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Omrfurmona ' ALKHURjilM i AITOUM) HudMoh ' ■, M0 00 I i JK. S U [i WodModqnr MUbayyW V A " TL AN ' 0fl4ir ' H620 As«fcV . " C) At Ru { Molokq E; t DifiDowa TABLE OF CONTENTS COMMANDING OFFICER 2-3 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 4 DEPARTMENT HEADS 5 DECK DIVISIONS 6-13 OPERATIONS DIVISIONS 14-17 ENGINEERING DIVISIONS 18-23 SUPPLY DIVISIONS 24-25 CHAPLAIN, MEDICAL 26 ADMINISTRATION, NAVIGATOIN 27 EOD, AIR DET, RESERVES 28-29 MALAYSIA 30-32 PHILIPPINES 33-35 SASEBO 36-39 KOREA 40-41 DECK DEPARTMENT 42-43 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 44-45 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 46-47 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT 48-49 NAV, MED, EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT 50-51 CHRISTMAS, GOOD FRIDAY, BLACK HISTORY 52-53 WOG DAY 54-56 HOMECOMING " 91 " 57-59 TRIBUTE TO DESERT STORM 60-64 orofT MARK DONALD WESSMAN Commander United States Navy 05 December 1989 - 01 January 1991 Commander Mark Donald Wessman was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 10 Decem- ber 1948. He attended the University of Utah under the Regular NROTC program and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering. Following commissioning as an Ensign in 1971, Commander Wessman ' s first assign- ment was to USS VANCOUVER (LPD-2) where he served as Second Division Officer and then as Gunnery Officer. That tour was followed by assignment to USS PRAIRIE (AD-15) where then Lieutenant Wessman served initially as First Lieutenant and then as Weapons Logistics Officer. On completion of the Surface Warfare Officers ' Department Head Course in Newport, Rhode Island, he reported onboard USS ALBERT DAVID (FF- 1050) as the Engineer Officer. He then served as Operations Officer and Engineer Officer of USS PYRO {AE-24). Commander Wessman then received orders to the Naval Post- graduate School in Monterey, California, where he earned a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Naval Subspecialty Code in Weapons System Engineer- ing. Subsequently, he was ordered as Executive Officer of USS CAYUGA (LST-1186) following which he served as the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commander for Amphibious, Auxiliary, Mine and Sealift Ships, Naval Sea Systems Command. From August 1987 until May of 1989 Commander Wessman served as the Training and Readi- ness Officer on the staff of Commander, Combat Logistics Group 1 . Commander Wessman assumed command of USS MOUNT HOOD (AE-29) on 5 December 1989. His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star and the Navy Achievement Medal. He and his wife, the former Martha Cauthen of San Diego, California, make their home in Concord, California. They have two children, Andrew and Donald. MARK A. FRIESZ Lieutenant Commander United States Navy Executive Officer LT. MITCHELL FIRST LIEUTENANT LT. HOWARD CHIEF ENGINEER LT. JOYNER OPERATIONS OFFICER DEPARTMENT HEADS MMCM FENSKE COMMAND MASTER CHIEF LT, JONES SUPPLY OFFICER CHAPLAIN DELONG CHAPLAIN LT. MARTIN ADMIN OFFICER SN FRANCO SN KADLICK SN KONECNY SN NEELY SN EPPERSON 1ST DIVISION Boatswain ' s Mate (BM) SN CUMMINGS HIGGINS USS AMERICA IS COMMENCING HER APPROACH AGAIN LT JOHNSON BM1 (SW) BROOKS BM2 HAZLETT BM2 (SW) GONZALEZ ' . BM2 (SW) CEDILLO BM2 (SW) GLOVER BM3STERRY BM3SIPP BM3 PERDUN BM3 KING SN MEADOW SA SULIVAN SA BROWN SA LARKINS SN WINTERS SAOBRIEN SN SULIVAN 2ND DIVISION Boatswain ' s Mate (BM) BMC DONALDSON BM1 BETHARD BM1 BICKERSTAF BM3 WEINER BM3 EDWARDS SN WILSON SN JONES SN HICKS SN BALATAZAR SN GONZALEZ EM3 WILLIAMS BM3SERR0N0 SN THOMAS FN DONADO SN ALLEN SASENDEYDIEGO SA FRY SA LIMA SA CHENG SA LOOMIS STREAM DIVISION 0% UNDER BM2 LEWIS TUTELAGE Machinist ' s Mate (MM) Electrician ' s Mate (EM) %, I if- EM2 (SW) GOTONG BM2 (SW) JOCHEM BM2 NOVA MM3 PLACK MM3THARP GMGSN KAPNER GMGSN LOWTHORP GMGSN DOBBS GMGSN HILLABRANDT GMGSN MADDREY GMC GALEY GMGSN BAKER GMGSN REAUME GMGSN SABLE GMGSAUPCHURCH f AFTER ALL THE SMOKE CLEARED GMGSN BECKERING GMGSN HANKINS GMGSN SCHLESENER SN ORTEGA imMm CW02 STAUCH GMGC(SW) MILLER GMGC (SW) ASHLEY GMG2STERNETT GMG3 ROBERTS STAND BY IRAQ WEPS DIVISIONS V Gunner ' s Mate (GM) ETCS (SW) WILCOX ET2 RAYMOND ET2 (SW) WIEGAND ET3 GORDON ET3 LARKINS ET3 FOELLER ET3 POWELL ET3 BALLINGER OE DIVISION I Electronics Technician (ET) Electronic Warfare Technician (EW) 0S1 (SW) MEYER 0S1 (SW) REEVES EW1 BAKER EW2 BURKE LTJG HELLER OSCS (SW) GRACIE EW2 (SW) ALDRED EW3 PEREZ EW3 GRIFFITH OSSN ITO OSSN EDWARDS OSSN WEST OSSN BUYER OSSN WILLIAMSON Operations Specialist (OS) 01 DIVISION LTJG BRIDGE LTJG JIMENEZ SM1 FARNHAM SM2 (SW) STROUD SM2 (SW) MUETHER SMSN PRIMKA OC DIVISION Signalman (SM) RM1 PAYNE RM2 ORTIZ RM3 YATES RM3 DE ALEJANDRO 1 RM3 CHAVEZ Radioman (RM) Engineman (EN) MMCS (SW) BARRETO MMC (SW) VALENTIN MM1 (SW) WEEKS MM3(SW) BROWN IVIM3 BORJA MMFN BRIDGES MMFN HODGE MMFN HEADLEY ENFN GREEN DIVISION BTC (SW) VOIT BTC (SW) HOUDE BT1 (SW) BOWERS BT1 TEALE BT1 TORRES idiftifi BT2 GOODMAN BT2 UBERECKEN BT2 VORHIES BT3 MARTIN BT3 GORDON BTFN ROBINSON B BT3 SWEAT BT3 NELSON BT3 LOVAN BTFN DIVENS BTFN JOHNSON DIVISION t1 ' . oiler Technician EMC (SW) KETCHUM EM1 (SW) FORSYTH IC1 NORMAN EM1 RUMBAWA EM1 MULLINS EM2 MCDONALD EM2 HERRERA EM3 WRZESINSKI IC3BINI0N IC3TIZ0N IC3JORDON EM3 MADDOX EMFA DREW EMFA MOLL EMFA JONES ICFN GOODMAN EMFACALLEJO E-DIVISION Interior Communications Electrician (IC) LT ROEDL Electrician ' s Mate (EM) MMCS (SW) VANDEVOORDE MMC (SW) ATAJAR MM2 (SW) CABRERA MM3SHULER MM3K0ZMER MM3 ESTRADA MM3 REYNOLDS MMFN HENDRICKS MM3 MCCOWN MM3MEIND0K M-DIVISION CW02 FERNANDEZ MPA ENS MANN DCCS (SW) MCCAULEY DC1 (SW) SHARP MR1 GUMES HT1 VINCECRUZ DC2 WHITE DC2 TANGWALL HT2 SCHMIDT DCFN RAY HTFN BUHRMAN HTFN YELLOWROBE DCFN MACOMBER HTFA ROHZON DCFA MCALISTER DCFA ANDERSON DCFR HURST R-DIVISION Hull Maintenance Technician (HT) IC3 TIZON STRUTTING HIS STUFF MS3 UNDERWOOD MS3 RASDAS MS3DY MS3 DELOSSANTOS MSSN CLARK MSSN MAGALSKI MSSN ARIAS MSSN COLLINS S-1 S-2 DIVISION ENSSUNLIN SHCS FRANCISCO SHI LAMPKINS SH3 TAN SH3 ARMSTRONG SH3 RAFFERTY SH3 RHODES SHSN COOPER SHSN WALKER ' SHSN RYNER S-3 S-4 DIVISION Disbursing Clerk (DK) CHAPLAIN SERVICES Hospital Corpsman (HM; CHAPLAIN DELONG Hospital Corpsman (HM) RP2 JOSEPH HM3 ROSS HM3CHILDS HMSN ALLEN BMSN BUEHLER MEDICAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Yeoman (YN) YN1 JACKSON SN TORRE SN DIAZ SN THAGGARD MACS HIX ETCS DUNCAN MA3 YORK PC3STUBBLEFIED QMC PEARSON QM1 HESSE OMSN TUCKER mm MM.M Quartermaster (QM) .1 i %26 " « •I W NAVIGATON I Master-at-Arms (MA) Postal Clerk (PC) EOD AIR DET HC II DET 5 28 RESERVES j -: ' GUARDING THE ASHES! THE BELL OF LUCK It is also known as the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy. Located at Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling, it is the oldest tem- ple in Penang and is believed to be built in 1800. During the birthday of the goddess, which IS celebrated three times a year on the 19th day of the Chinese second, sixth and ninth moon, the temple is at its busi- est. KUAN YIN TENG TEMPLE J -■--eSMK ' eS ' RECLINING BUDDHA WAT CHAYAMANGKALARAM - MALAYSIA WAT CHAYAMANGKA- LARAM this Buddhist temple of Thai architec- ture houses the world ' s third largest reclining Buddha, measuring 33 meters long. PENANG (Pulau Pinang) is strategically located on the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It consists of Penang island and a strip of land on the mainland called Province Wellesley or Seberang Prai. The two entities are linked by the Penang Bridge and a 24-hour ferry service. I - 1 E - . -vy " Pula Pinang means island of Beta! Nut and the name is derived from the pain commonly found on the island. PHILIPPINES The Philippines is certainly not a new port for the crew aboard the MOUNT HOOD, but It is always one of the favorite stops. Because of the political climate in the country at the time of our visit, travel was limit- ed with most liberty time being spent in Olongapo. Olongapo offered an array of night spots for the crew as well as shopping for souvenirs. This year ' s big sell Items were the ' IRAQ-PAC ' T-shirts and leather jackets. The Subic Bay Naval Base and the adjacent Cubi Point Naval Air Station is located 50 miles northwest of Manila and is a natural deep-water harbor. Subic Bay has played host to the Spanish. American, and Japanese Navies. RP2 JOSEPH WITH A COUPLE OF CUTE SINGERS CHAPLAIN MANILA AMERICAN- CF.METEFIY MEMOfllAL 34 TAKING TIME-OUT FOR A QUICK PHOTO AT 1-6-8 SASEBO JAPAN AFTER LIBERTY CALL EVERYONE COULDNT WAIT TO TRY A HAND AT EATING THE LOCAL FOODS NAGASAKI, JAPAN THE PEACE STATUE This statue was erected by the citizens ot Nagasaki In August 1955. the IQtn anniver- sary ottne devastationotthiscity by the ato- mic bomb. Dedicated as an appeal tor lasting world peace and a prayer that such a tragedy 1 s never repeated. the ten-meter bronze statue was designed by the sculptor Selbo Kitamuraand com- pleted tnrough contrlbutiohs from Japan and abroad. The elevated rlgnt hand points to the threat oT nuclear weapons.while the outstretched left hand symbolizes tranguility and world peace. DWine omnipotence and love are embodied in the sturdy physique and gentle countenance otthe statue, and a pr ayer tor the repose ot the souls ot al I war victims is expressed in the closed eyes. Mso.tlie folded right leg symbolizes quiet ledltation. while the left leg Is poised tor ictlon in assisting humanity, NAGASAKI CITY PEACE PARK 1 1 1 •-i ■ i n Nagasaki Our trip to Nagasaki was a favorite. A trip to the A-Bomb museum, the Nagasaki ' s Confucian Shnne. lunch in town and a trolley ride to the top of the city were among the sites and activ- ities offered on this enjoyable tour. T? H IbIB H Sasebo, Japan is located in southern Japan and only within hours of Mt. Unzen and Nagasaki. The Sasebo natives were genuinely very friendly and hosted a Japanese-Amencan dinner for the wardroom, as well as conducted tours for the crew. Most restaurants and shopping areas in Sasebo were open to the American Sailor, so eating out became a truly unique experi- ence. Mt. Unzen Our tour of Mt. Unzen was timely in that it was only a few weeks before the big eruption. The tour included a walkway through the hot springs, lunch and a tour of the city ' s museum. The ride on the ropeway, over the volcano, was closed due to the prediction of volcanic activity. SASEBO CHINHAE SPORTS! MOUNT HOOD SOFTBALL TEAM LOOK NO HANDS! SHOULD I BUY THE NIKE OR REEBOK? 1 5 ■ H , BPI ■ " Vi H " MK T id ' r;: ' K l l H i _ la l WiA- " U M RIG TEAM ALFA IN ACTION 2ND DIVISION CAPTURES ENEMY EQUIPMENT THE NEW FIRE CONTROL SYSTEM DECK DEPARTMENT AMERICA RECEIVES 2 MORE LIFTS FUELING A " CAN " ON THE WAY OVER SN WALKER WITH HIS U l BM3 HARRIS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT MANNED AND READY BT1 MACHIE BT3 NELSON ? sr ' i L k 1 BTC HOUDE BT3 SIMPSON BT3 UBERECKEN GETS THE INSIDE STORY EMC KETCHUM BT3 GAINES W- OPS BOSS LETS LOOSE! O OPS DON ' T BUG ME! PRACTICING TO BE A CHIEF WHAT ARE YOU BURNING TODAY RAZ? WELL. MED OR RAW YOU WANT WHAT? (SMILE) SUPPLY CANT HAVE NO WRINKLES QUARTERMASTERS QM1 HESSE QM3 QUEZADA THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM (NO MAIL YETi) THOSE WHO WORKED ON THE INSIDE ADMINISTRATION II OUR SECURITY FORCE AT WORK! THE BEST IN MEDICAL CARE. AN ICE CREAM A DAY KEEPS THE •■DOC " AWAY! KEEPING OUR FILES IN ORDER. UCSL DUNCAN I., i FROM THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS TO SOLEMN GOOD FRIDAY BT3 DIVENS IC3 BINION BLACK HISTORY WOG DAY SOON TO BE SHELL BACK S H O M E C O M I N G -Jfc ri 9 1 •- l - i 1 i K l V j K V iM " " ' M ■flS m 1 ■ r- ' W 111 TRIBUTE TO DESERT STORM f, WELCOME ALOiVKSlDE THE ' GOOD Hoon J S ' Wtf ARE HIIIP NMJMUER THIS W£ ' LOYMENT CHRISTMAS - MAIL VALENTINES - PEOPLE 9 s ' V Allskan (Alexondrio)Al QAH ,.- » t m ! — J- t A) Bofroli (Im) ilk«1 (CAIR1)) H ' difta Siwah Siwa Oasis f Neu rai Zone f kUWAII Al Wnyo Aiy» i . %l E G- . P T AN NAFQD (DeSERT) i - o ,-500J Cakif , ,, As SaddY fNassfSr (( Aswan Hi| : K ff- fa Al MYUO (inuNi t A R M S U li p I AilHMyyM V ' V ' Z. A N i = ■4- i- { Dirfl

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