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z. 2623 2,5? 7 :8 : . 9 V " ..,2 7 Ziggy; 2:: THE BEROHBOK-1948 Go you Mt. Horeb, Fight for Victory With your colors flying we will cheer you all the time, U Rah! Rah! Rah! G0 you Mt. Horeb Fight for Victory. Fight for the fame of our fair name. Go Mt. Horeb, win this game. THE BEBOHBDK w I 9 4- 8 PUBLIS SHED BBBBB SENWR M88 MT. HOBEB HIGH SCHOOL W-Dmbm ?me- Clem M W- EIMCiW THE BEROHBOK-1948 A group of Seniors hurrying U D to English Class ADMINISTRATION , . L , H , . ....: a . .r: Q . ,,,,,,,, ., E . :. . . AL .1. 1.... x . 1,1. ; , K , W: ,cad.ir1,uwul..nm, 2014. ZVzIMutl ;, iii. IL, Q? 1; xx; THE BEROHBOK-1948 LAURIN P. GORDON Principal Board of Education MARTIN A. TOLLAN'D CARL DANHOUSER President Treasurer MRS. H. THOUSAND Clerk 8 THE BEROHBOK-1948 RALPH WESTLAND Science, Assistant Coach GERHARD STEENSRUD Ind. Arts, Coach KENNETH ERICKSON Agriculture GARTH WINCKLER Mathematics ALETA SKAIFE S peech, E ng. NELL BIDDICK Social Studies ELEANOR SMITH Latin, Bio. VERA BABCOCK E ng. Library DE E'TTE GOLI Chorus, Phy. Ed. MABEL BAIRD C ommerce ALMA HAASE Home Economics MILTON SPORS Band THE BEROHBOKe1948 The Berohbok Staff Verna Field, Typist Vergeane Collins, Classes Henry Eckel, Sports Jean Pfister, Typist James Smith, Snapshots Kathleen Mickelson, Business Manager Delma Diem,. Editor Rosemary Evans, Assistant Business Manager ewe Ethel Grinder, Art Editor Marjorie Helmeid, Activities Ramona Arneson, Typist Miss Skaife, Advisor Standings Not in picture: Joyce Anderson, Assistant Editor Ruby Hustad, Typist Pat Rogers, Feature Editor THE BEROHBOK-1948 Dedication To Andrew Hoff, a prominent pioneer citizen and business man, who has contributed much toward making the community a better place in Which to live. 11 9n Mmim 7o RuM GAWum, witch hm CLASSES THE BEROHBOKe1948 Senior Class History Four short years ago, as freshman, the class of 148 began its high school career at Mt. Horeb. After our royal initiation we seventy- four freshman felt we were truly students of what we can now call our Alma Mater. Ber- nard Trainer and Dick Osthoff went out for basketball and won their letters. More tried their luck at forensics, and others were in senior band. These facts proved to the upper- classmen that even as freshmen we were not to be ignored. The fall of 1945 found us decreased in num- ber but advanced in dignity and knowledge. This year Lowell Kiely proved his outstand- ing ability as a cheerleader and put pep and spirit into the whole student body. Dora Gross- en and Trygve Thorson were head waitress and waiter at the Junior-Senior banquet. On September 3, 1946 we advanced another step and sixty nine pupils returned as Juniors. A three act comedy, ttAccidents Will Happen," was given under the capable direction of Miss Biddick. Many boys took part in football with Jimmy Murphy having a real place with the first eleven. We also took quite a part in basketball and track. May 17 was the most glorious and elaborate evening of the entire school year. It was the evening of the Junior Banquet and Prom. The Motto Colors theme was itHitch Youire Wagon to a Starfy and Dan Garsonsi orchestra furnished the music. Bernard Trainor and Vergeane Collins, as King and Queen, led the grand march. Un- der Mr. Winkleris supervision the gym Was decorated in colored streamers with a mam- moth star in the center of the false ceiling. We mave now completed our fourth and final step in high school life. This year, more students than ever, won distinction in some phase of school life. We presented d320 College Avenue" on April. 15, under the able assistance of Miss Skaife. As we leave good old Mt. Horeb school days behind and enter into lifest school we remem- ber the many good times and regret that we must leave so soon. These pleasant four years have been filled with little things we will always remember, such as: Marvinis never failing to arrive two minutes late for class, the three Bashful Boys- Jimmy G, Kenny Z, and Jim F. tbut were they really bashfuliU, how some of the fellows were so obliging when it come to getting a ride up town, the English class the week they put out the school paper,. and a hundred and one other things. "Climb though the rocks be rugged? Blue and Gold Flower Yellow Rose PRESIDENT Kenneth Zingg UKenny" uIf words were pen- nies, he1d be a million- aire." Dramatic Club 1, 2; 1-3; Football Band 1-4; Camera Club 2, 3; Student Council 3, 4; "M" Club 3, 4. David Albert 3Dave" 2The show must go on!" Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; "M,, Club 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3; Class Play 4. VICE PRESIDENT Henry Eckel 2Hank" 2A country gentlemen and woman1s home companion? Football 3, 4; Basket- ball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1-4; Track 3, 4; Band 1-4; Class President 2; Badger Boys, State 3: Football Co-Captain 4; Class Play 3, 4. Carol Anderson "Carol" 2111 infancy she fell out the Window and came down plump." Dramatic Club 1; Girls, Club 2, 3; For- ensic 3, 4; Cardinal Highlights 4; Play Production 3. THE BEROHBOK-1948 SECRETARY Marjorie Helmeid 3Margie1, 3Brunettes are all right, but I prefer blondes." Band 1-3; Chorus 1, 2; Student Council 4; Dramatic Club 2; Sto- ba Club 3, 4; Cardinal Highlights 4; Berohbok Staff 4; Red Cross Council 3, 4. Joyce Anderson uAndyn 3I came for a good timeW Pep Club 1-4; G.A.A. 1; Girls, Club 2; Domecon Club 3; P r o m C o m m. 3: Berohbok Staff 4; Car- dinal Highlights 4; Band 2-4. TREASURER Trygve Thoresen uUrgern u1,11 climb to the heights of fame some- day? Band 1-4; Chorus 3; Forensics 1-4; Class Play 3-4; Prom Chair- man 3; 2M" Club 3, 4; Camera Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2. Ramona Arneson "Monie" 3A clever girl in every way, always mixing work with play." Girls, Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2: Pep Club 3, 4; Student Director 3; From Comm. 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; For- ensics 4: Berohbok Staff. Joyce Boley 2Joy1, HGo 0n Doris, he winked at me." Dramatic Club 1; Stoba Club 2; G.A.A. 2; Camera Club 2; Pep Club 3; Domecon Club 3, 4. Vergeane Collins HStacy2 "Man is not for me; I want men? Camera Club 1, 2, 3; Girls1 Club 1, 4; G. A. A. 1, 2; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; From Comm. 3; Cardinal Highlights 41; Berohbok Staff 4; Class Play 4. Delma Diem HDelm,, uIf you want your work well done, do it yourselffy Domecon Club 1, 2, 4; Stu- dent Council 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Berohbok Staff 4; G. A. A. 1; Cardinal Highlights 4; Badger Girls, State 3. Ervin Eckel 2Milford2 uIf you don't know, how do you expect me to ?" F. F. A. 1, 4; Football 3, 4; Basketball 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4. THE BEROHBOK41948 2.16... Viggo Christianson 11Chris" 31 d0n1t agree with whatfs been said. What, I said it?" Entered from Clinton 3; Vice President 3; Camera Club 4; Track 3, 4' Class Play 4. Betty Cook 2Cookie" "Why talk When there4s noth- ing to say?" Dramatic 1,. 2; Pep Club ,3; Camera Club 3; Band 3, 4. Constance Docken 2Connie" 2She1s won her heart1s desire? Pep Club 1, 4; GirYs Club 1; Band 3, 4; Stoba Club 3; Prom Comm. 3; Domecon Club 4; Student Council 4; Class Play 4. Doris Esser "Esser" 2Why should I bother with mere meniw Caner Club 2; Stoba Club 2, 3; G. A. A. 2; Pep Club 3; Dom- econ Club 4. Rosemary Evans 2Rosie2 3Why do today what the teacher wonW: call for until to- morrow?" Pep Club 1-4; G. A. A. 1; Girlsy Club 2; Domecon Club 3; Prom Comm. 3; Band 3, 4; Ber- ohbok Staff 4; Cardinal High- lights 4. Joan Fjelstad 2J0annie4y 2She did nothing in particular and did it well? Girls, Club 2, 4; Camefa Club 1; 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Forensics 4; Prom Comm. 3. Rudolph Gartzke HRudy" uWho411 put out the school paper next year?' Entered from Fredric 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Operetta 4; Class Play 4. Elmere Gordon 2Snooks" HAbsense may make the heart grow fender, but I don,t care to experiment." Entered from Barneveld 3; D'omecan Club 4; Pep Club 3, 4. THE BEROHBOK-1948 Verna Field "Fielder" uDancing; is my only U; love." Girls4 Club 1-4; Pep Club 4; G. A. A. 1, 2; Class Play 4; From Comm. 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Berohbok Staff 4; Bus. Mgr. of Play 3. James Fosshage uFuzzy" 2He lives at peace with all mankind, womankind 1:003, 3M4, Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1, 2; F. F. A. 4; Stu- dent Council 1; Class Play 4. Gerald Gilbertson 3Gibby" hShy in school, but oh, my." Entered from New Glarus 3; F. F. A. 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Base- ball 4; B. I. S. 3, 4. James Greenwald "Jim" HAll the girls love me, and who can blame them?" Pep Club 2; Baseball 1; Foot- ball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; 2M" Club 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Forensic 4; Class Play 3, 4 Richard Grinde 3Dick3 3What care I for worry, work, or women?" Dramatic Club 1, 2; Football 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. 2, 3, 4; B. I. S. 2, 3, 4; 3M" Club 4; Track 2,, 3. Dora Grossen 2Dori" HNever swerving, most Dramatic Club 1, 2; Pep Club 3, 4; Red Cross Council 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Class .Play 3; Badger Girls, State 3. Charles Hustad "Chuck,y uBooks upon my desk have Iain; Teachers efforts are all in vain." Entered from New Glarus 3; Football 3, 4; Track 3, 4; F. F. A. 3, 4; "M" Club 4; B. I. S. 3, 4; Class Play 4. Shirley Hustad 3Shir" HIs the Barneveld line still busy, operator?,4 Entered from New Glarus 3; Domecon Club 2, 3, 4; G. A. A. 2; Prom Comm. 3; Pep Club 3. THE BEROHBOK-1948 2132 Ethel Grinder 3Grinder" 2Her hearUs desire is to be merry." Pep Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Chorus 3, 4; Band 1-4; Red Cross Council 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Student Council 4; Domecon Club 4. Lloyd Henderson HButlch" uWhat's the fun in bemg good?" Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Track 1-4; 3M" Club 2., 3, 44; Class Play 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Student Coun- cil 4. Ruby Hustad 3Hust" 3111 school she4s quiet and de- mure, but out of school were not so sure? Domecon Club 1; Pep Club 2, 3; Camera Club 2, 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Berohbok Staff 4; 3. A. A. 2. Richard Jestilla 3Sandy47 "Arguing gets me nowhere fastf, Entered from Zion, Ill. 3; Track 3, 4; Camera Club 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Class Play 4. Lowell Kiely 3Sonny" 3Some people are to be seen and not heard, but Lowell is not that kind." Baseball 1-4; Basketball 3; Track 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4; Basketball Mgr. 1, 2; Football 1, 2, Class Play 3. Ralph Lukken 3C1iff" 214m popular. Pve got a jeep." Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; HM" Club 2, 3,. 4; F. F. A. 4; Prom Comm. 3. Paul Lund 2Palmer1y 3A1though ne,er over taken, I still hear the haying hounds of the Faculty in hot pursuit." Camera Club 3, 4; Forensics- 3, 4. Kathleen Mickelson uKaty" 3A good time now is worth two gone byP Pep Club 1-4; Girls1 Club 2; Domecon Club 3; G. A. A. 1; Band 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Ber- ohbok Staff 4; Cardinal High- lights 4. THE BEROHBOK-l948 .1191 Robert Larson 2Bob" uA strong and mighty man, ruled by no woman,s handfy Baseball 1, 2, 3; Football 2, 3, 4; 3M" Club 3, 4; Student Council 2. Dawn Lund 3Red" 3Modest and shy am I." Domecon Club 1; Girls1 Club 3; Chorus 3. Marion Marty 3M011y3 hA genius in mind; a lover at heart." Band 1-4; G. A. A. 1; Stoba Club 3, 4; Forensics 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Cardinal Highlights 4. James Murphy 3Murf" 3You can,t have everything, but he4s got what it takes." 3M" Club 1-4; Football 1-4; Football Co-captain 4; Basket- ball 1,2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Track 3; F. F. A. .4, Harlan Oimoen 3Har" "It4s great to be broad4I mean minded? Football 3, 4; Baseball 3; "M3 Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2; F. F. A. 3, 4. Jean Pfister "Jeanniety uYou can,t tell me4l4m from Blue MoundsP Dramatic Club 1; Band 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; Cardinal High- lights 4; Berohbok Staff 4; For- ensics 4; Class Play 4. James Riley "Jim" nI eat my Wheaties every morning, but just won": grow? Camera Club 2, 3; Pep Club 3. Patricia Rogers 3PM,y ttMt. Horeb has its advantag- es, but they can,t compare with Barneveld4s." Domecon Club 1,. 2; G. A. A. 2; Pep Club 3; Class Play 3; Prom Comm. 3; Domecon Club 4; Berohbok Staff 4; Cardinal Highlights 4. THE BEROHBOK-1948 Mary Ann Oimoen HOle" HMusic hath charms." Girls4 Club 2; Stoba Club 3; Pep Club 3; Cardinal Highlights 4; Band 1-4. Milton Pryne HFrankie" "Oh, the life of adventure and romance!" Entered 4. Richard Rindy "Rindy" 3Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone." Football 1-4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 4; Track 4; "M" Club 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; F. F. A. 1-4. Marion Skogen hSkogen" 44Her heart is like the moony always the same man in it." Dramatic Club 1, 2,, Domecon Club 1; Student Council 2; Chor- us 2; Camera Club 3; Stoba Club 4; Cardinal Highlights 4; Band 1-4. THE BEROHBOK41948 James Smith 14Jim4, uBetter men than I may have lived-but I doubt it." Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1;, 2, 4; Track 1, Z, 4; Camera Club 1-4; 3M1, Club 1-4; Class Play 3, 4. Marion Thompson 3Thompson" 3 4Tis those who talk the most who have the least to say.n Domecon Club 1-4; Girls, Club f3, 3; Prom Comm. 3; Pep Club 4. Bernard Trainer 3Big Jack, "I never let studies interfere With my education." Track 1, 2; Football 3; Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3; Basketball C0- captain 3; 3M" Club 1-4; Class President 3; Student Council 3, 4. Lyle Tvedt 3Roy,, 3A man married is a marred man? Camera Club 1-4; Prom Comm. 3; Class Play 3, 4; Op- eretta 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 1, 3, 4. Aldine Sponem "Sponem" 3Want a ride, girls?" F. F. A. 1-4; Football 1-4; Track 1, 2, 4; B. I. S. 2, 3, 4; "M3 Club 4; Baseball 4. Wesley Topper 3Wes3 3Seldom I work, often I play, never serious, and always gay." Pep Club 3, 4; F. F. A. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3. Joyce Trainer 3Jerce" 3What a man! What a carW Girls1 Club 1-4; G. A. A. 1; Pep Club 1; Dramatic Club 1; Class Play 4. Lucille Wirth "Toots3 "A little body often harbors a big soul." Girls, Club 3; Domecon Club 4; Cardinal Highlights 4; For- ensics 4. Marvin Zwickey Marv , F0r hds a jolly good follow." Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1- 4; Baseball 1-4; Track 3, 4; M" Club 2, 3, 4. Elizabeth Pfister Betty" "He loves me, he loves me not,-" Entered from Barneveld. THE BEROHBOK-1948 Carol Moore Carrie" "A pleasing manner wins many friends? Entered from Madison East. David Albert THE BEROHBOK-1948 Senior Theme Songs Carol Anderson I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover The Laughing Polka J oyce Anderson Dickey-Bird Song Ramona Arneson J oyce Boley Viggo Christianson Vergeane Collins Betty Cook Delma Diem Tim Now Is The Hour Lot The Rest of the World Go By DonAt Fence Me In P11 Walk Alone To Each His Own Constance Docken Ervin Eckel Always I Miss My Swiss Henry Eckel Doris Esser Personality Love Me A Little Rosemary Evans Verna Field I Wish I Didn't Love You So Hurray for Love Joan Fjelstad James Fosshage Rudolph Gartzke Ain't MisbehavinI Ramona There Are Such Things Gerald Gilbertson There'll Be Some Changes Made Elmere Gordon J ames Greenwald ............ Richard Grinde Pm A Big Girl Now .................................... LetIs Go Back and Kiss The Girls Goodnight Again I CanIt Get Up The Nerve Ethel Grinder Pack Up Your Troubles Dora Grossen Marjorie Helmeid r11 Get By Lloyd Henderson I Still Get Jealous When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Charles Hustad Tust A Little Fond Affection Ruby Hustad Coax Me A Little Bit Shirley Hustad Two Loves Have I Richard J estilla My Mama Done Told Me Lowell Kiely Robert Larson Don't Tell Me A Hunting We Will Go Ralph Lukken Going My Way? Dawn Lund Paul Lund I DonIt Like Men Don't Blame Me Marion Marty Kathleen Mickelson Carol Moore I'll See You In My Dreams P11 Dance At Your Wedding I Don't Know Enough About You J ames Murphy Three OIclock In The Morning Harlan Oimoen Careless Mary Ann Oimoen Jean Pfister Elizebeth Pfister Milton Pryne .. ................... James Riley Richard Rindy Sweet and Lovely Rilly Boy Either 1th Love 0r It Isn't .................................................. Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women I'm Making Believe You Go To My Head Patricia Rogers Marion Skogen Can't Help Loving That Man J ames Smith M .................................................... ThereIll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight Aldine Sponem An Apple Blossom Wedding The Farmer In The Dell Marion Thompson Tryg've Thoresen My Ideal Pm Sitting On Top Of The World Wesley Topper Till The End Of Time Bernard Trainor Joyce Trainor Lyle Tvedt Lucille Wirth Teanie, With The Light Brown Hair Dark Eyes Margie Among My Souveniers Kenneth Zingg A Fellow Needs A Girl Marvin Zwickey ............... ................................................... Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning A23- THE BEROHBOK-1948 J unior Class Bottom Row: R. Kalscheur, Gilbertson, Field, Bieri, Ingwell, Holum, Komplin. Second Row: Hansen, Johnson, G. Kalscheur, Kirch, Holmes, Brey, Danhouser, Lukken. Third Row: Fosshage, Aavang, Gunderson, Meuller, Arneson, Lunde, Kittleson, Diem, Miss Biddick. Top Row: Jensen, Aires, Austin, Julson, Arnold, Bohren, Iverson, Frame. Bottom Row: Mael, Schaller, Murphy, Chancellor, Staub, Moyer. Second Row: Oimoen, F. Schaller, Smith, Sponem, Nyhus, Mitmoen, Olson. Third Row: Slotten, Sutter, Rothman, B. Peterson, D. Peterson, Rechstiner, Mr. Winckler. Top Row: Ulrich, Thoresen, D. Smith, Schidegg'er, Tollefson, R. Oimoen, Lynch. -24 . THE BEROHBOK-1948 Junior Class History On September 4, 1945, seventy freshie,s en- tered the portals of Mt. Horeb High with strained faces and trembling knees, but With a determination to make good. After the sen- iors gave an initition party in our honor we began to settle down a little. In the fall of 1946 we entered as sophomores, the most intelligent people in the worldetwe thoughtt. We were well represented in athletics. In football Vern Komplin, Wayne Austin, Char- les Swingen, Ervin Beiri, and Dean Smith won letters. In basketball Charles Swingen won his letter. Dean Smith, James Ulrich, and Charles Swingen received letters in baseball. Now we are juniors. On October 29 we pres- ented the play HJUSt Duckeyh under the cap- able direction of Miss Biddick. James Ulrich and Donald Arnold won their first letters in basketball. Wayne Austin led the grand march at the prom on May lst while Jackie Lynch acted as toastmaster. Jo Ann Holmes and Marilyn Holum have become cheerleaders. We would like to know whye- it is that Roger Jenson has gotten to be such a woman hater. Dean Smith has such trouble with keeping his ttChevie" on the road. Could- ntt be the cars fault, could it? Jo Ann Holmes has to chew gum in English. Bob Peterson never gets more than three wrong in a history test. Richard Schaller en- joys working at the Cave. Do you really like work that well, Dick, or was it the girls? We hope to make our last year better and more interesting when we return next year to fill the place of the class of i48. OFFICERS President Wayne Austin Vice President Richard Schaller Secretary Helen Gunderson Treasurer Mary Ann Diem Student Council Rep. .......................................... Martin Tollefson, Roger Jenson THE BEROHBOK-1948 Sophomore Class History In September, 1946, our class, as perplexed freshmen, enrolled in high school. During the first few weeks our time was spent running into the wrong room at the wrong time. Soon however, we were invited to an mltlation party given in our honor by the seniors. After we survived this ordeal we were pronounced students of Mt. Horeb High School. When school resumed in 1947, sixty-seven sophomores, now refined and distinquished, returned for more education. Seventeen athletes from our Class turned out for football with Vance Hermann and Norris Gammeter winning letters. There were thirteen boys who tried their luck at basket- ball in which Rodd Hustad, Vance Hermann, and Ronnie Einerson won letters. Norris Gam- meter also won letters in track and baseball in the spring of l47. Donna Rothmann rep- resented our class as cheerleader. Representatives from our class in forensics were Carol Olson and Daniel Farrell. Twenty members of our class are musically inclined. Seventeen of these musicians are in senior band, and three are in junior band. We really would like to know what our girls haven't got that these junior and senior girls have. Rodd Hustad and Vance Hermann, will you tell us? Several of our girls seem to think the junior and senior boys are "just all rightfl too. The rest of us would like to know how Betty Badetscher always manages to get those high marks. We also have some champion gum chewers in our class. Girls, don't your jaws ever get tired. Boys, you don": get out of it that easy. Some of you are guilty too. OFFICERS President Vice President Roderick Hustad Secretary Ronald Einerson Mary Ellen Bakken Treasurer Student Council Rep. ................... Gwendolyn Austin ....... Finn Gunderson, Robert Lavik THE BEROHBOK-1948 Sophomore Class Bottom Row: Lynch, Stone, Rothmann, Locher, Swiggum, Minnig, Holmes, Wirth. Second Row: Field, Riesdorf, Melland, Sailing, Murphy, Martinson, Holum, Topper, Mrs. Goli. Third Row: Miller, Karn, Lee, Olson, Oimoen, Nelson, Haag, Losenegger, Mr. Erickson; Top Row: Adler, McSherry, Iverson, Hanna, Murphy, Baker, Komplein, Finke. Bottom Row: Badertscher, Kahl, Bischoff, Disrud, Haufland, Christianson, Boley, Fjelstad, Johnson. Second Row: Hustad, Austin, Dolohanty, Hefty, Bakken, Heuser, Anderson, Field. Third Row: Finke, Lavik, Kellesvig, J ohnson, Johnson, Hustad, Einerson, Mrs. Smith. Top Row: Groth, Iverson, Glick, Hermann, Sutter, Goebel, Gammeter, Hustad. 27 THE BEROHBOK-1948 Freshman Class Bottom Row: Kellesvig, Kirch, Hustad, Conant, Tremby. Second Row: Losenegger, Lewis, Ulrich, Ayen, Peterson, Hugo. Third Row: Kalscheur, Kahl, G. Skogen, Nyland, Spaanem, Thomas, C. Skogen. Top Row: B. Swiggum, D. Fosshage, Lee, Gesme, Titley, N. Fosshage, Rindy. Bottom Row: Keller, Moyer, Slaney, Lund, Esser, Brattlie, Connors. Second Row: Huseth, Gammeter, Colvin, Trainor, G. Collins, Becker, Schlapbach, Brey, Mrs. Baird. Third Row: Boley, Schwartz, Sutter, Judd, Bieri, Krohn, Ryan, Bowar. Top Row: H. Swiggum, O Conn0r, Owens, L. Collins, Arneson, Hanson, D. Schwarz, R. Wirth. -28- THE BEROHBOK-1948 Freshman Class History On September 2, 1947, sixty-eight bewilder- ed freshmen climbed the steps of M.H.H.S. to begin the first of their four years in these imposing halls of knowledge. As most freshmen do on the first day of school, we made the usual errors of attending the wrong classes and in general, being in the wrong places at the wrong times. But the climax of our troubles this first year in this well known institution of learning came on November 19, Initiation Day, when we got a full years exercising course in Phy. Ed. on one day. We were told to kneel to the "sophisticated" seniors and utter in our humbl- est voice, ttPardon me for living." The girls certainly had ttthe new look." This particular ttnew lookh being a flour or burlap sack over a pair of shorts, long black stock- ings, a pair of rubbers, a hair style consisting of numerous pin curls scattered about on their heads, and wearing no make-up. The boys may very well have had next year,s "new look," for they had make-up, a girls blouse on backwards, gym shorts, long black stockings, and high-buckle overshoes. On the evening of the same day we were ttentertainedt by the seniors, the entertain- ment consisting of us doing everything from rolling peanuts with our noses, eating raw eggs, eating what we were told were angle- worms, and transporting water by the latest modern convenienceean eyedropper. Later, during the second semester, 3. return party was given by us in honor of the seniors. The fresmen class was well represented in extra-curricular activities this year: we had seven members in Senior band and twenty- one in chorus. Nineteen of our boys were out for football, and several tried their luck at basketball. Vivian Ayen and Marlene Kalsch- eur made their debuts as cheerleaders. Others participated in forensics. The class was well represented in various clubs. During the next three years, we wonder if: Ed Chancellor will make up his mind-A's 0r Fls. Which one will get the most meneVivian Ayen or Joyce Lewis. Duane Conant will break his freshman record for getting detentions. Elizabeth Schlapback will still prove so great an attraction for the upper classmen. And so we leave you until next year when we hope to return as sophmores. OFFICERS President Vice President ...... Elizabeth Rindy Marlene Kalscheur Secretary Treasurer Norma Fosshage Student Council Rep. ................................ Carol Skogen ................ Gene Hanson, Joyce Lewis ezge ACTIVITES g4:- , .. , -. x$,., ..-h--2'- Eu ,- guot TowEK 4 " ' 4 A -7 - x "X K M; - ? QKINDEK THE BEROHBOK-1948 STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom Row: Grinder, Helmeid, Rindy, Bakken, Arneson, Lewis. Middle Row: Lavik, Hustad, Hanson, Lynch, Jensen, Wirth. Top Row: Zingg, Tollefson, Tl'ainor, Tvedt, Austin. Henderson. CARDINAL HIGHLIGHTS Bottom Row: V. Collins, Mrs. Baird, Helmeid, Diem, Miss Skaife, Skogen. Top Row: Kiley, Greenwald, Oimoen, VVirth, Mickelson, Rogers, Evans, Eckel, Anderson, Marty, Moore, C. Anderson, Pfis- ter, M. Oimoen. M" CLUB Bottom Row: Murphy, Bieri, Fosshage, Eckel, Albert, Ulrich, Komplein. Second Row: Smith, Lukken, Grinde, Zingg, Gammeter, Hu- stad, Henderson, Coach Steensrud. .15, Third Row: D. Smith, 'Austin, Greenwald, Larson, Oimoen, H. Oimoena Tollefson. Top Row: Kiley, Sponem, Zwickey, Trainer, Hermann, Thorear, son, C. Hustad. ? THE BEROHBOKe1948 Student Council The Student Council consisted of represent- atives from home-rooms, clubs, and the pres- idents of each class. There were 20 members, and they held weekly meetings. The Council sponsored social hours after basketball games, gave suggestions to help the school, and purchased records for the juke-box. A few open council meetings were held, therefore everyone could see what was being done. This year a handbook was pre- pared to give general information about everything in school. On December 15th our Council members were guests of the Wisconsin High Student Council where we gained much knowledge about the work. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Trea surer Advisor Kenneth Zingg Lloyd Henderson Marjorie Helmeid Roger Jenson Mr. Gordon Cardinal Highlights Nine issues of the Cardinal Highlights were put out this year by the staff which was under the capable guidance of Miss Skaife. The staff was composed of the Senior English class who worked one week out of every month toward editing the paper. The publishing of the paper was done by the commerce class under the direction of Mrs. Baird. Our aims this year were to improve the paper and to mention every student at least once. Editorial Staff Editor ............ Delma Diem Asst. Editor arjorie Helmeid Art Editor ............. Vergeane Collins Club Reporter Sports Writers ....... J oyce Anderson ....James Greenwald Henry Eckel ......Doris Oimoen Camera Club Domecon Club W, Dramatic Club Girls, Club F. F. A. .. Stoba Club Pep Club .............. "M" Club The "M" Club, in existence for 15 years, is open only to bOys who have won a letter in a major sport and of these only those Who can undergo a severe test Hnitiationi. The club aims to create feIIOWShip, teach better sports- manship, and promote a high degree of ath- letics. The club has sponsored a donkey basketball game and has sold programs at the football games this year. An automatic coke machine was also put in to make money. The first prize for the best homecoming float also went to the "Mt Club. OFFICERS President Vice President Lloyd Henderson Kenneth Zingg Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Student Council Rep. Advisor a33.. Henry Eckel Tames Murphy Bernard Trainor Mr. Steensrud ................Marion Thompson ............... Vivian Field Dona Danhouser ........... Bill Chancelor Donna Rothman ......Haze1 Aavang THE BEROHBOK-1948 PEP CLUB Bottom Row: Docken, Christianson, Holum, Haugland, Topper, Gordon, D. Lynch. Second Row: Murphy, Mitmoen, Johnson, Mael, Kahl, Arneson, Anderson. Third Row: Holmes, Diem, Field, Fosshage, Kittleson, Lukken, Slotten, Mr. Winckler. Fourth Row: Evans, Anderson, Kirch, Mickelson, Schaller, Bak- ken, Smith, Oimoen. Top Row: Gunderson, Collins, Zingg, Greenwald, Scheidegger, Olson, Rothmann, Thompson. DOMEQON CLUB Bottom Row: Fjelstad, Gordon, Docken, Grinder, Boley, Gam- meter, Holmes, E. Moyer. Second Row: Wirth, R. Kalscheur, Sponem, Ingwell, Hanson, Reisdorf, J. Esser, A. Meyer. Third Row: Schlapbach, Colvin, Peterson, D. Esser, G. Kal- scheur, M. Kalscheur, B. Bower. Top Row: Hustad, Brey, J. Bower, Nyhus, Thompson, Spaanem, Diem, Rogers. Dramatic Club Bottom Row: Locker, Ulrich, Schlapbach, Temby, Boley. Second Row: Colvin, Field, C. Skogen,. Haag, Miss Babcock. Top Row: Austin, Swiggum, Nelson, Heuser, G. Skogen. THE BEROHBOKe1948 Pep Club This years Pep Club consisted only of form- er members and upper classmen. Pep Club again took a very active part in the home- coming parade, bonfire, and dance. There was a large group of cheerleaders who really helped build up school spirit. The cheerleaders were: Lowell Kiley, James Green- wald, Kenneth Zingg, Dona Rothmann, Doris Owimoen, Vivian Ayen, Marlene Kalscheur, Teresa Kittleson, Mary Staub, Marilyn Holum, and Joann Holmes. OFFICERS President Joyce Anderson Vice President Lowell Kiley Secretary Treasurer Pat Murphy Shirley Lukken Student Council Rep. .................................. Advisor ..................................... Mary Ellen Bakken Mr. Winckler Domecon Club Domecon Club, which was organized for girls who have taken Home Economics, has a membership of thirty members this year. The Club sponsored its annual Mid-Winter Formal on January 31, with music by Don Garsonts Orchestra. Gwendolyn Kalscheur reigned as queen with Rosemary Kalscheur and Joyce Boley as her court of honor. The theme was ttCandy Land." OFFICERS President Gwendolyn Kalscheur Vice President Toyce Boley Secretary Treasurer Doris Esser Ethel Grinder Student Council Rep. Connie Docken Advisor Miss Haase DRAMATIC CLUB The purpose of the Dramatic Club is not only to provide entertainment for the student body, but also to keep the club members learn- ing about acting, stage-lighting, make-up, casting, and production of a play. This year we gave the plays "Too Many MaryTs" and ttAsk Nancy." Funds were acquired by selling ice cream bars at home basketball games. Our float, "Slated to WinW won second place in the homecoming parade. OFFICERS President Gwendolyn Austin Vice President Secretary Elaine Heuser Hannah Locker Treasurer Student Council Rep. Doris Boley Elizbaeth Rindy Advisor Miss Babcock THE BEROHBOK 1948 F. F. A. Bottom Row: Lund, Conners, Conant, Losenegger, W. Chancel- lor, Komplein, Docken, E. Chancellor, Wirth. Second Row: D. Bieri, Baker, D. Schwarz, Fosshage, E. Schwartz, O'Connor, Karn, Boley, F. Gilberton. Third Row: Murphy, Jenson, Adler, Ayers, Mueller, Hefty, Mc- Sherry, Fosshage, Arneson. Fourth Row: E. Cckel, Hanna, Owens, H. Eckel, Grinde, G. Gil- berton, Hanson, Topper, Mr. Erickson. Top Row: Julson, Austin, Lukken, Trainor, Collins, Throndson, Hustad, Oimoen. Camera Club Bottom Row: Holmes, Murphy, M. Smith, Spaanem, Fosshage, Oimoen, Rhiner, Staub. Middle Row: Hustad, Wirth, Jestila, Olson, Henderson, Chris- tianson, Schwarz, Mr. Westland. Top Row: J. Smith, Tvedt, Throndson, Gunderson, Arnold, Gesme, Thoresen, Oimoen. Girls Club Bottom Row: Arneson, Heuser, Trainor, Collins, Swiggum, Thomas, Becker. Second Row: G. Collins, Kahl, Field, Danhouser, V. Field, Aus- tin, Losenegger, Mrs. Smith. Third Row: Hustad, Badertscher, Fjelstad, Ulrich, Ayen, Staub, Melland. Top Row: Minnig, Trainer, Johnson, Temby, Kahl, Kirch, Brat- tlie, Locher. THE BEROHBOK-1948 Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America,s primary aim is to develop agricultural leadership, co- operation, and citizenship. Our motto is ttLearning To Do, Doing To Learn, Earning To Live, and Living To Serve." This club is organized on a national basis with headquarters in every state. The state has its headquarters located in Madison. Each year delegates are sent from local chapters to the state and national conventions to plan the work for the following year. The outstanding activities for the chapter were the basketball games, the F.F.A. banquet, our farming programs, and our D.H.I. pro- gram or work. OFFICERS President Henry Eckel Vice President Elmer Baker Secretary Hilton Arneson Treasurer Robert Mueller Advisor Mr. Erickson Camera Club The Camera Club purchased some new equip- ment for developing pictures and Work in photography. Some of the members did very well developing pictures this year. Better work was put out because of new equipment. There were about twenty-five members in the Camera Club. Dues were collected each month for various activities the club was carry- ing on. OFFICERS President Ada Rhiner President ................. Jim Smith Vice President . .. Mary Staub Vice President .. Doris Oimoen Sec.-Treas. .. Don Arnold Sec.-Treas. Ruby Hustad S. C. Rep. ........... Jack Lynch S. C. Rep. ........... Lyle Tvedt Advisor-Mr. 4West1and Girls Club The Girls, Club completed a very successful year under the capable direction of Mrs. Smith. The main event of the year was the Moth- ers' Tea held April 24. The theme was the "Wisconsin Centennial? The Sadie Hawkins' Party and a Valentines' Party were also Sponsored by the Girls, Club. OFFICERS President Ramona Arneson Vice President Betty Badertscher Secretary Student Council Rep. Vergeane Collins Joyce Trainor Advisor Mrs. Smith THE BEROHBOK-1948 Chorus Bottom Row: N. Fosshage, G. Skogen, M. Oimoen,, S. Lukken, D. Oimoen, J. Murphy, G. Collins, C. Skogen. Second Row: Slotten, Heuser, D. Fosshage, Oimoen, Bakken, Rindy, Thomas, Field. Third Row: Aavang, B. Swiggum, Hefty, Thompson, Nyhus, Bowar, Lunde, Gartzke. Fourth Row: Olson, Johnson, Henderson, Ayers, Arneson, Top- per, Gunderson. Fifth Row: Eckel, Greenwald, Tvedt, Oimoen, Gesme,. Hustad, Bohren, Smith. Chorus Bottom Row: Lynch, Locker, Rothmann, Johnson, Moyer, Kelles- v1g. Second Row: Minnig, Martinson, Hustad, Schlapbach, Grinder, D. Field, Holmes. Third Row: Temby, Badertscher, Melland, Holum, Christianson, Staub, Mrs. Goli. Fourth Row: Murphy, Lewis, Kahl, Haugland, Ayen, Ulrich. Fifth Row: Colvin, Reisdorf, Gammeter, J. Kahl, Kalscheur, Mael, Bischoff. Stoba Bottom Row: B0hle,. Haag, Helmeid, Holum, Rothmann. Second Row: Miller, Hefty, Lunde, Skogen, Marty, Mrs. Baird. 38 THE BEROHBOKe1948 Chorus The 74 member chorus completed a success- ful year under the capable guidance of Mrs. Goli. Outside of the regular concerts held each fall and spring, the chorus put on an Operetta to raise money for the buying of gowns. The Operetta entitled nRose of the Danube" was given Dec. 3, 1947 and was very successful. The chorus also sponsored a Nancy Ness con- cert. The pupils who won 1st place at the band tournament for last year are: Class A lst LaVonne Hermann 6e tsopranot Ethel Grinder t taltot LaVonne Hermann and Joan Fosshage tduem ' Class B lst Mary Ann Oimoen Rubelle Aavang Class C lst , Helen Slotten Doris Oimoen Dale Opsal Piano Class C lst Hazel Aavang Stoba Club The membership of Stoba club was very small this year, but they were still able to carry out a succeSSful program. At each meet- ing a contest was held and the winner of the contest was given a bracelet to wear till the next meeting. At the end of the year the per- son who had the most contests was given the bracelet. The Stoba Club raised money by selling popcorn at games, and also won third prize on the float ttSail Thru Darlington". Three typing awards were bought and given to the typing students with the highest speeds. OFFICERS President Majorie Helmeid Vice President Marion Marty Secretary-Treasurer Joanne Lunde Student Council Marjorie Helmeid Club Reporter Dona Rothmann .egge THE BEROHBOK-1948 Band Bottom Row: B. Hustad, Grinder, Field, Trainer, D. Fosshage, N. Fosshage, Thomas Second Row: Docken, Minnig, C. Fosshage, J. Kahl, Swiggum, C. Sko- gen, Steinhauer Third Row: A. Fosshage, M. Smith, W. Oimoen, Pfister, Lunde, M. Skogen, Lee, D. Oimoen T0p Row: Wirth, Lavik, R. Hustad, F. Gunderson, Randall, E. Thore- sen, Bohren, J. Smith Band Bottom Row: R. Holum, Murphy, Finke, Schaller, Martinson, Haug- land, Hugo Second Row: B. Holum, Lukken, J. Anderson, Arneson, M. Oimoen, J. Murphy, Mr. Spors Third Row: Danhouser, D. Anderson, Kittleson, Bakken, Evans, Slotten, Marty Top Row: Aavang, Cook, Eckel, T. Thoresen, Glick, D. Johnson, Mickelson, Gartzke Forensics Bottom Row: Ulrich, R. Hugo, Marty, Danhouser, Grinder, Wirth, C. Fosshage, D. Peterson Second Row: Mrs. Smith, Miss Biddick, Thompson, Trainor, Riley, helmeid, Arneson, Miss Skaife ' Third Row: N. Fosshage, Fosshage, Christianson, Olson, Pfister, R. Peterson, R. Hugo, Schwarz Top Row: Henderson, Greenwald, Farrell, Tveld, T. Thoresen, E. Thoresen, Zingg, Jestilla THE BEROHBOK-1948 BAND The band, consisting of 60 members, com- pleted a successful year under the guidance of Mr. Milton Spores. There were many new band members to replace those that left band last year. The band played at football and basket- Class A 1st 9ETrygrve Thoresen-bass Marilyn Iverson-flute Roddy Hustad-clarinet John Feller-bass clarinet Class B 151: Donald J ohnson-clarinet Marion Marty-baritone Class C lst Ada Rhiner-basson Class B 1st Woodwind Quintette Beverly Means Rosemary Haag Lavonne Hermann Erling Thoresen Ada Rhiner Class B 1st Sax Duet June Helmenstine Rudolph Gartzke Cla5s B 1st Clarinet Quartett Roddy Hustad Donald Johnson David Fosshage John Feller Eass B lst Flute Duet Joan Lunde Lucille Field Ensembles Class A 151: Brass Sextet 46Steve Hopkins Pat Murphy Mary Bischoff Mary Ellen Bakken ball games, gave concerts at school as well as on the radio, and also marched in Madison at the Christmas balloon parade. The first place winners of the band tourna- ment for last year are: Mary Ann Oimoen Trygve Thoresen Brass Sextet Charles Redel Joan Fosshage Lavonne Hermann Donald Erickson Henry Steinhouser Walter Sutter Clarinet Duet Beverly Means TEthel Grinder Coronet Trio ieJoan Fosshage Charles Redel Steve Hopkins a6Coronet Duet Joan Fosshage Steve Hopkins Coronet Duet Pat Murphy Steve Hopkins Clarinet Trio Roddy Hustad Donald Johnson John Feller Clarinet Quartette Beverly Means Ethel Grinder Dorothy Anderson Hazel Aavang 9fFlute Duet Marilyn Iverson Rosie Haag F ORENSICS The forensic group this year consisted of the speech class and also other contestants. The elimination and local contests were held in the high school. On March 12 at the local contest, two students were selected from each group to go on to Darlington on March 18. Those selected were: Orations: Joyce Trainor and Viggo Christianson. Serious declamations: Marjorie Helmeid and Marion Marty. Humor- ous declamations: J ames Greenwald and J ames Fosshage. Extemporaneous Reading: Daniel Farrell and Lyle Tvedt. Extemporaneous Speaking: Trygve Thoresen and Robert Peter- son. The winners at Darlington were allowed to attend the contest at Platteville. Those win- ners were; Joyce Trainor and Viggor Christ- ianson; Oratory. James Greenwald; Humorous declamations. Trygve Thoresen; Extempor- aneous Speaking. -41- THE BEROHBOKe1948 JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Bottom Row: Grinder, Rhiner, R. Arneson, V. Field. Second Row: Helmeid, D. Fosshage, J. Murphy, Marty, Mrs. Smith. Top Row: R. Peterson, Gesme, E. Thoresen, Lavik. The Junior Red Cross Council which was organized last year for the first time, had fifteen members this year. The Council's purpose is to take charge of Red Cross projects in the school. Some of these projects are: packing gift boxes for servicemen in hospitals, making tray covers, showing movies for extra funds, and selling candy. OFFICERS President Marjorie Helmeid Vice President Secretary Ada Rhiner Ramona Arneson Treasurer Verna Field Student Advisor Robert Peterson Advisor Mrs. Smith RELIGIOUS HOUR Religious Hour was held again this year the fourth period every Wednesday. The differ- ent denominational groups met under the supervision of the following pastors: Rev. E. R. Anderson, Rev. 1. A. Lavik, Rev. H. Gun- derson, Rev. B. F. Matter, Rev. H. Thomp- son, and Father Thome. On April 15, the senior class presented to the public 320 College Avenue, a 3 act comedy, under the direction of Miss Skaife. The play opened with a party at a sorority house of a co-educational college. Girls and boys were dancing when suddenly, while the lights were out and a blue light was playing back and forth on the dancers, Judy screams, and a moment later Lee is found on the floor dead. Everyone is stunned and wonders who J udith Wayne THE BEROHBOK-1948 Senior Class Play killed Lee. J udy, with whom the boy was danc- ing, is the most popular and cleverest girl in college. When the hard-boiled detective fails to get anywhere with the case, Judy convinces him to turn the case over to her. Judy uses her own technique and has almost found out who killed Lee when Val is murdered. Now every- one is frightened. Many interesting incidents lead up to the surprise ending. Play Cast Val Marjorie Helmeid J ames Greenwald Minna J ean Pfister Russel Rita Day Kenneth Zingg Joyce Trainor Dorene Divine Billy Grady Vergeane Collins Trygve Thoresen Nydia Noyes Ramona Arneson Cy Lee Macon Lloyd Henderson David Albert Phyllis Martin Verna Field Lucille Nouvaine Marion Marty Ken Henry Eckel Nan Sills Hap Joyce Anderson Richard J estila Phoenix Rommey James Riley Viggo Christianson Ernie Rudolph Gartzke Mosetta Veens Constance Docken Professor Slopes J ames Fosshage i Dean Olivia D. 001 Ethel Grinder The Chief James Smith J 0e, his assistant Lyle Tvedt The Doctor Charles Hustad Policemen Robert Larson, Harlan Oimoen Pianist Mary Ann Oimoen Director Student Director Business Managers ............... Miss Skaife . Marion Skogen Kathleen Mickelson Stage Manager ..................... m... Verna Field Stage and Properties ....... Ervin Eckel Marvin Zwickey Marion Marty Richard Grinde Ralph Lukken James Greenwald Vergeane Collins Production Staff ................ Delma Diem . h43h Make-up Committee ........ Doris Esser ose Mary Evans Carol Anderson Joyce Boley Elmere Gordon Dawn Lund Marion Thompson Lucille Wirth Joan Fjelstad Doris Esser Ushers "t THE BEROHBOKe1948 Junior Class Play On October 29, 1947, the Junior Class pres- ented to the public a three-act farce comedy, itJust Ducky? All the scenes were enacted in the living room in the Maxwell home. Mr. Maxwell has just been chosen as the new head of the citi- zens committee, but in the meantime Betty Lou and Bernadine get an idea and write a letter to Vester Blayne, editor of the love-lorn column. Instead of answering their letter in the paper, Miss Blayne comes to the house to talk it over with Mrs. Maxwell. The situa- tion becomes quite "tangled upt When Mr. Moore and Mr. Marshall come for an inter- view with Mr. Maxwell. Everything is finally straightened out in the end. Play Cast Mr. Maxwell Mrs. Maxwell Erling Thoresen Joan Lunde Connie Maxwell Anita Fosshage Betty Lou Maxwell Helen Gunderson Wilber Maxwell Richard Schaller Hercules Nelson Hilton Arneson Bernadine Smith Hazel Aavang Craig Moore Charles J ulson Aunt Mary Teresa Kittleson Miss Blayne Dona Danhouser Del Marshall Mr. Moore Roger Oimoen Robert Peterson Production Staff Director Student Director Miss Biddick Ludhe Field Business Manager Helen Slotten Publicity Properties Mary Staub Programs Bill Chancellor Robert Mueller Mary Smith Doris Oimoen JoAnn Holmes Mrs. Baird Tickets Marie Ingwell Loraine Leigh Beverly Mael Ushers Shirley Swiggum Loraine Leigh Delma Peterson Dorothy Mitmoen Donna Kirch Faye Schaller Vera Sponem June Olson Betty Bowar Arlene Moyer Meredith Hanson Rosemary Kalscheur THE BEROHBOK-l948 SPORTS THE BEROHBOKe-1948 Football The first official football practice was held the week before school started. Of the 90 boys who reported to Coach Steensrud, 10 were returning lettermen; namely, Lloyd Hen- derson, David Albert, Richard Rindy, Charles Swingen, James Greenwald, Robert Larson, Harlan Oimoen, Kenneth Zingg, Wayne Aus- tin, and James Murphy. Every fellow who reported decided he was going to do his ut- most to make it a successful season. Getting into condition, learning how to block and tackle, and mastering plays was the main work of the first few weeks. Sports writers rated Mount Horeb as a "darkhorse" in the league race, but they were forced to change their opinions after the Vikings won four straight games and defeated Darlington, the team favored to win the championship. Since lights were installed on the athletic field this year, all of the home games were played at night. The first appearance of the team under the new lights was in a non- conference game with Stoughton. After a rough and exciting game, the Vikings of Mount Horeb had been defeated 19-12. The following week conference action start- ed with Mount Horeb playing at Cuba City. The Vikings returned home victorious by a margin of 26-6. Four other touchdowns were scored by Mount Horeb in this game, but each was nullified by a penalty. By scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter, the Vikings also defeated Boscobel. This time the score was 7-0. The next week Mount Horeb trounced Fennimore 18-6 for their first vic- tory under the lights. This win also made the .1461 THE BEROHBOKe1948 team a definite threat for the championship. The setting for the next game was perfect. Mount Horeb was scheduled to play Darling- ton in the Vikings homecoming. Each team was undefeated in 3 league games, and the Vikings were out to avenge last years loss to Darlington, the loss which deprived the team of the championship. By game time a crowd of 3,000 people, the largest crowd to ever witness a football game at Mount Horeb, was assembled. The crowd, as well as both teams, was very tense as the game got under way. Once the battle was started, both teams settled down and played good, hard football the rest of the game. The Vikings scored in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods, with Murphy, Eckel, and Tollefson scoring the touchdowns. The final score of 20-0 shows that the Mount Horeb defense was also very effective. The game with Lancaster was the roughest of the season. Mount Horeb became the first team to cross Lancasteris goal this year, as they scored a touchdown on the first play of the game. Lancaster came back strong, how- ever, and won by a decisive 19-6 score. In the last home game of the season, Mount Horeb had to stave off a desperate last half rally by Platteville. By so doing the Vikings were once more victorious, this time by a narrow 20-13 margin. Dodgeville was host to Mount Horeb for the last game of the season for both teams. Mount Horeb outplayed Dodgeville in every phase of the game, but the Vikings came out on the short end of a 7-6 score. Thus ended a very successful season for a team which was not expected to win hardly any games. The seasonis record stands at five conference wins and two losses, and one non-con.ference loss. Most of the credit for this record goes to Coach Steensrud and As- sistant Coach Westland. James Murphy and Henry Eckel were elect- ed Co-Captains by the letter winners of this year's squad. On January 28, the squad was honored at a banquet which was sponsored by the R0- tary Club. STANDINGS FOR 1947 Lancaster Prairie du Chien .. Mt. Horeb ...... Darlington Dodgeville ...... Cuba City ...... Platteville . Boscobel Fennimore . Mineral Point .. 1.471 Pct. 1.000 1.000 .714 .714 .429 .286 .286 .286 .286 .000 qmmmmpmmoor THE BEROHBOK-1948 Basketball Bottom Row: Arnold, Fosshage, Henderson, Zwickey, Eckel, Swingen, Ulrich. Second Row: Coach Steensrud, Einerson, Hermann, Hustad. Top Row: E. Komplin, Schaller, Tollefson, E. Disrud, Groth. Swingen, Fosshage, Einerson, Disrud, Hustad, Henderson, Eckel, Arnold, Zwickey, Hermann. B" Team Bottom Row: P. Disrud, G. Hustad, Gammeter, J. Kellesvig, Arneson, Stone. Second Row: E. Komplin, Wirth, Glick, Sutter, Groth, Coach Westland. Top Row: B. Kellesvig, Hugo, Gesme, Hugo. THE BEROHBOK-1948 BASKETBALL Since basketball is a game in which ex- perience counts a lot, Mt. Horeb was not ex- pected to win many games this year. Only 6 lettermen, Marvin Zwickey, Lloyd Hender- son, Henry Eckel, James Fosshage, Charles Swingen, and Roddy Hustad, were returning, and only one of these, Marvin Zwickey, was a regular the year before. Practice was started the week after foot- ball was over with about 40 boys reporting. Everyone worked hard to get into condition and to get football out of their systems. The first appearance of Coach Steensrud's team resulted in a decisive 40-23 victory for Stoughton. Game number two was also a non-conference affair. It was with Mazo- manie, and the Vikings lost their first home encounter 41-31. The conference opened with Mt. Horeb play- ing at Cuba City, and losing 38-21. The Vikings gained their first victory of the season at the expense of Boscobel. The final score, 47-33, showed that the team was start- ing to work together, and that they were go- ing to be a tough team to beat. Fennimore provided the opposition for Mt. Horeb in the next game, but they also met defeat 39-34. Mt. Horeb fans were treated with the first home victory of the season as Darlington went down to the Viking scorers in the next game 42-32. By means of a long underhand shot in the last five seconds, Jefferson tied the game at 36 all and then went on to defeat Mt. Horeb 40-36 in the overtime in a holiday double- header at Dodgeville, The next night Fort Atkinson routed the Vikings 49-28. Then Verona outscored the Vikings in each of the four quarters to win 56-26 at Verona. In a good defensive game, the Vikings outscored Lancaster 30-23. for their next league victory. Neither Black Earth or Platteville gave Mt. Horeb much trouble, as they both went down to defeat on the Viking court, 45-32 and 40-33. By means of fourth quarter rallies, Mt. Horeb lost their next two ball games to Dodgeville and Cuba City. The scores were 39-34 in favor of Dodgeville, and Cuba City 35, Mt. Horeb 31. The next game developed into an overtime as Mt. Horeb outscored Bos- cobel 17-5 in the last quarter to tie the ex- citing game. The Vikings went on to win 47-46. The team had to come from behind again to Win the next game from Fennimore in an overtime 38-37. Two more Victories re- sulted for the Vikings as they licked Darling- ton 44-38 and Lancaster 42-37. A revised Mt. Horeb lineup was downed by Platteville on the Platteville home court in the next game 48-41. In the last game of the regular season, Mt. Horeb was in the lead until the last minute. Dodgeville then scored a basket and went into a 38-37 lead. By stalling out the remaining time, they gained the victory. 1491 THE BEROHBOK-1948 Track As soon as the weather made it possible to be outside, about 30 boys reported to Mr. Wainwright, who was the track coach. The first weeks were spent in getting into con- dition and fitting the boys into the event to which they were best fitted. The first meet was scheduled to be run at Mt. Horeb with Stoughton. acting as the in- vaders. The Vikings of Mt. Horeb were soundly defeated 99-15. In the second meet, in which the winner was not decided until the last two events, Dodgeville emerged the Vic- tor by a score of 63-50. On May 2, the team motored to Platteville for the League Meet. A heavy mist and a cold wind hampered everyone. Mt. Horeb finished in fourth place behind Platteville, Dodgeville, and Cuba City, who finished in, that order. The boys who scored Mt. Horeb's points were: Henderson, 3rd in 440; Murphy, 1st in 100 yd. dash; Zwickey, 5th in the mile: Eckel, 2nd in 200 yd. dash; Ulrich, 5th in 200 yd dash; Lavik, 3rd in 100 yd. low hurdles; Albert, 4th in 100 yd. low hurdles; and the relay team placed third in the one-third mile relay. Edgewood ran over the Vikings by a score of 97-16 in the last meet of the season. The following boys were awarded letters for scoring over 5 points in these meets: James Murphy, Melvin Lavik, Henry Eckel, Lloyd Henderson, Norris Gammeter, Marvin Zwickey, John Feller, Louis Grossen, Robert Grinder, Jack Farrell, David Albert, and Al- vin Hanson. Baseball Coach Steensrud,s call for baseball candi- dates was answered by 56 enthusiastic boys. The boys were aiming at winning the champ- ionship again, as Mt. Horeb was the only team that had ever won the championship of the league. This year was an exception, as Prairie du Chien defeated Darlington in the play-off for the championship. Rain caused postponement of the first game, which was with Black Earth. Mt. Horeb had scored 5 runs, and was leading by a score of 5-0 When rain halted the game. Scores of the league games are as follows: Mt. Horeb 4 Dodgeville 5 Mt. Horeb 5 Mineral Point 16 Mt. Horeb 6 Darlington 8 Mt. Horeb 3 Dodgeville 5 Mt. Horeb 6 Mineral Point 5 Mt. Horeb 4 Darlington 6 Marv. Zwickey, Lloyd Henderson, James Kalcheur, Norris Gammeter, James Murphy, Dean Smith, Henry Eckel, James Ulrich, Lar- ry Locker, and Jack Farrel all received their letters. Farrel was elected Captain by the team. hm- THE BEROHBOK-1948 GERHARD STEENSRUD Athletic Director Head Coach Football Basketball Baseball RALPH WESTLAND Assistant Coach Football Basketball Track Coach 52 Good Old Days In Mt. Horeb THE BEROHBOK-l948 FEATURGS 7T szmca's g M 2-228 $QR h- THE BEROHBOK-1948 Class Prophecy 1. David Albert will own the "You Call, We Haul" Rendering Company. 2. Carol Anderson will work for John Robert Powers. 3. Joyce Anderson will be chief onion peel- er at the Squeeze Inn. 4. Ramona Arneson will be a speaker in Congress. 5. Joyce Boley will peel grapes for the Welsch Grape Juice Company. 6. Viggo Christianson will give lectures on tHigh School Adolescence,y or lOne Arm Driv- ingf '7. Vergeane Collins will have the soprano lead in the Broadway hit, "Lover, Take An Anacin." 8. Betty Cook will be a missionary and go to the Fe Fe Islands and teach the monkey new hair styles. . 9. Delma Diem will be a personal flea ex- terminater to Lassie. 10. Constance Docken will keep that "little room" in the Black Earth Dance Hall clean. 11. Ervin Eckel will own a snow plow com- pany in China-assisted by his wife, Who Flung Elizabeth. 12. Henry Eckel will produce and design the first fur lined bath tub. 13. Doris Esser will tell fortunes at Blue Mounds. 14. Rosemary Evans will tap dance at Han- nals Happy Hamburger Hacienda. 255.2 15. Verna Field will organize a group of men and explore the jungles of Africa. 16. Joan Fjelstad will be a model for stylish stouts at the Tent and Awning Company. 17. James Fosshage will be Betty Grableis secretary. 18. Rudolf Gartzke will run a column in the Mt. Horeb Mail entitled, iiRudyls Recipes for the New Bride? 19. Gerald Gilbertson will blow up balloons for Ringling Brothers Circus. 20. Elmere Gordon will work with the Sal- vation Army. 21. James Greenwald will design clothes for Kate Smith. 22. Richard Grinde will do the house work at the Y. W. C. A. 23. Ethel Grinder will slaughter hogs at Oscar Mayer's. 24. Dora Grossen will be a famous Broad- way dancer. 25. Marjorie Helmeid will take in washings to support the 25 little Tvedts. 26. Lloyd Henderson will play the harp at Tomls Pool Hall. 27. Charles Hustad will own, and operate the Holum Hearse Co. His slogan is-iRide in Comfort Unto the Endf 28. Ruby Hustad will take care of monkeys at the 200. 29. Shirley Hustad will trim mustaches at Joels Joint in New York. THE BEROHBOK-1948 30. Richard Jestila will raise goats in the Antarctic. 31. Lowell Kiley will run the Blue Mounds Sausage Company. His recipe-50-50e0ne horse, one rabbit. 32. Robert Larson will be personal maid to the Queen of Siam. 33. Ralph Lukken will be the local grave digger. 34. Dawn Lund will be a dress saleswoman for the ttCome and Get Me Figurel, Dress Company. 35. Paul Lund will operate a Trans-Atlan- tic Row Boat Service. 36. Marion Marty will run a blacksmith shop in Mt. Vernon. tMale horses onlyJ 37. Kathleen Mickleson will be a bouncer at Club 18. 38. Carol Moore will be chief reporter for the Mt. Horeb Mail. 39. James Murphy will be Mayor of Paoli- With a harem of 500 beautiful native girls. 40. Harlan Oimoen will be a ballet instruc- tor. 41. Mary Ann Oimoen will tie baloney ends at Kileyls Company. 42. Jean Pfister will be a truck driver for Wittwer. 43. James Riley will be Phy. Ed. Instructor at Vassar College. 44. Richard Rindy will run the Milady Beau- ty Salon. eye 45. Patricia Rogers will invent a walky- talky telephone especially for Bob, so he wont have to go to Barneveld and phone be- fore he comes. 46. Marion Skogen will raise rabbits and sell the fur sweaters. 47. James Smith will be a veterinarian and cure all the old bucks. 48. Aldine Sponem will make toupees out of old fur coats. The latest thing is a silver fox crew cut with leopard bangs. 49. Marion Thompson will keep the floors at the Black Earth dance hall clean. Spit alittle, shine alittle; spit alittle, shine alittle 50. Trygve Thoreson will dig sewers. 51. Wesley Topper will be a hen-pecked husband. 52. Bernard Trainor will be a minister at Forward. 53. Joyce Trainor will design bigger and better Ford Convertibles. 54. Lyle Tvedt will scrub floors to support Marjorie. 55. Lucille Wirth will still be waiting for Ellard. 56. Kenneth Zingg will be a baby sitter. No babe under 18, however. 57. Marvin Zwickey will work for the M. H. Police Force-escorting lovely ladies across the street. 58. Betty Pfister will be a chorus dancer- 3rd from the end in the front row. 0 5m: "w what; '- arm" w 59. Milton Pryne will be a bubble dancer. tDuz does everything, doesnlt it'll THE BEROHBOK--1948 Class Will We, the class of 1948, being of sound mind iwe hopei and able body do hereby bequeath to the underclassmen our most cherished pos- sessions in this our last will and testament. David Albert wills his cookie duster to Joe Stone. Carol Anderson wills her letter Writing ability to her sister, Delores. Joyce Anderson wills her nickname, Geor- gia, to Hazel Aavang. Ramona Arneson wills her vim, vigor, and vitality to Rodney Karn. Joyce Boley wills her monitor job seventh period to Joan Ulrich. Viggo Christianson wills his sister, Tyra, to Bob Hubacher. Vergeane Collins wills her long fingernails to Richard Schaller so he can protect himself when the girls make advances. Betty Cook wills Ray t0 Janice Olson. Delma Diem wills her iiextrah class ring to Elva Jean Christianson. Connie Docken wills her diamond to Goldie Gammeter. Ervin Eckel wills everything to Elizabeth Schlapbach. Henry Eckel wills his "dream girl" to Rob- ert Krohn. Doris Esser wills her rides in Gammeteris car with the Helectrified" back seat to anyone with a lot of courage and paddingi. e58 - Rosemary Evans wills her ability to wreck toboggans to anyone wealthy enough to pay the consequences. Verna Field wills her interest in Verona to her sister ibecause she trusts heri. Joan Fjelstad Wills her night life to Marlene Kalscheur. James Fosshage wills his letter sweater to Norma. Rudolph Gartzke wills his commerce ability to next years commerce class. Gerald Gibertson wills his quietness i? ?i to Joyce Lewis-providing he has Aldineis per- mission. Elmere Gordon wills going steady to any- one who has marriage in mind. James Greenwald Wills his toe nails to the toothpick company. Richard Grinde wills his hatred of women to Maynard Judd. Ethel Grinder wills Philip to herself. Dora Grossen wills her university men to Lucille Field. Marjorie Helmeid wills her personality to anyone who needs it. Lloyd Henderson wills the Cockroach to Pat Murphy. Charles Hustad wills his experience to Errol Flynn. Ruby Hustad wills her kiss-proof lipstick to her sister, Gladys. Shirley Hustad Wills her diary to Robert Rothmann. Richard Jestila wills the hair on his chest to the Sealy Mattress Company. Lowell Kiley wills two dozen ears of corn to Mrs. Olson. Robert Larson wills his physique to Vera Lou Sponem. Ralph Lukken Wills his luseious ladies to Wilbert Hefty. Dawn Lund Wills her date with Gerald Sersch to Marlene Johnson. Paul Lund wills his motor scooter to Dorr othy Colvin if she,ll promise to come and see him often. Marion Marty wills her interest in the Uni- versity to anyone possibly interested. Kathleen Mickelson wills Russellis picture to the museum. Carol Moore wills her nylons to Alice Tem- by. James Murphy Wills his bottle opener to Ronnie Wirth. Harlan Oimoen. wills his sense t? ?i of hu- mor to Tom Gesme. Mary Ann Oimoen wills that night out at Doris,s twith three in a bedi to anyone with a strong constitution. Betty Pfister Wills her 00mph to Terry ttHotlipsi' Kittleson, provided Terry keeps it in first class condition. Jean Pfister wills the Dodge to Beverly Mael, so she can purchase a new tWillyis. Milton Pryne wills nicer cells to the Mt. Horeb jail. tWhat,s the matter, arenit they comfy, Miltonh THE BEROHBOK-1948 James Riley wills his terrific build to Wal- ter Finke. Richard Rindy wills his adventures in Blanchardville to anyone physically able. Patricia Rogers wills her faithfulness to anyone Who wants to make a success of going steady. Marion Skogen wills her iisparkler" to her sister, Carol. James Smith wills his appendix to the Bi- ology Class. Aldine Sponem wills his ability to handle twithout frictioni two certain freshmen girls to Irvin Bieri. Marion Thompson wills her giggle to Wayne Austin. Trygve Thoresen wills his Esquire calendar to Robert Hugo. Wesley Topper wills his thigh grades" to Janis, his sister. Bernard Trainor wills his height to anyone Who has to wash Windows Without the aid of a ladder. J oyce Trainor Wills her experiences to True Confessions magazine for publication. Lyle Tvedt wills tand recommendsi the lake to all the under classmen with his blessings. Lucille Wirth wills the "Kelly boys" to Ar- lene Moyer. Kenneth Zingg wills his garters to anyone who needs a quick holdup. Marvin ZWickey wills his roll-away bed to Jack Kellesvig. THE BEROHBOK41948 March Of Time 12:00-MidnighteAnd all is quiet-except 5th Street Where you can hear strange sounds from the Hustad house where Rod and Hazel are arguing over Rodls electric train. iHaz- el wants to be eingineerJ 12:06 While along a deserted Blue Mounds side road Henry Eckel brings his car to the side of the road, stops, and-e-you guessed 1t. Another flat tire. 12:061942 Henry walks Gerry over the pas- ture and home. 12:18 Mrs. Baird,s car stalls out on Bakefs Hill. Decides shelll have to walk back to Mt. Horeb. 12:54 Whats this? Dona Danhouserls heard murmuring. "Welve had a lovely eve- ning. By the way I donlt believe I quite caught your name." 1:03 Carol Olson kisses Mickey gooduight. "You sure do have fleas, Mickey," she s1ghes iMickey,s her dogJ 1:16 Joyce Lewis can be seen holding Al- dinels hand. . . . HGee, you're shy," she s1ghes disgustedly. 1:39 While down at the lake, Ramona is asking Jimmy, 2Are you sure there,s a bear down here? Welve been here 3 hours and I havenit seen any. Thatls what you said We came down for." iWhat an excuse, JimmyJ 2:15 From behind the bars at the Mt. Horeb jail Milton Pryne looks out and mourn- fully sings, 2Ilm Only a Bird In a Gilded Cage." 2:51 Mrs. Helmeid Wonders if Lyle will ever go home. Mr. Helmeid hopes that as Lyle has stayed this long heill stay for milk- ing. 3:08 Mrs. Baird applies a Schollls corn pad and starts walking again. 3:13 Dean Smith tiptoes out into the hall to see if anybody is awake, crawls back under the covers with his flashlight, and starts to read HForever Amber? 3:45 Vance Hermann clutches his alcohol bottle and shouts, "Ah, potent stuff, as he rubs it on his aching muscles. tRubbing al- cohol of courseJ 1601. 4:00 While at the Trainer house Lowell is heard murmuring, neAnd your lips are like roses? "Really, Lowell dear, I must say good- night nowfl itWell, lets say it with flowers? suggests Lowell. 6:52 Mrs. Baird limps in. 7:02 The alarm clock rings. Gladys Hu- stad gives Ruby a kick to get up. Ruby throws the alarm clock at Gladys. They both go back to sleep. 7:40 At the breakfast table Emma Kahl ttelling of her last nights datel tt-And if you want a jolting thrill, kiss a man with hiccoughs ! W 8:05 Bob Peterson calls Finland to see about the price of cheese. 8:26 Mary Staub dashes madly out of bed and eats her ttenergy-building" Wheatie Oats. 8:32 The school busses roll in and the oc- cupants roll out. 9:06 The first period shorthand class is informed that that word is written with a hook. HNo wonder? mumbles Mary Smith, looking at the mess on her paper. "Pm using a pencil? 9:31 The science class is suddenly astound- ed by a piercing shriek from next door. Its only Miss Biddick trying to see if her Social Problems Class is asleep or dead. 9:39 Rod refuses to speak to Hazel. And wouldnlt you do the same thing if sheld bro- ken your caboose? 9:40 Janice Olson is still blushing about the night before. 9:49 The teacher asks Donald McSherry, tiWhat have you readTi and Donald replies, ttI have red hairfy 10:12 Betty Pfister wonders if she should play hard to get with Henry Luhman. 10:31 David Albert tells Miss Biddick that his ancestors came over on: the Mayflower. Marvin Zwickey says, "Its a good thing they did. The immigration laws are much stricte1 now? 11:15 Mr. Steensrud asks his Manual Arts class What kind of wood matches are made of A bright voice from the back yells, ttHe would and she would? THE BEROHBOK-1948 11:36 That gnawing in everybody's stom- ach reminds them that its soon lunch time. Hicky Arneson feels faint. 11:54 Some are perched tensely on: the end of their seats waiting for the bell. 11:55 There's a mad rush. The Student Council representatives stationed in the hall are trampled under. 12:20 Anita walks back to school very slowly. Why? Because a load of boys go by. 12:38 Jim Murphy pulls in with the gas truck. A few minutes later Pat comes in; walking. 12:51 Donald Arnold rushes in. The car doors open and about 20 boys pile out and rush for the Main. Room. 12:58 Anita decides to hurry up walking because theyive probably gone home by now anyway. 1:10 Vivian Field writes tiRoger" on her paper-realizing only too late that it's her English theme. tStarts recopyingJ 1:16 Suddenly the Main Room fills With smoke. Call the fire department, water de- partment,-anything-hurry. But as the smoke disappears and good old Alma Mater still stands itis discovered that all that Hhot air" is coming from Chemistry Lab. 1:23 Delos Sailing tin Math Classl adds 2 and 2 and gets 29!! Knew I should have brought something for dinner besides dog food sandwiches, he mutters disgustedly. 1:28 Miss Haase tells her first year Home Ec girls that the way to a manis heart is through his stomach. Lou Ann Spanem mumbles under her breath, iiI doubt if Roger has a heart." 1:30 The English Class leaves for Madi- son-Miss Skaife holding onto the side of Harlanis car, "Aren't you going just a little fast, Harlan?" 2:04 Mr. Winckler gently tells his study hall to "Settle down and shut up or else." 2:30 Everybody hurries to sign out some- where-anywhere will do. 3:29 Joannie Fjelstad is treminded' by Miss Babcock that hall roaming is not allowed. 3:49 Rosemary Evans wonders if Butch loves her. Tells Katy she doesnit think so. 3:491X2 Katy has reassured Rosemary. 3:54 Students hurry back to home rooms with sign out cards. 3:56 Almost everybody is trying to find a ride uptown-with just anybody at all. 3:57 Before Billy Ayers can pull out Ruthie Minnig climbs in. 4:00 Russells is the place for most stu- dents. 4:02 Roger Oimoen orders a glass of but- termilk. tDieting you knoWJ 4:05 Busses pull out with a large percent- age of Mt. Horeb High. 4:25 While on the way home Grace Haug- land wonders if sheill have a letter from that Lonely Hearts Club she joined a month ago. 4:45 Harlan Oimoen is touring Madison looking for his car. Tells Miss Skaife, "But, it was here a while ago!!!" 5:00 Basketball practice is over and Don Afs car transports everybody uptown. 5:05 Gracie wildly rips open an envelope. HDear Gracie: Are you the girl with a cow? I have a meat grinder. What do you say we combine and start a hamburger stand? Signed, Tarzan." 5:29 Connie phones Marion T. about to- night's date. "He,s coming early-." 5:49 Rosie Kalscheur starts the milking early. 6:00 Lucille Wirth and Arlene Moyer start hitch-hiking for Black Earth. liThe dance should be on by the time we get there," says. Arlene. 6:35 Ethel Grinder decides to switch to "Philipsii 66 gas. 7:00 Connie and Marion are still talking. Connie's date arrives. 7:24 Ervin Eckel shines his shoes and leaves for Schlapbachs. 7:39 Vivian Ayen tseated by the tele- phonel "Maybe he'll take me out tonight? 7:49 Verna Field is busily washing her hair when a call from Verona arrives. "Howid you like to go to the Chanticleer to- night, Vernaiw tThe urge to killJ 8:00 Students are busy studying? ? ? ? ? 8:20 Maynard Judd puts up his hair in pin curls. 8:50 Mrs. Goli is busy explaining to Mr. Goli that there is only 1-way traffic around the Square in Madison. 9:55 Nothingis happening-. S u r p r i s e isn't it? 10:15 Of course all the players are home in bed tare they? ? ? ? . 10:30 Ole Larson vainly tries to talk Delma into staying later. THE BEROHBOK-1948 Calendar of 1947-48 September 2: Eager students again begin their quest for knowledge. September 17: The magazine campaign opened with a pep talk by Nick Engle. Of course, we all did our very best! ! ! ! September 17: The first football game un- der the new lights with Stoughton. The score-19-12. September 26: Game at Cuba City. Mt. Horeb victors by 26-6. October 3: Mt. Horeb nips Boscobel 7-0. October 8: E. C. A. Program-Otto Schact. We all enjoyed his singing. October 10: Football game with Fennimore. October 17: Homecoming game with Dar- lington. Thrilling upset of 20-0. October 29: Junior Class Play was present- ed. ttJust Ducky." October 29: E. C. A. Program, E. Brown. October 31: Platteville here. 20-13. November 5: Dodgeville there. Lady Luck helps Dodgers win 7-6. November 17: H. Williams. E. C. A. Pro- gram. November 19: Initiationl!!! Those p-o-o-r p-o-o-r freshmen. November 21: First basketball game of the year played with Stoughton. November 26: Vikings lose to Mazomanie 41-31. December 1: E. C. A. Program. M. Roshalt gave a very interesting lecture. December 2: Choir presents first high school Operetta, ttThe Blue Danube." December 5: Basketball game at Cuba. Cuba won 38-21. December 8: FIRST VICTORY OF THE SEASON AT THE EXPENSE OF BOSCO- BEL, 47-33. December 12: Fennimore here-Vikings won -39-34. December 18: Band and choir present Christmas Concert. December 19: Mt. Horeb defeats Darling- ton. Christmas vacation was here again. 2522 December 29: Vikings lose to Jefferson at Dodgeville in a thrilling overtime. ' December 30: Fort Atkinson trampled Vik- mgs. Januarv 5: School resumes much to every- 0ne1s dislike. January 6: Basketball game at Verona. January 9: Boys motored to Lancaster for game. January 16: Exciting game with Platteville. Also, end of semester. January 23: Alonzo Pond gives interesting E. C. A. Program. Cuba City motors here for game. January 26: Mt. Horeb wins basketball game from Boscobel. January 28: Football banquet. January 30: Mt. Horeb wallops Fennimore. February 10: Mt. Horeb beats Lancaster on home floor. February 13: Vikings lose to Platteville there. February 18: Hopkins talks to student body in E. C. A. program. February 20: Mt. Horeb loses to Dodgeville in thrill-packed game. February 26: F. F. A. Banquet at high school. March 1: Jam-packed auditorium enjoys Donkey Basketball. March 19: Students start long needed Easter Vacation. March 29: School resumes. Students drearily trudge back to school. April 9: Hanley Marienettes entertain stu- dent body with ttWizard of Oz." April 15: Seniors present class play, "Three- Twenty College Avenue,, April 26: Minstrel show presented by Band Mothers. Huge success. April 28: Social Problems Class visits Wau- pun prison. April 30: Platteville track meet. Berohbok finally goes to press. The staff can now rest in peace till the end of the year!!!! :w' ; Lam? ., W': akaua$$m .4 , jagghk "V w ; :f h jigm , a,xtfh'h '0 am rim: . yawn? ,.v1,. . :47 :: y K. ... . . :nulaqjmhwa. ..

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