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-:L-':fff,':f,-a.:f'--u'i"'f' :1 -, ' vu' gi if f- +' ' k . K f, -. '1 Y ie. . - -N . ' Av' V- V - xl 1. .. V Lg '.LA'g duh wg.. , , ,, 1.f j-ia? ' '. -A , - f ' .N 111 3 ,41 Q W jf- -J ' K - ' 1' " ffgfi i ' Q X- - f' - , J .-- ,U f - A . - 'A Aw.: '- ' L R - ---9 - " ' .,.' ' , A Q: ' U1 f .. Q 1 b nfs' u A A E. A "-Wx, V , :' ,Y - " "'Y"": Qxfxrx :sz " v'9 ggwsvx A , 'V 5 . ' A 4-154:- : --K-xg ' , lqz' " ' -1 ' , N 1' -A ' , - , - f A v , M ,M Q4 :QQ ' .. 1, .X z ,,V ,VL-.E , ' 1 Y' sL-1125 L- sy,-.44 lf' --,::'1 . ' X. K-4 ', -Qu! 5 L- 1717, af. - 7' A "Lf -My A-ff NYM" A 'Q .fraf Y X". k7'Qg?u7L.5'j'7 '- .,..fz.., ' " " N ,high .ga-- , gl.. '.:""' 2.5 L2 '- "r " . .iff b A, ..f,.,A-, 4.5, .t..,TG, X414-ATEV. L V- ii! V V .. V '- 5,141.1 M ,x . - -' 4 ' -,4 "nm ' A.. :V I '- 9' 'i H all "-14v:,1:,f,, " "V '-P92855 'Q J ' 1 ft'-Q ' .A f. S ' 'illlfif . v.,-5 ,L N. nfl , 121' . .Y ' 1' f-' fm',!5Q: f ' 4f'r-1:5icJf1'-,.'q-- 4 ,J .Jw 15.:A,.., ., .r -,gh ,,5:5:j Y. -V ,Z U:.f:,' .n!-f:.-- V ,-V' -- 1,.- '-- -f",DE..' ' " V 1 -- ,1 1' 1 P . ... H " l,, H, 6, ,gg ,, , ':f'1':Y, f YZ , '2J',,5?'Qf'543'F55faAQ1nfi fPf:f25sTf f5 . 35 D. Q6 2 1- r Y -. "I, ,A I 5' -lf fl- -NL 'J ,257 6--7252 by 253559-25 -,- ' :Q .- V, - : Q . . tg, ixaf L-,f 2 - L- Wit? v ' , '- 30 ,,. -1-. .V - . , 'Af-vw W Eff! "' , 1,-ve' Y. Y V r b - ' ' ni ,i ,-.4 " ' ' A fr P T ..' -:Q - A 1 Y r ' ' si' ' 1 -,,., if - , rg ' ' 1 " J , B Ft: -QA 1 f A , S W :A-if F , . --: 1 , ,J W - LA." ,I ' A I .17-1' if 3- -,A ., -4, - , - 1 - ' B , s V, , - ' 'I , L ' 14. ii" N I if , -, lf' : 'H x '. A . ,g '14 . 9. " ' i' A! ' , V -. - . g'f -. . A -'r . f Y ,A Wa. .-, -' f- 1 V id- . 5'-fra --W-,Q gg :Y Q 14 ,, - - -. wa: -., ,- -w ..- ,T fr..-.M-...: .'.wii'1.' UE EU UE ED EU DU DE UD DE UE UE Du JJ JJ EU EE EU EU EE EU DD UD UD UD UU UU EU ED UU EU UU UU UD DE EE EE EU UU EE UE EE UD EQ SE EE EE EU UD EU DU UE UU DE ED UU DU UD DU ED DU DD UE UE EU EU UU UU UD DE DE UE DE ED DU UE UU DD DD ED UD I DDDDUDQUDUEUDEUUUDUDUUUUUEDDUDDDEUUDEUDEDEUDEEEDEDUDUUDD UDUDEEUUDUUDDEUEEUUDEUEDEUDDDDUEDEUDEEEEEUDUUDDUUEDUDUUU 13511115 Svpvi Volume Tkree O I 925 BOARD OF EDITORS Frances Carter - - - Editor-in-Chief Raymond Tissue Bufineu Managfr A record of Mount Hope High School events for the year of 1924-1925 DU UU UD UU DD DD UU UD DD EU DD Published by the Senior Class of MOUNT HOPE HIGH SCHOOL Mdunt Hope, West Wrginia DEBUGDUUDEUEUEUDDEDDUDEDUDUEUUECDDEUDDEDDEDEDUEDDEUDUUUD UUEUUUDEEDUUUDUUEDUUDUUDDUDEUUEEDDEEUUUEDDUEUEEUUUEDUEDD U -fx g7"N " lf' , K - 1 Ja' ,vi .P K t ,ir ar xx If' n Muremnrh X I t has not been our desire 2771 editing this book , to show our great skit! in 'V-f f0?t7lZl1ItS11'l, but to keep - green in the 111l'1ZdS of the Q' 1 Students and faculty a , ig Z'1:Z'ljd pictzwe of happy Q I: days i1zAMo'tmtH0pc High I , Selma! during 1924-1925. ' Ntgf I x 'il ' S it f vl THE STAFF. vi. V' , ' 1' - , 'IN It .b 1 if - e X it A tt X, , 3 ,v A , X X4 . - ,xx-V M- Q X1w,'f,ff , SQ 'wal ' - NEW QC- X N A, ' ' . A Q9 W" kg ny WON LQ Ki' 79 I 1- 1 A ' - ' ' f X nr f Xen 5 a J Glhv l!9rhrr uf Ennkn BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK I THEFACULTY H CLASSES IH ORGANILYHONS IV ATHLETICS V JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL VI HUMOR VII ADVERTISEMENTS Three Fam' VVILLIAM IXICKELL fi iff.. .f ff ff' 'V X X fi' ff ,fl f ff ca im To William McKel1 Glen jean, W. Va. For the valued service rendered Mount Hope High School F 'ive William lVIcKell To IVILLIAM MCKELL, whose service to the Class of 1925 and to the Mount Hope High School has commanded our most sincere admiration and esteem, this volume of thc Moxs SPH1 is apprecia- tively dedicated. Mr. McKell was born at Chillicothe, Ohio, March 5, l87l, He is a son of Thomas G. RIcKell and ,lean Dun Mc- Kell. both of Chillicothe, Ohio. Mr. McKell attended grammar school and high school at Chillicothe, Ohio, and prepared for col- lege at Andover, Mass., Lausanne, Switzerland and Lawrenceville, New jersey. He entered the class of 1893 at Shefheld Scientific School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., taking the Course in Mechanical Engineering, graduating with the degree of Ph. B, In 1893 he became a resident of Glen Jean, IVest Virginia, and was engaged in coal mining. Mr, MeKell attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, taking a special course in Mining Engineer- ing, Residence, "Bachelors Bench," Glen jean, IVest Virginia. In addition to other services rendered, Mr. McKell has given us grounds for the new high school building and we are indebted to him for our athletic field. Seven Eight Board of Education DR. C. P. CALLOWAY .... .,...,. P reszdeut A. D. SMITH .... ....,. .... C ' 'ommisswzzer DR. H. A. DUNUAN. . . , , .Cc1'11missvQo11er K, B. RICHARDSON. . . .,,....,,. Secretary H. L. XYAN CAMP. . . . . .District Super1Qnteude11t A. fl' ill '55ff"' ?, .W FV lJ.1w ,N yvl, -S , l SHT ' 'sh N L . N f-2 ' WP' -"" WD I 9 I ' 1 NY, ,fy "'V'5,L'- ,gl ' X if 4 -4 n 'W' f H A fee,-f I "'S,552,fj ,.'i':6f,,QfHll 3,11 ff':,e I ' 'Lf' xi. ' 2:-' "ff-""01 " V - o ,, ,. 7111 I, 2 1l':" ' ' f i'z-"fZWf"I 'plz ,' " f WW! A 212' N 0 A !T:ff'V7'7', Ala 'ab' i ' fl I M "'yg,llIlI 'M ll 4 -fini pf' glwlf' . .Q -5 ff fi "7 , X 01711. fur NMQ' X' , ,, 1.3 ,,v, fa2.,:.lg ef 'f'i0,mggff:," 3 ffff rfilrfkyr' ,ei 14'-'r':f" , ,, ugyf' - 0 f librzfv."A.n:leZ':'Y":'35'Ay .iffff-112-..:rfZff,, .,f,j '-iw,--.'-.-9,-1 f2f?g!27?'yf I "fh1fgg:rvi7.ff if 27 Tsjsgszgipf 1y4,mfA,,'f! ,. 1 yfsfsfaew 4fjjZ1QQ,424f? ,fx gf, za-A MW x yfzffflifgf 1,!ff'ff7:17' 1 f 'H I U lfl 'X YNTT' ,f ,' 'lf' . N Zhfaff NF. 1" fk A X X ? x nf N ,N ,Q ix mv ' . f Vmxv, 4 Y , 1 xv, jf . V. Vvz 9 A 3 J X NN AW W XN' ' N NX 1 h kiwi ll I I 1 I 1 W Mn' ff r ,fe M xx ' '17 f '1 . u " 1 az? W' :rf I' ' 9 .1 I ,. wail Q If x 'J Q-1 I ' 4 ' Ill! ,f,. 91 H : gf' x 1 ff 3 .. ,Z. l -.564 nfvum Q vw , I 'qu' 1 'Il .. .4" mazfff I "'-, 1 f .1 ,ya ,iiiigfqqq IWfl,,v' yi! in !1,f.'n'.: 4- Ng! ,lllj 4 I,?.ZHlf mf fir 1 , Mi?" f 0116? ,Hn gl ' fi. I fi! W , 2 7 li!! Mlm fmjyqll M: WMM ",'4"flo. -ff' ' l 'iced ,W 'fW"n.fl'U "5" fi 4 ' 'W , , 1 Cc j fa A 'X I I f , i l N . I ' ',,. - 'YII IK x vu - sg f'.f7x W JT u xvqw vi 2 X Q ,f -N f 0 , C," V N . ff 4 1 95 f L, JZ rr L KS, ' ' . is f C. f W . ffsifffl. :i5:E?gE,. I ' , 4 X: N0 1 Q l- W Nine 'mf James Leslie Harvey, A. B. James L. Harvey, Superintendent of the Mt. Hope Schools, received his A. B, degree from VVest Virginian Wesleyan College in 1919, Mr. Harvey came to Mount Hope in 1923 and during his two years of supervision he has proven himself capable of leadership in school work. Mr. Harvey came to Mount Hope from Fayetteville High, where he had been since his discharge from the U. S, Army, in which he had won for himself the commission of captain. Since Mr, Harvey came to Mount Hope he has greatly built up the school and was partly responsible for getting the large new building now under construction. Mount Hope owes Mr. Harvey a great debt which can only be repaid by the students and citizens of Mount Hope eo-operating with him in carrying out his program. SL'PERIN'I'ENDEN'I' JAMES L, HARVEY Eleven Twelve Noah Franklin Stump, B. Sc., M. A. M1'. Stump received his B. Sc, from YVest Virginia University and his M. A, from Yale University. Mr. Stump came to Mount Hope in 1923, and since that time he has proven himself of so much value to the school that we can- not praise him enough in these few lines. Among the most im- portant things that he has accomplished is keeping our school on the first class list and accrediting it with the Southern Accrediting Association. Mr. Stump was the originator of the Mount Hope High School Orchestra, besides being one of the most competent in- structors in the school. lYe feel sure that We could ind no man equal to Mr, Stump and We sincerely hope that he will be again on the faculty in the corn- ing years. PRINCIPAL N. F. STUMP Thirteen DOROTHY IXIANX, A. B., M. A. ELSIE K. SNIDER A. B., Vassar College KI. .-X., CXUILIINI ia lfnivcrsity Y Fo urteen Mus. VV. J. SCHILLING YVINIFRED VON ALLMEN . C1-xA1,Mx-:R A. .kL'1." 1 . . 1 X B ' W. , W. , A. B. A. B., West Virginian Wesleyan . J .AR.D. A. B., VK cst Virginian Wesleyan VV. VV. PHARR, A. B., B. D. A. B., Davidson College KN. CJ B. D., Union Seminary Way MRS. -I. C. RUBY Fifteen L1-:NQRE BABER RUTH BAILEY 1 Sixteen GERTRUDE REEDER ELSIE WHITE N F, V Y-Vt W J-age,-:X -:Ei- r gk M X F 9,-x if 2 AUTOC RAPI-IS 7, A , MAL fam CRW. kwa E17 , fwzx i7'7af7af-u'A0Jaf-.,6M.f , Seniors FLOWER: American Beauty Rose COLORS: llflaroon and Black RIOTTOZ "Strive to Succeed" OFFICERS EDWVARD ROBERTS ,........,..... ,,.,..,... P resident LYSLE GEORGE ...,.. .... V ice President MARGARET PARKER .... ..,. S ecretafy TED MITCHELL ......,.. .... T feasnrer HONORS GEORGE BALLARD ...... , . Valediciorian EDWARD B. ROBERTS. . . .... Salntatorian Nineteen Twenty ELSIE HENSLEY TURKEY KNOB Excelsior, lXlONs SPEI Stati, Senior Play " The word 'impossible' is not in my dir- tmnary. " EDWARD B. ROBERTS lll0L'NT HOPE Excelsior, Class President, '24, '25, Senior Play, Cheer Leader, '24, '25, Hi-Y President " To be witty is to be wise. " KERENS MOORE ZXIOUNT HOPE Peerless, Senior Play: President of Peer- less First Semester, Hi-Y: Football, '24, Basket Ball, '24, '25 "He's tough and devilish shy. " DOROTHY CLARK KICDONALD President of Excelsior, First Semester, Assistant Business Manager Of MONS SPEI "A bright face shows a strong character." ROSE GARRETT HUNTINGTON Peerless, Senior Play, Class Reporter " It is not Ihe mere stage Qf life, but the part we play thereon that gives the value. " RAYMOND TISSUE NIOUNT HOPE Peerless, Basket Ball, '24, '25, Vice Presi- dent Of Hi-Y, Business Manager of MONS SPE1 "I know my stuff. " .-ri rw, is 315- Q55 , 1,,7, ETHEL SHEPHERD MOUNT HOPE Excelsior : Senior Play "To love and lo be loved is the greutesl happiness of exislenee. " GEORGE BALLARD GLEN JEAN Excelsior: Treasurer of Class, '24: Hi-Y: Costume Committee Senior Play " Belief than wealth ix repulation. " CLYDE WRISTON PAX Excelsior, Football, '24, Basket Ball, '25 'A Ten acres and a mule 'will sel him up m busmess. " ZELLA MORTON Excelsiorg Ccstume Committee Senior Play "A per50n's chamcler persuades, and not her words. " RUBY MONTGOMERY Excelsior, Senior Play "My creed is lo love, live, and laugh." TED MITCHELL Excelsior, Football, '22, '23, '24, Class Treasurer, '25g Hi-YQ Business Mana- ger Senior Play: Assistant Busi- ncss Manager Moss SPEI " There is a place and means for every man alive. " Twenty-one LYSLE GEORGE EIOUNT HOPE Excelsior, Orchestra, '24, '25, Hi-YQ Foot- ball, '22, '23, '24g Basket Ball, '23, '24, '25 "Fm quite sure I am correct." MARY ELLIOTT KILSYTH Excelsior, MONS SPEI Staff, Costume Di- rector Senior Play "Honor comes by diligence. " FRANCES CARTER MOUNT HOPE Excelsior, Editor-in-Chief MONS SPEI, Alpha Omega, Basket Ball, '23, '24, '25, Senior Play " 'Tis love of right that keeps the good from wrong." OY GIVENS J MARGARET PARKER MERTIE EVANS MOUNT HOPE DORIS FOREST Peerless, Secretary Senior Class, Basket WILMA RODGERS Ball, '23, 24,' 2og MONs SPEI Staff, Twenty-two Vice President Alpha Omega U Why worry? Worry never won anything. " Golden Memories Dedicated lo Class Qf 'Zi- Do you remember that drowsy May afternoon, when the warm Spring sun- shine came Howing in the Study Hall in golden floods on the second floor of old M. H. H. S.? Remember? And when wc were trying to keep awake and show a little interest in "Henderson and NTcPherson,s Chemistry," or some "goofy" Biology question like, "VVhat is the difference between an amobea and a tadpole? 'i Or, "On which end should a Hshing worm wear a hat?" And how you finally gave up and sleepily resigned yourself to listening to the monotonous buzzing of a big burly fly that was penned in one of the window sills? And to drowsily giving the bust of james W'hitcomb Riley the once over and wondering vaguely if he was ever in a similar situationg and how, after what seemed an aeon at the very least, your three o'clock study period Hnally came to a sleepy end? And do you remember how the yard looked on that morning in early November when the air was steel-blue with the smoke of burning woodlands nearby, and their pungent aroma gave true harbinger of autumn? Or the January morning when a newly fallen snow made of the yard a frozen paradise of soft white beauty, and the bitter wind sweeping across the streets and yards, which turned your breath to frosted vapor and quickened your steps? To reach the welcome warmth of the schoolhouse, or the slushy days when you gazed at each new pair of galoshes with fresh amazement, wondering how in the dickens they could ever keep them on, let alone walk in them? And do you remember that hysterical day when the football demons of HOld Gold and Blue" met Oak Hill and made gridiron history by tying the bewildered "Big Red and Black" to the soul-satisfying tune of O-0, or the equally hysterical night in the Gym when, before a crowd that liowled its frenzied approval, Mount Hope's basket ball five played boisterous host to East Bank's highly tauted team, and knocked them for a row of non-renllable bucketsg and also the night "Old Gold and Blue" lost a double-header to the fast Montgomery quintette? And do you remember the few dances and parties given at the Armory, and at the girls' homes? And do you remember how you felt when a good-looking girl asked you to dance for the first time? And oh! do you remember the spring picnics, the hay rides, and the wienie roasts? Also, do you remember what a pathetically bewildered F reshie you were when you Hrst registered in M. H. H. S. four years ago? And shall you ever forget the splendid friendships, the glorious times, the treasured scenes, that must for always make your High School days at Mount Hope High a precious thing of golden dreams? By TED MITCHELL Twenty-three 1 Senior Class History In September, 1921, there entered into the study hall of the Mount Hope High School the greenest bunch of Freshmen that history has record of. In fact, they were green to the extent that the people living nearby were forced to keep their cattle under lock and key for several days to save the said students from being devoured for green foliage late in appearing. But, did you ever think that when a thing of life is green, it is not dead or dormant, but growing? So it was with the present class of '25, VVe started over against the wall of the assembly hall, and from that time we have never as yet changed, but we are still green, but growing. The class started the year with about forty enrolled. A few days after school routine had begun our class ofhcer, Miss Charlotte E, Kehm, was chosen. Grady Toney was elected President of the class, and led it through one of its most suc- cessful years. The next September we started out with a surplus amount of vim and vigor over the idea of being Sophs, However, the school adopted the new plan known as the six-three-three plan, throwing us again the lower class in high school, and again having to take the knocks of the Seniors, which were given to us for hark lessons assigned to them by the faculty. This year we had the pleasure of being under the guidance of Miss Lucy Baker, who was appointed Class Officer. Edward Roberts was elected to the executive position of President. During this year we were very fortunate in having some of the Freshmen of Glen jean in our midst, This was a great addition to the class, although we had lost a great many faces familiar in our classrooms. In nineteen hundred and twenty-three we were juniors. Although few in num- ber compared to our previous strength, we all know the old saying that 'fprecious gems come in small packages. " Miss Dorothy Mann was elected as Class Sponsor, and in the position of President we had a very capable man. Raymond E. Tissue served in the above position so well that during this year there were more junior activities than we had had in the earlier classes of school. So, with the brief outline above of the history of the class, we can proceed with the Senior year. This year we entered school with a roll of only twenty-three. On account of the lack of a Normal course, some of our most valuable members were forced to attend school at other places in order to get this work. As is true of any class, we always lose a few at the end of the first couple of weeks. So by the time of the ending of the first semester we boast of the number of seventeen. T wenty-four At the beginning of the year we were very gratified to have our old Sponsor, Miss Mann, again with us. Very soon after the term began, a meeting was called and the following officers elected: Edward Roberts, President, Lysle George, Vice President, Margaret Parker, Secretary, and Edgar Mitchell, Treasurer. At a very early date the class assembled and decided to keep the Red Rose as the class flower, and Maroon and Black as the class colors, As with all Seniors, we had, of course, to buy our class jewelry, so a ring was chosen, and on arriving, proved to be very satisfactory to all, Of course, as soon as possible the class united in presenting the three-act play, entitled, "Nothing But the Truth, " There seems to be a very good amount of ability in the class, as members were supplied for the Senior plays of '23 and '24. The play as a whole was a great success, and seemed to meet the approval of the public in general. The class furnished the athletic teams with a halfback and two ends in foot- ball, and a center and two forwards in basket ball. All through the four years we have had a very good showing in athletics, furnishing the first football team of the school with several players. So really, you see that, although having a stormy career, we have at last en- tered the home stretch of our high school work. Are we going to stop here? No, we are not, as I said in the beginning, we are Hgreen, but growing. " EDWARD ROBERTS, Class Historian Twenty-jizfe l X Senior Class ,Prophecy One night as I sat before the fire hearing the rain pattering on the roof and wondering for how many more minutes I could follow the tragic utterances of Hamlet, the melancholy Dane, without falling asleep, I suddenly beheld a startling vision before me. The brightly lighted dance hall of the Mauretania was crowded with men and women in evening dress. As my eyes grew accustomed to the brightness, I began to distinguish faces. A woman richly dressed in a black velvet robe trimmed in ermine and wearing a necklace of priceless rubies, looked amazingly familiar. Could this be the Joy Givens who had attended the M. H, H. S. in the class of '25? Upon closer scrutiny I recognized her beyond a doubt, happening to notice on her finger, a ring of sardonyx and white gold, bearing the letters of M. H. H. S. By her side stood a handsome Frenchman, whom she afterwards introduced to me as her husband, Count Hamburg de Boloni, a great- grandson of Napoleon Boneparte. As we stood chatting, joy asked whether I knew that there were on board three other members of the class of 1925, Ted Mitchell, U. S. Ambassador to the Isle of Pines, and his wife, Margaret Mitchell, formerly Margaret Parker, as well as Rose Garrett and Mary Elliott. Rose Garrett, after serving as a missionary in China for three years, had married an Hawaiian musician, and was now on her way to meet him in Honolulu. Mary Elliott, after a brief career as waitress in a Greek restaurant, had married a mil- lionaire diamond merchant from South Africa, however, the union had proved unhappy. The sensational divorce proceedings filled the newspapers' headlines for weeks. To escape the unwelcome publicity attendant upon her divorce, Mary was now traveling under an assumed name. Before the evening was over I had the pleasure of talking to Ted and of seeing Margaret. The change in Ted was striking. He was dressed in the latest fashion, and spoke in a manner at once distinguished and quiet. After he had passed, Joy told me that Margaret had devoted her life to reforming him, and from my glimpse of him, she had pretty nearly succeeded. VVhile I was searching for a glimpse of the notorious Mary Elliott, the scene changed and I found myself no longer on shipboard, but sud- denly transported to a crowded tent. I was very much astonished to find Lysle George, one of my old schoolmates, who was now a noted evangelist holding a gospel meeting. I decided to listen to my old classmate give his sermon before I would make myself known. After listening to a very oratorical speech, I pushed myself to the front of the tent and made myself known. After talking of old times back at M. H. H. S. for a few moments, he told me there were some other members of the old class present at the meeting. VVe started out in search of the members of the class, and to my Twenty-six surprise, found them to be Zella Morton and Clyde Wriston, who had entered upon the sea of matrimony, and he was employed as lumberjack on Little Coal River. Also living in the same community was Kerens Moore, who was employed by the N. 85 W. Railroad section gang. This was because of his great stature and brute strength. To my left I heard a familiar voice discussing the market condition of the price of cheese. Upon closer observationI found it to be another member of the class, Edward Roberts, who, I learned, had started as a dairy- man and had now entered the cheese industry, which was paying good dividends at the present time. As we were leaving there was a terrible noise in a tent at the right of the main tent and upon investigating the cause of the noise I found it to be a nursery carefully managed by George Ballard, who was always eilicient in this line of work while in high school. While talking over old times with my schoolmates the scene changed to a theatre in Washington. After seeing a very fine exhibition of toe dancing by a Hgure which looked very familiar, I decided to look the toe dancer up, and upon being ushered to her apartments, I found it to be Mertie Evans, who later told me that she had been having a very successful career with the Ziegfield Follies. After a brief discussion of old times, she invited me to attend a dinner to be held in her honor. Upon arriving at the banquet hall I was surprised to Hnd among the guests some more of my old classmates. Among those present were Raymond Tissue, a model for Hart, Schaffner and Marx, who was trying to in- terest President Coolidge and some members of his cabinet in buying their new spring attire. Among some of the other persons present were Frances Carter, who had had a brief career in the movies and was now married to the stately George Clark 5 also Elsie Hensley, who was the Hrst woman Senator of West Vir- ginia, and Dorothy Clark, who was taking a brief vacation from Byrn Mawr, where she had been employed as Dean of Women. Last, but not least, was Ruby Montgomery, who is president of a freak automobile novelty concern which is doing a wild-fire business. Suddenly I awoke with a start, and rubbing my eyes, looked wildly about me. The wind was blowing down the chimney in fierce gusts. Could this vision be only a dream? By RAYMOND TISSUE Twenty-seven :Sim :QE Dm 1:0 bras kuxqdm EF-EW E:iQHgli BE 5533 4 0:02 rguicwx Simba M5354 ,Enix Goiwlcvm 3:5 mkhokhpcgm :EASE M-LEE EE :ms HOV-Emi :C MFMHCUU 'SLUUVTWWSOZ 3360 7855! 'EZ Bpmgesm kspmsac ECU EEESA 3-52 0:5 wkmcwgm 0:5 EESEQHE 952 QW? wbmsgocm Hoigm tm ,D XGENSQ X X E I - .U0:E5h lrucogxw -D 5 -hs E E r nsxdeitmgm 1-ivutkf 4 E ' 5:02 gmccm A , M7569 :digg l E V Igiczol A 'zmgviw UMBHCU :Hunan DOES . . txgglgwscz ,GENE E2CUm:2:Qm V E V Q , ,EFHWE Hocrum A A A , I 4 'gigs'-x - .Clem E dbg? . - h -5-Kiiwcgfm E A E .Exam .D I? 3 E , . IHEEQEC Hmgigswm - - -Eggmwwugdx 4 A - 917534 E235 Q lwmmsg Emngbam I-Zzzzcmaog H . 'wegwmom I .ggi oaom - - V FMQMCUHU 1-mgmgsrw: A - -cemwobzc pgowagg I -Mjwbcrhcu A 444' wmmgzm Q A ASME mwgggu 41 IHVEE USN 0623, - , 4 .www 952 Exwlmosm Mkwgomwhx E E V -mega 35352 1194: 25: 4 U U U '86, 15125 In-:DELL 61 Y I -MES 2d.E'5Q - 4 -Sciimwdltom Q Y .MELCQ l - -ASL Q32 Nl! N ir-ENE? www -:adv SSO Itzig -,541 I: NSE' QEHIS 3 mwwgmru :mam - A: MBVEEOO dawg I : I I : I b : muoclimelooko I AAFLNEVS gc: V A -ITWPSWMM to-UN -341 -:zgwezwxa I-L02 A02 Immmwguocw hz : : 1 : I lllll I 3:5 I , v nr TSLMMEIGL-gm I4-Aliil-wr!! ltzoggw 54, :BEM ,mm mpaogwnoo X2 -:MEME M-Cow I-'Zigi YSSIQSJ l X gisgm as Emgm 1 : : : I : 1 I: UMEOOY-K A 5 I xocnv - .1 E25 in-HBCU VZ:-:NHSQL t : Axim . I CUP OETCDF b blbh :gsm , Vzomgsokm Q 'rrmccgm E IIUMEOM ggega VZQMWHM -: EEE I nspgdgiw E :mowom - Q n: :FF E goiawz A h: EQ E EUECOKF I .imgsv 3-S2 Rez E t ASMEOHH ESQ - Agmmck DZOEQNH U A -20553 EEO h IWEOQOM 55:5 A Veamzmw lm:-gm I QEMEUEE QPF E MEMEOM Gigi I 'vub vivzsd 'HE-QUNEE A . 420:02 dams . n E502 mZEEM I n b .PNEEGUFZOE :EM V ' I Smsmzmm Egm ' - . -M2320 wg' :QB-O20 EWEH EEMEENU HCM V .gsm E552 n . .ED-Sm ,542 I I .Kiwi ,EVEN-QQ A n my-Excb 25255 I .Dim-im 22530 332 Twenty-e-ight Senior Class Will lfVe, the Senior Class of Mount Hope High School, of Mount Hope, West Virginia, do rrake, publish and declare our last will and testament, that is to say. 1. VVe give to Mr. Harvey and the faculty our thanks for the many things they have done for us. 2. 3. To Mr, Stump we confer the honorary degree of LL.D. VVe give to the junior Class all the Chemistry books and notes they can find when we are gone. 4 young 5 Row. ' ' 6. 7. 8. 9. To the Sophomores we give our advice to take Chemistry while they are and able to stand the Work. As per custom, we give the junior Class the privilege to sit in the "Senior To Beryl Vickers we give Raymond Tissue's height. To 'tVVindy" Thompson we give Pete Roberts' position as Cheer Leader. lVe bequeath Ruby Montgomery's flat tires to anyone who'll accept them. To Thelma Edwards we will and bequeath George Ballard, if she will promise to take good care of him. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 hoping that 17. To To Virginia Wallace we give Frances Carter's voice. To Eva Jeter We give Dorothy Clark's perfectly groomed hair. To George Kahalley we give joy Given's desk, so it will be taken care of, To To Carrol Barnes we give Clyde VVriston's timidness. Paul Garrett we give Mary Elliott's short stature. To Mike Vickers we give Lysle's talent as violinist, lVe devise to the Junior Class the foundation of the new school building, progress will be made more rapidly than heretofore. the Freshmen we give the privilege of striving to reach the degree of perfection set by the class of '25, 18, VVe give Ethel Shepherd's abilities of stage vampire to Gurthel Pittman. 19. To Geraldine johnson We give Wilma Roger's desire to become an ex- pert chemist. Twenty-nine 20. We bequeath Edward Robert's oratorical powers to Hursel Lushbaugh. 21. To Anna Rose Koone we give Margaret Parker's good behavior in class. 22, To Fay Ballard we give Elsie Hensley's sewing equipment. 23. VVQ bequeath Ted Mitchell's mania for cross-word puzzles to the school, to be used in the cross-word puzzle course next year. 24. To Mary Hummel we give Mertie Evans' chewing gum. 25, To John Raycher we bequeath Kerens Moores ability to make bright remarks. 26. To Susan Brash we give Zella Morton's vanity. 27, WVe hereby nominate and appoint Mr. James L. Harvey as executor of this will. VVe hereby revoke any and all former wills by us made. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF we have hereunto set our hand and seal this fourth day of March, in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-Hve. Signed by the Senior Class of '25. By Rosa GARRETT Thirty f' 6 Q fi a ef? , ..f-1 A? - I - - . 5 4 df f . 7 gf Kg' M 4'x ' 'K , . N O P IQ . F, L xk b 7 'r' I L , W X 'Q ...,,, H,.. T.: k f fx f 'E-'??'F" .:'-- ff, E 5 an Q , 0 I I 0 ,' 1 I" ,Q a x 5 1 o 1 1 ' - - ' tl ' lx 'jx ' , '- X 'I : N Q 1 S N ' 5 I N l N ,KQV .- .','xx. I s X - g I s U it : :X 4' ll 'X , " v , : xii X i, 0 , H IJ x v 4 N , l I 5 I 'lx 1 I " - ,U Q U, 5 Thirty-fm' Thirty-two Juniors ISABEL WHYTE-Mount Hope, Peerless IVIURIEL EDWARDS-Red Star, Excelsior VIVIAN LIVELY-R6d Star, Peerless MARION JASPER-Glen jean, Peerless ZELMA PETTIGREW-Dunloop, Peerless MARGARET JASPER-Glen jean, Peerless KATHLEEN EDWARDS-Red Star, Excelsior J. B. THOMPSON-Mount Hope, Peerless ROBERT SESSLER+MOuHt Hope, Excelsior HURSEL LUSHBAUGH-Mount Hope, Excelsior Juniors EVA JETERLNIOUDL Hope, Peerless GERALDINE JOHNSON'lX'lO11I1l Hope, Peerless ALICE ANDERSONvlXflOuHl Hope, Excelsior NIARGARET MUIR-SUD, Peerless CLARA PAYNE-Sun, Peerless GAYNAL LEE BALLARD-MOUUL Hope, Peerless TALMADGE PETITT-lvlount Hope, Peerless GEORGE KAHALLEY'MOuUl Hope, Peerless G. CARROLL BARNES'MOHHt Hope, Peerless Thirty-three l Thirty-four Juniors Lousn SI'ESSARlJiH3.fX'Gf', Peerless ADDINE RooERs-Mount Hope, Peerless BIARY Hl'lIAlEl.4:X'lOUUl Hope, Excelsior ANNA Rose KCDONE4lX'I0uHl Hope, Peerless SVSAN BRASH-Glen Jean, Peerless BEL'I.A11 Vl'YARDEN4CvlCIl jean, Excelsior PAUL GARRETTQIXIOHHT Hope, Peerless PORTER LIVELY-Nesco, Excelsior FRANK PENN-Mount Hope, Excelsior Junior Class Histo ry It was on a typical autumn day in September, 1923, that our class began its noteworthy and rather remarkable career in M, H. H. S. Being exceedingly unassuming and bashful CFD for Sophomores, we had much to learn. Therefore, under the guidance of Miss Von Allmen, our Sponsor, and the supervision of the faculty, we did our best, and at the end of the year we had earned a reputation all our own. The following fall found us in our old quarters and more, with all but a few of our former classmates. W'e were very fortunate in again having Miss Von Allmen as Sponsor. 'We elected J. B. Thompson, President, Marian Jasper, Vice Presi- dent, and Margaret Jasper, Secretary-Treasurer, and thus settled down to Work once more. Having presented the school with its star athletes and intellectuals, We accept all praise as our just due and feel subservient to none. Moreover, we expect to live up to our high standards until we are graduates of M. H. H. S. Louise SPESSARD, Class Historian Thirty-jive Poetry Some of the facts concerning the junior Class given in the form of uiVIOd61T1 American Poetry. " I Now, boys and girls, I'll give you a bit of information After 1926 this will be an educated nation. Honest, folks, this is no joke to be told and then let pass. Vlfhy, there are thirty-three future citizens in our Junior Class. H Now, if you think xve're boasting, you just drop in, one and all, And listen to a lecture given by the Hon. Hershel Lushbaugh, Though he's just a sample oi the bright we have here. So if you want to be educated, join the Senior Class next year, III In education, VVest Virginia ranks 'way on down the line, lint if they'll Wait until next year, xve'll get in there on time. ll'ith the instructors we have, alvvays giving advice, We'll be marvelous citizens, though bragging isn't nice, IV Such an intelligent and cultured junior Class have we. Do you wonder that our fame shall be hailed from sea to sea? Though when we have attained that fast approaching fame, YVe'll remember you less fortunate ones and love you just the same. Contributed bv SUSAN BRASH Tl11'rty-xix Q W Q V! W' W' 0 J00' N N522 ,,... ia 'Q Q Sophomo res AIADGE GIITHRIE, Mount Hope 'I'ENNIs f0PE, Sun LII.I.IAN ANDERSIJN, Mount Hope EVA Ii.-XMEY, Mount Hope :MARGARET BAILARII, Mount Hope INEZ MosEI.v, Mount Hope FAY IDEAL, Mount Hope KATE HYLBERT, Mount Hope IVA Hoon, Mount Hope HILDA Pole, Mount Hope VIRGINIA VVALLACE, Mount Hope FRED KAHAI.LEY, Mount Hope BLANCH SANDIGE, Winona KENNETH SPESSARD, Harvey ROVVENA RHODES, Mount Hope LACEY COTTLE, Mount Hope BEATRICE RHODES, Mount Hope DAMON BROWN, Mount Hope RIABLE Woons, Mount Hope Thirty-eight So phomo res NIARGARET CARTER, Sun TI-II-iI,xIA EnwARos, Red Star GURTIIIQL PILLMAN, Mount Hope SARAH HEATH, Harvey RUTH jomzs, Mount Hope XI.-XRY TAGGART, Mount Hop ELIZABETH HEERINIAN, Mount Hope GL.-XDYS Conv, Sun GERALDINE NIEADOR, Mount Hope ELMO XVALDU, Mount Hope 6 MIKE VICKERS, Mount Hope BILL HABSBARGER, Mount Hope BERYL VICKERS, Mount Hope BILL LJARNELI., Mount Hope CHARLIE SERGI, Mount Hope HANES GREY, Mount Hope Thirty-nine Sophomore Class History On September eighth, nineteen hundred twenty-four, the classrooms of Mount Hope High School were crowded with the largest class that has ever entered its walls. Our class is made up of pupils from all over Wfcst Virginia and surrounding states, representatives coming from Argenteum, Ky., Elkins, Winona, Macfarlan, Lick Creek, Red Star, Glen Jean, Sun, Kilsyth, Turkey Knob, and MacDonald. VVe met and elected the following officers: President, William Hansbargerg Vice President, Elizabeth Heermansg Secretary and Treasurer, Leonard 'Wilsong Class Sponsor, Miss Elsie K. Snider. Aside from a good showing in scholastic ability, we were well represented in the activities of the school, having six members on the football squad and Stu- dent Manager of football, three on the basket ball squad, a majority in the Dramatic Club, and a number in Alpha Omega. We have been fortunate in losing only a very few of our number, and we have every hope of being the largest class ever to have graduated from Mount Hope High School. CiURTHEL PITTMAN, Class Hisloriavz Forty ii A f WQQXZX N0 v"'1 G , V M 6 g Y '-5.9-. f N UT' 2? Q ,Wy Z 7 A i I ug-3' ' 2 i ' .W ff A ' C' IQ0W Z ,A .Sv F An nual Staff' LYSLE GEORGE ........ .,............ E ditor FRANCES CARTER .... . . . ,...,. Editor-in-Chief HI'RsEL LIISHBAUOH. ,.,.....,....,A.. Athletic Editor ZXIARION JASPER ,,,.. Assistant Athletic Editor NIARGARET PARKER ....., Art Editor MARY ELLIOTT .........,...,... joke Editor TED MITCHELL ..,.. .... A ssistarrt Business Marrager RAYMOND TISSUE .... ,,.......,.,. B usirress Manager VVILLIAM WARD ...,.. ........ F acuity Advisor' Forty-two Peerless Literary Society OFFICERS F irst Semester Second Semester KERENS MOORE .... .... P resident ...,.... .,... J . B. THOMPSON RAYMOND TISSUE ,.... .... V ice President ..., ..... N IARGARET JASPER LOUISE SPESSARD. . . .... Secretary ...... ..... A DDINE RODGERS MARGARET JASPER .... ,...., P ianist ,... ..... M AROARET JASPER The Peerless Literary Society has been organized in the Mount Hope High School for Several years. This has been a very prosperous Organization, winning the "Cup" three years in Succession. The year'S program rendered has shown an improvement over last year. Forty-three Excelsior Literary Society First Semester DOROTHY CLARK FRED KAHALI.EY' lVlERL EDWARDS. ALICE ANDERSON .....,,.,.. OFFICERS President .,... Vice President ..,, . . . Secretary ..... . Ptarttst ...,..... ........ Second Semester EDWARD ROBERTS .VVILLIAM HANSBARGER lX'lARION lX'lEADOR .ALICE ANDERSON The Excelsior Literary Society has been organized in the Mount Hope High School for several years. This has been a fine society, but it did not show the enthusiasm as did the Peerless, losing to them the cup for three years. The pro- grams given in the Excelsior this year excelled those given by the Peerless. Forty-four w 1 Dramatic Club The first Dramatic Club in the history of Mount Hope High School was or- ganized in the early part of the year 1924-1925. Miss Elsie Snider, Instructor of Public Speaking, is originator and sponsor. The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community a high standard of enthusiasm, interest, knowledge and appreciation of things of high literary and MEMBERS GURTHEL PITTMANN ELIZABETH HEERINIAN GERALDINE MEADOR TENNIS COPE dramatic nature. FRED GAHALLEY LYSLE GEORGE BILL HANSBARGER MABLE Wooos Miss SNIDER, Sponsor Forty-Jive Alpha Omega The A-Z enjoys the distinction of being the first Girls' Club of the Mount Hope High School, having been organized by a group of High School girls in 1922, under the supervision of Mr. Lorenzer. The aim of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout schools and community a high standard of Christian character. The meetings are held in the Ladies' Club Room of the Y. M. C. A. every other Monday night. Vliith the aid of our Sponsor, who has always taken a great interest in the A-Z, our Work has been successful, The A-Z was a little late in getting started this yeai, 1924-1925, but when it did, it seemed as if it made up for lost time. They started out with only eight of the old members left, all others having graduated last year, They were very fortunate in securing Mrs. Ralph Bailey as their Sponsor. As the girls have quite a large amount of pep, they needed a Sponsor who could 'fkeep 'em from raising the roof, 'V and Mrs. Bailey is excellent for that purpose, It was not long before the new members increased in number and the old mem- bers in Wisdom. fLet's hope so-anyhowj Wfith the co-operation of the old and new members, We hope to go on with the Alpha Omega as successfuly as it has been managed and carried on during the preceding years. Forty-six Alpha Omega OFFICERS B'lARION RIEAIJOR .,.. . .... ..... P resident AIARGARET PARKER .... . .,......,. Vice President ALICE AANIJERSDN ....,... . ..., Secretary and Treasurer MRS. RALPH BAILEY ,.... . ,,... . .Sponsor MEMBERS Alice Anderson Frances Carter Elizabeth Heermalns Iva Mae Hogg Ruth Jones Anna Rose Koone Marion Meador - Geraldine Meado: Gurtliel Pittman Margaret Parker Addiuc Rodgers Mary Taggart Mabel Wood Elma Vllaldo ADVISORY MEMBERS Miss Von Allmeii Miss Ann Graff Miss Elsie Snider Mr. H, S. Duncan Forty-seven F arty-eight Hi-Y OFFICERS EDWARD ROBERTS .,,,.,....... .... P resident RAYMOND TISSUE ....... . . . Vice President HURSEL LUSHBAUGH .... ..,.., S ecretary 1 GEORGE BALLARD ........,,.... . . .Treasurer Hanes Grey Fred Kahalley Pete Roberts George Ballard Bill Hansbarger Ted Mitchell Lysle George MEMBERS Choock Tissue Kerens Moore Hursel Lushbaugh I. B, Thompson George Kahalley Bill Darnell Mr. Duncan Hi-Y Club The Mount Hope Hi-Y Club is not an organization founded only a few months ago, but is at the present ending its fourth successful year in the school. 'This is not at all a local organization, as Hi-Y Clubs are found all over the United States. Anything worth having always has for its goal sonte certain standard or condition. The I-Ii-Y has for its goal the 'tCreation of Clean Living, Clean Speech, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Athletics." I The club was organized in 1921, at that time being among the Hrst clubs of the state. lVith five charter members, the club started its career. VVilliam Tissue was elected President, and before the year was over the school in general was aware that there was such a club in existence and was wondering what the fellows did before the club was organized. The next year the club was under the direction of Andrew L. Jeter as Presi- dent, and during the year the membership was increased greatly and one of the most successful years of the club slipped by before the club had warmed up. In 1923 Russell Patterson was elected to the executive position and presided there in such a way that when the year ended, we realized that the club was here to stay and that our high school without the club was like ham without eggs. Entering into the year of 1924, Edward Roberts was elected President, Raymond Tissue, Vice Presidentg Hursel Lushbaugh, Seeretaryg and George L. Ballard, Treasurer. The year was begun with about twelve members, and in- creased at one time to fifteen. In the early part of the season the club adopted a program of work which has worked so far to such an extent that it is suggested by the Boys' VVork Secretary of W'est Virginia that all clubs adopt this method. In closing we wish to attribute our success as a club to the work and co-opera- tion of Mr. H. S. Duncan, to whom we feel Mount Hope High School owes a debt that cannot be paid by words, but by keeping the Hi-Y work going on more successfully each year. By EDWARD B. ROBERTS,P1'6Sfd611i F arty-nine Latin Club The Latin Club was organized at the beginning of the school te-mi. The officers elccted Were: President, Vivian Lively: Secretary-Treasurer, Louise Spcssard, The purpose of the Latin Club is to provide the opportunity for social activities within the class and to spread in America an interest in the classical world of Greece and Rome. MEMBERS DOROTHY LTANN BEULAH VVARDEN TXTURIEL EDWARDS Louis SPESSARD KATHLEEN EDWARDS MARION JASPER SUSAN BRASH VIVIAN LIVELY lX'lARGARET JASPER 1, B. 'THOMPSON h F zfty Paper Staff of the Reflector GAYNAL LEE BALLARD. . LILLIAN ANDERSON ,,.. LEONARD WILSON ...... BIADGE GUTHRIE. . . KIARGARET NIUIR .... BERYL VICKERS ..., ALICE ANDERSON .,,.... ZELMA PETTIGREVV. ROSE GARRETT ........ RIERLE EDWARDS. . RIiOENA RHODES ...... GULA HOLS1-EAD an d OBRA FEAZELL ...... . , . . , .Editor-in-Chief . . . .Associate Editor . . . . . .Business Manager Advertising M dnager . . . .Circulation M anager . . . .Athletic Editor . . , . , .Alnrnni Editor . . . .School Reporter . . . . .Senior Reporter . . . . junior Reporter . . . ,Sophomore Reporter F reshrnan Reporters Fifty-one F ijty-Iwo Orchestra N. F. STUMP CARR01. BARNES DOROTHX' MANN :XIIKE XYICKERS MARGARET JASPER BERVL VICKERS W,-f kv, - .-:f',5,.4g.N I A, r'-'71 w mf! .V ".f'?" 1- 4' rw' My ,Q-4" 255'-1' Fifty-three F zlfty- four 'Football Along in the summer. before it was announced when school would start, the newspapers conveyed the information to the people of Mount Hope and sur- rounding vicinities that the High School would have a new football coach, Chalmer A. Ault, of West Virginia Wesleyan College. Coach Ault took a great interest in the football squad and turned out a very good team, despite the fact that there were five regulars missing when the roll was called this year. The positions left open at the beginning of the season were filled by raw recruits drafted into serv- ice the past season. A good schedule had been arranged by last year's coach, Mr. Harvey, and so this kept up the enthusiasm and pep all along. for the gang knew they would play against some of the strongest teams in this section of the state. The schedule was carried out and the team played a very successful season. Although they met their ll'aterloo a few times, along with their victories, they never lost their pep, and were proudly referred to as the " Yellowjackctsu by the school and local fans. No stars can be picked out of this team, for it was not a team of individual stars, but each player held before him the ideal of " Each for all. and all for each' The best teams in this section of the state were met, such as: Oak Hill, East Bank, Beckley, Hinton, and Athens. SCHEDULE FOR l Y. M. C. A .,......... 0 Mount 924 Hope .... . . . Fayetteville .... . . 0 Mount Hope ..., . . , Oak Hill. .... . T Mount Hope .,.. . , Fayetteville ..., . . 0 Mount Hope.. . . . 25 Hinton .,.... . . 6 Mount Hope. . , Montgomery. . . . . 6 Mount Hope. . . . . , , East Bank. . . ,... 33 Mount Hope. . . , . . . Athens, . . . . T Mount Hope. . . . . Beckley .... .... 4 0 Mount Hope .... , , . Oak Hill .,.. . . 0 Mount Hope .... . . , Total ..... .... 9 9 Total ..,.. . 78 F zfty- jive Boys' Basket Ball The basket ball squad began practice immediately after the football knocks were well. The squad was under the instruction of Coach Chalmer A. Ault, of VVest Virginia VVesleyan College. Coach Ault turned out a very good team, considering the circumstances. The team lost two regulars from the last year's squad. These two positions were filled by material from last year's reserve. The season was opened with the Hrst game at East Bank. It was the first game played in East Bankls new "gym, " and Mount Hope defeated them 19-10. This was the first time a Mount Hope Team has invaded the East Bank territory and swept them off their feet. V The most spectacular game was played at home against the strong Greenbrier Military Academy team. Mount Hope ended the season by winning eight out of fourteen games. F ifty-six Boys' Schedule for 1925 East Bank. . Fayetteville . Stotesbury, . Montgomery. . . . . . . Greenbrier. . Beckley .... Stotesbury. . East Bank. . Hinton ..,.. Alderson .... Montgomery. . . . . . , Alderson ..., Charlestown Beckley .... 20 10 17 14 14 16 13 14 13 25 7 25 11 36 F Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope ..... .... Mount Hope 5 im a Girls' Schedule for 1925 Fayetteville .......... Fayetteville. Beckley .... Montgomery. . . . . . . Curtville .,,.. .... Montgomery Eccles ...... Stotesbury. . Stotesbury . . Total ..... 12 5 25 15 5 20 25 8 12 7 Mount Hope ............. Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope. ., . . . . . Mount Hope ..... ..... Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Mount Hope Total ....., . . . 13 19 13 16 13 18 15 15 37 21 9 15 24 14 8 16 19 7 14 16 17 11 15 20 5 F ifty-seven Girls' Basket Ball The M. H. H. S. Girls' Basket Ball season started with lots of enthusiasm, and a large number of the girls went out for the team, under the instruction of Miss Von Allmen. The team lost four regulars from last year's team, hut found good material from last year's reserves to fill these positions. The girls started out the season by defeating Fayetteville on their own floor, 16-12. The Fayetteville girls the following week came to Mount Hope to get revenge, but met with the same fate as before. The season was ended by defeating Stotesbury by the score of 12-20. Fzftyaeighl Junior High School FLOWER: Sweet Pea Morro: " I JEAN ROBERTSON .... VVILLARD NIOORE. . . PHYLLIS RODGERS. . GULA HALSTEAD. LEE N ORMAN ....... HILDA HOKE. . . NINTH GRADE CoLoRs : Old Rose arid Silver 'e have set sailg where shall we anchor? " OFFICERS ,....,..,.Presidertt . . . Vice President .... . . . .Secretary . . . .Assistant Secretary ,Treasurer . . . .Assistant Treasurer Fifty-rtirte Sixty NINTH GRADE "B NINTH GRADE HA Ninth Grade "B" Cooley Alba William Carter Frank Gregory VVillard Moore Phil Snyder Paul Smith Steve Sakola George Smith Glendon Dorsey Mrs. Baber Elizabeth Bridgette Nate Broughaman Agnes Cook Ruth Hensley Esta Kesler Phyllis Rodgers jean Robertson Anna Hummel Mildred Vaught Gula Halstead Ninth Grade "A" Raymond Botton joe Franck Richard Macdonald See Norman Jennings Shumate Seth Toney Iswald VValker Mrs. Roby Obra Feazell Lynn Keyser Thelma Arthur Lucile Barnes Ruth Cook Johanna Donahoe Isabel Dower May Farrel Hilda Hoke Maude Lively Nellie McDaniel Glennis Rogers Thelma Thompson Mondolya Viar Surly-one Class History of Ninth Grade On September 8, 1924, the Ninth Grade Class of the Mount Hope Junior High School set sail on a nine-months' voyage with forty-four sturdy boys and girls, each with hopes of success on the trip at the end of the cruise. A1 the first regular meeting the following class ollicers were elected: jean Robertson, Presidentg Phyllis Rodgers, Secretaryg Gula Halstead, Assistant See- retaryg Lee Norman, Treasurer, Hilda Hoke, Assistant Treasurer and Willard Moore, Vice President. These Oflicers Hlled their offices well throughout the year, although Lee Nomaan, Treasurer, moved to Rainelle, leaving all the Treas- urcr's work to Hilda Hoke. Later the class colors, old rose and silverg the class flower, sweet peag and the class motto, "VVe have set sail, where shall we anchor?" were chosen, The following laws were adopted by the class: 1. We will not whisper more than necessary, because it annoys the teachers and neighbors. 2, We will not interrupt by asking questions during class recitation periods. 3. We will work when we work, and play fair when we play. 4. We will be neat, cheerful, truthful, and courteous. 5. VVe will help Our schoolmates and teachers in every way we ean. 6. We will try to come to school on time. T. VVe will practice the Golden Rule. VVe have all tried to keep our laws and Obey them willingly. NOW, we are bound together in loving bonds again, and sailing straight ahead. Where shall we anchor? By RUTH COOK RAYNIOND BOLTON Sixty-two EIGHTH GRADE "A " EIGHTH GRADE "B Sixty-three Thomas Dillon Herbert Darnell Virgil Hoke Emory jones Charles Massie Stewart Merriam Shirley Nottingham 'William Patterson Minor Parkcr Lawrence Pack Arnette Patrick Edward Richmond VVilliam Adams Clyde Babb A Carl Ballard Charles Ball Erman Pettigrew VValter Skemina Mabel Ballard Grace Boyd Anna Cope Thelma F eazellc Vella Fitzwater Elsie Goins .Sixty-four Eighth Grade "AH Mrs. Bailey Robert Taggart Luen Titlow Samuel VVard Myron Renick Howard Payne Nora Beverly julia Bizat Hortense Collawn Margie Collins Arline Guthrie Mabel Halstead Panzie Holliday Margaret Montgomery 4 sfs lf PE , 1 Eighth Grade HBH Mrs. VVhite Harry Coffman Curtis Duncan Helen Dews john Dower Margaret Hoke Fave Hogg Jennie Krysick Alfretta llfloon Faye Morton Ollie Massie Thelma Raynes Lottie Richmond Jessie Bell Helton Grace Keigh Nelle Lewis Bettie Meadows Louise Payne Susie Pack Alice Patrick Madelin Raies Rama Rodgers Marion Stack Geneva 'Webb Roberta VVelch Loyd Fink Dillard Hensley George Lewis Loyd Moon Vella Richmond Ethel Stanley Jennie Thompson Dorothy Tissue Clarice VVood Elizabeth 'Warwick Flora 'Whiting SEVENTH GRADE "B" SEVENTH GRADE "A" Sixty-live Adair Arthur Charles Carter David Chapman Wesley Deitz Harry Dove Carman Feazell lVilson Fink Harry Heath Henry Hentie Orval Hobbs VVilton Johnson Harold Camberl Andrew Mclntire ,lack Anderson Byrl Duncan VVillie Hess Cecile jones Emory jones Placido Price Joe Raychcr Andy Renese Frank Richmond Rufus Rogers Eddie Sank Melvin Totz Edith Johnson Sixty-six Seventh Grade HB" Miss GRAVES Frank McMillan Alexandre Meeir john O'Dell Graydon Payne Talmage Robinette Endrick Sabella Nicholas Sioehetti Fred Bank john Smith Cabell VVilliams Henry Jeter Marjorie Bailey Marie Carter Seventh Grade Miss REEDER John Turner Omar Walker Edward Gilbert Gilbert Fox Zella Arthur Helen Baron Beulah Bennett Virgie Campbell Irene Cody Mary Etta Forest Ruth Ferrell Ruby Hypes ,lewelle Coapere Catherine Donahoe Thelma Elkins Mildred Kennedy Helen Mclntire ' Evelyn Moore Cynthia Nottingham Edith Robinette Tilda Sabella Martha Sneddon Effie Stanley Virginia Tissue Lillian Vargo Alma Milliron Opal Milliron Sadie Merritt Erma Rains Cada Rennick Anna Bell Stack Beulah Stover Reva Totz Florence Riley Helen Cook Ara Gilbert Mary Jacobs Carmen Yates ,xiii f wx! L f" R9 2 Y' ff . 5 .-- ' - I ' Q4 V ,wi qi 64 ' f x? fb- "y 'Quo ,. , :,,,, A r-Y' ff , A DE' - 51 A7-". 545' I. f "" , " Q-fc, J M QQ f s. f A . . ozgagm. ., . , T-2, ,, axl' M 535'4?f7"S A 59:31 'ff .N 1 - U.: fwfr Y ,fr , mo - , J I IK jf, 2 ' j' ""1n- ,- : url ,. '15, eg. 1 ' ,Y - we Wygrpfigg, ,,,. rf digg, 5 , ff-i5flf'f9 K , Sixty-seven Choock-"I flunkcd that exam cold." Kernic-"I thought it was easy." Choock-"It was, but I had vaseline on my hair and my mind slipped. H Herc's to the faculty. Long may it livc, Even as long as The lessons they give. H Miss Mann-A'lVho is your favorite author? Mike-A' My father. " Miss Mann-"VVhat does he Write?" Mike-"Cl1ecksf', Q Rowenaxuwhat system do you use on the typewriter? Beryl-"The hunt and punch system. " VVQ editors may dig and toil Till our linger tips are sore, But some poor fish is sure to say: "I've heard that before." Senior-t'My girl is so dumb she thinks an aspirin tablet is Writing paper No, Pete, you donlt have to get a hunting license to shoot golf. Miss Fry Cat wheelj-"I must have run across your face some time or other Mr. Ward Cmeeklyj-'tNo, rna'amg it's always been like this." "There are no free scholarships in the school of experience. "-Ault. Mr. Ballard-"Gaynal, who sat on that newly painted bench in the garden Gavnal-'ACarroll and I. " Mr, Ballardk"VVell, you both must have ruined your clothes." Gaynal-" Not both-only Carroll Y " Mrs. Stump-'AIsn't this a duck of a hat, Noah?" Mr. Stump-HYes, my dear, but I prefer a duck with a smaller bill." Sixtyheighl There was a little girl named Zella YVho went for a ride with her fella. 'When that young geezer Tried to squeezer. She smicked him a smack on the smella. Elsie-'tYes, they say she went crazy over clothes, so they had to put her in a straight jacket. " Mertie-"How was the jacket trimmed?" Mr. Ault, while in college, was compelled to report on conditions prevailing in Spencer, He went to the Insane Asylum and saw an inniate sitting by a flower bed patiently fishing with a string tied on the end of a cane. Mr. Ault inquired: 'tHow many have you caught?" The poor man replied: 'lYou make the third. " Clyde had a mule called Life, Wfhenever Clyde got bored, he would pull his mulc's tail and thus get a kick out of Life. Cutie-"This kind of weather chills me to the bone, " Kernie-'lThat's hard luck. You should Wear a heavier hat. " Margaret jasper-'lDo you support your school paper?" J. B, Thompson-'tOf course not. It has a staff. " SHORT TRAGEDY Reckless Hugh Car new VVhistle blew Cried t'Pooh!" Drove through Train flew Funeral at two. Marion Qover phonej-"Lysle, now that we have broken our engagement, I sent back the ringg did you get it? " Lysle-"Yes, I got the ring, but what the h--l did you do with the stone?" Sixty-nine Alice Anderson+'tHe's wonderful, my dear, He talks like a book," Geraldine-t'But can you shut him up as easily?" The guy who thinks Paradise Lost is when the cops pull a crap game-Ted Mitchell. The girl who thinks Cal Coolidge is a new breed of cattle-Mabel YVood. The girl who thinks a millstone is a new jewel for use in an engagement ring- Eva Ramey. The kid who thinks the cat's meow was a new hill introduced into Congress- john Raycher. Miss Mann-"How many times must I tell you. RI. B., that a preposition is a poor word to end a sentence with?" Mary Taggart had lost her glasses. She journeyed mournfully to Dr. jones' ofnce. "Ohl must I be examined all over again for new glasses?" she tearfully asked. "No, just your eyes, " he replied. Addine was entertaining her regular. After a long silence she asked, 'tIf wishes could come to pass, what would be the first thing you wished?" "I wish-oh, I wish-er I wish," he stammered. "AW, go ahead, what do you think I brought up wishing for?" Seventy Calendar for 1924-1925 "Oh! happiest of all days, The first day backg And sweetest of all days, Hello, old chap!" September 8-School opensg new teachers, new hours, new routine of work planned. Books ordered. Football practice starts, September .9-Rain! Juniors buying Macbeth. September I0-Anna Rose discovers that Mr. Miller is not here, September 11--Everyone busy. September 12-Big parade! Captain Harvey all dressed up, l'Look, girls!" September 15-No school. Teachers go to Oak Hill. September I6-Some books arrive. Seniors presented pennant by Bill Ward for selling most MoNs SPE1 last year. Senior select class oficers and order class rings. September I7-Annual Staff elected. September 18-Literary Societies meet and organize. September 20-High School's first football game with Y. M. C. A. Score 7-0 in favor of High School. September 21-Rain! Everyone blue. September 22-Mr. Doddrill speaks to High School on "School Spirit." September 23-Seniors having an awful time with Chemistry. September 24-Paul Garrett sent out of Botany. He is going to attend Institute at Hill Top next year. September 25-Sophs have moon-lite picnic. September 26'-Chapel. Peerless Literary Society renders their first program. September 27-Mt. Hope defeats Fayetteville, 19-0. September 28-Frances Carter still continues to stick her nose in everything while working in Lab. September 30-Miss Mann leading Chapel for the week. "Any announcements please place on table. " October 1-Hi-Y lead chapel. They were honored in having Rev. Bagdad preach a sermon for them. October 2-Why worry? Everybody happy. October 3-No school. Teachers go to Hinton for Round Table. October 4-Mt. Hope Hi meets Oak Hill-big game of the season. Game ending 7-6 in favor of Oak Hill, Seventy-one October 6fFrances and Choock sign a Ubig contract. " Don't be surprised if you End two pupils in Mt. Hope Hi School missing. October 7--French Il starts Colomba. October as-Pupils unusually studious. October 9-Pupils in Civics class studying UFire prevention week" this week. Talks given in Chapel on this subject. October 1UwFootball boys receive their letters. Everyone wonders what Lysle did with his letter. Excelsior renders Hrst literary program. October I1-Mt. Hope defeats Fayetteville 25-0. October I3-juniors have moon-lite picnic, October I4iClean-up day! Senior moon-lite picnic. Motto: "Eggs " October I5-Everyone happy. Loretta and Cat Dews return to school to take Botany. October 16-Six weeks! Test-TestfTests! October I7-Test! Test! Test? October I8-Mt. Hope Hi meets Hinton. Score 13-6. October 20-New High School building under construction. Some test grades given. VVe also receive report cards. October 21-Juniors bring pencil and papers to class. Miss Mann. October 22-Mr. Ault leaves. UNO Botany. " October 23-No sch ool! October 24-No school. Teachers go to Round Table at Bluefield. Mt. Hope goes to Montgomery. Game ends 6-2 in favor of Montgomery. October 27-Rain? Dull as ever. October 28-Mr. VVard talks on UCourtesv, " October 2.9-Miss Mann had a caller! October 30-Norman C. Schlichter speaks. October 31-Fountain pen lost. CReturn to otlicej Nofuerrtber I-Mt. Hope meets East Bank in football. November 2-Everyone happy over game. November 3-Senior play books arrive. Norernber 4-"Election Day. " No school. Notiernber 5-Parts for Senior play given out. Noeernber 6fGirls start practice in basket ball. Norernber 7-Mt. Hope meets Athens, Rev. McKain speaks to High School. Notlerrtber I0-Mr. Harvey leads chapel. November I I -Armistice Day? Nooerrtber I2-Vlfortder Why Ethel and Ruby Were not in school. Novernber I3-Pupils unusually studious. November 14-Mr. Stump gives more rules. Seventy-two November November November November November November November November November November November November body November November December December December December December December December December December December December 15-School out early to go see "DuBois" 16-W. V. U. 6 and W. and L. 0. 17-National Education Week! 18-Hi-Y starts leading Chapel. 19-Moore leads Chapel. 20-Parents lead Chapel. 21-Work going fine on MoNs SPE1. 23-Beckley 40, Mt. Hope 0. 24-J. B. leads Chapel. 25-Kirk talks on 'LEducation. " 26' -Mr. Stump gives "Chemistry Testf' 27 -The big game of the season with Oak Hill, ending O-O. Every- happy. 28-Seniors coming Hne with 'AI-Iamlet. " Miss Mann happy. 29-Juniors Wishing they were "Seniors " 1 -Third book reports due. fg- December 3-George Kahalley unusually studious. December 4-Alpha Omega elects new officers. 5-Excelsior Literary program was fine. December 8- 9-Alpha Omega girls lead Chapel. 10-Boys start basket ball. I1-Mr. Hale spoke to Senior High School. 12-Senior play. 13-Oh! Raymond late as usual. 16-Lysle and Marion coming fine. I Rain as usual. 7-Miss Mann on sick list. Senior play to be given December 12. play football. All Seniors looking Worried. 19-Senior test in Chemistry. "Oh, us!" 20-Everyone happy, except the Juniors. january 5-Everyone back to school with resolutions to study harder. january 6'-Everyone reviewing for semester exams. ' january 7-Mr. Stump announces semester test Would begin January 24-25. january 8-Anna Rose absent. Wonder why? Everyone happy! Rain! january .9-Mount Hope defeats East Bank 19-10. january 10-Girls' basket ball team Went to Fayetteville and defeated them by a score of 16-12. january 12-Everyone busy for once getting ready for semester tests. Alpha Omega has meeting. january 13-Seniors have a class meeting to decide about Senior privileges. December Seventy-three january 16'- 15-17. january 21 january bury 14 5 january 23f Lawin speaks in Chapel. Mount Hope meets Fayetteville. Score Y Gaynal Lee isn't in school. Carrol looks Worried Everyone busy working hard for semester tests Thursday and Friday. january 19- january QO- vAnna Rose drops French II. Semester test. Girls: Fayetteville 5g Mt. Hope 19. Boys: Stotes- Mt. Hope 15. Test! Test! Test? january 26iReports from tests. january 27f Mr. Stump is still talking about the High School's attitude. january 28-Seniors go to Beckley to have pictures made. january 30f Peerless elects new oihcers. Girls play Beckley. Score: Beckley 25g Mount Hope 7. january 31-Montgomery boys and girls play here. Scores: Boys 15-14. Girls: 13-14. February 2-G. M. S. plays herel Mount Hope wins big victory. Score 19-16. Girls played Cirtsvillel Score: Mount Hope 195 Cirtsville 5. February 3-Moles SPE1 Staff has meeting to decide about some work and to Whom to dedicate the book. VVe decided upon Mr. McKell. February 4-Here's to the Faculty, Long may they livel Even as long as The lessons they givef February 5sMr. Harvey-"Do you support your school paper?" J. B. Thompson-"Of course not! It has a Staif. " February 6-Mr. Duncan speaks in Chapel to both Senior and Junior High. February 9-Mr. Williams finishes taking classes' and clubs' pictures. February 10-Alex Thompson in school. Something's Wrong! February 11-Pep meeting about live minutes to four. Wonder Why so late? February 12-Mount Hope and Stotesbury meet here. Score 14-15 in our favor. Girls go February 1 3- February 1 8- to Montgomery and lose by score of 20-17. Boys play East Bank. Win by score of 38-14. Mr. Tully speaks to Senior High School. February 19vFrcnch H have a holiday. February 2Of score 9-7 February 21- Mount Hope goes to Hinton. Score 25-21 in their favor. Alderson in our favor. Girls go to Stotesbury. Mount Hope wins by tune of 15-8. Mr. Sutliff speaks to Senior High School. February 22-Alpha Omega takes Miss Snider and Miss Von Allmen into the society. February 24-Try-outs for Dramatic Club. Seventy-four February 25-Elsie Hensley leads Chapel. February 26'-Alderson boys play here, Score 24-11 in our favor. February 27-Mount Hope goes to Montgomery. Lose by score 24-17. February 28-Charleston here. VVe lose by score 34-15. March 2-Six weeks' test. Everyone studying hard. March 3-Test! Test! Test! Jllarch 4-Everyone praying for boys at Tournament. March 5iMount Hope plays Clendennin. Score 18-14 in favor of M. H. H. S. Marclr 6'-Mount Hope plays Montgomery. Score 25-13 in favor of M. H. S. March 9-Dramatic Club gives banquet. March 10-Alpha Omega girls have meeting to decide upon giving the basket ball boys a banquet, also basket ball girls. March 11-"Kernie" kicked out of French H Cas usualj. March 12-County and District Superintendents visit schools. March 13-St. Patrick's program given by Excelsior Literary Society. Big bas- ket ball banquet pulled oFf. March 14-MONS SPEI goes to press! By MARGARET PARKER Seventy-five .Seveniy-sax nfisiimg 'wk uf if A 4 iy piglyg N xkyvfo PQEFQRELQCQ L vgnE??sQrs , r l l l . i l L 1 w r i ! 'f 0fzj9'denfe', Have you ever stopped to think what that one word, "confidence," means to the every-day life of a community? ln the four successful years of our business it has been our aim to get the confidence of the public. The clothing field is not large enough to only sell every person once, but the success of our business depends on getting the confidence of our cus- tomers resulting in repeat orde1's. So this is the way we measure our success by the degree of confidence our trade has in ns. YVe have found that the best way to get the good will of the trade is to sell them merchandise that we have confidence in ourselves. We do not have an article that we are I10t confident will give satisfaction. Our lilies of merchandise are purchased with the object of pleasing the public, for if we do not please the public, then our business is a failure. We have been successful because our many friends have enough faith in us and our merchandise to come again and again, which IS proof that they have confidence in us. If you are not one of the many who have solved thc problem of getting quality plus style, plus reasonable prices, just come in our new and modern store in the new llfasonic Building and make one purchase. If we please you, come again. If we do not, tell us, and we will please you, regardless. Uur line consists of the best quality goods that we can purchase, and we absolutely guarantee every article that is sold out of our store. Among some of our specials are: Styleplus and Collegian Clothing for men and young me11, Bfenis Shop shirts for men, Hanan Shoes, Allen A. Hosiery and Underwear, and Right Posture Clothing for boys. "D0f1'f fake our wordfor lil' come and see" ME 'S SHOP H Wfzere Qualzbfy Prefvaz'l.v" Phone 205 illasonic Building Mount Hope, VV. Va. Seventy-eight There are 129 differ- ent makes of cars in the United States. 48 out of every 100 of all these cars in operation are Fords. WHT? Ask ' Patterson Garage Co Azzthorzied ford Dealers MT. HOPE, W. VA. L. S. TULLY P d l T. L. FEAZELL, S t y T W. H. DARNELL V P d t E. M. DARNELL, Ass t t 9 ry Mount Hope Insurance Agency Genera! Imumnce Have your insurance written with an agency that makes insurance a business. P13101 and Taxi Bond: Execufedfrom tfzzlv ojfke E E BELL PHONE 54 E lj MOUNT Horlc WEST VIRGINIA E ghty 7 N x I P Eighty-one Bank of Mt. Hope MOUNT HOPE, W. VA. Fayetfe Cozmlyk Oldest, Largest, and Strongest Bank Established in 1902 Twenty-three Years of Safety, Service and Success 372, INTEREST PAID ON SAVING ACCOUNTS Capital, Surpfm, and Projqts Owl' 54,000,000 Asyets XZ, 000, 000 I1 ghty t Photos in tlzzlv Book Williams' Studio Beckley, West Virginia Pliotograplis of Quality KODAK VVORK A SPECIALTY Bell Phone 305 The Midland Store One of the 48 Stores A Complete Line of Ready-to-Xvear Clothing for All the Family Pieee Goods of All Kinds Butterick Patterns Mount Hope Billiken Shoes for Kids West Virginia GLEN JEAN SHOE SHOP All lVork Guaranteed Vp-to-date llachinery Shoes Repaired While You Wait Shoe Shine Shop FRANK I"mmu:, Prop. GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP Three Things Necessary to Life: A Clean Shave, Clean Conscience, and Georgels Barber Shop Shoe Shine Stand GEORGE HUBBARD, Prop. Glen Jean, W. Va. Phone 40 Eighty-three If You Wan! Quczlizyf and Sljfle We Have If Curlee Clothes for Men Bischof Coats and Dresses for Ladies Snyder-Carter Company Ladies and Gents' Furnishings Phone 37 Mount Hope 7 West Virginia Harry Abel Mount Hope and Oak Hill Two of the leading stores in the New River Coal Field Everything in Ready-to-Wear H. L. Brown 81 Company 5 am! I0 Cen! Store "The Big Store Yvitli the Liltl 0 N' -, Clothing for me Bleu, lvomen, and Children lj Il E E Our llotto: "Style, Quality, and Lmv pricey, Mount Hope West Va. Eighty-four Miss Graduate Mr. Graduate Where will you be in 1935? Assure Your Future Now Link lvp with the " LINCOLIN " Lincolin National Life Insurance Co. C. F. LYDA, District Manager Bell Phone 163 Mount Hope, West Va. Fayette Smokeless Fuel Co. Mount Hope, West Virginia New River Smokeless and By-Proelaefs Coals U U Loading Piers: Sewell Point and Newport, Va. Norfolk Office Suite: 803 Royster Building Western Office-Mercantile Library Bldg., Cincinnati, O. Eighty-five Another MZ.!65f0W6 in Sfudy is about to pass ive, loo, have made another mark, in so far as wholesome meals and prompt service are concerned ROYAL CAFE BRADLEY DRUG COMPANY Prescription Specialists Drugs, Toilet Articles, Kodaks, and Stationers THE b REXALL STORE Phone 164 The Sweet Shop BILLY Ruins, Manager The Old Confectionery Man For Quality and Service-VVO Deliver A Rea! Drug Store That's All Exclusive Agency for Columbia Graphophones and Records Eustnlztn Koclaks and Supplies Cl U MacDonald Drug can 136 Company Mount Hope West Va. MacDonald' W' va' Eighty-six Ye! ow Cemezry Foemfezife and Tea Room "Tho place with the home iLtIll0SIJhl"l'0u DON 'T SAY BREAD SAY "MILK MAID', MOUNT HOPE BAKERY Phone 104 George F. Schutt Service Station Tires, Tubes, and Automobile The Leader Store Successor to THE PEOPLE'S STORE Accessories Everything in. Ready-to-Wear Pwmpt Se lvxv ice thgE:1ltmegF:i3nily E E See our Baby Department Phone 189 Phone 138 Mount Hope West Va. Mount Hope West Va. Eighty-seven GLEN JEAN DRY CLEANERS All lvork Gives Satisfaction Altering, Dyeing, and Repairing VVC call for and deliver lYatel1 for our truck GLEN JEAN DRY CLEANERS GLEN JEAN LUNCH ROOM Short Orders and Lunches At All Hours LIQUNARD F,xI1r1fLAx, Proprietor Glen Jean, West Va. A. B. DAV1s J. E. GRAY' DAVIS 81 GRAY General Merchandise Glen Jean West Virginia Jos. Ginestra Fancy, Imported and Dome5!z'e Groceries Pure Ulive Oil an Specialty UE Phone 70 Mt. Hope, West Va. To Get tfze Mz'leage Fzrst Get the Gallon Glen Jean Supply Co. S. J. .IAsvE1r, Manager SE1zv1c'E MEN "Ty Cobbi' Pearl "Cotton,' Essex "Lonesome Papal, Blake "Lee Royn Gruinp "Eagle Eyew Lowery 'iAek" Ross Eighty-eight H Whafroever az man soweflz Tim! shall he alro map" "Men do not gather grapes of thorns, nor figs of thistlesu Neither do we create an estate by squandering our money Plant your dollars in our thrift garden. They will sprout and grow-you will gather the increase. 3? on Saving Dep05z'tr The First National Bank "The Bank oflmured Sahktyn MOUNT IIUPIC WEST VIRGINIA 11 ghty Annual is a work of Artfff the perfection of Book Making K OR over onefquarter of a cenf tury, the creation of better Anf nuals has been our aim. We will help your staff orf ganize its work, help you plan your book, advise with your editorial and business departments, deliver you a beautifully printed and bound book, and insure your school a successful and satisfactory Annual, of which you can Well be proud. Twentyffive years of service to Anf nual staffs gives us a broad experience which will be of immense value to you. THE COLLEGE PRINTING CO. Incorporated Louisville, Kentucky . 'LY Ninety L1.!'l'1 AYLD C Collgrae Annual Lov 1fVIQ.,I.L, 1: LN -i' ,- - G Ak enf x kofsgverf make? J Selamuahfl Y O 1'l'l 6111 KY V J'. A. Ninety-one fi! L 878 d '1Mf'5l?LEP ha WWWWH WZ' MM! f 'zkow-gc-LOSE? g!Z,E,T7QfZEx x 1

Suggestions in the Mount Hope High School - Mons Spei Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) collection:

Mount Hope High School - Mons Spei Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 11

1925, pg 11

Mount Hope High School - Mons Spei Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 53

1925, pg 53

Mount Hope High School - Mons Spei Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 47

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1925, pg 77

Mount Hope High School - Mons Spei Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 62

1925, pg 62

Mount Hope High School - Mons Spei Yearbook (Mount Hope, WV) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 21

1925, pg 21

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