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9 ' " ' W.. W, if if H gig? M El:V ! 5 2f?'fm h,.,T w .f ef5'Yr'1. . gzkwrziy.. .. ' - -, "-Q M45-, ilgff' ' if' xii: 552562 V Y' ff." 'ef ,M J., 1 ,,.,, V 1 . - 5 -1 ut me 251. ' Q fgv. W MJ-I ,- W, ,ffm x 5. 'f' - mf -15,5 M --1, ' W Z :V J' ff' W 4 www, .Q , ' fi 1-1' 77'llWk'5 NVQ J-.f if'2f l iW ' 'z w 1 A "Y" V if w:W,"s. ,,3 N:' . !,5W1':,,9 ' ' i 1 1f fs ff' M- "" I" A , M "' ' ,wn1W,1"-M , , Q MQ... -pq, W' ' """.S"155eiWwQw , W WI! b HH ,w ,M T My lvl Q. -W , L X +1-1559 - , fifaggy XE, ff '7- '- ' ' .1 .L-5355, ? x,,,g-we .s A lsgfg-fi-'E' vu., 3? .jf ':- ,- gb, ,Hg 534 .31 ' 5""" ' ,gf M 5 L.fQ5ff 'Jif3i- S Y , Q- r W A ,1 fx-V-Miyagi,-fwg ii, K. f- " fig ' T. 2' R ra WEN u'faT7""rLp'T:" 41 1 ' wwim 4 ' f 4 Ja M . . ?'. W!.,gqi ,' ' N.. 'L:v7'aT I' 1.9 f 'Q 1 ' " '-" , r-wr.: nh 'E fi .x ,'Hl.,g.f mgw,,wq , gi ' L ' 'P ,. by 2575, lj wg 6- Xifxxblli qw Xi Qmwei V Y-XQ553 K S Q Qgwygylx Gm A 1 JQJTFJ . 2 ffwga fA,f4T'3iQ I A3-gfsgdg-5 r G 2' df T6Mf,,1, iaif 5+ x 13f,f ffl f' -I AL, -t fjgdgf fm J 5- L- d J 3353 '7' 7' gif? QJQ ' ? J mf T ififlawgwfgj ff: Q-q,Q'fg+C'4 654' -Cffi gfaigmdfg EJQE'-14531 . Ok W wifi mmsw W J M fix, Jgogmqwwi Lf w Volume 17 Mount Ida Schools Mount Ida, Arkansas Lion Spirit f ' 6 Table Gf Contents Opening Page 2 Activities 6 Athletics 24 Organizations 40 Administration 58 Faculty 60 Classes, Elementary 70 Classes, High School 89 Closing 108 X Y N: J.. X X Q Q Q X -Sf-f. gi 1 fix? iv n Q f fn. H 3.1 x N' 'f 1:- 1 vu, mms ks M gk gm Mx:- 3 . ..kgxwW?iA The Old And The New . . . . . . are reflected throughout Mount Ida. On the high school parking lot. new and vintage cars show the taste for both the old and the new. The bell from the 1914 school building is now mounted on the Lion Campus. Downtown, the new addition to the court house was just finished this year. Even though Mt. Ida doesn't have a pre-revolutionary history, it does have a history all its own. It was established as the county seat of Montgomery County in 1842. In 1850 the name of the town was changed to Salem but was changed back to Mt. Ida that same year. -Q TOP LEFT: The population sign greets visitors to Mt. Ida. TOP RIGHT: Two slightly different models of chevrolets sit side by side on the parking lot. LOWER LEFT: The school bell from the 1914 school building reminds us of the past. LOWER RIGHT: The new addition to the court house shows a brick facing instead of rock. which composes the old. T . dis? f ,-Y gd ,S fi az inks As' .325 S f i S N , I. is L 5-Q .ii ,si 3 NJ. .si Za'-.Q it Kim , QX.llv's-QS1. sis i T GENE 'W YEAR T35 3C..?.x'.'? i ,ik 'fi PLACTZ. QiiC1x.i.2'l...?fifQ K1 f miie. cmrcaff.i3.i Clfffil it 4151-iSEig1ii4bQ1ff.i.S tri THE 23322222 mf Q, V: . in 3 - AMW , . E, :ssc - xiwif biiwfiff-S wi' ii I f. ffgszsaii 5 K is . we TOP: The old drugstore counter contrasts with the modern products below it, LOWER LEFT: The old school building was erected in 1914 of sandstone blocks. LOWER RIGHT: The historical marker in the courtyard tells a brief history of Mt. Ida to all who pass. 6 t 7' x . , X f 1 5 A 1 K P V1t1CS q ' ho's Who at .I.H.S. Each year the juniors and Seniors N nominate a boy and a girl from their class for each category on the following pages. Grades nine through twelve vote on the nominees and a boy and girl are elected for these honors. MOST VALUABLE johnny Spurlin and Kathy Whisenhunt if ln-..... HTH QW WKQIMS.. i : 155 - -WML- . if ll e x ,g.V TE, fi. Q New N if Q'-+--M, , . .r---.., f - , ,eee W xr' t ............ I to an S Q .,.. X W - ' . if-J 1 K 15.1 BEST DRESSED MOST STUDIOUS Devon SFOU limi Kem O'N'-'ill Nlark Phillips ami Nlargie Harder I S Z 5 fl 2 6 2 , ,iv 4 I A , W who fir 1 Z .W 443W 2 I qw . Z Zag ,, 6 V , i 5 ,, I fag in I 481 5 W df Z ll 5 5 B if f' Q K' V M H xg? 572 G E Wh f I 1 3 -5 , 'X f ft 'af W ,li wfigl 3 x,g,2h, 3 5 ,iw ' wrt , we 5 , 24 gi fb , , 5 , LR w vs' 'A 3 will in-Mann , ,, , W , f -ff--, ,gif ,, , I 1 ff ' it WITTIEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Patty Johnston and Kenny jones ' Martha Gray and jeff Campbell MOST COURTEOUS MOST ATHLETIC Eileen Weston and john Talley Debbie Lambert and Ronnie Abbott ' .:,, 4' . 7' l ,, 4' Af Q ai "JL Q V, ,Wm W Z W , M K , an .W K, 1151 i 1 . : ie M' we MOST TALENTED jimmy Spurlin and Stephanie Stzmdridge FRIENDLIEST Mark Massey and Helen Vangilder ost Beautiful Runners-up . iw! - .... -- ? First Runner-up Betty Rowland All X XX -:. s - f. Second Runner-up Kathy Wliisenhunt Third Runner-up Lloyee Gray Winners and runners-up in the Most Beautiful and Most Handsome contest were chosen by Dr. Ronald J. Bracken, member of the Miss Arkansas Committee. Hot Springs, Arkansas. 555- N : N' ,I 1 First Runner-up Patrick Savezill Most Handsome Runners-up i z Third Ruimc-r-up Dallas VVQston Second Runner-up Mike Brown Most Beautiful, Shelley Harper ,ff-6 Most Handsome, Jim Stroope -- "--': QSLJF5 'EEQKSM 1 - -' - L: 1: .:.:k?55HsafSf - f rx. ..mQ5MR?z: - - 1 '-19-.gswmxdfs-A f . ww. , ,... . . . ... f' f J f W,,, ..,,,,,,,,.,.Y 5 ,,, -- f + .f ,..M,,,,. Biff' ff f W ,nf 1 , WI, , Q24 SM wa 2 ,wwfmff ' f J, .MM ,,,, ,, ., N-.0-.if , 1 1,,,r, J WW . , 'i w ' if M ,3,,r,?,, fm.a..,, ,.,.,,?..,.3..5M,,, W4 l , ,yj9a5fZf?i?ajhg'jiQ gf 1 , wma, ,. . 4. 1 ? fi f ,. V A-,g Q., W3 M wx, a Z yi : ,.,, ,51g1f,',wz,, if f Betty Rowland junior Maid l F air M e, H A , , .-.Ma if f,, 4 'K f Wi ,M -.Mm Mai? 31 R: I ,A '.W4iL,L il l 4 if I 14 4, 7,759 A ff. I af ff- '- mums Darlene Sanford Sophomore Maid Wk f' ,ff ' ' 1 .., ,f,,, law M , M , ,, 1 , ,, . 4 . f A , ff W' W i fwwiaiif, Q' Q 0 'ff-gwyf ,V Y ,Q,,,,Q95fl f 2 - 1W1,if,g' fr mg , M V, A 'yy' SWE, it ,A , '3 ,jlfflw wif W .a.L4I'im4..,., ' mv' If 'fl Debbie Lambert W MIHS Queen Dawn Hanavan V VK! . . J! Senior Maid V ,T W 6 ,, , ,.4W.,.M5v ' 1 M ' 9 1. ll Q f .1 ii. ,2 , Zig ,i ff f f 3 ,V H nf! , Shelly Harper Miss Montgomery County Brenda Scott Freshman Maid Club Queens tit ...,,f.:..,!! - " 1 J A b I, ,cz .r , 5 Q C, Q .rt -X M A- W .uae , W, ,,....- if , Se5j,,e,,,tl ,Ng Q LQA.... i fu if 1 1 Evelyn Boyd Library Club Queen :.3M..C' 5 ' Z ,ini , . ,,. gi it 1 Wi..f.i Eileen Weston 4-H Club Queen S geeggme we :X .. we 1 it Q C E i' if f aww 5 V W, 1, AL.: C k.4.Qf" fit e HQ f Kathy Whiserihunt FFA Sweetheart if Deygn Scott Brigitte Stanley Jaycees Queen Youth Club Queen Tammy Greeson Beta Queen ua--fu Q gif ' 'il S 3 ,Y e sw. i . in an 33? f 85,5 Stella Peniger VFW Queen 15 16 s Evening In Paris. . . . . transformed the old gym into a fantasy land as the hardworking Juniors completed their work for the 1975 Junior-Senior Prom and Ban- quet. Excitement filled the atmosphere as the evening began with the annual banquet. The juniors feted the Senior class and faculty with a delicious home-cooked meal, the first to be prepared for a Junior-Senior Banquet. Following the banquet, the old gym reverberated with the wild beat of Badger band as everyone danced and sang along with the music. Each person leaving carried with him some magic song or his own version of the Cinderella story, and the happy memories will always linger on. 4? TOP: jeff Campbell receives a help- ing hand from Helen Vangilder. MIDDLE LEFT: Inez Essman. Judy Breshears. Gail Mayberry. and Tim Sheffield work hard to pin the wall together. MIDDLE CENTER: Tommy Fryar and Deb Edwards enjoy a dance together. MIDDLE RIGHT: The Eiffel Tower is the highlight of the decorations. LOWER LEFT: Paula jones and Annette White are part of the line filling their plates with savory food. LOWER RIGHT: Melvin Qualls and Patsy Minton demonstrate their form of dancing. Deadl arnest . . . . . was an amusing three act play per- formed by the junior Class. Henry Gilcrest pours out his troubles to Mr. Bumpus and is told, that for only S17.83, Mr. Bumpus' friend, Earnest, will put poor, downtrodden Henry out of his misery. Henry pays the money, goes back home and finds that his Aunt Ethel is ready to forgive him, his girl wants another chance, his boss has given him a raise. life was never happier, and then he remembers he's paid his last cent to someone named Earnest to get him out of this world. The play was an actionvpacked perfor- mance and because of much hard work was a success. The junior play cast included: FRONT ROW: Margie Watkins, Ruthie Sekavec, Nan- cy Black. Kay Harder, Becky Wharton, and Eileen Weston. BACK ROWQ Jim Lake, Tam- my Greeson, Tommy Fortier, Troy Caudle, Kyle Griffith, June Scott, and Sponsor, Mr. Hicks. NOT PICTURED is Jimmy Stroope. Margie Watkins is told to "fetch" the rope while jim Lake rounds up the loose man. Eileen Weston looks on as the con- cerned mother. Troy Caudle. otherwise known as Mr. Bumpus. was the protagonist of june Scott and Ruthie Sekavec portray two 60-year-old maidens. the play. I Distinguished American High School Students are chosen 90 per cent on the basis of their academic achievement and 10 per cent on their leadership ability and service to the school. Boys' and Girls' State Delegates are chosen by the faculty on the basis of the student's character, leadership, cooperativeness, and scholastic achievement. Boys' and Girls' State provides an opportunity for these students to participate in active government functions and activities involving other students. The Family Leader of Tomorrow Award is given to the Home Economics student who shows out- standing performance and superior knowledge in the examination of family life knowledge and attitudes of the Betty Crocker Search for Leadership in Family Living. Nominations for the Prep All- American Football and Super Star Program are made each year by high school coaches, sportswriters, and college recruiters across the country. Criteria by which the local athletes were nominated for the program in- clude athletic ability, statistics based on outstanding performance, and sportsmanship and personal leadership displayed during the current season. The purpose of the program is to promote and encourage sports achievements and individual athletic ability on the local level as well as on the national level. Kathy Whisenhunt and Debbie Lambert were 1975 Girls' State delegates, li? Distinguished American Students: Greg Greeson. johnny Spurlin, jeff Campbell Mark Phillips Kathy Whisenhunt. Debbie Lambert. Stephanie Standridge, and Annette White Special Honors Greg Greeson and johnny Spurlin were 1975 Boys State delegates .f Aw.-H-A-we 'ef 5 i ' K- 2 If lf" W . A .,.. I K Q .gat , . , if glrlips - E i 9,12 4 5, 2 .rl amil Leader Cf Tomorrow Prep All-American YYYV A -YS , Prep All-American football honors were given to jay Featherson. Ronnie Abbott, and Greg Cvreeson. Martha Kelloms received the Family Leader of Tomorrow Award. S S t S jay Featherston. Doug Walker, Ronnie Abbott, and Eddie Williams were elected football Super Stairs. I.. vu 331' A X YY YYY X 'Jimi Homecoming Is... your wholehearted support to the team. sleeping till noon the Saturday morning after the homecoming dance. a wonderful feeling of togetherness with the entire school. sympathizing with the team if they lose, celebrating with them if they win. lots of practicing for the bar1d's half-time show. getting enough guts to ask the girl of your choice to the dance. buying your outfit for the dance at the last minute. the alumni coming back and seeing everyone. singing the school song at the top of your lungs, even if you don't know the words. gs. Queen Dawn Hanavan is escorted by Mark Phillips and Greg Greeson. Wiki' BELOW LEFT: Greg Greeson crowns the queen. BELOW RIGHT: An enthusiastic crowd cheers for the Lions. fu Senior Maid Debbie Lambert Escorts, Jay Featherston and Kenny J ones Freshman Maid Kay Kitchens Escorts, Leslie Harper and Benny Weston Junior Maid Sophomore Maid Shelly Harper Joyce Gray Escorts, Johnny Spurlin Escorts, Kent O'Neal and Jeff Campbell and Eddie Williams ount Ida ions Host Murfreesboro tHomecoming The Mt. Ida Lions, boasting an 8-1 record coming into their homecoming game, played a tough Rattler team and were beaten 16 to 12. In action shots. BELOW LEFT, Mike Markham 45 throws a good block and clears the way for quarterback, Greg Greeson 11. CENTER, Velda Noles is shown in action during the Cheerleaders' bicentennial routine. FAR RIGHT, Lion team members look for an opening to gain possession of the ball. Although it was a sad homecoming, Lion fans were tense and excited throughout the game and gave their wholehearted support to the team. Spirit. as High... the MIHS students got ready for the 1975 Homecoming activities and the game against the Murfreesboro Rattlers. Some scenes of the various activities are pictured on this page. Penny Allen and Bill Stroope are the Junior High Color Day winners. Renee Davidson and Kyle Griffith are the Senior High Color Day winners. 22 4 "Stomp and Pound" Day was a big success as the cheerleaders and some members of the band gave it all they had. me Q-nw., - - Leslie Harper and Benny Weston give Kay Kitchens a hard time during the practice of Homecoming royalty. D , I The ninth grade display their talents as winners of the poster contest. jimmy Spurlin helps out during a pep rally. Scenes From ther School Activities 2 Mr. Sivils helps jimi Stroope with a difficult piece of music. jeff Campbell receives the first place talent award from Mr. Brown during the Annual Staff Workshop. Some of the Seniors line up to have their portraits made by Andy Hudson -an-,ni Kathy Whisenhunt' Robby Robbins, and Debbie Lambert do Receiving the new annuals puts a smile on the faces of MIHS students. last minute decorating for the prom. f 5' 4, a 4 A., Uwe' 'Q r 11 ff! fl gf f 1 tv Sports Mt. Ida Lions' defense, led by Eddie Williams, stops Murfreesboro's Bean in the Lion's homecoming game. Johnny Spurlin scores the Lions' only touchdown against Far mington at state B play-offs. Here. Kent O'Neal is being tackled by a Murfreesboro defender in the Lions' Mt. Ida Lions vs. Farmington Cardinals at Razorback stadium. Homecoming game. 352 3 , ' :., .1 .3 ii i We . .., :.. gg .ig U . as s' as SENIOR FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Timmy Tabor, Phillip Whisenhunt. Carl Parliament, Jeff Mullenix, Doug Walker, Eddie Williams, Greg Greeson, Kent O'Neal, Chriss Manley, Mike Markham, Patrick Saveall, Jay Featherston, jeff Campbell, Ronnie Abbott, Alvin Jolly, Kenny jones, Mark Phillips, Johnny Spurlin. BACK ROW: A LA. J 'nfs' ag t as Dallas Weston, Lenny Fryar, Mark Davis, Troy Caudle, Tim Bair, Jon Stewart, Roy Hocker, Johnny Barber, Mark Vangilder, Gary Egleston, Jim Stroope, Jim Lake, Rory Brown, Mike Brown, Rich Williams. MANAGERS: Joe Swindle, John Talley, Tim Sheffield. Head COACH: Preston Stidman: ASS'T COACH: David Short. 1975 Senior Lions This year's Senior Lions were co-champions of the Ouachita Conference. The Lions dominated the conference in total offense and . total defense. Because of their conference cham- pionship, the Lions were able to go to the State B playoffs to play the Farmington Cardinals at Razorback Stadium. Their record improved to 8- 3 and they lost only one game at home. -1 The Lions were led by Captains Mark Phillips and Greg Greeson, plus the twelve other seniors. Our Head Coach, Preston Stidman, was ggg selected by his fellow coaches of the Ouachita Conference as Outstanding Coach. This was the first time in Mt. Ida football history for our coach to be honored in such a way. SENIOR FOOTBALL CAPTAINS, Greg Greeson and Mark Phillips are shown with Coaches Preston Stidman and David Short. W' i ceei -+1 e i '. 4. osx.-si. . STARTING LINE UP: Rory Brown, Mark Phillips, Eddie Williams, jeff Campbell, Alvin Jolley, Kenny jones, Doug Walker, Greg Greeson. Mike Markham. Ronnie Abbott, Kent O'Neal. Lion Scoreboard SENIORS JUNIORS Team Home Opponent Team Home Opponent Hector 33 0 Bismarck 14 20 Bismarck 13 14 Oka 12 0 Sparkman 26 0 Glen Rose 22 0 Glen Rose 29 20 Spafkman 12 24 Ola 42 0 Magnet Cove 0 , 20 Bauxite 14 2 Glenwood 6 0 Magnet Cove 27 0 Bauxite O 24 Mtn. Pine 22 8 Mtn. Pine 0 40 Glenwood 38 16 Murfreesboro 12 16 Farmington 6 21 'ia-1 SENIOR MEMBERS OF FOOTBALL TEAM! FRONT ROWC Mark ROW: Doug Walker, Greg Greeson, jeff Campbell, Eddie Williams, Phillips, johnny Spurlin, Ronnie Abbott, Chriss Manley, Mike Kent O'Neal, Alvin jolly. Markham, Patrick Saveall, jay Featherston, Kenny Jones. BACK r s 1 Seniors Jay Featherston and jeff Campbell W3fm'UP in Pfeiame ceremonies at Razorback Stadium A ,M l ALL-DISTRICT PLAYERS ARE: Mike Markham, johnny Spurlin, Eddie Williams, Ronnie Abbott, Greg Greeson, Kent O'Neal, jay Featherston, ALL- STATE PLAYERS ARE: Eddie Williams, Greg Greeson, Ronnie Abbott. inf gm. M 4 5 Mt. Ida defenders close in on Murfreesboro's quarterback, Bruce Bean. The Lions were given support at the playoffs as shown here. "Practice makes perfect," at least in a coach's eyes'. 136 Patrick Saveall and Mike Brown seem to enjoy the preparation for the game against the Farmington Cardinals. Moving down the field and blocking for a pass gives Mike Markham a chance to show the results of long hours of practice. f'V I 2 on ' A new ,,. H V I i A I Erijimiaa, all I JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Johnny Fikes, Nathan Davis, james Robins, Rusty Whisenhunt, Bill Stroope, Edwards. Chester Bryant, Philip Standridge, Timmy Sedavec, Pat Terry Beavers, John Kinsey, Darryl Bostow, Terry Hutchison, Campbell. Mark Whisenhunt, Wade Abernathy, Larry Thornton, Michael Lee, Parris Relic, jeff Wilson, jeff Price, John Kelloms, Mike Scurlock. Benny Weston, Leslie Harper, Mike May,Logan Vines, MANAGERS, Tim Gaston, James Abernathy, Matthew Black. Chuck Brown, Alan Griffith, Bo Tabor, Kevin Wilson, Bill jackson, HEAD COACH, Preston Stidmanl ASSISTANT COACH, David jimmy Adams, BACK ROW: johnny Gwinn, Timmy Majors, David Short, STARTING LINE-UP: Larry Thornton, Chester Bryant, Mark jackson, Mike May, Leslie Harper, Benny Weston, Kevin Wilson, Whisenhunt. Mike Scurlock, Pat Campbell, Timmy Sekavec. Bill Chuck Brown. 1975 Junior Lions ui.-ff gp 9' . " 4 14' are l- it Not to be forgotten is Mount Ida's Seventh Grade team, the coming Short. With the help of these players, Mount Ida juniors attained a stars of tomorrow. who are coached by Preston Stidman and David record gf 4.4 this Seasonl 3 1 X Captain Annette White cheers for the lions during a basketball game. C0-Captains Eileen Weston and Tammy Greeson are shovxm here at Cheerleading Camp. i l l Elieen Weston. Patsy Black, and Betty Rowland cheer in Razorback Stadium Mt, Ida's Cheerleaders pose just before the game at beautiful for the Lions, Razorback Stadium. l Mt. Ida's cheerleaders cheer for the senior girls in a game against Oden. FRONT ROW: Regina Anderson, Penny Gosset, Debbie Baker, Kathy Battle, Tammy Beggs, Shari May, Donna Ziegler, Christi Taylor, Suzanne Simpson, Sherrie Batesg MIDDLE ROW: Leta McKay, Kathy Spillman, Phyllis Young, Penny Allen, Nita Covington, Regina Whittington, Glenda Carr, Tammy Davidson, Annette Snow, Sherry Gaston: BACK ROW: Coach Jimmy Robbins, Debbie Elder, Brookie Scurlock. Gina Mayberry, Christy Stanley, Carla Manley, Becky Lambert, Lisa Bates, Roberta White, Evelyn Boyd, Manager. Junior Girls Basketball - coach Jimmy Robbins JUNIOR LIONS SCOREBOARD TEAM HOME OPPONENT Fountain Lake 25 34 Mountain Pine 48 33 Plainview 14 40 Caddo Hills 33 14 Fountain Lake 16 32 Glenwood 24 29 Cutter 39 36 Jesseville 36 24 Lake Hamilton 36 22 Southwest 43 39 Caddo Hills 38 15 Oden 46 14 Amity 22 38 Lake Hamilton 46 34 Fountain Lake 14 40 ll! ,xii 6 -1 , tu, , i..k 5 N zmfielai ' ,ttg 1 7, ,,,,, if 4 Christy Stanley shoots against an opponent in a jr. Girls game against Glenwood. .. FRONT ROW: Bryan Whisenhunt, Timmy Majors, jeff Price. james Black. Lloyd Tubbs. manager, BACK ROW: Coach Darwin Foshee Robbins. james Smith. Bobby Strothers. Jeff Wilson, Bill Stroope: Clfifk Davis. Berlrly WCSt0Fl, Leslie Harper, Tad KCSUETSOU- Wade MIDDLE ROW: Gary Smith, Chester Bryant, Mark Graves. Danny Abernathy, Chuck Brown, Kevin Wilson, Phillip Standridge. manager Minton. Bart Williams. johnny Edwards. Terry Beavers, Matthew Junior Boys Basketball Tail Kesterson shoots over a B-teamer in practice action, JUNIOR LIONS SCOREBOARD TEAM HOME OPPONENT Jesseville 20 40 Cutter 18 38 Kifby 36 50 Oden 25 29 Caddo Hills 49 17 Oderl 36 27 Fountain Lake 36 47 Glenwood 37 27 Mountain Pine 38 64 Lake Hamilton 26 25 Amity 34 44 Glenwood 29 45 Amity 25 37 FRONT ROW: Brenda Bryant, Melanie Standridge, Brigitte Stanley, Margie Watkins. Stephanie Standridge, Renee Davidson, Patricia Debbie Lambert, Cheryl Hanavan, Nancy Black, Shelly Harper, Young. Mary Boyd, Mary Curtis, Joyce Gray, Sherry Rollins. Deb Edwards: BACK ROW: Coach jimmy Robbins, Senior Girls Basketball Coach, jimmy Robbins SENIOR LIONS SCOREBOARD TEAM HOME OPPONENT Fountain Lake 36 47 Mountain Pine 33 41 Jesseville 24 40 Cutter 52 27 Plainview 58 51 Kirby 41 33 Caddo Hills 45 40 Amity 30 39 Oden 43 42 Glenwood 35 44 Fountain Lake 43 45 Cutter 38 25 jesseville 34 43 Mountain Pine 29 31 Lake Hamilton 39 40 Caddo Hills 39 26 Kirby 49 38 Oden 39 32 Glenwood 31 46 Jesseville 40 30 Fountain Lake 37 39 Renee Davidson goes up for a shot against the Glenwood Tigers while Brigitte Stanley and Nancy Black prepare to rebound. The seniors pictured at left are Stephanie Stan- dridge, Deb Edwards. and Debbie Lambert, All three have either played or managed on the Sr. Girls team for the past three years. Pictured directly below is Renee Davidson who made All-District last year as a forward on the jr. Girls team. 5' ik- - ae jf e n Q- All-District guard. Debbie Lambert All of these girls started at one time or another on the Sr. Girls team this season, FRONT ROW: Floyd Worden, King Relic, Ernie Johnston, Brent Goodner. Mike Spillman, Perry Rutledge, Greg Greeson, Doug Walker, Standridge, Johnny Spurlin, Steve Clay, Mike Beggs, Richard Carter, Sammy Beggs. Manager: BACK ROW: Coach Darwin Foshee, Rory Brown, Shane Senior Boys asketball Coach, Darwin Foshee SENIOR LIONS SCOREBOARD SR. BOYS HOME OPPONENT Fountain Lake 39 57 Mountain Pine 33 52 -Iesseville 34 60 Cutter 58 45 Plainview 66 54 Kirby 46 67 Oden 42 76 Glenwood 43 49 Caddo Hills 51 47 Fountain Lake 43 45 Cutter 55 44 jesseville 49 63 Mountain Pine 43 83 Lake' Hamilton 39 54 Amity 40 73 Lake Hamilton 39 51 Caddo Hills 59 76 Kirby 47 79 Oden 48 58 Glenwood 52 69 Amity 61 74 Fountain Lake 38 79 Perry Rutledge goes up for a shot against a Glenwood defender while Mike Beggs and Ernie Johnston position for the rebound. -Q QQU. :VME This is Mt. Idzfs senior boys starting lineup: Greg Greeson, Rory Brown. Mt. Icln players converge on a Glenwood Tiger player who has Perry Rutledge. Mike Beggs. and Ernie Johnston. just gotten the rebound. X i ilk lii, The Sr. Lions had six seniors on the squad. They are as follows: Ernie Johnston. Mike Beggs. Perry Rutledge, johnny Spurlin. Greg Greeson. and Doug Walker. f V The Year Of The Lion The Mt. Ida Lions were well' represented in the category of All-State players. The Lions had three All- District players who also made All-State. They are Ronnie Abbott, at RIGHT: Greg Greeson, BELOWQ Eddie Williams, BELOW RIGHT. However, without the total combined effort of those pictured directly below, this could not have been THE YEAR OF THE LION. The Lions in Razorback Stadium. All-State fullback, Ronnie Abbott. All-State quarterback. Greg Greeson. All-State defensive end, Eddie Williams 1975 PONY LEAGUE TEAM. FRONT ROW: Frank Robbins, Ricky ROW: Troy Caudle, Mark Blocker, Mike Mayberry. King Relic. Len- Williams, Larry Goin, Brent Standridge. Coach Rich Relic: BACK ny Fryar. Roy Hocker. QNOT PICTURED7-Phillip Whisenhunt. 11 . NMMA Q ww ,. V' . yy ,ff f 5 W ...O .MTH 9 Q The Mt. Ida defense at large against the Glenwood Tigers. E 4: J Organizations Y The Lion's Roar The Lion's Roar is published each six weeks by some of the students in Typing II. An effort is made to obtain news from all classes and organizations. Elementary classes are encouraged to sub- mit news and original com- positions. In this way, the paper staff endeavors to represent the entire student body. As Editor, I appreciate the cooperation and help of the students who make the publica- tion of the paper possible. Deb Edwards Editor-in-chief , ,if ffm LIONS ROAR STAFF, lst ROW: Kent O'Neal, Kathy Whisenhunt, Chriss Manley, Magdalene Warren. Martha Kelloms. Deyon Scott. Patricia Gerrish: 2nd ROW: Jay Featherston, Greg Greeson, Alvin jolly, Mike Markham. Annette White, Eddie Williams, Deb Edwards, Patrick Saveall. Mrs. Effie Featherston, Sponsor. i Patrick. Magdalene, and Chriss give Deb a hand in running off the paper. Patrick. artist for the Lion's Roar, works diligently sketching the front page. nnual Staff F 'ew . ,ity .. V ,. , v .4. fi' M X fe we 4 f fl? .V,, A ,Z 4' C l X W'-f-my M, SENIOR ANNUAL STAFF: Debbie Lambert, Classes Editorg Greg nalism Editor: Jay Featherston, Elementary Editor Helen Vangilder Greeson. Sports Editorg Kathy Whisenhunt, Activities Editor: Photographerg Mrs. Phillips, Sponsorg Magdelene Rowland Typist Stephanie Standridge, Organizations Editor: Martha Kelloms, Jour- jeff Campbell, Editor CSEATEDJ. At the end of their tenth grade year students are asked to write a letter to Mr. Barrett if they would like to have a position on the Annual Staff. Mr. Barrett and Mrs. Phillips read the letters and select the people whom they feel are best qualified for the position. These people will be the assistant staff in their Junior year. They are trained by the Senior Staff that were also chosen in the same way. In addition to the training by the Senior staff, the assistant staff attends a workshop the summer of their eleventh grade year. The Annual Staff works hard at the workshop to learn new techniques. Shown working at the Mt. Ida table at the 1975 summer workshop are Kathy Whisenhunt, Jay Featherston, Stephanie Standridge, and Jeff Campbell. if fs W M53 'lm' in ABOVE: Packing Space was limited as the Annual Staff prepares to return home. UPPER LEFT: jay Featherston works feverishly to finish his pages for the annual before the deadline! LOWER LEFT: jeff Campbell receives lst place trophy at An- nual Staff Workshop. if ,f 'A 4 -ev 4' Q , A V ' L 5 A Assistant Editors: Tammy Greeson, Elementary: june Scott. Classesg Sports: Gregg Featherston, Photographer: Margie Watkins, Ediwl' Kyle Griffith, Organizations: Kay Harder, Activities: Patti Johnston, Cseatedj. MIH Band A BAND OFFICERS: Jimmy Spurlin, Student Council Rep., Melanie Standridge, Vice-Pres., Karen Phillips, Secretaryg Bob Sivils, Director, Mr, Sivils gets the band tuned up before the Christmas concert. Margie Harder. Reporter, Annette White, President. Senior High All-Region First Band members are: Margie Harder, members CNOT PICTUREDJ are: Kyle Griffith, Troy Caudle. Floyd Stephanie Standridge. Mike Spillman, Annette White, Wanda Snow, Worden. and Phillip Whisenhunt. Stephanie Standridge also made All- and KNOT PICTUREDU Melanie Standridge. All-Region Second Band State First Band, Fourth Chair, and Margie Harder made Alternate. The 1975-76 Marching Band is lead by Drum Major Kyle Griffith and Majorettes Christi Taylor, Kay Kitchens, Debbie Kitchens. and Christy Stanley. A junior High First Band members arei ROW 1, Angie Taylor, Clark Kitchens. Geoffery Clifton, and Cheryl Speer. Second Band members Dzivis. Gregory Clifton. Karen Phillips. Rhonda Kitchens, ROW 2. INOT PIC'l'UREDi are: Christy Stanley, Kathy Spillman, and Phillip Stzmclriclge, Walter Standridge, Renee Short. Bill jackson, Kay Miclizael Lee, Student Council Student Council is an organiza- tion that lets the student body have a voice in their school government. Representatives are elected from grades seven through twelve to be members of the Student Council. The presidents of each class are also members. Our student council officers are elected each year by the student body. They attend the National Stu- dent Council Convention and a workshop at the University of Cen- tral Arkansas. Pictured at RIGHT are the Mt. Ida High School Student Council Of- ficersg Jay Featherston, Treas,g Mrs. Effie Featherston, Sponsorg Debbie Lambert, Sec.g johnny Spurlin, Pres,g Margie Harder, Vice-Pres. My STUDENT COUNCIL, ROW l: Johnny Spurlin, Debbie Lambert Featherston Sponsor ROW 3 Annette White Bechie Lambert Brent Kathy Whisenhunt, Tammy Greeson, jay Featherston, Sherri Rollins Standridge Margie Watkins jeff Campbell Deb Edwards Mark ROW 2: Debbie Robbins, Kay Kitchens, Gina Mayberry, Renee Short Phillips Eddie Williams Greg Greeson Mary Boyd Stephanie Stan Carrie Robbins, Lisa Bates, Jaree Reed, Rhonda Kitchens Phillip dridge Jim White Eileen Weston Whisenhunt, Shane Goodmer, Jimi Stroope, Jimmy Spurlin Mrs The Student Council is observing the bicentennial theme in its activities and projects, as shown by their fair parade float at LEFT, which carries the title "One nation with education for all," and by their booth in the ex- hibit building, shown at BOT- TOM RIGHT. 0 WAKE U AMERlcA Beta Club The promotion of scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship is the main purpose of the Beta Club. Membership is made up of students of the tenth through twelfth grades that have met requirements. The Beta Club has a ser- vice project each year. The '74-'75 project was buying concrete tables and benches for the school. Some members assist teachers in elementary school work. There is fun in the Beta Club too! There are parties and picnics during the year and in January, our club attends the State Conven- tion in Little Rock. J BETA CLUB OFFICERS: Kathy Whisenhunt-Pres., Johnny Spurlin-Vice Pres., Mrs. Phillips Sponsor, Martha Kelloms-Sec., June Scott-Treas., Jeff Campbell-Reporter. .M ""-f,.i,1f.. i. if Annette White Proposes a toast to her fellow Betas at the annual picnic given Trisha Young and Stella Peninger make preparations for the picnic feast. for new members, . ,Qi .. -- 35353 Betas display their various trophies after leaving the state fair. A delicious meal at Casa Bonita was soon to follow. 5 G .,,,., 1 , .. .., W , ' - -. , xi MNH 'X BETA CLUB, lst ROW: Patricia Gerrish, Lyndi Richmond, Annette Phillips. Greg Greeson, George Kostelnik, jeff Campbell, Kathy White. Stella Peninger, Patti Johnston. Tammy Greeson, Nancy Black. Whisenhunt, Debbie Lambert, Johnny Spurlin, Martha Kelloms, Deb- Patricia Young, 2nd ROW z Sammy Beggs, Gregg Featherston, Floyd bie Van Steenwyk, Stephanie Standridge, Beckie Griffith, Perry Worden, Mark Diavis, Renee Davidson, Tommy Fortier, Becky Whar- Rutledge. Margie Watkins. ton, Troy Caudle, june Scott: 3rd ROW: Robby Robbins, Mark FHA The Future Homemakers of America was organized in 1945 in Chicago. Our school also organized an FHA group that year. FHA is more than a name as expressed by Susan Apley. More Than A Name Future Next, yet to be, near at hand, coming, eventually Home residence, environment, shelter, dwelling, nest Makers producers, creators, composers, authors, architects America government, country, homeland, nation The FHA has many service projects. Some of them are: helping the March of Dimes, raising money for Muscular Dystrophy, and providing refreshments for donors when the Bloodmobile is in town. The Future Homemakers of America are also future leaders of America. The FHA and FFA salute the United States on its two hundredth birthday in a booth at the county fair shown at RIGHT. entire se me sitewraastzat pledge czlferjaance? lo the alloq ofil 1 FHA Eleventh and Twelfth Grades, lst ROW: Judy Breashears, Janice Jones, Patricia Gerrish, Deb Edwards, Kenny Jones-FHA Beau, Tam- my Bryan, Patsy Minton, Magdalene Warren, Debbie Lambert, Mrs. Prince-Sponsorg 2nd ROW: Gail Mayberry, Inez Essman, Betty Rowland, Patricia Young, Margie Watkins, Beckie Wharton, Lyndi Richmond, Annette White, Dawn Hanavan, Kathy Whisenhunt, 'Q WK? f , . .. 6, ., : t. www Stephanie Standridge: 3rd ROW: Roberta Demby, Stella Penninger, Patty Johnston. Helen Vangilder, Nancy Black, Ruth Sekavec, Brigitte Stanley, Shelly Harper, June Scott, Beverly Lambert, 4th ROW: Suzette Moppin, Kim White, Debbie Van Steenwick, Beckie Griffith. Debbie Kitchens, Melanie Standridge, Brenda Bryant, Mary Curtis, Tammy Greeson, Eileen Weston. MF FHA Ninth and Tenth Grade, 1st ROW: Kathy Holley, Mary Ann Dillard, Tracy Goin, Evelyn Boyd, Dena Kostelnik, Barbara Scott, Debbie Robbins. Kay Kitchens, Kathy Spillmang 2nd ROW: Karen Phillips, Penny Allen, Alice Jolly, Sherry Smith, Dewana Dillard. Bren- da Scott, Christy Stanley, Gina Mayberry, Vivian Fryer. Phyllis Young: 3rd ROW: Tina Fortier, Sandi Michales, Wanda Snow, Linda Holley, Cheryl Hanavan, Renee Davidson, Sherry Rollins, Brenda Lappin. Joyce Gray: 4th ROW: Glenda Carr. Debbie Elder, Rhonda McKinney, Rhonda Covington. Velma Morrison. Laverne Black, Pat- sy Black. Velda Noles, FHA OFFICERS: Patti Johnston, lst Vice-Pres: June Scott, 3rd Vice- Pres, Kay Harder, 2nd Vice-Pres, Margie Harder, Hist.: Kenny Jones, Beau: Annette White, Pres: Stephanie Standridge, Treasg Sherry Rollins. Sec: Joyce Gray, Rep. Sponsor Cnot picturedl, Mrs. Betty Prince. FH -FF Barbecue Each spring the FHA and FFA, with the help of Mrs. Prince and Mr. Watkins, prepare a barbecue in honor of their parents. Preparations for barbecuing the chicken begin early Saturday morning and last throughout the day. The job is a hot and tiring one but everyone is rewarded at the end of the day with a delicious feast as evidenced by scenes below. has ,,,,, A ,.,. . ..., .. ,, ,. , :gi f gg Q Mr, Watkins shows some of the plaques his parliamentary teams have earned in contests, a Tim Sekavec polishes Tim Bair's shoes on Initiation Day. Lenny Fryar gives directions to Tad Kesterson to insure that no mistakes are made in polishing his shoes. FF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CFFAJ is an organization for high school students who study vocational agriculture. It helps them prepare for careers in agriculture and trains them to become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities. Members gain practical experience through FFA ac- tivities while they study school courses in agriculture. They also develop leadership and learn to cooperate with others. The United States Depart- ment of Health, Education and Welfare sponsors the FFA Nationally. Mr. Watkins is shown at RIGHT holding one of the many trophies his teams have earned over the years. FFA, Eleventh and Twelfth Grades: ROW 1: Sponsor, Mr. Watkins, Gregg Greeson, Mark Phillips, Johnny Spurlin, FFA Sweetheart, Kathy Whisenhunt, Kenny Jones, Perry Rutledge, Kent O'Neal, Ernie Johnston, Larry Bryant, Larry Goin, Kyle Griffith. ROW 2: Jeff Campbell, Patrick Saveall, Jim Lake, Steve Finney, Doug Walker, Joe Swindle, Ronnie Abbott, Mike Brown, Gary Egleston, Jeff Mullenix, Melvin Qualls. ROW 3: George Kostelnik, Criss Manley, Troy Caudle, jim Stroppe, Rory Brown, Mark Massey, King Relic, Tommy Fortier, Alvin jolly, jay Featherston. ROW 4: Johnny Mayberry, David Min- ton, james Robbins, David Hickman, Mike Beggs, Al Cheek: ROW 5: Rick Williams, jim Spurlin, Tommy Fryar, Dale Morris, Edsel Milholen, Robbie Robbins, John Talley, Tim Sheffield. FFA, Ninth and Tenth Grades: ROW 1: Kyle Abbott, Steve Clay, Gregg Featherston, Carl Parliament, Ronnie Craw, Roy Hocker, Sam- my Beggs, Floyd Worden, Barry Craw, David Gaston, David Stan- dridge, Bill Scrimshire: ROW 2: john Stewart, Lenny Fryar, Dallas Weston. Mark Vangilder. Timmy Tabor, Phillip Whisenhunt, johnny Barber. Mark Davis, Terry Thomas, Brent Standridge, Shane Goodner, ROW 3: jackie Hood, Robert james, David Scrimshire, Mike Spillman. Terry Bair, Mike May, Wade Abernathy, Mike Mayberry. Mark Blocker, Alan Griffith, Richard Carter, Timmy Bair, ROW 4: Tim Gaston, Frank Robbins, Coy Rollins, Mark Whisenhunt, Les Harper, Benny Weston, Tim Sekavec, Mike Scurlock, Pat Campbell, Larry Thornton, Merl McGrew, Tad Kesterson, Paul Bryant. FFA OFFICERS: ROW 1: Perry Rutledge, Rep.: Kent O'Neal, jones, Sec. ROW 2: johnny Spurlin, Sentinel, Ernie Johnston, Vice- Treas.3 Kathy Whisenhunt, Sweetheart, Gregg Greeson, Pres.: Kenny Pres.: Mark Phillips, jr. Advisor: Mr. Watkins, Sponsor .s X Q F e ss svii- 'U Library Club The Library Club is composed of the assistant librarians who Work during their study halls. By Charging a fine for overdue books, the Library Club can by new books and equipment for the library. At RIGHT, the Library Club . Q .sl 3 if commemorates America's Bicenten- nial with a booth at the county Fair. . iitiietuui be ' C LXBRARY CLUB OFFICERS, Mrs. Lybrand-Sponsor, Magdalene Warren-Reporter, Eddie Williams-President, Margie Watkins Sec., Perry Rutledge-Vice Pres., Mary Boyd-Student Council Reporter. Qt-if LIBRARY CLUB, ROW 1: jaree Reed, Bart Williams, Lisa Bates. Martha Kelloms, Deyon Scott, Magdalene Rowlandg ROW 3: Joyce Debbie Lambert, Eddie Williams, ROW 2: Evelyn Boyd. Mary Boyd, Gray, Perry Rutledge, Margie Watkins, Sherry Rollins. Mrs. Lybrand. Matthew Black, Benjamin Rowland, Rusty Whisenhunt, Bill Stroope. Barry Craw. Melvin Qualls, Alice Jolly, Debbie Elder. Eddie Williams shelves books in the library. Johnny Edwards and Matthew Black work hard checking out books. Administration Superintendent's Message It gives me great pleasure to have the oppor- tunity to be a part of the Mount Ida Schools and be able to extend my best wishes to you, the students. I would challenge each of you to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire the basic education at Mount Ida Schools which will prepare you for the endeavors which face you after graduation. I extend my congratulations to the sponsor and the annual staff for a job well done. Bobby Barrett Superintendent of Schools Mr. jimmy Robbins High School Principal l ss Q pn.--v""" Dr. Darwin Foshee Mrs. Gilda Bates Elementary Principal School Secretary The Administration... . . . performs an invaluable service to the Mt. Ida Schools. Through the work of these people the school system runs smoothly. This year we are fortunate to have two new school principals. Mr. Darwin Foshee is the new Elementary principal and Mr. Jimmy Robbins is the new high school principal. The school board also provides an important service to the school system. It consists of men who are in- terested in the progress of the school and the achievements of the students. School Board: Bob Lybrand. Secretary: Chester Bryantg jon Allen Standridge. Presidentg Robert Campbell, Vice-President: Bob Allen. 'nm ""'N"a'vumv,v...,,,, F Q' i' 'v--r-+- A I ali' l - 1 1 . . xx. . . ' I T- Q: F '-Q ' , f .f ff f Nr 1 LL j 'Ai .Q A QA- .iQ ... LS., W W ii Xb QA M , 2 ,. ' 5 'L .1 1 . Z.- 5 ..I . R ' " X ff. x if 4' 'l K , , L. , , ' F QT- . fl " -- Faculty 1 ',f1XAXk - 5' if , r , - 60 W s Q 3 3 :nf I af q. if :if e vm .25 :PN N E S , K Aw A, W, ,. . ,fn ' If Mrs. Glenna Sivils Mrs. Janie Erskine Kindergarten Kindergarten Anne.. xf fi Mrs. Mary Harper Mrs. Christine Whittington Mrs. Whittington helps her students with their math. First Grade First Grade Mrs. Mary Jo Flatte Mrs. Elva Williams Second Grade Second Grade ,gb , . 2, G 1 N, 'Q' L' ' Bart Williams enjoys a book in the elementary library. Mrs. Williams listens as her students read aloud. ,N Q Mrs. Spurlin and Mrs. Talley, county health nurse, test a youngsters hearing. Mrs. Louise Gaston Mrs. jewel Phillips Third Grade Third Grade ---it , , . . ' we s fs -.,w ,Mn Ii' 4 jc, fs A student asks Mrs. Short for some help. Mrs. Marie Mullenix MTS- Pam Short Fourth Grade Fourth Grade a3 Mrs. Mullenix demonstrates a new style of hopscotch. Mrs. Ann Watkins Mrs. Ouida Spurlin Teacher's Aid Teacher's Aid Mrs. Watkins pauses just long enough for the photographer to snap her picture. Mrs. Stidman and Will Featherston start work on a new bulletin boa i Mrs. Bonnie Irons Mrs. Nelda Stidman Fifth Grade Fifth Grade i K xl M sgi Mrs. Kaye Foshee Mrs. Joyce May Sixth Grade Remedial Reading rd Mrs. Cox puts the finishing touches on some notes for World History Mr. Fred Standridge Mr. David Short Remedial Math Math 3 - -- 7 E 7 Mrs. Jackie Cox Mrs. Effie Featherston Social Studies Commercial, Jr. English Mrs. Featherston helps her students with their practice sentences. su gwewfi Mrs. Brenda Matthews and Miss Karen Cosby help with special education in the resource room. Mrs. Betty Prince Mrs. Phyllis Anderson Home Economics Science Miss Linda Green Mrs. Lucille Phillips Mrs. Short introduces prepositional phrases to her class Math Sr. High English Science Mrs. Spillrnan raises the window to keep study hall cool. Mrs. Virginia Short MTS- Glenna I-Ybrand jr. High English Librarian Mr. Bill Watkins Mf- Bob Sivils Vocational Agriculture Band Director Mrs. Phyllis Mullins, school counselor, evaluates personality tests taken by high school students. Mrs. Dottie Spillman Study Hall Supervisor Mr' glenn Hicks Mr. Preston Stidman Football Coach Social Studies t, 5 1 S Ref Fi is fl L f , FH? 3 Fig asf, he 'Nr 'Q 1.-i ri- is fi 1 Lunchroom personnel: Mattie Summitt, Alma Whisenhunt, Myrtle Webb, and Minnie Lesley Bryant O'Neal, supervisor. Custodian Bus drivers: Everette Irons, Thurston Poole, Forrest Hughbanks, Howard West, Charles Holly, Uther drivers NOT PICTURED are: Linda Green, Lesley Bryant, jimmy Robbins, David Short, Glen Hicks. sg.,- iv -,w 3 A .wi ,ffl .........,.. 3 ,-.,. 4 , i 'Q x Y M Dewanna Dillard bats and Tracy Goin pitches while 3rd period P.E. enjoys a softball game. I' 2' .4 A . fri? , f g'f'w,?,,, Mr. Watkins shows the 10th grade boys Teachers on the powder puff football team have to take time out to be mothers. how to fill out a surveying notebook. X -t.,,,,. , W Q Hui' . if-Q. F A x Q. it ntary Memories Gf Elementary School... ...are filled with long lasting traditions, such as the flag ceremony, and classwork with many new learning devices. The traditions continue at the elementary school under the direction of the new principal, Darwin Foshee. Additional memories, to be looked back on with pleasure, thrills and spills, involve using the new playground equipment. - rs. Erskineis Kindergarten .Mawff "...and what do you want for Christmas?" Santa asks Clinton Weston, while others wait their turn in Mrs. Erskine's class. Robert Beggs Tina Beshears Eston Black Elizabeth Gibbs Sharon Gray Chris Irons Dana jones Eugene Kemp Kelli Kitchens Brian Morrison Tommy Qualls Darren Robertson Kelli Short Mickey Slater Teena Sorrells Linda Swindle Derek Thornton Clinton Weston -wmv. Mrs. ivilsl Kindergarten ses 1 Q J ' Q53 f 'gig Q 1 Q N-,ff gg ' M i Sheila Austin Archie Booth J. D. Essman Tanya Fikes Steven Forbes Jeff Gray Sheila Hodges Kristie Manley Glenn Noles Shannon Parrett Jimmy Rowland Jonathan Rowland Verby Scrimshire Eunice Summitt Kelly Thompson Anthony Tillery Shawnaree Wallace Mary Jean Whittaker r' ,YMEWME Mrs. Sivil's students show varying reactions of amazement and pleasure while their party is in progress. Mrs. Whittington's irst fade Farron Foley Shannon Godwin Shawn Hackney Donna Justus Brian Keith Linda McGeorge Keith Saveall George Scurlock Kenny Swindle Lisa Weston Tonya Weston Teddy Wheeler Simon Worrell Tim Yeaman Teresa Yett Connie Aplin johnny Ball Betty Cotton Geneva Douglas ,, .., , tslt S , r,,.tl: 5 News 'SW me Maeve 'Q T Beta student aid, Lyndi Richmond, helps Mrs. Whittington's students prepare for their party, Jimmy Ballew Thomas Boyd Collin Bryant jeffrey Burrow james Carver Deana Clenney Deborah Clenney jonathan Cox Chris Cupples Christine Elder Robby Erskine William Gibbs Lonnie Gray Yvonne Hackney Greg Henderson Carrie Nelson Tammy Parrett Sheila Qualls Donna Abbott Kenny Adams Kenny Aplin Tina Beggs Loyd Black Billy Bryant Galen Burke Lance Cooper Billy Cox Danny Gwinn Donna Gwinn Teresa Hackney Andrea Johnson Russell Miner Wendell Morrison David Qualls Halee Roberts Kristi Short Scott Smith Kelli Stovall Alan Vines Theresa Weston Tracy Whisenhunt Travis Whittington rs. Williams' Second rade sms szmwwwrfem BH' 2 1, W5 Mrs, Williams' students enjoy the cookies and candy at their party. Regardless of the weather, recess is always fun Mrs. Flatte's S Serving yourself is a grown up and serious responsibility for everyone. Jill Allen Loretta Anderson econd rade RUM MN? Mrs. Flatte and Mrs. Allen discuss Christmas after everyone is served. Daria Blackburn Jaimi Blair Mira Chambers Tammie Clenney Gary Dillard Rhonda Douglas Linda Essman Marlene Finney Terrie Ann Gaston Tina Goodman Terry Hackney Blue Kesterson Neil Kitchens Clifton Lambert Sam Manley Philip Phillips Lucy Rachel Greg Rae Travis Spurling Melissa Summitt Robert Talley Bill Williams Keith Williams Lee Ann Worrell Mrs. Phillips' Third Grade H we MM? Opening presents was the best par Walter Brown Tammy Bryant Tonya Burrow Regina Caldwell Cheri Clenney Susan Cosby Timothy Cummings Danny Foshee Charlie Gaston Russell Irons Audrey Kemp Sammy Kinsey Karen Lebow Steven May Bessie Mayberry Joey Mendenhall William Moppin Timmy Philpot Jill Simpson Jackson Stovall Shane Stovall Patricia Weston Jerry Don Wheeler David Whisenhunt as ffm is MW SN Mrs. Phillips' class enjoys an exciting game of dodge ball Dwight Abernathy Loretta Black Mrs. aston's Third rade Tamara Whisenhunt Jonathan White Some of Mrs Gaston s third grade boys have fun getting their picture taken. Ronda Abbott Kelita Alexander Jerry Aplin Kent Ashcraft Stacy Ballew Eric Brakefield Tanya Campbell Loretta Clenney David Coffman Gina Cox Mark Edwards Shane Forga jimmy Gwinn Darion Hackney David Holley jay D. Manley Stacy McKay jeff Robertson Tamara Scott Lisha Strothers Bill Summitt John Swain Jr. Bonnie Wheeler Brenda Wheeler On some playground equipment it's difficult to be brave Robert Adams Norma Anderson Lynnette Baker Alan Ball Kim Battle Trina Brakefield Audrey Burke Bob Buxton Phillip Carr Timothy Chambers Rona Emery Becky Essman Tommy Essman Billy Hackney Robert Hood Karen Irons Tommie Jean Irons Ray James Gregory O'Nea1 Leslie Phillips Mike Price Don Scott Brian Thrasher Troy Weston Mrs. ullenix' Fourth Grade :. ' s '--. .. " . 'U if fag lr H5 is if Q sim Mrs, Mullenix, assisted by a parent, enjoys the party, too. Mrs. Shortls Fourth Grade Dodge ball can get rough, but still be fun. 'Mbit Tracy Bair Greg Ballew Some time you just have to stand around and wait for a game to get organized. ,..-. V--'tr-.N 'ff ' L.-,in-r... s. . as-.. Lorrie Beshears William Boyd Sara Brown Sheila Bryant Paul Childress Lisa Cobb Melinda Curtis Sarah Gibbs Linda Goodman Steve Gossett Brad Gray Chris Gray David Henderson Lisa Horton K Lisa jackson Teresa Jackson Kim LaGrange "Speedy" Lake Billy Parrett Kimberly Sims Donna Smith Bruce Tidwell Teresa Vines Shelby Whittington Sherry Adams Dale Anderson Sabrina Bates Michelle Beggs Raynee Blackburn Lloyal Bryant Freddy Casey Terry Cummings Stacy Elder Jerry Essman Will Featherston Cheryl Fordyce Vanessa Forga Christine Hatton David Helms Charlene Holley Annette Humphreys Billy Johnson jimmy Jones Laurie Justus Kipp Kesterson Dennis LaGrange Cheril McKay Sandra Qualls Rodney Reed Belinda Rogers Marlene Scurlock Timothy Srnallwood Rodney Standridge Donnie Stovall Mrs. Iron's ifth Grade NW M4 y M iii Z vw fn' Mrs Irons shows students and parents a gift she received Paul Swindle Quinn Taylor Lisa Wheeler Wendi Wheeler Mark Whisenhunt Everette Anderson Shirley Carr Sheryll Casey Paul Cox Tommy Cupples Keith Edmonds Patty Felkel Cindy Finney Garry Ford Rickey Gwinn Brenda Hamilton jimmy Hatton Faye Hood joey jones Cheryl Lee Perry Majors Shane Manley Jessie Moppin Pam Moppin Susan Qualls Carolyn Robins Verla Scrimshire Karen Simpson Laurie Standridge Janice Abernathy Roger Baker Georgia Ballew jerrie Beall Rita Booth Ricky Bostow Royce Carter Eddie Clenny Terrie Edwards Chris Elder Jim Elder Roger Essman Melba Finney Patricia Finney Eddie Fitzgerald Deanna Graves Bruce Gray Lori Gray Mary Guinn Charles Hickman The party is over and only the cleaning up and memories are left for the sixth grade. Mrs. Foshee's Sixth rade X if 7 'Y I f M , 30 f ja ws, gifs Y R is 1 K , , all 2 2 X if 3 l if viii? ' i , A . I .,., . if . 2 . 1-3, Jr' ' Aa if Q ee NK jx F K my 7- ,, - - . 5 - .1 . s :ll . if my - ' . f . ,. 'L -sf ,A ,yi .. hw in fi' f 3 2 gsfzzzw V 5 if r "" Z -V" EN Q I V,AA,, 'ali N2 2 if . . ' A Y iii? as T. gg W Q X S leg 3 4 0 W i f-as Q ,, ., 4 's x ,A .ni N . , 4, , ' 1,-, . .ix ., 5 W wk 'kwa 'X t i S K 'Qi 5 X Vw i. in 'rs WHEN Mrs. Foshee's students enjoy basketball and dream of playing on the junior teams next year. Eff- -Q xg Qx, 'f0fy,Kz 1, ll 6 ' "H'- A! L W , Q? s,y,W ,llW,yf, A an A Tim Hutchison Rhonda james David Kinsey David Lappin Eva Ledbetter Mike Lybrand Audrey Manley Jeff Mayberry Mike Mendenhall Alan Norris Andy Phelps james Reed Echo Relic Nancy Robbins Tina Shaw Luther Snow Bonnie Stovall John West Joey Weston Colin Worley Pam York Summer Baseball f Y , L S ll f Q l to i L. A vw fi X Pee Weels Win Tri-County Tournament The Pee Wee team, under the direction of Coach Chuck LaGrange, won the Tri-County Baseball Tournament and placed third in the League. The team consists of boys aged six through ten, They played a total of 14 games for the season, TEAM MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Mark Whisenhunt, Dennis La Grange. Kipp Kesterson, Keith Edmonds, joey Jones. MIDDLE ROW: Freddie Casey, Tim Chambers, Bruce Tidwell. David Henderson, Paul Childress. BACK ROW: Coach LaGrange, Greg Rae, Mark Edwards, Philip Phillips, Blue Kesterson. CNOT PICTURED, Perry Ma- jors, Rodney Standridge. Will Featherstonj. Little League Team Takes League Championship The Little League team. under the direction of Coach Waldo Wilson, won the League championship and placed third in the Tri-County Tournament. This was the first time since they entered the League six years ago that they won the championship. Members of the Little League team come from within the Mount Ida School District and are between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Their season con- sisted of 14 games. TEAM MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: David Lappin, jeff Wilson, Bo Tabor, Parris Relic, Matthew Black. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Wilson, Kevin Wilson, james Smith, Bart Williams, BACK ROW: Philip Standridge, Charles Brown, Stacey Buttson, Gary Smith, Not all balls went foul for the Pee Wee's. Pee Wee Basketball FOURTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Shane Forga, Fay james, Alan Ball, Bruce Tidwell, David Henderson, Tim Chambers, Brian Thrasher. Steve Gossett, Phillip Carr, Paul Childress, Mike Price, Blue Kesterson, jerry Wheeler, Greg Rae. FIFTH GRADE, MIDDLE ROW: Kip Kesterson. Mark Whisenhunt, Tommy Cupples, Rodney Standridge, Donnie Stovall, Keith Edmonds, Paul Cox, joey jones, Will Featherston, Jimmy Jones, Dennis Lagrange, Perry Majors. SIXTH GRADE, BACK ROW: David Lappin, Luther Snow, Alan Norris. Chris Elder, Coach Sonny Stanley, Royce Carter, Eddie Clenney, Mike Lybrand. FOURTH GRADE, FRONT ROW: Kim Lagrange. Gina Cox. Donna Smith, Kimberly Sims, Sarah Brown, Lisa jackson, Treasa Jackson, Bonnie Wheeler, Lisa Strother, Mira Chambers, Tamara Whisenhunt, Brenda Wheeler. FIFTH GRADE, MIDDLE ROW: Cheryl Lee. Vanessa Vorga, Karen Simpson, Marlene Scurlock, Wendi Wheeler, Laurie Standridge, Lisa Wheeler, Stacy Elder, Carolyn Robbins, Sherry Adams, Sabrina Bates. SIXTH GRADE, BACK ROW: jerry Beall, Tina Shaw. Rhonda james, Terri Edwards, May Guinn, Coach Sonny Stanley. Deani Graves, Echo Relic, Georgia Ballew. Rita Booth. Janice Abernathy. N , 1 Vo, ' 3' 'O - 1 . W- ,ggi-f 'S F' fin A W N? .r Q - W 1 ' f kv 'I 1 4 .Q nv Qt, x 2 4 F73 gf AM ggl xxw Iii,-GNP-g E 7 -X . N- - li .T. Q .a U f l ik ,,,,x-. 0 -,1 ' rr 4, ,f .- ,H M L 's Lili, M ' in ,I ,? 1' , ,ff ,C l lt 2 4 - Q I N Elemental' and SEATED ON FLOOR: Royce Carter and Marlene Scurlockp ROW Felkel. Sherry Casey. Lisa Wheeler. Sherri McKay. Laurie Stan 1: Laurie justis. Quinn Taylor, Rodney Standriclge. Tommy dridge. Karen Simpson, Wendy Wheeler, Terry Edwardsg ROW 3 Cupples, Perry Majors. Alan Norris, Mark Whisenhunt, Will Keith Edmonds. Paul Cox, Cheryl Lee, Luther Snow, Tim Hutchin Featherston. joey Weston, Director-Bob Sivils: ROW 2: Patty son. Mike Mendenhall. QNOT PICTUREDJ-Gary Ford, Some work is done together . . . , . , but other work is done alone with Mr. Sivils. Seventh Carla Abbott Jimmy Adams Regina Anderson Debbie Baker Gary Baker Sherry Bates Kathy Battle Terry Beavers Tammy Beggs Lewie Bryant Maurice Carr Geoffrey Clifton Gregory Clifton Laurie Curtiss Tammy Davidson Nathan Davis David Fikes Sherry Gaston Diann Godwin Sandy Goodman Johnny Gwinn David Harder Charlie Hatton Henry Hamilton rade I I Seventh grade boys are awed with their new environment. ii s l A a r yo, BOY'S OFFICERS: Pres.-Alvin Lambert, Vice-Pres.'Rusty Whisenhunt, Sec. U Treas.-john Kelloms, Reporter-Bill Stroope, Fire Marshall-james Smith. S.C, Alt,-Terry Hutchison, S.C. Rep.-Ken Warneke QNOT PICTUREDJ Sponsor-David Short Lisa Hocker Donna Holley Karen Holley Terry Hutchison Donnie james Bobby jones David jones John Kelloms Alfred Kinsey Alvin Lambert Becky Lambert Mike Lee Tim Majors Shari May Wanda Mayberry David McCarty Leita McKay Benny Milam Ricky Miner jeff Price Ricky Qualls Paris Relic Carrie Robbins james Robbins Martha Rowland Maxine Scott James Scrimshire Renee Short Suzanne Simpson James Smith Walter Standridge Bill Stroope Bobby Strother Sandra Swindle Christi Taylor Ken Warneke Carla Wharton Frankie Wheeler Bryan Whisenhunt Rusty Whisenhunt Roberta White Jeff Wilson Bobby Yett Donna Ziegler Girls' Officers: S.C. Rep.-Renee Short Reporter-Christi Taylor Sec.-Treas.-Suzanne Simpson Fire Marshall-Carla Wharton Sponsor-Mr. jimmy Robbins Vice-Pres.-Becky Lambert Pres.-Carrie Robbins Mrs. Short takes time out to help Carla Manley with a hard problem. i s X W QW i M K ,- ' if S if , - s EAS? ix 1 X sf 'Sm Eighth grade boys attentively listen as Mrs. Phyllis Anderson explains the mysteries of science. Eighth rade james Abernathy Terri Anderson Lisa Bates Wanda Beavers Matthew Black Darrell Bostow Chuck Brown Chester Bryant Jr Leasel Bryant Kim Burrow Belinda Campbell Nickey Clenney Gloria Cotton Nita Covington Beth Craw johnny Edwards Davelyn Felkel Brenda Finney Terry Ford Annette Fordyce Steve Gaston Mark Graves Verlene Hughes jon Irons Bill jackson john Kinsey Bertha Kitchens Rhonda Kitchens Lex Ledbetter Girls' Officers: Reporter-Brenda Lybrand S.C. Alt.-Rhonda Kitchens Sponsor-Mrs. jackie Cox S.C. Rep.-jaree Reed Vice-Pres.-Cheryl Speer Sec. Br, Treas,-Nita Covington Pres,-Lisa Bates Fire Marshall-Yvonne Wiley , A Brenda Lybrand Sli X We Lennon Miinolen X Danny Minton P Q is ,sw jaree Reed Q Q. X , 3 Benjamin Rowland joseph Rowland Brookie Scurlock Gary Smith Annette Snow Boys' Officers: S.C. Atl.-Kevin Wilson S.C. Rep.-Philip Standridge Sec. 85 Treas.-Bo Tabor Fire Marshall-Chuck Brown Vice-Pres.-Bart Williams Pres.-Matthew Black Sponsor-Mrs. Virginia Short Reporter-Johnny Edwards CNOT PICTUREDJ Philip Standriclge Rickey Stanfill Cheryl Speers Bo Tabor Angie Taylor Lloyd Tubbs Cindy Van Steenwyk Angie Vines Logan Vines Terrell Wharton Donna Wheeler Gina Whittington Yvonne Wiley Bart Williams Kevin Wilson inth, fade Kyle Abbott Wade Abernathy Penny Allen Terry Bair Mark Blocker Evelyn Boyd Paul Bryant Pat Campbell Glenda Carr Clark Davis Dewanna Dillard Mary Ann Dillard Matthew Duffy Debbie Elder Vivian Fryar Tim Gaston Tracy Goin Alan Griffith Andy Harder Leslie Harper Kathy Holley jackie Hood Robert James Alice Jolly ai 5 X Q, L . Q 5 - J --,, -X-s,,g 5 5 S- t S ei? tg 4 in if Q 2 at wa X r qgf. mx Q 5 .. or .. fix-free.. . ,,.. .. ., . or , 7' in A ' li! 1 ' , A r FS X' W Ha 4 N S H' X wi X Y - S X Q S xl X WK X -5 - X i. X in X ik 4 -1 .5 fl V. . ff . - ae- - f js:-' .- HOME OF THE ll ry 5 wflig ,Sw r jfiifr, ,ag X i xt 9 i I F" D4 '-ous GIRLS' OFFICERS: Sponsor. Mrs. Phyllis Anderson: Pres., Kay Kitchens: Vice-Pres., Debbie Robbins: Sec,-Treas., Phyllis Youngg S C Rep., Gina Mayberry: Reporter, Barbara Scott: Fire Marshall, Mary -X at -his Ann Dillard. YN ff .- t.,t'..' ' . g i n - ' .i.- V' t.,. , ,3 - Q' 1 - .. ,y.t r . L r t t S ttkt 5 eiirst ' . 1 M r- f' aiu- - ,U :'- X 'W S r 1. --S - ,t,a., 2 . S sa -2- ftesregewka i Q awk E fi B S 'Ani tset .- - K :Vh 1 K. wr -:fi . A if .. 4. Q is ,E ,a Y 1 at N f' ... v.'- : as W"-xc if -' .- , 4+ x 5 L- if f 5 K2 '5-'E 1 J 5 .-'- V , Q ,fff If 2 d 3 if - 55 5 51351 Q LA ,- , V'-qw mums :egg -F? .S Z , - Q 5 H 15 ' elf, ., VX .,. . M. 1 1ffze:',sfz' y if ew. . 2 . :.. .Q - , -- 5.2 A -sani- . f- e f-1. fi ,s-gi1'lsif5i-fr4f9- 22153: og, 5 f -ml'-g:1: :.z w stsif -ff: - - .Q-.1-1 an K , .,,, m 1 ,ttL-yAL .kAL sg, S, - a s 3 mi XE ' E 55 X 2 ,KX 5 'X -I gn s..n1-t .sv- ,-5?-42,151 . L, , X -fir.--M-l-ee f.q-. Ew rf, w g QKQZLQF-.seiielg if 2 , 5 Ki ,Q il x al l : ,. -f-for as SL, Q Q 9 sk ies Q of Q W 1 as Q is . k,. .. X' if lf' - Q af. ':'."- H9161- Q A ,,t. ,W --i F L if-K . l Fe I 1, ff S: N51-gs K K ass.- f 5 5 ii ' was X assi?-E sg l iff lk? 3 E iufi if . 's ii i t-ti S -rtt r-tirytty -fiii T as X vw rw- - E RN! 5 E Ea E E X Tad Kesterson Kay Kitchens Dena Kostelnik Mike May Gina Mayberry Merle McGrew Rhonda McKinney Karen Phillips Debbie Robbins Frank Robbins Coy Rollins Daphene Sanford Barbara Scott Brenda Scott David Scrimshire Mike Scurlock Tim Sekavec -. Sherry Smith Kathy Spillman Christy Stanley 3' Larry Thornton Benny Weston Mark Whisenhunt Phyllis Young BOYS' OFFICERS: Sponsor-Miss Linda Green Pres.-Benny Weston Vice-Pres.-Clark Davis Sec.4Treas.-Terry Bair Reporter-Tim Sekavec S.C, Rep.-Leslie Harper S.C. Alt.-Mark Blocker Fire Marshall-Larry Thornton Tenth rade Timmy Bair Johnny Barber Sammy Beggs Laverne Black Patsy Black Mary Boyd Richard Carter Steve Clay Rhonda Covington l GIRLS' OFFICERS: S.C. Alt., Joyce Gray: Reporter, Becky Griffithg Sponsor, Mrs. Betty Prince: Pres., Kim Whitey Fire Marshall, Darlene Sanfordg Treas., Debbie Van Steenwykg S.C. Rep., Sherrie Rollinsg Sec., Patsy Blackg Vice-Pres., Laverne Black. Barry Craw Ronnie Craw Renee Davidson Mark Davis Gregg Featherston 1 E I Tina Fortier Lenny Fryar David Gaston Shane Goodner Y , Q i F 5 y Joyce Gray Becky Griffith Cheryl Hanavan Roy Hocker Linda Holley Mary Kinsey Debbie Kitchens Brenda Lappin Mike Mayberry Lora McKay Sandi Michael Suzette Moppin Velma Morrison Velda Noles Carl J. Parliment Sherrie Rollins 'Si K, FFF' 5' Bill Scrimshire Wanda Snow Mike Spillman Brent Standridge David Standridge Debbie VanSteenwyk John Stewart Eddie Tabor Terry Thomas Mark Vangilder it Boy's Officers V.-Pres.'Gregg Featherston Sec. 85 Treas.-Timmy Bair Fire Marshall-Mark Vangilder Sponsor-Mr. Billy Watkins Reporter4Mark Davis S.C. Rep.-Phillip Whisenhunt Pres.-Brent Standridge Eleventh Nancy Black Mike Brown Rory Brown Brenda Bryant Larry Bryant Troy Caudle Al Cheek Mary Curtis Roberta Demby Mike Duffy Gary Egleston Steve Finney Tommy Fortier Tammy Greeson Kyle Griffith Larry Goin Kay Harder Shelley Harper David Hickman Patty Johnston Jim Lake Beverly Lambert Sandra Lappin Mark Massey fade xx? i i We u? If: e 0 , L i M l Ex l w . Salt s ""' ' SEFTS X i 4 skew .r, . X . iagigfil ska if XX Q as is QF Q OFFICERS: Sponsor, Mr. Glenn President, Jimmy Spurling Vice-Pres., Brown: Sec.-Treas., Eileen Weston . .,r. .,.r , l , S, 4 ,,, WW Reporter, Lyndi Richmond: Student Council Repr,, jimi Stroopeg Fire Marshall, Mark Massey. k X NX fl 1 x EX 'sf 1 :IQ xN . X . S 'S' Q S XX QXN ew X X F 5? X Y... X Sf X ,gg N ss is - P S X . . X M f SX i x Q f XS!! X X f Rs S X s 3 L t .. R EQ , X M. rm e S :ire i ' H ifi X I ' , :rg L ' iff K IS' 'E ' sf , .. P . ., - X X . . - ,ik-' if I ini ffl X ' .X X r" X 5. . . X W Xigx fi - X J- sets - ' s r f ff N--.. ' ' -. X .gt - i ' - f , A X - is, 3' ' 1 IS. R -I 1-3 ,ous 63321 Q . N' gv 1: Q stwflo f . - s f -gg: iiiiflsfsflt, X? Yi QR ev X xii 4 gi r X sk SX x f Six 3 I x X X X .X s x S I s , si X 2 Q . Sfmt, . f- rf S -' of 49525 S K . kkr. . af fe X 1 Q 2 ii A x kkkk A 15 .L . . r , 'G s .ir w' -s ' N 5' . .v ,Q , s, . Q' ' u Nu gn . - 4 'Z' 30, -.Gen ' Q lv 4' ,J 5, 'Q .W :'-:W Fe. i I i . Q' V nil: -iii' K- . E5 K s i ng Q- flats- +'.fzq '::. kg,-.,fE i Nw' +.- ,. -Q ,Q ,nm ...fn-,'.-5. :N f ."m.. than .1 - b Q. gf5,"- wg .115 zz, f ':, . QF' fi53ft'7I5:1l,Z- i r John Mayberry David Minton Jeff Mullenix Stella Peninger King Relic Lyndi Richmond James Robbins Betty Rowland june Scott Ruthie Sekavec Teresa Short Kerry Spears Jimmy Spurlin Melanie Standridge Brigitte Stanley Jim Stroope Margie Watkins Eileen Weston Rick Williams Becky Wharton Patricia Young Seniors i i The Senior Class has Worked hard this year preparing dinners for a money-making project. Saturday was spent getting everything ready for Sunday. Bright and early Sunday morning everyone Was at the school cafeteria lending a hand with last minute details. It was all hard Work but our trip to Florida will be Well worth it. , fir ws! L Senior Favorites: Kenny jones and Kathy Whisenhunt J f" jc,-f xx J' , , K, , I ,Q Q ,4 if , l,'kVk ici Q N Mr. Stillman and Mrs- FC2thCf5tOfl, 35 5lD0U501'5 Of the SCYUOY 01355, Senior Class Officers: Sec-Treas- Kathy Whisenhuntg Vice Pres Johnny d6V0tC mklfly h0Uf5 Of work in Dfepqfing f0f the Class dif1f1C1'5' Spurlin: Sponsor, Mrs. Effie Featherstong Fire Marshall Kenny jones Reporter, Deb Edwards: SC, Rep., Stephanie Standridge Pres Greg Greeson: Sponsor. Mr, Preston Stidman. In RONNIE ABBOTT FFA: Football C70-'75J: Track C70-'74J. MIKE BEGGS FFA: Basketball C70-'76j: Football C70-'727, Co-Captain C'72J: Track C71-'725: Forestry Team: Student Council. JUDITH ELAINE BREASHEARS FHA: Class Officer: VFW Sweetheart Q'74J. TAMMY LENORE BRYAN FHA: Student Council: Paper Staff: Jr. Glee Club. Pres, JEFFREY ROBERT CAMPBELL FFA: Beta Club Officer: Student Council Of- ficer: Annual Staff Editor in Chief: Football V70-'75J: Who's Who in American High Schools. Outstanding Teenager of America: Honorable Mention All-District C'75J: Who's Who: Distinguished American High School Students: junior Play. DEBORA KAY EDWARDS FHA: Basketball Manager C71-'76J: Paper Staff Editor in Chief: Student Council: Library Club: Class Officer: Jr. Glee Club: junior Play. INEZ ESSMAN FFA. JAMES A. CJAYJ FEATHERSTON FFA: Annual Staff: Paper Staff: Student Council Officer: Class Officer: Football C70- '75J: Basketball Manager: Who's Who Among American High School Students: Outstanding Defensive Lineman 1743: High School Prep All-American C757: All-District Football C'75J, THOMAS JOE FRYAR FFA: Football C70-7373 Junior Play PATRICIA MARIE GERRISH FHA: Beta Club: Paper Staff: Geometry Award C7451 Junior Play fTransferred from Paragould, Arkansasj GREGORY RAY GREESON Procedure Team: Basketball C70-'76J: Foot- ball f'70-'76J: Junior Play: Class Pres.: Stu- dent Council: Annual Staff: Who's Who: Distinguished High School Students: Boy's State: All District Football C74-'75J: Ouachita Conference Outstanding Back: All State f'75D: Prep All American, Who's Who Among American High School Students, DAWN ANN HANAVAN FHA: Senior Fair Maid: Homecoming Queen 6755: fTransferred from Grandview High Schoolb MARJORIE ANN HARDER FHA: Beta Club: Student Council Officer: An- nual Staff: Junior Play: Band: Who's Who: Who's Who Among American High School Music Students: All4Region Band C75-'765 ERNIE STEPHEN JOHNSTON FFA Officer: Basketball C71-'76J: Band: Forestry Team: Parliamentary Team: Who's Who. ALVIN LEE JOLLY FFA: Mechanics Team: Paper Staff: Football C70-'75J: All District Honorable Mention C'75J JANICE INEZ JONES FHA: Band F70-'74J: Transferred from Visalia. Calif, s. fp 'i'S .E if 'F 5 itr I . Y , :,. e w new wa I . 2 ..,: W ig ' : " i' if! ii --',,?1si?2- . M ffff . .,-f if ' 5 121,557 . ,,.. , L , X' f 'is ff " ::,Jrs?ff, lla Hgh, K ,, ., H u- ::.:,.f : ggi -f--, :WE 12 . - iff Q-,Q .-1 ' is Q '- .. Q rs c,.,,' ::' . f- u se .. , . ,k,. I. . ..:,,i.e V ,Q Wi - , .. . my f rigs? fi, was f- e f f iff i 2, K - -- ,,'f:r ff: fu . M ex 1ef.,fxf32fs1?2x:lS f 'T ish as ha-.. it! KENNETH BRYAN JONES FFA Officer: Basketball 170-755: Football 170-755: Student Council: Band: Parliamen- tary Team: junior Play: FHA Beau: Who's Who: Senior Favorite. MARTHA JANE 1GRAY5 KELLOMS FHA: Library Club: Beta Club Officer: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: junior Play: Distinguished High School Students of America: Who's Who: World History Award: Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. GEORGE LIOHN KOSTELNIK, JR. FFA: Beta Club: 2nd place State Electricity Team: junior Play. DEBBIE YVONNE LAMBERT FFA: Beta Club: Library Club Officer: Stu- dent Council Officer: Annual Staff: Basketball 170-765: coecaptain 1735: All-District 173.714, '755 Outstanding Defensive Player 173-745: junior 'Playz Girl's State: Distinguished American High School Student: Sophomore Fair Maid: Freshman Fair Maid: Freshman Homecoming Maid: Sophomore Homecoming Maid: Senior Homecoming Maid: Library Club: Queen 1745: Miss MIHS Fair Queen 1755: Who's Who: Who's Who Among American High School Students 1755. OTTIS CHRISS MANLEY FFA: Football' 170-755: Mechanics Team 1755: Paper Staff. MIKE MARKHAM FFA: Football 171-755: Track 173-755 All District. Football 1755: High School Super Star 1755. GAIL DENISE MAYBERRY FHA MARTIN EUGENE MAYBERRY FFA EDSEL MILHOLEN FFA. PATSY GAIL MINTON FHA: Class Pres, C'71J: Jr. High Cheerleader C'71J: Library Club: Student Council. DALE MORRIS FFA: Paper Staff. LEWIS KENT O'NEAL FFA Officer: junior Play: Football C'70-'75D: Basketball f'71-'73J: Student Council: Paper Staff: Parliamentary Team: All-District Foot- ball C'76D: Who's Who. MARK EUGENE PHILLIPS FFA: Football V70-'75D. Captain C7633 Beta Club: Paper Staff: Class Officer: Parliamen- tary Team: Honorable Mention All District Football C7551 Distinguished American High School Student, MELVIN LEE QUALLS FFA: Football C70-'733: Parliamentary Team: junior Play: Track. ROBERT E. ROBBINS FFA: Beta Club: Basketball C74-'75D. WILLIAM PERRY RUTLEDGE FFA Officer: Basketball 17137653 Football C'70-'72J: Beta Club: Library Club Officer: Junior Play. PATRICK RANDALL SAVEALL FFA: Football C70-'73, '75b: Basketball C'70- '7ll: Track, All4District: Most Handsome C7431 Paper Staff. DEYON SCOTT FHA: Library Club: Who's Who: Jaycee Queen C'7Sl: MIHS Fair Queen C'74l: Homecoming jr. Maid. WILLIAM TIMOTHY SHEFFIELD FFA: Football Manager: Junior Play jOHN FRANKLIN SPURLIN FFA Officer: Beta Club Officer: Student Council Pres.: Football C70-'75l: Basketball C'7O-'76l1 junior Play: Parliamentary Team: Class Officer: Distinguished American High School Student: Boy's State: All District Foot- ball C7531 Who's Who. STEPHANIE ELAINE STANDRIDGE FHA Officer: Beta Club: Band: Basketball 17057671 Co'Captain 1735: Student Council: Annual Staff: Class Officer: Who's Who: Distinguished American High School Students: All-Region Band C'74-'76l: Who's Who Among American High School Music Students. JOE SWINDLE Jr. FFA1 Track: Football Manager C'74-'76l. ,IOHN PAUL TALLEY FFA: Football Manager C7631 .lunior Play Who's Who. MARK ALEXANDER THOMAS FFA: fTransferred from Louisanal. HELEN BETH VANGILDER FHA: Library Club: Paper Staff: Annual Staff: Who's Who. DOUG WALKER FFA: Football 1'74-'75b: Basketball 1'75-'76J junior Play: All Conference Honorable Men tion in Football 1'75D. MAGDALENE 1ROWLANDj WARREN FHA: Class Pres 1729: Library Club Officer: jr. Glee Club Officer: Student Council: Junior Play: Annual Staff: Paper Staff Officer. KATHY ANN WHISENHUNT FHA Officer: Class Officer: jr. Cheerleader 1'70-'72J: Basketball 1'73J: Sr. Cheerleader 1747: Library Club: junior Play: Annual Staff: Paper Staff: Student Council Officer: Beta Club Pres: Biology Award 1'74J: Girl's State: jr. Fair Maid: FFA Sweetheart 1'75J: Who's Who: Distinguished American High School Student: Senior Favorite, ANNETTE WHITE FHA Pres.: Beta Club: Student Council: Class Officer: Paper Staff Officer: Jr. Cheerleader 1'70-735: Sr, Cheerleader 1'73-'76b, Captain: Library Club: Junior Play: Who's Who Among American High School Music Students: Band: Most Outstanding jr. High School Band Player: All-Region Band 1'74-'76Q: Distinguished American High School Student. ED WILLIAMS FFA: Football 1'72-'75D: Basketball 1'74-'75J: Library Club Pres: Student Council: Junior Play: Paper Staff: All-State Football 1'75J: Outstanding Offensive Lineman 1'74J: All District 1'74-'75J: High School Super Star 1755: Outstanding Lineman of Ouachita Conference 1753. Margie Harder and Will Featherston enjoy one of the Seniors' dinners As this Bi-Centennial year comes to a close. it is time to look back and remember the good times we've had. Think of practicing for homecoming and working on the prom decorations. Remember all the good assemblies and the pep rallies and ball games. Long after this year is gone, this annual will remind you of all the good times. Paula Jones and Deb Edwards enjoy the Junior-Senior Prom. l l l Leslie Bryant, our custodian, takes a lunch break. Deyon Scott rides on the Jaycee float in the County Fair parade. Johnny Spurlin and Debbie Lambert sell annual subscriptions in the lobby at noon U as U nf' we-T' 1, Q f 'E -Vg Q, aunt ' 9 '58 : sz A N 1 32'- 4 "X ar lx K3 M- ' 'S'-aww K W!ff4swnm.,m 'W V 'U wr 5 A W V Sgr- ggi- rf viii Y 2 , 1 Q ,, sm K 1. N., A. 1.4-'f ax ,-frrih' .v K gb 5? M UPMWKAu ographs Md? mv w M WW Q WWW f ww jwgfwf W7 99665562 'K M Gif? SZ jj QUQXQC C 035 OX fo 53S5Q f Q AX GEN w SYWWN SE, EPQ533 III WALSWORTH Marcellne. S10 .l S A

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