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 - Class of 1985

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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Their suc- cess shows what women with a zest for excel- lence can accomplish in the Eighties. We feel privileged to honor in our book of women moving forward a woman who is constantly in motion - gold medalist Holly Metcalf, Class of 1981. At Mount Holyoke, Holly rowed varsity and was co-captain of the crew team. She took the spring of 1980 off to train for the 1980 Olympic team in Philadelphia, but was unable to compete due to the American boy- cott ofthe games. After graduation, the Eng- lish and Music major took a job as the Mount Holyoke crew coach. In 1981 and 1982, Holly made the National team in the four oar boat, and in 1985 the eight-woman boat. Un August I, 1984. llolly rowed in the women's eight oar boat, winning the first American Olympic gold medal in this event. Described by some to have "the body of an athlete and the mind of a poet." Holly considers her gold medal not just as a person- al accomplishment, but a reflection of the immense support she has received at Mount Holyoke. "More than anything." she says, "consider today a celebration of yourselves." l Q f.,f.,'?'f'w ' A I '81 'f'h 3 Q n Y s 4 , Y I i X an Q. 3, ,. ' 'I ef ., K I , H.. ,.,, 1 ,Q , Y A ,ff " ' An. 'x 45 . V WALK ,A 1 A , Q lk .A af 4' ' L ,X uf ' , Q ' ' 'sl 0 'QM - b ,- ' in -Q I 'L ,,., .. ,, ' , ..,. Jlvfrfv . 'N' .f , ' 1 yn I ojglwwz in YTAQW! x . Q X I V l ,,,,, 6 , 1. ,Y .QM .A ri' ., -y XL I X My lf! W X Q WN ,Al .5 , Q.. '4 . aug,.f ,y 1 Gif..-"' 1-A ' , + . A M W., V ' 3 ' ' .' -if ,. H . . - I' 'F Q, .. 'igbwf-,"? W..-,k ff uf' My .18 . 'Q ' ,J , q 1 ' ' 'Q . A "fx , V, 1, 'Pk A ' ", - - H , ta 4 -ulw , -F -.Y wwi QM. .- of ga - vs 5 ra' fy , -9,20 5 'ft G x.-,Q . , Q ' f - n . - . Q 4 - A f' L an Nil' ' v.,,,z , . 41- l 91 Q bl' xx W ,L :fx 'FV' t 'JA ,,,f".T, 1 . :D M .,k Q ,V , . , , ,W , , 7 K, , , ' x. ' ' . ' , M V. " i , ,,,,'-A., ,.- , ,x w,'5 . ,,'-f3"'- nf ' W Y -A A H f .- -'-,,.,.:,fy.+-4 f rw , V, 5. Qvxo- u ,,. -. 'fir A i 4: 's . ' '-' f .'vEu."'?'f"gsqgf' Ya. f5-!,-AA3 ., -V. ,,,',,,J. Q .1 W. , ff Y 'UV' J-1.5 . ,S-fx ' "url W. Iii!! W b 3' lr-" 157 "j Lf A, 'W V' , - , r 'Q af A 'S ", , 4' A 'x , 1 ' 'K' , 3 ,. Xgggi 1, ,sr I I . I , , , Q 9 v.?.f' 9j,,"Q1 ff? b V ,. .h -1 Q ,K 3,4315-'yih 'S-,fvwq I x J ,'g,2:'gd. up 4. , J! . 1 , QM v f 4 .3 .xp,'3-,fn ' II. ?5- - .64 A Qfl- .1 bp, :Q ,k,p'zf-.,, ,- ff ' 91- 15:11.44 Q!i5"+gpg,, 18 ,flak is 'J' '45 L.k.'s. """'-'-1-.:m...a.,,,.A M ""'-vm-A,.u . 'Q N? 3C ., 7' if if N ' .Q , xr . 19' 5 . , 1 'Q W Q 5 f if at ff tw , W, 9- Vp 1 M 4 ITS My Y K E 'F' M X?-S . Y, ,. 3 N315 ' ls! I . 3'w?'S tg':"'N w WE COME rf I Q, X W if .W All human experience is cducatioii in soiiie sense. and a liberal arts education does not c:-:- clude the sorts of learning that derive directly from the process of living itself. lt differs from other varieties of education, however. because it places at its center the content of humane learn- ing and the spirit of systematic. disinterested inquiry. Its ultimate subject is humanityi the works. the acts of human beings. lt is therefore. first. an education in what we are and have been. and in the worlds we inhabit and have created: the worlds of thought and art. the social and phys- ical worlds. It is, further, an education in the means ofexploring those worlds and of creating new ones. Beyond this, it is an education that is evaluative, not merely factual and descriptive it emphasizes the necessity of critical judgment. of respect for the finest in human achievement. together with the beliefthat a sense ofthe finest carries with it a capacity and even an imperative to live and act according to its demands. The college is ideally a society of students and faculty collectively and consciously committed to these convictions: to discovering. exploring. and upholding them. It is a mllegizmz. a fellow- ship. with a proud but not prideful sense of its common purpose and ofthe values that govern its daily life. It brings together those who are serious but not solemn about learning. and hum- ble but not hopeless before the complexity of knowledge: those who want to know what is to be known. It is a fellowship whose members are gentle of spirit and tolerant of human failing. but maintain unrelenting hostility toward any de- struction of human dignity. Such a college tries to encourage in all its members and in all their modes of endeavor not only a respect but a zest for truth and excellence. It encourages the capacity to admire and pursue excellence with intensity but without arrogance. and with some compassion for all who encoun- ter the obstinacy of truth. As a society of those who have come to- gether for the sake of learning, the faculty and students profess and study those special arts of mind and spirit that they believe can free people - at least from ignorance. and perhaps from other poverties. The liberal arts are the arts ot thought. perception. and judgment. the arts that foster humanity and civility of spirit. and it is these arts that Mount Holyoke places at the center of its life. - from a report prepared by The Faculty Study Committee on the Principles of the College. Z1 at 'H as ,L-fha' 'C if, 72 759115 Q ,., lf- I Q 5 I yt . if ' -.."'. 'ski' rw 0. YY :wb Q1 ll 4. Q RER 1:3 '1 Q3 i I if IN fi ,.L. f 31- if NL 41 Q f IIS. 4 , lu Q-.-:swab Q 5' ,at 1 f. 1. , . ' I , ff", I . . L , .-, I s 5' I 'n A 1 C A fs As Ny. N IA N . E ix Zfecvffrggsuii Q :fir f , " 521, -.ff if-A ' . 'L' J ,W ,A , , f wi 7 8 1 'Y 7 Wm wi .. V-nw-,. -4+ vw. l Y MT., .- ifiib, gffsgg . A . f tx B15 N 24 Convocation is a long-standing tradition at Mount Holyoke College. Although the ceremo- ny was first called "Convocation" in 1955, the tradition began in 1931. For the first time, faculty and staff, dressed in "full academic regaliaf' at- tended a service conducted by Mary E. Woolley, establishing a new tradition at Mount Holyoke College. In her 1984 Convocation address, President Kennan offered advice on coping with the "in- ferno" of modern society. She quoted from Marco Polos Inviiifzfe Ciliefx There are two ways to escape suffering it. The first is easy for many: accept the infer- no and become such a part of it that you can no longer see it. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and ap- prehension, seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst ofthe inferno. Then make them endure . . . What will endure in the turmoil of our society. and what must we prevent from becoming an integral part of that turmoil? There are many issues which must be considered. For example, the arms race, abortion and wide-spread poverty. In order to make that which is not part of the "inferno" a viable part of our society, we must not only look forward, but also keep an eye on the events of the past. At the time Convocation was established, the class of 1931 was dealing with the uncertainty of The Great Depression. By examining the problems of previous genera- tions of Mount Holyoke women, we will find alternative ways of dealing with our own "infer- no." 25 My, .. J! , fy ff ,b W ' aw 'G ff pf -QW Wife . N I N 11 I fl P N P U m. vi' ., ' 'K A f , .- :fm ' A 6 YT F 7 .,,,. 1 4, Q, 6 . iff V A f 'lg K NW Q fiA , J Davy? A ky f. If i j Q -we 2m A .. .A V f 3 ,Y svp' ai, J Q' , X Q3 5 gc tfgbj QQ 'if q,.fT,,. ' W' i 0 3 Jil, "VL " h i I 'J Q ' w G 54 cf , rib ' ,. , ""8F.f 4 f "" Y- 'N 1' Smnww X X vv., ,Nh H if 'i M'-M-m-.-,., is ew A X3 5!WMf6M45'Z V fx ki. fy x W.. lid Q .N , 0.5 V,-N , 'P'-1'3nf..,f'g ' Q -4,1l,,,, I M: Q2 Mi:!w,g'5-'wa :AS lv SK 4 1- 5 Q -', i.z'.. if 7 la" '.'5 ' " . 'xx ', 'V', rg ,, W - A ar ,f , H h ' K EN!! . wi W t fs V 11 ' 4 fx W -4 I .ix 'N I 1 . v W N 1 K ,QQ li' Y w V f I W V1-Q---5, X 1 51 Li Q E 'f7s RESTAURE K LOUNGE THE VIKING ODYSSEY 5112? 'UUE JK.. ' k-ggyhs xi bv all pf! 'fx rf'- I 5 X u IX ri 'ln' A , ww -- Q, nu. -un vu. --.- -. uu- Q ' ' V -.- r in 'L if yr , , 5 f . - , 35 H 35 , I .. 4 -1, W . hun S. 1 U I V wg V lg ?fffi5Si: 'w 1 . v 28 E E 5 E Lu E E -.- S ADM! ISTRATIO "The measure of these four years, first of all, lies in the shape of your intellectual life. It exists now in each of you. It will be the critical scale of your lives, a measure you, in tum, bring to bear on your experiences, a measure by which you train and shape them for yourselves and for oth- ers in your company. By virtue of your own critical dimensions, you will affect the world and . Elzzabetb T. Kennan leave it Changed", ' President of the College - Elizabeth T. Kennan joxepb Ellir Dean of Faculty 0 3 v A .. ,ff if s wr aa.-s , X r ' f David EUUW1 Renate Wilkim Dean Of SU-1di6S Dean of Students l , Sarah Sutherland Dean of Freshmen l M DEPARTME T HEADS if IE ? v ,Q v . X5 'Q W . I 5 . ,L 'Q X, "sw lf V HJ W, 3' 'ff' x ,r F F-1""x .L 1 bv 'S y 'U ' Q xx ' ut v Qi J, 1' nf .Y, u K 43 ,3.,1,J . C , , QQ' li ., ,A . xXx, Roberl Berkey Religion james Bruce Sociology and Anthropology xg "ff" 3 .!,,f 1 2 3 S I 2 ! If 5 -f, iw- Q l, We P, 9 1 , -, I Jaw' ,Vx ,rf 'sv lim Waller Stewart Nanry Quinn Black Studies Classics l 4 "'I'liere is something at ease about teatliing in the greenhouse. The heater clanks antl spews out too much heat or too little - never enough, but conversations about the Civil War. or civility, or whatever it is we get to, works as well as the heat machine works poorly Maybe it's the oltl tongue-and-groove walls that make the differ- ence, or perhaps it's the neighborhood. Mount Holyoke is a great place to teach, and for ine. the greatest place for that teaching is next door to johnny Walker and all of' his Ceaselessly re- newing plants." - W.S. McFeely Andrew W. Mellon Scholar in the Hu- manities Pulitzer Prize Winner 35 3 aku, 'C ii jgng Tgulnjgpqd Edildn Weaver Biology Chemistry tl, , Fi a X Pglgf Enggaj-g l.e.ff?1" Sfnffbdl I Geography and Geology Mafhemafiw 2,- K - my K N .Y Z- ,-L' ' . Y. .V , Ai?-avi john Dm-Jo Carof Craig, NLD. Physics Health and Hygiene 4 .uw- -.lf 9" joyepb Cohen Tom Defznif Psychology and Education Astronomy fk A- Lee Bowie Philosophy Lexfie Poofmazz Physical Education . 1. N 5 jafquef - Henri Perivier French 3 1 joan E. Ciruti German CActing Chair 84-857 ,Zi af S if Edwina C'ruiJe Alberto Cmtilla Russian Spanish and Italian 'V'-v jean I-Iarrii Hanna Wjfey Aff Dance .E " ai 1'-f"Q, 36 , Tustin .-...N 1 Melinda Spmrlan Oliver Allyn Music Theatre Arts ' ' t nm--a .V ..-me-v v, ... "Mount llolyoke College certainly is un insti- tution that prepares young women lor the future and gives to them the kind ol strength and poise necessary for their total growth, It is olten said that we should not have separate institutions lor women, hut in order for a woman to develop her fullest potential in America, it hecomes neces- sary for attention to be given to her entire per- sonality. lt is only in an educational setting that caters to the unique and specific needs of the female student that she is ahle to develop all the aspects of her total personality and thus become an individual who is better prepared to cope with real life in the outside world and become a leader in the future." -- Shirley Chisholm Professor of Sociology and Government Former Democratic Congresswoman from Brooklyn, New York First black woman to seek the Presidency ap X 4 ,hge ,if t . a ' 12, 7 mfg, A, T2 N , -Q b 'gui 'Q' 1 1 , ' J ' ,Alibi 4, ln, ' zu "On arrival at Mount Ilolyol-ce. I immediately lielt immersed in the institution. I sensed a feeling of instant community and wanted to contrihute to its well-heing and success. In particular. I am concerned that the physical education program continues to he an important component of the broad hase a liheral arts education proyides. Since my early months at Mount Ilolyoke. I have been impressed with its students. 'Ihey are un- doubtedly young women of ahility, intellectual promise and motivation. Although a pivotal concern ol' the college is with individual development, some of my exalt- ed moments have occurred on the periphery' of the moving force of students that helped effectu- ate the reality of the new Sports Complex. My experiences with students have always been positive at Mount Holyoke, and I think of myselfnot only as a teacher, coach and adminis- trator, but equally important as a friend. support- er, listener and resource person. I marvel at the changes in students from freshman to senior year and enjoy showing the freshman picture book to graduating seniors." - Les Poolman Chairman, Department of Physical Education 5 NJ. '4 ,I if 'M i- I' Q, .11 ,S 'mf 'Z 1 . 59 "T if - 4 ff , K f , " -"A,,.: - . . - - ??f'1f5Q?f '2r,g43t3?jf2f, ' -1 ,195 H av' Nl 7 .' 4 2.2. .1 ' ' ' H. ' , ' - ' Q. ,. 2 fx in Nw luv., .,.A A,....,,,,m, , . U ,I V4 f. ,gusuueamw .. f..m..,..,,...,.: u,M,,,,,, NWS' 15 Y.. ASS.. CDN 18 .x I t 1 . :Sh , ,.- 'gvafj 3-M54 0 .A 1 .jx ' ff-1 'I wa-f -n - 1 4-.Au 'WV Y Aj- -f-A jj A 1 A-gqunur Ab. K f 13: M., I Cwgm Y '---Q.--.-Q., 5 1 5' Q Us Nas'-I 3 .uw . -gl V, at '5 'NW-1, 'X ' ' ,H ff 'f',.g I , , ,. if f' ,A .., 'f',"',, ,fp-N.4-1 .".'ff,f-'W 'N 5T'4Q,,"g53 wr, H ? 1 1 l I 1 il I - - - 40 N ,,..--,.,. ...T .... A sr a W Y,-qs 1 - "'.. 1 4 F -, .i .1 '91 94? .fv 1-. A , , 173'NT HDL J' 'ff TWV! in H .1 - v , ,fl 1. IL-JNLWO ig Y! II fl S 5 L5- f., ,gi -4' I, 1 QCA If Errzf TQ NLX05 5'O .JW ny' Action Sonrn Africa Action South Africa is an organization on campus concerned with the situation in South Africa today. They have two major pruposes 1. -to educate the campus about the effect of Apart- heid in South Africag 2. -to encourage the divestment of Mount Holyoke stock from US. Banks and Corporations that operate and do business in South Africa. Awneninn Clnb The purpose ofthe Mount Holyoke Armenian Club is to bring together the Armenians of the Mount Holyoke community. Through our activities, we hope to promote awareness of the Armenian culture on campus and in the Five-College area. Past activities have included lectures on Armenian architecture and the Armenian genocide. movies, fundraisers and participation in the Festival of Diversity. Asian Sfnclent Association The Asian Student Association engroups Asians who come to Mount Holyoke from all over the world, as well as those with an interest in Asia. The organization is concerned with educating the campus, sponsoring a variety of activities that involve political, social and cultural aspects of the Asian and Asian-American people. Such events include films, lectures, the annual food festival, conferences and workshops. K1 ku! ofwgm :Wig MIT 42 i .vis Z' I Q 6 i.,.7 e-,Nu A is 'Kgrjgf ,,,. .-ng Association 0 Pan A wean Unity APAI' serves to unify lilatlt Ariieritaris. Afriiaiis and Curri bean Africans and to inform others about lilatlt tulturt- Atblefic Recreation Association The Athletic Recreation Association lA.R.A.l sponsors intra- mural sports events on campus, in which all students and staff may participate. The philosophy of the program is to provide a variety of activities that promote physical fitness. sportsmanship and cooperation in an atmosphere of fun and friendly competi- tion. The program is coordinated by a member of the Physical Education Department and run by an executive board of stu- dents who are elected annually. The opening of the new facilities at Kendall Hall made possible a greater variety of activities. including squash, volleyball, European handball and indoor soc- cer. Bellarifix Bellatrix: The Science PictionfFantasy Club of Mount Ho- lyoke College. Home ofthe M. Ghizberta Hawlqwood Memorial Floating Science Fiction Library, the l'.S.S.R. Retreat. the Vile Endeavor, refugee aliens, the disappearing Hat. and Great Sci- ence Fiction Convention trek. Members not present are: al where no woman has gone before, bl caught in a time warp. or cl dematerialized. 45 Baba 'i Association The Baha'i Association accomadates the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of Mount Holyoke College members of the Baha'i faith. Blue Key Blue Key brings the vibrant world of Mount Holyoke into focus for prospective students. Information and insights not found in the pages of the college catalog or in Barron's Guide to Colleges are supplied by the Blue Key Guides. This year, Blue Key boasted nearly 150 members, making it one of the largest volunteer campus guiding organizations in the nation. By sitting in the admissions office living room and chatting with prospective students and their parents. the guides provide a service unique to Mount Holyoke. Blue Key Guides also partici- pate in Bring a Daughter Day and Spring Cpen House and offer the opportunity for a prospective student to stay overnight in a dormitory. These activities are coordinated by a five-member steering committee, pictured right. Campzzs Program Council Campus Program Council is primarily responsible for the orga- nization and execution of Mount Holyoke's Fall, Winter and Spring Weekends. CPC also offers a range of alternate activities for the MHC community. The organization initiated Wooley's and has sponsored bus trips to Boston theatres, the Head of the Charles. L.L. Bean and West Point Academy. CPC hopes to continue to be a vital, energetic and necessary student organiza- tion in years to come. 44 Cf1i!4z'1fen'.i' Companirlnwjp Progmnz The Childrens C UlIlpLiIllUlISlllIJ ljftlgflilll IS .i llllll-Plwlll pro' gralll lor ahused and negletted Llllltlltll ill the llolloke area Mount Holyoke students serve as lug sisters to children referred to the Pftltgffillll through the lVl1iSSLiLllLlSCTIS Society lor the Pre- vention ol' Cruelty to Children. lliikll student is the Qillllpgllllklll ol one child for the entire year and through her weekly visits. mutual honds ol allection and Lll'I1lLllIT'lL'Illf are lUHIICLl. Cfwirfiazn Fellowffozyb The Mount Holyoke Christian Fellowship is an irlterdenomi- national group of Christian students, faculty and staff. Although affiliated with an international organization of Christian Fellow- ships, the MHC chapter is entirely student-run. The Fellowship reaches across campus through small group Bible studies and investigative Bible studies, both ol' which prove to he exciting and stimulating. The Christian Fellowship holds weekly meetings that include singing, sharing and discussions, Many times. a guest speaker from off-campus may address issues facing Christian students or discuss an aspect ofChristianity. Other activities include monthly five-college Christian Fellowship group meetings. various New England and nation-wide conferences. dorm talks. hook tahles and college Lives, a gathering of MHC students to hear a per- spective on a relevant topic such as relationships or success. 1985 Clam Ojfcem The class of '85 is alive and well. We are one of the most spirited classes yet at Mount Holyoke College. Ourulunior Show was both infamous and awesomelf We may be leaving. but South Hadley has not seen the last of our class! We will return as alumsf 45 1986 Clays Ofjgcem Friends, Yokes, fellow students, the nebulous class of 1986 proudly presents the activities they successfully completed this yeari Parents' Weekendjunior Show, Bigflsittle Sister program. ushers for Founders Day. Commencement, the organ dedication and the sale of Mount Holyoke bottle openers and key chains. 1987 Class OWCQVJ The Sophomore class has been busy this year. During the Fall semester, they threw a successful "Sophomore Septemberfestn party. elfed 'schmen in October, and held a "Sophomore Slump" party in November. December brought the fourteenth annual Peddlers Fair. Spring semester was highlighted by a semi-formal. 1988 Clam 0fWC61"5 The Class of 1988 had a fun and successful year. The freshman class became involved in Mount Holyoke life through participa- tion in various social, academic and athletic events. 46 Qgws. Coffege Democmli The lvlount Holyoke College Uernocrats consist ol approxi- mately 130 stutlents interested in learning ahout and supporting the Democratic party on hoth local and national levels, Partit u- larly during the campaign season, the group vvorlcs tlosely with the Freeze Voter Clarnpaign, the South Hadley Deinotriits and the Democratic organizations of the other colleges in the area. College Repzzbliwzm The College Republicans work to promote issues and ideas facing the Republican community, both on and off-campus. They were very active during this year's election campaign. Cowzemrone Cornerstone is a small, four-part harmony acappella singing group. As an off-shoot of the Christian Fellowship, Cornerstone involves twelve women from various denominations. They per- form contemporary music, Gospel and occasionally popular hymns both on ancl off-campus. 47 Dezy Sttidetttt The Day Student Grganization is designed to meet the needs of off-campus students. It acts as a liaison between day students, dorm residents and the administration. The group participates in social activities, ARA sports and many other aspects of student life, Debate Sotiety The Debate Society is a relatively new student-run organiza- tion. We travel to various colleges to debate current issues. F if in Society "Flick Chicks" The Film Society brings movies to campus every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. 48 T Gfee Club The Mount llolyoke Glee flulw. diret ted hx iissot nite prides' sor Catherine Melhorn, consists ol npproxiintitelj, ninetx mein' hers from the sophomore, junior rind senior classes, Iburing the liirst semester, the Ciilee Ctlu h participated inthe lull fY,UllXULLlTlUl'l. the Parents' Weekend Variety Show und sexereil services in Ah- hey Chapel. In Noveinher, the lniversity ol Virginia Cilee Cluh joined MHC for an impressive und memorahle concert which featured Handels Df'ffflI1Q6II 'IZ Umm. The tmriutrl Vespers con- cert, performed with the Amherst Glee Cluh, ti concert with the five-college orchestra, and another concert during ti Southern tour over Spring break highlighted the 1984-1985 leur for the MHC Glee Club. Francis Perkins SCh0!6l1",.Y Association This organization provides a support group for the Francis Perkins lcontinuing educationl students, and establishes si liaison with the rest of the student body. Winter Term Committee The Winter Term Committee, comprised of students and faculty, coordinates courses, lectures and activities for the month of january. 49 Interfaith Conneil The Interfaith Council is an organization comprised of the heads of the various religious groups on campus. The members work closely with the staff of Eliot House to promote various campus activities such as films, discussions, workshops and an understanding betweenthe religious organizations.Theirgoalisto increase spiritual awareness on the Mount Holyoke campus. International Clan The International Club, chaired by Brenda Nottingham, is a cultural organization in which students share their ideas and knowledge about customs and lifestyles ofcountries abroad. The club is open to international and American students in the col- lege community. All Foreign Fellows who attend MHC for only one year are also welcome. It is an excellent opportunity for all to exchange views and broaden their horizons. Events have includ- ed the annual Festival of Diversity, panel discussions, host family programs, slide shows, lectures and a conference on "International Women Students and Home Country Employment." International Newsletter The International Newsletter provides a vehicle for self and community education on foreign affairs. 50 iff' 1 Y Wm-sv Internutionuf Relutiont Club 'I'he International Relations Club is a campus organization which promotes awareness of international affairs on political. economic, and social levels. Its activities include sponsorship of the annual Student Conference on International Affairs, partiti- pation in Model Ifnited Nations Conferences. hosting guest speakers, conducting crisis simulations, fundraisers and discus- sions about contemporary international affairs. 'Iliis past tear. they also sponsored the OXIAM Ifast for a World Ilarvest. Iylurnic Cultuml Alliunce The Islamic Cultural Alliance is a non-sectarian, politically unbiased organization that is open to the entire Mount Holyoke Community. We are an organization that is trying to spread awareness on this campus concerning Islam and the various ways it influences all aspects oflife. Among issues under consideration are womens rights, arts, literature and the basic tenants of Islam. We also discuss political issues facing the Islamic world today. ewirly Student Union The jewish Student Union promotes jewish unity through a variety of religious. educational and social activities. Throughout the year, the organization sponsored Sabbath services and din- ners, classes on jewish faith and practice, lectures and films for the entire campus. 51 Leeaft Veterans Program The Leeds Veteran Group is a student group which works with patients in the VA. Hospital as a community service, Lesbian Alliance The Lesbian Alliance serves as a support group, a research center and an organizer of alternate events for the lesbian com- munity. L!ama1faa'a The Llamarada is the student-produced yearbook. With a staff of over forty members, we have worked hard this year to estab- lish a constructive morale, over-come budget deficits, and devel- op guidelines for future editors. Most of all, we have been pleased to give back to Mount Holyoke a little of what it has given to us. 52 Marr PIRG The Massachusetts Puhlit lnterest Research Ciroup is a Ralph Nader ins wired or 'anilation encoura 'ing uhlit saletx through 2- 3- . P . . protection of the environment. MHC Law Society The Law Society has a dual purpose: to investigate current legal issues and to present this information to the community at largeg and to be a complete source of information for those students who are interested in pre-law studies and in law school. The Law Society sponsors speakers, informal discussions on law schools during the semester and a moot trial court during Winter term. This year the moot court addressed a criminal case involving rape and racism. MHC Marching Band The Mount Holyoke Marching Band is celebrating its third year of providing first-rate musical accompaniment to campus festivities. Sponsored by Pro Musica, the Marching Band is raising money to buy musical equipment. L'nder the organization and direction of Kris Renn 86. these musicians, clad in royal blue sweatshirts, have won awards as the Best Musical Unit in four consecutive parades. They have nohly performed in two Homecoming Game half-tirne shows and the "Hooray for Holly' parade. 53 Monnt H ol yoke N ewi The Mount Holyoke News is the weekly, student-run cam- pus newspaper. Its purpose is twofoldg to report events and issues which are pertinent to the campus, and to provide a journalistic learning experience for students which is not offered in the existing college curriculum. Newman Association The Newman Association is the Catholic student affiliation on campus. The association sponsors bi-monthly meetings, which vary from Bible meetings to prayer readings and rap sessions. Speakers are invited to address such topics as women and the Church and Covenant House in New York City. We also sponsor various panel discussions and social service programs. Members continue to volunteer at homes and shelters. Pangynaskeia Planning Committee Pangynaskeia is an annual MHC celebration of women. It kicks-off Spring Weekend in celebration of Mount Holyoke Collegeg its past. present and future. An important event ofthe day, along with the parade and amphitheatre ceremony, is the presentation of the Ella T. Grasso Pangynaskeia Award. The award honors a woman who embodies the ideals of Mount Holyoke and serves as an important role model in our society. In addition. a community award is given to a member ofthe MHC faculty, staff or administration who serves as an immediate re- minder ofthe excellence. significance and courage ofthe Mount Holyoke woman. 54 2 S tl 'sie A ' A JUST ETD FTW NOW Pegamt The members of Pegasus, Mount llolioke s stuilt-ni .tri .intl literary niagavine, include lout editors, a business riiaiiiuer .intl the members of the art, poetry and prose hoartls. C reatne wi irl.s are compiled in hi-annual issues, Philosophy cab The Philosophy Club is a group interested in interesting stu- dents. The club contributes to campus events, as well as bringing philosophers to campus such as john Irving and Theresa de Lauretis. They also hold discussions with local and up-and-coming philosophers in more casual and intimate settings. Currently. the Philosophy Club is involved in the curriculum review of the Philosophy Department. Grab a navel or a lightbulb. come and contemplate with us. Suhliminate! Pifogifertive Student Alliance The Progressive Student Alliance is an educational and action group which serves to build concerned coalitions with Valley communities dealing with progressive issues. 55 Rattbikellmf The Rathskellar sponsors the live entertainment for MHCS weekly coffee house. Shader of Expression Shades of Expression is the campus performing arts, dance and theatre company. South City Tutorial The Hamilton Learning Center is a community service organi- zation in Holyoke geared to helping children with learning dis- abilities. The Mount Holyoke students involved in the program volunteer an hour of their time per week to tutor. The children involved range from first grade to highschool and the subjects studied include mathematics, foreign languages, sciences and humanities. 56 Stnefent Bnrjnen' Association The Student Business Assotiution provides an arena in which women can pursue and exertise their interests in husiness. Tnim' World Pre-Health Organization The Third World Pre-Health Organization encourages and supports Third World students interested in health careers. Stnetent Government Afyoeintton The Student Government Association is an independent orga- nization to which all students may belong. SGA appoints and elects students to serve on trustee and faculty committees. The association also serves as the voice ofthe students to the adminis- tration. jv V'8 'J The V-8's made their first debut in the junior Show of 1942, and later brought their music to Westover Airforce Base, provid- ing entertainment to soldiers during war time. For over 40 years, the group has provided unique entertainment for their own and nearby college communities. The number of members has fluctu- ated over the yearsg scheduled concerts now include all corners of New England, and concert dress is no longer formal evening wear. But what has transcended the years is a high standard of musical performance and the constant dedication that has kept the group together. The V-8's of 1984-1985 take pride in perpet- uating a musical Mount Holyoke tradition! Voices of Faith Voices of Faith is a gospelfvocal ensemble which explores and preserves the sacred musical tradition of Black Americans. WMHC WMHC-PM is Mount Holyoke Colleges student-run radio station. It is the oldest college station managed by women. WMHC has approximately 150 members, including disc jockeys, air personalities, news anchorwomen and various staff members. WMHC has been reaching out in stereophonic sound to the surrounding communities, as well as the students on campus, continuing its reputation as an information and entertainment station. 58 Water Po! 0 The MHC Water Polo club is a student-organized and stu- dent-run sport. Practices are a few times a week during the fall and spring. This fall, we competed against Williams and Trinity, and scrimmaged amongst ourselves on Parents Weekend. Last spring, we played in tournaments at Brown and MIT and had a few matches at UMass. This year, we are planning a more active schedule. We also hope to host a tournament in the new pool. The Women '5 Center The Womens Center, Mount Holyokes feminist organiza- tion, serves as a resource center which makes information on womens issues available to the campus. It is both a place for women to share ideas and socialize and a political forum working to make change for the advantage of todays society. i ,, A 1 . 2 4 R4 Ln Unidnn' La Uniclad is a support group for Latin American Women. Women Against Sexnn! Hnmssnzenl W,A.S.H. offers peer counseling and education. We are students trained to counsel survivors of sexual harassment and rape. The group offers workshops to encourages public awareness about all forms of sexual harassment. 59 172' W0 , 'W 1,4 M A f'1V,f My,5g'4.-f., ,' ' ' .V -Ang" 4,-MW ,,, , ,' L G V WV , , ,. V. . VM - V V- , 4 .f,fL ,,,.,,,.-:- 0 f f - V , Q as JV X M- 1 4 , Mu J, V 4 M, . 1 Q, q , V , V , , , ., I , 4 '. I 'L qi yn E , .Jw . 5-,ez , Q W k all 'g l . V-, lf , we A .V M, ,, M VV VV N - :Vw 5 I JW K - V, 'Swv' - 'kay ., as , 1-6.3 'I ., 5 ' - V V 1Q M gp- X V ,V V wg,-4.l.?Q3-gf'-A 5 . Mp fa , , A, Wf A , - V m:,,ay-- -- . E 'V -1 V.fswu,f - .10 VV vw Y' .1 I, , . A , A, M ., ,, , .4V al Q., Nav - , I Y, 1 VM f My M M4 Q fm A, Var.,-. Q 1 , Sm, Y , , X ,A -pw W V ow,-"'e,,.. 1 M, ,P V , A A, ,V . U - P5 ,.2M'W' A 1 MZ W 'aff 'f AV ' Wd' Vw 1 ' .. M ,,., ' .. V' 7 , ' 1 '-'- ' as ' :2:n fA-4f Vfg - -.-':'.g-1:-4-ff?" '- V' - V ":.5.,,cf -:::V."'Z-' , I -- V: V,. -:::-V4-1, , - 4.5 - iqwggagffm, 4' , ' V A 1, Q J ,fF VV,,. VV, .,., --11 .. . ' Z' " A ' 4953, 705, 'Mah V-V U WLLA J , f" M' " 'H ' ,. ,TV gl '-Q4 WFT ,V wamfvfwvf-rs - 45" .V fi! .5 V I I- -4' at ..Q arf sian:-nt him was ,Q vw snr 5 WWI! 'Ol sag In nf- .Q . quwnfx.. , , xx ,' J' was ' + . NN. , M """"""" '-'fl' . , no ,QV uf -X ,,,,,,,,,M . A,,M.-N ,, 1 ,gbfi vs, 42-wwf A mi J , 1 Q A I Ln rxkfli-I' '- x - 'iff Q Jw 1 'b 1,-4 sF,f t'.i?5L.' . 31 - . .Qr A, . 1 'Q' in K.: tx ,ATQY QMQQQ . S I s- 54,55 -"""5Q,E-Y TKF!j" ng 4 L X u 'ke-AP' . . . - ,------ I-FDUICCQSBQ - V' -9 'ADIICIUQQ-Q... W - .CEIHCCCI-Sl A' Q IUIIIICIHQUI f' ' - x ':usNll!lllH- P I " IIUSIQ-flDHL - 0llBlllQUBQl' V1 a5uilll!llDll -2 ' 'dilll'-IUGlHHl',-ff' ,raallilillifx r-nvruaafallii Q vxfaeanlnullli' 1' -mnraunllillmw .uw QIUICIUICI asm, jf P -nf-wrqallDH1UlUl WV .f v mpanan10unn',A,w amswswnurmumim - we:xnmaumal4uurA S 1- X Wie talYQHllfW.KBKl1HlD"f - Dr4v88fQfd7.mA9983ffH'hJBiw qhmwmmwwuwanmwa 'J -'MMHKUKQYHBKMW VAEQUEKUSYA-lWlYWD'QW4l'M lviwfmdiliiwlliiiww 9-a4f'.6v'a1,-v4nb2nlxU-.ibwl- - ' ':"'i"f9 .ff ,QW J + Qwaf 1 1 x PM 'JP E? 1, w-. ..,' 'x - as 1 . a . If fsw,rfw-.-Pg.- 1, .A 'm.3 . -V ,gf Wi SEE K Q 'X I ,, A , SOCCER hm N X :S-fm 1 """8 '-2 62 On August 24, 198-1, the returning members of the Mount Holyoke soccer team landed in England for what resulted in two exciting weeks of sightseeing and exhibition games. The team returned to the LISA. with skills learned at the Bobby Charleton Soccer camp. The new and improved techniques were used throughout their victorious season. Although the Lyons did not win an official title, several outstanding feats were accomplished, including two victories over arch-rival Smith College. Mount I-lolyokes impressive 12-4-0 record, including NIAC tournament play, boasts forty-five goals against their competitors. The Lyons attack could not be thwarted, as they tallied ten straight victories. The team would like to thank coach Les Poolman, captains Ellen Greenberg. Kim Miller and Cynthia Reed, manager Cindy Coon. and trainer Ellen Perella for their invaluable services throughout this memorable season. Timur' O 'Q 65 FIELD HOCKEY 'X' mf f W ai H f , ,,,,i .. Mi, 'f' V2 4 ff K ,,,,f M f ,, f 4 yfvbifvgikiiif ' SAWLQZ K ,' Via: S F25 Val? t 64 The Mount Holyoke Field Hockey team entered the 19814 season with an experienced backfield and aggressive, quick offense. The team used extreme poise and perseverence to post a successful IO-6 season record. Regular season play was highlighted by an exciting double overtime 4-3 win over Wesleyan, and an intense win at the Bryn Mawr Seven Sister Tournament. The stickers handily defeated Wellesley and Bryn Mawr on the opening day of the tournament to pace their way for the big win. After a Saturday night feast ofjims Steaks and ice cream, Mount Holyoke withstood mounting pressure to beat Vassar 5-0. We snatched the title away from our arch rival, Smith College. The talents of seniors Hope Ashton, Kelly Hill, Carole Lester, jane Lester, Laura McClain and jen Warburton will definitely be missed. 65 JM FIELD HOCKEY 7 , 66 X x V, In , A . lx , , f ' Wm, + ,v ' . ,, I 1 :I V.,. W "Fw f.z . .4 fs- ' 5 ' -xwtssggvii W -mg ,' . . My 4 f'4"w Q- - -. - -vm, yi ' V mg, ,jj A .Y a-4 'rx , , . ' 'W V V 4 Mg- i f Wi . f... ' , '92,,",f"lz"llI-kL,-- if ff, Wm in wQ,',,, ,sl I Q 4 'M7"f ', 'wi , , , .Aga-1, ' , MQ, LY . ' ' -- V. ---'-L V V '.,, ,-' ., i . , ,+.... , 'wr-I--fn fwlis., Im, m eg, ' V t' A- s , fr'- ' ' 1 4 ' " 'G 1.1.1 'X "" , if.. . " we ' i.Q'.j':q- '- ' . i ' - - -55ii?""i-K2 fhf'fG6" -'7 'Ci 1 In .1-.w...,,, ' . , W, , -- ,, -7. M V . 1 i,...3. "1 , . H , -ir N e-t i.f.a..t.-. 1 ,U - ., .. ' , qw I N M . . A 3 'F "1 1A i'1i,Q'T'j+ ' we i 4 -- Q4-fff"m ' if- ' W' ' s iff" 1' ' f, ' ' .X f My dwvdiix, -ugrvlfif, - , -l M . ,,,, ' 'W NM' ' "za-f:i""'f' 'M' if.. , 'if wif W 'H ' ., , ,. , , , ,,A, , , ,W , ,,, ,W VW-.,,j v ss W - wg... ' 1'-' wr "' ,"'T".,, " , " V Ce, ' 15" ' ff' T .I , , ,A ik M N3 .V..,ffgq1Qg54ggs,,. t ,WV -w 1 V W, I i W '-M -. . . . ., t in it .tfggfhe ' " . ff . 'Q ,fefc ,5g.uX,'yA.gfi1.-V 3,4 5 'Q M itiigttglf A YV? X - 925W 'APM .xx it IQg3,t, Qjtqftit .X Ni., ' sf' 7, i It Q , ' I 1 aawylii 'f' 214311 Kas il if g I s QW I A 151- , 9 ,E J , 1 TE IIE'-4 f 12111. 71' , 'l V , :F 1 Q-V , , My ' A F' , I of it Q 5 4 ' -v i f h V Q The,I.V. Field Hockey team began its season with m.1nt new pliisers. The season opened strongly with L1 win against Skidmore. The l,X'sms faced stiffer competition and suffered ll series of losses throughout the season. However. they did not get discotiriiged and held together to play their hest game against Connecticut College. With .1 S-5 tie. the team ended the season on ti good note. The quickness and .aggressive scoring of senior Susi Sturzenegger will he missed. 6-. 'A + HQ., fx Lge' V A W. if ' x 'R Hkfxl X mb X, ff' X E, 3, NJ ss s W xii, ,. x vt QW . Ln, ,Mg-. . ig ,. x we va, X 56" 1 UM., ,il 1, iZ,i.?,E,l, . 41 .aw-Q... ss, R., QQ W-,ss mi- X 'fs 51... -.,-.EM 1- ! 1" 3. V F Q Q , 1 5 , '- r R. rv., yhia "'. 5' L r. X wx X 'Q I 9- .' Q' -" -'rl 'is.g" - 9 . . 1? ,u . - 1, . N b Q my 5 I .P ".- . '. ' - . A ' , 5- N 95 Aflfgf . V I' 1 ' Q 'Q 7. ' -,I ' Hr! - 1 W i ' 3 ' 4 51 . A I, gf , , MJ.. A y N' A s'f. nv 'il' A ' 1' A 4 Q'w" qt, 1 4-iflihn-Q W I Fr' A ' , H. 1... - su, , 1 , it Rt.: ""wln.i,., .,. .c , :1'TT,,f"'.f7- -'. '. U. ' Af "Umag- 'nal N. 12+ VOLLEYBALL ,, 1 5,1 W, ,. , f 4 1 1 1' M 4-Ww0Wf:f4wmQ. 5 4? A 41- if' Vg. my f . If, . , f , ffw X ,mais i W. K , is wb , 1 iv V 'f we 70 1 MMS X' Thus passes another season in the scary tradi- tion of MHC's volleyball. The returning players from last year's squad welcomed the new pres- ence of a number of playersg freshpersons Ann CNo EU Wilcoxg jenny "Lookin' good, Blue" Morgan, Lisa Krawczy Chow do you pronounce that?lg sophomore Charlotte "I'm from Missouri, can you tell?" Overbyg junior Laura "Why can't I play in my cast?" McAlisterg and senior Mary "Penny, you you want me in the front row?Y" LeClere. Returning members looked better than everg Mean Heidi Landry perfected her quick-hit-and- grunt technique, Kelly Boldy kept the audience in great suspense as she called the ball out and everyone waited to see how far within the court it actually fell, andvleanne Fritch was having the best season of her career. if her mood was any indication. All ofthe above mentioned underclasswomen were moved to tears at the passing of the MHCVB dynasty - seniors Catherine Snyder and Beth Fishman, In honor of these Olympic- quality athletes, the volleyball team is perma- nently deflating all Mikasas and is debating whether or not to compete next year. This season, the team defended its title suc- cessfully at the Seven Sisters tournament and won the NIAC championship. MHC won a berth in the NCAA National tournament for the third consecutive year and lost to ECSL' for the sec- ond consecutive year. Vcfirlri-6-Q 'sf I. ,wmv N 'i A XsS L L Ak 1, IX ff The Mount Holyoke Basketball team faced the 1984-85 season with an experienced squad, which included eight returning veterans. Senior All-American Tricia Ginley helped the team match their impressive last seasons mark of 21 wins and 5 losses. Talented newcomers rounded out the 12-woman squad and provided the team with great potential. With a new coach and new offensive and defensive strategies. the team made adjustments in their early season play, but their perserverence and hard work has been worthwhile. nv K W i nur' S J xU"""., hd!! , Af' 5-:I . 9 'S i ' . - s Ng. 75 N, an N -1 t YN-is ,gr v. 'bb n M' bak 'WW' nu-....,x 1 f I 5 ,' 1 X ? I 4 Q if Q R "Wk, ,.-.1 ,.., -.- J.-4, I V ' 1 ' ,:.,,,.f-is-q 4 'S' up -'ff 3 + -ufgtnvrs .itll an -. . :T-Q-:I , V 7: Y " 4 ' ' 'fu-W-.,' s. ' M In " ,fs 'f an ' I If f 1,1 . , ' " z-Q . 1 ' - ' i . I ' . . . M f v - ,- . ' '-"' .-. fi",- fmf f-nj., , - . y ,, Q 4 ' 3 ' 2 A 4 - ,- I .. I' ' , f L ,q 4- ,fr 4 -V -- .. ' . I iii, 3 if JA ,pipe r . , My ' I 3 - , ueffo ,, usp,-if ' , ,o .,-.Q I Y fir it M it-if Q - r .., - tt .. ,H -Wg' . I '.v .4 , 4, 'Z' a 4 . ... .,,..f'..,,:a.... ga :Q . - The Mount Holyoke Riding team galloped to a strong third place regional standing for the fall season. The season was high- lighted by defeating fourteen other schools to win the High Point College Award at the University of Connecticut. It was the first time in three years that U. Conn. had been defeated. Currently, Mount Holyoke has qualified several riders for the regional competition in May. The competitors include Emi El- dridge '85. Rose Stickle '85, Helen Achilles '85, Elizabeth Motz '85, Katy Plum '86, Sarah Coward 86. Sue Mutter '86, Dawn Paucher '87, Lisa Richter '87, Kris Hamre '87 and Pam Dubois '87. Coach Carol "CJ." Cahill predicts that more Mount Holyoke riders will qualify for the meet and that we will be prepared to defend our regional championship title. 75 Swimming V4 9 V fi f Q,-'mn M., f -'4ffwg,.,K ' 40191.43 ywi , I 3 J M Q ,. In ,. 'Z ,ww , ,f M,-Q '," , ,ww-' 0' .. . -f ,Wy ,,, ,. ,A ll. I H' WM W ,A-. ,M -1 A l,,,f 1 .. ' 6 yn ,M ,M Pfwaw W M ,PV , ,Zap N Q Q '14 O,-iv , Hu- W My' I 6' w.y-m WW' W ' .1 ,. Q 1 wi 1' ,W fig W 'sv 1 ew 0' gyms., . . ...,,,, V x r f M,- "s- Nw' ' "tml , xi, -.. L- . wx Y I av ' K ' E..-Q wan- "-A ..., 4? Q'-Q, :ef ' " ...N . . I 'Wm , gf .fm .J A wfwn.. , 'L -1-- MQ ,mv pr' . xx ik v...,..sf - X 76 iff? ix, nr'- Under the direction of coach Cathy "Bucky" Buchanan, the 1984-85 swimming and diving team was priviledged to compete in the recently constructed swimming and diving pools. Senior co- captains Ann "party naked" Horgan and Kay Barab seniors jenn Yorzyk, Robin Perlmutter and Barby Stone led the well-rounded, talented team. .,, A. ..1...--.A-sum'-'x2QgA.AL.B 77 CREW ygwfdff wwf' ,. ,ff 78 Q, , Y 'lihe Mount Holyoke crew "Bullies" cornpeted successfully iii several races this fall. 'l'he Varsity HFIAV. H, Lightweiglit l11I'icl Noiite A and B hoats all made it to the finals at the lllth Anniversary .Nlount Holyoke Woinens Regatta. for the first time, the Varsity H carrie in first, with plenty of Hopen water," Novice A placed first and Novice I5 placed third in the 'lirinitu Halloween Regetta, a terrific accoiriplishrnent for the newer nieriihers ofthe team. The Big Bullies. along with coach and Olympiad Holly Metcalf. competed in the championship A, Cluh P4 and Lightweight i races at the Head of the Charles Regatta. The Novi got their taste ofthe Boston waters at the Foot of the Charles Regatta in Noyeinher. The Varsity Lightweight -4 placed third and 'luhweight il landed in the top twenty. As they Say. "theres nothing to fear hut fear itself' and Mount Holyoke Crewln ., I f Q f ,ef 29 f N Q' X ,,,i W if 1 '-W v . ! E 3 I Q. K A l ,lg al A 0,1 -rr .-1-Jgfggg . it-HQ ' 1 -H s..,,."+ E!!'4'lU1"""""' 4- A 7Q 9 The flurry of activity surrounding Kendall Hall this fall included a group of new athletes training furiously to represent Mount Ho- lyoke on the first intercollegiate Cross Coun- try team. The young team consisted of one senior, three juniors and five freshmen. Mike Hyer coached his runners through a very competitive season. The varsity team re- turned from the Coast Guard Academy with a win over Central Connecticut College. Lisa Siciliano '88 made an excellent showing, plac- ing fifth overall. MHC runners traveled to Columbia to compete in the Seven Sister Tournament. They ran valiantly and gained victories over Vassar and Bryn Mawr. The highlight of the season came when the team packed up and traveled to Boston for the New England Womens Cross Country Championship. Thirty-three teams competed in the 3.1 mile course, which offered excellent competition for the Lyons. Both Varsity and j.V. runners lined up to challenge each other. Jena Dower '88 finished first for MHC, fol- lowed by Lisa Siciliano '88 and Kristen Davis '88, Captain Betsy Brown '86 said, "The point of the season was to get off the ground. We have done it, and we have done it well." Senior julianne Daley will be missed, but the team is looking forward to a strong show- ing next year. f'f','.,f ' - at -V . L ,va -f ,wi lv, ,A f r V , .g1'. + ,fffxv Wfww WQM X .,q,.M,..-, ,,.., I3 l V,,,,U - 1 - . Q t , V-,MT sigma' N , hmm awww w , A, mw M , i 5. ,1,.'7fk. ' 'V , "r'- Y V" X' f 7'-1 ? ' Y fl'-H4',H.,1,: , fin kk A Q 5 :V Q, x , "' :QQ .J ,Rx I1 fi ' P' ' 111, Y - 4 Q , is ,X -Q may b x I f Fri 513 eg " Xe , Q ' fr 1 y 1 3 i Q 5 5: if A at . I. A ' V 'H I 6? I .1 - f - .' W . .y..,.' 1 X . sk 'If,.pM , ki A .L -x i fs 5 K 8, it ,vi ' rn 'An-fy--wa' W 1- j' T, 81 if V5 -er' las.. x B N gm 3. Jw . V125 , 5, . ,QQ ,U id, f avg , A 8: X U ff r 1 . kk . T Pr KM fy JZ., , F1 . L 4.41 5-. f ' 5 ' 5 f-"ff QF'- at ml-Q. M ABBEY Abbey Hall was named for Mrs. Emily Francis Abbey Gill, whose donation made it possible to build the dorm in 1959. The building is designr in the Georgian style to recreate the atmosphere ofthe original Mary Lyon Seminary building which was destroyed by fire in 1896. The women. the Abbey are a gregarious bunch, working and playing religiously. Abbey Hall is always faithful to "The Convent" - Theres Nun Like 'Em El f fi -uni tl .xl Y Class of'85:j. Abelson, E. Barbeau, L. Beyer-MacKenzie, L. Braunsdorf, T. Celada, M. Cirino,j. Coletti,j. Craddock, L. Daly,j. Dawson, A. Fann, K. Flynn, K. Fogdall, P. Ginley, L Glade, L. Grayson, S. Hoff, D. Holmes, Bjones, K. Mahaney, A. McNally, M. Miller,j. Pryce. P. Russell, K. Sidur, C. Snyder, D. Warner, L. Young. Class of '86: L. Barbour, H Blount, P. Chaudhuri, P. Coles, S. Coward,,I. Erwin, E. Ferguson, K. Hughes, D. Kuftinec, L. Letourneau, A. Parillo, L. Pavlovich, E. Scher, M. Schirch, I. Shih, M. Sidorowicz, M Waterbury, E. Wiese, A. Zuckerman. Class of '87: M. Absolon,j. Beatty,j. Bravato,j. Domeier, A. Donargo, E. Fal-razis, V. Fredland, A. Hagerman, Pjordan, A. Lee, H. McConnell V. Natale, R. Philopoulos, T. Powell,j. Riviere,-I. Santos,j. Silbermann,j. Sprague. Class of'88: D. Boucher,j. Boyle, A. Chandler,j. Chilton, C. Cozzens, C. Dixon, A. Durkis, A. Fal cione,j. Gasser, R. Gunn, M. Herr, T. Leisenring, V. Levin, C. O'Connor, K. O'Connor, L. Piniella, K. Redman, A. Rolya, R. Stolle, E. Talbot, B. Veith, M. Wright. Foreign Fellow: S Lange, H.R.: Katherine Houle. 84 BRI GHAM Mary Brigham, the woman for which Brigham Hall is named, was to be the president of MHC. but died before her inauguration. 'lihus far in its history, Brigham Hall, like its namesake, had not reached its height as the real leader of dorms on campus. But in 11164 i, Brigham began its long- awaited reign of supreme residence-ship, restoring pride in the dorm as something other than the "I Ioward.Iohnsons dorm," the "firetrap." or the dorm with an over-abundance of well-educated, eccentric nerds. The popular TV series, "Cheers" was a Brigham favorite from the beginning. and they adopted the show's theme song lyrics for the dorm slogan, "You want to go where everybody knows your name." During Having. the espe- cially enthusiastic 'shmen were required to hang a banner on the Smith College gates that declared "Mary Lyon Rules - MHC 'HHTYV' Being in- volved inthe presidential elections, the dorm began a weekly news summary which was presented at dinner. Also, dorm members worked to collect funds for the Eliot House emergency offering for Ethiopia and to secure better lighting and security in parking lots. Brighamites dusted oft' Mary Brighams reputation, and gave Brigham its new image. Cheers, Mount Holyoke! Brigharns back alive .. . Class of'85: K. DeNormandie, M. Derosa,j. Dowd, B. Flinn,j. Gerrard, V. Groh, D. Kowal, K. Notman. N. Palmer, H. Standish. M. Stark, S. Stowell, A. Strang, T. Towne. C. Trolan. J. Warburtorkj. Weber, B. White. Class of '86: T, Albers, K. Bahmer, M. Barcia, E. Biddle, M. Crowell, L. Deane, B. Kellam, P. Lawrence. C. Lemieuxxl. Macias. S. McMahon. D. Porti, B. Rahamatulla, C. Sanchez, E. Seaman. Class of'87: L. Brahs, S. Breed.j. Burns, A. Carbonaro, V. Chapman, S. Daniels, K. Kayser, H. Keddie, H. Kuchel, M. Kuchta, A. Ma- honey, M. Nelligan, M. Presti, M. Que, M. Que, N. Robar, K. Zorn. Class of'88: M. Berndt, C. Bove. C. Cagampang, A. Clark, S. Cooper. K. Fallon, R. Grahn. H. Kissel. II. Kurrus, K. Lewis, N. Lindberg, K. Marsh, R. McMahon, N. Nagib, H. Nasso, A. O'Flaherty,j. Pocras, N. Sachar, I. Stavitsky, Taylorxl. Walpin, A. Wilcox. Day Student: A. Welzer. H.R.:,lane Dunkerley. 85 B CKLA Buckland CBuk'lendl, n. Corigin: hometown of Mary Lyonl, 1. site of decaying fish Csee rooftopj, 2. secret hide-out of notorious fish assassin, Betsy McLean, 5. setting for exquisite victuals Cnote: Baker Bob - we want an apology for that chickenll, 4. training camp for those brutal Bucka- roos, fsoccer champs and football finalistsb, 5. scene of first citizenship party on campus Csee Rachel for detailsl, 6. a pioneer of video parties lcon- sult rack-a-disc or Randy for further informationl, 7. other party forms: dented apples, soggy doughnuts. and a cameo appearance by the Go-Go's on Halloween, tropics in November, 8. home base of those illustrious trippers with destinations such as the Wild Kingdom CDartmouthJ, and the home of the Seminarian CBuckland, Massl, ROOTS: the garden level fsee loungersl. SYN. - Club Buck. A vf12'rf2c 5? If if 5'f2'f.,?""f7W"'f- ,wifi fL'lf,f F' i " -2134255 2524562 aemzasafs - V . ' ' 1 -0- W . JM! -f . -. . 4 ' :-. .1'1-, W ,gig 3 M Q 5 'I 1 ,faq M' 'W' Y Class of'85: M. Anderson, H. Ashton, S. Baukney, A. Bradley, S. Bumbalo, L. Buono, E. Christie. E. Curtis, C. Emerson, R. Gannon, D. Goddeau, C. Hayes, K. Hill, A. Lee,j. Lester, S Lindsley, E. McCown, E. McLean, B. Murray, S. Natarajan, M. O'Keefe, K. Opalenick, E. Rembe, S. Roy, H. Schabacker, A. Thacher, B. Venus, R. Walsh, S. Warren, L. Weber, L Wenc, K. Yarosh. Class of '86s C. Beltz, M. Cantrill, C. Duerksen, M. Goebel, D. Hatem, A. Lipscomb, K. O'Brien, L. Otterson, H. Ramachandran, C. Rodriguez, C. Roesler, N. Sar war, W. Strickland, D. Voorhis. Class of'87: S. Bacon, P. Baggett, M. Bassett, L. Battaglia, K. Boldy, K. Bolen, B. Burns, L. Carley, S. Chace,-I. Chambers, S. Chand, M. Dickerson, R Donnellygj. Douglass, M. Doyle, S. Eaton, M. Friedkin,j. Gartside, T. Gingras, K. Ginyard, S. Hackett, A. Hannaford, S. Henke, M. Holland, T. Huebner,j. Infantine, P.james, nas, Sjones, D. Lamothe, N. Macauley, H. Martel, A. McCarthy, E. Mclnerny, M. Metcalf, C. Peet, C. Pilon, L. Rice, K. Rigor, D. Riley, G. Schott, D. Selsky, H. Soule, S, White. W White, I,. Siernik, H. Wilcauskas. Class of'88: K. Bailey, M. Bailey, K. Byron,j. Castellone, A. Chand, L. Cohn, M. Dolcini, L. Dowd, T. Ford,j. Ganz, A. Geller, L. Harrold, N. Hay, C Vlohnke, P.jones, A. Kenney, K. Kunze-McRae, D. McNary, E. Meranze, E. Miano, K. Oberheim,j. Parrillo, S. Splendido, H. Valk, H. Zimmerman, S. Zobel. Day Students: L. Char- ron, A. Dugrexl. Manuel M. Steele. K. Tierney, A. Wotowic, E. Salisbury, B. Borkowski,j. Charron, G. DeMone, K. O'Connell, L. Ouimette, N. Rogers, L. Sullivan, T. Tran. Foreign Fellow: G. Malloy. H.R.s: Edward and Marie Ciosek. 86 DICKI SO Built in 1917 as a step toward solving faculty housing problems, Dickinson was originally called lyou guessed itl Faculty llouse. 'lhe name was changed in 1951 to honor the memory of Dr. Emma E. Dickinson lnot to he confused with limilyl, class of 12467. Located offlcarnpus. Dickinson is now home for Frances Perkins students, graduate students, many foreign fellows, the occasional male exchange student. and anyone else who lust wants to "get away from it all." Dickinson also houses those riotous people who stay in South Iladley over the summer. fl .?::T:...i....... ,. l i . 3 'L v '4 l sl 1 .1 X., ' l 9' XJ' sy Q. 4 rf A, L3 3 13 Graduate Students 8: Staff: M. Azzano, V. Bali, F, Cohen, Y. Cui, D. de Castro, P. Godi, V. Groussard. C. Hay, C. Parisot, S. Rao. R. Saraswathi. G. Suhrarnanian, S. Veeraraghaxan Class of'85: T. Ansel, S. Bradby, T. Feehan, M. Kaim, C. Keyes, M. Leonard, S. McKinnis, L. Mihelic, L. Mitchell, E. Murphyxl. Phillips, R. Welchxl. Wilson. Class of'86: F. Casimir F.P.: P. Baretsky, A. Bowman-Meyers, M. Canning, W. Eldredge, L.-Jones, K. Lacasse, A. Malloy, B. McCaleb, D. Michelsen. S. Trabulsi.-I. Valentine. Day Student: S. Raymond H.R.: Paula Queenan. 87 i l i HAM Residing on the shores of Upper Lake is the illustrious Pork Palace. Opened in 1965, it was named for President Emeritus Roswell Gray Ham fwhat almanll. Ham is definitely where the heart is, but residents this year wondered where their fearless leader was?l His bust was rumored to be at the bottom of Upper Lake - let's just hope the fish like blue glitter and zinc oxide. Mardi Gras just wasn't the same without good ol' Roz. Ham is international, universal, and now nationally known in Lisa Birnbach's new book. But changing the image oftheir beloved dorm was priority this year for those HamletfHamela groupies. Home of Commander Salamander Cin the saladj, Ham always had an abundance of six porks of Sweinekin beer. Hog Heaven was the closest thing to paradise -the air was thin, but the insanity was dense. So, for all you petite couchants, when there ain't no beef- there's always Ham. P. Atkins, S. Connell, S. Davis, M. Diaz, S. Dorfman, S. Drennan, M. Dyer, C. Ellison, D. Frazier, M. Gagnon, L. Gavin, E. Harang, E.jansson, K. Kress, M. LaFlamme, A. Mauser L Norton, A. Palmer, A. Rodenrys, S. Sarkar, K. Smith, L. Sorbera, K. Streets, S. Sturzenegger, M. Sullivan, K. Sweeney, P. Thompson, A. Tsou, L. Williams, V. Wolcott. Class of'86 S Bagoly, A. Dada,j. Dawson, C. Ernsbergerj. Griggs, H. Habenicht, T..Iefferson,j. Kooistra, D. Lopes, K. McVeigh,j. Nedbalek, D. Osgood, D. Ozawa, L. Paine, A. Pinkett, K. Plum A. Ruvane, E. Scholes, K. Sessions, C. Siskovic, L. Steele, M. Sundaram, C. Taddeo, C. Tourtelotte, W. Vane, C. Webster, C. White, D. Wickramasinghe, C. Williams. Class of'87: C Arnett, M. Austin, S. Bartley, A. Broadnax, C. Busch, M. Cruz, M. Evans, A. Finck, D. Giles, Y. Glasgow, K. Huyck, Cjames, A.jardine, G. Korsman, E. Levy-Navarro, C. Manning E Mirabile, C. Mitchell, M. Mitchell, S. Newcomb, M. Raye, M. Reilly, R. Sechrist, S. Smith, A. Springer, M. Sun, M. Tanis, M. Van F?ank, T. Wamsley, N. Wittmann. Class of '88 S Aly-Labana, S. Aresta, C. Bickford,j. Bray, R. Brewer, G. Carr, W. Carvalho, L. Chenault, M. Cook, Y. Cox, B. Cromarty, M. De Carvalho, K. Elliott, S. Flynn, T. Goodwin. E. Habib M. Henderson, R.jackson, L.janik,j.jeffries, K.jones, E.jordan, A. Koliopoulos, L. Krawczyk, A. Lear, E. Low, C. Moore, Z. Mpanza, M. Russo, S. Sarantopoulos, K. Shaw, P. Szulc j. Thorp, S. Tsantes, S. Ward, G. Williams. Day Students: R. Blackmer, R. Goding-Steventon, R. Markels Webber. Language Fellows: C. Berardo, R. Bosetti, G. Martella, M. Risse Q. Wang. H.R.: Nanette Hegamin. 88 ' 1837 l 1837, also known locally as the "Ramada Inn of Dorms," sits on the suburban banks ol' Lower Swamp. Named for the year the college was founded, 1837 sports the shortest HP on campus, is the proud owner ofa Santa suit, and possesses a COMPLIETE set of Food Service dishwaref The women of 1837 engage in a myriad of social activities, ranging from avid lounge-dwelling to wild, midnight IHOP excursions fthe South Hadley police always received engraved invitations to all open partiesl. While dorm members feel that perhaps all ofthis was not Monets impression. they proudly explain that 1837, with its "mod" furniture and purple hallways, is truly suburban life at its finest. Il. .. ,,, Class of'85: A. Belser, S. Burks, A. Carrington, M. Chen, A. Cheney, D. Cheung,j. Clarke, M. Dannenberg, T. Fox, S. Fugger. G. Gordon. C, Hayward, K.-Iohnson. M.-Tones. S. Kel ley, R. Kortright, K. Landis, C. Lawrence,j. Lydon, L. Mattone, S. McFarlane, L. Melgar, C. Moser, T. O'Neill, M. Oskin, S. Pratt, K. Ramdas, S. Savola. S. Snyder,-l. Sponagle. H. Sulli van, K. Thuaisamy, M. Toh, R. Torges, E. Vitali, M, Williams. Class of'86: V. Arians,j. Cannon, C. Carosso, E. Carroll. C. Casden, D. Corkan. E. Ford. K. Fox, D. Harknessxl. Leak D Lewis, L. McAlinden, L. McKee, D. Miller, L. Miller, L. Muller, C. Pfatteicher, L. Raney, K. Renn. C. Schild, N. Stillman, C. Van Nevelxl. Wackerle, L. Waite. Class of'8": Berman B. Borowski, K. Breer, B. Chin, M. Cloutier, E. Davis, M. DeGuzman, L. DiBenedetto, S, Donahue, K. Ernharth, E. Petty, R. Goldsmith, C. Hartmannxl, Holley.-lxlanak. S. Krossa I Landry, A. Lenehan, C. Loeffler, M. Maco, R. Malcolm, A. Morrison, M. Neubauer, P. Nguyen, K. Olson, C. Ong, H. Psarakis, L. Rodriguez. K. Ruggiero, P. Sanderson. E. Saunders A. Seler, S. Smyth, M. Spring, D. Struzzi, K. Tang, K. Therrien, E. Thomason, E. Thompson, M. Turner, S. Williams, S, Wilson, L. Zaper. Class 0f'88: C. Adler.'l. Anderson, A. Berndt D. Bonfield, N. Connolly, L. Conti, B. Daubenberger, L. Davenport, H. Esposito, E. Fisher, N. Howard, K. Lamb, S. Lark, E. Ludlum, L. Nickerson. A. Pisaturoul. Putnam S. Roko vic,?h, C. Saltsman, M. Schwerdt, K. Walker, K. Walsh, D. Wattluft. Day Student: Daly. H.R.: Cheryl Bushey. 89 7.1- ORTH MA DELLE The Mandelles, opened in 1923, were originally known as "Hillside," but were renamed in honor of Mary S. Mandelle. She was decorated by the Serbian government rustic approach thro distinct atmosphere. dellesll for her services in World War I and named Mount Holyoke College as one of three colleges to share equally in her estate. The ugh the woods and the feeling that Shelley Winters is about to emerge from a bookcase clenching a dagger gives this place a The hall was plagued early in the year by fire drills, but with its beautiful view, if you can stand the walk, head for the Man- ia liz r R 3, G Class of '85: D. Asker K.jenkins, A..Iones, K. Barrows, E. Bassett, P. , M. Bennett, A. Blake, A. Delory, P. Dias, M. Diulio, K. Drake,j. Ely, A. Garrett, L. Goggin, R. Golden, K. Greber, L. Green, E. Harkins, K. Helsing, E. Huckeln Lee, A. Mejia, G. Oh, L. Olcott, L. Quinn, E. Rodeno,j. Satton, W. Sloane, N. Tasi, E. Webber, K. Wheeler, V. Ybarra. Class of'86: E. Ahlborn,j. Barancik, L. Battles, M. Baumgartnenj. Berberian, E. Bowman, K. Boykin-Majied, S. Caton, K. Eisenhauer, K. Flanigan, B. Flaxington, K. Hendrick, G. Horwitz, L. johnson, H. Landry, M. McKibben, D. Moore, L. Nguyen, N. Paisley, S. Pease, H. Prescott, K. Price, K. Reed, M. Repec,j. Stone, A. Sufke, L. Terlizzi, C. Wardner, C. Williman. Class C of'87: L. Anderson,-I. L, Milner, K. Nelson,j. jean-Baptiste, Sjoseph, Whiting. H.R.: Mary 90 ampbell, M. Cervone, L. Clement, S. Constandaki, A. Esterly, C. Folsom, M. Frederick, T. Gardner, B. Harrison, L. Hughes, S. Kirker, K. Lobdell, K. Lombard, Novas, L. Potter, M. Smith, C. Spiropoulos, S. Trabucchi, S. Vanden Akker,j. Wainwright, R. Zerne. Class of'88: H. Cone, S. Cozart, K. Davis, M. Duvall, F. S. Lacey, I. Mayer,j. McGonigal, M. Nazzaro, L. Phillips, C. Query, H. Russell,j. Wood. Foreign Fellow: S. Scholz. F.P.:j. Bonesio, M.johnson, A.jones, N. Beth Reidy. A l I l N I l l R TH MQCGREGOR A night in the tropics Canada, eh! did someone say FIRM!! Escape to the Highlands its worth the walk .. . Ifrientllr Neighborhood Bannerman. . .God's Team . . .How many kegs does S150 buy? . . .Iimily wouldnt have left. . .jupe-ter. . . maylue Liz will tlrop in for coffee . . . Rene? . . . Spring Break or Bust . . . Towering Inferno . . . B.Y.O.F .... Upper Loch monster . . . who has the lawn ornament! . . . Huke Lau or bust. . .Madonna on the second floor? . , .the winningest . . .hard sauce. . . where the nicest people hang out. . . WIA. LIVE IIISRIALTU lass of'8S: M. Belliveau, B. Btendel, A. Conroy,j. D'Andrea, A. Douglas, M. Guida, S. Gunn, L. Hairabedian, A. Horgan, L. Kurtz, R. Leamon, K. Mitchell, L. Morgan, E. Moritz. N. cchipinti, M. Partyka, A. Peck, S. Smith, A. Szeto,j. Van Wouw-Koeleman, K. Wadman, E. Walsh. Class of '86:j. Balise. B. Baskin, W. Benham,j. Bleier, C. Cranos. N. Haram. W. ee, S. Qureshi, M. Sievens. Class of'87: V. Anderson,j. Betourney, S. Bottone, M. Brooks, T. Burch, M. Chu, A. Comstock. E. Cromack.j. Dellamorte,j. Desmaraisnl. Duval.-I. Ed- Ihan, S. Finnegan, S. Flanagan,j. Fleischman, H. Giles, D. Graaskamp,-I. Grinspoon,j. Han, M. Harrahy, L. Karle, G. Ketteler. T. Kevorkian. M. Kim.'l. Kingma, K. Klattxl. Knight. I. Manning, A. Merritt, E. Miller, M. Moran, E. Morrow, S. Nelles, K. Ogawa, D. Olene, A. Raczek, W. Ragan. K. Reed, S. Reed, E. Schaefer, H. Seager. A. Sherman, A. Sitnik. K. Smith, K. Usher, S. Vodraska, C. Warren, A. Wren, H. Wright, L. Zgorski, C. Zwart. Class of'88: N. Adler, L. Angotti,j. Bryan, A. Bunnell,j. Collins, C. Connors, S. Daugherty. H. Davis. M. erhohannesian,j. Duncan, C. Foltz,j. Fox, F. Gates, D. Giombetti, C. Greene, M. Grothe, L. Hawes,j. Ho. A. Howard, C.johnson. C. Kim, P. Kirio. C. Liu. E. McCormack, K. iddleton, C. Moore, S. Naeny, K. Oberg, L. Peng, E. Percevault, K. Petersen, C. Pocher, K. Powell, B. Ronnei, L. Sammon, L. Shoemaker, K. Van Nevel. S. Walter. H.R.s: Colin and ulia Neenan. Staff: Tamie Kidess. 91 SO TH MA DELLE Situated on the lower edge of Prospect Hill, above the lake, and removed from the center of campus stands South Mandelle. The "Country Club" has a spectacular view ofthe Connecticut River Valley, Mt. Tom, and the Holyoke Range. The residents of South Mandelle boast the most expensive parking lot on campus. owning more BMW's and Audis per capita than any other residence hall Cexcept perhaps North Mandellel. De- spite the "invigorating" hike, the Shining Hall on the Hill is the better place to be!! Class of '85: C. Carter, A. Conklin, E. Cullis,j. Davis,j. Elliott, N. Forrier, K. Garner, S. Gerard, A. Harshfield, B. Haydanek, B. Hodder, L. Lierheimer, L. Martin, M. McMillan,nI Messier, S. Michaud, H. O'Loughlin, G. Pucillo, S. Reilly, M. Salerno, M. Shea, Y. Sterling, D. Sullivan, K. Von Hoyer, K. Williams. Class of'86: V. Anderson, N. Baker,j. Brady,i Da Silva, L. Demoney, G. Gustlin,j. Haberern, E. Harris, E. Huyck, C. Kennedy, K. Knope, M. LaRovere, E. Love, L. Mainey, L. McAlister, S. Munger, D. Robertson, L. Robertson, Sandelin, K. Sterzinar. Class or"87:j. Andal, L. Asinas, M. Biggar, K. Davidson, B. Fahrland, E. Harrington-Schreiber, S. Hashim, H. Heneman, E. Iannaccone. M. Iwamua. K. Leitzi A. LeSuer, L. Nixon, S. O'Boyle, C. Overby, E. Storer,j. Talbot, C. Villano, L. Williams. Class of '88: K. Costello, C. DeBonis,,I. Dower, M. Fagliardi. S. Ishii, K. Karbon, L. Lam, r Lewand, M. Ong, K. Piltz,j. Redmon, A. Rogers, S. Silverman, A. Stram, S. Waring, C. Weissman. F.P.: L. Brown, L. Estes, L. Houle, L. Levitt. Foreign Fellow: I. Nikodem. H.R: Aloysius and Natalie jangl. 3 92 , MEAD HALL CTO the tune of "Gilligans Islandul Sit right back and you'll hear a tale. a tale ofa fateful year. . . that started from Lower Lake shore in this iiiiluhty hall. The HP was 11 groovy pal the Assistant brave and true. 124 Meadeorites signed aboard September 6th for a one year tour. . .a one year tour. The weather started gettiritg told the leaves were falling down, ifnot for the parties and the M AS: C's, the dorm would run aground. No men. no mail. no motorcar, not a single luxu ry, like Mary Lyon in 1857. as primitive as can be Ceven she had Deacon Porterll The dorm still stands on the edge ofthis untharted Skinner Green with the whole Crew aboard this great dorm . .. we'll go down in history '... we'll go down in historyfll Class of'85: F. Abhary, D. Antes, L. Breisky, B. Brown, T. Crowley, D. Cundey, O. Derridinger, A. Dresselhuvs, E. Eldredge. A. Feindler. S. Frangenes, S. Fresh. Gallagher, C. Gar barino, E. Green, A. Hummer, R. Larsen, D. Lee, S. Lewis, T. Lo, D. Mack, M. McEvoy, M. Menasveta, K. Nielsen. G. Piller. E. Raabe. Ruth. K. Scarano. M. Smith. D. Swift. M Voss, M. Zartarian. Class of'86:j. Baez, A. Connolly, M. Cormier, A. Crossfieldj. Farrell, N. Fassett, K. Floodxl. Fritch, D. Gayle, T. Goins. S. Hadleigvl. Lavin. E. Madaras. L. Law- son, L. Paiewonsky, K. Porter, P. Schechter, B. Schwepcke, S. Steadman, P. Steele-Perkins, D. Unalqul, M. Warner. Class of'87: D. Alexander. V. Arrington. M. Barreiros, L. Baulding K. Brandt, S. Buckwalter, S. Crocker, K. Eglinton, D. Faucher,j. Feely,-I. Ferguson, C. Fisher, L. Gustavsen, B. Halbrecht, E. Harney, L. Howell. Aulenl-tins, Hulones, L. Lam. A. Lange L. Lavit, A. Leinster, L. Liming, D. Ljungquist, D. Madden, M. McDaid, S. McGroddy. G. Orlandi, N. Pearce. A. Potter, L. Powers. R. Purrelli. K. Quigleigj. Rice.-I. Ross. S. Ruvane K. Sullivan. K. Tarleton, S. Varnum, P. Walsh, C. Whiteheadj. Woodward, C. Zaporoshan. Class of '88: L. Abetz, E. Anderson. M. Bacchiocchi. M. Chan. L. DeLuryea. S. Fav. F Flanagan, S. Gant, A. Hurtgen, T. Isenstein, M.jaques, D. Keene, R. Lindsay, A. Loughran, M. Marcotte, L. Martinides, D. McLean. C. Patterson. S. Roche. N. Saliba. L. Siciliano. K Sjostrom, R. Skibinski, T. Smith, H. Thompson, E. Warren. Day Student: S. Bourgeault. Foreign Fellow: D. Montecinos. H.R.: Sharon Murray. 95 PEARSO S HALL Pearsons Hall has traditionally been known as the "infamous party dorm" - and the residents indeed strive to live up to that fine reputation. Though situated on the dark side of 116, away from the hustle and bustle of campus, the folks in Pearsons are hardly a lonely crowd. After all, the bus stops here. . .and the CI, only a few short steps away, is home for many Pearsonites. Their close friend and neighbor, ET. Kennan, can often be seen strolling with her dogs around their backyard. Pearsons, home ofthe '84 championship flag football team, also has the distinct honor of hold- ing the record for "slowest escape from a potentially burning building." Let it be said that "Pearsons is no place like home - it's better!" Class of '85: L. Andrews, N. Brown, C. Campbell,j. Carroll, M. Casey,j, Cutler, M. Dennis, L. Engley,j. Flatow, M. Frazier, C. Himes, N. Kershner, L. Lamarre, D. Lawrence, E. Ma loney, M. Mandelbaum, E. Marsh, A. Melton, A. Milliken, R. Model, E. Motz, A. Murray, E. Older, M. Pierce, E. Richardson, G. Russell, A. Sheldon,j. Sherman, P. Steeves, K. Thom sen, T. Toth, T. Tretter,'I. Truslow, N. Ward, W. Weil, E. Wilson,j. Zeiler. Class of'86:j. Amato, L. Balk,j. Barry, A. Bloomer, D. Boniface, R. Buckneixj. Darius, N. Dehler,-I. Dwyer J. Ellenberg, M. Hannigan, L. lng, D.jackson, M. Lees, M. Muegenburg, P. Murphy, K. Nolan, M. Papa, M. Schlappi, H. Sharples, G. Shea, T. Sloan, A. Speck. A. Turco, S. Wilcon D Young. Class of'87: A. Bellamy, L, Berio, A. Brereton,j. Chambers, L. Christos, B. Collins, L. Daversa, M. DeCotiis, C. Dennis, K. Flanigan, S. Gouse, K. Hamre, C. Hyland, P. In M Kibbe, G. Koo, E. Lassen, H. Lin, V. Longevitsh, E. MacLean, L. Marandas, E. May, T. McBride, L. Mclntosh, L. Medin, L. Neare, L. Nester, H. Noel,j. O'Donnell,j. Pachter, A. Rob erts, M. Rogers, M. Shields, S. Tirschwell, W. Vanderbilt, E. Wilhelm,j. Zoppo. Class of '88: C. Anderson, C. Baldrica, C. Beaulieu, D. Beaushaw, K. Bianchi, L. Butler, R. Caress C Eagar, M. Gainey, C. Grondin, S. Guiterman, C. Henry, M. Kelly, C. King, K. Lipton,j. Lucas, S. Mazzarelli, K. McCartney, E. O'Brien, S. Osrrobinski, L. Reams, K. Ringdahl, S. Sa lerno,bI. Scimeca, K. Sherman, S. Stimpson, M. Swoboda, E. Topitzer, P. Tucker, L. Walsh. H.R.s: Mason and Nicole Olds. 94 PORTER Built in 1897, Porter Hall was named for Deacon Andrew W. Porter, the stern religious leader ofthe Mount llolyoke lferriale Seniinari. who was said to have had an affair with Mary Lyon herself. What a namesake! Mindful oftradition, the Porter seniors had ti trulx successful period of ll.if- ing. They put the freshmen to a variety of tasks, ranging from having them bring coffee to their morning professors. to announcing rnenu iterris at dinner. Popular with security, the social life at Porter sparked with two smoothly-run parties, "Where's the Beaclif' and "New Years lite Wlii Only Once a Year?" A few Porterites, needing to get away from it all, went camping in the living room, complete with tent. s'inores. and caiiipfire songs. Near exam time. water-pistol warfare became the way to blow off steam. "Musical Rooinates' was the favorite past-time of rrianx' dorni members, providing a steady stream of short and long-term visitors. Porter Hall '84-'85: Having Pun, Wish You Were Here! Class of'85:j. Brandl, S. Brody, E. Cheng, C. Coon, G. Cossaboone, M. Cranston. D. Dawson, L. Doucette,j. Ellis. B. Fishman, E. Greenberg, T. Hardy. C. Kane. A. Knapp. M. Ko- chiras, K. Larson, C. Lester,'I. Martino, N. McNulty, D. Nelson, M. Samee, A. Sharpe. A. Smith, B. Stone, E. Truesdell, K. Weaver. Class of '86: M. Cardinxl. Collins. E. Kita. K. Kleinschmidt, L. Kupec, C. Perotti, C. Repetto. C. Seguin,j. Snape, M. Stevens, T. Tat, H. Vu. Class of '87: M. Colbert. D. Dalton.j. Pord.j. Geran.-I. Hendrickson, S. Khawaja, D. Lee, E. Lindgren, A. Murzyn, S. Nagle, D. Nelson, D. Parssinen, K. Petri, S. Pierre-Antoine, E. Ryan. M. Ryan, G. Schmelzenj. Schneider, R. Seshadriul. Solomon, M. Webbul. Wirth. P. Wood, C. Wright, H. Wu. Class of'88: C. Barnes, K. Berman, L. Brier. S. Butler, S. Castellino, R. Caton,j. Chumas. K. Cochran, H. Coon, E. Croteau,j. Dalpe. L. Dove. T. Pairman. D. Gordon, P. Greenberg.j. Harris,j, Heaney,j. Hopkins, E. Malmon, M. Menendez,j. Novas, S. Nutter. A. Orrill, C. Ray,j. Severn. N. Stoffan.j. Watters, S. Whang. P. Williams. M. Zajacek. Foreign Fellow: N. BoBoliko. H.R.: Vagdevi Venugopal. 95 PROSPECT Have you had any good prospects at Prospect lately? Named for the hill behind it, Prospect was built as a result of higher enrollment at the col- y lege and the pressure for more adequate housing. Though life was NOISY at Prospect, it wasn't necessarily the fault of boisterous residents, as a re-I sult ofthe painfully paper-thin walls. Though residents have a great view, there was once again a problem with that green stuff growing rampant ini Lower Lake. In fact, Prospects class of '88 was designated as SCUM Cno, it's not as rude as you think -it means super cool underclassmenl. How-I ever, all in all, '84-'85 held good perspectives for Prospect. Class of '85: H. Achilles, S. Bernard, G. Crossley, M. DeAlwis, C. Ferreby, M. Geercken, M. Hierholzer, M. Huska. V. Klassen, K. Lee, F. Liston, B. Maurer, A. McGonnigal, N Merke, K. Metzger, M. Moges, K. Newgarden, M. Ng, C. Norman, P. Pangan, A. Peck, B. Smith, K. Stephan, C. Swanson, K. Swope, L. Teixeira, S. Wallooppillai. Class of'86: M. A tieri, E. Brown, C. Burkley, K. Cawley, F. Conley, W. Conrad, S. Duffy, A. Ferlito, S. Prisbie, S. Gettemy,j. Giannini, B. Giesen, K. Gould, A. Griswold, A. Hallowell, D. Huynh, I4 Kirschling, L. Lee, M. Ly, K. Moynihan, S. Mutter, C. Oehmler, P. Patti, T. Rethore, L. Roe, D. Schryver, A. Stellwagen, L. Vergari. Class of '87:j. Aiello, D. Al-Essa, C. Anson,'l Chatham, S. Chettur,j. Coghlin,j. Coleman,j. Folkers, M. Forcier, K. Gagnon, C. Gahan,j. Gibbs, M. Gonzales, H. Gotschlich, A. Hassan, E. Holm-Andersen,j.jahrling,j.jaryna,C johnson, L. Krebs, K. Mahoney, M. McAllen, R. McLean, L. McQueen, M. Monson, C. Newcombe, C. O'Keefe. K. O'Neill, E. Palermo, K. Perkins, N. Pierce, Q. Tompkins, I Werner, C. Wheeler. Class of'88: E. Aiken, D. Anderson, S. Barrie, M. Carabell, S. Choudhry. A. Christie, S. Clockedile, S. Cozart, E. Craig, S. Dello, D. Delong, K. Eng, T. Federico, I- Fusco, I.. Guillotte, M. Harvith, M.johansen, S. Kaftal, L. Lam, B. Leary, A. Levin, K. Lillie, B. Loomis, M. Loseff, C. Manning, L. Mercurio, N. Nikoi, E. Parada, C. Peyton, M. Pollarc K. Pond, A. Sahin, H. Satoh, C. Smith, B. Stewart, E. Strickland, T. Taaca, S. Tasker, T. Tockarshewsky, R. Todd, S. Ward, E. Warden, B. Williams, C. Wong. Day Students: C. Dud: K. McCall. Foreign Fellows: E. Noelle,j. Von Bulow. H.R.: Harriet Graham. 96 l ' ORTH ROCKEFELLER i North Rockefeller Hall has had some "rocky moments' '... Freshmen, you have your orders -invade Wesleyan on mission "Fruit ofthe Loom" ,. . .we ain't afraid of no zillipede . . .third floor horse races in the hall. . . jukebox terrorists with typewriters . . .FOOD FIGHT!!! . . . new and "ex- citing" door decor. . .VCR fever hits the Rockies. . . Punk, Funk, and Get Sunk . . . N.R. soccer heads to ARA finals. . . Rachel and her crew - party planners of the year! . . . North Rocky women want to know "what's your fantasy? '... Mr. Nice Number 'l'en??? . . . Rachel. take me to Wesleyan .. . What a long, strange trip it's been . . . Head for the Rockies!!! Class of '85: F. Ahmed,j. Bennett, K. Berkland, K. Boe, C. Bongiorno, P. Buchanan, A. Chulef, K. Collins, M. Dupuis, F. Ezzat, C. Ferguson, E. Finkelstein, A. Fry, C. Geoffrion, K Gillon, M. Hoffman, K. Holliday, K. Howard, A.javeri,j.jeffery, L.joseph, A.-Iuliana, K. Katz,'I. Lamberti, L. McLain, S. McLoughlin, D. Miller, L. Poler, C. Reed,,I. Renouard, S Sonnenfeld, P. Strickholm, E. Thomas, D. Wexler, L. Witterschein,j. Yorzyk. Class of'86: B. Alcamo, H. Bennett, M. Bushey, C. Daugherty, R. Levenson, D. McVeigh, G. Nelsonxl Nishimura, L. Popik, D. Roberge, K. Semkow,-I. Steinke, S. Wick, B. Zalucki. Class of'87: S. Bakhiet, E. Bucy, M. Driscoll,j. Early, K. Encarnacion, M. Flores.j. Lamb. M. Meyer, A Prince, S. Rohovsky, B. Rudin, R. Ruggeri, P. Schafer,j. Selby, L. Trabucco, M. Turek, A. Wolfe, L. Woo. Class of'88: C. Carapico, E. Clapp, C. Doyle, E. Eadie. M. Forsberg, F. Gard ner, A. Henke, C. Herrick, C. Hill, E. Hogan, H. Houghton, K. Kozak, L. Kroll, M. Lillocotch, K. Mellor, M. Merdinger, K. Murphy, C. Nicholson, L. Schrepferman, M. Simonds, M Strock, M. Worth. H.R.: Deborah Salkaus. 97 SO TH ROCKEFELLER The original Rockefeller Hall was destroyed by fire in December of1922, just as students were leaving for the Winter holidays. Clothes, money, . and railway tickets were lost, but arrangements were made for the railroads to honor the mere statements of students that they had paid for their it transportation. The new hall was since built into two dorms in 1923. Heavily funded by john D. Rockefeller, jr., the hall was quickly dubbed -1 "Rockyjr." The naming ofthe hall in his honor was the first recognition he received from the Trustees for his many generous contributions. Even these days, the South Rocky women are still on the "Rocky Road" to success. P Class of'85: D. Andrews,j. Bartlett, D. Biederman, L. Boyer, S. Brady, D. Broyles. S. Connor,j. Cunningham, M. Curran, E. Dietrich, S. Donald, K. Fung, E. Glad, S. Grupe, C. Her- if sam, Djohnson, Kjohnson, L. Lovett,j. Mace, M. Mackesy, K. Maguire, C. Medovich, L. O'Leary, E. Powell, S. Pugh, M. Schultz, A. Shepard, K. Smethurst, S. Summersuj. Testa, V. 3 Viles,j. Wagner, C. Zoubek. Class of'86: L. Beaumont, E. Brennen, M. Cartier, M. Deedy, D. Duvall, M. Ekberg, D. Gurmatakis, L. Kilburn, S. Kimball, S. Kinney, C. Kulesh, D. Mal- 'X colm, L. Stewart. Class of '87: R. Asbury, E. Bergstone, R. Bliss, A. Brandl, A. Cavanaugh, T. Daub, C. Donahue,j. Dull, A. Faut, R. Hayden, C.jobnson, K. McGinnis, M. McHale, K. 5. Mead, K. Mellen, S. Moore, N. Pidcock, C. Royston, M. Stone, H. Stuart, N. Thurlow, K. Twesme. Class of '88: C. Alexander, S. Bonta, L. Cheney, D. Drummey, K. Forsyth, L. lr Glenn,j. Graham, S. Kammerzell, M. Mason, L. Peou, K. Polata, L. Rivero, R. Sentilles, L. Strong, D. Unger, E. Wilkes. Foreign Fellow: M. Nauta. H.R.: Elizabeth Sullivan. J 98 , l SAFFORD Safford Hall, built in honor of Deacon Daniel Safford, may be the second smallest dorm on campus. but was by no means dull? Lach Hour had its own personality, ranging from academics and roadtrippers, to partiers and Dungeons and Dragons maniacs. Safford boasted the only laundry room on campus that could strike terror in the hearts of residents, not just because of moldy sweatsocks. They also housed a special hoarder who didn't pay rent - the ghost that lives in the locked tower room. So, as the Safford saying goes, 'Let the Competition Stare?" 'WG Class of'85: C. Archacki, C. Bodnar, E. Cadieux, L. Carlson,j. Eckart, E, Goldenberg, M. Higgins, D. Lau, S. Lenz, R, Manocha, C. Nawawi, S. Nosenchuclt. M. O'Hara. K. Olofson.-I Painter, L. Pustilnik, T. Ruskai, S. Seltzer, C. True. Class of'86: R. Brodhacker, F. Cook, Kjackson, C. Kim, A. LeBlanc, M. Mulia. P. Nichols. A. Owens, K. Prochniak. A. Schecrer M. Snell, T. Song,j. Travers. Class of'87: H. Atkinson, P. Au,j. Baron, A. Birch, L. Borning, P. Doherty, E. Donahue, M. Knight, L. McKenna, S. Merchant. M. Parkerxl. Stevens. S Stewart. Class of'88: A, Basso, G. Beittel, C. Biamonti, H. Campbell, V. Carlson, E. Erickson. L. Hilborn, D.jackson, Lulanke, L. Kaelber, S. Morganul. Patel, A. Pion. C. Richardson T. Rosado, W. Seymour, H. Sheehan, T. Talmadge,j. Tanzer, S. Wallace, S. Young. F.P.: S. Walsh. H.R.: Susan Boutilier. 99 I TORRE Y Torrey Hall, what used to be a hospital is now a luxury resort! . . . it's not just a dorm, it's a postcard! . . . home of Runaround Sue and the Sophong Slumps . . . the only place you can see the blindfolded bunnyhop at 4:00 AM . . . where freshmen doctors and nurses run rampant . . . most Amstud mag per capita . . . founder of the W.L.YJ.M. Club . . . home of the world famous B-52 smoker - it glows in the dark! - also known as the Georgio Arrii room! . . . The fourth floor is just too LIVE for words . . .where the HP drives bananas and sees out of the corner of her mouth . . . best looking carrot ij campus. . . no more hikes to classes. . .Torrey women from California have high intelligence, not receding hairlinesl . . . not just a resort by the falls -jj paradise . . . it's TGRREYIFICYYY j -me pill? Q2 L61 ol' Q Class of'85: A. Allan, L. Anderson, G. Bennett, L. Chao, C. Cusack, K. Dahlen, M. Dillon, C. Dion,j. Doykos, A. Faber, G. Gavin, A. Greenspan, M. Koong, L. Marino, S. Ngeow, R Perlmuttenj, Shalita, V. Soldner, K. Summers, S. Sweet, B. Tan, S. Willen. Class of '86: R. Browder, M. Buenaventura, M. Carberry, L. Cheng, M. Cunningham, E. Faherty, L. Fergur son, K, Fitzpatrick, B. Gaudet, L. Inman, R. Keffer,j. Kent, M. Koonz, K. McGowan, M. McGuire, S. Moulton, S. Sarwar, K. Smith, D. Torres,j. Washburn. Class of '87: H. Barrett 5 M. Bartlett, R. Bialousz, N. Blyden, D. Brodsky, M. Carriera, H. Clyne, P. Cocco, A. Cohen, K, Colbert, S. Daffron, H. Davis, E. Dickey, P. DuBois, L. Dutton, M. Fellows,j. Gabriels' D. Hammond, Q. Hosain, Kjannetty, C.jones, B. Kessler, C. Kinchen, A. Lafave, C. McCabe, K. Miller, F. Naqvi,j. Nerrie, C. Older, S. Palm, M. Perry, D. Phillips, P. Psichos, A. Pul ' len, M. Rabstejnek, L. Sessions, E. Severns, A. Smith, E. Stotz, S. Wadleigh, B. Winch, C. Wojcik,j. Zippe. Class of'88: A. Abele, P. Bassett, S. Bennett, S. Bergdolt, N. Bisci, M. Boot E. Bost, V. Bush, A. Caviness, T. Council, L, Cousin, C. Donovan, K. Dornig, M. Dozauer, S. Feeney, E. Fromm, M. Fullam, V. Garces, S. Hannum, V. Harris, A.johnson, Bjohnsonf V. Karess, S. Kean, L. Krejmas,j. Lopes. H. Mattikow, C. Meade,j. Morgan, D. Nomanbhoyul. Overing,j. Smith, Smolin, S. Stone, R. Tan, T. Taylor, C. Trace.j. Utoska, A. Var i Syckel, M. Vault,-I. Watson, K. Weinschenk, S. Winkley, C. Woo. H.R.s: Andrew Elliott and Carol Edelstein. 100 WILDER Wilder Hall. named in memory of Mary E. Wilder and donated by her husband. was opened in 1899. Stories of poltergeists have always pervaded the lount Holyoke campus, but none are as convincing as those about Wilder fwith perhaps the exception of haunted garbage shutesl. The ghost which Sams the fourth floor became the fashion at Wilder this year with their "Ghostbuster" parties and other spirited activities, So come on over to the wilder de of life - we "aint afraid of no ghosts!" 'KJXIVN' E a x . .. . . .g,,, . ,A an vi. A xv 4 X F Elass of'85: L. Anderson, T. Asare,j. Bamforth, A. Breseke,j. Echterlirig, S. Hendey, P, Holland, D.jones, F. Lee, A. Lussier, S. Massicotte. L. Melgar, E. Mohlerxl. Richardson. C. Rutkowski vi. Scantlebury, W. Sherwin, C. Spreizer, A, Varunes, S. Wheeler, S. Whitcomb, M. Yi. Class of '86: B. Dolan. S. Eyassu. S. Gammage. M. Herrera, M. McDonald. L. Mulatu. G. Nicl-alas. B slottingham, P. Phillips, E. Ryan, E. Seligson, C. Townsend, K. Travers, R. Travers, D. Yurek. Class of'87: T. Ankarstranul. Beaudin, K. Beeman. S. Brooks, E. Carew,'I. Doig,-I. Donnelly. N owlin, A. Freeborn, D. Fugate, T. Gies, G. Gilbertson, N. Gladir, M. Griffin. M. Howe. E.jasionowski.'I. Keileyzj. Lee. C. Lim. K. McCleskev..I. McGeehan. S. McNeill, L. Osgood. K. Page .Pise, A. Pool, A. Quinn, C. Reed,j. Sawyer, G. Stephens, N. StePherson. E. Strauss, L. Thayer, M. Unanue,j. Vereb. C. Wongxl. Yu. Class of'88:,I. Babb, H. Barrett, T. Bornsteinxl. Cronex' 1. Douglass,j. Dubin, E. Han, H. Holliday, H. Little, G. McLoughlin. D, Meeker, F. Moghadam. M. Morrice. M. Rodriguez. A. Rundellxl. Saitz.,I. Soderbergul. Stahl, P. Stengel. C. Stringer VI. Stumhofer, D. Unakul, M. Werner, D. Widugiris, C. Wilkerson, S. Wills. Day Student: j. Blair. H.R.: Gertie Allmaker. 101 Mary Lyon first opened the doors of Mount Ho- lyoke College to students on November 8, 1837. Fifty- four years later, the first Founders Day was celebrated "to reunite its alumnae to whom their alma mater is ever dear and to inspire the undergraduates with re- newed ambition to follow the example set by their predecessors." Founders Day has served to recognize the achievements of many women, from Mary Lyon to admirable women ofthe current day. It is a day that showcases all that women can accomplish. Founder's Day also has a lighter side. Sometime in the 19Z0's, a rumor circulated among the freshmen that on Founders Day, the seniors would serve them ice cream on Mary Lyons grave. It was just a rumor until a group of seniors made it a reality. The practice contin- ued and is still observed today. As Mount Holyoke women move forward, they hold on to what is special from the past. f-i ,r ,ffm 'gg 8 "debut ' 102 E .in xplv- .1'hf5 --1 -If 5-ff My . I . 1 1-A r .., 1 ai fi Everyone knows elfing is off to a "resounding" start when sleepy freshmen have to crash through newspa- pered doorways one morning in early October. What follows is a month filled with surprises such as candy, pizza, sundaes, flowers, toys and other trinkets. The surprises are left by mysterious sophomores named "Bozo," "The A Team," "Plato" or "Zinjanthropus." Though October and elfing come to an end, the new friendships and memories made between sophomores and freshmen are long-lasting. Elfing adds fun, laugh- ter and surprise to the beginning of the freshman's Mount Holyoke experience. gg -- "sung if-Q, 3 r 'O' i 'rv I I G Q 5 'i V i.if sa' A ' J ,. ' " QQ, fav". UH Y l f r 4 f f 1 e l f V , . . A , ff , .,.. 83 2261 ' ,,1 - ,,- I M, s .,., s f, . , . - ff -A 1. .i ,,:+'.:,:,y.,,,wa-az.. 4 - - ' 'r fffgfvwflf 'V Ox it fe DONT WX: ! c T' ' . rf!! . K q I . .A ,. 1 , l' - l 'N 4 ,, . . W 5. Q 4. ""'::1- I kk vm v 1' QDQQI1 - 1 'fr This year. Parents Weekend was held October 12- 14. There were many exciting activities. including an evening with comedian Robert Klein, the Mount Ho- lyoke Regatta, assorted lectures and open houses. Par- ents participated in teas, cocktail hours, a gracious brunch and the annual picnic on Skinner Green. The tradition of Parents Weekend allows parents the opportunity to observe their daughters in their college world. As women becoming the leaders of our time, we must step back and give of our time to the people who gave us the chance to move forward. 105 106 N ,jg 1. ,,- ft' 5 ,.f,,,sl..- ,V 4. V ,,N, 'l Qs 'uficg '55-My ,--s .. .4 ,lunior Show has heen part of the lwlount llolyoke College tradition since its hirth in 1901, Over the years. it has undergone niany changes and at tinies. failed to exist at all, Originallygjunior Show was simply another ofthe several dramatic performances put on hy each of the four classes during the course of the year. It was sponsored by the Drama Cluh and did original plays. Shakespeare being the favorite, and was known as ei- ther junior Play or junior Vaudeville. llowever. in 1908. the junior class had a different idea of what avlunior Show could and should he. The class of 1909 put on the first original productiong a musical comedy entitled Tale of the Griffin. Their story was set at Yoke Ilolmouth College and featured the scheming Gertrude Griffin, a junior who deceives everyone hy pretending her brother jack. a college senior, is the new Greek professor expected at the college in the fall. After many comical situations and misunderstandings, the real professor arrivesnlack and Gertrudes roommate find true love, and everyone else lives happily ever after. Since 1920, the .Iunior Show is expected every Spring. It continues to be an annual college function much enjoyed by every class. Last yearsjunior Show followed in the footsteps of the pilgrims of 19064 and was truly "infamous" ,e"' ik x 107 gr-fx. , . A ,. r e: 1 ., V, f 5.5 'Wasil Q ' , . lx 23 Q I A f - '35 V -' QS' , my .AQ-:",:g.CQ! 4 1 ' mfg: W, X, 2, A f,5,f:lh fr V ' A . ' f Mfg f ,g : g,,A,, , , ig f f- , ,f V, ,M ,,,, 1, ,G I ,, 5. 1 . . ' f in-. 29' r ,H 'il 'L by Af ' , 6 IW KA ,iq f "" ff' 'f ,- . V. - -, f , f' Q., ' W, -3.52 , N. - f, f. x p.-V, . ' qv. V wif' H M, .. A nf. ,, f ., . ,wwf ' ' 0' , . , 1-, ., jf' 5 off if M? ,W 'W K 54,7 1.5. , uf 'W f' , ' Ms.. .J 'fa 15431, f k,- ' mf I, ,vm . , ,www-W-w1w,. W ff ' , , Q nf, 4 ,nf x,,i1. W JV ,: ' N 5 6 5193'- if .Iwi-V f 14 'Y I wi, - fu QEZJV S ?:?',i . A-1 ' - ' 4 "' n. x A , ' ,, ' . ' Y . ,.' ,- 5 x A A,-,g,gm.,,,l:4r,,,,ys 'tv T M. R . ' f ' , tg igggff ?.,"' fl., . ' f Wig '-3 , v--4 t' . ' 'Q "'x. - 4. W 1 s 5 . , . s - A J , -x , , .-w , , K 1 ,.1 r ,,, ' "j.Qf'Z' 5 . H " ' A .x .. t- ITT 1 3 Q ,I , ,A , 1427.3 " 1 ,5111 -4- 1. .h A 'E ,U 'V ' JYQ Q 'i':f'f.' ,, -K ' '1 .' bww -f "' as 141-R339 - ' - N A t 21' A . ' 'WFS ",- "if "L ,-1, ' 5 . , , - -aim' Sv rf' .5-M, , - 2 N E 1, ,A b -A-i,qlNz,.M LIJM. ,- .I t. t X ,gf . ,nh . - f Q f f,-iffy - .. .ff V51 ' ' " ' ' ' L k.. ' V- ...FPA .. 4 v - 'H 4 .- :nab --A 'QA' Bri' ,-i.. . I , v gi sin 0 ,aa i s' 'K -3. 1 3 H - ',g1!5f ,F ' Sfaix It ' 'v V6 YI 5 fp-,ik L4 as Ar .4 2 .lb .F .,:,. -U . 'r ,, -5 i u ' y 'fx '4 may A ,QXV it K 0 . -4 ' f . , JVM it wx .X if + 1, " . 'Y + -. " fra K ' A 1' i U '7'S2fx.fr1f v"7:e'.-fr .J X U A I 'f 2 ifv X Q L... ' .,,, if '- 'fr . , Q , , - ,ax , X ' Q 5' P n ., ,, , v 255 ,A V. , A-jg , 4, xv f -.. . , ' ' Af, .,, L x ,tb ,4.. in L. X . , H x ' ,- . 5 1 I ,I e A 0' ' si ' ' , Y Q 9 like lui uv QQ , . 1 1 l l l 1 '2 108 L. 4. W + ' . S f . N as , ,M nf xv, Q- fr- Q? ' U' 1 1 I .- " ' ' fr.: ' 4- A :V W I 'St l vi 1- ' 8 5253 H55 EE gm CQ 'Q U VW Hn, it 'I' fi A jill E. Satton English Nicole Fortier English ilk? ,jf Bi 1 E2 if 1111 .f 1 C., , , . QV Q T'21Q',,' ' Q' , yi- . V Emilie Christie Alyssa E. Greenspan International Relations EHgliSh .fur '- x 5 Ns sv'- Iles 4 Mary McMillan History 'ri r,.fQg 'X 1 C ff? Tasse-'R Elizabeth Lee Cadieux Psychology I C ! Y 1 i l Y 110 it l l In f il Kristin Fogdall Maria A. Cirino janet M. Coletti Theatre and Writing English Economics F ' ?'E,If,fQi1 Q: ' -' is H Susan L. Brady 5 g N if W 2 Anthropology . - 111 l A15 iff'- Tracy Hardy Grace Gordon Rebecca L. Goding Economics and Sociology English Arabic Studies T l L . 1 4,3 'Q N 2 , Si, f ff? 'Z , W by A Ea K le 4 i , .LW t N S or v A jg, ig M if if , sf' Catherine Bongiorno Biology 1 f. C' l . gl Q pi . V. 1-Ns. ' ' 'V 'j.. IQ-'ZW If ily' Annelise Allan Helen Achilles Amy Sheldon Psychohiology History History Cheryl Geoffrion Belinda Tan Rachel Blackrner Biochemistry History Italian and Art 113 lbs Patricia Lynn Steeves Elizabeth Thalley Motz julie Dwyer Mathematics and Economics Biochemistry Politics Q N , , N W' X Lisa Marino Maura A. Belliveau Nancy Occhipinti English Psychology and History English ll4 r -R 'C if' sl' 1 r , , P V lv f I? iv -1 jennifer Yorzyk International Relations 1. ,, J! A -' 'H-fi-l' 'Nm A D 'A Steva Stowell Margaret L. Anderson Debra Goddeau Biology English Economics K 4 5 I I - 1 I w w 1 1 Sarah Donald Anne Marie McGonnigal Elizabeth Goldenberg Studio Art and Politics English Politics and Philosophy .diiflgx "fx ,Qs xx A .QF ' ls My if 2 ' " x , X ' N' X, Q- fl v 'W Y, . , I N . R X: P Q ,JY 1- , A R ' fe. ,as N.. XX xt X n Amy McNally Karen S. Fung , Vv ,VK. H s . Economics and Latin Math . V Q ffrgf' ,V me f f w 1 ' 4 i i 5 1 , f Q A gr u 1 A aw., - ,. ' A is , x. iv ' ' . .i-Vi , 4 if 4 Mika" if .sk ag--4 1,.:y. ' " , , , AQ l F' si 'Y' 74: R 'R u-it N F" IA Marylee Guida Penny Reynolds Diana Lo International Relations English Economics Frances H. Lee International Relations I Al i- 1 I 1 3 Lourdes Melgar International Relations Angela Smith Meg O'Keefe Economics Biochemistry 'ar 4.47 ,,,:1f ' Katherine R. McCall Physics wx 1. ,QT af 5. Q. 4 5. l' ' WW 1 isis' . a lf: ., 1 ,f :va . ,cn ,uv M 1 7 K ., f A x 0 4 1 Nm' Q, .5 J T fl mm, M Q hit Q NL. X It N .---3. wtgxsxwq X Q 1' W1 v I, if Q?-fi Qing ,Mm . , A A --Ttf',gQ,'4'-L, Q'-I ,Q I,-, -'fig M, " ,r ,.Qf'1.' ' .J Cynthia E. Coon Ann Blake Joanne Testa Religion and Education Biology Psychobiology KW' It ,gmu- X 4 Ax 5, qr. K skvx i. . Fei-'is in 1 A, DA "ff:ff1f X ff? ? is jacquelyn Martino Sharon Nosenchuck Diana Lau Mathematics and Italian Economics and Biology Chemistry 110 I 4 ' s '-:. ,W , -'Q Q .N X sf 1 .A . ' . Q .1 Q Q gig s . We Elise Curtis Cindy Medovich Cheryl Archacki International Relations Biochemistry International Relations f X 9 I f Elaine Clieng Madeleine Mandelbatim Monique Gagnon English Political Science Biochemistry i 1 1- I i 10 1 -3 ,. -if ,ips 3 e I ey J, Sarah Pugh , B History and French rf-'lj' 'v S lk 'Q v .. 5 S ti W9 .xg Diana Kortright Becky Golden Barbara Stone Psychology and Education International Relations Medieval Studies 'Im 4 if Xb 2 X K 2:- -Gln rw me 'X Q if 3 fu. O v'.7 , ft if 4 ff , r Nasa" , A, D xv, , L it . im"f wwe' if Y f-f he . .sr Ada Szeto Lauren Mattone Biochemistry English fm Laura Norton Physics Erica jansson Lori Kurtz Chris Swanson Chemistry Mathematics and Physics 7 I 7 7 7 7 7 I Mathematics 123 5 ,fa QM' Christine Spreizer Joanne Skibel Maggie Koong Economics and German Sociology Psychology and Education literature ' .- .,,c .yv . f I J l i if Katherine Olofson Karynn L. Dahill Mathematics and Education Economics 124 Ii 4. 51" Ruth Kortright Katrina von Hoyer Michele Derosa Psychobiology International Relations and Pgyghglggy and Sociology Russian Mary Boulais Biochemistry 126 1 M l. 1 l ' ' '.n -s - 1 l - " 4 S , . - ll? A l 1 ll l X V . Il l . , X1 J A V a lf mf Q . 11 . N, ' I .4 . y Q .-' ll Y ' 1 , i A Y '1 v " A 'K' 'f . A V L fi' A l' X. ha, Q ' ,IA ' A 1 . ,og 4 H i P ' . , g , gr , it X 1 A i .. Ii Chris fMi Hyonj Yi jill Ann Cunningham Elizabeth Barbeau Mathematics International Relations Biochemistry l Q il il 5 y " i if i , t 3' i if Q2 1' 'P f Kimberly A. Weaver julia Bennett Elliott Maria Teresa Celada 1 International Relations Music Biology YJ. . i-.. 'K . Sara Burks Japanese and Anthropological Studies IQNUV ig e Deborah Warner Dance 'wb it . 'hi x 1 5 1 V3 'io rv," 3- I' ,,,,., a Z, i il mr 1. Janis Mary Fay Caitlin Mary Cusack English Biology 127 1 41 1 1 Z - i X E. Ashley MCCown N i English V v'W " ?9fi"A"fTiii ' Catherine Snyder Suzan Dawn Baukney Delia Sullivan English Theatre Arts and Politics American Studies is R 1 - l .1 If Elizabeth Huckel History and German Literature Karen Greber Spanish ' 'hw .- . 4 YQ 5 t W . " A R f filly D ' 'fri rim a ,Q 4 'YE Aix ai 1 Q 'vi' as vi-fx'-. X wvv - -ef . -f--ff-Q k 2 as P' 5' -I I Phyllis H. Strickholm Nina Emilia Tasi Chemistry Chemistry Jann. Y. ,I S 5. up? jennifer A. Dowd Bonnie A. Flinn Economics Politics and French 129 r jill Celeste Phillips Dance , .V,N 1. , jamie Bartlett Music I jennifer Wilson Art Krista johnson Art F gs t wtf ,pi at 1 I- . ,, E i in ,Q ti 5 1? n I or 5 Vickery Viles Art t if 'X X f W 2 f ' 'K , f . x 5 5 gi le giga! l 2 fi- Q. Pl fig: PEP! :ff 3 ,V iw V li "1 5 F if Katherine Smethurst Q French and English Literature I 5 , .-1 150 4 if 3 44? P 1 41 H Karen Williams Mathematics ffgfx V3 Wendy Sasha Sloane Amelia Cantaloupe jones Mary Louise Shea Russian and Politics Mathematics Astronomy and Physics 1 T ii 2 Y Sandra H. Sonnenfeld English .4. II Catherine A. True History ' " A dll mfr fyvz is Mary C. Leonard Monique Kaim English Psychology and French 2 V I fmt' 1 Q Y '52- 'if- Q'-5-in ,if hi Q ii ,N vt I Cynthia S. Reed Dianne Kimberley Miller Susan M. Warren International Relations International Relations English :TES ' U-:lar .Li .V ' 1 ' if. 2- 4.31 : ls- 3 i if ..-L' 4:-.4-,, , . , Q 'if ' , 4 ' .-., - 2 . Deborah Broyles Kristine M. Berkland Carol Zoubek Spanish and Politics English and History Politics 155 i I .r Y I X if i Lx f-fix? ,EN 2 Elizabeth G. Thomas Mary Elizabeth Voss Cynthia Connor Psychohiology American Studies International Relations L l i , w JJ" l SN Andrea M. Raymond Melissa Hoffman Kristen Helsing Womens Studies and English Philosophy History 1 54 l ...fx-ss N ..- WA, r o r5.?,,l1' ng I lagg, 1 vig' AQ -cw Q My 411' , , f,. R' , , 3, Q V I .anne q 4 m,,.,nxh w 963 fwqj' 9 I """'l- 1 f Pamela Buchanan History Lynn Braunsdorf Leslle Black Mary Deborah Partyka German Economics Dance and English Ann Ellen Delory History Cynthia Ellis Psychology 36 ,wi ' at Jacqueline S. Renouard Leslie Lamarre History English img I I 1 i 1 1 'J'- 'L-f? Pamela Voekel Ashley Welch Melton Politics History Carol O. Van Belle Karen Opalenick French Literature French Studies , I i ' 'T I -4 IK. s f .'. Nancy R. Kirshner Politics 'Q l-. f2r"15 Carolyn A. Ferreby Spanish at S Av l rx .ff ' 'V , 14? s 'XXX-K . H L Q V 4 x' 've"'v'-if SS? 1 . viii, g X fab? . 2 ,. - , . X. ny, yr . qi Y ,A Aj Lori S. Green Laura L. Quinn Stephanie Elaine Whitcomb International Relations English Biology Kelly-Anne jenkins Kathryn E. Lee Jacqueline L. Blair American Studies International Relations Asian Studies 1 1 1 .-i....,s i,d '5 - L r. a fa A, I .1 A Qs. ps. 'TF' W' xi il ,Any S'lfJtNNk lf' if SLA 'P' jane Lester Carole Lester Kelly M. Hill History History Psychobiology 's - .JN -.gif .N ,s N S.S Wen International Relations CI'W1I'l 5 ,veg l 2 1 1 I I 1 , ff' 'T ,sg ifafyf ,. Anne Elizabeth Murray English Elizabeth A. Finkelstein Kimberly M. Stephan judith Gale Russell English Politics and German Studies Womens Studies 1 l 4 1 H, s 'ft ' y fbi' 'l'tf"'1 f . K y 43.1 , l " "" ' l f g U . it . u . . A. Merrill Garrett Maria Casey S1van1 Wallooppillai Biochemistry International Relations Economics and International Relations 5 A x Qi :xv Julianne Baker Miriam Bennett Felicia K. Liston Psychology Anthropology Politics and French Studies 1-il is " ,gr" 5506- ' Wm r Sibella A. Connor Geology 339 KW Emily A. Dietrich English 11- ll as XE? rl X s 5. X5 K Q 1 Kimberly Ann Collins Laura A. Lovett American Studies Psychology ' a 1 1 1 42 I , .W " es. W, . 4 5 -f 4-,va gg 1 if ,f-ww-,r Q I 5 .ff Qt, f ,gift , A- Molly Elizabeth Miller Alicia Mary Harshfield English Psychobiology I J"1'x"', Beth Stephens Witte Amanda Warren Thacher History English l ,. Sherril Gerard English LI ff' 4X'4,x,i . H1 E NK Randi L. Walsh Psychology lA? I K 1 '9 . lvqilif 03 Genevieve Louise Bennett Elizabeth Bright jones Laurie Ann Martin Biochemistry German Studies and History English .f f-f1"'Y Karen V. Landis Karen M. johnson Shawn Reilly Philosophy and Mathematics Classics English 1--i l 1 l - 144 f' f 1 fu-px, 2 New-M -u E Y W . M 5, Q " - 1 i , , ggi' xt' - ' s K ,wi .sw - -mfr' . 2 ... X , ,X , .' 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Piller Olivia Derridinger English Mathematics and Computer Biology Science Q?-4 U xx. if P4 K. Q! 5 :Sk J' 4 .fig P?- N , 5. C . il i , 'f f A., 319' im ff' Al Sarah Elliott Lindsley International Relations Kathryn L. Mitchell Ann E. Horgan M. E. Hope Ashton Biochemistry Psychology Economics 7 as I I I 1 1 5 uv, -5 . 'if , 5,1 ' 1 , ., ,, V , , . 1 . s ,. 2 x g, 5' ,P ,Hi :Q M 4 .sf Y ii lk ., S4x' ,,x , 'i if , , . -. 0 ' 4 5 1,- I I x , I xt. , 'Y f .nh Karen L. Katz Fatima Ezzat Heather A. O'Loughlin Philosophy International Relations History 3, , ' ,af 2 A" 'ly .uhfr ii 5 7'A,"f L ,' bling' A fl, 5 V I VV 'I l A i 1 f f fi f J, I ' i 4 ' 1 Lori Ellen Witterschein Geology gtw xo He Ku wx 9 X x ' xt 'S 'is is 'Q i xx wx A ,it. Nils N. KGS, ,. ' '- t- . ' 'fm'-,wr-5-w--, i' V' 5-stbelffi t Michele M. LaFlamme Biology Melissa ,Io Salerno Sociology i 1 Ql ll ,. Ps fx NJ Q--Ji, l 3 -iz . 49' 4' qu Mi, ., hi L , - ,,,, . ,. , A " V4-...N -w- . -- . " , Y. -A-A M tw ,,,,afa.m.,.,l ,AA. 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Sidur jean Marie Craddock Lise T. Daly Biochemistry English Dance and Physics 1 E . -1 wa.. fb jessica L. Pryce Lisa A. Young Alice V. Fann Russian Geography Biochemistry 1 1 1 1 1 l 7 xt, ' if E 'Q-s .xpf -Nf 1 K . nga ., Mia' 3 va.-.QM4 ' 5435- X' s. 'vl' 'S' Lire 1 Elizabeth A. Rodeno French Literature Judith M. Shalita Lisa Lierheimer Art History Biology Aww! . ' sg 'XA 7 ev- buafqgftf ,V IJ l Y N is 4.2 it ,yd ,J -2 - 3 ' i .wxvlil 'Y 1 a 166 Amy R. Conklin Cocoa-Alexandra Carter Lizabeth Goggin English Romance Languages International Relations Haw ' 4 .,, 741. . . K. , , .Q-3,-gl. r' Q N . 1. n' Q ' . :fi-f - . " r 'N ..'-., a , f' ,ax the Y' 'U .. ' nv Q 4 i N. QJ C4 s Beth E. Psychobiology Fishman W vw -wg 19- -- - V- var ,Qs V, f nf' - 2 ' Y N,-af' lwxffg n F' 1' ivf. ' JL. 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Gerrard Sally A, Snyder American Studies Biology Deborah S. Andrews Chris Norman Psychology and Spanish Psychobiology Valerie A. Klassen Biology Mari H. Dyer Russian Studies 4l - l I- 4 :gl YT? Cynthia Bodnar Susan E. Grupe Nancy j. McNulty Sociology and Spanish Biology Psychology if , f Q.-of ,- - Anne E. Bradley German Literature 1 l mf' wit, if Q c I ef , , Y, qi Karen Smith Angela M. Mejia Roseann Stickel Physics Politics and Spanish Geography and Geology 'lf' ig 4 lib 53 W ii we . 315 Laurie A. Engley Biochemistry 172 1 I I K x Katherine L. Drake Beth A. Haydanek I Leslie D. Buono American Studies Economics and Politics Bio-Politics s Xi ,ze R, fi Q A V511 .Tr 4. 4 lr 4 2' ,a Q arf gmf Mary E. Curran Cynthia L. Moser Ann E. Peck Psychology Biology Biochemistry 1 l . vw joanne M. Natale Biology and Italian -4 Kristin Swope Biology and History Teresa A. Fox Cheryl Emerson Music Psychology Ada S. Chulef Kathleen Baran Psychology Mathematics ui I .fs-f'-- 1 1 I v .. 31: T 'Q I ,fs 3,3 ,aww-Q . ' l '--af" , f " A330 E. Star Glad Anne C. Carrington Laurie A. Messier Geology Physics and Chemistry Romance Languages J Susan C. Kelley Studio Art F5 l L ,- 4 if I iii Law , t, 1 l , gy x 1: I ii . lv . - X .AMN ...bmi . ca Alexa M. Feindler Lisa Sorbera Alice Belser f Economics Biology Asian Studies V 1 4 I l gi . Margaret A. Merke Susan S. Brody Lorena C. O'Leary . Psychology and Education English Politics ! i I l 1 i. ,151 v 32.7 :Xiu 6 .t .lg- ,ta Q ,X s Jw x!s.v--H-:1'Y 9 Lora M. Mihelic Mary Beth Diulio Theater Arts English Alison B. Cheney Art History ,5 I 'C' 'V' Julianne M. Daley Psychology Karen A. Yarosh Amy Mauser Mary Ellen Higgins Politics Politics and French English Therese F- Rlwkfli julie M. Lydon Suzanne M. Hoff Eeenemles International Relations Russian and Economics 1 1 l 1 i u I wx o l Valerie E. Groh i Swee F. Ngeow Susan M. Bourgeault Politics and French Biochemistry Mathematics and Computer Science Sherida D. Bradby 'W' English Hw-"--- 19 l 1 ,I Ei- .K X ' Al Michele F. Larrow Psychology sxfmma S Q. ik at i If i 5 Suzen K. Bumbalo Lisa L. Grayson Janice L. Towne Geography Biology Religion and Sociology ' 'Q s Q 1 , H Af. ,B 6 ' Z f QF Q Ellen Greenberg l Mathematics Martha Marie O'Hara Amy Y, T5011 French and Russian Chemistry Q. -if-5 f"""' w ip df- ' 'QM' K , A a r. I - as Jane E. ECl'lICI'li0g Susan C. Michaud Amy C. Sharpe PSyChOlOgy Psychology Romance Languages 0. Ili IR ii V, ,, f . f'-f W- -0 .P V . K N fi 3 x Kathleen Summers Mathematics 2 jean-Marie Weber History Holly A. Schabacker Economics QRS Dawn Marie Nelson Interpreter Studies X we ,Ei Linda Doucette Mathematics Katherine L. Thomsen Sociology and Art Susan E. Bernard Susan M, Roy Theater Arts Psychology and Mathematics AUX Lily Y. Chao Anthropology Catherine M. Gendron Economics 183 uc as is 1?-iii ii if K X 'wer' f' W i' iff A ff 077 Michelle S- T011 janet Caroline Davis Kimberly S. Mahaney Economics English Theatre Arts T.. Na 0' A Q l Ellen Walsh Politics , M4 in . . - ii- - 1 i 1- 1 2 , qw , , V A "Gy V, fZ7fV .U RebeCC21 Leamon Bonnie M. Brendel johanna Van Wouw-Koeleman English Art History Asian Studies 1.1 '7 3'--" gvliqhw Y' U "' V1 W:-9 Stephanie M. Summers Elizabeth A. Harang Elizabeth F. Gallagher French Literature Biology English 185 PSN Selina Davis Deborah L. johnson jennifer L. Mace Biochemistry Psychology English Karen T. Lee Catherine Anne Carroll beth M. Mohler Biology English Chemistry Ai ni-F' Donna Keiko Ozawa Latin American Studies and Spanish if ' I 9' f , fi 'fin Q 1 ,A - ' S K :V i T "YQ 'N x R tixifq ix! c. , ' Q K .u 1 gy: g im, ,, , ,mv---aw -.iw Rf ' x-,y-gy -, ,. ,lv fi' Q 1 ig-:,,,w, 1 ,I V R, bfi. n 'Neel ' M '- ,-mf qrf . f ,' ' , A x .1 hu' 4. X ,yt .i , i'l': -i ' ' ,. i , .cw ,Wx We " KW' i i . .N X QZQK .. K . Sara R. Sweet Patricia A. Pangan Lisa Williams Anthropology Biology French 7 -, n 7' , 1 s 3 f Susan M. Smith American Studies 495 Bonnie Noel Dambach Sluis Psychobiology 188 il .QSVS V " f ,.,, A? in X .f.,-,,: ' at VK J.. 4. wwf' 7,-as Q U Sur S1 of Kristina Wadman Karen Kitowski Mitchell Economics and Psychology English Y Kimberly Wheeler Politics I t P se Deanna S. Asker Psychobiology Q. .,.. i, if X s' ' Barbara Y. Maurer Mary C. Dannenberg German and English Studio Art ' ' .Qi is .lax l ,s ,g Q Yix Alice M. Hummer Maryella I-Iierholzer Russian and Mathematics Russian Studies fb.. l 3 +- 1 4 lf ' . ' 'I IJ' l r -' 4 ,Q a if Y, E i l i i l l l .- 791' 1 J Daphne Renee Lewis Stacy R. Fugger Rebekah K. Torges English Politics Freneh Literature HW? J .A ,Aw A N W 'vagal xsifn w , 4 X iw w 'iq ' l J ' l s- ai ' l l Dianna C. Cheung 5 English 190 . -vu" 1 J' 3 l F -Wi.. L ,Wu wa ,vii i s ,,,.. ,vac o.Q ws V X S "" MQW' "".m Georgia S. Crossley Biology .X at Y- t W age' i is 5 ,, 4 5532 f wr 1 Q. k if Xf is K ai 5 W '- , V 7 W ,.s9'ws4Miii Kathy Swayze Russian Studies .rf-QM 'Q Kristi DI. Newgarden Mary jane Dupuis Asian Studies Mathematics and Computer Science gy xi a , g'a'?x? ', S- ' - ' aft! 5 , 3 wx ...Q K H15 wx. Sarah McFarlane Anthropology i li. -Q I ..,... H f'll'li I I 'ggi Kimberly L. Kress Politics -if 3' .. '52, If. as t N- gs Q W. A. as 'ii if . ' gr J K is ? 'tml' jennifer Warburton Studio Art .1 , h- . -.. ,UVV 4 , . ft 1 ' Qfgv, xg t "' N M ' an f ' , Q 51. H gx .ffmw 4' it y.,,,iiAQg IZ! s It fu' silk y Us JK ji. sf .""-w-.a x is my -4 vb ' N A A Um' P , It . , " R t " E 4 ti. W is .Ymg A ' 'Bl 31 45 Rachel D. Larsen International Relations 192 i til in 2 jill G. Gateman Anne jefferson Art History Chemistry " 1 . 4 ' 1 fits W 'x'f's , . .aiQl'-E' vs,-0'-' 4 '-ffbtlgi uf f'--I H Q y . '1' K Elizabeth R. Wilson Kathleen A. Maguire Art History English 1 4 Sarah A ii A International Relations ii if ogg. wmv Hmm' QI Lax: 4 , ' ,V : xv X wa: i'nl '1 "'.A'N. iv Y. Christine A. Himes R. Evan Richardson Philosophy Politics t o , . 4 , fi im 1 , 'gang 4 ,-A , l if , it.ii ,q',, R tt.V i ii W' i"'n, . R X 'Nlvi ,E , hjin 2 W Ya.. Q Sara E. Gunn American Studies X. tis. 4 '-wp 'Q-fe-.-.V X' ELAN Laura V. Kline History Elizabeth W. Moritz Psychobiology jean E. Zeiler Psychology sv yt ,QE . W W ...... If o. A 'Q-' A-I A 41 ,,!f.-Q, Q I , .1 X . Xu-Q5 .4 ' nk! ik.. -V gd w vv- 2' 'I .., A ' ' Theresa M. Tretter M. Sharon Dennis Anna M. St. john Anthropology Politics Psychohiology F1 'A all 16" I Sandra E. Dorfman Anne C. Dresselhuys English Economics L .. V jill B. Abelson Politics A 'UM Lorraine Weber Biology 195 M ..,,5w"' Wu-vnu l L Michelle M. Huska if-Q Mathematics W , wx: wak Sharmita Natarajan Elizabeth A. Older Rosanne Model Geology Art History International Relations 'qi N-mfg? Laura L. Hairabedian Malika Menasueta Biochemistry Chemistry Fariba Abhary Edith I. Ruth Biology Romance Languages and Literature Emelyn R. Eldredge Biochemistry IQ 'JC' Deidre S. Holmes Politics "'5-use " ,Q Terry O'Neill Anne Shepard Maria Kochiras j History Music European Studies C .tis I,- ff D Lisa Boyer Laura McLainiii it Deborah Antes Computer Science American Studies Art History l 3 . G-54, A A 31 K I' it "hu 8 14' v ,V x ' -vu-w-Q-urn" Q , .X ,X l we X Melinda Smith English and Latin l S julie Wagner Donna Swift Religion Carol Dion Politics and American Studies Biochemistry I l- I fic, ff x M -,1 ww" 1' 5 1 Y' uliet D'Andrea Kristen Metzger Tina Faber Politics Religion International Relations 2 N. .,-.-- W--Im ' ,AK5 X W Q fe if Qwgf. -jig-.--0i""f'r . jane Lamberti Elizabeth Murphy Sallie Seltzer Chemistry English Russian Language and Literature l 1 l 1 l 'lx Lisa Teixeira Kathryn Gillon Margaret Sullivan Biology Mathematics Anthropology and Philosophy Margaret Cranston Psychology ax Q. .i , is " Mb l 201 I "' gf Ann E. Fry English .L Lmasm ,411 Elizabeth B. Marsh Philosophy and Politics 1. 1 F 2 Kgs," Linda G. Andrews Environmental Policy Susan L. Parks English and German vw' Linda B. Glade Art History E .iii F f as I Catherine M. Hayes Economics '- ?Q,f """--. ""-4-1. L ...xr g 3 Army B. Lee Sugata Sarkar Laurie Wenc Art History Biochemistry International Relations ff' ,,, V IX .fl .. . Veronica C. Ybarra Susi Sturzenegger Biology and Spanish Literature Biology and French Mg' fb, A be 'Wx xwl Audrey Johnsen Peggy Atkins Amna javeri Biology Planetary Science Art History Suzanne Lenz Lisa Mitchell Christine Ferguson AW Hiffery Urban Srneiies Pfycbology 204 V? swmmms '? Q' , 1 L -'V' M ' is 336, X g ' 1 Q ' mr .N l Geraldina Pucillo Cara Marie Lawrence' International Relationf Biology Q, olive' '-"rin, XE' 'wftxqjujf its mu 1 lv cam? Hi i 4, ...A L- I Kristin Orrick Ar! Hilotoafy wwf' Michele Williams Pfycfoology 205 206 aa' , W 'N . 5 , . 0 ef , . lu, x 0- 5, E. 'X 7, Q 4 , v +.i f z :Jet-Af N ' , 9 :fini julia P. Eckart Leslie Beyer-MacKenzie Donna Dewson Eeonomies International Relationy Piyxelzobiology Marie Dillon Katherine B. Denormandie Cynthia Campbell Matlaernatief Frencb Literature Pfycnology I .- Q ' A ,wi M 1 ' ,,.yi', t f E, A 51- . wx ,1 , A 157.9 v 'gy .-5.. ,lf A, I ' A '-yfgzs' 1 ' ' 3, , . B . . 41 F "W" " f?1', 659 it 1 -' Q Eff" 'SV' - ti- - ,QV-9 J 5 ' H ,bg 1. up p 1 .ws I I -if Ab 4 W, I ,Q -Lf- Bridget Rachelle Hodder Meskerem Moges Cynthia C. Ellison Hiftory Biology Theatre W if 'tx ff lv. 1 W xx Q -. s . K Anne Marie Rodenrys Biology Andrea Sufke Margaret Merrill Pierce Leslie Royce Physica' International Relations Biology ana' Politits N ""'5 fyk lx wk.. Ci x..l....f Lisa R. Anderson Biology 208 -Q 1 'QD' VX? ' ' 'avi u. -"-in P O 06 W . I QL 11 .,l QE 1 t -ci '. A W... Abelson,jill B. 195 Abhary, Fariba 197 Achilles, Helen W. 113 Alan, Annelise C. 113 Anderson. Lisa R. 208 Anderson, Lynne A. 150 Anderson, Margaret L. 115 Andrews, Deborah S. 170 Andrews, Linda G. 202 Ansel, Talvikki E. 1' Antes, Deborah L. 198 Archaclci, Cheryl A. 120 Assare, Thelma S. 160 Ashton, M.E. Hope 157 Asker, Deanna S. 189 Atherton, Kimberly H. "' Atkins, Peggy 204 Baker. julianne 141 Bamforth, jeanne L. 164 Baran, Kathleen M. 174 Barbeau, Elizabeth M. 126 Bartlett, jamie C. 130 Baukney, Suzan D. 128 Belliveau, Maura A. 114 Belser, Alice 176 Bennett, Genevieve L. 144 Bennett, jennifer L. 154 Bennett, Miriam 141 Berkland, Kristine M. 133 Bernard, Susan E. 183 Beyer-Mackenzie, Leslie I. 206 Biederman, Diana L. 147 Black. Leslie K. 135 Blackmer, Rachel 113 Blair, jacqueline L. 138 Blais, Ida T. " Blake, Ann 119 Bodnar, Cynthia 171 Boe, Kristen D. 159 Bongiorno, Catherine L. 112 Bourdeau, Louise j. "' Boulais, Mary j. 125 Bourgeault, Susan M. 179 Boyer, Lisa A. 198 Bradby, Sherida D. 179 Bradley, Anne E. 171 Brady, Susan L. 111 Brandl,jean M. 167 Braunsdorf, Lynn M. 135 Breisky, Laura R. "' Brenclel, Bonnie M. 185 Breseke, Amy M. 150 Brody, Susan S. 176 Brown, Bonne 149 Brown, Nancy C. 153 Broyles, Deborah j. 133 Buchanan, Pamela T. 135 Bumbalo, Suzen K. 180 Buono, Leslie D. 173 Burlts, Sara A. 127 Caclieux, Elizabeth L. 110 Campbell, Cynthia 206 Carlson, Laura E. 152 Carrington, Anne C. 175 Carroll, Catherine A. 186 Carter, Cocoa-Alexan E. 166 Casey, Maria T. 141 Celada, Maria Teresa 126 Chambers. Kristin C. Chao, Lily Y. 183 210 Senior Index Cheney, Alison B. 177 Cheng, Elaine M. 120 Cheung, Diana C. 190 Christie, Emilie 110 Chulef, Ada S. 174 Cirino, Maria A. 111 Clarke, jane F. "' Coletti, janet M. 111 Collins, Kimberly A. 142 Conklin, Connell, Connor, Connor, Conroy, Amy R. 166 Sarah C. 193 Cynthia 134 Sibella A. 142 Alicia L. 169 Coon, Cynthia E. 119 Cossaboone, Georgette L. Craddock,jeanmarie 165 Cranston, Margaret A. 201 Crossley, Georgia S. 191 Crowley, Tara A. 148 Cundey, Deborah A. 169 Cunningham, jill A. 126 Curran, Mary E. 173 Curtis, Elizabeth 120 Cusack, Caitlin M. 127 Cutler, jeremy A. 152 D'Andrea,juliet L. 200 Dahill, Karynn L. 124 Dahlen, Kerry j. " Daley, julianne M. 177 Daly, Lise T. 165 Dannenberg, Mary C. 189 Davis,janet C. 184 Davis, Selina 186 Dawson, Donna R. 206 Dawson, janine A. 146 De Alwis, Malathi N. 147 Delory, Ann E. 136 Dennis, Mary S. 194 Denormandie, Katherine B. Derosa, Michele 125 Derridinger, Olivia 156 Dias, Pamela L. 149 Diaz, Mercedes R. "' Dietrich, Emily A. 142 Dillon, Marie V. 206 Dion, Carol A. 199 Diulio, Mary Beth 177 Donald, Sarah C. 116 Dorfman, Sandra E. 195 Doucette, Linda j. 182 Douglas, Andrea N. 155 Dowd, jennifer A. 129 Doyk0s,juliann D. 154 Drake, Katherine L. 173 Drennan, Shannon L. "' Dresselhuys, Anne C. 195 Dupuis, Mary jane 191 Dyer, Mari H. 170 Echterling, jane E. 181 Eckart, julia P. 206 Eldredge, Emelyn R. 197 Eldridge, Winifred A. 147 Elliott, julia B. 126 Ellis, Cynthia G. 136 Ellis, jocelyn' lk 206 Ellison, Cynthia R. 207 Ely, jane S. 145 Emerson, Cheryl j. 174 Engley, Laurie A. 172 Ezzat, Fatima L. 158 Faber, Albertine L. 200 Fann, Alice V. 165 Fay, janis M. 127 Feindler, Alexa M. 176 Ferguson, Christine E. 204 Ferreby, Carolyn A. 137 Finkelstein, Elizabeth A. 140 Fishman, Beth E. 167 Flatow, jennifer L. "' Flinn, Bonnie A. 129 Flynn, Kathleen M." Fogdall, Kristin M. 111 Foley, joan S. "' Fortier, Nicole M. 110 Fox, Teresa A. 174 Frangenes, Stephanie 161 Frazier, Defi B. "' Frazier, Marybeth 153 Fresh, Susan E. 148 Fry, Ann E. 202 Fugger, Stacy S. 116 Gagnon, Monique F. 120 Gallagher, Elizabeth F. 185 Gannon, Rebecca L. 156 Gabarino, Carla H. 161 Garland, D. Sarah "' Garner, Kristin 149 Garrett, Audrey M. 141 Gateman, jill G. 192 Gavin, Grace M. 149 Gavin, Loretta M. ' Geercken, Maria V. "' Gendron, Catherine M. 183 Geoffrion, Cheryl A. 113 Gerard, Sherril 143 Gerrard, jessica S. 170 Gianopulos, Despina 147 Gillon, Kathryn A. 201 Ginley, Patricia K. 155 Glad, Erika Star 175 Glade, Linda B. 202 Goddeau, Debra j. 115 Goding, Rebecca L. 112 Goggin, Lizabeth j. 166 Golden, Rebecca E. 121 Goldenberg, Elizabeth 116 Gordon, Grace E. 112 Grayson, Lisa L. 180 Greber, Karen M. 129 Green, Eleanor T. 161 Green, Lori S. 138 Greenberg, Ellen M. 181 Greenspan, Alyssa E. 110 Groh, Valerie E. 179 Grupe, Susan E. 171 Guida, Marylee 117 Gunn, Sara E. 193 Hairabedian, Laura L. 197 Hampton, Wendy L. "' Harang, Elizabeth A. 185 Hardy, Tracy A. 112 Harshfield, Alicia Mary 143 Haydanek, Beth A. 173 Hayes, Catherine M. 202 Hayward, Christina 162 Hierholzer, Maryella 189 Helsing, Kristen L. 134 Hendey, Sara L. 151 Hersam, Carole 145 Higgins, Mary E. 178 Hill, Kelly M. 139 Himes, Christine A. 193 Hodder, Bridget R. 207 Hoff, Suzanne M. 178 Hoffman, Melissa 134 Holland, Patricia A. 151 Holliday, Kimberly A. 162 Holmes, Deidre S. 197 Horgan, Ann E. 157 Howard, Katherine M. 155 Huckel, Elizabeth M. 129 Hummer, Alice M. 189 Huska, Michelle M. 196 jansson, Erica 123 javeri, Anna A. 204 jefferson, Anne 192 jeffery,joanne M. 159 jenkins, Kelly-Anne 138 johnsen, Audrey L. 204 johnson, Deborah L. 186 johnson, Karen M. 144 johnson, Krista L. 130 jones, Amelia C. 131 jones, Dayne M. 152 jones, Elizabeth B. 144 jones, Melissa H. " joseph, Lisa 162 juliani, Alexandra P. 146 Kaim, Monique C. 132 Kane, Cheryl L. 160 Katz, Karen L. 158 Kelley, Susan C. 175 Keyes, Carolyn M. "' Kirchwey, Deborah W. " Kirshner, Nancy R. 137 Klassen, Valerie A. 170 Kline, Laura V. 194 Knapp, Allison M. 161 Kochiras, Maria F. 198 Koong, Maggie M. 124 Kortright, Diana 121 Kortright, Ruth 125 Kowal, Dana "' - Kress, Kimberly L. 191 Kurtz, Lorraine E. 123 LaFlamme, Michele M. 158 Lafreniere, Marilyn S. ' Lamarre, Leslie 136 Lamberti, jane M. 200 Landis, Karen V. 144 Larrow, Michele F. 180 Larsen, Rachel D. 192 Larson, Kristen M. 169 Lau, Diana W. 119 Laumbach, Nancy E. ' Lawrence, Cara M. 205 Lawrence, Diedre T. 168 Leamon, Rebecca j. 185 Leclere, Mary K. " Lee, Amy B. 203 ' Lee, Dawn M. "' Lee, Frances H. 117 Lee, Karen T. 186 Lee, Kathryn E. 138 Lenz, Suzanne j. 204 ifLeonard, Mary C. 132 Lester, Carole 139 Lester, jane 139 Levenson, Rachel 159 ,Lewis, Daphne Renee 190 Lewis, E. Leslie' aLewis, Stacy G. 148 Lierheimer, Lisa -J. lm -Lindsley, Sarah E. 157 Liston, Felicia K. 141 Lo, Tak Ying D. 117 Lovett, Laura A. 142 Lussier, Alison L. 151 Lydon,julie M. 178 ilillace, jennifer L. 186 Mack, Dorothy E. "' iMackesy, Mary E. "' Maguire, Kathleen A. 192 sMahaney, Kimberly S. 184 Maloney, Ellen A. 168 iiviandelbaum, Madeleine S. 120 5Manocha, Ritu 152 Marino, Lisa J. 114 ,Marsh, Elizabeth B. 202 ilviartin, Laurie A. 144 iMartino,jacquelyn A. 119 Massicotte, Suzanne M. 150 Mattone, Lauren M. 123 Maurer, Barbara J. 189 Mauser, Amy j. 178 McCall, Katherine R. 118 lMcCown, Elizabeth A. 128 McEvoy, Martha C. 148 gvicliarlane, Sarah 191 3, CGOnnigal, Anne-Marie 116 f cKinnis, Sharon L." cLain, Laura C. 198 McLean, Elizabeth P. 167 McLoughlin, Susan M. 169 IgIcMillan, Mary L. 110 McNally, Amy M. 116 iMcNulty, Nancy j. 171 illedovich, Cynthia B. 120 grlejia, Angela M. 172 'A elgar, Lourdes M. 118 7 Lelton, Ashley W. 137 A enasveta, Malika 197 gerke, Margaret A. 176 Messier, Laurie Anne 175 Eletzger, Kristen 200 Michaud, Susan C. 181 ,Mihelic, Lora M. 177 Miller, Dianne K. 133 Miller, Mary E. 143 Milliken, Anne A. "' Mitchell, Karen K. 188 Mitchell, Kathryn L. 157 Kitchell, Lisa 204 " Adel, Rosanne 196 . Q ges, Meskerem 207 hler, Elizabeth M. 186 v rgan, Linda 156 Moritz, Elizabeth W. 194 Moser, Cynthia L. 173 Metz, Elizabeth T. 114 fray Anne E 140 rphy Elizabeth M. 200 Murray, Bridget E. 145 Natale,joanne M. 174 Natarajan, Sharmita 196 Nawawi, Celia H. 152 Nelson, Dawn M. 182 Newgarden, Kristij. 191 Ng, Ming T. 146 Ngeow, Swee F. 179 Nielsen, Kirsten 122 Norman, Chris 170 Norton, Laura 123 Nosenchuck, Sharon L. 119 Notman, Katharine B. 145 O'Hara, Martha M. 181 O'Keefe, Margaret M. 118 O'Leary, Lorena C. 176 O'Loughlin, Heather A. 158 O'Neill, Terry E. 198 Occhipinti, Nancy 114 Oh, Gina 146 Olcott, Leslie H. 146 Older, Elizabeth A. 196 Olofson, Katherine E. 124 Opalenick, Karen 137 Oppenheimer, Ellen H. " Orrick, Kristin M. 205 Oskin, Mary C. 163 Ozawa, Donna Keiko 187 Painter, jennifer A. " Palmer, Allison L. "' Palmer, Nancy B. "' Pangan, Patricia A. 187 Parks, Susan L. 202 Partyl-ra, Mary D. 135 Peck, Alesia M. 149 Peck, Ann E. 173 Perlmutter, Robin A. 155 Phillips, jill C. 130 Pierce, Margaret M. 208 Piller, Gretchen C. 156 Poler, Laura A. 156 Powell, Elizabeth G. 155 Pratt, Sarah 162 Pryce, jessica L. 165 Pucillo, Geraldina A. 205 Pugh, Sarah E. 121 Pustilnik, Leslie R. 208 Quinn, Laura L. 138 Raabe, Elaine G. 161 Ramdas, Kavita N. 154 Raymond, Andrea M. 134 Raymond, Susan j. " Reed, Cynthia S. 133 Reilly, Shawn 144 Rembe, Emily D. 156 Renouard,-Iacqueline S. 136 Reynolds, Penny L. 117 Richardson, Jacqueline V. 152 Richardson, R. Evan 193 Riggs, Kathryn C. ' Risse, Margit 146 Rodeno, Elizabeth A. 166 Rodenrys, Anne M. 207 Roy, Susan M. 183 Runser, Leslie A. 160 Ruskai, Therese F. 178 Russell, Gayle L. 168 Russell, Judith G. 140 Russell, Pamela B. 169 Ruth, Edith I. 197 Rutkowski, Christina M. 150 Salerno, Melissa j. 158 Samee Mehreen 122 Sarkar, Sugata 203 Satton,jill E. 110 Savola, Sandra L. 162 Scantlebury, Monica A. 160 Scarano, Karen A. 122 Schabacker, Holly A. 182 Schultz, Michelle A. 154 Seltzer, Sallie E. 200 Shalita,judith M. 166 Sharpe, Amy C. 181 Shea, Mary-Louise 131 Sheldon, Amy B. 113 Shepard, Anne T. 198 Sherman, jennifer A. 150 Sherwin, Wendy S. 139 Sidur, Katharine M. 165 Skibel,joanne T. 124 Sloane, Wendy S. 131 Sluis, Bonnie Noel Dambach Smerhurst, Katherine L. 130 Smith, Angela H. 118 Smith, Barbara L. 122 Smith, Danielle V. " Smith, Karen 172 Smith, Melinda A. 199 Smith, Susan M. 188 Snyder, Catherine L. 128 Snyder, Sally A. 170 Soldner, Virginia 149 Sonnefeld, Sandra H. 132 Sorbera, Lisa A. 176 Sponaglehjulie M. 163 Spreizer, Christine E. 124 St. john, Anna M. 194 Stark, Margaret L. 153 Steeves, Patricia L. 114 Stephan, Kimberly M. 144 Sterling, Yara A. 167 Stickel, Roseann 172 Stone, Barbara E. 121 Stowell, Steva L. 115 Strang, Anna M, "' Streets, Kimberly S. "' Strickholm, Phyllis H. 129 Sturzenegger, Susi Sufke, Andrea 208 Sullivan, Delia 128 Sullivan, Hillary A. 163 Sullivan, Margaret A. 201 Summers, Kathleen L. 182 Summers, Stephanie M. 185 Swanson, Christina A. 123 Swayze, Kathleen R. 191 Sweeney, Kathleen A. 1' Sweet, Sara R. 187 Swift, Donna 199 Swope, Kristin 174 Szeto, Ada C. 123 Tan, Belinda S. 113 Tasi, Nina E. 129 Teixeira, Lisa M. 201 Testa, joanne 119 Thacher, Amanda W. 143 Thomas, Elizabeth G. 134 Thompson, Cynthia C. "' Thompson, Paulette Q. "' Thomsen, Katherine L. 182 Thuraisamy. Kalpna 104 Toh, Michelle S 184 Torges, Rebekah K. 190 Toth, Tawni K.' Townewlariice L. 180 Tretter, Theresa M. 194 Trojan, Christina N 164 True. Catherine A. 132 Truesdell, Elizabeth C. 169 Truslowjosephine B. 153 Tsou, Amy Y. 181 Van Belle, Carol O. 137 Van Wouw-Koeleman, johar Varunes, Anita M. 151 Venus, Bridget A. ' Viles. Vickery A. 130 Vitali. Eileen M. 163 Voekel, Pamela 137 Von Hoyer, Katrina 125 Voss, Mary E. 134 Wadman, Kristina 188 Wagnerululie L. 199 Wallooppillai. Sivani 141 Walsh, Ellen 184 Walsh, Randi L. 143 Wang, Qui-Hong 155 Warburtonjennifer B. 192 Ward, Nancy A. 150 Warner, Deborah E. 127 Warren, Susan M. 133 Weaver, Kimberly A. 126 Webber, Elizabeth R. ' Weber, jean Marie P. 182 Weber, Lorraine 195 Weil, Wendy C. 168 Welch, Rosemary M. " Wenc. Laurie 203 Wexler. Deborah R. 159 Wheeler. Kimberly K. 189 Wheeler, Sarah E. 16-1 Whitcomb. Stephanie E. 138 Whittier. Gale R. ' Whittier, Lindsay A. Willen. Stephanie W. 162 Williams, Karen L. 131 Williams, Lisa 187 Williams. Michele 205 Wilson. Elisabeth R. 192 Wilsonulennifer C. 130 Witte, Beth S. 143 Witterschein. Lori E. 158 Wolcott, Valerie J. ' Wong, Penelope A. ' Wright, Marian N ' Yarosh. Karen A. 178 Ybarra, Veronica C. 203 Yi. Mi H. 126 Yorzyk,-jennifer H. 115 Young. Lisa A. 165 Zartarian. Melyne 161 Zeiler,jean E. 194 Zoubek. Carol jo 133 ll 'Camera Shy Seniors ina 185 211 CLASS OF 1985 The Infamou5 Women I am Ike MHC Jenzor I toaft to our oun reunion Wlffen ue uzll return af alumt Ana' I look back on flaw I look bark on rienelf And I burn ultly tloe Jpirzt O all tkat Ize learnea' Ana' in time and in time We uill all return . . . I am tke MHC uoman. I glory in tlze glou of tkif place proelaiming my alma mater af I graduate rom ity Jpaee. And ue ll eelelarate uomen we ll eeleltrate tkoxe wko earry the laurel wkile dreued in wkite clotlyef. For in time, yef, in time we will all return . . . We are tlae in amout women and we 're MHC and in time ana' in time we will all return. We did it! We 're outta' kere! We will return. MOUNT HULYUKE COLLEGE f . . ,yi . .I y Lf , and Mrs S Cundey oan Drllon Parent Contrlbutors Dr and Mrs Lronel Dorfman Mrs Elrzabeth McNally Mrs Frederlck Stone Phyllrs Krrshner Mr and Mrs Tasr Mr and Mrs ames Sullivan Mr and Mrs Fred Sonnenfreld Wen Yu Cheng and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Warburton Doykos ones Sherwln Broyles Warner Steeves Robert Fay Mr and Mrs ul1an1 Mrs Murray Mrs and Mrs L Gunn r Wrllram Melton Mr and Mrs john Curtrs Scot Fugger oan Ferndler Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mary Smlth and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Neal Goldenberg Moody Brown C Herbert Fry Eugene Daley Zoubek and Mrs jack Older and Mrs Wax Wong Mrs and Mrs john Wrtte Mr and Mrs Robert Brown Dr and Mrs Dennrs Carlson Mr and Mrs Kenneth Berkland E Braunsdorf and Mrs Stephen Bongrorno and Mrs Donald Wexler oanne Opalenxck and Mrs Douglas Fresh and Mrs D Thomas Gurda and Mrs Howard Sloane and Mrs Gerard Soldner Swrft Gendron Sprerzer Messrer Frazrer F rnkelstern Grnley Shalrta Fortrer Olcott Weaver Weber and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs john Marsh Wrllram Mahaney Theodore D Andrea Thomas Lydon john Lewrs Edward Sheldon K Alan Hrmes erry Mattone Danrel Ward H Smrth Wrllram Merke Schultz Mandelbaum Murray Allrson Bod nar Doucette Brady Massrcotte Raymond Rodeno Wrllram Walsh and Mrs Davld Garbarrno and Mrs joseph Ruskar and Mrs Douglass Campbell and Mrs Anthony Martrn Marjorre Mackesy Mr and Mrs Walter Rutkowskr Allene Dretrnch Mr and Mrs E Drullo Mr and Mrs Thurarsamy Mary Ellen Walsh Dr and Mrs Hugh Howard Mr and Mrs Smethurst Mr and Mrs Wheeler Wrllram Broeder f 0 N ,jr Mr. . ' ' j ' Dr. . . . . ' ' . . ' Mr. . . ' . ' Mr. . ' - ' Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . . - - A Mr. . . . - ' Mr. . ' ' - - ' Mr. . - Dr. . ' Mr. . ' ,l ' Mr. . - - Msj ' MI. . Mr, , Mf. . . Mft I , l Mr. . Mr, . MF. . Mft I MF. and Mrs. PUSIllllC BurtOn Boyer MI. . l Mr. , Mr- - Mr. . ' ' MI. . t Mr. . ' MF- - ' Mr. . MF. . D Mr. . h Mr- - ' ' Mr. . MF- - ' Mr. . . ' MY- - ' Mr. Mr. . ' Mr, , ' G Mr. . . ' Mf- - Mr. . ' ' Mf- - Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mf- - Mr. . ' ' Mr- - G Mr. . ' MY- - Mr. . MI. . Dr. , ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. ' , , ' 214 iii 5043.15 5 WUODBRIDGES 5 Hadley Street South Hadley MA 01075 C4157 556-7541 ALLERY S Discount Liquors 514 Newton Street CRt. 1161 South Hadley 552-5188 f M K ' l Y V O 1 5' A i T' pr B 'N S 1 ,P 1 ,. 4 i lil LTU 'Hurry nu Hit' tiwzfmvi 1 ul... I-1 'Y U 0 9 K K A N f To the Class of 1985 Congratulations to the Class of 1985 Best Wishes for Success in - . the future - 1 1 HAMPSHIRE NATIONAL BANK "Believe in yourself . . . " With Love from the 198471985 V-8'S x J x f N f Air"'Land"Sea C4155 552-6897 CONGRATULATIONS '85 VILLAGE TRAVEL CENTER f1'0772 iff? Cloljj of '86 think Village 17 College Street for Value South Hadley, MA 01075 X J x N f 91.57" MOUNT I-IOLYOKE COLLEGE, SOUTH HADLEY, MA 01075 K J COLLEGE INN BESQQISHES Creatlve Food and Drmk to the On the Green ln CLASS QF 1935 SOL1fl'1 Hadley ffgm the Open Seven Days d CLASS OF 1950 2 For there is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather' cheer one in the tedious way lift one if one is down strengthen whilst one stands. - Christina Georgia Rossetti CONGRATULATIONS to our BIG SISTERS! Looe the Clem o 1987 K 2 To , To fetch one if one goes astray, To , To f f CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1985 rom the Clem o 1988 P.S. Even after hazing we still love 'ou. ukeboxes and Games Complete Cigarette Vending Service Russel l -Hell l 116 Race Street Holyoke MA 01040 N f - I X f Y 7 , X 556-2124 J X N f T X J f N 5 f Y f College Inn SJ' Gzj? soop V' 29 College Street I GI South Hadley MA ,Qu-2 LRB . 555-7119 F: if N y lf? f 1 Md' lltfdli' C , , ' Sozztlo Hadley Bike Shop 531-5242 Precision Cuts 21 College Street lgxioiibarjff inet for CBetween Goodbodies ' ' Men and Women and the Campus Shopl 535-0900 X Q A J c 1 MEAD HALL 1984 1985 There s Nothing Meadicore About This Dorm . . .Maintain your beach: build a castle . . .The Curtain Caper -film at ll ... I pity the fool' ... Buck s Fizz at 5:30 am? 'Cottontails in 225 . . .The Drinking Song and the Alma Mater neyer sounded so good on the PVTA. . . It matters but we don t care - or is it it doesn t matter but we do care. Y" . . It's a blue light special . . .Who broke Mead s pipe?C r. Show 843. . .You gotta learn to say 'G day! - C day Matel' '... Daiquiris at the bell desk are a no-no . . .The first floor discovery ofthe culture bunny . . .Gotta go punch some dauggies out in Calar- ada. . . Trixie s - not just a bar it s a state o mind . . .Battery Rebellion . . .Fourth floor sunbathing - don't look down . . . What are you doing to fight Continental frigt? . . . Reunite Gowndwanaland . . . Yeah! . . . Bee Patrol . . . eannie's Bat Bag to the rescue. . .Yupper! Y Bet! . . .We got even with that circus. . .Random rooms. Random people. Random nights. don t punch me Ill get you . . . Duh-head . . . Space the final frontier - every weeknight at 7 . . . We re entering the Ho- Zone! - Are You entering the Ho-Zone? . . .Tomorrow never happens man . . . Peter ennings what a manl. . . Who stole the pillows from the couch? . . .The Lambda Chi Alpha Bowling Team . . .Our honorary alum - can you think of a better way to go? Or one that's more MHC? . . .The man who came to dinner and stayed . . .The Mead All-Nighter Club - A club for real ordinary people. . .Smoosh-face. . . Eric and Frack . . . I want to be normal again -I want to wear sandals - want to laugh! . . .Surrender Dorothy! . , .And Toto tool. . .Remember ramdom men in striped boxers and elephant in the shower. . .Hey little girl - is your daddy home? . . . Elaine CBunny I never gets mail - but then who would send her any. . . . e lo . . . Gotta like that! . . . Grozierr rule - Don't break it up!" . . . Stories to tell our Kids . . . BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OE 1985 LOVE MEAD HALL MAY THE CLASS OF 1985 ALWAYS REMAIN INFAMOUS WILDER HALL 1984 1985 f N ' v H ' ' ' H 7 y Y Y H l q ' I Y ' J ' f Y ' ' Y ,' Y Y Y Y Y Y , 1 . I . Y Y Y Y J 7 ' Y 7 I . . .Build a Building. get a single. . .Why don't we all just move into the living room together, one big single? . . . Hey ten - 7 y Y Y Y Y y J Y y Y Y I 7 r I Y Y 7 7 1 7 1 .J 1 .. .. K J f N .. ,Y 217 CONGRATULATIONS 1 C f N Best Wishes From CAMPUS PROGRAM COUNCIL Mary' Woolley' Program Coordinator Anna Mariz Connolly' Publicity Mari Dyer' Booking Agent Catherine Fisher' O'Nei1l' Treasurer Patti Pangan' Student-at-large Margot Rogers. , , , , , V Y 7 Y 7 ' Y 7 T Y T D W 7 9 K J f N f W CLASS ETS 1985 TURKEY HALL from your friends at Wishes the Class of 1985 PROSPECT HALL Sm5?Zib5SiiZ,fpmeSS K J Chairwoman Mary beth Frazier' Student-at-Large Susi MCGroddy' House Manager Meg O Keefe' Student-at-Large Kerry' to the from the Clam 0 1935 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES May you weather the problems exploit the opportunities and appreciate the joys of the next 50 years as we have clone. f N Class Of- X J f N CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1985 on your success' I-IADLEY PRINTING COMPANY INC 58 Canal Street Holyoke MA 01040 Telephone 556 8517 Creators of distinctive printing and lithography O 7 N awk Roclewllev Ha!! W' hes the Cl ss f 1985 S C ss H pp' ess t e SoC1s f Ham Ha!! IS a 0 uc e and a m The Best of Luck 0 th eni r as rom CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' 1984 1985 P01fZe1f Ha!! 18 7 I-Ia WlShCS 1985 Lucik K N 3 ll Distinctive Clothing For Men and Women 32 Main Street 255-3361 Amherst MA Tbe I-lame of Walib, Inc. Tbe Clam of LdUnjd6m1 1965 Con mmlazfey The Class of 1985 Congrat lations N Wishes . cg u . J J ODYSSEY BOOK SHOP fopposite Mount Holyoke Collegel Largest Collection of Paperbacks in the Valley 534-7507 29 College Street CONGRATULATIONS KIMBO' Remember that wherever you go or what ever you do your friends are here cheering for you Dreams seem such fragile things and yet they are strong enough to hold tomorrow s bright promises. GOOD LUCK! Your Buddy South Mandelle wishes 1985 Success The Best of Luck an Happiness from Pemfiom Ha!! x. 1 x J 22 , , . , Y ,,.,..u,-..,,vV,-7.7 .,.,,..7 ...-, B11,i'jmzi,i Erfjtnr lulie Doig Slflnrfi Eujffnfty Kelly Hill lane Lester Trefziz1re1'.' Susan McLoughlin 1985 Llamarada, "A Sudden Burn of Wit" Ecfizm'-in-Clyief' Sara L. Hencley Mazzfzgifzg Edizfirr' Alison Lussier and Mart Lalynzzr Etfimr: Laura Carlson ,flracfenzir Ei1'izor,i.' Beth Biddle Carrie Peet AVI Ecfffmfj Amy Breseke Copy Ezfitnrf Sandy Wilcon Aftizfitiei Editorix Laura Rice Claudia Sanchez Ayyirtafzt Pham Effff0?'.' Stasia Speck Bumzen Staff Mimi Cloutier, Eleanor Dickey, Johanna Keiley, Alyson Pool, Amy Pullen, Heather Wilcauskas, Srqff' Sandrnya Chancl, Diana Cheung, Tara Crowley, Mala de-Alwis, Carrie Donahueululie Doykos, Nina Gladir Masbicotte, Ashley McCown, Nancy Occhipinti,june Schneider, Amy Sheldon, ha McEvoy Photo Ea'itor.' Ritu Manocha Dorm Editors: Megan VanPrank Tammy Wamsleyf AJJZJMIZI Layout En'itorJ.' Shirley Moore johanna Wainwright , Lori Green, Kathryn Lee, Stacy Lewis,-Ienniler Mace Suzanne 224 mn I fry, 'W' . 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Suggestions in the Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) collection:

Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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