1, William Bffydy Chris Gray, Coach Brakefield, Philip Phillips, Coach Jerry Sandlin. Randy Barrett- Pee Wee Lions go in for a tackle against Bauxite. Chris Simmons gains yards with a quarterback keeper. 2 , lV,,,1r ,gliy l 5 fe 5 f' r o 1 T7 aff' . ,,, 2, ,,. ,, :wi 5 ,I is I 4, , l 'V , -tyg A z frrf I "'i I y K r,., , W , , I Z 0 1 V , I I 'i E V it I - M Sliding into third base, Neil , ' , 7 , ',, I ,r,, , 'A ' f M' M f' T Kitchens has a safe call. Pee Wee Baseball, FRONT ROW: Philip Phillips, Randy Davis, Johnny Ball, Kenny Aplin, Jeff Robertson, Chris Simmons, Tim Yeaman. SECOND ROW: Gary Dillard, Neil Kitchens, Jerry Aplin, Keith Saveall, Gregg Henderson, Eric Brakelield. THIRD ROW: Joey Mendenhall, Walter Brown, Ken Adams, Tim Chambers, Jerry Don Wheeler, Paul Childress. FOURTH ROW: Coaches Bob Kitchens, Richard Childress, and Bob Dillard. ,y4i.ll3ll, Q3 W iii vis, M a 5 eil fb ' f Q . mn! ggA'f ill Q, I ' Girls' Basketball: FRONT ROW: Halee Roberts, Terrie Ann Gaston, Kristi Short, Tina Beggs, Jill Allen, Lucie Rachael, Dana Blackburn, Jaimi Blair. ., f,.-. 3 - ng .'kt,,:, ,,',i' , . , SECOND ROW: Tamara Scott, Patricia Weston, Cheri Clenney, Tamara Whisenhunt, Bonnie Wheeler, Jill Simpson, Lisha Strothers, Gina Cox, Brenda Wheeler, Coach Jeanie Smith. THIRD ROW: Lorrie Beshears, Lisa Cobb, Teresa Jackson, Kimberly Sims, Donna Smith, Teresa Dempsey, Little League Baseball, FRONT ROW: Joey Jones, Mike Price, David Teresa Vines, Sara Brown, Linda Goodman, Lisa Jackson. Henderson. SECOND ROW: Tim Chambers, Bruce Gray, Dennis LaGrange. THIRD ROW: Keith Edmonds, Donnie Stovall, Chris Elder, Jeff Wilson, Coach Chuck LaGrange. Nm assi Boys' Basketball: FRONT ROW: Neil Kitchens, Greg Rae, Gary Dillard, Ken Adams, Scott Smith, Robert Talley, Randy Davis, Billy Bryant, Johnny Ball, Blue Kesterson, Greg Henderson, Shannon Godwin. SECOND ROW: Jonathan White, Bill Williams, Stacy McKay, Walter Brown, Sammy Kinsey, Dwight Abernathy, Coach Sonny Stanley. THIRD ROW: Billy Parrett, Bruce Tidwell, Phillip Carr, Paul Childress, Ray James, Alan Ball, David Henderson, Jerry Don Wheeler. . ne. +A W-7-as M, As 'I nns f :Q i .agi l e . I . i W +S"3',. ' Q 2 'I x f : 9 K ,.,,, if E kxgy . , a s-' ti ff II ' xmsn wil 2 Pee Wee Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW: Deana Clenney, Mascot Missy Burrow. SECOND ROW: Tamara Whisenhunt, Bonnie Wheeler, Kristi Short, Cheri Clenney, Kimberly Sims, Lynette Baker, Trina Brakelield, Susan Cosby. THIRD ROW: Mira Chambers, Tracy Bair, Teresa Vines, Tracy Whisenhunt, Tina Beggs, Dana Blackburn, Jill Allen. FOURTH ROW: Rona Emery, Brenda Wheeler, Jill Simpson, Sara Gibbs, Tonya Burrow, Kelli Jean Stovall. FIFTH ROW: Lisa Cobb, Lisa Jackson, Sponsor Yvonne Wheeler, Teresa Jackson, Donna Smith, Sara,Brown. 110fEl Elementar Band Practicing for a concert is challenging work, but a beautiful performance makes it worthwhile. Quay: Alan Ball receives Mr. Sivils. assistance in one of his new music pieces from FRONT ROW: Rana Emery, Tgmya Buy-rgwy Brmnie Wheeler, THIRD ROWZ Billy Summitt, JaCli Stovall, David H8l'ld6I'SOI'l, Tamara Whisenhunt, Gina Cox, Sara Brown, Teresa Vines, Lisa Steve May, Chela Cound, Brenda Wheeler, Jill Simpson, Teresa Jackson. SECOND ROW: Eric Rrakefield, Mark Edwards, Dwight J3CkS0T1, Kimberly Sims, Donna Smith, Jerry Don Wheeler. Abernathy, Danny Foshee, Walter Brown, Stacy McKay, Shane FOURTH ROW: Tracy Bair, Jimmy Guinn, Lorrie Beshears, Leslie Stovall, Billy Parrett, Robert Adams, Alan Ball, Troy Weston. ementary Phillips. The excitement of yearbook arrival adds zest to the closing days of school. Everybody enjoys finding himself in the annual and collecting fond messages from his friendsg but only annual staff Workers can appreciate the meaning of Sherry's comment one day: "I can't die before the annual is completed. If I did, Mrs. Phillips would kill mef' may Some usual and a few very unusual incidents marked this school year. Snow and ice of catastrophic proportions caused many school holidays, nine and a half at this writing. Heavy snow flakes were greeted joyfully by Terry Cummings and Perry Majors, as they anticipated a short school day-and they were right. Soon the campus was covered by a beautiful blanket of white and soon thereafter was deserted. X 0i11 Q Qjg tk 1 X fred ,--., wa One of the pleasures of school life is a field tripfescape from the classroom and maybe some memento to bring back, such as this board of four whetstones procured from Smith's Quarry in Hot Springs. Members of the earth science class, Wanda Snow, Debbie Black, and Kim White, with teacher Mr. Ramage, make the presentation to Mr. Barrett. FFA freshmen initiation is expected to involve Work like polishing shoes, but who would have expected thisghours of scrubbing and scouring concrete at the lobby entrance where bottles of shoe polish were spilled! Work, pleasure, accomplishment go hand in hand, whether it is skillful control of a musical instrument tWanda Snow on the flutel or first place in a reading project tTim Smallwoodl. mm!! Then as the last spring days approach, everybody gets caught up in picnics, even board members like Bob Allen who fries the fish for the faculty. An unusual work-pleasure project is the sixth-grade circus Cspring '77J, featuring tall man Quinn Taylor and fat lady Marlene Scurlock. High School Student, Index Use the "yellow pages" to find where to locate yourself and your friends in the annual. This index lists the pages where the student is identified by name. Some candid pictures not identified are not listed here. Abbott, Carla 88 Abbott, Kyle 49,79 Abernathy, Janice 90,92 Abernathy, James 49,82 Abernathy, Wade 17,24,27,33,37,49,53,54,65,79 Adams, Jimmy 28,29,49,70,85 Adams, Sherry 38,45,90 Allen, Penny 12,13,15,24,26,27,36,46,47,52,53,54,57, 60,79 Anderson, Dale 90 Anderson, Everette 90 Anderson, Regina 47,59,85 Anderson, Rosa 47,85 Casey, Sherry 59,90 Chapin, Clark 90 Clay, Brian 28,39,90 Clay, Steve 49,72,73 Clenney, Eddie 28,88 Clenney, Nicky 85 Collier, Brad 49,79 Cound, Mike 28,39,90 Cox, Jerry 85 Cox, Jessie 90 Cox, Paul 28,69,90 Cummings, Terry 90,111 Davidson, Renee 9f2l,24,2fl,36, Y , , , me Bair, Terry 49,79 Bair, Tim 13,24,29,47,48,49,52,53,54,72,73 Baker, Debbie 59,88 Baker Roger Dale 28,45,88 Ballew, Georgia 88 Barber, Johnny 29,49,73 Bates, Lisa 24,36,40,47,52,82,84 Bates, Sabrina 90 Bates, Sherry 38,47,85 Battle, Kathy 38,47,85,86 Beavers, Terry 49,43,85 Beavers, Wanda 4,36,47,54,70,82 Beggs, Michelle 90 M Davidson, Tammy 38,47,85 Davis, Clark 12,26,27,29,43,49,57,79 Davis,"Greg 49,79 Yrrr V Davis, Judy 47,82 Davis, Mark 9,29,49,53,54,72,74 Davis, Nathan 27,28,49,85,87 Dillard, Dewanna 47,58,79 Dillard, Mary Ann 47,79 Donlon, Kate 12,21,32,47,51,79 Douthit, David 29,31,49,65,79 Duffy, Matthew 12,49,80 Edmonds, Keith 28,39,52,90,92 rEdwa'rd's, Jnmmyr27,29:27,49-53, ,sz Beggs, Sam 43,49,72,73 Beggs, Tammy 38,43,85 Black, Barbara 26 Black, Debra 47,51,72,73,112 Black, Laverne 10,24,26,32,44,45,47,5l,52,53,56,57,73 Black, Lisa 90 Black, Matthew 27,29,37,49,54,82 Black, Robert 24,39,49,85,87 Blackburn, Raynee 38,90,92 Blocker, Mark 12,26,27,49,54,79 Boadway, David 49,82 Boadway, Eddie 49,85 Booth, Rita 4,26,38,88 Bostow, Derryl 27,29,49,82 Bostow, Ricky 27,45,52,88,89 Boyd, Evelyn 46,47,54,56,70,79,81 Boyd, Mary 9,15,22,23,44,45,47,73 Brown, Charles 27,29,49,54,82,84 Bryant, Chester 27,29,49,82,84 Bryant, Leasel 49,82 Bryant, Lewie 49,85 Bryant, Lloyal 90 Burrow, Kim 47,52,54,82,84 Campbell, Patrick 29,48,49,54,55,64,79,80 Carr, Glenda 36,47,79 Carr, Maurice 28,39,85 Carr, Shirley 59,90 Carter, Richard 37,73 Carter, Royce 88 Casey, Freddy 28,90 Edwards, Terry 38,88 Elder, Chris 28,39,88,89 Elder, Jim 88 Elder, Stacy 38,45,90,92 Ensey, Flora 85 Featherston, Gregg 4,9,13,l5,24,47,52,53,54,42,43,74 Featherston, Will 21,28,52,91 Felkel, Davelynn 10,22,23,47,82 Felkel, Patty 38,91 Fernandez, Pandy 47,59,85 Fernandez, Wanda 38,91,92 Fikes, David 27,28,49,85 Finney, Brenda 47,59,85 Finney, Cynthia 59,91 Finney, Melba 88 Finney, Patricia 59,88 Ford, Garry 28,91,92 Ford, Terry 27,29,49,60,82 Fordyce, Cheri 91 Forthman, Marvin 49,51,54,72,74 Fortier, Tina 47,51,74 Fryar, Lenny 5,21,23,27,29,32,47,49,74 Fryar, Vivian l5,32,46,47,52,8O Garrett, Joseph 88 Gaston, Sherry 38,47,85,86 Gaston, Steve 49,82 Gaston, Timothy 29,49,80 Gee, Danny 49,80 Gilstrap, Tammy 47,59,85 Godwin, Diann 47,85 Goin, Tracey 47,58,80 Goodman, Sandra 47,59,85 Goodner, Kathi 88 Goodner, Shane 24,37,40,47,48,49,54,60,74 Graves, Deanna 38,88 Graves, Mark 29,49,83 Gray, Bruce 28,88 Gray, Joyce 16,22,24,41,44,45,47,51,56,74 Gray, Lori 8 Griffith, Alan 15,29,49,80 Griffith, Becky 8,24,47,54,56,65,75 Guinn, May 26,38,43,88 ' John.ny49,85 Gwinn, Rickey 91,92 Hanavan, Cheryl 20,32,47,51,75 Harder, Andrew 29,49,80 Harder, David 27,28,49,85 Harper, Leslie 21,29,48,49,53,54,80,81 Harrison, Julie 47,58,83 Hatton, Charlie 49,86 Hatton, Christine 59,91 Hatton, Jimmy 91 Helms, David 28,91 Herrera, Carlos 4,55 Hickman, Charles 89 , ' '4'714'3,86" ' Hocker, Roy 15,22,26,27,29,42,43,49,52,75 Holley, Charlene 59,91 Holley, Donna 59,89 Holley, Karen 47,59,86 Holley, Kathy 47,58,80 , Holley, Linda 47,51,58,78 Hood, Faye 59,91 Humphreys, Annette 59,91 Hutchison, Terry 23,27,28,49,86 Hutchison, Tim 28,89 Irons, Jon 49,54,83 Jackson, Bill 27,29,49,43,83 James, Donnie 49,86 James, Rhonda 59,89 James, Robert 49,80 Johnson, Billy 91 Jolly, Alice 47,58,80 Jones, Bobby 49,86 Jones, David 49,86 Jones, Jimmy 39,91,92 Jones, Joey 28,52,91,92 Justus, Laurie 38,91 Kelloms, John 27,28,49,53,86 Kesterson, Kipp 69,39,91 Kesterson, Tad 24,33,37,49,80 Kinsey, Alfred 49,86 Kinsey, David 52,89 Kinsey, John 29,49,83 Indexf113 Kirstad, Dell 39 Kitchens, Debbie 11,24,42,47,56,59,75 Kitchens, Kay 11,12,13,18,21,22,23,42,43, 47,48,49,54,57,79,80 Kitchens, Rhonda 42,43,47,52,54,83,84 Kostelnik, Dena 12,21,32,47,54,56,57,80,93 LaGrange, Dennis 28,91 Lambert, Alvin 49,86 Lambert, Becky 38,47,52,86 LaPanne, David 89 LaPanne, Lisa 47,86 Lappin, Brenda 11,24,36,4O,45,47,49,75 Lappin, David 27,28,89 Lee, Cheryl 26,38,91 Lee, Michael 28,43,49,86 Lybrand, Brenda 43,47,83,84 Lybrand, Michael 27,39,44,45,52,89 Majors, Perry 28,39,91,92,111 Majors, Timmy 28,39,49,70,86 Manley, Audrey 59,89 Manley, Shane 91 Mathis, Mark 49,86 May, Mike 14,26,29,49,80 May, Shari 38,47,52,86 Mayberry, Gina 11,36,46,47,54,57,80 Mayberry, Jeff 91 Mayberry, Mike 27,29,47,49,72,75 Mayberry, Wanda 89 McGrew, Merle 49,80 McKay, Cheril 38,43,91 McKay, Leita 38,86 McKay, Lora 9,46,47,49,54,72,78 McKinney, Rhonda 47,58,80 Mendenhall, Mike 28,89 Milam, Benny 49,86 Miles, Larry 80 Milholen, Leithon 49,83 Miner, Ricky 49,86 Minton, Danny 49,83 Minton, Mike 19,49,83 Morton, Jeff 92 Murphy, Charles 89 Noles, Velda 47,51,76 Norris, Alan 29,38,43,89 O'Neal, Rhonda 76 Peterson, Kim 88,89 Phelps, Andy 89 Phillips, Karen 14,43,46,54,55,58,70,8O Price, Jeffery 28,49,69,86 Qualls, Sandra 92 114flndex Qualls, Susan 59,92 Reed, James 89 Reed, Jaree 16,36,45,47,83,84 Reed, Rodney 92 Relic, Echo 26,45,88,89 Relic, Parris 49,86 Reyes, Mauricio 4 Robbins, Carrie 47,86 Robbins, Debbie, 46,47,54,57,70,81 Robbins, Frank 49,81 Robbins, Nancy 26,38,89 Robins, Carolyn 38,92 Robins, James 23,27,28,49,86,87 Rogers, Belinda 59,92 Rollins, Coy 12,49 Rollins, Sh erry 11,13,14,24,25,27,36,40,46,47,49,56,72,76 Romero, Becky 47,58,81 Romero, Ellen, 47,59,86 Rowland, Benjamin 49,83 Rowland, Joseph 49,83 Rowland, Martha 47,86 Sanders, Cynthia 47,54,58,70,83 Scott, Barbara 12,26,47,81 Scott, Brenda 47,81 Scott, Maxine 47,87 Scrimshire, Bill 49,76 Scrimshire, David 49,83 Scrimshire, James 28,49,87 Scrimshire, Verla Jean 92 Scurlock, Brookie 36,44,45,47,83,84 Scurlock, Marlene 38,52,92,112 Scurlock, Mike 14,29,49,52,54,80,81 Sekavec, Tim 29,49,81 Shelby, Joseph 92 Short, Renee 47,86 Simmons, Scott 24,29,37,49,54,81 Simpson, Karen 38,43,92 Simpson, Nan 38,92 Simpson, Suzanne 38,47,87,86 Smallwood, Timothy 21,69,92,112 Smith, James 49,87 Smith, Phillip 92 Smith, Sherrie 10,47,58,81 Snow, Annette 26,36,43,47,54,83,84 Snow, Luther 38,89 Snow, Wanda 9,26,42,43,47,51,56,76,112 Speer, Cheryl 4,43,47,54,83,84 Standridge, Brent 14,24,33,39,40,48,49,52,54,55,60,76 Standridge, Laurie 38,43,52,92 Standridge, Phillip 29,37,43,49,54,6O,84 Standridge, Rodney 28,39,92 Standridge, Walter 6,43,87 Stanfill, Ricky 49,84 Stanley, Christy 10,24,33,36,46,47,52,81 Stewart, John 17,20,24,26,29,37,40,76 Stovall, Bonnie 59,89 Stovall, Donnie 28,39,92 Stovall, Greg 29,49,72,76 Stroope, Bill 28,49,52,87 Strother, Bobby 39,45,49,87 Tabor, Bo 27,29,49,84 Tabor, Timmy 9,21,23,29,49,53,77 Taylor, Christi 10,22,23,38,43,47,52,53,86,87 Taylor, Quinn 39,92,112 Thornton, Larry 81 Tubbs, Lloyd 49,54,84 Vangilder, Mark 15,23,29,46,47,4 8,49,72,77 Vines, Angie 47,84 Vines, Logan 84 Walden, Tommy 49,77 Walker, Mark 29,37,49,84 Warneke, Ken 24,39,49,52,87 Webster, Tim 89 West, John 89 Weston, Benny 24,29,37,49,54,55,65,81 Weston, Joey 89 Wharton, Carla 21,43,47,87 Wharton, Terrell 27,49,84 Wheeler, Donna 45,47,84 Wheeler, Lisa 38,92 Wheeler, Wendi 38,92 Whisenhunt, Bryan 39,49,87 Whisenhunt, Mark Cllthb 12,49,81 Whisenhunt, Mark i7thJ 39,44,45,92 Whisenhunt, Phillip 13,17,22,24,27,29,32, 42,43,48,49,52,54,72,77 Whisenhunt, Rust y 24,27,28,39,49,87 White, Kimberly 9,24,45,47,51,54,56,71,77,78,112 White, Roberta 38,86,87 Whittington, Rebina 24,36,44,45,47,84 Wiederspan, Connie 47,59,87 Wiederspan, Richard 29,81 Wilburn, Greg 28,49,87 Wiley, Yvonne 47,84 Williams, Bart 27,29,49,84 Williams, Bobby 89 Wilson, Jeff 24,27,28,39,49,87 Wilson, Kevin 27,29,37,40,49,52,53,84 Worden, Floyd 9,21,24,42,43,49,51,54,55,56,70,77 Yett, Bobby 49,87 Young, Phillis 11,14,15,16,27,47,52,54,55,57,81 Ziegler, Donna 47,59,87

Suggestions in the Mount Ida High School - Lion Yearbook (Mount Ida, AR) collection:

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Mount Ida High School - Lion Yearbook (Mount Ida, AR) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 68

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