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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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1 , . . 2 , 1 5, . 4 . : li Q 'E' ,, A 'ji '45, . JESU2 WIGUITTG 755 1 I N L 4 L w 1 I 1 S i v 1 f E l s I l Y I Y i 1 1 N ? i E mb .vw s . -,L 'gf' 1 M17 uf ffzflyzfke "' "' " of VE' 2 Q fn Z 4' :D 7 irfi 2 1' fvfnr , 'N-.433 1- Q9Yf" 1, s SOUTH HADLEY ' MASSACHUSETTS """"""" gk!! Ill, N' "W I 1 x '.n Q eng? X K 5 f fs" Gag 2 S v ' : -m 1 , - 00253 : - -: Qwfm 2 ' "- - uf Z X op,-'43-us-" .f Q C O I. I. E G E 5 Q 0 x s 'I 99 N9 QLY0 rg. ,AQ ex ,.k. U ' fi! V' , L " 1-WK ' ii. -51 1 ,2f,,.' , Q15 , ,. , Q' 'fi :T fs,-'CN 2 - , 1 Q xvytff., W, f z F. 5. f 5,-'hw'-0 f V- -5.,- , 'gbfyyf "M " Walrus , QF' 'I 'EQ' ii Jn' Uamarada I9 6 MARIANNA MURPHY Editor-in-chief KATHRYN BEIM CONOVER Business Manager ELIZABETH BARRETT Literary Editor ANNE HUTCHINSON Associate Editor ELAINE LANGDON Advertising Editor SHIRLEY TOWNSEND Photography Editor ELEANOR BILSKI Art Editor edimfion To Dr. Tredericle Qlflay Elliot President of the American Unitarian Association A member of the Mount Holyoke Board of Trustees since 1938 And for fifteen years Chairman of the Board Leader, speaker, doer, friend, We gratefully dedicate this book. To his ideas Unforgettably expressed last year at the Liberal Arts Conference That we may wisely select ". . . when, where and in what degree to be docileg when, where and in what degree to be defiant . . ." We gratefully dedicate this book. MR. AND MRS. ROSWELL G. HAM Miss EUNICE M. MOORE fam 1956 4l1 MR. AND MRS. ROGER W. HOLMES MR AND MRS T W REESE - . HOMAS . Page Six MR. AND MRS. RONALD J. TAMIZLYN MR. AND MRS. DAVID P. LEONARD 0iZ0i'd7fZ'6S .-vs". f""'P MR. AND MRS. JOHN LORD T'-J? MR. AND MRS. EVERETT D. I-IAWKINS Page Seven 3 1 Q W 3 , L J W Z z 'Y' Z sf 3 Ili 1 Aw i""" ' uf V 'i a- ,. ,,,, We-'5' 4 t n 38 - 1- X E 3 v ,f f fa 1 f ig A If 1 1 QI li ' QE 'E w! , H. ' za ,Wg ' ',v f Q fn.,-L , V . f f fx ,1,g,f"g"-., Vx Q V 1' mhz gf W 1 4 1. 'Ex 3, f 5 Y 41 1 af .. flgf' M MW H 2 'K 1. 4 W x ix" ,ft 1 fb? V- q ,df 3' q XK J ix ik L 5 E Qs 32, , ' U 1 , , 4 'mx gl. , f . - w gr 1 V' , ,,...wJq, -Q , H -w- -Q-if ' ' A , ... , , WW' k , Nam .. ,, .4.....4 - ,f X fi. is ' , ff' --,.,,,,.-.M I, , ff' S , x , u me 6 b ': I QL' jf' ,. A 4 WX, . 5 HS- A VW. X Q'- I.. 'iv 1 59 mf 4 f r 5 m - if , :iii i 45 A J M251 4 VZ 5 43 k,f'?-f' Koegler, Sclioculuoru, Rutherford CClJfllI'lIlIH'll, Sample, L.o1mor,Lung.fiom... .,.......,, Judicial Board Honor: Academic, Personal, Social Uplield, up to Each one of us. Strengthened, our limitations understood, HQUSE PRESIDENTS By judicial Board. Q V' igx 1 R Ji S ,A . Q7 C I . . XR .3 , Y ,,AL-Y i - Bflffelff R"ll?eff0Vfl fClJflffH1fl11l, 'Wl1ite. Trout Row- Bruton fl-lolton Bumcker Jefczn C ' I , ' , 1 , mme. Page ffiuclue Buck Rom: Ellis, Tiutcbinson, iiflallory, Sparnon, Gfrierlmann, Keningson Baird Elttad Rockefellei BSec0p1d R 13 f 1 gl' L ' I I ' '. ow: u mer, fren, ee, Cor Hea Fund rais? V0C21tl0l'lf lntffgfate' Commun A jgb wel l i C0m111lttCC Heads Fundraising and fire prevention Vocations and movies Integrated planning Community concern A job well clone. Back Row: Hazard, Sleerly, Bailey, Norris, Cannon, Beers, jordan, Klein. U-'rout Row: Roberts Hoyle, Pye. Absent: Rutherford, Parser, 7-leuzplaili, Davin. Unity Council Unity Council plans: Freshman Qrientation, Night Club, Parents Weekeiicl. More than a meeting Of the heads of organizations, A meeting ofthe ideas that build and develop Qui' extra-curricular community. i , X, it . B 1 , M Row: iffolfaf, Noble, Wlarsball, fvffffcbf 9r'CQO"f'91eff"'fle"50"f 5'1""f"f' Toldisedggf iolialfflliffufiaolffg, Mitchell, Wilson, Cannon, Sleerly, Cornell, O'Brien, 73f0"dfflWV3" Tfonl ROW: ROC,Je5m,' g ' ' Donovan, Carr, 74011011 5l4UVP71Y- flb5e'11i Damn' Page Thirteen ational Student Association Sharing knowledge And information Between our college And others - National And International, Accepting, rejecting, altering, Making new ideas fit, Making Holyoke Ht new ideas. Standing: Wlalaler, Crane. Seated: flllnut, Traynor, jerzsuold, Skerly CPres.j, Trotter, U5riedman. Department Club Heads Thursday evenings in Skinner, Clapp, Wilbur, faculty homes Talks on cancer, carbon, ethics, Eliot, Le Tlflalade Umaginaire For the privilege and the parties, thanks. Page Tourteen Sand1n,Peters,Butcber, Collins, Qa111ble,Bateman, Pratt Qray Rogbggfie i iToro11sev lamarada as w 3 ZW? ,v ,4 ff ' 24 L M 14113-lufgbmgon, Langdon, Qlflurpby fEditorJ, Conover,l3arreH,Bi15ki. Page Sixteen 5l'furplJy, Conover, miss Bruyn. .-.asa 1 r -. A :'Senior Smile And think of someone special . . .' Click. There you are, three by four. Or were you less prepared, Perhaps we have a backside, Or, worse, a night-capped profile . . . Merciless we cut and crop More pictures please Less copy, thank you. What, you mean they gave us an ad? The budget, the budget, the budget . Shh, it's a secret! But no more - It's your book For you, of you, by you, We hope you like it. l jensuold, Qutekunst, Brown, Storms, Ward, Little, Blackburn, Sbarrar Cfdiior-in-Claiefj, London. Absent: fisher Mount Holyoke News Conversation and quiet Shrieks and clacks of keys Typewriter bells ring, pencils scratch, scissors snip. W , Cigarette smoke and Deaclline hover over all. Each week a new crisis, a new climax, at five Friday, a new News. Independent, informative, thought-provoking - Us and our campus In print. t f News Bureau Been elected, sung a solo, won a prize? Friends and family know and proudly cut and snip, News Bureau keeps the world in touch with us And us in touch with the world. Pe asus A new venture for new ideas Articles, stories, plays and verse A college is a place where people are thinking And writing. 'IVillinms,Kncbc1, O'Bricn, KHIIC, -Golden. Luke, Rcutlinger, O'Brien and iKnebel fEditors-in-Cbiefj, Pennington, Snow, Kirk wood, young, Qolrlen, Cooper. Black Stick A future Dylan Thomas Eliot, Faulkner, Moore? For those who make words speak Discussion, creativity, and a black stripe. Bray, Cooper, Wauglan, 'Woodhouse Ujresidentj. Fellowship of Faiths Education, Faith and Interfaith Service, Worship. Unity and individuality Of belief and purpose. Meditation, Campus Conference, Building rooms and bridges at Rabbit Hollow, Social Service, Nursery School, Projects, parties, singing, seminars. New ideas, old faiths A lighted candle Fellowship. Glee Club From Pratt to Princeton From Chapel to Chapin Town Hall in the City ln cottas or colors QQ Chorusing caroling, Q Qfm em ya, 1 Sing We Noel. T 9 T 1 l aa t .. l t 1 7Vfc7VlurplJy, Noble, Chaffee, 'lfVillard, Stone, Narslaall fPre5.j. Cho1r Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Five o'clock and be there please' Sundays and Chapels, Shinino faces white cottas And the Seven-fold Amen. Page Twenty -.-. ..u...,.f..,,-mf And the UN. to the World - f"'Q Back Row: iTf01Ul7f1'Clg6, Sample, Buckley, 5VlcQonagle, Collins, Dunn, Searcla. Second Row: Perry, 'Watts Sparnon, Wlcfauglalin, Clark, TrontRo1uf Roclaestie, Lane, Kenyon fClJairmanj, Briclceti. No, no, who's oft key? Your part, that's my part! One big coffee break at the C I : Hilarity producing harmony, Versatility producing variety - The Persian Kitty, Aunt Clara, Emlaracealnle Dloa, and Laura. Orchestra Pratt resouncls, Sounds stop, start, and stop again. Not the Boston Symphony, Not the Philharmonic - Mount I-Iolyoke's own For work, fun, appreciation, And music. Page Twenty-one C? ...x Back Rom: Romigl, 7Fciwcr, 'Bm'kus, Kellogg, T?rm1dc'Imrv Uurvsj. fron! Row: Kane, Snow, LTIIJUU, Nurlon, Lvvilas, Cflwnlv. ,llwscntf 'Kucllcl ramatlc Club Zoologlsts to economlsts Actmg, pamtmg Sewing spangles Fmdmg late Vxctorxan Chalrs Dlrectmg, producmg, Self-supportmg, then: Curtam gomg up - Heart Break House, Dark of the Noon And Peer fyylzl. Page Twenty-two T lf: I-14 Rogomslci Ulffariagcrj, Woodrunrfl, fee, U-lozvcurlou, Koff, Carler. fllnscnl: Rolncrls, Picker, Seirlcnlmrg. WMHC "This is W M I-I C, your Mount Holyoke Broadcasting Engineers, script-writers, news-casters, disc-jockeys Producing music, news, forums, drama, interviews, Now, after six years, planning forthe future F M, and a Education for listeners and doers. Station n f f 1109093 ,gnolQ04 Page Twenty-three uv' E: Back Row: liaucr, 7lll15lJlJOIH'HC, Toni U5rcs.Q, Cook. Troi l R f Si 1 om - lurgcs, illaltlmvs. thletie Association Red, yellow, blue and green, seen Smashing in a serve on the courts, Shooting a basket beyond the foul line Coordinating a trudgen crawl in the pool Riding in the early morning through still woods. Skill or interest, social or serious, Class, club, dorm, on the Field or the sidelines CStrike him out! - heis my math professor . . .D Fall Sports Day, Canoe Meet in May, just Desserts. 1' W'-sfx CX A SPORTS D X? ' 41 s 3 its Sf 5 113 33. T, L .V ,, ,,a t1,,:3,vr- . W - . .ii , ' M g h if mfg' -,fx ...J V- 1 x ' . ,M-f,fMj,..f.VW, M ,W , . ,, , 2 , W, V H ,Off f N ""'f N lr 73554. , fiimm, 115, 7X "ff f"f,j'fwl"'5"'.,'f,, ,'7"' ,U ga N u 1-'fffgl ., Lf' 11522 fy ' 'igm f . , Z' .,, A 7' ,Xu -fs , ff- , V A , lava A .Zi 'f .W ag , , . 1 V, , '-'WWF' - ' " 45' -OL 'fm X I ,I 'J g ink, ff' ,ffyiyg .frm 1 W N . Wski 'iw' gi, :g',:AZ' ,l 1,5 f I" W , f , - I I , I' ' :ju my 4, 1' fe 'fig V, ,W , -w, .74 ff" V ' ,, ' WK ,, wg, ff mmf 17 f- " Aff V' 1 ' V F? N " ffl 4' ,f A 7 ,ff X ' - ' 1' ' ' ' 3 , ff' . ff ' PM 'HK' fy! 7 , ,W f H '.,f4 3, 7 U V2 "VL -Z' A ' 'I' . " ' hw. ...Mx 7' . . ,V 9 , V " W, f' f M . 53,94 L ' , V ,-- 1 , 0 . .. , i , Q 1, U. Q, riff pw ,M-, 'fic , -3 F . ' 1 ff . + 2 WL. f,,- ,W " , fl, k V ' ,V . ,jjuylg .M!:fp.,: X I Jax, -,Q nqf' 5' , M .1 1 M V ff ff-1-1 , , f "Q . W ff X I 7' 'aw 4. , 4 f f W fgyiffgzzy 1 " ' Z'-.W '53 'U ei wwmi'iM'.,5 5 f A 3 v- I Q G ff x M fs ik! 4., X 'Z'-Ns, , 'S H mg . mg- Sz 72143 ,dl V. Q X gf .5 N M xl X, 2 x L7 M i ,Af X J 'x 'X ? an '57 ' Q , . Enyart, Barton, Trolicb CPres.D, Lathrop. uting lub Scufl through fall leaves to the cabin, Sing loud and lusty ln Song Contest, around the fireplare, on a hike, Ski with swinging rhythm down the miles of white To the valley below, Swing exhausted, flus ec anc at U D h l ll iohinff while the caller yells Grand right and left, Lift a quiet paddle from the water and glide in a still canoe Up a silver stream, lined with birches. Page Twenty-six If .Ill i .I ' limgey g 4125 Q 'iii-Si' i ill A lg ,AMES . K !1. full! 5:11111 . :,n V 'gyg,vv9- i im'-E3Fl5 fliiggqi 1, if' sr- Kl- Q . i X: ix i U I "4 ei .4 ,i L'Tj,t-1 ' re l HW ilhff , Q ,igggzlf l Quilt 5 36:31 3 ,ming Friends of rr Degas, Delacroix, Picasso, Lectures, exhibits, Stained glass and States of Mind, Teacups and neighborhood connoisseurs. Color, line, design, Pictures for your room, Art on campus. i r' 2. li it 'sl its W3 fi 33, fr is 44 fit? iii? and si! 1' wean tariff? E aff fl Q lf. l v nr 'f'--elgilld '45 c :Q "gf-Plff , "3 ma geifixias gqijgueswl 'l 7 ' gif . my fi? ' il 4 - W 3 lm 2- P l Back Row: 7VIcDonnell, Tranlc, Tlfallander, Elstad. iFron1 Row: Taylor, Anderson CClJairmanJ, fl-Ieyman, ilflaxcy. IRC Monthly meetings, speakers and movies Current events and informality, then - Conference: The U.N. Faces the Future. Highlights in a year planned for Understanding, Implications, East and West, Present and Future. Y y 1 W'-J' 3 1 i Q Q Q ' 3 'M 122 1 P x K 1 Taylor, U-larzvey, 'Wilson fClJair1nanJ, Bryan Red Cross Campus Blood Bank, The Fund Drive, Crayladies, The spirit of giving And doing. 'Hack Roto: Sample, Zllutch U7rcs.j, Chen, Richards. ffronl ROIU: ffaylor, Heinemann. Page iTwenty-seven I I W I 'YH . 1 if f sl V ' ,f -,paszmai - I, ,M Um 4 ' K if X ,f I wi 1 wus f f.,f .5 , , I 7 W .V fl, My I I , 7 A 37 A fy, Q Q , , V X 3 3-V , -' 7 ' , 'f g f 3 ' , 4 ,f 3, 'Q .f "1 3 . . 8 L V , .fa ' ' 1 I ff Q W Q A , 1 an X , 5 ., , 4 7 ,W U I " af " I ' . 1" ' w2'247f X V ' 4 W' X , 1, , , Q , I 4 My 1 if 'f ' '55 cf' f Q- ff , , , 4 h I if vg , ' , , W . 4 A , A 'f 5 ff! ' ,W -I K My aaa, ' , W . ' A f 1 Q 1 fn ' X' '-- 1 1 - . ,ff . 3, f I . 1' favw wg". 'f .iffy ' P I A 'Tw ' ' 1? ,Cf Iii: -, , Wig, -' :N .E K4 .P 2 5 L -tgp. . ,, . , x sv wr , ,QQ - K 14 ,f Y , - N: ' Zf,f.f15f25f ' , ' ' ".,A,1l3g. f,,..., ' 2 ' I -'lf,fg5gfJ 4 2 ,,,Xf ' 'ggjwfgy L ' f Higigil W ,L 3.-42171315 J' , 1 1 4532? mv I A 12121 .fr "Y 'V--mv f A H w1i'ef32f:11 ,,-jf., 5 'wi ' 4. ,, A . --.a X 1 1 --f fr' L M .K-cifsffi n 'gif J 'Q W , wr. yy! z Q -ff fr ,f vvmif 'NN mf 1 v f fy . Y, :H ur W I1 :fx f H grim: r -pn 1 :uf . Jffifl tl: .H f U 1 , .,1nZa'p',. x r 114.1141 an ' I '9'J41il lililfl frm,,no,u ' 151111414 , , , .5 n 1. 1y,, ,euuu vu fahsayzlu :wan 11 ,,,.X::'V""ff4 ,ffm1fff7" 'A' nun 4 M, ut, an 4,. 1, 'FIUL 140' ill anuifp-fin, N" fnnlunnx 1 ,J-nn, 4 ,NM .,,:"'7' A, WM . .,,, , ,J Nuff A ll- ' ' ,,fu:.v,,j'j"'iff fanswnfuf ' ,ff,.,u.f1,4,, ,nnuf flffff 1U1f"" "f an .U Lmmim- 2' ,.,..,,,, ff, , "f"u4.f.. www ' gf af1unn:f:'fi"" 1 lfu-fu-nm ' 'ffm' ,,,,,Jfn,,,n-,-A,4,,4'f'r' ff fnn,nun,f1H-.,,,,,1f.f-:,1g,- Muff,f+4sff4wL.,,,,XJjf I ff' -'u.f'u1ffN.:f.fu., "" "', ,f , ,.wwfW,,.,ff,,. :1f':"" ' f1.,,,,1.,,f,f4,.,,,,,f 'H 'yff' .,,,ff1fc,1-fN,ff,..f'2,"" ' ,,.,,,fNf-uf. .- ' ,nf HHH :nu I QM ,wfw .-1-ff, mnff' ,hw ,. If JA., f4.,,f,f 1, , wnwn. M.f,,,.. ..,," 2 f-,q-yf,.,f.,.,.4- ' -,.,.,.,,-.MU 11,4 wif! W., . .,,f,.,,:,,,5..4 4. uw., .,,,, ,,.Wf,, H3510 f,,,f,,u ibfffff 41 5 c U. 4, .M 1 H.. ,, H::,f.74,,f,4u fffif,.Q' ,MA ,,,.,,.,M,1 .H--f., .,4f,.,,0,A -u...,,,, .hwfmfy ,',,f, A ,,,, .Uzu- 4 1. Lt, x ,ifllig ,fx , saga? va.. 'f' if Q .wlfwr , Lff7f5??.F . 'eiaiiaiyil Alnxz' :wr-..?2 1f2,2'1E?5ftf A f3..,gf5, , ..a H ,. jf . zzcgnxlii' Vi 'Qgni ,H . Q04 i3 fgfi fl W. 1 1 K Q if gfgigx as .f an ' E if QM4 ff 1 'Gi X i 16 ,f XMZ 'v C . 'W' ' PL iw NV BELOW, left io right: Donovan, Sigrist, Boardman, Ruplcey. ABOVE: Brown, Shaw. lt wasn't long Before first-clay meetings, appointments, schedules, Queasy feelings before freshman mixers, A sea of new faces and places and rules, Xllfere all but forgotten, And we belonged. 1959 if C' wh , if Class Officers Page Tbirly ,gn xx Traditions were ours: Big sisters to help and to talk, Mountain Day - many bicycled, A few got lost on the hike up the mountain: Clt was supposed to be a hike for beginnersj Hazing Day - singing Dumb Cluck songs, sitting on eggs Making feathered finery out of paper, hangers, and knee socks, And every fifteen minutes - a cackle and tennis-ball-eggs. Llamie - decorating, trying to get ClH'fCS - many blind ones. ' Elections of Nom Com, suspense, and Presentation. Source themes and card notes before Christmas vacation Choir, Clubs, and extra curricular, Freshman One Acts, Ring Presentation, brought spring - Close friends, old jokes, shared problems, Double dates, and I ll meet you in the library , lt s gone so quickly Freshman Year. 1958 Coming back lt was funny to belong right from the beginning After a clay or two the wonderful summer might never have been. With the first party at Kendall Quarantine, a common topic of conversation, Seeing old friends, and realizing how many sophomores youjd never seen before. Page Thirty-two Class Officers BELOW, left to right: Melius, Marston, Carr ABOVE: Ensworth, Phear, Elstad. Then with Soph Reception We too had little sisters. Watching the devil and Mary Lyon at a fraternity Daffy, Everyone stuffed themselves with apples and doughnuts - A big turnout in spite of the usual autumn rain. Caroling at the Glee Club sing in sub-zero weather, Losing girls to the romance department, And the awesome question: "What are you going to major in?" Keeping Soph Skit a secret, Planning an informal Soph I-lop. Spring and picnics at the Connecticut, Watching our big sisters graduate, "See you next year!" 1957 ff iz V JW V ,yt . Left to right: McGhee, Schaefer, Brumfield, Mitchell, Warren. Class Ufficers juniors! Suddenly we were singing the big sister song Having little sisters to tea and dinner Giving advice we hoped was good - The long awaited tradition was ours. And in those busy first weeks Somehow we went nightly to Show rehearsals Surprised ourselves by organizing time Found we could produce papers that produced 1's And a wonderful Show, at the same time. Crab, jelly-fish, or mermaid Behind the scenes or in the spotlight We worked together And when the Deep Sea-crel curtain went up and down - it was over, And to remember. Then planning and expecting It was suddenly junior Prom! S0 with much ado and to-do junior lunch - sold out by eleven Cand voicelessD junior Coffee, a new tradition - Electing class officers for next year: And so soon, We will be seniors. i 4 iv? l p eefmfl Page Thirty-ji Class Qfficers Page Thirty-six 1956 Left to right: Gamble, jurgensen, Trevathan, Bateman, Washbourne, McG0r13Sle Through Convocation, Llamie, Mountain Day, Housedances and homework Did we realize - Did we realize this was the last year? Offices and opportunity job hunting and joking Interviews and interims Engagements and exams. We packed for the last Christmas Vacation And when the new year came it was Fifty-six - The year we graduate! We lost ourselves in talk, and thought, and libe In honors, labs, and dreams, And filled out applications that were endless. Senior weekend and serious sessions Marriages and majors - We kept thinking - could this be the last? Then Commencement- the end and the beginning And we say, Thank you Mount Holyoke. .....-P' i . . ',: gu-gus--........- Arabian Nights Tb m P Page Thirty-nine 1 1 rf-I - " ax 5 if . -: bl Ky MW N x is ,Q . , 63 QW X Q 5 Ak X.. I SQ - . q w ff S9 6 we wg, in 'px fa vi 1 Q if u u- ' 2 H XX ' ' V.,. 331. if X ,V , ty , Q .- is tn, X wg X Q V w 2 if N Q hw gk , Q . g, 4 65211, ' S, 7 Q X 4 V if U? f 'M . J I M' if-N fl fr in S" ' , , Y .Hz f Q w Q? .Ml SK Q 2 'n lift! 5 Q N . V QW nu 5 if Q! Z I f S 'S fl ff' :w"Wa ,lg W 14 4 .ec 1 'wil' 2 , if 4 .Q ki A M if . .3 Ykyv f +1 Wh I , ' ,mf X ww ' .i f li f . 17, EV, " A f'7'7"x.r"4f1 my 'V ,' 2,8 ,Q x , K. M, - 1, w Ma 2 , af f , I D 'L Convocation A new year - We straightened our caps, and twiddled with tassels Checked stockings and lipstick Found somebody taller and somebody shorter to stand between. We marched into Chapin We couldn't believe it We were seniors. We listened to President I-lam - He spoke ofthe Pangynaskean ideal The whole woman. After three years, this last beginning - Could this be us? Page Torty-two Y' DV v' Nw ,WM Jckifl 0 5 sw-'fe' 'mu W ,ww WM M',,,,,s 1' .Nw I Welcoming Scared, homesick, excited, or all three Z' 21 You fill out cards, find campus, dorm, room, and room- mate. At last some ofthe questions answered: What will the room be like? Too small Cthere's no room for another desk . . .D You look for another closet - dreamer! You wait for the roommate - Can l wear her clothes? Will she like me? Big sisters in white help little sisters The first day in a new suit and new heels lnto a new world. W ,H V ,,,, , , , If-, af ffgfpf 4 ,,1l,L7V,,, f y 25 6 x L : .297 , V M f.. , ,,,",i" , ff ,Jiffy ,www Aa! WM--I-2 1- A A .mlm ,I if ,,f ,, V ,W 1' ua. N , . r ' 1, K ' ' V F. 4 z . l ... ffl Ei Page Torty-three After the bell tolls, and lunches are packed, After phone calls and bike borrowing, When you are on your way- You pause for a moment to see - Clear skies and gold red scene Bright in the early morning sunlight, October dances through the hills, And Holyoke clambers after. y A AWA a if if me M o u n t ai n D ay Page fFo1'ty-four At five Thursday, wear gym suit, bring pencil, be prompt. Long senior lines in black outside Chapin, await. "Don't smile please, is that green you're wearing? 3fou'cl better go back to the end of the line. Again. What's that you said, freshman? - If the seniors could only keep a straight face . . " On Friday: Wacldle, Dumb Cluck, For your most Honorable, Illustrious Senior, You miserable, hopeless, scurvy specimen, You wonderful freshman class- To Wilbur for a henparty! Coh no, not egg salad sandwiches . . .D Hazing a ,, "X , , f X' 1 ' f ' ., ff W 5 V it-SQ . 6 1, X X, win .N 'Q it " -nf ' 55:1 wie' ,rw ff ' M. 'F'-I' :WLEXIE I E ,Qf .5711-,.p.,,. f 2 H , 45 iz f MW My! 'W N: f, , V 0 , f -f, cs, ,mu f A V X , Q, ,gy 4 5 J Gif! ,--,, ag grss, fg ' f SWK W' K . f' Z3 3 f fmfiffw G f f N: A- WWWQ ,my . 1 , ..,. f W V. , c A ' 7 s "-' r , - at ,f ,,.t - Q , .,,.., ,M t V ',,,.s V f. . I fh mg A XY x 3 mf-.7 Q nw 3 5 W Maggy-r , g . 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Elf or Milkman, singing, speaking, or silent, Behind the scenes doing make up and finding props, Garters, and a tail for cow number three, Sewing butterfly nets and sunflower hats, Painting the country, building a city Weeks of late nights and riotous rehearsals Eight o'clock fl. WI, to the librarv And "Ch no, not another bluebook' In less than a month We found working together was no woik And the spirit grew and grew Everyone a wizard ln Once 'Upon JI "Wizard On October 30, and for long junior Show. J'f Ma ueen ourt - Q N7 In early May The grass gleams green Windows sparkle, living rooms shine, Your room is clean - CKeep the closet door shutll - And Parents arrive. And meet favorite faculty, Watch canoe races, water ballet, play, Maypole dancing and May Queen crowning, Amid and above The babble of introductions, Or old friends spotted - Plans to meet at Joes, Or Kelly's, or Crist Mill. Our parents, our professors, Our friends' parents, Our parents' friends, Let's meet. I Parents' Day Page fForty-nine URESS REHEARSAL FOR'56 I i - ., i 3' :cg s A 3 - Commencement This is the day The clay that comes after. A week relaxing with friends - After majors After four years This is the clay. We have been to senior serenade, Watched lanterns making patterns Cn the water. We have Carried the laurel chaing Been to the Presitlent's Teaf With song Given over the steps To those who come after. We have seen the D C play, l-leartl the Clee Club Concert- This is the clay. It b A 'ti The The To Th' An' Thi Th Si 14 'Va ,411 An O1 ln1 lt begins with Baccalaureate A time to share and to remember Then we enter Kendall - The faculty out of step To pomp and Circzuiistance, The gift ofthe class of so and so And someone else, The speech, The diplomas Studia praescriptn feliciter perfeclis 'lfas mmc acl g1'adu111 fl1'l'l1l1l1 lmccalau1'eae mlmilto . . And come out of the gym, Cut of cloors lnto a new world. ,,,,,,,,,ic . X' s , . .. ,,.., ,r...,w. . .,.,.,s ,f- .f nf? cg, X IW -. 1 -"?s4.i.::X-'. 1 - 3 .f , .f V , , - , 5,Igi,:3.5v:af:',-ig5g,f1-fggvgassjiig page Q -QQ -M-,, .Y H, ls' -f .,.su:fg1.,, X , my-,i3,.3,yp,-w .M sf. , - -4 ' , f 2. 4.-xfgx.,-nag 'v2L'ax"w-14534 1 we QXN. 'aygv -. i, .ia .1- s, 'Ya 'f4l.'iEfLf'ff,'f?.xZ.sLYf:B:1--L.iiLrif.Zfi2'ya,'fs.1ifE5'il' 113 - '- ' Page fifty-one -:. ..,,,. ..wl.,.2,, wx. .t..,,. w y Y I if .ij M., ,fvgfwwxiixxwqf . A A.. , iw , gy 1, .H Lxxlrg' .. 3 af sq.. X. ,k M " ,' MM vx""' ' v -7- ww x X' W, ,wf W wx.. , 2, ,, . M: . .1 ,,,,, ' 'x ,gs -,ff f.. f-A -,A,1,, 1, A M f:,-N..- ..,, .N - .mv , .X -,- ,,,,,, -, yr- 'mf Q, ...,,,,M,y - yu. ,,,..,. , .2 ,-J.. M , M W' X ,MQ-mm U ,. . .., ,K . ,ummm . ..,, . , ,,, .Q Wg Wa, V i. 3, xx V . , . """" j 0 My , ,, ,..W.Q,',.'WMa - M 6 . . .. H ,'1,,,fzM-wx-M W.-W Ill . N' ' f-ff' -gf,An , ,MQ x .ww - l . , , , -.3 -y....v..-,-,,, ws -.... f ,, .. 1 . Q , 0 -NMA. -.... if R 1 ,A 3- , " fmt' 1 -4' f f- 1... :wr ,l .v V f- , , .,,.,,N'- ig "5fi.., M1 W. .. . 1 ,s .T'?':' U" ,X , Q, ' If t " ' Q 1 . , wx " A M , ,,. gf--' H -V - :Am-g-!,,,,. ..Q,-,..1 , ,LMA Mx., " ,gf g - ' - f fn, f N W..-.V W-aw X. ., ,,, .M -. N ,?W,.ggj 31. - X X - ,, ,f - 4-' J -,,.:f' x I H W-V N 1 . -1 ,, . - -, N M., , M ,WM a..,x , ' 'x V, '1'1"'N' W . W-""'1 - p -. 'f',"4,l,F? ' 'W -Q X-1 1- nm V. Y. . vf N, vw gy, :, " xpx .. x -..,..v,. . ,. -,,, Ng ,W ,, " '1 f .K y V M. Q ,f K , M.. ,x.,,,.w , , ,x.M,.x W, .. J ,. ', - Q-f A ,Q Q ,, K f-fm?-1 ffw,-fn , Ayn" www- ,' M' A . g A fx ,im , - -fliw' ,, ,,m,77'.f:' :, 5' 4353 ' 2 M X ' ,Q 5' ",,,',:gq',eAg,y WWW, W- M - if , 1 - fx. , -nf QW ,W " V1 , , , . . MW. .,M,.,' - :,,,,.f::W W W-M-www' Q M .- -f . , L, .A , . , ,W Mm Q , -Wx Jim.. ,,,,,,,W..-W ., RW. ..,, Q . , A , V , .,- ., L .a 1:4-Q Az-.,,.w,M.. ,,,,-,,,qif'3M1,"f ,X,wxx' . -- I-x f, , f,x..,,fQ:w.sff.Q ,-.f . -,,.. ,.M,. ,, , 3 ff.5,m.,i,, MZ, ,NJ www., 1 , g 'Y 'H ' , K I ,Q X, ,,,. W . V4-1, AN - f :,,,i , M31 U . ',.-fry-'f,f'f,4,3i,x'.,--uf ,. ,, , .M.Vm. .,N,f,.f ' - fi 4v-f,- MM? , ,,., . ,M .K W. N ..- , u -ww - A- Av .awww .W..,., Wx, ..W.,'-W, MQ' f -f 1--ws' WM www- . , W .:Mx,.-w-m- X M- .X x 0... uw- v R, NM, ,v,,..,,,,.gK ,, ,,. -, W - - -M z K-M1 f, .-ax-Aff' .A-ff vwwrn-ff. , , .x ,,. ., ,Q .,W,,..w.,, M,m4M,xMf:t...,, W, ,.q:W.w K XM W ., . W., ,N , , ,M ,X Vkyu. vm ,M , ,A .,,,,,.,N.mM :M J A.VA 4 .. ,MA W MMV M M,.,.,, ,,,,h M A , W , 1,.:Nff'- ,Q 0 ,ik 1f,,,,.. .WM M. Www .M -I - ,rx ,X 9. -'i"' f' ,'!Q2:1.n fwffg"T..X"'?,"f,,,x,1,'g1.2, ,?,J2"'i A 'ff' -x - --W2 . .W Qq,,,,' ,- Ayr-M ,wwf-MN - M wx - 1 X,,,m.x MM NH. . 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JM' - ,- K x M . fz, r' 1 Q-',.,.- . .gf rw' Q., H . ff 1- Q 42.4 ,- I- 1' ' 'xx'-,Sl ., , Vw. sf -1 Mx F ,W 3: Q,""f'!.' ,' . 1 . - fe 2 X A ' va '1 y"4.fiX..a'Xs + ' ,'P'f'.9 - 'l"4' xv" 1 " T. ' .90 , 1.-' af' " A-5 'eg -4-f., ., Vx- Z Ap . W. fr, , x ,fl Y - i,Q,vgm'sx ." A .surf fvlvw 4 if an A S, Q X, N ,J 1 1 1. ,V V ,H . . Qdpx il. fm- 3"i"T 1 ef, . . 1 W ., vfaf'fL F, ' L :Jw L ig I, I -,Lf . iff .I'L..N, .L ,ff i'...gixL'!.,' f Q' 3 in X., fp, 5-'ze ....LfQ.,..m . f T. 'G V, A E351 w L ' V ' .Sv xx Weekends if ' Page Tifty-four lamie 5 'Q,, 0 .f 9 . 4 4 . , , ' 1 , f , c , 1 if of ' ' Q Q . 111 J 9 , y I M I G! Q 31 1? u 1 5 , ' , - 3 2 0, ' , 'X ',, za' , l A Vz:.!-J. e .L A sa' b V 5- 3 I, , I . ,L V. 1 s 7 wJ 1 Z,'.-9 A --, wwf-.f 5, 'li' fgf., ,..,' 'J Q H- 'ill 4 'ftlt ,. 0' ov ' . . - n v- :S 1 . - 'lo A ',,"" , . ff-44 ' l,,1,'i, 1 ,I 1: ,-5:4 ,' V 15, . T11 R . -3 ,. AX ' 'X 1 ',, .1 1 5. - -1 ' , ., 4. z?gNi 9 W. l'q Q iv U , ,I 'ly Af .t'.Q8,Vplf'la?,' Vlo51L,',!fgA 5 'Y IA, ' " ' lo' ll. 0 tg., ' 'i,vf.3'- . .9 ' -. ' 1 4 . ., i I V 'A f n':-f' , ov 3:71 f, PM 5 - wf . , l .6 Q, 5 V 'LX I f. 1 , fwq- lay xx 5 ' 'V fY,f 2:.QQ "-" 1 .fm -:' , , f vvfff -eff xvf z, -'-.' , . 'fm Lt , 1:41 .2 s-QM2'-fr f ,l f 4 V! f' 1 Q. if ' , R sv fl- --' I 7- """'f3 is , f ,,- ,N ,,:ss' 1 ,V "W: V. 49.3 f ,Q V 4 - 44' N Y , 8453 5' f in ' 'Htlsvi sr O5 it t' l'u1' Mi"" .a"! --f'v' m 0 3 6 rg I K ,V 5 . Q . :QI V nk? :I wi " 'ff . , L' "V" . ' 4 ':.5t13,:f V ',5,3 'Q 'iffy ,J s x N W... 3 ,I af 'K , Q 6 . 1 3' , L, YYHI g' .Q 9' ' Q - - 'f ?f' ' 'sf' rh,!'. 0+ .QW 'ww . qv :AQ - f'-ws Aw 1 MW! "qw-1+ nf- '. x , 7 5 9 V 124.5 7vQ'H-14x13 4., :fly .ik 5 , Ja. 'Q :fx . jf- wil " K n ' ,. 0 . 1 AU' - ,l :Ng "L,,ko QI, If 5, ' Q .fig ig' 'rfb' . 2 Qfffzb, ' 55.1, 5' Q on Q 5 ,. A g-' , '. f', ' I' H-f 'SYS 1 f gf.: 'A' .,.- . 5 . lu ,H A . ,J ' 4 ' , 3 , Q . 31. YY L5 Q t .ul 2,4 5 yo . . X ui A 2 at lk s ,'n W 3 45 '.m"' - . ' Q g 0 , D . . Q , 1 fa' ,ff ff X5 4 nowball 'stty Page Tifty-eight ,ana wr, , Ns- . .- . ,Q af wff , -,v.ff::fJyP-.,,:f:. '- J ,,,,f?,,,vx,X HN., .. :.:..V 1 ,.,x . .. il H3 4 5 4 xfrfswfww 4 if.,-an-.",,,',,,gv Q, gym w ww f ? 3 T- - Q L X. n w , is 1 4 mg v "Dost thou remember . . . The special time Carols and cheer Furtive shopping sprees and hilarious gifts Saint Nick and holly The big twinkling tree near Chapel And inside, joyful, humble Christmas music Later everyone A little sleepy A little young A little trusting Around the evergreen singing Glowing fire and hearts A Star in the Heavens. hristmas Page Sixty ,wa W WGPPAPI2 ill lil! IELIII lfl4Hlf!lgQ ' xi - 1 . .........-1- .............- mf I I H h f f S 1 f I iIfI 'M'H'Zs E ' 5 2 I E I 3 I 2 I I W Q N W f' 1 "MT-ig ' 5 ' ' I ' K ' I 4 I ' ' ' ' I F I 5 I ' I E A . Y .. A ' W.. .-lLTf1W"" .... W""N :T ,, ..N1'f?TY'.'! , ' I I . i I 8 ' X l , Q--' 2 I 0 4: . in- ... 5 Q I ' ! ,- I' f K ff ' ' r ' w"l'a5, N Hf I ' . N71 A ' ' ,wi Ar gil? h g . at Z On ampus All day we have rushed from place to place From class to class, from libe to lab To P O to look forthe letter that is not there, To search for notices we should have seen, Among the ones we've seen before, To find at junior Lunch a tunahsh sandwich, i And the biggest cup cake. , To coffee breaks and smoker sessions, To talk about people, things, ideas. I All day we have rushed from place to place ' A year of days - how do we spend them? l I l l lr l A pi l l Page Sixty-two Page Sixty-three '?B'wN Dorm 1fe Llnavoidable Indescribable Hilariousg sometimes near tragic Unity among individuals Parties, costumes, zany ideas Midnight firedrills and mailbox skirmishes Workcharts, bridge and smoker The mystery ofthe missing phone call Temp-doubles and fourth floor garrets House-dance-transformed parlors WZ Roommates and special people The great and doubtful parts Curs for four years, And afterwards. Page Sixty-four tj' I A... 1 , Y fn 4. x v .T. 1 X' 'a E wheat thins -Q2 -- A GCC, r ggegffg 1, K ' 'L1gQ?"' 2 K 425 4- N A.,-Q-1, . , S OSECRE SX X 'X xxx-X 1 -..,Y!.-'- Nx I, Page Sixty-six 1? I i J 1 X l b O u t T o W n Small town Straight main street Friendly faces ancl familiar places 5 Shopping, stopping, eating, greeting, 1 An Ivory Tower with Cas Station, Launclro- X L mat, Post Office, Glessies, C. I., Greasy Spoon, l Toclds, Filenes, A 8: P, 5 And Mr. Felice. l l 4 'li' 'H XM 'A Hutf sd Lectures and oneerts On Wednesday nights A singer smiles and bows, An orchestra Crowds on stage, And speakers come, With notes or noteless, With ideas. Most were good, Some were not, And the Chairs creaked Without partiality. We go away talking or thinking, Ur both - Sometimes a chapel credit Crossed off Often an evening to keep. ff' lump...- Page Sixty-nine l l V I R I W Y , I F I i l V i, xx ,j I J 4 v 'il 1 V Q83 du S a .-0' I . Page Seventy-two sri , it ,W f 1 if: Academic Life Late nights Coffee and cigarettes Existentialism over the lunch table Weclnesday night and that special prof Overdue papers and underdone preparation Exams, bluebooks, and busy pencils That favorite course, that awful eight o'clock, Those unforgettable teachers who somehow reached us With values and a philosophy outliving, outlasting The formula of glucose, irregular verbs, the date of Botticelli Giving us friendship, inspiration, An education for living. If VI . f, A ff' Page Seventy-four is -. "Strike through the mask, You thespians! I-lowl in the halls of Holyoke acacleme Your best in gay barclolatry. The play's the thing Whereiii we'll prove the glory Cn an intellectual fling. Let the critics new and olcl Puzzle, praise and scolcl, Cry havoc and let loose the barbs of exegisisi I salute you and hope this makes us rich as Croesus!" fwrillen for faculty slaowj Faculty Show W I E EH fi u 4 . lf' "X Page Seventy-fue 5 az .5 f A sf wg 1' m A , .f 2 ,f ,bf Mwvypw 351 12 jaw? f, 'ff I 4 wb ,Am 4 'W ,im 1 ff 5 A R 5 Q ,X ,f is V A' 1. ,J my 'Q -ugh. I enior ABIGAIL MAE ADAMS Zoology PATRICIA ADAMS Premedical Page Seventy-eight I I I I I MARY JANE ADAMS I Sociology I 1 Jwazmf 090,66 C01 CLASSI I I I I I I I .f-'Inna I I I I X X ,,.,X,. 'wQff" Y' N S ' xi ' I I I MARIANNE AEBLI Chemistry I .,Iv' GP we TI-IERESE DEBCDRAH ALBACI-I American Culture fre Coffege .SOF1956 LESLYN ANDERSON Economics and Sociology X, A A view, W X 1 NANCY LINN ANDEL Chemistry X -Q .,, o l , I ..,' 1, -- ARLENE ELISE BAILEY History Page Seventy-nine I I I P .Q . A , , ,, jawn, I f ILIDITH HELEN BAILEY Geology 83 hunmif' SALLY BATEMAN Chemlstry V Page Ezgbty ,I fi I I1 , I I , I 1 by lil Il I I F U s -I . al H I I 3 A X 1 I I W , - 'I A I A H fl L . I I I . I I li I ,i V II :I , V JMX? 'U' ELIZABETH LOUISE BARRETT Zoology Jlfozwf Hobfoke CLASS BARBARA BEERS Zoology Ig, C0 OF r i E I I ANN CERTRUDE BEISLER ! History We Coffgge E SGP 1956 F ELEANOR CIBBS CAREY BILSKI Art EX JANE MATHER BENTCN Mathematics ELLEN NITA BLACKBURN Religion Page Eighty-one 'wiv t ,,N , - , . EDITH KIMM BQDELL Mathematics , xg 'Kr y if V sg. , . s 'is ' .. I, .wx CAROL BARR BRANDEBURY Speech Drama Page Eighty-two -- -I - W Q e w 59. was :,,.. ,'-:fn ft K . . . . , ..X, . DIANA I-IILE BRADBURY Chemistry Jbffozwf 000,56 0 CL . sk .N . as xfifsxxkf X I-IARRIET TI-IURBER BRIDGES History A I ?"'Qnllvr ,f,f,. ty PALILINE MILLER BRISCOE 1 Chemistry 6 offege SOE 1956 N If 1- . . , ' gjf.,,,: sf, . , ,I ' ., -of ,.., , , ,,,v ,f- 11 ,, ,,.1,.. . , I 5 .L CAROL ANN BRQWN Chemistry JANE BRQUCHTQN Chemistry,., . .r , V r.:yr, ., CONSTANCE GRACE BROWN English Composition Page Eighty-three 4? PATRICIA LUCY BROWN Speech Drama f o vf.-- , -. .M -Qg 'V MARGARET JANE BRUTON Sociology Page Eighty-four 4'-Ms '--- , , . ln-. . , qw .1 'NK Eid, x VALERIE ARDITI-I BROWN History N Jffozwf H 000,66 C0 CLASS OH A . E, ,, x , ., .. - f' oil.. M I ANNE ELIZABETH BRYAN ' Art ' -,1 fsf2.:sWzw,mf , -vA:1ss1,: :JmZ2ai45:.s1 ' CAROLYN NORRIS BRYAN Psychology eg College SOF1956 ls X X U ! ! JANET BUCK English Us ...M SARAH DARLINGTON BUCKLEY Chemistry OLIVE BUERK Art Page Eighty-F CAROLYN BURACKER English Literature X X ELIZABETH ANN CANNON Art Page Eighty-six f cf, f LYNNE RUTH BLITCHER Economics and Sociology Jlfozmf 090,66 0 CLA CAROL ANNE CARTER Zoology S I I I I I I S+:- XXX cc era. ,, 1 we A fr ywsea, ia' . .. , c z,, ws 'xg,,ff,,gg 'lf XM 'fl '- . ,V X., S as VIRGINIA CARMELA CATANZARO 6 Coffege Mathematics SIOF 1956 I , ,, ,ff "' ,., JW' RAMCNA CHAPIN Political Science ELEANQR CI-IAEEEE Physics f- X ...,f::fw"4lw-ii' 9' I I c . ' CATHERINE ANNE CLARK Psychology Page Eighty-seven ...-.. ,,. .... .., ,. LORRIE INGRAM CLARK American Culture Wnjxx N MRI, QA M ,, sexi-. MQ-. .W :ww DIANA MARGARET COLLINS Political Science Page Eighty-eight SHIRLEY RANDALL CLARK French Jlffozwf H 000,66 Coz CL CON STAN CE CUMORA Philosophy AS wwf' ELIZABETH KINKEAD COMSTOCK Mathematics 9166 Coffege SS OF 1956 ' f , . ' ' ...f fz ll yil i Y. I A' ' ::ii,::' 1 D 'V 'fi' f .. M -w,,,f KATHRYN BEIM CQNQVER English Literature 4 t QQWWW BARBARA l-IEDGES CONNQR Biology f 2 ,. . ,.,,, , L a s ,L tttj .,,..:.,,t:1 ,,LV I Zli I 2 s,i .ft?,,,1 :,, ,lE:,t1,t,,:,:e,Va ta, a s - ANNE COOPER English Literature Page Eighty-nine ,,,.f-mnsawf ,,. NeemVf"i I ROSEMARY R. CORNELL Chemistry R JANET MARY CROZIER Zoology Page Ninety EUCENIE CLARE COWAN Political Science Jfozmf 000,66 Cob CLASSiOF MARCIA EDITH DAVIDSON Geography N SUSAN DAVIDSON American Culture 0126 Coffege SSCDF1956 fc ff f ,,,, -WWW' , MARION LUCILE DAVIS Zoology fvzmvc 1I,wfQ,f--y,- , ESTHER ANN DAVIN Psychology y My ffm VIRGINIA PARRY DAVIS Plant Science Page Ninety-one , f, ., yi, - . ,,,.,, X f., ARLENE MARIE DeI-IOFE History Q ss, ss, sw gh , , ., s.,,g I X4 qw - W A I ' ' PATRICIA ANNE DIONNE Psychology I I Jwozwf H 000,66 COL CL ELEANOR MADELEINE DJERE History Page Ninety-two ,F - X k g A mi , in .K x .I so . ANNE DQWNING DOBERSTEIN Sociology N I ASSgOF I I I I A A ot . LL .,. A. M M N. ......,, ,rf w f me NITA MARIA DRESSLER Psychology 'oh Coffege SS GF 1956 NANCY RITA EISNER French ...,sw . ,W . ' ,,..-.AJ .. , fr ,Q NANCY KNQWLES DUMPER History 2 K ,, -:. - w o r Q -M - x V ,..- " A . :sq Q- by AA NATALIE ANDRECLY ENDS Italian Page Ninety-three NANCY HAMILTON ENSICN Psychology NANCY JANE EVEN Biology I l f l I l l 1 l 1 -cw,-..iw,c.,.. wgcg., X-.g1f1.H m X fry' ,MocNm,.,, M5 N Xe ' w.1.w.X . , A JO ANN MARGARET ESKEW Art Jlfozmf H 000,66 ii CLASSj I NANCY EAIRCHILD 1 Political Science Page Ninety-four e JUAN HSIEN-Cl-IUN PANG Physics were olfege SSOF 1956 MILLICENT KERR FPOLLIQTT Political Science SANDRA FARLEY Psychology A - ii scc g i 1 LUCILE JANE FISHER Political Science Page Ninety-Hue . XQXW, Xx sx A X, , W -N .. Q, ., ,, , W. My .aww N igrcmw . SARAH BETH FISHER Political Science R ' - if V-v ' l .. NANCY ELIZABETH FRETZ Chemistry Page Ninety-six X , f, .v X . , ,-2,...,.,' --'-rw, ga., X V 1 X vb , f SX i CAROL FORD Zoology Jlfozmf H 000,66 CLAS BARBARA ANN FRIEDMANN Chemistry l 1 l l E il . V l I l i l I l 0166 l l S55 s i l 1 l l 1 1 1 4 4 l 4 ll l ASTRID KEYSER FRGLICH Zoology Coffege GF 1956 I A ANNE van NYDECK GAMBLE History A g i J, ii BARBARA JUAN GAINSBLIRCH Economics and Sociology -if EVELYN GLORIA GOLDEN English Page Ninety-seven AVERY DENISON GRAHAM Economics and Sociology o c PRISCILLA ELLEN GRAY Psychology Page Ninety-eight NANCY CWIN GRAY Philosophy Jlffozmf 000166602 CLASS OF l SYLVIA DORIS GREENBERG Political Science I I ew 'i'W1- I , Wwffm, yy '- V I TONI GREENE QQ? I English Literature I RUTH MARIE GUSTAESCN 0,65 Coffege Geography SS OF 1956 I I I I I I I We SARA HILDEGARDE I-IARTMAN I. Philosophy BARBARA ANNE HALLETT Religion Page Ninety-nine I I CILLIAN MARY HARVEY Art NANCY KAY HAYWARD History Page One Hundred CYNTHIA JANE HAYWARD Sociology-Psychology Jbffozmf 110010166 C01 CLASS GF J i MARGERY KIMBALL HAZARD Q I Economics and Sociology 1 i XXX A X X R MARY SUSANNE HEMPHILL History ofa? Coffega SS GF 1956 4 , 4,6 1 x l 4 "i4i7:L,' .,,7' CARGL HERRICK Religion 'Y'2"'F BEVERLY ANN HENDERSON Physiology-Psychology Liu-'M Nw .,.5Qf 1 i f S i xxx I -X ' ' - ' ' K if-Six EWR A Erx g SARAH KATHERINE HQGLE Economics and Sociology Page One Ulundred One FRANCES SPOONER HQRNSEY History ANNE COLEMAN HUTCHINSON History Page One C7-lundred Two ,M-MQW " .wwvslgm . o n .-U Nwf-- 1 .a.:,.'-,f gy , , ,..,,:f-'--ef .fgm wa " G - ,, My . .- My -,,,. ,f ,W ,..., V , .. .. . Q 'Q w ' CA", W -,,,,,-v-"W ,Q4NxxXWvMw DEBQRAH LUE HORTON Art Jbffozmf H 00!0k6 C01 CLASS OP 'W' A NNN , 4 i l CHARLoTTE ANNE JAEGER Sociology A ASTRID EVANGELINE JENSEN Mathematics wife Coffege 590111956 ELEANOR KLEIN JOHNSON Political Science x Qs , A KAREN LOVETT JENSEN English Literature SRV Nzkifgawgfavigmey S J JUAN CAROL JOHNSTON Political Science Page One Tlmzdrerl iTbree NWMNW. f ,s-s-M, , -E Q X PATRICIA ANN JUDKINS Zoology 1 1 ,1 X JOAN EVELYN JURGENSEN Political Science Page One U-Iundred Tour me fm. .Asggw A Y- cw si BARBARA HELENA JUERGENS English Literature Jlfozmf H 0 yoke C01 CLASSRGF w , ,W ,ww PHYLLIS KENT KANE English Composition f N , X xo L, swf. ., , .-2 - ' S' NX X wf , - ....., , A M, -- - VIRGINIA CLARICE KANE Art and Literature 9166 Coffege SS OF 1956 f ROBERTA ALBERT KAUEMAN Political Science 'b-.,..4n'f ELIZABETH PASCI-IER KANOE Zoology -N ,X -is .- Nw ' i MARIANNE BRANCH KEHRLI German Page One C7-lfmdred Tiue . S NN 'QQ X, .I . W . , MARILYN JQY KELLOGG Psychology NANCY BLYTI-I KENYON Political Science Page One T1-Iundrecl Six JANE LOUISE KENIGSON Political Science Jlffozmf 0 310,66 Cp, CI..ASS1QF Kim A -me J . c ,. , ..,c.cN.-,.,.,....-x.,......fM,c -W- mmam..-M-WW , ELEANOR GREENOUGI-I KING Political Science L I MARY JANE KIRKWOGD English Composition and Literature Qfgg foffegg 55 OF 1956 if 'L -,f-. W xfj -,M 54, . nf it ., ,. f RLITHMARY SPEAR KNEBEL Philosophy xg R W it A asf: F323 i f at ss N X 55,2555-s,x :. MADELINE KLEIN Pre-medical sgf 1, , I .J - K N1 X X-1.3i"Y.aSii E Pye? 'V V WK, sw-'s txt X- ' ws xw A . ws X X it X Z tt-.L CV x x BARBARA ELAINE KNOX Economics Page One fHimdred Seven 1 JUDITH SI-IEILA KRAMER Economics HARUE KQIKE A 4 b Engl1shL1terature ZL 0,0 ,,, , I-IARRIET LEE KRUSE EE q Mathematics NANCY KAY KUELIK Zoology , Page One Hundred Eight o i ZENA DANA LAKRITZ English Literature fore Coffege ssor 1956 QFV , L25 U7 im, L ' M-fi' if JJ ' t " " I' ' , iw :,v .' ,, ' v . ' 'V' -if Zffhw V I ELAINE LANGDON History NANCY LQUISE LANE Political Science JEANNE LARRABEE Economics Page One iHundred Nine .. - - . M W ' X x fyfi-NSA? mqf wf v i 1 'gl-fs X1 I MARTINE LATIL Psychology LUCINDA LEE Economics and Sociology Page One J-hundred Ten ,km . Mfg ,,,, K Q V l i l - Q ,xfi sw. x-,x,k.,,S.X X - E MARY-ELLEN LAVIN A l Economics and Sociology l C L A S S l O l l l T E l BEVERLY ELAINE LESSARD Chemistry I "ww ' iix 'N w.2i"4XK,,4'1x JOAN LENORE LILIEN Music V Y vw ,gf b.1s..,.l . L.,fI..,..S Zim, ' g,AQ,xJ'x.. STEPHANIE RAE LITTLE English Literature Page One Hundred Eleven ,q.T wx 4952 ,x T PATRICIA ANN LONDON Wmmm , M WWMWJ' ' MARY ELIZABETH LOCKMAN French ,ww ,,., f Speech-Psychology Jffozzm' H UQUH CLASS YVONNE ELIZABETH LDSCH German Page One fl-lundred Twelve 3 NANCY RUTH LOWELL Geology 6 X x ff, 1 ilfxummmwm , ' MYRA ELIZABETH LQWENTHAL Political Science Coffegc SS OF 1956 JOAN SANDRA LUNDIN History I -. ' NANCY RUTH LUKE English Composition t JANE LIEBERMAN LUTNICK Psychology Page One 3-lundred fTbirteen .. , ,, l l l 4 1 I l w J JANET RQWE LYMAN Political Science wnnlnnuillv ELEANOR ANN MCDQNALD Political Science Page One fl-ltandred Tourteen RUTH ANNE LYSLE Political Science Jlffazmf 090,66 C01 CLASS OF , R A Q V 4. 4' ,MW K A J '- .. .. UV, -P-' vw" ' X I . .. JANE MARIE MCGONAGLE History I 3 .ws ,. ., ' 1. , ,H , , -. e w fri :wi MARY JOSSELYN MCKEY Psychology wie Coffege SS GF 1956 MARGARET AUGUSTA MADARA MARY ELLEN MCLAUGHLIN English Composition , I, NW , , BARBARA BLIRNETT MALLQRY Philosophy Latin 1 Page One fl-lundred Tifteen JUDITI-I AUDREY MARSHALL Art fe ,, ' MARY FOURNIER MASTER Political Science Page One Hundred Sixteen PATRICIA RUTH MASON Psychology Jlffozmf 000,66 Q! CL of ANN CAROL MAXCY Zoology AS ll li S ws A 5 is v , X Q X X , wf 535 we in gg, X R1 -.5 5 :- , ... QW 5 ax , ANN IVIEGATI-lLlN Political Science vffe affege ilii- SSOF 1956 h 1 , ' -5 R JULIA MARGARET MENNONE History PAULA SHOOLMAN MILLER English Literature Q L ', .. .' . -' -Q tae - j xtl x w, X. QA ANN DUBACK MONTGOMERY French Page One Uelundred Seventeen unsung lu' fri' 1-2 1 - - si' - if MARGARET ANN MORRIS Religion it ' S Q, X. R I ,L I I 5 .i . as , - H -3.3.-A ,X , . is... :v -v b' s -wifi' JUDITH HAINES MOSER Economics and Sociology Page One 17-lundred Eighteen 3, I i,i, i K BARBARA JEAN MORROW English Composition Jlffazmf 000,66 Of CLA N X5 -1 I of Ak QW MARIANNA MURPHY Philosophy S HELEN REED MUTCH Political Science fgkg Coffege 55 o F 19 5 6 Q to A .,,A,A ..., , ii, ".VA,,,.,.--""""""'ww-MM MARY ANDERSON NEWMAN Religion ,Jgf 'Q , 5, . ELISABETH C. NETHERWOOD English Literature M. JOANNA BARTRUEE NOBLE Political Science Page One fl-Iundred Nineteen S. NES HELEN MARGARET O'BRlEN English Literature NANCY LOUISE OGDEN American Culture Page One U-Iundred ffwenty ABBY OEI Philosophy Jlffozwf 090,66 CUZ CLASS OF wg' BARBARA VIANE OLSON Religion F' I ' r MARILYN ROSS ONDERDONK Qffg College English Literature SSfOF1956 sm , R BRIDCET CYSHEA Mathematics ,199 JLIDITH JACOX PEACHEY NANCY PALMER Philosophy Religion Page One Hundred Twenty-one ,ul - Q-rv --rw-' ai -. SUSAN JANE PENDER Economics and Sociology ELAINE PINCUS Psychology Page One 7-Iundred Twenty-two ,fa 21- M, ,f P , ff 1 Awww mm f . MARGERY HART PETERS Economics ,a Jlffozmf 090166 CUZ CLASSf0p ANNE LOUISE POWERS Psychology 4 aka ll SS B CAROLYN Lou1SE PRATT X X Q cc ,S , t ,, ogg-.5ofjc,QggiiQgQwwf N.14 .qq QA, Religion 2 JOANNE PRESCOTT College OF1956 Zoology I A ,,, V , U X X - .,o, . A fSS HELEN MARELLA PSARAKIS Political Science ,-..,........-f---f', , ,, ,. MARJQRIE ANN PURSER Economics Page One Tlundred Twenty-three ...,,,,........---,..-.-f- V- -ff ---Y-Q--N x x 'fi Nt x N. ,, BINNEY PUTNAM English Literature LUCINDA HOWARD PYE History Jbffozmf 000,66 off CL eskxx , JANET GARDNER RAINNIE Chemistry Page One U-Iundred Twenty-four sax ,sv - v , JAN E DOLSON RALISCHER Psychology AS L , 1 A ALlSON MAY REID Political Science jfofre Coflege iSSfOF 1956 JUDITH MARGARET RELITLINGER I English Literature I - s..s.-.Q , MARY ALICE REILLY History ... fsgzsrysia Q., X X- ELIZABETH RHQADS English Literature Page One Hznidred Twenty-five WR X DIANE RICH Art A K X NX , . ,-xx N FAITH ROBBINS Art Page One U-Iundred Twenty-six ELLEN BARBARA RICHTER Political Science Jbffowef 0010166 Cob CL ,cv Af, 4 Q I 5 S " I . fi V M - - X ..,fc www I.-ix . , 2 Q. f M Mi- I - W-, RI .em mx y-,Nm .-Iwi , N y img g PATRICIA ROBERTS Chemistry ASS OF 1 l l ANN CLARK ROBINSON History of Art l I are Colfege E SS1OF1956 l, 5 5 l 1 W -. WWA i r t y FREDERICA GTlS ROCKEFELLER E English Literature l 1 u Iii- . 5 xwy-yrs HELEN MONA ROCHESTIE American Culture ' "'i ELLEN MINNA ROGOWSKI Psychology Page One C7-lunclred Twenty-seven fi s. X x, "Lys 4 ,,c ,. Ma -' LQUISE WALDRON ROSE Political Science cccc A EMILY MAY ROSS History Page One 7-licndred 'Twenty-eight i v. 9 I ta I , v i Q ' , cuff-www, ., f, V . ,, , fem 'V . W YJ TQ 'SQLl,f,f21fe3xE'n',if f r-ff' ' iw ' sm ' as M Qi?" .9wviS" f' 5 iw s S W QM, .X , , ,4 f . is , ,f 44-.,,4w-me, ELLEN GAIL ROSEN Scientific Aspects of Speech Jbfozmf 090,66 01 CLASSi0F KATHERINE CLEVES RCTHROCK Chemistry 6 i 1 'T i '1 iii All .3 ,W 'x I ii A is Z I . I . xxbtf 1, X IE Q ,4 JUDITH CARQLYN RUTHERFORD Religion 3 ' 4 A Coffege fHw'4x f t.g 5:5 Q 'N - Q fm. ,MX , A x, ,,MX4t , I . i ntmit .. . SS ,4- I 1 ioP 1956 l i 1 5 ! 1 swf 1 i 1 1 , 3 1 'O i 1, . , 1. , 'r . . X " , VW ,fi I if . , fM1.:i,', 1 . ,, Y o,.,N+ .W W.. il ANNE LEIGHTON SANBORN Zoology i INN X em, y.m'!.- X A FRANCES CQRA SAFFIR History FREDERICA JEAN SANDIN Mathematics Page Cue j'ill11C11'Cd Twenty-nine YQIEWN BARBARA ANN SAYER Zoology JOAN HELEN SCHNEIDERWIRTH English Composition Page One U-lundred Thirty tg-AMMGNWN MN t SYBIL SCI-HLD English Literature Jlfozmf H UQXOIQ6 C0 CLASS OP MARILYN RESNIK SCI-IUTZ Political Science 1 X 3556 ,..k. 1,0 : N J Qx . ,.. X 1 5 ei, ,, , BARBARA JANE SCHWARZ Political Science 0,66 A offege SS OF 1956 c BERYL MCLEAN SHARRAR Philosophy WH' SARA LEVERE SHARPLESS Economics and Sociology EVELYN CAINE SHIELDS Chemistry Page One Hundred Thirty-one ELEANQR BRENNER SHRYOCK Physics NADA JQSEPHINE SKERLY Political Science Page One Hundred Thirty-two fy X. f.,, QNX, JANE AGNES SIMONSON Art Jlfozmf H 000,66 C01 CLASS DF . ' ""'e-N...--.., ., . . ,..,.V.,.,M.h,.,...-L---mv-w-.,m.. f -V RUTH TUCKER SLADE Zoology s if my-HNMW AUDREY VIVIAN SMITH Physics fake Coffegg SSOF 1956 1.5 NANCY ANNE SPARNON Zoology 3. if """"', Q? ' ' 'fx 1 . 7' " 5 - ' pmswm igfswwfzsgf is-rs. ,, SANDRA SQUTHERLAND Spanish .ing id-N ' 1 vsp-swim f ' S FREDRICKA STAHL English Literature Page One Hundred Thirty-three ANN LESTER STONE Psychology Ji, V - ' ' 13,5 33 - f ff ' 'H ,, rg: 'A MX ' A 47 l f ' V 0 WM .M W, c "m0'lrnln1-wwmw, , ,A fr '44 GRETCHEN STROMBERC Economics and Sociology Page One Hundred ffbirty-four N Q W . M.. . .........nuew.x:1,. W BARBARA GENE STORMS French JYIOWK ogoke Co, CL MARY ELIZABETH SWALLOW Religion ASS OP sxxif ' ' XX , t ,.,,, .. A X ,M A 5 lf, X N N.. JULIA STRONG TAYLOR Political Science 0,66 Coffege SS OF 1956 1 4 'MW f JANET QLIVE THGMPSON Zoology aww t"'lQQ ANN WILLET THGMPSON English Literature MARGARET MARY Tl-ICMPSON Physics Page One Uflicndred iTbirty-five K MARY ELIZABETH THLIDILIM , L, ,- f f of .,,V ,, , , C .-.' 1- ff "" A " 1 X - ..,. A o f ' Hlstofy PRISCILLA ANNE THOMPSON Jbfowzf H 000,66 C01 CLASSLOP Sociology SHIRLEY IRENE TOWN SEN D Aff S CONSTANCE MCCALMONT TRAX English Literature Page One Hundred Thirty-six x 6 L. all DEBORAH MARY TRAYNQR Political Science 0196 Coffege SS1OF 1956 b MEREDITH ANN TRULL Chemistry hai SUE JEANINE TREVATHAN Speech Drama ELSIE CHILD TURNER Chemistry Page One 7-lundred Thirty-seven i i 1 53- Ge 1 in wwmgw 4 if f.'f e f JANICE HARPER VAUGHN e e e ' ' History SUSAN ANNE TURNER French Jbffomf obfoke Coz R CLASSTQF X , R,,f kf KATHARINE C.. VAN HOESSEN , Chemistry , he A ANNE WASHBOURNE Philosophy : Page One Hundred Thirty-eight MVWQ CORNELIA WAYLAND-SMITH History wha A Coffege SS?OF 1956 'WH-f , f, ,- mx.. -A ELEANOR BARBARA XWEISBERG English W MARY CLARE WEIDEMANN Psychology Xl yys.ys y BARBARA 10 WESCHLER English Composition Page One Hundred Thirty-nine Ii 14 4 I I 7 J JEAN ANN WHITE . ESS History MARGARET WHARTON L! Hwy Jifozmf 000,66 C01 CLASS IOP 'I PRISCILLA WILLARD Political Science ELIZABETH LEE WILLIAMS History -r Page One 17-Iundred Tarty I 1 ink. Z , i OS - X . .jp N. x :fl J JOAN EVALYN WILLIAMSON Political Science if Coffege ES,OF 1956 ' x- .E ...w...'- 1 PHYLLIS ELLEN THERESE WILSON Art ff? ANN ISABEL WINSLOW t Geography . - N5 f X S, SONIA ANNE WITKOWSKI Chemistry Page One fH1mdredfForfy-one :,.xy--- ' eg +12 A L i M. MICHELLE WOQDHOUSE History BARBARA JEAN YQUNG Political Science Page One 7-Iundred Torty-two l ADRIEN PADDQCK YOUNG English Literature Jlffozmf H 000166 offs CII. A S S O F ! W I l l J l I 1 I ll NANcYLouYouNG l Political Science wee 1 Caffege Y KAREN ZEHNER Zoology ,, My 3 'QW " X " 5 CONSTANCE A. VAN ZELM Foreign Students Political Science ' 1 fl-1 ne 70111011 Balazga Jlrafa Nana Canauaz i', fKei1c0 Olcubo, Second Back row left 10 rig 11: an , , Row: Ungeborg Qlier, Sylvia Linda, Qlflargarct 7Worri5, chairman, Oya TKayrzar, Unez Qlflayer. Tron! Row: Danic11e Scbneck, Catherine fafarge, Anja Salmela, flurzelle Sarfaii. Wo! pic- ' f ' '1' 'W ellari. turec1:Prur1e11ce K1f1o1uer5, Doioibp Clam, fi :ana J ac Page One 7-lundred Torty-three Former Members-C1388 Of 1955 GAYL DORRICE ASCHERMAN RUTHELLEN BAUM SHIRLEY ANNE BENTLEY HELEN SUE BERGER BARBARA ABNEY BOLGER JEAN VANCE BOOTH DOROTHE GULE BOWER MARY ELLEN BOWLES BARBARA WINJE BRAEDSKE FRANCES CHAPMAN BROWN DIANA BUCK ALYCE WATERHOUSE CARLSON LENORE MARION COLE BARBARA HELENA COLLINS ELAINE LARSEN DiPASCA CAROL JOY EDWARDS CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE ENGLEHARDT MAXINE FEINGERSCH ELIZABETH ARCHER FITZWATER KAREN RUTH FRANZEN THERESE CLARE FULLER ELEANOR SHOCKLEY GORDON BARBARA BRACE GOTSHALK JOY STERN GRANT ADRIENNE EDITH GROB SUSAN MARY HAGAN ALEXANDRA HAMMER DAVINA NOREEN HECHT MILDRED FAITH HIGGINS JACQUELYN WILSON HILL ANNE SCARBOROUGH HUDOCK MARY ANN IRVINE MARIANNE ANGELICA JOHNSON JOAN RUTH KAUFMANN MARY MARGARET LANCASTER CYNTHIA GAY LANG Page One T1-Iundred Torty-four CAROLE LEWIS JANE TROPPOLI LOMAS ANN NEUBERGER LONDON MARIE ROBERTA LYNCH MARY ELLEN MCWILLIAMS JERRY MARSHALL PATRICIA NELL MATEER JEAN ELIZABETH MOFFAT CYNTHIA HEPBURN NUFFER MARTHA OLCOTT JUDITH PENDER CAROL ELIZABETH PIPPITT CLARA REYNOLDS PAULA RIDGWAY CONSTANCE ROSNER PATRICIA RUPP JUDITH SKIPTON EUNICE SMITH ELLEN SPEISER PATRICIA ANN STEHR NANCY ANN STUART JULIET ANNE SWEET VALERIE TAYLOR SHIRLEY ANN THOMAS FRANCES ELIZABETH THORNHILL CYNTHIA HOPKINS TOURTELLOT CYNTHIA JANE TOUSSAINT NANCY REA VINSONHALER SUZANNE HOYT WEIL KAY ALCEONE WILLIAMS HUSTON WISE PATRICIA MARY WITT JACQUELYN WHITE WRIGHT HARRIET FRISMUTH WYATT N ADEJDA VICTOROVN A ZAHODIAKIN lamarada Staff MARIANNA MURPHY ............. KATHRYN BEIM CONOVER ...,........ ELIZABETH LOUISE BARRETT .......,.,., SHIRLEY IRENE TOWNSEND .,,,,,,,.,,,,,.. , ELEANOR GIBBS CAREY BILSKI ELAINE LANGDON .,.,...,,,.,,,.,,,,,,., ,,,,,,.,,,,.,., ANNE COLEMAN HUTCHINSON ..,...... CLASS EDITORS Editor in Chief ...Business Manager Literary Editor Photography Edifgr Editor Advertising Editor flssociate Editor Susan Colwell 1959 Judith B. Voris 1958 Rosalind I-I. Sturgess 1957 CIRCULATION Carol Bissel, Circulation Manager Virginia Leuth, Phyl Levin, Joan I-Ielman, Carolyn I-Iall, Nan Heald, Jean Romig, Polly Edie, Dorsey Davidson, Dolores Howie, Judy Curren, Nancy Maxwell, Joan I-Iovendon, Sara Rosen, Maryanne Trump, Judy Bender, Ann Thompson, Sandra Klamkin, Joan Bassinger, Nancy Janes. Pl-IQTQCRAPI-IY Shirley Townsend, Linda McGhee ADVERTISING Elsie Axford, Rose Mary Burrows, Norene Duthie, Joanne George, Faith Heck, Joan I-Iovendon, Sandra Klamkin, Marilyn Klein, Virginia Lueth, Nancy Maxwell, Ann Piemonte, Martha Preston, Linda Sigrist, Suzanne Shanklin, Ann Shaw, Caroline Soule. TYPING Sylvia Chen, Peggy C Nancy Wier, JUdY Vofis' PICTURE CREDITS M K tila, Louis Faurer, Vincent D'Add21l'i0f Matthew F. Grimaldi, BX 0 University Public Relations Office. oxhead, Ruth Gerard, Rosalind Maslowf and Brown Page One Hundred Torty-fi A. Elizabeth Adams Norma Adams Mildred Allen Grace E. Bates Nancy R. Benjamin Mary S. Benson Alice E. Bourneuf Lesilie G. Burgevin Meribeth E. Cameron Edward P. Clancy Blanche B. Cox Theodore H. M. Crampton Ruth J. Dean Ruth E. Fairbank Alice Farnsworth Valentine Giamatti Elizabeth A. Green Carolyn J. Groves Pattie J. Groves George E. Hall Roswell G. Ham Britomar J. Handlon Grace M. Bacon Viola F. Barnes Bertha Blakely Emma P. Carr Alzada Comstock Charlotte D'Evelyn Ella S. Dickinson Mrs. Janet Buck Elizabeth Barrett Barbara Beers Ellen Blackburn Phi Beta Kappa Society f th Phi Beta Kappa Society Theta Chapter of Massachusetts o 6 ACTIVE MEMBERS 1955-56 Everett D. Hawkins Marian Hayes Charlotte Haywood Inez E. Hegarty Mildred S. Howard Fred E. Kiokemeister Marie Bohrn Lambert Ruth C. Lawson Minnie E. Lemaire John Lobb Gerhard Loewenberg Kathleen M. Lynch Alice E. Markham Erika M. Meyer Donald G. Morgan Mrs. Edward Morris Betty J. Mullendore Prudence R. Myer Harriet Newhall Helen E. Patch Lucy W. Pickett Wilma J. Pugh Donald W. Rogers EMERITUS MEMBERS 1955-56 Florence W. Foss Amy Hewes Gertrude S. Hyde Ada L. F. Snell Alice P. Stevens Louisa S. Stevenson Grace Rose Edith A. Runge Helen E. Russell Leta K. Rymer Victoria Schuck Arlene Small Christianna Smith Geneva A. Smith Phyllis P. Smith Kathryn F. Stein Alice C. Stevens Jean Sudrann Ann S. Taylor John L. Teall George V. Tovey Jean Blanchard Llmland John Volkmann Lorraine N. Warschausky T. Joan Wharton Frances P. Wiese Beatrice W. Woodward Sally Ann Yeates Mary Sherill Alma G. Stokey Jessie M. Tatlock Abby H. Turner Florence Adams Frederick Saunders Jane Mesick UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS CLASS OF 1956 ELECTED JuN1oR YEAR Virginia Kane ELEci ED SENIOR YEAR Margery Hazard Susanne Hemphill Mrs. Eleanor Johnson Mrs. Carolyn Brown Joan Jurgensen Eleanor Chaffee Diana Collins Barbara Conner Sarah Beth Fisher Page One fl-lundred fforty-six Phyllis Kane Jane Kenigson Ruthmary Knebel Jeanne Larrabee Martine Latil Harriet Kruse Mary-Ellen Lavin Yvonne Losch Joanna Noble Janet Rainnie Frederica Sandin B. Jane Schwarz Elsie Turner Sonia Witkowski OPHCCIAS Of, Academic Administration ROSWELL GRAY HAM, PHD., LL.D ................... 1, -d MERIBETH ELLIOTT CAMERON, PH.D. .....,.... ie? ent LETA KIRK RYME M ........,......... I .............. Ca enuc ean C R' """""""' """"""""' ""'A" - 4----A,---... Jl . 9SlSldnt .Academic Dean ATHERINE PALMER ROBINSON, A.M Dea fR 'fi ' """A" -------4---.........., . . n o es GENEVIEVE FRANCES PRATT, A.B. ,.,,.,,,,,,,. I R Qetnccl HARRIET NEWH ---------'----.4-- ----........ 1 ............................. e IS ray CLARA REGIN I-TLL' A'M' ""'A"""" """"""" -----------4.----A---- ...... D I f ector of Jldmisgiong A UDWIG' """""""'- ------'--- fl 55lSlC111f Director of jldmi55i0I15 PATTIE JOHNSTON GROVES' ------f--,----............ .............,,,L,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,, R Q gfdgy-If Physician HELEN MACMLIRTRIE VOORHEES, A.M. Director of the Jlppoinhnent Bureau, 'Vocational Jlduisor Ofiieers Of Business Administration EDWARD STURGESS BARBITT, A,B,,M,B,A, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..W,,.',. C O,.,,p,,OIIe, GERTRLIDE VAN VLECK BRUYN, A.B. ...T,,. ............. D irector of the Development Program FLORENCE CI-EMENTI AB- ----4-'---------A---'A".-- ...-....................................... ......,....... P I Iblication Editor ELIZABETH AI-DEN GREEN, AM- ----A-A.---- .......................A, ..........,......... D i rector of News Bureau OTTO CORNEI-IU5 KOH1-ERI S-B. --'--,-4-- .....,..... S ubefintenclent of Buildings and grounds ANDREW VITALE ...,,,,,,.,,,,..,,L,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,E,,,,,,,,,,,,nl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,,,A,,,,,,,-,VI,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,, 5 Ie,,,,,,,I ALICE MCCOOL --------------------A---'---A-------'A-- ..A.. ........i.. S L aperuisor of Resident fl-lalls MARY CHRISTINE THORNTON ..,,,,,,,,,, --,,,,,,,,,, WI ooooof of Ioo Bookgofo Board Of Trustees TERM EXRIRES ROSWELL GRAY HAM, PH.D.,LL.D.,LITT.D. QEX OFFICIOD ........... .........,..... S oath U-Iaaley I Wlass. 1957 FLORENCE GORSE SMITH, A.B. ..,..,..........I...,..........I.,,.I.....,,,..... ..,,...........,.. N eedbam, Mass. 1958 FRANKLIN T. BIGELONV, A.B. .....,..,.........,.,........I.....I......,.....,.,,. ...........I. .C os Angeles, Calif. 1958 RUSSELL L. DAVENPORT, B.S.,LL.B.,LL.D ..,......... ...........,.................... CH olyolze, Wlass. 1959 FREDERICK MAY ELIOT, D.D.,LL.D. ................ ............... P resident, Boston, Mass. 1959 JANET BREXVSTER MURROW, A.B. .....,...... ..................... N ew Work, N. 3'. 1959 STUART A. RUSSELL, L.L.D. ...................,........... ............... H Olyvke, N055- 1960 HOWARD FLETCHER BURNS, A.B.,LL.B. .......... 1,.....-...... C leveldnd, OlJiO 1960 WINTHROP HIRAM SMITH, A.B. ..................... -------.--- W ew 3'Ofl2, W- 3'- 1960 ROBERT GEORGE WIESE, A.M. .................. -------.------- B 051011, M055- 1961 JOHN ELY BURCHARD, M.S.,L.H.D. .,.,......,..,...........,.,.,.............. .......... C ambriage, Mass. 1961 KATHERINE BUTLER, M.D. ..............................A1.....--.---.---------------,---,-------- ----------- N EW 3'0"l1- N- 3'- 1961 WILLIAM CHURCHILL HAMMOND, JR., ............ .....,................... 'B 05lO11, N055- 1962 SIDNEY LOVETT, D.D. ,,................A.................--.A--------------'------------------------------ ------------ N 61" Haven- COW 1963 ROBERT CHAPMAN SPRAGUE, MS -......--.--..---------'---------------------- -------------- W 0"fl9 fldf""5- N055- 1964 WILLIAM GOODWIN AVIRETT, A.B.,L.H-D-,D-LIT? ------- ---------------- W ew 3'0fk- N- 3'- 1965 BOARDMAN BUMP, MBA. --.-.-.-------,------------------------------------------ "---'A------'------'---- B 05lO"' MMS' 1965 AUGUST HECCKSCHER ..........---- "'---'-------- N ew Work- N' 31' 1965 WILMA A. KERBY-MILLER ........ ..,........... C L11Yll71'iClge' M055- 1965 PAUL I. WREN ............-,1----,----------- """"""" B Oston' mass' Chosen by the Alumnae 1956 JESSIE SCARBOROLIGH, A.B. ,,.........................-----1-------------------------------------------'44--'-'-A------'-A---' New Work- N' y' 1957 CIERTRUDE BROWN WORKING, PH.D. ..,......,................. ...---..------ P Ullman, 'W0Sl9- 1958 LOUISE REYNOLDS WEISER, A-B --------------------------------------------- """""""' H Olyoke' mass' 1959 LOUISE K. WILDE CCAPT. LI.S.N.j A.B.,L.H.D ............. .................. 'W asbington, D. C. 1960 MILDRED TROTTER .........---.---- ------------------ -----------4------'--- ---------'-----"--- Saint Louis, Wlissouri Page One U-lundred Forty seven The Faculty P fessors Emeritus Florence W. FosSf Gertrude S' Hydef Professors Marian Hayes' I-if-gif Rox- Associate Professor Dorothy M. Cogswell, Assistant Professor Prudence R. Myer? Edward Corbett, Instructor Ruth M. Firm, Assisfanti fparbtimep Helen F' Vannet' Lewige Henderson, Adelaide Button, Reader Sarah E. Rus . ASTRONC2JI?g1fEs50r Emeritus Anne S. Young, Professor Alice H. Farnsworth, Assistant Professor Jocelyn R. Gill. CHEMlSTIRrfJIfessors Emeritus Emma P. Carr, Mary L. Sherill, Louisa S. Stevenson, Professors Lucy W Pickett Anna J. Harrison, Associate Professors George E. Hall, Eunice M. Moore, Assistant Professor Jean B. Umland, Lecturers Jane Hastings, Mary L. Sherrill, Instructor Jane L. Maxwell, Graduate Assistants Doris Smith, Bettye W. Williams, Judith S. Lake, Janet T. Peake, M. Emily Lei, Ann S. Taylor, Assistant Director of Chemistry Laboratories, Marion W. Craven. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES Professor Emeritus Cornelia C. Coulter, Professor Blanche B. Cox, Associate Professor Eliza- beth P. Wyckoff, Assistant Professor Helen E. Russell. ECONOMICS and SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH FRENCH Professors Emeritus Alzada Comstock, Amy Hewes, Professors John Lobb, Everett D. Hawkins, Assistant Professors Virginia L. Galbraith, Margaret S. Wilson, Alice E. Bour- neuf, Instructor Lincoln H. Day, Visiting Lecturer Thomas O. Wilkinson, Assistants Barbara S. Miller, Alison Clarke. Professors Emeritus Charlotte D'Evelyn, Dorothy Foster, Helen Griffith, Ada L. Snell, Professors Leslie G. Burgevin, Kathleen M. Lynch, Anna J. Mill, Sydney R. McLean, Alan V. McGee, Lawrence B. Wallis, Denis Johnston, Marianne Brock, Joseph MCG. Bottkol, Associate Professors Lenora Branch Cpart-timeb, Joyce M. Horner, Assistant Pro- fessor Constance M. Saintonge, Elizabeth A. Green Cpart-timej, Jean Sudrann, John L. Bradley, Instructors Marjorie R. Kaufman, Julia H. McGrew, Phyllis Smith, Beatrice W. Woodward Qpart-timej, Adaline P. Potter Cpart-timej, Paul B. Bertram, Louise W. Wallis Cpart-timej, Technical Director of Laboratory Theatre Lawrence H. Wismer, Graduate Assistant Kay Carney. LANGUAGE and LITERATURE Professors Paul F. Saintonge, Helen E. Patch, Ruth J. Dean, Associate Professors Alice C. Stevens Cpart-timej, Marie-Jeanne Bourgoin, Assistant Professor Edith S. Rostas, Instructors M. Marthe Lavallee, Elaine Saint-Andre, Assistant Alyce H. Holmes. GEOLOGY and GEOGRAPHY Associate Professor Emeritus Julia M. Shipman, Associate Professors John C. Haff, Minnie E. Lemaire, Assistant Professor John D. Weaver, Instructors Marie B. Lambert, Martha E. Church, George Theokritoff, Assistant Judith F. Allen Qpart-timej . GERMAN LANGUAGE and LITERATURE HEALTH HISTORY ITALIAN LIBRARY Professors Emeritus Grace M. Bacon, Ellen C. Hinsdale, Professors Erika M. Meyer, Frederic C. Sell, Associate Professor Edith A. Runge, Visiting Instructor Henry Tapp, Assistants Cpart-timej Minnie Lobl, Marianne Kehrli, Else Sell. ancl HYGEIN E Professors Pattie ,J. Groves, Ruth E. Fairbanks, Associate Professor Frances P. Wiese, Secretary-Technician Priscilla A. Grant, Head Nurse Anna L. Knightly, Nurses Catherine R. McDonnell, Ruth A. Knapp, Mildred M. Kennedy Cpart-timej, Jean E. Barnett, House- keeper Ann Christian. Professors Emeritus Viola F. B - . l I 1 Vlefecki Af50C13f6 Pf0fCSS0fS Wllma I. Pllgh, Mary S. Benson, Visiting Associate Professor .I0hn L. Stipp, Assistant Professor David P. Leonard, Instructor John L. Teall, Graduate Assistant Amy Lou Vandersall. MUSIC and LITERATURE Professor Valentine Giamatti. arnes, Bertha N. Putnam- Professors Norma Adams Peter EE3fitiHEHFlaro Ludington, Assistant Librarian Barbara Hubbard, Bibliographer Marga- L dd g SW011 fu Caffllogufff Vlfgmla I- Spencer, Head Readers' Service Mildred M e en' Ofdef Llbrarlan Ehzabefh R- I2C0by- Assistant Cataloguers Betty Jane Mullen: Cl . - - - . ' tc?:2,C1?!L?j.af3ACampbell, Assistant in Circulation Nancy Devine, Assistant Mary E. Bumn- 1 ssistants Barbara Knox, Claire MCO,H61f Irene I-I Snider M . ary G. Bower Ann Marcottef Madelyn Grab' 5 Secretary to Librarian Lucille Clarke. I I MATHEMATICS MUSIC Associate P f F d ' - , , Theodore I-:lo,isscgiamrlftonlflokemelsfeff Grace K. Bates, William H. Durfee, Instructor A ' - . . DZi?ij15xl:3ffiSSO1bE1per1tus Clara B. Tillinghast, Professors C. Denoe Leedy, Ruth E, Davigd 1,1-Ioldlntgvnlionessor I-Ienry G. Mishkin, Associate Professors Harrison Potter, th H .1 en,' isiting Assistant Professor Philip Keppler, jr., Assistant Professors part- lme e GH Olhelmf M1lf0I1 I. Aronson, Assistant Professor and Colle e Or a ' t M l R - . I - . , g g ms yrt e Haggis nstmctof Part flme NHHCY I-Obb, Secretary Louise A. Dressel, Reader Helen B. PHILOSOPHY Igrjcffgioql-ElsngljjglsclgieenLP-RT3lPgf-IQPrcofessor ,Roger W. Holmes, Assistant Professors ose, isiting Assistant Professor Donald W. Rogers. PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHYSICS Professor Mildred S. Howard, Assistant Professor Ruth L. Elvedt, Instructors F. Muriel ixvain, Mary. E. Lick, Joanna Davenport, Helen P. Rogers, Marjory C. Beck, Isabelle ooney, Riding Instructor George V. Nichols, Secretary Vienna K. Frazier. Professor Emeritus Elizabeth R. Laird, Professors Mildred Allen, Rogers D. Rusk- As- sociate Professor Edward P. Clancy, Instructor R. Ann Gaudin, Curator and Technician Dwight A. Bloodgood. PHYSIOLOGY Professor Emeritus Abby N. Turner, Professors Charlotte Haywood, Iytte Muus, Instruc- tor Curtis G. Smith, Laboratory Instructor Terry L. Kershner, Graduate Assistants Geneva Ann Smith, Eileen M. Clahan, Zoe L. Papadopoulou, Arlene Small. PLANT SCIENCE Professor Emeritus Alina G. Stokey, Associate Professor Emeritus Asa S. Kinney, Pro- fessor Eredda D. Reed, Associate Professor Ethel T. Eltinge, Graduate Assistants Barbara I. Brodmerkel, Sabra B. Black. POLITICAL SCIENCE Professor Emeritus Ellen D. Ellis, Professors Victoria Schuck, Ruth C. Lawson, Donald G. Morgan, Assistant Professor Leslie W. Dunbar, Instructors Gerhard Loewenberg, Cathe- rine D. Williston, Kermit C. Morrissey, part-time. PSYCHOLOGY and EDUCATION Professor Emeritus Samuel P. Hayes, Professors Stuart M. Stoke, Richard T. Sollenberger, Thomas W. Reese, Associate Professor john Volkmann, Horace H. Corbin, Mary Cheney Stephenson, Assistant Professors Lorraine W. Benner, Lorraine N. Warschausky, Britomar I. Handlon, Rachel L. Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor Edward G. Fennell, Visiting In- structor john C. Osgood, Instructors Mary Ann Fariello, Priscilla Houghton, Assistants part-time Ellen P. Reese, Anne Clowes Fuller, Assistant at Reading Clinic Adah West. RELIGION Professor Emeritus Laura H. Wild, Professor J. Paul Williams, Associate Professor Ronald J. Tamblyn, Visiting Associate Professor Holmes VanDerbeck, Instructor Berjouhie Andreassian. RUSSIAN LANGUAGE and LITERATURE SPANISH Visiting Associate Professor Catherine A. Pastuhova, Visiting Instructor Albert P. Madeira. LANGUAGE and LITERATURE Y Professor Ruth Sedgwick, Associate Professor Concha de Albornoz, Assistant Professors Roberto Ruiz Emily F. Brady, Visiting Assistant Professor Manuel Duran, Graduate As- I sistant Edith L. Rusconi. Professor Emeritus Isabelle C. Couch, Associate Professor Emeritus Alice W. Mills, Pro- fessor Nadine Shepardson, Associate Professor Clarice Tatman, Assistant Professor Inez Hegarty. ZOOLOGY Professor Emeritus Ann H. Morgan, Professors A. Elizabeth Adams, Christianna Smith, K h St ' - Associate Professor Elizabeth M. Boyd, Assistant Professors Isabelle B. gsfagig j3rilglf,W Kingsbury, Assistant Eurfron Gwynne jones, Graduate Assistants Alice El' Markham Mary Barbara Sartori, Allebra A. Genest, Amelia M. Gerhardt, Carolyn I. Fings Mary J 1G Macpherson, T, joan Wharton, Curator-Secretary Helen L. Goodwin, Jfa - ' Research and Graduate Assistant Vivenne Hirchinson. ADAMS, ABIGAIL 21 Wistar Road, Paoli, Pa. ADAMS, MARY JANE Director Class of 1956 8204 Woodhaven Blvd., Washington 14, D. C. ADAMS, PATRICIA 704 Huntington Ave., Boston 15, Mass. AEBLI, MARIANNE 39 E. 79 St., New York 21, N. Y. ALBACH, THERESE DEBORAH 771 Valley Rd., Montclair, N. J. ANDEL, NANCY LINN 117 Country Club Drive, Strathmore Vanderbilt, Manhasset, N. Y. ANDERSON, LESLYN 97 Bright Rd., Belmont, Mass. BAILEY, ARLENE ELISE Colfax Manor Garden Apts., 14 B, Rose BAILEY, JUDITH HELEN Ile Park, N. J. 124 W. Swissvale Ave., Pittsburgh 18, Pa. BARRETT, ELIZABETH LOUISE Stockbridge Road, Lee, Mass. BATEMAN, SALLY 3670 Inwood Dr., Houston 19, Texas BEERS, BARBARA 164 Mount Sanford Rd., Hamden, Conn. BEISLER, ANN GERTRUDE 115 E. 67 St., New York 21, N. Y. BENTON, JANE MATHER 46 Fort Hill Rd., Pittsfield, Mass. BILSKI, ELEANOR GIBBS CAREY 315 East Durham St., Philadelphia 19, Pa BLACKBURN, ELLEN NITA 1082 Magnolia Rd., West Englewood, N. BODELL, EDITH KIMM 3819 Abingdon Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C. BRADBURY, DIANA HILE 77 Sherwood Rd., Springfield, N. J. BRANDEBURY, CAROL BARR 130 Home St., Malverne, N. Y. BRIDGES, HARRIET THURBER 34 Newson Ave., Kittery, Maine BRISCOE, PAULINE MILLER 12 Townsend Dr., Florham Park, N. J. BROUGHTON, JANE 70 Fuller Ave., Swampscott, Mass. BROWN, CAROL ANN 116 Prospect Ave., W. Springfield, Mass. BROWN, CONSTANCE GRACE 9 Emerson Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. BROWN, PATRICIA LUCY Main St., Barton, Vt. Page One 5-Iundred Tifty I. BROWN, VALERIE ARDITH 150 Wetherill Rd., Garden City, N. Y. BRUTON, MARGARET JANE 505 Chestnut Lane, Wayne, Pa. BRYAN, ANNE ELIZABETH 5 East Lane, Madison, N. J. BRYAN, CAROLYN NORRIS 3829 Cathedral Ave. N. W., Washingt BUCK, MRS. JANET 106 Linden St., Holyoke, Mass. BUCKLEY, SARAH DARLINGTON 101 Lexington Ave., Buffalo 22, N. Y. BUERK, OLIVE 115 80 St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. BURACKER, CAROLYN 12 Stratford Rd., Winchester, Mass. BUTCHER, LYNNE RUTH 5 Sunset Dr., Scarsdale, N. Y. CANNON, ELIZABETH ANN 106 Bradford Lane, Syracuse 3, N. Y. CARTER, CAROL ANNE 367 Main St., Cromwell, Conn. CATANZARO, VIRGINIA CARMELA 2925 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, Ill. CHAFFEE, ELEANOR 130 Goden St., Belmont 78, Mass. CHAPIN, RAMONA 10 Lakeside Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y. CLARK, CATHERINE ANNE 38 N. Goodman St., Rochester 7, N. Y. COLLINS, DIANA MARGARET 19 Meadow View Rd., Hingham, Mass. COMORA, CONSTANCE 57 Paulin Blvd., Leonia, N. J. COMSTOCK, ELIZABETH KINKEAD 388 Comstock Pky., Cranston, R. I. CONNOR, BARBARA HEDGES 42 Prospect St., White Plains, N. Y. CONOVER, KATHRYN BEIM on 16, D. C 4634 Edgebrook Pl., Minneapolis, Minn. COOPER, ANNE 3425 Porter St. N. W., Washington 16, CORNELL, ROSEMARY REZNIKOFF 235 Monterey Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. COWAN, EUGENIE CLARE 655 Le Brun Rd., Buffalo 21, N. Y. CROZIER, JANET MARY 1013 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield, Mass. DAVIDSON, MARCIA EDITH 148 Washington Ave., Hillsdale, N. J. D. C. DAVIDSON, SUSAN 27 Stocker Rd., Verona, N. J. DAVIN, ESTHER ANN 34 Ridge Rd., Dodge Farm, Chippaqua, N. Y, DAVIS, MARION LUCILE 3 Orient St., Winchester, Mass. DAVIS, VIRGINIA PARRY Box 752, Clearfield, Pa. DE HOFF, ARLENE MARIE 80-35 233 St., Queens Village 27, N. Y. DIONNE, PATRICIA ANNE 46 Beach Bluff Ave., Swampscott, Mass. DJERF, ELEANOR MADELEINE 37 Quarry St., Quincy, Mass. DOBERSTEIN, ANNE DOWNING 7322 Boyer St., Philadelphia 19, Pa. DRESSLER, NITA MARIA 1140 Murrayhill Ave., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. DUMPER, NANCY KNOWLES 201 Randall Ave., Freeport, N. Y. EISNER, NANCY RITA 4555 Henry Hudson Pky. W., Riverdale, N. Y. ENOS, NATALIE ANDREOLY 1702 Purchase St., New Bedford, Mass. ENSIGN, NANCY HAMILTON 24 Jean St., Rye, N. Y. ESKEW, JO ANN MARGARET 1 Stillwell Pl., Freehold, N. J. EVEN, NANCY JANE 65 Mulberry Hill St., Hamden, Conn. FAIRCHILD, NANCY 111 Banbury Dr., Windsor Hills, Wilmington 3, Delaware FANG, JOAN HSIEN-CHUN 3030 Harrison St., Pasay City, P. I. FARLEY, SANDRA 55 Woodlawn Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. FFOLLIOTT, MILLICENT KERR 394 Carlton Ave., South Orange, N. J. FISHER, LUCILE JANE 123 Lakewood Dr., Lake Arrowhead, Denville, N. J. FISHER, SARAH BETH 8 Upland Rd., West Lawn, Pa. FORD, CAROL 118 Shore Rd., Old Greenwich, Conn. FRETZ, NANCY ELIZABETH 7709 Gate Rd., Philadelphia 18, Pa. FRIEDMANN, BARBARA ANN Girard College, Philadelphia, Pa. FROLICH, ASTRID KEYSER Kenneth Dr., Columbia Pines, Falls Church, Va. GAINSBURGH, BARBARA JOAN 60 Henry St., Merrick, N. Y. GAMBLE, ANNE VAN NYDECK 4730 Fieldston Rd., New York 71, N. Y. GOLDEN, EVELYN GLORIA 4309 Ave. J, Brooklyn 10, N. Y. GRAHAM, AVERY DENISON 518 E. Mermain Lane, Philadelphia 18, Pa. GRAY, NANCY GWIN Indian Head Rd., Riverside, Conn. GRAY, PRISCILLA ELLEN The Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass. GREENBERG, SYLVIA DORIS 24 Buckingham Pl., Norwalk, Conn. GREENE, TONI 1 Washington Sq., Larchmont, N. Y. GUSTAFSON, RUTH MARIE 130 Beverly Rd., Worcester, Mass. I-IALLETT, BARBARA ANNE 9 N. 22 St., East Orange, N. J. HARTMAN, SARA HILDEGARDE 51 W. Main St., Georgetown, Mass. HARVEY, GILLIAN MARY Bumble Bee Lane, Duxbury, Mass. HAYWARD, CYNTHIA JANE 26 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. HAYWARD, NANCY KAY 230 Ridge Rd., Middletown, Conn. HAZARD, MARGERY KIMBALL 97 Ivy Way Port, Washington, N. Y. HEMPHILL, MARY SUSANNE 1444 Shore Rd., Linwood, N. J. HENDERSON, BEVERLY ANN 194 Thompson Boulevard, Watertown, N. Y HERRICK, CAROL 36 W. Emerson St., Melrose 76, Mass. HOGLE, SARAH KATHERINE 311 S. Market St., Troy, Ohio HORNSEY, FRANCES SPOONER 511 Fishers Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. HORTON, DEBORAH LUE 1048 Cherokee Rd., Louisville 4, Ky. HUTCHINSON, ANNE COLEMAN 238 Merion Rd., Merion Station, Pa. JAEGER, CHARLOTTE ANNE 6124 Liebig Ave., New York 71, N. Y. JENSEN, ASTRID EVANGELINE 135 3 Campbell Ave., LaSalle, Ill. JENSEN, KAREN LOVETT 1353 Campbell Ave., LaSalle, Ill. JOHNSON, ELEANOR KLEIN 12 Overlook Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J. JOHNSTON, JOAN CAROL 10 Smith St., Caribou, Maine JUDKINS, PATRICIA ANN 3 Whitman Dr., Chatham, N. J. JUERGENS, BARBARA HELENA 167 Dikeman St., Hempstead, N. Y. JURGENSEN, JOAN EVELYN R. R. 1, Batavia, Ohio KANE, PHYLLIS KENT Byram Shore, Box 1415, Greenwich, Conn. Page One U-lundred T: ty one KANE, VIRGINIA CLARICE 24 Rhinebeck Ave., Springfield, Mass. KANOF, ELIZABETH PASCHER 80 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. KAUFMAN, ROBERTA ALBERT 146-05 Cherry Ave., Flushing, N. Y. KEHRLI, MARIANNE BRANCH Herrengasse 23, Bern, Switzerland KELLOGG, MARILYN JOY 32A Loomis St., Southwick, Mass. KENIGSON, JANE LOUISE 1912 Cedric Rd., Baltimore 16, Md. KENYON, NANCY BLYTH Ackerman Rd., Saddle River, N. J. Mail: R. D. 2, Allendale, N. J. KING, ELEANOR GREENOUGH 365 Park St., Upper Montclair, N. J. KIRKWOOD, MARY JANE Lakewood Cir., Indian Harbor, Greenwich, Conn. KLEIN, MADELINE 22 Esplanade, Mount Vernon, N. Y. KNEBEL, RUTHMARY SPEAR Canaan, Columbia County, N. Y. KNOX, BARBARA ELAINE 118 Cianci Rd., New Britain, Conn. KOIKE, HARUE 72 Goka Nakashioda-mura Chiisagatagun Nagano Ken, Japan KRAMER, JUDITH SHEILA 3 Clover Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. KRUSE, HARRIET LEE 146 81 St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. KUFLIK, NANCY KAY 944 E. Tenth St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. LAKRITZ, ZENA DANA 640 W. 231 St., Riverdale, N. Y. LANE, NANCY LOUISE R. D. 1, Lebanon, Conn. LANGDON, ELAINE Hickory Bluff, Rowayton, Conn. LARRABEE, JEANNE 48 Fern St., New Rochelle, N. Y. LATIL, MARTINE 128 Audley St., Kew Gardens 18, N. LAVIN, MARY-ELLEN 6 South St., Marion, Mass. LEE, LUCINDA 3 Woodman Rd., Worcester 2, Mass. LESSARD, BEVERLY ELAINE 81 Norman Rd., Stamford, Conn. LIANG, ROSEMARY PING 28 Conduit Rd., Hong Kong, China 65 Fenwood Rd., Boston, Mass. LILIEN, JOAN LENORE 152 Clark St., Hillside, N. J. LIPPITT, KATHARINE Box 685, Providence 1, R. I. LITTLE, STEPHANIE RAE 40 Edgewood Rd., Summit, N. J. Page One Hundred Fifty-two Y. LOCKMAN, MARY ELIZABETH Box 511, 100 McCammeon St., Fort Mill, S. C. LONDON, PATRICIA ANN 126 Amory St., Brookline, Mass. LOSCH, YVONNE ELIZABETH 63-26 Pitchett St., Rego Park 74, N. Y. LOWELL, NANCY RUTH 434 Summit Ave., Westfield, N. J. LOWENTHAL, MYRA ELIZABETH 631 Wyndham Rd., Teaneck, N. J. LUKE, NANCY RUTH 36 School St., West Chelmsford, Mass. LUNDIN, JOAN SANDRA 5 Bradley Park Dr., Hingham, Mass. LUTNICK, JANE LIEBERMAN 675 Munn Ave., Apt. 703, East Orange, N. J. LYMAN, JANET ROWE 11 Larch Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. LYSLE, RUTH ANNE 37 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. MCDONALD, ELEANOR ANN 52 Garden Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. MCGONAGLE, JANE MARIE 27 Garden St., Belmont 78, Mass. McKEY, MARY JOSSELYN R. D. 2, Putney, Vt. MCLAUGHLIN, MARY ELLEN 112-20 72 Dr., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. MADARA, MARGARET AUGUSTA 216 N. Clifton Ave., Aldan, Pa. MALLORY, BARBARA BURNETT 127 Revere Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. MARSHALL, JUDITH AUDREY 1105 Mason Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. MASON, PATRICIA RUTH 53 Winthrop Ct., Milford, Conn. MASTER, MARY FOURNIER Venus, Pa. MAXCY, ANN CAROL Century Ridge Rd., White Plains, N. Y. MEGATHLIN, ANN 23 Second St., Geneseo, N. Y. MENNONE, JULIA MARGARET 52 Kent St., Plainville, Conn. MILLER, PAULA SHOOLMAN 46 Prentice Rd., Newton Center, Mass. MONTGOMERY, ANN DUBACK 2918 N. Summit Ave., Milwaukee l 1, Wis. MORRIS, MARGARET ANN 224 N. W. 20th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. MORROW, BARBARA JEAN Threadneedle Rd., Sedgely Farms, R. D. 1, Wilmington, Del MOSER, JUDITH HAINES 20 Sage Ter., Scarsdale, N. Y. MURPHY, MARIANNA 31 Pulsifer St., Newtonville 60, Mass. MUTCH, HELEN REED 134 W. Logan St., Philadelphia 44, Pa. NETHERWOOD, ELISABETH GRANT The Parkway House, 22 St. and the Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa. NEWMAN, MARY ANDERSON 804 S. Tenth St., Newark, N. J. NOBLE, JOANNA BARTRUFF 1044 Madison St., Brooklyn 21, N. Y. O'BRIEN, HELEN MARGARET 35-54 80 St., Jackson Heights 72, N. Y. OEI, ABBY 2 Captain's Lane, Greenhaven, Rye, N. Y. OGDEN, NANCY LOUISE 60 Westminster Rd., Rochester, N. Y. OLSON, BARBARA VIANE 567 Sheridan Rd., Winnetka, Ill. ONDERDONK, MARILYN ROSS 462 Ridgewood Rd., Maplewood, N. J. O,SHEA, BRIDGET Old Highway, Wilton, Conn. PALMER, NANCY 7 Hill Top Rd., Weston 93, Mass. PEACHY, JUDITH JACOX 89 Franklin St., Englewood, N. J. PENDER, SUSAN JANE 82 East Drive, Connersville, Indiana PETERS, MARGERY HART 1 Puritan Rd., Sayville, N. Y. PINCUS, ELAINE 3855 Lyme Ave., Brooklyn 24, N. Y. POWERS, ANNE LOUISE 21 W. Greenwood Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. PRATT, CAROLYN LOUISE 719 Kensington, Flint, Mich. PRESCOTT, JOANNE Maple Dr., Fayetteville, N. Y. PSARAKIS, HELEN MERELLA 2494 Whitney Ave., Hamden 14, Conn. PURSER, MARJORIE ANN 135 Babcock Dr., Rochester 10, N. Y. PUTNAM, BINNEY 803 Indian River Dr., Fort Pierce, Fla. PYE, LUCINDA HOWARD 2805 Holly St., Alexandria, Va. RAINNIE, JANET GARDNER 2960 Weston Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. RAUSCHER, JANE DOLSON 3 N. Crescent, Maplewood, N. J. REID, ALISON MAY 35 Everit St., New Haven 11, Conn. REILLY, MARY ALICE 19 Bellingham Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. REUTLINGER, JUDITH MARGARET 100 Meadowbrook Rd., Short Hills, N. J. RHOADS, ELIZABETH 430 W. Stafford St., Philadelphia 44, Pa. RICH, DIANE 321 W. Third, Junction City, Kans, RICHTER, ELLEN BARBARA 3530 Henry Hudson Parkway East, Riverdale, N. Y ROBBINS, FAITH 146 Cheswold Valley Rd., Haverford, Pa ROBERTS, PATRICIA 5 Whitman Ct., Troy, N. Y, ROBINSON, ANN CLARK 8 Varian Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. ROCHESTIE, HELEN MONA 1448 W. State St., Trenton 8, N. J. ROCKEFELLER, FREDERICA OTIS Old Post Rd., Red Hook, N. Y. ROGOWSKI, ELLEN MINNA 63 Ogden St., New Haven, Conn. ROSE, LOUISE WALDRON 863 Park Ave., New York 21, N. Y. ROSEN, ELLEN GAIL 27 W. 72 St., New York 23, N. Y. ROSS, EMILY MAY 3523 Runnymede Pl. N. W., Washington ROTHROCK, KATHERINE CLEVES Glade House, Westtown, Pa. RUTHERFORD, JUDITH CAROLYN 14 Oakway, Scarsdale, N. Y. SAFFIR, FRANCES CORA 11 Riverside Dr., New York 23, N. Y. SANBORN, ANNE LEIGHTON Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. SANDIN, FREDERICA JEAN 3627 Dawes Dr., Dallas, Texas SAYER, BARBARA ANN 148 Waterman St., Providence 6, R. I. SCHILD, SYBIL 7 W. 81 St., New York 24, N. Y. SCHNEIDERWIRTH, JOAN HELEN Jericho Manor, Jenkintown, Pa. SCHOTZ, MARILYN RESNIK 3720 Independence Ave., Riverdale, N. Y. SCHWARZ, BARBARA JANE 25 Central Park W., New York, N. Y. SHARPLESS, SARA LEVERE Hill Top Rd., Mendham, N. J. SHARRAR, BERYL MCLEAN 216 New York Ave., Salisbury, Md. SHIELDS, EVELYN CAINE 17 Ridge Rd., Concord, N. H. SHRYOCK, ELEANOR BRENNER 191 Fuller Lane, Winnetka, Ill. SIMONSON, JANE AGNES 1s,D.c 7484 Amboy Rd., Tottenville, Staten Island 7, N. Y. SKERLY, NADA JOSEPHINE 421 E. 146 St., Cleveland 10, Ohio SLADE, RUTH TucKER 48 Grotto Ave., Providence 6, R. I. SMITH, AUDREY VIVIAN Box 126, Garland, Pa. Page One 17-Iundred Tn ty three SOUTHERLAND, SANDRA Jaragua Hotel, Ciudad Trujillo, Republica Dominicana SPARNON, NANCY ANNE 1000 Lake Ave., Wilmette, Ill. STAHL, FREDERICKA 172 Chiswick Rd., Brighton 35, Mass. STONE, ANN LESTER 750 Kappock St., Riverdale 63, N. Y. STORMS, BARBARA GENE 970 Esplanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. STROMBERG, GRETCHEN 1606 Los Alamos Ave. S.W., Albuquer SWALLOW, MARY ELIZABETH 2 Lake Dr., Pelham Manor, N. Y. TAYLOR, JULIA STRONG 1508 Fairidge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. THOMPSON, ANN WILLET 698 Beacon Lane, Merion, Pa. THOMPSON, JANET OLIVE 14 Arundel St., Andover, Mass. THOMPSON, MARGARET MARY Claverack, N. Y. THOMPSON, PRISCILLA ANNE 18 Cliff Rd., Milton, Mass. THUDIUM, MARY ELIZABETH 204 Booth Lane, Haverford, Pa. TOWNSEND, SHIRLEY IRENE 54 Highland Ave., Fair Haven, N. J. TRAX, CONSTANCE MCCALMONT 203 Division St., Oil City, Pa. TRAYNOR, DEBORAH MARY 364 Barrington St., Rochester, N. Y. TREVATHAN, SUE JEANINE R. D. 1, Pecan Dr., Paducah, Ky. TRULL, MEREDITH ANN 736 Andover St., Lowell, Mass. TURNER, ELSIE CHILD 1317 E. 63 St., Seattle 5, Wash. TURNER, SUSAN ANNE 125 Second St., Oakland, Md. que, N. Mex. VAN HOESSEN, KATHARINE GASKINS 472 Gramatan Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. VAN ZELM, CONSTANCE ANTOINETTE 20 Griffen Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. VAUGHN, JANICE HARPER R. R. 10, Fort Henry Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. WASHBOURNE, ANNE Box 11, Peru, N. Y. WAYLAND-SMITH, CORNELIA 162 Kenwood Ave., Oneida, N. Y. WEIDEMANN, MARY CLARE 1313 Cleveland St., Wilmette, Ill. WEISBERG, ELEANOR BARBARA 88 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn 5, N. Y. WESCHLER, BARBARA JO 3927 State St., Erie, Pa. WHARTON, MARGARET 24 Gramercy Pk., New York, N. Y. WHITE, JEAN ANN 1 Downs Rd., Medina, N. Y. WILLARD, PRISCILLA 19 Valley Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J. WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH LEE 1600 31 St. S. E., Washington 20, D. C. WILLIAMSON, JOAN EVALYN 62 Patterson Ave., Hempstead, N. Y. WILSON, PHYLLIS ELLEN THERESE 148 Ridgewood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. WINSLOW, ANN ISABEL 32 Elizabeth Ave., Pompton Plains, N. J. WITKOWSKI, SONIA ANNE 3 Bellevue Ter., Cromwell, Conn. WOODHOUSE, MARJORIE MICHELLE 4125 Creciente Dr., Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, Cal YOUNG, ADRIEN PADDOCK 16 Hawthorne Ave., Troy, N. Y. YOUNG, BARBARA JEAN 194 Spencer Pl., Ridgewood, N. J. YOUNG, NANCY LOU Dogwood Dr., Danbury, Conn. ZEHNER, KAREN 2800 Bellevue Ter. N. W., Washington 7, D. C. Class of 1957 ABBE, IANET F. ARCHBALD, ANN S. 23 Oxford Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. R. D. 1, Orwigsburg, Pa. ALEXANDER, ELEANOR O. AUSTIN, MARGARET 1:- 511 W. State St., Kennett Square, Pa. West St., Belcheftown Mass. ALTROGGE, PHYLLIS D. AYARS, MARJQRIE Bi 606 S. Washington St., Mexico, Mo. 202 Rugby Rd., Syracuse 6, N, Y ANDERSON, CAROLYN 228 N. Bent Rd., Wyncote, Pa. ANGEI-0, E- JOANNE BACKLIS, DIANNE E. Huckleberry Hill, South Lincoln, Mass. 1820 E. Fox Lane, Milwaukee 17, Wis. ARAGONA, JOAN L. BALCH, BARBARA 44 Howard Park Dr-1 TCUHHYI N- I- 1202 Parkway, E. Utica 2, N. Y. Page One 17-Iundred Tifty-four BALLARD, ANNE W. 955 Heberton St., Pittsburgh 6, Pa. BARAD, VERA .I. 222 Elm St., West Hempstead, N. Y. BARTON, SHARI M. 600 West End Ave., New York 25, N. Y. BAUER, EMILIE G. 414 N. Thomas St., Arlington 3, Va. BECKMAN, DARYL E. 125 Kennedy Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa. BERG, BARBARA A. 224 Oakland Rd., Maplewood, N. J. BERGNER, PAYE S. 164 W. 79 St., New York 24, N. Y. BIGELOW, NANCY E. 49 Seminary Ave., Auburndale 66, Mass. BILLER, NATALIE L. 252 May St., Worcester 2, Mass. BINGHAM, DEBORAH G. 1616 W. Laurel, Springfield, Ill. BIRNEY, BRET B. 142 Smull Ave., West Caldwell, N. J. BISHOP, KATHRYN A. 5210 Telegraph Rd., Box 42, Birmingham, Mich. BOVARD, ROBIN City Point, Fla. BRABSON, JULIA 14 S. Coalter St., Staunton, Va. BRASLOW, PHYLLIS M. 313 Collins Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. BRAY, HELEN M. 24 Upton Lane, Lynnfield, Mass. BRICKETT, CAROL 38 Whittier Rd., Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. BROSSART, JEANNE L. Henning Dr., Orchard Park, N. Y. BROWN, MRS. CAROLYN VAN WINKLE 1106 Irwin Ave., Lawton, Okla. BRUMFIELD, PEGGY A. 6310 Sherwood Rd., Apt. A-10, Phila. 31, Pa. BUNZL, STEPHANIE C. Calle Oriente 4 Caracas Country Club, Caracas, BURGOYNE, CLAIRE E. 152 Sullivan Pl., Brooklyn 25, N. Y. BURNS, NADJA K. 26 Edgewood Rd., Summit, N. J. BURSTYN, RUTH M. 75 Garland Rd., Newton Center 59, Mass. BUTLER, KATHERINE E. 409 Edgecombe Ave., New York 32, N. Y. CALDWELL, MRS. MARGARET ZITZEWITZ 4821 47 St. N. W., Washington, D. C. CANADAY, M. JANE 22 Garrison Rd., Glens Falls, N. Y. CANCELL, LORETTA R. 616 E. Lincoln Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. CARRICK, LENA MAY East Douglas, Mass. Venezuela CARTER, JAcQuEL1NE A. 624 Ridge St., Peekskill, N. Y. CARTER, IANE W. Town House 51152 Apt. 3K, Great Neck, N, Y, CHAMBERLAIN, IEANNE B. 58 Lincoln St., Belmont 78, Mass. CHEN, BETTY C. Apt. 10, 1473 First Ave., New York, N. Y. CONDIO, DORIS M. 186 Oak St., Manchester, Conn. COOGAN, ELEANOR 32 Oxford Rd., Newton Center 59, Mass. COOK, KATHARINE A. 52 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. COOPER, FRANCES B. Camp White, Ore. COX, IUDITH M. 172 Pelhamdale Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. CRISAFULLI, CAROLYN L. 134 Circle Dr., Plandome, N. Y. CROKE, IUDITH A. 7 N. Sycamore Knolls, South Hadley, Mass. CRONIN, FRANCES B. 32 Fremont St., Bloomfield, N. J. DAVIDSON, MARCIA D. 151 Nahanton Ave., Milton, Mass. DAVIS, DORIAN 10 Terrace Dr., Port Washington, N. Y. DAVISON, MARGARET B. Box 1093, Plainfield, N. I. DERWICK, DORIS A. 35-35 87 St., Jackson Heights 72, N. Y. DICKINSON, SARAH 25 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban 68, Mass. DIX, PAULINE A. North Springfield, Vt. DODD, MARY R. 317 S. Long Beach Ave., Freeport, N. Y. DORCAS, DIANE 2260 S. Cook St., Denver 10, Colo. DUBOIS, RACHEL L. 122 Plimpton St., Walpole, Mass. DUNN, GRACEMARIE 123 Woodside Ter., Springfield 8, Mass. EDMONDS, NANCY A. 51 Woods Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. ELLIOTT, ALICIA I. N. 136 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. ELLIS, SUZANNE 39 Denny Rd., Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. ENYART, K. PERRIN Deer Park, Greenwich, Conn. ERVIN, JUDY 290 Baxter Blvd., Portland 5, Me. FENBERT, GAIL J. 7 Chesterfield Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Page One 7-hundred Tifty-Hue FENNIMAN, ELIZABETH A. 29 Ten Acre Lane, West Hartford, Conn. PLALIMENHAPT, CAROL I 275 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. FLEET, D. ANN Honeysuckle Lane, Cutchogue, N. Y. FLEMING, GRETCHEN 250 Jefferson Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. FLORANCE, ANN E. 66 Pine Grove Ave., Summit, N. J. FOLKERS, CYNTHIA C. 617 Belvidere Ave., Plainfield, N. J. FOSTER, H. REBECCA Millstream House, Falls Village, Conn. FOSTER, NANCY E. 29 Madison St., Belmont 78, Mass. FRACKENPOHL, LUCRETIA G. 48 Myrtle Ave., Maplewood, N. J. FRANK, JUDITH E. 324 Glenwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. FREUNDLICH, BARBARA M. 60 Aberfoyle Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. FRIEDMAN, BARBARA S. 6 Pinehurst Cir., Washington 15, D. C. FRIEDMAN, ELINOR J. 221 Club Dr., Woodmere, N. Y. FUDGE, MOLLY W. High Lope Farm, R. D. 1, Manlius, N. Y. GALANTI, BENITA R. 126 Grove St., Lodi, N. J. GEPFERT, PATRICIA C. 140 E. 81 St., New York 28, N. Y. GIBSON, THEODOSIA A. 4102 Washington Rd., West Palm Beach, Fla. GORTON, ELOISE M. 853 University Pl., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. GORTON, T. ANN 71 Oaks Rd., Framingham, Mass. GOULD, PHYLLIS T. 150 Wood Pond Rd., West Hartford, Conn. GRAY, PHYLLIS R. 3501 Williamsburg Lane, N. W. Washington 8, D. C. GRINNELL, STEPHANIE 1074 E. Eighth St., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. GROSS, PATRICIA A. 32 Birch St., Mount Vernon, N. Y. GUTEKUNST, RUTH W. 32 Egbert Ave., Staten Island 10, N. Y. HAIR, HARRIET I. 615 Crystal Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. HALLSTEN, LINDA L. 150 Gilbert Ave., New Haven, Conn. HAMILTON, LAUREEN R. 15 Washington Ave., Holyoke, Mass. HANSON, MARYANN 7 Hickory Hill Rd., New Britain, Conn. HARGITF, ANN H. 811 Watts St., Durham, N. C. Page One fHundred fifty-six HARTSHORN, ELIZABETH P. River Rd., New Hope, Pa. HEARD, MARY J. 5 Lincolnshire Way, Winchester, Mass. HEBERLE, ANTJE E. 1637 Cloverdale Ave., Baton Rouge, La. HEINEMANN, MARIANNE Silvermine St., Norwalk, Conn. HENDRICKS, VIRGINIA 39 Brunswick Rd., Montclair, N. J. HERSEY, ALTHEA 29 Woodside Rd., Winchester, Mass. HESLIN, DOROTHY-ANN 284 Corbin Ave., New Britain, Conn. HEWITT, ALTHEA R. 19 Old Railroad Ave., Haverford, Pa. HILLSMAN, N. MARGARET 214 Waverly St., Winnipeg 9, Manitoba, Canada HITTINGER, BARBARA E. 517 Seventh Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. HOLTON, NANCY E. Lyndon Rd., Fayetteville, N. Y. HOOD, BARBARA E. C. 395 Warren St., Brookline 11, Mass. HOYT, ALICE T. 279 Fuller St., West Newton, Mass. HUBER, SALLY A. 5430 N. Berkely Blvd., Milwaukee 17, Wis IRVIN, JUDITH A. 201 W. 18 St., Sanford, Fla. ISRAEL, SHIELA R. 375 West End Ave., New York 24, N. Y. JAMES, MARGARET A. 135 Benedict Ter., Longmeadow 6, Mass. JENSVOLD, ANNE C. 446 Post Rd., Darien, Conn. JOBES, CAROLYN 145 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville 60, Mass. JOHNSON, CAROL L. 800 Mt. Pleasant, Winnetka, Ill. JOHNSON, KATHLEEN G. 6 Sunnydale Rd., West Hartford, Conn. JONA, MIRELLA 760 West End Ave., New York 26, N. Y. JONES, BARBARA L. 15 W. Mount Vernon Pl., Baltimore, Md. JORDAN, ANN J. 14 Sherbrooke Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. JOYCE, BARBARA S. 43 Woodcliff Dr., Madison, N. J. IUDD, CAROLYN R. 3083 Ordway St. N. W., Washington 8, D. C KANE, PATRICIA N. 90 Orchard Lane, Melrose 76, Mass. KELLS, MEREDITH Box 152, York Harbor, Me. KENT, P. ANNE Washington St., Duxbury, Mass. 6 Brooks Rd New Canaan Conn KLEIT, Lois R. KERN, MARY FRANCES N 448 W. Englewood Ave., West Englewood, KOEGLER, CAROL E. 953 Fifth Ave., New York 21, N. Y. KOEHLER, JANICE L. 100 Oakland Rd., Maplewood, N. J. KRABISCH, ELIZABETH P. Willow Brook Farm, Ghent, N. Y. KRAUSS, VIRGINIA A. 33-39168 St., Flushing 58, N. Y. KRAUT, MAXIME C. 475 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn 18, N. Y. KRUSE, CAROLYN P. 27 Rugby Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. KUETHER, O. ANNE 17 Monroe St., Pelham Manor 65, N. Y. KURSELL, KATHERINE A. 12 Murray Hill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. LAING, JANET T. 260 Bowen St., Providence 6, R. I. LANGERT, SHIELA H. Country Club Rd., Somerville, N. J. LARSEN, HENN I G. 117 Van Buren Ave., Teaneck, N. J. LATHROP, BARBARA 19 Guthrie Pl., New London, Conn. LEVITAS, BETTY A. 24 Lyons, Westwood, N. J. LIE, RANDI 203 Vassar St., Rochester 7, N. Y. LINDENMAIER, TAMARA 101 Lorraine Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. LINTON, BETTY A. 85 Berkeley St., West Newton 65, Mass. LIPPINCOTT, ANN W. 201 Howard St., Riverton, N. J. LONG, SUSAN D. 404 E. Padre St., Santa Barbara, Calif. LONNQUIST, KAREN J. 1 Milburn Pl., Evanston, Ill. LUQUE CALERO, MAGALI I. 320 Aguirre, Box 4037, Guayaquil, Ecuador LYTLE, VALERIE P. 16 Berkley Pl., Buffalo 9, N. Y. MCCARTY, PATRICIA E. 135 S. Mountain Rd., Pittsfield, Mass. MacDONALD, MARION E. 198 Trafalgar St., Rochester 11, N. Y. MCDONNELL, LOIS A. 101 Rita Rd., Chelsea Estates, New Castle, D MCFARLAN, ANN L. 164 Smull Ave., West Caldwell, N . I- MCGHEE, LINDA 292 Ambassador Dr., Rochester 10, N. Y. el I. MCINTYRE, MARY L, 487 Pleasant St., Holyoke, Mags, MCKENSIE, RUTH M. 20 Gorham Rd., W. Medford 55, Mass. MCLAUGHLIN, JANE C. 2019 Laurel Hill Dr., S. Euclid 21, Ohio MCMATH, LILLIAN H. 1006 Kensington Rd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. MCMURPHY, DOROTHY M. 158 Samson Pky., Pittsfield, Mass. MAHLER, MARY J. 63 Brown Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. MAIER, HELEN E. 151 Springfield St., Springfield, Mass. MARCY, GRETCHEN B. 601 N. Ball St., Owosso, Mich. MARK, HARRIET 71-36 110 st., Forest Hills, N. Y. MARR, ANNE T. 115 E. 86 St., New York 28, N. Y. MATTOON, NORMA A. 252 Locust St., Springfield 8, Mass. MEYER, ELLEN S. 12 Job Cushing Rd., Shrewsbury, Mass. MEYER, MARY F. 75 California Ave., Middletown, N. Y. MILLER, MARJORIE B. 11 Riverside Dr., Apt. 13 M. W. New York 23, N. Y. MITCHELL, M. JOYCE 82 Pilgrim Lane, Drexel Hill, Pa. MOHN, ASTRID H. 103 Corona Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. MORGENROTH, CYNTHIA E. Douglas Rd., Bernardsville, N. J. MORROW, PENELOPE L. Avondale Rd., Nether Providence, Pa. MORSE, E. ANN 209 Meadowbrook Rd., Weston 93, Mass. MOXLEY, ELLEN L. 2421 Carleton St., Berkeley 4, Calif. MUESER, GAYLE E. Ivy Hill Rd., Mount Kisco, N. Y. MUHL, A. ANN 8135 Stanford Ave., University City 24, Mo. MURRAY, JOANNE 310 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. MUTSCHLER, LETITIA E. 118 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills Gardens, N. Y. NEEDHAM, FRANCES A. 10 Radnor Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. NELLIS, MARILYN K. 5 DeLancey Dr., Geneva, N. Y. NICHOLS, CAROLYN J. Christ Church Rectory, Suffern, N. Y. NIGHSWANDER, MILDRED A. 71 Walker St., Laconia, N. H. NOONAN, PATRICIA A. 146 S. Elm St., Wallingford, Conn. Page One 7-Iundred Tifty-seven NORWOOD, CATHERINE P. 5101 Woodside Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. OLMSTEAD, KATHLEEN A. 669 Tolland Tpk., Manchester, Conn. OLSEN, IAN S. 10 Washington Ave., Cobleskill, N. Y. OSTROM, MARGARET C. 1030 Mohegan Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. OWEN, LYNNE E. 725 Michigan Ave., Evanston, Ill. PEABODY, LAURA F. 42 Dartmouth St., Springfield 9, Mass. PENNINGTON, NANCY L. Wire Mill Rd., Stamford, Conn. PETERSON, CAROLYN J. 124 Twaxis Rd., West Hartford, Conn. PFUND, HELGA F. 624 Overhill Rd., Ardmore, Pa. PHILLIPS, MARY Minard Run, Bradford, Pa. PIGOTT, MARGARET A. Forest Rd., Northford, Conn. POPE, DIANA L. 175 Hartshorn Dr., Short Hills, N. J. PORTER, LAURA M. 70 Warrior Rd., Louisville, Ky. POST, LEE D. 57 Craiwell Ave., West Springfield, Mass. POTTER, B. ANN 29 Hall Ave., Nashua, N. I-I. PUCCI, MARILYN V. 1092 Dewey Ave., Rochester 13, N. Y. PUTNAM, BINNEY 210 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce, Pla. RAFF, MARJORIE E. Box 393, Congress Lake, Hartville, Ohio RAINES, SUSANNE 59 Boylston Ave., Providence 6, R. I. RAMSEYER, LINDA M. Pine St., Norton, Mass. REES, M. ,IUDITH 3082 Livingston Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio REMINGTON, KATHERINE N. 119 Hampton Rd., Syracuse 6, N. Y. RHOADS, IUDITH J. 108 School Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. RICHARDS, ELLEN K. Goldstein Strasse, Cologne, West Germany ROBERTSON, SUSAN W. 412 Third Ave., W. Warren, Pa. ROENNAU, PATRICIA L. 315 E. Washington Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa ROLFE, ROBIN A. 99 Warren St., Concord, N. H. ROMIG, CORINNE T. 646 Lindley Rd., Glenside, Pa. Page One 7-Iundred Fifty-eight ROSENHEIM, SUSAN B. 9 Union St., Oneonta, N. Y. ROY, JUDITH A. 69 Jayson Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. SALONIA, CAMILLE N. 106 Highland Ave., Middletown, Conn. SANCHEZ, ANA M. 208 Westervelt Ave., Staten Island 1, N SAND, ELIZABETH 4300 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10, Md. SAVAGE, ALICE M. 30 Deering Ave., Portland, Me. SCHAEEER, BETSEY M. Dublin Rd., Greenwich, Conn. SCHERR, SUSAN E. 721 Lindell Ave., Cincinnati 26, Ohio SCHOENBORN, FRIEDA A. 150 Woodhull Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. SCHULTZ, EVELYN R. 1553 New Britain Ave., West Hartford SCOTT, SARA JO 372 Shelbourne Ter., Ridgewood, N. J. SEARCH, CAROL A. 120 Prospect Ave., Princeton, N. I. SHANBAUM, ELINOR P. 44 Newell Ave., Southbridge, Mass. SIEDENBURG, ANNE Star Route, Reno, Ohio SILVER, ANNE W. 450 West End Ave., New York 24, N. Y. SIMMEN, MARY G. 7 Bethel Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. SLOAN, DORIS J. 28 Overlook Ter., Maplewood, N. J. SMITH, PATRICIA 15 Eollen St., Cambridge 38, Mass. SNOW, NANCY S. 116 Springside Rd., Walnut Creek, Calif SOLOMON, NAOMI A. 150 Dartmouth St., Rochester 7, N. Y. STANLEY, CAROL A. 153 Lyman St., South Hadley, Mass. STEARNS, MARILYN I. 440 Sheridan Ave., Roselle Park, N. I. STEVENS, SUSAN M. 3 Sherbrooke Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. STONE, ALICE C. 240 Norfolk St., Springfield 9, Mass. STROBEL, ANN C. 170 Shoreham Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y. STURGES, ROSALIND H. 8020 St. Martins Lane, Phila. 18, Pa. SULLIVAN, RUTH G. 45 High St., Andover, Mass. SUTHERLAND, ANN C. 94 Otis St., Hingham, Mass. SWAHNBERG, NORMA J. 27 Highland Ave., Keene, N. H. .Y. 10, Conn SWANSON, MARGARET J. 230 Mamaroneck Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. TAYLOR, AUDREY Y. 2920 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. TAYLOR, MARGARET J. 1012 Gaston Ave., Austin, Texas TENCZA, DOROTHY A. 106 Beech St., Holyoke, Mass. THORPE, PRICILLA J. 1820 Norfolk St., Houston 6, Texas TILTON, JANE R. 16505 Lindon Dr., Tonkawoodcroft, Wayzata, Minn, TINK, NANCY E. 130 Pleasant Pl., Arlington, N. J. TOWNER, NANCY N. 509 Seminary Ave., Towson 4, Md. VAN DINE, MARY L. 124 Woodlawn St., Hamden 14, Conn. WAHLBERG, ELLEN L. 150 Arundel Ave., West Hartford, Conn. WALLANDER, ROSALIND J. 1133 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. WARD, FRANCES M. 400 Washington Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. WARREN, ANNE 184 Main St., Wethersfield 9, Conn. ACKERMAN, YAIRA 22 Hazel St., Salem, Mass. ADAMS, BETTY LOUISE 8204 Woodhaven Blvd., Bethesda 14, ADAMS, LYNNE 6545 Prairie Rd., Omaha 3, Nebr. ALBERT, SARA MARTHA 25 Hale St., Beverly, Mass. ALEXANDER, LAUREN ETHEL 53 Harvest Dr., Scarsdale, N. Y. ANWYLL, BARBARA JEAN 4 Montgomery Ave., Holyoke, Mass. AULD, ELISABETH ANN 3 Embassy Court, Great Neck, N. Y. AXFORD, ELSIE ELISABETH 1009 Electric St., Scranton 9, Pa. AYER, NANCY HUNTER 69 Yale St., Winchester, Mass. BABCOCK, JANET ELISABETH 20 Occom Ridge, Hanover, N. H. BACKUS, JANET GRAHAM 1158 Fifth Ave., New York 29, N. Y. BAILEY, ELIZABETH KARGES 107 Columbia Ave. S racuse 7 N. Y WQXSISCOWITZ, BETSY A. 3 ighfman Rd., New Britain WATTS, MARGERY E. 'Conn' 25 Woodland Rd., Barrington, R. I.. WEIKEL, ANN 1556 Dean St., Schenectady, N , Y, WEISBART, JANE S, 27 W. 86 St., New York 24, N. Y. WHITE, MARILYN A. 605 Ridgeland Ter., Englewood, N. J. WHITE, SARAH J. 215 S. Ninth St., Noblesville, Ind. WICKS, EDDA S. 311 W. 97 St., New York 25, N. Y. WILDERMAN, ANNE G. 6610 N. 12 Sf., Phila. 26, Pa. WILLIAMS, GAIL P. 264 Regent St., Hampton, Va. WILSON, JUDITH G. 10 Mountain Rd., Tenafly, N. J. WOODWARD, DEBORAH W. 102 College St., South Hadley, Mass. WOODWARD, FRANCESCA P. Blossom Farm, Nassau, N. Y. YOUNG, ANN M. 194 Spancer Pl., Ridgewood, N. J. ZABRISKIE, LYNN 19 Grace Ct., Brooklyn 1, N. Y. Class of 1958 BAIRD, KATHLEEN MARSHALL 34 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. BARCLAY, PEREGRINE WARFIELD Mirador Apts., E. Garden St., Pensacola, Florida BARNETT, LENORE FAITH 101 Central Park West, New York 23, N. Y. BARNETT, MARGERY LEE 3604 Clarks Lane, Baltimore 15, Md. BARTHELMES, ANN AGNES 841 Beechwood Drive, Havertown, Pa. BARTON, CHARLOTTE COLE 18 Highland Ave., Barrington, R. I. BATEMAN, KATHERINE MARIE 536 Andover St., Lawrence, Mass. BAUER, CATHERINE ELLEN 33 North Fulton St., Allentown, Pa. BECKER, JUDITH SUE 25 Atkinson Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. BEERS, MARTHA JOSEPHINE 398 Sound Beach Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. BENNETT, ELEANOR DORIS 5705 Stoney Run Dr., Baltimore 10, Md. BERMAN, THEODORA BETH 1796 Boulevard, New Haven 11, Conn. BERNSTEIN, JOYCE 29 Woodmere Blvd., Woodmere, N. Y. 1 y I ' Page One Hundred T1 ty mne BETHEL, JOAN RUTH P. O. Box 74, Nassau, Bahamas BISSELL, CAROL SUZANNE 4009 So. Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis, Minn. BOHMAN, BARBARA LOUISE 41-58 77 St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. BOLES, ELLEN CHASE 46 Jefferson Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. BONELL, PRISCILLA RUTH 54 Lawn Ave., Portland 5, Maine BORINSKY, HARRIET NORMA 326 Keer Ave., Newark 8, N. J. BORTON, ELEANOR THOMPSON 204 Kenilworth Alden Park, Philadelphia 44, Pa. BOYCE, EMILY JANE 134 South Park Ave., Hinsdale, Ill. BRADBURY, DEBORAH ANNE Butternut Hollow Rd., Greenwich, Conn. BRADLEY, ELIZABETH HATTON 813 Greenwood Rd., Wilmington 6, Del. BRANDENBURG, MARGARET ANNE 974 Eastwood Rd., Glencoe, Ill. BROCK, BARBARA Valley Rd., Newton Square, Pa. BRODSKY, GRACE LINDA 983 Wood St., Woodmere, N. Y. BRODY, HILDA RAZEL 26 Glendoon Rd., Needham 92, Mass. BROOM, CAROL RENEE 130 East 75 St., New York 21, N. Y. BRYAN, SUSAN EKEN 5 East Lane, Madison, N. J. BUCKLEY, MARCIA ANN Wakeman, Ohio BULLARD, LEONORE ELIZABETH 142 Roosevelt Rd., Rochester 18, N. Y. BUMP, CAROLYN 229 Ash St., Weston, Mass. BUSHER, ANN ELOISE 13966 Estill Dr., Lakewood 7, Ohio CAIN, WINIFRED JUDITH 50 Raymond Ave., Holyoke, Mass. CALLAWAY, JANE WILLIS 5295 Waterman, St. Louis, Mo. CAMERON, MARY PATRICIA 441 Country Club Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. CANNING, SANDRA ELIZABETH 105 St. Paul's Pl., Hempstead, N. Y. CANNON, NANCY ELISE 3445 N. E. Davis St., Portland 15, Ore. CARPENTER, CYNTHIA STUART 126 Packard Ave., Tufts College, Medford 55, Mass. CARR, SARAH WALKER 2915 Scarborough Rd., Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio CHAMBERS, FRANCES HEWETTE 112 East 74 St., New York 21, N. Y. CHJEN, SYLVIA HSIAO-WEI 11 Farmer Rd., Arlington 74, Mass. Page One U-Iundred Sixty CHENEY, SUSAN GOULD 22 Nimitz Pl., Old Greenwich, Conn. CHESEBROUGH, CAROLYN 35 Mayflower Rd., Needham 92, Mass. CHILTON, PATRICIA 6408 High Dr., Kansas City 13, Missouri CHOATE, SALLY JANE 27 Glen Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J. CLAUSEN, JUDITH HARRIET 2415 83 St., Brooklyn 14, N. Y. CLAYTOR, MARGARET JANE 341 35 St. N. E., Washington 19, D. C. COHEN, ELEANOR M. 817 E. 45 St., Brooklyn 3, N. Y. COLONEY, JOYCE ELEANOR R. D. 4, Albion, N. Y. COMSTOCK, MARY-ELLEN 3 Chesterfield Rd., Worcester 2, Mass. CONNOR, PATRICIA ANN 44 Bardwell St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. CORDERMAN, ALICE VIRGINIA 1030 26 Rd., S. Arlington 2, Va. COREY, ELLEN MARGARET 115 Maple St., Gardner, Mass. CORLISS, MARJORIE JEAN 470 Washington St., Gloucester, Mass. COVERT, LINDA RUTH 28 Smull Ave., Caldwell, N. J. COXHEAD, MARGARET CRAMER Llewellyn Park, West Orange, N. J. CRANE, PATRICIA ANNE 22489 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights 18, Ohio CRAWFORD, HALCYON ALDEN 9 High Rock St., Needham 92, Mass. CREW, CAROL ANNE 512 Wyndmoor Ave., Philadelphia 18, Penna. CROMWELL, VIRGINIA 21 Summit Rd., Lexington 73, Mass. CRUME, JANE LOSSON 900 W. 190th St., New York 33, N. Y. CURREN, JUDITH MAXWELL Prospect St., Marshfield Hills, Mass. CURTIS, NANCY BUNN 159 Shawmut Ave., Marlboro, Mass. CURVISH, ELIZABETH ANNE 601 W. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. CZAJA, CAROLYN ESTELLE 438 Carew St., Springfield 4, Mass. DANA, ELIZABETH MASLAND 415 Spring Mill Rd., Villanova, Pa. DAVIDSON, DORSEY KATHERINE 325 Woodland Ave., Lynchburg, Va. DAVIS, AUDREY HOPE 52 Lloyd Ave., Providence 6, R. I. DOLLOFF, SARAH ANN 33 Lexington Ave., Cambridge, Mass. DONKERSLEY, CAROL ANN 30 Glen Ridge Rd., Granston 10, R. I. DUMPER, SALLY ELIZABETH 201 Randall Ave., Freeport, N. Y. DYBAS, DONNA ELAINE 7 Milton Ave., Amsterdam, N. Y. EDGERTON, MARY BUNTING College Ave,, Haverford, Penna. EDIE, MARY WANTON 681 N. Broadway, Yonkers 3, N. Y. EDWARDS, ARDYTHE ANN 786 Viewmont Ave., Johnstown, Penna. EDWARDS, JEAN WETZEL 434 W. 120 St., New York 27, N. Y. EDWARDS, JOAN AMERMAN Woodhill Pl., Northport, N. Y. ELLISON, JUDITH ANN 1455 Roosevelt Ave., Pelham 65, N. Y. ELLISTON, ELIZABETH PENN 263 South Ave., Weston 93, Mass. ELSTAD, MARGARET JEAN Gallaudet College N. E., Washington 2, ENGLE, LOUISE KATHARINE Main St., Conyngham, Penna. ENSWORTH, ANNE BILLINGTON 608 Hanshaw Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. FEISER, PATRICIA ANN 133 N. Findlay St., York, Penna. FELDMAN, BETTE ANNE 629 Highland Ave., Fall River, Mass. FETTEROLF, ANNE MIDDLETON D. C. Spring and Center Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. EIALA, JANET ELLEN 171 Satterthwaite Ave., Nutley 10, N. J. FISH, SANDRA JEAN Blandford Rd., Chester, Mass. FISHMAN, STEPHANY HESTER 1435 Lexington Ave., New York 28, N. FLAGLER, SUZANNE FRANCES 603 Larel St., Longmeadow 6, Mass. FLETCHER, PRISCILLA MAUD 1028 Electric St., Scranton 9, Pa. FOGELBERG, SONJA MICHELET 3600 Springhill Ave., Spring Hill, Ala. FOISIE, ANNETTE KENDALL 65 Hillsview Rd., Milton 86, Mass. FOSDICK, CAROLYN 19 Drummond St., Auburn, Maine FRAIL, CATHERINE MAY 73 Port Watson St., Cortland, N . Y. FRANK, AMY CATHERINE 230 W. 79 St., New York 24, N. Y. FRESH, SUZANNE MARIE 15 Garthwaite Ter., Maplewood, N. J. FREUDENBERG, MARION H. Benvin Manor R. D. ffl, Camp Hill, Pa FRIDLUND, ALICE KERWOOD 19 Creston Ave., Tenafly, N. J. FULLERTON, MARGARET HOLMES 53 Putnam Park, Greenwich, Conn. Y. FURST, MARGARETTA MCCORMICK Oak Ridge Pl., Williamsport, Pa. GALLAGHER, JANET WAKEFIELD 6021 Cairn Ter., Bethesda 14, Md. GEORGE, ELIZABETH JANE 2044 Lexington Pkwy., Schenectady 9, N Y GEORGE, JOAN NA Box 1013, University Station, Charlottesville Va GERARD, RUTH 1810 Glenwood Rd., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. GILBERT, VIRGINIA RHEA 705 Davis St., Ardmore, Okla. GILLESPIE, SHIRLEY MARION 310 Nevada Dr., Erie, Pa. GILMAN, ENID MARION 300 Belmont Ave., Colonial Terr., Asbury Park N J GLAZIER, ELIZABETH ANN 10 Brooklands, Bronxville, N. Y. GODFREY, CORNELIA PEASE 206 Pleasant St., Bennington, Vt. GOEHRING, LOUISE GLOVER Maple Dr., Wexford, Pa. GORDON, PATRICIA King St., Armonk, N. Y. GRAHAM, GAIL HARGRAVES 34 Moore St., Fall River, Mass. GRAHAM, HELEN PARKER 79 Huntington Rd., Garden City, N . Y. HAGNER, ALEXANDRA CAROLINE "Deepwater," McLean, Va. HAINES, JOYCE MARY Apple Tree Lane, Newtonville, N. Y. HALL, CAROLYN SHERWOOD 1250 Clover St., Rochester 10, N. Y. HAMMOND, KRISTIN West Harwich, Mass. HARDY, SARAH KETTELL Zero Montvale Rd., Worcester 5, Mass. HASBROUCK, TRYNTJE Old Goshen Rd., Norfolk, Conn. HAYNIE, DORIS ANN 84 Princeton St., Garden City, N. Y. HEALD, NANCY 427 Salisbury St., Worcester 9, Mass. HENSCHEL, ELLEN RIVY 11 Farview Rd., Tenafly, N. J, HERZ, AMY HERTHA 408 East 40 St., Paterson 4, N. J. HEYMAN, JOAN ADELE 27 Irwin Pl., Bloomfield, N. J. HILLS, DARIA 2 Carpenter Ave., Sea Cliff, N. Y. HILTY, SHIRLEY ANNE R. R. No. 2, Delta, Ohio HIRSCHFELD, Sl-IEILA JANE 15 Arden Rd., West Hartford, Conn. HODGKINSON, MARY-PIERCY 2 Northern Dr., Short Hills, N. J. Page One fl-Iundred Sixty one HOFFMAN, SUE .IUDITH 3800 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago 13, Ill. HOOD, MARGARET HALL 17 Scarsdale Rd., West Hartford 7, Conn. HOOVER, JANE FERGUSON 4 Ridgley Ter., Jamestown, N. Y. HORNE, DIANA STEARNS 1007 Pequot Ave., New London, Conn. HOVENDON, JOAN LINCOLN 238 Canterbury Rd., Westfield, N. J. HOWARD, JACQUELYN 1961 North Summit Ave., Milwaukee 2, Wis. HOWIE, DOLORES ROBERTA 25 86th St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. HULME, LESLIE 235 East 22nd St., New York, N. Y. HURLEY, MAURA EARLS 360 Granby Rd., South Hadley Falls, Mass. JACKSON, NANCY ADELYN 6505 Southside Dr., Louisville, Ky. JACOBSON, RACHEL SUSAN 185 Collins Rd., Waban 68, Mass. JACOBUS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH 281 Canterbury Rd., Westfield, N. J. JANES, NANCY ELIZABETH 2668 Glenhurst Ave., Minneapolis 16, Minn. JANNEY, MARTINE ROSE 64 East 86th St., New York 28, N. Y. JOHNSON, GLORIA LEAH 2 Humboldt Ave., Roxbury, Mass. JOHNSON, PHEBE CHAPMAN 208 Baltimore Ave., Point Pleasant, N. J. JOHNSON, SANDRA ELIZABETH 117 Lawrence Ct., Ridgewood, N. J. JONES, LYNNE ANN 2 Alexander Rd., New Hartford, N. Y. JOYCE, LINDA 79 South Rd., Bedford, Mass. KARNAN, BARBARA ELEANOR 335K Woodland Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KASE, GRETCHEN LYNN 2519 North Wahl Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. KATZ, ELEANOR JANE 2711 Greenleaf St., Chicago 45, Ill. KEATING, KAREN MAE 25 North Main St., Cohasset, Mass. KEITH, MARY KATHARINE 455 Marion Blvd., Marion, Iowa KELLY, JULIE ANN 635 Fillmore St., Denver 6, Colo. KERR, JENNY NELL 15 St. Jamesls Close, London N . W. 8, England U. S. Address: cfo Mrs. Howard Huston, One Gracie Ter., New York 28, N. Y. KIDDER, BEVERLY RUTH 576 Main St., Amherst, Mass. Page -One Hundred S ixty-two KLAMKIN, SANDRA IRENE 50 Monroe St., Meriden, Conn. KLEIN, MARILYN CAROL 520 Brandon Place, Cliffside Park, N. J. KOCH, ELISABETH LOUISE 409 Delancey Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. KOELBEL, ARLENE SUSANNE 112 Bristol Rd., Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. KOFF, DEBRA ELKA 222 Lorraine Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. KOZODOY, PAULA 180 Moss Hill Rd., Boston 30, Mass. LANE, CONSTANCE ANNE 202 Poplar Ave., Wayne, Pa. LASKOWSKI, IRMINA TERESA 297 Ellis Ave., Irvington, N. J. LAUHON, MARY HALE 2241 East 24th St., Tulsa, Okla. LEISENRING, HELEN PARDEE Four Winds Farm, Sybentsville, Pa. LEVIN, PHYLLIS ANN 158 St. Paul St., Brookline 46, Mass. LEVINE, HARRIET 45 Miller Ave., Portsmouth, N. H. LEVINE, NANCY JANE 647 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. LEWIS, LINDA MARION 140 Riverside Drive, New York 24, N. Y LEWISTON, JANET JOY 25 Nirvana Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. LITTNER, JOYCE MILDRED 734 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. LORD, ANN 14 Crest Lane, Swarthmore, Pa. LUEBBERS, EVELYN HANKER 234 Gaywood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. LUETH, VIRGINIA BULLOCK 2678 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, Ill. LUM, SUSAN CHANDLER 54 Fairview Ave., Chatham, N. J. LYALL, LAURAINE MAY 36-14 165 St., Flushing, N. Y. LYMAN, LINDA LOUISE 11 Larch Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. LYSTER, ANN STRATTON 62 S. Broad St., Norwich, N. Y. MCGREW, MARGO RR -1911, Box 328 K, Melbourne, Fla. McKEE, SUSAN E. 714 Amberson Ave., Pittsburgh 32, Pa. MCLANE, KATRINA 61 Maple Ave., Bloomfield, Conn. MacLAURY, MARILYN WILLS 59 High Way, Chappaqua, N. Y. MCLEAN, NANCY JEAN 380 S. Scott St., Adrian, Mich. MacDONALD, ELEANORE FRANCES Box 3, Haddam, Conn. MACHSON, BONNIE LOUISE 123 W. 93 St., New York, N. Y. MAG, JOAN GABRIEL 241 Vine St., New Britain, Conn. MAIZITIS, ILZE M. 241 Hamilton Ave., Greenwich, Conn. MAKI, SHEILA ANN 56 North St., Proctor, Vt. MANEY, DOROTHY ELIZABETH Hillendale Rd., Chadds Ford, Pa. MANIELLO, JOYCE A. Broadway, Rocky Point, N. Y. MARSTON, DIANE SARGENT 4611 N. Merida St., Indianapolis 8, Ind. MARTIN, BARBARA ANN 23 Dobbs Terrace, Scarsdale, N. Y. MARTIN, LESLIE Stanwich Rd., Greenwich, Conn. MASLOW, ROSALIND JOAN 15 Larch Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. MATHEWSON, MARY CAROLIN 216 Radnor St., Bryn Mawr, Pa. MATHEWSON, PAULINE HENDRY 575 Manor Lane, Pelham Manor, N. Y. MATTHEWS, GERALDINE 136 Corlies Ave., Pelham, N. Y. MAXWELL, NANCY RD 2, Manlius, N. Y. MELIUS, JANE CLAIRE 27 Bradford Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. MENDELSOHN, MARIE LOUISE 86-23 188 St., Hollis 23, N. Y. MERRELL, LINDA 1185 Green Bay Rd., Highland Park, Ill. MERRICK, KAREN PATRICIA Rutledge Rd., Valhalla, N. Y. MERWIN, AMANDA FELL 1320 East Washington St., Bloomington, Ill. METZ, SANDRA ANN 5610 Northumberland St., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. MILLER, JOAN WRIGHT Lehigh Parkway, Rd. 2, Allentown, Pa. MITCHELL, MARGARET 106 Holly St., Toms River, N. J. MOHLER, ALICE BEAL 536 Southfield Ave., Birmingham, Mich. MOORE, JUDITH 6944 Pershing, University City 5, Mo. MURPHREE, SARAH VAUGHAN 60 Edgewood Rd., Summit, N. J. MURRAY, KITTIE ANNE 2827 Hillcrest Drive, S.E., Washington MUUS, JENNIFER MARGARET cfo Miss Jytte Muss, South Hadley, Mass. MYERS, SONDRA MEADOW Twin Lakes, Far Hills, N. J. MYRICK, PRISCILLA GIBBS 27 Morton St., North Abington, Mass. zo, Dc. NASH, ELIZABETH BRYAN 18 Spruce St., Brookville, Pa. NILAN, JANE ELIZABETH 211 Meadowbrook Rd., Weston, Mass. NORTHROP, PRISCILLA 60 Baker Ave., South Meriden, Conn. NORTON, MARGARET KITTREDGE 78 MacDougal St., New York 12, N. Y. OSGOOD, DOROTHY DELMER 45 Hampshire Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. PACKARD, DIANE LOUISE 705 Crescent Parkway, Westfield, N. J. PAIGE, MARETTA TALBOT 1212 Wiltshire Ave., San Antonio, Texas PARKS, FELICIA BASSICK 204 Harbor Rd., Southport, Conn. PERRY, JUDITH ANNE 9 Hathaway Circle, Wynnewood, Pa. PETERSON, SONYA ELISE SOPHIE Fairmont Ave., Chatham, N. J. PHEAR, ELIZABETH ANNE 21 Pinedale Ave., Delmar, N. Y. PICHLER, CHRISTEL LUISE 2162 Pennington Rd., Trenton 8, N. J. PICKER, JEAN RAE 101 Central Park West, New York 23, N. Y. PISER, VIRGINIA BRADLEY 313 Oak St., Ridgewood, N. J. POULOS, DIMITRA 1852 South Oak Park Ave., Berwyn, Ill. POWNALL, MARGARET EMERY 2711 Wycliffe Ave. S.W., Roanoke 14, Va. PRIOR, JUDITH ANN Shuttle Meadow Rd., Plainville, Conn. RAE, JOAN ANDERSON Ituri Towers, Greenwich, Conn. REIF, GERTRUDE BERNADETTE 114 East 84 St., New York 28, N. Y. RHOADS, KATHRYN ALISON Ponus Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. RICHARDSON, JANET LOUISE B. Box 77, Waverly, Pa. RICHARDSON, MARISSA ANNE 1211 Janney's Lane, Alexandria, Va. RICHARDSON, POLLY DELL 1203 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. RIDOUT, ELIZABETH CANDIDA 547 North Losey Boulevard, LaCrosse, Wis. RILEY, NANCY-SUE 61 Edgewood Ave., Springfield, N. J. RINGER, INGEBORD G. MARIA 115 Edgemont Rd., Upper Montclair, N. J. RINTOUL, MARY ANNE 214 Prospect St., East Longmeadow, Mass. ROBINSON, ELLEN PRESTON 74 Prospect St., Turners Falls, Mass. Page One Hundred Sixty-three ROCK, MARTHA KEY 200 Goodwood Gardens, Baltimore 10, Md. ROLLER, CYNTHIA ANNE 45 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. ROMIG, JEAN ELLEN 39 Lyn Acres, Fayetteville, N. Y. ROOS, ELIZABETH WALKER 7246 Westmoreland, University City 5, Mo. ROSE, ROBERTA LOUISE 64 Rosseter St., Dorchester 21, Mass. ROSEN, SARA MARCIA Hycliff Rd., Route 24, Greenwich, Conn. ROYCE, PHOEBE ANN Meadow Rd., Riverside, Conn. RUUD, JANE 411 West 144 St., New York 25, N. Y. RYAN, BARBARA ELAINE 150 Bluff Ave., Edgewood 5, R. I. RYAN, JULIA HARRISON Tall Pines, Boyd Tavern, Charlottesville, Va. ST. LAWRENCE, JUDITH ANN 75 Woolworth St., Longmeadow 6, Mass. SAMPLE, MATHILDA MAE Schenley Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa. SAMPLE, REBECCA ANN Schenley Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa. SANBORN, PATRICIA FLAGG Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. SCHETTLER, JUDITH MAY 29 Briarcliff, St. Louis, Mo. SCHULLER, SUSAN MARIA 1607 Hewlett Ave., N. Y. SCHWEITZER, NORMA ANN 710 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. SECORD, CYNTHIA ANNE 101 Holman St., Shrewsbury, Mass. SENIOR, EVANGELINE 118 Parkway, Utica 3, N. Y. SEYMOUR, ANN 55 Hillside Ave., Tenafly, N. J. SIMLER, CHRISTINE MARIE 24 Inverness Court, Short Hills, N . J. SIMPSON, CAROL ANNE 41 Hurd Rd., Belmont 78, Mass. SKILLIN, PATRICIA BLAKE 555 Lincoln Rd., New Britain, Conn. SMITH, IRENE VIRGINIA 469 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn 18, N . Y. SOLLY, SANDRA ASBURY 85 Mohawk Drive, West Hartford 7, Conn. SOULE, CAROLINE YALE 92 Adams St., Burlington, Vt. SPERRY, CARROLL HORTON Box 132, Schuyler, Va. STEINBERG, SUZANNE RITA 406 Eastwood Rd., Woodmere, N . Y. STEINHARTER, ALICE KAHN 718 Betula Ave., Cincinnati 29, Ohio Page One 7-Iundfed Sixty-four STERLING, JANE ANNE 3 Kingsland Court, South Orange, N. J. STOKES, JANE AUSTIN 44 Broad St., Hamilton, N. Y. STRAIN, BARBARA LEE 118 Livingston St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. STUERM, MARY LOUISE 165 Pinehurst Ave., New York 33, N. Y. SWEETKIND, JUDITH ROSE 4 Birch Drive, New Haven 15, Conn. SYKES, MARTHA 5 Briarcliff Drive, Port Washington, N. Y. SYME, KATHLEEN MARGARET 27 Oak Park Rd., Wheeling, W. Va. TAFT, LINDA JANE 322 North Columbus Ave., Mount Vernon, TAYLOR, MARCIA ELOISE 24 Fifth Ave., New York 11, N. Y. TAYLOR, MARY ELLEN 14 Barry Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. THOMAS, SUSAN COTHER 90 West Mountain Rd., West Simsbury, Conn. THOMPSON, ANN ELIZABETH 992 Richmond St., London, Ontario, Canada THOMPSON, GAIL ANNE 14 Arundel St., Andover, Mass. THOMPSON, LETITIA ANN 21 Franklin Place, Maplewood, N . J. THYSSEN, CAROL FRANCES 496 Sunderland Rd., West Englewood, N. J. TOURTELLOT, CYNTHIA Danielson Pike, North Scituate, R. I. TRACY, MARJORIE ELEANOR 8 Thomas St., Bucksport, Maine TROPPOLI, JUNE BUXTON 63 Orchard Ave., Providence 6, R. I. TROTTER, MARGARET ANN 7922 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia 17, Pa. TROWBRIDGE, MARGARET LAIRD 16 Miller Rd., Morristown, N. J. TRUMP, MARYANNE ELIZABETH 85-14 Midland Parkway, Jamaica 32, N. Y. TURINO, JUDITH HALL 275 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn 5, N. Y. TYNER, NANCY ELIZABETH 208 Mason St., Newark, N. Y. UHR, ISABEL DAVY 317 Linwood Ave., Cedarhurst, N . Y. UTO, CAROLYN LOUISE 105 New Haven Ave., Woodmont, Conn. VAUGI-IN, SUSAN KREMERS 635 Huntington Rd., Kansas City, Mo. VOGEL, NANCY GENE 7812 Blackberry Lane, St. Louis 24, Mo. N.Y VOLKER, MARILYN KATHERINE RD 4, Somerville, N. J. VOORDUIN, NANCY 1 Magnolia Place, Summit, N. J. VORIS, JUDITH BELLE 165 Bartram Rd., Riverside, Ill. VROMAN, DONNA CLARE Rumson Rd., Rumson, N. J. WAGNER, MARTHA 943 Stuart Drive, South Euclid 21, Ohio WAGNER, POLLY FLETCHER Chillicothe Rd., Aurora, Ohio WARREN, JEAN 1 Grace Court, Brooklyn 1, N. Y. WEADOCK, AMY STUART 1000 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. AHLBERG, NANCY ARLENE 1555 Glenwood Ave., Muskegon, Mich. ALCAIDE, DOLORES CECILIA 4 Newton St., Weston 93, Mass. ALLNUTT, ELEANOR MARYE 3209 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. ANGELL, M. FAITH 96 Park Ave., Collingswood 7, N. J. ARMSTRONG, ANN LYNETTE 46 Fairlawn St., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. ARMSTRONG, CAROL 7 East Amherst Rd., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. ASHER, VICKI ANNE 3838 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. ATWATER, DORIS EVELENE 12 Westmoreland Place, Douglaston 63, N. Y. AUSTIN, ELIZABETH LYNN Florida 99, Buenos Aires, Argentina AYERS, MARCIA 5 Bay St., Wickford, R. I. BAIER, SHELBY ANN 33 Crooke Ave., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. BAKER, NANCY KATHERINE 48 Bartlett St., Portland, Conn. BANCROFT, NANCY HERRIMAN Ferris Hill Rd., New Canaan, Conn. BARNES, PENELOPE 250 Oxford Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. BARR, MARY BICKNELL 240 Greenwood St., Newton Center 59, Mass. BASSINGER, JOAN FRANCES Main St., Warehouse Point, Conn. BATHELT, PEGGY ANN 169 East Central St., Natick, Mass. WELLINGER, KATHERINE LOUISE 445 Locust St., Pittsburgh 18, Pa. WHITTAKER, SARAH ANN 10 Stocker Rd., Verona, N. J. WICKHAM, VIRGINIA CORVELL Wolver Hollow Rd., Glen Head, Long Island, N. Y. WIELLAND, EDNA GEORGE 8906 Ventnor Ave., Margate City, N. J. WIER, NANCY BARBARA 5 School Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. WILLIAMS, SANDRA MARGARET 955 Ottawa Drive, Youngstown 11, Ohio WRIGHT, JANET 18 Wildwood Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. ZIMMERMAN, CAROL COULTER Canfield Rd., Convent, N. J. Class of 1959 BATON, MARY HOPKINS Box 393, Paoli, Pa. BAZARIAN, GRACE 12 Cypress St., Watertown 72, Mass. BEASLEY, MATILDA VAN TRUMP Point Pleasant Farm, New Castle, Del. BEDOTTO, JOANNE 2822 Allen St., Allentown, Pa. BEILENSON, ELIZABETH ROSE 160 Lawrence St., Mount Vernon, N. Y. BELISLE, CAROLYN ELIZABETH 3148 Northwest 25th St., Oklahoma City 7, Okla. BELL, MARCIA MARILYN 6223 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh 6, Pa. BEMISS, BONNIE BASSETT 401 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. BENDER, JUDITH GAIL 1546 Selwyn Ave., Bronx 57, N. Y. BENT, CATHERINE 46 West St., Westboro, Mass. BERKMAN, LOIS SUZANNE 17 Broad St., Norwich, Conn. BERNOUDY, ELLEN LOUISE 36 Algonquinwoods, St. Louis BIGELOW, ALLISON BURT 32 Manitou Island, White Bear Lake 10, Minn. BIRNBAUM, CAROLE RUTH 4038 Washington Blvd., University Heights 18, Ohio BLISS, ALICE BLATCHFORD Damascus College, Box 434, Damascus, Syria BOARDMAN, BEVERLY PAUL 610 Shady Lane, Narberth, Pa. BONNER, MARIAN RADCLIFFE Locksley, Glen Mills, Pa. BRANCATO, CLAUDETTE LOIS 51 The Intervale, Roslyn, N. Y. 19, Mo. Page One U-lundred Sixty-five BRAuD1s, KATHRYN JANN 880 Fifth Ave., New York 21, N- Y- BREMER, SUSAN DOBB5 100 Canfield Rd., Convent Station, N- J' NER PEGGY SUSAN SRF 1114 Prdspect Ave., Melrose Park 26, Pa' BRINGHURST, PATRICIA ANNE 506 Story Rd., West Chester, Pa. BRITTON, JOANNE LOUISE 6334 Waterman Ave., St. L0uiS 51 M0- BROGGI, DANTIA CHARLOTTE 27 Primrose Lane, Valley Stream, L- Iv N' Y' BROWN, MARGARET BAIRD 418 High St., Bethlehem, Pa. BROWN, SUSAN MARGARET 118 West 79th St., New York 24, N. Y. BROWN, SUZANNE SWAIN 3733 Spring Hollow Rd., Indianapolis 8, Ind. BUCK, EMILIE CURTIS 1 16 West Main St., Freehold, N. J. BUDDY, MARY ELIZABETH 29 Lincoln Ave., Glens Falls, New York BUHLER, ANDREA CAROL 62 Baker Hill Rd., Great Neck, New York BURESH, BETTE JO Otis Road, Blanford, Mass. BURKE, DIANA JUDITH South Road, Farmington, Conn. BUSCHENDORF, MARGARET ANNE R.F.D. ij: 1, Deep River, Conn. BUTLER, BARBARA ANN Green River Road, Williamstown, Mass. CARLSON, PHYLLIS ANN 9 Brookside Park, Old Greenwich, Conn. CASTENDIECK, MURIEL BERN ICE 63 Bentwood Road, West Hartford 7, Conn. CHAMBERS, JUNE MARIE 57 Alkamont Ave., Scarsdale, New York CHANDLER, JANE 9 Naples Road, Salem, Mass. CHARLES, DOROTHY ANNE 149 Base Line Road, London, Ontario, Canada CHASE, DEBORAH CHURCHILL 237 North St., Watertown, Conn. CHASE, MARION ELIZABETH 344 Granby Road, So. Hadley Falls, Mass. CHASE, MARY ELIZABETH 161 Florence St., Roslindale 31, Mags, CHASE, SUSAN 1106 Blackshire Road, Wilmington 5, Del CLAPP, CYNTHIA MARIE Whiting Road, Dover, Mags, CLAVEL, ELIZABETH WARD 9 Rutland Road, Scarsdale, New York COE, JEAN HAYES 130 Guernsey Road, Swarthmore, Pa, COKER, IONE WALTERS Segars Mill Highway, Hartsville, So. Carolina Page One 7-Iundred Sixty-six COLWELL, SUSAN 657 Ely Ave., Pelham, New York CONROW, MARION JOSEPHINE 115 Long Neck Point Road, Darien, Conn. COOGAN, ROSALIND 219 Homer St., Newton Center 59, Mass, CORT, JANICE FRASCHE 11 Sterling Road, Wellesley 81, Mass. COUCH, VIRGINIA RUTH 1655 Cloverleaf St., Bethlehem, Pa. CRAGG, DORIS ELAINE 565 Highland Ave., Rochester 20, New York CRAM, CAROL LOUISE 22790 S. Woodland Road, Shaker Heights 22, Ohio CROWTHER, ALOIS 509 Woodside Road, Baltimore 29, Md. CUMMINGS, SARA KING 3782 Hillbrook Road, University Heights 18, Ohio CUNNINGHAM, JEAN PATRICIA Bulkley St., Williamstown, Mass. CURRY, ANN THACKER 4705 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville 5, Fla. DAN IELL, ELIZABETH CHASE 168 Maine Ave., Millinocket, Maine DARNELL, SUSAN JULIA 225 Chenault Road, Lexington, Ky. DAVIDOW, ANN Bellevue Ave., Rye, New York DAVIN, MARY JANE Dodge Farm, Chappaqua, New York DEINARD, MIRIAM JOSEPHINE 1729 Morgan Ave. South, Minneapolis 5, Minn. DELANO, ELIZABETH 88 Fearing Road, Hingham, Mass. DEMBINSKI, JOAN ROBERTA 81 Winthrop Ave., Albany 3, New York DEMIN G, SARAH ELIZABETH 3900 Vaux St., Philadelphia, Pa. DICKINSON, MARTHA 16 Brookhaven Drive, Atlanta, Ga. DiCREDICO, SANDRA AMELIA 1 1 Broomfield St., Watertown 72, Mass. DIMOND, RONNIE CAROL 590 Park Ave., Paterson 4, New Jersey DIX, MARTHA ALLISON 139 Broadmead, Princeton, New Jersey DODGE, PATRICIA RUTH 5 Hillcrest Road, Rutland, Vt. DONOVAN, JEAN MARIE 19 Chatham Road, Longmeadow, Mass. DORN, DIANE PHYLLIS 218 Adelaide Ave., Highland Park, New ICYSCY DRESSLER, SUZANNE d'HUE 1140 Murray Hill Ave., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. DREXLER, ANN 10 Byron Lane, Larchmont, N. Y. DUFFEY, MARGARET MARY 10 Grosvenor Rd., Short Hills, N. J. DURHAM, MARGARET CLAIRE DUTHIE, NORENE FORBES 1243 Scott Ave., Winnetka, Ill. EADES, SUSAN 183 Mill St., Newtonville 60, Mass. EADIE, CONSTANCE AGATHA Bayville Rd., Locust Valley, N. Y. EARLY, JOAN FALLON Lan Lea Gardens, York Rd., Towson 4, Md. EASTHAM, NANCY ELIZABETH 64 Bartlet St., Andover, Mass. EINHORN, SUSAN 7 Parker Ave., West Deal, N. J. ELLIOTT, CYNTHIA ALICE 24 Normandy Terrace, Bronxville, N. Y. ENG, ELIZABETH LOUISE 860 Birmingham St., Bridgeport 6, Conn. ENGELHARD, ELIZABETH 306 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. EVANS, VIRGINIA 35 Blackburn Place, Summit, N. J. FAIRLEY, SHARON ANNE 2207 Everett North, Seattle 2, Wash. FAISON, FIONA PRIMROSE ANNE 123 Waverly Place, New York 11, N. Y. FAY, SUSAN MARTIN 44 North Ardmore Rd., Columbus 9, Ohio FEINFELD, LINDA RUTH 912 Edgewood Rd., Elizabeth 3, N. J. FEINSTEIN, LORNA JEAN 126-14 Cronston Ave., Belle Harbor, N. Y. FERLEGER, ROSALIND BERYL 8227 Westminster Rd., Elkins Park 17, Pa. FINK, JULIA DOROTHEA 1114 Galloway Ave., El Paso, Tex. FISHER, JANE EVANS Box 188, Main St., Coventry, Conn. FLACK, ELIZABETH ELLEN 1064 Esplanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. FLEER, ELSABET 645 Moreno Rd., Penn Valley, Narberth, Pa. FRANK, JUDITH ANNE 1142 Dartmouth Rd., Pittsburgh 5, Pa. FREDERICK, GAIL 135 William St., East Williston, N. Y. FRENCH, BARBARA ANN 6 Weldon Rd., Newton 58, Mass. FRENCH, PEGGY 32400 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland 24, Ohio FRIEDMAN JUDY LYNN 66 Victory Blvd., New Rochelle, N. Y. FULLER, DIANNE ELIZABETH 843 Myrtle Ave., Watertown, N. Y. FUMIA, CAROL 62 Walzford Rd., Rochester 9, N. Y. GARNIER, BARBARA ANNE 51 North Elm Ave., Webster Groves 19, Mo. 357 Billington Rd., West Englewood, N. J. GEESEY, CORNELIA NESS Concord Pike, Wilmington GEISLER, JUDITH KRU R. D. 4452, Del. M 321 Lincoln Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. GEISLER, MARY ELLEN 89 South Kingsboro Ave., Gloversville, N. Y. GILLAM, BARBARA LYNNE 911 Centennial Rd., Penn Valley, Narberth, Pa. GIRTH, MARJORIE LOUISA Box 195, R. D. :ji 1, Cranbury, N. J. GLEESON, KATHERINE LOUISE 380 Ryder Rd., Manhassett, N. Y. GLENDON, MARY ANN 535 Main St., Dalton, Mass. GOMES, STEPHANIE ANN 47 Meritoria Drive, East Williston, N . Y. GOODMAN, FRANCES ANN 154 Rugby Rd., Brooklyn 26. N. Y. GOULDER, CAROL LOUISE 3004 Coleridge St., Clevelan GOWER, IENNETT LOUISE 2 Park Drive, Livingston, N . d Heights 18, Ohio I. GREENWOOD, MARY EVERTA 980 East Prospect St., Woodmere, N . Y. GRUEN, LOUISE 4561 Fieldston Rd., New York 71, N. Y. GRUNEBAUM, EVA IRENE 1 1 Cotswold Way, Scarsdale, N . Y. GUMPRECHT, RENATE 3305 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio GUROVITZ, JUDITH ANN 34 Cumberland Ave., Trenton 8, N. J. GUSSENHOVEN, MARY SUE 303 2nd Ave., Lewiston, Idaho GUSTAVSON, SANDRA JUNE 46 Norwood Ave., Malverne HAAGE, CAROL JEAN ,N.Y. 1 131 East Laurelton Parkway, West Englewood, N. J. HAINES, TERESA ANNETTE 21 Forest Brook Drive, North HALLBERG, ELYN MARIE 658 Lincoln Ave., Orange, N. HAMBURGER, FREDA ROSE Plainfield, N. J. J. 100 McHenry Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. HAMILTON, ROSEMARY ANN 30 Rand Place, Pittsford, N . Y. HANSON, SARAH ELIZABETH 463 Washington Ave., Glencoe, Ill. HARTER, suzANNE Schlemmer Rd., Lancaster, N . Y. HASKELL, ANNE RAYMOND 215 Hartford Turnpike, Hamd en 14, Conn. HAVENS, BETTINA COLCORD 66 Crossover Rd., Fairport, N . Y. HEADLAND, ALANNE ELIZA 29 Baldwin St., Hudson, Ohio BETH Page One Hundred Sixty-seven HECK, FAITH ESTELLE I 9 Lenox Place, Scarsdale, N . Y. HENNION, MARION NANCY 31 Sands St., Waterbury 10, Colm' HENRY, MARIETTA RENEE 423 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia 19, Pa. HERBERT, PATIA JANE 588 Berkeley Ave., South Orange, N. J- HERSEY, ALISON 29 Woodside Rd., Winchester, Mass. HITCHINGS, LARAMIE RUTH 50 Primrose Ave., Tuckahoe 7, N. Y. HODES, RUTH ANN 41 Sutton Crest, Manhasset, N. Y. HODGE, SARA ANN 2721 Berkshire Rd., Cleveland Heights 6, Ohio HOOK, SUSAN ANN 606A 3rd St., Brooklyn 15, N. Y. HOOVER, MARY EDIE 4 Ridgley Terrace, Jamestown, N. Y. HOWSE, JUDITH ANN 20 Church St., Greenwich, Conn. HUGGENBERGER, NANCY LOU R.F.D. :,1:f:6, Box 2477, Sappington 23, Mo. HUNZIKER, CAROLINE Pine Lane, Falmouth, Mass. IMLAH, JANET GAY 19 Sawyer Ave., Medford 55, Mass. INCAO, VIRGINIA MARIE 150 E. Chester St., Valley Stream, N. Y. ITTNER, PAULINE SANDRA Sycamore Knolls, South Hadley, Mass. JAMIESON, MARY ELIZABETH 3305 Chadboume Rd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio JANTZEN, SUSAN ELIZABETH 117 Grandview Ave., White Plains, N. Y. JENKINS, MARGARET STERRETT 76 Fumess Lane, Wallingford, Pa. JENSEN, KAREN 401 Old Gulph Rd., Narberth, Pa. JOHNSTONE, JANETTE BROWN 37 Marshall St., Windsor, Conn. JONES, SARAH PRINCE 58 Plainfield St., Waban 68, Mass. JORDAN, NANCY JANE 1871 Old Welsh Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa, JuLow, ESTHER MARY 139 Morgan St., South Hadley, Mags, KAHLER, ANN BEWY 11 Cambridge Lane, Manhasset, N KALLOS, FAY BARBARA Whipstick Rd., Ridgefield, Conn, KEELER, MARTHA 364 Reist St., Buffalo 21, N, Y, KERMES, JANE ANN 354 H0Yt St., Darien, Conn, . Y. P0970 One Hundred Sixty-eight KIMBALL, ANNE SPOFFORD 69 Forest Ave., Orono, Maine KINNELL, SUSAN KAY 26 College Rd. West, Princeton, N. J. KLATZKO, MIRIAM PHILIPPA 364 Ellsworth Ave., New Haven 11, Conn. KNIGHT, MARION ELIZABETH 151 Moraine St., Brockton 33, Mass. KNUTSON, KATHERINE ANNE Millbrook School, Millbrook, N. Y. KRONICK, SANDRA ANN 203 Houghton St., North Adams, Mass. KUHL, CHARLOTTE STARK cfo Iranian Oil Refining Co., Abadan, South Iran KUTNER, BARBARA AMY 383 East 17th St., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. LACOCK, ELIZABETH STERRETT 251 Rose Court, Ridgewood, N. J. LAMB, NANCY ELISABETI-I 39 Bridge St., Watertown 72, Mass. LAWSON, ELIZABETH ELLEN 84 Brattle St., Worcester 6, Mass. LEAMAN, MARGARET ANNE 55 North School Land, Lancaster, Pa. LEES, NANCY Main St., Chatham, Mass. LENGSFELDER, NICOLE MADELEINE 4 Larch Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. LEONARD, MARGARET AYRES 5 West Rd., Short Hills, N. J. LEONG, PATRICIA NGIT HOONG 1914 Mott-Smith Drive, Honolulu 14, Hawaii LEVO, ELIZABETH ANN Box 9672, Santurce, Puerto Rico LEVY, JOAN SANDRA 401 9th Ave., Belmar, N. J. LONG, DIANE ELIZABETH 1142 South 94th St., Omaha 3, Neb. LONGENECKER, ELSIE Apartado 893, Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. LOOP, BARBARA JANE 2105 Hawthome Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio LOOSE, REBECCA MARIANNE cfo Mr. D. N. Williams, Grantham Rd., R.F.D. ji? Wallingford, Conn. LOWENFIELD, HELEN MOORE 1505 Rim Rd., El Paso, Texas LUNIN, LESLEY JUDITH 584 Washington St., Brookline 46, Mass. LYONS, SARA WALL 55 East End Ave., New York, N. Y. MCBRIDE, ELIZABETH ANN Marvelle Rd., Fayetteville, N. Y. MCCOY, JANE DOUGLAS 950 Park Ave. Ext., Rock Hill, So. Carolina MacDONALD, ELIZABETH MURRAY 2519 Ridgeway Ave., Evanston, Ill. MacNEILLE, ELLEN BREVOORT Woodbine, Md. MacVICAR, GAIL 561 North Church St., Naugatuck, Conn, MAGNER, SHEILA ANN 1 15 W. Jonathan St., Gardner, Mass. MAHER, LINDA ANN 6115 North Lake Drive Ct., Milwaukee 17, Wis. MALONEY, LINDA HELEN 5 Ridge Rd., Bronxville 8, N. Y. MAMMEN, HELEN LOUISE 45 Elm St., Great Neck, N. Y. MARGULIES, MARCIA 236 Sycamore St., West Hempstead, N. Y. MARTIN, CAROL JOANNE 4 Bishop St., North Haven, Conn. MARTIN, FAY MARCIA 841 Cedar Terrace, Westfield, N. J. MAYHER, MARGARET EMERSON 2655 Haddam Rd., Cleveland 20, Ohio MAYNE, BARBARA MARY 59 Ethelbert Place, Ridgewood, N. J. MELNIKOFF, NITA SUE 975 Walton Ave., New York 52, N. Y. MILES, CAROL ANN cfo Col. C. H. Miles, Comptrolleris Div., Hq. USAREUR, APO, 403, New York, N. Y. MILLER, ALICE ANNE Lehigh Parkway, Allentown, Pa. MILLIKEN, JANE WHITE 17 Avon Rd., Binghamton, N. Y. MILNE, SARA COOMES 290 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, Mass. MITCHELL, MARY LYNN Chimney Rock Rd., Martinsville, N. J. MONN IK, MYRA JEAN 1120 Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley, Narberth, Pa. MONTI, GERALDINE LOUISE 50 Carrington Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. MOORE, MARGARET ROWLEY 1023 Chestnut Hill Drive, Erie, Pa. MORGAN, CAROLINE CRAYTHORNE 70 Bauer Terrace, Hillside, N. J. MORROW, ANNE HOLCOMB 83 Dover Road, New Britain, Conn. MORSE, JOAN 209 Meadowbrook Road, Weston 93, Mass. MORSE, SUSAN ELLEN 45 East 85 Street, New York 28, N. Y. MUECKE, ELEANOR BEATRICE 803 Boyce Avenue, Ruxton 4, Md. MUEHLKE, JANE ANN R.F.D. ji-4, Laconia, N. H. NAIDORFF, JUDITH ANN 421 West Seventh Street, Plainfield, N . J. NALCHAJIAN, NANCY 5 Nichols Street, Chelsea 50, Mass. NELSON, ALEXANDRA 605 Claflin Avenue, Mamaroneck, N. Y. NY STROM, SANDRA ELIZABETH 233 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, Mass. O,BRIEN, GAIL WESLEY 14 Fenimore Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. O'HARA, GAIL 46 Greenwood Lane, Waltham 54, Mass. ONSAGER, INGER MARIE 841 Whitney Avenue, Hamden 1 1, Conn. PALM, ELEANOR 25 Sylvan Road, Verona, N. J. PASCHEN, ALIX ELIZABETH 199 South Broadway, Tarrytown PENICK, ELIZABETH ALLEN 8 Stratford Road, Andover, Mass. PERERA, MARCIA 4780 Palisade Avenue, New York 71, N. PERET, MARTHA JANE 455 Clinton Street, New Bedford, Mass. PERRONE, LOIS RUTH 40 Bangor Street, Springfield 8, Mass. PIEMONTE, ANN THERESE 20 Prince Street, Boston 13, Mass. PIERSON, BARBARA JEAN 842 Bradford Avenue, Westfield, N. J. PIERSON, MARGARET ANNE 337 Hickory Lane, Haddonfield, N. J. PILCHER, NAN ELEANOR 67 Berkeley Street, West Newton 65, Mass. PINCHOT, SUSAN Maltbie Avenue, Stamford, Conn. POLLARD, PRISCILLA ELAINE 105 Morton Street, Newton Center 59, Mass. PRATT, CYNTHIA BARTHOLOMEW 719 Kensington, Flint, Mich. PRATT, DOROTHY MCLEOD 1 Salisbury Street, Winchester, Mass. PRENTISS, BARBARA ANN 50 Howard Street, Holyoke, Mass. PRESTON, MARTHA EUBANK 69 Randolph Road, Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. PROSSWIMMER, NANCY 2 West Road, New Canaan, Conn. ,N. Y. Y. RADY, HELGA MARIA CHRISTINA 7 Prospect Street, Portland, Conn. RAHN, PHYLLIS AMELIA North Grand Street, West Suffield, Conn. RAMSDELL, EVELYN BURRY ' 2714 West Park Blvd., Shaker Heights 20, Ohio RAMSEYER, HELENE Pine Street, Norton, Mass. RAND, PRISCILLA HATHAWAY 407 Tilden Road, Egypt, Mass. RAUBINGER, MARTHA LEE 55 Battle Road, Princeton, N. J. Page One Hundred Sixty-nine RAYE, CHARLOTTE 425 Chestnut Street, Waban 68, Mass. RENJILIAN, SARAH MAY 181 Pearl Street, Holyoke, MaSS. RESOR, VIRGINIA 25 East End Avenue, New York 28, N. Y. REYNOLDS, MARY STEPHANIE 10 Grandview Avenue, Elkins, W. Va. RHINOW, ROBERTA RUTH 503 Grove Street, Upper Montclair, N. I- RICHMAN, SUSIE Route 2, Chesterfield, Mo. RICKES, EMILY ANN Route 202, Somers, N. Y. RINZLER, CAROL ANN 34 Muriel Avenue, Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. ROBBINS, EVELYN IRENE 9 Rock Manor Ave., Wilmington 3, Delaware ROBERT, CAROLYN ADELE 622 Middle Turnpike West, Manchester, Conn. ROGERS, VIRGINIA LEE 15 Bernards Avenue, Bernardsville, New Jersey RUBIN, CIVIANNE 25 Parkland Place, Milford, Connecticut RUPKEY, ALICE KATHERINE 10 Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, Penna SAHATDJIAN, RUTH JUDITH 600 West 113th St., New York 25, N. Y. SANDGROUND, HELENE BETH 211 Griffen Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. SATRINA, CAROLE LUCIA Via Rovereto 2, Rome, Italy SAWYER, ANN TON I 111-50 76 Rd., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. SAYERS, SUSAN MARGARET 577 Moorhead Place, Pittsburgh 32, Penna SCARPITTI, ADA CAROL 969 Kempton St., New Bedford, Mass. SCHATVET, HELEN FRANCES Pratt Island, Noroton, Conn. SCHOLLY, CYNTHIA CLAIRE 553 North Hills Ave., North Hills, Penna. SELDEN, BEVERLEE JANE 22 Pleasant St., West Hartford 7, Conn. SELDIN, JOAN ELIZABETH 1180 Sussex Rd., West Englewood, N. J. SHANKLIN, SUZANNE 159 Hamilton Blvd., Bloomfield Village, Birmingham, Mich, SHAW, ANN 95 Beekman Ave., North Tarrytown, N , Y, SHAW, ANN BAKER 17 New York Ave., White Plains, N, Y, SHAW, VALERIE ALAYNE Ipswich Rd., Topsfield R.F.D., Mass, SIGRIST, LINDA PATTON 7 Hathaway Lane, Verona, N , J, SINCLAIR, HARRIET LOOMIS 10921 Greendale Drive, S.W., Tacoma 99 Wash Page One 7-Iundred Seventy SINREICH, PATRICIA 115 East 90th St., New York 28, N. Y. SLAYBAUGH, VIRGINIA GAIL 2 Boulder Place, Yonkers 5, N. Y. SMEAD, MARTHA ELLEN 71 Rockland St., Springfield 8, Mass. SMITH, ANNE KIMBALL 5735 Kenwood Ave., Chicago 37, Ill. SMITH, EDITH JOSEPHINE 66 Catlin Ave., Rumford 16, R. I. SMITH, MARGARET FENWICK 7301 Piney Branch Rd., Takoma Park 12, Md. SMITH, NANCY JEAN 39 Harwich Rd., Longmeadow 6, Mass. SMITH, PHILIPPA LUCRETIA 89 College St., South Hadley, Mass. SMITH, SARA Town Landing, Route 100, Falmouth Foreside, Maine SMITH, SUSAN IRENE 3 Maple Ave., Pelham, N. Y. SMITH, SUZANNE 25 Guion St., Pleasantville, N. Y. SOLEIMAN, MARY LYNN 138 Franklin Ave., Yonkers 5, N. Y. SPEAKMAN, JANE ELIZABETH 30 Hillside Ave., Short Hills, N. J. SPICER, RUTH MARILYN 26 Davis St., Holyoke, Mass. STATS, SUSAN JO 5804 Anniston Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. STAUBER, AMY ANN R.D. jj: 1, Box 267, So. Randolphrille Rd., New Market, N.J STEIDLE, CAROLYN ANN 6312 Aspen Way, Cincinnati 24, Ohio STEUART, MARILYN MAE 328 Kenwood Rd., Oswego, Oregon STONEBACK, ROLANDA MILTON 144 Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, Penna. STRAUB, LUCY ELIZABETH West Waldheim Rd., Pittsburgh 15, Penna. STURGES, RUTH ANNE 144 East Fifth St., Media, Penna. SULLIVAN, GERALEE 12 Old Stone Rd., Darien, Conn. SUTER, ALICE HARRIET 329 Locust Rd., Winnetka, Ill. SWAN, SARAH ANN Westtown School, Westtown, Pa. SWARTZ, BARBARA JANE 104 Woodchester Drive, Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. SWEET, BARBARA GRACE 22 Liberty St., Holyoke, Mass. TARBELL, BARBARA SARGENT 26 Strickland Place, Manhasset, N. Y. TAYLOR, NATALIE TABB 137 South Main, Hudson, Ohio. TEMPLE, LINDA 2647 Whitney Ave., Hamden, Conn. THOMAS, JOANNA LODGE 114 Whitney Ave., New Haven 10, Conn. THOMAS, JUDITH HOWARD 154 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N . Y. THOMPSON, LUCILE REED 11 North Emily St., Pittsburgh 5, Pa. THRASHER, JACQUELINE DYANNE 1440 W. Birchwood Ave., Chicago 26, Ill. TOWER, IUDITH 397 Highland Ave., Wollaston 70, Mass. TOWNSEND, FREDERICA WELLS 22 Claremont Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. TRATTNER, ALICE 1210 Confederate Ave., Richmond 27, Va TUCKER, MARGARET BRISTOL 9 Shelwood Drive, Rochester 18, N. Y. TURNER, HELEN ELIZABETH 1317 East 63rd St., Seattle 5, Wash. TURNER, MARY 4 Campbell Rd. Ct., Binghamton, N. Y. VAIL, SUSAN HOPKINS 7 Vincent St., Binghamton, N. Y. VAN CAMPEN, HARRIET WALKER 227 Cedar St., Corning, N. Y. VIRTUE, WINIFRED ANN South St., Litchfield, Conn. VOGEL, KAREN LOIS 34-20 86 St., Jackson Heights 72, N. Y. VOLPE, CORINNE SALETTE 211 Ridgefield St., Hartford 12, Conn. VORIS, MARY BELLE 165 Bartram Rd., Riverside, Ill. WAITE, BARBARA SHEFFIELD 503 Comstock Ave., Syracuse 10, N. Y. WALDAU, CYNTHIA LOU 49 Rowan Rd., Summit, N. J. WARNER, ANN SMYLIE 553 Grove St., Elmira, N. Y. WARNER, EMILY 20725 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Heights 22, Ohio WATKINS, PHOEBE ANN 131 1 Spruce, Leavenworth, Kan. WEILL, JOAN HELEN 1209 Astor St., Chicago 10, Ill. WEIMANN, ELAIN CAROL 16 Outer Ladue Drive, Frontenac, St. Louis 22 Mo WELLS, BARBARA SUE 1 10 Beechwood Rd., Summit, N. J. WENDEL, MARGARETHA 8 Prospect St., Ware, Mags, WHARTON, PAMELA JANE 3405 Alabama Ave., Alexandria, Va. WHITMAN, NATALIE PEACE Inverness Lane, Meadowbrook, Pa, WHITWORTH, LOUISE Mountainview Drive, Lewiston, N . Y. WICKES, CAROLYN DEBORAH Lawrence Farms, East, Mount Kisco, N. Y. WILLING, JOAN PHYLLIS 514 Siwanoy Place, Pelham Manor, N. Y. WILSON, SARAHANN 312 Benefit St., Providence 3, R. I. WORMAN, ELIZABETH HALE 4935 Garfield Ave. South, Minneapolis 9, Minn WRIGHTSMAN, EVELYN JOAN 16 Tunstall Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. WUESTER, MARY JANE 240 Exeter Way, Hillside, N. J. YALE, STEPHANIE 12 Ardley Place, Winchester, Mass. YORK, IRENE MARY 96 Montclair Ave., West Roxbury 32, Mass ZUNINO, NATALIA LOUISE 35 Raiders Lane, Darien, Conn. ZWEIBEL, GESELA GAY 900 East 21 St., Brooklyn 10, N. Y. Unclassified Students KAYNAR, OYA P K 163, Istanbul, Turkey LAFARGE, CATHERINE 75 Avenue de Breteuil, Paris XV, France SALMELA, ANJA K. Vanajantie 20 C 9 Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland SAREATI, ANNE J. 51 Boulevard Rochechouart, Paris IX, France SCHNECK, DAN IELLE MAYER, INEZ P , XVII F Ce Deutschherrenstasse 90, Bad Godesberg, Germany T3IJEgETJye:liM3EE E ' ran oKuBo, KEIKO ' ' 926 Izumicho Suginamiku, Tokyo, IHPHY1 10 Kildegaarden, Aarhus, Denmark Page One Hundred Seventy one ' iigiww C X jx INN M211 'A-,,1 The Z I X27 ew ff! ' - ji, f --2 X7 Z' X , f X Cpompdmenlb of M Merchants of South Hadley fd WX CW Cmvwjgag f . KR -nflfv Z, GAGNES K Wg ft .3 19.21 Z' X! .,.fvL,f wwf- ,M ' . ix GENE Z I my 1? W5 BIG SISTERS 'CWe We 9!67f'y Proud of yawn CLASS GP 1958 Acknowledged quality leadership. . . in design development and manufacture of all the basic components on which the science ot electronics IS founded TUNG SOL ELECTRIC INC Newark4 N J SI: Off t ' 'Q 'I -Q ' ,Q of A 5 C O O ' o O I O I Z , . . ao ices: Atlan a, Chicago, Columbus, Culver Cu y, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Newark, Seattle , vans-nv :Pol Ns B "' ie ' Q I W t fl, Q TVB X . 5. l fix Q 2 as E I 2 K I Q- Ei Q- s 1 mg is Q unix ,EQ hui Y sg I ,, 1 sg-3 5 3 ,Asa I ss ss at X T- 1 s Y fc 4 r 1 M' " ,n ,ii X my it El: X X I I s s l Alumlmzed Picture Color Picture Special Purpose Radio and TV Tubes Semiconductors Tubes Tubes Tubes E- I 'MIIQKEEEY ' Old-Fashioned Food, ' ' ' -M EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY , , 22 P 5 . l Drink and Lodging O g.l...3s.1.242 1 - 1 - N Y K , l YA N K E E :ll Wm wllxfd PllllllZ,4N2l-as Ig' uAsz is ' ' ' A A, P f 1 A gzilgdlszcgzxiaqizosti., T it PEDLAP. T C' 2 9494 25:5 a ' ganizations. Courses for h'gh A Holyoke school grqduates. and colleg x - - A . women. Distinguished .faculty IE"-'n 1 "" Mass' Effective placement service. Cat Il Route 5 Q alogue. Write Assistant Director. f:Qy'Ff5?o' 'fw at Terms: Feb., July, Sept. r .-.- o,.:' Compliments 0 PINE REST If SSS of Baltimore Girls School and College Qutfitters WRIGHT 6 DITSON 4261B0ylston St. Boston FRIENDS BOOK STORE 302 Arch Street Philadelphia 6, PennsYlVania Page One 17-Iundred Seventy-five Be an Angel! serve The Heavenly Coffee UUP1 BEST WISHE3 GU WITH YUU FIPTY-SIX THE EL!-XSS UP 1957 best wisiies to the ciass of '56 SERVING MOUNT HOLYOKE FACULTY AND STUDENTS ...71st YEAR... MCAUSLAN S- WAKELIN CO. Maple and Dwight St. Holyoke A Banking Service For Every Need Since 1872 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS TRAVELERS CHEQUES BANK MONEY ORDERS FOREIGN EXCHANGE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRUST DEPARTMENT BUSINESS, PERSONAL AND Cl LOANS Member Fecierai Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System HOLYOKE NATIONAL BANK Diagonaiiy Across from City Hail 8 Busses Congratulations to time class of 1956 THE GEORGE HALLETTS Compliments of HIGHAM, NEILSON, WHITRIDGE S- REID, Inc, Managing Agency for the Student Medical Reimbursement Plan at Mount Holyoke College Page One Hundred Seventy-eight + RI G OUT GICES P011 ,559 Page On H ,e Hundred Seventy-nine CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 From Your Many FriendS if" In Sl SEARS IIOLYOKE STORE A SHOPPING SPREE '- calls for a fitting finish! At luncheon, TIIC pretty shoppers from Holyoke and elsewhere flock to The Roger Smith to meet their friends and enjoy our ever-changing menu of dishes tllat are particularly appealing to women. Have you had luncheon at The Roger Smith? lt's so good-and so reasonable. Arrange a get-together with some friends and try it. PLATE LUNCHEON .... . . . . . . from 654 EXCELLENT DINNER ........... from 81.50 For family weekends, inquire about Roger Smitlfs PLANF'CIlilCIfCH IIIIJCI' HCCOHIHIOKIHTCCI fI'CC. Wbufkzlfg 69 SUFFOLK STREET TELEPHQNE 2-1414 ROBERT C. WHITCOMB, Mgr. Page One 7-Iundred Eighty l To We invite you to use the facilities of our various departments COMMERCIAL SAVINGS SAFE DEPOs1T TRUST PERSONAL LOAN HADLEY FALLS TRUST COMPANY Suffolk and Mapte Street I'IoIyoIce, Mass, Branch Offices: Ctiicopee, Ctlicopee Falls Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System OWAN DRUG STORE 12 Bridge Street South Hadley Falls THE REXALL STORE Tilos A CHILDS inc. footwear and accessories for ' CAMPUS ' LEISURE ' SPORTS ' DRESS 275' High St. HoIyoRe KELLY'S LOBSTER HOUSE COMPLIMENTS OF THE FALVEYS HIGHLAND LAUNDRY CO. Gtficiai Cottege Laundry Comptete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Rentat Service of Sheets, Pitlow Cases, and Towets available to Students. Insured Storage for Furs S' Wooten Garments 504 Pteasant St. H0lY0kef Mass- Tel. JE 4-7391 SALTIVlAN'S "Always ahead in Cottege Stytingsn 252 Maple St. Holyoke HALFWAY SOCIAL CLUB Sandwiches and French Fries CocRTA1L LOUNGE ROUTE 116 322 NEWTON ST. SOUTH HADLEY FALLS Page One 7-Iundred Eighty-0116 RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES excellent design skilled craftsmanship SUPQFIJ quality YOUR CLASS .IEWELER Cl Boston 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, N. Y. PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING JEWELERS TI1anIc you, Mount HoIyoIce, for your patronage throughout tI1e years. For 1956 we are arranging a speciai Spring Vacation in Bermuda Compliments of I for Mount HoIyoIce .Qur European Conducted Tours, MOUNT HOLYOKE NEWS severaI Iimited to stucients, are scI1ecIuIed throughout Spring, Summer and FaII. Consult your travel agent or write us for inooies and schedules. Marsh Tours 630 Fifth Ave., New York 20, N. Y. Compliments of CongratuIations to tI1e KELLOGG BRUTHERS Inc. Classof 1956 SoutI1wicIc,1VIass. froln the W. H. Foremans Page One Hundred Eighty-two - DUN SHATULATIUN S T9 THE CLASS UP 19SS 'Q PHUM EL!-XSS UF 1959 E Compliments of ALLERY'S PACKAGE STORE 314 Newton Street South Hadley Falls THE HOLYOKE VALVE 8 HYDRANT COMPANY INDUSTRIAL PIPING Holyoke Mass- LEO J. SIMARD JEWELER and SILVERSMITH REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY HOLYOKE MASSACHUSETTS MR. AND MRS. CHARLES O. MAXVVELL PINE MOTEL BLAZER HEADQUARTERS for schools, colleges, clubs, sororities and fraternities are at SYLVIA PUTZIGER -f BLAZERS 140 west sm. st. GLEASON'S RATHSKELLER F ine Foods E. H. FRIEDRICH CO. ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS METAL DooRs AND FRAMES 23-25 Suffolk St. Holyoke H I Ii M o yo e, ass. Compliments of EUREKA BLANK BOOK CO. HOLYOKE M ASS. WOODLAWN SERVICE STATION Page One C?-lacndred Eighty-four V-nf f. .A f , X A W 4 lx 3 5 K X 4 Compliments nf , . FHIE U 1,-ef' ,is-" f f Z' Page One SJ-lundfed Eighty-fi K A N E S T U D I O 607 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK Omcial Photographers to THE 1956 LLAMARADA Page One Hundred Eighty-six X g' Q 5.4105 we 02' ,WE I .Ffa f fm x B R it- "S W l QQ, ', I' , 1 W -344 Sl x ":"',- S, v' vw? MT' A vi -J fb :Q Hg? 0 'U f x. ,ljip f ' A ., 51141: .' ,' , A -A x 5 1 r H J' K 1 mmx 9' 1 Xf X ' x A THAT SETS A PRINTING STANDARD X . 'The rnost signuicant form of huinan coinrnunication 'No reproduction of word and picture by printingwis worthy of the creative planning, shilled cra tsrnanshi , inodern equip- 1 f if H inent, and dependable services by which the Cober-Roux Printing Company seehs to inahe every job an ideal of perfection. COLYER-ROUX Printing Company NEWARK 4, N. SUSSEX AVE. si DEY ST.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 r B - 1 i 1 11 NL, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 I I l A 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 l , 1 1 T 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 i qw Q r J xxx x 1 L' Y ,. ini.: A A , K S' 5 N I 17 V 4 , A 1 " V ' '44, iz - ' 1 1 C ' E 4 ......4.

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