Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA)

 - Class of 1945

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Mount Holyoke College - Llamarada Yearbook (South Hadley, MA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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au x i AM X W. Siiikif Ili!!! -,me W , if W-ww. + 14-1,1 A. A Q M: Q ,w x y -X J wuji: Q SNP. 1 . Hfe?fH '52S - - . 1. msg." Q ,, 4 if Z5 snr M QXYX ffl!!! ve 1 NOX' u Z GALE STVBBS, Editor V? ff? ANNETTE PARE, Business fllflnuyvr f 46 K Z! a I 4 frxx eil' 301 Xix 1 x g P I ,,' ' I, 7'l'L0f"" 40 L N , uv WN, A 3 -Wig, sw, M, MQ 1 f ' A "' 'W"Mm,.,w .W .WM ,M My Q ""N'-4-.,Qi,N 7 ' "M, W, . . ' . -f WM WH' -M, ,V ,www -f i 'W' 3 wh., K .A "nr .M ,W wf-,,., ,MY . ,.... M. ,Q I A L M. b-q,.,,...r.,.., K ' ' -ff WM, .,..,,,5h1m In '- W .W M, gn k K J .mM.. ,.,, N +'.M,,,,,MMzJ Q , I A A "' M , A . 4 ' 'ff , N ,""P' "ws .X , M M """'fV 11 Wm.. 'Awww' " M M A K 3 Aw- Y-...W - 'fm Q f ,, , f -,.. ,L . , -- -M Q VVLFMLMM 3 hkmwwml W x -1..,.wf.4. .W W K--,, ., f' 'W ' -W-v-,v.fW,. - - A W ' ww A A W tw mm XM M A AW 7 f 2 7 f WW I --...vhhwk N fx . I N, ,W 4 M MW QM" L"'4"'-mm., ' W nj' xx' ' "kim-u-fM..L..glw in " ' A ,N . .V "" A, ,V " WW X I f "' A-WM.. ,Wwmw " 1 fn., MW U Vg , ,f. x ,-vjfggmqwf V v-1-4,,mW MMM' AW WAN My M: AW"f"" 'M mmsm ' ' ww.-up L,,, , M V jf-..,H -M, " 'V' k-" 'K+ ,, JL K . V 'f 7fZ,m,, W g f MMLFM Mm' ' M hw' Lv- 7 K , AY,,,,,-4-f Vp M, ,Min A R, v-M,-17" :V K v,..,,,'iV W ' ,MMM pw. ,445 - 1- N-LA., 5 f V 'mf MW, ' W-,M ,gm . . NWS'-1,-,.,,. V A 'MHWW 'V 3 M-...MM 'jrwu vi M N, iw .,.,gMw K . MLM "ww 5 W My LW f--.Q 1' A' Ywrbwwduh . Nm j--W A Z! , 3 MAME 'M Q., 'B f f ,K - "L-w.,..,s X K W"Wr-1.-M , "' L' wwf W ' ww ' k:'3Y"'H,, V' K: .M K. A V A-w A '-. TMJ . ""f"v-.,,,4,wNwe MW ,Am -'fm .Z WUUNT HULHUHE UMM EUUHI HAUHY, VHASSAEHUSWS W ' fm if , mf ff 4 E5SjxQ M?Si!fff,ffCxgg Aff X x 0 1,,f"" n CCQSQA5, XQJICXQ EM., ' O c Qjw,,,Mf Q KR M mm Y W5 fam fxQ A Eh 5 MQ F if if EF' W W C f- ff, pw K VNV Qfflw. U X5 ,gj K5 '0 , 5? X 2 ff Q U35 , ff Xwd gmifwga ' K MEET fi fix Y CMJ O CAE f A 'mv my -. N 5 CN af V7 1 Cx V W Fw 3 xiii ff? 4- A! ,f V it fA W Q 16? W- xx Q5 Eg X J YC 5, X ff' Q A. A A 3 wi W KW 'WNS ,wMffH4fi , - pf Y . Fm A6 M0 L - - , g , 4 W 9 fwg KW w ' fT' XY XV T x' fy 'Af X EQHNQQ fb f AHQXR d S1 V fljjmffm ff N ' M Q A, A I Ki , XFCEJ VM ff Q A W i Q5 .. 7 A ff! NCKW' Off f qakm I W, gf FP hw ' 3 i 4- , M EWCA fm W W N 'A A ff f ' f 4 vm ,iw fwfw Qwigmz AL mr 5 , 51, A W1 2 N H iffx I FLMCL AP W ww X ffifx fanguage . . .Y, 4 Y MARYLYON ...C I1 Ffff HUNUHINB 0An Wouffgn war5eLe 2 l0I'0uJ!y dedicate this yearbook, the living testimonial of the class of 1945, to hir. W'arbeke, specifically the retiring chairman of the Philosophy Department, but more generally, a leader in the philosophic World of Which We know too little. VVhat chance brought our ever kind professor, Mr. VVarbeke with his old-World gentlemanliness and age-old understanding, to our campus years ago, We do not question. But instead, We gratefully accept his inspiring talks, Whether on Plato,s "RepublicU or concerning the condition of his Wife's sunflowers. A Chapin lecture would never be complete without the g tall, stooped form of Mr. Warbeke accompanying lVIrs. NVarbeke down the aisle. When we say that We count our Professor Warbeke among our true blessings, We speak both for our own class and for all the classes which have preceded us. That philoxophicul smile c. .xxn Hua, RUSNYI-II,I, fx. HAM 1714. Rl"I'Il IC. l"AxlIm.xNK Nl1ss.XNNll.Nlum:.xN 7 945 gfaaa sawn P95 H. .xxn Mus. FRl'IDl'IRlf'K II. C'le.xxll-:xc Ll onoraried Blu. AND MRS. PAV1. F. SAINTONGF Miss Rl'TlI E. Dolicsmss EIR. AND BIRS. JOHN S. LOBB Bllss LOIIISA S. S'rr:vENsoN V m , 1iWV 0 Z9 V29 An 3 N fi-ia! , . yfl I awk .1 ..,q..fsNM.fw F Wann1M1TTrraTT3?1mvvv1II1:1v1lJ5hnnvlQf-9 6 Cl Alle Al' !Al? faging of fAe cornerfifone . . . mid wi!! Le an era in Amvac eclucafion. 77 INIARY LYON if 'Lis audi' at , in W .S Wu ,wwg-4 Ripley, Nfrzrarf ffllllliflllflllb, Slllllff. BlIC'A',I'jj. FIRST Row: llrgfmmzu, flu Fuxlro, l'11rrnnz'ngs cflllllliffflllll Vrnliy, l'11xl1mm1. Sl-ivoxll Row: .llr.v. I"ra11.vz'w1, lfrlflzlnm, .llfsx Bnyfl. l 2 IIUMMU ITY EUVEH ME T Were always a happy community. Or per- hapsfuhappy-go-lucky"? . . . which is why we need the coordination and advice of the community government headed hy the C'hairmen of Community and Judicial Board. These two girls, elected by us, represent our devotion and constant interest in Mount Holyoke and in her efforts to provide a smoothly running community life. Wiith the heads of Community, work the two chair- men of C'o1un1unity Vhest and Student War Service, especially valuable in wartime. To these four chairmen, we pledge our supportff an investment in happy campus living. ' f'UNl"l'1lll'INl'!i CUM Ml'l"l'l'1l'I: l"IHS'l' Row: Uiss Ifoyzl. -l!If'A'NOIl, Sft'Il'flI'f. Srnurl. Umm Holzinxon. SEHQND Row: f'IllIll1ll.lIflX. Sf1'llhl'IIN. lt's 21 JOB for someone . . . collecting dues on Pay-Day, procuring men for "Studies," bringing us nlovies. cantioning the over- enthusiastic' not to hoard c-ensus points, see- ing monthly that we stumble out of bed at two .LM .... in case of fire, and reminding ns that we rlon't own that reserve book. NVQ- really do appreciate the untiring efforts of NOMIXA'l'IXG i'0MMI'l"l'l41lC: lfnm- Row: f'0C'lIl'lllll', ljllffillgfflll. Nfrzrurf. l':I'l'UlI, lfllllljl. Sl-xoxo our Vonnnittee Heads to keep us lnltangled. Row: I'h1'hl.f, l'IlIHUlfIIgN. Iliff, 1 l'0NlNll'I"l'lfIl-I IIIQXDS: l"llcs'l' Row: lfulo, Jlurplzy, IGF!-fill. SICKWJYI3 Row: llurfnn, ffflkrr. lfigflfvl1.'l'lll1clm Row: .llnmu, .l4ufL'.vnn. Van IL' Waller. 13 ...QA-7 ,...-, , r!, W ,, ,, Y fr ffm--':1: ELM WWW! l P. U. , .N-1-.I 1.5 X 111, .lx ff? FH hi s 45.7 , L R r SWA? 4417 . My y y! -, -- fl V 3 Tw -. 1 :g,,j..'- ,4 221236: f ' M N avi: 'w 4 X' 5' ff N iii? A Q 2:3351 X W , akifif 1:52-Lcegr, ..,-.wczf-gfzfg qgii F f' Q 1 n , M 77 ' , I ,Www 554' f 'HH' , 1 fill If ,V I 77 X 4, iwcifegewml -t" '--"E'f:'5g-'Q,-1-,415-5,r.f:--f.,-g.w,,4v-5 z-. .,,.. T51-fm - I4 ,,. ,.,-, . W N ' . -L-, .-,.-,'. h"'1l"x N0 Stuop. .Yo Slrriwlzf' .U1u'l1.f.' In "Junior lunc "Let's!" cry our stomachs. 'va h! Luscious brownies today W'e hear another cry: g'Buy it ten cent defense stamp!" "Golly, just 21 dimcfand we are on 21 diet . . . Hallelujah, here's two dimes-one for the stomach and one for the heart!" VVe buy and, thus fortified, shove our Way to our p. o. box. lNIAIL! "Uh, h . . .! all for Nlary Quexare. Does anyone ever meet her box- mate who gets ALL the mail?" Vile shove on to our class bulletin board. "Ye gods, somo- one's still trying to sell that Abyssinian 1 and almost grammarli' We shove on agair trample someone. That was Nlary Quexare I 'hoc L' and Ijllllllll' 1'l1vf'L' . . . or . 0 Y .l!0Ilt'j1 in lhv B!lIIli'.l.! . . . if only we had known! 'flny wlm1'nl41Ir luring?" ...QLW ,,,,, .lllfl fl all gum on In PJ! 'l Q in 2 f W K 1 ' fzgggew ' ,., ,. f:z.4.- . ,. -'iff 4 fMff1!ff1'i'ffA, ' W , 1 1,40 1-J.f:Qfm..1 51 :s,,2,W,M5,5:.5 ' ' 335. ESM? ' f ,Q-15'-',w.Q v ,fi . vs -iggf V:-Q A ? . Qfilw' wk iw - Qfgf-Jai, 1 ' ffaigfj' 1 iv . ff, ff ,r 4:57 .-...L-g In l',U. fJlll'fil'lI LQ!! I C6 M4455 fAe Auifcbng Le fke ollorclji, Af if never Le Antik 77 MARY LYON ,Q b I , Mn 6 wr Mex in W 5. 3 my .:E ,,:.:. I,. , H. 5 ' , Mm X531 Q gr sit' 5' :I ' , A KA WM Q WA A .. U wh ,MX vwkw ,wwf Q was tif, Q ig xv ' ,mn his HW? , , was wuvnHf V., 35 XBWQ muy wana-K3 ,sy W, WA ,334 N, QPSK' W 'HS Seymk 2 ' uf VM. . r 3 .br iw. gwgi W m my N ' W 4 giwi M if 3, xx 2, . www ff .V fi n,6i, Q H uf., 'Fi' fa fffix WL x as- , ' 1-gy-aw 4357 ffl? ,Y w , EE,,:!:" 22:21-Qw . A wlwfff we AWQ, V, M. fa, 3' -'2'.:'f 5,4 . ' ,ff M xi? 5 32? 9 A W? Q' wwawmgwgggm. ,www mf -.mem ,Q , xy , ,WM f 4 f A A W, 1 W' MU? wjfw- Q :V Su 'AQ' , ..,. - ' f I M 'fi new ED VIII Wlide-eyed freshmen with Big Sisters leading the way into crowded pews . . . Sophomores :assured and smiling . . . Seniors, self- conseious, in their caps and gowns. The 2iC'2lflPIlllC procession niovcs slowly up the aisle as the organ lmooins out, faculty wear- ing their strange, beautiful rohes of learning. All sit, light from the grcnt rose window glowing on their faces. President llanfs voice, wzirin with welcome, hreaks the still- ness. We ure logetherg we :ire Mount 20 E!-XTIII Holyoke. Uhapel is our first n1eeti11g place and we dis- cover that here we spend nlueh of our college life and thought. Not all of us realize that our angelic choirs are quite hurnnng nor do we see what goes on behind the scenes after eolleetion. Those who know these secrets sing in choir, or belong to ltellowship ol' Faiths, the orgzlnization which tczu-hes us, through thought :incl cleefl, true fellowship in our hurried lives. fvlllljlfl xr'1lrl.s' lllr' 4lI'l'I'l In Il1'I'lll'ff1IllN v xii 'ax wg, X Hr Uryju rf fr. fxrfl iw ii llmfl .vpill fl nnu IIHIIIH FW "flow I,OI'l'l4Ij . frI,I4Il-1 1 Lx is lj!-'I"II'lGliS1 lIlu.x.v,' Hruy. 1,V'f'.VI.!ll'lIf.' rllrlwn. 22 ELEE EL B Una' word easily soryvs to Sl'C'llI'l'ly hind to gc-ther our years at Nlouni Hol SINGING. All kinds of singingfgroup solo, harmony, infornml servnadv. church formal concert. The popularity of thc Glu Vluh and the four class choirs continues llllSll2lli2llllC and they have hccornv the nuc-leus of our czlnlpus-wide HlllSl0Zil uc-tivity. lYill wc vycr forget thv yr-arly New York concert of thc Glce Club at Vliristnias time . . . or the long-awaited Soph Serenade on some cold morning at dawn 1-wry your . . . or the annual song Conti-st lx-tween houses for new songs to learn? And the-rc is always hymn singingf most inspiring, we renivnihor. at the autumn c-zuidlc-liglit sc-rvic-0 and at thc- Sunrisv Svrvicc on Eustcr morning. It is on occasions like those that we know why wc' lovv to singffor we sing with our hc-arts :is we-ll as our Voivcs. yoke--V Q . AQ. .1 SIlIl?'I'S!' 1111 lfrzslvr. Fmsw' Row: lVwII.w,' Slrrr: lIo.vA'rn. PFt'.VI'll!'IIf.' Grrzzvuv. Srccoxn Row: Ir1'.vl1,- llzzrging Survkrzmn FELLIIWSHIP UF FAITH5 From darkness into light, by suggestion and action, through faith and worship, we are each bound to the other in eternal fellow- ship. For help in solving our everyday problems or for moments shared together in prayer and silent meditation, Fellowship of Faiths is the headquarters and guiding light. And for a score of other services-Sunday church programs, weekly religious gather- ings, social work in Holyoke, the annual Christmas presentation in Abbey Chapel, the Candlelight and Easter Sunrise services, meetings with fellowship groups in nearby colleges, the Sunday night classical music hour in the New York Room. There is some- thing in Fellowship to appeal to each of us on campus and for our varied and ever- present needs, there is help always ready from Fellowship. '6Lead, kindly lightu could well be its banner of service. 23 Kf,,,,f A j jffffw if fw 03 WW Y M KC Laff f fl. a WK W .v r vi K . , f . 4' if .' , .Q . I K -k Q K V 1' , AM, "' sy '. ' Wy' 1 ' 7 4 4 1 ' u 1 V K 'KA fhiQcv.,, . . X ,ww-if . , K . -- 1- ML Q.. . . V kvkqv Q -ww. , , MW ht - ' Q - ? Lu ' ' I 1 - . 1 ' lv 1 -- :.,,A 1, ,, . Lf - : Awgraj XX 13, in 2 , in " 5-K Q -4 'E Q 'C H' Wg V uk A , . vm s V I' "4 M " we X . 'K' . ' " 3 ' 1,4 , Av . . If W,iE:g.g,,,,,g,Qw7,.,ESM 5 .5 + K , gjfggg f 3 A W5 ,.- f" 3 51' ' A ' ffww' fi' A, - ' Q3-. if ig " v' 'i .fe 6'-1131 f' V 'w 21. N v g " -Q , - ' V' A f. -H 5 : L. W Q2 ef. 5 , .gif 3 fJ'MK"' 1 1. 1+ gf-.. 5 12,3 ff?- , 1 5 :K 4 wwf? V fvg-sf-f"'l- , fpgga Y f 2- - Q f.,,n..f , . 5 h 5,351 . .ISL ' ,fi ,A 55.5.5 f ff -iw ff ' -f I V3 gieisr ? - ' . ,- H ,mv fy, 4 sf A 15' I Az: Uri WQBSQ - -, ig ? , ..,V . , , , L, T . M . H f Y ,V f., -. 5--V , W, ,vm - A . LL --L5 5, 4LA""A"g" 'W' ' "'W'-A-A-W LW 5:4221 . 'V 'nf K W4 A -M ibwn M- M ff' gg-435 uf' 5,g.7,g,5y V 3 jig-7-If V, , ,,.-, W -Hip., .. W 3 -il ' 1" ,, k 2 - 'ff ' ' 1 1' is .g V - ,QQ if Ein' 'ww -j- y1- - :pw fig. 3 -. 'Iii 3 w g-QW ' V -- 'fn ... ,- YES- ' vw ,gen . .QM .W ff .- 1, - ' NW? , . ' - v- .1 -iff" ,QAQQQRQB 'W J gg51i?g1, V ,L 2 5 ' F ' .. . .g Q1 li' ..,.,' U Unk rf 5 'W .,,. H fig... ' 4... Qw7w " .V 'tw ITM ' ' .. .. '25-al '-A - ff 'Y W W F 3 .W ' ' ,,,A t - - ' 4 k ' ' . 7592-..4lt'1 ' ffl! Y I " L www 77 ' we M-fmww Ak kmkmv 'Wh MWYMW 1 umm-ff.-F W - . . M, , ,V 1, La nl 3,7 ,..., , ,.., 1 .ig-It ,ff- ' ' H JR -' Tm ,A jk A ., wc, 'Y A A R . ,. lim 511 -gg -Ai fm- Z ' f- '- A ' 4 -,555-Mzgikzfh nl 'W-1 f 512 Al A Q V. , 74,3 I . 'A A -, f ' -1 s N '- ' ' V- , 1, .L . X W, K . Q jp- - --1 X gr ' ' K I - W , ., Wm . P A . V ,, fi ., -Lf A 'f 3 px ' A "2 'V 4- .6 1 , 1 , , , ,f .VA V N hmmm, 1 ' W . . Z f S Joi? ff X ',::lLV.5"fgN Q 9 ff xl .U f + X - A ypffff 3 2 A ,W K I,-4.12 M auf V161 f, Lx-2lInlVx.J i 1 ...+.u...4... - KPE ONYANA 27 1 , . S V W ! V k l i w W V za ..., , H11 ,A- 5uL5i5 ,Qwwxww se l" Y V M A .Y ,ns : 'S "" " R W K4 4 B f ' 1 x '- ' I n K i i .... . :.. -, E z' t V. 5.5 , - z '-f .fi if A I ,fi Sin, . V e- n . ..Q.,., -' - -. .: :sz '- 1 'fill .. -, 1.-.... .,. rmrm 1.11.1111 -.vynrlzrnlz 1':1'11g-ilu' I'-ali. x S0000 rmmy Iinzvs Il flfljjf Wlho mentioned "Vassar Devils" and "Dusty Blillersu? Blazing logs in the fireplace in frosty weather, the sereened porch in surn- mer timesthey spell atmosphere all year round. It Cflllldllif he any place hut "Tl1e Inn" . . . where all classes meet to relax diets. listen to nimble-fingered Mr. Keyes at the keyboard with lNIr. Lawrence on his sax, on week-ends to sing along with the sc-intillat ing, syncopating Y-8's. The I competition with the traditional c-lmir-e. The Bookshop Inn. Tm firm' anal flu' Hoof: Shop. 29 nn runs close X Cm? N1 Op ff 66 '1fI!Aaf euef Me, Jo, Me, Mm fo Jo wifi Meir m gif Yflfkezkef if Ae Jfwlg, of wa!Ling or alomeafic worl- ,... or Jing 9 M .bm I NI MwWNw,,,M-f 1 W ,-.QV ,. x,-f"""" 'E 41" ,N + , ff' 1 'S J . LSWAAWOI A J F ,Jw K ,wx Rn X 3 +5 2 2 ff"" a 1- Q Wx' V N vmw.,-H" 'Yi san? X X x. ak .af 3 .1 Nl Lf fw E 2 2 Ring Presentation-a highlight of freshman yearg its serious purpose to present our class rings and the method a matter of lively originality. VVe chased our favorite griffin all one evening and didn't find him until the VVhen the freshmen, attired in peculiar garb, eavort over the Campus and when the seniors, with pseudo-serious mien, flaunt themselves in dignified caps and gowns, we know it's Hazing Day. W'e were mighty udrippyi' as we well remember, but we had our fun when the seniors eouldn't keep straight faees. And the day wasn't over until it had been topped off with dinner and xnovies-grinning "drips" guests of weary seniors. 32 next day, on Chapin stage where he was waiting with our beautiful green and gold rings. A ' if 3519 ,, x. 'x N ea. lVe had our rings and wcro somebody, but we needed ai. final binding tic as ai class. So-ofo wc convocted a recipe for a class song. WX- embellished and garnished it with an sub-junior show called Sopli Skit and invitfld everyone to partake. YVQ add that wo think wo make good cooks! When ,gnu Yy' W' p-Us I 450' Tllllfifv ll -SIIQ flIlI'NlilJll., "IIN moo uf'1nlf'1l1 if'."' l'l'f-V. S,Il'l'l'h'.Y. llllxl .lrlumx unior nN0t1l1Ilg1,0 Fez1r" that Ill0IIl0I'2l1b1K' night of Uc't,oh01' 23. YYO 11-1111 tho script 1:1t1' ill sum- Illl'l'2 it was tops. YY1- 0l'giill1Z6'd into c-o111- riiittvvsg feverishly wc' p:1i11t,0c1, XV1l1SIJl'I'l'i1, sc-wed, 1e:11'110c1 1i111's. .X1tc'r11a1t1'1y wo 0011- vi11c-011 otirsvlvcs it was Z1 sm-11s11tio11z1l show 01' 21 c1is111:11 I1l'04'0Cl11Ilg, hut we workml h:11'11 at it and had fun for two months. When thc j2,'I'l'Ht day approuclic-11, weilet off ste-11111 i11 :1 ghost SOI'el1HdC. T1l6Il we dashed 1011112113111 that 0Vi'll1I1g in c'ost111110s, or :1pp1'0p1'iz1tely dirty overalls. and co1's:1g1-s to "gin-" with our co1r1bi111-11 class genius. Into the z1111111ls of Ho1yokv's shows wc-111 songs likv u1,I'02lIll fifllllt' True" and "TIN-y Also Servo NVho 34 Y LK- Only Stand And VVait." lVe'll never forget Qwho c0uld?j "The .Xczuleniic Why" with Bloun, Grozin and Heetic- bringing clown the house. lYe conilmined nlloinicide Harmony," :1 psycliopatliic house-niotlier, lmir-rziisiiig murder, students of psyclmlogy, and ai sur- prise ending C9VOI1f0I'llSlJ 4- ai real live sailor. We were proud of our Big Sisters in the lmuleoiiy and the Little Sisters who turned down our beds and sent us flowers and mid- lllg2:lll,ll1Ill'llCS. And, of course, it wasn'l until long after nl,ElI'liI10SS fovers the f':unpuS" that we fell into lied to dream of "Teac-lier, flilllll. I Nlajor in Love" versus "The .Xeucleiiiie lY:1y.', Tliut was SHOYYZ .SDA ULU 1 rm lorfn' as tin' rm!" The .slfi-boot .vnoopsf They alxn .wrrrf UNIIJH PHIJM ,nf ffz 5, f Q '? Qafgxvf f I JY? C 5 t f' 4 Fw-fx? 1 ffqxxf- f ' ff- Z, ' N 36 Junior Year means Pronl, too. Once il breathless ' -1 proud .three 11:1 y attair. ours was . ful edition without the pre-war and success n supplies of men and lnzlterizllsg But. we ate happily at the llilllfllllxt and then ate again :xt the Inn get-together at miclnight. And Prom itself was worth all the clreznning and sehenlin nf the weeks beforelmxnl. Jn:-n. Litllc- Sistcrs made us re-ally Juniors. From thc day wo first lonrnofl tlu-ir nnnxos, wc- lwgun to plan Bookshop taxa and long talks with tllClll. lvl' XV2llltl'Il to he-lp thorn disc-over Mount Holyoke. And. in turn. wc'vc had I'lI'l'SllIll2iIl 1-o11firlc-111-vs, yummy lunches aftvr Show Elllil Prom, :mil Howvrs at our lmiggvst nuomc-nts. .Xlunnnao now?--we'll :always lmvv our llllllv Slslvrs. JACK MILLS THE social event of four years . . . brvath- lcss vvening drvsscs and vqually l1l'02ltll- taking corsagcs . . . wc- lu-rvously :lwnitofl our lmlinml clulvs when our In-st, lu-:mx c'oulcln't got leavvs ut thc lust nmonwnt . . . and wc- spe-nt anxious minutes lwforc the mirror prvparing to inmprc-ss our mon with the "Mount, llolyokm- typvn... thc- vvcning is still r'c-Ilwllllwrefl :as being uli0IJ2lSl'tlCHZ tops in :any laulglmgv. JACK MILLS 37 l'lr'ux1'4l ax 1!III1!'lI gravluafion "Yvs, Jlr.l1arn" ' " :f:: 5 -Sam ', '.-515' -' '3E?5':'E',5351f?fW:-.. -- ' i':i1:---'--51':gng::C11v-:. 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Two long, stately chains of laurel resting on our shoulders move slowly up the slope past Brigham. In white dresses, we file around Diary Lyon's grave as our little sisters sing to us for the last time. VVC sing the Alma llater together. Our families and friends watch us, but we're not aware of them. Sadly we begin to realize that we-'re almost alumnae. Skinner steps nextecaps and gowns, our class song. The "Lill11'1umf1s mf ivy" juniors answer us . . . a moment later they are seniors, sitting on our steps in the sun as we march away. Now our class will is read, the ivy is planted. No more processing until Baccalaureate tomorrow. VVe can relax, say goodbye to underclassmen and faculty. Somehow we know that we'll remember all this next llfay and pray for good weather for the graduation of the Class of 1946. 39 Laurvl Prom sszon H-P ss.- .Mx 'hh'- GKCLJJ ong of 1945 Purple mountains rise on high To guard a peaceful Valeg There Mount Holyoke stands supreme, VVhose name we ever hail. Ivy t0w'rs against the sky Hold a pealing bellg Chimes that ring out o,er the valley Of honor and loyalty tell. To these ideals we now pledge our hearts And vow to he ever true, For Holyoke's daughters always have tried To honor the white and the blue. Golden sunset paints the westg Friendly shadows fallg Brilliant stars shine in the sky: These we will recall. Through the years the echo of The bell will still survive, To pledge the friendship and the faith Of the class of Forty-Five. EL!-X55 UFFIIIEHS It almost seems incredible that the class of 1945 has remained actively united. For we began to be graduated in December of l943fa significant threeftwo hundred and forty-fourths part of us. Nfay, 1944 saw a few more of the class graduated. VVe felt a little sad seeing them suddenly members of thc adult World before our time, but our losses didn't really hurt until the following August when our ranks were cut almost in half. But in spite of the uneasiness and disunity threatened by acceleration, we've come out on top of four remarkably happy years. Wie look back on one term free of War when there were literally men to every girl, when maids cleaned our rooms, and when we saw every male campus from Amherst to Princeton on three day Week-ends. Then three and a half years of war-unanimous votes at class meetings for Red C'ross contributions from the largest treasury any class has claimed in the history of the collegeg a succession of inspiring class officers who succeeded in keeping up the spirit of a class whose membership was constantly diminishingg and Mount Holyoke traditions carried on with peacetime zeal and love. "Divided we stand . . .Hg divided but together. . BARBARA ANNE AARON 3001 HENRY HUDSON PARKWAY RIVERDALE, NEW YORK English Language and Liferuture EDITH DOROTHY ABELMANN 'I5'I CENTRAL PARK WEST NEW YORK, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology 2f.1.0f5'7 ANGELA EMMA AFFRONTE 26 NASSAU ROAD GREAT NECK, NEW YORK Chemisiry -- Two Uni? BETTY WINCHESTER ALDEN 51 BEACON STREET HYDE PARK, MASSACHUSETTS Chemistry ..4L.. 1, if Skffsv sr 3,Z11f6f VIRGINIA WHITE ARNOLD BETHEL, VERMONT Political Science MARIAN ASH 975 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology , 4 4 4' -Tau. 1911205 Miki! JANE ALDRICH 94 COLLEGE STREET SOUTH HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Liieraiure AILEEN MARION ANNE ANDERSON 4448 TIBBETT AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology CAROLYN RYDER ATWATER 4 RUMSON PLACE RED BANK, NEW JERSEY Biochemistry GERALDINE BALBONI 25 KING STREET NORTH AGAWAM, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Literature IRENE HELGA BEHRENDT I4 GLOUCESTER coukr cReAT NECK, NEW Yomc Chemistry DORIS ANNE BENNETT ' 211 EAST MOODY AVENUE NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA History JANE WOOLEY BISHOP CLEARVIEW FARM SOUTHAMPTON, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology JEANNE MARIE BJORNSTAD 84 DOVER Row MANHASSET, NEW Yom: Zoology EILEEN PEARL MILLICENT BERARD 8 GRAVES STREET SOUTH HADLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS Spanish ELEANOR BIRDSEYE EASTERN POINT BOULEVARD GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Zoology 45 RUTH BONDY 6 BROOKDALE AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology HELEN LAFETRA BORDEN BROAD STREET , SHREWSBURY, NEW JERSEY Chemistry ELLEN LOUISE BLATZ I301 RODNEY STREET WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Biochemistry BETTY BODINE 396 MEADOWBROOK ROAD FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT French ff' -74191 MURIEL ISABEL BOZARTH 91 NORTH FIFTH AVENUE LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY French 1' PATRICIA ANNE BRAY 215 WEST Rocnc AVENUE NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Economics and Sociology CONSTANCE BRIGHAM 240 FLORENCE STREET FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS Psychology SHIRLEY JANE BRUENNER 11027 196th STREET ST. ALBANS 12, NEW YORK English Language and Literature ALICE LOUISE BUDD 170 EAST BROAD STREET FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Physics QIHYIU3 MARY BUXTON BROWN 34 EAST MANNING STREET PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Zoology LEILA KENDALL BROWNE 69 GRACE AVENUE GREAT NECK, NEW YORK English Language and Literature ,f afeffp ,L 5,z5,X,df PHYLLIS BURDETT 56 ELMwoon ROAD swAMPscorT, MAssAcHusETrs Economics and Sociology BARBARA MAY CALHOUN 230 WESTCHESTER AVENUE CRESTWOOD, NEW YORK Plant Science 'f 11!1,9 ,gd MARY-HELEN CAMP 68 NORTH MAIN STREET SOUTH HADLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS German EDITH LAWRENCE CARRIER 857 TOWER AVENUE HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Zoology 48 -,+s.a...Q,,..M,-md M.6W.M!6 LOIS RUTH de CASTRO 377 HIGHLAND AVENUE SOUTH NORWALK, CONNECTICUT English Language and Literature-Two MARY ELLEN CHAMBERLAIN I10 PLIMPTON STREET WALPOLE, MASSACHUSETTS 414,430 Unit BARBARA JANE CHAPIN 179 SCHOOL STREET AGAWAM, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Lileralure JANE ANN CHAPPLE 4901 wesr PINE smear sr. Louis, Mlssoum Economics and Sociology -1+ 91-2-9197 FRANCES CAROLINE CLARKE LATTINTOWN ROAD MILTON, NEW YORK Zoology I ESTHER BARBARA CLAUSON 425 OAKLAND AVENUE STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK Zoology MARY JEANNE CHARLES 2218 SUNSET AVENUE uncA, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology EDITH JANE CLARK CURTIS BAY ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT CURTIS BAY, MARYLAND Music I 49 M VLLLMS Alma -Af .zwffia ,f DOROTHY JOSEPHINE CODINA CEDAR PLACE AND OAKWOOD DRIVE PACKANACK LAKE, NEW JERSEY Spanish CAROLYN COKER IIO7 HOME AVENUE HAnrsvLLLE, soum CAROLINA Zoology ALICE BARBARA COLE 115 EAST 53rd STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology HELEN MARVIN COLTON 4 FIRST AVENUE MONTPELIER, VERMONT ' Psychology xx , JoAN ELIZABETH Cook 141 LOCUST STREET DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS French RUTH THOMPSON CORNELL 71 FAIR OAKS PARK NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Literature 50 ,P Clafndtal' lL7i?lf Le Vi?" ' X Z' 'K ' DEBORAH BOIES COTTEN 1 LOWER SOUTH AVENUE l NEW CANAAN, CONNECTICUT English language and Literature ROSE ASSUNTA CRISCITIELLO 1 96 POLLOCK AVENUE I PITTSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS l l x Zoology I JOYCE LOUEVA CUMMINGS 2749 ASHLEY ROAD SHAKER HEIGHTS, onlo Arl and Archaeology MARIAN BURNHAM CURTIS 6 BELLE AVENUE TROY, NEW YORK Chemislry T CAROL MARSTON CROKE AMHERST ROAD soum HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Lileralure . JANE CROWELL Al JAMES STREET BANGOR, MAINE A English Language and Lileralure 1. ,l -l.- QS - cr-...Q ' NN ' , Q.,-J-fb - xQlu..fN!v-.4q..,, - Q 3, 5.-..., - sa- vings- N. 'D-I-L,,fh..b.L ... g., X, -.NRA-1 5' f0f2 8f?! AINO TANGIER DAVIS PINE KNou srocxsmoos, MASSACHUSETTS Arr and ArchueoIogy MARGARET NICHOLLS DEALY 21 THE RIDGE PLANDOME, NEW YORK Chemistry SUZANNE DE PREZ IO3 WEST MECHANIC STREET SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA HisIory HAZEL ELAINE DILKS 23 EAST AVENUE SWEDESBORO, NEW JERSEY Political Science AY?"97 aI' df. Gufra MMM "2'1!8f87 ALICE AMELIA DORSEY 36 HUFFMAN AVENUE WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Psychology HELEN MARGARET DURGIN 31 LIVINGSTON STREET NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Hisfory ..I ELISE RUTH ELISBERG 2350 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NEW YORK Chemistry ROSALIE CALHOUN ELLIOTT Aus seweoene smeer LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA Economics and Socioiogy-Two Unit TI' bA10!44 , MARGARET RUTH ERION 212 HIGHLAND AveNue M BUFFALO NEW vonx 'fiqpf English Language and Literature - V JANE ELISE ESTES 1022 LULLWATER ROAD ATLANTA, GEORGIA Economics and Sociology NATALIE ENGLANDER I3 SHERIDAN sneer GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Psychology -r 44199 NANCY HALL ENGLISH I7 LIVINGSTON STREET NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Zoology . I I-, MARY JANE FARNSWORTH 17 DENTON ROAD, WEST WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Math emofics NANCY MITCHELL FERNAU HILLCREST TYRONE, PENNSYLVANIA Economics and Sociology WI' A l1Ix1f5' PHYLLIS ANNE FAIRBANKS 23 ovemoox ROAD HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, New Yokx Geology and Geography ELOISE FAIRHURST 60 HIGHVIEW AVENUE NORWALK, CONNECTICUT French GLADYS ABBE FISH 29 STODDARD PLACE BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Chemistry PATRICIA ANN FOSTER 608 PICKWICK LANE CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND Economics and Sociology I1 W i WI ir Z' i ki ELINOR LEFFERTS FOX FA? ' sronks, cormscncur Geology and Geography ELIZABETH JANE FRANKLIN 1 JACKSON PLACE PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology L ELIZABETH HATHEWAY FULLER 568 HANOVER STREET FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS Pre-Medical JANE FULLER 55 SUMMIT AVENUE BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK Zoology I I -J' 4Hof83 DIANA HELEN FRIEDENBERG IOI CENTRAL PARK WEST NEW YORK, NEW YORK Chemistry ETHELLE CHARLOTTE FRIEDMAN 37 wmmsn snzeer SPRINGHELD, MASSACHUSETTS Political Science 74-.- 55 W 'I X71 fp - 5I,27It,7 BUDDIE ROSE GERSTEIN 151 WEST 86th STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK English Language and Literature DOROTHY FLORENCE GILLETTE 26 PARK view smear, Gnove HALL aosToN, MASSACHUSETTS Physics I 56 MARGARET CAMPBELL FULTQN 137 SANTA FE AVENUE I HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT History SUSAN JANE GALLIHER 201 CEDAR AVENUE TAKOMA PARK, MARYLAND Economics- and Sociology DOROTHY MARGARET GOERNER 366 STERLING PLACE BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Chemistry NORAH HUGHES GRANT SOUTH WESTWOOD ROAD ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT Ari and Archaeology GRACE WARNER GRAY 6910 BENNETT AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Zoology PHYLLIS ELKA GREENHILL 310 WEST 86th STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology-Two Unit KATHERINE FOX HAMILTON 2129 SUSSEX AVENUE DULUTH, MINNESOTA Zoology MARJORIE HANKIN 18 DOGWOOD DRIVE SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY French 1' ra 5.57 ff If HELEN Bunn GRUMMAN 29 HUNTINGTON STREET NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Geology and Geography VIRGINIA MAY HALL I7 SUTTON ROAD NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Lileralure I CHARLOTTE IRMA HAROLD 98 PROSPECT STREET WEST BOYLSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Asironomy OLIVIA JOHNSTON HART 6010 ST. ANDREWS LANE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA History MARILYN HEDGES 54 SAGAMORE ROAD BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK Economics and Soriology CAROLYN JEANNETTE HEMSTEAD 209 LANCASTER STREET ALBANY, NEW YORK ' Psychology NANCY CROTHERS HENRY PLUSH MILL Rom WALLINGFORD, PENNSYLVANIA English Language and Lilerafure DORIS JEAN HEROLD 211 WEST 106th STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology WWW DREY JANE HOFMANN 213 UNION AVENUE FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 'LM Economics and Sociology M W MARY FRANCES HOLLISTER 6302 BEECHWOOD DRIVE CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND Economics and Sociology I .IOANNE DEE HOSFORD I2 FAIRVIEW ROAD SCARSDALE, NEW YORK English Language and Literaiure MARION ELEANOR HOSKEN CIO SULLIVAN MACHINERY COMPANY MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Religion 60 J g?Q,'2jW A' SALLY HOLT HIGHLAND smear ' HOLDEN, MASSACHUSETTS Economics and Sociology Mfr If ff JEAN HORTON 348 FREEPORT ROAD NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Economics ond Sociology ELIZABETH ELLEN HOWARD 137 MONTICELLO AVENUE ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Biology MRS. ELLEN WEST HUESSY 420 RIVERSIDE DRIVE NEW YORK, NEW YORK History Ai' + A , AUDREY RICH HURD 1064 UNIVERSITY PLACE SCHENECTADY, NEW vom: Chemlsiry SUSAN HUTCHINS I0 ARCHER STREET LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS Geology and Geography BETTY HARRIS INGRAHAM 143 SOUTH PITT STREET MERCER, PENNSYLVANIA Biology DOROTHY CLAIRE JACKSON I3 VERNON STREET MIDDLEPORT, NEW YORK Political Science Qfzlfl DONNA MARIE IKELER 147 HUDSON AVENUE PEEKSKILL, NEW YORK Political Science KITTY ILIOPOULOS HOTEL BUCKINGHAM 101 WEST 57lh STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK Physics T A 9 ANNA ADENA JOHNSON 73 DAVIDSON ROAD WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Chemistry MILDRED ANNE JOHNSON 3217 GROVE AVENUE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Economics and Sociology HARRIET WHITE JACKSON 84 VREELAND AVENUE PATERSON, NEW JERSEY History MARY ELIZABETH JACOBY 20 DELAWARE AVENUE MILFORD, NEW JERSEY Physiology and Psychology . . . 1 , 1 -l.. .-f KATHERINE CHRISTINA KARBINER 132-12 TUDOR RoAo JAMAICA ESTATES, NEW YORK Biology MARGERY JANE KATZ 1052 PRESIDENT STREET BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Speech and Drama mxq, Mmwlz .I ME- ,eafsf MARGUERITE KAVANAUGH 705 DeGRAW AVENUE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY English Language and Literature ELEANOR CHANNELL KNOX 713 EVERGREEN DRIVE AKRON, OHIO Pre-Medical Q Wfgpf 466 , I MARJORIE KOHLBERG 489 EAST 18th STREET BROOKLYN, NEW YORK English Language and Literatu e ANNA STATIA KONTULIS 72 GRANITE STREET WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Physiology if Lf2Qf7J4 LUCILLE HELENE KOTLER 177 BARBADOS AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Economics and Sociology EDITH CARLOTA LAN DSBERG HOTEL SALISBURY l23 WEST 57th STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK Chemistry .ay R,,d-Ll HLtmkl4ea.J Ql4a.PwlG-44 173,92 f Reeves Pre-Medical 1 ll J ,f ,I A, J l RUTH HELEN LISTER , K' I I4 HADLEY smeer J - If! soum HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS I I ' 4 . , uf , ' f, 'I ' If 4.00 I V, me Beywnfwmfwyuhmlwm ZR ,fpefao VICTORIA KUO-FEN LING 601 wesr Msn- STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 64 I RENEE LEMPRIERE 12 HOMEFIELD ROAD WARE, Hens, ENGLAND Economics and Sociology MARY JOAN LEVY 90-oe zosfh smeer Houls, NEW Yomc Economics and Sociology BARBARA LOUISE LITTLE 89 EAST BROAD STREET NEWNAN, GEORGIA English Language and Literature MARTHA WHEELER LORD 154 sTATe srneer AUGUSTA, MAINE Economics and Sociology klflf14A,1lwx G lmuouelib LQILLIIW ELIZABETH DOROTH EA LOVE 175 GRAMERCY PLACE GLEN ROCK, NEW JERSEY - Economics and Sociology GERTRUDE KRAHE LUCKHARDT 3 CARMAN RoAo SCARSDALE, New vomc ' Zoology 7fq17 5 , 1- 7 'f' afu- '97 ANN LOUISE McCORKINDALE 157 GRANBY ROAD SOUTH HADLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS Zoology ANNA WALLS McCORMICK 26 SOUTH THIRD STREET LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Zoology JANE NORTH LUDLOW 239 PROSPECT AVENUE SEA CLIFF, NEW JERSEY Hislory MARION GERALDINE LYNCH 520 WEST 'l22nd STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK -I Chemistry 1' fiify 14' L! LlINll7'l ' ,yb'If1W 4 - ' SIA Q.. 71 ff V -J if . f', . If v I I I- - TL-f ,, " . ' T30- X H if . -,.,,v, ,li 1 H, Q. 1 ' 1' . ., ' ' F" L 0- ,L N , I 4,2 OLIVE McKENZIE 36 RAYMOND AVENUE RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY Political Science JUNE MAILMAN A43 TRAFALGAR APARTMENTS COTESADE-NEIGES MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA English Language and literature , -.p-ff" ALICE BONNER McGINTY 53 APPLETON STREET ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS History KATHARINE McKNIGHT WELDIN ROAD WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Zoology MXH -rwffsf 33' CHARLOTTE MURKLAND MANSFIELD 'I5 GEORGIA AVENUE LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS Ari and Archaeoiogy KATHARINE CHASE MARBLE 37 EAST BRADLEY LANE CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND Geology and Geography ff ZIXIM,-1 I-'If-IMLI,-fu-M LIWAPV ' BARBARA ANN MARSTERS 19 BONNIE VIEW TERRACE RAMSEY, NEW JERSEY Zoology ELINOR CONSTANCE MARTIN 1950 VAUXHALL ROAD UNION, NEW JERSEY Mathematics BARBARA MEREDITH MOORE 513 MURDOCK ROAD MOUNT AIRY PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Economics and Sociology JEAN STRONG MOORE 74 WEST WEISHEIMER ROAD COLUMBUS, OHIO Chemistry fa Q ELIZABETH CHRISTINA MARTIN 401 WEST 30th STREET WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Art and Archaeology MARIE LOUISE MERCURY 6 CALVIN ROAD JAMAICA PLAIN, MASSACHUSETTS Chemistry I 46? ESTA NEIMAN T89 ARGYLE ROAD BROOKLYN, NEW YORK French SUZANNE ELIZABETH NICHOLS 225 EICHELBERGER STREET HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA Economics and Sociology I I E 68 y HELEN MARGARET MOSSE NORTHFIELD SEMINARY EAST NORTHFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS His! ry mlm fm. Www KATHERINE SMITH MURPHY 245 BRATTLE STREET CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS Speech and Drama 4, ?fl0f?! MARY SAWYER NORTON 5 CHOATE ROAD HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Zoology MYRTLE SALTZER OBERHOLTZER 121 NORTH CHESTNUT STREET BOYERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Physics MARY MARGARET O'CONNOR I LAMB STREET SOUTH HADLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS Zoology MARYLIN AGNES O'MEARA 37 FOREST STREET HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT French 4 fjaffas af :amen ix, REG, ANNETTE MARIE PARE 336 COLLEGE ROAD ' RIVERDALE, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology MARY MONTAGUE PARKER 1238 FERGUSON AVENUE STUART GARDENS NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Economics and Sociology 34' 1f.Z9f75 I Pqmjf f9Q,rsm3 E36 CELIA MCGRAYNE 'OLNEY WHIPPORWILL ROAD ARMONK, NEW YORK English Language and Literature MOLLY PAPAZIAN 1420 DEAN STREET SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK Chemislry I I l 1 l I , ,Wg MRS. NANCY CLARK PERRY 14279 SUPERIOR ROAD CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO Arl and Archaeology DORIS NORMA PETERSON 3I2 STEWART AVENUE WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS Chemislry I 70 BARBARA LOUISE PECKHAM 95 MILES AVENUE WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK Psychology rf mdfzfszf 35 POPLAR STREET BANGOR, MAINE Speech and Drama ANN WINGATE PHELPS 2940 21Mh Smear ausms, New Yom: Economics and Sociology VIVIAN RUTH PHILLIPS ll MORSE ROAD NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS Arl and Archaeology dflgnwww, IPIcy.up-I-an -Ano 79 DORIS-JANE PLISHKER 'I505 OTIS STREET, NORTHEAST WASHINGTON, D. C. English Language and Literature MICHELINE JANE POHL Horel smeeieu: 215 wesr sara snzeer NEW Yomc, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology MARY MARGARET REMINGER 4014 TAYLOR AVENUE DREXEL HILL, PENNSYLVANIA Political Science ALICE RIGBY R.F.D. 'I HIGHLAND FALLS, NEW YORK Mathematics A' skzlas I JEAN ROBBIE 526 NORTH PRESIDENT AVENUE LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA Biology ANITA JOYCE ROBBINS 39 EAST BAY BOULEVARD ATLANTIC BEACH, NEW YORK History PHYLLIS STEWART RILEY DORCHESTER ROAD DARI EN, CONNECTICUT English Language and Literature NORMA JEANNE RIOUX I4 HooGEs STREET ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Psychology . . 1 1. , 1 I HELENE LOUISE ROBERTS 204 NORTH 13th STREET EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Ari and Archaeology PATRICIA ROBINSON 330 PROSPECT STREET HERKIMER, NEW YORK Latin GLORIA PHYLLIS ROSENBERG 2620 AVENUE L aRooKLYN, NEW voRK Psychology LILLIAN LOUISE RUSSELL 1007 FAIRMONT STREET, NORTHWEST WASHINGTON, D. C. Astronomy CLARA JANE SANDERS 204 PINE STREET FREEPORT, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology JEANNE GODFREY SAVAGE 1306 THORNDAIE AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK English Language and Lilerulure , Y V V A Y VIRGINIA HYERS RUTTER 114 WEST NEWELL AVENUE RUTHEREORD, NEW JERSEY Psychology ELIZABETH MILDRED SACKMANN 22 SOMMER AVENUE MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Chemistry 73 1 JANE ELIZABETH SENTER 163 PARK Row sRuNsw1cK, MAINE Economics and Sociology JEAN WOODRUFF SHERA 104 LONGVIEW AVENUE WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK Zoology "ILM SARAH SCHIFFLIN SCH ELLENS 10 WARE LANE CLIFTON. MASSACHUSETTS Ar! and Archaeology RUTH ELAINE SCH ULMAN 4518 HUDSON BOULEVARD UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY Economics and Sociology RUTH SILVERSTEIN 216 ONEY STREET CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Economics and Sociology EDITH JOSEPHINE SKINNER 3111 NORTH STREET WASHINGTON, D. C. English Language and Literature SHIRLEY YALE SKINNER 625 WILDWOOD DRIVE EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN English Language and Literature NORMA JEAN SMITH NEW HAMPTON SCHOOL h NEW HAMPTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE English Language and Lilerolure CAROLYN GREENE SMYTH 2 VALLEY ROAD MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS Economics and Sociology ELIZABETH GEORGINE SMITH 627 WESTWOOD AVENUE LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY Sociology, Psychology and Physiology FLORENCE MAY SMITH ROUTE 1 DAVISBURG, MICHIGAN Economics and Sociology Il 364 "Ill-121' ufzffazfvy X 75 NANCY LOUISE STAUFFER 22 PIERCE ROAD BELMONT, MASSACHUSETTS Psychology ANITA HELENE STERNBERG 1297 EAST 2Ist STREET BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Chemistry BETTY JANE SOULE 55 HIGHLAND AVENUE ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Psychology VIRGINIA BENNETT SPENCER 122 BRIXTON ROAD GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK Economics and Sociology MARY ELIZABETH STEWART 925 CALHOUN AVENUE BOX I953 JUNEAU, ALASKA English Language and Literature ELSAMARIE STOLLBERG 54 DARWOOD PLACE MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK English Language and Literature MARY JANE STONE 100 BEDFORD AVENUE HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT Psychology 21 MONUMENT STREET CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Literature M LOIS HELEN STOWE MARGARET ELIZABETH SULLIVAN I? GRANT STREET SOUTH HADLEY FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Literoiure NORAH du VERNET TAPLEY 516 JACKSON smear Pusmo, coLoRAoo Zoology + eyfif ,,. ,14,.r4f-IJMJY1' nalsflforu A I ii , A GALE STUBBS I4565 DREXMORE ROAD SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO Religion ELEANOR JEAN SULLIVAN BOX All BALBOA, CANAL ZONE Spanish ff' ffvfsf -J' T J BARBARA LOUISE WAUGH 8 PARK AVENUE WINCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Zoology THELMA JUNE WEAVER 9-01 l507h STREET WHITESTONE, NEW YORK Zoology '45 7fl7f5f7 f JEANNE LOUISE TOURNIER zo ELMORA AVENUE CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY Economics and Sociology ELIZABETH UNZ WATCH TOWER ROAD DARIEN, CONNECTICUT Mathematics BARBARA VAN DE WATER 89 ELM STREET FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Music JOSEPHINE VAN WINKLE 840 WEST LEXINGTON AVENUE DANVILLE, KENTUCKY Hislory JEANNE CATHERINE VALONE 1409 NORTH GEORGE STREET I ROME, NEW YORK Spanish CLARISSA ANN VANDERBILT 952 EAST BROADWAY STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT ChemisIry 79 '45 7ff1f5,7 ui X BARBARA LOUISE WAUGH 8 PARK AVENUE WINCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Zoology THELMA JUNE WEAVER 9-Ol l5Olh STREET WHITESTONE, NEW YORK Zoology PRISCILLA ALMY WASHBURN h 32 AXTELL DRIVE SCARSDALE, NEW YORK English Language and Literature BARBARA FINLAY WATSON CASTINE, MAINE English Language and Lileralure-Two Unil nl' J',f2Vf9l BARBARA ALICE WEINBERG 63 VERNON AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK Zoology JANE-ANN WEYL 24 SUMMIT AVENUE AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK Political Science MARY RUTH WHITMORE 32 CHERRY HILL HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS History JEAN WILSON FOSTER STREET LITTLETON, MASSACHUSETTS Religion -i.. , JEAN MARIE WIGHTMAN 'I50 EDGEMONT ROAD SCARSDALE, NEW YORK Mathematics CYNTHIA FIELDING WILLIAMSON 64 PROSPECT STREET LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS English Language and Literature 81 MRS. MARJORIE WONDERLICH METAXAS 16090 PARKLAND DRIVE CLEVELAND, OHIO French ANNE WUICHET 483 PARK AVENUE GLENCOE, ILLINOIS Zoology 82 IRENE MARGARET WINKLEMAN A9 eAsr sam smeer NEW Yomc, NEW YORK Poliiical Science LUCILLE WOLF 130 west aan- smeer NEW Yomc, NEW YORK Zoology MARGARET GAYNOR WYNNE 'II PRINCETON ROAD CYNWYD, PENNSYLVANIA latin ,fs - F. MRS. BETTE BEATTIE ZENKER iso MOUNTAIN AVENUE summit, NEW JERSEY Speech and Psychology MRS. PATRICIA SMITH ZENKER 633 BERKELEY AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Speech and Drama , ALMA MATEH Oh, Mount Holyoke, we pay thee devotion In the fervor of youth that is strong, The courage of right is thy garland, Our lives, Alma Mater, thy song. So from East and from West, now we gather, And united in firm love to thee, All years are as one, and our loyal pledge "Mount Holyoke forever" shall be. Through the heart of a new day's endeavor Breathes the life of the old days that live, For what thou hast given we honor, But we love thee for what we can give. So, when soft in a whisper thou callest, For the treasures unlocked by thy key, Our achievements, our hopes, and our glorious faith Shall answer, lNIount Holyoke, to thee. I I I ff! 'X F F7 Xlfvr c ...ul ,. 4' JF A fd vksir. 'wt Weak ' w, M W 'HL 1 ' .5 Q it A . 1 if QV + 5 4 E51 Mk, i 'Z LE ' Q x ' 'L ::- 4' at .,L: 2 Q . Q V if ff Q aeiw QM -ni, ffl L4 M 1 ,4 F ig, an Q , , , " 2 f x,AL wiflf ' , 5 ' - j A wg v ,vi MQW .1 w ,Q ," Qx -' .- Q: Q f 13, 1 Q 1 xg, A 4 X - , V-,., Q Z ,t :MQ 732: X 'iW W ,' 9.a5?Vk g1.z ve V L. at E' I V. if A V'-ef K , -as-i+f-,,, 11 - Q f f-iegw v"v'K' I at A , fl FA. K ,a,,.fe+-"vQQ 2 it - an L ga, L3 sw ln N? ,wit mu " is A e , g1f"Qn-41'm"i-4' m,,k 4, . R Q Aw . 5.4, ?:'rt,2wHx'Ffv. ,P Q f A is wi M "i"'., " W tw as 195, Q 54" ' 4 'L-.., 'ma 'V W -Lv A ' ,ff 'A fi? i ' uf ' . 'V Q1 , Q f ' V ie., x 'Wfw me T 2-xt: 'wks 8 Q A w. W p 1" M P K fa. if -wk ' Q W, Y ,Q ' 5 ,, x Q. Wm Ei?-Q X ,, 4 , fff - if ' . . 25 x p.Aging 5 ifggfff. R S- sr N, -LLB-b 86 C X 5 xx if XT ' 3 Hg, rv - 1' llze lurxl-11L'z'rl 1111111 011 ClHII1IIl8gfllI1J11U I ffl g ll HSlo1'?" ll I l'll1'r fo my lvl' N fd? X ffgaf 5 J TQ 87 W lnylmdy 1111111111 br' llf01I7'fII?u 88 1"r1'rlf1y at 3:00 Phelps, Ediforg Estes: IV0lf,' Al- drichg f'happl1',' Gallilu'r,' Adams Wye Campus 6 lr OPM: ish mug Q- '53 -h ix Q- I .ah N at Arm Tb lm' N JH - " Wm 1901 J 1? UH? -N-P2213 Mcrijn T Five A,,LA6ML3ff Shu,-gmh Dill lfVf.-,R B G"l':.n I R l Q Q Pbwpem 5 NY3S N X"SSf,,,Q" X Q E 5 X We Xa sgs S 1 VVhetl1er the spirit moves the writer or llOt, the Nezvs must appear every Friday at tea- time. The taste of the tea literally depends on "lNIuch Add' or the exam schedule or the play review. Staff members peruse the print- ed material they slaved over and inwardly laugh at the mistakes they made, the cokes they consumed, the smoke they blew, the is M 4 s liffef f f N X faithful freshmen they relied on-all to get the News out once more. xx XX LA 89 Thru' pmnzfls ll0ll'Il" St'l't'II lo go I"i1'z' o'r'lo0k in flu' morning . .' .Vollzfny like ll f'rr111'1l.'.' llnfl ll. Hurrurrl W k . fwgy , N, L "Y Crfnfl rq111'p1nrr1I 91 , V .YUIIPVI1 ml lflr' lwll Vrllirlflrllf Hrlx .U opxy II. Flnpsy 533, 5 S Q rg Q 3 225' mmm mg' H' -' 91 7 'll A llow we used lo plan for lllose l-0-n-gg week- ends with ai Deke at I,2ll'fIIl0lllll or Rl Dell ul Amherst . . . an week ahead, elotlnes would lme planned and lmezlufy trezltrnenl llll1l0l'W2ly . . . altlmongh on the night before, we'm1 rush zlronnfl, lmorrowing 5011100110 else! more Q.fl2lIHUI'0llS dI'i'SS2lllilll1'I' lJI'lg2:llll'I' nail polish. Wve say "used to" . . . that was freslnnun year . . . lately wc-'ve spent even more time 94 .Q , l ,.,, ,. , y Qi In K I .rf-?gmmv14,gfE252 planning for za week's leave with that Darl- lllfllltll Deke overseas. ig "And now I want to show you the room l had when I was al llolyolcef' proudly an- nonnees the alumna. And we grin sheepishly up at the visitors from the midst of one ol' the clothes-piles littering the floor. YYIIY do they have to descend upon ns at a most crucial point i11 our lives? . . . when we are debating whether to take home the simply immense packet of .lim's old love letters or that heavy Shakespeare book . . . neither will do mneh good at home, but we hate to leave anything we could eoneeivahly use . . . what a problem, and the trunlfs full already. Horrors, think what will it he like, moving when we have sixty years hehind us. instead of only twenty. lYe stagger np from the debris of our two dec-ades of living and resort to YYilhur for a strong coke and a comforting eigarette. 1943 lYe,re speaking to you. '4-8: Once we, too, entered Mary Lyon Gate as "green', freshmen, outwardly confident in fall suits, inwardly seared stiff on our own at last. Wlondering' Wlizit our I'00IH1HiltCS would be like . . . was it true tllut we would gain ten pounds before tlle following June? . . . eould we really tind buttons on Hutton Field? llve had ax million questions. Olll' HCVV ATI l F632 W f Q:,,,,l,llll.lti Wt' llt'I't'I' lhozzghi Alilwy zrozllll come in il11'.v.',' 96 i X W I Jwl. We wondered why the friendly uniors who inet us at the station never seemed to tire of answering our queries. New We know that they must have become weary, for we're big sisters ourselves! s...l . 19117 And We speak to you, little sisters of 47: We were hardly over being freshmen when We found ourselves sophomores Sophomore year has been said to be the Inost difficult of the four, but we all love it. Full of pep and uudiseiplined energy, we worked on il Soph Skit to end Soph Skits and proudly presented our elzlss song to the college. e .fatal Exe -is N .-f-+A 9-" i- ew 1 fig? FIRST Row: Glomung Corlzrunfz Presiderztg Norwood. S1-1c1oND Row: Handallg Ilalclrfieldg Sollcr. 98 We had 21 soph swagger and opinions of some standing concerning the fraternities at Amherst and the din- ner cluhs at Princeton. In fact, we were practically authoritieseno one would have thought us sophomores! -we reg ' Q x 'f M, ,ff 1' ,Q 5 4 51 . ,fy 5 z is R mfg 3 Q' 1 K M FIRST Row: U. J. Dorn, JI. B. Brown, J. V. Iizwl, If. ,l. JIallIu'11'.v. JI. .-I. 1'urwnr'k, I.. JI. .lohnsrm, J. S. Elrlriflgv, I'. IJ. Sampson. SEUUND Row: K. A. Woorlururzl, IC. Szzllvr, l'. K. Jlaymlrrl, S. Sl.-illing, E. JI. f'0r'k, JI. JI. Van Gumly. THIRD Row: S. gl. f'l11rkz', G. If. Toma- xino, P. Guild, N. ff. SorI1'rI11'rg. .I. A. Taylor, .l. H. U. l,l'Il'I'S0lI. V. lf. Pralf. J. I.. Jlqffull, N. A. Barber. F0l'R'rlI Row: If. P. JVIIIIU, ,-1. JI. Pirkurrl, f'. l'. lIfIIIlIlIf'. JI. .l. JIf'JIi1l1'n, I". J. ITFQMILIITI, I. Norton, D. G. I'11r1'1'!li, .I. .-I. .loI1r1.v0l1. P. U. Ix'flli11gl1f'f'L', If. If. ,-lylwx. FII-'TH Row: lf. L. IJIISIIFII, J. R. f.'o0k1', P. JI. Prrry. Ii. JI. Damon, S. Ii, lViIrl1'ny. .l. .l. IJHIIFIIOIQIJIJ, JI. I.. Sr'hmfrll. S. JI. II1'r.vom, JI. 41. Jlurphy. J. IJIIIIINIIJIIQN. I S. D. Brzrshugl. Smvoxll Row: K. II. Jfoorr. l'. V. I111'l1fz'r. H. lf. .L11zr1z'rsuu. ll. Hir.w'Iz, J. I Rabin, P. H. IJIIFII.-Y. Timm Row: JI. IV. Iirnsf, JI. 41. Svhulzmunn, H. G. Jlullanfu JI. I FIRST Row: JI. E. Jlusirzxlry, JI. S. Iivulmil. JI. .-1. IX'f'IIlI1llI'l"Il. J. V. glrzzxfulll. Ii. J. Boyz J .-illismz. P. H1'flI1l'l'. D. JI. II1.l'I'1'II. G. f'. Ifrlppufm, E. D. lljjlllllll. 100 FIRST HOW: .L U. f'rumzfr. I". A. Pivr, N. T. Flark. .'l. JI. Shapfro, S. Spilz, JI. H. ffozzio .-1. IVUIIIIIIIIIS, J. I.. Iiuflrr. Srgvuxn Row: X. J. Sulfon. f'. .-1. Ilmrard. I. .l. Slater. B.Wi1lctl J. Il. Slzurzmy. l'. J. .x'1'!?Il0I.V, J. If. l"lli!'CIl1.I!I, B. Krall, D. H. Hf1114'11.v11y1l4'r, J. L. Buffer THIRD ROW: JI. L. SIIUIIIUIS, J. JI. LI'I'Il'Il. Il lf. lV1'l.vo1L. JI. X. lfurlzjff, JI. H. llddl-ll, E. Silrer D. .'l. Wriglzf, lf. If. .-lbramx, lf. .vl. Gaimzv, A. Van dvr Pyl, G. JI. Dunn. FIRST Row: lf. H. Fullwr. I'. S!'IIll'llI'IZI7IlllI, If. J. Grolzozr, V. S. Boggs, IK A. QHIIIZII. SEFUND Row: J. If. Ernst, E. JI. Balvs. J. .l. Norris. F. L. IVTIIIIIIKIII, L. S. .YOI'1,l.'00fI. S. .-1. Runzblzr. VFHIRD Ron : lf. II. Jluc-lzrn, J. H. LI'I'IAII!', I. Kaplan, J. I.. Pzfrlmurz. JI. l'. ,JICKOIl'II. FOURTH ROW: J. II. Brlkvr, P. JI. JlL'llIIl.III.1'L'. If. f'. lffllzvlrrlx. S. B. Smiflz, J. A. JOIIIISOII, J. JOIIl1S07l, II. Tillon. FI1fTu Row: P. P. Pruff. IC. G. Tilton, H. E. IVOIIIJIIU, Ii. E. .l1jffUry, If. .-1. Iienarrl, JI. I. l'r1cI1rr1nv, JI. L. TOI'V'I..Y0ll, J. G. IIII.l'l'I'. SIXTH Row: V. IV. Van Noxfrarul, E. A. Kirk. S'l'.XNlJINGI If. JI. llarrixmz, ll. Jluzfn, S. .l. Furroll. 101 FIRST Row: L. L. Vlurk. L. l'. Glnman, L. If. Lunf. L. Ifumlall, D. A. Gross. H. V. Jlarxlmll V. Wygmzf, JI. li. I.flz.von. Sr-:cfoND Row: .l. .-1. -IOIIIISOII, G. I. lV'Illx'l'l', S. II. .IacL'.won. N. Fhasr Il. JI. l'1lrran. J. I.. Bullrr, P. Gurrlnvr. If. .-1. Ilallock. R. F. I'a'rlsfc1'n, A. L. Ilolrlmz, JI. V IIm101'z'r.THl11lJ Row: JI. .-1. Blah, J. F. Jlcfall, JI. L. Merclumt, E. L. llra'1'111'r. B. A. Draprau. Ii. A. Vlmmllvr, JI. .l. IVl1ilmor1'. N. A. Lwzmun, X. F. Dolv, E. B. Clauxorz, II. II. Vurfin. U. E. Vuuglzn, JI. l'. Sclzqffwr. l"llc:s'r Row: 13.11 Jlrznrflirr L Ilvlllffl' ll I IVIINIIVII . l , . . . . .- . .- an. J. JI. lfflfly. If. J. Brmrn. II. If. lmckn. A. I". Jfurxlzall. If. A. Hmlllz. .l. If. Ilurloy. Smrnxn Row: JI. L. Srrhmfzll. JI. A. lVul.w'r, JI. A. Quarlfw, S, l'. Rock, gl. G. .'IS11l!I1Hl, JI. f'. Slzannan. JI. A. .Ion0.v. JI. N. Lumll, L. J. SCIII-lIlIIfllll'I'. If. J. Dana. P. JI. IJIIFXOIIS, K. E. Zfrr. 'IJHIRD Huw: J. Horn, B. If Braiwlin, U S Uftn 'll I Hills I' If l'1Rl11r T T I I I . . . .. . .. 1. . ' .' ', . . '11c1f'11. JI. H. Riclzry. J. If. II0u'lr1I1rl. IJ' JI. IJf'IlA'lAlI IJ IJ l'r1'1'r'll1' I? l II 'f 'II I B . , . . . . .- . V1 srnz 1, . . . IIQIIQIIFIJIII. If. F. l'Vl'7'7III', JI. A. Holsfffr. If NIOf'L'l07l, P. If. Nlvin. V. Slwru. R. - f ' ' ' ' .1. BIHJIIIIIIII, JI. l'. Ifululrffuu. JACK MILLS lnach sprmff ne wait eagerly for the day when we can have our first out- door class VS c never really expect to learn much from a lecture on Pageant, but it s such a sure sign of spring that we couldn't desist for anything- excm pt mavhc 1 cut! Right, 47? Spring usually means multitudes of exciting things: and, participants or observers, we all look forward to Freshman Ring Presentation. This time '47 even outdid the usual tradition by proving that the spirit's there even though the ring isn't. Here's to you, Little Sisters, and we canit wait to see the real thing! JACK MILLS 103 4 -1 W4 WQ BNN? 105 19115 And to you, 346, We say: Junior year is NYUNDEHFUL. Our Wartime Junior Show and Prom Were as successful as the peacetime ones had been . . . we worked and danced just as hard as the classes before us had done We hadn't had a Soph Hop so We labeled Prom an "all outv affair and it was. Our little sisters made us feel grown-up and prac- tically like mothers sometimes. The only trouble was that time went by too quickly . . and now we have only memories of short, though perfect times. Uh, to be juniors . . .Y MQYQQ, w7 gi ' c kv f L K X 'ix I7 veit ' s 6 'r' ff ffx fy XJ ll ' xl,-M5 V Gill: Glaxxg Vow: lV1'z'n1s,' Kvlloggg V 1'vl'7'g1lS, 1,7'l'-Yl.dC7l,f. l O6 lVe felt that we were really getting some- where when we settled down to majors . . . then began to wonder what it was all leading to. lNIost of our best beaux hadn't been able to come to Prom from overseas and c-amps scattered over the country and we wer0n't considering settling down to marriage "for the duration." Until thenfwhat? We stud- ied harder toward the various goals we set in our minds. Some of us took majors with the seniors and the rest of us worried about majors months away. We stayed on for the graduation ceremonies to take over the du- ties and responsibilities of the class of 1944. VVhat a thrill when '44 handed Skinner Steps over to us, as we to you. lVe also pass on to you the glory of our class and those before us at Blount Holyoke. 7 FIRST Row: H. H. Vlrr11'r'r. JI. N. Jlarmzs. If. If. Dain, S. .l. Vunr. .1. If. ,YllllIIIIlIIF!l. JI. .l. JIc'JI11IIi11. J. lI'r1rr1'n. V. .l. Imzfw. JI. B. IIITIIITIIIIIII. SICVOYIJ Row: Ii. .I. Nirylrr. Ii. I.. I'aI1'y. If. V. ,x'I'1,YUll. N. V. Krrr. .'l. .l. ,lmL'1'11.v. S. Ilmrv. If. G1'l.v011. V. .l. .JII-llIAf'IIIf'II0. .l. V. I,mjIl1'r. N. .-I. JI1'r1'f'L'. 'l'HI1cI1 Rmv: J. .l. 1"I'Il1IL'l'l1IilIl, If. I.. Tlzuyrr. I'. IV. -ql'lll'l'7', K. S. Iloyl. I'. If. Nvfp. JI. .I. Ififlwr. If. JI. Ifwrk. P. I.. 1'vIlIl'I'l'II. lf. If. lil-IIIYVIIII, V. If. fJI'flIjl. Fm Ii'I'll Row: JI. B. Ift'l.!'I1. V. If. I1'r1Iz'.v, JI. JI. JIIIFBTI-lIl'. JI. Ifur. If .I. Bair. H. If. Vu.v.v. N. JI. U'llIl'I'lIlflll. If. JI. Znmlwr. S. Ii. Pauli. l"Ilcs'l' Row: V. If. ll'1rI.vm1. J. ll. Ilnlzwr, JI. llfw. .I. I'. II,1'llI'l'l'. SIQVIJNIJ Row: J. JI. Jlflrrlwll, H. .I. JIc'VuIu'. II. V. Ilunuzsrm, IV. If. ll'lfl.wur. 108 H'lxhI'UllQll the years the echo of . . U gay moments will survive . memories and snapshots galore Aw record our ac-rolmatic' feats - . f., and our lllfjlllltillll cluulm- mv' explolts . . . our gentler , mmutes. too, at dances and IJ2lI'tl9S. 5 ,5 XYhat times we'Ve had! i .Q JACK MILLS JACK MILLS FW A OW' X Q , mf' KW 2 7 Www of Aocia! infercoume Aoufcl Ae a!ALUeCL BIARY I ,gf 500015 l'l 2C855l1l'y Mai file greaiwi I laljilllllj Kulz, 1,l'l'.YI.tlI'llfj Urollz. DEB TE EL B r Debating is alive! l'oday there is more to talk about than ever beforefwe have opinions to justify, ehallenges to meet. traditions to uphold, plans to erystallize. Un the whole, we have something to light for. Through realizing and appreeiating the great privilege of freedom of speech. we grow to love to debate. and to express organized and orderly thoughts. ll'r'1lrl1'll.' .lful11'r,' Lynelz, lll'l'Sl.lll'llf. 112 SPEEEH EL B Technique and study of speeeh in all its phases is made fun for the members of Speeeh Club. They give frequent recitals, both at meetings and in publie performance. at whieh times the allianee of speech with drama is made evident. Speech Club also sponsors prolcssional readings sueh as its presentation of Louise Kerr Quinn last spring al liaboralory Tliealre. ANEYNASKEA Paugynaskean traded an old name in for a new one and got a brand new start in life. Planned somewhat after the high Clowj brow "New Yorker" magazine, Pan is still the only eampus publication designed to present our literary efforts to the eoni- niunity. C'ollec-tively, we pen essays. poetry. short stories, travelogues, and "trivia"f the creani of the monthly contributions. l'rokw,' ,llllfllflllf Henry. V0-l'f4lil0r,' ll'I'NI.fIIII.WIlI, r l'frlflor: Jfllrplly. BLAEHSTIIIH Sill1dYVlC'll-lJOi1I'Cl sign and black stripe down the 11ose 2111110111109 to llS the newly-eleeted IIlGIIlllUI'S of our literary society. .X Slllllll group, whose insignia are typewriter and pen, tl1e meml1ers meet to eliat about their writing and what the creative world has produeed. Guest speakers and I'02ldlIl2S take up ulmsorlving evenings, together with the exelninge of experieilc-es and ideas. F111sT Row: Dmly. glll'f1l.l'!IS, Thayer. Sl-IFUNIJ Row: Skinmfr, I1Qf-Illtlllll, Dazrsmz, Exim. THIRD Row: Brrnrrz. Flzupple, Dzcryill. l"01'11'r11 Row: IIf'l11.vl1'111l. l'11ll101111, Sill!!-I'llIl. lynrlz. LH. E. College is il world i11 itself and we would have little Contact with the outside world if it XVGI'CIl,t for mail, newspapers, and IRCf IIlt0I'I12ltl0Il2ll Relations Club. The club pro- gl'2iIIl for the year is planned HI'OUIlll Rl gen- eral topic of world-wide sig11ifie:111ee and e:1el1 meeting presents itll :111tl1o1'itatiVe lee- turer and il lively IllSC'llSSl0Il o11 one phase of lllilt sulijeet. l"I1cs'1' Row: IIIl!'A'I'f'. .llf'f'IlH!7!'lI. Urilfmill. f'or11'1'r.v1f. IIIISIINIIII SHCONI1 Row: Hrilllilllllxllll. SllI'fljjl'. 1Il'lll'Ilf. .lfIl'llH. Hll SE PHESIDE TS liven 1l0I'IIlll0I'y life is 0l'Q.fliIllZ0fl and IIS its liezul. tlie llOlISl' president is lxest friend. :1dviso1', and niujor deeidel' wlmtevel' COIIICS 11p i11 our l'z1111ily. She is also presiding ll0llS0 officer. hostess. 0l'Q2lIllZGl', 211111 SOIIl6'tlIll6'S lrottle-Wasllel' and llilttle-SClll2lSll0l'. Then. too, sl1e C1111 lve lmlzuned for l'Ilf0l'l'0Ill0lll of house rules. good lll2lI1Ill'I'S, ete. ete. Flu- C't'I't2lllllj' is il XY0llllCl'i.lll institution! 0. .lf1'K1'l1I1'1',' L. l'nll11L'. l'l'1'.sf1l1'11f,' 1'. F0115 N l l 3 ,, .4 A. Ilqfnmnn: Ulneyg :Irv dcnlj Cl0ILSl.II.Y. ss. ANIIE EL B la-la" to be rel Gone is "dum-da-da-daaf' The tempo of the dance and its creative mood is one of today's fast pace and tomorrow's bright future. Sim- plicity and emotion predominate as seen in the dances of campus chorcographers who belong to the Dance Club. Original dances l starring campus Jlaced by ' the old "tra- and music are featurec ld Doris Humphreys. Blart -1 lub's triumph is its annual dance re- 1 . hi Grahams ill The c . cital, a colorful affair elimaxing the stuc y and experimentation of the entire year's program. H4 I '11slro, Prvx 14- DHAM!-XTIE EL B From freshman infancy to senior maturity, ' olved in dramatics every N ,. ' of some sort each year. IHT gets inv through class activity If we iXIHT's don't get enough greasepaint and hammer-pounding this way. we join DI'--Dramatic f'lulm-and lmec-ome really s on its l IX' works untold hour. professiona . f ' ' ' -- is is tradi- l Jroductions and its succes l annua I ' ' i "ht and t le 'll of the first n g, ' l The thrl ul llOI1il . suspense until the next first night eqa oduction, glistenin Broadways The final pr en paint and bristling with talen L5 t with n ' , ' ' ' flmrv. glows in almost professional g 1 Q .llunsfie'11l,' Spiellz. Q Borden, Plzillips, Holden, .llzfw Boyd, Graves. WAR SERVICE IIUMMITTEE More reeent on eampus is the lYar Service Vommittee. a phase of Mount Holyoke at war. Essentially, this eonunittee eoordinates the various Allied organizations like IHVHS and Greek Relief, through Collections of elothes and toys. In addition, many of us helped the eonnnittee every week when we visited the soldiers hospitalized at Westover Field. This proved immensely popular and greatly heightened interest in the lVar Service Committee. lf. lf1'f'1l.wyr,' P. Iflllfl-IINIHI. l,l'1'.VtIll'IIf,' l'. S:1!l1rr'lr1ml.' lf. Ill'llllIl'l'. I-.L RED EHUS5 There is a time to play and a time to be serious. The latter field of extra-curricular ac-tivity is highlighted by the campus Red Vross organization which rolls vitally needed bandages, knits everything possible, and makes other necessities for our brothers, husbands, fathers, and sweetheartsfall the boys in Uncle Sam's service. CLASSIC!-XL CLUB Although we hear little about the Vlassieal C'lub. it is actually very mueh alive in its own unostentatious way. Last year we were guests at the 4-lub's recital which we'll long remember, if only because the east. spoke only Latin. Otherwise. the Vlassieal Club is like any other elub- -formed by students of elassieal Greek and Latin literature to pursue their eonnnon interest as they ehoose, H5 rzrman I 'rug I Nurufzrv JI. 131111 N.G1'H l It IU VII! i f 1 ' . . We love thee for what we can give." Our artistic talents do not go undiscovered, but are developed for all the world to see. Artists' eyes observe and artists' niinds take note, and their hands produce. Proudly Qand not unwarrantedly soj they exhibit their works in Dwight and elsewhere, entering selected pieces in student competitions of painting' and sculpture. The campus art eonnoisseurs have their own art league whose pleasure it is to interest us in art, primarily through exhibitions. JACK MILLS 4 ' Our VZIIIIIJIIN is ' , llllllcfl tllrollgggll musi '- Stilllfl us un -' 4 wc L lll thc- cu ' mmon ClI.l0Vllll lN'2illfV ' ' ' I 'nl of its I, our rllfh' ' ' ' rcmvs forgoltoll. 9 rvvit-als ' ' . iuclm-11t . Ill l'r:1H.lnf ' Ollllill S0l'l'll' I bon 1' - -' .11 vs, IIOIIWK' grcmlllcst, - ' , N Glvc V1 I ' ' - ss 1-hoirs, ll 1, hoplnoz '- ' IIOII hong IJl't'SCllt2t. and C'0Ilf'4'I'tS ' - ' ,1 lon. tfRltlll'lIl0' " ' ' 2, C looks. l'1:ltigLo1'sky, tlu- NlllSil'2ll .Kris fQll2lI'll't. and Sl'l'liill lust yv:u'f:1H K'0Iltl'iIlllU' in Mount llolyokm-'s traulitiml us H10 " " ' " rxxlmgglrlggvsl mllvgv in Nvw lunglzmd and as :1 proving grouml for fill? music- of l'Vt'I'j' kind from BI'2lllIllS lo boogie'- wuogiv. JACK MILLS miie I1 7 .llrm il. I only II'lllIf WILH H lYilliur is the answer to l'Yl'I'ytlllllg footl, gzuues, music, dancing, und even men ou ova-usion. In its dressier moments, lvilhur serves as lmzinquet hall and fltillffl' intermis- sion rendezvous. Once El year it plays host to the Pops Voneert, that playful affair whiz-h housts the Y-8's, tl side-show, spec-iul re- fresluuents. za fashion show, :uid other super eutertziinunent. Twice lust year, lvilhur turned V50 as girl inet serviceinan from lYestox'er Field and Amherst. VVe taught hoys how to mlanee and some taught usg we szuig their favorite songs with then: and admired the pictures in their wallets: and we "1-ut in" on them, after pieliiug out our favorite man. lvillwur, we eoulrln't live without you! ' 111,90 ,W'!'I't' , l..i I'f.l. l,.l.l. , .... Il1.,,I,.,l..,.. Claflag SLOW As rarc as Lvup yvur is F2ii'lllty Show. Slightly witl JACK MILLS 1 H10 l2ll.K'St K'l'iIIl4' 1l11ivc'tix'c-s. .xl'2ll1l'Il1il', but. jvalous of thx- S111-Cvss of -lllIli0I' Sllmy, the fzwulty -I2lCkS0ll. tl10y'1'0 ill thf- f1'1'oovv! Swi111'iI1U'. swavillff. P1 gi H 1 rw stole SUIIIK' of our lim-S. but thvy shaped thi- plot to 211141SiIlfIiIlg.fllllf0l1ll'fi l1i1lclv11 l2ll4'llt. .Xml llC2lVl'l1 hvlp suit their 1101-ds. Grcntc-r minds tl1z111o11rstric-d to hor who Hunks fear 11-:1ct,io11. l":1c'11lty was right - Solvc murdvr. but Dr. fJIlki'I'll0llk l1a1d11't kept up "f'l1ilclrs-11.yo11 wvr1'w1'011g." "Jlz1rflm1 rm' l'f1rlr11f1, fm! l'1r1 Nl'1'I'Ilfl ll11'11y.vf" X f 1 ' A 1 X . 1 1 f 1 1 ' , 2' 1 f f , 1 1 W ll .7 f -f 4 XV, 1. ikylliiy 1 fx , 1 iv 1 1 4 1' f 'S " 'Q' f ,fi Kg it K. K, 4 'qi ,. kv! L X n ,nina 1, . - iff W .I , , F- Q,-zu - .. ff f uf 'L S ,il -Ji !,,f,f ',,q,'S L + - JACK MILLS 1 19 HUUM IIHUUSI G Tin' Jlflllllfllfll I'1'vu' Blum 1 20 .U I'.Yl'I'IlI11f' .1j0IIIl'lIf.Y ,lm f If puffy? 41 ny. fu lf "Hui uv' ulrmrly lun-w ll plzologruplzrr. . N Ulf ' ' D- I1 5 Nmifhg AillIfl'I'N0ll.' Sfulfhs, lfrlffor: .1lr1rh'n.' l,lll'l'.' llull. ,iflrr IIOIIIXS CLlfI'lCLl"CL CL This. '45, is our hook. X0x'vl'tlivlvss. lilnmiv Uozird fc-ols spvc-izil 0NYlll'l'Silip in it lwcullsc of its rlvzlclliilcs :mel lwzulaivlws. Cilllllfillg words :mel vutting slmpslmts. Klum-li fun. lllilllf' In-oplv. :mil nmrc- iilm' in lin' Llumis- mmm :incl :it ilflllll' lust summer. 1114.3 l,l..mIixlcixlm.x is ilu' rvsull. YYc1lisc'4rx'c-I1-fl ilu- l'Olllpiii'2lti0IlS of ziiyc-:1l'lJonk, hill also wi lv:1l'11ml new iilillQfS ziimui Mount Ilolyukm which litvrally flll2llil'llIli0Ii our zipprcciatioii This is thc spirit of our book. I s ml flu null 444 .- Iilflllifl' frm' 121 i 2,m""' f f" LLAMIE VVO needed a f'll2'lI1g0'rwl'2iIll0 lilamie Dance. VVQ worried ahout Dick's furlough, our new "man" of sixteen. or how our "blind" would turn out, hut they all arrived finally. NVQ were Cinderellas at the lmallg blue-hooks were of another world--tonight we danced. Vhapin was transformed Cthank goodnesslj and so were wc. Gone were knee-long shirts and paint-spattered hluc-jeans: we were smooth in silk, satin, net, taifvta, and other perishables. VVilhur, too, was gala and for once there were men, enough to go around. Un we danced, smiling happily because we knew that tomorrow was Sunday and our men would still he here. 122 ex , J 1-L4 GCA xHOWlQ gn. Jew l I rry Ur. mul .U I Y ew? Ns-H ,M l X w iWi f' f f,g ,f75ff ff! w"5'ffif!1klfQQ,4 X 123 . . . af Me Loi of Wounf ,lqofgole . . . arm! amioll fAe 77 modf Kzuefg Jcenerg DIARY LYON fggs3:'. ,M 5: E Z 1 :.,, -1 .. if -at ,,, 31: ,. I, -as a.R4,,,p M 5 A: Q AH at , . i . -If 77 A s Q K 9 a it Q I K f ,Z AKZQY ff, wr-xg-W , 1 .QAgxv'1q-ygwk' JA. I 5, My H .Q 4,6 A' tux., K - K . 2 U Aw 7 A ' LX - ' f Ayuvf f qui-V A ' 4Xf,jA2LfT-M-5-irilvw 4 , ,H .' fl. KI ,N . 1 X 4 Q, tx AA -Q. -ug Xl: Qtgvnxfwpil M 1 ,ig mr, :we V? L A lgtif A kk in W 'Q -f,:.gvM.,. 5? ul yi-Glyfgfwf iii 5: AL.. yn, my A I , F m A .. rf . f - Aof -3A'w 1591"-f J MA: 'AS , A .f k , 1 f V f' fa' 'sv n y239" A ?v2f,A ffA'5J, ?fi'-p "-. ff'fY- 5 Af AA A! A. - 'Q f A ff A' +A 4 ag A ,A 5,-wr . A ,ff Av' A f 'Af' YA 4 15311 :QA . ff af. 'A , A MAA ., f , AV' .fag , , Y IA -l AVF' I , " 'A' A . ggx Q fi -. N A., f ' m' A A 'f A A rn 'ff -'f ,Z RTK. AJ?" k 'Hrs' ' "3 WY A if V , ,xu,f?.W ,- 40. , A . ' A ,U H . " A ,L A A ti? . A 2 j, I K . 1 , f in , Jr . 41 7 A A , K A I 1 y. , V ff iivhf W' j ,X 1' 5 , I x W I S 'Xxx Z f A, gn: ,J , V nc. Q paid! s f , L Q - :fx W ' 5' ff Q "if, 5" ff! . ' A 'sf A YV, " 1 77 ' Q "" Ep Q A 'A A f e :,. 'A 11. 7 A' K 1 v . xi p .YEA , ' af F1 o- Q' F Q-sf cf, rx? f' ,Q ' A?""QiwA A' A. s A WA 'Atv AM A A af- M if J -Frfsf 1 ' W ' , X " Q . 7 J ' ' ' - qw 'v igj? em gush Z 1 ' I K! S in 5 . 4- 'Q .U If 1,4 k wal . . 4 i ' xg B Q W nr lf v,!kl:WbfN6?r 1 S N , 4 nf 5 W. J Q . " 1 'f ' ' r V 4, 7 3 5 4 ,gp . ,Mg H, 5, QA , y , 5 'fum W kg 5 . . , 5 -, nm' 'A QA' I' 2 'M H A' ' A Q SS, 4 A Q, n , ,, 4 Ai If W K' ' A351 ' '- TE, ft , . ..1M f ' - "im 52,23 x...,,,,-if fx CF , KVN Vx 126 SMF? fl f M! fl Rt E' ff C2 gym Q sew wx flf Q' l xX ,gn ll 14 lf Xl Ililfilllljj in mln' 7 OMFLJQI' ff Cty To us it IIIPHIIS, first, ive-c'rv:1ll1 for slcvpy- vyvd fT'l'SllIllCIl svrvvfl at Nlary l.y0n's grave in llllt ivy-g,!r'ay 6 z1.n1. light. lA2ltl'I', it I1lC2ll1S stately IJI'0i't'SSl0ll of faculty and seniors: vollxllncllmrantion udflrm-ss in Vllzapinl rvturu- ing 2llllIIlIl2ll'. Almuvv all. F0llIldl'I'lS Day is tht- C'0IlSf'i0llSIll'SS of lI'2llllll0I1 Ulu-rislled. trzulitiou whirl: has survivvfl tllv test of limv and liven mvllowm-rl by it, Oven in tlu-sv opplx-sslve llIll0S when so lllllC'll is ultvrvd or Ilt'g.fl0C'l0il'lI'ilflltl0ll of tlw past :xml thx- lJI'l'SC'Ill, for locluy is tht- yt-sta-I'fl:1y of to- mfwrow. 127 .lueolrlm I,Ft'-YI-lll'lllf l,llfjll,' Gurnlzlwg Hllllllflhll. ATHLETIC ASSIJIIIATIIIN .Xlhleties with a capital .X is. of eonrse, the keynote of ,XA Ckthletie .Xssoc-iationj. Classes and studying train ns mentally. hnt equally important. .XX takes c-are of ns physically. Wve all join .LX eau-h year although only il Hf'r'r.v, lfrallrzlx, lJlI!'A'l1'lH'flI, lfugrr.v, l'f11l1l'f.s'll1', Srnlrr. l 28 certain percentage of ns have the time to participate actively in nnueh that AA offers: interhonse sport contests, fireplaee pienies and sings. organized hikes. the annual ll2lI1Illl0l. UIJTS AND SADDLE CLUB For those who like to see the C'onneetieut Valley on horseback, who go in for fancy eqnitation. or who just plain like the smell of stables. Boots and Saddles is the pass- word. Breakfast rides and moonlight saun- tersz an fall gymkhana plns a spring horse show: and frequent movies and let-tures about horses in the wintertime. To the eanxpns horsvy set, Boots and Saddles is a IllllSl. ,,l.1.11 lfip11'y,' Vlzilflsg llvllINt'V,' Smifh, 1,l'l'NifIl'Ilf. UUTING CLUB lt's cider and doughnuts, kids! Just u little way farther at the Of. euhin the-re's rest und FOOD . . . Don't you recognize the place? It's the gym all fixed up for the faculty II2lllOXYO.Qf1 party. QO.f'. strung the FENIIINE CLUB Nlost of us have never wanted to he a lnusket- eer or a dragoon though at some dreznny tinie our lI11ilglIlilll0IlS perhaps have toyed with Qand laughed utj the idea. But a few of us didn't laugh and now we'Ve heeonie members of the Fencing Club. lve like to gestieulute grundly with our niodern-day rupiers and pruc-tiee the agile offensive on our 19-15 field of battle. deeorations.j . . . lYli:1t about an overnight at the euhin, and 11 walk to the mountaintop at night? Ur a week-end ski trip Cdon't worry, we-'ll get to Brattleboro yet ij? Ilnrtnn, Robbie, Lore. i 1 F v 4 V ll, f i I .,! '1 1 i ii l il . ' " 'J " A' ': ' llll I 3 Hifi Wllllllll till 1::i:i:"'- ll leelsellll hull: li ill W 7 ff 4 ff . 1,4 QA X , Z 1 1 -6,1 'Ti3T"L"" 4 lfl 0l"g6LI'l LZQ6 1,1-l'Ill.C lm 1'agz'11l1f xv on lm' "IIN only lln' Il4'ffl'llllI'llgu Going my wry?" , lvlll' yux11'.v.v f'llI'I'Illffl' .1 SfI'l'!'lIA'l'.' ff' 'sr-4. Saorfd We Z, P 5 ,mx 1. Q 1 Q Snow Slmzr Smlrlvrs fx zrillfll' Ski-fripp1'r.v IVl1rnffnrn1+lVlu1lfam'-U'lzr1Ifum-y!! 133 f l'l'lllH'I' ll1111f'1r1r1 1'1'r'lr11'1'r111.v 'iiixfh Q sun gn 1 fx' 4 I. 'l B THEATRE So lilllm- :111fl will1 Sllf'll big 1111-21s. lou. lfI'021llW2ij' i11 il lllllhlll'll is l1:1l1o1'z1lo1'y 'lll10z1l1'c-. Vlllli'I'l' wc' 1111l 4111 our own Ill'0lllll'- lion lll l'X't'I'y sl-11sv ol'tl11- wm-cl. Xml r111ly4lo wvw1'llvll1v11l:1y.l111l wvcli1'0c'l ll a111rlz1c-l lll ll: fl1'SlQfll :111ml t'Xl'C'llll' llu' c-c1sl11111n-s illlll llu' Sf'l'Ill'l'f'1 1112111 llu' slugs' 111111 ll0llSl' c-11-ws. Ill fur-l. xw do l'X'I'l'f'llllllg!f 1-xcvpl wrilv ilu' 1'vx'1vws! lY0'1'm' lllll'l'ly 4-xpc1'i1111'11l:1l. lrying 1-vc-1'yll1i11gc'c111vc'11l'io11:1l illlfl 1111c'011x'c-11lio11:1l. l1z1l1'l'l1v:1l1'v is 2li'lll2llly il l'OllI'Sl' of slllfly. lllll l'VOI'f'0llK' is always welr'c1111v, l1oll1 lmzwk- slugv :1114l l11 ll1c- :111mlic-11c-1-. l'lI'07Il Ihr' pw: 11f.llnlf1'rr' If 1' lI1lll,N'4'.N' lu ,fum X E Ni Q W ,Qqb Ksigiyvig Sw 'J' gg? Lx - Zvj xx, 5 50' Naifii? L' mg, ' JIAIIUII 11.11 jf ' ay ueen f f X X ff The 1-pitmlle of the NIIIT in L , f all her glory . . . we wzltc-lu-rl frmu on "ff v, Wiki shore :ls 1944-'S May Queen was rowvd QI'2ll'0fllHy clown Vpper Lake to her C0llI't at sunset. I ,nw ,mf A- is , FIRST Row: Bmlrn, Jfulmnry, Spfvllz. SIGVIIYIJ Huw: Jrzlmrlu, .Xvl'I'lII?IN, .lnm-N, S!ll'I'll. JACK MILLS VAEATIUN DAYS rg i f Em ,X 35? 'Q Q6 XV fi mf 7 11 zctory ,gi ggi? Qing lfl -YJZJ W r llhe VY.-XYICS have hccn absent from campus this year, hut wc-'ll always remember them and they rightly deserve a place in these pages. YVe'll remember how they first ar- rived in 151-l-2, disorganized, untrained, and without uniformsf- we wondered how on earth they would ever he YVAYES. In three weeks we knewf-we watched in awe as straight, trim lines of women in dark hlue Nlainhocher uniforms marched expertly and practised fancy drilling on South Fampus. Rcluctantly we had given them North and South Rocky, but we felt much better as pride grew in Hour" YYAYES. Invitations to dinner and entertainments were exchanged: will we ever forget their hilarious Navy shows? Last year only an advanced signaling school occupied Skinner's first floor and this year, as reluctantly as we had watched the YYXYICS take over our campus, we watched them go. caved - , P ,, ,Y Thi' most zromlerfzzl 1iIlI'l'7lfl'0Il. l li ,, Who said anything about stuflyizlg? " 'Bye now" lfLI'l'I,I'VlQI" Nlount Holyoke in the hot Slimmer sun . . . luxuriant plant growth and fat mosquitoes at summer school . . . some called it "Blount Holyoke Vountry Club" and we all loved it . . . the lazy days of swimming in the thank- fully cool Upper Lake and of tennis after- wards . . . the hours of studying Cdcspite rumors to the contraryj for our two classes . . . the enviable tans acquired toiliug in the Victory Garden with Dir, Giamatti and Bliss D'Evelyn and their confreres . . . bike trips out to River Lodge which was always full when we arrived . . . and glowing letters to our crowd not here. ?1? Qtf ,i , ' .5 , . ' F i to a ll y 'f'- -' all Ol 4"'f5 K! ll ,Q f lVhatfa car? .SZAOJ No day really too hot to live . . . the war seemed far away except for letters marked "free" and the occasional furloughs our best beaux spent with us on campus . . . all sum- mer we worked and played in this college life so different from the rest of the year . . . there was even a graduation in August, very simple and final, lonely somehow . . . one of us got married over a week-end, a lot of us fell in love . . . and when we thought about the winter term to come, we tried to make the summer last longer. 1 Qlwfkic A Q W 'lf ' N W ,ll Lilcliflcc , K, . ,,. But no! 0 Yen 4 f A . , 143 144 FIJHMEH MEMBERS, IILASS UF 15145 ANDERSON, RACHEL L.. . . ARNOLD, JEAN .,.. ,.... 'ASH, MARIAN .... BARTO, I,OROTHEA ............,,.... . . . BIGONEY, MRS. MA1t.l0RIE HAGGARD. BRACEXVELL, RENA ANGEYINE ......,. . . . BROOKINGS, M.ARY M.. . BRUNNER, ARLINE E.. . . CAMPBELL, SUSAN ...... CASE, ELIZABETH R.. . . COMTOIS, JANET K.. . . . CONNOR, MARGARET A.. CRAEMER, VIRGINIA. . , . CRIPPEN, MARY LOUISE DAVIDSON, DIANA ..... DAVIDSON, NIITZIE. . . DIETZ, EIATILDA ....... DOYEN, JEANNE T. .... . DWORETZKY, MRS. BARB EISNER, LILA A. ...... . FISHER, MARTHA W.. . . FRISSELL, MARY J. .... . TFULLER, ELIZABETH H.. HAUT.A1f, VIOLET L.. . . . HEAI.Y, ELIZABETH A.. . KNIGHT, JEAN A. ..,.. . KNOTT, DOROTHY J.. .. . KNOTTS, ELIZABETH A.. KUIZENGA, E. JEAN .... LIBBY, B. VIRGINIA .... LOUCKS, CATHERINE E.. MCCLUNG, MARY L. W. ARARATNERH.. MCDOWELL, MARTHA S.. . . METZ, MAIDA H.. .... . MYERS, BETTY ........ 0'CoNNELL, GER.ALDINE. . . "l'APAzIAN, NIOLLY ,... RORKE, PATRICIA C ..... RUSSEI.L, GERALDINE. . . SLEMMONS, MARIAN J .. . SMITH, LOIS A. ....... . SMITH, LOIS I. ....... . SWYETT, MURIE1. A.. . . . "'TEHRELL, NAOBII L.. . . . TTODD, M.ARY-ELIZABETH. . . YANDERLIPP, DORIS. . . . WADE, B. GERTRUDE. . . YVEISMANN, RUTH S.. . . 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WOLI-'RATI-I, DOROTHY E .,.. ..........................., ,C'llILdidflf6 for degree at lllount Holyoke, but no! in resirlerzcc 19.5.4-1!I.Q-7. Tllied. 145 ABBOTT, IRENE P. ..,.. . ACI-IORN, SIECRIED L.. . . . ALBRIGHT, VVINIFRED L.. . ALEXANDER, ALICE E.. . . . ALLEN, MARY L. ........ . AMBERSON, MARY P. .... . ANDERSON, MARJORIE E.. ANDERSON, PRISCILLA C.. . ATWOOD, M. RUTH ...... BABCOCK, PATRICIA J.. . . BAILEY, SYBIL . . . . BAKER, EVELYN J.. . . . BAKER, JANET H.. .. BALDWVIN, JANE ..... BAR, MARIANNE ...... BARRON, MILDRED A.. . . BARRY, PATRICIA ....... BATES, CLAIRE E. ....,,. . BAUER, 'ELIZABETH A.. . . . BAUER, JANICE M. ...., . BAXTER, MARION F.. . . BEAKES, E. LINDA ...... BEERS, BARBARA H. .... . BEIR, BARBARA J. ......, BERGEL, SUSANNE M., . . BERK, EDNA M. ...., . BOUTELLE, BETTY .... . BOXVMAN, ILUTH C. .,... . BRANCH, KATI-IERYN ..,.. BROWN, BETTY J.. . . . . BRONVN, EMILY J.. . . BROVVN, RUBY ,..... BUCK, NANCY H. ...... . BULLOCK, AUDREY J.. . . . 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SCHNEIDER, ELEANOR M.. . . . . . . SEAVER, PRISMLLA W. ..,.. . . . . SEIP, 11UTH P. ,,...., ..... .... SHANAHAN, PATRICIA A.. . , . . . . SH1'1"li0, HELEN I. ...,. . SIDBVRY, BILL11-1 D. .... . SIEIILER, BARBARA J.. . . . SIMMEL, EYYK 11. ...... . SKILLINGS, EMILY .,... SLATTERY, fRL0liIA . . SMART, SYBIL ......... SMITH, DOROTHY G.. . . SMITH, ELEANOR M.. . . SMITH, JUNE T. ....,. . SMITH, PHYLLIS M.. . . . SMITH, SHIRLEY M.. . . . SPARLING, DONNA J.. . . SPAVLDING, LOMA E.. . . SPI-:Ic'HER, JEAN C.. .. STALOFF, EDNA I... . . STARK, ALICIA J.. . . STEER, M.ARY E. .... , STERN, ELLEN .......... STI-IYENS, CATIII-:RINE .... STEvENS, RUTII M., . . . STOKE, BARBARA ......... .... STUART, CHARLOTTE .......... .... SUTHERLAND, PRISCILLA W SYLYESTER, JANE ,......... .... TAYLOR, SHIRLEY M.. . . . THAYER, ELIZABETH L. .... . . . . THOMAS, MAKIIIEEN M. ..... . , . , THOMPSON, ELIZABETH B.. . . . . . . TIb'TIi3KJIAN, KATHLEEN R.. . . . . . . TRAPNELL, MARY H. ...... . . . . TRUESIJELL, MIRIAM H.. . . . . . . llNGER, FRANCES M.. . . . YALI-INS, JEAN .....,,........... .... VAN DEN NooRT, H. X IRGIXIA .... ,... VON HOEEN, ELLEN K. .......,. . . . . WALKER, D. fiALE. ....... .... VVARNER, BARBARA H., . . , . . . . WARREN, JANET ,....... WATERMAN, NANCY M. ,... . . . . WATSON, CHARLOTTE E.. . . . . . . VVEAVER, JOAN P. .......,. . . . . WEDDELL, CAROLYN M.. . . , . . . WEEMS, MARY C. ,,..., . WELLS, MARCIA L. .....,,.. . . . . WEST, HELEN J. ............. . , , . VVHETSTONE, MARGARET J. .,.. . . . . VYHITCOMB, FRANCES D. ..., . . . . WVILLIAMS, MAIQY A. ....... . . . . WILSON, YVINIFRED R.. . . YVINSTON, CLAIRE R., . , . AVINTER, MARTHA M.. . . 370 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 4 Birchiield Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. 51 Bay View Dr., Portland, Me. 46 Maple St., Milford, Conn. Greenwich Rd., Hardwick, Mass. 61 Church St., Montclair, N. J. 52 Burnet St., Maplewood, N. J. 140 Cottage St., New Haven, Conn. 48 Center St., Woodmere, N. Y. 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Y. 101 Central Park VV., New York, N. Y. 408 Nlayfair Lane, Louisville, Ky. 149 NVOOLFOLK, EDMONIA W VVRIGHT, LYDIA F. ..,. . WROBLWKA, CONSTANCE M.. . . . . . ZOMBER, EVE M. ..... . ABRAMS, RVTH E. ..... . ALLISON, MARY L.. . . . . ANDERSON, BEATRIvE W ANDERSON, HILMA E.. . . ARNSTAM, JOYCE C.. . . . ASPLUND, ALICE G.. . . AYLES, EDITH E.. . . . BAKER, JANET M.. . . BALL, IJOROTHY A.. . . . BANTA, JANE M. .... . . BARBER, NAOMI A.. . . . BARNES, MARIE L.. . . . BARSHAY, SHEILA D.. . . BATES, ELIZABETH M.. . BENJAMIN, BARBARA A.. . . , . . . BENNET, MARILYN S.. . . BEYERLE, DOROTHEA L. BIRRELL, DOROTHY M.. BLATZ, BIAY A. ...... . . BOBROXY, MIRIAM S.. . . . BOGGS, IlNARDA S. .... . BOLSTER, MARJORIIS A.. BOYD, BEVERLY J. .... . BRAISLIN, BERENIcE R. BRAYTON, DOROTHY G.. BRESLAV, JAQUELINE. . . BROOKS, PHYLLIS W.. . . BROWN, ELIZABETH L.. . BROYVN, KATHERINE .... BROWN, MARY B. ..... . BUCKLEY, SUZANNE R.. BUSHELL, CAROLYN L.. . BUTLER, JEAN L. ..... . BUTLER, JEAN L. .... , CARROLL, SALLY A.. . . . CASSIDY, JUDITH M.. . . . CHANDLER, DORIS A.. . . CHASE, BARBARA B.. . . . CHASE, NANCY .,...., CLARK, LILLIAN L.. . . . CLARK, N.ANCY T.. . . CLARKE, SARAH A.. . . . CLOSSON, LOIS ..... .... COCHRANE, MARY I.. . . COCK, IDLIZABETH M.. . . CODINA, ELINOR E.. . . . CONNERS, KATHLEEN M.. , . . . . . COOKE, JANE R. ...... . COZZIO, MARY-ELIZABETH .... . . . . CRAIG, MILLER MAIIKZJSICFZT ,.... .... CRAMER, AILEEN G.. ....... . . , . CRANDALL, FRANCES L.. . , . . . . CRIVELLI, DIANIELLPI ........ ..,. CUMMINGS, JOAN .............. .... CURRAN, GLORIA MARIE ANN. . . . . . . CURTIN, HARRIET H. ...,,..... . . . , CURTIS, PRISCILLA H. ....... . . . . CUSHMAN, MARY A.. , . . DALY, JANICE L., ..... . DAMON. BARBARA M.. . . . . . . 150 St. c.'atherine'. School, Richmond, Ya. 130 Main St., Northfield, Mass. .64 Bridge St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. 370 Central Park NV., New York, N. Y. CLASS UF 1947 313 Richey Ave., VY. Collingswood, N. 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J. 522 Olive CoIIrt, VVebster Groves, Mo. 35 Rogers Ave., VVest Springfield, Mass. 8 Brooklawn Pl., Bridgeport, Conn. 52 Sunset Ter., Endicott, N. Y. 971 Blain St., Leominster, Mass. C DANA, BARBARA J. ..,.. . IDAVENPORT, ELEANOR .... DAX'1S, ANNA N. ..,.... . IJEAKIN, DOIIIS M. ..... . DEARDORFI-', ALIc'E A.. . . DICK, MARY E. ....,.,, . IJIESERUD, BARBARA I. .... . . . . DOLE, NANf'Y F. ..,,... . DIJRN, CATIIARINE J. ....., .... IDRAPEAU, BARBARA A. .... . . , DU BoUI1IIET, IIFJLIENE V.. .. . . . . IJIICKVVOIVFII, SUSAN ..... l,UNN, GLORIA M. ,... l,I11tLAf'lI, IIANNAII. . . EARL, BARBARA J.. . . EIJIQY, JANET M. ..... . l"lDXVARIJS, ETHEL C.. . ELIJRI-:noi-1, JOAN . . Eivlrs, MI'RII-:L G.. . .. HRNST, JANICE E. ..... . . ERNsT, lY1ARJOIiI1'I N.. . .. FAIRVIIILIJ, JEAN R... . FHINSILYEII, RUTII D.. . . FINUII, AI,II'I-1 S. ..........,.. . . . . l'lISl'Hl'1It, GABRII-:I.I.E B.. .,.. . . FITZIII-JRALO, NIARGIVEIIITE T FLINT, MIKIQCZAIIPIT A. ....... . . . . FUNTANA, MAIIY A. .... . FU1t1t1flSTA1,, NANvY E. ..,.. . . . . FULLER, CONSTANCE 1-I. .... . . . . GAINEs, lil'T11 A. ...,..... ... . IIAMBLI-I, CATHERINE C.. . . . . . . CYAMBLI-1, I,'RsI'LA B.. . . . GARDINER, JANET P. .... fiA1'DREAI', lY1ILDIiED T... . .... fiLOM.XN, LAYERNI-I P. ..... .... fi0LDST1'IIN, NIIRIAM H. .... . . . . KQOUIHYIN, NANCY . . GOTTLIER, CAROLE W.. . . CIREENE, FRANr'Es G.. . CIREINI-JR, BI-:Tn L.. . . . Glt0BCJX1', EVELYN J.. . . GROSS, I,01t0'I'HY A .,., CIUILD, I'RIscILLA ..... H.ALE, JILL C. ..,..,.,.... . . . . HALI,flf'K, ll0BE1tTA A. .... . . . . I'IANOVE1t, M. VIRGINIA .,... .... HAltliIS, PATRICIA L. ..,.... . . . . HARRIsON, ELIZABETH M.. . . . . . . HATCIII-'IEI.n, E. JI'nITIHI .... .... HEInI-:RI1'I1, MARIAN L. ,.., . . . . HEITsMITII, IIVTH A.. . . . HFINIDPIIISKDN, MARION. . . HPIRSKEM, SHIRLEY M.. . . HIGBEE, PATRICIA .... HILLS, M.ARY L. ....,.. . HIRscrII, GLORIA ....... .... . . . . HOFI-'IENs, Joel-:PIIINE B.. . . . . . . HCJCIEMAN, ELIZABETH G.. . . . . . HOLDFIN, ANN L. ...,... . HORN, JANET ............ HOVANESIAN, HELEN D.. . . . . . . HOX1'A1tD, CAROLYN A.. . . HOWE, SARA M.. . . . . . HowLANn, JANE E. ....... . . . . HIINT, BARBARA. ..,,,...,... . . . . HUTC'I1ISf1N, ELIZABETH F. .... . . . . INMAN, NANCY .......... IRISH, GIVENDOLYN L.. . . 60 Cathaway Pk., Rochester, N. Y. 43 lYoodbridge St., South Hadley, Mass. 44 Langdon St., Cambridge, Mass. Haverford Township, Pa. Bellaire, L. I., N. Y. 1645 Popham Ave., New York, N. Y. 63 Columbia Hts., Brooklyn, N. Y. Storrs, Conn. 1231 VVayne St., Sandusky, Ohio 3 Pinehurst Rd., Holyoke, Mass. 36 Sumner Rd., Brookline, Mass. 368 Long Hill St., Springfield, Mass. 15 Biggert Manor, Crafton, Pa. 875 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 711 Marion Rd., Malone, N. Y. 56 VValworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 412 IV. 110th St., New York, N. Y. 26 Sterling St., VVest Newton, Mass. 338 Magnolia Pl., Leonia, N. J. 23 Forest Rd., Madison, N. 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KEMPNIIIH, MARJORIE A.. . . . . . . KILLINGBECK, PEGGY G.. . . . . . . KIRK, ELIZABETH A.. . . . KORN, JEAN C. ..,,... . KROLL, BARBARA ,.,. LAME, M. NAIQIA ,... . . . LANOERGREN, NI.-KRGARET LANE. LAVRA R. ....... . LEAMAN, INANCY A.. . . LEBSON, M.AliION D.. . . LECKO, HPIIYENA E.. . LETTCII, JANET M.. . . LESTER, MARGARET. . . LESTER, SARAH. . . . . . LEVINE, JOYCE R.. . . . LINKER, ALICE L.. . . . LUFE, NIADELEINE ..... LURENSKY, EMILY K.. . . . LYMAN, ELIZABETH D.. . . LYNCH, M.NRY T. .... . MCAULIEEE, ARLENE J.. . Mc'CALL, JANE F. ....., . MAf7IN'PIlt, RIITH ........ MCKOWN, MAltY C. ....... . . . MCTMII.I1IN. MARGARET A.. . . . . . MAt'lIPlN, ELIZABETH H. ...,. . . . RIAGVIRE. ELIZABETH A.. MAHEW. MARY C.. . ..... . ,. , NIAYN. fiEORGIANNA ....... . . . M.ANllLlPJIt, BARBARA H... . . . . RIANGVM, PATRIIIIA L .... MAKNIIY, IJOROTHY C. ..... . . . . MARCOTTE, FERN A. .... . MARSHALL, ALEXANDRA F. .... . . . . MARSIIALL, HAltRIET V. .... .... MATTHEYVS, EDITH A.. . . MAYNARO, CAROLINE K.. MENCHINI, NIABEL M.. .. MENHINICK, MILDRED P.. . . . . . MERCHAXNT, MARTHA L.. . . . . . . NIOFFATT, JE.-ANNE L.. . . . MOORE, JAYNE E. ......... . . . Mf7ORE, KATHARINE H.. . , . . . . MITLLANE, HA1tRIET G. .... . . . MlTltPHY, MARY A. ....... . . . MIISINSKY, MAR.IiJRIE E.. . . . . . INADEAIT, IJORIS M.. . . . . INEVSXVANGI-IR, GLAIJYS .... .... NIc'HOLS, CLAIRE J.. . . .. NOLANI1. AI'oI'STA C.. . . NORRIS, JETTA A. ..... . NORTON, IRI-:NE ........ NORXVOOIJ, LILLIAN S.. . . O'CONNELL, KATHARINE M. ..... . . . . 0I.1Y'ER, JEAN G ..... .... OTTO, MAIIY S.. . . PADIN, M.AliY E. ....... . PAINTER, CHARLOTTE C.. . . . . . 152 1329 Sixth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 432 VVillow St., Lockport, N. Y. 30 Calumet Rd., Winchester, Mass. Preston Ave., Meriden, Conn. George School, Bucks County, Pa. 65 Sagamore Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 14 Bonnie Brae, Utica, N. Y. 459 Richmond Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 6 VVaite St., HamdeII, Conn. 138 Custer Ave., Evanston, Ill. 127 N. Highland Ave., Nyack, N. Y. Maple Ave. and State St., Penns Grove, Pa. 129 Wallace Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 339 N. Arlington Ave., East Orange, N. J. 1981 River Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 1401 Fairmont St. N.VV., NVashington, D. C. Mere Point, Me. 3700 Baring St., Philadelphia, Pa. Q31 Sunset Ave., Englewood, N. J. 30 Fountain St., Holyoke. Mass. 10 Marenge St., Springfield, Mass. 1095 Armada Dr., Pasadena, Calif. 85 Greenacres Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 960 Sterling Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y. 211 Central Pk. YV., New York, N. Y. 43 Exeter St., Forest Hills. N. Y. 84 Mandalay Rd., Newton Center, Nlass. 95 Reid Ave., Port 1Yashington, N. Y. 17 Wialpole St., Norwood, Mass. 93 Jayson Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. Leitchfield, Ky. 79 Coolidge Rd., Worcester, Mass. 265 Milburn St., Rochester, N. Y. 933 S. Trenton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. "Helvellyn," Ruxton, Md. 2 YVoodbridge Terr., South Hadley, Mass. 129 Wakefield St., HanIdeII, Conn. 175 JohII Anderson Hgwy., flflllllllfl Beach. Fla 226 Perry St., N.E., Washington, D. C. 300 Teaneck Rd., Ridgefield Park, N. J. 1921 Beall Ave., VVooster, Ohio 53 Canal St., SoI1th Hadley Falls, Mass. 36 E. 73rd St., New York, N. Y. 33 N. Hillside Pl., Ridgewood, N. J. 1773 Alabama Dr., Winter Park, Fla. GleII Byron Ave., S0lltll Nyack, N. Y. 82 Monadnock Rd., VVorcester, Mass. 358 N. Fullerton Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. 6310 Westchester Dr., Dallas, Texas 120 Oak St., Braintree, Mass. Q70 Lafayette Ave., Hawthorne, N. J. 100 Tanglewyled Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. 202 Kenneth St., Greensburg, Pa. 81 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. 8 Lancaster Rd., Newton, Mass. 14 Gaylord St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. 64 Hillcrest Ave., XNTHLCFLOXVII, Conn. 1033 Augusta St., Oak Park, Ill. 2600 Highland Ave., BirIninghaIn, Ala. 4013 Spring Gardens, Philadelphia, Pa. 3 Oak Ridge Rd., VVest Orange, N. J. Q01 E. Park Ave., GreeIIville. S. C. S40 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N. Y. 86 Prescott St., Newtonville, Mass. Ardsley Rd.. Scarsdale, N. Y. 189 Hudson St., Pelham Manor, N. Y. 4817 Fremont Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 14.-.ALE PALMER, RUTH E. ...... . PARIETTI, DOROTHY G.. . . PARSONS, PRISCILLA M .... PATCHEN, THEODORA .,.. PEAGOCK, MARY A. ..,. . PEDDLE, KATHERINE A.. . . PERKINS, CORNELIA .... . PERLMAN, JOAN L. ,.... . PERLSTEIN, RHOIDA F.. . , PERRY, PAULINE M. .... . PETERSON, ALICE R.K'.. . . PIFKARD, .ALISON M.. , . . PIER, FAITH A. ...... . PIPER, HELEN A.. . . POLLAK, RUTH J. .... . PRATT, PRISCILLA P.. . . . PRATT, X7IRGINlA R. ....... . . . . PIIRTELL, MARGARET M. .... . . . AQVARLES, MARY A.. .... . QVINN, CHARLOTTE A.. . .. RAHIN, JOAN E. ....,... . RADEFF, MARGARET . . RAI-'E, MARJORIE J. ..., . RANDALL, ANNE L.. . . . RANDALL, LOUISE L.. . RAPPUHN, GLORIA C.. . . . REED, JANICE C. .,...... . REHM, SUSAN A. ........... . . . . REMENSNYDER, IEORIS B.. . . , . . . . IIENARD, CHARLOTTE A. .... ..., . RI-ININGER, JANE L. ..... . RICHARDS, ANN H. ...,,. . liIC1lMOND, RIARGII-1 G. . . ILITCHEY, MARY lt.. . . . . RITIIHIE, MARY A.. . . . ROCHE, MARY :ALIVE ,... Rock. SALLY C. ..... . RODGERS, 1NANL'Y ....... ROGERS, CAROLYN L.. . . . ROGERS, HELEN G. . . RONDER, JOAN L.. . . RIIBIN, DEBORAH ..... ILUMBLE, SHIRLEY A.. . . . IEUSSELL, LAURA N.. . . SALISBURY, MARY E.. . . . SALTER, RUTH ...,,... SAMPSON, CLARA D. .,... . SAMIIELS, MARCTIA L. ....... . . . . SGHAEEER, M.ARGI'kI1t1TE P.. . . , . . . . SCHILDHAIIER, LOIS J. .,.... .... . SCHMIDT, MARION L. ....,.... . . . . SIIHUHMANN, MARK1IA1tET A SCI-IXVARTZMAN, CARYL ..,... .... . SHANESY, H. JEAN ..,.. . . . . . . . . . SHANNON, NIARGAIKPIT C. .... . . . . . SHAPIRO, AUDREY M. .... . SHERA, APIRGINIA E. ..., . SIBLEY, ELIZABETH A. ..., SIEGLER, BIONA FLAIRE .... . . . . . SILVER, ELIZABETH ,.,....... ..... SIMONSON, LENORE ADDII-1. . . . . . . . . SKILLING, SARAH ........,.. .... . SKIRM, THECDDIJSIA D.. . , . SLATER, ILENE J.. . . SMITH, E. ANN .... SMITH, JEAN E. ,... . SMITH, SYLVIA B.. . , SNEDECOR, JE.-ANNE .... SNELL, BARBARA A. ,.... . SODERBERG, INANCY C.. . . SPITZ, SUZANNE ......... Lake Como, Fla. 88 Third Ave., Nyack, N. Y. 15 Sherman Ave., NorthanIptoII, Mass. 10 Newtown Ave., JamestowII, N. Y. 56 Kingsdale St., Dorchester, Mass. Midbrook Lane, Darien, Conn. P. 0. Box 76, Bangor, Me. R.F.D., Orangeburg, N. Y. 591 Montgomery St., BrooklyII, N. Y. 103 Highland St., Portland, Me. 629 VVinthrop Rd., VVest Englewood, N. J. 1839 Ontario Pl., 1VashingtoII, D. C. 4-0 McCormack Rd., Slingerlands, N. Y. 2012 VV. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 5 Claire Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 7 Everett Ave., VVinchester, Mass. 538 Churchill Rd., VVest Englewood, J. .52 Orchard Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 139 E. 7th St., Plainfield, N. J. 22 Soundview Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 182-60 Radnor Ave., Jaxnaica Estates, N. Y. 611 McKinley St., Gary, Ind. 17 Heathcote Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y. 22 Front St., Binghamton, N. Y. 5142 Belmont Ave., Minneapolis. Minn. 4 DIIIIster Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. 231 Belmont St., Belmont, Mass. Brookside Rd., Darien, Conn. 45 Elm Ave., Metuchen, N. J. South Terr., Short Hills, N. J. 317 N. 28th St., Allentown, Pa. 54 VVarren Ave., Plymouth, Mass. 3635 Edwards Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 1111 Market St., VVilliamsport, Pa. 65 Mt. Pleasant St., Amherst, Mass. 69 Newport Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Ashland Farm, Boonville, Ind. 67 Clark St.. Glen Ridge, N. J. 116 Bayview Ave.. Port 1'Vashington, N. Y. 19 Bradford Rd., 1Yellesley Hills, Mass. 80 VYoodlawn Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. -12-20 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, N. Y. 35 Hallam Rd., Buffalo 16, N. Y. Old County Rd., Holyoke, Mass. 19600 Roslyn Rd., Detroit, Mich. 103 Homestead Ave., Albany, N. Y. 83 Pembroke St., Newton, Mass. 997 Allen Lane, VVoodmere, N. Y. 469 Forrest Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 59 Glenarden Dr., Fairfield. Conn. 12 Meadow Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. 929 North 4th St., Reading, Pa. 31 Sherman Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 831 Central Ave., Wilmette, Ill. Cayuga Heights Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. 5 Stonehenge Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. 104- Longview Ave.. VVhite Plains, N. Y. 135 Hall of Fame Ter., New York City 127 1Yegman Pkwy., Jersey City, J. 360 N. Fullerton Ave., Vpper Montclair, N. J. 1350 South Eighth St., Fargo, North Dakota 99 Grace Church St., Rye, N. Y. 253 Nassau St., Princeton, N. J. 890 West End Ave., New York City 32 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, R. I. 81 Hampton St., Auburn, Mass. 12 Foundry St., South Easton, Mass. 288 Maple Hill Dr., Hackensack, N. J. 709 Ninth Ave. S.VV., Rochester, Minn. 306 Howard Ave., Passaic, N. J. 500 Longwood Ave., Glencoe, Ill. 153 Spoon, ALEXANIIRA V.. . . SPRING, HIGLEN S., . . . . STAY, MARY E. ..... . STEIN, PA'1'RIc'IA E., . , . STEVENSON, JEAN W., ,, S'rOCK'rON, ANNE E.. . . , STOKE, JANET B. ...... , Srunors, MARGARET, . . . SUTTON, INANCY J. ..,. . IFALMAN, LoIs R... . . , - IAYLOR, JEAN A. .,.... TILTON, IJELAMARCIA .... T , 1 . ILrON, l4.nRIA G. ..... , 'llING, INIARY J. ....... . IFOMASINO, GLORIA R.. . . VPORRISON, MARY L.. . ,. lvltQl'1IA1i'1', FLORA J.. . . . Y ' AN DER 1 YL, ANNE ....., X AN GI'NnY, MARILYN M.. VAN NOSTRAND, VAL1'IR11'I W. .... . . . VANNOTIC, GLORIA J., . . . . . YAl'GHAN,f,11lY1-I E.. . .. VAULT, JIILIA K. .... , WADE, ELIZABETH P.. . . NYADHAMS, ANN ......... W'AI,sER, INAARGARET A.. . . . NYALTER, LORAINE .,.... YYERME, ELSA F. ..... . . NYHITE, IJORIS T. ,.,... , YYHITMORE, M.AI!TII.A J.. . , . WILCOX, MAIIY B. ...., . WILIIINO, SI'zANNI-: B.. . . YYILKIE, LIRACE I. ..... . YVILLET, BARBARA ....... . WILSON, VAROLYN E. ..... . WOonwAnn, KATHERINI-3 A. YYORK, MAIKY ANN ..,..... WIIIoII'r, DOROTI-IY A. ,... . AYYGANT, CAROLYX .... NYORK, :ANNA HOLFOMB .... ZIER, K.ATlILEEN E.. , . . ZVCNERNIK, CLAIRE .... ARONSON, JANI-:T S.. , . . BAIIMAN, EMMA E. .... . CAMPBELL, DPILIA D.. , . . CIINLIFFE, JANICE . . FIDMIINDS, MILIIREII B., . . . ETLIN, FRANCINE R. .,.. FORD, EMILIE R.. . . . GAIPA, MAvIs .... GOIDELL, H. JOY ..,.... HUME, KATHERINE E.. . . JOHNSON, META L. .....,. . KPINTFIBIIYD, MARGARET H., 154 74 Porter Pl., Montclair, N. J. 7 Hillside Rd., VVellesley, Mass. 2653 Dartmoor Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio Elm St., Pattersonville, N. Y. 27 Lathrop St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. 830 Linwood Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. South Hadley, Mass. 26 Prentiss Lane, Belmont, Mass. 425 State St., Albany, N. Y. A 11 Rob Roy Rd., VVorcester, Mass. 99 Oxford Rd., Longmeadow, Mass. 514 VVillow Rd., VVinnetka, Ill. 29 Elmhurst Ave., Trenton, N. J. 192 Grove St., Auburndale, Mass. 1820 Blvd., New Haven, Conn. 6106 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, Ill. 202 Ryder Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. 515 YY. Hutchinson Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 93 Eliot Ave., VVest NewtoII, Mass. 275 Nassau Ave., Manhasset, Long Island, N. 408 Roosevelt Ave., Onkhurst MHIIQJP, N. J. 1117 Norman St., Bridgeport, Conn. Remsen, N. Y. 6302 Mossway, Baltimore 12, Md. 82 Forest Ave.. Torrington, CoIIn. 5109 S. Emerson Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 12 Gray Gardens East, Cambridge, Mass. 291 George St., New Haven, Conn. 3660 VValdo Ave., New York City 32 Cherry Hill, Holyoke, Mass. 1129 VVebster St., Needham, Mass. 3 Church Lane. Scarsdale, N. Y. Milton-on-Hudson, N. Y. 56 Hillside Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 113 Oakdale Ave., Catonsville, Md. 25 Whitthorne Dr., Milan, Tenn. McLeod, Montana Roberts Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. Hudson Ter., Marlboro, N. Y. 960 Prospect St., New Haven, Conn. 15 Bleecker St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 2025 Commonwealth Ave., BrightoII, Mass. ADVANCED STANDING 850 Sumner Ave., Springfield, Mass. 595 N. I'niOn, Salem, Ohio Calle Juncal 1350, Buenos Aires, Argentina 22 Hall St., Springfield, Mass. 21 VVoodstock Apt., Lynchburg, Va. 2 VV. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 1510 Van Buren St., N.VV., Washington, D. C. Pacheco 485, Martinez F.C.C.A., Buenos Aires, A CU. SQ 'fy Mrs. Francis Gaipa, 46 Hart Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 52 Kimberly Ave., Springfield, Mass. 144 Hancock St., Auburndale, Mass. 300 Cuttriss Pl., Park Ridge, Ill. R.F.D. 1, Amherst, Mass. I' LUHN, NELLIE R. ...... . MCCORMICK, FRANCES P. MATLONVSKY, BERNICE. . . MEAD, RACHEL. ...... . . MILTON, ELEANOR M.. . . MOORE, CEENEVIEVE ..... MOSHER, LINDA LAB.. . . NE1W'COMB, MARY ..., PARKER, NANCY E.. . . . PIPER, JOAN A. ..... . PRESTON, BYRD E.. . . RUSSELL, F. JEAN .... ScHI'LTz, ELAINE G.. . . . SKINNER, JEANNINE H.. . STEINERT, DOROTHY R.. . STONE, LAURA D. ...... . ZIISMAN, MIRIQJM. . . . ABBOTT, ANN M.. . . . ABRAHAM, LILY E.. . . ADAMS, E. ROXANA. . . ADAMS, LUCILE ....,.. ALLEN, DOROTHY R.. . . , ALLEN, ELIZABETH G.. . , AMBLER, EMILY E. ..... . ANDREXVS, JEANETTE E.. ARMSTRONG, JANE ...... ARMSTRONG, JEANNE E.. AI'GI'R, FIDELIA P. .... . . AUSTIN, ANNE R. ..,. . AUSTIN, JANICE L.. . , AVERY, LOIS J.. . . . BABBAGE, D. JOAN .... BACKER, JUNE Y. ....., . BAERTSCHI, CLAIRE B .... , . . BARACKMAN, BLANCHE P.. . , , . . BARROXVS, SA LLY J. ...... . . . BARTEAU, DOROTHY G.. . BAUMEISTER, LOUISE C.. BAZEMORE, MARY K.. . . . BEACOM, MARILYN P.. . . BEIARDSLEY, BARBARA J. .... . . . BECKER, M.ARGERY A.. . . BECKER, MARION E.. . . . BEDXVELL, M.ARGARET J. . BEMBERA, VIRGINIA R.. . BENNETT, JANE A.. . , . BERGER, BETTY C.. . . BESPALOFF, N. ...... . BEST, JANET .........., BISHOP, M.ARGIkRET H.. . BLANK, ALICE D. ...... . Bock, ELISABETH C.. . . . BODINE, BARBARA J., . . . BOOTH, JEAN ,.......... BORDEN, M.ARG.ARET E.. . BOSSAK, JANE .......... BOTT, JOAN J. .......,. . BOUSQUET, R. CLAIRE. . . BOWVER, VIRGINIA ..... BOYD, MARY L. .... J BRADLEY, ANN .... BROWN, BARBARA .... 23 Bushnell St., Dorchester 24, Mass. 2 Delmar Pl., Delmar, N. Y. Box 66, Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone Tivoli, N. Y. 4-10 Merritts Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 1676 Boulevard, West Hartford, Conn. 37 Grant St., Wellsboro, Pa. 181 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville, Mass. IQ8 Scott Ave., W'atertown, Conn. Q012 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 24 Colonial St., Elmwood, Conn. 106 Woodbridge St., South Hadley, Mass. 89 Ridge Ave., Athol, Mass. 810 Colfax St., Evanston, Ill. 4-Q9 High St., Lawrence, Mass. 48 Orchard Ave., Providence, R. I. 3951 Gouverneur Ave., New York, N. Y. EL!-155 UF 19118 641 University Pkwy.. Baltimore, Md. 19 E. 88th St., New York, N. Y. Q80 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow, Mass. 603 Michigan Ave., Urbana, Ill. 357 N. Fullerton Ave., Ppper Montclair, N 76 Highland Ave. VV., Melrose, Mass. 100 High St., Lee, Mass. 17 l'nion St., Hopedale, Mass. 1196 Bishop Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. 3032 Wickham Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 150 Mountain Rd.. VYest Hartford, Conn. 386 Hillside Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 15 Madison St., Hamilton, N. Y. fl0'Z0 Hoffman St.. Harrisburg, Pa. 412 1Yashington Ave., Montclair, N. J. 140 Beechwood Ave., Bound Brook, N. J. 335 WY. 87th St., New York, N. Y. .IQS Rutland Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 50 Hillvale Dr., St. Louis, Mo. 924- Woodland Pl., Scarsdale, N. Y. 83-57 162nd St., Flushing, N. Y. 624- Hazlehurst Ave., Merion, Pa. 120 Hutchinson Blvd., Mount Yernon, N. 12 Thomas Ave., Batavia, N. Y. 14-7 Greenway N., Forest Hills, N. Y. 825 VV. 187th St., New York, N. Y. 1908 N.E. Schuyler St., Portland, Ure. 91 Sunset Ave., Trumbull, Conn. 8 Aitken Ave., Hudson, N. Y. 5019-38th Ave., Hyattsville. Md. South Hadley, Mass. 4-616 Bayard St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Sunny Holm, Red Hook, N. Y. 118 Eastern Pkwy., Newark, N. J. 300 YY. 107th St., New York, N. Y. 296 Chase St., Kane, Pa. 257 Tremont St., North Tonawanda, N. Y Broad St., Shrewsbury, N. J. 5 Hampton Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 6 Columbia Rd., Beverly, Mass. 10 Ritchey Pl., VVhite Plains, N. Y. 84- Lincoln St., Melrose, Mass. Gilmanton Iron VVorks, N. H. 115 VV. Thornapple St., Chevy Chase, Md Douglass Rd., Lynnfield, Mass. BROXVN, BETTY M.. . . . BROWN, HELEN E. ..,.. . BROWN, MARGARET T.. . . BUCKLEY, SUSAN ....,.... BURR, VIRGINIA H. ..... . BUTLANIJ, JEAN .,........ BUTLER, CONSTANCE MCC .,,. . ,,4, BUTTERWORTH, DORIS E. . BYRD, WINIFREII ..,..., CAMILLI, ANITA ..,.. CAMPBELL, JEAN A.. . . . CARLETON, CLAIRE R.. . . . CELLANA, BARBARA A.. . . CHEETHAM, JANE E. .... . CHILLMAN, HELEN ..., CHIOS, BASILIA M. .... . CHUTTER, RUTH E.. . . . CIST, SARAH A. ,... . . CLARKE, HEIDI ,... COFFIN, ANN L. ...... . COLLEY, ROWENA S.. . . . COLLYER, ELIZABETH J. ..,. ,,,, CONOVER, MARCIA . . . . COOKE, ELIZABETH E.. . . . COPELAND, ELIZABETH A.. COUCH, NORMA M. ...... . COULSON, MARG.ARET A.. . COVVDRICK, CAROL A.. . . . . CRESSEY, MARJORIE H. .,,, , . , , CROMWELL, ELEANOR. . . CRUFF, JOAN B. ...,. . CRUZE, MILDRED E.. . .. . CUMMINGS ROWVENA E.. . . , CUPP, MARILYN L. ..... . CYPHERS, SYLVIA G.. . . IJALZELL, ANNE H. .... . DAMON, MERILYN J.. . . DANES, BETTY ,,.,.,..,. DANNENBAIIM, MARTA .... DAVIES, BARBARA J.. . . . DAVIS, BARBARA A. ..... . DAWSON, KATHERINE M.. DEFOREST, JEAN ....,,.. DE KLYN, ALICE P.. . . . . DEMPSEY, ALICE P.. . . DEVLIN, ANN G. .... . DEWVEY, HELEN E.. . . . DEwIs, DIANE I. ...... . DOLE, KATHLEEN N.. . . . DONALDSON, EDITH B.. , . DONWORTH, MARY E.. . . . DUFAULT, SUZANNE R.. . . DUEEUS, RUTH S. ....... . DUNCAN, ELIZABETH A.. . DUNN, ELEANOR M.. . . . DUNNE, ELIZABETH A.. . . . DU PLAN, M. JEANNE. . . . EBERSPACHER, BEATRIIIE. EDICK, ELINOR A. ,.,. . . . . EDSON, ELIZABETH A.. . . . EICHENNVALD, LOTTE G.. . ELSTAD, ELIZABETH J.. . . ERGER, SONYA M. .... . ERNST, PHYLLIS A.. . . . EVANS, NORA .......... FALKENHEIM, RENATE M. FARNUM, GAIL .... . ...... FAY, ALICE A. ......... , FEICKERT, JEAN D.. . . 156 92 Maple St., Milford, Conn. 404 S. Linden Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 116 VVoodside Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 794 Plymouth Rd., San Marino, Calif. 142 Francis St., New Britain, Conn. 19 Greenfield St., Brockton, Mass. 105 Old Short Hills Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 607 Harper Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 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School for the Deaf, Faribault, Minn. 176-18 Murdock Ave., St. Albans, N. Y. 5856 Red Bank Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 170 N. Mountain Ave., Montclair, N. J. 35 Vick Park B, Rochester, N. Y. 5391 Independence Ave., New York, N. Y. 7304 Elbow Lane, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 22 Ruthven Pl., Summit, N. J. FINK, BARBARA R. .... . FIRTH, ELIZABETH ..... FLAGLER, ELIZABETH A. FOSTER, LoIs M. ..... . FRANCIS, EMILIE B.. . . . FRENCH, MILIIRED P.. .. FULTON, VOULETTI ..., FUNK, ILACHEL VV.. . . . KIALT, ANNE K.. ..... . . GAREIELIJ, JEANNIC E.. . GAIIT, ICLMA L... . , . . . . GAY, ALZINA DEG.. . . . . GEIJNI-:Y, JIIDITH. .. . . . . LIELLER, MARJORIE L.. . KTIBBS, NANCY J. ...... . KIIIISE. MARY S.. . . . .. GILLIGAN, JOY ...,..... ITOLDMAN, JEANNE P. .... .... . GoLosRI'RY, LOIS-ANN. . . . . . . . TIOODALL, LoI'ISE IV.. . . GOOIJHAII, NANCY M.. . . GOOIJRICII, IFOROTHY M. ITOODXVIN, MARGARET L. .... .... . Goss, ZOE M. ........ . KIUSSHLIN, M. LORRAINE .... ..... GOTT, LACRA J. ...... . LIOTTESMAN, RUTH M.. . GREGG, ELEANOR T.. . . GIISTAFSON, HELEN D.. HAALAND, ELEANOR M.. HAAS, JULIA N. ....,. . HALL, IJOROTHY J. .... . HAL1., ELIZABETH I.. ....,. . . . . . HANIFAN. CATHERINE E. .... ..... H.A1tT, BELLE O. ...... . H.-k1tX'PIY, ANN E. ..., . . HIXSTINKQS, IKCTH J.. . . . IIATOXYSKI. DEYORA A.. I'IAl'S1'I1t, SUSAN I. ,... . HEEREMANS, CAROL lt.. HENRY, MILIJRED MCN. HILTON, JEAN B. ..... . IIINSON, Ml'ItIEL E ..... HITI4l, L. ICLIZABETH .... HOFFMAN, FRANCES G.. HOGLIIND, THEOIJORA J. HONAMAN, NANCY ..... Hf70KE1t, SARAH F.. . . . HOPKINS, N.ANCY E.. . . I'IOItGAN, MARY L.. . . . HOIIGH, NANCY E. .... . HOIVCIHTON, PATRICIA. . . I'IONVARD, LILLIAN D.. . . HOYT, M.KltY J. ....... . HUBBARD, CARYL D.. . . HI'DNI'TT, MOLLY. . . , , I'II'NTER, M. ELIZABETH INGHOLT, MARY E.. . . . , ISBEY, GAII. C. .... . ISRAEL, LI'CY L.. . . . JARCIIO, JANE. ....... JAYNIC, VIRGINIA A.. . . JENKS, SIIZANNE R. .. . JOHNSON, ANNE ....... JOHNSON, BARBARA . JOHNSON, HILL.ARY H.. . JOHNSON, LUCY A. .... . JOHNSON, MARTHA L.. . JONES, PI-:RRIE J. .... . 4 3-1-2 Columbus Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. 35 Roosevelt Rd., Maplewood, N. J. 46 N. Sixth St., Stroudsburg, Pa. Conover Lane, Red Bank, N. J. 39 Oriole Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. 16350 Libby Rd., Bedford, Ohio Fairways Apts., Pelham Manor, N. Y. 6307 Sherwood Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 4505 Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Hinsdale, N. H. 1501 North Ave., Waukegan, Ill. Tutwiler Hotel, Birmingham, Ala. 550 Springdale Ave., East Orange, N. J. 168 Bon Air Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 1881 Highland Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Old Spring, Hilton Village, Va. 511 Hood St., Fall River, Mass. 520 Liberty St., Newburgh, N. Y. 74 Fairview Rd., South Lynnfield, Mass. 32 Fairway Dr., Birmingham, Ala.. 801 McKnight Rd., St. LoI1is, Mo. 418 Central Ave., New Haven, Conn. 23 High St., Marblehead, Mass. 6335 8th Ave., Kenosha, WVis. 1327 Main St., Berlin, N. H. 346 Sheridan Rd., VVinnetka, Ill. 999 Webster Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 1850 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. 9 Devens Rd., Worcester, Mass. 84 Margaretta Ct., Staten Island, N. Y. Curwen Circle, Rosemont, Pa. 90 Prospect St., Somerville, N. J. 217 Pennswood Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 124 Belcher St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. 3319 Cleveland Ave., Washington, D. C. Bumble Bee Lane, Duxbury, Mass. 165 Allen St., Athol, Mass. 1484 Scott Ave., Vlfinnetka, Ill. 1716 S. Humboldt Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 66 Clinton Pl., New York, N. Y. Lincoln Rd., Lincoln, Mass. Pear Tree Point Rd., Noroton, Conn. 157 Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. 54 Rodney St., Glen Rock, N. J. 246 S. Burnet St., East Orange, N. J. 45 Jackson Park West, Gardner, Mass. 720 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 403 VVashington Ave., Tyrone, Pa. ff, Col. E. O. Hopkins, Camp Maxey, Texas 1 Corser St., Holyoke, Mass. 237 E. Delaware Pl., Chicago, Ill. 9 Roxborough Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 387 Jefferson St., Rochester, Pa. 50 Fisher Ave., Brookline, Mass. Brookvale Farm, Ivindsor, Mass. 345 Stanford Ave., Elyria, Ohio 6923 Sherman St., Philadelphia, Pa. Litchfield Turnpike, VVoodbridge, Conn. 19475 Argyle Crescent, Detroit, Mich. 307 N. Dickson Rd., Kirkwood, Mo. 99-11 Herrick Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y. 168 Dent St., VVest Roxbury, Mass. 11 Johnson St., Waterbury, Conn. 8223 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 4274 Kepler Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 207 Farmington Rd., Longmeadow, Mass. 212 Vaughan St., Portland, Me. R.D. No. 1, Boonton, N. J. Hedgewood Lane, Schenectady, Y. KAIsER, MARY J. . ....... KAPLAN, ILE-IODA M. ,....... , , , , KENNEDY, ELIZABETH E.. KENYON, BARBARA ....... KERNEIQ, SIIIRLEY A. ...... . . . , . , , KIGGINS, MARY-KATIIRYN. ...,.. , , , KINC'gXIlJ, XIIRGINIA-EARLE KIRSOPP, M. IJOVGAL ......... IYISTIAKOWSKY, VERA. ,...... KLEIN, VIRGINIA D ..,. KNEI'FEIl, Ml'ltIl'I1, P... KNOTT, SALLY IC. ..,.... . KROPIGE1t, MARJORIE R. ..,, , , , , LALIBERTE, ANNE T.. . . . LAMER, ANNA P. ....... . LAMSON, CIIARLOTTE M... . . , , , LATZ, BARBARA A. .... . . . LAYYSON, JoYf'E M.. . . . .. LAWTON. PATRIVIA A. ,.... . LEACROI-'T, JAl'QI'1'IL1NE N.. . . . , , , , LEEIJY, D. ...,,...,.... . LENTZ. JEAN M. .... . LI-IVY, ELLEN B.. . . LEVY, RUTII E. ..... . LEXVIS, BARBARA H.. . . LEwIs, JANE B. ...,... . LIMPEIIT, JI-:ANNE IV.. . . . LINK, JANET A. ...... . LINNELL, JANE M. ...,, . LOEWVENTHAL, Lois A.. . . LOGEE, NIAltGAR1'JT A.. . . LONG, Jnovrn B. ...,. . LORING, E. l"RAN1'I-:S .... LOUGI-IRAN, ALBERTA B. .... .A,, LOVELAND, CL1'I'Hl'IROE N.. . , , . , NICCALL, IJOROTHY .... . MCCLIING, MARY A.. . . . MCcIfJNNELL. MARILYN. . . MACCOY, BI-:YI-:RLY M.. . . MC'DONrkLll, NIARY L. ...... . . . . MC'DOXW'PlLL, IJOROTHY E.. . . , , , , MCGARIIITY, JOAN E.. . . . MCG1IC'KIN, JOAN C. .......,. , , . , MCKINLEY, ELIZABETH H.. . . . . , , , MCMAI-ION, MARY E.. . . . MACK, MARCIBIICY M. E.. . MACKAY, BETTY L. .... . MAHAR, MAIJREEN H.. . . MALI.A, JOAN E. ......., . MANTLER. RIARILYN I.. . . M.KRKS, ELEANOR L.. . . . MASON, JOAN D. C .... M.ASSIE, CARLA F. .... . . MAYBURY, ELLEN F.. . . . MAZUREK, BERNIGE R.. . . MEINEL, BETTY J. ..... . MELTZER, MA1tlLYN. . . . .. MERRIAM, VIRGINIA R.. . . MERRII-IEW, E. DIATALIE .... ..,, MERTZ, MARY E. ...... . MILES, DORIS A. .... . RIILES, JEAN W. ....... . RIILLER, NIARY-l':I.L1'IN .... MOESLEIN, ENII1 N.. . . MOORE. M.A12Y H.. .. MORGAN, JANE S.. . . . . NIORSE, MAuoE W. ..... . MIILLANE, 'Tl-'IIIICSA J. ......... . . . , MIILLER, lYIA1tGARET O.L. MUNI13, EYE D. ........... , , , , MURDOCI-I, NANCY ....... 1 58 237 E. "B" Ave., Park Hill, N. Little Rock, Ark 31 Edgemont Highway, Scarsdale, N. Y. 4-24 Chestnut Lane, Wayne, Pa. 44 Church St., YVest Haven, Conn. 287 Park Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. .8 Richbell Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. ff, A. J. Morris, Box 168, Ossining, N. Y. Houston Rd., Braehead, Radnor, Pa. 301 Ashland Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 33-30 87th St., Jackson Heights, L. I., N. Y. Hotel Bretton Hall, Broadway and 86th St., New York, N. Y. 834 Congress St., Ottawa, Ill. R.R. 17-Box 529, Indianapolis, Ind. G0 King St., Holyoke, Mass. 353 Moore Ave., Leonia, N. J. .553 Fellsway IC., Malden, Mass. 15 Heathcote Rd., Sc-arsdale, N. Y. 28 South IYestfield Ave., Trenton, N. J. -1-236 Chester Dr., Youngstown, Ohio 206 Bverit St., New Haven, Conn. 14 Silverwood Ter.. South Hadley, Mass. Residence Pk., Palmerton, Pa. 4 Slade Ave., Pikesville, Md. 90-00 905:11 St., H0lliS, N. Y. 6 Roweland Ave., Delmar, N. Y. High Hampton Inn, Cashiers, N. C 22 N. State St., Yineland, N. J. 4014 IVoodland Ave., IYestern Springs, Ill. 220 Blauvelt Ave., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 53 Prospect St., Middletown, Conn. 5807 Roland Ave., Baltimore, Md. 224 S. Aberdeen Ave., Vvayne, Pa. 106 Waverly Rd., VVyncote, Pa. Box 57, Hurley, N. Y. 51 Claremont St., Newton, Mass. 525 W. 238th St., New York, N. Y. 324 W. Penn St., Butler. Pa. 401 Hawthorne Lane, VVinnetka, Ill. 23 IYoodland Rd., Minneapolis, Minn. 2 Seward Ave., Utica, N. Y. 1147 Northampton St., Holyoke, Mass. 1554 Dwight St., Holyoke, Mass. 7804 Froebel Rd., Laverock, Chestnut Hill, Phil., 6 Elm St., Union, Me. 67 Paine Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. Camp Te Ata, Central Valley, N. Y. 124 Morris Ave., New Haven, Conn. 616 Main St., Amherst, Mass. 98 Thornton St., Hamden, Conn. 93 Bentley Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 640 Flower City Pk., Rochester, N. Y. 16 Greenway, Rolling VVood, Roslyn, L. I., N. Y 408 VVashington St., Ironton, Ohio 15 Kingsley St., Springfield, Mass. 50 Stonington St., Hartford, Conn. June Meadows, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 205 Everett Pl., Englewood, N. J. 11 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase, Md. W'estport, Essex County, N. Y. 1405 Brandywine Blvd., Wilmington, Del. 100 Lincoln St., Passaic, N. J. 106 Newmarket Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 7137 Vresheim Rd., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 2415 Eastchester Rd., New York, N. 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POMEROY, JEAN E.. , . . POSSNER, JOYCE ...,,. PULFORD, ELLEN H.. . . . RAMIItEZ, ASTRID ..... REED, ELEANOR C.. . . . REED, MARTHA S.. . . REID, NANCY S. ..., . REMINGTON, ANNE .,., RENKEN, ILITTH E. ..... . REYNOLDS, NANCY E. ...... . . . . . RHINESMITH, FRANCES lu.. . . . . . . RIDEN, ANNA M. ........ . . . . . RIENVE, BETTY A. ,...,. . RIKHOFF, JEAN M., . . . RITCH, MARIAN ......... ROACHE, PATRICIA J.. . . . ROBERTS, JUDITH A.. . . . ROBERTS, SARAH E. ....... . . . . ROBITAILLE, LUCILLE M.. . RODEMANN, JOAN F.. . . . ROGERS, MARILYN J. .... . ROHRLICH, ADELE G .,.. . . ROSENBEIIG, LIABRIELA B.. ROSER, NANCY ...,......, .... RUFFIN, MARY B. ....... . RUSSELL, CAROLINE J.. . . . ILYAN, GLORIA L. ...... . RYAN, M.ARY M. .,,.. . SAMMET, JEAN E. .... . SANDS, MARGOT K.. . . . . SAPIN, ADELE C. .......... . . . . SAPPINGTON, JUDITH M., . . . . . . SARGENT, DOROTHY ....... .... SCHAENMAN, ROSALIP1 L.. . SCI-IILTZ, H. JACQUELIN1-I. . SCIALOM, RENEE G.. ...,,. . . . . SCOTT, MILLICENT R.. . . SEAMAN, PATRICIA M.. . . SEAMAN, IIUTH L. ...... . SEAVER, ELIZABETH C.. . SEBRELL, RHODA E.. . . SEGAL, DOROTHY A.. . . . Dawn Harbor Lane, Riverside, Conn. 5806 Cedar Pkwy., Chevy Chase, Md. 92 Hamilton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 169 Cayuga Rd., Williamsville, N. Y. War Relocation Authority, 1702 Post Office Building. Boston, Mass. 1021 Devonshire Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 29 Warfield St., Upper Montclair, N. J. 105 VV. Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. 86 Ogden Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 212 Rosemary St.. San Antonio, Texas 8 Cooper Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 4-44 Long Beach Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. 12 Fairway, Maywood, N. J. 45 Northumberland Rd., Pittsfield, Mass. 9201 Boleyn, Detroit, Mich. 412 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 1917 Jackson, Sioux City, Iowa 4800 James Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 6900 VVissahickon Ave., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, l'a. 10 Mountain Ave., Maplewood, N. 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Wiindwood, Glastonbury, Conn. Evelynton, Roxbury, Va. Boston Post Rd., Wayland, Mass. 186 Cut Spring Rd., Stratford, Conn. 111 Southern Pkwy., Rochester, N. Y. 500 W'est End Ave., New York, N. Y. 30 Cottage Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Kimberly Hotel, Broadway and 74-th St., N. Y . 487 Arlington Dr., Birmingham, Mich. 191 Edwards St., New Haven, Conn. 2801 Avenue K, Brooklyn, N. Y. 5 Church St., Bronxville, N. Y. 88 Central Park VV., New York, N. Y. 54 Walton Ave., VVhite Plains, N. Y. 168 High St., Perth Amboy, N. J. 90 Webster Ave., Port Washington, L. I., N. Y. Argyle Rd., Essex Fells, N. J. 2926 Kent Rd., Silver Lake, R.D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 15 Lewis Dr., Nlaplewood, N. J. 159 SEIB, MARILYN R.. , , . S1-ZIP, MITRIEL V. ..... . SELSAM, ELEANOR K., , SHANKLIN, ELISABETH G SHEERAN, BARBARA L.. . . , , . . SHHLLEY, JUNE B.. . . . SHOAI-'Im MARY E.. , . . . SIMONSON, MARG.X1!ET A SMITH, BARBARA A., . . I SMITH, MARIAN I. ..... . . . . SMITH, VIRGINIA VV. .... . . . . SNIDER, GRATIA L.. . . . SPEAR, NANL'Y R.. . . . . SI'ENI'E, ELEANOR ..,,.... .... SPENI-ER, ELEANOR B.. SI'ENc'ER, JOYCE L.. . . . STAIJIE, ELIZABETH A. .... . . . . STI-URN, ANNE M. .... , STI-:vENs, KRISTINE L.. STILLMAN, DORA VV. .... , , . . STONE, EIYICANOR W., . . . . . . STITART, MARY ....... SYVARTZ, BARBARA R., . . . . . . SYIJNUR, M. WINN .... TABER, ELIZABETH . . . TABER, ELIZABETH I... TAITT, PATRICIA ....,.. .... TEMPLETON, JEAN M.. . . . . . THOMAS, JOANNE D., . . THoMI'soN, RUTH C.. . THOMSON, JOAN M., . , 'llHORPE, PHYLLIS E.. . , . . . . Toi-'IAs, NIARIAN .,.... TOORER, ELIZABEIH C. 'I'I'c'kI-IR, JOANNE G.. . 'l'I'TTLE, SALLY L.. . YVAUNIGIL MARY A.. . . WAIINER, PHoE3E A. ..... . . . . WAKFIMAN, lVIARGARET ..... .... WALKPIR, B. NIANNETTE .,.. .,,, WALLER, HARRIET C, .... , . . . YV.-KI.TE1l, DOICOTHY E., . . . . . xv.-KRD, ANN B. ...... . YVARREN, A. EMILIE .... .,.. WATSON, MARY L ..... YVEIDENBACHER, F. LEE .,.. .... WEILER, ELLEN S. ..... . . . . WELKER, SUSAN J.. . , . WENNER, JANET C.. . . WI-:sLEY, JOYCE G.. . . . YVHITI-I, ELIZABETH .... YVHITING, PHYLLIS L.. . WVICKES, CAROL B., . . . YVILSON, CORNELIA L.. YVISHNER, JUNE ...... YVOLF, JANICE D. ..,. . WOLFE, FLORENCE M.. WOKJDWARD, LETITIA S. ..,. . . . . VVOUDXVARD, MARGARET L.. . . . . . . YVRIGHT, JEANEITE E., , . . , . . . 160 5 Sunnybrook Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 26 Maple Rd., Franklin, N. J. 410 S. Patterson St., State College, Pa. 545 Oak St., VVinnetka, Ill. 286 Linden St., Holyoke, Mass. 10 Seymour Pl., 1Yhite Plains, N. Y. 1405 Highland Ave., New Castle, Pa. 11 Cubberly Pl., New Dorp, Staten Island, 319 Highland Ave., VVinchester, Mass. N. 111 Hamilton St., Rockville Centre, N. Y. 86 Cayuga Rd., VVilliamsville, Buffalo, N. Lincoln Rd., Lincoln, Mass. Park Ave., Elberon, N. J. 3828 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington, Ya. 122 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y. IQO Hobart Ave., Port Chester, N. Y. Meadowcrest Lane, Radnor, Pa. 140 E. 81st St., New York, N. Y. 6504 Minerva Ave., Chicago, Ill. 45 E. 75th St., New York, N. Y. 60 Summer St., Forest Hills, N. Y. 705 E. Central Ave.. Hampton, Iowa 59.7 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Ind. 6016 St. Andrew's Lane, Richmond, Ya. Q32 N. Nlaple Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. Manursing Ave., Rye, N. Y. Q30 Avon Rd., Narberth, Pa. 34 Post Hill Pl., New London, Conn. 54 Highland Rd., Rye, N. Y. 9 Oak Shade Ave., Darien, Conn. 17 Vose Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. Hilldale Rd., Villanova, Pa. 110 Wallis Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. Q10 Barnum Ave., Port Jefferson, N. Y. 29 Beverly Pl., Utica, N. Y. Q06 Sedgwick Dr., Syracuse, N. Y. 10 Conestoga Rd., Berwyn, Pa. Y. 7th St., Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls, Pa. 181 Edwards St., New Haven, Conn. 1413 Pratt Ave., Huntsville, Ala. 730 S. East St., Kewanee, Ill. 58 Montrepose Ave., Kingston, N. Y. 24 Mountford Rd., Newton Highlands, M 301 Otis St., West Newton, Mass. Q2 Nirvana Ave., Great Neck, N. Y. Chester Rd., Devon, Pa. 6 Slade Ave., Baltimore, Md. 6441 Summit St., Kansas City, Mo. 48 Paris Rd., New Hartford, N. Y. Old Bedford Rd., Greenwich, CoIIII. 19 Romeyn Ave., Amsterdam, N. Y. 88 Madison Ave., Holyoke, Mass. 68 VVarrington Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 325 VVashington Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 915 VVest End Ave., New York, N. Y. 832 Keene Lane, Woodmere, Long Island, 3341 Reservoir Oval, Bronx, N. Y. 812 Bellemore Rd., Baltimore, Md. Colonial Green, Loudonville, N. Y. 271 Townsend Ave., New Haven, Conn. HSS N.Y Bllflllll UF TRUSTEES ROSNVELL G. HAM, PH.D., LL.D. Qex ojicioj FREDERICK M. ELIOT, D.D., LL.D., President FRANK C. BIYERS, A.B., LL.B. IQATHARIN FLOYYERS, A.lNI. HENRY P. KENIJALL, AM. PHILIP L. WARREN, A.B. SARAH S. LESTER, A.B. SAMUEL B. I'IEMINGXVAY, PH.D. JANE LOUISE lVIESIc'K, PH.D., LIT'r.D. LI'crILE YVHEELER ADAMS, A.lNI. AVILLIAM H. HLTlili,ARll, A.B. VVILLIAM J. 1-JAVIIJSON ELBERT A. HARVEY, A.B. NELLIE DODD SPEERS, A.B. ARTHUR BI. COLLENS, A.B. D SIDNEY D. GAMBLE, .A.M., LL. YVILSON D. CLARK, JR. GPIRTRITDE KNOX VVELLS, A.M. ALBERT P. EVERTS, A.B. CARL R. FREEIIAEER HELEN C. lNIONc'IIOw, PH.D. WILLIAM APPLETON LAVVRENCE, LOUISE H. GREGORY, PH.D. SAMUEL S. HALL, JR. ROSAMITND CROSS, A.M. g L.H.D.. S.T.D., D.D. South Hadley, Mass Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. Columbus, Ohio Boston, Mass. Boston, Blass. Scarsdale, N. Y. New Haven, Conn. Boston, Mass. Urbana, Ill. Holyoke, Blass. Auburndale, lNIass. Duxbury. lVIasS. lNIontclair, N. J. Hartford, Conn. New York, N. Y. Boston, Mass. Providence, R. I. Boston, Mass. Philadelphia, Pa. VVashington, D. C. Springfield, Nlass. New York, N. Y. Boston, Mass. Bryn lNIawr, Pa. 161 Ilffieers ROSWELI, GRAY HAM, PIID., LL.D. HARRIETT BI. AIILYN, PH.D. CATHERINE PALMER ROBINSON, A.M. SUSAN CLAY, NI. A. HIAIQRIET J. Erwrls, A.lNI. HAIIRIET NIIIWIIALL, AAI. PATTI1-1 J. fiIiOYES, A.B., BLD. nf Administration President ,'l!'UfIPlIliC' Dean Dean rj' Residence .'1.4tSI'Sfll7l,f Dean lfegistrar I'I.I'6l'IlfI.1'f' Secretary to the Board rj' ,'l!lTIl1.SSiU7IS Resident 1'l1ysz'e1'an HELkJN lil.-xr'MI'IITIIII-I AJUORHEICS, A.M. Director of the ,l.I11I01'7IfIIIf'7If Bureau and Voeational ,ldriser RUTH EI.Iz.-IIILTII LOGAN. AJI. .-1881-Sfllflf ,rlCflllFI7lI.f' Dean BIARION T.AI'1', l'II.D. Director of the Two-I'nz't Plan Business Administration BOAIIIIMAN limlv, JOHN A. Srcssmxs, M.B.A. KJTTU V. Killllibllt, Sli. I 'omptroller Treasurer and ,-lssistant to I 'omptroller Szlperirltenflent rj B111'Id1'11gs and Grounds EARL E. DXRANK .-l1'.'i1Lg SIIIIETI-7'lf6'7llIP7lf of Bu1'lfl1'ngs and Grozuuls ANIJRIQW VITALI Steuurd ALICE Nlvffool. Superrisor rj If0S'fll07LCO Halls 0IIlN'Pl Nl1II'lS Dietztfian SIIJONIA H. ELLIS. A.B. Qffieer in Fharge tj' the Book Store Executive Secretaries GEliT1ilIlJPl V. BIIIIYN. A.B. Field Secretary FLORENIII CLIf:MI+:N'r, A.B. lJ'llbl1.CClf'i07l, Editor M.ARI' J. HIIILIII' XIILLS, AB. Alzmmae Secretary ELIZABETII A. fiRl'IICN, A.NI. Director rj Publicity 162 LM FACULTY ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY Florence VV. Foss, A.M., Prryessor, Lucy T. Shoe, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marian Hayes, A.M., Assistant Professor, Mary Frances VVilliams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor flcavc of abscncej, Henry Rox, Lecturer, Dorothy M. Cogswell, M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Anna F. MacCartl1y, A.B., Instructor, Isabelle L. Brown, A.B., Graduate Assistant. ASTRONOMY Alice H. Farnsworth, Ph.D., Professor, Helen M. Pillans, M.S., ILE., Instructor. CHEMISTRY Emma P. Carr, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor, Louisa S. Stevenson, Ph.D., Professor, Mary L. Sherrill, Ph.D., Professor, Lucy VV. Pickett, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Edith R. Barstow, AB., Assistant Director of Chernistry Laboratories, Martha E. Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Jean V. Crawford, A.M., Instructor, Emily L. Wick, A.B., Skinner Fellow and Assistant, Priscilla J. Beaupre, A.B., Skinner Fellou' and Assistant, M. Anne Rinehart, B.S., Graduate Assistant, Aurora Karrer, Graduate Assistant, Eleanor P. Anderson, B.A., Graduate Assistant. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES Cornelia C. Coulter, Ph.D., Professor, Blanche B. Cox, Ph.D., Professor,' Marion Tait, Ph.D., Assistant Professor. ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY Alzada Comstock, Ph.D., Professor, Ethel B. Dietrich, Ph.D., Professor fleare of absencel, Everett D. Hawkins, Ph.D., Associate Professor Clcave of absencej, John S. Lobb, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nlanford H. Kuhn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marion Gillirn, A.M., Assistant Professor, Leslie A. Koempel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Harriet D. Hudson. A.M., Instructor, Margaret F. Welsh, A.B., Assistant. ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE FR Charlotte D'Evelyn, Ph.D., Professor, Dorothy Foster, A.M., Professor, Leslie G. Burgevin, Ph.D., Pro- fessor, Helen Griffith, Ph.D., Professor, Kathleen M. Lynch, Ph.D., Professor, Leonora Branch, A.M., Asso- ciate Professor, Anna J. Mill, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Harriet F. IYhicher, A.M., Associate Professor fleace of abscnccl, Sydney R. McLean, Ph.D., Associate Professor, William Peery, A.M., Assistant Professor Cleace of absencej, Lawrence B, Wallis, A.M., Assistant Professor Qleave of absencej, Alan VanKeuran McGee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marcia Anderson, Ph.D., Instructor, Beverley Peery, A.M., Instructor fpart-tirnej, Mildred Noble, A.M., Instructor, Marianne Brock, A.M. COxon.l, Assistant Professor, Agnes Dean, A.B., Instructor Cpart-tirnej, Elizabeth A. Green, A.M., Instructor Cpart-timel, .Louise VV. YVallis, Instructor anal Acting Director of the Laboratory Theatre, Elizabeth Brendlinger, A.B., Technical Director, Joyce M. Horner, A.M., Instructor, Robert C. Francis, Ed.M., Instructor, Elizabeth Emerson, A.M., Instructor Cpart-tirnej, Gloria Cerrato, A.B., Graduate Assistant, Helen Martin, A.B., Realtor. ENCH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Helen E. Patch, Ph.D., Professor, Paul F. Saintonge, Ph.D., Professor, Marie-Jean Bourgoin, Professorat des Ecoles Normales, Assistant Professor, Alice C. Stevens, Ph.D., Assistant Profcssor,' hlelva Lind, Mus. hl., Lic. es. L., Docteur d'Universite, Assistant Professor, Rachel Bespaloff, Diplome d'Enseignement Superieur, Diplome de Virtuosite, Visiting Lecturer, Ruth J. Dean, A.M. COxon.j, D.Phil. COxon.D, Assistant Professor, Pierre Guedenet, Lic. es L., Diplome d'Etudes Superieures, Admissible a l'Agregation, Assistant Professor Clears of abscncej . 7 l 63 Ft-IIIULTY GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY Robert Balk, Pl1.D., Professor, Julia M. Shipman, Pl1.D., Associate Professor, Christina Lochnian, Ph.D , Assistant Professor, Marion S. Adelberg, AB., Graduate Assistant. GERMAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Erika M. Meyer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Friedrich C. Sell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Edith A. Runge, Ph.D., Instructor, Joachim Maass, Lecturer. HISTORY Viola F. Barnes, l5.Mus., Ph,D., LL.D., Professor, Hans Kohn, D.Jur. QPraguej, Visiting Professor Qseconzl sernesterf, Dana Durand, S.B., Ph.D., Associate Professor Ueare of absent-cj, Frank E. Bailey, l'h.D., Assistant Professor Qleaee of absencej, Norma Adams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Frederick H. Cramer, I'h.D., Assistant Professor,' VVilxna J. Pugh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Ruth A. McIntyre, A.M., Instructor. HYGIENE Pattie J. Groves, M.D., Professor, Ruth E. Fairbank, A.M., M.D., Professor, Mary Elizabeth Hincks, M.D., Assistant Professor, Lois Holland, Secretary- Technician, Anna L. Knightly, R.N., Head Nurse, Marjorie Ruth Crossman, R.N., Nurse, Catherine McDonnell, R.N., Nurse, Ruth Knapp, Night Nurse, Odna Hollis, House- keeper at Everett House. ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Valentine Giainatti, l'h.D., Assistant Professor. MATHEMATICS Marie Litzinger, Ph.D., Professor, Antoni Zygmund, l'h.D., Professor, Edwin N. Nilson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Qleuve of abseneej. MUSIC Charles Denoe Leedy, Professor, Ruth E. Douglass, A.B., Associate Professor, Clara B. Tillinghast, A.M., Associate Professor, John Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor,' John Verrall, B.Mus., Assistant Professor Ueaee ry' absencej, Anna M. Wollman, Assistant Professor, David Holden, Assistant Professor, Milton J. Aronson, I nstruetor, Nancy Lobb, Instructor, Louise A. Dressel, Secretary, Dorothy Barnes Smith, A.B., Reader. PHILOSOPHY Jean VVahl, Docteur es Lettres, Visiting Professor, Roger VV. Holmes, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Knight YY. McMal1an, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Qleave of abseneej, Monroe C. Beardsley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mildred Howard, A.M., Professor, Lillian L. Keuster, Associate Professor, Gertrude L. Lippincott, M.A., Assistant Professor, Catherine Hasbrouck, O.S., SB., Instructor, Ruth Elvedt, B.S., Instructor, Frieda S. Trainor, B.S., Instructor Cpart-tirnej, George G. Nichols, Riding I nstruetor, Vienna K. Frazier, Secretary. PHYSICS Rogers D. Rusk, Ph.D., Professor, Frederick A. Saunders, Ph.D., Visiting Lecturer, Mildred Allen, 1'h.D., Associate Professor, Reina G. Sahel, A.M., Instructor, Doris N. Goldberg, A.B., Skinner Fellow and Assistant, Dwight A. liloodgood, Curator and Technician. 164 FACULTY PHYSIOLOGY Charlotte Haywood, l'h.D., Professorg Jytte Muus, Mag. Scient. ffopenhageuj, Associate Professor: Elizabeth ll. Franseen, Ph.D., Assistant Professorg Ruth Love, Assistant fpart-timelg Marcia A. Young, AB., Grazlualr' Assistantg Barbara A. Harrison, Graduate A.vsisIant,' Jean Marshall, AB., Graduate Assistant. PLANT SCIENCE Fredda D. Reed, Ph.D., Profcssorg Ethel T. Eltinge, Ph.D., .flssociate Professorg Mary H. YYilde, Ph.D. Instructor: Florence Schulman, Graduate Assis1ant,' Gloria Ifhhnann, AB., Graduate Assistant. POLITICAL SCIENCE Victoria Schuck, Ph.D., Associate Professorj Ruth C. Lawson, A.M., Instructor: Donald G. Morgan, Ph.D., Instructorg Hattie M. Kawahara, Graduate Assistarzt. PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION Stuart Stoke, Ed.D., Prqfessorg Walter Kotschnig, Ph.D., Lecturer Qleave of absencejg Richard T. Sollen- berger, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Cleave of absencebg John VV. Gardner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor fleaoe of absencelg Eugenia Hanfmann, l'h.D., Assistant Professor fleave of absencej: Tamara Dembo, Assistant Pro- fessorg Gloria Ladieu, Ph.D., Instructorg Mary Cheney Stephenson, Ed.M., Instructor fpart-Iinzcj: Margaret B. McFarland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor: Grace M. Heider, A.M., Instructor: Myra Jane Muste, A.B., Head Teacher, Nursery Schoolg Kay lfchida, Teacher, Nursery School . HISTORY AND LITERATURE OF RELIGION David E. Adams, B.D., D.D., Prcfessorg J. Paul VVilliams, B.D., l'h.D., Associate Professor, Judith Welles, B.D., Instructor. ' SPANISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Ruth Sedgwick, Ph.D., Associate Professorg Concha de Albornoz, Sicenciada, I rzstructorg Nellie Sanchez, A.B., I nstructorg Irma Morales Moya, Assistant Qpart-timel. SPEECH Alice VV. Mills, A.M., Associate Professor,' Charlotte G. VVells, l'h.D., Assistant Professor: Clarice Tatman, A.M., .AI -'!S1.S'flll, Professor. Z1 X JLOGY Ann Morgan, Ph.D., Professorg A. Elizabeth Adams, Ph.D., Professorg Christiana Smith, Ph.D., Professorg Kathryn I". Stein, Pl1.D., Associate Professorg Elizabeth M. Boyd, A.M., Assistant Professorj Arlene M. Mothes, Iristructorg Dorothy Jensen, Instruclorg Kumari Paul, Graduate Assistantg Faith E. VVilson, Graduate Assistanlg Mary Agnes Pratt, Graduate Assistantg Edna L. Rainville, B.S., Graduate Assistantj Elizabeth MacGregor, Graduate Assistarzfg Doris Chadwick, A.B., Graduate Assistantg Jeanne Knapp, AB., Graduate Assistantg Miriam Stokes James, Research Associateg Ruth Devondorf, AB., Graduate Assistant. 165 SEIIIIETI-IHIE5 Olive Copeland, A.B., Secretary to the Presidontg Doris E. Hutchinson, S.R., Secretary to the Dean of Residence: Elizabeth C. Sullivan, Assistant in the Qffice of the Board of Admissions: Miriam J. Carruthers, A.B., Secretary in the Department af Academic Adrninrstrat-iorz,' Dorothy A. Snow, A.B., Secretary to the Academic Dean: Marjorie Woodrich, :l.VSI'8lflIll Secretary in flze Qflice of the Dean of lfesirlenee, and Secretary for llze l"elIoa'sl1i p of Faitlisg Vharlotte A. Tinker, A.R., .rlssistant in lla' Board of Adra1's.vior1sg Margaret E. Carey, A.R.. Secretary ia the De- partment qf .4l7l11ll'lII1.C A IITILIIIH'-Vll'llll.0ll,' Louise Macpherson, Secretary 'ia the Qffice of the Appointment Bureau: Barbara K. Sawyer, Assislzml Secretary in the Qfice of Ilze A ppoinlraenl Bureau: Alice L. Spafford, Secretary in the Office of lla' Field Seeretary: Helen L. High, Assistant ia the Press Bureau: Genevieve Pratt, Recorder. LIBRARY Flora Ludington, A.M., B.L.S., Librarian. Clean' of absen.cej,' Lydia M. Gooding, HS., M.S., .flcting Librariaaj Emma V. Grimes, A.B., Urder Librarian: Margaret Ellsworth, A.B., S.I3., Bibliograplzerg Marion Randall, A.M., Head Fata- loguerg Elizabeth R. Jacoby, S.B., Assistant Cataloguerg Doris M. Fletcher, A.B., Serials Calalogaerg Jane Walker, S.R., Assistant l'atalogaer,' Sybil K. Green, A.R., B.S., Assistant to the Lilll'llTl'flll,' hflarion B. Allen, Assistant in the ffirculation Department: Doris M. Savage, A.M., Assistant in the I liTC'1llUl'1.0Il Department: Barbara T. White, Sec- retary to the Librariang Augusta Copper, RS., .-1 ssfstaat in I 'liarge of Reserves: Gertrude R. W'elles, Clerical Assistant Martha Perkins, lllf'I'IACl1l Assistant. p FELLUWSHIPS RARDWELL MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP Ida Ascoli, A.B., Mount Holyoke, 1943. Bioclzerrzistry. Wellesley College. FRANCES MARY HAZEN FELLOWSHIP Ruby VVilcox Lallerty, A.R., Vassar, 1943. Latin. Plzilology, Yale University. MARY E. WOOLLEY FELLOWSHIP Audrey Mae Flandreau, A.R., Mount Holyoke, 19-I-Q, A.M., Mount Holyoke, 194-23. German L1'l!'Tl!lllI'l' and Philology, University of Fhicago. CLASS OF 1905 FELLOWSHIP Ruth Elizabeth Derouin, A.B., Mount Holyoke, 194-2. Medicine, Georgc?YYashington University Medica: School. DR. MARY P. DOLE MEDICAL FELLOWSHIP Josephine G. Perlingiera, A.B., Mount Holyoke, 1939. M.D., I'niversity of Pennsylvania Medical School, I9-IQ. Research -in Pediatrics, Lniversity of Pennsylvania Medical School. JOSEPH A. SKINNER FELLOWSHIPS Emily Wick, Mount Holyoke, 1943. Chemistry, Mount Holyoke. Priscilla Beaupre, Mount Holyoke, 1943. Chemistry, Mount Holyoke. 166 HIINIJIIS I-IND PRIZES ELECTIONS TO THE DELTA SIGMA RHO SOCIETY Rosalind Ividtman Graves, 1944g Marion Geraldine Lynch, 1945: Mary Margaret Reminger, 19451 Margaret Elizabeth Sullivan, 1945. EDIVARI7 VVIIITIVIAN CHAPIN SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP Mary Elizabeth Williams, 1944. EVELYN CIIl'RCH WILBUR SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP Carol Adelaide Manger, 1944. ELIZABETH NYE BACON PRIZE Mareia Lamont IYells, 1946. BRIDGEPORT ALUMNAE CLUB PRIZE Arlene Jeannette MvAulil'I'e, 1947. CLASS OF 1937 PRIZE IN MATHEMATICS Elinor Constance Martin, 1945. ANNA C. EDWARDS PRIZE Rosalind VVidt1nan Graves, 19443 Margaret Elizabeth Sullivan, 1945. FOSTER PRIZE IN FRENCH Elizabeth Hall Machen, 1947g Sarah Skilling, 1947. GENESEE VALLEY ALUMNAE CLUB PRIZE Christine Adam Jahoda, 1944. KATHRYN IRENE GLASCOCK POETRY PRIZE John Vournakes, Tufts College, 1947. KNEELAND PRIZE Jean IVilson. 1945. KATHRYN G. MCFARLAND AWARD Jean EHie Parrish, 1944. MERRILL PRIZES FOR FRESHMEN Barbara Ann Benjamin, Jetta Anne Norris, Loraine Walter, Kathleen Elizabeth Zierf1947. FLORENCE PIIRINGTON PRIZE ESTABLISHED BY THE SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE Ruth Caroline Bowman, 1946. MILDRED L. SANDERSON PRIZE IN MATHEMATICS Mary Campbell IVIcKown, 1947, Dorothy Grace Parietti, 1947. SIGMA THETA CHI ALUMNAE POETRY PRIZE Barbara Anne Aaron, 1945. JESSIE GOODWIN SPAULDING LATIN PRIZE Elizabeth Hall Machen, 1947 CLASS OF 1930 LOUISE SPROULE PRIZE Dorothy Anne Ball, 1947. SARAH STREETER CCP Mary Holton, 1944. AMY HEWES PRIZE Elinor Ruth Harris, 1944. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDENTS' INSTITUTE OF WORLD AFFAIRS Patricia Cousins, 1946g Lois Pollak, 19465 Olive McKenzie, 1945. 167 MARY LYIJN SERDLARS UF 19114 Mathilda Emily Bentley, English Lflllylllljfl' unfl Irlifffllfll rf' Alice Ruth Craemer, History ltosalind Widtman Graves, H islory Elinor Ruth Harris, lfconom1'rf.v mul Sociology Mary Holton, Englislz Langzmgz' mul LI.ll'l'1lfll7'!' Virginia ltuth Loftus. Psychology Wrrn Hlou Hoxort Carol Adelaide Munger, Anmrzrarz Cullurr ltuth Alarjory Phillips. Zoology Audrey May Rushworth, Frcnr-I1 Frances Jane Spieth, fflwrnistry Marjorie Anne Whyte. Zoology Mary Elizabeth Williams. Rafligion SARAH WILLISTIIN SENIIJR SIIHIJLARSHIP Barbara Frances Brigham SARAH WILLISTUN CLASS UF 194-I Marjorie Anne NVhyte Gladys Abby Fish CLASS OF 1945 Elinor C. lNIartin Elizabeth C. Martin Gladys A. Fish Mary M. lteminger Nlarion E. Hosken Marie L. Mercury Robin G. Hirshorn Jane Aldrich Margaret lt. Erion Marylin A. 0'Meara Audrey J. Hofmann Molly Papazian Doris J. Herold Phyllis A. Fairbanks Helen M. Mosse CLASS UF 1946 Janet Howell Baker Barbara Jane Beir Edna Marion Berk Ruth C. Bowman Susan Abby Cane Helen Edith Churchill Barbara A. Coleman Elizabeth E. Converse Virginia C. Coon Patricia Cousins Carol A. Crotty Elizabeth A. Danenhower Dorothy M. Devine Mary Louise Dunham Emily B. Fergus Norma M. Gangel 168 Frances Jane Spieth Mary Holton Anne W'uichet Elise lt. Elisberg Sydney I.. Schwartz Yoeh Ming Ting Jeanne M. Bjornstad Grace lv. Gray Mary ltuth VVhitmore Constance Brigham Harriet W. Jackson Marian Ash Constance A. Quarles Margaret E. Sullivan Nancy C. Henry Carolyn Coker Cynthia F. lvilliamson Mary M. Gibson Dorothy Halprin Anne IV. Harper Elinor van K. Heagey Anne B. Hills Winifred L. Kahn Edna L. Kaufman Norma Constance Kerr Ruth Elizabeth Kinkeafl Claire C. Krug M. Virginia McCormick Corinne J. McLaiiighliii Byrde Josephine Merican Carolyn A. Miller Madeleine M. Munn Isabelle Gertrude Pearson Elizabeth S. Rathbun PRIZES Virginia Ruth Loftus Katharine C. Marble Ruth H. Lister Elizabeth M. Sackmaun Dorothy F. Gillette Alice Rigby Mary J. Levy A. Emma Affronte Anita J. Robbins E. Barbara Clauson Elizabeth H. Fuller Muriel I. Bozarth Virginia W. Arnold Katharine McKnight Eloise Fairhurst Katherine S. Reese Barbara S. Ripley Lillian ltosenstock Eleanor M. Schneider Emily W. Skillings Sybil Smart Ellen Stern Charlotte Stuart Priscilla W. Sutherland Kathleen R. Tiftickjian Miriam H. Truesrlell Janet Warren Nancy Mayo W'aterman VVinifred Ruth W'ilson Lydia F. VVright Eve Marie Zomber l gl PHI BETA HAPPA SUIIIETY The Theta Chapter of Massachusetts of the Phi Beta Kappa Society HAaal1-:TT M. ALLYN 1,I'6Sill6llt K.NTHltYN STEIN Secretary Lu'Y NV. PIl'Kl'I'I'T Treasurer A. Elizabeth Adams David E. Adams Norma Adams Mildred Allen Maria L. Anderson Grace BI. Bacon Margaret Ball Viola F. Barnes F. Elizabeth Beck Boardman Bump Leslie G. Burgevin Emma P. Carr Barbara Chase Alzada Comstock Cornelia C. Coulter Blanche Brotherton Cox Jean Crawford Alice B. Critchett Charlotte D'Evelyn "Ethel B. Dietrich Alice Edgar Ruth E. Fairbank Alice H. Farnsworth Mary Curtis Foster ""'4.0f"' ACTIVE MEMBERS 1944-4-5 Elena Furia Valentine Giamatti Elizabeth Green Pattie J. Groves Eleanor Haggett Roswell G. Ham " Everett D. Hawkins Marian Hayes Charlotte Haywood Amy Hewes Marjorie Hopkins Mildred S. Howard Gloria Ladieu Ruth C. Lawson Gertrude L. Lippincott John S. Lobb Christina Lochman Kathleen M. Lynch Elizabeth McGregor 'Knight McMahan Erika Meyer Donald G. Morgan Harriet Newhall "Edwin N. Nilson Mildred Noble Helen E. Patch Lucy W. Pickett Wilma J. Pugh Edith A. Runge Frederick A. Saunders Victoria Schuck Mary L. Sherrill Christianna Smith Kathryn Stein Louise S. Stevenson Frances J. 'Fompson 'Harriet F. Whicher Mary F. Williams Faith E. Wilson Elected May, 19.4.6 Robin Gertrude Hirsclnorn Mary Margaret Reminger Assoc z'11 lr .llenzlwrs Florence Adams Bertha E. Blakely M. Gertrude Cushing Ella S. Dickinson Helen C. Flint N. E. Goldthwaite Caroline B. Greene Gertrude S. Hyde Florence Purington Ada L. F. Snell Alice P. Stevens Alma G. Stokey Ellen Bliss Talbot Mignon Talbot Abby H. Turner "Un leave of absencr LLAMAHADA STAFF GALE Srtimss . . Editor-in-C'hief .ANNETTE PARE . . Business Manager VIRGINIA HALL .Is.v1'sta'nt Businffss Manager BUSINESS BOARD Nancy Henry, Marie Mercury, Rena Bracewell, Lucille Kotler, Jean Horton, Betty Bodine, Alice Aehorn, Peg Erion, Tommie Thompson, Sally Dlirick, Clare Evans, Joan Newcomb, Helen Churchill, Gloria Hirsch, Ann Holden, Barbara Damon, lNIadeleine Luce, Barbara Dana, Laura Russell, Libby Lyman. LITERARY BOARD Cr:L1A OLNEY ........... L ifcra ry Editor Eleanor Smith, Barbara Jeffery, Audrey Shapiro, Sandra Spoor, Patricia Watson, Barbara Aaron, Sue Wilding, Sylvia Smith, Grace VVilkie. ADVERTISING BOARD AILEIQN ANDERSON ......... ,flrl1'crf1'sing Edifor Clarissa Vanderbilt, Elinor Fox, Nancy Fernau, Gloria Rosenberg, lNIarion Groth, Char- lotte llfanross, Helen Hayes, Blarty Yvinters, lNIary Jean Ting, Betty Hickey. PHOTOGRAPHIC BOARD I4'Lo1ucNc'E SMITH ..... . Plmtographic Ediior NIARGARET DEALY ........... .flssistanf Muriel Bozarth, Barbara Clausen, Doris Herold, Burr Grumman, Jean Horton, Jean Moore, lllarie Mercury, Alice Rigby, Nancy same,-r, Anne W'uichet, Maggie Coe, llfargie Ennenga, Mary Iles, Jean lNIenden, Marion Reich, Pussy Seaver, Unarda Boggs, Sally Howe, Pat Harris, Patty Gardiner, Lenore Johnson, Peggy Killingbeck, Joyce Levine, Sally Skilling, Sandra Spoor. ART BOARD Burn' BKIARTIN ........... A rt Editor Nancy Perry, Jeanne Savage, Jeanne Tournier, Audrey Hofmann, Audrey Hurd, Barbara Stoke, Betty Nelson, Ellen Blatz. 170 Ml EHIUNUPF STUDIO ' ' Omcia! lOAofograloLer KW Me 1945 LLAMAHADA FOR YOUR EVERY COLLEGE NEED MMT. W.,LeIi,. A Great Department Store TYhere Quality and Prices Satisfy Upposifz' llolyolrv Vfly Hall IF IT'S ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT "Better Buy the Best" WRIGHT 8. DITSON BATCHELDER 8. SNYDER COMPANY, INC. Pr0rlur'vr.v mul llisfrilnzlfnrs Qf lvl-Ili' l"00n'.s BOSTON, MASS. CHENEY 8. HUNT, INC. .lc11'elr'r.w and U1Ifif'l.UIlN 281 HIGH S'I'REET Ilom'oK1-1, Mus. CAREY, The FLORIST Trl. ,aims 300 Nl-1w1'oN S1'm-:El So. ILAIJLIGY. MASS. aigzrecl 6AfAe5 I JACKETS 0 DRESSES I S 'ITS I 1 ' 0 VOATS E. O'CONNOR 8. CO. lf.v!r1bIi.vlu'1l 1 R?s'8 Q87 HIGH STREET HOLYOKE OPEN A PAY-AS-YOU-GO CHECKING ACCOUNT CONVENIENT - ECONOMICAL S5 Staffs ,ln .lrvoznzff .Yo .Ill-7ll.II11lIll, Halmzwe ITl'l1llI.I'l'fl Your Only Cost Is 101' for Each Cllec-I4 You TYrite 1,c"lJIJSI.fS .Ilrzy BP .Ilude by .Ilafl HADLEY FALLS TRUST COMPANY Hrmmoxrz CIllC'OPlCl'I .Il1'mlu'r l"4'1l1'm1 l,l'1IOSI.f llawrrlrzva FYIFIIOTIIIFKIII Full Secretarial and Intensive Short Courses o I yx N S0600 'R Pt 9263 Graduate When Ready 12 Huntington Ave. KENmore 6040 K COMPLIMENTS OF GLESMANN'S For .Ilnrc Than l"nrfy Ymrx ilu' Druygi.vI,v nl Snulh Ilurllry A S A LWA YS HARPER METHOD HAIRDRESSING SHOP EX TENDS UUM PLIMIJNTS ISAIIELLA IIRVCE TEL. 2-2284- 172 -1 G0 BUS SERVICE BY between BUS Holyoke and Mt. Holyoke College City Hull for Mt. Holyoke College WEEK 17.-xYseb'23:20 ABI., 6:00, 6:30. There- after on the hour and half hour until 11:30 PII. Last Ixus at 12:00 midnight. X5 120 ABI. lius leaves garage. Mt. Holyoke College for City Hull NVEEK IJ,n'sA5 135 ALI., 6:20, 6:50. There- after at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour until 11:50 llhl. Last bus at 12:20 A.hI. HOLYOKE STREET RAILWAY COMPANY LEO J. SIMARD .I ENVELICII and SI LVERSMITII 54 Srlflfonk ST. Ilomokla, MAss HOLYOKE VALVE 8. HYDRANT CO. HOLYOKE. MXSS. Heafzirzg and IIIIIII-Yfl'1.Ill I'1'p1'ng Wholesale Distrihlitors of Pipe. Fittings and Valves THE COLLEGE LAUNDRY l0wnexI :mil Operated Ivy Mount Holyoke Pulls-ga-3 Telephone 82II - Ext. 308 Ilighcst Qualffy Lrnlnrlry mul Dry l'lz'r1r:x1'11g .lf I':f'0ll0lIljj 1'r1'1'f'.v Send Your Dry f'lc'ar:1'r1g ll'ill1 Illllll' Luunrlry YY. T. Illixfhkx. Nlgr. ll'ifh 1110 l'mnplz'nze1zfs of Ihr' COLLEGE BEAUTY STUDIO With the l'omplimmts of HADLEY BOOK SHOP and 'I'III4I BOOK SHOP INN E. H. FRIEDRICH CO. ROOIHXGASHEET BIETAI. VVORK IIOIIIIIIIYK' 1'l11mb1'ng 111.vtf1Ilr1i1'm1.v I+'IRI+11'ROOF DOORS STICEI, DOOR FRAMES Honyokn NIASS. To the nienihers of the Mount Holyoke Class of 19415 who have been patrons of our Bank, We say. "Thank You." All of us here at this Bank wish you a happy and prosperous future. HOLYOKE NATIONAL BANK 'll Good Hfmlr To Br lI'1'Il1" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Vorporation :END F1-linen.-xl. Itnsnnvl-1 SYS'l'lGI'NI HOLYOKE. MASS. I73 f CLASS .gf 1945 f MIN . Llflmgniwx, Mw,f,nxLx'ciA,1xvx - M. ' C 1-KI,I'c?:f--W"W ' -Glu! VE ' AW", .- LYSNSEZ 'gffgx' 0 . .WW 0 F JI'v,:..1'f: ,w X C IN COLLABORATION WITH YOUR HEALTH DEPARTMENT WE HAVE DEVELOPED YOUR MEDICAL EXPENSE REIMBURSEM ENT PLAN 11.5-zzrclnce mayfle xgouglf Ae oreyou nee zz' we Aesuralzce up arf fyour fans RICHARD C KNIGHT assocaafed auth OBRION, RUSSELL Co. 112 WATER STREET, BOSTON 9, MASS. l'lIIII1lHIIlC'71fSQf . . . LAROSE DAIRY CO. I,IAL 8253 l,llSft?lII'I.Z6'!l and I 'crizjficfl MILK AND CREABI I VIJIIIIJHIIYRYIVTS Qf ROBERTS' BEAUTY STUDIO GLEASON'S RATHSKELLER Sl'I+'FOLK S'l'REI'l'I' So. lIA1J1,m' l4'Ax1,Ls 1NI,xssAc'1x1's1Q'1"1's IIl,I4x'l,Kl,Z ROSES AND C'URSAGl"IS Svlul Hmmm- Rows Uruwn in Hzullvy. Gllarzlllllwwl IPvlix'1'ry The MONTGOMERY CO., INC. HADLEY, MASS. Tvl.Nnrllmlllplmniilll J. G. HEIDNER 8. SON, INC. licprv.w1nluIEivu.v for BALDWIN and ACROSONIC PIANOS Victor Records and Albums Q40 Nhplc Street, Hulyoke Iluwmm li. Kmwzs - A. L. Llxwm-:xu I74 Enjoy ll 1110111 in real Italian sfylc' uf M E L' S 490 l'1,l5,xsAx'r ST. IIu1.Yo1c1c, Mus FOR 20 YEARS . . . Sl1I'I'I.ll1I-S113 Ill ClIII1.l'I'1Iflfl.IIfj .vfuclffni lll'l'llN THE MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE METCALF PRINTING 8. PUBLISHING CO. 51 l'lr1rL' ,II'l'llIll' XOFLIIZIIIIIIIOII. Massavllllsc-tts FIOIILPII-IIIFIITS Qf HARLOW'S JERSEYDALE FARM II'ill1 llu' FIOIIIIIIIIIIIVIIIN of CAESAR EQUI Ilwlum' S'1'uE15'r. Ilumum KATHLEEN SMITH MUSIC SHOP Ilz'r1r1q1u1rlr'r.vfor your IIIIINFFIII Il!'f'd.Y 2150 NIAPLE STIIICIGT IIOLYOKIC, Mlxss. CI0Hfjl'lIfllICIl'1.0118 and Bcxt IVz'.slzIes To flu' Class of 19,45 'A' YOUR "FRIENDLY" MOBILGAS DEALERS "FLYING HORSEPOWERH 'fr 9 5 ,,,Y 69 As gr . 25. .14 Q' Jfzf, If V x if , Q . A , f If 2, I . W ,W 21,1 5,4 X22 V. in 1 sa S' ' ff 4 Q J M -3? wa..,,,.s- - f ii i V 'Nw M N M l '- ,,.A , W an xg QM Q. , ,az ,N , f We , .. e ei , Z 1 9 , gag, ' l fi A V' - SB, 4 ' .5 Ijygrgjlf I ii G fx! ' ' Q. l ' fig ma out t I f s..,,mf 'Yi 4 . y 0 HCOORDINATIONM- not a large word but a word America is becoming more conscious of every day as we bend our united might to the struggle before us and Industry keeps ponderous step with the rythmic sweepof our Armed Forces. A small word?hut it ern- bodies a principle upon which our-fsuccess dependsailt means fhe strictest economy of Money, Materials, and Time! B J H learned to appreciate that principle a long time ago. It is for that reason that we have consistently advocated the coordination of all factors of yearbook production. We are proud to have demonstrated this principle in the production of this yearbook. BAKER, JUNES, HAUSAUER, INC COMBINED WITII THE PICRSONNEI. AND EQUIPMENT UF THE WHITNEY-GRAHAM COMPANY Buffalo, New York L4 463 iss 'kwa ?, RTS, wi N nf N I'

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