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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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. ,IW ! l'i L JH ,--- ,u rx Q, ,, lf., 91 7 AI , If , ' 5 k fm A 1 1 ' , I f 1 -4 5 , X .-1" 'V 1 'f I, s i,n - ,uw D ' ' 14 '51 fur 1 4 ' f, 'S '. 25. lui I - ' 1 'hr - 6- ,,,1,M....,.f-F ..,. .. vw.. , , . -,.X.,,T.,, may my Ulla ' 11 pawn QC!! .5 -, 'Q 'vlc 4 J an -,f ' Y 1-W- an - 3, iw. .auf vp-1. ,, ...o-H " '- w mv. ,. Q..-,AC run. .-V, A ,x -V 1 R gag bb Q Q' ,, H: '45, " '- Q m viii? 11? .2,. , .W wr. .- -. A Q- 1- 'E L . . .W 'za- .x -Q . 4., f --,A , .Lx 1 ,-. ' . . , . -1'-.,, J,3 I, V444 . 5' 7.1. q ht . , W 1:1 uf 1- T5 W 3 3 1 .H 1 'P A 'A " w3gf'53'aT, ,J-if , , ,, , V. .Q -t,,.,,, .V 4, , ,-'W , V .V , ,nv ' ,. ,. , , V any V A ., h..uas4:mwM .'f. . ,,,n, V , " , 4244" -. u M.- ,, ,,, .1 . 3 7 4 ng, 4 . ' " rw ,,- ,141 "'fr"+fff , ' mf' , 3754 gym. f '- MAJ ,,i"" ,Q ,' in wJy , , Q ,,, ,fn I -121 X A'f kv Q,WW, 'nf ,Vw m ,5,, M . vw, , My I sf,,,,f'W42p5, 4 .A W ,, A ,, ' , , , V, '-0, , . Q hw, . 'fy f 1-f ju! . V rf, A , , .-J, 451 hmwwffw' w ,wfay A ,..,f ,, ,. . ,,., , 5 , nm, ,, 1 ' fa uf, ' !L?J-5,5 F ' A 'Z ' ,,.i,21.,..' 'ff 1. ,WL ,, .W 'V' ,,'f wiigf . , V.. .J fmf"-- I -1, ,, v Vg' Q31 ' ' ws ' ' ,, uf - , ff, , I fegg 1. J 9' 'y ,I 41114 if hmm ff Q 1,3 1 uw? 146 1 fm fe, ff , 4 wx 1 H. X V ' l ,5wMm,-,MW me Jgikig I. sir' ff, 's .. 4-1 Mn.- 1 -x 11,4 W i 'w f 15- xx WK' , ff, 2 ,Q 5 ,.,,, , ,. do 7541.4 ,. ' .ip RON' XXQLY054- S 6 A L, ff Q 2' 2 2 2 E . Lu rn 'ag ff- Q' 'of ocuw llamarada 4-Hfn I 571. if X X 5 'C K ffx 'NN 'Xf fm XX 'i .-7, Wh A-.Q FY X4-J 'X X "wr -C L. .J-xXx 'fd' mount hol oke Q 1 nuns- Y r 1.- 0 . 1 1 1 x V! 1 . 1 w . , ft . nv: 'Vu -. y , , I -mv --Q '-MSX 1 .11 gl 64 N 411 ,X why . X is iii A xx.. -V.-Q, ,N X , iffy. -P - if Q, 'v 1 I 7 4 f me Son 'ell as Flillle 0Ci2lIe ll him il' the llel in enthu. to ln. seven. ter re. lbining he has litera- mee of ith the n. Bac- Jiapels. rablish- llerence yoke in colleges rington lmrouglli Wright- P Of Ille nas CON' 'nflihllls grillf of al leVCl1 to Sum' ars and for the L'nil6d Thus in twenty years he has come to repre- sent Mount Holyoke beyond the boundaries of South Hadley-not only as an adminis- trative contact, but as a spirit and a per- sonality. He was one of the representative Americans who prepared statements for L,.," Hamls Tales from Shakespeare playing "Bones" Edward R. lVIurrow's series, 'eThis I Be- lieve,', and he spoke there in terms which may remind us of him and his college for many years to come: "My journey hitherto has been kindly, neither in a savage environ- ment nor in one protected from the shocks of life . . . One is hard pressed to formulate a basic belief. To me it stands in terms of symbols: great people that I have partially known, great characters of the imagination that I have read and re-read, beauty that I have seen, and high purpose that I have felt." Sir Galahad A yearbook cannot bring back a person's most prized memories of a college, its people, its scenes, and its moments. All it can do is gen- eralize. It can only suggest, and perhaps thereby stimulate and inspire each individual to remember Mount Holyoke personally and meaningfully according to her own friends and experience. This book can offer her a seat on a bank by a lake where reflections are momentary because of a quiver caused by the wind, but lasting because the image was clear. lt can ask that she contemplate that mirrored tree, and think of any tree, changing leaves in a year's passing from fall to Winter to spring . . "F r , 3 v -r . .- .., . 1, ffm fm' Q f3"a.- ' - 4,4-N'-' 4 " Nw , ,Y 9.6, ,,-. .N-, I,-'. r '-ls' -X F4 br .U A- ' I ,4!,..gAs - - .f' Q rf' I af, ' , . - .N 1 Q' g ,I S ' ." ' 1 . MTE- '1-'V+ ..-fl +1- J - Y'A' 4,-, . vtswxkrr Q 9 1 , ,. . -Q 1-- J-"IA,.1j"f .f ' .XJ ,tai-ix a 1- vffaf-gg1Af+1s.g' ' Q in the fall .. Fall is an invitation to jump into piles of noisy paper leaves and yell, before it whirls them off in its caprici- ous Winds. lt's an unrestrained, loud season- of college cheers and football games and rich golden leaves, sun- burnt hills and blue sky. But, too, it is a quiet season. On Mountain Day, the Connecticut River is so like a mirror that a skipping stone could not ripple its surface, and the dark outline of the covered bridge there stands in somber stillness as a reminder of an inescapable, enduring New England past. l 14 r 1 . mi. :I 'a ."4 41,1 u I. .I t ,.,v, .4 E ,1 ' 1 I . -5:13 'e aq., . ." 1 34 F1 1 'EM N i lg, WZ. V fx - f'-eff 3, -,xxx . . . with freshmen by conversing on home-towns and rue mutual friends, by peering at systematized name- card introductions, and by asking questions, all these inspired a determination to shake off timidity and strangeness for a new dorm and a new college. , L E 1 1 wif pf-'af' ' iv, Buckland at night In 13.0. we stopped on our way to class and looked at election slates, engagement announcements in the News Bureau clippings, job-lists, posters, class bulletin boards, and second-chance mail boxes . . .nr-"4"f'x vw. 1 .4 E s 5 and mass-rushed . . animal kingdom 'offee cups: word for tolerantly that of Ann birthday cards, could Mr' Keyes, birthday , f fee colfee except ice cream and jimmies i . . . and a place to talk with Princeton men, Air Force men, Williams and Dartmouth men, and to invite them . . . to a trip around Upper Lake and remember . . we-f y W-1. fe ' -W , x - , 1, ' Qffefsq Wag, J A p A ,f 0 1 v "A, fi 21. . Tf ide mf IIYW W, Eff, 1, ' ' '., Ig X 5 ,QS 94QimM, ye, A. 7, ir? 0 L I JW 5 I. f , A I ,, 4 X .X , wg g WW, S4 A V 9 , Q . ww , YQ W 4 3 y,w..L , ' 4 fr ' : 'ff raw! X gr I .,4:3'wV.' 4 ,A 'X X-QW B .X xi V 1 I A ' 5 2,-N'1g4,'. W' 3. Q - 5 xp 4 f' M f' ' A r New fe, if A ,A N' wg ? if i tk w i 1 f H yy el: 'J' , I ye- .f. V ' ,fx ' ,f , wsu H, '1 w ' ' W p up W J w .N ,, ., ' 9. 7 '5 N s '- Qggvg .. , A , "' WM., , V, Q , , ' f J X V ,fi Q 1 V : XV rlww, If 4? - 9 'Z 2, 'fn ' mfg? K My U ' if V V- 'fr' Lew , Y, -, ' su S,,W,1 M I . 1 V NB. . f Aj ,. M14 4 . X may -, yr it fum gk"gL,MWg,,,mwQ' zz ' 'Q .1 ,ll -fi. Q, .DW , vi., ,aww K Jywffr 14' M . ef ' 1 ' N' f f 'f X "4 x 1-f , ' f 1 K W I 'ii wi, tix K K , ,, ,,W.4?. If 7 03. y. V X K' A , ' 9 . ffv' - A , NWA ' , I ,rVif,,,. V m AM' W J - - A 4 V' 'ff A h. 2 . . . ,sf ' I a, , ' ' ,Q W , Q , Q W - V4 f . . , f Mmm' W , Y I 10 x A If p , W Q 'Mya 'Y 'f :af 1 ' " fr' K' M 4,2684 4, ' ff., ' K 'Z ,' 1,1 ff' f, 4 f ' ' Mk Q23 , ZA 1. -,, X 1-3 M - fy f -4, I Wh' Mfg 'L' 4' f ' r Q ku " f ,Q r M . ...,v- f W " 4 A ri ij, . , 7 A . M, L. an . a pl, f ff Q E ffm M, f ,. 4 Y , 4 W : ,U rw.. f. K, Q L,,f5r X uf X, A, :- 'TJY 'Q Aw'-yt' va L.. up .Maw 1, Muzi. '3 fn, iq . 'W . . . as we remember the gap between the 8 o'elock bells and the Mountain Day bells on a clear blue autumn day -,.,,. Y , TWH Y xr X ,Q ,V 4. , 9 ? , 1 l A H ' " QW wg We A +1 A W WTF? ' wx EESQQQQSI A , Q., ..J C., N. ,wvwi ff ,Q I M . 4 1 :Hx Zfkwyd sy ' 4 5 4 ,up va, ,Q . , kliytlw G .,.wu"" 2 1 16 O, tl! 4- - , , 7, f1'x,',j"" ' s - L," -:ff - f VTR, . I -2'Tf1i:T, .LL . I 1 q U 3c:iA , .914 J" yf, ,, "ffl ' ,. A. 5 , 4' ,Q."' , I . ,Lv 'A 1.Uf'a,'f',ff Q'-.-f4u. ,P Q ' " 'Q'-inc, U L 4171" ff ' A' . ' ,1 1 'af :W '. ff 4 j , " ,fi 1 T, D 1: JJ' 'K .,gA.L't'Y ' N' - ' - Lf 1 . A '4- Alf-"5 Y , 0' we if .vw ff ,, f 'QRW .Q CF ' ff- , . ,-I -Y.: 6 W 5, , f. W . Q 7, J ff , fm -af f fn.. X W. 1 gf V I fffvggfg -f'-,. I ,Q", x .v 10 g'1I.O 3 yi I 'L , fp'-"M . lrr? ,'r"++' , "4 4:1 f Aff ' , v' "' . 'a .Dfw -.Q-zxrfv-Wi'-"V -- ff av. ,, Q, f" ' avg '4?,f"9j ,' 1 ' .1 VV ua' ,fi '3"44,-?A, if I , f J : 1 ff la"""Ij.fg5E, Wifi, 71,491 KH A--M, ' . fJ'i N s - ' .,. Q --451, 4' 'wg fl' Q, .' 9"5. 1 'g.I1i,:9fA' 14, I N -if k . O I , gg Q ' 2 w Qf 9 .Z .x-'- . -f 1,-.N Q .' q ' . I 1 'P' ' AX . 'fx"'ib,,-,.3,,.Qni. ' 1-'X'-' .xiiyn ' .Ls , - . - 'L'v-N C !, . ' x Q, -L 1 -1-.... f ' Q . ' , 5 . 'V .lf If If .uxg is 1 Qc -. 4, . 1 ww - 2.6 'rg-PQQ :ww M 3 sf, f Uv if " ' M A 141. .. gcx jig , ., ,f " .Q J, wi' . -juni" .J , 'V , P f vw f rv""-- ff f ,g ,fn 'iv- rr, gms, , 'Mi 5 .. Rx V. Xr.xfb.X. - 4 my W5 Lui? .MW fi, fc ,Mi LM . . . and planned for the enlightenment of freshmen on Hazing Day. A W' fl. Most Illustrious Seniors Peaboftv and Sand W We t robots line up . . . . . . and arrive on planet earth Il When we couldn't find interests close by, We Went elsewhere via crowded Boston and Maine trains, and discovered the world of difference between the ehatterin exc't' g, 1 mg going and the thoughtful, tired returning . . . lb- 'T -..-up-...4.-....., . lg' his ' 1 vxw., ., 'LJ iwxr w R M1 3 is X 1 'w x t ,lx . , . '51 , fy, 1 gf ' . , .. .W ,rx nt, L N U11 1' f Nffff 1275. aw '- del ft'- V, ifqgr Jgigy 7 Q4 V 1 ui , . sn ' ' 1 . N , a R Q 1 Parties and Politics with Miss Schuck In the fall, political science classes observed and participated in current eventsg with statistics, opinions, forecasts, "Madly for Adlai" supporters and I Like Ike" hackers clashed vigorously in the healthy atmosphere of liberal arts tradition. Richard Nixon Sumner Whittier JY Outside, the leaves vanished and squirrels skidded on thin ice in their hurry to prepare for approaching winter ,Cy XJ, "N. Wh. vd 4...-af X-A+. 1-QJK ..-.-ix km., ,ZZJ .- f 'ff -vi Y an ll AZ" " 3 A "'.'ufP"V -uw , 'X , K I' Y A, 4 'L -'UW' Xa ... -'22-. -. 'T' '-A. M -M ff' ' , 'Aan' r 1 2 -- ' V-9' . 74 y X, N' , X 'I A I mf 'qu' t' , ,4 ,l If ,aim 'WM A I it ff 4' i ,, 1, ' . ' . S , I ' i I U W 4.4, kt, M! K , H I , it I ,W , , . - , ' ,.- ,, , ,, ' " 'L 'f f - ' flfsikl 1. J ,- G Y " " ,f ' A I I 9 3 38 7 . . O .3021 J. , X - QV A - if rl i 1 , x 1 f n p I i , When all the leaves fall off the trees, it's winter because no one wants to blame dear autumn for the loss. Because of larger, inescapable piles of blue books and papers, people are moody, and as dreary as the days . . . until that morning when in a transformation of whiteness the chapel garden bushes are topped with marshmallow, and the in- terlacing tree branches are trimmed with frosting and Mandelle bridge with dripping silver fingers. Dining room trays disappear as fast ear-muffed coasters dot Pageant Hill, and inside, with a fire, Christmas carols and "Paige's Horse" cheer up the cold days. But the pleasant thrill of this pure delicate first snowfall is shocked to reality by the harsh scraping . . . scraping . . . scraping of shovels, and then the melting . . . melting . . . melting . . . ..44""" ua ws, , ' 39 Q fri uvliibltrnlt- b .scars-.0- .ounuiuaws--f .W.,,.,M,,. , . ,4J li? 'rw Q " , , I , , g. 5 Ji., X.,, , 1 A hr H V V ix ' - , 'SX , ,'., ' K Q . 'Q C In ng. i , ' .. fx. ,- A X ,,f After vacatlon, mterest ln classes mcreased conslderably because of the nearness of exams. academic footprints 'tn , 43 I A ' ' K X I J sl' ZW f,M, , ww , W J ,f , ,X ff ff ,WW X f M ff , f fmfff, ,f QW, ff f fwf, The mid-V depressed last 1 only to bb' Dean ill Gless Ht Paul 3 nrints rf 4. 3' F it The mid-winter thud, that tense, depressed feeling, set in, last dime, last shoe, last cigarette only to be relieved occasionally by Deacon's mumbled jokes in Glessie's, Holyoke movies, pizza at Paul's, and rationalization. But we did study all year, not just during exams. The library was a familiar place of r6SefVe ba c overdue bo blinking 1 Odd-sou igh and I In Classes. languages. accent gm of reserve books, card-catalogues, over-due books, whispering, blinking lights at ten, and odd-sounding bells. Miss Devine and Mrs. Saintonge In classes, students listened to languages-e accent aigu, e accent grave-and music . . 3 sf' ,H Mr. Holden I 3: H H' ,, ,,,.4nl1 Mr. Viereck and poets . . Jfr. Ciamatti, lfrs. Egan, Bliss Hayes leo liv rL1 Miss Andreassian . . . and met faculty before Wednesday night lectures, at chapel, in the art gallery, and at "gracious livinga' dining room tables . . . J Mr. Janson, Miss Blakelj gracious living with Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. f K x ' 3, z Miss Pickett 5 J. X , K A f f . . . and worked in laboratories, dlstllhng, filtratmg, utratlng, calculatmg, and condltlonlng . . Q X. Mr Curtis Smith Miss Pickett and Miss Cafr 4-mpg-yt.-.ff i ff '1 3 'km I 1 'Q H3 I S -5 S5 Caff -1 wma SD or SA ? Miss Farnsworth Miss Muus and graduate assistants R+...- 4 .sf X ! 6 , 3-Of-I' Zvff' .1' lr- In the Art building classic statues frowned on the modern generation and vice-versa. N v I I 5' az H' ,Q we ' x Mr. Corbett Art professors encouraged students to express, create, and cr1t1c1ze . . . Gorse Child Study Center: "all amateurs are imitatorsw ff S al- honf Lecture l CCTh Mount E The Abs Concert Get Panel lf Warbek Tal Ballet C Madelf M M I l I 1 wiej l I 52 Mr. Rox mrs" . . . as did the college by presenting a "Salute to the Arts" program in honor of President Ham: 3:Sz5:.. , fi -,rs .af ,gg- -f K ! as ,- sf 19 f' xx ii .Xu f f '15 N as r b . ug, xr' ,Aa- 7' Lecture by Robert Graves "The Legitimate Criticism of Poetry" Mount Holyoke Friends of Art Exhibitions Theatre Designs of Donald Oenslager and His Students ' Abstract Impressionist Painting Concert by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra George Szell, Conductor Panel Discussion: "The Critic's Criterion in a Time of Change" Warbeke Memorial Chamber Music Concert Tanglewood Quartet and Bruce Simonds, Pianist Ballet Concert by Maria Tallchief, Andre'Eglev- sky and four other members of the New York City Ballet Company Madeleine Renaud-Jean Louis Barrault Com- PanY Moliere, Le M isanthrope Marivaux, Les Fausses Confidences ' ,1 VA, ,3-1 Em"-7 T ,..ri 2.5:-iii L v I L l A- iff iff, f fffffwizsfgligg ram .1 Z' Raymonda: Maria Tallchief and Andre Eglevsky Mr. Graves and his little finger .445- Dartmouth Carnival, 1956. With the snow and February came winter Carnivals and Snowball. Adapting to a southern lllagnolia Magic theme and Lester Lanin music, couples drifted around Ken- dall turned Dixieland, . . . WS Holyoke's Ginger Evans-Dartmouth Car nival Queen., 1957. u 'N . . . and went to the OC Song Contest to hear "So Long, Miss Hutchinsonf, and sat down by the waterfall to Watch the snow melt. .M .. , . ,X , .M M... ....-4,.f-. .4 r-Q, ,f f , M .fig :ig f f ,f 5 :U f , , Wi, , g " Nw fzgjy f f 1 . ,,, After the mudlucious weather of wet sneakers and slickers is over, and spring is really here, everyone feels like singing and whistling. For it's then that the sun ripens the earth and makes it blossom from early spring of forsythia to late spring of dogwood. Then, leaning birches invite little boys to swing, and rain falls through open windows. The kegs on the CI screen- ed porch are mounted by iced-coffee sippers, and Pros- pect, Pageant, sundecks, and the briar patch behind Pearsons are dotted with sunbathers in gym suit dis- guises. And, in the cricket evening, people rock on porches and think about room choosing, and next year, and next fall. With the last hesitant snowfalls and the begmmng of frmged branches, we suspected sprmg and were assured that it was coming 6. E n 0.2 v .V Q, wal N-Z. QX , Align? E515 X X X X N X .LR N N ,Q If A ff' 1 atvwfiu' 1 .., , x ' n ' ' X ,- X ' we ...- - ..r.'.f'.H 1' I 8353.-zisravt- ... .....-, .,. if fm' -5-1-g:44.f..,, 'W' -- 1 0' I-'gr ., i", . , " '71 if. ' Y4' '-ft 45 - .f -144, 'N When the splashing stream smelled like spring, people went outdoors to think clearly. Energy spurted, fluttered, and evaporated into lethargy as the trees bloomed leafier, and the sun shone brighter . . . Vaci!-Jaxx uf, X gr! K l, V' ' , ak' X Q .,, , S, sl is 'Q 13' S , ,va if fe,- x ,. Q-'W' - '4' V 'f Tbfpj. X' fro- 'la f: x Jglvn 'X , QA '?.- s ' l ' 5-If" .. 4 and we drifted into spring fever. V Z, fa Z ,, W? we ,V r,,7,,7,. , W1 Q3 fists, , H 27, 5 V. fi 4. 2 yr Q "I 4 M45 Y' 1 L ... 9 43 Junior Pr and yet li In one sh cocktails to highly quiet pla 1 PQ. x ' w 5 5 r. ,N as N. 'rsjizsw si Xy., new K, eggs. wg, bi s ikgi 1 7, ' f X' ' wi - - g:,.., i 1 I Junior Prom 1956 was like Junior Show without rehearsals and yet like listening to La Mer with someone special. In one short, varied evening, we Went from Wiggins cocktails to a receiving line and fish-howl castle in Chapin, to highly extemporaneous skits in Wilbur, and to a quiet place where the branches framed the spring moon. For spring is the time when . . . couples go for picnics out by the Connecticut, sit by the Waterfall near Torrey, and Walk around the formal gardens at night . . . lgo Iround . . . and girls go away to rip-roaring Green Key at Dartmouth, or to the more mellow Spring Prom at Amherst, or to a never-to-be-forgotten College Weekend at Yale with a never-to-be-forgotten blind date. T. J Green Key souvenir 'Q 'Cv Ain 1 54.4 a Peter Pan in every crowd And spring is the time for Parents' Day teas on Torrey lawn, class canoeing races in red, blue, yellow, and green on Upper Lake, pageantry of dorm costumes, crepe and the elegant surprise of beauty fs." Queen: Kay Johnson. Court, below left: Johnson, C., Taylor, Swansong below right: Friedman, Hittinger, Brumfield. in the 1957 May Court. ,--"""""' '99 4 n ! Il i F e I I E S I I 4 1 I 1 I I R., 1 ' ' .gr-U , If 1 Wifi ,wg J ,vw , ,fn -?,:.p,. , i .3 ,1 -x- V24 , fvayf'-,, ,WMHLH , V i P 'Q,Wfen'12m,,s I- A-, ' f f, 4 1. K 0, W7?"ijfiQQ"f.i-f,,.,2 " N , - .141 411' ' A 3' 1 f1,swm2w'i.f 7' "?,i:2i'f'Lfi4VW43f W1 . .. ,, . I' .,s,''f' Fi .,,.'. 1' 'W' '.,i..xK,c:,,cg.z.. . Alumnae Parade As we walked in those parades, our minds wandered back to our first day and that sinking moment of walking into a bare, empty room. Thoughts skipped through all the things that had happened until we became seniors, and then, we remembered Convocation and how unsophisticatedly we seniors stroked the tassels on our graduation caps, because we were so delighted with the newness. Both that first welcoming day and Convocation seemed so far away now. Each of us remembered separately, personally, something about the college, its people, and its moments, the memories were like patterns, or reflections on a lake which are momentary because of a quiver caused by the wind, but lasting because the image was clear. If Mary Lyon and Deacon Porter hadnlt made that bel . . . 5 n k . is 4, E .gi N fy". T 3' fig". ' " ' ' ' ,YV ' . A Y -fv-- .- , f- .Q ,Sf 'Q ,, W VV fy f .Hx J . ' 1, , 'df' ,v , ' - N5 2.11,-1fj,,. , , A , Q ,ix v rua... ' A, .rv af. .utu y , - 1. , . J. 1 1, l . Av' .' 6 -A-. ' . 4".vt:..,,, v,v . P .fl , ' . 'R 4010 'lyfr Q.. N . 7-f - I -t ' Q A 'Lx . xwoxi, ' x ' ' '1, ' avg 'K " q , ' 1 'K if ' ly ' ,K . 'x A 'ff ' ' . -5 F , 1 , V 'V 'Q - Rx A s . f f .-. 4 , gh X X , u 1-x ,4 I I. .M g 1 "f"' 'L 4 A ' x 4, rg ' 'I 1, I ' , ,, ' 4 Q31 A-.. ' ' 'fl 4 QI "fl ,- .- ,Q I ' Nw, , 1. X4-3.13 QM?" V ' A ., -,V .nl V M , - V , .Jgf ' ' A - f ,V A, 'ef - rl '1 4 ' . .. .. 3?.'r,.,:' , 9 . Q F '51 'sz' nl' Vjlflq., ,vi ' . X 1 1 rfc Q2 . QQ - . .Q 'if' I' ,E - 1 '- f an . A v ., N A, w 7 :M sa . h H. . ' Of' ' f , ' cl - " 5 'J N V., at . ' . 2. , N- . H, ,. vf -, 'ry fv- -22:9 'fx i JY, ' f :V ty 4.-'J L., 4 .9 . . . 1 . nj, 7 ,s A , Q, X I gf 4' 3 9 7 1 . . 'w. . ax f A . , I, Riu. N , SL. P v A 'L.S5'fiff-X ' .. R, j ' . pt .e .Q '-,,.x, , 1. ." xi ,' .e-Q' , ' .1 , ,N H v , ' . A A , Q?-M-,ljair Q , , ,Lg . A .iq ,NA , V . 3.. an' -A r M- 3'-G nn Y ' 'P' f ll 1- if . t 12+-:Q vi hx- - w . . ' rf Q 1 .:.s1i,CS','. ...r".7'!." ,A t - fggvr W" .V 'Iv I - - ,A-, . . . X ' -uf! ' '- ,- -, ,?: .,-jg.. 'v . M s .. so 'y V ..sA,- :Q NMI Q- . , . 'ff-f-7 'J-.4 . - , N. . 'Ji' 'gif' L3 -' ' , -. - -.f.n1 . - .. , v A Q J '.. ,V--1. . -, 4, -fi -' -nf? -qi,--14' A' W""'1?'r Y' - ss. if Y" - '2 f- ?',Q'71,,," yy.. 5' -I ve 1 - - 4- , - -f.,"'-r- ' .--.. 1 -1',,.'g . g,L",' .. ' Lf., , ' ' nn, 'lx 'Q Iv Sgr! ,' k i -1 V, ' , '- g.i,e?7'ffx ,Ag q.:,'r ' ff' ' 1' V ., v , , V -5 3 ' L"!' Mx . -4 Eg 0 . A 'P' A7 , ' V r, ' ' .gg ' .-,y.w 1 ff '- 441' A41-:fi-gqk Lmfgff X tv. X, ' .sw 'f.:- 2' f' ' , '. . ,w..gV, gig, ,WY ' 4. '-'.v4w'f"5fi'iri ' r-A , -' A422 - 1 -M. ' ,.f,hf- . "V 'v. 'Q' M -?"'h:f-V 'av ,", w V ' X ,., Y - vv . . g, , . ,JQWIHI 1 .'f,-3' , I-vi, My f I f 4, U h.-'M' '52'Q,,n .- f I -ffl, : A, " V , " ' " Ve . Q,'Ql,?v,f:gf- ,var-3555+ tr I , 1. . , 1 uf - ",,,1f:A2":f'fYfff',"-, f..h.2,'V. ' W f' , ' 1' 4,1 ,Y , - ,H - " " ' 54315 I-W?'5?qYf"' - m f ' W .y 4 -, ':L5,.:?:V,s5Vl A, 2,43 , ,im A, Q.: -,- -,W f my' --Ni:-X' 1' ' ' , 5' M, , 5. fi - '-Sizzix f . , 1. Q ' , -. ,x vfx fix- V14-' 'L' ' Y , Vim 98.1 .,-:f I ,. :,.QxMf V, K .W-,Q lj, ,V f ,. '.2Kq,," -!'A"',:-. ' of I .-' ' mgkf-.1 'f xg Q.. 4A Aa , U- , , -, I -,V , . K , . V 114, Lv , Q "V 'Wx 5 . L xl, 'K ' eg, x x 1 , 1 .-.Q ,, , W. N x ""'3.4f. gf ' .. gi ,.. '. n.. '01 . 433-3 -, ., , -.A-1-3g,541 5ei+fi , l in student g i J ,VVMM ., ,...,., .W- All oifenses wlll be dealt wlth by J B y N . ffm-.. 'bww , 'AA' W' ' rules test Nan and President Ham OVGI'I1l'I1C1f1t With an exuberant smile, and the unforgettable statement, "I may not be Hopalong Cassidy, but I hope I can stay on this horse ginger-haired Nan Holton stepped through the Wilbur stage curtains to receive the calico '77 Q horse which is passed on from retiring student government association presidents to successors. In her casual, yet dynamic manner, Nan organized mimeographing policy-makers of Executive Council. This steering committee planned Representative Assembly agendas, planned mock programs of parliamentary procedure, decided winners of both choice regional TVA and Columbia River Valley scholarships and of foreign scholarships, and tried to carry out goals and aims formulated at the beginning of its term in office. Knitting Representatives will remember with a chuckle the "mis-speaking" statements of Nan Holton, the time that executive members wrote a proposal on the board in three styles of illegible handwriting, tangled parliamentary procedure, and, on the serious side, discussions about changes in the election procedure, and about aid for Hungary. mis-speaking statements' Delano, Holton QPres.j, Marston, Long, S., Buckley -, -6 was-ff.f.-2 a A-, 4 76 uf' 1 ,L l , g l 5 3 1 if ti .4 V w, 1- lie sga committee heads Shari Barton Lillian McMath Committee on the Constitution Advisory Committee on Finance Ann Weikel Lee Post Library Committee Points Committee Barbara Hood Dorothy Tencza International Student Committee Moving Picture Committee Marianne Heinemann Nan Holton Curriculum Committee College Council, Nancy Tink Apportionment Committee Fire Committee Anne Marr Marcia Buckley Vocational Committee Finance Committee Gayle Mueser Katherine Wellinger Student Fund Rules Revision Committee Claire Burgoyne Mary Jean Mahler College Chest Mary E. Wooley Hall Committee "Qi 3- H: 'Al' 'r serenity and a twinkle At the head of the judicial board table this year sat Susan Long, with serenity and a twinkle and a mind as clear as her eyes of "California sunshinen blue . . . Like all that went before, the 1956-57 Board was a product of the spirits of the past and the present, a meeting place for currents of conviction: liberalism and tradition, individualism and concern for the common good. And these it was to fuse into a corporate integrity . . . an integrity personal, social, and academic, that rests in each individual, but must not end with her. So they were chosen for their strength in understanding weakness, and to them especially fell the challenge of realizing the near-impossible, living an ideal. liberalism and tradition Hewitt, Pratt, D., Bissell, Cain, Long, S. CChairmanj, Mathew son, Wicks, Bump. 'L-.7 aagsallaallnamnllnfl l clear -57 'lace .ern HS 'mic , -I 1 for ness, nge athew- Ai 1-'yt f . Y if S l A9,,,,i n X i wi' .i......- Nichols, So. Rockefeller, Roy, Cowles, Lyman, Woodbridge, Brickett, Pearsons, Long, S., Jones, B., Abbe g Rhoads, J., So. Mandelleg Phillips, Torrey, Johnson, Carol, No. Mandelleg Ward, F., Brigham, Schoenborn, Wilder, Lie, gorter, McFarlan, Saffordg Wrlghtsman, Sycamores, Brumfield, Mead, Maxwell, Le Foyer, Bringhurst, Pearsons Annex, James, No. Rockefeller, Peabody, Bucklandg absent: Deming, Mountain View. The ideal was before the house presidents too . . . through Monday meetings filled with knitting and the problems of bicycle brakes and reluctant one-o'clock goodnightsg through the myriad lunch notices and rushed house meetings, the sign-out sheets and parties and surprises and routine that are all a part of the hope that a house can be made a home. And nominating committee sought the ideal, in its own and others' judgments: the right girl for the right job, the finest aptitude and keenest interest, the best leaders for another year of campus living. G nominating committee Long, S., Hewitt, Jones, A., Sand Holton, Post, Daving absent: Barnes, Crane, Cronin, Elstad, Steers, Stillinger, Suter, Whitman HUNCHF? We A newly-formed organization, the national students association bases the reasons for its existence on the fact that students do have common problems and ought to have the responsibility and opportunity to solve them together and to familiarize others, especially the National Government, with their importance. So said an NSA delegate at the New England Regional Conference held here in November Considering the "Criticism and Potentials of Student Leadership in American Colleges Today concerned delegates discussed Areas of Student Government and Responsibility," Committee for Free Hungary national student association Delegates: Perera, Mitchell, J. fchainnanj, Allnutt, Ch'en "Motivations and Responsibilities of Leaders," and The Value of Leadership Programs " Bra Allr A c NI he: Ce HQ Co Co Re of P61 ell fo CJ Q rr .f Brandenburg, Pennington, Hallsten, Hargitt, Ch'en, Shaw, Ann B., Cooper, Perera, Friedman, B., Carter, Jane, Mahler Allnutt, Mitchell, J. fheadl, Holton, Bovard, Long, S. A conference-directed organization, NSA headquarters sends delegates as far away as Ceylon for international discussions. Mount Holyoke sent representatives to the National Congress in Chicago, to the World University Conference at Dartmouth, to the Student Relations Seminars, and to the University of Maine regional conference. The uprisings in Hungary and the resultant refugee problem this winter prompted the enthusiastic attention of students all over the country, as an offshoot of NSA, the Committee for Free Hungary led by NSA delegate Sylvia Ch,en sponsored a rally and drive for funds to relieve this situation. Meeting when the need arises, members of unity council headed by Joyce Mitchell, discuss Parents' Day the school calendar, conflicts in publicity, and other inter-organizational problems. Appropriately., Unity Council draws its members from the heads of all clubs and organizations. A1 Z Us The MHT, men's colleges speculate, is the athletic type. After a Llamie weekend here this ear and a few sore muscles from softball Y ,. and volleyball games, heroic dates realized that eculation. Aided by an eager gym department and excellent equipment, the this was no idle sp athletic association not only endeavored to supply more co- recreational sports on weekends, but also to tempt bookworms out of the library to participate in interdorm competition, class games, and college playdays. Bauer, C., Wrightsman, Matheson More social occasions included the compatible dinner of OC and AA members A ! Hargitt Cpresj, Bra - . . th. after C Pangau Prcsen galneg Llamii Sno f0l' ski Pagea Hogb, Uppel the te Pfactj TK TRW Ima On Parents' Day, classes dressed in red, blue, yellow, and green competed in canoeing races, while screaming supporters and awed parents stood on the shores. Later, the student-faculty baseball games revealed hidden talents, especially in History professors Q f M athm Hargitt fpresj, Bray, Rupkey the members . . . . the traditional and timely Just Desserts after cause dinners, at which a skit of panganaskian award winners for 1705 was presented, Junior-Senior Challenge basketball game, and lighted canoeing on Upper Lake on Llamie weekend. Snowfalls were frequent this year, fortunately for skiing enthusiasts who had practised on Pageant preparing for mid-semester trips to Hogback and Bromley. As spring came, Upper Lake became dotted with cancers, just as the tennis courts became dotted with swinging, practised people. N li? ,M k . ,P .df l A team sent to Chapin to cover the evening,s lecture, a coffee embassy dispatched to Wilbur, H and two days later the newspaper appeared on desks and beds, stuck under doors. Wednesday nights were lively in Mead's nether regions for another year as the 4 I mount holyoke news went to press. The staff will remember the talk, the laughter, the responsibility, the headline that was apt but unprintableg the campus, the readiness of information, the arguments at teatime . . . and of course, the misprints, as the News proves again that the campus' most resonant voices are not all musical . . . :Q X 1 r . X Jordan, Balch, Carpenter, Auld Geigl If . Mayne. , er, J" 86 Galanti, Matthews, Gutekunst feditor-in-chiefj, Richards, Soule, Haynie, Keating, Carrick, Iensvold editorial board Ruth Gutekunst . . . Editor-in-Chief Ellen Richards . . . News Editor Anne Jensvold . . . Make-up Editor Benita Calanti . . . Intercollegiate Editor Karen Keating . . . Feature Editor Lena-May Carrick . . . Associate Editor Geraldine Matthews . . . Associate Editor Caroline Soule . . . Sports Editor Sheila Maki . . . Photography Editor 2 .5 , p smut' L - r :,., i . F' Eff". iw ,I While new Have People home Writ . ix MQ'-4"llq, , fwfr-am ii, ,fA 'X-' An d sfo ll 1 1. Carrick, Matthews, Galanti, Gutekunst l Wm' arguments at teatime While beyond the campus, the news bureau gave the college many voices, telling papers and people in Boston and New York and everyone's home town of a song sung, an essay written, a new president. Judy Roy ,L TIC QT WIUFWS can and.. LLAKUS nD J "If I i Taylor, Peggy, Koegler, Plgott, Sullivan, R., Bovard Ceditor-1n- chiefl, Fleming, G., Raines, Tink. llamarada . . . Cthat inherited, untranslatable wordj . . . is the name of the yearbook of Mount Holyoke College. This is all that could be told freshmen about the book on Freshman Presentation night, for the closely-kept discussions, ideas, and aims of Llamie's all-senior staff mean little to anyone until the book appears in May. To the staff, the word means many things: a funny joke of bidding publishers with birch-bark covers or a pop-out dickie bird, an idea for an odd picture of a girl with a bicycle on her back running through the book like the piper in the Family of Man, an emergency phone-call by Miss Bruyn to a dilatory photographer, a sudden inspiration for a layout using a picture of interlaced snowy branches, or a very dedicated feeling to create a book that will make Mount Holyoke live and breathe for the class of 1957. ff' 811 4fFe:-- . vis 1 5 Nil at f senior pictures In March, rogues gallery proofs are strung up on dorm mantles by seniors, disillusioning evidence that the Llamarada photographer has been on campus. Using the Charleston dance theme, and "I Like Llamiev buttons, Associate Editor and Llamie dance chairman Carol Koegler packed Chapin Auditorium with dancing couples on October seventeenth. Phenomenal receipts from this dance have enabled Llamarada to increase the size of the 1957 yearbook. 1 f ,wi MQW ' -4 ? 1 ii I 5 v l v l l l w l, I I l I 1 P i N W M N V rx H V ll it Qt l lx ll 89 scenery geniuses the flip of Gigiis long red hair . . . A tangle of people, plays, and incidents characterizes dramatic club: the flip of Gigi's long red hair when she jerked her licoriceg Mr. .l0hnston's encouraging, thoughtful comments for play-actors and play-writersg the temperamental sewing machines in the D.C. costume roomg the exhausted paint spattered faces of scenery workers who tried to Spatter, but spattered the wrong wayg haggles over Parents' Day playsg and competing with concerts and lectures for rehearsal time on Chapin Stage. All these addr Merry Wives productions 0 Work does nc spread their 1 and costume February reci Stratford, C0 members 11101 inthe fall, an Laboratory fl MF- Wismerl y'-actors and LC. costume ,ers who fr Parents' All these added color to the spring production of Merry Wives of Windsor, and to fall productions of an original fairy tale and Gigi. Work does not end here, for D.C. members spread their talent around the campus. Scenery and costume geniuses aided Dance Club in its February recital, on Parents' Day, and in a Stratford, Connecticut performance. Junior members monopolized Junior Show productions in the fall, and other members monopolized Laboratory Theatre courses seeking d. c. officers Fudge, Levitas, Bauer, E., Romig, C., absent: Bac- kus. Mr. Wismer's advice on scenery and costumes. backstage crew Volpone, Lab Theatre Gerard, Carter, Jane Cstation managerl, Parks Bastien et Bastienne Briefly smothered, wmhc snapped back into broadcasting shape with student approval of the FM budget. Installation of FM equipment for a seven mile range and training of an inevitably well-tuned staff resulted in better programs of popular and classical music, flavored with occasional debates, discussions, inter-dorm quizzes and childrens' stories. Thursday evenings, students, faculty and townspeople met to practise symphonies, Overtures, concertos, and other works from standard professional symphony orchestra repertoires. Under Mr. David Holden's direction, the orchestra tuned up for concerts in collaboration with Harvard and MIT, and for spring opera scenes Z K ,X , 1 'x 52. iff z Q . the ' wheelec Wesley by a D4 There w arrange Holly I will mo tattersm with 'Ven llllle ll-tuned pular sional S ind ES, from itra with 'a SCCDCS. a 5 X h.x"" Ga! Back row: Perry, Trowbridge, Turner, H., Borton, Brickett fheadj, Belisle, Hodge, Taft, Edwards, A. Front row Karnan Search, Stoneback, Sample, M., Buckley, absent: Dunn. the V-8's wheeled from the smoke-filled CI backroom to Wesleyan and Wheaton . . . and were stopped by a December blizzard en route to Smith! S There were new faces, new voices, new arrangements, as a calypso beat joined the Holly Hop carols, but the charm the listeners will most remember was mellow, ' tattersolled, traditional. And for the senior griffs this was the last of four years of paperbag suppers in Pratt and coffee at the CI, of pitch pipes too easily forgotten, and blind dates too well remembered. It was a year for newness and nostalgia, a November trek to Springfield for a TV appearance, a last delivery of Three Bears for Chi Psi Christmas party, monthly broken resolutions to stay within the price limit while singing for a Wiggin's supper . . . and a final resolve to remember "Love that Boyn for someone's hapless husband come tenth reunion! 19579Sg1-iffs Kuether, Smith, Patricia, Judd, Dickinson, S., McLaughlin, Ward, F., Anderson, Hair, Fleet, Wilderman, Kells, Laing fix. '- 1 I .,,, f Z5u:iQ,S?f E the IC e t d g ur x C e ma ic 1 02,620 WW" Ebfxsk V , hut they vaught tht-ir hrvaths lI1 time .-M., 4-iff wwf' i l Y Q Thi-5 ran for Pratt ami ran for the bus, to sing Ntwl in Xhhc-5 fihapvl. in 'i Nui ' l'ix.S'l'tHVI1 Hall. ami this yea . 1 1 IJ, 1 0' 66 C U S P i .. , . ' N lihrwtmas i,UIlt't'I't XV1lSt'llI'I'lPfi f11rthPr f 1 i s ' ly a liniwwgf tnwrim transvription. i ,, It N L .. 1 .1 fnra i I 'rte-f -' 'g'1 ' ria 5 'ID F . P 9 s - .1 sativa ay' PII ass Q , with Xmhe'r4t. 1 X i i . g Sturm. N.. Hallstvn tpresjt. NICNIurphv. ' liunvll. Paige. ' X M. .ff gxi Q wk-It .FS P,,Ql4 ln. 44- " .1 Q, U I 7 r VX' ' 'lim Qing tkiiitdta tlifiu tif ttivj vas ' tmm im' ' Irvs -twin Xgiiiiiing Viliiv, ti high ti. kung: 3. choir. There Mc Twilight long am Pefltetiiqa' X' mom. iw N auditing Whijmp' X X 351114313 tilI'itu0i, They added to the traditional Christmas carols a cantata of Auden made lyric, dedicated to them by Philip James. And over all the year, they cast the Christmas spell of voices welling from beyond the Chapel door, where a lighted tree stood against the December dusk. A guiding hand waving over rows of black and white, a soprano,s sureness of never reaching that high C, the unexpected magic of a response well sung: for members of four classes, this was choir. There were rehearsals, rushes through the twilight to the Chapel's peace at the close of long and hectic afternoons. There was a perpetual Macy's-Basement rush in the robing room, the sleepy expectancy among worshippers awaiting the first freshman anthem, a hushed whisper of feet in a breath of light at vespersg as in cottas, in chorus, the choirs passed through another year of Church and Chapel. the cabin Muehll-.e, Comstock, Kent fpresj outing club, long the best-travelled of campus organizations, l was rolling fast and free this year in more than one respect, and Anne Kent and her Board gathered together more than three hundred clubbers, heelers, and leaders to give OC a membership second in number only to that of Fellowship of Faiths. Befor6 Scl 1oCA'5 and in A1 confefem Connectil hundredi sn10ke ta blueb00k dorm'S Sf But for l cabin ill chill thaw bound ff the wate tirednesf F I Before school opened 1n the fall OC went to IOCA'S College Week, and in April, sponsored the annual IOCA conference at Camp Sloan ln Lakevllle Connecticut. To the campus' other hundreds, OC mlght mean an occaslonal smoke talk, a calendar for keepmg bluebooks stralght, or a sore throat for the dorm's sake ln the February Song Contest. But for OC members It was . . . the cabln 1n an autumn sunset, the mornlng chlll that grlps a group of bus boarders bound for Bromley, a paddle ralsed above the waters of a mountain lake, good tlredness, good fellowshlp, contentment. , , . ,M V! -N? 4 I 5 1 'F 4'2" L SUS, 'xi s A V sf 6 A p xwfwcirv 3' S. , , f V, ,-4109" Q f M .U V .v,,4 11 1 1 1 1 '13, M, .g.' L ,f-.7 M- 'ff V 4 ll' 'H' ' ,.ffM,M.v.w-Mft,-N' ,ya .A , ' ' "7" ' '11 ' 4 ,f ' ' 'cf-so f' 'W:4'vf-1, 1 F Threading the Needle" at Parents' Day 99 Y Attacking with enthusiastic and dedicated zeal the rhythms of music, dance club members absorb the feeling of music and translate it into the creative language of movement. A picture of swinging pony tails, black leotards, brightly colored costumes, and many poised controlled arms and legs flicker by like a movie film when one thinks of Dance Club activities: a concert in February based on circus ideas with music written by members who supplement their knowledge of the dance with summer work, Parents' Day participation with a waltz, a rondeau and a court jester's dance, presentations at Holyoke, Springfield, Pittsfield and New York, and a performance at the Stratford Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut. Practise at weekly sessions, classes in choreography led by Mrs. Helen Rogers, and master classes with guest artists leave no questions as to why these pony tails all swing the same way at the same time. McCarty fpresjg other officers: Heslin, Mag, Martin, L. uni With POW straight hai Wa1LCI' l members rl perforlllanf H0llyWO0d aid of Swin constellatic music ill th With pointed toes, graceful dives, and dripping straight hair, active water ballet members rounded out a year of astronomical performances on Parents' Day, and in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Members, with the aid of Swimmerettes, starred in planet constellations, and revolved aquatically to music in their March performance. Jacobus, Brock, Miss Swain, Iobes Cpresj Highlight of the year was the convention of the National Association of Synchronized Swimming for Women which was held at Mount Holyoke. By organizing the meeting to discuss the problems and the future of synchronized swimming, Carolyn lobes, Sarah Streeter Cup winner, reached Sports Illustrated fame. I ts l ' 5 .Yu I Janes, Peggy Taylor and Towner, student co-headsg faculty absent. A girl in red: Qholding a program thoughtfully to her chinb Which one do you like? A girl in blue: Cemphaticallyj Number 12. Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl in in in in in red: Cinterestedj Which one is that? blue: Qpointing abruptly to right walll That exotic green one over there! red: Cstaringj Looks like a bird sitting in a cage. blue: Ctriumphantlyl No . . . it's called Avocado! red: Really? Cconsulting program and cocking headl Oh, yes, so it is. A A A Expressive gestures and the subdued twitter of the friends of art members in the gallery intimate the influence and contribution of this organization to the cultural enjoyment of the Mount Holyoke community. This conversation could have taken place at the Student Exchange or at one of the many receptions held for opening shows. Celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year, Friends of Art sponsored a show of Freneh and American impressionists. A timely event, this show ushered in the Festival of Arts year at Mount Holyoke, and illuminated elementary art students on the light techniques of impressionist work. The provocative work Of Hans Moller, shown in November, prompted much discussion. members Wal-ds at squafeso Uniting supP0ft of filled OHS t Opened HU' By posted intern. bulletin bf stacked N 8:00 A.M. the outsid spots . . . crises . . . planners 1 present tr planners on its ten ii R1 W red cross members went to dances at Westover, and to the wards at Leeds Hospital, collected fast-knit squares, money, and blood, and gave time and companionship. Uniting students, faculty, and administration in support of extra-campus charities, college chest filled one treasure chest to overflowing and opened another for timely relief to Hungary. By posted newspaper clippings all over the international relations club bulletin board in the P. O., a room full of stacked New Y0rk Times, and a blaring radio at 8:00 A.M., IRC members keep contact with the outside world. Discussions on the trouble spots . . . Suez, Hungary, and the Middle East crises . . . were held this fall, conference planners this year picked a current event to present to the campus, just as last year's planners picked the United Nations, on its tenth anniversary. X.. Gross, Whitman, Kells, Wuester, Wallander Cchairmanj, Sey- mour, Shanbaum, Elstadg absent: Merrill. X ! 1 I 1 Elstad, Burns, Nadja, Burgoyne fchairmanj, Adams, L. irc oflicers Rand, Roos, Richards, Wright, Volker The candle flames Hickered and whispered on the 5 faces of the individuals who stood outside Chapel at the close of the fellowship of faiths vesper candlelight service. A fellowship of people and a fellowship of faiths stood circle-bound. Sllanbaumr 101109, S-, AI1gCl0, Vaughn, OWCII, Pownall. To the rtght: Frances Cooper Cheadj and Miss Eisenhart. Feeling that strength lies in conviction, members of Fellow- ship discarded attempts to reach a common denominator of all faiths in prayer and worship this year. This decision prompted progressive, all-fellowship senlinars. Although each of the faith groups sponsored a sem- inar, discussions of history, existentialism, and social action cut across group lines and guided members towards a better understanding of faiths other than their own. l 555 Beginning retreat, C Purposes, Other and at Moum forces on l!The PI'CSentat Chapel Se Decemhe J Beginning the year with a South Deerfield retreat, Council members sorted out aims and purposes, so that they could better know each other and the needs of the campus, when back at Mount Holyoke, Fran Cooper marshalled her forces on Presentation Night to the tune of "The King's Navy." Later, a unique dramatic presentation of Cry, the Beloved Country in a chapel setting stirred audiences, and in December, a Foreign Student Christmas party interpretive choir at Williams organized by freshmen closed 1956 with foreign carols and the yuletide spirit. Serving the Holyoke community also, outgoing Fellowship members packed sleeping bags for Rabbit Hollow, painted houses in New Haven, braided lanyards with the Boys Club in Holyoke, acted as ambassadors for Girl Scout Cookie sales in the dorms, strummed guitars for mental patients at the nearby hospital, and cheered Westover men at the USO dances. 1 J 1 I F I X K X .M lg 'ivy-A Mug AND MRS. ROSWVELL G. HAM N MISS HARRIET NEWHALL honoraries of MR. AND MRS. PAUL F. SAINTONGE MRS. STEVEN ROSTAS l , 1 , . ,qv -32: QW ,RY MR. AND MRS. VALENTINE GIAMATTI MR. AND MRS. DAVID P. LEONARD 1 of fifty-seven 5, f..,- ,kwx 'X . 1, MR. JOHN C. HAFF y A .15 R A 5:1 1 MR. AND MRS. JOHN LOBB VNU! JANET FRANCES ABBE ELEANOR OTIS ALEXANDER Sgciglogy Political Science PHYLLIS DEAN ALTROGGE Political Science CAROLYN ANDERSON Religion JOANNE ANGELO Zoology IIIOU. mount hol oke ANN SUENDER ARCHIBALD Religion college ELEANOR DIANNE BACKUS Philosophy C5 MARGOT AUSTIN English Literature MARJORIE BARCLAY AYARS Economics and Sociology i . , , -, .,w- "'4"-"'-'A'--'--- f 4- - I , I ANNE WHITCOMB BALLARD Chemistry I I I I I I I I XV :I A! I i . I I I I. Fl 'II IQ I Ig 112 Q If I, If up I: , IIIII I I , , BARBARA BALCH Political Science SHAR1 MAY BARTON Political Science DARYL ELIZABETH BECKMAN Chemistry EMILIE GEYER BAUER Art I 4 , I I I1 I I I I I I NANCY E I Eng N. XW- A 'K I NANCY ELIZABETH BIGELOW English Literature BARBARA A. BERG Chemistry FAYE SUZANNE BERGNER Political Science NATALIE Lois BILLER English Literature DEBORAH GAY BINGI-IAM BRET BATEMAN BIRNEY Economics History KATHRYN ANNE BISHOP Religion JULIA BRABSON Religion I I . ROBIN BOVARD :V American Culture .4 I :N 1 . 5- X wi 111 , . age A114 ix IF if if ag I I S 5 C ELE 1' 1 PHYLLIS MAXINE BRASLOW Zoology HELEN MARGARET BRAY 4 Political Science RK W 4 Q n I I I l 5 class of 1957 5 R1 . I A I CAROL BRICKETT History WM?- ,- 1' -'Ox JEANNE LUANNE BROSSART Sociology Levi JW, 3,--v z ,I xg , if f 1 ' ft r fl Q! , ff ii., 4 f, X , PEGGY ANN BRUMFIELD Economics STEPHANIE CECILIA BUNZL American Culture CLAIRE E. BURGOYNE Political Science ANITA BUCKNELL Chemistry NADJA KNEALE BURNS Economics and Sociology Ku KATHERINE ELIZABETH BUTLER Economics and Sociology RUTH MIRIAM BURSTYN Physiology and Sociology LORETTA RUTH CANCELL Chemisuy MARTHA JANE CANADAY Sociology 117 LENA-MAY CARRICK English JANE WATT CARTER Religion JEANNE BOWKER CHAMBERLAIN Psychology and Sociology JACQUELINE AUDREY CARTER Psychology IHOIQ BETTY CHIH CHEN Economics -4, mount holyoke DORIS MADELINE CONDIO American Culture college FRAN B. COOPER Psychology r ww 'ff' ELEANOR COOGAN Art KATHARINE ANNE COOK Music CAROLYN LORETTA CRISAFULLI Spanish XR JUDITH MANNING COX Philosophy ? FRANCES BURR CRONIN American Culture MARGARET BRADLEE DAWSON Sociology MARCIA DELL DAVIDSON Economics DORIS ALMA CLARICE DERWIK M uslc POLLY A. DIX Art MMM MARY ROBINSON DODD Economics and Sociology SARAH DICKINSON French 'Zn Z DIANE DORCAS English GRACEMARIE DUNN Latin NANCY ANN EDMONDS Political Science RACHEL LLEWELLYN DUB01s Mathematics ALICIA ISABELLE NEWKIRK ELLIOTT Speech and Drama DIS LLIO'I'T KATE PERRIN ENYART Religion class of 1957 SUZANNE ELLIS Mathematics JUDY ERVIN Sociology v GAIL JOANNE FENBERT Political Science ELISABETH ANNE FENNIMAN Religion DOROTHY ANN FLEET Economics GRETCHEN FLEMING Chemistry www? f CAROL FLAUMENHAFT Political Science ANN ELIZABETH FLORANCE French Q.. TE ' 1 5 H. REBECCA FOSTER History CYNTHIA CAROL FOLKERS Zoology BARBARA M. FREUNDLICH German J UDITH EVELYN FRANK Pre-Medical BARBARA SANDERS FRIEDMAN Philosophy MOLLY W. FUDGE Zoology BENITA R. GALANTI Political Science ELINOR JANET FRIEDMAN Economics and Sociology PATRICIA CULPEPPER GEPFERT Economics and Sociology THEODOSIA ALICE GIBSON Psychology mount holyoke college PHYLLIS THORA GOULD Religion ELOISE MARY GORTON Latin T. ANN GORTON Zoology STEPHANIE GRINNELL Psychology PHYLLIS ROLLINS GRAY Economics and Sociology PATRICIA ANNE GROSS Psychology HARRIET INEZ HAIR Music RUTH W. GUTEKUNST English ALEXANDRA HAMMER French LINDA LEE HALLSTEN Music MARYANN HANSON Political Science LAUREEN RUTH HAMILTON Chemistry ii. 3-if K -2- ,xv ANN HOLMES HARGITT BETSEY PERSHING HARTSHORN Geography MARY JANE HEARD History ANTJE ELISABETH HEBERLE Political Science Religion MARIANNE HEINEMANN History VIRGINIA HENDRICIQS Economics and Sociology ALTIIEA HERSEY Sociology class of 1957 DORANN HESLIN English 'W ALTHEA Ross HEWITT History i 131 'NANNA MARGARET HILLSMAN Political Science X X 1 A A j, NANCY EVALENA HOLTON Economics and Sociology BARBARA ELLEN CHURCHILL Hoon Economics and Sociology BARBARA ELLEN HITTINGER Biology ALICE TAYLOR HOYT Political Science , 5 I flsilsefsl 1 23,5 5 SUSAN ROSENHEIM HUGHSON Chemistry SALLY A. HUBER Zoology ir MARY LOU INSKEEP Art ,TUDITH ANN IRVIN English Literature I 133 SHEILA RING ISRAEL Chemistry ANNE CHRISTINE JENSVOLD Economics CAROLYN JOBES Economics MARGARET ANN JAMES English Literature CAROL LOUISE JOHNSON Religion KATHLEEN GRACE JOHNSON English Literature Oollege BARBARA SEWARD JOYCE Political Science 'al BARBARA LEE JONES Religion ANN JULIET JORDAN American Culture . I PATRICIA NORAH MICHAELE KANE Histopy C! f CAROLYN RUTH JUDD Political Sczence MEREDITH KELLS Psychology MARY FRANCES KERN Economics and Sociology 136 . YR .Lx 1 X353 , X 'r 5 x pg, GISELA CHARLOTTE KOCH-WESER English Literature Lois KLEIT H zstory VERA BARAD AF KLINTEBERG Economzcs and Soczology CAROL ELMIRITA KOEGLER French J ANICE LOU KOEHLER Sociology VIRGINIA ANN KRAUSS English Literature MAXINE CLAIRE KRAUT Philosophy ELISABETH PAULINE KRABISCH American Culture CAROLYN P. KRUSE American Culture -Q BISCH ORITHIA ANNE KUETHER Political Science KATHERINE KURSELL CATHERINE LAFARGE French Political Science class of 1957 Ph, JANET TRUESDELL LAING Zoology MARY LUCILLE LANGE Psychology and Education HENNI LARSEN History BETTY ANN LEVITAS Economics SHEILA HELEN LANGERT Chemistry RANDI LIE Physiology Ex BETTY ANNE LINTON Religion TAMARA C. LINDENMAIER French Literature KAREN JILL LONNQUIST English Literature SUSAN DOROTHEA LONG English Literature fqhb QUIK ISABEL MAGALI LUQUE-CALER0 Latin American Culture PATRICIA ELLEN MCCARTY Mathematics LOIS ANN MCDONNELL Economics 15" X. VALERIE PAGE LYTLE Economics ANN LILLIAN MCFARLAN Zoology s 5 5 v 1, X E RLAN LINDA MCGHEE Sociology mount holyoke Colle e JANE CYNTHIA MCLAUGHLIN Plant Science ' MARY LOUISE MCINTYRE Political Science RUTH MARION MCKENZIE English Literature :Iii DOROTHY MAY MCMURPHY Zoology LILLIAN HENKEL MCMATH M athemaiiCS 4"'fNiliv..v...h W, MARY JEANNETTE MAHLER HELEN ELOUISE MAIER American Culture Zoology GRETCHEN BERNHARDT MARCY Political Science ELLEN SUE MEYER Religion E 35? rw MARJORIE BELLE MILLER English Literature ASTRID HILDEBORG MOHN History CYNTHIA ELSIE MORGENROTH American Culture MARY JOYCE MITCHELL English Literature ELIZABETH ANN MORSE Psychology R X NN ELLEN MOXLEY Zoology IITCHELL mtllre s MORSE EV GAYLE EVELYN MUESER Psychology class of 1957 ADELAIDE ANN MUHL History Ny JOANNE MURRAY French I 147 LETITIA ELEANOR MUTSCHLER Physics MARILYN KAY NELLIS Chemistry CAROLYN JOURDAN NICHOLS History FRANCES ANNE NEEDHAM Economics and Sociology MILDRED ANNE NIGHSWANDER French Literature N NNE NEEDHAII and Sociology NIGHSWANDER iterature I I e I CATHERINE FISHER NORWOOD Mathematics PATRICIA ANNE NOONAN Chemistry if as mi KEIKO OKUBO American Culture KATHLEEN ALLEN OLMSTEAD Relzgwn J AN STUART OLSEN Zoology LAURA FERN PEABODY Economics and Sociology NANCY LOU PENNINGTON English LYNNE ELIZABETH OWEN History CAROLYN JOAN PETERSON Economics and Sociology :ABETH OWEN Storv N PETERSON rd Sociology W, J. Inountluiyoke MARY PHILLIPS Religion coHege DIANA LIJCINDA POPE Economics and Sociology MARGARET ANNE PIGOTT Latin PENELOPE Mofmow POLLOCK Philosophy LEE DICKERMAN POST History LAURA MAY PORTER History RX, BEVERLY ANN POTTER MARILYN VIRGINIA PUCCI Chemistry Psychology MARJORIE ENDRISS RAFF History IA PUCCI V MARY JUDITH REBS English Literature SUSANNE RAINES History ,M-V""'95 ,fly X4 f KATH AHINE NEVINS REMINGTON Art LINDA MARCUS RAMSEYER Psychology 4 4 JUDITH J AMESON RHOADS Religion MARGERY WATTS ROBERTSON Philosophy SUSAN WESTON ROBERTSON History ELLEN KATHLEEN RICHARDS International Relations PATRICIA LEONE ROENNAU English Literature EN RICHARDS V . Relations E ROENNAU 'eramre ROBIN ADAIR ROLFE i History CORINNE T. ROMIG JUDITH ANN ROY CAMILLE NATALIE SALONIA Religion English Composition Economics and Sociology class of 1957 WH., ANA MARIA SANCHEZ Hzstory ALICE MARIE SAVAGE Zoology ELIZABETH SAND American Culture SUSAN ELLSWORTH SCHERR Mathematics BETSEY MARGUERITE SCHAEFER Sociology we XA Em SAND U71 Culture wonm Scum zemalics EVELYN SCHULTZ Physics FRIEDA ANN SCHOENBORN Physiology ,CAROL ANN SEARCH Economics and Sociology SARA Jo SCOTT Physiology 24' ELINOR PEARL SHANBAUM English Literature ANNE W. SILVER Economics and Sociology DORIS JENNIE SLOAN Chemistry if i .Jiffy M -I I ,3 42-247 , M' ANNE SIEDENBURG Political Science AQ? PATRICIA SMITH Music f NAOM1 ANNE SOLOMON English Literature mount holyoke college MIEIAM STONE Religion i I CAROL ANN STANLEY English Composition ALICE CRAWFORD STONE Religion JUDITH CROKE STRZEMPKO Psychology ANN CHADSEY STROBEL Economzcs y ROSAUND HOWE STURGES RUTH GENEVIEVE SULLIVAN Aff Psychology ANN CARLISLE SUTHERLAND Psychology NORMA JUNE SWAHNRERG Rellglon JLLIVA N MARGARET TAYLOR Art IVE? DOROTHY A. TENCZA French Literature MARGARET JANE SWANSON Economics and Sociology 495 'R' -0 17 PRISCILLA J ANE.TI-IORPE Art NANCY ELIZABETH TINK Physiology-Psychology NANCY NICHOLS TOWNER Art JANE RENN TILTON Zoology MARY LINDSLEY VAN DINE English Literature I J' 1 Class 'ILTON VAN DINE Ufllfe ELLEN LOUISE WAHLBERG Spanish class of 1957 ROSALIND JOAN WALLANDER Geography FRANCES MARY WARD English Literature ' . 5. 4? I: ' li. A fb A rr A ANNE WARREN English Literature JUDITH GRAHAM WILSON Economics and Sociology FRANCESCA PILAT WOODWARD Religion ANN MARGAARET YOUNG Religion DEBORAH WELLS WOODWARD French Literature LYNN ZABRISKIE American Culture foi 51 uit lm' Kult Xl ui Sum BAK Siu' Yun' MO: LLL PU PAL DOI N1 A ,lm Rx DA! SL' Nl. DL H1 JO JA Nl C L1 H jj I- L ll J L N I E R WJOODWARD Vatllfe ISKIE ulture former members Of the class Of 195 MARGARET OSTROM ABEL LOIS JANE ABRAMSON KAREN JOAN ALBERTUS MARCIA DALE ALLEN SHIRLEY FRANCES ANDREWS BARBARA SUSAN BATEN MONA NATALIE BERNSTEIN VIRGINIA LOOMIS BIGELOW MOLLY BETH BOWMAN ELIZABETH JANE BRAVINDER PATRICIA THOMAS BROPHY PAULA RICH BROWN DOROTHY CASWELL BUTLER MARGARET ZITZEWITZ CALDWELL JOYCE ELIZABETH CANNEY KAY CARTER SARA DWIGHT CLIFFORD SUSAN STEVENS COOLEY MARGARET KINNEY COPELAND DORIAN DAVIS HELENE MYRNA DUBROW JOAN ARAGONA DUNCAN JANE CAROL EDWARDS MARJORIE ELKIND CAROLYN SAWYER FACHON LUCY FALLON EVE HELEN FECHNER JANET SUMMERS FELKA LAURA DEAN FLOAN LUCRETIA GENE FRACKENPOHL GRACE RANDOLPH FREEHAFER JANE EDITH FREEMAN DOROTHY ELIZABETH FULLER MARGARETTA LYON FULTON BETTE ANNE GLICKMAN SUSAN ELIZABETH GLOVER BARBARA J UDITH GOLDBERG CAROL ANN GOLDFINE BEVERLY ANN GORMLEY ANNE LOUISE GREENBERG SALLY GREINER JANICE LEE GRIMMETT DAGMAR BERNICE HENZE PATRICIA KATHERINE HOAG ELIZABETH JANE HOBBS LEONORA LOUISE HUNT MIRELLA J ONA PAULA SUE KAHN CAROL MAYER KHROSROVI JULIA HARRINGTON KILBY AMY BARBARA KIRLE Q CHARLENE LOUISE KUHLMANN MARION MACDONALD LANG JUDITH ANN LANGE BARBARA HELEN LAROCK BARBARA ANTOINETTE LENES ANN WOOLMAN LIPPINCOTT SUSAN IRMA LIPTON JANET WALLACE MCAFEE ANN BAGLEY MCCASLIN KATHARINE HOOVER MCGUIRE AUDREY TAYLOR MACLEAN NANCY JANE MCMANEMIN ELEANORE FRANCES MACDONALD MARCIA PRESSMAN MARGULIES HARRIET MARK J OHANNA VON BURCKHARDT VON MAYER JEAN ELAINE MILLER BARBARA ANNE MORROW PAULINE LOUISE NARDI MARY ALICE OWL HELGA F. PFUND NANCY FOSTER POLEY GERTRUDE LOUISE PUTNEY JEANIE GRAY RIDER .SUSAN GOEF RYDER SANDRA CARVER SCHILDNECHT CAROL ANN SCHILLING ELEANOR RAE SCHLEICHER BARBARA SUSAN SHERRILL MARTHA MERRITT SMITH NANCY SUSAN SNOW LOUISE ADELAIDE SNYDER MARILYN JEAN STEARNS BARBARA LOU STERN MARY SIMMEN STONE SARAH BENEDICT SWINTON ANNE RUTH TALCOTT JOAN ROSENBAUM TODD SYLVIA LAUTER TOOKER PATRICIA TUTTLE ZAN ERICSON VAN ANTWERP FAITH WARING FRANCES HILDEGARDE WAY NANCY PETERSEN WELBORN MARY ELIZABETH WHEELER BROOKE BLACKMER WIIG MARTHA WILSON MARGARET ANSLEY WOOD SANDRA ZELDA ZELLICK ELIZABETH HIGGINS ZUILL ROBIN BOVARD CAROL KOEGLER GRETCHEN FLEMING MARGARET PIGOTT RUTH SULLIVAN NANCY TINK . SUSANNE RAINES MARGARET TAYLOR llamarada staff CLASS EDITORS Joan Hovendon, 19583 Elizabeth Beilenson, 19595 Judith Fowler, 1960. ADVERTISING . Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor Business Manager Co-Literary Editor Co-Literary Editor Photography Editor Advertising Editor . . Art Editor Jane Barber, Patricia Ford, Joanna George, Gretchen Hall, Carolyn Hansen, Jane Mack, Ann Piemonte, Beckie Robinson, Suzanne Shanklin, Eileen Shanley, Cindy Sigrist, Carolyn Steidle, Patricia Wood. N CIRCULATION Virginia Lueth-Manager Marcia Bell, Margaret Brenner, Phyllis Carlson, J une Chambers, Jean Cunningham, Nancy Eastham, Susan Einhorn, Judith Friedman, Barbara Garnier, Tamara Lindenmaier, Elii- abeth McBride, Alice Miller, Beverlee Selden, Ann Shaw, Linda Sigrist, Carolyn Steidle, Helen Turner, Winifred Virtue, Joan Willing. Judith Bender, Helen Bray, Linda McGhee, Sheila Maki PHOTOGRAPHY Patricia Roenna-u, Frieda Schoenborn, Elinor Shanbaum, Edda Wicks. PICTURE CREDITS , Joanne Murray, Lynne Owen, Da1'tm011th College A9giS, Neil Doherty, Matthew F. Grimaldi, Hurok Attractions, Lincoln Studios, and special credit for many of the candids in the book to Vincent D,Addario, 337 Appleton Street, Holyoke. phi beta kappa society Theta Chapter of Massachusetts of the Phi Beta Kappa Society A. Elizabeth Adams. Norma Adams Mildred Allen Grace E. Bates Mary S. Benson Alice E. Bourneuf Robert H. Bryant Leslie G. Burgevin Meribeth E. Cameron Sidonie Cassirer Edward P. Clancy Blanche B. Cox Theodore H. M. Crampton Ruth J. Dean Ruth E. Fairbank Alice Farnsworth Valentine Giamatti Carolyn J. Graves Elizabeth A. Green Pattie J. Groves George E. Hall Roswell G. Ham Grace M. Bacon Viola F. Barnes Bertha Blakely Emma P. Carr Alzada Comstock Charlotte D'Evelyn Ella S. Dickinson Laureen R. Hamilton ACTIVE MEMBERS 1956-57 Britomar ,l. Handlon Everett D. Hawkins Marian Hayes Charlotte Haywood Inez E. Hegarty Mildred S. Howard Fred E. Kiokemeister Ruth C. Lawson Minnie E. Lemaire John Lobb Gerhard Loewenberg Kathleen M. Lynch Evelyn A. Masi Erika M. Meyer Sarah S. Montgomery Donald G. Morgan Mrs. Edward Morris Betty J. Mullendore Prudence R. Myer Harriet Newhall Helen E. Patch EMERITUS MEMBERS Florence W. Foss Amy Hewes Gertrude S. Hyde Ada L. F. Snell Alice P. Stevens Louisa S. Stevenson Margaret I. Pfau Lucy W. Pickett Wilma J. Pugh Donald W. Rogers Grace Rose Edith A. Runge Leta K. Rymer Victoria Schuck Ernest F. Silversmith Christianna Smith Phyllis P. Smith Kathryn F. Stein Alice C. Stevens lean Sudrann John L. Teall George V. Tovey John Volkmann Lorraine N. Warschausky T. Joan Wharton Helen Russell White Frances P. Wiese Beatrice W. Woodward 1956-57 Mary Sherrill Alma G. Stokey Jessie M. Tatlock Abby H. Turner Florence Adams Frederick Saunders Jane Mesick UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Class of 1957 Elected Junior Year Anne W. Ballard Dorothy-A1111 HCSUH Ellen K' Rlchafds Frances M. Ward Susan D. Long officers of academic administration , . . President ROSWELL GRAY HAM, PH.D., LIISAD5 LITT.D. U Academic Dean lfllllifflliliiglrlizliilgtjillflltiizlliir SQIXERON' H' ' ' i . Assistant Academic Dean ETA I , - - - - ' D R 'd CATHERINE PALMER ROBINSOE, . ' ean' of Iifgisizzf EENEYQEVEETQEEFSAPHTT' ' ' . , . Director of Admissions CITR A REGINA LUHVYIC S.B ..... Assistant Director of Admissions AR 7 l AQB M D ...... Resident Physician PATTIE JOHNSTON GROVES, , A-M MURTRIE VOORHEES . . . . HELEN MAC 9 Director of the Appointment Bureau, Vocational Adviser officers of business administration EDWARD STURGIS BABBITT, M.B.A. . . .I . . . Comptroller GERTRUDE VAN VLECK BRUYN, A.B. . . Director of the Development Program FLORENCE CLEMENT, A.B. . . . . - P UbliCf1fi0n Editor ELIZABETH ALDEN GREEN, A.M. ..... Director of the News Bureau OTTO CORNELIUS KOHLER, B.S. . Business Managerg Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ANDREW VITALE ........... Steward ALICE MCCOOL ...... . Supervisor of Residence Halls SUSANNAH BEDELL, B.A. . .... Dietitian MARY CHRISTINE THORNTON . Manager of the Bookstore board of trustees TERM EXPIRES ROSWELL GRAY HAM, PHD., LL.D., LITT.D. lex omcioj South Hadley, Mass. 1957 FLORENCE GORSE SMITH QMrs. Harold AJ, A.B. . . Needham, Mass. 1958 FRANKLIN T. BIGELOW, A.B. ..... LOS Angeles, Calif. 1958 1959 1959 1959 1960 1960 1960 1961 1961 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1965 1965 1965 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 RUSSELL L. DAVENPORT, B.S., LL.B., LL.D. . FREDERICK MAY ELIOT, D.D., LL.D., President . . JANET BREVVSTER MURROW CMrS. Edward RJ, A.B. . STUART A. RUSSELL, LL.D ..,,, HOWARD FLETCHER BURNS, A.B., LL.B. . . WINTHROP HIRAM SMITH, A.B. . . ROBERT GEORCE WIESE, A.M. . . . JOHN ELY BURCHARD, M.S., L.H.D. . , , KATHARINE BUTLER, M.D ..,, , , WILLIAM CHURCHILL HAMMOND, JR., PH.B., M.B.A. . SIDNEY LOVETT, D.D ..,,, U ROBERT CHAPMAN SPRAGUE, M.S. , , , WILLIAM GOODWIN AVIRETT, A.B., L.H.D., D. LITT. l BOARDMAN BUMP, M.B.A., Treasurer . , 1 PAUL 1. WREN, A.M ..... l WILMA ANDERSON KERRY-MILLER CMrs. Charlesj, PH.D, AUGUST HECKSCHER, A.M. , , . Chosen by the Alumnae GERTRUDE BROWN WORKING CMrs. Elmer J .J PH D Vice President . , , 7 ' .9 LOUISE REYNOLDS WEISER CM . R' hi d l U ' LOUISE K. WILDE CCapt. USNSZD, ASB? L24-I.i5A'B. ' MILDRED TROTTER, PH.D. , I, ' ' ' MARY BUDD DUNN QMIS. John Ag, A.B. I ' 1 South Hadley, Mass. . Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. Holyoke, Mass. Cleveland, Ohio New York, N. Y. . Boston, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. New York, N. Y. . Boston, Mass. New Haven, Conn. North Adams, , L.H.D. Mass. New York, N. Y. . Weston, Mass. . Boston, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. New York, N. Y. Pullman, Wash. Holyoke, Mass. . Washington, D.C St. Louis, Mo . . Ashburnham, Mass OLIVE COPELAND, A.B., Executive Secretar to th P ' B d T V 9' 8 resident and Secretary to the oar of rustees ..... , u . South Hadley, Mass the facult ART Professors Emeriti Florence W. Foss, Gertrude S H d ' P f ' . ciate Professor Dorothy M. Cogswell, Assistant Ii'o6fessd.l?sePfiiRe1iiIc2:uE1 Iliilyes' Henry BOX: Asso- Instructor Richard H. Janson, Assistants fpart-timej Lewise Hende -Adyflfv Edward Corbettg sarah E. Rusk, Ruth M. Farm. mn, 0 fade Button, Readers ASTRONOMY Professor Emeritus Anne S. Young, Professor Alice H. Farnsworth, Assistant Professor Jocelyn R Gill CHEMISTRY Professors Emeriti Emma P. Carr, Mary L. Sherrill L ' S S . . Anna J. Harrison, .Associate Professor George E. Hall?liiecfureivfgiznfiggggji?1.23531lvimpufken' Ernest F. Silversmithg Instructors Jane L. Maxwell, Frances W. Collins Qpafat-timej' Grad xiii CSAOI sistants Mary Hawrylyshyn, Judith S. Lake, Sandra Mancewicz, M. Emily Lei Margaret P Wfhaiiries- Doris Smith, Assistant Director of Chemistry Laboratories Marion W. Craxfen. D i ri AL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES CLASSIC Professor Emeritus Cornelia C. Coulter, Professor Blanche B. Cox, Associate Professor Elizabeth P. EC Wyckoffg Assistant Professor Helen Russell White, Instructor fpart-tnnej J uha Wolfe. ONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY Professors Emeriti Alzada Comstock, Amy Hewesg Professors Everett D. Hawkins, John Lobbg Florence Purington Visiting Lecturer .Everett E. Hagen, Associate Professor Alice E. Bourneufg Assistant ' ' ' ' ' h S. M f d' Professors Virginia L. Galbraith, Margaret S. Wilson, Visiting Assistant Professor Jo n an re 1: ? iE2ig llxgxggggyoineryg Visiting Instructor 'I homas O. Wilkinson, Assistant ENGLISH Professors Emeriti Charlotte D'Evelyn, Dorothy Foster, Helen Griffith, Ada L. Snell, Professors Leslie G. Burgevin, Kathleen M. Lynch, Anna J. Mill, Sydney R. McLean, Lawrence B. Wallis, Alan ' ' V ' ' ' P f Leonora V. McGee, Joseph McG. Bottkol, Marianne Brock, Denis Johnston, Associate ro essors Branch fpart-timej, Joyce M. Horner, Constance M. Saintonge, Jean Sudranng Assistant Professors Elizabeth A. Green fpart-timej, John L. Bradley, Marjorie R. Kaufman, Julia H. McGrew, Phyllis P. Smith, Margaret I. Pfau, Instructors Adaline P. Potter fpart-timej, Dargan Jones, Lore Metzger, Secretary fpart-timej Mary W. Lyman, Graduate Assistant Cynthia C. Whiting, Reader Evelyn G. Rogers, Technical Director of Laboratory Theatre Lawrence W. Wismer, Instructor fpart-timej Louise W. Wallis. FRENCH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Professors Paul F. Saintonge, Helen E. Patch, Ruth J. Dean, Associate Professors Alice C. Stevens fpart-timej, Marie-Jeanne Bourgoin, Assistant Professor Edith S. Rostasg Instructors M. Marthe Lavallee, Antoine M. M. Tavera, Alyce H. Holmes fpart-timejg Graduate Assistant Rose Marie Lauriol. GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY - i I Associate Professor Emeritus Julia Mary Shipman, Professor John C. Haffg Associate Professors Minnie E. Lemaire, Bertram G. Woodland, Instructors Mary V. Woodland, Nfartha E. Church: Graduate Assistant Janet W. Crampton. GERMAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE I Professors Emeriti Grace M. Bacon, Ellen C. Hinsdale, Alice P. Stevens, Professor Erika M. Meyer: Associate Professor Edith A. Runge, Visiting Assistant Professor Henry lapp, Instructor Sxdome Cassirerg Assistants Else Sell fpart-timej, Minnie Lobl. HEALTH AND HYGIENE P f F P W' S t . ' - kg A ' rances . ieseg ecre ary- ProfeSSQrs Pain? J. Groves, 'Ruth E lI5agIlgnH0u22ocg1g3d gIol:SsEognna'L. Kltightlyj Cathglilc T h P ll A. G ant, Nurses, v lVIi?Drdii:ffi:lfl, fi. KIIZIEJP, Jean E. Barnett, Mildred M. Kennedy fpafbhmeiv HOUSCIXCCPEYQ I ere House, Ann Christian. HISTORY ' ' P ofessor Emeritus Jessie M. Tat- ' ' ' h H. P , A late I Professors Emeriti Viola F. Barnes, Bgfeickg A355336 Piiigssors Wilma J. Pugh, 131 afyhiilieiiigai - T Ad , P t Egflxuilfgiigs, 1XggfiaProfiHRi1thfiA?rMdIntyre, Assistant Professors David P. Leonar , o Graduate Assistant Amy Lou VanderSall- ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Professor Valentine Giamatti. L'b ian Margaret LIBRARY - ' E Bl k le ' Assistant 1 rar Librarian Flora B. Ludingtong Librarian Emeritus Berthad .f Ra Ser? Services Mildred M. Leddem L. Ellsworth, Senior Cataloguer Virginia J. Spence? Hia .O teilerle S Doran, Cataloguers Betty glrderhliaifirargan Eggabegi JamfJolfF'3A1Zgg3lrx:t1g:g1ZrS,53553265 Nancy 'MI Devine, Assistant Mars. ane u en ore, ma . amp e 3 . , . hE'W-1 AM G,B0,,-er, ' C thia J. Toussamt, Pearl Felice, Rui ' geiigtarirtz Librarian E.B Hi t ,Cl lAssistants yn . . - AnnuM:ifiiIie RZ2f,aMade1yH Grays ASSISUW fPa't'Ume5 MMV Macs Scott' Lucille Clarke. ..,'. POLITICAL SCIENCE the facult NIAELHEMATIES E Bates Fred Kiokemeistel.. Associate Professor William H. Durfeeg Instructor ro essors race . s " Theodore H. M. Crampton- MUSIC U . Associate Professor Emeritus Clara B. Tillinghastg ProfessorZCharlei Ig,er1J?3Sii8iZ'1edRE3f1fgeD3Fgii?SE 3. t 1 3 ssis an r ' ' - slit Rsffyeisbb, Margaret Heeferd. Helen B. Hazen. Secretary LOHISC A- Dfw'- PHILOSOPHY . V T , . i T lb QP f R e W. Holmes, Assistant Professor George . ovey, Tifggiiiiir EylfgfgfiiulIfIEhiTnPIisistZi1ntnProrftesf:3i:0lGr:ge IL. Rose, Visiting Assistant Professor Donald W. Rogers. PHYSICAL EDUCATION . - ' Instructors F. P f M ld .1 s. H ard, Assistant Professors Ruth L. Elvedr. Helen, If- Rogers. lVIiiriZIcS'waii1, Beeverly Qfffiyne Becker, Mary Slaughter, M3fJ0fY 5- Beck? Rldmg Instructor George V- Nicholsg Secretary Eleanor Greenwood. PHYSICS Q , P f Professor Emeritus Elizabeth R. Lairdg Professors Mildred Allen, Rogers D.'Rl1Sk3. A'SS0ClatC 30655813 Edward P. Clancy, Instructor P. Ann Gaudlng Graduate Assistant Cecily Copson, Curator an ec - nician Dwight A. Bloodgood. PHYSIOLOGY I Professor Emeritus Abby H. Turner, Professors Charlotte IIaywood, Iytte Muusg Assistant Professor Curtis C. Smithg Lecturer Virginia McMurrayg Laboratory Instructor Mary Needlerg .Graduate Assistants Kathleen Holt, Eileen M. Clahane, Zoe L. Papadopoulou, F. Noreen Patricia Moriarty. PLANT SCIENCE Professor Emeritus Alma G. Stokeyg Associate Professor Emeritus Asa Kinney, Professolg Fgieddxa D. Reed, Associate Professor Ethel T. Eltlngeg Graduate Assistants Patricia A. Boring, Sabra ac Ell D Ellis Professors Victoria Schuck Ruth C Lawson Donald G. Morgan, Professor Emeritus en . 4 5 ' , - e l ' n ' ' ' 'd L b U' Instructors Catherine D. Williston, Assistant Professors Leslie W. Dunbar, Gerhai oewen erg, Kermit C. Morrissey Qpart-timel. PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION Professor Emeritus Samuel P. Hayes, Professors Stuart M. Stoke, Thomas NV. Reese, Richard T. Sollenberger, John Volkmann, Associate Professors Horace H. Corbin., Mary Chene Stephenson, Lorraine W. Bennerg Assistant Professors Lorraine N. Warschausky, Britomar J. Handllon, Rachel L. Smithg Instructor John C. Osgood, Assistant, Reading Clinic Adah Westg Instructor Priscilla Houghton, Teacher in the Gorse Child Study Center Jane D. Rauscher, Assistant Qpart-timej Ellen P. Reeseg Secretary Qpart-timeb Mary C. Bowler. RELIGION Professor Emeritus Laura H. Wild, Professor QI. Paul Williamsg Associate Professor Ronald J. Tam- blyn, Assistant Professors Robert H. Bryant, Berjouhie Andreassian. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Visiting Associate Professor Catherine A. Pastuhova, Visiting Instructor Albert P. Madeira. SPANISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Professor Ruth Sedgwick, Associate Professor Concha de Albornozg Instructor German del Rio' Student Assistant Maria Magdalena Barrera. 3 SPEECH Associate Professor Emeritus Alice W. Mill 3 P f f S h d D - ' . . Associate Professor Clarice Tatman, AssistarIt Pffifgidf amarfiffrfiej afiiez Hiighaitlyladlne Shepdrdsonv ZOOLOGY Professor Emeritus Ann H. Morgan, Professo s Ch ' t' S ' h A - . , , Steing Associate Professor Elizabeth M. Boyi AssiisIaPiifuPiIofi-:Issbrs Ia1E:lfz3lIleI2i1ffiIsil11iS, IIZZIESRE SP1'ag'-le? Instructor Joel C- Eberlinq Assistant Ruth Thomas, Graduate Assistaxis Joiiii M Earle. lgeacrfgfralliyfi'III:Ele1rfiyL.CC:mPmii7wIsii1gIraveS, Harnette D- L0ngacre, Jean A. White, T- 10311 Whartona dufamfi HEADS OF HOUSES Abbey Hall, Lou'sa M. S 'thg B 'd H 11 0 . . , itc coc' ouse, . oan harton' Le Foyer Alyce H Hoimes. North M d H E, I ' 4 5 . i 5 e . , , 4 F- M . 11.113 South Mandelle, Louise F. Tabler, Mead, Ruth A. Clarkeg Mountain, Viewajnllfickfiel Iicszgithg Pgisgns Hall, Elsie S. Bartleg P A R h - , feuer Hall, Glenna D. 651623132 lziztckgillglirgggogtggiggagi J.dEgeagjor Johnsong North Rocke- Sycamores, Eleanor Greenwood, Torrey Hall, Mildred G Simrell- Suzie? IRES gfrage F. Vlxgllegl - e u ia fran' oo - bridge Hall, Guelda I. Lane. 1 - U 1 fclaSS of ' h1:Barbal Barbara lkesirlenii ludnh 'l'fg3511l'Cl'. gm, JANET F an glgmnrn, Eu-:A lmioccr, Pmttl mns0N, Cinot' scam, EDA 10.0 Arms, Mincim-I luis, Shiuoms Bicxus, Duxs El Hum, BARBARA. BlLu1m,ANNE XX BiimN,SHin1 Nl Himz,Ei11LlE GE Hamm, Dian. Bnm,Bimniu A Human, Fits Sl lmrmw, Nixci' l llzts. llllills Sirius l BUGHUL Dssoiu l1nsi,Bner Bi-1 BISHOP. liminrx llicll. l0HHv.R0s1x, C llll50N,JL'Lu. l luiww. Pnrtus lllY,HsLrx Mu lllltjxm-L CAROL Emmsm- Pico' BWELL Axm. Hmmm? Enrzu lm-e ' 'AERA 5-,MDM h , RLTH elm H . ltitngm lam . Resell, Mm" ftp 'I0"E1'f. e LEXA,x1 METER, 'lACQl'El.l cs. ,glee wx. la ' fm Cn XD l lgzlnus 51 Ima! l-My Mishmsklgi lllsll RANGES llutlglmi Mn um in' Chiu bmi Wim I. DIHXFRANCIIS mn. ll, mel! Wax, ARC! flaw" 'WR A Ru .re Ii class of 1957 Lefgfg right: Barbara Jones, Sergeant-at-Arms, Ann McFarlan, - Barbara Friedman, President, Mary Phillips, Vice- ifxgidzieiiiii Judith Frank, Song Leader, Cynthia Folkers, Treasurer. ABBE, JANET FRANCES, 23 Oxford Rd., Manhassett, N. Y. ALEXANDER, ELEANOR OTIS, RD 1, Kennett Square, Pa. ALTROGGE, PHYLLIS DEAN, 606 So. Washington St., Mexico, Mo. ANDERSON, CAROLYN, 228 No. Bent Rd., Wyncote, Pa. ANGELO, EDA JOANNE, Huckleberry Hill, South Lincoln, Mass. AUSTIN, MARGARET FRANCES, West St., Belchertown, Mass. AYARS, MARJORIE BARCLAY, 202 Rugby Rd., Syracuse 6, N. Y. BACKUS, DIANE ELEANOR, 1820 E. Fox Lane, Milwaukee 17, Wis. BALCH, BARBARA, 1202 Parkway East, Utica 2, N. Y. BALLARD, ANNE WHITCOBIB, 955 Heberton St., Pittsburgh 6, Pa. Biiiros, Simi MAY, 666 West End Ave., New York 25, N. Y. BAUER, EMILIE GEYER, 414 No. Thomas St., Arlington 3, Va. BECRIIIAN, DARYL ELIZABETH, 125 Kennedy Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa. BERG, BARBARA ANN, 224 Oakland Rd., Ma lewood, N. J. BERGNER, FAYE SUZANNE, 164 West 79 St., New York 24, N. Y. BIHFLOW, NANCY ELIZABETH, 49 Seminary Ave., Auburndale 66, HSS. BILLER, NATALIE LOUISE, 252 May St., Worcester, Mass. BINGHAM, DEBORAH, 1616 W. Laurel, Springfield, Ill. BIRNEY, BRET BATEMAN, 142 Smull Ave., West Caldwell, N. J. 15131102 KATHRYN ANNE, 5210 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills, 1C . BOVARD, ROBIN, City Point, Fla. BRABSON, JULIA, 14 S. Coulter St., Staunton, Va. BRASLOW, PIIYLLIS MAXINE, 313 Collins Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. BRAY, HELEN MARGARET, 24 Upton Lane Lynnfield Mass. Bmcrarr, CAROL, 38 Wiiiriiei Rd., Weiiegiey Hills 32 Mass. ERUMFIEI-Di PEGGY ANN, 6310 S1161'WO0d Rd., Phiiaaeiphia 31, PA. UCKNELL, ANITA, William St., Norwalk, Conn. BUNZL, STEPHANIE CECILIA, Calle Oriente 4 Caracas Country Club B Caracas, Venezuela 1 3 BURGOYNE, CLAIRE ELOUISE, 152 Sullivan Pl., Brooklyn 25, N. Y. BURNS, NADJA KNEALE, 26 Edgewood Rd., Summit, N. J. ULNEEZN, RUTH MIRIAM, 74 Garland Rd., Newton Center 59, BQELEIG, QQATHERINE ELIZABETH, 409 Edgecombe Ave., New York 232225, iwriiriii JANE, 22 Garrison Rd., Glen Falls, N. Y. N. Y , ORETTA RUTH, 616 E. Lincoln Ave., Mount Vernon, gilg::!K'JLENA'MAY, Main St., East Douglas, Mass. CARTER, JACQUELINE AUDREY, 624 Ridge St., Peekskill, N. Y. CHEN EEVSEIEQVATT, 33 Catherine St., Fair Haven, N. J. CONDQO Do: gill, 11 Welwyn Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. QOOGAIQ ELEIS ADELINE, 186 Oak St., Manchester, Conn. COOK, KATHEANOR, 219 Homer St., Newton Center 59, Mass. COOPER FR RINE ANNE, 52 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. cox, hgm ARES BASS. Camp White, ore. CRISAFULLIHC ANNING, 172 Pelhamdale Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. CROKE Juan AIXILYN LORETTA, 134 Circle Dr., Plandome, N. Y. QRONHG FR H NN, 7 N. Sycamore Knolls, South Hadley, Mass. ' ANCES BURR, 32 Fremont St., Bloomfield, N. J. D DXIEZENMMARCIA DELL, 151 Nahanton Ave., Milton, Mass. DPlains:N IERGARET BRADLEE, 65 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Scotch Dizglgggagogls ALMA CDARICE, 35 87 St., Jackson Heights 72, N. Y ' ARAH, 25 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban 68, Mass. Esc, PRTIILINERAVIS, North Springfield, Vt, DD, ARY oBINSoN, 317 S. Lon6B h A I F i ISOIECAS, DIANE, 2260 S. Cook St., Henri: 10,VCdlo.reeporti B' Y' DU OISGRACHEL LLEWELLYN, 122 Plimpton St., Walpole, Ma-55, UNNi RACEMARIE, 52 Forest Park Ave., Springfield 8, Mass, IEDMONDSS NANCY ANN, 51 Woods Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. LgI10?T, ALICIA 1SABELLE NEWKIRK, 136 Midland Ave., Nlontclair, ELLIS, SUZANNE, 39 Denny Rd., Chestnut Hill 67, Mass, ENYART, KATE PERRIN, Deer Park, Greenwich, Conn. ERVIN, JUDY, 290 Baxter Blvd., Portland 5, Me. FESBIQRT, GAIL JOANNE, Weaver St., 62 Stratton Bd., New Rochelle, FENNIMAN, ELIZABETH ANNE, 29 Ten Acre Lane, West Hartford, Conn. FLAUMENHAFT, CAROL, 275 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. FLEET, DOROTHY ANN, Honeysuckle Lane, Cutchogue, N. Y. FLEMING, GRETCHEN, 250 Jefferson Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. FLORANCE, ANN ELIZABETH, 66 Pine Grove Ave., Summit, N. J. FOLKERS, CYNTHIA CAROL, 617 Belvidere Ave., Plainfield, N. J. FOSTER, HARRIET REBECCA, Millstream House, Falls Village, Conn. FRANK, JUDITH EVELYN, 324 Glenwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. FREUNDLICH, BARBARA MAGDA, 60 Aberfoyle Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. FRIEDMAN, BARBARA SANDERS, 6 Pinehurst Cir. N.W., Washington 15, D. C. FRIEDMAN, ELINOR JANET, 221 Club Drive, Woodmere, N. Y. FUDGE, MOLLY WESTON, High Lope Farm, Manlius, N. Y. GALANTI, BENITA ROSALIE, 126 Grove St., Lodi, N. J. GEPFERT, PATRICIA CULPEPPER, 140 East 81 St., New York 28, N. Y. GIBSO Beach, Fla. GORTON, ELOUISE MARY, 853 University Pl., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. GORTON, TRYPIIENA ANN, 35 High Rock Rd., Wayland, Mass. COULD, PHYLLIS THORA, 152 Wood Pond Rd., Farmington, Conn. GRAY, PHYLLIS ROLLINS, 3501 Williamsburg Lane NAV., Washington 8 D. C. GRINNELL, STEPHANIE, 1074 E. Eighth St., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. GROSS, PATRICIA ANNE, 32 Birch St., Mount Vernon, N. Y. GUTEKUNST, RUTH WILLA, 32 Egbert Ave., Staten Island 10, N. Y. HAIR, HARRIET, 615 Crystal Drive, SI1aftaHbur3,S- C- HALLSTEN, LINDA LEE, 150 Gilbert Ave., New Haven, Conn. HAMILTON LAUREEN RUTH, 39 Woodstock Drivel, lzreakness, N. J. J , Ch H'll Rd., Branfor , :onn. HAMMER, ALEXANDRA ' erry Hill Rd., New Britain, Conn. N, THEODOSIA ALICE, 4102 Washington Rd., West Palm , M NN, 7 Hickory HABZYST, ANINYHOLMES, 811 Watts St., Durham, N. C. H ARTSHORN, ELIZABETH PERSHING, Pidcock Creek Rd., New Hope, Pa. , . HEARD, MARY JANE, 5 Lincolnshire Way, Winchester, Mass. 637 Cl d l Rd., Baton Rouge, La. HEBERLE, ANTJE, 1 Z0relVLill1Bd. New Canaan, Conn. M 9 5 . i1isiN.i.I::::rV.:.fi3I?3 N. 1- HERSEY ALTHEA, 29 Woodside Rd., Wincirsreriglaes- C , - , 284 C b' Ave., ew ritaln, onn. HESLIN, DOROTHY ANN 1512! ltslmad Ave., Haverfqrd, Pa. R , 19 O 3 . NFERGARET, 214 Waverly St., Winnipeg 9, ' C ada Manitoba, an .........,..-.r - - L,-.,.,.....,... f - " ' YYY' A H TTINGER, BARBARA ELLEN, 1847 Homestead Ave., Bethlghem, Pa- I T1OLTON, NANCY EVALENA, Lyndon Rd., Fayetteville' N' . HOOD, BARBARA ELLEN CHURCHILL, 395 Warren St., Brooklme 11, M . IIOYTYSYALICE TAYLOR, 279 Fuller St., WestdNmtF?g3g3ESi7, Wis- TIUBER, SALLY ANN, 5430 N. Berkeley Blv , 1 Y INSKEEP, MARY LOU, 1645 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N- J- IRVIN, JUDITH ANN, 4005 Empedrado St., Tampa, Fla- Y ISRAEL, SHEILA RING, 375 West End Ave., New York 24, N. . JAIIEN, MARGARET, 135 Benedict Ter., Longmeadow -6, M255- 1 B ANNE CHRISTINE Old Branchville Rd., Ridgefield, COHH- J ENSVOLD, , , JOBES, CAROLYN, 145 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville 60, Mass. JOHNSON, CAROL LOUISE, 800 Mt. Pleasant St., Wmnetka, Ill- JOI-INSON, KATHLEEN GRACE, Evergreen Hill Rd., Fairfield, Conn. JONES BARBARA Brown'S Rd., Huntington 12, N. YN Y JORDAN, ANN J ULIET, 14 Sherbrooke Rd., Scarsdale, . . JOYCE, BARBARA SEWARD, 43 Woodcliff Drive, Madison, N- J- JUDD, CAROLYN RUTH, 3083 Ordway St. N.W., Washington 3, D- C KANE PATRICIA NORAH, 90 Orchard Lane, Melrose 76, Mass. KEIILS, MEREDITH, Box 152, York Harbor, Me. KENT, PATRICIA ANNE, Washington St., Duxbury, Mass. . N C an, Conn JQERN, MARY FRANCES, 6 Brooks Rd , ew ana . KLEIT, LOIS ROBERTA, 448 W. Englewood Ave., West Englewood, N. J. afKLINTEBERG, VERA BARAD, 222 Elm St., West Hempstead, N. Y. KOCPI-XVESER, GISELA, 138 Sunset Lane, Tenafly, N. J. KOEGLER, CAROL ELMIRITA, 350 East 57 St., New York, N. Y. KOEHLER, JANICE LOU, 100 Oakland Rd., Maplewood, N. J. KRABISCH, ELIZABETH PAULINE, Willow Brook Farm, Ghent, N. Y. - Fl h' U 58 N. Y KRAUSS, VIRGINIA ANN, 33 39 168 St., us Ing , . KRAUT, MAXINE CLAIRE, 475 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn 18, N. Y. KRUSE, CAROLYN, 27 Rugby Rd., Manhassett, N. Y. KUETHER, ORITHI.A ANNE, 17 Monroe St., Pelham Manor 65. N. KURSELL, KATHERINE AMY, 12 Murray Hill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Y. LAFARGE, CATHERINE, 75 Ave de Breteuil, Paris XVe, France LAING, JANET TRUESDELL, Hillsdale, N. Y. LANGERT, SHEILA HELEN, Country Club Rd., Somerville, N. J. LARSEN, HENNI, 117 Van Buren Ave., Teaneck, N. J. LEVITAS, BETTY ANN, 11 Lyons Place, Westwood, N. J. LIE, RANDI, 203 Vassar St., Rochester 7, N. Y. LINDEMAIER, TAMARA, 101 Lorraine Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. LINTON, BETTY ANN, 85 Berkeley St., West Newton 65, Mass. LONG, SUSAN DOROTHEA, 404 E. Padre St., Santa Barbara, Calif. LONNQUIST, KAREN J., 1 Milburn Park, Evanston, Ill. LUQUE-CALERO, MAGALI ISABEL, Box 290, Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America LYTLE, VAI.ERIE, 16 Berkeley Place, Buffalo 9, N. Y. MCCARTY, PATRICIA E., 135 S. Mountain Rd., Pittsfield, Mass. MCDONNELL, LOIS ANN, 101 Rita Rd., New Castle, Del. RJCFARLAN, ANN LILLIAN, 164 Smull Ave., West Caldwell, N. J. MCGHEE, LINDA, 375 Gallup Rd., Spencerport, N. Y. MCINTYRE, MARY L., 487 Pleasant St., Holyoke, Mass. MCKENZIE, RUTH, 84 Ravine Rd., Medford, Mass. MCLAUGHIIIN, JANE C., 2019 Laurel Hill Drive, South Euclid, Ohio RTCMMQITH, LILLIAN H., 189 Cloverly Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms 36, IC . RICNIURPHY, DOROTHY M., 158 Sampson Pkwy., Pittsfield, Mass, MAKIILER, MARY JEAN, 65 Brown Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. RIIARCY, GRETCEIEN B., 841 Neff Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. MARR, ANNE T., 115 East 86 St., New York 28, N. Y. MATTOON, NORRIA A., 2858 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield, Mass. MEYER, ELLEN S., 12 Job Cushing Rd., Shrewsbury, Mass. MEYER, MARY F., 75 California Ave., Middletown, N. Y. MILLER, RJARJORIE B., 11 Riverside Drive, New York 23, N. Y. JVIITCHELL, M. JOYCE, 5 Marquette Lane, Kankakee, Ill. MOHN, ASTRID H., 103 Corona Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. NJORGENROTII, CYNTHIA E., Douglas Rd., Bernardsville, N. J. MORSE, E. ANN, 209 Meadowbrook Rd., NVestOn 93, Mass. ' MOXLEY, ELLEN L., 526 Beach Dr., Hermosa Beach, Calif. NIUESER, GAYI,E E., Ivy I-Iill Rd., Mount Kisco, N. Y. MUl1L, A. ANN, 81.35 Stanford Ave., University City 24 M0 MURRAY, JOANNE, 310 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. , i NIUTSCHLER, LETITIA E., 118 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills Gardens, N, 1 , NEEDHAM, FRANCES A., 10 Radnor Rd., Great Neck N Y NELLIS, MARILYN K., 5 DeLancey Dr., Geneva, N. i i NICHOLS, CAROLYN J ., Christ Church Rectory, Suffern N Y NIGIISWVANDER, RJILDRED, 71 Walker St., Laconia N H i I NOONAN, PATRICIA A., 146 South Elm St., Wallinaofol-d 'Conn NORYVOOD, CATHERINE F., 5101 Woodside Rd., Bziltimdre 29 .Md ORUBO, KEIKO, 926 Izumicho Suffi 'k , T k OLMSTEAD, KATHLEEN A., 669 TcRlld2fIIdnTlpk.,c1X4,ai,ibfISgtTf Conn 174 S., 10 W Shington Ave., Cobleskill, N. Y. ,,EYi:NE E., 72S Michigan Ave., Evanston, Ill. PEABODY, LAURA F., 42 Dartmouth St., Springfield 9, Mass. PENNINGTON, NANCY L., Wire Mill Rd., Stamford, Conn. PETERSON, CAROLYN J ., 124 Tunxis Rd., West Hartford 7, Conn. PFUND, HELGA, 624 Overhill Rd., Ardmore, Pa. PHILLIPS, MARY, 700 Minard Run, Bradford, Pa. PIGOTT, MARGARET A., 85 Boston St., Guilford, Conn. POLLOCK, PENELOPE MORROW, Avondale Rd., Nether Providence, a. POIBE, DIANA L., 174 Hartshorn Dr., Short Hills, N. J. PORTER, LAURA M., 70 Warrior Rd., Louisville, Ky. POST, LEE D., 57 Craiwell Ave., West Springfield, Mass. P TER, B. ANN, 13 Beacon St., Nashua, N. H. PYJVCCI, MARILYN V., 1092 Dewey Ave., Rochester 13, N. Y. RAFF, MARJORIE E., 11 Congress Lake, Hartsville, Ohio RAINES, SUSANNE, 56 Boylston Ave., Proyidence 6, R. 1. RAMSEYER, LINDA M., Pine St., Norton, ass. REES M. J UDITH, 3082 Livingston Rd., Shaker Heights 22, Ohio REMINGTON, KATHARINE N., 119 Hampton Rd., Syracuse 6, N. Y. RHOADS, J UDITH J ., 108 School Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. RICHARDS, ELLEN K., Gottsteinstrasse 197, Cologne-Marienburg, Germany R TSON, MARGERY WATTS, 25 Woodland Rd., Barrington, R. 1. ROBERTSON, SUSAN W., 412 Third Ave., Warren, Pa. ROENNAU, PATRICIA L., 315 East Washington Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa Ron,-s,' ROBIN A., 99 Warren Sr., COHCOIC, N. H. ROMIG, CORINNE T., 646 Lindley Rd., Glenside, Pa. ROY, JUDITH A., 69 Jayson Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. SALONIA, CAMILLE N., 106 Highland Ave., Middletown, Conn. SANCHEZ, ANA M., 16 St., No. 12, Havana, Cuba SAND, ELIZABETH, 4300 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. SAVAGE, ALICE M., 30 Deering St., Portland 4, Me. SCHAEFER, BETSEY M., Dublin Rd., Greenwich, Conn. SCHERR, SUSAN E., 721 Lindell Ave., Cincinnati 26, Ohio SCHOENBORN, FRIEDA A., 159 Woodhull Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. SCHULTZ, EVELYN, 1553 New Britain Ave., West Hartford 10, Conn. SCOTT, SARA Jo, 372 Shelvourne Ter., Ridgewood, N. J. SEARCH, CAROL A., 120 Prospect Ave., Princeton, N. J . SHANBAUM, ELINOR P., 44 Newell Ave., Southbridge, Mass. SIEDENBURG, ANNE, Star Route, Reno, Ohio SILVER, ANNE W., 450 West End Ave., New York 24, N. Y. SLOAN, DORIS J ., 28 Overlook Ter., Maplewood, N. J . SMITH, PATRICIA, 15 Follen St., Cambridge 38, Mass. SOLOMON, NAOMI A., 150 Dartmouth St., Rochester 7, N. Y. STANLEY, CAROL A., 153 Lyman St., South Hadley, Mass. STONE, ALICE C., 240 Norfolk St., Springfield 9, Mass. STONE, MIRIAM, College Hy, Southampton, Mass. STROBEL ANN C. 170 Shoreham Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y. STURGES: ROSALIND H., 8020 St. Martin's Lane, Philadelphia 18, Pa. SULLIVAN, RUTH G., 45 High St., Andover, Mass. SUTHERLAND, ANN C., 94 Otis St., Hingham, Mass. SWAHNBERG, NORMA J ., 27 Highland Ave., Keene, N. H. ' SWANSON, MARGARET J ., 230 Mamaroneck Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. TAYLOR, MARGARET J ., 1012 Gaston Ave., Austin, Texas VFENCZA, DOROTHY A., 106 Beech St., Holyoke, Mass. JFHORPE, PRISCILLA J ., 1820 Norfolk St., Houston 6, Texas TIRZQN, JANE R., 16505 Linden Dr., Tonkawoodcroft Wayzata, ll'lH. TINK, NANCY E., 132 Pleasant Place, Arlington, N. J- TOWNER, NANCY N., 509 Seminary Ave., Towson 4, Md. VAN DINE, MARY L., 124 Woodlawn St., Hamden 14, Conn. WAHLBERG, ELLEN L., 150 Arundel Ave., West Hartford, C0119- WALLANDER, ROSALIND J., 1133 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y WARD, FRANCES M., 400 Washington Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y- WARREN, ANNE, 184 Main St., Wethersfield 9, Conn. WASKOWITZ, BETSEY A., 33 Wightman Rd., New Britain, Conn. WETKEL, ANN, 1556 Dean St., Schenectad 9, N. Y. WEISBART, JANE S., 27 West 86 St., New York 24, N. Y- WELSH, BARBARA LATHROP, 19 Guthrie Pl., New London, C0911 NYHITE, MARILYN A., 604 Ridgeland Ter., Englewood, N. J- WHITE, SARA J., 215 South Ninth St., Noblesville, Ind. WICKS, EDDA S-, 311 West 97 St., New York 25, N. Y- WH-DERM-+-N. ANNE G., 6610 North 12 St., Philadelphia 26.132- WILLIADIS, GAIL P., 264 Regent St., Hampton, Va. WUJSON, JUDITH G., 10 Mountain Rd., Tenafly, N. J. WRXDWARD, DEBORAH, Mount Holyoke College, South HHCHCYQ ass. ' WOODWARD, FRANCESCA P., Blossom Farm, Nassau, N. Y- YOUNG- ANN M-, 194 Spencer Place, Ridgewood, N. J- ZABRISKIE, LYNN, 19 Grace Ct., Brooklyn 1, N. Y. A2155 of ' h15E B0 fiifuildz loaiii hdw Ihafdi Ilan' Pa" Bmd1I'i6e.PreSideI1!. ws, B51-n' Loi' ISI ms, LISNE. 6010 gmIII,SAItA MARTI IIIEIDEK, I-A U' FN hm, BAKBAR A .II lUD,El.lZABETll Ax l1T0llD,El5lE Euzu lm. NANCY llrxn: iLl1E1,ELlZABETll ls lIIII,K.iIIItsss Nl incni, PEREGRIN Ie SIIIIII, CHARIDTTE llmux, KATII mum int CATHERINE E fillE,J1kRTHA just funn. iLINm,ELsAxoR I QHIIIEI. CAROL A N' llUFfElN..l01'Cl'1. 2' QUHELIOAN RIIII. NU, Cmnt Srz I Wllum. 21110. BARBARA l. ELLEN CIIISIQ ffm-I, PlllSCIl.Lt li im, ELEANOR TI QP1 :jlll Emu' J NN E AFDBUW- DEROR in Jim. WHY Euz . 5, . xml' BETH 2?DN1'Io. Xl o.. '2- ill J ACE LIN .mIHlLDA R KZF fm- 3lAII'rII EiiL1,SY5Ay FK. Ni skin. xI,,,g,f'Qg E1u'1D,l.s0xoR,Q 211'-Strom, .,," ROWS, R .A ' 'N li, 052 51 xl Axx 1-jmm LIIIQN. RTF? JI It thou -In pn i'tIIfRM.Cl' Eu- ELJISHLKAYNTNI 1 ibn FIA llsl 51mR0lcu ls N , N, ' -Kiln We Iiiimlcl x. I Jqmajxihlnl ul ARGWE1 ahxmm' N1 un-.p ul-Pm, -l .lfLgEL,h'Q'-A A . . Q hm 3 uunllli I i N. Y , lll. Eid 3' MRSS. I ' '0llll, artford 7, C 01111. Conn, Nether Provide Ilcg , N. J, R, l, Blass, 'I' 13, N. Y- le, Oh' 6, Rli, gliights 22, Ohio 5'l'HCu 6, , 39 Del.Se xl nie-Marienburg, aplifirriiigton, R, 1. re., Council Bluffs Pa. Y. Ctowu, Colm- le. Ionn. 69 'erhead, N. Y. I3I'tf0I'd 10, Corm- , N. J . N. J. lge, Mass. L 24, N. Y. 0. J . ass. er 7, N. Y. y, Mass. Iass. 8, N. Y. Iiladelphia 18, Pa. N H. :arsdale, N. Y. Texas iss. 6, Texas oft Wayzata, . J. L, Md. 14, Conn. rtford, Conn' ork 28, N' Y' I 65, N- Y- n. lritain, Conn' N. Y. ondon, Conn' ,d, N. J. lnd. , Y. 265 Pa' gh, Hadley, ,N. Y. J. C1355 of 8 Leftwrigm: Emi? Boyce, Sergeant-at-Arms, Joan Hovendon Treasurer, Joan 'dwards, Secretary, Margaret Brandenburg, president, Mary Patricia Cameron, Song Leader, Kathle Baird, Vice-President. ' ADAMS, BETTY LOUISE, 7204 Woodhaven Bend, Bethesda, Md. ADAMS, LYNNE, 6545 Prairie Rd., Omaha 3, Neb. ALBERT, SARA MARTHA, 25 Hale St., Beverly, Mass. ALEXANDER, LAUREN ETHEL, 53 Harvest Dr., Scarsdale, N. Y. ANWYLL, BARBARA JEAN, 4 1V1ontgoInery Ave., Holyoke, Mass. AULD, ELIZABETH ANN, 3 Embassy Ct., Great Neck, N. Y. AXFORD, ELSIE ELIZABETH, 1009 Electric St., Scranton 9, Pa. AYER, NANCY HUNTER, 69 Yale St., Winchester, Mass. BAILEY, ELIZABETH KARGES, 107 Columbia Ave., Syracuse 7, N. Y. BAIRD, KATHLEEN MARSHALL, 34 Walssforth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. BARCLAY, PEREGRINE, 729 Whitney Dr., Pensacola, Fla. BARTON, CHARLOTTE COLE, 18 Highland Ave., Barrington, R. I. BATEMAN, KATHERINE MARIE, 536 Andover St., Lawrence, Mass. BAUER, CATHERINE ELLEN, 33 N. Fulton St., Allentown, Pa. BEERS, MARTHA JOSEPHINE, 50 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. BENNETT, ELEANOR DORIS, 5705 Stony Run Dr., Baltimore 10, Md. BERKLEY, CAROL ANN, 34-12 76 St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. BERNSTEIN, JOYCE, 29 Woodmere Blvd., Wocvdrriere, N. Y. BETHEL, JOAN RUTH, P. O. Box 74, Nassau, Bahamas BIHELL, CAROL SUZANNE, 4009 So. Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis, Inn. BOHLIAN, BARBARA LOUISE, 41-58 77 St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. BOLES, ELLEN CHASE, 46 Jefferson Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. BONELL, PRISCILLA RUTH, 15 Stark St., Nashua, N. H. BOSTON, ELEANOR THOMPSON, Jndian Spring Farm, Mechanicsville, 8. BoYCE, EMILY JANE, 134 So. Park Ave., Hinsdale, Ill. BRSLJBURY, DEBORAH ANNE, Butternut Hollow Rd., Greenwich, HIL BRBEFEY, ELIZABETH HATTON, 813 Greenwood Rd., Wilmington 6, ERANDENBURG, MARGARET ANNE, 974 Eastwood Rd., Glencoe, Ill. BROCK, BARBARA, Valley Rd., Newton Square, Pa. BESDSKY, GRACE LINDA, 23 W. 73 St., New York 23, N. Y. BROEY' HILDA RAZEL, 26 Glendoon Rd., Needham 42, Mass. BRYAKESMARTHA SCARBOROUGH, Harvey Circle, Kinston, N. C. BUCK? USAN EKAN, 5 East Lane, Madison, N. J. BULLAEY, EYIARCIA ANN, Wakeman, Ohio BUMP RE' EONORE, 142 Roosevelt Rd., Rochester 18, N. Y. BURRBWAROLYN, 229 Ash St., Weston, Mass. N- Y S, ROSE MARIE M., 17 Gramercy Park S., New York 3, B . USHER, ANN ELOISE, 13966 Estill Dr., Lakewood 7, Ohio CAIN, WINIFRED J UDITH, 40 Raymond Ave., Holyoke, Mass. EZEEEONNMARY PATRICIA, 441 Country Club Rd., Camp Hill, Pa- NA ANCY ELISE 3445 N E Davis St. Portland 15, Ore. ss C , . . , AFPENTER, CYNTHIA STUART 126 Packard Ave., Medford 55, Ma ' EELVIA HSIAO-WEI, 11 Farmer Rd., Arlington 74, Mass, CHILTON SGH' CAROLYN, 35 Maynower Rd., Needham 92, M355- CLAWSEIG JATRICIA, 6408 High Dr., Kansas City 13, MO. CLA 1 UDITH HARRIET, 2415 83 St., Brooklyn 14, N. Y. i 13iT8RbMARGARET JANE, 2414 Lawrence St. N. E-, Wa5h1ngton C Cg:sT0CKe MARY-ELLEN, 3 Chesterfield Rd., Worcester 2, Mass. C NOR, PATRICIA ANN 44 Bardwell St South Hadley Falls, Mass- 0 9 '1 COEEESEKEEN MARGARET, 115 Maple St., Gardner, MaSS, , ARJORIE JEAN, 470 Washington St., Gloucester, Mass. COVERT, LINDA RUTH, 28 Smull Ave., Caldwell, N. J. COXHEAD, MARGARET, Llewellyn Park, West Orange, N. J . CRQYJKIITE, PATRICIA ANNE, 22484 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights 18, 10 CRAVVFORD, HALCYON, 9 High Rock St., Needham 92, Mass, CREW, CAROL ANN, 512 Wyndmoor Ave., Philadelphia 18, Pa. CRUME, JANE LossoN, 900 West 190 St., New York 33, N. Y. CURREN, J UDITH MAXWELL, Prospect St., Marshfield Hills, Mass. CURVISH, ELIZABETH ANN, 601 W. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. DANA, ELIZABETH MASLAND, 415 Spring Mill Rd., Villanova, Pa. DAVIDSON, DORSEY KATHERINE, 325 Woodland Ave., Lynchburg, Va. DOLLOFE, SARAH ANN, 33 Lexington Ave., Cambridge, Mass. DONKERSLEY, CAROL ANN, 30 Glen Ridge Rd., Cranston 10, R. I. DOWELL, ALICE ANN, 629 Hockaday St., Council Grove, Kan. DUMPER, SALLY ELIZABETH, 201 Randall Ave., Freeport, N. Y. DYBAS, DONNA ELAINE, 7 Milton Ave.,'Amsterdam, N. Y. EDGERTON, MARY BUNTING, College Ave., Haverford, Pa. EDIE, MARY WANTON, 681 No. Broadway, Yonkers 3, N. Y. EDWARDS, ARDYTHE, 786 Viewmont Ave., Johnstown, Pa. EDvvARDS, JEAN WETZEL, 434 West 120 St., New York 27, N. Y. EDYVARDS, JOAN, Woodhill Pl., Northport 7, N. Y. I ELLISON, JUDITH ANN, 1455 Roosevelt Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. ELLISTON, ELIZABETH PENN, 263 South Ave., Weston 93. Mass. ELSTAD, MARGARET JEAN, Gallaudet College N.E., Washington 2, D. C. ENGLE, LOUISE KATHERINE, Main St., Conynham, Pa. ENSVVORTH, ALICE BILLINGTON, 608 Hanshaw Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. FAY SUSAN ELINORE, 32 Sias Lane, Milton 86, Mass. FEISER, PATRICIA ANN, 133 N. Findlay St., York, Pa. FELDMAN, BETTE ANN, 629 Highland Ave., Fall River, Mass. ' d C t r Ave., Jenkintown FETTEROLF, ANN MIDDLETON, Spring an en C FIEEA, JANET ELLEN, 171 Satterthwaite Ave., Nutley 10, N. J. FISH, SANDRA JEAN, Blandford Rd., Chester, Mass. FISHMAN, STEPHANIE H., 1435 Lexington Ave., New York 28, N. Y FLAGLER SUZANNE FRANCES, 603 Laurel St., Longmeadow 6, Mass FOGELBERG, SONJA MICHELET, 3600 Spfinghill AV?-1 Spflng Hill, Ala FOISIE ANNETTE KENDALL, 65 Hillsview Rd., Mllton 36, M355- FRAIL ,CATHERINE MAY, 73 Port Watson St., Cortland, 1N. Y. FRESI-P SUZANNE MARIE, 15 Garthwaite Ter., Maplewood, N- J- FREUDENBURG, MARION H-, Bevin Manor, Cam? Hlllf Pak C FULLERTON, MARGARET HOLMES, 20 Lenox Dr-, Greenwlc ' mm' GEORGE ELIZABETH JANE, 2044 Lexington Pkwy., Schenectady 9, N. Y. , , . -ll Va , j NNA, University Station, Charlottesvi e, . GERIARR, EJJOTH, 1810 Glenwood Rd., Blgooklilgn 30, N' Y' GILLESPIE, SHIRLEY, 310 Nevada Dr' ne' ai P k N J G N ENID MARION, 300 Belmont Ave" Asbury . ar 7 ' ' GOIDNTIREY CORNELIA PEASE, 206 Plonsalnlt 2E Bennmgton, Vt' 1 ' ' of k, . . GORDON, PATRICIA, Kino St., fqxnlionre St., Fan River, Mews. GRAHAM, GAIL HARGRAVES, 3 oo Rd., Garden CIW, N. Y. GRAHAM, HELEN PARKER, 79 Huntington 1 HALL CAROLYN SHERWOOD1 1250 River St" Rochester 10' lx' Y' , H ' h, Mass. IIiiIl:IgIgJNgJgIJtilItII:sigr:E1yr,r Eliistzerajrwlulfj nwale Hg., Vleorcesliery Mass. a 1 , t SL, Car en lty, . . HANI!Gi?I,E1I?0BLiENNR,I3i 11TnF?3i1?siiew Rd., Tenafly, N- J- E 1 9 1 HERZ, AMY HERTHA, 408 East 40 St., Paterson 4, N. J- HEYMAN, 'JOAN ADELE, 27 Irwin Pl., Bloomfield, N. J- HOOD, MARGARET HALL, 17 Scarsdale Rd., West Hartford 7, Conn. HOOVER, JANE FERGUSON, 4 Ridgeley Ter., Jamestown, N. J - HORNE, DIANA STEARNS, 1007 Pequot Ave., New London, Conn. HOVENDON JOAN LINCOLN, 238 Canterbury Rd., Westfield, N. J - HULDIE, LESLIE, 235 East 22 St., New York, N. Y. HURLEY, MAURA EARLS, 360 Granby Rd., South Hadley Falls, Mass. J ACOBUS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, 281 Canterbury Rd., Westfield, N. J . JANES,'NANCY ELIZABETH, 2688 Glenhurst Ave., Minneapolis 16. Minn. JOHNSON, GLORIA, 9 Intervale St., Boston, Mass. ' P t Pleasant, JOHNSON, PI-IEBE CHAPMAN, 208 Baltimore Ave., oIn N. J. JOHNSON, SANDRA, 117 Lawrence Ct., Ridgewood, N. J . JONES, ANN DICKSON, 22 Sage Ter., Scarsdale, N. Y. JONES, LYNNE ANN, 37 Hillside Ave., West Hartford, N. Y. KARNAN, BARBARA ELEANOR, 335 Woodland Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KASE, GRETCHEN LYNN, 2514 N. Wahl Ave., Milwaukee, WIS. KATZ, ELEANOR JANE, 2711 Greenleaf St., Chicago 45, Ill. KEATING, KAREN, 24 N. Main St., Cohasset, Mass. ' Bl d. Marion, Iowa KEITH, MARY KATHERINE, 455 Marion v , KELLAM, BARBARA NASH, Brushy Ridge Rd., New Canaan, Conn. IQLAMKIN., SANDRA IRENE, 50 Monroe St., Meriden, Conn. KLEIN, MARILYN CAROL, 520 Brandon Pl., Cliffside Park, N. J. KOCH, ELIZABETH LOUISE, 409 Delancey Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. KOPP, DEBRA ELKA, 222 Lorraine Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. KOZODOY, PAULA, 108 Moss Hill Rd., Boston 30, Mass. LANE, CONSTANCE ANN, 202 Poplar Ave., Newtonville 60, Mass. LASKOWSKI, IRMINA TERESA, 20 20 Ave., Irvington, N. J. LATIIAM, WALDO, 3512 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla. LEISENRING, HEI.EN PARDEE, Four Winds Farm, Sybertsville, Pa. LEVIN, PHYLLIS ANN, 1571 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. LEVINE, HARRIET, 45 Miller Ave., Portsmouth, N. H. LEVINE, NANCY JANE, 647 Broadwa , Paterson 4, N. J. LEWISTON, JANET JOY, 25 Nirvana Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. LITTELL, J ACQUELINE ANN, 69 Grove Ave., Madison, Conn. LITTNER, JOYCE MILDRED, 754 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. LOKVAM, KAREN, 7115 Third Ave., Kenosha, Wis. LORD, ANN, 14 Crest Lane, Swarthmore, Pa. VELYN HANKERS 234 Ga wood Rd Baltimore 12, Md LUEBBERS, E , y ., LUETH, VIRGINIA BULLOCK, 2678 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, Ill. LUM, SUSAN CHANDLER, 54 Fairview Ave., Chatham, N. J. LYALL, LAURAINE MAY, 353 Hillcrest Rd., Ridgewood, N. J . LYMAN, LINDA LOUISE, 11 Larch Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. LYSTER, ANN STRATTON, 62 S. Broad St., Norwich, N. Y. MCKEE, SUSAN, 714 Amberson Ave., Pittsburgh 32, Pa. MCLANE, KATRINA, Hickory Hill Rd., Avon, Conn. MCLEAN, NANCY JEAN, 380 S. Scott St., Adrian, Mich. MACHSON, BONNIE LOUISE, 123 West 93 St., New York 25, N. Y. MAG, JOAN GABRIEL, 241 Vine St., New Britain, Conn. MAIZITIS, ILZE MAIJA, 24 Hamilton Ave., Greenwich, Conn. MAKI, SHEILA ANN, 56 North St., Proctor, Vt. M?R3ToN, DIANA SARGENT, 4611 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis 8, I1 . MARTIN, BARBARA ANN, 23 Dobbs Ter., Scarsdale, N. Y. MARTIN, LESLIE, Stanwick Rd., Greenwich, Conn. MASLOW, ROSILAND JOAN, 15 Larch Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. MATHESON, MARY CAROLYN, 216 Radnor Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. MSTHQEWSON, PAULINE HENDRY, 575 Manor Lane, Pelham Manor MATTHEWS, GERALDINE, 136 Corlies Ave., Pelham, N. Y. MAXWELL, NANCY, R.D. 2, Manlius, N. Y. MEI.IUS, JANE CLAIRE, 27 Bradford Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. ' MENDELSOHN, MARIE LOUISE, 86-23 188 St., Hollis 23, N. Y. MERRELL, LINDA, 1185 Green Bay Rd., Highland Park, Ill. MERRICK, KAREN PATRICIA, 32 Rutledge Rd., Valhalla, N. Y. MEYER, SHEILA AUDREY, 170 Washington St., Norwich, Conn, MILLER, JOAN WRIGHT, Lehigh Pkwy., Allentown, Pa. MODISEN, BEATRICE ELLEN, Cross River, N. Y. MOORE, J UDITH, 6944 Pershing, University City 5, MO, MURPIIREE, SARAH VAUGHAN, 60 Edgewood Rd., Summit Park, N. J . MYERS, SONDRA MEADOWVS, Twin Lakes, Far Hills, N. J . NASH, ELIZABETH BRYAN, 994 Louden Heights Rd., Charleston, W. Va. NILAN, JANE ELIZABETH, 211 Meadowbrook Rd., Weston 93 Mass NCRETQN, MARGARET KITTREDGE, 78 MacDougall St., New Y,ork 12' OLSEN, CLARE, 612 Purchase St., Rye, N. Y, OSKIIOOD, DOROTHY DELLMER, 45 Hampshire Rd., Wellesley Hills ass. 3 OSTRICH, JANET MARIE, 18 Forest Rd., West Hartford, Conn, 76 , D LOUISE, 705 Crescent Pkwy., Westfield, N, J, PACKARIPI Risl?I'1'iI'E TALBOT, 1212 Wiltshire Ave., San Antonio, Tex, PIAREZ FEJLICIA, 214 Harbor Rd., Southport, Conn. PERRY, J UDITH ANNE, 9 Hathaway Circ e, Wynnewood, Pa. PETERS, ALLISON, Box 194. Port Blakeks Waighi N ' . . Y. PHEAR, ELIZABETH ANNE, 21 Pinedale ve , e mar, PISER, VIRGINIA BRADLEY, 313 Oak St., Ridgewood, N. J. POULOS, DIMITRA, 1852 S. Oak Park Ave., Berwyn, Ill. MARGARET EMERY, 6 Swarthmore Pl., Swarthmore, Pa, P . PPIIXJIRSIJIIJDITH ANN, Shuttle Meadow Rd., Plainville, Conn. REIF, GERTRUDE BERNADETTE, 114 East 84 St., New York 28, N. Y. S KATHRYN ALISON, Ponus Ridge, New Canaan, Conn, HOAD , ZEICHARDSON, JANET, Box 77, Waverly, Pa. RIDOUT, ELIZABETH CANDIDA, 1106 ing St., LaCrosse, Wis, ROMIG, JEAN ELLEN, 39 Lynacres, Fayetteville, N. Y. Roos, ELIZABETH WALKER, 7246 Westmoreland Rd., University City 5, Mo. ROSE, ROBERTA LOUISE, 64 Rosseter St., Dorchester 21, Mass. ROSEN, SARA MARCIA, Hycliff Rd., Greenwich, Conn. ROYCE, PHOEBE ANN, Meadow Rd., Riverside, Conn. RUUD, JANE, 411 West 114 St., New York 25, N. Y. d 5 R. I. RYAN, BARBARA ELAINE, 150 Bluff Ave., Edgewoo , ST. LAWRENCE, JUDITH ANN, 75 Woolworth Ave., Longmeadow 6, Mass. SAMPLE, MATHILDA MAE, The Schenley Apts., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. SAMPLE, REBECCA ANN, The Schenley Apts., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. SANBORN, PATRICIA FLAGG, Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. SCHAFF, MARTHA ANNE, 2016 Midland Ave., Syracuse 5, N. Y. SCHETTLER, J UDITH MAY, 29 Briarcliff St., St. Louis 24, Mo. SCHWEITZER, NORMA ANN, Andover Rd., Aronwold, Pa. SENIOR, EVANGELINE, 118 Parkway, Utica 3, N. Y. SEYMOUR, ANN, 55 Hillside Ave., Tenafiy, N. J . SHAPIRO, YAIRA ACKERMAN, 1145 Boylston St., Newton, Mass. SIMLER, CHRISTINE MARIE, 24 Inverness Ct., Short Hills, N. J . SIMPSON, CAROL ANN, 41 Hurd Ave., Belmont 78, Mass. SKILLIN, PATRICIA ANN, 555 Lincoln Rd., New Britain, Conn. SMITH, IRENE VIRGINIA, 469 Argyle St., Brooklyn 18, N. Y. SOLLY, SANDRA, 85 Mohawk Dr., West Hartford 7, Conn. SOULE, CAROLYN YALE, 92 Adams St., Burlington, Vt. SPERRY, CAROLL HORTON, Box 1325, Schuyler, Va. STEINBERG, SUZANNE RITA, 406 Eastwood Rd., Woodmere, N. Y. STERLING, JANE ANN, 3 Kingsland Ct., South Orange, N. J. STOKES, JANE AUSTIN, 44 Broad St., Hamilton, N. Y. STRAIN, BARBARA LEE, 118 Livingston Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Y k 33, N. Y. STUERM, MARY LOUISE, 165 Pinehurst Ave., New or SWEETKIND, JUDITH ROSE, 4 Birch Dr., New Haven 5, Conn. SYKES, MARTHA, 5 Briarcliff Rd., Port Washington, N. Y. SYME, KATHLEEN MARGARET, 27 Oak Park Rd., Wheeling, W. Va. TAFT, LINDA JANE, 322 N. Columbus Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. TARPY, MARILYN JEAN, 33 Smallwood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. TAYLOR, MARCIA ELOISE, 24 Fifth Ave., New York 11, N. Y. THOMAS, SUSAN COTHER, 384 Allen's Creek Rd., Rochester, N. Y. THOMPSON, ANN ELIZABETH, 992 Richmond St., London, Ontario, Canada THOMPSON, GAIL ANNE, 14 Arundel St., Andover, Mass. THOMPSON, LETITIA ANN, 21 Franklin Pl., Maplewood, N. J - TIGH, SANDRA, 38 Montrose Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. TOURTELLOT, CYNTHIA, Danielson Pike, North Scituate, R. I. TRACY, MARJORIE ELEANOR, 8 Thomas St., Bucksport, Me. TROPPOLI UNE BUXTON 63 Orchard Ave., Providence 6, R I , J , . . TROWBRIDGE, MARGARET LAIRD, 16 Miller Rd., Morristown, . v a , TRSIIE, MARYANNE ELIZABETH, 85-14 MIdland Pkwy., Jamalc TURINO, JUDITH HALL, 275 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn 15, N. Y. TYNER, NANCY ELIZABETH, 208 Mason St., Newark, N. J- UTO, CAROLYN LOUISE, 150 New Haven Ave., Woodmont, Conn- Rd., Kansas City, M0- VOLKER. MARILYN KATHERINE, R.D. 1, Neshank, N. J. VOORDUIN. NANCY, 1 Magnolia Pl., Summit, N. J. VROMAN, DONNA CLAIRE, Rumson Rd., Rumson, N. J- VAUGHN, SUSAN KREMERS, 635 Huntington WAGNER, POLLY FLETCHER, 30 Chillicotha Rd., Aurora, Ohio WARREN, DEBORAH, 184 Main St., Wethersfield 9, Conn- WARREN, JEAN, 1 Grace Ct., Brooklyn I, N. Y. WEADOCK AMY STUART 1000 Park Ave New York 28, N. Y- WICKHAM, VIRGINIA CORYELL, Wolver Hollow Rd., Glen 6? Q - WIELLAND, EDNA GEORGE, 8906 Ventnor Ave., Margate City, N- WSJEJAMS, SANDRA MARGARET, 955 Ottawa Dr., Youngstown 11, 10 WOLFSON, DORENE FAYE, 4409 Charleston, Houston 21, Texas WRIGHT, JANET, 18 Wildwood Rd., Larchmom, N. Y . ZIMMERMAN, CAROL COULTER, Canfield Rd., Convent, N. J- WELLINGIQR, KATHARINIZJ LOUISE, 445 Loi:ust St., Pittsburgh 18, Pa- WHITTAKER, SARAH ANN, I0 Stocker Rd., Verona, N. J-H d N Y J. . , uarugrrl . ngllf- - '-, lllgn,,ag.,8rIIIs: l'-'Q Piident' Gail Blat-N If i . mggsjiscr MII.: mms. Downes In M3119 ELEANOR Nl U lit . grin. Simi' l' Ima. gggprnosc.. ASN LI: l1llH'll0XG.CARUl- - ym,l'IcI1I Aw. 311 D.C. p llllAl'ER.DORlS fn ILI lImN,ELIz,IRs1'II lf lIIIs,1l.IIIcI.I. IT!-1 l 5IIII.SIIsLnY Aw. I lIItI.X.IxcI' kmu lIIcIoI'r.X.mtI lli flllXES.PENEl.UPlE. I llllll, lhni liifsx In Sisslictn. Jon FR I llTllELT. Prom' Xxx EIYUXJIARY lltlfkl' illlRLiX,GRAlfE. I2 3lELEY. Nl.IIIIII.Iu ' Del. gUmT0..lo.IwII. 21- EUPESSON. ELIZIIIR1 ml.l. EIUSLE. Cinom x , 3 Ek?lARCl.k Nl um EBDEEOANIE lin. I lDlTll l P ' v kl Em'CNTllF.RlNE, I. lumix- Lois SI LI Slgoml' Ettrx l. EmlilrQ1Al:l.l50N 5 --Luxor, R ,limbs Is. om.. S- .i Iirria MCE BMT' ' il , lliimm' BEWRI ' E"-ER. MXRI IX It mum . 1 illun. '-mu nm I 5-luTI Zmmislpi lllh N AMER .AN Dm Emi -PEGGY Q, UARHIRQ P ' Ullm-,N J ' KTRIQ wig, ' Dux! lg MW-G1 . ?J,YlDuTlK lin Emir' flow' 21,8111 unit .g,,,,N'El-Mx xg H NMIRIZKXNK S lr 'XE lm glut tj, R1 NRI' Eu, lllrsnz IPDRH I 4 Emu JI- liillzi Wil lin' ' lliimi' ll In . K I l gf 14 Y.. 11' . .ew Salitlield, N- J 1 Conn. A Htollio, 'Iiex ' ylllle . 4' ash. hood. Pa. Delmar, N Y Sewood, N -J . efJ1i'yn. ' 1 il.. Swanhm Llmvrlle, Con Ore, P, u. ' Lt" New York 28 rw Canaan, C .N,yl L 01111. . Q R lle.aNTt?0, Wis. Ind Rd.. University rchestel- 21 .h' Conn- 1 111355. le' Q0nn. U, IN. Y. gewood 5, R. I 5 . I e., Longmeadow 6, .Pitt-h Uh 'ittsbiirligtlggifa' ldover, Mass- ' Svracuse 5, N Y 1' Louis 24.113 ' .nvs'Old, Pa. i N. Y. J. t.. Newton, , Short Hi11S,1iiiSi' 1 78. Mass. l W Britain. Conn. klrn 18, N. Y. Ord 7. Conn. igton, Vt. r, Ya. l.. Woodmere, N, Y, 1 Orange, N. J, n. N. Y. Bethlehem, Pa. New York 33, N. Y. Haven 5, Conn. ngton, N. Y. d., Wheeling, W. Va. Iount Vernon, N. Y. fest Hartford, Conn. York ll, N. Y. d., Rochester, N. Y. lt., Loudon, Ontario, Iver, Mass. gplewood, N. J- .. 1. h Scituate, R. 1- Lucksport, Me. 'rovidence 6, R. 1- 1., Morristown. l' ld pkwyq Jamaica 32. oklyn 15, N. Y- ewark, N- -1' Woodmout, Conn. d.. Kansas City, MO' agnk. N- J' 1. J., son. B' J' lu Aurora. Ohio 1.1 9. Conf'- r'. - York 281 N' Y' pa, it.. Pittspurgh 18' N. . iiiil oi... He?d'l1iif Margate ClfYff1' L.. Y0uH.'1Sf0"n ' ' S USLOU 21. Texa 0 . t, N Y' Ionventf N' J' class of 19 9 Ld! to right: Margaret Brown, Song Leader, Ann Rickes Sergeant-at-Armsg Fay MartIn, VIce-Presidentg Ann Shaw President, Gail MacVicar, Treasurerg Marion Knight, Secre- tary. AHLBERG, NANCY ARLENE, 1555 Glenwood Ave., Muskegon, Mich. ALCAIDE, DOLORES CECELIA, 4 Newton St., Weston 93, Mass. ALLNUT, ELEANOR MARYE, 3209 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. ANGELL, MARY FAITH, 96 Park Ave., Collingswood, N. J . oNG ANN LYNETTE 46 Fairlawn St Ho-Ho-kus, N. J . ARMSTR , , ., ARMSTRONG, CAROL, 7 E. Amherst Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. ' 16 ASHER, YICKI ANN, 3838 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washlngton , D. C. ATWATER, DORIS EVELYN, 115 No. Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio AUSTIN, ELIZABETH LYNN, Florida 99, Buenos Aires, Argentina AYERS, MARCIA, 178 Division St., East Greenwich, R. I. BAIER, SHELBY ANN, 33 Crooke Ave., Brookl n 26, N. Y. BAKER, NANCY KATHERINE, 48 Bartlett St., Rortland, Conn. BANCROFT, NANCY HERRIMAN, Ferris Hill Rd., New Canaan, Conn. BARNES, PENELOPE, 250 Oxford Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. BARR, MARY BICKNELL, 240 Greenwood St., Newton Center, Mass. BASSINGER, JOAN FRANCES, Main St., Warehouse Point, Conn. BATHELT, PEGGY ANN, 169 E. Central St., Natick, Mass. BATON, MARY HOPKINS, Box 393, Paoli, Pa. BAZARIAN, GRACE, 12 Cypress St., Watertown 72, Mass. BEBSTEY, MATHILDA VON VPRUMP, Point Pleasant Farm, New Castle, e. BEDOTTO, JOANNE, 2822 Allen St., Allentown, Pa. S . M unt Vernon, BESLEQYSON, ELIZABETH ROSE, 160 Lawrence t , o BELISLE CAROLYN 3148 NW 25th St., Oklahoma City 7, Okla. BELL, MARCIA MARILYN, 6223 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh 6, Pa. BEMISS, BONNIE BASSETT, 401 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. BENDER, JUDITH GAIL, 1546 Selwyn Ave., Bronx 57, N. Y. BENT, CATHERINE, 46 West St., Westboro, Mass. BERRIIAN, Lois SUZANNE, 17 Broad St., Norwich, Conn. M BERNOUDY, ELLEN LOUISE, 36 Algonquin Woods, St. Louis 19, o. EIGELOW, ALLISON BURT, 535 Grand Ave., St. Paul 2, Minn. IRNBAUM, CAROL RUTH, 4038 Washington Blvd., University Heights 18, Ohio BLISS. ALICE BLATCHFORD, Damascus College, Box 434, Damascus, Syria 1g0ARDMAN, BEVERLY PAUL, 610 Shady Lane, Narberth, Pa. BONNER, MARIAN RADCLIFFE, Locksley, Glen Mills, Pa. BEANCATO. CLAUDETTE LOIS, 51 The Intervale, Roslyn, N. Y. B AUDIS. KATHRYN JANN, 880 Fifth Ave., New York 21, N. Y. BREMER, SUSAN DOBBS, 100 Canfield Rd., Convent Station, N. J . BEENNER, PEGGY SUSAN, 1114 Prospect Ave., Melrose Park 26, Pa BRENGHURST, PATRICIA ANNE, 506 Story Rd., West Chester, Pa. D VZTON. JOANNE LOUISE, 11 Summit Pl., Belle Haven, Alexandria B . ROGGI. DANTIA CHARLOTTE, 27 Primrose Lane, Valley Stream. N. Y. EESWN, MARGARET BAIRB, 418 High St., Bethlehem, Pe. BROINYN, SUSAN MARGARET, 118 West 79 St., New York 24, N.. Y. IndN, SUZANNE SWAIN, 3733 Spring Hollow Rd., Indlanapolis 8, 33313. Emma CURTIS, 116 W. Mah. St., Freeheia, N. J. BUHLEQ NQXRY ELIZABETH, 29 Lincoln Ave., Glen Falls, N. Y. BURESEI BNDREA CAROL, 62 Baker Hill Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. BURNS N ETTE JO, Otis Rd., Branford, Mass. BUSCHE .wer EILEEN, 214 Twin Hills Dr., Syracuse 4, N. Y- BUTLE NDORF, MARGARET ANNE, R.D. 1, Deep RIver. COUU- Ra BARBARA ANN, Green River Rd., Williamstown. M355- CARLSON, PHYLLIS ANN, 411 Sound Beach Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. CAETENDIECK, MURIEL BERNICE, 63 Bentwood Rd., West Hartford, ODD. CHAMBERS, JUNE MARIE, 4550 Peach St., Salt Lake City, Utah CHANDLER, JANE, 9 Naples Rd., Salem, Blass. CHARLES, DOROTHY ANNE, 149 Base Line Rd., London, Ontario, Canada CHASE, DEBORAH CHURCHILL, 237 North St., Watertown, Conn. CHASE, MARION ELIZABETH, 344 Granby Rd., South Hadley Falls, Mass. CHASE, MARY ELIZABETH, 161 Florence St., Roslindale 31, Mass. CHASE, SUSAN, 1106 Blackshire Rd., Wilmington 5, Del. CLAPP, CYNTHIA MARIE, Whiting Rd., Dover, Mass. CLAVEL, ELIZABETH WARD, 9 Rutland Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. COE, JEAN HAYES, 130 Guernsey Rd., Swarthmore, Pa. COKER, IONE WALTERS, Segars Mill Hwy., Hartsville 50, N. C. COLWELL SUSAN, 657 Ely Ave., Pelham, N. Y. C NROW ,MARION, 115 Long Neck Polnt Rd., Darien, Conn. 0 7 COOGAN ROSALIND, 219 Homer St., Newton Center 59, Mass. l 81 M CORT, JANICE FRASCHE, 11 Sterling Rd., Welles ey , ass. COUCH, VIRGINIA RUTH, 1655 Cloverleaf St., Bethlehem, Pa. CRAGG, DORIS ELAINE, 565 Highland Ave., Rochester 20, N. Y. CRAM CAROL LOUISE, 2279 S. Woodland St., Shaker Heights 22, Ohio CROWYHER ALOIS, 509 Woodside Rd., Baltimore 29,.Md. CUMMI ' ' Nee,'sAhA KING, 3782 Hillbrook Rd., University Heights 18, Oh' CUNNYNGHAM, JEAN PATRICIA, Buckley St., Williamstown, Mass. ff Bl d., Jacksonville 5, Fla. CURRY, ANN THACKER, 4705 Ortega v DANIELL, ELIZABETH, 168 Maine Ave., lN?llinocket, hle. N. DAVIDOWV, ANN, Bellevue Avre., Ryeah A ua, N. Y DAYJIN, MARY JANE, 34 Ridge St., app q . I ' DEINARD, MIRIABI JOSEPHINE, 1729 Morgan Ave. S., Minneapolis 5, M' . DELAINIO, ELIZABETH, 88 Fearing Rd., Hingham, Mass. C DEMBINSKI, JOAN ROBERTA, 81 Winthrop Ave., Albany 3, N. Y. DEDIING, SARAH ELIZABETH, 3900 Vaux St., Philadelphia 29, Pa. DICKINSON, MARTHA, 16 Brookhaven Dr., Atlanta, Ga.. . DICREDICO, SANDRA AIvIELIA, 15 Driftwood Rd., Jamaica Plain, M . - Drmciisiia, RONNIE CAROL, 590 Park Ave., Paterson 4. N J- DIX MARTHA ALLISON, 139 Broadmead, Princeton, N. J. DOYGE' PATRICIA RUTH, 55HIi1ilii.eSthRd'iRl1IutSimi, Ytild 11 7 39 ' am ., prlllff IC , ' HSS. DONALDSON, DEBIXCIJITAYE, 19 Cliathzzirn Rd., Longrnebadow 6, Mass. HSRNVQANZAPHYHSS, 218 S. Adelaide Ave., Highland Park, lN. J Dheeirea SUSAN rfnue, 1140 Mmey Hill Ave? Pittsburgh 17, Pa ' L , L h t, N. . V DREXLER, ANN, 10 Byron ainoecfgiiegieiillhri., Short lIills,1N. J. M Y. Siiiiifiiii l1iIfITRGGA,CREErT Ciiime, 51 N. Elm St., NVebster Groves 19, DdiiiiiE NORENE FORBES, 1243 Scott Ave., Winnetka, Ill. 'll S ., N 'tonville 60, Mass. 7 EADES, YLATIIA, 40:0 Abbey Rd., Manhasseg7l5N. Y. V C, . EADIE 0 , , 6003 L kehurst Dr., Ba tlIrl0r RASYJHAIHONYAIIECYLEJISIZABETH,326 Alden Rd.. AUd0VCf, M355- EINHORN, SUSAN, 7 Parker Ave., Nvest Peal, N.. J- T E ,CYNTHIA ALICE, 3 Bacon CL, Bronxvme? P' Y' - EIIYIGIOFEZABETII LOUISE, 860 Birmingham St-a Bridgeport 6' bonu ENGELHARD, ELIZABETH, 69-95 173 St., Forest Hills, N. Y. EVANS, VIRGINIA, 35 Blackburn Pl., Summit, N. J- FAIRLEY, SHARON ANNE, 2207 Everett North, Seattle 2, Wash. FAISON, FIONA PRIMROSE ANNE, 32 Washington Sq., New York 11, N. Y. FAY, SUSAN MARTIN, 44 N. Ardmore St., Columbus 9, Ohio FEINFELD, LINDA RUTH, 912 Englewood Rd., Elizabeth 3, N. J- FEINSTEIN LORNA, 124-14 Cronston Ave.,.Belle Harbor, Y. FERLEGE R: ROSALIND BERYL, 8227 Westminster Rd., Elkins Park 17, Pa. FINK JULIA DOROTHEA, 810 N. Campbell St., El Paso, Texas FISHER, JANE EVANS, Main St., Coventry, Conn. FLACK, ELIZABETH ELLEN, 1064 ES lanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. FLEER, ELSABET, 645 Moreno Rd.,IPenn Valley, Narberth, Pa. FRANK, JUDITH ANNE, 1142 Dartmouth Rd., Pittsburgh 5, Pa. FREDERICK, GAIL, 1104 Benmore Ave., Franklin Square, N. Y. FRENCH, BARBARA ANN, 38 Northgate Rd., Wellesley, Mass. FRENCH, PEGGY, 32400 Fairmont Blvd., Cleveland 24, Ohio FRIEDMAN, JUDY LYNN, 66 Victory Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. FULLER, DIANE ELIZABETH, 843 Myrtle Ave., Watertown, N. Y. FUMIA, CAROL, 62 Walzford Rd., Rochester 9, N. Y. GARNIER, BARBARA ANNE, 357 Billington Rd., West Englewood, N. J. GEESEY, CORNELIA NESS, Concord Pike, Wilmington, Del. GEGGIS, MAY LOUISE, 328 Conestoga Rd., Wayne, Pa. GEISLER, MARY ELLEN, 89 S. Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. GILLAM, BARBARA LOUISE, 911 Centennial Rd., Narberth, Pa. GIRTH,-MARIE LOUISA, Box 195, R.D. L, Cranbury, N. J. GLEESON, KATHERINE LOUISE, 380 Ryder Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. GOMES, STEPHANIE ANN, 47 Meritoria Dr., East Williston, N. Y. GOOB, DOROTHEA LOUISE, Stumpfield Rd., Concord, N. H. GOODhlAN, FRANCES ANN, 154 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. GOULDER, CAROL LOUISE, 3004 Coleridge Rd., Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio GowER, JENNE , ., g , . . GREENWOOD, MARY EVERTA, 980 E. Prospect St., Woodmere, N. Y. GRUEN, LOUISE, 4561 Fieldston Rd., New York 71, N. Y. GRUNEBAUM, EVA IRENE, 11 Cotswald Way, Scarsdale, N. Y. GUMPRECHT, RENATE, 3305 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio GUROVITZ, J UDITH ANN, 34 Cumberland Ave., Trenton 8, N. J . GUSSENHOVEN, MARY SUE, 303 Second Ave., Lewiston, Idaho GUSTAVSON, SANDRA JUNE, 46 Norwood Ave., Malverne, N. Y. TT LOUISE 2 Park Dr Livin ston N J HQQAGE, CAROL JEAN, 1131 E. Laurelton Pkwy., West Englewood, . J . HAINES, TERESA ANNETTE, 21 Forest Brook Dr., North Plainfield, N. J. HALLBERG, ELYN MARIE, 658 Lincoln Ave., Orange, N. J. HAMBURGER, FREDA ROSE, 100 McHenry Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. HAMILTON, ROSEDIARY ANN, 30 Rand Pl., Pittsford, N. Y. HANSON, SARAH ELIZABETH, 463 Washington Ave., Glencoe, Ill. HARTER, SUZANNE, Schlemmer Rd., Lancaster, N. Y. HIEKELL, ANNE RAYRIOND, 215 Hartford Turnpike, Hamden 4, ODD. HAVENS, BETTINA COLCORD, 66 Crossover Rd., Fair Port, N. Y. HAZEN, ANNE, 81 Clark St., Belmont 78, Mass. HEADLAND, ALANNE ELIZABETH, 29 Baldwin St., Hudson, Ohio HECK, FAITH ESTELLE, Box 262, Groton, Mass. HENNION, MARION NANCY, 31 Sands St., Waterbury, Conn. HENRY, MARIETTA RENEE, 423 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia 19, Pa. HERBERT, PATIA JANE, 488 Berkeley Ave., South Orange, N. J. HERSEY, ALISON, 29 Woodside Rd., Winchester, Blass. HITCHINGS, LARAMIE, 50 Primrose Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. HO, MARON MIU-LANI, 43 Village Rd., Happy Valley, Hong Kong, China IJODES, RUTH ANN, 41 Sutton Crest, Manhasset, N. Y. HODGE, SARA ANN, 2721 Berkshire Rd., Cleveland Heights 6, Ohio HOOK, SUSAN ANN, 606A Third St., Brooklyn 15, N. Y. HOOVER, BJARY EDIE, 4 Ridgely Ter., Jamestown, N. Y. HOWSE, J UDITH ANN, 20 Church St., Greenwich, Conn. HUNZIKER, CAROLINE, Pine Lane, Falmouth, Mass. IMLAH, JANET GAY, 19 Sawyer Ave., Medford 55, Mass. INCAO, VIRGINIA MARIE, 150 E. Chester St., Valley Stream, N. Y. ITTNER, PAULINE SANDRA, Sycamore Knolls, South Hadley, Mass, JAMIESON, MARY ELIZABETH, 3305 Chadbourne Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio JANTZ?N, SUSAN ELIZABETH, 117 Grandview Ave., White Plains N. . i JENKINS, MARGARET STERRETT, 76 Furness Lane, Wallingford Pa JENSEN, KAREN, 9 Creekside Lane, Rochester 18, N. Y. J i JOHNSTONE, JANETTE BRONVN, 37 Marshall St., Windsor, Conn, JONES, SARAH PRINCE, 58 Plainfield St., Waban 68, Mass, JORDAN, NANCY JANE, Abington, Pa. 8 J ULOW, ESTHER MARY, 139 Morgan St-, 501101 Hadley, Mass. ANN BETTY 11 Cambridge Lane, Manhasset, N, Y, K 1 9 7 . Kiiiijdg FAY BARBARA, W-hipstick Rd., Ridgefield, Conn, KEELER, MARTHA, 364 Reist St., Buffalo 21, N. Y. KENNEDY, JOANNE PATRICIA, 141 Lincoln St., Holyoke, Mass, KERMES, JANE ANN, 354 Hoyt St., Darien, Conn. KIMBALL, ANN SPOFFORD, 69 Forest Ave., Orono, Me. KINNELL, SUSAN, 26 College Rd., West, Princeton, N. J. KLATSKO, MIRIAM PHILLIPPA, 364 Ellsworth Ave., New Haven, Conn. KNIGHT, MARION ELIZABETH, 151 Moraine St., Brockton 33, Mass. KNUTSON, KATHERINE ANNE, Millbrook School, Millbrook, N. Y. KRONENGOLD, SUSAN CAROL, 101 Old Mamaroneck Rd., White Plains, N. Y. KRONICK, SANDRA ANN, 203 Houghton St., North Adams, Mass, KRUMRINE, J ANE, 50 Raynham Rd., Merion Station, Pa. KUHL, CHARLOTTE STARK, Care of Iranian Oil Refining Co., Abadan, South Iran KUTNER, BARBARA AMY, 383 E. 17th St., Brooklyn 25, N. Y, LACOCK, ELIZABETH STERRETT, 251 Rose Ct., Ridgewood, N. J, LAMB, NANCY ELIZABETH, 39 Bridge St., Watertown 72, Mass. LAWSON, ELIZABETH ELLEN, 84 Brattle St., Worcester 6, Mass. LEAMAN, MARGARET ANNE, 55 N. School Lane, Lancaster, Pa. LEES, NANCY, 628 Main St., Chatham, Mass. LENGSFELDER, NICOLE MADELEINE, 4 Larch Dr., Great Neck, N. Y, LEONARD, MARGARET AYRES, 5 West Rd., Short Hills, N. J. LEONG, PATRICIA NGIT HOONC, 1914 Mott-Smith Dr., Honolulu 14, Hawaii LEVO, ELIZABETH ANN, Box 9672, Santurce, Puerto Rico LEVY, JOAN SANDRA, 401 Ninth Ave., Belmar, N. J. LONG, DIANE ELIZABETH, 1142 S. 94th St., Omaha 3, Neb. LONGENECKER, ELSIE, Apartado 893, Caracas, Venezuela LOOP, BARBARA JANE, 2105 Hawthorne Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio LOOSE, REBECCA MARIANNE, 1036 Grant Pl., Boulder, Colo. LOWENFIELD, HELEN MOORE, 1505 Rim Rd., El Paso, Texas LUNIN, LESLEY J UDITH, 584 Washington St., Brookline 46, Mass. LYONS, SARA WALL, 205 East 78 St., New York 21, N. Y. MCBRIDE, ELIZABETH ANN, Marvelle Rd., Fayetteville, N. Y. MCCOY, JANE DOUGLAS, 950 Park Ave. Ext., Rock Hill, S. C. ALD ELIZABETH MURRAY 2519 RidgewayAve.,Evanston,Ill. MACDON , , MACNEILLE, ELLEN BREVOORT, Woodbine, Md. MACVICAR, GAIL, 561 N. Church St., Naugatuck, Conn. MAGNER, SHEILA ANN, 115 W. Jonathan St., Gardner, Mass. MAHER, LINDA ANN, 6115 N. Lake Drive Ct., Milwaukee 17, Wis. MALONEY, LINDA HELEN, 5 Ridge Rd., Bronxville 8, N. Y. MAMNIEN, HELEN LOUISE, 45 Elm St., Great Neck, N. Y. MARGULIES, MARCIA, 472 Susan Ct., West Hempstead, N. Y. MARTIN, CAROL JOANNE, 2128 Prospect Ave., Evanston, Ill. MARTIN, FAY MARCIA, 841 Cedar Ter., Westfield, N. J. MARVIN, ELIZABETH F., 12 Summit St., Philadelphia 18, Pa. MSYIHER, MARGARET EMERSON, 2655 Haddam Rd., Cleveland 20, IO MAYNE, BARBARA MARY, 59 Ethelbert Pl., Ridgewood, N. J. MELNIKOFF, NITA SUE, 975 Walton Ave., New York 52, N. Y. MILLER, ALICE, Lehigh Pkwy., R.D. 2, Allentown, Pa. 1V1ILLIKEN, JANE WHITE, 17 Avon Rd., Binghamton, N. Y. MITCHELI., MARY LYNN, Chimney Rock Rd., Martinsville, N. J. MONNIK, MYRA JEAN, 1120 Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley, Narberth, Pa. MONROE, MARY SUSAN, 31 Saxon Woods Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. MONTI, GERALDINE LOUISE, 50 Carrington Ave., Woonsocket, R. 1 MOORE, MARGARET ROWLEY, 1023 Chestnut Hill Dr., Erie, Pa. MORGAN, CAROLINE CRAYTHORNE, 70 Bauer Ter., Hillside, N. J- MORSE, JOAN, 209 Meadowbrook Rd., Weston 93, Mass. MORSE, SUSAN ELLEN, 969 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. M055, MARY ELLEN, 2005 Edgecliff Point, Cincinnati 6, Ohio MUECKE, ELEANOR BEATRICE, 803 Boyce Ave., Ruxton 4, Md. MUEHLKE, JANE ANN, R.D. 4, Laconia, N. H. NAIDORFF, JUDITH ANN, 421 W. Seventh St., Plainfield, N. J. NALCHJIAN, NANCY, 5 Nichols St., Chelsea 50, Mass. NELSON ALEXANDRA 605 Clafiin Ave. Mamaroneck, N. Y. 9 , , NYSTROM, SANDRA ELIZABETH, 233 N. Main St., East Longmeadow, Mass. OZBRIEN, GAIL WESLEY, 14 Fenimore Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. O HAHA, GAIL, Lyme, N. H. ONSAGER, INGER MARIE, 841 Whitney Ave., Hamden 11, Conn- PALM, ELEANOR-, 25 Sylvan Rd., Verona, N. J. I PASCHEN, ALIX ELIZABETII, 51 Devries Ave., North Tarrytown, N- EENICK, EILIZABETI-I ALLEN, 8 Stratford Rd., Andover, Mass. PERERA, MARCIA, 4780 Palisade Ave., New York 71, N. Y. PERET, MARTHA JANE, 455 Clinton St., New Bedford, MaSS. ERRONEH L015 RUTH, 40 Bangor St., Springfield 8, Mass. PIEMONTE, ANN THERESE, 20 Prince St., Boston 13, Mass- Y. Ja , BMQBAKA WSOJ' XfAK0-'KET WWF, NAS Euan P",i'l'F-if ' P0 - 7 lw5h,'yrIIIA B.-'fi Whponmlli' W3 Pamqss BAKE-'HA ' PRN' j,NfARTIl.l. 0' E51'0l's ' ' ' at lliosswlmmn' 2 0 51.5818 LGA Eiiiiii EVEN" H 3 1 0hio , . . - ,Ilsx.srwh- Hills!-IEJEIISCILLA U NIJ K i1BiNGEKe M-"'T"f 1. ,CHAnb01'fE- li5iuAN15-"U" M, Ha1i.nic1SH- ll- HIiYoi1',H0BERT" R Hmsgfj, Ass. Ron losBlNS-EVELY5 lm loaIHT,iC-'Roux M Conn. , H R0m5,tIRGlx1.x if Rraix, CN"-4555- 9 Rum, Ants h ATI SAHATDIIANQ RUN 3' Suncnotxn. ll ELEN Elma, ASN Toss. SIIRSSESAN. 577 ' Eonrlm, Am limo rnIIvE1,llEI.Ew H SCBULLLCYNTIIIA ll Suntx, BEVERLEE J Sums, Jon Euzui Sturm. Stz ix N Ie. llirmingham. Nlich Sam, ANN. 95 Bet-L1 lll1l1,:1NX BAKER. I 5Iuv,l'.iLEn1E ALO f1R1S,LIxnA Pxrn Qmstnxorr. J I mtu fllELl1ll.liARRlET l. vlncl. QRRCH, PATRICI x. Qumran. VIRGIN! lmD,1lARIiu Eu JUTHANYB. ST33 L 2'm1.Emm Josrgm li ,ll3lrl. fggtstxcio xx, Qmiaflfi. 'low n I 5 1tl:ANlRENLj, SYLANNE, 25 I 555210. Blunt L, llltlllwgihxs P-'B' iurnin TH -M um ' ' in ANN, ef- N. 1. Class of 'l . SLB Im.. K' n'l"hh I .iP' 9N1 Utne . 9. Mm. liSe'I N Y 1, Con ' . X . ll. olyok L . 9, Blass- .M N J. New Hav Adams, Mass 25, N' Y' 6 Mass, Pa. Cr W . . lliili, N-1 D r., Honolulu 14, Rico ha 31 Neil. enezuela edo 6, Ohio 'lllflell Colo. 13350, Texas mkllne 46, Mass. fl. N. Y. lteville, N, Y, wk Hill, S, C, Hive., Evanston,lll. '. Conn. rdner, Mass. lilwaukee 17, Wis. Ile 8, N. Y. ek. N. Y. pstead, N. Y. vanston, Ill. l. N. J. phia 18, Pa. id., Cleveland 20, mood, N. J- 'ork 52, N. Y. n. Pa. ton, N. Y. irtinsville, N. J. 1 Valley, Narbertlh arsdale, N- Y- Woonsockef, B-1- . Dr., Erie, Ifia- , Iiillsiae. N- J- L. Mass. -1 X' Y' . ati 6 Ohio III I luxton 4. Md' lrllieids N' J' 355. v meek. l-X' Y' d . Tast Longmga 011s J lale, N' ldCI1 llf Conn' y Tarrytown, N, 1. wer, Mass' 711 N' Y. 'orllr Mass' 1. Mass' 3. Mass' Sn, Iallhrookiklgess. Cl., xvhitg ' if-2.30 fight: Deborah Adams, Secretary, Linda Leinb21Ch wal-5 mg! Deborah Bentley, Sergeant-at:Armsg Roberta RA JEAN, 842 Bradford Ave., Westfield, N. J, PIERS0Nv IISIAARRIZRRET ANNE, 337 Hickory Lane., Haddonfield, N. J, PIERSOIS, NAN ELEANOR, 67 Berkeley St., West Newton 65, Mass. Iliggfjlni, PRISCILLA ELAINE, 105 Morton St., Newton Center 59, Mass' BART!-IOLOMEWV, 719 Kensington, Flint Mich PRm'133l.iJ'iirAv MCLEOD, 1 Salisbury St., Wfinchester, Mass. PRA1lT'55 BARBARA ANN, 50 Howard St., Holyoke, Mass. PREMEW 'MAR1-HA, 69 Randolph Rd., Chestnut Hill 67, Mass, ggf,:Z,v1IiInIER, NANCY, 2 West Rd., New Canaan, Conn. R DY HELGA MARIA CHRISTINA, 1 Prospect St., Portland, Conn, RQ,,,Q,ELL, EVELYN Bmw, 2714 W. Park Blvd., Shaker Heights zo REZEEEYER, I-IELENE, Pixie St., Norton, Mass. RAQD PRISCILLA ITATHAIVAY, 407 Iilden Rd., Egypt, Mass, RAUBQNGER, MARTHA LEE, 55 Battle Rd., Princeton, N. J. RAYE CHARLOTTE, 425 Chestnut St., Waban 68, Mass. RENJfL1AN, SARAH MAY, 181 Pearl St., Holyoke, Mass. RESOR, VIRGINIA, 1120 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. RHINow, ROBERTA RUTH, 503 Grove St., Upper Montclair, N. J. RICKES, E. ANN, Route 202, Somers, N. Y. ROBBINS, EVELYN IRENE, 9 ROCk'M3ll0f Ave., YVilmington 3, Del. ROBERT, CAROLYN ADELE, 622 Middle Turnpike West, Manchester, 9 Rciilci-Jxitrisi, VIRGINIA LEE, 15 Bernards Ave., Bernardsville I, N. J. RUBIN, CIVIANNE, 25 Parkland Pl., Milford, ConII. RUPKEY, ALICE KATHERINE, 10 Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. SAHATDJIAN, RUTH JUDITH, 600 West 113 St., New York 25, N. Y. SANBGROUND, HELENE BETH, 241 Griffen Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. SAWYER, ANN ToNI, 111-50 76th Rd., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. SAYERS, SUSAN, 577 Moorhead Pl., Pittsburgh 32, Pa. SCARPITTI, ADA CAROL, 969 Kempton St., New Bedford, Mass. SCHATVET, HELEN FRANCES, Pratt Island, Noroton, Conn. SCHOLLY, CYNTHIA CLAIRE, 553 N. Hills Ave., North Hills, Pa. SELDEN, BEVERLEE JANE, 22 Pleasant St., West Hartford 7, Conn. SELDIN, JOAN ELIZABETH, 1180 Sussex Rd., West Englewood, N. J. SHANKLIN, SUZANNE, 159 Hamilton Blvd., Bloomfield Village, Birmingham, Mich. SHAW, ANN, 95 Beekman Ave., North Tarrytown, N. Y. SHAW, ANN BAKER, 17 New York Ave., Nvhite Plains, N. Y. SHAW, VALERIE ALAYNE, Ipswich Rd., Topstield R.F.D., Mass. SIGRIST, LINDA PATTON, 7 Hathaway Lane, Verona, N. J. SIMBERKOFF, JUDITH RUTH, 24 Rockridge Rd., Mount Vernon, N. Y. SINCLAIR, HARRIET LOOMIS, 3736 Spring Hollow Rd., Indianapolis 8, Ind. SINREICH, PATRICIA, 115 East 90 St., New York 28, N. Y. SLAYBAUGH, VIRGINIA GAIL, 2 Boulder Pl., Yonkers 5, N. Y. SMEAD, MARTHA ELLEN, 71 Rockland St., Springfield 8, Mass. SMITH, ANNE, 5735 Kenwood Ave., Chicago 37, Ill. SMITH, EDITH JOSEPHINE, 66 Catlin Ave., Rumford 16, R. I. SAHQHMIEIARGARET FENWVICK, 7301 Piney Branch Rd., Tacoma Park SMITH, NANCY JEAN, 39 Harwich Rd., Longmeadow 6, Mass. SMITH, SARA, Town Landing, Route 100, Falmouth Foreside, Me. SMITH, SUSAN TRENE, 3 Maple Ave., Pelham, N. Y. SMITH, SUZANNE, 25 Guion St., Pleasantville, N. Y. SOLEIMAN, MARY LYNN, 138 Franklin Ave., Yonkers 5, N. Y. SPEAKMAN, JANE ELIZABETH, 30 Hillside Ave., Short Hills, N. J. SPICEH, RUTH MARILYN, Woodland Dr., Hampden, Mass. STAUBER, AMY ANN, R.D. 1, Box 267, So. Randolphrille Rd., New Market, N. J. STEI , C , , STEUDALIFT, RTTRIIJYJNIJXITN, F Aspen Wa? Cmcuinati 24 Ohio AE Kenwood d., O rf , O , I STURGEQ RUTH ANNE 8320 St Nfiartiellnsa d., Pittsburgh 15, Pa. H A - L ,Ph'ldlh' 18 . SEIELIY AAI, GERALEE, 12 Old Stone Rd., Dai-iizlii, Cdrire P la 5 Pa ER, LICE HARRIET, 329 Locust Rd Yvinnetka Ill. SWAN, SARAH ANN, Westtown School Westtown J i SWEET, BARBARA GRACE, 22 Liberty St., Holyok,eFRIa55, TARBELL, BARBARA SARGENT. 26 Strickland Pl Ixianha I ' gg:LOR, IEATALIE TABB, 137 S. Main St., Hudsion, Ohidset, N J U THJIEXE, IINDA, 2647 Whitney Ave., Hamden, Conn, T S' - OANNA LODGE, 114 Whitney Ave., New Haven 10, Conn. THOMAS, JUDITH HowARn, 154 Brixton Rd., Garden Cit ', N. Y. . HOMPSON, LUCILE REED, 11 N. Emily St., Pittsburgh sl Pa. THOMPSON, MOIRA ELIZABETH 2653 N. V U 27, Calif. , ermont Ave., Los Angeles IHRASHER, JACQUELINE DYANNE, 1440 W. Birchwood Ave., Chlca o 26 ll .. A A I - ,I10USSAINT, CYNTHIA, Millrace Farm, Telford R.D. 1, Pa. IOWERQ JUDITH, 397 Highland Ave., Wollaston 70, Mass. ZFOWNSEND, FREDERICA WELLS, 22 Claremont Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. rT:BATTNER, ALICE, 1210 Confederate Ave., Richmond 27, Va. LUCKER, MARGARET BRISTOL, 9 Shelwood Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y. IURNER, HELEN ELIZABETH, 1317 E. 63rd St., Seattle 5, Wash. TURNER, MARY, 4 Campbell Road Ct., Binghamton, N. Y. VAIL, SUSAN HOPKINS, 7 Vincent St., Binghamton, N. Y. VAN CAMPEN, HARRIET WALKER, 227 Cedar St., Corning, N. Y. VIRTUE, WINIFRED ANN, South St., Litchfield, Conn. VOGEL, KAREN Lois, 34-20 86th St., Jackson Heights 72, N. Y. VOLPE, CORINNE SALETTE, 211 Ridgefield St., Hartford 12, Conn. VORIS, MARY BELLE, 165 Bartram Rd., Riverside, Ill. NVAITE, BARBARA SHEFFIELD, 503 Comstock Ave., Syracuse 10, N. Y. WALDAU, CYNTHIA LOU, 49 Rowan Rd., Summit, N. J. WARNER, ANN SYMLIE, 559 Hillcrest Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. WARNER, EMILY, 50 Abney Circle, Charleston, NV. Va. WATKINS, PHOEBE ANN, 1311 Spruce St., Leavenworth 1, Kan. WEILL, JOAN HELEN, 1209 Astor St., Chicago 10, Ill. WEIDIANN, ELAINE CAROL, 16 Outer Ladue Dr., Frontenac, St. Louis 22, Mo. WENDEL, MARGARETHA, 8 Prospect St., Ware, Mass. WHARTON, PAMELA JANE, 3405 Alabama Ave., Alexandria, Va. WHITMAN, NATALIE PEACE, Inverness Lane, Meadowbrook, Pa. WI-IITWORTH, LOUISE, Mountain View Dr., Lewiston, N. Y. . WICKES, CAROLYN DEBORAH, Lawrence Farms, East, Mount Kisco N. Y. WILLING, JOAN PHYLLIS, 514 Siwanoy Pl., Pelham Manor, N. Y. WILSON, SARAHANN, 312 BeneHt St., Providence 3, R., 1. ' WORMAN, ELIZABETH HALE, 4935 Garfield Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. WRIGHTSBIAN, EVELYN JoAN, 16 Tunstall Rd.,.Scarsrlale, N. Y. WUESTER, IWTARY JANE, 240 Exeter Way, Hillside, IN. J. YALE, STEPHANIE, 100 Memorial Dr., Apt. 11-1B, Cambridge, M . YORIZSSIRENE MAIKY, 96 Montclair Ave., West Roxbury 32, Mass. Z , N. TALIA LOUISE, 35 Raiders Lane, Darien, Conn. ZR'lisiYxtEL, GJESELA GAY, 165 East 19th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. class of 1960 Keus' Ong Leader, Ann Kingman, Vice-President, Hei 1 er, Treasurer. I ABBOT, KRISTIN SUE, 400 North Stanwick Rd., Moorestown, N. J . ADAMS, DEBORAH ANN, 22 Burton St., Bristol, R. I. ALLAN, SUSAN GOUGH, 236 Butler Ave., Providence, R. I. ALLEN, JUDITH BENNER, 1035 Emerson Rd., Park Hills, Ky. AMANTI, JOSEPHINE IRENE, 12 Kennedy Rd., Windsor, Conn. ADIES, SUE MARY, 25 Washington Ave., Batavia, N. Y. ANDLER, CAROLINE DOLORES, 8 Whitney Ave., Newport, N. H. ANGELILLI, JEAN CARMEL, 290 Wgndcliif Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. ANTONY, GAIL ANN, 69 80th St., rooklyn, N. Y. ARCHETTO, ANGELA LUCIA, 964 Cranston St., Cranston, R. I. ATKINSON, LYNNE VAN ES, 128 Demarest Ave., Englewood, N- .J- BACKLUND, EVELYN OLIVE, 350 East St., Brockton, Mass. BAIRD, HARRIET ELLIS, 296 West Wesley Road, N.W., Atlanta, GH- BALE, J UDITH ANN, 2587 Wellington Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio BAKER, DEBORAH MILBURN, 55 Blueberry Lane, Darien, Conn. BARBACKI, VALERIE ANN, 80 Maple St., Holyoke, Mass. BARBER, JANE MERRILL, 30 Bancroft Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. BARNARD, NANCY MAY, 102 West Locust St., Rome, N. Y. BARROWS, BARBARA RUTH, 235 Oakland St., Stratford, Conn. BATTISTA, SYLVIA ANNE, 67 Nottingham Ter., Buffalo, N. Y. BENEDICT, MARJOHIE ALICE, 25 Byron Rd., Weston, Mass. BENNERT, SUSAN ELIZABETH, 517 Smyth Rd., Manchester, N. H. BENTLEY, DEBORAH ANN, 116 De Wittshire Rd., DeWitt, N. Y. BENTLEY, ZILPHA ELIZABETH, 128 North Chestnut St., Westfield, N. J . BERKOWVITZ, A. TOBY, 222 North East Ave., Vineland, N. J. BERLIN, MICHELLE CHARLOTTE, 139-15 243rd St., Rosedale, N. Y. BERNER, MARGARET GERTRUDE, 12 Windsor Ter., Utica, N. Y. BEVER, SALLY AYER, 39 Madison Ave., Arlington, N. J. BINGHAM, MARY EVELYN, 3325 Lansmere Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio BLAINE, SHIRLEY ANN, Hillside Way, Short Hills, N. J . BLANCO, BARBARA BERNICE, 51 Davis Ave., White Plains, N. Y. BLY, LINDA DORIS, 849 East 14th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. BRACHER, KATHERINE, 230 West Seventh St., Claremont, Calif. BRADLEY, SUSAN AISIITY, Scraggy Neck Rd., Cataumet, Mass. BRADSHAW, JOANNA, 178 North Franklin St., Nyack, N. Y. BREITZKE, SUSAN, 86 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre, Mass. BRILL, HELEN ELIZABETH, Rockland State Hospital, Orangeburg, N. Y. BRISTOL, ROBERTA LOIS, Guildersleeve Ave., Canton, Conn. BRITTON, JOAN LINDSAY, 694 Springdale Ave., East Orange, N. J. BROUGHTON, JOAN GRACE, 3 Roosevelt Ave., Glen Falls, N. Y. BROUGHTON, REBECCA, 611 South Third St., Dayton, Wash. BROWVN, M. ARCHER, 295 Murray Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. BRUCE, BRENDA, 28 Lafayette Rd., Newton Lower Falls, Mass. BUERGER, MARY ELISE, 223 Main St., Cheboygan, Mich. BUEFUM, SUSANNA, 14 Arnold Rd., Hingham, Mass. BUEORD, JUDY ANN, 2917 College Rd., Holt, Mich. BURKE, BEVERLY ANNE, 223 Gypsy Lane, Wynnewood, Pa. BUTLER, SUZANNE CAROL, 427 Midvale Ave., St. Louis, Mo. CADY, JANE, 2 Mountain Spring Rd., Farmington, Conn. CAIRNCROSS, JUDITH, 3 Warren St., Winchester, Mass. CAMERON, ELIZABETH LORING, 83 Kipp St., Chappaqua, N. Y. CAMPBELL, ANN GREELEY, Lyme Rd., Hanover, N. H. CANNON, JACQUELINE TOLLON, 3854 Myrtle St., Erie, Pa. CARBONNEAU, GEMMA MARY, 191 Hawthorn St., Hartford, Conn. CARLSON, SYLVIA HELEN, 83 Blackburn Rd., Summit, N. J. CASADY, CAROLYN, 94 North Main St., Cohasset, Mass. CASE, LORRAINE JOSEPHINE, 1308 Carroll St., Brooklyn 13, N. Y. CASS, PRISCILLA STARR, 68 Longfellow Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. CHILBERG, BARBARA ANN, 107 Wellington Ave., Short Hills, N. J. CHRISTIANSEN, E. GAIL, 21 Birch Hill Rd., Melrose, Mass. CLEMENTINO, EDANA ROSEANN, 21 Curtiss St., Hartford, Conn. CLOTT, NANCY PAULA, 47 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, N. J . X COCHRAN, SUSAN HAMILTON, 150 Stratford Rd., Wallingford, Pa. COLE, K. LINDA, 9 Mountain Ter., Upper Montclair, N. J. COLFELT, NANCY, 415 Conestoga Rd., Wayne, Pa. COLGAN, ANN COLVIN, 225 Waiku Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. COLLIER, JANE GRAY, 62 Hyde Ave., Newton, Mass. COLLINS, JACQUELYN LEE, 3748 Olympia Dr., Houston, Texas CONWAY, LINDA ANN, 30 Huntington Dr., Rumford, R. I. COONLEY, CAROL LESLIE, 475 Ocean Ave., Cedarhurst, N. Y. CORCORAN, CAROLE FRANCES, 768 N. Brooksvale Rd., Cheshire, Conn. CORCORAN, JOAN, 31 Wellesley Rd., Holyoke, Mass. COX, ANITA LLOYD, 55 John St., Patchogue, N. Y. CRAFTS, A. SUSAN, 59 Dodd St., Glen Ridge, N. J. CRANSTON, FLORENCE PITKIN, 2923 Rhodelia Ave., Claremont, Cal. CRARY, CORNELIA COLE, 18 Cambridge Rd., Albany, N. Y. CRAWFORD, HELEN EMITA, 27 Bedford Rd., Pleasantville, N. Y. CROOK, SUSAN, 33 Greenview Way, Upper Montclair, N. J . CROOKS, BARBARA ANN, 1554 Kew Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH ANN, 4 Spaulding Pl., Ossining, N. Y. DALLIAS, SARA, 6117 Wynnwood Rd., Washington, D. C. DALZELL, JANICE ELAINE, 379 Essex Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. DANENBERG, DARRYL ANN, North Park Ave., Bridgeport 29, Conn, DARRAGH, CYNTHIA HAWKINS, 1314 Bedford Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. l DATTELBAUM, ANNE MARIE, 611 Orienta Ave., Mamaroneck, N, Y DE LEMOS, ANNE, 190 Douglas Pl., Mount Vernon, N. Y. DEMMONS, PATRICIA ANN, 1946 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. DILLEY, BARBARA JEAN, 80 Stockton St., Princeton, N. J . DINKLAGE, SIEGRUN ELIZABETH, 5 Martin Pl., Manhasset, N. Y. DODGE, DEBORAH, 51 Hillcrest Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Me. DODGE, MARGARET JANE, 124 Circle Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. DONEH00, ELEANOR ANN, 44 Woodhaven Dr., Pittsburgh 23, Pa. DONINI, ELISE ANN, 2986 Briggs Ave., Bronx, N. Y. DOWNS, CAROL HERMON, Sunset Dr., Kerhonkson, N. Y. DREXLER, MARY LOUISE, Deerfield, Mass. DUEMKE, DELORIS ANN, 2730 Stinson Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn DUEFIELD, KATHERINE, 9 Fairway Ave., Rye, N. Y. DUMVILLE, GEORGIA, Barden Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. DURYEE, MARGARET BROWNELL, 175 Park St., Easthampton, Mass. DWELLE, JACQUELYN, 4948 Morven Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. EDMUNDSON, ANN LAURIE, 3408 King St., Seattle, Wash. EDWARDS, C. JEAN, 786 Viewmont Ave., Johnstown, Pa. EDWARDS, PATRICIA PATTON, 112 Mitchell Pl., Kirkwood, Mo. EDWARDS, ROBERTA, 74 Oakview Ter., Short Hills, N. J . ELZA, JUDITH MARIE, 70 Outer Dr., Oak Ridge, Tenn. EMERSON, SARAH WELLES, 685 Linwood Ave., St. Paul, Minn. EPSTINE, BEATRICE JEAN, 803 Devonshire St., Pittsburgh, Pa. ERICKSON, KAREN BRYNHILD, 5335 Grand Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. ESCRIVE, JACQUELINE, 311 Linden St., Wellesley Hills, Mass. EVANS, M. ELAINE, 332 Elm Pl., Leonia, N. J. FANTASIA, MARIA LOUISE, 75 Cross St., Belmont, Mass. FAUGHT, SHARON ROSE, Cutler Rd., Greenwich, Conn. FAUST, J UDITH MAUD, Cold Spring Dr., Bloomfield, Conn. FEIGIN, SUSAN CHARLOTTE, 37 Bayley Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. FELDSHUH, DANA LEE, Kerhonkson, N. Y. FENNER, DANA BLAIR, 347 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. FINE, J UDITH BLACHFORD, 8 Olive Lane, Barrington, R. I. FINK, GLENNA LOUISE, Route 2, Allentown, Pa. FITZGERALD, JEAN, 9305 West Parkhill Dr., Bethesda, Md. FIZER, BETTY MARIE, Star Route, Hammonton Rd., Marysville, Cal. FLANDERS, JUDITH, Main St., East Douglas, Mass. FLETCHER, JOY ALICE, 6805 Lawnton St., Philadelphia, Pa. FLOYD, NANCY WILLIAMS, 10 Southwoods Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. FORD, GAYL CAROLYN, 30 School St., Keene, N. H. FORD, PATRICIA M. S., Kennedyville, Md. FOSTER, SALLY JEAN, Norridgewock, Me. FOWLER, J UDITH GAIL, 58 Sargent Rd., Winchester, Mass. FRACK, CECELIA MARIE, 732 West Lafayette St., Easton, Pa. FRIEDMAN, BARBARA HELEN, 981 East 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. FRIEDMAN, MARILYN LOUISE, 120 Van Rensselaer Ave., Stamford, Conn. FRISCH, SUSAN JUDITH, 188 Beach 146th St., Neponsit, L. I., N. Y FRUM, CATHERINE, 2741 Landon Rd., Cleveland, Ohio FURIZINQAN, SUZANNE HOLCOMBE, 4309 Thornapple St., Chevy Chase, GARLAND, J UDITH ANNE, 7 Ponus Rid e, New Canaan, Conn. GEBLER, GAIL ANN, 96 Prospect St., Caldwell, N. J. GERMOND, SANDRA LYNNE, 662 Forest Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. GIBSON, JULIA MARY, 47 Fourth St., Hicksville, N. Y. GILSZON, MARIE ELLEN, 749 East Broad St., Westfield, N. J. GL8YlN, ELEANOR ANNE, 1118 Stratford Ave., South Pasadena, 3 . GOEPEL, WENDY PANGBURN, 720 Center Ave., River Edge, N. J- GOLDBERG, ANNE HARRIS, 40 Brite Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. GOODJVIN, RUTH HOXSEY, 860 Rock Beach Rd., Rochester, N. Y. GORDON, MYRA, 52 Winfield Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. GORMAN, ROSLYN PHYLLIS, 136 Gordon Rd., Waban, Mass. Goss, PATRICIA COMINS, 157 Lincoln St., Holyoke, Mass. GRAHABI, SALLY ANNE, 873 Yale Lane, Highland Park, Ill. GRAY, MARTHA PENN, 37 Braintree Dr., West Hartford, Conn. GRIFFITH, VIRGINIA LATIMER, 2018 Matheson Ave., Charlotte, N- C- GUEST, ALISON WALBRIDGE, 61 Lincoln Ave., Amherst, Mass. CUBAN, CYDNEY JO, 90 Village Rd., Roslyn Heights, N. Y. GUSTAFSON, CAROLYN, 20 Oak Lane, Mountain Lakes, N. J- GUTHRIE, M. LEONE, 5602 Sugar Hill, Houston 19, Texas HACKDIAN, HELEN VIRGINIA, 636 Manor Rd., Narberth, Pa. HAKEWVESSELL, MARION ELIZABETH, 147 Ridgewood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. HALE, GEORGIA, 132 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. HALL, FRANCES HANNAII, 56 Garrison Rd., Hingham, MaSS- HALL, GRETCHEN TENNY, 16 Vinton Rd., Madison, N. J- HALL, JANET ELISABETH, 46 Chestnut Hill Pl., Glen Ridge, N- J- HAM, PAULINE ELEANOR, 2100 Vallejo St., San Francisco, Cal- HAMRIANN, PATRICIA, 314 Aldrich Ave., Altoona, Pa. HAMMOND, NANCY BLAKE, Bradford, N. H. HANN, LILLIAN MARY, Box 254, R. D. No. 2, Troy, N. Y- I ELI HLQARI Slzlili-SA5 li 1wf'iGfg"4.ioL-5 " Hlyiiifsiluu iluli EK! , - ' Q llillll- of C L15 BQSR K ll . ylinf Dil. Hamm, il I v V Him. MARY Dl Del. J 0 ET I xt li tru 1 Hflisiuyifl IRIE. Ii lk- I ioifioow GALE 'iw o , , A H09-Ei, JOAN RU. L. Hom. Pom' 10 E' Hrcixsi- IWW" LW lime. LVCWLE .H 1 Itwtnsox 51-UU' I K ' IULDOIIQIIII' ANN- lmtIs.JEUN5 fu" gpm,lLITIIRI'N .M W .Axxs Reign Cmou' N N EoIIs0N IQIISJS. ypgoy, ELIZABETH im50y,JoI'cE ll IRI ii'HN50N.1l'DlTll l-r1Ig 3Ms,XANcI' llxxol.. fwts,PA'rRIclI. R.l". fI'iEPll,Jl'D1Tll .ix N I. 1mP.SL'sAN l':STEl.l.l' hIII.StsAx XX urls: immux. Stznxrg QQ Enpumsls. Anus: tit iLLlEK.11ElDl lII.ILu llas. fElj0.l.lND.k Loncrg IIIIIE. SARAH Ll IQ: gIIIDI.P.xTRRiIn. I Roux. ANN. 0 tllr-.u Q1lBEK1EY.ANNE LI: 9'S,CH.uIIoI'rs .Xu WMS. ANS Bu Xl Sill-L.1l'DlTll. X1 .- ANN-Cxnot Lois, 3 Sfgitirx. Nl mm I. -1NmI.D. lhun XI VmERe1l'DlTll IN. imlll. SIRIII lx I1 1m'SV5U .1 uri. xp . 1 1 ETXECHNLANN. lima., Au I I if -L . -Bxnauu lyu ml . T.l0.Ix PllYl,l,1s xi- 6 . . 'fl-Mx Lulu. .IFN . ,H N- 1lDlTll JT-P.HTuIrt1I y NIU- Rllonx El GFfC1xcQltLIx I1 1 .,.' LWDINE. 'in XLBEN -XD si I' eil . "- El. Uh .1 A' ' yy Ut me Umm, Utoiimiih AN x RIICIITL Rlm I it EULW' ' J D ellx1'I1E Vw.. .Im , 031 llg . 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HANSEN, S ASHA COLBY, Stetson Ct., Xvilliamstown, Mass. EAESSETJN ANNE LUCILLE, 2546 Portland Ave., Minneapolis, A 9 Minn' YNNE, 7,1 M., le Ave., 'rio ,N. Y. HARRlNGT0llg13S6l1:jxH, Crawford IRd., Harrisoiii N. Y. HA'rFIELD,MARY LOUISE, 11 Adams Ave., Norristown, Pa. HAWIAINSSJ SUSAN ANN, 611 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. HEINEMAR' JOYCE HAVILAND, 171 Elderberry Rd., Mineola, N. Y, SEEEERRIIARY DU BIGNON, Brookvalley Rd., Box 3812, Wilmington, E' 9 Del. HERRID ' THARINE, 160 Holland Lane, East Hartford, Conn, HERSl?QLE:N1t1I1,EgIE, 36 Richwood St., NVest Roxbury, Mass. HEY' E CECILIA K. E., 453 W. Delavan Ave., BulTalo, N. Y. HOBBBON GALE ANDREWS, 1616 Stolp Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. gobgm EOAN RQSE, 1416 Jay St., Aberdeen, S. Hggm POLLY JANE, 145 Eaton.Ave., Meriden, Conn. Hwimg, JUDITH COOPER, American Embassy, Paris, France GE JANET INGEBORG, 7 Hull Park, Batavia, N. Y. . UCILLE MARGARET, 69 Lembeck Ave., J erse Cit , N. J. iiiiif,iN,LMARr FRANCES, 51 Pilgrim Rd., soarsdalo, N. Y.y Jag DOROTHY ANN, Spirit Lake, R.R. N o. 3, Iowa JEFFERS, JEANNE ALICE, 503 Owen Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. KATHRYN ANN, 3211 Fairhope, Houston, Texas E'TER . JOHNSON D Route2 Bomwood Jamestown N Y ,ANNEREE, , g , Q, - - JOHNSON, CAROLYN STAFFORD, 3 Lorraine Rd., Summit, N. J. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH ANN, 210 Grandview Blvd., Yonkers, N. Y. JOHNSON, JOYCE HARRIET, 6104 Nassau St., Philadelphia, Pa. JOHNSON, JUDITH LEE, 317 Page Ave., North Mankato, Minn. JONES, NANCY CAROL, Knollwood Lane, Darien, Conn. JONES, PATRICIA, R.F.D. No. 1, Box 378, Springlield, Vt. Jossrn, JUDITH ANNE, 10 West 86 St., New York, N. Y. KARP, SUSAN ESTELLE, 115 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. KAUER, SUSAN WHEELER, Old Barn Rd., Fairheld, Conn. KAURIIAN, SUZANNE GAIL, 3500 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. KEGERREIS, ADELE CORINNE, 605 N. Franklin St., Lancaster, Pa. KELLER, HEIDI ELIZABETH, 1331 Main St., Whalom, Fitchburg, Mass. KELSO, LINDA LODGE, 307 West 40th St., Erie, Pa. KEIIBLE, SARAH LUELLA, 1018 Woods Ave., Lancaster, Pa. KENNEDY, PATRICIA, 14 Hundreds Circle, Wellesley Hills, Mass. KILCRIN, ANN, 9 Clearview Ave., West Hartford, Conn. KIIIBERLEY, ANNE LESTER, 367 North Ave., Fanwood, N. J. KING, CHARLOTTE AIKEN, 106 Morningside Dr., New York, N. Y. KINGMAN, ANN BENNETT, 7 Stanley Rd., Darien, Conn. KISSELL, JUDITH, Woodstock Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio KLEIN, CAROL LOIS, 211 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. KLEIIPNER, MATILDA, 145 East 92 St., New York, N. Y. KLINGAIIAN, HILDA MARLEY, 40 Terrace Ave., Albany, N. Y. KOEHLER, JUDITH PAGE, Ocean Ave., Bayport, N. Y. KOERNER, SARAH KATHERINE, 1940 Burton Lane, Park Ridge, Ill. KovACs, SUSAN JANE, 7 Platt St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. KRETSCHMANN, DEBORAH ANN, 39 Irving Pl., Lynbrook, N. Y. KUI-IN, BARBARA UJNILANDT, Howell Parkway, Medina, N. Y. KWIAT, JOAN PHYLLIS, 528 15th Ave., Paterson, N. J. EACEY, NAN ELAINE, 875 Atalanta Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. LA FEIIINA, JUDITH ANNE, 49 Underhill Rd., Hamden, Conn. LA HAIT, PATRICIA ANN, 2 Silverwood Ter., South Hadley, Mass. LAKRITZ, RHODA ELIZABETH, 640 West 231 St., New York, N. Y. LAMIET, JACQUELINE HELENE, 85 Brookside Ave., Newtonville, Mass. LANG, CLAUDINE, 230 West 79 St., New York, N. Y. LANGBEIN, ADELAIDE TIMM, II, 110-17 68 Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. IQRKIN, NANCY LYNNE, 2323 Greenwood Ave., Wilmette, Ill. LAYRENCE, JANIS PENFIELD, 5 Wellesley Rd., Swarthmore, Pa. LAJSON, LUSANNA TUCKER, 115 Loring Rd., Weston, Mass. 1 LEFEH, SARAH ANN, Box 145, Mulberry Rd., Route 2, Chardon, Oh10 LEINEWITZ, RUTH ANN, 86 Jerome Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. LIBBYAEH, LINDA JAY, 602 Juniper St., Quakertown, Pa. LINCKE IIEAINE MARGARET, 68 ennell Ave., Portland, Me. LINCOLA Kill BEATRICE, 867 West St., Pittsfield, Mass. LUDGINNK ARTHA, 31 Canton Ave., Milton, Mass. LURIE E NDREA RUTH, 207 Penn Dr., West Hartford, Conn. LYALIF ALLEN DOROTHY, 4022 9th Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y- LYONS, ENITA LOUISE, 353 Hillcrest Rd., Ridgewood, N. J- ' LEANOR JOAN, 65 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow, M255- MREXSZZLE, CATHERINE LOUISE, 458 LaGrange St., West Roxbury, Mglggwgirfs MARILYN SUE, 2628 Northwest zadi St., oklahoma M PATRICIA ANN, 128 Lansdowne Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. IN, JANET SERRILL, 249 Bell Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. MCKENRICK, ELIZABETH I-IOWSON 6303 MBalumOre, Md. , Charles Street Ave., ACKINNON, ELLEN ANNE 75 W M , arren Av ,, P1 TSLANE, MARGARET FERGUSON, 5712 DtIrches1tIegOAiiie,.,BCI1II-'ago MCLENNAN ANNE ELIZABETH 12 , ' D , Overlak Rd., W k . MEEQEELAN, CAROLINE, Main St., Norweue Mass a efield, Mass. ALD, JUDITH SARI Scoiieldt R, ' MACK, JANE CATHE 5904 own dw Stamford' Conn' MAIN, BARBARA, 65RE2Eghtree ggirtlgssllllgiii, 13Ctf16Sd3, Md. ANFRE, KATHLEEN MARIE, 164 Marietta Aire.'P- ' r M 9 a s B- . R113-QEDI, BARBARA ELAINE, 370 Commonwealth Bostlon, IYIANWELL, M. GAIL, 20 Yvard Ave. No th MARSDEN, CIIRISTINA COUPER, 111,Pr r amplonf Mass-' MATHEKE, MARIE BERRY, 29 EaStwoo?1gSI.7?RIIStS6IYziIISf:2nN 15' I' MAXWOVA MARGARET JARVIS, 6410 Beacon St. Pinsbifiilh iv-' MAYER, ANN MARGARET, 60 Fountain St., Cliriton, N, Yb i d' MAYO, LYNN SHEPPERD, 419 West 46th Ter., Kansas City M0 EYNIER, MARCO, 47 Briar Hollow Lane, Houston Texas, . MICHAELS, MEREDITH REED, 741 N. Taylor Ave Rirkwo d M MILLER, ELIZABETH HUYCK, 122 East 82 St., New York N' ,Y O' MILLER, SUSAN J EANETTE, 1378 Croydon Rd. L Ildhllfgt Oh" MILLS, SARAH, 68 Sandringham Rd., Rochester Y , lo MINER, CONSTANCE, 61 Clinton Ave., Ridwewogd N 'J MINTZ, ADELE HARRIET, 2 Adams St., Eagt Rockidway i N Y MOFFAT, GAIL CRANFORD, 5 Edgewood Rd., Scarsdale 'N 'Y' MOHNKERN, J UDITH CARTER, 60 W. Sixth St., Oswego, N: Y. MONTGOMERY, ANN GREENWAY, R.R. No. 1, Gastoni Ind. l MOORE, SARAH ANN, 139 Townsend Ave., New Haven, Conn. MOORE, SUSAN ARLEEN, 1 Coz Ct., Cromwell, Conn. MOREL, ANDREA SUSAN, 1050 Ocean Ave., Brookl n, N. Y. MORGAN, NANCY FLEMING, 24 Monroe Pl., BrookLyn, N. Y. MC6lfxlIIS, J UDITH GAIL, 805 Northwest 38th St., Oklahoma City, ' El. MOTT, ESTHER, 8 College Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. MUSSER, ELIZABETH WOODFILL, 302 Northridge Rd., Circleville, Ohio MYERS, JEAN KERR, 205 Tyler Ave., Clarksburg, W. Va. MYERS, SUSAN LYONS, 262 Brown St., Providence, R. I. NARAMORE, DONNA LEA, 89 Grovers Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. NASH, NANCY ROBERTSON, 302 Glennside Ave., Wilmington, Del. NEAL, R. FRANCES, 231 Vermont Ave., Clarksburg, W. Va. N EVIUS, JULIE ALLEN, Box 5, Shrewsbury, N. J. NEWCOMB, LYNN SARAH, Oakland Rd., R. 1, Webb City, Mo. O,DAY, SHEILA WHITMAN, Rua Nina Rodrigues 93, Jardin Batanico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ODIORNE, MARILYN WOODWARD, 107 Woodside Rd., Ardmore, Pa. ORTH, PENELOPE, 4447 N. Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. PALMIERI, MARIE-CLAUDE M., 167 East 65 St., New York, N. Y. PAPERNOW, LYNN, Sterling Rd., Harrison, N. Y. PARKER, CAROL, 819 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. PASIEKA, PATRICIA SPENGLER, Camp St., Middletown, Conn. PASSWEG, RUTH SALOME, 300 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. PATZ, ELLEN, Old Court Rd., Pikesville, Md. PAUL, ERIKA ANN, 408 Chews Landing Rd., Haddonfield, N. J. PAWLOWSKI, MARLENE MARIE, 56 N. Market St., Glen Lyon, Pa. PHILLIPS, MARY ELIZABETH, 600 Strath Haven Ave., Swarthmore, P . PHIISLIPS, SUSAN, 700 Minard Run, Bradford, Pa. I PILOTTI, PENELOPE PRIME, 1925 Huntington Turnplke, Trumbull, pogfggk, BARBARA HELENE, 4555 Henry Hudson Pkwy., New York, POIRITIL, SHEILA JANE, Care of Mr. Walter Cf. Scharf, 8 Borage Pl., Forest Hills, N. Y. D I N Y , 20 W'llo v St., oug aston,. - - , E , 1 Devon Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. RQEZITLSTEZZINSZARUTR, BD. N5-h1kB0Xf',4, Sg,aftai,F-Yl- RASMUSSEN, JOYCE ELIZABETH, 140 R51 gee Efggillzniq ' REA, SUZANNE LYONS, Mme Brook, 245 Sterlffllrgw York REARDEN, BARBARA ANN, 360 Westl fi,Rd Brookiyn N. Y' RENNICK, MARJORIE RUTH, 1415 F inwocive isittsbm-gh ,Pau RIAL HYDIE WENTLINGS 5510 Ay es Oro V." M ' ' , 27 M am St., Lexington, HSS- RICH' NAGm,iollVId?iL1fi.iito Ave.?YNew Roohollo, N. Y. T ROBBIN, R , 7 524 Rid e St., Reno, Bev ROBINSON, HAEiIgIg'IIgI:xEEB:53g Ortega Elvdq Jacksonville, Fla. ROE, SANDRA ANN 8i2 North Fairway Rd., North Hills, Pa. ROGERS, JUDITH A - Mich 1 lD ., Detroit, I - T Ross, E1gZAg1s5l,l, s,7gg6BSatg1y:i AQ, Garden City, LMI.,sIx. Y. ROSS, GS BEVERLY DIANA, 10 Claflf Rd-A Hlilgham, NSI OWLIN R MARIE LUCY. 420 Sanhican Dr-, ffentonv ', 'Y RUBHIJIRT IDRILEVI ANNE 243 New York Ave., Brooklyn, IN- - UUE 9 9 SAHAGIAN, CYNTHIA LOUISE, 138 Lexington Ave., Providence, R. I. SARGENT, MARY GAY, Penfield Hill Rd., Portland, Conn. SAYBOLT, JANET LOUISE, 633 Ferne Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. SAYLER, JUDY LILA, 9131 S.E. Stephens St., Portland, Ore. SCHAFF, GRETCHEN LINDEN, 2016 Midland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. SCHLOSSRERG, MARYANN, 610 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. SCOVILL, SHARON LYNN, 1600 Portland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Y k' a Wash. SEBASTIAN, SYLVIA FRANCES, 622 S. 22nd Ave., a Im , SEGAL, SANDRA HARRIET, 17 Oldfields Rd., Dorchester, Mass. SESINI? SANDRA MARIE, Breeze Hill Rd., R.F.D. No. 1, Northp SHAFER, ANNE ELIZABETH, 500 Queen St., Stroudsburg, Pa. SHANLEY, M. EILEEN, 37 Clinton Ave., Maplewood, N. J. SHAPIRO, J UDITH LOUISE, 159-07 Fourteenth Ave., Beechurst, N. Y. SHAPIRO, LINDA ESTHER, 172-40 Highland Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. S . H 'tf d, Conn SHARPE, CAROLYN FORDHAM, 262 Kenyon t , ar or . SHAW, ELIZABETH ANNE, 11 Magnolia Pkwy., Chevy Chase, Md. SHAW, NANCY HELENE, 333 Beech Spring Rd., South Orange, N. J. SIMJIAN, MARY JOSEPHINE CJOJ, Laurel Lane, Greenwich, Conn. SLOAT, NANCY JANE, 1009 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. SMITH, P. MELITE, 295 West End Rd., South Orange, N. J. SMITH, POLLY SHERWOOD, 28 Harvard St., Hartford, Conn. SOHNS, MARGARET ELLEN, 54 Bogue Ave., Batavia, N. Y. SOUTHMAYD, NANCY ELIZABETH, 19 Hampden Ter., Newton Centre, Ort, Mass. SPARKLIN, MARY ANN, 743 Landing Rd. N., Rochester, N. Y. SPEIRS, JANET CHERRY, 48 Lynden St., Rye, N. Y. SPENCER-STRONG, MARIANNA, 109 Witherspoon Rd., Baltimore, Md. SPICUZZA, MARILYN ANN, 9139 Meadowlark Lane, Milwaukee, Wis. SPRING, CYNTHIA CHADBOURNE, 10817 Southeast 16th St., Bellevue, Wash. STANLEY, SUSAN ELLEN, 32 Kalie St., Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii STEERS JULIA ELLA, 16 Greystone Rd., Lyarchmont, N. Y. STERN, JANE, White Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio STEVENSON, JOAN GLADYS, 91 Capen St., Milton, Mass. STSEINGER, SALLY J OANNE, 3289 Glencairn Rd., Shaker Heights, 10 STILLMAN, SUZANNE HALL, Maywood Rd., Darien, Conn. STURGIS, MARGARET, 47 Raymond St., Cambridge, Mass. SUCCOP, ANNE, Marcraig Farm, Butler, Pa. SULLIVAN, SALLY VINCENT, 221 Tunxis Rd., West Hartford, Conn. SUTER, BARBARA HELEN, 49 West Main St., Penns Grove, N. J. SUTTON, SYLVIA ANN, 425 State St., Albany, N. Y. TAYLOR, CYNTHIA, 1614 N. Dixon Circle, Cincinnati 24, Ohio TERRY, BARBARA ELLEN, 66 Crestline Rd., Straiford, Wayne P.O., Pa. THEMO, ELAINE MARIE, 38 Chesterfield Rd., West Newton, Mass. THOMSON, J UDITH CROMLEIGH, 8 Sachem Ave., Worcester, Mass. TILLOTSON, TAMARA ETTA, 30 Stark St., Nashua, N. H. TOLMAN, BETSY MARTHA, Bassett Rd., North Haven, Conn. 'FOPHAM ELIZABETH, 100 Nelson Pl., Westfield, N. J. 9 TOPPING CAROL HINCHMAN, 323 N. Princeton Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. VPOUMARKINE, ELAINE ANN, 522 Marsh Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. 182 TREFTHEN, EILYNNE FRENCH, 54 Spring Rd., Chappaqua, N, Y, TRIMBLE, J UDITH ELLEN, 5315 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo, TRIPP, ANNE BORDEN, Westport Harbor, Mass. TRIPP, LUCYCANNE, 121 Hyde St., New Haven, Conn. T EL, LOUISE ANN, Route No. 4, Box 461, Thiensville, Wig, ROST ANNE MARGRIET, 5114 Westpath Way, Washing. TUINMAN, HINKE ton, D. C. TYLER, MARIE WALPOLE, 409 Ramapo Ave., Pompton Lakes, N, J TYSON, JANE MARGARET, 2219 H Arborview Blvd., Lorain, Ohio VERMILYE, MARION FESTITICS, 430 Johnson Ave., Englewood, N, J VINCENT, MADELYN MIRIAM, 118 Allen Ave., Auburn, Me. VINER, BEATRICE ANN, Red Hill Rd., Middletown, N. J , VOGEL, ANITA ELLEN, 21 Dobbs Ter., Scarsdale, N. Y. VOSE, ANN CHARLOTTE, 48 Clinton St., South Portland, Me. WARD, CAROL ELIZABETH, 421 Roberts Ave., Glenside, Pa. WARD, D. ELAINE, Owings, Calvert County, Md. WATERMAN, JANE STEWART, 10 Bailey Rd., Cohasset, Mass. WEBBER, LINDA LESLIE, 52 Walbrooke Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. WEBSTER, BARBARA LOVE, 212 Byberry Ave., Hatboro, Pa. W ISSENBACH, LISA WARD, 51 S. Dawson Ave., Columbus, Ohio E WELLS, BETSEY ABBOT, 228 Hildale Rd., Villanova, Pa. WELSH, STEPHANIE DRAPER, 3109 W. Penn St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' O 1 WERME MARY LOU, 1612 Norwood Pl., Oklahoma City, k a. WERT KATHERINE JANE, 2707 E. .Kessler Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. WEST: VIRGINIA LESLIE, 118 S. Kingman Rd., South Orange, N. J WHARTON, JULIA, 24 Gi-amerc Park, New York, N. Y. WHITTALL, ELLEN, 30 Forest Sit., Worcester, Mass. WIELAND, SANDRA JILL, 605 Earlston Rd., Kenilworth, Ill. l A . N' ara Falls, N. Y WIENERT, HELGARD, 41 Rooseve t ve , rag , WIER, JANE KURTZ, 5 School Rd., Alapocas, Wilmington, Del. WIKSTROM, VIRGINIA, West Lake Rd., Skaneateles, N. Y. WILBOURN, PRISCILLA SNOW, 5113 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md. WILL, ELIZABETH SINCLAIR, 2949 Harrison St., Evanston, Ill. WILLARD, HOLLY ANN, 310 E. Pine St., Millville, N. J. WILSON, KATHERINE ELIZABETH, 4122 Westview Rd., Baltimore, Md. WISNER, HELEN WARREN, 2501 N. Powhatan St., Arlington, Va. WITHERSPOON, RUTH J EANNE, 451 Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y. WOLFLISBERG, HEIDI MERRY, 55 Cowdin Circle, Chappaqua, N. Y WOOD, CYNTHIA, 2 Old Orchard Rd., North Haven, Conn. WOOD, PATRICIA ANN, 44 Delwick Lane, Short Hills, N. J. WOOD, SARA ANN, Washingtonville, N. Y. WOSENCROFT, ETHEL MARIE, 53 Warner St., Newport, R. I. WURST, JUDITH ALISON, 1425 Tallyho Rd., Meadowbrook, Pa. WYCKOFF, JANE LOUISE, 234 Canon Dr., Santa Barbara, Cal. YATES, JUNE CAROL, 301 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia, Cal. YELLIG, KAREN BOND, 17 Ave. des Bouleaux, Antwerp, Wilrijk, Belgium YUST, RINDA AMALIE, 119 Sackville Rd., Garden City, N. Y. ZONE, NANCY LEE, 55 Westcott Rd., Stamford, Conn. TPW, N. Y LOUIS, Iwo lun' ensville W, . W A ls. I ays Washing- Jtoll L - . s L0rage3hi' J. Elwl . urn? ikmds N. J, 2 N- J. ' '- Y. l'aI1d,M, Side, Pa. Set, NI 1ale,l1QSi3 lioro, Pa. ' 0 1, , a,l1?z-ins, Ohm hiladelphia P 1 City, 053- a' ndlauaP0liS, Ind 5.1. Oftll, Ill. Falls, N. Y, lillaton D 1 5, Yi C' iethesda, Md. fanston, Ill. N. J. Rd-, Baltimore, Arlington, Va. chester, N, Y, Qlhappaqua, N, Y 11, Conn. ills, N, J, port, R. I. owbrook, Pa. arbara, Cal. 1, Cal. twerp, Wilrijli, City, N. Y. .onn. w t . Eh 9fa11ge,N.J, foreign students E AKIM, BERTHA, P. O. Box 95, Mbeya, Tanganyika, East Africa BARRERA, MARIA M., Avenue Cuauhtemoc No. 579, Mexico City, Mexico HAEUSSER, CHRISTIANE, 23 rue de la Republique, Vanves QSeinel, France HERVAS, ANA ISABEL, Victor Pradera 30, Madrid, Spain IRIGOYEN, RAQUEL, Mercedes 1530 Apto. 6, Montevideo, Uruguay KAMINO, YASUKO, 121 Shimodaita-cho, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan KIM,YUNG WHA, 85-4 3Ka, Myung Ryoon Dong, Seoul, Korea KNUDSEN, HANNE HOE, 10 Freistedet, Hellerup, Denmark LA CORTE, ANNAMARIA, Via Alberto Fortis 15, Rome, Italy MONIER, VIVIANE, 1 bis, rue Delabordere, Neuilly sur Seine, France NORDBERG, E. ANNELI H., Pohjoisranta 22 C, Helsinki, Finland OSADA, YOSHIE, 10 banchi, 4 bancho, Kawaraya-mach POPP, DOROTHEA K., Steinheim, bei Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Germany SCHLACHTER, GUNVOR E. S., 6 Wennerbergsgatan, Stockholm K, Sweden WEGMANN, MONIKA, Iahnstrasse 1, Oldenburg i. O., Germany i, Minarniku, Osaka, Japan SARONV 362 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1957 LLAMARADA Elm me' ff 1 W W 04-gh, A 6 .M W A, X, ,, :Wy 4. gy- 7 I fZ.fQG7f" , M ,,. . Qnfff ' 'tts C14 ay, ,, 4 Q Y .fo 4 v 9 f Y 1 xl 'vw any nw. ,gb 'A Q ,fm df? Af ,My-, , Y? i , W , 7 , fri, , , 15 .,- Q ,X vngf747fwA , g, , ff' fb f 4 1 .fgygfif ,iff ' 'fy' Ji, Q 5 3, :suffix au, .V X, W . A. -1, ,V 1 A ,QM :WA ?LL:.g?x ,4,iw,.,, wa, -f. -vfa'1:'mf'wj ,izmyggn fag A L,-4 .Q ,QK K v' 4 L ,. 1- 1 miw?'.f- , ,f NA s f 'J' wx-7'v-i'3Q, 1 , 'Ms :,Q,.13,jf ,a.grv,qr.h,Qe.,?m,'Q :fn Y . Mei: I mg., y,3gf,,.i',J4f A Mr ,lrgfrffiz ff .ww -f , . ,3,P7LTgLQ1.0:' f ' ' , ,f f num- V X f 1 .- Nun.. 2 ' r ., A I I I ' gf , his 3 5, X WV , 51 . 1- WZH -' lifftpiff V -B. if .1 V , nf N .' ' LJ J v 141' 1 . . ,24- , hr K A '13 - L1 -3 , .I . ..-, J . , a , ., ' , , Kr, f x. w. . v' , -1 x .' I :il 1 -' 'f- I 1 11 wk fx A . M, A . .-,f o. , Q l fix' X ' -J 3 --1. 51. ' g, 1 n '15 4 - ' iff Q , Q ' ' 5' 7' . ' - -I f - ,. "4 . 5 I 4 li, U , , E 0512, I Q 1 1 -3. ' 'Q 7- ' .' J A ' K 2 . Q . ' 5 , PI . I' ' " ,, , N gg' . 4 . . s f. , - I A ' . ! QM - 4 exw .A 1 f ' X- f 4 1? 1 3' ' ' "ga V, ,,, 3 f,. ' Q A ,fEj,g'J", fi' I. QA A 5 , egg ., ,liz N ' A 'i , I' x . , , ,, Q k X, 9f,..i.,? ffl 75,4 . ja' 3 JWQQQQ .,-,V ' . ' QQYT-F-: EVM 1 My fl :U if W'-,VL5 : "' a Q K 'Q' , . . gf 1 1fgf1'gr':.Q if ' , v K, -, ,. ua- -' Q1 ig +4 wiv- -Lug: ' i , f-, ,1 'J' " 1 Zi ' A ' 1 , V 1 A 2 t W fir! Y , f 1 ,tfff ? v 'Y' Q ' ,' ,ZJX-99? f I 7 Q -4 4 1 ,, iff' , f g 3 J ff 1, ff' s 1 ' . ' 9 .ww gf I N . Vqzlg? - ' rn lr 1, - 9 ' 1 E. ,' 1 ff -1 ii S , . X .,- L ii. -"A N , - ' 1 y ' ith, 1- ,lx . ' J" f "Sire, we ofer you our wine, our pears, our gingerbread,- our biscuits and our hearts." In the spirit of true hospitality, so said the burghers of Rheims to the King of France. For an equally warm welcome in the modern manner-for truly delectable food that will tempt your appetite and make a day just perfect-visit the ' 1 l. ROGER SMITH RESTAURANT for an occaslona mea acura mv H O T E L Telephone: .leiferson 2-1414 Hglygkea Mass, Robt. Whitcomb, Mgr. Your headquarters for out-of-town guests O There are Roger Smith Hotels in the following cities: Holyoke, Mass. Waterbury Conn. Stamford, Conn. , White Plains, N. Y. New York, N. Y. New Brunswick, N. J . Washington, D. C. Compliments of the FALLS CAB COMPANY 4 Bridge St. So. Hadley Falls RIVER LODGE Tel. .le 9-9339 ' UNIVERSITY PERSONNEL AGENCY Cvmpllmenfs of MRS. WOLCOTT ANDREWS 541 MADISON AVENUE EUREKA BLANK BOOK CO. NEW YORK CITY 22 HOLYOKE MASS PLAZA 3-1244 ' We specialize in getting jobs for beginners in New York. Appointments please! on alert for Leading College Fashions MINUTE SERVICE STATION SAl.TMAN'S 328 N S . . F ll 252 Maple Holyoke ewton t So Hadley a s EXPRESS BUS FOR BOSTON GMC Air-Ride Busses Low Rates C l. COMM JI or information call Omp lments of NITY TRAVEL AGEN Charter a "Peter Pan" Bus .Hg 34878 RABBI AND MRS' Keep Y""'Pa'W Togethef AARON SOLOMON PETER PAN BUS LINES Q JB Lf f v 1' X I 001 1 PP Q Q Gurus HZUW mum m umvm VX , mx K b, C -A gdb N H f j f ,f X 4 1 I x x H n 3344 X fix L X U . ff EUNQWUUWIUNQ 9522 COWAN DRUG STORE 12 Bridge Street South Hadley Falls THE REXALL STORE A Banking Service For Every Need Since 1872 Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Travelers Cheques Bank Money Orders Foreign Exchange Safe Deposit Boxes Trust Department Business, Personal and G.l. Loans Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System HOLYOKE NATIONAL BANK Diagonally Across from City Hall and Busses THANK YOU, MOUNT HOLYOKE for your patronage throughout the years. For 1957 We are arranging a special Spring Vacation in Bermuda for Mount Holyoke. Our European Conducted tours, several limited to students, are scheduled throughout Spring, Summer and Fall. You can be sure- - if it's a Marsh Tour Consult your travel agent or write us for books and schedules. MARSH TOURS 630 Fifth Ave., New York 20, N. Y. E. H. FRIEDRMICH CO. Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Metal Doors and Frames Holyoke, Mass. THE EVERETT M. BOWKER INSURANCE AGENCY 1318 Beacon Street Brookline, Mass. Lo 6-1082 BLAZER HEADQUARTERS for schools, colleges, clubs, sororities and fraternities are at SYLVIA PUTZIGER - BLAZERS 140 West 57th St. THE LAUNDROMAT 12 Woodbridge St. So. Hadley EDDIE'S CAFE Sandwiches and French Fries Cocktail Lounge 322 Newton St. Route 116 South Hadley Falls 6000! luck me SISTERS 6 from 59 insg 0mffz?nelZ7fJ' 0 kfouf, H5519 Merchants FE Q1 'x Q! 'XM .5 mi , I W V' X., f 0 .-,h Q2 ' ' " ' ' ' W' ' " ' , ,' L . ff . X A ,. i yi f viffilf f , 5 ' 9 ,'., hifi '."' X AA'. I 1M'Q'T'N"w'N"W V p 1 3 Gr f fi f., M, ., W . 3, Q Wi. xjfg X. ...'. , . ,,,. ,, A YY ihjigw Q . k 00 , f HQ l f 4 , ? K V 2 A ' 1 " 1 V 2 5 E g " 1 Q , . t , !, ,, 2 5 , i ., x-1, V. 5, F , x if ig X vnu.. mn,- Jgfluylfffl Wdkilln Co . . , . ,. , ,,,.,, ,v4 ,i, ,A, I I A x 5 X 1 2 s i f 5 i f Q 1 E I WJKQ fm. ...Q " 66 GNES REAL ,S ? , 9 X ,A x 4, i"Y. ' H' ,, Y, 5: - - , 7 Zixxvlfg 1 ff. Alu , Az ., A , 'fa ' Lx 5 -1 Maj . L f . . ' ' M! 75. , ,. .. K W- x I 4' If . A ,faeqeww , K' . QJHMQQ W I - . - , X lv Q X I K ' , N any , -1 , . F I qv ,s.:?9f7'W"'nVC Ti L I -yi V- I , ' - - t , K X I gre- ,- I 1 .XL P xv I Books We 7 I 1 so- JW K V i ' ' ,V U i if -- f - A I - Sw ,ff f, 1 - fy , 1 1 ' ' , , w'f'4 'f"? , 1721 ,. ,W - 1 -Q ,vf ' 'O,,ff"5f K v , , .4 ff.-rf ' -' -.W 'ikdw' ' I . '- 'fvlwff . V t U ' I ff . ,NH - ,f-. ,Q W , . , 9' yww 1 2.,.4,,.:,,,.-334,-,1,gW: A .,,,..W...w,,N,.-4 .1 - th 4 3 , ' KEN-.4 X Z i si . 5 .t b 19 i fl: ,xfffQfU5f Q, V g, ' , A f 5 'ff' .,. ,, ' -.,,. , f ' ,V ,, A Lf A ' W " " , f ' j 1 I Kai' 009 57 ffm? 2776 C LASS 55 'I' o Best Wishes to the Class Of 957 0 LEO J' :fig his . iI1llCi1fU.Cil 1 f from - A g'-.,,G,,.-00- J E NN E L E R SUFFOLK STREET 0 HOLYOKE, MASS- A PROUD PARENT 4 'P KELLEY'S LOBSTER HOUSE Steaks - Chops - Seafood Specializing in pizza on second floor 176 Appleton St. Holyoke, Mass. 0 BERKELEY 0 EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 22 Prospect St. Orange 3-1246 New York 17, 420 Lexington Ave. White Plains, N. Y., 80 Grand St. Prepare now for a preferred secretarial position. Berkeley-trained secretaries are associated with a wide variety of business organizations. Courses h h 1 aduates and college women. for hig -sc oo gr ' ' EH ' lacement serv- Dlstingulshed faculty. 6Ct1V6 p ice. Catalogue. Write Assistant Director. Terms: Feb., July, Sept. Girls School and College Outfitters 4 WRIGHT 81 DITSON 426 Boylston St. Boston Compliments of PITTSFIELD s ALBANY A FRIEND . .,... - ,,.,,.., - .,.,.....,.,,.,,.,,,... .,,,.,,, .. ....,.,, , PRUVIDENCE WORCESTER 4 "- .. - :g:2:35:f:I:Q:2:I2131522I:1:2I:IE2:'-I:i:5:1:1:l:1:5:52:25i2g1E:E:1:E:2:E:::-11:5:izi:1:I:1:1:212:iz2:5:I:I:Z'2S:-:2:iS:2:2:2 ' ' -:f-:'-:-:Z::.-2-:-1-:-12:-x-:-55535512Sif5:1."' ":i'1:' -K-lfif I. Office: 172 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, Moss. TEL. RE 9-2551 S P+ 6 fs. sec l Q MASS. 30111599 w'om6Il- nt serv- g congratulations to El living doll l l l l s and to all the class of l957 WV YQ,-X um? , X LW Wm-my 1 4 .2 " V , 4 F ' p A' f-'YS . ,Mx . , i , , N., W .NV -,vr-1 ,l . ,la af if As lotxxr x-iff' . - , ,1,,, f 'rm 1.1M 1 Q w., uid., '-'VIL' m 'vf,. , . if-19 six f-M' .V 1- If L, v I .. .1 - Q42-4' .133 f f -Af , . .,, Y NV91- . i ffkk fl I JJ ko'!'.f,'i "iff 14.712 , ,ff - A W ij. . - ,, AW 17421 A., f 4+ 1 X, 'W , Qx JU'-U'a. Mm PWEET em. bl U A NOP rw.. tojdmie , -Z , l ,a 1 ,v I I I rom Zfleq Qy6l?l0l'J'- who know where 'rg gofngg 6 A109041 5,-,mi YL :S A :Q x X gg MOWER Smear . waz S gy ' g 1 1 LAW K N HND.9 g N . Q6 566 Q o Q , A ENG 5 g ' " Y., :N Q Q f 'D - E .xg . , vfgqimxxx I 2 wi 1 Q Hxmmx xxx MAN oeufx 2 N bvo --G-xg' X N X- .I 5 Y-I-JL 9 3 0 Q D94-9 I mxxxx-',...,,., ...,. 1 Q new Q W X mu gggtn 1-sums Muzi gveragn' 66 NT :N KN - ml . 90,10 Cm Jn TGREEY GHKDENS AWP BLA A X "" V cure? wcmmo Aeeezg PQHI-Qff-ST wuusrdw CW' L 5 H H I L T . BGLAH H mamma - ABBEY Vgggfgf owceer N253 Q SKINNER J kwwuey C O 5. L.,-ge,-5. 5T P.F-,E-r' qua? Smeg f amos , l Y' gsSTHMl . Mmm M9109 imsow PERSONS LWNUGFME 3 DMN vw MNH vJlLL?'0N 3 wk- Min+ OBSERUHW .moummwwew K? j im Q! MOUNT HOLYOKE COLlf6E fx SOUTH H ADLEY MASSACHUS ETTS :ooo zoo aoo 400 soo '750 SCALE tu FE 51' RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUR CLASS excellent design skilled craftmanship superb quality .IEWELER DIEGES 8. CLUST aosrou 226 PUBllC STREET, PROVIDENCE, R. I. New Yom: MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 4 Compliments of H-IGHAM, NEILSON, WHITRIDGE 8. REID, Inc. Compliments of PA 314 ALLERY' S CKAGE STORE Newton Street South Hadley Falls Managing Agency for the Thos A CHILDS Student Medical Reimbursement Plan at Mount Holyoke College 4 inc. footwear and accessories for - CAMPUS - LEISURE - SPORTS - DRESS 275 High St. Holyoke 5 ,,.-' f Fellowship of Faiths conference SCHRODER ROCKEFELLER 8. CO. INCORPORATED 61 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 4 DEALERS IN UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT SECURITIES best wishes to the class of '57 SERVING MOUNT HOLYOKE FACULTY AND STUDENTS 72nd YEAR... Holyoke and South Hadley H. P. HOOD 81 SONS INC. Dairy Products MILK CREAM ICE CREAM X 'Jr g f mm? KELLER MD GEORGE "A FRIEND" Going P lcices? AIR - LAND - SEA ASCOT TRAVEL SERVICE Roger Smith Hotel - Holyoke Compliments of the MOUNT HOLYOKE NEWS on behalf of the 1957 Llamarada and its staff Compliments of PINE REST Compliments of A FRIEND S P ' X 2 ---""'x fvgx Y' , , 4.1 Sfikfi OU. 5- -S "x X PAP' fa gf! ' ,Z X - . 5 , . 1 , .4 I Y' 5 dorm television for the 1956 presidennal elecnon - Wil' Yearbook Is In Distinguished company W , 3 ggi fl .K-V' H Q Q. ' -.xxk e J I X 7" A rr. NN ,... 1' Sxxb U 'f Q Some of lhe Fine College and High School Year- b lr Produced by Baker, Jones, Hausauer, lnc. O05 F IT'S ALWAYS WISE to "look" at the company they keep when selecting a yearbook publisher. That's one of the reasons your staff selected Baker, J ones, Hausauer to produce your yearbook. BJ H is nationally recognized as an outstanding producer of yearbooks. We have earned this reputation in the development of a unique "package" program that puts all responsibility for art, engraving, printing, Cby letterpress or oisetb and binding in one . place-this means your staff is freed from production details and so can spend more time on editorial creation. The fine yearbook in your hands shows how the "package plan" Works to everyone's advantage. 2 .i 3 iz t ' idly 2-f BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER, INC. Producers of Fine Yearbooks and Advertising Printing BUFFALO, NEW YORK ' 'Baja x N' Q fa when s your staff ook. er of lopment of V for aff, ng in one etails ine works IC. N - Y f. ,A . , yn f., .M ' vi - , ,, ,- K m x V- . . S Q, cf. fy'-f I, ,, ' ,f ,, ., Z .1 , A+, 'f,1' N A ' V2 1 .X .V at 2.3E' 1' we . 14. 3' ua .4 N "' k W., 'ix V '-4

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