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Sumter E M wa 5 X vvws ni ' . I A fm! A114 ' lr iw "1 I :xxx , .xwlfihi ., ,,, .,,.,.,4'.V N'I:VWiNi -WWE KG Q - .,,, Jigs! Cl 9 Q WT QW? f 'X fd J J ,m.V. at Q 1 ,K , V X Jwjdjg J gf? F xjgiif M i QQV W-Q ,NYS 106 X QKLSA J ,Wm f ow -Nfmx , X N - f, ,N 4, f ,gy ,gQb,xxQw Xu, by xxxqggb f 5Q3 QNDC, , Q 'Max-Sgmx - f N.-CSU VK 'J' 9 W in XX Rag LNBQEEQR ,ww N x CEQA mm M W3 SNS? GWB ' gl , mm XV NSA NLKQQ13 M5 DQ W 5 ww W 'SX JQ' Q' Mfg? 3 if 3 5 QW5'QwiFjf5N2fQS3f x ff 5 53 W 5 Q K4 1? 5 55 f Gy BWQQQAQ W W wasps? 06,5531 pw M . Wm . W W 922 23 Mfjklwxaagyw M 0 W5 3 ww QM' MPM MM jg Q Q 662 UK Njqw -V sp W M52 if C1 wg' WM Ja if W '5' L Q . Q A ffgigzfz ig? QF L UQ Z5 E Sw wg Jig xg- ww VoIume18 Mount Ida Schools Editor ...................... Elementary Editor ...... ........ Classes Editor ........ Activities Editor ...... Sports Editor ........ ..... 1977 MARGIE WATKINS TAMMY GREESON .........JUNE SCOTT ........KAY HARDER .GARY EGLESTON LIO Organizations Editor ...... . Journalism Editor ....... .... Mount Ida, Arkansas .....KYLE GFIIFFITH NANCY BLACK Photographer ........ .PATRICIA YOUNG Typists ..... ' ........... BECKY WHARTON LYNDI RICHMOND Sponsor ........ ....... M rs. LUCILLE PHILLIPS Title P3gef1 Table O Opening ........................ Page 4 Organizations ................ Page 40 ., ....,.L .s.,,,,w,,,mMW Activities ...................... Page 6 V 5 J gi 6 I ,E ,A . 1 1, ' . , ? ,,'e' x 2 1 , I it Nw. S 2 I 3 We Q ' P P a i I , Athletics ..................... Page 24 Graduates ........................................ . tents Contents -..., -, -K .M -M, ..,.. 12:3- -M... -3 ww ' --A -.W :xr -...-.13 MSW ' ' 0 ...P ,N 3' a , sa- f 2 5.131 . - N' A if P J ifl 5 4 A Faculty .......... ............... P age 60 5 ? 3 P 3 5 X V,ff' j f s Q Page '70 Undergraduates ......... Page 77 Elementary ................ Page 91 Closing ....... ...... P age 109 Contentslii School Experiences Pa Dividends Returning to school at the beginning of another school year, we are full of expectations. When we push open those doors to Mount Ida High School, we know that in the corridors and classrooms, and on the athletic courts and fields, we will meet with many important experiences. Some will improve our mindsg some will enlarge our social livesg some will influence our moral judgements-all will touch our personalities and help shape our futures. In one sense, we might look on Mount lda Schools as a bank that will pay us certain dividends in life. What will they be? Will we receive some friends, but also some enemies? some successes, but also some failures? some sadness, but also some happiness? Yes, we know that from our school experience, we will reap some of all this. And we look forward to receiving all these "dividends," knowing that out of the whole we will have enriched our lives always. MT. IDA SCHOOLS Number if MT. IDA . ARKANSAS 7I957 19ZZ 21.12225 l-,,TtH-- as mam is Qvoun NAME 2 slfhilgag. DOLLARS ,ron4Q - ' ' 'IUBEq"'ULIULl': 4!Opening 'O ma? Q yn- ei .S ,,,.,..,. iqw Opening!5 99- "AV t 1, QW fejl Wag Activities MOST TALENTED Becky Griffith and Jimmy Spurlin Who's Who MIH Elects Who's Who Being elected to Who's Who is really quite an honor. It means your fellow students have picked you to represent their school in the different categories. Usually if you are nominated, you are well qualified for the title. The students who were chosen for these honors are on this and the following pages. I MOST COUFKTEOUS BEST DRESSED Roberta Demby and Derek Smith Mark Davis, Margie Watkins, Fred Davis Activities!7 8!Activities -'gf gk CUTEST FRIENDLIEST Connie Bowling and Rick Simmons Jimmy Spurlin and Ruthie Sekavec MOST ATHLETIC Rory Brown and Renee Davidson Ke K -54" wa D 1 'W .Pv Q gn L Q, an-S' 1: . . , s..f""i S xx N' L QVS fl A R, Q ,rl - ' xrz . ',, . .s" ki ww! x .. .X . NQNQ: 4, .1 -fy 1 1 x--f 'QM f Q.. - Ax-ei. .-... YW' 4 xg fi' fi I2 fi v it i K F' iw Most Beautiful Runners-up First Runner-up Brenda Scott Second Runner-up Kay Kitchens Third Runner-up Betty Rowland The winners and runners-up for Most Beautiful and Most Handsome were chosen by Joyce Ann McCormack Miss Arkansas 1976, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 10!ACtiVitieS Most Handsome Runners-up First Runner-up Benny Weston I V Second Runner-up Phillip Whisenhunt Third Runner-up Mike Brown Activities!11 E ' 1 I F A YT . 45935 fgfiii "'- Most Handsome, King Relic Activities!13 Fair Royalty MHVY Boyd, Beta CND Queen Betty Rowland, FFA Sweetheart 14!ACtivitieS Margie Watkins, Library Club Queen Renee Davidson, Wheeier's Citgo Station Brenda Laopini Bank Of Montgomery County Debbie wameke, Rich Mountain vo-Tech school Fair Royalty Connie Bowling, Whittington's Pharmacy JOYCG GVGY, B9"fY'5 Depaftmem S10f9 X, if of M . JF. C35 QA S, .k:,,Q 1 4,. ,Em KIQW., R' T .,W Brigitte Stanley, R and R Jean Shop Cheryl Hanavan, Mount Ida Butane Co. 01'--vw----..... . Y nh. QM gi i? wr Ruthie Sekavec, Jody's Home Interiors Patty Johnston, Sheriff Elect and Mrs. Carl Rae Activities!15 Fair Royalty in ra Tammy Greeson, MISS MONTGOMERY COUNTY Eileen Weston, MIHS QUEEN S W,,f' Z ,AVV ka 2 w. ff iii-W ,W si R av 4 M 4 f 42 Q' W fi if? 5 Q 4 'Hb' m YW " Nancy Black, Senior Maid Sherry Rollins, Junior Maid if' I ""' i 16!Aotivities Phyllis Young, Sophomore Maid Daveiyn Felkei, Freshman Maid ,, at y ,za 19 y K- '19, if -- A 2.5 " - , ! N - ' 1 is kk, ' 135357 .,g 9 V " f : .- "' ,.. " 2 it k I -W, K P.g,',.-a f gm FAR LEFT: Becky Wharton and Rick Williams pose before the beautiful garden decorations. LEFT: Nancy Black and Betty Rowland help each other trim the rose tree. MIDDLE LEFT: Johnny Mayberry dances to the music of the Wake Band. MIDDLE CENTER: Jeff Mullenix and June Scott serve themselves at the banquet table. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mike Brown and Shelley Harper enjoy a slow dance together. BOTTOM: Gary Egleston, Patty Johnston, Ruthie Sekavec, Kenny Jones, and Briditte Stanley take a break and en- joy the company of each other. 3 ni-ng, W, i ' Dil L3 Q I Prom Features Rose Garden The Juniors and Seniors of 1976 will always remember the night of May 7, 1976. The old gym was transformed from peeling paint to a rose garden within a few days. The evening began with a delicious meal con- sisting of chicken, ham, potato salad, baked beans, and much more, followed by dancing in the redecorated gym. Wake Band played and everyone danced and sang along until they were breathless. The night that was to be long remembered was taken home with some people as the old gym was stripped of its rose trees and other decorations for souvenirs. Activities!17 18!AC LOFG MCKHV. the cook. chases Tim Tabor, the mischievous BELOW LEFT. Phillip Whisenhunt, the detective, catches yard boy, around the house for stealing food from the Tim Tabor, thinking he is the jewel thief, while Kim White kitchen. and Sherry Rollins look on. Junior Play TAKE IT EASY is a three-act play set on a warm fall after- noon in the living room of Mrs. Imanda Highgate's home, Highgate House. Mrs. Highgate is an absent-minded woman who hires two painters, one for the kitchen, Lon Torence, and one to paint her portrait, Tom Lawrence. Then a jewel thief shows up, John Florenz. Mrs. Highgate was confused before, but now she really is. There are now three painters running around her house. The whole play kept the audience confused, but in the end it was a big success. ' vi 'L A Abggme gk ..?2f.fLc40QJ tivities 'l'l t V, A L., " ,ff Play cast included Gregg' Featherston, Sherry Rollins, Tim Tabor, Lora McKay, John Stewart, Phillip Whisenhunt, Mary Boyd, Floyd Worden, Mike Spillman, Kim White. Sponsors, NOT PICTURED, were Mrs. Jackie Cox and Mr. David Short. an K -an-Q---W hm,WMw f M Floyd Worden, the butler, talks to Mary Boyd, the maid, about personal things. arious Activities Patricia Young wins Family Leader of Tomorrow award. DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN STUDENTS: Betty Rowland, Margie Watkins, Nancy Black, Becky Wharton, Patricia Young, Tammy Greeson, Tommy Fortier, June Scott, Troy Caudle. i MID-SOUTH HONORS BAND: Kay Harder, Wanda Snow, BOYS' and GIRLS' STATE: Troy Caudle, Margie Watkins, Melanie Standridge, and Kay Kitchens. Tammy Greeson, and To r' r. Mrs. Sivils and Jim Stroope dance at the Junior-Senior prom. mmy Fo tie S 3 X 2 k E if 2 Johnny Edwards and Bo Tabor pose as Tenth grade Qs girls do a "little people turkeys in the Thanksgiving assembiy. dance in the Gong Show. Activities!19 Jimmy Spurlin, Kay Harder, and Floy Hocker practice for Homecoming in the drizzling rain. Karen Phillips and Floyd Worden were the Senior High color day winners. Homecoming 1976-'7 7 Homecoming Spirit was high all week. Royalty and band practiced on the field for the big night only to be forced in- doors by the miserably cold rain on Friday. The decorations, which were to be on the football bleachers, had to be moved and the activities transferred to the gym. Even though there was plenty of confusion, the activities were a success. Then came the game. Even with the bone-chilling rain coming down on them, the Mt. Ida Lions pulled off anotherl win. Our opponents, the Glenwood Tigers,were defeated 20 to 6. Homecoming 1976-1977 was a big success. 20!Activities lt was a close race in "Pulling for the Lions." Mr. Robbins and Miss Green triumphed. Bertha Kitchens and Tim Hutchison were the Junior High color day winners. The cheerleaders try to rouse some spirit for Homecoming week. W if an W, 'Lx , 4 s 1 I' fanny nb Homecoming Homecoming Queen, Eileen Weston, is escorted by Gary Queen Eileen gets a kiss from Gary Egleston. Egleston and Mike Brown. This year's Homecoming court: Phyllis Young, sophomore maidg Betty Rowland, senior maid, Eileen Weston, queeng Joyce Gray, junior maid, and Lisa Bates, freshman maid. The beautiful sunburst decoration behind the court reads "The sun shines on the Mt. Ida L'ions." Although the motto was incongruous with the weather, it was prophetic of the outcome of the homecoming game. iSee copy next page.J K? Senior Maid, Betty Rowland. Escorts, David Minton and Jimi Junior Maid, Joyce Gray. Escorts, Rick Simmons and King Stroope. I Relic. .,,.,, , -' f , f f Q 1 E Sophomore Maid, Phyllis Young. Escorts, Jeff Mullenix and Freshman Maid, LiSa B8i9S- Escorts, Chester BFYHHT and Troy Caudle. . Chuck Brown. Activities!23 .0 HC Athletics FRONT ROW: Jeff Mullenix, Troy Caudle, Jim Stroope, Rick Simmons, Coach Stidman, Mike Brown, Gary Egleston, King Relic: SECOND ROW: Roy Hocker, Timmy Bair, Mark Davis, Mark Vanguilder, Greg Stovall, Phillip Whisenhunt, John Stewart, Lenny Fryar: Mike Wingerter: THIRD ROW: Clark Davis, Roger Lybrand, Pat Campbell, Mike May, Scott Sim- mons, Larry Thorton, Benny Weston, Andy Harder, Mark Whisenhunt, Les Harper, Alan Griffith, Mike Scurlock, Managers: Tim Gaston and Jimmy Spurlin. 1976 Senior Lions This year's senior Lions team was plagued with injuries and finished the season with a 4 and 6 record. Quarterback Mark Davis received a knee injury in the second game and was out for the season. Minor injuries affecting starting players occurred nearly every game. Much credit goes to Don Phillips for his voluntary assistance to the offensive and defensive lineman. His knowledge of blocking strategy and technique greatly im- proved the young players. AT LEFT: Cocaptains Mike Brown and Gary Egleston are shown with Coach Preston Stidman. AT BOTTOM: Starting line up features Jim Stroope, John Stewart, Gary Egleston, Pat Campbell, Alan Griffith, Roy Hooker, King Relic: Backfield: Rick Simmons, Phillip Whisenhunt, Jeff Mullenix, Mike Brown, Lenny Fryar. AthletiCs!25 Mike Brown Gary Egleston King Relic I, t K W2 ,g get r w. ww. ,, ,. t ,tt Jeff Mullenix Troy Caudle David Minton Rick Simmons Jimi Stroope Team Loses Eight Senior Players Shown above and at left are the eight graduating seniors: Mike Brown, offensive half- back and monster man, Gary Egleston, offensive guard and defensive tackle, King Relic, offensive halfbackg Rick Simmons, quarterback, Jimi Stroope, tight end and defensive end, Jeff Mullenix, fullback and middle linebacker, Troy Caudle, defensive halfbackg and David Minton, offensive tackle and defensive end. BELOW, Leslie Harper evades a Magnet Cove rusher to complete a pass to King Relic, as John Stewart looks on. The pass was good for a first down. ln the right corner, a pile-up is seen where Jeff Mullenix blocked three Magnet Cove Panthers to protect the quarterback for the pass. AthletiCS!27 Lion Scoreboard SENIOBS Team Home Fountain Lake 40 Bismark 14 Sparkman 21 Glen Bose 0 Ola 20 Bauxite 6 Magnet Cove 0 Mt. Pine 8 Glenwood 20 Murfreesboro 3 Opponent O 0 30 8 0 12 32 46 6 12 ALL-DISTRICT PLAYERS Team Fountain Lake Bismark Ola Glen Flose Sparkman Magnet Cove Glenwood Bauxite Mt. Pine JUNIORS Home 20 0 0 14 14 0 6 14 6 Opponent 0 28 32 12 30 28 6 28 18 JUNIOR CAPTAINS: Bart Williams, Kevin Wilson, Chuck Phillip Whisenhunt and Mike Brown Brown, and Chester Bryant, with Coach Stidman. 28!AthletICS Pb .1 19 6 Junior Lions Team Members: FRONT ROW: Logan Vines, Lloyd Tubbs, Fikes, Timmy Majors, James Robbins, John Kelloms, Mike Lester Lybrand, Chuck Brown, Kevin Wilson, Johnny Lee, Jeff Price, Terry Hutchison FOURTH ROW: Joey Edwards SECOND ROW: Chester Bryant, Phillip Standridge, Weston, Roger Baker, Tim Hutchison, Mike Mendenhall, Terry Ford, Bart Williams, Terrell Wharton, John Kinsey, Chris Elder, Alan Norris, Eddie Clenney, Mike Lybrand, Daryl Bostow, Bo Tabor, Bill Jackson THIRD ROW: Bill Bruce Gray. Managers at opposite ends of FRONT ROW: Stroope, Nathan Davis, Jeff Wilson, Jimmy Adams, David Daryl Hutchison and Matthew Black. 5, " - - f-fy" 'K-ci L l, J. ,,,, , Jr A H M Ai. H r s . Starting line-up for the Junior Lions: Lester Lybrand, Bill Chuck Brown, James FiObbil1S,DHfylB0Si0W.8f1d Chester Jackson, John Kinsey, Phillip Standridge, Bart Williams, Bryant. I Bo Tabor, Terry Ford, Johnny Edwards, Kevin Wilson, Afh'6t'CSf29 YQ xl' L TEAM MEMBERS: Gina Mayberry, Kathy Spillman, Christy Stanley, Renee Davidson, Patricia Young, Coach Cunningham, Penny Allen Brigitte Stanley, Shelley Harper, Sherry Rollins, Nancy Black. Managers are Glenda Carr, Laverne Black, Debi Elder. Senior Girls' Basketball Q Coach, Gary Cunningham SENIOR GIRLS' SCOREBOARD TEAM HOME OPPONENT Acorn 42 29 Glenwood 46 41 Lake Hamilton 36 50 Amity 20 38 Oden 45 38 Fountain Lake 16 29 Murfreesboro 46 30 Caddo Hills 55 43 Amity 49 37 Mountain Pine 34 28 Caddo Hills 36 38 Fountain Lake 22 21 Cutter Morning Star 31 42 Jesseville 35 44 Amity 31 32 Kirby 38 29 Oden 41 28 Caddo Hills 43 38 Glenwood 37 51 GUNS' 'V'0ff"n9 Sta' 50 27 STARTING LINEUP: FRONT now: Renee Davidson, Penny Allen, Nancy Black. BACK ROW: Shelley Harper, Patricia Young, Brigitte Stanley. 34!Athletics TEAM MEMBERS Scott Simmons Leslie Harper Shane Relic, Coach Foshee. Manager Richard Carter pictured at Goodner John Stewart Mike Spillman Tad Kesterson LEFT. Senior Boys' Basketball SENIOR BOYS' SCOREBOARD TEAM HOME OPPONENT Acorn 68 Glenwood 40 Lake Hamilton 55 Amity 58 Oden 55 Ft. Lake 72 Murfreesboro 40 Mt. Pine 48 Oden 50 Ft. Lake 74 Cutter 45 Ola 66 Jesseville 76 Amity 81 Kirby 65 Oden 56 Caddo Hills 49 Glenwood 38 Cutter 50 Magnet Cove 62 Caddo Hills 50 AthletiCS!35 JUNIOR GIRLS' BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Brookie Scurlock, Christi Taylor, Sherri May. BACK ROW: Sherry Bates, Kathy Battle, Roberta White, Tammy Davidson, Annette Snow, Nita Covington, Coach Cunningham, Becky Lambert, Regina Whittington, May Guinn, Tammy Beggs, Lisa Bates, Suzanne Simpson. Junior Girls' Basketball TEAM Acorn Glenwood Amity Ft. Lake Mt. Pine Murfreesboro Caddo Hills Mt. Pine Cutter Jesseville Ouachita Glenwood Oden Caddo Hills Glenwood 36!AthIetics Coach, Gary Cunningham JUNIOR GIRLS' SCOREBOARD HOM E OPPONENT 34 15 18 32 21 23 40 55 31 24 35 31 21 29 37 28 40 23 31 29 34 33 28 45 36 30 33 38 10 24 l Starters. FRONT ROW: Nita Covington, May Guinn, Lisa Bates. BACK ROW: Brookie Scurlock, Roberta White, Becky Lambert, Regina Whittington. i 1--1-u,L.inf..s JUNIOR BOYS' BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Bo Tabor, Bart Williams, Jeff Wilson, Bobby Strothers, James Smith. SECOND ROW: Andy Phelps, Jeff Price, Ricky Stanfill, David Lapin, Mike Lybrand, Chris Elder, Tim Mitchell. BACK ROW: Rusty Wisenhunt, Johnny Edwards, Chester Bryant, Phillip Standridge, Gary Smith, Kevin Wilson, Chuck Brown, Alan Norris, Coach Darwin Foshee. Manager Matthew Black pic- tured at LEFT. Coach, Darwin Foshee JUNIOR BOYS' SCOREBOARD Junior Boys Basketball 22 22 32 34 38 31 19 39 45 28 32 45 TEAM HOME OPPONENT Lake Hamilton 34 16 Oden 30 Cutter 36 Ft. Lake 20 Caddo Hills 54 Ft. Lake 35 Amity 33 Oden 53 Kirby 23 Amity 47 Kirby 18 Glenwood 37 Cutter 46 Glenwood 28 20 AthIetics!37 ,.. - W 'phil' 1 gg 1-1 :LL 'L s GIRLS' BASEBALL TEAM, FRONT ROW: Dawn ,fik 4 R. I. ' s Q . ' -fag?-i wg, 'F Hanavan, Kathy Spillman, Donna Ziegler, Wanda Beavers, Eileen Weston, Barbara Scott, Penny Allen, Cheryl Hanavan. BACK ROW: May Guinn, Echo Relic, Tammy Beggs, Annette Snow, Brookie Scurlock, Coaches Mary Amerson, June Majors, Terry Lawler. 5' BOYS' PONY LEAGUE, FRONT ROW: Coach Jack Hanavan, Kevin Wilson, Scott Simmons, Chuck Brown, Coach Walso Wilson. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Abernathy, Rick Simmons, Mark Blocker, Clark Davis. BACK ROW: Les Harper, Mike Mayberry, King Relic, Roy Hocker, Frank Robbins, Gary Smith. Pony League Is Champ The Mount Ida Pony League won its first championship this year in the Tri-County League. Phillip Whisenhunt and Rick Simmons joined at the half-way point to give the team a championship pitching staff. Defensively, the team was solid, and offensively, they batted at a .384 clip. Coaches Waldo Wilson and Jack Hanavan initiated a program of improvement which greatly helped the team. AthIetlCS!39 ,. 1, ,gg i , 40!O g Organizations V147 'bww if l LlON'S ROAR STAFF: FRONT ROW: Robert Demby, Ex- Manager, Margie Watkins, Typist, David Minton, Artg Stella changeg Becky Wharton, Senior Spotlightg June Scott, Editor- Peninger, High School Newsg Kyle Griffith, Organizations, in-chief, Patty Johnston, High School News, Nancy Black, Betty Rowland, Gossip, Ms. Phyllis Mullens, Sponsor. Not Special Events. BACK ROW: Brigitte Stanley, Sportsg Eileen pictured: Melanie Standridge, Photographer, Fred Davis, Weston, Elementary News, Lyndi Richmond, Business Teacher Spotlight. N-,,-uf - -v-1-was sswunssw- -r....lpmsfamem,,.,..-..f...4w-alan mmm - W wysnaea-nm .mg-ny--y ma. sh-na 4..,w-.faswu-.cwovm va .f ,M,....o.-..-u..:s.,.-lame. wma vmem.-.wpqwan as-nap-v-gnc-mmap cams. we-,mnupyua lsqvvum,-.1 .1-4.-an.-anim-u wwsmwlw-gums awww:-ww fr.,.,.ws-num-Q uslcltulttuaqh-plenum oullnqdunan ,Q , aaamnunnuo m-m-ant...--...un-.asses wwwewwn-nwwmwaa pm s..u+mfte.-.n-u.-new ,u....,w..nt.s.,- mmm saaamma.. mmawumv use-wmfws.-..-.una-.ww sql-..,.. .., -1-q.m..a new manuusnlu ou.-nfl. -.nun of-......,n.u.,.-ann w..'....ln.. t...-no-A mn nneqnn-cnnup .-'cn-vnu-n eu-41+-as-s.v....-4 sa 1lat.una4am0sumniw.!.uiav-v--m wragwaeununamrmwm. anna.-aeahwmmmspuugvwnn me-.-pqnqvyugmg 1--nn-eva'vsuLQeuhr'!0kQi7"S".l-Q-was .1 , .0-.f .- .el v r an-...N u..f.' Lcnswmawtqs klmxrnnsqatktiiiuni UOKWKQCQQUOQ4 S0900 N. Iilik 1- - - -- '...l-""'.L's...."""'.'.2" -un'--nun:-.avg ,,.,, 1 51-:::.',':.-:r.: -.2-..-...Wx i"Q in will 030. rr... .. :ra 2'l!E'5-:fi Lion's Roar THE LlON'S ROAR is a newspaper edited and compiled each six weeks by the students in Typing ll. This year we have a new form of newspaper, as shown at left. Instead of being mimeographed, it is printed by the Backroom Press in Hot Springs. Two new features of the paper are the use of pictures and the addition of a teacher spotlight section. The paper also contains senior spotlights, class news, and other items pertaining to student interest. Below, Ms. Mullens demonstrates placement of copy to Stella Peninger and Roberta Demby. .Q Organizations!41 6 . - fifty ..- ra if it Q -45 3' jf" V fl I fr tv Senior Annual Staff No one knows the many hours of hard work and planning done by the Annual Staff. Every year the job is hard and time consuming. This year in particular, because of lost school time for bad weather, many staff members stayed after school as well as spending vaca- tion time travailing over the annual in the Board Room. In the end, the final edition of our annual is well worth all the effort we put into it. Each summer annual staffers try to attend a workship at the University of Central Arkansas at Conway. Four of those who attended last year are shown on the UCA campus in the picture on the facing page, TOP LEFT: Gregg Geatherston, Margie Watkins, Tammy Greeson, and June Scott. Also attending were Patricia Young and Mrs. Phillips, sponsor. l .a 42!Organizations Junior Staff Each year an assistant editor for each section is chosen to help the senior editors and to be trained for the job the following year. The selections are made in the spring of the sophomore year. Students that are interested write a letter of application to Mr. Barrett, stating their qualifications for a position on the Annual Staff. Mr. Barrett and Mrs. Phillips review the letters and choose the new assistant staff members, who will later move into senior positions. BELOW, Kyle Griffith, senior organizations editor, is teaching page layout to junior assistant Joyce Gray. an-ad Yi? Organizations!43 MIHS Band The MIHS Band is composed of students who elect to invest many, many hours of dedicated work! In addition to a 30-minute period of group practice each day, band members also use their study hall period for individual study and smaller group work. UPPER RIGHT, The Concert Band performs at its annual Christmas concert. BELOW LEFT, BAND OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: Mike Spillman, President, Phillip Whisenhunt, Vice-President, Debbie Kitchens, Secretary- Treasurer. BACK ROW: Karen Phillips, Reporter, Clark Davis, Student Council Representative, Kyle Griffith, Drum Majorg Bob Sivils, Band Director. BELOW RIGHT. This year the Band was led by Drum Major Kyle Griffith, and majorettes were Christi Taylor, Debbie Kitchens, Tammy Beggs, Tammy Davidson, Kay Kitchens, and Suzanne Simpson. 4 4. 4' 4 rm rn T4 .. T .T , T 4: T iT'fW5TlT:g A ,,.. ,- T " TWT citi TT T D .T cctt -T tss, T if cssc ,sss ctts T." a cci, SON TT ,. ' T '.', ,i," . Q T :gms ,,.T.: ittt T , ' . T T " - T' . +s"zf'Q2'Ji33,?31 ,. TQ .. 1 ? T Tis- 5 vb , v ' T T -t T W ' t .K , , , jbggijs. .M VLAV 3, .T T wx T X 'Q ' " M Y " i T 1 ' " flip T T T ,yt ,R sk T V T5 T , T at ' .T f .9 S is , T ' W . ,I if ik T , T . A Tfmfk -s'--. -'ii ' gig: 'i"i T -T TTTT ' . , T T T . Tw T Tr TT te, . ,T ,-T' V T T T T. T- if - '35 TT T . 'T Q I ' Q. ' , .T T V 4 'J , T . V1 VA" , c' TT . TT .T ' iT T . c 'TT T T fc ks.. ,, T " wa TT T 'N T T T T, T A ,.,- --., , ' T T T T ' .,,, . . T T . TT T , ,T -'t, TT T 3 ,. A ,T g TTTT, T .,T,,, N, T, I . ..T,,T75fP-wma 1 yrs 5,,,f,wTl.TTTT 6 we., TTNTQ' .... pst 1 T, gf+y,T35,, ,TT sas' T Tw TW TT ., ws :T T T--, T. T T T - , TT T QeifT.TT TT, T. .s TT A T - TT wwf W , TT T. N... L , . ..mTT1g:fTT:: .gifs ' Q ,T ' -,--' s. if Q T3 J"w.T21tHagT,T ,, 1 - ' ,TT.TTbTtT,4TT L Tj TT'w'T'TT1T.TT :':.TT. T. - T 1- TTT- ' , Q' ' TT "-T T , T T ' V , .Q V M yn y is A2 -we ,5 .-,, 4. :T TT T' T are TT T , TT , ., . , , ,,,,. , , ,,. . ,, W., ,,,, , .. X, , , ,M ,tt . .t -T TT, c T it 'N T ' c To TTTT 'f'T4",. T f T. T T -MT 1 " E TT A .,TT t " .Q ""'5Tfl4- Q . 'iw xr, T, TT 5, ,TT T , Tssf 'Tits .Ti, f st ' Tfx TT . ts..,.,TT,,TT,g'T ,T.T 'A fxTTT.,fTTT , as Q' Us tfqyivji ' cc, ,jTT,,6,..:iXJ,5if ' ' I i f Ts sgfx ' K T T ..J:gQ,, t jenn pk t TT 12:--s-as . , T T T :X A T' Tw TT ,TTY .. - - A TwwgQh5,x,.,,s,S v R T :ewe s ' ,., ,,y+T?5f,J9?xi5 , T ss, 9.3 T TxT,Qy:.fr1,'w.. , A V ,,,,, . 1.7, Tt'NsTT'T1giTT T I T TT - TTT+T:fT " . - T1 Tfffs TTTT. .P in ' T. T- MLfQ3"a-:.cTT"fE."T .. ' TN T' T ttt D To ' 'C T T W' " "' V ' - . TIT fBf2s T TT' NifTxwfT'M5f1QTT L' 'U3Q!"9:.,IT." K T" 'ki' KTT. Q 'JTEE5' ':5f7"'Ef755' ,,,T, ., , K 34. We--i T ?: Ti ' c't1f+'T. r, TNF TTTT T' T, - , 4 T ' ft- T T I i't3iTT' , T T T 'T TQ' TT 44!Organizations I TOP LEFT. These students made Senior High All-Region Bands: Kay Kitchens, Karen Phillips, Debbie Kitchens, Melanie Standridge, Wanda Snow, Kay Harder, Kathy Spillman, Phillip Whisenhunt, Sammy Beggs,.an'd Kyle Griffith. MIDDLE LEFT. These students made Junior High All-Region Bands: Kevin Wilson, Allan Norris, Tammy Beggs, Rhonda Kitchens, Mike Lee, Walter Standridge, Terry Beavers, Geof- frey Clifton, Brenda Lybrand, Gregory Clifton, Phillip Standridge, Cheryl Speers, Wanda Beavers, Lisa Hocker, Annette Snow. lNOT PIC- TURED, Bill Jacksoni BOTTOM LEFT. Wanda Snow and Kay Kitchens qualified to compete in the 1976-77 All-State tryouts. Wanda was selected to play in the All-State Orchestra and Kay was selected the sixth tenor saxaphone in Arkansas, making her second alternate to the All-State Bands. BELOW RIGHT. The band won first place in the Montgomery County Fair Parade and received a beautiful and well- deserved trophy. BOTTOM RIGHT. This is another first for the band, "The Band Christmas Tree." It is decorated with items made and donated by the students, like marching shoes, music books, mouthpieces, and valve oil. Organizations!45 Student Council Student Council is an organization of work and fun whose main objective is to help students express their ideas and to improve student-faculty relationships. its major projects are preparing a float for the fair parade, decorating for the homecoming festivities, and financing delegates to Boys State and Girls State. Membership consists of elected class representatives and presidents of all clubs and classes. The picture at right shows the fair exhibit, which contrasts the old school building with the new. Student Council members are shown below. FRONT ROW: Lisa Bates, Betty Rowland, Jimi Stroope, Patricia Young, Eileen Weston, Gregg Featherston, Ms. Phyllis Mullens, spon- sor. SECOND ROW: Kay Burrow, Bill Stroope, Ken Warneke, Michael Lybrand, Darrell Bostow, Echo Relic, Shari May, Becky Lambert, Christy Taylor. THIRD ROW: Matthew Black, Chester Bryant, Les Harper, Jimmy Spurlin, Clark Davis, Benny Weston, Phillip Whisenhunt, Dena Kostelnik, Margie Watkins. 46!Organizations STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Ms. Phyllis Mullens, Sponsor, Bates, Reporter, Penny Allen, Parliamentariang Eileen Weston, Jimi Stroope, President: Betty Rowland, Secretaryg Gregg Historian. Featherston, Vice President, Patricia Young, Treasuerg Lisa Iif em, -',. I '- JAQ .ers-2--JLM " ' t its. I -W1'4TF'2? ' " M" A I ....., K., Y' . fx 4 ABOVE, MIDDLE, Penny Allen, Ms. Mullens, and Betty Rowland display the Lions license plates sold as a combined Jimi Stroope, Ms. Mullens, and Penny Allen overlook as Ben- SCh00I-Spirit activity and money-raising project. AT BOTTOM, ny Weston votes in the Student Council's mock presidential Eileen Weston, MIHS Queen, rides on her bicentennial float election, in which Jimmy Caffef WON- 0fQ3niZafi0nSf47 saluting Betsy Ross. Beta Club The main objective of the Beta Club is to promote scholarship, leadership, and citizenship qualities in the school. Membership is made up of students of the tenth grade through the twelfth grades that have met and main- tained the grade-point requirement. One of the continuing projects of the Beta Club is to provide volunteer teacher aids at the elementary school, who perform such tasks as grading papers, erecting bulletin boards, etc. Activities of the Club this year in- cluded spring and fall picnics, arthritis fund drive, the State Convention in January, and the fund-raising project of selling candy. FRONT ROW: Lyndi Richmond, June Scott Margie Watkins Tammy Greeson Patricia Young Mrs Lucille Phillips Spon sor. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Boyd Dena Kostelnlk Karen Phillips Kay Kitchens Kathy Splllman Kay Harder Nancy Black Joyce Gray, Kim White, Laverne Black Becky Griffith Mary Boyd Stella Penlnger Roberta Demby Phyllis Young Becky Wharton. BACK ROW: Richard Carter Benny Weston Brent Standridge Pat Campbell Wade Abernathy Mike Spillman Phillip Whisenhunt, Roy Hocker Floyd Worden Mark Davis Gregg Featherson Troy Caudle Tommy Fortier Shane Goodner, Mike Scurlock. 48!Organizations XX ,,,,0..-w-wve I TheTOPPlCTUFlEshows the1976-77 BetaClub officers: Margie Watkins, Presidentg June Scott, Vice- Presidentg Tammy Greeson, Secretary: Patricia Young, Treasurerg Lyndi Richmond, Reporter: Mrs. Lucille Phillips, Sponsor. ABOVE LEFT: Gregg Featherston prepares his sandwich at the annual spr- ing Beta picnic. ABOVE RIGHT: To these Betas, inac- tivity is as much fun as anything. BOTTOM LEFT: These Betas enjoy the simple pleasures of an old- fashioned sack race at the fall Beta picnic. Organizations!49 FHA FHA moves in the right circles! Moves with a half-million members who are serious about personal growth, self-awareness, coping with change, development of decision-making skills and leadership qualities. The goal of FHA is to help youth assume their places in society through home economics education in areas of personal growth, family life, vocational preparation, and community involve- ment. Our FHA was honored this year by having Penny Allen elected Federation XIX reporter. Federation XIX is composed of all the FHA chapters in a four-county region. At right, Mrs. Betty Prince, FHA sponsor, assists Penny Allen in planning news releases of important events pertaining to FHA Federation XIX. FHA OFFICERS: Sherry Rollins, Secretary, Nancy Black, Beau, Patricia Young, First Vice-President, Eileen Weston Second Vice-President, Betty Rowland, Third Vice- President, Margie Watkins, Historian, Becky Wharton, President, Tammy Greeson, Treasurer: Jimmy Spurlin, FHA Reporter, Mrs. Betty Prince, FHA Sponsor. 50!Organizations ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH GRADE FHA MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Eileen Weston, Patricia Young, Nancy Black, Betty Velda Noles, Cheryl Hanavan, Mrs. Betty Prince, sponsor. Rowland, Jimmy Spurlin, FHA Beau, Sherry Rollins, Tammy THIRD ROW: Debbie Black, Lyndi Richmond, June Scott, Greeson, Becky Wharton, Margie Watkins, Rick Williams. Stella Peninger, Roberta Demby, Brigitte Stanley, Ruthie SECOND ROW: Kay Harder, Melanie Standridge, Becky Grif- Sekavec, Debbie Warneke, Linda Holley, Joyce Gray, Alton fith, Debbie Kitchens, Mary Boyd, Laverne Black, Patsy Black, Cheek. 2 "' l gl M, ,llc . :::, it l T . ::,, n NINTH AND TENTH GRADE FHA MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Dena Kostelnik, Phyllis Young, Vivian Fryar, Penny Allen, Barbara Scott, Debbie Robbins, Debbie Stachulak, Carla Manley, Cindy Sanders, Bertha Kitchens. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Boyd, Brenda Scott, Kate Goodner, Gina Mayberry, Angie Vines, Kay Kitchens, Kathy Spillman, Jaree Reed, Lisa Bates, Annette Snow. THIRD ROW: Deb Elder, Joan WU Goodner, Belinda Campbell, Kay Burrow, Regina Whit- tington, Davelyn Felkel, Brookie Scurlock, Cheryl Spears, Wanda Beavers, Brenda Lybrand, Rhonda Kitchens. FOURTH ROW: Karen Phillips, Glenda Carr, Sherry Smith, Mary Ann Dillard, Dewanna Dillard, Tracy Goin, Rhonda McKinney, Alice Jolly, Kathy Holley, Donna Wheeler. Organizations!51 FFA Future Farmers of America QFFAJ is an organization for high school students who participate in the vocational courses. It is designed to prepare students for possible careers in agriculture as well as developing leadership qualities needed to become responsible citizens. Several girls are in- cluded in this year's FFA. The FFA is nationally sponsored by the federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Officers shown at right are, SEATED, Phillip Whisenhunt, President, Mike Brown, Vice-President, Les Harper, Sentinel: STANDING, Shane Goodner, Reporterg Jeff Mullenix, Treasurer, Gary Egleston, Secretary, Betty Rowland, Sweetheart, Brent Stan- dridge, Junior Advisor, Mr. Watkins, Sponsor. Eleventh and twelfth grade members are pictured below. FRONT ROW: Kyle Griffith, Les Harper, Jeff Mullenix, Brent Standridge, Phillip Whisenhunt, Betty Rowland, Mike Brown, Gary Egleston, Shane Goodner. SECOND ROW: Tommy Fortier, David Minton, Barry Craw, Roy Hocker, Mark Davis, Sammy Beggs, Gregg Featherston, Floyd Worden, David Gaston James Robbins Jimi Stroo e Timmy Tabor, Mike Mayberry, Larry Goin, King Relic, David Hickman, Nolin Anderson, Ruthie Sekavec. FOURTH ROW: David Standridge, Mike Spillman, Richard Carter Marvin Forthman Ri k , . D - , , c THlRD ROW1 JOVWUY MHYDGVFY, Bill Simmons, Debbie Warneke, Larry Scrimshire, Steve Clay, Johnny Barber, Bryant, Mike Duffy, Jimmy Spurlin, Ninth and tenth grade members, plus officers, are pictured below: FRONT ROW: Officers named on facing page, SECOND ROW: Clark Davis, Alan Griffith, Mike May, Pat Campbell, Mike Scurlock, Scott Simmons, Ben- ny Weston, Wade Abernathy, Lloyd X X F , is was Tubbs, John Goss, Kyle Abbott. THIRD ROW: Danny Minton, Terry Bair, Tim Sekavec, Andy Harder, Larry Thornton, Tad Kesterson, Chuck Brown, Bart Williams, Chester Bryant, Kevin Wilson, Johnny Edwards, Mike Wingerter. FOURTH ROW: David Boadway, Phillip Stan- dridge, Terry Ford, Matthew Black, Ricky Stanfiil, Jimmy Abernathy, Darrell Bostow, Steve Gaston, Eric Anderson, Merl McGrew, David Scrimshire, Matt Duffy, Tim Gaston, Larry Miles. FIFTH ROW: John AT LEFT, Mr. Watkins demonstrates the theory of a combustion engine to Andy Harder. BELOW, the fair exhibit built by the FFA and FHA depicts the bicentennial theme and won grand champion. .1-qpqpoft If ,--. P ' -i .szzf---. . 1 -- Kinsey, Mark Graves, Benjamin Rowland, Laithon Milholen, Terrell Wharton, Logan Vines, Joseph Rowland, Jessie Goss, Jon Irons, Robert James, Anthony Black, Coy Rollins. FFA-FHA Barbecue Each spring the FFA and FHA give a barbecue chicken dinner in honor of their parents. Work for the barbecue starts weeks in ad- vance when the FFA boys and Mr. Watkins cut the wood to allow time for proper drying. The home economics classes spend several class periods preparing the barbecue sauce, beans, salad, and bread. On the morning of the feast, the FFA members start the fire at 6:30 or 7:00 o'clock. Later the FHA girls and Mrs. Prince arrive to direct the slow cooking and basting of the chicken. The enjoyment of all this preparation is evidenced in the pictures below. 54!Organizations Glee Clubs The Glee Clubs are voluntary organizations of students who wish to further their knowledge in music and im- prove their vocal talents. This is the first time in the last few years that we have had glee clubs. They are organized in two groups, junior high and senior high girls, who meet during their P.E. periods each Thursday under the direction of Mrs. Frances Jones. They gave several concerts this year, that were enjoyed by all. At left, Mrs. Jones teaches Cindy Sanders, Cheryl Speers, and Bertha Kitchens howto sing a difficult song for their concert. , n Q 4 u i 5' If K I A JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH GLEE CLUBS: FRONT ROW: Sandra Swindle, Audrey Manley, Wanda Mayberry, Rhonda James, Nancy Robbins, Janice Abernathy, Debbie Baker, Georgia Ballew, Annette Fordyce. SECOND ROW: Lori Gray, Melba Finney, Patricia Finney, Karen Holley, Brenda Finney, Donna Holley, Sandra Goodman, Cindy Sanders, Cheryl Speers, Rosia Anderson, Bertha Kitchens, Regina Anderson, Diana Godwin, Lisa LaPanne, Martha Rowland, Beth Craw. THIRD ROW: Carla Abbott, Donna Addleman, Kate Donlon, Kathy Weller, Becky Wharton, Sherry Smith, Dewanna Dillard, Rhonda McKinney, Barbara Scott, Linda Holley, Connie Bowling, Eileen Weston, Kay Harder, Kathy Holley, Tracy Goin, Tina Fortier, Alice Jolly, Mrs. Jones, sponsor. Organizations!55 Library Club The Library Club is composed of assistant library workers. The job of library assistant is no easy one. Students have to give up their regular study hall period to work in the library. Their duties consist of checking books in and out, shelving the books properly, helping students find materials, and taking care of fines. We have an excellent library here at Mount Ida High School. Because of the good work of our library assistants, our library is a valuable asset to every student. Shown at left, Mrs. McGary works in the new vertical research center developed to assist students prepare themes, special reports, and research papers. The picture below shows the Library Club officers: Mrs. McGary, Sponsor, Margie Watkins, Presidentg LaVerne Black, Vice-President, June Scott, Secretary-Treasurerg Eileen Weston, Reporterg Betty Rowland, Student Council Represen- tative. 56!Organizations XX .PS Nike 5 ii? Q , it 3 fig 2 igt Lag l YQ! :iff ' l i 5 D '-. , ' 1 5 ,W Q 1? m k NWN. is-nun-av S 5 ' H Q'--...R-qs-,- X gs l I I Ji dministration Superintendenfs Message It is a pleasure to extend greetings to all of you in the 1977 edition of THE LION. I am very pleased to have the oppor- tunity to be a part of the Mount Ida schools. School is the beginning of a road that leads minds of in- quiring students to academic fields of tomorrow. They ex- plore life and search for its relevance and meaning in this ever-changing and challenging world. The school is challenged by these students to meet the demands for greater knowledge. I would challenge each of you to take advantage of your educational opportunities. I extend my congratulations and thanks to Mrs. Phillips and the Annual Staff for another excellent job on the 1977 edition of THE LION. v""'-Q, Superintendent 'Mr Sift. SCHOOL BOARD: Jon Allen Standridge, Bob Allen, Bob Lybrand, Chester Bryant, Sonny Stanley 58!Administration Mr. Jimmy Robbins High School Principal Mr. Darwin Foshee Elementary Principal Mrs. Gilda Bates School Secretary The Administration... the backbone of our school system. We are fortunate to have the well-qualified and loyal people in our administra- tion who strive to prepare us for a place in our society. The administraton of Mount Ida schools have numerous responsibilities to school patrons, faculty, and students. If these responsibilities were not carried out, the school would suffer. But having the responsible administration that we have makes Mount lda schools a good place to attend. We want to thank the administration for the many un- selfish deeds they have done for us during the years we have attended Mount Ida schools and for the outside activities they have sponsored. We want to thank Mr. Barrett, Mr. Robbins, and Mr. Foshee for their concern for our well being. They have the most demanding jobs because they have to handle all the problems affecting faculty, students, and parents. They are always there when we need them for an important decision. We thank our administration for everything. The Annual Staff Adl'T1ifTiSfl'atiOf1f59 X M ff A X ff .M Fw k s0W'1w51 X9 SP5 ur-" 106 10 P31958 of .AVN M Q5 YY 1 oil QS J 1 .-.0 Seq" ,,-Wa I-4 1Yi'P4bW5ffi'NfUcy . - 1 3.1 1' - ,LQQQQQSQ ' W 111 .- ' 'fiiln ,, ' QTIA - '7'i7l!25ii?3iP'. 1 1 I -' " . - - 5.4.-if, - ' 1' 'fi-1' 6:24 M.. V..,l.,. - .,,., .- ,,,.fA -,,1 , W .,., 1 , !-W. -.,. . ,.,,,1h -... A .. .'.,,,x - . Q . .. . ff :an gf-m,:zs.1f . .., + . .g'Hxr1Q:w,f4ww: f, 'J ,. f- -1.-' .fagxgn , . . . .1f..,., ,,,,,.,..'.,,,.,,wb1,.ff.'f..v M 4--ff ..f,,.f..4. .X Mm 1.-,X .fym,..4.1r,,f33-'wg . .. . '11 . . Jxmiaiezxa-42,V-4-fyef21.q.fg2f.mef:.gQ.ak:este " .- vgvgike ,. . .' . ' ., :1f:.'Q1'1+ .QQ 521.1232 'g.-me - - 1--. - ' i ' " ' ' ' ' -' 'f ' , Lf:lZ2SF1gJ?n2f34Pf?!YfiXiQ3Q'2Z-C521F2if3'i.'QPfi'LW"f'1,-515'24iIiw5l??f'2.Q!ff5Efg inf. - jp zwyfggv I n f ' Q' .A ' 1 - . K H ' - f 'QWW ' '1 ' ' . . f . . Tx 2.1.1 1 1-' F '1 V - .Hai-f.1l:'?igLF:'3-rfzf:Fifi2Q.-igasfzztfvzgrqvgfaigf V' 'x - , ' .. k - - -. ,. f-1 . - . . ' QP ' I I L .Z ',.5f.'3iJ'."f , Q I , . . ' gg . 0 1. R - 1' .' , . , J 'fs . Q 2, . ' f ' - . K K I 1 o f. , ' - 73, R ES iff Q. 0 'A .LQ , .. r Q J 1 k' f:.g 4 ' I f- 7' ' 2 -J?" 51. 'I . ' . on O 1 A ' I ' ' r ' - 127. . - ' f ? iz. ' i .z:vI""Z ' -S 4? , V - ' . I . l ffl- -5. ' - - 'mill 1- 561- , My "-a 513. 1. ,M ' if Al., ggi. ,. ' ' ' . . - f A A , . A "" Sail' -- ,- .V 0 A I - .V I A , A - - M 21.7553'fff'if1313?jfff:i.???5"'22p1. 6O! Faculty W EMEA, ifyg Aims J X xy . fm. M. T-ww -x i Q wma Y 65? 'W 's L w w fa Awe Rfb' ,M K wg Eff: Niziww Aw fm Wa' A up af 7 an f aww' ,f ,wax rw my M .,w,A,c J A f IAA sw Rd " ww ff Q. 1, M. Faculty ul W be 'Dxv Mrs. Janie Erskine Mrs. Glenna Sivils Kindergarten Kindergarten X 3 e 5 f i""sQ. . , st get 1 - xang- nfs if 'E JAX - N ik. ., xxx If Mrs. Mary Harper Mrs. Christine Whittington First Grade First Grade FacuIty!61 xv. 1 wh-- : fx M. ug?" gf n Q. Mrs. Kay Foshee Mrs. Jeanne Smith Sixth Grade Remedial Math ..ii,, 'Ti -q-........s .-.L-..-...Q 64! Faculty Q a i - 'Sf' ia A . , c dbg t. ' gf ,,: - Q lg , I ' 5 . 2 F? .S I . I ,l" I , . F: 43 Mrs. Susan Cunningham Mrs. Ann Watkins Special Education Teachers Aid 'O Vi' 1 I, 35 s Q X ,asf -W5 r s 3 gif? if ifizii -1 3 'E DAQ EE f -ifixgig Rig is 1 A iggim Q ,wx iii: ffl , , fain, f' 8 'Q , ,, , - 1 4'?'f"+:?b,5 M V A W A' a xv s Y 0 ,lg A A' 4 Q, - .-1115 1 1 49' is: K . -1 A 1 L - ,-gf: rg, -1- . L N -1:, in ' Q.. Q-1 Q, I ' 936- ,1 S s ,Q 1 Q Qtgfin if gg is 'ggi .Qi fi fw-5 2 fl 'QAM ' s f . ,S . E g ,gg L T1 sq 31 k im ' EM, LH? 5 X A ff fmw,m, Lg. ,v - yd. - 14' ff 1' Q, f . X J. f X Q 8 5. JJ" 12 K ,, X g. , NNW x1'.i 3 lf. ff"'1T:l'x.- ip yxxixxx 75, Q .xx 1 Mr. David Short Math Mr. Gary Cunningham Senior Girls' Basketball Coach W sei Mr. Lesley Bryant Custodian LUNCHROOM PERSONNEL: Minnie O'Neal, supervisor, Mat- tie Summitt, Myrtle Webb, Sylvia Widener, Kate Goodner, and Marie Fryar. Bus Drivers: Howard L. West, Lesley Bryant, Forrest Hughbanks, Charles Holley, Thurston Poole, and Laintus I qw u Graduates Seniors Of '77 " ' f I y I 7 f ii ' I ...Jai Eiti is f 'fstgjsigslz 3 sg?-tam .ri gg f I . ' 4 Q' 5 ii fig 3 . .. , ,I , . I I is M - Q N 55 My gg tiff, Kiki i 3 ' I ,.,,.,,x,, ,V . gets Enduring the cold and smoke, Seniors attempt to roast marshmallows at a school g , g cook-out. From LEFT, Tommy Fortier, Margie Watkins, June 1 Scott, Lyndi Richmond, and I A ' Becky Wharton. intruding on . the scene is a T K ,y SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Rep., Becky Wharton, Pres., SENIOR FAVORITES: Eileen Weston and Mike Brown. Jimmy Spurling Sponsor, Mr. Glenn Hicksg Treas., Eileen' Westong Sec., Patty Johnston, Fire Marshall, Gary Eglestong S.C. Rep., Margie Watkinsg Vice-Pres., Mike Brown. A A, 3 . ,, Graduates!71 NANCY DORA BLACK FHA Officerg Beta Clubg Paper Staffg Basketball C71-'77Jg Literary Nlagazineg An- nual Staffg Class Officerg Beta Teacher's Aidg Junior Playg Sr. Fair Maidg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Distinguished American High School Stu- dent MICHAEL BROWN FFA Officerg Parlimentary Teamg Sr. Class Officerg Basketball C73-'74ig Football C70- '76i3 Captain C76Jg All District Football C76ig Sr. Class Favorite TROY NATHAN CAUDLE FFAg Mechanics Teamg Beta Clubg Football C74-'77Jg Track C71-'77Jg All District Track C7635 Baseball C71-'75ig Basketball C72- '75J3 Student Councilg Class Officerg Junior Playg Band C71-'77jg All-Region Band C74- '75ig Boy's Stateg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Distinguished American High School Stu- dent ALTON RAY CHEEK FFAQ FHA: Football C73-'74Jg Track C73-'74i FREDDIE GENE DAVIS Paper Staffg fPart-Time Studenti ROBERTA KAY DEMBY FHAQ Beta Clubg Who's Whog Paper Staffg Who's Who Among American High School Students MIKE DUFFY FFA GARY LANDIS EGLESTON FFA Officerg Land Judging Team: Parliamentary Teamg Football C73-'76Jg Captain C73-'76ig Basketball C73-'74Jg Band C73-'75ig Student Councilg Annual Staff 72lGraduates TOMMY WAYNE FORTIER FFA: Beta Club: Library Club: Junior Play: Boy's State: World History Award: Algebra ll 8, Trig. Award: Distinguished American High School Student: Who's Who Among American High School Students TAMARA ANN GREESON FHA Officer: Beta Club Officer: Student Council Officer: Annual Staff: Class Officer: Jr. Cheerleader C71-'72l: Basketball C72- '74l: Sr. Cheerleader C74-'76l: Junior Play: Beta Teacher's Aid: Library Club: Girl's State: Beta Club Queen C75-'76l: Miss Montgomery County C76-'77l: Distinguished American High School Stu- dent: Who's Who Among American High School Students: Border Junior Miss: American History Award: Geometry Award. KYLE C. GRIFFITH FFA: Soil Judging Team: Band C69-'77j: Drum Major C75-'77l: All-Region Band C76- '77: N.F. McDonald's All American Band C76-'77J: Who's Who Among Music Students in American High Schools: Junior Play: Who's Who Among American High School Students: Annual Staff: Paper Staff VIRGINIA KAY HARDER FHA Officer: Beta Club: Annual Staff: Band C68-'77l: Cheerleader C76-'77l: Junior Play: All-Region Band C74-'75,'76-773: Mid- South Honors Band C76-777: N.F. Mc- Donald's All-American High School Band: Who's Who Among Music Students in :American High Schools RACHELLE DENISE HARPER FHA: Basketball C72-775: All-District C73- '74l: Class Officer: Freshman Homecoming Maid: Sophomore Homecoming Maid: Junior Homecoming Maid: Freshman Fair Maid: Most Beautiful 1763: Miss Montgomery County C75-'76t PERRY DAVID HICKMAN FFA PATTY SUE JOHNSTON FHA Officer: Class Officer: Who's Who: Who's Who Among American High School Students: Sr. Cheerleader C74-753: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Beta Club: Library Club Officer: Student Council: Sophomore Fair Maid: lTransferred to Wilbur D. Mills High Schooll JOHN MAYBERRY FFA: Mechanics Team Grad uates!73 in DAVID LYNN MINTON FFAQ Livestock Judging Team: Football C72-'77Jg Football Captain C76-'77lg Track C72-'77q Track All-District C74-'76lg Junior Playg Paper Staff: Class Pres. C71-'73lg Band C71-'75lg Basketball C72-'74l JEFF MULLENIX FFA Officerg Livestock Judging Team: Parliamentary Teamg Class Officerg Student Councilg Football C71-'76lg Captain C72- '73,'75-'76lg Basketball C72-'74lg Band C72- '75lg Track STELLA A. PENNINGER FHAQ Beta Clubg Class Officerg Cheerleader C74-'75lg Paper Staffg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg V.F.W. Fair Queen C75-'76l .KING ALLEN RELIC FFAQ Library Clubg Football C72-'74,'76lg Basketball C72-'77lg Track C73-'77lg All- District C74,'75,'76lg Baseball C72-'77lg All- Star C72-'76lg Class Officerg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Bicentennial Theme Contest Winner LYNDI JEYNE RICHMOND FHAQ Beta Club Officerg Library Clubg An- nual Staffg Paper Staffg Basketball C71-'74lg Literary Magazineg Class Officerg Beta Teacher's Aidg Who's Who Among American High School Students JAMES EARL ROBBINS FFAQ Mechanics Teamg Football C72-'76lg Basketball C74-'75l BETTY MARIE ROWLAND Cheerleader C74-'77lg Captain C76-'77lg Student Council Officerg FHA Officerg Beta Clubg Paper Staffg Class Officerg Basketball C71-'74Jg Library Club Officerg Beta Teacher's Aidg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Distinguished American High School Stu- dentg Most Beautiful C74-7535 Jr. Fair Maidg Sr. Homecoming Maid: FFA Sweetheartg 4- H Fair Queen JUNE MARIE SCOTT FHA Officer: Beta Club Officerg Library Club Officerg Annual Staffg Paper Staff EdiQor-in- Chiefg Literary Magazineg Student Councilg Class Officerg Glee Clubg Beta TEACHER'S Aidg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Distinguished American High School Student: Geometry Awardg Junior Play 74fG rad U8ieS WR YOVONNA RUTH SEKAVEC FHAQ FFAQ Library Club' Basketball C71- '74I: Class Officer RICK SIMMONS Footballg FFAQ CTransferred from Thornwood, Chicago, lllinoisl JIMMY WAYNE SPURLIN FFAQ Bandg Who's Whog Basketball C71- '74yg Football Mgr. C76-'77Jg FHA Beaug Stu- dent Councilg Jr. Class Presidentg Sr. Class Presidentg Band Officerg Who's Who Among Music Studentslin American High Schools MELANIE ANN STANDRIDGE FHAQ Band C68-'77jg Band Officer: Mid- South Honors Band C76-'77Jg Who's Who Among Music Students in American High Schools BRIGITTE LEA ISTANLEYJ SANDLIN FHAQ Student Council: Basketball C72-7755 All District Basketball C73-7455 Area Il Most Valuable Player C7415 Paper Staffg Class Of- ficer JIM LESTER STROOPE FFAg Livestock Judging Team C74-7713 Basketball C72-'74,Q Football C71-'76tg Stu- dent Council Pres.g Junior Playg Class Of- ficerg Bandg Trackg Most Handsome C75- '76yg Who's Who DEBRA E. WARNEKE FHAg FFA MARGIE LEA WATKINS FHA Officerg Beta Club Pres.g Library Club Pres.g Annual Staff Editor-in-Chiefg Student Councilg Class Officerg Basketball C71-7635 Junior Playg Paper Staffg Who's Whog Who's Who Among Ameican High School Studentsg Library Queen C76-'77Jg Girl's Stateg Distinguished American High School Students Graduate! 75 IVA EILEEN WESTON Cheerleader C74-'77Ig Co-Captain C75-'76lg Captain C76-'77Jg FHA Pres.g Paper Staffg Student Council Officer: Class Officerg Library Club Officerg Softball C7615 Homecoming Queen C7613 Miss MIHS Fair Queen C7635 Who's Whog Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Sr. Favorite REBECCA LADON WHARTON FHA Officerg Beta Clubg Literary Magazineg Annual Staff: Glee Clubg Class Officerg Beta Teacher's Aidg Junior Playg Paper Staffg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Distinguished American High School Studentsg Gong Show Talent Winner RICHARD WAYNE WILLIAMS Football C73-'76lg FFAQ FHAQ Livestock Judging Team PATRICIA ELAINE YOUNG FHA Officerg Library Clubg Annual Staffg Student Council Officerg Basketball C71- '77ig Beta Club Officerg Class Officer: Literary Magazineg Who's Who Among American High School Studentsg Betty Crocker Homemaker Awardg Distinguished American High School Student 76fG rad UBIGS wus -an "'1:::r"' MR. GLENN HICKS Senior Class Sponsor Showing how to disect a worm in Biology class are Tommy Fortier, Tam- my Greeson, David Hickman, and King Relic. .056 ' Undergraduates Udgd I Nolin Anderson Tim Bair Johnny Barber Sammy Beggs Laverne Black Patsy Black Mary Boyd Larry Bryant Richard Carter Steve Clay Barry Craw Bonnie Craw Renee Davidson Mark Davis Greg Featherston Marvin Forthman Tina Fortier Lenny Fryar David Gaston Larry Goin Shane Goodner Joyce Gray Becky Griffith Cheryl Hanavan 78!Undergraduates Junior W .-5, 1" XB All juniors remember the experience of learning to type. Q-fl Class ,1 ., ii QW, Q V , ji 1' at --we I 'f--' Aa V T ii . -f-2-, 3,33 al A-X5 I CLASS OFFICERS: Mrs. Jackie Cox, sponsor, Tim Bair, pres., Sherrie Rollins, reporter, Mark Davis, Sec.-Treas., Mr. David Short, sponsor, Mark Vanguilder, E Roy Hocker Linda Holley Charles Kelly Debbie Kitchens Brenda Lappin Mike Mayberry Lora McKay Sandra Michael Velda Noles Sherry Rollins Bill Scrimshire Wanda Snow Mike Spillman Brent Standridge David Standridge John Stewart Greg Stovall Timmy Tabor Terry Thomas Mark Vangilder Kathie Weller Phillip Whisenhuni Kim White Floyd Worden v-pres., Mike Mayberry, fire marshall, Phillip Whisenhunt, S.C. Rep. Undergraduates!79 Kyle Abbott Wade Abernathy Donna Addleman Penny Allen Eric Anderson Terry Bair Debbie Black Mark Blocker Evelyn Boyd Pat Campbell Glenda Carr Clark Davis Dewanna Dillard Mary Ann Dillard KHTG DOI'll8f'l Matthew Duffy Deb Elder Vivian Fryar Tim Gaston Tracy Goin Sophomore L,,..,,-dr ! 2 BOYS' OFFICERS: Larry Thornton-Fire Marshallg Benny Weston-Pres.g Mike Scurlock-Sec.-Treas.g Terry Bair-Vice-Pres.g Mike May-Reporterg Leslie Harper-S.C. Rep.g Mr. Billy Watkins-Sponsor 80!Undergraduates I' y Fl 5 X I QQV, 1 I N-so X., ,I A A A K ,ff W-wwf? 'v' GIRLS' OFFICERS: Christy Stanley, Fire Marshallg Mrs. Betty Prince, Sponsorg Dena Kostelnik, Pres.g Evelyn Boyd, Rep.g Debbie Robbins, Sec.-Tres.g Penny Allen, S.C. Rep.g Gina Mayberry QNOT PlCTUREDl, Vice-Pres. Alan Griffith Andy Harder Les Harper Kathy Holly Jackie Hood Robert James Alice Jolly Tad Kesterson Kay Kitchens Dena Koslelnik Roger Lybrand Mike May Gina Mayberry Merle McGrew Rhonda McKinney Larry Miles Carl Perry Karen Phillips Debbie Robbins Coy Rollins Under3raduates!81 Daphene Sanford Barbara Scott Brenda Scott David Scrimshire Michael Scurlock Tim Sekavec Scott Simmons Sherrie Smith Kathy Spillman Christy Stanley Larry Thorton Benny Weston Mark Whisenhunt Mike Wingerter Phyllis Young 82!Undergraduates . fwii ew mm nm up erase i Sewing is part of the home economics curriculum for all tenth grade girls. Here, Brenda Scott embroiders, Kathy Spillman uses the electric sewing machine, and Tracy Goin rips a seam. BOYS' OFFICERS: Bo Tabor, Fire Marshall, Matthew Black, Pres., Lloyd Tubbs, Sec-Treas.g Miss Linda Green, Sponsor, Kevin Wilson, S.C. Alt., Chester Bryant, S.C. Rep., Chuck Brown, Vice-Pres., Bart Williams, Rep. Jimmy Abernathy Lisa Bates Wanda Beavers Matthew Black David Boadway Daryl Bostow Charles Brown Chester Bryant Leasel Bryant Kim Burrow Belinda Campbell Nita Covington Beth Craw Johnny Edwards Davelyn Felkel Undergradua'les!83 Terry Ford Annette Fordyce Steve Gaston Mark Graves Joan Goodner Jon irons Bill Jackson John Kinsey Bertha Kitchens Rhonda Kitchens Brenda Lybrand Lester Lybrand Carla Manley Leithon Milholen Danny Minton Jaree Reed Benjamin Rowland Joseph Rowland Cynthia Sanders Brookie Scrulock Gary Smith Annette Snow 84!Undergraduates id! 55,5 i 5? 1 .E f 3 A a My Y, ,M ':1-, ,, it -ln?" 55 GIRLS' OFFICERS PICTURED ABOVE: Lisa Bates, S.C. Rep.g Kim Burrow, Pres.g Cheryl Speer, Vice-Pres.g Davelyn Felkel, Rep.g Mrs. Phyllis Anderson, Sponsorg Rhonda Kitchens, Fire Marshallg Gina Whittington, Sec.-Treas. Cheryl Speer Debbie Stachulak Phillip Standridge Ricky Stanfill Bo Tabor Lloyd Tubbs Angie Vines Logan Vines Terrell Wharton Donna Wheeler Gina Whittington Yvonne Wiley Bart Williams Kevin Wilson Leading the ninth grade section in the afternoon pep rally are Mark Graves Bill Jackson Bo Tabor and Kevin Undergraduates!85 Jimmy Adams Regina Anderson Rosa Anderson Terry Beavers Sherry Bates Kathy Battle Tammy Beggs Barbara Black Robert Black Eddie Boadway Lewie Bryant Maurice Carr Geoffrey Clifton Gregory Clifton Jerry Cox Laurie Curtis Tammy Davidson Uv ., I 1 3 2 I 1, any if 'W , Vx ,,,, - 5. i . W,-V ,.,, , , J f vw 'ff n sfze22.fwe:W,, ,:,f , mx :' iii- QV , I W V, , 1 .af ' J '-no-v"' 5 in 'N A if 1' 5 I gf 5 A 5, A. , if Ji 47 X 2. ' , ,, ' it f : I Z l W, ., if r'i My xvvaf ,M y.,i if ' f ,i' A U , wi I V , Ik. -Q ,rr,, J ..,, ,.,, , B .,k:V 5 . , , rrr ,a,arr r r i r r Nathan Davis Qf f C' E if David Pikes J 'Q A Brenda Finney Sherry Gaston A ..y y i S VH' if Tammy Gilstrap Diann Godwin Sandy Goodman Johnny Gwinn 86!Undergraduates f .M . fa ' .by f iff.. 'A I lk E , f f Eighth BOYS OFFICERS: Bill Stroope, pres.g Lee, reporterg Miss Sheila Johnson, Nathan Davis, sec.-treas,g James Smith, marshallg Terry Hutchinson, vice-pres.g Ken Warneke, S.C. Rep. , 5,3 N-gr --,1 -' M r ! i., ' elif , , , , f X are -f fl f Ya, nv--'X Xxx ., I ll Grade L, -.9 .1353 W1 1 f f 1+ af ,aiu MW GIRLS OFFICERS: Carrie Robbins, sec.-treas.g Becky Lambert, S.C. Rep., Mr. Jimmy Robbins, sponsor, Shari May, pres., Sherry Bates, reporter, Carla Wharton, fire marshall, Christi Taylor, vice-pres. r vt? lnge ? David Harder Charlie Hatton Lisa Hocker Karen Holly Terry Hutchinson Donnie James Bobby Jones David Jones Darrell Jordan John Kelloms Alfred Kinsey Alvin Lambert Becky Lambert Michael Lee Timmy Majors Shari May Leita McKay Bennie Milam Ricky Miner Tim Mitchell Jeff Price Ricky Qualls Parris Relic Carrie Robbins James Robins, Jr Undergraduates!87 Martha Rowland Maxine Scott James Scrimshire Suzanne Simpson James Smith Walter Standridge Bill Stroope Bobby Strother Christi Taylor Ken Warneke Carla Wharton Frankie Wheeler Bryan Whisenhunt Rusty Whisenhunt Roberta White 88!Undergraduates 3 Eg: , S' 'B' ' Eighth grade boys explore the world of science with Mrs Anderson ,1i:l:N..W1gg ,..... C Seventh Grade BOYS' OFFICERS: Ricky Bostow, S.C. Rep.g Mike Lybrand, Pres.g Alan Norris, Vice-Pres.g Chris Elder, Fire Marshallg Mr. Preston Stidman, Sponsorg David Lappin, Rep.g Bruce Gray, Sec.-Treas. Carla Abbott Janice Abernathy Debbie Baker Roger Baker Georgie Ballew Jeri Beall Rita Booth Ricky Bostow Royce Carter Eddie Clenney Terrie Edwards Chris Elder Jim Elder -'-' Roger Essman Melba Finney Patricia Finney Cathy Goodner Deanna Graves Bruce Gray Lori Gray Undergraduates!89 May Guinn Henry Hamilton Charles Hickman Donna Holley Tim Hutchinson Rhonda James David Kinsey Jimmy Knox David Lappin Michael Lybrand Audrey Manley Jeff Mayberry Wanda Mayberry David McCarty Mike Mendenhall Alan Norris Kim Peterson Andy Phelps James Reed Echo Relic Luther Snow Bonnie Stovall Sandra Swindle John West Joey Weston l 066 Elementary Elementary Pee Wee Football, FRONT ROW: T. Chambers, C. Simmons, S. Forga, M. Edwards, P. Childress, M. Price, D. Henderson, C. Gray, J. Aplin, Manager G. Henderson. SECOND ROW: W. Boyd, D. LaGrange, G. Ford, P. Majors, W. Featherston, Coach Chuck LaGrange, B. Clay, M. Whisenhunt, J. Jones, K. Kesterson. THIRD ROW: J. Mendenhall, E. Brakefield, J. D. Wheeler, F. Casey, K. Edmonds, R. Standridge, P. Cox, D. Stovall, D. Helms. Pee Wee Baseball, FRONT ROW: G. Dillard, G. Henderson, Little League Baseball, FRONT ROW: T. Majors, P. Relic. SE- B. Kesterson, C. Simmons. SECOND ROW: J. Mendenhall, T. COND ROW: M. Whisenhunt, D. Lagrange, K. Kesterson, P. Chambers, D. Henderson, B. Tidwell, N. Kitchens. THIRD Majors, M. Lee. THIRD ROW: J. Smith, C. Elder, M. Black, M. ROW: J. Jones, M. Guthrey, C. Gaston, S. Lacefield, E. Mendenhall, Coach Richard Childress. QNOT PICTURED, J. Brakefield. FOURTH ROW: P.'Childress, and Coach Chuck WiIson.j LaGrange. Toy L1ons Take Champ1onsh1p The Pee Wee Lions won the Tri- County League Championship with a 13-1 record. This was a first for the Mt. Ida ball team, which consists of boys aged six through ten. Coaches for the club are Chuck LaGrange, assisted by Richard Childress and Bobby Kitchens. AT RIGHT, Pee Wee cheerleaders and football team enjoy participating in the Montgomery County Fair Parade. p siln 1d'? i' , -r -'-'li ,. 4 ' i ' .ut iiiiliulllliig 4 sl it Sports YDNH QM!!! vena' Quinn. tunnis, Y ' maui l dit il 104529, w,,N35fV senior Pee Wee Cheerleaders are identified by the names on their shirts. ln the center of the back row is their sponsor, Mrs. Jerry Wheeler. GIRLS' BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Jill Simpson, Brenda Wheeler, Tamara Whisenhunt, Lisha Strothers, Bonnie Wheeler, Gina Cox, Tamara Scott, Coach Jeanne Smith. SECOND ROW: Tommie Jean Irons, Lisa Horton, Sara Brown, Lorrie Beshears, Teresa Vines, Lisa Cobb, Teresa Jackson, Kimberly Sims, Donna Smith, Lisa Jackson, Jeffrey Ewing, Trina Brakefield. THIRD ROW: Sherry Adams, Sabrina Bates, Karen Simp- son, Cheryl Lee, Carol Robbins, Marlene Scurlock, Stacy Elder, Laurie Standridge, Raynee Balckburn, Lisa Wheeler, Lisa Black. The School is indebted to in- terested townspeople for directing the elementary sports program in the absence of any paid personnel. ln addition to those coaches pic- tured with the teams, Von Kesterson and Clovis Price Assisted. BOYS' BASKETBALL. FRONT ROW: Jerry Aplin, Chris Simmons, Mark Edwards, Walter Brown, Eric Brakefield, Coach Sonny Stanley, David Henderson, Bruce Tidwell, Ray James, Billy Parrett. SECOND ROW: Phillip Carr, William Boyd, Jerry Don Wheeler, Michael Price, Paul Childress, Freddy Casey, Tom- my Cupples, Paul Cox, Kipp Kester- son, Keith Edmonds. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Jones, Quinn Taylor, Joey Jones, Mark Whisenhunt, Rodney Standridge, Perry Majors, Brian Clay, Joseph Shelby, Garry Ford, David Helms, Donnie Stovall. Elementary!93 Sherry Adams Dale Anderson Everette Anderson Sabrina Bates Ftaynee Blackburn Lloyal Bryant Freddy Casey Sheryl Cassey Brian Clay Jessie Cox Paul Cox Stacy Elder Jerry Essman Garry Ford Cheryl Fordyce Vanessa Forga Ricky Guinn Brenda Hamilton Christine Hatton David Helms Faye Hood Kipp Kesterson Sandra Qualls Rodney Reed Timothy Smallwood Britoni Smith Phillip Smith Donnie Stovall Paul Swindle Lisa Wheeler 94!Elementary Mrs. Foshee's Sixth Grade fix! I ' A, I , s Ov WV' W' K. IIDA i The sixth grade's mascot enjoys all the attention he gets from the children during their Christmas party. Mrs. Williams' Sixth Grade ff? v-05123 Cheryl Fordyce, Cheryl Lee, and Carolyn Robbins Qet into the swing of things! In fn lr! N NVQ am w Michelle Beggs Shirley Carr Clark Chapin Terry Cummings Tommy Cupples Keith Edmonds Will Featherston Patty Felkel Cindy Finney Jimmy Hatton Charlene Holley Annette Humphreys Billy Johnson Jimmy Jones Joey Jones Laurie Justus Dennis LaGrange Cheryl Lee Perry Majors Shane Manley Cheril McKay Susan Qualls Carolyn Robins Belinda Rogers Verla Scrimshire Marlene Scurlock Joseph Shelby Karen Simpson Laurie Standridge Rodney Standridge Quinn Taylor Wendi Wheeler Mark Whisenhunt Elementary!95 Tracy Bair Alan Ball Lorrie Beshears Sara Brown Sheila Bryant Audrey Burke Bob Buxton Timothy Chambers Lisa Cobb Fiona Emery Jeffrey Ewing Sarah Gibbs Linda Goodman Brad Gray Chris Gray David Henderson Lisa Horton Lisa Jackson Teresa Jackson Ray James Kim LaGrange Leslie Phillips Kimberly Sims Donna Smith Bruce Tidwell Teresa Vines Accidents often accompany the art of tree trimming. Bruce Tidwell picks up the broken pieces as Leslie Phillips hangs an ornament. 96!EIementary Mrs. Stidmads Fifth Grade ,,," Mrs Irons F1fth Grade Opening presents and serving refreshments go hand in hand at the Christmas party. Robert Adams Norma Anderson Lynnette Baker Gregory Ballew Kim Battle Eric Beam Shari Broadway William Boyd Trina Brakefield Phillip Carr Becky Essman Tommy Essman Billy Hackney Robert Hood Karen Irons Daniel Long Gregory O'Neal Billy Parrett Michael Price Troy Weston Shelby Whittington Elementary!97 Tommie Jean Irons Dwight Abernathy Kelita Alexander Jerry Aplin Kent Ashcraft Stacy Ballew Tanya Campbell Mark Edwards Eric Ewing Shane Forga Charlie Gaston Jimmy Guinn Darion Hackney David Holley Karen Lebow Denice Lee Joey Manderhall Jay D. Manley Bessie Mayberry Lisa Strouthers Bill Summitt Mrs. Graves' Fourth Grade ' ,544 if rrrr . I . ,A-W. 4, ,, I i K ng, 1 lli , .,, 1 JOI"18th8Fl White Not pictured: Jerry Smith 98!Elementary MIDDLE: A lot of horseplay accompanies the Easter egg hunt BOTTOM: Even cleaning up after the party can be fun, as evidenced by Kelita Alexander, Denice Lee, and Stacy McKay Mrs. Short's Fourth Grade Wx rift! sir N imm.sP'i K .., t X it 5' t 75 t I.. fx' 'f Z, rr . I, avr Brenda Wheeler Jerry Don Wheeler David Whisenhunt Tamara Whisenhunt . Vi Loretta Black Eric Brakefield Walter Brown Tonya Burrow Regina Caldwell Cheri Clenney Loretta Clenney Susan Cosby Gina Cox Timothy Cummings Danny Foshee Russell Irons Audrey Kemp Sammy Kinsey Steve May Stacy McKay Jeff Robertson Tamara Scott Chris Simmons Jill Simpson Jack Stovall Shane Stovall Patricia Weston Bonnie Wheeler These fourth grade girls try hard to find the prize egg at the Easter New playground equipment adds fun and enjoyment to each egg hunt, FSCSSS. Elementary!99 4 Kenneth Adams Jill Allen Kenny Aplin Tina Beggs Dana Blackburn Mira Chambers Bonnie Chapin Tammy Cox Gary Dillard Ronda Douglas Marlene Finney Terrie Ann Gaston Andrea Johnson Neil Kitchens Tammy Petross Philip Phillips Lucie Rachel Gregory Rae Halee Roberts Dewayne Seale Kristie Short Scott Smith Kelli Jean Stovall Robert Talley Mrs. Gostons Th1rd Grade Tracy Whisenhunt Travis Whittington Keith Williams Connie Willis Hang-up bars offer chance to strengthen muscles while having fun. Loretta Anderson Loyd Black Jaimi Blair Galen Burke Tammie Clenney Lance Cooper Linda Essman Tina Goodman Danny Gwinn Donna Gwinn Teresa Hackney Terry Hackney Blue Kesterson Clifton Lambert Hilda Long Samuel Manley Russell Miner Wendell Morrison David Qualls Travis Spurling Melissa Summitt Alan Vines Theresa Weston Michelle La Pann ff wr... , ww it ll -,, ., .im ,N ,M . , ,.,, i by gi ' if - all lJIilill.Q an Bulletin boards help teach good character to Mrs. EIementary!101 Connie Aplin Johnny Ball Jimmy Ballew Thomas Boyd Billy Bryant Jeff Burrow Deana Clenney Deborah Cienney Betty Cotton Chris Cupples Geneva Douglas Robby Erskine Christine Elder Farron Foley William Gibbs Shannon Godwin Robby Bumford 102!Elementary Mrs. F1atte's .K -'MINI ,xnifniu :ha fr 1 cw 5 , 2-0 ' , at ' My ,-, R ' 4, 134.2 W 4 Af k l si -a X kyiy I Q, my K A Some students continue to play on the new playground equipment, while others laughingly pose for the camera. Second Grade l fl' Q -ff' el sssr FFS X ei " E Lonnie Gray Shawn Hackney Yvonne Hackney Greg Henderson Linda McGeorge Tammy Parrett Beverly Pawelczak Keith Saveall Tonya Weston Teddy Wheeler Tim Yeaman Teresa Yett e,:, ,p-' TOP: Colorful murals brighten the area around the students' work table. BOTTOM: Robby Erskine is getting his school day picture taken while other students wait their turn. .svn Q Although the slide is popular, it seldom is this full EIementary!103 Mrs. WhittiHgtOH7S First Grade Jimmy Rowland, Kelli Kitchens, Kelli Short, and Robert Beggs eagerly enter Mrs. Whittington's Karla Carter room on the first day of school. J D Essman Mrs. Whittington's class poses on the merry go round Robert Beggs Eston Black Tammy Boadway Sheila Hodges Dana Jones Eugene Kemp Kelli Kitchens Brian McClure Brian Morrison Carrie Nelson -Shannon Parrett Lawrence Pawelczak Sheila Qualls Darren Robertson Jimmy Rowland Tonya Ryan Verby Scrimshire Kelli Short Mickey Slater Kelly Thompson Shawnaree Wallace 104! Elementary Steven Forbes Elizabeth Gibbs ,gf-nr if 60 vlwwfg. L 2 Mrs. Harper's First Grade r ffl' 3 i ,K xx Shelia Austin Jennifer Beam Tina Beshears Archie Booth Brian Dycus Tanya Fikes Jeffrey Gray Sharon Gray Chris irons Donna Justus Brian Keith Diana Lee N 4 . 'i . Kristie Manley Glenn Noles J Gail Robbins Jonathan Rowland George Scurlock J - Teena Sorrellis fr X .fs , A r r Q Eunice Summitt Linda Swindle Anthony Tillery Clinton Weston .J Ki? Q 'M' Mrs. Harper's students work diligently with Mary Smith in a reading technique program. ,l Q 1 Mary Jean Whittaker These first graders enjoy playing on the new see-saws that have been added to our elementary playground equipment. Elementary! 105 Tressie Bissell Bobby Bowling Patrick Buffington Leticia Carmack Becky Foley L David Foshee Kathy Hackney Ricky Justus Missy Keith Amy Kimery Tammy McKinney Lou Ann Moomey Matt Bae Donna Robins Pasha Fioss Jimmy Simmons Lisa Smith Susanne Talley Tammy Todd Mike Wharton Jamie Wheeler Sheila Whittington Lisa Winter Tina Worley Student not pictured Simon Bumford Mrs Ni iiit'i at . Erskine's Kindergarten - -2f f" 5slii - 'V '44 lf? ' f 1, I f 25 My ' E flf K 4 M f ,545 1 , , LIES Q I if 1 4 we as L it ay g .af 9 -W swf r f wi' . it it' HM, Q 4 1 fig? V 7, . g?'ag13 L4 L AZ f Y .pg ' .. ff , 't' ' J VI .-,,f -, -f : 5 fliif i fi ,, H, My ,,,. A .ft . lv L tll L L X gui 3, Es? ,,, K l sslll L Q L rrull L it at lf , ' W 1 Q Za g :af iii ffi K b M 'K I For the first time in fair activities, a Little Miss Kindergarten schedule includes a time for rest Montgomery County Pageant was held, in which several kindergarten children participated. 106!Elementary Mrs. Sivils' Kindergarten 'Ir Jamie Abernathy Scott Anderson Missy Brakefield William Buxton Angie Chambers Stephen Coleman Sheilla Cox Stephanie Fox Jackie Gaston Johnny Hackney Garren Hughbanks James Keenom Sarah Lebow Donna Lee Shannon McGeorge Christy Minton Kim Muiiens Tommy Qualls Chris Ray Latresa Scott Dottie Summitt Keith Tillery Steven Vines Angela Whiley 'F ' 1, I Playing in the sandbox is a popular activity. New playground equipment gets a work-out. Elementary! 107 Elementary Band FRONT ROW: CHERIL McKay, Sherry Casey, Wendi Henderson, Kimberly Sims, Teresa Jackson, Donna Smith, Wheeler, Karen Simpson, Laurie Standridge, Teresa Vines, THIRD ROW: Quinn Taylor, Troy Weston, Billy Parrett, Eric Sara Brown, Jeffrey Ewing, Lisa Jackson, Rona Emeryg SE- Beam, Phillip Carr, Leslie Phillips, Allan Ball, Tracy Bairg COND ROW: Mark Whisenhunt, Will Featherston, Rodney FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Jones, Marlene Scurlock, Lisa Hor- Standridge, Tommy Cupples, Shelby Whittington, David ton, Lorrie Beshears. QNOT PICTURED: Lisa Wheelerj 0 W ,, f::,Wwf I sw , .4 Mr. Sivils assists Lisa Wheeler David Henderson studies his sheet music for the Undivided attention is practiced in learning the basicfundamen- day's lesson. by Lisa Horton to perfect her 108 tals of music. skill. Mrs. Short Retires At a special assembly on November 24, 1976, Mrs. Virginia Short was honored by the student body, faculty, and administration. Ill health forced her retirement prematurely, although she has a long record of service and achievement behind her. Mrs. Short began teaching at age seventeen in the Gaston community. Next she taught at Liberty, Alamo, and Sims before coming to Mount Ida junior high in 1951 and later to senior high school. At various times in her tenure at Mount lda, she taught senior high English, junior high English, social studies, and served as librarian. She taught thirty-six years, twenty-nine of which were in the Mount Ida schools. Whatever courses she taught, Mrs. Short exercised her unique talent of relating individually to each student and drawing the best out of each one, both academically and behaviorally. We never knew of Mrs. Short's having a serious discipline problem. She was dedicated also to su p- porting students in their extracurricular activities, serving as junior and senior sponsor and Library sponsor many times during her career. Mrs. Short's retirement leaves a vacancy in the affec- tions of us all at Mount Ida High School. We pray for im- provement in her health that she may have a happy retire- ment and visit us often. MK AT TOP LEFT, Betty Rowland presents Mrs. Short a bouquet of roses and money. MIDDLE LEFT, Mr. Barrett presents her a diamond and garnet ring from the faculty. BOTTOM LEFT, we see Mrs. Short in a typical classroom scene prior to retirement. ABOVE, Jim Stroope awards her a gold locket. Closing!109 ...... ...,, .W -.,,,f -r -.r qv 1. . l ,Z .,,, iy, K XA ev 7 , ,V S X . -swag . School year 1976-77 has paid us many dividends. As we leave our school experience behind, we take with us those friends and enemies made here. Our successes and failures will follow us into adult society, as will our memories of sad and happy experiences throughout our school life. Closing!111 Principal Buildings On Elementary And High School Campuses at w-1UlIrnwwJ'7-L The buildings PICTURED ON THIS PAGE have been the setting for significant ex- perience in our lives. In the Ben Cravens elementary building PICTURED ABOVE, most of us began our school life. In addi- tion to basic education, we learned to make friends, follow rules, respect authority. As we moved into the senior building across the ravine QPICTU RED SE- COND FROM TOPl, we enlarged our un- derstanding about the world we live in and our privileges and responsibilities in society. The cafeteria QTHIRD FROM TOPl has recently undergone complete interior re-decoration. Some of our education was specialized, as represented by the vocational agriculture building PIC- TURED BOTTOM LEFT. In the new gym, at BOTTOM LEFT, we developed our bodies to fullest potential as well as stretching our character to include fairness and sym- pathetic understanding. Here we learned to live with success and failure. All these building provided the setting for our varied school activities, whose dividends we will continue to receive all our lives. ymiyp wfim J 'KM Qilfyff k DAU, V?gc if 7 X 3965, ' A 4 M 4255 ,f iw WQQML7 wfilffwafwfmu ENUM BDOQM WV 'qwbJ,pWJf mi fww mMMfwf7WMy q 009 Lil 41 Jw, 141051, A AQ f Qwgf UQ VWQQ 5 p X1 W W ,N W Q 01140 J. -J pw what 5 X 45115 'Ang , will ww 'JCXCQX A jf ELK 71D fcaigfn if Q ox XL? W fyxmp' 'Z fgffw mum 1 QW QC?" 5 7,QLlJkWZ32,,f QM? LA . N M4 E535 pw? , 0 . im, - 9. 3. QMQUU WOOQ 652 , C5606 QQ 5 Qywa QP Q ZX 64,44 - g n 'v fa-QL 'ba M2 Cf Q new RCN JUQ u XKQQQ Gp Qwffff bf -Q Qcwwf ' ac' 'WMWUM w M wig SV J f-'AUG Ji" wh, ai? Qgggg, dWwMMh ihy . KM A in Wd' QW gvm my lg 'U fho gf U A. LM -, . Luk CLUV gk XM 01 W 5LkURf Q ' MDOJawQwf PMdW 'juwx www' XWQUOA' , MUN LW QM OX , 1 y?5ULV,,fX Ci, DJJ. WM MQYGWA kMQwxyPQRww ,Rjf'MmMkXq0ffLWwVJ? , , A Agdjbgvgmu

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Mount Ida High School - Lion Yearbook (Mount Ida, AR) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 62

1977, pg 62

Mount Ida High School - Lion Yearbook (Mount Ida, AR) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 27

1977, pg 27

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